Join Me On a Conference Call with Natalie Grant


Her words were tender, courageous, raw and oh-so-real.
As I listened to Natalie share her heart at a recent event we did together, I recognized the familiar breaking and mending – the common struggles we’d both faced through storms that became part of God’s story in each of our lives.

Describing the setting and scenes of her life that shaped the lyrics in her new songs, I related to so much Natalie had been through: depression, feeling far away from God, defeating thoughts that we let define us as women, moms and wives, friends, overwhelmed … yet called to be real with Jesus and others. To be found, rescued and restored back to hope. Still not perfect but resting in His perfect love.


When I listened to Natalie’s new album “Hurricane” the next day, seriously my jaw dropped open with every song. Tears welled up in my eyes. It felt like song after song had been written for different chapters in A Confident Heart. 

Than was when I knew “Hurricane” could be THE sound track for my heart {and YOURs} as we break-free from doubt and discouragement and LIVE FREE  in the power of God’s promises!

That day I picked up the phone and called Melissa Taylor who would be leading an online study of my book this fall – and also a conference call series with special guests. It seemed certain Natalie was hand-picked by God to be one! The prayer-wheels started turning, and it just so happened I’d be with Natalie at another event that next week!

The rest is God’s amazing unfolding of what we know is going to be a life-changing LIVE event tonight!

Connection Calls PROMO

Natalie Grant will be on a LIVE conference call with Melissa Taylor and me TONIGHT
{Tuesday Oct 29th at 8pm EST}

and YOU can JOIN US – live or via recording!

What will THE Conference CALL with NATALIE be about?
It’ll be a real conversation about real-life. Natalie wants to share with you openly and honestly about her struggles and hardships over the past few years, and the vision God’s given her for you to “dare to be all that God’s called you to be.” Natalie offers a rare, gutsy vulnerability in her words as a friend and in her songs as an artist – which is what I love about HERE and the 10 songs on Hurricane that chronicle her journey from despair to hope, darkness to light and distance to intimacy. 


WIN a call with Natalie and a Hurricane CD

When I heard Natalie’s courageous story and her bold declaration of hope over every women in that audience, I felt compelled {with love & some girlfirend-protectiveness} to commit to PRAY FOR HER continually as she steps into enemy territory! 

Leave a PRAYER for NATALIE in the comments.
Click “Share Your Thoughts” below and join me in asking God for His continued favor and fierce protection over Natalie – for her marriage, her kids, her heart and mind, her schedule and the demands of an album tour and the mommy in her who loves to be home with her babies but is willing to leave home for the sake of the Gospel.  I know how hard that is.} Whatever God puts on your heart for her, a verse or a short prayer or note of encouragement. Let’s bless this sweet and amazing sister with some love! Thank you friends!!

Each prayer/comment will be an entry into today’s drawings.

The WINNERs are…

Kimberly who wrote:  Dear Heavenly Father I ask you to watch over Natalie today and guide her as she continues to pursue the demanding will of the ever so loving Gospel that You have placed before her. Show her family how very much she loves them and wants to be with them daily and give them understanding in knowing that their mommy and wife is doing this amazing work for God and that they will all be rewarded one day for the Heavenly work that their mommy and wife is allowing God to do in their lives. Jesus wrap your loving precious arms around this family. In Jesus name …Amen
Karen C who wrote:
Dear Father in Heaven, I ask you to cover Natalie and her family under the shadow of your wings. May she be aware of your constant Presence in her life and the deep, unfailing love you have for her. Strengthen her and encourage her in her walk with You. Please push back any darkness that would seek to consume her and cause her to abide in your light. May she be a channel of blessing to those who listen to her speak and who listen to her music. Thank you Father for hearing and answering my prayer. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Please {still} SHARE your prayer for Natalie!!!
I know your prayers mean so much to Natalie and her family! And I’m ALSO going to do more drawings from your prayer/comments for her CDs later this week!

Missed the Call?
CLICK HERE to find out how you can get a recording of last night’s call and the call with Sheila Walsh, as well as upcoming calls with Laura Story and ME!

