Summer Sanity, Prayers & Goals

May You Understand the Depths

Hi friends! I’ve missed you tons. It’s just about killed me to be connect with you each day like we were during our Spring online study!

I don’t know about you, but summer throws me for a loop when my kids get out of school and normal is nowhere to be found.
And all this amazing plans for things I wanted to d
o get topsy turvy.

One of the things I decided last weekend that I had to do is set some summer goals to keep me sane. Ya’ll should see me; one minute Im playing doll house, 10 minutes later Im checking emails and trying to return a few calls, while blowing bubbles and re-filling a juice cup; then I’m helping Andrew make flyers and set prices for his new lawn-mowing business while cooking pizza. It’s fun and crazy all at the same time!

So, about my summer-sanity goals… my first goal is to to become more consistent in praying for my kids. This week I decided I’d choose a promise each week to pray for my each of my kids. I thought you might want to join me. Here’s my prayer for this week:

Lord, thank you for the gift of being my children’s mom. I pray that You – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – would help each of my kids understand just how wide, how long, how high and how deep YOUR love is for each of them. Eph 3:18I pray Jesus that You would reveal Your love to them in a unique and personal way this week with a gift that speaks their love language – for Aster the gift of a rainbow, Joshua the gift of words and encouragement and Andrew the gift of knowing You are real, You are present, pursuing and speaking to him.Will You do immeasurably more than this mama can think of or imagine when it comes to how much my kids know Your love. And make me a praying mom, a pursuing-You mom, a vessel You can use to live and love the way you do in my home. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Want to you join me in praying God’s promises for someone you love?
{Click “Share Your Thoughts” below.  I’d love to pray with you for those you love!}

PS. I am still planning on us doing a study on listening to God, but with my kids home 24/7 and them needing food for breakfast, lunch and dinner – every day. Hmm, that little plan and hope of mine got a little postponed. But God’s teaching me a whole lot about listening to Him this summer so I’ll have lots to share on that topic soon. And I’ll keep you posted!

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Renee, I have missed you too this summer. I am excited that you plan to teach on LISTENING to God.

    What an eye-opener for me and many others. We often remind our children to LISTEN; but we often forget to take time ourselves to LISTEN to the Lord.

    Your mention of that really spoke to me. I’m going to attempt to find time to LISTEN to God, or to just listen and sit quietly in his presence.

    Love in Christ,

    • Praying for you Cheri. Praying for you to hear Him speak to your heart in a whisper today. Through a song, a piece of beauty or some creative way He just lets you know He is there loving you!

  2. Renee,
    I would love if you could help me pray for my children as well. My husband and I are a blended family for 6 1/2 years now. I have 2 girls, 21 and 13, and my husband has a daughter 13 also-which 3 daughters is a Challenge enough. My youngest has decided to move with her father, he lives in Florida. This has been a long and somewhat grueling process for me especially, but ultimately for the family. My 21 year old is straying away from me at this time as well as I count down the days (22) til my youngest moves away. My oldest is telling me things that are hard to hear and unsure if really true or just thoughts from a young ‘adult’ that doesn’t understand the toughness of being a parent. As if not enough or us to deal with my stepdaughter doesn’t come to often and when she does its only about seeing my youngest and being rude to my husband and I. This is taking a toll on me and having a hard time staying faithful. I’m feeling like a bad mom and that I must’ve done something really wrong for my kids to want to leave me. I did recently really concentrate on praying fr them but feel like I don’t know what to really pray for. I’m at a loss and struggle to keep my faith so that’s can lead my family that is resolving before my eyes.

    • Praying with you Nicole. I feel God nudging me to share some of what we’re learning as parents, but I have a conf call in 5mins. This is hard stuff. But we can get through it with Jesus and each other!

