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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Kassie says:

    “Daddy’s little girl” I never was– the man who fathered me was a heavy drug user and ran my mother and I off the road when I was 2 months old and never came to see me while I was in the hospital– however even before that he beat her up while she was pregnant saying he hoped that “it” was dead. The man I call my dad adoped me when I was 3 but then they divorced when I was 12–13 and all the sudden I had no family with him anymore even though my brothers (his children) continued their relationship with him. My mothers boyfriend was a jerk– enough said. My now step dad is a very nice man, but it is more just a “friends” relationship.

    So now that I am divorced (for 6 years now) I know that I am a “Bride of Christ” I know that He is my Spiritual husband– but even more I need to know and see Him protect me and provide for me and be my dad. I need to know that He will watch over me and protect me as “daddy’s little girl” and not let me be deceived by things– or other people– that are not of Him. And I have seen this in little ways– but now I need to know if a relationship I am sort of in– is it of God, is this the right one? If its not then please protect me as His daughter, and dont let the wrong one past Him— that He will guard me and keep a hedge of protection around me so that I dont fall for the wrong one… AND if it is, then please grow it into all that HE would have it to be…

    • Hey Kassie, Im going to read your post now and answer it since I didn’t know how it would go to read a longer post while on the call but I wanted you to know I am here reading it now 🙂

    • Oh sweet friend, this is a big question. Does God desire to protect you and lead you — yes!! Are their guarantees? Oh how I wish I could say yes. But even in the most amazing man God could ever give me – I have been hurt. I have been deeply disappointed. We live in such a fallen world with people who are frail and fallible. Men will always disappoint us so i want to encourage you to pray God will guide and protect and lead you, while at the same time making your heart secure in HIM alone. Searching for completion in Him alone, for satisfaction in His unfailing love, for provision of all that you need in Him. Because even a Godly man makes a terrible God.

      How will you know this man could be God’s best for you? Keep asking Jesus to show you the good, the bad, the ugly. How does he handle conflict, stress, communication, physical temptation. Pray for and observe his character, the way he treats you and protects your relationship, keeps it pure, seeks God, asks Jesus to help him be the man you deserve, the man who will help you pursue Christ with your life, a man who points you to God for your identity and security, wants you to love Jesus more than you love him.

      Those are the qualities of a man after God’s heart and a man who will truly look after the most important things of your heart.

      Im praying with all my should that you will know that you know that you know if he’s the one. Hope this helps some.

      • Amen. I love that. God told me years ago that we will always fall short in each otheres eyes because we are not perfect beings. But we will never fall short in God’s eyes. We get our whole ness from Jesus . When we look to our boy friend or spouses to forefill what only God can ,we will always be disappointed. They can’t give it to us because they don’t even have it themselves . Renee I completely agree with you and this amazing study. Your prayers are very powerful and are freeing thousands of women because of your beautiful heart to see God’s heart for his girls.
        P.s. I think you should extend this study to men, I gave a book to a guy that is struggling to let go of his past and he is having tons of revelation. Men don’t know they need help!!!!! Lol thank you so much for this study , blessings.

        • 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for sharing my book with your friend who is a man. I have heard from many men who have experienced huge life change through it too. One was in a huge pit of depression and his wife gave him a copy she had been given. He started reading it and said it was like I had written everything he feels and thinks. She told me he carries it with him in his car and reads it every day. 🙂 Isn’t God amazing!!

          And so… I am praying about writing a different edition for men with my husband! We’ll see what God has planned.

      • Hi- thanks so much. This is so what I have been praying for– A man after God’s own heart, who loves Him and desires Him and seeks to follow after Him even more than I do! Someone I can share my faith with and worship God with and walk with– that God would be the center and core of our relationship. I want the man God has chosen for me YES– but for God to be GOD!!

        Thank you for lastnight– really enjoyed it! Have a wonderful and blessed day!

        • 🙂 Thank you and you too!!

