A Promise & Prayer

Are you facing something that’s more than you can handle on your own?

You are not in this alone.
God is with you.

He is for you.
Jesus is working on your behalf.

Artwork courtesy and copyright of Brianna Lock

Jesus, You know what I am facing.  And how it feels like way more than I can handle. I’m  tired. I’m weary… yet THIS I call to mind, therefore I will have hope – because of Your great love for me, I am not consumed. Your mercy never ceases.  You give strength to the weary {that’s me}, and increases the power of the weak. Because I have put my faith and trust in Jesus, and He lives in me, then I know that GREATER is HE who is in me than he who is in the world trying to discourage me and defeat me.

Today , I will not focus on my circumstances but, instead I will focus on YOU — Now to His who is able to do immeasurably more than I can even ask or imagine according to YOUR power that is at work in me. Jesus, I am choosing today to walk in the assurance of Your love and the security of Your promises as I face this giant. My  confidence is in You and Your power that is at work in me! In Your Name, amen. {Lamentations 3:21-22, Isaiah 40:29, 1 John 4:4, Ephesians 3:20}


What’s one area of your life where you are going to claim and praying these promises?  Click “comment” below and share this:

I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in ____________________________. 

{I’ll go first 🙂  And let’s pray for the person who left a comment just before us.}

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. I’m praying these promises and asking God to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in my daughter Aster’s speech development and sensory processing integration, especially at pre-school.

    Please let me know how i can pray for you too. And be sure to pray for the person who leaves a comment just above yours.

    • I am praying these promises for my finances and for us to find a home to call our own (we are currently renting an apartment). I am a single mom of 10 year old twins, working full time. I was also working a part-time job to help, but my hours were drastically reduced. I know God will provide. He always does. I am in covenant with Him… Thank you for standing in agreement with me.

      Renee, I will continually pray for your daughter’s speech development and sensory processing integration.
      God Bless,


      • Hi Julie,

        God truly is good, Iam a mother of twins also. They are twenty five now. And Iam here to tell you that our God will provide all that you need he did for me and he takes joy when we put our trust in him.
        At times it was hard looking back on my life I see that his mighty hand was always with us. We never missed a meal and always had a roof over our head. More than that he has given me a heart for single moms, he wants us to put him first, stay the course and know that he loves our children more then we do and truly wants the best for them. So keep up the good work and remember all of his promises.

        God bless

        • Hi Julie,

          I too am a single mom to an adorable toddler son. I’m praying these promises also over my finances because I too want to buy a home to call ours. I have been renting for the past two years and recently decided to take the steps, whatever God calls me to do (not what Liz prefers) to get where I desire for us to be. It’s a struggle to follow God, but I know it will be well worth it. I’m praying with you also. I know God will continue to provide for us and our families. God bless you and your boys.

          And Kim,
          Thanks for sharing your encouraging words. They helped me too. “He wants us to put Him first, stay the course and know that He loves our children more than we do “(wow). It’s hard to envision someone loving my son more than me. Thank God!

    • I pray that for you too, Renee. My little girl also had issues with speech development and sensory processing integration. I know how time-consuming that can be, and I pray for God to give both you and the teachers patience, wisdom, and creativity in approaching her issues. I also pray that He would whisper to You that He made her exactly like He wanted her, and that this season of her life is also for you to grow in faith and to see His hand on you in new ways.

    • I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in my marriage. We are struggling and we’ve only been married a year.

      • Marriage is hard work! I so wish somone would have told me how we would struggle, then I may have been a little more prepared when it happened. I’m praying for God to do exceeding above all that I ask and think in my marriage as well, but I’ve been married almost 28 years! Don’t give up!! God is FAITHFUL always. All married folks struggle because of the nature of two sinners signing on to live life together. When I was a young wife I thought it was only me who had struggles because everyone else “seemed” to be able to make it work but me (that is a lie, by the way). God will use your marriage for your own sanctification, to help you depend on HIM for all you need. He knows and understands and has GREAT plans for your life and marriage. Trust Him to finish the work he began in you through the difficulties in your marriage and take every trouble to HIM. He will give you strength and grace to live out the gospel today!!

      • Kirsten, I had gone through struggles in my first couple of years of marriage also. We did not come to know the Lord until our 3rd year and I can tell you from experience that putting the Lord at the center of your marriage is key. We are married 19 years now and it has been quite a journey of learning and making choices to love one another. We found a book a few years ago that has helped us tremendously
        named Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. He really puts things into perspective according to the Word in what God created marriage to look like. It’s not easy and takes work. We wish we knew these principles earlier on in our marriage. I can honestly tell you that God has moved in us and has brought us to a place where our marriage has never been better! We are currently going through financial difficulties as my husband got laid off over a month ago, but we are closer and trusting in our awesome Provider who is so faithful!
        Keep persevering, keep praying, as I know it is God’s Will for your marriage to be the greatest blessing to you both as you strive to honor and glorify Him!
        Be blessed.

    • Deborah Dean says:

      Thank you, Renee
      To be more motivated and disciplined in doing my responsibilities. I have been struggling with depression the last year. I will pray for you Julie that you will have more than enough from unexpected resources. And Renee that God will make you the rock you need to be for this child.
      Deb Dean

    • Elizabeth Patterson says:


      I am wanting to connect to you as I was touched by your daughter’s story and diagnoses of apazia. My son is seven with apazia and I know what you are going through. I would love to have contact with you.

    • Im in the mist of struggling with the lose of income first by having a weekly luch roon job reduced to only a supply on call and my special needs babysitting jog ive had for about 13 years will soon end in dec but im holding on to the fact that jesus know my situation and he know the plan and his love for me will never change

  2. I am praying God’s promises and asking Him who can do immesurably more than I can think of or imagine for my grandson who has problems with insecurity… in need of a job or job training to help him support himself and his son.
    Lord I ask for this woman and her children and fiancee that opportunity open for them to have work to support ther needs. I also ask for a home for them. Lord,You already have a plan for them.Give faith in you and courage to go on.Amen.

  3. I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in wiping out this sense of anxiety that I have been dealing with for many years. I need God’s assurance that I am right where He wants me to be and doing what He has called me too, assurance that it is his voice I’m following and not my own.

    Father God, I pray for this young man who is need of self-confidence and the security of a job/job training program that will provide stability for him and his son. May you guide this young man to just the right company this week.

  4. I am praying that I would have emotional stability and not listen to the lies of satan. I am also praying to work in the grace of God’s forgiveness now and forevermore.

