When Your Heart Needs Mending

Sometimes our hearts get to hurting and we don’t know where to turn. When our emotions are bleeding it’s easy to forget we have a Healer. It’s easy to run from the pain. My friend Suzie Eller is here today to remind us that we don’t have to run away. Jesus is inviting us to run to Him.  Here’s an excerpt from her new book, The Mended Heart. And… there just might be a way for you to win a copy at the end of this post.

Suzie.MendedHeart “The Spirit of the Lord is on Me. He has put His hand on Me to preach the Good News to poor people. He has sent Me to heal those with a sad heart. He has sent Me to tell those who are being held that they can go free. He has sent Me to make the blind to see and to free those who are held because of trouble.” Luke 4:18 (NLV)

“Why can’t you get it together?” “If you would just try harder.” Have you heard any of these statements? Maybe you’ve even said them to yourself. Perhaps those who stood on a hot hillside in Nazareth were asking themselves the same questions. Many tried hard to follow all the religious laws, but knew they fell short. Would Jesus give them more rules to follow? Imagine their surprise as Jesus spelled out His personal mission statement: I’ve come to open the eyes of the blind. I’ve come to set the prisoner free. I’ve come with good news for the poor in spirit. I’ve come to heal the brokenhearted. The crowd must have been shocked by His words, for they expected a warrior, not a heart surgeon. Jesus Himself was setting the record straight. He came so that we might be made whole … through Him. For those who had been trying harder, striving more, it was a transforming message. They were accustomed to following rules or meeting expectations of man, rather than resting in the power of their almighty God. When I became a believer, I didn’t understand Jesus’ mission statement. I was dealing with untended brokenness and trying everything to fix myself. When I grasped the power of Luke 4:18, this truth changed me: The power of the cross is not found in what I do, but in what has already been done for me. Jesus didn’t mean for us to do this alone. It’s not our strength or power that will transform us. Yes, we make changes. Yes, we open our broken heart to His tender touch. Yes, we allow Him to move us in uncomfortable directions to discover new paths — and leave old ones behind. But we are in a partnership with God … and He’s bigger. I also discovered I didn’t have to earn God’s love. Maybe, like me, you thought God would love you one day, when you had it all together. Jesus’ mission statement proclaims that He loves us today. With our baggage and hurting hearts. When we grasp that kind of love, it changes us. It compels us to return that love, and to trust Jesus from our hearts. This trust helps us listen for His voice. We sense when He is teaching or redirecting us. We weigh temptation in light of our love for our heavenly Father. This relationship helps us discover our “true selves, [our] child-of-God selves” (John 1:12, The Message). Last, Luke 4:18 reminded me that I didn’t have to run away just because I felt broken. A hurting heart can send us running down paths we may regret, searching for something or someone to ease our pain. Jesus’ mission statement invites us to stop running and rest in Him, expectant that our true selves will emerge with His healing touch. The truth of Luke 4:18 is ours today to hold close, for Jesus came to heal our hurting hearts. Dear Jesus, for the longest time I’ve been concentrating on my efforts, but today I expectantly rest in You. Thank You that the power of the cross is not in what I do, but in what has already been done for me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

The_Mended_heart_2_largeIsn’t it such a relief to know you don’t need to fix yourself, or earn God’s love or run any more. In fact, the more we don’t do these things, the more we live in Him;  the more we build a foundation of rest and trust; the more joy we rediscover in our faith and in our lives. What will you not do today? Click “Share Your Thoughts” below do just that to enter to win one of 5 copies of Suzie’s new book, The Mended Heart.   If you are reading this via email, click here to return to my blog and be part of the giveaway. {Your comment has to be left below this post to enter. Thanks!}

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. I suffered for many years with deep depression,until Feb.04/1997,thats when Jesus` light shine down into my dark pit;) I`m so grateful for His amazing grace that HE gave to me and gives to this day.Thank You JESUS.

    • sounds like a great book!

    • My wonderful husband, Ron Smith and I have faced so much tragedy throughout our lives, it has allowed us to learn how to embrace the current things we can do in life. We’re emb…racing our life together because we don’t know if God may call us home at any time. As long as we’ve got one another, we’re going to enjoy our life together. Life can end at the blink of an eye, so it’s good to tell those you ♥ just ho much they mean to you as often as you can. “Brokenness happens. Tragedy, sin or the painful choices of others all have the ability to disrupt an otherwise contented life. And as a result of our heartache, we often attempt to fix our own brokenness—with disastrous results.

      If you’ve tried to heal, but keep ending up in the same place—whether the battle is in your heart or out in the open where everyone can see—The Mended Heart is for you. In this book, author Suzanne Eller tells it like it is: people throw quick fixes at you, or tell you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps (whatever that means). More important, though, she shares the powerful truth of Jesus’ mission as outlined in Luke 4:18-21: He came to set free all those who are oppressed and in need of mending.

      You don’t have to fix yourself—Jesus loves you right where you are. In fact, He has already completed the work that needs to be done. The Mended Heart will encourage you to trust Him, to give and receive grace, and to move ahead even stronger than before … even if others don’t move with you.” ~The Mended Heart
      I know that I have attempted to fix what has gone wrong in my life on my own. Ultimately, I can’t reverse what has already happened to me. Only God has the ability to do that because he’s all powerful, whether we realize it right away or not. God can walk me through my spiritual journey, no matter where I may currently be in my knowledge of Him. “The Spirit of the Lord is on Me. He has put His hand on Me to preach the Good News to poor people. He has sent Me to heal those with a sad heart. He has sent Me to tell those who are being held that they can go free. He has sent Me to make the blind to see and to free those who are held because of trouble.”~ Luke 4:18 (NLV)
      I ♥ how this verse is so encouraging. No matter what we may be going through, God wants to let us know that He’ll be with us all the way. I ♥ how God can put people in our lives who can encourage us, no matter what we may be dealing with in life.
      “”The power of the cross is not found in what I do but in what already has been done for me.”~Suzie Eller Whatever others may think of my beliefs is their business; however, I firmly believe in the power that God has to help me overcome so many trials in my life. Nevertheless, I know that Jesus died on the cross to give me a life without any bondage whatsoever.

    • I love that you have found hope and healing, Marilyn. What a beautiful testimony. <3

  2. Lisa Harvey says:

    Never knew such freedom existed until I started to learn to stop “fixing” myself and others!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I would be honored to receive a free copy if your book
    God bless for all you do

  4. Sue Howard says:

    This is such a freeing message…. One many of us never get!

  5. I would like to enter to win the book. Thanks!

  6. Would love to win a copy. I’m learning to let go and let God fix me.

  7. I really, really need this book right now!

  8. Lupe Munoz says:

    We all struggle with many with things from the past and many don’t know how to take this pain away from their heart that rips it from time to time especially if it’s something from the past and the enemy comes to bring those fearful moments back to their mind. This book seems to be one that can help and teach a person how to trust in God Almighty from what His Son has already done on the Cross and how many people can stand in the Authority of the Lord to conquer the enemy and free many from the fear, pain, rejection, low-esteem, and just begin to heal those that are broken-hearted. Only God who created each person can mend that heart back up again like He made it to be and be transformation in their lives.

  9. This sounds like an awesome book !

  10. Reading these words is such a comfort and a reminder! A friend recently wondered about ‘why people with mental illness don’t get treated with the love and encouragement and comfort that someone with a physical illness does’?! I KNOW that feeling.
    People are usually great at first, but if they don’t see you get better after they pray for you and hug you, or don’t know how to relate to you, they will create distance.
    It can seem like you are trying SO HARD but not having a break-through. The result is that it can make you feel like giving up!
    To not just hear it once, but to learn it and KNOW that I can Trust in what Jesus has Already done for me… Wow. Breakthrough!!! I would love to read this book, and pass it along to others!!

    • I hear your heart. My prayer is that every person will see themselves as loved, but also treasured by God as He heals the broken places. Jesus never looked at anyone and said, “So sorry, she’s beyond help,” but rather He saw what could be, with His help.

      I love nothing more than watching God at work, and seeing women discover who they are.

  11. This is just the encouragement needed while I’m walking through a difficult situation.

  12. Very interested! I would love to win this book. I need to experience God’s healing more in my life. I wrestle with a past of guilt and shame. Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Hey Emily, I pray that you’ll consider coming over to the blog where I’m taking women step by step through a Mended Heart study. The first step is to rest in what has already been done for you, and resting in His love, in His healing, in His view of who you are is key. It’s foundational as we heal, and as we partner with God to discover what it is to live whole.

      Come join me at http://www.tsuzanneeller.com

  13. Morgan Massey says:

    As someone who was raised in the church, I always thought I knew what it meant to be a “good Christian”….I knew the verses, prayed the prayers, went to the services, was polite and well-liked by adults…I thought it was my by my own goodness that I was the way I was. I had no need for a real Jesus or a real savior because I honestly didn’t think I was all that bad. As I got older and realized I could not handle the balancing act of pleasing everyone in my life on my own, I have up and rebelled. I ended up pregnant my senior year of highschool. My boyfriend and I got married and he later left for the Army. It was during that time God really started showing me the brokenness in my heart, and that I was not good…at all. No matter how hard I tried, I would always be a sinner…and I needed a savior. So praise be to God he has radically be transforming our family for the past three years and working in miraculous ways! There are still times when I realize the “religion” I was raised in has left serious damages on my heart and many lies that I have believed to be absolute truth that aren’t so. This post was a wonderful preview of what sounds like a wonderful book for me! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Morgan Massey

  14. I would so love to read this book. Any inspiration is so helpful to me as I have been struggling with anxiety brought on by trauma. My faith is pulling me through and I’m getting stronger every day thanks to God!

  15. I would love to read this book. I have been struggling with feelings from my past regarding my dad and how he treated me when I was growing up.

  16. I would love to receive the book!!! I am sorry but can’t share all that God has mended and I know there is more to go!!!

  17. I did some things years ago out of grief and anger. Those words and things cannot be changed. Although I have apologized several times, apparently I haven’t worded it just right…or done it in person (I sent a letter because a visit face to face just doesn’t happen no matter how hard I tried). I still am sad things are like they are.

