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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Marcella Rich says:

    Excited, but nervous at the same time.

  2. Renee Swope says:

    So thankful to have you joining me/us Marcella!!

    You will love the sweet community and encouragement God creates right here in this little corner of my cyber home. And Jesus is going to meet you in such a personal way – speaking to your heart in ways only He can as you read the pages of each chapter. 🙂

    Praying for peace and joy to chase all those butterflies away!

    • Trish E. says:

      I just found this. Is it too late to get in? I also am nervous but feeling like this is what God wants me to do. Looking for some confirmation. Don’t have the book yet but the ch 1 available here strikes so many chords with me.

  3. I am so looking forward to this study. I could relate to so many things in your book. I have had insecurities all my life and though I know God loves me just the way I am, I still struggle with doubts. I have quit so many things when the going seems to be getting to hard, I just give up because of lack of confidence. I am sure it has kept me from becoming what God created me to be and wants me to be. Like what you said in Chapter One, “In the shadow of doubt, insecurity paralyzes us”, wow that hit home for me in a big way. I never thought of how much I have been paralyzed over the years and how much I have lost and missed out on because of it. I thank God for leading me to this study and to you Renee. Thank you so much for writing this book and doing this study!!! Happy Resurrection Day!! 🙂

    • I completely understand Janet – for so long I had no idea how much doubt was holding me back. Im so glad you are going to be part of the study. Praying for God to do immeasurably more than you can imagine in this area of your life!!

    • Christina Beebe says:

      Janet I am with you! I have doubted and second guessed every thing in my life for 40ish years! I too quit when the going gets tough! Since my son (11) has active in sports and activities I have made him stick to anything he starts. But I still have a hard time doing the same! I will pray of you and each of our fellow classmates durning this bible study and after! 🙂

      • Janet F says:

        Thanks Christina and Renee for your prayers, they are greatly appreciated!!! I will be praying for you also!!

      • Laurie F says:

        I thought I was the only Mom who didn’t walk the talk that I give my daughters about quitting! Thank you so much for sharing this.

  4. Florence says:

    Hi Renee, I began chapter 1 and took the time to answer each question. I think it’s helping already. My friend was interested in knowing more about How Much of a Time Commitment the study required and I didn’t know what to tell her since I didn’t time myself and did it when I could catch the time between other things. It also seems to take me longer than some to get assignments completed so how can I answer her?

    • Hi Florence,

      Im so glad you already feel like the book is helping. God’s Word has so much power to heal and restore our hope!!

      As far as time is concerned, it really is up to each woman. That is the beauty of an online study because we can each determine the time we have to read, answer questions, etc. And then the time we have to participate in group discussions on my blog and pray for each other. The more we put in, probably the more we will get out – but each person gets to set their pace, choose their time to get online and determine the time they have to give.

      Hope that helps a little! So glad you are both reading the book together!

  5. cherielynne says:

    Thank you for hosting this exciting study. I am excited to get started.

    • So excited you are going to be part of it. My family and I gathered in our living room tonight to pray for each of you. It’s such an honor to be part of this journey you are taking with Jesus for the next several weeks!!

  6. I’m so glad this study is back. I signed up before but never got the chance to stick with it. I am sticking with it this time and looking forward to allowing God to make changes in my life!

    • Brenda S says:

      Oh Nae……..I am back again, too. I am so bad at letting everything get in the way digging really deep into God’s word. This will be a challenging week for me as I have to take a test tomorrow and if I pass it, will have several more to take. I am asking for God’s will……..if I’m suppose to have this job, I will pass this first test. If I don’t pass this test, it’s not His will for my life. I really want God’s will……..and I really need to complete this study. Praying we both stick with it til the end this time.

    • Nae, welcome back!! SO glad you signed up again. Can’t wait to see how God is going to meet you through the book this time. 🙂

  7. Jennie Lovie says:

    I am so excited to begin this journey under your leading. I will be doing this study with a few other local friends. I am looking forward to what God has in store for us!
    Happy Easter Renee!

  8. Jane Hogan says:

    Hi Renee,

    Excited & nervous as I amgoing through a divorce right now & whating to be even closer to God now more than ever.

    • So sorry for what you are going through. Im praying for you right now Jane. Praying for you to feel God wrapping His arms around you and walking right by your side through this. He’s going to meet you where you are and love you into a place of hope and healing. We’ll be here to encourage and pray you through too!

  9. Stumbling across this book was a divine appointment. I got your book a week ago and have read through it and found myself crying through most of it….I could so relate to your stories! I’m going through a lot right now in my life that has shaken my confidence to the very core of my being. It’s been very difficult for me to know that Jesus is right by my side when my world seems to be falling apart….I know that He is in my head….but I want to know and feel it in my heart! I’m looking forward to reading through the book again as I do the online study. Thank you for being obedient to God’s calling and blessing me… and no doubt, many other women through out the country and possibly the world. You are truly a gifted and anointed woman of God!

    • Thank you Mary for leaving a note and sharing your heart so we can pray for you. Im praying for you right now before I go to bed. Praying this for you:

      “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” Psalm 34:18

  10. Christine Romero says:

    Dear Renee and others,
    Please pray for me. I need the truths and promises of this book,of God,to transform me. I have been in a deep dark depression and hating myself for years. Once an active mom and teacher for 17 years everything is crumbling away. My young daughters are hurting seeing me go thru this and being hospitalized 3times in 2 years. My marraige has been dead for 7 years and we are roommates at best. I have seen many doctors, medications etc. my Christian counselor tells me to get truth in my head and that He loves me. I feel like I’m living in a prison cell that I can’t break out of. I want do badly to get better and live in Christs freedom. Pray I can believe Gods words are for me,and live like they are true. Thank you so much. Never written on a blog before.
    Christine Romero

    • Julie Rucker says:

      Christine, I can so relate to your journey. Please hang in there. God truly is working all around you. Watch where He is working and join Him. My husband and I were separated for 5 months and reconciled. God did a big work in our lives. My husband dated during that time and it has totally shaken my confidence. I compare myself to those women. I am truly in need of some trust and assurance. I am 55 and married for 34 years. This is the hardest journey I have ever been on. I will be praying for you daily. There is hope and you can find it.

      • christine says:

        thank you Julie. I will be praying for you too. I will pray that your trust in in the Lord and that HE alone fills you. Thank you for sharing with me. I’m almost 43 and the past 3 years of my life have almost done me in but I now see and want to choose to believe God has me here for a reason and I have to minute by minute choose God’s promises over the way I feel inside. Let’s grow in HIM!

    • Christine, I’m proud of your courage, for you not giving up, for persevering toward healing and all God has for you. I’m asking Jesus to do a new thing in you, to help you see Him working in your life. Im praying and claiming these verses for you now:

      I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. Eph 3:16-19

      • Priscilla says:

        I love this verse in Ephesians! It is a beautiful prayer to pray for those we love! And with Jesus love in our hearts we can pray for a lot of people! I also will pray this prayer for you, Christine! May this study bless you. I too look forward to sharing and growing in this study. I don’t have much opportunity to share the joy that The Lord is giving me recently and am so glad to be a part of this study group.

      • christine says:

        thank you for your encouragement and prayer Renee. I just re read ch 1 and have a glimmer of HOPE arising within me. That is from the Lord I know. Thank you so much for doing what you do Renee.

