When Grace Kneels Before You

Welcome Encouragement for Today friends! I’m so glad you hopped over after reading my devotion!  I’ll explain in just a minute how to enter today’s giveaway. But first I want to share 3 ways we can replace our guilt-induced doubt with grace-infused confidence pulled from Day 12 of  my “60-Days to Stop Doubting Yourself Confident Heart Devotional“:

“She never thought anyone would find out about their affair, but now her secret and her sin would be public.

Just as the people gathered in the temple, surrounding Jesus as he sat down to teach them, the teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman who had be caught in the act of adultery. They made her stand before the group and said to Jesus,

“Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?” They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him.” (John 8:2–6)

They hoped Jesus would condemn her, but the opposite happened.

Instead of lording over her, Jesus lowered Himself before her. Grace knelt down to write on the ground. {tweet this?}

“But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground. (vv. 6–8)

The Bible doesn’t tell us what Jesus wrote but I’ve always wondered if it was the Ten Commandments, since her accusers said Moses’s law commanded them to stone her. Plus, after writing, Jesus challenged them to examine their own sins and see if any of them were without fault.

When Jesus stooped down to write a second time, perhaps He wrote over the law with redemption. Could it be that He covered the commandments with words like grace, forgiveness, and mercy. Scripture doesn’t say. But we do  know that something radical happened. Everyone dropped their stones and walked away.

“At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until only Jesus was left, with the woman still standing there. Jesus straightened up and asked her, ‘Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?'”

“No one, sir,” she said.

“Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.” (vv. 9–11)

In my Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion today, I shared about a time when I really blew it and guilt convinced me I was no longer qualified for my calling. But God used my friend and spiritual mentor/mom, MaryAnn Ruff, to show me what the redemption of God’s grace looks like. And ever since that day, Jesus has been teaching me how to replace my guilt-induced doubt with His grace-infused confidence.

3 Ways to Replace Guilt-Induced Doubt with God’s Grace-Infused Confidence


Remember: Remember sin is not who you are; sin is what you do. 
Although Jesus knew this woman had sinned, He made sure she and the crowd knew her sin was not who she was. It was what she had done.

Her sin didn’t get the final say. Jesus did.

Refuse: Refuse condemnation, but lean into loving conviction.
They hoped Jesus would condemn the woman, but the opposite happened. Instead of lording over her, Jesus lowered Himself before her.

When you fall into a trap of the Accuser (Rev. 12:10), close your eyes and picture Jesus – the person of Grace – kneeling down before you, looking into your eyes and loving you out of your sin.

Ask Jesus to help you recognize condemnation’s accusing statements like “You’re a failure” or “You can never be counted on.”Refuse to listen to his lies. Instead lean into God’s loving conviction that is specific. Instead of a broad, sweeping you-are-a-loser label, Jesus will point out our sin and show us what to do to right the wrong.

Instead of “You’re such a failure,” God might say: You were critical in the way you talked to _________ . You need to say you’re sorry and ask forgiveness. Then tell _____ something to build them up.

Replace:  Replace the guilt of sin with God’s redemptive grace.
In the presence of Jesus, the woman’s accusers walked away. He dismissed them one by one, until He was the only one left standing. He replaced their position of authority. He was the only One left speaking into her life.


Jesus help me replace my guilt-induced doubt with God’s grace-infused confidence. @ReneeSwope {click to TWEET}

God’s grace lures us out of darkness; His kindness leads our hearts to repentance. (Romans 2:4)

He wants to draw us away from destructive behaviors that hinder our relationship with Him and others, so we can live in the freedom of His forgiveness and the security of His love.

Lord, You say there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, and my life is hidden in You. Thank You that because of Your love and grace, my sin never gets the final say about me—You do! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. “God’s love and grace lures us out of darkness and leads our hearts to repentance. His desire is to draw us away from destructive behaviors that hinder our relationship with Him and others, so we can live in the freedom of His forgiveness and the security of His love.” This spoke to me the most because I am in the midst of God working on what feels like A Lot in me right now and this puts it into such a good perspective for me. Everything He is working on is for my good, but I get caught up in the difficulty or the “I’m not capable or good enough” trap. Thanks for godly encouragement and helping me see more of God’s love and grace at work in my life.

  2. Learning about grace and trying to replace years of lies.

  3. Abby Chapin says:

    Guilt is often an emotion I find in my heart. It leaks into my conversations and instead of focusing on what God can do about the situation…I focus on what I did or didn’t do. This doesn’t speak to the freedom that I have in Christ. Trying to just get rid of it doesn’t work- because it needs to be replaced with something. Sometimes that’s fear. Sometimes that’s anxiety over the situation. But reading this helped me recognize how guilt does turn into other things and leads my heart into deeper darkness. Replacing the guilt right away with repentance and turning to the Lord and embracing the freedom the have is the ONLY way to combat the struggle that I battle with guilt daily.

    • Renee Swope says:

      Praying for you today Abby!

    • Abby, I really appreciate your thoughts and empathize, connect to what you shared. We overthink many situations, conversations in our lives, so quick to place blame upon ourselves. Placing our focus and priority to please our heavenly father first sharpens our intentions. Am feeling less articulate, just wanted to say I appreciate what you shared, thank you!

  4. I so needed to hear this today. Had a very challenging Friday and Saturday, and I’ve lost my composure more than once. Walked into church this morning feeling like I had no right to be there. Thank you for your transparency. Am learning to receive His conviction as an extension of His grace and not allow the enemy to translate it into condemnation.

    • Renee Swope says:

      So sorry you had a hard weekend. I was a big grouch on Saturday. Something happened to upset me and I just let it stay with me all day. So grateful for God’s grace – and my husband’s patience. Let’s walk in HIS love today. He understands our weakness and His grace is there to help us, forgive us, remind us that sin is what we do but it’s not WHO we are. We are HIS beloved, imperfect, cherished children. 🙂

  5. I constantly feel guilty.I Haven’t visited my lonely mother in law, haven’t spoken to my parents, not done enough school work, not spent enough time with God, wasted time watching tv, sworn at my husband, moaned about my colleagues.I could go on. Today I am go to visit Jesus Grace on myself. Life changer! thanks

  6. I am redeemed through grace to God’s loving arms. I have made mistakes in my life but through God’s grace and forgiveness I am set free. I struggle with guilt over what I have done and how I have hurt my family. But God reminds me daily that He is has already forgiven me and that He is not done with me yet. 🙂

    • Renee Swope says:

      Praying HIS grace will grow stronger than your guilt. Ask for forgiveness, from Him and them, receive His mercy and then give it away. Healing and hope will come with each step we take to Remember, Refuse and Replace. You are His!

  7. I really needed this post today. Thank you for speaking into my heart.

    Today I had to drive a route that I usually avoid, because it is a reminder of how ashamed and guilty I feel of past behaviour. It is well 25 years ago, but still my stomach tightens and I whisper “forgive me Lord, forgive me Lord” then “just don’t think about it” “just don’t think about it”.

    The lie the enemy tells me is that this still matters, this is still unforgiven, that this is unforgivable. Thank you Renee, you are so right – Jesus is the only one standing. And he offers grace to the young woman who made a poor, naive choice and got badly hurt in the process.

    • Renee Swope says:

      Praying for you Rachel. His grace is enough, if we will let Him have the final say. Remember, those are things you did but they are NOT who you are. YOU are His girl, His child, chosen, holy and dearly loved.

  8. Jenny Francis says:

    I do well with words until it comes to condensing them! My immediate thought after reading your blog post was, “This is the perfect way to deal with the occasional person that says to me, ‘That’s right. You just keep acting like you’re this great Christian.'” I used to be the only one that would say that to me, but in the past year or so, at least two other people have told me that. They don’t say it to my face, but use text or Facebook messaging to let me know. I’ve dealt with severe clinical depression for 23 years, I grew up feeling guilty for everything and other than the accuser, I’ve been my own harshest critic. God has worked wonders on me with the guilt and self blame (and continues to do so), and I believe He is using the depression for me to help others with the same illness. When the accuser is whispering endlessly in my ears, I know what steps I need to take – just as you’ve outlined here. But there are times when the simplest answer needs to be pushed under my nose (Thank You, God!) in order for me to see how it applies to more than one situation!! I know I’m not perfect, and I pray that no one that sees me thinks that I view myself as more than anyone else. I’m a child of the King like everyone else. Thank you for all you do for our Father and Proverbs 31 Ministries!

    • Renee Swope says:

      His grace is too good to be true so we all need to be reminded, again and again. Praying today’s truths will sink deep into your heart today Jenny as you look into His eyes and let Him love you!!

  9. Andrea Southers says:

    Gods grace is always always sufficient. We just have to let that sin go and never ever look back.

  10. Thank you for the gentle reminder of what redemption we have in Jesus. Satin tried to make Jesus doubt by tempting Him and he had no sin. The enemy is going to try to make us feel ashamed to turn to God. We need to re train our thinking as new creatures in Christ. That takes time,but with anointed people like you,we have been given another tool to remind us what the word says and encouragement to know we’re not alone.

  11. Thank you for this post.

    You know, as much as I try to be a godly person, the devil tries to work double in getting me to blow it all off… and when I do, it leaves me feeling guilty. I wouldn’t want to go to church or attend Bible studies because I think I’m just not a real, living testimony of God’s goodness. I failed! Who am I to talk about God? Who would believe me if I, myself, failed to walk the talk… And consequently, not only I end up missing spiritual messages and encouragement for myself, I also miss out on opportunities sharing my experiences with other people and touching their lives as well.

    This post is a reminder that God’s grace covers all our doubts and failures… and He really could turn our ugly messes into powerful, life-enriching messages.

    • Renee Swope says:

      And oh how He does. He’s so good at taking our messes and turning them into messages that reveal His grace and truth.

  12. Martha Rodriguez says:

    I’m writing this at 3:33 am because the guilt woke me up. Just after attending a special service last night, my family and I had been invited to, my husband, the kids and I got in the car and a few things happened and bam I snapped and lost my composure and just like that our peace was gone. Not even sure why it happened, if I was just too tired but I felt terrible so terrible the guilt woke me up and I got my phone because I needed to fill myself with Gods word and I came upon this. God is so good, I came upon this devotional through Proverbs 31 which then brought me to this blog. It was clear God was having a conversation with me at this crazy hour of the night. He wanted me to refuse the guilt and be filled with His loving conviction and let God’s grace replace my guilt. Gods timing is perfect. Thank you Jesus because you are all we need to fill every area of our lives.

    • Renee Swope says:

      Oh how He loves you Martha. He doesn’t want all that guilt getting the final say. His grace is enough. Remember, you are His. Your sin is an action but not a reflection of who you are – You are a child of God. Loved. Pursued. Delighted In. Cherished. Forgiven. Redeemed.

      So so grateful He led you to this place to find HIS grace waiting here for you. 🙂

  13. This is exactly what I needed. Yesterday I caught myself sinning 3 times (to my knowledge). I felt so guilt ridden that I couldn’t sleep all night wondering how God could forgive me since two of these are areas I am working in but keep battling. Your message came at the right time as I couldn’t even bring myself to pray. All I have been saying is Lord have mercy on me and I keep recounting what I did.
    Thank you for reminding me that there is condemnation for me as a child of God and it’s in my power to accept grace that God provides

  14. Thank God for reaching out to my spirit through this devotional.I have been struggling with bad choices for the past almost 8yrs now and each day has left me feeling so unworthy,so worthless and depressed. I wonder if there is still grace and mercy left for me,if this is how my life is gonna end.These past days I have been asking God for mercy and reading this reminded me he is the only one standing and He’s is the word that matters,not what I say or what others say about me.God ,I need your help

  15. Have and mercy are ever offered and sometimes so hard to receive. Feelings of less than or self doubt and guilt from songs gone by are forever covered by them. A lesson I need over and over as the enemy whispers lies.

  16. Maribel Ruiz says:

    This message hits me so close to my heart for so long I have been bitter from a divorce that left me with 4 children. From this day forward I leave the past and start a new life I will never again use my tong to bi little my children but only to give them words of love and uplift. I need to apologize and recognize my sins. Thank u for such a powerful message.

