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02.05.14 Renee.Satisfy Me

“What a [woman] desires is unfailing love …” Proverbs 19:22a (NIV)

I had everything I wanted yet felt empty and confused.

My life was full of relationships and accomplishments I’d worked hard to gain, but none could fill or fulfill me.

Frustrated by my aching emptiness, tears streamed down my face as I thought about the guy I dated through high school and college. Our future plans had crumbled under the pressure of me expecting him to be all I needed.

I had been crazy about him — a little too crazy.

Like the time a friend mentioned my ex-boyfriend was heading to our hometown for the weekend. We worked near each other, so Friday afternoon I parked by his office and waited for him to leave.

We both “happened” to be at the same fast food restaurant, at the same time and bumped into each other. After getting my order, I got in my car and followed behind him, hoping he’d see me, realize he couldn’t live without me and signal to pull over so we could talk.

Seriously, what was I thinking? As you can guess, he never stopped. I was hopeless and humiliated…

A few weeks later, I was taking a walk around my college campus. My eyes drifted to the buildings, dorms and other landmarks of memories. Suddenly my mind filled with a collage of faces, reminding me of my efforts to win the approval of advisors, friends and professors — hoping their affirmation could fill my emptiness.

Although I was graduating soon, had a few great job offers and achieved success in many ways, my heart still felt restless. And I couldn’t help but wonder: Why was all that I had never enough?

A thought rushed through my soul, stringing together two words I had never put next to each other. I sensed God answering me.

Renee, all you have ever wanted is unconditional love.

Unconditional love? I didn’t know there was such a thing. Then God whispered into my soul: You’ll never find the love you long for in anyone or anything but Me. I AM the unconditional love you’re looking for.

The thought of God loving me without any conditions was inconceivable, yet something deep in my soul told me it was true. I’d been looking for love that didn’t have to be earned. Love I didn’t have to fear losing.

Honestly, it was hard to see how God’s love could fill the emptiness in my heart. It took time, but I came to understand that God created me with that need for fulfillment so He could meet it.

Proverbs 19:22a, says, “What a person desires is unfailing love.”

The word “desire” comes from the Hebrew word ta’avah, which means: to greatly long for, deeply desire or crave. Interestingly, unfailing love is mentioned over 30 times in the Bible, and not once is it in reference to a person. It is only attributed to God.

Could it be that God gave us a desire for unfailing love, because He knew it could lead us back to Him?


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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. heidi lewis says:

    I have always known that God’s love for me is unconditional, but having been in several abusive relationships,including a marriage, trust is something I struggle with…and I’m starting to realize,whether I like to admit it or not, that I don’t completely trust God with my whole heart. Honestly, that is something that never crossed my mind until I read this. Wow. Thank you. What a revealing truth and blessing. Praise the Lord.

    • @Heidi Lewis: I am still in a marriage where I’m not loved and I’ve been emotionally abused but at this point I never thought through things in the way you said. Thank you for bringing out the devo in another light-I struggle with trust so much. Blessings on you and if you see this pray I can get things figured out for the good of myself and children and learn to trust God with all of me.

    • I’ve read “A Confident Heart” twice and shared it with several friends. I gave away my first copy and bought another copy to keep for myself just because it speaks to me so much. I’m really striving to more confident in the Lord and would love to have the devotional.

  2. Miriam Yoder says:

    This post just really stood out to me cause iv been trying to impress just tonite God showed me that’s not wat life is about. So thanks

  3. I would love to win a copy of the devotional. I have just started your book and have been blessed immensely thus far. Seeking Gods unconditional love versus other peoples approval or love has been my biggest lesson so far. It’s a heartbreaking and heart molding journey that won’t stop until I meet our Heavenly Father but I am thankful for the lessons. I just need to write them down so I don’t forget!

  4. Lauren Nobles says:

    I really enjoyed this devotional. It was just what I needed in my current place of insecurity in my relationship. It is so true that my need unconditional love has been & will always be fulfilled by God. Through praying and focusing on that relationship of love, the other relationships will fall into place. Thank you for some perspective!

  5. Thank you for sharing your story today. I’ll confess that I am trying to find my fulfillment in food and approval from others. I could definitely use ‘A confident Heart.’

  6. Wow! I can totally relate to feeling so desperate for a man to love & cherish me. It will make a fool out of you! Luckily, that is not the case in my life now. I am growing a relationship with Him.

  7. As a recent graduate, I think that I’d be (wrongfully) looking to and basing my personal worth on future career achievements. God has graciously taught me some hard but totally worth it lessons in the last few years of my academic life and I pray that I learn from my mistakes. Mistakes like grounding my self worth in my performance, seeking the ever-elusive approval of professors and subsequently feeling worthless when I failed to do so, and last but not least, quitting easily and not knowing the value of effort and hard work due to a deep rooted fear of failure. One of the things God has taught me is to incessantly try my best through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit. Despite the mistakes, I think that the most wonderful thing was that through the season where I felt most like a failure, I got to know the God of Heaven. It was incredible, knowing He was literally right there beside me. And even though its tougher now to feel Him, I’m praying that I come to know more of Him and His love daily. After that, I can say from the confidence that experience gives that with God, all things are possible. 🙂 Thank you for your post!

    • D, thank you so much for sharing your story. I, too, am a recent graduate and can relate to the feeling of worthlessness. Throughout my last two years of college, I placed the measurement of my worth in the hands of others and not so much in the hands of God. After several months of prayer and getting back to a place of grace, I now realize their opinions of me are nothing compared to the opinion my Savior has of me. I pray that we both can continue this journey of finding confidence as we discover the confidence that God has in us. 🙂 Blessings!

  8. I totally understand that and I go through the same feeling daily. Thanks for this devotional. It really was what I needed to hear right now — dig into God. That’s the key.

  9. Both books are something I could and would like….my husband of 37 years isn’t sure we should still be together….. So much stress and struggle I’ve been going through.i pray that God will heal our relationship and my body…..,please pray for us and our relationship to have Gods favor ,so we can do His will. Thank you and God bless you all!

    • Dear Loretta,
      I too have a distant, unbelieving husband who I love dearly. I am bipolar, and he is at his wits end caring for me, so this realisation has finally dawned..that.he can never fill that God shaped hole in our hearts…only God through his Son Jesus Christ can fill that hole and make us whole in the most wonderfully healing way. I can feel unconditional love, feel His acceptance whatever mood I’m in, and the pressure for my husband to show he cares has lessened. I hope you too will know that nothing we do or say or feel..can separate us from the love of is through Grace we can know Joy Peace and Love..keep praying for your husband and love him anyway…

  10. Coming from an abusive childhood, I was continually looking for love and approval from people who could not give me what I needed most. Even now, in my Christian walk and marriage, I find myself looking to my husband to fulfill this need. It puts a huge burden on our marriage. I would love to win a copy of “A Confident Heart”.


  12. Am currently reading Confident Heart with a friend. Just read this chapter tonight. Think God is telling me something? Love the book! Like to see what the singles ed. has to say.

  13. Amanda R. says:

    I would love to win a confident heart devotional book.

  14. Funny enough my fear of failure has already begun just by me tempting to share my thoughts…. I feel this constantly…. the lack and inability to be the perfect partner, parent, worker, colleague due to many fears of either coming across as ‘fake’ or just that urge to get everybody and every person think the best of you… problem is… its placed me in a state of what I call ‘wobing’ work avoidance behaviour…. I choose to rather not make certain decisions that leave me feeling even more frustrated… it’s easier that way… less judgement and no fear…. due to no involvement…. stupid I know…. but how can I ever be good enough in this world where all that exists are media devils just knocking at your door to get you to join the world of perfectionism… which is a lie anyway…… I think and believe that joining that world only leaves you setting high expectations of yourself that you will never be able to meet or accomplish….. so yes, its extremely hard to not let doubt creep in when your partner is looking at the tv and saying wow!! if you looked like her you would be HOT!!! Wow!! if you were a more firm parent you would have a better behaved child… and if you sowed the colleague who always gossips about you a bit of more love they will stop…. 🙁 sadly, its difficult to believe in yourself when you surrounded by all the things that know your weaknesses….. sorry, if I have bored anyone with this…. south Africa/ cape town

  15. How true that we seek unconditional love from people, be they family, friends, church folk etc. Often this leads to one living a life that is always empty and serching for something that they in most cases are not certain. This could also be the reason we self destruct and drown ourselves in earthly things that are meant to be fulfilling. But the moment we turn to God, who loved us before we were even formed in our mothers’ woumbs, loved us enough to turn His back on His Son on calvary now that is unconditional love. I discovered when I worked on my relationship with God I was happier and never expected much from people.

  16. This reminded me of mary magdalene n how she broke her alabaster jar at the feet of christ.every time I give love to msn expecting love its like I am breaking my alabaster at their feet.but mary knew who would accept her n love her n who deserved her love.only he can fill the emptiness and make me whole.i would like tho win the confident heart devotion

  17. Thanks for sharing. This devotional hit the core of basically everything that ails us.

  18. ROSEMARY SWEET says:

    Thank you Renee for that encouragement.I have been through a lot of struggles.Lost my marriage to another woman,Lost a child all because i neglected God’s unconditional Love.I was after fulfilment from the human angle.But today I thank God that I finally dipped myself in God’s unconditional Love.When i read your encouragement for Today this morning I realised I had been in the same position.I return all the Glory to God who has raised me from the dust,placed me on a Rock and put a new song in my mouth.I would love A CONFIDENT HEART DEVOTIONAL.I thank God for your life.Keep up the good work and Remain blessed.


  19. These are words that I needed to hear. It is so easy to look to others for approval and love and fulfillment. Sometimes it’s so easy to forget God’s unfailing for me and that He alone is all I ever need. Thank you for this message! I would love a copy of the devotional.

  20. Katrina Sisler says:

    I have always looked to people for fullfilment. I have always known about his never ending unconditional love! I have been stuck with trusting him totally. I would love to win the devotional.Thank you for your encouraging words!

  21. I really saw a lot of myself in this devotional. I have done some of these same things, seeking the unfailing love of a man. Even now, after being out of high school for over 10 years, I still have the same feelings of insecurity when it comes to relationships. I have spent years pursuing relationships that I had no business being in, and thank God that He did not allow them. My father once told me in my teen years that I was looking for love in all the wrong places. At the time, I thought he meant I should be making better choices in looking for a partner, but now I realize (and am ready) to make God the center of my life & wait to see what that has in store for me, instead of trying to make a relationship fill my heart. I would love to read Renee’s devotional about having a confident heart.

  22. Renee, A Confident Heart changed my life. I studied it with P31OBS last year at a time when many things in my life were changing…my job, my location, my financial situation. It helped me to see where I had been trying to fill my need for acceptance and belonging from the world, rather than from The Lord alone. It helped me to uncover the self-created labels I had stuck all over myself. It helped me to face my past and leave it there…moving forward into a new life.
    God’s unfailing love is enough…anything else is a precious bonus for me to treasure, but not put in high places and long for to give me the comfort that can only come for God.
    Thank you so much!

  23. This is spot on. I also am this woman. Would love to have Love Languages for Singles.

  24. Candace Lamb says:

    Thank you for this word because I needed it. Your words made me have an “aha” moment. Thank God for unfailing love. I would love to receive books to aid me in continuing my journey in seeking God’s unfailing love.

  25. Trish Church says:

    I never thought God had it in Him t love someone like me after the stunts I pull sometimes. Getting over this fact has been hard. No one has loved me like that ever. Many days I have not measured up but yet He is still there for me. I find that amazing and it is why I keep searching for Him. I am grateful.

  26. cameron adams says:

    I have had an experience exactly like this.
    I was so consumed by this guy I was with for 3 years. I was 100% convinced we would get married, and then
    we broke up.
    This was a wake up call- I realized what he become to me, an idol!

    I realized that he dragged me down and turned me into this “crazy girl” [who would be DEVASTATED if he cancelled our plans, for example, or wanted to go out with his friends without me]
    I would get hurt for days and never was satisfied by anything he did…

    So, I appreciate this post of yours in particular because now I am single for the first time since freshman year of high school ( I’m 22), and I’m learning how to become the BEST woman of God in preparation for my future man : )

    Thank you for sharing…..girls need to hear things like this more and realize they aren’t alone in feeling that the relationship can break them so easily.

    -Cameron Adams

  27. Nicole Evans says:

    Knowing God’s love is unconditional and all we need is one thing but remembering it each day is another! 🙂 Thanks so much for the reminder! It is so easy to look to my husband to fill my love cup or be disappointed when he doesn’t. It’s good to be reminded to only look to God to fill me up! Thank you!! I would love to win The 5 Love Languages.

  28. Kelly Smith says:

    I’m constantly trying to make the people in my life pleased with me, but I’d like to think it’s in a Godly way. I don’t want to bring disharmony to my family, and I unintentionally do so. So for the past six mo. I’ve been feverishly seeking to be closer to God. And I’ve been taking actions to show my obiedience. But I’m constantly searching ways that He wants me to become closer to Him. Now I wake up early and get on my knees and start my day with a formal prayer, along with the regular ongoing prayers throughout the day, and I also am in an online Bible study where I’m reading the Bible chronologically in a year and a Bible/book study, and exercise where I can meditate. I’m searching a new church to guide me and my son, but I’m far from filled.

    I just recently got your book Confident Heart, but I definitely want the devotional if it’s a companion, if it’s the same, I would love to win a second copy to gift my aunt who just had an “awakening” as she calls it, and has really felt the Spirit redefining her life and purifying her.

  29. Its 2:30 in the morning and I literally just signed up for a dating website “mixer”, then I read the daily devotional. It made me realize that already have what it is I think I’m missing, true and unconditional love. I just have to learn to accept it. Also to keep reminding myself that although I’m 41, never been married, been in and out of bad relationships its in the Lords time, not mine, he will bring someone into my life.

  30. Dina Royal says:

    I know in my head that God loves me unconditionally, I just wish I knew how to accept it and believe it in my heart. I don’t want to “look” for love anymore, it’s a very tiring process! 🙂

  31. This devotion really touched me. I struggle with the idea of unconditional love. I’d love to win Renee’s book.

  32. It is true that we are at times sooo empty and nothing seems able to fill that GOD-CREATED VACUUM inside us except Him.Am interesting in winning any of your books…especially the one in which you talk about thye vacuum inside of us needing God to fill it.

  33. This is just what I needed to hear this morning. I have to admit I am also guilty of trying to please others and finding fulfilment and I know in my heart of hearts I need to rest and find it in Jesus. I love this verse in today’s devoted you used, yes Lord help us to find unconditional love in You and be filled with joy in all our days.

  34. Adelia Hall says:

    I would love the devotional. A Confident Heart found me last year when I was struggling through a dark place. God’s love and hope took over and helped me find the good. Thank u for listening to Him and writing this book. God is so good!

  35. I know God loves me unconditionally but I have a hard time practicing it. I would love to win the devotional to “retrain” my thought patterns and finally start living in His love.

  36. Becky Blankenship says:

    I’d love a copy, how i long to feel that love.

  37. I am a single woman who is career driven and focused, but hiss devotion helped me realize that it’s ok to still longed to be loved in this manner and deepening my relationship with God can fill that empty space. The devotion touched my heart because I have been an “ezer” kind of helper to everyone but have not allowed God to be the unconditional person who loves me in my life. As a single, woman who still longs to be married, I would like to better understand the 5 love languages, as a single person, so that I can deepen my love relationship with God.

  38. Finding worth through others’ eyes continues to be a struggle. A confident heart through God is so much better for each of us.

  39. Renee thank you for your words of encouragement. Two years ago I stepped off a mountain in blind faith…I finally surrendered & He caught me. From that Tuesday on, I finally experienced God’s love & filling every space in my heart. Recently I have been struggling from certain circumstances, Your devotion reminded me not to get distracted and stay close to the One who pursues my heart.

  40. Praise God for His unfailing love. He has been filling my void for 33years!

  41. Diane Torres says:

    I know God loves me unconditionally but I still struggle with it being enough, especially in the midst of figuring things out with my boyfriend. Your book has been an eye opener and I see it being my go-to when I start doubting myself. My life has been changed because of this book. Thank you.

  42. Thanks for sharing, such a great reminder of who our love comes from.

  43. Sad but true . . . I thought I was perfectly fine and fulfilled in my relationship with Jesus and my husband. When my husband died of cancer, a panic came over me one day. Who would ever want to love me and my five children? God gently walked with me through the grieving, anger, rejection and comforted me. He reminded me He would never leave me not forsake me. That verse has been, and will keep bringing me closer, and more intimate with the Saviour. Now I can courageously say, He is my Husband. Thanks for your encouraging words today reminding me yet again, my fulfillment is found in Him alone.

  44. I know His love is unconditional, but in John 15 Jesus talks about He is the vine and we are the branches then goes on to say thoes who are not producing fruit will be cut off and thrown in the fire. My commentary says Christians who make a superficial commitment arent truly saved. My confusion and question is we dont earn His love, but if we are not active in our faith or going the wrong direction it can be lost?

  45. Jennifer Tenhoff says:

    I have always known that God exists and that He loves me. But about 10 years ago I started to begin to understand exactly what you describe here in today’s devotional. I am still on that journey to understanding God’s Agape Love for me. Thank you for sharing your heart! Blessings! 🙂

  46. Shelia Anderson says:

    This really touched me. It was like God told you what I needed today. I am struggling with this issue. I feel alone and can’t undrestand why my husband don’t have or show the same love for me that I have for him. Maybe I am over loving him. This helped me to realize that GOD’s love is the only love I really need and that it is unconditional. Please pray that I can practice unconditional love.

    • I am praying for you to accept His unconditional love so that you may practice unconditional love. I will share with you that yesterday I had to pray and ask God to bless me to break the expectations that I have for my husband and to ACCEPT him where he is at right now. I pray the same for you.

  47. Gwendolyn Lipscomb says:

    In order to live, to be, to do all that God has created us for we must have and give unconditional love to all. To do His purpose and will for our lives we must fill our hearts with unconditional love. For we are all made in His image. God holds nothing against us and that was proven at thd cross when His son Jesus Christ was sacrificed for us, what unconditional love.

  48. “God gave us a desire for unfailing love because He knew it would lead us back to Him.” Never thought of these unfulfilled desires we have as being part of a specific purpose in His plan. Thank you for sharing this thought.

  49. This devotional has helped me realize that some of the tension in my marriage probably results from my expectation that my husband fulfill me in ways that only God can. I do need God to satisfy me with His unfailing love. I’d love a copy of Confident Heart Devotional.

  50. I have experienced Renee’s story too many times and even in my marriage now I struggle with disappointment that my husband doesn’t love me the way I think he should. I need retraining and would love a copy of A Confident Heart devotional.

  51. Thanks for the devotion. It is helping me during a time
    when I am facing several challenges and reminding me
    that God’s unconditional love will carry me through.

