His Banner Over You is Love {guest post & giveaway}


Ever longed for other’s approval? Does the spin cycle of affirmation-seeking sometimes leave your heart wrung out?  Today, I’ve invited my beautiful friend, Jennifer Lee Dukes, author of Love Idol, to sit with us for a while and share how we can live free from our need for approval – knowing we are already preapproved:

My 10-year-old daughter decided a few weeks ago to cut ten inches off of her hair and donate it to an organization that makes children’s wigs.

She didn’t tell me her plan until we were a few minutes away from the hair salon. I had assumed she would be asking for a half-inch trim.

It seemed like a rash decision to me, but Anna assured me that she’d thought it through.

“I’ve had this in mind all summer,” she said resolutely from the back seat of our car. “I want to donate my hair. Because it would mean a lot to me if I lost my hair and someone donated theirs to me.”

But what Anna didn’t tell me was this: She was secretly afraid that she’d hate her new hairstyle. She didn’t share that piece of information with me until after the ten inches had been snipped.

Despite her fears, she went through it. Because, inside her small self, she apparently knew this truth about a life of faith:

if you never risk the scary thing to do the right thing, you’ll miss the chance to be a part of the God Things.

In the end, she told me, she actually does love her new haircut. (And I do, too.) But that wasn’t the point. That was never the point.

The truth is:

Doing the right thing isn’t always the beautiful thing, and it might not be the popular thing. But if we set out in our life, only to be liked or applauded in this life, we will compromise anything, and thus, achieve nothing.


I don’t write these words as a way to publicly pat my daughter on the back.

I tell you this story because her actions have something to teach any of us who have been scared to say “yes” when God calls us to do something that feels scary.

I’m not proud to say that there have been times when I have said “no,” out of fear.

That happened a few months ago, when someone from a large Christian women’s conference asked me to speak at an event. I felt in my spirit that God might be telling me to say “yes,” but I was too terrified to follow through. I had never spoken to a crowd that large before.

So I told the conference organizer, “no.” Out of fear.

You want to know what made my “no” even more absurd? I had written a book called Love Idol a few months earlier, encouraging women to give God their yeses, even when they’re scared!

With my “no,” I had contradicted my own advice.

Thanks be to God, He gently guided me back to the truth. And a few weeks later, I gave my “yes” to another conference planner, despite my trembling heart over whether people would approve of me.

preapproved2 2

Most days, I know the truth about who I am. I know that I have nothing to prove and that in Christ I am already approved – pre-approved!

When I remember that, I can say yes with more “God-fidence” despite my fears.

Those yeses are important. Because the moment we stop fussing over how it will all turn out, is the moment we start actually living for God. Only then can we fearlessly love our neighbors, lead a Bible study, talk into a microphone, pray out loud, stand up for our beliefs, fight for the underdog, speak truth in love, write a book, or take audacious risks for the Kingdom.

We can give our voice, our story, our love. Our yes!

Even our hair.


His Banner Over You is Love.

The value of your yes isn’t adequately measured by the response of those who are watching. Worth isn’t measured by virality or Facebook shares. It is measured by a God who declares us incalculably worthwhile, and immeasurably loved.

When we know who we really are — approved and loved by Christ — we are no longer held back. We are free. Because we know we are His.

Not because we are viral. Or invited. Or magazine-cover-beautiful. Or applauded at the annual meeting.

But because we are His.

His banner over you doesn’t say, “Prove yourself” or “Try Harder” or “Go Viral.” His banner over you isn’t a sales report or a Facebook share.

His banner over you is simply this –


You don’t have to earn anyone’s love anymore. Believe this: That you are already God’s beloved.

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Jennifer Dukes Lee is a storyteller and grace dweller. She is author of Love Idol: Letting Go of Your Need For Approval—and Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes. She and her husband are raising crops, pigs and two humans on a farm in Iowa. Read more at JenniferDukesLee.com.




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Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Jill Kuiper says:

    I need not look to others for my affirmation, for nothing else matters except that I am His. I am His fearfully and wonderfully made child. Nobody can take that away from me!

  2. Gerri Almond says:

    Thank you Jennifer for these thoughts and truths! God has asked me to have a conversation with two people in my life and I am scared of what the outcome will be. I know that God is for me and with me. I have told Him YES I will have the conversations and have asked Him for the courage to do so. Please pray for me. The statement that you shared, “If you never risk the scary thing to do the right thing, you’ll miss the chance to be a part of the God Things.” WOW, how this spoke to my heart. Thank you that making that statement, I have resolved to move forward with the conversations. Please enter me into the drawing for your book and necklace. We are blessed because God loves us!

  3. WOW . Look forward to reading this book and sharing it.

  4. Thank you Jennifer for your thoughts and truths! I have a terrible time conversing with people. I have all kinds of good reasons. I’ve gained so much weight I don’t have any clothes to wear. I’ve had a total of about 50 surgeries that has deformed my body, especially the 9 nose surgeries. I have spent the last 4 years giving up my volunteer work just hiding away in my house. My husband loves yard sales and he’s been collecting for quite awhile. He used to be like me about staying at home but since he has been washing dishes at the Senior Center he has to meet people. He works from 7 am to 1:30 pm. Monday through Friday. Friday and Saturday he wants to have a yard sale at our house. My stomach is so tied up in knots about running it on Friday until he gets home. He can run it on Saturday by himself. I ask if you will please pray for me as I step out to meet people on Friday. I pray that this will be the first step towards getting back to the job of volunteering that I loved so much to do. Having so many surgeries, I ‘ve had 7 in the last 4 years and it has just sapped me of my confidence and my energy. Thank you for your prayers. I know this has become a stronghold in my life. Love your books and all the teaching you do.

    • OH Sharon! It would be an honor to pray for you. I wish I could do so while holding your hands in mine. I am asking God right now to fill you with his God-fidence, that you would see yourself as perfectly beloved and PREAPPROVED by Him, through Jesus Christ. He has amazing plans for you, Sharon, and I pray that you will be an open vessel to what He’s got in store for you. Just be the YOU that God made YOU to be. He loves you, and He likes you. Promise. xo

  5. Jennifer – your book sounds like just what I need. It’s interesting – your book keeps appearing in my life and I’m sensing that it means I need to read it! God has been working with me on striving and being perfect. I look to everyone else for approval . Thank you for writing this book!

  6. I look forward to reading the book! It has a very important and timely message.

  7. “The value of your yes isn’t adequately measured by the response of those who are watching. Worth isn’t measured by virality or Facebook shares. It is measured by a God who declares us incalculably worthwhile, and immeasurably loved.” I am finding it hard to not people please and please only God. I hate disappointing people.

  8. I need to just sit and listen to the video all day. Thank you!

  9. Theresa Frerking says:

    I loved the sentences: “Those yeses are important. Because the moment we stop fussing over how it will all turn out, is the moment we start actually living for God.” That one hit home. Concerns about how it will turn out is a difficult anxiety to overcome – or more to the point, if it will turn out like I think it should – instead of how God plans for it to turn out. Thank you for the encouragement to look at His banner of love over me as I begin any new task.

    • It’s my pleasure, Theresa. I’m so glad you’re here. God bless you.

    • Yes, Theresa. Since I have gotten a job – after being a stay-at-home-mom for nearly 28 years, I am addressing my bad habit of magnifying things and looking too far ahead. God is teaching me to take one day at a time, and to stay focused on Him. What a good lesson this is and will be for things to come. 🙂 Yes, let’s look at His banner of love over us. Wow! Thank you for sharing Theresa!

  10. Joselyn T. says:

    Jesus died for me. He DIED for me. He wouldn’t waste his life for something that had no value. On my own, I can do nothing, but with Him, I can do so many things for His glory. I love the thought of being “pre-approved.”

  11. Cindy Shelby says:

    His banner over of me is Love! Awesome encouragement, and will share with my 12 year old son & 9 year old daughter. We all need to be reassured that we are Loved & pre-approved.

  12. The book sounds great.
    The thing that stood out for me was: His banner over you is LOVE. That’s all we need isn’t it.
    God Bless!

  13. Polly Schneider says:

    Wow,What an encouragement your post was for me. I definitely have felt not enough in my life. And my daughter’s have too. All three of us should read this book. I would love to win the book and necklace.

    • I have met very few women (or men) in my life who haven’t struggled with feelings of “not enough.” My core message in the book is that we’ve got to stand up to say “We’ve Had ENOUGH of the Not Enoughs.” Amen? 🙂

  14. Jill Kuiper says:

    I need not worry about what others think of me. I used to be caught up in what people were saying about me, believing what they said, knowing I wasn’t what they said I was. Now, I no longer believe what they say. I know where my worth comes from. I am a child of God and am fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. I am His and that’s all that matters.

  15. Karen Seigh says:

    It took me a long time to learn that I did not need the approval of others to prove who I am. I love having Jesus girlfirends and a Great Big God who love me no matter what! Howeer, my 31 year old daughter is still searching for the approval of others to feel loved.

  16. Wow – just wow! I can’t even begin to tell you how timely this is for me. I love when God shows up and shows off like that! Thank you thank you thank you!

  17. I love that while we strive to do out best, our best will never be good enough, and that’s ok! God will always love us and accept us when we fail the human world daily.

  18. The below excerpt spoke to me about ceasing the fussing over how things will turn out

    “the moment we stop fussing over how it will all turn out, is the moment we start actually living for God. Only then can we fearlessly love our neighbors, lead a Bible study, talk into a microphone, pray out loud, stand up for our beliefs, fight for the underdog, speak truth in love, write a book, or take audacious risks for the Kingdom.”


  19. Dusty Zamora says:

    I fight wanting to be accepted so bad.. (still learning I am already accepted)
    Thank you for sharing..

  20. Yesterday I had one of those step-out- of-your-comfort-zone days. I say a boy laying by the side of the road. I didn’t know if I should get out of the car and go help but i did. The boy said he was just cold.(I could tell he was asking for attention). He jumped up and said he didn’t want to go home. I said said just please go Lord Jesus, and he did. What a moment.

  21. What a wonderful reminder that we get our worth from God and not from all these other worldly things around us that vie for our attention. It’s taken me years to get there and some days I fall back but it’s reminders like this that help put me back on course.

    Can’t wait to read the book!!!

  22. Lots of days I have to struggle with being confident in the Lord it’s on going battle each day.

  23. Amy Wilson says:

    I loved hearing that my banner does not say “try harder”. Try harder is what I tell myself. God’s banner over me says “Loved”.

