Talking Trash VS. Talking Truth

Satan loves when we feel inadequate and insecure. He’s good at getting us to believe we’re not good enough and don’t have what it takes to be used by God.

But we don’t have to let him trash us the way he does – and we definitely don’t need to keep agreeing with his lies and trashing ourselves.  

In my P31 devotion today – How to Stop Trashing Yourself – I share how I caught myself trashing my confidence one day, and how God challenged me to stop throwing away all that is mine in Christ – by believing and living in the truth of His thoughts about me.

Have you ever been there? If so, I’ve got  a short video message I created for Confident Heart book study that will equip and empower you to stop talking trash and start talking truth to your heart:

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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. I need a confident boost because I am raising two daughters in what until recently was a secure environment. I personally need it to boost my own confidence from the recent affair with a close family member that my husband had. We are currently working through it. I need the confidence to pass along to my girls.

  2. I love to learn to be more confident in my life & my relationship with Christ.

  3. Jamie Morrel says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I truly needed to hear this. Been going through some things the last few months where I have lost some of my confidence and securites.

  4. I work hard to instill confidence in my kids, but with myself, I do more “trash talk” than truth. I need to work on ME and remember that I am God’s child, and as my Father, he gives me confidence.

    • I read your article in the daily encouragement from ps 31 and it spoke right to my heart. I love that you are focusing on the issues of self doubt, as I know so many of us struggle with this. I, personally, have been battling a series of doubts for months now. I am trying to overcome the biggest obstacle I have ever faced in my life, and the challenge puts doubt of my ability into place. It’s not that I don know that God is right beside me to help me get through it, but I can’t seem to shake those thoughts of insufficiency out of my mind. I just need continued strength through prayer and devotion to build the confidence that is rightfully promised to me as a daughter of God!

  5. Andrea Stricklen says:

    I need a confidence boost because I am struggling as a friend, a daughter and a wife. The season of life I am in is finding me trying to juggle what I used to feel pretty confident in, however, lately I seem to be disappointing those I am trying to love well. There doesn’t seem to be enough time in my day to meet needs or maybe I have just forgotten how to prioritize. Either way, my confidence is shaken and I find I am anxious about what used to bring me great joy.

  6. i need confident boost cause i ordered it and it never arrived. and also i read the first two chapters and they was a real connection. im a pastor’s wife and i do lack confidence when i have to be at the pulpit and share the word of God. i think these book can boost me up and give me confidence to find the inner me. im in Botswana, Africa. i really need the book.

  7. I have been unemployed for quite a while and my confidences has taken a beating,; perhaps your book will help me to elevate my confidence.

  8. I recently heard about your book through a friend. I have three daughters and a son and would love to be able to teach them to live confidently through Christ. I struggle to overcome those voices from the past and to listen clearly to that Voice of Truth.

  9. I have ACH and have done an online study. If I won the the gift pack I would pass it on to a friend (I already know who!).

  10. Sandy Kidwell says:

    I am still trying to find my confidence after an abusive relationship in my teens & a divorce. I have remarried and I have 2 daughters that I want to be able to show how to be more confident in their lives so that they do not fall into the same traps and patterns that I did. I have your Confident Heart book and I am slowly trying to find the time to read it. So, far I am just in the first few chapters and it really speaks to me. I want to get this for my Mom also because I feel like it would help her. Thank you for sharing with us.

  11. Would love to have your book, seems each post I read on Facebook directly hits home!

  12. i’d like to win this not for myself but for my bestfreind/sister…she has been i a really bad relationship for about 3+ years and has tried to leave him 5+ time… but he always talks her into coming back. she afraid she wont find anything better.. this man is 47 and she is only 25….. she really needs a confidence boost ,she need to realize she deserves better and God has better if she would just trust Him…..i think your book could help her out…

  13. Jenifer Irwin says:

    I need a confidence boost because I am a single mom of 1 kid in college and 2 kids in high school and I am really struggling right now with balance and just feeling like I am not doing the best job at all of this!! It really plays into your confidence level daily when it is only you to do everything and be everything to everyone and sometimes I just totally fail I feel like.

  14. I am more than a little socially awkward and tend to ruin friendships before they begin. I sorely under-employed and live with my mother (I’m in my mid-30s). Itseems like the only thing I’m good at is making mistakes. I know I’m loved by God, but life gets real lonely.