    • Lord I pray that you give Mary the peace that passes all understanding. I also pray Jerimaiah 29.11 for her .
      You know the plan you have for her, plans

      to give her a hope and a future. Amen

      • And Father, I pray that Your truth and Grace would wash over Julia and calm her emotions. Father, you have told us that you will keep us in perfect peace if we keep our mind set on you, but that is often so tricky. I pray that you would speak words of love over Julia, rejoice over her with singing, and quiet her with your love. Remind her, Father, that your mercies are fresh every morning, and fill her mind with your truth about You, her identity in You, her circumstances, and Your power to provide. Destroy the strongholds that the enemy has built up in her, so she can walk in confidence through You. Amen.

  5. The impending loss of our foster baby, who we have raised from newborn. He is drug effected and medically fragile and scheduled to be reunified with his biological mother soon.

    • Dalyn, I am praying that God will comfort and strengthen you to deal with this terribly painful situation. May He give you the peace that only He can give.

    • Brenda Hill says:

      Dalyn, Keep your mind stay on him he will give you rest and understanding. Let not your heart be trouble trust in the LORD with all your heart lead not into your own understanding in all thy ways he will direct your path. What so ever you say unto this mountain be thy remove be thy cast in the sea shall not doubt inyour heart, but believe those thing which he saidth shall come to pass. I will keep you in my prayer. May God Be with you.

  6. I am praying this prayer because what is going on in my life is way bigger than me. I know that only God’s strength & wisdom will carry me through. My family (mother, father, sister & brother) is in crisis & I know that I may have to sever some relationships to keep my children safe & emotionally healthy. This will be very difficult for me to do. In the midst of all this, I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I am in constant, sometimes severe pain. It is very difficult for me to work a whole week much less keep my house clean, cook & take care of my family.

    I will also be praying you, Julia, that God will build a hedge around you to protect you from satan & provide you the emotional stability that you need.

    I will also pray for your daughter, Rene. God bless you & your family for investing in little Aster’s life. Please pray for me & my family (especially my mom).

  7. I am dealing with depression and anxiety. I am divorced after 27yrs of marriage to a Baptist minister. This time of year is particarly hard for me…my symptoms exacerbate near holidays, the birthdays of my 2 daughters, and our anniversary. All days that were at the time the happiest days of my life, are now overwhelming sad to me. I no longer look at family albums etc since all of the happy memories with my children envolve my exhusband. During our 27 yrs of marriage he was involved with over 20 diff women, most of whom were “friend” of mine. I don’t like.nore enjoy my life!!! My self esteam is non-exsistant since having to leave my job due to health problems and am now living on disability. This week has been particarly hard and I do feel as if ” I just don’t care anymore”! I would value your prayers and words of wisdom. Thank you for taking time from you busy schedule to read this lengthy dissertation ! May God bless your ministry!

    • Pam, I pray that the Lord would wrap His arms of love around you and hold You close. I am also recently divorced, and agree that the holidays are so bittersweet. I pray, sweet woman, that God would speak to You personally and wipe away the pain associated with your loss. I pray that He would set You free from all the “what ifs” “if onlys” and “should haves” and turn you eyes to the future He has for you. May you find the truth about the path you are on, and deliverance from your depression. Pam, please email me. My email is spirit_transformed@yahoo.com and I want to get to know you better!

    • Pam my heart goes out to you! I can not imagine the pain of betrayal you must be feeling. Please know that YOU are precious in God’s sight. Jesus has promised to carry your burdens when you surrender them to Him. He has great plans for YOU to prosper and plans not to harm you. He wil never leave you or forsake you! You are NOT the minister’s wife. You are Pam, God’s beloved child, that He knew before He formed you. Your identity is NOT in your husband, your job, or your children!
      Father God, I pray for Pam right now that you would wrap your loving arms around her. I bind Satan and his schemes against Pam right now in Jesus Christ’s Name. I pray for a sound mind, the mind of Christ for Pam and that she would be free from believing the lies from the enemy who seeks to destroy her. I pray that she comes to know the love of Christ fully and completely. I pray for her healing and that she would be filled with joy again and the peace that surpasses all understanding! I pray that she would be able to forgive that she may be freed from the bondage of bitterness and resentfulness, that nothing would hinder her prayers. Thank You, Father for Pam and for what You will do in her life. I lift up our precious sister in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  8. I am praying these promises for my marriage and for the call God has placed upon my life. The battle is very difficult for me right now and am finding it hard to press on. Am so encouraged by this promise and prayer.

    • I am praying these promises for the call God has on my life.

      Dear Helen, I wrote your name down to remember to pray for your request.

      Helen, send me an email. I would like to send a book to you.
      The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian



    • Helen, I too have been in a long difficult struggle in my marriage. I too found a lot of help with the book mentioned. Keep your eyes on God, He is bigger than any marital problem and He will guide you in the best way. Trust his promises. I did/do and am starting to reap some of the benefits. The trials have eased up and I see God at work in my husband. Jonah 4:2b I knew that you are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love, a God who relents from sending calamity. God bless you, Dear One.

      • Thanks for the encouragement. God keeps on highlighting just to trust in him so your comment encourages me to do just that. I get frustrated when nothing seems to be changing but God tells me to wait! I wrote a blog on how he spoke to me through a beetle maybe it will encourage you to hand onto Him too! It is called when God tells you to wait helenyadav.wordpress.com

  9. I prayed for u! May God’s love fill your heart and may you know his loving arms around you. May you know that he is the reason for you to live.
    I have written a blog that may encourage you. It is called Two banana trees of hope on helenyadav.wordpress.com sorry don’t know how to do a link. Stay strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Much love.

  10. Sorry the above comment was meant as a reply to Pam johns

  11. I am praying these promises for the call God has on my life.

    Dear Helen, I wrote your name down to remember to pray for your request.

    Helen, send me an email. I would like to send a book to you.
    The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian



  12. I am praying this for our finances. We are about to loose our house unless God intervenes. We need a miracle SOON!!!! Please pray for God’s favor in our situation.

    • Lynnette, I am praying that God will send the miracle you need to be in His perfect will. May He give you wisdom and insight into your situation so that you will know exactly what steps you need to take. God bless you and your family.

  13. I am praying these promises for healing in my neck for a problem that I’ve had for three months. I have pain and am unable to do regular things. i’m beginning to feel a bit better and I’m starting back to work 1/2 days today.

    June I pray that God would make known to you the call He has on your life.

    • Lynnette, your post came while I was typing. Praying the promises for you and your family and that things will work out for you and your finances and that you will receive the miracle needed to keep your house.

  14. I am praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in recovering from a broken relationship where trust and security was lost. This has shaken me to the core and I keep reliving the pain and trying to figure out what I could’ve done differently. I also want to believe and trusting that I am exactly where God wants me to be and getting my thoughts under control where they can constantly be focused on Him.

    Helen Y I pray that The Lord will give you peace within your marriage and show you what plans he has for your life. I pray that you are able to find strength in His love, the promises that He has for you and that you are able to remain steadfast in knowing exactly how He sees you.

