3 Steps to Get God’s Peace {Printable & GiveAway}


When life gets overwhelming, do you ever feel like you might suffocate under everything you need to do? 

Does worry ever weave it’s way into your heart and consume your thoughts with concern?

If I’m not careful, worry can wear me out and make me want to quit… just about everything!

A few years ago, I took my husband’s advice to write down everything on my plate so I could ask God what needed to be cut back. I listed my commitments and concerns, deadlines and dates on my calendar with every appointment, event, conference call and meeting I could think of for the next six months.

And I prayed: Please God, show me where I need to make changes.

I assumed the Holy Spirit would suggest adjustments in my schedule, but that’s not what happened. God didn’t tell me to make cut backs at work or in ministry. He didn’t show me our family had too many activities. He didn’t challenge me to take a sabbatical, although I was hoping He would.

Jesus showed me it was worry not my workload that was making me weary. 

You see, without realizing it I was spending as much time thinking and worrying about concerns, commitments, circumstances and deadlines as I did working on them.

It was not only how I spent my time, but how I spent my thoughts that left me depleted.

But it wasn’t until I brought it all to God, and wrote it all out, that I recognized what was happening. I wonder if that’s why Peter tells us: “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.” 1 Peter 5:7 (NLT)

The apostle Paul tells us the same thing, and shows us how:

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and A him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7, NLT)

But it’s not easy. Honestly, our natural tendency is to take control. And we have an enemy who suggests we do. But we don’t have to listen to the lies. Instead we can listen to God’s promises, and take these 3 steps to get God’s peace:

3 Steps To Getting God's Peace (1)

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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Elizabeth says:

    I would try it. I feel very low at the moment and I find it difficult to pray. When I kneel to pray, I am just blank.
    I hope God sees my heart that I need him especially now in my point of total weakness…

    • Take heart, dear, God is faithful. He hears us and knows our needs…more than we realize. He has given us the Holy Spirit who intercedes for us…especially when words fail us.
      Romans 8:26 New International Version (NIV)
      “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.”

      God Bless you and keep you

    • I am always worrying about everything. God has been right beside me over the last few months giving me strength, comfort & peace in my time of need. Only because I have really been trying to study His word more, pray & write in my journal daily. Phil. 4:6 has really been my daily verse. Thank you for your thoughts & wisdom from the Lord that you share to help us all become better women.

  2. I thank you today its like this is written for me. My sister in Christ i have a big womens event and bit worried about finances for it and feeling i am neglecting my family, because of work and ministry work. So today i felt a little overwhelmed but then you reminded me so beautifully the caregiver will take care of me and everything else . So thank you Lord for sending this word all the way from the states to south Africa just for me. Showing me already your hand is never to short. Bless this community and my sister and her team with all they need in anyway or form double portion Jesus please. thank you dated 22/04/2015.

  3. Jackie Adams says:

    I pray that learning to Let it Go and put Action behind those words I would have less worry and stress. To see what God sees my inner beauty allow me Lord to Find My a Faith Again .Amem

  4. Brit Clark says:

    Blessed by this post today. As a mom of 3 beautiful babies under 5 years old, it’s easy for me to get stressed out with worry & busyness. And being called to ministry without a clear direction yet gets me frustrated at times as well…waiting is hard. But God knows, He sees my struggles & He wants me to allow Him to be enough, because He is so much more than enough. It’s all for Him anyway. Thanks for your insight & encouragement!

  5. Thank you, thank you! This book sounds like it’s exactly what I need to read next. God always provides what I need when I need it. He always has the answers. Just reading this devotional today and learning about this book has given me hope.

  6. Kari Dermody says:

    Thank you for your words of advice and encouragement this morning. Recently surviving breast cancer I know that God is an awesome God and he can deliver us from the torment of worry if we let Him.

  7. Sandra Johnson says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful reminder that our heavenly Father cares deeply for us and that I have no need to worry or stress about the business of lif. I am truly blessed by this mornings devotion, my heart feels lighter and the weight of all I need to do is a lot lighter. Once again thank you for the reminder that all I need is to give all my concerns to God. We most certainly serve a mighty and awesome God. Blessings to you And your ministry.

    Yours Truly,
    Full of Faith,
    Sandra Johnson

  8. August Askins says:

    I had never thought about freeing up my time from worry. I am very aware of not over committing myself or family to things we have to do, but I do have terrible anxiety. In fact, had to start back on ulcer medication yesterday. God, thank you for putting this before my eyes today and let me be brave enough to bring all my concerns to you for help.

  9. Irene O'Leary says:

    Thank you Renee!! I don’t need to make a to-do list to know worry is the issue. The stress of charge and a dysfunctional work team is overwhelming, but I can’t change anyone except myself. Your devotional book sounds like just what I need right now!

  10. I am a world class worrier. I don’t mean to be…it just sneaks up on me. It is the roaring lion (satan) trying to defeat me. Thank you for the reminder in the key verse and the step! I truly needed it this morning!

  11. Mindy Floyd says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words this morning. There are many times when I get so overwhelmed and want to throw the towel in. This helps me focus on giving it ALL to Christ instead of holding on to the things that I have NO control over.

  12. It’s not easy to step away from your worries—a lot of us hold on to them because we don’t know what else to do and in weird way, holding on and worrying makes us feel like we have some control over it somehow. It is so true that it is not necessarily all that we have on our plate that stresses us out, but how we THINK about and worry about all those things that leaves us depleted. God is amazing and I love seeing how so many women can be reached through your blog and other’s like it. Thank you 🙂

  13. anita moffett says:

    Thank you for the simple yet hard hitting points. It was just the words i needed to refocus and find some peace

  14. Beth Stone says:

    As a pastor’s wife, mother of 6, and high school teacher I have often found myself undone by worry. I have studied worrying in countless ways trying to get victory over this HUGE very big issue in my life. Your idea that worry is not allowing God to control my thoughts was revolutionary. It is so simple, but until now, I haven’t been able to see it that way. Thank you for being God’s mouthpiece to me.

  15. Terrie Delbridge says:

    We need to move out of the house we have been in for 15 years. We need to buy a house but need a down payment. I am not worried at all. I posted Scriptures of God’s promises on the bathroom mirror to remind me not to worry and to give Him my burdens. Today’s devotional was a reminder to give it all to Him. Thank you

  16. Nancy Baburek says:

    Thanks for the encouragement… In the hospital and needed the reminder to cast my cares on Him. God bless.

  17. Bettie Lewis says:

    Oh my! The daily devotional came at time I needed it. I sometimes drift into a state where which I contemplate how scenarios will be carried out that never come to exist. I put myself through these horrible emotions when I can just release them to The Lord . This is a practice I am workin on and grateful to be reminded and supported by the devotionals and supplemental aids you provide. I thank God for directing me to you. I grow so weary and my strength gets so depleted. However, your readings provide my “pick me up” to go forward. Thank you. I would love to win the spa package that would certainly be a special treat.

  18. I have often told my students that they spend more time dreading, worrying, and complaining about an assignment than the actual time it would take for them to complete it. If only I would take my own advice and apply it to my life in the area of worry and concern. I think sometimes I even trick myself into thinking that I am justified in having a concern and there isn’t anything wrong with “thinking” through concerns. However, your thoughts this morning definitely hit home for me and I appreciate your words of encouragement. We serve a mighty God that wants to relieve us of ALL our worries and concerns. Hallelujah!

  19. Diane Burgess says:

    I really enjoyed this devotional. Its like you read my mind! Thank you for the inspiration!

  20. Brenda Kidney says:

    I love the reminder in this devotional to give Jesus our burdens. It is not always possible to clear our lives or schedules to a point where we do not feel overwhelmed but Jesus wants us to enjoy our journey. When I get stressed with my schedule I like to just repeat to my self “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” saying the words will help me focus on the task and not look at the big picture.

  21. Thank you, this is just what I needed. I was up all night with worry! I thought it was my work load but it was my worry load. Thank you for the 3 steps. I’ve read that verse many times and didn’t see it as my answer until today. I thank God for Proverbs 31 and all the wonderful writers. Praying for you today.

  22. RonnI Daniels says:

    Love these words if encouragment. GOD is good.

  23. Worry is my middle name! How many sleepless nights have I had because my mind won’t shut off. I know I need to let it all go and give everything to God. It’s a daily work in progress but comforting to see others share the same feelings. Thank you for today’s devotional and words of encouragement!

  24. Thank you for this word today-it is just what I needed to hear! Last night (and many of the nights before) I awakened in the middle of the night, unable to get back to sleep as anxious thoughts swirled around my head. Thank you for sharing a strategy I can use when those anxious thoughts overtake me!

  25. Thank you for this gentle reminder that God is bigger than all my worries, cares and concerns. Gratitude is the key to unlocking a better attitude!

  26. I truly appreciate todays devotion. Worry has been something that I have struggled with ALL my life. I have gotten to a place where I know something has to change. I want to trust God but honestly feel like I don’t know how. I would love to find God’s peace. I pray often but find it challenging to surrender the load to him.

  27. Thank you for sharing these blessed words of truth! Worry really is what clogs up my schedule and makes me feel tired. I’ve been wondering why I’ve felt so overwhelmed, why my “to-do list” just gets bigger and never smaller and why at the end of so many days it feels like I didn’t accomplish anything. A lot of the reason is procrastination. And I procrastinate because instead of just giving it to God, I worry about the particular task and wanting it to be perfect. Thank you for reminding me that worrying is just busywork, a waste of time and energy. It’s so much more productive to give all task straight to God.

  28. This blog was so needed today. I am at meltdown point. Am posting these verses on my bathroom mirror and making my list to go to God. Thank you for sharing.

  29. Leigh Ellen says:

    This spoke directly to me. Thank you so much.

  30. Christie says:

    This is perfect for what I need! I am in a stressful time at my job, busy family activities and everyday I dread climbing out of bed to face another day! I realize my issues are my thoughts and concerns…..but I have a co-worker in the same situation. Going to share this with her…..

  31. Kimberly P says:

    I definitely needed this, this morning. I was awake at 5am with concern about our current finances. It was if God was wanting me to read this in my email!! Being a bit of a control freak that I am, its hard to not think about what my concerns are. It seems like all I do is worry. I know God is there for my weary mind, but its just hard. I will definitely post these 3 steps close by when I need a reminder that this to shall pass and God’s got it!! Thank you again for this devotion this morning!!

  32. Karen Maynor says:

    Stress anf worry has consumed me. Son getting married and parents not agreeing, school, no summer job, financial burden, house modeling, softball, where does it end??
    Help me to release and pray for guidance.

  33. Beth Walker says:

    Thank you for the encouraging words. Worry is too much a part of my life and I need to just turn it all over to God.

  34. What a great word! I get overwhelmed by the thought of all I need to do often. Your devotional book sounds right up my alley. I have struggled for a long time not feeling adequate in many areas. I have a hard time looking past all my mistakes and shortcomings.

  35. We must take our thoughts captive! So easy to worry, which probably comes from wanting to be in control, which we women are so good at! I know I am, which does not leave room for God’s peace, which Jesus offers so readily, if we would only stop, be still and listen to His thoughts.

  36. I’ve learned that in my most crucial moments in life that if I turn my gaze abs heart from the Lord every idol thought comes to mind. When I worry, it makes it all about me and less of God. Our health, witness, and mindset gets affected by not taking our thoughts captive and learning how to efficiently control our emotions. One of my favorite scriptures is to pour your heart out to the Lord, and He WILL be a refuge for you.

  37. It sure is easy to try to take control when we are unsure of what step to take next. I know I need to give my worries to God and soak in His Peace. A similar feeling happened to me when returning from a vacation once. Thank you for this reminder this morning that my need for control is an idol and can consume my thoughts. Control is for the timid! I will be brave today and really try to give my thoughts to God.

  38. My best friend has allowed God to transform her life drastically, freeing her from the bondage of both physical and emotional struggles. She has become a completely different person in the last couple months. Unfortunately, Satan, tried to consume her thoughts just yesterday with bad news about her father’s health and some impending responsibiities. I pray today’s devotion will renew her hope and be an encouragement to continue trusting our Heavenly Father with all the details of her life.

  39. Thank you for the encouragement today Renee. ..I so appreciate your thoughtful inspiration. …I am receiving His peace today… thank you!!!!!

  40. Ashante Cox says:

    Listen, this was much needed. Sometimes you feel crazy..behind worry! And because we’re taught not to talk about it..and that we should just be able to handle it all…I have berm left feeling like I’m the only person on Earth who goes through this. Thank you for your transparency and please keep it coming.

  41. Thank you for today’s devotion. It reminded me to be anxious for nothing but by prayer and supplication, I can sum it my requests to God. Sometimes life seems overwhelming but it is good to know that we serve a God who cares.

  42. Renee,
    Thank you and thank God! This message was so on time for me today. As a single mom, work, 4 kids, ministry, my aging mother… I often feel like I am drowning. This is a wonderful remember to stop and go to God, not just with the big things, but with EVERYTHING. I certainly cannot do all this alone.

  43. Great word to start the day! My worry is more about relationships than a to-do list, but worry is worry, I guess. Thanks for the three steps to peace. I’m going to post that somewhere to be reminded of God’s love and care.

  44. Thank you for this well-timed discussion. I have downloaded, saved and printed 3 Steps to Get God’s Peace and will carry it with me everywhere. Like so many of the other women, I am at a place in my life in which I find myself doubting my abilities to be successful in so many areas. In my heart, I know that I am a great mom and wife, but my thoughts don’t always agree. We are trying to move back home to our home state and that move all depends on my ability to get a job. I actually find myself worrying about how much I worry.
    While I know that I should not worry about that which I cannot change, following those words is not easy. Thank you again for your blog and for the printable resource to remind me how much worrying wearies us all.
    Have a blessed and beautiful day!