  15. I could use a confidence boost pack because so often it is difficult to listen to God’s whispers over the noise of the world. I’ve longed to read your book, but rarely have the opportunity to get anything for myself, and have not been able to find it at the library. If I do win the confidence boost, I would love to share it and pass it along to another in need of this message of God’s love, or maybe even donate it to the local library.

  16. I’m going through a time where I’m exhausted in my ministry and my confidence is nearly gone. I have been praying…and praying…and this morning especially- and what do I get but the devotional you sent along with all the info on this book- the LORD hears and is generous and I’m so grateful! It sounds like this is just what He wants to tell me. And Starbucks is the perfect place to read!!

  17. Hi! I will be honest I do trash talk myself sometimes but I have a copy of your book on my kindle fire & am glad I do!

    However, I have a sister who is having some very real & extreme trials right now. She could really use some encouragement. If I win the gift pack I would encourage her by giving the pack to her. Just to let her know I care & that God loves her right where she is at-struggles & all!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  18. You know, when I saw this post on Proverbs31 Ministries, it dawned on me that I trade truth for the lies all the time…and without realizing I’m doing it. It’s my defense mechanism of sorts. i’m very excited for your online study that will be starting in October, as God is speaking to my heart, moving in me, to continue to strive to exchange the lies that I have made a part of my life for the truth that God more than desires to be my whole life.

  19. i really need a lot of confident boost. My husband was arrested in July of 2012 for charges i know he wasn’t guilty of and he is still in jail waiting a trial, he was a pastor of our church. It has been a very hard year for me and my two daughters. i lost my job at the same time because i worked at the same place as my husband and he was the supervisor, so they no longer needed me. I have been working a few temporary jobs but can’t find permanent work, i have alot of health problems with no insurance. I do thank Jesus for being there for me each and everyday, i thank him for my salvation and i want to continue to do is will in my life but lately i just feel so worthless, down and discouraged.

  20. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. I’d love to win the “Confidence Boost” gift pak to give to my daughter-in-law. She and my son are struggling in their marriage and I can see that she lacks in the confidence she needs as a woman and as a mom to go through this rough patch alone. Please also help me in praying for them. My son needs God in his life.

  21. Melissa Fordyce says:

    As a mom of 9 I am in need of the confidence that God has entrusted these blessings to me & with him I am able to do all things with the strength only he can provide . It’s hard not to feel inadequate as a young mom with a large family but I must remember Satan is a liar ! It’s ironic that Starbucks is my one indulgence & that is part of your giveaway!

  22. I feel that I need the book a Confident Heart becuase I still struggle with an affair that my husband had almost 7 years ago. I feel that it is a struggle still becuase he conceived a child out of the affair and kept it hidden until his other child was 3, which is the same age as our youngest child that we have together. It absolutely has destroyed our family. We have 3 children together and I had a child before I met my husband, we have been married for 13 years and I just can’t comprehend why he would do something so devasting to our family. Our marriage was already on the rocks, but this just blew it under the ground. The hard thing is that he still hasn’t been completely honest about it. I would think what could I have done for him not to step out of our marriage. We made vows and how could he break those vows.. Our marriage now is like live in room mates, not husband and wife. I started going to church almost 3 years ago and it has helped, but I still have those doubts about myself. I feel this book would be really helpful to me. It’s not that I don’t trust in GOD but I am one of those people who gives my problem to GOD and then take it back. So, I can’t fully move past this.

    • Tricia Crisanti says:

      Please go to this website for standing for your marriage. God can restore it to what He intended it to be from the beginning.
      Love and God Bless,

    • Rosemary, thank u for sharing this and I’m sorry u have been going through such trying times. I certainly can relate to some of the things u have and r experiencing. I don’t know the Bible inside/out but I do know that God loves u and I, and if we turn to him he will comfort us through anything. I am a firm believer that anything is possible through Christ our Savior and even a torn marriage – don’t give up just yet, forgiving is sometimes an extremely hard thing to do but what helps me is that I keep telling myself if God forgives me for all my sins I most certainly can do the same to the ones who have caused me pain/sorrow. May ur family be blessed.

  23. Cheryl Hess says:

    I could spend time and list my resons like the others, that are all worthy reasons, but i’m not. I just need a more confident heart.. Please pray with me that I can find one.

  24. Compared to most people my story isnt that bad. So honestly I will
    say I would just really like to have this book so I can learn more on this
    subject. I would like to offer prayers for each one of you who have commented.
    I pray that Gid will bless you and keep you all safe on all your journeys.
    God bless you all.

