Day Four – The 7-day Doubt Diet

Day 4: Sometimes Worry Makes Me Wonder

Taken in part from Chapter 9
© 2011 by Renee Swope with Revell Publishing. All rights reserved.

Food for Thought: She came to him and asked, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!” (Luke 10:40 NIV)

When life gets overwhelming, do you ever start to wonder if God notices and cares about everything you have going on—like how hard you’re trying to take care of your family, pay the bills, find time for Bible study, your marriage and the ministry He’s called you to while working two jobs, caring for your aging parents, commuting to work, and carpooling your kids?

Several years ago, I was having a hard time balancing my life, and there were days when I wondered if God noticed and cared about all I was doing. I didn’t understand why He wasn’t taking better care of the details in my days so things would run more smoothly. Sometimes I felt like He might be expecting too much of me.

Looking back now, I can see that I was expecting too much of myself.  The truth is, I was doing a lot of good things, but not all of them were God’s things for me during that season of my life.  I had ended up in a place where I was serving God more than I was seeking God. Finally, I came to a point where I was exhausted and ready to resign from just about everything.

Eventually I ran out of fuel. I didn’t have enough energy to handle all of my roles, relationships, and responsibilities. I also ran out of faith, which made me start doubting my ability to manage my life, to hear God clearly, and to do all I assumed He wanted me to do.

My life was out of balance and so was my heart. I had taken on too many commitments, and I worried about all of them all of the time. I knew I should trust God more, but I was secretly afraid that if I stopped worrying about everything and everybody He would too. And all that worry started making me weary.

One day, while reading my Bible, I noticed how Martha’s worries were making her weary, and making her wonder if Jesus cared that her sister left her in the kitchen all by herself to do all that work. Listen to how Jesus responded: “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:41–42 NIV)

How do we choose what is better? How do we find confident peace and assurance that God notices and cares? First Peter 5:7 tells us: “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you” (NLT).

The apostle Paul tells us how: Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. (Phil. 4:6–7 NLT)

It sounds so doable, but why is it so hard? I think it’s because Satan whispers the opposite. He says, “Don’t be calm about anything; instead worry about everything. Tell God what He should do. Then take control if He doesn’t listen.”

The enemy wants our concerns to consume us like acid in our hearts, eroding our confidence with worry and doubt! I say it’s time for us to stop listening to him and start listening to and living in God’s promises instead. When our concerns become consuming, let’s commit to:

Stop worrying—Press the pause button on our consuming concerns.

Start praying—Talk to God about all we’re doing and ask Him if there’s anything we need to cut back so we have time to seek Him as much as we serve Him and others.

Keep thanking God—Thank God for what He’s done in the past and will do in the future. This helps us remember how good He is at being God.

Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me and know my anxious thoughts. When concerns consume me, remind me that You are with me, holding me by my right hand and guiding me with Your counsel. I want to seek You as much as I serve You and others. Help me balance my life and give my burdens to You, knowing with confidence that You care about me and are good at taking care of me! In Jesus’ name, Amen. (See Psalm 139:23; 73:23–26)

Doubt Diet Tip: Lose the weight of worry by “giving all your worries and cares to the Lord because He cares for you!” Write your concerns on an index card and give them to Jesus. I have a tabletop cross by my bedside where I lay my “concerns card.” Maybe you could get one too. Then, when you start worrying, go back and write your worries on your card, and commit once again to cast your cares upon the Lord. Also, write a promise on a card and carry it with you today. Here’s a link to More Peace-Giving Promises

Let’s Talk: What is one concern you want to lay down at the foot of the Cross today? I’d love for us to pray for each other and bear one another’s burdens.

Please return to my website (if you’re reading this via email), then scroll to the bottom of today’s post and click on “Share Your Thoughts” so you can let us know how to pray for you.  If you’re not comfortable sharing details, just say “Pray for me please.”

Laying it down: My biggest concern is my mom. While I was flying home from speaking all weekend in IL, my husband was rushing mom to the hospital. She’s in ICU with large blood clots in both lungs. One is very close to the main artery that leads to her heart. We’re praying and trusting God is not surprised by any of this – although we were. Today’s devotion had already been written – just for me (wink!). And my closing message on Saturday was about Jesus calling us to come to Him –  when we’re weary and burdened with worry – so that we can find rest for our souls (Matt 11:38-39), rest in His presence, rest in His plans and rest in His promises.  He’s gone ahead of me and left gifts of peace and reminders of His promises along my path. I pray you see His hand in the timing of today’s devotion and His heart for you, too.

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Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. You have struck my heart once again Renee! I was at your conference this weekend, and your words-every single one- I felt like were directly for me and the place I am at in my life. My life is consumed with 4 children and ministry and honestly my marriage is struggling. My husband and I are on a journey to mend what we have lost over the years, but I am honestly filled with worry that things aren’t going to change and how I will have the strength to keep going. He is a good man, but traveling/work pulls him away from us in so many ways. I am seeking God for direction and balance to live out my priorities in a way that is pleasing to Him and not man. I thank God for you speaking straight into my heart and encouraging me to believe in God’s truths instead of satan’s lies. Thank you for following God’s call on your life, battling through writing & completion of your book, and taking the time to be with us this weekend. I am praying and believing for your sweet Aster’s voice to be heard, and for your mother’s comfort & healing. God Bless.

    • Sweet Jill,
      I remember so well being in a place in my marrage when I felt so alone. I had other issues than you discribed, but I’m guessing the feelings of dispair were similar. My husband wasn’t a believer and our priorities in life were not always the same. I didn’t see any hope of renewed love or passion, unity of purpose, or solid contentment in our relationship, but I began to pray. I prayed because I was helpless and hopeless. I prayed for God to change MY heart. I couldn’t control what my husband did or even wanted for our marriage, but I could let God control me and give me His character. He did a supernatural work in my heart. An undiscrible love for my husband sprang up within me. All the faults and concerns I was clutching so tightly just seemed to slip through my fingers as I prayed and trusted God to change things, to change me. We’ve been married for 32 years now. My husband still does not love Jesus to the extent that I do, but God did and is doing an amazing work in each of us everyday–that we let Him! So let me encourage you to Let Him! Trust Him, He will not fail you!

      • Tori, thanks for your reply to Jill. I needed to read your comments. I am in a desert place concerning my marriage and my husband who attends church (at times) but is not in the church as I am. Thanks for reminding me to cast my cares upon Jesus and pray for the situation and believe God will do a new thing in me and the relationship.

      • Tori ,I need to literally paint your closing statement on my wall! Trust Him,He will not fail you!…..that need s to be posted for all to see. thank you ! !

      • Tori,

        Thank you for the reminder of letting the Lord change my husband as I pray and allow the Lord to change my heart. I have seen some amazing things lately, but my husband is still far from trusting the Lord. Oh, don’t get me wrong, he’s accepted the Lord as his savior, but never goes to church or I never see him read his bible, but he’s the type of man that is very curious. As the Lord answers prayers in my life, my husband can see these answers and I know that it’s making a difference. However, I want to see him actually walking with the Lord and attending church with me…. but then, that’s me. I have to let God be God and deal with him the way that God knows best since he created him and He loves him more than I do. We have been married 46 years. Many lessons learned over that time. I also have to remember all the prayers the Lord has answered over the years and recently and KNOW that God is faithful even when I’m not.

    • Thanks so much for this wonderful study. It has truly met my latest need! My immediate concern is that I will be laid off my job by Dec. 31. I’ve been praying and seeking the Lord as to what He wants me to do. I’m 63 and single, so finding a job is important. I want to do what pleases him and know he’ll give me the desires of my heart if I trust him. It’s hard to be patient and wait, so please pray for me to not get too busy looking for a job and miss him! I’ll be praying for your mom; God is awesome and works miracles everyday if we just look for them.

      • Renee,
        First of all I pray that God will protect you mom and dissolve those clots before they can do any harm to her. I pray that God will give her medical team great wisdom and discernment as they treat her. I pray that you and your family will sense God’s presence and peace and his spirit will help you remember that God loves your mom even more than you do.
        I praise God for giving you this message which is so timely for me.
        I have an incredibly busy week that includes offciating a wedding along w/ my usually full ministry schedule. I’ve been stressing about getting it all done.

        I would appreciate your prayers on two fronts: first that what I do in ministry this week will glorify God and bless his people, second, tomorrow I have a consultation w/ a new doctor concerning a problem w/ low blood pressure that no one has been able to solve. Please pray that he might be able to help me.

        Your words minister to me so much. Blessings & love – Karen

  2. nancys1128 says:

    So sorry to read about your mom. I pray strength and comfort for her, wisdom for the doctors, and all of those things for you and your family.

    The paragraph about sounding doable and not being so — OMG! We’re in the middle of a series on The Armor of God (Eph 6:10-18) and it’s the whispering of satan in our ears that makes donning the armor daily so vital to our survival. Without it we can not stand against the schemes of the devil. And the first piece is the one that fights the lies — the Belt of Truth. Thank you so much for calling him out on this! When we recognize those thoughts for the lies that they are, we’ve taken the first step in walking in the truth.