    What peace and joy I find in that.

    Thanks for your post!

    • I like that Amy. 🙂 “…my banner does not say “try harder.” True! Thank you. God continue to bless you richly!

  24. Loved this. It’s so easy for me to look to the results, to the glitz and/or approval of others. I so want to read your book! Thank you for this post.

  25. I really liked how Jennifer reminded us that God’s banner over us is love. His love is the greatest gift of all. I try to remind my children that they have an audience of One. They only need to do things that are pleasing to God, the One. We only should strive for His approval.

  26. Thank you for sharing these truths! I am struggling with my own affirmation of what I can and can’t do. Am I holding myself back from something greater that God has in store for me? Is it because I am scared that I may fail? These are two questions I am constantly asking myself. I need to take that leap of faith and fully trust God and His plans for my life. I would love to read this book and share it with my 3 daughters. Wouldn’t if be wonderful if I started a bible study with my girls?

  27. Deanna Murray says:

    It’s important to remember whose we are and that we really are playing to an audience of 1! Thank you

  28. Thank you for the reminder that each of us need each day.

  29. Thank you for your encouraging messages! I have really never felt good enough for anything or anyone, but I am learning thru your messages and prayer that God loves me unconditionally and I can do nothing to change that! The necklace says it all, it is beautiful, I would purchase it if it were available to do so.

  30. Peggy Henderson says:

    I loved today’s devotion and what an amazing reminder!! I constantly seek the approval of others and I have to remind myself that I only need the approval of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour. HE loves me and ACCEPTS me unconditionally!!

    I wrote the quote, “In Christ, I have nothing to prove, I am PREAPPROVED!!!

    God Bless you, and thank you for all you do to enrich His Kingdom


  31. What an amazing act of courage of your daughter, and what an example. I know that I say NO a lot out of fear so would love to win your book and learn from it. Thank you!

  32. When we totally trust and have faith, the real treasure will be found at the end of the road.

  33. We all have banners hanging over us. For the better part of my life the banner that hang over me was shame…insignificant…damaged. But in 2004 I got saved and I never get tired of being reminded that He has replaced all my other banners with Love. And the “preapproved” message is powerful too. Because I didn’t have to jump through all the hoops anymore….there was no need or any way tomearn. It was simple. Pre-approved. That says it all.

    • Hi, Leanna. Thank you for the reminder of other banners over our lives being replaced by His banner of love. That calls for some time with God asking what banners need to be removed that should have been removed long ago. Whew! God continue to bless you richly!

  34. I remember the first time I really trusted God to be with me the first time I ever stood in front of my congregation to speak. I was so painfully shy, so introverted. But when we die to self in order to live in Jesus, we are born into a whole new countenance. Praise his ways!

  35. That God helps us through our Yes and No’s. We just have to jump through the fear and accept that He will provide us the way.

  36. Debbie from Phoenix says:

    As a woman and it started as a young girl I was always striving for my dad’s approval, which came in the form of “spankings” as I wasn’t good enough. Then when I married I strived again for his acceptance which came in the form of physical abuse that I thought for years was the only way to get his love and attention. It took most of my life to come to Jesus and realize that I didn’t have to strive or do things that I knew in my heart were wrong to get approval from the World – My Lord and Savior loves me just as I am – baggage and wrong choices. I had his acceptance, all I had to do was say Yes to Him and from that point forward I was forever approved and loved by Him and nothing else matters. 🙂 Thank you so much for this post. Love and blessings.

  37. Love this…your sweet girl did something BRAVE. Oh how God is teaching us everyday through the every day moments…so many times through our children.

    God’s love for us is greater than we can comprehend. We have to embrace the concept and share His love with those we come in contact with.

    Doing what is right even when it may hurt or we may have fear. God is near!

  38. Heather Bireley says:

    It is so nice to have it said that we are preapproved and that we don’t need anyone else but Jesus. As women we all struggle so very much with being approved – do we have the right clothes on, are we saying the right things, are we acting the right way? I started a new job in July and for the first couple of months, I struggled terribly to be accepted. After quite a few tears, one day after reading a post, it hit me that I didn’t need these women to accept me. I have been accepted and after that, the job was easier. There are still days that I have to remind myself that some of the things that they do don’t bother me, but I remind myself that Jesus does love me wholeheartedly and that is really all I will ever need.

  39. Sue Pauler says:

    Beautiful words filled with truth that I so desperately need to remember. Thank you and God bless!

  40. Oh, how I needed to read this today! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  41. Sonya Love-Smith says:

    OUCH! Wow, did this hit home. I often hear myself saying, “I just want his approval.” (By his, I mean my husband.) I often clean the kitchen, do his laundry, by him something because I just want him to say, “I see you, you are enough for me.” Unfortunately, I don’t get those approvals. This leaves me feeling defeated, unworthy & like I’m just not enough for this life. I quite my job of 20 years because I wasn’t getting “approval” from my boss. I even wrote an email to her before I left & said, “In all the years I worked for you, I was just looking for your approval.” Again, I never got it. (God found me another one where I am happier, or at least I believe I am.)

    I have always been a Christian but am now learning just how to live in God’s love and word. I still need these reminders that I am enough, pre approved & loved by my Father in Heaven. Some days, I need this reminder more than others. Today, my friend, was one of those. Life is hitting hard today! Now, I can fight back with the reminder that “His banner over me is LOVE!” (Yes, I am singing the song that I learned long ago in Sunday School!) 🙂 Thank you for this little reminder!

    God bless.

  42. Debbie Parker says:

    I am such a people pleaser. I hate thinking someone has an issue with me no matter how small. I needed this reminder that God has always approved of me just because He loves me. I don’t need to seek the apporval of anyone else because if I am please ing God that is all that matters. Thank you for Shari g this!

  43. Being of pastors/administrator parents, transferred so many times growing up and living in a “fish bowl” was always very normal. Critical comments toward me as I was so opposite from my 3 siblings, left deep scars so all the more I became the extroverted achiever. My loving husband for the last 17 years has been teaching me more of His love and grace in words and by example to accept how God has made me and for Whom I need only to please. I know all of this in my head but it is a constant battle internally I face daily. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone and yet I still find myself doing it here and there. The country of where my husband is from taught me a great deal when I couldn’t speak the language so well or the customs were still so different than my own. Praise God that His customs and love language never changes and loves us so much more every day.

    • Hi, Jill. I can relate to knowing truth in my head, but battling internally. I like your final sentence: “Praise God that His customs and love language never changes and loves us so much more every day.” 🙂 So very thankful for this truth! Thank you for the reminder. Now to the business of getting the truth from our heads to our hearts and living it out! By Holy Spirit we can do this. Praise God! God continue to bless you richly and grow you up into Him in every way.

  44. This came at the perfect timing for me. Thinking of quitting my job and going back to school for a while now, just saw an ad for a part time job that would be perfect but my fear was telling me no….then i read this. Thank you!

  45. Danielle Brown says:

    I think we all want to be accepted and have people like us, it’s human. But when we put more importance in what people think of us rather than living a life sold out to Christ – that’s when we know we are headed in the wrong g direction. It’s so comforting to know that our God loves us no matter what we do and no matter what we say. He knew all of our mistakes and screw ups before we were ever born and loves us anyways! How wonderful to worship such a loving God!

  46. What an inspiring reminder to us that the one truth each day is that we are pre-approved, worthy, and loved by Christ, and that is ALL THAT MATTERS! As a woman, I strive to be the best wife, mother, and coworker, to please others, and hopefully make an positive impact. I can’t wait to read your book!!!

  47. Thanks forr the opportunity to get the book, “Love Idol”. It sounds AWESOME@!

  48. the first time I saw this video I was in the midst of one of the hardest times in my life as a pastor’s wife. People were pointing out all of the “not-enoughs” in our life and I was feeling so defeated. This video and Jennifer’s blog became a life line for me and reminded me that no matter what they said, in God’s eyes I am enough and pre-approved for all He has planned for me. Thank you for this life giving message.

  49. Jennifer~ I look forward to reading your book. It reminded me of a quote I read years ago from Holley Gerth and have kept by my desk, ” If you try to make everyone understand, you will stand still all your life. So leap into the fear, step into the spotlight, dive into the dream.” Thank you for being obedient to God’s calling to write this book.

  50. Brandy Rhea says:

    Wow….your daughter did something so awesome! It is so hard to do…. We are always worried what other people think and don’t just set that aside and know that we are already approved by God and we don’t need others approval. Period. I have a disabled son that is almost four and it has taken some getting used to with all of the stares and half smiles that I get when we are out in public but I just remember that he IS perfect just the way he his. He IS preapproved. Thanks for sharing your story.

  51. What touched my heart is her saying not to think about what or how it comes out. Just live in the moment with God-fidence! I always feel like my prayers said aloud are not eloquent enough, the words not big enough. But after reading her words I know it doesn’t matter how it’s worded. God doesn’t need big fancy words. He just wants us to come to him and lay everything down at his feet.

  52. I have a quote that I often refer to that says ” Your value doesn’t decrease, based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” I apologize but it didn’t have a name to give credit to when I found it. I also have posted above my desk Colossians 3:23-24 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritence as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. (ESV). That being said, it is very important that we know who our Lord is and who we are through Him! Even though it would be nice for others to like us and approve of us ultimately we are not to be people pleasers but to be pleasing unto God our Father. Thanking God I am pre-approved and washed in the precious blood of Jesus! Let us be strong in His Word and let us encourage one another. <3

  53. Diana Ratliff says:

    What a beautiful video and such an encouragement. I am going to show it to the Bible study class that I lead of 40+ women who are all desperately seeking answers and encouragement. I have been trying to share with them that they are beautiful creatures made perfect by the One who loves them so much that He sent His only Son to die just for them. Psalm 45:11 says”The King is enthralled with Your beauty”–we are beautiful in His eyes. That is the part of the video I loved and will share with them. “let go of the need for approval and learn to see ourselves through God’s eyes” we are loved, approved, pre-approved. If I am fortunate enough to win the book and necklace, I will give them away to the women in class. I volunteer as a bible study leader and like to give the ladies in the bible study little things to encourage them as they experience loss or disappointment . Thank you for the chance to win this uplifting book and beautiful necklace! Looking forward to reading your book!