    • Shauna, I pray that God will provide you with the strength and peace to move on from your broken relationship. I pray that He will help you release all thoughts that are not helpful in this situation and help you to stay focused on His perfect peace. May He bless and keep you.

  15. Please pray for my marriage. I am so angry with my husband and no longer trust him. I am grieving the loss of (what I thought was) a good marriage, and since divorce is not an option for me, I feel trapped. My bitterness toward him is killing me. This scripture verse really spoke to me. Thank you, Renee, for your ministry! Lord, I pray this verse over every women on this thread. May they feel Your loving arms wrapped around them today. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • I am in a similar situation it sounds like as the post before me. Funny I am praying for women like myself and was led to one by name and it happens to be mine. I too felt divorce wasn’t an option but I am not choosing it, it was chosen for me and I have to accept it. Forgiveness is a process so that I am leaving to God so I no longer feel overwhelmed w/ that and through knowing it is a process I am able to feel a weight lifted. I dig in every day for something from him.

      I prayed for you Renee C this morning! Keep your eyes on HIM.

    • Renee, I’m so frustrated that I wrote a long response to you because it sounds so much like my own situation and when I posted it, it just disappeared. 🙁 I’ve got to leave now but know that I’m praying for you and I ask for your prayers for my marriage as well.

  16. I am praying this for our finances. I have let it all overwhelm me at times but I have found that I have peace and joy during this storm as long as I look to Him and spend time with Him and read His word. I know He will provide just like He has before. We almost lost our house but we were blessed to have my mom help us. I know things are going to turn around but in His timing. I know in the meantime He is still working on me.

  17. I am in a similar situation it sounds like as the post before me. Funny I am praying for women like myself and was led to one by name and it happens to be mine. I too felt divorce wasn’t an option but I am not choosing it, it was chosen for me and I have to accept it. Forgiveness is a process so that I am leaving to God so I no longer feel overwhelmed w/ that and through knowing it is a process I am able to feel a weight lifted. I dig in every day for something from him.

    I am a stay at home mom who home schools my daughter. I will no have to look for a job and this is the part that I am praying this verse over the most right now. When I put her in school I want to be available to her and in her life after school and when school is out. I also am part of ministry to kids and do not wnt to give that up. I had a desire in my heart to start a ministry for stay at home moms and was just about to bite the bullet on it but now I do not know how that fits in with going back to work and with God’s plan and purpose for me.

    I guess that is it.. finding God’s plan and purpose now that “that part” of my life and purpose is gone.

  18. Catherine says:

    I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in helping guide me in being a better mom and to get my son all the help he needs. To no expect perfection out of either of us. To rebuild and place sparl back in my relationship with my husband. To find the right balance of family and individuals in our life. I need to have better boundries with some family and not always take what the say to heart.
    Shauna, I pray for peace for you from the Lord and strength to recover from the relationship. It is a hard road. It is not easy to recover when your trust has been violated. You will remain in my thoughts and prayers.

    • I pray for God’s guidance in my life. I am facing a divorce after 26 years of marriage. The pain is deep. The whole situation has affected my health. I recently had a heart attack & spent a week at the hospital. I have 4 kids. Two are married & the other two (16 & 12) depend on me. I have prayed over this decision for years & I feel on my spirit that this is the right thing to do. I need God to guide me to do things according to his will.

      Catherine, I pray that God give you wisdom to be the Mom your kids need. I definitely understand how your feel. Being a Mom is not an easy task, but with God all things are possible. Love you 🙂

    • Catherine, I’m praying for you. I’m struggling with the same issues you are. I wrote a blog post for the blog hop last week on Melissa Taylor’s OBS for Unglued (Lysa TerKeurst’s new book) and I share my own struggles with boundaries. I’m not sure how to put a link to it but if you’d like to read it, the address is sandeestory.blogspot.com and the name of the blog is “For Such a Time as This”. The name of the post is “Boundaries”. Blessings and peace to you.

  19. In prayer for each and every one of
    you ladies. where two or more gather he is there.
    My prayer request is that the planning of the big event in December all fall in place. Stressing over things not coming thru as stated by vendors. I do feel just like the prayer reads.

  20. I’m praying God’s promise and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think or imagine with my psoriasis. I have been afraid God won’t heal me and I will have to live with this forever. I really want to be at peace and I thank the person who is praying for me.

    Catherine, I will be praying for you.

  21. prayong that people fear to me would recognize their source of life jos our loving Father and that God would build a bridge of communication and mutual respect between the facilities I am involved with everyday.

  22. I am claiming these promises as I struggle with self-doubt and that “not good enough”feeling. This goes back to my childhood and it is difficult to move beyond those thoughts. Only our gracious Father can heal me in this area.

    • Rita Walters says:

      I was told the whole time I was growing up that I was a mistake of God. I spent 30 plus years of my life trying to earn my mother’s love – and trying to be good enough. It did not matter what I did. I was a good kid, good student (even President of National Honor Society, etc.), and the list goes on. Guess what? I have quit defining myself according to what my Mom (or the world said or says). I now define myself according to His Word. Who is smarter ? My Mom or God, the world or God. I strongly (underline and bold) recommend the book See Yourself As God Sees You by Josh McDowell. It gives great insight into looking at yourself as God does – and He loves you so much ! You are His masterpiece ! Just ask God.
      He will tell you this over and over. I still at times hear my mother’s voice saying “You are a mistake. You should never have been born. You are ugly “…. and the list definitely could go on. Now I am ready to replace what I hear my Mom saying to what I hear Him saying in His Word. Be prepared to replace those “not good enough” thoughts with “God loves you” thoughts. I will be praying for you. Please feel free to email me.

  23. I pray Gods promises in regards to my marriage and the restoration if its His will.

    Sue. Lifting you up in prayer

    • tara schaller says:

      what God has brought together, NO man can put asunder! marriage is from God and He can do ALL things for those that love Him and are the called according to HIS purpose. i give this marriage to you, Lord. it is in Your hands!

  24. tara schaller says:

    in my health, finances and family!!! i was brought back from death, not to be homeless and destitute, but to be about my Father’s business….in HIS abundance!

  25. that i might have shingles again and it is the start of my son’s homecoming week.

  26. In my present financial circumstances, I know He is able to give me a good job and allow me to regain my health and increase my faith in Him!!!

  27. I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in
    Our finances and a different job for my husband. He works a lot of hours and we have maybe 2 hours in the evening and Sunday to spend time together. We have a business opportunity that we are praying about. Would be a big step of faith. The word tells me that God knows the plans he has for us . Please pray that we will know his will very clearly. My prayers are with each and every one of you. God bless.