    As I’m reading the book and doing the study with Melissa Taylor while the series is going on, I am so blown away by how much the two tie together. It could only be God’s hand on what I’m chosing to study outside church that would create this two-fold presentation of how to get out from under the weight of self-doubt.

    Thank you so much for following God’s plan for your life, as it’s enriching the lives of so many others.

    (btw – how’s Aster doing this week — sick little ones are never any fun, even without special circumstances thrown into the mix)

  3. Our Proverbs 31 Online Prayer Team is standing in the gap for you Renee, and for your Mother.

    Father, we just lift Renee’s mother to you now Lord. We ask for healing to take place in her body right now, by the stripes taken upon Your back, Lord. We claim that healing now, In Your Precious Name, Jesus!

    Lord, I lift Renee up to you. I ask for comfort Lord during this time,and for peace that surpasses all understanding. As she taught us this last weekend, we pray that she comes to You Lord, now during this time of concern in her life, and we pray that You will grant her rest for her soul, Lord.

    Thank You Father, that You know the plans for Renee’s mother, and they are to give her peace and hope for her future. Thank You Lord that You are our Ultimate Healer. I pray for wisdom and guidance for the doctors and nurses treating her mother, as well.

    In Jesus’ precious Name, Thank You!!

    • Christi, I echo your prayer for Renee and her mother. I am reminded of the scripture, Isaiah 43 that says, “God promises to be with Renee and her mother (v. 5) and to take them through the water and the fire. More than anything,God does noy get weary as we do. Renee and her mom are precious in His sight (v. 4).” And I thank God in advance for His perfect will in both of their lives.

  4. Please pray for me as I cannot currently share details, but I feel somewhat overwhelmed with life right now and working to find balance in many areas seems to elude me.

    I will be praying for your mother.

  5. You are in my prayers…..I just bought you book and I am so enjoying it…Thank you!!

  6. I feel lately as if I’ve lived in this pit of worry and anxiety for so long. The worry of being a single mom, who is a full time student and unemployed and wondering after the end of the year how I will continue to put a roof over my daughters head. It tears at the very core of my heart. I worry if God will continue to provide. If He and He alone will provide the solution and the rescue that I need.

  7. First, Renee, please know that I’m praying for you, your mom, and the rest of your family. It can be so difficult to be strong during times of physical trials. Heck, it can be difficult to be strong on the best of days too!!
    My concerns seem paltry compared to others. I have 2 grown successful children, and wonderful husband–who often drives me crazy but whom I love deeply.
    We married young and I didn’t complete college until my children were in middle school. Then I spent 10 years teaching in the public school system and getting my Masters in Education. Then, through several circumstances-one being my father’s death-I left teaching and definitely do not feel led to return to that field-even if I could find a teaching job in today’s area economy.
    So I’ve been working part time at a local technical college in testing and advisement-only job I could find. I like it but after 3 years am beginning to feel the need to find a full-time position with benefits such as retirement!! I had planned to start taking some classes here for a new program they have started, but just recently found out that it will require me to quit work entirely for 2 years to complete a practicum-it’s in the medical profession. My husband doesn’t think we can afford for me to do this, so now I don’t know what to do. I thought I was being led in this direction, but I feel like a door has slammed shut. I’m very discouraged and confused and could use many prayers concerning what direction to take. You would think at age 46 I’d have my life figured out, but apparently not!!!!
    Thanks for the prayers and the realization that God always notices our situations and cares for us.

    • A word of encouragement to you – I did not go back to college to finish my degree until I was 60 yrs old! I was busy doing the ministries God had called me to (homeschooling my children etc, etc) I did not have the time or $$. Now God has provided me with both and called me to finish my psyc degree and counsel at our church for my ” retirement” years. I am 64 now and will graduate after the holidays. As they say when one door closes another one opens and when the time is right God brings it all together.

  8. Pray for me please.

  9. Hi Renee,

    As I was praying before I saw this and I’m asking for your prayers. I am consumed by some worries right now, I believe GOD spoke to me about somethings and I confided in someone for some advice and now I’m more confused, I had peace and believe that I’m praying GOD’s perfect will… Please just pray for me..

  10. Renee,

    I really appreciate this study….. Three years ago the enemy really began attacking my confidence concerning my work and God’s purpose for my life…. I was the Chief of Staff, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Federal Affairs for a political organization in DC and totally stressed out…. Last year I lost my job and I completely fell apart…. I have not found a new job yet and to be honest I am scared…. Please pray for restoration, courage and that the Lord would show me who I really am and what He wants to accomplish through me…. Also, I am asking the Lord to provide the right job soon!

    Thank you for your honesty! You have been a blessing in the midst of the storm!


    • Praying for you Carrie

      He will bring restoration to you in the personal and practical need for a job as well.
      Trust him through the tougher days and times of confusion. I pray the same for myself.
      Know he is with you always, and remember the gifts he placed in you making you very capable.
      Perhaps he is using this season to make us rely on him first, and then step out with a faith made
      even more firm through the struggles. He is more faithful than anyone else in this life!
      I believe I am learning to rely so closely on him and his truth b/c the pressure is on, even when it
      comes from unexpected places.

      God Bless you.

      (Orginally, I lost what I had typed but God heard. Beforehand, I was having a tough moment and quickly checked email, the verses from today’s topic were timely and brought peace.)

      Psalm 73: v 23,24 “Nevertheless I am continually with You; You have taken hold of my right hand.
      With your counsel You will guide me. And afterward receive me to glory “

  11. Please pray for me as I deal with the father of my children as he has a very hardened heart. We have been divorced since 1998 and I have a very scared heart from him and things that happen between us. God Blessed us with two beautiful boys who I consider a gift from GOD. If the LORD took me home today the today I would want my now teenage boys to remember about me is that I love GOD with all my heart and soul and them. As long as he allows me to live pray that I will stay his will and not get in his way. Im having trouble making ends meet financially but IM THANKFUL I CAN STILL SAY IVE BEEN BLESSED.

    Praying for your mother

  12. Renee, my prayers are with you and your family for strength and wisdom during this time with your mothers health situation. May God’s comfort fill you and God’s wisdom guide the doctors and you as well.
    Please pray for me since i am really feeling as if i was at the bottom of the valley. I am feeling very insecure in my job, in my work skills. I want the Lord to guide me and help me to learn and to retain what i learn. i continue to be forgetful all due to stress. i feel like i’m loosing it.

  13. Thank you for these devotions. I am praying for your Mom & your family. Please pray for financial peace for my husband & I. I need a job but need one that is not as stressful as my last one. Praise God for His answer that will come because of the prayers of friends!!! :o)

  14. Please pray for me. Your message was perfect timing. I prayed not 15 minutes before reading this that God would help me as I feel my life is out of control. I am very depressed today and didn’t want to get out of bed. I am going to do your suggestions as for some reason He put it on my heart when I prayed to write verses on index cards but I didn’t know where to start. Now I know. Thank you! I am sorry to hear about your mother. I will pray for her and for you.

  15. Please pray for all my worries, and I do trust in the Lord, but I’m having trouble with his timing and not my timing. I will pray for Gods will for your mom recovery, and peace for you.

  16. Renee,

    I feel like everything you’ve shared was like talking about me too! I will pray for your mom and would really appreciate prayer for my health. I have had ongoing, numerous health issues that seem to be one thing after another and I never really get to the bottom of it. I am currently having one now and awaiting an ultrasound report which I trust Jesus will be normal. God has been so faithful to me in the past and has seen me through every test and hospitalization with good results…. I do not know why I doubt and lack faith sometimes. Lord, help my unbelief!

    Thanks so much Renee! Blessings to you, your hubby, sons (I have 2 sons too!…they’re great!) and all your family!!!

    Love in Christ,

  17. Reading these prayers I realize how many people are hurting. It breaks my heart and I so want to just embrace each one of you and pray for you. Keep remembering that this is all just strengthening, preparation and conditioning for ruling and reigning with Christ. Some of you must be in training for very important positions as you are going through some very tough times! Here’s some encouragement for us all that God led me to today: ‘May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance’ II Thessalonians 3:5. Just think of the perseverance Jesus had on the cross to endure it and yet still be forgiving in the midst of it all!!. We can have that same ‘stick-to-it-iveness’ (try to spell check that one!) that Christ had while enduring cruel suffering beyond what we can imagine. Well, it helps me sometimes to remember that this life is but a vapor and will not even compare to the glory & joy that awaits us!! Praise His name!! Hang in there ladies (& men) and fall into the arms of Christ every day!!

    • wow! Your post has really resonated with me. I read through all these posts and realize that my problems are so small in comparison that I hesitate to even write about it. I’ve been placed in many leadership roles – that I never asked for, never wanted and feel completely out of my comfort zone, but I know God has plans for me – He’s “strengthening, preparing and conditioning” me for “ruling and reigning in Him!” How glorious!

      Romans 5:3 Let us also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5 And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.


  18. Laurie G. says:

    Pray for me please.

  19. I am praying for your mom, Renee, and your family. Thank you for your prayers for us. Just in the last week, I have been feeling stronger spiritually. But I am recovering from some health issues, fatigue in particular. I would like prayer for physical strength and emotional strength as i deal with the limitations from the fatigue.
    As I heal, I’m also seeking God to find out what direction He wants me to go in as far as ministry and work. Thank you.

