Week 9 {Rest Secure in Knowing You’re His BeLoved}

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Beloved :  greatly loved; dear to the heart.

When God led me to this word and verse for week 9, it dawned on me that there is a reason God calls us His be-loved not his do-loved.

It reminds me that I don’t have to “do” anything to be loved — by Him.

I just need to know I am loved.

When I live loved…

I can be still in the midst of my striving and know that He is God.

I can find a resting place for my rest-less heart when my concerns start to consume me.

I can stop scurrying and hurrying because my doing doesn’t define me or my worth.

I can rest secure knowing that His banner over me is Love.

You are loved…not because of what you do but because of who you are.

You are HIS {greatly loved, dear to HIS heart} BeLOVED!


Our Word for the week: Beloved
Download our word for the week in a PDF or in MSWord. Be sure to print it and post it all over your house or office so you can remember you are God’s be-LOVED, not do-loved!

Let’s live loved in His PROMISE for us this week: “Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in Him, for He shields [her] all day long, and the one the Lord loves rest between His shoulders.” Deuteronomy 33: 12, NIV

Today’s Assignment: Start or continue reading chapter 9. As you read, highlight or underline things you want to remember or things your heart knows it needs to hear. Take time to journal what God is showing you.

Connecting in Community:
I would love to know what one or two things you’ve read so far in Chapter 9 that you feel God is speaking to your heart about. Are there verses or sentences you’ve underlined or highlighted? Click “share your thoughts” just below this post and do just that. {If you are reading this via email please click here to return to my website to connect with us!}

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Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. This is encouraging as I start the week…..so much to do and get done, and yet, the most important thing isn’t that, but to rest in His love!!!!!! As a perfectionist, I always feel I have to “do” so much more. The fact that God loves me not because of who I am or what I do, but because of who He is and what He did for me is sooooo reassuring and comforting. I am so grateful to be loved in such an amazing way!

    • amy martin says:

      Hi Renee,
      even though my name means beloved, i tend to not take God seriously about that. i also have an official Martha Card my brother designed for me many years ago. thank you again for your book, i have read almost all of chapter nine, and smiled in my heart as i would have to underline all that i have read so far.
      having dealt with panic disorder and getting thru/over because of my Lord. i can still allow worry to invade, Praise God he reminds me that satan loves for me to worry, so i will bring the fear to the Lord and tie it there with faith. wonder if my folks knew 57 yrs ago that naming me amy faith would help me through many interesting things in my life! i will read chapter 9 many times, as your encouragement through God’s word is awesome. Lord’s blessings continue in your life! Amy Faith Martin
      p.s. my folks became believers when mom was pregnant with me, and serve Him still.

      • What a beautiful story Amy Faith! Thank you for sharing it with me. Praise God that Jesus has and is setting you free. It truly is a spiritual battle for our minds. You are His BeLOVED my friend – Praying you rest in knowing that truth this week.

    • I need this chapter this week too. My plate is full and I could easily become overwhelmed but I hear Jesus calling my name – to come to Him and rest even when it doesn’t look like i have time. WhenI spend time with Him in the morning or just pause to pray in the midst of the craziness it makes such a huge difference. 🙂

      Praying for you Jackie!

    • Your stories are very inspiring! Love to read them:)

  2. Kimberly Brooke says:

    The one or two things that I loved the most about this chapter was:
    1.) Stop Worrying, Start Praying, and Keep Thanking God. (Something that I need to always remember when worry starts to take over.)
    2.) The other thing that stood out to me the most which I loved was the Spending Time with Jesus section.

    I loved the Plan a Date phrase. Determine a Time Every day. It’s so important for us as Christians to make time for God each day… if it’s 5 minutes, a hour, 5 hours… every moment spent with God is amazing! Like you said, the more you spend time with him, the more you want to. He’s amazing! Love this chapter and this study!

