Be My God … So I Can Just Be Me

It started with a cough. A few sneezes. Then a horrible headache. For days, I denied it was anything serious. Tried to convince myself I was not really sick.

Pushing through the coughing, wheezing, sinus pain and aches, I resisted slowing down.

Who else would do it all if I couldn’t?

 There were deadlines and expectations to meet, laundry to do, and emails to return. We needed groceries and meals for our family of five.

A few nights of not sleeping {and a couple of hours in Urgent Care on Saturday}, my self-determination caved in. I had a respiratory virus that was being exacerbated by allergies and asthma.

In this unexpected, unwanted, “forced-slowing-down” God’s made it clear –

I have issues: unrealistic and unhealthy expectations of myself.

My heart towards me doesn’t represent His heart for me.

I have these knowing moments.

But then I fall back into pushing myself. I don’t recognize the imbalance until I’m down for the count. I have more than a respiratory virus. I have a soul virus He wants to heal.

Why is this so hard?

I don’t have the answers, but I’m asking the questions. Bending my will, asking Jesus to be my comfort. My expectation. My measure. My drive. To be my God… so I can just be me: tired, behind on my deadlines, needy me.

And this song is playing on repeat. God’s speaking. Thank you Laura Story for capturing my soul-struggle with words and melodies that melt me into His arms of Grace. I hope you’ll take just a minute to listen {and then enter below to win a copy of Laura’s new CD}. You will be so glad you did!

Swope_ConfidentHeartDevotional_CVR.inddHow does today’s post or Laura’s song speak to your heart today? 

Is there some way you need to let go of your expectations of yourself or a situation and ask God to be God so you can “just be you”? 

“Share your thoughts” below for a chance to win one of Laura Story’s new albums on CD.

 I’ll pick three winners to each receive a CDs and a copy of my NEW Confident Heart Devotional book


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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. This is so important and true. Living with a chronic illness is tough but when in a bad flare or just after a week long hospital stay and not bouncing back ,I need to be me and let God Be…He is my God, healer, comfort and all in all..

  2. Danielle Glaze says:

    Oh Renee,

    Oh, how I can relate. I always think I can go “one more day” and “do one more thing” rather than acknowledging I’m sick and being still.

    I just experienced this. Felt cold coming on, had to preach & teach. Self-medicated. It didn’t work. Did everything, felt worse, waited 2 more days to go to doctor. Bad sinus infection, made worse, strong antibiotics that mad me extremely ill, new antibiotics. Still fighting it. Oh yeah-one day off from work, then tried to go back two more days. (listed all the details to show how bad it has to get to Be still.)

    I’ve learned God will allow me to keep bumping my head until I stop and “Be still and know that HE is God!” I am not sovereign, I am not in control, I can not do it all. Lord help me!

    Renee. I’m praying speedy comfort, relief, healing, and discernment! Sleep works wonders!!!

  3. This devotional and song popped into my email box just as i was ready to begin some work for deadlines i feel approaching way to quickly. Ok i hear you God, i surrender all my anxious thoughts over to You.

  4. Oh My Gosh!!!! I so love that song. I will be downloading this one!! Thank you for sharing and I think several of us mom’s out there can so relate to it and to your posting. Blessings to you and praying for you to get better soon.

  5. It speaks to me that I need to be true to me and no one’s expectation of me. Having many chronic illnesses, it’s important that I take care of me first.

  6. God is my everything. I can’t do it with out Him. I have two teenagers and my husband has been out of work for a year. God is truly my provider. He sends enough my way every day. Not too much not too little but always just enough.

  7. I feel the same way, Renee. I am coming to grips with the fact that my expectations of myself are FAR beyond God’s. In a world where you have to be bigger, better, stronger, faster, more creative, less unhealthy than the next person, I find myself struggling with stress, fear and tension. I believe God is already in control of my future, and so I just have to remind myself (through his divine intervention) that stress, fear, and tension are of this world. And I am a Child of God. Those items have no place in my life.

    God, continue with your divine nudging. I’m paying attention now.

  8. Janet Dunn says:

    Renee, this hit me smack in my face today. Work has been so tough the last few weeks. Anyone that hears me mention “insurance” and the “Affordable Care Act” will be able to understand how busy we are now. I keep thinking I can do it all…work 10-12 hours each day, laundry, cook dinner for the family, try to keep things picked up around the house…not necessarily cleaning. But you know, I can’t do it all. This was so timely. Thank you for helping me see that I just need to stop for a little while and Be Still…I’m sorry that you feel bad but I do appreciate your sharing your feelings with us to encourage us to be still and listen. Hoping you feel better soon.

    • Praying for your crazy schedule and that you will seek His face in the quiet moments and that He will provide quiet for you.

      Donna B
      Renee Swope’s Ministry Team

  9. Shirley Huff says:

    Im a 58 year old woman who has been through 3 divorces and Ive always tried to do what I thought GOD wanted me to do, always trying, trying, I went through alot of anguish about the divorces, tried to make sense of it all, lived alot in pain and condemination only recently have I totally surrendered all this mess to GOD, I need Him more than I can put into words, He is my all in all and Im nothing outside of HIM. I loved this song really opened my mind to some things, May GOD richly Bless you and keep em coming.

  10. I need to let go of trying to control my marriage and the high expectations I have from my husband to satisfy all my needs. I keep thinking that if I can just be “perfect” he will love me more. But I know my marriage is in God’s hands and He can be the Healer of the brokenness and I can just be me. Thank for the post! God bless you both!

  11. Thank you for sharing….I just moved this past June from SoCal to NorCal and i have been struggling with being away from family, friends, and my only normal I have ever known. I am 56 and had lived in the same area all my life. I have been trying to hold it together and I do feel like a failure, scattered, broken,and needy…but truly I have forgotten that only God can be my Healer, Lifeline, Comfort, Guide, Peace, Mighty Warrior, Father, King, ….my Everything! Thank you for reminding me to let go of MY expectations and ask God to be my God, so I can be me.

    • Praying for you Cindy. Praying for His peace, His comfort and His presence to fill you to overflowing as you adjust to your new home.

      Donna B
      Renee Swope’s Ministry Team

  12. Trish Cordell says:

    “I’ve been living like an orphan trying to belong here but it’s just not my home.” wow, that part of the song really resonated with me and I got to thinking…none of us are “home,” and we all are orphans and God says to take care of the orphans which brought me to love one another!! Take care of each other while you’re here in this place. Love this song and hope you get to feeling better Renee.

  13. Twice today God has threw this song to me. HE knows I hear him really best through music. Where I work it is very difficult to listen to the radio, it keeps buffering…….I think it was the devil. I finally just looked up the lyrics. I need the CD, so I can hear the whole song! lol. Thank you Laura Story for your music.

  14. Elizabeth W. says:

    “I have unrealistic expectations of myself. My heart towards me doesn’t represent His heart for me.”

    You just summed up the struggle of my life. Met with having to do it all on my own growing up, no one who would defend me, fight for me, love me, prioritize me- has left me fighting against the world and God to be self sufficient. No matter how long and hard i cry to be reliant on God, no matter how many prayers of surrender i have prayed, i still find myself in the driver’s seat, expecting more and more of my self and those around me in order to race against the unmet expectations of my past. Fighting to stay afloat at times, other times sinking without even knowing until it’s too late to cry “SOS”. I so desire to be rescued, to be re-programmed, free from the unrealistic expectations. Thank you for sharing your struggle, for sharing Laura’s words of hope. This too is my cry. I would appreciate the prayers of my brothers and sisters, i need a breakthrough.

    • One of the greatest lessons that I have personally learned from Renee was when she shared Exodus 14:14 with me ….. God is our Defender but he does require action from us …. Be still.

      The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. ~~ Exodus 14:14

      Praying for you,

      Donna B
      Renee Swope’s Ministry Team

  15. This is so me. Have many needs right now. Would love to have the CD and book. Thanks for all you do.

  16. I have this problem with a little twist….currently in a ‘place’ where i have some physical (maybe also mental) limitations which keep me from being able to do things i truly want. So easy to ‘compare’ myself to others but that just hastens the downward spiral.

  17. This song touched my heart and spoke to my soul.

  18. This song and your devotional both speak to me today! I’m in the midst of a project that I have never attempted before, and I’m feeling more overwhelmed by the minute. Thanks for this posting and for including the song! I really needed to read/hear both of them!

  19. Terri Weidner says:

    When I first heard this song it touched my heart. I had been trying so hard to be what everyone else wanted me to be ( or what I thought everyone wanted me to be) that I “lost” me!! This song..along with A Confident Heart Bible study, prayer, and God’s love have led me to feel like me again but even better!!! God is doing a new thing!!! Isaiah 43:18-19!!!!

  20. Michelle Peebles says:

    My GOD!!!!!
    “I have unrealistic expectations of myself. My heart towards me doesn’t represent His heart for me”
    Tears! Today’s post met me in an uncomfortable, secret, needy, scary place. Thank you for this, truly…. I need to be free to be me
    The prayer I shared this am at 7 am was Lord help me to be who you created me to be!!!! My theme for the rest of this week will be resting in God. I thank God for you!

    • Michelle,

      So thankful that Renee and Laura’s words spoke directly to your heart. Praying for you too to be the person that God has created and called you to be in Him.

      Donna B
      Renee Swope’s Ministry Team

  21. Sherri Smith says:

    LOVE Laura Story!!! As women today, society says go, go, go and never rest. We are even made to feel selfish often or feel guilty for taking time for just resting when there is so much to do for our families and others. Great reminder, Renee and Laura!

  22. Kimberly holen says:

    Oh how i need this. I keep going lower and lower. 2 back surgeries, many months of recovery…and too many to count of painful procedures. I live in daily pain and i have 7 children to love and they need their real mom back. Lost my RN job…trying to keep the faith!!

  23. I’m currently struggling with making changes to myself and I have a hard time accepting that I need to hand over these struggles to God and know that he will work through me to get me to where I need to be. I try to make my plans first and ask for God’s help when I’m overwhelmed instead of remembering to put God first.

  24. Renee,

    Oh how I relate with the season you are facing right now! I’m on my third respiratory infection in the last month and been having a hard time being content in this season. The Lord has been faithful and has seen me through and taught me so much through other seasons this last year. I know this is another time for Him to teach me more on resting, trusting, contentment, and endurance. I’m in the middle of a Bible study on Gidein and how God uses our weaknesses to show His strength. His timing is so perfect!
    I love Laura’s new song too and am so thankful for the reminder that I can just be me and God can use my weaknesses. Thank you for sharing your heart and her beautiful song.

    May The Lord heal and strengthen you as you wait and rest in Him!

    God Bless you and all you do to encourage others in their walks no matter what season they are in.

  25. That song really says it all and so does your blog. I have been down for awhile trying to be all that I think I need to be or the world thinks I need to be. It isn’t working. I know I need to let go and let God, so I can be me, if I even know who I am anymore. Trying to care for grandchildren, one who rebels and calls me names and doesn’t do homework. Tired. Ready to quit like your chapter 7 but still trying to not give up and draw closer to God.