  3. Marilyn says:

    Good Morning, Lord Jesus. I thank you for our three sons and I pray that each one of them come to know you personally and live lives to your glory. Open the eyes of their hearts, Lord, and let them see the truth of your gift to each one of them – the gift of salvation. Help their father and I to live lives to reflect You always being the light that each one of these boys needs. Remove any barriers between them and You. Help them to know that there is HOPE through You. Life is tough and all three of these boys struggle with their own demons. Please forgive us if we have been a barrier to their believe and trust in You. We have made mistakes and have regrets. It is our prayer that they come to know You and that there be rejoicing in heaven. In Your Precious Name, I pray, Amen

  4. Christy says:

    Your prayer this morning is a God moment! Thank you. My daughter is 17 and she is struggling with I’m not pretty enough, too skinny, hair not just right, friends moving away and a boyfriend that we aren’t excited about. God has called her to for His best – not for her good! This prayer was just exactly what I needed as a start to pray for her and over her and with her!!!

  5. Renee and Proverbs 31 Fellowship: Thank you for praying with me for my three teen age children. My son graduated high school this year and will attend a small Christian college in August. He is a great student and servant. I pray for safety and a smooth transition for him (and me:/). My middle child is 17 and has autism. He is a homeschool student who is working on occupational skills. I pray that he continues to progress and maintain positive behavior so he can be a productive member of the family and community. And for my little girl…..She is 14 years old and struggles with self esteem. She has entered the scary realm of internet relationships, which are scary and potentially dangerous. During her online home school situation this year, she secretly abandoned her studies to pursue this lifestyle of role playing and fantasy. We have administered discipline, removed all media, and gotten extensions for some of her classes (and dropped a few) so that she can hopefully stay on grade level in the coming year. She will attend a public school, as we do not have many private options. My prayer for her is that she submits to the Holy Spirit and uses her creative energy for God’s glory. The oldest and youngest will leave in 1 week for a mission trip to Guatemala, with my husband. I pray that God has something amazing and life changing in store for them. Thank you for your amazing provision and protection, as we meet our challengs head on. Be Glorified.

  6. Amanda P. says:

    Thanks for the post about praying for your kids. That I something I feel I need to do more of and your prayer gave me more ideas to pray for them. We need to pray God’s word into our kids everyday. Thanks.

  7. My adult children all need the nudge to make their spiritual lives more alive! Would welcome all prayers for this! I need to be more committed to daily prayer asking God to be all I can be as their mom and also help to bring my children closer to Him!
    I cannot wait for learning more on LISTENING to God! I’ve been struggling with this one!

  8. Renee:

    First off, this is a good idea to just take a week and pray for someone in particular, for me that would be my mother. She and I have had our differences, more so that I have gotten older and it seems to be getting worse by the minute. So, I thank you for this and I will start this today. She is NOT a believer, so this is even more important for me. I do believe she will be saved one day. Second, is the “Listening to God” an online Bible Study”? I would like to join in, should schedule permit and what not, it seems like an interested topic for sure, as I find myself questioning, “is this God, me or the devil, as I am sure this has happened to many believers before.


    • Leesha, it’s one of our most common questions. It will be an online study here on my website/blog 🙂

    • I will be praying for you. My precious mother went home to be with The Lord 2years ago and I miss her so much. I will pray your mom will become a believer that will make all the difference . We have to let them see Jesus in us. I pray you both will work your difference out. No one can take the place of a mother.


  9. please pray for my kids (both are still young 2 yrs girls & 1 yr boy) they are uncontrollable kids and quite stubborn. Everyday they make something that makes me upsets and sometimes i lost my temper and all those dirty word will come out from my mouth. Even everyday i pray so i can have a patient and they will be a good kids but seems that there is no changes at all. Plus my husband is not a very helpful to look after them and many times we will end up fighting just because of them. Please pray for my family.

