Lord, I Want to Know You {printable + giveaway}


I used to be afraid to trust God. 
And it bothered me.

I wanted to slip my hand in His and let Him lead.

I wanted to put my concerns in His capable arms 

and believe He could take better care of them than I could. 

I wanted to have more faith.

But I didn’t. And one day I realized why.

It’s hard to trust someone we don’t really know.

Therein was the reason for my hearts hesitancy to fully rely on God.

You see, I knew a lot about God but I didn’t really know God.

So I decided to start spending time with Him like a friend, getting to know Him.

Talking to Him with simple-sentence and conversational prayers

listening to Him through promises in His Word

depending on Him in different circumstances

relying on Him in faith as I struggled with different fears.

Over time my “knowing” and trusting God got stronger and stronger.

And my depth of dependence grew as I depended on Him and found He is dependable. 

What about you? Do you ever struggle with trusting God, like really trusting Him and fully relying on Him to meet your needs like I have? One thing that has really helped me get to know God and push through my fear of dependence is remembering the names of God and giving Him a chance to show me the faithfulness of His character through the power of His names.

The truth is we can’t know God as Jehovah Jireh, our Provider, if we aren’t in need. And when we are, we can learn to trust Him as we depend on Him to meet ours needs. The more we do this, the more our trust will deepen and our relationship with Christ with be strengthened.

Our confidence in Him will grow as we live in the powerful promise of this beautiful verse: “Those who know your name trust you, O LORD, because you have never deserted those who seek your help” (Psalm 9:10). Let’s pray: Lord, I want to know You for who You really are. I desire to trust and follow You more and more each day.


Knowing God By Name – printable
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ENTER TO WIN: I Know His Name by Wendy Blight

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My friend, Wendy Blight, has written a five-session Bible study about discovering power in the names of God. This study is for any woman who wants to move beyond simply knowing about God to really knowing God in a very personal way. This study will help women to:

  •  Realize their infinite worth as they explore the nature of the God who created and formed them.
  •  Live with bold assurance that their God is a personal God who sees them, hears them, and knows them by name.
  •  Walk confidently in knowing both who they are and Whose they are.
  •  Arm themselves with seven tools to pray more confidently and effectively in any situation or circumstance.
  •  Transform their walk with Jesus as they discover how He fulfills the Old Testament names of God.

ENTER TO WIN by sharing why you’d like to study this topic and have a copy of Wendy’s new book. Simply click SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS below. One winner will be randomly selected on Friday and notified via email.

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. I would love to delve more deeply into the names of God.

  2. There is so much to learn about our Infinite God. I love to study about His character and enjoy doing it through the study of His names.

    • Julie,

      This book studies 8 names of God. You sound like you would be great to lead this study with friends since you are already familiar with not only His names, but what they mean for our lives!!


      Wendy Blight

  3. Taylor Ronnei says:

    I would like to get to know God more personally by learning & studying His great names!

  4. Linda French says:

    I would love to receive this study, and KNOW more about His Names!!

    • Linda, thanks for stopping by. And when we know God’s names, we not only know Him better, we know ourselves better because we have been created in HIS image. 🙂


      Wendy Blight

  5. Courtney says:

    I would love a Copy of Wendy’s new book so I can get even closer to God, learn to be better in prayer, and just be a better Christian all together. I Love my coffee and Jesus time!

    • Me too, Courtney. I love my morning time with the Lord!! Thank you for stopping by. Knowing His names is the best way to get to know our God more intimately and know ourselves better because He created us in His image!


      Wendy Blight

  6. My family has very recently undergone a great upheaval in our trust toward each other & alot of hurt & offence was taken by us from our sons due to a long time lie & tons of deception. I didnt think I could ever forgive, but the Lord brought me to forgiveness. I don’t however know how to give him this deep hurt, & I believe this book could help me learn how & help me work with God to rebuild my family.

    • Praying for you this morning Lulss, that Jesus would wrap you up in the strength of His love and comfort. Praying for you to know how to give Him your deep hurt and ask Him to rebuild your trust and your family over time.

    • Luiss, I join Renee in her prayer for you. She and I have both walked through difficult family times and God has healed and restored many relationships. God will be faithful as you surrender your family to Him.

      Knowing God’s names reminds us that He sees all the we are going through (El Roi – The God Who Sees Us) and provides for us (Jehovah Jireh – The One Who Provides for Us) and He also heals (Jehovah Rapha – God the Healer).


      Wendy Blight

  7. Valerie says:

    I’ve gone back to work and since doing so, am not in a bible study. Fond of he names of God study I did in the past and this being a shorter study of 5 weeks, maybe I’m to lead this at work?

    • It’s a great length – 5 weeks is just perfect for a topical study 🙂

    • You are already familiar with the power and blessings that come as we know the names of God. You would be a wonderful teacher to introduce others to God’s names. We would love for you to lead a group. It’s only five weeks. It has DVD teachings to go with each week that are about 15-18 minutes long. Perfect lunch hour study! Let us know if you are interested.

      Mostly, I love that you want to share your faith at work. I pray God will continue to bless the work of your hands and your heart at work as you serve Him.


      Wendy Blight

  8. I have never done a study on the names of God. I think this could help me to learn more about who God really is and his love for me.

    • Your relationship will definitely go deeper as you meet God in His names. You will also learn so much about yourself because YOU are created in His image! Thank you for stopping by today.


      Wendy Blight

  9. Knowing more about how big, bold, and beautiful my God is, and how many names and their meanings is exactly what I need right now.

  10. Knowing God’s names and applying them to my life and others around me, would help my trust in Him to grow deeper.

    • Chelsi, you are so right. We cannot trust a God we don’t know. And by knowing His names, we come to know His attributes, His character and all the truths and promises that go along with each of His names.



