He works {all things} together for good?

“I need extra praying power. I had a biopsy Thursday, and now I’m waiting for results. Having a tough time, both because of the pain and the unknowns.” 

As I read Michele’s text, my heart ached. Why God? Why now? Why this? Why Michele? Hasn’t she been through so much already this year? 

Roman8.28 Canvas

Michele’s reaction has been a  lot more mature and faith-filled than mine. She is determined to trust God’s promise to make {all things} work together for good.

And even in this place of not-knowing how He will keep His promise, she’s courageously sharing her story on her blog. Holding out the same hope she is holding onto – Michele wants God to use her not-knowing to help others who may be wondering how He’ll keep His {all things} promise to them.

From Michele’ s blog:

“I did everything I could to prevent it. But, in the end, it didn’t matter.

It was time for my regular check-up with my cancer surgeon. The one who did my surgery in 2010. The one I’ve seen every two months since. As of December, I’ve been cancer-free for three years.

Which is why I never again wanted hear these words: “Michele, I think we need to do another biopsy.”

My heart sunk when she told me. It’s what I feared; what I’d tried so hard to avoid.

But no amount of wishing and wanting changed the reality of what was.

So now, I wait. Life hovers.

This not-knowing place is all too familiar. It’s a place with which every survivor is well-acquainted. A space between suspicions and answers, between illness and wholeness.

I know I’m not alone here. We all have our unknowns. Those God-awful not-knowing spaces that shred us with worry and steal our peace.

The adult child who left home without looking back.

The marriage on the brink of a dissolution.

The church that might close its doors.

The struggling child who may never be “whole.”

The once-precious friendship that flounders.

The financial predicament without a solution.

The mental illness that scares you to death.

I’ve lost count of my not-knowing spaces. These are the places I most dread, when I have neither answers nor control. A painful limbo, a long stretching between what is and what will be.

But life doesn’t have to end in the middle of not-knowing. 

It’s possible to laugh, dance and celebrate all the goodness of this life, even knowing it could change tomorrow. Maybe especially then.

I’ve decided this: I will not put my joy on hold.

I will not wait for the phone to ring before I decide to laugh and dance. Not this time. It’s a cost I’m not willing to pay again. Instead, this time I choose to live.

So how do you keep living when your world has stopped?

Tell yourself the truth. Fear thrives on three lies: (1) I am alone, (2) I am powerless, (3) I am without hope. In the absence of answers, fear fills in the gaps. Instead, tell yourself the truth: You are never alone. God’s power thrives in impossible situations. And there is always, always hope.

Don’t get ahead of the calendar. This is a tough one for me. Somehow I think by worrying I can wield control. As if anticipating what might come next week or next year will help me cope with it once it happens. This is a lie. Worrying about tomorrow only serves to rob you of today. Instead, take each day as it comes. No less, no more.

Take stock of all the goodness. Even in the not-knowing, there is good to be found. The smile of a friend. The kindness of a family member. The warmth of the sun. The touch of a hand. The world may be collapsing around you, but beauty is hidden in the rubble. Reach for it, like treasure. Then, write it down. The person anchored in upheaval is the one determined to dig up the gold.

Allow yourself to be loved.  It’s okay to lean on someone else in your not-knowing place. It’s okay to say, “I’m weary,” “I’m scared,” or “I don’t know what to do.” Say it outloud. Write it down. Allow someone who loves you to hear the truth of your heart. Only then is the burden shared. Only then does the waiting place become a haven of relationship.

It’s been a week now. And Michele didn’t get the answer she (we) prayed and hoped for. Her biopsy results came in: the cancer is back. She’s cried and wished God’s plans were different. But she told me last night she has this Holy peace, almost like bubble-wrap, around her heart. A peace that could only come from knowing God is working {even this} together for good.

What messy not-knowing place are you in today? Which one of Michele’s four “ways to keep living” do you need most?

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Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Mimi Gin says:

    Prayers for a strong will, and peace. My problem today is small… frozen pipes. But I am taking a deep breath and taking one thing at a time.

  2. God needs you on earth, not in heaven. You are HEALED by his stripes. Believe it!

  3. Prayers for serenity and peace at a time when both seem a distance away. Breathe deeply and fully. God will restore us.

  4. May God’s strength and peace be with you along this road, Michele. Your story has truly touched my heart (as I have tears welling in my eyes) and has been a good reminder to live in the now. God bless.

  5. Margaret says:

    Thanks for sharing your burden so we can learn from you. Praying for God’s healing and peace for you.
    “Today I will tell myself the truth.”

  6. Chrystal says:

    Prayers for peace & calmness as we struggle with our 4 yr old & some developmental & speech delays. I want to be joyful in all things. I try so hard but today has been difficult. Praying for Michele.

    • Chrystal, two of my six children have speech and development delays. I know the struggle and exhaustion. Some days you just want to run away. Be reassured, you are brave and strong and fighting a worthy battle. I’m with you!

  7. Leigh Anne says:

    I just experienced a miscarriage (my 2nd). I have 2 children on earth with me and my oldest (6yrs) was struggling with anger at God for taking the baby from us, but through my tears I was able to share with him that God has good still planned for us, we just might not be able to see it yet. Even though I know this truth to be true- after my first miscarriage, we were able to conceive and I gave birth to a beautiful daughter. She brings great joy to our family! I still need this reminder daily. And what a sweet reminder to look at my daughter!

  8. Michelle Z says:

    Prayers Michele…you have some amazing things to do yet for God’s Kingdom. The one that I need most is Don’t Get Ahead of the Calendar…I have to remind myself all the time that God’s delay is not his denial…and patience is a practiced gift.

  9. Oh my heart hurts for you. Praying that you cling to His truth when the pain is unbearable, praying that you will rest in His arms when the battle is wearisome, praying that you will embrace His Presence when the unknown scares you, praying that His Peace will continue to calm you as you tread raging waters. I will be praying for you Michele. “My help comes from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121:2)

  10. Suzanne VanSligtenhorst says:

    Thank you for your openness and sharing your struggles. Prayers for peace and calm.

  11. Continued prayers for the peace that passes all understanding! Thank you for the reminders of “how to keep living!”

  12. Michelle D. says:

    Dear Jesus,
    Thank you for Michele. I pray peace & healing for her. Thank you that You are with her now & always.

    I, too, just learned last week that my cancer has returned after being in remission for 4 years. I use all four of Michele’s “ways to keep living.” I am thankful for my team of prayer warriors praying me through this battle.

    • Michelle, I love how tenderly God reminds us, even in the worst of circumstances, that we’re not alone. Although I wish with ALL my heart you had not received this unwanted news, I’m honored to be with you in it. Keep living, girl. Keep LIVING!

  13. May God’s abundant peace surround you today as you lean on Him for strength. He is your Strength and Shield and the Great Physician. You are His daughter and are Dearly Loved.


  14. Today you do not stand alone! Today is full of JOY! Today you are strong! Today is your day, live it, use it, remember it and record it. Each and everyday holds treasure, Holy Spirit reveal them! Today the Father loves you just as He allows has.

  15. Thank you for your openness and candor. Your words are the thoughts of so many including myself but so often go unspoken. The fear of the unknown and the guilt of second guessing is paralyzing at times. Sometimes I simply claim “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isa. 40:31. I know at times I am soaring with some banged up wings but He is faithful to keeping me flying. Praying for God’s strength and comfort as you continue to soar here or into His arms.

  16. Praying for you Michele, that you may have the peace and comfort that only He can provide in this scary time. I too had that feeling of waiting for biopsy results and it was so scary. A friend sent me the words I needed to hear, which brought me hope until I heard the results. I’m praying that you have a steady stream of friends and angels to bring you words and actions of hope as you forge through your journey of healing. Thank you for sharing your story and being an example of trusting His plan for us.

    • Thank you, Mary. I know you “get” it. I do have a strong, faithful circle of praying friends, Renee Swope being one of the best of them. God is providing abundance, even in the unwanted!

  17. Praying for you Michelle. Your words resonate to strongly with me, as I am battling cancer myself and preparing for a stem cell transplant. I’ve many, many times gone back to the truth of God works “all things” for good, and understanding in a whole new way what “all things” can mean. He is a good, holy and loving God and we are in the best hands possible. And we will always continue to pray boldly for total healing, and ultimately for His glory. Take care.

    • Yes, exactly Paula. Only these ripping, heart-wrenching places help us to understand what “all things” can truly mean. Father God, I pray for Paula, for her strength and totaly healing, in Jesus’ name. But I also pray that you would open her eyes to see—with delight!—the many ways you are bring beauty and holiness to even this!

  18. Praying that you will know that God is with you – Holding your hand with His Righteous Right Hand. The Lord will bless you and keep you; that the Lord will make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; and May the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

  19. Tiffanie says:

    Michelle, you are such an inspiration!!!! As I face another custody battle to protect my daughter, your words of encouragement help to lift me up. I pray for Gods peace you surround you!!!!

  20. Lindsey Eller says:

    Praying for peace for a 3 year old little boy.. Tyler…Waiting on results this week to rule out possibly leukemia. Praying for his momma, daddy, & nana.. What a great peace we can receive from God, just by leaning on HIM..

  21. My best friend went through a double mastectomy three years ago. I felt helpless as we were losing my mom, laid off and having to move for a job. But God! Praying for you, Michelle, for God to cover you with His loving mercy and healing balm. Praying also for your family and friends, that God’s peace and mercy will cover them as they love and support you, no matter where they are. Heavenly Father, give grace to Michelle, her family and friends and all the medical staff. Amen!

  22. When we lost our beautiful 18-year-old daughter in an automobile accident almost five years ago, I thought I would die from grief. But I know God’s plan is perfect and I have seen so much positive come from her too brief years here on this earth. He has sustained me in so many ways both through the natural and through things that could only be considered ‘God’ things. Prayers for you Michele that you will continue to be a testimony to God’s faithfulness to us, even through our darkest days.

    • Oh, Megan. Is there anything more horrific than losing a child? My heart breaks with yours. Thank you for sharing the beauty that has come from your ashes. You give us all courage and hope!

  23. Michele,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. The words you have feared to hear have now been heard and you are such a brave and strong woman for this. God has a plan and He will never let you down. Your witness shines brightly to all who know you and know of you. Do not be discouraged and lean wholly on Him – He knows, He loves, He cares and He alone has the power to take care of all of this. I love the four paragraphs of how to live on when your world has stopped – read these over and over they are great! “Our God is greater …. our God is stronger …. God you are higher than any other ….Our God is HEALER … awesome in power …..” We all eagerly await that day when there will be no more pain or sorrow or suffering and we will be forever with the Lord. Meanwhile on this earth you are His servant and witness and He alone will help you accomplish His will. With Christian Love, Sarah

  24. Lifting you up in prayer for our precious Savior to wrap you in his loving arms!

  25. Thank you so much Michelle for your words of encouragement even in the middle of this storm. I pray that His healing power will be in you to restore your body and to shine through you just as it’s doing right now to many others. May His power and glory be revealed in and through you.
    Love you. God blesses you.
    Last week as I was listening to Beth Moore she was teaching on the parable of the wheat and the weed and how the trials we go through right now are the testimony to prove the world we are true followers of Christ! She said our job is to endure them in Him! He’s faithful and powerful in all He does! He cured you once He will do it again. You are stronger now and will be even stronger! Purified as gold!

  26. Courtney J says:

    Michelle, We may not understand God’s plans, but remember, His ways are not are ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. More importantly, His plans are never to harm us. You will have an awsome testimony when this is over. Your story of triumph and courage will help another person who is going through this. Your faithfulness will draw others to the mighty God we serve! You do not stand alone, my sister! I am praying for you and I hope you can feel this cyber hug! God bless you, Michelle!

  27. I myself have been in the “waiting for biopsy results” three times now. Every mammogram puts me back in that place of waiting on God for the results. I, like Michelle, have found that peace of God that feels like bubble wrap around my heart (love that term by the way). Praying for Michele and the path that lays before her. May God go before you and give you His strength.

  28. Praying for peace as God’s mighty hand covers & holds you today! To our mighty Creator, all things are possible & you are so very precious to Him! I will keep you in my prayers …. Please keep me updated!

  29. My heart breaks for you, Michele. I am praying that God will heal you, again!! I truly believe everything happens for a reason – God has plans for you!!

  30. Jonava Johnson says:

    I want you to know that although this may look or sound bad with God it is never what it looks like here on earth. He already has you healed by every stripe that was on his back. Continue to look at all the wonderful and miraculous signs and wonders that he has already shown you. That always seems to get me through to the blessing waiting on the other side because there is one. God never takes us through anything with out His purpose, His love, and the blessing of His presence being right there with us through it ALL. I know in my heart that this is another special invite for you to grow closer to him in the sweetness of his presence and when this battle is won and you see that the victory is yours you will look back at what He has done and you will know that truly He works all things together for our good. Peace, love and joy in the Holy Spirit is what my prayers will be for you continuously. Please keep us posted. I am not coming off the wall until I know you are your best self yet! Jonava Johnson

  31. Saying prayers.

  32. You are in my prayers

  33. Praying that God’s healing power, peace, comfort and hope envelope you, Michelle, through this challenging time and always.

  34. Prayers your way

  35. My struggles pale in comparison, but I have to choose to live each day as it comes without the worry of what tomorrow might bring.

  36. Kathy Campbell says:

    Thank you for your words today. They really touched my heart.

  37. Amazing, how some can be so strong. I really appreciated don’t jump ahead on the calendar.
    Live in today!

  38. Acknowledging fear’s lies is so powerful! God is always with me. I am loved by family and friends. God has the power. God offers hope through his word and his love. Praying for you, Michele.

  39. Praying for God’s peace and guidance for Michele.

    If you would chose my name to win Emily’s give away a Romans 8:28 framed canvas, please give it to Michele as she could look at it and know that everyone reading this blog lifted prayers.

  40. Michele,

    God loves you with an everlasting love and he is tenderly orchestrating the things that He is allowing into your life right now. He is working something even more beautiful in your life. Trust Him with all your heart. Your tears will be the dew that refreshes and brings forth life to many others who observe what the Lord is doing in and through you.

    Gracious Heavenly Father,

    I ask you right now to surround Michele with an heavenly atmosphere of your spiritual light and peace. Assure her that You will never leave her or forsake her and that you are working something even more beautiful in her life. Give her hope in You and encourage her faith. Bless her with loving support from family and friends as she walks this journey. And give her tokens of Your love along the way. I ask this Father, in Jesus precious name. Amen.

  41. Thank you for post. As I read this post, my 30 yr old daughter is having a biopsy. We pray for God’s intervention and the news will be good, but we know God has a plan and we will put our trust in him and hold tight to his word.

    • God our Healer, I pray for Kim’s daughter as she has a biopsy and then endures those oh-so-long days waiting for results. God, we ask for good results, an absence of cancer and a long, full life! We believe! While they wait, provide a consuming blanket of peace. No fear, only hope.

  42. Praying for God’s strength and peace for Michele!

  43. May the blessing of today be abundant. May you see His love in every breath you take. May you find hope and joy in His promises during this rain. May His Son shine down and His promises reveal a rainbow of peace and strength to cover your life and family. All things are possible when you rely on His strength and not our own. His strength has taken you this far, let Him show you how great He is. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  44. Michelle,
    He holds our future,because He lives,we can face our unknown,our future.
    He knows what’s the best for me,and also for you!
    All life’s turmoils and difficulties is to teach us to learn to trust Him
    a little bit more, one small step every each time,so that we will grow to be spiritually mature!
    Dear sister,you are favored by God to let you go through this experience
    Bless you!

  45. Michele: May God feel you with his presence and may you hear him whisper in your ear, trust me, I have it all under control. When human hands fail, God is There. Our prayers are with you and we ask for complete healing in God’s way, not ours.

  46. Prayers for Gods peace and wisdom to cover you in these days ahead. He is always closer than we know.

  47. Prayers for you and your unknown’s. May God bless you daily with hope and healing.

    I know all about unknowns. Mine is not medical but an unknown nonetheless. We all seem to fear and worry when we don’t have answers and I ask that as I pray for you that you lift my name to our Heavenly Father as well. May God’s healing touch you and heal you.

