Chosen – that’s what you are

Welcome Encouragement for Today friends! If you hopped over from my P31 devotion “He Cares About You,” Im so glad you’re here. I pray today’s post pours assurance into those places in your heart that just need to know you are not alone. You are deeply loved, pursued and cared for!  Also, you can find details about the $40 in FREE Confident Heart Resources at the bottom of this post!

Chosen…I love that word. I don’t know a heart that doesn’t long to be chosen. Yet the disappointments of life and the criticism of others can cause us to forget that we are – chosen, loved, valued and called! “You are a chosen [woman], a royal priesthood, a holy [daughter], a [woman] belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of HIM who has CALLED you out of darkness into His wonderful light.” 1 Peter 2:9, NIV I have a song for you today! Please take time to listen and let your heart respond to these truths. Let these words remind you that you are CHOSEN and CALLED – your heart is spoken for. Oh sweet friend, please let these words soak deep into your heart. Watch it again and again until your soul knows it’s true!! Our Word for the week: Chosen Download our word for the week in a PDF or in MSWord. Be sure to print it and post it all over your house or office so you can remember you are chosen and loved. Let’s live loved in His PROMISE for us this week“But you are a chosen [woman], a royal priesthood, a holy [daughter], God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.” 1 Peter 2:9, NIV Let’s Connect: Is there anything about today’s song that your hearts needed to hear?  Click “share your thoughts”  below this post and do just that.

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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. I’m not always successful at letting words soak into my heart, but God is faithful and I notice as I continue to claim some of the verses over the past weeks, they are becoming the 1st thing to come to my mind in times of doubt. There is much of this journey left, but because I am in Christ, I do not travel alone and I begin to travel with joy.

  2. I LOVE Mercy Me, what a powerful video. I enjoyed seeing all the different scenic photographs. The lyrics “peace never felt before” struck me because it is SO true! When you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior and surrender yourself to His purpose, you are free! Being a child of God truly brings about peace and assurance that you are chosen and dearly loved. When you experience that peace, it is like non-other.
    Thank you Renee for posting the video!

    • I second that! I am so glad i am chosen.

    • Love reading how different parts of the song touched each person in a unique way. I love every word of this song just like all o fyou. It speaks so deeply to my heart!

  3. What a precious truth….I am His…..but even more precious He is mine…..He is the reason for living

    • Thats so true Lin, I don’t know where i would be without God right now. Life has no reason, no purpose and is pointless without Him. He is the one I’m living for, he is the one that gives me a purpose to keep pressing on towards the goal….

  4. Cherlyn Kelly says:

    Another song from Mercy Me that will touch your heart is Beautiful.

  5. Jennyp1973 says:

    Dealing with years of abandonement & feeling unworthy & not wanted…being born to a teen mother & a father who abandoned me…I thought no one wanted me. I was an unwanted pregnancy, and my biological father obviously didn’t want me.

    To think that I am chosen, loved, & worthy by Christ is overwhelming to me. I was successful in deep therapy to embrace God’s truths about me, and not let my past define who I am today. I am so thankful He chose me. I am so thankful He is my Abba Father. I am so thankful my mother had the courage to have me…alone & shamed by family & friends. I am so thankful God placed my loving husband in my life to know His love here on earth…and to physically experience a man true to his word that he won’t leave me…ever. To let my heart embrace that He was always with with, and that He will never leave me…because I am His.

    Tears stream as I type becuase it’s still a process of helaing hurts & reminding myself I am worthy becuase of Him.

    I am Beloved…and a chosen heir to the most precious gift. How blessed am I? Thank You Jesus!

    • Thank you for sharing Jenny, we are sooo blessed! Why is it so hard to be convinced and believe that we are chosen, loved and worthy some times??! My prayer is that we continue with Jesus on this beautiful journey, never alone!!

    • Gloria C says:

      Thank you for sharing your heart, Jenny. We are all grateful that your mother chose to give you life instead of ending the pregnancy! God has a special purpose for your life and you are chosen and wanted! So thankful you are walking in the truth that God loves you instead of believing the lies of the enemy! Keep up the good work! You are of GREAT VALUE, dear sister!

    • You are very blessed! I am glad God is touching your life. It is so hard to believe sometimes but I know how gratefull I am he chose me and loves me. I am very encouraged by you sharing.

    • What a beautiful story of redemption and hope Jenny. Im so glad your mom was brave and brought you in to this world. I have no doubt you are precious blessing to many – including me and all of us!! you are loved!!

    • I love you, jennyp! Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you for sharing you story Jenny. I thank God for your mom, she was strong and brought you, a beautiful blessing, into the world, and with your story you will encourage so many other sisters. Your are Chosen, Beloved, a Masterpiece of our King. God bless you sister

  6. Vicky Thompson says:

    What a great message from an old favorite of Mercy Me. I love the reminder that I AM “spoken for” and that He has claimed me. I need that because I sometimes struggle with my worth and value in the church. Our church is very clickish and although I have grown so much in the Lord, I don’t know how to pray and change that attitude and mindset. I’m not sure if it’s what we offer to encourage believers in their season that may be causing division? I feel it more because my husband and I have 6 children and I’m seeing the separation even more. So to remember that we are all covered by a love divine and we are all striving to live a life pleasing to God is an encouragement. Thank you Renee for all you are doing for us as women.



    • Alice R says:

      Vicky, I grew up in a clickish church and as soon as I could I quit going – I would urge you, for the sake of your children, to find a Bible teaching church where you are all welcomed and cherished as brothers and sisters.

    • Oh, Vicki. I am going through the same thing. Our church is a Bible believing and preaching church. Funny… We don’t have any children so that can happen to anyone. Lately, God has impressed upon my heart that if I look hard enough, there are people that are not in the forefront that are such loving people. After talking to God about it, He has taken people out of the woodwork. Now I’m in the process of connecting with them personally. I’m finding that these people have more of the meek and humble presence of God showing through their lives. It is obvious to me that their service to God is entirely for him, not to impress the others. “Iron sharpens iron”. These are the people that God would want me to hang with anyways. I suggest looking for these folks. We are in our forty’s and God has led Us to people In their fifties and sixties, with kids and empty nesters. Because you have 6 children, you may need to invite people over…. more especially in the beginning. There are people that we are waiting to invite us over because it is just not feasible for us to invite a family with that many kids over to our place. It is rather intimidating for us. We don’t have the space or the toys to be good hosts. It is NOT because we don’t want to get together. Maybe you know some people that may be in the same boat…I encourage you to pray to our Father about this. He wants us to have fellowship together and won’t let us down if we seek Him….Ask anything in His will and He will hear us and give all good things to his Children. I will pray for you as we both reach out to those whom He calls us to!

  7. “Covered by love divine… to hear you say this ones mine… my heart is spoken for…” Sweet balm to my soul this morning – thank you!! Letting go of this world – not needing it anymore – having peace like never before… wow – just such a great reminder of all that I have in being Chosen and being HIS!

    • I agree Laurie!
      What a great reminder, it’s one of those songs I love getting stuck in my head all day 🙂

      • I need this song stuck in my head all day – every day. It’s been around a long time but I never tire of hearing it. Jesus speaks so tenderly to my heart with each word, satisfying my need for assurance with His love. 🙂

    • It is very much sweet balm, thats a perfect way of putting it! Thank you.

