Pull Away From Everything That Is Pulling On You

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Our new Proverbs 31 Ministries devotional book: Encouragement for Today: Devotions For Everyday Living just released and I am so excited to be giving away 3 copies of it today!

It includes several  devotions by me and  a bunch more from my dear friends and team mates at P31. Here’s a little bit more about what is inside


Pull away from the things that are pulling on you and find lasting encouragement for today.

For twenty years our P31 team has equipped and encouraged millions of women around the world to live in the power of God’s truths that apply to our everyday lives. Written by women from every walk of life, in Encouragement for Today you will find inspiration to live authentically and fully grounded in the Word of God.

Sharing from the realities of everyday life including highs and lows, humorous stories and tender moments, you’ll enjoy 100 daily devotions woven together with wit and wisdom. Pull away from all that is pulling on you and find lasting Encouragement for Today!


What do YOU like to do or where do you like to go to pull away from all that pulls on you and spend some time with God? 

Leave a comment below sharing your answer! Three winners will receive a free copy of our new book. {If you are reading this via email, PLEASE CLICK HERE  to visit my blog and leave a comment under this post.}

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Every morning I start out in my home office, reading the devotion from Proverbs 31 ministries and then I have my quiet time with God and my cup of coffee. I so look forward to this time every day and it starts my day off right..

  2. I love going on women’s retreats and other women’s events. I feel like I can really get away from the chaos of my life and get peace and time alone to really enjoy being a woman of God and spend time in his overflowing love. I really hope to one day find the discipline to have a “Scheduled” quiet time routine. For now P31 and the resources I find through it has been my stable stand-in to make sure I can daily find a connection with God. He has fed me and grown me in my deepest times of need through all P31 is doing 🙂

  3. Catherine Sears says:

    The plan is to grow.

  4. Lola Terry says:

    I like to go into my “happy” place with God and design jewelry for hours on as I get a design in my head, (I know I didn’t do it) and then revelation comes and dreaming of my own business some day, right now, really; and I really get into others as I read and see, and feeling the same or have experience the same as I, and learning from other “Wisdom-lead” women….going the distance(s) and believing His Word, knowing, and amazed most of the time, that It will always stand; sometimes I get to a point of “nah, not for me” and then it hits me, Stand on His Promises, then to stumble on to the Proverbs 31 series of messages, I have found another “happy” place….I know I’m at work, but come break time, I’m in front of the system, searching and getting that “extra” umph….crying at times, smiling a lot, and WOWing —God is truly Amazing! He’s my strong tower, my vindicator, and I can go on….other resources are here for me, and those four walls in the church will not be the only place I can share and live—I, now, have a “passport” and can go anywhere!

  5. I like to curl up on the couch with the Lord,

  6. Mary Dusenbery says:

    I like to pray and cry out to the Lord. He is my strength and my shield. My everlasting JOY!! I talk with God throughout the whole day wherever I am. God has been revealing things about myself that I was trying to pin on everyone else around me, but I was talking too much to really listen to Him telling me that the problem was within me. The criticism, the anger, the disappointment, my unrealistic expectations of others, etc. He has my attention now and with His help I will overcome. We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus our Lord!!!

    • Where ever you are God is with you and for many that is any place they feel his peace, comfort, spirit, guidance. I pray everyday no matter where I am whether at home, work, outside, church, with friends, in the car whether it is a silent prayer or talking to the Lord. I have learned to Let Go and Let God he is in
      control. I read the devotions of Proverbs 31 ministries. No matter what we are facing in life I know he is always with us.

      I like to wake up to a new day and thank him for another day of life, cup of coffee, say a prayer, read devotion and begin my day with God. I love to find peace in the outdoors near the Ocean, mountains, a nice walk in quiet spirit with the one who holds everyone and everything in his hands.

      Jesus our Lord and Savior

  7. I love to go outside and take a walk and see all that God has made.

  8. Adriane Sims says:

    I love to wake up early in the morning and just be quiet with God. I have not done this enough but God has been pressing it on my heart lately so I have a new committment to spend at least 10 minutes alone with God a day. 🙂

  9. Adriane Sims says:

    I also love to walk outside with Him too and appreciate all He has made.

  10. Christine says:

    A great book that is very timely. We can all use more encouragement.

  11. i love going to my sunroom. to sit and relax…enjoy the simple clean room and breathe 🙂

  12. I actually like to take a shower and I imagine that I am washing away all of the stress and at the same time I talk to God.

    • Bori Prentiss Kim says:

      Same here 🙂 Though I take a shower in the morning, taking a shower actually works the best when I’m down, depressed, or just need to talk with God.

  13. Mary A Leonard says:

    When I need to pull away from the things that are pulling me, I love to discuss the joys of happiness that I have my health with my best girlfriend over some good coffee. We also have our walks and talk about ways in which we can have fun by going out to dinners often and visiting new restaurants or even sharing recipes for new healthy dishes. These moments shared with my best girlfriend is what keeps me from being pulled under. We discuss how grateful we are to still be friends after so many years and how God just continuously keeps us under HIS care in spite of the trials and tribulations we may face.

  14. I like to be at home in the quiet. No TV on. No music playing. Just me and my Father in Heaven and His Holy Word. If I need to cry, He lets me and then comforts me. If I am angry, He takes me to task if it is unjustified. No matter what the outcome it is time well spent in the presence of The One who truly loves me.

  15. kelly seay says:

    I like to go to a real quiet place. Just me and God. No distractions. I usually find that in, what looks like a pit. It is very beautiful. Me and nature.

  16. Everyone leaves the house around 8:00 am. I grab a cup of coffee and my dogs and go upstairs in my chaise lounge and read my bible and devotions and pray. But I long for a weekend getaway to just be with God, to pray and read his word with no distractions.

  17. Cortney Frye says:

    It doesn’t matter really where I go because God simply meets me there when I draw near to Him! He continually pours His mercy and grace on me despite myself. I may not have the perfect “routine” of quiet time, but when I read His word I receive the pure spiritual nourishment that I must have to grow.

  18. I just like to sit back, relax, meditate and pray to our Lord and give him all thanks and praise and ask for continued blessings upon my family, friends, others and me!!

  19. DAWN BALLARD says:

    When I like to get away and get close to God I like to go and walk along the outskirts of the cemetary. We live near it. I like to look at the flowers and ponder on life.

  20. I like to go to the beach and just watch the ocean and get refreshed in God’s glory. If I can’t go to the beach. I like to get up early in the morning and sit on my porch and spend time with the Lord in silence and just look in awe at all the amazing things he created and remind myself he is in control and I am in his hands.

    • Waiting on God says:

      I envy your access to the beach, Karen! I am reminded of His power and how He is never-ending when I watch the waves and view the horizon. How blessed you are!

  21. Kimberly Goolsby says:

    The busy-ness of life – any other tasks! Love spending time in His Word, and when I make time for that, it helps me keep the right perspective throughout the day! Would love to win a copy of this book! 😉

  22. Michelle Watkins says:

    I like to spend a week end at Mepkin Abbey in Monck’s Corner, SC. It’s located on an old plantation with beautiful gardens. The monks there are so hospitable to their guests and invite them to be a part of all of the services if they wish. The peace and quite that I receive while I am there allows me to recharge myself and renew my connection with God.

  23. We have a chapel at our church where i can go and be pulled back!

  24. If the weather is nice outside, i like to pull away to my deck in back yard… The trees, birds singing, just me and Jesus…. Or if it’s not ideal weather, I like to go in my prayer closet, literally my closet. I once put a chair in there to sit on but it gets covers up with clothes. So I like to sit on floor with my back against the door. This keeps anyone from opening it since there is ok lock on it. I’ve spent many special moments with Jesus in that closet… From standing and screaming to sitting and whispering to flat on my face soaking the carpet with tears… It’s good to be alone with God 😉

  25. For me, my way of getting away from everything trying to pull me is to PRAY wherever I am – at my desk at work, in the car while I’m driving, at home in a quiet area. I also like to have Christian worship music playing when I need to be near to God to bring me into his presence.