  48. Dear Michelle – we lift you up to the most Holy One, Our creator. We pray for healing, strength, comfort and peace during this next round of treatments. We give praise and thanks for all that he has done and pray for your continued journey as he is with you every moment. In Jesus Holy and Precious Name, Amen

  49. Lord Jesus, I lift up my sister in Christ to you right now. Help this dear lady. I boldly pray for miraculous healing. I know you are able and I’m so thankful you are the master physician. But Lord I am confident you will keep that bubble wrap thick! Put your people in place to love and encourage Michele through whatever she is facing. I pray she will feel your presence and see your glory today, right this minute. Jesus walk with her. Amen.

  50. Thank you for sharing your story with us. To hear the word “cancer” can and does scare us to our core. I had stage 3 breast cancer and I think about it coming back daily. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I pray god’s strength and a peace that passes all understanding over you. God is still in control no matter what.

  51. So sorry, Michele. May Jesus hold you so close to His heart that through this difficult journey you will still hear the rhythm of His faithful love for you. Thank you for sharing your story and the “ways to keep living.” I need all of them in the battle against memory triggers of past sexual abuse, chronic illness, and depression.

  52. Dear Michelle,

    I am praying God will heal you quickly and that His grace will continue to be sufficient for you, that His strenght will be made perfect in your weakness.

    Sadly, but truly, you are not alone in your unknowns; those God-awful not-knowing spaces that shred us with worry and steal our peace are all too familiar to me.

    As I read your list of unknowns, I was amazed to see that list is my list. In the last few months leading up to today, I have faced every single one of these circumstances in my life:

    “The adult child who left home without looking back.”-My 19 year old son left in the middle of the night a few months ago and that night began my supplications for my prodigal to some day return to our family and most importantly to God. God has been doing a work in him and we are now in communication again buy I am still praying and waiting for God to restore his faith. Even though it is so hard to have faith when the evidence says the opposite, I trust God that He will do what He has promised.

    “The struggling child who may never be ‘whole.'”– My 12 year old, precious daughter has epilepsy and every day I pray and wait for God to fully heal her. I long for the day she will no longer be dependent on strong medications to keep her seizure-free. It breaks my heart to see how the effects of the medication are stealing her health and I pray for The Lord to touch her and make her “whole” again. Yet, I know that though I don’t know what the future holds, I can have peace knowing that in Him, she will always be “whole” and His grace will be sufficient for her.

    “The once-precious friendship that flounders.”–Just recently, one of my best friends of ten years, has betrayed my trust. It hurts to know this friendship is no longer, but I trust that God has His hand in this and that He may be removing her from my life for a reason.

    “The financial predicament without a solution”–The pressure and stress of the piles of unpaid, past-due bills sitting on my desk haunts me every day. I wonder if we’ll ever be caught up and yet I praise God, He never abandons us in our needs. He is so faithful to provide even our material needs.

    “The marriage on the brink of a dissolution.”–
    And now my heart breaks once again, over the state of my marriage. My husband left my daughter and I just yesterday. It was a mutual agreement between him and I. Our daily arguing and the hostility that our being together brought to our home was finally too much. So now as I see my marriage of 21 years on the brink of dying, I am on my knees, still praying, still waiting for God to do a miracle in my marriage.

    May the God of all grace be our strength and hope! To Him be the glory!!!

    • oh, Alma! So sorry to read about all these different things in your life, but blessed to read of your faith and confidence in God. May you continue to be strengthened in your inner man to keep your eyes, heart and mind fixed on Jesus and that He does work everything in a pattern for good for those are called according to his purpose. Father, God, thank You for holding Alma in your strong, loving arms during this time. May she know that peace that passes all understanding and receive Your grace for every second of every day. In jesus’ Name, Amen.

  53. What an awesome God we have. ALL things do work together for good. Praying for your joy to be sustained! I am new to the concept…allow yourself to be loved….I have had a lot of turmoil and have had to learn to share my burdens…..I can’t do it by myself. Though I have always thought I could. God has been gracious and patient with me. The peace that comes when you believe….All things work together for the good of God!

  54. I really appreciate your honesty Michele, thanks for sharing with us. Praying for peace that passes understandin

  55. Sondra Haarberg says:

    Michele, I pray for your complete and quick healing! I too suffer an “unknown” outcome of a different illness that I’ve battled for the last 5 yrs. And like you I always do the right thing in taking care of myself, yet it doesn’t seem to matter. The outcome is still not the desire of my heart. Romans 8:28 has been “my” scripture to help me not give up. Your blog has given me even more great reminders…to not let my joy be taken away! To not live in fear of the unknown! To trust God that He’s in control and will work ALL things for the good of those who love him! I recently finished Priscilla Shirer’s study of Gideon. It reminded me that God is power when I’m weak. Look at the weapons he gave to Gideon to fight the Midianites and how “out numbered” it seemed Gideon and his men were! So Michelle, I pray that you will remember that God has equipped you and your illness is the key to unlocking God’s strength! 2 Corinthians 12:9 “But he said to me, my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, insults, and hardships, in persecutions and difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. Oh sweet Michele, let God be perfect in your weakness. I pray that He will show you opportunities in your weakness to see the good He has planned with it. I will keep you in my prayers to be restored to full health and that you will know His joy and peace throughout the process. God bless! <3

  56. Dear Michele, praying for God’s wisdom and to bless your health.
    I have a friend going through the same as you and shared this scripture with her;
    ‘The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.’ Exodus 14:14
    He is with you always……
    The Lord bless you and keep you…


  57. Michelle even though I haven’t walked in your shoes I’ve been through the waiting, fear, dread, etc. through several health issues, including cancer. Your blog came at a perfect time for me as I’m going through another health issue & waiting on all the tests to come back. Your inspiration to continue living during this time will make a difference in my life. My prayers are with you & your family. May God give you strength & may you feel His arms wrapping you in His amazing love!!

  58. I am going through a struggle also…..I have Bulbar Onset ALS. It is a terrible disease but I am ok because I know that I am carried daily by Jesus. I feel that I cannot get enough of Jesus……I love him so much and have such faith In all his words. It is people like you that share their journey that make me say AMEN ! It allows us to,see how good our God is……He is always there for us during the good and bad times, when we are sick , not sick, when we think things are so good we “forget” to praise him and pray……He does not forget about us because he loves us so very much!!! And I agree with you that God works such beauty through everything we go through…..He has always had a plan for our lives. I know that what I go through daily is no mistake because I see God working…..it may not be all about me but others around me. If my illness is being uses to bring others closer to God I say Amen! Amen! I will pray for you that your life will continue to be one of such beauty that you will continue to find strength in His words and that you know this is not our eternal home this is just a stopover before we reach glory. I pray that you will touch so many with your journey that other will see Christ in you and will want what you have…….a personal relationship with Jesus!

  59. Jolene Pittman says:

    Dear Michelle, I pray for your complete and total healing in Jesus name. I pray for Gods peace that passeth all understanding. Know that God is control of your life, and He is not suprised about this. God has a plan for you and He will finish what He started in you. Each day is a gift from God. Enjoy each and every day. And remember, Jehovah Rapha is our ultimate healer. He is faithful to heal you. I pray for supernatural wisdom for all your doctors and nurses. I pray for blessings upon you and your family.

    Jolene Pittman

  60. May God touch you in a very special way may He bless you with much strength and put this cancer in remission you are in my prayers

  61. Allow myself to be loved; I am always feeling like I am alone; but God is with me and I need to trust that he will take care of things. I am impatient at times. and feel like I need to be in control. When I need to trust that God is in control; I need to stop worrying about tomorrow, also.

  62. Praying for you. May you feel God’s loving arms of comfort and strength around you.

  63. Savannah Parvu says:

    I love the part about letting yourself be loved. This is something that I personally struggle with. I am 27 and I am a survivor or sex trafficking and childhood sexual abuse. The end of the month makes one year since I was sexually assaulted and I struggle with being loved and sharing my heart. God has been working on me though. This morning I was journaling and feeling bad about myself for being “damaged” and then I read Michele’s story and my pain no longer seems so great. My heart aches for Michele, yet I am in awe of how she is handling the news. I hope that one day I am as strong in my faith. I will pray that God continues to provide strength and comfort needed.

  64. Charity says:

    Father, I pray for healing, in, by, and through the name of Jesus, for this woman who loves you so much. You told us that He took the stripes for our healing, and we ask for it this day. In Jesus precious name, we pray all things. Amen.

  65. I can identify with this, and it has been one of my sustaining verses as I have dealt with my husband ending our marriage of almost 18 years. Through all of the pain, I have turned it over to God and let Him do what needed to be done in me. I have looked to the story of Joseph quite a bit as an example. If I will just let God have my circumstances, and transform me through them, He will be glorified, and work all things to my benefit. He has made me stronger, brought me unexplainable joy in the midst of what should be horrible circumstances. He has put hope in my heart. So this verse has become so foundational to me. Love it!

  66. Michelle, my co-worker’s sister, Linda, shares your same story. She was just diagnosed again. As I pray for her, I will pray for you as well. My 26 year old son is also going through a major trial in his life right now and your words may be exactly what he needs to hear today. Thanks for sharing your heart and wisdom with us.

  67. I shared with my sister before she past that I would hold her hand until the day the Lord came for her. I shared John 10:27-30. I also took pictures of the hands of us sister’s. She knew Jesus as her savior. The love of your family & friends being with you are your strength. The best is your Savior for He is always with you. I will pray for you & hold your hand in prayer Michele, pray for comfort. You are a strong loving woman. God Bless You.

  68. Sending thoughts and prayers to Michele. I know she is in good hands – HIS hands and is surrounded by the love of family and friends! This Hillsong song comes to mind:

    Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
    Let me walk upon the waters
    Wherever You would call me
    Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
    And my faith will be made stronger
    In the presence of my Savior~Hillsong

  69. Michele
    Oddly enough, my sweet friend Michelle was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Type B Cell Lymphoma. So as I pray for one I will be praying for both Michelles.

    I also just received some very upsetting news from my sister. So trouble surrounds us but I’m holding tight to Romans 8:28.

  70. Lynne Mathews says:

    Michele, I am thrilled and amazed at how God is using your story. I think back to that single mom and am in awe how God has traveled with you to the place you are now. God is Good all the time and He is in Control. He has this one covered too and so do we as we pray for you, Troy and the kids. Love you, dear one. Keep writing, Keep sharing, Keep encouragin.

  71. Tina Crouch says:

    I met your last year at our Cowgirl Get Together and was inspired by your message at this year’s event. I was encouraged with u relaying your “mouth” journey as I’m living a significant “mouth” journey too, although not cancer. The waiting at times seems forever and what will be the results and on n on. By your sharing, I’m reminded of Gods promises and finding joy in the little things. Thank you.

  72. Heather says:

    Thank you for sharing with us all and reminding us of God’s love and faithfulness ALWAYS!!! Praying for you and your family.

  73. Michele I sent a prayer today for God to give more peace and to increase your faith in His word. We know his word is truth and he loves us dearly. So Lord what ever your plan is we ask that your healing touch be on Michele and that you guide her and keep her in the palm of your hand. Thank God that you hear our pleas and that your plan is great than we can ever imagine or hope for. I pray this in the name of Jesus, your son, who by his stripes we are healed.

  74. I really needed this today. Our family’s home went into foreclosure and we moved out the only home our children have ever known last weekend. I have really been struggling with the “why” of this the past few weeks. Knowing that God has a purpose for this gives me such peace. Thank you for posting!

  75. Not to take anything away from Michele but could everyone please pray for my friend Lynn who has stage three colon cancer, I find this scary because I lost my first husband to colon cancer and did not have a clue there was even stages. So could everyone please pray for Lynn also. Thank you.

    • Father God, we bring Meredith’s friend, Lynn, before you. You are the Healer! The Prince of Peace! The Redeemer! I pray that you heal Lynn’s body, completely. Head to toe. I ask that you deliver a powerful and overwhelming peace she can’t explain. And I pray that you redeem her heartache and pain in ways she never dreamed possible!

  76. Bernadette Burgess says:

    Michelle, I am praying for your complete healing. Trusting in God’s promise according to Psalm 30:2 LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me. Please have a peaceful afternoon resting in the comfort of God’s love.

  77. Michelle, all is already well. You are a testimony to so many others. Meditate on Psalm 62:1-2.

  78. Michelle, My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Be strong in the Lord and never give up hope. Blessings to you and your family during this time.

  79. Praying for you Michelle. Thank you for sharing and being vulnerable at such a difficult time. Your faith is encouraging and is touching many. May God continue to bring you peace and am trusting Him for your healing. Bless you sweet sister!!!

  80. Angelav says:

    Prayers for you Michelle. Your faith is very uplifting! May God heal your body and keep you in his loving arms.

  81. Elizabeth says:

    Michelle – I am a breast cancer survivor. I never felt closer to God than when I was going through all the surgeries. It is a blessing to know that God is always there beside you through it all. He will use it for good. It’s just we may not know what good he uses it for. I still do not know what good it was used for in my case, but I know that God does, and that’s all that matters. May God’s peace stay with you always. hugs and prayers . . .

  82. Michelle, I prayed for you as I read Renee’s post and all these wonderful comments. I will pray for greater faith for you as you face this detour. I remember the words in a hymn, “But I long to rise in the arms of faith and be closer drawn to Thee”… The loving arms of faith in Jesus will enfold you and give comfort in the midst of fears and give you peace. Cancer is so limited. It cannot cripple love, shatter hope, corrode faith, destroy peace, kill friendship, invade the soul, steal eternal life, or conquer the Spirit. Through God’s strength He will help you to love, laugh, hold on to joy, hope, dream, believe and rest in His love for whatever journey His good will has for you.

  83. Prayers for peace and healing. God has you on His hands

  84. Beautiful vulnerable testimony… Thanks for sharing. Praying for her now.

  85. May God give you an everlasting peace, and embrace you with His loving arms. Praying for you.

  86. Gertrude says:

    God Bless you Michele on this journey. Thank you and Renee for sharing your faith walk. Your story has come at just the right time. My one and only sister has recently found out the she has malignant tumor in a breast. Her surgery is scheduled for March 18th. When I saw the title of this entry I knew I would find truth; as I do believe “He works {all things} together for good”. By God’s Promise – we are never alone. And by our Faith we have Hope.
    God Bless each and every woman here, her family, her friends to trust that God is beside you, holding you every step of the way. Love and Prayers to all.

  87. Michele
    My prayers and thoughts are with you on this journey that you don’t walk alone. May HIS peace be with you this day and each day forward.
    Blessings and hugs, Julie

  88. Gloria C says:

    Dear Michele, my prayers are with you as you walk through the Valley of Uncertainty. This is my prayer for you: ” Remember your word to your servant (Michele), for you have given me (Michele) hope. My (Michele’s) comfort in my (her) suffering is this: Your promise preserves my (Michele’s) life. ” Ps. 119:49-50. Praise be to God that you don’t walk this path alone! He is always with you and you have the support of all your sisters in the Lord. Love & Peace to you. Gloria

  89. My God grant you strength for your journey ahead…May he send peace and a support system that will in turn be God’s warm embrace.

    Peace and every good.

  90. Wow! This is so moving. Thank you very much for sharing it. I needed to read these four things as I continue to deal with my hard-to-understand/communicate with beautiful 17 year old daughter. What Michele is going through must be so much more difficult. Father God, Thank you for Michele and her heart to share what’s going on with her. Please wrap Your strong, loving arms around her and under-gird her as she goes through this different time. I pray for peace for her and her family, comfort and rest for her. Most importantly, I pray for wholeness by the stripes Jesus bore, and also wisdom for her, her family and the physician(s) treating her. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  91. Michele, I have been praying for you. Thank you for your example. I doubt you woke up one day and thought, “Bring it on, God – I want to be a good example of faith!” And yet, you are. I am struck by how this attitude in me would banish the fear of the “what if’s”. Why should I worry, if God has me locked securely in His arms no matter what? I know lots of people are praying for you. Today, I will pray specifically for God to take away all fear in your heart. And tomorrow I’ll pray for your children and your husband not to be afraid. And I’ll just keep on praying for you each day. Bless you, Michele.

