Letting God Fill Our Empty Places

Some days my written words come easily. Other days I need to show and tell you what’s on my heartToday is  one of those days.

Please {like pretty please even if you don’t normally watch video posts} click the arrow below to “hear” today’s message from my heart to yours. I don’t want another day to go by without you knowing this…

{Are you a note-taker? If so, I created “Video Message Notes” in a PDF and in MSWord just for you. Even included blanks to fill in. 🙂

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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. This was so powerful. It’s like we have to do a total mind change in order to truly understand what and how this works. I just fell pretty short and I hate my mistake right now. I just wanna be made whole. This video completely explained how to do that. Thank you

    • What i shared in this video has completely transformed my life. Nothing else satisfies. Only Jesus. Only His unfailing love.

      • Your message is exactly what I needed at that point. Husband abandoned me and the kids and I became lost he sent an email from afganistan and just out of the blue I felt completely lost. My three teenagers kept asking me to please find him and I couldn’t I will show them this video cause over the last 3 mths I’m loosing my children and sense of values with them. They believe everyone will leave and no one will stay even when I tell then God is the answer. They refuse to go to church they feel betrayed and I’m right along with them. After seeing your blog I’ve now realized he’s gone nowhere I have pushed him out not today I want him to fill my emptiness . Thank you!

        • Oh Aly, I’m so sorry for your hurt and pain and your husband’s abandonment. Jesus would never do that to you but we live in a broken world and we are wounded by broken people. I am so thankful Jesus brought you here today – and spoke to your heart through my message. Praying for you and your children now. For His love, comfort, mercy, grace and forgiveness to wrap about your hearts and help you heal and hope again. Please sign up for updates if you can. I have another video next week that speaks to the topic of healing and finding courage to hope again after we’ve been hurt.

        • I will be praying for you to Aly!

        • I will be praying for you and your family. I can’t even imagine how this must be affecting you all. Know that God will carry you through this, He is holding you right now.

        • Marisol says:

          Praying for you, sister!

      • margarita says:


        I thank god for the you.
        Its been very hard but God is awsome God in the all that he is doing in me.

      • Thanks for sharing the video and doing the online bible study. Ive seen lots of different analogies, and I really liked this one too. It really helped me think about the value I put in the things in my life and where Jesus stands in my life. Im glad Im doing this online study with you and the other girls.

      • Thank you for this online study. The Lord has been doing a healing in my heart of old hurts, feelings of rejection, and just feeling like I’m invisible and nobody sees me. As I go deeper into the Word and realize I’m His beloved my outlook on Life has been changing. I found the book “Made to Crave ” to help me lose weight through Biblical scriptures. What I’m finding is my weight wasn’t the only thing holding me down. How wonderful to know that He is restoring my heart.

    • SandyT/kc says:

      Thanks so much my friend…He is really using this study to challenge/comfort/convict/encourage. I did not realize I had thrown away my confidence….and have realized anew that He Himself is my Confidence my Very Great Reward…now & forever!…loved the video message guide…blessings sister…and all my sisters on this journey…sandyT/kc

    • Laurie Tetzloff says:

      So powerful!

  2. Thank you Renee. Your illustration was very powerful, helpful, and timed by God for the visual learner in me. I am currently at this very place walking through the depths of who I am and how I have filled my life with so much else to find my identity. I am working with a through a process to discover my identity in Christ and this was sent by Him through you to encourage this journey for me. Blessings as you continue hearing from God to encourage others.

  3. Pansy Murray says:

    I love this illustration. I have looked in all of the earthly places to fill me up even though i am a Christian. I have been left empty and broken looking for love in all the wrong faces and places. I am now learning that all those things never satisfy and that my true worth can only be found in Jesus. As i take this journey i thank God for women like you who encourage me to keep walking toward his unfailing love. Keep allowing him to fill me up where nothing or no one else can. Thank you.

    • We are certainly in this together – I love sharing what He’s done and what He’s shown me that has led me out of that empty place into the fullness of HIS abundant life and love!!

  4. Carolyn says:

    I loved that with all of the “things” that we use to fill our jar, it looked jumbled and confusing, but with the “Living Water” it was peaceful and serene looking! Anne Morrow Lindbergh said that women tend to muffle our spirit’s demand to be filled by adding activities to our lives – relationships, obligations, and activities. I am going to be determined to still my soul and be deliberate about what I allow into my life this week! I am turning to Jesus to fill my jar this week.

  5. Vickie says:

    Thanks Renee for this message. I read your book over the winter and I am now going through the online study with you, which means I am re-reading it. God has taught me so much through this book about myself and what I have been missing in my relationship with Him all of these years. My walk with Him has led me to more and more dependence on Him with each and every day. He has met me right where I am and has lifted me up into His arms of security. I love resting there and finally having the confidence that only He can fill me with. Conifdence that cannot be found in my job, my husband, my children….and yes, even in my ministry work. Thank you for writing this book, for the online study and for this video message.

  6. Sherri says:

    What a great illustration. I am praying and taking more time to quiet my soul from the busyness of life this week to listen to God. What am I seeking? What am I truely filling my life with? I get so busy in my life with my daily tasks and chores and lose sight of how quickly my heart and mind can get off track. Thank you, Renee for this illustration and the reminder to keep our focus on Jesus.

  7. Michelle in New England says:

    Renee, what a beautiful message, beautifully conveyed this morning. As I listened, I was filled with a confident, peaceful feeling in the same way your jug was filled at the end of the message. I am reminded of the verse about not just hearing the word of God but living the word of God, and your message today encourages us to do just that. Our Heavenly Father really can do it all for us, like nothing or no one else can, Praise the Lord.

  8. Shirleen says:

    Thank you Renee for your wonderful illustration….. I am guilty of filling my jar with all of the items you illustrated! I am guilty of telling others about my problems and concerns, guilty of trying to fill the jar with things that I think would make me happy and help me through difficult times……….. Your illustration shows me that I need to put those in a box..be thankful for each day and ask Jesus to fill me up with him..go to him instead of others. Thank you for those words. Blessings to you.

  9. Renee, this is a very powerful message. Recently, God spoke to me about this very issue, and I have been diligently working to replace people and things with Christ. Thank you so much for your devotionals. They are encouraging and inspirational, and I pray God will continue to use you for His glory.

  10. Amy Talbott says:

    Thank you Renee for redirecting my eyes and heart back towards the giver of life. It is so ease to get caught up in activities and lose sight of who it is that fills our every longing. I have been feeling that nagging of “What exactly am I looking for?” I think part of the answer is that heavenly ache that will never be filled here. But should be used as a reminder to seek our savior more completely. I am guilty of seeking to fill that ache in other ways and other places. It leads me to failure and depression every time. I pray that I will be seeking the only One who can Satisfy every longing of my heart.

  11. That was an amazing devo you wrote for the prov 31 site today. Wonderful depiction and good lesson. TY!

  12. Jeannie says:

    I am going to put sticky notes everywhere to remind me to “Look to that Giver”.

    Thank you Renee for this wonderful message. Great way to start the day.

  13. Ginger Munson says:

    I have heard that Bible story many times and tend to nod my head. “yes, I know, I know.” It is always one thing to know the Word in your head but so, so important to feel it in your heart. Thank you, Renee, for bringing Jesus word deeper into my heart this morning. The past 2 years of my life have truly worn out what confidence I had in my heart. (sold family business, moved, husband deployed, relocated 4 kids including 2 teenagers) Through your story and visuals this morning, I find I am again comforted and renewed in my relationship with Jesus Christ and find myself coming closer to the peace which only He can bring and sustain.

  14. Thank you for sharing this very timely message. Probably most of us have empty places in our hearts, some recognized, others not realizing that’s what’s ‘bugging us’. I have a huge hole right now, and this will encourage me to remember that only He can really fill it. My adult daughter, Mandi, has been diagnosed with a serious mental illness that’s really taken a toll on her life, her children, family relationships and her faith. She knows and loves the Lord, but it’s hard for her in the midst of the illness to recognize what the emptiness is from – she struggles with loneliness and abandonment fears – and who can fill it. She also has a blog, and should you have the time to send her a brief note of encouragement from your wise words, it would be a blessing. Here’s the link : http://mmstores.wordpress.com/2012/05/

    Thanks for your ministry!

  15. Dear Renne, it is such a God-given blessing to share my situation with you today. I needed a friend to pour my heart to, and to objectively listen to me. In my thirst of finding a job. I came to meet an old friend, homeguy (from my home town), and my ex-lucturer, asking him to hire me. He was quite willing. So we met, he was handsome and attractive, so I fell for him, but did not comment. As a single woman, praying for a husband, I asked myself, is it an answered prayer? But my old friend was so uncomfortable with my being born-again, and he said he has to help me get out of it.

    He picked me up from work place and dropped me at home, departed on the note that I’ll email him my CV.
    last night I asked the Lord about him. I had a dream, I dreamt we were crossing a flodded river, when 2/3 of crossed, I spinned under the water, but managed to rise up, and others, about six, drowned. So, as the survivors we went to report the drowning to father (Catholic priest). Father said we must bring candles equalling the number of those that have drowned, he lit and said a prayer of releasing their souls to rest in peace. Then I woke up.

    To me this was a warning, that, should I go on seeking to quench my thirst from men, I’ll be in danger. It could cost my life.

    I remember last year, I received a prophecy that the enemy is after stealing my salvation, and is sending false love (husband that is not from God).

    Please pray with me, I need the Lord to bless me with more wisdom, so that I DO NOT FALL AT ALL. I need prayers that I reach my destiny in righteousness and integrity.

    Be blessed,

    • Elizabeth says:

      Dear Lona,
      Your dream and your sincere words touched me deeply. I believe that God is protecting you when you pray and ask Him questions. Jesus taught that if we have seen Jesus we have seen the Father. Jesus did not condemn the woman who committed adultery and he did not come to condemn us but to set us free from sin and give us everlasting life with him in heaven. When we seek God first, we will not be taken in by men who take advantage of women whom some men perceive are easy to get because they appear needy or have low self-esteem. We are adopted into God’s family and are daughters of our Father God who loves us. Just as a loving parent corrects a child out of love, our heavenly Father will correct us and help us “do the next right thing” to follow in the way He wants us to go. I heard a woman who speaks to other women about being a single parent say to go to sleep early in the evening because that is the lonely time. I am praying for you. I also pray before I go to sleep and say the 23rd psalm and pray when I get up. The Lord is very present when we pray and praise Him. God bless you and help you find a really special job. Blessings, Elizabeth

  16. Sherry holle says:

    Well, I don’t know how to word things I want to say. But I have this issue of filling up with the wrong things. I am new in Christ and just want to do the right things. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  17. Emily P says:

    Wonderful and timely message. I am working on turning to God rather than food and this fits so perfectly with my struggle. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  18. Rita Leavesley says:

    I have been going through a very empty, lonely time in my life. I have recently told myself that I hear the GPS talking to me more than my family. Everyone wants me to do something or has to go somewhere, including my husband who cannot drive any more. He is in the Army and was injured in Iraq. I have plunged into the book of Psalms and started to write in a journal. I read in the Bible until I get something that means something special to me so that I may think on it when I feel so alone or overwhelmed. I find myself so thristy for my quiet time. Christ alone can feel my heart with Joy!!

    Love your illustration!!

  19. Sheila says:

    Thank you Renee for your message. For years now I have been seeking to reach that place where He is “all that I want and all that I need:” I often feel that I will never reach that point. Lately tho my thinking has changed and I have started wondering “Have I reached that place but haven’t recognized it?” Your video has opened up the door for me to ask someone… you…. “What does being filled with Him “look” like?”

    I often feel a longing or a disappointment for a certain thing that I do not have in my life right now. However, each time I feel that way, I go to Jesus, spend time with Him, and that longing is almost ALWAYS replaced with a peace and a contentment. That peace now comes much quicker and completely than it used to when I first started my journey with Jesus eight years ago. I also have come to know, when I feel that parched, drained, needy feeling over things or people, that NOTHING but Him can truly quench it. Does “being filled with His living water” mean that I NEVER feel longings? OR does it mean, like I just described as my experience, that yes, we do still have the longings, maybe often, but each time we feel them, we go to Him and He will fill those dry places? I look forward to your insight on this. Thanks!

  20. Rhonda Page says:

    I just watched your video today about the woman at the well and how it applies to our lives. Renee, I am woman at the well. Ive been searching for so long For something or someone to fill the empty spaces in my heart. As a young child being abandoned by my father And then as a young woman who always wanted a husband and a family only to live nightmare of my ex husband sexually molesting my 9 year old daughter. I tried for many years on my own to bury pain in my heart. I am coming to realize that I cannot do this on my own. My life And my heart has been broken for so long and for so long I continued to turn to the wrong things. Thank you so much For today’s video. Although I am a christian, I never asked God to Show me the places in my heart that could only be filled with him. Thank you for the hope that you have given to me on this day.