    • I heard this song for the first time today while at lunch and it moved me to the point that I started writing in my journal and now this afternoon I received your email. While listening I wrote: I’ve been feeling like a failure. I am broken. Be my God so I can be me. Be my healer, Be my Strength. IM LETTING GO! I feel shattered. Be my warrior fight this battle for me. I need you to be my everything so I can be me. I am seeking you! Be my light out of this darkness. I am so tired of trying to do this by myself. IM LETTING GO, IM LETTING GO, IM LETTING GO! I believe in your promises, I trust in you! Guide me, direct me I dont know what to do, let me be me again. I am in a situation that I have believed what others say about me and I am finally understanding that what God says about me is all that matters. In his eyes being me is enough.
      Be my God so I can be me

  26. I am slowly learning to hold onto my lifeline, who is God. I don’t have to try to do everything in my own strength, and need to depend on Him. This is my favorite Laura Story song. I have been through chemo and radiation for thyroid and spleen cancer, and the song also reminds me that God is my healer.

  27. Leanna Williams says:

    This describes my life as well. I am realizing it is also one of the lies I have believed about my relationship with God. One that Satan sent to destroy my confidence and therefore my effectiveness. I have always been very competitive, always made good grades in school, always trying to be better so that someone would finally notice me and think what a good person I was. I suppose it would follow that my relationship with God was based on the same thing. If I performed well, God loved me. If I didn’t perform well he wasn’t. And so I would try my very best-spin my wheels- try to be supermom – try to be everything anyone needed. I was miserable. And I had nothing left for me, for God or for anyone. And one day, when everything had gone wrong in my life because of wrong choices I had made, I sat down. And gave up. And my life came tumbling down around me. Because I had not performed well, I assumed God was mad at me as well. When I say my life came tumbling down, it really did. I had a nervous breakdown, I was suicidal, and I really didn’t want to go on any more. In my eyes, I had failed. I had failed myself, my family, but worst of all, I felt like I had failed God. I asked God to “erase me”. I did not feel like I had ever been successful at anything or ever made a difference in anyone’s life. Wit’s End corner. It is where I found myself. But my search for God became desperate. I knew He was there somewhere. I kept asking “Where are you, God? I can’t find you”. I was in therapy for many years. I wish I could say God shouted down from the sky. But He didn’t. I kept working through all the hard stuff with my counselors and slowly but surely, God started healing me. It didn’t feel like it. It felt hard and lonely and painful. I love to write and so I started journaling and then I would find verses and to personalize them, I would write to God. Letters to God about how ashamed I was and then I would answer them. On the outside my life looked better, I was able to work again, and people said I was getting better, but on the inside I was lost. I was like the walking dead man. My heart was broken. Then I got involved in a good church and I started hearing about how God loved me no matter what I had done, and I started believing it, and slowly but surely, I found myself believing. Not just believing IN God, but believing God. Then one day I opened up my heart and asked him into my heart – and I have been forever changed. Part of the change was instant. He took my hard heart out and gave me a new one – one that was warm and squeezably soft. But the rest has been slow. Like putting the pieces of my puzzle back together. One of my favorites verses you shared is the one in Isaiah where he says He will be with us while He making us Oaks of Righteousness. It will hurt but we are never alone. Laura’s song is beautiful because it speaks of our struggle to perform and the peace that comes from letting go and “Letting Him be God” and me to just be me. I fell myself smiling and falling into His arms now. I am looking forward to hearing her share.

  28. I’m the one responsible for everything in our household & I’ve got a management position at the office. So, naturally, I feel responsible to take care of everything. Why? Good question. I’m learning to rely on God more, I still don’t have it perfected but, then again, I never will, lol. But, each day I get better at giving my schedule to Him & I’m always surprised how well my day goes.

  29. I need to let go of my expectations from family and friends. I have to rely on God and his promises . How many times do I have to be let down by human behavior. I will trust The Lord my God who will let me be me.

    Psalms 9 “End the evil of those who are wicked,and defend the righteous.For you look deep within the mind and heart,O righteous God.
    God looks “deep within the mind and heart.” Nothing is hidden from God—this can be either terrifying or comforting. Our thoughts are an open book to him. Because God knows even our motives, we have no place to hide, no way to pretend we can get away with sin. But that very knowledge also gives us great comfort. We don’t have to impress God or put up a false front. Instead, we can trust God to help us work through our weaknesses in order to serve him as he has planned. When we truly follow God, he rewards our efforts.

  30. Wow! I love this song. It really hits home. “I’m so tired of being someone I was never meant to be.” I struggle so much with being what others think I need to be instead of just being me.

    Your post hit home as well, Renee. I do have such unrealistic expectations of myself, and I am so much harder on myself than God would ever be on me. I live with a chronic illness, and no matter how often it happens, I deny the signs that an exacerbation is coming. My pulmonary doc tells me it’s important that I get treated right away, but I keep telling myself, “I’m fine. It will go away this time.” My husband asked me recently, “Why do you always have to act like such a toughie?” He was actually speaking not only about my physical limits but also about my emotional struggles where I try to be strong for others, but inside I’m crumbling. “I’m fine” just so easily pops out…

  31. Kristy Lynn says:

    Being a single mom who was recently widowed I find myself trying to be and do everything for me and my girls. The first year I had no choice but to lean on God but now I have found comfort in just trying to get through each day. Thank you for this post to bring me back to focusing on God, letting it all go to Him so that I can just be me!! Thank you 🙂

  32. Danielle kleber says:

    I love this song because it a reminder that God loves me as I am. I don’t have to clean up in order to get his love.

  33. Woke up from a nap I took trying to get rid of this constant headache and found this on Facebook. It’s time to give in and take care of myself….which includes a doctor visit. I can’t heal myself and He won’t until I stop and lay it at His feet. I am not the Healer….He is. Thank you for the reminder. Adding the song to my song list…to remind myself!

  34. Kim Johnston says:

    Wow!! Did I need this today, after pushing through to run errands! I have 3 chronic illnesses and find it hard to find the right balance between resting and doing. I need to realize that God knows best and provide just what I need .

  35. Pamela McNeff smith says:

    “I;ve been living like an orphan trying to belong here, but it’s just not my home…” Some days, I feel like the “living here” is impossible and too painful to bear. But, as I saw on a recent Facebook post from Danny Silk, I’ve made it through 100% of my difficult days so far. This phrase still takes my breath away, though. How can I succeed if I don’t belong here?! And then I remember His everlasting love…

  36. Love this song. Praying it that I will let Him be my peace and my comforter. Some days I am not that woman I want to be. Loving Confident Heart and what it is doing to my group and me. It’s been a hard year losing my mom and having a grandson with the worst disease we ever heard of. I love this song. I’ve heard it but not like today with tears and really listening to the words. Desperately pleading that He will continue to be my everything each time that satan whispers differently. Been clinging to a new life-verse from Confident Heart – “How priceless is your unfailing love O God! Thank you for A Confident Heart and what it is doing in lives every where.

  37. Donna Kanahele says:

    This is my favorite song right now as I am going through a time of finding myself after divorce. I have always controlled everything around me in fear that it would fall apart and then it did anyway! This song just reminds me to give it all to God and just be me cause he is in control. Not me!!! Thank you so much for sharing this today! I pray you get well soon!!!

  38. All that I am feeling has been put into words.

  39. I would love to win A laura story cd i love her music and loved her song blessings! just had a birthday so what a great birthday gift that would be!

  40. Barbara Prince says:

    Renee, Laura’s story is my story. I get so lost in the wants and needs of others; lost in trying to live up to their expectations; lost in trying to please them; I get so lost that I don’t know who I am and need God to show me who He made me to be. Like you, I’m not feeling well, but people need me to be and do what they want, so I keep going. Sooner or later a stop sign will pop up and put a halt to my busyness, so that I can just be with my Father.
    By the way, I’d love to win this CD.

  41. Tracy Smith says:

    Laura’s music is so honest & relatable. Love her heart put to music.
    Would love to win the contest!

  42. Kathy Sturgis says:

    It is exactly how I feel. I think of all the things I thought I used to have to do in order to please God. I was exhausted when God began to make it clear That I needed to be resting not working. A friend has been teaching me to be instead of do. I am so thankful for his loving concern and patience in teaching me to rest.
    I still have to deal with the urge to be busy. Satan tempts me to feel restless but I am beginning to catch the Thoth earlier and take them captive. Praise God.

  43. The older I get the more “issues” I have or perhaps God is just pointing out more of my weaknesses.

  44. Isnt it always the way! Good thing our Lord comes especially when we are SICK. Those are the best times of healing. Get well soon Renee!

  45. I have expectations that I need to “fix” everything and everybody. I need to remember GOD is in control and HE has a plan. I need to just be me and follow GOD not “fix” things.

  46. Wow, I loved that song. It felt like it was written for me. I struggle with feeling everything is my responsibility and feeling like a failure when I can’t get it all done. It was good to be reminded, that I need to be still and let God be God.

  47. Thank you! So needed this today!

  48. Tanisha G. says:

    Renee I truly say I can and needed to. There was time like yourself I sick with the same symptoms and let it go because of mommy and wife duties and it actually put down a lot longer then if I would have read and listened to the signs and what God. I now know that with God all is possible and it ok to slow down sometimes.

  49. Even though I don’t have small children anymore it seems that satan keeps me running and doing instead of being still and listening to God’s voice. I have not felt good this week either but like you have pushed myself to stay at work, take my mother n law to the doctor and other activities we think we have to do.
    Thank you for sharing Renee.

  50. mary yoder says:

    This song has really spoke to me today. I have been struggling with my daughter who is mentally handicapped. I try to take care of her. My thoughts were she is my child and I am responsible for her.Only failing all the time. When I finally surrendered to God and what He had waiting for me. He found me an adult group home for her. It is a Christ centered one. I know they aren’t many of those. They had an immediate opening which is rare. She has been there for 2 months now and loves it . It gave her independence and my the freedom to let go and let God be my comfort. God is beginning to heal my heart daily. I feel more like me not trying to be someone I am not. I am God’s child and it is Him I need.

  51. PAM SCHAEFFER says:

    Wow, what a beautiful song and reminder that God is our strength, healer, helper, and everything we truly need. Why do we often think we can manage without Him? Thank you so much for sharing this song, your devotional, and thoughts today.
    Praying that you feel better soon, Renee. Sharing your thoughts and this song have spoken to many women based on the comments above. Isn’t that just like God to use our weaknesses to make us and others stronger?

  52. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe this song! Having a daughter with special health care needs and medically fragile and having friends in the same situation I try to be everything to everybody..I need to just let go and let God! And remember to keep letting God be my God! Thank you so much I have found so much healing in this book and the obs! Thank you so much!

  53. I love this song and that is all I have ever wanted is to be ME. I am tired of being what I think everyone else wants me to be. Being me is the best way to be!!

