{Chapter 8} You’re One of a Kind

I know you sometimes feel ordinary but you’re not.

You are one of a kind ~ a unique and beautiful blend of all God wants you to be.

You may feel invisible … like you’re just one of millions of others.

But there’s no comparison. God sees you friend.

And when God sees you, He sees someone He loves.

Listen as He whispers…”You are precious and honored in my sight …. and I love you.” Is 43:4

He also sees someone He knows.

“You have searched me, LORD, and you know me.” Ps 139:1

Since God knows you, has a purpose for you and loves the way He made you, I’m confident He wants you to feel the same way. Watch, listen and let Him sing these truths over your heart today. {And if you’re reading this in email, click here to watch it online.}

You really are…







You are His!

May God’s sweet affirmations replaceall those comparisons. As you identify, understand and embrace who HE created you to be, I’m praying you will be able to say with confidence, “Lord, You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb, I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well” (Ps. 139:13-14)


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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Gwenda says:

    Crying through the music video. I struggle to see how I’m beautiful. Physically I don’t feel it. Just a big fat uncomfortable blob. Emotionally I’m not quite so ugly after a year of counselling. Spiritually, not really sure where I’m at right now. I know I should feel that way but I do sometimes, especially when I’m tired.
    It’s hard to comprehend how God sees me as beautiful when all your life people have called you many ugly
    names. Just learning to trust again. Learning to believe God again. Learning to find my security and worth in Him once again. Loving this study and the wonderful encouragement from all you lovely ladies 🙂

    • Praying for you Gwenda!

      Dear Lord I pray that you will be with your daughter Gwenda. Give her the peace and assurance to know that you love her unconditionally and that you see her as beautiful. Help her each day grow stronger in her confidence that she is beautiful in your eyes. Remove the negative words from her mind and fill it with truth & love. In Your Precious Name I Pray, Amen.

    • Praying u see yourself the way GOD sees u, Gwenda! You are fearfully and wonderfully made! At a time then I was feeling extremely shattered, I believe God spoke to me through someone else who told me: I don’t see u as broken, but i DO see u in pieces, and GOD is going to have to put u back together, maybe even for the first time. Just because a puzzle is in pieces doesn’t mean it’s broken. That will forever minister to me and I pray it ministers to u, as well and that u see yourself as beautifully n as whole as God sees u!

      • gjbutler says:

        Love that God bless you all. Gwenda you are beautiful. The world may tell us we are not but don’t let negative talk in your head. Thankful Thursday!

    • Maureen says:

      Praying for you, Gwenda:)

      • Susan Whitaker says:

        Praying in agreement with sisters in Christ who are praying for you today Gwenda.
        May our Lord blessed you and give you encouragement. YOU are His masterpiece!
        Gwenda, you are beauitful!!

    • what a wonderful video! enjoyed listening to it

    • Susan Jones says:

      Dear Gwenda,

      My prayers are with you as you try to sort things out. Believe me, I am 59-years-old and I am still trying to understand where I fit in the scheme of things and who I am. I can tell you this, God loves you unconditionally and He will hold your hand and walk you through all your struggles and blessings. You sound like you struggle with weight issues. What woman doesn’t? Just keep re-reading Renee’s book and embrace the scriptures she gives us showing how much God wants us to be confidant, not so much in ourselves, but through Him. I hope you will feel better about yourself soon. You deserve it! Thank you for sharing with all of us!
      In Christ’s love,

      Susan Jones

      • Thank you ladies. I am feeling much better.
        I tend to get quite down on myself when I’m exhausted.
        The last two weeks have been stressful with moving house.. Painting the one we moved to and packing/cleaning the one we left.
        We are all settled now and i have started sleeping proper once again.
        Appreciate your thoughts and prayers, your encouragement has helped me not to lose it completely.
        Praying many blessing upon you all 🙂

  2. I thank you Lord, that I am beautiful in your sight. I pray that we would all have Spiritual eyes to see ourselves as you see us. That your
    Word would be engraved in our hearts. That it would be embedded so deeply, that we would have no choice but to hold on to it. That we would change the habits of the words of doubts that flood our minds, and instead your promises would be the first thing that comes to our minds, in any situation. That our go to words, would be straight from your heart to ours. I thank you Lord for Renee and all my sisters in the Lord who are participating in this online Bible study. I pray that we would all take the time to listen to the things you are speaking to our hearts. Thank you Lord for loving us all. In the name of Jesus, Amen

  3. Thanks for your inspiring thoughts!

  4. Janet F says:

    Thank you so much Renee for the section in your book “Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts” The breaking them down and explaining them I realized I have two. I never knew before what mine were and was even wondering most days if I even had any. I thank the Lord for you and this book that is bringing so much revelation to me of God’s word and how He loves me so much. God Bless you!!

  5. christina says:

    Wow, I know GOD loves me, but i never realized he LOVES me just the way I am ! I watched the Beautiful video this morning and KNOW that I MATTER !!! What I have chosen as my career path may not be what others have chosen for me, but it is what I have a PASSION for. I coach gymnastics and all my years of coaching the focushad been on the TEAM WIN. This year I turned things around, the boys I coach are ages 6 to 12. I found an athletes prayer and before every competiton we prayed that prayer out loud together and stood holding hands in front of everyone calling this our motivational circle …declaring our love for christ and each other. I have to admit, a year ago this was not my practice. People called me a perfectionist and HARD HEARTED. Renee through this book my LIFE and FOCUS have truly changed. I feel like I have been shaken awake my GODhimself. Thank you !!!

    • It’s much easier to just do our part and leave the results to God. That athletes sounds like a terrific idea, may He bless you and your team abundantly!

    • WOW, that is so encouraging Christina!! God is at work in you and He’s working through you. Im so glad you are letting HIM and experiencing the blessing of following Him in your heart and with your life :)!

    • Christina says:

      I love that God is changing your heart Christina! I too was called hard hearted and cold hearted! Christ changed me when he met me at a very low point! I pray to never be the cold hearted person I was again!

  6. Renee,
    In chapter 8 you said “God deliberately gave you the personality he wanted you to have so he could impact certain people through your life.” I’ve never been happy with my personality. I have been described as quiet and shy my entire life. Recently I found out from my sister that when I was younger my extended family thought I was stuck up due to my being shy. Oh, how I’ve wanted to change. I never thought this is how God wants me to be. What a revolutionary thought, it’s okay to be me! I’ve taught Vacation Bible School and Sunday school for 12 years and feel comfortable doing so but I wonder what else God may be calling me to do? I’ve wondered for a while but nothing has been made clear to me. it doesn’t matter how much or how little God gave us, what matters is how we use it. I’ve just come off a study of the parable of the talents, how true this is!

    • Amen, amen, amen!! You are getting it Lynn. He didn’t make a mistake when He made you shy. My oldest son is quiet and until he was about 16, He was VERY shy. He’s still very introverted but he is coming out of his shell more.

      He is so different from me and I used to push him to talk more when he was younger but then I started talking to adults who are like him and they helped me understand how he process life – in the opposite way I do.

      He’s turning 18 next week and he’s one of my wisest advisors. He doesn’t say a lot but when he does say something, it’s worth listening to 🙂

      I bet you are the same. Be you, keep doing what you do and keep letting Jesus use you each day, one step of obedience at a time 🙂

  7. This is a wonderful music video! The timing of this chapter was uncanny, because I just spent the last few days at a career conference organized by my workplace. As I listened to the various speakers, it sounded as though I could center my whole life around my career. But as I prayed, God showed me that while it is important to work hard at the job that I’ve been given, I don’t need to spend so much time at work happy hours, volunteer events, networking, etc etc. And I live in a very driven and career-oriented town! But God has provided and He always will. Yesterday, He led me to take some meals to a sick neighbor who had no family nearby. He wants me to be aware of the way He sees me, as well as the way He sees others. He wants me to sow generously to the those around me. I don’t know where He wants to take me, but my job is simple obedience.

    • “My Job is simple obedience” I love that! Love love love love love that! That one’s gonna stick with me!

  8. I love what Psalm 139:14 says: I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    Wonderful are Your works,And my soul knows it very well. Thank you, Lord, for Your word, which brings encouragement and hope!

  9. What a beautiful music video, such an encouragement to me and I’m sure to many others!

  10. Vicki R. says:

    Wow! Did I ever need to hear that. God is so amazing in His timing, His ways, His power! I just literally emailed a friend from church about all of the stress I am under right now & how I feel so distant from God even though I need Him now more than ever. He IS listening and He DOES love me. Thank you for sharing that Renee.

    • Vicki I prayed almost the same yesterday. Feelings of not being special to anyone and knowing its not true. It is hard for me to know that God loves me. I know He loves everyone but would He love just me if I was the only one left? I know better but can’t seem to help it right now.
      I got the answer from this devotion and another one I recieved today. God loves us each and everyone-He knows the number of hairs on our head. We just need to spend time with Him so he can lavish us with love!!

  11. Kelsey says:

    Through this chapter I am realizing that I don’t know myself as well as I thought. God’s opening my eyes to traits I have that are strengths instead of weaknesses. I love the last line of chapter 8 – “The only change He desires is that you become more like Him as you become more like you.” Amen!!!