  52. Sometimes, I don’t think I realize I’m seeking fulfillment elsewhere until I’m reminded by reading something like this… thanks for that! Either book would be amazing – the devotional for me or the other for my single daughter!

  53. I feel immensely blessed to know that I am loved unconditionally by my Lord and Savior. My heart aches for those trying to find acceptance from the world, and I so want to share with the wonderful women in my life, that that only the Lord can fill that God-shaped hole deep within us. Breathing in His unconditional presence and deep love for us daily, gives us the peace and heavenly desire to help others know their beauty in Him. At 53, I have finally come to realize all the traps of this world, that will try to seize our feelings of worthiness and beauty. When we fill up with nourishment from God’s Word daily, our thoughts align with His about our value and purpose for this earthly life. Oh, to help women and girls see their beauty to Him alone! Lord, make be a reflection of your light, that others may see you are the one who created beauty in everything your hand has touched. Thank you for these strong Proverbs 31 Women, who take your light and strength and are led by the Spirit to help them see, that you alone are what makes beauty and defines it in this world and eternity.

  54. It has taken me a lifetime of 37 years, a failed marriage and losing my children for several years to learn that Jesus is truly the only one who can fill my heart with unfailing love. I cannot imagine my life now without my daily walk with my Savior and Best Friend. He is enough.

  55. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Each day I am reminded that only God can fill any void I have thank you JESUS

  56. As a single again mom of two, I find myself thinking that a husband would solve all my problems: my loneliness,fears,longing for companionship. Thank you for the reminder that the deep longings of my heart can only be satisfied by the love of the Savior, because only He can love me completely. This is something I know I need to work on; changing my response to my longings from frustration and sadness to a crying out to Jesus and a thankful heart that He delights to satisfy the longings of my heart. God bless!!!

  57. Good morning and happy Wednesday everyone,

    I really enjoyed the devotional . Thank you Renee. Around the time I read the Confident Heart I was really low in my spiritual life. I felt like God didn’t love me nor did he care to answer my prayers . At the same time my relationship of many years was falling apart, but that’s when I found out about the Proberbs 31 bible study using the Confident Heart which helped me realize I was looking in all the wrong places for love. I am still a work in progress but since then I have gained so much confidence in the plans God has for me and I trust he will work in my favorite . I love how God tells us if we put ” of hope in God we will not be disappointed”. Winning this devotional will help me continue my journey with God! Thank you. Have a great day everyone

  58. Stephanie Bennett says:

    Renee, Oh how you spoke to me, and frankly, about me. I found this website just a couple of hours ago and when I read this I couldn’t believe my eyes. You did exactly what I do. You may never know the magnitude of how much your honesty about yourself has saved so many of us but let me say that I could never Thank You enough for opening my eyes with the answer to my problem. God Bless You Renee! I would love to have a copy of your book, ” A Confident Heart Devotional.”

    Stephanie Bennett

  59. Love your teaching Renee! <3

  60. Bible Gateway’s encouragement devotionals taken from ministries such as yours uplift me and guides me in my walk with God. Thank you for your obedience to God’s calling on your life!!!

  61. I do place too much expectations on others to fill my love tank. And deep down I know only God can satisfy that void. I pray that His love is what I would deeply desire and would draw me back to him.

  62. I have your book, Confident Heart, and have had it for two years now. I even signed up for the online bible study twice. But I have yet to complete the book or the study. I think bc it’s just been too painful, too real, too true, and I wasn’t in the I believe I am ready now. Thank you, Renee, for your openness, your honesty, your transparency in sharing your heart and struggles. God is using you as a mouthpiece to speak to women everywhere.

  63. Elizabeth says:

    This devotional was exactly what I needed to read and hear this morning. I have been struggling recently (and underwraps for a LONG time), trying to fill myself up with love and affirmation from people and things in my life, especially by my husband. He is a wonderful, devoted man and I continue to look to him for unconditional love which only God can provide. While I KNOW my husband truly loves me, he can’t fill the void, emptiness, and restlessness in my heart. Just last night I had a complete breakdown and revealed to my husband all the emptiness and insecurities I was feeling and asked for him to pray for me. This morning I received this devotional. What a God thing! He is working. I would love to win this devotional to help me to be filled with God’s unconditional love, stop depending on my husband (and food), and to look to God and know He will provide for my desires. Thank you for this wonderful devotional I SO needed to read this morning!

  64. This devo resonated in my soul. This was me. As a little girl, teen, young woman and now a married middle aged woman with 2 kids. The only conclusion I too was provided was that only God could ever meet that eternal void in my heart. I tried to fill a God sized need with eartly things but failed miserably. To put that expectation on a human was unfair to them. Thank God for that revelation. I am now free to turn to God for complete fulfillment.

  65. Thank you so much for your vulnerability. I feel like in today’s society there is so much unspoken pressure to be more and do more, and even though we aren’t doing it for the recognition- this devotional helped me to realize that we ARE! Maybe we aren’t trying to be the best or get promoted, but we are seeking approval of some sort- from ourselves, our spouses, our peers… We are driven to please and be deified by others when truly the only thing that matters is pleasing God and accepting and RECOGNIZING his edification and unconditional love for us. It reminds me of the new Amy grant song- don’t try so hard. Lord- help me to renew my focus and confidence in YOU. I do not need to look for acceptance or approval through my achievements but through your truth alone! Can’t wait to read more of the confident heart book you were talking about!

  66. I want to read more from this book. I was exactly where you were. I still have friends who have been married many years that are trying to make their spouses this kind of love for them. I would love to have this book as a more resource when I talk to them about how Jesus has to be enough. Thank you for sharing.

  67. Wanda Faye says:

    Thank you for this devotional today. It is a good reminder that God is our source and everything we need is found in Him. As we draw near to him, he will draw near to us and satisfy us with everything we need. Thank you Lord. Thank you Renee.

  68. Mary Weiss says:

    As a young girl I wanted to be loved so bad, I was always chasing the guys.
    I have two older brothers so there were lots of them to chase. At the young age of 15 I began a relationship with the wonderful guy who became my husband when I was19 and he was 22.
    I did not know of God’s unconditional love and really expected my husband to make me happy.
    In 1994 we came to know Jesus as our saviour through our teenage daughter and the second half of our marriage gets better and better.

  69. Shawn seeds says:

    I would like to read you Confident Heart. I am the polar opposite of confident heart. I present on the outside all the things various people need from me but on the inside darkness is a growing shadow. My childhood was filled with the words “your not good enough” or ” you weren’t wanted”.. To fully grasp and believe God loves me unconditionally after all my failures and falls. It is hard to grasp. In this moment I am trying to seek God and the light in the darkness I am facing. Some days the doubts and the devils voice taunt me and say … See even God see that and does not love it. I have not struggled like this before but this dark season has been a long one and I seek a study that I could focus on to remind me of the women I am in Christ and that I am truly loved, accepted and beloved. I just lost my job so now would be the perfect time to focus on God and not all the ” failings”. Thank you for letting me speak my heart.

  70. The last 7 years has just been an uphill climb. I am just plain weary and can use all the encouragement I can get. It seems my “confident heart” has lost its confidence and could use a boost. Prayers would be great also! All of the ministry’s online studies are such a staple for me. Finding them was a God send at a time when I needed them the most. Thank you!

  71. Janet Lobdell says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I’ve often struggled with trying to impress or win the approval of others, instead of focusing on what God wants me to do.

  72. Cyndi Mcardell says:

    I Thank God this morning that he placed it on my heart to take the time to read today’s message…wow your message spoke VOLUMES!
    I think everyone desires to be loved unconditionally…no matter your circumstances. May your day be truly Blessed….I know mine will be after reading your inspirational message.

  73. “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart” Jeremiah 29:13. This became one of my life prayers during a particular season of heartache and heartbreak. Jesus asked me and I sought after Him, and found Him. How beautiful and kind He is and has been to me ever since. I am not married and prefer this rather than the term ‘single’. Single reminds of oneness, without another. I know for sure that with Jesus I am more than enough and am never without. He is the “lover of my soul”. Thank you for letting me share this. Please consider me for a copy of the Five Love Languages.

  74. I realize God is our maker and he shows us unconditional love through the beautiful creation he has created, through the people who he puts in our lives, through the gifts and talents he gives us. But where I struggle is the quiet times when I know God is present but I do not know what to do with his love. I have lost some of my self confidence to share God’s love with others so I sit and just be. It’s not a very comfortable spot as I am a doer, a sharer. But I continue to remember that God loves me and I must depend on his unconditional love balancing the love I also have for my husband and family.
    Bless your ministry Renee. It is a bright spot in my life connecting with other Christian ladies and hearing their stories. We all have a story to tell, don’t we?
    I would love to have your devotional.

  75. This speaks right to my heart. Trying to find true passion and worth.

  76. Hi Renee! Thank you SO much for sharing your experiences in the blog post as well as your book A Confident Heart! As I read it, I kept thinking, wow she really does know my life! If felt really good to know that I am not alone in those experiences, and to learn how to combat negative thinking and put my confidence and trust in the Lord, the only One who can satisfy my heart’s longings! Can’t wait to read more from you. Either book would be lovely, but if I have to choose I will choose your devotional!

  77. I really struggle with understanding and believing that God is enough. I tend to look to others to fulfill my need for unfailing love and would love to win a copy of A Confident Heart to help me understanding and focus on the love of God.

  78. One of the best things that ever happened in my martiage was when I realized that the discontentment I had been feeling was due to the fact that I was looking to my husband to love me snd fulfill me in a way that only God could. Of course he wasn’t living up to expectations- he is only human! Once I understood this, I could see he is loving me to the best of his ability, and appreciate him for it! Looking to God for God things not only brought me closer to the Lord, but strenghtened my marriage also.

  79. I was brought to tears as I read todays devotion..not only do i struggle with trying to please others but have a teenage daughter who we just found out was in a verbally abusive relationship. Seeing the defeat in her eyes and the eagerness she has in just trying to please others and fit it no matter what the cost is devastating as a parent. I honestly know that the only person who can help her at this point is God. She needs him now more than ever and i would love to win this book for her…

  80. I would love to win a copy of The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition. God is bringing me to a place of knowing that His love is unconditional because I too have longed for something that no human can provide. It’s a process and it takes time but it is well worth it. While I still have times of loneliness (who doesn’t?) I can sense myself moving away from the, “I’m-so-miserable-because-I’m-single-and-all my- friends-are-not” stage and into something deeper with my Lord, the lover of my soul. I am so much more content with my life and myself as I transition into this new attitude, this new “stage” which is happening in conjunction with a new spiritual stage in which I learn to love God more while also learning to love myself more.

    I loved today’s devotion. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and stories with us!

  81. I really appreciate your devotional this morning. it was exactly what I not necessarily wanted, but needed to hear. I would love to win a copy of your “confident heart devotional”. thank you for doing what you do!

  82. Reading this devotional reminded me that I truly am seeking love and approval – but in the past few months I’ve had God open my eyes to the fact that I’ve been seeking those from my professors, my boss, my friends – rather than the only One that can satisfy completely. I’ve been struggling with confidence in my abilities to be a physical therapist since I am a student in the program now and just had my feet knocked out from under me. However God whispered to me that his love is unconditional, even through my failures. Thank you again for the reminder that it is true!! I would love to have a copy of your book to grow in my confidence as I follow Christ! Have a fantastic day.

  83. I have been in a season of constant struggle it seems and hating myself seems to accompany this struggle like a cold side dish to a very tasteless meal. I have reached a turning point in my life where it seems everything I thought would bring me purpose has failed. My job; the love of a man; all of the things I thought made life purposeful seems to have crumbled and to put the icing on the cake it seems everyone around me is getting just what I’m lacking; careers and marriages and children. And I feel like I’m just stuck. But in the past couple of weeks something has surfaced that’s beginning to change things and give me peace in this moment; none of those things will ever totally fill me because they are only human and like me they don’t get it all right all the time. Right here and right now God says I’m enough and I’m loved and there’s a peace in that even if I still don’t like where I’m at in life or the feelings I feel. God loves me and He knows where this will lead if I hang in there.

    Thank you for sharing your gift of writing to help me get to a place to position my heart to God and get past this hard spot in my life. And either book would ne a blessing!

  84. I did the P31 OBS of “A Confident Heart” and it helped me so much! I regained my sense of identity after a trying year with my husband. Now, I feel more secure and confident in myself as a result, since I now believe who I am in Christ is a beloved daughter of God, and no one can take that away from me.
    I think the devotional would be such a blessing to win, since there are days and circumstances that still send me reeling into a wave of self-doubt and fear/anxiety. It would be a hand reference for when I need strength from above!
    And, I’ve read the 5 Love Languages for couples, and found it to be very helpful info, and I know a few singles in my life, so I think the other book would be a wonderful resource to share.
    Thank you so much Renee for helping thousands of women conquer their fears and live confidently in God’s promises!

  85. I often find myself looking to others for approval. Approval for decisions I need to make,how I dress, how my house is decorated, the list just goes on and on. This need to be accepted and loved can spiral out of control and I have found myself making commitments to friends and doing things my heart just wasn’t into, in order to please others. I have several friendships I would say are just superficial because I fear being real, on account I may offend someone. Now that I am a new mom with a three week old little girl I want to set a Godly example for her.I don’t want insecurities to plague my sweet girl. I want her security and esteem for who she is to come from Her relationship with The Lord not from this world. This devotional was a great reminder that security and unfailing love can only come from God. After all he is the only one who truly accepts us as we are. Thanks for being real and sharing your story.

  86. I have recently come to realize that my disconnected feelings from God have been the result of my need to control the relationships and environment around me in an effort to feel valued and unconditionally loved by people in my life. It pains me to say that this has been a life long habit, but now with Jesus’ help my heart and mind will be reformed and made anew.

  87. Tammy Hedlund says:

    I love this devotional I have so done this. Now I’m in a good place and I trust God to fulfill my deepest desires and longing!!!

  88. God had to separate me from my family to finally allow me to see His unfailing love for me. Most days are difficult still because I’m still lonely and estranged from my grown children and their father. It would be good to have this devo to read and remind me of who’s I am on a daily basis. Thank you for putting it together for the lost and brokenhearted.

  89. Thank you for the devotions you share. every one touches my heart in a special way. This one however, took me back to when I realized the truth of unconditional Love, and it is still an amazing memory and way of life. 🙂

  90. Thanks so much for sharing about your journey. I could directly relate to the way I strive in every setting to attain my desires and not God’s. Lord, help me to seek first your kingdom and all these things will be added to me.

  91. Oh Renee… I laughed when you told the story of ‘stalking’ the ex-boyfriend! After becoming a widow, a gentleman was pursuing me but not as fast as I’d like so I’d make ‘subtle’ comments (which he later informed me weren’t so subtle!) about our relationship. Thankfully, he was moving at the pace God had for us & God began to show me that He was my perfect husband & everyone else would let me down. As I stepped into that Truth, there was a freedom & I no longer was ‘pressured’ to be with someone. It’s such a blessing, knowing my identity is in Him alone & He knows His girl’s heart! I’d love to wine the ‘Confident Heart’ devo. Loved the book & on-line study!

  92. Great devotion! I read through proverbs 31 e-mail. Really it’s home. Great job.

  93. Thank you for sharing this today! For years I have struggled with confidence. There seems to always be someone saying I am just not good enough…not smart enough, not skinny enough, not….on and on. I, too, desire to be filled with the God confidence that He only can provide. That deep peace I have from knowing I am His is a gift — and trusting in the fact that I am enough because I am a child of God, sadly, comes and goes from time to time. I would love to win a copy of your book to learn new thought patterns to glorify our Lord!! God bless you and thank you for serving all of us in this ministry.

  94. I am so blessed. My husband went out of state to work after we “lost” the farm in the 80’s. What a complete change in my life. I still went to work, ‘reared” the 3 children, and taught the Young Adult Sunday School class. While preparing the SS lesson, I realized that the LORD had taken a new place in my life. I came to know him as my best friend. On Sunday, I asked the couples class, “Who is your best friend?” No one named Jesus. I shared how the absence of my husband had shown me who our true best friend really is. The promise of Romans 8:28 has carried me through the past 3 decades. We continue to grow that relationship day by day. All other relationships are sweeter because of this wondrous unfailing love.

  95. Elaine Segstro says:

    I have so appreciated your devotionals Renee. I always feel that God uses you to speak to me. Lately I have felt God nudging my heart and saying – Elaine, aren’t I enough? My head knows that, but my heart is a little slow, as I continue to crave approval. I am a work in progress 🙂 I have “A Confident Heart” and felt it was written for me. The accompanying devotional would be special too, I know.

  96. Thank you for the amazing devotional! Finding security in people is one of my biggest struggle. I’m learning thst only God can fulfill that unconditional love. I was married to a Christian guy for 10 years…learned later he was living a double life during our life crumbles before me. I thought by marrying a christian guy, we eill have a fairy tale life….being a Christian or not we all face trials. Now, im recently divorced with 2 young kids and one with special needs….through my pain and sufferings, i do see God’s unconditional love for Me and my children. All i needed was God’s unconditional love. No matter what happens in my life with God i will be more than ok 🙂

  97. This message was delivered to me at the perfect time this morning. I’ve battled disordered eating and horrible body image issues for a few years now. There are times when I’m “good” and times when I can’t seem to shake the old habits and thoughts. This week is one of those low times! It is causing issues in my marriage, and stealing our joy. As an intelligent and educated woman I know that logically I should be able to beat this and know that God is my source of happiness, but sometimes it seems so hard.

    Today I needed that Word to remind me that my body shouldn’t be my source of happiness and fulfillment. This is still a battle and I will continue to fight it, today with renewed strength in the Lord. Working toward a confident heart I hope!
    Thank you!

  98. Sandy Moore says:

    Thank you, Renee. Your words are so encouraging and easy to relate to similar personal experiences. My husband passed away three years ago and I still struggle with being single. This experience of loneliness has taught me that God is our only unconditional, lasting love. Look forward to more of your blogs.

  99. I wish when I was younger I would have known God better to understand all of that. I would love to read your book and be able to reflect on areas I still may be searching for someone else’s approval. So I would love if I could win your devotional

  100. I would love to win the Confident Heart Devotional. I’m reading A Confident Heart now and WOW!!!! It’s like I wrote it myself! It is ministering so much to me. I’m so tgNkful to have stumbled upon the book. I have so much hope for my life now!

  101. My goodness. What we all long for deep in the recesses of our beings. Thank you for this, there has been so much tragedy and loss this last year and this truly hit my soul. Many thanks, K

  102. Thank you for your thought today. While my head knows I’m enough, my heart still struggles with that.

  103. Leona Silgado says:

    Hit right on the mark, 9 days before Valentines day my singlness is so evident to me.

  104. Thanks Renee for sharing your story and weaving into it our need for unconditional love. It was a good reminder, and one I will share with my daughters.