  20. I will be praying for your Mom and family… Please pray for me to be able to release my son to God, he is not walking with the Lord, walking in the world. avoiding God, I need to release him and stand on the promises of God

  21. Pray for me

  22. I am asking for prayer for myself and my 15 yr old daughter. I love my children deeply! 3 yrs ago their father and I divorced. During that time I was unemployed like many. After our house sold through a short sale, I literally became homeless. I asked their father to take them in on a Constance basis until I got better on my feet. As with many people the economy and lack of jobs made that very difficult. Finally I have a home in a different state, but am working and doing good again with my new husband. Now my daughter over the last 3 yrs has been feed A LOT of lies and has been hurt a great deal. She has decided she wants nothing to do with me and has even stated, ‘you’re dead to me, I have no mother!’. My heart is broken!!! I can handle them living with their father (he’s not a terrible dad), but it hurts so bad that she feels and treats me this way. My deepest hearts desire is to have a ‘good’ relationship with my children. Please pray for God’s favor.

  23. Karen Dunsworth says:

    I have had to file for Social Security Disability due to my declining joint health. While waiting for the decision I am facing the most difficult time financially. My 84 year old Dad is helping with the basic bills, but the creditor are having to wait. I pray for a quick decision and payment of benefits so that I will not have to file bankruptcy. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

  24. Hi Renee! I’m praying for your Mom! Hope she will be well soon!

    Please pray for my Mom as well. She has been in & out of the hospital the last few years with
    bowel obstructions & finally the drs have decided to do surgery next month. It will be a risky surgery
    but if they don’t do anything they say she will eventually die from an obstruction.
    She is 73 & has quite a few health issues so please lift her up in your prayers.
    I’m also praying for the other requests that have been mentioned here.


    Janet W.

  25. Karen Dunsworth says:

    So many of the Prayer requests mirror my own. I also know the difficulty of caring for a parent. I thought I was going to lose my Dad this past March, but he has totally recovered. I know that Prayer had so much to do with his recovery. My church has a wonderful Internet Prayer Chain. In moments over 100 people can be Praying for your request. Renee I will be in Prayer for your mother and your family.
    Thanks so much for the encouragement that this Doubt Diet has sent my way.

  26. Z and Samantha’s posts struck a little chord with me. I gave up a teaching to go into another form of Education, which I believe God opened up to me, but that job came abruptly to an end, I again believe He opened the door for my present job. He has taken me out of my comfort zones and I am doing things I could not have thought possible, I am not unhappy in my job, even though it is only temporary (some may even wonder why I am writing this!?), when I try to share this I can see people thinking ‘she is never happy’ which actually isn’t true. I am very thankful for my job, I have applied for some other jobs and have been interviewed (even being called to the second round for one of them) but I would appreciate prayer for guidance for the right job and that I would have a peace about that. I am not anxious all the time, but I do feel that at times it does take away my peace. My boss is also a particularly difficult individual.I hope this doesn’t sound too dramatic, it isn’t meant to be, I have re-read the post several times.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  27. arline mcafee says:

    Thank so much for this study. It has come at a time when I feel like I am disconnected from God. My
    mom died about 5months ago, two days before my sons wedding. I had to go thru a Wedding that
    was out of town and then come back to her funeral. My mom was my best friend and I am having a
    hard time with this. I am a writer, and have written a book of inspirations for women that God has
    given me over a year ago, Its like now I hear him saying that there is greatness in me..I just need
    to walk out in Faith. I believe but that doubt thing keeps speaking in my ear that ..God does not
    want you to do this..then I get confused and don’t know what to do. I then go back to being sad
    that my mom is not here for me to talk to. This study is opening my eyes and I indeed thank you!
    Keep blessing my soul…

  28. Praying for your mom. Please pray for our finances as we talk to a lawyer about bankruptcy due to overwhelming medical bills.

  29. praying for your mom and your family to get through this time. need prayer for my son to come back to the Lord.

  30. oh, praying that God would bless you you and give you peace from worry! that’s a prayer for myself, too, as my husband struggles with an unidentified stomach complaint he has endured for decades and, at the moment, can’t work. I have faith in God’s goodness – it’s just working out the practical details which isn’t always so easy!

  31. I’ve just recently gone through a divorse and live about 7hrs. from my children and grandchild. I live in this city with no family around me. My worries are knowing what to do..Both of my parents have pasted away recently and I find myself not knowing what to do. Home is about 7 hours away where I grew up…I’ve been away 14 years and it sure can be lonely at times,,,please pray for me!

  32. Amanda Williams says:

    Pray for me please.

  33. Praying for your mother and family. Please pray for me.

  34. Please pray for me that God would give me the direction and instruction I seek. That He would reveal His will for me and my family.

  35. I speak healing, health, prosperity, peace, and confidence over all in the matchless name of Jesus.

    What a rhema word! I’m trying to balance my life right now. Work, school, family, and ministry…I know my first priority is to seek God and His righteousness. I just need a balance. Please pray for my deliverance from procrastination, in Jesus name. Thank you and be blessed.

  36. Thanks so much for this community and this word. I dont know where to start. I am clueless at the age of 52. Please pray for me and my family.

  37. Thank you for more confirmation that God is with me, the words I hear over and over again are cast your cares on him for he cares for you. I just love hearing that it gives me peace. Please pray for me fiancially I am trying to get back on my feet, and pray for my son who has got him self in trouble and that he will see God’s mercy and justice through all this and he will receive salvation. Thank you

  38. Matshidiso says:

    Please pray for me.I am currently in school,in a foreign country.It’s very hard for me, as i worry a lot about every single thing in my life,even the smallest details.I try so hard not to and have come to a realization that i cant do it in my own strength,thanks to your devotions.I’m now learning to rely and trust in God for everything.I don’t want to waste time worrying because it really does not change anything,but only drains the energy out of me.

    I’m praying for your mother and your family.God bless you.

  39. Teresa Richards says:

    Please pray I would have the ability to not entertain thoughts that are not from God, that bring fear, and replace those thoughts with God’s word.

  40. Kyndle Joyce says:

    Pray for me please. I am having financial issues and family issues. Thank all of you for sharing. It’s wonderful to see so many of God’s women helping each other with thoughts and prayers. God bless you all.

  41. Moranda Miller says:

    Renee, Your devotion today really hit home..thank you so much! All the comments really make this study more profound, I have felt so isolated and alone in my worries. Nice to know i’m not alone..and I don’t HAVE to worry. (Now just to learn to do that.) I will be praying for your Mother and your family. I will be praying for all of us commenting here tonight…Please pray for me.

  42. Kim Whiddon says:

    Thank you Renee! You were right about the timing of today’s post. I needed it this very day! Please pray for me.

  43. Thank you for the Seven Day Doubt-Diet it has truly been an awakening for me. It has been a great inspiration and very encouraging to my mind, heart and soul. I want to request prayers for blessings on a house I am trying to purchase with no money down. I am praying God works it out where I can become a homeowner and afford to live within my means.

    I pray for your mother’s strength and healing and for you. Please continue to pray for me.

    God’s blessings,

  44. I feel for the several people who have just written “Please pray for me.” I too fell like my worries are somewhat more than I can express, and I don’t quite know where to begin even laying one down. Plus, I confess that I have been struggling for so long that change, even for the better, is scary. I need courage to move forward even with my fear. I am weary.

  45. Karoletha says:

    Praying for your mom. I’m having panic attacks & having trouble getting out of the house.

    • Sherrie Murphy says:

      I know how you feel, Karoletha. Mine have been caused by having two car wrecks in the last year. I don’t want to go anywhere and I don’t have the confidence to think that I can work without having panic attacks. I will pray for you. Please pray for me. You’re not alone.

      • Sherrie and Karoletha, I share in your fears. I too had a horrible car accident and because of injuries along with the fear, worry and major panic attacks… I don’t leave the house. I exist and don’t live life. This is not the way God wants us to be. Father God, I pray for Sherrie and Karoletha, that they will dive into your words and find peace and comfort. Fill them with a peace that can only come from you and as the song goes, “I’m standing, standing, standing on the promises of Christ my Savior, standing, standing I’m standing on the promises of God.” Let them stand on your promises Father and believe that they can do ALL things through You that strengthens them. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen. There is also a verse that I hold onto that might help you…Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Stand on HIS promises, he will not fail you! {Hugs}

  46. Renee, I am sorry to hear about your mom. I am praying for full healing for her and praying for peace and rest for you and all of your family as well. I am also thanking God for this opportunity for you to lean ever-closer into Him.

    My concern that I would like to lay down at the foot of the cross today is for the salvation of several of my family members: my 81 year old mother who has Parkinson’s; my 82 year old father who has heart problems; and for my 18 year old son. I so long for each of them to know Jesus it’s almost palpable.

  47. Please pray for Luke

  48. Today’s message hit so close to home for me.

    I worry and stress about everything, even the little unimportant things. My husband has been unemployed for some time and my biggest worries are with finances and the possibility of having to take my almost 5 yr old out of Pre-K and not being able to pay all our bills. Lord I lay my burdens at your feet.