  12. Oh to let those truths sink deep into our hearts and souls… how marvelous is our God, so sweet and loving and gentle… Help us Lord to become confident in who we are in You and how much You truly love us, with an unconditional love like we have never known before… to let you get deep into the depths of our spirit and fill that place that was created ONLY FOR YOU to fill… everything else is just gravy! 🙂

  13. I have heard the song that you shared today many times on the KLove Radio station. It is a beautiful reminder that we are always Beautiful in God’s eyes and that is what we should be concerned about. Thank you for sharing the song today with the video. I had never seen it with the video and it just helped to see the pictures with the words. It made it even more real. Thank you!

  14. No matter my past or my future- I am loved. Having no family left but a small son, the video reminds me that God is still here and loves me .

  15. Renee, as I began reading Chapter 8 I felt as if you were writing about me personally. Right down to your age! I have just recently started asking what I am supposed to be doing with my life. I am a stay at home mother of 3 children. I got my Associate’s degree in Medical Office Management just over a year ago but have been unable to put it to use. I have heard of spiritual gifts but always thought they were given to certain people, other people, special people. This chapter has spoken to me in so many ways and I want to continue searching for my path!

  16. As I watched this video, i was feeling torn inside. There is part of me that is embracing these truths that I am beautiful and unique but another part, that has believed all the lies for so many years, that I am not and that whispers that maybe this isn’t true. I choose to believe the Truth because I am tired of living in the ugliness of the lies.

    I remember when I was 12, at VBS, one of our memory verses was Psalms 139:14. I remember not believing it then. God has been bringing me on a journey to where I now accept this Truth. I am unique, and fearfully & wonderfully made. God does want to use my gifts/ talents because He loves me and made me as I am. This verse is now so precious to me. Thank you for this reminder- “You are one of a kind ~ a unique and beautiful blend of all God wants you to be.” That is what I am going to cling to today!

  17. Debbie G. says:

    OMG! I didn’t realize I would start crying when I opened the e-mail this morning!!! I have been feeling so worthless this week because I got laid off a little over 6 months ago and am having a hard time finding a job: I’m either overqualified or under, but I feel like no one wants me. It’s been weighing so hard on my spirit that I just feel like I am shutting myself out of life sometimes.

    I am a table leader for a Women’s Encounter next weekend, and the message in this post is something we are trying to impart to our participants, so I sure needed the reminder that God thinks I am beautiful too! Thank you Renee – thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your messages always bless me, but this one in particular hit a chord in my soul at a time I really NEEDED it!!!

    • Christina says:

      Debbie, I am praying for you. I asked GOD to remind you that HE is a huge GOD and and to remember he does not promise understanding, but he does promise PEACE in the midst of not understanding. his nearness can be our good, and finding a refuge of PEACE in him can be our goal. psalm 73:28 you are a BEAUTIFUL person GOD does not mistakes. LYMI = love, you mean IT !!!!!

  18. Rachel S says:

    I have gotten so much out of reading “A Confident Heart”. The greatest truth I have learned is that God loves me in the way I have desired to be loved. I have sought the attention of others, wanting to be wanted. It felt so good to realize finally that God WANTS me! I also love learning how to tune out Satan’s against me thoughts and replace them with God’s for me thoughts. Renee, I truly appreciate your willingness to share your story and allow God to use you to encourage others!

  19. Christine says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful song. What an assurance that we are beautiful and we are His. I really needed to hear this song this morning. I know I am His and I am beautiful in His eyes.

  20. I have heard this so many times before but seeing the video really brought it home to my heart that I am beautiful in God’s eyes. HE made me special. I don’t have a lot of confidence in myself and don’t feel very smart but am learning to through this study to change what I tell myself because they are lies from satan and not from God. Thank you for this study.
    Before I knew about this study I had bought your book and God put it on my heart to give it to a friend. It took me a little while to do this because I felt like this was a book I needed. It was her birthday so I followed my heart and she told me later that God knew she needed this book right now in her life. So thankful I listened and then I got your email about a week or so later about this study and your book being on sale. I was so excited about it and the book was cheaper. 🙂 Its so amazing how God knows when you need something why is it so hard for me to remember HE knows what we need and when we need it.
    God bless you

    • I have been talking to a young lady about this study and she has bought the book and is going to start your study soon. So excited to see how God will touch her life.

  21. I’ve always loved this song and sitting out on my deck this morning listening to it is just what I needed to start my day off right. Your book has been exactly what I’ve needed, Renee because I’ve always struggled with confidence. At the age of 52, I think it’s time I start to realize more about God’s confidence and love for me and not worry so much about the world’s view. Thank you so much for all you do!

  22. Stephanie M says:

    I love that song! I find that I need to be reminded OFTEN of these truths. I can always see them applying to someone ELSE, but not to ME. I grew up with no self-confidence and I still struggle with it a great deal today. I often feel that I have no spiritual gifts at all. I’m pretty sure I need to go and take that spiritual gifts assessment. I have taken them in the past, but I never really seem to stand out on any one thing. So… there is lots of work for me to do. I have a long way to go before I can win the battle of the negative voices in my head, but I am trying to work on it.

  23. Knowing how special I am to God is something that I have been learning through this awesome study, and through my personal study!! It is life changing!! TY so much for doing this!! Your obedience is blessing many women!!!

  24. I just printed off the personality profile. I am anxious to work on it and see what God’s is calling me to do.

  25. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for sharing this song,not feeling very beautiful today, but willing to fight this fight. I stopped reading the book in chapter 4 and know I need to get back with it. Becuase it has truely helped me and can’t wait to see what rest the book has to bring to me. Thanks!

  26. Lesly Verbeten says:

    I know that God is wanting to heal me of wounds, and help me to see myself as He created me to be, as He sees me. As beautiful, cherished, loved, valuable.

  27. I have lived a life of learning to do things differently… with use of only one arm and legs not even… but at age 60 I was married for 38 years, gave birth to 2 beautifuld daughter that bless me every day and share 5 wonderful grand children with me…but I fail to see my accomplishments…as I am now widowed, I feel inadequate…tho it was me that paid the bills, made appointments and such I now struggle with those tasks …I survived cancer near ten years ago and I forget that fight… I am re learning God loves me, he is not finished with me, I have a purpose maybe two : ) but I must want to reach to grow into that purpose…No one else can bring it to me or make me happy…I must find myself and love myself…

  28. Mary Hayes says:

    I too cired thru the music video….it hit home in my heart….I don’t feel beautiful even as a deaf pastor’s wife….I’m also adopted & have many health problems that has limited me to do alot. I know He has reasons for allowing these limitations to exist….it’s the cross I carry & His strength is made shown through my weaknesses. Thank you for the music video. I can’t hear it because I’m deaf; but loved the pictures & words shown.

    thank you for ministering to my weary & unloved heart.
    God bless you!

  29. Heather says:

    The line in the song “you were made for so much more than all
    of this.” was so timely for me. I was just in the middle of feeling so gross with condemning and trivial thoughts and I could just hear Jesus calling me out of it. Calling me to hear what he has to say about my beauty and my purpose. Thank you for sharing, I didn’t want to listen, but I’m glad I did.

  30. Carla R. says:

    I took a similar test a while back… it completely changed my life… I think its so important for people to know that God gives us each special gifts… How wonderful to understand that my gifts are special and important… just as important as everyone elses. I too was unfamiliar with all the gifts… I thought at one time that maybe God had forgotten me because my gifts were not the ones that I had deemed as important in the body. So freeing to know that there are many and that God gives them to us to use to bring Glory to His precious name. Thankyou for this book and especially this chapter… this message is important and I seem to keep needing to be reminded that yes God sees me beautiful 🙂


  32. I am learning that “it is okay to feel different, weird at times” God has set us apart. Things that I used to think were my weaknesses, God is showing me they are strengths……..Wow! No matter my past.
    He has opened my eyes and heart to His unconditional love. Showing me I am His, I am worthy of His Love.
    It feels good to see that all the people mentioned in God’s Word were ‘messed up’ in some degree or another, yet God used them in ways we, at times, feel unworthy to do.

  33. Shannon says:

    I have been amazed throughout this whole process just how much I do actually have to offer based on the gifts I have been discovering I have been given. I am filled with excitement over the plans God has for me to do his work as i see some of them already being used for his glory! I also never realized what a life guide the book of Jeremiah really truly is. Until this study I never realized just how much comfort and guidance this book had to offer!

  34. I know that I am beautiful in His eyes, and that he has great plans for me. This gives me confidence and security. Thank you Rene for reminding us all of this simple truth.

  35. I struggle with feeling invisible every day. In a couple’s world, being a never married 36 year old woman is often lonely and heartbreaking, especially when all others in your circle are married and most with children. I know I have a gift working with children and am blessed to do so in my career and at my church but that doesn’t satisfy the longing and desire to be a wife and a mother and have someone to share with often complicated and confusing life with. I know God is there with me but again, if God was all we needed, why would women marry and have families of their own? Sadly, the Christian church often doesn’t recognize that women like me exist. Most churches address the needs of engaged couples, married couples, divorced adults and parents. They do recognize the need for support for youn adult singles in their 20’s but the assumption is that most women my age have already married.

