Your Life Still Counts {guest post & giveaway}

God has a plan for your life and a purpose for your future.

No matter what you’ve been through or what’s been done to you, if you’re still breathing God isn’t finished with you yet!  Sometimes we just need to be reminded. Other times we need to be persuaded to believe it’s true.

In her new book, Your Life Still Counts, my friend and author, Tracie Miles shares how she convinced herself that God couldn’t use her. There were too many things she had done wrong. But over time as Tracie came to know Christ she realized she was the perfect candidate for His transforming power. Through her brokenness Jesus could show off His grace and goodness. The very things Tracie believed  “disqualified” her from ministry are now some of the most impactful parts of her life’s mission and message. Today, I invited Tracie to share some encouragement I think all of our hearts need to hear:


“Have you ever felt like you had nothing special to offer God? Like maybe He doled out the spiritual gifts to everyone else and forgot to give any to you? If so, I want to challenge you to think again.

God has divinely designed a unique purpose for your life. And, you are the only one gifted to fulfill it! 

But, before we can discover and embrace what God has gifted us to do, we need to do a little looking back instead of just looking forward. The reality is that God has equipped us to minister to others through the experiences of our past.

But most of us don’t want to look back. We want the past to be the past, and keep trudging ahead. We don’t think about mistakes or hurts. We’d rather bury them in our hearts than talk about them with God, much less anyone else.

But when we do that we prevent our faith from fully blossoming, and we get caught up in trying to figure out how our skills and talents might serve God. What if instead, we look back and discover how our life can serve as a shining testament of His power?

We need is more than gift-assessment; we need a life-assessment to help us discover how our journey has equipped us for God’s divine purposes.

With each situation you have experienced or endured, you have been equipped to serve God.

Your experiences have been used by Christ to strengthen you and your faith. And now He is calling you to be an example of what He is capable of doing. Not just a witness for Christ, but a witness of His power in your life. Because your life matters to God, you do have something of great significance to offer Him – and it’s you.

No one can tell your story of healing, redemption, and purpose like you can.

Even if your experience is similar to someone else’s story, your perspective of what happened and your witness to the power of God’s intervention will be different and unique.

Second Corinthians 1:4 says, “He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.” Your experiences do not nullify your purpose in life; they prepare you for the purpose God destined you for. They do not void you from being able to participate in ministry, but instead they equip you for it.

Your life-change, healing, faith walk, and journey of transformation could be the story that reaches the broken heart of someone who has lost hope; someone who feels like their life doesn’t matter; someone who has never believed there is a God.

No one is equipped, trained, or qualified to share your story and your faith journey except you.

You are unique. Your experiences are unique. Your story is unlike any other.

Only you can glorify God through your one-of-a-kind design by bringing comfort to others as you allow your past to become the foundation of your personal ministry. When surrendered to Christ, your past experiences will become your most profound equipping and training.

As we gather with people this Thanksgiving and Christmas, let’s look for opportunities to love on them, share our hearts and our stories, and be open to how God wants to us for His divine purpose to bring hope, comfort and love to those around us. And let’s make our lives count for Christ!


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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. I think as women, we lay a lot of guilt on ourselves for our past mistakes instead of accepting God’s forgiveness and moving forward! I know that is true of me, and perhaps God isn’t as interested in me doing big things for Him, but in my heart about serving Him!

    I would share this with my dear friend, Lin who has such a heart for God.

  2. Rachel Brunswick says:

    I would love to win this book. I can relate to her thoughts on not counting. Having made many bad choices and made many wrong turns in my life, I struggle with this thought every moment!

    • Rachel – we all do that! Which is why its so important to embrace our value in Christ regardless of what we think with our own human minds. Bad decisions dont make us bad people – just human! Thank goodness God loves us, despite us, and we all count to Him! 🙂

  3. Patricia Davey says:

    This is so true I know that God has purpose for me because there are times when I may not know it but I am sharing my past with someone and they are as bless as I am. Making me feel good about what I am going though easier to handle
    There always someone going though something worse than you are

    • Patricia that’s a great point – we never who is dealing with something difficult in their life. Sometimes our stories, knowing that someone else has been there and survived in Christ, is exactly what someone needs to get through hard times. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have made many mistakes, some I use as teaching tools for my kiddos – others, well… only me and my Lord know about them.

    I’m a WIP I say, a Work In Progress!

    2 very good friends of mine are struggling to find self-worth and move on from things in their past. I would be elated to give them this book for Christmas.

  5. Patricia Davey says:

    This is so true I know that God has purpose for me because there are times when I may not know it but I am sharing my past with someone and they are as bless as I am. Making me feel good about what I am going though easier to handle
    There always someone going though something worse than you are
    I would share with my friend Stephanie

  6. Dear Tracie~
    Thank you for allowing God to use the “messes” in your life to create a beautiful message to so many hurting people. It book truly helps us to recognize that we are indeed “more then Conquerors in Christ.”

  7. Lisa Rettig says:

    I am indeed guilty of wanting to ignore my past instead of using it. Definately something I need to work on.

  8. Yvonne Castillo says:

    I have recently ended a three year relationship. I was running from God during this time. I have realized with His grace, I DO have a purpose! I just need to trust Him. The second copy I will share with my dear friend Lori. Not only have we been struggling with our lost/unknown identities, but a crippling depression. We both need hope!

  9. Thank you so much for writing this book…. The last year has been a “season” of learning that I still have worth. I was laid off from my job of almost 11 years. I found myself seeking work at 57 years old and finding nothing. The silver hair that I had been so proud of seemed like it was holding me back. I considered coloring it. God has been working in my heart to show me so many things… He is faithful to provide for me financially, He has a future for me in serving Him, He is the One whose approval I should seek, He will provide a job for me when the timing is right, He brings opportunity to volunteer that are more precious than working for pay, He loves me unconditionally! I could go on and on. My story is His story! Thank you for reminding me.

  10. Thank you for giving me the reason to continue in my writings.
    The 2nd book should go to a person that is having great difficulties in life right now. Maybe a victim of human trafficking.

    • Shonna – I love your comment! The enemy wants us to get discouraged and assume that what we have to say, or write, is not needed. But if God called you to share then He has a plan and purpose! Good luck as you push forward in what God has laid on your heart!

