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Have you ever noticed how something can happen or someone can say something and all of the sudden thoughts like “I’m not good enough” or “What is wrong with me?” will trigger  a string of negative emotions?

Then, before you know it that awful, yucky feeling of self doubt comes over you and makes you want to shrink back in a corner. Self-doubt is like a bully. It makes us feel small, inadequate, less than and insecure.

But we don’t have to put up with being bullied anymore. We can live as more than a conqueror through HIM who loves us and gave His life up for us!

I’ve got a short video message to share from my NEW”Confident Heart” DVD . I recorded it to equip and empower you to stop letting doubt and discouragement beat you up and start letting God and His Word build you up instead!

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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Good morning Renee, I love when God sends people at just the right time. I have been struggling so hard with feeling useless and worthless. After reading your daily encouragement it made me realize that I stand in marvel of God’s creations all the time. I admire the beauty of all things God created. You made me realize that I am one of those creations and God does not create flawed things. This is going to help me every time anything makes me feel less than. Thank you for delivering God’s message to me this morning.

  2. I read your devotional on P31 but the video wouldn’t load.. For me self-doubt comes when I feel like I’ve failed as a mother or wife. Not being able to keep my home in order makes me feel less confident in my abilities to help others outside of my home.

    • I couldn’t see the video either. It say it’s private.

    • Waiting on God says:

      I agree with Rebecca that my self-doubts come from feeling like I have failed as a mother/wife. Being in an unequally yoked marriage (but a very strong marriage to a wonderful man), I haven’t felt like I could put God first in our home and with how we raised our children. My children are grown and are wonderful people, but I wish they were closer to God. I now see how I was fooled by Satan, and did not express fully my relationship with God to my family because of his lies to me. After finishing the last OBS on saying Yes to God, I am slowly breaking those old habits of keeping God to myself and looking for those moments to share Him very matter-of-factly; not in-your-face judgmental, but more look-at-how-God-is-working-in-my-life moments. I feel a weight coming off of me and I think my family had been searching for this as well as I see very small changes, but yet positive changes. God forgive me for wasting all those years in moments in what I thought was the right way. I’m praising You for the changes that are coming and for Your whispers in my ears — not Satan’s.

      (I also could not access the video…)

      • Barbara Prince says:

        Your response could have been written by me! I spent most of my life feeling “less than.” A truly godly marriage should build us each up, but a couple who are unequally yoke creates a lot of destruction. I lived most of my life feeling like I was walking on eggshells, if you know what I mean. Yet God in his great mercy is setting me free and He is working on my husband also. I did the best I knew how to do with my children. Now I have to entrust them to the God who loves them even more than I do.

        I can tell you love God, but like me, you lacked the confidence you need to live your life “out loud” for God. Isn’t it wonderful that God doesn’t see us as failures, but when He looks at you, He sees Jesus in you.

        I’m praying you grow stronger every day! Blessings my dear sister.

        Thank you Renee Swope for your book, A Confident Heart and for your blog. I love P31 Ministries.

        • Waiting on God says:

          Thank you for your words of encouragement, Barbara. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we’re not alone in the struggle. I’m holding fast to what I learned in the last study and am trying to say Yes to God even in the smallest of details, and am already seeing victories. Will be praying for you as well, that we hold onto His strength as we move forward. Thanks for reaching out to me.

    • So so sorry we had troubles with the video. I fixed it earlier today and it should be accessible now 🙂

      Thanks you for grace and for stopping by. Praying God blesses you big through His message today!

    • If you click on the lesson title within the email, it will take you to the website where you can then view the video.

  3. I’m very good at giving the appearance of great confidence. I might even be good at it but, no one else here’s the voice in my head saying all the negative things. The voice that gets me distracted from doing what I know I should. I just finished the When Women Say Yes OBS & I admit I wasn’t ready to leave my FB group behind. They are all so awesome. So, I signed up for this study. I got so very much out of the last I knew this would be good too. But after reading today’s blog I KNOW it’s what I need. Thank you. I’m looking forward to our study.

  4. When my family tells me I am. There is nothing more able to make me feel self doubt then when the ones I love heap it on me. Bummer!!

    • Liz, I just want to encourage you today that we are NOT to live for the approval of men, but for God. HE is your judge, not your family. I grew up always being criticized and judged for things I did-even as a kid. Kids are supposed to make mistakes, but after a while you just start thinking that you are an overall terrible person. This has continued into my adult life, where I still struggle with condemning attitudes of the people that are supposed to love me unconditionally no matter what. There is NO CONDEMNATION in Christ. We need to start countering those negative thoughts with the TRUTH of God’s Word, and who HE says we are. It doesn’t matter what they think. I did this study this past spring with Renee and it was so helpful, and I pray it would help you too! Blessings.

    • Liz, I am so sorry for what you are surrounded by. That is very hard. I have been in very toxic environments and it takes a lot of endurance to walk away, not listen or not let their opinions have the power to defeat us.

      I would LOVE for you to read the book with us in the P31 Online Study. I think it would really help you hear God’s voice and encouragement and confidence in you – over all the other’s criticism. And it would give you the courage to set boundaries for your heart and thoughts – and help you see that when others are critical in a habitual way, it’s not a reflection of your brokenness but theirs.

      Here’s a link to find out more about the study:

      Praying you’ll join us!

  5. I never want my doubts to hold me back from accomplishing God’s will for me! He is strong when I am weak. You have reminded me how important it is to focus on how GOD sees me, more that how I see me. He sees my potential, His creation, His plan…I see my fears and failures, my doubts, my insecurities. My prayer for everyone reading your message today, is that we would all see ourselves through His eyes.

  6. I am who I am…..and sometimes that doesn’t feel like enough. Sometimes I wish I were more patient, more corageous, bold, more of a go getter, and the list goes on and on……
    What’s awesome about Gideon’s story is that, he knew where he came from, he didn’t feel “good enough” either, and yet God chose him to make something big happen. So, why not me, right? God will do great things through me. He is gonna use me to win battles and even though I don’t feel equipped or even ready, God sees me for me and that’s good enough for me. Getting ready for the adventures that are called LIFE.

  7. I was sitting here drinking coffee and trying to post pone starting my graduate work a little while. It’s had not to play the comparison game when you’re infertile and 6 babies have been born in your group lately – why am I having to do grad school work when they get to be a stressed out mama with a little one? It’s hard walking the different path.

    Just need to hang onto God right now a little bit tighter and discard my soundtrack for his.

    Couldn’t see the video because it says it is PRIVATE – hope to see it soon though.

    • Tracey, how difficult for you. Hopefully, you will have your own little one “in God’s time”…I will pray for you as I am praying for my daughter-in-law, who has been trying to conceive for over a year now. While my other daughter-in-law announces she is pregnant with her second…

  8. Thank you for the reminders. I know God is more than enough and I am who He made me to be, but “life” can make me think otherwise sometimes. It’s great to be reminded of these important truths!

  9. Brenna Book says:

    I read the devotional but your video says that it’s private, so it won’t let me view it. I am a woman who lets what I think about myself invade my thoughts, instead of what God thinks about me. During the Yes to God OBS, I said yes to God in starting to let what HE thinks about me, overpower what I think about me. So going from the Yes to God OBS to the Confident Heart OBS is going to be wonderful for me. I am very excited about it! 🙂

  10. AMAZING, just amazing. God uses P31 to send just the message I need. I have said, “Yes” to God with a big committment to a ministry. Now a few weeks after saying, Yes, I can feel the devil nudging me with small whispers of doubt as to how well I will fulfill this exciting role. Thank you for your committment to bring God’s promises through His Word into our lives. Just the encouragement I need and the determination to listen only to God and to sluff off the evil one.

  11. Nancy Silvers says:

    Love this devotional but the video says “This video is private”. I am looking forward to this next OBS-it will be my first as a fb Small Group Leader and I have been focusing on staying in the word so thoughts of self doubt do not cause me to doubt my abilities to lead. I know in and of myself I am NOT equiped to do this but God equips those HE calls–I know I have a wonderful Proverbs 31 OBS team to guide me! I’ll check back later to see if the video becomes available 🙂
    God Bless you today and always!

  12. Polly Schneider says:

    Thanks, Renee for this devotional. I need to be reminded daily of my worth to God. I slip so easily into self doubt. God’s promises help me to live the confident life He has for me. I love Jeremiah 29:11. God has a plan for me. He promises to give me a future and a hope.

  13. L. Bonta Ahr says:

    I grew up hearing I was stupid or worse, whenever I did something wrong or frustrated my father. I now replay those same messages, to myself, when I make a mistake. I hate it and try to replace those messages with positive thoughts of how God see’s me but it is hard. I hate it that those thoughts still come. Thank you for the reminder, in your devotional today, that I am somebody in God’s economy. God bless you!

  14. What awesome encouragement from all of the previous posts about today’s devotional. This is just so timely, as I have order the book Confident Heart in early spring and have only started studying it a few weeks ago in preparation to launch out into a ministry Godhas called me into. As I step out to minister to abused women and at-risk children, I know that I need to be prepared to be able to share with them effectively. I have had doubts over this work I have been called to do since I didn’t think I have experienced abuse in a way that I can relate to these women. But Confident Heart has everything one could want to share with these women that I will come in contact with. I look forward to the sessions and I pray that God will do a might work of transformation in each and everyone of us that participates in this study. I love you all and wish you a good and godly day. Much love!

  15. Taking care of my mom and having to watch her suffer, took my heart and crushed it to more self doubt then I ever had. We had trained nurses but they where so short staff I had to do a lot of the unknowns for my mom. And then she passed away my family was so wonderful to allow me to be with her till they end. When I got back I signed up for college and then the self doubt has made me have panic attaches and feeling so over whelmed. Its been 30 plus years since I have been in school I am taking CNA classes so I can learn how to make someone else mom safe and my secure.Reading about self doubt and how to over coming it,will be a process just like college I attend on finishing pass or fail finishing the class is my goal. Please pray for me and I also have a older son we are not sure why he is sick and doctor have no clue feeling outof sorts with this also. I know when I pray GOD says my child I have been waiting for you to guide you threw the right path.thank you all for praying.

    • Alice, be encouraged. God will never leave you or forsake you. I want to share this verse with you: Isaiah 26:3-4 You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in YOu. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord is the Rock eternal. Allow this passage to encourage you to focus your thoughts on the Almighty. Reaffirm your trust in Him today and experiecne the peace that this kind of trust brings. I will keep praying for you. Hold on to God’s promises my sister. Much Love!