  36. I am praying for each and every one of you!!

    And oh how I hope you can be on our conference call tomorrow night. I am so eager to share what God has on my heart for you. I know it’s a week night and it may not be possible but if you can – that would be wonderful. I want to “speak” into your hearts the many things that I have on my mind as I read through your questions, thoughts and stories these past few weeks. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

    {And if you can’t be on the call – it will be recorded so I’ll add a link to it here on Friday :)}

    • Janet F says:

      Thank you Renee for making it possible to watch later, I have a function at work tomorrow night and I am not sure I will be home in time. God Bless you!!!

    • Christina says:

      Thank-you for recording the call! I had to miss the call but will now feel like I was part of it!!

  37. Christine says:

    I needed this video! I grew up hearing. “You will never mount to anything.” “You can’t do anything right.” :You are not the marrying kind,” and on and on. I am sad to say that my mother and I did not get along. She wanted a boy so bad and she got me! It seemed like I could never please her.
    But, I know God has plans for me and yes, even in my 60’s. Chapter 8 is a great chapter. I want to use my gifts for Him!

  38. Melissa says:

    Wow! I am starting classes, so I have fallen behind on my reading. However, I needed this today! I find myself constantly comparing myself to one person or another….she’s skinnier….she is friendlier…the list is almost without end. Hearing the phrase in the song about before I was born….He loved me more than all of this! I have thought about these things for my girls, but never applied it to myself. To think that He is happy with the me He created seems to take away any right I might perceive I have to compare myself and consequently take away my right to feel inadequate. With that realization, it also feels less bothersome to change those areas that need work….to be more like Him and who He wants me to be. In a word today’s message gives me freedom.

  39. For years I have been searching for contentment in my life, with my job, with my living situation, with my relationship status and for whatever reason I never found it. I couldn’t understand what God was doing with my life! What was wrong with me that I couldn’t find companionship with others like all my friends could? Why wasn’t I finding a man to share my life with…everyone else seemed to find their match? Why was I so alone all the time and why wasn’t Jesus pulling me out of the pit of aloneness? As I read this book I began to see that I had so many doubts about myself and they held me back. I believed that I wasn’t as pretty as others so no one would really be attracted to me. I believed that I wasn’t “fun enough” so people really didn’t want to go out of their way to hang out with me. I believe that I wasn’t talented enough and didn’t have a great enough gift to be of interest to others. And on and on those thoughts went. No wonder I wasn’t content with anything external in my life…I wasn’t content with who I was internally! I have loved my journey of discovering those insecurities and learning how to rid my mind of those insecurities. Understanding who I am, how God made me, the traits he has given me and what gifts I have to offer this world are helping me discover who I am internally. I can’t say I am finally at a place of contentment with everything but I’m learning more about who God made me to be and I look forward to learning more as He continues to teach me.

    • Rachel, I will pray for God to open your heart…your His materpiece, beautifully made. Always remember you are His and He loves you….Anna

    • Rachel,
      Thank you for sharing this. I could almost go ditto! I am realizing so many areas of insecurities and doubts that are ingrained in my heart. I am encouraged by your comments and encouraged to keep listening to God, exploring the places in my heart that need healing and freedom. I am so happy God is setting you free and showing who you are in Christ.

  40. Elizabeth says:

    This is a hard song for me to really believe. I was born with a cleft palate and cleft lip and I know that I never really be beautiful, at least on the outside and so many times I’m not beautiful on the inside either. I posted a comment this morning on the part 1 of chapter 8 if any of you have any comments about how to balance your dreams with the expectations of others especially your husband. Thanks.

    • Maureen says:

      Hi, Elizabeth ~ I could not find your earlier post. I have been to counseling on my own just to deal with the differences between my and my husband’s personality – to find my own voice. It opened up communication between us in that area…..

  41. Thank You Lord for Renee and this book. I am your Masterpiece and I know that you love me. I surrender my all to You and I want to use my gifts, which you blessed me with to help others. I have a physical disability which :satan always told me, I would not be able to help with anything”….But I know now that he is a liar!!!!!, I just say that everyday…The Holy Spirit has laid several things on my heart, and I can help!!!!!….in small things I can do to help in church, like bake for Sunday morning service….Listen to sisters who need to talk, I crochet, why not create beauty for others..Im excited!!!! God is good.

    It’s never to late to be the beautiful women God created us to be!!!!!!…..Sisters, there is no limit to what we can do…AMEN!!!! May 8th

    Loved the video………..

    • Thanks for sharing! I agree, the enemy uses our human weaknesses to destroy our confidence. But God’s power is perfected in weakness. May He give you hope and bless you in your ministry!

  42. Christy says:

    I am slowly learning that God loves me no matter what I say or do. I have believed everyone else about how ugly and fat and worthless I am. How I wish I had learned this earlier. I am slowly working on the pain and hurt that I have gone through over the last 40 years. I am learning that I can be confident in who I am because He made me this way and He loves me.

  43. Novella Pope says:

    I can’t wait!!!!
    I will be at the conference call.
    I will be meditating on Ps 139-:13-14 daily

    Have a blessed day every one !


  44. thank you so much for that video. I sent it to my daughter, who is struggling to get out of a marriage with a man who has subjected her to emotional and mental abuse for the last 10 years. he has convinced her that she is anything but beautiful.

  45. That is one of my all-time favorite songs! It is amazing how the words can just make you “feel” beautiful and loved and cherished. Thank you for the reminder that we all needed!

    • Christina says:

      Kellie – It is one of favorite songs too! I feel the same way! It just lifts you up when you hear it!

      Christina Beebe

  46. I’ve never been happy with my personality. I’ve always thought of myself as a shy, rigid, boring person. Many people say that a lot of times I’m closed off & unapproachable, that I have a wall up, not sure if this is due to past hurts or not. It really hurts & I feel very badly to know that this is the way the some may perceive me. Once people get to know me a little better they find that “I am so much more” & as the song says “I was made for so much more”, but a have lots of moments where I’m still closed off, especially when I’m tired & have had a bad day or experience. I think I’m just so afraid of being hurt, like I have so many times in the past that I try to protect myself from the pain. Everyone, & I do mean everyone says that I’m too hard on myself, not sure how to stop being that way. I wish I could figure out how to just relax & be myself, but I guess I need to figure out who I am before I can be comfortable with myself & just relax & be happy. I need to realize I’m a beautiful child of God & know that He loves me so very much, as he does all of you wonderful ladies.

  47. I love the truth that God has a purpose for my personality. The good, bad and yes, even ugly! He created me to influence others as I become the woman He created me to be-until the day I die. If I am not loving myself, than I am probably not allowing myself to love on others. Since that is where true joy is for a server, then I need to do everything in my power and His to block the enemy’s fiery darts with Scripture. Thanks for bringing such foundational truth to light, Renee!

  48. Courtney says:

    Renee, what a wonderful video! It compliments chapter 8 perfectly! Through the video and chapter 8, I felt God tell me no matter what you think about yourself, you are wonderful and beautiful just the way you are. I created you in my own image and created every detail about you. Trust me. Trust me with your heart and your life. I have great things in store for you, Courtney. You cannot give up now! Take my hand as I lead you to all I have planned for you. It is greater than anything your mind can imagine; and greater than anything your hands can hold….

  49. I want to know that I am uniquely made with special talents, but I still struggle with it. I want to be “perfect”. Thank you for this book, it has been awe inspiring every time I pick it up to read.

  50. Even though I am a believer, for many years now, I have been trying to fill a hole in my heart & escape my anxiety with so many things other than God, such as food, compulsive shopping, keeping a full calendar, sleeping 2 escape, & people pleasing among other things (all idols). I have read/listend to 3 devotionals today that have told me to surrender it all 2 God & just rest in Him for peace & joy, very much like Renee’s book states.

    I am ashamed 2 say that I am not yet up to ch. 8 in Renee’s book & have not watched all the videos or made time 2 comment daily, & I really want 2 believe all that I have read thus far, but I am having a hard time. I have prayed to God asking forgiveness for not placing my trust in Him, but instead relying on other people & things to fill my heart. I have seen Him do tremendous work in other areas of life & have now asked Him to help fill the hole in my heart & give me peace over my anxiety. I know that it is His will, not mine & in his timing, not mine. I just have to strenghten my trust & faith in Him, which I am also praying about.

    Thank u Renee 4 writing such a wonderful book & helping so many people! I aspire 2 have the healing that u have experienced, the fruits of the Spirit that u possess, & the trust & faith in God u have.

    May God Bless U & Everyone in This Study,

  51. Yes~~I am one of a kind and was made for so much more than all of this~~ I have been reminded to relax and stop trying to live up to the demands of others,,, that I can be confident to be& become the true me I was intended to be. Thank you

  52. Jane Hoyt says:

    A friend sent your message to me today. I struggle to feel the love I know God has for me. I have a list of scriptures that help and I read them over and over….”Because I love you with an everlasting love…”Jeremiah 31:3 and many more.

    I hope someday to actually be able to feel His love. Thanks for the message….