  8. Goodmorning and thank you for sharing this wonderful song! I also love Mercy Me …
    This is a timely reminder for me, my hope had been to read A Confident Heart again this spring and follow the online study, but things have gotten soooo busy (again)! Sadly, this is the first time I check in since Chapter one!!
    Last year I was so moved by the unity of the study group that I was really looking forward to connecting and getting that peace and sense of belonging from it again this spring. However I decided to start a small direct selling business in the little free time I had (hahaha) while trying to managing my already super busy family, and that has taken up a lot more of my time than I anticipated 🙂
    With God’s help I pray that I will make more time to spend with Him daily and connect with wonderful ladies like you and Renee!!
    Happy Monday

    • Michelle says:

      It is never too late, over the course of this online study I have fallen behind and just taken my time through it. I urge you to pick up where you left off even if that is at the beginning and even read a part of each chapter just give it even 10 to 15 minutes a day you will be so blessed for doing it. I know I have. Life is so busy it is tough to make that time but it always amazes me how God works my schedule out better than I ever could when i just give him a liittle bit of my time. I hope this does not discourage you my only intention is to encourage you in His love. Trust me I struggle with this too. It is so hard to find balance for everything in our lives.
      I loved the collaboration of videos Renee put together for us. They are only 5 minutes long I watched the ones I missed this morning and they were good reminders of what I have read.
      I pray God help you find that time. It is so important.
      God bless you and your journey,

      • Great encouragement with such thoughtfulness Michelle. It is so hard to keep on track with anything the way life goes and gets busy and so many unplanned circumstances. But, you are so right. Just bite-sized times with Him whether it’s 5-10-15 mins makes such a big difference 🙂

        So glad you are both here Karen and Michelle – and all of the rest of you too. Love you BIG!!

        • Stephanie Mitchell says:

          Renee’, I took some time today to purposefully read the responses this week. Thank you all for telling us it is ok to be in week 12 and not have read further than we have. I *think* I am in chapter three. I have gotten so much encouragement from the women here, and you, Renee’ that I *will* catch up and take one or two nights during the week to read, even if it is only a few pages. I am happy to know that I am not a ‘bad’ study participant, or not worthy of being in this since I got behind. Thank you for not judging me.

      • Thank you Michelle and Renee for your welcome words of encouragement!

  9. Prayer is the first thing that comes to mind now, the emptiness, the void that I have filled with a number of unhealthy choices rarely raises its ugly head. I am complete but not finished….living in faith instead of fear is the best phrase I have learned so far. I thank God every day for my many blessings.

    • Gloria C says:

      Thank you for sharing, Mel. Just remember, the past is over and done with. All that matters is from today onward! You are a new creation in Christ Jesus! The old has passed away and the new has come. We’ve all made mistakes we’re not proud of, but when we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us of all unrighteousness! He takes our sins and throws them into the sea of forgetfulness! If God forgets them, why should we hold on to them? Keep going on your journey of healing, dear sister! He loves you and has chosen you. We love you too!

  10. To hear God say, this ones mine…His heart is spoken for…..It some times is hard to grasp…but I know he means it…my heart was a bit saddened when I read this study is ending soon…it has been a life line for me and has filled a void….
    To read and hear sisters share has made me feel like I have this huge family and fellowship daily… I love that and desire that…my church I am in, is missing that relationship need…once a week is not enough..some times I feel like I am weird and made different…I am the only one who wants this…I feel like they have no time for friendships…like Jesus, you cannot really know me without spending time…
    But anyway, I will miss all of you…
    And Renee…I love you…Ty for helping me to become more confident….

    • Gloria C says:

      Patty, your story is not uncommon. There are so many lonely, hurting women out there! I’ve been there too! I prayed and asked God to lead me to people and Bible studies. He has blessed me in abundance! I would encourage you to seek out a Bible Study group at your church or in your community at another church and find some women to meet with on a regular basis. It’s so important for us to meet together so we know we are not alone. But even if we can’t find a group to join or a friend to meet with, God is always with us so we are never alone. He loves talking with us anytime, day or night! I pray for you, dear sister, that as this study ends, you will continue to have fellowship and feel wanted and needed. You are chosen! You are valuable! Blessings on you.

    • I know where you are coming from. We need each other to be accountable to and to fellowship together and social together and support each other. To build each other up. I hopr you find what you need with others during the week. I really want to see more of it here, where people are in each other’s homes as just part of their daily lifestyles.

    • My heart is spoken for by my Father God and no one can take that away. He has paid the price for me and no one else can have me. I am his and he has chosen me. “This childs mine” not anyone elses. I can go with him and be safe and secure in his love. The most important person in the world chose me! He wants me, he sees me, he picked me out, he loves me, i’m important, I’m special, I’m unique. His love for me is overwhelming, unfathomable, amazing. I want to praise him and give him all the glory. Thankyou Jesus.

    • THIS study is coming to an end – b/c we’re in the last chapter – but don’t worry or be sad. Im praying for a topic and through some details about leading another one about listening to God 🙂

      And Babs, I have been where you are. In that place where I felt like I needed friendships but others were doing fine and didnt need me. Im praying for you to feel Jesus pursuing you in this time. He wants to be your best friend – and we’ll be here to keep you company too 🙂

      We’ve still got this week and next week as well.

  11. Wow! This song confirms just what my PaPa has been saying to me this past week. I have felt and seen such wonders in and around my life just because I simply accepted I AM spoken for. Thank you Renee for sharing this song with us. Thank you for sharing your story with us. A summer of listening for PaPa’s direction and just hearing Him would be fantastic. This study has truly been a blessing in the middle of transition for my family. All praises and glory to the great Creator and Sustained.

  12. Robin Puchala says:

    I needed to hear that He chose me, that I’m not alone & He knows me…so I don’t need to get entangled in worldliness to meet my needs…

    • Gloria C says:

      Robin, I’m so glad that you realize that you are chosen and that you are not alone. He knows you by name and will never leave you or forsake you! The world’s promises are hollow and empty. Only God can give life in abundance. May you be strengthened to resist the temptations of the world as you grow in Him. You can do this because you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! Blessings on you, dear sister.

  13. Christina says:

    Hi ladies. Please be in prayer for me and my family! I am a couple of chapters behind. It has been a hard few weeks. My handicap brother had to have emergency back surgery. The day before he got out of the hospital my daddy had a mild stroke and has had 2 more in the last 2 weeks. It has been hard for my mom so my sister and I are trying to help her. At least as much as she will allow us to! On top of all that my husband was in a wreck with an 18 wheeler and will be having surgery on the 18th with a 6 month recovery time – no working. We are blessed that our daughter and her family will be moving to Texas to help us out on the farm and to help me finish our house. We have been living in a travel trailer while we build our own house. I will be trying to catch up this week.

    Have blessed week ladies!

    Christina Beebe

    • Christina says:

      Christina I have added you and your family to my prayer list. May God give you the strength to understand and believe in his healings and timing.

    • Gloria C says:

      Christina, I will be praying for you! That’s a lot going on at one time! God isn’t taken by surprise, though, and so we know He’s made provision for all of these occurrences. May you be strengthened and find comfort and rest in our Sweet Jesus! Love you, dear sister.

    • Hi Christina – wow!! You and your family have been through so much – and are continuing. Im praying for you right now.

      I would love to encourage you with some things I share in chapter 9 – during what I called our “year of impossible.”

      Also, this video is really short –

      but I think it might encourage you too. It’s about feeling overwhelmed and how to process our worries and give our cares to Jesus, so that we don’t end up pulled down by al of them.

      I pray it will really bless you and we’ll be carrying you and your family in our hearts and in our prayers this week!! LOVE TO YOU!

    • Christina says:

      Thank you all so much! Daddy is slowly getting better. We have taken over his meds – so he takes them at the right time and every day.

      Renee – Thank-you! The video has been a HUGE help! I have listened to it several times and each time I have come out feeling less stressed and worried! I am write my worries on an index card and giving them to God!

      I feel so blessed to know that I have so many caring and praying sisters-in-Christ! I hope to be caught up in a few weeks (as things are calming down a little).

      In Christ’s love,
      Christina Beebe

    • Stephanie Mitchell says:

      Reading this almost two weeks later. Know that I have prayed and that I will continue to pray for you and the family.

  14. Christine says:

    Today I needed to be reminded of the truth – I am indeed Chosen and Spoken for.. Deep down I know this but it is so refreshing and strengthening to HEAR words of Truth that come from the very heart of God.
    Today I soak in those words and ‘ in quietness and trust, shall be my strength’..

  15. Suzanne Culpepper says:

    That is a pretty and nice song….sounds right….sounds like a good concept, but it is just words put to great music when it all comes down to it. What do you do when you realize that in your heart of hearts, deep down in the crevasses of your soul that you dare not speak of, you don’t believe those fundamental things that were pushed on you and programmed into you as a kid that just aren’t cutting it (i.e. God loved me, God is faithful, God is good, God won’t give you more than you can handle)???!!