  11. I know that there are many past mistakes that are hard to move beyond. To be able to use those times would be very uplifting to many women.

  12. I have struggled with re-defining myself. Once an OB RN for 12 years and 3 back surgeries in 18 months…I face disability. Who am I now? It’s a daily struggle. Taking it day by day and focusing on my 7 healthy children and a supportive husband!

    • Kimberly – i too felt like I had lost my identity when I quit my corporate job several years ago – it took a while for God to show me that I was new in Him, and that He has a new plan for my life, but when I embraced His plan instead of my own, everything started turning around! So keep the faith and have hope and peace that God is up to something great in your life and that He has you in a holding pattern right now until you are ready to get a glimpse of it. Right now keep focusing on being a mom and wife which is a divine calling in and of itself! 🙂

  13. i always wonder if my life really matters I feel so insignificant . so lost when it comes to me.

    • You matter, beloved. God calls you His own and is deeply in love with you. Cry out to Him, I’m lifting you up in prayer.

    • Cheryl – thank you for being so honest. So many women struggle with these feelings, wondering if they really matter to God or in this life – so you are not alone. But I pray God speaks truth and hope into your heart and draws you close to Himself. He does have a special plan for you, and for what’s happened in your life, and you are a loved, adored and priceless treasure in God’s eyes. Hugs to you –

  14. Christine N says:

    I never ever thought I mattered in this world. Truly as a young girl I contemplated suicide and attempted it once with an overdose of pills. I have been beset with addictions at a very young age and trouble and heartache just seemed to follow me into every new adventure I would try. I have been free from one addiction for over 30 years only to come to the realization that I had another just as dangerous. I was saved in 2010 and because of that I was able to face that addiction. It still is a struggle but I have faith today, and I know that Jesus is the only reason that I am able to love myself today. I spent years in self hate and it just drove a wedge between me and my God. I know God has a purpose for every single person on this planet, whether they know it or not! I am coming to realize my purpose and I would love to read this book with my daughter Marisa. She is a 20 years old and wants to have a better relationship with the Lord but doesn’t know if she is going about it the right way.

    • Christine – it is sometimes our hardest most difficult battles that God can do the greatest things through. Our weaknesses become areas where He can do HIs best work in us and through us. I pray God continues to give you strength to overcome and maintain victory over addictions, and that He opens doors for you to use what you’ve been through to help others going through similar struggles. Praise God for all you’ve overcome thus far and for speaking truth into your daughter and helping her get to know the Lord!

  15. I’m going through a divorce and sometimes I feel so lost, like God is done with me because I failed at the most important relationship He gave me. I would love to read the book and would share with my dear friend who went through something similar and held my hand as I had to walk through it too.

  16. Oops…I forgot to mention who I would give the second copy to my best friend and who also is my sister n law

  17. Millie Haygood says:

    I would enjoy the book because I would like to reflect on the ways I have been given grace for my mistakes.
    I would like to give the other book to my daughter who is having a difficult time right now.

  18. Joanne Kocourek says:

    As a wife and mother I found this post truly uplifting. I became significantly disabled several months ago following a life threatening injury. I am still trying to ascertain who the new me is, how to function, support my family and to find HOPE for the future. I’m extremely thankful that I survived so I firmly believe God has a purpose and a plan. Doing my best to remain prayerful and patient as His plan is revealed to my family and me.

    • It takes faith, Joanne, just to believe that survival is proof that God has a plan for you and for your pain. I pray God gives you spiritual discernment and vision to see the great things He has in store for you , and helps you to heal and adjust to life as it is now. Praying for you –

  19. Jamee Campos says:

    I would love this book it seems to cover some of the things I am walking through at the moment! I would give the other copy to my sister. We have come from a abusive background and are both struggling to realize how much we mean to God and how God uses that. God has healed so much and I am so different and grateful but some chains are a little stronger and take a little more to break. But He is the God who breaks every chain!

  20. I would share this book with my daughter. I see her struggling and making some fast decisions causing her grief. I recognize her pain as my own.

  21. I’d share with Lydia ….. But I know this is a book that I really should read….

  22. Melanie Kimball says:

    I very much believe that God has a purpose for each and every one of us, but I can’t seem to figure out what mine is. It’s so true what was stated, I always look “forward” searching for my purpose and the idea of looking “back” makes a lot of sense. I grew up in a dysfunctional family and then married into a different type of dysfunction. I’m not sure how our children grew into the amazing people they became, but with God’s help we must have done okay on that front. I’m divorced now and still struggle with so many things even though I am a Christian and attend church most Sunday’s I feel that I missing my “calling” and I feel that God wants more from me.

    I would gift the second copy to a dear friend that is going through a terrible divorce, one that took her completely by surprise. She isn’t sure whether she is a Christian or not and her soon to be ex-husband is a Catholic turned atheist who pushed her more toward his way of thinking throughout their marriage.

  23. I struggle daily with finding meaning for my life. But I’m fighting the battle everyday. I suffered great depression and thought daily of suicide. I have come a long way with Gods help and the help of a Christian counselor who never gave up on me. I hope that o can share my story and help someone who is where I used to be. There is a woman in my support group who just started to come that I would share thus book with.

  24. Jill Kuiper says:

    Would love to read the book and share. We are too hard on ourselves and must realize our worth. We are His prized possession! Thanks for the reminder.

  25. Cheryl Harmon says:

    I have lots of fun reading

  26. Adonica Budd says:

    So need to read this book. I am struggling with my self worth due to several events that have happened over the past few years. I just feel like God and everyone have turned their back on me.

  27. Teri Payne says:

    This was a most eye opening blog for me. I have felt that my past has kept me from serving God the way I should, however my heart has always wanted to serve. I now realize that God allowed everything in my life in order for me to serve and by doing so, all the glory goes to Him. That truly makes my ‘heart happy’. That is what I tell my grand children when they want to come to my house. Thanks for the post it truly touched me and truly applies to my life.

    • Teri – your comment just blessed my heart. All too many of us think our past voids our worth in God’s eyes, when in fact it simply gives us new ways to serve Him out of what we’ve learned and overcome through Him. Thank you for sharing and my prayer is that we can all have happy hearts upon embracing God’s truths!

