When Change Is Inevitable & Hope is Optional

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Sometimes you must leave the comfort of what is to embrace the potential of what will be.  @KristenStrong | #GirlMeetsChange {Click to Tweet}

I love these words written by my friend Kristen Strong in her wonderful book,Girl Meets Change: truths to carry you through life’s transitionsGod is stretching me with Kristen’s words, encouraging me to open my hands and let go of what is or what I thought would be, that isn’t – so I can embrace the potential of what will be.

Today, I got to hang out with Kristen and talk about change, and her book on BLAB! Have you heard of BLAB? It was new to me but so fun!! Anyway, we spent time together in a live video conversation with our two dear friends, Crystal Stine and Jennifer Dukes Lee.

We shared our struggles and our stories; how we’re learning to stay close to Jesus in the midst of hard transitions. I also shared some practical ways Ive had to make adjustments so my heart can survive and my family can thrive in the midst of big and difficult changes we’ve been walking through the past year.

GirlMeetsChange_Blab.Week3You can watch the replay of our conversation on Blab.  But… I need to warn you: I was a slight mess for the first few minutes because my mic wouldn’t work. And you will get to see my cute husband trying to figure out what to do while the rest of the girls acted amazingly calm and refrain from shouting, “Shut your computer, Renee!” because hello, we were quite a distraction :). But once we got going, it was so encouraging to listen to what these amazing ladies had to share. So. So. Good! Click HERE to watch the replay.


During our conversation, we talked about a few new resources I’ve created to help my heart and maybe yours, too. I wanted to make them easy to find here, so they are shown below. My journal just released and  it’s on Amazon. The other two products are coming soon from DaySpring. I’ll announce when they are available – here on my blog! So, be sure to sign up for my EMAIL UPDATES – in my sidebar – you aren’t already!


Come to Me {journal}
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Jesus invites us to come to Him: to receive, rest, be renewed, and remain in His love. Experience the power of God’s presences and rejuvenate your soul with the living water of His word as you are reminded with the truth of who God is and who you are in Him.Filled with inspirational quotes and prayers, this journal will help you position your heart to receive God’s peace, plans, perspective and purpose for you each day.

6×8 Hardcover, 144 Pages
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A Confident Heart {100 Days of Living in the Security of God’s Promises}
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A Confident Heart {Scripture Shareables)
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Girl Meets Change
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Whether you’re walking through a transition now, see one coming, or are recovering from the last one, change is inevitable. But thriving is optional. With Christ close by, be okay. As Kristen shares in her book,If God is calling us out of one place, He is sending us to another with His blessing.” 

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Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. I’d love to read this book. Then I’d pass it to my daughter.

  2. Oh, how I sometimes YEARN for change, and sometimes RESIST change. Hope wears thin with the struggle with those. Would very much like to read this book. I need a voice inside my head besides my own and that’s often what a good book tied with scripture will do –

  3. Becky Johnson says:

    I would love to read this. After 25 years with one company, I find myself unemployed and facing the possibility of selling my home in order to relocate. I know that there is something so much better that God has in store for me. This is an exciting but scary time for me. I am trying to stay positive, but it can be hard. This was not a transition that I really wanted, but I have to believe that this is for the best.

    • Becky, I just wanted you to know that I prayed for you. Your comment resonated with me because about 19 years ago my mom went through a similar situation. She did not want to leave the place she lived her whole life or her grown children and young grandkids. But she did end up relocating to a different state (thankfully only 2 hours away) but still very different. It was hard at first- change usually is. I hated to leave after visiting her, as I felt so sad because I knew she wanted to get in the car and come with us. But she learned a lot about herself and learned to open her heart to what God had to offer. It ended up being a beautiful blessing. She made new friendships, She found the love of her life and they were married. We have gained a whole group of wonderful people that now we call family. She is more active than she was here, there is a joy in her smile. I pray you find true joy and peace in your journey.

    • Becky, I was scrolling through these comments to get to the area where I could post one of my own. However when I got to putting my info I stopped and something in my heart said someone needs this book more than me. Your comment came into my mind. I would love to order you this book and send it to you. I know that this may seem strange but I believe God laid this on my heart and it’s something I would love to do for you. If you feel comfortable please email me at SuzySparacio@gmail.com and I will get your info.

  4. God's Girl says:

    I would love to share this book with my friend Donna who is starting House of Hope, a prison ministry that will have a half way home for women coming out of jail and prison.