  16. My mom has only been gone
    three months in heaven and I have 4 and half weeks to go.

  17. My post was to say I have 4 and half weeks of school to finish first clinical is tomorrow. ugh,I have read all your post and will pray I promise.

  18. I know I fail in keeping God in focus. I need this so much. My hope starts out in the Lord but when nothing seems to happen then in come the doubts. Help me Lord to hold on to you and be strong in you. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen. I need more of you Lord. fill me with your thoughts and your word Lord. Take hold of me and keep your word in front of me. Lord by my strength for I am weak.

  19. Good Morning Renee! On my way to work this morning I had a conversation in which I doubted my abilities in my job. I recently moved into a position where I am now the one in charge and have to make the decisions – BIG JUMP FOR ME! Others have numerous times told me I am capable of this task, now I just have to place it at God’s feet and know that he will guide my steps. Thank you for this devotional and time of reflection on my professional life. I’m looking forward to what God has in store but at the same time extremely nervous!

  20. Go to New life 91.9 I think you can listen to the video there.

  21. This has been a problem of mine for my entire life – that little voice that invades every thought or idea, screaming “you are nothing, you will never be good enough, don’t even bother to try” Satan’s voice convinced me for years to give up and then sneered when I defied him and failed on my own. But learning to hear God’s voice is giving me the strength to endure. Through Him all things are possible, and it is very freeing to really know that I don’t have to rely on my strength, I can rely on His. Satan’s voice doesn’t stand a chance!

  22. I struggle with feeling inadequate as a mom. I find myself comparing myself to other moms, which is dangerous because a) I feel yucky about myself that I can’t do/be like mothers I look up to and b)I fall into the pit of pride, thinking I’m not as “bad” as that mom. Its awful. The only person I need to compare myself to is me!!

  23. I find that when my focus slips to what others think, instead of what God says–I am VERY unsure of myself. Especially in a confrontational situation, I can easily want to slink back, and just say what others want to hear instead of resting assured in the promises of God for me. I have found that in that situation, I have to take a time out (potty break always works–even in the midst of the worst situations) and just refocus on God and pray. No, I don’t claim to get instant answers, but the reconnecting always helps me to have a peace that I didn’t have before my break with God.

    Super psyched about the upcoming Confident Heart study! 🙂

  24. Jill Kuiper says:

    I have struggled with feeling inadequate with my husband’s family. They constantly belittle me, are negative, and judge me. I had fallen into their trap for years and even went to a very dark place. All that changed when I told myself to stop believing their lies and reassure myself that I am a good person. I do matter. I have tried to distance myself from them and pray when we get together.

  25. Couldn’t get the video to load, but often feel that ‘yukky’ feeling you describe when the enemy has his way. Thank you so much for the truths you share to help overcome those fears and doubt! I really appreciate the Proverbs 31 devotions and e-mails!

  26. Good morning Renee – God is GREAT! I needed this message this morning. It amazes me how things show up in your life just as you need them. I hope to read your book someday soon. I’ve been struggling with self doubt for weeks now, following an unexpected hysterectomy. I’ve been depressed and just so down on myself. I need something inspiring to get me back on the right path. Thank you for all that you do for everyone. You are truly an inspiration!

  27. Thank you for this devotional today. My self confidence is challenged every day! I feel like I was born with self doubt. When I got married, I thought my husband’s love boosted my confidence enough, but his harsh critisisms and negative comments made me feel even more inadequate and self conscious than before. I gained weight after our son was born and his “jabs” at me just fueled other areas…soon I felt useless, hopeless and had no self confidence to speak of. I’ve always had a relationship with God, but my husbands words were louder than Gods. It wasnt until his affair that I said enough is enough. Putting God FIRST and TRUSTING HIM, with my self confidence is what says no matter how hard they try to bring me down, my house is not built on shifting sand. Just last night, the dirty dishes and unfolded clothes I left the night before was enough to spark a small fire of inadequacy and my husband fueled it. All of a sudden, everything became fair game for critisim, the dog needed a bath, the kids shouldn’t have chips in their lunch, the dishes in the dishwasher weren’t put away, the kids weren’t listening, if I loved them, I would have their clothes folded, the dinner was cooking too fast?! I was a target with a hundred arrows shot right through the middle, BUT GOD! I repented for believing the lies and shook off those heavy bands, and remembered God’s promises.

  28. Jennifer Waldrop says:

    I read this book several months ago, and have reread a few more.

    I recently chose to provide some medical relief in Zambia, Africa. No group just plain, simple me.

    Boy oh boy did I have to deal with some serious doubt, professional, personal and especially spiritual. It was so bad- my new tablet didn’t make it from the plane to my hotel- from my carry on bag AND my new droproof, waterproof, dustproof camera got dropped while a kind person was taking picture!

    I was just lying crying to God- see I told you I was the wrong one for this, and a thousand other things!! Then very quietly I heard, that I was wonderfully made and plans had been laid for me. So I recalled this book and used scripture as my prayer! Didn’t happen immediately, but gradually calm came! Every situation I encountered – I knew it wasn’t going to any worse than that night. I was so blessed to be able to experience that adventure and now ready for more!

  29. I so needed this message today. I couldn’t watch the video…the link said it was private, but would love to be entered into the drawing.

  30. Oh I so need this study I read the book a confident woman and it has helps me. I am working and at work there are many ladies that are bullies. I can’t believe how they do this. Well they have come to bully me And since I’m new it’s not hard to start to feel insecure. But I’m praying God gives me grace and I’m able to show his love as he gives me grace.

  31. Renee, I read your devotional on Encouragement for Today.
    I was not able to view your YouTube video. It said “Private”. Hope that issue can be resolved.

    Self-doubt and people pleasing have been an issues for me and I’m afraid I’ve passed it on to my daughter. She does not react well to criticism. She takes it very personally and you can see the self-doubt overtake her. She is one of the strongest women I have ever known, but she does not see herself in that light-God’s light. We both need a Confident Heart. Thank you for sharing what God has done in your life. I requested the 7-Day Doubt Diet!

  32. Oh my goodness! Once again you have provided the most timely message!! Then as I scrolled through comments before leaving my own, I realized there’s another message here. I AM NOT ALONE! That’s the thing with doubt-it’s meant to separate us and make us and make us weak. That’s the pit I’ve fallen into. I like to make cards and paper crafts. Lately, with the help of many of the triggers, I am almost “suffocating” under the weight of self doubt. The life and “creative juices” are being vacuumed away. Thanks again for your southern charm and your timely messages.

  33. I could not see video, said private. I have always been able to get your stuff.
    Is this the same book as before or has it been updated. I wanted to do it again since the first time I did not have time to do it right. I do have this problem always have. Started back with my dad and lives with us. I have gotten better but it still rears its head. Hope I can see other videos, miss this one.



  35. Good Morning. I read your devotionals every day and day by day I see myself in many of them, especially today. I was the victim of sexual abuse at the age of 5 and since then, I have been living with low self-worth and self-esteem. It was not until I completely surrendered my heart to God that he showed me that I indeed an Fearfullt and wonderfully made. Thanks so much for what your minitry do for women all over the world.

  36. Just this very morning, I was praying on my way to work asking God to remove the voices of doubt that float in my mind when I am asked to step out of my comfort zone! Whew! THANK YOU for sharing this with me today! The power of the Lord is beginning to boundlessly descend on me through your words of encouragement. Even though I know the scripture you used in today’s devo and have known it always, it seems, the way you worded it planted arrows in my heart to use against satan’s attacks. THANK YOU for not being afraid to follow what God told you to say and do! I pray many of us will be blessed today with the words God put on your heart.

  37. I think the AM/FM idea will really stick with me. When I feel like self doubt is bullying me, I need to make sure I am going with “for me” thoughts instead of “against me” ones. When our oldest daughter became really ill and we couldn’t get a diagnosis for almost a year, I had to replace Satan’s thoughts with the truth. I remember verbally telling Satan to go away because I wouldn’t waver from God even though it was such a long and hard time. When I did this, I heard God speak to me with advice, direction, and confidence. As hard of a time that it was, I would never go back. My oldest daughter says she wouldn’t ever change that time either. Through the rough stuff, came an incredible closeness with our Lord. He is changing and using us in wonderful ways. I agree that it is amazing what can happen when we match our thoughts with His!

  38. I had a terrible day yesterday. After 3 years of battling back pain, 2 surgeries, too many to count injections, and then losing my RN job that I loved…I was seeing a new neurosurgeon to try and figure out my source of pain. During the consult my weight was mentioned and boy did that trigger the negative thoughts to consume me. I felt worthless, a burden to my family, and most of all just dumb. I hated his comments. It made me feel like a failure. I think I am…I have failed at too many things lately. Talk about a huge trigger!!!

  39. I am excited about this study. So many times I doubt myself and say I can’t do it or somebody can do a better at the job than me. I know that through this study, i will learn to trust God and be the confident woman He has called me be.. I love all of your posts because they are so encouraging and uplifting.

  40. Hi,
    thank you so much for this encouragement. I can’t tell you just how much this resonated with me and where I’m at, in this moment in time. I’ve been so paralysed by self doubt and fear, feelings of uselessness… No matter how I read the scripture that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I struggle with it in my life.
    Experiences from past situations constantly haunt me. I find myself always comparing myself to others, who are smarter, more beautiful and so much more confident at everything, motherhood, career, the lot! Even at home with family, I second guess myself. I’m so scared and fearful that I’ll mess up again or that I won’t be any good. I’ve found myself paralysed by fear and negativity.
    I believe God is working in my life to help me to trust Him and actually believe His word and accept that His love for me extends to all areas of my life.
    I was taken back by this encouragement and Gideon. His boldness to ask for a sign and God’s grace to give him not just one but two. My challenge is to take God at His word and believe His thoughts about me.

  41. Renee – Thank you for your encouragement this morning. It is just like God to bring your words at the perfect time. Later this morning I am meeting with a friend with whom I had already intended to share my doubts. Now I can also share your encouragement with her. God has placed a purpose of “leading women into their potential in Christ.” This has been simmering on my stove of doubts for far too long. It is time to assemble the right ingredients and go from a simmer to high heat. Thank you for being an instrument for the Holy Spirit!

  42. It won’t let me watch video. It says it’s private.

  43. I love your emails and books too. I have the Confident Heart. It is awesome. I tried to watch the video but it won’t play and says it is private.

  44. Couldn’t see the video-says it is private. My self-doubt comes when I mess up with my children or my husband. Becoming impatient with them and taking my stress out on them. I get so discouraged and mad at myself because I can’t be more gracious and patient. I know my family forgives me but I don’t forgive myself. I then begin to wonder if I am worthy of God’s forgiveness.