  25. I need a confidence boost because in January my husband left our home and has not returned. I am praying for the restoration of my marriage, but sure could use an extra boost of confidence that I will be ok through all of this. Thank you for your devotionals…they are a big help!!

  26. I would love to win this “confidence boost!” I think that this is one of the areas that many of us women deal with and I am excited to see that you are ministering to all of us about it. I have sisters, a mom, and friends who could all benefit from your book. I think winning it would help me as well as them, as we could read through it together and help boost each others confidence and our own!

  27. I believe I have struggled with insecurities and lack of confidence in my abilities my whole life. Now, as I try to work each day and raise two little boys, I find the demons haunt me more than ever. I would love to overcome this stronghold on my life.

  28. I have always struggled with feelings of inadequacy. Always felt “beneath” others or not good enough. Your devotions help me tremendously!!! Thank you so much for sharing your insight. It’s much needed.

  29. I have previously been a part of the 7 Day Doubt Diet and absolutely loved it. I still however need a confidence boost, mainly because I feel so unworthy of God’s grace. I can never repay Him for what He did on the Cross. Thank you for your encouragement and sharing God’s word.

  30. I’d like to win because my homeschool mom’s group is reading your book this year. We start in October and I haven’t bought it yet! I talked both of the mom’s groups into reading it after checking out your facebook page!

  31. I like most women grew up having absolutely no confidence; now that I’m an adult and thinking about having my own kids I’m working on having Christ centered confidence in and through Him. I think your book would be an awesome encouragement and would help me to grow even more.

  32. I grew up having little confidence as I was raised believing that I had to be the best in everything and anything less would be failure. I have had to learn that what counts is that I just do my best….it’s the attitude that counts, not the accomplishment. I always need to be reminded that my confidence comes from God and need to continually pass that along to my daughters.

  33. Kelly Whiddon says:

    Hi, I would really like to win a copy of this book. I have struggled with self confidence all my life- I still struggle with feelings of not being good enough, smart enough, popular enough (I feel like I am easily forgotten by people so if I see them out and about after meeting them, I won’t say hi as I’m afraid they wont have a clue who I am). I’ve made some mistakes recently which have really caused me to be even more down on myself- I am bombarded by the negative voices in my head. I am thankful for these recent struggles though as it is really strengthening my relationship with the Lord.
    I see a lot of myself in my oldest daughter (9years old) and I really want to learn how to help her overcome this and grow into a confident woman. I know this will be so helpful for me as well as my family. Thanks for your consideration! 🙂

  34. I would love to feel more that i am truly a gift from God, & that my past mistakes do not change His thoughts of me- through bible study & reading His word, i’m coming closer to this understanding- i would love a chance to feel more confident in my journey with Him- thank you-

  35. I was raised by a single mom because my father abandoned us for drugs and other women. I’ve struggled my whole life with feeling good enough, like I had what it took. I found security in worldly things. As I’m in my first year of marriage I have relied heavily upon Jesus and he has helped me but I am definitely making some imperfect progress. I have a heart for teenage girls that are going through the same issues because today this is so common. These girls are the next generation of women and I have yet to meet one that has confidence. So as a young woman I am here to do God’s will and teach these girls that they have a purpose and that God is going to make something beautiful out of the pain they should not have had to go through.

  36. I love this book! It is so awesome! I actually gave away my copy to a very good friend in a care package who had been feeling very down and I was hopeful it would help her like it had me. I am getting better at talking truth rather than trash but I still have a long way to go! I would love to win this book again so that I could re read it! Thank you Renee for writing this book!

  37. Caroline Mburu says:

    I need a confidence boost because I tend to let other peole make decisions for me & thrn end resenting them & myself

  38. Deborah Allen says:

    I haven’t read this book-but would love to! I am a military spouse who is just recently seperated from him, as he ministers to soldiers overseas. I opted to stay in the states, and share our home with my two mid-20’s daughters. As a minister’s wife, and a chaplain’s wife, it is easy to appear to be confident on the outside, but really be scared on the inside. I would love to be able to boost my confidence and encourage my daughters. This book sounds like the confidence builder resource I need to live ans serve God.

  39. I had permanent birth control surgery, but am now 6 months pregnant with our 4th child. I feel guilt, and shame for putting more pressure on my husband and having more children that we can’t afford. My husband is working odd jobs that are demeaning to make ends meet. I lost my job 3 years ago and I’m still afraid to re-enter the workforce. I’d love to stay home but my husband needs the support. We’ve talked of separation, but I refuse to give up. I don’t mean to sound faithless, and hormones may be somewhat to blame. I trust God, I really do. But I KNOW He requires action from me that I’m currently to scared to take. Could really use the boost, thank you!

