Waving Good-bye to Summer {& hello to a new series in September!}

I waved good-bye to summer last week. And our family calendar breathed a sign of relief that September was almost here.

We stuffed August with everything that didn’t  fit into June and July. Wisdom teeth pulled. Driver’s Ed classes and behind-the-wheel hours completed. Two visits and ten hours of DMV waiting room enjoyment endured. Driver’s test passed and permit acquired. New “Social butterflies” group for Aster survived. {The people were lovely; her reaction to a new environment was not-so-lovely}.

And then there were pool parties, family-get-togethers and out-of-town guests, plus a little overnight get-away with my hubby.

But the best of all? A vacation I had been counting down the weeks for!!

Five days, all five of us together at Fripp Island, SC  before school started. I can’t even tell you how grateful I was to be there with my people. The weather was beautiful. The memories sweet. And all of it was just what this mama’s heart needed.


Cabana Pool Collage

And now September is here.

Kids are back in school and I can hear myself think again.

So what am I going to do with all my time?  Well, God doesn’t believe in boredom for this girl. He’s been working behind the scenes, bringing about some neat opportunities, unexpected changes, hard decisions and a little bit of crazy circumstances to kick off my fall.

It’s been two years since my book, A Confident Heart released. And much to my surprise, New Life 91.9FM {our local Christian Radio station in Charlotte, NC} asked me this summer if I would kick off the fall with them and their partner stations in SC, NJ and PA through a FREE Confident Heart Video series.

Featuring my NEW Confident Heart DVD — which releases TODAY! 

A Confident Heart FB Cover-19

  • The perfect confidence boost for the Fall – the radio stations will be offering two video segments on their website each week for FREE {with 2 never-before-seen teachings filmed after our last study} — and this is offered all throughout September.
  • I’ll also be joining their morning show team 2 days a week. {Why not call in so we can chat! :).

I’ll be sharing new insights and stories God’s writing in my life through these days. Stories that include how to keep your confidence after you lock your kid and your keys in the car on a 100 degree day with no way to get her  – as well as -how to keep your composure after a head-on collision with a set of monkey bars. All in the very relaxing, slow moving month of August. Nice. It’s going to be lots of fun and just think how much better you’ll feel about yourself after you hear about my shenanigans!

Say good-bye to summer & hello to September
with a fall-kick off Confidence Boost!


Leave a comment letting me know you signed up and tell me a little about YOUR SUMMER!

When you do, you’ll be entered to WIN a copy of my NEW Confident Heart DVD. I’ll be giving away 5 copies this week!}


* The winner of Eva Piper’s book “A Walk through the Dark” is Laurie. We have your email so we’ll be in touch to get your mailing address.

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. I signed up for the video study. Looking forward to learning how to live confidently as I have no self confidence.

    • Praying for you this morning Sheila!! I know God’s got something He wants to show you in this series and set you free from the doubt that has been holding you back from His best!! He’s crazy about you!

  2. I’ve already signed up and listened to your first video on New Life 91.9 this morning! Looking forward to hearing the rest.

    My summer has been a time of getting adjusted to the empty-nest. Our daughter married her high school sweetheart in May and two weeks later moved to NC to start her life as a military wife. Its been a nice summer here in Upstate NY but a quiet one.


    • So glad you signed up Tammy! I would love to hear how God speaks to you through the video series. I’ll have a post up each Tues and Thurs so we can chat about that days’s video. Praying for sweet memories and a few new feathers of friendship or something else God’s got planned to fill your nest!

  3. Summer has come and gone so quickly. I struggled most of the summer with severe depression but am finally getting ahold of life again. I am trusting in God to walk me through the next steps and keep me safe in His security.

    • Hi Katy! I am so glad to hear that depression is losing it’s grip and you are feeling His security and love enfold your heart and thoughts. I know it’s hard to believe you are loved, pursued and cherished when our emotions and even others around us make us feel the opposite. But it’s true. YOU ARE loved!!

      Praying for you this morning –that God’s promises would be your refuge, your hiding place, the light for your path today!

  4. Halona Luna says:

    Sweet Renee, I began my summer with you and A Confident Heart. Let’s just say I love, love you Proverbs 31 sisters. I love your book and I love the way you teach with scriptures. I am excited about doing the study and reading the book again. Thank you and God’s Abundant Blessings!!