  54. Wish I had heard this when I was a teenager.

  55. The “hair” part caught my attention. I have been living a life of baldness (due toa genentic auto immune disorder, Alopecia) since 1984. Always had self-esteem issues, baldness as a teenager makes you weird, odd, strange, etc. Took me alot of years to accept myself the way God created me and am proud to walk in HIS acceptance today!! He has sent lovely, accepting people into my life to love and pray for me and just be with me. So sweet of your girl to live out her belief in being a blessing to others!!! Would love the book and the necklace!

  56. This is a battle and I am thankful for encouragement.

  57. What a wonderful post! This sentence really stuck out for me:
    if you never risk the scary thing to do the right thing, you’ll miss the chance to be a part of the God Things.

    I am going to read this book and keep the quote above in mind!

  58. Sherry Fraunfelter says:

    I can relate so much to this lesson. I was a pleaser for a long portion of my life and thank God I got past it. I have been coaching my best friend on this so if I win the book I promise it will be shared between us. I think God for the influence Proverb’s 31 ministries has on me.

  59. I loved this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’ve often struggled with needing others affirmation, but I need to remember that HE loves me no matter what. HIS banner of love is all I really need.

  60. Beth Roberts says:

    The books does sound awesome a a really neat message to absorb myself as well as to teach to young women that I am mentoring. I am enough because of God’s never ending and unlimited love for me. Great thoughts to fill my mind with!

  61. As I think through this, I am reminded how often I strive for acceptance. Always trying to say, do and even write the correct thing. I wear down in communicating with people; so I avoid people at times. Maybe I am tired from trying too hard to be accepted. Thank you for the reminder that I am already accepted by the only One that really matters.

  62. The first time I saw this video I was in the midst of the hardest times of my life as a pastor’s wife. People were on a mission to point out our “not enoughs” and I was struggling to keep from believing they were right. This video and Jennifer’s blog became a life line for me. I was able to keep the truth of God’s approval of me in my heart and weathered the storm. I am so grateful for Jennifet’s life-giving message that I am pre-approved for the calling God has in my life.

  63. this used to be me… worried about being the best at my job, popular with my friends, always on the go doing something to look like i was the popular fun cool girl… it took me meeting my husband, praying daily to God, and having faith that i am always good enough for my God…seeing this book reminded me immediately of the song i used to sing as a child – His Banner Over Me is Love… for me it took 45 years to actually understand what that actually means…that God created me in His image and loves me NO MATTER WHAT.. I am PREAPPROVED!! Love the necklaces too… Thanks for sharing both the book and your creativity with all of us…

  64. I immediately thought of my own daughter and the decisions she’s made. Then I thought of myself and my struggles wondering what others would think. How would I feel. I struggle daily with doing the right thing in a secular job. As a Christian I want to stand up for what is morally correct, but in order to be accepted/not rock the boat at work, I sometimes have to keep my mouth shut.

    I’d love to read the book.

  65. Doing the right thing isn’t always the beautiful thing, and it might not be the popular thing. But if we set out in our life, only to be liked or applauded in this life, we will compromise anything, and thus, achieve nothing.
    The last part of this paragraph,… “We will compromise anything, and thus, achieve nothing .”
    This really stood out to me! For over a year I had been working out trying to get my body back after having children. During this process a door opened that was a dangerously slippery slope. As in my younger years I felt validated or approved if men found me attractive. As I have been getting back in shape I looked for some signs if other men thought I was attractive. (My husband is great! always encourages me and tells me how good I look, but that wasn’t enough. )The thoughts that came to mind to just know if someone else found me attractive was scary ! Knowing what was in my heart i never went to the gym alone . I promised myself I would never talk or flirt with the idea . Last night God revealed to me this was an idol in my life and very unhealthy. I had been struggling with this for over a year and always wondered what the root of it was. I confessed my sin and I ask that God would help me be completely satisfied in His and my husbands affection and approval.

    • Thank you for your honesty, Kristy. Praying with, and for you, that you indeed become completely satisfied with God’s great and deep love for you, His and your husband’s approval alone. Praise God your eyes have been opened to this. Praying that Holy Spirit will strengthen you in your inner man to keep your eyes, heart and mind fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith. In Jesus’ Matchless Name, Amen!

    • I so appreciate your honesty and vulnerability, Kristy.

  66. Janet Daniel says:

    I was touched by the message! Thank you so much Jennifer for sharing. Reminding us that we are enough in in God-fidence! is something we need to hear and think about and speak out loud all day everyday.

  67. Jerilyn Ramsey says:

    I’m so looking forward to reading this book! It could not have come at a more opportune time in my life!

  68. Wow! Not too long ago, I wrote a sign that said “Not Enough.” That’s how I was feeling that day. Rejected by loved ones and friends and, sometimes, even my parents. It’s good to know I’m not alone and that it doesn’t matter how I feel. I’m accepted, chosen, and ENOUGH!!! Would love to win this book!

  69. Mary Ellen says:

    Loved the term “God-fidence.” That is what I need. I also like the concept of His pre-approval trumping what the world thinks. Would love to win a copy of your book Jennifer, but in any case-Good work!:)

  70. Wow! This message deals with the heart of the matter! How much are lives would be transformed if we truly believed this in every part of our being and blessed others with this message… I hope I have the opportunity to do so.

  71. I loved this email today…it really resonated in my soul. This is an issue that I have struggled with for years! PRE-APPROVED! I loved it…my word for the day-week-month! I just ordered the book and can’t wait to get it and read it…thank you ladies! You are a blessing to all of us!
    Would love to buy the pre-approved necklace…where can we purchase them…what great gifts they would be too for my small group ladies! 🙂
    Our God is so good! 🙂

  72. This went along with our bible study this week – conforming and transforming. Transforming is not always going to be “easy”. Conforming is a lot “easier”. How do you conform?

  73. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have recently found myself in a culture of “Keeping up with the Jones’s.” I’m having a hard time keeping myself and my children grounded to what is good and right for us. This was what I needed to read – that I am already “pre-approved” by the One that matters.

  74. I think we do forget that the ‘only’ approval we need is our Lord and Savior’s. Yes, I have had that scary feeling, only to realize, that is was not scary after all!

  75. I love your word “God-fidence”!!! I definitely need more of that…can’t wait to read your book!!

  76. Phyllis Kinn says:

    It took me forever to realize I didn’t need the approval of others. When you read in scripture how God sings over you it brings about a sense of worth and His approval. I have often been overlooked by others; maybe because of how I was dressed or couldn’t do because of lack of money or for whatever reason. But God sees me for who I am and gives me an approval rating that no one else does. There can be no greater feeling than to know we already have His pre-approval! Could there be anything greater than that?

    • Thanks for sharing, Phyllis! I like the sentence, “But God sees me for who I am and gives me an approval rating that no one else does.” 🙂 Nothing greater than God’s approval and His great and deep love for us! God continue to bless you richly!

  77. As I read though this I realized you were speaking to me! I am what people would label co- dependent! Another’s approval needed for me to function in my life. As I read through the paragraphs I have decided to help my small group here these words that we are Pre-approved! How precious those words are to my ears. And how precious those words wil be when my group hears them and begins to realize that they are also pre-approved. Thank you for you yes to write this article

  78. Susan Bourquard says:

    I feel the body of Christ is desperately in need of a fresh perspective on God’s love. It seems as though our culture’s values are deeply penetrating what is preached and taught in the church. There is a strong emphasis on performance and on how we are doing as believers. This must grieve the heart of God tremendously.

    I loved the unconditional, grace filled perspective of the video and the words spoken. As a counselor, I have many broken Christian clients who feel shame and disgrace before God. Imparting how gracious his love is becomes my spirit filled, joyous challenge to all God brings my way.

    Thank you – I look forward to hearing and reading more.

  79. Jeanie Kelley says:

    I so need this as well. I want to be affirmed by who God is and not by other people. It is how he sees me and not how I see me. I see myself as a sinner, flawed. God, on the other hand, sees me as unique, gold, a treasure. Oh just writing this at how he views me gives me God bumps. A refreshing place to be.

    • 😀 “God bumps.” Thanks for sharing, Jeanie! Yes, God sees each one of as unique, gold, treasure. So good to be reminded of this. We must keep this truth in mind. God continue to bless you richly!

  80. Thank you Jennifer for your words, I too am looking forward to reading this book. It’s not what you know or who you try to be, Christ died on the cross for us, and we are loved unconditionally and need no ones approval. It is about being humble and spending time in his presence, Again thank you for your words.

  81. I so look forward to reading the book. I am unsure of God’s call on a number if occasion and have said no when I should of said yes. Learning to hear His voice and direction will be a true blessing as will be your book.
    Your story warms my heart. Hug your daughter for me. How selfless of her.
    Thank you for writing this post and sharing. Hugs.

  82. My whole life seems to be defined by seeking and desiring love and approval from everyone else around me except God. I have been a child of God for a long time, yet still crave that love and approval from those around me. I have been caught up in the enemy’s lies for too long. But because I know I am His then I have to remind myself daily until I feel it in my core that He is my approval and all the love I will ever need. Thank you so much for this.

  83. I <3 this quote: "Doing the right thing isn’t always the beautiful thing, and it might not be the popular thing. But if we set out in our life, only to be liked or applauded in this life, we will compromise anything, and thus, achieve nothing." What a perfect reminder! Thank you! 🙂

  84. I’m just SO grateful that I am preapproved!! Praise God!

  85. The whole thing resonates with me and reminds me again that I don’t need any other person’s approval!! I have definitely been dealing with this in my season of life right now. Would love to win a copy of the book!♡

  86. I love this: When we know who we really are — approved and loved by Christ — we are no longer held back. We are free. Because we know we are His.

    I am a people pleaser and need to remind myself of this daily. I need to focus on doing what I know is right based on God’s word and the Holy Spirit leading me, and not worry about what the world thinks of me and my actions.

  87. So much of this post resonates with me. Win or lose this giveaway. I’m getting the book and necklace. So intrigued by love as an idol.

  88. Karen Buena says:

    I had a decision to make a few years back in regard to taking my sister into my home and caring for her. In myself I knew I couldn’t do it, I was already beyond my limits taking care of my daughter who was a single mother and caring for my grandson. But God dealt with my heart and he had a plan. I had to wait on him to show me that it wasn’t about me it was all about him. So many good things came out of me opening my heart and home to my sister. She has gone to be with Jesus now. The journey we took together was priceless.