  105. Meg Cooke says:

    Your devotional touched my heart. Unconditional, unfailing love is what I am searching for and it’s been here all along. Thank you, Renee! My brother and sister-in-law are divorced and it is hard to know what to do or say sometimes. I would love to win your Confident Heart Devotional along with Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages: singles…after reading each, I could definitely pass it along to my family members. Thank you for your inspiration!

  106. Thank you for sharing this devotional! It hit home for me as I am constantly searching for love and acceptance from those around me, when I have unconditional love and acceptance from my Father in Heaven!

    I would love to win one of the devotional books, plus my name is Renae also! 🙂

  107. As a single “by someone else’s choice” a simple synonym hit hard this morning. I have known and am extremely grateful for God’s unconditional love. Seeing the word unFAILING love, brought to life a storm of emotion. That’s it! Love that will not fail me!

  108. I enjoy reading the proverbs 31 devotional posts daily & many messages resonate in my life to help stay on track with my walk with the Lord! I would enjoy a Confident Heart copy if I were to win in the drawing. Thanks for your words of wisdom & reminders of God’s unconditional love!

  109. Shady Malaeb says:

    Raising four daughters that I see desperately searching for unconditional love, this devotional really would be a God send..literally. I try to drive home the point that The Lord loves you first and then you must be your own best friend, before you can share your love with anyone else. This would help!

  110. Thank you….this is such a truth, that I need to sink in every day 🙂

  111. Janell Kessler says:

    In this crazy hard world we live in there is only one who is completely and totally for us. Thank you Lord for your unfailing unconditional perfect love.

  112. Would love to win a copy of the devotional book. I would like either book because I think the 5 Love Languages would be great book for my teenage daughter. Love reading your posts on Facebook.

  113. I too have not been satisfied even though I have everything I could ever ask for. I would love a copy of your book to help show me that my satisfaction comes from God and no body or no thing could give me that love that I long for but Him.

  114. Christine Mc says:

    Renee you are a wonderful author & teacher. Each time I read something from you, it touches my soul. When we grow up in a broken place it is such a hard thing to believe that we are ‘beloved’. It has taken a life time to start to understand and believe. thank you for your teachings. God Bless

  115. I would love a copy of your Confident Heart book. I think it sounds like a great read based on your devotional today. Thank God for his unconditional love <3

  116. Sue Trembly says:

    Thank you for this message! The freedom of knowing that God’s love is unfailing is so comforting and wonderful. He truly does have us in His hands. There is no way He will ever abandon us, abuse us or leave us alone. He is love, unconditionally and eternally. Thank you, Lord!

  117. Your story resonates with me because I always am searching for someone or something to love me unconditionally. Just bought a new picture for my living room. I love this picture and how beautiful it looks in my room. But after reading your story I looked at this picture and thought what am I doing? It’s a picture. I now see this picture as a beautiful, colorful, work of art, but realize I’m not receiving that unconditional love I’m looking for. The happiness I feel when I look at this picture is temporary, but the love I receive from God is forever. Things in this life are just that “things.” Your story is a continual reminder to me that all I need is God in my life to be happy. Thank you.

  118. This past year has been a journey for me, as I pursue acceptance into medical school and therefore faced with thoughts of my future including relationships and other plans. I have seen looking back that I was trying to be fulfilled with other things and people besides with the only hope & love that will truly make a difference in my life. As I am in the process of surrending all my thoughts, plans, and desires to God the perspective of knowing He will never leave nor forsake me is the most beautiful and freeing. He has shown me to focus on those around me by showing and sharing His love with them, and I will be filled all the more with His great love so the 5 Love Languages: Single edition would be a great resource for me! Thank you for your post.

  119. It’s so easy to think of husbands, kids,careers ect. can fill those empty places in our hearts but nothing can fill them like Jesus can.

  120. I really needed to hear this today! Great message. Thank you.

  121. Wow your devotional really spoke to me today. I am in such a funk with our horrible Midwest winter, busy with job I don’t like, crazy kid schedule and no time for myself. On the outside I appear to have it all together but am crying inside. I’ve never posted a comment to a blog before but wanted you to know God sent this to me today as I really needed to hear it. Would love to win the Confident Heart devotional as think it might be just what I need in this stage of my life, I’ve never been good with sticking to a bible study or doing devotions but think your devotional was Gods way iof helping me get back in track! Thank You!

  122. I would love to win A Confident Heart! Your devotionals always seem to be speaking to me. Thank you.

  123. Thanks for the reminder Renee. Sometimes, all we need is just that – A reminder. God bless you

  124. Heather Bennett says:

    I would love to win a Confident Heart Devotional!

  125. i so need this book. i have felt empty for so long. i believe in God and try to pray to him almost every day but there is still an emptyness in me and my faith getss shook . i just don’t feel like i have really found God .

  126. Barbra. B says:

    Thank you for this reminder that I am complete in Christ. That oh how he loves me. I am a very head strong, independent woman but Im also a people person which in return makes me a peopl pleaser at times. I tend to look to people for their love and approval, instead of reminding myself that God is enough and his love is unconditional. Than i wouldn’t feel so ddisappointed, hurt, or incomplet. Your ddevotional today was refreshing and brought revelation. ..Thank you. I would love a copy of your new devotional …God bless you, for all you do to help bring truth, healing, and freedom.

  127. I am receiving so many confirming messages on this week that the love that I am looking for from my husband can only come from God. Yes, my husband loves me. But there are times that I don’t feel like he loves me the way that I need to be loved. That desire, I am coming to understand, came from and can only be fulfilled by God. Thank you for this message.

  128. How very timely was this devotional. My husband is currently at a sexual addiction rehab searching and seeking God and restoration for our marriage. I am so encouraged by what I see God accomplishing in his life but it also makes me aware that the longing in my heart for unfailing love must truly and will only come from God Himself. The book I would like is A Confident Heart Devotional

  129. Renee,
    I want to say thank you. Today’s devotion “Unfailing Love” did resonate with me. Surprisingly! As I read your story, I immediately though “Well, I’ve never done anything like that, so can’t relate”. But my heart cried “Yes you can!”. I have struggled with depression and sadness because I fill so unfulfilled. I am rather accomplished, but yet I’ve always struggled with feeling empty. Today I learned that I am empty searching for unconditional love. Thank you because I can share the testimony that “God created me with that need for fulfillment so He could meet it.” Only He can meet it and I prayed and will continue to pray that, “Jesus, help me stop searching for fulfillment in anything or anyone but You. Will You satisfy me with Your unfailing love and help me depend on You to meet my deepest desires and needs. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

    THANK YOU & My Love to you!

  130. I have found myself recently divorced. Slowly God is trying to show me that I had made an idol of my husband. He was my everything. Every waking thought revolved around pleasing him. When he left, I struggled with wondering why I wasn’t enough, what could I have done differently? I have come to realize that the pedestal I had placed my husband on was meant only for God. He should consume my thoughts, and I should work to please Him. I always have been and always will be enough for Him.
    I struggle with the concept of God’s love for me because of the rejection I felt from my husband. But his love is unconditional. The more I believe this truth, the more peaceful I feel.

  131. This is something that I’ve struggled with, looking to others to fulfill me when only God can. I’ve tried friends, boyfriends, I’ve even tried to overcompensate the emptiness by overindulging the love I give to my son. I read A Confident Heart and it truly blessed me because at times I felt like you were speaking directly to, and this devotional this morning re-affirmed that I can only depend on God to make me whole.

    (I would like to win the 5 Love Languages for Singles)

  132. I would like to win a copy of A Confident Heart. I think I would be a true help in my walk with God. However, if I did win the book by Chapman I would pass it on to a sister who’s godly but single and though she trusts God and HE is her all, I think the book would be an encouragement to her.

    Thank you for the chance to win and thank you for the reminder to lean on God for all things and let Him fill me b/c He won’t leave or forsake per His love is unfailing but people will let you down,even those you thought loved you-like my spouse who just stopped caring and won’t divorce but ignores me totally and dislikes (hates) me and we have no relationship-sad but it only shows God is all I have and He and I are so close these days so really it’s a huge heartache and such a lonely road but God has cleansed me for my sins and I talk to Him through out the day and He is my husband,father and friend and I think God wanted my whole attention and cor me to know Him more deeply and thus thru trials I am learning He is the God of unconditional love.

    • Should have said I’d like to win the *Devotional* not book-I already have A Confident Heart so this devotional book would be a great thing to have in addition to my book:)

  133. WOW! I am in a season of life of waiting on God. The world is asking, demanding, rolling its eyes at me as I try to find approval as I wait on God. Busyness is not the answer, but knowing Whom I serve and having confidence in His perfect unconditional love is the only thing that fulfills me and validates my life. Thank you for your encouraging words and letting God use you in others (my) life. Blessings to you.

  134. Stephanie Walker says:

    Wonderful message today! Thank you Renee!

  135. Tracy Sveeggen says:

    I would love this book for my daughter who will soon be turning 21. She has struggled for as long as I can remember with wanting unconditional love. She knows the Lords love in her head but still struggles.

  136. I would love to win the devotional! Sounds like exactly what I need right at this time.
    Thank you for sharing!

  137. Kathie Schroeder says:

    With all these comments it will be hard to choose someone who really needs this devotional. I started reading the book and today read about God’s unfailing love. Then I read it again on encouragement for today devotional. I know I really need to understand it with my heart. Have always based my value and identity in what I do and then two years ago the rug was pulled out from underneath me it nearly destroyed me. Still trying to recover from that traumatic event in my life but doing better. Being married for over 28 years and not being fulfilled there either I know I really need to find faith and trust in Christ alone to give me the desires of my heart. Thank you for writing this book!

  138. This devotion was much needed in my life as I have been praying for a fill of what I sometimes feel is a void. God’s love is unconditional, just to know that fact, comforts me. He is all we need, even through disappointments in relationships with family and friends. My prayer for all here is that we push through and are able to display the same love (regardless of the current situation) God shows us ALWAYS! To God be the Glory!

  139. Jeanne Tondryk says:

    Your experience said “that’s me” and someone else has been there too! Although I keep trying to believe that I’m good enough, I struggle every single day. I stop at our chapel periodically, talk to God all the time begging to have this feeling go away; somehow I’m not hearing God or do I understand. Being single in my 50’s and overachieving and alone, I feel desperate. I would love to have a copy of your devotional. I’m ready to change how I feel about unconditional love. Thank you.

  140. This offered a great reminder to me. I often drift in and out of allowing God to fulfill me. Once I fill full I often neglect to return to Him to remain full and can unconsciously end up searching for something else to bring me Joy. I needed this constant reminder to continue to allow His unfailing Love to fill me up. I absolutely can relate to your situation with the ex- boyfriend and having unrealistic expectations of others. No one else can provide that unconditional love that God can and it is not fair for us to expect that from anyone but Him. I would love to win either one of the books.

    Thank You

  141. LaHonda Boyce says:

    Your post touched me – I have had a restless heart for sometime…depression I think has a pretty good hold on me at the moment and I often find myself seeking affirmation of others as you mention – to help fill the need for that unconditional love and acceptance. Thank you for the reminder that the one I need to be seeking, is the only one who can make that restlessness – become peace.

  142. Kanesha C says:

    This was EXACTLY what I needed to hear this morning. Thank you & God for bringing it to me! I would love to win the Confident Heart Devotional. Thanks again!

  143. Learning the true volume of Gods love seems to be an ongoing process. Some days I get it, some days I don’t. I would love copies of your books. Thank you for encouraging daily..

  144. So glad that God can fill our need for unconditional love!

  145. Thank you, for this devotional today! Lately I have had a lot of hurt and disappointment from the people closest to me. This devotional has helped me to realize that I need to focus and go to God more.

  146. Although I know that I would benefit from such a read, I believe my teen daughters would benefit so much from reading such a book.

  147. I really needed this devotional today. I have been feeling spiritually and emotionally empty and could not seem to find satisifaction in my daily life. Even though I know that God is all I need and that He has that unconditional love for me, I continue to look for people, things and/or accomplishments to make me feel good about my self. Thank you again for the great Word and devotion. My focus and goal should be to please God and not others.

  148. I was asking God in my prayer time this morning………..what is wrong………..why do I feel this way when you have supplied all of my needs…….and then I open my email and here was my answer. I love “God Moments” like this…….He is always in remembrance of me…….thank you for your obedience to God and your calling.

  149. What a thought provoking post. It mde me look at all the times I expected someone else to fill me and ended up disappointed. God is the only one that can truly give me that fulfillment.

  150. I loved today’s devotional!! So much truth that I needed to hear. I am constantly finding my worth through the approval of others. It’s a good day when I feel everyone liked me or thought well of me. And a bad day when I disappoint people. My emotions can be so up and down because of this imperfect and human roller coaster I am on. I NEED to re-train my mind and heart to find my worth and value in the God that created me. Oh what a relief that would be, if I could only believe it. I really think this book would be a great bible study for me and several of my friends and co-workers that struggle with these same insecurities. I really hope I win 🙂

  151. Wow….this devotional really spoke to me about why we have that need for unconditional love… it will draw me to God!!!!! Trust is a huge issue for me!!!!! I would really love to win one of these books!!

  152. I loved this devotional today it really spoke into some depthsof my life that have never been spoken to. Sometimes I struggle with accepting any kind of love as I walk through life feeling rejected. I know God loves me, He has called me to great thing but for some reason I cant accept the unconditional part.Though each day I passionately weep with desire for more of His love, or a true revelation of who He is.

  153. Mary Eilers says:

    I struggle with looking to others for approval. I need to finish reading “A Confident Heart”.

    I would like “The Five Languages of Love Singles Edition”


  154. I absolutely loved today’s devotional and immediately shared it with my four teenage children. It is my desire that my children have godly relationships beginning with our heavenly Father and his son Jesus. I definitely want them to embrace the unconditional love that God has for us and not to look for love in all the wrong places. Thanks for sharing your story! I would love to win The Confident Heat Devotional. God Bless!

  155. The verse from from Psalms was perfect to start my morning! The story reminded me of a young girl I work with and challenged me to pray for her. So many opportunities to minister at work. Your devotional would be a great gift.

  156. “All you have ever wanted is unconditional love.” That validates me at the core. It really is my fault for expecting it where it can’t be found.

  157. maureen wright says:

    I have recently joined Proverbs 31. I did an OBS with A confident heart and really learned plenty of tools. My problem is that I have not made it a habit yet to use the tools when needed. I find myself struggling than scraping for the tools. This book is daily not when needed.

  158. Keya Wallace says:

    I loved today’s devotional. I have countless times craved an ex boyfriend and done a lot of crazy things for love and almost always without fail my efforts have gone unrecognized. I loved the discussion questions and have caused me to now sort things out with God to recognize what I was wanting from my ex’s and how I can get those things from God. If I win I would like a copy of the devotional.

  159. Janet Daniel says:

    I always thought God’s love was based on how good I was or how often I went to confession
    And asked forgiveness for my sins. I still look for others to fill the emptyness in my heart, have been
    Rejected by many and it causes me to lose a lot of relationships because of my constant need for fulfillment
    From others instead of going to God first. I have just started realizing that God accepts me and loves me unconditionally. I have to learn to accept His love and stop expecting people to fill that
    Void in my heart. Thank-you! Renee! I really needed this encouragement today.
    Janet Daniel

  160. I AM IN THE CENTER OF THIS RIGHT NOW. In the last 6 months I have taken my life from peace to total Kaos because I sought the love of a man over the love of God. My Father warned me in His Word about the character of the man I married, yet I did not believe Him and went ahead with the marriage. In seeking forgiveness and answers in prayer, the Holy Spirit revealed to me, ” You wanted to believe in your husband more that you wanted to believe in me.” As events have unfolded I am now married to a man who has stage 3 lung cancer, MRSA staph infections and an active addiction to crack cocaine. How foolish we are as women, continuing to look for affirmation and love in flawed human beings! I still do not understand how God can fill the flesh desires of a women. I know the enternal things are more important than the temporary desires of the flesh, but as humans and as women who have the need to be loved by another male human, it is difficult to conceive and get past the flesh of the satisfaction of holding hands, taking walks together, making love or being able to look into your husbands eyes. All temporary I know, but purhaps this is the curse from Eve. “and your desire shall be for your husband” ? When a desire for human love takes you to places of disobedience against God, it is a horribly painful place to be. As many have said before me……”If I had it to do all over again…”

  161. Would love this to help with daily struggles, thank you

  162. Like you, I am seeking that unconditional “forever” love, as I call it. I am learning to be satisfied with my life and know that Go is available to fill the void. It’s hard, and it’s a daily struggle, but I will get there. I’ve had dreams of rekindling a love with an old flame, but I am constantly reminded that the relationship didn’t work for a reason. I’m also learning to love my self, because if I don’t, no one else can, or will! Many people have recommended reading the 5 love languages. I have that on my to do list. I would love to win it.

  163. Nicole Thompson says:

    I read the excerpt from Proverbs 31 Ministries and it truly touched my heart. This would be an awesome book to read to strengthen my own heart! Thank you so much for such a simple yet powerful eye opener!

  164. Confidence is something I’ve struggled with for a while now. I’ve always wondered, “How can someone, such as myself, love God with their whole heart and yet, still feel empty?” After reading the daily devotions from your Proverbs 31 Ministries, I’m beginning to see that we all struggle with “belonging.” We seek opportunities that we believe will fulfill our needs and desires, but they are fleeting at each attempt.

    I learned how to become strong and independent as a young girl. Through an unexpected twist in my life, I had to keep moving, but really my heart was crying out. I learned how to numb myself to all the twists and turns that knocked at my door. I became good at covering things up. What I was not good at, was allowing Jesus to soothe my worries and fears about who I was inside. I created a wall of self-criticisms that tore me apart at every chance, but I never stopped longing for Him. I always knew He was waiting to embrace me.

    It refreshes my heart to know that I no longer have to allow my mind to hold me captive! God accepts who I am and only asks that I embrace Him with my whole being. We each have our own struggles, but it does not have to destroy us. We can choose to accept ourselves for who we are and allow His grace to cover us in all areas that we fear!

    I would really love to read your “A Confident Heart Devotional!” I’ve heard about it on the radio and have many times wanted to experience it!

    • Thank you for what you shared Jamie about with God we don’t have to allow our thoughts to hold us captive or let our struggles destroy us! I am going to write that down!