    • i am so sorry for your pain and thankful to Jesus that he gave us the Holy Spirit as our Comforter. I am thankful that you recognize what you were doing to your children they have suffered loss too. My heart breaks when I hear of children that can’t see both parents daily because I have seen my grandkids miss their mom. Words stay with you, at 64 yrs. old I still hear the negative words that my father used to me. They hold no power over me now but I do believe they held me back in my formative years.

      Speak Life and Love and Blessings over your children. I pray right now that God will send you the help you need in every area of your life. Taking care of 4 children can be exhausting and God knows that, He will provide the strength.

      Remember we are making memories whether they are good or bad . I choose to make good ones today.

      Love and Prayers.

  17. Stephanie Cramer says:

    Thank you for reminding me this morning that God’s grace is all I need to get through what I’ve been going through. Also to show that same grace to others.

  18. Annette Dorval says:

    Renee, I loved your book! It has been such a blessing to me and I have passed it on to several of my friends who loved it too! To be able to learn how to use God’s full armor in fighting my spiritual battles has been a tremendous blessing as well. I’ve learned more about who I am in Christ and am growing in my walk with Christ choice by choice as I stay in His word! Thank you for your obedience to The Lord!

  19. Claudia Conley says:

    When I have sinned I need to learn better how to embrace His mercy and grace when guilt sets in especially from the enemy of my soul. It is difficult for me to overcome the battle because it is hard for me to forgive myself, get back in step with my Lord and start walking with Him again although that is my heart’s desire but inside I don’t feel confident because of my failure. I need help in this area of my life. I need to grow in His love for me and my love for Him! I so appreciated your story and it lifted me out of my despondency and I laughed at my stuck-in-condemnation self, repented and embraced His mercy and grace and I have my peace in Him back. I don’t feel like a failure anymore. Thank you Lord and thank you Renee and God bless you!

  20. This truly touched my soul! I have been evaluating my life for the past year and I know it’s been the Grace of God that has kept me together. So much turmoil and confusion but GOD has shown me triumph and reconciliation! My spirit was so drained from providing for individuals but me! I know my soul and spirit is in transformation, restoration and I’m giving aaaaallll the Glory to Our LORD and Savior! I was each of the women in the passage but GRACE , LOVE AND FORGIVENESS IS GRANTED TO MY HEALING. Thank you so much and even if I don’t win I still will purchase the book. I know it will be an asset to my journey ??

  21. I needed to hear this truth. I have messed up so much lately and returned to sinful habits and patterns that I thought were broken. I thought I had these things under control, but I have realized that I need more of God’s grace and mercy than I could ever imagine. I have underestimated my weakness and His strength. Thank you for reminding me to just lean into Him and allow His love and grace and strength to wash over me.

  22. Tomorrow is my birthday and so much progression in one year! Lord I will continue to decrease my faults and increase my knowledge in YOU

  23. Is it really possible?? I live with this thinking on a daily basis! Would love the devo to help battle this. Thanks for your godly and humble attitude.

  24. I have really been battling with the fact that I have failed at so much in my life and that the hits just keep coming.. God has blessed me but it seems I fail him and my confidence us shaken so much… I truly want to go forward in him and not backward

  25. Elaine Stewman says:

    Such a great post. I can use a daily reminder of Gods grace and how we are to show grace to others. Thank you.

  26. Vanessa Brower says:

    Renee, I had read this devotion previously and was amazed to see it this morning, on a day when it seemed written just for me! Thank you for sharing your heart. I cannot tell you how timely this was for me today. God meets our needs and answers the cries of our hearts in such mysterious ways, doesn’t He? God bless you, my sweet friend!

  27. Wonderful and timely post. I can’t count how many times I’ve blown it in a similar way. I like that you point out that just because you still blow it, doesn’t mean you can’t still minister to others. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  28. Thank you for sharing this. The three steps are very practical and easy to remember since they are all “R”s. The one that resonated most with me is “sin isn’t who you are, it’s what you do.” I needed that reminder. I often feel so much shame because of sin. Thank you, Lord for Your forgiveness, mercy and grace.

  29. I know God has forgiven me for things in the past, but I have allowed Satan to bring those things up over and over, robbing me of joy and peace. The past week God has shown me, through many different people and scripture, that I AM forgiven, and I need to live in His grace, not my doubt! Thank you so much for one more “confirmation” and may He continue to bless your ministry. (And thank you for being honest!)

  30. After a doubt filled week of struggles, thank this was what I needed. How great and awesome is God. God bless

  31. Exactly what I needed. I’ve prayed 2 months for forgiveness and strength to get keep fighting the good fight against my sin. I need to let it go and accept that I am forgiven. My chains safe gone. The Lord will continue to provide my strength. Thank you for this devo!

  32. I really needed this reminder today. Thank you for your willingness to be so open.

  33. “When you fall into the trap of condemnation, close your eyes and picture Jesus – the person of Grace – kneeling down before you, looking into your eyes and loving you out of your sin.” LOVE THIS!! We can’t do it without Him. And he doesn’t even want us to- that is grace at its finest!!

  34. Thanks for words of encouragement. Seems like the hardest person to forgive is myself. I have to remember that God’s grace applies to me as well . . .even, especially after those moments when we feel we’ve blown it.

  35. Thank you so much for sharing. It spoke to me and yes His grace is sufficient. We don’t have to perform to be accepted by Him, we just need to believe that His grace is sufficient for us.

  36. Melanie Wheeler says:

    God uses the messes in my life to speak to me. He blesses me by reminding me of how parents love their children through the messes. God loves me through my messes, wants to help guide me through and see me learrn through the choices I make. To think that I am surrounded and covered by his wing gives me confidence – grace infused confidence – to make the next step each day, each hour, each minute. 1 John 3:1

  37. Thanks for sharing. It is so easy to allow Satan to convince me I am the only one that fails at times. Thank you for your honesty and sharing!

  38. Thank you so much for your honesty! It’s so refreshing to know that the things you write about are still life struggles God is continually working on within you. When I read P31’s devotionals, I am uplifted, encouraged and strengthened. However, I also tend to doubt myself, thinking that maybe I’m missing something. It seems as though the writers “have it all together” and the enemy uses it against me. Knowing that we’re all in the same life struggles together is reassuring. Thank you!

  39. Following a long year of some really BIG mistakes and yet still being called by God to share His Word I cannot express how much these words mean to me……”when you fall into the trap of condemnation, close your eyes and picture Jesus-the person of Grace-kneeling down before you, looking into,your eyes and loving you out of your sin”. My heart is aching and crying this moment over these beautifully timed words. Thank you for sharing!!!

  40. Wow! The wondrous way that God works! This is exactly the message I needed today. I live in such self administered agony because I believe I deserve only punishment for my sins believing that my sin is worse than everyone else. I doubt that even I can be forgiven & saved because I am THAT BAD.
    Lord, I do believe, and I pray that you are with me and guide me through that shadow of doubt & unbelief. Thank you for your grace & mercy. Amen.

  41. Nancy Yusko says:

    I Struggle with criticizing my husband. I don’t know what to do with my feelings when he does something I think he shouldn’t do. I see it wearing on him and when I try to do better I guess I try on my own terms.

  42. Thank you Renee – this is just what I needed today! This weekend was spent with a lot of self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness. Between my morning bible study, the Samaritan woman, and this devotional, I am feeling uplifted with how much God loves me – even more so, when I don’t love myself so much.

  43. I needed to hear this. We have recently moved and not found a church home I feel guilty every Sunday we stay home with another excuse that next week we will go. To be honest we have not been in church regularly in years. I do devotions and bible studies on my own and I pray everyday. I know I am saved by grace but I worry I will be condemned forever. I don’t know if this message still applies to me or not but if it does I am so glad.

  44. This message is close to my heart at this very moment . I’m not sure how I feel about my work and sometimes I look at my child raising skills and ask what have I done wrong . Doubt has been spring up everywhere I look. This is just a moment of knowing God doesn’t love me despit my flaws but because of them. Thank you for the reminder.

  45. I love this today, I get s mad at myself many times for not being good enough… Or doing the right thing when I should have.. For losing my temper. This was very good and I would love this devotional.

  46. I needed that reminder of the difference between conviction and condemnation. I need to only heed the conviction of God not the lying condemnation of the devil.

  47. Replacing the lies with the TRUTH is just what I need!

  48. My doubt in myself is brought on by years of feeling like I don’t measure up due to legalism. I’m learning to replace that with grace but it’s a long road toward having confidence in Christ. But if I daily search the scriptures I can learn to claim the victory and promise of our Lord!

  49. Thank you for sharing so openly. I am encouraged to know that I am not the only one who screws up. Even knowing that, Satan loads up the condemnation when I do. By the grace of God, He has and is teaching me to discern His voice and to ignore the lies.

  50. Jesus is all we need. Satan comes like a lion and a thief. He wants to destroy. In the name of Jesus do not believe his lies.

  51. Oh my…thank You, Jesus, that you convict, not condemn. Renee, thanks so much for the reminders that we are not our sin – they don’t define us. This is a Truth God has been sinking into the depths of my heart over the past 10 years. Would love to have a copy of the devo!

  52. I always thought that when I lost my temper or had not so nice things to say to a family member that I must be the only one who claims to be a Christian, but I sure don’t act like it. What I am realizing is that is a struggle for us all. Yet by gods grace we are forgiven. Thank you Jesus.

  53. Always an awesome devotion.

  54. This messages truly, hit home to me. I have struggle my whole life with shame, condemnations, doubts, and guilt. Never feeling good enough for anyone or God’s Kingdom. My life has been nothing but a struggle and at 53 years of age I have never felt truly, loved or acceptance. I have never really felt happiness or had cause to believe that I am just ordinary in a fallen world. I really would loved to win this book to help me settle this once and for all, that I do matter and that God loves me for who I am right now.

  55. Doubt creeps in all the time without warning. It’s then that we should stop and remind ourselves who we are because of what Jesus has so graciously done for us though it’s not always easy after we’ve failed.
    “There is now therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” -Romans 8:1

  56. Thanks got reminding me if God’s grace. I also need to extend that grace to others and offer forgiveness!

  57. Thanks for reminding me of God’s grace. I also need to extend that grace to others and offer forgiveness!

  58. Ellen Payson says:

    Thank you, Renee, for this precious treasure. My heart is lighter today.

  59. I let doubt and guilt consume me! Guilt, doubt, shame, have stolen my joy. It is so hard for me to accept God’s grace! Maybe I haven’t fully accepted Him like I think I have?

  60. For years I have identified myself by my sins which has brought on a world wind of self induced guilt. However, God is bringing me into a place of understanding that allows me know that he loves me despite what I do (sin)and accept me for who I am. I am the child of the great I AM! I’m not deserving of grace but He is overwhelming showering me with his loving grace. I am not sin although sin lies with in me I am His child!

  61. Guilt is one of the main things we feel that keeps us from truly experiencing true freedom in Christ. Sometimes I feel so unworthy of His grace. I know that I’m a work in progress. I won’t be perfect till I get to heaven.

  62. This post was very timely and written for me. I have gone through a situation where I have had to extend grace and forgiveness to someone who could care less about me. I did it because it was a requirement that God gave me. It was a hard thing to do but I imagine Jesus had a great deal of hard things to do and he didn’t complain. Thank you God for your forgiving grace and mercy in my life.

  63. Thank you for this reminder of God’s grace. May I remember always that just as God does not condemn me when I blow it, that I too must be careful not to put others under condemnation when they blow. May I extend that same gentle grace to others as well.

  64. Oh thank you so much for this. I feel this was me this weekend. Thank you for reminding me we are all loved and forgiven through grace. And because of that grace and love we too can give/offer to others with the help and love of Jesus. Thank you God for forgiving and loving me! God bless you ~

  65. Cindy Jeansonne says:

    Thank you for sharing God’s grace and love.

  66. I need to be free of the constant guilt that plagues me about everything I am doing or not doing.

  67. I love the phrase “grace-infused confidence”. I have always struggled with guilt, sometimes even if I’m not in the wrong. God has recently freed me from taking on others’ guilt and reminded me that my confidence relies solely in Him! This was a perfect reminder.