  53. This video has spoken to my heart like no other this morning. I had never seen the video to go with the song and it really helped give me a visual for the lyrics. I have been feeling very distant and have struggled to get to the reading each day but God is faithful even when we aren’t. He knows what we need and brings it to us. Thanks for sharing, Renee.

  54. Michele says:

    love the video, I am learning to replace the lies of the devil with the truth of God’s Word! He loved me enough to die for me!

  55. Michelle says:

    I often struggle with these feelings and I absolutely LOVE that song!! Each day I need to practice believing How God see’s me and not worry so much about my shyness or how others may perceive me. The one’s whom HE wants me to impact will come to know who I am and I am Nothing with out HIM!! I always wonder if I could be doing more and what my strengths and weaknesses are… maybe this book give away could shed some light.

  56. Melissa says:

    This video came at the right time in my life. I have been struggling with seeing myself as beautiful. I pray that through this study I will start seeing myself for the person God has made to be.

  57. Thank you, Renee, for allowing God to mold and shape you into a beautiful woman of God. Every page of “A Confident Heart” is a testimony of Christ in your life, and speaks volumes to my soul! I am learning to throw off the self doubt and insecurity that hinders me from running the unique race God has marked out for me. I know it is a process, but I feel freedom coming! I am looking forward to getting to know the woman God created me to be and being used for his purposes. Thank you, dear sister!

  58. Well! That spiritual gift test took me a minute! lol. How accurate is it when some of the gifts weren’t included; like healing, prophecy, tongues? Is that to keep from distracting threads that could come from those? Just curious. Either way, I got the same answers on there that I always get when I take one of those tests; exhortation and mercy being the most dominant 🙂 I have had a lot reinforced this week about my personality..that I am a melancholy with a heart for the hurting. I struggle with wanting to be a sanguine and feeling awkward about how inward I can be…but I am realizing that God really wants to use the written word to encourage others through me, and the only time I am able to write anything worthy of ministering to others, it is because I am so..”thinky”…lol…so who am I to argue with my Maker?

  59. I’ll definitely be at the conference Thurs night and I’m very excited for this. As far as watching this video, just confirms what I have been talking about in my last blog, Positive Talk. Were so quick to say such negative things to ourselves and allow ourselves to bring us down. Even with someone tell us different, I know sometimes, I’ve had a hard time believing and it’s about having the Word of God on a daily basis, understanding Him, allowing Him in your life and talking out loud to yourself in the mirror and telling yourself “I’m worth, I’m incredible, I’m amazing and NOTHING anyone else has to say to me shall matter because I know God loves me and he’s for me, never against me.” We need to hear this, from ourselves, most assuredly. 🙂 Thank you for your wisdom! 🙂

  60. Thank you for both the reminders and the opporutunity to see the comments of others. Such an encouragement!

  61. nancys1128 says:

    MercyMe is one of my favorite groups. Thanks so much for sharing that awesome song from them. I never tire of hearing them sing such a wonderful reminder.



  63. He chose me – what peace and confidence that has given me!

  64. Jackie says:

    When the world screams that you have to be skinny to be successful or loved, it is difficult to remember that God sees me. Thank you so much for the reminder today. I was made for so much more than all of this. God has a purpose and a plan for my life. This is just the transition.

  65. Heather says:

    The video totally made me cry. I’m still fighting the little voice inside me that’s trying to convince me that I’m not beautiful. I caught myself saying, “Yeah, but He loves EVERYBODY that way, so how does that make ME special?” Even though I’m behind in the book, I know I need to continue on this journey so I can take hold of God’s promises for myself and internalize them and silence that crummy voice!

  66. Tulips are my favorite flower and especially red ones, so the picture alone spoke to my heart.

  67. Amelinda says:

    Thanks Renee for the video.
    The song was amazing.

  68. Jessica says:

    This song is already one of my favorties I have it on my ipod and I listen to it when I feel unloved and useless and like God is far away. The video made it so much more emotional for me and got me right in my heart its beaitiful just like God knows I am and I think I should be too. Thanks

  69. Susan Whitaker says:

    Wow! I love everything about this online Bible study! It cetainly was meant for me to participate in with my new friends online. It has been so rewarding. I find myself Praising the Lord for His devine guidence. Thank you Renee for following your heart to write this book.

    Love the Quotes, videos and guest speakers. Love this music video!

    Praying for all my sisters in Christ today and every day. God bless each of you!

  70. From the beginning this book has been amazing, but chapter 8 has really ‘hit home’ and opened my eyes to several amazing truths. I have always compared myself with other women and have oftentimees felt like I have nothing to offer. To see my personality in black and white for the first time was truly a revelation and obviously I’m not the only one with it. 🙂 I never stopped to realize we have God-given emotional needs, but looking back over the years, I can see evidence in my life of when those needs weren’t met, I operated out of my weaknesses.
    Recently, I have been feeling useless (knowing serving is my desire & that I should be serving somewhere), but I just wasn’t sure where or how. In addition, Psalm 139:14 was heavy on my heart a few weeks ago, so reading it in this chapter was confirmation of a truth He wants me to know and believe. I’m in awe of God’s timing and will continue to pursue the heart of God to see what He has in store!

  71. DeeDee says:

    Something wonderful happened after I had my 40th birthday – I began to see myself as a success. Occasionially I hear Satan telling me the lies to pull that success away from me, but I do try to return to how I know others, and especially God, see me. I am a kind, giving person who is beautiful on the inside and out, in my own way. The further I walk on my (new) Christian journey, the more clearly I see that God makes us all beautiful, in His image, and we are all here for very clear and individual purposes. I have so many family and friends that I pray will see how beautiful they are as well. I could not get the song to load on the office computer so will try again at home this evening.

  72. Im beautiful! That song touched my heart. Its one thing to have beauty on the outside and for many years I thought thats what I had. But, then my inside was ugly from past hurt, rejection, abandonment, failure to make the right choices that it effected my self esteem.

    I felt if I was beautiful why did my mom abandon me at 15? and left me in the streets to survive. If I was beautiful why arent I married? So, many thoughts and questions I had. Until one day it hit me.. I have to be BEAUTIFUL on the inside. My heart must be pure and clean and filled with love. I lacked that. I had no Self-love. Its like I loathed myself because my mother loathed me. It shaped my entire existence up til now.

    God is an awesome God. He has been working on me. For the first time I have surrendered so he can do just that. Work in me, through me and as me. That way I can fulfill my purpose, his will for my life.

    Thank you Lord.. Thank you Renee. Your book has been challenging but one I invite into my life. Im digging, healing and making sense of things..

  73. God is showing me that I CAN be used by Him!! And it can be in the smallest of ways. Sending a card to someone just to let that person know you are thinking of him/her and praying. Asking someone if they need a ride to a Drs appointment…etc. That He has created me with personality traits that are unique to ME to be used by Him for His glory 🙂 . He is showing me that comparison is a waste of time. We are ALL unique and special in His eyes. I am who I am- God’s masterpiece 🙂

  74. God’s timing really is perfect. I bought A Confident Heart last year with the intention of participating in the Bible Study at that time. Due to alot of other things on the go, I wasn’t able to and I’m so thankful it has come along when I actually have the time to sit and think through these important messages. I didn’t understand the difference between the physical and spiritual gifts before and I’ve been struggling alot with what I’m actually supposed to be doing here. I’ve read alot about taking those steps of faith and have been frustrated with the lack of opportunities coming up. Well, this week I was asked to run a play group at the church tomorrow morning and although it is not something I have ever done before I decided to just step out and put something together. My first thoughts were what others will think but I’m trying to focus on just what God wants me to do. I love the line “God designed each of us with a desire to make a difference”!!!

  75. Barbara R. says:

    What a blessing that music video is, plus Renee’s lovely words and scripture! I’m feeling His love! Thank you, Renee 🙂

  76. Melanie says:

    I can so FEEL those ugly thoughts and words. I’ve been hearing them for 8 years from the man I chose to be my mate. He is unpaved so I have to always remember that. And now he has petitioned a divorce from me…what a poster child I feel like to all those ugly words now. I need so hard to seek God first and wonder all the time why I don’t truly understand LOVE….and what’s wrong with me? And why am I so scared to step out and follow MY LORD…….when I KNOW it is exactly what I need to do? The song changed my countenance as it reaffirmed the Lords love for me and all of us at this very painful time! Thank you Renee!

  77. Kristina says:

    I am so far behind….Still working on Chapter 5!!! I love that song, and I’ve sent it to some of my friends who need encouragement, but I still have such a hard time believing that God’s promises are for me, too. I don’t feel beautiful or special.

  78. the music video was very touching. i felt the Spirit of God all over me. Now that I’ve listen to and seen this video I feel so very special . I am His!!!!!!!!!! This isnt easy to get because God chooses people. Ordinary people and He sees them as a work of art. i am His masterpiece! : )

  79. I cried watching the video too. Chapter 8 was packed with lots of good stuff. The vision of tasting the cake ingredients individually. We are all blessed with spiritual gifts and are beautiful!

  80. Just working through the questions and thinking about how I constantly compare myself to others (negatively) in all kinds of different areas. What I’ve realized is that when I do it, I am actually insulting my Creator who made me this way for a certain purpose!