  26. Meg derosier says:

    I like to go sit by a river and enjoy his creation and listen to the steady steam on the flowing water:)

    • Waiting on God says:

      The town I grew up in had a river running alongside it, Meg. I do miss that. That steadiness, that constant movement, is a powerful reminder of God’s presence and faithfulness to me. What a gift to have a river nearby…

  27. Every morning I her up before my husband and dog. I curl up on the sofa with my bible and the days P31 devotion. I read, highlight my bible, and pray for clarity and guidance for the day.

  28. Sharon Burkes says:

    I like to read devotionals… I have been slacking lately and the email that brought me hwre was a great wake up reminder. I Thank You

  29. i like to meditate on the word, verses/scriptures – and take some time acknowledging all the good in my life. gratitude & meditation. simply the best.
    p.s. Renee Swopes you are joy!

  30. Debbie Lepock says:

    This past week I have found God to be where ever you need him. seek his presence and He is there. Right at this moment 1:30 they will be pulling the plug on the life support to my dear close cousin Sissy. As I have been with family members supporting and encouraging them with Gods help I have had to seek his peace in all different places of the hospital, garage, car, and outside, bathroom whereever and he has come to me. Praise God!


  32. My favorite place would be to be near a stream or the ocean. That’s where I would love to be especially when I am spending time with God. REalistically, my place at home is on my couch…opposite a window that has a beautiful view or looking at my picture that has the ocean in teh background with a hammock on a porch in the front with one of my favorite (yet hard to do) verses “Be Still and KNOW I am God.”

  33. Rita Scott says:

    This looks like a great devotion. I have a friend that I am trying to help through a dark time and I would love to share this with her.

  34. My time is when everyone is asleep and the house is quiet. I can just sit and read my bible and pray about the things that are burdening my heart and ask the Lord to help me to release all anxiety.

  35. Christina says:

    The shower is a special place for God and I to meet. No one can usually here what is going on, so if I need to cry or get mad I can let those feelings flow (pun intended:).

  36. yasmina randolph says:

    I like to go sit at the beach and be still. In those moments I feel closest to God.

  37. I like to go out on my porch and sometimes I pray – sometimes, I just sit there and listen to see what God might be trying to say to me. Be still and listen.
    When I’m able to get away, a state park is the best place to get out in the woods and away from phones, tv, jobs, etc. and spend time in prayer and meditate on His Word.
    When we give God some “still” time, I am learning that He will and is ready to speak to us. We just have to be ready to listen.

  38. Jenny Rutan says:

    I love to spend a little quite time each morning out on my swing, a cup of coffee and my bible. I look forward to seeing what God has to say to me each day. And on very special occasions I love sitting on the beach when its not so crowded, focusing on His beauty. How peaceful! God bless you!

  39. When I start feeling overwhelmed I like to just stop what I am doing and find something around me that shows me God is still with me. It may be something as simple as a cloud in the sky in the shape of something that makes me happy. A smile on a strangers face says to me “God is near”. If I am around a computer I do searches on encouragement. I love to read inspiring quotes on google images. Another thing I love to do to spend time with God is listen to encouraging music. Mandisa is my favorite on so many levels. Her music could have been written by me. She has overcome so much and she just beams with positivity! Music reminds me that God is with me! Thanks for all the encouragement you girls do for us out here doing life together!

  40. Rebecca Whitehead says:

    I like to talk to God in the shower. Its just me and Him. It is quiet and no one can bother me. I also like to sit outside in my lawnchair. Just me and God and the squirrels and the birds. God speaks wherever I am though.

  41. Adonica Budd says:

    I like to go to the beach and just watch the ocean. This is my way of getting away from it all. Reading the Bible and praying there makes God seem so close. Big issue–I live many hours from the nearest beach. I struggle with Pulling away when it is my family (husband & kids) that many times I need to pull away from.

  42. I carved out some space in the spare bedroom that I can go each morning to spend some quiet time with God. Reading my bible and devotional books, I find the words seeping into my heart at just the right time when I need to hear them. This is the best part of my day.

  43. My favorite escape to pull away and be with God is out in nature (the lake, woods etc.) I enjoy being under a large protecting tree – while a refreshing rain (not hard 🙂 ) rain comes.

  44. First thing in the morning, I bring my coffee and my laptop out on my back patio. I have a small lake right behind my house and I watch the sun glistening off the water while I drink my coffee and read my online devotions.

  45. Kendra Seaton says:

    I love to take my Bible or Bible study book and sit on my front porch early in the morning. It’s very quiet, but we have bird feeders and bird houses and I thoroughly enjoy watching the birds eat, take baths, drink, build nests. It’s very peaceful and I can ‘feel’ God all around me – it’s a great way to start my day! Now if I can just add the Encouragement for Today book that I win today, it will be that much better! 😉

  46. Chris Kraemer says:

    I like to sit out on our deck ,surrounded by God’s beautiful creation. I put on some praise and worship songs and just sit and soak in God’s presence.

  47. Every morning I go to the laundry room and start a load of laundry, then stop by my computer and read the Proverbs 31 devotion for the day. Later when everyone is gone for the day, I meet with God at my kitchen table. I’m always amazed but not surprised at how God speaks so personally to me. Many times the devotion and my Bible time will be speaking the same things, which is just confirmation of what I need to do or hear.

  48. I get up early every morning just to have a few spare moments to myself before leaving for work. I sit in one of my favorite chairs that face out a bay window where I can see my wild bird feeder. I have a morning devotion book entitled “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. It always seems that I am being fed the information that I will be needing for that day or the following OR, as in this morning; the Holy Spirit chastend me (because He loves me) that I neede to redirect my thinking and action on some complaining I was doing. It is so good to be unconditionally loved. And to think, I have been wallowing in the pit for the past two weeks. This devotional time brings me into God’s presence. “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you before you were born, I set you apart! Jeremiah 1:5

  49. I am going thru a bad storm looking for my place and encouragement to get thru this. I have NO friends or anyone to confide in, my spouse could not care less about me at this point. I am in search of my quiet place and time, and hopefully it doesn’t continue at 3am in the morning, however if that’s the time and place GOD speaks to my heart Nd hears my crys I will NOT miss it!

  50. I am so excited about this new devotional!! My quiet time with the Lord usually begins after I drop the kids off at school each day. I grab my cup of coffee, Bible, and journal. As I’m getting the coffee ready, I listen to Klove… I think it helps prepare my heart to “enter into His gates with praise”. I love to journal what God lays on my heart during our times together, then re-read those thoughts throughout the day or the days ahead. What I’m most in AWE over, is God’s perfect timing~ about everything!! It never fails that He will lead me to a certain passage of scripture, certain blog, or inspirational and encouraging facebook post that was EXACTLY what I *needed* to hear/read!! He does the same with the music I hear on Klove, too! Pulling away from ALL the outside “world” in my own quiet time with the Lord is AWESOME, and I look forward to it everyday!! If something happens and I’ve had to miss “our time”, I can certainly feel it 🙁 I have to be so careful to PLAN to spend time with God in another creative way that day (like praise & prayers in the car) or bedtime devotional time. Its like anything else~ you have to MAKE time for things that are important to you!! But, I’ve learned, once you MAKE it a habit, it becomes so much easier to incorporate into your daily routine and you MISS it when you don’t do it!! 🙂

  51. I love to go to the park and let the sunlight shine warmly and brightly upon me as I read my devotions and spend quite time with our Lord. This is not what I do everyday (I do many devotions a day) this is only in those times where I feel I need to get away and know I am with my Lord and there are no interruptions. Cell phones are shut off during this time.