  21. Michelle says:

    Thanks for a timely reminder!

  22. Teresa says:

    Thank you Renee for reminding me that I need to seek Jesus to fill my empty places when I feel sad, alone and unloved, etc. It’s so difficult when the world and even those around us tells us otherwise.

    • You bring up a great point, Teresa. The world is so convincing with its ideas of all the things we “need” to fill us. Yet those very things create more emptiness of soul. Bless you today!

  23. Thanks for sharing the word with us. Loved the illustration.

    • Dianne Taylor says:

      Renee, thank you for your insight and illustration. Before you put the items back into the gift box, I realized that as the vase is transparent, others see what fills our lives due to transparency. As believers, are we consumed with material things and activities that reflect that we are His children? Do we bear a resemblance to our Heavenly Father as our faces, eyes, hair, hands, skin bear the resemblance of our parents? If He fills me, I will reflect Him. Thank you for allowing this teaching moment through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  24. Thank you! The visual illustration will remind me to focus on the Giver and not the gifts. My children are grown but I do remember those times when they didn’t know what they were looking for and wouldn’t be satisfied with what Dad and I found for them. Many times they were just so tired and really wanted love and attention from us but didn’t know that our love and care was what they wanted. Thank you for your thought provoking messages. They continue to provide me with guide posts that refocus and lead me back to my Father.

    • Lydia G says:

      What a great parallel- to the times when our little ones just want our love but don’t even know that as the reason for their distress. As a mother of two ‘littles,’ that insight struck me. Thank you!

  25. Deb Roberts says:

    Thank you for your thoughts today. I to have been struggling to know what to ask God for. We want to sell our house to move to another and I have been taken over by these thoughts. My question has been should I pray for god to find the right person to buy this house? I think you have answered my questions today that I should let god fill my heart for the right reasons and the right things will happen.

    Again thank you

  26. Renee,
    Wow! My brain is screaming at my heart, “Guilty, Guilty, Guilty!” In the last 3 years, due to still unresolved medical issues, I was forced to leave a “job” that “defined who I was”. My adult children moved, married or began new relationships ~ ones that limited their need for “mom” ~ The Other “who I was”. My sweet husband, exhausted from my illness and striving to maintain work, home and his own sanity, pulled into himself ~ in need of solice, rather than a wife who needed to be all things to all people ~ the 3rd “who I was”. Yesterday included many hours of tears, anger and questions. The things I had filled my basin with, those things which gave me my identify, have been stripped away…I don’t know “Who I Am” now or “who I am supposed to be”…but thanks to your message this morning, I know, without a doubt now, where to begin to look. Thank you for sharing your message.

  27. Sharon says:

    Thank you Renae, I loved your message. There always seems to be a longing in my heart for something or someone else. I know I need to open up to God and those around me. Materials things fade away. I crave close friendships with Christian people. Knowing Christ is the center of my life, makes everything bearable. Thank you for these wonderful messages of inspiration.

  28. This video helped direct me on the right path/mind set this morning. I have been on a quest for that certain something, but had no clue what I was looking for. I have reached a point in my life that nothing fills that restlessness in my heart. Sometimes, I don’t know if God hears me, or if I am asking too much, just complaining, or not worthy because of my sins. I will ask God to fill my heart with his spirit and keep praying for more faith.

  29. Women tend to fill their hearts with the needs of others. The hardest thing to do is to put ourselves first before God. I try to remember if we don’t care for ourselves, who else can we care for. God tells us this every day, he knows we need to be filled by him. My children are grown, but we still think they need us. . . the joy and blessing of grandchildren are part of my life now, and I look at the retirement of my husband. I know that it is only with God’s guidance and strength that I will be able to do all of the things that I need to do. I will pray to be filled by God’s love first, and then, and only then, I can share his blessings to others. Thank you for the reminder of who should be filling our hearts and our lives.

  30. Jennifer says:

    WOW! What a truly great way to express what so many of us are feeling. Running from one thing to another and one appointment to another… life is SO FAST now. Even though we know God is our refuge, we still try so hard to be and do everything for ourselves. Thank you for this wonderful illustration. I normally do not watch video posts, but I am so glad you encouraged us to and so glad I listened this time! 🙂

  31. Lois Mullet says:

    I want to thank you for your encouragement today. I struggle with being able to forgive myself for my sins. I know God forgives me and will never leave me, but when I go back and do the same thing again, it’s hard to forgive myself for my weakness in succombing to the temptation. Thank you for the encouragement to look to God for the fullfillment I’m looking for!

  32. This devotional really spoke to me this morning because I, too, struggle to find fulfillment in other areas. I think if I could just be “important” enough, I would find this satisfaction, so this following sentence really resonated with me: “I’ve also looked to possessions and positions and accidentally put my hope in recognition. I’ve thought “if only I had or could…”

    I’ve prayed that prayer this morning that you posted asking God to help me only find my fulfillment as a person in Him (that’s the only place you’ll find it anyway!). Thank you for this uplifting thought before I start my busy day!

  33. Gods words are always timely as long as we keep listening. From another visual learner I thank you for sharing the gifts He has given you.

  34. I have been walking with the Lord for a long time. I am now retired from work and going through a time of adjustment with my husband and I both being home 24-7.
    I am also since January learning to fill my heart with God instead of attempting to do that with food.
    This video was such a lovely picture of that.
    I know I need to be filled with God in order to live a Godly life, especially since I am no longer using food for comfort and having to adjust to new ways of relating to my husband. Since he retired, he has looked to me to be his every thing and from the perspective of someone who someone else is trying to use for their own filling, which can only come from God…it is simply draining for me. I NEED to be filled up with the Living Water so badly all the time.
    This is a hard season but a good one. Some days, like yesterday, I feel like I simply can’t go on another day. But by the grace of God I do.
    Thank you for writing the book and making that video. It is very timely for me.

  35. marsha says:

    I love this illustration! Thank you for sharing and thank you for reminding me that God is all I need!

  36. Melissa Reynolds says:

    Thank you so much for this reminder and illustration. As I face a new trial in my life filled with rejection and bitterness from my husband, it made me realize that there’s nothing that I’ve accomplished in our marriage by putting him above everyone and everything. Christ is my unfailing love and as I pray for healing and reconciliation, I pray that Christ fills my empty places first!

  37. Audrey says:

    God is currently dealing with me on this. For many years, I was a drug addict and I also saught the love of men to fill the void in my heart. As I grew older, I did settle down, get married, and quit the crazy lifestyle. A year ago, God revealed Hisself to me, and it has been quite a whirlwind ever sense. What God is dealing with me now, is my use of alcohol. After a long line of family history of addiction, watching my father turn to alcohol to solve his problems, turning to drugs to ignore my problems as an adult, and eventually turning to alcohol myself…even though I “settled down” I have realized that I still turn to alchohol instead of God. I’m in the process of ridding myself of this idol and allowing God to fill me. It’s a process, and I still make mistakes, but God is with me every step of the way. I am so greatful for His grace and mercy. And I’m so greatful for you Renee. The first time I was lead to Proverbs 31 I was hooked. You are an incredible blessing to me. Thank you!

    • Bless you Audrey! Lord Jesus, thank you for the victory Audrey has in you!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Dear Audrey,
      May God continue to bless you and keep you strong in your fight against alcohol. Our bodies need water and our hearts and minds need Jesus who is living water. He will sustain you and give you the peace that passes all understanding. I am praying for you.
      Hugs, Elizabeth

  38. Thank you Renee for this devotional and video message! I need so much to allow God to fill my empty and broken places, instead of looking to friends and family to do so. I haven’t done your Confident Heart study yet, but do plan to. I hope your day is wonderfully blessed as you have blessed my day!

  39. Theresa says:

    I have lived the majority of my 60 years trying to fill my “empty places.” I am a Christian. I am a life coach and counselor. I have been blessed by much healing and freedom from strongholds in my life. Christ is my life….. And here is the “but,” I still long to be loved and known by another person. My feelings are so powerful that what I know and what I believe are lost in a turbulent sea of doubt.

    I am grateful for your message. I know that it is Truth, and I long for the day when my heart submits to the one who calms the seas!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Dear Theresa,
      I am 65 and was feeling similar feelings today. I am lonely, but I am finding volunteer things to do at church and friends in my neighborhood. I listen to Christian radio and feel that I have accepted Jesus as my savior and that has given me peace. May God richly bless you and those you coach and counsel.
      Blessings, Elizabeth

  40. Thank you! The illustration was great! I love the practical steps to follow!

  41. amy martin says:

    Thank you Renee,
    So good to be reminded of where to place our trust. You telling us to “Shift our dependence from the gift to the Giver, along with the end of this weeks verse, “Show me the way I should go, for to You I lift up my soul.”
    Keeps us in a place to be filled by God.

  42. deanna says:

    Dear Renee,
    Isn’t just like God to keep knocking on the “door” of our hearts, over and over until we open up and say; OK!!
    For 3 years I’ve been trying to leave a toxic relationship with out much success. 2 weeks ago I finally ended it. I’ve known all this time he was not the right person for me, but I kept looking to him to “fill my jar” -please!!
    I had been listening to a Beth Moore series and she also spoke on us filling our jars with other people, things, addictions. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. After a very verbally abusive encounter with him, I ended it. It’s been truly like going through detox, but over and over I keep hearing this story in my head. Today when I was still laying in bed, I said; God, help me to remove him from my heart and head. I don’t want him taking up so much space. Then I got up, checked my email, and here you are today with THE SAME BIBLE STORY!!! This is NOT a coincidence!! When God speaks to me, He has to say it over and over again until He really gets my attention. Today, He has. Thank you for this powerful message.

  43. Thank you Renee for your illustration today. I’ve been going through some of life’s biggest struggles and despite all of them someone has been placed in my life with an encouraging word or invited me to a bible study. I am so thankful for this bible study this moment in my life. There so many hurting women out there and I just want to learn and share. Gods word to help someone else know His unconditional love.

  44. Dear Renee,thank u so much for ur encouragement. Ive been so down due to the empty places in my heart,searching for God to fill them,bt it still stayed empty.now i knw better,to let God show me how to position my heart so i can be filled by the power of His love. God bless thee.

  45. lucian says:

    I loved this message. God sends us just what we need to hear at the right time. We sometimes hear these stories over and over and they just don’t sink in. Then we listen with our heart as welland it all comes together. Thank you for speaking to my heart today I really needed this.

  46. Thank you Renee ! You have no idea ( maybe you do ) how true what you speak of in this video describes me. God has helped me overcome many personal struggles over the last few decades, but I stubbornly still struggle with many. The fact that I never completely an education or reached “my” ideal body size still keeps me in bondage. I admire your honesty and am so excited to be following your online study ( my very first online study!!) thanks again for your continuous prayer. I am hopeful that by completing this study there will be victory!!!

  47. I woke up early today, very much unlike me. I was debating on whether or not I should go meet friends for coffee, which was set for the time I usually get out of bed. I was frustrated that this time had been chosen, I never plan anything this early…I need time to wake up. I’m a crabby morning person. I grudgingly got up and checked my email to find out if someone changed their mind and wanted to meet later. All I saw was ” can’t wait to see you!” and “see you there!”
    Argh! Really?!?
    After those emails to the delete bin my Proverbs 31 email popped up, I looked at the title and cringed. Oh my stubborn, crabby heart was pierced!
    After reading it, I wanted more! Fill me up Jesus!
    Thank you for the video, I needed that beautiful face to tenderly give me Gods truth and soothe away the crankiness.
    If I had stayed in bed I would have missed this precious time, this beautiful sunny morning and seeing our hummingbirds come back for the first time this spring!
    Thank you.

  48. Diedre says:

    Renee, that was a really good message. there are definitely times when I am always looking for something to make me happy and I seem to never be content with what I have. For instance, I have been wanting a house and have asked God numerous times for that blessing and it has times taken over my thought process. Listening to your message tells me that maybe God will bless us with a house, maybe not as soon as I want it but that I need to remove it from my mind and put him in the forefront. Not just for what I know that he can do for me, but just because I love him and he loves me. Thank you for taking the time for making that video, it made the empty spaces a lot more clear to me.

  49. Sandra Hingst says:

    Thank you so much for this message. God needed me to hear these words today.

  50. Renee,
    I wish I could express to you how timely your message is for me. Only this week I declined a position which provided more job security. However, this position also included a longer commute, time away from my family and a greater burden of responsibility. Ultimately, I had to ask myself, which was more important – my career and money or availability for my family. In agreement with my husband, we chose family. Some may think this should be an easy decision, but in today’s market, all options must be reviewed. I believe however, for me, part of the attraction was looking to “things” to fill the spaces – the days where maybe I don’t feel appreciated as a mother, but know in my heart, it is where I am to be. Thank you!