  5. Angela Huneault says:

    Deaf Renee,
    I have been praying for the family and thinking of you. It was so nice to receive this email today.
    Over the summer I finished ” A Confident Heart” I went ahead and purchased 4 copies to pass on. P31 in October will be doing an online study, so I felt The Lord tell me to get the copies and invite 4 woman.
    The Lord has been moving in my life this summer. He showed me that I need only Him.
    I spent most of my summer in His word and asking ” where do,you want me?”
    Our God is so Amazing!!!!
    When I met you, at a conference, you signed my book with Jeremiah 29:11-13.
    I never had a life verse but months before I met you that verse came to me. The day you signed my book, I sat in my chair and cried( tears of joy). That verse has come up in so many ways, every time I have needed the reminder that He has a plan for me.
    Those this journey I am on, I would love for it to be over, I know God is working. He works all things for our good.
    You have been such an encouragement to me. Like I said when I met you ” Keep,keeping” keep allowing God to use you.
    You are a blessing to me and I know to other woman.
    May God Bless you,

    • Oh sweet Angela!! Im so blessed and encouraged to hear from you and hear how God’s is working in your life, confirming His words and the promises of Jer 29:11-13. Sooo excited you’re going to be part of the P31 Online study too. Very excited about doing that study with Melissa Taylor and her OBS team!!

      Your encouragement blessed me back today!

  6. Julie Moore says:

    Hi Renee!

    I’m signed up for your teaching on ‘A Confident Heart’. I just watched your intro video and can’t wait to get started!

    Excited & Blessed,

  7. Hi Renee,

    I just signed up for your video study and I’m really looking forward to it. I have completed the Confident Heart Online Study and passed the book onto a friend. Thank you so much for all your spritiual guideance.

    ~ Erin

  8. Hello Renee and Ladies, I missed studying with you all, but I did go back through my notes from A confident heart. I spent my summer with my family. I have four children and 14 grandchildren so my time was full. I celebrated Women’s month at our church and enjoyed even more reasons I feel blessed that GOD created me as a woman. I am an author and I spent a lot of time setting up book signing engagements. I had a truly wonderful time, but I am looking forward to our next study as women. What a wonderful blessing from God, to create WOMAN! Be Blessed!

  9. Elaine Segstro says:

    Signed up and looking forward to it. I’m just finishing your book and finding that it speaks to me, as if it was written for me. Bless you for your openness and for being a Godly woman, sharing your heart.

  10. Dawn Ballard says:

    Hi, I i just signed up and I am in the process of trying to finish your book, I have all your emails and am trying to get my email cleaned out some are old but I still read them. This summer was a challenge to me. I was in a car accident in June so that had me at home for 2 months. But I was able to spend more one on one time with my children due to I couldn’t afford summer camps, so I made summer camp here at home. We spent a lot of time at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis since we live 2 blocks away from it and receive free neighborhood membership. We participated in the summer reading program here in Marion County, and did a lot of HOME SUMMER SCHOOLING!!!!! Even with an injured ankle we had fun and got to bond this summer. It was nice!!!!!

  11. I am planning on going through A Confident Heart AGAIN 🙂 when P31 OBS goes through it in October. Each time I go through it God teaches me something new! And can I say I LOVE Fripp. Our family goes every year with our best friends and each year it feels more like home. Seeing your pictures made me miss it all over again & we were just there in July. Praying for you & all those who will be doing the study with you this month.

  12. I signed up…look forward to listening….God is speaking to me about courage…He is removing lies and old chains…and I am determined in Him…to finishes stronger …more confident in Him as head toward the next phase of life…thanks for this opportunity ….blessings

  13. I’m signed up. When I led a study on your book last year, it was one of the most powerful studies I’ve ever done. This summer I’ve been allowing fear and regret to overwhelm me unnecessarily. It’s time to start living confidently again. Looking forward to this series!

  14. Susan Whitaker says:

    Good day, Renee! I’ve signed up today. 🙂

  15. Jill Kuiper says:

    Thankfully, we had a bit of a schedule this summer. I’m one who enjoys school with routine/schedules. Don’t get me wrong, I do love summer too, but just need that routine. My youngest had summer school, so we spent 6 weeks with her doing that. My oldest spent several weeks in summer sports camps. We did manage to have a “vacation” with my sister and her family visiting the beginning of summer, and our family did get to do a couple of day trips here and there and get to the beach for fun. Glad for school to start today. Praying for all of those who struggle with sending the littles off.