  45. Katie Sexton says:

    Thank you so much. I spent many hours (again) last night worrying. I need God’s direction but instead of trusting that HE will show me what I need to do…I worry. Thank you for these words. I will take your advice

  46. Thank you for the reminder that our thoughts can be consuming and depleting us of energy that could be used for more productive things! I needed this today!

  47. Mary Beth says:

    WOW you were talking right to me today. I worry about everything . . . . my plate is full of worry that I’m overwhelmed. I need a vacation from my worry. I have printed 3 Steps to Get God’s Peace and it’s going on my wall at work, on the refrigerator and on my bathroom mirror. Right now I am worrying about my daughter and son-in-law moving all the way across country to California . . . I’m worrying about my son and his finances, I’m worrying about my ex-husband finding a place to live, I’m worrying about doing good at my job, I’m worrying about having to make cupcakes for our luncheon at work this coming Monday . . . I could go on and on. I am in the meltdown stage but I have no support but GOD. Thank you Renee for inspiring me.

  48. Kimberphi says:

    Most timely message… I have a great friend who picks up more than her share of worries. It’s taking a toll on her physicality, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually… Consuming her! I can gently share your thoughts and scriptures to help her let go of the exhausting sin of worry and allow God to be in control… And the peace He brings when one allows Him to be our strength and refuge. (She could use a spa day basket in her ‘be still & know God’ time!). May He continue to bless you and your work !

  49. Wow! This blog hit me square between the eyes! It was if you got in my head! Timely message I needed at just the right time. I have had worry/stress on me for way to long. As a veteran church staff person for over three decades, I have felt as if at times I am carrying the whole church on my shoulders. If I don’t get this done or contact this person or prepare this lesson….I fail someone. Someone who needs God. Who needs reassurance. Who needs a word from me. Thank you
    , I have printed the words to hang next to my computer to remind me of Who is in charge and Who I should give my worries to and who loves me!

  50. Elizabeth Lacey says:

    Thank you for this encouragement. I want to give God all my concerns and be living in His peace!

  51. I have learned that, when something keeps coming up in my life, God is trying to help me “get it.” My worry has been brought to my attention in multiple ways over the last several weeks, just as these verses in Phillippians have. I love these steps- God’s timing is perfect!

  52. My mother was a constant worrier. I read this verse to her many times. Even though I vowed never to let worry affect me like it did her I find myself worrying about things too. Thanks for giving me this verse today.

  53. Rachelle Anderson says:

    Thanks! I needed this today! Blessings…

  54. I did not realize how much I worry…about what to cook..what to wear…I know to give God larger worries but the small ones take their toll. Thank you for your love of our Lord,

  55. Like many of the other folk whovhavecleft comments, I felt you were writing this just for me. I need constant reminders to worry less and pray more!! Let go and let God!!

  56. Jen Smith says:

    Wow! How timely this message was. It goes hand in hand, in my opinion with the Walk in Faith OBS. I needed this for today and everyday!

  57. Kimberley Williams says:

    I needed this reminder to “Let it go” Thank you!

  58. Tara Boehne says:

    Thank you for sharing this encouragement at just the right moment. I too have experienced the same type of melt down. I only wish I have known of the advice you shared in today’s message and had given all my worries to God. God is the ultimate provider of peace!

  59. Thank you for these words of wisdom and pointing us back to the truth when we are wrapped up in worry. I need constant reminders to focus my eyes on our wonderful Father rather than what I feel is going on around me. Nothing surprises Him!

  60. I so needed to read this today. I have been feeling overwhelmed with many things including how to be a good mother to my 3 kids, with our work/ministry, keeping up with our home, and church obligations, as well as some upcoming classes that I’m taking. Thank you for sharing ways to let go of our concerns to God.

  61. Lisbeth L. says:

    As a “former” chronic worrier, I know all too well what you have described today. Although I still have rough days and a tendency to backslide to my old worrywart self, I remember that God desires for us to bring ALL of our worries to Him. So when I start to falter I PAUSE, PONDER, and PRAY through it. As Renee stated, God does not always give us the blatant answer we think we need at the time, but He ALWAYS reveals what HE knows is the best outcome for us. During all of our trials and tribulations, God is actually calling us to draw closer to Him through prayer, service and devotion. Don’t worry about “how” to pray to Him. Just talk to him as you would a good friend, a BEST friend, then listen closely for His guidance. Many of us are looking for a God who shouts instead of one that whispers. Your answer may come through a church sermon’s message, a friend’s timely phone call, a blog for that day, a dream, a television program, a song that you tuned into on the radio. I have experienced God’s messages though most of these venues- “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He care for you”[1 Peter 5:7]

  62. Christine Chai says:

    This is just what I needed to hear. We so often forget whos in control when life gets busy. Love the three steps to get God’s peace, Thank you.

  63. What an ahaaaa moment. I get so bent about why my schedule overwhelms me when it really isnt a big one. The snowball rolls and gets bigger and bigger…i just get more worried, more frustrated, more exhausted and less done. Its totally not my schedule…it’s my worry. Thank you for this eye opener. I NEEDED it.

  64. thank you so much for this.. life.. has been hard and overwhelming.. I don’t feel I worry but my mind races so much in so many different directions. Thank you for reminding me to calm my mind and talk to the Lord. Allowing Him to give me the peace I need trusting in His love and will in my life. God bless you ~

  65. This was awesome and what I needed to read.

  66. Donna Morris says:

    In the past I have had many worries and concerns. However I have learned to give it to God.

  67. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder.

  68. God was speaking and answering my prayer through your devotional.Thank you

  69. Thank you for this devotional! God knew I needed this today! He is truly concerned about me and everything that is burdening my heart and mind! I am praising God for your words that spoke so deeply to my heart – my struggles are so hard but He knew I needed this today of all days!

  70. Thank you! This is exactly what I have been going through which have led to anxiety attacks. I need help, support, and someone to talk to..

  71. This was a perfect and much needed devotional. I help a diabetic, very loved aunt and uncle. My mother just had melanoma surgery on her face, and I applied for my first teaching job. Thank you God for carrying my worries.

  72. Isaiah 41:10 is my go to verse when things get tilted as my son has schizophrenia this can happen at any time and so being alert is a necessity – I am thankful for the doctors and that his psychosis is In Remission but the day to day challenges abound and can overwhelm, but whenI feel this I just start praising and reciting this verse u til the Lord has my sight again and I am not looking at the problems thanks for the encouraging words

  73. I don’t know why it is so hard to remember these promises from our heavenly Father. My heart always feels calmer after reading these scriptures. Thank you so much for sharing your heart as God leads. May you be abundantly blessed for your faithfulness to Him.

  74. Thank you so much for this reminder!! I tend to get stressed and worried about things as a young mom and wife, and so many times the things I get worried about are never as bad as I imagine them to be. I daily need God’s help to have a joyful spirit and take one thing at a time! I was blessed by your devotional!! God Bless You!!

  75. Two years ago I sent my second (and youngest) son to college. I always thought that once I
    got them both graduated from high school I could relax some. They were adults now, right?
    I now find myself ALWAYS concerned about them and the college life. Thank you for reminding
    me to take it all the The Lord. !!!

  76. Wow this message from P31 in my inbox this morning tells me God knows what I need when I need it. Worry & stress are taking over my life & I don’t like it. This message offers a simple way to hand it over to God. Thanks!

  77. LaDonna Haygood says:

    Good thoughts, excellent suggestions I will be trying them during my praye time.

  78. Ginger M. says:

    Perfect timing….this has helped me today. Things have felt so overwhelming lately.

  79. After having a little one wake me up at 3:30 this morning and not being able to get back to sleep because of worrying over a specific situation , I thought this was so appropriate for how I am feeling right now. It was exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks

  80. Stephanie Curtis says:

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  81. Thank you so much for this article. I was in the midst of listening to the devil when I clicked on here. So helpful. Bless you.

  82. Kristi Stauber says:

    Thank you for helping me remember this morning that even what I think is too small to take to God (losing weight) is something that I need to give completely to Him, and trust. I’m going to stop stressing about it, and start trusting about it.

  83. I’ve been so consumed and so stressed as of lately, I am getting physically ill. I’m trying to turn to God, It’s so tough with 2 little children and oh so much to do! This devotion was timely and I feel as I allow worry to consume me too often. Thank you for your transparency! Good to know I’m not alone.

  84. Laura Wells says:

    Thank you – this was just what I needed today!

  85. I am a worrier at heart. I watched my mom worry my whole life and now I too have become that person. I know I take on too much and never leave enough time for me (or my husband). I want to be that person who lets go and lets G-d but I resort back to MY ways. I’m tired and feel so broken.

  86. I’m there, Renee. Too much. My boys are telling me we rush everywhere. I don’t want that to be their childhood. Praying Gods got this and for him to guide me in priorities today. Thank you for sharing!

  87. Sonya Sanchez says:

    Thank you I needed that today. I have 5.5 weeks left in school and it is very stressful. I know that my God is in control.

  88. Thank you for the reminder to give our worries over to God! I am out of a job currently and have been worrying about that a lot lately.

  89. Becky Williams says:

    This spoke volumes to me this morning. Too many times I allow the distraction of my worries to take over & consume my thoughts & steal my joy. Today I will be intentional about stopping the worry, praying to God & thanking Him for everything!

  90. S. Archer says:

    Thank you for the encouragement! It’s just what I needed at just the right time. God Bless You!

  91. Shirley Berry says:

    Your book sounds like just what I need right now .soooo tired. Just want to hide away and sleep until things change,but that’s not possible. When I could sleep I toss and turn all night and when I want to sleep I have so many other things I have to do. Probably not making any sense to you .
    Anyway I would sure like to read your book.

  92. Jennifer Nixon says:

    I just found this blog today and this post is very much needed. I can really identify. I stress entirely too much to the point where I “sleep” between 2-4 hours a night. I stress about pretty much everything ranging from : my college courses to my 2 school aged kids and their school problems, to being a stay at home Mom with my 2 toddlers practically alone 24/7 to just every single thing that I do not coming out right. (not sure this is even intelligible between my tears and lack of sleep). I know that I should let God have it all and I try to give it to Him. But, then I hold onto a little corner of every thing in my life “just in case.” Because : “What if God’s too busy?” “What if He’s mad/sad/angry/upset with me?” “What information I deserve all this stress and worry and no sleep? ” “What info this is all part of God’s plan for my life? ”
    I just don’t know anymore. . Thank you to all who may read this and pray for me.

    • Carolyn Dotts says:

      Jennifer, I can relate to your post, but I am much further along in chronological years than you are, having completed the college, raised the children and am now retired as a widow. However, I’m still in the same place as you with the physical and personal struggles. Let’s pray for each other to find our relief where it is promised- in Him, not in our own efforts.

  93. Life has been so overwhelming for me for several months now. Your devotional couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Thank you!

  94. Patricia says:

    This is so pertinent to me today. For the last week or so I have been trying to give my worry load to Jesus. Some days I am successful, some not so much. I am so thankful for the blessing of my life. God has been so good to me. I am wonderfully blessed! Thank you for your ministry, I need encouragement of Godly women who He has inspired to share what He gives them.

  95. Mary Everhart says:

    Thank you for reminding me to trust God and stop worrying. God is so good and He knows what we need even before we do.

  96. Thank you so much for this reminder! This devotion is just what I needed in my in box this morning! Thank you for reminding me to give it ALL to God.

  97. Thank you Renee for reminding me that thoughts are just as much of a concern as my time. I trust God but immediately follow my timeline and jump ahead of Him therefore creating stress! I have a hard time trying NOT taking control, wanting to check it off my list without missing a beat! Praying for today that I follow Him and not an agenda.

  98. Cathy D. says:

    The past year has been overflowing with too much stress, too many responsibilities, not enough sleep or “me and God” time. This devotion spoke directly to me. Thank you!

  99. Thank you for this great reminder….it was just what I needed for today. I love how God provides and speaks to me through the Proverbs 31 devotionals!

  100. This would be such a blessing! Thank you for the opportunity!


  101. Pat Clemen says:

    Thanks– just what I needed to hear today- Blessings to you and Peace

  102. I had my meltdown just last night in my drive way. I needed this message for your encouragement from Philippians today. For all the talking we women do, we sure can worry inside our heads to the point of delirium. Thank you Jesus and holy spirit for being my counselor.

  103. This devotional and blog post were exactly what I needed to hear. The LORD has been showing me that my words and my thought life are an area of weakness. I struggle with feeling I am not enough for the many “hats” I wear. The simple yet powerful 3steps will give me a way to shift my “self – talk”. And receive God’s perspective through prayer, His word and the Holy Spirit. Thank you!

  104. Laura D. says:

    This is an awesome post! It is so easy for all of us to let worry lead us to becoming weary. No one wants to let go of control to the One who has ultimate control. I have found that it is so hard to let go and let God. It is a long journey, but one I am making progress in. Thanks so much for your thoughts and the download. I will definitely be printing that out and hanging it up where I can see it until it becomes habit!

  105. What really struck me in your post was taking the scripture from satans perspective and how in my sinful nature that is what I tend to do and oh how the devil loves it. Today I will focus on surrendering ALL to my Lord and Savior!

  106. I love the idea of writing down your worries and burdens and then sealing it and giving it to God in prayer.

  107. Thank you for 3 very important reminders on how to stop worrying. Worrying is the greatest hindrance to having a truly God centered life filled with peace.

  108. Carolyn Dotts says:

    I so identified with your devotional today; I have struggled with fatigue and weariness for most of my adult life. I’ve been to so many doctors over the years, but they can never find the reason. Medication has not helped significantly. In spite of this, I completed college while married, raising 2 sons, taught for over 25 years and now I am a widow, retired. I thought that retirement would solve this problem, but guess what? I’m still weary. I recognized while reading your words, that it is not external activities making me weary, but internal thought patterns, i.e., worry, fear and unrealistic expectations I set for myself. There may yet be an undiscovered physical reason for my weariness, but I want to give it to God, who already knows and has the answers. I know I have never given it to Him. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  109. This word of encouragement is right on time. I have been feeling extremely overwhelmed with work, home, and life in general. While I have been making an effort to pray and give it to Jesus, I tend to continue to worry because the pressures don’t go away, the outcomes are uncertain, and I don’t see God right away. But, I’m reminded faith is not based on what I see and all things are working together for my good! Many blessings to you!