  51. Renee thanks for the message. Right on time. The illustration was great!

  52. This is my first time visiting your page and boy am I glad to have found it! I am a new mom and it has been so difficult for me lately to keep my relationship with Jesus thriving and intimate. I am guilty of looking for my husband, my son, my friends, etc to fill my heart and I know it’s a silly choice anyway, because God is the only one who will really satisfy me! Thank you so much for this video and the blog because it’s an amazing picture of how God wants to fill our hearts. And if we leave the stuff in our heart and try to have Him fill it, there’s too much stuff in the way and not enough of Him!
    Thank you so much!

    • Lydia G says:

      Abby, hang in there! Being a new mom is a huge challenge; may God use this time to draw you ever closer to Him, relying on Him for your daily portion of strength and grace. His mercy is new every morning- remind yourself of that!

  53. Great video! I have heard of this idea before but the new take-away for me today was your suggestion to ask God what is taking priority over him. I usually try to figure that out by myself. No wonder I don’t get a clear answer. Thanks for this encouragement!

  54. Felicia says:

    Thank you for the visual to really see what Gods unfailing live looks like and how we like to fill it for him with things and stuff. My favorite part was learning about unfailing love and how it’s not ever attributed to a person. God is Good all the time!!!

  55. Andrea says:

    Thank you so much for this teaching. I totally needed to be reminded of this today. This is one of those areas of struggle for me and I’ve been working on chipping away at it with the Lord over the last few years. He’s been so faithful as I’ve been holding captive my thoughts on Him! Not only was this a good reminder for me today, but it’s something I’d like to share with my children as well. Thank you again for sharing your heart!

  56. Tia James says:

    Today’s message was an awesome and powerful message. It also has confirmed what I have been studying and asking God to fulfill in me. I so want to be confident in who I am in Christ. However, I too look to the gifts and not the Giver to make me whole. As I was studying the passage about the woman at the well, I began to long for the living water Jesus spoke of. And like a ton of bricks, it hit me, that was what I had been searching for. I wanted the living water to spring forth in me so that I could be confident in knowing that God is all I need! Thank you Renee for the confirmation in your message today.

  57. Wow! So many times I have asked Jesus to fill me with his Spiritt. But what I didn’t realize was all the stuff I’ve been carrying in my jar and how difficult it is to try & fill those {limited} empty spaces with Him. What a great visual reminder that the more junk I get ride of, the more He can fill my jar! Thank you Jesus 🙂

  58. Rebecca says:

    I can’t explain how much I needed this today. Struggling through a marriage that has had too many heartbreaks and ups & downs, I have longed for my husband to truly love me. What I’ve learned today is that my longing needs to shift back to Jesus and the rest will then come together perfectly. Thank you.

  59. God’s timing is so perfect. This is just what I have needed. Isn’t it amazing how we try everything else when the solution is right there in front of us? I am just thankful that God knows how to reach my heart. He sends me sisters with His personal message just for me, at just the exquisitely correct moment so that I am able to understand what He is telling me. Now I can release the deep, penetrating, profound, longstanding hurt with His deep, penetrating, profound and permanent validation. Thank you Sweet Jesus.

  60. I’ve tried for years to fill that spot with food, I’d rather have God fill it with Himself. Thank you for your encouragement.

  61. Jackie Zofkie says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart to help me heal mine. This clip was very powerful for me as I am a bible study table leader with 9 women looking to me for guidance and I am battling my own struggle with self worth so I have been seeking Him and His word. He led me to this clip today to remind me of who I am in Him and all that I long for with unconditional love can be met simply and completely in Him. Thanks so much for being an inspiration to me so I an share this with others! May you have a very blessed Mother’s day!

  62. This was a really good illustration. I have done this. I realize now that only God can satisfy me. I need to focus on him filling my jar and not anything else. Thank you for this video.

  63. Kristy L says:

    Thank you so much for this message. My husband and I are going through a trial right now. I am the more spiritual one and I am the one that (I feel) is closer to God, but I know that I’m not as close as I need to be. I know that I can always get closer. I would LOVE to have your book to help plant seeds in my heart that I don’t know I’m missing. I know God is filling my soul but I know that I’m not letting Him shine out of me like I need to. Maybe I’m not letting Him…
    Thank you for your words. Thank you for Proverbs 31 Ministries. It has changed my life. I found you guys at just the right time in my life. God is really cool like that!! 🙂

  64. The Lord sent your message to me today, in the most amazing way, at the most perfect time. For weeks He has been trying to get my attention by taking away the things I use to try to fill my empty spaces for example: my cell phone, (my connection to friends for affirmation)- mine fell in the toilet ruined, a friend gave me one to switch my number to and it couldn’t be switched for some unusual reason, I planned to buy a new one and the transmition on my truck went out – no money for new cell phone, so I switched to plan B my Nook & Laptop= my connection to pintrest, which is like virtual shopping and facebook for affirmation from friends and family! Only to have a freak power outage, only on our street, in whole the subdivision – no Internet with no power, I went to look for my Nook charger to take it over to my mothers and surf the web, it had completely fell apart, wires falling out of the adapter. No internet, no ability to charge the devices, no cell phone, no extra money to go out and by new replacements- Okay Lord, I guess I am finally listening-you have my attention!

    So I finally sat in prayer and meditation yesterday and came to hear/realize the same words you spoke here, only to wake up this morning with an email from my “spirit friend”, with a link to Proverbs 31, where I saw this link, your link -my “reinforcement” message for the day! The Lord letting me know, I got it!! ( Followed by him saying “Now go DO something with this knowledge!”) I have some hurts to heal, forgive and pay attention to, but thank you for your words, video, and thank you for letting God speak through you, to me, today!

  65. Good morning ! Thank you for your message! God knows I need things right now in black and white and your message not only was that it was in color and spoke right too me! 🙂 how awesome is He! I do long to fill my empty spaces..I feel it’s on the tip of my tongue..although I go to God ALOT more than I used to I would love to visit about how to do this in my business and personal life…I keep talking,listening,waiting and such until He tells me. So in the mean time I’m glad I found proverbs 31 and your personal site as well! Your prayers are greatly appreciated! I look forward to tomorrow

  66. Dear Renee’…what a timely message this is. I was just sharing with a friend last night the “emptiness” they feel in the loss of a loved one. When I opened my e-mail this morning to find this message, I immediately thought of my friend and sent it to them. I had done a sermon in our church last month and some of the scripture I had used said God was not a respecter of persons…when we are in Him that there is neither Jew, nor Greek, male nor female….I reminded this person of this, because it is a “male” friend that I sent it to. And as I told him, even though this message was from a women’s group, designed for women, it was a timely message for him too….thank you…and it always “amazes” me “how” our God works!!! “He” is “oh so good!” Praise be to the King!! In His Love…:o)

  67. Thank you so much for your message Renee! How timely God is, always waiting for the perfect time just for us…that is how much He loves us! Your message and illustration could not have come at a better time for me. I’m closing the door to the fridge and the cabinets to fill me up(food) knowing that HE is the Only One that is able to do that! Praying for all those who have commented with their own “fill-ups”! What a blessing you all are at P31!

  68. Thank you so much for this timely message. After a very difficult move to Texas with 6 kids, I have been searching for so many things to help fill up the emptiness I have been feeling. I know where to look, I have just lost that focus. Leaving family, friends and everything familiar left our whole family searching for happiness in things and activities rather than in our Creator. My husband and I have been working hard to refocus our family in the past few weeks. Your visual Is going to end up in our family devotional 🙂 thank you!

  69. Lisa Evola says:

    I have never been happier since I started letting God fill those empty spaces….my desire is to show others how they can achieve that peace…..because it is amazing!

  70. I’m asking God, what it is that I must take out of this very full ‘jar’ to make room for Him. I see pouring the Living Water into an already full jar. God’s offering fills in and around the pieces I have put in my life trying to ‘fill-up.’ But there is not room for the fullness of God. I have packed the well with obstacles. I am seeing that I must unpack to release those obstacles into God’s hands to receive the very thing I’m so aching to have. Empty is a good thing to offer up in order to make a way where there seems to be no way. I have not written comments before and don’t know if this will reach you, but I am grateful for the message God has sent me today.

  71. This came on a morning when that longing for something more was causing an ache in my heart. God has given me everything I ever dreamed of, but of course, as life on earth goes, the fulfillment of each dream never seemed to match up to what I dreamed. From a husband to a house to children to position to things and food…my heart has searched for satisfaction from them all. But each gift He gave came with pain and suffering as well, and great trial in some aspect. Each gift would not fill me, but somehow leave me emptier feeling than before. So, I would think the answer was in the next goal or desire. Mind you, this is all while being His and attempting to follow Him. Now, I have lost the desire to dream, but still have that ache that longs a dream. I believe this devotional and the illustration was meant for me this morning. So God could SHOW me a picture of what I am doing. I know He has tried to tell me over and over, but this was a picture for me. Thank you for pointing me in such an obvious way to the hollow spaces within me and to the God who wants, (obviously or I wouldn’t have received this devotional or if I did I wouldn’t have been pressed to actually read it and then to go on to the video) fill all the empty spaces within that ache to be filled.

  72. Thank you for the “Video Message” notes! They do help this note-taker SO much, Renee! May God continue to help us re-prioritize what we fill up our hearts with. This video was great in clarifying that!!

  73. Amanda says:

    This was an amazing illustration, very true and clear. This hit home and gave me inspiration to seek God for fulfillment and not other things. This. Is what I needed. Thank you for giving me this word and message. I know will turn around and start allowing God to fill me with his living water.

  74. Rhonda says:

    The message really challenged me to see the reason why I have seasons of doing well in my marriage. The times, like now, when I find it hard to love unconditionally are the times that I am seeking my husbands approval and acceptance rather seeking God’s. When I seek God…I can give dispite being hurt, tired, or bombarded with hurt feelings. But the moment that I seek to fill a place designed only for God with worldly affection and approval, I faulter and begin to attempt to feast on that which will never fill or make me whole. K

    • Lydia G says:

      Isn’t that the truth- about struggling to love our husbands back when we feel that they aren’t giving what we need if that is the ‘source’ we are looking to! I love that connection- that when I am letting God fill me, I will have SO much more to give in my relationships.

  75. Tiffany says:

    Thank you Renee for another great video. The visuals definitely drove the point home! I was so excited, I shared your video with my Christian Singles Small Group. We are currently finishing a series on identity and dating and this fits perfectly with where we look for our confidence, our acceptance, and our identity. It is only God who defines us and who fills those empty spaces. God bless you!

  76. vielka says:

    What a powerful message to make it easier to “see” this truth

  77. Beverlee Wingfield says:

    Amazing illustration. Great encouragement to be mindful of our perspective.

    Also, unrelated to the devotional. There is a problem on your website relating to your conference schedule sign up. How do I contact website support?

  78. Eileen says:

    Thank you for sharing. I get off track from time to time. He is the only one that can truly satisfy.

  79. Wow! What a great illustration! Beautifully done. I think that this is a lesson I seem to need to learn over and over. Just as I think I have this figured out, life changes a bit, and I’m placed in a position where I need to learn all over again that only God can fill my empty places. I’m amazed at how often I have prayed, “God, I know only You will completely satisfy me”, and yet how often I am disappointed when something I do or get doesn’t make me feel happy for long.

    Thanks again for the reminder that only Jesus gives the water that fills us completely–no more empty places!

  80. Thank you so much! This is just what I needed at just the right time! God’s PERFECT timing, as usual 🙂 I am going through some struggles with my parents & siblings, and have been considered the outcast because of standing firm in my convictions. I have had such a difficult time letting go and moving forward. God has really been working on my heart and showing me that only HE can fill those empty spaces in my heart … Thank you so much for the reminder <3

  81. Thank you for your message. I am new to proverbs 31 ministry and have found it to be something that I look forward to each morning as I seek my Abba Father in a time of great need. Although I have walked with Christ 36 years, I found myself this year grieving beyond what I thought was humanly possible. My husband of 26 years announced he was gay and wants to embrace it. He has moved out and my emptiness has been crippling. This process of looking to my Abba Father to fill that hole in my heart is a moment by moment journey. I have to keep emptying my jar and asking God to fill my heart. Trusting Him to fill me in my moments of the flood of tears and physical pain usually leaves me groaning and crying out to Him and he is faithful to give me just what I need in the moment. Thank you for your prayers and message.

    • Lord Jesus, I pray for my sister, Toni, right now. I pray that you would fill her as only You can. That her emptiness would not be in vain, but that she would be used for Your glory. That her emptiness would be filled by Your love and give her confidence. That You would fill her like she never dreamed. Thank You for Your Word and may this dear sister find strength in Your promises. Amen.