        • Kassie
          You are the apple of Gods eye…that means your the center….he will keep you and watch over you and protect you, because he loves you with an ever lasting love and he will never forsake you…
          Your not a mistake and he has a perfect plan for you…read jerimah 29 …tells you all about…

          Bless you my sister,

  2. Jennifer says:

    How do you hear God’s voice? I really struggle with knowing what it is that God is telling me to do. I question a lot was that thought something that God was telling me to do?

  3. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    How can I differentiate God’s voice from our ‘gut reaction’ as answer to prayer? After a time, I so often want to take back whatever I ‘gave’ Him when I feel the prayer hasn’t been answered.

  4. Jerrianne says:

    Could you please go back over the part about what happens when we fight again who God made us to be.

    Love the idea of living in the Hear and Now

  5. Kassie says:

    How do we know when circumstances really is God? When something happens back to back and seems to be really significant– for instance a friend of mine called me on a wed and a Thursday of one week at 4:22 the following week, on Monday night in while I was asleep it was like I was hearing someone tell me it is 33!! It just kept being repeated so much so that I woke up and thought to myself is “ok” I will remember that and as I was going back to me I thought of Matt 24:33 and as I was drifting off– inside my spirit so vibrant was 33!!!

    On Wed morning the same friend called me at 7:33 and we talked for 4 min and 22 sec before he had to go– then the VERY next morning (Thrusday) my friend called me again and this time we got disconnected at 4 min and 22 sec! So the first week it was Wed and Thursday (back to back) he called me at 4:22 the following week on Wed and Thursday (back to back) we talked for 4 min and 22 sec!! (But I really felt like it was a God thing somehow because of the 33. The next day (Friday) and then on Sat (from 2 different sources) was a study on Luke 4:18-22!! So I have been meditating on these verses asking God what and how this applies to me….


  6. Hi Renee, I really don’t have a question. I just want to say thanks for thus far that I have been able to listen .. Letter H of SHAPE. I ran out of minutes on my calling card as I dialed into the call from the UK. I have to get back to bed anyway as its about 0237 hrs Friday and I need to get up pretty early (in less than 2.5hrs actually) The little I have heard, set my heart on ‘fire’ and did a lot to illuminate whatever darkness that’s left. I look forward to listening to the rest of the call once recorded. God bless you. Participant code 553848#

    • Hi Lara! I hope you are sleeping well right now as I type. Im glad you could be on the call for a little bit and hope you’ll be able to listen to the rest of the call tomorrow. I’ll share the link as soon as I have it 🙂

      Sweet blessings and dreams!

      • Hi Renee
        Many thanks for your reply. Your turn to be in bed. I look forward to listening as soon as the link is shared. Please, don’t even attempt to hazard a guess as to the extent of His deliverance through your book and; the book on-line study you are guiding us through. God bless you … God bless GOD!! Ps .. Have bought a new calling card ahead of the next conference call. Have a great day in His presence.

  7. Rachel S says:

    When trying to balance a busy schedule, how do you stay in God’s word and connected to Him?

  8. Kassie says:

    You were talking about the everyday whisper…. do you mean like the “soft impressions” on us?

  9. Michelle says:

    If you are new on the path, what is the best way to find a
    Good community to grow In faith? I’ve just experienced multiple
    Family Losses in this last month after already dealing with physical pain and sadness.
    I am searching for inspiration and a closer relationship with
    God. Through these losses I see there is more than just this life, and I
    Need to make sense of what has happened to my loved ones now that they have passed.
    I feel I had hit already hit bottom and all this happened and I feel I need him. I feel
    I need more and want to live my life and get through the depression and grief.

    • Answered on the call 🙂

      • Michelle says:

        Hi Renee, I have not had a chance to listen to the full call,
        I was on until you answered questions and had to drop off.
        I had posted a question and it says below my question you replied
        On the call. Sadly the link wont work and I can’t listen to the call to hear your answer.
        I get an error the link doesn’t exist.
        Can I get to the copy of the call some other way or get your answer to my question.
        I really would love to hear your answer, I was very moved by the call.
        I look forward to hearing from you, you are a wonderful inspirational woman.
        My question is above.

        Michelle H

  10. What a blessing this call was to me. You are so beautiful and overflowing with God’s love. Thank you for spending time with us tonight.