    • Wow, Karen! Thank you so much for sharing. Of late, God is always reminding me It’s All About Him. I have to choose to make it ALL About Him! That’s is not always easy to remember, but I want to. You have highlighted this for me once again. So thankful you had that precious, “priceless” time with your sister prior to her home-going. Praise God!! God continue to bless you richly, and by His Holy Spirit to choose to make “it” (whatever it is” ALL About Him!

  89. Lisa Rettig says:

    Oh, so many times I say no, or nothing at all, out of fear when I know better. I continue to pray for a fearless love for God and the people he means me to interact with.

    • Yes! I, too need “a fearless love for God and the people he means me to interact with,” Thank you for sharing, Lisa! May we both (and others) receive that fearless love of God and His passion for those whom He places in our paths. Is that an okay to pray it? 🙂 God be glorified in all we do and say. In Jesus’ Name. Amen! May God continue to bless you richly!

  90. There is something in that word “Pre-Approved” that seems to take the weight off my shoulders of trying to measure up to everyone’s expectations.

  91. Gina Windle says:

    My daughter has been battling cancer for almost four years. Many times I wonder why God has not taken this affliction from her and brought our family back to a place where we can have a “normal” life of work, school, and church. I so needed this reminder again today.

  92. I have lost myself and need to re-define my life. I lost my passion Labor and Delivery job as a RN from having to endure years of terrible back pain and 3 surgeries in 18 months with 7 great children to try to raise along with my best husband….I need to be approved as a new me. I will never be back to the old me. I pray day in and day out for a new start..but live in isolation at home due to severe anxiety. Would be grateful to get this!

  93. I grew up Catholic – for me that meant there were no Bible reading or spiritual principles practiced in the home. We were Sunday & holiday Catholics. Was introduced to Jesus in my early teens but instead took a path that led to (what i thought was) the destruction of my soul, not to mention my self esteem. Never felt worthy, never felt whole – my life was a mess & the sad thing was I thought I wanted to live this way (each day dying more & more spiritually, mentally & emotionally). A little over 8yrs ago I cried out to this God I didn’t really know, I didn’t feel worthy of & wasn’t even sure existed. In less then 2mo He brought me to a fellowship that loved me right where I was at – no questions asked & completely unconditionally. They showed me how to connect with God & how to live by spiritual principles. And yet I still struggle with low self esteem & the idea that I’m not good enough for God – like once I’m better, once I do more- be more- accomplish more – He’ll “approve” of me.
    The necklace would be that constant reminder that I’m “pre-approved” because of what Jesus did.

    PS: Now I’m thinking how I should have written about how I wanted to give it away to a friend of mine who is a “people pleaser” because then all of you would “approve” of me 😉

    • I just fell in love with you Janet. Your heart and your pure honesty. Our stories are so so so very similar. You are approved. Nothing you do could make Him love your more – or less. I know it’s hard to get. It took me over 12 years of try-hard-living to hit my 2nd rock bottom and realize I had brought all my performance-based work to be worthy patterns into my walk with Christ. Oh what freedom there is in the unconditional gift of His grace. Keep seeking Him, keep reading truth, keeping asking others who know Jesus to help you gain deeper understanding of His heart for you. You are on your way to complete freedom in Christ!

  94. I’m excited to read this book! I have always struggled with seeking approval from my dad, even though he never really did anything to make me feel this way. Eventually, that translated into seeking approval from God….doing enough, being good enough. I pray that my husband and I deeply plant the thought inside our kids minds that they are enough, that they are pre-approved and that they can live in the freedom of not having to perform for God or anyone. If, as Christians, we could learn to completely walk in God’s grace, I think we would be blown away at how others would respond to Christ’s love being loved out through us. Whether I win it or not, I will be reading this book!

  95. Oh my goodness, did this one ever speak to my heart…. Just recently, I’ve “declined” in 2 separate areas in which I felt God’s urging, only to look back and realize it’s now too late. He’ll find someone to use for His glory, and I pray for the boldness and courage to step up and allow it to be me He uses!
    Thank you for these words….

  96. Would love to have this book to share! Every woman needs to hear this message!

  97. I’m afraid to step out and speak because I hear condemning words. Fear that what He has shown me won’t be accepted. Loved the video. Helped me so much today

  98. Melissa lewis says:

    Too often satan tells me that I’m not good enough for Jesus. He reminds me of my failures my lapses of faith, and my selfishness. What I have to tell myself is to stay focused on God. That there is nothing that I can not do as long as it’s Gods will and it will glorify him. I don’t need anyone else to believe I’m good enough, cause God already said I am when he died on the cross

  99. Sis prater says:

    Love to read this book good luck every one God bless

  100. What comforting thought. I am preapproved! Those words alone are just what I need. I realize how good God is and that I belong to Him but it is always so comforting for reinforcement.

    Just the title alone means a great deal to me.

  101. I need to daily, no minute by minute!nto,keep my eyeshot Jesus!! Trusting what HE says about me!!

  102. Sheri Clark says:

    I am complete in Christ! I need to remind myself of the Truths that are in God’s Word on how I am one with Christ! I am preapproved!

    • Yes, Ma’am, Sherri! I need to remind myself of those things, too. Let’s Cling to Jesus, God’s great and deep love for us, and Their precious promises/truths for us. Thank you for sharing.

  103. Thanks so much for a much needed reminder! 🙂

  104. Barb Roach says:

    what an encouraging word-thank you! so much of my life has been wasted trying to gain approval by others. when you sit and ponder that the fact of the matter is, my only audience in the Living God it sure makes life less stressful and exhausting and my heart wants that much more to please Him with my life. I realize my walk of faith is not determined by my works but when God gives me a word, i need to give Him my very best. Your daughter’s testimony speaks so clearly to me, what a great example for all of us to pattern after. Thank you for sharing. This will be a great illustration to share with the preteens at church. thank you again! <3

  105. Thank you so very much for sharing this today.. I have had and still have a hard time with thinking people don’t like me or don’t approve of the things I do. It even happens with church things. I help with our youth and sometimes I feel like I am being judged because I don’t do things their way. In love these words, ” I know that I have nothing to prove and that in Christ I am already approved – pre-approved!”. These are words I need to speak daily.

  106. Thank you for these beautiful words and video. So beautiful and powerful. Over three years ago, I endeavored to share with women their worth in Christ through a powerful biblical study, such as this. I was heeded by “a friend” that if I proceeded, I would fail. That person instilled fear in me…fear of failure, fear of being judged, fear of looking foolish. I prayed long and hard. I said “yes” because of words like that was shared with me to trust God and His approval. It was a moment I started living for God and God started living through me. I have seen lives transformed as a result. It would be my honor and joy to share this material and testimony with others.

  107. Angela Clark says:

    Yes Lord I hear you, loud and clear!!! I need this book!

  108. I loved this line, “the moment we stop fussing about how it will all turn out, is the moment we start living for God” (sorry if this wasn’t totally correct, it was from memory as I write). This is so true, when we finally learn to trust God to get it all right, we fix our eyes on Him and not the problem. Then and only then, can we rest in Him.
    I so love that we are “pre-approved”!

  109. Because I am His, I am approved, loved, and valued. This truth means the world to me. Daily I have to cling to this truth and its implications for me. Thank you for sharing these encouraging words.

  110. Chelsea Dudley says:

    What resonated the most with me is I too feel like if I say Yes, God may have wanted it but people might not. I let my fear of being approved of or not affect my obedience to God. I pretend to not care what others think about me but I actually care a whole lot. I think every one does. The difference between us all is whether or not we are brave and say yes anyway.

  111. Such a great reminder! I need this everyday!

  112. “When we know who we really are — approved and loved by Christ — we are no longer held back. We are free. Because we know we are His.”

    This resonates with me so deeply because it is something I am struggling with right now. I have put myself in between a rock and a hard place paralyzed by the decision on whether to quit my job where I am not fulfilled and pursuing my passions and purpose full time and letting go of the “security” I think I have in my job. I really need a breakthrough…. I don’t know what it’s going to take… I am so afraid of making the wrong decision I haven’t made one at all…

  113. When I take my eyes off of me and them and focus on Christ and His finished work I can have “God-fidence”. I don’t have to do the toiling (work harder, do better, missed the mark, etc). Believe what God has said about me.

    Thank you for your words of truth and encouragement

  114. Rachel Brunswick says:

    I have signed up for these blogs as I way to reconnect with God. I grew up in a Christian home and ran far away when I turned 17. I am now 34 and trying to get my stuff together for my daughters. I feel that I am struggling with unwillingness to follow his commands due to addictions, habits, and my controlling ways. I have been forcing myself to read all of these blogs and emails, hoping that I will feel connected again. I thank you very much for this post! It is very encouraging and helpful!

  115. I love the reminder that our search for significance does not depend on accomplishments or opinions of others! Only that I am a daughter of the KING and my self-worth is found only in the love, acceptance, and forgiveness of Christ. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that or feel that way in daily life.

  116. Kathleen Bennefield says:

    Pre-approved….not always easy to wrap your head around that one!! Not ‘perfect’ or ‘finished’ just approved, chosen, loved, accepted as we are…..knowing we can be so much more and tenderly leading us in that direction!

  117. Wow…I thank you for convicting me! I am not a very outgoing person but my life and the life of my family has been and continues to be a story that needs to be told…not because I want fame (believe me I run from the thought), but because I may have something that speaks to the hearts of others. Often asked…usually quiet… Forgive my fear … let me feel the unconditional “pre-approved” review of my Father.
    Thank you for speaking truth

  118. Tarie Tomporowski says:

    Sometimes its just so hard to realize i am HIS. The world has told me i am worthless and no good, yet God tells me he loves me. Thank You Lord!

  119. I always feel fearful when I have to speak in front of my peers. But I have stepped out of my comfort zone over the last couple of years. God has called me to be a small group leader for my church. Each week I feel less than qualified to share with the wonderful ladies that God has brought to the group. But He has been so faithful. He helped me to find a wonderful friend to co-lead with me, and has given me words to help and encourage and teach. He has also taught me so much. It’s hard to step out in fear, but the rewards are so wroth it!!

  120. “if you never risk the scary thing to do the right thing, you’ll miss the chance to be a part of the God Things.”
    This. I was just telling God how “no” feels so much safer than “yes”. Even though I know the opposite is true: nothing is safer than my yes to God. Perfectly nestled in His arms & walking His will is my safest place.

    I want to win ☺️

  121. Kalyn Thomas says:

    I never thought of that this way! It made perfect sense. I am pre-approved. So now when I’m doubting anything that may come my way then I need to remember that He who loves me says that I am ok! I really needed to hear this today!