  54. I’m so much meaner to myself than God would ever be. I expect a lot

    In Chap. 5, . “How many times today did you wonder if you were measuring up to someone’s expectations of you?”

    I started listing stuff and man, I am under a lot of pressure, to be good, to be kind, to not offend people by saying what I feel like saying somtimes, to look pretty, dress nice, don’t offend with my clothing choices, wear my hair in a nice way, look and smell clean and not messy, — and my loved ones don’t but the world expects me to be thin and beautiful, to have a nice house that is kept clean and organized at all times, work out, cook healthy food mostly but wildly inappropriate yumminess too, be creative, have a good job, do good at it, meet all those expectations no matter how high, be a great mother, wife, friend, daughter, lover, and to have balance. To nurture and teach the next generation, and the next. And I’m sure I left out a few. Most of those things give me joy.

    But this week, they are laying in a pile of “I shoulds” they are just so much “I shoulds” like a pile of clean laundry that the dog rolled in and must be sorted washed and organized again.

    I think of Mary, leaving the “shoulds” and going to sit at Jesus feet and listen to him. Not that she was abandoning her work, it was a heart matter. Not that Martha wasn’t serving- she was reprimanded for a heart matter, and for comparing. Mary chose her relationship with God. Sometimes I have to leave my stuff to work on my relationship with God, or to go be his hands and feet. (be there for someone who needs an ear). And I really need him to be my God, so I can just be.

  55. Shirley Allen says:

    Renee: your statement in Ch 7 pg 130 that failure can help us become the confident woman God created us to be…stronger &better–if we go to God for help. That should be our 1st step, and learning that can be a painful process. Thank you so much for “A Confident Heart.”

  56. It is hard when you feel so many people are watching you to see how you will handle certain things. What it really comes down to is only God’s opinion of you really counts. I am recovering from a 4 wheeler accident. I will need rotator cuff surgery soon and dealing with bad concussion symptoms. My Jesus is my strength through all of this. I love Him so. And, I need Him more every day! Thank you Jesus for being by my side always

  57. Wow! I couldn’t have read this at a more important time. I recently had to quit a job that was keeping me from being me, God’s devoted servant, wife, and mother to two beautiful children. I wasn’t able to do anything. Finally, after thought and prayer, I knew I made the right decision. I was tired and tired because I had gotten sick twice in one month with pneumonia and a bad upper respiratory infection. I know the Lord will bless me with a new and better fitting job. I have faith and I will be still for I know he has a plan and it will pan out when he is ready for it to. I’m too blessed to stay stressed! Onward and upward 🙂

  58. Wow… this is so me!!! My life is too busy and I have a hard time letting go of anything because no one else can do it (or so I think so). After caring for my ailing father, working full time, doing the bookkeeping for my husband’s business…. I am exhausted and weary. I am tired but yet I have a hard time letting go! Why is it so hard to slow down and just let God….??? Thanks for encouraging me to let go and let God! I am going to download this on my Ipad tonight!

  59. One more thought. The Lord gave this to me this morning when my 4 month old daughter woke up for a bottle at 6 this morning. “Who am I in the Lord is Who I am in this world.” God is so amazing to me and all His children. He adopted us because He loved us so much. I hope this helps anyone in need of that special reminder!

  60. Sue Hillard says:

    Ahhhh, FREEDOM…to be ME! Praise God!

  61. Lynnette Johnson says:

    Oh how this song became one of my favorite songs the first time I heard it. It touched my heart so much that our band at church learned to play it so I could sing it at church. You see, I has first heard this song when things between my mom and I became really bad. I cried every time I heard the song because I was so hurt by what my mom was doing, but knew deep down I needed God to be my God, so I could just be me…..the person He had already forgiven for my sins that were being thrown in my face. Thank you Laura Story for writing a song that will always touch my life.

  62. I have had this song cycling since I first heard it a week ago. I also have trouble just “being”. I feel if I am not “doing” I am being lazy and my value diminishes. I know these are lies but is my mindset none the less

  63. Patty Marie says:

    So happy to learn to be ME. I have always hid in someone else’s shadow because I was AFRAID to be ME……..someone’s daughter, someone’s friend, someone’s mother, someone’s wife, etc. It is hard to step out of the shadow and be ME. Thank you to “A Confident Heart” for giving me the courage and a place to practice being who God made ME! Each day is a day of learning. The encouragement I receive from this Bible Study daily has/is changing my life!

  64. Oh Renee… I’m right there with you, soul sister…sick as sick can be, and much like you, its probably my own sense of “needing” to DO it all and BE it all that lead to this very season. At the very least, its lead me to not being able to fight it off as fast as I would have usually. Worn down and worn out. All because I havent let God be God and let me be me… Your post and THIS song could NOT have come at a better time than now!!! I love how God does this…always brings me exactly the WORD or message I need at exactly the perfect time!! In addition to just my *physicial* sickness though, I’ve been truly struggling with worry about things going on in my extended family…things way out of my control, and things that I’ve been sensing in my heart God wants me to just leave in His hands, but I’ve been, instead, picking back up over and over and over again. Its so hard not to worry or hurt over things, and not to want to fix things. Its hard to trust God sometimes, not because I don’t WANT to trust Him, but because the timing seems so much more urgent to this imperfect human in me. My honest cries ARE … YES, God please take this, so I can just be me!!! And don’t let me keep picking these burdens back up…let me leave them safely in your arms! Thank you for your ministry, Renee and your prayers!! Praying for complete, quick healing for you AND that none of your other sweet family members catch your sickness either 😉 God bless you!!

  65. I can so relate. I’m a single mom so I do push myself and try to do it all because if I don’t, then it won’t get done. I can often times find myself exhausted mentally and physically. I also do not accept help very well and definitely need to work on not comparing myself to others and being OK with not being perfect. BTW…I love Laura Story!!

  66. Oh Renee… exactly! This song speaks into that impossibly high standard I set for myself – trying, sometimes almost running myself ragged and sick, to be someone that I’m not meant to be. But for grace. I love that we are called to be still and allow God’s ability to right our inability. This book has been a beautiful reminder about God’s deep love for me. I am grateful.

  67. This speaks to me on so many different levels. I am a single mom of two kids, work full-time outside of the home and have MANY challenging medical issues that all demand my attention. Being type A and driven toward perfection, I try to be what everyone wants and needs me to be. Trying to be supermom, super employee while just trying to get out of bed most days is exhausting. I have very high expectations for myself as a single mom. However, I have learned that when God gives me a flare up (another surgery, medical testing, etc), it means I have been pushing to hard. Thank you for this beautiful song reminding me to turn to God when I am feeling overwhelmed or hurting so that he can take the helm so that I can sit back and breath.

  68. Oh what a comfort this is to hear my feelings put to words and music and to know that I can put it all in my God’s hands.

  69. Elaine Segstro says:

    Somehow I’m not able to listen, because I’m from Canada?? Oh well. Thank you for your devotional AGAIN, for being so open with us, women who think we can do it all! I’m in that ‘group’. He calls us to rest in Him, but I rest in my accomplishments FAR TOO OFTEN.

  70. Thank you for the amazing message today. I pray that you fell better soon Renee. This song really stands out to me and I am so grateful for the message of the song. When Satan is trying to destroy my confidence and t try to pull me away from God I am blessed to have this song.

    As a child I was born with Cerebral palsy. Going to school I struggled drastically. From childhood on the continued to hear Messages like you’re not good enough, you’ll never make it, why do you even try. Left me feeling like no matter how hard I tried it was never good enough, the matter what I did it wasn’t good enough, and somebody could always do it better.

    I need God. I can not hold it all together with out my loving father guiding me directing me, giving me peace and being my God my father so i can move forward being how God wants me to be and not focus on the hurtful world to decide who I am. This song speaks loud and reminds me I can just be me, the way are loving father wants me to be. I am not broken and I no longer want the negative messages of the broken world to decide who I am going to be.

    Saying your failing the class is much different than being labeled as a failure. Understanding this brought tears to my eyes. they both are painful but have a different message. I love the reminder message at the last paragraph on page 132.

    Now as we #Movefroward I now that #IAmNot a failure. If God provides and you have grown through transition you are not a failure you are and over-comer. Did you fail at Something today yes, you are not a failure by God. I your father I am giving you room to grow.

  71. what an amazing song…and lyrics…thanks for sharing, renee…

  72. Oh my goodness I can so relate. I think most women have these feelings that we have to keep “everything” together! I feel like I’ve let down my kids, grand daughter, husband and friends because I can not do it ALL any more. I was diagnosed with Lupus 3 years ago and it definitely got my attention. There are good days I do more and some days all I can do is cry out to Jesus!!! He is teaching me a lot needless to say; grace, humility, patience, and much more. I’ve adjusted to a new normal but those doubts creep in every now and then and I’m so glad I can run to Jesus and I really can, Just Be Me!!
    Thanks for all you do, what an encourager you are.

  73. These songs are great. It’s so refreshing to feel that I am acceptable just as I am. It’s liberating. I really like “Blessings”.

  74. I too have been ill for several weeks.
    I don’t know how I can Just Be Me?
    I’ve always had to pull it together for everyone else.
    I am at work before 7:00 a.m. And when the day is done.
    I come home and prepare dinner for my grandchildren, their mom (who lives with me) and sometimes my friend.
    Make sure things are in order. By the time I try to take a seat, the family is here, and then it’s on!
    I don’t have a hobby, I don’t visit family or friends, I listen to the tons of messages from Bill Collectors, looking for finances that I don’t have to spare. I know that God has my back through all the turmoil. So, How do I Just Be Me?
    I haven’t had a weekend to myself in years. The days I am not working, I am trying to keep my home presentable for my family.
    I’ve recently reconnected with my Church that I grew up in as a child. The Sunday service and fellowship offer some relief. I listen to the Gospel Radio station in my city on my ride to and from work. It gives me food and consolation, to prepare for the day ahead.
    I am 60 years old, soon to retire after 40 years with our School District.
    So if you have some relief or suggestions to How I can Just Be Me.
    I am your student

  75. So simple, yet so unbelievably difficult! I very often put so many unreal expectations on myself, when it comes to being a mother, a wife, and a servant for those in my church family. I also struggle with trying to be who others “think” I should be, but I need to remember to just be me and let God be God! Thank you for this post and for sharing that beautiful song!

  76. Kiffany Stollings says:

    I do want to be ME and God to be my God, my everything. Shattered and scattered, that is so my life sometimes. Sunday I was trying so hard to do everything (Pastor’s wife, Sunday School teacher, hostess to potluck, worship leader) and finally it hit me – I can’t do everything – it wears me out. I have to be me and I have to let God show me what is important to Him and everything else will take care of itself according to His time and His will. Thank you so much for sharing your devotion and this song.

  77. This is an incredible song….It is my heart….I have been trying so hard…but that isn’t what God wants…He wants me to let HIM….and me to rest in Him…I have searched for years….who Am I …what is my purpose…God told me…Let me show you. Stop looking/trying so hard..