  92. I know if each of us could make the pain of this horrible disease go away we would today. Your strength helps others who are facing huge obstacles. I know God is with you and you do too. I hope that strength for you also comes in the form of women sharing their faith and hope for your healing. Strength is found in reading God’s word. I pray for your peacefulness and strength as you face this obstacle again. “God please be with Michele and her family. Grant your strength and healing to be with her and let her know each of us put your loving arms around her for we deeply care for her and her family”. in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  93. Lynne Koch says:

    Father God I bring Michele before your throne. Father, I thank you so much for Michele and her willingness to be transparent in this journey. Lord, we know not what you have planned, but we do know you are with Michele and LOVE her. Father, I ask that you remind her hourly, daily and for as long as this goes on, how much you love her, and are with her. I pray for Michele to feel your presence. I pray that Michele can see the blessings you plant along our path each night as you are watching over us as we rest. I pray for the peace that passes all understanding for Michele, her friends and her family. God, give her doctors Godly wisdom and discernment. Be with Michele and her family as she makes decisions on her care. Thank you Father for Michele. In Jesus name.

  94. What a great reminder for us all! God is good even when we don’t understand his plans.

  95. Priscilla says:

    Michele, I am really sorry that the results weren’t what you expected, hoped or prayed for. But your rest in our Jesus blesses me greatly. I tend to want to give up so easily. My struggle has been believing the Truth vs. my feelings. Thank you for reminding me God is faithful, dependable and always loving. I pray that He will display His love for you in a personal way today that thoroughly thrills you.

    • Me too, Priscilla. Too often I allow my feelings to trump the truth. This is so difficult for me! I’ve learned I have to write down truths to literally rehease, out loud, again and again until it drowns out the fear. The 3 truths I hang on to more than any others are these (based on a study I did of Exodus 14:14):

      (1) God’s presence is with me
      (2) God’s power will carry me
      (3) God’s glory will thrill me!

      I pray this encourages you, too!

  96. Romans 15:13 (HCSB) “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Praying this for you

  97. Mary Jo Cyr says:

    Oh Michelle’s story struck a cord with me….I, too, am a breast cancer survivor and I hung onto Romans 8:28 EVERYDAY. Through ever chemo. Sweet Michelle….God has you in the palm of His Hands and yes, He truly is working all things for your good. As hard as that is to fathom, He is. Another favorite verse, and one that comforted me was…..”all the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one came to be.” Psalm 139:16. Michelle….I pray that this verse too, would give you comfort as you rest in the knowledge that although God doesn’t give us cancer, He did know that this is where you’d be on your journey. He is with you and loves you. Sweet blessings, my “sister!”

  98. Bethany L says:

    Scary stuff to deal with. Praying for peace as you deal with this.

  99. Barbara Rivera says:

    Praying for peace in comfort.Place your trust in the great creator. He will give you the grace when you need it. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Sweetest name I know.

  100. Kelly Wade says:

    Is this just a scripture or is a promise?? I choose promise. Stand on it, Michelle!!
    Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. Matthew 9:35

  101. Praying!

  102. Sonja Bailey says:

    Michele, I pray God is present with you every day as he s with all medical staff. I know He is in your heart… I too am a cancer survivor… scary time, but I know asking God to give me what I needed every day and for my family to understand my need for positiveness and normaility led me to a deeper trust in God than I ever had… your strength to face this again is amazing.. I will join you in prayers for your health… .

  103. Dearest Michelle,

    I am praying for you. Cancer is such a scary thing. Thank God you are aware of the special gifts that you are given. I too have had some less than favorable health news and I struggle so hard find Him.


  104. Brandi B. says:

    Michele, I’m praying for your strength to fight this! I know it’s frustrating, but God does have a plan. You never know who your story is helping. Someone that may not have the strength or faith to get through whatever it is they are going through may hear your words about the journey you are experiencing now. This may be what they need in order to move forward. Be strong, I know it’s very frustrating feeling like everything is out of your control….hand it all over to God and keep your faith strong, and He will be right by your side through this whole thing. 🙂 I’ve been fighting cancer for 15 yrs now, have proved many many doctors wrong…a few of them have told me I wouldn’t make it. But here I am…still fighting it and also thanking God for everyday that He allows me to wake up. I have my good days and my bad days…but God is Great, all the time!! Big Hugs…you got this!!

  105. Tears, prayers, and peace

  106. Lifting you up in prayer, Michelle!!! Gods got this!!!!

  107. Jada Smith says:

    Prayers for peace and strength! Thanks for all you do! 🙂

  108. Don’t get ahead of the calendar. It’s a hard one, but so very necessary! Thanks for posting this today. I needed to see it.

  109. Brandy Milton says:

    Cancer is an ugly thing. But, it doesn’t mean your life is over. It doesn’t mean our still can’t take care of your family and friends or do what you were called to do. I consider cancer decidedly inconvenient. My mother had cancer… and I go in for testing in a few days. And as scared and fearful as you may be, rejoice and know that He is with you and you have His love pouring on you. In all things, be to His glory. I will be praying for you and thinking of you!

  110. Michele, you are in my thoughts and prayers right now. Amazing how your story put my fears in perspective again. Please know that the Lord is using you… as you walk this journey …. AND that you are blessing the lives of others. Also know that you are being lifted up… sisters around the world are praying with and for you. I hope you can feel the arms wrap around you.

  111. Michele,
    God is good in all situations even when we can’t see what his plan or next step is. This is where faith comes in. God will ALWAYS be by our side. No matter what we are enduring. I will be praying for you and your family. Stay strong.

  112. Kelly Gallagher says:

    When I am in a tough place, I have found that looking for the joy around me is what makes me snap out of my negative thoughts. Looking at the sunrise with all the colors of pink and purple; watching a young mother with a newborn and remembering my two at that age; seeing a couple together acting as if they are the only ones in the room and only have eyes for each other; and I can go on and on. By looking at the glory that God has put in front of us, we can see it’s beauty. This is how I have started picking myself up and willing myself to realize that God is always there around us if we just take the time to look 🙂

  113. Michele, I pray that you will feel the Father’s arms as he wraps them around you, and his strength as he holds you up through all that is ahead. I think the most important thing I would need to remember is to tell myself the truth.. DO NOT listen to Satan’s lies. He whispers them in our weakest moments and instills fear where there should be none. We KNOW who is in control. Get away Satan, you are a liar! No matter what comes, God will be the victor. May all glory go to him. I will continue to lift you in prayer dear Michele.

  114. Thank you for sharing your story. I too have learned that sharing the hard places allows God to work in ways we never would have figured out for ourselves.

    My hard place is I’m going to court tomorrow to find out what the mediator is recommending for custody time share for my 10 year old son. I know God is in control, he hates injustice, he hates violence. I know it will all be according to his plan. The HARD part is accepting his plan may not look like what I think the best case scenario is.

    I will pray for you. I’m sorry.

  115. My sweet sweet sister, I so know your limbo. I have a benign lump in my breast and have been diagnosed BRCA1. I am currently in my own limbo waiting on the lumpectomy next week. We will then schedule the double mastectomy and hysterectomy. I know that our Heavenly Papa has chosen us to walk this journey for His good and His testimony. I cling to Isaiah 41:10 when the fear starts to invade and I know that He upholds ALL of His promises. It may not be an easy journey we have been chosen for, but He will be right beside us. Be brave, be strong and know you are loved and prayed for.

  116. Michele–prayers for strength, peace, and healing during this tough time.

    God Bless,
    Erica, Lee, Isaiah and Leah Norris

  117. Kelly McNamara says:

    Prayers for a God to surround you in His love, and fill you with His peace.

    I am walking though something that I have been STUCK IN FOR YEARS. Why me? Why can’t God just remove the struggle and idol of food from me? Well. It must be because He has OTHER PLANS that will WORK OUT FOR HIS GOOD AND HIS GLORY. Instead of removing the trial, He will walk me (and you) THROUGH our trials. We will come out in the other side VICTORIOUS and He will get all of the glory.

    In His love,

  118. Texas Momma says:

    Praying for you, Michele, for peace & healing, and that this will be worked out for good. We lost my grandmother to brain cancer almost 4 years ago, less than 4 months from her diagnosis. It was a shock to lose her, and so difficult to watch her suffer, especially the last few weeks, as she was in such good health before. We are still struggling with the whys, but are finally at a spot in our lives where we have found peace with it being God’s will, part of his plan, and that every person on this earth has a purpose, in life & in death. We may not know it yet, but we know He does & that is good enough for us. Romans 8:28 has become our family motto as we’ve death with all the fallout from her death, and all the struggles our family has gone through the last few years. We would feel so blessed to win this as its really something we couldn’t afford, but would love to have in our home to remid us that God will work out everything we’re going through for good, just in his time, not ours. God bless!

  119. Holy cow!!! Right after I type this I am sending it to a great friend today. She is right smack dab in the middle of wondering if her ovarian cancer is back. She is having those similar symptoms as before. We talked about it today and she has a fear but she is on the brink of being ok too. I am going to browse your artwork because I believe she needs it as a reminder! Thanks and prayers for you.

  120. Susan Hales says:

    I also am a breast cancer survivor for almost 12 years. I feel God’s calling to write of that and other things that have happened in my life. Michele, your writing is so beautiful and I hope that I can write as you do to inspire other women to trust in God’s goodness and mercy. I am praying for you now.

  121. Laurie Curtis says:

    Praying for you; that you get some good answers in regards to treatment. Don’t panic; be proactive. Some day, after you have kicked cancer’s butt again, you will look back and laugh and marvel at what you have learned during this ordeal. He really does work things for our good. We might not see that now , but this too shall pass. Keep your chin up!

  122. Cheryl Richardson says:

    So sorry for Michele’s diagnosis….I have a heavy heart since my husband is in a similar situation. I have to not worry…but that in God’s hands but I also need to let go of the calendar. Eddie was to have knee surgery but a mass was found in his lungs from his pre-op chest x-ray. Knee surgery was cancelled since the doctors feel like the mass needs to be biopsied. We see the surgeon tomorrow and then a biopsy will be scheduled and then the wait for results and then….

  123. May God Bless you and keep you. Praying for you!

  124. Reading this today was so timely and helpful to me. I’m also in a “not knowing place” although not a health one. The four ways to keep going when everything stops is such a good reminder ! I’ve struggled with each but not getting ahead of the calendar is what keeps me shackled with worry lately. Thanks for reminding me to unshackle myself.
    I pray that our omniscient and omnipotent Lord of all creation hear our cries. I pray for your healing. Thank you for your testimony.

  125. I need to learn not to worry and get ahead of the calendar. Trusting God in every situation. For God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind. Praying for Gods healing touch over Michele.

  126. Michele,

    Thank you for sharing your story and for putting it in print for others to see. Thank you for your courage and boldness in making it public. Praying that God will use the story that He has given you to draw others closer to Himself. Praying that God will direct others to your story that maybe in need of Jesus and His grace. Praying that God will glorify Himself in and through your struggles and your healing. Praying for wisdom and skill for the doctors and medical staff that will be treating you. Praying for that perfect healing treatment plan. Praying for God to bring encouragers and pray-ers into your presence as you place one foot in front of the other along this journey. Praying encouragement and love for your family and friends as they come alongside you and minister to you. Make He meet you each and every hour of every day at your point of need. Praying for God to flood you with His peace, His presence and His grace as you face each day in this journey.

    Praying that He will honor and glorify Himself in and through you and your story as you share with others. May He touch hearts for His kingdom purposes in and through you and in and through your testimony for Him.

    Praying for patience, grace and mercy as you go through each test, each medical procedure, each blood test, each doctor’s appointment, each surgery, each treatment and everything that is associated with your diagnosis and treatment.

    Praying for your eyes and heart to be lifted towards Him as you focus on Him and not yourself. Praying the same for your family.

    And praying these verses over you from Ephesians:

    My response is to get down on my knees before the Father, this magnificent Father who parcels out all heaven and earth. I ask him to strengthen you by his Spirit—not a brute strength but a glorious inner strength—that Christ will live in you as you open the door and invite him in. And I ask him that with both feet planted firmly on love, you’ll be able to take in with all followers of Jesus the extravagant dimensions of Christ’s love. Reach out and experience the breadth! Test its length! Plumb the depths! Rise to the heights! Live full lives, full in the fullness of God.

    God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us. (Ephesians 3:14-21, The Message).

  127. Cindy P says:

    I believe with all my heart God is using your experience FOR THE GOOD of helping others thru difficult times, too! Your message has truly touched my heart today. I also have difficulty not allowing fear to sneak in during trials. I am scheduled for a shoulder replacement surgery and have been very afraid. After reading your story I felt ashamed of myself. God IS IN CONTROL of both our situations!!! HE will watch over us. Of this I have no doubt! Thank you for sharing your story! God bless you!

  128. Elaine Ledlow says:

    Michelle, as you continue this journey I Pray for healing and peace and I rejoice that you are choosing life. So often when we go thru these trials its hard to do that. For 3 months I have been fighting another health issue and felt at times like it was just over. I was reading Beyond Tuesday Morning and the main character brings out that we do have choices and that God is always with us. I began to ask for peace and help to choose life and I know now that he is with me. The peace and love makes it a bit easier to accept the unknown. Thank you for sharing!

  129. Krystal Kirk says:

    I pray that God brings complete and total healing and restoration to your body. I pray He brings you and your loved ones comfort during this time and uses this trial to bring glory to His name! I stand with you in agreement that He works all things together for good. Lots of love.

  130. Heather B says:

    My heart cries out because I’m sitting here worrying about where money is going to come from to feed my children and put gas in the vehicles when your sweet friend is dealing with the worst thing ever. My mother had cancer too and it was one of the toughest things our family dealt with growing up. I do remember the faith she had and the hope that she clung to. Because of her strong faith in the Lord, I knew that God had a bigger plan for her. Renee, the Lord is in control and your sweet friend knows that and only He can give her that peace to move forward and keep going. I pray right now for the Lord to continue to give her his comforting peace and love.

    I know that I am in need of all four of the words of comfort today. We are children’s and creative pastors and are struggling today. I was laid off in June of last year and wasn’t able to recover from that. My husband an I are trying our hardest to keep from filing bankruptcy. Our tax refund was garnished because I was unable to pay on my student loans and they went in to default. The tax refund is what was going to help us until we were able to somewhat get our feet back on the ground. Not knowing where the money will come from scares me to pieces but also is a constant reminder to trust in the Lord with all my soul and to give it to him. Our brakes on our van needs to be replaced and we were hoping to do that with our refund. To make matters seem worse, our checking account is negative and our house payment is past due by two months. I know that Daddy God doesn’t put you through more than you can not handle. I’m also full aware that those whose hearts are in the ministry will be attacked more by the enemy! I love my God, my church, my family, and the children and their families that we minister to. I know where we are supposed to be and feel it’s all part of His divine plan. I know that there will be a blessing beyond words to happen from this. I am constantly in prayer about it and want to be an example for our two young children. It’s so tough right now but I am pulling for a FULL recovery Michele!!!! I know that our God is a miracle maker. He will heal you in Jesus’ name! God healed my momma of her cancer by taking her home to be at peace with Him. I know you have this beat because you’re a warrior!!!!

    Renee keep us posted please.
    This scripture is my constant reminder to always be thankful. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

  131. Jeanne Keena says:

    Praying for you. God has a plan. You are not alone. I am just recently recovering from shoulder surgery, also lost my dad a few years back. I have rwin girls I have been given to raise. I pray for God to continue to work in me and bless you in your trials as well. Thank you for sharing your battle. You are not alone my friend.

  132. Thanks for sharing your burden so I can learn from you. Praying for God’s healing and peace for you.
    “Today I will tell myself the truth.” I am choosing to think the best of people today.

  133. Keeping you in my prayers as you walk this journey. Hold tightly to His hand and remember Romans 8:28 each day.

  134. “Tell yourself the truth” That is what I am going to cling to today. Nearly 7 months ago, I had a simple bike accident that has now stretched out to current day and I am on a waiting list for a bone transplant. I went from being a triathlete to someone who can’t even “walk” to the car without help. Each week, I waste a few days by hitting an emotional low that I previously thought was unattainable. I try to rely on my faith and I fail. Today’s blog was just what I needed to read. I feel hopeless, powerless and alone very very often. I know that it’s not true, but deep in my heart, that’s what I feel.