  110. Kristina says:

    I love this. Taking my thoughts captive is something I struggle with. Thanks for this!

  111. I tend to think I have to take care of everything with my husband being disabled. I was on overload. This reminds to take everything to God. My worries, my anxiety, my fears. Thanks for the reminder.

  112. Jackie Frymire says:

    This was just the reinforcement I needed today! Worry is most assuredly the work of Satan. I have been purposeful in giving even the littlest of things to the Lord, since they can sometimes be the most bothersome. It’s been a difficult path to follow, as the control freak in me tries to get in the way every now and again! But when I look up instead of down pray, trust, and obey and keep reaching for God’s hand, I’m am blessed with peace!

  113. I’m so grateful for the message in this devotional and with God’s help, I plan to take it to heart along with passing it on to one of my kids. Thank you for using your gifts to communicate His truth.

  114. Thank you for helping me to keep focused on Jesus, by laying aside worries. I pray for you, your family, and the impact that you continue to make for His glory.

  115. I love it when I finally turn something over to God and feel His peace flow through me. Why had I worried about it so long when He is there to carry my burdens?

  116. Wanda Crane says:

    Yes, that is exactly what I have been doing, letting the worries of making decisions – all the details to be worked out now consume me and as a result, nothing has been completed.

  117. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this reminder today. God always gives us what we need just in time!

  118. Thank you for sharing this reminder today. I battle myself on a regular basis with worry and anxiety. Sometimes consumed by things I have no control over or planning things out in my head for a future that’s too far out to even be thinking about. I don’t always remember to talk to God but when I do, and I do more often than not, He always gives me His peace.

  119. Worry often consumes me and I often have to give these concerns over and over multiple times a day to the Lord. I have to learn to trust in His plans for the future and His will.

  120. What a wonderful message!! I’m can be an anxiety driven worrier at times. I too need to remember to let go, and let God. The book would be amazing, as I am a people pleaser. I need to learn balance between what Jesus would do, and spreading myself thin.

  121. One of the first Scriptures I learned when I was first saved is Philippians 4:6-7. Little did I know that I would be clinging to that verse 30+ years later. Seems that I’m a slow learner…. Or more probable, that the enemy is diligent in bombarding me with negative thoughts. I love Jesus. He loves me. We WILL win.

  122. This really was what i needed to hear today. I am weighed down by worry right now. what a gentle reminder from God that I need to give it to him and stop worrying so much. Today, everytime that worry pops up in my head, i’m going to pray. Thanks so much!

  123. Thank you for this–I have felt myself sinking beneath the weight of my worries this week, and I needed the reminder to bring it all to God.

  124. Right on point today. Thank you!

  125. Love the printable and the good reminder!

  126. My soul is tired and I find it hard to lean on anything. May Jesus give my soul peace and my body rest and may I lean on him.

  127. Danielle G says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I think writing out all your commitments, meetings, etc is such a helpful idea that I plan on doing just that. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed at work and church due to some “big” projects so this is exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks again!

  128. I totally need help in this area. Worry and fear is definitely a way of putting on blinders to the awesome power of God.

  129. Natalie Ferrell says:

    I am so thankful for posts like these! I constantly worry about how I am going to fail at everything I am assigned to do. I get overwhelmed by all the things I need to do and how there just is never enough time to do everything. I need this reminder that God is higher and has a more purposeful life for me than worry! If I would just lay my needs at his feet He will help me handle these stresses and cleanse my soul! Since I lost my mom nearly 3 years ago life seems ever so much more stressful, especially since my father and I have no relationship due to his new fiance, and I just recently was able to come to peace that our relationship may not be like I imagined, but I forgive him for the things he has done to me and I am able to now have peace in that area of my life, because God put that on my heart and that is one thing down! God is so good!!

  130. Thank you for this post I can see how some of my own weariness has been from worry and not the work load. I can see that the battle really does begin in my mind and where I allow my thoughts to dwell. I will put your 3 steps to peace into practice. May The Lord bless you richly. Thank you for your service in building His kingdom.

  131. Rebecca Stewart says:

    I needed this today – so thanks for sharing. Not only did I need this for me, but for a friend who shared with me Sunday and has been on my heart ever sense. All about worry. I will share with her today. Praying it helps her and her heart.

  132. Thank you for your encouraging words. I am so overwhelmed by the long to-do lists at work, at home, and what I should be doing spiritually to grow. When I start working on something, I am so distracted by the enormity of it all, that I just can’t move forward. It can be so discouraging.

  133. Thank you so much for this article… I am so busy with homeschooling, activities, watching grandson and other things I get so overwhelmed.. I see myself worrying a lot and I need to give it to God… This article came at such a good time… Thank you

  134. This is a wonderful reminder that God is in control if only I let Him! Thank you for sharing your stories.

  135. I really needed this reminder today! Sometimes circumstances and the daily demands of life get the best of me and before I know it I’m wrapped up in worries and cares. It’s when I focus on Jesus and His love for me instead of all the “what if’s” that sometimes plague me, that I have peace. Thank you for sharing!

  136. Just what I needed to hear today. I thought I had my “worry-wart” nature under control but obviously not. I feel like I haven’t slept well in months. I give it over to a God but then take it right back, and I’m exhausted! Thank you for the reminder that God is in control and He can, and will, take care of it all.

  137. Kim Brown says:

    Thank you for your words today. God has been blessing me beyound my wildest dreams and instead of truly ejoying the blessing I find myself worried and stessing over when the bad is coming. your words have lifted me and helped me to release the negative thoughts and have full faith in our Lord knowing what ever layes ahead he will be with me through it all and to enjoy the blessings of today! I am new to your site but will be staying and I am excited to read A onfident Heart devotional which is just another message from god since i am a few days from finishing my current devotions. God is so Great!

  138. April Anstey says:

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder this morning. I am currently doing the P31 Online Bible Study – When Women Walk in Faith and the first step is “Leaving”. For me, that means leaving behind worry and concern that tends to consume my every thought. I have to learn to trust God more and walk in faith!

    Be blessed!

    April Anstey

  139. Karen Feigh says:


  140. Perfect!! For me at this point in my life!I have felt a calling for a few years now to go back to school and get a degree in social work or counseling. Worry keeps me from moving on. What if it takes to much time from my family,what if it’s to hard,what if I finish and it’s not where I feel I should be…. The list goes on and on.Now I have a new perspective to pray from. I need to work at it and not worry about it.Blessings!

  141. It’s amazing to me how God can always give us the peace we need even though we don’t deserve it. When I finally give it over to Him, I truly feel the burden lifted, and a new sense of clarity that hadn’t been there before.

  142. Caroline Livingston says:

    Thanks Renee. Insecurity & sadness are constant foes I war against, and God is asking me to be the calm eye amidst our family’s life of constant chaos. I would love to read your words of wisdom in “A Confident Heart” so that God can continue to speak life and encouragement to this weary warrior.

  143. A good and timely reminder. My son will start kindergarten in the fall and we are trying to sell our house. Only God knows where we will be in a few months. I can worry which accomplishes nothing or I can trust God. I choose to trust.

  144. Thank you Lord for this inspiring message today and reminder to PRAY about everything!!! “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and A him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7, NLT)

  145. This is so true and I always need reminding!! I love the thought that we shouldn’t worry at night, while we should be sleeping, because God’s up anyway so we should give it to Him and get our rest!

  146. You are so right, I find myself where you describe; depleted, weary. Will continue to go to God daily, hourly. Thanks for the encouragement!

  147. Thank you for these words of wisdom. I have been feeling so overwhelmed lately and never even thought that it could be worry rather than the number of things on my “to do” list. This gives me a new perspective and as always a reminder to stop and give it all to God to show me what steps I should take.

  148. I’m in my head way too much–sometimes worse than others, but lately ALL of the time. I have the ability to make a non-issue, an issue in my head. At times, I will doubt and downplay myself and compare myself to others. I also can relate to commitments seemingly becoming overwhelming because I’ve fretted over them. I want to let God use for me for His Greater Purpose and allow Him to take the steering wheel without doubting His plan.

  149. Stop worrying, start praying, keep thanking God. The perfect words for me today (and most days). Thank you for your encouraging post today.

  150. Worry is one of my biggest challenges and something that I feel the Lord has bee n dealing with my heart. My husband often reminds me to read Luke 12:22-34 as a reminder. Thank you for your words of encouragement today.

  151. To say that I needed this devotional today is an understatement. I woke up feeling beyond overwhelmed by everything going on in my life. My thought and worries have me to the point where I am becoming someone I don’t even want to be around. It is hard to focus as my thoughts race with everything I need to do and deal with.
    It sad that I never thought to take time to ask God for the help I need especially since I teach my daughters to turn to Him.

  152. Angela Stephens says:

    As a middle school teacher nearing standardized test time and the end of the school year, I find this incredibly helpful. My personal life is wrapped up in a messy divorce struggle, and I am caught in the “hurry up and wait” limbo that steals a lot of my joy in the moments that are here and now. Thank you for this reminder that God has this. I believe worry is more than a thief; it is a sin, and many of us struggle to let God have our worries, but if we let Him, he will handle things far better than we can handle them. It really boils down to a control issue, don’t you think? Worry seems to be more about me trying to control things in my life, schedules included, than turning them over to God. Again, thanks for the spot-on reminder.

  153. Cathy lamb says:

    Thank you. I needed that reminder today.

  154. In the natural we attempt to carry things we aren’t meant to. The weight of all our cares and concerns not only weigh us down but also distract us from the focus we need, which is upon Jesus. The Lords desire is for us to cast our cares and not claim them as our own. It is in the ownership of these woes where we stumble.
    Renee I loved your post. So many truths and so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing.

  155. Thank you, your devotions and your book A Confident Heart have blessed me in oh so many ways.

    May you continue doing God’s work.

  156. Bjoyce Bonner says:

    This devotional is so on point. i’m sending it to a family member who is in the midst of crises after crises in her family. She is very broken and discouraged. Thanks for speaking to my heart so I can encourage her in her tough times. I will also encourage her to subscribe to Proverbs 31 Ministries. Thank you for blessing me to be a blessing.

  157. Great devotional for me today. I can work myself into a tizzy worrying about “what if” mostly with my children, but also with my work. It steals my energy and my joy. I keep postcards in my car and on my counter of verses to help me stop myself from going there and to think about what God says instead…

  158. Valerie Demase says:

    I prayed to God last night for guidance in a stressful situation. Your devotion today was the path to help. I wrote my three things down on paper and sealed it in an envelope to give to Jesus. Thank you.

  159. This was just what I needed to hear today. God has been trying to teach me not to worry, which is hard for a type A, perfectionist like me! I like to have everything in my control, but then worry what could go wrong or a decision I could make that is not good in the end. Thank-you for posting this. I like the three steps to do when I begin to worry!

  160. I needed to read this today! Thank you for your words of wisdom. Incidentally our church encourages us to choose a word to focus on for the year. In the past I’ve had words such as Trust, Truth and Joy. My One Word for this year is Peace. So this is an extra encouragement for me today as it helps me focus on my word for the year and seeking God’s help to have peace in my life.

  161. Nancy ransom says:

    Thank you. This has given me new perspective.

  162. Emily A. says:

    Thank you so much for this post today! I have had a crazy busy time at work these last couple of days, and it has been very overwhelming. Your post reminded me I may have been ignoring God’s Word to me, to REST and depend on Him. I have much more peace going into today. Thank you!

  163. I have been feeling overwhelmed the past several days so I took your husbands advice and I wrote down all my work and outside commitments. I am also considering a job change but am not sure if it is me or God sending me in this direction. I will be praying over all of this and see where God leads me. Please pray for me as well.

  164. Michelle W. says:

    Worry does consume my days and the promise that God is there to listen and help that worry is so comforting. I will be printing your printable to place by my bed to remind me to turn to God.

  165. Ashley B says:

    Thank you for this post. I have been thru a lot this past year, divorce, sickness, not getting paid while out being sick, having to take care of my 3 beautiful boys alone without the help of their dad. I’ve spend many days worried about the outcome, looking for the light, but I’ve realized I have to cast my burdens on the Lord, and he will provide. Its a very hard thing to do, especially when the trials of life are coming one right after another, but He will never ever leave or forsake us!

  166. Thank you Renée for such a thoughtful and insightful post! In addition to the things you mentioned, I tried to listen to comedy and cultivate a sense of humor – about myself as well as in general. I’d love to receive the giveaway!

  167. Thank you for this very timely meditation. I tend to load up my plate with activities, and although I don’t consider myself a worrier – I do believe it creeps in, just like you said. Praying today, asking God to show me where I don’t trust Him in my life.

  168. Carrie Kramer says:

    Thank you for these words! Worry often consumes me and God and his word is the answer to all the questions!

  169. This was such an awesome reminder of how we don’t trust Jesus as our friend. In the hymn What a Friend we have in Jesus, clearly states that we should carry everything to God in prayer! Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a powerful way. Oh how awesome it is rest in the comfort of knowing that when we call him he will bring us back from captivity. Love this message. Have a fabulous Wednesday everyone .

  170. Thank you for your words from Our Father’s heart today. This is something I’ve struggled with for a while now, but I believe God would have me cut back my list of commitments (which includes an extra part-time job due to finances). We are expecting a baby and are doing our best to be diligent with all that we have. I’ve been convicted of trusting God to provide for all of our needs – not a job – that HE will make a way and that I don’t need to sacrifice my family time or energy, because my God is more than enough. We’re believing and having confidence for a perfect full-time job and that our Father would open those doors in His timing.