  5. Susan Breiner says:

    I would love to read this book. I am currently looking for a new job and trusting God will open a new opportunity for me. Also, my oldest son will be graduating from high school in June and heading off to college in the fall. It will definitely be a time of transition for me and my family.

  6. Suzanne J says:

    Currently, my husband and I live in Athens, GA, but my husband after losing his job and not finding one here in Georgia for 7 months accepted a jib in North Carolina back in April 2015. Our house has been fir sell sunce last May, but hasn’t sold yet. I am struggling with this move because it means moving farther from my children and grandchildren. Almost 5 hrs away from them. I want to do what God wants me to do, but this is really hard for me. So, I am hoping reading Kristen’s book can help me with this drastic change in my life.

  7. My parents just transitioned their life from their home of 30 years to two separate living situations in a retirement community–nursing home and independent living. It’s a huge transition, they are struggling and hope seems hard to find. Maybe this book would help me help them.

  8. I, myself have been struggling with a life situation and my sister has been so motivating for me, understanding, leading me closer to the Lord. She struggles with some of her own issues, and this book would be great for her….and I know that she would share it with me when she is done with it.

  9. Would love to read this book.

  10. I would love to read this!! I am 29, single, no kids. I am struggling to feel like I fit in and constantly feel alone. I have made some changes this year that haven’t been easy and still have some that I need to make but not ready for yet. love reading books that help me grow closer to God and one’s that I can pass onto others when they need encouragement.

  11. I’d love to share this book with a group of teen girls who have a biweekly Bible study and sharing time! I think it would provide lasting value to them.

  12. stephanie says:

    I would love to read it and pass along to my mom

  13. I would love to read it and then pass it along to who needs it next! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  14. I would love to read this book. I’m trying to figure out how to deal with all the traditions in my life. Going through a divorce, 50/50 custody, moving on my own for the first time in my life, and turning 30 next week. It’s all very overwhelming

  15. I would love to read this as I am in a time of huge transition. I’ve been praying and seeking The Lord on a difficult situation and I believe this may add some insight

  16. The book sounds exactly what I need to read. I am going through a transition to a place of loneliness. It is unimaginably difficult to find a friend, any friend, in their 30s to hang out with. All my friends are busy raising a family. I am tired of hanging out with people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s.

  17. For several years I have been living ” we must leave the comfort of what is to embrace the potential of what will be”. The past 4 years I have been in the midst of a divorce ( due to my ex husband’s infidelity). He blamed me for his affair and he blamed others for the choices he made in his life. I worked diligently to try and save the marriage, and he did not want it and showed me in his words and actions. After taking a hard look at what my life had been, and what I had come to know, I saw he was verbally /psychologically abusive. I knew nothing else. It has been hard since the divorce was finalized, I am working each day to keep moving forward. I now see what lies ahead for me and my two sons. I have worked hard for many years and now I am in the process of buying a house for me my two sons. ( we had to sell our home and have been renting x 3 yrs). I see how God in opening doors for me, I can see the potential that lies ahead. I know how we can easily stay somewhere that is all to familiar to us, even though it not healthy for us. During this trial, God got ahold of my heart and I was transformed in the process and have grown deeper in my relationship with Him. I am in a much better place now than I even thought I could be. The potential is endless. TRUST HIM !
    I would read this book with my dear friend, who also went through a divorce and then was diagnosed with breast cancer. We have been side by side , walking with each other during these trials. We are continually sharing God’s word through books, verses and devotional….to keep was both moving forward.

    Thank you for your encouraging words !

  18. Pamela Starr says:

    I really need this book at the present time. I lost my niece in December and I have not been reading and doing a journal since this. Just many unanswered prayers. I just need to get back to trusting God in my life. I believe this will help.

  19. Cherlyn Kelly says:

    I’ve been trying to adapt to change my whole life, and abusive childhood. I my mother’s suicide, the many illnesses, and abusive relationships, and marriage., becoming 60 and still single after 20 years. I’ve been waiting for a change to come for the better. But ever since my son was murdered 11 years ago, and I’ve been scared. I am scared I’ll make the wrong choices and I can’t afford that, I holding down to Jesus with all I have as He delivered me from drugs and alcohol 20 years ago, and but tired of being stuck. I even feel stuck in my grief and ptsd/depression therapy. I feel like I just screaming but there’s no one here that would hear. I’m glad God showed you a way out, but I wish and I’ve prayed He would do the same for me. I bless everyone and pray that they are all able to make the good changes and find some hope in the process. God bless you

  20. I would love to read this book. We have just entered a huge season of change and it’s been very difficult for our family. I have been praying for help in changing my perspective. This book sounds like it might help a great deal!