    .I was recently asked to be an elder for my church..I told my Pastor ” I am not (the former Elder)”. He said….:Just be You….that is what we want:. OH MY! those words thrilled my heart…because I never felt I was of value to anyone…but God is using me….Wow…

    My prayer each day for me and my family is “God help me become the woman of God you created me to be.”. I am able to do this because of P31 OBS….Thank you Renee for your book. It is helping me each day…

  78. Raelene Osborn says:

    Praying that you will start to feel better and the Lord will heal you! Being sick is so hard it just drains everything from you. Blessings to you, Renee! Thank you for posting this song! Just the name makes my heart full of peace! 🙂

  79. Heather Garrity says:

    Love this song! So thankful for your writing, beautiful songs like this, the with of Proverbs 31 and everyone involved. It is such a comfort to meet and hear from other women who have the same struggles. Praise God that we don’t have to be perfect because of His grace! We must remember that He will always be there to catch us…and our tears…when we fall! And we will…we just have to remember not to be so hard on ourselves sometimes!

  80. Karen Wilson says:

    Really enjoy Laura’s music – thanks for sharing! I totally relate with your post today – I have the biggest expectations for myself and don’t allow myself sometimes to lower them – esp at the holidays. Thaks for the reality check – and for being real and pointing me towards my Heavenly Father!

  81. Jessica Devaney says:

    Reading the post caught me. You see it was just about 2 years ago when I first heard “Blessings” and it became a song that I played over & over non-stop. It became the song that for very different reasons kept me functioning in auto-piolet. It was the focus of my days in which the world was telling me to abandon my faith & my marriage and I would find a path of healing and a future. And I ingored them, pushed along almost band-aided together by that song. And now it reminds me of the future and hope I have in God, which I need to remember 2 slow down to feel. And yet it was a song that has reached out and held onto me and my daughter while I couldn’t see beyond the pain of domestic violence and the ending of my marriage. I realize this might not be most peoples thinking on the question asked, but it is where my heart lead me when I read the question. And the understanding now that if we don’t slow down we will face the grief of lost time in addition to other things.

  82. Renee,

    I sit here in tears as I write this. I wish I could let God be God and me be me.
    You see I have totally spoiled my adult child, who is now in his 30’s.
    He lives with us and has totally ruined his work record.
    I keep handing him over to God & then picking him back up.
    I would love to just let go and leave it be.
    My biggest expectation of me is in trying to fix my adult son.

  83. I love this song! “Be my healer, be my comfort, be my peace” is exactly what I’m praying for most often these days. I’m reminded today that He does want to be all of those things and I don’t always have to be strong and have it all together. It’s okay to not be able to do it all or to fall apart sometimes. He loves me just the way I am. I need to stop trying to be perfect because He knows who I was created to be and by His grace I’ll get there.

  84. Renee…thru this study I have struggled too, but I thank God I’ve gotten this far!! I LOVE this song, it just makes me breathe a sigh of relief!! God’s in control, he’s my healer & I can just let him Love Me!! Thru this Wonderful Study, I am moving forward more than I ever have & I have experienced more PEACE in my Life!!

  85. Yeppers, this is my theme song too. It is what I needed and just at the right time. Thank you.

  86. Been struggling with this and asking myself lately, “Why am I doing this? This isn’t fun anymore. Work isn’t fun, home isn’t fun.” Why am I pushing myself so hard and trying to please everyone but missing the heart of God? Don’t have the answers yet, but working on it.

  87. Crissy Lynn says:

    I have struggled for a while with self doubt and feeling like what I have to offer and share is reciprocated and appreciated. I am working to open my heart to God on a more regular basis and see all of the love that he has for me. At this point in my life I really need “God to be God, so I can just be me”. I need to be healed, I need to find peace, I need to be happy with myself, and need to learn to enjoy being alone and spending time only with God. Thank you for this wonderful Bible study and your positive strength and support for all of this.

  88. I LOVE this song! Just saw her in concert with SCC in Columbia. They were fabulous. Such great stories, tender hearts & exude the glory of God.

  89. Renee, I think you took words directly from my mouth. I constantly fight a need to control every little tiny atom in my life….and fail miserably! This song brought tears to my eyes – I think I’ll be putting it on repeat until it touches my soul. Thank you so much for sharing your story, your faith and this song.

  90. Melody Price says:

    Was just talking to my counselor today about stop, and let others do some of the things I have been doing for them. Learning to understand that most of these people are grown ups and can do for themselves. I am learning to say “NO”. Maybe that is why I am so tired. Getting back to reading “Encouragement for Today.” Thank you for all you do to inspire all. Melody

  91. I know many of us can relate to this post! God often reminds me to sit & Be Still in His Presence but oh how hard it is! Love this song.

  92. My situation is the opposite of Renee’s as I can never seem to really do a lot of productive stuff and prefer being at home. I get so down on my self and feel worthless and a waste of life. I have struggled with this for some years. I have experienced peoples comments that enforce my negativity about myself. I am trying to work on this and am thankful that people are sharing their hearts and lives through this and many other online studies I am getting to experience . Thank you Renee for sharing and all you other ladies too. God bless . Liz

  93. Yadi Lamphere says:

    This song was/is something I needed to hear. I have very high expectations of myself. I think that sometimes I expect perfection of myself and I end up feeling like a failure because,obviously, I cannot meet that expectation of being perfect. (duh!)
    I need to just let go and let God guide me. He is everything I need. God will not disappoint.

  94. Tracy Henderson says:

    Wow, This song also hit home with me. I’m a 45 yr old mom that has always “fixed” everything for everyone. But yet had the lowest self esteem of most I knew. Now I understand that i was grasping onto anything that would accepted me, but I lost “ME” in the process. Beginng to believe I only existed to help others become their destiny. Since coming back home to Our Holy Father, I am learning to live one day at a time, and allowing myself to become who God has called me to be. This song is a reminder to sit at Jesus’ feet and relax in His Presence while He is molding me to
    become the daughter He has always loved.
    Thank you for your post today, it hit right to my heart. Love u all

  95. cheri boyd says:

    Let Him.

  96. Anna Wylie says:

    This song is so beautiful! Thank you for the reminder. We have so much going on, packing, trying to close on our house. Waiting and waiting for others to complete their part so we can move forward and I keep thinking what more can I do to get this done on time. With the holiday coming up and wanting to have my family over for Thanksgiving at our place for the first time in years, I’ve been putting pressure on myself to keep doing and need to let God work out the details. He knows what we need to complete this process and he’s never late!

  97. It is good to know we can just be ourselves and God will be everything else. He loves us just the way we are.

  98. The lyrics of this song was as if I was writing a note to self. I am a wife, mother,daughter, employee and student. There are often times I feel as the song stated a “failure”. The various roles that I have are for individuals I truly love and want to be there helping them in anyway that I can. But as a result I find my thoughts are in chaos and I feel like a hamster that is running in the wheel. It’s at those moments that I know that I need to slow down and feast on the words of God to find peace and restoration. In His presence I can just be me. Thank you

  99. Svitlana Gantt says:

    My husband and I are planning on going on a mission trip next summer. To make extra money for the trip I have been making scarves and hair bands to sell. Well, today I tried offering these hair bands to some of the women who bring their children to childcare where I work. As I was speaking I felt very fearful. The enemy has been putting doubt in my heart so much that we are not able to raise enough to go and do orphan care in Ukraine. I felt unworthy and fearful all day long.
    When I got home and got an email from you…I began to read it and I feel like the Lord himself spoke to me and encouraged me so much. He healed me from the thoughts of doubt and fear, He reminded me that He is my everything and I just need to slow down…rest in Him and stop trying to make money for the trip with my own efforts but trust in his provision and everlasting care. I can be me because God is always God and he never changes. My spirit rejoices because of such a timely encouragement through you.
    God bless you.

  100. Robbyn R. French says:

    WOW….cant wait for the connection call…This is how I was feeling today. I am overwhelmed in all aspects of my life. I have been talking to God all day long..then I ran across a post and found Psalm 61: 1-2 Hear my cry, O God; listen to my prayer. From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I. After I read that God placed me on the rock and calmed my frustrated heart.

  101. Sandra Elise Rodriguez says:

    I also struggle with unrealistic expectations of myself. I think I’m harder on myself than others are on me. I heard the song “Just be me” at a time in my life when I realized that I need to stop trying to control everything & instead trust in the God who controls the universe.

  102. Sudie Early says:

    Renee, Thanks for your post today. And a big thanks for sharing Laura Story’s recording, what a wonderful song. Yes, God is our Savior, He is in control, He is our healer, He is love, He is our all. It’s not me that is sick, but my husband, Bob. We were told back in November, 2012 that he has Parkinson’s disease. His health has really declined in this past year. Laura’s song is beautiful, it makes me think about God being with us as this disease takes over my husband. It is so hard to watch him going through this. God, please give me strenght to take care of Bob.
    I love so many of the other songs, that is included in your blog today. Mandise’s song “Stronger” is beautiful, while listening to her, I was asking God to make me stronger for my husband, Bob. Again, thank you for your encouraging messages. May God bless you now and always..

  103. love this song and praying for a quick recovery. I feel if I am not in control things do not get done right. . Reminding myself to let God take control.

  104. Jada Smith says:

    I also tend to overrun myself and most recently ended up with pneumonia (which I denied for 2 weeks). It was really a wake-up call when my doctor told me I almost ended up in the hospital. This Bible study has been a blessing and I continue to learn more on how to focus on what God wants me to do and to stop trying to “be enough”.

  105. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    I have learned in the last 2 years, since my husband passed away, that I cannot do anything without my God. He is all that I need to get through the hard times. By relying on God and not myself, it has been a much easier journey. It is at those times when I do not rely on God and instead try to push through on my own that I experience problems.
    Praising God each and every day for guiding me on this journey and leading me in the direction that He desires for my life. It is making what could be such a devastating time into a much easier journey.
    Even when I fail, God is there to guide me through.
    Praising Him for his everlasting/unceasing love, forgiveness and grace!

  106. Jill Kuiper says:

    I got to a very dark place in my life believing I could do it all. I finally listened to the voice telling me to be still. It’s very hard for this go getter and perfectionist, but I can totally tell the difference. Life is brighter knowing it’s ok to say no, to be still, and know things do not have to be perfect. Love the song.

  107. Hi, Renee. This hit me like a ton of bricks and stepped on a couple of my toes. Those of us who have kids know it isn’t easy or convenient to slow down, or in my case to give up my control and allow God to work. I have 2 sons… Ages 25 and 16. The eldest has struggled with some issues which I won’t go into, but which affected our entire family, and the stress and heartbreak issues eventually affected my health. I have to work every day at letting go and letting God. He is, after all. The father to the fatherless and the greatest parent anyone could have. While I still try to do what I can for my family, I have realized that in order for me to do my best and be my best, for myself and my children, I have to lean on and talk to MY Heavenly Father, and seek His guidance. Giving up my control and placing it all in God’s hands has not only helped me. It has helped my children as well.