  52. My car seems to be the best place at lunch time. I can go and read my bible, feel the fresh air and see the trees blowing in the wind. I feel refreshed all over again.

  53. Glenn Stone says:

    Praise God for your life praise God fro what you do

  54. In this season, I am finding it hard to find the time to be with God, in a quiet setting. I used to be able to do it in the morning after I dropped off y child at school. But at the last minute a few weeks before school was to start I decided to home-school. So now I’m finding it hard to have a quiet moment with God. When I am home-schooling my daughter. I could use some encouragement to get through this season. I would love to win one of these devotionals.

  55. To my bedroom but that isn’t till after kids are in bed.

  56. What a timely blog because for me as I realized just this weekend how very dry I was becoming and how very much I needed to pull away from everything pulling on me! Yesterday I woke up in the agony of a migraine after not having a migraine for years. After a prompting from the Holy Spirit, I grabbed my Bible and headed outside into a gorgeous God-given fall day. I opened up to the Psalms and allowed them minister to me in ways like never before. The words fell so fresh and new, a soft rain upon my very thirsty spirit. The changes I need to make were brought to my attention so adjustments can be made to lessen their pulling me apart. We serve an awesome Savoir Who knows the plans He has for us! I am going into talk less, listen more mode for the next few weeks to see where it leads!

  57. I have a special chair in my living room that is my place to go and get away!

  58. Robin Puchala says:

    When I need to draw away from the world & be with God I simply go to my bedroom, sit on the end of my bed (an arthritic knee w/partial ROM keeps me from kneeling comfortably) & journal, pray or just break down & cry. I feel his loving presence comforting me & I have received so much healing in His presence!

  59. I meet the Lord in my walks… and quiet times-

    Thank you P31

  60. Kristy Lynn says:

    Thankfully my bedroom is often a place of quiet and I can get into my Word, journal, and pray without really being interrupted. When I really need to pull away from everything to get re-centered on the Lord I take a drive to the coast and sit on the beach with my Bible and a journal. I just feel such peace and God’s presence near the ocean.

  61. I really like talking to God on the golf course. I walk the course so I am all over but being outside enjoying God’s beauty lets me talk to him while walking. I also can ask for help when my husband goes crazy over his last shot. I also talk to God in my car. I really talk to God everyday just like he is standing next to me, some people think I am crazy but it’s better than talking to yourself and sometime you even get an answer.

  62. I like to walk by myself and pray and remember all the blessing the Lord has given me.

  63. Elaine Segstro says:

    I love being by myself, just me and God. I just finished an invigorating walk – time to pray, talk to God, listen to God!

  64. What I like to do pull away from the things that pull on me is exercise, meditate, do yoga, read my Word, read a spiritual or metaphysical book and sleep.

  65. I either go outside for a walk in nature or I go to Starbucks. There’s something tranquil about a coffee shop that allows me to be lost in reading and devotion to God!

  66. Brandy Bunch says:

    I used to live in a county park and would go for long walks in the woods to clear my head and talk to God. I no longer live in the park so I can’t go on those long walks anymore.I now go on short walks in our trailer park it’s kind of peacefull in the back I can walk and pray. I also get up in the mornings and spend time with God before anyone else gets up and I have an accountibility group of ladies I email and pray with to keep my spirits lifted. God is so Awesome!!!!!

  67. If I need to get away for a weekend I like to go to the mountains to spend time with the Lord…
    At home, wherever I can find a quiet corner to curl up in and read:-)

  68. My mornings at home don’t allow me much time for a devotional, but when I get to work and get settled in I check my e-mails and read the Proverbs 31 devotional before I begin work. The thoughts in the devotionals run thru my mind througout the day.

  69. My time to connect with God is early each morning when all is quiet in our home. I take the time to thank Him for all the blessings that He has provided. It sets the tone for the day and it helps me to get ready with an open mind and open heart to what the day offers.

  70. Early in the morning when I’m the only one up is my favorite time to spend with God.

  71. Melanie Moon says:

    I like to get up before any one else is up and have a quiet time! Before I have to get my son up! Before my husband gets up! Before anyone in my house is up! Just me and God! Usually he wakes me up around 4 am. I don’t ususlly listen at that time!! 🙂 But I like it when it is dark outside! I try! I like to start with God before everyone else!

  72. I listen to tapes from Women’s retreats I have attended. They always seem to have just the right message I need to hear. They also remind me of the wonderful times I was able to spend with my dear sisters in Christ.

  73. I love knowing that God is with me everywhere, all the time. If I just sit quietly with no distractions, I can be with Him and breathe deeply and concentrate on Him. He speaks and I listen; I speak and he listens.

  74. Daily I have my chair where my bible bag sits @ home, I try to use it every morning to check my plans and listen for God’s. So often he redirects from there! Praise Him. But finding I want more retreat time, overnight or weekend with girlfriends to get away from demands of the world and rest in His peace.

  75. I love to be outside in the balcony Of the apartment where I live to seat and read some devotion and look them up in the Bible or read a book from one of the online Bible study and hear and see the water fall of a man made pond of water .

  76. I listen to praise music in my car on the way to work every day to get my mind and heart focused on God. On my lunch hour, I go out to my car and spend the whole hour reading the Word, prayer and reflection. I love that uniterrupted time with The Lord.

  77. I love to sit in the perfect still and quiet of the very early morning and just breath in all God has created and smell the freshness of his new mercy for that day….listening to the ever so detailed sounds of nature and know that only a true and living God could create something so beautiful and pure.

  78. To pull away from “life” I love to go hiking in the woods. To get away from the ringing phone, the computer, and all the things that pull at me during the day. Getting out in nature, in the beauty of what God has created refreshes and renews my soul.

  79. My ideal place is to be in the nature, in the woods, a cabin away from everyday noises and things that distract me. To be still and hear His voice is difficult in this world of busyness. To be encouraged is also difficult in a world of performance, achievement, and expectations.


  81. I have a couple of places that I love to go when I need and want to be alone with the Lord. I take my Bible and go to my front porch and commune with God through His Word. I enjoy praying to Him and then reading His Word. If it is a really pretty day out, I will go to the beach not too far from my home with my Bible and enjoy the sound of the waves as I pray to my Lord and read His Word. If it is late at night, I can enjoy peace and quiet in my living room was I lift my voice to Him. God is so good!

  82. Each morning I get up while it’s still dark outside, have my coffee and read my P31 devotion and talk to God. I look forward to this time ~~ it’s the best part of my day.

  83. I love going to my favorite coffee shop and sit in a corner with God, my Bible and my cup of coffee. If someone comes in and joins me then I can share with them what I have just read. I also work 40 hours a week so I have a devotional in my desk drawer for when I get a break.

  84. I like to shut off all electronics and just read my bible and pray and have total quiet time with God.

  85. I start my mornings with reading the Word and doing devotions. But where I really like to get away
    is after dropping my kids to school, I go for a nice walk by the ocean. Icall it my prayer walks.
    This is where I ask the holy spirit to fill me, guide me, empower me. This is where I cry and laugh.
    This is where I dare to dream and ask my Father to answer those dreams to come true.
    Some already have….

  86. I love to just sit in my oversize chair in the quiet of the morning watching the sunrise and have that time alone with God. I have two special needs people in my life and so for me it is really hard to pull away from so I have found that this the best time for me.

  87. I like to take my journal and bible,drive out to my sister in laws place and sit by the pond. Here I can be ALL IN!! there is me, the blue sky, white clouds, blue pond and sounds of the country surrounding me while I turn into God! It’s my favorite time. Reading his word and just worshiping with him makes me forget everything else.