    • Priscilla says:

      Christine, I am finding that the more I focus on Jesus and His love there is more love in my heart for my husband. I’ve been married over forty years and there have been times I have felt so alone especially in my journey with The Lord. But just this morning I told my husband I love him so much and I know it is because of the love of Jesus in my heart. Thanks be to God!

      • christine says:

        thanks Priscilla and I do need to allow the love of Jesus to penetrate my soul. Then, like you said, I can be a giver of love to others. Way to go in sharing your love with your husband this morning! That is victory:)

    • Maureen Chiasson says:

      Putting you on my prayer list, Christine. I too, have suffered from deep depression, in the past and doubt. I found some good support groups, counseling and God. I hope you find the right doctor, medications, support group and Scripture to help. The authors Townsend and Cloud wrote books that helped me. Without a strong , loving, and accepting support group I would not have made it out of the despair. If you are in need of medication to balance seek a good psychiatrists. We need each other. Do not isolate yourself. So glad you are part of this study:)

      • christine says:

        thank you so much for what you said Maureen. I am deep in isolation. Have one friend left that I fear I have worn her out too. I know it is I that needs to do the work, just so very hard to be around others or make a phone call. I don’t answer the phone and spend all day in bed till my girls get home from school then pray I can be ok for them. Tomorrow I’m not going to spend all day inside in bed!!

    • this is oh so me, christine, i don’t love myself, and am trying to fill it up with other THINGS, to the point i’m so exhausted, i believe God loves me & thinks I’m special, I just haven’t gotten to that point yet, i’m hoping this study will help me with that, will put your name on my ever going prayer list! Hang in there God DOES LOVE US! I ask for prayer for physical strength at this time, when you’re not feeling well, your mind does a number on you even more, thanks in advance!

  11. Paulette Goodman says:

    Where am I actually going to participate in the online bible study? Can you please direct me, also I was not able to read the entire chapter 1 on amazon it stop on page 22. I order my book so hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.

    Thank you

    • Paulette, you will participate right here. Did you get the email tonight explaining how the study works? And tomorrow, I’ll share a link to Chapter one in my post so you can read the whole thing.

      I know this is a new way of doing a study for many, but once we get started it will make more sense later this week 😉

      Glad you are here!

  12. Ferehiwot aka 'Tati' Michael says:

    I too am excited, yet anxious-nervous about what God will be doing in my Life. God has been so very faithful in my life thus far, and I am looking forward to seeing what HE will do thru this study and MY journey of life with HIM ahead. God is so loving, and he so desires for us to grab hold of him and walk alongside him. And, as we reach for him he pulls us by our hands and leads us in HIS path so graciously. For I know, ‘HE leads me in the path of Righteousness for HIS name sake’ (Ps 23:3) I am learning, I have to trust GOD *the lover of my soul* and open up my heart so HE can do great and mighty work of healing in me, THEREFORE…. I pray that I cooperate and not hold back ( NOT give room to the enemy to distract me) during this study. So If you can please lift me up in prayer regarding this matter. Thank you in advance for your prayers, and your willingness to sacrifice some time and do this this study— so we too can regain confidence in CHRIST and thus have a CONFIDENT HEART. May GOD continue to be glorified thru you.

  13. I Renee, I’m nervouse and excited at the same time. I bought your book about a month ago and starting reading it and right away found myself in it. I have suffered with self-doubt and the lack of confident all my life but have not been able to find out where or when it started, I’m so looking forward to starting this online study. I pray that God will show me and give me the confidents I need to live my life solely for him. Pray that he will remove the fear that holds me back.

  14. Shannon says:

    Looking fwd to kissing my overwhelming self doubt and insecurities goodbye and being in community with other women. Can’t wait to read the book and learn how to be confident in who I am in Christ !

  15. Dear Renee and classmates,
    I am so excited to find this type of study at your own pace! Before I had kids, I was able to be more involved in studies. Now I’m lucky if I get 10 minutes to myself. I don’t have the book yet bc finances are tight. I work part-time contract work and have been out of work for a month! It was a blessing to get stuff done at home while kids where in school, but not good on the budget! I recently got some work again so bear with me if I don’t have time to participate a lot. Ill be praying for you all. 🙂 May the Lord richly bless this study! Thanks so much, Renee!

  16. Monet Davis says:

    I decided to join this study because I have not always been so confident. But months ago I decided to surrender to the Lord because all power is in His hands and I know that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I want to go higher in the Lord but I also wanna be more attentive to His Spirit. I also want a stronger prayer life. I know how to pray and I know I do have a personal relationship with God, but I’m ready to go to the next level.i know this online study is where God led me and I pray by the end of this study that I am higher and on the way to victory in Jesus name.

  17. Deborah says:

    Can’t wait to start this class.

  18. Iam really looking forward to this study Renee. I have not read your book but I do have an ebook copy of it. I still get times when I feel inadequate as a Christian even though I know God loves me right where I am. So this is the study I need. Thank you for this.

  19. I think this will be an exciting study with so many different backgrounds from people participating. Looking forward to it. 🙂

  20. Hello from Singapore! I’m enjoying your book and am excited for a greater revelation of what God has in store for me. 🙂

  21. Hi Renee,

    I’m so looking forward to this study and actually wanted to do it last time but was unable to. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. I’m recently divorced and on the journey of healing from a verbal and emotional abusive marriage of 21 years. I’ve struggled with confidence and self worth since I was a child due to sexual abuse. I’m on the journey to believing and walking in confidence of who I am in Christ and not believing the lies anymore. I’m looking forward to walking with my head up high in the freedom In Christ. I know He has set me free and wants me to live the abundant joy life He has for me.
    Thank you so much for giving of your time, heart, and wisdom to minister to us. Looking forward to this study and what The Lord has in store for His daughters. God bless you

    • Maureen Chiasson says:

      So Sorry, Sydney. I hope that you will find support and connections in this study. Also, if you have not heard of Joyce Meyer you might want to check out her shows or books. She suffered sexual abuse as a child as well and has found healing in Christ. She has helped many.

  22. I will admit that I’m a bit scared of doing this study, I’m scared of starting and failing yet again. I know the truths about christ but none of it feels real to me. I can’t apply it to myself because I’m scared of disappointment.

    • Jen–I know what you mean about knowing the truths of Christ but it not “feeling” real. I’m hoping that He will do a work in me through this study and I will finally “feel” that connection.

      • Maureen Chiasson says:

        I agree, I think that we have to be connected and realize that many of my struggles are your struggles. We are not that different and all of us are precious to Him.

  23. I will admit that I’m scared of doing this study, scared of starting and failing…. Again. I know the truths about Christ in my head but doing know the reality in my heart. I can’t apply them to myself because of fear of rejection.

  24. Sue Barrow says:


    I am joining this study from Canberra, Australia and looking forward to reading the book with others. I bought the book at a women’s conference, started it, put it down and seeing the course advertised has encouraged e to pick it up again.


  25. Susan G says:

    Hi Renee,
    I am so excited to be doing this online study! It snuck up on me fast though…I guess because of the Easter/Resurrection ‘Holy Day’. I’ve been reading Proverbs 31 Ministries devotions for a long time and feel I ‘know’ you somewhat through that. 🙂

    Praying for you and the study!
    Susan G.

