You Were Made for Guiltless Living {guest post & giveaway}

 Can we have an honest conversation about guilt? Everywhere I go, women are wrestling with feeling guilty all.the.time. And I understand. It’s something I struggle with, too. 

If you are familiar with the heavy weight of guilt, pull up a chair and lean in. I’ve invited my friend Ginger Hubbard to share with us some powerful truths she’s learning to hold onto – truths that point her back to God’s grace again again again.  Truths she writes about in her book, Guiltless Living.”

For so long in my life, I struggled with trying to be a good Christian.

Inevitably, I would blow it on a daily basis then proceed to beat myself up spiritually and emotionally.

In setting my standards high for being what I perceived the perfect wife and mom, I chose the woman described in Proverbs 31 as my role model. On one particular morning, I remember reading about her and making unfavorable comparisons.

She got up before it was still dark. I had rolled out of bed around 8:30 am.

She was well dressed in fine linen and purple. I was in a baggy, terrycloth robe with my hair pulled up in an orange chip clip.

She held the distaff while grasping the spindle with her fingers (not sure what those things are, but I am certain they contributed to her noble character). I held the dust buster to the crumbs on my bed sheets while grasping the empty bag of Doritos.

She provided good food for her family and was always on top of things. I offered a choice of Burger King or McDonalds and felt the weight of my unaccomplished to-do list crashing down on me.

In comparison, I did not measure up. I felt anxious, defeated and disappointed in myself.

I wanted to be the wife who was always cheerful, never irritable, and only said words that edified, encouraged and built up. I wanted to be the mom who never lost it and only spoke with kindness, wisdom and faithful instruction. But, as hard as I tried, I always wound up blowing it in some way.

I just could not achieve the “good Christian” status I desired.

Through prayer and studying God’s Word, I began to realize that no matter how hard I tried, I would never achieve being the perfect Christian. I learned that the battle of victorious Christian living could not be won by sheer willpower or by teeth-gritting determination, but by tucking myself underneath the full armor of God and trusting that God is not only fighting for me, but He has already won the battle.

In measuring our self-worth in accordance with our own performances, we not only become anxious, but we miss out on experiencing the peace and rest of who we truly are in Christ.

Our worth is not based on what we do or do not do. It is not based on our successes and failures. It is not even based on whether we sin a little or sin a lot.

Our worth is based solely on Christ and the atoning work He has done on our behalf. We are His children, purchased at a price, forgiven and fully redeemed.

Embracing this wonderful truth brings about freedom. It is the freedom to forget about ourselves and lay down our measuring rods of self-worth and ongoing scrutiny. It is the freedom to release the suffocating anxiety our weaknesses cause, and instead take hold of God’s grace given to us through the cross.

Join me today in letting go of performance-based worth and self-imposed expectations. May we purpose to rest in the victory Christ has already won and truly experience the rich and satisfying joy of guiltless living!

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Because Ginger has struggled so much with the issue of performance-based self-worth, she has a deep compassion for other struggling women. Se can relate and understand the mental, spiritual and physical exhaustion that comes from this way of living. If you are one of these women, Ginger’s deep desire that you will lay down your measuring rod of self-worth and stop beating yourself up so you can take hold of God’s grace and embrace guiltless living! Today, Ginger is giving away 3 copies of her new book, Guiltless Living! 

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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Shelby Hooks says:

    Wow! Now, that’s the truth. Thank YOU, JESUS.

  2. I struggle with a lot of those same issues; but I do know Jesus loves me for who I am. As messed up as we can all be I trust and have complete faith in all Jesus does and will do for us.

  3. Melissa Barnes says:

    Wow, ever so true. How is it I thought I was the only one.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Me too! There are at least 3 of us!

      • I love how ya’ll encourage one another. You’re the best!!

        • Billie Jo Arthur says:

          Thank you. Even if I do not win the book, which I would love to have and sincerely need, I have gain much just from your post. It is so good to know that others, like me do not measure up and that we fail daily. The fact that it is up to God rather than me is so good to hear repeated. When I fail, I feel so full of guild and I needed to be reminded. Thank you and God Bless.

  4. Thank you Lord that I have someone to run to when the lies of the enemy try to invade my mind. Thank you for calling me Daughter. Thank you for giving me a place to belong.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I struggle with this daily. I just want the peace of feeling enough. Oh’ how I need this book. Thanks for the devotional today!

  6. Karen Bell says:

    I’ve spent a lifetime trying to be perfect and failing. Finally, I am beginning to work on “me.” Certainly relieves a lot of stress when you relax and don’t think you have to be perfect all the time. Unfortunately, my failing health is what finally opened my eyes. The process has begun. Hope it doesn’t take another 60 years.

  7. Amen! Thank you, I needed this message today!

  8. This message was written for me!

  9. Amanda McCord says:

    Love when He validates through posts like this! We were just talking about this at Women’s study last night….God knew I needed it again. Thanks for sharing, have a blessed day!

  10. Mindy Serrano says:

    I’m so excited to have received this email today! Last night at bible study a woman shared with her trying to be good. I can’t wait to share this with her! You are truly amaZing! Thank you so much for all you do!!!
    God bless

  11. Right on point and always on time! Our Lord is so faithful.

  12. Sherrie Murphy says:

    That’s me too. I am learning to let things go and let God. My battle now is when those thoughts and feelings creep back in and I think I have to struggle again. God and I are still working on me but I know that when I let go I have a better day all around and people around me are always walking on eggshells.

  13. This looks like a very interesting book, I would like to read it.

  14. Pam Schaeffer says:

    Wow, this devotional was so encouraging this morning. It is comforting to know that I am not alone in these struggles. I would love to read this book. Thank you so much!

  15. You don’t know how providential this post was today. After a night of tears and conversation about the exact topic and my extreme struggle with it, you were speaking to my heart. Thank you.

  16. Joy Lauver says:

    This is so me. I have come a long way though. But it still creeps up and the Lord reminds me of who I am in Him. And how secure I am in Him.

  17. Thank you for this! In so many ways what you say is true. How I need God to forgive me and help me! And, I NEED TO LISTEN AND OBEY!