  88. I love to sit on our porch with a cup of hot coffee or tea and remember all the special and daily happenings that I need to thank God for giving me. Then I continue my prayers…

  89. LeAnne Vincent says:

    I would actually love to send this devotion to a dear friend that is going through some marital struggles so that she can find encouragement in them and seek The Lord fully with this situation and not lean on easiness world gives us. She’s my best friend and miss her terribly since she moved to Chicago but want to reach out and give her something that would renew her mind and heart toward The Lord. I know that this would be a great comfort for her to in this trying time and help her seek the truth! Thanks for what you share with us as a sister in Christ, Renee!

  90. Ruth A. Kennedy says:

    These devotionals are on my work computer. In my spare time my vigor is renewed by the clean breath of God’s words.

  91. My back patio is the place I go to be alone with our Lord early of a morning.

  92. Debbie Pemberton says:

    Early in the morning when it is quiet and peaceful and the days troubles haven’t started yet.

  93. I will soon turn 50 and as this particular birthday approaches, I find myself reflecting on my countless blessings and my hopes and dreams for my future. When I seek to pull away from the chaos of daily life, to find peace in God’s presence, I seek the great outdoors. The wonder and beauty of nature grounds me, the warmth of the sunshine puts me at ease, and I am thankful.

  94. I just go to my bedroom, lock the door, run into my Eternal Dad’s loving arms, and cry my heart out. But when my room is not within reach, I just keep still wherever I am, shut out all the world’s noise, take a mini vacation inside my mind, focus on God’s presence, and simply listen for His sweet and soothing voice before doing the talking. Only then do I experience His peace which transcends all understanding and drowns everything that seems to pull on me.

  95. I have trouble finding a time or place to have quietness. I live with my dad so he can continue , at 92, to stay in his home. He is blind and very hard of hearing. He listens to audiobooks all day. I am thankful he has them to listen to. It does not leave much quietness in our house. If I close my bedroom door and go into my closet, it almost blocks it out. I try to get up early, which is my favorite time, but sometimes I need God during the day.

  96. Waiting on God says:

    A park near me has a wildlife habitat. Walking through there makes the world fall away, and I can see/hear/feel God’s presence all around me. At home, I put on gospel music and listen to His voice speak to me as I work around the house.

  97. Kathi Whittamore says:

    it’s hard for me to find time to pull away at home with all the distractions there, when i am at work i can go to my truck or take a walk. i would love to have a place in my backyard where I could just go and no one would both me so I could spend time with God. It’s hard for me to do anything early in the morning because even if i’m in bed by 9 my husband is still up watching tv and doesn’t come to bed until 10 or 11 and i have to get up at 4:30, 5:00 at the latest to get ready for work.

  98. I have a comfy spot in my living room that I love to curl into for quiet time with God, my Bible & a hot cup of coffee. Heaven.

  99. I have my quiet time with God when my son takes his nap I sit on the couch with my bible and journal I love the fact that I get to speak with God and sometimes I like putting worship.

  100. Being a mother of a 3 year old and a 3 month old, I try to catch alone time on my way to work and on my way home from work. There are days where I have to get away, and my husband and aunt usually understand and will take care of my babies for me. I could use a new devotional to help connect more with my Lord. I feel like I don’t spend enough time with Him anymore. I used to attend our women’s bible study at church and had to stop attending due to a conflict with my work schedule.

  101. Nikki Boucuvalas says:

    I set my alarm to get up early…4:30 am!!! I am a single mom with 2 boys who are the loves of my life, and very involved in sports and activity! Next to watching them play, I work full time and I’m in graduate school part time, so my spiritual food usually must happen very early in the wee hours of the morning! He never fails me….when I give God that time, He always fills my needs, whether a certain scripture, or answered prayer, or just peace for the day, He is my Rock.

  102. I love devotionals. I try to read and journal about what the Lord is teaching me , before going to bed.

  103. I go for a walk with my dog. It helps me to clear my mind and then talk to God. I have to work at listening to him but when I do, I hear so much that helps me.

  104. After working all day, going to school, and taking care of my husband who has stage 3 liver failure, I don’t get much rest or alone time. So, I use my time in my car to and from work. But believe it it not, I have to make the time and I take a bath. I use that time each to fully escape and talk to God. It seems to be the most quiet and actually when I am the most tentatively praying and listening, even though I’m so tired. I know I need that time to rejuenate!

  105. I like to drive out to Liberty Point and look out over the lake. It is so peaceful. I need to make a trip there again…soon.

  106. Diana Bayer says:

    When I read the insert from Sue telling about the book, it was like someone was reading my mind. I have felt like the Lord was leading me toward missions but keep praying for clarity. Have been patiently waiting for directions and feel like I am in a dry season. I go spend time with the Lord in my backyard when I rise in the early morning while I can still see the stars. It is so quiet and peaceful that time of day before the world rises.

  107. I love being outside, I feel closer to God when I am close to things that were created by His hands. However, in extreme emergencies (when I need Him immediately) the bathroom is where I go.

  108. Susan Whitaker says:

    When the weather permits, I enjoy outside on my deck. I have my Bible and devotions and prayer journal and usually a cup of fresh coffee. I often stop and pause and say a prayer of graditude while reflecting on nature around me. Indoors, I have my kitchen table in front of double windows to look out of.
    The city I live in is on the Mississippi river. When I really want to escape and be with God I take my things and sit near the waters. I usually have my personal time in the mornings but I have been known to anytme of the day depending on day to day schedule.

  109. Because I am a middle school teacher and care for three elderly people, my parents and my aunt, a few years ago I realized that if I did not learn to ‘Be Still and know that [He] is God’, I would not function well in any of these roles. I am also a wife and a mother, and want to do all of those roles well….in the eyes of God. I want to do my God and Savior honor in all that I do, but I can not do that without Him. For me, getting away from all that is pulling on me can be as simple as feeding my chickens or walking through the woods. However, even this does not work if I am not in the Word seeking God’s truths for my life and reading such verses as “Be still and know that I am God.”

  110. I find that I am currently in a transitional phase. What used to work isn’t working out, and I am struggling with that “perfect” time. Therefore, I find my quiet time is usually any time I spend in my car travelling. It is an issue I know I need to master for my further growth in Christ.

    • Hi Susan,
      I can understand some of what you are feeling. I live in a small home with my husband and mother-in-law and it seems there is “no real quiet place” for me. I go walking by myself and talk to God or in my car to work I talk to God, my commute is 45min. I try to make it a point to turn the tv off because ot takes alot of my time that I could be talking to God. If the tv is on through the daytime, I listen to christian music.

  111. I don’t have a set place and/or time, just whenever/where-ever the mood strikes. This morning it was while I was doing yard work. Some days its at my desk at work, in my car, at the store, stuck in traffic, etc. Since God is everywhere, it doesn’t matter where I am or what time it is, He is with me always.

  112. My family and I have just returned from a few days at the beach. To me, nowhere else gets me closer to God. Hearing the sound of the ocean waves and seeing the constant-ness of them gives my heart such peace. When I am at the beach, my mind, my soul, my life can focus completely on God. I would love to “pull away” and go to my favorite place more often–but, I am grateful for the opportunities I have to get away from all that’s “pulling on me!”

  113. Meeting God in the morning before the start of the day….I am learning to be still before Him and let Him speak to me. If I could go somewhere special to meet God, it would be the mountains.

  114. Daily I walk the dog and begin my prayer time with God. Enjoying his creation makes me feel very close to him. Then after arriving at work I begin by reading through 1 or 2 of the Psalms. On days I don’t work my favorite place is the patio in warm weather to do bible study. In colder weather I’ve set up a study nook in the basement. Although lately my son has taken to using it for homework!

  115. Connie Capps says:

    I love to go to my goldfish/koi pond in my backyard to pray and get alone with God…It is peaceful, and living in the country I see God’s creation all around me…I meet with HIM every morning…It is just special to be outside early in the morning looking up and giving thanks, praises to HIM.