  82. This was a wonderful message that spoke to my heart today. My husband has an autoimmune disease that has kept him from being able to work for years now, which makes it necessary for me to work full time. My job has been fairly high pressure with very little positive feedback. I have struggled under the weight of never being “good enough”. This was a great reminder that I need to look to my Father to fulfill those longings in my heart for acceptance and approval. Thank you!

  83. Donna P. says:

    I struggle with that empty place occassionally, but my husband is currently overwhelmed by it. I will share your inspirational message with him, and pray that he can begin to put more hope and trust in God than in positions or recognition. Thanks so much for sharing!

  84. Wow! That was a beautiful illustration… I loved the Jar filled with things… and the comparison to being filled with Jesus… He really is what ever heart longs for…. Thank for a great reminder…. Loved it! Thanks for sharing!

  85. Michelle says:

    WOW!!! Renee, thank you for your message and for the reminder that really we only need to be enough for God. I am a “people pleaser”, I always have been and I have always felt like if I could make everyone else around me happy that I too would be happy. Although, I have found that to not really work because then I begin to feel unappreciated and used even though I have done it to myself. I know that God has all of the answers and am slowly learning that it’s ok to ask Him for help and this devotion was my confirmation. This really hit home with me as I sit here with tears rolling down my face. Thank you and Proverbs 31 Ministries for all you do and for making a difference in lives like mine everyday!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  86. Christine says:

    Thank you for that timely message. I did as you said and watched even though I don’t typically…I’m more of a reader. Boy did it speak to me. I have been able to follow God’s leading and stop looking to so many outside things to fill me…but as recently as this morning, I am STILL seeking to be filled by my husband. It is so frustrating to have such a stubborn area. I keep taking it to God and He gives me gifts, like leading me to your beautiful message just when I needed it. He’s working… I just need to keep my eyes on Him. Thank you for helping me do so.

  87. Hi Renee, I am so glad I opened your message this morning (I couldn’t refuse a pretty please,lol). God has been trying to teach me this very lesson but I couldn’t understand exactly what He was saying. I told my girlfriend yesterday how I wish He would just explain to me what it is He wants me to know….I really believe He used you to do that! You have no idea how much this has ministered to me this morning!!

  88. What an awesome illustration. Thank you for sharing and allowing God to use you to demonstrate His word is such a simple way. Stay blessed!

  89. Loretta says:

    Thank you so much for today’s devotional. It really hit home. Bless you.

  90. Thank you for sharing this timely devotional this morning. I have been feeling quite empty the past few days .I confessed this to my prayer partner this morning. I am between so many things in my life now and have been asking the Lord what would He have for me to do with the balance of my years. I need employment; I am recovering from an injury and must work within new limitations. I am in my middle years and divorced. Sometimes life appears bleak. Your message was encouraging this morning. So I will ask of the Lord anew and afresh what is it that my heart is seeking. I know He willl answer. Thank you!

  91. Hello Renee,

    After listening to your message I realized that I empty my jar of things but I did not invite Jesus into my heart and my life. I am so used to being disapointed that it never occured to me that that wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. I’m so used to relying on myself that I never thought about it in this manner. Don’t misunderstand me, I trust and rely on God for everything, but I realize now that may not of been completely true. So thank you AGAIN, for pointing me in the right direction!

  92. Brandi Casillas says:

    Good Morning,

    This message is so on time. I struggle with this daily. I am so glad that the Lord has shared this message with me. It reminded me that no matter what, if I don’t look to God to fill the emty holes, i will just keep longing for something to fill me and nothing will be able to. Please pray that I am led by the Holy Spirit to look to God for all things daily. Thank you and God bless you for your ministry.

    • Heavenly Father, I pray for my sister, Brandi. Lord may she be filled with Your love. She wants your Holy Spirit to enter her life and lead her daily. I’m praying for her now, that You would remind her of this request and guide her even now.Amen. Blessings, Brandi!

  93. Kathy Chase says:

    That hit me right where I am today. So, simple, but not easy to do. I, like many, am missing my mother, the source of unconditional love in our childhood. I am posting that verse in Proverbs on my wall (physical) and to my wall in FB. I would really like to win the giveaway. Thank you for this opportunity.

  94. crystal says:

    Thank you so much. This is exactly what i needed to hear. Many times i turn to my friends not God. Many times ive humbled myself sucked it up and told Him what was going on. I have so much faith but yet i struggle everyday with the bible. Over the past two days i have had it rough. I eventually cried it out to God. Then of course, as i sat in silence my two yo comes in calling my name lol i try to come to Him thru out the day but its really impossible with kids, sports, living with the inlaws. I really have no quiet place. I feel convicted of it at times but what do i do? You have really put it in picture for me. Im a new christian. I was saved and baptised last yr in aug. But He has really done lots of work on me and Hes still working. I understand how to give Him my problems, i know to have trust and faith, but how do i completely let Him in? But He still fauthful to His promises and keeps blessing me. Im ever so thankful for it. I thank Him everyday for the big and small. But i have to say your visual really opened it up for me. Thank you so much Renee. Hope you have great blessed week!!

  95. Christine says:

    This is just what t I needed right now. God is GOOD!

  96. Shelley Kahn says:

    Wow!! What a powerful message!! I tend to look to food & clothing to fill me up and I’m always disappointed. Thank you for encouraging us to look to God for our fulfillment. Makes perfect sense, but oh how easily we get caught up in the other “stuff”. I am making a commitment today to look to Him. Thank you so much for this message and illustration….perfect timing!!

  97. Kim Thompson says:

    I loved your article today, as always. I know that what you wrote about today is so true because I have had a very hard time trying to quit smoking, which I know is something I am using to try to satisfy or fill the whole meant for God. It doesn’t work and because of that I would like prayer. To be honest and to help you know better what to pray for me, I need prayer about God taking the desire to smoke from me and filling me with more desire for Him. See I quit for a month but when the hard time came I fell. It has devastated my confidence and I am worn out trying to fight my selfish desires. So I know your article was a word for me to get back to God, to trust Him in spite of the hopelessness I feel over this. I am trying. Thank you.

  98. Judy Holland says:

    Thanks for your message today. All we need is Jesus to fill the longing in our heart. God Bless you!

  99. Thank you for that illustration and sharing what’s on your heart. I have been searching for someone or something to fill those empty spaces. I lost my husband a year and 6 months ago and having been searching. I know the only one who can complete me is God. I need to stop looking in the wrong places for the people I think will fill those places and focus on God.

  100. Shelley says:

    Wonderful devotional and illustration! Too often I think we as women look in the wrong direction for fulfillment … sometimes it is well masked in what appears to be an appropriate pursuit — we strive for weight loss, or approval from our husbands, for accolades from other women, for success at work. This is a great reminder to us all that none of these things will fill that empty space reserved just for Christ! Thank you for this great teaching.

  101. Priscilla says:

    Thank you Renee. The illustration was very helpful. I know God is the only thing that can fill us and satisfy us, I just wish it was as easy as emptying a jar. He’s working in me to teach me to be content with what I have. I am so blessed, but it is very difficult to not look to friends, family, and church to fill us. They all mean well, but, like me, they are not perfect and will and have left me broken, unfilled.
    Thank you for your book and this study. I am trying to keep up and involved. I really need God’s confidence in my life.

  102. Jennifer Bailey says:

    I recently left a very good job for a Congressman to refocus my priorities. Working between DC and Co and leaving my family in search of who knows what, I finally realized that I was chasing ALL of the things you described and more. The emptiness far outweighed the fullness the world offered. The past 4 weeks have been a time to de-stress and refocus and yet I still feel I am fumbling. In an effort to glean some wisdom and encouragement I have gone in search of daily devotions to help me start the day in proper focus…today I came across this one and it has spoken to me greatly. Thank you.

  103. Melinda S Epperson says:

    God has done an amazing work in me, I was severely abused and neglected as a child and have come thru so much by the Grace of God….I praise God for that. I still have a few areas that I am not totally dependant on God…I need prayer for that…thank you for the visual, it really helped me…

  104. Erin Gallardo says:

    That is beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing your love for Christ with us! I really needed to hear that!!! I have always looked to my husband to fill my heart and of course he always falls short. I have put so much unnecessary pressure on him that should go to God. The visual will be a constant reminder for me. My husband and I thank you and God!!!

  105. Kimberly says:


    I just recently got back into receiving the devotions from Proverbs 31 Ministries. I have been so inspired by them and sharing them with others. I pray to God everyday to open doors for my business, but I know I have been selfish. I prayed to HIM today to open the doors of his choosing and to Fill my heart with HIS guidance and love. I have been unemployed for 6 months, but I told my husband that I believe that we remained faithful in our tithes and God has provided all our needs. He is gracious and I love him. I need prayer to seek him more in EVERYTHING I do.
    Thank you for your minsitry. Kimberly

  106. Rachelle says:

    Thank you for this wonderful visual. I’ve been struggling a lot lately as both my kids have moved out and I am now an emptynester. I have been divorced for 13 yr. and am really starting to feel the loneliness and the desire to re-marry. I have grown a LOT closer to Jesus over the last 3 years, but something still felt off. I am hoping this week, with your suggestion to just ask Him, I will be able to start to fill this emptiness.

  107. Mary Emily says:

    This is the first time I have visited your site, Renee. Years ago I was doing what God wanted and my life was good. Still, I felt I did not have the approval, the love of people I tought I needed to be “good enough.” It took three decades of wandering – earning awards, recognition, and other “things” that seemed important for being loved – before I realized the answer was always within me. Two years ago I found a church family that embraced me with the Love of Christ. Your message today illustrated what I went through for half my life. There are days when I still look for love, for acceptance in and from the wrong places. Everything you put in your jar can float. As God’s Living Water fills us, those “things” can float to the top and disappear as more Living Water is allowed in. Thank you for this image. Thank you for your message. To God be the glory.

  108. Loretta says:

    Dear Renee –

    Thank you for your message today! I’ve been blessed to have heard much of God’s Word over the years, and intellectually KNOW many of these truths, yet sometimes the heart has a difficult time truly accepting them. Or maybe, it’s vice-versa! Our heart knows them when we hear them but our minds tell us that we’re still lacking, even in His sight. Ah, another truth just came to mind – the enemy is at work primarily in our minds.

    Your video was an effective demonstration of this message – thanks for encouraging your audience to listen!

  109. Simple but very powerful illustration of what we fill our jars with! I long for God to be filling me more and more. Thanks for what you shared here.

  110. D'ana H. says:

    Fill me up Jesus – Fill me UP! This world has a way of making us feel inadequate, insufficient, unworthy, insignificant – so I always tend to try harder, look longer and deeper, become frustrated and stagnant and almost depressed….. so very thirsty! Thank you for this beautiful analogy – I am a very visual person and this was just what I needed to hear! Thank you and God bless!

  111. Elizabeth says:

    Your video has dealt directly with where I am. My husband and I have struggled with each other for a long while but neither of us could put a finger on the problem. We know that we love one another but we felt this dissatisfaction. The blog today was another answer for me. It is obvious to me that this is the problem. I am trying to fill God’s place in my heart with my husband- he cannot fill it! And most importantly he is not to blame. He was not created to fill that place! I was not created to fill it for him either. Thanks for being so real.

    • Lydia G says:

      This realization in a marriage can be LIFE CHANGING! It has allowed me to extend so much more grace towards my husband, and protects me from being bitter towards his ‘shortcomings.’ Let this truth sink deeply into both of your hearts; “…then, stand still and see this great thing the LORD is about to do before your eyes!” (1Samuel 12:16)

  112. Thank you so much for this. God always directs me to the places He is trying to get me to go. I am in the middle of a divorce from and abusive man, and it has taken me 2 years to get away. Only because I kept looking to my ex husband to fill those empty places in my heart. I was afraid to be alone, I have MS and my son has a rare terminal genetic disorder. I am afraid to lose my son and my own health all alone. I kept thinking the abuse was better than hurting alone. After completing this study, I now am at peace with the fact that even though I will hurt and even feel physically and humanly alone sometimes, the only way I will feel completely at peace is to seek Jesus to fill my heart. Afterall, He is the only one who will always be there for me and for my son!!!!! Thank you Jesus

  113. Shannon says:

    I’m lacking in confidence — and I’m lacking in A Confident Heart (the book) — so winning one of these prizes would be a blessing!

  114. Brooke H says:

    This message truly spoke to me this morning. I have been feeling empty lately, and didn’t really understand why. I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter, a good job, and will moving to a new house soon. But still, I was feeling empty and felt so ungrateful. Now I see why; I was letting the gifts fill my heart and not the Giver. Thank you so much for your Word from God.

  115. Renee,
    Thank you sooo much for sharing from your heart today. It was such an encouragement to me and I plan to share it with the women at our church here in Brazil. Your visual, object lesson was fantastic. May the Lord bless you in a special way today as He has blessed me through you.