  49. Praying for you and your mom. Please pray with me for my son TJ, THANK YOU!!

  50. How wonderful it is that we can pray for each other! There is so much in our world to drag us down, sometimes even with hand reached high toward God, it doesn’t feel like I can reach high enough. I am thankful that no matter what, God can reach me.
    I have some very personal issues that need prayer, and so for me I am just going to ask you to please pray for me. There are others in my family who so desperately need to be lifted up to God. My older brother recently suffered a second stroke, two months after the first stoke. The second stroke left him nearly blind and placed his mentality level for many things, as that of a seven year old. His wife is incredible, she is doing everything including working a full time job. My youngest son was diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis, he has been in and out of the hospital for nearly two years, things are getting worse. He will be having a biopsy to determine if he has developed cancer. My youngest brother was diagnosed with stomach cancer less than a week ago. It is inoperable and radiation treatment won’t work. The cancer has gone into his liver and lymphatic system. Please help me pray for these men. Thank you so much. God is good.

  51. I love reading the 7 day doubt diet, please pray for me.

  52. I’m praying for you and your Mom. I also ask prayers for my parents. My mother is experiencing Alzheimer’s and being a caregiver is really wearing on my 83 yr. old Dad. I would also like to ask for prayers for my daughter on an issue and how I should respond.

    • I’m praying for you and your family, Twila. My parents’ situation is almost identical; my mom (81) has Parkinson’s and my dad (82) is her full time caregiver and it’s taking its toll on him. We do all we can but must continue to work full time also. I am so thankful that God knows every detail of our lives and cares for us. Please know that you are not alone and this too shall be used for good.

  53. My prayer need is financial. I homeschool and my husband was cut back $2/hr. on his check and now they are also cutting hours. We are struggling to make ends meet. We need a miracle! The reason I’m homeschooling is that we felt called to go on the mission field. We are also struggling to raise our support there as well. We need guidance! Thanks for your prayers.

  54. Please pray for me . Thank you for having a Christian circle of friends just like this.
    God Bless you all.

  55. Thank you Renee – this has been a wonderful series. I am so grateful. Have already said prayers for your Mom and daughter – my thoughts are with them and you too. I appreciate your praying for my healing. Love in Christ, Grace

  56. Reading all of these requests has humbled me. I have lifted each one of you in prayer.
    Renee, I have also prayed for your mother and for your family.

    As for me, I am worried about running out of steam (as Renee described). I know that I am trying to do too much and I don’t know what/where to cut. Please pray that I will receive insight from God.

  57. rhoda Ramluckan says:

    dear Renee
    i am praying for your mum’s toatal recovery.
    my worries are about my teenage son.
    he is disbedient….which rubs onto my 6 year old daughter.
    this all stems out from my husbands disability to discipline them.

    i have decided to give them up to God and let Him deal with them,but being human it tends to always hit back at me.
    please pray for mu ability to let go and let God have His way.

    • Been there Rhoda. Hold on to Gods promises Rhoda, He is with your son and He’ll take care of what he needs, keep giving him to his “Daddy”.

  58. Pray for me please I have a problem in my life which seems as if I have reached the dead end, am in the wilderness sometimes fear strikes me and I feel God Might not rescue me . I have been praying about this for a long time I am like Daniel in the lion’s den. Please pray for me for God to make a way for me and to rescue me.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Gertie knew what you are going through and I will pray that God will answer your prayer and open doors that would not close again. Blessings for you.

  59. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I am lifting her up in my prayers.

    My husband has been without a job for 6 months now and would like prayer that God would provide a job for him.

  60. I am asking for prayers please,I am about to get married in a month time now,but me and my fiancee we fighting a lot about small things and happens to be the big issues.As we speak right now we don;t talk to each,we sleep in a seperate bed.Please pray for me.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Renee, thanks for the opportunity to share my worries with you. My husband lost his job six years ago, up till now he has been working form our home to earn some money. But now there is now money left and we have to move out of the house because we can’t afford to stay here any longer. We have lost everything and I don’t know what to do. My youngest son is writting his Grade 12 exam and his brother is studing at university. My salary is not enough to pay for everything. My husband has depression and I am afraid that he dont have the couracy to look for work,
      Please pray with me that my husband will get better, let God into his life and will get a new job and please pray for my two sons – it is such a difficult time for them. Thank you Renee, for your devotions, it realy means a lots to me. May God bless you and the work you are doing. I am praying with you for your mother and your family.

  61. Renee I am praying for your mom and your family at this time. Fellow sisters in Christ I am praying for you

  62. Hi Renee,
    I would appreciate prayer for my focus… I was deeply wounded by a couple of women from my church who talked about me behind my back… continued a relationship… and treated me like I was crazy. I know that I have forgiven them…but I am often still left wondering “why” and it is hard for me not to obsess on it at times… I want to move on, and continue to heal, but often I feel anxious about it and sometimes angry too… I just get stuck. I want to live free in what Christ is saying and doing in my life and not bound up by them, their actions, etc. They never apologized…which has made me wonder what is wrong with me… that people would do this to me. It hurts and I want to move on. It has affected my confidence tremendously… this study is very helpful, bu this under the surface pain sometimesfeels unbearable.

  63. Kristie A says:

    day four really hit home with me; my husband and i farm so this is sometimes an overwhelmingly busy time of year. our daughter came home for ‘fall break’ and i feel guilty that i can’t spend more time with her but instead i need to be in the fields harvesting. my body is in the fields, my heart is longing to spend the afternoon with my daughter, and my mind accuses me of failing both my daughter and my husband. with the busyness of harvest, trying to keep the housework up, paying bills; it can be difficult to find time to seek God.

    praying for your mom, last may a suffered a saddle pulminary embolism due to a trauma to my foot a month earlier. i thank God that He let me be a member of the ‘survival group’ instead of a statistic!!

  64. Stephanie M says:

    Hi Renee — so sorry to hear about your mother. Praying for you and your family….

    Please pray for me. I am going through a difficult time in my life now. I can’t seem to feel content. I love my husband with all my heart, but sometimes I feel like he is my whole life. I don’t feel like I have any girlfriends, and sometimes that bothers me. My husband is so supportive and encourages me to have friendships, but I’ve never been good at making friends. I find myself wishing I was in someone else’s life, which is silly. I find myself struggling to find balance in my life. Full time job and a long commute don’t seem to allow me to get the housework done. I take short-cuts just to get dinner on the table. I’m struggling to connect with my step-kids. I feel like I don’t have time for anything but work, and I don’t even like my job. I find myself wishing I could be a housewife and quit work alltogether (even though that is financially impossible right now). I have never ever wanted that in my life, but my life has also never been this hectic. I feel like the weight is too heavy, even though I know that many women take on WAY more than I do. I feel like a failure in my own life, even though my head tells me that can’t be true — but I can’t seem to tell my heart that. I’ve been trying to do Melissa’s study, but I’m weeks behind on that too.

    • Stephanie,

      I was touched by your post. First, I want to say, “Don’t be too hard on yourself!” You are doing a lot of good things. Second, as a mom who works full-time with 2 teenagers, I feel your pain of trying to “do it all”. There have been times where we are so busy that I don’t know how we’ll make it–yet things always relax at some point. Third, can you take one area and work on small improvements?

      Like maybe you could take a personal inventory to see what you can make the most change in first. Can you find a different job with less of a commute? Can you find a job that you like more? Is there an interest you have that you could use to meet people of common interests? Could you spend some time with your step-children doing things they enjoy–even once a week or once every other week?

      Don’t try to do it all at once. Sometimes the job area is easier to change and sometimes it’s another area. Please give yourself a break and don’t expect too much–little changes. Some things just have to wait or need done at another time. One thing that works for us is to put together a crockpot meal at night. Then, we have it on a timer to cook for the desired amount of time. When we get home, it’s ready (or maybe we make rice or noodles to finish it off). It’s been a real life-saver for us.

      I’ll be praying for you. Please know that you are not alone!

  65. Sherrie Murphy says:

    Once again, you are talking about me and my life. I can relate to being burned out and feeling like I’ve lost my faith, knowing full well that’s not the case. In fact, God is the one constant I can truly count on. One of my children is going through things that he just shouldn’t have to deal with and I can’t help him other than to be there to give him advise and listen. I know that sometimes that’s all we can do, but it tears me up when I can’t do more. There is turmoil at church and things are broken. I don’t even feel led to go anymore because it overwhelms me. It’s my church home and I know that God still wants me to be in that body, but there are times I feel as though I should stay home and not listen to what others are saying. It takes away from the focus of Christ. I still have no job and the money is tight. I do know that God has had me home for awhile to help my children who have needed me to be there for them. I used to be able to put all my financial burdens on him, but I’m finding it harder to do lately. I do trust his promises to supply our needs, I just am so weary of the fight. I have changed over the past two years since I had a full time job and things were going well. I don’t seem to handle change or stress as well as I used to and I don’t know how to fix that. I know that I seem like I want to control things and sometimes I feel that if I don’t do some things that I will lose it. Please help me to give things back to God and get rid of this controlling spirit that has taken over in my life. Please pray for my church. So much is wrong with the way that things are handled.