    • I’m using the DATE strategy this week especially because my schedule is different each day so it’s going to be a creative week of dates with Jesus. 🙂

  3. “Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in Him, for He shields [her] all day long, and the one the Lord loves rest between His shoulders.” Deuteronomy 33: 12, NIV

    This verse from you blog today spreaks to my heart. I have been overwhelmed and worrying about some big life decisions that need to be made, and it iseemed like things are just not working out. I know I need to let go of the worrying and know that God has a plan and a direction he wants me to take and he will show me in his time.

    Thank you so much for your book and blog.

    • Lakeeia says:

      I always say how Sovereign He is, but Chapter 9 of the book and today’s devotion really put things in perspective for me concerning His Sovereignty. Psalm 37:4 says we are to delight ourselves in the Lord and He will give us the desires of our hearts. Wow! If would only give ourselves to Him totally and completely, the plans He has for us and the desires of our hearts will come to full fruition. I pray this will encourage you to keep pressing in.

    • Praying for you Shanna, I’m so sorry things are unsettled and life is hard right now. Praying you feel His comfort, assurance and peace that HE is with YOU and He is working all things together for your good. Sometimes I want to figure out how it’s all going to work out and navigate through the details before I need to and that gets me all worried. Praying that you can rest in knowing you are in the palm of His hands and He is there with you each step of the way. He will show you the way to walk – seek Him and listen in your heart for His voice. You are His BeLoved! He’s crazy about you!

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  4. Virginia says:

    Love this. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Lakeeia says:

    There were several things that spoke to my heart and answered many of my questions in Chapter 9. I must say that this book is changing my life and I know it is because it is filled with the Word of God and it is speaking God’s heart to so many women like me. I have ordered an extra book to bless someone with. I pray the Lord will lead me to someone who needs it.

    It is very reassuring to know that God loves me either way, good or bad. It is funny I’ve been a Christian for over 10 years now and I never really realized and believed that. I was so stuck in trying to prove myself by my works (to God and anyone else who would pay attention), but none that really matters when it comes to God’s love for me. It is truly amazing!! His love, His mercy, His grace, His compassion have awaken my spirit and soul. Knowing and believing His love is really teaching me how to love others unconditionally. I love where it says, “God calls us His Be-Loved not His Do-Loved.” What a revelation! So much of a weight was lifted. I thank God that He pursued me to show me just how much He loves me.

    • I’m so glad He’s pursued you and showed you all of these truths – and more than anything HIS lavish and unconditional love for you!!

      I love that you bought an extra book to give away. I’m praying for God to show you just who He wants to give it to. 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for today’s verse. It is so reassuring to be reminded that I can REST SECURE in Him and that I am HIS be-loved and no matter what I do or don’t do He loves me.

    The first thing I underlined was the sub heading MANY THINGS in pg 161. Martha was worried and upset about many things and so am I. it gave a self awareness of what I was actually doing. I was upset without actually knowing that I was upset about many things. As Joyce Meyer would say, it made me think about what I was thinking about which was pointlessly being concerned about MANY unnecessary THINGS.

    I love the solution you offer for the problematic tendency to worry about “MANY THINGS” . Sit at Jesus feet listening to what HE SAID, which is what Mary did.

    “when we find the balance between talking and listening to God, we position ourselves to hear what He has to say.” Pg 170

    I love how you describe how to do this. first, tell Him our concerns and then stop and ask Him what His thoughts are about that situation.

    These are the things that struck me so far in this chapter. I have n’t finished thoroughly reading this chapter.



  7. Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in HIM, HE shields her all day long, and the one that the LORD loves
    rest between His shoulders. Deuteronomy 33:12

    This promise ministered to me very deeply in more ways than I can tell.