    • Julie, I am praying that God will bless u with the perfect job. Isn’t it a blessed assurannce for us to know that God is bigger than any obstacle we may be facing. God bless you as you wait upon our Lord.

  28. I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in our finances. My husband lost his full-time job over 2 1/2 years ago. He has found a part-time job, and I am also working. Both of us and our children struggle with anxiety, and he is a recovering alcoholic. Our financial situation is just overwhelming to me. I live most days in dread. Isn’t it wonderful when a daily devotion speaks exactly what you need to hear? I so desire to keep my focus and thoughts and heart on HIM.

    Praying for Tara, and each of the other women, that God meets us right where we are today and that we feel His love and provision and see His promises fullfilled in our lives.

  29. Rosalyn Barrett says:

    I’m currently without my own home. Trusting for God’s direction where He is leading us next. Letting Him work out the details… exceedingly beyond what I can ask or think.

    • Rosalyn Barrett says:

      Also praying for Marsha, for God’s abundant provision for their financial situation. Doors of opportunity opening and more than enough for all your needs through the abundance in Christ Jesus.

  30. I am claiming these promises and believing God to immeasurably more than I can think of or ever imagine in my finances and future husband. In Jesus name!

  31. Praying for each and every one of you special ladies today that you will find comfort and rest in our Lord as only He can give. It seems as I read each one of your posts I can relate to each one of you- my daughter had speech issues from the time she was 2 yrs. old up until third grade and at times I thought she would never speak normally, but Praise God, today she is a senior in HS and is in the top of her class and that’s what she wants to major in! At the time we were going through all of that …therapy sessions and practicing and Dr. Visits and crying and praying alone in the shower, my Jesus had a plan for each one of those days to be used
    mightly for Him so He could fulfill His plan for her. I have issues in my marriage, my family is fractured,my husband and mother haven’t spoken in 2 yrs, and my heart is broken,but again my Jesus has used each one of these days ..my father who believed in God but didn ‘t go to church is now a faithful member, does bible study in his home and humbles me by what he knows and his faith that our family will be restored amazes me.
    I tell you these things not because I minimize your pain…I cry and pray everyday over my situation (marriage, my job) but I keep clinging to my Jesus knowing even on the worst of my days He is using them and had them planned out for my good . Thank-you Renee and all you others for being such a sweet source of comfort with your words of prayer and encouragement. Num 6 :24-26

  32. I am praying that God should give me my heart desire that i have prayed for the past 15 years. He is an answerable God and should give me the strenght in all things.

  33. Praying for the our confidence to be in our heavenly father and the power is from him…
    Praying for certain life situations…Praying for Liz, finances and furture husband. Claiming these in Jesus Name!

  34. I had surgery in March of this year and when it was time to go back to work, my employer told me not to bother because they were going to promote the girl who had been filling in for me. After I got over the blow of being terminated, I dusted my shoes off and turned back to the Lord and have stayed on track since. I was able to collect unemployment but it will end in December of this year. I have applied for wonderful jobs that I am well qualified for and yet God has not placed me in any of these positions. I am trying to stay focused on Him and not panick as the end of the year draws closer. For today, my goal will be to focus only on God and not on a job. Praise the Lord.

    • Nancy, I myself am facing downsizing at the end of the year. I am worried, scared a a bag of nerves. I am praying and trying to place all my trust in a God who never fails. Praying with and for you that God will open doors for us and thsat He will provide for our every need.

  35. I am praying and claiming God’s promises today for my son who in not walking with the Lord. Nancy I a praying for God to open up a door you don’t yet see to provide for you today

  36. I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in my journey to lose 50lbs and facing the trauma of my childhood with a Christian counselor. I have started on both journies many times but never both at the same time or with God as my guide. Both feel overwhelming.

  37. Today I am praying Gods promises and provisions for my family and marriage . I currently have a job singing in a band, but the schedule is so very hard on my family. I pray that God would direct me and if needed open doors for a new job, and help prepare my exit to Glorify Him! I am scared and anxious about the future, but I know God will provide new opportunities to sing to Him and for Him!
    I also pray for a moms son. Father God, you are a loving Father with a plan for each and every life. I join my sister in Christ, and hold up her son. I ask in the mighty name of Jesus, to return her Son to the joy of his salvation in you. May your Holy Spirit blow and rekindle the fire of Your love in his heart! Bless her son this day, in the name of Jesus, amen!

  38. I’m praying for you Nancy.

    I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in the area of my family finances. I need a job and I need to find food for my family and gas for my car today. My “Daddy” owns the cattle on a 1,000 hills and He will show me the way.

    Thanks for praying for me.

  39. Nancy,
    I’m praying that your prayers will be answered and your portions will be overflowing from our Lord.
    Also, to Mom, I praying for your son and agreeing with you in prayer.

  40. Deena, I’m praying that you hold steadfast in the knowledge that He does and will provide our every need. It is hard to understand that His timimg is not always aligned with ours but His is perfect timing!

    I’m praying these promises and asking God to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in my son’s fight against cancer. He is 14 years old and has his 5 year scans this Friday. Even though the 10 year survival rate is very low, we continue to have faith that the Lord will continue to bless him.

  41. I am going to claim and pray these promises for my situation. My husband left (the first time) almost five years ago, and we were divorced. We were High School sweethearts and we were married for 29 years. I was completely devastated. He has lived a partying lifestyle, and when we were apart he was with another woman—one that I know of—and I can’t even describe the pain from knowing that he was with another woman. Then a year and a half ago he wanted to come back, and even though he had hurt me so badly, I began seeing him, and have been seeing him for a year and a half. He started coming to church with me and we were planning to re-marry. (We did try counseling, but he quit after the 3rd session, and said he will not go to counseling ever again.) Then 2 months ago, he said he wanted to take a break from seeing me. I don’t know what is going on, and I am completely hearbroken–again. I desperately want my marriage to be healed, but I don’t know if I should hold out any hope anymore, or if I should even pray anymore for my marriage to be healed, or if I am supposed to just let it go—but I am going to claim these promises. I’m asking God to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in my ex-husband’s life. Please pray that he would surrender his life to Christ. Mom–I am praying for your son, that he will know and experience how much the Lord loves him, and that he will return to the Lord.

  42. Laverne Bullock says:

    I am praying God’s promises and asking him to do immeasurably more than I can think or ask for in the area of my daughter Destinee. She is on the autism spectrum and really struggling in school she has not made much progress in her academics and in the 6th grade but fuctioning on a 3rd grade level. she has sensory processing issues along with anxiety and now due to bulling in school the doctor said says that she has post tramatic stress disorder and she fears going to school. We are trusting God to have her moved to a new school that will address her academic needs as well anxiety and other issues. My God is able to do all things .