  11. Claudette Comstock says:

    I am interested in teaching a class to better acquaint my brothers and sisters in Christ more intimately with God.
    It is true that many know about God yet haven’t experienced the peace and joy of really knowing Him. In this chaotic world we live in, we all need to know that God is so many things to us!

    • “I Know His Name” is a perfect tool to use to draw others closer to the heart of God and who He is. I think it’s wonderful that you want to lead others closer to God.


      Wendy Blight

  12. My family is going thru tough times concerning two of my grandchildren. They were raised in church, but they have moved out and are doing things we thought we would never have to worry about. But satan wished to destroy their lives. I am 65 and I’ve been young and I’ve been old but I”ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging for bread. I just seem to be struggling with this. I want to know GOD more personally, and I know I can trust Him, but sometimes do not believe I am worthy. I would love this book. I pray protection over our grandsons, because they are so blinded right now.

    • Oh, sweet Ruthie. YOU ARE WORTHY!! I talk about this in Chapter One of the book. YOU are created in the image of God and that alone makes you worthy, along with the truth that God loves you and created you with a purpose to live out on this earth, And one of those purposes is to be a grandmother. How blessed those grandchildren are to have you praying for them.

      I join you in praying for God to turn their hearts back to Him. May they sense a longing … something in their lives … an emptiness … that draws them back to Him. May God bring harvesters across their paths to lead them back.

      And if you are looking for a way to grow closer to God and to pray for your grandchildren, I know “I Know His Name” would bless, encourage and equip you. So many names we study in the book would apply to your situation right now.

      Thank you for sharing your story and allowing me to pray for you and your grandkids today.


      Wendy Blight

  13. Mary Gilliard says:

    I’ve been a Christian for years but lately have been feeling out of touch with God. I’ve had some eye trouble that has prevented me from studying God’s word as I should but thanks be to God that is getting better. I feel that through this study I can open my heart and mind back up to the power of God in my life and refocus my attention on his purpose for my life and quit feeling sorry for myself.

    • Thank you for stopping by. Praying now for Jehovah Rapha, God the Healer, to fully heal your eyes!! And I pray that He will help you lift your eyes off your circumstances to His sweet face and His faithful promises!!



  14. I need to learn the names of God to give me a more personal daily time of worship in my life

  15. Beth Thomas says:

    I have learned several of God’s names, and they are so helpful in understanding His character and nature. As we learn more about who God is, it really helps us to fully trust Him, and grow closer to Him!

  16. I would love to learn more on the many names of God!

  17. I want to know God more intimately. I want God to be my everything, to know him more and have a more personal relationship with him! As I learn his names, I will know he is everything I need and desire.

  18. Debbie Herbst says:

    I read one book about God and the meaning of His names some years ago. I am interested in this book and study, for deeper confidence and more effective living. Thank you

  19. I have always enjoyed and been blessed in learning of the names of Jesus. I would like to know them more deeply and personally. God is so very good!

  20. I’d love a copy of Wendy’s book because I want to know God better.

  21. I would love to know God more by knowing His names. Learning about His character through His names is something that I am very interested in.

  22. My goal for the past years have been to get to know God. Today I am not also learning about God but to love His only Son, Jesus. I never thought that to know about God I have to go through Jesus and love him too. I would love to have Wendy Blight’s book and to know all His holy name. Thanks.

  23. I want to know God!

  24. I am desperately longing to “know” God by name. I am walking through a valley right now and need a reminder that I am not walking this alone.

  25. Susan Hurley says:

    I’d like to use s study of God’s names to go deeper with Him. I’d like to share it with a group that I teach on a weekly basis to draw them closer to an intimate relationship with God.

  26. JoAnn Young says:

    Good morning, ma’am. I simply want to thank my Heavenly Father for this post this particular morning, with the place that He has brought me to in Him–this prayerful, seeking place. I know Him, ma’am, I do; but there is a drive, a thirst to know him deeper, and I KNOW I will be satisfied with NOTHING less. This day, at this point in time, for such a time as this, He encourages my heart through your post. I thank Him, and I thank you. Be blessed.

  27. tina kirby says:

    I am growing with knowing God more and more through prayer and word. I am hungry to Know God by Name and soak it up more and more and know all I can know!
    I feel this book will teach me God by name and make me grow stronger n stronger with my relationship with the Lord.

    thank you for all your wonderful Blogs and inspiration!

    Have a Blessed week!
    Tina Kirby

  28. Would love a copy of this book to grow deeper.

  29. even though I know the names of God, somehow reading them today in your devotional helps me to feel even closer to Him. even when I can not rely on anyone else, I know that He will always be there no matter what I go through in life. I would really enjoy getting to know Him even better than I do now. May God bless you and your ministry now and for many years to come.

  30. Marva Naylor says:

    I want to know God more personally and know that He is in control. Everything happens for a reason and I need not take life for granted. As I stood on my front porch. I praise God for my senses as I looked out and saw the sunrise peeking through the clouds. Feeling the coolness in the air, smelling the freshness of the morning , reaching up in praise and been fulfilled by the Holy Spirit. I want to gain a stronger insight of God as I look forward to the study “I Know His Name.”