  122. Sometimes when a thought pops into my mind, which is most likely the Holy Spirit, it’s easy to dismiss it because I am too fearful or I think it’s not a good idea. This quote of Jennifer’s spoke to me…”if you never risk the scary thing to do the right thing, you’ll miss the chance to be a part of the God Things.”

  123. Jennifer phillips says:

    I really need to hear this! I will liking to buy this book if I don’t win it

  124. Sarah Clevenger says:

    What a beautiful and wonderful reminder!

  125. Patricia Cordell says:

    “Those yeses are important. Because the moment we stop fussing over how it will all turn out, is the moment we start actually living for God. ” Boom!! That speaks volumes into this woman’s heart!! Wow!! Shared on my FB page 🙂 Not sure how to post the actual link, but here’s my page.

  126. Sounds like a wonderful book. I know what it is to be scared but still say YES to God and the blessings that come with it. But sometimes still allow my fears to get the best of me. Hope to grow in this area and be more God minded and less intimidated and fear minded.

  127. What struck me was the banner over me is NOT “Try Harder” or “Prove Yourself”. I have struggled with this most of my life and an emotionally/mentally abusive marriage and toxic, destructive divorce process has only reinforced my so-called unworthiness to me. Just love seems such a radical proposition! Just as I am. Preapproved. I will need some time to have this message sink in. Thank you so much for this post today!

  128. Sammie Warwick says:

    I felt the same way the author did when I was asked to teach our Sunday School class at church. Even though our church is small and I knew everyone; I was still scared and nervous about whether or not they would like my lessons. I prayed over the decision until God finally made me realize it wasn’t about me at all. Everyone was just glad I did it and they all thanked me every week after class. I can do anything with God!

  129. Shelly White says:

    The word ‘audacious’ stuck with me. I’ve done things that are very audacious for furthering the Kingdom and then gone back and kicked myself that I stepped out wrongly and made big time mistakes that are going to be bad news. It was helpful to realize that I am not stepping out audaciously for the approval of others. I’m pre-approved by God!

  130. I know in my head that I’m preapproved. I want to know it in my heart & live life out of that fact.

  131. Melissa Wallace says:

    Thank you so much for this reminder. We are going through a tough time financially right now and it is easy to focus on the negative. The good thing is that I have a Father that loves me and has a plan for us. I will keep praying and expecting good things to happen. 🙂 Can’t wait to read this book!

  132. Kimberly Parker says:

    From the very start of my life… as far back as I can remember… I was trying to get people to approve of me… And it never was any good… because I was always hurting, not pleasing… somebody… but mostly me… I have had a real bad struggle trusting God… well something has came up this week that I have to learn to love and trust him more and more… Not look at the world.. but keep my focus on the one who created me.. He knows what is going on… He is already there.. Please just keep me and my health situations…. in your prayers… Thanks you so much

  133. I don’t know where to begin. He is my rock and my salvation yet I try to make others happy and ensure that I am approved by them. Why? I know he loves me, I know he died for my sins – why can’t I get my heart to let go and know that he is all I need – I need to realize that I am preapproved by him, for him and because of him! Thank you for that!

    • Wow, what a question, Tonyia! “…why can’t I get my heart to let go and know that He is all I need. . . ” i ask that. I know in my head, but it seems my heart is not totally convinced. “get my heart to let go” is a good thought. May God help to totally let of go in our hearts of what is not of our loving Heavenly Father, and cling tightly to Him, His truth, and His great and deep love. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  134. I so wish I knew HIM then….now that I know about My Savior, I do not need anyone’s approval. And that is what I am trying to teach my kids.

    Just to have Jesus in their lives and that HIS love is sufficient!!

  135. Thank you dear friend. His banner over me is love. I need the reminder I don’t need others approval because I have Jesus:). Please enter me in the drawing!

  136. It is wonderful to think that the God who created the heavens and the earth loves me and that I matter to Him! I love the thought of being PRE-approved! Thank you for this devotional and the beautiful reminders that we are loved. The necklace is a lovely sentiment.

  137. As I read through Jennifer’s statements about being preapproved, I realized that I had never thought of God’ love in that way. This is such a liberating feeling for me to know that I only need to know of His approval for me and to not need affirmation from anyone else. God’s preapproval is like being surrounded and protected, and as long as I know that He approves of me, no one else can come against me.

  138. Its so awesome to know HIs Banner over Me Is Love!!!

  139. Barb Kreutzmann says:

    I also struggle with doing the right thing even when it’s scary, but I want to model the way for my 16-year-old daughter so she can see me exhibiting the “God-fidence”, and can hopefully have it too.

  140. It’s a huge blessing to know that I don’t have to ‘do’ anything to earn God’s love, because we can never be or do enough to earn it anyway. This sounds like a great book! I’d love to be able to read it & share it with others.

  141. Thank you so much, I’ve always struggled with wanting approval from others. I’d LOVE to win this book!

  142. The Spirit moves in so many ways, so encouraging to see that he moves us & our kids also:) Book souds great, always working on not obsessing about what others may or may not think about me:)

  143. Lynda Crotty says:

    Fantastic article. God’s love for us encourages me to love more.

  144. vimalkumari david says:

    Ah! This is awesome! Approve PHOBIA ! Everyone goes through this. But our God overlooks this PHOBIA and frees us from this by approving us as we are though e go to HIM without going to a beauty parlor to make ourselves very presentable. Love this thought you have shared.
    I want every single person to know this & understand our AWESOME GOD!

    • I like this thought you shared: “…go to Him …to make ourselves very presentable.” Selah! Stop and think of that! What more could we want to be presentable as our God defines presentable? Thank you for sharing this. Never thought of it as “Approve PHOBIA!” 🙂

  145. I am afraid of failure…failing my children, my husband…because I feel like a failure…I am afraid of not measuring up to being smart enough for my husband…that someone will come along and snatch him away because she is smarter, prettier, etc…that my children still blame me for the divorce, especially since I was the one that left their dad…those insecurities are hard to reign in sometimes…I know this sounds absurd for someone who is 49, and remarried now for almost 16 years, but I feel that way…and there is a long story behind this feeling of course as there is with each of us…we all have a story of where we came from, of things we have endured in life, just things…and I guess that goes into not being good enough for God either…failing Him when I need to be doing what He wants me to do or setting the example He wants me to set…with that being said, and not really necessary, the book sounds like it could be a help for many, myself included…
    We all are pre-approved, created in His image…this reminder I needed…

    • Hi, Deborah: I pray that you will be able to find total, complete rest in God, who He says you are, and what He requires of you. Always be reminded His love for you is great and deep, and as we are being reminded, in Him we are enough! Let’s look to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith, and cling tightly to Him!

    • Deborah … Your comment touched a tender place in my heart this morning, and I want you to know that you are being prayed for today, by this farm wife in northwester Iowa. Praying that you can rest in the sure hands of Jesus, and the God who gives you your identity. Preapproved, friend, Preapproved. Keep preachin’ that Gospel truth to your own precious heart!

  146. First, kudos to your daughter…what courage that took!!! Second, kudos to you for the obvious virtues you are teaching her. Finally, thank you for sharing her and your story with us.

    It is so much easier sometimes to say ‘no’ than it is to face our fear. Facing those fears is not only scary due to the thing we are afraid of, but it also brings to the forefront our fear in our relationship with God…and that’s even scarier.

    At times, we all need little reminder that we are ‘pre-approved’ and you did a great job filling that order today…keep it coming!

  147. Your “no” must have been a very difficult admission to make and then to write about, but thank you for doing it. We would all be braver, I think, if we were reminded of the grace that is ours when we fail.

  148. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of God’s love for us – that it is solely based in what Christ did for us and not what we can do for Him or others! Our worth has already been assigned to us through His sacrifice and Christ’s actions. Why is it then that we seek so much approval from others?? A large blog following, approval of our new haircut or new outfit? This world has drilled into us the notion that we have to live up to something. Everything. God’s truth reminds us that these are lies Satan uses to make us feel less than. Looking forward to reading your book and sharing with others!

  149. Delores McPherson says:

    This article really spoke to my heart when I read “if you never risk the scary thing to do the right thing, you’ll miss the chance to be a part of the God Things.” I have been avoiding taking on roles at our new church out of fear. Fear I might do things differently or not well enough and be rejected. But I have stepped up to the plate and am attempting some things that place me outside my comfort zone. After reading this I feel like with God’s help we can Knock it out of the park so to speak. It doesn’t matter if I do things differently as long as do what God has placed in my heart, His way, then I am a success in the only eyes that matter – His.
    Thank you for sharing your story and thank your daughter for having an obedient spirit, she is an inspiration to me and I am sure to many others.

  150. The book looks like something that we should all read. The necklaces are so pretty and send a good message!

  151. That I had been praying for this certain job and when the door finally opened I wanted to say “No” because it was a new environment and new people and I started to doubt myself whether or not I was the right person for it even after the manager told me I would be a great fit for them. So instead of telling them “No” I am going to tell them yes and take that leap of faith and God will take care of the rest.

  152. Deborah Herbst says:

    I appreciated this and feel it is critical to all ladies, regardles of their age. Battling all the ways that we may feel unloved is spiritual warfare and thankfully, victory can be ours in Christ. think about getting this necklace for my 19 year old daughter. Thank you.

  153. I can so relate to this, Jennifer. Thank you for sharing your heart so openly. I can relate because I’ve been asked to speak to a much smaller crowd before, and like you, I wanted to say no. It turned out that illness prevented me from taking that first opportunity anyway, but I know it’s coming. And I’m still scared, but I know God will equip me. Beautiful reminder that I don’t have to prove myself. Much love to you.

  154. OMG, talk about toes being stepped on…this is a message that I most definitely need to hear, and thanx for sharing it….God has been urging me to lead a certain Bible Study but I have had so many excuses, the main one being I am not qualified….but now reading this, I’ve already been pre-approved and just need to grasp the God-fidence that you mentioned….love that word…right up there with God-incidence…definitely need to get a copy of your book to help me give God my yeses, even when I am scared…like teaching a Bible Study. I have the books, the DVDs needed for the study, but being held back by fear.

  155. Thank you for this important reminder and message. Thank you to my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ that it is become more and more real to my heart. I loved the story about your daughter’s hair! What a brave girl she is!

  156. I’m still struggling with God’s preapproving me, but today I watched the skit guys God’s Chisel on Youtube and God loves us unconditionally regardless of what we done even though He is more concerned with making us more in the image of His Son. Not what people expect to be. It really spoke to me and sort of relates to what your saying. I need to trust God more and worry about what He thinks.