  40. Becky Daniels says:

    I must get this book! I lost my job earlier this summer and I have been fighting the doubts of my ability to do my job. Actually I have had a life long struggle with self confidence and this sounds like such an encouraging book! I am so glad I discovered Proverbs 31 website. Praise the Lord!

  41. Lelsey Morris says:

    I heard you on 88.3 on Word Radio this morning (Maryland)! I was right with you in everything you said. It was ministering to my heart. Thank you. Looking forward to reading the book.

  42. Joan Narron Hardy says:

    So enjoyed reading the book! Thank you !

  43. Deborah Grizzard says:

    I would love to share your “Confident Heart” book and gift pak with my daughter. She does not have a Confident Heart right now. She is being deceived by satan to believe that she has no value. But she is valuable to me. Depression at times is more than I can watch her go thru. She is a blessing to me in that she never gives up. I am a call Minister of God, and I am seeking Him thru whatever source to open her eyes to His Wonder and His Grace. She was in a car accident that changed her life. She was in nursing school and had to stop. She now has a rebuilt right ankle, with a plate across her foot; rod and pins are in her left leg from the knee down to the ankle. She is my champion, and this is why I would love to have the “Confidence Boost” gift pak.

    • Michelle DeLaHunt says:

      You made me think of how my mom must feel about me. Your daughter is blessed to have you for a mom! Keep lifting her before the throne. May she be set free!

  44. I need confidence and I need direction. During the day it is constant accusations. On and off all day long the message is I don’t measure up. Some days are better than others but lately it has been horrendous. I know I need to take the focus off what is said to me and put the light and focus on myself and on the truth and on what is real. It is exhausting.

    • Michelle DeLaHunt says:

      I can relate Barb and I pray that God will show you His truth and how He sees you. You are His precious treasure, His delight even. He loves you.

  45. Christi Giamanco says:

    I have struggled with confidence issues since I was very little. I had thought I was over it until I started applying for jobs at the same time my boyfriend went away for college. I am a certified athletic trainer. I received an amazing education at both Azusa Pacific University (bachelors) and University of Southern California (masters) and I have been practicing as an athletic trainer for three years now. Despite my God blessed education and my experience I doubt my qualifications to work at the University level. I also find myself arguing with the devil a lot when it comes to my self confidence in relationships. This doubt brings out the worst in me and I need to learn how to overcome it. It would be such a blessing to receive this book.

  46. Tricia Crisanti says:

    I am about to turn 50 this year and you would think I would have gotten this confidence thing by now. It is a daily struggle and I know who the enemy is, Satan. He knows me better than I know myself and knows all the buttons to push to get a response from me that does not bring God honor and glory. It’s getting better daily and with Christ’s help, it will continue to get better. I would love to win this give away and be able to share it with a friend who can truly benefit from it.
    Thanks and God Bless,
    Tricia NKT

  47. On such a pot hole filled journey right now. It’s so easy to allow the enemy to pull me into the dark place of inadequacy…. and yet I know without a doubt I am called to the journey! Would love this tool of encouragement!
    Love this ministry!

  48. Jena Rathbun says:

    Thanks Renee. I have been learning who I am in Christ and I am seeing how important knowing this truth is. In my own strength I am weak and continually mess up, but In Christ I am a conquerer and I have His strength to make me strong. I thank you for sharing with women this truth that God shined into your life. I look forward to growing in this that I may glorify my savior.

  49. I need a confidence boost because I’m scared to take the next step. God has given me a vision for my future and put some wonderful things to share in my heart, but He hasn’t been clear what the very next step is. So while I want to follow His perfect will for my life, I get caught up in the “perfect” part and get fearful of taking the wrong step so sometimes (like now) I take no step.

  50. I am trying to learn to live “new” in an abusive relationship. One in which everything “me” has always been bad, wrong or sinful. I heard you on the radio this morning and was dumbfounded by the things you said about learning to believe in yourself and the gifts God has given you. Not only that but the male announcer agreed with you!! I was so shocked that I called my best friend and told her and then found time today to come to your site. Book or no book. Thank you for speaking truth today. I don’t know if I believe it yet, but thank you.