  116. Paula Lloyd says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am always in awe of how God works. I have been floundering around for awhile and one of the reasons I decided to take this online study is for guidance. I am a single mother and I feel as if I can’t ever get it all together. I have so many commitments, so many things I want to do for my son and for myself. I believe in Jesus and I know He is my Savior, but here the last couple of months I have been questioning my faith. I know I should go to church, I was raised in church and LOVED it, I want my son to experience that….it’s like I know what I need to do, but doing it is totally different. I am so grateful and thankful that I was able to get your ebook for free when it was offered. I must admit I prefer hard copies but I have come to realize that I NEED this study and God is speaking to me through you. So again, thank you for doing this.

  117. cindy g says:

    Love the illustration!
    Pray I will continue to abide in HIS word!

  118. Good Morning Renee,

    I just want to say that I enjoyed your video. The way you used the props to help describe filling that void we sometimes have in our lives was great. “Letting God Fill That Empty Place” is what I have been slowly, but surely doing – working each day to empty all of those wants and turning it all over to HIM. I know that all that is needed will be provided by Him if we just let go and let God. Thank you Renee, you are a blessing. : )

  119. Earlene says:

    Thank you for the encouragment you have shared with us today. Pray for us as we look to the giver instead of the gifts each moment of each day.

    God Bless you for your ministry.

  120. Thank you for the great message. God always seems to know what we need when we need it. Thank you for being such a willing vessel.

    God Bless

  121. I don’t usually comment but here it goes. 🙂 There have been so many times in my life I have felt this way and said it to my husband. I feel like I’m missing something in my life. Each time I never knew exactly what it was and I would buy the new furniture, feel like I needed to change my career path but Nothing would work until I began praying Again. Asking God to help me thru this lonely part in my life and even though it helped I still didn’t feel fulfilled until I realized my all still wasn’t focused on Him. I still struggle with this everyday. Finding myself trying to eat healthy, workout to lose weight, changing jobs and my list goes on. I really appreciate your words today because they have given answers to Why life feels empty and incomplete. I need to not only pray about the things going wrong or right in my life but pray and seek God’s Love in all I do. Thank you again for shraring and being a living testimony of how truly amazing God is.

  122. Thank you for your message today, it was truly timely and I felt as if God spoke directly to me. I have been praying, longing and asking him for a good Christian mate for the longest while, and sometimes even have taken things into my own hands and (of course) it didn’t work out. Today, I understand completely that only He can fill my empty spaces, my loneliness, my tiredness, my searching for love, for God IS love.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Please continue to pray for me as I give him my entire heart so He can fill it up with His unfailing love.

    God bless you as you bless others!

  123. Renee~
    God has been showing me that I am lacking in my walk, faith, inheritance, because I haven’t accepted it. I carry hurts, rejections, scars and this affects my ability to accept more of him. I’ve been saved 16 years and am ONLY JUST started to let him dissect me. I am SO HUNGRY for him. I am SO HUNGRY to see who I AM to HIM. So HUngry to have the victory of my royal inheritance flowing through my body and my life. I sit here surrounded by my stuff..and still am listening to your message and crying….NEVER…by the way, do I go to the blogs and nevermind LISTEN to your personal message. I recieve proverbs 31 mesaages and you so intriqued me with what you have learned that I followed you to your blog. It was only the alluring words you used….pretty please….don’t leave without hearing my message…your concern for me. Your longing to share with me what God has shown you…..is EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you. And of course….I would love a copy of your book. This is only the beginning of a sanctifitying journey. I want to be HOLY like he is HOLY.

  124. Peggy Kennedy says:

    This was a great lesson. I have only had three cigarettes in the past nine days. Today I found a pack and smoked one feeling like I am weak and trying to fill up my self confidence with my addiction. Thank you for showing me I don’t need to do this anymore, that I can let God fill those empty places. I really needed this message today.

  125. How timely and comforting this reminder is for me Renee! This past week, I had to bury my brother who committed suicide. He was a wonderful man but a man without hope. I prayed earnestly through the years for him to accept the message of Christ’s love and sacrifice for his soul. Being with the family brought with it not only the grief of saying goodbye to my “big brother” but also the painful reminder of parents who have cut off all relationships with me, my husband and children because we represent a family of faith in the ministry which is not welcome. My heart has longed all my life to be loved by my parents in the way my four brothers were loved, thinking this would be what would make me completely happy. Although the knowledge of this lie is obvious in my head, my heart often wrestles to connect with it, and once again, as I offered the comfort of Christ to my family throughout the week, my heart grieved deeply as this comfort was met with rejection and hostility in the midst of such a difficult and heartbreaking situation. Yet, once again removed from the pain and back home, I stand completely loved and accepted by my God who has continually filled me with such intense love to overshadow what has been taken. “He has loved me with an everlasting love and has drawn me with lovingkindness.” Jer. 31:3

  126. Thank you for the reminder that only Christ can fill my heart. And oh what peace he gives.

  127. Thank you Renee!! I needed to hear and be reminded of this truth today!!!:) Thanking God for you and all those who have helped you provide this excellent resource for all of us women! Such a blessing, such an encouragement, such a gift!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart, gifts AND your time with us! I forwarded your offer to many of my friends who have purchased your book and have also joined your generous online study offer – we all LOVE it!!! Your book, this study and all the resources that go along with it have been an oasis for me- truly life giving water for a dry & thirsty soul!!!:) Many blessings to you & your family! Praying you have a very Blessed, refreshing & restful Mothers Day!:)

  128. Renee , this video reminded me of a time in my marriage when I had the things I thought I wanted but at one point something happened and I wasn’t happy anymore but i didn’t know why. When people asked me what I wanted all I could say was “I want to be happy” And when they asked what would make me happy, I couldn’t tell them because I didn’t know myself. But what you said touched me and reminded me just how far I have come thanks to Jesus. I am happy and more content then I was. Before the only end I saw was suicide. Now I see living for Christ one of the greatest things ever. Thank you for all you do.

  129. Kim Ward says:

    Can I just say WOW! Such a powerful visual to demonstrate what I’ve been looking to, and what so many of us women look to fill and satisfy us.

    I’ll be honest with you, about a year ago, I decided to take a relationship that I knew was God’s will for my life, and take it into my own hands… so I broke up with him. He didn’t do anything, I just rebelled. As soon as I broke up with him I knew in my heart, and God made it clear to me that I made a big no-no. In the beginning of our relationship you couldn’t seperate us, we were so in love… and I was going by my feelings. Since we have broke up, he is now with another girl… but God keeps telling me he’s going to work it out. To not look at those things which I see but believe what he has promised me (and it’s him.) God gave me a promise about him about 2 or 3 years ago… so now I’m waiting. I have been putting him as a priority with my mind, thinking and letting him consume my mind… and God through this study and since our break up have been trying to get my attention saying KIM, I want you! I love you, and I want my love to be enough for you. I’ve been waiting and looking for Adam to come back, but God has and is changing my focus back to him the way it’s supposed to be. I want to draw from his well of unconditional love for I’m learning in his presence, I am satisfied. Love the video Renee!!! God is in you and this study is amazing!!! I’m so glad that God brought me to this study, for I am learning so much!!!! Amazing!!!!

  130. Cindy Hayhurst says:

    I am a mother of four, public school teacher about to retire, and a wife second time around. I have been a full time Christian Educator, always taught and volunteered at church, and home schooled. What haven’t I done, but I also leak and need to seek that relationship daily that fills me. Thanks for your encouragement!

  131. Thank you, Renee. I know I have been looking to other things and people to fill me. I recently realized that I was trying to prove my worth in order to be filled. Since I began reading your book, I realized that I have been looking to other people to fill me. From childhood, I have heard the concept that I have to let God be my all before I can do anything else. This has been stuck as head knowledge all this time, and I think your words will help me begin to change this. I feel like I am still grasping at it, not fully getting it, but I am trying. I pray God will grant me the grace to embrace this, embrace Him, and live in confidence and freedom.

  132. Melanie C. says:

    Awesome!! God has really used your message to speak to me today. You are such a blessing, thank you for all you do.

  133. Georgia says:

    Thank you Renee for being willing to be used by God to help us realize that only He can fill our empty places. 🙂

  134. Renee,

    Thank you for allowing God to use you. I needed this today. I have tried to feel my empty spaces with people, relationships and things. Always seeking others approval and not God’s. When we allow God to enter in and take full control, he will make us whole and fill every space. Thank you.

  135. Thank you for this visual. I love flower vases so this really speaks to me. I have been searching for words for my emotions and your video gave me words to speak to God. I have been taught that we are always going to be searching or longing for something…it is how we are made. I will focus on what really matters by using this visual when I feel like I don’t get what I want.

  136. Thank you for your message! There is so much going on right now and I needed the message to ground me and to shift my focus where it needs to be. God Bless you!

  137. Juanita says:

    Thank you Renee for these words of encouragement and reminders that we need to look to Jesus to fill our empty spaces – all the spaces. Today I hit a bump in the road but God has used this message and another study I am doing to get me back on track. Thank you for listening to what God is telling you and sharing it with us. It is a great encouragement.

  138. I love the illustration! I am going to use it at home with my kids. I have a 16 yr old, 13 yr old and a 10 yr old. I think it is appropriate for all ages. I am excited about the give away!

  139. Renee,
    Thank you for your timely message. I see I am not alone in my struggles. I can’t remember if I first heard of your book from Courtney @ Women Living Well, or my friend Lisa Smith who is reading your book–or she has already done the study. She posts a lot of quotes/verses from “A Confident Heart” and I keep thinking I sure need to read that! Struggling more than I should and I’ve been a Christian for 40 years! I’m already following you on facebook/ twitter/ and Pinterest. I hope I win the book…but if not I hope to get it soon. I know the answers are simple and just need to commit to being in the Word and prayer more. Thanks for saying you will pray for us on here too.

  140. Laurie G says:

    This came at a perfect time…

    I am wrestling through recognizing the times when I am choosing food for comfort – and learning to make better choices, filling those hurting, empty places with the Lord. I am weeping over the broken relationship with my parents – having been told they don’t ever want to see or hear from me & my family again. I am fighting the “being a Mom is a thankless job” feelings yet knowing that I would rather be home than in the workplace. I find myself feeling “unworthy” based on the size/age of our home (and it’s a rental!).

    This SO resonated with the battle that I find myself in… and was SO INCREDIBLY ENCOURAGING to see and hear your message today! Looking to HIM to fill my empty places today!!

    Thank you, Renee!!!

  141. Jennifer says:

    For years I have struggled with thinking my cistern would be filled by physical beauty.
    Just this weekend, God was so kind to reveal to me how He allowed me to struggle in that pursuit a bit so that I could see for myself it would never fill the deep desire in my heart. Had he given me the desire I thought would have filled up those empty spaces, I would have been disappointed. But, in His goodness He wanted me to actually see for myself the emptiness that comes with vanity. I came accross a woman who looked on the outside, the very way I desired to look. She had beautiful clothes and hair. She had an incredibly fit body, but her soul was empty. Those things I so badly wanted, she had. And yet, she wasn’t happy. I am happy God allowed me to see this. He showed me that my happiness and joy can only be found in HIm. This was a life changing moment for me after YEARS of battling this area of my life. I am so glad to be free of this.

    I am reading chapter 7 of Confident Heart now and I recommend the book to every woman I meet. As Director of our local Pregnancy Care Center, I hope to add it as a resource for the women who visit us who struggle in their own pursuit of validation and acceptance in empty cisterns.

    Thanks Renee for your candor in Confident Heart. God is using it to heal me of so much. And I believe He will use it to heal many more.

  142. While doing my quiet time this morning, this message and something I am dealing with right now absolutely collided with each other! While trying to fulfill a homeless child’s basic needs, I volunteered to take her shopping. We did this, not only because it is Christ like, but also because it hits close to home for my spouse. There seemed to be no question we would contribute to this cause in some way, whether monetarily or by putting out info on Facebook for all my mom friends who are cleaning out their daughters’ closets and collecting things for this girl. Everything was fine until the person who started asking for help put out a message on Facebook thanking everyone BUT me for their help with the situation. And as non-Christ-like as it was, I felt a twinge of hurt because of not being recognized. I felt so much guilt for that and asked God to cleanse my heart of whatever was making me feel left out. Then I opened up my email and saw my daily message from Proverbs 31 Ministries. Thank you God for giving me this word at absolutely the instant I needed it!! What He reveals, He will heal. I am still a work in progress but isn’t it amazing that there are NO coincidences when it comes to God and his work in us?

  143. Rosemary says:

    Thank You so much for that Renee. This is definitely a struggle for me. I am always looking for everything around me to fulfill my empty places, when God is waiting for me to look to him to be fulfilled. This message is very encouraging. I am so grateful that we have a God that is so faithful even when we aren’t. He is such an Awesome God!!