Last week’s GIVEAWAY WINNERS are listed in the post under this one 🙂

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Precious and Loving God. I ask that you watch over Natalie as she continues through her journey and continues to lead a very busy and demanding life. Watch over her as a mother, wife, and artist. Please help her to share your words and your messages and bless all those who will receive your message. I ask that you be those on the call tonight and that each woman listening hears what she needs to hear and finds your promises. In Jesus name…amen.

  2. Bonnie Sprngle says:

    Dear Father, I ask you to bless and keep Natalie safe from all harm. You say in your word we could ask in your name and it shall be done. I am trusting and believing that you will keep her and her family safe. Lord Jesus I am asking in your name that through her minsters lives will be changed. I thank you for this dear sister!! I ask you this in the name of Jesus that died on the cross that we might be saved Amen

  3. Traci Schneider says:

    I have been doing the 7 day doubt diet, I’m on day 5 & it has really been informative & hitting me right in my heart. Currently my mind is under attack from using meth. I had 5mo clean til I relapsed a few weeks back. I am free from the addiction but the lasting effects have been traumatic! I haven’t seen my kids but once in 5mo& currently my marriage is in trouble. I tried staying off physch meds & thought I had a spirit that was attacking me. But the fact is I fried my brain. The biggest problem is DOUBT, I’m having a hard time trusting anyone, even family & especially my husband when my head is messed up. I get very few moments of relief & have been in 5physch wards since Jan.. I need help & am trying to hit this from all angles, i am back on physch meds & of course relying on God! I don’t want to loose my husband, plz pray for us. My husbands name is Jeff. Thank you for the free trial, I plan on getting the book asap. GOD BLESS..

  4. Dear Father in Heaven,

    I ask you to cover Natalie and her family under the shadow of your wings. May she be aware of your constant Presence in her life and the deep, unfailing love you have for her. Strengthen her and encourage her in her walk with You. Please push back any darkness that would seek to consume her and cause her to abide in your light. May she be a channel of blessing to those who listen to her speak and who listen to her music. Thank you Father for hearing and answering my prayer. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  5. Kimberly G. says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    I thank you for Natalie and for her ministry through her songs. Please protect and bless her and her family, and give them grace and strength and peace when they’re apart. Please continue to use her in a mighty way for the sake of your kingdom. In Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen.

  6. Jennifer K says:

    Dear Heavenly Father please continue to watch over Natalie so that she may continue to help others learn about you. May she use your word as a lamp to her feet and a light for her path. Psalm 119:105

  7. Praying for Natalie. I can’t imagine having to leave my husband and kiddos behind, but I admire her SO much for doing it for Jesus. Her songs have been there for me during hard times, and really resonate with me. Dear Father, please create a circle of calm around Natalie and in her spirit as she carries out the work you have given her. Use her to bring others closer to you. Protect her on her travels, and comfort her during her separations from her family. In Jesus’ name I ask these things. Amen.

  8. Meg derosier says:

    Dear lord I thank you for Natalie and I ask you to bless her . Comfort her and gift her strength as she does theses concerts and also has a family to take care of which must be exausting! Speak to her and give her wisdom. I ask this in the name of Jesus amen

  9. Thank you Lord for the transparency Natalie displays from the platform you’ve blessed her with. In a world of plastic people and fake celebrities, it’s refreshing to find one so honest and real. Lord, I know it’s a sacrifice to contribute so much time to encouraging others. I pray you would bless her efforts. Protect her family. Give her grace as she attempts to balance the needs of family against the call of ministry. Give her true and wise friends and counselors along the way. Thank you for the gift of her artistry.


  11. Lord please bless Natalie words As she speaks oh lord
    We are Ll over comers in your name lord please lead her
    In what to say and lord thank you for Renee lord this
    Book has sorest blessed me and spoke to my heart
    More than she will ever know thank you lord for putting this book and these
    Amazing Christian women in my path Amwn!

  12. nadelle payne says:

    How can I join the conference call if im deaf….ideas?