  68. Thank you for your transparency and for the reminder of the truth that Jesus is the King of my heart.

  69. Michele Ewing says:

    I have to say that the verse in which the woman is accused is a wonderful reminder of how those around us are quick to jump to conclusions and are ready to convict us as well as judge us for our mistakes, although she was caught in the act I have often wondered what about the man she was with was he not also guilty? Where were his accusers? Why was he not also brought to be judged? I know these are questions that we may never have an answer to or this is exactly how it was supposed to be for Jesus to show her and them compassion, love, and forgiveness. I love this verse and can take this and change how I allow others to judge me and just do as He did, love them anyway, pray for them anyway, and not be so quick to judge them or myself for my sins. We all sin and fall short daily and instead of condemning each other we should be helping each other by praying for each other, trying to be there with love and compassion and an understanding that as long as we are on this earth we are not nor will we ever be perfect in any sense of the word. Thank you so much for sharing this and your story to remind us that even teachers, leaders and those in the spotlight for God mess up because again we are human and on this earth. Have a blessed day and I pray God continues to bless you and your work for him.

  70. Needed this today. Thank you for sharing your heart and being real!

  71. I have been struggling a lot lately with guilt over not being good enough – not being a good enough wife, not being a good enough mother. But this devotion reminded me of what I already know but easily forget. God’s grace is enough. God’s grace is perfect so that I don’t have to be.

  72. I too am struggling with guilt from time to time. I have very good days of ‘feeling forgiven’, signs from God that it is okay today and encouraging words from strangers/friends who can see the despair in my eyes. However, I am not ‘out of the woods ‘ yet. So this article was still another reminder of God’s mercy and grace. It touched my heart and soul and I am grateful to you for sharing. Knowing that I/we are not alone is comforting.

  73. This devotion spoke to my heart because I’m horrible for letting the guilt of my short comings yet Jesus has better plans and better thoughts and enough grace to cover me.

  74. Carrie Davis says:

    I so identify with the story! I get full of myself easily & just know I can do it all so perfectly & my husband can’t even come close. I hate that in my & I get full of guilt.
    Thank you for writing the book – can’t wait to read it!

  75. Thanks for being so honest in sharing your story. Often the guilt if what I do wrong steals my joy. I would love to be encouraged by this devotional book.

  76. The devotion this morning was written for me, after the kind of weekend I had! It definitely touched my soul. Thank you for writing.

  77. Wendi GIrard says:

    This is why the women of Proverbs 31 make an impact in MY life. I too use a few “Beeps” if I get frustrated and
    mad. I call that “Unpacking my adjectives” It is so reassuring to me that I am not the only Christian woman to lose it, not acting like the syrupy sweet Christian that I think everyone else thinks we should be. I hate when I act out of control but confessing my sin to God, my family and receiving their forgiveness is a burden lifted.

  78. Need a reminder to lean on Gods grace and conviction rather than Satan’s lies and condemnation.

  79. Thank you for showing that God was preparing your lesson in the messy moments! This helped me tons today.

  80. I mess up daily but thank you God that your grace and mercy are new every morning! Thank you for sharing your ‘real life’ story.

  81. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder that sin is what we do, not who we are. God’s grace is enough.

  82. Laura Allen says:

    I loved the words you shared today. We all have sin in our lives that we aren’t proud of. It’s a wonderful reminder to know that the sin doesn’t define us. God’s grace gives us a way out. He loves us unconditionally. And, his grace is also a wonderful example of how we should respond when our own loved ones fall into the trap of temptation. I long to be like Christ in all ways, but especially this one. I bet your book is a wonderful read too!

  83. Thanks for this timely message. I had a similar experience a few days ago. I said a thoughtless thing and hurt someone’s feelings. I couldn’t sleep until I got up at 2:30 in the morning and sent a note of apology via email. But even after that the next day I kept thinking ‘it is out of the overflow of the heart that the hearts speaks’ so I had to examine my heart and found pride and resentment. It was a hard time but also a good time of repentance and cleansing.

  84. I have lived over half my life in guilt and condemnation. I am beginning to truly see His abundant grace in every area of my life. It’s a daily struggle but I serve a big God.

  85. A wonderful reminder. Often I am the first to condemn myself, much harsher than others. I also love the grace her church director showed her. I have felt unworthy of being a leader because of my own imperfections.

  86. I have felt exactly the way you described in the devotional more times than I can count. I have misbehaved so badly with my mouth and my thoughts that I felt very condemned and worthless and that I might as well give up. What a wonderful reminder that God’s grace steps in and can defeat the guilt that can overwhelm.

  87. Thank you for your honesty in sharing. Praise God for anointing and appointing you to speak this message to me. I needed to hear God’s voice and message of love and grace instead of Satan’s, which plants that guilt-induced doubt. “Although guilt from the enemy tempts us to give up on ourselves, grace reminds us God never will. Instead, He can take what feels like destruction and use it for reconstruction through our dependence on Him.” My only hope is in the grace and ever available reconstruction God offers when I will admit my dependence on him, and then submit to His authority.

  88. As I read your devotional in my quiet time, my husband started clanging things around in the kitchen and talking to me. Yes, I felt frustration mounting as I read. Then I couldn’t help but laugh as I thought to myself. “I know the kind of frustration Renee must have felt.”

  89. Thank you for thoughts today. They were much needed as last week was one of those weeks. Really appreciate the 3 points!

  90. Such an encouragement to hear that God grace is always enough for us!

  91. So many times I have found it difficult to forgive when there has been a wrong that hurt me. Then He reminds me of His unconditional forgiveness, again and again. Thanking Jesus for His forgiveness , which opens our hearts to forgive others.

  92. This spoke right to me. I am constantly (CONSTANTLY) struggling with self doubt. I do not feel good enough and secretly wonder how God can continually love me and say “Yes… you are enough” Thanks for sharing!

  93. Sin isn’t who we are, it’s what we do…..we can change our actions but nothing can change who I belong to.

  94. “When you fall into the trap of condemnation, close your eyes and picture Jesus – the person of Grace – kneeling down before you, looking into your eyes and loving you out of your sin.” Oh my goodness! That brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for those beautiful, powerful, and very true words! Just what I needed to read today. I have always loved this story from the Bible, and you brought it to life in this blog post. Thank you and God bless! <3

  95. I’m waiting on my divorce from my 3rd marriage. The guilt and shame of this is deep and painful. Thank you for your devotional. I really needed to hear those scriptures this morning.

  96. Absolutely! It is so easy to doubt ourselves when we stay so busy and focused on taking care of our families. We all need a reminder of God’s grace and “reconstruct” instead of “destruct”!

  97. michael Tibu says:

    I will make it easier by the Grace of God and not by my own strength

  98. Jean oleson says:

    Guilt is like a leaden coat that drags us down. The devillage piles it on and the way to get it off is to give it all to Jesus and take up His yoke instead.

  99. Great encouragement for me and for others in my life who are struggling. Need to be constantly reminded of these truths and your devotional will help me to have picture that should help. Thank you!

  100. Love,Love,Love today’s devotion. especially your admission of the ‘bleeps’. i struggle with taming my tongue when emotions get high. I have been feeling low and unworthy and this was just the reminder that God knows we struggle, understands, and forgives us all if our remorse is sincere. Thank you for letting him talk to us through you. 🙂

  101. I went to bed last night stressed and overwhelmed by all the projects i didn’t get done this weekend. I woke up with then still looming over my head.
    The devotion today helps start my day with a sense of peace and encouragement to let go of guilt for not getting it all done.

  102. When I have one of those days like you described, I feel exactly same way- at first irritated to the point that ‘no, I do not want to control it’, and then later when I am calm again I feel guilty because a true child of God should not experience such emotions and thoughts. But then next time a similar situation comes around, I just dont feel that being timid and calm would just do it for me, so I go thru a roller-coaster of emotions again. I would like to stop doing that, but I am convinced that those who are close to me and who dont bother do adjust their behaviour one bit to minimize the likelihood for blow-outs are not cooperating, it makes it really hard and makes me feel stuck. 🙂 Ufff, I am such work in in progress….

  103. In the middle of the recovery program that I just recently attended a BIG news broke into me. At first I really didn’t know how I could start again since at that time I’m still recovering from my depression. However, as the program progressed, slowly God speaks to me that everything is gonna be fine and He will use my condition to be my ministry.

    After the program I asked myself how I could inspire others through the pain and misery that I experienced. How could God use me despite all the mess I’ve done. I felt I am weak, unworthy, with little faith. But last Sunday God clearly spoke to me through the message on that day that says “When God calls, He qualifies”.

    I have always doubt my faith, my capability to share His words or to testify what God had done to me. But I forgot that it’s not about me. It’s about Him. The question is not if I CAN, because He CAN, and when the time He calls me, I know that He will definitely give me the necessary skills and knowledge to do my job.

    Your story inspires me to pursue God’s will instead of focusing to myself. Thank you for sharing.

  104. My husband is great at pointing out my failures. I realized this morning that I’ve been buying into what he says instead of accepting the grace God gives me. Are there things I need to work on? Absolutely! But I need to get away from the guilt so that I can clearly see my sins.

  105. I certainly need to know how to let go of guilt and let grace have it’s perfect work.

  106. This email and devotion is so timely- God is so good! I have been praying for my daughter, who wrestles with self-doubt, and I see this devotion! After pouring through it, I saw the devotion and book, and I immediately wondered if it would be a practical way to apply God’s Word to her thoughts. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  107. Becky Fitchett says:

    I know all too well about guilt induced doubt. It has haunted me for most of my life. It is God’s unfailing love and compassion that is motivating me to depend on and trust in Him to keep me.

  108. Elaine Segstro says:

    Thank you Renee for this devotional. I so appreciated your book “A Confident Heart” and would love to read the accompanying devotions book. I identify with self-doubt in my work, friendships, and marriage. I am so blessed by a loving husband and friends, but still feel so inadequate. Thank you for sharing your heart and the Word.

  109. Thank you for sharing the 3 “R’s” as a simple way to remind us how to replace our guilt with His grace.

  110. I felt God speaking to me through today’s devotion. I’m having major problems with my 17 year old stepson. I have a special needs high functioning young adult and my stepson says he doesn’t like him 🙁 Not because he’s my son, but my son is such a kindhearted, loving & outgoing person. Everyone, except my stepson & his mom, absolutely love him. I have prayed and prayed and prayed some more and I have a very hard time talking to him. I feel so bad when we have him for our weekend and I can’t seem to talk to him 🙁 When he leaves I feel bad that I didn’t talk to him.

  111. I get so caught up in the bad behavors that I lose sight of God. I feel guilt for everything and especially being a mom and wife. This devontion was great for me today. Thank you!

  112. Guilt and doubt have kept me from fully leaning into the love of Christ for a very long time. I’ve been praying for the ability to love better, and realized my lack of love for myself is an obstacle. The fear and doubt have had me chained. Thank you for giving me a new piece of insight on which to build a foundation. I KNOW God loves me! I need to live free of the Evil One’s constant whispers and schemes. So in the name of Jesus, I rebuke the enemy and bind him up to be free. He has no hold, no claim on me. I’m God’s girl.

  113. This was right on time for me today. I really needed to read this devotion. I do not believe it was by chance, but it was God’s way of reminding me of His grace. I am in a season of guilt induced doubt and sometimes it drains me leaving me spiritually weak. This was a refreshing that I needed today.

  114. I love the sound of Grace-infused confidence. So often I am wallowing in my guilt induced doubt and destruction that I fear I miss God’s awesome grace to find rest and freedom in the name of Jesus. Thank you for this post. I’m going to think about what Jesus was writing and what words he crosses out that I say about myself, and the beautiful words he replaces them with. 🙂

  115. Thank you for this timely devotional Renee!
    I struggle with believing I am in some sort of sin at any given time, I will pray and confess and ask God to reveal to me what I am in need of confessing. It is most always so generalized and I feel as if God turns away or shuts himself away from me. I will even think, well why would I expect different I am so sinful and so unworthy! You can imagine what this does for my day to day life. I do read His Word along with study in it. I go to church to hear His word and fellowship weekly. I really needed this today ! Thank you !

  116. I really need this book. I suffer from anxiety/depression so I’m in a constant battle with my thoughts and feelings to continue to live in God’s Grace. Thank you Jesus for your loving grace as I would probably not even be here without it. Literally. Thank you.