  144. Thanks Renee, I love the illustration. This message and chapter has learnt me so much. I am guilty of filling my emptiness with earthly things. Now I am filling my emptiness with God’s love, let Him filll my emptiness. The Lord has spoke to me in this part of my life. I felt the weight coming of my shoulders. I love this study. Thank you.

  145. Thanks so much Renee! What a wonderful object lesson to really visualize all the “things” that we fill our lives and hearts with that just don’t fulfill us. How freeing it is to allow God to fill those empty places and THEN be able to add others back as HE leads in His time. I have shared your message with my college age daughter. I hope and pray that she can learn this now while young and not walk the same path as her mother for all these years. I pray that God continues to use you in a mighty way to touch the lives of so many who need to hear! God bless you!

  146. Betsy Coleman says:

    Thank you Renee for your wonderful illustration of how things cannot fill our emply places. I cannot wait to read your book A Confident Heart. I have heard so many good things about how this book has spoken to so many lives.

  147. Renee, i really loved seeing you talk for the first time. I started reading your book a Confident heart a while back and just can’t seem to get into it. the devil has been on me so much in my life and at present it seems he is winning. I would love to win your othher book. please pray for me that god will show me my purpose in life and I will ignore the devil and these times of depression. God bless you and I look forward to more videos!!

  148. Sarah Kisner says:

    Your words spoke right to my heart today. God has been whispering to my spirit that HE is my friend and I can get everything my soul longs for from Him. I only need to seek Him in His Word. Thank you for sharing!

  149. funny how God works. I decided to print the message notes and was so surprised to see you called the woman Sam, (my initials) i say God really wants me to hear this today

  150. I have spent most of my life searching for empty promises to fill my heart and the void in my life.
    I thank God that He never gave up on me but through personal tribulation and sin I was lead back to Him and I know without a doubt that only He can fill my heart ,soul and mind with “the peace which surpasses all understanding”…I love the Lord with all my heart and am so thankful that I see the truth of what His Love can offer me that wordly possesssions can never do. Thank you for your wise illustration of empty promises.
    You are a blessing to so many out there!

    • I spent most of my life searching too and just lost all hope when all those people and things wouldn’t fill me up. I:m so thankful that when we put our hope in HIM we are made complete — filled and able to spill. Praying He drenches you with His love and grace today!

  151. Kenda Hill says:

    Thank you so very much, Renee. This message has been repeated in my life almost daily as I am going through The Lord’s Table. I use food to try to fill those empty spaces, and, what a surprise! – It doesn’t work! I have used relationships with friends, my husband, and even my kids at times to try to fill those empty spaces as well. I have even used serving in various ministries to try to fill up the emptiness. Thank you for this reminder that only He can truly satisfy all the longings of our heart and fill those empty spaces.

  152. Wow, Renee I pray that you know how much you changed my perspective today. Only through God was He able to use your voice to tell me things I really needed to hear. You see I have been searching for the unconditional love that I have wanted since I was a small girl with no Daddy, now at 29 and 5 children of my own, I cannot love or be loved unconditional because I do not know what that kind of love looks like. I was admitted into a hospital two weeks ago for suicide attempt, I had given up on life and my constant longing for love. After 5 days they released me but only to come home to a home that had not changed, I did not feel any more loved that night than I had 5 days prior. Now I am taking one step at a time moving past the hurt toward realizing the unconditional love that God gives me as one of His children, and the love my children desperately need for me to give them.
    Thank you Renee for being obedient to the works God has placed on your heart, for your sharing IS making a difference in His Kingdom.
    In Agape Love,

    • So touched by your note. Thank you for sharing such life-giving and encouraging words. Praying about writing a devotion book based on my book and your words brought sweet affirmation today!

      • Sarah T says:

        As much as God radiates from your life through what you say and write (and how you live) I know, if it is His will, that a devotion book would be a huge blessing for so many. Just wanted to share that when I read your comment.

  153. Thank you for this. What my heart needed today. We are all on a journey, i can totally relate to your visual with the jar and looking for fulfillment. It was beautiful with the word “GRACE” in the background. I’m working on my timeline of life, it’s a painful process going back to some of those places but i know God wants to shine His light in the darkness of my past and set me free. God Bless you!

  154. I am so glad I found(God directed me too this ministry. I am amazed at how much I relate to most all the topics. I find it so easy to fill my jar/schedule with things that detract from my real needs and purpose. It is so easy as a wife and mother to do that and then wonder why I feel so inept at my performance. Thank you for your real life open & honest ministry, its nice to know we are all in this together.

  155. Thank-you for this Bible Study. it has come at a perfect time in my life. I look forward to hearing this message when I get to our library. We have dial-up on our home computer so we can’t watch videos. However, judging by some of the comments, I know I am going to like the message. Thank-you for sharing your life and wisdom with the rest of us.

  156. Renee, thank you so much for this post. Unfortunately, this is something I need to be reminded of constantly. I hope and pray and I can finally give my heart, my whole heart, to Jesus and let Him fill the empty spaces.

  157. Jesus’ cup overflows with love for us and he gives i freely to us. We fill our vessels with worldly “stuff”. If we empty our cups of worldy things, we then would have room to fill it with HIM.

  158. Valerie says:

    As tears sting my eyes, I wonder why reading something that we already have heard brings such emotion. Even after seeing the object lesson to your message today, there should be no reason that we continue to take the living water that only Christ can provide for granted. We have experienced the joy of knowing that we are completely His and are unconditionally love by our Lord and our God, yet the tangible things, the verbal affirmations seems more desirable. It is oh so important that we fully embrace God’s love with every ounce of our being and hold on to Hebrews 11:1 where there is truly evidence of things not seen. The Living Water takes away the thirst for more of nothing and gives us the desire for the Bread of Life that is indeed more filling.

  159. As a widow, I find I have a lot of empty spaces that ache. I talk to God alot but I think your message tells me something I’ve longed to hear. Maybe I need to spend more time listening and learning to just let Him fill my empty spaces. It already sounds more peaceful.

  160. Wow Renee! That was a visual that helps me realize that maybe i’ve slipped a little and was starting to use food to fill in those little voids. I will continue to seek God to build yet a stronger relationship with him so that i can feel fulfilled. It’s those self doubts that continue to get the upper hand! God will prevail. Thank you for helping me see that today! God bless!

  161. Kelly K says:

    Renee thank you so much for your words today. I am desperately searching for something but never seemed to know what it was until today. I struggle with letting myself feel the emotions I need to feel to get real with myself. I have always ignored things and just would hope that whatever was troubling me would go away. This is how I was brought up and it can be hard to make changes but I am working very hard to do just that “change”. With God’s love and the support of my friends and now this study things are changing. Thank you again. God Bless.

  162. Dierdre says:

    Wow, what a powerful message and so spoke to my heart. The story of the woman at the well has come to my mind so many times in the past year; however, I wasn’t applying it to myself. I was applying it to someone else. Thank you for sharing and thank the good LORD above HE has means to get messages to those in need. God was showing me it’s not about the sins, it is all about letting HIM fill us up completely. For almost three years now, I have had several things happen and struggle each day to feel wanted and needed . Your message today clearly shows that only God can fill us completely. Thank you so much for sharing and telling your story. I have not read your book and would love to be entered to win.

  163. This study has touched me in the empty places and brought me back to a daily time with God. Thank you for sharing your life and gifts. I have looked to fill my empty places with mindless activity to keep from focusing on the trials I am faced with right now. I have felt more at peace since I started this study time-first thing in the morning to start my day off on the right foot. I look forward to each lesson.

  164. Lisa Haynes says:

    I love this word picture- it is the story of my life- I have always looked to others to meet my needs- my parents, my friendships, people at church and mostly my husband of 17 years. Now I am learning to put my focus and trust In Jesus alone as the only one who can meet all of my needs. I have learned the hard way that people will fail me because they were never meant to fulfill the places that only God can fill. I appreciate your heart and ministry which has helped me along my journey in going deeper with Christ.

  165. Maryanne says:

    Thank you for your words and the jar visual!

  166. Kyrie Eléison says:

    I realized last week, when reading about Sam, that although I thought I wasn’t putting on the mask of “fine” or looking to other things to fill me, that I was in denial. I think the reason I struggle so much with friendships isn’t “the church ladies”, like I thought it was before, or that I have trusted the wrong people. The reason is that I held all of these people to a standard they could never reach as friends, I told them too much in a desire, and an attempt to have them “fill me up”, and take away my pain. As soon as someone couldn’t reach my standard, I became afraid that they would leave me, the way I felt my father left me as a little girl (He was physically there after the divorce, but not emotionally). I didn’t want to feel that pain again, and I felt I deserved to be filled up. That if they were good friends, they would do that. So off again I went, time and time again, searching for that friend that would fill me up. Then when they couldn’t I just stopped trying for friendships. Then I shifted the “fill up” need to my husband and child. I wanted my husband to be my everything, plus be the head of the house, the provider, and on and on. It was just too much for him, and our marriage suffered for it. I have been searching for a fill up since I can remember. My mom worked a lot, and worked nights, so we only really spent time with her a couple of days a week when we were little. We stayed with my grandparents, and my grandma, much like my mom, wasn’t an affectionate person. They both showed their love through things, gifts. My grandpa then became my everything, but he worked too, and only had minimal time at night to share his love with me. I felt unloved a lot of the time. I craved more hugs, more time with my mom and dad, and I didn’t understand at the time why none of them could give me a “fill up”. As a young person I looked to boys, and I wanted them to give me a “fill up”. They would tell me what I wanted to hear, just to get something they wanted, but I was too young and nieve to know they weren’t telling me the truth. Please don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t loose, but I sure wish that I hadn’t even had one partner before my husband. I wish that I had felt filled up by God, which I feel would have given me the self-esteem, and confidence I needed to wait for my one true love.

    This week I changed how I think about the people in my life. I am going to stop holding it against my mom that she is unable to show me love in the way I want it, and stop holding the past against her. I have e-mailed each person I let go from my life, because they couldn’t fill me up, and asked for their forgiveness. My husband and I have made a commitment to stay together no matter what, and although he should meet some of my emotional needs of course, I am not going to expect him to meet them all anymore. We watched Fireproof together this week, and it changed our whole outlook on our marriage, so together with your book, and most of all God, our marriage is on it’s way to getting stronger.

    I am amazed I didn’t see all of it sooner! I particularly liked the quote in your video, “Acknowledge we’ve looked to the gifts instead of Him as the giver” to fill us up. Oh my goodness! I have done that my whole life. All of the people, things, and on and on that God blessed me with was never enough, and why, I was only seeing those gifts! I forgot all about the giver, Jesus! Before I started reading your book though, the Bible was more head knowledge than anything, and an obligation, something I did to be a good Christian woman. I didn’t think of The Giver’s promises, I never really felt the gift of them, of His love. I now read the Bible in a very different way. I think of the Bible as a collection of love letters. Jesus loves me so much, and he wants the best for me. The best is Him! I need to remember to ask God to fill me daily with His living water, and like you said in the video, each time we do that our feeling of lasting security will increase. I want to get to the point where it isn’t even a thought in my head to go to anything, or anyone else to fill me up. I want to just instinctively go to Jesus, who I now know is the only one who can give a “fill up” that lasts, and is a true “fill up”. Thank you so very much for this book, this message, it is all changing my life slowly, but more than any other Bible study ever has! God bless you and your work Renee!

    • Karen in PA says:

      Kyrie, Thank you for sharing your story. I too had been looking for a “fill up” everywhere and from everyone but the right “One” until I came to know Jesus one year ago. I too want to “instinctively go to Jesus” Blessing to you.

    • Dallena Hess says:


      Thanks so much for posting that. That is exactly how I feel. I’m a talker and I do joke around alot. I’ve depended on others to fill me up. I wrote “Look to the giver-He is enough and put it under my monitors at work. I was thinking and praying about all of this earlier. It’s amazing how he is drawing all sorts of scriptures together and it is all fitting perfecting. I felt him speaking to be right before lunch today about being filled with him “what if you don’t think I’m enough-what is the choice-feeling empty and discontent or feeling content and at peace”? I’ll be praying for you and my other sweet ACH sisters


    • Evelyn says:

      I want to get to this point too! Automatically turn to God, but I don’t think we’ll do it perfectly every time until we’re in heaven, so I thank God for His mercy and grace! Jesus has made us perfect, blameless with His blood! Now if I can just keep this at the forefront of my thoughts. Alas, I need God’s help continually! And praise Him, He is always willing to help!

    • Tasha M. says:

      Thank you for your openness. Your post has truly ministered to me and is helping me put some things in perspective. I think I have had such a struggle understanding this because I refuse to deal with the pain of my past. Thank you for helping me as I put things in perspective. May God bless you, your husband, and family.