  116. AnnMarie Dixon says:

    I know that I need to pull away from life’s distractions and be with the Lord but sometimes it is so hard. I am trying to get away because lately I have been overwhelmed. As a matter of fact last Monday (September 30th) I took the day off just to stay home and feed on the word. I would love a copy of the devotional.

  117. I love to sit on my patio in my porch swing. I usually think about what heaven will be like and pray to God.
    This is my alone time and I don’t know what I would do without it.

  118. I have been in a battle for my health for the last year. I was diagnosed with two forms of Stage IV cancer and given 3 years to live. I continue to live my life and move forward daily, knowing that only God knows the number of my days. He is the one in control of my health. I continue to have faith that if it is His perfect will to heal me here on earth He will! I am a mother of 4 with an amazing Godly husband who loves me and serves the Lord by caring for me so greatly!
    I would love to receive a copy of your devotional!

  119. I would love to have this devotional. I struggle daily with being a working mom and making sure my kids get enough of me and my husband too. I would love to have this to add to my mornings! I love reading your blog!

  120. I like to take a walk or just sit outside and be still. Walking gets me outside and also gets my thoughts on things I want to pray about. God speaks to us more when we take the time to be quiet and listen for his voice.

  121. Worship helps me get away and gives me renewed perspective on what’s important. Having said that, this book looks awesome! 🙂

  122. Tracy Law says:

    Sitting where I am now on my glider on my front porch outside enjoying all of God’s beautiful Fall colored leaves. Before I have to go lead GreifShare. Thank you I’m ready Lord to go with you!

  123. Jill Kuiper says:

    Believe it or not, I curl up in the bathroom in my robe and read my devotional and have time to commune with God. I read my devotional, write something down, and proceed to take my shower and pray. It starts my day off right. Ideally, I’d prefer to get away somewhere comfy, cozy, and warm, but I go with what works.

  124. Melody Price says:

    Through this wonderful group of women I am getting back with my Lord. I now realize that all things are found through my Lord. Waiting for Bible Study to start on the 13th. Thank you all.

  125. That’s easy -the beach! I love the sun and its warmth, sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean, and the feeling of the sand in between my toes. I enjoy worshiping The Lord and think of songs like Shout to the Lord that talks about the seas roaring at God’s greatness. Being in the mountains near waterfalls wouldn’t be so bad either. 🙂

  126. I am a single mom, who works 50+ hours per week, and is working on my Masters right now. My life is full, too full, and my favorite place to meet God is my prayer area, I created in my bedroom. I can go there, fall on my face before God and pour my heart/soul out to Him. He is my lifeline and my strength.

  127. I normally wake-up every early morning when the place is still dark, where i can find a quite place and start my Quite Time with God. I love to read His word, sometimes i don’t really understand it but i kept on reading because i know He is with me and will help me to understand His word. Sometimes i cry, i felt discourage, feeling lonely but i usually pray to God to keep me company all the time. I love God and i know that He loves me no matter what. Thank you!

  128. Oh my! The norm for me has been to hide in plain sight. By this I mean: I put my housemate on notice that I am secluded for a time; turn off television, telephone, and any tele…thing else that distracts me from quality time of prayer and conversation with God. Along with that I usually have identified and prepared some scripture reading/passages on which to meditate. What a time!!!

  129. I go to my chair to relax and read

  130. Renee, thanks so much to you and all the ladies at P31! I have read your devotions, books, and completed online studies with all of you. I do not know where I would be through this last year if not for the P31 ladies; you have been with me through a very troubling, yet transforming year in my life. I hope all of you will accept my sincere appreciation for what you have done in my life…you may never know personally, but God knows. And I know He is what truly matters…

  131. I love to go to my brother’s grave and sit in the stillness. I can hear God more clearly without all the daily distractions and stress. But, everyday I wake and get my coffee, head to the computer and do a daily devo with the Prov. 31 “Encouragement for the Day”.

  132. Believe it or not–it is the kitchen table where I find my comfort when I feel overwhelmed. There in the quite and with a cup of coffee in my favorite mug I sit and read my Bible. After that alone time as Philipians 4:13 says “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” Amen.

  133. Debbie Herbst says:

    I love to read the daily Proverbs 31 devo with good fresh coffee. Another way is to sit on our deck and look at the trees, and especially enjoy the beautiful fall weather. How wonderful to be quiet and remember that God is indeed in control and to listen for His quiet voice. Thank you Renee and Proverbs 31 for helping me on this journey.

  134. I so look forward to a sweet commune with God through the reading of His Word before my day starts. It is time where I surrender my heart to Him and seek His will and the renewing of my mind. His Word is my bread and my soul has come to depend on Him for the strength, wisdom and His love to see me through the day. In June of this year, I came across P31 devotion and now I can hardly wait to read and meditate on the daily word. The stories shared are so personal and applicable to me. It’s is my “dessert” after my quiet time. If I continue to abide in Him, He will abide in me. What a blessing.

  135. I have the book and love the way it is written. It speaks to my heart in so many ways, I love each devotionals reinforcement with a prayer, a reminder and time to reflect and respond and back up Power verses. I take this with me to work. I read it daily and sometimes throughout the day.
    Proverbs 31 Ministry has been helping me to grow in my walk with the Lord. I have participated in a few of the online bible studies, and have several other books by many of the wonderfully gifted writers on the proverbs team. God bless all of you, may he continue to provide you with wisdom, and insight to lead more women to him.

  136. I used to have a rocking chair by a big window in my family room that I used to pull away. We’ve just remodeled that part of the house to be a dining room, so while the window is still there the rocker is gone. I haven’t found my new spot yet.

  137. Outside under the trees to listen to the wind and watch the kittens romp around.

  138. I get up every morning, prayer and read my devotional. After my son and husband are off to work, (since the weather is cooling off I can’t go out to my bench by the garden), so I sit on the sofa with my second cup of coffee, read my bible, pray my prayer list, journal. I love being able to sit in the quiet and pray, just to close my eyes and be alone with God!

  139. I spend the first 30 minutes after my shower with God in quiet time. I read several devotionals, 1 of which is from Proverbs 31 ministry. I cannot tell you how much better my days go when I have this quiet time. It has really made a difference in the way I interact with my spouse, son and co-workers, even the other drivers on the road do not have the same effect on me, as they did before.
    Thank you so much for the ministry of Proverbs 31, and also for yourself, You are such an inspiration.
    God Bless,

  140. nancys1128 says:

    I pull away first thing in the morning. On weekdays I sit in my living room with my bible and iPad and spend time I study. When I’m at work and need a break from what I’m doing I hop on my email and catch up with the daily devotions that come to my inbox. On weekends I start my day where ever I can be alone – usually propped on my bed after making it – as I am usually the last one up on those days as opposed to the first as during the week. And if I need to pull away at ather times, I usually just take a deep breath and pray a silent prayer. I guess I’ve been practicing “breathing in Your grace, and breathing out Your praise” even before the song by Matt Redman introduced the concept to the world through music.

  141. I love to grab a chair and go outside, and sit and watch the birds, the breeze flutter through the trees
    It’s relaxing, and always reminds me of God’s peace. It refreshes me and helps me be in the Lord’s presence. Before I moved to my current location, I would go out and sit by the lake. I absolutely loved that. So many beautiful nature surroundings.
    God help us to hear your sweet voice. To be quiet before you! Lord we need more of you in our Lives!

  142. Finding time to spend time with God is always a challenge with the pressure and expectation of this world pulling on you. I find that driving down the road with my radio playing Air 1 and really listening to the words help me get closer to God. I can see things from others perspective which usually helps me work through areas in my own life. Thank you P31 and Renee for all that you do!

  143. The pastor of our church recommended taking a weekend vacation in a hotel room, alone. To just spend time in prayer and in God’s word. This is what I plan on doing. I am a mom of 5, so you can imagine how badly this quiet time with God is needed.