  8. Jessica H. says:

    I worry about things I can’t control – so yeah, I pretty much worry about everything. There’s always a bazillion things going on in my mind that sometimes I can’t even sleep from thinking too much. I can definitely relate to what Mrs. Swope says, “I don’t want to commit suicide, although I would be really happy if Jesus came back soon. I don’t stay in bed all day, although I am exhausted all the time.” I’ve also had my own “crying moment” a few years ago in the doctor’s office when asked how things were going on at home. I didn’t understand why I felt the way I did since I was only 21 and I knew God was much larger than my problems. I was still healthy other than my own “brain wave collisions” and had everything I needed so why couldn’t I just “get happy?” The Dr. tried to prescribe some medication and get me to “talk to someone.” I refused both (which sometimes I wonder if I should’ve taken her up on that offer?!) but my point is that worry/stress has harmful effects on the body.

    Other things that stuck out is to have a “listening heart” instead of a “listing heart.” Don’t worry about anything and pray about everything. The more time you spend with God, the more you’ll want to spend with Him (I’m a testament to that just from the past weeks of this Bible/book study!) And I love how Mrs. Swope says, “when you feel worried, talk to Jesus instead of talking to yourself.”

    • Love reading about all the ways He’s speaking to you Jessica. It’s hard when life is full of so many things we can’t control but the more we learn to trust that JESUS is looking out for us and that HE is in control the more peace we have. May His grace and truth wrap around your heart and thoughts like a blanket of Love. Im praying for you!!

  9. Sue Astill says:

    I first read chapter 9 back in March this year when I had resigned from my school chaplaincy job and was planning on resigning from everything thing else in my life because I was feeling so overwhelmed, confused, conflicted and frustrated. What a revelation Chapter 9 was to me back then and still is now! I realised that I needed to go back to God and give my worries and anxieties to him. I recently bought a paperback copy of A confident heart for myself as i have it on my e-book…..but i gave the paperback to my friend and chaplaincy boss and yesterday as I began reading chapter 9, I kept thinking that my friend needed to read that chapter now! so I sent her the link from yesterday and encouraged her to drop everything and read chapter 9. And she did! And she was blessed and encouraged and uplifted and renewed by Renee’s words just as I was! How awesome!!!!

  10. Rachel Lopez says:

    I’ve been so worried lately that I’ve started to forget little things, today I even walked out in the middle of a conversation not realizing it! As a new graduated student from KU, I’m so stressed out about finding a job before I have to get out of my apartment, and funds, and the list goes on and on… I know what God has given me a passion for, but what the best decisions are to make to get there is beyond me. Now this worry is affecting my family relationships and everything irritates me. I feel weak, I feel tired, and I feel every -un you could think of (unsure, uncertain, unworthy, even undesirable and unattractive). Maybe the key word here was a sentence back… beyond me. I know that to do anything “beyond me” requires God’s help. I just don’t know how to let go. How do I make my mind stop racing? How can I stop my heart from feeling squeezed with fear? All I can feel is the panic in my emotions. I read God’s promises. I may even hear them from others. However, I can’t seem to feel them the same way I feel my anxiety. I think a consequence of that is that I keep going everyone else to feel some validity (You can do it!) which somehow always feels like hollow praise and feel comfort (which somehow ends in fighting). I hate to admit it, but right now all the promises I read seem to be just words on a page. I want to feel them, I just don’t know how?

    • Rachel, I sense you may be going through something really similar to what I went through “The Year of Impossible” that led to me experiencing stress induced anxiety (which it sounds like you have and very understandably so) and I allowed it to go on and it became anxiety induced depression. I can look back and see it so clearly now. And i had so much of what you are describing. I knew the truth but I couldn’t even process God’s problems because the stress and anxiety had knocked my body chemistry so out of whack.

      I really want to encourage you to talk with your doctor about your symptoms. I know none of what to need help and believe me I fought it, but God used my Dr and medicine to help me so much. And He’s done the same for so many women i know, I’m praying for you to know what your next step needs to be. You can’t figure it all out. God usually only reveals one step at a time but sometimes we can’t even discern that guidance because we are so consumed with figuring out the big picture.

      We are lifting you up. You are not alone an what you are going through it so normal for someone graduating. You’ve just accomplished something huge and I hope you can take a little vacation before jumping into the new big thing. Pull away and get some rest and let Him fill you up so you can pour back out in time.