    From one Renee to another, thank you for your words and for the inspiration you are. God bless you and yours.

  108. Been struggling with all my to do’s, my heart breaking for my lost family members, and questioning myself in my faith.

  109. Rosie Galaz says:

    Hi, I can relate so much with you right now! It seems that when I purpose in my heart to to go over and beyond for The Lord , I end up getting sick. I have a womens meeting this weekend at my home. I have things I need to get down and the more I try the worse I feel.but like the song says He is my healer and He is my peace! Praying for you . Thanks for sharing.

  110. Sometimes I think we just keep moving and doing as many things as we can get done. Then we don’t always take time to do our daily devotionals either. God will tap us on the shoulder and we think-Oh yes I need to speed time with you now. Sometimes we just let life get to busy. I was sick on Friday morning and had to send my child care children home. I thought I could do my job anyway so parents could go to work. But God had other plans for my day. So thankful for child care parents that understand we get sick. I thank God for the time I did have with Him that day when I got to feeling a little bit better. Laura Story’s song always fit thing

  111. Wow! Timely words. Struggling myself with too much to do, sickness running thru the house, taking care of everyone but myself, dealing with arguments….yeah be my God so I can be myself. Only God can help me deal with all the various issues. What would I do without Him???!!!

  112. Wow that song really spoke to my heart…..going thru a huge trial right now and how that hit home with me that I gotta let God be God and take care of it so I can just be me. Still tough though because I too want to do it myself…. But good news is God’ not finished with me yet and I’m a work in progress. Thank God for his Gace in my short comings…

  113. Karen Smith says:

    This song described the way I have been feeling this week!

  114. Lesli Arrington says:

    I loved this song & the timing was perfect.

  115. Dealing with situation with “friend” who is just toxic. After 13 years just wan to let go, and praying for God to lead me without confrontation or conflict. I want to end it with much character and love as possible to let her know I care, but cannot handle a friendship where she holds onto such anger & bitterness.

  116. This song meets me right where I am. “I’m so tired of trying to be someone I was never meant to be.” Thank you!

  117. Us “gals” sometimes try to do it all and “take on the world”……when we really should let God be God…..

  118. I’ll be really honest, I wasn’t going to read the email that came to me but I opened it up anyway & it must have been God who caused me to do it, b/c this post is totally talking about me:) I do not take time to recharge & just tonight I was so frustrated and I have been battling a migraine today among other things. I know I am sick too but have been totally denying it….wow! God is good to have pushed me to read this post. I need to re think some things & I need to do some praying. Thank you for being His voice to me tonight. Blessings~

  119. Nancy S (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

    I am disabled and unable to do everything I would like to do. I have not always been disabled and there in lies the problem-I keep wanting to do everything i used to be able to do instead of what I am able to do. I need to let go of my expectations of the past and embrace what I can do. I need to Let go and let God use me in the place I am in, embrace the moment and serve God despite my limitations. He’s my healer, he’s my peace.

  120. Renee your post was exactly what I needed to read. I’ve been pushing myself so. Trying to keep all of the plates spinning in the air. I would get frustrated with myself at points because I felt like the harder I tried, the more I failed. I forced myself to push past the tired. I worked through lunch breaks because I just didn’t have time to stop. Starting jobs with the intention of finishing but being to overwhelmed, over committed or over exhausted to complete them. I was so caught up in living for the weekend, to be able to rest, that I really wasn’t living at all. I was missing out on God’s peace. I was missing countless moments to cast my cares on Him so that He could love on me and rescue me. I was pulling myself away from my family by being so grouchy and short tempered all the time.

    This song really put the icing on the cake. I need to practice being less of me and operating more in Jesus. I love how God ministers peace and revelation through music. We get so caught up in doing life, when we should be caught up in Jesus, allowing Him to cover, comfort and direct us.

    Thank you dearly for this post and song.


  121. Judy Martin says:

    I can totally relate. I have high expectations of myself and thus disappoint myself often. I list too much to do on my list. The four square method helps some. Fold paper into 4 sections. 1 things I will do today. 2 things I might do today. 3 things unlikely to do 4 things no way will I do today. I can often be a human doing instead of human being. I can really relate to the song. Being widow I have to take care of everything now. It is sometimes very overwhelming.

  122. I hope you are feeling better! Thank you for writing A Confident Heart! Your words and His words are helping me so much. God bless you!

  123. Yes, yes, and yes! The post and the song……. the most important thought for me you shared: Relinquish all expectations for the past several days, I’ve accepted that Ive got more than a respiratory virus. I’ve got a soul virus He wants to heal. There is also so much packed in the song…….Cause I can be scattered, forever shattered, Lord I need you now to be Be my God so I can just be.

    I too have a soul virus he wants to heal…..

  124. Helen Timm says:

    Your comment about “unrealistic and unhealthy” expectations for yourself struck a cord with me. Never in a million years would I EVER expect from someone else what I expect of myself. This has lead to many an unrealistic expectation, that leads me to feel like a failure and at times has lead to stomach issues and migraines…. I am working on knowing that because God thinks I am good enough, I am just that, good enough!

  125. Waiting on God says:

    Wow. That just described my life. Hear my prayer, O Lord.

  126. This is my new lifeline sung, it speaks about all I’m feeling in this season of my life. Thank you for sharing.

  127. I am so exhausted from trying to do it all. This says it all. I can’t do it all, I can’t be enough, but if I will let God he will let me just be me.

  128. I Love Laura Story and the beautiful message she sends in her songs. “Let go and Let God”. ( from Al-anon) I need to rely on a higher power, who is my savior Jesus. Thanks for all in our OBS.

  129. I began my day reading chapter seven and looking up the Scriptures it contained. I then answered the questions and resolved to quit carrying the guilt of my mistakes and reminding myself to thank God that He will turn it all into good in spite of my actions. What a load lifted! I then listened and watched the lyrics to some of Laura Story’s songs. What truth I found, thank you Renee and Laura for your words of freedom.

  130. OK, so I am not a HUGE fan of Contemporary Christian music, generally- I tend more towards classical and jazz. However, I have some faves. This song, resonated. What a beautiful voice, and the words…well they hit home. I am sure I would enjoy listening to more! ANd…your book- well who can’t get enough of that? I loved the book, and would love the refreshment of the devotional. Thanks, Rene for all!

  131. I really needed to hear this… I have gotten to s point where I’m trying to do too much and even when I’m doing a lot I feel like I’m not doing enough. My mother asked me why I feel I have to do so much and I couldn’t think of a good answer… I just want to please God with my whole being… But sometimes I’m so busy I forget to pray and that isn’t good… I need to keep my focus on Him allow Him to do what He does instead of trying to do everything on my own. Thank you Renee for being so open and transparent with us I appreciate all that you do! Continue to let God use you even when it seems like He isn’t! 🙂 I love you precious woman of God! Be blessed!

  132. Love this song. So peaceful. I’ve heard it before and sung to it, but didn’t know who sang it. Yes I want God to be all I need so I can just be me.
    Loving your book so far! 🙂

  133. Could not get the song said it was not available in this country. But I do relate to not slowing down when you have so many things to take care off and your body is ill. Eventually you have to give in and slow down to take care of yourself.

  134. Allison T Jones says:

    Wow, love this song. There’s so much to let go of – to give to God so He can handle everything. We don’t have to handle everything. God can handle all of it. We need to concentrate on being the ‘me’s’ we were made to be! I think this is going to be my new favorite song! Thanks for the chance to win!

  135. I can totally relate to both your post and Laura’s song. I always tend to want to be the rescuer and helper to others, where then I get totally out of balanced. I then go on a downward spiral of feeling like I am letting others down, when I can’t do more. I also then feel like I let God down. I have been realizing more and more that God wants to be my rescuer, my peace and fill those spots where I may need filling.

  136. Wow Renee and Laura! You two are singing and writing my life story! This “soul virus” must be contagious, as I keep getting re-infected. I also have part-time membership in PBS (productivity-based society) !

    Lord Jesus thank You for this deep heart touching reminder that You would never put these high expectations on me! Please help me live much more focused on You and Your strength, and find lasting peace and acceptance of myself in this chronic illness. I am so weary of going around this same mountain for so many years. I surrender, as You truly are my strong tower, my refuge, my comforter, my Savior!

    Thank you both for being obedient and willing vessels. Healing prayers wrapped in love Renee.

  137. I am right there with you this week. The only difference is I dont want to be this busy. I came down with sinus that turned bad and was actually so grateful for the break but feeling guilty to take it! Im always grateful when God slows me down but I feel im letting everyone else down in the process. My husband ends up with double duty taking care of our kids, cooking and cleaning and begs me to take antibiotics. Sriking a balance is so hard most days! Thanks for sharing your struggles, Renee! Bless you!

  138. There just are not enough words to express my gratitude for this post. It’s like you & Laura were living in my home for the past 2 yrs. My 35 yr. marriage is a mess, our daughter
    (Who happens to hate me) & granddaughter have lived with us for the past 10 months & I can do NOTHING right as far as she is concerned. I have HAD to rely on God & let Him be EVERYTHING for me. I have leaned on Him like never before b/c I would never have survived all of this. God has a plan of course but the not knowing is the part I have to get better at. I dont have the girlfriends you speak of so God has to be everyrhing.

  139. I’m currently unemployed and intensely job searching. Fighting self-doubt, feelings of worthlessness, lack of self-confidence.

    This song reminds me to just keep giving it all up to Him & trust Him.

  140. Oh Renee so sorry you are so sick. I have just prayed for you! It is so not fun to be sick and down and feel the need to not be sick, but to keep going and ‘do it all’. But that’s not how God made our bodies. He wants us to slow down and heal, and sometimes He says ‘stop’ and ‘rest’! This is a great song by Laura too! People today think they can’t be sick, can’t stay home from work, can’t slow down…and they will just get sicker or spread the ‘sickness’ around to others.
    Fortunately I guess I am lucky I am a whimp. 🙂 When I don’t feel well at all, and am sick – I rest, stop working, and get well the only way I know how.
    I will be praying God will show you His wisdom for what He wants you to do.
    Much love!

  141. Diana Cruz says:

    When God created women, he gave us the capacity to do so many things and we know this and sometimes tend to forget that although we have all those, well I like to call them “super powers”, if we don’t refuel on the source which is God, we will eventually crash… We tend to continually tell ourselves “I got this” but we need to understand that sometimes it’s ok not to be ok and just let go and let GOD.

    Thank you so much for sharing this post, I tend to make this mistake constantly and God constantly reminds be to be still and know that HE IS GOD.

  142. I love Laura Story and her music.
    I love the reminders of focusing.

  143. It’s so interesting to see all these posts that say basically the same thing…we can all relate in one way or another. I’ve said this before in other posts, one of the things I love about these bible studies is realizing that we are not alone! So many of us experience the same thoughts and or situations. It’s comforting at times knowing we are not alone. I try to be super woman all the time, and it drives my husband crazy lol! I am trying to work on slowing down and keeping still and remembering that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I now have it in my daily routine to get up early every morning and spend some time with God ( and I try not to multi task). My days are better when I do this.