    Because I am not so sure about anything anymore…. No matter how many times I try to convince myself otherwise..

    • Christina says:

      Suzanne, I am a true testimony that God loves us, he is faithful, he is good, and he only gives us what we can handle. The abuse that I suffered as a child would have put me in my grave if GOD had not been watching over me. Yes I used to think why in the world did God not take me from the hell I was in. I asked why would he allow a five year old to suffer so ? I was hungry, beaten, locked in a basement for days with NO food, I was scared. However,, today I know it was God who kept me from being killed !!! So you see focus on HIM and what you have been promised and given. It is through Christ you will be given your true gift. God is teaching me everyday through my past and present experiences, how he has and will comfort me. He is teaching me to accept the past hurts and to use them to comfort others. Psalm 73:23-26

      yet I am always with you;you hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me into glory. Whom have I in heaven but you. And Earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my potion forever.

      Suzanne I am praying for you, If God is not giving you what you want right now it is Gods mercy. Allow him to speak to you. Trust him and spend time listening to him. Allow changes in your heart and life. God will answer prayer, but in his own timing. Remember God’s fulfillment comes after great frustration. Suzanne God does not make mistakes.

      • Suzanne Culpepper says:

        @ Chrisinta – thanks for your prayers need all I can get right now…you said:
        “If God is not giving you what you want right now it is Gods mercy” – I don’t get what you are saying in that??

        • I am not Christina, but perhaps she meant that God has your best at His heart, and what you want might not be what you need. God knows our needs and will supply them. He graces us for what is on our “plate,” and has mercy on us by keeping from us what might look good to us, but may, in the long run, be harmful. He sees the big picture when we cannot. Keep your eyes, heart and mind focused on Jesus and His great and deep love for you.
          In response to you original inquiry, perhaps you need to find out personally about those things pushed on you and programmed into you as a child. Don’t try to convince yourself. Read God’s Word to you – His love letter to you, and get in His presence and consider these truths and promises. I am praying for you. God bless you richly!

          Because of Jesus,

    • God will convince your heart. You are loved beyond measure and no amount of doubt can outweigh his love for you. It’s in the little special moments, in a beautiful sunset, in a smile you didn’t expect to have. Life is trying to defeat you, but you will win. Only you will know when His Spirit is upon you. You are worthy, beloved, and regarded as special in His sight.
      I’ve been where you are at, and once I hit rock bottom, there was only one place to go: up.

      My words came from my heart when I read your post. No pretty music, no pictures, just my heart speaking to your’s.

    • Stephanie Mitchell says:

      That is where I am now too. Make me believe it. Show me why I should.

  16. Christina says:

    Renee Thanks so much for the reminder of HOW GOD CHOSE ME !! It’s funny, but those words have not really sunk in until now. WOW !!!! God chose ME to be his daughter !!! Absolutely AMAZING when you think about it this way. I have grown leaps and bounds since I started this study. I have been healed in so many ways. One of the most important. Things This study has taught me is that my PAST DOES NOT DEFINE ME!!! This study and you Renee and all of the ladies have been a true gift from God. I am so very sad that it is ending. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

  17. Diane W says:

    Thank you for this song and the beautiful words , Chosen on the poster. I needed a healing balm to pour over me this morning. I woke up feeling tense, fearful and doubt with myself. There will be eleven of us here for a BBQ today, and instead of being excited, fear and doubt began to raise their ugly heads. I will continue to pry scriptures but this song brought peace.

  18. Linda Bonato says:

    Listening to this song gave me the feeling and vision of having God’s arms wrapped around me! I am so blessed that He has chosen me and I pray that I will continue to grow closer to Him as I live out the life that God has chosen for me alone!!! I can’t wait to play it over and over! Thank you Renee for this song….bountiful and beautiful!

  19. I also love Mercy Me and this song. I am also one of those who had such good ntentions when starting this study and really needed to do this, yet allowed life to overcrowd my days. I have only checked in one other time way back in the beginning. I am frustrated as well. Life keep sending shots–I don’t recover from one when another hits. I am beaten down and tired and the month of June is looking to be very stressful. I want to desire God, yet I don’t–and that just adds to my feeling like a horrible person. The sermon at our church yesterday was about this subject–how it is God who draws us to himself and gives us the will and desire. I left there so confused and wondering why God hasn’t given me the desire to read his word or pray or grow. I am frustrated and wonder why the Christian life comes so easy to others. People who grew up in the same church as me have this amazing faith and love for God. Bad things happen and they handle it with such grace and faith. We heard the same messages but maybe something is wrong with me.

    • Gloria C says:

      Becky, please don’t believe the lie of the enemy that something is wrong with you. God made you just the way you are. Most importantly, don’t give up on God! He’s been wooing you and drawing you to Himself all these years. He won’t ever leave you or forsake you or give up on you. Have you tried reading the Word every day and talking to God? I don’t mean reciting little “token prayers,” I mean REALLY TALKING to God from your heart. The more you do that, the closer you will be to Him. If you take one step, He will take ten! Put on some praise music and just sit quietly in His presence. Listen and write down the things He says to you. If you hear a voice in your head saying, “Oh, that’s just my own voice I’m hearing,” don’t believe it! Trust that God will speak to you, and He will. He delights to spend time with His children. Don’t give up, dear sister! God isn’t finished with you yet! And just think, once this is all over and done with, you can help others who don’t feel close to God either! God is preparing you to minister to others! Be encouraged! Love you, dear sister!

  20. Florence says:

    My of my greatest hearts desire over the last years has been to hear the voice of God more clearly. To distinguish His voice from my voice and other voices from other sources. I am excited about your Suggestion Renee of the after this book study on hearing God’s voice. I want to be able to do the two way conversations as well.
    Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4
    Then will you delight yourself in the Lord and I will make you to ride on the high places of the earth and I will feed you with the heritage (promised to you) of Jacob your father; because the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.
    I was so blessed by the song and the slides. I have watched it twice and will watch this one again and again.
    Is there any way of enlarging the heart with the names of God on it? I love it!

  21. Alice R says:

    In my very first study as a born again Christian, we went through the book of Ephesians; the truths taught there are overwhelming! Ephesians 1:13 says and you also were included in Christ when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. Having believed, you were marked in Him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit”. Translated in my simple mind ” I AM SEALED IN CHRIST”.

    Thanks, Renee, for the reminder!

  22. What a beautiful song – what more could be said.

    When I hear –but I have chosen you out of this world – how special that makes you feel, We BELONG to Him!!!

    Also — covered by His love and — to her you say this one is mine!!

    How beautiful is that – to know that we are so special to Him and that we belong to Him – what a day that will be when we truly walk hand in hand with our LORD!!!

    Renee, you amaze us each week – keep it up. I know that you said something about we would talk about the summer study next week – however, I’m putting in my vote now. PLEASE keep going!!!!!
    Would love to be apart of a summer study!!

  23. Suzanne Culpepper says:

    I thought I would ask something I have been wanting to ask, but ashamed to….I know Renee’s book is only $10, but I live on disability that doesn’t meet my needs every month as it is, and I know $10 might not seem like much to anyone else, but when you don’t have it, it might as well be $1,000 dollars because I just don’t have it, you just don’t have it. If you can please email me at:

    All this to say, is there anyone who is done with their book and wouldn’t mind passing it along to someone who had a need and would like to read it?? Sorry, if I should not have asked, but I was it was just a thought…..

  24. Wow! Inspiring – A beautiful love song to o our Lord and Savior. thank you Renee! Jesus is everything He is what Life is about. In Pastors sermon is what defines us is it our family careers finances cars homes hus bands wives children finances things ? Convicted I m . Staying commited to the Lord is not easy but I am not going to give up when I fall I will get back up again. I want my heart and mind to love The person Jesus and not only His awesome loving gifts He gives me day in and day out. God bless you. I too would like t o continuethe study. Renee thank you for all you are doing for us. You are truly blessed.

  25. Alyse Gonzales says:

    This song is so truthful & frm the moment it started I couldn’t help but break down crying then when I got my emotions under control I could step back & realize how grateful I really am that I’m nt my own & think about how Truly special I am! Thank You

  26. I j ust read Glynnis devotion on Proverbs 31 mininsty. I am blown away. This helps me more to get into Gods Word. Staying commited but with the knowledge even when I mess up that does not define me. Praise God.

