3 Ways To Kick Condemnation To The Curb {KC2TC}


Have you ever wished you could know the difference between conviction and condemnation? Are you tired of feeling weighed down with guilt and shame?

If so, you’re not alone! I believe condemnation is one of our most common and crippling heart-struggles. And I’m determined to kick them to the curb! I hope you’ll join me.

In my Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion today, I share the major difference between condemnation and conviction.

Condemnation is usually a broad stroke of shame that sweeps across our thoughts with generalized statements about who we are in an insulting and accusing way.  The tone of condemnation is always accusing, questioning, confusing and will leads to feelings of guilt and self-hatred.

Conviction is specific and won’t condemn us for who we are, but will be more focused on something we’ve done. The Holy Spirit’s conviction always includes wisdom and instruction to lead us towards resolution, not shame.

Condemnation focuses on the problem. Conviction offers a solution.

  • Take a minute to write down the most frequent shaming, blaming or accusing thoughts you have that make you feel condemned.
  • Using the contrasting examples between conviction and condemnation below, re-write the statement and replace your words of condemnation with convicting yet loving truths the Holy Spirit might say.
  • Be sure to offer yourself forgiveness plus a solution that reflects God’s goal of restoration and His tone of grace.

Instead of the lie: “You’re such a failure as a [wife, mom, daughter, friend],” the Holy Spirit might say, “You were really critical the way you talked to _________. You need to say you’re sorry and ask forgiveness. Then say something to build them up instead of tearing them down.”

Instead of the accusing label: “You’re so hypocritical!”  The Holy Spirit might say, “You judge others for gossiping, but you’re doing the same thing when you talk about your neighbor at work. Apologize for what you said today and share a few things that are positive about her.”

These are two steps to help us kick condemnation to the curb, and there’s more but….

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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Chasidy says:

    I really appreciate this post. Your entire scenario (kitchen & all) could have been about me. Thank you for helping to remind me to look for the difference between condemnation & conviction. I definitely needed the reminder. I would absolutely love to win the give-away to help me KC2TC!!

    • Thank you Chasidy for making me feel normal by letting me know you act that way in your kitchen too! 🙂

  2. I am living …..struggling through …..with condemnation in my ear. I know Jesus loves me …..but, I have gained 30lbs, my house is in disarray, my homeschooling is behind. I need to break free of condemnation. I want to grow in grace and feel HIS love. I am looking forward to reading your blog.

    • I can relate to Donna’s statement above…gained weight, house never good enough, I”M never good enough seems to play in my mind before I get up and when I lie down. Jesus, free me from this condemnation and set me free to be who you made me to be. Thank you for your daily blog. I was reading John in my Bible, looked up Proverbs 31, and today’s verse was what I had just read! God is Good!

    • Hi Donna, I would LOVE to send you my free 5-day EMAIL devotional that I think would really encourage your heart in all that you are going through. Here’s a link to the page where you can sign up to receive it: http://reneeswope.com/aconfidentheart/7-day-doubt-diet/

  3. i can be having a great day, then I do or say something and my whole day seems to fall apart from the guilt I experience. Some things that are helpful to me are to stop and thank God for the opportunity to fix the things I just did that were out of line with his will. I can be an example to others by asking forgiveness and explaining what I did or said was not right. I think it’s an opportunity to reach out to other’s and show them grace and they can see God forgives not only me but them in the same situation.

    • I love your suggestions and the process you have found to help you, Amber!! It helps so much when I stop myself before I spiral into condemnation, and instead think through what happened and then process it with Jesus, leaning on HIs perspective instead of my own. Your steps are just exactly what He wants us to do. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I am just here, lost, nearly bedridden. My house is a wreck, my kids are out of sync, my faith needs recharged. Your words with God’s are such a sweet blessing to me.

    • Praying for you Halona. You are loved and cherished by Your maker!! So glad He led you here today!

  5. Thank you for your message today. My mind gets so clogged with condemning thoughts knowing the start of them stems from Satan, but I didn’t realize the condemning myself after the thought was also from him. It is good to realize that it is not the Holy Spirit giving me guilt, he gives direction. To be able to identify this whole condemning process is Satan gives me freedom to ask the Spirit for direction and stop condemning myself!

    • Love hearing the insights and freedom you gained from today’s post. 🙂 Thank you for sharing Emily!

  6. Sheila Martin says:

    So thankful for God’s conviction. So much more freeing then living under condemnation.

  7. I needed this so much today! It spoke to me about situations with my husband, my kids, and also a coworker! I would very much love to win a packet & thank you for offering it to us! Bless you Renee and your ministry!

    • Thank {YOU} Jan for sharing how God used today’s devotion and post to encourage you, and how you shared it. He’s so good!!

  8. Struggling with condemnation and having let the guilt touch so many parts of my life has become overwhelming at times. I look forward to learning and growing into finding the conviction and love God intended. It’s time I stopped letting the condemnation have a hold on my life and relationships.

    • Yes, it’s time Kalie!! Time for us all. I know we’re missing out on so much, so much of what jesus died to give us when we given into condemnation over grace. It was for freedom that HE set us free!! Let’s show Him how much we treasure His sacrifice by doing what it takes to kick condemnation to the curb!!

  9. Laura S says:

    Thank you for your post this morning! It was just what my heart needed. I constantly hear things in my head like “He deserves a better wife, they deserve a better mom, etc”. Now I know that is condemnation from the enemy and not conviction. The next time I hear those words, I will remember your phrase that condemnation focuses on the problem, conviction offers a solution.

    • Love that!! And can you see how much that condemnation paralyzes you from becoming more of the wife and mom your heart longs to be?? I think that is just what Satan wants. If he can get us stuck in the pit, we can’t become all God created us to be. No more, I say. Let’s kick condemnation to the curb together, and tap into the life-changing wisdom of conviction that leads to a solution!

  10. I really like this, so much power and meaning.

  11. I have to be very intentional to not listen to what I call the Satan tapes…he knows the ones to play that can cause me to doubt. Thank you for sharing these words today and to further remind me to focus on God’s convictions rather than Satan’s condemnation.

  12. Your honesty is life saving to those of us struggling with many of the same issues. Just yesterday I was caught in a whirlwind of self-condemnation about my lack of focus in being organized and it all began by trying to get household tasks done while juggling the needs of my little ones. My condemnation about lack of organization turned into sel condemnation about being a failure as a mom once I lost my peace while trying to accomish my tasks. Your devotional today brought me to tears. I knew my thoughts were not from a living Heavenly Father, and your words are so true. I have to search for the truth in those moment when I allow my emotions to weaken my clarity and discernment. I just have to fall in my knees and call out to the only one who will provide life in moments that feel like the opposite of life. The Holy Spirit has nothing but love and encouragement and trusting that will usher us through the challenges of this season of life and many to come. I found myself tearfully thankful and praising His unfailing, long suffering love this morning. Thank you Renee.

  13. Such a good topic! I have struggled with condemnation and need to re-train myself to think about how that comes from satan. God wants to convict so I can change and He is always ready to forgive me – that is so comforting.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win these incredible gifts.

    Keep Writing!!

  14. Christine says:

    Thank you for your devotional…I loved your practical teaching on the difference between the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the condemnation of Satans attacks. As a mom of four young ones, it’s just what I needed to give me a boost this morning and to realize I need to listen to that still, small voice of encouragement instead of the loud, harsh voice that tears me down.

  15. Jennifer McClure says:

    Thank you for speaking on this subject. I have never heard or looked at my feelings with the perspective of condemnation vs conviction. I can see now how thenLordnhas shown me these areas to work on, but the devil uses these same areas of weakness to depress me and try to make me feel horrible and that change/improvement is impossible. Thank you for your words, they have truly been a blessing today and I look forward to reading more.

  16. Yvette Karantounis says:

    What a great devotion. I totally do that every day to myself. Thank you for helping me understand the difference! May God bless us all today!

  17. This is definitely a God timed devotional and post for me to read as I have been dealing with a difficult situation with my job and at times some equally difficult situations at home. Many times the enemy has come and whispered thoughts that leave me feeling sick to my stomach or in a near panic attack. Your words today have given me a practical way to look at this situation and others that may arise so that I don’t get bogged down in condemnation. I would really enjoy receiving other materials from you hat would help me and other women to walk in victory over condemning thoughts.

  18. I love the devotions. The past two years have been rough for me. I cared for my sister who had Parkensins and breast cancer which spread to her liver, she was unable to walk due to a fall:(. She passed away in November. The devotions are what helped me through the long days and nights. It seemed like they were always right on time. Keep doing what you are doing, you are a true instrument of God. Blessings to you,


  19. Teri waltz says:

    Thank you so much for this devotional. I struggle daily with this. I have made some wrong choices in my life and I hear the voice of the devil, letting my know all my failures, ready to listen to the voice of my savior !!!

  20. Whitnee says:

    It is always encouraging to be reminded of the difference between God’s correction and the enemy’s condemnation. I am in a weird place in my life right now where I need a breakthrough in my faith and trust in God. Often times I feel unworthy and allow doubts to prevent me from praying but I am determined to press on regardless. Thank you for these encouraging words!