  66. Hello Renee,

    I’m worried about so many things its hard to pick just one. But I’ve come to the realization that my primary problem is a lack of faith. I’m so scared to trust God completely because I don’t want to be hurt again for believing and trusting and then it does not happen or goes very, very wrong. Please don’t misusnderstand, I’m not putting time limits on God, I’m just plain old scared. I’ve been through so much and have felt so unprotected that it’s just hard for me right now. So, my request is simple, please pray with me through this. I so desparately need to move forward, this is paralizing me and I can’t seem to break free on my own and I need support. Thank you so much for your posts, they have shed light in very dark areas and given me renewed hope and insight.

    • Praying for you, Darla….I think I can relate to your worry problem….May He grant you the support you need to move ahead.

  67. Sadly I have been overwhelmed by worry through much of my life. (I can understand what Darla said…when you feel that even God has let you down before, it makes it difficult to know what trust looks like.) I think worry is a false sense of control. The enemy lies to us and tells us that if we think about it and pray real hard and think some more and maybe try to tweak some situations (manipulate) then maybe it will be okay. But then we find that life isn’t like that…and either we will trust God’s heart or we will be burdened with worry…sadly many times I have taken the burden instead of the trust…) I am so thankful that He does not quit on us…the Author and Perfecter of my faith!

    But what is on my mind right now is that I am going on a ladies retreat…and I have been feeling ill. I am worried that I won’t feel well enough to get from it what I would like to, that I will be a burden to my roommate. That I won’t be able to relax and enjoy the time away. Thank you for your prayers. I will pray for you and your situation with your mom…that is tough, for sure. God is faithful.

  68. Please Pray for me! God knows. Praying for you all as well.

  69. Praying for you, your family and your Mom. Please pray for discernment in how God wants me to move forward with a ministry for teens that I have been serving in….There is trouble with spiritual authority where we were meeting, so Laurie and I are venturing out on our own looking for a new home to continue “Jesus U” with our group of teens and God willing, many more teens that we haven’t reached yet.

  70. I need some prayers;( my family n I are going through some financial problems, I’m going through a lot of health issues and my boys behavior has become increasingly difficult! I have been struggling with depression n anxiety stemming from my parents divorce when I was 8( I’m now 31!) I have forgiven my father n we speak regularly, but I still have issues with anger over the whole situation, n feeling afraid of being abandoned;( I’ve been praying a lot n I have a very strong newfound faith in God! I’ve been saved since 2002, but have always believed in Him, but in the past I always questioned if he was really there for me since I’ve been going through tough times! I now believe that He is my rock and He will give me strength n many blessing through all these hardships! I’m at a point in my life n my Christian walk that I’m trying to find my way in life! Trying to have God show me what His will is for me and how I can do His will for me in my life! Renee, at your conference in Illinois, I was truly blessed by everything u said at that conference;-) I was truly blessed that I went that day thank u for being a blessing to us all;) keep me in your prayers

    • Also I wanted to say that I’m praying for you, your mom, and whole family! U r a terrific and strong woman Renee n u will b in my prayers;-)

  71. Thank you for reminding me that I can lay my worries at the foot of the cross. Please pray that I trust God to tell my daughter how to make the best choices for herself & her 2 precious children. I need to write that on a card as well as my depression ,to hand over to our sovereign Lord. Thank you !

  72. I am a new leader in the recovery ministry and because of the women I see each week I understand the importance of time spent in the Word and in prayer, BUT it’s not the easiest thing to start throughout my day. I was used to focusing on God and church for 9 months and a new job a little over a month ago changed that. I want to stay on fire for God not just when it’s convenient, but all day long. I want to want to seek out time with him even when my business overwhelms me. It may sound silly to you, but I don’t ever want to turn into someone that is okay with where they are and relaxed in their relationship with the Almighty! Thank you so much for caring enough to read this and keep such a simple prayer raised on my behalf. It means so much!!

  73. I ordered your book through Proverbs 31 Ministries would love to win a copy for my daughter. We don’t spend much time together and seem to have lost our closeness since she graduated from college. I am finishing a degree as well and cannot spend a lot of time socializing but at least I hope we would spend an occasional moment or so together. My greatest wish for her is to find a God fearing loving husband. I have struggled as a single parent and feel very disappointed in our relationship.

  74. Renee, that you for your word today. It is what I needed. Sometimes as we go through life it is so hard for us to remember that there is no need for us to worry because God is there for us and He will take care of us. Please pray that my children make the right decisions in their lives and that my husband and I will be good financially. Without getting into specifics we have made some bad financial decisions in the past and now we are paying dearly for those mistakes. Please pray that things will get better. Renee thank you for your suppport and prayers.

  75. I’m a single parent raisng two teenagers. My roof had been leaking with no money to fix it praise god my brother inlaw took time out of his day to do this for me although I think until I get paid I may have checks that bounce I pray they don’t I also need to pay the rest of my mortgage and don’t have those funds either I keep telling myself god has my bills it has been very stressful. so if you could please pray for me I would appreciate it. Thank you =)

    • Hi Diane

      I hear you and I want to take this time to encourage you. I too am going through a financial trying time at present due my ex-husband putting me in debt but as I encourage myself in the word I encourage you too God WILL supply all of your needs. I use to struggle with the WILL factor but thank God not anymore, he WIll supply all of your needs, he will work things out in your favour, he will perfect the things that concern you, hold on and don’t let go of his promises. I have written a cheque before once and praying that it does not bounce and everytime God has covered it and it has never bounced the money was always there. God is faithful and he will provide no matter how things look and in the natural it seems that there is no way out, you calculate it this way and you calculate it that way and the figures still come up short but let God do the maths, let God do the working out and you will constantly be in credit not in deficit. Just hang on in there my sister I am hanging on in there with you and I lift you up in prayer and I wil be praying that God will do something supernatural for you by the end of the month. God said in Jeremiah 32 v 27 I am the God of all flesh is there anything too hard for me (KJV). Be encourgaed my sister God has not forgotten you.

  76. I am so sorry about your mother, I know the worry and fear that comes along when parents are hospitalized. I will pray for you and your family. Your devotion today hit me right where I am currently. Worry, doubt, fear, lack of confidence, are all things I am dealing with right now. Aging parents, new position, changes at work, trying to keep all the bills paid, etc… all wear me out. Thank you for the reminder of GOD’s promises.

    • I’ll pray for you, I know exctactly how you are feeling. We do need to remember God’s promises that He’ll never leave or forsake us and he wants us to prosper. He is faithful; I struggle with the timing of things.

  77. This is the second time going through this study. I have some of the same struggles, and some new ones. I am overwhelmed with responsibilities at home, wit;h my parents and I recently started a new job, one I’m not sure if I am working out. The timing was God’s timing so I’m praying he’ll show me where I belong. I struggle with where does God want me, and I’m trying to figure out his will for my life, not mine.
    My mother has been having health issues, just discovered she’s had a fractured hip for well over a month now. Please pray for healing for my mom and the doctor’s to get it right this time. Thank you, this is a wonderful experience to share online, I am trying to find a good Bible study group. Again, Thank You!!

  78. Ya’ll are some of my favorite people in the whole wide world!! Do you know how much I just love you? And how much you remind me of Jesus – the way you love each other , leaving encouraging notes, one after the other, praying for each other and loving on me and my family? I’m so blessed to have you as part of my life. Thank you for gathering here with me!! <>>

    Also, mom is getting better. She’s in good spirits, too! They took her off bed rest today. Waiting on some tests to see how her heart and lungs did after she’d done some walking around. Thank you for praying!!

    • That was supposed to say: Thank you for gathering here with me!! <<>>

      And I want you to know I”m reading through your notes – each one – and praying for you too!!

  79. Renee,

    Thank you so much for sharing this today! I need a concern card. My little(30 yr old) brother has pancreatic cancer that has spread to his brain and I feel like all I’m doing is worrying these days. If I text and don’t get a reply right back, I worry that he’s dead. It is so hard. I know God is walking through this with us. I just need to trust!

  80. I will be praying for your precious Mother… and also for you and your family. Thank you for your message reminding us all to look up to our Heavenly Father. We don’t have to understand or reason everything in our lives. If we will keep a grateful heart and worship and praise the One who has given us the very breath of life this day.

    Praise God!

  81. Thanks for post today. Between you & Tracie Miles Proverbs 31 devo, I feel that God is really speaking to me today. The main that I worry the most about is financial issues. Right now, I am close to $2500 in debt due to overdue medical bills & other unpaid bills. I’m really struggling living paycheck to paycheck & the more that I try to save & get ahead, it seems the more I get behind. I know that God doesn’t want me in debt & I don’t want to have to borrow from family because I already owe them money as well. I’ve been praying about this for sometime now & the Lord keeps giving me Phillipians 4:19, so I’m hanging on to that promise, because I know God keeps his promises. So, I’m really glad I got o read your post today. I love your idea of a “concerns card”. I think I will start one for myself as well. I already have the verse posted near my computer at work & on my bulletin board at home where I can see it. Thanks so much for letting us share our concerns for prayer & I will be praying for your mom as well.