  26. Shannon says:

    Hi. I am a military wife, mom, and long-time Christian, but honestly, I am new to really developing a personal relationship with the Lord. Eight years ago, my faith felt like it was turned completely upside-down when my Dad, with whom I was very close, committed suicide. So much conflict, anger and self-doubt arose within my heart. God’s grace is still helping me to heal, and it has truly led me on a journey back to Him. I felt called to this book and study as I’m working to grow in many areas as a child of Christ. Looking forward to it…and to getting my book in the mail!

  27. Lillian says:

    Can’t wait to start this study!!!!

  28. I’m trying to keep an open mind, and not listen to the voices that tell me, “She doesn’t mean *you* – not the way you’ve lived your life.” I”m up at 4 AM and at my desk because I’ve made idols of all the wrong things. Thanks to everyone who commented. I tend to be very isolated – I tell myself it’s because I’m so busy – but part of me knows that won’t work.

    • Dulcinea says:

      Evelyn – I read your comment and felt like I was reading my own thoughts. I pray this study will change us both.

  29. Ready to start and get my confidence back!


  30. As I have sat here this morning and read comments by other Godly women it has excited me to know that I am not the only one who has struggled with the lack of confidence in our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ. Renne, I am sooooooo looking forward to this Bible Study and am praying that God will do a mighty work in my life and the lives of the other women taking this study. I also pray for you as you let God lead us through this study.
    Thank you!!

  31. Dulcinea says:

    I’m really looking forward to this study. I signed up the last time, but only started the book and then let life get in the way. This time I am doing my best to see it through.

  32. karenckev says:

    As I have been reading all the comments, I can see myself in almost all of them. I have been afraid all my life of rejection and disappointment. I didn’t start dating until late in life and in most relationships I would adjust my likes and dislikes to the person I was dating thinking that would keep us together and it usually didn’t work. I am also afraid of confrontation, but i am working at that as well. I am praying that this study will help me to grow more and become more assure of myself.

  33. Jeannine says:

    Thank you for hosting this study, Renee – I am really looking forward to what God will teach me through this experience!

  34. Am soo excited and encouraged. Though my days are crazy with a job and a toddler, I felt as if God wanted me to see about trying (doing) this. My first time doing something like this online, so that is where alot of the excitement is brewing from. Thank you Renee and thank you God for bringing this into my sights. Lord knows I have little confidence in anything.

  35. Dee Dee says:

    A coworker / friend and I have decided to work on this study together. I consider myself to be a “new” or “baby” Christian, and she has been helping me on my walk. We are looking forward to this study and what we will learn together! Nervous? Not very. Excited? Definitely!

  36. Confidence in his love is what I hunger & thirst for. Being able to completely step out of my comfort zone knowing I can trust him. In my head I know I should be able to, getting that knowledge to belief in my heart is where I feel the battle of doubt raging…I’ve tried so many things, a still small voice says “be still and know I’m God,” one of my biggest challenges is sitting still, and trusting. I also feel that my time with God suffers because of some trials I faced in life, and now I let being busy be my excuse for not spending time with him. Yes, I’m busy as a wife, mommy of 4 and homeschool teacher, I hit the floor in the morning and the days are so busy. But, I pray that it would become my hearts desire to sit with him, to be still, to talk to him, to be renewed, strengthened and transformed by him. I’m excited to take this journey with all of you, I’ve wanted to do this for what seems like a long time, and I finally have the book 🙂 lets begin!

  37. Kathe Miles says:

    I am registered to take the Confident Heart online course today, but I have been summoned for jury duty today. Can I pick up and make up the course tomorrow?

    Kathe Miles

  38. As I sit and read everyone’s posts I am so humbled to know that I am not alone! I have just recently begun my walk with Christ so all of this is new unexplored territory for me. It feels good to to be here.

    For years I have battled the uneasy ride of being insecure. I have felt lonely and alone and as if something is always missing. I have always searched for someone or something to “fill” that emptiness. At times those “something’s” and “someone’s” were not always the best or right choices for me and now my family. Since I have made the decision to give “Christ a try”, as I told a good friend of mine, I have never felt so fulfilled! I am so excited to begin this study and learn more about me. I want to stop, or limit, these insecurities and work towards being a more confident person. The person that God wants me and needs me to be for him! I have an amazing husband and three outstanding children that God has blessed me with, and I want to work towards being the person that God wants me to be for them as well. I am really looking forward to this study and the wise, insightful, confirming and encouraging words from all of you! Thank you Renee for offering this bible study. It couldn’t have come at a better time! Just another way God is speaking to me and all of us!

    God Bless,

  39. Hi everyone 🙂

    I’m excited about this study as I to have hated myself and felt worthless forever it seems like. This study came to my attention at just the right time. I was laid off in January from my job of 14 years. It was so hard becuase my “Christian” brother did this. “Just business you know not personal” That’s what was said but it stil hurts. I struggle with “does God love me less because I have no job” I can’t seem to find one and my husband is retired. I honestly don’t believe God would want us homelss but my cofidence in God is not steadfast and unwavering like I know it should be.

    Anyway I hope to become what God wants for me because even with all the doubts and fears he is God

  40. I am looking forward to what God has for me in this Bible Study! I am feeling a litlle anxious about it for a couple of reasons. One of them being that I am very technically challenged and I am afraid that I will get partly through it and miss the rest because of my inability to connect online. I will try to give it to God! I am also worried because I have needed this so much my entire life! It will be really hard for me to dig deep into my soul and let God have it all!

  41. I feel as if I am on one of my special “sisters’ retreats” with my 2 dear sisters … but now I’m with hundreds of new sisters! We all have so much in common, for which I am so grateful! I look forward to sharing together! Thank you, Renee, for making this possible and leading us!

  42. Kerrie W says:

    I am so excited to start with journey with all of you. I’ve had the book for about six months and read just the first couple of chapters wishing I had someone else that was doing the same so we could talk about it.
    I have struggled with confidence and insecurity my whole life and am very excited about what God has in store.

  43. I too am so excited and a little scared of beginning this journey. When I began reading your book I felt as if you had lived my life. I have always sought approval and at the same time never thought that I was good enough so I have always settled. It has taken me an entire life to realize that I can have a personal life with God and I don’t have to be perfect.

    I am looking forward to joining with this community as we move forward and encourage each other through our stories and prayers.

  44. One cannot experience this “rebirth” intellectually, it’s an experience beyond all comprehension for it comes from the Spirit….and an experience from the soul and from the heart. CS Lewis once said he biggest challenge as a Christian was trying to intellectualize his walk with the Lord, his christian experience. I was born in a Christian home, was born -again, was a good Christian, went to Church every Sunday but I still turned to material things, relationships, money, education, jobs to fill the void in my life that only Jesus can fill. It was when I face my fears and my weaknesses that encounter many trials and challenges that I came face to face with the Living God and Jesus revealed to me “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and those things will be added on to you”….God gives us confidence, it is not something we can do for ourselves, the Spirit guides us and show what to do if we allow him, but need to turn our will over to God and that for me has been the biggest challenge,” I’m self-sufficient”, and think I can do it all without His Help.

  45. Brenda T says:

    I am really looking forward to this study as I have been going through a crisis in confidence being a new wife, stepmother and now newly pregnant. So many changes and challenges all at once.