  11. Cristina says:

    Renee, do you know without a doubt that you have become the woman that God wanted you to be ?

    • Hi Christina, I didn’t get to answer your question on the call so I will here.

      Yes, I know without a doubt that I am BECOMING the woman God created me to be. I am not there for sure, every day I am taking steps forward and then I take steps back and then I take a few more steps forward. {see chapter 10}. I am a work in progress for sure – as we all are which is why I am so grateful for grace 🙂

      I do know Im much closer to who God has created me to be than I was when I wrote the book, and even just over a year ago. The more I surrender to Him and depend on Him, the more I become like Him in the way He made me.

      Does that answer your question?

      • Cristina says:

        Yes,you answered my question. You are an amazing woman ! I hope someday I can get to that point in my life. I listen to a lot of people say are you doing what God wants you to do and are you doing what you are called to do ? That is one thing I definitely struggle with, is what I am doing with my life, the PLAN God has for me? How do I really know ? I want to know that what I am doing is making a difference. I want the Boys that I coach in gymnastics to feel that I have made a difference or been a positive influence in their lives. I just want to be sure that I am fulfilling his plan GOD’s plan ! Thank you so much for being so involved with us. It makes such a big difference knowing that just because it is an online study does not mean that no one cares. I hope there is one to follow.

  12. Michelle says:

    I had to drop off but I wanted to say thank you for
    A lovely call. You are truly inspirational to women. I look forward to
    Future conferences from you.

  13. kristie says:

    I just your email about this conference call. Is there anyway you can send the email a day or two earlier so ppl like me can put it in their schedule. I don’t check my email every hr like some do. I would’ve really liked to have joined in on something like this and from what I’ve read so far sounds like yal had a really good God blessed time. Please have another one soon (with more notice).

    • Good morning Kristie,

      Thank you for the feed back. We so appreciate you and your thoughts.

      Renee’s conference call was recorded for those who might have missed it. Renee will be sending out a link to the recorded call later today that will allow you to listen to the call at your convenience. Renee will post the link in today’s blog post.

      Once again, thanks for your feedback and enjoy the call.


      Donna B

      • Kristie says:

        I dont kniw uf anyine elsebus getting an error but u was getting a 404 error ti this link even the link in fb.

      • Yes, there are a few of us having trouble from what Ive read…I tried getting on and gt this message:

        Conference playback URL has expired, please contact the conference host for more details.

        I tried the browser from Renees post up above, to open the link and still get the same message.

        Are we doing someting wrong????

        • I am looking into these technical hiccups. I need to call the company I use for my conference calls to see what we need to do. When I link over I can hear it. 🙁

          Im working on the downloads for the giveaways I promised for my promotions today and we’re celebrating M’s day tonight as a family. Promise to have an update by Monday!

          • Thanks Renee for all you do. Willl check in on Monday, praying we will be able to get it and be able to hear the call. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day…God Bless You and your family….

  14. Patricia says:

    Hello Renee,

    Awesome teaching last night. As I meditate on the teaching and the word, my prayer is that God will continue th help me surrender my abilities and walk boldly in what He has called me to do. Thanks again and may God continue to rain His blessings and strength upon you and your family.

  15. Karen C says:

    Hi Renee!

    I really enjoyed the conference call. It was so warm and personal. I felt we all were friends just having a girlfriend chat in the evening. You imagined right – some of us were in our PJs. 🙂 My question is what is the balance of relying on God for our everything – strength, comfort, assurance, etc… or looking to significant others in our lives to give us strength, security, etc…?

    God bless you for allowing Him to use you to touch so many lives.
    Thank you.
    Karen C

  16. Gloria C says:

    Hi Renee!

    I got to listen to about a 20-minute segment of the call–kind of in the middle–so I’m thankful that you posted it on line. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet because it’s been a busy morning, but I’m hoping to listen later today. Just wanted to tell you thank you for all of your hard work, compassion, and love for all the women you minister to (and some men)! Keep up the good work! God bless you!!!