  82. Renee, I am praying for your mom, but more than anything I am praying God’s strength for you. Isaiah 40:29 echo this. It says, He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength. You might feel weak like the grasshopper, but if you trust the power of God, you will be like an eagle. In the emergencies of life,God help you soar; in the daily routine of life, He helps you patiently walk (Warren Wiersbe). My one prayer concern: clarity for my life. I think I want to pursue graduate school -professional counseling. I have been accepted. .But I don’t have the funds. My husband and I are both unemployed. I have a son in college, my husband and I are on a fixed income, living off of 40% of our gross income. I am seeking God for scholarships/grants. Trusting His will for my life.

  83. Please help pray for my daughter, Angela. She has been seeking employment in the Asheville/ Hendersonville, NC area since June. She has finished her master’s degree and is looking for a counseling postion. She is now living on savings and it is low. She has had two interviews for two different positions and is waiting to hear. She has done well waiting on the Lord’s timing but there are days that she is depressed and doubtful. I pray for her trust in the Lord to remain strong and she waits on Him she draws closer to the Lord. She has no health insurance at this time and yesterday, she was running a fever. I lift her to the Father daily and ask for his care for her. The Lord has always taking care of her in all aspects of her life. I know he is taking care of her now. I pray for peace and joy in her life and the Lord will provide her with the position he desires for her to have; where she can bring His light into the sight of others. I pray that the Father, if it is time, to let this happen soon. It is a comfort to me that others will be praying for her, too.

    I also have a good friend whose husband is dying. His heart is failing bit by bit ; as she put it. She is right by his side and both know the Lord. He is ready for his journey home to the Lord and she is confident that she will join him there. I pray for their time together that is left and that the Father will carry them through the days ahead with his loving arms.

    He, the Father, will be with us all through whatever is in our lives. Help us, Father, to help one another. Thank You, Father, for Your provision and Your loving care of each of us

  84. Elaine Segstro says:

    Thank you so much for your invitation – that you will pray for me. I need to lay my concerns about parenting at the foot of the cross. We have 2 sons, but especially are concerned about our youngest who will turn 19 next month. He does attend a church (different from ours, but a Christian church) and participates in Bible studies. Tomorrow he will volunteer at a Food Bank. However, Jeremy is very disrespectful and rebellious at home. I try not to sweat the “small stuff”, but the little that we ask of him is met with angry looks and nasty comments. One comment so reveals his thoughts: “If you only followed my rules, things would go much smoother at home.” He does not spend a lot of time at home and when he is here, he’s in his room. I get afraid to speak to him and then he says I don’t care. I try to reassure him – he says “don’t put me on a guilt trip”. On Sunday I spent the day with my husband at the hospital – he had a tight chest and an irregular heart beat. He had a heart attack 5 years ago, and since then has radically changed his diet (he lost 60 pounds) and has taken up exercise. The attending doctor at emergency said that yes, the problems could be caused by stress. I wrote Jeremy a letter on Monday, trying to reassure him of my love and how I so desire to have a relationship with him. He appreciated the letter but again this morning, it was my fault that he had no socks and that he was late. His room was a disaster as I looked in drawers for clean socks. I did not mention the dirty ones strewn about on the carpet. Needless to say our home which should be a “haven” from the outside world, is a place of tension and sadness.

  85. ella davis says:

    pray for me

  86. Thank you for this devotion. It is perfectly timed for me. I need to lay down the worries about my son. I pray that he would surrender his life to the Lord and follow him. There always seems to be a crisis in his life that he calls and asks me and his dad to help him fix. We are growing weary and pray that he would take on these concerns and trust in God to lead him to do the right thing in his own circumstances. Thank you for letting me share this heavy burden.

  87. I’m praying that God will touch your mom in a very special way! Thank God for U. I pray that he will strengthen you and continue to encourage & motivate you to share your self with others.

  88. Renee

    I was saddend to hear of your Mom’s condition, praying for you and your family. This is a stormy sea that we will need to have a strong rudder for, the Captain knows where He going though. We are going to be studying with your book in January, that will be a year since we’ve seen you last at our conference.
    Luv ya lots!

  89. Teresa Harper says:

    I am so thankful for the online bible study and 7 day doubt diet. I have been divorced for 2 years and I have been struggling financially, working 2 jobs sometimes. So I ask for prayer for my finances. I also need prayer for my 24 year old daughter. Our relationship hasn’t been the best since the divorce. She was raised in church but after leaving home she hasn’t been going to church or living for God. I have been praying for her and tried to encourage her the last 2 years. Well, a month ago her boyfriend moved to Arizona to go to college for a few months and she still lives in Illinois, they had talked about marriage but nothing serious, the distance has took a toll and some things have happened that could destroy their relationship but through this my daughter has been praying and crying out to God for help. I heard about Renee being at the Refresher conference in my area so I asked my daughter if she would go, it took her 3 weeks to commit….and wow…we attended last Saturday and my daughter cried almost through the whole event, God was moving on her and I was crying, we were both taking in everything Renee spoke about and taking notes. An amazing thing happened when we broke off in our different groups, my daughter and I were in the same one, the group was good and after it was over there was a woman kneeling by my daughter and she was saying she didn’t know why but felt that it was meant that she and my daughter were to be there together that day and that my daughters first name was her maiden name and she felt so strongly to talk to her, so my daughter shared her boyfriend situation and the woman started crying and told her that she shouldn’t settle for any guy, that she should make sure the man she marries loves God more than he loves her and she shared some more things and that was just such a God moment…I had been telling my daughter some of the same things this woman told her but sometimes children don’t want to listen to their parents. But my daughter took to heart what this woman shared and knew it was God speaking right to her through this woman. But since this past weekend my daughter is still struggling with her faith since she has been away from God so long and she is struggling with something she has to tell her boyfriend and it may mean losing him. She is so stressed out and I talk to her over and over and sometimes & I feel I am not getting anywhere. So I ask prayer for her and for wisdom for me to know how to help her to stay living for God. But I am praising God because through this she and I have been able to grow closer and have a better relationship. If anyone has advice I would appreciate all. I am praying for all of you as well!!!

  90. He does not spend a lot of time at home and when he is here, he’s in his room. I get afraid to speak to him and then he says I don’t care. I try to reassure him – he says “don’t put me on a guilt trip”. On Sunday I spent the day with my husband at the hospital – he had a tight chest and an irregular heart beat

  91. God know my name says:

    Please pray for me to cast all my worries on the Lord and
    trust him with my family and friends.
    Also pray for comfort and healing for Renee and her family in
    this challenging time,
    I have gained great comfort and understanding to ask God to
    overcome my doubt with Renee’s book.
    Thanks be to God for gifting her with this blessing.
    I also praise Goo for all his blessings each day

  92. I am so despondant i read all the blessed woman who are struggling so much I have some of the same comcerns no job no money no husband no friends no talents no skills I failed at raising my children and cannot go back and fix anything I cant seem to grab hold of any promises from god Why do all these bad things happen to women who love him and trust him why doesn’t he answer their prayers. are we not righteous enough are we not seeking him When will he start to answer prayer. Im 55 years old. im running out of time to start to have a life or a purpose.

  93. Thank you Renee, as I sat here reading today’s message through a cloud of tears it made me feel like God was looking into my heart and speaking directly to me through you. I don’t know who I am and what makes me happy, I have always tried to do what others want and make them happy. Thank you for opening my eyes and making me look at myself in the mirror and ask God to show me who he made me to be.

    Thank you and I’m glad to hear the your mother is doing better. God Bless!

  94. Debbie M. says:

    I also had tears in my eyes when readying today’s message. Thank you Renee for these uplifting words because I for one really do not know where my life is going. After 2 failed marriages & trying to learn to be on my own has not been easy & I feel like a total failure & that nobody will ever want me. I have put my trust in Jesus to show me the way & open up my eyes.

    God Bless you & your Family.

  95. I just realized why i have been anxious all day today is because I have not laid david down at the foot of the cross. I have been very merciful to a homeless man named david who suffers from schiznoprehenia. i am confused by some things how people tell me to not go looking for him and to stay away from him. He can be very aggressive and cusses at people. He has not been that way towards me yet. I am just scared, and confused. I know being merciful to others is the right thing to do. I am really in need of peace and I would love for y’all to lift david up in prayer. He is a very unique and wonderful man who can not help that his mind is different than ours. He talked to me about the bible last night. I do know that God is working in the situation.

  96. I needed to hear what you are saying , I need your prayers please. Thank you.

  97. I received the devotional today and i know that I have problems with self doubt. I have been divorced for 12 years. I did not realize until I recently met a man that is interested in me that i doubt why tath anyone could be. My marriage ended because he left me for another woman. I had thought I had gone beyond this.

  98. Today’s message resonates with me very deeply. I’m currently separated because I asked for it because I felt my husband wasn’t giving me the things I needed. I love my husband very much, and miss him with all my heart. I have talked to him and admitted that I was wrong on my things and I want out marriage to survive. It’s true I still want certain things, but I’m willing to work together. My husband has depression and I’ve tried so hard to help in any I can, and I also begged for us to reconcile. With a friend’s help I am reading daily devotions and trying to connect with God every day. It hurt so bad to keep calling my husband asking for time with him because I feel he really didn’t want to be with me. The wall was always there. I must trust that God that this wall is meant to be and as of yesterday I needed to start helping myself. I was being needy and I felt my husband no longer wanted the connect with me so I am not honoring his request and not contacting him. I pray this is the message I’m suppose to honor and let go and let God take the wheel. My heart is broken and I’m alone. God please give me the strength to push on and trust in you. This was my 4th marriage and I was all about commitment and honoring our marriage and working through it together. Now that things in are out of control all I can do is believe in God. Any and all prayers to heal our relationship would be appreciated. Thank you!!