  46. Sondra H says:

    God’s timing is always perfect! I can’t wait to do this study and read your book! Long story short, I had a lengthy illness that left me near death and never fully diagnosed,but I’m thankfully better after 4 yrs. The part about my illness that destroyed my confidence was that everything in my body quit working or wasn’t working very well. I needed a feeding tube at one point because my stomach stopped working, but no one knew why…they were unable to give me a feeding tube though because your stomach has to work at least better than mine was for it to help. It was one thing after another this way for over two years. As a result my illness left me totally wiped clean of confidence in almost anyone and everything. Over 70 specialists and everyone told me they couldn’t figure it out and they were sorry but they couldn’t help me. Not a”safe”way to feel. God has been so good to me to help me to find my way”back” to trusting Him again and is now working on helping me to find confidence in myself again. I’ve prayed asking Him to help me with finding confidence in myself that ONLY He can give and He’s lead me to your book and study Renee! I’m more than ready to get started! Thank you for sharing what God’s taught you to help your readers. God bless you!

  47. Hello everyone…I’ve never done a study like this and I’m so encouraged by all of your comments. I need to allow myself to be transformed by the truths of the Word, once and for all. I’m realizing that I put my confidence and self-worth in my job, in my ability to do things “perfectly”, in others’ approval, in how my husband feels about me, etc… and it’s all wrong! The word of God is truth and it doesn’t change, all of those other things do, so logically which one should I put my trust in? Duh! Why is it so hard?

  48. VERNICE SENNER says:

    I have such social anxiety, I don’t know if I can do this study! PLEASE pray for me! Anyone else feel that way?

    • Priscilla says:

      Hey Vernice, I will pray for you! I have posted so little on line and not really interacted that much. But The Lord wants us to encourage one another and I will be praying for you, that you will be comfortable sharing, knowing that a lot of us find it just a little scary but still want the blessings we will get from being a part of Tis study! Look forward to hearing from you as we share in this study!

      • oh i have no trouble sharing on here, this is safe, i just have so much social anxiety, struggling so with that now, cause i’m afraid someone will find out i do and how insecure i really am, but thanks for praying for me, that makes me feel better already:-))

    • Vernice,
      I know exactly how you feel. In fact, I was encouraged to write by reading your post, as I wasn’t sure what to say, and am very insecure with interacting. It’s scary, but the Lord will lead the way!

  49. VERNICE SENNER says:

    I have had so much trouble with depression most of my life, that alone has brought so much negativity to my life, I know I might be sounding very negative, but I’m just trying to be honest here, to get off on the right foot. I know God has & can help me, I have a hard time believing it all the time.

  50. Hi everyone,
    I am praying for each of you! As I read what some of you wrote my heart broke for you.
    I’ve never done an online study and have always wanted to try it, and this one seems like a good fit, plus I always love Renee’s devotions. Like everyone else here I’ve battled with various insecurities. I’m not sure what to expect with this, but I know it’s where I’m supposed to be.

  51. Stephanie Evans says:

    I am excited and nervous. My prayer is that I stay disciplined and stay on task. I have 3 pre-teen/teenagers and I often time let them, husband and other issues still my focus. And honestly sometimes just plain laziness. I have had this book for about 6 months and have not read it. I was thankful when I saw this online study and felt like it was divine timing. I have low self-esteem and I want to have better God based esteem. Thank Renee for following God’s heart!

  52. Patricia says:

    Good to be part of this community, but I even doubted if I have anything to offer, I have struggled with self-doubt alot, growing up and even taking it into my marriage. But I the scripture that came to mind as I was writing this is Gal 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. So there is hope in Jesus.

  53. I’m excited to do this study. I’m also a little nervous. I’be been feeling lost these days, as in I don’t know where God wants me or what I’m doing. Most days I feel like I don’t do much to contribute to the kingdom of God. I’m hoping to deepen my relationship with Him through this study and become a confident woman in Christ. Renee thank you for all the time spent in writing this book and doing this bible study. What a blessing you are to others.

  54. It’s so encouraging to read everyone else’s thoughts and see where they are in their lives/walks with God because we can all relate to someone else’s journey from some point in our lives. I personally have a hard time sometimes discerning what God wants me to do. I want to do His will, and think I hear Him speaking to me, but then I doubt myself and wonder if THIS is really what God wants me to do or is it THAT–whatever the case may be. I often wish I would wake up with a big neon hanging in my room saying, “Do this” or no, “Do that”. Third Day’s song “Revelation” sometimes feels as if it is the theme song of my life. I think the thing that spoke to me the most this morning was the second sentence of Romans 12:2. The entire verse says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–His good, pleasing and perfect will.” Also, 1 John 5:14 where it says ,”…if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us”, and Romans 10:17 “faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ” really seem to go together. It reminds me that if we are in God’s word ‘hearing’ Him, He will hear us when we pray and truly seek His will with all our heart. Thank you for encouraging us to not only be in God’s word, but to pray it, and reminding us that this will give us the confidence we seek when asking for clarification of His will in our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Kristina Allen says:

      I have been praying for God to do just that – point some big arrows at what He wants me to do! I so want to hear God, but I don’t. I really understand where you’re coming from!

      • i’m scared too like you kristina, i feel the same way, want to be helped but will i do then what God wants me to do, what if i too scared or just don’t want to, that thought haunts me then any other.

  55. Debra K Yarbrough says:

    Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this study. I bought the book a while back and I cant wait
    to get started with an on line study. God bless you for being an obedient servant to help all of
    us who struggle with confidence.

  56. abidingwoman says:

    I am on a journey to rediscovering my first love. My confidence has been weak most of my life. In answering question one today, I found myself writing a page long answer. I am seeing how these answers color how I view the world. I had always been able to make sense of both my circumstance and God, neatly. Several years ago I went through an intense season of rejection and betrayal. I have had to wake up that my neat package of understanding could not account for these things and my very faith shook to its core. I am rebuilding now, with God in the lead. I refuse to rely on my understanding because well… So, I open this book and my heart to God and say, “Show me.” I know He is God and King of the whole creation, I want to KNOW He is God and King of me, too. This is my hope for this journey. That I may find my first love again.

  57. This is the book for me! I have had low confidence as long as I can remember. For as long as I can remember, if I thought I wouldn’t be able to do something, I refused to really try. I know I have missed out on many wonderful things God had planned for me b/c I hated the thought of failing. After being diagnosed with MS 7 1/2 years ago, my confidence levels dropped even more. I know that God will work through this study, and I’m looking foward to seeing what He has planned!

  58. I am on a journey to feel more confident about myself and not let others, who do know truly know me, take my confidence away. I can identify with the comment about wanting to change jobs but having a fear of the unknown. It is indeed scary but I am on a journey to let God direct my life and help me feel more confident about life decisions.

  59. I bought this book and wanted to join this study because I have been doubting myself a lot lately. I have been 2 car accidents in the last year that shook me to the core. One of which I should have not walked away from. My husband was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago and although he is currently in remission, praise God!!, I lack the confidence to not be plagued everyday that it may come back…….I want to live in Christ’s freedom and not in constant fear. I want to live smack dab in the center of His will for me and at times fear steals that away.