  171. I can be the queen of worry and control if I don’t spend time with God first thing in the morning. I need the time with Him to go over the day. It never fails, if I don’t do this I’m sure to have an epic melt down. P.s. my favorite verse Jer, 29:12. Thanks Renee, good way to start the day.

  172. Thank you for this devotion. When I got to the line, “You see, without realizing it I was spending as much time thinking and worrying about concerns, commitments, circumstances and deadlines as I did working on them.” I really took notice. This is so true for me. The worry is so heavy and such a burden and getting rid of it makes everything else doable and God wants to take that burden from us. I am so thankful to Him for that and to you for reminding me of it.

  173. Gloria Marroquin says:

    Thank you Renee for this post. It is very timely. I have been under stress and anxiety with my health…which I am recognizing has been because of my wrong thinking. Plus not surrendering because I should handle it. Feeling like I’ve made a messvof things and I should fix it. I was…am having major panic attacks. Then I really started to seek the Lord and asking the Holy Spirit for discernment. My answers and guidance have been moment by moment experiences. Just like your post gently exhorting and affirming me. Thank you Lord Jesus for loving me so much.

  174. Oh Renee your words spoke loud and clear to me. This has been a very stressful season in life with worries about parents health and care, caring for 2 teens/tweens and working full time. I just want to run away somewhere and hide.Thanks for the beautiful words and we just need to run into His arms as He has us covered. Many blessings

  175. I am dealing with a tumultuous relationship in my marriage and trying to hold myself together to get through work and take are of my boys. Your words of encouragement to trust in God help so much. I want to have time for me to cry, scream and shout, but don’t. Knowing God is there to take these feelings for me helps so much.

  176. Barb Ackeret says:

    Thanks for the great words today! Just what I needed!

  177. Thank you for the timely reminder to take everything to God in prayer! “Cast all your cares upon him” is the best advice for each of us to make our lives less stressful and productive. Thanks for the awesome devotion!

  178. Christine G. says:

    Thank you so much for your encouragement this morning! Definitely a great reminder especially on the hard days when I want to throw everything up in the air and yell FORGET IT! I know that God is always for me and that he is ALWAYS there when I need him no matter what the cause!

  179. Thank you for sharing this today! I keep thinking I have too much to do, but don’t know what to cut out. Perhaps I’m worrying more than I realize about what I need to do. Will definitely pray about this. I’d love to win the giveaway for myself and also to share with friends. Many blessings to you!

  180. As mom of a 15 1/2 year old daughter who is fighting her way back from depression and anxiety, I worry about this coming summer and all the additional temptations that could be lurking. I worry about my ever-growing work commitments and how I can balance being there for her and her siblings this summer and yet, continue to provide them with food on the table. My husband and I are hoping we have a plan to juggle jobs and parental attention and hoping that we can trust our daughter, but I still worry. I rely on the Lord to help me get through these days and wish my daughter would learn to rely on him more too.

  181. Christina Kraemer says:

    Thank you, this is definitely what I needed right now. Most of my life has been consumed by fear and worry and I am just so exhausted. I feel like I’ve just been living from one crisis or struggle to the next. Lately, I’ve been so focused on dealing with my children who have been sexually abused. My fears and worries about their phsyical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing has been a heavy burden on me. Lord, please help me trust you completely with my children. May I today finally lay all my fears, worries and burdens at your feet and seek rest from you alone. Amen.

  182. billie Jo duncan says:

    This is exactly what I needed today I I’ve always worried a lot but this season of my life is gonna so make me a bolder stronger person!!!please bible study lady’s be in prayer for me going thru some financial troubles. God bless you all

  183. Your devotion really spoke to me today. Worry is something I struggle with regularly and your words encouraged me to remember Who to turn to. Printing the 3 steps as a daily reminder!

  184. thank you for supporting women who want to walk in faith and and stay connected to God’s word. I don’t really get to stressed out but one thing i find myself thinking about the most is the future of my kids and will they make good choices growing up and into adulthood, i am raising them with no Father in the home or no real male rolemodel and that worries me a lot. I know God will and can make up for that missing earthly father and i want God to show me the way!!!!!!

  185. Betty Vitz says:

    Thank you for your devotion today. I am anxious to get your book on confidence. Right now in my life I feel like I need more to make each and every day.

  186. I find myself overwhelmed a lot lately, and slowly insecurities and doubt have been creeping into my mind. I have been praying for balance, and this is such a great way to do that (you have a wise husband). I know once I see everything I will be able to balance and find my own peace!

  187. This hit home today. I will download the 3 steps to remind me when I get overwhelmed. I know a lot of my stress comes from my thoughts more than what actually needs to be done.

  188. I am so glad I was able to read this particular post today. As I have been dealing with a lot over the last few months and this post put it all into perspective. I will admit I have found it difficult to pray lately because of all of the issues I’m facing plus the thought, which intellectually I know is erroneous, that God is punishing me.

    Thank you.

  189. I think we forget how awesome and big our God is! We/I tend to put Him in a small box and fail to trust in Him and believe in what He is capable of doing in and thru us. Faith, just to touch His “garment” and I am healed. Wow!

  190. Lynn Bowman says:

    Hi Renee’! Thanks for the reminder. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of listening to Satan’s lies even though I know he is the author of confusion and chaos – the opposite of peace. The Bible is full of good advice for us and our stinking thinking – ‘renew your mind’, ‘take every thought captive’, ‘pray without ceasing’, ‘in everything give thanks’. God loves us so much and He gave us instructions on how to live abundantly on this earth. We just have to seek His peace and know that nothing is too small or insignificant to bring before Him. Thanks for the printable!

  191. I started reading my devotional every morning before I started my day. I have always heard that God provided peace for those that “sought” Him, and doing so has brought me a peace in may daily life that is LIFE CHANGING. I never fathomed it could be so easy to let go of daily struggles in our lives if we dedicated our “first fruits” to Christ. I have sure learned that this few minutes each day is providing everlasting and overwhelming peace in my life. God is so Good!

  192. There are times when I feel everything caving in. I feel overwhelmed with insecurities at work, home, and being a single mom. To the point where i just want to quite and never look back. I get caught up in the business of having to make ends meet and making sure my son eats before me. I have more break downs in the last few months thinking when it everything get better. When will I be ok, all i ever do is worry. But reading this devotional this morning before i started my work today made me feel like im not the only one that feel this way. And its a great to know how others get through times likes this.

  193. The devotional for today, coupled with this post has helped me greatly. Recently I have been dealing with something so burdening and heart wrenching that I did not have an option but to turn to Christ. Even in my darkest hours, I find that the anxiety that builds up is mostly from the thoughts popping into my head. Although the situation is quite difficult and sometimes unbearable, it only gets worse when I worry. Bringing all of my concerns to Him like Philippians 4:6-7 tells us to, praying and reading encouraging scripture and posts/devotionals such as this one will bring us to peace that transcends all understanding.

    Have a blessed day!

  194. Melinda (Mindy) Linton says:

    Do you know me? It’s as if you do! God had me read this even as I have a lot to do this morning. I went to bed last night with so many concerns and asked God to take them. I must not have let Him because I woke up feeling more weary than when I went to sleep-unless it was that crazy dream I had, chasing a bus…but that’s for another day. Anyway thank you! I really needed this. I have been experiencing extreme personal stress this year-there’s a huge list of what I’m worried about, but really only one answer-give it to God. I do pray to do that every day but I’ve not had much luck in actually lettin it go. God bless you and your devotions. Have a wonderful day!

  195. Greetings! I really appreciate this devo, especially the phrase “. . . how I spent my thoughts that left me depleted.” I am an over-thinker, and I also magnify things unnecessarily. The three steps you gave will be very good to use. Thank you, and God continue to bless you richly!

  196. You are so right! I need to ‘take it to the Lord’!! Thank you for the wonderful reminder. I printed out 2 of the pdfs and I will be sharing it with my sister. Thank you!!!

  197. Michelle Faile says:

    This resonated deeply with. I experience extreme anxiety and struggle so hard just to lay it at God’s feet. thanks for the great and encouraging post.

  198. Absolutely needed this today. I have been struggling with worry and this put me so at peace and helped me to refocus. I am feeling relief already.

    It’s these kinds of reminders that make me successful with my relationship with Jesus!

    I am so grateful…..thank you!

  199. Elizabeth Hines says:

    I am always in awe of the gifts God puts in my path. Today it was your post about worry and the reminder to be thankful for all we have been given.

    I am coming up to having bloodwork done to monitor things after treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma. My worrying began about 2 weeks ago. My mind is swirling with worrying thoughts. I pray. I remember all the twists prior to the final diagnosis, when things looked bleak. I remember that I was able to put it all in God’s hands and I remember the peace I felt. So why is it so hard to get back to that wonderful feeling of peace???

    Thank you for offering me the steps to help me get there. Once again, He came through for me and sent you my way!

  200. Thank you for these words of truth. Worry does deplete us. I’ve heard it said “Turn your worry into wonder…what is God going to do?”

  201. Wow what a great way to start the day. I love your wisdom and will remember these pieces of truth when I feel this way. Thank you for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway! Blessings on your day.

  202. Angie Sanders says:

    This is exactly what I needed to read right now. I struggle with saying no, I love to help people, but then I become overwhelmed, but maybe I need not worry and just trust God more.

  203. Gwen Youngblood says:

    Oh how I needed this today!! I’ve been so overwhelmed lately with so much going on between now and 12/12/15. I have to remember that I can’t achieve goals, deadlines or be successful without fully surrendering to God and having Him with me every step of the way no matter how big or small the task.

  204. Jessica Conley says:

    I needed to hear these words today more than anything. As a single mother of two small children, working full time in the ER and being a full time online student there are days I feel like giving up. Days I feel worthless, not a good enough mother and missing out on time with my kids. There are times I find myself laying in bed begging God to give me the strength to make it one more day to be the best mom I can be and to know that HE is in control! Even times that I feel alone I am not. My God is my refuge,my peace, and my comfort!

  205. What a wonderful relief to me this morning. What a beautiful morning meditative prayer. I may just be a stay at home mom, but I feel overwhelmed a lot when I walk around my home and begin to make mental lists of everything that needs to be done on top of raising my 3 girls (under 4 years old). This is a beautiful way to start and go through my day. Thank you!!

  206. Another lie we listen to is that everyone else can handle so much more than we can. We feel alone in our inadequacies. Thank you for sharing . We can’t forget that God is waiting for us share our inadequacies and He will give us joy.

  207. Xiomara beltre says:

    Thank you for this! I was just
    Feeling overwhelmed with my own expectations to be physically, emotionally and mentally strong and sometimes so easily try to find this on my own strength. Thank you reminding me through the scriptures and He wants us to run to Him, and I can do that and depend on His grace because it’s sufficient for me!

  208. Driving to work several situations I’m going through were really weighing on me. Today’s devotional was exactly what I needed to put everything into perspective. You know in the back of your mind you should turn it over to God, but often that is the last option you think about. This was a wonderful reminder of what our first priority should be when an issue creeps into our lives. Thank you so much.

  209. maria esquivel says:

    You are so right about not allowing ourselves get overwhelmed with worries now being a mother of teen agers it is something I have to work at hard everyday. You and your entire staff help me do that I am so grateful that I heard of Proverb 31 on our Klove radio station. May God bless you and continue to strengthen you, thank you .

  210. Renee; I’m so thankful for your devotion today on worry. I too, tend to get overwhelmed often, not because I haven’t enough time, but because I can’t seem to organize in my mind, all the things I need to do. I like your suggestion to make a list of my concerns. I believe that will help me look at my life from God’s perspective. Thanks again; Nena

  211. Thank you for your devotional today. I am going to try this. I have some heavy things on my mind and I allow myself to worry too much instead of running to my Father. I know he will take care of all my needs. I just need to trust more and worry less.

  212. Not worrying and leaving “situations” to God has always been my strength. Lately I have let worry consume my life. Trying to take control and not allowing God to work in my life. Thank you for allowing God to use you and touch my heart today. I need reminding that God is and always has been in control. Worry is wasted time, a detour in my life and something that has blocked my walk with Him.

  213. Wow – your devotion was eye-opening. I have been overwhelmed with worry. What a great word to help me gain perspective. I will definitely be working on my to-do list and praying over it. Thanks!

  214. Thanks for this devotion. It was what I really needed today.

  215. Well I definitely need this reminder as my husband & I are walking through a very tough season that seems to have no end in sight…but I know God is faithful…I just need to keep faithfully looking at Him & not the problems that are overwhelming. Thanks for sharing…timeless wisdom!!!

  216. ting p-elger says:

    thanks so much for this- i really need this today. endless things to do, countless errands, prayer requests, never ending thoughts and worries.
    you remind me that these are not all mine-

  217. good morning,
    I have been consumed with worry and one day I layed in my bed face down and prayed to God and sincerely prayed for peace and direction and I tell you it really helped and still in the midst of what is going on I still praise God and listen to sermons and praise and worship music just to keep myself knowledgeable that God is still present and he is working on my behalf , Stay encouraged

  218. Renee – thank you for being open and honest and sharing this devotional with us. This is exactly what I NEEDED to hear. I’ve been so guilty of letting worry consume and wear me out. I’m starting to learn how to listen to God’s truths and to use them to combat the lies the devil tries to tell me…to guard my heart and mind with His peace. Thank you again. God bless!

  219. Michelle B. says:

    Thank you, this is exactly what I needed today. I had a complete melt down yesterday and I think it was as much from worry as it was from all that is on my plate. I have a huge project that I’m working on at work, I don’t feel like I get to see my two small children enough, I’m in the early stages of a third baby that I don’t know how we are going to add to the mix, I’m worry about how this baby is growing, my husband is worried about it too and constantly talking all sorts of crazy, and I’m just overwhelmed. Thank you for reminding me to hit the pause button and to pray. And the reminder to keep thanking God after that. I know this, but I forget it. I left life’s worries, problems, and crazy overwhelm me and when I should be running to God I’m stuck where I am having a melt down without Him. Thank you for sharing!

