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Because God’s Love is Perfect, I Don’t Have to Be

Welcome friends! If you hopped over from my P31 devotion to find the free download of chapter 2 from my book A Confident Heart, or to sign up for my online study, or enter my give-away – the links and details are below. First I’d love to share a little of my story and why […]

A Gift Every Woman Needs for Christmas

Today, I have a gift I want to give you. I’s a gift EVERY WOMAN NEEDS! And it’s tucked inside this short video. I recorded it last week for a friend’s Christmas give-away, but after I finished it, I just knew God wanted me to give it to you too! So, instead of reading about […]

Do you long for lasting confidence?

I shared a few of these thoughts here a few weeks ago but wanted to share them and a few more here again this afternoon. You see, in just over 15 days, I’ll be doing something I’ve never done before. And I planned it with you in mind. You…the woman who senses God has more […]

There’s Still Time to Sign Up!

In just over 15 days, I’ll be doing something I’ve never done before, and I’m planning it with you in mind. I’m so excited. I wish we were meeting in a coffee shop so I could look across the table and invite you personally, because if I could I would!! I’d invite you to join […]

Chapter 9 (Beloved)

Photo Credit Beloved :  greatly loved; dear to the heart. When God led me to this word and verse today, it dawned on me that there is a reason God calls us His be-loved. It reminds me that I don’t have to “do” anything to be loved — by Him. I just need to know […]

Let’s get this party started!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and guess what? God has given me the most amazing gift, but I didn’t even realize the unique timing of it all until today. You see, the day after my birthday, I get to launch my Confident Heart Online Bible and Book Study with YOU…and a few other women from around […]

(Week 1) – A Confident Heart Online Study

So excited to start this “Confident Heart” journey with you! The first thing I want you to remember: This is YOUR journey. You’ll be reading the chapters, listening to God speak to your heart, highlighting sentences, promises and quotes you want to remember and apply. You’ll be answering reflection questions and interacting with the group. […]


Happy Monday! It’s day 2 in the first week of our Online Study and I”m so glad you are here! Here’s today’s message: Please click the arrow below to watch it. I share how we can make sure our lives are BLESSED and not cursed as well as some  share  things God’s laid on my […]

Becoming a Woman Who Listens to God

Welcome Confident Heart Online Study  and Encouragement for Today friends!! If you’re new here, welcome! On Sunday, I started an online study of my book, A Confident Heart and I’d love to have you join us! (Click here for more details). One of the first things I learned, when it came to overcoming self-doubts and […]

Praying God’s Promises

Praying God’s promises — it’s changed me. That’s why I included a prayer, at the end of each chapter, weaving together Scriptures from that chapter and others I sensed God wanted us to engrave on our hearts. “Praying God’s Word has been one of the most life-changing ways I’ve learned to live in the security […]

(Week 2) To Be Known Is to Be Loved

If you’re reading via email, please click title above (“Known”) so you can read it to my website. This post includes a powerful video and a FREE download that won’t come through via email. _____________________________________ From Chapter 2, A Confident Heart “Jesus knew Sam’s  (the Samaritan woman’s) story and He knows yours. The Greek word […]

Ending the “I’m Fine” Masquerade

This week, I think we’ve all come to realize we’re not the only ones who find it hard to let people know how we’re really doing. As I shared this week in Chapter 2, sometimes I think we tell people we’re fine even when we’re not, because we want to be. Or we hope that […]

(Week 3) Satisfied

My friend Heather is a Word girl!! When she was in college she performed in over 14 plays and memorized hundreds of lines, so I’ve asked her to share some tips to help us hide God’s Word in our hearts this week. Here are a few she shared. I’ll post more each week. Ideas for Memorizing Scripture […]

Letting God Fill the Empty Places in Our Hearts

In chapter 3, I share how “our hearts leak and will always end up empty when we find our worth in anything but who we are in Christ. Our value is not measured by what others think of us—but we surely live like it is, don’t we? It’s almost as though we wake up every […]

(Week 4) Hope

“When our questions make us doubt God’s heart, our pain can lead to bitterness and bondage. Yet in the security of our relationship with Christ, God wants us to ask the hard questions and look for answers that usher us into the depths of His redeeming love. He wants us to live in the promise […]

Finding Hope for Our Future

“We can trust God’s plans as we realize that His story is being written into ours. His power is perfected in the broken places we consider to be our greatest weaknesses – our most vulnerable emotions we don’t want anyone to know about. In those hiding places, God calls us out of captivity. When we’re […]