  117. Angela Montgomery says:

    Wow guilt. It can eat me up if I let it. I find the more I read God’s word the more I know that His grace is sufficient even when it seems like there’s no way out. Thanks for the story. It definitely helps when others can share. This is not an isolated race but we’re in this together.

  118. CINDY LANDRY says:

    First and foremost, Thank U!!!!, I have been waddling on the brink of guilt, my only child was murdered and I felt like I was unable to protect nor save him from the elements. It has been 14 yrs, then my mom’s demise 12 weeks later after his death. I am in constant thought, was I a good enough mom and a good enough daughter to my mom. However thru meditation, medication and articles such as this, I realize, I am not in control of the calling. I have finally come to the realization, it is ok, to have my moments and meltdowns!!! Thank U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. I love that you don’t just ask for a common but that you say you’ll pray for me! I feel like I need lots of prayers in this area. I’m not confident person, and lately I feel like a failure as a wife and mother. I try to rest in God’s truth but I screw up every day. I’m struggling to see how God can use me in my family, let alone in his kingdom.

  120. Thank you for this encouragement. I have always loved this bible passage – such a clear demonstration of God’s grace! But so easy to forget.
    I found your comment about picturing Jesus particularly helpful. I often feel condemned, and this is a great tip to refocus on the truth, and be open to conviction rather than generalised condemnation. Thank you.

  121. Thank you for sharing this beautiful reminder of God’s grace! I’m praising Him this morning that His mercies are new every day! Oh how I need Your grace! Jesus, I come!

  122. This devotional helped me. I fall into this trap and sometimes just can’t get out. I get so down and depressed that I just don’t smile or even talk anymore.

  123. Debbie Johnson says:

    I have always been challenged with defeating thoughts, I overcome at times but it is the consistency that I need to stay above it. I believe this book with the scripture cards will help
    me tremendously. There are days like
    you had where I do just give up and want to go back to bed or give up.

    I can help others better but not myself

  124. Connie Boyd says:

    As I continue to step out in serving in our local church and am hard on myself for not ‘having it together’, I thank you for your story in your devotional this morning that reminds me that NONE of us have it perfectly together all of the time. We all need grace, continually. Both for ourselves, and for one another. Thank you.

  125. Wow I think we have all been at this place, but God gives us the Grace to get through it.
    Loved this message

  126. Thank you Renee for your honesty and insight. God has blessed you with a wonderful, genuineness, approachable to in your teaching! It is an encouragement to all who listen or read your messages.
    Thanking God for you and p 31 ministries.

  127. Boy did I need this! What it helped to remind me of in my constant battle against the enemies jabs of self doubt, etc… Is that my God is bigger & that His grace is sufficient! As long as I confess & repent of my sins & try to be the best mother, wife & woman that I can be, He will take care of the rest!! I just have to let go & let God, & not let it bother me! When God forgives me, he forgets, so I must also forgive myself & let it go for good… But sometimes that’s the hardest part for me! I also have to remember that fear & doubt are from the enemy, but confidence, grace & peace are from God! Thank you again for reminding me of this!!!!!

  128. Thank you Renee for your honesty and insight. God has blessed you with a wonderful, genuineness, approachability in your teaching! It is an encouragement to all who listen or read your messages.
    Thanking God for you and p 31 ministries.

  129. I really am not sure of what to write here as I ponder on what I read in the email devotional and what I just read here on the page. I am sitting here alone while my son is at school and my husband is at work, I have time to think and pray.
    I feel conviction and hope. I feel convicted about the way I have been acting toward myself and my family, but I have been feeling this way for a while. I have let the guilt prohibit me from true repentance and seeking help from like-minded Christians. But there is hope because this message and the bible verses included tell me that there is no reason I should be sitting in guilt. I can move forward, constantly consult God, and do what I can the best that I can with the strength given to me.
    I would like to win this book. However, it is more important that someone knows that they aren’t alone and I hope that I am speaking a language or even dialect that someone can understand and turn towards Christ.
    Thank you for this devotional.

  130. Even if I don’t win this devo, I’m buying it. Seems to be exactly what I need and I’ve been looking for a study I can do independently. I’m just one guilt-induced defeated thought away from throwing in the towel. Of course, being in this spot, God won’t allow me to stay here. My son popped in his favorite Veggie Tale last night about perseverance. I had to laugh. And I had to commit to staying the course although I am weary and discouraged. Time to approach the throne of grace!

  131. Theresa Dean says:

    As a long time perfectionists your words spoke to me today. I am a retired nurse and a Healing Touch practitioner, so optimal health and God’s anointing energy are my passions but sometimes my agenda spoils the gentleness and unconditional love that we are commanded to give to all. I pray for the Prov 31 ministry often. The words from you beautiful women are a balm to me. We moved my 91 and 88 year old parents to our home two years ago and I think my mother would love your book. We never have enough teaching on GRACE. Bless you and your ministry.

  132. Like so many women have already said, i am so critical of myself and this
    honest reminder of God’s grace is just what i needed to hear. Thank you to all the women who also shared their journey, my load seems lighter just knowing I’m not alone in this today! God Bless you all!

  133. Ruby Renee Solomon says:

    This message directly spoke to me one is your name is Renee and do is mine, and I received from this how your day to day multitasking can effect our personalities and cause us to doubt our strengths and our gifts, we can talk ourselves out of what we know is going to be okay but we still have fears and doubts

  134. Pam glidden says:

    What a wonderful lesson today that I really needed. Thank You for the encouragement and uplifting that again reminded me He is forgiving and an ever present help and guide. God bless you for your open heart.

  135. This was just what I needed to hear today. I am in a new job where I have to do a lot of public speaking for a faith-based organization and I feel so unworthy most of the time. My personality is more of a behind the scenes type of person and I get nervous to speak in front of others and I feel like I am more of a distraction and the words that I say won’t get through to those I am speaking to. I know that the devil is working overtime in that department for me and these words were the encouragement that I needed to hear today as I gear up for a month of many speaking engagements. I know that God can use anyone, even me and that He will speak through me.

  136. Thank you for the replay of life – only substitute my name too many times. While longing to help others, I need to realize that God also meant it for me. What a wonderful reality and gift of grace and forgivenss. Thank you for sharing the truth God loves to have each one trust Him to fulfill.

  137. Nancy Gipson says:

    Your words were exactly what I needed to hear today….a reminder of God’s promises that spoke to my heart. When I get discouraged, I easily go back to the “I’m not good enough, and never will be.”, and the sadness that goes with it. I needed reminded that God is stronger than anything that can happen in the world. I ordered your book, and would like this devotional to go with it. Blessings for sharing of yourself, and how God works.

  138. I have never considered that Jesus stooped before her. I wonder if their eyes met. What will it be like to look in His eyes? Oh! That thought overwhelms me to tears. How loving and tender He is. I do wish I could break free of the condemnation I carry. I know it isn’t real….but, I do carry it around.
    Thank you for your time in writing this blog. You have blessed me today. Donna

    • Renee Swope says:

      Praying for you Donna. To be set free from condemnation in Jesus’ name, by the power of His redeeming blood shed on the cross for you. HE loves you sweet sister. He wants to look into your eyes today and speak grace over your heart so that healing can come!

  139. Those broad sweeping lies don’t come from others…they come from inside of my own head. I’m trying to replace the long worn ruts of those words with words of Gods forgiveness and grace. Things like,God wants to draw me away from destructive behaviors (like the lies in my head) so I can live the freedom of His forgiveness and the security of His love are important messages to me right now.

  140. This devotional is just what I needed today. I find such a hard time forgiving myself and breaking away from this sin in my life.

  141. Constant doubting is a sin I have. I pray for Jesus’ perfect love and grace to cover my doubts with His mercy! Thank you!
    P.S. You have a typo in this paragraph:
    Step 1: Remember
    Remember sin is not who you are; sin is what you do.
    Although He knew she had sinned, Jesus made sure this woan knew her sin was not who she was. It was what she had done. Her sin didn’t get the final say. Jesus did.

  142. Hurt by adultery says:

    This example in the bible always hurts to hear and read. I know Jesus forgives the adulterous woman, but where is the scripture for the woman’s family that she turned away from? Who has ever thought about the pain and devastation her acts caused? My husband of 16 years, the father of our 11 yr old daughter, was caught in adultery. After several lies and more weeks of lies, he finally admitted to 2 more affairs over the coarse of the previous year. We didn’t have a perfect Christian marriage, he walked away from his faith and every responsibility he had, other than his employment, and I had to figure out why he was so depressed and drinking all the time. I had to be the financial and faith filled leader of our family, bill payer, house cleaner, homework helper, all while working 6-7 days per week, 10 hour days. I was burnt out but had to keep going as he was no help. He has since repented and turned back to God, which is awesome and the best choice he’s made. But the pain and resentment that my daughter and I bear is overwhelming. She knows way too much about what he’s done. His confession was made outside of her bedroom and she was witness to his dramatic displays of emotion until he finally agreed to leave our house. My daughter went from a normal happy go lucky sweet innocent child, to a child full of rage and anger and revenge. She grew an obsession of knives and started hurting herself. We are all in counseling, we attend church and have bible studies with our church mentors, but the pain remains. While it is beautiful, the story of the forgiven adulterous sinner, there is another story not found in the bible about the families broken by this woman and her partners actions.

  143. It is difficult to replace the negative tapes that run in my head with positive statements. Satan knows he can get to me through guilt. I appreciated everything you said about how God will never give up on us and his grace and mercy are there for us. Thank you for these encouraging words.

  144. Thank you for being so open and honest in your reaction. It made me laugh out loud and as I did so, years of doubt and shame evaporated! For decades I have been bound, unable and unwilling to seek God’s purpose for my life due to comparing myself to the Godly women He brought into my life causing me to slink away in shame because of my sins and failures as a wife and mother. Though I believe in His unconditional love, I reasoned that the consequence of my sin was to never be good enough for Him to use. For some reason, today is the day the truth has finally penetrated and freed me! Again, thank you for leaping from the Wonder Woman pedestal on to the real world with me.

  145. Melanie Holaway says:

    This was my first time reading your blog and I enjoyed it.
    I look forward to reading more.

  146. Guilt is my second name. I’ve been feeling guilty most of my life. And although Jesus has healed me a lot, I guess I still have a long way ahead. Thank you for your words. God bless you.

  147. Remember, refuse, replace. A much better “3 R’s” to use as an adult. Thank you.

  148. I was lead to your site this morning after reading the Proverbs 31 daily devotion written by you. Wow! God knew exactly what I needed this morning. I need God’s unfailing grace to get me through. Please pray for my current situations. I’m so thankful for our Lord’s mercy and grace.

  149. I am my harshest critic. I aim for perfection. I rely on myself and I struggle with guilt. I am not living a grace filled life and I need Jesus. He is not my accuser. He lowers himself before me. Thank you Jesus! Please heal my heart ❤️

  150. I pray whomever receives this book will be blessed beyond measure. Thank you for your ministry and allowing the broken to find acceptance and wholeness.

  151. Gods timing is always perfect. In my time of need these words are burned into my spirit. I struggle to accept his grace, because I constantly feel that I do not deserve it for what I have done. and He continues to remind me in my darkest hour he is still with me. I know that I was created for greatness that is why the attack is so strong. But now I have accepted his grace and will continue the good fight. I WILL FINISH THE RACE.

    THANK YOU. <3

  152. I really needed to hear this today and it’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one. I often lose my patience with my family and this is an ongoing battle. There are many things causing stress in our lives right now but I know it’s wrong to take it out on them. I have a plaque hanging on my wall that says “God sees us as we can be, but loves us as we are.” It reminds me that I can overcome all things through Christ and that because of His grace my failures don’t have to hold me back. Thank you for this devotion, Renee! God bless!

  153. Kathy Easterday says:

    I have had moments of outbursts I regretted the moment they came out of my mouth. I have also done things that I’d rather not speak of, I am so grateful for Gods forgiveness. It took me a long time to get over the guilt of my actions and anger of some things that happened to me. But by the grace of God forgiving and being forgiven is supreme. Thank you for your post today I really enjoyed it. God bless you!

  154. Love this. Thank you. God’s grace is there. Always and forever. How do I respond to it? Take it for granted? Or accept it…listen, trust and obey? I believe He wants nothing more than to have His grace change me.