  13. Lord, I lift your precious daughter Natalie up in prayer today. I ask that you are with her on this journey to share her story with so many of your hurting children. Guide her, Lord. Guard her mind and thoughts, give her the words to say, direct each one of her steps and, above all, give her a confident heart so that she might use all of her past pain, disappointments and struggles to glorify You. Thank you, Lord, for blessing Natalie and her family and each woman she touches as she follows the great plan you have for her life. Amen.

  14. Dear Heavenly Father I ask you to watch over Natalie today and guide her as she continues to pursue the demanding will of the ever so loving Gospel that You have placed before her. Show her family how very much she loves them and wants to be with them daily and give them understanding in knowing that their mommy and wife is doing this amazing work for God and that they will all be rewarded one day for the Heavenly work that their mommy and wife is allowing God to do in their lives. Jesus wrap your loving precious arms around this family. In Jesus name …Amen

  15. Thank you Father God that you never leave nor forsake us – you have Natalie and the rest of us in the palm of your hand. We have the same spirit aiding is us that raised Christ from the dead abiding in us to quicken our mortal bodies making them alive and vibrant with health. Thank you for your never failing love.
    YOU o”Lord have us covered.
    Thank you in the Powerful Name of Jesus

  16. Loving Father, your daughters come to you because you bid us to and because we know that you are not only able but willing to hear our hearts. I thank you for Natalie’s gifts that she is sharing with the world. I pray for strength and persistence for her physical, spiritual, and emotional life.

    We thank you for your answers. Remind Natalie that you are with her always.

  17. Lord, I just ask that you be with Natalie as she continues on her path that you have marked out for her. I pray that you would wrap you arms around her as only you can. When she gets discouraged while in ministry, give her the testimony from someone, that will be just what she needs to hear to continue on in this call you have on her life. Help her to find creative ways to make up for the time that she can’t be with her family. I also ask that you be with her family as they are home while she is traveling, give them the encouragement they need. Lord I ask that you be with each lady that listens to this call tonight, help them to hear exactly what they need to hear to feel more confident about themselves with whatever they are going through. Lord I thank you for Natalie and her ministry through music and I pray that you would put a hedge of thorns around her while she is traveling around for YOU! Bless her and encourage her today. Lord I also thank you for this online Bible Study that you have placed me in at this time in my life, so I can feel confident to go out and share with struggling women going through tough times in life. Help us all to be will to #moveforward to spread your gospel. We thank you and praise you in advance for the lives that are going to be touched tonight in the conference call. In Jesus Name, AMEN

  18. Michele Cochran says:

    Father, I don’t have fancy words all I have is the simple request that you watch and guide Natalie as she spreads your word through her music and travel. In every endeavor she has I pray that you would fill her with your spirit to minister just the right words to those who need them. Watch over her family and give her strength everyday to make a difference in your name. Amen

  19. Lord, I pray your continued blessing on Natalie as she courageously shares her story and encourages women to walk boldly with you.

  20. Abba, I lift up Natalie before Your throne of grace. Please grant her Your peace and guidance and direction, and fill her cup to overflowing with Your love.
    In Your precious name,

  21. Father, I lift up Natalie to you and ask for your protection and wisdom as she navigates a busy life. Give her the peace and comfort she needs when she is away from her family and help her to find You in the midst of everything.

    In Jesus’ name,

  22. Dear Heavenly Father, Lord I thank You for Natalie and the ministry that you have bestowed upon her. Lord, I lift her up to You right now. Please continue to bless her life and the lives of her family. Provide her with confidence as she shares Your words with others. Keep her healthy and strong and preserve her voice. Keep her safe during her travels. Continue to give her a Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that she may continue to know You better. Thank You, in Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

  23. Jessica F says:

    Dear God, I thank you for Natalie. I was blessed by being able to see her live at Long Hollow Church in Nashville and she is such an inspiration. Her every word spoke to me and inspire me to be all YOU want me to be. Please bless her, her family, keep her safe during her tours, keep her healthy and with energy so she can continue her ministry impacting and empowering other women.

    In Jesus’s name we pray, Amen.