  18. Like you , over time I have lived feeling the frustration of not being the so called perfect Christian. I set my standard so high that it is impossible not to fail. But God is teaching me to take things one day at a time and do the next right thing. Great post and I am sure I would enjoy your book immensely. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Yes it is a struggle, I don’t like to disappoint people, especially those close

  20. Debbie Volkmann says:

    Thank you for sharing Renee! Not only do I struggle with a self worth spiritually but also physically with my eating. The comment about the dorittos made me laugh out loud! Thanks for starting off my day with a smile! 🙂

  21. Kerrie Adams says:

    Oh my gosh – I saw so much of myself in your writing, except for the chip clip but that sure made me smile. I am working through a lot of this and trying to not only grasp and work through it but share this with my daughter and other mothers in our church. The enemy loves having us in that “I can never live up mode” coz it makes him feel he is winning the battle but our God is so much bigger and won the battle long ago for all of us. We all just need to be reminded now and again with writings such as yours and others of the love our God has for us and be reminded that we need to only look at Him to know that He uses the broken and the imperfect to reach others for His kingdom. Thank you for your reminder this morning!

  22. This is a book I need! I’ve been wrestling with the fact that I live in a sea of guilt but know God calls me to live in freedom.

  23. Thank-you for writing this book……may it help all our comparative thoughts bow to Christ!

  24. I have been struggling with self worth since I lost my job. Thanks for the inspiring words.

  25. Thank you for this devotion today. .. it hit the spot! God bless you!

  26. Thank you for sharing! I struggle daily with feelings of guilt, and battling daily to walk in Christ-given identity and not man’s.

  27. I struggling with the same issues. Thank you for sharing.

  28. I’m struggling with this issue

  29. I have struggled with so many of those feelings! In our first year of marriage I felt a failure as a “Good Christian wife” because I wasn’t cooking elaborate meals every night. Truth is my husband told me not to because he wanted us to keep our eating simple. So I felt a failure when in fact all I needed to do was being obedient to my husband’s leadership!!

    Thank you for this: “Our worth is based solely on Christ and the atoning work He has done on our behalf. We are His children, purchased at a price, forgiven and fully redeemed.”

  30. My scripture this week has been Exodus 14:14- The LORD will fight for you, you need only to be still… Lately I’ve been beating myself up allowing my self worth to be determined by the decisions my children make, the ways I handle emotional situations and the choices from my past. When I think of being able to live a guilt free life, I feel like I can breathe and rest. Such an idea of peace. Thankful that God does fight for us especially those spiritual battles we face every day.

  31. Guilt finds a stronghold in your heart and until you can release it to the Lord – it will find a way into your daily walk with Jesus. When I find myself feeling a little depressed I usually find that I am hiding guilt that I think I can just push down and cover it up. Thanks for the words that made me stop and realize that today I need to pray about those feelings of guilt in my heart.

  32. Amen….

  33. Wow! What a huge encouragement to know others struggle with guilt too! How awesome that gods desire is for us to live guilt-free lives.

  34. Guilt… I have lived with this all my life. I am starting now to understand more and work past those feelings with God.

  35. I am guilty. I know God in my heart, but find it hard to believe I am worthy of His forgiveness. What a beautiful gift Jesus has already given us! How freeing to be able to let it go & give it all to Him! I know He wants me too – and I want to. I pray for strength and forgiveness and peace of heart for each of us struggling with the vice of sin and guilt. God bless you and thank you for your ministry!

  36. Pat Parisi says:

    Wow, this really spoke to me this morning!!! I have struggled with this all my life. I would love to read this and pass it on to my 3 daughters instead of passing on the idea that they have to be perfect wives and mothers. I want them to know that their worth is based on the One who loves them, our Lord Jesus and not on anything they do!!!!

  37. Barbara Rhoda says:

    I have always struggled to measure up to my own self-imposed standards of what God desires and requires of me. I have to remember that all he wants is a willing vessel no matter how cracked and broken I think I am.

  38. The truth of the Word that there is “No condemnation in Christ Jesus” is so powerful. This book sounds like it aligns with that Truth and I’d love to read it.

  39. Amen! Love this devotion as it is something I’ve always struggled with too, but the more I study His word and spend time with Him the more I’m learning to let go and let God. Two of my favorite verses when I’m feeling anxious or like I just don’t measure up are, “Be still and know that I am God”, and “I can do all things through Him that strengthens me.”

  40. Oh my goodness. I’m pretty sure this book was written for ME!! Would love to read this now!

  41. Great message, and I think the book will be a great read!

  42. Samantha Limon says:

    My oh my did I need this. Talk about God’s perfect timing! I have been letting the words of others define me and taking everything to heart. This is the lowest of lows that I’ve been at because of the expectations of others that I didn’t live up to. I can try to convince myself is okay, but every part of me is telling myself otherwise. Trying to do life with what feels like the weight of the world on you is physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausting. Thank you for reminding me that my worth is not in what others say of me but what God says. I’m so thankful for Jesus and the freedom I have through him ❤

  43. Okay, so I seriously need to read this book! Guilt is my middle name! Having high expectations of myself in many areas leads me down the path to guilt on a regular basis. I’m looking forward to reading more of this book in expectation of what the Lord will do in my life as I see myself through His heart of grace toward me. 🙂

  44. I thought I was abnormal!!! This arrived at a perfect time. Thanks for the reminder.

  45. tari butler says:

    Some days and maybe even weeks are better than others…what woman DOESN’T need to win this book? Life can be cruising along well, then WATCH OUT!! GUILT BUMP!! It can be caused by a song, by seeing a person from the past, by speaking with another woman going through a similar struggle…whatever…sometimes it is just my own silly mind (a satan!) driving the guilt knife back into my world. Hoping this book can help us all!

  46. Goodness! I feel so defeated by my actions as a mother, daughter, co-worker, fellow human…and feel I try SO HARD to be the person God wants me to be and I manage to fail God regularly….even when I’m driving my car!! I listen to the local Christian music station and see that cross pendant dangling out of the corner of my eye from the rear view mirror and yet I let incorrigable drivers get the best of me. All. The. Time. I need to be more patient with other people…but I am not. Not meeting my own standards is exhausting but I have a God who reminds me that He is perfect for me and forgives so very easily when I fail. With today’s anxiety (and it’s not even 9am!) I am thankful to have read this devotion snip it today. Thank you!

  47. Jennifer Dykes says:

    I pray God will help me with this! I have been touched by this devotional and in reading the comments. Life isn’t easy but God is so good to help and uplift us in our time of need. Thanks for this great devotional!!!

  48. Sounds like a book I need to read. Great reminder that my self-worth is rooted in God and who HE says I am.

  49. Cindy Walters says:

    Thank you for your reaffirming words to help me in what had been a great struggle for me. I always was thought of as the “goody two Shoes ” in my life and when ever I did not meet My expectations or someone else , I lived a life of horrible guilt. My perfection was killing me. But, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has taught me that He paid it all. When I become over whelmed with today’s stressors I now go and pray in a quiet spot. Sometimes it’s even by just calling His name. I know that I can not do everything. What a relief. Thank you Jesus for loving me even through all my faults.