  157. His love not only covers us from all of the outside stressors but it also gives us his protection to not want what others have and to believe in HIS belief in us. He pre approved us for all if this … He knows the DNA of our hearts and can breathe the Holy Spirit in to us to go and share his love. This pre approval gives us strength, perseverance and courage. It is in this that we walk with HIM !

  158. Kim Knaust says:

    I have never heard of Jennifer’s book or even as an author. I am anxious to try this book as it sounds like something that I struggke with often! Thank you.

  159. His banner isn’t “Go Viral” or “Prove Yourself” — it’s LOVE. Thank you, Jennifer, again. I love everything about this message — quite possibly because it’s the very practical Gospel — and would love the opportunity to gift an all-time-favorite book. xoxo

  160. Love the necklace and what a great word to have on my neck to remind me, who I am and that I am already preapproved

  161. Christina Fortson says:

    Living in God’s grace everyday because of HIS PREAPPROVED mercy HE gave so freely to me on CALVARY.
    Oh grace How can it be that a sinner like me He would hang on a TREE. Can’t stop singing His praise.

  162. “When we know who we really are — approved and loved by Christ — we are no longer held back. We are free. Because we know we are His.” This is the beautiful truth I’m clinging to today. Christ gives freedom! We will not always be free from fear but by His grace our fears don’t have to define us. Beautiful as always, Jennifer.

  163. Catherine Green says:

    All I can say is WOW!! I really needed this today. I’ve needed to tell God yes for quite some time now but because of fear I wouldn’t accept the assignments. After reading this today story about the 10 year old, I’m going to tell God yes even if I’m scared. Thank you so much for sharing this. Blessings!

  164. I have struggled, and continue to struggle, with being a people pleaser. I actively pursue the approval and acceptance of others, sometimes to my own detriment. I’m grateful to be reminded of my “pre-approval” by my Lord and Savior. His stamp of approval is all I need! Thanks for the reminder!

  165. My need for approval runs so deep. But I’m always so thankful when I read/hear something that so clearly reminds me how many others struggle with the same issue!

  166. Thank you Jennifer, I have always strived for approval I thank God that In Christ we are preapproved .I was told that I am helpless, can do nothing and I believed it maybe for the rest of my life. I will never write a book of lead a women conference or any thing like that, Yesterday I was asked to move from a Bible study from me and another friend to a larger group, all day I thought about that how uncomfortable is for me to be in large groups because I get ignored and feel rejected and many other silly reasons. I believe the Lord spoke to me through you today. I did not even try to open the e-mail, my computer has a mind of her own. Now God willing I will go to that Bible study.
    I am not interested to win the book and the necklace, but I would like to buy the necklace. Do you sell it?

  167. Am I the only one to not remember in my soul this simple concept. I struggle keeping it in my heart. Would love your book,

    • Barbara Prince says:

      No Latrelle, you are not the only one. God is a very good Father and very patient. Be blessed dear sister!

  168. I love the idea that we are preapproved by Christ! I have spent most of my life feeling like a failure and a “not good enough” Christian! Lately, every time I have those thoughts I have been letting the word preapproved run through my mind. I can’t wait to read the book!

  169. Kathy Sturgis says:

    It is such a relief to know this fact! I have struggled with it because of sin in my past, but God has lifted my chin and told me so. Do I struggle some days? You bet. I am still human, but I can go back to the truth by asking Him to remind me. I love this necklace and I am sure I would learn mores ways to fight satans’s lies.

  170. I love the simplicity of the message. His banner over me is only one thing, and that one thing is more than enough: LOVE!

  171. Thanks!!!

  172. that I am ok with God and I and don’t have to prove myself. this is a new concept for me hopefully I can grasp it. thank you for your post it was full of good info.

  173. Elaine Segstro says:

    Loved. Beautiful. His. Preapproved. Though I really needed that message in my teens, I STILL need it. The world is always telling me that I need to be skinnier and more attractive. I AM ENOUGH in God’s love. Praise Him.

  174. I have struggled with this in the past. I have reached a point where I’ve finally figured it out. Now, I can honestly say I am God’s beloved and believe it! I don’t need anyone else’s approval, I have God’s approval!

  175. The day I stopped trying to earn approval from my mother inlaw and sister inlaw was a day of feeling free. I still always work hard at getting along but also try to speak with great care and love when I don’t agree, I try to pick my battles now.
    This quote, I think is something that I will chew on for a bit. “if you never risk the scary thing to do the right thing, you’ll miss the chance to be a part of the God Things.”
    As I read this, the song, can’t remember the name but the lyrics going thru my mind is this “you are more than the choices you have made you are more than….you’ve been remade…” Can’t remember it all, but it seems to fit….
    Thank you for sharing. So many people need to know who they r in Christ and then they will (we all will) know real freedom….to truly understand and grasp the height and depth and width of Christ’s love for us…Wow!!! Amazing love!!!!

  176. The story of her daughter was so encouraging. Doing something big for Jesus, even if you’re terrified! Thank you for sharing!

  177. So eager to read anything that will draw me closer to Christ.

  178. Danielle S says:

    What really resonated was making the leap into whatever seems scary and doing it anyway. I am a full fledged member of the disease to please club, and I am frequently afraid to say no to requests for fear of not being liked. On the flip side, I sometimes say no to things because I am not certain of the outcome. I am learning that people-pleasing is not always God-pleasing; and the side effect of doing something that is scary is that I get to see the wonder of God’s hand in the outcome ( although that doesn’t always happen immediately). I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13 is becoming my go-to verse for all things scary.

  179. I lived this way for years trying to prove myself having married a man who turned out to be very mentally and verbally abusive. He would not do counseling and I finally left him as he got very aggressive. I have had to take time to heal through a lot of praying and trusting God to see me through. Still a work in progress as I struggle with rheumatoid arthritis and how others treat those with chronic illness. I love the wording that we are already “preapproved” by God. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading this book!

  180. Joyce Kaiser says:

    Too often….I wonder why I am angry, upset, crying, feeling sad, feeling not worthy of anything, and the list could go on and on. I have my awesome God’s affirmation that I am His child of God. What else do I want– many times I do not get enough of affirmation nor approval. I usually set myself up for negative responses or at least..I don’t feel any better than if I tried it again.
    I have an awesome God with me every step of the way I go….even when I am alone– I can be terrific, help others, but most important help myself.
    Quiet time becomes much more meaningful to me. My cat sits or lays on my left arm, and my right turns the pages of my Bible. .
    I love books! And just like this one!

  181. Barbara Prince says:

    I spent my life feeling unworthy, unlovable, unaccepted; I was not enough. I was a nobody. I can remember as a young girl my grandmother would tell each of us children that we were just as good as anybody else. But, my heart didn’t believe it.

    I lived most of my life seeking a love to fill the empty hole in my heart. I though my husband should do that, but never felt “good enough” for him. I though my children would fill that love hole, but felt like I wasn’t as “good” of a mother. I knew God loved everyone, but had trouble accepting that He really and truly loved me – just me. I didn’t have to earn love anymore. I wasted a lot of years searching for what I already had – real love.

  182. You’re so right! It was easy to say “yes” to God when He brought me the wonderful man of my dreams. It’s quite harder, however, when that amazing man pursues the calling God placed on his life as a worship pastor and starts seeking ministry positions across the country. Yes , Lord—to leaving my friends, my family, my home church I’ve known my whole life? But the scary thing is so often the right one—if we weren’t afraid, we wouldn’t need God. And God promises us He will be with us always. I’m am preapproved in love….and perfect love casts out fear! Thank you for reminding me of this today.

  183. Melissa Sarlo says:

    The value of your yes isn’t adequately measured by the response of those who are watching. Worth isn’t measured by virality or Facebook shares. It is measured by a God who declares us incalculably worthwhile, and immeasurably loved. This is what stood out to me. All throughout my life I have looked for the approval of man. I have just wanted to know and feel good enough. This reminded me that my security is tied to who Jesus says I am and that is loved, accepted and he approves of me.

  184. Peggy Harris says:

    I loved your video and post. This message spoke to my heart. I have had issues with wanting others approval but I have been slowly taking into my heart that God already approves of me and I am His.

  185. Gerri Almond says:

    Thank you Jennifer for writing such a truthful book. We are approved through the blood of Jesus! There are a couple of conversations that I need to have with two different people and It is kinda scary. Scary due to the outcome. I know that God is with me and He has beckoned me to have these two conversations, I just have to trust Him to speak through me and lead me to the right time and place. Your statement, “If you never do the scary thing to do the right thing, you’ll miss the chance to do the God Things.” WOW! God was speaking to me!
    Please pray for me. Please enter me into the drawing for Love Idol and the approved necklace. Be blessed!

  186. Shawna bear says:

    Such a very very God-driven word…God has been poking at my heart on this very issue. I am His…His opinion matters the most He is my faithful, loving Daddy!

  187. Thank you for this. I still struggle every day with wanting the approval of others and constantly trying to measure up (and always feeling that I have fallen short). This was a great reminder that there is only one approval that I need.
    Can’t wait to read the book!

  188. Mekel Harris says:

    This looks so amazing and jam-packed with the truths of God’s love for each of us! I would LOVE to win the necklace as a daily reminder to myself, as well as the book. Wow! Thank you for making the decision to follow God’s lead and write this book. Blessings to you!

  189. I’ve passed up many opportunities to serve God in my lifetime because of my fear of failure to please others.
    Thank you for this reminder that God has already approved me and that is all I need.

  190. Thank you for affirming who we are because of Whose we are! As I’ve begun walking in an intimate relationship with God rather than just ‘knowing’ truth but experiencing the truth of being a beloved daughter of the most high God, It has been transformational, releasing me from worrying about what others think. I’d love to read the book and be able to share it with friends/family. Thanks so much!

  191. Gwen Marra says:

    Thanks for sharing the truth, Jennifer! When we are scared or weak, God is strong. He continues to be faithful. The funny thing is, it still surprises me! Loved your book! Take care!

  192. Thank you for sharing your heart on this matter! It’s another big drop in the bucket of encouragement I’ve gathered to push me to do what God has called me to do without any fear or any excuses.

  193. After spending practically my whole life living for the approval of others and living in fear of what people think of me, I think I’m finally getting it. Perfect love casts out fear. God loves me! I am chosen and accepted. I am pre-approved. Thank you, Jennifer, for your encouragement. I can’t wait to read your book!