    Thank you for this today, I am holding on to the truth. I’m going to put some intentional time into this tonight.

  135. Cherry Parker says:

    Praying for peace and comfort for Michele!

  136. Lizzie Thurman says:

    Love, prayers and a lot of strength being sent your way!
    Yes, these moments, the times of uncertainty are overwhelming. They can be so consuming, so all encompassing. Ours right now is over the custody of our three children, my step children. We have been in court for over a year. It’s exhausting, scary and yes, requires us to move forward and live.
    Cancer. It doesn’t define you, but it does change you. Your words and faith have set a new hope in my heart today. Thank you.

  137. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.
    May you find comfort and peace in His love.
    Hugs & kisses

  138. I love Michele’s reminder to tell ourselves the truth. The enemy works in many ways, not the least of which is our thought life. Telling ourselves the truth and thinking right are battles which we can win with the help of our Heavenly Father.

  139. Thank you Michele for reminding me of God’s Faithfulness. My husband left me after 37 yrs of marriage and 65 years of age !! Fear can cripple one and I am holding onto God’s promises that I am not alone (He has become my Husband), I am not powerless (because I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me) and I am not without hope (as long as I am a child of God – I hold onto my anchor, my hope in my Savior Jesus Christ) Thank you for sharing your faith with me as I stand in my faith, I will continue to pray for your so that our Lord Jesus Christ will be lifted up and glory and honor is due His name. Sharon

  140. I am ialso in a not-knowing place as we wait for biopsy of my sole son (a young adult) who was planning to go to US as he earned a scholarship for his master degree. The Lord has filled me with His peace that surpasses all understanding but it requires me to remind myself of His True and give thanks, praise Him. I am asking for His mercy on us and will also be praying for Michelle’s healing. I have been so blessed with this post. Thank You, Father

  141. Choose joy Michelle for God has this! He will be walking with you every step and your story has already touched so many. Keep the faith girl and keep looking up for that is where your strength comes from.

  142. Marianne says:

    Michele , You are not alone in your suffering! My Mother in Law Bless her heart will be 97 years young on the 19th of this month ! She too had breast cancer surgery and had been cancer free for a few years, and they did a biopsy and found more cancer , she had a 2nd surgery and has been cancer free for about 5 years now! She had to have a pacemaker put in in October! She lives alone drives to town herself and is amazing , God has truly blessed us with her! Her testimony is witness that there is hope! she is one of God’s miracles ! My prayers for you is that God will create a miracle in you as he did in my Mother in Law. Our God is Able! Ephesians 3:20
    PS : Millie ( my mother-in-law) up until about 2 years ago hosted a Bible Study in her home ! She drove a couple of her friends home after the study, I remember her telling me how old her friends seemed , they were in there 70’s while she was in her early 90’s!

  143. Amen! Thanks you for sharing what I needed to hear!!!

  144. Amen! Thanks you for sharing what I needed to hear!!!

  145. Dianna Sharpe says:

    My husband of just over a year has spent the month of December in the hospital with punemonia and then he got pancreatitis. We are waiting on a follow-up scan of the pancreas next week. In the meantime a heart attack and three stint placements about two weeks ago. I say in the midst of our circumstances we can have joy and peace. Praying for you Michele; God does amazing things in storms of our lives. This scripture gave me some uplifting today. “This disease is not unto death,but for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified through it. Praying for Michele!

  146. Kathi Pride says:

    Praying that God’s peace will surround you and his healing will be upon you.

  147. Camille says:

    May God comfort you with His comfort Michele. Yes, He is holding you in His arms saying I still have good for you. Thanks for the reminder to live even when our world has stopped.

  148. Thanks for sharing! Just what I needed to hear!

  149. Karen Bowman says:

    Thank you for sharing your story.Your insights are for all in all situations in our daily lives. The usual daily struggles are minor compared to all who are battling for their lives daily. Whether it is cancer, heart disease or other ailments that are debilitating. We pray daily for many friends, neighbors people I dont even know who are fighting cancer. Will keep u and your family in our prayers.
    Lord…give Michelle the strength and courage to fight this new battle. We know u are with us always. Wrap your loving arms around her and I pray for your healing touch upon her body. Amen.

  150. I have a friend Ila McCall and she knows how others who have cancer feel and she wrote this:
    Some days, it feels as if I am walking “through the valley of the shadow” mentioned in Psalm 23. This is not about experiencing death itself but the fear and it’s presence and possibilities looming over. Going to chemo., watching my new friends fight this battle beside me, my heart breaks to see their pain. When the well world ask them how they feel, they will say ‘fine’. When a fellow fighter asks, they will show the war wounds and tears sometimes flow. (Don’t get me wrong, there is much more laughter than tears in our chemo lab.) We are this little army of people. I draw strength from their bravery and always know not to enter as a wimp but as a warrior. I am honored to be among such greatness. My story cannot be told without saying the remainder of that verse..”I will fear no evil, for YOU are with me.” I feel HIs presence every day. He is with me. He is with us.
    ~I will be prayer also. Only God is our answer. No matter what we face. It is in Him, through Him and for Him all things. My heart goes out to those with cancer. My mother had cancer and I saw God through the battle. It really teaches compassion, love and hope. God bless you.

  151. Kara Hamilton says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Michele! The post today came at the perfect time. I am waiting for the phone call from my husband, who left last week, to tell me his decision of whether or not he wants to try to work on the marriage or get out. My heart is broken and I struggle with each of the four ways to not let him see I am scared to death and broken hearted. Thank you for the words of encouragement.

  152. Kathleen Bennefield says:

    Abba, ,Father, I pray for your comfort, strength, healing, and peace for Michelle. May she lean wholly on You and be surrounded by loving support. I pray for blessings to all those ministering to her, that Your spirit might lead and guide them in all their decisions. May she come through this stronger than ever in her faith and confidence in You.
    I ask it in the precious name of Jesus,

  153. Annette says:

    As I read your story I remember the time four years ago when I was faced with the possibility of cancer. Through many tests and tears, they doctors determined I did not have cancer. Within months of finding out I did not have cancer I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I’m learning to put God in control of my health as well as all the other areas of my life and not stressing over what will happen next week, next month or even next year, but living each day as God wants me to live it and trusting him no matter what. I’m still a work in progress! God Bless you Michele for sharing your story.

  154. Praying Isaiah 61:1-3 over you Michelle…as did a precious girlfriend over me when my late husband suicided & wounded my soul.
    Beauty for ashes & a garment of JOY for you dear sister.

  155. Charlene says:

    May God grant you the strength , peace, and courage to continue to fight and press on. Your story and all of our stories will end in victory! God bless you!

  156. Pamela Butman says:

    Thank you for sharing the how do you keep living when your world has stopped list. I have printed it out. Your words touched my heart. I have been having fears of what’s ahead with my husband dementia. I have struggled with this and your post encourage me. I pray for healing, comfort & peace for you and your family. I will also pray for wisdom for the doctors. May God continue to bless you in a mighty way <3

  157. Kimber Goshert says:

    May the presence of The Lord surround you with peace and may the Joy of The Lord be your strength.

  158. “The Lord is my strength and power and he maketh my pathway perfect.” II Samuel 22:33
    Praying God will fill you with his strength and lay his healing hand on you, Michelle!

  159. Krista Scott says:

    Michele, you are already using your trials to fulfill your calling as the daughter of our one true king! Prayers for peace and discernment. May you continue to keep your joy and find your blessings along the way.

  160. Elaine Segstro says:

    I am so sorry for you on this journey, but as you said – you are NOT alone, you are NOT powerless, and you do have hope. May His peace be so real to you at this time.

  161. Thank you for sharing ur faith and ur confidence in God. My not-knowing space is my adult child who is leaving home without looking back. Have given it to God and standing on the promises God has given us about our seed. God continue to guide u and his Spirit in u rise up in courage, boldness and confidence in what He can do. Decree health, wholeness and blessings.

  162. My husband was murdered just over 2 years ago and what has kept me going is a gratitude journal–remembering all the gifts God has given! thanks for your story . God gives himself in the midst of our pain–praying for you today.

  163. Oh Michele, God will work this for good. Some you will see and some you will not even know but God does. I lost my dad to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) back in 2006. Romans 8:28 was the verse that got us through this horrible, devastating time of our lives. We saw so much good come from our suffering as a family. My dad was able to bring people closer in their relationships with God due to just the fact how he handled himself through his illness and my mom too. Both my sister and I had life changing experiences during this period of time and you know what, we continue to even to this day. 10 years after his dx we still see and feel the good. My grandmother (dad’s mom) had a plaque with Romans 8:28 and had it in her house until she moved in with us when I was a teen, due to alzheimers. That plaque by the way was on her wall ever since my dad was a young boy growing up. Then the plaque stayed in our house until my dad passed away. Now his brother has it. My sister and I both have a plaque of our own and this verse is a beautiful reminder of the good that came from the most devastating time in our lives. Many times spiritual healing takes place in the midst of physical healing. You just keep looking up and know that God has this. He is greater than anything and remember, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31b). God bless you and your family Michele. May you feel the power of the Holy Spirit working within you. and comforting you. Much love and prayers ~Leanna

  164. Patti wentling says:

    Daily struggle with R A, having to face that I can not do everything I used to be able to do

  165. I admire you for your strength and courage to face this situation without letting it steal your joy.I to have found that you have to choose daily to be joyful, I discovered I have to face the day anyway and it does no one any good to do it with sorrow.
    I pray that God showers you with His grace and peace as you go to battle, victory is yours through Jesus. Stay strong:)

  166. Linda F says:

    Michele, I prayed just now that God be with you, in a way you can “feel”-that You feel His arms around you as you walk this journey.
    I found your words from your blog to be God sent. I almost cried over some problems today and mostly my physical pain was high today and when pain is high even little things bring me to the edge.
    I say this b/c I want you to know that even as you are walking your own rough road, you are being used of God & have encouraged me (and I’m sure many others). You brought my mind back to God and helped me to think on what is true. May you be encouraged and blessed just as you have done for so many.

  167. Rebecca Houston says:

    Praying for strength to arise in your body and your spirit.

  168. Michele,
    My not-knowing place is my adult son and my grandson. He is going thru issues with his ex because of things he has done. He hasn’t seen his son for almost 4 months and we go to court later this week. I’m struggling with not knowing how it will turn out. I’ve put my trust in God to bring all things together for good and pray everything will work out. My prayers are with you as you deal with these difficult times. Keep the joy!

  169. What an incredibly inspiring honest story Michelle! I am most inspired by your statement on not putting your joy on hold. I’m going through some very trying & uncertain times right now & without going into detail … Could use some prayer as well – I do know Romans 8:28 to be true… But I must admit I have fallen to losing joy over my current situation. May God bless you & heal you- prayers!

  170. Christina says:

    Michele, I am praying that you are filled with His strength and peace in this very moment and in all of the difficult days ahead.

    Today, we received some frustrating news in court regarding our foster daughter, that we hope to adopt. Although there is still hope our dreams of adding her to our family will come to fruition, I let disappointment wash over me. I began ‘undreaming’ our future together and grieving what we may lose. Thank you for reminding me that I must not put my joy on hold. We can still make memories together, which will be with us forever – even if His plan does not include us as her forever family. It’s so uncomfortable for me to not be in control, but our life does not have to end in the middle of not knowing.

    Again, prayers for peace and strength.

  171. Michelle,
    Thank you for sharing your story with Christian sisters. It is a privilege to bring you and your needs to our Lord in prayer. Praying the Lord will hold you close in his loving arms and give you the peace that only He is able to give.
    Holding you, your family, and your medical team in prayer.

  172. Valerie says:

    Praying for you! I was diagnosed in 8/2010 with breast cancer. Those check ups always give me the jitters. Praying that Jehovah Rapha surrounds you with healing, peace and comfort.

  173. Christy says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I needed to be reminded not to let my worries steal my joy, my life, today. May God bless you and bring peace and healing your way!

  174. My thoughts and prayers are with Michelle. She is facing a fear that I face still, but have not been able to confirm. My “rare” cancer has an 80% chance of returning and spreading and I’ve not been able to see a doctor since my treatment in May 2012. I’m terrified, but have put it in God’s hands since this week I’m also dealing with the possible end of my marriage. My plate is full, but my heart is also full of God’s will for me and the fact that “all is well” because He alone is in control.

  175. Your story stirred my heart. I have a very close friend who’s husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor several years ago. He underwent surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy and was cancer free for 18 months, God healed him as he was only given 6 months to live at diagnosis. Then last November, he also was given the news it had returned. I plan to try to get this message to her for I know it will uplift her as she struggles with each day facing the unknown as he is in treatment once again. So I pray for God’s healing, peace, and strength for you during this time as I pray for my friends also.

  176. Staci Richard says:

    Dear Michele,

    I will be praying for you. For strength. For direction. For wisdom. For guidance. For mercy. For grace. For opportunity. For peace. For comfort. For provision. For healing. In stressful times, scary times, disappointing and confusing times, the only thing that helps me is praying, trusting and reading our God’s Word. When nothing else can settle my heart, I get out my Bible and start looking up every single verse I can find relating to worry and fear. I should have them all memorized by now! I read them, I write them down and pray for Him to make them real in my life and I will pray the same for you! Big hugs and praying believing God has something wonderful in store for you! God bless!

  177. Michelle,
    I am lifting you in prayer through this difficult time. Thanks for sharing your personal story and encouraging words for all of us.
    31 years ago this May God took my first born, new born son to come home to Him. Matthew Joseph lived 15 days and the wait was the most difficult thing I have ever gone through. I wasn’t a believer at that time but was raised in a more traditional Lutheran church. Somehow, He gave me strength (even through nightmarish tears) to pray the Lord’s Prayer and say “thy will be done” and mean it.
    When we are weak, we are strong in Him. The Great Physician has His arms around you and will not fail.

  178. Evonne Connell says:

    May The Great Physician grant you healing, peace, and comfort. Reading your blog was so uplifting and inspirational. This is one of my favorite Bible verses. May God keep you in the midst of the storm.

  179. Hi there! My prayers go out to you! I have Lyme disease and going through all of this with everything from seizures to severe brain fog to not being able to walk at times at first made me wrestle with my faith head on. When I started searching the scriptures for promises and found the scripture he works all things together for good this has been the one I have been standing on! I have noticed going through this how he is guiding me and directing me. This may be something that the enemy has tried to beat me down with but God is using this in such a powerful way that it is making me thankful for the journey I am on!! So whenever I feel too weak to speak or in so much pain I remember this verse and I know he is molding me and making me in a way that I could have never done if I did not have to go through this! Blessings! =)

  180. Dear sister in Christ…I just went through this exact same thing two weeks ago. It was the waiting that was the hardest…not knowing. However I just kept holding my hand up and sang On Eagles Wings….He has you in the palm of His hands and no matter the outcome He is there with you. I will pray for you to trust in Him and feel His love and comfort in your wait time. Be on guard…during the wait time of the unknown is when satan will try to feel you with fear, doubt and wanting you to loose faith in God. Keep singing, repeating Scriptures and know you are never alone. (((Hugs)))

  181. Praying for you Michele and trusting in Jeremiah 29:11-13 I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. then you will call on me and come and pray to me and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I know that you will be okay and God is walking this journey if you. Blessings to you, Elaine

  182. Dear Heavenly Father,
    I know that you are the Great Physician. Nothing is impossible for you. I pray that you will heal Michele totally and completely from this new round of cancer. In the meantime, I ask that you comfort her and her loved ones and friends and give them all strength and peace. Never let her lose hope and faith in you. We will give you the praise and glory for her healing. In Jesus name, Amen.