  45. Hi I’m having trouble watching the video. it tells me it is private and I can’t watch it. what can I do?

  46. I can honestly say that when I begin getting closer to God, the devil steps right in and tries his best to slow me down or even bring me to a screeching halt by filling me full of self-doubt. Thank you for reminding me where my strength comes from – God! And to allow God to stop the devil in his tracks. . .

  47. Peggy St. John says:

    When I read your devotion on Proverbs 31 I thought, this is me! This is exactly what is holding me back from doing what I feel God wants me to do. As I continued reading critical words from out of the past bombarded me like bullets from a pellet gun. I slumped in my chair with the weight of those criticisms pulling me down. But as I read your entire message I started to pull myself up and face the onslaught with God’s thoughts. Now I know how to overcome that which has dragged me down for years. I am as good as everyone else. Maybe I don’t have 5 Master’s degrees nor traveled the world. But God has filled me with His wisdom and shown me the wonders of His world. I am His and He is mine. I need nothing more.

  48. Morning, for me the self doubt comes all the time. Right now, I am having an issue with doubting not only myself but my faith and my worth. I feel all time that I am doing it all wrong and do not know how to fix it.

  49. Lorie Boysun says:

    I’m not able to watch the video. It’s just giving me a black screen..

    • Lorie Boysun says:

      Self doubt sets in all the time in my life. I question my worth as a mother and a wife. I continue to compare myself to others. The adversary has a hold of my inadequacies. Which in turn makes me believe my self doubt even more. I also based on the voices I heard as a young child.

  50. It’s funny how one negative comment can so often outweigh numerous positive ones. This is a reality for me and one that I frequently struggle to overcome. Feelings of inadequacy in job, home and family are oft times overwhelming and leave me feeling much like Gideon in today’s devotion. Instead, I know I should focus on God’s truths and not the whispers of lies. However, this is a process and the lesson must be reviewed numerous times before it is learned and becomes habit. Thank you for today’s devotion and I look forward to seeing the video when the link is opened.

  51. Thank you so much for this post, it came at just the perfect time as usual. God has healed me if many things in his divine order. This time its another layer of insecurity and doubt. To make a very long story short, a few years ago God led me to a very intense healing ministry. When I was younger I always wondered why I felt likean outcast. God had me on a journey the year before I did my healing ministry, asking questions about forgotten time periods in my life, dreams about myself as a child, having me run into divine appoints with people who discussed sexual abuse as a child. Ididnt realize he was preparing me for some major life changing revelations and healing. I was shown major sexual abuse from multiple people and it was all repressed because God had been protecting me from the trauma. This abuse had started as a baby and continued throughout my early teens. There was some pretty horrific things and if it was not for God I would not be here. I have been healedof many addictions from speed,pot,many kinds of pills, smoking,and the latest one is food addiction. I am recovering from emotional eating and changing the way I eat because God loves me and wants me to come to him, not using food as an idol. God also revealed to me that food has been a trigger for me because when I was sexually abused, food was used as bribery. God has been with me the whole time and protecting me when I was abusing my body, because that is what I was taught. He has been watching over me when I could have died. You see I went in for a physical for minor surgery and 4days later she called me to tell me I have high blood sugar and it was almost 300 when the normal range is 70- 100. God has been guiding me to eat healthier and a couple of the books he guided me to was by Lysa Terkeurstwith one being: Made To Crave Devotional-60 days to Craving God, not food. That was just a starter, then was led to Lysas book, Ungluded Devotional. Then that is how I saw this posting from her site on facebook. I know where most of my insecurity lies, and I know just as God has healed me and been faithful, he will renew my mind from the old thoughts and triggers from the past abuse. It is a painful process, but if I can do it with Gods strength, anyone can!

  52. Hi Renee: Was not able to see the video – says it’s private. Reading and doing your study before on A Confident Heart, has helped me at times when I doubt myself and there are times that you just don’t feel that you are good enough. Then, I pull out your book and it shows me something new everytime and alot of times it is related to what might even be going on that day. What a great resource to have.
    Thank you, for being there.
    Can’t wait to meet you in November when you come to Heritage Hills Baptist Church in Conyers, GA.
    Ladies that will be November 16th.

  53. Jill Goodwyn says:

    Would love to watch but it won’t play. I’m finding myself needing help in the area of confidence. I would love to have you’re book.

  54. Self-doubt has been something I’ve struggled with for a long time. Just this weekend I had that small voice telling me I wasn’t good enough. My self doubt usually rears it’s ugly head when I’m serving the Lord. I graduated recently with a degree in Biblical Counseling. Our lives have been full of chaos since we stepped into full-time ministry. So the “voice” is always telling me I’m not good enough if I cannot keep my children walking right and so on and so forth.

  55. Lack of confidence appears in every aspect of my life. When cooking from a recipe I will triple check every ingredient amount and even step of the directions. after all the checking I still doubt that everything has been done correct. Your devotional today was very encouraging. Thank for following God’s direction to write about confidence.

  56. Theresa Witte says:

    Although like others I wasn’t able to watch the video, I did read the related devotional on I have not been in the Word for awhile, all along knowing I should, that it holds the answers. But something in me held me back, and I have been sinking deeper into self doubt, depression, and negative thinking. Today I decided to turn to the Lord and googled devotions to find something. That is how I came upon the “Trigger Points of Doubt – Encouragement For Today.” How wonderful to read this, knowing that if you are writing it, I am not the only one who feels this way. While I knew that was true, it still felt like I was all alone. After all, I am supposed to be a strong Christian who doesn’t have these times of disconnect with God. I am excited to get the Word of God into my inbox daily, and I am eager to restore my relationship with my Lord. Thank you.

  57. I have agreed to lead a study on a subject that is so foreign to me to help a woman who has held a secret for years. Also, I am a group leader for a large community Bible study and each year I feel so inadequate to lead these precious women of all ages. Some are so educated in the Bible. I wonder, why does God put me in those positions?

  58. Thank you for this timely devotion. I was texting a friend of mine asking for prayer for me with job situation and she directed me to today’s devotion which I had not read yet. I currently work at a church as an admin asst in student ministry and am just feeling insecure mainly because I am older than the staff and fill a different role than they do. It is intimidating at times as my role is administrative not ministry and I don’t always feel connected. I want to stay but just need to feel worthy and stop comparing, people pleasing and be more focused on what God says about me. I am always AMAZED at how God works through others…we are not meant to do this life alone. Thank you Renee for sharing…can’t wait to read your book:)

  59. My biggest fear is not being enough. I am a single mom of 4 boys. I am not enough of a provider. I am not enough of a good mother. I am not enough of a learder. I am not enough of a good friend. I am not enough of a good christian. I am not enough of a good person. I am hoping this stops the tapes in my head so I realize I am enough just the wat God made me

  60. Starla Wahl says:

    I couldn’t see the video. It read “private”. But the devotional was amazing. It was just what I needed to hear. I struggle with self doubt so bad. Didnt realize how bad until I took the self test. God has big plans for me, and like Gideon, and Moses, I feel inadequate or not up to par or well skilled in the area I feel He is leading me. I worry over “what will others think?” “What if they don’t like my thoughts, ideas, material, decisions, ect…” “What if i have to do public speaking?” I also have a daughter who is just like me in this way. Breaks my heart to listen to her be so hard on herself, say negative things about herself and struggle with her lack of self confidence and self doubt. I’m planning on buying your book and your dvd for me and my daughter. Thank you so much for bringing this message to me and enlightening me. God used you today and that has to feel good

  61. Self doubt is creeping in again. I was not allowed to watch it as it says its private.

    • Rose, if you haven’t already, scroll up and see Angela Taylor’s comment with the link where you can go to see the video.

  62. It is time for me to loose the incapacitating self doubt and all the baggage that started it and perpetuates it and finish the race with confidence! My first step – I’m entering your contest today.

  63. Renee,

    I am thankful for your devotionals they are always encouraging. One moment I feel myself feeling great into my word and study the next I feel like what am I doing here…what is my purpose…Lord am I really suppoed to be serving in this area and it makes me feel sad. I know it’s the enemy trying to use negative thoughts so I can doubt my abilities in Christ. Please keep all of us ladies in prayer. God is able and he does have a plane for us…

  64. DeeDee Brinkman says:

    I really needed this today. Thank you so much for sharing what God has done in your life to help you have a confident heart.

  65. I was unable to view the video; message “This video is private”.

  66. “Self-doubt is like a bully. It makes us feel small, inadequate, less than and insecure.” Love this statement. What a way to reimage it. Time to send that bully packing with a one-two punch of my identity in Christ and maybe a side-swipe of Mandisa’s “Overcomer”.

  67. I read this at the time it applied most to my life !! I used to have alot of the self doubt moments. Especially growing up when all you heard was you are useless, you ar not worth anything , you cany do anything right, i cant stand the sight if you and the list goes on. Now I only entertain those thoughts when challenged . Like when i have just dealt with an upset parent, or when one of my children say something mean, because my answer was not the one they wanted. I hear these words and then start to think about them as true statements. Even though I know they are not. I shut down those little voices now, I know God sees me diffetently I give it all to him and I read how I am his daughter. How he chose me to be an heir to his inheritance.

  68. I have found very small thoughts can creep in to disturb your confidence in Christ. Looking forward to your study.

  69. Just admitting that my confidence easily takes a beating is hard. Daily life as a teacher sucks all the confidence right out of you. And it’s hard to realize being confident is a daily choice. It’s really a statement about my faith in God. And shutting out lies.

  70. Good Morning Renee
    I am so excited about this next OBS Confident Heart I just received my book yesterday, I have been reading all your information and I can really see the Self-doubt that I have been struggling with.
    I would have loved to see the Video but like the other ladies said it said Private

  71. Jennifer fischer says:

    I am 9 days away from the scariest point in my life – being unemployed. I thought I was doing everything right at work — giving it 200% each and every day ….. working nights and weekends. sacrificing my life – my family – my health all to make sure my job obligations were met. And it is about to all be gone. Talk about questioning your worth. I thought I was smart and a good worker — turns out they think I am dumb and useless. My husband doesnt understand me thinks I am worthless now that I have lost this high paying job. doesnt understand what I am good at and thinks I am a sending money idiot. I am pretty sure I have hit the bottom of the confidence meter. I want to be confident again about myself my life as a wife and mother my abilities in the work place ……… I want to stop feeling like the used gum on the bottom of a shoe. I stumbled onto your site today — heard you on the radio on the way into work today and thought hmmm she said something about a bible study maybe that is something I can do for myself while I am not working …….. might be a nice start in a new direction.