  51. Michelle DeLaHunt says:

    So, I shared with a friend a couple days ago that I have been struggling with depression again. I usually don’t let anyone know (though it’s hard to hide from my husband 🙂 ). I let her in to my world and asked for her prayers. She was so gracious. She listened and prayed and suggested that I take a sheet I paper and write down all the lies I am believing. Then, through that same pen ask God to give me His response and His truth to write down next to those lies. I put off doing it. Today while I was making breakfast my husband asked how I was doing. The tears started flowing as I proceeded to tell him all the ways I was currently beating myself up. After he left for work I decided to try out my friends suggestion. I began writing the lies…I don’t measure up, I’m a failure, I’ll never change, I can’t do this, if only I were different… Then I paused and asked for God to speak His truth into my heart and mind… You are my daughter, I created you for a purpose. You are complete in My Son. In your weakness I am strong. I am at work in you. I have called and equipped you…
    I tried to believe the truth and reject the lies. I moved on to check my email. God wasn’t done yet. I knew this instantly as I opened an email and read the title of my Proverbs 31 devotion- How To Stop Trashing Yourself. Really God? Really? You heard me!?! Why do I doubt? Oh thank You God. You know how much I needed his today. Thank You. Thank You God. And thank you Proverbs 31 Ministries.

  52. Hi Renee, I received a message from Melissa and in the contents, there was mention of your book A Confident Heart. I decided to download the first chapter and I have to say, as soon as I started reading it, I started crying..and since I was at work, I had to try and hold those tears in, didn’t want others seeing/hearing. I certainly am not telling you simply to win something, I am sharing this with you because just from reading such a short passage, in how it truly touched me because I could relate to absolutely everything you had said in the chapter. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just completely felt an instant connection and I was feeling all these emotions that just came flooding out and it was actually overwhelming. I had thoughts of when I was a childhood and how horrible it was and then those thoughts would lead me to more thoughts of when I was in a unlovable marriage and then it hit me – I am still living in the past and constantly beating myself up. I grew up with my parents telling me that I was stupid and wouldn’t amount to anything, then I married a man who pretty much did the same thing and when I think about it, those words sincerely damage a person inside and out and I don’t want to live that way anymore. I want you to know and anybody else who happens to read this that it is very difficult for me to type all this and post it, knowing that others will read. I have just recently re-dedicated my life to the Lord after finding myself lost for quite some time and even though some days are awesome, there are days when I just struggle. I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this first chapter and giving me hope. If it weren’t for people like you and all the others at Proverbs31, the world would be an even colder place. Thank you.

    • Michelle DeLaHunt says:

      Thank you for your willingness to share openly what you would rather keep hidden. I appreciate it and I know it will help others know they are not alone. May God heal you, redeem your past and bless you with His truth. You are beautiful and valued and cherished in His sight.

      • Thank you for such kind words. After reading your original post, it amazes me how I start my day praying for guidance and direction and just seriously looking for some answer wondering if God ever hears me, especially on days like today where it is hard to deal with it all, but then all of a sudden I’m led to an area where I read about this book and can actually download the first two chapters which truly touched my heart when I needed it most – I know that God hears me and waits for the opportunity to provide me what I need to pull myself through the day…but mostly I am thankful, so thankful that I’m not alone!! Reading others posts, I have come to realize I can relate to each one of these women. Thank you all for sharing your inside…

  53. I would like a confidence boost because I struggle constantly with self-doubt. I’m always feeling like I’m not good enough for my husband, not good enough for God, not good enough for my employer, my church, ect.. I know they are lies, but it’s hard to shut them off. I feel like I have to do everything for everyone and I fail miserably. The truth we are all good enogh in God’s eyes. It’s just right now my stress level is very high and my confidence level is very low.

    Thaks Renee for this very timely message!!!

  54. I’d love to win this because it is something I struggle w/ daily.
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  55. I would really like to see if this can work for me, despite the thought at this moment that it can not be. I do feel the good intention to become what the Lord’s wants of me…but really I have not found what can. I like the strong biblical perspective to have a change. I know that much to make sure to seek truth for answers in my life. Thank you for the opportunity to have resources so relevant to women and leading to find answers in Christ.

  56. I have some health issues that I try to cope with everyday but when I also look at my health and being overweight I just get so mad. I have had confidence in the past, when I felt better, but now right now. I really need a confidence boost.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Shiela in Colorado


  58. I would like to win this to give to my adult daughter. Her husband is chipping away at her self-confidence through emotional abuse and it seems to be filtering through all areas of her life. Perhaps this book could help her see the treasure that she is.