  21. DAILY devotion and quiet time are critical for keeping condemnation down and conviction up.

  22. Cammi H says:

    I really needed this today! My job had me really down yesterday.. Just everything going wrong and the frustration of dealing with some people/issues had me in tears. Great to get positive encouragement to start a new day!

  23. Jennifer Chapman says:

    Thank you for sharing the devotion today. It really resonates with me. For a long time I’ve struggled with the things I thought I was doing right or correctly but I really wasn’t. I couldn’t understand why? I thought something was wrong with me. After reading this devotion it makes sense and I just need to remember to let God talk to me and direct my words/actions. So again thank you for sharing.

  24. Such an enlightening message! Would love to receive your materials as I travel this journey of overcoming condemnation and letting myself be truly convicted by God and the Holy Spirit.

  25. This is a struggle I have a lot. The guilty feelings are hard to discern.

  26. I struggle with condemning thoughts about several people daily….I really need God’s conviction to help me solve these issues.

  27. Renee,
    Thank you for sharing these thoughts today! I have been learning to replace the wrong thoughts for a little while now. I’m trying to focus on scripture and I want to memorize verses to replace the lies that are swimming in my mind! Lately I’ve really been struggling with thoughts that I didn’t teach or do something right because of some choices of my adult children. I keep telling myself and my dear husband tells me also, that we cannot be responsible for their choices. I’m trying to give it all to The Lord because I know He has a plan for their lives and He is the only one who can truly change them and He loves them much more then even I do. Thank you!

  28. Shukita says:

    Your message was on time today! I am constantly trying to balance the obligations I have between being a wife and mother, my career, and church ministries. I feel guilty when I think I have fallen short in one or more areas. Thanks for reminding me that condemnation is not of God!

  29. thank you for sharing this today! i struggle with condemnation and forgiving myself for past actions daily. I am trying to learn to listen to the right voice and tune out the wrong ones. God bless.

  30. Karen R. says:

    I am so grateful for this devotional. Sometimes I feel condemned becausing of the disease (Multiple Sclerosis) I have. I know God can do anything but sometimes I get in depair wondering why wont he heal me. Maybe I’m not good enough or the plan for my life is not great enough or I’m not doing enough. It’s good to read this devotional to remind me God convicts and the enemy condemns. Thanks you so much. I pray & hope I win a Summer Devotional Gift Pack. I sure could use it and it would be a blessing. Continue to encourage everyone with your wisdom and devotionals. 1 Timothy 5:11

  31. Barbara says:

    I am struggling with several things right now and I also need God’s help with these situations. Thank you so much for your devotion and the give away I would love to have. Thank you.

  32. Thank you for sharing the knowledge that you have been given. I love the way you explain the difference between conviction and condemnation.
    Knowing that difference elps us to keep the devils foot off our necks … And rob us of the joy that we have been given.

    May your ministry be blessed.

  33. Colette rizk says:

    Thank you, Renee! Indeed, Satan will do anything for us to loose our peace. And with a little condemnation, we can spend a lot of days being miserable. The Lord, on the other hand, will always give us constructive conviction, help with love. And the process will even be a joy.

  34. Michelle says:

    Loved your devotional today! So needed to hear those words! It was such a clarification of how I have been struggling recently.

  35. Renee I have been so blessed by your openness to share how God works in your life. Today’s devotion really hit home with me as I am trying to discern when satan is putting negative thoughts in my mind. I would love to have your free give away. All my life I have put myself down and had a low self-esteem and very little confidence. As I have gotten older and came to know the Lord HE is helping me through your words to know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, that I don’t have to judge myself against others (which HE has shown me is a sin). I would be so blessed to have your devotional. Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a great ministry. God bless you.

  36. I have always struggled with condemnation of myself. Thank you for this devotion. God bless you and your ministry.

  37. I guess all of us shared and still share the same experience. The trick is not feeling condemned but convicted.
    I always try to make things right afterwords, but still feel condemnation. I guess I have a long way ahead of me for growing spiritually…

  38. Thank you, Renee, for always reminding me that even though I slip into condemnation, that is not where God wants me. It happens in the blind of an eye and it’s hard to erase or make up for. We can say sorry, but even that doesn’t always erase ALL the hurt. I read your book A Confident Heart, and I felt like you were talking about me. I cried right there in the Tim Horton coffee shop!God has truly worked in your life and blessed you. Thank you for sharing and encouraging us all with your heart-felt words. May God continue to bless you.

  39. Needed this. Often feel guilty that I fall short as a wife, mom, friend… Thanks for the reminder.

  40. I pray every day that I will hear God’s voice above all else. One of the ways I have been kicking condemnation to the curb is asking God to cleanse my mind of any lies or memory of lies the enemy has attempted to use to get me down. God’s love makes me feel like I did when I used to have first dates – but I get to have that feeling every day!!! I am still a work in progress but I know that through God’s word and amazing books and ministries like yours and Proverbs 31, that God is not finished with me yet!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win your books!!!

  41. Linda F. says:

    After I finished the devotion and blog, I really was sown that I’ve allowed condemning lies into mind and heart.
    I was able to specifically pray for a certain area in my life and ask forgiveness where needed and help where I’m struggling. Thank you so much for allowing God’s truth to shine through your words today. I never thought poo f things as you wrote but I’ve been allowing condemnation into my mind. With God’s help Satan’s lies will go and HIS truth and love will be in my heart and mind instead. I also will strive to be more in God’s predecessor that I can know the Holy Spirits voice more fully and not fall back into condemning myself and the things I do and say. Thank you for the chanceed to win and for the email with more insights. Blessings to you and those at P31 who share God’s truth!

  42. Carol B says:

    This is something I have dealt with all my life and I would love to win the resources.

  43. This devotional was truly a blessing. This is something I’ve struggled with, especially as a mom and a wife. I have never thought about the difference of conviction and condemnation but it definitely puts things into perspective for me. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I would love to win a copy of your book and thank you for the opportunity.

  44. As many, I too feel so inadequate of being the mom, wife and christian that the world says (expects) we as God’s children should be…… perfect. Thanks for t the simple reminder that we are not perfect and that’s ok. It came in God’s perfect timing. I am thankful for Proverbs 31 and your ministry. Blessings!

  45. Kim Lawrence says:

    I recently went through a very embarrassing situation at work. I was at fault so I went into “rehab” with the Lord and just asked and thanked Him for His Grace and Mercies throughout this situation. I know I have been forgiven and he wants me to move on but each day is such a struggle to forget the shame, guilt and the replays of what has happened. At times I feel so persecuted not by anyone but by my thoughts, dreams and heavy with condemnation. This devotion really reminded me of the difference between condemnation and conviction. I will continue to try and fight these feelings as I continue to hold on to His promises for me and His unchanging hands.

  46. In my fear to let go of some things I have thought God wanted me to do, I tend to shut down…find a way to feel guilty…and my entire day is gone! I find myself being more critical of everything around me rather than trying to snap out of it. I appreciate the kitchen scene honesty! I can lose it in a flash and in my own head, satan will have me being the winner of the worst mom ever award. I have truly never thought about the difference in conviction and condemnation- but clearly I am confusing the two pretty well. I want to look for solutions the Holy Spirit is giving me in order to fix my feelings of guilt. Id love to read your advice in this book!

  47. I struggle with condemnation all day long every day! Thanks for the clarification. It helps to help clear the mind of the condemning thoughts. Have a great day.

  48. Thank you for your words of wisdom today. I find myself in the same situation full of peace one moment and the next it’s gone and the accuser has swept in. It happens a lot with the stresses of my job as a teacher. I am in constant prayer for strength, confidence, and patience. Your devotional sounds like a blessing. Thank you for always being willing to share and witness to the rest of us.

  49. Heather says:

    Any time things change in the slightest in my routine, usually a change that means more work for me… it throws me off and then I end up frustrated and my desire to keep working at what I am doing greatly diminishes. But almost as soon as I feel that way, the guilt kicks in for feeling that way and I spend the rest of the day beating myself up over all of it. I don’t know how to stop this process.

  50. Karen Spence says:

    Wow! What a tremendous blessing! I have struggled with this most of my life! I am determined to
    overcome! Thank you for encouraging me to press through! Hope I’m a winner, but no matter, whoever is blessed to be the winner, will be highly favored by the Lord!

  51. Barbara Cummings says:

    Renee, I appreciate your thoughts on how to look and listen for God to correct and convict. I so often get impatient and fly off the handle with my grown children and say things that I can’t take back. Then I sit and listen to the condemning voice of Satan and literally believe that I am not a good Christian and I should not be in ministry. I am a bad person, not worthy to be a mother, then I stop and rebuke those thoughts and realize that God would never accuse me like that, he would gently give me words of wisdom and make a way for restoration and forgiveness. We are to learn how to correct, repent and restore relationships and not make the same choices, but to go to God first and ask for binding up of our thoughts before they reach out lips. Thank you again for your heart today

  52. I must admit, I am a mess. I do and say the things to my kids, spouse that I know I shouldn’t. Then terrible guilt sets in. I know God is trying to convict me to change and it is so so hard when I am caught up in the moment and stress of life. Would love to win the giveaway and you can help me KC2TC!! Your words are such a blessing and very timely.

