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While You Are Sleeping


Startled by the silence, I sat up in bed so I could see the neon red lights that told me it was three in the morning, time to feed the baby. But Andrew hadn’t made a sound.

Was something wrong? Or was he sleeping through the night?

Wavering between panic and joy, I felt my way down the hall to the nursery and leaned over Andrew’s crib. I listened for the sound of his breathing and carefully rested my hand on his tiny chest to feel the gentle rhythm of its rising and falling.

Moonlight slipped through the blinds, helping me to see he was perfectly fine.

Most sane mothers would have gone back to bed, but not me. I stood there for a while delighting in my child. My heart simply longed to be with this little guy who set my days in motion with his cries and smiles.

How can I love someone this much? I wondered.

Even after Andrew started sleeping through the night regularly, I would still listen for him, hoping for an excuse to see if he was okay. And sometimes, while he was sleeping, I’d sneak into his room just because I wanted to be with him.

Whispering prayers over him, I’d ask God to calm his fears, fulfill his dreams and lead my son’s steps to follow His. This continued for years. Even when Andrew and his brother were teenagers, I’d sneak into their rooms to pray over them while they were sleeping.

It didn’t matter that they weren’t doing a thing to make me proud or happy. In fact, they may have driven me crazy that day, but I still wanted to be with them just because they were mine.

God feels the exact same way about you, you know?

He watches over you and delights in you. Not because you’re doing anything for Him, but simply because your are His.

He longs to quiet your heart with His love. And to calm your fears, insecurities and doubts with His presence.

He loves you, and He loves to be with you. Even while you are sleeping.

“For the LORD your God is living among you. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.”
Zephaniah 3:17 (NLT) 

Lord, thank You for the reminder that You are always with me, watching over me, every minute of every day – even while I am sleeping. Help me believe this truth about Your love towards me and rest in it today. 

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Why Do I Feel So Empty?

It was a source she’d come to depend on. A place she went to get her needs met, but it was never enough. Every day she came back for more.

Filling her jar with water, the woman looked up and heard a man asking her for a drink. Then he offered her something in return: living water. Unlike the water she came to get that day, the he said the water he offered would satisfy her so deeply she’d never thirst again.

Questioning His offer, she said: “You have nothing to draw with and the well is deep. Where can you get this living water?” (John 4:11, NIV) 

She didn’t know who He was, or that all He needed to draw with was His Spirit, for it would draw her near to Him.

As far as the depth of the well, it was her heart He was looking into. And she was the only one who could stop Him from reaching the empty places that needed Him most.

I know that place of needing Jesus to look into my heart and show me the emptiness only He can fill.

Like the woman at the well, I’ve depended on other means to get my needs met. Yet when I look to them, instead of Him, they are never enough.

I’ve looked to family and friends, bosses and boyfriends, teachers and mentors, my husband and kids. I’ve longed for their approval and the affirmation that comes with it.

I’ve looked to possessions and positions, and put my hope in recognition, thinking: “If only I had…. If only I could…”

Yet it’s never enough. No matter how much we do or how much we have, it is never enough to fill us up because it was never supposed to be.

We see this deep soul thirst even in King David, a man who had everything: the highest position, unlimited possessions, and great power. Yet none of it was enough. He described himself as parched and thirsty for God…

Then David went on to describe what he experienced when he drank deeply of God’s love… (keep reading here)

Are there places in your heart Jesus wants to fill with His love and acceptance, places where you might have been looking to someone or something other than Him?

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