  31. Cathy Myers says:

    I always thought I knew God at least I had heard His name and knew He had created the universe. I also thought I knew His Son. For 45 years I lived my life saying I knew Jesus but I didn’t. I had prayed a prayer, introduced myself to Him, telling HIm I was a sinner and was sorry for what I had done and asked Him to forgive me. I believed He would and did forgive me. I then went on living my life the way I wanted. I didn’t seek His guidance or approval before making decisions. Finally 45 years later I realized I didn’t know Jesus at all. I had always wanted a big brother. I didn’t have a very good earthly father. Now I had the opportunity to have both. I decided on June 8, 2015 to have that personal relationship with Jesus. I am so hungry for God’s Word and it’s like I’m trying to make up for lost time. I can’t find enough time to be in His Word and in prayer talking with Him, sharing my day – whether it be things of joy that happened or times of sadness He is always there to greet me and waiting to hear how my day went. After He has heard about my day He puts His arms around me to let me know that He is glad I came to Him. He is ready to wipe away the tears or to laugh and celebrate with me. He is eager to show me in His Word how to solve a problem I might have, or help in making a decision. He is ready to give me the best there is to offer.

  32. I’ve always wanted to learn more about the different names that describes our God. I know that each name describes a different attribute of God.

  33. Eager to learn more about the names of God

  34. Courtney says:

    What a powerful way to help my children learn to love and trust God more!

  35. Would love to learn more about the names of God

  36. Janet Daniel says:

    Hi! Good Mornig Renee!
    If I am blessed with this book I will read it and pass it on to someone else who needs it.
    God Bless!

  37. I am excited to learn more about the names of God so I can use them as another way to worship Him and express my thankfulness! We can’t put God in a box – He is So Much More!!! He continually blesses us with grace so undeserved and I love learning and sharing more about him every day!

  38. I would like to study this topic because I would like to know more about our God, and a good start of that would be knowing all His names, and why He is called as He is called. I am just now truly beginning my walk with Christ and eager to know as much as I can and share that knowledge with my middle school aged daughter.

  39. Lorraine says:

    Want to know more of Him and His names. Loved Wendy’s living so that and can’t wait to see what is in store with her new study

  40. I would love to learn more about the names of God. There is power in his name. Thank you for your postings.

  41. Yearning to know how the names of God – how His character is meant for me personally…

  42. I would love to know more about the names of God. I want more to learn more about him and want more of him.

  43. KATHLEEN says:

    I am going through a dry and thirsty season and need more of God in my life. I am praying that this study will help me to understand and fully embrace God more.

  44. Bobbi Wineberg says:

    I forget what different names mean, so having a study on them would be so helpful.

  45. Lord, I need to know you more deeply. You have a name for every season in my life. Teach me how to live this life as you have called me to live………AMEN

  46. Learned a lot about the different names of God when I was younger but to me then, I only wanted to know the interpretation of His different names. I’m older now and desire to truly grasp the depth beneath those names, as part of my journey to knowing Him more and spending time with Him.

  47. Jan Ross says:

    I have always known about God but I yearn to trust Him more and share WHO He is with others.

  48. I find that the more I dwell on who God is the less anxiety plagues me. I also would like a good bible study to reestablish a good devotional time.

  49. I decided to join this study because I desire to spend more time with God and be able to call Him by name. I have always thought if you wanted to know God, salvation is all that matters. If you need a scripture to help you in a time of need, you can always google it. It was not as a grew up that I discovered, we need to learn the Bible daily, arm ourselves with the word of God so when we face trials and tribulations we don’t need to rely on google but on the Holy Spirit to bring to mind and to our heart what we need at the right time. As your morning devotional said earlier today, we need to spend time with God to be able to trust him. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. As a child, my family had a frame/portrait in our home of all God’s names including the ones that are really hard to pronounce. I felt it a challenge to memorize the difficult ones just because. The one that comes to memory is Jehovah-Tsidkenu, the Lord our Righteousness. When I saw Wendy Blight was offering a bible study class to learn these, I was excited because I get to delve into the names of God. I quickly signed up for the study, I am not a fun of facebook groups but I just joined the group this morning. What was previously just a decoration on the wall in my home, will now become a useful tool in my heart. I’m excited for this BIble class and hoping I could bless someone else if I won this book.

  50. I am including the names of God in the praise part of my prayer time. I would love to know more about each name.

  51. Thank you, Renee, for your beautiful P31 devotion today and for sharing and giving away a copy of my new book, “I Know His Name.” I’ve enjoyed reading the comments and have been blessed by the stories and desires of women’s hearts to get to know God more intimately!



    • Thank YOU Wendy for joining us here and for sharing your heart in the comments. Also, thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts of teaching and scripture studies with us through your new beautiful Bible Study!

  52. Shelley H. says:

    I’m still a fairly new Christ follower, I accepted Christ as my savior on September 10, 2014. At first I had this hunger for Him and His word but lately I’ve been struggling big time. I still fully believe in God and all His promises and that He is in control of my life, but somehow I’m struggling making quiet time a priority. I think this book would be a great step in me getting to know Him better and get back into a close relationship with our Lord! 🙂

  53. My reasons for wanting this particular Bible study are two fold. First, I teach 6-8 th grade girls in our Inner City ministry. I love this age group! They are at an age where they are starting to ask questions and develop their own faith. We talk a lot about being respectful during prayer especially but also during class time because of who God is and how we want to respond to that knowledge but I find that really they have very little knowledge about the facets of God other than Creator and Savior and I have struggled with that knowledge and how to communicate it myself. Secondly, I have been without a job for over a year now. As a single woman without any other means of support, this had been a challenging time! I’ve been trying to lean into God promises and some days I do better than others. The best part is on the days I’m leaning more on myself and therefore struggling more, it seems like I always come across a scripture or lesson that reminds me He is in control. I feel like this study will be a full meal on why I should trust God and not the tidbits of nourishment that I’m only choosing to take in right now.

  54. My pastor did a study about a year ago on the names of God and I have been fascinated ever since. I feel the more I know his names, I can call on him personally, by name and draw closer. I would love to have this book and be able to delve even further into learning and studying the names of our Almighty God.