  28. Scripture teaches us that those who have been forgiven much love much. Sometimes, the more difficult our stories are, the more they have to offer others as they show the grace and redeeming love of our heavenly Father. Only the enemy wants us to wallow in the guilt of our past. God wants us to be free of it so that we can encourage others in the same way. This book looks wonderful! If I win, I would read it and then donate it to my church library. The second copy, I would give away to a blog reader. Thanks so much for the encouraging post and the chance to win.

  29. I was widowed at age 38 with a 3 year old daughter and another adoption in the works when my husband died. I didn’t get Gods plan why now?? Years later I remarried a wonderful man and part of God’s plan unfolded. Now my dear sister in law is a widow as my brother passed away 6 months ago. Now I can use my experience as a widow to help her through it. Not the plan I would have chosen but obviously my plans are not HIS plans. So second copy of the book would go to her as she is really struggling right now.

  30. I would give one to my BFF. We both have been through so much this year. And the title alone in my inbox today was worth it’s weight in gold. After a recent car accident which brought up every single thing that has happened to me, beyond my control, I find myself feeling on the edge. Or brink. Continuing to trust God in the journey…and trusting His faithfulness. Despite my feelings, circumstances and doubts. Happy Thanksgiving to you both! Thanks for a great post and giveaway.

  31. Donna Spitzer says:

    Since my husband’s health began to deteriorate 9 yrs ago, my life has basically been put on hold…He went into a nursing home for long term care 2 yrs ago & since then I have literally lost track of time. I even forgot how old I was on my last birthday. Homeschooling a 13yr old daughter & having an 18 yr old son still at home takes up my home life time & all my other time is taken up visiting my husband, encouraging him & applying, reapplying & reapplying for Medicaid. Photo copying hundreds of papers, returning everything to Medicaid only to be told they need more. I feel lost, alone and totally forgotten anymore. I try very hard to find the good in each day. I tell myself, I woke up, That’s a blessing, then my day goes downhill from there.
    When I try to find time to pray(I do constantly every minute of the day) read my Bible or other encouraging book, I’m sad to say, Most of the time I fall asleep. I don’t sleep at night. I try to put my faith in the Lord, but usually end of frustrated because I get mad at myself for failing…I try to believe it will get better, I’m doing exactly what the Lord wants me to do, But I find it hard to believe my failures & lack of faith serve any purpose………………

    • Donna – it sounds like you have a very heavy load to carry, and the last thing you need to feel like is a failure. God sees your frustration and your exhaustion, but He has not forgotten you. I pray He brings people into your life to help you know you are loved and valuable to them, and to God, and to support and encourage you as you walk this difficult phase of life. We all fall short of praying, bible reading, and being the type of christian we think we should be. But remember that the greatest commandment is to love others – and it seems that through your actions, you are pouring out love on others every day. God is not frustrated with you and does not see you as a failure – He loves you, and one day, will help you see great purpose blossoming up out of all that you’ve learned and experienced. Praying for peace and purpose and blessing to fill your heart.

  32. Whitney H. says:

    Over the past 5 years I’ve had health battle after health battle, and then in the midst of my own health struggle, my mom passed away after a long battle with cancer. For awhile, I allowed myself to get down, feeling like there was no way out, and wondering why God was allowing these things to happen to myself and my family. But even when I thought I was at my worst, He has shown me how to help lift others out of the same pit I had been in. I would give the 2nd copy to my sister who, along with losing our mom, struggled to get pregnant along with many other health struggles. Her story is so good, I want her to realize how much He wants to use her story to help other women who are now in the same boat she was once in.

  33. Oh how perfect is God’s timing! I have struggled so long with regrets and how Satan likes to whisper…”God can’t use you ….you’ve done this or that” ! So thankful we serve a merciful God!!!!!

  34. I think that what has happened in the past can either kill you or make you stronger. If you choose to stay “stuck” in the bad or the past then you will remain a victim but if you move past it and decide to take action and not be powerless over the bad or the past you will be stronger. Turning it over to God is all you can do and believe that he is listening!

  35. For too long I lived with shame and guilt over getting pregnant before marriage. God heaps grace and forgiveness on us but if we’re looking through the lens of other people’s judgements and opinions we miss it. Thankful for a God who pursues us with extravagant, unconditional love and redeems our stories for His glory and our healing. Thank you Renee and Tracie for all you do. So thankful God has allowed our paths to intersect and even parallel in places. 🙂 Love you both deeply. Happy Thanksgiving! xo

  36. I think a lot of women think that they don’t count or matter because of past mistakes. I am not sure who I would give the extra book to yet if I win. I help out with a young mom’s group and a lot of them struggle with this issue so I would share it with one of them.

  37. For this very reason that you expressed in your article, my husband and have been separated since August. I have been keeping my past inside and letting it ruin my marriage by not sharing it and using it to help others. We are on the mend now and I give God all the glory for our reconciling and hopefully soon I can be back with him physically. It took a lot of emotional healing on both our parts and even though he had been divorced twice he didn’t understand how I coped with a past divorce. I have learn to let it go and solely lean on God’s word. Thank you Jesus!

  38. I’ve had many many joys and good fortune but also have been through a lot of heartbreak and struggles in my life. I know that these experiences were GOD’s way of transforming me into the beautiful person that I am today. Would like to win a copy of your book. I do not understand the plans GOD has for me, but I try t trust his plans. I would share a copy of the book with my daughter Lindsey. We are making it through the untimely death of her beloved husband, and my grandson’s daddy. They struggled while he was here on earth with working and and sharing child care. They truely loved each other and their precious son. So far, my daughter has been blessed with a stable part-time job, a wonderful day care Mom, and she is able to go to school part-time with some grants. Now, her car has been breaking down every month for the past year. I am going to try to help her buy a good reliable used car. She feels abandoned, and does not know why all of these bad things happen to her. I want her to remember the goodness of our heavenly father. Thanks

  39. Renee,
    This is a great opportunity for me : “Your Life Still Counts”, one for me and one for whoever God lays on my heart when I receive the 2 books. By the way, when I give a gift away, I try to tell them: You may keep it forever or you may share or give it to whoever God lays on your heart. This frees me from having hurt feelings over their decision, and frees them up to declutter or whatever God lays on their heart. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and thank you for all your love and help. Sincerely, tammy
    P.S. I put your website because the entry called for one, but I don’t have one of my own.