  194. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    This is something even now at 56 yrs old that I continue to struggle with daily. The lies are so deeply ingrained in me that I really have a difficult time letting them go. This post brought me to tears since you were speaking my heart. Thank you. I am trusting and believing that God will get me through this and believing that I am enough.

  195. Olivia Jacquez-Martinez says:

    Too many times I had looked for approval in the wrong places and in people. I tried so hard to please and be the perfect person, everyone wanted. After a long journey of trials and tribulations and a divorce, I fell rock bottom. I not only was in a dark pit, there was a blank mirror when I looked at myself. If I could only push a button to erase all the negative and start all over would had been awesome. Yet, God(my Abba) never saw me with negativity or blackness all he saw was a huge rainbow of beauty in me. Realizing that I am Pre-Approved no matter how many times I fail, fall and be make mistakes, my Abba love and presence erases everything and tells me that I am Pre-Approved he is just ready for me to accept his plans (application) with no strings attached, waiver, or no down payment of any sort is the most free I have been in such a long time. All I am seeing is all the Love, Grace, and Mercy he has in store for me.

  196. Denise Cox says:

    How beautiful! A reminder to us all Who our worth comes from. I can’t wait to read this book.

  197. I was just talking to a life coach about not knowing what my next path is. I am wondering if I really know the next step, but if I am letting fear keep me from really seeing it because I am waiting for someone else to give me permission. I want to get to the point were I know what I want to do and can “say yes with more “God-fidence” despite my fears”.

  198. Pre-approved is really, finally sinking in for me in this challenging season of life. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

  199. Thank you for being so brave. It is quite humbling to do life with you through your books and social media. Your words have been healing grace to my soul and they fight for me. When I read your posts I feel like you are fightting for me to become brave. To show up. To dream big. To give grace. This post has taught me to fight. Fight every day to know who I am. That I am not defined by my failures nor my triumphs. I am learning to love myself, learning to sing praise in the storm, learning that I don’t need answers, I need Jesus. Finding rest in the fact that I am learning how to love myself. Praying boldly for you and with you. We love you Jesus.

  200. The sweet, refreshing extraordinary gift of being free because of His approval of me. Nothing I ever did or nothing I will ever do will give Him reason to take away the precious gift of His acceptance and
    pre-approval me whether it be on one of those glorious days or one of those super
    “I’m a mess kind-of’days”.

  201. Jennifer G. says:

    ‘Pre-Approved’ – what a wonderful synonym for ‘Justified.’ A few years ago, struggling with some choices previously made in life, I was reminded that because of Christ I was justified. It was in that word that I could speak my first prayer in public and in doing so a confidence appeared that was new for me. Thank you for this additional word to my Christ dictionary – a word I will now include in my armor and teach my two nieces to embrace.

  202. Such a joy to know I am not alone in the struggle for approval. Thank you for providing keys to stepping out of this and into what GOD wants us to be!

  203. Angelina Glass says:

    I would love to read this book……… I would definitely pay it forward and share it when I am done!!!

  204. Thanks for your encouragement, these words came at a time when I feel pressure to look at the “storm” around me, and to others. Such an amazing reminder of Gods goodness and that I am pre-approved in Christ. Thanks for sharing your heart. Looking forward to the book!

  205. Miss Mary T says:

    Jennifer, today was the perfect day to be reminded that being brave is not about us but about hearing God’s call, trusting Him in all things and even when we are are afraid, stepping out in faith and his righteousness…” Do not fear. I am with you. Do not be anxious. I am your God. I will help you. I will strengthen you. I will uphold you with my victorious and righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10.AND to know that we are loved by our Father God just the way He created us, right where we are!

  206. The scary part is not that I don’t want to….I don’t know the how to do things I love. Maybe, it is not good enough, I don’t know. I like to write, but I have no help getting a book written on computer and getting published. I like to speak in small churches, but only had the opportunity twice. I like to teach Bible studies, but not enough ladies to attend.
    So, I guess I need to hang a banner in my room and just remind myself of God’s goodness for now. You book sounds good and what a blessing how God uses you.

  207. Teresa Collett says:

    I so appreciate your openness in sharing about fear of taking risks in serving our Lord, and would love to have a copy of your book to read. Thank you!

  208. Danice Lee says:

    I have a real issue with saying no out of fear. Saying yes, too, for that matter.

  209. In a family where I was the youngest of four girls I was never alone; never a reason to be afraid. Yet I lived my life from a child to the adult stage always afraid, I should be truthful and say at my age now I am learning to feel safe. I know my Lord and Savior is always with me and has brought me through many trials. I did not want to go to school, I wanted to be home with Mom and Dad. I was taught to obey those who have the rule over me. I never went against what Drs. told me, Pastors said, any adult. I taught Sunday School for over forty years. Was the speaker at many ladies events in my church. My Pastors wife and I did comedy skits with over three hundred attending. We were the entertainment before the dinners at church, ladies events, etc. I did these things and more because I couldn’t say no! It took me many years to see why I could do these things. My daughter said to her husband one day, “can you believe my Mom can do these things?” He replied “yes, she doesn’t have to be herself, she is being someone else!” You know, that hit hard! My husband and I have been in financial problems, I couldn’t say no to whatever, loans to cover this loans for that, more for what we needed. I had to take a few days and decide for myself why I did each thing in my life. Teaching Sunday School was no. one. I knew that was because God gave me the talent to teach. God healed me during the years from many illnesses. Rheumatoid Arthritis, God healed, Rheumatic Fever healed. Stage four, wide spread Ovarian Cancer healed, seventeen years ago. God has been so good to me even when I didn’t know who I was. Teacher, comedian, Mother, grandmother, all the things of life. Then it hit me I am my Father’s daughter, I am God’s Child first and foremost, forever and ever!! I would love to buy the Pre-approved locket and book. Thanks for accepting this story. There is a lot in between to be sure. I belong to Jesus and He belongs to me. Thanks! This book will help everyone including me. If I am going to learn at 75 it should be now.

  210. Grateful that the only opinion of me that matters is God’s, and he loves me no matter what

  211. Karen Harris says:

    It is very courageous for a young girl to cut her hair that much shorter. I commend her not only for her courage, but her heart for those who are ill. It is courageous to start a bible study, it was an idea I tossed around for a while because I am going to school in the morning when our church has a women’s Bible study & I work in the evening when there are other Bible studies, but didn’t because I was afraid between my work load at school, my family (Husband & 2 children ages 15 & 4), and my nearly full-time job I wouldn’t have time to MAKE SURE I was prepared ahead to lead the study. I wouldn’t want to let anyone down. There did become an opportunity for a Bible study, & my employer is giving me that day off each week, so I can at least participate in one. I do have a good platform to witness to my customers, but never seem to have the response I should say when I am complimented. Sometimes, I push the proper thought back thinking the person won’t like it, sometimes I don’t even think of it. I’m always trying to help myself with the right response. I think I have a good one, but haven’t used it. I believe the Pre-Approved really speaks to people in this day & age.

  212. This really speaks to me. Even today I had to do something I was very afraid to do. So it is encouraging that Jennifer has also struggled with saying yes, that I’m not the only one who gets afraid. And it is encouraging to know that we are loved so deeply by the Lord as we are. I am meditating on that these days.

  213. I loved reading these words:
    “You don’t have to earn anyone’s love anymore. Believe this: That you are already God’s beloved.”

    To realize that God loves me, accepts me a d delights in ME without me having to earn that is freeing.
    I have thought if I was good enough, pretty enough, supportive enough or compassionate enough that things in my life would fall into place. I have realized that none of that really “earned” me what I was looking for in life. To know God loved, accepted and wanted me before I was even born is humbling beyond words. Regardless of my station in life, I have a loving Father who is always there for me, and it is not base on my a toins or merit…I did not have to earn His love….. Powerful!

  214. I love how Jennifer talks about getting over ourselves and doing the scary things that God calls us to do. I am currently reading Love Idol, and would love to have another copy to give to a friend or my sister. This is a great message that anyone can relate to, everyone deals with overcoming feelings of inadequacy. Thanks for sharing your spiritual growth with us Jennifer, so we can grow too.

  215. Loved the”God-fidennce” …having that makes stepping out a lot easier. Thanks.

  216. Joanne Kocourek says:

    I am thankful that my God loves me for who I am and that love and acceptance is unconditional. Our family is in the midst of multiple severe storms with absolutely no control over any portion of any one of those storms. Taking one day (some days one minute) at a time and acknowledging that no matter how devastating everything we hear specific to each, respective situation, is totally out of our control. Continuously praying God will quiet those storms “in His time”.

  217. Melissa Shelton says:

    What a beautiful article! Kudos to your daughter! I struggle with this often and with knowing what He wants me to do. I especially love the “preapproved” part! I look forward to the book.

  218. I am overweight, and I used to keep my head down and not look people in the eye because I was ashamed. Now I see myself through God’s eyes, and I hold my head up high and smile and know that His thoughts of me are enough. I need no other’s approval

  219. Lori Barre' says:

    I have fought my whole life to feel approved. Walking with God has brought me the closest to knowing the truth of who I am than at any other time in my life. Having been abused as a child and then a promiscuous teen to a mom of 5 that was left for a younger version life has dealt some hard blows to my approval rating. Only God’s truth, compassion and faithfulness has dented the lies. He has never given up on me.
    Now as a single mom I mentor teen girls and hopefully am breaking lies off of them through God’s love and truths.
    I would LOVE a copy of your book. I have thought of using it with the girls I mentor as a study.

  220. What a great message! I can’t wait to read the book! I struggle with the need to be accepted every single day. It’s a shame that as a Christian woman I need reminded of God’s love and acceptance of me, whom He created! All of the necklaces cradle beautiful messages that hold those messages so near to our hearts- the hearts God gave us to love who He made us to be and hearts created to love one another .

  221. Wow! This is what all women need to hear, myself included. I love how there is also a necklace to remind us of His love and what that means.

  222. Melissa Chambers says:

    Wow, that video was awesome! I have a Bible study with two young girls (H.S. age) and I can’t wait to share it with them. God has been speaking a similar message to me in so many places, what a blessing!