  220. Thank you for the 3 Steps to get God’s Peace. As I am getting older, I don’t know why, but worry creeps in more and more. I know Philippians 4:6-7, but thank you for “putting it” this way. I was inspired to make bookmarks for myself and my sisters in Christ!

  221. Linda Zavitz says:

    As care giver for my 85 y.o. mother I find myself frustrated by the limits on my free time to go accomplish multiple errands in one outing rather than multiple trips. Also limited quiet time to focus on God.

  222. I think fear and worry tend to go hand in hand. I’m struggling with allowing each to make the other bigger. I have been growing spiritually over the past year in a situation that I’m confident will be resolved in God’s way and in His time. Please pray for me, as I strive for patience to give my cares to Him and wait for him to resolve those issues in a way that is far bigger than I could ever imagine. Today, I’m asking for the courage to make a list that will shrink things down to their proper perspective.

  223. I am in a busy season right now. All joyous things, but all running together. I was feeling overwhelmed this morning but this devotional hit home!! It reminded me to turn to Him in all things. Thank you!

  224. Thank you for sharing your heart with us and a tangible way to keep the worry away. I find myself up at night- worrying about my husband, my 3 children, my mom who is battling stage 4 cancer and just the concerns of the next day.
    I am learning to lean on God in the midst of all of this and read His word. Thank you for encouraging us ladies and letting us know that this struggle is real and we have a Big God who can handle it all an loves us Big!
    Have a blessed day!

  225. Tiffany Deffenbaugh says:

    Thank you for your wonderful wisdom and uplifting message. This couldn’t come at a more perfect time as I work in Hospice and my team is currently undergoing a federal survey. This time is very stressful and exhausting as everything they could find us doing wrong is being pointed out, causing self doubt and worry. The gift bag would be a perfect gift to the nurse or manager that goes above and beyond every day only to be drug down by mandates. Thank you again for pointing us all in the Lord’s direction during EVERY difficult task we face no matter WHAT it is!

  226. Sandra Hill says:

    if there is one thing I know about The Father it is that He will let you know he has heard your prayers. This morning I awoke at 5:00 A.M.. I had slept through the night ( which is something I have not done in weeks due to an injury from a car accident.)and was wide awoke , so when I looked at the clock and saw the time I decided to pray.There were so many things on my heart and as I prayed I spoke all of my concerns.All that was stressing me out , all that was causing worry and even more pain than I was already in and I laid down at about 6AM and went back to sleep. I awoke feeling good that I had left my cares with the Lord.He let me know He heard my cry through two pastors and now this blog.I realize He is calling me to rest and move aside and let him be the God of my life.I have rested in Him before and He worked so why shouldn’t He this time.I am grateful that He has led me to this blog and this ministry of women to help and guide me along this new path He has put before me.Thank you Renee and may God bless you and your family.

  227. Thank you for this timely wisdom. I have been overwhelmed with so much lately.

  228. I think worry and anxiety actually seem normal to most people now, and we don’t realize we weren’t designed to stress. I constantly have to remind myself to stop worrying so thank you for the tips!

  229. Thank you for this fairly simple yet profound truth – it’s one of my favorite verses. I find myself frequently paralyzed with worry and emotion. When I can give that to God, I am freed and incredibly productive.

  230. Sometimes I find peace eludes me when I look at what needs to be done and see the limitations of those responsible for accomplishing the tasks rather than trusting God to provide a way.

  231. Your message came from the Spirit today!! My husband and I just discussed this exact issue….thanks for the suggestions!

  232. Theresa Cloe says:

    Thank you so much for the advice, bible verses and prayers! This is all so true! So many times I try to do it all on my own and all I do is worry! I MUST stop and pray! It’s really hard sometimes to stop my rushing and worried thoughts though! So I will pray about that too! Again, thanks!

  233. I need to remember AND do this everyday!! I’m a single mom with no help, and am blessed with very smart, athletic girls!! My Dad just passed away, so I worry about my Mom. I worry about work, our future, colleges, drama, etc… I pray, take a deep breath and take one day at a time!! I live in the mountains, but would love to run away to the beach!! 😉

  234. Karen Stanek says:

    I want to take some time to really meditate on this. I know I can start to resent my schedule – even the people I have appointments with when I get overwhelmed. Feel like I’m letting someone down no matter my choice – either not enough time with my family, or not enough with others in need or not enough with friends who encourage me. Sometimes so scattered that I’m not fully present in each event so though I’m spending time with people, or on things, I am not having the impact I could. I want to be lead by the Spirit more and by a sense of duty less and I definitely don’t want to waste precious time worrying!

  235. Joy Gorgans says:

    Thank you for the reminder on how I can receive the Lord’s peace.
    My husband and I are walking thru a seemly impossible situation and
    have been terribly wounded.
    Our Faithful Father has been reminding me of His goodness in the
    past and that I need to trust Him for the future. Your blog post has
    confirmed His Word to my heart. May He bless you and continue to use you!

  236. Christina says:

    This was so encouraging. As a worrier who currently feels overwhelmed, this is what I needed to read this morning. Thanks for your words!

  237. This was such a great reminder for me today. I’m very overwhelmed right now, and what-ifs have been consuming me. Thank you for this…I will definitely be making my list!

  238. Christy Baginski says:

    I SO needed this today. I work for a Christian School that I love very much but sometimes I get frustrated with things and feel helpless to make them better.

    Thank you so much for devotional.

  239. My mother, and sister need to read this book, they allow stress to consume every second of their life, it is so bad my mother has ended up in the hospital three times for several days, the number one factor, stress. Not that I couldn’t use it right now. God knows I definitely could what with mom in and out of the hospital, eight siblings to care for, a farm of 100 chickens, and 40 goats, and a boss with mental problems who is four pay periods behind. There are days when I just want to say, someone else’s turn, I can’t do this. But I know, I can because God is with me. A stress away pack would be fantastic right now though.

  240. Thank you so much for this devotional! As I was reading I thought, “I could have written this”. My husband is a pastor and we just recently moved to a new state/new ministry. In our previous ministry I was home a lot and had gotten “comfortable” just being a mom and wife. Now, we are constantly on the go and extremely busy. I enjoy everything I do, but just feel so unorganized, and a lot of times stressed, with all that I have to do. Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions to give it to God. I will definitely work on that! 🙂

  241. I have been consumed with worry the last few months. I know it is affecting me emotionally and physically. I have been trying to place my worries in God’s hands but once I do that I don’t know how to really stop worrying.

  242. Dear Renee, Thank you & God Bless you abundantly for all of your sharing from your heart. I am so blessed to be following you for sometime now & just want to say thank you.
    Have a Blessed, restful day in the Lord! Amen

  243. I am a constant planner! God is teaching me to REST and let him do the planning! That helps me with worry! Not my agenda but His
    (for a change)
    “Many are the plans in the mind of a man but it is the purpose of the Lord that will last.” Proverbs 19:21

  244. I am leading my first Bible study beginning this Saturday and I find myself worrying about whether I will be good enough to do this – will I be smart enough, funny enough, engaging enough, etc. In reality, I know I am not enough alone but with God I am more than enough because His will be done if I let it. I am praying for His words, His vision, His guidance in this endeavor and I am grateful He is allowing me to be a part of it!

  245. Rebekah Marsh says:

    Thank you for reminding us that worry and anxious thoughts can rob us of our peace and joy. I believe that is why Jesus always said “My Peace I give you or leave with you”. Satan’s major tactic is causing us to fret and worry.

  246. Will post this on the frigde as a daily reminder thanks

  247. This is me to a tee! My son has told me for years that I make mountains out of mole hills. I often lets my thoughts overwhelm me and cause me to worry when all I need to to is remember that Jesus will hear my prayers if I would just go to him and ask him for peace and guidance.

  248. Thanks for the encouragement. Many sleepless nights as feel I’m the “Evil Step-mother”

  249. This was a wonderful devotion to remind us to “listen” to what God is revealing moment to moment and to turn all of our concerns over to him, moment by moment. Thank you for your words of encouragement today and using what God has given you to inspire people in all walks of life. Clarity of mind in making the best decisions regarding time, and using it in the way God desires for me at this stage of my life is eluding me. Your words today are a reminder that God is a healer and can certainly provide the peace needed. Thank you.

  250. barb griffith says:

    today i was visited yet again by regrets of past mistakes that have consequences that will most likely be with me the rest of my life. i have days when i get very discouraged because i can’t find a way to fix things. i needed this blog to remind me God is bigger than my mistakes!

  251. Just “push the pause button”! Of course! Why have I never thought of it this way. God has already been working on my heart about trusting him and giving him my issues. I have a tendency to worry and over think things. Today it seems his message to me is “it’s easier than you are making it. Just push pause and pray right then.” Thank you for words and message today!

  252. He has never left me or let me down, thanks for reminding me.

  253. I needed these words, thank you. I worry about too many things and have really been trying to just put in all in God’s hands.

  254. Thank you for these words. I needed to hear this today

  255. Renee,
    Thank you so much for your timely devotion today. As women, we tend to take everything on and easily get overwhelmed. Even if it’s just ‘thinking’ about it all; that’s still too much. Your message is a wonderful reminder that God does not want us to live overwhelmed lives, rather to rest in His gentle assurance that He has it all under control and will gladly share the burden if we just give it to Him.
    Thank you and God Bless.

  256. Kathleen L. says:

    Wow Renee can I relate! I work full time and take care of my wonderful and sweet 86 year old mother. Our roles have reversed and I am now the mom and she my daughter. We laugh at this statement and know that I was in the best care with her when I was a child add now she is in the best care with me as an elderly lady. She is such a blessing! I do catry a heavy load and can see now that a lot of it is indeed worry. What a difference it makes just knowing that I need to unload my worries at the foot of the almighty ones cross. Thank you for sharing your story. You are a blessing to me today.

  257. Patricia Sanford says:

    I downloaded the 3 Steps to God’s Peace and love it. Thank you for the reminder that it’s really that simple. Love reading your book, A Confident Heart. Would love to win the devotional that goes along with it. 🙂

  258. God’s timing is always so perfect. I’m so grateful for this post today, Renee. It seems your posts go right to my struggles. I was sitting here trying to figure out how to get it “all” done today and here’s your message. Thank you.

  259. This was definitely what I needed to hear! Putting our trust in God and resting in Him despite everything he calls us to do is much more sustainable than overthinking and trying to control everything. Thanks so much for writing this, Renee!

  260. Thank you!

  261. I have been trying to do the suggested process in reverse order (thank God, Pray, Stop worrying). Maybe I could switch it up and see how God works through that. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart and powerful faith, Renee.

  262. Weelll, I get so deeply frustrated with myself in worrying and what I label “awfulizing”, that I have force myself to STOP. It seems to be the worst when I’m lying in bed, attempting to sleep. My biggest difficulty is shutting off my mind, so that I can sleep. Ihave prayed about this countless times and you know what? This silly child of our Lord’s takes back her worries, after the Lord takes them away!! UGH!!
    Has anyone else experienced this? What has been your solution? Or perhaps, a better question, what did the Lord direct you to do?

  263. The Lord has been reminding me of this very thing this week. He wants me to bring everything to Him, leave it there and praise him for who He is. Thank you for the reminder and the tips!

  264. I’ve been fighting cancer for 9 yrs. and we’re at the end of our list of things to try medically. So yes, I worry about where so I go from here. I’m sure your book would inspire me. Thanks for the chance at this give away!

  265. Thank You Renee! this is just what I needed to hear today I have been working on this very hard lately & sometimes after asking God fr help I catch myself still worrying about it then I feel horrible that I have failed him by not trusting him. Just the a few weeks ago I had ask him for help to carry something for me because I could no longer do this by myself yet I continued to worry & then when it all came together I was so excited but at the same time so ashamed of myself for not trusting God to handle this for m like I had ask. I had to go back to him & tell him how sorry I was for not trusting him & for coming through for me even though I had let him down. I feel so horrible when I do this & I need to be reminded that when you place it in his hands you have to trust him with it & wait for the answer a lesson I really need to learn so bad. God is so wonderful & forgiving. I am so blessed that he still took care of me even when I did not have the faith I should have had. How can I remind myself that I have ask him to carry these things for me & let him do that so stop worrying?

  266. Life goes so much more smoothly when we leave the worrying to God and proceed in peace.

  267. Nancy Huff says:

    I find myself guilty of this feeling of being overwhelmed frequently, and yet whenever I take the time to quiet myself with prayer, I always feel rested and ready to tackle my responsibilities.

  268. Mary Ann Todd says:

    I needed this today – I worry all the time. I’m trying not to worry so much. It’s a daily undertaking for sure. Thank you for your encouragement on this today! Blessings, Mary Ann

  269. Grisel Colace says:

    Thank you Renee…your words are so timely! Just last night a friend shared some deep struggles and concerns…worrying was the underlining problem. I also need your words for myself! For those times when I come up to the “worry” potholes in my life’s journey, I now have 3 steps that will help me continue running the race!

  270. Stress in my life right now has me worrying constantly. I’m praying but, I know I need to start Thanking God more. I’ll do my best with these three steps.

  271. This was such a blessing. I’m still learning to give everything to God and not worry.

  272. Christina says:

    Much needed words that I needed to hear!! Thank you for the encouraging words!! Praise Jesus for everything He does for us!! In times of stress we forget that God has it all under control. May God keep blessing you Renee in your ministry.

  273. So I loved your devotion this morning. In my mind I’m already tired when I think of what I have to do. I work, homeschool and in ministry. Getting me to do more than that overwhelms me and I want to give up and do nothing at all. I know in my heart Jesus is in control but in my mind I feel i can’t get past that. I think to myself the example I am setting for my high school daughter and I don’t like it. I would love to read your book When Concern Consumes Me. Thank you for all you do, in Jesus name.