  24. Polly Schneider says:

    Dear Lord, I pray right now for Natalie. Give her peace and courage as she shares her life story and produce fruit like only You can, LORD. Put your hedge of protection around her as she travels and give her peace. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  25. God, I pray blessings over Natalie as she is on tour. I pray for courage, strength, wisdom and peace while away from home. Give her favor where ever she goes. May your light shine brightly through her as she walks a road pointing others to you.

  26. Debbie F. says:

    Lord, you know what Natalie has been through and how hard it is for her to leave her family for many days at a time so often. Be with her kids as their mom is not home with them. You know what she has to share and who needs to hear this. Be with those who listen that their hearts would be softened and open.

  27. Dear Lord, I ask that you continue to guide and protect dear Natalie as she continues to bless others in your name. Thank you for bringing all the wonderful followers of you together to bless so many others! Asking all your favor on Natalie, Renee and Melissa as they prepare for the Connection Call tonight.

    In Your Name,

  28. Loretta Pearson says:

    Wow, what an exciting vision of God in music. I’m so thankful to know about her new CD and will be getting it. I’m excited about the study and doing it for the second time. I needed more than just one go around with The Confident Heart.

  29. Pamela Craig says:

    Dear Lord, I lift Natalie up to you, please watch over her and her family as she contiues to share her story and encourage others!

  30. Melissa Hood says:

    Father God, I pray that you would watch over and protect Natalie and her family. I Pray that you would hold them all in the palm of your mighty hand, and that they would forever know your loving peace and kindness. Father I pray that you would bless Natalie’s ministry in a mighty way. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

  31. Natalie – thank you for serving God by following His will. You are reaching so many people with your music. You’ve touched my life so many times. Thank you for being soft and open to Him. I will pray that you continue to be open to Him and that I’ll be able to follow your example.

  32. Connie Bjorklund says:

    Please continue to bless Natalie as she spreads the word with her stories & music. She is an inspiration to women everywhere bringing them closer to Jesus! Watch over her family, especially when she is busy ministering to us. Give her the strength & courage never to give up.
    Isaiah 26:4 Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.

  33. Be Still and Know that I am God. Psalms 46:10. Life can be so hectic, exciting and overwhelming. Sometimes I think we live on the spiritual warfare battle field. I pray for Natalie and all the other women out there that feel like Satan is trying to take us down. I pray that we’ll aways remember to look UP, thank God even during the hard times and pray, pray, pray for his guidance, wisdom and understand.

  34. Dear Lord,
    Thank you for blessing Natalie with musical gifts that speak to our heart, especially one of her most recent songs that speaks to my heart and to many hearts of the women also studying A Confident Heart, her song Hurricane. Thank you for this song, for the encouragement it brings, for the reassurance I feel whenever I hear it.

    Bless the women leading and speaking on the call tonight, that they speak your truth straight to the hearts of the women listening.
    In your name I pray, Amen

  35. Darla George says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, We praise you for all the wonderful things you do for all us! We also thank you for giving us Natalie Grant. Your amazing grace comes flowing from Natalie’s beautiful voice and lyrics. Please continue to provide Natalie with all she needs to fulfill your plan for her. In your name I pray, AMEN!!!

  36. Dear LORD, I pray for Natalie as she prepares for to share her story with us tonight. GOD you know the story best of all. May her words be used of your glory! Protect her in your peace!

  37. Jackie H. says:

    Father God, thank you for allowing Natalie’s message and schedule to line up with Proverbs 31 and their online Bible studies. We know that the events connecting Natalie, Renee, and Melissa could all be explained away by non-believers as a coincidence, but us P31 girls know better. Thank you for making these connections fall into place so that these women are able to reach thousands more through the online Bible study. I pray that Natalie is feeling well, is rested, and has your favor while she fulfills the demands of her personal life and career. I ask these things in your name Lord. Amen.