  165. Dear Renee,
    I read your Encouragement for the day through Biblegateway. I find it too be uplifting and enlightening. I have been a Christian since I was 15 years old and God stopped me from committing suicide. I had felt unloved and the emotional pain became physical pain and was unbearable. I literally walked around for hours in the wee morning hours trying to figure out how to end it all when I came upon a 24 hour chapel. No one was there. I cried out from the altar, God if you are real take my life I can’t stand it anymore. For the first time ever that I had heard His voice, and felt HIs presence – He said He loved me – No grand list of Scripture or monologue. Just I love you, but with that, for the first time in my life I felt unconditional love. I knew that God loved ME! I wish to say that things got better & circumstances changed, they did not for awhile. I left home searching for fulfillment, but I never doubted God loved me. But I didn’t know what that meant. I grew up, met a Christian man who started me on my journey learning about God. I was a sponge. We got married, had three children. I remembered from whence I came and swore my children would not grow up ignorant of of God. I became dogmatic, sheltering my kids from the harsh world, submerging them into Gods Word not just reading it to them but pushing them into everything with God hanging over their heads. I now have 3 grown children who don’t truly know God’s unconditional love because they know all the rules, they know head knowledge of who God is, they haven’t found that unconditional love. My heart knows that God promised me that my children will one day serve Him and have that relationship with Him and I stand daily on that promise. God’s love became conditional to me, You must do this in order to please Him. That is what religion has done to Christianity. I am pleased to share I have learned unconditional love, I receive and accept it daily. God has lead me to start a nonprofit organization that does just that. People who are struggling come to us, we help take care of basic needs and share the love of God with them. We are not a shelter though we partner with shelters, we are not a food bank though we partner with food banks, we do help with clothing, furniture, rent/utility assistance, job search, preparing for job interviews, finding medical/mental health, etc. Whatever need they present with we assist with direct or indirect resources. But the most important thing we do is listen, nonjudgmental, love on them, being the hands and feet of Jesus. Sharing His love and His Word as we attend to their needs. My children see a different mother. One that shares the love of Jesus with them, not hit them over the head with it. Allows them to be who they are, knowing that it is the Holy Spirits job to bring them to understanding of who God is. My job is to just love them. We are having great conversations, and I as so grateful to God for the time now. But my middle son is one of those who has a lot head knowledge, but no application. He has turned away from God because no matter how hard he tried it seemed that nothing ever went right, so he has taken a self-destructive path. He has had multiple relationships and has several children with different women that he tried to “save.” Recently, our conversations has been good, sharing about different Scriptures and I am deep into studies. I would love to receive the “5 Love Languages for Singles” to give to him, if it is at all possible. He longs for a relationship where he can have a wife and children. He doesn’t understand that what he needs only God can fill. I know God will help me get one, if not from you, He will make a way. 🙂 Have a beautiful blessed day in the Lord! Thank you for letting me share with you. Debbie

  166. I would love a copy of A Confident Heart! This post was times perfectly for me. Being a wife and mom, I often seek their approval and try my best to make them love me. I know they do but they are not responsible for my happiness. I have been learning how to work hard for God’s glory and His approval. Not theirs.

  167. I got up this morning and ask God to speak to my heart. I read your devotional this morning and started crying because I have always my whole life was longing for someone to love me unconditional. . God spoke to my heart through your devotional that He Loves Me Unconditional. THANK YOU!! I would love a copy of your book A Confident Heart !

  168. For the past year my marriage has grown so much, simply from learning to understand the truth that my husband, no matter how much love he gives, how many things he does for me, or how much romance and passion we have in our marriage, can never fill those empty places in my life. Only God can. I have learned how unfair it is of me to even want my husband to try to meet these unrealistic expectations. It’s important to let God be God, and allow Him the places in my heart that belong to Him.

  169. Marla Strong says:

    I enjoyed your devotional this morning so much. I would love to win The Confident Heart Devotional book. Your talent is God given and has helped many women including me.

  170. Thank you for sharing your story. I feel like God talked to me through you today. I would love the confident heart devotional.

  171. I’ve been struck anew at the depth of God’s unconditional love in the last few weeks as I watch our newly adopted son try to “earn” our love. If I pause and reflect I realize that I am much like our Benjamin, trying to earn the love of a God who loves me unconditionally.

    I would love to win the devotional!

  172. Linda Duncan says:

    Like Louise, agree it is an on going process. As a 70+ woman, thought long ago all the insecurities would be put to rest, yet on This New day, I need to rest in Him, and ESPECIALLY at the end of the day will find that more so. Thanks for encouraging thoughts. Either book is fine.

  173. Thank you Renee for this insightful devotion today! It really resonated with me. I am going through a tough time as my marriage is ending. I have recently gone back to work as a nail tech and it has been slow because I am starting over w/clientele. I realize @ times I am basing my self worth on lack of business. I keep thinking if I get busy and start making money it will be better. In reading what you said today helped me remember God loves me unconditionally and I can rest in the fact that He works all things together for good for those who love Him !!!

  174. I would Love to receive a copy of the Confident Heart Devotional:)
    It would be an awesome source to help not only me but my children and husband too!
    Have a Wonderful & Blessed day!!!

    Tammy Dobson

  175. I’d love to win this book.

  176. I wasn’t going to read this today but the Holy Spirit compelled me to open it. I am currently separated from my husband of 19 years who left our home 18 months ago. God has been using all types of messages and situations to help me understand that HE is the true source of unconditional love and that only through my complete surrender to Him will ever feel at peace with myself and the life He has given me. It is reaffirming to know that I am not alone in my struggles to accept God’s amazing love for me and to stop looking for that all encompassing love from another human being. Thank you for providing further insight that I needed to continue on my journey of healing and restoration through my Lord and Savior. God bless you and continue sharing the insights as you are led by His Holy Spirit.

  177. Charla Payne says:

    I relate to this so much. After a struggle with addiction and a recent divorce, I realized I was looking everywhere except to God to love and fill me. God just keeps speaking to me that if my focus is on him then I can be the woman, mom, friend and companion that he would have me to be regardless of the situation. And what a relief.

  178. In life, God not only gives me unconditional love, but he sent me my soul mate 15 years ago after two failed marriages and I had given up on love, especially after one abusive mate. In death, I may or may not be remembered here on Earth, but my Heavenly Father’s unconditional love continues. How magnificent is that?! Thank you, God. And, Renee, thank YOU for sharing with all of us.

  179. I needed to hear this right now. I just got to work after shoveling snow for two hours. The pity I had for myself was tremendous. As a divorced woman I questioned where is help? Why doesn’t anyone feel I am worth helping? I realize after reading Renee’s Encouragement for Today, that I am looking for help from everyone else instead of putting my focus on where it should be. GOD. Thank you for the timely lesson!

    • Shely, I wish I was there to shovel that snow with you!! Your longing is real and at the core of every woman – we want to be taken care of and protected. If Jesus were still here in flesh and blood, He’d be right there shoveling with you :)Praying He would be your very present Help today!!

  180. I needed this devotion today. I have been struggling my whole life to please everyone and recently I feel like I’m failing miserably. I need to stop looking to people to fulfill my need for love and look to God for that fulfillment. Thank you.

  181. I want to get closer to God. He has not failed me yet and i need Him always. I will use whatever resources are available to receive His guidance.

  182. Iris Acker says:

    God’s love for me is like no other I have ever known in the spiritual sense. The waiting and having patience for a physical soul mate is the challenging part of the faith. I try to understand daily that God’s timing is perfect.

  183. So thankful for God’s unconditional love. I wish I had felt it when i was younger. I too chased humans for love. I would have had more confidence if I had realized all of this sooner.

  184. Todays reading really hit home for me. I dont get along with my mom the best. We have constantly struggled over the years and I have always looked for the unconditional love from her since that is what parents are supposed to give – right?!? This post gives me a lot to pray about and think about. Thank you!

  185. I already have your book and would like to have “The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition”, since I am single and do not look forward to this love season.

  186. You hit the nail on the head, I like you have seen a guy I dated and even though I am married, when I see him I wander if he thinks of me. I know I long for unconditional love which in the real world does not exist between people, can only happen between you and God. I can tell in my life when I am not as close to God as I should be. I struggle daily, I attend church, try to get my kids to go but as they have gotten older and one is having migraine headaches that now it is hard to get them to go, their father has always comes up with excuses not to go to church, so he does not set a good example for them. I have changed churches and he always finds something wrong with the church or the people. Finally I decided that I am going to church for me I am the one that needs to be happy with where I go. I believe your books would be a true blessing to read and have.

  187. This was for me totally! I battle my flesh tremendously in this area. Thank you Renee for allowing God to speak a word through you in such a sweet & beautiful way!

  188. I really needed to hear these words today! Thank you Renee for everything that you do! Thank you to the other women who have shared their thoughts- it really helps me feel like I am not alone in my struggles:)
    I would really love to read the devotional.

  189. Thanks for this today!! I know that his love is unconditional, internalizing that is so much harder, but I am working on it, and this definitely gave me some much needed encouragement on the journey today.

  190. Neat devotional! I would love to win the 2 books. Thanks!

  191. Wonderful devotional! Reading this this morning was a confirmation to me from God. I have been uncovering some issues from my past and realizing that it is time to replace the lies that i have believed since childhood. Satan carefully orchestrates the events in our lives to decieve us in the way that creates the most impact . I refuse to continue to trust in my past experiences or even in the foundational beliefs of my past. These beliefs were created by ME not by the God that loves me. God my father is the only one that truly has my best interests in mind. He is the only one I can trust in. He is the only one that can fill n fullfill me. I want to gather any and all knowledge that i can to help me readjust the way I recieve that love from my heavenly father. I know He is my only living water and im tired of being thirsty. I would like to win a copy of Renees Confident Heart devotional to assist me in this process. Thanks for creating the opputunity to win:)

  192. Hi Renee!

    I would love to win a copy of your devotional book and the book on the five Love Languages. I am a single lady learning each and every day how to rest and live in God’s unfailing love.

    Thanks for your ministry!

  193. I was that girl. I’m so thankful that God showed me that he is my all and that no person or thing can be that for me. Thank you for the reminder and focus shift today!

  194. Your story sounds like what I need in my life. I find myself looking for others approval to fill those empty spots also. I know I already have God’s unconditional , but I do find myself seeking others approval way to often.

  195. lori harlow says:

    I’ve been searching for years for that “unconditional love” that you talk about. I am a recovering drug addict and have been sober for 7 years. I am a mother and a wife. Life, you’d think, would be really awesome for me with all I’ve overcome! Yet sometimes I sit here and cry and feel that emptiness like I’m still all alone! Reading has helped me lately. The Bible is a wonderful story. I would love to read your book, “A confident Heart Devotional.” Maybe it would help me understand this unconditional love that I’m searching for and not finding! I pray, but hear no answers.

  196. Although I’ve been a Christian since I was young I am still on the journey of TRULY surrendering and knowing with my whole mind and soul that God CAN fulfill all my needs. I look forward to checking out your devotional, whether I win one or not. Thank you for being a part of Proverbs 31 Ministries.

  197. Terri Livingston says:

    OMG! My heart raced. My eyes welled up. Oh my how today’s devotional touched my heart! In conjunction with another study I’m doing, your message on Proverbs 31 connected them together to give me a huge “light bulb” moment today!

    Thank you for such a though provoking devotional today.

  198. Being reminded of Gods unconditional love is a wonderful thing. Even though I know that he feels this way and that he is within me providing this sometimes it is really hard to remember, during the hard times. Long story short I am watching my family being torn apart from the inside out due to a lie by someone within our home. And although I think I know the truth of what is happening… There is still doubt. And love that came so easy before now comes as struggle. I know that my Heavenly Father will see me through this to completion. And that he will stand beside me through whatever my come. I just need to remember that he loves me unconditionally and always will. His love will bring me through everything. Thank you for this reminder.

  199. Donna Colbert says:

    It was very inspiring.
    Thank you,

  200. After going through my divorce which was not my choice I found God’s unconditional love waiting for me to heal my pain. I’m still struggle with finding affirmation in others and long to become more confident in my faith and knowledge of God’s love. I read 5 love languages but when I was married so I would love to revisit it now that I am single. Thanks so your words of encouragement! Blessings!!

  201. Thank you for sharing your devotional. It really spoke to me. The prayer at the end was so beautiful. Realizing God is the real answer to satisfaction & peace. At times, I still struggle with feelings of “less than” because I am single. I tend to forget, I’m not alone. God is right here all the time. Your devotional reminded me of that. I would love to read The Five Love Languages, singles edition.

  202. Sally Ann Price says:

    That is a great story Renee.

  203. I love God, with all my heart. Yet I find that I can never get enough fulfillment to satisfy me very long. I have doubt, live with doubt, it plagues my mind. I doubt I am good enough to be happy. I doubt I might be truly happy and fulfilled. Those are the thoughts I have on my ‘bad’ days, the days where the negative thoughts creep in and try to take over my mind and my heart. I was just recently diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder NOS, Depressive Disorder NOS, and Borderline Personality Disorder, wow I know right! I am a normally confident person, with a great smile and I am intelligent. It’s not often I doubt I deserve love or that I am loved because I know it to be true. I do however doubt I am good enough. I get nervous talking to people. I want to be bold! I need to know how to tap into the courage that God gave me that I know is in there! I am determined not to live by excuses of ‘oh I have a disorder so that’s why I am sad…’ I am determined to beat it at all costs. God is my hero. Jesus is my Savior. The spirit fills my soul.

  204. I would love to get a copy of the devotional book. I just started reading your book and it has begun a much needed change in me and the way I look toward God. Coming from a performance based childhood, this has warped my views on God. Your book has opened my heart towards my Savior and my heart is starting to heal. Thank you!

  205. I was that woman!!!!… Desperate, and crazy at times, wanting (SOMEONE/ANYONE) to STAY and LOVE me. I hate that it took so many years to learn that my idea and knowkedge of true love was seriously miss guided and wrong. Now I thank Jesus for not answering those prayers…the thought of what I could have settled for, and been stuck with, is beyond frightening! Thank you for sharing.

  206. Cheryl Maksymowski says:

    I am just starting to read your book A Confident Heart and would LOVE to have the devotional to go along with it! Thank you for being so real!!

  207. Unemployed for the past 10 months, had to retire from a job that I loved with all my heart (child care) and letting go of my dream to build a center in our town due to health issues. I am now helping my mother take care of her mom (my gram) currently on hospice with kidney and congestive heart failure. God has our lives and plans all timed out, and I know I am where I am suppose to be right now. Reading the Confident Woman is reassuring me of this and that I need to trust completely in him and he has something more precious in store for me. I have been blessed to be able to stay home and spend quality time with my own family, my son, and now my mother and grandmother.

  208. Debbie Parker says:

    I know these truths but it is so hard to make them a reality I find myself time and time again looking to get my needs met by my husband and other people. Only God can truly satisfy!

  209. I AM SINGLE (WISOWED 4 Years)

  210. My husband and I have been marred for almost 29 years. I love him so much. We been blessed with three wonderful boys. A daughter by marriage. I love her as my own, We have Grandson will be a year on the 23rd.This month. I have family not in-laws. My daughter family became our family. I’m so thankful for what we have. Still I feel so empty inside. I’m holding hope.

  211. Your devotional today really touched my heart. It is very similar to the beginning of my testimony. I was married, had a career that I loved, children, a home I loved, yet still felt so empty. However, I’m so stubborn, it took more than that for me to finally turn to God. It took several traumatic events in just 1 week for me to finally fall on my knees to God. I’m so thankful I did. God turns all bad into good for those who love him.
    Two years later, I now live without a husband at home and only some of my children at home, yet I feel so full. Thank you God for filling my emptiness!!

  212. Halona Luna says:

    I absolutely love your A Confident Heart. I would love it if I were to win the devotional. I believe it is a must for any woman.

  213. Hi Renee, I loved this mornings devotional and I’m so grateful that you chose it. Every am, when I do my devotion, I usually choose multiple resources to fill me for my day, I feel like I can’t EVER get enough. It’s amazing, cause the 3 different ones I read and watched today were about being content, regardless of where I am in my life, and there is nothing or noone on this earth to fill me like Christ Jesus. Of course, there are those days when I get caught up in a bad spot and realize I’ve been looking in places that will never do the job. I’ve been a Massage Therapist for 4 years and doing God’s work has really tested me in more ways than I ever realized it would. There are countless times I have doubted the path I’m traveling and scared of the unknowing. I thank God for his continued strength to do the work He has called me to do, and I pray with all that I am and all that He has blessed me with to continue impacting the lives of so many. I would love a copy of “A Confident Heart”, thank you so much for reading my post! God Bless You!!

  214. Jen Griffin says:

    This books sounds amazing! I started reading an excerpt on line, and had to order it for my kindle right away. I am hoping to win a hard copy to give a friend that is going through some difficult times right now – I now it would be an inspiration for her! Thanks for the chance.

  215. I can totally relate to this post. It has taken a while for me to be completely fine with being single, especially after being cheated on in my last relationship over two years ago. This is an ongoing thing for me to realize that God’s love is the love we need. Thank you for this encouraging devotional. I would love copies of either books.

  216. This picture on your FB post this morning really caught my attention. I’ve been working through the Made to Crave online Bible study and was especially touched and convicted during last night’s reading. This follows right along and was a great booster to what I read last night. I’ve fought through so many things and am so tired of it. It’s so nice to realize that I can make my life easier, just by keeping my focus on God and he will carry me through. He is all I need.
    I would love to start another devotional when this one is complete, and I have been following your facebook posts for a few months. Every post is inspiring! Thank you!

  217. Your devotionals touch on what’s going on in my life daily. It’s like you have been walking with me and some of the experiences you touch on are “spot on” with what I need to hear/read. Thank you…

  218. Doubting myself has always been a strong hold that Satan uses to defeat me. I have your book and constantly go back to reread. Having your devotional book would be a great help to me in my daily walk with the Lord. It is my desire to become all the Lord would have me be and to helo others.

  219. Sabrina M. says:

    Thank you for your ministry! I love checking my inbox everyday and getting my daily devotions. I’d love to win a copy of A Confident Heart. I’m in a place right now that I could really use it!

  220. Thank you for this study– I am beginning to read the book and now I may have to pick up the devotional as well. Thank you for your words, Renee– you truly have been used by Christ, and I am grateful.

  221. Michelle Thomas says:

    I look forward to reading your new devotional. In January I get reall excited to start the new year with a few new devotional s.

  222. I would like to win this bc I read your book and could use this to remind myself to be confident in him. I can understand why I was looking for love in all the wrong places now.

  223. Kimberly Queen says:

    I have gone through some very life changing events in the past two years. Divorcing a mentally abusive husband, being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, moving to another state and placing my special needs son after caring for him for 23 years myself. I know God is with me, however, my confidence and faith has waivered. I have started your book and it has been very helpful. The devotional book would be a wonderful help to me in my daily renewal of faith and confidence.

  224. I am reading your book for the second time. As I read, God is speaking directly to my heart. Thank you for writing this book and I would love to have the devotional to go along with the book!

  225. I love the verse in Psalm 147 that says God is of infinite understanding

  226. Renee,
    Thank you so much for your devotions. Encouragement for Today always seems to be a message straight from God that I need to hear that day. Even though I am a successful mom, teacher, and friend, I constantly deal with Satan’s instrument of self doubt. After going through an emotionally abusive relationship and marriage of 15 years and a recent divorce, that happens even more now. Why is it human nature to always go back to “human nature” even when we are trying to walk with God and know of his unwavering love? I would love to have more tools to help me cope with that nature and become stronger in my relationship with Him.
    Thank you for your message and sharing your gifts.