  21. I really need this book. I feel so discouraged and stuck between my past and my future.

  22. I’d love to read it but even more, I have three daughters that could make use of it. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  23. Lisa Davis says:

    I came upon this email and was able to watch the video of the ladies talking about change. This was very timely as I was feeling very down tonight and just drained. My husband was diagnosed just about 3 years ago with stage iv colon cancer so we have been going through a lot of change. I also find myself fearful at the thought of the future and the unknown. CHANGE can be wonderful and also very difficult. I was naive to think things would never change much, how wrong I was. Dont get me wrong we have had many blessings during this cancer journey and we feel very blessed. But I realize now change will happen.

  24. I would love to read it for a variety of reasons: I have a new position at work that I am loving but struggling with all the change that comes with it. I am also striving to have a closer relationship with God, constantly needing to remind myself to pause and listen for the Holy Spirit in my dailyy life, wanting to be ready for whatever change He calls me to.

  25. I anticipate changes in the coming year and would live to read this book.

  26. Going through tough transitions at church, losing friends over it; and after 10 years facing a new boss at work – or maybe a whole new job & company. So much change resulting in lots of loss right now.

  27. I’d love to share this with a dear lady who is yet again starting over, and has never really thrived! Thanks for the opportunity to win and share, and I’m looking forward to reading this!

  28. I do not handle change well and am learning from God that He is my source to trust during change. It is always helpful to gain from other people’s experiences and how they handle trials and changes and how God showed up for them. What faith building.


  29. Martha T. says:

    I have experienced changes to my health recently.I think this book would be good for me to read!

  30. This book sounds like a recipe from God to help many of going through the struggles of life, no matter what are. I’m fighting my own battles, just as every other person who has posted here. Praying God picks the most deserving.

  31. I could probably use the info in this book seeing that my youngest child is a senior now and will be graduating, then going for the summer to volunteer at an orphanage in Mexico and then off to college. Wow ! Lots of changes coming my way. Then empty nest at our home.

  32. I’m going through some rough health issues and would love to read this book and then pass it on to my teenage daughter who is in highschool. I think highschool is tough enough to deal with but then add a sick mommy to worry about and well…I think its just a bit overwhelming at times. I think this book would be great for the both of us! Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. Debbie Walker says:

    This book sounds like it would be just what I need in this transition I’m moving through. I retired two years ago. In the beginning I was excited. Then I felt myself slipping into a mild depression. Questioning my purpose in life now. I found myself wanting to withdraw from church, bible study, my non-profits where I helped out and family. All I wanted to do was stay in my pj’s and veg out. I was putting on weight which wasn’t helping my outlook. There was a picture taken of me at a Christmas gathering and I looked so fat. I said I was a beached whale. I decided I was going to get healthy body wise and spirituality. I am completing a 30 day body cleanse this week. I have a reading plan to read the Bible each day and complete it but the end of the year. January 1, 2017 I will then read the Bible in the order of events. I decided I was not being loyal and honoring God. I’m doing whatever I need to to get my life back. At 62 years of age, I have so much more to give in the name of our Heavenly Father. I would love to read this book.

  34. Rebecca Morton says:

    I would love to win this. With me being a newlywed, a miscarriage, a premature birth, and becoming a new mom in April. I’ve had a lot of changes this past year. I’d love to win this for myself and eventually pass it on to my daughter.

  35. Kristen Newman says:

    I have been struggling lately with whether my chosen field is where I need to. I’ve been in hospitality for over 8 years. I feel so disillusioned and worn down but it is all I know. I wonder if I should change fields or just changemy attitude. I would love to read this book. <3

  36. I live when Jesus calls women to lead other women. Thank you for writing this book. My family has been amidst change this past year with what I fear to be another soon around the corner. It’s hard when I feel u have to hold everyone together and I have to go along with it when it not MY desire. I hope to read this book and be drawn nearer to Jeus and confident of our plans.

  37. I would like a copy of your book because the past few years have brought a lot of change to my life. One of the more difficult is that my mother died in September last year. She had cancer. I was blessed to have been there during her final two and a half months of time on this earth including when she took her final breath. I know she now is at rest, but I’m stuck.

    I don’t really know how to move forward. We weren’t close during her life, but something happens when you are the sole care giver of a terminally ill parent. It is a bond that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life. But, now what. I wasn’t needed at home while I was away, so I feel like I’m not really necessary. How do I move forward? Maybe your book will help me sort through these jumbled thoughts.