      Hugs and blessings,

      • I feel the same as Rachel. I am reading your book and I read my Bible. I read that God loves me and won’t leave me. I read that I should turn all of my worries over to Him. I just have such a hard time doing it. I do it for a moment, then I take it all back. I wish I knew how not to take it all back and just let go and believe that God will help me. I am so overwhelmed.

        • I just don’t feel worthy. How do I change how I feel?

          • Hi Dana,
            Cling to him every second. Write verses down of his love and desire to comfort us, verses that speak against fear and worry. Even though you don’t feel worthy now continue to read out loud your verses because his word never returns void, your heart will eventually feel what your brain realizes. You are worthy and so loved ….I pray that his love will seep deep down into you and you can rest in him.

    • Shannon Steckel says:

      Rachel-I totally understand about finding a job and keeping your apartment. I’m there myself it is scary but I tried to have faith..It’s not easy but those who wait long enough have an awesome testimony of God’s gift.This week has been challenging and it’s only tuesday going on Wed. Just feel stuck in a rut. Hang in there and keep the faith and so will I.

    • Rachel, You are far from alone and please know, others have felt this way too – I have! It’s a little overload of a lot of stuff going on, all at the same time and changes all happening at once.Everything can start to seem overwhelming, while your self-confidence takes a plunge. Renee’s advice to you makes a lot of sense – please don’t be afraid to talk to someone and also give yourself lots of space, be good to yourself, eat well and grab lots of rest. xx

  11. Martha ParfaitFelix says:

    Hi, Happy Monday!! I am reading the book of Luke as a GIG (Girlfriends in God) challenge by Girlfriend Gwen Smith. One chapter a day until we’re done. Yesterday was chapter 10, as I soon as I read that passage in chapter 9, I begin to laugh out loud just as I did yesterday. You see my name is Martha & I too am a worrier/wanna be perfectionist. I am today oh so overwhelmed by my concerns which have manifested into full blown worry!! I have confessed to God that I am worried & afraid but I am still going to trust Him. That’s what He’s been telling for the past 6 months now, trust Me. The title jumped right @ me, “I can’t stop worrying”, I want to stop worrying because as you quoted from Max Lucado (love him), “worry changes nothing.” I could so relate to the woman from the survey who said, “I worry that I will never overcome my (past) sins & find victory in my life.” Like Paul, I have thorn that I am worried God will never remove. But I am encourage by “God notices & He cares”, so I am confident that there is hope for me. Matthew 11:28 has been tugging @ my heart quite often lately. Jaime Grace sings it to my heart in her “Come to me”.

    • Martha, isn’t Jesus amazing? How personal and sweet for Him to time it that we’d be reading this chapter while you’re reading Luke 10 with Gwen. (Who happens to be a friend of mine – love her!) God knows just what you need. He made you and He knows YOU!!

      I love that you are talking to Him and processing all of this with Him. He is there. He understands. HE is not mad that you are worried. He just wants to take care of all those concerns that are consuming you. I am praying you will be able to stop worrying b/c you know it’s useless and because it’s the enemy’s weapon forged against you to live in fear, anxiety and doubt. YOU can trust the One who is in control. He is for you and He is working on your behalf.

      Praying for you!!

  12. Renee, your words about how worry made your health deteriorate, and your analysis of that, stayed with me today as I faced some big doubts. I wrote about it here:

  13. Loretta Pearson says:

    Beloved…”dear to God’s heart”! Wow, that’s exciting way to think about it. His love is so hard to fathom to those of us that didn’t grow up with loving expressions from “father. I’m still learning to accept and learn how much God loves me. His love is amazing! I love knowing God holds me dear to his heart!

    I live in a stressfilled world at work for 1 year now (before trhat it wasn’t so bad), and I’m learning to rest in His love and security.

    Thanks for this study, it’s getting through from my head to my heart.