    • Amanda, I certainly understand what it is like to have 2 toddlers at once. My four children were all less than two years apart. I know the struggles of disciplining them as well. They are still very young, so you have plenty of time. I would suggest a couple of things. Is there a godly woman who has older children that you could talk to? Maybe someone from your church. She could be very valuable to you offering advice. I would also go to your church library and find some good books on discipline. Dr. James Dobson has a wonderful book…. been around a LONG time, but still very effective. “The Strong Willed Child”. If you could find a MOPS program in your area, that would be a great way to find some support. I would also encourage you to get your husband on board with this. Y’all need to be in complete agreement about discipline and keep it very consistent. Maybe he can read the books with you, or you can have a time that you condense and tell him the things you have read. Of’course, the main thing you can do is to pour your heart out to God. He will give you the wisdom you need and also the encouragement, the strength and ability. Pray with your husband;) I am praying for you!

    • Praying for you and the very hard times of being a mommy of toddlers – esp two. Oh Jesus, help Amenda.

      Also, lacy shared some great advice too!!

      Praying for you today!

  10. Cassandra says:

    Please pray for Aaron. He is my friend who I am absolutely in love with. He is a believer, however, he is chasing the world big time:( He told me he asked God to let him do his own thing but to protect him. His own thing is very sick and saddens me to none other. He is a very broken man. Please keep him lifted. Thanks!!!

  11. Jonava Johnson says:

    I am thinking like Cheri. I need to listen to God more. I love to just sit still in his presence that is my favorite time of the morning when everyone is sleeping however, my summer has been like yours. My mom visited for the fourth of July she flew in from Denver to Atlanta where we live. She has many challenges right now and she came to see me to get away from them all. She has 10 grandchildren living with her. Three of them are parents to a total of 7 children. My mom feels responsible for them but she really isn’t. They need to find jobs and homes of their own to take care of themselves and their children.
    You are a gentle reminder for me. I need to pray for my children, my mother, my nieces and their children. I pray for my children (Ronald is 26 years and Nia is 16 years) to have a closer relationship with Jesus. I pray that I don’t hinder their growth by taking Jesus’ place in their lives. I pray Ronald is able to find employment being a math teacher for high school age children as he has dreamed of, I pray he and Nia stay focused on God and what is really important. I pray Nia receives scholarships and is accepted at the best college for her and for what God will have her to do. I pray I listen and obey God quickly. For my nieces I pray salvation, healing, and deliverance. For my mother I pray peace, faith and security in Jesus and that she is able to find the strength she needs to say no when necessary. Thanks Renee God bless you!

  12. I also pray for my children, grandchildren and husband that they would come to have a personal relationship with the the Dear Lord and for unity in Him in our family! This is dearest to my heart!
    God is good, faithful, patient and has always given me the encouragement and hope I’ve needed to carry on through difficulties and trust in Him when I don’t know what to do. Learning His word and bringing it to mind is a great help–patiently waiting on Him–communing with Him throughout the day about everything, praying for people and things He puts on my mind–staying close to Him. He is my All in All!
    I am working on finishing the Confident Heart book this summer as I got a late start and have been a bit slow. I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated it! I’ve been keeping a journal of the scriptures and other things I want to remember so I can read over them and memorize helpful scriptures.
    Thank you Renee for being an encouragement and inspiration so that we can learn and grow and also encourage others. I pray for you and for all the women involved in your study, knowing God knows each one and praying He will work in each life as is needed to His praise and glory!

  13. Cheri M. says:

    Thank you for sharing this prayer for your children. It was just what I needed.
    I am making a prayer journal. Thank you and may God bless you.

  14. Renee, I miss being in touch this summer, but I remember the summers with my four children at home. I wait patiently for our next study, I am learning to wait and listen for the Lord. Will you pray with my husband and I for our two grown children 36 years, and 28, married and with children, for our two teens 17 and 18 still at home. For our older children to continue to walk in God’s guidance and light, and to depend on Him daily. For our teens to turn from the temptation of the world, and to seek God’s face and His will for their lives, instead of the lies satan places before them.

    Thank you wonderful friend, you and the Proverb 31 sisters are beautiful, loving and gracious. I thank God for you all daily, and for taking time out of your busy schedules with family, work, to encourage and share with all of us….I’m sure I speak for a lot of women when I say, “there are days that start rough, but knowing that we have our emails full of encouragement, keeps us going!