  40. Robin Still says:

    Wow! Oh my goodness how this hit home for me…I wonder every single day what I am here for. I wonder if it is to do this or that. I am so busy and so stressed trying to make ends meet in my home (I work 4 jobs, raising 4 children, serve at church and be a wife and a Child of God) that I often forget who I am…I know that this book will be a blessing to a dear friend that struggles more than I. What a blessing it would be to give to her. I know that God is amazing and has enormous plans for me.

  41. Would love to win a copy for myself (retired, widowed, grown children – do I still count?) and for my best friend (divorced after 42 years of marriage). I would want to read it with her as a book study. Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. ” Your experiences do not nullify your purpose in life; they prepare you for the purpose God destined you for. They do not void you from being able to participate in ministry, but instead they equip you for it.”

    About two weeks ago I saw an e-mail come through with a guest post by Tracie Miles. Those words were powerful, as were her concluding remarks about being “especially unique and specially adored by God,” and trusting Him “enough to surrender your past to him.”

    I find myself in a place where I have trouble imagining how my future could be used for Him, much less my past.

    I would like to share the second copy with another person posting here.

  43. Lyla Nicholson says:

    This really hit home to me; so much that I cried. In 2001, my Mother passed away. My husband and I drove 660 miles to see her, say our goodbyes before she passed. On my way to the hospital; she passed away. I missed saying goodbye and kissing her by 20 minutes. I was the only family member who didn’t make it in time. For so long; I cried to God that he would forgive me; that my Mom would forgive me yet I couldn’t forgive myself. My wonderful Lord gave me a dream where I saw my Mom, saw her smiling, saw beautiful rays of orange/gold behind & around her. That day brought peace into my life. 13 yrs later; an elderly man visited his wife’s grave everyday; just sat and stared @ her grave no matter what the weather. Our Lord pressed upon me to pray for this stranger. He started telling me how he couldn’t forgive himself; that he just knew his wife wouldn’t forgive him as he had put her in a nursing home and had promised he would never do so. So, 13 yrs later; God allowed me to share my pain, my story with this sweet man, encourage him and pray with him. As I left him; he thanked me, hugged & said he loved me; a total stranger. All glory and all of my heartfelt thanks goes to Jesus! I don’t have to win a book. If this blesses anyone else; it is so worth it. Sorry that this is so long!

    • Lyla – it certainly blessed me and made me tear up! What an incredible example of extending love and hope to someone out of what we’ve learned through our own struggles and emotions. You made a difference in that man’s life, and I bet he paid it forward. God can do big things when we trust Him enough to do the little things.

  44. This is the 3rd time in less than a week that God has brought me this message of needing to look back at my past and what He has done in my life, in order to move forward in His will. First, it was in a sermon on my church about fear and looking at our past experiences with God to give us the confidence to move forward into where He is calling us. Then in the Bible study of Max Lucado’s book, Before Amen, where he talked about remembering the miracles from God in our past. And now here. Can’t wait to read Tracie’s new book! If I won 2 of the copies being given away, I would send the 2nd copy to a gal whom God brought into my life through online Bible studies and who is going through a particularly rough time and struggling to believe her life counts.

  45. Thank you for the reminder! Going thru a redirection In my life and know that it’s God redirecting but the enemy tries everyday to pull me down. It’s brought me closer to Him, praise God and learning to keep His promises near. I want my life to be His plan not mine and know that the desires of my heart were placed by Him and will come to fruition in His timing. His ways are so much better! Would give the 2nd book to a lady I just started mentoring so we could go thru it together.

  46. I was really made interested in this book when I read about the need for a life assesment. I would like to win the books and I would give the second one to my sister.

  47. I am a brand new women’s ministry leader at my church and God has been impressing on my heart the importance of using our stories to help and comfort others. My story is filled with a lot of sadness and hurt and I have been afraid to share it until now. Recently, God has asked me to share my story at our spring women’s conference in March and I am going to obey even though I’m nervous. I know God wants to use it for his glory. Thank you for confirming that my story matters and God will use it. If I should win my second free copy will go to my sister who shares a similar story. I pray that through this book she will begin to see God’s goodness in the middle of our story. Thank you for this, Renee and Tracie. May your families be blessed by the sharing of your stories this Thanksgiving.

    • Patricia – God will do big things in a lot of hearts through your obedience to share your experiences and allow Him to turn what the devil meant for evil into something that glorifies Him and reaches many hearts. Good luck in the spring and expect God to show up in amazing ways!

  48. As I continue my struggle to determine my purpose and self worth – It was encouraging to read the words “he isn’t finished with you yet”. My sins have caused consequences I did not expect – nor do I want. But I do know God can use me to help someone else. Praying He sill do that. Praying to find peace within this storm. Praying for redemption and healing in my marriage. Praying for a way to love myself again.
    Thankful for God’s grace – and second, third, and fourth chances to learn His ways.

  49. i have a past with drugs my grown kids know about but i still feel guilt for doing it not a good mom that really makes me mad at my self and if i win a book will share one with my daughter

  50. Satan is so good at bringing up our past and throwing it in our faces. I can be going along just fine and then out of nowhere something from my past invades my thoughts and the guilt and shame return again as big as life. I have to just start talking to the Lord asking Him to keep Satan from having that control over me. I also know that many of my mistakes have brought me to where i am today which is closer to the Lord. Praise God that once we accept the salvation and forgiveness of the Lord Jesus He gets rid of those sins as far as the East is from the West never to think of them again and if we allow Him to He will help us to channel those mistakes into something positive that can be an encouragement and influence on others. We just have to trust Him. I still struggle with my self confidence though and feel that i can never measure up spiritually to others. I have a BFF that i would love to share a copy of this book with. She has trouble forgiving herself and at times it really gets a hold of her even stunting her spiritual growth as it can do in each of us.

  51. I need to know that my life still counts and can be used for sonething good. I still struggle ti forgive myself from past sins even though I know He has forgiven me. Thank you for the book, looking forward to reading it. Blessings!

  52. Thank you so much for this encouraging post, Tracie and Renee. I’ve been really struggling with what purpose my life has, so the title and description of this book really draw me in.

    I would give the second book to someone who, like me, still struggles with past abuse and feels so insignificant.