  53. Thank you for the great reminder of something that I know, but am so quick to forget! I have struggled with shame & condemnation many times over the years, most recently again on Monday. I am thankful that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. (Rom. 8) The devotion gift pack would be a great way to keep my perspective where it needs to be.

  54. Allison says:

    Thank you for the powerful, clear words you shAred this morning. Lately I’ve been so overwhelmed with satan’s guilt & words that it’s starting to bury me in the sand. Thank you for teaching me there’s a way out! What a gift of hope !

  55. Rachael H. says:

    That first sentence alone: “Satan condemns us accusingly to make us fee guilty. God convicts us lovingly to lead our hearts to repentance.” really awakened my need to shut out Satan’s negative talk in my head and instead focus on the Holy Spirit’s soothing instruction. Thank you, Renee!

  56. Telia Carman says:

    Condemnation has overcome me lately. I know in Christ there is no condemnation, but the enemy is really keeping my faults and failures in front of me lately and I can’t seem to get past this. Prayers are so appreciated.

  57. Corine Lampers says:

    I love the simplicity of how you break down the difference between God’s conviction and the enemy’s condemnation. I can’t wait to share this knowledge gained from your post. Thank you so much!

  58. Heather says:

    I can so relate to your scenario in the kitchen. I can feel so close to God…at peace…and then BOOM, one thing sets me over the edge! And then I feel like a failure…as a wife, a mother, a friend, etc. It was reassuring to be reminded of the difference between condemnation and conviction. I think more reminders of this would be helpful in keeping my mind focused on God’s unconditional love for me.

  59. Thank you for todays devotion. It was such a comfort and encouragement. It seems like I have struggled with this issue of feeling guilty and shamed forever-a constant struggle to block out the condemming thoughts so that I can hear God’s words of love and acceptance.

  60. I am making progress in this area. I can usually redirect my negative thoughts, and apply a promise. I have one thought that really has a stronghold on me, and it reoccurs repeatedly. It is the thought that others will not want to befriend me or like me. I think they will not be interested in what I have to say. I know I am rejecting others before they can reject me. No matter how many times I rebuke this thought it comes back. I would like help in how to break these strongholds. Thank you for your posts.

  61. I woke up this morning feeling awful about a situation with my son and so I tried to find excuses not to do my Proverbs 31study. Well, here I am and I was so surprised to begin reading and find this was just for me today. I have never heard the difference of condemnation and conviction. What a beautiful promise you taught me today that I can cling on to. God is good and provided just what I needed at the right moment. I would love the opportunity to win your resources.

  62. Renee you really know how to lift some spirits up. I look forward to reading your devotionals everyday, its a reminder im not in this battle to keep my sanity alone. Others go thru what i go thru and god is on our side. God bless you!

  63. God’s timing never fails to amaze me. I’ve been trying to finally face this problem over the last few days through Bible study and prayer. Old habits are hard to break but I know our God is good and it’s not Him condemning me. This is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do but I am grateful it is not my strength or wisdom I have to rely on. Thank you for the encouragement!

  64. I feel God has blessed me with so much insight and desire to serve Him in a greater capacity. He inspires me to use the talents He has given me in ways that would show His love, mercy to the world and glorify Him in the hearts of those I’m lead to minister to. But the devil keeps saying, “You’re not strong enough, talented enough, or smart enough to attempt such things.” I need all the help I can get to block out those statements of negativity and listen to my Father, who is able to strengthen me, and is the giver of talents and wisdom. My God who is able to do all He has promised through me if only I will listen to Him.

  65. It wasn’t until I read your devotional tonight that I truly realised that my negative self talk is a tool Satan uses to condemn me. I often feel like God should hate me because I’m such a stuff-up (this has been compounded recently due to IVF failure, and so I feel like a failure on many levels like providing my husband with kids, my parents and his parents with grand kids and just.. Well.. It seems to come so easily to pretty much everyone else!). Thank you Renee, for your reminder that the Holy Spirit convicts (and is specific) rather than condemns (and being broad).
    It would really be a blessing to me (and probably others too), if you could help/advise those of us who want to be mums but can’t be and the guilt and condemnation that comes with that.
    And yes, I want to kick condemnation to the curb too! 🙂

  66. Mary Ann Bell says:

    Wow, I have to say your words mirror my thoughts and my actions on a daily basis. Feeling the guilt, the shame, and just not good enough, and then beating myself up for feeling that way when I know that God loves me and those are not his words or his thoughts toward me.
    Thank you for your encouraging words and words of wisdom that we all need to hear.

  67. So many need wisdom me as well. The last ladies Bible study I attended was mostly full time out of the home employed and they looked exhausted. I’m sure they were trying but group building was missing. This would make an amazing study w a small group.

  68. Michelle says:

    E Lord’s timing is so incredible. I am currently beginning to change myself to become physically healthy and strong after years of self hatred, eating disorder, and negativity. I became a Christian a few years ago and while the Lord has begun the healing process I have been shown lately that we have a long way to go! I am constantly overcome with thoughts like “I am so fat”, “I am so ugly”, “they think I am just fat and lazy”. I know these are not from God but now I have a name for them -condemnation. The Lord is using you this morning to speak directly to me (and to many other women with worst situations and stronger needs). Thank you God and Renee.

  69. I’m in the midst of such turmoil.My husband of 41 years is leaving me.I’m filling my heart and mind with all the godly teaching I can get my hands onto.

  70. Jenny Rutan says:

    Renee you and your heart ALWAYS speak to my heart and spirit. Thank you for the encouragement that we women battle with so much. I have those days like you as a mom and wife, sometimes they can be overwhelming. God uses you to encourage so many. God bless you!

  71. Thank you for always sharing yourself and the Word with us. Your openness shows that we are not alone in our quest to serve the Lord through our own shortcomings.

  72. Totally relate to this. I get stuck in self doubt and I can’t find my way out – leading me to feel worse and then even act worse or absent since I’m stuck in my head. Really appreciate you sharing about repentance since that leads to peace and gives hope. Thank you.

  73. Love this, grateful for this message of encouragement.

  74. Satan loves to paralyze us by hitting our weaknesses. Thank you all ladies at Proverbs 31 for teaching from God’s word and explaining truths that help keep us strong in the Lord <3

  75. Michelle says:

    It is challenging to identify the difference. Often the result of feeling bad about something causes the action to change but the source of that change is the key in me. Actual repentance leads to knowing God’s love better, condemnation may change my actions but only by animosity toward self leading further from God.

  76. Tammy Dobson says:

    Good Morning:)
    I would really love to have the steps in overcoming and taking control of the emotions and feelings that come with guilt and condemnation. I always have and always do try to take care of everybody and everything and make sure that everyone is happy and when I fail at any of this , it weighs on me very heavily in mind, my heart for a very long time. Sometimes it may go away but seems to sneak back in and the feelings of failing hits me all over again.

    God Bless:)
    Tammy Dobson

  77. My husband speaks so unkind to himself. It breaks my heart to hear him. I want to offer him insight to overcome his condemning words. Thank you for sharing.

  78. Renee
    thank you for this message. I struggle constantly with condemnation confusing it with conviction at times. Especially in the darkness of my depression and anxiety. Now I feel better equipped for those arrows of condemnation the enemy shots at me. I worked through the three most condemning thoughts I get. I’m hopeful that in the future I can more easily recognize and then quickly take action to thwart the attacks of satan on me.
    Thanks again!

  79. YES! I would love to join you on your quest to kick guilt and condemnation. I too never knew the difference and I always thought it was how God was condemning me. Now I know it is Satan. I would love to learn more about how to quit condemning thoughts when it comes to food issues and making choices to get healthier. I would love to learn how to have a confident heart and learn how to have more confidence. Thank you for taking time to serve Christ and build others up in Christ Jesus. You have blessed my day!

  80. For months I have struggled under the weight of condemnation and emotional pain. I’ve been trying to use scripture to fight against the father of lies, but it’s feels like I’m swinging a sword in the dark. Today’s post really helped clarify for me that it has been condemnation (and not true conviction). Thank you for handing me a useful tool to use in this battle.

  81. A few key verses to memorize and guide me through repentence in these times, then remind myself of God’s grace in forgiveness would be the best help for me. Thank you for sharing and helping us all in this area.

  82. Terrilynn M. says:

    I’d appreciate prayer. Satan surely has a well designed tool box that he craftily reaches into to thwart my peace and/or productivity. I think it includes a stun gun. Eventually, I am able to come out of the stupor and regain my spiritual footing, and I am SO grateful to you and other Christians that God has put in my path that help me regain that footing by speaking truth in the midst of the madness around us! Onward and upward!