  14. Ana munoz says:

    This was my favorite chapter. As you were going over the scattered brain part, I had to chuckled. Actually, I laughed so hard, because you were describing me in the book. Thank God someone out there can relate to me. Not too long ago I got out of my car but forgot to turn my engine off. My daughter who happens to be special needs, reminded me that I had to turn car off. I thought I was going out of my mind.
    Thank you so much Renee, for your study! You are beloved.

  15. What stood out most to me was the section where Renee describes what happened leading up to her visit to the Dr and the diagnosis that came from it. I went through that exact same scenario just last fall! I started walking with God in 1999 and have been carrying those symptoms, anxiety and depression, all this time. (As I have shared before, I started walking with God for all the wrong reasons…..unrealistic expectations.) Anyway, it all culminated last fall when I couldn’t retain things I was learning at work, I was consistently making the same mistakes over and over. I couldn’t focus on anything and I felt overwhelmed in all aspects of my life. I literally felt like I was losing my mind!! I was very fearful of being in a nursing home with out any of my faculties in the very near future. I too went to the Dr and sought help, but I didn’t get the explanation Renee got. (My Dr just changed my diet…which has helped tremendously, but now I understand what led me to that place.) The explanation she shared makes soooo much sense to me. It is a wonder I hadn’t arrived at that place years earlier.
    And now, after God called me out of everything I was doing and after the “spin out” I went through emotionally, He has led me to this study. I am definitely learning how to “rest”, discovering who He really is and how much I mean to Him. I am definitely in a “turn around” season of my life and walk with Him…….it is VERY good!!! Thank you Lord for “A Confident Heart”!!

  16. karen in Canada says:

    Thanks everyone for sharing. It’s wonderful to feel connected to each of you through your testimonies that I can identify so easily with, it amazes me how this little community allows me to feel safe and understood somehow…
    This is another powerful chapter for me and many, many things I read stood out.
    Throughout the chapter you randomly ask question.. ei “do your worries ever make you weary?” and to ALL of them I answered YES in the margin!! Yes, I have gone through seasons of stress that have led to anxiety and depression!! And I still WORRY that I will never have complete victory over these two things! I often feel like there are many people talking in my head and that I am losing my mind. I am ashamed still to this day that I have to be on medication to control my depression. Even sharing those words here makes my insides tighten:(
    I love to be reminded of Philipians 4 and Paul’s steps are very simple and encouraging…
    -Stop Worring
    -Start Praying
    -Keep Thanking God
    I know that I have a hard time trusting God complety, and I know the enemy wants to ‘steal, kill and destroy’!
    Now I have to remember to ask God to help me let go and trust that He is in control!
    I also like how wrote on page 173… “I’ve learned that instead of bossing others around, I need to boss my HEART around!!”

    PRAISE the Lord, my soul: all my inmost being, praise his holy name!!” psalm 103
    May my soul continue to praise Him even when my mind is on other things!

  17. Once again, “thank you, Renee”! Every chapter continues to chronicle my life. I was always an optimistic person – the glass half full – and never worried. As a child/teen I knew there was so much I couldn’t control, but that ONE DAY God would bless me with the ability to LIVE my life according to His will and teachings. I did, however, have such enthusiasm and trust that I didn’t guard my heart and have ended up in one-way relationships. My worries of today are about the little choices we make each day – all day. The big stuff I leave to God, but we are called to live our lives with self control, peace, joy, and if we stumble to once again get up and start new. I find myself worrying and guilty because I don’t go on towards God’s calling/purpose because I would have to go on without so many of these relationships. I don’t have a support group, and would like to ask my “sisters” in Christ also seeking A Confident Heart could keep my in your prayers for the courage to go on to God’s purpose for my life as I am praying for all of you. Have a very blessed day!

    • Sue, I will pray for you that God would help you lead a life of obedience to Jesus, and pursue with courage and confidence and clarity God’s purpose for your life. I know you can do it. Jesus loves you very much.