  27. Courtney says:

    OMG! Awesomeness! (Is that a word?)
    This song reminds me of how God loved us so he gave us Jesus to die for our sins. We are his chosen people. And that when he died, the old us died, too. All of short comings, guilt, shame, etc, gone. In his risen, we rose. A new us created. No, we can’t erase our past, but through Him we have a new life. We don’t need the material things and approval of this world. We are already spoken for! And, He wants nothing from us, but our hearts, commitment to trust and follow Him, and worship Him.

    Thank you, Renee, for sharing this video!

  28. I was able to see my youngest daughter be save a week ago after a life with just daily troubles this song is perfect for her To watch her grow and long to belong to Christ was a true experience…
    Her , her sister and I gave their daddy , my husband to God to years ago, our life has changed with out him…we miss him, remember him and have grown to a new depth of closeness on our own… God was always with us, that is how we keep going …
    we are so BLESSED and I thankful

  29. TABITHA JONES says:

    Thank you for the song. It is so good to know that we are chosen by God, I am his and he is mine. Thank you Jesus! My family has had a hard weekend. My cousin which is also my sons best friend was killed early Saturday morning in a freak accident. His horse bucked him off and either kicked him or stepped on his chest. I was at the viewing last night and it was so sad to see some of the family. They don’t the God I know and they were so lost. I sit there and God brought to my mind. Child you have that peace because you are my child they don’t have that to turn to because they reject me. I could not imagine to not have God to turn to during such a tragedy. Please be in prayer for the family that they would want to find that peace. Please remember my son Josh as he has to be a part of the funeral today, he almost passed out on us last night when he went to the casket. Pray God gives him the strength today.

    • Suzanne Culpepper says:

      So sorry for your loss….that is hard and brutal stuff. Will be praying for you and your family as you navigate through the grief process. Here USA great read on that very process, “The Grief Recovery Handbook” by John w. James and Russell Friedman

      • TABITHA JONES says:

        Thank you Suzanne. I will find this book for my son. It is so good to have online friends praying. My son has did really well. He was asked to come by this evening to help clean the barn out of my cousins because they want him to have his stuff. He was emotional to know that he was getting his cousins things. Thank you again.

    • Gloria C says:

      So sorry for your loss, Tabitha. Will be praying for your family, especially your son. May God’s peace be with you all.

  30. Kathy Sturgis says:

    Child of the risen Son! I noticed the power of the resurrection available to me. Power to believe I am HIS, chosen and spoken for. Thank you Jesus that you have spoken for me and hold me by your powerful right arm.

  31. Mindy Baker says:

    Thanks for sharing that video Renee. I’ve heard that song before, probably many times but until you really sit and listen to the words, you just can’t get what they are trying to share here. The words “to hear you say that this ones mine” stuck with me. It reminded me that I am chosen by God, that He pursued me until I came to Him. I can just picture me standing in a crowd and he says over everyone, “this ones mine” and how happy and excited I am to hear Him say that about ME! The beauty of it is that He says that to all of us. He wants us all! What a great truth to share with others!

  32. nancys1128 says:

    An awesome song by a fave group. Thanks, Renee, for your faithfulness to always follow the leading of the Spirit and share what will speak to us so wonderfully. I am one to whom music sometimes speaks volumes more than the written word, and you always have just the right songs to do that speaking. Thank you so much!

  33. Britney says:

    There is one word that was what I needed to be reminded of today ~ REDEEMED!

  34. Barbara says:

    Thank you for the wonderful video and the beautiful song. It is a blessing to know that I have been chosen. The words to the song, “to hear You say this ones mine” really blessed me. They make me think of a proud parent saying, “that is My child”. Chosen is such a lovely word. It just resonates in my heart.

  35. Norma H says:

    “…to hear You say this ones mine…my heart is spoken for…”. Sitting in my office with tears rolling down my face. It’s so easy sometimes to overlook how completely overwhelming His love is for us (me). When I think of the pride I feel when I take my daughters hand and say ‘this ones mine’…I often feel overwhelmed with the love I feel for her…but how much greater is the love of Christ! I needed this reminding today, so very much. I’ve been feeling the heavy weight of anxiety since last night…and not even because of one specific thing…just everything, I suppose. I needed to be reminded that my heart really is spoken for already by one who loves me and provides for me in a way that no earthly man ever could. Thanks so much for todays blog!

  36. Debbie Jo says:

    What a “blessing” to be chosen….a child of God…..Thank you, Father God, for choosing me, for leading me, for loving me….AMEN!

  37. Kathleen says:

    Renee, please let us know if you are doing an online study this summer. You mentioned you might.

  38. “My heart is spoken for…Covered by Your Love Divine.” Selah! I like the picture of the heart made with hands and Jesus’ Name in the middle. My heart is indeed spoken for, and I need to remember that at all times. Being covered by His love divine brought to mind that i am protected and preserved for God’s glory! Praise Him! Thank you for sharing this song, Renee!

  39. I struggle with this. It is hard for me to believe that I am chosen. Years of abandonment issues make me doubt whether anyone really loves me enough to stick with me. Bible study, prayer and this study are helping me immensely as I try to really believe and have confidence in who I am in Him.
    Thank you so much for this study and the beautiful video and song.

  40. Renee,

    I need your words. I have been opening sites and yours speaks to me. I just lost my husband Feb. 3 and do not know how to live anymore. I feel paralyzed and don’t know who I am now. We had been married 40 years and was the love of my life. The last 13 years of his life he has slowly been deteriorating from a spinal cord injury. The last 8 years I have been unable to leave him for more than 2 hours at a time. He needed me and I was there for him. Now I don’t know what to do ……………….

    • Gloria C says:

      Dear, sweet Gloria. Thank you so much for being so faithful to your husband, especially in his time of need. The fact that you stuck by him for 40 years says a lot about you as a person. I’m so sorry for your great loss. Be sure to allow yourself to grieve. It’s an ongoing process and can take years, if not a lifetime. One thing you might try doing is find some younger, married women to mentor. I’m sure there are a lot of women who don’t know how to love their husbands or who just need a friend to talk to or confide in. There are also a lot of organizations who need volunteers. Think about what you might enjoy doing and step out. If you don’t like it, you can always back out politely and try something else. God bless you and keep you in His care as you adjust to this new life. But remember, you are never really alone–He is always with you! Love you sister, and love sharing the same name!

      • Thank you so much, Gloria. You are so right. It’s just the grieving process. Or I shouldn’t say, “just” because I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life. Giving to others has always been second nature to me but now I’ve been in a tunnel, thinking only of myself, and I don’t like it. I want to be the old, giving me but it’s not as easy now. So I need to do just what you advised and begin looking for opportunities to help younger married women know how precious marriage and their husband is. God is very close to me as I reach out him. I just hope I’m not cutting him off because Paul is gone from me. Glod bless you for your quick response. I needed it and I pray God blesses you for your merciful heart. Love, Gloria (sister)

  41. Paula Moore says:

    I love the part where it says “this ones mine”. I His. Praise God.

  42. Gloria C says:

    I love this song! When I was younger, I was the one chosen last (or not at all) for teams, friendships, etc. I was always the misfit in my family and never felt like I belonged. I used to think I was adopted because I’m so different from my siblings and parents, but I know it’s not true. I was teased, bullied, rejected and shamed over and over again. But then God transformed my life! He showed me that I’m not only chosen, but preferred! I’m His favorite (as we all are)! He loves me as if I’m the only one! I love being HIs beloved princess bride and can’t wait to see Him and be with Him forever! All of you can experience this love relationship with Him, dear sisters! He’s waiting for you. Won’t you go to Him? Thank you, Renee, for this study. It has been a wonderful experience and I’ve loved being a part of it and a part of the life of all of you dear sisters. God bless each and every one of you!