  81. Here I am, sitting at my desk at work fighting back tears and dabbing my eyes. My heart has been heavy and my faith challenged as I wonder what God or anyone else sees positive in me. I don’t feel pretty even or loveable or like I have achieved a thing in my life worthwhile other than my beautiful daughter. I feel like I have failed over and over again and have nothing to offer. Last night the pain was so sharp over personal, human hurts that I just wanted to God to take me Home. In fact I prayed for it. But I guess His work for me is not done yet. This song was His way to remind me that I am loved by someone more precious than anyone here. I ask that if you read this message, that you hold me in your prayers. I am struggling with so many things and I just need God’s encouragement (and my faith) to grow in Him and not trust in the decisions I am trying to make that seem to be wrong at every turn. Thank you for this today. I needed it more than you will ever know! Ali

    • Nancyguam says:

      I am Putting you in my daily prayer journal. Thank you for sharing and asking for prayers.

    • Melanie says:

      Ali, I don’t have any words of wisdom……but wanted to let you know I’ve been feeling the same way and the Lord is only one holding me up! I will keep you in my prayers. Melanie

    • Christina says:

      Ali, I will be praying for you! Always remember that God loves you!

  82. Tiffany says:

    I don’t remember what my thoughts the last time I went through this with you (lesson for me: JOURNAL), but reading your post and taking the gift assessment this time I am finding that I need to identify with my spiritual gifts more instead of falling back on it as an anointed skill. It’s more than God has given me the ability to teach; He has MADE me a teachER. I think the enemy can easily attack the confidence I have in my skill…he lies to me about my skill, uses people to hurt me or misuse my skill so I’m constantly having to renew my mind with God’s Word, use the fire to refine my skill and rely on the Holy Spirit to operate in my gift/skill. None of this is bad, in fact, it’s necessary. The problem is when my confidence is in what I do and not who I am just like the child who only feels good enough to their parents if they do enough. So I often feel like I’m in battle to protect and build my skill. Instead, I will find peace and much more confidence by resting in the fact that God made me a teacher. I have more faith in what God created than in my ability. Think of Jesus…God’s purpose was for Him to die for our salvation. No matter how strong the temptation, how hurtful the betrayal or how badly beaten, He did what He was called to do no matter what. He is our Savior! So not matter the circumstances or what the enemy would try to do to hinder my confidence, he can not change the unique way God made me. I am a teacher, and I will teach! Also, I am a woman of faith, and I will believe! Thanks for the encouraging, thought provoking post!

  83. Glory! That was beautiful, everything about that video made me feel special.
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us Renee. I’m beautiful on the inside am I
    I’m blossoming into this beautiful flower that God created. I see myself on the
    outside beautiful, but sometimes dissatisfied because of weight gain, other
    personally problems. I’m going to get better because I’m God child, and I’m
    his creation. God is well pleased with his creation. I’m getting it, and I’m
    a,wonderful person, a wonderful daughter, and a wonderful mom. I’m not
    so bad after all. In book of genesis God created the heavens and earth,
    and it was good. God created man and women, and he was pleased.
    How can I be anything else, but beautiful on the inside and out. I’m am
    Beautiful not matter what I think about me on the outside, because change starts within.
    Thanks again Renee for sharing this video with all of us, and thanks for being beautiful.

  84. I hope you got me for conferences call, tomorrow. Looking forward to it, 9pm.

  85. Kelley says:

    Chapter 8 really hit home for me. I loved the quote from Renee’s friend Genia: “Every time I compare myself with someone else, I can never measure up because I am comparing my insides with their outsides.” (p. 137) I want to spend some time asking God to show me who I really am. What are my real talents, abilities, desires, passions? I am going to start praying for “God to give me the confidence to be my most natural self.” (p.141) Thank you, Renee, for the reassurance that “the only change He desires is that (I) become more like Him as I become more like (me)!”

    Really wish I could participate in the conference call, but I will be out with my husband and kids tomorrow night. But it will be a good outing–very much in line with how God made me, how He made my husband, and how He made our family!

  86. PILLAR says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful song and spiritual gifting assessment Renee! I learned something about myself I never quite fully articulated.

    After taking the assessment, I noticed everything that I was more gifted in was revealed more after being tested and scarred the most. All the ugliest moments – the moments of greatest discouragement, the failure, the tears, the wounds of words – have lead to battle scars that are now a point of strength for God’s purposes for me.

    God has always said let the weak say I am strong, the first shall be last and the last first…..
    In our lives, He continues to use these contrasting juxtapositions, it seems.
    He will turn our TEARS TO JOY….
    and we bear FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT BECAUSE of the trials and prayers,
    and the SPIRITUAL GIFTS SERVE THAT FRUIT to others….
    and then we REAP an eternal harvest for His Glory….
    because we SHARED in HIS SUFFERING

    He wastes nothing….it’s never comfortable being molded as a pot of clay…but we will “toughen up” and become exquisite inside and out to display and serve our gifts and fruit. His work in us is not complete yet, I pray we see all the tears and turns on the way as just another step to TRUE BEAUTY!!

  87. Nancyguam says:

    This study has been amazing….helping me so much! I ca relate to every chapter. I did the personality plus traits 5 years ago and found that I was 2 opposite personalities…..at first I thought, what? But then I read in her book that people that have this have taken on the personality that will help them cope with the situation they are in as they are growing up. I had to become someone that I wasn’t to cope with my situation. This knowledge was so helpful…I feel more comfortable as myself but I still struggle with knowing who I really am….since I lived this way my whole life, I often slip back into what is comfortalbe even if it isn’t who I am. I still wonder, who am I? Who did God create me to be? Help me to be ME.

    A funny situtaiton that really happened about a year ago—-my husband and I were at a work function. When we looked around for a place to sit, I was drawn to a particular table so we went there—felt like someone was pushing me to go there. I was talking to one of the wives(her name happened to be Mei (pronounced “me”) and she was sharing alll of the wonderful things that she does(& not bragging just sharing) . She seemed so confident, calm, perfect. I found myself thinking, “I’m not good enough, I need to be more like her, she is perfect” then I heard God whisper that I don’t have to be Mei…..that I need to Me. That the ME that I am is perfect just the way she is. I thought it was funny that he used a a play on words and directed me to sit right there to teach me that lesson…. powerful! Thank you, God!

    Thank you, Renee, for sharing your story and putting it into s book and study to help others.

  88. This has been an amazing journey for me! I have not finished chapter 8 yet, but so far, I’ve highlighted so many phrases that I love. I am anxious to take the time to learn more about myself and find out the person that God wants me to be. I have always struggled with being a “people pleaser” and I feel like it is time for me to think about me! I feel that I have sacrificed my dreams to meet the financial needs of my family, and I really feel like I have shut out God’s dreams for me. I know that God has a plan for me, and I am seeing that trusting in Him makes all the difference!

    • PILLAR says:


      I pray that God will reward you for all that you have sacrificed for the good of others!! You obviously have a beautiful heart. He will use it for a wonderful purpose, all of it….you never know, that might have actually been His plan to get you to fulfill His dreams for you!! Enjoy all that He still has in store for you!! It will be even better than you ever imagined!! May God bless you tremendously!!

  89. Maxine says:

    I had tears in my eyes as I listened to the music. It washed over my heart, a comforting wonder – as much as I know it’s true – I often times dont *feel* any of it. That will never mean those feelings are true. Not anymore can I belive it is true – no matter what i’m “feeling”. No matter what.

  90. would love to win that personality profile – I’ve been wanting to do one since i read it in your book. Your spiritual gifts assessment really helped me to hone in on the areas I want to serve and it pegged me perfectly! Thank you for your generosity in sharing! I’ve had alot of whispers of doubt lately but reading chapter 8 has encouraged me to know that I do indeed have gifts from God to be used to glorify Him.

  91. Kristen says:

    I am behind in my reading, but of course I went to the blog and watched the video. As I watched it, I began to remember when there were times in my life I felt down, not beautiful or had negative thoughts about myself. How life has changed and how much better I feel about myself. Then as the video continued, I realized what a terrific reminder this song/video is for me. I get so caught up in daily life and I want to make everyone happy in my life, I forget to listen to God…I am beautiful and loved, no matter what anyone thinks or says. Thank you for this tremendous reminder.

  92. Loved the video!!! Just what I needed today!

  93. Barbara says:

    Listening to that song made me think that I felt and thought those things just six months ago. I felt broken, I did not have confidence that I could be loved. I had not been to church in years but went and I felt as if the pastor was speaking directly to me. I have been blessed since that day as people have come into my life who lead me to your website and this book. I can not express how much I have received and how very greatful I am. Sometimes I slip back to thinking I am not beautiful but then something will happen and bring me strength to realize that I truly am.

  94. Priscilla says:

    The video really spoke to me. I sent today’s email to several people and encouraged them to read the post and also watch the video. So blessed by today’s post.

  95. Deb S. says:

    Hi Renee, first of all thank you for this wonderful book, I have been going through it and the study and it is revealing much to my heart. I haven’t had time to comment with all you beautiful women on this study but I want to be in on the drawing.