  144. I sit outside first thing in the morning. There is nothing like seeing the clouds become tinged with pink as the sun touches them to remind me that God made it and He has my back. Just to imagine that someone that owns EVERYTHING knows and loves me gives me an awesome feeling.

  145. Bori Prentiss Kim says:

    I love to grab a cup of Latte with Jesus! I always love to chat with Jesus at the small local coffee shop 🙂 Sometimes the coffee shop is filled with the loud music or people chatting around, but this community-friendly environment cheers me up to spend a special time with Jesus there 🙂 If I’m in need of quiet moment with God, then sitting in a bench at the park would work better.

  146. Sitting on the back porch
    reading the Bible,
    drinking a cup of Starbucks
    listening to K-love on the radio
    with Proverbs 31 Women speaking
    just me and God
    feeling free, to just be me!

  147. I like to sit in my recliner in the evening after everyone goes to bed and read a devotion or work on a bible study. I also really feel close to God when I am by myself driving in the car. Sometimes I go for a drive and get a coke and just drive around and I thank God for who He is and for all of my blessings. I am always blessed looking at the trees and flowers or the snow … Sometimes I will listen to christain music, but most of the time I just like for it to be quiet so I can think about God.

  148. I’ve converted a walk in closet to an office where I can close out the world and relax in the presence of God.

  149. Toni Johnson says:

    I created a special place in my living room and I get up early in the morning to enjoy time with The Lord. Just me and him!!

  150. I used to have a swing in the woods that overlooked a creek. It truly was my “God-spot,” but ministry changes have relocated us, so I currently don’t have a space to dedicate quiet time to. Maybe someday.

  151. I haven’t thought much about having to “go’ somewhere as lately because I am always with Him…always talking to Him and being with Him.

  152. A very long time ago I learned the best place to get away from everyone and they leave me alone is to go to my bathroom.my klds and spouse would leave me be so I learned to use this time as my time to be with God it still works

  153. I take pictures, seeing the beauty of God through my lens, and it draws me closer to Him. It makes me FOCUS…

  154. I go to my rocking chair that is in the morning sunbeam…..

  155. Halona Luna says:

    I like to pull out the copy of the Promises & What God Says from your bool. I am so excited for this study & can’t wait to get the devo.

  156. Becky Ryder says:

    I like to listen to Christian music that is based solidly on what the Bible teaches. This helps to put my focus on the things above and on the Lord’s goodness to me. When I hear songs that minister to me, then I think about their message all day long.

  157. Jennifer Chapman says:

    I like to sit at the kitchen table as the sun rises or out on my swing as the sun sets and read/pray. Mostly I pray when I’m running to clear my head.

  158. Melanie Awcock says:

    I love to be outside and enjoying God’s creation. Being by water is my most favorite, so living in Minnesota helps. Lots of lakes give me plenty of places where I can pull away and be with God. God often speaks to me through nature, and I almost always walk away refreshed.

  159. Kristi Kerian says:

    I like to sit in my easy chair looking out on the birds and flowers in our back yard. My very most favorite place, however, is the Adoration Chapel in our church, in front of the blessed Sacrament of Jesus. So peaceful . .

  160. I would love to get away to the beach or the mountain cabin to spend my time with God. However, I will settle for my room!

  161. I go to my car – every day I share my ride to and from work with God as I listen to KLove radio and all of the inspirational stories and music!

  162. I go to the park, swing on the swings and sing to the Lord. Talk to Him as if was my dad.
    This is a small park has swings and a small stream that goes through. I can hear the stream flowing over rocks, birds talking and the children playing in the neighborhood. I just take the time to be quiet also. I slowly walk back home looking over the rails of the bridge that goes over the stream to see where it is going and how it flows to its next curve. Just thinking how much beauty there is in the small things, when i just take the time to look.

  163. Hilda Quintanilla says:

    I like going to retreats, women’s conferences, married couples retreats, long country road drives out here in Brawley, the ocean, and my bathtub for a bible bath, a good cry, and cuddling up in my Fathers arms.

  164. Kay Youngman says:

    I like to spend time in the morning reading a devotional, the Bible & praying to God.

  165. Diane Fetter says:

    In the quietness of my home in the early morning, I also love to connected with God outside in nature.

  166. I go to my back porch and enjoy the quiet place where I can spend some time with God.

  167. There are two things that bring me to a place of “getting away.” I like to light a candle and get in The Word or take a walk with my dog and be in Creation.

  168. I like to go walking. Sometimes I just talk to God, and sometimes I put on uplifting music and have praise and worship time!

  169. Lori Myers says:

    Soaking music…. my secret place …. my journal
    … my Bible… and the Lord.

    Nothing satisfies my heart more than daily quiet time…. Nothing.

  170. I like to go into the bathroom. It is there in the quietness that I meet God in the early morning before everyone gets up. I like to meet him there bc it’s quite and it prepares me for the day. I don’t have to worry about distractions and I just pour my heart out.

  171. I love to go walking and just focus on God. I look at the beauty He has created and just thank Him and praise Him for all that He is to me. I thank Him for loving me and giving me each day to be get closer to Him. When I travel to work I talk alot to God, when I am at work I talk to God and I thank Him for continuing to grow me in Him.

  172. Miss Mary T says:

    Renee, I believe that I can pull away and rest in Him every chance I get, in my car, during a break at work or even sometimes in the midst of chaos…however, my quiet times with God are spent with my coffee in the a.m., in my special room at night and my most favorite sitting with Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration every Friday night from around 10:30 p.m. to around 1:00 a.m. This time is most precious because I am truly in His physical presence and completely away from all else…

  173. I listen to the Bible on cd in my car on the way to work! I have a constant conversation with The Lord!

  174. I take my dog for a walk, listen to the birds singing, see the cranes that hang by the golf course pond, and talk with my Heavenly Father

  175. I like to drive to the beach (day or night) when I feel the need to break away from everything to seek solace with God. Listening to the gentle lapping of the water calms me. Being near the most basic of God’s creations reminds me of how simple things can be and how complicated they can get when we walk by sight instead of by faith. After a while, I can feel the anxiety and stress leave my mind and body and I see more clearly. Only God can do that for anyone. Be still an listen.

  176. I like to go out in my back yard along the edge of the woods and sit on the ground and just talk to God.

  177. I enjoy staying up late reading favourite authors apply His word to parenting children or other common concerns of women and I love singing along to rockin’ praise songs when jogging or driving!! Once in a while I have a quiet(er) morning and speak aloud favourite Psalms or favourite chapters of Isaish (43. 61). 🙂 I need to do more of that…. Its healing and energizing for sure!

  178. I do not have a time or favorite place to give to God what he deserves. I am so overwhelmed with caring for my elderly family and young grandchildren. A husbands who travels and when he is home he is on computer doing “I don’t want to know” and not helping me at all. We have NO life of our own, no imtemiacy at all. I am so dry spiritually and so ready for the rain to fall on me. I see know help in the near future with my situtation. I am going away this weekend to clear off my 2 desks. I can’t get bills paid, company work done because of all the intruptions, so I am checking into hotel to get all that caught up. Such a beautiful weekend, would love to be out in God’s beautiful weather. All that STUFF doesn’t include keeping up a household either. I could go on and on, but will stop now.

  179. Pamela Macon says:

    When I can, I like to spend time at the beach either at sunset or sunrise surrounded by all of God’s amazing beauty. I feel his presence surrounding me as if he is sitting right there. It is easy to let the world go during these moments and focus solely on Him, as I breathe the salt air and feel the sand beneath my feet. It is amazing how the sound of the waves washing on shore can fill your thoughts of the one that created it all. I cherish these times of closeness with God and know I am truly blessed to have this experience Him.