  43. I signed up to do NaNoWriMo – Write a novel in a month. It starts November 1 and I am not able to do this alone. But I feel that God wants me to show women that we can be proactive leaders in our own lives. I say “we” because I am working towards this too. I have not written much fiction and I feel the plot I’ve thought up is not “good enough” and in any case, needs to be plumped up. I want to be a channel for what God wants me to say via this book. Prayers are much appreciated. PRAYING for you, DEENA! 🙂

  44. Also praying for DM, Wendy, Cheryl, and Laverne. Your messages popped up while I was slowly typing.

  45. I KNOW that as I pray through God’s promises he will bring my daughter back home and get her away from the boy and the trouble they seem to be in; she WILL be a renewed Christian.
    I am also praying for you, Susan – remember YOU are “good enough” and God will see you through this.

    • Juana Silva says:

      Tammy believe that God has the control of your daughter’s life. The battle is his. God bless you and fill your heart with his abundantly love.

  46. Juana Silva says:

    I am praying these promises and asking God to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in heal and restore our dead marriage. My children and I believe that God is able to bring Daddy back home.

    • Juana pls read my blog called two banana trees of hope it is at helenyadav.wordpress.com (sorry don’t know how to do a link!) I think it will encourage your faith. It is what I am holding onto in marriage problems. X

  47. Faith confession: say “God is pleased with me and His favor endures for a lifetime” (Psalm 30:5,AMP) Praying favor for all!

  48. I am praying these promises and asking God to bless each and every one of you, that He fulfills all of your individual needs! Amen.

    I am praying these promises and asking God to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in granting me the promotion I am seeking and the refinancing of my home. I am so very grateful for His answering my prayers this past week as a loved one went through surgery and came out healed and whole! Amen.

  49. I am praying these promises and asking God to do immeasurably more than I can think or imagine in my marriage. We have a blended family of 8 children, 4 of which are ours together and still at home. We have been married for 14 years but have struggled on and off for those 14 years. Right now we are in a very difficult time. There is a lot of tension, bitterness and anger. My husband completely shuts down and we don’t communicate. He’s very angry and I don’t know how to love him right now but divorce is absolutely not an option for we. I saw what the divorce from my 1st husband did to my 2 sons and I could not bear to put our 4 children through that. Pray that God would bring healing and he would help us to forgive each other and start to communicate better with each other.

    Juana Silva I will be praying for your marriage as well. God will get us through this.

  50. I am standing on these promises, that God will provide or guide me to a job to provide for my children, being a single mom is new to me to give me strength and wisdom to raise my children and to take care of my elderly parents , to forgive those that have hurt me and be forgive by those I have hurt. I thank you everyday for your unconditional love for me

  51. Dear Lord, I pray for Chris today. Would you please do more than she can ask or imagine according to your power that is at work in her. Lord would you give Chris a heart that forgives and is gracious and full of love toward her husband? Would you please Lord restore this marriage. Will you get this couple the help they need…give them the desire to love you, their families, each other. Lord we trust you to do immeasurably more than we are asking in Jesus’ name, Amen!

    I need help with my weight struggle. I have lost over 30 pounds and was feeling so good. But I am slipping into old habits…eating non-nutritious foods, loading up the carbs, exercising less. I think it has to do with my feelings about my youngest daughter going off to college. I have feelings of grief, fear of loneliness and emptiness as this chapter of actively raising my kids closes. I have a wonderful husband and work that is fulfilling. But facing the end of this part of my life is painful. Stuffing emotions. I know better. But I am feeling powerless right now and need God’s help.

  52. I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in finding a job soon, and keep a roof over my head. Right now Lord I’ve been out of work for the last few months with no income at all coming in. By your graces, you have seen me through so far. But Father God, I want a job so I can take this burden off my shoulder. My rent and bills are so behind. I’m at the risk of being evicted without a place to go. In the name of the Father, amen.

    • I also want to pray for Elise Daly Parker for her struggles with her weight. I too once had a weight problem and know that is hard. Just continue to pray to our Lord and he will see you through the tough times.

  53. Heavenly Father, I lift Shirley’s request for employment and financial needs to be met. God, I believe in the power of your Holy Spirit to do great and mighty things in Shirley’s life in these areas. As someone who experienced homelessness just a few short years ago, I can empathize with her worry; and God I know you do, even more. Lord, I can stand on the solid Rock with great confidence knowing that you will meet Shirley’s needs….you did for me and we all believe you will for her!! God, show your face to Shirley. Use this time as a way for her to grow stronger in you, when you perform these miracles of provision let her not forget how you provided; let her get on her knees and raiser her hands in thanksgiving to how you still perform miracles, usually in ways we would never expect. Lord, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you’ll take care of Shirley, and I also ask that she feels/knows that confident assurance. Give her peace and faith like she’s never experienced. In Jesus Christ HOLY and provisional name,Amen.

    I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in letting go of a relationship. Unfortunately, I have fallen in love with a man that God has not intended for me to and I’ve fallen away from who I am as a believer in Christ. I’ve become comfortable in my sin and I need minute-by-minute strength to let go of him and get back on the path the Lord has set out for me.

  54. Diane, I am praying for you with empathy & understanding that you will have the courage to see yourself as our Heavenly Father & Creator sees you. May you find peace & strength as you re-discover & grasp that He loves you more than any man … and promises you a future & a hope. Praying that you will seek Him with all your heart … & rejoicing that He will be found by you. He is faithful to His Word.

    Renee, I’m praying for sweet Aster’s developmental progression … & for you … as you navigate these years of wonder, uncertainty & blessing. Being called to this journey is a gift to be mined … praying for you with understanding & love. I’m *so* grateful for how you have blessed my life in this last week. <3

    Today, I need extra strength as I parent my special children & work through a very turbulent time with an ill husband … and extra confidence to believe God over my circumstances.

  55. I am praying for a dear friend of mine who is facing challenges at home and at work. She is discouraged and tired. I just hope her faith doesn`t fail her. She sure could use some hope and encouragement. She is also depressed and finding it hard to get out of bed. I just pray that I say and do the right things for her. I give this to my Lord and pray for his wisdom.

  56. Lord, bless Kathy as she encourages and loves her friend through a rough time. Give her strength and help her know you are there.
    I am asking for continued strength as I take care if my husband following a stroke, my daughter with cystic fibrosis and all the other daily tasks. I pray for peace regarding the future and our finances as well as the endurance to lovingly care for my family. God has carried me many times over the last 2 years, and need to continue knowing He is still there.
    Joy is not the absence of suffering, but the presence of the Lord….. Give me joy!

  57. Father God; I pray that you will do immeasurably more than one could ask or imagine in Tammy’s circumstance. I pray You will strengthen her to care for her family’s many needs; I pray You grant her Your peace and Your joy when she looks ahead with hope to the future You have planned for her.