  83. julia abbott says:

    Ps 85:10 “Mercy and truth are met together: righteousness and peace have k8ssed each other!. I am so thankful for God’s grace and mercies towards me when I fail. His gentlenes makes me great inspite of my failures. He knows my human frame and there is therefore, now no condemnation in Him. Thank you for your devotuons. They are beautiful.

  84. Rae Urban says:

    Thank you for opening my eyes to the difference between condemnation and conviction. We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves, but, rather, more forgiving; striving to be more like Jesus.

  85. Shawna S says:

    Thank you for your devotion today, totally hit home for me. I can’t tell you the times I have obsessed over my guilt or regret and what a waste of time. I feel empowered to ask myself some key questions to determine if the Holy Spirit is working on me or if Satan knows how to waste my time. Thank you!

  86. Jada Huff says:

    Nice to recognize one is rooted in guilt and one in love. Loved the comparison in condemnation and conviction! I now have a tool in my belt to help! Blessings!

  87. Melissa Kemp says:

    Thank you for sharing about the difference between condemnation and conviction. I needed to hear that!

  88. Leslie Barton says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart so openly and honestly!! I am a leader at Celebrate Recovery for the Mixed Issues group and I love to share your daily devotionals with my ladies. Your stories are always exactly what we need to hear. Thank you again!!!

  89. This couldn’t come at a better time for me. Lately I have repeated thoughts of how worthless I am. These thoughts bring on depression and hopelessness. The cycle once started seems unending and just keeps repeating. Over and over I hear the same message in my head….you are worthless, you’re a failure. Thank you for taking the time to reveal Gods truth.

  90. Nadia McIntosh says:

    I had a break at work today, so I decided to have a quick little quiet time. I was reading this devotion on the Proverbs 31 ministries today and all I can say is “wow!” Right on time!

    I’ve recently been reinstated as the Sunday School teacher in my church. Well for some reason or another i was really tired when I got home from work yesterday. Cooked my lunch for the next few days, kind of straightened up my bedroom. Then I got all of my study materials out for this coming Sunday’s lesson so that I can study. Laid out all of my materials on the bed. All of a sudden I was getting really sleepy. So sleepy that I pushed my materials off of the bed and went to sleep.

    Woke up this morning and I felt condemnation staring me in the face. I can’t do anything right. I failed God…this and that. It was so bad to the point where i almost skipped praying. But I prayed anyway. And I was honest with God. He was telling me Nadia stop trying to do stuff apart from me. I am the Vine and you are the branch, and apart from Me you can do nothing. He said other things too. Tears streaming down my face all I could do was say I love you, which shocked me lol. I wrote in my journal and that was that.

    Point is, God is teaching me to walk in His grace and His love. Next time I will ask for wisdom when it comes to my study time. It’s not that I’m so busy, it’s just that I procrastinate a lot. But I realize that diligence is not my strong trait, and I have to ask Him for help in this area, which is okay. 🙂

  91. I so needed this, this week! I’m going to print a copy to place in my Bible as a reminder for me.

  92. Devotion really hit home this morning! Thank you!

  93. I am a teenage single mom who is very involved at church. I am a youth leader and am a part of praise and worship team. I am also involved in several organizations in and out of school. I am very personable and friendly. I like to hang out with friends and listen to stories. I am also a family girl. I love and value my family deeply. With all these roles I play in my life, I find myself struggling with balancing my time. I get overwhelmed with everything that’s happening around me and ends up not being effective at anything at all. I would feel guilty every time because I feel like what I’m doing is not enough and ends up not doing anything at all. My confidence go lower and lower every day and I’m starting to settle for less. I’m starting to feel that I am not enough for anything (to have a partner, to be a role model for my child, to be a friend, a leader, and a daughter). It’s my passion to serve God but my weaknesses are hindering me from doing so. I think A confident Heart devotional will help me get back on track, of course with prayers tied to it.

  94. Rachel C says:

    God truly has His hand on you and your ministry Renee! I’m struggling so much right now trying to be a mom, wife, homemaker, teacher, and stay out of the lane where I constantly feel I am failing at everything I am so desperately trying to do for my family and for The Lord .

    My husband has been diagnosed with a migraine disorder that keeps him from being able to work. We’ve lost his income. We are lucky to get 10 good days with him in a month. We are a blended family of 5 kids ages 5,6,7,8 & 11. I teach all year and now am working to keep food on the table and the lights on. The house is in shambles, my kids need me and I cannot be there, my husband is so depressed for not being able to provide for us and not being able to get well (they can’t find the cause or a cure or even a treatment that effectively works). We have lost our vehicles, etc etc etc. thankful for our home and electricity and full bellies- and yet, my constant partner is the still small voice – who am I kidding? The raging screaming accuser that has me in constant turmoil that its never going to be enough. That I am never going to be enough.

    I would order the book YESTERDAY!!! But there isn’t money for extras like this. I know I sound like a sob story and I feel embarrassed to have to admit where I am emotionally and physically as a wife and mom- and even more as a daughter of the King who feels unworthy. To have your book would mean so much.

    Thank you for reading my novel. Even if the book doesn’t happen I feel better having been able to (sort of) anonymously write down how I am feeling and know I am not alone. Thank you so much for being willing to let God use you.

    Numbers 6:23-24

  95. Amber M. says:

    wow that little thing … that one little thing…. “God’s conviction is specific and won’t condemn us for who we are, but focuses on something we’ve done.” that negative voice inside my head always seems to start with “I am so…” or “I am such…” to know that’s the enemy is so eyeopening now… I know now that maybe my action or my deed is what is to change, not me 🙂 how freeing!

  96. Desiree says:

    Before rededicating my life to Christ, I had done quite a few things to my family and children. As I grow closer and closer to Christ, memories of the things I’ve done, esp that affected my children, haunt me. At times I think the way they behave is payback for how I treated them (even though they’re too young to remember). I hate hainng these thoughts. I know they are from satan but I still feel so guilty.

  97. I need this more than I thought…and God made certain it was on my computer screen to know it!

  98. Amber Owens says:

    I struggle to know wether it is conviction or condemnation I often wonder if I am failing God or am I on the right path. It helps to read your devotional because I am starting to understand what to listen to and what not to listen to thank you

  99. Kristine says:

    I am a first time mom struggling with the confidence that I’m even doing anything right. I want to raise my son to fully trust in and walk with the Lord, but I need to be confident in myself and my own walk first. I’ve always been one to put myself down and kick myself down further when I don’t live up to my own expectations of myself. This is one of those habits/traits that I don’t want my son to inherit from me. I want to rid it from my life before he is old enough to pick it up from me.

  100. Kate L. says:

    Thank you for this posting. I had just been praying about how I could talk to my son about correcting a mistake made, without being judgmental and accusatory. I have a hard time dealing with knowing how to teach my son the difference between right and wrong without accusation and stress. I read today in that Jesus spoke with gentleness and kindness to the Samaritan woman at the well and that she found acceptance not judgment in his words and actions. Those words together with your words about conviction not condemnation were a well timed blessings for me. Thank you!

  101. Claudia says:

    As a mom, I feel like my go-to reaction when my son “messes up” is to preach and heap guilt on him. I hate that he feels that way because I love him so. I am consciously working on how I say things to him, as well as not saying too much. Stop and pray before you speck, mama!

  102. I have such a problem with this. Thank you for sharing. I will need to pray daily for the discernment needed to only trust the convicting voice and then to act on it.

  103. I have difficulty hearing God and knowing which path is the right path to take. Reading your devotions seem to help clear the water as to what God whats for me and it makes it easier to just learn and be peaceful and listen to God and know that it is Him.

  104. Heatherlee says:

    I live with a contant reminder that I am always wrong. Reading today about the difference between condemnation and conviction was extremely helpful and eye opening. Not being good enough is Satan’s lies. Thank you for this post. I think this book #kc2tc would be a great benefit in helping me overcome listen to the lies. Thank you!

  105. Heather says:

    I love your book! I think the devotional (and these other awesome materials!) would be a wonderful way to daily remind myself of my worth in God’s eyes. I struggle with anxiety/depression at times, and I’ve always had issues with self esteem. When I did “A Confident Heart” online Bible study with Proverbs 31 ministries, I really felt like a burden lifted from my mind! I went from a place of fear to a place of confidence in my Lord and His plan for me.
    The thing that really helped me was the weekly Bible verses to memorize and map out (if I had time to map them!). So, if I had to tell you the best way you could help me, it would be a weekly email or printable Bible verse series that I could commit to memory (or at least write down and post in my car to look over on my daily commute!).
    Thank you so much Renee for all you do!

  106. BEVERLY says:

    I love this I am so bad at condemning myself always feels condemned no matter what I do love your postings
    God bless

  107. Tabatha says:

    although I have a wonderful husband, I regularly have thoughts of not being a good enough wife. After a little argument this past weekend, I have especially been feeling like a horrible wife. This devotional spoke right to my heart today. I appreciate you, your heart, and your prayers!

  108. Melita M. says:

    The past 1-1/2 years have been the most difficult. What confidence I had and my peace and joy are gone. The excitement I had in studying God’s Word is gone as well. I see myself only as a failure. I fear the future and see loneliness. Fear consumes me. I feel rejected and unwanted. I want so much to be loved.