  38. Oh how I’d love to share this book with a girlfriend and definitely read it myself too because I want to learn to thrive through times or seasons or situations of change!

  39. Loved this post and video and everything about it. I know this book will be purchased by almost every woman who sees it…because we ALL will have change sometime.
    I can’t wait to read it!
    Thanks Renee and Thanks Kristen!

  40. Oh, how I struggle with change. It is so scary to me. I would LOVE to read this book and then I would share it with a neighborhood friend that has experienced drastic change in her life the past few years.

  41. Sometimes I’m not the biggest fan of change. Very interested in her views to help overcome those feelings.

  42. Janay Roberts says:

    I would love to read this! This new Pastors wife always needs a good read!

  43. Your books are so inspiring! I would love to read another one! Also would share the knowledge with my co-workers, friends and most of all my stepdaughters!

  44. McKenzie Davis says:

    I would love to read this book because my one word of this year is Release….letting go of the past and allowing God to change me.

  45. McKenzie Davis says:

    I would love to read this book because my one word this year is Release. Letting go of the past: hurts, disappointments, etc and allowing God to change me and my perspective.

  46. Jennifer Delavan says:

    Change is hard. Because I much prefer my own comfort. But I know that God didn’t call us to lives of comfort. I would love to read this book as my family journeys thru an international adoption of 3yo twins.

  47. Lori-Ann Foister says:

    It is my privilege to have one of our daughters-in-law living with us as our son is on deployment with the Marines. She is 20 years old with a LOT of changes going on all around her. I would love to read this book and offer it to her through this journey she is on with her husband of only one year away for 6 months. Please join me in praying for her, Hillary, as she adjusts to everything. I pray that she will grow more deeply in her walk with God. I pray the I will love her unconditionally and see her as Jesus sees her. Psalm 139!!!

  48. Timing…is everything. I am in the middle of a major life change…unexpected.separation from my husband with no idea what the future holds. I am holding on tight to God’s promises and strength to make it day by day. But I know He will turn good into what was meant for evil. I can’t imagine what He has in store.

  49. I would love to read it, especially now in this season of my life where my daughter has left for college, and so many changes I was not ready for.

  50. My dearest Renee (Kristen, Crystal, Jennifer) … I was so fortunate to be able to catch you on Thurs. in the LIVE Blab chat and loved all that was shared. However Renee, what you shared and share with your precious daughter and family, P31 (where you can now) and in your books and about this new journal, really struck chords with me. I hope to be able to get a copy of your beautiful journal when I travel back to USA from MX for an urgent medical need. I am in transition for a BIG CHANGE of moving back home after 20 years here, serving wherever I can the people for Our Lord. It’s both a difficult time and a good time but I never expected to have to suddenly GO back for a medical crisis. So I totally believe this: “If God is calling us out of one place, He is sending us to another with His blessing.” Wanting a “Confident Heart” over this! 🙂

    I would love this book because I followed along with the Change Challenge without the benefit of owning her book and so wished that I could afford having the book (even at its great Kindle price, I have to wait). I can think of oodles of people I would love to pass this on to … I will now be at home in MN awhile so I can receive hard copies of books. I’m hoping I can find your journal while home. Resting in Him and so thankful for all your wisdom shared from your own experiences. Bless each of you!

    Gratefully yours,

    • Renee Swope says:

      So glad you were able to join us on BLAB Peggy! Thank you so much for sharing your encouragement and your story here, Praying for you tonight. ~R

  51. I’d love to read this and share it with my daughter. ?

  52. I’d like to read the book because I just had my first baby. Major translation period of my life that I love and want to be the best at. I would share it with my new mom friends and anyone else I felt led to.

  53. Delores McPherson says:

    I would love to read this book. My husband is a cancer survivor of almost 3 years. The struggle has not been easy but with God it has been good. He just learned that he has 2 spots on his lungs and one on his liver. They say they are not sure if they are cancerous because they are too small to even test at this point so we have 6 months to wait and pray. Most days we are good. My husband’s attitude is amazing. But I’m treasuring these things in my heart, wondering where God is leading next.

  54. I thought I landed in the end job of my life. Perfect in every manner. As write this I question change at this time of my life. GOD has to be in control and I will go but change now is what I have questions about or even how to know if he is looking for me to change.

  55. I love to read this book and I thank u for giving us all the opportunity to win.I want it for my self then I give it to my mom.I believe it will help me understand transition better.