    • Karen,
      I’ve been where you are. I’ve made the mistake of saying something I shouldn’t have, and no matter how hard I’ve tried and prayed….things haven’t changed in the situation. However, things have changed in my life, because I’ve seen God work in the situation….I think twice before I say something, I can’t take back…and I’ve learned to love this person, even if they don’t love me back. The Bible says that God will work all things for the good of those who love him…..and I believe that is true…..we just have to look for the good in a situation, the devils number one trick is to get us to focus on what we don’t have “friendship, job, house, etc..” and if we focus on those things, we don’t focus on the most important thing….Jesus! He has created you for a purpose….don’t let satan steal what God came to give you “an abundant life”. Jesus Loves You!!

  18. I’ve been trying for years to “fux” myself….maybe I’ve been going about it all wrong!!

  19. Amen! What a blessing to others that you share these wise words. I, too, was broken for many, many years. Some days I still find myself breaking from time to time – which is why I’m so thankful to now have Jesus in my life. For too many years, I thought I could fix things on my own. An abusive relationship, meet everyone’s expectations, the list could go on & on. But I never could. It wasn’t until I trusted Jesus – and surrendered my heart and life to him – that I realized that trying to do things on my own wasn’t just my personal failure, it was an impossibility! We aren’t mean to rely on our strength – we aren’t meant to fix things on our own. We need Jesus, and I am thankful for his presence in my life every day! I truly am. Things aren’t always easy, but the older I get I wonder if they ever were meant to be. The more things that send me running into my Heavenly Father’s arms, the more love I feel and the more lessons I learn – and the more I move forward in my journey of faith. And that’s what life is about. Jesus making the difference, in and through me. Thank you again for your words. They truly touched my heart.

  20. Will buy this book if I don’t win one, I need it.

  21. Cece Butler says:

    Definitely could use this book since nothing else seems to work and I’ve lost all hope and the phone line to God keeps getting disconnected cuz it seems like he doesn’t hear my cry…

  22. I subscribe to “A Confident Heart” page on facebook. This message came exactly at the time that I need it. I have been in an intense period of unearthing the wrongs that have been committed against me as a child and how that led to a broken adult. I developed some coping mechanisms that have prevented me from being the wife and mother that I want so desperately to be. In speaking with my husband just today I didn’t realize that the I’m still affected by the abandonment of those from my past. But……I’m not discouraged, I am ever hopeful that God will point me towards the people and tools who will help me on my journey towards healing….

  23. Sure could use this book, not only for myself, but for some friends I am working with also.

  24. Angie Ng says:

    This would be a great book to read up – to learn to live free and learn to help others be set free too.

  25. Joanne Head says:

    Would love to win this book. I am going through a valley right now. Feel broken inside due to the sudden death of my mom. I would love to read this book and would definitely pass it on to the next person in need. Thank you.

  26. Teresa Dunivent says:

    This is so true. When I got divorced and was devastated everyone told me you are so strong, put on your big girl panties and you will be okay. Only four years later, I still feel broken. I pray all the time. What a wonderful book. It will benefit many.

  27. For the last 3 years I’ve been at odds with my daughter. I have a beautiful grandson whom I’ve only seen twice in his short life of 2 years. After daily tears and heartache, I gave this situation over to God. There are times when I visit this situation and grieve but, I can’t let it get me down. God knows when the time will be right. When times are tough, as they are now, and things seem out of control it is not always easy to just put my hands up and say, “here God. You take this because I can’t fix it.”. It’s hard but I have to do it. It’s the only way things will get fixed. Would love a copy of this book for an extra bolster of faith.

  28. I suffer with depression. Some days it feels like it ids going to eat me alive.

    • Lord, I pray for Diana. I pray that she senses your love and compassion for her right where she is, but also that she knows that you will walk with her step by step out of depression and into life. Give her wisdom. Give her strength. Surprise her with moments in her day where she laughs in sheer joy and understands that it came from you. Remind her that things do and will get better and today is only one day, not her entire life. I pray that you will lead her gently to the source of depression, whether it is something within her chemistry or due to events or circumstances and lead her to wholeness and help. I thank you that you are so in love with Diana as your daughter and you cheer on her courage, her faith, and her tenacity as she honestly shares her struggles and her hope.

      In Jesus’ name, amen.

  29. Mary Maynard says:

    I have been blessed by your words. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus.
    Hugs and Halos

  30. Kelsey Ann Larson says:

    I could so use something like this besides praying for friends to come into my life.
    I’ve had so much heartache/stress happen in the last 6 years. I need healed.
    I’d love to win one of these copies to begin that journey.

  31. This Truth is so freeing – when my heart began to understand it & not just my mind – it was a HUGE aha moment I’ve been living in for the past 20 years – that no matter what I do or don’t do, God cannot love me any more nor will He love me any less – such freedom in choosing to walk in the Truth of what He did in sacrificing His life for mine! I am blessed to serve a risen Savior! Would love to have a copy of the book!

  32. Sounds like a beautiful book!

  33. This blog post made me cry. I need mending.

    • Lord, thank you for sweet Shannon. Take those tears and turn them into hope. Thank you that there is no person beyond help, beyond healing, and beyond wholeness. Thank you for infusing hope into her heart today, and walking with her day by day. Thank you that she is loved and of value to You. In Your mighty and amazing name, amen.

  34. Stacie N says:

    I am currently walking through a deep, dark valley of depression and it hurts. Any help would be great.

  35. I would love a copy of this book!

  36. He Loves Me! What freedom and what joy to know I am thoroughly utterly loved- and that nothing I do or have done can change that! His heart NEVER changes!
    What a blessing your reminders have been!

  37. Becky Burks says:

    I would love a copy of this book. 🙂

  38. Al'Lissa says:

    A mended heart is what I pray for everyday. Mending from things I do to myself and things and hurts from the hearts and hands of others. I do believe in the healing power of Jesus and the constant maintenance of our hearts.

  39. After walking with the Lord for many years, experiencing joy and comfort from his presence, even now I find myself going through times of emotional emptiness and brokenness. I think to myself how can this be? When I know the Lord and have this close, intimate relationship with him, how can I find myself in this state of discontent in life? and trying to figure out what I need to do different. So I hear God speaking to me through your blog here that I need to rest and trust in God’s power to transform me and to heal my brokenness and fill my emptiness.

  40. Growing up in a very dysfunctional family that thrived on drama, I started reading self-help books by age 27. I have gone through four marriages and finally discovered about 5 years ago that my relationship with Jesus has given me more comfort, and peace in my heart, than anything else I have ever chosen. I have discovered that developing a true personal relationship with Jesus is everything.

  41. Would love to win this book, I have just been diagnosed with heart disease and I am working a very difficult and physically demanding job too. Love reading the posts here. Thank you very much. Mary

  42. I have tried too long to fix myself. I know I have to let go and let Him work in me. It’s just difficult to let it go and have faith sometimes! Would love to read this book!

  43. Hello, I am a huge fan of your readings! It would be a blessing to receive this awesome new read! Thanks for the opportunity

  44. Traci chambers says:

    This the book for me. I have been working on my brokenness for so long. Would love to win a copy but if I don’t will buy a copy. Thanks for posting

  45. Samantha says:

    This post was a great blessing to me. Currently i am so impatient that i too try to take matters into my own hands. Father help me to truly rest in you and beauty of what you did for me through Your perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ. In His name Amen

  46. I will not walk in fear and will be more intentional in my relationships with people.

  47. learning to run to God and not from God……a lot of changes and challenges in my life lately and sometimes I play the “blame game”. I need a mended heart 🙂

  48. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Loved the post today. What I will not do is to keep holding on to regret that has taken place. It is in the past so I need to leave it there. I also need to begin letting things go. Continuing to hold on to these things only make my life more harried and wanting to hide in a shell. Thanks for sharing.

  49. Thera Baer says:

    Thia sounds like something I have been waiting for!!!

  50. Shrone Lawrence says:

    I would like to read your book. Four months ago I lost my mother and it was a very heart breaking for me. I felt it was my fault because I allowed her to have a operation that basically took her away from me and my children. It was not easy for me but I prayed day and night for God to mend my broken heart and He Did. I love reading your posts and I believe I will enjoy your book. Thank you

  51. Danette peacock says:

    I need this book too! Learning to let Go- Let God!

  52. Jill Kuiper says:

    I will not succumb to what others say about me that isn’t true. I am His and I do matter.

  53. It is a relief! A truth I seem to need to be reminded of often!

  54. Lisa Thompson says:

    I know only God can mend a broken heart. Only He can change my life and turn it into something beautiful.

  55. Stephanie says:

    My husband and Ineed to read this book but more pressing our neighbor needs it cause they lost their son to suicide.

  56. Kim Riddle says:

    I need to get this book for me and my three adult girls! I free copy would be awesome!

  57. This book sounds like it would be a great reminder of God’s love. Brought up in the church and having lived through 2 divorces now, some of my mistakes are visable while others are hidden. I have always tried to live the best life for God and am constantly asking His forgiveness. I know there is a great need for women and I pray that in time, my life will be a testimony and strength I can share with others. But for now, I am still healing and need daily reminders that even though I may have made mistakes here, God still has a good plan for my life.

  58. sounds like a wonderful and needed book.

  59. This sounds like just what I need!

  60. I would love to have a copy of this book, I’ve been standing for my marriage for 16 months and this book sounds like it’s something I truly need right now

  61. I have tried several times just letting go and casting all my worries, and anxieties on the Lord, yet my past comes back to haunt me and I find myself in the midst of a battle that I am not good enough. I am reading the bible faithfully so I can get to a place of understanding and comfort to dig deeper and truly study and understand it all. I am a work in progress and I have hope that one day the “not good enough” syndrome will not plague me ever again.

  62. Rebecca Richards says:

    When you have run all your life, it is hard not to run. But I am tired of running.