  50. Good read!

  51. I struggle with this everyday in all areas of my life!!! Would love to read your book…

  52. It seems like this us a 2 step forward, step back for me so many times, but with God’s grace, I’m still going forward!

  53. Oh my goodness, guilt… yes please! I put myself through a never ending list of ways I don’t measure up, things I should have done, ways I could be better! He seems too good to be true, but I just need to remind myself of our unbelievable God and of His undeniable grace & mercy!

  54. Charletta says:

    Wow! It is awesome to know other women struggle in the same areas of life. Thanks for sharing.

  55. Cathy Leatherwood says:

    Really struggling with guilt and feeling unworthy right now so much that I have been questioning every decision. I check it or gather input from others before making even a very small decision which feeds the circular problem. Thanks for the uplifting reminder

  56. Thank you. I needed to hear that today! Would love to read more.

  57. Roberta Walker says:

    Still struggling, but God is good. He’s constantly showing me in His word and through writers like Ginger, Renee and others that He is (t)here. I only have to trust Him.

  58. Cynthia Bailey says:

    WOW!!! What an amazing truth! We all as women struggle to ‘keep up’. To be ‘wonder woman’ with many different capes. I have learned to say often”No” I am not putting that cape on today. Or, ‘No” I took that cape off and shred it! We were each individually made for a specific purpose. A specific calling in Christ. I have struggled so much with “to-dos” that were never mine “To-Do”! Comparing myself. Trying to live up to a standard made by man NOT defined by God’s Word! Your words truly inspired to just keep on that path that God has for ME. Not Bobby Sue. Or Granny do right! 🙂
    Thank you for your inspiration..I look forward to the entire read…

  59. Amen to that! Yes I used to do that and someone said God didn’t need my help. It is so much better being able to be His child and resting in Him.

  60. Kyndle Joyce says:

    I have struggled with these same thoughts and feelings my whole life. I have never felt that I was enough – not pretty enough, not sweet enough, not smart enough etc. As a wife and mother, I failed everyday. I would do anything I could think of to make the wrongs right again, but it never seemed to work. I was doing everything I could do to be perfect, but I wasn’t able to do it. Having, now, two failed marriages, I find myself in a constant struggle to be the best (again) because I have failed so miserably. I don’t know how to stop feeling guilty about every wrong thing I have ever done and move forward in my life. I would love to find guidance in this so that I can learn to trust God to take care of these issues in my life.

  61. What a relief it is to see that other women struggle with the same thoughts and feelings of inadequacy that I do! I pray that each of us learns to feel as if they are enough in God’s eyes. After all, it is only His opinion that truly matters.

  62. Kay Gartside says:

    That is all so true

  63. Rhonda Slaton says:

    Struggle is all I seem to do. I know GOd is right with me but lately struggle is all I do.

  64. Sharon C. says:

    I beat myself up all the time over the life I’ve messed up. I can even hold myself accountable for the things I’ve messed up in my husband and kids life. How I long for do overs? I wonder if God did grant do overs if I would have learned from the first time or would I repeat the same errors. I so wish for a way to rid myself of the guilt I have. I’d like to put the blame on my parents for being abusive and never showing my sisters or me any love but then I see women that came from far worse homes and did great raising their families. So the guilt continues. I would love very much to wipe away the guilt and become guiltless. If this book, Guiltless Living does what the title says there will be a lot of happy homes and families. It’s so sad that you’ve lived your life trying to get victory over the mistakes you’ve made only to find that the years have gone by and your still feeling the same way. Best wishes, Sharon

  65. Donna Spitzer says:

    As soon as I read The very 1st sentence, I thought to myself, Ginger Must have been invading my thoughts…I’m 60 yrs old & there hasn’t been a night Since I truly turned my heart over to the Lord @ 16 yrs old , That I haven’t gone to sleep at night broken hearted Because I failed throughout the day to be a “good Christian”….I go to bed Every night guilt ridden, Promising myself, that Tomorrow will be The day, I Finally get it right….To my sobbing self to sleep, I know I blew again another day…HOW do I get over hating myself for being a complete failure?????????????????? tears tears tears tears

  66. Mildred Johnson says:

    As most women I have struggled with feeling that I was not good enough. I believe this was instilled in me as I was growing up. My earthly father would tell us girls we would never amount to anything in life. What a lie straight from the pits of hell. Thankfully my Jesus has changed my way of thinking. Praise His Name! I would like a copy of your book for my new daughter-in- law. She is trying to change everyone around her, perfectionism dosen’t make anyone happy. I tell her that only God can do the work, just trust Him. Pray for this new marriage, it is hard to see my son and his children going through unhappiness.

  67. So needed this today. With two grown sons and a full time job, guilt has followed me most of my life. Looking forward to reading this book.

  68. Thank you for your hopeful and encouraging words.
    I too struggle with condemnation when I don’t measure up to my high and sometimes unrealistic expectations.
    I am learning slowly, how to give myself grace but it is not an automatic response.
    I find myself judging others with my same standards, and I find it hard to give them grace as well,when they don’t measure up..
    I am so very tired of this woman.
    So thank you again for your words.

  69. This was a timely post!

  70. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! This really touched me at a time when I’ve struggled so hard to discover my purpose in life at age 55 and shutter at all the things I seem to get wrong or never measure up to (in my eyes!). I’d really love to read your book. Thank you and Praise God for another day to just let go!

  71. Thank you! I was able to exhale after reading this devotion. Like so many other women I want to measure up to something. After reading this I realize how I have beat myself up in this area. I would love to read your whole book and have it as a guide reference
    Knowledge is power and power is freedom to live GUILT FREE! 🙂

    Thank you and GOD BLess

  72. Missy Langford says:

    No matter how old you get, it still creeps up on you. Just in the last year, I have stopped trying to be a people pleaser and be a God pleaser. Hard to make the transition.

  73. Oh how I struggle with this. I love the ‘tuck my self under the armour of God’ . Covering my mind with the helmet of salvation never forgetting what Christ did for me. Oh how I want my life to glorify Him! Thank you for writing this book.

  74. Thank you for writing this book. In my past I too have gotten out of bed with pajamas and a hair clip and struggled every day with guilt. Today I have more guilt because I left my husband of 18 years for what I thought was something better. My children have paid the price for that which I never thought they would. My plan didn’t go as I had planned it. But out of all the stress and tears, guilt (I still have today) God redeemed me through it all. I am a Christian for 5 years now.