    I am in the process of a personal study using your book “A Confident Heart.” I am excited to be doing this study and look forward to getting even closer to God and His plan for my life. Thank you for the “Proverbs31” ministry and the books you have written to help those of us that desire to be that Proverbs 31 Woman for God and the world.

  180. I have a favorite spot by the river, I can just set there for hours. I take my bible and devotions to read with me.Since my husbands passing this place is more precious to me.

  181. I love to go for walks and praise The Lord for the beautiful sunsets , sunrises, flowers, clouds and blue sky, laughing children, dogs walking with their owners, birds, and the sunshine. Also, I’ve been reading the bible or a devotion every morning because I want to be very close with The Lord.

  182. During the day, I like to go walking in the park and just talk to God and marvel at the beauty all around me. At night, I will stand outside on my back porch and talk to God. I really love looking at the sky and counting the stars because God made each one. I love looking at the clouds in the sky because God made each of them, too. Just to study the sky and say thank you, God is all I need sometimes. Makes me feel closer to Him and marvel at His handiwork. Lately, I have become an avid reader, especially of books that brings me closer to God. Can’t wait to get started on The Confident Heart. I am counting down the time til we start up the study. Thank you so much.

  183. Walking our dogs in the morning and enjoying the quiet time before the busyness of another day!

  184. Every morning I make my tea and enter the office to get my devotions and my time with the Lord. This morning I felt like He was in the room before me and it was good to feel him present.

  185. I love to spend time in the garden. Sometimes it’s raking leaves, some times it’s pruning, sometimes it’s weeding, sometimes planting, and other times it’s picking up and raking acorns. God forgive me when I complain about the acorns because there are so many and they are heavy for a 66 year old to carry a tree full of, every year to the green bins, because I am thankful that I have the strength to do it. Last year was more difficult to rake than this year because last year I had 2 hip surgeries for a broken hip. Many times this year when I have been tempted to complain I say thank you Lord that I am able to do this work that I enjoy and that I am outside in the open air. However, I must admit that since I broke my hip I have not yet gotten to the point that I can say that about the gas mower. I was using a push mower before and those blades got very dull, I had to go over the lawn over and over and it took up to an hour and a lot of sweat to mow. After the hip surgery my friend offered me a gas mower. I didn’t like the idea of gasoline entering the mostly fresh air in my garden, nor could I imagine myself controlling such a huge and heavy machine after spending so much time in a wheel chair and with a walker, but thank God, I made it past that stage of my healing and by this spring I was asking that the mower be brought over for me to try. My friends gave me their gas mower which they traded in for a gardener. Guess what, I still don’t like the smell of gasoline intruding in my garden. I haven’t yet figured out how to use it so it doesn’t put pressure on my hip and cause me pain and visits to the Fhysical Therapist (who I am also very thankful for). Now I have another reason to be thankful, I am thankful for my neighbor who has helped me on several occasions by using the electric battery mower that her family in law, gave to her family. Praise God and my neighbor, the mowing has been getting done and now that it’s more of a dormant season for the grass, the work turns from the mower to the rake, which I would rather use by far. One thing I have found out for sure while pursing the enjoyment of outdoor yard work is “…by the sweat of your forehead…” in my case is my entire head, is a great way to release the toxins from my system.
    (Genesis 3:19, Complete Jewish Bible)

  186. Mary Beth says:

    Pulling away? This was a difficult decision email today to do just that and then received your email with that title! We will grow from this, were my encouraging words. Need space and time to regroup and focus on what is right a and good. Sounds like scripture, right? Philippians 4:8.

  187. Krystina Craven says:

    I don’t have much time lately, I have 2 girls and im going to school for Occupational therapy. My place is actually in the car. I listen to Christian music, pray and praise God. Its my place to connect with him.

  188. I get on my knees very early in the morning when I can’t sleep (which is almost every morning). That’s when the weight of the day is usually on my shoulders and the best time to talk and surrender things to the Lord. It’s when everyone else is asleep and there are fewer distractions. It’s also when Satan knows I am the most vulnerable so it strengthens me.

  189. When the world & all of life’s responsibilities are pulling on me I like to go for a walk. It is there I can be alone with God. Resting in His Creation & listening to His leading. Thank you for all that you do to lead women to live a Confident Life in Christ. I can’t wait for the P31 study of A Confident Heart in just a few short days. I know it will be life changing for me again!

  190. At home on my couch I spend time with the Lord.On my way to work I sing praises to him with my CD player!! At work all day long I try to be aware of Him and pray little prayers for people all day long!! I LOVE YOU JESUS!! ♥

  191. Josie Lytle says:

    Oh this hit home. I have been in a dry place for a while. We started a new Women’s ministry at church which I am part of and it seems like Satan is attacking each one of us in some way. Being with the team of great women is where I feel the closest to God at the moment. Would love to win your devotional.
    Thanks for sharing. Josie

  192. Lena Keys says:

    When I need to get away from what’s pulling me, I go to the spare bedroom and relax.
    In doing so, I read, communicate with my Sisters in Christ for prayer, encouragement,
    & support. God has blessed me with a great online support group & friends. But I know
    the most important thing is my relationship with God. He is the one who helps & heals me
    when I need help. Jesus is my Lord & Savior, He gives me His unconditional love.


  193. My favorite place to go and pull away to spend time with God is at the beach; however, I don’t get to do that very often. Lately, I find the best place to get away and spend time with time with God is in my car. I spend a lot of time there going to and from places, so it has become a great place to spend time with God away from all other distractions.

  194. Cindy Fox says:

    Greetings! I start my day with a reading from DAILY GUIDEPOSTS. This year they have “Dig Deeper” scriptures. 🙂 I also like to meet with God out in His marvelous, beautiful creation – perhaps leaning against a tree, and/or near a body of water. 🙂 Another thing I enjoy doing is singing – praise songs or hymns – reading the words and/or singing them. God is so very good! God bless you all!

  195. Debbie Owens says:

    I have been in that dry place for several months. Prayers hitting the ceiling and getting stuck there. I’ve cried to the Lord and I know he hears me, but for some reason, which I do not know, I am experiencing this dry spell. I will wait for the rain to shower me. All will be revealed.

  196. Anna Gonzales says:

    I like to take long walks and talk to God. I get my exercise physically and it gives me the alone time with Him. At the same time it makes me appreciate the beautiful world he created as I walk, thanking Him for all he has given me.

  197. Terri Kirk says:

    My sunroom. Especially when the sun rays are shining in, I like to sit and look out at the park behind my house and marvel at God’s creation. It brings me great peace in the midst of storms.

  198. I am having difficulty finding time to be alone with God. I go to bible studies and am an AWANA leader, but it isn’t the same. I desperately need to find the time to just be with Him. My heart needs that right now.

  199. Every morning my day begins with my coffee and reading devotionals. Proverbs 31 has been such a blessing to me, as I know that this book would be. God and me time is a priority in my life and having a book such as this would only strengthen our relationship!

  200. When I need to get away with my Heavenly Father, I like to journal a letter to him thanking him for all he has given me and praise him too!

  201. We live in the country on 5 acres, I like to go outside and sit quietly admiring God’s creation. I can pray and clear my head especially on a beautiful day with the sun shining or sometimes at night with the stars shining bright, in peaceful beauty reconnecting with my Lord Jesus Christ.

  202. Mandy Shelton says:

    I live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but harvest fields and a creek. We have a large back deck- so I LOVE to sit out there in the mornings to watch and listen to the world come to life. Although, I can sit out there morning or night and continue to be amazed at all of God’s beautiful creations. I spend my time there having conversation with the Lord, reading my devotions, singing, praying, or simply sitting in peace and quite. In my opinion, there is no better way to connect with the Lord our God than to be fully surrounded by His creations!