  72. I have read your book and did the online study when it first came out, and I am still having too many days of not feeling “good enough”. I have been blessed with countless things; 3 healthy daughters, a roof over my head, a comfortable bed, friends…just to name a few. I will keep pushing forward, but some days are just harder than others. Thank you Renee, for being here!

  73. Sharell Jordan says:

    I could not access your video??

  74. Daily Struggler says:

    I find myself daily struggling with confidence… a friend recently asked me.. “What happened to you when you were younger that makes you feel so insecure about yourself?”. I don’t know what to call it, insecurity, lack of confidence, lack of self-worth, low self-esteem… I find myself peeling back through your book again.. comparing questions & answers to the time before… noticing similarities.

    I love reading your words, love hearing your videos, your radio messages, and seeing your emails! I find myself looking though the devotionals I can find on my KindleFire via You Version finding the ones from Confident Heart and your partners book, UnGlued..(even the ones I’ve already read).. to just keep it together on most days… Knowing that I am not alone in this “daily struggle”…. There really must be a way to pull myself out of this deep hole I seem to be having trouble climbing out of. Trying to listen and pay attention to what the Lord is calling me to do.

    Having the DVD is just another way to bring it home… and a way to share with other ladies out there who might need the support just like I do!

    Thank you Renee for what you do in Christ by sharing & giving of yourself by devoting your life to this ministry!! ((HUGS))

  75. I find that doubts are the way Satan trips me up and brings in fear and depression. It starts out subtly and before I can rein in the negative flow, I am underwater, focused on myself and losing sight of all God has done for me. The only way to climb out of this darkening undertow is to cry out to the Lord. His name has the power to strengthen my spirit. It is a daily battle to continue to repent and turn to my spirit instead of listening to all the doubts that seek to overwhelm me. Thank you for your great thoughts from the Living Word that will keep me from defeat.

  76. Little thoughts creep into my mind and ignite my doubts in God and myself. Also, when I am comparing myself to others is another trigger, or when I hear a judgment or negative comment from someone else.

  77. Elaine Segstro says:

    Unfortunately I couldn’t see the video, but I am reading your book now. It’s a wonderful book that I feel was written for me, and my doubts. A book that I want to give to friends. I think all of us as females struggle with these issues – not good enough (doubts planted by the evil one; we NEED to rest in God’s promises and love), and being a slave to our past and shortcomings. Thank you for all you do and for being so open and transparent with women who face these challenges.

  78. This sounds like a study just for me! I am excited to take part in my 2nd online Bible study! Thank you,for sharing things you have learned in hard places in your life! Gwyn

  79. Debi Schuhow says:

    I really am looking forward to the online bible study on your book! I don’t feel full of self-doubt right now by I!ve definitely been there done that!

  80. Fear of rejection: Years of not being able to live up to who my mother wanted me to be became the biggest trigger in my life. It took hold of my whole being. I bought it into my marriage putting up with his strange ideas about God & life for fear he would leave.
    Through Renee’s book/study, great Pastors & a lovely Christian counsellor God has begun the amazing process of healing. I am so grateful & blessed. 🙂

  81. Nancy Silvers says:

    If you are having trouble with the above video go here:

    It was shared in the comments and works!

  82. Where do I begin…? I am unable to grasp the negative thoughts because they come so fast! I am a great “starter” but a horrible finisher. My doubts mostly come from comparing myself to all the things other women are able to accomplish and then I spiral into depression, overwhelmed by all the unfinished tasks and challenges in my life. I know I’m a great encourager, but dare not anyone rely on me to see them through the end of anything and that hurts!
    Thank you for this message today, God you always know what we need and when!
    I will be signing up for the OBS and can’t wait to get the book, maybe finishing it will help me become a finisher in all things!

  83. Wow I am so trapped by the AM thoughts you mention. I came down with an inner ear illness that has kept me isolated and given the enemy plenty of time to work on weakening me. I don’t see friend as often. I have lost confidence. I joined a bible study and in this weakened state do feel closer to God, yet I do not have any of these FM thoughts you refer to ready to go. I pray for strength but your message if having the actual word of God straight from the bible to rebuke the lies is definately what I need. Thank you for making me realize that today.

  84. I started my “adult life” as a young mother (17yrs old) and never had much confidence in myself or my ability to accomplish much on my own. I went from living with my parents (bouncing back and forth from mom’s to dad’s bc they got a divorce when i was 14) as a senior in hish school to living with my new husband while I was a senior in high school and becoming a new mother. All decisions were made by my husband. I didn’t work, I was a mommy. A young mommy. We then in the following years had 3 more children. By our 9th anniversary we were divorced.I felt I had failed. He was making every decision and was a very unhappy and angry person in the marriage. I tried all I felt I could at the time. And now several years after the divorce and preparing to be remarried, to a man i believe God brought to me for so many reasons, this coming April, I find myself doubting myself and the positions God has put me in and the gifts he has given me. This devotion spoke to me more than I could ever express! I am taking so much from this devo and wanted to say thank you!! I hope to put this way of thinking into practice the next opportunity I get! Thank you!-Jes

  85. Thank you for all of the encouraging words you always have! It’s encouraging to see how often the message God will seem to be trying to get across to me in that week or day or even hour! I struggle a bit to even figure out how to switch over to FM thoughts. My AM comes in SO much louder. It also just seems that I forget all too easily what The Lord is showing me. I can’t wait to read this book! Thanks again!

  86. Doubt says I’m not good enough and can’t do what I feel God is telling me to do. Doubt says I’m not strong enough to hold on, but when I let go of the world and hold onto Him, His peace and comfort surround me. I also remind myself of the memory verses from your study. Deutoronomy 33:12 is my favorite.

    • “I am weary of my crying”….”my eyes fail while I wait for my GOD to save me!”as the scripture says.

      I have been doing what the WORD says…”whoever sins you remit, they are remitted and whoever sins you retain, they are retained.” Yup, retained by the one who won’t forgive! No thanks. So, every time I think of someone who has hurt me, I remit their sins until yesterday evening and today. And…the not feeling worthy and “who loves me” stuff came back!

      Yesterday I messed up big time, lost my temper, gossiped and wanted to get even! The cruel abusive 78-year old lady who I was renting from and her male friend and realtor lied to me! They stated that she was going to give me my security deposit the day I moved out! She also told me that she was letting me out of my lease early because we did not see eye to eye on much. The truth is she did not like me because I’m a Christian. She thought she was going to push me around and that did not happen so she had to get rid of me and my JESUS! I should have known when she refused to sign a paper to agree to returning the money, that she was going to do something dishonest.

      Besides all of that, she came at me four times to punch me in the face and threw a rock at my leg! I did not press charges against her for any of it, but I did make a police report. Unfortunately the cops didn’t do their job either. None of them put their names on the reports and refused to state that she came at me with her fists.

      One day she was outside gardening and I went to talk to her. While we talked I mentioned something about the LORD. After that she told me that IF I said another word about Jesus, she would evict me! She even told the gardener that. I heard her telling him “wait until you see what I’m going to do to her!

      That was when I knew it was time to move out.

      On August 1, 2013, I had my mover come and my
      3 cats and I moved to a motel with a kitchenette. I am very content here and will
      stay until GOD shows me exactly where to find a new place to rent or buy. I do not want to make another mistake like that one and the one before it!

      I had even asked the LORD back in December, 2012 if HE wanted me to rent that house. I told HIM if it was a bad choice to close that door! There was also a roof that had NO insulation so the heat poured in and down on us and on all my furniture making my electric bills higher than normal.

      I took pictures of the beams inside and from what I’m seeing, there is white and red mold. While living there, I felt sick every day. Thank GOD we moved out, so neither me or my cats got really ill. I now must go to small claims court to get my security deposit back and consult with a lawyer.

      What did I do? Why did GOD allow this and a young black woman who was friends with my ex-landlady, to lie to a Christian brother and sister on the same street so they accused me of things that are not true!

      Again, I am weary from my crying and all of this!

  87. Thanks for this great encouraging video Renee! I love the reminder of “being intentional” with our thoughts…thinking of God’s promises and remembering His truths He has for us. The quicker we ‘hear’ the lies of the enemy and use God’s Word to combat those lies, the quicker we can live in His confidence. So many great truths in this video!
    Thanks again!

  88. Hi Renee,
    The timing of your post was a confirmation of God! Last year, I began a part time volunteer/stipend position in two of the Children’s Ministries at our church. I was given a blank slate for designing and implementing the programs. I knew God was calling me but felt HUGELY inadequate. God took me immediately to Gideon. For the first several months of my assignment, Gideon (along with Moses and Nehemiah) became my go to encouragement. I love that God saw him as a mighty warrior when he felt so insignificant. I also loved that He was so dependent on God for the victory, there would be NO question who would get the glory! That was my story.

    Then, over the last six months, I have been in the process of applying for the Director of Children’s Ministry at our same church. It has been a LONG process and I have been digging in the Word for the truth to trust in God during the process and wait. I have felt confident that it was God’s calling on my life.

    I interviewed 2 weeks ago and I was supposed to be hearing “soon”. It was an excrutiating time of waiting, while still serving and getting the Children’s Ministries up and running for the fall. But, I put much prayer and released it to God. All the while, knowing once again the task was MUCh larger than myself.

    Well, I was offered the job last night! I was immediately filled with fear and self-doubt. I struggled to sleep feeling so inadequate, but knowing that it had been an intense process which God could have ended at any moment…but didn’t! I didn’t want to doubt all the prayers and promises and what He had been so clearly leading up to! But, I did!

    Then, this morning, your devotion brought it all back full circle to Gideon and I was so blessed by how God reminded me…yes, I am still least of all, but a mighty warrior with Him! Though to everyone around me, I seem to seem so confident, I know I have so much growth in this area of my life. It is that secret place that the Enemy can bring me down…so your words and book are timely! I would love to read and learn more!
    Thank you!

  89. It’s my imagination that triggers my doubts. Thoughts of ‘what if….’ and ‘what about…..’

    I know these are just tactics of the enemy, designed to keep me in bondage.

    I am ready to be free!!