  109. Elaine Segstro says:

    Thank you for sharing the difference between condemnation and conviction. I often look back and feel “condemned” for how I raised my sons, what I said and did to family and to others. I SO appreciate you sharing of the Holy Spirit’s conviction – how freeing!

  110. Thank you Renee for the EXACT encouragement God knows I personally needed today!
    I’m reminded of (and grateful for) the gift we have—The Holy Spirit indwelling us with loving conviction (those gentle whispers of loving correction) to draw us to repentance and restoration!
    Renee, the best and most kind way you can help me overcome guilt and condemnation: I simply ask for the gift of prayer today—over my heart and mind—that in those moments in my life when I realize “Uh oh, I’ve just blown it again”—whether in my attitude or through an unkind word spoken to a family member—please will you pray that I will quickly be able to discern between the LIES of the Enemy and The Voice of Truth from the Holy Spirit. I look forward to being built up stronger in my faith in the days ahead as I learn and begin practicing 3 Ways to Kick Condemnation to the Curb (for good)!

    And thank you for the chance to win one of your Summer Devotional Gift Packs! The CD message you plan to include in your give-away sounds like the perfect message I need to hear so that I can serve God more confidently, and thus effectively, as one who is called to write and speak for Him. (Dear Lord, please equip me with your confidence!) I look forward to possibly meeting you Renee at She Speaks in a few weeks!

  111. I so struggle with past sin issues that I can’t “make right” with individuals. Although I have confessed these sins to the Lord, I have no way to find people from over 40 years ago and the enemy keeps telling me unless I confess my wrong done to them (leave your gift at the altar) then I can’t be forgiven. At least I think it’s the enemy. Is it the enemy? Why would it keep coming up? Should I be trying to find people from 40 to 50 years ago and ask their forgiveness for offences??

  112. Thanks for your insightful words! I struggle with guilt and condemnation through examples like yours. There are times when I have corrected my children or spoken to my husband in not-so-loving ways. In the heat of the moment, I only feel right and deserving. However, afterwards, the negative thoughts set in. I would like to learn to listen to the HS at those times and not Satan.

  113. Your scenario today was like you were in my house watching. I am the mom of 4 children aging from 3 months up to 8 years old. I condemn myself a lot and feel like a failure most of the time. I find myself having to stop and pray and asking God to forgive me and asking my children or husband or whomever is involved to forgive me for losing my temper & patients. And each day God gives me the grace to continue on and is constantly working within me to make me stronger in Him where I know my worth in Him and don’t continue to constantly make these same mistakes

    Thank you for being obedient to God and helping us (other women) understand the difference between the two. May God continue Bless you and use you for His glory!

    It would truly be a blessing to win one of your giveaways.

  114. Kristi Mineer says:

    I never realized until reading this encouragement that there was a difference
    between condemnation and conviction. Now that my eyes have been opened, and my heart made aware I realize I have been cowering in condemnation abd lack of self worth most of my life. Any help to break free from this bondage would be grace in action. Thank you.

  115. Bridgette says:

    Yes! I am sometime so condemning. I best myself up over things I know I ought to let go. Especially things that have
    hurt me or people that hurt me.

    Lord Jesus, please help me to “let it go!” in Jesus name AMEN! Forgive me my sins and heal my broken heart. No more condemning, no more condemnation. The Lord sent not his son into the world to conemn us, so then why should we condemn ourselves?

  116. Joanna Guntet says:

    I have those condemning thoughts a lot, and they mess with the belief in my goodness. I want to kick Satan to the curb. I want to be able to discern effectively between conviction and condemnation. I want to be able to push away those condemning thoughts with strength in God’s words of love for me.

  117. I grew up in a household with an alcoholic father and a co-dependent mother. Guilt was how you lived in my house. I married an alcoholic, abusive man and stayed with him for 32 years…of course everything that went wrong was my fault. For 2 years after he divorced me, I would look in the mirror and call myself the names he had always called me. One day I saw this necklace that had a little peapod on it and the word “Princess”. I thought, that’s what I am because I’m God the King’s daughter. Every time I would start to call myself a name I would hold onto that necklace and tell myself “I’m a child of God”. Now you would think I had it made but the guilt for so many other things gets overwhelming at times. I didn’t think of it as Satan trying to convince me that I am unworthy. I don’t know what you can do for me more than you have with your words of encouragement. I will be asking for the 3 Ways to Kick Condemnation to the Curb message. Thank you for being a woman God is using to help people like me.

  118. Condemnation and shaming seems to be a continual struggle – the I’m not good enough or I’m failing thoughts are sometimes almost paralyzing in a way. The contrast between condemnation and conviction is so stark that it should be something easily grasped and yet I slip back into the feelings of guilt so quickly some days! Clinging to the ‘there is therefore now no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit’ of Romans 8:1 and realizing how your blog post today rings so true to what God wants me to understand right where I am!

  119. I’ve struggled so much with this my whole life. I’m really looking forward to getting this devotional.

  120. eliza black says:

    This month have been one of struggles at every corner. But what have helped me it’s to know that i’m not the only one christian who is living through the same. To know that it’s not bad for me to feel the way i feel and that also it’s something that could be overcome, it’s reconforting. Thanks for sharing not only your personal struggles, but also to helping us with practical tips c:

  121. I am such a perfectionist, that when anything goes astray from how I feel it should go, I get a little (sometimes a lot) frustrated. And when that happens sometimes I say and do things that aren’t in my “normal” character. My kids or husband at that time will look at me like I have three eyes! I admit that I can say some pretty hurtful things when I get mad. My problem is that I let things build up and then I explode! And of course I feel super guilty. So learning the difference between God’s conviction and Satan’s condemnation is so enlightening! Knowing we have such a loving, patient God is so awesome!

  122. I have been praying for discernment between God’s word and Satan’s word. Thank you for your post and helping me to begin to understand the difference.

  123. Susan G says:

    I want to kick condemnation not only ‘to the curb’, but into the next county! The evil one loves to use all the lies he can conjure up to keep us down and non-victorious. We need to remember – they are only LIES! I need to identify the ‘lies’ quicker each time I hear them, and to replace them with the Word of God – the real Truth!
    Thanks Renee!

  124. Sharice Wasson-Irons says:

    This so very often happens to me, quick to get upset and then tear myself down because of my outburst. I need this book to help m focus on the Holy Spirit and turn the negative thoughts I have into positive focus on what God has in store for me. Thank God for your inspiring ministry.

  125. Renee, I have struggled with self doubt for most of my life. But especially so after becoming a Mom 7 years ago. I read your book A Confident Heart about a year ago and was so encouraged. I had some great breakthroughs. God was doing some amazing things in my life. But recently several circumstances has brought setbacks. I had already been thinking I needed some refreshing from your book and looking into getting your devotional book before your devotion on P31 today. Thank you for your encouraging words!

  126. Jennifer Jessop says:

    So many of us struggle with self-condemning thoughts. The definitions of condemnation and conviction were very helpful. I plan to share them with other women who deal with this issue. Thanks for sharing. This devotion is meeting a great need.

  127. Thanks Renee for this post. I have been struggling to lose the last 50 pounds of weight, I’ve already lost 50 and have done so good, in the last three months I came to a sudden halt, and nothing is happening and I’m starting to feel discouraged. I’m still doing what I have to do to lose, but it’s getting to the point where I want to stop ( I haven’t but I think about I)…… I start to think how bad I am for doubting and wanting to stop. I guess that’s satan trying to help me fail (guess this would be condemnation?) and then I feel conviction, cause I know I can do all things through Christ Jesus. I have submitted my doubts and discourgement to God and have asked Him to help me along this journey. I will continue to pray, and know that I will be victorious in Jesus…
    Thanks again…
    It would be such a blessing to have a copy of your devotional…

  128. Thank you for sharing this today. I often struggle & wrestle with comdemnation of myself for past sins that I committed. I’m trying to learn that Jesus has already forgiven me & I should do the same. I myself have been going through some rough times and because I’m so overwhelmed, I may take it out of my kids by saying things to them in the wrong tone. Comdemning them for things that they did, instead of learning how to re-word it so that it may convict their hearts to make them understand and think on what they did. Thank you dearly for your post!

    I’d also like to share a quote from a friend that was given to me yesterday. It truely blessed me “God did not allow all of your hardships to destroy you…this rough place will develop you and your best is yet to come! -God loves you!”

  129. I feel sometimes that God will not keep on forgiving me when I repeat the same sin eg: not praying everyday or studying the word everyday or being self centered and caring about my needs instead of being more involed in the church. I know the word says a just man falls seven times and quickly rises up again, and that helps me to continue to try to do better each time I fail to do what is right. I just hate that my flesh sometimes wins and then I feel terrible. I want to kC2TC. I don’t know if you touch on this in your devotionals, but if not maybe you could add it somewhere down the road. Today is my first day reading your devotion. My daughter shared it with me this morning. I loved it.