    Thank You Precious Lord.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful prayer with us. It’s so needed the way this world turns and how much we need to be praying for our children and our own lives to encircle us with the greatest trust he has for us to not only care for our children for all their needs but to nurture their lives with Christ. I at this point and time are the leader in my home and hoping and praying to one day that God will encompass my husband’s life. But for now, I lead my children and it’s the greatest blessing to have them tell me something they learned in Sunday school. Just a blessing as are you. Thank you for all you have done, your doing and you continue to do to help us reach a better understanding. 🙂

    God bless you, Renee.

  16. SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU RENEE!!! I as well have missed hearing from you. Knew your summer had to be busy with the kids and just life. Hope your mom is still doing well.
    Thank you, for your prayer today. We all have persons that can be prayed for. One of the special things that you shared with us is placing a cross at your night table and writing those prayer concerns on a card and leaving them at the foot of the cross. I have started doing that and what a difference your prayer life takes.
    Can’t wait to hear about a new study with you.
    Always know you are in my prayers and appreciate your ministry.
    Have a wonderful day with your family and know you are loved.

    • Bonnie T. says:

      Thank you for reminding me of laying my concerns at the foot of the cross each night by my bedside. This is a wonderful idea and I had forgotten it during the confident heart study. God Bless You and Yours

  17. Rochelle says:


    God bless you for continuing to answer the call in which He’s extended to you. Your obedience help so many other women to align ourselves up where we should be with God. I miss you also. Also, my children are adults, although I realize now more than ever they need my prayer. They are unique individuals with their own plans, interests, and lifestyles and sometimes it doesn’t line-up with what I would be having them to do or the way that I would have them to go. However, thank God for being God and Him reminding me He is the almighty and all-knowing and my only task is to pray for them. Your post reminds me to pray for them daily and not just often.
    Be blessed,
    your sister in Christ

  18. You sound like you are having fun. I remember when I used to do things like that. My summer is not fun as you are having. My summer is in the negative. ( I seem to make many mistakes . I guess out of desperation- I had to move . No where to go , Rented a room in another person`s house that was different. Love my JESUS !! This is not a JESUS house. Miss my own place – cause of Finances. So I have not been in my Bible much. It seems like I read but there is nothing there. I understand things are different around here. I know I need to get back into God and Prayers. You could Help me on that , if you would. I am standing by myself and it is not easy. Praise the you are having a Grand time.

  19. Courtney says:

    Renee! Oh, how I’ve missed you! I’ve been praying for you and your family. It’s great to hear you’re having a great, but busy summer!

    Please continue to pray for me as I continue to recover from surgery. Also, pray for my husband. He’s working two jobs trying to maintain the household while I’m recovering. Even with insurance the bills are still mounting. I’m trying not to stress, but its hard to sit back and watch him work so hard. Even if I had a job, I wouldn’t be able to work because of surgery.

  20. Thank you for reminding me to pray for my only daughter. She is such a joy in my life sometimes I become lax in praying for her.

  21. Thank you. Keep us in prayer.

  22. I’m praying for you and your family. All my children are grown and out of the home now.we have five grand children. The payer needs keep growing. More souls to win to the LORD. = ) OUR God is great and mighty and we can cast all our cares upon Him for He cares for us. God blessings to you.
    In Christ Jesus love, Jamie

  23. Susan G says:

    Thanks Renee for this timely message! 🙂 I love it when God speaks the same thing to others as he does to me, at the same time. This is great confirmation that I am hearing Him and being right where I should be.
    I have made a conscious decision to pray more for my kids and grandkids too. I am praying they will each come to know Him on a very personal level – not just the God ‘somewhere out there’. I am also praying the Holy Spirit would draw them and reveal great things to them, make them hungry for the Word and the things of God, and reveal the wisdom and knowledge that can only come from Him. And also that they would teach their children (my grandchildren) the things of God, and that my grandchildren would all come to know Him as their personal Savior as well.
    Thanks for the confirmation that I need to pray more for my kids and grankids.
    I miss the study too! I’m glad I get your emails though, that still keeps me connected to you. 🙂
    May He bless your summer!
    Much love,
    Susan G.