  38. Thank you God for leading me to this very place at this very time! I know that You work in wondrous ways and when we follow those little clues You leave for us, we can end up having an amazing and life changing experience! I have been stuck in my own struggles and feelings of being overwhelmed and hopeless, so when I started to read about Natalie and her struggles I knew this was a message for me! I would love to hear her story and learn from both of your messages tonight, giving me a chance of hearing something that will resonate in me and my current desperate and disparaging situation! So Father, I come to you with a humbling prayer for this beautiful soul Natalie, whom You have given the strength to become all that You have called her to be and then given her a voice to do the same for others. Surround her with Your protective armor and keep her safe from satan’s grasp as she reaches out to people just like me who need to hear her story. Fill her with Your wisdom and insight so that she can know how and to whom she can help. Bless her and those listening to her in ways that only You can. Thank you for never giving up on us as we struggle and loving us as only You can. I pray this in Jesus name, let it be.

  39. Michelle Rose says:

    Dear Lord, I pray that you watch over Natalie as she travels to spread your word and protect her family while she is gone. May you speak through her and let her words be glory to you Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.

  40. Lord I thank you for Natalie Grant and her commitment to glorifying you in music. I thank you that she shares the journey of depression and the dark times she has faced to bring glory to you. I pray for her safety, her health, and for her family as they sacrifice time away from her when she’s doing your work. Please continue to bless her and her family as she blesses people with the gift you have presented her with. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!!

  41. Shirley Peele says:

    Dear Soverign and Gracious Lord,

    Continue to bless and hold to Natalie as she continues to sing for and serve you. May she feel your presence in every song and your peace through each hurricane that may pass her way. May all the glory be yours in her life on the mountain and in the valley!

  42. Lauren walls says:

    I thank you for Natalie, for her heart and for using her to change my life. God, you’ve used her to save my life. Because of her, I’ve moved from a sexual abuse victim to a sexual abuse survivor. I know that I’m
    Beautiful and I’ve been loved all along. That You have never forsaken me, that You saved me when I was caught in the middle of a hurricane. That I’ve pursued college and will graduate in 2 years because You used Natalie Grant in my life.

    God you are so good and I pray many blessings over Natalie and her family. I thank you that just through pictures on Instagram and Twitter, I’m able to say that I want to love my children the way that I wasn’t loved by my family. I want to love them like Natalie grant loves her girls. God you have put her and her music in my life when I was desperately searching for you and I pray that you will continue to use Natalie Grant to save peoples lives and bring them to You just like you used her in my life. ANEN!

  43. Jenni Phillips says:

    My prayer for Natalie is that she continues to seek God’s face in her personal life and her life she shared with the rest of us. She continues to be a voice for others in her music and her fight for those being trafficked.

  44. Kristi Seat says:

    Dear Lord,
    I pray for Natalie tonight as she prepares to share her heart with Proverbs 31 OBS. Protect her and her family as she seeks your will in her life. May you provide her with the confidence and the peace to be vulnerable. May you bless each woman who listens to the live call or the recording with a specific word so that they might be able to see Your hand in Natalie’s story and life. Thank you for allowing us to gather in Your name in this awesome and unique way. May you continue to protect and bless Melissa, Renee, Natalie, each OBS team member and every woman who joins OBS. May each woman feel your presence today in a special way. Amen.

  45. Shaci Tillman says:

    See Lord, I pray that you would be with Natalie as she travels spreading the gospel. I pray that you bless the time she has with the sweet baby girls and that they would feel her love around them as she is on the road. Lord bless her life and all the activities in it. Amen

  46. God please give Natalie more strength and help her along the journey that you have for her. Help her to accompish your everyday plans that you have for her while keeping her and her children covered with your protection.
    Thank you God for showing her your love!

  47. Debbie Wangle says:

    I pray that you and your family have the strength from The Lord to continue with his good works
    And that you find peace from him when you have to leave your family when you are gone sharing your words of encouragement.