  223. I tend to forget that I’m God approved. Like one could forget? Duh! He made me and some days I’m lucky my brain wirfs to remind me that I’m alive another day because of Him. But some days, like recently, fear gets ahold of me so tight I can’t let go. I recently said no out of fear to something God wanted me to do. And now I’m wondering what blessing I missed…

    • Laura … At times, I forgot, too. I daily ask God to remind me who I am. Do you know that song by Jason Gray, “Tell Me Once Again Who I am to You, who I am to You….” Perfect song for us, yes??

  224. What an example of fearful love in the giving of a gift that would mean so much. The chain reaction that occurs in one simple act will never be fully know this side of heaven. Being a born again believer, pre-approved are words we often forget. We need not answer to anyone but God. It cannot get any better than that. Thank you for sharing.

  225. What a brave young lady…it shows that no matter your age you can be a role model to others. She displayed perfectly how to “do it afraid”. Amazing what we learn from children.

  226. Loved reading this! I’m thankful that I am pre-approved in Christ! Too many times I’m distracted by what the world says to be approved, especially when it comes to my hair, weight, or what I wear. These things are trivial compared to how Christ approves me! He has made me just the way he saw fit!

  227. These words of affirmation is something I need in my life so badly. I know all this in my heart but my mind keeps doubting. I pray that your book will help in clearing out the doubts once and for all. God bless you.

  228. A beautiful and inspiring post. I love your notes Renee.
    I get many bible quotes and readings daily to help me start out my day, but your notes seem to touch a special place in my heart….perhaps it’s because you write from your heart. Any artist knows that those thoughts and emotions from one’s heart (filled with the spirit) transfer to the reader or viewer….you have a special gift and I honor our God who gave that gift to you. Bless you and yours…..Jean

  229. Tess Crawford says:

    “if you never risk the scary thing to do the right thing, you’ll miss the chance to be a part of the God Things.” Saying “yes” to following God when He sent my family to Indonesia as missionaries in 1999 changed forever the way I live my life. It was such a scary thing at the time but God over and over and over again proved Himself faithful and today I am more quick to yes to the right thing whether it’s scary or not. It’s not always easy to discern the right thing, is it? To me that’s the scariest. My second thought is that I have such high expectations of myself, it’s such a joy to be reminded that I am pre approved. I will have to keep reminding myself of that.

  230. Michelle Schwitters says:

    Thank you so much for this message. What an incredible message for us as women. We so need this in our culture right now. I can’t wait to read this for me and for my daughters. Thank you for blessing us with your God given talents!!!

  231. Thank you so much for this encouraging article. I have found myself more than once in that place of self-doubt that caused me to turn down an opportunity to use the gift God placed inside of me simply because I didn’t believe I would be accepted. I’ve also experienced the moments when I say “yes” despite my fears and God showed up! This article was a great reminder that that we are not approved of God based on what we do, say or how we look, but we are approved because he loves us unconditionally and we are accepted by Him. Thanks for sharing and I hope I am able to read the book.

  232. The video brought tears to my eyes thinking about how God loves each one of us, individually unique.
    As I’m venturing into a new business career to help women there will be many opportunities to speak out in front of groups. But that fear factor so easily crops up for me too! In spite of that, I will try to remember that God has a plan and may help just one woman then or in the time ahead for them.
    And for my children and granddaughters, they too, need to hear God’s approval as this world is filled with so many challenges now. I want to minister that love of God to them in words and actions of their approval.
    And for myself, I need to remember His love. Recently I have been challenged to overcome those thoughts of condemnation with knowing He does not condemn me nor say I’m not enough.
    Thank you so much for this encouraging word from Jennifer! God bless you for your ministry of ENCOURAGEMENT to us women!

  233. Experiencing God’s love emotionally is a challenge for me, partly due to 30 years of an abusive marriage where I was rejected daily. I know His word is true, though.

  234. Christina Spicuzza says:

    Thank you so much for this message! I am very hard on myself and allow the enemy to push me to question my value in God’s eyes. I need to be reminded that I AM “preapproved” in His eyes! If I don’t win, I would still like to get the book and necklace. Where can I order them?

  235. I needed to hear that today! Thank you for your words!

  236. “God”fidence is so different than self-confidence the world promotes. Godfidence relaxes and gives peace. Self-confidence burdens and gives pressure. Thanks for putting words to my need today.

  237. Great message. One we need to remember each and every day! Thank you for sharing, Renee!!

  238. Just what I needed — I hate that I always try to please others and expect their approval. It’s as if I think their approval validates God’s approval. And obviously that’s not true. Thank you so much for sharing.

  239. Amazing, thank you. How wonderful to know that we are God’s chosen, we are daughters of the King, free.

    Anna, your beautiful and you hair looks wonderful, your story brought tears to my eyes as I remembered my little girl, cutting her beautiful long, long hair and donating it. She was so excited and I was a little sadden, but she said to me “mom someone needs my hair”. My Sara is now 18. Blessings to you sweet child.

  240. A friend shared this post with me. And it was great timing. I do stress out about being approved by everyone. It was interesting to look at in a way that I am pre-approved by God. This is something that I am looking forward to the day that it fully sinks in. I want to be free from the need to seek others approval. I do not need it as child of God.

  241. Oh how I need to be reminded of this truth this morning..thank you for sharing this truth with many of us

  242. Such a beautiful post,

    This past year, I also was given an amazing opportunity and didn’t act on it because I wasn’t sure I had anything of value to bring to the table. I had prayed for a door of opportunity — and then ooops, I shut it out of my own fear and insecurity.

    Oh, sister .. but next time… insecurity. won’t. have. me… LOVE will!

  243. Wow!! Can’t wait to read this book and to share it with others!

  244. Karen Simpson says:

    I used to be so afraid of so many things before I met Jesus. Truly I have been made new! Thank you for sharing the encouragement we all need to trust God and do what seems scary to our flesh. God always gives us another chance – As your example, even though you turned down a speaking opportunity, you got another opportunity to say YES and overcome your fear. Praise God for His Love and Faithfulness.

  245. Lauren Nicole Higley says:

    Your words struck me in the heart and brought me to tears. I’m only 23 but have been threw basically anything traumatic since childhood and it’s messed up my head and changed me as a person to please people and never say no and never accept myself the way i am. I take on everybody’s problems every single day and take it as my own, being rapped and molested has taking away my confidence and having a verbal abusive father has taken my hope away for a “nice guy” one day. Being in abusive relationships with men has brought me down and feel I have no worth. Just reached out to God a month ago and it’s hard.. I’ve read my bible, prayed and went to church but it doesn’t help. I want to love who I see in the mirror and stop being a people pleaser but can’t get out my own ways. My heart is so big but I can’t anymore.. I’m so drained.. and tired of this life. I really think that your book will help me. Please…. <3

    • Lauren … I read your words this morning, slowly, praying over each of the areas of hurt in your life. I pray that God will begin to use your time in prayer and Scripture to show you in fresh new ways how you are truly loved, as-is, that you have nothing to prove… that you are “PreAppproved.” I’m so sad for all the hurt that has fallen upon you, and I ask God today to lift those burdens and give you a fresh start, and a fresh outlook, and a deep, deep sense of His love for you. Sending prayers this morning, Lauren.

  246. The whole concept of being pre-approved is liberating. It really makes a difference in the way I think, and consequently in how I live. I found a part in the video that says “..we are free from the chains of our own approval ratings..”, so true. Now to let the truth of God’s word sink in!

  247. I love the idea that my value come ONLY from God’s unconditional love, and I need not worry about the approval of any other!

  248. I just wish that I had read your book when I was a pre-teen and could have know assurance when I was growing up. As young girls we don’t realize that we are looking for approval and love, but we are. How cool to have had the security of KNOWING that I had already been PRE-APPROVED!

    I know your book and jewelry will be used by God to give many girls this security. My daughter is over the teen years, but she still struggles somewhat with this security. Would love to give this book to her!

    Thanks for your ministry!

  249. Dalyse Rodriguez says:

    This was so encouraging to me. So often I find myself trying to gain approval from others. I have even given up opportunities because I wasn’t sure what others around me might say. This was a great reminder that I don’t have to work so hard to please those around me and gain their approval. Thanks.

  250. I have a hard time doing certain things because I’m afraid of what other people will think. What if I do it wrong? What if I make a fool of myself? What if I completely mess it up? I need to remember – I have God’s approval. In my weekly Bible study, we talked about how God knows when we are trying our best, and that’s all that matters! No one else’s opinions should matter! I love the thought that we are “pre-approved” in God’s eyes! It’s a refreshing thought!!!

  251. I’m so in the middle of this. Not allowing myself to be pre-approved yet feeling that I could never be approved of anyway and I’m not supposed to be?! God has recently been showing me that He is with me and coaxing me along – those cords of love. Hearing that I am “pre-approved” really resonates that it is already done. He has already made the decision, even if I fight it and don’t believe it, what I or anyone else thinks doesn’t matter, He has already decided and ultimately it is Him who matters most. As I work wholeheartedly to believe and to follow, I thank Him for leading me to you and this post. It is a very timely reminder.

  252. Angela Clark says:

    More often than not I go around feeling like I’m not good enough or that I need and don’t have the “approval” of others. When I read this, it hit me so hard that I started crying because I am really “pre approved” by the one and only that matters. I so needed to hear this!!! Thank you!

  253. Greetings! Thank you so much for sharing these truths. At the age of 58, I am in the first few weeks of a job outside my home – after at nearly 28 years. . What a change! As I watched the video about your book, thinking about who I am in Christ, I took notes. At the very end, looking at that word – Preapproved – I thought Yes! By the One who really matters! To really grasp this is my prayer so to be better used of Him to His glory and honor. I have prayed for boldness for some time – especially to just share my story of His love, or “just’ His love. God knows my frame. opportunities will come, and Holy Spirit will give me the words to say. 🙂 God continue to bless you richly!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your heart, Cindy! I’m glad that the words in the video encouraged you, and I pray that this word — PreApproved — will mold itself into all of our hearts. We really don’t have a thing to prove. The biggest act of validation came on the cross. We don’t have to rely on our performances. We need only look at the nail-scarred hands of our Savior.

  254. That should say, after being a stay-at-home mom for nearly 28 years.

  255. For much of my life, I looked to others for approval and self-worth which always made me feel like I was walking on egg-shells. Too afraid to be myself in case someone wouldn’t like that person. It wasn’t until my faith really started to grow that I began to see myself through God’s eyes – loved, planned, approved, delighted in, cherished! It was as though a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. In the words of Dr. Seuss, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” And God is the one who matters above all and He doesn’t mind a bit when I am who He created me to be.

  256. Would love to win this for my daughter.


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