(week 5) Light

Our word for the week: LIGHT (You can download it in a PDF or download in MSWord). Please print it and post it everywhere as you allow His word to light your path this week. His WORD for us this week: “I am the light of the world. If you follow Me, you won’t have to walk […]

Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence

In chapter 5,  we talk about Gideon who, like us, doubted his strength and abilities. When God called him to defeat his enemy’s immediately Gideon’s insecurities started shouting excuses, listing all his inadequacies. Yet through his story we see God wasn’t limited by Gideon’s limitations, and He’s not limited by ours either. God could see […]

(Week 6) Chosen & Online Study “Roll-call”

Our word for the week: CHOSEN Download in a PDF or in MSWord. Be sure to print it and post it everywhere so you can remember YOU ARE a CHOSEN child of  God!! God’s WORD for us this week: “You are a chosen [woman], a royal priesthood, a holy [daughter], a [woman] belonging to God, that […]

Your Heart Is Spoken For

Chosen…I love that word. I don’t know a heart that doesn’t long to be chosen? Yet the disappointments of life and the deep pain of broken relationships can cause us to forget that we are – chosen, loved, and sought after. “You are a chosen [woman], a royal priesthood, a holy [daughter], a [woman] belonging […]

{Week 7} More Than a Conqueror

WEEK 8 Update: My week 8 email update included the wrong link which brought you back to this post. Sorry about that. Please click here to go to week 8’s word of the week. *** Our word for the week: CONQUEROR Be sure to print it and post it everywhere! You can download in a PDF or in MSWord. God’s WORD for […]

God’s Thoughts Towards Us

Has someone ever said something to you that made you feel valued and loved? Affirmations that gave you a sense of meaning and purpose? In my Encouragement for Today devotion, Just the Right Words, I shared a story of how one woman’s words changed the course of another. Sadly, many of us don’t have people […]

How Can God Use ME?

My sweet friend Kimberly has kindly given me  permission to share a powerful video her church created based on something God showed her. In openly shares her struggles with condemnation and how they were making her see herself so differently than God does. When I watching this months ago, I knew I wanted to make […]

{Week 8} You are God’s Masterpiece

Our word for the week: MASTERPIECE Be sure to print it and post it everywhere! You can download in a PDF or in MSWord. According to Distionary.com, a masterpiece is: a person’s greatest piece of work, as in art anything done with masterly skill a consummate example of skill or excellence of any kind God’s […]

You’re Beautiful

I know you sometimes feel ordinary but you’re not. You are one of a kind ~ a unique and beautiful blend of all God wants you to be. You are God’s prized possession, a valued treasure of great worth. You may feel invisible…like you are just one of millions of others. But God sees you. […]

{week 10} Trust

Our Word for the week is TRUST Trust: reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety of a person or thing; confident expectation of something; hope. Download and print our word for the week in a PDF or in MSWord. His WORD for us this week: “Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not […]

Lord, I Want to Know You {and a GiveAway!}

I’ve got so many fun things to share with you today!!  First, I have a special video message – just for you – from Chapter 10 of A Confident Heart.  In it I share about the power of knowing God by His Names and learning to living in the security of who HE is! Praying […]

Grace to Help Us in Our Time of Need

“Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” Hebrews 4:16 In Chapter 10 we’re learning a lot about grace. What has it meant to you to find out that following with God consistently isn’t about perfection? […]

{week 11} The Hope of Glory

“Jesus did not die on the cross just to get us out of hell and into heaven. He died on the cross to get Himself out of heaven and into us. It’s what we were we made for. It’s why we long for glory. The truth is, we were created to reveal glory – just not […]

In the Shadow of the Cross

“If we want to live beyond the shadow of our doubts, we need to position our thoughts and our hearts to dwell in the shadow of the cross, each and every day.”  A Confident Heart, Chpt 11 “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life […]

Don’t throw away…your book?

As we begin chapter 4, I wanted to share a few thoughts with you via video. In it I talk about what you might experience while reading this chapter and what I would have done differently if I could write this chapter again. PLEASE take time to listen to this short message from my heart […]

Courage to Look Back – Hope to Move Forward

Today is another day where I can’t just write what I want to say – I need to “show and tell” you. In today’s short video message below I share how God walked me through a process of looking back with courage – so I could move forward with hope. He helped me identify things I […]

The Woman I Want to Be

A guest post from Heather Bleier: I grew up in the security of knowing my parents loved me and loved each other dearly. I also knew Jesus as my Lord, Savior, and confidant and that He had a plan for my life. I was excited to find out what He had in store for me. With […]