  130. Sarah Weeden says:

    I would really appreciate this right now. I’m struggling with God’s path for me and I feel like such a failure. I’ve sunk into a deep depression and am having a hard time pulling myself out of it. If you would consider me I would really appreciate it.

  131. Tiffany Clark says:

    I often hear satans thoughts instead of Gods when I have failed. I would love to learn how to hear Gods conviction instead of condemnation. Thanks for sharing

  132. Andrea Tillotson says:

    I suffer from depression like so many women have shared. In 2008, I discovered that my husband had slipped back into an addiction, and it sent me into a tailspin. He is much better now, but I cannot seem to snap out of it. All I want to do is isolate.
    I am trying to focus on the renewal of my mind and to try to choose joy, but it is such struggle to see the joy in things when I am hurting. I have heard that depression is anger focused inward, but I am not angry at me. I am angry at him…hmmmm. It’s a dilemma. I need some help!

  133. Thanks for such a timely intervention and for opening my heart to this message and understanding the
    Difference between condemnation and conviction
    Knowing that God/Holy spirit will give us the solution is so true and real in my experiences.
    God bless you richly

  134. I first want to thank you for your ministries, they have gotten me through many situations. I am on an journey to become the best I can in Christ, and have many steps to go. I am in a marriage that I am not sure will last, I want so much to be the wife that God meant me to be but it seems Satan has other plans at times. I have been fighting Satan for 28 years in this marriage, of course only about 10 of those have I really had Christ as the center. Satan however speaks through my husband to me, to knock me down and make me feel like a terrible wife, person, friend and woman. I didn’t realize this until today reading Convicted but not Condemned. I suddenly realized that all of those hurtful terrible things that were spat at me last night in yet another terrible argument that might possibly lead to divorce, was Satan. I immediately got in the Word last night and realized that what my husband wants is respect and what I need is love. I apologized for what I said and for not respecting him. I went to bed in a different room than my husband last night and for now this is how it will be. I need to be in the Word each and every day morning and night to get through this season.

    I am asking for prayers for my marriage, I love this man with my very soul but we both deserve to have happiness, please pray that we can give each other what God wants us to. Thank you again for the encouragement and strength your ministries give me.

    PS. My baby boy is going to be a husband in less than 20 days, please pray for them as they start this journey together.

  135. Your comments about conviction reminded me of the chorus “It’s your kindness O Lord that leads us to repentance….” I lost my job recently, and it has been difficult to get out of bed some days because of the condemnation and anger with myself and others. I want to trust and #kc2tc.

  136. Jennifer says:

    I was so touched by your devotional today. I would love a chance to read your book. I am so bad about this. I heard a talk by Joyce Meyer last week talking about how some people see “correction” as “rejection”; that is SO me!

  137. It’s crazy all the things the devil can try to convince me of… I recently quit my career working for a great company to be at home with our four children. I try daily to rid my thoughts of “horrible mom” and “wrong decisions”. Deep in my heart I know this is where God wants me but some days it’s hard to listen to that small voice calling from somewhere among the shouts of negativity! Thanks for this post, I’m excited to read the email. I know we all need this at some point and for some reason or other.

  138. I have had asked for forgiveness for past sins. I know I have been forgiven, but I still struggle with it at times when things come up that remind me of what I had done. I think Satan still triggers that to make me think I am not worthy of God’s forgiveness for what I had done in the past.
    I also struggle at work (daily!) with co-workers and the conversations that are spoken all around me. They are very negative and gossipy (if that’s a word??). I ask God everyday to help me only say things to lift others up, but there are many days that I fail Him with that. It is so easy to get caught up in these conversations and go along with what is being said by others and putting my 2cents in! So any help I can get with condemnation and conviction, bring it on!

  139. I just got done reading “A Confident Heart”! I need to reread some ~ how it touched my heart! I really needed this! My self-confidence stinks!! 🙁 I would love to read the devotional! Thank you!

  140. Jessica Lee says:

    I am struggling so much right now. When I read this post, I recognized that voice of condemnation so readily. It tells me constantly,
    “You’re so lazy.”
    “You do not contribute ANYTHING to your family.”
    “You hurt people constantly because you are selfish.”
    And on, & on, & on. I was struggling with my faith, & doubting what I knew of God & my relationship with Him. I joined a friend at her church which was a different faith than my own. The Holy Spirit would not quit pricking at my heart. Even as I tried my hardest to completely immerse myself in the things I was hearing at this church, my heart was crying out, “NO! That is NOT what God’s Word says!!!” Eventually, I got into my Bible and I stayed there until God’s truth were plain & evident to me. I had to tell my husband that I was wrong, I had to explain to my children why we were going back to our old church, and most difficult of all, I had to try to explain to my friend (who had become more of a sister by this point) why I could no longer attend church and worship with her. There were a lot of hurt feelings, disappointment, tears, and even accusations of cowardice … and in the end, our friendship has been severely (if not irreparably) damaged.
    I find myself floundering now … I am not listening to untruths, but my joy is gone. I feel as though I am a hypocrite, & a liar. I need your prayers so desperately, Renee. I have wasted too long not being the woman God created me to be. I just don’t know what the next step is from here.

    • Chasidy says:

      Praying for you right now!! Please remember God’s mercy is new every day! Satan will stop at nothing to keep us discouraged, and distracted. There is a couple verses that I wanted to share with you that may help you….2 Corinthians 10:5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.
      When Satan tries to get me to believe his lies, by attacking my mind. I have to use this verse to fight him. Also, Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, JOY, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness…..Satan is lying to you, by trying to make you believe you have lost your joy….as a child of God, you have access to JOY at all times, through the fruit of His Spirit.
      And the last one is Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
      Please don’t allow Satan to distract you or discourage you. I pray that God will mold you into the woman he created you to be, most of the times, he uses the trials of life to do that : )
      P.S. If you can, google the lyrics to Matthew West Song / Hello My Name Is….it’s truly awesome and so fitting for your situation!
      Lots of Love,

  141. Like so many others on here, I let Satan run my life, and adding to that a lack of faith, or even knowledge of God, ruined my life and almost caused me to want to end mine last year. Believe me I tried and had it planned but a few attempts later, God apparently wasn’t ready to see me yet and had other plans for me. Thank you Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior – He saved me from the depths of despair and complete darkness. I know He has forgiven me and loves me, although I too doubt how could someone so perfect and beautiful love someone like me but I have to, and we all have to, trust our Lord and Savior that he died for us and our sins, no matter how terrible. I have to believe that or I discount him. Seeing these posts from Renee and the Proverbs31 team honestly helps me, they truly do, to focus on that love and to keep going. My life is far from perfect, but I know I won’t let myself go back down there again… Keep hoping and praying! Blessings to all.

  142. Amber Chapais says:

    I think you can help me with all your great wisdom and your great devotions. I would love to join you on this journey. I know I would surely benefit from God and you together. I need more self-esteem, God bless you.

  143. Tammy Trietch says:

    Renee, I love your insights – they relate great, basic Christian principles! This is exactly what I need to share with a young mother who was recently incarcerated due to bad decisions she made (specifically drugs). THANK YOU for this timely blog.

  144. Every day I fall into some sort of trap of self-condemnation and would love to know how to avoid this.

  145. Wow this sounds like my life story. I constantly find myself in the jaws of shame. My sister when I was younger made a poster of truths vs. lies and Bible verses to memorize. I could definitely use a reminder myself these days. Also, leading mentoring at my church most women deal with this in some form or another so this would be a great resource for them. Thx for the book giveaway and may you be blessed for your gracious generous heart!

  146. So thankful for the Lord to inspire you to write this blog. I truly needed this after a non Christian friend posted on facebook about how hypocritical Christians are and that they are brainwashed and have no ideas. I’m so glad to read the truth about this very situation!

  147. Thank you so much for this. God’s timing is perfect. Our Sunday School Group had this exact discussion on Sunday morning. I shared with them!

  148. I’ve never heard it put this way and it really opened my eyes. This will really help me to stop condemning myself for mistakes of 10+ years that I have already repented of. THANK YOU.

  149. This devotional will greatly assist me in goal to draw closer to God. I daily feel unworthy of not only his love and care but that of my family and husband. I really feel in a pit, and logically know how I got there yet I struggle with pulling myself out. I recently had a baby and I find myself comparing my body image to my husbands ex-wife who has lost lots of weight while I have been gaining. I feel fat and ugly and very unattractive. I believe it has a lot to do with my luke warm relationship with my creator. While I was pregnant I felt confident and sure of myself…….I ask for your prayers, thank you

  150. Chasidy says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the difference between condemnation and conviction. I actually had an experience yesterday, that kind of relates. I am currently looking for a job, and I quit my last job, because my boss lied to me on several occasions. I had one potential employer tell me that he had said some not nice things, even though this particular person didn’t believe him. I was worried some might….so I called my friend and asked her to call this old boss, and pretend she was going to be interviewing me, to see what he was saying…..I know AWFUL IDEA…..Not only was I trying to deceive my old boss, but I had asked a friend to lie. I knew Jesus was telling me it was wrong, but I rationalized the situation….However, when I read your devotional today, the Holy Spirit lovingly convicted me, again. It wasn’t a condemning accusation, it was a “this is not how you should act, please apologize and don’t go through with this”. So I sent her a text and apologized for asking her to do such a thing. Again, thank you for always being so open and honest about your feelings/issues, it helps the rest of us do the same.