  16. I signed up for the video study! I’m excited to be a part.

    My summer was nice and relaxing. My two boys were engaged in daily activities which gave me some time for myself (which I always welcome!). I’m a few supplies away from them being all set for school which begins on Monday. I’m looking forward to the change of season in the weather and the change of season in my life!

  17. Kathy Rehbein says:

    So excited for your video study. I have taken your online bible study on this book before. It is such an awesome book. Was going to reread it this fall now that summer is over and things might just slow a bit for this empty nester Momma <3 . . . I need another boost of confidence!

    Thank you Renee for your book and Godly wisdom and encouragement.

    Blessings, Kathy

  18. Signed up during the Facebook Party. Woohoo! Can’t wait.
    At the bottom of the world we have just moved into spring
    My summer awaits me 🙂
    I am so grateful to God and you Renee as I continue this journey
    towards a new & improved confident heart.
    God has turned my life around through your book and the online study.
    Now he has me working with two ladies from my church who say they saw a dramatic change in my since doing A Confident Heart study. I now have the privilege of watch God use you & me do amazing things in their lives while I still walk this journey too.
    So very exciting 🙂 Many blessings to you and your loved ones. Xxx

  19. Stephanie Melton says:

    I’ve signed up for the video study. I’ve struggled with self confidence my whole life. I have the book already and have read some of it — but really want to get through the whole study this time. Hoping the video sessions will help. 🙂

  20. Stephanie Melton says:

    Oops I didn’t say anything about my summer. It was really pretty un-eventful. Just busy with all the usual stuff, trying to keep up with the house and work and everything like that. Never seems to be enough hours in the day.

  21. Midnight Salty says:

    Dear Renee:

    Just signed up for your video study and can’t wait to get started! This past summer has been very different for our family. I am a family girl, who loves to spend time with my children doing fun things. We had to get creative this summer because we weren’t able to go spend time away from home on a vacation. Still, God is doing awesome things and I look for more opportunities doing more for Him!! You are in my prayers as God does great things through you! You have inspired me so much through your emails and this book! THanks!

  22. Hi Renee! I just signed up for your video study! I’m sooooo excited! I was totally blessed and blown away by the Spring’s OBS of A Confident Heart! You and the P31 staff have helped me beyond what words can express!
    This summer…. Blah… I had a hysterectomy… Therefore, I really didn’t have a summer!

  23. Lisa Waters says:

    I signed up for this free video book study!

    I have had a great summer! I have always been an
    organizer, at home and at work. This summer I was given
    the opportunity to have my first paying job helping a
    co-worker organize her entire home! It was lots of work
    but so much fun. It was such a blessing when she hugged
    and cried and was so excited about how these changes have
    helped her and her family in their daily lives. This was
    my ultimate goal!

    Recently at church, our pastor talked about using your
    talents to help others. Thank you God for the tallents you
    have given me and for the opportunities you have given me
    to use them.

  24. Hi Renee,

    I signed up to receive the emails about the DVD study on A Confident Heart. Looking forward to it. We are going through your book A Confident Heart study right now in my small group at church. It’s such a great book for us women to learn how to believe God’s promises and live a victorious life in Jesus.
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win these DVD’s too!
    I was NOT ready for summer to be over, but am still enjoying the last days of warm sunshine here in Oregon before the cold sets in. 🙂
    May He Bless you!

  25. Dana Cowen says:

    My summer was a trying time off work for 41/2 months with a broken hand! Moved 2 xs in 4 months. Due to houses selling! Moved 2 weeks ago I pray for the last time! I’ve signed up and very much excited! May Our Lord bless our time in this study!

  26. I have signed up for the video study on the Confident Heart and I am going to do the online bible study starting in October with Proverbs 31. I am so excited and watching some of your interviews. I can’t wait to get home today to my quiet time to listen to the 1st video.

  27. Forgot to tell you about my summer I was so excited about the video study. This summer has been rather quiet for us. We have been doing a lot of work on our house and in our yard. We did traveling in April and May when our son was going through training for the Army. We will be taking our summer vacation in October when we are going to the beach for a few days. That is the time of year we really enjoy the beach.

  28. I signed up for your video series and am so excited about it! i went through the OBS with you earlier this year and it was great! God continues to work on me in the ‘gaining confidence in Him’ realm, so the online videos will be another way I’m hoping He can get my mind and heart on track.