  56. Definitely sounds like something I could really benefit from. Waiting for disability determination hearing. Waiting for the authorization for the tests to see if Daddy’s cancer (from years ago) has not only returned but metastasized. Waiting to find out if the nerve damage caused by a procedure can be treated, or will I be “stuck” with very limited use of my arms as well as legs? Some days believe God is in control and has a plan for my life, others really struggle.

  57. Michelle Vasquez says:

    I would love to read Kristen’s book! My youngest son is in his last semester of college. He has been living at home and going to college locally. He’s about to graduate and he’s getting married in October. So I am just about to be an ’emtpy-nester’.

  58. I would love to have this book to share with my sister. She is trying so hard to follow Christ! She recently made some major changes in her life by leaving a relationship that was not Godly, signed up for school, and started a job and I think it would be great for her!

  59. Jennifer Chapman says:

    I’m going through a tough transition with my job. I’d love to win this book and pass it to someone who is going through a difficult challenge.

  60. I’d love to give this book to a dear friend who is like a daughter to me who is going through a time of transitions.

  61. I would like to read this book.I am a widower and have had to learn/change to a life without my beloved husband. Now my parents, in-laws, two brothers, and one sister are dead. Just a few months ago my daughter died after a long courageous battle against cancer and a major stroke. Life is full of transitions.

  62. I know with all of my heart thAt God has been leading me to new and unknown territories. I am very scared and unsure of myself and where he wants to take me. But, I WILL trust in him! His is MY never failing God. Only he knows what the future holds. I pray that I can hold steadfast to his plans for for life and not waver.

  63. I really would love to read this book. When I lost my job in 2013 after working for nine and a half years at the same firm, I thought I would find a new job right away. That is not how it turned out. After searching I could not find a new job that paid what I was making before. I worked some temporary jobs hoping they would lead to a permanent position but the corporate world has changed. At 53 I was being passed over for college educated candidates for less pay. I also found that corporations preferred hiring contract employees and that means no benefits. No paid holidays and no insurance. I took one position with the hope of it becoming permanent with a little over half the pay I was making. I lived on my retirement until it was gone. Then there came obamacare which I was told I qualified for until I found gainful employment. It was great until Tax season came and I really did not qualify. So now I owe the government the premiums for the ten months that they paid. After ten months I decided I had to look again and finally found a permanent position last August. Praise our Heavenly Father for my new permanent job! I’m afraid it did not end there. In late September the corporation I am working for laid off an entire department and has reorganized every position in my department and I have been told there is more to come and possibly more layoffs. Oh I haven’t mentioned that I am single and have never been married so I was and still am dealing with this on my own (of course with God’s help when I allowed Him to help). I am getting better at allowing Him to guide me now. So that is why I would love to read this book because sometimes I think I cannot take anymore change when it comes to my employment but I think I would be open to marriage now at the age of 55 years of age. 🙂

  64. Elise Mitchell says:

    My daughter graduates from high school this year and is going to college 12 hours away from home – a big change! She told me today that she would like to read this book!

  65. Debbie Duren says:

    I’d love to read this, well, because Change is Inevitable. And, I always share with my mom and sometimes my daughter and anyone else that I feel could use it.

  66. 25 years into my marriage, the last 5 spent caring for my husband following a major stroke…… And he wants us to separate.
    I am living with changes DAILY and hoping I can survive….. I need to read this book!

  67. That book sounds perfect for all of us because change and seasons are going to come, and I would love to read it to have more ammunition for dealing with change and life.

  68. We recently lost our almost 16 year old daughter to her 12 battle of leukemia. Satan won the physical battle, but our Lord won the spiritual one. So I would love to read this book because I certainly need some help with the enormous change in our home…

  69. Kendra Jackson says:

    I would love to bless my friend with this book. She has very recently experienced multiple life changes, very big changes. For the last 30 years or so her life has been very stable, so change is something new for her.

  70. The Lord knows how hard change is for me. Even though I know He is right beside me I struggle with change. Coming out from a lot of dysfunction in my life was hard. Maybe that is why change is a struggle
    for me, only the Lord knows what I need to direct my steps to change. I will be praying for God to direct my
    steps if it is His will for me to read this book. Thank you

  71. George Roberts RN says:

    I heard you on K Love talking about your mother’s memory book. I can tell you as someone who has been around of a lot of elderly people who have to get rid of all those memories and treasures to go into assisted living that ONE THING has keep the hope and faith up more than anything.
    I have went in and shot photos of how they had arranged things and pictures as they were in the walls and given them that. SENIOR BOOK and it was if they could now walk across that last stage and graduate. Highly recommend for anyone to do that even before they even put their house up for sale. May God bless you as you become that encouraging person you are meant to be.