  53. Loretta Pearson says:

    This resonates with me and where I’m at now

  54. “Your life-change, healing, faith walk, and journey of transformation could be the story that reaches the broken heart of someone who has lost hope; someone who feels like their life doesn’t matter; ” is something that really struck me. I am currently on a very difficult healing journey and many times I have felt that my life doesn’t matter. I hope at some point God will use my unique experiences to help people through a tough time in their life.

  55. I struggle with this every day and do brogue that one day I’ll tell my story but I haven’t seen victory yet. Praying for that!! I’d give the second copy to my sister 🙂

  56. What a powerful testimony. I can so relate to Tracie’s story. For most of my life I felt like I had no value. Thankfully, God put an inspiring Sunday School teacher in my path that taught me the value in being transparent about those ugly parts of our life. When we get the courage to finally start “speaking out loud” about these not so nice parts of our past, it opens the door for God to not only heal our heart, but it gives others around us the courage to start speaking about their personal hurts….so God can then start the healing in their life. I am continually amazed at how God speaks through me to touch other hearts (as He continues to heal me). Would love to share the book with another sister-in-Christ in my “Forgiveness” bible study group.

  57. thank you for this! I feel right now so unqualified! Thank you for turning my thoughts around!


  58. I REALLY need this book! I would be sooooo excited if I won! It would be a great help to me in my daily struggles, and also for one of my close friends!

  59. I would love to read this book, together, with my friend, Heidi. I gave her my copy of A Confident
    Heart Devotional when she needed it. I know I have issues that I get stuck in and this book would help me. Sharing it with a friend is a double blessing.

  60. I too feel as though my past disqualifies me for all that God has. But I refuse to believe that everything that I have been through is in vain. I want my experiences to help someone else over the mountain they really struggling with. Each and every day I pray for God to place me in front of people that need to hear my testimony. If I win the drawing I would share the other book with, Pat, a dear friend and sister in Christ that has the same trouble of believing God still has a plan for our lives no matter our past. We stand together in prayer all the time and I feel this book will propel us into the destiny God wants us to take. Thank you and everyone have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

  61. What a wonderful reminder that God is always in control of our lives. I am searching for my purpose and gifts and knowing I need to use my hurts from my past to help out to others is very hard and scary. To be strong enough to share my past is not an easy step. Lord, help me to be the daughter you want me to be.

    • This definitely sounds like a book that I would love to read. I have several friends who I think would love to read your story and be challenged to share theirs as well. Thanks

  62. Sorry Pat T. my above comments were not meant to be a reply. Didn’t realize I had clicked reply. Sorry for confusion. I would love to read and share Tracie Mills book.

  63. My entire life has been one big soap opera !! And I say it all was and still is a blessing !! I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior in 2010 after loosing my job,home ,family & getting cancer.5 years later I’m still sick , unable to reconcile with ex husband , entire family divided & I’m the one who causes this because Iam considred one of those born agains. The Lord has blessed me with endurance and I will continue to Praise God for all he has given me & I will keep praying for my families salvation! Not seeing my children & granddaughter is so painful. But I know God is Good & he has shown such mercy . I would love to get the books ,I would give the copy to my mother & my daughter after I finished reading. Thank-you & God Bless

  64. Lilian Andersen says:

    I just turned 60 this past summer and am really go through a slump where I feel like “How can God use me” and how does my life still count? I worked for many years for the telephone company and was laid off due to a merger and downsizing. Then I sold real-estate for eight years and gave up my license a few years ago. I also battled breast cancer and know that God must still have a plan and purpose for my life because I’m still alive. But I’m just not sure what that plan is right now and I feel like I’m just coasting along these days.

  65. I would share with my boss who has had some tough medical issues. I needed this post as having family home has been difficult this week.

  66. I have much thought on this book. I as a survivor of abuse can certainly identify with what she talks about in the her book. I feel that I often don’t have something to offer in God’s eyes. I always felt like damaged goods and that God would never use me in any type of work in his eyes. I have stepped forward to become a leader for what is known as LACE ( Ladies After Christ’s Example) . I am so nervous that I am not going to do well in this role. But my friends have assured me that I have the skills to lead this group. That God has placed this challenge in my path for a reason. So, now my challenge begins.

  67. My life counts?

    • Of course your life counts! It wasn’t by chance that I read this. Invite Jesus in right where you are. He loves you! God bless you sweetheart.

    • Doris – your question is the same one I asked many years ago – I honestly couldnt believe my life mattered to God, or that God could love me. But He does. He loves you, and you did not see this post by mistake. Your question does not surprise God either, in fact, I bet He is rejoicing that you finally began to wonder if your life counts! He has a plan and purpose for you, because He loves you, He just needs you to believe it. Praying for you and that God will make His Presence and love known and felt in your life in the coming weeks!

  68. Rachel
    You and your ministry is such a blessing. The Lord has been so good to me. He rescued me out of a pit I dug from the choices I made. I felt I was not worthy to be used by Him.
    I keep feeling Him leading me to share how the Grace He has lavished on me is meant to be shared.
    I have a genetic skin disorder that is progressively getting worse. I feel God telling me His Grace is sufficient and He will guide me. I need to share this. God’s Grace will get me through. I feel I have two choices to cry out in despair or cry out to God to pour out HIs Holy Spirit on me to get me through.
    Please pray for God to sustain me. The enemy sometimes attacks and tells me horrible things about how I look and how others see me. I need to remember how GOD SEES me!

    God Bless you and Have a Very Blessed Thanksgiving Holiday


  69. I loved reading your blog today. I do often feel that I haven’t fulfilled God’s plan for my life and sometimes I feel unworthy to be used for his glory because of my own past and recent mistakes. I became a young unwed mother, for one, but by God’s grace and the help of my loving husband and family and friends, I was still able to graduate from college and become a nurse.

    I’m hoping and believing that God CAN use the brokenness from my life and my daughter’s “to make something beautiful, as only He could (Steven Curtis Chapman).”
    (I would give a copy to my daughter.)
    To say that the last few years have been challenging for us would be a gross understatement. My daughter suffered some trauma that only came to light in recent years. She also suffers from mental health issues, including cutting, which she is just starting to overcome. She often believes that she is unworthy of love and acts out impulsively as a result. But all thanks and glory to God, she has been spared from harm when she has put herself in potentially very dangerous situations. But she has a beautiful heart and is a wonderful big sister to her nonverbal Autistic brother. I want her to know that her experiences can be used by God to bring hope and healing to other young ladies and maybe even young men in the future and that God loves her as much and even more than her parents do. Thanks for the encouragement, Tracie and Renee.