    • Then stop today, Rebecca. You don’t have to run anymore. He’s searching for you and always has. It’s not going to be about what others think about you that determines who you are, or your value to God. He meets us right where we are, and He leads us up and out of the “sick crowd” to find a new way of living. It’s not easy. It’s not overnight, but it’s an adventure with God to discover who we are in Him. So, I’m reaching with a huge hug and asking you to stop right where you are. No more running, sis. God’s got a new path for you. <3

  63. Terri Weidner says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I am going to have to read this book!!! When reading the facebook post I thought that’s me!!!! Trying to fix my own brokenness!!! As well as my broken marriage!!! And it has been a disaster!!!! Can’t wait to read it!!!

  64. What I will “not” do today??? I will not tell myself that I am such a failure or ambitious enough or smart enough or energetic enough to go “pursue that perfect job/career” because He must be so disappointed in me that I’m “not” doing more to get ahead. Today, I will listen for His voice to know the way and “walk ye in it” as that perfect job may not be what I had envisioned at all, but what He had seen all along.

  65. For a long time, starting in my early teens, I thought God loved me because he had to -he’d set up the plan of salvation and was following it, letting me in because I was following the rules he’d set up to give salvation. But that was a lie! I can’t work for it, he just wants to love me! What a relief!

  66. Caroline says:

    Thank you for these words-I will have to stop and seep in them again!

  67. I could write a book myself about brokenness in life and how GOD and only GOD can mend a broken heart–my father left the family when I was 13 and I didn’t see him for 16 years but GOD brought us back together long enough before he died and gave us time for forgiveness and healing and for him to say YES TO JESUS–AMEN -I wasn’t saved till I was 23 so sinned and became pregnant before marriage–then married the father and went thru years of abuse cause of his alcoholism and unbelief cause after I was saved we were unequally yoked–he left me after 26 years of marriage for a friend of mine from church who had a wonderful Christian husband–I had 2 daughters who had children before marriage and suffered abuse at their husbands/boyfriends hands –long stories there-the one daughter was married 5 times, -2 to the same man–another daughter went into drugs and alcohol and became bipolar after a brain surgery at 27–2 of those daughters died in their late 30:s –the youngest daughter almost died last year but God spared her for His glory–she had been rebelled against the LORD and been away from HIM for many years but came back to HIM several years ago and her 2nd husband came to the LORD as a believer for the 1st time in his life and GOD led them to a Baptist Seminary cause he feels called to preach–I have grandchildren that are saved and walking the right paths with GOD and I have grandchildren that need to be saved and are far from the LORD–for those I am terribly burdened and the lives of their children, my great grandchildren are at risk cause of it–2 years after my first husband left and we divorced GOD gave me a good CHRISTIAN HUSBAND and we have been married almost 25 years now– this is the short version of it all to show how GOD does bring ‘JOY OUT OF ASHES’ and can ‘RESTORE THE YEARS THAT THE LOCUSTS HAVE ATE” AMEN–

  68. This book would be a great reminder that I don’t have to try to fix myself – God created me the way He wanted me to be. It’s so easy to forget that when there are so many negative comments being thrown at me.. Please help me to be steadfast in my faithfulness to Him.

  69. Looks like a great book. I look forward to reading it.

  70. Janet Daniel says:

    I’m willing to let go of trying to fix myself because I know that I can’t heal myself anymore. I say I will stop being negative and complaining but I have found that I can’t. I’ve tried again and again but it just keeps coming back at me and out of my mouth, comes my disappointments and frustrations, instead of my gratitude for what God has already done for me. I run everyone away and feel guilty when I can’t stop the pain of regret for my attitude. The only way this can stop is if I give it up to God and pray and truly believe that he can heal me. Maybe I don’t listen to my Holy Spirit enough. So God I am confessing now that I want my heart healed and all negative and complaining attitude to be gone in the name of Jesus Christ. Instead of asking for a copy of the book. I want someone else to receive the book, I would rather have prayer for me, my family and my disabled daughter who we are having a very hard time finding a sitter for.
    LOL Janet Daniel

    • Father, thank you for Janet. Thank you that You are her healer. Lord, you are effecting change in her as she surrenders — her thoughts, her words, her hurts that she’s hidden and never revealed to anyone. You go deep inside to the core of the hurt and as you gently scoop it out, you fill those broken places and gaps with newness.

      Lord, it’s not going to be about her efforts from this point forward. Yes, you’ll lead her to change. Yes, you’ll lead her out of her comfort zone. Yes, you’ll ask her to see life and people in a new way. But she’ll rest in your love for her, right where she is. No more worrying about whether she is loved or accepted by You, but assurance that she is valuable right where she is. Lord, I also pray for this family and this daughter. May you open the door to provision. Bring the right person at the right time to support and comfort this beautiful daughter. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  71. Your words are very comforting with so many things are pulling me in different directions. I need to be reminded to stop so I can understand what direct God is trying to lead me.

  72. Well, I would love to read this book…I really sounds like God can use the broken and redeem us.
    I just finished “The Beauty of Broken” by Elisa Morgan and it sounds like your book goes even deeper.
    I would like to get past the brokenness of rejection. I really wish I did not hear some of the negative remarks or the things that hurt others.

  73. Feeling Broken..Overwhelmed..Consumed With Anxiety..I Know Only God Can heal.

  74. This post made me cry, and ask my heavenly Father for help. Struggling to mend pieces of my heart. This book would be a blessing.

  75. Judy Durham says:

    God ALWAYS leads me to the exact book(s) I need for healing…. this is surely one of those books. God Bless.

  76. I just returned from a Compassion International trip to Tanzania and I could not believe the joy & happiness on the faces of the people, especially the children, at the project centers we visited. It was so humbling. Several of us discussed how we were the ones in poverty – spiritual poverty. I’ve been so blessed by the goodness & grace of God.

  77. I NEED this book! I need to mend my heart!

  78. Tari Butler says:

    WOW! The timing of this is such a God-incidence! Mighty powerful entry! Great reminder!

  79. Today I will not carry the burden of trying to fix myself by myself. Thank you sharing this message and for the opportunity to win the book.

  80. Thank you for this reminder. Sometimes we feel we have failed Jesus to often and there is no hope of getting it together so we run or shut down or simply go through the motions. That’s where I’ve been lately.

  81. August Rose says:

    I am so impressed with God that I just cried out to him today and then I see your post and it has a book on healing a broken heart. I have been though so much in my life and I was saying God why do I still hurt? Why am I still angry that my ex walked off and left me after he knew how I felt about marriage. I am angry Lord and I still hurt! God help me. Its been 3 years but it seems like the anger and the hurt just keep coming and going and no matter how hard I try to let go its still there. Just knowing I was deceived hurts so badly. It seems as if I can no longer talk with my friends about it and even though I have been through counseling I still hurt. They quoted scriptures at me but I am still wounded at times. I don’t understand how somebody didn’t take their vows seriously and knew that I have children that I didn’t want to see hurt yet he came and he went like it was nothing. Like I didn’t matter and nor did our marriage. I keep asking God why did I have to go through that? I know there are lessons to be learned but I feel like my heart and the anger I feel will be a part of me forever. I thank you just for allowing me to share and the words you wrote really hit home. Jesus is there and I know it but I just want to get over this and get on with my life. I have gained weight from all the weight that I carry. It hurts to be broken hearted.

  82. Wow, could I ever use this book right now. Thanks for your generosity!

  83. Tracy Schrimpf says:

    Today I will NOT feel discouraged that I did not complete my to-do list. My worth is not based on my accomplishments!

  84. Zel Jones says:

    I have had to overcome very unexpected and hurtful events over the last year…without God’s presence and guidance, His being my peace…got me through…Amen

  85. Susan basler says:

    This is spot on for me today, thank you, thank you

  86. Cynthia Young says:

    We all have brokenness in our lives. It is what we do with the brokenness that defines us. Brokenness leaves scars but scars heal. Our scars are our reminder that we survived. Trusting and seeking God can turn any brokenness into a full and joyful life. Would love to read your

  87. Brandi Sandford says:

    Having been hurt recently, it was nice to hear these words; especially that I can move on even if others don’t move with me. God’s grace is sufficient to handle all my hurts.

  88. The excerpt was very thought provoking and calming! I would love to have a copy of this book.

  89. That is such a great reminder-that the power of the cross is what Jesus did! I am so thankful for these devotions and that the LORD never gives up on us and nothing can separate us from His love!

  90. Wow, this encouragement is so timely as I struggle to understand that it’s not my efforts that will win God’s love but resting myself on the Cross of Jesus that will. Thank you for reminding me!

  91. Tracy Spencer says:

    sounds easy enough but will do my best to go to God with things instead of worrying about how I am going to handle them. My husband’s mom passed away on Saturday. We all were very close. My husband is a recovering alcoholic who has been sober for almost 2 years. He already deals with depression so praying that God will be with both of us and rest of family and lead us the direction he wants us to go.

  92. This sounds like another awesome book for me to have as I continue to let God but my pieces back together again.

  93. My 20 year old left home one night angry and hateful its been 6 months she wont speak to me. I don’t know what I did or why she decided to destroy a normally extremely close relationship. Of course a boy is involved.
    The more I try to fix it myself I’ve begged, I’ve cried, I’ve been angry the further away and more angry she gets with me. The more I try to fix it the worse it gets. I want to leave her alone so much and just let God fix it but I just miss her so much my heart is literally broken.

  94. Sounds like a book I need to read.

  95. Dedre Matthews says:

    I would love to receive the book, for a broken heart needs mending,

  96. Tina Brooks says:

    I can’t wait to get this book. Truly a need after coming through a truly tough year.

  97. Kimberly McBee says:

    I just started working for the Department of Social Services..where there is definitely a lot of brokenness. ..would love to have a copy of this book!

  98. wow to be able to rest totally in Jesus sounds so wonderful to me. I feel I am always chasing something to get a quick fix. this blog was such a sweet blessing. thanks

  99. I need to run to Jesus to heal my broken heart. How many times have I run to anything but Him. So reassuring to read this, thank you.

  100. Carol Duncan says:

    Something terrible happened to me and my husband last year at our former church, where he was the worship pastor. I have been in depression since then and find I’m unable to trust people or feel any excitement about anything anymore. I am learning to forgive and let go of what happened to us. My prayer is that as God heals my heart, I will learn to trust people again and enjoy life again.