  24. Thank you for reminding me that my kids still need me to pray for them. My girls are grown now with husbands. I have one grandson. I find it difficult to deal with the emptiness of my home at times. There is a place in my heart that aches at times for them.

    • Oh how I pray Jesus will use your prayers for them in really specific ways – to fill those empty gaps and to fill their lives with His peace, purpose and promises. Praying with you for yours kids and grandson!

  25. You know what I love??? That you are a real person who knows her limits and chose to postpone that study until you could do it! So so glad that you LISTENED to HIM and chose the best thing for your family…so in essence, you kinda still did the study on learning to listen to Him. ha!

    • 🙂 You made me smile. Thank you for noticing. That is what God’s been showing me as I wrestled with my decision to try to pull it off or to pour myself into my kids, which is what I could sense God wanted me to do. He is speaking – sometimes it takes me a little longer to listen.

      And now that I have stopped resisting the change of plans, peace has replaced all my efforts to figure out how to do both 🙂

  26. Katharine White says:

    Thank you Renee, your strength and courage continually inspire me! I need help from God in praying for my children as well. I pray for their future spouses, their strength, their courage, their understanding that EVERY choice has a consequence! Whether it be pleasant, or not so grand!!!!

  27. Katharine, being a mom is definitely one of the hardest jobs on earth, the most important role we will probably ever have and with it comes a huge weight of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual responsibility. Im finding myself more dependent on Jesus than ever as a mom in the season of parenting we’re in with 18yr and 15yr old sons and a 4 yr old daughter that is also developmentally delayed. Of all the things God’s called me to – this is by far the one I feel the least equipped for but the more I pray, seek Him, pray for my kids and read books about parenting the more I feel His strength filling in my weakness.

    Im praying for you and your kids too!

  28. Rebecca Allen says:

    Thank you for words of wisdom. I pray for all five of my grown children, their spouses and my five grandchildren everyday.

  29. Thank you Renee! I am reminded that my prayers for our married children and their families need to be specific. I pray for healing of in-law relationships.

    • Yes, our prayers have power and the more specific we can be the better because we can see God moving in personal and identifiable ways. Im praying with you for your older children and their marriages too!

  30. Hello Renee,

    This is great. Just this morning I was thinking that I should be praying more for my kids. Thank you for your prayer. It is very inspiring. It is so important to pray for them. I am trying to also to listened to God. I can’t wait to do that online study.

    • Praying with you Line! I love that we can learn and grow together in this journey we’re on – listening, leaning in, and learning day by day.

  31. Diana Muckelrath says:

    Cheri, I loved reading your inspiring post today! Yes there are many unique & wonderful people in my life that I will join you in praying for and making this a daily, weekly priority. Although I don’t yet have kids of my own I do hold on to the hope that one day I will be a mother of my own, perhaps through adoption, or any other means the Lord sees fit for me. I am a teacher (a beginning teacher) I just graduated & I want to go ahead and start praying for the children that are not yet brought into my existence but soon shall be. That I may through God’s supernatural wisdom & understanding be able to touch & impact their lives in only ways that He can through my willing spirit! So Thank U!! Many blessing to your unique & wonderfully made children.

  32. Camille says:

    My children have been heavy on my heart. Thank you for the reminder to consistently pray for them.

  33. I do not have kids to pray for, but I am an aunt who has watched her nephews and neices slide away from the Lord. I feel this prayer could be for aunts and uncles and anyone who loves a child. I have seen what my brothers have been through with thier children as they entered college. My neices and nephews have not been to church during or since college. Thank you for showing me a prayer I can use even for the older kids in my life.

  34. Renee
    The last study confident was awesome and set me free ….and it will continue as I have shared and will be sharing with my ladies group of what I learned..