  90. hings that trigger our doubts and a truth God spoke to your heart through today’s video message and/or my P31 devotion.
    Oh how my name could have been Gideon! 😉
    Not long ago I was asked to speak at a ladies luncheon. I was so excited as I love sharing and encouraging women in the Lord. I was not told what to speak on but to rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance. I prayed…and prayed. I then remembered my blessing board. I have a chalkboard in my kitchen and every day I write the blessings in my day to remind me to look for the good in it. Great!
    I was prepared for the day and excited. Then one day, I looked in the mirror. “you are overweight, you will look ridiculous up in front of those ladies.” “Remember when you were in school and the teacher called on you, and you froze because everyone was looking at you? This is going to happen again.”
    Oh how I cried to the Lord, “I am to insecure, Is there still time Lord to ask someone else?”
    But I remembered my love of encouraging and that I truly can do all things through Christ who would strengthen me.
    I did it! And even to this day, I see from someone who was there a post or a picture on Facebook of a blessing board. How it thrills my heart!
    God is so good!

  91. Staci Richard says:

    I wasn’t able to access the video through your provided link, but I was able to get it via YouTube.

    I have a long history of letting AM thoughts prevail and it affects every area of my life. Your message was such a great reminder of how we need to ask God to clear our minds, keep us alert and think on those things he instructs us to dwell on. The Bible says God is for me, so why do I usually assume the worst? I am praying for myself and for all of you that our God will guide us and direct us in all we think so we can feel the way our Creator intends for us to feel and live according to His will for each of us. I am so thankful God loves and cares about me more than I could ever care for myself! When I am worried, feeling bullied or just plain looking through my half empty glass, I need to be in God’s Word preparing for battle.

    God bless you for communicating so effectively what I so often struggle with and for reminding me that with Jesus, I can have the strength and power to be the person He calls me to be.

  92. From your devotion “Conflict, criticism, and comparison had sent me into the shadows of doubt.”. Exactly! Anytime conflict with others, criticism from others, and comparison creeps in, I start questioning myself- am I not good enough? Why does she not like me? And so on and so on and it sky rockets out of control, leaves me feeling useless & worthless & less than. It makes my emotions flip out of control or I cower under my shell. A few negative associations then I just assume avoid that situation- and I do.

    “When doubt tells you you’re not good enough, focus on the truth that God says you’re fearfully and wonderfully made; all of His works are wonderful and you are one of them (Psalm 139:14)”.

    I love Romans 8!!! One verse that sticks out to me when I’m thinking about facing the world is verse 37,
    “We are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”

  93. My confidence is shattered. I have been caring for my husband the last three years following a stroke. He is angry, my kids are moving on and I am depleted of confidence and self worth.

  94. Hi Renee!!

    My name is Renee also and I just heard about your new book The Confident Heart. I was excited to hear that there will be an online Bible study using the book, and I could not wait to invite my sister, niece, and a fellow church member. Hopefully they will join me. Look forward to reading this annointed word from God.

    Yours in Christ

    Renee Green


  95. Hey sweet friends {new and old} – what a blessing you have been to my heart tonight as I read through your comments, your stories. My heart aches for your hurts, I feel angry for some of the ways you have been treated, I am praying for God to fill in those empty places with His comfort and peace.

    I believe in you and I have no doubt God has so much more for you than the hurt and hard-things you are dealing with. I love how HE timed today’s devotion to speak into your heart and remind you that He wants you to know what HE thinks about you – He loves you, He’s sending you this message to let you know He is there, He wants to process the hurts and doubts and He is calling you out of those places where doubt has caused you to shrink back and hide.

    I wish so much I had time tonight to leave a note on each of your comments. If I didnt have a little one to get to bed and a teenager who wants to hang out with mom – I would :)!!

    I’m praying that each of you have been able to access the video now that we fixed the glitch and Im praying that each of you would also join the next Online Bible study of my book with P31.

    Its’ going to be amazing. Three of my favorite writer/teachers are leading it with a team of unbelievable women who will pray for and encourage you. It’s going to include all new content that is different from what I’ve offered when I led it so even if you did it with me – I hope you’ll join again!!

    I’ll be really active in it and would LOVE to connect with you there! You can find out more and sign up here:

    Love and hugs!

  96. I am so thankful for Proverbs 31. I went through the Stressed Less Living OBS last spring and it was such a lifter and encouragment. I have been feeling overwhelmed by my job and had several Bible study passages and Scriptures that I was holding on to and felt God really helping each day. Yesterday I faced some criticism which was very difficult to deal with. It has caused much doubt and insecurity in my work and although I am trying to turn it over to God I keep going back to the negative thoughts. I am thankful for this devotion and look forward to the Confident Heart Bible study.

  97. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    Thank you Renee! This post and your devotion could not have come at a better time or on a better day! God is so wonderful in providing us just what we need, when we need it!

    You are a blessing and I am looking forward to the study!

    Have a blessed evening!

  98. I love when God leads me to just the right thing I need when I need it. I recently accepted a new position at work and am filled with self-doubt about it. I know it is a great position and I do have the skills and background for it, but I continue to be plagued by all of the “what ifs” and “not good enoughs.” I have been praying about this change for a while and know that God presented it to me for a reason, but I still have all of the thoughts that compare me to others and my previous “learning experiences.” Why do we do this to ourselves? This is something I should be happy about and celebrate, but instead, I am becoming paralyzed by self-doubt and negative thoughts

  99. I love the am/fm thoughts. to have something to combat the negative is a blessing. looking forward to the study.


  100. Linda Maybee says:

    Often when I have (AM) thoughts it is a result of disappointing someone or even disappointing myself by how I respond to a situation. Within my marriage the (AM) thoughts are often a result of a argument between me and my husband. Usually it is because we have a different view on how to handle something. The result however doesn’t always end with “agreeing to disagree”. Instead, it results in me doubting myself and feeling like I did something wrong even when I know I didn’t. I try to tell myself that my approach or view is just as valid as his, but my heart dwells on doubting myself and feeling like I have disappointed my husband for not seeing it his way to begin with. Then I feel inadequate as a mother and a wife. It can become a vicious cycle of doubt and insecurity. Recently, I have been working hard to reflect and obey the words from James 1: 19-20 “…quick to listen and slow to speak and slow to become angry, because human anger doe not produce the righteousness that God desire.” It has helped me prevent saying or doing something that may result in self doubt and regret.

  101. Hello Renee I thank you for your devotionals they help me get through the day. At this time I’m living in a shelter I left my home because I got tried of being abused physically, mentally, and emotional. My son passed away a few years ago. And my husband started beating me. I prayed and prayed everyday and read my Bible. i was afraid that he would start beating my two little ones we left and for a short time we stayed in a park. because all of the shelters was full , but I would rather be in a park than for him to kill me and my babies like he said he was going to do. I really would like my own home for me and my babies. I’m asking God everyday to help me I would like one of your books but I can’t afford it. I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica and my legs and my bones hurt so bad each and everyday. Some days I just feel like giving help because it seems like God has forgotten me. I’ve done my Best to be what he wants me to be. I’m not perfect but I repent when I make a mistake. Please pray for me and my babies. Suicide keeps popping in my mind, but I rebuke it because I know it’s the devil.He keeps telling me that God is not going to help me and my babies he keeps telling me that if he loved me that I wouldn’t be where I am now. Please Please pray for me.vanessa

  102. I have way to many A thoughts, but now replace them with F ones thanks!!!

  103. Renee,
    Your words were so true. I just need to apply them to my life daily! Sometimes I forget that I have an answer for everything and that is God. My situation may not change but I am changed by my interaction with God.

  104. Renee,
    Thank you so much for reminding me that doubtful thoughts are really “the bully”. I am at the end of a long time of preparation for my ministry that God has for me. I’ve had a few setbacks, but was able to persevere for seven long years. The end I thought would be easy, but yet it was not. I cannot go forward until I pass this final state examination. Doubt, fear, disappointment set in and has left me with worry, doubt, and depression. The enemy made me believe that somehow God was taunting me by not passing the exam the first time. This “bully” had me thinking wrong thoughts of my Heavenly Father towards me! Thank you so much for sharing His perspective when we face the “bully/ bullies” in our life!

    I enjoy your ministry and also hearing your voice on the radio for several years.

    Much love and gratitude,

  105. Margaret Mary says:

    I have a very difficult time if I happen to loose my temper after my adult alcoholic daughter gets nasty. As a Christian, I should be silent. (However sometimes this elderly lady simply looses it.) Then I feel so guilty because I start feeling she will never want to be a Christian after seeing my weakness. I repent, I confess, but she manages to hold onto ever slip I make and she throws them at me. I firmly believe in God’s mercy and grace with my repenting heart.. But I have such remorse and sadness over my falls.

  106. Linda Aranda says:

    I just listened to the video. I have already gone through the study but want to go through it again. It really has helped me a lot but I really need it again. Thank you for this message today. I still get the AM feelings but thanks to this message I can get the FM from God’s Word. I think going through this study again will bring out what I may have not gotten the first time. I enjoy the teachings and have more confidence than before. I learned so much from the lessons. Thank you for all you have taught me.

  107. I struggle with doubts about being the best mom and wife and finding the role in life that God wants me to have. I am looking forward to reading this book and becoming more. Confident. 🙂

  108. Mine come when I think of the mistakes I have made in my life…marriage, children, work. I am soo far from getting things right. But I’m thankful that I don’t have to be perfect and that I am loved completely by God!

  109. I could pretty much say that I have experienced every trigger of self-doubt at one time or another in my life. Not just once, but multiple times. Look forward to reading “A Confident Heart.”

  110. The “I’m not good enough… someone else could for SURE do it better than ME” is most definitely the self-talk, or maybe even enemy-talk that I hear constantly!! I just finished the “Yes to God” OBS and cannot WAIT to start YOUR “A Confident Heart” OBS (I am a little frustrated that I have to wait 4 weeks, haha), but seriously… I just KNOW that these TWO Bible studies were put in MY life for “such a time as THIS”!!! I know that GOD in His infinite wisdom has SOMETHING in place for me, that He wants to USE me, that I NEEDED to get my heart, soul and mind in a position of being willing to saying “Yes” to Him… but NOW I just need to work on that confidence level to KNOW that “I *CAN* do all things through Christ which strengthens me”!! This post today was perfect timing for me!! Thank you for sharing Mrs. Swope!!! I am patiently awaiting what I just KNOW God is going to use through you to touch so many, many lives~ including my own!! Thank you for allowing God to use you and your ministry, and may God continue to BLESS your ministry!

  111. So many things trigger my doubts, but I think the biggest trigger for me right now is how my children are doing. I feel like a failure as a parent. I pray that with each OBS, and with each passing day, that feeling dissipates. I also hope that I learn things through the upcoming OBS that will help my 13 year old daughter avoid some of the struggles I have gone through with self-doubt. Thank you for the upcoming OBS!