    I have learned a lot about how I came to be a judgmental perfectionist with feelings of inadequacy so far thru your book and posts, and am learning to change all that and fail forward.

    Thanks so much and blessings on you….

  96. Vanessa Wynn says:

    Not only learning to have a confident heart, but learning how to share that with others. A beautiful friend today was putting herself down….So, I got to share with her that God made us all beautiful. Love to be able to use God’s word to lift people up!

  97. Tiffany says:

    I am trying to learn to have a confident heart. It’s funny how I read and do the studies at the end of each chapter but something happens and my confidence comes crashing down. I make mistakes or think of past mistakes and my confidence decreases. It’s so easy to read, highlight, and work on things but then something happens. I am trying my best to apply the principles in each chapter. I need a confident heart and I am trying my best.

  98. Chrissy says:

    I LOVED this chapter. I asked my husband to read through the personality section and tell me which of the profiles best fit me. It was so sweet! As he debated between two that he thought were the closest, he mentioned to me that all of the strengths sounded like me but he was debating between the weaknesses. He ran through the list with me and some of the things that I thought were OBVIOUSLY my weaknesses, he didn’t notice and didn’t think that I had. It was good that I knew myself and knew which profile was me right from the start, but I was amazing to me that the one person that I thought knew me best, could so easily overlook my weaknesses, so much so, that he didn’t realize that I had them. It made me think of the Savior. He knows me better than anyone, even myself, but he chooses to overlook my weaknesses and wants to show me how to turn them into strengths. It just made me that much more inspired to be the person that HE wants me to be because he knows me well enough to know who I can be, through him.

  99. Evette says:

    I admit to being behind in the book, but I watched the video today. I don’t know why it was so hard to believe the words describe me. it is so vain to think yes they are beautiful, but not me. In my head, i know they are true words, but it is such a struggle for me to believe it. It seems like the lies have gotten louder since I started this study and harder to hold on to the truth. I think I could highlight the whole book and feel like it applied to me.
    I have repented for such lack of faith and trust in God, yet holding onto the truth is like holding onto jello. I know this healing is a journey and it won’t be accomplished with a few prayers and a few weeks.
    I really appreciate the comments you ladies share. You have no idea how some of you have articulated what I felt or thought and it helps me think I am not the only one with these struggles.

    Thank you Renee and you sisters in Christ.

  100. Norma H says:

    Oops! Posted on the wrong blog entry 🙂

    I have heard that sound countless times…and never have I paid any attention to the message it gives. This really struck home with me today. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Isaiah lately, and am truly learning about the Lord’s emotions for me. As a divorced, single mom, it has been easy to feel ‘not good enough’ and that I have nothing to offer. This whole study has been showing me my true worth, that which is found in my Saviour alone. I have struggled with this chapter. Being so caught up in ‘life’ for so long, I don’t even remember what I truly love anymore. I have no idea what I really enjoy doing. This chapter has forced me to start to re-evaluate where I spend my time. Maybe it’s ok to say no to the supposed obligations and put some focus and energy into figuring out what really is important to me after God, and my daughter…

  101. Thank you for the video/ music, I can’t wait to share that with my daughters!

  102. Powerful video. I’ve heard that song several times on the radio, but have not seen the music video for it until now. What a blessing. As I’ve shared, this chapter was for me “the chapter” that was written for me. I have struggled with the sin of comparison, and through this study and through the help of my Life Purpose Coach, I am learning that I am uniquely His. I am understanding that each one of us has special talents and gifts that only He can give to us. There is no need to be jealous or compare myself to others because He packaged me just the way He wanted to. That Truth is powerful to own.

  103. What an important message, and what a “beautiful” video. I have so much trouble applying this to myself— I find it so easy to see the beauty in others, but I struggle with it on a personal level. Since my husband left, it seems the words that try to permeate my mind and heart most often are all just the opposite of these. Words like worthless, not good enough, boring, betrayed, ugly, unworthy……. I so pray that God will firmly plant this lesson in my heart. I don’t want the pain of my past tokeepme from the joy of the present and the future He has for me.

  104. Shannon says:

    I love this song and the video is powerful. I am becoming more and more confident as we go on I. This study. I highlight almost everything in the book. Between this book, my Pastors sermon series of finding joy and the small group God has placed in my life I am really starting to feel Gods love for me and how to turn my thoughts around and it’s still a daily struggle but I am truly grateful for this study, this book and for Renee. I am still reading chapter 8 but I have a feeling I will be re reading this book over again once I finish the first round. Thank you God and thank you Renee.

  105. oh my goodness this chapter could have been a whole book! I am a little overwhelmed trying to digest it all, and exactly how to use all the verses in my life, in the dark situations that pop up. I have already decided I will be compiling a notebook to refer to later on when I know I need a “confident” refresher. Thank you again!

  106. My church is having a planning meeting for a special week of prayer in June. We are walking in faith to grow in corporate prayer at my church. So this meeting is very important. BUT immediately after, I am planning to be the phone for the Confident Heart conference call with everyone tomorrow night! Looking forward to it – thank you!

  107. Susan G says:

    What a great chapter this is – Chapter 8. I have learned so much from this chapter on gifts, personalities and abilities. It’s not that I haven’t heard about these over the years that I have been a Christian (47 to be exact), but Renee put’s it all together in such a way that it’s easily understood, all in one chapter. I love the verse Ephesians 2:10 – that shows God made us so that we could do good works, that He planned for us long ago! What a promise! The video is awesome too! Sorry I won’t be able to do the conference call – I hope the rest of you are so blessed by it!
    Blessings to you Renee and to the rest of you!

  108. The song says it all. I’ve heard it many times but never really listened closely to what it said. You know how you sing along but it never really clicks in your mind what the song is actually saying. Thanks for sharing. I have really enjoyed this study. Thanks for all your hard work to make it possible. You do an awesome job.

    • Katherine says:

      That’s how I felt watching it too. I’ve heard it before but never actually let it click in. We are beautiful!

  109. I have struggled with all of them but especially the “You are really….beautiful, loved and cherished.” all of my life. I am married to a great man you loves me and finds me beautiful but since my biological father told me “I love you because you are my daughter, but I can’t truly love you because you are fat and ugly.” and walked out of my life numerous times from the time I was 6 months old until he left permanently at age 13, I have never seen myself as any of those. I was taken to every doctor and put on every diet as a child to try to figure out why I was fat and right now, I weigh more than I have ever weighed. A lot of my weight now comes from Lupus, Fibromyalgia, CFS, Thyroid Cancer, etc… but I have never had success in dropping the weight and keeping it off…now I’m to a point where I really could lose 170 pounds and would still be okay. I have even had the lap band surgery but I have continued to gain weight instead of losing it. I know a lot of it is me sabatoging myself. I keep trying to remind myself that I’m not truly believing God and having a relationship with Him if I don’t believe EVERYTHING He and His Word says….I can’t just pick and choose what I want to believe, I just can’t seem to find a way out of this pit and to stay out of it for good.

  110. I really enjoyed this post I felt like it has confirmed truth that God has been speaking over me. Right now I am working through some difficult things and how they have affected my trust in His love and protection and who I am. Thank you for your encouragement and reminder of who I am in Him.

  111. Bethany says:

    I suffer from extreme social anxiety, so it’s taking every ounce of courage I have to post this, but I feel God leading me to do so. I hope it speaks to someone else as much as it did me. See, I’m going through a year long bible reading plan and today one particular verse spoke to me in a big way that I also feel is relevant to everything I’ve been reading in A Confident Heart.

    In John 5:41-44, Jesus says, “Your approval means nothing to me, because I know you don’t have God’s love within you. For I have come to you in my Father’s name, and you have rejected me. Yet if others come in their own name, you gladly welcome them. No wonder you can’t believe! For you gladly honor each other, but you don’t care about the honor that comes from the one who alone is God.”

    It left such a big impression on me because the whispers of doubt and insecurity that burden my heart originated from hurtful, destructive words that people have said to me. People who I cared about, but who rejected me and didn’t care about speaking the encouraging, uplifting truth of God.

    And when Jesus says that we gladly honor each other, but don’t care about the honor that comes from God, I feel my heart stir. I’m left wondering… why do I let their words or approval define me when God says I am so much more? Why do I care so much about what they think about me when my Father, the one who loves me the most, carefully designed me on PURPOSE and made me who I am for His divine plan?

    I need to turn away from the approval of others and instead look to God’s promises for security and confidence. This is the thing I struggle with the most and the biggest source of my anxiety, but this book has been an immense blessing in revealing God’s truth about me and the desires He has for me. Thank you so much, Renee and God bless you! Your honesty and vulnerability has made it possible for me to be honest with myself and vulnerable with God about all of my needs, desires and insecurities.