  101. LeighAnne says:

    This message was literally a life raft for me today as I was struggling with a relationship. It reminded me God’s best for me IS my child-of-God self. Praises to our blessed Lord.

  102. I would love to win a copy if this book. I have been dealing with a tough family problem for over a year now. I need to learn to trust God and let my burden go.

  103. i would love this book to do a bible study with it, i think alot of people should hear this

  104. Malynn Percy says:

    This would be great to win.in.this season of my life. My 17 year-old niece took.her own.life and this would be great to share with my sister

  105. I am not seeking to change myself, but learning. I am asking God to change me. He is, but I’m stuck in the middle of some of these changes, feeling alone. You say that Jesus touches us, holds us. How? I am so stinking tired of not having physical contact with people! I just need a hug!!!! We need contact with people, it’s scientifically proven, and God did not design us to be alone. I’ve been told I’m pretty, I’m young enough to still have plenty of life left in me. But God keeps people away from me. I pray constantly. I try to invite people over. Nobody ever has time for me. Everyone has families and husbands or their own friends to spend time with. This is soooooo frustrating!! And, even better, the “man of my dreams” got divorced about a year ago, we like each other, but he is also too busy to spend time with me!!! I am trying not to sound shallow or petty, this is not the whole story. I’m just frustrated. Apparently I need this book!! Thanks for listening. *sigh*

  106. Connie J. says:

    This is one of those message I know in my head that has trouble sinking to my heart. It is slowly working its way there though. Thank you for the reminder.

  107. I will try and see and love myself like He does ALLLLLLLLLLL the time! Still so hard for me after all these years. I know it in my head………….should already be in my heart……………..somehow it takes a by-pass and goes somewhere else and never makes it! Would love to win a book. My favorite pastime.Be blessed and may the one He knows needs it most win!

  108. My heart was broken … my confidence shaken … I lived with negative self talk, low self esteem, guilt, fear, worry, and total devastation as my son chose the world of meth. The harder I tried to hold on and “fix” it, the further away he ran. Codependency goes hand in hand with all of my shortcomings, and I lived with a constant dark cloud over my head; UNTIL I did the A Confident Heart online bible study, and it changed my life. This book would be an awesome compliment to A Confident Heart. THANK YOU P31 for your amazing work in my life, and in so many others. I am deeply grateful.

  109. God is mending my heart again, recovering from divorce for a second time. I would love to win this book. Thank you.

  110. Dana Bilbao-Miller says:

    I would love to receive one of the copies. I have searched, prayed and asked God to guide me and yet I still have trouble. I know that God has blessed me many times over, but Im still searching to mend a broken heart. Until my heart is mended, I cant move forward…..This book would be a blessing to me…

  111. I think this book is going to make a huge impact. So many think they need to get things right in their life, before coming to Jesus. If we were capable of getting our lives straightened out, we wouldn’t need Jesus. Sometimes when I struggle, I will make a statement like “life would be so much easier, if God would just “Zap me” with self control, or patience….or whatever I’m struggling with”. But, the truth is, I wouldn’t grow from him zapping me, or instantly making things better. I grow through relying on him for the strength I need, to get through whatever I’m struggling with. And in that process, you grow so close to him, and there is just an amazing thing that takes place : )

  112. Susan Bautista says:

    This sounds like a wonderful book and it needs to be my next read! I am on the mend, for sure. Trying hard to detach from Man and attach to God the Father.

  113. I would appreciate all the help-advice I can get on this topic. The wear of hurt has lingered too long with me. I never really thought I was running … from hurt, or because of hurt …. but maybe that’s just what I’ve been doing. I don’t know when I’ve ever felt more alone as I have in the past 2-3 years. Separated in my 32 years of marriage (which I’m still hoping for a miracle here), Family in a turmoil. Just seems one thing after another continues. I’ve had so much hurt and aggravation that I really don’t know how to get out of it any more. This is not where I thought I’d be at 52, that’s for sure. I would appreciate prayers from all who will. Thank you …

  114. Would be honored to have a copy of your book. Thank you for this insight.

  115. I have been trying to fix myself and running for so long, I don’t know how to stop. Am very intrigued on how this would work.

  116. Sounds. Like a book I really could use right now. Blessings on you and for those that. Read it.

  117. Tammy Williamson says:

    Would love to get this book…I’ll read it and pass it onto a church member!

  118. Simply wow!

  119. I will trust Jesus through the difficlties today. Focus on God and the Blood of Jesus instead of the bad.

  120. What will I not do today?
    I will not “try to be” loved, but rest in my Savior’s perfect love. I will not strive, but listen and learn from the gentle voice of Jesus.

    Such a beautiful post. Thank you for reminding me of Christ’s mission.

  121. Phyllis B says:

    After a 2 year journey to learn of God’s love….it is a blessing to think of my own heart that continues to mend from hurts that were inflected for so many years. Daily God continues to encourage the healing…

  122. I love to win this book.. It seems as if I am always getting hurt by others and I start to think why what’s wrong with me?

  123. Lisa Anne Thomas says:

    WOW! When I read the first sentence in your email, it touched my heart. Yesterday, the man I thought was going to be my husband and the father to my adopted son (the only “dad” figure he has had in his 6 years of life) told me we were never getting married. He wants to stay in my son’s life, and I understand that, but I am trying to heal my heart enough to allow that.

    I so want to read this book, and start mending my heart!!!!

    Thank you for this opportunity!!!

  124. Kristi Cunningham says:

    Always trying to get out of myself and draw closer to God, because he has done it already.

  125. I love to win this book.. It seems as if I am always getting hurt by others and I start to think why what’s wrong with me? Then I start to lose my self esteem. I give everything I have when I love another and usually get taking advantage of.

  126. It’s a struggle each day, I’m trying to lean on Jesus:). Would love the book!

    God Bless

  127. Louise Hockenberry says:

    Praying that the five people that need this most will win. I anticipate reading it, rather through winning or buying it and using it as one of the tools on my journey to healing. Thank you for your obedience to write and for the wisdom you share.

  128. I would love to win this book! Thank you for the chance! It sounds so freeing but it is so hard. I’ve been thru so much and I’m working hard to press into God and change my focus to HIM and not those around me. I look forward to reading it. Thank you for allowing God to work thru you for His glory.

  129. I need this book!

  130. I would love to win a copy of the book you are giving away. I was engaged on NYE and by the middle of January he ended it…I’ve been left heartbroken and confused and feeling “not good enough”….and trying to believe that God doesn’t see me the same…despite knowing the true. It’s sometimes easier said than done. Thank you for the timely blog post.

  131. Angie J P says:

    I just said a prayer today for God’s to help me to stop the insanity of my behavior…..which is always trying to fix myself and never feeling good enough. This is a book I would love to have 🙂

  132. Emotionally bled out after divorcing and immediately thrown in the thick of transitioning to a single parent household. All facets of my life seemed to be in upheaval. one Prayer, one minute, one day at a time, I journey on in Jesus name with faith as a compass. The road is long and hard but I am strengthened through Christ.

  133. Just what I need right now.

  134. I could really benefit from this book. I was raised in a church where “works” was expected. There is a freedom in accepting Christ into your heart but sometimes especially when going through a trial I have had a tendency to want to earn my way back both to Christ and the person who may have hurt me.
    I am ready to hear the truth of resting in what Christ did for me on the Cross and putting it into action. Thank you.

  135. Wow! So much wisdom in just that short
    post! Would LOVE to read more!

  136. so needed this word today.

  137. I would love to share this book with my daughter, I really think it would minister to her right now.

  138. Tracey M. says:

    My heart needs major mending. Thank you for sharing this post. I believe I would benefit greatly from reading it. I really need to hand everything over to God . . . trust in Him.

  139. Heather R. says:

    I will not tell myself negative lies and believe them.
    I would love to win this book, it would be so helpful to me as I can relate to a lot of it and it would help me grow closer to God as well!

  140. Tracey W. says:

    I’m mending from a middle-age broken heart. A place I didn’t expect to be at “again”. From the outside, I smile and my grown children and grandchildren bring me JOY. I go to work every day. I love my aging parents and I go on…Trusting God. Believing He has this. Hoping beyond hope that if I keep trusting, my feelings will catch up. When I saw this posted tonight for The Mended Heart…I knew I would read it. I will see myself in this story and someone else will have understood what my heart feels. Whether I win one of the 5 copies, won’t matter…I’ll still purchase it. If I win, I will share it. My story is someone else’s story and we’ll all continue to get stronger in His strength. Thank you for writing a book I know I will embrace.

  141. Patricia says:

    After almost 10 years I realized the other day that although my husband left me and hurt me I still love him. I want my heart to heal so that I can move on. I truly feel God does not want me to be alone but I must let go and let my heart heal.

  142. Laura Simmons says:

    Would love to win a copy for my family to read together. Thanks!

  143. It would be a major blessing for me to have a copy of this book. I am finding myself at my lowest point in my life with a heroin addicted son and trying to help care for his 2 children, one who is 2 years old and blind and will never walk or do anything from a medical mistake when he was 6 months old. My heart is broken that my life as well as my child’s and now his children’s are so messed up from his addiction.

  144. Beautiful!

  145. Roberta Gilbert says:

    Today I will give my broken heart to God for I believe through him it can be healed.

  146. Thank you for the continued encouragement.

  147. Needing to read your book… Recently separated and going through divorce. Broken-hearted.

  148. Dawn Marie says:

    …what a sweet relief.

  149. Lisa Rettig says:

    I will NOT call myself a failure because I have not followed through on something. Again. I WILL continue to get up, to praise God, and to strive to stay in His word.

  150. What an eye opener.

  151. I will not keep my mouth shut no more! I will share my testimony and share God’s wonderful amazing blessings He has done in my life. In hopes of leading the lost to the found with the free gift that God gives us.

  152. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of this book! I strive daily for perfection when I know there isn’t any….and the world around me crumbles…yet, Jesus, remains. He’s my grace in a fallen world. In a world, where I want to mend…be mended….wanting to see more of HIM in me, in my walk daily….

  153. Heather P says:

    I am learning to depend on God every day! Lots of situations in my life right now that want to draw me down, but I am choosing to not let them pull me down. This sounds like a book I might need to read to truly get that “mended heart”.