  43. Marcella R says:

    My heart is spoken for. This ones mine. Coming from a broken family, a father that tried to kill us, a mom who was abusive to us, a husband only concerned about himself. I’ve struggled hard with feeling loved, or worthy of love. But Christ chose me. My heart maybe broken by people in my life, but no matter what Christ loves me and I am his. Progress not perfection. Mi don’t have to be perfect for him, as I am made perfect through him. Thanks for this great study

  44. I am a daughter of the King,. And I am chosen ,..Thank you lord for your grace upon my life!!

  45. I needed to lean on God’s Spirit alone today, and at that exact moment. I felt left out & unlinked today, unwanted, yet the video sang God’s word into my thirsty soul. Thank you!

  46. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    It is going to take some time and looking at this video a bunch more, for me to believe i am worth any of what it says. i continue, apparently, to make bad choices I am told, though they seemed appropriate to me. Do I really matter?

    • You matter a lot Stephanie. One thing I’ve come to know is that God weaves wonderful threads. We are all connected in some mysterious way by a thread and perhaps one thing you say or do can be the thread that impacts another woman’s life. It could be as simple as a smile or a caring touch on the shoulder to someone else, and perhaps you didn’t even realize they needed anything or were hurting, but God knew. And God knew to place YOU in their day. So truly believe you DO matter and He has CHOSEN YOU for his purposes as his child

      • Stephanie Mitchell says:

        Gloria, I read this two weeks after you posted it. Thank you for the encouragement. Helped bring me up form a moment of low-self love. Thank you. thank you.Thank you.

  47. Charletta Rupert says:

    Awesome video!

  48. Thank you to so many faith-filled caring women on this site. I truly believe I am chosen, but I struggle with tears and depression that I can’t seem to shake off. My marriage ended after 23 years and I’m still trying to overcome rejection. I’ve always considered myself self confident and strong and having a strong faith and trust in God, so now I’m dealing with feelings of guilt and sin when my trust is not strong enough. Please pray.

  49. Lisa Haynes says:

    I love this song/I miss hearing it on the radio/thanks for sharing/your ministry and “A confident Heart” book are so encouraging to me and have helped to carry me along during a very difficult time of my life-

  50. Glenda:-) says:

    AWESOME!!! Thank you Renee for sharing the word, videos, and encouraging us through trials and failures you have encounter. You are a beautiful and very unique woman of God. May God continue to bless you and your family is my prayer.

  51. I need to play the song over and over …thank you Renee you know just the video or song to help us on our journey.

  52. I needed this as I have been under such attack. This one is mine man I love that God says that of me. I have felt so rejected and so alone. I moved away from my church, friends, family an have been in a city after living in extremely rural area. My life is so upside down. I have felt lost and this song mentions lost too. Just needed to hear this as I am a music person, I love praise ad worship music. I do not need this world anymore ahhhh I am free

  53. Treasure says:


  54. I also really love Mercy Me. I love the beginning of the song where he talks about being free and not needing the world anymore. I am a real beginner in my walk of faith and I still struggle a lot with having a relationship with God. I feel like this study has helped get started and see things in a little bit different perspective.

    • God is Good! I grew up without a father and I did not know of a fathers love for his daughter. I would hear pastors say “God loves you” but I could not comprehend His love. God made it so simple and clear to me by saying I love you the way you loves your daughters. God has shown me I was CHOSEN …He is my father. That no matter how bad I am He as my father will show me Grace.

  55. What a beautiful song, I loved it, especially when it said “Covered by Your love devine”…..How beautiful to hear that we are “Chosen Daughters Of our God” WOW, and He loves us!!!…….

  56. Linda S. Aranda says:

    The song spoke to my heart that I really am chosen by God and that I can be confident in who I am in Jesus and not what anyone thinks or says. God says ” I am chosen ” Thank you for this study and all then neat little things you’ve added to make it good. The song will be played over and over. I have learned so much about who God is and who I am in Him. He really does love me so that I can love others.

  57. Such a God thing…this is exactly the message that God has been impressing on my heart all weekend. I have shed many tears today but they have felt healing and liberating as I am beginning to realize how special I am to God. Little by little, I am shedding an old skin of fear, doubt and mistrust that does not fit me any more. At the same time, I am a work in progress. This is so new to me and I know there is a lot more healing to go. I am keeping all of you ladies in my prayers. Please pray for me too as you are able. Renee, thank you for this study. I love the idea of doing a follow-up study on listening to God.

  58. Colleen D. says:

    It’s not that other people make me feel “less than”, it’s ME! I mess up so bad every day and sit around at night (like I’m doing right now) and get frustrated that I can’t do anything right. I’m trying to lose weight, but all I did was eat my way through today. I’m dealing with some real “head” issues right now, but all I did was fail again miserably today. I reflect on my day and see what a failure I am. So here I am. Reading Chapter 1 of A Confident Heart, feeling like such a disappointment to God and to myself. I know God is truth, and God says that He chose me. So why can’t I just get it through my head? I can trust that sun is going to shine, even though I don’t know how. But yet I can’t trust that God chose me even though He tells me in His Word. What’s up with that? It’s like not believing that 1+1=2. Everybody else gets it, so why can’t I? Wow. What a whiny rant I just went on! Somebody slap me back into reality, please!

    • I’m here with you Colleen. God knows we try and fail. He created us and loves us just the way we are. His mercies are new every morning and He will never leave you or me. Lean on His word, Colleen. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares The Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11. Memorize this and keep it in your arsenal.

      • Colleen D. says:

        Thanks for the kind words Gloria! I guess my new mantra should be “Get behind me satan!” whenever I start feeling frustrated and defeated. Then slap him down with Jeremiah 29:11!

    • Maureen says:

      You are cute, Colleen ~ there is a song by Toby Mac that I love – it is called Get Back Up

      We lose our way,
      We get back up again
      It’s never too late to get back up again,
      One day you will shine again,
      You may be knocked down,
      But not out forever……….

    • Hi Colleen… sometime getting it isn’t enough. The enemy uses our thoughts against us. I get I am CHOSEN. I question why everyday of my life, especially at times I fail. We have too break that habit. He tells us He loves us everyday… we just have to start feeling it in our hearts to then believe in our heads… it’s a process but know you’re not alone…

      • Colleen D. says:

        Oh yeah! I know satan is out to get me! He attacks me the second I get up in the morning and won’t leave me alone all day long, no matter how much I rebuke him! I hope I don’t offend anyone, but I am glad that I am not the only one going through this. I don’t feel so “alone”. Plus, it let’s me know that if someone else can do it, I guess I can too. Thank you!

  59. Susan G says:

    This song is beautiful. We each just have to believe it! That we are chosen, and special and are His beloved – because we are!
    There are so many needs and hurts and challenges and trials in us ladies in just this one bible study – but God can heal them all – and what’s more important, He wants to! I know in my own life, the closer I stick to Him, the better my life goes…and even if it isn’t going well – He’s there to hear all my prayers and to give me strength during the hard times. I couldn’t do life without Jesus!
    This has been a great bible study and I pray I will remember much from this book to change the way I think and live.
    God bless Renee for being obedient at writing this book!
    God bless you all my sisters in Christ!

  60. Julie BS says:

    Wow! The song is beautiful… Lord I thank You for choosing me and blessing me with enough cognition to know it too! Hallelujah! You’ve set me free to serve, love, be compassionate & graceful. Let every thought i have and every response I utter today reflect my awareness of Your choosing me.

  61. Thank you for this song!! God has been speaking the word “delight” to me over and over for a few weeks now. I have not been able to keep up with reading your book, but I am planning to over the summer. This song ministers to my heart in such a deep way. Thanks for sharing it.

  62. I am so loving this study. But like others I have fallen behind some. Taking my time to catch up and really listen. Love this video. Renee I am so thankful you are leaving the videos up for a couple of weeks. I plan to go back and watch each one. Also, I would love to be in on the next online Listening to God. I believe satan keeps our minds and lives so busy we can’t focus on God much less hear His quiet voice. I want to break the walls around my heart down so that all that fills my heart is JESUS..

    Thank you so much for all you are doing in this study. I plan to order your DVD when it comes out.

    God Bless

  63. That song was beautiful! Thank you so much for this book and study. I feel like you are one of my good friends Renee and I will miss your words of wisdom and encouragement in your videos! I felt like you have been talking to me directly. I can so identify with all of your struggles with self doubt and it is good to know I’m not alone and there is hope to overcome the doubt. Thank you again!