  203. Anywhere outside, walking and praising God for all he has done for me.

  204. I have so enjoyed this site…it has been an encouragement to me in many ways..and has been the study guide to needs I have faced, been facing and the confident heart was fabulous and it set me free in many areas to guide me into continuing my call for me and too others I have ministered to from the book..
    Thank you proverbs 31 for serving and blessing women for God!


  205. I can go anywhere I am alone and be with God. Without the distractions of someone talking to me, or a tv playing or a radio needing my ear, and especially the internet that is so full of news ‘I must read’. It can be alone in my home, out for a walk – thanking God for his awesome earth He created, or even snuggled in my bed (morning or night) talking and listening and praying.
    God is always waiting for us to be alone with Him. We have to make those times intentional.

  206. I have a wicker chair in my bedroom complete with pillow and blanket. A little side table holds my devotionals, Bible, notebook and pens. It is so nice to just shut the door and be alone with God. I let someone else pick up the phone! On my bike rides, I pray for all the people in my church by going around the room (we all have regular seats) and being as specific as I can be. A lot of the couples have young children and it is a privilege to pray for the parents as they seek to raise these little ones in the fear of the Lord. There is always a lot to pray for. Devotional books are such an encouragement. Looking forward to this OBS. Thank you!

  207. Kelly Tardella says:

    For me personally, I like to curl up in my favorite chair with a cup of tea and my bible or journal. I love to light a candle and put on some great music (one of my personal favorites is Matthew West) and just complete unwind and let myself go to the music). I always make myself reflect upon three blessings in my life so that I can remind myself of my true blessings and be thankful for what I have and then also try to remind myself of three things that I have done well in the past 24 hours…give myself an inner pep talk. Sometimes this works really well, and then other days…not so well, but it’s important to do it anyway. Lately, I make it a point to take time to journal and write it down and get it all out….the pretty and the ugly. I like to be able to go back later and read those “journalings” later and see what I was feeling….they make for great “growing” sessions both for myself and my circle of loved ones. Have a blessed day!

  208. I have a chair I sit in every morning with a stool next to it that holds my books, bible, notebook and pen. Every morning I sit in that chair read my scriptures for the day and journal what the Lord is speaking to me. It is the perfect start to my morning. Of course my coffee cup is usually there with me. Later in the day, in my office, I love to read the Proverbs 31 devotion for the day. I love that I get it in both my email and on facebook! Two blessings in one and the FB post is usually a great reminder of what I have read earlier in the day!

  209. I get out the bible or one of my favorite inspirational books with daily bible verses and read. If I don’t find comfort in one I get out another until the message I need shows up. That’s when I know God is working to help me find my way. I could use a new book like this one to go to in those times. Thank you.

  210. Early in the morning After prayer is my time to just sit still and reflect. Then it’s devotion time.

  211. My go to place is my bedroom. It just feels good to be snuggled under a blanket talking to my Father. Granted, when it’s summer I’ll sit on the deck sometimes.

  212. Sylvia Alonzo says:

    I wake up at 4 am. Quiet, coffee, God and me.

  213. I like to go to my room (not that there’s much choice, living with my parents) and put on worship music and read a few chapters/passages of the bible (in different parts of the bible, not one after the other) and then I choose a “verse for the day” and journal about it

  214. Orenda Smith says:

    I love getting away and spending time with God in the morning….

  215. Julia Nall says:

    When I feel like the world is weighing on me, I like to curl up with a good encouraging book. Right now I am reading a confident heart. I love this book! I also like to send encouragement cards to other ladies I know. For some reason, when I send some hugs and encouragement through cards, God gives me a little hug. It is true, that helping others can help you as well. Another thing that I like to do is sit down with my children and talk about God and the good news that He brings. It always calms me.

  216. Out for a walk with my Chocolate Lab Molly Malone. She does not mind when I talk out loud to God and never criticizes me for the thoughts I express to him. Fresh air, nature & a compnion who channels God’s unconditional love to me. It always seems to help.

  217. I love to go to a women’s conference at least one time a year. This encourages and energizes me to keep going.

  218. Nan Stowell says:

    I like to take long walks on the beach. The steady rhythm of the waves and flow of the tide soothe me. It also reminds me that all things have a cyclical pattern and that my current “pulls” won’t last forever. Seeing the greatness of God’s creation and power reminds me how insignificant my problems really are.

  219. I start my morning reading Devotions and praying for His help as I go through my day. I am a middle school teacher which can be very stressful. I end my day outside enjoying the beautiful day that God has made and thanking him for what he has given to me. Proverbs 31 has been such a blessing to me. It is comforting to know the ladies of Proverbs 31 have the same problems as I do.

  220. I drive….I listen to Christian radio on my treks on the road two-three days a week. My drive time is two hours one way, and that’s all I can do is listen to the radio…..I’m encapsulated and have no where else to go, so I’m the listener and I pray to hear God speak to me. I’m always blessed and learn tons…..I would never take 4 hours in a day to read or listen if I were home, so I appreciate this time I have. Jean

  221. Donna Kuehn says:

    I like to sit by the ocean with my bible and journal. There I can pour out my heart and listen for His voice while seeing His beauty all around. Sometimes I don’t understand at the time why God will give me a specific verse but I will write it in my journal anyways. Then a few days or week later when I go back and re-read what I wrote I am amazed at how that verse fit perfectly.

  222. I am a single mom racing out the door in the morning to get to work. As soon as my son is safety dropped at school I crank up the worship music all the way to work. When I get about 5 minutes out I start talking and praying to God that he uses me today for whatever his need is for me. That he keeps me in his will and on his path. I am so fortunate to work on a 200 acre park/lake so when I pull up and am able to see the beauty that surrounds me I thank God for placing me here in my job. Whenever I get the change I take a long walk, or just sit in the sun overlooking the water either writing, reading,or just soaking in God’s blessing on my life

  223. I love putting my two small children (4 and 1 1/2) down for their afternoon nap (youngest) and quiet time (oldest). The peace in the house after what is usually a noisy morning feels absolutely calm. I really enjoy diving into Bible studies and prayer during this time.

  224. Hi Renee,
    #Perfect Love: . I love this OBS. I have always been afraid to even be involved with something like this. I do so want to live this journey. It really inspires me. Thank-You
    Janet Daniel

  225. Regina Nnakasolya says:

    I love to sit on my bed and have a dialogue with God. Anytime am in doubt i sit there, read a random verse (though i would love to have a list of those verses that i can draw a deeper inspiration) then complain, talk to him and listen to him talk back

  226. jennie haave says:

    Though ive been a christian awhile pray fpr others read a daily devotional …i just dont hear god answer me back. Ive had answered prayer and was recently delivered out a very abusive situation…just couldnt get the person out of my house, then my son took his life….so its been a really tough last few yrs.

  227. Mary Tullila says:

    Anywhere outside and in nature is my sanctuary…

  228. I like to take a long walk and listen to my favorite Christian music on my iPod.

  229. I like to go to my bedroom with no outside interruptions except maybe some music and just pray, journal my thoughts and read my Bible. This always gives me a new perspective on whatever is going on in my life.

  230. I am daily amazed and thankful for God’s grace and tender mercies. He is truly an awesome God. Being outdoors in His Creation and feeing His Spirit of peace all around me keeps me grounded and thankful in The Lord.

  231. Teresa Gines says:

    My most favorite place to go or thing to do to escape the things that pull on me, is my horse. i can just forget all my problems when I’m with him. I can also share all my fears and tears with him, and he hears all my complaints without saying a word! And he gives the best hugs! I’ve even taught him to pray with me!

  232. I like to sing a hymn or song (not saying that I am a great singer), but it changes my heart and thoughts that go along with it.

  233. I like to either sit in my front porch with a cup of coffee or sit outside overlooking my flower beds and enjoying Gods beauty. Sunrises are exceptionally beautiful to me. A promise of a new day. I love the way The Lord paints the sky.

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