    As for your nest study…listening to God. I believe your doing that in spending time with your family and relaxing and enjoying that which The Lord has given you, you will hear from him during this time and your study will be powerful anointed and written with your experiences during your family time…


  35. Sorry for the spelling….tired…going to bed now…

  36. Bonnie T. says:

    I have been practicing….praying and not worrying….I feel I have to get out of Gods way so that he may work his way with my children. Any new study that you start Renee, I would love to be part of! Hoping you and your family have a wonderful, enlightening, summer….May God shower you with blessings of love.

  37. May God bless you, Renee. I was a part of your Confident Heart study. I really enjoyed it. The video for chapter three, “Letting God Fill the Empty Places in our Hearts” really touched me. I love my children, but I realized I was placing them in a place where only Jesus can fill me up, and it has also helped me see that my daughters are searching to fill their jars up. Help me pray for Tina 22 years old, that God would bring people into her life that truly love God, and for her return to His ways; For Bekah 20 years old, that God would soften her heart and that she would listen to the voice of God who is calling her back to Him, she feels so insecure, so lonely, she really needs to fill her jar with the love of Jesus.. For Paul, 14, that he would continue to seek God and make wise choices. He is the only one left at home and he hears me pray for his sisters. It is so important to let your kids hear you pray for them. Amen? God bless you.

  38. Linda S. Aranda says:

    I really have enjoyed your study on a Confident heart and am planning on going back through the study a little slower this time. It really has helped me through some situations in my life even recently. God is good and I am learning that I do have value in God’s eyes. I am patiently waiting for you to come back but understand about the children. I raised 3 boys so I know how busy your life can get. Will be praying for you and thanks again for all you have done to help women.
    I just completed a Level 4 of 5 Levels of an intense discipline class (OSL) and am really looking forward to the last level which along with your study has helped me tremendously.

  39. I love this. Prayer and being intentional and purposeful about it – I keep seeing that all over the place. And I know it is something the Lord has been whispering to my heart about, too. Thanks for sharing your prayer. Thanks for being another voice encouraging me to be specific, to pray His Word, to pray for my girls more than ever. Oh, and I SO get summer turning things topsy-turvy!!! It’s a little wild and crazy over here, too. 🙂 So no pressure. God’s timing for the series on hearing Him will be perfect. Lots of love, K

  40. Renee thanks so mush for the reminder that we need to pray more consistently and compassionately for our children. I have four children 3 of whom are in college and one a Sophomore in High School. All are still living at home except the oldest. My oldest, katheryn is 23. She is a bright beautiful young lady. She lives on her own goes attends college full time and works two jobs. She is very busy. Kate has recently come to us and asked us to move home. She needs to save some money etc. wow, what a struggle this has been for me. I love Kate with all my heart, but boy is she tough. I look back at how hard things in our house were when she was living at home and my first response is NO WAY !!! A part of me wants to say of course let me help you pack and then the other part of me says, but we get along so much better with you not in the house. I pray my father will give me the words to speak to Kate and I pray that my heavenly father show kate that my thoughts on the matter and taking so long to answer her are not because I don’t love her but because I DO !!! I really need direction Father. Please give me the ability and strength to speak to Kate without losing my temper. You are a good and faithful God.
    Thanks again Renee. I hope your mother is doing well I keep her and your family in my prayers. Also, do not apologize for the bible study on listening to God. sounds like to me you are listening to him . You are putting YOUR family first and right now that is probably what YOUR Heavenly Father wants you to do.
    Please Kate and I in your prayers that I can make the right choice for her and our family.