  55. Jeannette says:

    I would love to know all the names of God. When you know someone’s name, you feel like you know them as a person, someone you can relate to. I have a desire to be closer to God but honestly, it’s hard to relate to Him as anyone else around me. I would love that personal, intimate connection to Him, that personal “friendship”. Knowing more about Who He Is would help me in being closer to Him.

  56. God works wonders all the time. I read a morning devotion that mentioned some of the names of God and their meanings and I thought to myself…I need to study up on them. Write them down and memorize them. Was actually going to google them tonight at home. Thanks for the opportunity to win this. I will be looking into getting this even if I don’t win. I can share with a friend. Have a blessed day!

  57. Kerrie Adams says:

    I struggle with reading the Bible as I should and recently felt that maybe I could do a Bible study at home – this sounds like it would be a great one!! I am also interesting in the praying piece as I do pray but there are times when I am really now sure what to pray and it also may give me the confidence to pray out loud which I am not currently comfortable with.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  58. I struggle with trusting just about anyone, and especially men, due to the rejection I’ve suffered at the hands of about every man that has been in my life, including my dad. I would love to win this book so that I can maybe learn how to trust God and move forward in my life with others.

  59. Debbie Herbst says:

    Love the concept of getting to know God so that I can trust Him more fully. Well illustrated by the relationship with JJ.
    Interested in the names of God study and I may purchase it whether I win or not.

  60. I would love to do this study on the names of God. I have been in ministry for several years, but personally still struggle with believing that God knows and cares about me personally. My faith has truly been tested over the past couple of years with some very deep church hurt — broken relationships and deep pain — and at times I have wondered how God could let it happen, but He has proven Himself faithful time and time again. I just have to keep walking with Him.

  61. Hilda Hernandez says:

    I am so excited and eager to learn more about the Names of God! I want to be able to say like Job”My ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you!”

  62. Valerie Huff says:

    I was just looking up the different names of God this morning. I choose a word to live by this year and that word is faith. As Renee said our faith grows into proportion as to how well we know God. I hope by the end of this year I can say ” Yes Lord I trust you no matter what and I think this would be a great tool to help me reach my goal. Thank you.

  63. I started this study today and I’m anxious to learn the names of God and draw closer to him during this group study. So blessed to be a part of P31 bible studies.

  64. Thought this was really good and I needed to hear it today. This week is a struggling with this week as mom begins chemo again. I want to trust Him and part of it is because I don’t know him well at all. It is hard for me since I don’t know how to experience His love for me.

  65. I would love to get this. Recently my husband and I have been going through and extreme roller coaster with me confessing about my affair I had. I’m so ashamed of myself for allowing that to me and our family, because I wasn’t happy. I am fighting for our marriage now, because my husband is in turmoil everyday since I have told. There is not a day since 09/27/2015 when I confessed that it doesn’t come up about “how could you do this” and sometimes name calling comes, but I know it’s out of hurt. I know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose and I have heard of so many stories where couples have made it and are better than ever now. I am also not only repairing my relationship with my husband, but also with God, because I betrayed him too, by falling away and not heeding to His Word. I’m 27 with 2 boys and now we have another one on the way. I feel right now my life is in disarray trying to be strong for everyone and understand the hurt that I’ve caused my husband. I just pray that if the Lord let’s it be that this book will help me to pray more confidently and also walk more confidently with our Father in Heaven. Blessings!

  66. I am striving daily to have a stronger faith and relationship with God:)

  67. Thanks for today’s devotion, it’s a blessing to read & enjoy your messages. Looking forward to reading this book & getting to know God better. Would make an awesome summer Bible Study.

  68. Christie says:

    Reading your words brought me to tears. Im so glad I opened this email. I do feel God led me to this, thank you so much for your wisdom/ insight and for the information about this study!

  69. Heather says:

    I would love to a gain a deeper relationship with God and get to know him on a deeper level!

  70. I would love to get this study so that I can draw closer to the Lord. And it would be a great summer Bible study for me and my accountability sisters!

  71. Lesley Geer says:

    I would love to learn more about His names! I’ve already purchased the book for myself but if I were to win I would give it to my sister!

  72. Nicole Chung says:

    I’ve been wanting to learn the names of God so that it would direct my prayers toward the different traits of his character.

  73. Antoinette Woods says:

    Lord, my desire is to know You and to love You more…more than anything else in the entire world!!! Amen, Amen and Amen…Toni

  74. Sylvia Goupil says:

    I would love this study to go deeper into knowing who God is and to really, really believe that he won’t forsake me or help me when I need him in the most desperate of ways. Lately, circumstances have put me in a situation where I have to trust Him when I can’t see a solution. I’m so desperate to hear him and see restoration that because I don’t see anything viable happening I feel that He has overlooked and forgotten me. I want to know all of who He is and who I am to Him.

  75. I would be blessed & honored to receive this powerful book!!!
    Johovah Jirah our provider!!!!

  76. Michelle says:

    To know Him by name and to be able to call on Him and know He is there. That is how I want to know Him.

  77. I want to learn to depend on God more.

  78. I am going through a very difficult time right now dealing with chronic pain that has doctors stumped as far as the cause. I want to fully give it over to God, not taking it back from His capable hands. I am hoping that in reading more about God and deepening my faith, I can continue to grow in faith and love for my King and Creator.

  79. I have been desiring to dig deeper into God’s character. I believe the more I truly know God in my heart, the more I will learn to trust Him fully and freely. Thank you, Renee and Wendy.

  80. Would love to win book to give to my daughter? I love mine!!!!

  81. I agree with your opening statement… We can’t really begin to know God until we begin to trust Him with our lives. It’s then that we find Him dependable to meet our every need. Interesting that His names match our needs… Cant wait to begin the study.

  82. Susan G says:

    I’ve always wanted to study the Names of God. Wendy’s book sounds fantastic.
    Thanks for this!