  154. Your book, Renee, A Confident Heart, opened up my heart a crack for me to receive my Heavenly Father a little more and for that I’m very grateful. Recent events have caused a rift between me, my sister & our dad. So God is taking me through a fresh round of weeding, so to speak. There’s still some deep healing that needs to happen but I trust that He is faithful & will complete the work He started in me. This book sounds awesome & I would love a copy. That you & God Bless you!!

  155. Elaine Segstro says:

    We’re in a PARTNERSHIP with God, and He’s bigger! I am not alone. Going through a hard time with elderly parents and my husband’s sore back, likely a herniated disc that will require surgery. To “top it off”, I was called for jury duty. (I’m applying for an exemption on compassionate grounds.) Whatever happens, God is with me.

  156. I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing this book would be. God has brought me through so much. Bit so much healing is needed still. But, I would have to give it to my best friend, who I cannot begin to imagine walking in her shoes of tragic loss the last year and a half. I love her and I want God to mend her and her family. They love you, Heavenly Father. But, they need deep mending. Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win a copy of your book.

  157. Miss Mary T says:

    Renee and Suzie, like many others, I try everyday to serve the Lord in all I do…wanting to walk in obedience, following Jesus! Wanting to please God…sometimes not thinking about the fact that it is not about what I do but about what He has done for me! God loves me! He loves me so much that He gave His only Son so that I would have new life in Him. Jesus is my Comforter and Healer! I would love to read this book… thx for the chance!

  158. Faith Wainwright says:

    I do not know how people make it through hard times without God in their lives. He has mended my heart more times than I can count to the point where I seriously trust no one except Him. He is my best friend and I do not know what I would do without Him.

  159. Maybe this book can help me.I am a Christian and have been since high school. I’ve had my share of ups and downs but something is missing. I look at others and listen to them and they have an excitement about the Lord that I’m missing in my relationship with Him. Where is my joy and hunger for the Lord, His word, my prayer relationship with Him? What’s wrong with me? Thank you for a chance to win a copy of Susie”s new book. Please pray for me.

  160. Heartbroken says:

    My church and esp my pastor broke my heart, accussing me of things I would never even thunk of doing. Its hard when its church people who hurt you. But Jesus was called names, told He had a demon and was asked to leave so I guess I’m in good company.

  161. This book looks like it would make an awesome study to do with other women. So many of us have faced hurts that threaten our faith and emotional well-being. And, yet, those are the very things that God can use to draw us deeper with Him. Only He can heal our broken areas. Learning to trust a loving faithful God can be hard when living in a world that knocks us down repeatedly. It is so worth it learning to do so, though. He is faithful even when we are not. Would love to read this book and share it with others!

  162. I’ve been trying to fake it until I make it so to speak. My mother told me to just shut up and get over it, but it’s hard to get over you father trying to kill you because of something that happened between him and your mother that you had nothing to do with. Just haven been able to move forward with my life. I’m just going through the motions not really living, it has to be better ???

  163. Michelle N says:

    Today I made a big step and turned off some other voices in my head to allow my positive ones and God’s to be the only ones that I would listen to any more. I’m done with pushing God away. I want to be closer and let him heal my heart and me.

  164. Boy did the words in your blog hit home. I think this book could continue to help me through the healing process as I try to overcome the effects of my recent divorce. Trying to navigate being single, raising three girls and dealing with the continued impacts of my ex husband’s selfish choices.

  165. Charlotte clanton says:

    I need my life changed and I don’t know how. I hope this would help.

  166. Allison T Jones says:

    I’d love to win a copy of this book! I need to learn how to ‘build a foundation of rest and trust’. Thanks for the chance to win!

  167. This book would be such a blessing at this time in my life . The last few weeks I have been working on Not trying to fix other people and to stop running from all my pain from my childhood . I would really love to read this book!!
    Thank you for all you do 🙂

  168. Today I will not try to do everything and make myself appear as the “perfect” wife and mother. I will trust that God will take of everything and provide me the time to do what is necessary without sacrificing my family time. What an amazing message today. Definitely spoke to my heart! Thank you!

  169. Jessi Brevard says:

    What will I NOT do today? I will not live in the shadow of doubts and fear that I am not good enough for God or anyone else for that matter. God created me special, just like all of us. I am a woman with a special place in God’s Divine Plans. As a mother of 3 beautiful daughters and my youngest having Autism and epilepsy, God knew I was “good enough” to be a mother to a special needs child. He gave me such precious blessings, I should never doubt my worth. I am grateful that I am reminded every day that Jesus loves me and thinks I am something. So much that He gave it all on the cross so I can be with Him in Heaven. God Bless your devotion and service to our Lord in helping woman understand that We are precious to God.

  170. I’m learning to trust God to take care of me and solve my problems and not give in to worry about them. I’d like to read this book because I think it would be a great positive influence for me. Also I’d like to share it with the members of our book club at church.
    Thank you so much.

  171. This came to me in perfect timing. God always knows how to give us what we need when we need it. Our church has been studying I Corinthians 13, the “love chapter”. This went hand in hand with that chapter. God’s love is the only perfect love and we as humans can never give perfect love. We will hurt from others because their love will never be perfect. We need to love as God loves us, but we can never give perfect love, only God can do so. Without the perfect love, we are going to have pain and need our hearts to be mended. No one can mend our hearts the way that God can. We tend to forget that He is there for us, to comfort us, heal us, forgive us, etc. We need to turn to God, our maker, He made us and can heal us like no other can. This book sounds really awesome! I really liked Renee’s “A Confident Heart” and I am sure this book would be a ministry to me and many others.

  172. Timely book. My sweet daughter is in a psychiatric hospital suffering from major depression. She is a cutter and has tried to take her life on 3 different occasions that we know of. Praise only be to God for saving her. I need to get a copy of this book to her. Recently she has confided that she does not believe that God can forgive her; that she is forgivable. She doesn’t believe that God would forgive her or love her. While she hasn’t completely turned her back on the Lord, it is obvious that her self-image is so damaged that she believes herself unworthy of God’s love and forgiveness. It breaks my heart. 🙁

  173. Frances W. says:

    The person I was born to be is not one that I was raised to nurture. I was raised among trauma, turmoil, and dysfunction. I was trained to work hard, and never feel good enough. Self worth, I am learning is not a function of my accomplishments; it is learning that I am wonderfully made, from before I was ever formed in the womb. And perfectly forgiven, from the cross. Mending is mindfulness of our inner/innate worth/beauty and trying to live in the present. Thank you for writing about the mending that we all have only to become aware of and accept. 🙂

  174. Comforting to know that I don’t have to fix myself and that Jesus can. We can take the broken mess of ourselves, crawl into his lap, and be loved, adored and cherished. He knows how to heal our hearts… And when He does we will be able to tell others of the hope and healing he brings.

  175. Today, I will not ask God to zap me into a mighty woman of God who never doubts but just accept myself and believe His word that He is working on me. Life is all about God and His purposes. As we go through trials we have to believe that He is good and does only good. We who believe in Jesus and have repented of our sins can rest in the truth that He has a plan not to hurt us but to heal us.We have to die to ourselves and truly trust that He allows circumstances to draw us closer and dependent on only Him.

  176. I will not hold onto unforgiveness… A load to heavy for anyone to carry… Why should I when it’s already been taken care of for me.

  177. I realize I’m not perfect, but forgiven.

  178. Lesley Geer says:

    Today I will not feel like I have no purpose in life. I pray for guidance and wisdom to find my specific purpose, so I can be genuinely happy once again!

  179. Roselynn Cuenca says:

    Oh how I need this book TODAY!

  180. This book is such a blessing, would love to share it with the girls in our youth ministry. Thank and bless you for your great encouragement and suggestions :))

  181. Michelle says:

    Would love to read this book. I have The Confident Heart and devotional. My family and I are going through some really rough times and I really need to remember to lay my problems in my faith rather than simply try to fix them on my own. While yes they may fix it is only temporary and then the circle begins again.

  182. Sounds like a wonderful book

  183. Lori Behrens says:

    Would love to win a copy. Thank you for being faithful!

  184. LeQuita Jones says:

    I know this all too well. I didn’t pick my path. I was born into it and had to deal with it. After while I thought I was born with issues and from the age of 7 and work on fixing me. After awhile I was digging myself deeper and deeper in a whole o couldn’t get out of. Only thought that popped up was killing myself at the age of 14. Took teacher to take me to his church and his Pastor to come and gave me a word that God tried telling me deliver me from the hell I put myself in trying to fix it. The thought didn’t stop but I was able to run to God for comfort to help me with my issues that lead up to it. I’m not all that I want to be but I better with God then without.
    Sorry so long!

  185. Susan G says:

    I will not be defeated by the enemy but go to the One who made me with each problem or challenge I have. Jesus is so faithful!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome book!

  186. Christine says:

    This morning has been a tough start, my heart is breaking for my daughter who is caught in the depths of depression and an unhappy marriage. I read your words about Susie Ellers book, ‘The Mended Heart’.. Somehow this has given me hope, that my daughter’s faith might be rekindled and her heart mended. One thing i know for certain , is that I cannot put things right for her, but Jesus can, when she reaches out to Him in her briokeness. I continue to pray and trust this day will come..
    Thankyou for the encouragement today.

  187. this could NOT come at a better time.. im so depressed and selfish and havent slept in 2 months. I keep trying to give it over but my mind wont shut off. I keep trying to do this alone and keep trying to give it over. I need this book to learn what im doing wrong.

  188. I have been struggling with a physical and emotional situation for a very long time. I try to come up with ways to fix them and nothing is getting better. I’ve been making a strong effort to stay in God’s word and pray every day and just seek His direction.. I try to focus on what He wants from me and let the rest of it go. But there is this heaviness in my heart that eventually wears me down emotionally and I find myself an emotional mess, unable to sleep and feeling paralyzed and unable to do anything or make any decisions. I am afraid to reach out to anyone because I am embarrassed by my situation. As I am writing this I am actually getting sick to my stomach thinking about all of it. I keep telling myself “Jesus loves me” and wait for these feelings to subside and they will but they always come back and I always end up in the middle of the night crying and searching and waiting for Jesus to pull me out of this pit again.