  60. Maureen Chiasson says:

    He’s led me beyond believing in Him to really believing Him by relying on the power of His words and living like they are true no matter what my feelings tell me. This is something that I feel strongly about. When I am in the Lord ‘s Word and fellowship I can remember that his truth transcends my reality. Your story resonates with me at the insecurity feeling of being rejected by peers. I remember struggling with being able to make friends and sometimes still do. I sometimes feel rejected and wonder Where I fit in. Afraid of being alone and I feel less than. I am always looking for God’s direction but sometimes my feelings or my prodigy defensive reactions get in the way.Staying in God’s Word helps me come back to the path I want to be on. I am still a work in progress:)

  61. Maureen Chiasson says:

    How long do we have to finish first assignment before moving on to next assignment?

  62. I am ready to start this study. Sometimes I feel like I am not living with doubt then life circumstances (health etc) creep in and tells me different. I find myself wondering am good enough to be doing the things in church that I do such as Stephen Minister. I question the role. Am I qualified enough? I ask God to use me as his vessel then question the opportunity. I look forward to truly relying on God for my confidence. Thank you for this study. Blessings

  63. Dear Renee,

    I am doing this study again in hopes that this time I can go further with a stable God-confidence. I have struggled all my life since I was a small child with deep insecurities which has affected my relationships and my purpose. I pray that this beautiful and touching book along with the study will once and for all eradicate my inner self-doubts. Thank you for your transparency and vulnerability!

    Love, Giselle from Miami, Florida

  64. Desiree says:

    So very blessesd to have God lead me to this study. My life fell apart about 6 months ago. My husband fell back into drugs alcohol and adultry. We had both slipped so far away from the Lord and his addictions took him further. We were a breath away from divorce. I reached out to the man that helped lead him back before and he with the Lord leading got my husband down to a ministry about 20 hrs away. God is working in us both and rebuilding our marriage. He is very blessed to have the help and support he does and I am grateful for that. I on the other hand have very little support or understanding in this season.
    I am praying this study helps me to diligently seek the Lord and find confidence in Him. I need to become the strobg Godly woman God has called me to be. My livibg situation is very very hard and my family does not understand how I can be with this man. I know this is the man the Lord created for me. I know He will bring ustogether as a family again and it will be better then I could have ever dreamed. However doubt creeps in and I am scared. Scared of the unknown. I don’t know when I can move to where my husband is and I don’t know how God will enable thos to happen. I need to trust in the Lord for it all but it is hard to let go and sit still and wait.

  65. So excited for the study. Was literally almost in tears reading the foreward section about the childhood rejection. Could relate 100% and the process was repeated in my marriage. So thankful for the perfect, eternal love of our Heavenly Father and our Bridegroom. Can’t wait to experience this love in person in eternity someday!

  66. Jennifer says:

    Yes, I received and read the first chapter, actually I am on the 7th chapter, I had read ahead before I knew that the Study was starting, all I can say is wow.

  67. Renee, I would like to Thank you for writting A Confident Heart. Because of my past, self-doubt affects every area of my life. I know that with God all things are possible, and I think God has lead me to your on-line Bible study to show me what He has planned for my life and family. I want to find God’s will for my life with a Heart like Christ. Please pray for me.

  68. Kathe Miles says:

    My favorite sentence from Chapter One – Self – doubt blocks the promise of God’s power and truth to change us from the inside out so that we can live with a confident heart.

  69. Maria Justice says:

    I have a million emotions running through me at this very moment. I told a friend of mine about the book and as I was telling her about it I said I loved it, but hated it. I thought i was finished with things in my past by just saying i was done with it. Turns out I was so wrong. I did not realize that my shaped me into the person I am but not realizing it wasnt the person God wanted me to be. People always told me my life story made me strong. I am not so sure about that now. I realized how fragile i really am. God has been speaking to me everytime i open the book. I am so grateful and nervous at the same time.

  70. The sentence that really got to me was, “Although you’ve been miserable, at least misery is familiar where you are now.” I currently live in a city I hate, but God moved me here for my job. I am extremely unhappy here (don’t like the environment, place, behaviors of people, the commute), but I am too scared to leave and move back to the city I love without a job. The job hunt has materialized into nothing. So as tough as it is being here, I stay here out of fear! Fear of the unknown, fear of living by faith without a job for a while. So I stick with being miserable because of fear. A friend once said, “until you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, you will not do anything about it.” She is so right!

    The doubting whispers are so true and sometimes they are not whispers, but actual people who speak into your life, loudly and constantly. Often they speak from their own personal fears and which we allow to shatter your confidence.

    I love Philippians 3:12-14 and am trying to live by it daily, “Not that I have already obtained this or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead. I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” (NIV)

    Although I have only read chapter one of the book, I am so looking forward to the rest of the book and our online discussions. Thank you Renee for stepping out in confidence to write this book and share it with all of us!

  71. This study is so timely. I had downloaded a copy of A Confident Heart several months ago to my smartphone when it was offered for free. I knew I needed to read this, but just hadn’t had the time,….or maybe the discipline to get past the first chapter. This study is a Godsend. Please pray I will make it part of my routine.
    I have battled with a lack of confidence and self esteem for a while now. I am missing out a lot because of this. I even “settle” instead of having the confidence to wait on what God has planned for me.
    I am in a challenging marriage and have been told by several I should just leave, but that advice conflicts with wedding vows which I hold dear. I’m also reluctant to confront. I know Satan would rather keep me down and listening to him, but I would like to soar with a confident heart and be ready for all God has in store for me.
    Please pray, I really need it to get started.

    • Julie R. says:

      Bev, I did leave and am now reconciled. My marriage has been a challenge for me, also. Or so I feel. I can tell you leaving is not the answer. I thought that was the answer for me and discovered it was not. Reconciling is a journey now, too. But God has done a great work in me throught it all. Hang on, find someone you can talk to, and dive into this Study. I had to get honest with myself, too. Honesty is hard, but well worth the journey. God showed me so much during my time alone. I wish I had learned to focus more on Him in the beginning. It took alot of pain for me to learn that lesson. I will be praying for you. Stay focused on what God is teaching you. He will show you. Take care of yourself for a while and heal. Believe it is okay to love ourselves and nurture ourselves. I truly believe God will direct you. Always be watching where He is working and ask Him where He wants you to join him.

  72. Julie R. says:

    This is so exciting to read everyone’s post. how encouraging. It is so amazing to see how so many of us are on a similar journey, especially in our own homes – Satan always seems to attack us where it hits the hardest – in our homes. I am confirmed even as I post this that I am in the place God wants to teach me to trust in Him through this study. I will be praying for everyone throughout our journey. I love the Ephesians scripture from Renee in one of the post above. My 26 year old son used to tape note cards with scripture written on them to his steering wheel of his care. I think I will do the same throught this study. What a great way to have God’s power in your face all day long.