  83. I need to really see and absorb God in different lights. So often I forget His intimate love as a daddy and feel that He is angry and disappointed with me.

  84. This book sounds like it is something God wants me to read. Like it will meet me where I am at right now. Thank you!

  85. I want to understand all of God. That includes His names that he goes by.

  86. christina g says:

    I like to show God’s other names… I learned a few before.. I enjoy reading
    what Wendy writes..

  87. I would love to know God more. Sometimes I think I just know about Him.

  88. I so long to know God in such a way that My first thought in any situation is His. I want to Trust Him and not allow my feelings to dictate my life. I’m excited to get into the Names of God Study!

  89. One of my prayers has been to know God in a more personal way I love my Pastor – but I want to know God like he knows God. I want to know the God that Renee Swope knows.

    I believe along the way we get messed up by life – the distractions – the losses – the illnesses – and sometimes God feels so far away – or maybe we have moved farther away because we don’t understand Him like we think we should.

    For me it’s been a struggle to know Him better. I didn’t know that grieving for my son’s murder 11 years ago – would take so much out of me – mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. But more importantly spiritually. I was told by ministers that my negative thoughts caused his murder, that I didn’t pray right when I asked the Lord to save him and keep watch over him – that had I prayed right it wouldn’t have happened. I know it’s been 11 years but I still struggle at times with wondering how a loving God could allow this to happen. I haven’t been to find how God is going to work this for good.

    I’ve asked the Lord more times than I can count – why – and is this my payback for what I did when I was younger. I thought when God saved you and delivered you from drugs and alcohol (that was almost 20 years ago that He set me free) – that I wouldn’t have to pay for things I should have done that I didn’t. But as I’ve been told you reap what you sow – and maybe, just maybe if I understood God better, I could find some peace with my son.

    Be blessed.

    • Oh, sweet friend, you do need to study and know the names of God!! God does NOT “pay us back” for things we do or don’t do. And as you meet God in His Word and in His names, you’ll come to know him intimately and personally and we see His great love for you and how the bad that comes into our lives is not sent by Him, but He is there to help us, equip us and carry us through it. We live in a world where people make bad choices and bad things happen, but God is good. I’m sorry your pastor said those things to you. They are not biblical, my friend.

      We know that bad happens in this world because we have a God who says that but then promises He will work it for good. I was raped at knifepoint by a man hiding in my apartment at age 21. For over a decade, I did not see how God could ever work it for good. But he did!!! He opened the door to a ministry for me to help others and equip others to walk through these hard times. The book is Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner.

      We are thankful you stopped by to share your story and your heart. May God touch you in a very real and personal way so that you will know that He deeply loves you and cares about you. I promise if you get into His Word every day, He will minister healing to your heart.



  90. georgetta says:

    Hi Wendy, right before this study I purchased a daily devotional by Christopher D. Hudson titled 100 Names of God. When I saw you were offering this Bible study my heart leaped. God had led during the month of February to get to know Him better, up close and personal. I bought the devotion but I’m even more excited about an instructional Bible study. One guiding me to his very heart and character. I’m looking forward to what He is going to with me & our relationship through my obedience of continuing my journey by participating in this study. Knowing Him all the more means everything to me.

    • I’m so excited that you are joining us Georgetta!! I love that you have a devotional with 100 names of God. Wow!! Be sure to share along the way. Thanks for stopping by today.



  91. I am really enjoying learning more about the Names Of God. I would love to share a copy with a Friend!

  92. Linda Someron says:

    i would love this book. i truly never knew that god has so many names. i know of maybe 3 and that about it. please i hope i win and would love to get more personal with my lord . thank u and god bless so much.

  93. Megan B says:

    I would like this study because I am tried of saying that I know and trust God but not truly Believing it myself… I really want to believe and live what I say I believe and know!!!

  94. Im so grateful for this ministry & I seek help in walking out my faith!

  95. Janice Sartorio Bollas says:

    I have been leading a bible study at our church and think this would be a great study to include!

    • Janice, what a gift to your church that you have the passion and giftedness to lead Bible study! Thanks for sharing. This book is a great study for churches and neighborhood Bible studies because it is short (5 weeks) and has DVD teachings to compliment the teachings each week (15-18 minutes). I would be honored for you to use it!


      Wendy Blight

  96. As Renee said I want to really know God not just know about him, I believe this book will help me draw closer to him.

  97. Jenny Rutan says:

    The best way to know someone is to spend time with them learning all you can about them. I would love to spend more time getting to know our AWESOME God, Father, Friend, Lord, Savior, on a more personal level.
    Thank you and God bless you!

  98. I want to know know God deeper. I desire to trust and follow Him more each and everyday! I want to put my life in his hands completely and be obedient in what he asks of me in my life. I know he has plans for me and I can’t control them only he can. I want the fulfillment of ease and peace in my heart that only God can provide us with!
    God bless

  99. Rosemary says:

    It’s my deep desire to continue to learn all I can about our wonderful glorious savior! My word for the year is TRUST and I think going through this bible study with book in hand will teach me to trust even more in God and His goodness.

  100. Ronald Albis says:

    I want to have a copy on the study of the Names of God. There will be so much joy like anyone else to understand and deepen my relationship with Him for His Name is above every Name.

  101. Gaining confidence in my faith right now as I have to learn to trust in Him, and let go of the need to control my life and what is happening. This is very scary, so I am seeing help in “letting go and letting GOD”.

  102. I want to have a deeper relationship with the Lord and learn about all His names. I would love to have a copy of this book because it is just what I need to learn His names.