    • Kandise says:

      Thank you, Kyrie for blessing me today!

      I am humbled by your growth and I praise God for HIS revelation to me through YOU. Thank you for responding as the vessel to His call.

      I am excited to see God’s work in your life.

    • Kyrie,
      Thank you for your post and your honesty. I too have spent my whole life expecting others to fill a void that only God can fill. I was placing a lot of responsibility on the people in my life. But no more, I am looking to the Lord to fill the empty places and I KNOW I will be completely satisfied. God bless you and your family.

    • Lydia G says:

      WOW Kyrie, I have been ‘following’ your story since the beginning of this study three weeks ago- and what a HUGE change I can sense in your spirit as I read this today. I sense hope- real, God-breathed hope. My heart is so full of joy for you and your marriage and your life! I love your statement about “…He wants the best for me. And the best is Jesus!” Oh, if we could, as you say, cement this truth in our hearts to battle our own selfishness- what a difference it would make for us all! I will be continuing to pray for you as we press on in this study- your transparence and vulnerability is a blessing. Thank you.

  167. Karen in PA says:

    Thank you for the video message. I know that my longing and desire for a husband often gets put ahead for my longing for Jesus. God will give me my husband when it is the right time. Two things you said stand out for me, “Shift our dependence from the gifts to the Giver” and “Bring the empty well of my heart to Jesus. Ask Him to fill me with His unfailing love.” Some days are so hard, but by letting Jesus fill me and focusing on Him, His love and His Gifts, my heart is as full as it will ever need to be.

    Lord God please fill me today, I know that You alone are all I need, Thank you for blessing me, Amen

    • Lydia G says:

      Yes, Karen, it is SO important to find a place of fulfillment in Christ at that point in your life because, if God so chooses- when/if a husband comes into your life, he will still let you down and fail you at times. Your foundation needs to be in Christ so that you can extend grace to the man God gifts to you! (I’m preaching to myself as a married woman here- a good reminder).

  168. Brittany Damato says:

    Today I was doing my daily devotional which lead to your blog. I love these pleasant surprises that God puts in front of me that leads to the thing he his trying to say to me. I enjoyed this lesson but really enjoyed the message that you presented. I needed to hear this!!!! I have been searching for a long time and in all the wrong places. I know what needs to be done but just havent given Him the power. He has been telling me over and over this message. Pray for me that I will give into Him and allow him to be my driver. Thank you for all you do.

  169. Barbara Cross says:

    Thank you so very much Renee. Your video devotional truly spoke to my heart. I needed to be reminded that only the Lord can truly fill my empty places. Only God can do this, no one or anything else can. It’s amazing how quickly we forget, and how our flesh quickly wants to latch on to someone or something. This is just another example of how important it is to stay in Gods word, because it is the word that heals and changes us to be all that God wants us to be. : )

  170. Jenni Mac says:

    It’s amazing how God positions the right messages at the right time. I’ve been struggling with this empty feeling of loneliness for a long time. I’ve felt like I needed more friends, or more recognition, or SOMETHING to fill this hole. I’ve used food a lot to deal with it. It stuffs the spaces very temporarily. Looking for love in all the wrong places, when God was there the whole time, offering unconditional love, and just waiting for me. Today, I receive it!

  171. Tiara Garrett says:

    I am so grateful that my daily devotional lead me to your website. What a timely and beautiful message to share. God is so good. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Please pray that I will learn to find and seek all that I desire in God because He is the only one that can fill that space.

  172. Tabitha says:

    How many times have I heard and read that verse? Who knows. But today, just as God so often does, He spoke it to me in a new way that really resonnated in the message where she had to go back everyday for more; but in Jesus we are filled up eternally. Don’t we do that when we say we turn things over to God? We let Satan defeat us and convince us once wasn’t enough, placing doubts in us and sending us back seeking forgiveness over and over for things that He doesn’t even remember!! They have been tossed out and forgotten. He says to us – what are you talking about ? I have no record of that! With Jesus – once was required of Him and that is all he requires of us.

  173. Renee,
    I wanted to share that in my quiet time this morning this was the very thing that I was pouring my heart out to God over. I so often look to the things of the world instead of to God. I know where I should go, I just dont go to get the Living Water that He has for me. Tears welled in my eyes as I opened my Proverbs 31 encouragement for today. The very issue that seems to be the torment in my life you were addressing. After reading the encouragement I saw the link for “A Confident Heart” and found your video. Thank you! I am such a visual person and your gift box and vase made it perfectly clear. Now I have to empty my vase, put the gifts in their rightful place and ask Jesus to pour His Living Water into me.

    God bless you for all that you do for so many of us in this journey. It’s so comforting to know, I am not alone and can link armor with someone else in this battle

  174. Danielle HUmberstone says:

    Wow. That really spoke to me. I have spent my entire life looking to other people and things to fill my heart. And you are right, now matter how much love I receive from my husband, children and friends; no matter how well I do at work; no matter how clean my house is or how thin I am, it is never enough. I will pray today for God’s guidance to show me how to begin looking to Him. Thank you for doing what you do.

  175. Jackie says:

    Thank you Renee for this visual reminder! This is my second time doing your online study, and I am getting so much more out of it this time, I am guilty of looking to people to fill me, to make me feel special and loved. I am also guilty of wanting to be recognized for all that I do, as a simple hard working stay at home mom. Lately, I have been struggling with feeling loved – I have felt empty, and not connected to others (deep spiritual relationships)….. My closest, best friends are separated by the miles between us. I came home from church last week in tears, but then, I also read this chapter, that God is the only one who can meet our most intimate, deepest needs. I realized I had been focusing on my relationships with others, and not on the one that could meet my needs! Praise God He showed me that at the right time, so I didn’t wallow in my self pity. Instead I am focusing on spending time with Him, feeling loved in His Presence, and trusting Him to help me build the spiritual relationships I long for.

    I also loved the visual of how when we fill our life with everything else, it is cluttered, and complicated…..but, with Jesus…..it is pure, simple, and peaceful!!!!!!! I love that!!!!!!!!

    Thank you again Renee for this great study, and all that you do to help us all be confident in Christ!

    • Lydia G says:

      Jackie, as a fellow SAH mom, know that you are not alone in your struggles! Thank you for this: ” when we fill our life with everything else, it is cluttered, and complicated…..but, with Jesus…..it is pure, simple, and peaceful!” This adds so much to what I got from watching the video!

  176. Wow..everything you had talked about is just a big reinforcer for me at this moment. I am going thru a season of lonlinesss which I haven’t felt before even though I have a beautiful son and a wonderful husband , there is a sense of lonliness . Like you said, I have tried to fill by jars thinking friends, family , awards , human approval, and have even tried living in a difrrent location lol ! but, i stii feel the same. God finally and literally just a few days ago spoke to me ..that i need to focus on his love for me and how he sees me , not the world . It’s a work in progress, but as i have been praying reading what god says about his love for me and his ways over and over again these past few days.. I feel little by little my empty spaces being filled and that lonliness being filled . I am finally getting to know as what brennan manning puts it god’s “furious love ” for ALL of us ! god bless and thank you renee!

  177. Thank you Renee for this video. Wonderful illustration with water filling up the jar. Spoke to my heart, as I’ve been struggling with the issues you mention. Looking for my significance in all the wrong places. Thank you for the powerful reminder to always look to God.

  178. I think allowing Jesus to fill us and fulfill us is a daily, no, make that a minute by minute, choice. Sometimes life is hard and, to be honest, it down right stinks.
    There have been times when I feel like life’s reality has completely broken my jar and everything inside, including Jesus, has spilled out. Once I’ve gotten the jar all glued back together, I have to start the filling process all over again, and the space Jesus once occupied can so easily get stuffed with all the stuff you mentioned.
    But, I’m sad to sad, one thing you didn’t mention is pain. Yes, sometimes I think we can be so badly hurt that the only thing we feel like we can stuff in our empty jar is more pain, disappointment, and failure. We tell ourselves that we are not even worthy of a new outfit, an education, relationships, etc. If we don’t think we even deserve a nice dress, then we certainly feel like Jesus wouldn’t want to fill a broken jug that has been glued over and over and over again. But, He doesn’t mind a broken jug. Really.
    The idea of asking God to show me the empty places, what I’m really needing, and what I need to remove to make room for Him, has encouraged me. But I am going to have to remind myself to do it not once, not twice, but CONTINUALLY. Thanks.

    • Lavonda,
      I agree, sometimes we fill ourselves with bad emotions. Even to the point I find myself at, can I muster enough courage to let the positive have a place?
      Thanks for your honesty!! I think you helped me pinpoint what it is I have been filling myself with!! He wouldn’t have us here if He wasn’t wanting to help us overcome all this crud in our hearts!! Praying much overcoming for you!!! (& me) 🙂

  179. deborah fultner says:

    I know God is speaking to me through your study. I feel so much is falling into place and I’m finally on the right road. For 19 years I filled my empty heart with education and work. I loved what I was doing – most of the time. There were times I would get very depressed and seek a professional counselor. I was able to block out my feelings and move on. Church attendance was erractic. When I got a teaching position at a community college, my life took a positive turn. One of my students heard I was looking for a church and recommended the church she attended. Attending that church was the beginning of my rebuilding my relationship with the Lord. I still was a workaholic. Due to some family issues, my stress level was over the top. My marriage was on shaky ground. Our lives did settle down and we had no present drama. Then 6 years ago I was diagnosed with ALS. Strangely enough I knew God had a plan for me. I don’t believe God gave me ALS but I knew He would use it for His glory. My empty place has been filled but is not full. Everyday I learn more and more. There is a downside, however. At times, I still experience insecurities. That’s why I love this book. It reminds me that my ‘stinkin – thinkin’ is not from God. Thank you Renee

  180. Thank you for today’s message. I have a whole in my heart that needs filled and I ask Jesus to fill it.

  181. Sue Dancil says:

    Dear Renee, Thank you for your devotional today. You speak straight to my heart. I appreciate the Message notes and am grateful for all your effort and teaching and your generous heart to share with us. This reminder to “shift my dependence from the gifts to the Giver” and to “bring the empty well of my heart to Jesus and ask Him to fill and fulfill me with the promise of His unfailing love”, has ministered deeply to me. I am grateful for your ministry.
    On a side note, If there is some way for you to share with me where your “grace” wood cut out came from, I would be ever so happy. I have a need for some tangible Grace. The time I say you holding it while speaking moved me deeply.
    With High Regard and Deep Appreciation.

  182. I have been guilty of just this, seeking love and fulfillment in areas that will never be able to totally satisfy the need I have for unfailing love. I know in my mind that only God can fulfill this need, but it is my heart that keeps trying to find love elsewhere as it longs to be filled. I want to find myself enraptured by God’s love, acceptance and desire of me so that I no longer feel the need to search for it elsewhere. I know that until I am happy with just Jesus and me…anything else that comes my way will suffer until that relationship gets right. Like His word says, He is the giver of every good and perfect gift and He adds no sorrow with them. I definitely want to pursue God for His gifts, rather than trying to purchase them on my own. Thank you for this message and I will definitely be seeking God first to fill my empty places, and prayerfully, I can pass this along to my children so that they doe not follow in my footsteps. Thank you once again. God bless.

  183. Kathy Sturgis says:

    This has been such a good object lesson for me. I am learning to take the longings to him and I am even beginning to understand the longings so I can take them to Him sooner. Thanks!!!

  184. Greetings from NC Renee!

    Back in the 90s me, my husband, & son had everything, a nice house; money; travel; cars; etc. We thought we had everything. Then a promotion for my husband led us to NC. From that point on everything went to nothing. We were borrowing from Paul to pay Peter. What we didn’t know was that the Lord was stripping us of everything but the essentials. He is the only essential we need. I so appreciate your video message. Because I don’t ask the Lord to fill me with his living water. I will incorporate this into my daily prayer life. There was another point you made that made sense to me: “Shift our dependence from the gifts to the Giver.” I can see how the Lord is changing my life inch by inch. Now if I could just find a church home! Thanks again Renee for all you do! Blessings to you & your family.