  274. Perfect. This is just what I needed today.

  275. I know, like many others, I have a tendency to worry. Big or small issues, it doesn’t matter. I try to go to God about my concerns, but sometimes is takes a while to get the point of letting go of the worry first. Our pastor once said that you can’t hold on to your worries and trust God at the same time. So we have to learn to let them go, it’s just so hard!

  276. Thank for this post today! It was exactly what I needed to hear in a stressful time of worrying over health concerns for my children. As I am writing all the things down that I need to remember for them and the doctors I also need to spend time offering this all to the Lord and let him walk beside us through it all.

    Thanks again!

  277. Theresa LeBlanc says:

    This is a wonderful message – and a timely one for me. I sometimes feel so weighed down by problems and worries. This an excellent reminder to give all my cares to Him and then LET GO and TRUST HIM to carry them and to take care of me.

    Thank you so much for your ministry – you have blessed me more than words can express!

  278. shannon meadows says:

    I used to worry all the time. I leave it to God now. Everything changed for me in September, thats when everything started making sense. I had my meltdown in 2009, lost & left everything. It was a slow process because i didnt allow Him in my life which is a shame, just imagine where i would be…then i remind myself that its His timing not mine. I have bad days still but they are getting fewer & fewer. Praise Him in everything!

  279. Stephanie says:

    Those inspirational thoughts are just what I needed. I’m presently going through a tough storm. I needed the reminders of the comfort of the Lord and casting away our burdens.

  280. Thank you for this devotion! I have been concerned about finances, my husband being out of work, & getting less hours on my job. I really needed this reminder!!!

  281. Brittany Hardin says:

    What does one do when worry consumes the soul? Every waking moment is a more like a nightmare. Constantly praying and being patient wondering what it is that you did so wrong? Trying to keep a smile and a solid foundation for your children but nothing works. Going and going and going with all your might only to be pushed back further than when you started! The cry of a worn out woman! I’m really trying to learn how to lean on God when so much leans on me…how do I bend but not break! God even though I’m having difficulty praying please hear my cry.

  282. Raylynne K says:

    I am going to print this and hang it on my mirror. I need constant reminders to stop worrying, start praying, and remember to thank Him. He really is SO good at being God.

  283. Great devotional today! I really needed to hear this as I’m dealing with issues in workplace. Long hours and feeling very overworked. Thank you for all the Psalms 23 devotionals. Very uplifting and inspiring!

  284. What a blessing your devotional was for me today! Thank you so much!

  285. The concern that consumes me most right now is money and being able to pay bills. I have been unemployed for 2 years and going through a lot of change. I know God will come through for me and always has but for some reason I can’t kick the worrying about it!

  286. I needed this word today, the last 2 weeks have been a spiritual and emotional roller coaster for me. My mother is recovering from a heart attack and my sister is recovering from pneumonia. But in all this turmoil His word keeps on sustaining me and allows me to minister and witness the goodness that I have, in his joy and peace.

  287. Dear Renee~ This was beautiful and helped me so much. I love how God speaks to me through your writing. Your words are so refreshing to my soul. Also it helped me have a conversation with the Lord about something I’m currently worried about. And I thanked Him that He is so good at being in control. I’m not. It gives me back pain. I printed two copies, one for me and one for my co-worker who sits by me. Blessings to you and your family.

  288. Mitzii R says:

    Yesterday I was struck by the Stop Worrying brick wall (I tend to be to stubborn to just see it). I found myself in a place where I had to make the decision to stand on God’s promise that He’ll take care of me or completely lose it. I made the decision to stand on God’s promise even though I did not feel it and so many thoughts were going through my head telling me otherwise. I just kept declaring over and over again that my faith and my trust is in God.

    Needless to say, He came through with His promise. A very big burden was lifted off my shoulders and all I had to do was get out of His way and trust in Him. Now when I feel like crying it’s tears of joy not of worry.

  289. Pam Jenkins says:

    Thank you for sharing this message today. God is good and I am so
    Blessed, giving my worries to him.

  290. Your devotional sounds wonderful!

  291. Petra Earhart says:

    I also let worry overwhelm me, then God shows up and it was not that big at all. He is helps me to glide through all the mess when I move into the passenger seat. Thank you sweet Jesus for being in control!!!

  292. Ann Souza says:

    What a great encouragement you are all….thank you for your help and always Being there to help is walk thru life!!!

  293. I have been doing this for the last several weeks when I begin to feel overwhelmed with fear or uncertainty. Thank you for the scripture to go with it. I wrote it down to memorize this week. Thank you for the encouraging words!!!

  294. Thank you for the reminder to stop and pray! Sometimes I think things are silly to ask the Lord about – needed to read this today 🙂

  295. During this time of my life I’m going through a lot of transitions and life stresses. For example: finishing my college courses, graduation in May, starting my career as a nurse, husband getting a new job, buying a house, moving to a different state in one month, and all the while being pregnant with our first child that is due to be born 2 days before our first anniversary on July 12th! There are a lot of responsibilities that I am required to take care of and they are continuing to increase. I can tell a difference when I depend on God versus when I get overwhelmed thinking about everything. Thank you for this reminder of how to turn the focus back on God and to not spend so much unnecessary time worrying.

  296. Nancy Nesbit says:

    Stress and anxiety seem to invade on a regular schedule. I get caught up in a mind numbing pattern of worry and planning, worry and planning and rushing off to do something, anything to stop some of the worry. BUT
    when I stop and pray and give these situations over to God, He gives me peace.
    Thanks for the reminder. I needed it yet again. . . .

  297. Thank you, Renee for this great reminder. I love and cling to all of these verses as I pray over my future grandbaby that may have some developmental issues. Most of the time I am ok but then sometimes my mind goes all crazy and I have to regroup, remember and pray! So thankful for a God who is in control and loves us so much!!

  298. Jamie Clayton says:

    Funny, I just broke down in tears to my husband last night for this very reason. A reminder I really needed. Thank you

  299. Worry is a constant “friend” that I am seriously trying to break up with! I am in the midst of some pretty heavy life situations right now and it is a daily battle to fix my mind on God and not the circumstances in front of me. I am reminding myself to pray and give it up as often as I feel the worry kicking in. Thank you for your timely words and download.

  300. Deborah Branch says:

    I need to learn how to give God all my concerns and issues. I want to hold on to some of them instead of surrendering all.

  301. Stephanie Rudash says:

    O my gosh I LOVE this!!! I loved participating in the Confident Heart ObS and I would love the devotional book!

  302. Thanks Renee, for more truth on receiving God’s Peace! Your book “A Confident Heart” has been a life saver when I need to adjust my thinking, and hear God’s truth.
    Blessings to you!

  303. I totally understand a “meltdown”! I’ve allowed at times my thoughts to wonder about the outcome of my Setember 2014 breast cancer diagnosis. It always seems to hit after my husband brings me home from a “chemo day”. The Lord is forever faithful to whisper to me “I care about EVERY detail of your life”. It’s just remembering to take those negative thoughts captive thru the tears!!!! Since my mastectomy in February, the cancer is gone but I will continue infusions every 3 weeks until September 2015.

  304. I am so guilty of worrying about things instead of praying about them. Learning to lay my problems at the feet of our Lord (instead of worrying about them) is one of my most important goals. Please pray for me.

  305. Just when I feel that I can’t do it all, I take a minute to say a prayer and ask for help and guidance. Works every time. God is good.

  306. Thanks for this reminder today, Renee! Just last week I thought I couldn’t handle “one more thing!” and God allowed me rest in the midst of my already busy schedule to just be (and go to bed early) and that helped me re-focus on what was really important. And that was making sure I didn’t miss the “one thing” in my day that helped balance my day, therefore my week, and that is time alone with the Lord each morning before I start my day. 🙂

  307. Lori Zastrow says:

    Thank you for the inspiration! I call on God often but I need more confidence that He will grant my requests. I need to let go and let God take over.

  308. Wow…. It was like God had you write “when concern consumes me” just for me. Thank you. I should never doubt God’s awesomeness! God Bless!

  309. Wow what a blessing as I picked up Stress less living today to reread and then this. Thank you Lord for how you fill me with women who love you and love others. This message I feel was written just for me and how I feel right at this moment. Thank you for Renee for listening to the Holy Spirit who is guiding you to help others. I am confident that this message will help others and I am looking forward to the continued blessing of this message thank you again and God bless this much needed message to women.

  310. Christal Byma says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today!

  311. Thank you for this! We are a military family overseas and are seeking guidance from God for how He wants to use us now and what steps we should be taking for the future. I am praying hard for peace and patience as we listen for an answer.

  312. Dawnielle says:

    Just more confirmation from yesterday of what I need to be doing with all the unrest, anxiety, and turmoil within my soul over things from the past and present over which I have no control. Thank you for allowing God to use you as a reminder and confirmer of what He has placed on others hearts.

  313. Micaela Fonseca says:

    This past year I have learned so much on how to surrender my worries to God. The majority of my worries are behind me and I’ve learned to lean on God’s strength so much. He has provided me peace, knowing that He makes everything happen for a purpose.

    Now……of course, there are always those worries in life that seem so BIG, that you just can’t imagine letting someone else take control……right? Even if you do allow God to take control, there is sometimes that thought of taking certain worries back into your hands.

    I am in this state right now.

    I’ve been offered a job that pays well and will make me the youngest woman to ever work in this specific field. This was very attractive to me and I began to dream of how my life could be…..enough money to help bring the gospel to the third worlds, big home with extra room for missionaries, luxury car, and being able to buy nearly anything without worrying the cost. I thought to myself, “This is totally the Lord!” Right!???…….Wrong. You see, I never prayed about this first. Thinking that I was already destined to work for this company, I felt it was “the Lord’s calling” and He would work it all out for me. After a couple months of studying I was ready for the test. I took the test. I did not pass. But, the company was impressed with the scores for someone my age that they decide to work with me until I passed, even if it took a few more tries.

    Though I was thrilled about this, I never felt at ease whenever I prayed throughout this three-month process and even when praying about the future tests that were planned. Inside, I KNEW that God did not want me to continue. It was oh, so hard for me to believe this truth. It hurt so much that I did not know what to do. How could I make the right choice without His guidance and strength? There was no way! So after a couple months of struggling with this “tug-of-war” game in my mind, I finally gave in and asked God to give me the strength to say “no” to this job. He did. What a tremendous peace that came over me that day!

    Currently, I am in a “Famine” stage after crossing that line. My future is completely “blank” to me as I am not taking any more college classes. I did not feel compelled to achieve a degree, I don’t know if I will ever get married, and the only passion I have is encouraging other young women in their walk with God.

    I know in reality this seems like a recipe for disaster.

    But, how much does God need in order to do something incredible with one’s life? Pondering that, I realize He just needs someone willing to listen and obey with a passion to encourage and serve.

    He is the potter…I am the clay. I can’t remember the last time I heard of the clay fighting the potter!

    Though I’ve continued to go back to “the line” and say to myself, ” Maybe I need to try again”, I realize that this is just a game between my will and my God. Each of us is drawn away from God’s perfect will for us because we are mesmerized by the desires our flesh. We, each of us, really needs to take every thought captive and invite God to come beside us to help us choose that which will bring us to what we were called for.

    So, It’s my choice to live for me or for Him………I always choose the latter.

    Many blessings,


  314. Dorothy Lyn says:

    Thank you for these words of encouragement.

  315. Ceci Free says:

    I am going to set the 3 steps picture as the lock screen on my phone! 26,single mom of two and I am in desperate need of brain surgery. Worry is something that I can’t escape. I live in a battle field of fear and worry constantly giving myself a hard time. I have been seeking a way to find peace but have been unsuccessful, keeping myself up late at night wondering if I will ever have enough money to pay for surgery.

  316. Courtney says:

    This was so perfect and timely for me right now. As of late, I’ve struggled with some serious anxiety and haven’t been able to make sense of it’s origin. I’ve been working through this a lot and your post has she’s a lot if light, encouragment and PRACTICAL help! God is so good. Thank you!

  317. I awoke this morning with a heavy heart for a teenage who just had a baby (beautiful, I might add), and a co-worker that has given up on her marriage (she is literally having a “mid-life crisis”!). We all know a heavy heart often means a worried heart. I debated on reading my bible or reading a devotional on Proverbs 31 Ministries this morning – I’m glad I chose the latter. I’m worried! Have you ever had the urge to shake someone- you know – shake some sense into their head and knock the stupid out? Your devotional has been a great help and eased the worry – I’m still worried but will give it to God. I’m going to pray more for these two women and worry less. Thank you and God bless.

  318. One of my favorite scriptures there. I like the way you’ve shared it. Thanks and God bless!

  319. Vicki Estes says:

    What a great way to start the day, and to share with friends! My work is so overwhelming. God has put answers in the midst just yesterday, now I am just waiting for His timing and having patience, continuing to thank Him. I could not do my work without Him. Thank you for your 3 steps I will keep this at my desk at work and one at home. You encouraged my day!!

  320. Jen Griffin says:

    I don’t always get a chance to read the Encouragement for Today, but for some reason I was compelled to open – When Concern Consumes Me. Maybe because just 5 minutes before this I was telling a friend that I was feeling anxious this week. If someone didn’t respond to a text right away, I started worrying that maybe they were mad at me. Then started that feeling in the pit of your stomach – when you think you did something wrong. Also at work I was feeling overwhelmed at the amount of work I have, and was thinking, why bother, I’ll never catch up.

    So your devotion was a perfect fit for me today – I am spending more time worrying about things, than actually accomplishing them. I need to give God all my worries, and focus on the things I have to do, one job at a time. And as for the friends…. just because they don’t respond right away, usually has nothing to do with me. I need to let go, and trust God – He is my refuge and strength – He will never abandon me and will always hear my voice when I cry out to him with my troubles. Praise his holy name!!!

  321. Stephanie C says:

    Thank you for this lovely post! This devotional was a blessing to this busy mama!!