  144. In 1983 my right leg was torn off at knee from an accident. God sent me the right EMTs and the Doctor in the ER room that night remembered me from church so decided to not amputate.God is good. My leg has not bothered me until the last few years. I keep trying to do what I used to do but weather and age is now catching up.Just this AM isaid to myself as I was rushing to write out scripture What are you doing slow down all the other things will still be there later.As I prayed scriptures I needed to be Just Me were in my reading God is wonderful! Thank you Renee for this Song this AM just another thing I needed at the exact moment I needed it

  145. WOW! Perfect timing for this time of year when I am trying to be the perfect hostess, the perfect daughter, the perfect mom, the perfect wife, . . . with the perfect house, meal, gift! Please be my God, Lord, so I can just be me (for You).

  146. I know I tend to try to just keep going. I have two chronic illness that compete for dominance that I try to conqueror all the time. But when they win and I need to just rest, I find that is when I am drawn closest to God. I think I struggle way to much on my own instead of just resting in letting God be God so I can be and do what I can knowing He will handle the rest and do a way better job then I could ever do!

  147. What a wonderful song! Just what I needed to hear this morning. We are dealing with the “unknown”, in so many areas of our lives and WE NEED GOD. I need this song playing in my head ALL day long. Would appreciate your prayers so much. So thankful that God knows how to handle all of this…

  148. Carolyn Germany says:

    My own life is a reflection of words shared almost daily as a Pastor’s wife for over 28 years. Walking in the “I have to keep going because if I don’t do it or I am not there to lead worship what would happen? It doesn’t work without me!” Oh my! Wake up call! My upper respiratory infection was NOT WANTED but God knew it was time for me to “listen” and be healed as He continued to care for His people. Thank you so much for your thoughts!

  149. Audra Heinman says:

    Working through this … this very second!! Healing from an injury & having missed some work, I am behind. I get caught up just enough to take a breath then I slip back “under the water”. This song was also written just for me! I think it’s amazing how God can show us that we’re not alone in this. If He has there be a song such as this… even the most “put together” people struggle with this! Today, I am going to let God be God.. and I am just going to be me. (with the help of The Holy Spirit.. cause I can’t do it alone!).

  150. Hi Renee
    Why is it that we just can let go and let God when we are feeling down, sick or overwhelm. I just finish a bible study on Jonah-a life interrupted. I believe God is trying to get my attention at these times and to call for help. Help is always what I need and He is there for me.

  151. Terri Kirk says:

    Thanks for sharing. I am going through some REALLY tough times in my family right now, and needed the reminder that God is in control and I don’t HAVE to be!! Worship music ministers to the very depths of my soul. God bless!

  152. Terri Clum says:

    Your message this morning spoke to my heart. My husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s recently. There is so much more I am responsible for now, and it can be overwhelming. I go from morning til I fall into bed exhausted at night. I know now I can rest in God, knowing that He is with me all the time, guiding me through my day. Thank you!

  153. Living with someone who has health issues which leave me drained much of the time leaves me feeling like the only one who is able to do all that needs done and my job isn’t enough to make ends meet. Your song reminds me I am not alone and that God is just waiting for me to come to Him and asking to be all those things and more in this song so I can just be me. Lord thank you for being you so I can be me! With him all things are possible in my life.

  154. Debi Kottmeier says:

    Laura Story writes and sings the most amazing songs. Her song moved me in so many ways!

  155. Jana Payne says:

    Wow! Great song! But I haven’t heard a song yet of hers that I haven’t liked! She gives me courage to step closer to God! And wow, a chance to win her Cd & the devotional?! What a great set of encouragement!

  156. Debra Langdon says:

    This song really spoke to me this morning. Thank you!

  157. Yes very true. It was like I was writing what you wrote. But about the song the cd. It’s just so spot on. I love her lyrics. They are so heart felt. Truly touched. I want the cd now for sure.

  158. I almost didn’t read this email this morning. I’ve been dealing with an infection that is lasting a long time. Feeling that I just want to be normal is my plea to God, but its only on his time that I will be healed. Thank you for sharing just want I need to remind me.

  159. Be my God so I can just be me!! Wow…this is the answer I have been looking for most of my 50 years of life, most of which has been spent being a people pleaser and comparer of myself with others….what a relief and release I felt when she sang those words….my soul jumped up and said THAT’S IT…THAT’S THE ANSWER!!! and God whispered…this is what I have been trying to get through to you for so long now….

  160. Love, love Laura Story’s music. This one really touched home. Dealing with ongoing chronic health issues has left me weary and hopeless. Doubting my faith is strong enough. Praying I believe but help my unbelief and especially longing for Heaven. “..Trying to belong here but it just not my home.”, perfectly articulates this. Trying to balance being in this world but not of this world is a difficult task. And when your in trials is when our faith is tested the most. Be my GOD! Thank you for sending us this song and reminding us all who our Heavenly Father is, MY GOD!

  161. WOW – powerful; as women of God, he wants us to be true to ourselves. Sometimes in relationships we loose ourself in trying to be what the other person wants us to be. I have learned through a trial – never to loose yourself and hold on to me. The person God created me to be. He loves us regardless – and unconditionally. My focus and strenght is in him !

  162. Love this and it’s exactly what I’m dealing with right now. I’m trying to figure out who I am so that I can be who God made me to be. Thanks for the encouragement!

  163. I love this song! Laura Story’s music has always helped me through difficult times in my life. When her song, “Blessings” came out a few years ago, I was going through a difficult time, which culminated in the loss of a grand baby. It helped me to gain perspective. This new song comes at a time in my life when I am trying to “do it all.” I’m trying to get in the habit of daily asking the Lord to order out my day. That way I will get “His” things done instead of “My” things. I think we are all a little SICK:

    In need of
    Christ the

    I know I am! Praying that God will touch you and heal you, physically and spiritually, Renee, so that you can accomplish all that He wants you to and not worry about the rest. Remember, you taught us that worry is not from God! Thank you for all you do!

  164. I love this song, and this has helped me to realize that GOD is always with me no matter what.. I have gone through some difficult times within my immediate family, and it is only by the Grace of God that it has made me stronger in my faith and to learn to wait upon HIM for all. My confidence has been less than normal but through this study and learning about myself I know it will be stronger as well. Thank you for this study and all that you bring to us as participants.. God Bless.


  165. This song seems almost as if she can hear my heart’s cry or listened in on my intimate prayer moments. Thanks for sharing and I’m saying it out loud…I’m ready to let God be God so I can fully discover me and be me.

  166. I have been struggling over and over with what I feel God has told me and what is happening. Yep, I need to just TRUST God to be My All. It is so hard to just keep trusting Him when I start to doubt if I heard Him correctly. My timing is NOW…His timing is His and it is so hard to wait. I know deep down that I heard Him correctly. I need to just believe.

  167. Great lyrics on that song and so guilty of trying to do it all and not asking for help cause of pride or control. Continually have to work on this.

  168. The two struggles: “unrealistic and unhealthy expectations of myself” that you mentioned, have always been an issue for me. Even when I surrender these issues to Christ, I still manage to pick them back up. In reading your post and all the others, it’s evident that so many of us deal with the same struggles on a daily basis. These two struggles sent me down a road of health related issues which sent me into an early retirement eight years ago. I had to give up a career and at the same time I had to bury dreams; but with God’s grace, love and guidance, I am now able to build new dreams and goals.

  169. Thank you. This encourages me to see God when I am unable to live up to my expectations

  170. What a great song. I think it really hits home for me. I have been dealing with severe asthma for 20 years and have taken prednisone daily. It has totally destroyed my immune system and then about 4 years ago I was diagnosed with IBS. That has been really tough and it seems no one understands. I would rather be in labor than deal with IBS because labor isn’t as painful. There are days I do ok and feel good but there are a lot of days I don’t feel well or can’t keep going and people judge you so much when you don’t feel well so often. People feel you are not responsible and unsocial. There are so many things I would like to do but I can’t always manage. I also have to watch how much I do. If I over do on a day or a few days in a row then I pretty well know I am not going to have the strength and energy to do a lot for a couple days. It’s very discouraging when you know things need done and you just can’t do them because you are stuck in bed in severe crippling pain or stuck in a bathroom. I want to be the person that is “like” everyone else that can work full time, keep up their home, family, extra activities and non stop go but that isn’t what God has planned for me right now.

  171. WOW, thank you! I needed this song today. I’m broken. I had an amazing GOD filled day yesterday, and it made me happy and sad- happy to feel Him again- but sad that I have fallen so far away from Him. I’ve been trying to encourage myself all morning and, well, I’m on my third play of this song <3 I was recently devastated by circumstances at the church that I had been going to for the past five years, the church that I found Jesus in, the church I feel Jesus in. I've decided that instead of letting everything eat at me and continue to affect me, that I am going to work through it. Give it to God (even if it has to be little by little). I so desperately want to be where I should be- back in His work, in prayer. I have been feeling like if I can't do it the way I want to, perfectly, the way I think I should do it, then I'm not going to do it at all! How terrible to place such demands on yourself!? So I'm setting aside my perfectionism and getting back to God one step at a time. I appreciate this post beyond measure! Thank you 🙂

  172. Your post and this song resonate with so many women and mothers. Beautiful reminder to slow down, rest and trust God.

  173. Such a beautiful song. God has taught me a lot about trust and letting go of my need to be in control. It does get exhausting having to do everything all the time.

  174. As I am sitting here listening to Laura Story I realize I just need to be me. Tomorrow we find out if we are going to lose our home to foreclosure. I am so tired of worrying over finances and declining health and feeling guilty because I am worrying when God tells us not to worry He is in control but things keep happening. I want to turn things over to Him but I can no longer pray or ask for anything. I am living each day through the songs of Don Moen, Laura Story and John Michael Talbot

  175. Kimberly G. says:

    Love, love, love this song – and all of Laura Story’s songs – and so appreciate her heart for the worship of our great God! This song helps me adjust my perspective and focus on the truth of His love for me and the promise that He’s always in control and I should trust Him more with everything! I also appreciate Renee’s ministry as well – thankful for those who help encourage me keep a godly perspective in the midst of the difficulties of this life!

  176. When I was younger and had children at home, I constantly was on the go. Every day was packed. Now that I have an empty nest I am finding that I have a lot of free time, but wonder am I using it wisely. God is speaking to me about priorities even though I have few obligations. I have to let God be God even in this lonely time.

  177. This song really spoke to me especially being a Bible study leader for those struggling with Infertility. Tomorrow is my Bible study and I will be sharing this video with the ladies and also sharing with them a few thoughts of devotional. The “Confident Heart” book is something I have been wanting to purchase for some time now but just haven’t been able to. Thank you so much for being generous and also for sharing your heart. There are so many hurting. Hoping tomorrows study will fill their hearts with hope! God bless.