  112. Julie Moore says:

    I like that Renee sets her alarm to a radio station that is inspiring. There’s nothing better than starting your day with something positive and Godly, and nothing worse than starting it without God. I have an issue with ‘negative thinking’ and really need all the help and ideas anyone has to change my way of thinking! Thank you Renee for your encouraging words and I am so looking forward to your bible study ‘A Confident Heart’!

  113. I feel insecure when I’m with a group of women and they are all talking together and seem so assured and outgoing. I feel like I don’t know what to say. That’s when I need the “For me” truths. Thanks Renee for your encouragement to discover God’s personal promises for us in His Word.

  114. This encouragement post has come at a most needed time. Myself and many friends are facing the reality of yet another round of layoffs. The decision to move onto something else weighs heavily. Most love their jobs and love working for the space program. The thought of leaving to pursue another career tears at my heart – I don’t want to – and then the doubt creeps into my very being. I have done this kind of work for the last 24 years! And while the work I do is very important and valuable it will not be the same kind of work any other industry will be looking for. So, do I have the skills to move into another realm? I sure hope so. Reading your post has offered encouragement and hope – God will take care of me and my family and if I can just get the doubt under control this could be the start of something truly wonderful in my life.

    Thank you for taking the time to reach out – it is so appreciated!

  115. Sandra Grasdock says:

    Hi Renee,
    Thanks for your wonderful video. 🙂

  116. Good morning Renee,
    Just finished watching your video and reading your devotional. As I sit here and enjoy my coffee nothing could be more true than this. I have to admit I am one of those who always feels doubt. Doubt the fact that I could do more, be more as I wife, mother, sister and friend.

    I often feel I am not listening to God guiding me and feel like I don’t belong around certain people or places. I let doubt and fear take over and from there on it goes downhill for me. I find that when i read his word and listening to Christian music I am then focused and understand that I am his and have been made for his purpose. I feel more “Confindent” and courages. Thank you for the message on the video, your words ring truth to me.

  117. Renee,
    I realize I’m a day late on responding, so I hope you get this message . . . I just realized that it isn’t confidence in myself that I need, it is confidence in my Lord and Savior that I need! I can’t wait to delve into your Bible study! I have a lot to learn. Your video message really spoke to me today. Even though I grew up in a Christian home, I have had doubts and insecurities all my life – since I was a little girl! My husband and I have three precious children. One of our three has struggled with self doubt for a while now. He is just like me. We are both blessed with a tender heart for others, but plagued with self doubt about everything else. I plan on taking him along with me in this journey. If you ever feel inspired, I’d like to encourage you to create a children’s version of your book. As I mentioned before, I will be taking my 11 yr. old son along with me on this journey, modifying it as I go, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to share this as a tool for other parents like me who have children dealing with the same issues? Raising confident children in the Lord – this is my goal. I do not want them to miss the opportunities God has planned for them because they have insecurities and self doubt. Thank you for your obedience to God in writing this book. I look forward to what God is going to reveal to me and my family through your study. ~ Abundant Blessing, Carrie

  118. I’ve had a lot of insecurities in my heart….my husband and I are going through bankruptcy, he is currently incarcerated, we may have to find a new place to live, the list could go on and on. God has been leading me recently in His word to help me renew my mind and place these situations and my insecurities in Him. This morning several messages from God…. He’s not mad at me…..which had me crying A LOT! He loves me, I’m His daughter, and then Renee’s devotional this morning as well. I have felt God speaking to my heart about my past sins being forgotten, that His mercies are new each day for me, that He sacrificed His life so that I could be free from sin and death! Thank you Jesus! I signed up for the online bible study, I’m just waiting to gather up the funds to get the book so I’m ready. I am very excited about it! Thank you Mrs. Swope for sharing your testimony.

    God Bless,

  119. I’ve struggled for a long time with doubting myself because of what I see on social media. While there are many benefits to social media, one of the biggest downfalls is that it allows us to show only our “highlight reel.” When I think of it that way, I know that God sees both our highlight reel and our “outtakes.” He understands all of it, so I have to trust that when I’m having a day that feels full of outtakes, he is still there directing and guiding me. I have to be confident in that even if I log on and see how perfect others’ lives may seem.

  120. This is an awesome site!
    I have been praying for truth to be revealed and to have a confidence in Christ!
    Then while searching for free online biblestudies on confidence in Christ! I found this page!!
    Today’s post is exactly what I’m facing…
    My husband and I are foster/adoptive parents as well as having 2 girls of our own.
    Our 18 yr old recently started dating an atheist and has been putting me down calling me names just really smashing me to complete brokenness…
    I need this book and biblestudy to help me learn to be bold & confident.
    Money is tight here but I know God will provide what is good for us!!!
    Please keep us in prayer. God Bless you all.

  121. I just got around to reading Tuesday’s Encouragement for Today, and I’m so glad I didn’t just delete it and move on to Wednesday. I so often doubt myself, especially because I’m comparing myself to other women who are able to keep a beautiful home, have dinner planned and ready every day, look gorgeous and fit, and mange their family’s money and time. I don’t know why I’m trying to base how I feel about myself on someone else’s life, but while I was reading your devotion, I realized something that has been deeply seeded in my heart for a very long time.
    I view myself as truly less than others, not just putting others “above” myself in humility. I believe I am less. This devotion was just another ding from God in the last couple of months for me on this issue (it usually takes me a few times before God gets through). I had a very unstable childhood, and I was also sexually abused. I lived the majority of my childhood in fear. Fear of causing problems, getting in trouble, or being myself. I discovered my need for a relationship with God and went through counseling during college, which turned everything around in my life. But I’m really starting to see how I have never allowed myself to really believe God’s word when it says that I am a “dearly loved” child of God. Not just a nameless child in a great mass of orphans. Dearly loved by my Father. I am not less. God’s love should lift me up and I should allow myself to believe that I am just as deserving of the amazing gift of Jesus as any other woman. God didn’t allow me to be saved because He had to. He wanted me as His child. Thank you for bringing me one more step closer to believing this and seeing who I truly am in God’s eyes!

  122. I am so looking forward to this Bible Study. I enjoyed the video today. It really spoke to me. I have a lot of self doubt due to a couple abusive relationships in my past. Always told that I am not good enough, pretty enough, not a good mother and never should have been a mother. But thank God He led me to a wonderful loving, patient Pastor who has really been through a lot with me. When he first came into my life I was suicidal. But he reached out to me and has been with me every step of the way. But at times I still feel unworthy of so much. It has been prophesied over me five years ago that I would have a Godly husband who puts God first in his life and we would have a blessed marriage. At times if feel I am so ready. But at times I am so scared because of the hurt and pain of the past. But when I seen this study for A Confident Heart I knew this was for me and that through this study God is going to do a wonderful work inside of me to give me the confidence I need to have in Him. For without God in my life I am nothing.

  123. The video really spoke to me: am or fm thoughts. Often I feel overwhelmed by all the things in a life with three active kids-2 teens and a tween and don’t feel that I can add anything else, no matter how worthwhile. I don’t feel equipped to do God’s work and fail to rely on his grace and strength like I need to. I’m praying that this study will help me move forward with obedience and a heart confident not in my abilities, but in God’s grace and strength.

  124. Nicole Fellows says:

    Wow…I have been struggling so much lately with negative thoughts….I am really excited to start this Bible Study…..I have really been having problems in my relationships and feel like I can never do enough or I am just not doing it right…I really want to be happy on a daily basis….Lord help!

  125. Donna Evans says:

    I know fear first hand. My husband committed suicide by jumping out of a moving car while I was driving. He was controlling and I did nothing without him. Once the initial shock wore off. I had to change jobs, I could no longer live in the house we had. It was as if I was starting over. I was so wrapped up in fear for 6 1/2 years. I was so scared I would fail, that my children would leave me, I would be alone. I turned to God for 2 years, I read my bible daily, attended Bible Studies, and submerged myself in church work. I started to feel a little balance in my life. Then I meet a wonderful man but this man ,also, had a brother that he was a caregiver for. I clung to him like a sinking ship. For four up and down years, I was consumed with fear of losing him, to the point that I was angry when I didn’t know where he was at. I clung to my 15 year old daughter for fear of losing her. Then a year ago, this wonderful man lost his brother to cancer about a month later we broke up. Because he said he couldn’t live like that anymore. I had know ideal at the time that I was so consumed with Fear. I just knew that I wasn’t who I was. I went to Counselors, started on Meds. but they didn’t help much. I knew it was something in me but I could not control it. I would try for about a month I was the person I was and then some little something would set me off. I almost lost my job, my kids didn’t want to be around me but didn’t want to leave me either. This wonderful man stayed in my life because of God. About 6 months ago, I returned to God’s word and I realized I was consumed with fear. I am getting better each day. This wonderful man is still by my side as a good friend. But because of what I put him through plus what was happening with his brother. He says he will never marry or be that close to another person. So our fear not only damages us but others. Plus I lost all my friends I was desperate to have people with me constantly. I couldn’t even drive without having someone on the phone. God is working each day. I pray that no one every struggles the way I have but I know there are probably others that struggle worse than I do. I am just now getting to be happy with me. But know that this will probably be something I will struggle with the rest of my life. I hope you give it to someone that it helps overcome their fears, so they can shine for God to others that are struggling with fear. I pray that God will use my fear to helps others. Thank you for what you do for others. Sorry this is so long but just wanted to tell my story, hoping someone would read it and know they are not alone. God will never leave you or forsake you. He is the only thing you need, but it takes worshipping, being Thankful even getting up in the morning, reading and studying his word daily. We cause we are all wonderfully made.

  126. Renee, Read your bio. I also have 2 teens and a little girl by way of adoption. Oct makes 3 yrs she joined our family. I am in the process of chasing another big dream of mine. When I have those self doubts I try and remember our adoption journey and how long it took and the money (we are still broke) and how we finally got our darling home just before her country closed adoptions. I’m trusting in Him. If He can do all that then my next dream will come true too, if it is His will! I hope I win one of your books. Would love to do this next study.

  127. I am at a point in my life where fear and insecurity have me in a death grip and have absolutely paralyzed me. Most days my anxiety is so bad that the idea of leaving the house sends me into panic attacks. I’ve been feeling so lost, confused, and trapped in so much pain. When I read your devotional titled “Trigger Points of Doubt”, I was touched to the point of being driven to tears. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life this way. I need to start the healing process and I need to rely on God to overcome this but I feel powerless when the negative tapes start playing in my mind and derailing my every effort to get better. I have dealt with such an abusive past (from various relationships) and it seems my mind just absolutely refuses to love and accept myself as God created me. I know this is not the way God meant for me to live and it must pain him to see me throw away my life like this. I would love to participate in this bible study to grow closer to God, to let God heal all that is broken within me, and finally live in a manner that I know honors him. I pray to God constantly for guidance and I really felt that God used your devotional to speak to me.