  103. Would love to have a copy of this book! Going through tough times, but trying to relay on God.

  104. *Meant rely, not relay. 🙂

  105. DONNA SPITZER says:

    I think after losing my husband last April 4th, I feel as though I’ve lost all trust and faith. I feel most days as if I’m in a place of complete lost’ness. It’s hard to explain, but when I pray I feel like my prayers hit the ceiling and bounce right back to me…I don’t have a friend or adult family member to talk to and my 14yr old daughter is as confused as I am….

    • Pat Hill says:

      I have the book and look forward to the study. Would love to win a book for a friend that needs this study so bad.

      May God, place the name of the winner on the book and truly receive a blessing from it.

    • Pat Hill says:


      Know one can know what you are going through – but, may I share that God does. He hears all your prayers and is with you all the time.
      Be still and let God show you that He is there with you. He will guide you on what scripture and comfort you need.
      You and your family now have a prayer card under a cross that sits at my bed and will be praying for you to feel God’s presence once again.
      NEVER stop seeking Him!

    • Carly Trahan says:

      Praying for you Donna. God will give you peace. He hears your prayers. He knows your pain. Keep trusting Him. He will restore your families joy once again!

  106. Carly Trahan says:

    I am so thankful that God does not abandon us! Even when our deepest fears become reality, He is faithful to guide us in His perfect way. Very encouraging post.

    • @Carly Trahan: I noticed your comment and wanted to say thank you for your words. I’m fearful right now, and some of my fears are becoming reality-things I never imagined would happen. I needed to read that God’s still with me, and that His way is perfect. Thank you-

  107. diana bennett says:

    Love learning

  108. I need God so desperately right now. I think this book in addition to Bible reading and prayer would be of help at this very hurtful, confusing time in my life. I have to make some decisions and I don’t know what to do. Many days, I just don’t even know what to pray. If you read this please pray for me to have wisdom to do and say what’s right. I believe we can pray even without knowing all the details. I often sing the chorus “to be like Jesus…all I ask to be like Him, from earth to glory, all through life’s story all I ask to be like Him.”
    I need to be close and really know Him so that I will be like my Jesus.

  109. Mimi Dee says:

    I want to know HIM more…I’m signed up for the study but haven’t been able to buy the book yet. 🙁

  110. I would love to get to know the Lord more intimately through the names of God. I would be blessed to win this book! God bless you for sharing your experience on your blog!

  111. I was so blessed by “living so that”, I’m looking so forward to this study as well. To know His Names and be blessed once again.

  112. Beverly Reeder says:

    I love Wendy’s teaching in our First 5 app. I was excited to see that she had written this book. I want to learn more about the different names of God and the meaning behind each name. I looking forward to what God has in store for me to learn.

  113. I am really pumped about this study. I see so many ways this will help me witness.
    Once I finish up this study I will be leading my small group through it.
    Thank you, Wendy, for following God’s lead on this study!

  114. Adrienne says:

    I would love to fully rely on God in thee midst of a broken relationship. Would love to have a better understanding of rhe mighty names of God! Thank you!

  115. I would love to learn more about the names of God, and also know Him more in my life.

  116. I have a book by Dr Tony Evans on some of the names of God and it is a wonderful tool! I would love to have your book because I think a woman’s view of the names of God is crucial to my own understanding on how God relates to women. I am seeking to know Him more – not know of Him more, but intimately. Its something that has been burning passionately inside my heart, I just need all the help I can get.

  117. Learning the different names of God would be great to help me better understand who God is. Thank you for sharing your story.

  118. Loved Wendy’s book “Living So That,” so I know that this one is a must read too. I’d like to study this topic to help me have a more intimate relationship with God. Just as we like to hear our name, I imagine that God does too.

  119. I would like to learn more, as I have been truly blessed!

  120. Super excited about this book. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Wendy and all the women at P31 Ministry. It’s like I know you all personally when I really don’t ?. God is using all of you in a mighty way for His glory. Thank you for your faithfulness to Him and your openness with the world. My walk has been enriched by leaps and bounds through the Lord and this ministry. I’m overly joyed and can’t contain it. It’s crazy what happens when you actually open the Word of God and come to Him with expectancy to open your eyes. I can’t wait to learn about His many amazing names!:):)

  121. I am currently volunteering teaching women who are partners of addicts. They are under a lot of stress and need to know that jesus is their provider. I remember when I was married to an alcoholic and he used all of his money on alcohol. I was so stressed out all of the time because the rent was often not paid, my children did not have what they needed. i remember this one specific time when I was so downtrodden and full of despair because i did not know what to do. I was working and trying to make ends meet. The Lord spoke to me and said that I was looking to my husband to provide my needs and I needed to look to him instead because He is my provider. I want to help these women realize that Christ is their provider. I want to help them to trust in him and make Him Lord of their lives.

  122. Margaret says:

    I know I need to trust God more but this is hard for me because I grew up believing I needed to get it all right to earn approval. That has caused me to be very independent to protect myself from being emotionally hurt or disappointed.

  123. I struggle to have an intimate relationship with God; I pray that studying His different facets would help me draw closer to Him.

  124. Patricia Woodson says:

    I need this!

  125. Jennifer Richardson says:

    I would be interested in reading about the prayer tools to pray more confidently & effectively. I think I tend to feel like I don’t know what to ask for or what to share with God.
    Honestly, I feel this way sometimes with my own earthly parents. I’m sure there is a connection.

  126. I long to be able to trust the Lord with all areas and needs in my life.
    It is a struggle for me and it’s my desire to grow in Him to where
    my only need is Him

  127. Many of the prayers Wendy has shared on her blog have encouraged me and refreshed my thinking and my relationship with my Jesus – I especially loved one she shared on marriage. I am looking forward to sharing this study with my small group. We would love to win a copy.