    • Im so proud of you Chasidy!! It’s easy to justify things like that when we’ve been hurt but you chose God’s ways that are higher by listening to the Holy Spirit’s conviction. What a courageous and honest decision you made! God will honor you for honoring Him in that way. Again, so proud of you girl!!

  151. Jessica F says:

    Loved your book, would love the devotional to remind myself everyday that I am loved and accepted. Thanks!

  152. GInger M. says:

    Thank you.

  153. Pamela Whitson says:

    I lost my 16 yr old daughter to domestic violence. The guilt I feel daily is so powerful and overwhelming I cannot describe it. I have felt many times that I should have died beside her that night. I know we are supposed to live our life with if only and could/should have but it seems impossible not too.

    • Pamela, I cannot imagine the weight of your pain and the temptation of guilt as a mom. I am sure I would feel the same way. And it’s part of the grieving, I’m sure. Here’s what I know, Jesus and your daughter don’t want you to let Satan, and the person who killed your child, take your life too. Give yourself time to heal, and talk to someone who can help you, walk with you though this trauma and deep loss, and the natural feelings of “if only” and “I should have…” just know this, that is not what God is saying to you. His heart breaks with yours, and so does mine. Carrying you in my prayers to the feet of Jesus tonight.

  154. Our life has just been turned upside down. My husband & I were planning to buy my parents home & build in-law quarters for my Mom. My older brother put a stop to those plans on July 4th. He yelled at us, called both of us horrible names, accused us of bullying our Mother and only doing this for selfish reasons. We prayed and talked about this & believe God telling us to stop now before there are more angry words spoken. The history with my brother & I is not the best, he sexually abused me for 2 years when I was 12, asked our parents to refinance their house so he could buy a bar and never paid them back, was found guilty of inappropriate touching his daughter and served jail time. I felt guilty when this was made public, if I would have said something, maybe my niece would not have been hurt. God is great and has showed me His love, grace and mercy over and over – even when I give Him my pain and guilt and ask for it back again. Praise Him for taking it once again for me!

  155. Sonja Bailey says:

    I grew up feeling like I never did any thing right… and it carries over to my adult life…I seem to forever be saying I’m sorry when I know in fact it is not my fault… I let the effects of condemnation over power me… at some point I feel Gods arms wrap me up lovingly and show me a better way… the feeling of God loving me is like nothing else of importance … I feel so silly when I feel Satans condemnation and know Gods loving conviction would be better…

  156. This past year has been a living nightmare full of guilt and shame as flashbacks and nightmares replay themselves over and over related to abuse. If you have any ideas on letting go of the guilt and shame that I am dealing with it would be appreciated. As a result of the pass I have just lost my job. Now there is so much guilt for not getting better and for not working. I confine myself to my house most of the time and am very lonely. I feel like if I made better decisions as a kid I would be married and have kids. Instead my life continues to spiral out of control.

  157. Kristina says:

    This is probably my greatest struggle. I seem to hear on repeat all of.the enemy’s lies and it’s the same record I’ve been list to for most of my life. I am ready to break free and be the woman God made me to be!

  158. I continually have thoughts that play in my head regarding not being good enough. It doesnt help either when you are looking for a job for two years and get rejection notices or told you werent selected. My house is in disarray okay so it would remind someone of oscar madision. I do read inspiring books but it is hard to put into practice.

  159. Your writing is always so encouraging. You did an excellent job of comparing and contrasting condemnation and conviction. I will join you in kicking condemnation to the curb. When I fall short, I will strive to not condemn myself but think what would the Holy Spirit say. I would love to receive a prayer journal and CD as I do not have those. I have one of your devotionals and an extra one that is currently “checked out” by a lady at my church. Thank you for your wisdom and your giveaways.

  160. Miss Mary T says:

    Renee, I am often on the receiving end of those feelings of guilt for offensive behaviors…in my words and in my thoughts. The guilt really overwhelms me when I am aware but just cannot put a lid on it…I am sorry and say so immediately but it is this knowledge of my weakness and constant struggle with it that begins to take me down the “I am not good enough” path! I have read and participated in your “A Confident Heart” OBS twice, yours and the following OBS at P31. I would love to read your devotional to get a dose a day, like a multivitamin…. thx for this opportunity! God bless!

  161. Kerstin Hall says:

    I appreciate your transparency in sharing this story with us. It helps me to know that I am not alone in this fight to stop condemning thoughts from taking over my mind when I have missed the mark in my relationships with others. Your 3 ways to kick condemnation to the curb serve as a reminder to me of the gentleness of the Holy Spirit. It serves as confirmation to me that God wants us to renew our mind in his Word daily so that we can grasp and take hold of his faithfulness in sharing his true character with us, so that the next time the enemy comes knocking on the doorways of our minds, we can send him packing instead of dwelling on lies that suffocate and steal our joy.

  162. Christie says:

    Hello Renee,
    I really enjoyed your devotional today, so much so I starred it and read it twice. God has taken me through a self discovery and in the process brought certain truths out in the light, such as the one you shared today. God’s Word is truth and brings with it freedom. I have tasted this freedom and it is a high like none other, that keeps me seeking the Lord; my question to you is do you believe we can train our minds to live more in that freedom instead of doubt?. Thank you for taking the time to respond and posting your devotionals to us women, we need it as moms, I believe we carry around so much guilt which is not from God and keeps us from ministering in the way He intended to our husbands and children. God bless you!!

  163. Renee,

    Thank you for all that you share with us. I have been struggling for years. I’m a single mom raising three wonderful children. I have worked for various nonprofits. The last few years I have been underemployed, overqualified and underpaid at my jobs. I recently had a temporary job at a religious organization but am no longer there as the need for my services no longer exists. I am actively job seeking, often doubting myself and my talents and gifts, questioning why my life is like this, why I can’t find a full-time permanent job to serve the Lord. I would love to have this devotional to help me send the enemy packing and live the life He wants me to live.

  164. I am very quick to condemn myself and feel guilty when it comes to my struggle with my finances and being a divorced mother to my 15 year old son and comparing myself to those I think it do it so much better than me. It is very hard not to focus or overlook what I see in the “flesh”. I would like to be better at quickly removing these thoughts and not let them overwhelm me with worry and guilt. I would love to join you in your quest to kick condemnation to the curb!

  165. yamiya scott says:

    Well my life is going through a seasonof change.I’VE been separated now 6m and just served the paper’s but one thing I went through was will God still love me if I go through with this and how will this all play out according to his plan so bibical I have a right but in my hurt you still love and you tryed so hard to make things work so I thought back when we first met how I went on my feelings instead on the truth on what the Lord was telling me not to do now I felt like the consequences of making bad decisions now I’m wondering if god will restore or move me forward what is his plan for my life….??so guilt ,condemnation,and love all plays a part in this Jeremiah 29:-11im meditating on

  166. Jessica Lee says:

    It astounds me that one who does not know me at all in person can so completely understand my heart. The verses you gave me are highlighted in my Bible, and I’ve Googled the lyrics you mentioned. Thank you. You are a beautiful example of God’s love shining through His children. ♡

  167. Susan G says:

    Thanks Renee! So many women haven’t learned the difference yet between conviction and condemnation – thanks for teaching the Truth of God’s Word.

  168. I had never thought about the difference between conviction and condemnation. Most of the time when I mess up I let the devil condemn me and i end up feeling guilty and like a bad person who will never change. But you reminded me that God doesn’t want us to feel that way. He wants to restore us! Thank you for being so easy to relate to and sharing this wonderful message!

  169. HomesteadMomma says:

    Really needed to read this today, thank you! I am a mature Christian and homeschooling, homesteading, practicing hospitality and reaching out to my community. Instead of feeling fulfilled and peaceful, I am battling feelings of shame, failure, despair, anger, loneliness and hopelessness. I feel constantly condemned that I can’t seem to pull myself together inside.

    Thank you again.

  170. I realize that I am not living in freedom. God’s grace may cover my sins but I am constantly expecting myself to do better and it’s been holding me down. I need to switch my focus to God and gratitude and focus on things that are praiseworthy and true. Look forward to reading the Truths you have to share.

  171. Megan Craig says:

    I did not have a chance to read this devotional until this morning prior to going to work. God in His perfect timing knew that these were the words that I needed to read and meditate on today. I was visiting with a girlfriend yesterday and we were talking about the lies we have allowed ourselves to believe despite being rooted in God’s truth. I personally have struggled since I was a little girl with condemning thoughts. It started with the taunts and jeers I received from my classmates (kids can be so mean) and because I did not take a stronghold of those lies and bind them in truth, Satan has continued to condemn me in my weaknesses and rob me of self-confidence. Thank you so much for discussing a topic that is so relevant in our Christian culture and reminding us how to tackle this aspect of spiritual warfare.