  59. I like so many women, am struggling with being a single mother of 3 daughters, (teenagers!), trying to just get by financially each and every month, while working at home, taking care of my 88 year old Father, and learning, trusting and seeking out God’s plan for me and the ones that I love. I am attending a weekly Bible Study by Beth Moore, and when I’m there, I’m there…but when I leave, man oh man, does the dark one jump into my head! I need more confidence…and a Starbucks card would be great too…;}

  60. Judy Johnson says:

    Reading Chapter 1 of your book really struck a cord with me! It could have been me standing in front of the mirror; your story sounds so much like mine when it comes to self-doubt. I’d love to receive your book and that Starbucks gift card! 🙂 God’s Blessings on you, Renee!

  61. I’d love to win this pack. My husband has noticed/tried to help me with my lack of confidence, but he can only help so much. I still struggle with doubting myself about EVERYTHING, and that has led to keeping too much clutter, as well as impacting other areas of my life. I’ve been wanting your book, but money is a bit tight right now, so I’d love the chance to win it. I’ve been greatly encouraged by your devotionals through Proverbs 31 Ministries. 🙂

  62. sharon sawyer says:

    Well i had the though” I WILL NOT WIN ANY WAY WHY COMMENT…”But guess what … i wrote it on a piece of paper and through it away…i guess it is working…and here is my comment… “PLEASE PICK ME…”

  63. I want to win to give to my daughter. She needs to be encouraged to have confidence in herself.

  64. I need a confidence boost because I’ve spent most of my life struggling with worthlessness, hopelessness, and everything else that comes with it, because of the various abuses that happened to me as a child. Sometimes I fall back into old patterns of thought, but everyday I’m learning more and more about who I am in Christ. It’s so awesome!

  65. Debbie Arrington says:

    I have already ordered the book today. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your devotion today on Proverbs 31 Ministries, it hit home. Thanks for allowing me to receive it and also share with some of my friends. God bless you and you Ministry.

  66. Bridget Bareither says:

    I loved your book A Confident Heart and would love to win a copy to give away. I’m speaking at a local moms group in a couple of months and would love to be able to give away a copy of your book A Confident Heart or Lysa’s Made to Crave (I’m speaking on Healthy Self image) and both books were life changing!

  67. I would love to win the confidence boost pak because after reading today’s devotional about trash and truth I am learning there is more to all these feelings. The quiz was a rude awakening. I teach the youth on Sundays and feel “why would they listen to me?”. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one feeling this way. I thought those negative thoughts whispers where caused by my past. I have a career but feel like I have nothing that others are better than me. After experiencing lack of being loved, abuse, abandonment, becoming a single parent I mean what else can I feel??!! I would love it if such a pak could help me out. I have so many ideas but they are stopped by ” no one is going to listen, you are going to make a fool of yourself, etc..
    Help me God Almighty to overcome all these insecurities and allow me to become the woman you have created me to be. In Jesus name Amen

    • Lynn Shumaker says:

      keep fighting! I too have experienced childhood abuse that taints the voice in my head. I have read extensively about Shame and abandonment. I didn’t know what Grace meant. But I know God has pushed me to travel down the painful path to heal. He is with you too because he has greater purpose for you! Read Henry clouds books and Damaged Emotions. Look to the people God has placed in your life, they are there to help you. As you are here to share your story to lead others through their experiences. May you feel God’s blessings!

  68. This book has been a big help. I would love to pass it on to my sister, but neither of us can afford to buy it right now and I am not ready to get rid of my copy (would if lived in same state). I still need all the help I can get. God is doing a work, but takes time to undo almost 40 years worth.

  69. Rachael Santana says:

    I was just thinking to myself of things that I am passionate about and ways I could implement some change for good and I found myself waring within myself as if I was a crazy lady lol. I then decided to start reading devotions to clear my mind of the war that was plaguing my brain and found this email. I am definitely could use a confidence boost through Jesus in any way it may come. Have a blessed day ladies! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  70. I have struggled with confidence all my life. Although my marriage is a blessed one, I know my self-doubt is heartbreaking for my husband. I want to be a better example to my two young boys of what a confident woman in Christ is. Thank you for sharing your devotion on P31 to reveal this ugly truth that so many women are battling Satan on.

  71. Nanette Edmonds says:

    Renee, I am reading your book and praying God will at last free me from my life long battle with my lacking self confidence. Everything you write hits home and I am beyond hopeless. My family is supportive and I don’t think they are lying to me when they try to build me up, but I’ve been torn down by so many who didn’t care, how do I know the rest of the world doesn’t feel the same?