  128. I want to know the Lord more intimately, to really know Him. I want to fully trust Him with every area of my life. I know He is all I need, but I want to really believe it.

  129. Elaine Segstro says:

    I would so love to read this book and do the study, to get to know God in a more personal intimate way. I want to grow in my relationship with Him – to walk and to talk and to listen to Him.

  130. Elaine B says:

    After losing my mom and my son having gone through a life threatening injury and 12 surgeries so far I need to read this, discover how to pray more confidently and really and truly believe and know the lord more intimately.

  131. I would to know God so deeply that I will be able to listen to His voice when he talks to me.

  132. Karen C says:

    I would love to win a copy of the book so that I will learn to trust the LORD completely.

  133. When I was in my twenties I tried to end my life several times and ended up in many mental hospitals. It was a very trying and challenging time. I had immense family and friend support. However the best friend and the one that I gained the most strength from was my Lord and Savior Jesus. Without my Lord I never would have made it through. I am doing much better and am volunteering at an animal shelter now. I still have my rough days but I always make time for my Lord. I would feel so blessed to be able to win this book. I hope that in some small way I am making an impact on this world and I believe God made me a stronger person for what I went through. Thank you and God bless.

  134. I would like to win a copy of the book because I know that there’s always room to grow in my relationship with the Lord, and this sounds like a unique and heartfelt way of a closer walk with God. I’d also like to share it with my two daughters.

  135. Sherry Bundy says:

    I have already purchased the book & I am signed up for the 5 week Bible Class. I would give the book to a dear friend & invite her to join me in knowing God better.

  136. Annetta Hindman says:

    I love studying the names of God.
    Jehovah Shammah – no matter where I am in my daily walk, He’s already there! I am excited about the study and I want to know Him more!

  137. Angelica Sanchez says:

    I already ordered the book but I would love to bless someone else with a free copy.

  138. Susan Adams says:

    A friend of mine gave me a “just because” gift a couple of months ago. She is also a leader for our Bible studies our ladies do every spring and fall. I would love to give this gift to her!

  139. I would love to have the book because I’m truly in need of learning. More about God and who he is.coming from a family who never talked about God and who he is. as. new Christian I see the need to get to know him and his word for my life as I walk daily.

  140. Christine Distelhorst says:

    I have always wanted to Study the Names of God! i feel it is important to know His Names!

  141. This post resonated with me because lately I have felt GOD calling me to know Him better and reestablish my relationship with Him on a more personal level. This study would lead me in the direction I think GOD wants me to go.

  142. Just settled in to spend some quiet time and to read Wendy’s first post for the study…haven’t purchased a book yet…hopefully soon…would love to be chosen to receive a copy…either way I am very excited to truly learn about and experience God in and through His every Name. Thanks Renée and Wendy! God bless!

  143. One quick note…”A Confident Heart” was my very first OBS and thank you for choosing that beautiful quote from your book to remind me how blessed I am to know God and yet to hope that as I pray to deepen my relationship with and depend on Jesus I can journey to know Him so much more…and to sense that journey will last my lifetime into eternity…

  144. Tracey Hooks says:

    With knowing HIS names and each service he blesses us with, I can share with anyone who questions, doubts, fears, uses excuses and for not turning to God for every need! I believe that every time I open his word…God teaches me something new. I never want to stop learning.

  145. Sounds wonderful….I lead our women’s Bible Study at our small church in Vermont.
    We are always looking for studies that help us draw closer to Him…..
    Seeking His highest and trying to give Him our best….

  146. I would like this book to use for prayer and Bible study.

  147. I have never studied the names of God or learned about the character of God. I can’t wait to learn more and go deeper.

  148. Donna Sanders says:

    I once heard a sermon series on the names of God. I would love this study guide to learn about that again and experience God through His different attributes.

  149. I want to know God more and more!

  150. I want yo know God more than ever

  151. Laura Ahr says:

    I have thought of studying the names of God over the years but never seriously pursued it. Recently the Lord has made me aware that I know a lot about Him, but don’t know Him with my heart. Learning more about the names of God would give me more heart knowledge of God and enable me to trust Him more quickly and fully.

  152. It’s ‘interesting’ that God is laying this subject on my husband’s heart, then, voila – this opportunity comes to me from you! I’d love to have a copy of the book as I come to know my Father’s heart!

  153. I’ve started this study and am using the Kindle version. The actual paper version would be so much nicer for answering questions! I love this study so far because it helps me to see that there is so, so much more to dig into with each verse and sometimes each word in the Bible. I know I often skim over the words as I read, so this study is helping keep my mindful and accountable.

  154. Elsie Daly says:

    I am anxious to start this study because I have always wanted to know His names, and what they mean. To have them taught by Wendy Blight is a big plus! Renee, I did A Confident Heart Bible Study and I just wanted to thank you for that. You come to mind often. And Living So That by Wendy also makes me stop, and think, and pray. Thanks to all of you and P31OBS, you have changed my life!

  155. I have studied some of the names of God over the years. I would love to lead my small group in this study!

  156. My husband recently left this world for heaven – My heart grieves deeply. Our marriage was deep and good, relying on our loving and merciful God together. Now I’m learning to rely on God on my own and learning that I was quite dependent on my husband in many areas including the way we knew God as a couple. I need to become reacquainted with the God I love.

  157. This is a revelation for me and a topic that is rarely brought up! It is completely interesting to me! So excited!

  158. I love studying all the beautiful names of our Father God. I agree that the better we know him, the closer we can grow in relationship with him, lean into him, and trust him to guide and protect us. Wendy, I’ve so enjoyed your teaching on First 5…what a blessing this study will be to every woman who works through it. Blessings <3

  159. I think this would be a great study to work through with a handful of friends. Knowing about the names of God would further my understanding of His character and love for me.