    We are making college preparations and decisions for our senior daughter (and firstborn!). I ask prayer for discernment, clarity, and steady emotions. Thank you for your blessing of prayer!

    And thank you, Renee, for providing opportunity for this sisterhood community to encourage and pray for one another. (Praying for you, too!) P.S. LOVE the graphic!

  58. This is the verse I claimed for my son this fall as he left for a university six hours from home.! He is not walking with Jesus – he is rejecting the Savior that dearly adores him and offers him grace and hope and acceptance.

    I pray for Debbra who is also getting ready to send her daughter off to college. I pray that you would generously give them discernment as to where she would “fit”. Give them clarity to see long term, not just the bells and whistles that you can become overwhelmed with on college tours. And Lord, steady their emotions as they anticipate saying a temporary goodbye and knowing that their relationship will change.

  59. I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in my relationship with my son and husband that we can lift one another up and be more edifying and less critical.

    Lord I pray for Laurie’s son that is at a university six hours from home.! Give her comfort to know that ,although her son is rejecting you, you still wait with open arms to welcome him. Grant him grace as he finds his way to you. Provide people in his life that will be a positive influence and show him the love you have to offer and the forgiveness that is available to him. I ask this in your precious name. Amen.

    • I’m praying God’s promises and asking Him to do immeasurably more than I can think or imagine in my emotional health. I am struggling with anxiety. I need the peace of God to wash over me to help me to rest in His promises and be confident that He is in control and that I do not have to worry about my future.

      Terri, I’m praying for your relationship with your son and your husband. I’m also praying for all the women who have posted today.

  60. I am praying God’s promises for Renee& every woman that posted a comment & that God’s possibilities are released into our impossiblities. When I started reading the posts I thought my problems were so significant.s but I realized how blessed & grateful I am for His Grace im praying these promises over me to help me to rest in His Sovereignty, not my anxieties. That I have the courage to now face the giants in my life press beyond past hurts from others, relationships & church hurt. I’m praying these promises that God shows me now how to live life abundantly & how to release myself from unforgiveness of myself. Im tird of just existing I want to live again in wholeness.

  61. I am praying for you CW, you are loved by God. May you hear His voice in you, helping you deal with those serious problems of being hurt by others.
    I am requesting prayer about my resentment and anger issues that others get taken care of – and the anxiety I have that I won’t be taken care of. And that my dear son will walk with Jesus.

  62. Hi, Renee and everyone here!

    I am praying for you, your family and your awesome ministry of love and hope. This message came in my email at God’s appointed time. Have never been so tired and discouraged as I have this past week. Usually upbeat and hopeful in my daily life, but am experiencing such an attack from all sides!
    I have been struggling with some dark thoughts as well, imposed on me by the enemy of our souls having to do with broken relationships the last 2 years plustrying to take care of my prevcious Mama on my own. I am a single woman who, too, has experienced broken relationships with young men I thought were believers, only to be hurt and heartbroken by their actions. I am a true, old fashioned Southern girl who still waits upon the Lord for that special man who won’t break my heart and trust again! I want to have my own family and let my mama see this happen in my life. I feel especially led to pray for Shauna and Karen here that the Holy Spirit will send His comfort and peace as we put one foot in front of the other some days! Please pray for me that my “heavy hands” and broken heart will soon be healed and that my mama receives a healing for memory issues and that she will be whole again and back ministering and loving on everyone she meets! The natural world says give up, but we serve a mighty supernatural God! He’s always on time!

  63. I pray dear God that you would send your Holy Spirit to comfort Karen. Release all anger and anxiety from her. Lord replace it with peace and strength and wisdom. Amen.

    I am praying God’s promises and asking him to do immeasurable things for my son Jaylon. Release all frustration and anxiety from him Lord. Pleas Lord help my 8 yr old overcome his challenges of lack of self control, ADD, anxiety. Lord help the doctors to get his diagnosis correct. Lord help me to set my finances in order to make the moves necessary to support him. I am contemplating changing jobs to be at home with Jay especially if the diagnosis ends up to be Aspergers. Lord I ask all these in your name. Amen.

  64. Prayers for Lisa Father that your strength, love and power will guide her as she deals with Doctors and the diagnosis of her Sons condition. Please grant them both your peace and comfort as they walk together with you through this Season. Remind us Lord often of your GREAT love care and concern over every aspect of our lives.

    Lord, I pray that you will,once again help me as I am having issues at work. This is a very stressful time with lots of new task to learn, lack of training and a overwhelming feeling of stress to do so much with people leaving, going on vacatons etc to leave me alone to do a job i am not trained properly for. I need
    your help Father to hang on. Please show me your will and calm my heart.

  65. Chris Fitzsimmons says:

    I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in my Sons family situation. I’m standing on Gods written Word over the situations my Son is facing, I declare LORD YOU ARE THE FATHER OF THE FATHERLESS, NO WEAPON FORGED AGAINST HIM WILL PROSPER, WHAT IS MEANT FOR HARM LORD YOU WILL TURN AROUND FOR GOOD, EVERY MEMBER OF THIS HOUSEHOLD WILL SERVE THE HOUSE OF THE LORD, iSAIAH 65:25 Lord is Your Promise to me, Your Word and TRUTH Lord is my ALL. I leave it in Your hands and know in my heart Lord THY WILL WILL BE DONE Amen.
    God’s abundant Blessings and Love always
    Chris xo____________________________.

  66. I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in the lives and futures of those in my immediate family. He’s already done so much, and I trust that He will continue to show His faithfulness to my husband and my kids.

    I will be praying for your son’s situation as I pray over my own sons this week. God’s power is stronger than the toughest stronghold. May His peace be with your mama’s heart in this situation.

    Thanks for this post. I always love the short, sweet, let’s pray for each other blogs! 😉


    • Lord I want to raise Suzanne and her family up to you and pray that you continue to shower your strength and grace upon those around her. I pray that you surround her family with witnesses of your Word and that you give Suzanne the peace that passes all understanding and continue to shine your light in all of their lives. Thank you for what you have done and what you will do.

      Lord, I pray for continued strength as my court date approaches. I pray that you can restore the communication and the loss between my daughter and myself due to the actions of her father and the misleading ideas put into her mind; I pray that the truth is revealed.

  67. Lord, I pray that you will work in my daughters heart that you will open her eyes to see that we love her, and to have the desire to come back home to be with her family. I just ask that you will heal her heart from the trauma that she experienced and that our family will be filled with enough love, patience and kindess to help her heal and build strong positive relationships. Please keep her safe, and guide her in all decisions.

  68. Lakeeia Greene says:

    I am praying this for every area of my life right now. I am in a Wilderness Experience right now. My sisters please keep me lifted in prayer.

    • Lakeeia,
      I can completely appreciate where you are on your journey. Keep looking forward, there is an oasis up ahead!!

