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I received A Confident Heart the week I found out my mom was in her final days on earth. I ended up reading chapters out loud to her! The message was so powerful. The scriptures were right there. I would say, “Mom, listen to this!” Renee’s words lifted my heart and carried me through.

– Kirsten S.

Renee, I have been studying your book “A Confident Heart” for sometime know…I was going thru a difficult time understanding God purpose for me and trying to find courage to live my daily life with confidence! I will tell you that with God’s word, your book, and the trials that have been going on in my life… I have chosen to no longer live in the insecurity that Satan wants me to live in and will not listen to his voice any longer but will choose to listen to the voice of truth!! Yes God’s Voice! I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to read your book and share it with others. Thank you Renee for all that you do to encourage us, pray for us and share with us each day. You are one of God’s many blessings!!!

– Meg

A Confident Heart showed me how much self-doubt affects EVERY area of my life. This book encouraged me, equipped me and changed me! Honestly, I think everyone should read it!

– Jill B.

“I subscribed to the 7 Day Doubt Diet as it seemed like some thing that would be helpful to me, because I have always struggled with self-doubt and extreme perfectionism. I purchased the book and began reading and it hit home very hard with me. I was raised in a performance based climate. I did not go through the things that author Renee Swope described, the divorce, etc… but rather was raised in a Christian home with a very stern father who showed affection when I behaved up to his very high standards, and showed anger, withdrawal, and severe discipline when I failed (often by mistake or simple childishness). In Chapter 1, I wept as I examined why I seemed to always rationalize away the promises of God that I see in Scripture. Somehow I do not believe that they are for me. I seem to believe that God does many things for me but that He is not really interested in me as a person. In Chapter 2, I cried as I examined how my image of my father has affected my walk with God although I have been a devoted Christian for 30 years. Somehow I always viewed God as sitting high in heaven above, doling out my daily needs, but waiting on me to make a mistake so he could slap me. This book challenged me to leave that all behind and somehow try to grasp that God is in love with me. I am still studying the book, but I can tell it is going to be life changing and an emotional journey that will bring healing to my soul.”

– Melanie

Rich with the truth of God’s love, compassion, patience, and never-ending supply of power, this book moved me from looking at my past with sorrow to living my future rooted and grounded in the confidence of Christ.

– Danielle J.

God has really left His fingerprint in your heart and I’m glad you had courage enough to tell your story. Renee, your book left me speechless. I thought I was “wonderful” until I read your book. My friends and I decided to write a book for girls in college about 2 years ago and telling my story then brought me to tears, but it was truly inspiring for me to get it out. I “thought” that chapter was over and I was healed until I read “A Confident Heart”. I’m a 26 year old woman that grew up in the bible belt as you did and I’ve never doubted my confidence in Christ until most recently. I always ask myself why do I go in circles with men? Why do I always seem to push the good guys away? Am I not worthy enough to get married? Your book saved my life! Not only did it save my life, but it saved my relationship with Christ. I am able to say confidently now, that I know what it all “knowed” up and I am able to be vulnerable with people. I know in following Christ now, that people can’t take advantage of me and that ALL THINGS ARE DONE FOR HIS GLORY! I love you and I can’t thank you enough. I pray that you’re always confident in telling your story because you’ll continue to encourage many!

– Shonika D.

Reading A Confident Heart helped me realize that I’m not alone in my insecurities. I am normal, loved, accepted, and approved by a mighty God.

– Tammy N.

Through A Confident Heart Renee reminded me that I may fail God, but He will NEVER fail me. I love the scriptures woven into prayers at the end of each chapter. They hold such a wealth of truth! I will continue to use them as daily prayers.

– Joy B.

Renee, I can not tell you how much I have loved your book! I found out last spring that my husband was having an affair with a good friend. We have been married 24 years. I was crushed, and my world was shaken, rattled, and devastated. I felt like I was nothing, and I had no confidence in myself. I found your book from proverbs 31 ministries, and got it right away. It has gotten me through this whole thing. Thank you so much. I am still healing, and my husband and I are working together to try to stay married. I am not listening to the devil, but to God, who is strengthening me every day. Your words and your encouragement have helped me know where to look in the scriptures, and how to think straight when I usually can not think at all. I have now bought this book for my college daughter, who has gone through some hard times, and she loves it, and it is helping her through the tough times too. I can not thank you enough.

– Wendy C.

A Confident Heart gave me courage and clarification to believe in my calling. I now see beauty in my brokenness — something I only saw in everyone else. God used it to help me to see myself as beautiful in a way I’d not ever seen before.

– Cris N.

Thank you, Renee, for exposing your heart through your story and encouragement in A Confident Heart. God has used your pain & progress to breathe a fresh and new thing into my life. I can relate to many of your life experiences and battles of the heart. Your honesty to tell it as you felt it, while reflecting God’s unending love, pleasure & grace toward us was so refreshing to my soul. I needed to hear that though I am flawed – as everyone is – God created me with purpose and I can freely live embracing myself as the perfect creation He intended. I can stop living under the weight of feeling as if I am not a good enough wife, mother or person just because I do not live up to the unattainable standard I have placed on myself from comparison to others or the incorrect belief of how God views me. I am free to be whom God created and gifted me to be. My prayer is that God will continue to build my confidence in Him and that this confidence in who He created me to be will spill over onto my daughters as a witness of God’s unconditional, never-ending love for them as they are- uniquely created with a purpose only they can carry out for His glory.

– Vanessa

I practically highlighted whole chapters. Renee helped me see that “The God of all hope is calling me out of the shadow of my doubts so I can live with a confident heart!”

– Melinda T.

I met Renee Swope at a women’s Christmas event at my church in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. At first I had no intention of buying a book but felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to stand in line and get an autographed copy. What I didn’t know then was how it would impact my life. Through this book God has shown me so much! I’ve learned that worship is simply to adore God. Ive learned that I didnt truly have Him in the first place and that I let other things and other people go before Him. I was looking for love in all the wrong places and realize now that God gave me a hole in my heart so I can go directly to Him to fill it. I’ve learned to forgive and ask for forgiveness even when it was hard. I’ve learned who I am in Christ and that I can be confident in all things because He is with me. Thank you Renee for your obedience to Him and though you may have faced challenges when putting this book together, you were able to complete it. It has pointed me right back to Jesus and helped me to understand in a practical way His love for me.

– Lisa

A Confident Heart moved me from believing what God says about me, to receiving it and living in it. Renee taught me is how to “fail forward” by learning from my mistakes and leaving them behind for good — along with my guilt, shame and worry!

– Lisa S.

I went to the book store to get a certain book (not A Confident Heart) but then I saw this book and remembered reading about it through P31 daily devotionals and the website. I walked away from it several times but kept coming back. Finally, I thought I might as well get it because I love to read. Now I think God was calling me back every time! I started reading it before the other books I purchased that day and I HAVE NEVER READ A BOOK I CAN RELATE TO LIKE “A CONFIDENT HEART.” It has hit every emotion, insecurity and doubt that I have felt in my life and continue to feel! I praise God for pulling me back to this book! It is helping me… every word, phrase, paragraph & chapter at a time!!

– Sunny

Renee helped me see that “salvation is a one-time decision, but finding satisfaction in Christ and living in the security of His promises is a daily process.” I will read A Confident Heart over and over to keep it fresh in my heart and mind.

– Margaret S.


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