  128. Janet Rodríguez says:

    Amazing , just on time … I have been a secure and strong , but on the last month a simple comment from 1 person changed all my panorama of my future… How? I now I understand… The shadow of the doubt , I have a mission trip and a woman’s conference ahead of me … And I was asking the same questions you have on the first pages of the book…. Wow….my God is good… I fell like an awaking shout from those pages makes me laugh as I understand now what was going on… THANKS A LOT !

  129. The bully has been working overtime and thank God that I saved this P31 devotion. I have been searching for a job for the past several months with hitting rejection after rejection. I had also attended She Speaks following a call to ministry in women’s ministry and writing. This past week I have felt a wall, lots of “AM” thoughts. I have been participating in Julie Gillies online study, Prayer for a Woman’s Soul and the first two weeks looked at mind and attitude, which I needed tremendously. Yet, I still felt my confidence weakening this past week. Tonight, watching the video gave me hope, insight and great steps to get my confidence back.
    God places people and messages in our paths, to richly bless and grow us.
    Thank you

  130. I am answering the contest question from the Confident Heart website, “What is the name of the diet Renee refers to on her blog?”
    The answer is: “7-day Doubt Diet”

  131. Tanya Thrasher says:

    I am ready to start my first OBS with your book, “A Confident Heart.” Just what I need!

  132. Debbie Willoughby says:

    Some of my biggest Triggers of self doubt begin at work when I compare how quickly the younger generation grasps new ideas and can accomplish more in a shorter time. Wanting to be good enough is a pride issue I believe. If only I could see me through God’s eyes and believe. Why do I struggle with trying to fit into this world that is not my home? I am so excited about this study and all God has for me! I am ready to chase away those AM thoughts and move into the FM thoughts with the help of God and His Word!!

  133. this will be my 3rd or 4th study with ya’ll in the last couple of years as i fight to climb out of a pit i have been in for 7 years after i experienced a major health issue that altered the course of my life whilst our 20yr old son developed a life threatening disease. i have come a long way in regaining my strength and fight but realized this spring that i now live in constant fear that informs almost all of my decisions…and i am tired of living like that. i even doubt whether God will do good to us in the future since our health bills keep mounting, we can no longer afford insurance, my husband’s work has been severely impacted by the economy’s downfall, our son does not care for his health as he should & is an emotional wreck much of the time, & i can’t work or participate in ministry anymore which i allow to make me feel useless. i signed up for your study because of your story and how fear (understandable) had invaded too many areas of your life. i was impressed by the healing you gained. i realized this was my life now as well and know it can be overcome with the right scripture and tools and i am ready to take back ground the enemy has conquered.

  134. The video was just what I needed this morning. I have been unemployed for 4-1/2 months and am a single mom also going thru a custody battle with one of two children among many other struggle but my faith never waivers. I’m a happy person and love to encourage others. However many times when you are the encourager the encouraging you need is not there from others God has never failed me though. Your video just brings the reminders needed if those

  135. I am so excited for this study. I find that I have times of AM thoughts and it can be very discouraging.
    Thank you for this study! Sheila
    Answer: 7-day doubt diet.

  136. Janell Kessler says:

    Such wonderful prizes!

    Answer to question is “The 7 Day Doubt Diet”

  137. Good morning, I am looking forward to doing my first online study and this is the perfect study for me. I am consumed with self doubt from when I was a child and the opinion from my Father on how I view myself with outward beauty, to the mistakes I’ve made in my life and how others remind me of them and judge me, weekly, daily, monthly, letting go of a verbally abusive relationship for three years has not been easy. i purchased a business over a year ago but i am too scared to try and fail because I lack confidence and worry about what could go wrong instead of what could go right. With all that said, I am needing to learn how to have the Holy Spirit feel me with Gods promises so I can confidentially, daily listen, hear, and live FM thoughts and leave the AM thoughts behind me…’s a process, a journey I look forward to taking with you!

  138. Renee, It amazes me how timely God is, I needed this today more than you know. I am always one to talk to my kids about words and how they can be “for me ” or “against me” but I guess I never really take my own advice. I always feel inadequate when it comes to everyone else around me. I think God why didn’t you make me like them? I want to be someone that has it all together, when if I will allow God to use me and not be so doubtful, he will. My desire is to be used by God and to see his powerful works that I tell my kids about, to be reaveled in my life. Thank you so much for allowing yourself to be used today in my life!!!

  139. My self doubt comes from when I feel that things aren’t goin the way I planned. Trying to grasp not being moved by flesh and tap into the spirit Bc I can’t operate on my plans I have to go according to Gods plan.

  140. Starla Tovson says:

    Answer: The 7 Day Doubt Diet.

  141. Samantha Prado says:

    What a great video! I found this site by the time warp wife site! I can’t wait to spend some more time on this site and learning your story~ Sam

  142. The Answer is the 7 day doubt diet…

    Can’t wait for this study to begin, I love the devotions that I am currently getting. Praise God for His Word and for such an awesome group of leaders…

  143. I talked a friend into doing with me and we are states away from each other and have been talking about doing a study together. You have provided a perfect study. She even signed before I did! Yeah for Proverbs 31 women!

  144. Joyce Allen says:

    I’m new to Proverbs 31 website and definitely new to Online Bible Studies. Can’t wait to start A Confident Heart. I feel that God has called me to not only be a pastor’s wife (for 15 years) but also to teach women God’s word. I also have the desire to write so I will be joining Compel when it starts in October. My problem with doubt comes in the form of “Did God really call me to do this or is it just something I’ve decided to do?” I have no college degree and that leads to uncertainty of my ability. I received encouragement in these areas from a number in the church were we are serving, but then there are critical remarks as well. It seems the critical bears more weight in my heart and mind than the encouragement. So you see, I desperately need this study on A Confident Heart! Hope you have a blessed day and thank you for the video message. I needed to hear that today.

  145. says:

    I like the AM FM analogy and will put this into practice. I sure need it! Thank you!!

  146. Cheryl Sams says:

    I am responding to the question that was sent in my email, the name of her book is Made to Crave.
    Thank you,
    Cheryl Sams

  147. Thank you so much for the video; it was just what I needed to hear at this moment! I would like to extend a thank you to Darlene from the Time-Warp Wife who posted your link on a e-mail that she sent out. I am looking forward to doing the on-line study 🙂



    • Patti Renfro says:

      Neyda I read your post and sister you just keep walking and standing on who you are in Christ Jesus. I want to say I was raised in a Cult and suffered every type of abuse you can think of by family members, by people in the Cult and by people I didn’t even know from age 2 until I left home at 17. I gave my body away for free to anyone who said they loved me starting at age 11. My first attempt to take my life was at 6 when I od on my brothers meds their were many more attempts to come. I started drinking at age 6 when it was given to me by family members and it turned into full blown drug addiction. I lost my mom to cancer at 17 which is why I left home as my dad was setting me up to take her place. I got married at 18 after knowing my husband to be for just 2 1/2 months. We were married 23 1/2 yrs. I didn’t know I was marrying into a similar family as mine own. Our miracle son was born in 1987 he is now 25 and taking care of me. My husband and I lost 2 daughters and one son. We almost lost me in 1991 I joined a Church that I was very comfortable with it wasn’t until I was in it for 11 yrs that I realized that I had joined another Cult needless to say I did leave and that Cult is no more 1995 after 4 yrs of trying to find out what was going on with me. I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus and over the years I have also been dianosed with 20 other medical conditions/mental conditions. I was put on permenant disability in 2004. I felt like I was a nobody after that, my worst nightmares were coming true about things that were said to me by my dad, like you ain’t going to be somebody, you are going to fail, etc.. and I began to really believe what he said was true and I trully believed what my mom said that I was a mistake hook line and sinker. I tried to take my life 3 times. I lost my husband of 23 1/2 yrs April 19 2009 suddenly to a massive heart attack. I found him and performed CPR to no avail he was in my life over half my life and I had never lived on mine own, did not know the first thing about cooking, doing my own finances etc. I felt so alone my secret to being on drugs never came out during my marriage but somehow I think my husband may have known and just never said anything. After he passed away I tried to kill myself 3 more times before my son and at the time his wife asked me to come live with them which I did but my daughter-in-law used me and the day I moved in she walked out on my son early the next morning without warning and asked him for a divorce stating she wanted to go back living with her parents where to this day she is still with them. They are very wealthy and healthy people. On Sep 21 2010 I was very suicidal and God had already brought me to a Church that I was liking and confused at the same time I was seeing a Biblical Counselor there for about 2 months before I gave my life to our Lord Jesus Christ. I prayed asked Him to forgive me and named things and asked Him to be Master over my life. I was into Satanic things so I said goodbye to Satan and told him he was no longer master over my life that I belonged to God and in that process I got sick etc. But we got through it. My Biblical Counselor than introduced me to another lady at our Church and in November 2010 I went through Steps To Freedom In Christ and it was in the two days I was going through them that I experienced true freedom that I am still walking in today. I was able to forgive everyone who had ever hurt me in any way. I did for me so they would have no more power, control over my life. It released them off my hook but not off God’s hook. It has allowed God to work freely in my life and now theirs. I am no longer a drug addict I have been clean for 994 days now. I am no longer suicidal and that is HUGE. God is using my testimony in many ways at my Church, it was used in Celebrate Recovery in the small group to several ladies and it has been used in the Womens Prison in Nashville TN and I use it to the 8 ladies I write to in the same prison. When one lady gets out I am given another ladies name. God takes what Satan has meant for evil and turns it around for His glory. Neyda people need to hear your testimony. I want to encourage you because you encouraged me. Just remember you Neyda are secure in Christ, you are God’s daughter, you are accepted, you are significant, you are confident in Christ, you are His workmanship, you have been justified, you are complete in Christ, you are free from condemnation, you have the mind of Christ, you have been redeemed and forgiven of all your sins, you are a citizen in Heaven, you are God’s temple, you can do all things through Christ, who strengthens you and you my dear are FREE.

  149. Judy Magneson says:

    Thanks for the opportunity – the timing could not have been better! This is my first time here … going to check things out … loving the bounty of inspiration already. Thank you.

  150. Wow! I loved todays msg… Something I have been struggling with and need to overcome. Although I know it is a lie that Satan is feeding me, I keep thinking that others are thinking less of me than I am worth, but it is really me. I am unconfident and I am realizing that I discount others confidence in me. Then it becomes a terrible cycle…. Myself and others don’t know why I am miserable over half the time. Thanks! Tuning in to the FM!!!