  73. Michelle says:

    I am so thankful to begin this journey. I too fear that it will not make the change I am so hoping for it to make but like you wrote “I need to turn to the light not continue to turn from it”. I am so tired of living life feeling that I am never enough and not joining in on things because I am afraid of what others think of me. Or not join in on a conversation because I might look foolish. So I sit on the sidelines in hopeful anticipation that perhaps someone will bother to give me the time of day. I hardly ever approach anyone else or begin a conversation because I think that others are thinking horrible things about me. I never feel smart enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, dressed good enough, nice enough, thoughtful enough. I am tired of being less than everyone else around me. I am tired of living the way I think people view me. My perception of what I think people are thinking of me is far more debilitating than even really knowing what they think. I grew up in a family where everyone talked about everyone else and usually in a poor way. Unfortunately it still happens today. My dad always told me he had never wanted me and because of me he had to marry a woman he never loved, my mom. So than of course it felt like my fault that they divorced. The divorce was a bloody battle. Through my teenage years my dad would call me all kind of colorful terms including the words dumb and fat. My early twenties my dad would call and leave horrible messages and tell me more horrible and colorful things and It was and no wonder I didn’t have any friends. I want to believe God’s truth for me unfortunately the bad stuff is easier to believe.
    All things are possible for those who believe. That is the truth I am you g to hold onto be wise I don’t want to live in this muddy pit for another 38 years. I want to believe all of his truths for me not just for everyone else.
    Thank you so much for this study. I am thankful to be a part and surrounded by woman who are looking for the same thing as me. Confidence in Christ and all my empty places to be filled by his great love.

    • Helen H. says:

      Michelle, blessed child of God He would never want you to hear or believe any derogatory comments about who you are. You are HIS CHILD and He would not want you to be hurt by what your biological father thinks about you. Take heart hold on to the one that will love you forever. I will offer prayer for your heart to be comforted. God bless

  74. Penny M. says:

    I am excited about this study. I am so lonely for friends. We moved to a new town, about 1000 miles away, a year ago and I am struggling to make friends. I am encouraged by this study to try harder. I have anxiety and it has presented some challenges and I just don’t want to give in to it.

  75. Hello everyone, I am looking forward to an exciting journey with all of you and to see how God will work through each of us to fulfill His will. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28. I love that verse and it is a promise from God that in everything that happens in our lives, good and bad, God is working. He uses it all to his purpose. Stay strong ladies and know that he is there and have confidence that He is for us and not against us and in that we can build our confidence.

  76. Helen H. says:

    Hi Renee and all you lovely friends in Christ, I am so looking forward to this online study. I am so encouraged by Renee and feel God has really guided your life in such a positive path to help others. Thank you and from a person that loves to help others I will so learn about myself and how hopefully I can share this confident heart with others. God Bless all that you do.

  77. I was so happy when I came across your site and offered this online bible study. I have struggled with confidence my entire life and can’t wait to dig in!

  78. Praying and rejoicing over this bible study

  79. I came across your book looking for something else. This study is such a blessing. I have struggled with self doubt for a long time. Focus on Jesus, then put my eyes back on myself. Such a whirlwind. It felt like I was struggling with this alone. Thank you for this site and this great study and wonderful group of women willing to work together so we grow in Christ together. May you be blessed for writing this book that is so needed. Looking forward to growing and helping others grow together. I will be telling all the ladies young and old about this study and your book. Once again thank you very much. I feel so relieved that I am not alone in this battle.

  80. Angela Meckel says:

    Read and enjoyed chapter 1! Looking forward to what this study has in store!

  81. So excited to see what God has in store! May He give each of us the desire if our hearts as we delight in Him!

  82. Im so excited to be a part of this study. I have struggled with doubt my entire life.
    I’ve never felt good enough, smart enough or strong enough.
    Like Renee says
    “Doubt keeps us from believing things can get better.
    Doubt convinces us it’s not worth the effort.
    As God’s girls, we need to know & BELIEVE
    Change is possible”
    Those lines hit so close to my heart. Im so glad to be a part of this online study
    and know Im not the only one who struggles with this.
    Thanks for writing this book, Renee and sharing your Godly wisdom with us!

  83. Hello Renee, I attended your conference in Long Island, NY 2 weeks ago. What a joy and blessing to have you speak for the Lord. I felt God’s love and spirit in my heart all through out the day; my relationship with Him is getting stronger each day. Thank you very much. God bless you always.
    PS. I was the one who bought 2 other books, CD’s for my 2 sisters.

  84. Katharine says:

    When I read the first chapter my heart and soul took a DEEP breath…relief in reading the words from someone who has REALLY struggled w/ self doubt. Self doubt has been w/ me near all my life…these words opened that area in me to THE LIGHT….

  85. Looking forward to being apart of the online study and hoping it keeps me on track reading the book!! I have a busy life with work, husband, and 2 young boys and tend to shove devotionals and time with my Father to the back burner!! I know I will be a more fulfilled wife and mother if make it a priority to spend time in prayer and bible study!!

  86. Florence says:

    I am taking time tonight and for the last two days, to make this a priority in my life. I pay to be able to keep focused to do so. There are so many things coming into our lives. From looking for two pairs of missing keys to keeping up with an overwhelming number of daily responsibilities.

  87. I read this book last year & enjoyed it. I read lesson today & remember I liked the bible verse Jer 17:17. Learning our faith by bible study has helped me have a more confident heart.

  88. Hi ladies! I just finished reading Chapter 1. When I originally signed up for this online study I thought it was a good topic, but not exactly what I needed right now. After reading, I’ve changed my mind! God knows better than me what I need! I can relate to the endless doubts and insecurities. I’m looking forward to this study.

  89. I am someone who struggles with a lot of doubt, feeling like a failure at work, at school, as a mother, and as a wife. This doubt has had me in dark places at times, but I am so thankful for my friend Donia who is the one who introduced me to the book and online study. I am so excited to watch the Lord do a work in me and in all of our lives. I am so tired of living a life full of doubt, I just want to be all that God has created me to be! Thank you Renee for answering the call that the Lord has had on your life!