  75. That sums up How I have Felt for a long time!

  76. Thank you for your encouragement!! I grew up being guilty. I had a mother that was never satified with what I did: it was never good enough and as a result was beaten for it!! It has taken many years and being born again that I have overcome some of the guilt!! Your words through God are very poinent to me!! I talk and pray to my Savor to help me with this each and every day!! Thank you that Jesus is enough!!

  77. This was so needed.Amen

  78. Wow, sure needed to read this today. I get that guilty living feeling all the time. I do my best but it is never good enough for others and boy do they let you know it. I get up and dressed so I am at least presentable if needed to leave quickly but I have illnesses that people know about but do not know the issues they cause. Some days I can’t leave the bathroom or I do not feel well and just need to go to bed or rest. Extended family is not understanding at all and tell me how irresponsible I am. I am where I need to be when I need to but there are those times I can’t make it no matter what. I am also taking care of an aging parent and it has been none stop doctors appointments, surgery, hospitalizations and I am the only one to take care of her. Again people do not understand the stress and how I react isn’t the same as others. Some can go 24 hours with little difficulty. I can only take so much before I crash. I do put decent meals on the table for dinner unless I am too sick to do so. I guess it’s a long way to say I do what I can do but there are times I cannot do things and I am tired of the “guilt trip” because I cannot always do what everyone wants.

  79. Something I think we all struggle with. Thank you!

  80. Thank you for this message. I needed this more than you know today!

  81. Thank you Ginger for sharing your story! I can cert relate! I smiled at the creativity of using an orange chip clip to hold up your hair! I would love to read your book and share it with my small group and my friends! God bless you for being brave enough to share your story!

  82. Why do I forget it’s all about what He did? Comparing myself to Christian role models, living up to those exhausting self imposed standards and choosing to jump into the pit?

    Even the prodigal son came back to “work” for his father and when the son returned to the father he did not need to work as a slave but welcomed him HOME into his arms and grace filled him enough to become the father’s son once again. The point of grace and fullness as a heir. Even in that story, our father, shows this earthly father killing the fatted calf for the son and celebrating – he wanted the son to be secure in his love. BEAUTIFUL. The nature of the Dad not the sin of the son was the focus. Even the son that stayed home was urged to think about that it’s not about his actions but that he just plain loves them both. Amazing.

    I want to live in that light each day.

  83. Sherry Fraunfelter says:

    I need to win this book. This lesson is my story.

  84. Mary Ellen says:

    I have had a PHD in guilt for as long as I can remember. Never the perfect child, or woman, or wife, or mom, and way off the mark as the perfect Christian. Isn’t is wonderful that we do indeed “tuck ourselves under the full armor of God?” He fights-we are safe and protected. I have had for the last two months, a terrible infection that just doesn’t want to die. I have prayed, cried, and begged God for help-thinking all the time, “It must be my fault.” Truth is-it is not my fault. sick world often gets to us as well. I believe God is healing me. I would love it to be NOW, but I do believe He is healing. Praise Him! Thank You Jesus! Guilt is not an option.

  85. I’m a sinner saved by Grace. I was a drug addict for more than 20 years, I gave my life and will to the Lord on 7/27/07. Been clean every since. The Lord Jesus Christ is so full of Mercy and forgiveness. Without His love, I would have never been able to forgive myself. He has restored my family and blessed me more than I ever imagined.

  86. Tammy Dobson says:

    To learn how to live and be guilt free from trying to Always please and make Everybody happy . I struggle daily with trying So Hard to be the BEST for Everyone!

  87. Boy – Do I need this one!

  88. exactly what I need right now !!

  89. I desperately needed to hear this today!! My self-worth has disappeared along with my confidence thanks to an abusive marriage and a protracted, devastating divorce process. I need this book.

    • I am praying for you as my marriage is in trouble as we speak as well. I can’t sleep or eat and I cry a lot so if you are there…I totally get it. I am relying on Jesus love and all I know about His character to hold my hand as I go through what is to come. Divorce sounds so final but when trust has been broken over and over one starts to feel abused and that is not what God wants for us while we are here on earth. I pray your self worth is not connected with the devastation that divorce brings to any and all that have gone through it. I have watched my daughter and my son go through it and they clung to their values and made it through and are closer to God which means closer to happiness as well. God Bless.

  90. This is something I can really relate to. I have always felt like I had to perform in order to be accepted. Only by trusting and believing in what Christ has done for me and Who He is can I be free from this.

  91. Wow! This really hits home! I would love to read this book!!

  92. Just yesterday I spent most of the morning in tears as I reviewed over and over the things I wasn’t measuring up to in life – wife, servant leader, teacher, friend, etc….. the list went on and on. As my world became smaller I just clung to the word “Jesus” “You are enough”. That is what I kept repeating…..
    His peace and power often elude me due to my own blocked pathways – praying for a breakthrough today. Thank you for the words from the book. I will try to memorize the scripture for today.

  93. Powerful reminder that our identity is in Christ. He loves us, even when we drop the proverbial ball… Thanks for your honesty and transparency – for reminding me I’m not alone on this journey

  94. I tend to find it hardest to believe I am loved by Jesus just for who I am instead of what I do when people do things that cause my trust to waiver. I feel unloved when my trust is broken and it has been just lately and now my self worth plummets. I also know Jesus loves me, but do I love myself when put in situations that make me doubt I am loved even by my own husband. I hope to stop letting what other people chose to do affect my sense of unconditional love that Jesus gives to us all. At times His love is all I really can count on and I need to transfer my feelings of low self esteem to knowing I am loved just for “whose” I am!!! God Bless.

  95. Living with guilty daily? Well.. I’m, guilty! I long to be barefoot on the beach with a twirly red polka dotted dress today.

  96. debi Sabotin says:

    I’m a guilty soul like many other women, seeking to grow in understanding God’s grace. My perfectionism and performance orientation can cripple me emotionally and physically. I so need God’s help to repent and change!

  97. Even though I’ve known this is true for quite some time, I struggle to not struggle with feelings of guilt.

  98. Leslee Kiernan says:

    Guitless Living has my name written all over it! I live with guilt and it takes a toll on me. I am working to give it to God, but I seem to need to be in control.

  99. Becky Estle says:

    WOW… God’s timing is amazing… I NEEDED this today more than ever….. I am in tears, because I know I am nothing without God. But thankfully His Grace touches us all

  100. Candace Ledbetter says:

    WOW! What a needed message at God’s perfect timing! This is an issue I have struggled with majorly in the past and still struggle with on a smaller scale today.