  72. Donna Spitzer says:

    Since losing my beloved husband Jimmy last April , we were married 43yrs, have 10 children, 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren…and I feel as though I’ve lost hope, I feel alone, unsure of what to do or where to go for help, I pray with what seems to be with every beat of heart, but for a zillion miles away from the Lord. We didn’t have life insurance, Jimmy’s med bills then the nursing home took all of our money And I still have a 20yr old son & a 14yr old daughter at home….I sure could use prayers and any suggestions, I would gratefully appreciate it. Thank you

  73. my life has gone through journeys that were not even on my map. Sometimes I feel I’m in a car and just spinning in circles trying to go one direction but every time it stops I am headed down a different road. I just told my husband the other day that life has thrown so many changes and challenges our way that you would think by now I could go with the flow. But instead lately, I am even more unsettled by change. This book sounds great. I know several people that would benefit from it. Thanks for the opportunity for someone to win a copy.

  74. Where do I start? I have such a long story and I am inspired by the stories of others and some I really wish I could help due to my experiences. So much God brings people through. More than once I have wanted to give up. I have gone through cancer’s late effects as child and adult and felt with depressing in elementary school when I didn’t know what it was and also in high school when I let go because of my struggles and I found myself crying out to God many times and I didn’t know how to pray I had thought God did not like me for some reason. Graduually that changed but I had more struggles and struggles with faith. Quite a few years ago due to a heart condition and late effects two things happened I had heart failure for a 2nd or 3rd time (since I was young) and also a cyst called a schanoma in my lower back causing intense pain for what seemed like a long time period. I was treated but to get diagnosed was a nightmare having to have three one week hospital stays due to a complication in surgery trying to get a line in my neck for my heart. I also wound up with premounia while in the hospital. I believe God was there then and helped me recover from it all.
    Now I have been dealing with mysterious pain in spots of my feet and in both legs from my feet up. When it started it was horrible and I was a mess and I cried out to God and prayed and I am still praying because none of my doctors have been able to tell me and the tests like many tests for anyone were almost worse that the pain itself. I try not to let fear in and give it to God and I am reading the bible and going to church and talking to God but I still need the strength to get through I would not have gotten this far without God. For anyone who reads this hang on keep talking to God. I keep thinking he has given up on me but then somehow he shows me his love and helps me through I still need support though and I think your book may help. Hope I can help someone as well.

  75. Aging parents, disabled & unemployed husband, caregiving, working FT, teaching a class, my own chronic health issues. There’s not enough of me to go around, and even though I know that someday all of these things will change and I’ll long for “the good old days” when everyone was healthy and happy and life was different, there are days now when I feel helpless and hopeless. The inevitable is that things will become more difficult. But when I can refocus my attentions and spend time with the Lord, I come back to the knowledge that my hope is in Him, and that one day all suffering will end, all will be made new, and we will fall on our faces in worship of our King.

  76. Sonya lorimer says:

    I have just left a 12 year abusive marriage and am now the single mother of 4 amazing boys and we are rebuilding our life. My mom shared this post with me and it seems like an excellent resource to help me through this time in my life.

  77. I have a feeling that God is about to take me through a transition in my life given that mom.has cancer and we don’t know if she will be back on chemo next week. We do know thst it is incurable unless God steps in so I have been told by someone trusted that God is changing me to be able to handle what is ahead of me. Change has never come easy for me and over the last year it has been nothing but change in my life. Plus I am trying to embrace change in my life this year. I want this to be the year of lasting change in my life that I don’t go away from. I would love to read your book and then pass it on to a friend or two. Thank you for sharing with us what God is giving you.

  78. I really want the book so as to give it to my beloved wife and improve in facing the challenging of life in the marim.onial home. Thanks for what you sacrifice to better my home as God would have it

  79. Joanie Warner says:

    I would really enjoy reading this book. I know God is moving me through many challenging transitions in my life right now and taking me out of my comfort zones.
    I think this book would be a great encouragement during this time.

    Thank you for this opportunity. ?


  81. This girl has been met with a lot of change… the books cover looked like an interesting read.

  82. I became a single mom a couple years ago. I am stuck trying to find my way that big change. So I decided my word for 2016 would be Change.


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