  155. Thank you for your devotionals and posts. I love them because you’re so vulnerable and it’s a relief to know we are not alone in all our mess-ups. I have the same struggles you describe plus a bad temper and no patience. So, I always need to hear your message of hope in the Lord. Thank you again.

  156. Thanks for this devotional today! I really needed to hear it. I heard a sermon yesterday on control (trusting God instead of trying to control everything), and I went into the bathroom and cried because all I could think over and over was the condemning phrase, “You’re such a control freak, Carol.” The sermon was beautifully delivered and wasn’t wrongfully delivered, but it just hit a raw nerve in me, and I couldn’t stop feeling bad all day! My issues with control have to do with issues of fear and trust — so I would love to read your book!

  157. I have nothing but guilt since my husband passed away in dec. of 2012. How my words were not kind and my body actions were not nice. How I brought up the past to him and let him know about things that made me unhappy. We were married 57years. I have confessed this to God several times but still live with the guilt such torment.

  158. Like…my heart got really full and almost as if it has some connection to my eyes they filled with this liquid love as I breathed a sigh of relief reading today’s devotionals posted by your graced hands today Renee. I whisphered within, oh how I need this devotional and even if I’m not drawn, Daddy, You’ll make a way for me to have one. Was just at church yesterday sharing with some Sisters about wanting a new devotional as Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” has been my devotional since I was led to it in a bookstore back in 2011. Was sharing how I hadn’t been led to another just yet, then to be able to get a glimpse of your writing and to have it speaking my heart…whew! Anyway, not to hold your eyes hostage, thank you for sharing, these posts have blessed me greatly today. Keep radiating God’s Glory and exuding His Love!

  159. I clicked over from my Proverbs 31 devotional and am so glad I did. What a great reminder of Gods grace. I especially needed to hear this. It is very difficult when you have such big mommy guilt and are so convicted of discouraging words or our actions. Even after asking for forgiveness and knowing I am forgiven by God and my kids and husband, it somehow still sticks with me. Reading you blog post was a refreshing reminder of Gods grace and forgiveness and I am for sure my worst critic. My standards are unattainable but Gods are attainable.

  160. Thank you for your transparency. Just makes me realize none of us are perfect on our own. But in Christ we are made new. I struggle with looking at the women in our church and thinking they are so much better than me. God bless you!

  161. It’s so refreshing that God’s grace can replace my guilt!

  162. This is so timely. I have stugglrmed with guilt and condemnation all weekend. Thank you for this devotional.

  163. I am my worst enemy when it comes to how I talk to myself about myself. I was reminded I need to remember what God says about me and how He forgives me. I don’t need to throw stones at myself. I need to run not walk to God’s loving arms.

  164. Beth Thomas says:

    I think we all suffer from guilt, and usually we are our worst critic! I have been fighting this for a long time, but memorizing Scripture and God’s promises has helped me alot to quiet that condemning voice in my head.

  165. I want to get out of the “condemning” cycle. Believing God can do this. Thanks for the devotion today.

  166. Breana Gordon says:

    Thank you Rene for this today. It is SO needed for my heart. All to often I feel the failure label; as a wife, mom, daughter. Thank you Jesus for having the last say about me.

  167. So much guilt – so little time. After reflecting on this blog, I realized that a good portion of my day is spent feeling guilty. Did I do everything I could to save my marriage? Was I supportive enough of my son? Did I do my best at work? Am I doing what Jesus wants of me? It’s no wonder I’m exhausted when I fall into bed. The silver lining is that I am constantly reminded of God’s love for me and to just surrender to that love and He will take care of everything else. Maybe not in the way I want or expected, but in His way.

  168. Tiffany Clark says:

    Love how God’s grace is available all the time! And I really appreciate your honesty because we all fail at times! Thank the Lord for his grace!

  169. I love how you said that God’s grace draws us away from destructive sin and instead toward a deeper relationship with Him. These words were so encouraging to me today!

  170. Tammie Wageman says:

    Thank you for your reminder that I am worthy of God’s Grace and Forgiveness. My Husband of 25 years just left me for another Women. He claims she does not have anything to do with his decision to leave and that it was all my fault for things he blames me for – that happened 5 years ago. I have acknowledged my sins before him and God and asked for forgiveness in which I thought I had received forgiveness from both. The guilt of this sin has been reopened in my life and I can’t seem to lay it down. The hurt and the pain I feel after my soul mate has left me, along with this guilt has been just too much to bare.

  171. This was perfectly timed for me as I have been also struggling with writing a message for an Emmaus Weekend for ladies. I also have been struggling with balance all my many responsibilities to my family and I too have failed many times. I came home yesterday after a weekend helping my oldest daughter who is a freshman in college to my youngest daughter who awaited my return expecting rundown, over worked, stressed out mom. She even felt she needed to catch a quick nap in order to be fresh so she could help me. It hurt my heart to hear those thoughts but I was grateful I did not THIS time come home in that state and I was VERY grateful she knows she can be open and honest with me even if it is to point Me the mom back toward God. I am a very blessed mother.

  172. Thanks to my oldest daughter, she sent me the link to Proverbs 31 Ministries. I am 100% disabled from spine injuries and RA. I thank God on a regular basis for giving me this injury, because someone else out there may not be able to handle the pain as I do. Even though I do sit alone morning and night crying due to the pain and suffering, I know that I am still here for a reason. I love reading the devotions every morning….they give me a sense of being, and for those first 30 minutes of tear stained eyes, I can smile after reading several devotions. I truly believe that God has a plan for me, and all I can do is pray and keep Jesus close to my heart constantly! Thank you Father for being in my heart and soul, even when sin comes out in all areas of my life. I know I’m not perfect by any means and never will be, but I do know that Jesus is within me to help me be strong, and He is there when I don’t think I can go another minute. Bless you all!

  173. Today’s message caused me to not just look at my own sin but to reflect on how I treat others who have sinned. I have learnt that our sins dint make us who we are and it wrong to condemn others when they do. Although their sin may cause you to hurt God also calls us to show grace to them.
    Lord thanks for teaching me that your grace covers a multitude of sins .thanks for the grace you have shown me.teach me to extend grace to those that hurt me and to surrender them to you.

  174. What a great devotional. I think we all struggle with not feeling worthy of God’s grace and forgiveness. Accepting that is a struggle. God loves us but hates the sin! Thank you for sharing this.

  175. Dear Renee,
    The morning started by not being able to access the First 5 app I usually go to. So
    thankful that turned out to be a God detour taking me here.. I just finished an excruciating Parents Weekend at my son’s university. Of course it’s supposed to be a happy opportunity to share a little of their lives at college. But there is this wall around him to keep us at distance and I’m not sure exactly what my sin is or how to make thinges right. I constantly feel I’m flunking parenting – even when I send him a “care package” (how can you go wrong there??) he won’t acknowledge it. My heart is so broken that the same child I used to be so close to is so far away even whe n standing next to me. And I have terrible guilt that I lost my job some months ago – I work now but hardly any income, we’re in debt and scraping for money to send him back for his next semester – I feel lIke I cant spend any thing on myself. Sometimes my dear husband has bought marked-down chicken necks & gone crabbing so we would have food for dinner. I have a hard time trusting God’s plan bc I feel why would he make me this way, a woman of sorrows, plagued by clinical depression and anxiety so much of my life and terrified I could be hurting my son with it. It is hard to go on some days. If I won your book it would feel like God is giving me a sign to keep pressing on, and I hope it could help me heal. But if I don’t I would still like to get it. Thanks for listening. Ps. I’m so glad you included the “beep” part of the story, because I so needed to laugh – not at you but WITH YOU! Love to you & all who are reading today.

  176. Liza Kirschner says:

    It’s so easy to fall into the habit of letting the enemy pull you into self-criticism – I thank you for the thoughts that remind me of God’s love, promises and power. <

  177. I love what you said from Day 12 of your Devotional. “Sin is what we do, not who we are.” Too often we allow satan’s lies to take root and grow in our hearts. We’re all going to make mistakes, but His grace is sufficient! I have a friend that is stuck in the guilt of sin like the story of the adulterous woman in John 8. I have tried talking with her and constantly pray and fast for her, but she’s still stuck there. I would love to bless her with your devotional. Perhaps reading it will stir her heart and allow her to ask for forgiveness and move forward in Christ. Thank you.

  178. Lori Higgins says:

    I was just talking with a friend yesterday about how the enemy loves to use truth against me. It would have been so easy to be crushed by some things my pastor said in his message at church yesterday. What he was talking about pierced my heart with laser precision. I always know it’s God convicting me when this happens, but the enemy loves to take the opportunity to twist it into condemnation. On the drive home from church (and a good portion of the rest of the day) I had to ask God to help me keep these things in proper perspective and allow Him to use them the way He intended. I never cease to be amazed by how much God loves me! He’s always faithful to point out the hard stuff and He’s always here to help me work through it.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  179. Isn’t God timely in his message(s) to us???? Just when we want to give up, there is encouragement ~ thank you for delivering just the encouragement I needed today!

  180. I too am feeling much like the “Woman at the Well” today. I have read both Renee’s book and done the double diet in the past but I feel like I am falling down in everything I thought I could, would, and should do at this time and don’t seem to be able to get things in order anywhere! My mind seems to be spilling over. I don’t seem able to complete a thought well, type this, or do anything well this morning. I got up early, thought I had things all in order and cannot get it right no matter how hard I keep trying.

    I even had Renee’s book on the table last week-intended to open it and maybe read it again to help me get myself straightened out, put it back on the shelf because I was already over-whelmed and tired, and knew I had so much to do. I thought better than adding one more thing to my already “Long list of To Do’s” and then, even got out my Nook, I have the Doubt Diet on it. Didn’t do that either!

    I know God must be watching me and saying, “I’m here, stop, pray and I will help you! But I cannot seem to even accomplish that. Help me Lord, I know you are aware of the mess I am making of everything I keep trying to do and cannot seem to finish or accomplish anything at all. My mind is now so full I am getting a headache. I know the song “I Need to Be Still” would help but am afraid to even try to sing it and go forward. Forgive me Lord, I know You say,” You will never leave me nor forsake me”. I believe that too. But don’t’ know how to get an idea of what to do next and what is the priority.

    Help me Jesus. Mary Kaiser

  181. All I can say is WOW! This is just the encouragement I needed to begin my week.
    This past week was not a great one for me, but it’s lovely to know that God extends his grace, mercy and forgiveness to me as well as blessing me with another week to get things right.

    Thank you for this!

  182. Christy Kirby says:

    “Refuse condemnation, but lean into loving conviction.” Love, love, love this as it is something I struggle with. Jesus doesn’t condemn us with sweeping statements about how we don’t measure up but lovingly points out specific sin! Thank you so much for the reminder this morning of how much God loves me and how his grace covers me!

  183. I am constantly doubting myself as a Mom. When my kids tell me “I’m I bad person”, I replace it with “No, you did something bad but you are still a great person. We all make mistakes.” However, I am not so forgiving with myself. I need to remember God’s grace. Perfection is not existent. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  184. Thank you so much for this devotional! I’ve been struggling with the past and guilt for over a year. It’s a daily struggle and I need the reminder everyday, that Jesus loves me and forgives and wants to help me move forward. I can’t worry about what people think and let the guilt consume me and give up. God has a plan for me still and I need to follow His plan.

  185. Always feel like im not good enough…this is a reminder Gods grace is always sufficient.

  186. Thank you for this wonderful devotion today. It fed me the word of god and was exactly what I needed to hear today. Very profound and will stick with me. I struggle with the feeling like I am not good enough cause I sin like every human being; got to realize we are not perfect only God is and we have to strive to be like him but there will be times we fall short.

  187. Just this morning I had a talk with my husband and how insecure and guilt ridden I’ve felt lately about if I’m doing the best for the kids, doing ENOUGH for them, etc… This came start perfect time!!

  188. Thank you for thus devotion from one who was feeling I can never get it right … take one godly step forward, and two guilt-induced steps backwards. Going to try it again depending on His grace.


  189. Thank you for this devotion and for the chance to win. I am so thankful that sin does not have to leave us defeated. Christ has conquered sin’s power and covers it in His grace. What a comfort to know. I can move forward today and everyday because I am forgiven and God is for me.