    • Hi, Pat. This scripture came to mind as I read your comment:

      Matthew 11: 28-30 – (Amplified) – “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden, and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. [ I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls.] Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am gentle (meek) and humble (lowly) in heart, and you will find rest (relief and ease and refreshment and recreation and blessed quiet) for your souls. For My Yoke is wholesome (useful, good – not harsh, hard, sharp, or pressing but comfortable, gracious and pleasant), and My burden is light and easy to be borne.”

      A friend gave me this scripture not too long ago, and suggested I read it daily and memorize it until the truth of this promise gets deep in my heart. Might I suggest you do the same? Jesus’ love for you is great and deep. I struggle with letting things go, too. God is faithful !

  189. Mary Beth says:

    This book sounds awesome. I know it would be a good one for me to read and one that would help me a lot.

  190. susan f says:


  191. nancys1128 says:

    I have yet to read anything from a P31 writer that didn’t bless me and change me. I’m sure Suzie’s book will be no different. Would love to win a copy.

  192. It’s too easy to try and do things on our own and forget Gid is with us, waiting for us to choose to let Him help. Thank you for reminding me how precious it is to have Him on my side and know He is ready to walk with me through whatever this world throws my way!

  193. Looks/sounds like a good book to have! I’ll buy it if I don’t win!

  194. Mary Margaret says:

    Thanks for sharing. God is all that can mend our hurts and our brokenness. He gives strength for each day. My son passed away 16 years ago and He still gives me strength for each day. I love to help other moms whose hearts are broken like mine with encouraging words. Blessings on your day 🙂

  195. Jennifer says:

    Love what I have read so far.

  196. Danielle says:

    I have suffered from a chronic undiagnosed illness for over a year. I feel like this has caused people who were once my biggest supporters to become distant from me. I am heartbroken and putting all of my extra energy into trying to strengthen those relationships to what they once were but I feel like they aren’t trying or don’t care 🙁 My heart definitely needs some help from the great healer as hes the only one who can do this. I would greatly appreciate winning.

  197. Sherry w says:

    I have been trying to mend my heart from a miscarriage , keep blaming myself if I could have done better with my sugars he/she would be born . Now I have another chance at bringing a new addition to our family n I am so scared , nervous … I think I need encouragement that everything will be ok this time -:) leaving it in gods hands amen

  198. This excerpt broke my heart! Jesus came here for me and for you so that we didn’t have to struggle every day, and yet we struggle on rather than just taking what He offers us…what has already been done for us! I would love to have a copy of this book.

  199. jana hunter says:

    I am so glad that you posted this today though I have alot of faith in the Lord sometimes the human in me still needs and worries and feels the emotional side. I have been dealing with brokenness in my heart and I really needed this today. Please enter me in the giveaway. Thank you!

  200. Lorraine says:

    My husband betrayed me and walked out on 10 years of marriage. Then the debt collectors started calling. The irs seized my refund for his debts he didn’t pay. It has been more than 4 years of trying to recover but I am still battling feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness. I’ve lost nearly everything I owned and have very little income. I could really use a change of heart, because my circumstances aren’t getting better.

  201. This sounds like a great book touching so many lives right where many people are at. Looking forward to reading it.

  202. Laurie G says:

    Today, I will NOT say those statements to myself… “Why can’t you just get over it?” “Why aren’t you just all put together like so&so?” I will NOT listen to the lies that Satan whispers to my heart… telling me that I’m not loved by God unless I “do” or “become” something else.

    I WILL rest in the healing power of my Lord and Savior – I WILL lean into the Father’s loving arms.

    I needed this today – thank you!!

  203. Heather says:

    I thought it was the last 8 years where I was struggling with domestic abuse that I needed mending… Now in the last year of facing his affair, (my choice for) separation and control issues…. I have heard God say I am free to be out of this pain cycle but now I have many “helpful” people telling me I’m listening wrong, that I am hurting my kids by struggling to be healthy and healed…. Now the guilt and worry that I really am hearing wrong and healing may not come because I am still deep in the middle of all my pain…. I need to be mended!
    I will buy this book if I don’t win it. I need it.

  204. Jodi Cleckler says:

    My family is fighting battles on so many fronts from my oldest daughters health to my youngest daughters struggles in dealing with two families that seem to be at odds over everything and she feels trapped in the middle to the fight for custody of my husbands little girl who lives in peril everyday and his business and his fight to keep it going….I have always said I follow the rules I am a good God fearing woman why is everything so hard? Reading this reminded me I can let Jesus guide me when I need to be in the fray and that I can trust Him to fight in my place. I claim victory in all these things and Gods will be done…not mine. Thank you!

  205. Letting go and letting God do the mending is the only way to living in freedom! I have a sweet friend who is so in need of God’s loving touch through this book. Can’t wait to read it!

  206. Karen R says:


    In your post you hit all the areas my heart has been crying out to God for. This is like the 3rd time I have heard I don’t have to do anything because Christ has already done it for me. No amount of works or baggage can do or undue what God has done. I just need to let my heart rest in him and let him transform it. God knows I desire to change and want to live a life pleasing to him. I have loss my mom, a sister my health to a chronic illlness but I am giving God my heart and mind. I realy hope to win your book. It would be a blessing. Feels like you are speaking directly to me. Thank you and God bless

    In His Hands,

  207. Sharmen says:

    I was just thinking this morning how the enemy attacks us at our weakest point and then read this excerpt from Suzie Eller’s book! I know I’ve been there before when I felt inadequate and wanted to just crawl under a rock and get completely by myself. It occured to me that is exactly what the enemy wanted me to do….to be alone so he can attack me at my weakest point. The Holy Word tells us that wherever two or more are gathered in the name of Jesus, He is in the midst…not on the sidelines watching, but in the midst WITH us. I take comfort in knowing that Jesus is sharing with me in that moment and that when I am at my weakest, He is strongest.

  208. Jenny Rutan says:

    I have been one of those who have tried and tried to fix myself…I have prayed but took it upon myself every time to find solutions to fixing me. I know I am on the right path…the God path, to mending my heart and mind from molestation and self-esteem as well as trust issues. I thank God for you ladies and all you pour into us. God bless you.

  209. Jo Alaine Porter says:

    Would love to get 5 free copies of this book and do a summer Bible study!

  210. Christy says:

    Praise the Lord! These words are music to my soul. Our family has recently gone through the trauma of the 18 year old who thinks she is an adult. She knows the Lord, but she has chosen her own path and the path of the world at this time. I am beginning to realize that even in the midst of this chaos, Jesus is there offering His peace and that is where I desire to be. If I could ask some of you who may have been hrer before, please pray for the safety of our daughter and the healing of hers and our hearts.

    God Bless You

  211. georgia says:

    I am dealing with unfairness right now but I am trying hard daily display love in spite of. The statement of the power of the Cross is not in what I do but in what has already been done for me, let me know that I don’t have to like everybody but I do need to walk in love. Because God didn’t like everything that was done to him but he still loved us unconditionally.

  212. I would love to get my hands on a copy of this book. I have grown up in the church, have been saved and baptized. But I feel lost in the flesh. I’ve had depression since birth it seems. Currently it seems I am so lonely and keep finiding myself in relationships or the pursuit of one that is unhealthy. I’ve started to get more active in the church and develop a closer “relationship” with God but the force of the flesh keeps tugging at me. My heart hurts something awful.

  213. LaDonna says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book. I went through a divorce last year and I am now a single mom. I have a lot of anger issues to work through, plus I have suffered from depression for many years. I know I’m not alone, and I know there are women and men who have suffered much more than I have. It would be an honor to read this book.

  214. Kathy Sturgis says:

    When I begin to try to sort out how God is going to take care of my need I am going to stop and pray in thanksgiving to my Father who has promised to care for me and meet my needs. This is truth. Then I will rest in the fact that HE IS GOD and I am not.

  215. Today, I will not let the enemy tell me that what I have done is not good enough, or doesn’t count. I have been leading in a ministry in my church for the past five years and am at a place where I know I need to step out of it. And I am sad. Sad because I know I have brought every talent God has given me to this ministry. I have laid down my life to answer the call. And now this season is over. I am clean before God, and know that it is His voice calling me out. So, on the one hand, I am absolutely at peace with the Lord. And on the other hand, I know there will be those who will question my motives and will say that I failed. It is enough to know that I am clean before God. So, I will not let the enemy steal my peace and the sure knowledge that God is with me, He is calling me to move forward.

    I love this devotion today. It helped me to look and see all the things I have already walked through and the broken places the Lord has healed. I am not broken anymore. Now I am gratefully surrendered to Almighty God.

    • We worship among people, but we don’t worship people. That’s a concept we learn in The Mended Heart. So, we follow God when we hear Him clearly, and we give grace to people as they work through the process. <3

  216. For most of my life, I have struggled with an addiction to food and the corresponding guilt. Today, I will not look at my failures, but focus on Jesus. His victory is mine when I allow Him to live in me. Thank you, Jesus!

  217. I am interested in this book.

  218. Sandi H. says:

    Would love to win a copy of your book! Thanks!

  219. I recently lost a close friend very unexpectedly and I have realized that I am grieving on a much deeper level and it has affected me in a way I’ve never known before. I know that I should take this experience and learn to love life, to live life and be thankful for what I have, but I find myself fearful, afraid of losing others that I love and hiding away from the world. I am confused, I don’t understand the reason for the loss, the pain the family is experiencing, the devastation it has caused. This man was so full of life and had a passion for living and in a matters of hours, he was gone from a blood clot to the lungs after breaking his ankle and surgery. I am not coping well, and although I would love to win a copy of your book, I could certainly use your prayers. I need a touch from God, to restore peace in my life and to help me grow from this loss rather than questioning it. I am living in brokenness and I desire to feel whole again. Thank you.

    • When we love much, we grieve much. That makes sense. I pray that this loss would be grieved and mourned in the safe place of grace our Savior offers — where you don’t have to stuff it, or hide it, but rather expose it so that you can work through it with the help of a Savior who knows what it it is to suffer, but also to heal and live fully.