  70. nancys1128 says:

    This post, and the book topic as well, makes me think of Romans 8:28. We rarely see it at the time, but things we go thru in life always have a purpose, and that purpose is ultimately something good. I will give the second copy to the mother of my daughter’s best friend.

  71. The sounds like something I should read, I feel sometimes like God past over me. I know that’s not true.
    I give the other book to my daughter or a friend.

  72. This is a great message for me. I have a lot experiences that I could regret and at times I do. So many things that make me feel unworthy of being used by God. I need to read this book. And I would share it with my friend Becky, who is an awesome small group leader.

  73. Susan Lynch says:

    I think as women we all struggle with self worth. I have several of my friends in mind for the gift of this book if I was to be lucky enough to win.

  74. This book would be helpful. I so would like to share my story; 10 years ago our 13 yr old daughter was killed in a wreck. God has walked with me thru some very dark days and has taught me so much. When I think of sharing, it is so very difficult. I feel God wants me to share and help others but I don’t know how to start.

  75. I need this book

  76. This book sounds like an excellent tool to find my way to God’s calling. I ended an abusive marriage with an alcoholic 6 years ago. I’ve tried not to look back as mentioned above but found comfort in talking with people who were in the same situation I left. The second copy I would give to my ex-husband (as strange as that may sound). He has come through a tragic motorcycle accident that should have been fatal but I believe God saved him. I would like my ex to learn what I am learning. Do not be ashamed of your past. God loves you for who He created you to be not what you’ve done in your past and He will guide you through healing if you let Him. Thanks for writing this book… many will benefit from it. God bless!

  77. The older I get the more I see the wonderful weaving God has done in my life. He continues to heal areas I thought were over with as He continues my story within His-story.
    I will share the second book with someone the Lord lays on my heart – it may be a friend or someone at one of my speaking engagements.

  78. I know I am a work in progress! I look back on my life and wonder, how did I get here! By the Grace of God and when He forgave of my sins! I am still growing and Pray that God will use me for His Glory! I Pray that my life will always be pleasing to our Lord and Savior and that I might be able to help other women!!

  79. I love this post… really ministered directly to ME. Dealing with what I have been struggling with… I am blessed to lead the Sunday morning worship service opening with a decree… I always. Pray before selecting, being ever so careful not select based upon what I’m going through at the moment… I usually shun what may be transparent to others…. I am human, not perfect, but God choses for such a time as this…. telling myself time and time again, I can do all things through Christ, it matters not what they think… No One but God knows what my yes has cost me. Eager to read more. What a right now WORD, for right NOW! Bless the Lord… I AM WORTH IT! 🙂

  80. The same month that I was informed that I had breast cancer was also the same month that my divorce was final. Six years later I am still single and now an empty nester. While I know that I am not alone, that I have family and friends surrounding me who love me, I still struggle with my self worth and insecurities. I fight depression at times that comes from “being alone”. A lot of times I feel like there is no way God could use me let alone love me even though I know He does. It is a constant struggle.

  81. The past 4 years I have struggled with addiction. The end of October I admitted myself into an inpatient treatment facility to receive help and I was there for 3 weeks. I received my “30 day” clean/sober chip TODAY! I’m still in early recovery but I already feel better in all aspects of my life. I would LOVE to win this book! I absolutely believe God puts us in certain situations that we don’t understand and we ask ourselves why me? But I have come to learn first hand it’s not to hurt us or make us pay any negative consequences for the choices we’ve made in the past. It’s to make us learn that we have to help ourself before we can help others. Our PAST makes us the women we are today and it allows us to help other women that have been in or going thru similar situations. No matter the circumstance you can make it and there is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel!
    I’m so excited that this book is about overcoming our past and turning everything over to Christ! If I win this book I would give the other copy to a friend that is struggling with overcoming the shame and guilt of her past decisions. I hope I have the opportunity to share this book with other women, thank you! LG

    • Lesley- congratulations on completing your 30 days of sobriety! Praying God gives you great strength to continue on this past towards healing and recovery, and that He fills you up completely with passion and excitement to see and pursue the special plan and purpose He has for you!

  82. Tammy Warren says:

    I know God has a purpose and a plan for each of us, and that each of our days are numbered. Lately I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit, as the quality of my father-in-law’s life seems to be diminishing day by day. Yet, he keeps on keepin’ on to the best of his ability. My mother-in-law and I chatted about faith tonight. We both believe God is taking care of everything. We trust God one day at a time. She is praying to be able to be the caregiver as long as she can and for clarity to know when she cannot do it anymore. I’m praying the same prayer along with her. Yes, each life counts, even if it seems the person in the shell of a body has no quality at all, only God knows the plan. Sometimes I think it’s to give us a glimpse at a life that is completely dependent upon God to provide for every need, as he does. Our God is so good.

  83. Dee Trollip says:

    As I am lying in the hospital bed trying the very best to recover from a breakdown – I received your devotion this morning. I am not inspired to be a better person for God but to help others in the same situation as me. Thank you for your wise words and inspiring prompts!

  84. Such an awesome post Renee and Tracie! This is exactly what we are studying in our women’s small group at church. I see lots of positive reinforcements to share with the group. The book sounds terrific. I would read one book and share it with my group and my daughter. The other book would go to my friend Gloria.
    Thank you and Happy THANKSgiving to you!

  85. Michelle Renee says:

    Thank you for this reminder. I am the best me I can be and by the grace of God, may He work in and through the me He created!
    If I win, I know who I’d give the second copy to – a special friend that God would want me to bless with it. I’d also share my copy with a friend when I’m done with my copy!