  160. I want to know God deeply – forming a relationship with him and trusting him to work out all things for His good. When things go well I seem to have this solid faith in Him, it’s when things don’t go well (illness, sin, pain), my faith is shaken and I start to question him!

  161. I really do feel like God deserted me! Feel being the operative word… After our daughter fighting a long, twelve year, battle with leukemia He took her home. I truly feel like I had plenty of faith, not believing the doctor as he sent her home to die… I had faith, nothing which he comes close to understanding. But I guess my “feelings” aren’t all that! So I’d love to read this book in hopes that it may enlighten my relationship with the Lord.

  162. I have recently started loving God by obeying Him. I would love this book because knowing his facets, his names would help me know and love Him more!

  163. Kristy Lynn Hanson says:

    Learning about the names of God is something that has always been on my heart but I’ve never taken the time to study. I have had a very rough couple of years and have drifted away from my walk with God and really want to draw closer to Him again.

  164. I am so excited to get closer to God and to know Him on a more personal basis.

  165. I’m studying the book of Revelation through Bible Study Fellowship and to know the names of God would help me to understand how to praise and worship him more deeply. It will help me understand how his justice and mercy are compatible as it was displayed on the cross.

  166. I am excited to learn different names for God!

  167. Patricia A. Thompson says:

    Hi. I would really like to win and read this new book. I have been studying about prayer and want to really know God and not just read about Him.

  168. I would love to know God’s names and get back to the deeper love for HIM that I had when I was first saved. I believe this study would help me to do that. Thank you

  169. Holly Love says:

    The names of God are life-changing!

  170. Mary M. says:

    I am thankful that He knows my name and I know His name. I praise Him and give Him glory for all He has done.

  171. Kimeran says:

    I struggled with believing God knew me or loved me for many years. I am beyond that now, but I see many young women struggling with this same issue. Would love a fresh word to share with others. love teaching the truths ofGid’s word.

  172. Line Lanthier says:

    I want to know his so much deeper. I love learning about him every day. This is an apportunity to really concentrate on him and discover him more.

  173. Tana Madill says:

    With every study I have done I learn more how to pray and listen. I missed the sign up for Wendy’s study and would like the book to do this on my own.

  174. Oh there is much to learn. And we can know facts and testimonies of all our God can do and what he has done but If we never experience his love, his mercy his grace and discipline. We can’t say we know him. I’d rather know Him that about Him. A must read for me.

  175. I know God is calling me to draw nearer, to really trust Him, and this book would be a blessing in that endeavor.

  176. Kelley Hull says:

    I want to know God deeper!!!

  177. I love studying the names of God. I never gave it much thought about why I get excited to find out what the names mean, but I believe it is because it does bring me closer to God, it’s nourishment for my soul and a way to worship our Most High! XO

  178. I have been struggling in my prayer life. I feel like my prayers are very mundane and I don’t hear His soft whispers like I once did before walking away for a while. I long to understand Him and know Him..even more so than before. Even if I don’t win. Please pray for me Wendy. I need prayer. I’m a totally single momma of a precious 8 mo baby girl, Piper Grace. and want to not only know Him for myself but so I can therefore pass Him along to her so that she may have a better life than I did. A godly mom. Thank you.

  179. I’ve felt distanced from God for a while. I’ve read multiple devotionals & just felt like I needed more intimacy with God, to know who He truly is (as much as we can possibly know Him). Since around Christmas time I’ve been interested in learning about the different names of God in order to know Him better. This book would be a great tool in delving deeper into my relationship with God.

  180. Kaye Doyel says:

    To realize the Jesus has a name for our every need. Because everyday can be a different situation. But, the name of Jesus heals all. We really have to believe and trust.

  181. Oh my goodness!!! Reading this brought tears to my eyes. It could’ve been me writing this. For the past couple of years I have been praying for the Lord to increase my Faith and forgive me for my unbelief. What an amazing truth you have shared with us. Thank you!

  182. Dawnielle Alden says:

    I need to deepen my relationship with God and truly intimately know Him so I can fully trust him

  183. Marg lehmann says:

    I heard something beautiful. We can all read the same verse in scripture but each get a different revelation depending on where we are at and what God wants to tell us. It is the same with God’s names we discover a new revelation of and about God. He has so many things about him we dont know yet. An amazing journey we are on getting to know God. It sounds awesome and exciting study And our ladies group would love it. Marg

  184. Charlotte Henry says:

    On my journey to strengthen my personal confidence level by living God’s will and becoming closer to God each day, I would like to read this book as an inspiration for my journey. I know God is there leading the way every day and helping me discover inspirational and motivational support such as this!

  185. Emily Hicks says:

    I’d love to grow in my relationship with God and I know that understanding who He truly is, is key.

  186. Sharon Steino says:

    Can I get another copy sent to me of the FREE Praying For Your Husband download please?

  187. Marg lehmann says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words. Can u sendme a copy of praying for your husband download. Its a great priviledge to be able to pray for my husband. They need to know we r praying for them. May God bless our husbands bountifully.

  188. Lari Procunier says:

    I daily to have faith and trust in God’s will and not my own. Sometimes it’s hard.

  189. I recently started a study on the names of God. As I sat one morning meditating on the 23rd Psalm, I paused after only the first two words: The Lord. Here, it is Jehovah. It created a hunger in me to know more about His names because His names reveal more of who He is. As I discover more of His attributes, I can say with the Psalmist, “THE LORD is my Shepherd.” I would love this book to help me in my studies.

  190. Karen L. says:

    I want to re-focus on the truths of who God is not only to enhance my faith but also as a tool to use as I seek freedom from the severe depression I have been walking through for years now. I want to train myself cling to the character of God even as I walk through the dark valleys of my life.

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