  41. I ordered your book, “The Confident You.”
    I cant express enough of how God is so magestic and awesome in His power. I am always having a war with my self doubt. I usually give in and LET it win. I’m so thankful to God that I decided to buy this book. I dont have a job so money is tight. I want to be as strong as possible in my faith. I pray that on my “doubting days” that through your writing God can get “my attention” and snap out of it long enough for me to grab my Bible. Then read verses that He has set out for me. I can start over again.
    Blessings, Joy

    • Im praying for you Joy!! Im so glad you got a copy of the book. I’d like to send you a little something extra. I’ll email you about it next week. 🙂

    • Tammy Elsworthy says:

      Bless you im dealing with self doubt and financial problems to, thiking of u and u r in my prayers

  42. Tammy Elsworthy says:

    Hello Im misssing the communication too. especiallyas we both have sons with unique needs wich i would love ur advice on asd and adhd and ii and a dad who doesnt beleive. He is 9 yrs old, when ppl play jokes on him he doesnt understand and gets hurts coz of the asd, even at home. he’s said he wishes he cld pack up his toys and go live wive a happy family that doensy yell and swear.My prayer is god will heal our marriage so we wont fight in front of him coz it makes him cry. i need the lord to heal me of a bout of of depression im going through coz of the marriage failing. Lord jesus pls hold jaroo in ur arms wrap him up and make him know how much u love him and protect his heart from mine and his dads bad ways protect and guard his heart only the way you can pls. hes asks u every night that dad doesnt yell pls make it happen for him show him you are real. give hime ur peace. help me be a good mum bigger than than the problems and be a light o him of jesus love, just be a ggod mum is all i want to be, but father i need healing and advide and someone to talk to pls. jesus i committhis to u in jesus name

  43. Praying Tammy!! Your prayer brought me to tears for your mama heart and your child. I pray in agreement with you in Jesus’ Name, Amen

  44. My email is if you need to talk

  45. Hi Renee,
    I just wanted to thank you again, for what I learned from “A Confident Heart”, study.
    Yesterday, I had the most awful day. Have you ever had too much on your plate and too many plans with different people on the same day? Yesterday was it for me, and I hit the wall!!! Big time!!! I had made a commitment to watch my 2 yr old Grandson while my daughter took the older girls to a play. My Husband had said yes, to having our other Grandsons over and we had made golf plans a week before with other family members for late in the day. When things suddenly go south and everyone is changing times and stuff, I hit the wall. Feelings got hurt, crying occurred and many misunderstandings!!!! My daughter thought that I was not going to come through and I broke a commitment. I didn’t though, and she jumped the gun and dint take the girls to the play.
    Anyway, I was so broken up over all this, this morning, I got out my journal and turned to my notes from Chapter 7. I think that chapter was written for me for this very time. “When Doubt Whispers “I’m Such A Failure”. “How often do you hear doubt whisper , ” your such a failure” when you make a dumb mistake, or say something you regret, or let someone down”? Those words jumped off the page! Then I had Romans 8:1
    Written down, and then …”you may condemn yourself but Jesus will never condemn you”. I prayed the prayer you wrote at the end of the chapter with all the scriptures, and I began to feel better and loved. I also asked for forgiveness from my daughter, and she thanked me for apoligizing.

  46. Janet F says:

    Praying for both my boys. My youngest son’s wife moved out a few months ago so praying also for their two girls 10 & 5. Praying that they all know the love of Jesus and would come to live for Him every day.

  47. I looking forward to doing a study with you on listening to God’s voice, Love, Giselle from Miami

  48. Renee I am really looking forward to the listening to God study. I know how hectic summer can be with the kids out of school, so I am patiently waiting on your announcement of when we will start this study. It will be perfect in God’s timing. I have learned so much from your last study with the Confident Heart book, and I just want to keep on learning and growing in my relationship with God. Thank you for your candidness and honesty, for being bold enough to share it with us. 🙂

  49. Dear Renee, thank you for your prayers, and for taking the time to keep posting when your children are home for summer! I’m sure everyday is an adventure for you right now. Glad you are enjoying time with your own family and making memories. Looking forward to your next online bible study. I learned so much from Confident Heart and keep reading back through it. There is so much to learn and grow into there.
    My prayer request is that my husband needs a new job. He has been working at the same place the last 7 years and it’s no longer going as well for him or the company. We really don’t want to move if we can help it but are willing to relocate if it is God’s will.
    Thank you for your prayers ♥

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  51. Renee-This prayer was just what I needed this week. I have a son who will be 20 a month from today. He is high functioning autistic and there are days I want to simply give up. But thankfully I have a God that won’t let me and every time I feel ready to throw in the towel He sends me a sign that He is my strength and that I can lean on Him. This is one area of my life that I give it all to God but then take it back. I need to leave it at the foot of the cross and walk away and not look back and know that God has my son in the palm of his hand and will take care of him. I love hearing you on the radio. Thank you!