  101. Is this struggle more pronounced in the Christian community, I wonder? Do our non-Christian friends struggle with this heavy burden. Thanks for starting the conversation!

    I’m convicted today, especially, to make a special effort to lighten the load of expectation I put on my sisters in Christ.

  102. Shelly Green says:

    I needed this…I have struggled for years as a people pleaser, trying to do/be enough. I’m trying to let the feelings of guilt go… I can’t do it all! I would love to have this book.

  103. Thanks for the encouragement! I can’t wait to read this book!

  104. LuAnn Fischer says:

    Wow does this hit home. I am so much better about guilt than I used to be, but to say I’ve overcome it would be far from truth. I feel like I am always letting someone down. Not to mention God! Sometimes I feel like he saved me not because he loves me, but because he feels obligated or sorry for me. See I still have a quite a ways to go!

  105. Oh the weight of that guilt!!! How wonderful to let it lift and put it in God’s hands. Thank you!

  106. Wow! I am an old maid, childless and I share in the self-inflicted guilt. Thank you for reminding me of my Lord’s forgiveness. He wants me to do my best, but He doesn’t expect perfection. We are blessed!

  107. I was in high school when the fear surfaced. What if God doesn’t have marriage in His plan for me? I don’t know why or where that came from. I have a beautiful picture of marriage modeled for me in so many ways, but I was scared it wouldn’t be that way for me. I made many choices out of fear and today at 38 I still, more than ever want to be married and have a family. I could in a second tell someone else of God’s grace and love and incredible plan, but my struggle now more than ever is feeling forgotten and unloved. Did my choices cause this? I know they didn’t but it is so hard to understand. God created marriage and family, and it is so beautiful. I still have hope but it is a daily choice.

  108. I have been really struggling with this the past few days, this came to me at such a good time. I am going to read this book! Thank you

  109. I struggle with that everyday. Would love to win a copy. Thank you for sharing.

  110. Self worth! Man the struggle is real. All my life trying to measure up to standards I set, as well as others. I’m growing in the knowledge that He is my worth. He is my sufficiency and where He resides, there is no lack!

  111. stand on ‘this’ foundation, erected on such an ‘un-stable’, un-safe, un-worthy frame……’my-self’….and me and my ego-me and ‘my’ self made kindgdom…me and my bloodied, limp, ruined….’self-worth’… their walls came tumbling… domino’s ….crashing down….on ‘me’!!! As I sat, lifeless….drinking my coffee, like a zombie, trying to awake from this self inflicted disaster within….mythodically, I opened my email, mindlessly attempting to distract my inner self….and my eyes were drawn to … ‘Renee Swoope’ – ‘You were made for…’ That’s all I saw…that’s all I needed to see! To see hope! To see help! To ‘see’!!:) As I began reading the post and the excerpts from Ginger Hubbard’s book – ‘You were made for GUILTLESS living’!!:) The -trying, the comparison’s, the crooked measuring stick, the hopelessness of it all…..they all led Ginger – as they have me – right were I always belonged in the FIRST place!…They and Ginger’s relatable reminder’s…..’they’ ALL led ‘me’…..TO THE CROSS!!!:) TO THE FEET OF JESUS!!!:) TO RESCUE!!:) TO HOPE!!!:) and then I looked over and saw one of my (many:) favorite verses Renee had posted….’May The God of HOPE, fill you with all Joy and Peace – as you Trust In HIM….so that, (I)-‘may’ , overflow with HOPE, by The Power of The HOLY Spirit…” Ro. 15:13 Thank you Renee, and Ginger, for your ministries – your words – your reminders – your ‘lamps that have lightened ‘my’ darkness’….your support and your encouragements to ‘me’ – today – ‘this’ day….that The Lord knew..:) that ‘I’ would desperately need them, and you, and Him!!! Thank you sweet sisters, for leading me back to where I always belonged….JESUS!!!:) The Sweetest of All…The Lover of ”my’ soul!!:)

  112. Genuinely, reading this was a much needed, HUGE, warm hug from God this morning! I’ve been battling ‘old’ negative thought patterns & hence ‘feeling’s of inadequacy, overwhelming discouragment & self rejection lately…again….. I really believed I had shed this ugly former acquaintance, many years ago…I was mistaken…It has found my address, knocked on my door, relentlessly pursued me – like a telemarketer or junk mail…:( and finally, caught up with me, proceeding MANY a bad day…and I have swallowed the coolaid!:( My thoughts, attitudes and self talk, have been poisoned with the ‘tyrannical expectations’ of others and more importantly my own inept ‘ruler’ of the ‘god of self’….my measurements have been all off! I don’t measure up! ‘They’ don’t measure up! NOone is measuring up!! The plum line is crooked, warped, ridiculously – ‘un-true’…My inner self came tumbling DOWN! The ‘good works’ – the ‘try harder’s’ – the ‘haven’t I done enough’s?!! – to the ‘that’s it, I quit!! – ‘I can’t do this anymore’ – ‘I give up’s’….’my’ self erected ‘proving’ – of ‘my’ worth’…. finally, came crumbling down around ‘me’, leaving me in the wake of despair and ruin….It could not stand on ‘this’ foundation, erected on such an ‘un-stable’, un-safe, un-worthy frame……’my-self’….and me and my ego-me and ‘my’ self made kindgdom…me and my bloodied, limp, ruined….’self-worth’… their walls came tumbling… domino’s ….crashing down….on ‘me’!!! As I sat, lifeless….drinking my coffee, like a zombie, trying to awake from this self inflicted disaster within….mythodically, I opened my email, mindlessly attempting to distract my inner self….and my eyes were drawn to … ‘Renee Swoope’ – ‘You were made for…’ That’s all I saw…that’s all I needed to see! To see hope! To see help! To ‘see’!!:) As I began reading the post and the excerpts from Ginger Hubbard’s book – ‘You were made for GUILTLESS living’!!:) The -trying, the comparison’s, the crooked measuring stick, the hopelessness of it all…..they all led Ginger – as they have me – right were I always belonged in the FIRST place!…They and Ginger’s relatable reminder’s…..’they’ ALL led ‘me’…..TO THE CROSS!!!:) TO THE FEET OF JESUS!!!:) TO RESCUE!!:) TO HOPE!!!:) and then I looked over and saw one of my (many:) favorite verses Renee had posted….’May The God of HOPE, fill you with all Joy and Peace – as you Trust In HIM….so that, (I)-‘may’ , overflow with HOPE, by The Power of The HOLY Spirit…” Ro. 15:13 Thank you Renee, and Ginger, for your ministries – your words – your reminders – your ‘lamps that have lightened ‘my’ darkness’….your support and your encouragements to ‘me’ – today – ‘this’ day….that The Lord knew..:) that ‘I’ would desperately need them, and you, and Him!!! Thank you sweet sisters, for leading me back to where I always belonged….JESUS!!!:) The Sweetest of All….the Lover of ‘my’ soul!:)

  113. Jesus has taken all GUILT AWAY by His Shedding of his Blood, oh his Precious Blood!

  114. Francine Long says:

    My children always tell me I am to hard on myself, and I should STOP taking the guilt trips that I put myself onto.
    Thank you.