  69. Renee,
    My husband and I are going through the Financial Peace University at church right now and I am overwhelmed with the process. Your email is right in line with how Lord has been speaking to me concerning this area of our lives. He has been encouraging me to believe and have faith even if my faith is only as big as a mustard seed!! Therefore, I too am, and will be praying these promises, believing and not doubting, that God has a plan, a purpose and a way through/over/moving this mountain!

  70. After a marriage of 37 yrs I faced a devastating divorce. Everything was taken away from me and my son and we were basically thrown into the streets and 90% of the hidden debt my husband created, including attorneys fees was dumped on me. My son’s money was stolen as well and this was done to us by a man who was once the best father and husband. In order to survive I moved in with my sister and her husband and had to leave my son behind. My son has been laid off work and needs nothing short of a miracle as well. I am trusting the Lord for HIS provisions for both of us and more than we could ever hope or believe for — you ask why — because I know my God and my Savior and He loves us more than I can hope for and He is true to HIs word and Faithful, Wonderful Counselor, Almighty God is He. May He receive all the glory and honor in these broken vessels.
    Thank you for your words of encouragement ! Sharon

  71. I praying these promises for my marriage which has been broken from day 1(only by the grace and mercy of God I am still married and have been for 5 years now but far from wonderful years) and for healing and restoration within my marriage and my family. I am also praying for Sharon above. I know God is able and all things are possible with him.

  72. To give my anxiety of completing my CASA ( court appointed child advocate for abused & neglected children) training this week. Also to have faith that God will provide, if its his will, to raise enough money to go on a mission trip this coming feb to uganda.

    • dmb-God has given you this dream in your heart because he has given it to you. It is His will when he’s breathed it into your heart and soul. I want to encourage you to read one of the most amazing books I’ve ever read, Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick. He teaches you to pray audaciously and stepping out of your comfort and making your God-Given dreams reality! I am praying as I type that you find this book and order it, that you will read it and that God will show you that this is your life-mission and that you own with all your heart and soul. God can never give too much you can’t handle and that He is ALWAYS with you. May the Lord continue to use you to further His Kingdom and to be a light to those who are in need. Know that God loves you and so do I for you are my sister in Christ.

  73. I am struggling with a drinking problem and I live in an area where work is scarce. I am greatful that my my sister emailed your 7 day devotional to me. It was God’s timing and has been a blessing. Praying for everyone to have faith. We are not alone. Thank-you Lord.

  74. Help me Lord to believe with you for miracles in the area of my children, grandchildren, finances, and health. All of the above literally need miracles. But that is your challenge Lord.. I am facing utility shutoffs this week, with no provision capable from my own hands…my car engine blew last year and there has been no ability to replace it even with an older used car…. my children need healing from divorces, and my grandchildren need the same. After my eldest grandchild came home from a short term missions trip, all of the warfare of the other kingdom has come upon her and she needs your help to choose you and your ways. Please help her to make Godly choices… to leave the public school she is in and go back to homeschooling… to start surrounding herself with Godly friends again ..to know who she is in you Lord…. to deliver my grandson from the home of his evil father… please open up a Christian Ranch or program that will allow him to stay for a few months to re establish in his life the parameters of Godliness , love, and respect that will help him to become all of whom you created him to be… for a form of healing of my inoperable spinal tumors eating through my spine, and the heart probs, that will allow me to continue on in this life… for your purpose and Glory Lord!

    JW~ God is with you in this struggle and will help you… He only needs your willing heart. He hears your prayers. He knows your heartache and burdens…He wants you to know you are complete in Him! I will ask Him to lift you up in our hearts whenever you need it.. which only He knows… Rest assured your family in Christ will be holding you up in prayer!

    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  75. I am praying Jesus that you will intervene in the lives of Matthew 19 and Marc 17, my sons. They have left my home because of drugs and rebelliousness. Living with my ex husband who hates me and my family. I pray Jesus, you will go after their hearts and defeat the stronghold of addiction/rebelliousness in their lives. I know you are after them. Lord, I am broken hearted and need your strength and comfort. It’s more than I can handle and I know you will carry me.

    I Love You Lord.

    • Lord Jesus, I lift up dmc and her sons Matthew and Marc to you, I stand in agreement with her prayers that you would rescue these young men with the power of your Love. Jesus set them free from the trap Satan has set for them through drugs, addiction, and anything that is keeping them from turning their hearts to you alone our Savoir and Redeemer. Jesus nothing is too difficult for you. In the power of Your Name and through healing blood You spilled out on our behalf, come to their rescue. Break the chains that bind them, thwart the enemies schemes, break them, boldly confront their sin and bring them to their knees before You where they can be made whole.

      Father, God of all comfort, wrap your peace and comfort around this momma’s heart that is aching so deeply. You know her pain. Be her strength and her Shield. Be her refuge and her Fortress. You are her God – her Rock and Redeemer – Her strong Tower. She runs to you and she is safe. Calm her fears and help her trust You more than anything. In Jesus’ Name, amen!!

  76. I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in our unborn baby’s life. He or she was a HUGE shock in our lives but a miracle from God above. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and the doctor told me that it would be at least a year before we could try again due to my body healing itself through eating a gluten-free diet. I am overwhelmed with emotions because we are struggling financially and we already have an amazing 2 year old son who also was a miracle. He was born 4 weeks after my mother passed away suddenly in her sleep. Lord I need your love and strength right now as I live each day with this new life forming in my womb. God, I know there are no mistakes and that you have gone before me and planned out my life for me God. Transform my emotions from shock and fear to excitement and enjoyment of this new life my love and I have created through our love. I am so grateful for the life you’ve given to me and the paths I’ve chosen Lord for they have made the woman that I am today. You are my rock and my shield, my redeemer and my strong tower! I love thee Lord Oh I love thee!!! I ask audaciously in your son’s most gracious name, My Jesus, Amen!!!!

  77. Love4mom1 says:

    I’m trusting God to show me a way that I can retire from my job, I have a desire to stay at home with my children and the time never seems to be right, worry and concern over finances always seems to come to mind, but If I would walk by faith and not by sight and actually make a move I know God will meet me there and He will supply all my needs. I’m trusting and believing that my exit plan from my job of 22.5 years is soon approching and I claim I will be financially set and not have to worry about my finances, this has been a prayer for years and years of mine, it was placed in my heart and it has to come to pass, and I believe it will in Jesus name.

