Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence {Influence Network Class Nov 2016}

Hi friend! I’m so glad you’re here. I love being part of the Influence Network where we cheer each other on to make a difference right where we are with what we already have, in Jesus’ name.

If there is one thing that keeps me from living in the fullness of my God-given influence, it’s my own self-doubt.

Some days, I’m the bully in my head telling me I have nothing special to offer. I’ve messed up too much. Fallen too far. Waiting too long. Other days, the enemy of my soul plows me down with boulder-sized accusations about my offering. Condemning me with critical thoughts, unfair comparisons, and relationship expectations I can never live up to.

If I listen to him, it looks like me packing up my bags and playing it safe. Living in a smaller story where I’m less likely to fail, get hurt or feel rejected. But I was made for so much more and so are YOU. So what do we do with self-doubts that seem to come out of nowhere?

Conquering strength and overcoming hope can only be found through the power of Christ in us and His WORD over us

But here’s the thing. Knowing what Jesus is in us and for us isn’t enough. We have to do the courageous work of believing God’s Word and living like it’s true. We say we believe, but how often do we act on what He says, even when everything in us is screaming the opposite? Yet, that is where victory is found.

When we act on God's promises, we activate God's power in our lives.When we act on God’s promises, we activate God’s power in our lives. @ReneeSwope #AConfidentHeartBook @influencenet

Are you ready and willing to stop throwing away your confidence, and start relying on and living in God’s Truth instead? Let’s take the first step by turning God’s Hebrews 10:35 commandment into our personal commitment:

God’s Commandment → Our Commitment
I will not throw away my confidence, because
I know it will be richly rewarded.
Instead I will persevere in believing Him,
so that when I have done the will of God,
I will receive what he has promised, in Jesus’ Name!

10-ways-trashtruth{free} printable: In my Influence teaching, I shared doubts I’ve struggled with and truths I turn to every day.  I call them my “When I say, God says…” statements and they are the truths that I use to trash the lies and doubts. During my message, I read some from my book, “A Confident Heart”, so I wanted to give you 10 Powerful “When I say, God says..” statements to print and keep in your Bible, car, purse, or wherever. That way every time you catch self-doubt talking trash you can write it down, crumple it up, throw it away and speak His Truth to your soul instead. {Download your free printable here}

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  1. This is just the truth I need as I continue to try to live out the life God has called me to… to nip negative self talk in the butt that holds me up from living up to he potential God has planned for me! (LOVED your Influence Class!)

    • Renee Swope says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for listening to my Influence message, Tara!! These truths are ones I come back to again and again, bc throwing away my confidence is so easy to do without even realizing I’ve done it! Here’s to believing Jesus, and living like He tells the truth no matter what our hearts say!

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