  115. Amanda Ashmore says:

    Much needed message, thank you!

  116. AnnMarie Dixon says:

    Thanks for the devotional. So many of us worry about our worth. I can just imagine Our Father is shaking His head and thinking if only my children will look up to Me and know how precious and valuable they are.

    Very timely.

  117. Nikki Boyles says:

    It sounds like this book could help a lot of people! I especially like the humor thrown in there!

  118. Thank you so much, Renee and Ginger. I really needed to hear this today. I need to hand in my “measuring stick” to Jesus. I so easily load myself with guilt, the unrealistic kind…

  119. As a recovering perfectionist, the message in this book sounds like just the right thing to refer to regularly to help stay on the freedom path!

  120. Jill Kuiper says:

    We all feel guilt at some point or another, but we need to realize, we’re not perfect. That Perfection is held by only One, Him. Would love to read the book!

  121. Guilt and self worth are such a struggle for me. Daily I have this issue. I would love to read this book!

  122. Are you speaking directly to me today? Guilt has been a constant in my life, but a couple of weeks ago a blast from my (not so fabulous) past has come back into my life. The guilt has really taken hold of my heart again. I’m working through it, but forgiving myself is difficult. Top that with my desire to be that “perfect” wife and mother and friend…and it’s been a guilt fest in my heart lately. Would love to read this book, even if I don’t win the giveaway.

  123. Letting go of the guilt would open up a world of greater reward. Taking a the step to go forth and give it your best knowing that the choice you make provides blessings and not baggage. This book sounds like it provides each us the chance to make that change.

  124. Thank You, Jesus, that You don’t compare us to anyone – you’ve designed us all in unique ways and we can ‘learn’ to walk in that, accepting that who we are is enough. I’d love to read the book then share with friends. Thanks so much!

  125. Debra El-Amin says:

    I KNOW in my heart that Jesus loves me and that my children love me. The guilt comes in because I don’t think I did right by them. My son is high school graduste, has 2 jobs, his own car and is saving for his own apartment. My daughter is a junior in high school, will be a licensed hair stylist and half way to her associates degree when she graduates from high school. I know I must’ve done something right along the way but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I just didn’t do enough. Today’s post helped but I’m not my grandmother’s and that’s my problem.

  126. I would love to read this book i struggle with this on a daily basis

  127. Vicky Silbernagel says:

    We women need to hear these words OFTEN. Most of us feel the need to be all, do all. We compare ourselves to our moms and grandmas (anyway, I do), and think we don’t measure up to all they did. But this is such a DIFFERENT world we live in today! And, regardless of how we “do,” we know and must remember that we are loved more than we can possibly fathom! Thank you for the reminder!

  128. This is great! For me, to relieve myself of guilt, I have to constantly fix my eyes on Jesus, stay in His Word, and believe His promises for me as His daughter. There is no other real substitute for me but God. Every day, all day. 🙂
    Bless you Renee!

  129. Thanks for sharing this today!

  130. Lillian Nwachukwu says:

    Dear Renee, As I read through the excerpt from ‘Guiltless Living’ tears filled my eyes rolling down and my heart was breaking because it was as if I was reading about me and seeing me in a mirror. I have lived a life of guilt so much, for so long and in so many occassions including very recently. I have not really had a pleasant relationship with my husband and this has been on for most of our marriage. I have always been in prayers for things to improve, I have had to beg for forgivenesss for what I do not understand and dont know how I was wrong in it but in the interest of peace have to beg , yet he never agrees to let go. He is a man who says very little or nothing to me, never interested in making a conversation with me but says so much to and others see him as a story teller. He always likes to make me feel I am guilty and in many occassions I try to apologise even when he is the one to do so. For this and many more reasons I find myself being too careful to do it right and all the time end up with a mistake which keeps me continiously feeling guilty and ever trying to do the right. i notice that I carefully do everything right for so many months but one day i do the wrong as i am an imperfect being, the man who never commended any of the right things i did, holds on to that wrong one and tells me how he does not think I am ready to have a the realtionship I have been asking for otherwise i could not have behaved in a certain way. He never comments on all the good i have been doing for a long time. Someone has decided to keep me feeling guilty but I accept the His word that I am guiltless. I am very happy to be reminded by your excerpt about God’s love for me and i pray that grace of God will always remind me that I am guiltless. Thank you and God bless alwaz.

  131. I though you were literally talking about me!! I fail on a daily basis, and I can truly identify myself with every word you shared.

    Thank you for reminding me that I don’t have to feel this way!!

  132. Thank God I can trust him to show me how I can live in his footsteps without guilt and He will make me a woman after his heart,

  133. Deborah Dean says:

    Thank you so much. I just read this after having a conversation with God. I think my relationship with God is performanced based, I feel like I am this bad child that I am struggling with thinking I am this horrible person that he does not answer my prayers and when he does i dont like the response ir lack of response.

  134. Dawn Baran says:

    You described me! Just add divorce to the list…..I’ve failed my family, my kids, myself and most of all Christ. Talk about performance based….I have always been defined by my kids and now when they aren’t with me I don’t know who I am. I never imagined being a statistic. I struggle with the guilt daily…..

  135. Tammy Trietch says:

    Thanks to a wonderful friend (a Godly woman), I began reading my bible again. For four years now, I start (almost) every morning reading His word. While I sometimes revert to old habits/thought patterns in times of stress, I realize I am a work in progress and don’t stay/wallow there too long. I am so blessed to my friend, Bev, for igniting this passion within me.

  136. Anita Owen says:

    I am so glad I read this tonight. I just got home from work and feeling so guilty that I didn’t get more done. One problem after another, I felt like I was taking one step forward and 3 steps backwards. Talk about “guilt”, the “should have’s, could have’s, I wish…, why did I do that, oh no look at the time, how many times do I have to do this over”… those kind of self-talk words came out. My confidence shrinking. Then I read this and was sweetly reminded about “my worth”. Breath of fresh air. Guilt does have a way to “eat me alive” at times.
    Thank you for sharing this with us!!!