  18. Renee, I said this on the Facebook page, but thank you again for this book, for being vulnerable. As someone who struggles with doubt, insecurity, depression, worry and anxiety for various reasons and since I was a teen, I know how hard it is to open up and be vulnerable about those things, but thank you for doing that, since there are so many of us that do also. Have loved the whole book. Special favourites are Chapters 5,6,7,9, the AM/FM thoughts, When/Then Thoughts. So much jumps out at me as I read, and one of the many things that did so in this chapter were listing vs. listening heart. This is my third time reading the book in a row. Thank you and I will be praying for you and your ministry to women.

  19. This book is what I need right now. I am dealing with concerns at work and worries that I am doing the wrong thing for God at church. I am leading a small bible study and would love to do some speaking for women. I am signed up to attend She Speaks but am now having second thoughts about this being my calling from God. On top of that my daughter who has been attending the bible study off and on hurt my feelings by telling me today that it seems like my bible study is a flop because there are not that many attending. True there are only about 4 or 5 coming but they are wonderful. However, tonight no one showed up due to various reasons. I know that it is hectic and things do happen. This is not the first time I have lead studies but this is the first time this has happened and this is the smallest group that has come. It just seems like that I am being hit on all sides to get me discouraged. But however, instead of going home and having a pity party, I just took the time I would have been in bible study and sat out on my deck and read Chapter 9. I needed this so much.

  20. Shannon Steckel says:

    I worry about many things but I know God is in Control but it is so hard when things look bleak. I believed I had an insight of why I’m afraid to open up and share my stories due to my past for worrying of being rejected. When I was in a Community College, I had a crush on this teacher but I knew he was married but I wasn’t the only one but for some reasons (I have no idea why) there was a rumor that I was going to hurt him so at a play that I was invited too. Security escorted me out because someone was uncomfortable with me being there. I was so numbed and shocked and the rumors that went around the school it was so hard but I stayed and graduated and was on the Dean’s list.

    Than when I was attending a church one of their workers who I admired and shared but I probably overstepped my boundaries once again. However, my phone had an issue and kept calling this person’s number and I was almost cited for phone harrassement but thank heavens I wasnt. So I’m always afraid of opening up due to this could happen again. So when I get to close to some friends I shut down due to that I will be too dependant on them that is just how I feel.

    Furthermore, trying to trust God and the therapist for my elbows (including my left arm) both are very weak so I’m very anxious but I told the therapist but still nervous. I don’t like my weak elbows but we all have something weak in our lives so I just have to accept and do the best I can. I have broken my elbows before and have dislocated them now 6x (maybe that’s a world record) but I don’t think is…

    However, God has sent an amazing friend that has a heart of gold and I even opened up to her and I’m amazed she is still my friend. Older friend but what a heart of gold. It’s been a month since my birthday and she is inviting some choir members to celebrate. It’s an awesome thing. So I tried to thank for the friends that God has sent me that encourage me and not put me down.

    It’s so hard not knowing where God wants you to be..I know He has a plan but I’m getting so impatient I’m thankful for a part-time job but due to this elbow I’m only working 8 hours. But I’m trying to be positive because I don’t want to be a downer but right here I’m just being honest. So I feel out of balance right now but I know that is where Faith comes in “We walk by Faith and not by sight.

  21. I have been out of the loop for a little while but thankfully am feeling better and finishing up chapter 8. I just want to say that I feel like this book has been such a blessing for me. I have felt such doubt and carried so much weight from my past that I often feel so defeated as an individual, Wife and Mommy. I have lately been praying about my career path once my children start school. Even though I have two degrees currently I am now at the age of 31 thinking of taking a different path. Not sure if it’s self doubt telling I can’t do what I went to school for or God leading me in a different direction. I guess I will just need to pray and be patient for an answer or direction. Reading chapter 8 has made realize some of my strengths and weaknesses by comparing the traits listed in the personality charts. And has I was reading the out loud to myself I thought you know it is wonderful that God loves me for my strengths but mostly for my weaknesses bc those are the moments that I can seek His love and unending grace and forgiveness. I had surgery about a month ago and it was difficult on my husband, children, and myself. I do not have a high pain tolerance so it was tough some days but each time I felt weak or pain I just closed my eyes and prayed. I had terrible anxiety about it all but I gave those feelings to God, really gave them to Him for the first time in my life. Many times I have prayed for help but still wanted to feel in control myself but this time I could not so I just prayed and prayed. And I felt peace and I knew that I would just lean on Him to get me through! So each chapter has brought me closer to the Lord. My son will be having surgery next so I will be leaning once again on the Lord to take control of that which I cannot.