  17. angela taylor says:

    Hi Renee I tried to get on the call but i could not get there. Thank you for the post today. I really want to get closer to God and live the life he wants me to but I’m not sure I know when he is talking or when it is me talking to me. Can you help me try to understand the differenances. I’m going to listen to the call again in a few minutes. In Christ Love.

    Thank you so much Renee

  18. Hi Renee
    Many thanks for the link. For some strange reason it opens onto an error page. Not sure why but I am unable to access the recording.Please help!!!

  19. Deb Meyers says:


    Hi! I can not receive the conference call recording!! Please Help!

  20. Courtney says:

    Renee, I think I can speak for all the women that are participating in this OBS. You are a phenomenal woman of God! You are truly using your God given talent, and have blessed my life tremendously! Our daddy stories are similar. My parents separated when I was 6 months and he moved in with his parents. He went on to start a new life with a new woman. My mother died when I was 11, and I was forced to go live with my dad and his parents. That was cool because I spent almost every weekend with them, and pretty much moved in once my mom started her Chemo treatments. Even though my dad and I lived in the same house, he still wasn’t there for me. Throughout my teenage years and my twenties, I had a string of bad relationship. I was raped at 19, had a physically abusive boyfriend, and constantly cheating on. I actually thought these things were okay because in my family I never saw what a loving relationship should look like. Moving along… I’m now 30 and married to an awesome man of God! Sometimes, I try to push him away because I am waiting for him to stop loving me or abandon me like my dad did to my mom. My husband is patient with me and reassures his love for me daily. We are in counseling so I can face my past and let it go. Counseling along with this OBS is showing me that I am stronger than what I think! And it’s encouraging to see a woman with a similar story have such a great outcome! You inspire me and I admire you so much! Thank you for all of your teachings and encouragement.

    • Thank you Courtney for your note. Your encouragement really touched my heart. 🙂 I love what I do and I am so grateful for God’s redeeming love that pulled me out of the pit and set my foot on a Rock so I could love on, lead and encourage each of you closer to the heart of God!

      Praying for you and your marriage. Did you get to watch my chapter 4 video where I share how the pain of my past really affected my marriage? It sound so similar to what you are going through. If you haven’t seen it, you can find it here:

  21. Thanks Renee for the words God gave you to share with other women the call help me alot every time I read this book I love it it has help me alot with my struggle to be confident in Christ thank you.

  22. Renee,
    I so very much enjoyed the conference call last night! It was wonderful hearing your sweet heart through your caring voice on the phone and knowing you were *really* there, talking in real time, to me and a hundred other fellow sisters in Christ! What an awesome, unifying experience!!
    I took three pages of notes and enjoyed every scripture reference! I really enjoyed the question and answer sequence at the end and especially the part about learning to discern and hear the voice of God. I was never taught this growing up. Had no idea it was even possible for God to “speak” in any way other than His scriptures alone until I was into my twenties and a Bible Study Mentor of mine mentioned prayer being two-way. Blew my world away! That was over ten years ago and although I have grown considerably in being able to discern His quiet whispers and firm guidance, I was stumped in how to teach this to my children! Hearing you answer this question, to begin in His word, study Jesus’ relationships, learn His character to discover His personality.. it all just made so much sense! It was like “D’oh” moment I really needed because YES YES YES! I remember doing that now. I remember ALL those things playing a huge part in my learning process, and *still* NOW in my discernment process! Thank you for that, and I truly look forward to hearing more from you on this subject! Especially breaking it down for younger kids. How did you teach this to your children growing up?

  23. Thank you Renee for the call last night and taking time out of your busy schedule. I enjoyed being on the call with you. I plan on listening to it again

  24. Norma H says:

    Thank you so much for making the call available for those of us who couldn’t make it last night. Just got in bed with my Bible, journal, and laptop to listen to it. Great way to end the week and start the weekend 🙂 Really enjoyed the discussion about hearing from God at the end. I think we all sometimes question the stirrings in our hearts, often convincing ourselves that what we are ‘hearing’ is something we put there on our own. Your thoughts really helped reinforce some things for me, and reminded me that He does speak to me and it is so very important to just be obedient. Loved it!