  137. Erin keller says:

    I so struggle with this

  138. I so needed this! I feel like Paul in the Bible, I do the things I don’t want too, and don’t do the things I want to do….I love God with all my heart and never want to dissappoint him, but I feel like I fall short daily. I want him tobe my ENOUGH, yet I find myself constantly struggling to win others approval and love!

  139. All I can say is thank you

  140. Dalyse Rodriguez says:

    I struggle with this on a daily basis. Some days I feel like I can overcome it, but most days I just don’t seem to know how.

  141. Thank you Renee & Ginger. I was reading my own story. I’ve been working through Celebrate Recovery to deal with it & am always looking for ways to stay focused on who Jesus says I am. I will definately be looking for this title. Thanks again.

  142. I think our world has become very performance-driven, but underneath it all perhaps we just really need to see God’s Word in a tangible, applied sense. We need what is real, true, and lovely. I needed to read this today. Thank you.

  143. Thank you for a timely perspective. So many of us trying to measure up.

  144. Patricia A. Thompson says:

    I really need to hear this message and claim it for myself.

  145. I thought it was just me ! Trying harder doesn’t work. Love to read your book.

  146. I feel beaten down by too many persons around me in life and I really feel poorly about myself when treated like that so often. At the same time guilt if i stay back from these people.

  147. wonderful–thank you Barb

  148. Louise New says:

    Encouraging truth!

    It can be so hard to let go of guilt but through the power of God’s grace and love, it is possible!

  149. Thanks so much for the message that my worth is not in what I look like or what I do, but in God alone. I am facing early retirement due to financial reconstruction of the company I work for, and I am now struggling with the old questions “Who am I?” “What good am I, now that I am not working?” Identity crisis at age 60!! But God is faithful, and He sends frequent reminders that my value and worth are in Him alone. Thanks for being one of those reminders!

  150. Thank you for this message. These are truths we all need to be reminded of regularly. My oldest left for college in August and a void ow exists in our home. I am desperately trying to keep things business as usual in her absence but fall short. I am very busy at work and missing my child. I suffer daily with not measuring up. Thank you for this.

  151. Gerri Almond says:

    I am struggling with areas of my life and have felt that my worth is in those areas. I have come to realize through growing closer to God and trusting Him everyday for my life that my worth is in Him! I’ve always felt that I have to do everything and measure up to others, but that is not what God wants me to do. He wants me to be the best me that He has created me to be and let Him guide me through everything that I do, say or am.
    Do I still feel guilty at times? Yes, when I fail God and others, which happens sometime every day. Satan uses guilt as one of his tactics, but Jesus died for our guilt. We just have to confess to God and ask forgiveness and God’s grace will cover us through the blood of Jesus. I think we all struggle with guilt many times in our lives, we just have to keep our eyes on Jesus and allow Him to guide us. Amen! What an awesome God we have!

  152. Danielle S says:

    There are days that I definitely feel like I don’t measure up, then there are days when I feel sore from beating myself with the measuring stick! I feel like I never will measure up to the Proverbs 31 definition of a Godly woman, but I don’t fit the mold of a “Good Wife” or a “Good Mother” that everyone else has laid out there.

    But amidst all my complaints and worries and frustrations, there are those that I DON’T hear complaining: my husband and my children. And with lots of prayer, I feel a peace that says God knows I’m trying and He’s not complaining either. Talk about undeserved grace! The stress is still there, but God is showing me that most of my stress are from my own demands, not the demands of those around me. Thankful for my walk with Him in my crazy – and most days hypercritical – life!

  153. Sometimes the expectations from family are what make it so difficult to live Guiltless. Thanks for the blog, it has really motivated me, I would be so grateful to receive the book. God bless you.

  154. I feel like you’ve been reading my heart. Thanks for the chance to win the book. Sounds like it’s just what the doctor (Lord) ordered.

  155. I was just feeling this way tonight, looking at all my mistakes and feeling such a sense of failure. God knew I needed to read this and realize I was not alone.

  156. As I was feeling the weight of all the self-inflicted pressure I continually pile on in the name of performing perfectly as mom, wife, professional, friend, daughter on my way home from work yesterday, the Lord peeled back my blinders and showed me that He has got me covered. I just need to be. Just need to try to keep remembering that though! Thank You Lord for your Love!!!

  157. Phyllis Drewq says:

    I could have written those exact same words myself! And I am SO tired, and so unfulfilled in my Christian life, and life in general.. Carrying around this heavy burden of guilt is so hard, and I would love to win this book

  158. Amen & Amen! Thank- you Renee & to all who replied, God Bless.
    What A Friend We Have In Jesus..

  159. Mary Hilding says:

    That was such a good story. Enjoyed it a lot.

  160. Christine N says:

    How wonderful it is to know that I do not need to compare myself with others. My Savior rescued me from condemnation that always arises when my false expectations are not met. I love Jesus’ expectation of me, to Love the Father with all my heart and all my soul. Because of Jesus I am reconciled with the Father. A gift that no person could ever give me and its a gift that I cannot give to myself. It was freely given I need only to accept it.

  161. I’ve tended to measure my worth by my performance for as long as I can remember, but it’s gotten much worse since I became a mom a little over 2 years ago. In my head, I know the truth contained in this post, but it never seems to soak in deeply enough for me to feel free and joyful without the guilt of imperfection.

  162. Susan Lynch says:

    I want to take hold of God’s grace and embrace guiltless living!

  163. Elizabeth Krause says:

    I want to learn to give all to God, specially the warfare with Satan. It seems I pray to give it all to God but soon find myself with worry and guilt. The more I learn about guiltless living the better. Thanks for the opportunity.

  164. Hope Fayard says:

    We as women struggle so much internally with things. And guilt is a huge one because we want to be the best wife, mother, godly woman, etc, but God already made use perfect! We just need to breathe and feel his presence and not worry. But I know, easier said than done. That intimate relationship with Christ daily is the only way I can keep my head afloat 😉

  165. denise clark says:

    His mercies are new every day. It helps to remember that!

  166. I really appreciated this devotional this week. It is a great reminder to not compare myself to others and yet to continue striving to be better and bring honor and glory to God. I struggle with guilt a lot. But I believe God does not want me to live this way. Thanks for the great reminder. And this will be my next book, definitely one I need.

  167. I struggle with the disease to please with myself being the price. I live with daily panic attacks and have gotten to the point of staying home as much as possible so I don’t have to face people or crowds. Exhausting!

  168. Wow could I relate to this post. Amazing how we as women do this so often and the exhaustion we experience from it whether at home, work and even in ministry. Thank you for the reminder of where our true self worth really lies.