  183. May God grant you His peace! May you always feel His comfort and His loving presence. I pray that He makes His loving presence known to your family and gives them the peace that surpasses understanding. I attended a cousin’s funeral/celebration Wednesday. We attended school together, we played together and I even taught her to swim in the river. There was a huge crowd. Everyone who knew her loved her. She cared for everyone she met and shared God’s love with everyone. We celebrated her passage into Heaven. Many members of my family have died of cancer, two grandfathers, uncles on both sides of my family, both of my parents and many cousins. I feel blessed to have been able to take care of my parents and to help with my cousin. I pray that you have a good support group and that you beat this cancer. May God shower His blessings upon you and your loved ones every day.

  184. Praying you will find healing, peace and comfort, Michele. My dad has been diagnosed with liver cancer, and had his first treatment today. It seems no one’s life can go untouched by cancer. Everything is going well for him so far, so I am thankful for that. I pray you will have good results also! Thanks for sharing your story, it gives me much hope and peace right now.

    • So true, Heather. At a recent speaking engagement, I ask anyone touched by cancer to stand up. In a room of 2,500 women, almost every person stood. As horrible as it is, it’s comforting to know we’re not alone! Father, give Heather’s father strength and courage as he goes through this journey. And heal him, in Jesus’ name!

  185. Jehovah Rapha, walk with Michele through this healing and continue to guide her with your peace, no matter how messy the pathway. Giver her grace to ask for help, and when she feels weak, show her how YOU will be her strength. Give her joy in the middle of all that is to come, and peace that passes all understanding!

  186. Sweet Sister stay STRONG in CHRIST.
    Speaking from personal experience I lack a bit in this department, I struggle with not looking ahead on the calendar, this weekend marks the one year anniversary of my back surgery, to which i have not regained complete use of my legs from, i struggle each day to do little things we all take for granite, and time goes ticking by and healing seems like it won’t come.. so the doubt invades my body like the crippling affect of nerve damage 🙁 so all we have is that we must stay strong in Christ.

  187. I love how Michelle is choosing to live in truth. Please Lord carry her through this with your strength and give her you peace and joy. We believe in your mighty power to heal. We ask for it in your holy name. Amen!

  188. Alice Arment says:

    Michele as always I am amazed and encouraged by how your life, your obedience to write your heart for all to read, touches those places we’ve all been in one form or another. How often your words are the sound of His song over us! Praying, believing that your able to hear all the prayers being offered up as His song over you this moment.

  189. Michele,

    Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. It makes my problems seem so very small. Prayers go out to you for strength, hope and healing. May God bless you and your family through this difficult. time.

  190. Michele, prayers for you and your family. As I have just started reading A Confident Heart, and another bible study book called Stuck, I am learning Let go and Let God is becoming a mainstay thought in my head.

  191. Thank You for sharing your story. It really touched my heart. I will keep you in my prayers. I have been through so much not just me my family as well. Today it has been 8 months since my mom passed away and tomorrow is my moms birthday. I have learned so much from all of this but I have learned never to give up. And Believe and have Faith in God.

  192. Christine says:

    I will ask God to heal you of this affliction once and for all, Michele. But I know the feeling, the uncertainty. I once had cysts on my ovaries and the cancer antigen test was kept going up to the real scary zone. This was back in 1990. I chose not to have surgery but to use a holistic doctor instead and rely on God. The conventional doctor thought I was nuts! What happened along the way is that the things I thought were important turned out to be meaningless. Everything shifted in perspective. I was also in a bad marriage at the time, too; just to add to the load. God got me through it all and when I had gone for another sonogram, the cysts shrank considerably…down to the size of a pea! One of the positive things that came out of it was that I learned an awful lot about nutrition. I was braver than I thought. So with reckless, wild abandon I pressed on. God was my only true companion. Those of us that have those experiences can say they were blessings because of what came out of it.

  193. Love you, Michele! I am still praying without ceasing for you. No matter what, God will strengthen you for the battle ahead.

  194. Cynthia LaLonde says:

    I am praying for your healing and comfort and for the Lord’s rich mercy and grace extended to you through this hard place.May you not be overwhelmed but overshadowed. God bless and keep you under His wings.

  195. Sandy Bowers says:

    Oh Michele, I am so sorry the results were not what you were praying for. I know that you know…..God knows the plans He has for you. Even though we cannot understand the whys sometimes in this life, just know that He is in charge and will offer you a way to get through this. Will pray for you.

  196. Prayers for Michele. For her to have peace and be fear of fear and worry. For her health to be restored. In Jesus’ Name.

  197. Diana Bennett says:

    Prayers goes out to you in this season of your life. Prayers for joy in the moments that you are given, peace for the days when that is all you can hold onto, acceptance for the unknown tomorrows. Cancer is a hungry beast and only our Creator can slay the dragon.

  198. Prayers for Michelle! While I am having a pity party of my own, waiting to bring home our little girl from Latin America and dealing with insurance about a house than needs repairs from a flood, its makes my worries seem minor.

  199. I have a new friend God put in my life through cleaning her house, who is in the same boat as you. I pray for the words of encouragement to comfort her. I have taken comfort in your words of encouragement. I have faith that I will have the strength needed to pass through the fire. When I read Paul’s words I remember that the man who wrote half the New Testament felt the same way I am feeling right now. He had the knowing of pressing on in the fire. Life is hard and in this world we will have trouble , but take heart I have overcome the world. You have the good fortune of having great friends to surround you and build you up in the face of adversity, take comfort in the (God with skin) people in your life. I will be praying for you and so will countless other Saints. You are a warrior for God.

  200. Laurie Curtis says:

    This verse, by the way, is my life verse. I lost my husband to cancer, and have remarried a man, who is truly my best friend. He too has had a bout with prostate cancer but we have learned to trust the one above and know that it is all in his plan and that this too will pass and that we will be stronger as a couple as a result of it, having learned many valuable lessons as we walked through this disease together. Bless you.

  201. Thank you for sharing this! My friend has cancer, and is going through a difficult time. Your words are comforting.

  202. I need to remember all 4 of these things. Thank you for sharing with us. You are being added to my prayer list Please keep us posted on how you are doing. You are such an encouragement.

  203. Estelle says:

    Thank you for being so inspiring and courageous and how you have encouraged me today. Praying for God’s will and peace for you.

  204. Jenny Rutan says:

    Praying for you in this valley…God’s grace is sufficient! I know easier said than done, but you are loved and in prayer. God bless you sister!

  205. Patricia A. Thompson says:

    Praying for you, Michelle. Thank you for your courage and for sharing with us.

  206. Dear Lord, Help Michelle to be strong and courageous and not fear oe be in dread, for it is YOU, Lord, our God who goes before her. You will never leave her or forsake her. Amen

  207. What a powerful journey – praying for Michele. Not jumping ahead on the calendar is definitely something I could use to learn.

  208. Wow! you are such an inspiration. Keeping you in my prayers. That is one of my favorite scriptures and one the Lord gave me to help me through a really hard time in my life. Thanks for sharing and may God Bless you today and always.

  209. Wow, so sorry and I so needed to see this today. My dear sweet Mom has her second brain tumor now and the doctors don’t know what to do. My heart is grieving…I do know of natural remedies for cancer (God given and proven) but my Mom and her husband are from the older generation and aren’t open to alternative cancer cures. I am dealing with some other huge issues, financial, business, raising teen boys alone, etc.. and uncertainty on top of my Mom’s illness. But I know that I know that I know just as God holds the heavens in place I see His hand all through my life and know that He has always had ahold of me, and He promises He will never leave us or forsake us, He will NEVER let us go. And just as we don’t know how He does this, He too loves us unconditionally, has a plan and purpose and is fully capable of healing and restoring life to our hearts and our health. I’ve seen this all through my life.

    But it’s all through Him, for Him and by Him that we live and breathe and forever will be as we’re on our way to eternity. These things are just to prove How great our God is and how temporary life issues are! Just as we don’t see an end, God sees the whole picture. God really does work ALL things together for our good, it just takes us a bit of time for us to see. Our job is have faith and trust Him with everything. We have to walk through… Stand, keep standing, pray, lean in and trust Him. I pray Father for your wisdom, your peace that passes all understanding, comfort and speedy healing for Michele in Jesus Name Amen. I’m going to be praying for you sister, God bless you always.

  210. Praying for peace and comfort during this difficult time for you and your family but also that God would use this place you are in to show others HIS love, peace, strength, and courage that may not know HIM. We know that HE is the great physician and if its HIS will you will be healed prayerfully on this side of Heaven.Thank you for sharing your story its a reminder that we need to live each day as if its our last. God bless you and your family.

  211. Velda Truitt says:

    Michelle, wishing you God’s peace and grace as you go through this time of uncertainty and treatment. Knowing that He truly does work ALL things for good. May God bless you and hold you close in the days ahead.Your sister In Christ, Velda

  212. Andrea Wright says:

    Keeping you in my prayers. God answers all prayers!

  213. Fear of the unknown has been keeping me up at night. It helps to be reminded that God is ALWAYS i control and loves me 100% of the time.

  214. God doesn’t just bring you to it…He brings you through it. Prayers and Love your way, Michele! ♥

  215. Beth Sheaffer says:

    Almost exactly 3 years ago, my husband needed to resign from a ministry position that he loved because of integrity issues of others on staff. My husband just felt he couldn’t support what was going on. With the economy as it is, it was truly a step of faith that God would keep His promises to us and not let us fall. Three years later, not making enough to support our family and keep our home……we HAVE supported our family and HAVE kept our home!!! NO HUMAN EXPLANATION!!! GOD hasn’t dropped us. I have days that I’m almost scared to breath, and my husband continues to say……HE HASN’T DROPPED US YET!!!

    HE WORKS {ALL THINGS} together for good!!! Prayer for you through your wilderness!!

  216. Amy Ehlers says:

    This is beautifully written – such great truths. So thankful for a God who loves us even when we can’t know how He will work things out. Going to share this with some family members who might be encouraged by it!

  217. Gina Windle says:

    As I sit in our hospital room with my daughter who is recovering from her third battle with this horrible disease, your words ring so true and sink solidly into my heart and mind. I’m bookmarking this article so I can read it again and again. I will be in prayer that you and my daughter are restored to complete health.

  218. Erinn Steger says:

    Being in the hallway and waiting can be excruciating… Or it can be a beautiful time to revel in the beauty around you and the people who love you. I pray God will surround you with His peace, the peace that passes understanding, while also praying for your complete healing. God bless you.

  219. Michelle M says:

    Wow….I needed this good word today. Thank you Michele for your realness. It seems I get so caught up in the “whys” of my life that I lose sight of God & how He has not forgotten who I am & my circumstances. I needed to hear all 4 of the reasons to keep on living today. I am praying for you Michele.

  220. Tammi Mitchell says:

    Dear Michelle,
    I learned a long time ago-not to ask “why” but, “What am I to learn from this?”. I was like Job, lost everything while we did everything right. My friend is going through Breast Cancer now, we are surrounding her with so much love and support. It is so easy to be mad at GOD, it is harder but not impossible to praise HIM through the storm. I decree strength in your spirit to help you daily, strength to find HIS direction and comfort even when the flesh is in pain, strength to be a light for someone just entering in this battle.

  221. Praying for God’s arms to wrap around you and hold you tight moment to moment to moment!

  222. carolyn clifton says:

    Dear Michelle,
    I hope you will praise God for the things you have and,especially at this time in your life, trust Him for those you don’t. I will keep you in my prayers for a positive outcome.

  223. Isaiah 61:13 To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the LORD has planted for his own glory.

    Praying for you.

  224. Michele, we are strong because God is our strength! You are not alone because we, your sisters in Christ, are here to hold you up. I don’t know you but our shared faith makes us family. I share your fear in the unknowns but believe that Gods plan is superior in every way. I had 3 biopsy’s just this morning and waiting for results in a few days. Thank you for sharing your story even if it did not have the happy ending. You are the inspiration for each of us going through life’s trials. Please continue to post your journey.
    Always, Marti

  225. Looking for treasures in the rubble. Sharing your heart. Such truths that help us to hold onto the good and hope to rise above what is in all around, no matter what we are facing. What a profound post. So blessed to read this today

  226. Aimee R. says:

    Praying for you Michelle, I know God will wrap his arms around you and give you comfort. May the doctors have wisdom to know just the right treatments. So glad that Jesus is the ultimate healer.

    Prayers for me please that after being laid-off twice in 6 months that I will find the Job that the Lord has for me. The waiting and not knowing is so very, very hard.

    Thanks so much !

  227. Michele, I’m praying that you perceptibly feel surrounded by the joy and love of Jesus. Thank you for your witness of faith and courage!

  228. Jennifer D. says:

    Praying for sweet Michelle! May God hold her in the palm of His hand and heal her fully! Thank you for being his vessel!

  229. Praying! What a story you are using t
    help others. A hard journey but such comfort knowing God is with you & will never leave you! I pray for your complete healing.

  230. sometimes we don’t understand why God let’s things happen the way they do. We may never understand this side of heaven. I am learning to trust God’s will whatever comes my way. Thank you so much for this blog. It puts a different perspective on things.

    Michelle I lift you up today.

  231. Father, I asked that you cover Michelle from the top of her head to the soles of her feet with the precious blood of Jesus. Saturate her Lord. By His stripes we are healed. I pray for strength for Michelle to travel this journey and follow your leading. I pray for complete healing and restoration in every area of her life. What the enemy has meant for evil, you will turn around for your glory and resore Michelle and her family 10 fold. In Jesus holy name I ask this and give you thanks. To you be the glory and honor.
    Michelle ~ my dear little Mother gave birth to 11 babies (I am #11). When I was 2 years old, Mom was given months to live as a cancer patient. She just celebrated her 88th birthday and I am 53.
    Her goal in life – Seek ye first the kingdon of heaven. What I have learned from her and the struggles/illnesses – God is still on the throne and still the supreme physician. Love is the greatest gift
    May God Bless You with His Strength and Peace.

  232. Praying for your peace. God is good……….all the time!!

  233. Michelle, your faith during such a challenging time will inspire so many. I pray that you will feel God’s presence, peace, love, healing, protection, and joy every moment of every day.

  234. I can’t tell you what an encouragement this post has been to me! It follows a rough week for me, and only yesterday was I reading a book with this very scripture shared and today I come on and read this post – God is truly gracious and patient with me in my doubting times. 🙂

    Michelle, I was so encouraged by your story of faith. My family has been through a 10-year process now of waiting on the Lord and trying each day of it to fully trust in Him for our needs (mainly financial). But my faith has not been as strong in the last two years as I’d wish it to be, and it’s a comfort to hear stories of others putting their faith fully on the Lord over and over again in the midst of hardships because it inspires me to do so too! 🙂 Will be praying for you as you travel this journey once again.

    {Emily, totally LOVE your designs! 😀 Thank you for sharing God’s truth in such a beautiful way!}

    God bless!

  235. Samantha Davis says:

    Dear Michele,
    Feeling blue over several areas in my life I took a moment to reflect on the Proverbs 31 site. We certainly do (at least I do ) allow our joy to be stolen from us too easily, too often , too deeply, and we even find reasons to justify this loss of joy.
    Today I found encouragement in “YOU” and your writings. You truly have allowed the Lord to use you and the oh so very frightening places that you are. What a blessing to be used of God and to see purpose in your sufferings
    I pray that each time you struggle to not only keep your peace and joy but for extending encouragement in that struggle with us that God will graciously bless you and your body with total wholeness and healing!!
    Thank you for sharing your belief in Him and His Holy Peace that we all can obtain. “Holy Peace” – a bubble wrap for our hearts!

  236. Healing; hopeful prayers for Michele and all who suffer. HE is able – one of my favorite attributes of our Lord Jesus.

  237. Thank you for sharing this. We lost our 4th son ti Trisomy 13 last March 9th. Fear and anxiety are shadows that have been clinging to me for over a year now. These words are beautiful.

    Dear Heavenly Father, whisper your peace over Michele tonight and the days going forward.

  238. Susan G says:

    Thank you Renee for sharing Michelle’s needs, and thank you Emily for your gracious giving.
    I am praying God will keep Michelle in “perfect peace”, that He will be her joy and strength! I also always pray for healing miracles in each case of health as I will be praying for Michelle. I pray for a ‘wholeness’ of her mind, spirit, soul and body.
    God bless you all!
    Much love,

  239. I am still asking honestly why Michele myself. But I find courage daily in her strength and joy and unwavering love for Jesus. The hardest thing to receive is “to let yourself be loved by others” and I’ve been on that end. It’s so much easier to give, than to receive. So that was a powerful reminder I think we all need to hear. it’s okay to feel needy and weak. God uses that to demonstrate his strength. And to that I say Amen.