  178. I can relate to the story, as well as to the song…in more ways than I can say…In the midst of the hardest season of my life, not only do I try to be strong emotionally, but also physically…yet the constant wieght of our circumstances doesn’t make either of those things easy. I try so hard to hold it all together…yet it is Him who holds it all together…even when I am falling apart. I have been struggling a lot lately as I can’t keep up with ANYTHING and I am just feeling like I can’t do anything right, and in the meantime, I can’t meet others expectations of me, let alone my own…Yet I continue to be reminded that GOD doesn’t expect me to be all and do all…He doesn’t even expect me to be strong in it all, but to let Him be my strength. I guess it is just hard to do that when I feel like I am failing to even let Him be all He wants to be for me, because I am trying so hard to be all I think I should be…and then I feel like I am failing Him, myself, and everyone else. I need to focus on Him and let Him be all to me…and I nedd to rest in who He is…rest spiritually, emotionally…and even physically. Thank you for the reminder…

  179. Phia Kanyi says:

    The idea of letting my guard down makes me terrified because letting my guard down has opened the door for so much exposure to more stress and heart ache. I’m gonna listen to this song ten more times to allow my strength to build. Right now I’m going thru the motions of the expectations around me. My hear isn’t in any of it. I know this is temporary… but is it hard.

  180. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song!!!! I heard it some time back and felt the words like they were pouring from my own soul. And they were, along with the tears as I listened. I’m learning to stop striving and let HIM be all that HE is through me. Thank you for a chance to win a copy of the CD and your devotional book! I’ve read A Confident Heart through more than once and think the devotional would be great add-on to my morning devotions.

  181. Laura Story speaks into my heart and soul. I absolutely love her and her music! Team that with “A Confident Heart” WOW, God is so awesome and loves us so much. I’m so grateful!!

  182. I’m sorting through disappointments to find contentment today. Thank you for sharing this song!

  183. There is such freedom in knowing who we are in Christ & stepping into that freedom – it takes away so much of the ‘I gotta do this (control)…’ My Mom passed away the spring before my 40th birthday; it gave me new eyes to see the brevity of life & look for what truly matters. People are surprised when I pray about something that’s a great opportunity but say no because that’s what God told me to say – they look at me & ask ‘Don’t you realize what a great _____ this is?’ Sure do but when God says no, I know there will be ramifications to MY yes. I so enjoyed the study of “Confident Heart” & would love the devo & Laura’s CD. Pray you’re soon well!

  184. Renee,
    I fall into the same trap as you were describing in your post. Somehow I think that what God has called me to do should be done all by me….by myself. I forget that God equips the ones He calls and we’re never to do anything He’s called us to do in our own strength. I know that my struggle comes from my childhood because my parent’s marriage was very rocky and I somehow figured I should try to keep things together for my sister by “acting strong” for her. So, I never let her, or anyone, see me cry. I would always retreat to my bedroom or cry myself to sleep at night. When they divorced, I thought I was okay with it. I had told myself this lie until now. God has been revealing to me just how damaged I am from their split. I have carried this “holding it all together” syndrome into my adult life and my own marriage. It’s a hard habit to break. When God brings me to a stopping point and begins to show me why I seem to be failing….that’s when I can see clearly enough to pray and ask for His much needed help. I just keep praying and I believe when I have matured in my walk with God that I will be able to look back on the lessons He’s taught me during each stopping point.

    I absolutely love Laura Story’s new song….when I first heard it I just knew she wrote this song for me. It is my struggle put to music.

    Much love to you!
    Melissa Bradley

  185. Cathy Hicks says:

    I am learning to trust God and let Him be God in my husband’s Parkinson’s disease. As much as I want to, I can’t fix it and God is sovereign. Though it is hard to watch the love of my life deteriorate almost daily, he is God’s child and God loves him even more than I do.

  186. Thank you so much for these thoughts today. I have been following your sickness on FB since you left Houston. God has really allowed you to hit me in the heart. With hubby and I both experiencing so many health issues this year I have things built up inside that I thought I had to do and had to be. What you said at our luncheon has really made me look at what is important. God gave me an idea to relieve the stress I put on my self. Instead of the frenzy of the holiday season I plan to sit back and enjoy what He has for me. I am writing letters to give each of my family for Christmas letting them know what they mean to me. That maybe all they get but it will be from God’s heart to mine then to theirs. I have such a peace now that I haven’t had all this year. Thank you for inspiring me to stop and look and listen.

  187. Forgot to mention that I wrote this while listening to Laura’s song. It says it all and so well.

  188. I am in the midst of the same situation…..respiratory infection and asthma exacerbation making me slow down. Difficult to do right now….just moved, new job, new church, new ministries, family of five to care for, senior college visits, senior pictures, school activities, etc. all while trying to unpack and maneuver around boxes, knowing we’ll have company for Thanksgiving a just a few short weeks. But God has been faithful in the past when He has slowed me down and your blog today just reminded me of all the lessons He has for us when we slow down enough to learn them. Thank you for sharing!

  189. What an awesome song. It sure says it like it is!!!! Why is it so hard to let go and let God? I am struggling with so many things right now, but this study, and now this song, are rocks for me to hold on to as I strive to move through this tough time. Thank you so much!!

  190. Oh, what a great song! Our family is having such a tough time right now and the last week has felt like I am being attacked from every angle. The beginning of Laura’s song seemed like I could have written the words – I am letting go and leaning on God to get us through this tough time.

  191. Sweet Renee, I love what you wrote on FB. You said you had more than a respiratory virus, you had a soul virus. It’s so true, sometimes the Lord has to get our attention by desperate means. The human symptoms, although very difficult, often come as a gift that unwrap a heart’s sickness. Thinking back to my journey that began in 2010, God needed to get my attention. I knew I was walking in disobedience. Cancer came for my protection. I had a much more serious cancer that was pulling me away from my relationship with the Lord. It had to be removed. It has not been easy, but it’s been for my good and His glory.

    I wish I could have played the song by Laura Story. Unfortunately, as with many video links, a message appears that the video is not available in my country. Everything comes to the States first. Oh well, good things come to those who wait.

    Praying you’re feeling better my friend.
    Love, hugs and prayers,

  192. Ileana Aragon says:

    Today God has threw this song to me.God bless you both!I know God is already in control of my life.

  193. Such a powerful song. So many things that can get us down in the world, so glad to have a home after this one that I can look forward to.

  194. beautiful song, and the words are so true. I think we all tend to try to be perfect and do it all. Honestly for me, I think it is pride when I think that if I don’t get things done, life will fall apart. God can do just fine without me.

  195. Wow, this is awesome. I’m definitely in the middle of struggling between depression, kids issues, marriage issues, and money issues. I need this so badly. I’m struggling with self esteem and feeling worthy and need tobe reminded of Gods llove until I believe it.

  196. Providential timing on this post – thank you! I’m really struggling in my marriage right now and it was a great reminder that God is the only one who will never let me down. He loves me, in fact made me, to be gloriously ME.

  197. I have struggled with just being myself. It is so peaceful thinking about just being me that is fully resting in grace. I see myself stretched out on a hammock suspended in the air floating along with my eyes closed smiling. It’s usually me that is not satisfied with being me, like I can be more or something. If God wanted me something else with different talents and gifts, HE would have made me that way. I can just be the beautiful jewel work of art He made me be, and He can be the artisan. 🙂

  198. The timing of this is amazing. I have been overwhelmed all school year, but this past two weeks I have felt aweful inside bc of the shame and stress of not being able to just get caught up on one thing. I have been comforted by the Lord that it’s not His Voice telling me I need to get it all done, but I so quickly forget and all I know is this internal autopilot of self-reliance and self-imposed expectations! What a wretch I am–who will deliver me from this destructive way of living!? Thank you, Jesus. For what you have revealed you are able to do in me. And I say, bring it on!

  199. Faith Testement says:

    I can relate to this article and the song! I am a wife and mother of 3. I also suffer with lupus, fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression, as well as some complucations related to lupus. I have always been “super mom”! Until I was knocked flat on my back(literally) with lupus, I was busy non-stop. Kid’s sports and church activities, working a full time job as an x-ray tech, teaching Sunday school, children’s church and an adult bible study class, cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc. the list goes on and on! I felt like if something needed done, I was the only one that could get it done. Then I became unable to walk for almost a week and my world got turned upside down. I nearly went crazy worrying about how all my “jobs” we’re gonna get done. It took several years of letting go of some responsibilities and having a few panic attacks along the way, for me to realize that I CAN’T do it on my own. I have been forced to let others help me and it has been extremely hard. I still have times when I want to take control. But God slowed me down so I would learn to let Him take care of me. I put my trust in the One who made me. He is the only one that I need to concentrate on and everything else will fall in place. I have learned to let Him be my God, so I can just be little ole me!

  200. Janine Crowe says:

    I too often push myself to do too much. When I overdo, I start getting a sore throat. It is a sign for me to slow down. I appreciate Renee’s words and Laura’s song. They are meaningful to me. Thank you.

  201. WOW – This is just such a time for me – it doesn’t involve illness, but trying to be something that is – as the song says – Just not me. I have prayed each day since starting The Confident Heart that God will fill me and take over my life. This song is beautiful and so very true. If we could all turn things over and let go so we can ” just be us”.

  202. Renee, I am so sorry that you are sick and praying that you will be better soon. Your message really touched me tonight. For so long I have been expected to be “super Mom, super teacher, super wife, super church worker” and on and on. Mostly I push myself to do be all and do all, but I feel the pressure from others because they know I am a hard worker. I know that God doesn’t expect or want me to try to try to do it all, but I keep trying. Your message and Laura’s song touched my heart. Thank you both. Katherine

  203. Renee,
    I have loved being a part of your online studies. I was introduced to Laura Story’s music,in particular Blessings, back in August by my friend, Julie, shortly before my older brother, John, died from lung/brain cancer. I love her music. And, how this song speaks to my very soul. I am constantly trying to be the loving Mom, the perfect wife, the caretaking daughter to my 82 year old mother, and provide for the needs of my clients as a full-time social worker and most always feeling as if I do not do any of them well. Needless to say, I am quite hard on myself and think I should be able to do all at least “almost perfectly”! What a joke. “I Can Just Be Me” certainly reminds me of God’s promise that He is my Healer, Comforter, my Father, My Hero, My King and my Warrior…I don’t have to do it all, Christ works through me and in me to be Mom, Wife, Daughter, Worker but most importantly Child of God. Thanks for sharing Renee! Paula

  204. Sweet song! He is my Healer. Comfort. Peace. With Him I am Whole, Nothing missing. Nothing broken.

  205. I LOVE this song!! And I love your writing! This song speaks so much to me, espically living with so many chronic illnesses. So often I fight to do all -I- want to do. I get frustrated, trying to control everything bc theres so much I cant do anymore due to my chronic pain and fatigue and other symptoms. I love where she says, “So be my healer, be my comfort, be my peace.
    Cause I can be broken, I can be needy,
    Lord I need You now to be,
    Be my God, so I can just be me.”
    God has shown be already that He can and will use my brokenness and illnesses. So what I need to do is let Him be My God and then like she sings, I can just be me- the -me- that God intends me to be- nothing more or nothing less, but all that HE created me to be!! Those days when I do this, and it is made easier by reading books like yours, and especially through music like Laura’s, then I am at such peace and have such joy, even through the pain and the illnesses! God is great! Now all we need to do is just let Him be the Great God He is!! And the Great Father that He is!!
    Thank you for this song and for this post today!!
    God bless!