  190. Our Sunday School study was on John 8 and this was another view of God’ mercy and grace. In today’s world we all need to love as Jesus loves and forgives because we are all sinners.
    Thank you for your for giving your time to give food for thought.

  191. I have been going thru a tough patch for the past several weeks, one reason I happened onto the Proverbs31.org website. It must be apparent on my face, in my voice, and in all my actions because everyone is asking about what I have going on that has me so down. I have just continued to call out to GOD thru this and I know HE is here for me, I just need to wait….

  192. Yesterday evening I learned something about my teenager that really upset me, more than upset me…it made me furious! My words spewed out like knives at my son, I could see it in his eyes and facial expressions but I couldn’t stop. When I finally did stop, I felt horrible and more negative emotions followed. After taking away all his electronics and grounding him, I went to wash dishes. As I was washing dishes a huge knot grew in my throat as my condemning, horrifying words echoed in my head along with flashes of images of my teenagers facial expressions. I felt like I was suffocating, I wanted to cry and scream and then I started to condemn myself….I was a horrible mother, a failure, a disappointment, what kind of mother uses those kinds of words to their own son?!?! I left my house to clear my head talk about my horrific actions to my neighbor, just to get it out of my system, I cried and felt so guilty. She agreed that my words were not the best choice but his punishment was just. She also said that it was never a good idea to be prideful, especially to your children. After clearing my head, something was nudging my heart to go back and apologize…as I went back to the house, my teenager approached me and from the look on his face he was feeling like I was. He started with apologizing to me for what he had done, he recognized his wrong doing and accepted and understood the consequences of his actions. He continued telling me that he loves me and that he doesn’t like when I get after him. My heart sunk…after the harsh verbiage I had used towards him he still made sure that I knew that he loves me! The holy spirit was working in both of us at the same time! I forgave him and I also asked him for forgiveness for the poor choice of words that I used. His innocent eyes stared into mine as I was struggling to keep mu composure, but I couldn’t….I cried. My youngest heard me cry and he came to hug me.
    One of the main things I pray for is to be a godly mother, one with wisdom, love and knows how to balance love and discipline. Although, apologies were exchanged and forgiveness was accepted, of course being me, I was haunted by my words and my sons’ facial expressions as I was laying in my bed…it was a rough night. This morning I woke with the mission of reading my devotional, some scriptures, some Unveiled wife and Proverbs31.org and here it was, plain as day….what Our Father God knew that I needed to read, see and reflect….I prayed and I felt a relief, I forgave myself and just like my teenager, I learned the mistake I made and will try and make a better choice in the future whenever I come up against something like this again. Thank you for your encouraging words and for taking the time to go deeper and writing about “Replacing Guilt with Grace”.

  193. Thank you for your devotion. Stress in life tends to make me feel inadequate and even sometimes feel cranky with those around me. I want to continue focusing on God’s mercy and grace, I want to spend more time realizing that God is in control of my life and all I need is to allow his mercy and grace to carry me through each day. I would love a copy of your devotional to continue to stay focused on God.

  194. Well at this moment, I am getting accused of something I didn’t do. The rumor is that I’m trying to steal and sleep with one of my relative’s husband. I’m just can’t believe that. This is the story that I was thinking about how Jesus forgive the adultress. But as for me, I didn’t do anything and not even think like that about this person. But like the bible says the truth shall set you free. It made me mad but I just have to be still. Please keep me in prayer.

  195. This the third time I have tried to finished my message. The first time I was in a cancer clinic waiting for my husband while he was getting a radiation treatment. He finished his treatment before I finished my response.
    Sorry if you get a double message. Most of the time if I just close my tablet it is saved.

    I read your message under encouraging text for today. It was very helpful because I still feel guilty when I get mad I sin with words out of my mouth. Afterwards I pray for forgiveness but I often still feel guilt instead of forgiveness because of the grace of God. I don’t act out this sin very much but I do it before I even think of
    another way to get my feelings across. I know the I am a child of God and because of grace I shouldn’t feel so guilty but I do’. I think your book will help me to be better to learn to accept God”s grace and change my
    behavior because I have been forgiven and think of that before words are said.

  196. I am constantly struggling with doubt and condemning thoughts. I am in ministry and between that and being momma to my four kiddos I certainly have a lot of condemning feelings and thoughts. God has really been showing me that I need to focus on the difference between the condemnation from the enemy and true conviction from Him. When I am so down on my self, I really try and remember that God loves me and I am not always going to do everything perfectly. I am not superwoman (although sometimes I try to be) and I have to be ok with not always being perfect with everything.

  197. Thank you I needed to hear this today in regards to my spouses very poor choices and his continuation in not digging into those choices.

  198. Renee, thank you for your transparency. Believers need to see that we all struggle and are not perfect but we have one who is and he offers us perfect grace and mercy. I could so relate to your devotional. Been there and then satan uses it to condemn and try to cripple us from working for the kingdom. Would love to read more of your devotions!

  199. This was just what I needed! I had my own episode over the weekend and found myself doubting my ability to be good wife, Mother, and follower of Jesus! How can I lose myself like I do and He still believe in me?! But His grace is the reason…thank you for this…it came at the perfect time!

  200. Regina Williams says:

    I am having one of those guilt ridden days today. I know grace is given to us by Christ; I’m praying for me to learn to accept and embrace His grace.

  201. Laura Crecco says:

    So so needed to hear this today! I place so much guilt on myself for sinning and sometimes feel as though I’m not worthy to call myself a “follower” of Jesus. This message taught me to let God’s grace cover my shame and guilt. That I’m free of sin as long as I confess and ask for forgiveness. Thank you!

  202. Thank you for your testimony. I struggle to forgive myself for many things. I know that God forgives me, so why do I still carry the ‘not good enough’ sign around with me??

  203. Lisa Hecker says:

    Thank you for shining your light into the darkness of my life!

  204. I just came back from a Children’s Ministry Retreat Training..and God restored my passion he started 31 years ago. Which has set me on fire, but today as I started to share some of my excitement and a loved one was very negative to me, and felt I couldn’t do. I can’t do this anymore. But I know that Through God I can..

  205. Pamela Koop says:

    So often i live under guilt and condemnation, rehashing what I should or could have or would have done differently. And then I go into the fight or flight stance to protect myself…but rather I need to rest in God’s love and forgiveness for me!

  206. This post was exactly what I needed today. I have blown it big time in my past. I know that God has already forgiven me, because I confessed to Him and He has already forgotten my sin. The world is not so merciful at forgiving or forgetting. There are many days that I have not forgiven myself. This post is a great reminder that at the end of the day it’s just me and Jesus and my accusers have nothing on me. Thank God for his grace and mercy and forgiveness bought by the precious blood of Jesus!

  207. “When you fall into the trap of your accuser, close your eyes and picture Jesus – the person of Grace – kneeling down before you, looking into your eyes and loving you out of your sin.”—Yes, this is what I need to do! Sometimes, though, it seems as if I am my harshest accuser.

  208. Guilt and fear are ferocious!! They are sins that will take you down and keep you down. These last few weeks have been and eye opener about guilt and fear and your devotion has also confirmed my thoughts. Praise God that He is forgiving, loving, and still wants a relationship with me!!!

  209. Your message came to me at my own time of need. After discovering (well, I knew, but I didn’t want to know) that my husband has an addiction to sexual pornography, and calling to see if my church has a group that meets to help women like myself (they meet tonight, actually!), I read your message…I have had so much guilt, its my fault, if I was prettier, if I was sexier, if I gave him more attention, etc…

    Now, I am going to let God’s grace replace MY guilt. I am going to allow HIM to walk me out of the darkness and into the light, to help me to living in the freedom and security of His unending love. When I do that, God will take control and I will relinquish it, and I will be free to live in the glory of my Father with a renewed mind and spirit.

    Thank you for walking with Christ and sharing your journey with us. It means more than you may realize sometimes…..

    In Christ,

  210. Kelly Clossin says:

    Thank you for sharing this, I have been dreaming of starting a couple of new things, which could make some big changes in my life. I am looking to go back to school next fall. I have waited to do this for over 30 years because I doubted that I was good enough to do it. I am learning with my mom’s cancer to not put things off because we don’t know what the future will hold for us. God is also teaching me that he does care about me, which I have struggled with in the past.

  211. Kelly Clossin says:

    I have struggled with doubt for years, God is working on this issue.

  212. Lucy Wilson says:

    Oh how the truths here resonate in my heart. As a pastor’s wife of 38+ years, many times I’ve thought “I can’t do that!…if they knew how I act sometimes..or could read my thoughts” Thank God for His never-ending forgiveness and grace!! And thank you, Renee for being faithful to Him in your calling of writing and speaking His love and truth with us.

  213. God grace overpowers our imperfections!

  214. It’s so wonderful that we can go to the Throne of Grace whenever we’ve ‘blown it’ or just have guilt about a situation. God wants us to go to Him in times of difficulty. We can see He is sovereign and can turn our sorrows into joy and our guilt into gladness as we trust Him to work in every area of our lives. I am assured that He will continue to work within us for transformation into His glory to represent Him in all we do and say. God’s grace-infused confidence can be ours as we focus on His heart’s desire and look away unto Jesus. I’m learning to submit to Him in all things and find grace and confidence in Him.

  215. Christina Dillon says:

    I’m not sure how this works or if you will even get this message but I am praying that you do… but all I know is that last night I was reading stuff on her as I just signed up for this ministry earlier in the day… but I have been feeling so lost lately and worrying and having very much self doubt… I feel like my whole life I have been pushed down by the very people who were suppose to love me and lift me up… guide me and encourage me… and ever since I left the Boys Ranch… the only home I truly new and felt safe and scure at… since I graduated in 2002… I have stuggled with self doubt I live in fear and worry that I’m going to fail or won’t be able to do anything… I don’t feel worthless as a person and as a mother and wife… I don’t feel like I’m good enough for anybody or worth loving because I have felt rejected and been abused my whole life… to the point I have let my ex husband destroy me and got so depressed and felt so alone on this world but I knew I had Jesus and god and wasn’t alone but it has been a daily struggle in my life to pick my self back up and come out of this deep depression… I have gotten remarried now and my husband is absolutely wonderful but a man of few words and doesn’t really know what to say or to help me or reassure me he’s not going anywhere… but I have realized because of my past that I am the one who feels worthless inside and undservering of his love… I feel worthless and like he’s to good for me and I don’t deserve him that he deserves someone who isn’t broken who feels they are loved and that doesn’t need constant reassurances he’s going to walk out on her like I do because it has happened my whole life… but I was praying and crying last night to my father in heaven to help me overcome all this feelings and when I woke up this am I felt he said check your email for the message today from provribes 31 ministers and so I finally did and this is the message I get and I felt he differently herd and answered my prayers so thankyou very much for sharing this message I really needed to hear it right now in my life!!! God is Wonderful!!!

  216. Being able to approach the throne of grace is the most amazing “prescription” the Almighty Healer can give us for this “heart condition”…that is, having a guilty heart. I struggle with guilt regularly….guilt for not spending enough time in the Word, guilt for not spending enough time with my husband or children, guilt for owing too much money (we have a lot of medical debt), and guilt for bitterness over my current situation. Thank you for reminding me about how much the Father loves me and truly wants me to come to His throne for grace and forgiveness. I can shed the guilt and have a fresh start daily. Praise be to God!

  217. “God takes what feels like our destruction and uses it for our reconstruction through our dependence on Him”. This statement really hit home for me. God brings us to a place where we are totally dependent on Him and uses it for our healing and to walk in His humility. Instead of being bogged down by guilt or wondering what to do next, confessing my sin, receiving God’s forgiveness and replacing condemnation with Godly thoughts is what liberates me! Thank you for these words of truth and wisdom!