  64. I love this song but it is still hard to think that God wants me when I struggle so hard with a stronghold that I continue to fail at so many time I am embarrassed to continue to ask for forgiveness. I cannot imagine why He would want me but I also know that God uses all things for His purpose and I praise Him in my weakness for I know that this too he will use for his purpose in some way.

  65. Deborah Parson says:

    Thank you for that beautiful reminder that I am chosen-sometimes I have a tendency to forget how much my Lord and Savior loves me and I pray that I may continue to be blessed to pass it on!! Keep up the beautiful work!! Be blessed!!!

  66. It’s such a shame I cannot see any of the video messages, because I do the study on my down time at work, things get a little too complicated at home, with 4 babies 4 and under. I have fallen a little behind and am working on catching up but wanted to say this. I have subscribed to Proverbs31 ministries devotional and all I can say is… with God there is no coincidence. I am fighting a battle that feels like I’m on my own. Having recently accepted Christ as my savior. Trying to bring my family to Him as well. My home life is chaotic and at times very depressing. I don’t like to think of it that way but if I have to be honest (which I’ve learned from this study) I am not OK. I was to the point, I felt, of no return. I was ready to give it all up. I said to myself “what is the point of changing, when things are still the same?” “Why is it that I’m fighting this fight alone and I feel no progress has been made? I want to change but I see nothing!!” I know crazy people talk, right!? Well I came in and sat at my desk, all after professing these outrageous things to myself, I opened my e-mail… to see my devotional and my study for today… Devotional I fell behind so I had to read yesterdays Birth, Behavior or Bloodline… really… then to top it off today’s study topic “CHOSEN”… my heart feel light with happiness. All the worrying, all the fussing, all the doubting. I BELONG TO HIM WHO CREATED ALL!!! I am CHOSEN for Him… I know many who are more qualified less broken but still He chose me. I was privileged enough to meet Him. He felt I was worth fixing and for that I AM TRULY BLESSED and GRATEFUL… He is consistently speaking to us… ssshhhh… just listen…. LOVE YOU LADIES… GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!! (0:

    • Yes, yes, yes, Jerica! Thank you for sharing this. This reiterates what i (and others) have been hearing from Father God about the necessity of hearing His voice. Praise Him! I pray that you will be strengthened in your inner man and enabled to keep your eyes, heart and mind fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith. Use that weapon of praise, too! 🙂 God bless you richly!

      • Cindy,

        Thank you for your kind words. It’s hard…. boy is it hard to keep my eyes fixed on Him always… something I am learning how to do. I need to especially do it when things seem so bleak. When I just want to breakdown and cry out of sadness. I know I’m not alone in this world I have Him but it’s hard when you feel like you’re alone. I don’t want worldly friends but it would be nice for me to have at least one godly friend I can maybe confide in. I know confiding and trusting Him triumphs all but to feel not alone even just for little while… is so what I need! But again THANK YOU SO MUCH… GOD BLESS YOU BEAUTIFUL SOUL!!!! (0:

        • You are welcome, Jerica! I will pray for a special Christian friend for you, one with whom you can pray and in whom you can confide and vice-versa – be honest with one another, encourage one another and correct one another as needed. I have one friend like that – she now lives in Germany and has moved many places since we first met. God has enabled us to stay in touch via telephone and it is such a blessing. Of course, it would be nice if we could see each other, and lived near each other once again. 🙂 God knows best. God bless you richly!

  67. Ferehiwot aka Tati Michael says:

    Thank you Renee, That is BEAUTIFUL, and not only did this message and song bless me, but I feel encouraged; GOD’s Love that is poured out in me thru this song and message in the chapter, has filled my heart with so much JOY. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

    CHOSEN….YES THANK YOU JESUS. I am chosen because of your sacrifice and selfless love toward me sinner. What wonderful song that was. Though, I am familiar with Mercy Me, this is my 1st time hearing this particular song. The words sung really blessed me especially the one that says ‘I am covered by HIS love divine, ‘my heart is spoken for’, REALLY? What a blessing. Often when I think of the heart, I think of what Jeremiah says in his writing ‘the heart is deceitful, and desperately wicked, and who may know it, and knowing that, and the fact….I am not HOLY and NOT yet transformed by the renewing of my mind–it blessed me to know God will choose me, and add me on to HIS family and call me ROYAL PRIESTHOOD. God also took me to another set of powerful verses in the Bible (Eph 1:4) When God chose us he made us HOLY and BLAMELESS in God’s Sight. WOW….LOOK HOW BLESSED AND SPECIAL WE ARE–((ONLY)) GOD’s GRACE, and HIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is able to do that.

    Another statement that blessed me is ‘taking what was lost ‘me’ and made it fully yours’ Thank you Jesus for plucking me out of the world and making me fully yours– What a LOVING God we worship, who can call us CHOSEN, and adopt us into his family JUST BY confessing our sins, and accepting HIM as our LORD and savior. REALLY, think about it, if we are chosen and are adopted into his family, and can have JESUS to intercede for us (Heb 7:25), and we can be partakers of his divine being (2 Pet 1:4) as well as–God’s inheritance (Col 1:12) AND can freely worship HIM in SPIRIT and In TRUTH (John 4:24) for the SPIRIT lives and abides in us for we were sealed with HIM (Eph 1:13b) upon salvation–WHAT MORE DO WE NEED. Isn’t God enough? Don’t we have everything as it says and in the Bible.

    Prayer : Lord father, thank your for your character that is long suffering for you are patient with me. Gracious heavenly father I ask you now, to please teach me to submit to you fully everyday (James 4:7) for I know the enemy of my soul will be defeated, and I can live in victory if I submit to you daily, in doing so, father I know, I can learn to live for you, by reminding myself I am created for you and am to serve you (Col 1:16b) for I bought with a price (1 cor 6:20) I know father, I am called to live in fellowship with you, for to live with you– is to live for you (Ph 1:21) I ask that you will grant my heart’s request and be with me daily I pray in Jesus Name. AMEN.

  68. Nancy M says:

    i am very glad that i have been chosen by God

  69. Tami Meyer says:

    May 17-19 I went to a retreat center with ladies from my church. Before I went I was so dry and broken… just wanted to quit fighting cause I was so tired. While I was there I finally broke down and couldnt stop crying. It was everything from my marriage and my health issues (which is the biggest hurdles) to our van breaking, my house being out of sorts due to me being injured. I just couldnt take it anymore…. I felt the weight of the burdens ease a little. Then little while later we went to praise and worship. Finally God got ahold of me and all I could do was sob. All my brokenness, stress and worry God washed it all away! I felt him pick me up and heard him whisper in my ear “You are not alone… I will carry you just hold on and the Victory will be mine. It was the first time in my life I have ever felt that close to God! Its been a little over a week and I have spent more time in my Bible and other sources but the peace has not left me. I also pray frequently during the day. Its amazing that Jesus picked me up cause I finally let go!

    • Praise God, Tami! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I especially like the last statement: ” Its amazing that Jesus picked me up cause I finally let go!” It gives more meaning to that old saying, “Let go and let God!” His love is so awesome! God bless you richly!

  70. christine says:

    I struggle so much with believing God truly loves me. me. I tell everyone else He is for them and will heal them but why can’t I believe it for myself? Crying now after watching that beautiful video and song. I want to be free. I want this freedom. I have confessed all known sin and try to walk in His light but the lies are still so strong. I’m afraid I’ll meet Jesus one day and I won’t get His love and peace. I’ll be thrown off to the side. I am a Christian. I am a mom. A wife. I say outloud “there is no condemnation for me because I am in Christ Jesus” but still struggle so. Hanging on…

    • Colleen D. says:

      You are not alone in this! I have the exact same problem in my thinking! We cannot believe satan’s lies! Whenever you feel these thoughts you KNOW they are from satan because God’s Word (which is ALWAYS truth) says differently. Don’t get angry at you, get angry at satan! Do I FEEL free? No. I do not. But I know that I know that I know God made me free, regardless of how I FEEL! God CHOSE me, regardless what thoughts go through my mind. Keep hanging on! Never give up!