  322. I have recently transitioned to a new job, which is outside of our home. My initial thoughts were that this was God’s leading. But, as I began the hard work of learning the job, I began to doubt. Now, as I am getting more comfortable in my new environment, I begin to see it is overwhelmingly worry that causes my doubt. Thank you for your words; they show what I have felt. I am where He wants me in the path He has created so He will be glorified. Thank you for your encouragement!

  323. Jill Becton says:

    It is very hard for me to stop worrying. This is an area I really struggle with. Even the slightest every day things give me anxiety. I needed this reminder, especially today. I will keep praying!

  324. I am going to start my list today. Life does get overwhelming with all my thoughts and decisions daily that are on my shoulders. I honestly have that same feeling after I have went on vacation. Its wonderful to know that I am not alone. That God is with me and ready to lift my burdens.

  325. I so enjoyed your thoughts on When Concern Consumes Me as I have been feeling weary I thought from my workload. After reading your devotional, I realized just how much worry can be exhausting. So thankful that we have a listening Lord who cares about our concerns and already has an answer!

  326. It’s been a life battle vs BUSYNESS! What a great thought that worry was making my to-do list unmanageable! Thanks for your insightful post!

  327. Tak Yee Sak(Tammy) says:

    These are exactly things that i have to do in my life. I am always stuck in my own worries and forget those 3 steps. I think the first step is especially important for me because my thinking has been set on automatic speed dial on the need to find a quick solution for my problems. Stopping is truly necessary. I need to stop being like a three years old running around in circle and not being able to listen to what God has to say to me.

  328. Halona Luna says:

    I love these reminders. I would love to win these to keep me in check.

  329. Kimberly says:

    Worrying runs in my family. That along with the fear to make a decision….about anything. My grandmother and my mother never taught me to be positive or to pray about problems even though they were Christians and attended church regularly. I have been trying hard to break that cycle over the past year by staying in the Bible, only listening to encouraging Christian Contemporary music, and prayer. My daughter is a senior in high school, is about to start college, and unfortunately worries and stresses out more than I ever did. I am counseling her the best I can, sharing scripture and devotions with her (I sent her Renee’s devotion about worrying) and telling her to give everything to God. I am very thankful that the Lord put it on my heart to learn how to trust him in all circumstances so I can help her while she is young, and hopefully break this cycle of worrying.

  330. Kimberly says:

    Wow! I surely needed this today. I think that worry is my biggest downfall. I am always anxious and tend to worry so much about things in life. In the past I have been through a lot and at times continue to go though some very difficult things. This verse about worry is one that I try to keep close to me. Sadly, I let worry win most of the time. I feel empty when I am praying and even like I am doing it wrong. I know in my heart that is not the case, but sometimes I let these thoughts overtake. Thank you for this today and I am putting this printable in my desk area to remind me!

  331. Joyce Kaiser says:

    God really has some “neat” thoughts, words, feelings, and I think God keeps me moving on positively in my life. I have always been told that “When you worry–pray!” Well, finally I have tried it. (But I was really spectacular saying the words to friends, neighbors, and country men.) Then it became a necessity that I listen to myself and extend my prayers to help #1 first which is me, and then go on to what I was worrying about. I can say that for me….slowing down, breathing so I relax some, maybe holding my cat…that my prayers instead of worrying are simple, understanding, and to my BEST FRIEND God! I believe God is gentle, helpful, caring, and He gives a ” positive hoot” for me and what I am worrying about. Thanks Renee!

  332. Vicki Mossman says:

    My husband says if I don’t have something to worry about then I worry about that. I have a ‘black belt’ in worrying. I know God will take care of everything if I will just let go and let God. It’s much more difficult in practice. Your blog is such a blessing to me. Thank you.

  333. Melanie Mendoza says:

    The more time that I spend with GOD and have a closer relationship, the more I am aware of his presence and the many blessings that he provides. The peace that HE brings me is so amazing and I could not imagine a life without HIM. I just hope that everyone would just know HIM and experience what he has to offer.

  334. “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.” What a much needed reminder — this helped me realize how much time in my life has been stolen by worrying and not breathing and giving it to God in prayer.

  335. Vicki Mossman says:

    My husband says if I don’t have something to worry about I worry about that. I have a black belt in worrying. I am blessed by your blog. Thank you.

  336. Joanne Kocourek says:

    Perfect devotional for my heavy heart today. Due to circumstances I can’t openly share, but prayer support is definitely appreciated.

  337. Thank You Renee for your words of encouragement. My Husband and I moved to a new state 7 months ago and I am still in need of a job and bills are piling up! But I know using your “3 Steps to God’s Peace” is going to be a big help to my Husband and I. THANK YOU for all that you do!

  338. Thanks Renee. Great ideas based on God’s Word!

  339. I have been struggling with this very things lately and this was a wonderful reminder. Not only that but I was also able to share this with my husband. He has been feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders and this devotion came at the perfect time.

  340. Sharon C. says:

    As others have said I to want to thank you for your message today. I grew up in a house full of worriers. That’s what I’ve know all my life. I’m so glad for your suggestions on how to stop worrying and reverse things. You have a very wise husband that directed you in the right way to go. The steps seem easy enough but my problem is carrying through. I start something completely gun ho and then my enthusiasm dies off. I pray that I can start this and God will help me carry through. There’s my biggest worry already. I thank God for all He has done for me. I wouldn’t be here without Him. Keep up the wonderful messages you share with us.

  341. Thanks so much for the great advice! I’ve never thought of it like that before! I’m excited to try this! 🙂

  342. Thank you Lord for ordering my steps and for providing the vessel to bring forth your direction in my life today. I needed that refreshing because I had strayed from the valley of peace and tried to take control, but Lord you are in command and you took command back. I release all to you and humble myself before you. Grace, mercy, prosperity, peace is all mine is all my family IS ALL. Thank you for the covering of the blood. In JESUS NAME. Amen

  343. Cheryl J says:

    Working full time and teaching part-time has become “overwhelming” !!! I have resgned from several committees a few months ago to alleviate my responsibilites. I have realized that I need to balance work with time for prayer, self, and family.

  344. Thank you or this devotional…it was as If you were speaking directly to me…I have been so worried…I try to hide it pretend that I’ve got this under control all the while doing exactly what you said when God doesn’t answer trying to control it….I’ve been trying to sell my house …since my husband died I’ve been trying to keep it all going but I just can’t afford it anymore ..it’s been on the market almost 4 months and no one has put a bide in….I’m running out of time…and have been trying to wait patiently knowing God will bring the right person along…but in the back of mind doubt sits ….I’ve had to constantly remind myself that God has a plan for me …..and it better then I can imagine….I don’t want to Doubt God’s goodness for me anymore…..Thank you so much…..

  345. diana bennett says:

    Thank you for this. Just did a woman’s group and had them write down things on a piece of paper then we burnt them. Worry causing depression is a constant in my life so I am definitely going to down load the 3 steps, and take pen in hand for a chat worth my Lord.

  346. Susan Breiner says:

    This devotional really helped me to give my worries to the Lord. Instead of focusing on things I had no control over, I focused on praising God for all He has done in my life. And, I felt God peace, especially in a situation that I had worried about for awhile!

  347. Christine Distelhorst says:

    I love these 3 steps! I know I will use them daily and I will share with my ladies at my church on our next get away. With so much going on in our life, we need to know the Peace that God will give us!!

  348. Woowee this blessed my soul indeed!! You clearly put me back on focus to understand God really does care for us in EVERY WAY, for EVERYTHING. We often pick up way too much we have already put at Jesus’ feet. God is more than able to keep us and to keep us sane and at peace. Thank you for this wonderful post. I am going to keep this in my “Soul Food” arsenal. I need to continue to combat worry and fear with this post. xo

  349. Christy b says:

    I loved how you said God is good at being God so often we forget this and let worry consume us. Thank you for you 3-steps.

  350. Pam Messenger says:

    I love your books and messages. They always encourage me. Thank you for you faithfulness to share the love of God with us all.

  351. Thanks for the great message! Especially love and need to remember to talk to God about EVERYTHING! Being a control freak this is so hard to do. Thanks for the 3 steps! Will try to put those into,practice.

  352. Love this concise and effective reminder! Thanks so much!

  353. Great plan, bring request to God, thank God for His purpose and plan

  354. I love this 3 step approach and found that keeping a thankful journal has helped me — as it causes me to stop, think, praise and thank God and put my schedule/thoughts/attitudes/all before God. This process helps me to see the good and realize these are blessings/gifts from God. With this, I find my heart softens, my pulse lowers and peace and grace allow me to look at my life/circumstances in a new light.

  355. Tami Ross says:

    Until I read this post, it didn’t occur to me that my fatigue could be from worrying so much. I need to “let go and let God”. That is my goal for this week. I forget that I need not worry. God’s got me covered. Thank you for the reminder. And thank you, Lord Jesus, for taking away my worries!

  356. I love that we can go to God with every worry, burden and need. This is a wonderful reminder to leave it all in His hands and to pray to him. I often converse with him when I’m driving in the car. Laying everything out before him and thanking him for the great God he is and all the amazing things he does in our lives. Be blessed. xxx

  357. Renée Cornelius says:

    I worry even when I don’t think I am worrying. I give to God then take it back. Ugh! What is wrong with me? Lord, please forgive my unbelief and help me keep my focus on you.

  358. Karla Kramer says:

    I immediately pinned it! I havent yet read the book but a devotional would be a kick start! I am printing and posting asap!

  359. Thank you so much for sharing this. Perfectly timed~as always!

  360. Jana Hubacek says:

    Renee. Thank you for this post. Although it was yesterday’s post,
    God waited to let me see it today. It was exactly what I needed. I have cried the past two days. I have so much pressure on me and I have been consumed with worry. My mom just died 6 weeks ago. The day after her funeral, classes started for my last quarter of college. After 28
    Years I am set to graduate on May 22nd providing I can get this research paper done by next week. Grief has prevented me from focusing. Days have turned to weeks and time is ticking by. I am frozen. Thank you for reminding me that Gods peace is always available and for me to present my requests to Jesus. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you to help me today. I saw you at the Cowgirl get together back a few months ago. I loved your testimony. Thank you again and I ask that you pray I can keep it together and graduate. My mom left this world knowing I would graduate and I need strength to make that happen. Love in Christ!

  361. Brenda Agan says:

    I am learning when I stop worrying and give it to God everything falls into place. It is hard to do but I try everyday. Thank you for all you do to keep everyone encouraged.

  362. Cherri Olson says:

    I have always been a worrier. I was always thinking of two or three things that could happen in very situation. No choice was simple. I included God in my concerns, but didn’t really listen that he would help if I believed he would. Then, one day I went to the doctor and found out my blood pressure was 175/90! When asked if I was having some situational stress, I said, “maybe”. Who was I kidding? I was stressed everyday over some little something. That was a real wakeup call for me. Now I am intentional about praying for God’s help with worry and decision making. I want Him to be in control, not me. Thank you, Renee, for that confirmation. I do need constant reminding that God will do the work he promises. I only need to thank and ask. Peace is already washing over me.

  363. I love these 3 steps and am printing them off to re-read often. It is very hard to “let go and let God”.

  364. Lynn Cox says:

    Thank you for this!! I am a working mom of 2 girls with a husband that has a not so convenient working schedule so there is a lot of time I feel overwhelmed and doing it all by myself. I do try to give all my worries to God, but sometimes reacting takes over before I can truly think through the process of what I should do in a stressful situation.


  365. Dear Renee,
    thank you for encouraging us to take it to God. I guess practice makes it perfect, so I shall stay applying and learning to surrender to God my worries not only first but permanently. I think this is my main problem- I surrender for His solutions, but then after a while I take them back thinking I can do it on my own, and so I go- back and forth….

  366. This was a great Word! This is so applicable to so many women (and men) and I can’t wait to share it 🙂 Thank You for encouraging us all with your wisdom and insight!

  367. What a timely post. I’m so encouraged reading God’s word and his love for us. Sometimes we forget just how much he loves us. There was a time when there was great distance between me and God, so I am so thankful and grateful for prayers and his ultimate peace. Your printable is such a wonderful reminder. Thank you. God does hear our prayers and will grant you peace that only HE can provide. I’m proof of that. Thank you again Renee for such a wonderful read this morning.

  368. Erin Keel says:

    Thank you so much for reminding me that sometimes I just have to slow down and remember to pray. Worry can consume us if we don’t remember to lean on God and thank him for everything he does for us daily.

  369. In our heart, we know that God is able to do anything, solve any problem, work good out of our bad situations. We know that God knows everything that is going to happen to us, He never leaves us to handle these problems on our own…we know that and yet we worry or we think that we know how the problems should be resolved…so how does our head believe our heart? I am so thankful for His promise of perfect peace, ours for the asking, any time, any where. He is faithful!

  370. Thank you so much for this wonderful reminder not to worry. It brought to my attention that I have put too much time and energy into worrying when I should be wondering what amazing thing He is going to do next. Glory to Him!

  371. Linda Chandler says:

    Thanks Renee, I am going to do the same thing as your husband asked you to do. It never dawned on me, but I think I may be suffering from the same condition of exhaustion and overwhelmed by worry. I loved your Confident heart book and the OBS, I would love to get the devotional. Have a blessed day.

  372. Brenda W. says:

    So needed those three steps to get God’s Peace. My mind is in a whirlpool and I’m forever beating up myself about sometime. I study the word but I still feel like I’m failing God and my self. Right now I feel like I’m at the end of my rope.

  373. Andrea Snyder says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. This has touched me more than you could possibly know. I have been feeling so overwhelmed and like I just want to run away. When I read this, I realized that it is not all the activities, dates, deadlines, etc. that are overwhelming me. Just like you, I worry about EVERYTHING! I try not to, but I can’t help it. That is what keeps me up at night…thinking about everything that needs to be done and worrying if I will accomplish it. And when I forget something…such as missing the deadline to sign my daughter up for camp, I feel horrible. Thankfully, God is always there and makes a way…I was able to still sign my daughter up for camp. That is the reminder that I don’t need to worry because God is ALWAYS there. Thank you so much!! <3

  374. Leah Toso says:

    Such truth in this share! Thank you Renee! I read your book about 3 years ago and it really aided in developing my confidence in Christ. Which from that exudes in my every day confidence around others. You show where to look in the Bible for Christs unending love and mercy for each one of us. And that through Christ, we have everything!