  218. Cheryl-Anne says:

    Reading this helped me to remember that others go through this too. Too often i am frustrated with myself, because i can’t seem to shut my mouth when i need to. Or don’t comunicate words in the way that i need to, like i can’t say what i want and need to. I am often misunderstood, and i know that people often can’t stand me because of my strong personality. So then the thoughts creep in telling me i am no good, that i will never excel socially. (Something i struggled with my whole life.) I fight constantly, to remind myself that God loves and forgives me. Your devotional was exactly what i needed. God knew i needed this. I was reading another devotional you wrote on Bible Gateway, and it led me to this page. Thank you for your absolute transparency, and your courage to write the words of God. I really could use more words from you, as you write what God teaches you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  219. On the way home from work today, I finally admitted out loud to myself and God how utterly broken I am. I started listing all my failures aloud – my messy room, my obese body, my lack of relationships, my sexual impurity, wasting time at work, even my doubts about my faith in Christ. I asked God for healing and admitted that I was truly broken before Him. Yesterday, He reminded me that I am an heir with Christ and that I am unable to say that Jesus is Lord without the power of the Holy Spirit. This season of life has been the most difficult spiritually in all my 26 years. God has brought me to the place where I must be completely dependent on Him. My only alternative at this point is insanity and complete emptiness and hopelessness. When I saw the title of the post “No More Guilt-Induced Doubt,” hope sprang up from my heart. As I read, I knew that God had answered prayer through directing me to read that post tonight. I was then directed to this blog. As I read through the steps of walking in grace-infused confidence, I stopped mid-sentence to thank God for answering prayer. My goal is going to be to read through these devos this week whenever Satan and my flesh condemn me. God loves me as His child. With confidence I now draw near.

  220. If I could name myself, my first name would be Shame. I’m sitting on the couch tonight beating myself up inside for blowing it at work today with my boss. I mean call me Pride and make me a t-shirt 🙁 That’s just today. Let’s not talk about the past 14 years of my life. Guilt, shame & insecurity have always been my sidekicks. I’m praying God helps me accept His love. I love Him so much, and I’m humbled by His love for me. He’s working, so evidently. If I wasn’t worth it, Lord Jesus You wouldn’t have died for me. Help me believe in You, and let go of me. For in You, there is freedom.You knew me, and every second of my everyday before you created me. You chose ME. Help me believe You, and accept Your love, so I can learn to love, as You love me. We need you Lord. You, are the most good. Thank you for loving us. Jesus Christ, in Your Holy, amazing name I pray, Amen.

  221. Pamela Starr says:

    There are so many things going wrong with my family. I cannot share with anyone but it has given me hope. I know there is a God and he will answer prayers but in his time. Thank God for everyone you have done for me. I need to grow again in God and I believe this is a way to start.

  222. Robin Still says:

    What an inspiring read today. I struggle so much with “am I good enough” and “I can’t do anything right” I read this today and so needed to hear your words. God does love me and will do anything for me no matter what I do or don’t do. I must keep telling myself these words. Thank you for sharing your words with me and others today.

  223. Guilt is a terrible burden. I try to figure how to fix things but I can’t. However, I have figured out when I give ALL to Jesus, the burden is not so heavy. Finally I glimpse the sweet peace of surrender. Rejoice in The Lord always and again I say rejoice

  224. Wonderfully expressed, Renee*
    I have lived in a guilt space quiet often in my life and I am experiencing God’s grace and sweet family- finally aligning Gods love for me as free not conditions.

  225. This is something that I need to print out and look at every day. So many times I find other’s criticism of what I say or do make me wonder if they are right. Am I good enough? But then, I simply tell the devil to leave because he is not welcome in my life. I constantly remind myself that I am a child of God and only his opinion of me is what is important.

  226. Struggling with replacing guilt with godly repentance and obedience.

  227. I struggle with being good enough. Tryong my best doesn’t always pay the bills or get me fur the in life. It doesn’t always seem enough. I need to remember I AM good enough.

  228. Everyday we face challenges of a Satan influenced world. It becomes difficult to sometimes remember that we aren’t here to judge othets, but to love one another. None of us are perfect. Sin is sin. We all need to learn to drop the stones we carry and leave those sins at the cross. Loads become lighter, and our duties to one another become easier.

  229. Needed this reminder today. I struggle with dreaming about past guilds which makes them linger far longer than they should. I’ve begun apologizing to people no matter how long ago the hurt was, it helps me let it go.

  230. I remember one weekend where I really felt like I blew it, not just with my husband and kids but God. I forced myself to go to church knowing sitting at home in my self pity would not fix the situation, and I’d problem fight with my husband more if I stayed. As the worship began, I kept saying to myself “How dare u come and praise Jesus after what u did and said” it was like I didn’t deserve to praise him, then my pastor said “we have to praise God no matter what, no matter how you feel you have to praise God because he deserves the praise.” I then realized God didn’t deserve my praise only when I’m acting like a Christian and I FEEL good , he deserves it all the time no matter the good bad or really ugly. Because in all of my circumstances he is still God. I can’t rely on feelings to praise the one true God who always deserves my praise. So I know now no matter how I feel, I will still praise him.

  231. Thank you so much for this Renee, it was exactly what I needed t hear today.

  232. This post spoke to heart! There is so much reflecting that I must do. Thank you!

  233. Halona Luna says:

    I need help overcoming doubt and worry. It feels like the enemy is on full fledge attack and I can’t see the light

  234. Amazing Grace…how sweet the sound to me…
    Thanks Renee for this heartfelt blog today.

  235. Allowing God to be the One in the position of authority in our lives and choosing to listen to His words of truth is so powerful. God is Truth, and everything He says and does is true. This gives us a firm foundation upon which to stand when other voices try to persuade us otherwise. Don’t allow satan to rob us of all that God has for us, and see Jesus, our Servant King, writing in the sand of our transgressions His words of truth and by doing so cancelling our sin.
    Amazing grace!

  236. Renee, Thank you so much for your encouragement thru God’s word. It is very early am and am unable to sleep, feeling totally helpless as my husband is out of work. We are retired and learning to live 24/7 with each other, not real pretty given our financial state and learning to live also on a very tight budget. I have a lot of physical issues to deal with as well. I long to live a rich joyous life day to day giving all the glory to the Lord. I guess I need purpose in living each day for Him! I am also very involved in caring for my elderly father who really just wants to go HOME! I pray this for him daily while trying to encourage him that God’s timing is perfect in all things! I would LOVE to have this devotional in written form to help keep me focused on HIM & to be “thinking on things above”. Thank you again!!

  237. So needed to read this just now. Up at 2:30am. Divine appointment.

  238. As I read your devotional today, I wept. I have been discouraged to the point of tears, as I’ve witnessed the rebellion in my 5 year old son, and realised the ways I have dissapointed my husband. The very words running through my head have been “I am not cut out for this. I have failed as a wife and mother. Why am I even here.” Thank you for your honesty, and for sharing the truth about guilt, and the hope of forgiveness and restoration through the grace of God. The Lord knew I needed this encouragement today. Thank you!

  239. “Sin is not who we are but what we do!” I love the truth of this and am reminded of Paul’s words in Rom 7:15 but what I hate, that do I. Oh my…it pains me when gossip, hurtful words, etc come from my lips but..God is teaching me to repent quickly – ‘there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus’ Rom 8:1. So thankful that He is lovingkindness! Would love a copy of the book!

  240. Wow – did I ever need this today! I was recently diagnosed as bipolar – which explains a lot of how I have been acting. But I know I have hurt others with my words and actions – I love the image of Jesus kneeling down and looking into my eyes and telling me that I’m forgiven and that it will be ok! Thank you for posting this today!

  241. Letitia Stanley says:

    I have been struggling to find my way – this devotion is and will continue to help me find Grace when I need it most and remember that I never deserve it – I’ve always been confident but I haven’t been for some time now and I feel so lost in guilt

  242. What a beautiful reminder! It is so easy to let sin define who you. Guilt is a huge weapon of the evil one. We are defined by God’s grace.

  243. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of God’s living grace for us, for me. Far too often in my life I have allowed the guilt to speak louder than God’s grace. And for quite some time I have been focusing on the guilt instead of His wonderful grace. Thank you for helping me to put my focus where it needs to be this morning. I pray I can keep it therè today.

  244. My heavens….just this past week I have been doing the “humanly thing!” I have been “trying” to control everything going on with me, at me, and even assuming some thoughts that I don’t even know yet. I have been trying to control..my emotions, feelings, technicalities of relationship course 101, and even assuming some responses that have not even been spoken to me yet….I think I may have a case of Joyce Doubt Control” and “Joyce’s Protection before Anyone Strikes Me. In other words… I am trying to “control” everything plus some of others. Do you know hoe exhausted I have become each day and night?
    God has been trying to ask me…”Slow down. with Grace, Gratitude, and Love for Joyce!”
    Renee, the idea God and you- writing His thought…has awakened me.
    God loves me, God cares about me, and God wants me to “cool” and let go of my Guilt…( is that why I am trying to “control” everyone and everything)
    Ah, it may be so…thanks Renee

  245. Perfect timing for the perfect words for my daughter (and of course me). I’m always looking for ways to share the love of the Lord with adult daughters who don’t want to hear it from their mother. When a good book comes along that is perfect in content as well as length….one that I know they will read and glean insight, I purchase it and pass it on…..thank you for your words of encouragement.

  246. I pray my husband to be convicted of God’s love.

  247. I would love to work through the guilt of my past and present. I have packed The Confident Heart book for my vacation to the beach next week. I am looking forward to taking my time and reading and absorbing the message.

  248. Christy Sullivan says:

    When reading this devotion today, I felt a sense of relief because I do mess up all the time. I go to worship services on Sunday’s and I feel God’s presence and receive his forgiveness for any failures that I confess to him. I feel like I finally have a grip on this. Then I go home to my not so great marriage with my alcoholic husband and within a matter of minutes I’m back in my usual state of turmoil. I try to keep quite but the devil just keeps pushing negatives at me until I fall apart. Your devotion today shows me that I’m not alone and I will continue to pray for my husband as well as my attitude and wait on the Lord for his healing power in my life. The visual that you offered that suggests seeing Jesus kneel in front of me to write in the sand that I am his and forgiven was wonderful. Thank you for your devotions…they help me on a regular basis.

  249. Thank you! God used you to set my focus back on Him. I praise Him and thank Him for you!

  250. Shelly Green says:

    The devil has been trying hard to bring up past sins and weaknesses; thank you for the reminder of the grace of our Lord & Saviour! I can stand firm on those truths. Thank you for serving our Lord as a teacher!

  251. It’s so easy to want grace but at times extending grace can be so hard. We feel wronged and forget we have wronged others. What a perfect illustration thanks for posting.

  252. Thank you for your encouragement! I often struggle with Mommy guilt when I don’t get things right. Thank you for the reminder that God’s grace is bigger than my guilt.

  253. I struggled for years with depression and occasional outbursts of rage. This deeply affected my children, my husband, me. I have been healed and forgiven. However, just last week, after a disagreement with my oldest child, I questioned her further and found that she harbors deep anger toward me and the enemy has used this to make it even bigger, even worse than it was. I began the battle with deep guilt again. I have asked her for forgiveness, but she has not yet responded. I am praying for her and my other children. The enemy is using my sin and her unforgiveness to enslave her to this deep seated anger. Though I have been battling the enemy against that familiar guilt, I know WHOM I HAVE BELIEVED. And I know who I am in Christ Jesus. Now, my prayer is for deliverance for my child(ren) and how I can help with compassion and whether or not to tell them my story. They are all adults now, perhaps some explanation will be helpful.
    This is a very difficult place, but God is God and I trust Him.

  254. This is exactly the message I needed to read today after saying words that left me feeling guilty. It was like a tiny miracle in my inbox!

  255. Janice L Kohl says:

    I have 7-Day Doubt emails that you sent saved in my computer!

  256. Thank you for that heart reminder

  257. Janice L Kohl says:

    I have the 7 Day Doubt series still saved in my gmail account that Renee sent so long ago. So helpful!

  258. Janice L Kohl says:

    Here is the correct email address. I have saved the 7 Day Doubt series that Renee sent so long ago which then prompted mean order of her book entitled Confident Heart. So helpful at the time I read it.

  259. This story is such a beautiful story. It’s one of my personal favorites of the Bible, although we don’t hear about it too much. The love of Jesus amazes me more and more each day.

  260. This devotional hit home!! One thing I struggle with is remembering that my sin (or someone else’s sin) does not define me (them), but how God sees me (them) is who I am!! Thanks for the reminders!!

  261. “The Accuser.” How often have I taken his lies, internalized them, and repeated them to myself as truth. Such a good reminder that I have an enemy who is trying to convince me that my guilt is too great and I will never heal from the lies I’ve believed. Thank you Jesus for the truth of your conviction! Help me to refuse the condemnation and empower me to change!