  99. Eve Arrington says:

    This devotion was truly meant for me. I really failed as a wife last night and this morning I read my RESPECT devotion and it truly convicted me. And then reading this made me feel like it’s going to be ok and sometimes when I make a mistake as long as I remember the lesson then I am ok. Thank so much for you inspiration on this morning. It was a Godsent! Be blessed!

  100. I have been in this place, laying my burden down but it is difficult because problems in the situation rise up and force my eyes to go on the situation, at least for a while. It’s complicated- but for 23 years I have had a commercial property left when my first husband died. Due to legalities the losses do not carry over but I have had to put life insurance and other money in because the loan was against our personal assets. I could not sell because of environmental issues not disclosed by the seller.
    If I do not sell it before Sept I will lose the property and about $300,000 of my share of the worth of it. I have never made a cent but have had to deal with it for 23 years. Praying for God to do a miracle, releasing me in victory, setting a table before me in front of those who have deceived, lied, cheated etc. Hoping that the enemy who has tried to destroy me and bring discouragement and despair does not win. My God is greater !!

  101. Clearly God had a word for us today through you Renee. Thank you! I am very burdened by the relationship between me and my youngest daughter, Amelia. Three gals are already out of the house and she’s the last one. I am very sad to have this chapter closing, the one I dreamt of all my life. I know I will always be a mom, but i also know this mothering role has and will change drastically. Meantime, my beloved daughter and I are not getting along. We are clashing with defense and offense. Just taking everything one another says to heart. We are both broken hearted about it, yet can’t seem to stop being cold and hurtful. It’s just awful. When I think of our sweet tender relationship that is now taut and stressed and bitter…all I can say is help me God! Help me to step out of this vicious cycle. Help me to take the higher road. Help me to love my daughter through the difficulty of separation. Help me be better. Help me!!!
    And Lord please be with Renee through the fear of her mother’s health right now. Be with her mom and minister to this family. And we pray that you’d protect her from further harm. Give this mother and daughter sweet and tender moments. Allow this family to feel your deep love for them all as they go through this trial together. We pray that you the mighty physician would heal Renee’s mom, In Jesus’ name, Amen!

  102. Renee, as I read your “Laying it down” closing…I remembered how much these Scripture-based prayers helped me when my mother was hospitalized…thought they might help others too…

    SALVATION. Romans 10:9–that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved. Romans 10:13–for “Whoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.”
    “Lord, I confess with my mouth Jesus as Lord, and I believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead. I am calling upon Your name alone to save me.”
    DIRECTION. James 1:5–But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all men generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.
    “Lord, I don’t know what to do in this situation (name the situation). I don’t have a clue. But, I am asking You to show me what to do and how and when to do it. Thank You for answering my prayer and allowing me to keep coming back to You for direction.”
    FORGIVENESS—GETTING IT FROM GOD. I John 1:9–If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
    “Lord, I am admitting my sin to You (Name the sin/sins). I take full responsibility. I blame no one but me. Thank You that You are faithful every time to forgive my sins and to cleanse me from what I have done wrong. Help me to never do this again.”
    FORGIVENESS—GIVING IT TO OTHERS. Mark 11:25–“And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone; so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your transgressions.
    “Lord, I come to You and I choose by an act of my will, to release (name that person) from my unforgiving grip. I give up my right to hurt (name that person) back. Thank You God that You now have the freedom to forgive me.”
    FEAR. John 14:27–“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful. Isaiah 43:2–“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched, Nor will the flame burn you. II Timothy 1:7–For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
    “Lord, thank you for giving me Your Peace in the midst of my fear storm. I know I can’t find it anywhere else. I refuse to let my heart be troubled and filled with fear by all I see. I believe that when I pass through the waters of trouble, You will be with me. I believe that when I go through the flood of trials, I will not drown. I believe that when I walk through the fire of adversity I will not be burned because of You. I know that being afraid never comes from You.”
    WORRY. Philippians 4:6–Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. I Peter 5:7–Casting all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you.
    “Lord, I choose not to worry about (Name what you are worried about), because You told me not to. I trust You. I trust Your timing. Instead of worrying, I am going to worship You and ask You to take care of this. I thank You for the answer in advance. Thank You for how You are going to deal with this. I roll all my worries over onto You. I give it to You and I leave it with You.”
    TEMPTATION. I Corinthians 10:13–No temptation [trial, testing] has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted [tried, tested] beyond what you are able, but with the temptation [trial, testing] will provide the way of escape also, that you may be able to endure it.
    “Lord, Thank You that no temptation can come my way that is new to You. Thank You that You will not allow more temptation into my life than I can—in Your power—say “No” to. Thank You for always making a way of escape—placing an Exit—over every temptation. Help me to look for those ways of escape.”
    HEALING. Jeremiah 17:14–Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; Save me and I will be saved,
    For Thou art my praise. Psalm 103:1-3–Bless the Lord, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, And forget none of His benefits; Who pardons all your iniquities; Who heals all your diseases.
    “Lord, You alone have the power to heal me of (you fill-in-the-blank). I praise You and thank You for all the benefits You offer. You alone can heal disease. I am asking You to heal me (you may insert someone else’s name) completely. I therefore, put my condition (or condition of the one you are praying for) into Your hands. I trust whatever You decide. No matter what, I will look to You.”
    DELIVERANCE. John 8:32–and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:36–“If therefore the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.
    “Lord, I accept the truth of Your Word. I agree with You about the mess I am in. It is my own fault. I am now acting upon the truth of Your Word, believing it will set me free from these chains of bondage. Jesus, I believe You alone can and will deliver me.”
    NEEDS. Matthew 6:33–“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you. Philippians 4:19–And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.
    “Lord, I seek You and getting totally right with You first. I make You number one in my life. Therefore, I am trusting You to bring everything together to meet my needs. You know my need for (you fill-in-the-blank). I am depending upon what You said concerning meeting my every need because of what Jesus has done. I am enthusiastically looking for Your answer.”

    • In Jesus name I pray!

      Thank you Lord for giving me these wonderful people and most especially Renee Swope for being able to articulate the words I cannot find within my soul. You know where I am at Lord, you have a plan for me, a plan to prosper and not destroy! I thank you father for opening avenues for me to see you in a greater way!


  103. I can emphatize with your concern for your Mom’s health. I will pray for her condition to be relieved and the blood clots successfully removed. I too have a concern about my Mom’s health. Mom has Parkinson’s Disease and has been monitored for the past three years. She is also experiencing memory loss (short term it seems). I live over 3000 miles away and visit every six months. Fortunately I have two sisters and a brother who live nearby which means Mom is still at home. She is 90 years old and weighs only 88 pounds. Pray with me that she can find good care in her last years and that the doctor’s will monitor her health in a updated way. She is a Christian but not very open about her faith. Pray I would not be so concerned and trust the Lord to heal and bring encouragement to her.

  104. Please pray for Becky. Her dad just found out today that he is full of cancer & she is broken-hearted as he does not want to be treated & just wants to be at home. She needs peace so bad. thank you.

  105. Hi Renee,
    I just signed up for your emails last week and it’s no coincidence that I am here asking for prayer. I will try not to take up too much space.
    8 years ago I let God into my life. I had a wonderful pastor and church family. 4 1/2 years ago, I was offered the job as director of children’s ministry at our church. A year into it, our pastor got moved and we got a new pastor.
    For the past 2 years our church has struggled financially becuase this pastor has ran off all the young couples in our church.
    2 months ago, he took part of my job away with out any explanation. It was the children’s choir christmas program. I was very upset, so I thought I would take this through the proper committe of our church. I was met with this committe and asked for him to not be present (I have that right). The chair of that committee was a huge fan of our pastor and I was yelled at during that meeting and not given a chance to work out the differences. The pastor rewrote my job descritption and lied to the committee that it was never a part of my job. I had ppl from that committee contact me and tell me how sorry they were for the way the meeting went and that they were too scared to stand up for me.
    A week later the pastor called me into his office and told me that my job was being dissolved as the church could no longer afford my wages. Then he proceeded to tell me that he hated that it came right after I “ran to committes’ trying to start stuff. I
    This decision to let me go was never discussed in the financial committe it was something he did on his own. Most of the church has been angry over this, but not too much has been done.
    Over this I have left my church home becuase it is so painful what he did to me. I’m ashamed to admit that our pastor is a lying, deceiving person that has no right to be in a pastors position. The people of the church have started catching him in lies right and left since this happened.
    I just feel so lost. I wonder why God allowed this evil man to be in such a powerful postion as the ministry and him be so evil. I wonder why God didn’t notice how hard I worked at my job and the relationships I formed with some of the parents who really needed God in their lives.
    I feel like I was so strong in my faith and this bump in the road has thrown me into a ditch I can seem to find my way out of. How can I, the one who often encouraged parents to attend church with their children, be the one not attending church. How can in 2 short months I be so far away from God. The “whys” seem so endless right now.
    I have hit a depression that I haven’t been into in 8 years. I am scared. I can’t even bring myself to search for a new church.
    I know this was a long post. I ask that you pray for peace in my life and for my faith in God to be restored. Pray that I feel His strong arms around me seeing me through this storm. I thank all who read this and pray for me. Many blessings.