  240. Vicki McGillivray says:

    My prayers are with you. My best friend has terminal cancer and it honors me when she shares her fears and heart with me. God bless.

  241. Midnight Salty says:

    Praying for Michelle and all of those involved with her treatment. God is good!

  242. Margie Griffin says:

    Prayers going up!! God is always good and someday we will see how when we can’t see it here.

  243. Lori Williams says:

    My prayers go out to you…May you feel Gods presence today and always. I know when we are going through the storm its hard to not get mad and sometimes feel alone. Know you will never be alone, God will always walk with you, cherish each and every moment and know God has a plan for you and will never give you more than you can handle. I pray you will be healed and you will have a long journey on this earth. In Jesus name!!!

  244. I needed this amazing reminder today. I fear the unknown more than ever lately. I graduate in May with a Masters degree. What then? My husband is battling addiction, mental illness, and disease. What then? My youngest daughter almost died this past weekend. What then? Today I am reminded that there is always always hope. And I stop, pause, and thank God for today. Taking in all the goodness. Michele, thank you for your words. The Lord has truly used your life to touch mine.

  245. Praying in agreement for all of you. Praying for my son who carries a heavy yoke of pill addictions. I lost my older son Dec 2010 to heroin. I also need the financial healing God told me he’d allow to manifest. I am facing foreclosure. Applied for an emap loan to catch up on back payments. Credit is so damaged due to loss of wages. I want to be a blessing to others. I want to lend once again, not borrow. Bless you all. Standing on God’s word.

  246. Michele,
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your testimony. I’m praying for your complete healing, peace and strength.
    Grace and Peace to you.

  247. I look up to the mountains; does my strength come from mountains? No, my strength comes from God, who made heaven, and earth, and mountains. (Psalm 121:1, 2 MSG)

    Michele, this verse has brought me comfort in many different times in my life. I pray for healing, comfort, and peace throughout this time of waiting. May you continue to dance, laugh, and love. Thank you for sharing your story and being a light.

  248. “Take stock of all the goodness” was so powerful to me because even though you could not control the diagnosis, you can control whether you let the devil steal your ability to recognize the good from God. You have so much more inner strength than you realize! You and God can fight this!

  249. mary Ann says:

    I need all of them, a couple weeks ago I went to see my eye doctor for my annual exam. He saw saw something unusual that he wasn’t sure about. So today I saw a cornea specialist. He wanted another opinion, and I went back to see him this afternoon. He confirmed there is a growth on the outside of my eye that needs to be removed. They won’t know if there is cancer present until they do pathology on it after it is removed. Surgery will be scheduled in a couple of days. I’m trying my best to not worry, but it’s hard, not knowing. I’ve got one of the best Doctors in the country, so that is comforting. I just keep telling myself that I am not in control. God is and it’s all part of his plan for me.

  250. Community is Key–

    When we live in community, a trial shared is half the burden, and a joy shared gives a double blessing. As a community, we are going to be both burdened and blessed at the same time. We cry for our suffering loved ones, and we rejoice with the new mother in our midst. We are created for community, with Christ as our King. We acknowledge that God is Sovereign, and seeks to draw us continually to Himself.

  251. Our hope lies in Him. I am learning this year in my studies to SURRENDER to Him and it sounds like that is what you have done. You have given this illness to Him. It’s not yours but His. I will pray for peace for you as you once again go along your journey. Praise God that we are His!

  252. Laurel Wycoff says:

    Dear Michelle,

    You are a light into His world and dearly loved! My children and I will be praying earnestly for your healing as we know God is still the Great Physician.

  253. Janey Belongia says:

    Oh Michelle,

    You are a true inspiration to all women. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” As much as we don’t want to believe that cancer is God’s plan, I truly believe that he does have plans for you & by living in His grace, by being joyful & having faith you will get through this. It’s hard when you’re in the darkness to believe that all things work out for good but you, dear Michelle, are filled with the light of the Holy Spirit. You have touched so many lives and there are so many people praying for you. Prayer is a powerful gift. May God bless you & your family & may He give you all peace & strength as you travel this journey together.

  254. Aubrey Anderson says:

    Duet 33:26,27
    “There is no one like the God of Jeshurun, who rides on the heavens to help you and on the clouds in his majesty. The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms….”
    May you feel His presence, peace, and love in a fresh new way today and the days to follow

  255. Dear Michele, I was just diagnosed with breast cancer in January and am waiting for a surgery date. Mine is In the early stages. I will be praying for you. I started a journal when I found out so that I could record my thoughts and what all was happening but most of all so I could write all the verses that the Lord gave me and little comments that I read that could be looked back on and would encourage. Worry is something that we all struggle with. This was helpful to me: Do not look forward to what may happen tomorrow. The same everlasting Father Who cares for you today will take care of you tomorrow and every day. Either He will shield you from suffering or He will give you unfailing strength to bear it. BE AT PEACE then, put anxious thoughts and imaginations all aside. Also: Worry is an old man with a bent head, carrying a load of feathers he thinks is lead. Another verse that is encouraging is Psalm 27:13 I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. The Lord is amazing; He gives a sense of peace as we look to Him and we can be sure that ALL is working for our good and blessing. This is our opportunity to share in His sufferings. Will it be easy? No, but He will be there for us to pick us up when we have our doubts and get us back on the path He has set before us. Rest in His love!

  256. There is power in prayer. May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

  257. To me there is nothing more uplifting than the truth of the words on that canvas. “God makes all things work together for the good of those who love Him.”

  258. Tiffany says:

    Praying that I can let go of all of my stress and anxiety.

  259. I’m facing an unwanted divorce after a two year separation… it’s just hard to see what good will come, but I trust God will bring something good!!

  260. Remember God is in control. He knows what He is doing. Let Him carry the burden. Praying for you in Missouri.

  261. Sweet Michelle, a great cloud of women are lifting you and your struggle up to our Great Physician. May He cover you in his precious peace and love. I will remember you in my prayers. Thank you for your courage.

  262. Peggy Patterson says:

    But for you who fear my name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in his wings. And you will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture . Malachi 4:2 . He is risen! We are free to leap with joy, whatever our earthly circumstance!

  263. Romans 8:28 is on of my favorites!! I hoold onto this verse for one because its God’s word and his promise to me… especially because my birthday is 8/28!!! God bless you!

  264. Sarah Triplett says:

    Praying for healing and continued peace for Michelle and her family and friends. I pray that she is surrounded by a strong and supportive network.

  265. Salena Fore says:

    Oh, sweet sister in Christ. HE IS WITH YOU. HE cares and loves you. Cling to Him and know HIS plans are GOOD. Praying for you.

  266. Colleen says:

    This verse has a very special place in my heart. When I was 13, I woke to news that my 42 year old Father had died of a massive heart attack. As I wrestled with why & how & the numbing feeling with the reality of my Father being gone, I heard God’s voice. It was this very verse he spoke to me.Though my earthly Father left me too soon, my Heavenly Father was still there. Though I could only see in part God see’s the big picture. I took comfort in knowing that though I didn’t fully understand why, God knew & that was enough for me.

  267. Michele Roberts says:

    Hello, Michele. We share the same name – one L and all – and although my unknown place isn’t anything like yours, it’s still a place that causes me great consternation at times and I just don’t understand the point of this seemingly endless circumstance. I am constantly having to remind myself that God is working this out for my good, even though I don’t see how it can possibly ever get that way, especially as even right this minute I have a desperate financial emergency and no conceivable way to meet it. A lot of my life has been pretty terrible because I was doing things my way and not God’s, and even since I started doing it His way the outward circumstances haven’t changed much but I know there’s been changes in me, and that makes all the difference. I will certainly be praying for you, and thank you for sharing your story and helping us to remember that we all have these uncertain moments and it isn’t weird to be freaked out about it.

  268. Kathy Maxwell says:

    Praying for you and for good news!!! Claim your signature verses and bask in them…

  269. Stephanie says:

    I am almost ready to graduate college…for the second time, this time doing exactly what I want and what I know God has given me the talent to do. We are also trying to get our own home…something I have never done at age 37. I also have a disability hearing soon from a bad fall in 2012.

    I KNOW that God has it all covered! Faith shows and tells me this…but flesh tries to tell me otherwise. I refuse to let doubt control my life any longer. I did that for way too many years. I always tell myself and make myself to HAVE HOPE! Don’t give up!

    I do let people love me now. For much of my life, I always built a wall…but I love life now. Trusting is still an issue with people at times…but I totally trust GOD! And finally…I always count my blessings. Even the saving 25 cents on fries today. lol

    Awesome blog! Ty!

  270. Christi says:

    Praying for Peace and Comfort…May you feel the presence of God wrapping his arms around you and just holding you like the precious child you are. His Child! He loves you and wants to give you the best he has for you. The Peace that passes all understanding. May he uphold you with his righteous right hand! Blessings to You!!!
    Just came through a Bone Marrow Transplant with my FIL and am in the midst of a separation from my husband of 21 years. (Praying for Reconciliation) So I do understand your need for people praying with
    you. To know they care and are standing with you believing!
    Have faith…Hold your head up God has a plan for you and it is wonderful!!!

  271. Prayers! I love her heart to break down and share her struggles. And our STRENGTH. 🙂

  272. Danielle Greer says:

    Aren’t you just so thankful that you have God to go through this with? Praying God will use you in amazing ways to be a blessing to the doctors, nurses and others who you come in contact with during this storm. Praying for God’s peace and strength through the good and bad days. Praying for good friends and family to surround you and hold you up in prayer, finding ways to be a blessing to you. Hugs from your sister in Christ.

  273. Lillian says:

    Michelle, I will keep you in prayers that God does a miracle. Just have hope, peace and keep trusting that God will heal you completely. May God bless you!

  274. Kristen says:

    My not knowing place today is wondering how and when my husband will finally get a job so that we can finally pay all of our bills and how I can help my daughter learn things easier and not be such a chatterbox at school. I’ve had enough emotional not knowing places in my life to know that these issues I have today are much easier to deal with than Micheles, so I will say an extra prayer for her and her family for peace and joy in the storm.

  275. I am praying for Michele and all of those in similar situation. I too am going through several times of waiting simultaneously. Being in the military I am facing new ordersto unknown place or possibly getting out after 11 years. I am also facing some financial situations. Most importantly my grandmother is going through chemchemotherapy, we too thought it was gonna and over with and find out differently right before Christmas. I try to be steadfast in my faith but today was definitely one of those days where everything hit me at once and i felt like i was drowning. I needed every single word of this. Thank you and God bless!

  276. CarrieC says:

    Michelle, praying for God’s perfect will in your life. May your heart and mind be guarded by His incomprehensible peace.

  277. Thank you for being so transparent with your story. Thank you for letting Rene share your text & updates. My heart is sad but, clinging to the hope in Jesus’ miracles. Praying for peace & for a miraculous healing.
    In His, name.

  278. Krystal says:

    Michele, it’s so hard to understand Gods plan. But sometimes I feel as if He is saying, “Do you trust me?” The more we trust Him the more our faith grows and will stand through the storms. Prayers are flooding out to our Almighty God for you!! Keep your eyes fixed on Him! 🙂

  279. Imani Driskell says:

    Prayers for you during this difficult and scary time. Even in times like these, God is good and we can trust his promises. I pray for health, laughter, love and light to be yours. I pray that you are surrounded by good friends and loved ones.

  280. Rosella Sawatzky says:

    Michelle, I thank God that you are able to rest in HIM, and I pray that you will be able to continue to have FAITH and PEACE knowing that HE is in control ALWAYS!!

  281. Praying that you will receive His piece and comfort.

  282. Valerie Eskelsen says:

    Much prayer and good thoughts to accompany you on your journey … I wish for peace to your soul as you face this next challenge. He loves you.

  283. Oh Michele, my heart aches for you. Praying that you lean not on your own understanding, but rest in His Shelter and allow His strength to sustain you. God Bless.

  284. Michelle,

    Think about the man who was born blind. His friends and onlookers asked who had sinned. Him, or his parents? And Jesus told them neither, and that the man was made that way for the glory of God the father, and healed him. God’s ways are not our ways. Sufferings and trials will come and the waves may come in over and over again. We may never know “why”. But I have faith that you can and will be healed, whether it be on earth or in heaven. Knowing this myself, it makes things easier to bear. As a single mom of 9 years to my 9 year old, it has been one thing after another. Just when financial freedom peeks its head, another catastrophe comes. Just when I seem to have found a good job, it is given to someone else and my benefits are cut. This whole grand scheme of life will have many burdens, trials, the race of endurance, but run the race to WIN! You can do it! Beat out the lies and live for today. Enjoy some ice cream, go to see a good movie, spend time with family and friends. Don’t get ahead of the calendar. <—– that is my biggest struggle. I worry I may never get to retire or know what it's like to own a home, or a dog, or be loved in a way that a man loves his wife, or be able to send my son to college, but I am getting ahead of the calendar. When I focus on living just for today, we get closer to each other, and closer to God. After all, he gave manna daily for his people, not in advance. He met them daily where they were, and we have to remember this. Easier said than done. I will pray for your healing, and I am confident that whatever decision the Lord makes, its for His glory! Your true reward is laying just on the other side of heaven. Live life for today! If you were healed once, you can be healed again by the doctors, but remember, when we all see Jesus, we will be healed forever. This post was so encouraging to me. I suffer from depression and trying to have full faith that God has his best for me, in the tough times of single parenthood. I have to feed myself the Word or I start believing the lies. Truth and Promises, the more I tell myself them, the more I believe them. Romans 15:13

  285. Praying for HIs Peace that passes all understanding!

  286. Lisa (@LisainLouKY) says:

    We just ended a five week sermon series on Romans 8. It’s been phenomenal. Praying God’s will to be done.

  287. Michelle, cancer stinks! I’m a nurse who used to care for cancer patients for 6 years before moving on to rehabilitation nursing. I’ve been a nurse to many with cancer, including my uncle, my aunt, my step-dad, and my Mom, AND I myself have had melanoma. And cancer stinks, but God is SO much bigger than cancer! As I’m typing this, my 12-year-old daughter is singing Mandisa’s Overcomer at the top of her lungs! we are ALL ‘Overcomers’ simply because we are Gods children! I pray that you you receive another miracle, that you can once again be cured! God had you in the palm of His right hand!!

  288. Anna-Lee Howard says:

    I’m so sorry you’re going thru this. I don’t know what cancer is like, but I understand uncertainty. Right now I’m 33 weeks pregnant with our second son, who has been diagnosed with two major congenital heart defects, one of which is the third rarest in the world. As I pray for our peace, I pray for yours too.

  289. Amy Williams says:

    Michelle, as I read that part of your story I can’t help but to admire your positive attitude and your total trust in God. I pray that you find peace and comfort in His promise, and I will continue to pray for you.

  290. Jackie Heiser says:

    This was so inspiring to me. I pray for peace and comfort for Michele and her family. Our God is good!

  291. Michele, I am sitting here thinking, “What could possibly say to her that would help her?” Only His name comes to my mind. Jesus. Here are a few of the lyrics to Jason Nelson’s song: Whenever you are troubled, just remember,
    that there is power in His name… Ah, Oh, I think you’re ready now
    Threw up my hands ready to quit
    and I almost said, this is it
    But I called Jesus and it all changed
    Cause theres power in His name
    See the Lord brought me through it all
    When my back was against the wall
    I called Jesus and it all changed
    Cause theres power in His name
    So we call Jesus, Jesus
    Theres power in His name
    Yes we call Jesus, Jesus
    Theres power in His name
    Let me tell you one more time…
    l So call Him, call His name
    When you need to call Him, call His name
    Oooh, call Him, somebody needs to call
    So call Him, When you need healing, call Him
    If you need salvation, call Him
    Somebody needs to call Him
    Say Jesus, Say Jesus

    Power In His Name


    Whenever you are troubled, just remember,
    that there is power in His name… Ah, Oh, I think youre ready now
    Threw up my hands ready to quit
    and I almost said, this is it
    But I called Jesus and it all changed
    Cause theres power in His name
    See the Lord brought me through it all
    When my back was against the wall
    I called Jesus and it all changed
    Cause theres power in His name
    So we call Jesus, Jesus
    Theres power in His name
    Yes we call Jesus, Jesus
    Theres power in His name
    Let me tell you one more time…
    l So call Him, call His name
    When you need to call Him, call His name
    Oooh, call Him, somebody needs to call
    So call Him, When you need healing, call Him
    If you need salvation, call Him
    Somebody needs to call Him
    Say Jesus, Say Jesus

  292. I love that verse Romans 8:28, even though during the hard times it is difficult to see the good. Prayers and peace to you at this difficult time.