  22. Ok, I’m at work crying my eyes out becuase I am overwhelmed with so many concerns and I’ve been discarding all of Rene’s e-mails on “A Confident Heart” because I have the book setting on my night stand and I can read it tonight or tomorrow or . . . but never do because I cannot seem to make the time because I am so exhausted by the end of the evening. Sound familiar ?
    Well, I listened to today’s audio on giving my heart’s concerns to the Lord — even writing them down on a note card. Not a new message, but almost a command from the Lord – to regain my Peace (really HIS) and expect God to answer my prayers in His time. What is more important : my worrying and becoming more weary everyday — or spending time with HIM, trusting HIM to do immeasurably beyond what I can even imagine or hope for ? Please y’all pray for me – that I enjoy spending more time with my Lord than worrying and doing —– so I can see God move in my life once again and in the life of my family, Love y’all Sharon

  23. Well let me say, I too have been overwhelmed with college classes, work – dealing with a small business that has no organization, with another adopted sister (that just came into my life and not to mention workman’s comp and my husband with knowing that when he does or can return to work might be part-time which means I would have no health insurance. So since Monday I have been overwhelmed to say the least. Been doing lots of praying and talking w God, I read this Chapter last night and today have felt peace. Not only have a been calm, but I have not even worried about what might be… the Lord has lifted my spirit, given me hope and a smile on my face again. I to have not made a date for each day to have time with God. So as of today, I will make a date to have quiet time with God, with reading the bible, praying and talking with the Lord, along with songs of praise and with bible studies. I have peace because of the Lord, I have hope and faith because I believe in the Lord, that He is in control and will provide… I have blessings that out way any other situation I may be encountering, all because the Lord loves me. Lifting prayers for all who need time to be with the Lord to have a personal relationship with Him, for with out the Lord we would have nothing. God Bless

  24. Loretta Pearson says:

    When I read in the book about prolonged stress causing anxiety, and then depression because of chemical imbalance in the body…”bingo” that’s where I am. I’ve had depression in years past from life happenings but not I’ve worked through that and had Christian counseling, etc. Found healing and life was going well until a major change at work (I’ve worked for 20 years for the same doctor), since last June the stress at work has been overwhelming. We now have hired extra help but I’m still feeling the effects, exhausted all the time, not wanting to go out with friends, just want to sleep and rest, so not like me. I knew I wasn’t sad about anything, so didn’t think this was depression, but it’s the same symptoms without the saddness. I’m trying to give my self some slack and get healthy again. I’m so thankful for the insights in the book.

    I also realized how much I’ve felt like I had to change who I was to fit into ministry instead of realizing God made me just as I am so I could fill a special spot of ministry he had for me. I’ve not been very open. I love people but have kept a shell up around me. I’m really working on being more open and reaching out to others. It’s amazing how God can use us when we’re not “perfect” but open about who we are and how Godhas worked in our lives.

  25. Wow. I was introduced to you through Stress Points today and am finally getting the chance to check out your site. This post and these comments from all of you have helped me in my struggle tonight. Like Amy, my name means beloved. Did God know I wasn’t going to realize that I am His beloved so I need the constant reminder? Maybe. Like some of you said above, I see all the words, love and grace on paper, can get it into my brain, but my heart is just not getting it. Depression, anxiety and self injury have been my normal the past six or so years. I love this verse and am going to try to rest secure in Him tonight. Thinking I might have to pick this book up ASAP 🙂

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