      Lord, I pray for this daughter of yours. Will you help her mourning move from stuck to healing? From hurting to joy-filled at the memories and the place this friend held in her heart. Thank you that she will always be a part of her heart, and that you promise an eternity of time together. Thank you that you also comfort, mend, and walk with us in the good and hard parts of our faith. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  220. I am reading The Unburdened Heart by Suzanne and it has helped me immensely in the process of forgiving and mending my broken heart from past pains. God is good!

  221. Stephanie evans says:

    Sounds like an amazing book! I would love a chance to win this.

  222. I will release myself from feeling like I need to fix everything or be in control and LET JESUS!

  223. I can’t see a “share your thoughts” link, but I really could use this book and it’s great words of support, encouragement and mending. I’m in the middle of a divorce from my second marriage and I am the mother of 2 teenage boys. I work full time, am a full time student pending graduation next month, staying with friends and trying to get back on my feet when time just doesn’t allow it right now. Feeling incredibly broken and defeated, deflated. I know that God is here with me and this is all part of His plan for me, I continue to look to Him and listen for His voice to lead and comfort me.

  224. Suzanne VanSligtenhorst says:

    “The power of the cross is not found in what I do, but in what has already been done for me”…..such simple words to say but much harder to remember and believe…..

  225. Joyce K Halbert says:

    I really would like to receive a free copy of your book…..

    A year and a half ago I got news that totally shattered my heart and world. A complete stranger came into my office to tell me that she was praying for me and my children. I had no idea why she was praying for me and my children. As I sat in my office after she had left my mind kept playing her voice over and over in my mind….my stomach began to just feel sick. I had to find out why this lady was praying for us. So, I got a number for her and called her. When I asked the question “Why are you praying for me and my children?” She got quiet, so I asked again. She then said “Because your husband is having an affair.” My first reaction was no she must be mistaken, not my husband…but she described my husbands truck and him to me. I was just so heart broken and in disbelief. I began to cry and had to leave work. I went to my husbands work and waiting for him to get off work. Of coarse he had no idea why I was there but the tears and sound of my voice must have told him that his game was out….I asked him if he was having an affair with his co-worker….he didn’t deny it, the look on his face told me the answer. In that split second my world just shattered. The pain my heart felt was like no pain I had ever felt before. How could he do this to me…to our 5 children??? I didn’t know how I would go on. It was during that time that I read my Bible more than I ever had before, I prayed more than ever and I went up front in our church to have the people pray for me. I’m not sure where I’d be if it hadn’t been for my Bible, my relationship with God and my church family. The pain isn’t as bad as it was 1 1/2 years ago, but still a part of my heart and world just feel gone. I have felt like I have failed my children and my family….like I am the one to blame. But, God has showed me that I was not the one who did wrong….that I am not a failure. I still have hard days….especially when the kids are trying my patience, when I am running kids to practices, but I know that God is with me and my future is in His hands and He will never leave me. He created me in His image and He has something beautiful in store for me and my family. I would really enjoy reading your book….getting a free copy of it would for sure put a smile on this face. Thanks so much for reading my comment.

    • Father, thank you for Joyce and for her love and trust in you. Lord her heart has been shattered and trusting is hard, but you are faithful. You never fail us. You never leave us. May Joyce feel you all over again as she lets words of scripture pour over her broken heart. Thank you that you came to heal the broken hearted, that your mission statement as you walked to the cross was to bear our pain, and the effects of sin upon mankind’s heart. Thank you for her courage, her faith, her willingness to grow and thrive whether anyone else signs up or not. Thank you for your daughter, Joyce, and for her honesty here today. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  226. Joycelyn says:

    Good morning Susie,
    Thanks for this much needed post. I’m sure most everyone needs their heart mended by God. We, women, are by nature, fixers. Not only do we try to fix ourselves but we try to fix others as well.
    What I won’t do today is rush through my devotions/bible study to get it checked off my to-do list. I will carve out the much needed time to rest and meditate on God’s word and be still to LISTEN for His voice for direction and revelation. I want to learn to meditate on His Word day and night. I want to live life ON PURPOSE – HIS PURPOSE!
    I pray that God will continue to pour out His favor upon you as you live a life pleasing to Him.

  227. My brokenness comes from trying to regain unwavering trust and hope in the Lord’s omnipotence. My 21 year old daughter had a ruptured brain aneurysm almost 7 years ago, and it breaks my heart still for all that I see, in my humanness, all that she’s missed in her 20’s~some of the what~ could ~have~ been “best years of her life”. Others try to put “words” to it to make it better–but mostly, she has only family. Others who used to be friends, move on, as they should. But, she is broken in spirit and in health, and it has broken me. The journey has been long to get her to this point…yet it’s hard to realize she probably won’t have the experiences others her age have had. I’ve been angry with God, then I ask forgiveness because He takes broken things and makes beauty out of them. I’ve done all I can to help “in the journey” of restorative health, and now my health is dwindling as well as my spirit at times. So, in resigning my job in order to help my daughter and others more “simply” without the distractions and rigorous pace of teaching, I am investing time sitting at Jesus’ feet in my living room, praying, reading His word, and reading books such as your’s in order to continue to find simplicity and hope and joy in the small stuff of life~things others would find insignificant. This book would bless me. I read books over and over and over and God’s words come more alive to me each time I read them. Thanks for sharing your heart with other ladies who love to serve at Jesus’ feet~often times just listening and waiting on Him.

    • Father, this mom loves her baby, and she loves you. I pray that you refill her to such a point that she flows out on all around her. Give her strength. Give her peace. I cannot imagine how it feels as a mom to watch her daughter struggle, and to know what “could be”. Lord, may we weep with her, and comfort her, and offer words of encouragement to fill a mama’s heart. Lord, we also ask in faith that You cover this daughter with your power, and your healing, and may you bring joy to this daughter’s heart as she senses you close daily. In Jesus’ name, amen.

      • Amen, amen, amen! Thank you, Suzie…as your words, tears, prayers will continue to strengthen my heart as I seek God’s direction and peace. I also appreciate your prayers for Hannah…so that God will shine His JOY through her courageous, daily journey…and that He would fill her with His power…”exceedingly abundantly beyond all that we can ask or think”. God bless you….I am most grateful and deeply touched.

        Heidi <

  228. Courtney J says:

    Thank you for this powerful message this morning, Renee.

    God bless!

  229. Why is it when you know you have give all your heartbroken issues to God, you still think and pray for the person who has broken your heart. Just last night I woke up from a dream after having a discussion with this person, I prayed after I woke up and asked God to go to her and help her mend her heart as she has turned away from Jesus. This post is what I needed this morning. Thank you.

  230. maureen wright says:

    Thought I was the fixer and I am soooo glad that I have learned to let go and let GOD! often have to talk to myself to stop and let GOD take over. “You got this GOD.”

  231. I will not try to be so controlling, but I will lay everything before God and rest in Him. I think of my 17 year old daughter as I write this. I read a really good article about being controlling. Perhaps I have been under the guise of so desiring to raise up and train my child to be prepared for the time she is out on her own. She is not me and does not have to be me. Thank God for bringing more clarity to the strained relationship with our daughter. Healing will come. Praise Him!

  232. Working on letting go of things that I need to! God is in control I know, but my heart aches so much at times that I want to scream. So many things I could share, but I know that God will handle and deal. It’s just hard to let it go. I am working on it….It hurts less each day. I know that He will mend me and help me through it, but the human side struggles with letting things go. So thankful he loves me like he does! God is good.

  233. Kristin Hansen says:

    Thank you for these words – just what i needed to hear today.

  234. I would love to win a copy of your book. I am still healing from betrayal of an affair. Seems like it brought all of my childhood fears back: rejection, abandonment, anger, and low self esteem. The pain has been far greater than I would have imagined. I want Jesus to heal every place that was so broken. I can see a little girl crying because she thinks something is wrong with her, but then Jesus tells her “you are not a misfit or a mistake. I love you with an everlasting love.”

  235. Today I will not worry about the everyday trivialities that usually upset me. I will trust that Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to be happy. I have faith that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ I can feel more peace. I know that I have tried to do what is right and to serve others. The Lord has already suffered for all of my sins, my depression, my anxiety, my sorrow and my every heartache so that I would not have to suffer if I choose to follow His example of peace and love. Then I will be able to live with Him throughout time and all eternity.

  236. I would love to win a copy of this book. I just got through a nasty custody battle for my 13 year old daughter who has lived with me full time since she was 6. By the grace of God i was referred to the scripture Isaiah 41:13 “all who rage against you will be ashamed and disgraced, all of those that oppose you will be as nothing and perish” at the begging and i held onto that verse this entire time. the Lord showed me just how amazing he is by at my surprise the court case was dropped during mediation by her father who brought the case up. My faith grew stronger during the 9 months that this was drug on, and my faith remains, but my heart still hurts after seeing, reading and knowing about the horrible manipulation and emotional stress my 13 year old was put through along with the emotional stress i went through.

  237. You surprised me with this: “The power of the cross is not found in what I do, but in what has already been done for me.” Thats so great and wonderful. Thanks. I am a Dutch mom and found you via Facebook.

  238. Lindsay says:

    I definitely needed this message and so in need of this book right now. I have been battling so many things the last few years and am a new Christian and falter so much to let go. God bless

  239. Thank you for the wisdom in your writing and may our loving God shower all the women who wrote in with His peace. He is the only one that holds us up when we feel we cannot go on and He’sbeen there even when I thought it was too much to bear.

  240. Rebecca says:

    Knowing that I can leave it all to God is such a relief! I don’t have to carry the burden; I don’t have to carry the burden alone…and I am NEVER alone! And Christ has ‘covered’ for me…for my sins, for my lack, for me…and He has also covered me with His alone!

  241. Glad to have found you, your blog, and your books. They sound like great streams leading women to His Living Water! God bless you and your ministry team. <3

  242. Wow…”what will I NOT do today?” I’ve never asked myself that question. I usually mentally beat myself up with statements like, ” why didn’t you do (blank) today!” It is a truly freeing experience when you accept the fact that Jesus just wants us…not our works or accomplishments. This sounds like a book I need to get!