  72. Kelli Esposito says:

    I would love to read your book. It seems your book and message have been pursuing me for months, but I have neglected to respond. A few months ago, I missed the free Kindle version download day by about 3 hours. 🙁 Today, I was clicking through your resources because I LOVED your prayer for husbands. I read your article about “Becoming the Real Me.” You were 32 and facing the fact that you didn’t really know who God created you to be, and I’m 43 and facing that fact. I’ve been trying for a year to work through my people pleasing and dig down to find the real me. I know it is exactly what God wants me to do, but it’s so tiring and discouraging at times. I know God has a plan for me, and I know he wants to do something new in me. I am eager to learn even more how to listen to his voice and obey.

  73. Being more confident in Christ can only help me be more of Christ to others.

  74. I think we all need to be reminded of this on occasion. Good message!

  75. I work with with women who have had their children removed by Child Protective Services for various reasons. So many of them have just made a bad choice and do not see their strength, beauty and light. I need this to help them and myself see what the Lord has bestowed on us and make him proud of his children. Thank you for the work you do!

  76. I would love to win the “Confidence Boost” gift pak because I have recently been called to share my own personal story in women’s ministry. My past includes things that I am not very proud of and I am wonder how I am going to gain the confidence to go before people and give away my deepest secrets. I know God is calling me into the ministry to share His glory from my shame and infidelity. I am choosing to obey even though I am shaking in my boots. This past week I have made it my goal to share my story with one new person each day. So far, my story has shocked people and my confidence to go on, but I am putting my faith in God that this is where He wants me. This gift pak would help me personally and as a resource as I am just starting out in my speaking and writing.

  77. The tears keep streaming down my cheeks. I don’t understand what released them from their well. I simply wanted to pick a women’s study group at my church. Your book “a confident heart” was the one I chose. When I visited your website to acquaint myself with your book; an unknown dam of tears burst forth from my heart. I am inferior. I am valuable because God says so. But I recognize that I am inferior. Is this a contradiction? I ache for God to heal my heart. I’m glad I chose your study. I need heart knowledge. Not more head knowledge. Thank you.

  78. Lynn Shumaker says:

    As I read all the comments, so many people need to receive your book more than I do. But I will share my story and my dream. First I was having an axioms moment when I heard about your book on the radio. It was like God was speaking to me. My heart calmed and I felt like he was telling me there is something more he wants from me. I’ve been searching for a book study to do with our small church. I feel that your book the Confident Heart is the book I should use. This is about more than me, it’s what other’s in my church need As well. I lost my Mom suddenly 1and 1/2 years ago. I am a teacher who has taught 32 years but 24 in the public system. I experienced abuse as a child, which I ran from. I have had to travel down the painful path to heal and grieve what never was. God has sent an amazing pastor to our church to counsel many of us. Another member of our church has lost his job and lost health benefits for his family, yet is being led into ministry. He has no idea how he can provide for his family yet he serves our chuch with a passion and commitment that God will provide. Our church can’t afford to bring him on full time or give him health benefits. So much good is waiting to happen at our church, yet we need new members since our congregation is getting older. Is God asking me to lead the people in our church is the studies you offer thru your books. Will that provide opportunities for others in our small town community to draw closer to God? As I find my career as a teacher winding down, is God leading me to teach in other ways? God is not only providing me with personal healing but pushing me in a new direction. I will wait and be attentive to his slow gentle push, where ever it may lead me. Always remember it is through our pain that he leads us. May God use us all to our fullest potential! It is very hard to change the voice within us from our childhood programing yet before us lies many oppurtunies to reach out and touch others. Thank you for sharing your story in a moment when I most needed to hear it. Now help me share mine with anyone else who needs to know God loves us even when we feel unloved.

  79. Alanna Brown says:

    My friend recommended I should check out this book. My husband recently accepted a job and moved us and our 18 month old to a small town is northern Saskatchewan, Canada… I’ve been struggling with the move. Up until recently we had lived close to both of our families and a large church family. I worked outside the home while grandparents took turn babysitting the first and only grandchild. I loved our home and our community and felt like I was contributing to our household, church and community. When we decided that the best employment opportunity for him involved moving, we had 30 days to do it. It has been an emotional roller coaster. I’m a stay at home mom, which I love. But struggle with being away from family and a strong church family. I feel like, after working and being our primary financial contributor for the past 10 years, that now I’m a burden. I know this isn’t the case. In fact my husband and I have discussed it multiple times that the biggest help to our finances is to be the stay at home mom. But I still feel guilty. I miss home, our families and church. I feel disconnected, especially with understanding “why I’m in this place.” I’m constantly doubting my abilities to adapt to our new surrounding and wonder if I’ll ever make friends: what do I have to offer them? I feel like I have little to no worth or value.