  169. Dea Sipes says:

    I can truly identify with this author. I lived most of my Christian walk feeling like a failure. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get it right. always wrong, always failing…..that was me. Although I am better about it now, I know I still have a very long way to go. I sit and wonder how on earth God can have so much grace for a wretch like me. I so enjoy your writings and emails, Rene. Thanks for being you and for taking the time from your busy life to share with us.

  170. Annette D. says:

    Oh how I dislike feeling guilty – when I tell my kids “no”, when I get angry over things, when my feelings are so easily hurt due to insecurity… on and on…..

    To only be able to “get it all right”…

  171. Joyfuljan says:

    Oh my goodness – this was so timely for me right now. The post was so encouraging as were the comments.

  172. Sammie Warwick says:

    This book is exactly what I need to read. I feel this frustration and sense of failure daily. I want so much to be like Christ. I pray daily for kindness and compassion. Thank you for this post, It was an encouragement to know there are so many others out there just like me.

  173. Guilt has been one of my worst enemies! In my early 20’s, a very caring, observant, woman of God told me something that has made a HUGE difference in my lifelong struggle with guilt. She said that satan loves for us to feel guilty because he knows that the guiltier we feel the less effective we are in everything – & especially for God! Altho it’s over 30 years later & the struggle is still ongoing & even now I still have a long way to go, it doesn’t have near the hold on me that it did back then. I am constantly reminded that I do not want satan to win today’s battle. So my prayer is that we cry out to Him, “I feel guilty today God, please remind me that it’s about way more than this “feeling” & that I absolutely do not want satan to get his way letting guilt stifke me & I need you & your strength to get past this as fast as possible so that You can have your way with me today. Amen.”

  174. I worry about this every single day. It is a constant struggle.

  175. I am so blessed to be a part of this board. I love getting into my email to see what Renee and others have sent me to read read each day. I loved reading this and related to it in many ways. Guilt is such a part of my life these days. I feel guilt if I don’t get something done right away that needed to be done in the time mandated to do. God weighed this on my heart yesterday at our woman’s LACE meeting at church on Sunday. We were all switching roles in the group. No one wanted to be a group leader. I have had weeks to think about it. I had decided long ago that I didn’t want anything to do with it because I didn’t feel like I was good enough to do a leader job. God weighed this heavily and I mean heavily. I felt guilty that I was ignoring Gods lead to do this. So, yesterday I went to this meeting and I spoke up and now am leader of our woman’s LACE group.
    Robin R.

  176. This touched my heart in such a deep, secret place. These are thoughts and feelings that I have, but I don’t share them often, if ever. Too many times I think I am the nly one that is feeling like this. Thank you for sharing this. I needed this today, badly.

  177. I think my middle name should be “Guilty”. I have always been quick to speak and slow to think of listen to God before I speak and end up eating those filthy words. I have been a Christian for close to fifty years now and seem to be getting worse at it than better. But I do know that God that I claim to be the Child of would not agree with how I feel, think of myself or act/react.
    I need to once and for all make some real changes. We just finished doing a week-long Revival at our church because of some health issues I am dealing with currently I was only able to attend two times. But learned a lot and have already messed up on what I learned at least three specific time.

    I need to “trust and obey” I know as the songs says: “There is no other way!”

    He is My Abba Father and I praise Him every day for being the God of Second Chances but I have gone way pat that. Need to get serious. Find a better way and go forward not drown in my sorrows. Mary

  178. Timing is everything — and the timing on this is great for me! I’m in a tough season of life right now. I know it wasn’t all my fault I wound up here but I still take on all the responsibility and wonder why I wasn’t good enough. I have been searching for something to take my thought processes down a different road, this looks like a good tool to help with that.

  179. Juanita Walker says:

    That hit home for me today! Wow! I have felt like that so much! Thank you.

  180. I just had a rough week dealing with these emotions. This book has definitely made it to my reading list.

  181. I forget who I am in Christ, a forgiven and very much love sinner, and feel I must hid behind some sort of facade

  182. I struggle with performance-based self worth but know God’s truth. As a mom I can identify with trying to be the perfect wife, mother, friend, and then feel guilty when I fall short. It’s a daily dying to self and focusing on what God’s word says and not the lies Satan wants me to listen to. I unfortunately passed my perfectionism and performance issues on to our son. I have confessed this to God and my son and I work on it together with God’s help. Seeing your mistakes lived out in your children can be painful, but I cling to God’s word that He is changing me and it is through His strength not mine. I’m thankful our son is learning God’s truths at a younger age than I did.

    Great post.

  183. Spot on! I struggle daily with guilt. I don’t believe the guilt is from my father in heaven. I know that satan is out there to destroy. My oh my, I have been through the ringer a time or two. My marriage struggled a few years back. We got through it through by miracles provided by our Father in Heaven! To this day, those struggles from the past sneak up on me and try to take me down by making me feel like I am inadequate for my husband, that he could have a better looking wife or a wife who wants to please him 24/7. Or a better mother for our girls. Life is work, marriage and parenting is work and we do make mistakes. Guilt can and will destroy us if we allow it to.

    Thank you for your post! I look forward to reading your book down the road! Sounds like it would go well with Renee’s book, “A Confident Heart”. Which in itself is an amazing book!


  184. I am an author, and I, too, focus a lot of my writing on the guilt-shame freedom that we have (but often leave on a shelf at home) in Christ. I’m glad you have your book out there to help us all remember that we are set free to serve Him, not bound by self-condemning paralysis! I’d love to read your whole book!

  185. I was married to a man who didn’t know the Lord and vowed he would never know the Lord. Well he was true to his word he left and a year later we were divorced in July 3rd 2003. Ten years later on May the 17th in 2013 I married a wonderful man who knows and loves the Lord with all his heart. I began to realize that I didn’t how to be his wife?? I know this kinda fits the Give God Your Can’t but I struggle everyday with not only being a ” good christian” but also with being a ” good christian wife” I joined Proverbs 31’s small bible study group for The Best Yes and am now awaiting Before Amen!!!! You all are awesome I’m learning so much through this ministry and I know God lead me to find you! Thank you for all you have done and all you will do for women like me who struggle with doubt, regret and sometimes even shame you are truly a blessing!

  186. This books sounds so awesome!

  187. Thank you for sharing this devotion. I often feel like such a failure compared to the women described in Proverbs 31

  188. Thank you for the encouraging words. Ready to take off my chains of guilt from “not measuring up” especially to the Proverbs 31 woman. I am ready to be the best “me” that God created ready to use the gifts he gave me to bless others.


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