  227. I was touched by your devotion especially the prayer at the end “Jesus, help me stop searching for fulfillment in anything or anyone but You.”

  228. This really touched my heart because I too have been searching for years until recently and I appreciate the added conformation of this reading. Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today and the first thing I need to accept daily, sometimes hourly, is God’s love for me even when I am not at my best. It is not because of what I do but what Jesus did on the cross for me. Accept it, believe it! Sometimes are harder than others. Thank you

  229. Sylvia MacVettie says:

    I think I struggle with the idea that any person, including God is willing to give me unconditional love. It is such an awesome gift that I don’t think I could ever be worthy of it. But then that’s just the point isn’t it.

  230. Thank you so much for your devotion! I am currently going through a divorce from a husband who hasn’t been loving in a long time. I allowed his lack of love determine my self worth and thought if I could just get him to love me everything would be better. That is not the case. The best thing that has come out of this whole awful experience is that I have turned to God for strength. I didn’t realize that in my married years I strayed from the God who loves me unconditionally. I would love to receive your devotional. Thank you!

  231. it’s been a long time since I have visit this blog. How good is God to have me a people pleaser to read this article. God is always right on time thanks, I needed to read this article much of the time I look to people to fulfill my needs instead of looking toward God. thanks again.

    I would love to read the single book

  232. Teresa Dykes says:

    I would love to win a copy of this devotional book in order to share it with my twin granddaughters who are 14 years old. One is a cheerleader and has been bullied so much by some of the other cheerleaders that she doubts everything about herself and is even at the point of Panic Attacks. She is a gorgeous, talented girl but feels unloved and disliked. We are trying to help her realize that God loves her unconditionally. Sometimes tho’ what one hears and believes “intellectually”, one does not internalize emotionally.

  233. I love reading your daily devotionals, and would love to have this book. Thank you.

  234. To coin a song… “I’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places…” Lately, I have been questioning why I can’t seem to have and keep a long-lasting BEST friend. What I have discovered is that I am blessed with such a diverse group of friends, I should be so thankful for all of them… and enjoy each one’s company and relationship where it is. If I rely on God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit to be my BEST FRIEND… my Savior… my Redeemer… and depend on His Grace… I become satisfied with how my life is going. I am ready to love my earthly friends in whatever level of relationship we have, and count that as a gift. The only real BEST friend I need is the Heavenly One. With Him by my side, I know that I have that “unconditional love”.

  235. This was a great devotional. Sometimes as single people we seem to look to others to fulfill that longing for someone to love us. It is so reassuring to know that God gives us unconditional love always.

  236. I look forward to your daily devotionals, thank you for all that you do.

  237. Wow, i am newly back to being single after almost 10 years with my now ex-husband…. it was a different world, i was a different person then… I am trying to find where I fit, God has let me know i fit with him. i would love either book and im sure they are both great 🙂

  238. I’ve gotten so off course these past few months that just hearing about His unconditional love is soothing.

    I am trying to get to the heart of how and why it is that I can be doing so well and then all of a sudden just self-destruct and begin to make choices that only sabatoge everything I’ve ben working so hard at accomplishing (or building or doing or losing…).

    I am realizing that people, (even the one’s with the best of intentions) , are NEVER my solution.

    Digging into Him and His word is the only thing that seems to help. Perhaps it will only be when I finally get to the end of myself, TRULY, that this self-destructive cycle will stop.

    Father help us all to have a deeper realization of your unconditional love.

    • Yes! I do the same. Just as people are never the solution, we ourselves can never be our own solution either. That’s why my best efforts are never good enough! Thanks for pointing this out and for pointing us back to prayer. God bless you.

  239. Sarah Miloni says:

    Wow I could use a confident heart. I know Jesus loves me and yet I sometimes feel empty and unloved. I needto let God work in my heart and think this devotion would help me a ton

  240. Thank you for always being faithful to share your thoughts about your walk with God. Unconditional love – what an amazing LORD we serve. Just basking…thanks for the reminder.

  241. Anita McCumber says:

    I have always believed in God but never pursued my faith until recently. I am reading the Bible and love the Proverbs 31 Ministries messages. They inspire me to connect and let God fill my heart and mind with his love for me. It has been a long process of wondering and doubt but I keep going because I know that a life without God in my heart is wrong for me. A Confident Heart Devotional is just what I need to show me how to let God fill my heart.

  242. Sunday’s sermon was about the story of Martha & Mary- how we allow our lives to get so full with things because we’re missing the most important part, the good part- a beautiful, intimate relationship with Jesus. Reading this today helped me realize that I’ve spent most of my life being Miss Martha and I need to take a cue from sister Mary. 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement in this devotion.

    “But Martha was cumbered about much serving, and came to him, and said, Lord, dost thou not care that my sister hath left me to serve alone? bid her therefore that she help me.

    And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things:

    But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:40-42)

  243. Susan Richerson says:

    I know that to be confident in your faith you have to know that God is always with you. I know he is always with me and after the study of “A Confident Heart” with P31 ministries I am able to hold my head high and get things accomplished without doubt,. I am sure the Devotional would help me to keep that confidence. So I would like the Devotional. Thanks

  244. Your devotional today hit me right in the chest. My heart hurts. I feel as though you could see me when writing that devotional.



  246. I have pretty much given up on ever being loved by someone. It just doesn’t seem like those are Gods plans for my life. I’m not sure what his plans are either. I didn’t have a boyfriend in high school, college or any other time in my life and it doesn’t seem like it will be any time soon. I’m already to old for that in my late thirties.

  247. Wonderful writing! I am a retired old-maid elementary teacher. I spent most of my life serving and trying to please others without experiencing total success. I have gradually come to the conclusion that I only have to please God, who loves me unconditionally. He wants me to love HIM above all others. He wants me to love my neighbors AS I LOVE MYSELF. This is a relief, as self love is often seen as selfish and suspect. I continue to help others, but for love of God, not for their pats on the back… though, being human, I like those, too. I am devoting more time to Bible-based reading in an effort to have a closer relationship with my loving God. I hope I win so that I can read the books and share with my friends, including my adult Sunday School group, the Children’s Message I do weekly, the Monday night Bible Study I attend and the Tuesday night Youth Service I help with.

  248. Danielle Waning says:

    Just this year I went through a very difficult break-up with the “man of my dreams”. While I was serving overseas for the Army, he was attending church with my family in the states and had revealed to me that he had accepted Christ as His personal Savior. I thought, “Wow! Thank you, Lord”. This is what I’ve always wanted in a man. But after I sustained a severe shoulder injury, the relationship with my, then, future husband became even more distant. The more I plunged into scripture to deal with persecution from the devil, the more he would question and wonder. Approximately three months after my medical evacuation to the states, my fiancé told me that he no longer desired to go to church. “In fact”, he would tell me, “I’ve been thinking about this whole ‘God-thing’ an it just isn’t for me. I was devasted. I knew the truth. I knew what The Lord wanted from me and that was to guide me back to Him. For years I strayed away from The Lord. I knew His Word, was raised in AWANA and the church, but the world seemed to always offer more. It has been six months since our split. It was incredibly difficult to watch him walk his separate way, and it still is to this day. But through it all I’ve become on fire for Christ. I became a prodigal and thank God every day for giving me a second chance. I can’t wait for the day when I can stand before Him and hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant”. I would love a copy of The Five Love Languages Single Edition because I presented my ex-fiancé with The Five Languages a few months before our break up. Every day I work on loving Christ more than wanting a man. Turns out the “man of my dreams” fell short. And I could not be more proud to say that God has taken that place.

    • Thanks for sharing that. The last two sentences will really resonate with me. I think that sums up many of our relationships- they fall short because only God belongs in the place that we put them. Thank you again for sharing

  249. I would love to win a copy of a confident heart devotional. I participated in your online Bible study a confident heart and out helped me tremendously. Thank you for all you do and sharing from your heart to help other women. May GOD Bless you!!

  250. Alicia Yoder says:

    Wow! Thanks so much! I have always struggled with a lack of confidence, but even more so as a young mother. I am learning that only God can provide me with the confidence that I need. I would LOVE to win your book, A Confident Heart devotional!!!

  251. Confidence is something I continually struggle with. I would love to win “A Confident Heart Devotional”. Thank you for this encouragement!

  252. Tura Klepfer says:

    I loved a confident heart. I have struggled with low self esteem for many years and love the lessons I got from the book. Thank you for writing it. I know it will help many people.

  253. I’m going through a particularly hard time in my life. My sister killed herself 2 days before Christmas, my husband has been in the hospital for the last week and my 86 year old father who is under hospice care is going to be coming to live with us. A friend of mine recommended your devotionals and they are a ray of sunshine in my fairly dark life at the moment. Thank you for sharing God’s love with me daily!

  254. “Because scripture tells us clearly that God is Love (1 John 4:8), we know that God, by very nature, is relational. Love is an action, emotion, state, and characteristic that requires interaction with another being. Love does not exist alone. Scripture also tells us that we have been created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27). We were created to love Him in return, though loving Him will never be forced upon us because love isn’t selfish.” From my own page about my book, love isn’t selfish.

    We are creational beings! God made us in His image, and HE IS LOVE. 🙂

  255. Linda Keene says:

    For years now, I have struggled with low self esteem, to the point of passing it on to my children. I would love to win “A Confident Heart” to do as a family devotional with my children. Thank you so much for being an encouragement!

  256. Thank you for this devotional today and the scripture! I started out this day singing the praises of the Lord, really believing on him. As my continued on I ran into a road block of disappointment. As usual the enemy loves to drop these bricks on my daily path like clock work to disrupt my closeness with the Lord. I am reminded by this Psalm that the love and satisfaction I find in the Lord is always present, not just in the morning, but even in the afternoon when I am struggling with a disappointment, even in the evening when the chaos of family life in full swing, even in the night when my mind wanders into the valley of fear. I must choose to live God’s unfailing love. Receive it and share it, praising him for every day.

  257. Your book A Confident Heart truly blessed me when I was apart of Melissa Taylor’s online Bible Study. I’m really excited that you have a devotional to go with it.

  258. I would love to win a confident heart devotional book

  259. Heather Leckey says:

    I would so look forward to reading The Five Love Languages. I am just about finished with The Confident Heart (tomorrow is my last day!!!!!!! So sad, but so happy). I went looking for The Confident Heart because I was going through a tough break-up. My faith in God has always been there, but I seem to go to Him most when I’m troubled. I thought I wouldn’t be able to move forward…but reading a Confident Heart helped me see that I only need God. I’m in a much better place! I still have work to do on myself, but I can only move forward from here…. Renee, I thank you for every 🙂

  260. I am currently playing “catch-up” on the Confident Heart OBS and I started reading the latest chapter and it was like I had written the words myself. I have been struggling with what my DREAM is and what God’s calling for me is. I am looking forward to digging in deeper to learn more about myself and God’s plan for me. With that said, I really couldn’t decide which book I would like more. . . with our second child due any day I feel like the Love Languages book could really help my husband and I stay connected during a crazy time of transition, sleepless nights and finding a new family balance. Thank you for offering two great options! 🙂

  261. Katie Luce says:

    I started dating in high school and after I ended my first relationship after 3 1/2 years I always felt the need to be dating. I hated not having a boyfriend because then I wasn’t being loved. I had this ache to always be with a guy even if I knew deep down he was not the guy I would marry. Took me a very long time to change my ways. I am now married to a wonderful man who I love dearly but I know now that God is the only person who can truly make that need to be loved go away. I am taking classes at my church to deepen my faith and I am trying every day to be a better teacher to my children so that they may grow to understand just how deeply God’s love for us really is.

    • Thanks. This part blessed me “had this ache to always be with a guy even if I knew deep down he was not the guy I would marry.”…”I know now that God is the only person who can truly make that need to be loved go away.” Perfect timing Katie- thank you.

    • Heather Leckey says:

      I was the same way!! It’s a long road…and I look forward to a marriage, like yours, someday. A marriage that I don’t “need”. A man who loves and pursues Jesus like I do.

  262. Tiffany Grimm says:

    Is this how I enter to win. I have really enjoyed the book, it helped me accept Gods love and not be miserable when I did not recieve it from people. I would LOVE the devotional.

  263. Kelly Butler says:

    This devotional this morning really hit home. Unconditional love has always escaped me. And I always felt that unconditional love was just a dream. But knowing God could ever love me any other way than unconditionally is so comforting. I would love to be entered into the drawing to win The 5 Love Languages: Singles Edition.

  264. I enjoyed this part of ACH book and it was a nice refresher to remember that HE is all I need. Your book, Renee, truly gave me some amazing tools to have the confident heart that God so wants us to have…it’s how He made us afterall. I refer back to ACH often and am grateful for it. Thank you for your insight, honesty and encouragement. I have had your devotion on my list…it seems like it would be a great tag along to your book!

  265. I finished the book “A Confident Heart” and gave it to a friend of mine. This book was a blessing to me as I know it will be a blessing to my friend. I would love to win the devotional book as I grow stronger and closer to God.

  266. James Murphy says:

    Both taken aback and amazed !

  267. I still find myself battling the lack of fulfillment that is only found in God. I know Him, I worship Him, I love Him….but I still don’t fully understand the allowing Him to fulfill me. I’m a bit of a control freak so it’s difficult for me to understand that anyone else can fully take care of something in me. I want to freely give to Him like this. I pray for this understanding.

  268. Paula Canman says:

    Thank you for your devotion. I went from one relationships to another searching for someone to love me for me. I was never satisfied. Never could find that special person or things that I could love & be content with it. Until I was faced with being homeless & having a child who was disabled & in a wheelchair that I needed something real & the only thing or only one I hadn’t put my trust & love into was Jesus. So I sat on my couch that night & I prayed & I cried out to Jesus. I gave him my all that night. I turned everything over to him & I felt a love that I still can’t explain even today. I felt the load that I had been carrying for years being lifted off of my shoulders. I knew that night that I had finally find the love that I had been searching for. I thank Jesus every day & night for showing me that love everyday, no matter what I’m going through I know He is beside me loving me. Today, because of the love of my God, I’m living in a 3 bedroom house, my son is no longer in a wheelchair & I wake up everyday thanking God for everything He had brought me through.

  269. I would really love to win a copy of “The Confident Heart” Devotional. I really have enjoyed all the excerpts that I have read so far. Thank you for the oppertunity.

  270. I would love to be blessed with a copy of your book “A Confident Heart”. God is currently working on getting me into action and see His action in my life. I am learning how, as I seek to see His will and direction in my life, to become more bold, daring and courageous to make my life a living testimony. Thank you for your words today, as they are a reminder that only our Father God can love us wholly, completely and truly unconditionally. God Bless!

  271. I would love to win a copy of the devotional. I’ve been dealing with depression and really coming to a relationship with Christ has been instrumental in my healing. Understanding and trusting God’s love is still a struggle but a real blessing when I can get a good hold on it. Thank you for this post today.

  272. Janine Crowe says:

    Thank you for the beautiful devotion today. It is a good reminder of Christ’s unconditional love for me. The following verse from scripture comes to mind.
    We love him, because he first loved us. I John 4:19 KJV
    As a single person, I appreciate the fact that you are offering something for single people. Thank you.

  273. Melinda Cooper says:

    I feel like I am entering a new season in my life and would love a copy of the book!

  274. Tammy Sprowls says:

    thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated this morning’s devotional by you that I receive in my email from Prov. 31 ministries. I would love to win a copy of A Confident Heart. I have no doubt that it will contain many truths that the Lord would want to show me.

  275. For years I struggled to find that unfailing, unconditional love….. Like the stories I’ve seen, I did desperate things with a desperate motive to latch on to what seemed so elusive. Finally, I realized it was only in His arms I would find what I sought. I jumped in and held on tight. Soon after, God blessed me with flesh that would fulfill His love in a fresh new way. My daughter now struggles, I would love to share a copy of the book with her……

  276. I do not have your devotional but would love to win one. I love the Confident Heart and have passed it to others. I plan to start back over the book again and the devotional would be great too.
    Thank you for sharing God’s love

  277. Antoinette says:

    I recently purchased a copy of “A Confident Heart” and upon reading the first few pages thought it wasnt the book for me. I always felt that confidence was not an issue for me as my parents have instilled a strong sense of self in all of us. So, determined to stick it out until the end, I continued to read only to discover that my confidence wasn’t all that great after all. Not only had I not entrusted God with my children, marriage, and job, I relied on all those things to fill and fulfill me. Needless to say, I could hardly put the book down as you were sitting in my living room telling me all about myself. Now I know that God is the only one who gives me the confidence and courage to wither all of life’s storms, great and small. And through His word which embraces my heart and strengthens my soul, I can and will fight the good fight. I stand on His promises and continually find refuge in Him.

  278. I remember with sadness how I often reached out for love in all the wrong places because I simply did not understand God’s unconditional love for me (and having a bad parental relationship did not help). Everyone else had a price, and I paid it in more ways than one. I am so glad that our Lord is so faithful. It took me many, many years to get there, but I do trust in my God. My Abba Father.

  279. As I am still learning to be single again after divorce, I faithfully read my Proverbs 31 emails. I appreciate the time and energy and love that you ladies put into inboxes daily. I hope to win The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition as I am struggling with the basics and cannot afford luxuries at this time. With God’s help, I will continue to learn and grow.

  280. I find that even as I grow older I still have many struggles. The devotional sounds wonderful!

  281. Would love a copy of the Confident Heart devotional – The book sounds great and that I could benefit from it – will be searching the net for that .

  282. I am just begining my walk with Christ. I’m just begining to learn of the Lord’s unconditional love for me. It humbles my heart to even try to imagine the love it took for God to send his only son to die on a cross for me. I see my own son and I can’t even being to imagine feeding him to the wolves knowing he would suffer and die for the benefit of another. I am so unimaginably grateful for the unconditional love of our King and redeemer. I would love a copy of A Confident Heart Devotional. Even if I don’t “win” one, I’ll be making this purchase on my own.

  283. SandyT/kc says:

    Would love the devotional book…still dealing with the question I asked Him whenI did the Confidence Heart study “when, how and why did I throw my confidence away?” Hebrews 10:35-36 has comforted, encouraged, challenged me…thanks sisters for sharing your journey:)sandyT

  284. I know I still look to my husband and others to meet my emotional needs, but I’m working on it and making it a priority this year. I recently purchased the book from Lifeway when it was on sale a week ago, so the devotional to go with it would be wonderful! God has definitely given you insight in this area and thank you for sharing it!

  285. Calder Thomas says:

    Today’s devotional regarding unconditional love really spoke to me.. For years I have been trying to win the approval or love of my 2 sisters in law.. Something has happened over the years to wedge a wall between us.. Living in West Texas has helped me to process this but again, something has been missing until I read the devotional this morning.. It was an “a Hah” moment for me!! I have tried to get them to notice me for years.. emails.. cards.. phone calls.. as you so well put it.. humiliating.. Thru my insecurity, I was looking for unconditional love.. and today.. realized God is the only one who can give us a sense of Unfailing love!! If this devotional is anywhere near what is in your confident heart devotional, I hope God will bless me with this book.