  80. I am currently leading a Bible study of “A Confident Heart!” Your book and the message in it inspired me to step out in faith and teach this class, though I’ve never taught a study in my life! God was preparing me as I went through the online study last January to teach other women His Truth and tell them my story! I am so blessed by your ministry and feel like this book was one of the catalysts that lead me to discovering God’s calling on my life.

  81. Joyce Bloom says:

    I came across your site and just know Jesus led me here. I am having trouble with my confidence. I lost my oldest daughter and then10 months later my husband also went home with Jesus.
    I am having trouble with being confident in my every day. I know Jesus is walking with me but I feel so alone and second guess myself most of the time.I want to be confident in myself and my decisions as God is with me. Thank you..

  82. Your words this morning were a touch from God. He often touches my hurting heart with a devotional that speaks right to my need. As an older woman with hormonal issues, I find myselt being attacked by Satan almost daily with guilt and regrets. I so long for a ‘do over’ and know that can’t happen. While I am confident in God and His forgiveness, I have little confidence in myself. I am very affected by what other people think and while I’ve always been sensitive, this chemical imbalance leaves me worse than thin skinned……..some days I feel as though I have no skin. I am weary of the battle and the constant self-centeredness. I would like to feel ‘healthy’ again so that as I press on, I can do so with my mind and attention on Him and not myself.

  83. I get so frustrated when I let Satan’s voice overpower God’s. I know God has soverignty, but I give Satan way too much room. He has taken a lot of ground in the past year, but I have vowed to get it back and continue on my journey into the Promised Land.

  84. I have always thought less of myself than I should, I alwayss thought everyone was either prettier, smarter, just plain better than me.
    I have had people all in my life to tell me I would never amount to anything that I was stupid, and I couldn’t ever do anything so I started believing that. THen I saw the 7-day day doubt diet and I read the first chapter of “A Confident Heart” and within day I could tell a difference in the way I felt about myself. So I started planning a Bible study to share with my friends how to be self confident in Jesus and I really could use the book to help with the Bible study.

  85. Thank you so much for the reminder. I feel that I live everyday full of lies and doubt that I hear from Satan. It’s so hard to have that confidence in Christ when I hear those thoughts and words everyday. I have struggled with major depression and going through a deep dark pit that you can’t seem to crawl out of. I’m going to try to write down all thoses doubts or lies that I am told and “throw” them away. I really need to get back more in Gods word to fill all thoses lies with truths. I am definitely going to see if my church library has your book but Im going to try to get a copy of it somehow. Thanks for the insight and encouragement it was something i needed to hear to day. I hear over and over again your a failure and your never going to change and it keeps bringing me to that dark pit. I’m going to throw that away and fill it with GOds word!

  86. Aidet Elias says:

    This is the first time i visit your blog I felt God has spoken to me while listening to the message and reading the scripture verses in the area of self conficence. I want to learn how to raise confident daughters. I was not raised with confidence and don’t want to continue the cycle for lack of knowledge like mother did I know that she did the best she could when raising the family by her self with no doubt in my hart and I’am thankful for her. I thank God for women like you that enrich other woman’s lives. What a beautiful ministry!!

  87. Donna Kanimaya says:

    I have lost my husband, my soul mate, to cancer. There are so many things that he took care of that I did not realize how I would have to step in and take care of everything myself. I am overwhelmed. I have no confidence that I can do it all and keep my head up and heart right with Christ. I get the Prov. 31 everyday and that has helped me. So have lost my parents and my husband all in a short period of time and I was caretaker for all of them. I can’t figure out what normal is anymore. I often feel lost in my own grief. Thank you for all you do.

  88. Wow! What powerful stories have been shared here in the comments. Yes, we need to be confident in who God created us to be despite our disappointments in life. I have written an ebook about that too called “The Christian’s Guide to Thriving Despite Life’s Hurts: 9 Powerful Action STeps for Renewing your HOpe.” We are definitely on the same page and I am so glad that I found your site. Many blessings on your ministry here.

  89. I would like to win a copy of this book so that I can share the encouraging words inside it with the other ladies at my church.

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