  262. Very timely reminder. We need to make sure our helmet of salvation is on to keep the enemy’s lies out! Along with all the other pieces of armor in Ephesians 6.

  263. Perfect to read this devotion and receive today. Thank you! “When we confess our wrong thoughts, words and actions and receive God’s forgiveness, we can replace guilt-induced doubt with His grace-infused confidence”.


  265. Melodie Pochmara says:

    Thank you so much for the reminder about forgiveness. It is so difficult to get through the day when I am weighed down by guilt, sometimes even guilt about something that happened a long time ago. I am so thankful for a Savior who can see through the sin and still love the person inside. Thank you for the reminder and inspiration that God can use people like me to serve His purpose.

  266. Julie Smith says:

    Am in a near-constant battle with my 16 year old daughter’s bad choices and my husband’s (her dad) non reaction. Am praying it helps her to hear “sin is not who you are, it’s what you do.” Navigating the teen years is a HUGE challenge in today’s world…for teens AND their parents. I don’t know where we’d be without God’s grace.

  267. I hope i not too late to enter. This was a wonderful devotion and spot on what i needed to hear today!! Thank you.

  268. I had a child from an affair and had felt/still feel tremendous shame about it. So much that even though my husband wanted to work through it and move on, I did not think it was possible because of what I had done. Only when I share about it with others, I feel better. The secret loses its power over me. Praise God for the Grace He has shown me.

  269. Oh Renee, your words are always so very helpful. I tremendously enjoy and need your ministry! I pray that God continues to help you guide.

  270. One of the things I ask myself is “are my thoughts to myself or others displaying the Fruit of the Spirit?” If it is not I change my line of thinking. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  271. Lord, I continue to do things to make up for my past sins – knowing this is not the way. I know you have forgiven my sins and I say I trust in You. Cloak me with Your love, words, and truth – let them overpower my heart and mind;. Give me the strength to overcome the Devil’s lies and attempts to downplay Your love and forgiveness.

  272. Barbra Rowe says:

    I have to constantly fight Satan’s nagging thoughts in my brain. Condemning me for things that I’ve done . I love that we can turn it over to Jesus – call Satan the liar that he is and fall into the grace that Jesus provides

  273. Jennifer Spencer says:

    This devotional is just what I needed today. Thank you.

  274. tennille hill says:

    He wants to draw us away from destructive behaviors how awesome is that gods grace is so wonderful I was raised in church and my parents are ministers but as I i have entered adult hood I’m learning so much more and being blessed behind measure

  275. For many years I struggled with feeling condemned when I’m convicted about something. At first I thought it was all the enemy’s condemnation, but I couldn’t get rid of it. (I was trying to get rid of a legalistic past when I thought that condemnation was the Lords conviction).Then I realized that when the Lord convicted me, then the enemy would come in and confuse me with extreme feelings of guilt, so I couldn’t actually hear the Lord. Now I’ve been recognizing the difference and feel so much more peace as I repent of my sins and refuse to listen to the lies. “Refuse condemnation but lean into conviction”. Thank you, you clarified that more for me! And I love the picture that Jesus bends His knee to look us in the eye when we have sinned.

  276. Thank you for this. I get so busy looking at my circumstances and situation and pain that I forget to look at God and the guilt and condemnation can be blinding. It’s comforting to know that He sees the us he created us to be and not the us we believe ourselves to be. I really needed this reminder of grace and redemption.

  277. Sharon Burkes says:

    Im sitting in thr church parking lot… discouraged and with all sorts of feelings todaya message addressed…and I chose to read my emails and …..what. a Blessing to find this one in here… please add me and my family to your prayer list if you serve and love King Jesus….

    Im not sure where I put my entey in to try to win the devotional…if this is the wrong place…please let me know
    I Thank you

  278. This was really encouraging! I’d love to win a copy of the book!

  279. Thank you Renee,

    I so needed this. As this weekend 09/27 I confessed my affair from last year to my husband. It has been REALLY REALLY HARD THIS PAST WEEK. Really long night of talking and crying and some yelling has happened. A lot of confusion of He can handle this then he can’t handle it and a lot of hard questions about it that I just want to forget and never remember. but He is also been loving in some instances and hugging me and it’s really just been a rollercoaster this last week and I felt condemned everytime we talk about it, but I’m so thankful for this and you reminding me of God’s grace. We have really been talking and praying to God this last week to keep up us. I would ask for LOTS OF PRAYERS that my husband and I with our 2 sons are able to heal from this horrible sin I have committed. We know we need our hearts to be made knew and restoration and I pray it comes sooner than later. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! I THANK THE YESHUA FOR SHEDDING HIS BLOOD FOR ME AND MY SINS AND BY HIS GRACE I’M SAVED AND I KNOW “THAT GOD CAUSES EVERYTHING TO WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF THOSE WHO LOVE GOD AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE”

  280. Thank you for sharing what you have gone through and showing that we’re not beyond grace and forgiveness. I’m guilty in allowing my confidence to be shaken, rattled, and even broken lately. Even to the point I’m not sure how to start over again. You’re devotion was very helpful today. Thank you!

  281. I almost blew by this devo (hence the late reply). I didn’t view my doubt as guilt induced. Then one sentence hit me in the heart … How can I speak about this if I can’t even live it. I’m currently in the midst of starting a blog. I joined Compel and have the site ready to launch. Two posts are complete and I’m working on the third article. And there I am. Stuck. Feeling unworthy for this calling that was clearly from God. Feeling like I don’t always live out my faith and worried I will be “found out”. Thank you for your boldness of truth. It inspired me today. What He calls us to, He will equip us to do!!

  282. Cyndi Coleman says:

    This is EXACTLY what I need to get Satan off my back and walk more confidently into His Throne Room as His daughter. Today’s P31 article sounds like to story of my life! Thank you for being vulnerable and transparent. I so NEEDED it. The thoughts (doubt) you shared is a constant “reel” in my heart after each failure from raising my daughters to writing godly pieces, speaking engagements, teaching His Word, etc. I NEED this devotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Much love from one daughter of The King to another 🙂
    -Cyndi Coleman

  283. I love your connection between guilt and doubt. So often I doubt if I am “good enough”; I doubt my husband’s love for me, God’s love for me, my ability to train my children in godliness and parent them in a way that reflects God’s loving nature. And all of this doubt is connected to guilt. I feel guilty that I haven’t done enough to be good enough. I feel guilty about not being a “good wife;” for not doing enough to deserve Gods love and for not being a better Mom. I understand the connection between guilt and doubt now! And recognizing the negative pattern is the first step in not letting it wreck my life and hinder what God intends to create and do in my life. Light bulb! Thank you!

  284. I am certain that each of us have experienced ‘big’ sin and are still caring shame from it…. but we must realize that sin is sin and once Jesus forgives us, we are to move on with our lives, turning from that sin and live without shame. God’s grace is so wonderful and so abundant – He loves us more than we love ourselves and even more than we can imagine. I love your books and your encouragement Renee, keep it coming. Thanks, Julie

  285. In the middle of a storm where family is trying to throw my past in my face like a weapon, the enemy has been trying to grow doubt where there was clear grace. I needed this reminder in the middle of this personal battle more than you’ll know. Thankyou!!!

  286. Everyone should read this book ‘A Confident Heart’!! Church ladies groups should do Bible studies on it too and it would help soo many ladies and even young ladies to grow confident within themselves. I was married out of high school to a very controlling guy and by the age 22 I had a 3 yr old son and a 3 mth old son when their dad abandoned us and I raised them 6 yrs by myself till I remarried. Then I was married 22 yrs and had 4 more children. After a horrible controlling and deceitful marriage, I then went thru a divorce 4 yrs ago..worse part of it was losing my 2nd son from my previous marriage in a horrible motorcycle accident 4/11/11. Hardest thing I have ever had to go thru..and for my kids ages 36-18. I received no money from my sons father..who he only saw maybe 10 times in his life when he was killed at 29 yrs young. Nor from my soon to be ex at the time..but his amazing friends raised every penny thru donations..other events to pay for my sons funeral and they gave me the most beautiful gravemarker I could ever imagine! I was dealt a lot of hard blows thru my divorce..but thu it..and the loss of my son..I’ve found out just how tough I really am. But thru my marriage and him stripping me of any self confidence I felt very beaten down. Then I came across ‘A Confident Heart’..and I felt reborn and empowered. The book showed me where I could be confident in myself again..not an overly proud person..but self confident in myself and thru God who had always been there for me..even when it felt like I was all alone and I wasn’t. I’ve went thru the divorce even after a lot of counseling thru my pastor and his wife and other church leaders but to no avail nor interest from my spouse at the time..I did what I felt I had to. Its not an easy decision to walk away..but it takes 2 and I had tried for over 12 yrs. But thru everything..I have found out just how tough I really am! And I can’t imagine getting thru anything I have without God being a big part in my life. I’m not saying God condones divorce..but God knows my heart..and that’s what I do know.
    This book is amazing and I have read it multiple times and have just started it again! I’ve never done the devotional but I’m sure it will go places in my heart I haven’t dealt with. Still such an amazing book that I believe every church ladies group should pursue in their church. Thank you Cindy

  287. Lindsay Miller says:

    Hi Renee,
    God used you in a mighty way to help me “see” that Jesus
    not only doesn’t condemn me He lowers Himself in my presence
    forgives me, and grants me HIS mercy and grace!
    Wow It is hard for me to get my mind around this
    new insight into the depth of My Savior’s love for me

    thanks you for your dedication to Jesus and using your gifts to
    help fellow sisters in Christ learn to love Him and confidently serve Him.

  288. I so needed this today.

  289. Dear Renee

    About 15 years ago, I was verbally abusive to my precious daughter(my only child). She was only six-years old. It’s a long story. I will make it short. I was very hurt and angry with her kindergarten teacher, and I ended up taking the anger out on my daughter. Before my angry outburst, my daughter always called me “mommy bear”. Since the moment she was born, my #1 priority was to protect her. I kept her with almost 24/7 until she started preschool at age two. Well, I ended up breaking her heart with the kindergarten situation. I still have not forgiven myself. I have to take tranquilizer to be able to sleep at night. My heart and soul are taken over by the guilt of breaking my daughter’s heart. I forgot to mention–after I yelled at my daughter, she never called me “mommy bear” again.

  290. Thanks so much for the devotional today. As a husband, soon-to-be father, and public school teacher, I’ve struggled with balancing my priorities and making the most of my time. I’ve carried a lot of guilt and shame around through the years, and your devotion reminded me to walk in grace and surrender and speak out of my weaknesses and struggles. Even when I mess up, your words remind me that God sits on a throne of grace, not condemnation. It encourages me to get out and share my message and my struggle with the world to display God’s redemptive and healing power. Thank you so much!

  291. Amen…. God bless you for sharing these comforting and practical truths. Amen to the prayers! Hugs to you.

  292. I too would like to thank you for bring me back to center…God is Great.
    I struggle with today’s world and want to get back to the simple life. Each morning when God sends the humming bird to my flowers I realize How simple life could be if we let God lead us.

  293. I am a guilt ridden and have had feelings of inadequacy since childhood (I’m now 72 years old). NO! This is not due to my parental upbringing who were loving, supportive, and never ever made me feel inadequate or not good enough…when ever I displayed self-doubt…I got nothing but encouragement and love from them. And there is nothing from my childhood experiences that I can blame for this. I have accepted this is just the way I was born to be by God’s Will for me as an individual to overcome. I have been praying, studying the Bible and searching for a long-time to find the key for freedom from my self-destructive behavior. I have offered it up to God but it apparently I keep taking it back for some reason. Have I fallen into the “trap” of the Accuser (Satan and his demons) my entire life? I don’t have that answer. I pray to Jesus everyday and throughout the day as needed to help me to reject Satan as He did in the wilderness, the Garden of Agony, and while on the cross.
    A dear life long friend of mine put onto your daily devotionals and highly recommended your book “A Confident Heart” which I will be ordering today. I prayfully hope this may be the “key” to help me set my self right in God’s eyes. He does not want me to dislike myself … after all he doesn’t make junk (an old cliche)


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