  293. I need prayers for several things. Some family situations. Financial miracle….have some huge bills that need to get paid right away….water for the crops. I do praise God though because we have seen some huge miracles in our lives. We are so grateful for them.

  294. Michele, I pray that the Lord brings you peace and strength as you battle cancer again. I pray for wisdom for your doctors, and that he will lay his hands upon them and guide them as they treat you. I pray that you feel his love and glory shining upon you in your time of need.

  295. Take stock of all the goodness. This is what I need to do more of. So easy to not do during my days of uncertainty.

    I also like how you pointed out ” I will not put my joy on hold.”

  296. I am right where you are. I found out that I had breast cancer about 4 weeks ago. Have just undergone mastectomy & will start chemo in a few weeks. Yo top that off, my husband has Lou Gehrig ‘s disease snd is on a ventilator & I am his caregiver. So believe me when I say “Lord, how can something good cone out of all this?” But I am confident that God has a plan

  297. Deborah says:

    As a fellow breast cancer survivor (one year), I understand how you feel and the thoughts you shared. Lying to myself (fear) and worry are the areas I need to work on most. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you!

  298. Sending prayers of peace and healing. I am too in that place in between, feels like I have been here forever. But mine seems small in comparison. Your strength and hope give me strength and hope. I am learning to find joy even when the future is uncertain. Reading this gave me even more tools to do so. Thank you.

  299. Cindy Cooper says:

    Michele, I am praying for you. God knows what He is doing, we don’t have a clue. If we had our way, no one would suffer from sickness, heartache, disabilities, birth defects, etc. I myself have a brain tumor that I am trusting God will heal. While we both are waiting on the Lord, we can encourage others to believe and wait also.

  300. Lynn Metzger says:

    I am using more of #1 than ever before “Telling yourself the truth”. Michelle, you are not alone even if you feel like you are. Your feelings are fickle. God says, “I will never leave you or forsake you and that’s a fact. God is with you wherever you go and He was already at this moment before you got there!

    You are not powerless because you have the power of God’s resurrection within you. You can do ALL things through Christ who gives you the strength. The strength doesn’t come from you..it comes from Him! On those days when you think you can’t go on, ask Him for the strength to do it.

    Christ is in you, the HOPE of GLORY. Hope means we KNOW God already has taken care of things it doesn’t mean maybe He will…it means He already HAS taken care of it. Praying for you that you have hope that God is doing something amazing through this relapse! Hold onto Jesus because He is right there with you! and so are your brothers and sisters in Christ! An amazing thing is going to happen that will give you reason to rejoice through this. Jeremiah 29:11 …God plans are not for evil..(although cancer surely does “look” evil) but through this, He will give you hope in your future. Somebody is about to get blessed by you during this! I pray God brings you someone who will see God in you and turn to Him because of your willingness to believe the truth and hold onto Him.

  301. Suzanne G. says:

    Prayers that you both feel His arms around you in a mighty way. I pray for peace in trusting in His faithfulness.

  302. What a brave soul; with a servants heart. Bless you are you journey through this difficult time.

  303. Michelle … lifting up a prayer for u now … thanks for sharing the 3 things that keep us afraid … i needed that message today!

  304. I can so identify with “worrying in the wait.” After two miscarriages in 18 mos, my husband and I are expecting again. Since the positive pregnancy test I’ve been a ball of nerves. There’s nothing I can do to change whatever outcome the Lord has planned for us and this precious, prayed for child. Every day has been a battle to surrender my fears to Him and simply enjoy the time I’ve been given to carry this baby, whether it’s a few weeks or nine full, healthy months. After our first loss, Romans 8:28 and Isaiah 61:1-3 became enormously comforting to me… so much that I wear both verses around my neck, engraved on pendants. I am so sorry that you didn’t get the cancer free diagnosis you were praying for, but please know that I have and will continue to pray for you. Thank you so much for the encouragement your post today was for me. God bless you.

  305. Jennifer says:

    God is amazing! He uses everything for His purpose. While we may never understand on this side….when when get to Heaven it will all be clear. Prayers for you and your family . Thank you for encouraging us while you are in the middle of your own battle. Blessings!

  306. Melanie says:


  307. Mary Beth says:

    Prayers for you Michele!

  308. God bless you Michele. You’re courageous, inpsirational, and the example of the woman God wants all of us to be. Thank you for sharing your personal fears and feelings. I pray for your continued peace and healing as Jesus walks with you on this journey.

  309. Tamrah T. says:

    We all need an encouragement time and time again that stepping into Faith won’t be easy. This world is all about “seeing” the plan ahead when we as Believers know it’s His Will and not ours that we need. His Will is our hope in the bigger picture that he has perfectly planned out, even before we were born. PTL for that promise! It brings such peace being in His Will. Praying patience for the journey in knowing His perfect Will be done, and the peace to take us through our journey of Faith.

  310. Jennifer Clark says:

    You have so many people lifting you up in prayer. You are not alone. Praying for you.

  311. Wow, Michele. Thank you so much for your honesty and transparency. Thank you for being willing to help others even though it may open you up to attack from the enemy. God bless you, sweet sister. I have been struggling so much with something of my own…..more so than I care to admit. I so desperately need to find my “all” in Christ and simply trust Him. I pray that God helps you do this in the coming days, and I pray for strength, spiritual growth, health and peace. I’t so good to know we aren’t alone, and that no matter what God is working out his plans for our lives. I so need to saturate my mind with those truths. I pray you are able to as well. God bless you and carry you every step of the way.

    “The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever.” Psalm 138:8

  312. Dawn Witt says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Michele. You have been such a tower of strength. May God bring you peace.

  313. Praying for your Michele. God will give you strength to carry you through.

  314. Michele, you’ve put my small problems in perspective – your faith and trust is inspiring. May God continue to bless you with His peace in the days ahead and may He be glorified.

  315. Terry Cobb says:

    Starting a personal bible study this morning on peace I didn’t realize that God was giving me ammo for that call from our son who is not coming home and has yet again decided to strike out on a path that a parent does not think that is wise and leave behind his family and support group. With heaving sobs and a long walk in the slush, I was thinking my day could not get any worse. And then I found and read this. Your words of comfort came to me at a time when i thought my troubles were so big, and yet I sit, humbled, as my troubles comparatively are so small. You have reached out and given me the clarity of thought that God DOES work everything out for the good for those that love him. You are an amazing woman and the torch you carry for our Lord is a heavy burden but your rewards will be many. God will bring you through this, triumphantly, and you will be in our prayers. And in ALL things be thankful and continue to look for ways to glorify HIM with your life. In Jesus’s name!

  316. Caroline says:

    Hi Michele,
    I am so sad to hear your news, but I do know that God has a plan for your life! It’s way bigger and better than our plans we may have. May you find the strength and peace in Gods word, for He is good! You are doing Gods work right now, touching thousands of peoples lives right now. We all pray for your miracle… I pray too you are blessed abundantly as you are blessing our lives! Gods speed, Caroline xxx

  317. Praying that God will be very evident and at your side as you journey through your unexpected and unknown outcome. Praying that God would be your constant companion and He would use others to come along side you to be His hands and feet…Praying for healing and peace in the midst of this unexpected battle with cancer.

  318. Connie estepp says:

    I have had my business stolen by my ex husband and my best friend. He took my son for awhile with money. I have had great heart problems. My mother died after I cared for her for yrars in a freak negligent accident while in the hospital, etc. God supernaturally lifted me out of all that, now I live with my son who is studying to be a pilot (because of God’s supernatural provision). All because I love God and kept my eyes on him. I never lost my faith!

  319. As someone who has experienced great loss in my life, I have experienced amazing peace in my life that can only come from our Almighty God! I lost my mom to breast cancer when she was just 40 years old and I was a senior in high school. Ten years later I lost my little brother to pneumonia. He was 21 years old. My faith and relationship with God has gotten stronger since losing two of the most important people in my life. I am able to see the blessings that surround me each day. I am able to embrace each day and strive to be a light to all those around me!

  320. Praying that God will heal you of this cancer, for His Glory. Praying also for you to be filled with peace that can come only from Him. ((HUGS))

  321. Katie Davis says:

    Praying for quick healing that only ourHeavenly Father can bring. Praying also for peace that comes when we put our complete hope and faith in him. There are so many people struggling with something today and I also pray for all of them as well. From a severe medication reaction my son is possibly mentally handicapped for life. He was a straight A, gifted student….a genius, if you, will with nominations into acclaimed schools and clubs and now can barely a hint of the student he used to be. All because of a medication. It helps me to remember that if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it!! No matter how hard the circumstance is to bear. My strength and hope come from the Lord and will not swayed. I take care of myson full time now and no matter how hard it is to see your child suffer so, I have faith and hope that even if my son doesn’t find healing, somehow, He will use us, or my son, for a glory far beyond my expectations. And, even if my sons story only saves one soul, that will be worth it!! Your story is for God’s glory!! And, I pray he brings healing, strength, health to you. Where two or more gather together there He is in the midst of them and you have tons of people standing together praying for your healing!! Amen and Amen!!

  322. Praying for comfort and the continued peace you have in your heart—I too am living a journey that only God knows the end and I will be obedient and follow His will for my life. Be courageous…be strong… <3

  323. Brenda Rice says:

    Praying for complete healing! What a testimony you will have for the Lord Jesus Christ!

  324. Janie Becker says:

    Praying for peace and comfort for you and your family. I pray for strength and courage in this battle with this horrible disease.

  325. Martha Schneirla says:

    Michele just reading your story is so helpful to so many and that has to be from the Father above. I know that I am going to great trials as well and it put things into a better view. I will pray for you each day,: I know that worry robs us, fear robs us and just as Christ said today has enough worries in itself. I know went I wake up I ask for his help and for his peace, as pain or fear comes I just step out in faith knowing he will be with me no matter what the outcome is. We can’t know what his plan is or his purpose is at all times, but we can rest in his love and peace. Seeing all the people you have touch shows he is working through you right now. Be Brave and May He Keep you in his loving care and shine his peace on you!

  326. Michelle my heart goes out to you and I appreciate you sharing your journey of faith and honesty with what you are going through. I often compare my burdens or blessings to others and feel unworthy of God’s love and acceptance. However, I know in my heart that each of us is equipped and purposes differently and there is no shame in whatever burden we carry. You give me hope to keep fighting the good fight, to let God’s Spirit and promises be stronger than my doubt. Thank you for including in your list people with anxiety and depression because it is filled with unknowns and challenging to seek help, trust help, accept that I have it and believe that I am not alone. I pray Heavenly Father that continue to lift Michelle up, bring her loving comfort, keep that “bubble wrap” around her heart, surround her with people who encourage her and love her right where she is. Also, in Jesus name I pray for healing, hope, your strength abundant in her weakness, mercy, compassion and kindness for Michelle. Amen.

  327. Meredith B says:

    Prayers for healing and wellness. In times of trouble or hurt, this verse brings me peace: “You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.” Psalm 56:8 (NLT) . To know we love and honor a God that loves us enough…each one of us to catch all of our tears …each tear in a bottle, wow! That’s love!

    Prayers and love coming your way!


  328. Michelle my prayers and good thoughts are with you. Compared to what you are dealing with, my problems seem small.

    I am unemployed for over one year now, been trying to find professional employment to no avail. Last May. On and off relationship of four years disappeared. Thank God!

    Tried to pass LMSW Exam last December! To enter my career field of Social Work and begin work. Went to Interview in Brandon, MS for Senior Services Director and all four major doors closed! Unemployment insurance Cut out permanently on 12/28/13!

    Now continuing to fill out employment applications and to no avail as nothing has come forth! I am praying, singing and reading my Bible through all of this!

    Hope something I have said helps you!

  329. Praying for you!

  330. Jodi Inman says:

    Prayers for peace and strength. God works miracles in all of us in his own special way. My thoughts and prayers are with you-may you find peace in your time of trial

  331. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for sharing your “real” journey. So often, we try to “fake it to make it” in this life. I heard of a neighbor’s diangosis of cancer this week and plan on sharing your testimony with her family! Thanks for allowing God to use you in a powerful way. May God’s perfect peace continue to surround you each day. Lean on His promises.

  332. Tammy Petty says:

    During my sister’s courageous year long battle against lung cancer I learned to start each day with reminding myself to “just trust Him for today”. My prayer for you Michelle is that God gives you the strength,mercy and grace for each moment and the His peace to trust Him just for what today holds.

  333. Praying for Michele. That God will strengthen her, comfort her, and give her peace. Praying Gods presence will be felt during this difficult time, that He’ll draw her closer to Him, and that He’ll heal her. In the hard times God is still good. We’re all standing behind you. God Bless.

  334. Michele– thank you for being an amazing testimony of God’s strength during an impossibly difficult time. He is using your testimony already sweet sister!! Prayers for continued confidence and strength in Him and for complete and total healing!!!

  335. When my diagnosis of cancer was confirmed my 1st reaction was why me and why now. I had just gone through 5 years caring for both parents including selling my home and moving in to care for my father until he went home to God but in those quiet moments I heard my Lord and Savior remind me that he knows all and his timing is always perfect. He knew my father needed all my care and attention during those months prior to his death and now it was my turn to put all my trust in him to guide me through my journey. So I prayed and said thank you Lord. I trust you will always be by my side and will provide me with caring doctors, family and friends and I could know in my heart that no matter the long term outcome he would be with me always

  336. Jennifer says:

    I focus on the truth. When I feel lonely and unloved, I focus on the promise that God loves me enough to take care of me. He will be a husband to me.

  337. Michele – I’m praying for you! I pray that God blesses you beyond belief and gives you His strength to get through this time! xoxo

  338. Kathy B. says:

    Emily is an inspiration to me and so many others. What a testimony to her faith in God, bubble wrap around her heart ! Indeed, God has a purpose for the results, although no one can quite imagine what is it at this moment. My prayer for Emily is that God’s promise of working all things together for good will be ever-present with her as she travels through this unknown territory. Surely goodness and mercy will follow her all the days of her life and she will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. I ask that God heal her and give her many more days to minister and witness of His great love and healing power.

    I have many of the {all things} listed above. I have struggled with everyone of her four steps for dealing with the in-between times. The one I still struggle with is getting ahead of the calendar. I try to imagine my way out of “this” on the future, how God is going to work it all together for good. I pray for patience and peace as I learn to wait on the Lord and His perfect timing.

    • Kathy B. says:

      I apologize, everytime I typed Emily I meant Michele. Emily’s artwork is beautiful, but Michele is the one with the story. This is what happens when I try to type and listen, and answer other people’s questions. I am so sorry.

  339. I pray healing for you. Cancer is a scary thing but God has already conquered. My young husband has been battling stage 4 colon cancer for two years. I know the struggle and I have also asked why. God will not leave us. I believe in His promises. God bless you!

  340. S Jones says:

    I can relate. My son was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2006 (when he was only 3). He’s 11 now & it’s been a super long, hard road. Just last week we received the news that his routine MRI showed that the tumor was growing again. It really can be tiring & scary, but we know that God will give us strength & see us through! I started out this week feeling very heavy-hearted (& I still am), then I was angry (not at God…just at the situation & part of the grieving process) & now I’m determined. We won’t give up…we will come together as a family & fight this together! I know that God is in control even when life seems so out of control. He has a plan & ALL things work together for the glory of God.