  25. Oh, Renee….I need to hear what you are saying so much. I am 25 and all of my closest friends are married and having children…and I am single…with seemingly no prospects. I have served God all my life and am involved in my church in many ways and am now in a season where I long for a marriage and a home. I have been in prayer and fasting recently and there was even a women’s bible study at my church about companions and that kind of thing. Then that very night i was asked out by a guy, went to lunch with him, and now haven’t heard much from him. Was I wrong to think this could be what God was doing in response to my prayer and fasting and even Bible study?

    • Absolutely not!! All you could do was pray, see a door open, walk through it and find out. And if he doesn’t call back, he’s not God’s best for you. Im praying there will be many more lunch dates and possibilities. So many of my friends have found amazing men when they least expected it. I was 26 when I got married. Two friends of mine just met wonderful Christian men that they date through E-Harmony and just got married. Both are in their early 30s. God’s listening to your prayers and wants to love you through this time of waiting. He is your first love 🙂

  26. Janet F says:

    Loved the conference call Renee. I was totally blessed by it. Thanks so much. Thanks for not going over 80 minutes as I download it and burned it to a CD so I can listen over and over in my car and burnable CD’s only have 80 minutes on them 🙁 THEY NEED MORE 😉 God bless you Renee

  27. I can not get the call to open is anybody else having problems

    • glad I scrolled up, yes, Im trying to get the call open too and cant, I posted a message, hopely it will be resolve….Ill let you know if I get through

  28. hi i haven’t listened to the call yet as i was asleep at 2am when it was made! Also my computer had broken down so i am about ot listen to it. also I couldn’t order the book from lifeway as the postage was way too much to uk! I would still like to get one for a friend though.

  29. Renne, so sad, I missed the facebook party because I got confused on the times, Im in Mountain Time. The Conference call I was all set for and we had a friend stop by unexpectedly… Im trying to listen to the recording and I get this message:

    Conference playback URL has expired, please contact the conference host for more details.

    What am I doing wrong, with the confrence playback? Thanks Anna

  30. Dee Dee says:

    Looking forward to listening to the conference call recording this evening – Friday night is date night with my husband and I am learning to protect it! I have not had time recently to devote to our study as I was sick for a week. I am thankful to Norma H for keeping me up to speed and involved by printing the word for the week and other treats you have made available to us. Looks like my cousin who is struggling may be getting a copy of your book as a gift. She recently decided to subscribe to Encouragement For Today devotions to help her reach out to God in her struggles with anxiety and depression.

  31. TJ Ellis says:

    I just wanted to say I love the call. I struggle to accept my Peacemaker merciful personality. The surrendering was very helpful! I am often criticized for my personalty!

  32. Marisha says:

    Hi Renee,
    first of all, thank you so much for taking the time to put this call together and for what you had to say. I am quite glad I chose to listen to it (did so thru the link) instead of my original plan for the afternoon.
    I would fully support your idea to do a Bible study so all of us could learn (better) listening to God’s whispers, etc.
    And on another note, I’ve been doing what you mentioned as one of your give-aways as I’ve been progressing in the book- putting in one place all of the wonderful prayers that you’ve drafted for us and reading thru them. (Actually a few days afteo I read the first one in your book, our paster in church encouraged us to pray God’s Word as the most effective prayer’…what a neat ‘coincedence’. So that totally motivated me to proceed with the idea)
    Thanks once again!

  33. Rayanne Brooks says:

    Hi Renee…I am new and very late joining this study. I have been following some weeks as a very dear friend of mine has been forwarding me things and has been working with me to encourage me to believe God’s promises and love for me. I am a single mom from Ontario, Canada. I have been ‘on my own’ for little over 10 years raising my son. I have been in some very ungodly relationships, and actually it was one of those that brought me back to God about six years ago now. It has been a struggle and I’ve realized many blessings along the way. I have your book ‘A Confident Heart’ and have read some chapters. I do intend on reading it in it’s entirety and hope that you will be offering another session so I may start from the beginning?? thanks for reading this 🙂

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