  206. This song really touched my soul tonight. I so needed this right now. I have been struggling with some stuff and am working with a counseor in learning to let go of my past. I am hurting so much right now. Please keep me in prayer. Thanks

  207. Fighting Secondary PTSD, ( hubby battling his own but won’t admit it) after my hubby was deployed and injured in Afganistain has me thrown for quite a loop. It’s been almost 3 yrs since he returned but I can’t shake that ” be all” ” do all” hold everything together syndrome. After waiting 8 yrs to have a child God blessed me with my first son and when he was 5 days old my husband left for Afganistain. I know my story is just one of many and I wish to tell it in a book one day. This song gives me chills and reminds me that if I keep my eyes Focused on the one who is everything then I can just be free to heal and let him guide my thoughts, steps, and life

  208. My husband just called me on why I put on a false front that everything’s okay with me when I’m having major health issues. I tried explaining how the people I have shared it with have treated me, but then I started thinking, why can’t I just be me? Not sure how to even go about it.

  209. Through it all God has been all I needed Him to be – my Healer, my Provider, my Healer, my Father, mu Husband, so I van just be me. It has not been easy and it is not easy now but my peace comes from knowing that He is with me wherever I gp.

  210. Kristi Cunningham says:

    That’s where I am stuck right now myself at work…should I go or should I stay.

  211. noreen majewski says:

    Amen sister!!!! How true…I was there few days ago. Yes, being still and knowing He is God and would love to have ALL of me.

  212. Florence Berg says:

    Love it. It is wonderful to think about His kingdom coming in this crazy mixed upside down, too much to do, too many demands too much to hold together and how will the bills get pain world. What a relaxing breather. I don’t want to go back to the world, let’s stay in the kingdom together!


  213. Connie Stibora says:

    Love this song, it has become my mantra so to speak. We lost our 19 year old son to suicide in May and it takes every ounce of courage and strength I have just to get up in the morning and put on a brave face to greet the world, go to work and take care of our family and be the support my other 3 children and husband need, and the strong daughter, the confident friend etc. I could not walk alone on this journey, I know I have my father and saviour to carry me.

  214. I love the song! I also love the Renee’s message I could have written this myself! Everything she said I do all the time pushing and pushing and not just letting go and believing that God is always with us and working on our behalf!!!

  215. Wow… so needed that song today! We moved to a new home and it has brought new routines to get used to and life as I knew it has to change… what can I do? what do I need to let go of? what should I say yes to? what should I decline? All questions rolling around in my head – along with those expectations of myself that are unrealistic!!

    Thanks for sharing – would absolutely love to win the CD and devotional book! I am working my way through the book A Confident Heart… so powerful!

  216. I love Laura’s music . The words are so beautiful & heartfelt.

  217. Without a doubt I know that Jesus is my Lord and Savior and that God knows what is best for me….but yet it is so hard for me to trust in Him in so many areas of my life. I have read your book Renee once and am working on reading it again very slowly…and it has been a big help to me. Thank you for letting God use you and for sharing this song by Laura. Jesus is my Savior!! Take care and God bless. I am praying for you and your family.

  218. totally love this song. I have so enjoyed Laura Story’s music. i definitely need to take these words to heart. I work full time, have 8 children with the youngest only 6 weeks old, have financial struggles and relationship struggles with some very close people. the only time I let it all go and give it up to God is when I am so overwhelmed I have no choice anymore. I have read your book and tried to change somethings but as you know after a while you find yourself picking back up all the old habits.

  219. I love her music her songs touch me and give me strength… I love God and I know He loves me but I still let others damage me, hurt my feelings and break me open… Praying HE can fill me up so no room to let those others in just me, His love and and His word… to go forward

  220. Thank you, I needed this right now. Going through a complicated divorce this week and desparetely need to feel God in me.

  221. Oh my goodness! My plea exactly! I have recently been told by my doctor I had to learn to say NO. It so hard for me. I have always been a go get her get it done now person! I have many obligations and everyday I get so frustrated when I don’t get some things accomplished as planned. I love this song and it hits home and I will use it as strength to understand its ok to slow down and trust God and it will all come together. Thank you fir sharing such an inspirational song.

  222. Katherine Miller says:

    Letting go of wanting all the answers, willing to live with the unknown.

  223. I love to be loved by Jesus and nothing we can do will make Him love us any more. I just want to love Him back by doing what He wants me to do. I’m sorry that my computer wouldn’t play your song. I married a lady that needed someone to love her like Jesus does because of her rough childhood. It has been amazing to see her change before my very eyes and I have made lots of mistakes along the way but I always forgive her for her mistakes and she always forgive me for mine. God’s love is so awesome and there just isn’t anything greater then God’s love!

  224. So a quick thought. I understand what I do does not define me. I guess the real question is what does define me. What am I or who am I, what makes me, me ? I think if that question is answered it would help more. To know what your not is ok nut its better to know who you are. I grew up in a Christian home and I was told everything to not do but I wasnt told a whole lot what to do. If I was told what to do it was more do this like our church does or that but if you dont do it like our church you are doing it wrong. I understand now thats a lie. So Im trying to focus on what to do not what not to do. So someone answer my question. If what I do or did does not define me then what does? Thank you

  225. I am a stay at home mom who’s awful at housework. Lately, all I hear are the comments about what I didn’t get done or didn’t do right. I feel like such a failure. I’m not good enough. The compliments I get don’t seem to stick in my head. I’m just trying to do a good job doing what I think I should do, but it seems like I’m not enough.

    • Thanks, I needed this! It’s like Lindsay read my mind and wrote how I feel. Add homeschooling to the mix and I feel like I’m never enough either.

  226. So many balls to juggle! Doing God’s work in my own strength is making me weary and worn out! God doesn’t expect me to do all the work. He has the Plan and if I will be quiet and still and call on Him, He will lead me down His paths that will get His work done. God, still my soul so I can recognize your voice!

    The song is beautiful and the words so true!

  227. Miss Mary T says:

    Laura has a way of capturing our souls deepest longings and hearts desire to love and trust our Lord! And I thought Blessings was a beautiful song as well!

  228. This is so true! I wept as I listened to Laura Story’s song I can just be me. I have been suffering from depression for several years. It is pretty well under control if I take care of myself. This is different for me; I am usually the last person I take care of. So I have really depended on God for guidance strength and unconditional love.

    During this time I also developed an unhealthy coping skill. In a moment of quiet and prayer the Lord directly instructed me that it is time to give this to Him, to fully surrender and obey. God promises something wonderful at the end of the path! Amen to that! But it is easier said than done. I have been living this way for so long, often I feel that I don’t know who I am any more. That is why this song was so impacting.

    Lord, teach me, open my heart fully to you. I want to know you more. I want to learn who You desire me to be…….I want to enjoy this creation you made me to be.

  229. Thanks! Love the song it really hits home to all of us that try to be super mom, super wife, super employee, and super everything else. Sometimes it is nice to think we wants nothing from me but just me!

  230. Beautiful Song! My daughter loves this song and finds it inspiring and comforting during her teenage years.
    Why can it be so difficult sometimes to not get caught up trying to be who others want us to be rather than who God created us to be? Thank You Renee, for your encouraging words on this topic. Although older than you, it was helpful to know that it was a long process for you till you became that person God created you to be and using your gifts fully without hesitation. There is still hope! You are doing a great job using your gifts. God Bless You!!

  231. Chelsea Barrick says:

    I love Laura’s new song and is spoke words of truth for me. I’ve been struggling a lot with trying to figure out who God wants me to be. Sadly I’m a molder and I seem to model to my friends as I see certain aspect of their life that I adore and I so badly want that to be. I’ve learned over the last month that I’m not them and I always fall short or become discouraged deeply when I’ve failed because that wasn’t who God made me to be. I’m just praying that God shows me who I’m meant to be through him. I desire that and I plead with him to revel to me! Thank you sharing your video and thank you for your book ” A Confident Heart” I have literally made copies of verses and some of the lessons and I have them posted around my home. Thank you!

  232. I need to allow God to be my warrior.

  233. Renee,

    God directly spoke to me through your book. I will no longer be saddled with fear and anxiety because I am wonderfully made by my Lord. Thank you and many blessings,


  234. Thank you for this devotional and this song! Pray for my twenty-three year old daughter as she struggles through a crisis time in her life. Please pray that she will have a longing for the Holy Spirit to fill her and that she will have a receptive heart. She needs to be able to forgive herself and love herself again.

    • Hi….I will be praying for you and your daughter..that you will both feel God’s love, forgiveness and provision.

  235. I need to let God be God and relax in regards to my adult children ..I am so busy trying to figure out how to help them , influence them, do things for them that I don’t have time to pray for them … When they were little they were under my care but now I can’t split myself in four ways .. I need to let go and let God do what only He can do in their lives….I worry so much about them, please God, help me to realize, really know, that you love them more than me.

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  237. I think I usually see it as a lack of faith on my part. I see that inside I’m lazy and that I don’t trust God to give me the strength to do what needs to be done. Because some things can’t wait and there are things we need that need to be paid for. My children’s father has paid only 100 dollars since we separated in 2011 and I have been the sole provider ever since – living at my parents house and working to support them day and night. The problem is that when I stop there is no savings to fall back on. Sick days are for when my own children get sick, not for me. I have been working all night and all day to support my kids. I even am trying to do it without public assistance but have now had to ask for help again. My exhusband is now taking me to court because he has not seen the kids because when he takes them it is outside visitation. Essentially he abducted them – many times he took them fight out of my own church when I was singing on praise team. Because I fully support them, I am struggling to figure out how I will pay for a lawyer. I know I am a good mom but he lies about me frequently and twists the truth. We even hAd to leave our church because the abductions got so bAd and his parents were leaders in the church. Now here I am today. On my way to work after a day I took off to take my son on his feild trip and I got a flat tire. I am so grateful I have roadside assistance. As I was sitting and waiting I checked my email and found renee’s post. I felt like crying because I have not always been this way. I know I am really hard on myself but what do you do when it depends on you? How do you not be a co dependent? How do you healthily address your needs if you do not have a back up when you get sick or have a flat?

  238. Debbie Frederick says:

    I’m listening to you through the Right Now Media. I do believe God directed me to you series ‘ The Confident Heart.’ It has bless my heart. Thank You. Listening to you share, I feel you are talking about me. Thank You


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