  48. Father, You are are always good and always faithful. I thank you for Your faithfulness in Natalie’s life. You have carried her and have more than met her every need. We praise You! May You stir up in Natalie a fierce desire for You and Your Word. May she seek You above all else. I pray for greater intimacy with You and fresh revelation. May You plant some new dreams in her heart and cause some old dreams to come to fruition. Lord, strengthen Natalie in every part of her spirit and give her a perseverance to follow You no matter what circumstances come her way. May she know beyond all doubt that You are good. You will not fail her and that You are for her. You are good and You do good. May Natalie know Your joy unspeakable, peace unfathomable, faith unwavering, and love unending like never before. Your freedom and confidence are hers in abundance! Your have created her for this season, this time to proclaim Your truth and hope to a lost and broken world. Honor her sacrifice and devotion to Your purposes. Give her peace to know that You hold Bernie, Gracie, Bella and Sadie in the palm of Your hand. You have greatness in store for all of her family. May You do exceedingly more than she can ask, think or imagine. May Your glory be radiant in Natalie and through her. Her greater days are yet to come!

    In Jesus’ name.
    Amen and Amen!

  49. Diana Muckelrath says:

    Dear heavenly father,

    I delight myself in you & ask that you will speak to our hearts what you so desire for us to receive from you. Be With us and grant us purity and an undivided mind for you. Let no thing hinder your will from being done in our lives and may we each walk confidently with you knowing that you are holding us. In Jesus name. Amen

  50. Nancy Asiedua Mubarak says:

    Dear Lord ,

    Bless Natalie and her family use her as a vessel to bless others anything that she touches should be a blessing. bless her from head to toe, anything words coming from her mouth should be a blessing. Her going and coming be with her. Any weapon form against her should not prosper.

    This I ask in Jesus name Amen

  51. I saw you at a conference in Southaven, Ms. two weeks ago and your story and songs helped me realize that I was bone dry and that I needed filling up…….I have been so busy doing so many “things” for the church and the Lord that I got side tracked from the ONE thing God called me to do. I came to the conference dry and tired ….I left at the end of the conference tired but my soul was happy and at peace. Thank you for listening to God and blessing so many. I will be praying for you and your family.

  52. I don’t know Natalie’s story, but I know I also had struggles after becoming a new mother and it certainly made me develop a heart for new moms. I’d love to hear about Natalie’s struggles, as I love hearing testimonies and find them to truly be the most powerful, effective witness!

  53. Praying Gods divine healing, perfect peace and protection!

  54. Father, what a privilege it is to bring our thoughts, hopes, dreams, and concerns to you! Thank you that you are always there, always listening. I ask, Lord that you would be with Natalie as she goes into all the world to preach the gospel through music and her testimony. I pray that you would be with her mouth. Help her to speak boldly the words that you would have her share with those you place in her path. Comfort and protect her as she is away from her family and friends. Comfort and protect her family also, Lord. Help them to be understanding of the ministry you have given her. Strengthen and refresh her as she puts in long, hard hours ministering for you. Redeem the time back to her and help her to accomplish all that you have called her to do. Help her to prioritize and to seek first your kingdom. Thank you, Sweet Lord, for hearing all of our prayers for Natalie and for answering them according to your perfect plan for her life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  55. dinah scheepers says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, please bless Natalie in all she do, Bless her in every faset of her life in Jesus Name Amen

  56. Abba Father,
    It’s in your Son’s name that I lift up Natalie Grant before you. Your words says in Jeremiah 1: 5, “that you know us and formed us”. And with your divine plan for Natalie’s life I ask you would continue to make that which you ordained to be manifested in her life. Let your glory be manifested in her home, marriage, music and ministry. I pray that anointing that ran down Aaron’s beard run through her life everyday, touching her everyone and every place that she goes. I pray that nothing but good success and health will follow her and her family whether in presence or absence. I pray that when times that she is CALLED to be away from her husband and children that you will be the hedge of protection and comfort for them. That in each others absence that your peace will be their banner. I pray that you will continue to connect her with divine connections. You know that plans you have for her life for you are the breath that she breathes in every song she releases. So we stand in agreement with your plan and with the will of Natalie to agree with your plan and we say, YES…You are Lord, our Abba Father. For all glory be thine in the earth as it is in heaven. In your Son’s name…Jesus! Amen (so it is)!

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