  243. Natasha Ramsey says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share such amazing encouragement with us. I am in a journey to heal some broken places. I am an adult survivor of child sexual abuse. I have been been able to heal in many ways and areas. I am currently a counselor and counsel other women who were sexually abused as children. My life seemed to be going well until I learned the person who was responsible for me being in situations to be sexually abused for their profit. I am so very broken and praying for God to heal me where I am. I am certain that in all this there is a message as well as something I can share with others.

    Thank you for sharing with me!

  244. I think this is a much needed book. As women I think we sometimes judge ourselves way to hard. Thanks for writing this book.

  245. Sonja Bailey says:

    There is no age nor amount of times that a heart can be broken ~ but to realize and remember God will help us through it is such a blessing… His love has no limit on age or amount either…
    I think this book is a must / want to read for me… See at 61 I still let my heart be broken…

  246. CrissyK says:

    It is so hard to keep our focus on the Lord and let Him lead, I am always trying to push ahead and get things done in my way and in my time. It usually ends up poorly and unfortunately I don’t see it until I have forced the issue and realized it isn’t going to work. I am continually praying that I learn to seek Him first and wait in His peace and allow him to make things happen in his perfect timing.

    We have to remember God is with us in all things!

  247. I would love to have the chance to read this book. It’s sounds great.

  248. Heather Leivas says:

    Thank you so much for the short excerpt as I really needed to hear those words today. I’m going through some difficult situations at home and in my marriage and my heart is so broken right now. Thanks for the reminder that God will heal my broken heart.

  249. Kelly Smith says:

    This one is so so so hard for me. It’s been three months that I’ve been acutely aware of trying to rest in God’s peace. That is not easy. I’ve always trusted God, or so I thought. But all day long I’m rushing to finish this and rushing to finish that and stressing over the next thing that needs to be done and what my son needs to do and if this needs to go certain way. And I’m never just resting in God’s grace and love. I’m not enjoying the moments. And you know what I live with my mother and son, and neither one of them and enjoy me. And that hurts. It’s a house of anger and sarcasm and putting down and grumbling. I proclaim victory and peace, and I tell Satan to get behind, and I know God will bring blessings from these trials, but they are breaking us. I write 5 page lists everyday of what I want to get done, counselors say write 3-5 things on your list! LOL, Then, I keep my lists, until they’re a stack, I try and consolidate for a while, then, I have a pile, then a few piles, but I don’t want to forget anything, so I put the piles in a box, so I have the bedroom full of boxes full of lists, it’s sick. I have been trying to rest in the Lord, and I’ve been trying to be still and focus on him. And for the past four months I’ve been walking 2 to 3 miles a day and I spend about 45 minutes to an hour outside with Christian music and just trying to clear my head and just focus on Him and nothing else and just try to listen to what He would have me hear Him speak into my heart and my life. And in the past four months I’ve been praying in the morning before anybody wakes up, just trying get right with Him before I deal with anything else, and I have been doing a chronological daily Bible study, and we’re trying out some new churches, since we haven’t been going to church at all for a few years. And I’ve been involved with Proverbs 31 and they’re made to crave Bible studies and we’re moving on to another book, and I’ve been involved in hello mornings we just were studying Ruth, but I fell behind in that, I missed this study part of it but I did read the book and I enjoyed it. But that is still pretty busy, and I take time in the morning and I post the prayers for my morning group, and I try and pray for people, but there’s so much more I want to focus on Him in every decision and I want him to be the first thing I think of whenever there’s a fork in my road – a word leaving my mouth, I want to hang out with Him like I used to!

    • Kelly Smith says:

      Oh I didn’t answer the question, today, I will not forget to make quiet time at night with him. I’ve SWITCHED to the morning instead of ADDING the morning! Hey that was an Ah ha moment, I didn’t realize that until I just wrote it! 😉 that could make a difference!

  250. barb roach says:

    All I know is that I need this book…….

  251. I truly need this book

  252. God is still working on me concerning my identity in Him, which is basically what you are writing about here. Must know what Christ has done for us to understand our freedom in Him…this is a work in progress!


  253. Reese Watson says:

    I NEED this book. So timely. I’ve been crying off and on lately.. the Lord has been revealing some deep, penetrating, wounds in my heart. Things I thought for sure I had gotten over. Experiences and memories I compartmentalized in my heart and mind. I don’t know how to heal. I’m unsure of where the mending begins.. if it can begin. But I realize, without a shadow of a doubt, that these untreated wounds have been dictating my life for most of my adolescent/adult years. Pretty severe bullying that went on in Kindergarten and lasted all the way up until seventh grade. Sexual abuse. Substance abuse. Abandonment. Verbal/emotional abuse. When I said “yes” to Jesus Christ, I marked these things off as “the old me”. I never truly addressed any of it.. but rather suppressed it. I need healing. My life simply cannot function properly without it..

  254. Tami Vesey says:

    I’m reading The Unburdened Heart. It is life changing. I cant wait to finish it and start this next book.

  255. Kathy Smith says:

    I am disabled. I take lots of meds. I get depressed easily. Negative thoughts pop in my head real quick sometimes. I have two teenage boys. I have to live with a friend b cuz i dont make enough to live on my own.
    I trust in God. I have Faith. I know God loves me. But i still forget. I need help. Gods help. I need to heal. I been thru so much since 2008. Level 1 cancer, hyterectomy, by pass surgery, 4 back surgeries. I dont get around good. Or the way i use to. I want to jave fun but there is so many things i cant do. I feel so lost. Please pray for me.

  256. God holds me but sometimes I need flesh and bones to hug

  257. greyowlmama says:

    I am withered from trying. I feel this book may bless me. Blessings and thank you. What I won’t do today is..give up.

  258. Tammy Dobson says:

    I will NOT give into negative thoughts
    I will NOT let my emotions and or stress control me:)
    Instead I WILL
    Take a deep breath and say a prayer when I feel any of these and I will praise my GOD:):)


  259. Thank you so much for sharing this. This was such an on time word for me and God has given me this scripture many times so this was confirmation in my spirit. I thank you for your wonderful devotions and would be honored to have your book.

  260. I thought the depression was gone. After struggling 40 years at last freedom but the enemy has attacked with a vengeance. Migraines are back as well. I’m tired of the struggles and know Jesus is with me or I would give up.

  261. AnnMarie Dixon says:

    Thanks for your post . It really made me see that Jesus’ message is simple. He does not come to condemn us but to show us the heart of the Father and what He wants to give us.

  262. just got home a few days ago from psych inpatient for depression/anxiety. It’s so refreshing to read the words that I can rest and be free in Christ’s power and healing. I’m still struggling some but have a great husband, family and church family praying for me and loving on me. Praise God for His church body – I may not be here now if Jesus did not build His church!!!

  263. …….”isn’t it such a relief to know you don’t need to fix yourself, or earn God’s love or run any more. In fact, the more we don’t do these things, the more we live in Him; the more we build a foundation of rest and trust; the more joy we rediscover in our faith and in our lives.”

    These words run so true in my heart.

    As Philip Yancey has said… “Grace is not about finishing last or first, it is about not counting. We receive grace as a gift from God, not as something we toil to earn.”

    The cry of my heart to live off the grace of God, free as birds of the air and splendid as lilies of the field, storing up my treasures in heaven as the abiding place in my heart. The more I sit before the dining table of God’s word the more I am aware of God’s relentless pursuit of a bride who will be gathered from the ends of the earth to join together in such an abundant life, forming a community of love and grace that is more extravagant and glorious than all the kingdoms of this world.

    How I love to live in and understand the need to rest and trust in the plan of God. This is relational intimacy ~ a divine Dance in the waters of Life, radiating outward like ripples on a pond until the entire surface is transformed by the movement at its CENTER! Jesus!

    Christ life has become ours ~ signed, sealed and delivered by grace. It is signed in the “definition” of grace: the reality of God’s action in human lives. It is sealed by the “manifest” reality of grace: God’s life is infused into human lives. And it is delivered by the “accessibility” of grace: it is open to ALL in Christ.

    Be Blessed,
    Hope to receive a copy 🙂

  264. Cathy Lentz says:

    I just got back from spring break. Luckily I could go and have had alot of stress lately so thank God I got a little rest. This book sounds like a God send. I love the Confident Heart and was in the bible study.
    Thanks to you ladies for your great work!

  265. I always need reminders I can’t do it myself and need to rely on Jesus and His grace.

  266. Deborah says:

    Thanks again for another opportunity to win a book. Thanks for your heart!

  267. Kelley Walker says:

    I feel as if I can never gain any ground, or any gain is very slow. I was saved at the age if about 15, and I am now 46. It took me years to have confidence in my salvation, to truly KNOW that I know that I know that I am saved. Since then I have been battling knowing who I am in Christ, trusting, and still doubt everything about me. I would love this book! Emotions about kill me.

  268. Melissa Cook says:

    God knows just what we need to see and hear so we can help others. He brought me to this for a reason and have to say I love what your doing for and through him Suzie!!! Would love to read and share with the ones he has placed in MY life to do so!! GOD IS SO GOOD TO US…Much Love <3

  269. Suzanne Mazzo says:

    . My eyes are wet with tears that have not stopped since Feb, i’d just awaken from a nightmare to the reality of a broken heart, humming a tune I couldn’t quite place. When I remembered the words, it was something I had made up & recorded for myself, that the devil’s going down & he cannot be the end of me. Then I found this page looking for something else entirely, with stuff I’ve been searching scriptures for. Now I’m curious about this book. Just reading about it was encouraging, Lord be praised!

  270. I have been suffering since the death of my husband. I really need this book.

  271. December of 08 2 days after Christmas I lost four fingers on my left hand mortgage Scamed in 07 lost. About 150,000 fighting it police escort 2014 out of my house Of 15 years. Went to 3 fatality accident come home the next morning my partner of 15 years. In are new house 4 months she pass away in my arms 45 years old I’m 54,Will it help me Dec of 2014 dating scam try to get back in being active just to get scamed again off meet me dating site I’m at the end of my rope what is there to do

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