  52. Gloria C says:

    Thank you for this lovely reminder to pray for my children! Sometimes I pray for other people and their children and forget to cover mine! I really miss the online study, but summer is a busy time for everyone. Thank you for all you do!

  53. Hi Renee,
    I was touched my your face book post this evening. I too had a bad headache and I loved the story of how your friend was so loving to you. That’s what we (the church) should be doing on a regular basis.
    Thank you for reminding me to be there for others.
    God Bless,

  54. Hi Renee,
    I love seeing how God has been working in your life and blessing your obedient heart. I am coming to She Speaks with a few friends and would love to say hi. I am excited/nervous/don’t want to come/can’t wait to be there!!! You and I co-led a Bible study about 12 years ago @ FH in their Mornings for Moms ministry when I was pregnant with Sterling. I hope we can connect at the conference if you have time.

    • It was soooo good to see you Lisa!!! I missed your note here on my blog before the conference but am seeing it now 🙂

      I’ll never forget your friendship and encouragement so many years ago. God used you as ink in His pen to write his truths and encouragement on my heart. You challenged me to be brave, to trust Him and Im so grateful for that!!

      Love you and praying for you Lisa!!

  55. Isobel Granger says:

    Hi Renee,

    I must say it was great to meet you in person at the She Speaks conference, I have read your devotional messages for quite some time and have been truly blessed by them. I have shared them with friends who too have been blessed.

    This weekend was an incredible journey, it was a great “definite step” forward and will (I am sure) be instrumental in moving me forward towards the calling that God has on my life.

    Congratulations to you (the Proverbs 31 Team) on an incredible experience, i felt like Cinderella at the Ball and my Prince Jesus was definitely present the whole time.

    I am so glad I attended



  56. I love you, Renee. And I don’t think I’ve ever written that to someone quite under these circumstances. 🙂 I’m still finishing your book from our on-line study of “A Confident Heart”. Going at my own pace, where God has me. In Chapter 11 and having a first meeting of a woman’s prayer meeting at my home tonight. Renee, thank you so very much for your support and sharing and transparency and obedience to God. Your words have encouraged me more than my actual friends or church, and I’ve needed that encouragement in God! Thank you for being serious about God and going deeper with Him and for walking in real life with Him and then letting us in on that. We are all the same in this way, needing to grow in knowing and trusting Him, falling, failing and needing Him to get back up. The world coming at us all can be rough and harsh and like a constant pounding of the waves. Also as women, we have a special bond and way of relating that is unique to women, and we need each other. Thank you again, Renee. I’m grateful for God’s using you! I’m grateful for you standing on God’s promises and making them your own, and helping to show us the way to do the same. God bless you and your ministry and family. John 16:3 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” This verse speaks to me a lot because it’s very real, it’s in the first person from Jesus, and has very great promise and encouragement! I hope God lifts you up today, Renee, in the midst of the summer and your life! I’m focused on “working” Chapter 12. I’m grateful to call you Sister.
    in Him,

  57. You are so encouraging, Renee. I know of God’s unwavering love – it has gotten me thru many trials and tribulations thru many years. My daughter, who is a single mom and has always struggled to make ends meet, has been laid off her job. I am trying to be so positive and encourage her, although I cannot help her monetarily due to my own limited income. All I can do is pray and ask for yours and others prayers to help her keep herself together with God’s help and solve her situation with a new job and an even stronger faith that God is always with her, no matter the circumstance. Thank you, Renee. God’s blessings to you and your family.

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