  151. I have an at home business and when I fall short of reasonable goals, I begin to doubt myself. I would love to be able to work from home exclusively. I seem to be moving further from that goal. When I see the progress stop, I fall into self-doubt quickly.

  152. Patti Renfro says:

    I am looking forward to this Study on A Confident Heart and the answer is The 7-Day Doubt Diet.

  153. I have been struggling with self doubt for many years now and have felt worthless through the struggles I have been through. I have been a single mother to four beautiful children and now I have six grandchildren and I enjoy them but sometimes feel like I did not do a very good job under all that was going on. I shut down emotionally in a lot of areas. They have finally caught up to me. About a year ago I started having bad anxiety and panic attacks which cause my heart to race and my blood pressure to elevate. I have since been put on medication and am working with a councelor and a group to work through all these issues. I am really looking forward to this Online Bible study and would also like to have prayer for me as I go through all of this. Thank you

  154. Joyce Allison says:

    I find self doubt so overpowering at times, then if I will just pick up my bible and read and give it to GOD it is gone but sometimes we try to conquer on our own!

  155. I am really shy, and I find it very hard to just go up and introduce myself to others, etc…My 4yr. old son on the other hand is not shy at all…LOL!

  156. I struggle with self doubt daily, and in every area. It’s getting to the point where I continuously feel inadequate at home, work, church… I am anxious to see what God wants to show me thru this study.

  157. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the triggers of doubt is everything in my past. There was so much that happened in my childhood that said I was never good enough, not worthy, inadequate, and not of value. I have struggled immensely with self doubt all my life. It has been such a challenge to change the way I think. Since becoming saved several years ago, I have trusted Jesus as LORD of my life and I now hold on to the promises of His Word to get me through each day. Like 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

    I am looking forward to being part of this online Bible study with other women who share the same struggles.

  158. I registered with Proverbs 31 OBS to do: What Happens when women say YES to God, and was so excited to get into the next one that as soon as I received my book, I jumped right in. It is as if this book was written just for me. I have been begging God to show me what He wants me to do in His Kingdom, for His glory and have spoken to a couple of people about this. For at least four months I have been seeking earnestly. During this time I was struck with bouts of depression, anxiety and was booked off work for 3 months. I realise now that this time was necessary for me to get to know God better. I came to realise that He was not showing me because I was not ready, and because I have to completely trust Him and be 100% obedient; and only once I had accepted that fact, could we move forward.
    On Sunday, I asked God to show me the way, and I was a bit disappointed when nothing seemed to come, oh how wrong I was: During worship we sang Trust You Jesus, I know You know all I require and will provide all my needs; as well as You bring the chaos back into order – Sovereign over all. Amazing that when you don’t feel you have received anything from God in answer to prayer, how much you did actually receive.
    I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt what He wants me to do. Yesterday, my boss called me in for a chat, I told him honestly how I felt and this felt really good to get this off my shoulders and then I just prayed that I will leave the rest to God.
    When I first read 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 “The God of all comfort, who comforts us in our troubles, so that we can comfort those in trouble with the same comfort we receive from God” ; I thought is this for me? If it is what You want me to do, please give me a confirmation and then I will know. I just went back to what I was doing and didn’t give it much more thought. Within a couple of minutes I had Isaiah 61 1-3 The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the suffering and afflicted. He has sent me to comfort the broken hearted, to announce liberty to captives, and to open the eyes of the blind. 2 He has sent me to tell those who mourn that the time of God’s favor to them has come, and the day of his wrath to their enemies. 3 To all who mourn in Israel he will give: beauty for ashes; joy instead of mourning; praise instead of heaviness. For God has planted them like strong and graceful oaks for his own glory.
    18 By having the eyes of your heart flooded with light, so that you can know and understand the hope to which He has called you, and how rich is His glorious inheritance in the saints (His set-apart ones), Ephesians 1:18
    While I was broken, God used that time to “rebuild my ancient ruins and restore the broken places in my heart that have been devastated” Isaiah 61:4
    I know God wants to use me to help the broken hearted, and although I have no formal training in this area, I have been to the school of hard knocks and have enough personal experience that I would be able to be compassionate with others who may have experienced similar things. I am prepared to study so that I can be of more use to God though.
    Now I need to trust God to open the doors for me, God can use my mistakes and hurts for His greatest purpose.
    Now that I have had the scales removed from my eyes, it is not going away and everywhere I look is a reminder: When the enemy starts chipping away at your confidence, take authority over him in Jesus’ Name; resist him and he will flee (James 4:7).. He’s never going to take back the potential He poured into you…or say, “You’ve failed too often and made too many mistakes. Give me my gifts back.” No…His calling on your life will be with you till the day you leave this earth, but it’s up to you to…tap into it.’
    From broken to Beautiful.

    I just had to share this with you Renee, without reading your book (which I know is God inspired) I may not have found out what it is I need to do. May God continue to bless you.

  159. God is amazing! This is an area I have struggled with for years but never really knew why I always felt the way I did. My family is currently in turmoil. Partly caused by me because I have turned my head to the affairs and pornography that I knew my husband was involved with but felt that it would never change and so I needed to learn to accept that was the way he was and to hide it from our children and pray that God would do an amazing transformation in his life. Two years ago, he moved out to pursue a relationship with a married woman who became pregnant and said it was his. After two years and a lot of counseling, I have finally started standing up for myself. Unfortunately, I allowed the bullying to go on so long that now my adult children also do it to me. They have learned by watching. It is very difficult but I am trying to set boundaries, stand up for myself and not allow them to take advantage of me anymore. They don’t like it and have now started accusing me of being unChrist like. That the Bible says to do unto others. It is very difficult and would be so much easier to continue with the way it was but it literally and physically is not and will not be healthy for me. I would love to read your book but have very limited resources. I glean as much encouragement from God’s word and books from Godly people as I can. It is what helps me be able to stand up to the attacks. Thank you.

  160. Brenda Williams says:

    Thanks for this message. I needed it today. Just last night at a church meeting I made a blunder of a statement and two people jumped on me. I went home pretty defeated and negative. I really needed to hear this today. Thanks again. God bless you.

  161. Renee

    Thank you so much not only for your encouragement but for your practical ways of how to shift our focus and perspective. I love the empowerment to take action. Realizing that what we think effects how we feel and then how we live. We have a choice with our thoughts and we can take them captive and hold them up to the light of truth. Thank you for showing us how to take a AM thought and replace it with a FM truth or promise from God. That is a great way to live out the power of this word that he has given us and move forward to bring him all the glory.

  162. Hi! I find that so many things trigger me into a doubting mind making me feel worthless : a negative comment, losing my job, not being organized, having a messy house, my teenager not respecting me or not doing well in school, my weight, feelings, and that I’m divorced along with so much more. I need to have the FM ready at all times to free me and know God’s truth to the lies in my head! Thank you for you encouraging words!

  163. Roxanne Torres says:

    I would like to enter for the give away for the Book A Confident Heart. I am at a place right now I can’t afford it for the study. I am the only one working & I am caring for my disabled husband & 2 children. It would be a immense blessing for me to receive it. It would also help with the study I signed up for.

    In His Confidence, Roxanne

  164. Elaine Ledlow says:

    I really like the am/fm description and plan to look for the FM and walk away from the am. Thanks for your video!


    Soy colombiana y no sè inglès para escuchar y ver sus videos no sè como hacer para tenerlos aunque fueran escritos. Si me puede hacer el favor le agradecerìa mucho me parece muy interesante y edificante.

  166. Sue Osborne says:

    Entering to win the video if not too late!

  167. Pamela Joy Benigno says:

    I been in the yes study and now going to be in the Confident heart study, I really enjoy the piercing truths that you share and life experience. I recently been on yet another Journey, with weight loss, and Receiving your diet on doubt meditation confirms the fact that ( for me ) that loosing weight is also a spiritual journey, directly affected by my emotional crutches and self doubts that weight me down, I have been able to incorporate loosing self doubt and emotional pain, to weight loss, like pounds of pain, I believe that we carry pain in weight, and it shows up on our physical structure. This is my experience anyway. Thank you for all that you and the Proverbs 31 ministries do. A special friend introduced me to this ministry and I will be forever changed, Thank you for enhancing my life through your experience and strength. WE truly go through things for others, and For God to us use and personal messengers to share his message .

    Can not wait to have the study start…. Thank you.

  168. Donna Diecker says:

    Renee, I was reading your 9-17-13 devotional today, 10-6-13, (I know I’m a little behind!), I had surgery. I found myself relating to a lot of what you said. The video was very inspiring, I like the am, pm idea. I am really good at starting to go to church, Sunday School and Bible studies in the beginning. Then soon I’m making excuses and find myself not going totally. While reading the devotional a realization came to me as to why I do this. I have self doubt, I compare myself and have no confidence. I have only been trying to make an effort to make God a big part of my life for 19 years (that is when I got clean and sober). I’m 57 and divorced. Most of the people I meet in church my age have been going to church for many years, if not a life time and are married. I travel to AZ to see my Dad several times a year as he is an assisted living. I am his POA and that keeps me very busy. I feel different, addict-alcoholic, divorced, long distant caregiver and not very knowledgeable about the bible. I’m whining. I really want to try the online bible study you are going to give, it would work with my travels. I get paid 10-9 and I am going to try it. Please pray that I don’t stop with some stupid excuse. I forgot to see when it starts. If I’m late I’ll take the next one.

  169. Victoria Delaney says:

    Hello Renee,
    I just recently learned about Proverbs 31 Ministries through a friends post on Facebook. I then signed up for the devotionals and visited the webpage to then find the online bible study. I have signed up and am looking forward to starting next week.
    I am a mother of 4 children juggling many hats. This study struck a chord with me. I am very encouraged. Thank you!!!

  170. Good morning! My am talk is usually about my disciplining my three girls. I worry constantly that I am going to do something and mess them up for life. So I am constantly second guessing myself. I get up every morning at 5:30 and have a quiet time and pray for wisdom and discernment hoping that will help, slowly I am gaining confidence and trusting in God’s promises that he won’t leave me not forsake me and I am so thankful because I can’t imagine doing this without him. Your words of encouragement were so true and so sweet and spoke to my heart! Thank you =) Have a great rest of your day!

  171. My doubts are triggered by never feeling like I measure up to people expectations. I try to please everyone and end up being torn whose need will I try to meet, husband, children, friends, and co workers. I need to be to be reminded daily about Pleasing God not people. Thanks for the The Confident Heart video series. i wish I could share with my daughters and my sister


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