  172. Leonora says:

    Thank you for this inspiration, and for defining the difference between condemnation and conviction. I oftentimes find myself in this very situation. I wake up early to have quiet time to myself, to get prepared for the day, and to read the bible/pray/and read helpful devotionals. It seems that my peace is stolen or completely demolished by the third hour of my children being awake. I always ask myself what I did wrong, if i instilled any morals at all into my children, or if I am a failure with no hope at all.

    Breakfast plates everywhere, PJ’s thrown on the floor, bickering begins over the tv remote, the “mommy, i’m bored” starts up… I’ve always been told to be careful what you pray for because God will deliver you into a situation to prepare you for what it is you’ve been praying for. Lately, my prayers have been for peace… a gentle tongue when disciplining and ministering to my children. AND BOY have I been tested! 🙂 Along with your blog, I’ve been reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, and I have learned not to listen to that condemning voice in your head; not to give into it and believe the blasphemous things that the devil is whispering in my ear. I have learned that the voice of the Holy Spirit is gentle, it is coaxing, and it is a beacon of light in any stressful situation that may seem impossible to overcome.

    I know that I would benefit tremendously from the Confident Heart giveaway, and am ready to Kick Condemnation to the Curb!! It’s time to let go of the condemnation, and be lead by conviction to a loving, gentle relationship with all those who I come in contact with.

  173. Renee, thank you for this encouragement, keep them coming. Love reading what you have to say and to know that their are others who go through these circumstances. And so that we may pray for one another.

  174. Thank you so much for this and all of your blog entries – most times they are EXACTLY what I need to begin my day. God is so amazing like that. Lately the enemy has been telling me I’m not a good enough, strong enough wife to my husband. I’m feeling very lost. I know to turn to Him but constantly things are thrown in my path when I try to reach Him. Just this last weekend we thought we were going to loose my mother-in-love (we say love – not law) and my husband has 12 siblings – it was a very rough weekend. It looks like she will make it but in the midst of this I felt very very small. Your encouragement today is exactly what I needed. I am sending this to one of my sister-in-loves as I know it will bless her too!

  175. I too say Thank you so much for this blog. Why do I always think I am the ONLY one who feels or thinks this way sometimes. This is exactly what I need. I am so hard on my self. Condemnation and conviction something I really need to learn about. I so need these tools to change my thinking process.
    Thanks again!!!!

  176. Boy I need to read this. I’ve always had trouble debating the difference in the two. I am very good at condemning myself…I am the first one to do it, to save others the trouble. But I know this isn’t right. This is a wonderful topic for women because I feel like a good portion of women do this to. We really do need to learn more about God’s conviction process and not Satan’s condemnation. Would love to win this giveaway packet as I am sure I would benefit tremendously by it. Thanks for the chance.


  177. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and God’s promises and the chance at the give away! Yes, I struggle to be sure that I am hearing the “right” voice and turning away from and blocking out satan, but God gives me new strength each day–praise God!

  178. I have recently read A Confident Heart and plan to read it again. I know the second time through I will gain insights that I was not able to take in the first time through. I am trying to be confident in all areas of my life. I would enjoy a devotional based on the book to help me continue my journey of spiritual growth.

  179. Your words hit home for me. I sometimes have a habit of saying things to my husband that I should not say, that upset him. This happened just last weekend and I was dealing with both condemnation and conviction. I have prayed for God to help me hold my tongue and for the most part that is happening, but there are those times when I slip. He had worked very hard out in the Texas heat the day before at his mom’s house. She has been put into a home after having 2 strokes and they are getting her home ready to sell in order to pay for her care. The enemy seems to pick those times to attack. It seems to be easier to hurt those closest to us and that is what I did that day. We got through it as we have in the past. After beating myself up I gave it to God and He mends our hearts. I need His help everyday to be the woman He wants me to be and to be able to tell the difference between His conviction and the enemies condemnation. I am so ready to kick condemnation to the curb!!!

    Thanks Renee for your words of encouragement.
    Be Blessed.

  180. I’ve been struggling with condemnation for a while. Your devotion encourage me thank you.

  181. Heather Burton says:

    I’m SO ready to KC2TC!!!

  182. I loved this because I’m just starting to notice the subtle difference between God conviction and the Devil’s condemnation in my life, but I still need to work on discerning it. Every time I fall back into an old habit I totally berate myself that I can never change, but that’s what the devil wants me to think. I can change, and I’ve been working on praising myself for the moments where I hold my tongue, don’t lose my temper and choose not to freak out. I think we all have to realize that change is always a slow process, but we can get there with God’s help!

  183. Lucy Strouse says:

    I love this because I continue to struggle with shame and guilt even though I’m starting to recognize the difference between Satan’s attacks and the Holy Spirit’s guidance.
    Thank you Renee!

  184. Whitney Williams says:

    Thank you, God, for speaking directly to my heart through Renee. I’ve been spending so much time feeling like a failure at being a Christian, a failure at praying the “right way”, a failure at being a Godly wife, not knowing God’s plan for my life, not knowing if I’m positively impacting my stepson. I realize now the accuser has been reigning in my heart and my spirit and that God is joy and peace! Thank you Father for loving conviction instead of condemnation.

  185. Pam Koop says:

    I really feel God presently has me on a journey of breaking free from patterns of wrong thinking, and these devotion alas are powerful in helping me turn my thoughts towards God. Thank you! And yes, I hope to join you.

  186. When I am faced with circumstances out of my control, I seem to want to shut down. As a result, I usually begin to feel like I can’t be the fun, loving, uplifting and motivating mother and wife I so desire to be. I had an argument with my husband over a silly parenting issue. I did not like how he nor I handled it, and then it exploded into something much bigger. I always feel so unloved by my husband in these moments and I so need love from God at these moments. My husband and I condemn myself for either what I say or do. I really need to feel convicted to think differently and respond differently so I can choose to forgive my husband and myself. Reading your devotional and others at Proverbs 31 really helps. Thank you

  187. Thank you for your devotional – I struggle with condemnation vs. convicts. your devotional was presented in a way that helped me see in a new way that gives freedom and peace in Him.

  188. Thank you for this devotional. Per usual, God delivered this to me right on time. This is something that I have been pondering, and you put the thoughts into words. I would love to be entered in the drawing, to help KC2TC! God bless.

  189. Thank you for this specific topic. I struggle daily with this issue. At 44 years old I’m so tired of feeling like a failure. In the back of my mind I still fight off the question what glory does God get from seeing a family with an UNHEALTHY vicious cycle of defeat. Angry because of my childhood, angry because my parents are who they are, angry because the system failed me and never got Child protective services involved, angry because. Angry because I wasn’t white with long beautiful hair living in the suburbs with a man that actually was family oriented. Single parenting, 4 children, 3 baby daddies later, welfare recipient for at least 20 years living in public housing, 4 misdameanors

  190. Thank you for this specific topic. I struggle daily with this issue. At 44 years old I’m so tired of feeling like a failure. In the back of my mind I still fight off the question what glory does God get from seeing a family with an UNHEALTHY vicious cycle of defeat. Angry because of my childhood, angry because my parents are who they are, angry because the system failed me and never got Child protective services involved, angry because. Angry because I wasn’t white with long beautiful hair living in the suburbs with a man that actually was family oriented. Single parenting, 4 children, 3 baby daddies later, welfare recipient for at least 20 years living in public housing, 4 misdemeanors convictions. 1 felony conviction. Yes I feel like a failure. But for the last 7 years of my life I’ve been digging deep into God’s word and finding peace. But the struggle daily is still there. Sometimes I just cry at my desk when my boss points out I’ve done something wrong and it crushes me. Just when I think I had. My bubble gets busted. So thank you for your wisdom and resources

  191. Lori A. says:

    This is an excellent reminder that we spend to much time letting the devil beat us up. Love your bible study, I am sure the devotional is awesome as well 2

  192. Gayle McKenzie says:

    I am running a few days behind on my morning devotions and I know Satan is the cause. He even comes/works thru good people to do his work. Please pray for focus and time management for me.

  193. Just keep doing what you’re doing!! You have helped me so much already!! I have read A Confident Heart and need to keep rereading parts! I would love the devotional!! 🙂 Thanks!

  194. Amanda Evans says:

    Oh boy did I need to read this. I feel like a failure as a mom on an almost daily basis. Satan condemns me until I start to believe his lies. Then God reminds me of His Truth. Thank you Renee. This was so helpful to me.

  195. Susan Smith says:

    I am a 52 year old woman, with three grown children and in a second marriage. I have struggled with feelings of condemnation all my life…not being good enough, perfect enough as a child and dealing with rejection upon learning I was adopted. As a young adult and mother, I never felt good enough as a wife, or mother. Even now that my children are adults, one with children herself, I constantly feel as if I’ve failed them miserably as a mother, and that nothing I ever do will ever be right. I have had many years of counseling, and I am currently seeking Christian counseling. I am just now learning about the difference between condemnation and conviction, but could use all the help I can get.


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