    • Ah Bethany, Thank you for writing this! It has truly touched me. That passage of scripture is so riveting to my heart also. I have also struggled with grasping for approval from others when usually God has *already* given me His approval… but it’s like I don’t count it “enough” and seek out man’s as well. (shakes head) I have had to ask forgiveness on this so many times, for truly He is enough. More than enough. And really, when you think about man’s approval it is quiet a shaky source. Usually “man” may agree with you, what you have done, or what you’ve had to say, only to whatever extent it serves or resonates with them at that moment in time. You could speak the SAME words of truth in another season or circumstance and they would choose not to agree because they are at a different place in their lives at that moment, yet your words of Truth would still be words of truth, or your Godly action carried out by Him through you…etc. Yet we’d look at that and think, “maybe that wasn’t quite right, maybe I did that wrong, maybe my thoughts aren’t as lined up as I thought”… man is shaky. man is always changing according to their circumstance or current feelings. God doesn’t though. He stands sure. His heart is full of truth, and genuine love and care for us. He will not lead us wrong, nor will He go back on His thoughts or directions towards us because someone else decided it didn’t “fit” them for that time being. God is truth and He is trust worthy… so they WHY do we lean more on man than Him? (I am talking to myself here too!! I have gone rounds with this myself! Still do!! I am constantly repenting of it! lol) Anyway, thank you for sharing your experience, your struggle, and the truth from the Word. Sometimes it just helps knowing you aren’t alone. ((hugs))

  112. I particularly needed this reminder today as I begin a new project in the office. Its so comforting to know that God treasures us, He loves us and is thinking of us much more than we think of our own children. There is nothing physical or otherwise in us that He doesn’t love…just as we are. I pray that this words from the video and scripture are engraved in our hearts always

  113. It is so hard for me to fell like I have worth, I know God has shown me time and time again that He cares, the same as my husband- he always says, “when are you going to believe me that I love you”. It is so hard to recover from the hurts of the past, they still affect my presence!

  114. Marisha says:

    Dear Renee,
    beautiful picture- beautiful song–> thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to encourage us. I am sure your message put a smile on most of those who read it.
    One of the many statements that you draw our attention to that spoke to me was “God deliberately gave you the personality He wanted you to have so He could impact certain people through your life.” It comforted me quite a bit esp. since at times I go thru waves of self-criticism on why I am not more like others in certain character traits.

  115. Sarah K. says:

    I cried through it all. I am slowly chipping away at the ugliness inside of me and gaining that confidence I need. Most days I don’t feel beautiful, inside or out. I’ve heard from people all my life about how beautiful I am, but I’ve never really believed them. I’m working on seeing it. I’m working on getting past the things I’ve done that make me feel ugly inside. i’m working to become more spiritual. It’s comforting to know that God truly sees me as beautiful. It’s something I’ve needed to be reminded of lately. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me. 🙁

  116. I love the promises to personalize! They help me remember I am a daughter of the King and am Very special to him! I have learned so much from this book about how to stop thinking negative thoughts and using the scriptures to combat what is going wrong in my life. God always has a word for me that I can store up for myself to get through the tough times and the daily little stuff that happens.

  117. Debbie Herbst says:

    thank you for this great book. What evidence of how God has taken such difficult circumstances, Renee, and used them to extend this great message to so many women. Thank you for the encouragment.

  118. TABITHA JONES says:

    Chapter 8 really spoke volumes to my heart. I read the chapter Sunday evening and I have come back to in every day this week. I wake up with this study on mmy mind and go to bed with it on my mind. My favorite line in this chapter is the last sentence of the chapter. “The only change He desires is that you become more like Him as you become more like you!!!”

  119. This chapter has been intriguing, validating, and challenging for me. All my life I only desired to make my home and my children my life’s career. We started a family quickly and by the time we needed a minivan, I felt I’d “arrived” driving it for the first time. When my children came to school age I began hometeaching and reveled in this! This was my dream! Life was wonderful. This lasted almost 3 years and then God called my husband to basically call an end to hometeaching. I was devastated. there was no way I could have obeyed had God HIMSELF not put immense peace and confirmation in many, many ways to submit and obey my husband’s desires. I grieved for 3 years. In that time I felt lost, I questioned who I was. I questioned my purpose. I felt I’d lost part of myself. I began questioning my very identity. God answered by scooping me up and beginning a journey grounding my identity in HIM alone. It has been really hard at times, many things I have needed to “prune” out of myself, past beliefs, old thought processes, old patterns… but He accomplishes the works of His hands and He is faithful in every way to complete the desires of His good heart towards us. I have leanred how easily and quickly I can turn doubtful and unfaithful to Him. I have learned how easily I will steady myself upon other things instead of Him. I have learned how steady He truly is, an unshakeable undeniable unfailing Rock. A fortress of protection. A father for the wounded. The Commander in Chief worthy of my complete trust. But still, sometimes I struggle. He isn’t done yet. I still need help. I still need Him. Just recently (I’m talking within mere months) He has placed a passion in my heart towards a service that has never been there before, with something I never knew even existed. For 15 years I have thought over and over of returning to college, but could never decide on any chosen career path that just “grabbed” me, that said “Yes. This is worthy of time away from your growing family. Yes, this is worth money taken away from them. Yes, this is worth the amount of effort it takes to achieve”, until now. And it quite plainly dropped into my lap, very unexpected, and dealing with subject matter I have absolutely no previous experience with. I had to laugh when I took the personality quiz and “faith” came up as my number one! I never in a million years would have chosen that for myself, yet I feel like that’s exactly what I’m forced to lean on in pursuing what He’s leading before me… a leap of faith that He knows what Hes’ doing because I sure DON’T! The other giftings line up as well with what He’s leading, except a few that have me a bit confused, but that just reminds me you can’t outguess God. I can’t take a few quizes and go “oh yep! totally sums up my entire life! *gives head nod of approval towards God’s direction*” God is God. He wants to show Himself as such in our lives, and sometimes that means trusting all these puzzle peices laying before us have purpose and will somehow interlink with eachother (because they were MADE to) even though I don’t see how this red piece over here is going to blend with the blues and purples on this side. Sometimes I fret a bit over the lost pieces that have fallen on the floor, waiting patiently for God to bring it back to the table top when it’s time. Reading about the talents was a bit hard. Several people ave told me I should be a writer but I’ve always said I would never pursue that until God Himself led me to. 3 years ago I asked Him, in the midst of that confusion and pain and grief of losing homeschooling and questioning everything of everything around me and of myself, to take that “gift” of blogging away. My feelings engulfed me. I could hardly breathe, and the thought of carrying “one more thing” was overwhelming, so I prayed for Him to take it away. And He did. “blogs” no longer “just come” to me as they used to. I no longer feel that fire within that if I don’t write, I will explode from the inside out. Just quiet. All the time. Quiet. And now I’m fearing a bit! Lord, what have I done? Have I made a terrible mistake? Have I buried your personal treasure and asked You to stamp the ground with Your “okay”? SO, that’s where I am. I trust Him. I know His heart is full of so much love for us. I prayed then and I still pray now, that He will bring it back when He so chooses. I hate stepping on His toes though…

  120. Katherine says:

    Thank you so much for posting that video. I have heard that song before so many times, and have always loved it, but for some reason today it really got to me and made me emotional 🙂 We are beautiful, we are unique, we are His!!!! I am a daughter of the King – how awesome is that!

  121. Jennifer says:

    I just love how our God works. I am actually behind in this study. I have been keeping up with the e-mails and printing the worksheets, but I am behind in the reading. This morning I printed out the spiritual gift assessment and decided to take it. Not really knowing my spiritual gifts and I was curious to see what it said. I am a quiet and more of a shy person and am always feeling like I am not heard because of my personality. In the last 3 years my faith has been put to the ultimate test. First I lost my sister in a car accident and then 16 months later my sister in law lost her second battle with breast cancer. Through my sister in laws battle I believed with all my heart she was going to be healed here on this earth, The Lord gave me so many verses of his great healing and trusting Him, and then when she passed my faith was shaken to the core. I still don’t know God’s plan in it all, but I do know with a HUGE surprise that my #1 spiritual gift is FAITH (with a perfect 24)!! I am in awe of his faithfulness to me!!! The very thing that I thought I had lost is my spiritual gift! WOW!!!

    Renee, I don’t have the words to thank you enough for putting your heart and life out there in writing this book, but I am forever grateful to you for being faithful to what you have been called to do.

  122. Britney says:

    I stepped away from the study here for about a week. My mind felt very overwhelmed. I have been speaking the verses from chapter 12, but just needed a break. I started reading chapter 8 today. I am definitely a melancholy. I desire perfection. Perfection from myself and others. I know I can be very hard to please and most of the time would rather do things myself, “the right way”.

    It was very true that when my needs of understanding and support, space and silence are not met that I operate in my weaknesses. Or as Renee calls them relational challenges. I have needed space and silence lately. I do not feel like I am understanding myself or a few other people in my life. It is a confusing time. My reaction to not understanding how to help, or why someone behaves a certain way, or hurts me; is to distance myself and become silent. Not always the best approach to conflict resolution.

    I feel better about who I am. In fact last night I realized something. I used to associate confidence with arrogance, and I did not want to come off that way, so I would hide or downplay my talents. I realize now that confidence is just liking who I am.

  123. Dianna says:

    As I am learning to declare who I am in Jesus Christ, I have found that I am becoming more bold in sharing with others. I used to have so much I wanted to say, but felt as though others would think I was too inadequate to share my thoughts. But in the last few weeks I am not only sharing my thoughts, but a long time desire to write is starting to blossom in me. Somedays I have so much I want to put into words, I struggle to keep my focus on my daily work. There are times I almost feel like I want to burst. I know that God is bringing me to a new place in Him. He has been waiting for me to be ready and I feel that beginninf to happen and I can’t wait to see what He does with me next! Thank you for your studies and devotions. They are words of life.