  286. Thanks for your word for today on unconditional love. Too often we find ourselves looking to people or things to fill us and it’s interesting to note that only God can fill us. His unconditional love for us is shown in that “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”. I’m really grateful for your text and hope to win a copy of your devotional or will have to get myself a copy either way.

  287. Calder Thomas says:

    I almost forgot.. hope everyone has a blessed day!!

  288. Linda Guzman says:

    I love reading all of your devotionals along with the other writers from Proverbs 31 Ministry. They hit at the heart of life issues. They are great mirrors to face and take a hard look into one’s heart and soul. I use these for my own transformation work by God’s Spirit to mold me to be more like him. I also pass these devotionals along to women I am ministering too! They really speak to the heart of the matter. Great tools of teaching, rebuking, correcting and training unto righteousness. Thank you for showing your heart and weaknesses, so we all can respond in a biblical manner.

  289. Kathie Cochran says:

    Thank you Renee for the link!

  290. nancys1128 says:

    As always your devotion touched my heart. So many been there done that experiences are shared among so many of us. Would love the devotion book; it will make a perfect companion to your A Confident Heart book that I already have.

  291. Thank you Jesus for your unfailing love. Today’s devotional is a good reminder that only Jesus can love on us like He can and like we need. Our worth is found Him. Sometimes we look to man (patricularly our husbands) and we’re disappointed when we don’t seem to get the “love” we “need”. We should never loose sight of that amazing truth of God’s unfailing, amazing, unconditional love. Oh how I love Him.

  292. Great devotional. Please sign me up to win your Confident Heart Devotional.
    Thank you.

  293. I have read your book, A confident Heart, and really enjoyed it. The devotional book sounds interesting to have a daily reminder available at your fingertips.

  294. It hit me right in the gut. I’ve been struggling to feel satisfied. Everything is good or great at home, at work, at church – I just want more and I don’t know why. Or maybe I do – maybe I just want their approval and love.

  295. Lana Archer says:

    I would love to when the 60 day devotional of a confident heart. I just finished the confident heart Bible study and I am still learning and trying to accept Who I am in Christ. The gift and the unconditional love God has for me in Christ Jesus. This devotional would help me on my journey. I can feel God talking and the Holy Spirit working with me.

  296. It is a great reminder that only God can fill those empty places, not another human being! I would love the devotional of a confident heart.

  297. Kim Riddle says:

    I took the Proverbs 31 OBS, and through this OBS, my husband lost his job! The lady he worked for for almost 20 years went home one day after work and had a heart attack and past away! Boy you talk about worry, stress, anxiety setting in, I was experiencing it all! Well I decided to put to use what I was learning from The Confident Heart Bible Study! So I started saying I know who I am, I am a child of the one try king! I have a confident heart through Jesus Christ and no one or no situation can keep me from the love of God! You see if he be for me, what can come against me! My favorite was, He goes before me and He follows behind me! So I am the inside of a God sandwich! What do I have to fear, cause my God didn’t give me the spirit of fear but of love power and peace! Well to make the long story short, my husband went to her memorial to find out that the family had decided to give my husband all the equipment and the customer list to the business! Yes my God just handed the company over to my husband! WOW!! This is what your book and that OBS taught me! We have to stay confident in Christ at all times! Even when the circumstances seem hopeless, God is there working everything to our good! So if I’m chosen, I defiantly want the Confident Heart Devotional! I tried to win it several times during the bible study and came up empty handed, but not empty heart! Thank You Renee, you are truly an inspiration and blessing!

  298. Kristi Cunningham says:

    Loved the book, can’t wait to see the devotional.

  299. Renee, I would love to win your book. I have three daughters in their 40s and one daughter-in-love who is also in her 40s. They are the mothers of my 12 wonderful grandchildren. I love to send them books from various authors to help keep their faith alive and strong. Thank you for offering your friends a chance to win your book.

    Lois Tanner

  300. Unconditional Love is something I have been searching for my entire life. I sought it first from my parents, then when I got married from my husband. Then I looked for it from my children and from close friends. I am learning now that only my God can give me unconditional love. It is still hard for me to understand how he could love me that much…..

  301. Brandi B. says:

    I would love to win and read A Confident Heart. I’m always looking for ways to improve myself therefore making myself stronger so I can be there and help others too. My confidence has had it’s ups and downs over the years and I believe this book would be a great guide to help me become the strong and confident woman that I know I can be. 🙂

  302. Marci Piner says:

    I would love to win your “Confident Heart- Devotional” to give to my 17 year old daughter… She is struggling a whole lot right now, with her relationship with God, me her brother, basically everybody who loves her… She deals with SEVERE depression and with self-htarm a.k.a. cutting. She LOVES to read and I am hoping tht this book will help her to realize that unconditional love our God offers to us that she doesn’t have to “earn” it and all she has to do is accept the free gift He is yearning to give to her and that He is all she needs to help her out of the dark pit the enemy has convinced her to be in because of the lies that satan has filled her head with… So good luck to everyone…

  303. I loved this blog post. I think sometimes we get so caught up in pleasing those around us, we put our relationship with God on the back burner. What He has for us is eternal and yet we put our hope in things that will pass away. Thanks for the encouraging words! Also I would love the Confident Heart book if I get chosen for the giveaway. 🙂

  304. I am working my way through “A Confident Heart” and is is already helping me transform in so many ways. I would love to get the devotional as n additional resource. Thank you so much for your words Renee.

  305. Bonnie Case says:

    I love your writings. this one, on unconditional love, hit close to home. It took me years of struggling with loneliness also before I found God’s love and grace.
    I would love to win “The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition” for my daughter who is a single mom with 3 children, (ages 14-8) after 17 years of marriage to a man who left (232 years ago) and no longer provides any support financially or emotionally to her or her children.

  306. And I couldn’t help but wonder: Why was all that I had never enough?

    I’ve thought this so many times. I’m so thankful God has been speaking to my heart and helping me to learn that He is all that I need to fill me. His love truly is unfailing.

  307. Tarah Schmidt says:

    I loved the devotion today. I could really use this devotional book and the five love languages singles edition. I have been divorced for a few years and God has brought me through so much but that is one of my hardest things is to believe that there is true unconditional love. I am a born again christian but I still struggle with love.

  308. As a current college student, I’ll be the first to admit, albeit somewhat abashedly, that I’ve spent the vast majority of my academic career doing this exact thing: time and time again, I’ve looked to other people—my friends, my family, my youth group leaders, and not to mention guys—to fill and fulfill me, only to be met with overwhelming disappointment. And each time I was met with disappointment, I would run to God and ask Why? Why are you allowing this to happen? Why can’t I find someone who will satisfy this craving, this desire? Is a {good friend/caring boyfriend/interested mentor} really so much to ask for?

    It hadn’t occurred to me that the answer I was so desperately seeking was right in front of me. And I was utterly convinced that because I was involving God in my life, things like this weren’t supposed to happen. Isn’t this your will for me, God? Don’t you want this for me? I would ask, time and time again.

    You see, I had a lot of knowledge about the Bible and about who God was, but putting my knowledge into practice was something else entirely. It hadn’t really occurred to me that merely involving God wasn’t enough: sure, I’d go through my daily devotions and spend time with Him regularly. But I wasn’t trusting him with everything—no, that special undertaking was reserved instead for my closest friends and family members; and I was setting them up to fail.

    I’d love to tell you I’ve got it all together: that I’ve figured out the secret to consistently keeping God at the center of my life; that after countless misfires and failures, I’ve learned to trust him with everything.

    But I haven’t. It takes practice. Lots and lots of practice.

    I think that’s why this devotion had such an impact on my life today. It was such an incredible reminder of God’s UNFAILING love for me—for all of us.

    God took the few minutes I spent reading through this devotion to speak to my heart: to show me that only He is enough, and to show me that he is using all of those failures—the times I’ve been let down, the times I’ve felt so lost and alone, the times I’ve felt hopeless—to draw me closer to him.

    And the incredible thing is, God wants to reveal these things to us: he wants to show us that He is dependable, that His love truly is unfailing, and that when we finally trust Him with everything, He will not disappoint.

    Malachi 3:10 (NLT) says, “’Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there will be enough food in my Temple. If you do,’” says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, “’I will open the windows of heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it in! Try it! Put me to the test!’”

  309. Thanks for this post and for using your life to point others to Him. I too am a people pleaser and strive for everyone to like me…all I really need is His approval. Would love to have a copy of the devotional. Thanks for the opportunity.

  310. It’s such a hard truth to accept that God could love me unconditionally when I don’t love myself. I get so frustrated when I have to correct my own children for the same things over and over and over; I feel like surely one of these days I’ll use up all the patience God has with me and He’ll be done, frustrated that I’m struggling with the same sin business over and over. I’d understand! I’m frustrated with me too!

    I’d love to win the devotional.

  311. Meredith Faust says:

    Always enjoy your post!

  312. I needed to hear this. I always jump into new relationships and lose myself and who I am as God’s child. I am trying to slowly learn to live myself. Thank you for sharing. If my name is picked I’d like your devotional.

  313. I, too have felt that way. To tell the truth, I continue to off and on. With that said, I have discovered how important God is to me and I to Him. So…it would be great to win your book to help remind me that I am important and matter more to God and it’s okay if others cannot fill that hole within me.

  314. Just trying to stay focused in this overwhelming journey. This devotional sounds like a great resource

  315. Either book would be appreciated.

  316. Paula Dominguez says:

    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who thinks like this. But I know its just Satan’s attempt to make me feel bad. I do need more confidence in my life. I have really low self esteem. Ive never read this book. Sometimes I feel lost.

  317. When I went through a divorce, I struggled. When I say I struggled, I mean I STRUGGLED. I was totally caught unaware. Looking back I can’t believe how I tried to change myself to be something he wanted and trying to fix what was wrong with me. This time was really hard on me because my dad had also left when I was younger. Because of these situations I have a hard time trusting. This impacts my walk with God daily. He is with me and I know he has done great things for me and my children. I know this, but it seems I continue to struggle with totally trusting Him. Please pray for me. I truly want to be the woman God wants me to be. I have just started the A Confident Heart study. Please pray I have the courage to complete the study. I feel like God keeps pulling me to this, and I believe He has something in this study for me.

  318. Last year on Christmas Day my aunt gave me “A Confident Heart Devotional” and “A Confident Heart”. When I started reading “A Confident Heart” I knew this was God’s way of answering my prayer. I had been asking him to help me to let the pain of rejection from my past go so I can move forward. After reading the book my attitude about myself has changed and I thank God he used you to minister to a 22 year old like me. I’m still reading the devotional and it has ministered to me as well. I would like to win “The Five Languages of Love” for myself.

  319. Miss Mary T says:

    Hi Renee! Your book “A Confident Heart” was my very first OBS and I loved it! I learned so much more about myself and my relationship with Jesus! And have since shared the book with others. I would love to read the devotional as it would daily remind me of who I am in Christ! A daughter of God, uniquely and wonderfully made! Thanks for the opportunity! God bless!

  320. I would love to win a copy of the Confident Heart Devotional.

  321. Sonia Moring says:

    i read Confident Heart…my youngest daughter is reading it now…beautifully written Renee~ thank you…perfect timing~ would love to win the devotional.

  322. Deborah Everhart says:

    The Lord speaks to me through your post. I have been going through an illness that makes me depressed because I can’t do many things that I would like to do. I have congestive Heart failure. I am recovering right now from 5 days at John Hopkins .i was retaining too much fluid,so they had to get the fluid out of my body so that I could breath easier. Have a blessed evening!

  323. My husband is pretty good at it but still I struggled for yrs. to understand his love so to comprehend the love of God I’m thinking will take me a lifetime. I know He is unconditioal but not sure how to receive it & let Him shower me in it. Still a work in progress as we all are.

  324. If there is one thing our Heavenly Father can give us that no one else can, it is unconditional love. Through my struggles with my marriage, deep depression, job loss, & weight loss over the past six years, I have always felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life. When I felt like I was not worthy, didn’t deserve forgiveness, & I hated the person I saw when I looked in the mirror, God was always never more than a prayer away. Even though I didn’t think I was worthy of His love, forgiveness, mercy, or grace, He believed I was worth it & made for so much more! He has always loved me despite my sin, my failures as a wife & mother, & my obesity. Bearing the weight of my sin on the cross & giving His life for mine is the greatest gift of unconditional love I could ever receive. I desire to be more like Him everyday & it’s because of Jesus I have hope to be an overcomer!

  325. Understanding and truly believing that God is my first love. Knowing that I can only look to Him to fill those empty places. No other being can do that.

  326. Amanda Blasi says:

    I am reading your book right now and I love it. I would love the devotional. You have been such a encouragement to me

  327. I would dearly love to win The Things We Do for Love. . . All of her books have helped me one way or another and have been reread many times!

  328. Thanks Renee for giving us the opportunity to win a book!
    I loved “A Confident Heart”, as our women’s bible study group went through it as our bible study last year. I learned so much and so did the rest of the ladies who attended.
    I would love to win the “A Confident Heart Devotional”!
    Thanks and may you be blessed!

  329. Mindy Hunt says:

    This post hit home as it has been something I’ve struggled with a lot. Thanks for a great giveaway. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Confident Heart book. 🙂

  330. Lauren Nebitt says:

    I have been expecting the unconditional/unfailing love to come from people, especially relationships for too long and they always end because they cannot meet ALL of my needs. I always thought I was putting complete trust in God, but if I had, I wouldn’t have felt so lost and devastated when things ended. I would love and be so thankful to have either one of the books.

  331. Cece Butler says:

    I have always found myself wanting to feel accepted and constantly go out of my way to do things for others so people will accept me and yet I always find myself getting burned, used, still feeling like I’m not good enough. My faith withered away at one point thinking that I wasn’t even good enough for God to take care of and love due to some awful things that happened several years ago that I’m still trying to overcome. My mind is still in constant worry, despite going to church and praying and even still I feel that sometimes I’m just not important enough. Thanks.

  332. Most recent days have left me feeling like a lost soul, empty, unfulfilled. So many things have changed in my life lately and I have felt the need to feel Gods love and be still to try and find my way and my place in this life. Today’s devotional spoke volumes to me as a reminder to seek that fulfillment from God and not others. I can relate to almost every post here and it’s reassuring that I’m not alone. I would love to read both of you books, as a single mother, maybe love languages would best benefit me. For so much I am uncertain, the one thing I can be certain is that I need to put all my faith on Him and trust God has a plan for me, even when I feel so very broken.

  333. I do this with many things. For instance, when I’ ve left jobs, I still want to know what is going on and it takes a while to let go, even if I am unhappy in the situation.

  334. It is so easy to look for love in the wrong places, I need assuranance sometimes that God is all I need, I would love the confident book

  335. I know that when people look at my life they all think, “her life is perfect. She doesn’t have a problem at all”. If they only knew how distant I feel from my Father, how much I strive to feel His love. I am reading this on my computer and I know that I need to get “The Confident Heart” as soon as I can. I would love to have the Devotional to go with it.

  336. I’ve been struggling with feelings of emptiness and have been trying to fill that with all of the wrong things. I’ve been praying that God help me to focus on Him and allow Him to fill the void I know only He can. I’ve gotten several reminders over the past few days. Seeing a portion of your devotional pop up on my FB newsfeed was another and I really appreciate the encouragement!!

  337. Kim Johns says:

    Hi Renee! I would love to win a copy of your A Confident Heart Devotional! I have your book and I must confess that I stopped at Chapter 8. The bible study group that I convinced to do a study of the book, disbanded before we finished. I want to finish it, but I am currently doing the Made 2 Crave online study. I have always struggled with low self-esteem and confidence. My father died when I was 13, and I see know that I chose my husband because he was like my dad in some ways. The problem was, he could live up to my expectations. He was not a Christian and he was very verbally abusive and demeaning. After 17 years, it got to a point where he almost took my life infront of my children. I left and 10 years later, I still struggle with guilt for choosing the wrong guy, staying too long, ruining my children’s childhood, etc. They don’t blame me, but I blame me. I am realizing my issues with food are related to this. Since the day I left my ex, my relationship with my heavenly Father has grown by leaps and bounds, but I still have a ways to go. I feel your devotions would be a great inspiration to me.
    Thank you for being so honest and open with all of us!

  338. Sheri Williams says:

    This really touched me and spoke to me. I have been going through a lot lately and this was exactly what I needed I hope that I win one of the devotional books!!!

  339. thanks for your post. It really resonated with me.

  340. Thank you Renee again for your transparency. Through our stripes, we are healed and help others heal.
    This devotion was perfect for me today. I missed out on a parent’s love growing up and I do long to be loved unconditionally. Expecting that of my human husband has led to disappointment and too great a load for any man to carry. I know with my head that God loves me unconditionally; I am praying to know it deep in my heart and soul. I keep asking Jesus to renew my mind with His word and truth.

  341. Found this via your Facebook page. I really enjoy your posts, quotes, and beautiful photographs.

    I struggle with separating my “who” from my “do” and think I’d relate to and benefit from A Confident Heart. Thank you for hosting this GiveAway!

  342. I am very interested in winning your Confident Heart Devotional. Until I read today’s Proverbs 31 Ministries devotional I did not realize that is what I am constantly doing, looking for unfailing love, and sometimes that leads me to push people away, or as my husband say it makes me look as if I lack self confidence. Thank you so much this makes me want to read your book. I have been a Christian for years now, but not really because it is only recently that I have been actually making efforts to walk along side Jesus. During this journey I am learning so much about myself and although some of it isn’t making me proud, it is making me excited on how I can change and develop my relationship with our Savior. Thank you for the opportunity to win and Many Blessing to you and your loved ones.

  343. You have to be content with yourself and love yourself first before you can allow someone else to love you as well. Love is not meant to complete each other but compliment each other. Thats why I don’t watch shows like “The Bachelor” watching all those desperate women makes me sad. You complete you and God completes you!!!

  344. Terri Satterwhite says:

    I do seek God but find I have compartments where He fits into my life. How I long for Him to fill me completely and allow me to know His love – His unconditional love. This is my prayer. I would be blessed to get “The Confident Heart Devotional” to help me with my journey.

  345. I loved Confident Heart. The devotional would be a great tool. I want to develop a closer relationship with God and go to him first for the love instead of others or things.

  346. God has been working on me to fully surrender every area of my life to him. i have been feeling so much peace knowing he is in control of everything.

  347. Christy W says:

    I really enjoyed your post…it spoke to me. Thank you

  348. Ruth vega eljach says:

    My sister and I have been thinking for quite some time to start a small bible study at my house. We finally decided to take a leap of faith to do it. As we began searching for a good devotional to use to share at the bible study she found the crosswalk website, which lead us to the piece written by Renee. The message was for me and I’m really excited about getting the daily messages from her. Of course winning a copy of the book would be awesome, not just because I’m excited to get to know her heart but I seriously think it maybe a real good resource for the bible study. Thank you Renee for being bold enough to share your story. It is comforting to know that I’m not the only one and I’m certain there are so many other woman who feel the same way. Thank you and God bless!!