    Hang in there!

  341. Vanessa says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing encouragement!! My prayers are with Michele. Her strength and courage are God given gifts that filled me with hope!!

  342. Karen White says:

    Emily, your willingness to share your deepest feelings right now are very courageous and most definitely uplifting. I am one of those mothers who just cannot seem to figure out where I went wrong with a child who has gone completely astray. All the worrying, all the what ifs, all the fussing and all the money spent trying to help him get out of this “rut” that he’s in, hasn’t fixed the issue. So, like you, I must not allow my joy to be taken away, because I believe God knows what’s best for each and every one of us. God is working all things for together for the good. I pray that you receive a negative report from your doctor and that you continue to inspire others in the future as you have today.

  343. God works miracles. I hate cancer. I pray for scientists to find a cure. In the meantime, I pray that God will work miracles in Michelle and my friend, Ann’s lives. Amen.

  344. Jennifer Hoffman says:

    Know that your life doesn’t hang in the balance HE holds your life!! Prayers for peace coming your way!

  345. Tkz Michele for your amzg blog.One recent Sunday the line in our song during Worship was just this scripture. I was good up until that line…. then my heart resisted singing because my feelings betrayed the real story raging in my emotions. But I felt the Lord challenging me to sing inspite of my feelings. Struggling I sang. Later that week He caused me to stumble on the truth of that scripture in a devo I was reading. Now I was being challenged to declare it over my life…with my marriage in a mess…We are still working through the honestly hard stuff but your words penned such encouragement that made my heart do somersaults of joy as you identified really awesome truths that will help me as we journey forward through this season of healing in our lives. Praying God’s power will lift you, comfort you, & bring wholeness to you in every way…God’s blessings on you!

  346. Melanie says:

    Prayers for you Michele as you go through this. I pray you continue to feel His peace surround and for strength and endurance as you face this challenge.

  347. Jeanne Wilgus says:

    Praying for you Michele. KNOW that God is always with you and will help you with each and every step in this journey. Romans 8:28 has special meaning to me and gave me comfort when my father was sick with advanced prostate cancer. I pray that you will feel God’s loving arms around you every day. God is in control and has a plan for you and it will work together for good. Stay strong.

  348. Michele- Know that God has healed you no matter how the tests come in. You will live as a Child of God today, tomorrow and for eternity! Keep the faith that Christ died for YOU!

  349. Praying along with you and your family. I too am going through unknowns with my marriage. My husband just moved out last week and it’s been really hard to live with doing all four of the things you listed. I pray I am able to find the joy, do one day at a time, and allow others to help. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and heart!

  350. Ilka W. J. says:

    My husband also got “cancer” for biopsy results; just last week Friday. Here, it’s the initial bout, though Learning to live with a new reality.

  351. Michele, praying for you. Don’t give us. God is not finished with you and all He wants to do in your life!

  352. Vicki Lawrence says:

    I’m so sorry you have to fight this battle again. So many people I love are doing the same. May God continue to wrap you in His loving arms and give you strength and peace.
    God Bless.
    Vicki Lawrence

  353. Prayers for strength and peace during this difficult time.

  354. Thank you Michelle for your wonderful spirit that shows strength and courage. Things in life seem impossible sometimes but I know gods plan and purpose are bigger than anyone imagines. My daughter will be 25 this month. She has no kidney function and needs a trasplant. She has walked away from God and I believe God will bring her back. I am not sure I will ever understand everything in the earthly world but I know someday it won’t matter. . You are an inspiration to look beyond My circumstances and toward gods purpose ams promises.

  355. Martha Cook says:

    Romans 8:28 has been my favorite verse since I was a child having panic attacks. Where God promises to never leave me nor forsake me ranks second if not a near tie. I am thankful that God keeps His promises, and oftentimes I remind Him that I am holding Him to them. He has never let me down in 30 some years, and I trust He will honor these promises to you as well. God bless Michele.

  356. A beautiful song to listen to is “Your love never fails” by Jesus Culture.

  357. Danielle Savage says:

    Hi Michele!! I’m sorry to hear about your cancer returning. I’ve had both parents suffer with cancer, 3 types between the two of them. I’m sorry for the battle that you’re about to go through with treatment, etc. It’s not easy, as you know since you’ve been there before. But God has something for you to learn or something for you to do that you can only learn or do with this diagnosis. I know it sounds odd and very Christian cliche, but it’s the truth. I’ve suffered from depression for 8 years, and am just coming out of the fog. For years, people told me that God had a purpose. I’m finally seeing that purpose now and I’ve accepted that purpose. It sucks when we go through it, but we see the point in the end. God bless you now and always!!! May He strengthen you and your family always!!!!!

  358. Sarah Chamberlain says:

    Loved the statement “I will not put my joy on hold.” Gone through some tough times in the past few years. Finally figured out how much I needed God as a friend in my life and that I should trust him for my joy, not other people or circumstances. I know that everything will work out for me, and I hope that it will for Michelle on such a difficult journey.

  359. Brandiann says:

    Thank you for the perspective you shared with this post. The verse is actually my very favorite and a reminder that good things are meant for me, as they are meant for you. I pray God heals your body as he has healed your mind and given you a freedom of thought.

  360. May the Lord wrap his arms of comfort around you! What a sweet and beautiful heart for the Lord you have. This giveaway is such a blessing, and praying for His peace to fill you each day.

  361. Tammy Henderson says:

    Joy is lost as worry gains hold. GOD’s GOT THIS! Has been the message that’s been popping up all along the way of our 8 months of learning to TRUST. It’s not easy. It’s necessary. Roman 8:28 is my life verse.

  362. Jennifer says:

    Dear Michelle,
    my heart aches for you at this time. I’m so sorry that you are going through this once again. I had breast cancer 2 years ago, and it is still fresh within me the struggles I went through. I ask The Holy One, who is compassionate and full of mercy, to cover you with his love and give you abundant peace right now. I ask in the powerful name of Jesus to heal you once again, and once and for all of the cancer. For when we have faith as small as a tiny seed, He is powerful within us. And when we are in his will, claiming his promises, He is faithful and He hears us. In the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

  363. Father, I pray for Michele’s healing, trusting You to do what is ultimately for her good, and Your glory. In Jesus’ name I pray.

  364. Michelle, I am an oncology nurse so I know firsthand the path you face BUT you are not alone, God is the ultimate physician and He heals where others may say it’s impossible! Your attitude, strength and faith are a beacon of light for your fellow cancer warriors and the people who love you!! I pray that God also places angels who I like to think of as your team of nurses, doctors, nurses aides etc around you and lift you up, be your shoulder and also your laughter partners on this path!! Prayers and love for you always!!

    • Lisa, this is great! Your description of God’s ministering angels for us is really neat! Thank you for sharing. I am not facing an illness, but am dealing with a difficult relationship and I can relate to the angels being my shoulder and laughing partners. 🙂 God continue to bless you richly!

  365. Mine is psoriatic arthritis. It came upon when I was unepder. Great deal of stress. My husband was in a car accident and spent 4 months in a coma. Total 9months in the hospital. He came home to to “live” bedridden with me and our children, 4 and 2 at the time of the accident. My burden is not being able to ask for help. I have always carried on. After moving and getting back into church I finally had an answer to those who always asked me how I did it. A peace came over me one Sunday and I knew then it was all by Gods grace. Some times you just need it to walk up in your face. Of course I couldn’t answer why it happened to us or him, me or my children. But it did. I think we’ve came out stronger and closer. He passed away 2 years ago. I still find it hard to ask for help. I remind my self daily that God is by my side and will see me through. May God be by your side and comfort you as you face this trial once again. God bless you.

  366. Dear Michele,
    I pray that God would enable you and strengthen you as you walk this road again. I cannot imagine what it is like to hear the words that would seem to proclaim a death sentence over you for yet a second time. I pray that you will be able to keep your focus on God and that you will find peace and comfort in Him. I also pray that throughout this process that your relationship with Christ would grow immensely. That God would continually fill you with the power of his Holy Spirit so that you can continue to be a shining light with your faith. And that God would give you wisdom and discernment so you will know exactly what to do in every decision you need to make. I pray that God would be with you to guide you through every moment and that you will be able to see his hand moving in every area of your life. Amen!

  367. I thank the Lord that I read this email.. The word the Lord gave me at the beginning of the year is Newness
    New Journey. I know I have been going through a lot of stress these last 3 years. Financially with our business where we ended up closing it and getting deeper in debt. Then separation in my marriage. After praying for 2 years God restored our marriage and got us a new business. A couple months ago, the doctors diagnosed me with cervical cancer. Road to recovery. Speaking words of life and not death. 5 weeks of Chemo and radiation. Thank you for your prayers. I know something good will come out from this. God has a greater purpose.

  368. Michele, Your share touched my heart so deeply! I pray for your recovery to be in Godspeed! I am stuck in #1Tell yourself the truth and all the others thereafter. I have all the “lies” I am powerless. I am alone. I am hopeless. These are truths to me and my broken heart and ended 35 year marriage full of betrayals manipulation lies losing me in this controlling deceiving life. This is the 1st time I have gone to this blog. I am so so sorry for your cancer return. When I read that you would not this take your peace and today’s this time, I know I read your share for a reason. I have almost lost my faith and saw yours even in your pain!

  369. “Our God is greater
    Our God is stronger
    God, You are higher than any other
    Our God is healer
    Awesome in power
    Our God, our God” – Chris Tomlin

    my prayers for peace and trust in God are with you.

  370. Stephanie says:

    Abba, Father, I hold Michele up to You. You are Jehovah Rapheh-the God Who heals. I ask for healing for Michele. Give her Your comfort and power. Thank you for the gift of suffering. Thank You for allowing some of us to enter into the fellowship of suffering. May Your image be more clearly seen in Michele’s life.Thank You,

  371. We are living each day by the hour and sometimes minute, but are prayerful of the good God will bring out of our present circumstances. Prayers to your friend. She is an inspiration.

  372. Kristi Bodie says:

    God always keeps His promises and is never late. Praying for strength and encouragement.

  373. Thank you for sharing these words; it is easy to struggle with the ‘how’ & ‘why’ in life, but through ALL THINGS God is good!

  374. Thank you for your honesty & for continuing to run after the heart of God. Sending prayers.

  375. Thank you for sharing these great reminders…we will be focusing on “Don’t get ahead of the calendar” as we await our ‘unknown’ next week! Praying your friend will be given the peace and endurance she needs. “And let us run with endurance the race that God sets before us…”

  376. I am praying for you to have STAMIA….keep climbing!
    Have a Friend close by, keep Joy, take rests, have Hope and most of all Trust God!
    Tell yourself the Truth -Always HOPE!
    We have a son in a very serious situation/trouble that just doesn’t seem of any possibilities possible for him. That’s a lie from satan! Thank you for reminding me of that very thing that there is always hope and NOTHEN is impossible with our GOD! Thank you again for sharing your heart with us all.

  377. Crystal says:

    Prayers of faith for the unknown and strength for you during this season of life.

  378. We have been fighting for grandparents visitation right for our 4 yr old grandson, will be 5 April 9th,and in the last step in Supreme courts we lost. In the first court we won every 3rd weekend and now he has been taken away because his mom doesnt want him to know his real family. Our hearts are shattered and broken.He is our world. Please remember us in your prayers.

  379. Jenny Wright says:

    Praying for His strength and perseverance during this trying time! I pray that He wraps His arms around you and comforts you through the most difficult days and that His peace, that surpasses all understanding will surround you! May God get glory through these trials!

  380. Michelle,
    As a RN, I have held many hands and shed many tears when patients receive news they weren’t expecting. God does have a plan MUCH bigger than ours! I am not for sure what it is, only He does, but just your sharing of your story and telling how and what you do to stay strong in your faith is helping people draw closer to God. And they are all lifting you up in prayer also….wow what a wonderful feeling.
    I will pray for you also…Michelle, God Bless You and Keep You Strong and Wrapped In His Arms Of Comfort!!!!!!

  381. Brenda Davis says:

    Prayers for peace and healing.

  382. I understand your situation so well. I am 3 1/2 years out of breast cancer, 1 year out of open heart surgery, and my husband is a year out from throat cancer and having his larynx removed. We know God’s healing power and joy through bad circumstances. I am so happy you are sharing and allowing all these people to share what they are going through. The replies are overwhelming in the proof of their faith. Thank you for sharing your experiences as we never know how many people might benefit from your sharing of your experiences and joy. The Bible says “… joy comes in the morning.” God bless you for sharing your faith. God please bless all these people who are going through various trials. What would we do without our Savior?

  383. Christine says:

    Lifting up prayers for you, Michelle. I can’t imagine enduring what you have and will continue to go through with this reoccurance of cancer. Praying God’s healing hand upon your body, and his peace and joy in your spirit.

  384. When my brother took his life a year and a half ago, I had a complete meltdown. In that moment, I was honest and raw with God as I pleaded, “God, I know your Word says that you work all things together for good. I know that means all things. But this? THIS? How can that possibly be? I don’t understand and quite frankly, I don’t want to believe that something good can come from this horrible situation. But I believe you. So I invite you in and ask you to do whatever it takes to make sure that happens somehow. I commit myself to that journey, and I will finish the race for both of us.” Since then, Romans 8:28 pops up everywhere for me, but mostly in moments when I truly need the reminder. I am not yet on the other side of that journey but I’m allowing God to do whatever He wants to do and through the darkness, His light always manages to shine, just as He promises. Michelle, my prayer for you is healing first and foremost, and that beyond healing, you will feel His presence surrounding you, keeping you in perfect peace as He works out his purpose. His good, pleasing and perfect will. Thank you for sharing your story and your journey. This is what binds people together as we run this race.

  385. Carol Duncan says:

    The most horrible event happened my husband a nod me last June, he was fired from his position of Associate Pastor/Worship Pastor. The way it was done was malicious, unethical and on the verge of illegal. There was much hatred and lies told about us to ensure enough supporters to fire him. I have never felt more alone, unloved and hurt than I did then and now as people we thought were friends ignore us. My true friends who went through this with me have moved on but for some reason God has not allowed us to move on. I struggle every day with feelings of worthlessness and hurt but there really isn’t anyone to lean on, love on me or even share my feelings with. I’m still looking for the good that God will work out of all this hurt someday. I just hope we can stay afloat.

  386. Sandra F says:

    Michelle, thank you for sharing your story, and for showing us that, while we all have our own crosses to bear, God is with each of us every step of the way. In His infinite wisdom we shall have the peace that passes all understanding….and I pray that for you and for each of these women who have also shared their trials and tribulations. Where three or more gather in His Holy name, there is POWER. God’s love is sovereign, He reigns !! God’s PERECT PEACE and BLESSINGS to you my friend and sister in Christ 🙂

  387. Tammy B. says:

    Michelle, my favorite verse is Isaiah 50:10 – “Let him who walks in darkness and has no light trust in the name of the Lord and rely on his God.” When I have faced the dark times of not knowing what God’s plans are for my life He reminds me of this verse. May I encourage you to trust Him and rely on Your God who is always faithful!

  388. Michelle, sending love, hugs and prayers. Know that God is in control of all, and is walking right beside you. Know that he cradles you in his arms, and He will give you peace and comfort you, and wrap you in Love… Keep trusting Him for He is your refuge.
    I love what you wrote “Beauty is hidden in the rubble, reach for it like treasure.’ I love this, thank you for sharing your story.

  389. Kelli Worthen says:

    Praying for you Michele! I’m also dealing with a few different issues myself. Issues with my family. It’s so very hard not to concentrate on the situation and still look to the Lord for His help and His sustaining power. It’s very easy for us to look at the situation. Praying that God will give you His Peace during this time in your life!

    In Him,

  390. Janet Atchison says:

    Always running behind and trying to catch up, I offer these words: He holds every tear drop in His in hands and hears every plea we cry. He knows our suffering which is why He sent his only son to rescue us. We never walk alone. With every road He has us walk, he is our companion and our guide and the path before us is paved with His goodness and strength. Take hold of His hand and feel the warmth of His everlasting faithfulness as He guides you down yet one more planned journey. Smile and know He is the great I AM. God bless you and keep you in His arms of peace.


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