  124. Elke Kelly says:

    I was so upset on my former landlord today. I know I made some mistakes and I have to live with the consequenses. There not much, what I can do about it. I only know there are more importend things in my life, than to pay the fee he is asking for. If I,m in deept, than in the deept of the LORD, he lifted me up so many times in my life. Thank you LORD for loving me uncondishendly.

    I,m YOURS!

    May God’s sweet affirmations replace all those comparisons. As you identify, understand and embrace who HE created you to be, I’m praying you will be able to say with confidence, “Lord, You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb, I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well” (Ps. 139:13-14)

    In his name I pray


  125. Celia L. Arenal says:

    Wow, all I can say is ” how did you know that”? That is the way I feel most of the times. I know God created me for more than this and blessed me with the ability to serve him. I pray that I will be more faithful in his gifts and serve him…”that’s why he made me”.

  126. Kimberly says:

    THANK YOU so much for your book, A Confident Heart! It has blessed me in amazing ways and I am so grateful and thankful. For the last 6 months, I have been on a difficult journey of awareness. I have learned that because of my self-doubt and lack of confidence, I had lost myself and my sense of identity. I was looking to others to “fill my cup” and help me feel okay about me. I would compare myself to others (on the outside) and I could never measure up. In addition, I have been living in fear on a daily basis due to my son and his addiction to meth. I have come to learn on a very real, deep level how unhealthy I have been and have had to acknowledge and take responsibility for my actions relating to codependency and enabling my son. I have had to go thorugh the difficult journey of seeing my actions as harmful and hurtful as I deprived him of taking responsiblity for his life and from suffering the consequences of his own actions. Now, through weekly Al-Anon meetings (that are so helpful), counseling, A Confident Heart bible study, and a very supportive family, I am learning who I really am, and it feels amazing. It is hard to even express to anyone how good it feels, as I have hid my deepest thoughts of inadequacy and shame for years, as I knew I wouldn’t be loved it everyone knew and saw me through my eyes. Your book A Confident Heart resonates with me on so many levels, and I will read it over and over again to stay balanced and focused on God, how much He loves me, and seek His Perfect Plan in my life. He led me to this bible study at just the right time, and I am so thankful….

  127. I have recently begun writing seriously after a few years of just “playing around.” When you talk about doubt coming into your head telling you, “Who am I to think I could write something women would want to read,” I actually wrote the word “Yep” next to that. God has done a mighty work in me as of late, and I am believing that He has called me to do this writing thing, and He will equip me to do it. My confidence has grown, and I am more convinced than ever that I am within His will for my life. Thanks so much for sharing your story throughout this book. I’ve had a lot of “Yep!” moments while reading!

  128. Love this study. After having a very abusive and demeaning boss for years and finally leaving the company, this study is really helping me to rebuild and not see my value as attached to any human’s perceptions rather through God’s eyes. Thank you for the time you have invested in this book and the study. Praying about ways I can help other woman who have gone through similar circumstances once I rebuild fully.

    Thanks Renee

  129. I recently hit a milestone birthday and with that I realized how much I have to learn about really letting go of my need to “know” and to trust in what God does know. I can look back and see a few examples of amazing things that happened when I trusted God fully; but the reality is these moments are far and few between.
    After reading something late last year about choosing one word to focus on, to pray on, to purposefully pursue with all my heart, and to be open to how God will teach me, I chose the word Confidence. And then I discovered this wonderful Book and online Bible Study. Between Chapter 5 and 6 (or 6 and 7) I thought my marriage was going to end. My husband and I are reaching just over 20 years together, and we have a lot of baggage between the two of us. It was a very rough few weeks, but God has been our rock. And when I recognized that maybe Satan isn’t liking the “confidence” I am learning about, and when I pray on the words God says about me rather than my auto default doubting thoughts, I know that God’s plan is unraveling as it should. Together – we represent a magnificent truth. Thank you Renee for your authentic truthful story, your courage to show up and speak up and for touching us with your love.

  130. Kittie says:

    Love the message in the song. Having a hard time today . Had to take my beloved scottish terrier to the vet today for the “big sleep”
    crying my eyes out. I will miss my always happy little guy
    He was BEAUTIFUL.

    • Susan Whitaker says:

      Kittie, I am so sorry you had to take your scottish terrier to the vet and say goodbye. That had to be very difficult. We love our pets because they are our family. **Hugs** this evening for you.

    • Oh Kittle, i am so sorry. I lost my sweet Chelsea {our miniature daschund} five years ago and it nearly did me in. Praying for you!

      • Thank you Renee. I know my post had nothing to do with chapter 8. But it was what was on my heart last night
        . I listened to the song as i read the blog. Then listened again and watched the video. I was always told i was ugly as a kid. Now i know i’m not but it doesn’t take much to drag up old wounds.
        Played the video for my sister this morning and it made her cry just as it did to me.
        When we listened to your video about the rubber plug that went to your tv remote my sister said” i have been searching for that little rubber plug all my life”. Always wondering what wasnt done right to someone elses expectation and what punishment would come as a result of messing up. We have discussed alot of the book together. And have had many meaningful conversations.
        Doing better today missing my Seamus.

  131. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    I don’t feel beautiful. Haven’t since I was sexually assaulted in college and six years ago at the hands of a neighbor. I hope that by the end of this study I can say YES.

    • Susan Whitaker says:

      Stephanie Mitchell, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! And YOU have much courage to share a part of your story.
      Don’t those who hurt you steal your inner beauty from you. God is wrapping His arms around you, holding you, loving you!! I will be praying for you!

  132. Christina says:

    I am still reading chapter 8. I needed to find someone to read part of this chapter with me. My mom is going to read it with me tomorrow! I am sorry that I missed the call.

    In Christ’s Love,
    Christina Beebe

  133. I have been praying about going on a mission trip this summer.. It’s something that I feel is a desire God has put on my heart… It’s something I prayed God would open that door and now that it has.. I wander am I sure he wants me to do this..? Is this something he wants me to do. Any advice?

  134. I surrender myself to you JESUS, and I offer my ways that are pleasing to you. forgive me lord just like to forgave women in Luke chapter 43. please take away my doubts that I have within, and let me hear your voice in a quite voice. let me know it’s you, and most importantly let me be obedient to you. use me lord to do your will. lord show me what it is that you want me to do, what is my purpose lord. help me to find what you created me to be, and let me be faithful to you just as king David did. you were very pleased with David. let me be in the here and now, give me peace within, and most importantly bring me joy so that I can share that joy & confidence with my two grown daughters. this prayer I pray in Jesus name amen. thanks Renee for conference call, it was very helpful. thanks again for sharing, caring, and thank God for speaking through Renee so that we can know we are not alone, and things are going to be ok. thanks lord for loving me.

  135. LUKE 7: 43…

  136. Miss Mary T says:

    BEAUTIFUL! I went online and copied the words to this song to share with my son’s girlfriend almost two years ago…I wish I had felt this way about myself when I was young…I only figured it out when I began my journey with God and developed a relationship with Jesus…loved hearing it tonight! Ps they still play it on KLove radio all the time or you can request it!

  137. Mary Hilding says:

    That video was very moving. I loved it. It really spoke to me. That is something that God is trying to teach me now is that I am beautiful. Thanks for sharing Renee.

  138. I am going to play catch-up with this lesson. I have read it and outlined it but have not answered the questions …one because some a little hard and second…you know the saying it comes in 3’s, well I got that this week. Husband bp would not stay down…his dad not doing well and may not come out of it, and my mom in hospital with her sugar problems and uti infection. And we have started a roofing job. Sooooo I had to sit down take some breaths and ask God for help. Things are leveling out a little now but oh how glad I am to be taking this study at this time. Now to catch up with you beautiful ladies. Please pray for my family while we take the journey of caring for our aging parents. <3

  139. I wanted to share also my 1st and 2nd personality….I am mainly melancholy with a close 2nd phlegmatic….I found this so interesting and recognize what I have to work on but more important that I do have some awesome abilities. <3

  140. Love the words to this song and the video was very touching!! Thank you for sharing!!

  141. I don’t feel beautiful when I compare myself to the world; but listening to this song reminds me that God created me and in His eyes I am beautiful. And all He created was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  142. What a great song with powerful words. We ARE beautiful!! God created us all differently yet with purpose, He is not finished working in us, it is an ongoing thing, he is moulding us into the person He wants us to be day by day and we are a step closer to being more like Him when one day we will be with Him forever and be LIKE HIM.

  143. Maureen Chiasson says:

    What an awesome song. Speaks of truth!!! The fear, the view of God, He loves and cherishes us.

  144. In chapter 8 you talked about not knowing what you liked or what your dreams were at 32. I am about to turn 41 and I don’t know either. I seem to have missed the self discovery years somehow. In addition to praying and asking God, you said there were some books that you read that helped you figure it out. What books do you suggest?

    Thank you.

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