  86. Like the woman caught in the act of adultery and dragged before Jesus, we expect to be rejected, condemned, made to feel shame. Yet, like the woman caught, Jesus shows mercy and forgiveness. He likes to use broken vessels to shine His glorious light through.
    I work at a motel and one of our long-stay guests could really use this book. She judges herself to be unwanted and unloved, and she needs Jesus

  87. Debbie Owens says:

    Life is full of so many challenges. Many of these challenges are influenced by Satan and not God. It was always hard for me to determine which, until the challenge was over – the feeling of shame and guilt. The topic is very interesting to me, as it focuses on so many areas of my life. If I win, I will read one and give the other to a dear friend who is still trying to determining who her influence is.

  88. At 48 I still struggle with wondering how God can use me & my personal journey for His purpose & glory. I wonder what gifs & talents God has given me & how I could possibly help others.

  89. Melissa Chambers says:

    A few months ago God put reaching out to women and sharing with them how loved, desired and pursued they are by Him. The message in the blog & Tracie’s new book is such an important one because women defiantly carry their shame and guilt as a force field around their heart keeping them from God’s best for them. I look forward to reading the book, it is in my Amazon cart save for later when the funds are available list and would share it with Jen, a friend who desperately needs this message but can’t hear past her stuff yet.

  90. This is really speaking to me right now, esp. as we embark on Thanksgiving with family that sometimes dwell on those past mistakes and shame us with labels from those past bad decisions. I hope that I may win a copy to read all of your writing. Our family has been going through a tough time with job loss and waiting to hear if new job offer will be made; hoping for the best! Thank you.

  91. I can totally relate to the blog. I know I have a purpose because I am still breathing but what that is, I have no clue. How I wishiI know my purpose. I hope this book can shed some light to my purpose. If I win, I want to share this book with my friend who has an amazing story of God’s Providence but still don’t know her purpose. It’s be a great journey for both of us to discover why are we still around

  92. So today I lost a job that I loved dearly, it involved ministry to others. Lots of circumstances involved, but it comes down to my insecurities and things that happened to me in the past and how I’ve dealt with it recently. Not so well, I’m seeking counseling, and I know that the Lord has a plan to use this for good.

  93. Several things from my past, combined with “feeling my age” lately, makes me think that I need to read this book. I would give a copy to my friend who was a scared & pregnant teenager many years ago.

  94. It’s 3:00 a.m. I have been struggling with my past and thinking the worst.
    I believe God woke me up to let me know He still loves me.
    I also believe He led me to read your post at this exact timing.

    I would give a copy to my friend who feels the attack of the enemy.
    But, God is working in her life, too.

  95. Jennifer Chapman says:

    I would love to win this book. I am trying to find myself and my purpose. I have been very stubborn and have made many mistakes in my life. How can God use me to share with others and to use me? I want to be a woman after God’s heart.

  96. I would give a copy of the book to my friend Stephanie. We pray together every morning over the phone before work/school and we have read and done the Confident Heart Book online Bible study, twice. This is something we need over and over again, so much that I feel insecure and not good enough that I feel I keep going around the same mountain. How is it that I can know these things, but now KNOW these things to be real. I would love a copy of Tracie’s new book so Stephanie and I can go through another journey of healing, learning and believing in God’s love and promises for us. Thanks so much!!

  97. Thank you for sharing this subject with me today. I learned this lesson years ago, in my darkest time. I went through that dark time, so God could use me to comfort others. I can’t count how many times, my experience has been used by God to help hold someone else up. In a six-month period of time, my life turned upside down: my oldest brother was diagnosed with brain cancer, my aunt and grandmother died in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, my parents divorced after 27 years of marriage, I was reckless and totaled my car in a five car pile up, which resulted in losing my unborn baby, broke off my engagement, and my dog Maggie died at 18 yrs of age. You can’t make this stuff up! All through this time, I felt God’s hand on me and gave me strength that was not my own. Has God used my story, yes. Has God accepted all of me, yes. Has God ever turned His back on me, no, never. God has used me in quiet ways, to comfort others, probably more than I will ever know. I would give the book to my younger brother David, who is going through one of these difficult times. Bless you for listening. Amen

  98. I don’t understand the meaning of “accepting Jesus christ” into my life. I want to learn

  99. This book would not only be useful to me but to a number of people I know.

  100. This sounds like a great book. I often feel so unworthy and useless. I have an illness (severe asthma and IBS) and a lot of times people think this is just an excuse to back out of something I said I would do when in reality I would really like to not have these illnesses and not have to worry about where bathrooms are and if I will be able to breathe or end up on a machine. God can use me in many ways though by praying for others and being the encouragement to others when at times I can’t function. This is especially hard with extended family who do not understand at all. Going somewhere sometimes for 10 minutes pushes it let alone 4-5 hour trips. Very discouraging. I would share with my daughter who is often discouraged too and possibly my son who has made some poor choices and it would be nice to see God can start his life over whenever he truly decides to make the right choices and move forward.

  101. Emily Duncan says:

    I would love a copy of this book & would give a copy to my mother who has turned her back against the Lord.

  102. Kathy Grant says:

    I would like to give the copy to my pastor’s wife. She is young and still wonders about how she can be a better mom and pastor’s wife. She is concerned about what the Lord wants for her. Thank you!

  103. Thank you for driving home the point that it doesn’t matter how messed up you feel or how weak your faith feels, God can find a way to use you in His service. This lets me know that I could serve as a perfect candidate to do His bidding.
    I, sometimes, fail to recognize my usefulness in the big picture, but God has a plan and a way for (even) me to be of use to Him!! What an exciting revelation!
    I would give my extra copy to a dear sister-in-Christ who recently voiced her uncertainty about God’s purpose and plan for her life as well. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win such an great gift!

  104. Its so easy to focus on the future and not on the past. But I am so thankful to God for calling me out of the darkness into His wonderful light. Thankful that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Its not easy, but thank You Lord that I’m not alone, You are with me even till the ends of the earth.

    I would like to give this book to my colleague, who needs a reminder that its not over only the beginning☺

  105. Kathy Van Gundy says:

    For over 25 years I lived with shame and guilt over one instance that destroyed my family. I couldn’t even speak about it. After going thru a Christ centered program, I was finally set free to the cage I had created. I still find it difficult to share but I know it is the story God wants me to share. Your blog and book has given me a new perspective. I would give the second book to my daughter, who is a little too much like her mother. I wouldn’t wish 25 years of wilderness on her.