  78. Karen Seigh says:

    I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in my job. I always feel behind, like I will never catch up. I feel very inadequate when I miss deadlines due the projects that get dropped on me at the last minute. Am I feeling this way because God does not really want me in this job? I find myself wishing for another job where I can work with people one on one. I do not feel like what I do is making a difference. 🙁

  79. I am praying God’s promise and asking him to do immeasurably more then I can think to imagine in the lives of my boys- jw, mr and al. They are in a confusing place right now questioning dating and sex and marriage. I pray that God speaks to them and shows them the way. And God, give me strength in leading them… I can’t do this alone. Help me know the right thing to say and when to say it. Help my boys to know that the ways of the world are not alway Your ways. Please speak to their hearts and help them to remain true to themselves and their families. Keep them pure and innocent. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Thank you Jesus for mk. Lord please speak to the hearts of her boys. I pray they would passionately seek after You and purify their hearts. Show them the blessings of Your ways, the protection and joys you have for them in Your plan and Your ways. I know you are able to do immeasureably more than my prayers to You today in their lives.

      Lord I also ask you to do immeasurably more than I ask or think regarding my healing, my family and our needs and hopes and dreams. Let Your will be done. Thank You Jesus! In Jesus Name.

  80. heather sumey says:

    Just what I needed to hear in this moment. I’m so grateful for the message you shared today!

  81. Daughter of Destiny says:

    I’m praying in God’s will to be healthy & wealthy according to his word! I’m asking God to stretch forth his mighty hand of blessings in my life, because I’m putting the spiritual law of giving & receiving in operation in order to be in harmony with God’s word! Hallelujuah!!!! I’m praying for all the people that posted the comments that I have read! Please be assured that God is working in your behalf right now! He promised never to leave you, nor forsake you! We must always hold on to God’s unchanging hand! No matter how the situation looks, or how the body feels, stay focused on God, he will deliver right on time!

  82. I’m praying that God will do immeasurably more than I could think or imagine in my family. My parents marriage is hanging on by a thread, after 29 years! I refuse to believe after all those years it will end like this! And my brother and sister both looking for work/careers. In Jesus name my family will be put back together and will be blessed and prosperous! Also my own finances, praise God He has been my supplier & provider for my 5 year marriage and for my two beautiful kids, I’m so thankful! I’m praying for wisdom in handling our finances, also to be debt free! Thank You Jesus!

    Praying for all these women leaving comments, God supply every need according to Your riches in glory!! and I thank You now Jesus for answering ALL of our prayers!

  83. I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in my finances and for the sale of our home. I am a single mother of 3 adult children, the oldest thru college, living at home w/ a good job which I am very thankful for (I know in this day and age that is truly a blessing) and my other 2 are both in college. I am within 4 months of losing our home that I have had on the market for almost 3 years after my ex husband of 7 years walked out on. In the last 3 years I have incurred so much debt trying to keep a roof over our heads as well as our other needs. I have watched the retirment that I had dwindle down to nothing in those three years and I am having a really hard time understanding why God would allow everything that is going on…..I do believe that God will take care of us as he always has in the past, but it is so hard not to worry and wonder what will happen if we do not sell the house in the next couple of months. Thankfully I was raised in a christian home and I have tried to raise my own children to know that God will always provide for our needs. I pray for peace and understanding in all of this and for God to bring a buyer for our house.

  84. I’m praying these promises and asking God to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in my life. I am a new Christian and like a child the more I hear about the goodness of Jesus the more I want to know (experience). I want the peace that surpasses all understanding. I want to hear Gods voice. And I want God to work in and through me. Since I have opened my heart and mind to truly serve him many obstacles have become present on my job and in my home. I am grateful for my girlfriends in God and my encouragement for today devotions(Proverbs 31 ministries) because whatever I am facing at that moment these readings always have a way of showing me the Godly way of handling the situation, and gives me scriptures to support what they are speaking on. I would like to encourage everyone to go to biblegateway.com and read these two devotions for yourselves. .

  85. TM, I am praying with you that God meets all of your needs and the needs of your family. I pray that he heals what has been broken. Although I am a new Christian I thank God that he continues to reach for us. Looking back over my life, there were storms that I didn’t understand. Today I am so grateful for those storms because I see that God meant them all for my good. Be encouraged

  86. I’m praying God’s promises and asking HIM to do immeasurably more than I can think of or imagine in the lives of my 4 oldest children who do not follow the Lord.

    • Lorna, I pray along with you that God would surprise the socks off of you with how He introduces Himself and enters the lives of your four children. I pray that as this comes about, you would become closer as a family and they would learn of the deep truth of why you love Jesus so much. I pray that it would strike them, the way you are focusing on Him, and that it would spark in them a desire to do the same, even if they have no idea why they have this desire.

      Lord, I pray the same for my family- my parents and brother who have never known you. I pray that this Advent season You would surprise the socks off of ME by how abundantly clear it is that you ARE working in their lives drawing them closer to you. I pray that I can be a part of this, but I pray for the humility to remember that it is ONLY by YOUR grace that I was and am saved, and that apart from You I can do nothing. Remind me of this as I become aware of how You are working in my family’s lives. Bless my socks off. Humble me. Bring me to Your feet in adoration once again. Help me to lay all my sin and anguish, reluctance to Your will, and pain and sorrow at Your feet. Help me to truly live a life called out by You, without fear, and with irresistible excitement.

      Lord, I also pray you would humbly bless my socks off regarding my art business. I pray You would strip me of all pretentions surrounding it, and fully focus me on You in the purpose of it. I pray many lives would be blessed this Christmas through anything Your Holy Spirit inspires me to do. Thank you Jesus for the beauty of Your blessings and gifts upon us. May we not take them for granted. And may we be aware of Your call to us to work for Your Kingdom on this earth, and may You make people ever-aware, around the world, that the harvest is here, the time is ripe, and the time for acknowledging You, surrendering to You, and drawing others to You is NOW.



      • Lord, I am praying these promises and that you would do immeasurably more than we can think or imagine in the art business Sarah has. I praying that you would bless may people through her work.

        Lord, I also praying for your direction in the new career and business that I am in. I pray that you will do immeasurably more than I can ask or imagine. I pray that you would rid me of the paralysis of fear and indecision. I pray that you would let the right opportunities become more apparent and that others would fail. Lord, please continue to refine me thru this process.

        Lord, I pray that more people would know that this is a time of acknowledging you, surrendering to you, and drawing others to you. This has also been on my heart Sarah.

        I pray all of this in your precious son’s name. Amen.

  87. If you need prayer, sometimes it’s how we pray or what we declare that determines the outcome.

    I agree. Please check out my blog on this empowering subject.


  88. I am asking and beleving that God can and will do immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine in the area of the relationship with my daughter and husband,and that the friction and frustration of sports will dissapear in the name of Jesus.

  89. jesus forgive me for been avoiding all this time and forgive me for a;; my mistakes i did to waeds you and wards the other, jesus guide me what to do about my relationship with daria, is been hard been away from her im missing her every second, forgive me for not feeling her need, and bless everyone and us ,Amen

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