    • Hi Christine,

      Let me just tell you that you are a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!!! I promise that you are NOT alone with these feelings. Yesterday if you read a little further up you’ll see where I put I have told myself “I give up”. Then He spoke to me and said I AM CHOSEN. I agree with Colleen, HOLD ON. We are encouragers… we encourage those we feel need to know the truth about how much He loves and has CHOSEN us, but tend to not think that same love, we do not deserve. We can not continue to allow the enemy to use these lies and disguise them as truths. I know it’s easier said then done, trust me when I say I go through the same exact thing. Example… my home life is a little crazy… we’re so not a normal traditional family.. I am a mom of 4 with a husband who is a believer in his own way. Frustrating when I want to connect with God and have my family connect as well and I have so many forces working against us. I forget whos I am and forget who is for me… I get depressed… all I want to do is give up and cry… Then He speaks to me… and consoles my heart!! You’re not alone we’re here for you but most important He is there for you, too!! God BLESS you always!!! (0:

  71. Rene, I’m finished reading Chapter 11 and realized we are almost done, I felt sad. I have so enjoyed this study. I have read and re-read the chapters, prayers, verses.

    I feel I have grown so much as a child of Christ, I read God’s work in such a different way, I hunger for it. God brought life to His word, for me, through your book, God and you have blessed my life.

    I am a child of God,CHOSEN, Beloved, Known, His Masterpiece. I have had such an awakening of my soul. I used to read my bible and yes I understood it, but now I read and absorb as much as I can, write down verses, write words that grab at me. I have started to read the book of John. I ask God daily to “Open the eyes of my heart” as the song says. I so want to hear Him. I see His beauty everywhere. I close my eyes and hear Him in the wind blowing, birds chirping, rustlings of the leaves :o)

    The awakening of my soul has been powerful, and I love it. I find myself laying my burdens at the foot of the cross more and more, I do take things back and then re-set them at His feet….I am still struggling with being anxious, my heart is still healing, but as you write on page 204. “As you become confident in Christ, you will become a display of God’s splendor, He will use your transformed life to show off His Glory” That’s an AMEN.

    I voice daily my surrender of all to my Lord, and that has truly helped me. I pray and talk to God more during the day, and trust Him so much more.

    Thank you Melissa for sharing your story, Joshua for sharing your memories, Dylan for teaching me it’s OK to say “please wait”. Renee, thank you for the beautiful, confident woman you are, for sharing yourself with us.

    I’d love to do a summer study!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was a child with a memory I hide because it was painful, a teenager angry for a wrong done to me, angry at my mom for doing nothing about it. I am now a Child of God, surrendered into His loving arms, healing, free to grow and now I know ‘God is enough”

    God bless You All

  72. I’m with Anna- I too am sad as I just finished reading Chapter 11 and have realized our time together is coming to a close for this study.
    I’d love to continue with another Bible study!

    Thank you Renee. Thank you for this study! It’s such a relief to read I’m not the only person who has struggled with confidence issues. Thank you Renee for the tools you’ve provided through Gods word to become a deeper woman of faith and to not let Satan steal my joy by whispering in my ears that I’m not worthy. Because I AM!

    Blessings~ and I look forward to information for a summer study!

  73. darlene says:

    Having a hard time with this weekly word. I have “Chosen” tattooed on my leg. My ex husband wanted his name tattoed but thank God I had the sense not to do that! So he talked me into tattooing “Chosen” as he was the chosen one, the one I chose. Being young and naive comes at a price. Twenty years and four kids later he walks out to be someone other womans chosen one and hasnt looked back. This word has settled into my heart in the wrong way. This will be a struggle.

    • Jennyp1973 says:

      Darlene…take your husband out of that situation and place Jesus in it. There is a reason you did not place his name on your leg. You don’t belong to him…you belong to HIM. That is a beautiful word that can help lead you into healing around your husband leaving. You are much too valuable to NOT be chosen. Lean into Jesus and embrace the truth that you are loved & holy because of HIM…let HIS love wash over your heart & heal your wounds. Not your strength…your strength thru HIM. Praying for you.

      • Jenny, I really like that statement, ” You are much too valuable to NOT be chosen.” Wow! Thank you. The statements following the above statement are very meaningful, too. God bless you and Darlene richly!

  74. Kally Allen says:

    Thanks for this song…I am weeping…I haven’t been following for awhile this bible study, my husband partially tore his achilles 4 weeks ago when we were on chapter 7. Since then I haven’t had time to myself at all. I’ve been waiting on him hand and foot taking him to doctors appointments while at times working 12 hour days at the most coupled with taking care of our 7 year old..and the house and the meals and trying to figure out how in the world did we get stuck with drug dealers living across the street from us……..I have been extremely grumpy and snappy. I just got done praying with our 7 year old before he went to bed and he asks mom what about our song just as I was going to at east lay down, when I in irritation said PLEASE!!! JUST GO TO BED!! I knew the moment it came out I could wound his tender heart and went in his room and apologized and started crying. See just 4days ago on Saturday while he was trying to help my husband who is on crutches cross the street ..they both were almost hit by a truck that ran a red light , my husband told me. My son knew nothing of it all he knows is that his dad got a liitle stuck in the street and before our son could go any further PRAISE husband called his name and he stopped and turned around right when the truck zoomed by! So why am I snappy or grumpy when the 2 people I love the most could’ve been taken from me at the same time. I left my sons room to come to mine feeling bad about myself and thinking surely The Lord is disappointed in me and picked up the book to get back into the study ..right where I left off Failure Doesnt Have to be Fatal…I was just thinking I must be the worst mom ever! I read page 119 , then decided to ask for prayer which is how I came to website again and decided to see what song your were talking about Renee…which is why I am weeping…all I can say is Praise God and thank you. Please pray for me!

    • Janet F says:

      Praying for you Kally!!! Praying the Lord will bring quick healing for your husband’s achilles and brings you rest and peace and know that you are not a bad mom, you are just weary from the chores of this life. I pray the the Lord wraps His loving arms around you and gives you a big hug!! If I were there I would give you one too!!! {{{HUGZ}}} to you sweet child of God!! ♥

      • Kally Allen says:

        Thank you sooooo much for praying for me, I felt the Fathers hug this morning and it brought peace and release…Nothing like a sister praying for another.

  75. Kally Allen says:

    I will continue reading this book even when the study is over

  76. Thanks you for this song Renee.. sometimes there are things that are going on in your life that at not pleasant
    and a message, song make a differences. God is good and I thank you very much for your words of wisdom & encouragement. Yes I’m chosen, by his love.

  77. I love this song and always enjoy and sing along with it. It is a great reminder that He has chosen me, He has my heart. The words “take this world from me, I don’t need it anymore” are true to me. So many times I try to chase what the world wants or requires or desires and it leaves me in turmoil and takes me away from God. When I am focused on God, I am at peace. I have learned especially in this past week that life is never certain and worldly things can be wiped out by a tornado but no matter where I am or what is taken from me, God is faithful and always there!

  78. As I listened to the “Chosen” song and when I first saw the Word for the week was :”Chosen” my heart skipped a beat. To realize that God chose me to be His child, I am a “Child of the King”. What an awesome privilege and awesome task to walk as He would want me to. Tell everyone that I am HIs and they can also become one of this children. This study is making me stronger, growing me closer to Him and has lifted my spirits. I was really down on myself but didn’t realize how much until I did this study. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts so personally and making me realize that I am not alone in feeling this way. But I now know for sure who my hope is in, it is in the LORD Jesus. Thank you for your honesty and encouragement to never give up to go back to Him and His word for all that I need to be the one He has Chosen me to be.

  79. Cynthia says:

    Good Morning. I believe we as women are so BUSY taking care of everything and everyone that we forget not only who we are, but more importantly whose we are (JESUS); and this song just reminded me of that fact. No matter what happens to us or around us we must remember that we are covered by His love divine, a child of the risen LORD, to hear Him say this ones mine, my heart is spoken for. Those are POWERFUL words of TRUTH that we women need to hold on to close to our hearts.

  80. “This one’s mine” and “my heart is spoken for” These are my favourite lines from the song. Thanks for posting the video.