  106. God has been teaching me a lot about grace recently. I think this book would be another one of those lessons. I would share the second copy with a local ministry for chemically-dependent women–I am sure some of them have the same feelings.

  107. I stuggle with this every day. I have a life that most women would die for, I am overly blessed, but yet still wonder what is my purpose, am I doing what God has called me to do? I pray daily that God will give me a sign that I need to change, that I need to do things differently, but I am not getting the sign, so then I question, am I missing something – UGH I am a mess on the inside…..

    • Tracy – wouldnt it be nice if God would give us big neon signs to tell us what we are supposed to do? But since that cant happen, what we can do is to draw closer to Him through reading our bibles, devotions and spending time in prayer, and in doing so, He gives us subtle signs which catch our attention, or grow our faith. We’re all a mess! But God can do great things with messy people and their messes. Praying that feel and see God working in your life and that He gives you spiritual insight and vision to the special plans He has prepared for you. Just follow your heart and your passions and God will lead the way.

  108. Thanks for the reminder. Would love to read the book.

  109. Thank you for the blessing of your writings.

  110. I feel like I’ve been struggling forever to find out where I fit in and what I am here for or my purpose. This book will help me to answer those questions. I’d love to share this with my daughter who I have. Not seen in 3 years.

  111. I am awed that God can use me despite all the sin and the way I sometimes take control instead yielding to God to work through me. It is wonderful that He can use us as we yield to His Spirit and walk in His ways. I would share this book with my sister who is going through a difficult patch in her life. Thank you for such beautiful words that give me hope that I can totally yield to the Lord that He might use me.

  112. My sister and I were both sexually abused in our childhood home. I am sad to say that in the past 2 years, we have each gotten divorced. I believe the emotional damage we sustained got in the way of creating lasting marriages. If we could each learn to turn our hurt to the good, not only would our immediate families benefit, perhaps, as this post says, some other woman will be helped on her journey of healing as well.

  113. Amanda Evans says:

    I’d share a copy with my sister!

  114. I am dealing with this issue right now. I feel like I am not worthy and of course the evil one is feeding things to me since I am at a really low point right now. I downloaded your book A Confident Heart last night and started reading this morning. Then came to your website and I am happy to have your resources to go along with my reading this book. I know that God will use your words in this book to help me get to where he wants me to be.

    I would give the second book to Sheila, a friend of mine, that would also benefit from reading this book as she is growing closer to God.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win these books.

  115. Nancy Getbehead says:

    This is the valley that I am in right now. So glad I read this email!

  116. Wow! Sounds like a book I need to read!

  117. I have been struggling with my self worth as well. I have made several bad choices in my life. I have raised 4 kids pretty much on my own but feel as if I have failed them in many different ways. I am thankful that I read this email and know that I am not the only one with struggles, and things that I have done that I am not proud of. I have a daughter that is going to be 18 next year and am worried that I have not equiped her enough for that milestone.
    I would give my second copy to my friend Ashley who helps keep me encouraged. Thanks

  118. would love to win this book

  119. An excellent devotional. I am 77 years old and I don’t think I can help anybody or comfort because myself needs comfort. My only testimony of my past life experiences is that that Christ saved me in spite of myself, no because I wanted to change but my circumstances did not allow to do what I wanted, I wanted, fun and pleasure and riches, I made the mistake to leave my native country, to live a very sad and poor life in the States, but God was merciful to me and give two precious sons through them He gave a lot of joy on them, when they were home, Then He gave me a wonderful daughter in law a Christian girl like the one in Proverbs 31, and three precious very beautiful grand children and allow me to take care of the three of them for 4 years and one year for my beautiful youngest grand daughter. If the Lord gave talents I buried them. The only thing I am doing is work in my church nursery once a month. That’s nothing.

    • Cintita – in my opinion, serving in the nursery and loving on children is one of the greatest ways to serve! Don’t ever think what you are doing for God is nothing. I so admire the people who serve in church nurseries, maybe because I dont think I have that gift for serving in that area. I love kids, but nursery is not my calling! So be proud of the love you are pouring onto these children, and how you are teaching them about Jesus through your actions and your words. I pray God blesses you abundantly in every way and helps you see the value of what you are giving to Him – the gift of yourself.

  120. My college roommate and I just reconnected after almost 20 years. God must have brought us together, possibly for her 20-year-old daughter, who has an eating disorder. I am a recovering anorexic. When I saw the guest post, confirming how I already feel… and I share my past when appropriate…I thought maybe that would be something for her daughter to pray about, as she doesn’t have the will to improve. She hasn’t the will, the focus she needs.
    Maybe, just maybe, this is a trial for her now to share with others later, like I have done over the years, to bring light of hope and Christ to others who are suffering from the same type of disease. She needs to find the drive to save herself… no one can do that except her, and God. In His great wisdom, I believe He has brought us together again to bring His Word to her through suffering and trial. To grow, and to help others.

  121. Shelly Green says:

    This is so true! The past has been full of happiness and sadness both, as well as regrets. But there has been good to come out of it all. I think the worst was a very abusive relationship that I was in, which lasted nearly a decade. I was able to get out and I feel like that is my ministry to other hurting and scared women. Truly satan was at work in that relationship and tried his darnedest too keep me down and feeling unworthy. God, however, had better plans for me. Praise the lord.

  122. Delia Macias says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book, but if I am not a winner I pray that who ever does will be blessed! Thank you and Bless You!

  123. This sounds like a book I must read. Thanks for sharing it, and this post. What a wonderful book to win for your library.


  124. Geri Taylor says:

    I remember when going through a very painful time I believed the events taking place had robbed me of my future. It took a faith loving friend to sternly yet lovingly tell me that God was my future! That while all hope seemed lost, darkness loomed, finances depleted, confidence gone, identity shaken to the core, the truth remains that God is over it all and Lord of the second chance and new life.

    I am sure this book will help remind me, lift me, and encourage me to stay focused, as to passing on a copy, well I will commit that to prayer and let the HOLY SPIRIT lead- I promise to be lead and obedient in that.

    Blessings all

  125. I have always believed God had a plan for my life, but at 38 I am struggling bd I don’t see the purpose. I am looking for any and all guidance to help me truly hear Him and see Him!!

  126. Krista tancredo says:

    I have often wondered this myself and my prayers are now being answered.

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