  349. Cindy Samples says:

    I really struggle with unconditional love. I truly want to love this way, but first, I have to know God’s unconditional love myself! I somehow try to ‘skip’ this step, and then I get so discouraged when time and time again, I fail to walk in love! My prayer is that God would make me a vessel for His love. That it would flow through me to others. That I would stop trying to love others in my own strength. That I would remember that, “apart from God, I can do nothing.”

  350. Brenda J Kuhlmann says:

    Unconditional love is not easy to fully grasp. If it was, I could comfortably hand the reigns to Jesus and sit back and relax. I would truly know in my heart that anything that He brings me to He will bring me through. He is still working on me.

  351. I would love to win your devotional book. I have read you book and loved it.

  352. This was so on the mark for me. I have been following this path most of my life (in my 50’s now) and just over the last 2 years have found that God is all I need to crave and not everyone’s acceptance. Reading Proverbs 31 Ministries daily devotions, seeing the blogs and involving myself in the OBS’s has been live changing and live saving.

    I would love to receive a copy of “The Confident Heart Devotional” to help me continue of this path to listening and “hearing” what God has for me.

    Thank you and God bless you Renee. 🙂

  353. I saw this on facebook and am entering to win the devotional. I have read.five love languages and own the book. It is wonderful. I am an addict in recovery and have been struggling. I have been raised in the assemblies of God church but for years turned my back on God. Any inspiration and knowledge I can gain will be amazing. Thank you for this opportunity

  354. I am going through the most difficult time in my marriage, even my life. After 22 years of marriage I have to learn that he felt rejected, disrespected, unloved and needs distance. After one year of living away from home he now knows that he cannot, doesn’t want to come back home, and therefore he filed for divorce. His emotional, physical expectations of a fulfilling married life had not been met. His love for me then was conditional whileI had expected him to love me with all my weaknesses and shortcomings. The last 8 months there was no sign of affection – it hurt so badly! And I realize how much I long to be loved…and also to be allowed to give love to the man I vowed to spend my life with. I know God loves me and he will never ever leave me. But I often cannot feel it. … I think I would enjoy reading the devotions to direct my focus daily to Him whose love is unconditional.

  355. I would love to win a copy of your devotional, i am reading your book, have recommend it to friends. It just seemed to meet me where i am at right now.

  356. For as long as I can remember I have struggled with unconditional love. I don’t understand how anyone even Christ can love unconditionally. I always rationalize my way through thoughts that defeat what the Bible says. While I know the words convincing my heart of Gods love for me is another matter all together. It is almost like my heart can’t stand it if for some reason God would let me down even when my head knows he never will. I think both books would help me to understand Gods love and to open my heart to Him.

  357. Winning either the Five Love Languages for Singles or Confident Heart would be wonderful!!! I really loved the post. Like many, I always want more (the right guy to settle down with, the right job, etc.). I need to work on surrendering to God in ALL areas of my life because He has control and He has a plan for me.

  358. I would love to have a copy of this new devo book. This writing struck a chord with me – I too have looked and at times DO look for unconditional love in the wrong places.

    Oh Father forgive me!! You, Lord are right there waiting!

    Thank you Renee for helping to remind me of this. May God continue to use you and strengthen you to you h womens hearts and souls.

  359. Confidence can be tricky. You live so much of your life without it that once you begin to learn what it is and how to have it in your own life, it doesn’t take much to revert back to your old self. This has been something I’ve been dealing with for several months. Thought I knew where God was leading me but now I’m not so sure.
    I love the direction the Bible gives us when we understand what is being told to us. I get excited when I see passages indicating we do this, then God will do that such as Philippians 4:6-8. Look forward to reading Confident Heart. Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

  360. Love, love, love this!

  361. Jennifer Mitchell says:

    Loved this devotion and it really got hime for the particular path that I am on right now!! Thank you so much!!!

  362. Thank you for sharing your experience in this devotional. It seemed written for me today. I would love to win a copy of the Confident Heart devotional!

  363. Exactly what I needed to read today.

  364. Shawna McKinley says:

    I would like the 5 languages of love. When i feel no one else loves me I know God does no matter what. I want to be what He wants me to be, but I know He cant love me any more and wont love me any less.

  365. Would love to check out your books!!

  366. Marianne Wilson says:

    I have read A Confident Heart twice and have given it to friends going through hard times. I would love to have the devotional. Thank you for your godly wisdom and gift of ministering to women. You are a blessing!

  367. I am so touched by what I have read so far and would love to own her book. I have been looking for a good devotional and have not found one that spoke to me until Renee’s.

  368. These books would be a great read!I have struggled with unconditional love all my life.Thank you for the article read it touched my heart!

  369. I stumbled across this page on my fb feed and it’s just how I was feeling today! Thankful for resources online to all God to speak to you. I would love a copy of your devotional!

  370. Sheryl Hogle says:

    I recently read The Confident Heart & LOVED the insight that you shared! There were so many times reading the book that I felt you must have looked into my soul! I would LOVE to have a copy of the devotional to continue the affirmation & the value that I felt your book “gave back to me” by sharing God’s truth.

  371. Hi, I signed up for “A Confident Heart” online study at proverbs 31 as recommended by a friend. The book is amazing and perfect for where I am at in my journey as a wife, mother, teacher and daughter of the king. It is a book I have reread sections of and dream of having a weekend to myself to go through it on my own and then share with close friends. I would LOVE to win the devotional!

  372. I started reading A Confident Heart but have gotten busy & haven’t read it for awhile. This devotional reminded me how much I need to continue reading it. I would love to win the devotional book. Thank you for a chance.

  373. I love your teaching. Either book would be great. A confident heart would be my first choice.

  374. I have always seemed to need another’s approval and have been driven to do what was necessary to obtain it. I always try to say or do the right things. I never grew up in a home with unconditional love, it was very conditional and still is, even though I am now an adult. I still struggle to find the favor of my parents and siblings. Unfortunately, I feel that I have passed this trait onto my children, my eldest in particular. I would love to win this book and for us all to be able to let go of these worldly desires and trust in God more. Thanks!

  375. Loretta Soto says:

    God is love, He loves us like no other can.

    I stand and look out of my window, dazing up to the heavens.
    I talk to our Father God and ask Him am I going to live the rest of my life alone?
    Are You going to send someone special my way to love me?

    Then I stop with my eyes close and cry out, Thank You Father God for loving me.
    You loved me when You created and knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
    I am never alone, God is there when I wake up in the mornings.
    He is there when I lay my head down to rest at night, He sends His only Son to
    Whisper into my ear each night to sing me a soft tune.

    He understands me, listens to me and feeds me His awesome word.
    What more could I ask for? I have a Father who is always carrying me all the way.
    He will never leaving me, and one day I will see Him face to face.
    To give Him the most biggest {{{{HUG}}}}}} and Thank Him for always being in my life.

  376. I have struggled all my life feeling like I was missing something. I married young after a horrible childhood & looked to him to save me & fulfill every need I had. I later learned the pressure this put him under & he left after 15 yrs & 3 kids. I was lost. I began to find my true Father & Savior. I have faltered, lost sight, & yet God has still been there waiting for me to find my way back. My ex husband & I have been in the process of reconciliation now for 3 years, trying to learn from our mistakes. I still struggle, but the daily devotions & books like The 5 Love Languages have helped me keep on track & want to know that love only God can give.

  377. I have read your book Confident Heart and loved it. Would love to win the devotional. Thank you so much for your ministry to me and other women! Blessings to you.

  378. At what point are we shifting our focus from God to someone/something else? Is it wrong that I want my husband to notice me? Tell me I’m pretty? Currently reading the book. Would love the devotional.

  379. Honestly, I puzzle over this every single day. I want love, I want affirmation and I seek it–embarrassingly so. I don’t feel love but I know it is there. I am told it is because I was abused and I have shut it out and I don’t allow myself to feel. I can’t talk at church or at small group because I am embarrassed to say to a bunch of God loving women, that I don’t feel love for God. Nothing. Empty. All I can say is reading and listening brings me peace. I have your book and many others, but I am at a loss to finding the key to cracking the love code.

  380. Kimberly C. says:

    As a stay at home mom of 3 under 3, and one of them terminally I’ll, I am constantly seeking acceptance. Trying to figure out where I fit and how to be me. I have always looked for approval but it seems worse with a sick child and not working, as if I have lost myself… I would lovethe ddevotional.

  381. Jada Smith says:

    I’ve done the confident heart OBS and am re-reading it as I need to hear some of the truths more than once. Would love the devotional! 🙂

  382. I just started reading a Confident Heart. I am 54 years old and still doubt myself.

  383. I would love the win a copy of A Confident Heart Devotional! The past few months have been very difficult for me. Due to personal circumstances that occurred during my final semester of college, I lost the small bit of confidence I had in myself. I have spent the past few months in prayer daily praying for God to give me peace and the confidence to pursue a career that I truly believe He has called me to be a part of. I believe if I had the opportunity to read this devotional, I could rebuild my confidence and find the courage to follow God’s calling for my life.

  384. Would love to win a copy of the devotional. I read your devotion today and it really resonated with me. My husband waited nearly 15 years to be with me and he is a great example to me of god’s love for me after coming out of my first marriage which was an emotionally abusive one. But I need to constantly remind myself that he cannot fill the god shaped hole in my heart that seeks his unconditional love. I know it isHis love I seek

  385. Rhea Chladek says:

    Thank you for all your encouraging words, Facebook posts, Scripture encouragements, etc. I know that I am one of thousands upon thousands who have been blessed by your sweet spirit. 🙂

  386. I just ordered and received A Confident Heart and am looking forward to reading it. I am currently going through a divorce and have been completely devastated! I am gaining such strength in the Lord and I so want to be FULLY confident in everything that the Lord has planned for me! I want to be in His will and I want to be healthy and healed with the Lord filling up all of my doubts of who I am and what value I hold.

  387. Karen Maurer Brown says:

    I would love to win A Confident Heart. I have a Niece I would love to give it to. I pray daily for her to find God as her only source in filling the hole in her heart.

  388. Wendy Barker Paull says:

    I really need the Confident Heart devotional. I’m really on my own spiritually at home. Its hard to stay on track and positive.

  389. Nancy Flores says:

    I completely resonated with this post!! Except, I think I JUST realized all I’ve ever wanted was unconditional love. Not sure I grasp it completely, but it’s a start. I would love a copy of a confident heart! Nonetheless, thank you for this excerpt.

  390. Chantle Uthe says:

    Hi I just want to say that I am trying harder than ever to be in God’s word daily. It is still a struggle but worth it. I’m a single woman of the ripe age of 38 soon to be 39 on the 18th of February. I see your devotionals on fb all the time. I love to read them. I have always heard of 5 Love Languages and have wondered what mine would be. I’m getting ready to start a Bible study called The Daniel Plan and cannot wait for the changes my mind and body will be taking. I would love a copy of The 5 Love Languages. I think it would better help me to understand myself because I have not had a relationship in my life. I do pray for my future partner. Thank you for your time.

  391. Granny Ash says:

    i have been so blessed with the quotes from these two books over the weeks. I am just at the tail end of a horrible misunderstanding that hurt several people and i need to be so close to God., Thank you for your encouragement! , i w3asn’t sure i could go on for a while there.

  392. Thank you so much for those words of encouragement. I have really been struggling with my feelings of not being loved. My children are moving away, my husband has talked divorce and I’m just struggling to understand why I’m not good enough to be loved for me. Knowing God loves me no matter what is something I really needed to hear this morning. God really does work through prayers to help us in times of need. Thanks Rene

  393. Debbie Snead says:

    I have really enjoying the daily devotionals from Proverbs 31 Ministries that I read in the morning. They help me get through the day. I struggle with self doubt off and on. I would love to win a copy of your book, Confident Heart Devotional.

  394. Hi Renee,

    I have read and participated in the Confident Heart Bible Study 3 times now. Thank you so much for blessing me,

    I would love to win a copy of The Five Love Languages for Singles!!!

    Here’s why.

    After 26 years of being divorced, and approaching my 60th birthday in May God willing, NEVER, EVER, in my wildest dreams did I think that I could or would be able to ever fall in love with another man. (I had resigned myself to be a one man woman).

    Additionally, I never thought another man would be remotely interested in me nor have a desire to fall in love with me.

    Therefore, I never made myself “available”. I have just kept to myself, being “content” in this season of being “single” once more, and maybe for the rest of my life.


    Yet, here I am ;-D Who would have ever thought? Again, not me!

    I have recently been reacquainted with a man that I met 36 years ago. He lost his wife 2 years ago tragically.

    We’ve spoken to each other daily (multiple times) since the week prior to Thanksgiving , the 23rd to be exact, but who’s counting? 😉

    We haven’t missed a day.

    He has made it know that he would like to “pursue” me and “court” me.

    After both of us talking to our Pastors, I have consented, and if God wills us to be yolked together, than so be it unto us.

    We are taking things one day at a time and doing this God’s way, as we are equally yolked. Unfortunately neither of us were in our first marriages.

    I am certain that “The 5 Love Languages for Singles” would be a huge blessing for the both of us as we continue on the journey getting to know each other on a deeper level.

    Thank you again Renee

    God bless you and your family.

  395. No matter how often I read about God’s unconditional love it always amazes me that He chose me. So comforting to know and reassuring that He will never stop. I need to live every moment of every day knowing and believing that. The on second I let go of that truth I am vulnerable and lost. Thank you for helping me start my day with God’s love echoing in my mind.

  396. I know someone who I believe needs to hear what you (and God’s Word) have to say. I would like to share your book with her.

  397. Cathy McCoy says:

    I can so relate. I had a first marriage that ended in divorce. He and his family were verbally abusive. Could it have turned into physical abuse at some point? Maybe.
    Once I was really in a place to grow spiritually and really look back at the events I realized I was looking for someone to really love me and thought he was “it” because he said he loved me. He also wasn’t walking with God.
    I now know God is should be my focus and He truly does love me unconditionally.
    Might I add I am now married to a wonderful man that God placed in my life and together, with God at the center of our relationship, we are “doing life” together. Praise God!

  398. Josie Lytle says:

    Sometimes I feel so broken in a world where everyone else I see looks whole. Thank you for your message, I am a bit of pottery that He is putting back together. I love devotionals and testamonies, they make me feel not alone. Thank you Jesus for your grace and Renee for your story.


  399. I always wanted that someone to love me as much as I loved them. After two marriages and dating again, I was found myself to be filled with disappointment. UNTIL, March 2012 when I was baptized. My heart has been filled with peace and love. Thank God for all that He does and filling my heart with unconditional love. I would love to have a companion in my life but I know if that doesn’t happen I will have that companion forever through eternity. I still have a lot of growing but have come a long way. God is good!!!

  400. I have lost all
    Confidence and feel like an empty shell. I’m lost and confused. I would love a copy of A confident heart!!

  401. This devotion couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve felt so tired and detached from everything lately. Your daily emails are very encouraging and more times than not they have come just when I need them. I would love to win either of the books; the confident heart for myself or The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition for my sister. It would be fun to bless my sister with this book!

  402. It’s hard to know how to love when feelings are invalidated and circumstances dictate a warped view of what love really is. So much is stripped from a person leaving them empty and longing. It almost destroyed my marriage. But God is so good and redeemed it with His unfailing and unconditional love.

  403. I would love a copy of your confident heart devotional. Thanks for all the great devotions, they help start my day and get my focus on God

  404. Grace and peace. I relate to your testimny and struggle with expeccting so much out of our relationship
    s. Would love a devotional. Thanks so very much.

  405. God is dealing with me about some of these very things right now too.
    This word is a wonderful reminder that God is the only one that can love us with a unfailing love. All we have to do is trust and lean on Him. Thank you for sharing this word. I do not have this book yet. It sounds like a good one to go get. I would like either book to share with others.

  406. Growing up in the church you hear constantly about how God is a God of love and that He will provide for all of our needs. That He will give you the desires of your heart. As you move through high school and college you see your friends meet and marry, buy houses and begin a family-all those things that you have wanted for as long as you can remember. Yet here you are looking up to God as if you say, “When is it my turn?” It’s so hard some times to remember that God has a plan in mind and that He is the one to provide unconditional love. That is a constant struggle that I face. I would love copies of these books to help remind me of those promises and that I need to put my focus on Him.

  407. Thank you so much Renee! I would love to win the devotional to “A Confident Heart”! I have it downloaded to my phone and I think I have highlighted the entire book. I have struggled my whole life with not feeling as if I am good enough, even for God, I had one failed marriage and my (2nd marriage) husband and I have been having “issues”. Your book (and God’s Word) has been a tremendous help to me. I realize that God’s love for me is unfailing and unconditional. It had helped me see and turn away from the lies of the enemy and turn towards the light of God’s truth. I now know that God made me good enough and even if the world doesn’t see it or think that way of me (even my husband) that God’s view of me is the only one that matters because He wonderfully and and fearfully made me. Praise God for working in me and Praise God for working in you to share your hope with me and other woman facing the same struggles. God bless you Renee and thank you again!

  408. Unconditional love is something I try to give and show to others in my life including a homeless ministry that I started 8 years ago.Until reading this I didn’t realize how much I have looked to other people to fulfill that love that only Christ can. My dad wasn’t in my life for 22 years and I look back and see that was about the time that it started almost Ss if it was a transfer…all while giving my heart to the wrong men….at she 39 I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me for my heart not in what I can do for him and not even for my body as we have remained pure. however its uncomfortable for me to accept but I am learning.thank you for your article to help me learn more about myself and who God is! Thanks.

  409. This something that struggle with everyday letting God fully into my life, my everyday, even though I talk and pray to him daily and read his word there is an emptiness not being filled. I am a single mom of 5, recently divorced and so he is who I depend on daily!!! Thanks for thus prayer: Jesus, help me stop searching for fulfillment in anything or anyone but You. Will You satisfy me with Your unfailing love and help me depend on You to meet my deepest desires and needs. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  410. I just love reading into the insight of your devotionals. My husband and I are trying to help a young couple in the marriage and find some of the things that are said outloud from one of them to the other is words I didn’t think I would ever hear married people say to each other. They go to Church and my prayer is that with alot of praying and ministering they will both finally see that God IS IN CONTROL. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  411. Sharon Jefferson says:

    Thank you for the devotional. I appreciate you being so open on making the plan to accidentally bump into your old friend. We’ve all done things like that. It is nice to be reminded that those longings are actually for the one who created us and not to be filled with trivial pursuits and lusts. Something we all have to watch out for on a daily basis.

  412. Tasha Bridwell says:

    This book covers the topic of my biggest struggle…how to let God, and nothig else, fill the lonely void inside of me. I would LOVE a free copy!