    My summer was spent visiting my grandchildren in NE and CO (I live in IL); watching my husband paint our house, recovering from three surgeries and starting the latest OBS series! So blessed each of you women at Pr31 allow God to use you to minister to others.

  29. I signed up for the Confident Heart video study. This summer I got the opportunity to go to the SetApartGirl Conference in Windsor, Co. It was truly a blessing to meet so many women of God and to hear Eric & Leslie Ludy speak. But mostly, I’ve been spending most of my time mentoring young women and finding activities we can do together.

  30. Hi – I signed up for the video study. After doing the online study of A Confident Heat, I was so excited to hear about this being offered.
    Summers are busy Renee and God did show me this summer that I needed a confident heart – as He prepared me to have a job change in the school system after 14 years at one school. I have gone from elementary to middle school. It is so exciting to see what happens when you listen to God and not yourself.
    He knew that this was the plan He had for me all along.
    Can’t wait to be apart of your video study and thank you, for your confident heart and all that you share with us.

  31. I signed up for the video study. The women’s group at our church is studying A Confident Heart and learning a lot! We are on Chapter 9 this week on worry which is perfect timing as my daughter flies to South Africa tomorrow for a 10 month term of service. Psalm 139 “You see me when I travel…You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head” was a great comfort to me!!

    • Praying for your daughter! And for your women’s group as you read through the final chapters of the book. Love that you all are reading it together!

  32. Hello Renee,
    Looking forward to spending some time with you this Sept.! Our summer has been busy as well and we just ended with a great weekend as my husband’s family had our annual Labor Day Camp-Out held in our pasture. Nearly 50 of us were here, so no dull moments…left me a bit exhausted to start the school year today, but we made it through day 1! Looking forward to what God says to me through you as the study unfolds!! Blessings!!

  33. Hi Renee,

    I signed up, thanks so much for putting this together. I am excited to go through this and share it with a gal that I will be mentoring this fall. Our summer was pretty quiet as I Son stayed at school and took summer classes. We did get to the Mountains a few times.

    Looking forward to the Fall and Listening to what you have to say.

  34. I’m signed up for the video study & looking forward to it

  35. Roberta Walker says:

    I signed up for the free video study! I did the on line study but fell behind and have never finished. Maybe this study will help give me the impetts to dig in and finish!
    Thanks Renee.

  36. Mindy Miller says:

    I signed up for the video series. I loved going through the book with you during your last study. Looking forward to re-reading and studying with P31 OBS next month! Thank you Renee for sharing with us!

  37. Oh dear…I’m signing up to enjoy some laughs and some truths with you. How wonderful that God is opening these doors.
    My summer was a patchwork quilt of getting my baby ready to go to college. It was fun! We prepared and spent precious time together. And then it was time to say goodbye. Tears shed! However, my beloved daughter completely surprised me when she made the seven hour trip to Cape Cod. Oh my, I thought I was seeing a vision. What a blessing! I did not have any time with all four of my girls together this summer. But I had precious time with each and I’m very grateful!
    Love your pix!

  38. I had fun summer doing stuff with my family and friends: camping, boat rides, cookouts, reunions – it was great!
    I’ve been struggling with my anxiety throughout all the fun stuff, though, and it’s taking a toll on my well-being. I would love to have confidence and peace. I think I need all the help and prayers I can get right now!
    Thanks so much for your encouragement and Proverbs 31 Ministries!
    H 🙂

  39. Polly Schneider says:

    Hey, I tried to listen to your video and I keep getting this message. “This video is private ” What am I doing wrong?

  40. Becky Estle says:

    Worked a lot ….!!!

    I am talking to our minister’s wife at church to try to do this book as our next women’s study group.

    I have read through once last year – Valuable information that I need again and again!

  41. RITA STEWART says:

    I signed up for the study. Great book.

  42. RITA STEWART says:

    I signed up for the study Great book.

  43. You are so inspiring…I wish you were coming to Minnesota. It’s

  44. This book and video series is just what I need right now to move forward in what God wants me to do. I have struggled with a lack of confidence for a very long time and have prayed that God would help me. Thank you for writing this book and everything else you are doing.

  45. The videos are awesome Renee! I’m so glad I signed up to receive them! My women’s small group at church is going through your book “A Confident Heart” as our newest study! I’m praying we all can have a “confident” heart in Jesus when we are through!
    Blessings to you!

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