  375. Jennifer D. says:

    I always come away from reading you devotions inspired to be a better person, wife, mother, daughter, sister, etc. Thanks for sharing you beautiful gift of writing for God’s glory!

  376. I’m a HUGE worrier…..mind games consistently wake me up around 2:30am and I can’t turn them off. Definitely needed the reminder to THANK GOD for all that He has done in the past and will do in the future. His timing is always perfect. He is in control.

  377. Margaret says:

    I have not considered that it was the worry the was causeing me to feel depleted, I thought it was just the number of things on the calendar. Thanks for a new insight.

  378. Thanks for this great reminder. WOnderful giveaway, too.

  379. Greetings Renee,

    Oh boy, can I relate!

    As a wife, mom, ordained minister, juggling church ministries and work sometimes I’m not sure if I’m coming or going!

    Most days life in my home is lived on fast forward, and as a result I find myself in pickle…up the creek without a paddle!

    It’s all about the Word of God, balance, reflection, and TIME, TIME, TIME! Good use of TIME!

    It’s all about God’s TIMING!

    About letting it go…and letting GOD!

    I do realize that I cannot do it all myself. I realize that I need God and His wisdom, and His love, and especially His Word!

    Thank you for the reminder that Yes,I have to STOP worrying, and yes I have to START praying {when worry creeps up on me}, and YES I have to KEEP thanking God!


  380. Beth Roberts says:

    I was reminded by today’s post….I can trust God for any problem that will come my way. I am a missionary with SIM in Guinea . I was not allowed to return due to Ebola. Since Sept 2014 I have been living in the unknown. Just today my plans completely changed and I was finding myself starting to go down the path of doubt and fear. The post got printed and will be posted where I can see it daily. Thank you for your ministry.

  381. Thank you for the 3 Steps! I continually worry that I somehow do bad things to people in hell. I worry that my boyfriend won’t get saved and is destined for hell. I worry that I will go to hell because I smoke and so can’t be saved.

  382. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I feel like I’m constantly worrying. I need to take a moment and reflect on God. Thank you for the reminder.

  383. Thank you for the reminder to give all our concerns to God. None are too big or too small.

  384. I am giing to try this when anxiety overcomes me, or when I feel so broken. It is a great reminder to look to God in these times and to man. That God is there and by my side during the stressful, tearful, anxious, and all other moments of my life.

  385. I think your book would be most helpful to me right now! My family has been going through a lot of changes this last year and it’s not over yet. I have been in a constant state of worry…just when I think I’ve turned it all over to good I seem to take it back. Sigh…I feel as though there will never be light at the end of the tunnel. The last few days of reading your doubt diet via email has been helpful! I need it to continue! Thank you for that!

  386. Thank you for this encouragement! My church just finished your Confided Heart Bible study. It has helped me so much! My mom recently passed after a lengthy battle of cancer at the age of 70 and my daughter is graduating and going off to college in the fall. I worry about loneliness and missing them both so much. They are my best friends.

  387. belkis perez says:

    This was a greater reminder of how wonderful god is. Thank you!

  388. Jeri Thompson says:

    I feel like all I do is worry. I know that the worry comes from Satan. I know that the worry feeds my low self-image. I guess my problem is that I don’t know how to not worry. I guess I probably need your book. lol

  389. Stress and worry…those two words seem to be what my life has been all about lately. Some days don’t even seem real they go by so fast. And in the mix of trying to get everything done so my list is clutter free, I miss valuable prayer time with God. My priorities get lost, and I in turn lose my way. I know God has my back and he always comes through, so why do I fret? Because I get lost in the moment and forget He is greater than I. I am not in control. Lord, please help me to keep calm and seek Your face always. Thank you for loving me even when I am unworthy. Amen

  390. Donna Spitzer says:

    I thought I was prepared when I prayed, Lord if it’s your will to heal Jimmy by taking him home with you, Then so be it………But now, 3 weeks after Jimmy went home to be with the Lord, I question my prayer….My selfish heart misses him so badly, It physically hurts….I can’t stop thinking, IF ONLY I HADN’T prayed that…Now, I’m alone to finish raising our last 2 children, yes teens, but still under my roof…No life insurance, Jimmy’s med bills, then nursing home costs depleted our monthly income…I’m hurting so much, misses him so much, I’m so angry at myself for praying…Him for not loving us enough to try harder to get well……the tears just keep coming….My heart & spirit are soooooo broken…….I pray every constantly , Lord, heal my heart, my spirit, strengthen my faith….but all I hear is my broken heart screaming at me, Why did I choose those words?????????????????

  391. Bonnie Deneseus says:

    Thank you for these clear thoughts. Praying I remember to apply these as I walk through a difficult time with my 21 year old. The “what ifs” in my thoughts need to stop as I take it to God.

  392. worry is like a cold virus that wont go away no matter what you do to get healthy… there was a time would literally worry myself to illness, i worried about food, money, health, my children, work, loved ones.etc… then god spoke to me one day. ” my dear why you worry so much for all these things do not worry for i am in control and will provide you with just what you need and how much and when” i’m proud to say i’m fully recover from the dreaded “worry virus” although i worry a little god’s still and comforting voice remains me that all is well in my life and there is no need to worry!
    “do not worry of what you will eat what you will wear for see the birds do not worry what they will eat the flowers do not worry for they will bloom let me worry for you and provide to you all that you need” ( sorry do not remember which book this from) 😉 a nice little gift from bath and body works sounds real nice for this busy mom of two and teacher!! i spend so much time ensuring my children are cared for and my students are cared for i often neglect my self in needs .

  393. Thanks fir this devo! I havent been a worrier in the past but it seems as our family group grows, staying connected to God so that I don’t worry is huge!

  394. Laura Crumbleholme says:

    Why do I still worry? Silly me. God has always been there, every circumstance, every time. His faithfulness is new every morning.

  395. Evelyn Dow says:

    Oh how this message applies to my life! Ever since the doctor handed me my first child it was as if this cloud of worry and fear was instilled upon me. I was a new mom- needed to protect and care for this child, sleepless nights, crying….. I would ask myself?! Who says being a mom is fun?! I was consumed with fear. Husband was deploying & now my second child was born. A year apart…..the sleepless nights never got better. I was moving into my parents home into a one bedroom with 2 kids until my husband returned from deployment. The worry, stress, depression & this job of being a mom that seemed like the hardest most challenging thing I ever did!!! I got home and it was chaos. But it was here where I found a church home, support, Gods peace!!! Surrendering my kids, my life, my worries to him hasn’t been easy, I still struggle but it’s been such a blessing and a wonderful experience! God is good! Thankful for everything he has done.

  396. Thank you for this! It’s so easy to try to take matters into our own hands without praying and handing it over to Him.

  397. I often worry too much. Thank you for the reminder that He is in control so I have no need to worry.

  398. SunshineGracie says:

    I am so thankful God loves me: flaws, failures, cracks, crevices and all! I’d literally be lost without Him and HIs love! I’ve been wondering what God has next and I just wish I knew…until then I’ll keep praying and asking for God’s direction and blessing.

  399. So grateful for the encouragements.

  400. Kimberley Ketterman says:

    I am so thankful that God uses this ministry to encourage us & remind us to look at Him and to Him. I am and have been so caught up in my self worry that I needed this reminder, Thank You! I need to seek Him wholeheartedly and also get into a bible study Asap.

  401. Glenda Thomas says:

    This is just in time for me and a few of my friends. Thank you so much. Seems like I need to be reminded often.

  402. Loved the line “It wasn’t only how I spent my time, but how I spent my thoughts that depleted me.” Great post, thank you!

  403. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE this! What an amazing “aha moment” from The Holy Spirit. I often feel so exhausted by what I believed to be an overworked and overbooked schedule, but what I was really facing was exhaustion from WORRY! I would be consumed with “what do I need to do next? When is this appointment? etc”. I would dread busy days and approach them in a way that I became exhausted before the day even began. Thank you for sharing!!!

  404. I so find what you have to say/share so helpful and most always where I’m at and what I need! Thank you!

  405. Teresa says:

    Totally weary from worry, I cried to God to help me. I turned to read scripture and then wandered into this devotion. It was exactly what I needed…a light along my path. Our God is an awesome God!

  406. Thank you for the reminder that we need to trust God and not worry about things. I often pray to Him to take care of a problem and than I take it back. I love the stop worrying, start praying, keep thanking God.

  407. Whitney says:

    I have to say….that God has really been challenging me in this area. CONCERN!!! Wow.. I am not totally sure that shouldn’t be permanently part of my name sometimes! Although I know that God holds my days and my life in His hands…I cant seem to give up worrying and truly let God be God. Its amazing if you really think about it …God who put the entire world into existence…cares for every little detail of my life. AND, He even forgives me when I think of myself as able to do HIS job!!! Thanks for sharing this amazing devotional, this printable and all the wise words…..Its truly a blessing!

  408. Whitney says:

    Thank you so much for reminding us!! I am the worlds worst at not letting GOD do HIS job!!! This was a very needed reminder and something that God has really be challenging me with….Thanks

  409. Dianne McGowan says:

    Worry! Agh! It’s killing me! I’ve been working on this for years. I’ll try the writing it down bit. Here’s hoping it helps!

    Thanks for sharing!

  410. This is what I have been needing to hear.

  411. Jen Hood says:

    Thank you for your inspiring words of encouragement ! God has been doing amazing things in my life and I’ve learned through my sobriety of 6 years, believing in God faithfully and loving myself all things can work out for the good, even under the circumstances I’m under right now 🙂
    May God bless you 😉 Jen Hood

  412. Aimee R says:

    I have a VERY stressful administrative job and work with Doctors, my job is NEVER caught up. I tend to worry about it all the time, when i am at work and when I am at home. don’t think of myself as perfectionist just someone who likes to do a good job, on time and not be sooooo far behind all the time. It really bothers me. seems the more people tell me not to stress worry the more I do. I am also not sleeping at night (waking up 3-4 times a night) so that definitely does not help. Praying for Gods peace about all of this because i am so very, very weary. Giving it all over to GOD who I know loves me and wants good for me. Thank you for praying !! Thank you for the encouragement Renee!

  413. Stop worrying, start praying and keep thanking God is a good way to find God’s peace. As women we are so prone to worry first. Thank you for this simple yet profound formula to redirect our thoughts to the promises of God and allow Him to help us get out of the worry trap.

    I have spent more time worrying about how to put my thoughts on paper than actually writing. My goal of writing a book about our lives and ministry has overwhelmed me so much that I fail to write.

    Thank you for reminding me that I need to stop worrying, pray and thank God for the opportunity to write our story. Actually it is His story of His faithfulness in our lives.

  414. Missy Ann says:

    Great information really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for more. I’m an associate Pastor of a small church and I can see some of this information helping these people I teach. Thank you and God bless you.

  415. This is right on time! I’m seperated from my husband at this time and we have a 3 year old little boy that currently resides with him. I’ve prayed and fasted and prayed and fasted and waited…God isn’t answering me right now. I alot lately get consumed with worry and fear concerning my son’s future potentially growing up in a ” Broken Home “. I want so badly to be a family again, but I sense in my spirit that right now it’s not time. It’s nice to read this and know that I’m not alone. I’ve been delivered form addiction and Satan uses that to make me feel like I’m not good enough for my husband and so many times I’ve gotten impatient waiting on the Lord and I’ve tried to make things happen in my own strength and I found myself right smack in the middle of my ” Addiction ” again. God’s timing is perfect and his ways are not the same as mine. It says in his word that if the birds don’t worry about what theyr’e gonna eat or where they are gonna sleep than why do we? Jesus asks are we not as good as the birds? So, I cling to that scripture and know in my heart that God has me right where he wants me. He has never left me and he’s always there for me. I choose to rest in his love and on his word instead of worrying and getting filled with fear and trying to make things happen in my own strength.

  416. Today I completed Day 60 of A Confident Heart. I want to say Thank You Rene from the bottom of my heart. This devotional came just when I had lost every ounce of confidence that I had. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this devotional ministered to me. I wanted so much for someone to just listen and understand and that came from your book. You described so many of the emotions I too was experiencing and reminded me that God’s love and compassion was there to see me through this time. Page 167 of the book (I was reading the book and devotion at the same time) was a turning point for me. I was experiencing so much of what you were describing. At the same time I was at day 35 which was a perfect place be. They both spoke to my heart in such a powerful way. I too had experienced a number of recent emotional draining situations. My brother died, a week later my mom died and 1 1/2 years later my Dad died and in the mix of all this work situations were almost intolerable. Today at day 60 I can honestly say I am so much stronger and I have PEACE. Thank you Rene for listening to the voice of God and writing this book.

  417. Patricia says:

    I think this is a great go to verse – for 3 words of encouragement – needed to read this thank you

  418. elisabeth says:

    My battle is with my thoughts. I appreciate this reminder to take every thought captive to Christ.

  419. Thank you for this devotional. Worry is something I definitely struggle with daily. Worry about finances, worry about my children making right choices, worry about am I really doing what God put me on this earth to do, etc…. Thank you again.

  420. Julie Lemons says:

    Worry creeps in sometimes, My Husband and I are both facing chronic illnesses. Hardships are many. I know keeping my eyes on God is what keeps me grounded,keeps me humble,makes me grateful and most of all faithful.

  421. Thank you for providing the 3 steps to getting God’s peace. In the past few weeks, I have had a great deal of anxiety over some things which I can not change or control. These practical reminders certainly are helpful in this type of situation. I also have a friend is who struggling with the thoughts that her best is not good enough. I will share this devotion with her and pray that it helps her. Thank you for your wonderful encouraging words.


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