  90. Renee,
    Thanks so much for your desire to help other women deal with insecurities. I stumbled across this study last night and believe that God has a purpose for me as it relates to this study. I also invited a girlfriend in our community group to join us.
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  91. This is the section in Chapter one that got to me:
    “As God’s girls, we need to know and believe that change is possible. We need to hope that life can be different. Otherwise, doubt will win every time and our hearts will be eroded by attitudes and emotions of defeat. But, it is not supposed to be this way.
    God declares, with confidence that things can change. “See, I’m doing a new thing.”
    “I am working all things together for your good because you love me and are called according to my purpose.” “All things are possible to her who believes:”
    I am challenged. Do I believe this? I just walked through the grocery store tonight, thinking to myself, “I’m nobody” over and over. It was like I was lost in a sea of “somebodies” and I was the worthless nobody. I thought about many years ago when I managed to land two very prestigious internships in my field at college. Now, here I was so many years later, doing a stressful, dead-end job that is not using my abilities. I’m divorced, abandoned and unloved. My body and spirit have been shell shocked by years of physical deterioration due to health concerns and mental and spiritual deterioration due to family situations. How did I become like this? There were times that I was so overwhelmed with the realization of my Savior’s love for me. The last several years, I’ve fallen into the pit of despair and hopelessness that my life will never get better. I can’t stay here. I can’t bear it. I long to experience His love anew, to feel Him wrap His loving arms around me and say, “It’s ok…you’re mine…I love you…and I’d do it all over again for you, even if you were the only one.” And, amazingly, He did do it for me, even though He knew that I wouldn’t fully accept and believe His gracious gift to me. I took part of it…the part that didn’t require me to open up and reveal all of the ugliness within my heart. But, though I clenched those things tightly to my chest, He still knew. He knew every last thing I’ve done to let Him down. He knows every heartache that I’ve clung to and the walls I’ve erected around my soul to prevent more heartache. He did it all for even me.And, it’s only the tip of the ice berg.
    I look forward to falling in love with my Savior again in this study. I want to have confidence…to fully rely on and trust in his love, though no other love I’ve experience on earth has been fully trustworthy. I want him to take the rejection that battered my soul as a young child when my daddy wanted a boy, rather than a girl child. I tried so hard to be that thing he wanted, even by becoming a tom-boy. Then, along came his boy. The substitute was no longer needed. Didn’t take long to figure out that while I had been trying to become what Daddy wanted, my sister became the little princess. No chance of me taking that role over. I didn’t even know who I was anymore. But, the rest of my childhood became me trying to find my place in the family, trying to make Daddy proud. I finally did when I got those coveted internships. I actually heard him say he was proud of me.
    And, then, I found Jesus at the same time I met another man. It was kind of a struggle to see where I would find my fulfillment. At times, I fully experienced who Jesus was to me and felt His love clear through to my soul. At other times, I was trying so hard to find that love in the form of an earthly man who, sadly, would hurt and reject me far worse than my daddy ever did. I came through almost 20 years of marriage feeling completely unlovable, incapable and worthless.
    The children who came along were the best distraction I could ever have. I poured my life into them, home schooling them all through to college.I have seen one graduate to become a talented graphic designer who is using his gifts in the Kingdom. I’m watching with excitement as my second child is about to graduate with honors and is heading to grad school to continue preparing for a life of ministry to those who hurt. I couldn’t be prouder and I’m so thankful that God gave me these precious gifts to be a part of developing and nurturing. I didn’t do it perfectly, but I did my best and His grace has been sufficient.
    And, now, I’m here, hurting as I’ve let them go.I look back on my life and know that I have wasted my talents as a writer. The job I’m in now will take me no where. I basically work under stress all day and come home in pain from my chronic pain and too tired to try to do better. When I’ve tried, I’ve gotten nowhere. So, I have been really close to giving it all up. But, by His grace I’m still here.
    I so need this study and the little bit of hope that I feel embarking on this journey to find a confident heart. I truly want to fully rely on my God and to fully trust in His promises. I want to break out of the discouragement and hopelessness to truly let Him use them for my good and, more importantly, for His Kingdom. It has to be worth it all sometime…neglect, abuse, unfaithfulness, cancer, divorce…Worth it ALL! I want to see these horrible things woven into a beautiful tapestry of a life devoted to Him. I want to see green, scarlet, and hey, even fuschia threads of all of the pain and heartache of life woven together with the golden, silver and precious threads of His grace and love. I want it to all be something that He can someday use for His glory to help someone else. Even one.
    At this moment, I could cry thinking of this possibility. It is terrifying to hope. Yet, it’s exciting, too. I want to stick through with this study this time. I need to see it through. I long for a confident heart.
    Thank you for the privilege of participating with all of you in this study! Can’t wait to see what He does in all of us!

  92. This is my second time to do this study. I am not very good at staying connected through the computer, but know that I need to for encouragement in the journey. I have felt “shelved” for the last several years. I have been following God’s leading and have learned to find my identity in him and not man, yet even as I write that I know that I have a long way to go. I hope to get a little further down the road and help my children and women that God puts in my life find the true source of strength and hope. Thanks for offering this study again!

  93. I had trouble getting connected your blog page tonight. I couldn’t open it at all. And Windows said it needed to know what program to use to open it. But I just closed it and went on with what I was doing.

    I did the required reading tonight even though I had read it before, but thought I’d refresh my mind. Then I did the 7-day doubt index analysis. Came up with 148 total score, so I fluctuate up and down with my self-doubt.

    I’m finding it hard to understand your comment in the book how you ‘fell in love with God when you realized how much he loves you’. I know an acquaintance that always said she loved God more than her husband and I never understood that. How does one feel that close and in love with God? I have also suffered many times all my life with depression. I always thought, because it usually came on me at Christmas Holiday time and through winter, that it was because I never had enough money to buy presents for my children and my husband and family that I wanted to give to. My husband died at 54, 17 years ago and I still have depression off and on. Although I have never felt suicidal.

    I have had self-doubts since I was a young child. I can’t remember my parents ever telling me they loved me and didn’t show their love very often either. I loved them dearly but didn’t receive the love I wanted from them. I never sat on my father’s lap for him to read a story to me or any other reason. My Mother would put me to bed and read to me almost every night. I was the youngest child in the family out of 11 children. The second oldest was a sister and she hurt me so many times in my life I could never count them all. She did that to me until I got married and was a woman. Always criticizing me for most everything I did or didn’t do. When I asked my mother why she thought my sister did this to me, she had no answer. I believe, now, that she had many issues herself all her life that made her do that to me and other members of my family and to her own grand children and family. Many of them didn’t like her as a grandmother. So I have forgiven her several years ago and she has been dead for several years now also. As a matter of fact, none of my siblings are living any more, nor my parents. I am the only one left in my family, except for some nieces and nephews. I only have my two daughters, one son in law and two granddaughters in my life and they are my reason for living.

    I could tell you more, but I won’t now. Maybe later. This is supposed to be a comment and it has turned into a long story.
    I am so thankful that God led me to your blog and website and I pray that I will receive much benefit from this study. And I believe I will find it because I do love Him and believe in Him and I have confidence that He can heal me of all the doubt in my life.

    Thanks for being there for me.

  94. I have been so blessed ALREADY by your book~ thank you for allowing God to use you Renee!
    I can relate to the father/daughter relationship and the consequent pattern of ‘striving’ to measure up as a teen and adult. It is still a struggle, so this book comes at a perfect time…

    I am also a worrier by nature, and with a big project due in 8 weeks at work, I have been on worry overload. The project is one that was handed to me last minute, adding to the anxiety, so after reading chapter one, I am claiming Jeremiah 17:7! I have written the verse on a notecard and I am carrying it with me everywhere I go! I am also reminding myself that as I trust in the Lord, that my hope will not be disappointed as promised in Isaiah 43:19~ as I said this Bible Study, could not have come at a BETTER time! lol

    Thank you again and looking forward to the next step! Blessings to you and your family.

  95. Good Morning! I am enjoying this first chapter. How did you know so much about me Renee! 🙂 So far, the sentence that really speaks to me as a reminder to be aware of the source of my thoughts is this: “Self-doubt blocks the promise of God’s power and truth to change us from the inside out so that we can live with a confident heart.” Also, God has been, for a while now, showing me that I go so far in moving past self-doubt and turn back. I am looking forward to God and I exploring this issue and coming out the other side of it, more in love with Him and more believing and relying on Him.

  96. The statement that most resonated in me was”As God’s girls, we need to know and beleive that change is possible.” I so often feel that things will never change and that I am stuck where I am. I don’t feel things are really bad, just that they will not get better. I know those thoughts come from me and I need to have the God Confidence maybe just to look at things in a different way. His way instead of mine.