    • I understand what you must be going through. I am married to a pastor like that and it is killing me inside every day. I just continue to pray for God’s guidance in my life and that he will open my husband’s eyes to what he is doing to his church and his wife.

  106. My mom has Alzheimer’s and I am just so sad this Christmas season. I am a newlywed and have been blessed with a new family but i miss my family so much. I do everything I can to make things right for her but I am exhausted. I wish Christmas would just be over. It is a heartbreaking time.

  107. Please pray for my child to be healed, my family and an unspoken request. I am deeply grateful and covet your prayers.

  108. My family has to move house. Please pray that God will lead us to the house that he has chosen, knowing our financial situation and the specifications we need.

    I want the house that he has chosen, let us not walk by his choice for us.

  109. Please pray for me!!

  110. Worry and anxiety have loomed so great in my heart. I am a single momma to 3 girls, only 1 at home now. I have been out of work for over 2yrs and my unemployment has ended and this month will be the last month I receive alimony. Financially this is a catastrophe. No income coming in except child support and I’m terrified and have no idea how I will pay our rent… I’ve sent out more resumes than I can count and nothing… I’m scared… I can’t move because I have no income. I pray that God will provide a way for me to pay our rent and bills.

  111. Please pray for my emotional health. Please pray that I would quickly get through the grieving process of breaking up with my boyfriend and that my confidence and self-worth would be not just restored, because I don’t think I ever had it in the first place, but that I would gain that confidence and realize my worth to the Lord.

  112. Thank you, Renee!!!
    Please pray for me.

  113. I think I have some of the opposite problems right now, but the parts about letting go of my anxious thoughts and trusting God hit home! We recently moved and my whole life has changed. I am a wife and mother of four kids. For the first time in 15 years I have to work. I had a good job but hurt my back, had surgery, and now I am starting from scratch. The job search is truly draining my confidence and making me question my value as a person. Plus, I haven’t been able to volunteer at the kids’ schools like I used to. I want to find a place where I fit in and where I can make a difference. It is very hard when dealing with rejection from employers on a regular basis. I appreciate the reminder that God is in control and will place me where He wants me! Thank you for making a difference in my day and my attitude!

  114. Hi Renee and my 7 day doubt diet sisters in Christ. Thank God for you all. God has orchestrated this teaching for a purpose and reason and I for one am extremely glad. I ask that you would stand with me in prayer over my financial situation.

    My ex husband and I decided to give our relationship another go after he walked out un -announced. I used to take care of the finances in our home however I decided to trust him to take care of things as we were giving things a new go and a new look. My personal finances were a bit low as I had been off work for a lengthy period of time due to illness however God healed me. However whatever money that I was giving to my husband to take care of situations and for me to move with him to Chicago he took for himself and left me in £2,000 pounds debt. which I am still sorting out. God is working things out but there are times that I get discouraged and worried as to whether I am going to be able to make ends meet each month. Worry tries to consume me but I keep encouraging myself in the word over and over again until it gets deep down into my spirit..

    Ladies I want to encourage you as I encourage myself God is in control irrespective of how things look or how things are, he is in control. Stand on his word, stand on his promises declare them over your life daily, he is faithful, he will not let us down, reject the lies of the enemy. I hear in my spirit that this is a temporal inconvenience for a permanent improvement . I dont want to weary you all in reading my comment but Reneee, God bless you thank you for being obedient to the call of God in your life. Thank you or this word that you have posted here for us all to read and be encouraged by. We love you Renee. Sister lets continue to keep praying for each other and be expectant for positive results.

  115. Please pray for my family. We are struggling financially and spiritually. My husband had an MRI almost 2 weeks ago. He was told last week that he has an enlarged spleen and is being referred to a neurosurgeon. Right now, we don’t know the cause of the enlarged spleen and are still waiting on an appt to find out what is going on. We also don’t know why he is being sent to the neurosurgeon. I know that God is in control of our situation, however my mind is going in a hundred different directions. I don’t know which way to turn and have started to find myself being depressed and not able to talk to anyone about what is going on.

  116. Please pray for me. I just purchased your book and look forward to the on-line study in January.Thanks

  117. Thank you again for the chance to share and pray, I have just purchased your book last night and I am looking forward to starting so much. Please pray for my son to return to the Lord, for Godly friends and to break ties with anything pulling him away from God

  118. Deanna Myers says:

    Please pray for me Thank you

  119. What perfect timing to read this message. Just before I opened this email, I received a call from my son’s school advising they were evacuating the school due to a strong smell of smoke. I live close to the school and can hear all of the sirens of emergency vehicles going to the school. I opened your email and started praying. It is very hard to lay this worry down, but I am praying. Our family also needs prayers for health issues. This is a hard time of the year and I am determined to stay upbeat because what a blessings it is to celebrate the wonderful birth of Jesus. I will add your mother and the other’s who have commented on this page to my prayers. How fantastic is it that we can pray and God hears us!

  120. Renee,

    The timing of today’s post wasn’t by chance. I have the privilege of having all four of my kids home again under the same roof for the holidays from college. Factors from the life we had to live through when they were small seem to reappear when they are all together and the stress rises as do the doubts of ourselves and each other. The psychological abuse that took place has left scars that the devil would like to reopen.

    I would ask today that you pray for God’s timing to reveal how precious family time is and always will be to scatter it with disagreements and discord. Satan wants nothing more than for us to falter, but God wants to bless us as we gather. Jer 29:11 is one of my favorite verses- For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper and not to harm, plans for a hope and a future. I’m claiming this constantly as we walk through this time.

    Pray that God would open my eyes and heart to what part I’m to play in this process with my 4 children.


  121. Please pray I need direction and self discpline and for a son that will be going into Prison.

  122. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I married a preacher a little over 3 years ago. Unfortunately, he is not the person I thought he would be. I sometimes do not know how to deal with the situation. I love our church and our church family, however, he mistreats me badly and has made it hard for me to spend time with my son. I don’t understand this and I have prayed about it for the last three years. I don’t know where my life is headed and it is scary. I ask that you pray for me that I will make the decisions that God would want me to make in my life.

  123. Pray for me please.
    thank you-

  124. As I was in Sunday School class with the elderly this week, some of them had some of the same fears of finances, loneliness, health issues, family issues, and much more. God did have to draw me any pictures. My heartfelt cry, just seem to say, … but, God! Nothing is impossible with You!

    Lord, I am not sure what to say, but I know that there is none like You. You hear those that are distressed, those who are troubled, and know their cry in the day or at night. You see the brokenness, the hurt and pain that sometimes we face and You are their to comfort us. You feel the hunger in our souls, the loneliness that dwells within our being, and You know how much we need Your Word and Your Presence.
    God, you are the calm in the storms of our lives. We need your Counsel, we need your Hope, we need your Guidance and your Righteousness. We need your help. Surround us with your love. Uplift and carry us through with Your promises. Have mercy and compassion on these that have special needs Lord. Give us strength. Let us be the one who kneels at your feet and gives You praise and worship in everything. in Christ

  125. Jacqueline says:

    I am feeling unsettled & I seem to frequently come back to this crummy spot. Today’s message was just what I needed. I am praying for those who posted ahead of me today. My heart goes out to each of you. We are one family in Christ. God does have all of this under control, even when we don’t know they reasons why behind what’s happening. His voice asks, “Do you trust me?” My answer is always “yes, Lord”. Then there really is no reason to worry. I’m working on it, but I’m a work in progress. 🙂

  126. Perfect timing for today. With God it always is. Thanks Renee. I am seeking peace today and will be praying for your Mom and all of the others.

  127. Edwina Botha Howard says:

    Renee, somehow I have received this devotion at just the right time. I have been thinking that maybe God has forgotten all about me. My husband and I got married in Apr of this year, in June,I found out that he was having an affair. After a lot of lies, I decided to leave and return to my home country. Since then, my hus and and I have decided that we love each other and want to honor our vows. Unfortunately, my daughter and my visa have expired. My husband had to file petitions to get us back in the country, so far things have gone wrong. The first time he forgot to send the petition with the rest of the paperwork. The second time, the cashiers check got lost and the petition was rejected. We filed for the third time and are still waiting to hear from immigration. Every time I want to give up, I get a word to persevere, to not give up. Please pray that God will help us get back to the States, so that we can honor the vows we made before God .

  128. Hi Renee =),

    Am a student in college and going through a period in my life where i feel overwhelmed by life, the school work, finances and everything seems to be going wrong so i decided to do the 7 day doubt diet again . Day four really spoke to me because am a compulsive worrier and i worry mostly about things i really have no control over. It reminded me to seek God and focus on Him and stop focusing on my problems. I know God wants me to let go and surrender my burdens to Him but i keep giving them to Him then taking them back. Please pray for me to be able to stop worrying and focus on God and to trust Him with my burdens.

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