  81. Suzanne Culpepper says:

    Does anyone else struggle with feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and wishing God just didn’t create you because life has just only dealt me pain and suffering?? And if so what do you do with overwhelming feelings???

    • Kally Allen says:

      Run, run to your Father…those words and feelings are from the enemy of your soul and if your not careful you could easily come into agreement and believe the lie. Run to the savior of your soul and let him refresh you with hope, help,love and truth. I will be praying for you.

    • Yes Suzanne, I have felt that way many times and I know many others do too. Sometimes I need a good dose of sleep, or a walk in the beauty of His creation to remind me of how good He is and how much He loves me – just seeing the colors He chose to make the sky, the trees, the flowers shows me His tenderness and attention to details that would speak to my heart. Sometimes I need to listen to music, or read some Psalms, and as I share in chapter 9 of my book, there have been times when my chemical balance got knocked way off after a year of unending and multiple unmanageable crisis that led to stress-induced depression. And my Dr {who is a strong Christian} recommended anxiety medicine to help me get back to a place of balance. As much as I didn’t want to take it, I couldn’t keep going the way I was. It wasn’t fair to my family and I knew I was going down fast. So I tried it… for months.. and it made a huge difference.

      I believe with all my heart in the power of prayer and God’s word. But sometimes He also uses Drs to lead us to something more we need. I don’t know that for you but I think it’s important I share that part of my journey bc so many Christians feel guiltily for taking medicine for anxiety or depression. I don’t think it’s the first thing we should do, but if we’ve done all that we can and we’re still sinking, it’s time to get wise, Biblical, medical help. Im so glad I did. And so is my husband, my kids and my co-workers! And more than that, so was my Jesus. I could sense His leading and His approval of it all. To HIM be all that glory!!

  82. Wow!!! What amazing words!!! I loved the visuals throughout the song, however, I had to close my eyes so I could truly listen to the words. It is so true. We don’t need this world any more. We need God. We yearn for God. We thirst for God. I have felt lost recently, just wondering who I am in the eyes of God. What does God want from me? What is He calling me to do? Where is He leading me? This song helped to calm my fears and worries of the unknown. I am His. I am chosen. I must be patient and quietly listen for God’s voice. Thank you so much for sharing this song today. I needed to hear those words.

    • I love how He used this song to calm your heart, your fears, your concerns, your questions. LIfe is pretty overwhelming at times but He is a refuge we can run to and hide in and find peace in the midst of the chaos. I pray that this song will keep reminding you just who you are in HIS eyes!!

      Praying for you Danielle – you are LOVED and cherished by an Almightly God!!

  83. Katherine says:

    Perfect timing for that song and video. I have been struggling with some coworkers this past week and their wordly views. They do not approve of my Christian forgiveness of others and have condemned me for forgiving someone for his past choices. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do – isn’t Jesus the friend of sinners? Anyway, I need to remember I am spoken for by the Kings and the opinions of those in this world do not matter. The only opinions that matter are not of this world. These two individuals can berate me, condemn me, and judge me for my choices, but I know I am doing right in the eyes of my Kings.

    • You are right in the center of God’s will for forgiveness. You’ve got His approval on that one and His opinion is the only one that really matters!! 🙂 And we’re with you too!

  84. Elke Kelly says:

    I did also struggle this week, but God and my family showed me, that these person was wrong. I,m not perfect, but one of a kind. And who doesn’t see that, it is not worth it. I,m not mad at these person, he is my brother. I will pray for him, that he may find peace in his heart.

    • Amen, so proud of you for walking in the truth and listening to God’s speaking to your heart!!

  85. Tracie Rose says:

    This week, when I messed up, I repented and I felt covered and free, yet I was wondering why I felt so free this time? Where was the guilt, doubt, failure??? Then I realized, I was walking in God’s truth about me, and repentance and forgiveness. I wasn’t doubting, I was trusting and moving forward. I have to admit, it was very strange at first. I was wondering where all the “junk” was with the mess up. I almost felt guilty, that I wasn’t walking in shame and guilt. But I felt the Holy Spirit remind me that guilt and doubt are lies of the enemy, and I am walking in the “truth” of God’s Word, and how He looks at me. WOW, I am so thankful for this book and the impact it is making on my life!! Freedom to live in God’s love and truth about me! What a beautiful place to be!

    • Tracie!!! That is amazing and so God and so good!! That is exactly what Jesus wants!! His kindness leads us to repentance and repentance leads us to His kindness and grace!!

      Keep reading, keep believing and keep walking in that FREEDOM to live in God’s love and truth about you!!

  86. I love the video, especially the opening scripture John 15:19 – “I have chosen you ot of the world”. Causes me to ask myself, does the world accept me too much, am I really living that differently?

    Reflecting on the questions from Chapter 11, I want to live with confidence that I am chosen and God’s creation. He made me with my strengths and weaknesses gives me the power to grow in His love and as a Christian. Because I have this confidence I am no longer at the mercy of Satan’s tricks to try and confuse me. I can call on God’s mercy, grace and love – realizing that it is not by my power, but only through Him.

  87. Susan Whitaker says:

    Wow! Love all the words in this song. “Take this world from me”. I’m chosen by my Heavenly Father from this world. Praising God with the words of this song.
    Thank you for this video, Renee.

  88. I have been thinking this week about how God chose me to be his daughter. Then I think, why did he choose such a damaged and broken person ? I am definitely NOT good enough to be his daughter !!

  89. Tiffany says:

    What a beautiful video with powerful lyrics. I just hope I can maintain that peace in my soul and heart next weekend when I take my clinical weekend exam. Thank you so much for this study. It has helped me release my past, open my heart, and give everything to God. I know he is in control. This exam is not me; it’s just an exam not a reflection of me. I will try my best and if it doesn’t work out I ask God to direct me to my calling.

  90. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    This is not study related, yet it sort of is. I told you all about my past and the two events of sexual abuse I survived. Well, my pastor has taken me to task for engaging in online emotional affairs and blatantly sinning with a man that is not my husband. Ok, actually two men.

    Here is where it gets sticky. when I was in the library today, studying “LIfe’s Healing Choices” by John Baker, my cell phone vibrated. I recognized the incoming number but since I didn’t remember whose number it was I ignored it and kept reading. When I listened to the message later this afternoon, I heard the voice of one of the men I have been sleeping with. He was going to be near my office later this afternoon and wanted to meet up with me after work. This has thrown me for a loop. I am really upset and on top of an overall pissy day after the rowe I had with my husband, this comes to haunt me. HELP!!!!

    Renee’ you told me last week that I ‘am a child of the one, true, God’ through the video link you sent me. When will Satan stop dregging up the past, and why now?

    Fortunately, I have a new job that this fella doesn’t know about, so he doesn’t know I am not where he thinks he will find me. Yet I wanted to call the number since I did recognize it, I thought it might be my dentist’s office confirming my appointment for next week. If I had gotten on the phone with him (ok his name is John, honest it is,)I can’t honestly say I would have been able to get off the phone without having agreed to meet him. Part of me still likes being desired in an unhealthy way.


    • Hi, Stephanie:

      Praise God for you. I am praying for you. Receive Jesus’ desire for you – healthy, pure, merciful, loving and true. Do you have a relationship with Jesus – have you received Him as Your Lord and Savior? He loves you greatly and deeply, and will help you walk away from those things are not of Him. You have to take those steps and Jesus will meet you. He desires obedience. When you walk in disobedience, you keep the door open to the enemy, your flesh and the world and their lies. Shut that door once and for all. I am not saying it is easy, because it probably is not. I pray, in the name of Jesus that you be strengthened in your inner man to move close to Jesus and away from enemy territory. May you know God’s loving arms around and receive His encouragement. May TRUTH prevail in your live. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  91. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    Gave the video a look. Even though I poured out my heart to you all just a bit ago, I have to say that right now, I can’t say that it is good to be ‘chosen’. If I have been chosen why are the rough times I am having today so over the top? I DON”T feel very loved, or cherished, or spoken for. I just DON”T

  92. Alyse Gonzales says:

    I knw as a Christian we run into these emotional points that make Us feel as though, how could god have chosen Me…The Greatest think to remember is that we’re special and have been Chosen!

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