  413. My small group of empty nesters is reading your Confident Heart together. We’re scattered from Vermont to Tennessee to New Zealand. We’re on the first chapter now. I’m interested in the devotional you’re giving away

  414. I love your book, I would love to win the five languages of love singles edition…. I just love reading your books, they are easy to understand. You put things in perspective and I’m just taken in. Your books are a blessing and would love to win them….

  415. I would love to read the Confident Heart Devotional. With life’s obstacles, I don’t always trust and believe with ALL my heart that God truly LOVES me or that He is there for me. I know that He does unconditionally love me, but I find myself doubting at times and wondering certain things. I find myself asking why all the time. I also put a lot of stress on my husband to fulfill that need for love or the emptiness my heart feels. My expectations are only ones that God can fulfill. I lived in a home where I felt unloved and neglected on a daily basis. I noticed over the years, I was searching for someone anyone to fulfill that need for love. The wrong people usually entered my life. I also let what others say make me feel like a failure as a homemaker, mom, and a wife. I have many insecurities and no confidence. I need a little inspiration to get back to reality . . . to understand God’s love and his plan for my life. God is enough. God is what I thirst for . . . God is what I need the most. He will provide the never-ending unconditional love and approval that I desire.

  416. Caleine Ajusma says:

    Good Morning Ms. Swope,

    I read your devotional on the P31 website and it pierced right through my heart. I recently attended a retreat at my church and the Lord met me there. I realized in that moment how much I sought after the approval and affirmation of others. My heart longed to be loved by a other human being but then the Lord reminded me about his unconditional love. Thank you for letting God use you.

    I would like to be placed in the drawing for the devotional!

  417. I was really touched by today’s devotion. I need God’s unfailing love to be all that I need. I would really like to win A Confident Heart. I am a single mom going to college for the second time. Life has been full of issues and I know this book would help guide me to strength and hope. Thanks.

  418. Margaret Maehlmann says:

    I wanted to receive that unconditional love from my husband for many years until one day he told me, ” Sweetheart, I can’t be God for you.” It made me realize that I was placing expectations on him that only God could fill and fulfill. That was a turning point to a more joy, peace and grace filled marriage.

  419. I just got out of a 7 1/2 year relationship with a non-christian who was very manipulating. He said he was a Christian when we first started dating. We even went to church in the beginning. I fell in love with him. He took take me on lots of trips and paid for everything. He bought me clothes and all kinds of things. It seemed that he was all about me but it really was all about him and what he wanted. He started asking me to go places and do things I had no business doing as a Christian. He would manipulate me to get what he wanted. I followed him down a path that was far away from God and what He wants for me. I even moved in with him on the promise of marriage down the road. For a long time I couldn’t see how he controlled me but something inside of me kept telling me something was wrong. It was the spirit of God calling me back to Him. I started going to church again because I knew I didn’t have the strength to get away from my boyfriend on my own. He even started coming to church with me but I kept getting to convicted that I needed to make things right and be obedient to God so I literally packed up my stuff and sneaked out. I am still struggling greatly. My loving Christian daughter sent my an email about The Things We Do For Love. What a blessing to me. I need to be in the center of God’s unconditional love and hope to win a copy of ‘A Confident Heart’. Thanks!

  420. I would love a copy of the Confident Heart devotional. I have been working on finding my identity in Christ.

  421. Thank you for your story, my story is different but the same in so many ways!! I pray God continued to transform and heal me. I am single so would love a copy of the five love languages!

  422. Amanda Bohlman says:

    My first online bible study was the confident heart study back in October. It has completely changed my life!! So much so that I bought each of my friends a copy for Christmas and tell every girl to get this book!! I would love to have a daily devotional!! Love this book and so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience so much greatness!!

  423. I would love the devotional book. We all need to be reinforced in our confidence in Jesus, who loves us all so deeply.

  424. Jessica Russell says:

    I love this devotion for today! i struggle with this feeling of not enough all the time. From parents and now a spouse. while i was reading your message I asked myself how would i really learn how to let God be enough and then i saw your Confident Heart Devotional!!! I would love to win a copy!! Thank You!!

  425. Jessica Repp says:

    Renee, thank you times a million for your insight. This rocked me and helped me understand God’s unconditional love in a way I’ve never realized before. I would love to read more in your devotional!

  426. Sherri P. says:

    Would love to win the confident Heart… so I can pass along the love. Leading a study on praying and confidence in Him is what we all need. Thanks for your insites!

  427. Jennifer O says:

    I am so excited that you have written a devotional the coincides with your book A Confident Heart. I am currently writing a book about the abuse I have endured in my life and how God has brought me through even when I was unaware of His love; He never left my side. I read your book last year and have liked you on FB so that I get your daily posts which often lift me up when I am feeling down about my life. I became a Christian several years ago and have had a hunger for God’s word but like many because of what I have been through have been unable to believe, truly believe that God loves me scars and all. I have a very abusive past and a life that Jerry Springer would be shocked to believe is true. Your book brought me great comfort. I have often told myself to take it off the shelf and re-read it so that I can feel that closeness again. I believe you devotional will be a great daily resource for those women who have suffered so much but may not know God’s unconditional love or where to look in the bible for the comfort they may need that particular day. God’s word is healing. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  428. Faith Flynt says:

    Being a college student, it is hard to remember this. I really needed to read this today! Thank you!

  429. cassandra botner says:

    Wow, I finished A confident heart this week. Great reading and study. Currently working thru made to crave bible study. This book gives me scripture were I need to fill my empty spaces. I would love to win the devotional!

  430. Brittany George says:

    Your story is similar to mine. I’ve sought relationships and put them up as idols which will make you crazy!!! I even put my marriage as an idol with expectations my husband couldn’t reach. He didn’t know my love language and I couldn’t ‘fix’ him. I’ve been learning through my divorce that I can’t control or fix things, only God can do that!!

    Would love The Five Love Languages!

  431. I have been in places and situations where I have been desperately looking for love and approval. I grew up feeling I was never giving enough, in my past relationships I gave up everything to prove my love and hope I’d get some back. I have known about God’s unfailing and unconditional love but with the thought in the back of my mind that I’m not enough to deserve it. Your post today helped me realize that He is all I need, and that He calls me into His loving arms to tell me that He loves me no matter what.

  432. Thank you so much for your story. I’m struggling with this right now. I lived for so long looking to my husband to fulfill all of my needs and in the process pushed him away. We have experienced infidelity in our marriage and are right now he is struggling with forgiveness. I know that God has a plan for us and our marriage, but my flesh makes it difficult to give everything to God and let him work out all of the hard things that were already taken care of on the cross. I want to have that deep relationship with God that supplies all my wants and needs and changes me from the inside out and in turn opens my husband eyes to the possibility of our marriage working. I think your devotional would be perfect as I need help and direction to lead me closer to God. Thank you again for your blog today.

  433. Renee Upchurch says:

    It’s so good to be reminded that the part of us that longs for and needs that unconditional love, can only be met by God because He designed us that way. Too often I desire/expect others to meet that need. I’ve got to get my focus and expectations in order. Thanks for the reminder.

  434. Diane Grieb says:

    Thanks for the reminder that God loves me no matter what. He is there to hold me when I fall and love me through the pain. He will always be there no matter what is happening in my life.

  435. Angela Tharp says:

    I thank GOD everyday for His unconditional and unfailing love. I can’t help but think of my daughter, along with many other young women, when I read this. They search for someone that will give them only what GOD can give them. I would love to win this book to give to my daughter.

  436. Charrisse says:

    I need to read a Confident heart!! I’ve downloaded the devotional, but would like to read the book first. I have not read Love Languages yet either and would love to have the opportunity. Thank-you!

  437. Becky Hansing says:

    I can so relate to Renee’s need and endless search for unconditional love. I’ve always felt like I just don’t quite measure up to anyone’s standards, my own, my husband’s, my family’s. My rational mind tells me that’s just not true, that I AM loved and AM approved of…but I just don’t FEEL that way about myself. God’s Word tells me “I’m accepted in the Beloved”….I hear and understand that, but my feelings don’t always match up to the truth. That’s where my faith comes in…I walk by faith that that’s truth, whether my feelings are in agreement or not. I would so enjoy Renee’s devotional. Thank you for sharing your life and Lord with me.

  438. My whole life I have searched for this love, my heart has been broken and is aching to be filled. I have lost two babies with my husband and both times I trusted in God for the health of those babies and to protect them. Then God took them to heaven. I often wonder why, why did he take my babies, why did he take my dad, why have I had a rough life with all sorts of bad things happen. I feel like I have been constintly attacked by the Devil my whole life and all I have ever wanted was a little peace, and Gods will for my life and our children’s life. I also pray all the time to to hear from God for direction in life and I feel so alone. My husband has been deployed now for 11 months and I am searching for God and needing his love and guidance. This book sounds perfect for where I am at in my life. I would love a copy of this book, I feel like this book can reach so many people believers and non believers. Can’t wait to read it. God blessed you as a writer so you could reach out into the darkness and bring people close to him. What a wonderful gift to have!

  439. wow, a lot of people search for unconditional love. I know my husband can’t give it, but yet I expect him to understand me. I only get the opposite, I think I have to give it, but really I can’t either. So, I guess all we can do is try the best we can, thanks for your help,and mostly God’s. Lisa

  440. Paula Blake says:

    I know He loves me but I have trouble living it. Doubt, negative thinking creeps in, depression overwhelms, and I bounce back and forth from doing ok to being hit by trial and sinking Way down and being discouraged rather then walking and believing truth.

  441. Gloria Sides says:

    Love the daily devotionals that you and the others put up for us. This one for feb. 5, really hit home to me. Keep them coming. Thank you for all the encouragement.

  442. I just finished reading and doing the P31 OBS for A Confident Heart. This us an area I struggle with and would love to win the devotional. The book has had a big impact in my life.

  443. This has hit me like a brick wall. I have had this realization of how much he loves me and it is just overwhelming. He is showing me through others in my life. His AMAZING GRACE!

  444. Hi Renee thanks for all you do. I never thought I was a person with a confident problem until I read your devotional this morning. trying to manipulate the situation so this guy can see what he may be missiong out on sounds all to familar. I want my confidence to be in Christ whether I’m single or not and my confidence based on Christ aloneI hope to win one of your devotionals

  445. Thanks for that reminder. I would love your devotional!

  446. YOung love is SO not really love .. We all have those infatuations and I tell my girls, don’t fall too quickly! HIgh School is a soap opera .. trapped in a little world only paying attention to what’s going on around them at that time and place .. There are so many people out there! Experience the world and let God guide you to who is right for you .. He has intended special men for my girls and I pray for those men daily ..

  447. Thank you for this opportunity. I am currently working on the CONFIDENT HEART DEVOTIONAL. It is so very good. If my name is chosen, I would like the devotional to give to my daughter. 🙂 God bless you!

  448. I pray for my husband, along with my 14 month old grandson, my brother, and sons, husbands, and grandsons of friends.

  449. Sandra Rogers says:

    I loved the devotional on praying for boys. Boys are often overlooked because we feel they are not the sensitive type, but the strong silent type. However, as future leaders, and even future husbands, they need our prayers all the more!

    My grandchild Matthew is my gentle soul. I pray for him all the time. Now with this article I will be praying all the more for him and using scripture indicated in Thessalonians.

    Also my son is now 43 and he desperately needs to be covered in this prayer as well.

    Look forward to an article on praying for girls but in the meantime praying for all my grandchildren and children. Thank you! God Bless you!

  450. I, too, had looked to others to fill the spot in my heart that was empty. I’d been a believer since I was 6 years old, yet there were times when the deepest part of my heart was still aching for something, someone, who would love me as me and not want me to be someone else. Even into my thirties I still did not trust that God was who I was looking for and that he had made me as me ON PURPOSE. It was ok to be me and not everyone else. It has been a great journey these past few years as I’ve come to give back to God the deepest parts of my heart, one piece at a time. He has been proving to me that he can be trusted. He will not leave, not matter what I do. He will always love me, even when I am insecure or angry for the wrong reasons. It’s been life-changing. I not longer cling to my husband for fear that he will leave. Now I rest in the fact that GOD will never leave. He is now my forever love.

    I would love the Love Languages for singles book. I have many single friends and relatives I’d love to encourage in their journey. 🙂

  451. Thank you for writing on the topic. I too read your Confident Heart book a couple of times, and I thought it was great- it explained a number of things to me that I’ve been wondering about and had no one to ask, and also offered me great new perspectives on things. Your stories also resonated with my life situations, but I am particularly happy that you’ve reminded us once again who should be our #1 Love and who should we focus on daily 🙂
    I’d love to win either of the books…I am sure both will be very helpful to me.

  452. Cheryl Armstrong says:

    I need to be reminded of this minute by minute in my life season right now.

  453. I would LOVE to win either book! Thank You! 🙂

  454. I would love to win your devotional.Altho I am single, your thoughts hit my heart with a punch.

  455. I just currently bought the devotional. I am on day 4 & it has been a true blessing. I would love to win a copy of the confident heart devotional & give it as gift. I think people are more likely to read books when they are given as a gift. Well, at least now in days. Thank so much Renee for sharing some of your intimate thoughts. Love, Bea

  456. I would be so thrilled to “WIN” the book, The Five Love Languages. This is something I’ve been wanting to read and have had so many friends tell me that this book changed their perspective and opened their eyes to a new way of thinking. If I don’t “WIN”, this entry has definitely reminded me to look out for it next time I am looking for a good read.
    Thank you!

  457. As a single mom, I feel worthless and like a failure every day. I would love to win a copy of your confident heart devotional book, because I believe it would help me deal with these feelings daily. Thank you for writing this book! I desperately want and need a confident heart!

  458. Carrie Thompson says:

    I would love to receive a copy of the devotional book A Confident Heart Devotional. The reason is this spoke right to my inner core just now as I read your summary. I have been praying since yesterday the most and today, but a lot even before that. I know the truth, but yet, I am right where you have described the person searching for unconditional love in other people and things! I try way to hard like walking on egg shells to please everyone, only to upset myself, make me resent them, hate feeling like I cannot be my true self or be loved for WHO I AM, not WHO I AM SUPPOSED TO BE according to their idea of who that would be! I can’t talked this anymore, and am sick to my stomach about it, and beg God to change me because the harder I try, the worse I make it, and the angrier I get! I even exploded on someone yesterday about it!! I know ONLY GOD CAN CHANGE ME if I let Him, and I am trying to let Him. I have been down this road too many times, only to be set free if it, and later on, fall right back in! I want to be healed nice and for all, TRULY FREE! Thank you.

  459. I would love to read your book about the 5 Love Languages. I’ve been going through a Bible Study called True Love with a group of girls I’ve been discipling. It has been such a blessing to see God’s true, unconditional, steadfast love manifested throughout the Scripture and I would like to delve further into this topic.

  460. I would love to receive a free copy of A Confident Heart Devotional.

  461. This post really spoke to my heart. I struggle with wanting other people to fill that place of need in my heart.

  462. Linda Lewis says:

    I loved your book, and I would love to win The Confident Heart Devotional. It is about time for me to go through the book again. I find that I pick up on different things, each time I read it. At 51, I still find I need to learn to have a Confident Heart, and to remember God’s truths.
    Thank you for this opportunity.


  463. Priscilla says:

    I woud love to win the Confident Heart devotional. I was in an abusive marriage for 40+ years. I would like to think there is help for me. I am a born again Christian and know God has a plan for me that is better than mine.I feel God has directed me to this website. I have no cofidence or self worth I don’t know how to Love or be loved. I really need help. This book sounds great and I would like to read it and study it. Thank You

  464. I am a mother of 4 children, 19, 16,12 and a 7 year old. My 12 yr old has Autism. I have struggled with this for so long. Struggled with God, I know he loves me but it seems like such a life sentence. Because of her Autism I returned to school and became an Oncology RN with the support of my wonderful husband and mother. She has changed every aspect of our lives, from going to church, to going the store. I know there is a plan and God has a huge one for our family. I get tired, frustrated and angry. I want to have a Confident Heart all the time, not sometimes, not often, all the time. I want be the hands and feet of Jesus. I would love and appreciate the Confident Heart. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  465. Christa Halvorson says:

    I hope to win a free copy of this book. My life has been full of disappointing relationships. I would love to read The Confident Heart Devotional. I am hoping your words and Jesus’s love can mend my broken heart and soul.

  466. I don’t have an incredible story or something to Ooh or Aw at. In fact, mine is quite simple, I have Christ in my heart and have for three years now. I know His love is unconditional love and I am meant to fine that in Him and Him alone, but as a teenager, or a human being for that matter, I fail, daily. All my life I strived for perfection much like your story. Always afraid of disappointing anyone because then I couldn’t possibly make them proud of me, which would lead to their unhappiness, which meant I wouldn’t deserve their love anymore. That has been my mind set up until just a few months ago, and even though I know the truth that I shouldn’t have to earn their love and I should seek it in Christ, it doesn’t mean, again, I don’t slip up. I do slip up, constantly, and fall back into that mind set of my crazy humanistic ways. I know that your devotional would help out so much in the fact that it would be even more of a daily reminder of my worth in Christ and where I should search for the unfailing love he offers to me everyday. I would greatly appreciate a copy of one of your devotionals to help with my daily walk with God! Thank you for your time!

  467. Exactly what I have been struggling with, again, recently. It is too easy for me to slip back into living performance based, looking for love and approval to satisfy me in this world. Thank you for this devotional this morning 🙂

  468. I’ve been a Christian by name for years but I’ve been a Christian by relationship within the past year. I search desperately for anything that can bring me closer to the Lord or make God even more real. Since I get so much from the devotionals, I’d love to have a copy of the book.

  469. Angela Smith says:

    I have always struggled with the thought of God loving me unconditional. My dad was abusive and I was never good enough for anything. I long to feel that unconditional love and not feel so broke. Thank you for your encouragement. Even if I don’t get to win your book I’m going to get one soon. Thank you again.

  470. Janet Nesmith says:

    The message today has reminded me to look at the positives in me and how God sees me. I have been working really hard on growing closer to The Lord but it seems like I have been losing relationships. I have been questioning myself over and over trying to figure out what I may be doing wrong and searching myself to see what I did or said. I now feel like I need to let God show me if he really intends those people to be in my life at this particular time and if so allow Him to reveal those things to me he would have me to know. There might not be anything that I have done. It may be time for me to just focus on my true relationship with him and be accepting of the other women of God in my life. Thank you for that message

  471. although i believe this is true – God does love us unconditionally, I struggle to believe it daily. and at times i feel like such a hypocrite teaching my children the love that God has for us when i question it for myself. i often look at my downfalls & shortcomings and think “If i can just change —— about me then I would be more able to be loved”. thank you for this reminder that God really does have unconditional love for us. me too.

  472. Kelly Smith says:

    I hope to win the devotional and experience more of this touching writing.

  473. I’ve struggled with these same issues and would love to read your book!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  474. Thank you for being so honest.Either book would be great,


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