  97. Mechelle says:

    Hi Renee,
    I read your book in the fall, and it touched my heart in so many ways. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to go through it again with you as my guide. God is really working in my life right now to make me into the Christian woman He created me to be. I have been a Christian most of my life, but doubt and insecurity have always held me back. I would rather sit idly in the background than step forward and risk saying or doing the wrong thing or worse yet failing. I have spent a lot of time worrying about what other people might think and my perception of what they think is always filled with negative chatter. I’m not good enough. I’m ugly. I’m fat. Why would they want me around. They don’t want to hear what I have to say. I have no real reason to feel this way. I just made a habit out of beating myself up. I have been blessed with wonderful, loving parents, a terrific husband and three beautiful daughters, and I have a really good life yet I doubt myself. Doubt and hope cannot live in our hearts at the same time is the line that really grabs me as I reread Chapter 1. Over the past year I have seen God’s work unfold in my life. I have felt the power of prayer at work in my life as I rested in the palm of His hand with the peace that passeth all understanding that only He can give. On January 1, 2012, my middle daughter fell down a ski slope in Colorado into an artificial snowmaking machine head first. We were 20 hours away at home in Mississippi when we got the call that she needed immediate brain surgery or she would not survive and at that she would probably have severe brain damage. My response was do what you have to do, and we will be there as soon as humanly possible. It was late Sunday afternoon on New Year’s Day and we were two hours away from commercial flights that were departing in an hour, and we were having trouble getting a private flight. We would not be able to fly out until the next morning. That would not do. My baby was in a strange place with strange people, and she was hurting. No way could I spend a night 20 hours away doing nothing. I was praying so, so hard, and I did the only thing I knew to do at the time. I sent out a plea on FB for prayers for my daughter and that my husband and I would find a way to get to her. Within an hour we were on a private plane to Colorado. As we were rushing out the door leaving our other children and family behind, a kind doctor from Denver Health called to tell us she was going into surgery and God took us into His hands. It was that time in our lives when there was only one set of footprints in the sand. We arrived shortly after midnight just as they were bringing our daughter out of surgery. That was the longest 31/2 to 4 hours of my life yet I never felt closer to God. The doctor that met us was amazed that she was awake and responding to them with her eyes. They still did not promise us that she would not have brain damage and the whole right side of her body was paralyzed, but our God is in the miracle business. Through Facebook and Caringbridge prayers were being lifted all over the world and over the past year, though it has not always been easy, we have watch her heal to almost 100%. She is back in school and doing well. She still has a few struggles but they are so minor compared to what they could have been, and God is working in her life as well as ours. As her body has been healing over the past year, my heart, mind and soul have also been healing. God has been showing me my value. He has shown me how much people really care even though we take that for granted in our normal daily lives. He is showing me I can make a difference, yet I still let the shadow of doubt overcome me at times. I have learned the meaning of Romans 8:28, “I am working all things together for good, because you love me and are called according to my purpose.” He took the worst thing that has happened to us and is working good from it. He has touched so many lives through her accident and our journey to bring her back. He is guiding our way. Her FB status at the time was Jer. 29:11 and there is no doubt in my mind that He has a plan for her life, but I also think He has a plan for mine. He is helping me find the true me that has been hidden under all the doubt and insecurity. I don’t know what He plans to do with me when He finds me, but I am anxious to find out, and I am so grateful to have people like you to help me along in this journey to find me.

    • That is just amazing work of God in your life and family. There is really nothing impossible to our God. And God said, “those who trust in the Lord will never be disappointed.”

  98. I’m feeling a little frustrated……I posted something yesterday for the online study and I can’t find my posting. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • I had trouble finding mine, too, Mary. I’m wondering if there are just so many posts (which is awesome!). I’m kind of overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the posts. Would love to read them all, but if they continue at this pace, won’t be able to. Still, it’s great to see so much participation!

  99. This is my first time joining an online bible study. i’m not sure how exactly to do it. Do I need to read all the blogs? (Not that the blogs are not important. I know that we all have something to share to each other..)Or, should I just do the assignment and share my thought about it. I’m sorry I think I’m really lost in a way of doing this.

    Anyway, I read the first few blogs and some are exciting and some are very heart breaking…I really pray that God will meet each of us personally wherever we are at right now. Most of all that God will open the eyes of our hearts to REALLY see him and know and believe that He really, really loves us. Let’s overcome doubt and fear by CHOOSING to believe the TRUTH. The Word is the truth and the truth (the Word) will set us free!

  100. I have read Chapter 1, the verses were powerful. ” Self doubt blocks the promises of God’s power and the truth to change us from the inside out so we can live with a confident heart’. In answering the questions, my earliest memory of doubting and feeling insecure was as a child. The disharmony in my home, my mother overloved, my dad was an alcoholic, school was hard as I am blind in my left eye and so I was not coordinated, my eye looked like it was lazy so I was called a cross eye baboon. Insecurity kept me from dating different boys, going to college until I was an adult. When doubt whispers, I shut down, I listen to the lies of the devil. I have hope when I read God’s word. Pain is my constand companion. So I do not feel well and that hinders me the most from living with God’s confidence on a consistent basis. I want to be a woman with a confident heart. I want to be one who sees God in what I am doing. Jermiah 17:7 let me be a woman who trusts in the Lord and is confident. I want to write. I want to be whole. I want to not procratinate. Blessings Diana

  101. I am looking forward to this. Through many life challenges over the last several years, I have found my way to God. Being a follower of Christ is all new and different for me. I feel like a child at Christmas, unwrapping one wondrous present after another. My faith continues to deepen and deepen each year/month/day. I feel so incredibly blessed. I am excited to learn from all of you.

  102. Jennifer says:

    Looking forward to this study and glad to know I’m not the only one feeling this way. I have struggled the past year with feelings of abandonment, anger, and rejection and it’s time to let go.

  103. Gloria C says:

    Hello Everyone! I had to be out of town for a few days and just received the book today, so am late getting started. As it turns out, some things happened on my trip that shook my already shaky confidence. The timing for this study is so perfect! Looking forward to getting to know you all better through this study!

  104. I am excited. about this course. I am 80 years old. Born a Catolic,lived as catholic for 70 years. Because of His mercy and grace, I am born again. I love to grow deeper in following Jesus. I am glad te see the theme I tell everyone ; that is pray God’s word loudly, till it gives you relief and I have experienced it. May God bless you thatat this young age, you are able to teach and guide a lot of people especially old women. May God reward you richly. . Grace

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  116. Ӏ am a fan of this blog for awhile now and I have never been disappointed.

    I’m hoping to see more posts in the style of our last one.

  117. Howdy! This polst couldn’t be written anyy better! Reasing this post reminds me of my good old room mate!
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  119. Deborah says:

    Nice to know I’m not the only one technically challenged..lol

  120. Renee, first I want to thank you for this study. I loved the fact that you wrote that DOUBT and HOPE cannot live in our hearts at the same time. (pg.23). This simple statement has allowed me to be more aware that, when I am walking in doubt, to STOP and turn to God where my HOPE is and know that He will get me through. Just recently I quit my job to take care of my elderly mom and doubt has sneaked in and I find myself doubting that I made the right choice especially when I don’t see my mother’s condition getting better. After doubt, comes frustration, anger and ……… It is no coincidence that this study has come my way. I thank GOD sooooo much for putting you in my life. I know that by the time I complete this study, ALL doubt will be gone and I will walk in God’s favor. Thanks

  121. Looks like I am too, I posted twice

  122. I’m kinda discourage because I like to read all the bolgs but because there is just so much, I’m getting discourage already that I cannot do this. But the Holy Spirit is saying, the enemy has many ways of distructing us as well as discouraging us to keep us from doing what is good. But God said, “Seek my kingdom first and all these things will be added to you.” if we can figure out how to operate the microwave and dishwasher, we surely can figure this out! LOL.


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