    Kind regards,

  185. Angie Trost says:

    I love your visual on filling your heart with Gods love. I lost my biological mother when I was 7 and now in my 40’s have in the past 6 years have lost my step mother who raised me and my father and it is very lonely without them. There isn’t a day that goes by that they aren’t on my mind. I think because of this I do try to fill that God sized hole in my heart with things and food, sometimes alcohol to numb the pain and loneliness. I want to fill my heart with Gods love and know that his love is the only thing that will truly fulfill me. What an awesome article and visual. I believe God was talking to me through you. What a wonderful service and gift you are providing to all of your many followers. Thank you! Angie

  186. wow…that is so me. I’ve tried to fill my jar with everything you just mentioned…and yet I continue to feel like “I’m missing something”!! For years I have said “if I get one more degree” or “if I get this promotion” or “if my husband would just…”, THEN I’d have IT (whatever IT was)! I see now that IT is NOT those things!! I am currently reading this chapter in the book…I stopped part way through last night & closed my eyes & prayed that God would help me see what I have been trying to fill my life with and that I would place those things/people back in their rightful position & seek after God wholeheartedly to fill me. As I was praying I must have fallen asleep. I had the most beautiful dream last night of someone (who must have been Christ) saying to me “I’ve been waiting for you” and I felt so relieved – like the weight of the world was off my shoulders and I KNEW who I was and that everything was just as it should be!! Thank you Lord, for Renee and this Bible study! Thank you, Father, for giving her your words to say. And please help us to have open hearts & ears ready to hear! Prepare us for what you are about to do & continue to do your good work in each of us! Amen.

  187. I love it, Renee! This is my second time through your book (and your study) and I can’t get enough of this message. Reading your story about everything you looked to for fulfillment is like reading my own story. I thank God that He lead me to your book, and thank Him that He has set me free! I am a new creation now that I have learned to stand on his promises and believe what He says.

  188. I’m so thankful for this Bible Study right now. God always leads me to the right thing at the right time. Thanks for your words and illustrations of encouragement. God bless. Here’s me cup, Lord. Fill it up, Lord…with unconditional love. 🙂

  189. This makes so much sense Renee; thanks for reminding us all since it’s so easy to get caught up in trying to fill our emptiness with material possessions or people in our lives.

  190. Janet Jackson says:

    I have been struggling with this very thing! Looking to be filled in all the wrong faces and places. Such a timely message from God that He wants me to realize that He is enough, and ALL I need. Thank you for sharing this with us and thanks for the chance to win your book, I would love to have the chance to read and share it with my girlfriends!

  191. I love your messages Renee!

  192. Vanessa Wynn says:

    I have used this demonstration with my children and with some friends who were searching, since I saw it the first time we went through the book. It is wonderful and the visual of the emptiness that still remains after we fill and fill and fill with all of life’s “stuff” is great! Thank you, again, for sharing!

  193. Carolyn says:

    This is such a hard one for me. I try and try and try to let God be enough and I really struggle with it, especially on days when I am feeling alone and lonely. Thank you for sharing this, I really appreciate the words, they are an encouragement to me.

  194. Susan K says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I enjoyed the jar full of water and the realization that “there are no empty places” when we put God first. Thankfully, He’s all we need.

  195. Kyrie Eléison says:

    Karen and Dallena,

    Thank you for your kind words. It’s good to hear from people who share the same experience! I feel less alone in this growth process. I am so glad we are all in this together, and can listen to each other, and learn so much. I know I have learned a wealth of information from so many wonderful people here, and felt their support too! Thanks Karen and Dallena, and thanks for your prayers Dallena! I will be praying for you, and all of the ladies here as well 🙂

  196. Thank you for graphically showing how I place importance on the gifts rather than the giver of gifts!

  197. Amy D. says:

    Great message. God has been showing me this very thing. He is all we need; not all the “stuff”, etc. Thank you for sharing.

  198. Thank you for this wonderful reminder! I have always struggled with confidence….I have never had a lot of confidence, and I long to understand in my heart what it feels like when you define yourself through God and not through others. I have always understood in my mind that was what I should be working towards, but it is difficult to understand how that actually works! That is a great example of just how true it is that I am looking for something, but I don’t know exactly what it is. I long to be more confident and teach my future children the same. Many times, I feel it is insulting to God that I don’t have more confidence in myself, His creation. I am sure that is hurtful to Him! I don’t want that at all. Thank you for sharing this message…it is a wonderful starting point for me.

  199. Thank you for this message. I have been leading a young women’s bible study and this really fits in with our lesson! I know that if I keep hearing the same message from multiple places, God is speaking to me. I know I need to apply this to my life.

  200. Kiesha says:

    Wow, this was so on point for me today. Just this morning during my devotion time, I began to cry to the point of no return. I could not understand why I could not stop crying. Finally it hit me that I was not allowing God to be my everything and my “everything” was falling apart right before my eyes. The more I cried, the more I realized how much I need my Father and the more empty I felt. I wanted to run away, but where? I can’t get away from the empty feeling. For a minute, I thought I was loosing my mind, but what I was really loosing was the illusion that I was in control of my life.

  201. Louann says:


    This is study is right where I am! It is surely God helping me through some rough spots. Thank you so much!!!

  202. Karen Lochead says:

    I’m in new Zealand and have just woken this morning to get ready for another day as a mum of three and a loving husband. God certainly lead me to your daily devotional this morning as I have never visited before. What a simple but powerful illustration of what I do every day. How unfair have I been to lean so heavy on my husband and children to provide me the love I desire. What a set up for failure. I love god but I am not always giving him the opportunity to fill my empty spaces. Thank you for your open heart and ministry to allow god to speak to others including me, through your words.

  203. Kara S. says:

    Thank you so much for the illustration. I needed that this morning. with a toddler and two ten months old I sometimes get caught up in the me me me. I’ve changed x number of diapers. I’ve done this, that. What have you done today? It’s horrible. I’ve made my quiet time in the morning a priority but have been finding in the afternoon that I put the girls down for nap and waste time. If I’d just reconnect with God again, if I haven’t had a harried day and have been praying to him all day, then the rest of my day goes so much better. I’m not looking at my husband for a pat on the back when he gets home. Thanks again for the message and the reminder!

  204. Hollie Maloney says:

    Oh Man, has this ever hit home. I always struggle with this feeling full on God’s love. I always had a hard time with being a stay @ home mom, ALWAYS looking for approval from my husband, just wanting him to say great supper, or the house looks great, or you do such an amazing job with the kids. We would fight a lot about this. When watching this, God spoke to me and said, Hollie it’s doesn’t matter. I love you and I think you do great. When you feel that way come to me, sit in my presence and I will give you all the love and approval you need. Thanks for the great mssg and reminder that I NEED to keep coming back to him when I am NOT feeling full.

    • Evelyn says:

      I agree completely. God longs for us to sit in His presence. We just need to cooperate with Him and do so.
      How great a loving God we have.

    • Lydia G says:

      Yes! As I read through all of these comments, I am seeing this common theme from many stay at home moms- our looking to our husbands to affirm what we do, to give us worth. I must say, although I am sorry that you all struggle with it as well, it gives me a little peace to know that I’m not the only one! I too waste afternoon nap times… and need to use it to refuel for the last stretch of the day! Thanks for the inspiration to do so!

  205. Thank you! I know God has used your message to speak to me about my empty places. People and things, social networks, etc., have been doing a miserable job at filling me up. Thank you for reminding me only Jesus can fill every part of my need.

  206. Jane Squires says:

    I am sorry but I do not watch video messages. They eat up my data and I live in a very rural area. I have to watch that I do not watch a lot of videos. But I need God right now to fill a lot of my empty places. Both my girls are gone and now I am struggling with medical problems with my husband. I have medical problems of my own. God Bless. Please enter me in giveaway.

  207. Evelyn says:

    God has been giving me this same truth from various messages over the past 2-3 days. Just when I think I am following Jesus, I find myself reverting back to looking for people or things to meet my needs, to fill my longings. Of course, I end up feeling empty. But God is patient with me and I am so thankful He still pursues me with truth and doesn’t give up on me. Thank you for being one of His messengers. Usually when I find that I am looking for love in all the wrong places, I have not been “into His Word” and in prayer as much. It is so easy to forget whose I am, if I don’t keep connected by feeding myself regularly with His Word and in prayer listening to His Spirit.

  208. The message would have never resonated so deeply as it has today. No just left a job interview that went well but I was concerned…this is a higher commitment level than my current job but much more money. My family is my number one priority and I hate more time away. But god calls even mom to commit to their families financially. I needed to hear hat from him today. This allowed me to do that and not feel at a loss for comfort. He is in control. Always. And in my open spaces…every one.

  209. August Rose says:

    I was at the gym this morning reading your book on the treadmill. I felt like a dam had broken inside me. I know Sam personally. I left the gym and cried out to God all the way home. I just watched your message and cried some more. My heart has been broken for sometime. I needed to hear your message today. I still struggle with where my value comes from and I question why God allowed so much pain in my life. I realize I have not been able to totally trust God because of pain and rejection I have experienced. I used men, friends, and chocolate to feel those lonely places. I struggle with believing God loves me. Thank you for being transparent. I am so glad God led me to your book. I was led to start your online study the last session but I was to afraid. This time the pain was so great I had to start. God is speaking to me thru you..

    • I just want to give you a great big ole hug August Rose {and what a beautiful name!} I”m so glad you are here. You are very brave and i’m proud of you for sharing your heart. I’m praying for you right now.

  210. Melissa says:

    Thank you for reminding me about where to get my love & acceptance & forgiveness & value. I needed the reminder today. I have alot of blessing too! I am a pastor’s wife, married to my college sweetheart for 18 years, have 4 awesome children, get to stay at home with my kids, have a nice home & nice friends but I sometimes believe the lie that “if only…then I’d…” I am a visual person, so your demo really made a great visual. I’d love to read your book sometime! It sounds encouraging.

  211. Diana D says:

    Love the thought of looking to the Giver instead of the gifts! I know that God has given me all I have and try to remember to show my gratitude constantly!

  212. Kristen Barkdull says:

    Thank you for sharing this message. I have to be honest. I have been feeling so lost for so long. And I still feel lost. And sometimes I feel so alone. I know God is there and I know I need to let Him take over to fill those empty places in my heart. But I am just not sure how. This message came at the perfect time. My boyfriend of two and a half years and I have been fighting the last few days about marriage. He wants to get married eventually but not right now. And I have felt lately like I needed to get married to fulfill something within myself. All of the people I knew from high school have been getting married and having kids and so it has left me feeling like I need to do that to have meaning in my life. So this messgae really hit me. I do not need to be married with children to have meaning in my life. And I need to give it to God and let Him do what is best for me and to help fill those empty places within myself. Thank you so much for sharing! God bless!

  213. tammy bruce says:

    WOW,I needed to hear this today ….as it seems I have been unhappy because I have been expecting my unbelieving husband to fill what only God can. Thank you..and yes I resisted watching the video and entering because I do not want to admit this. It is hard though remembering the boundries wen yes i want to be able to rely,be close ,depend on my husband but in reality we humans fail and only God can be there all the time in just the way we need Him to be….thanks

  214. Susan Skaling says:

    Oh how I want to get the clutter out of my heart and let Jesus fill it. Thanks Renee

  215. Jamie Butler says:

    Just what this “seeking” heart needed to hear at this very moment. Thank you.

  216. I can so relate to your video today. There was a time in my life I tried to fill my empty places with some of the same things you are talking about. Having 4 grown children ,I remember specifically as my children grew and my nest emptied I started to fill my empty places with things like alcohol and partying , to the extent that I was losing myself, while trying to seek fullfillment. But God… Through the feverent prayers of my youngest daughter who asked me to attend Church with her one Easter Sunday in 2009 , there God took all my broken pieces and began to fill me and put me back together again. No I’m not where I should be but praise God, I am not where I used to be. I am so enjoying your study thus far . God bless you Renee!

  217. Amen, we aren’t where we want to be but praise GOD we’re not where we used to be – and each day as we allow Jesus to fill us and fulfill us He transforms us into who HE created us to be!

  218. I have been needing to hear this message!! I am exactly like that…. walking around looking for ways to fill my heart… calling friends, throwing myself into my family and hoping they will acknowlege me and my hard work and then maybe I will feel filled and content. I just told a good friend today that no matter how great the past couple days have gone, I still feel down. I can see God working in my life and taking care of me, and I just can’t feel joyful. I really would love to start reading this book and learn a life long habit of letting God fill those empty places that only He can fill! Thanks for this 🙂

  219. Thanks, Renee – So so true. I know this in my head. I’m working on getting it to my heart and then lived out practically on a daily basis.

  220. Alison says:


    Your post made me cry. Two weeks ago, I knew Jesus asked me to give up an exercise class I love. I did (because I want to obey Him and because I know whenever I have obeyed Him in the past it’s been right) but I didn’t understand why he wanted me to stop this, when it was doing me lots of good.

    Since then, I’ve had a lot of heartache. A friend who I thought was a Christian (I don’t have many Christian friends) told me she doesn’t believe Jesus died for our sins. This made me so sad, not least for her but also as I thought we were close in our beliefs.

    Then at work, a client died and currently I am unsure if I did everything I should have in the right way and am currently full of anxiety about what’s going to happen about it. I am feeling low and devastated, yet I feel supported and in God’s hands. Even so, it is difficult for me to fully let go and trust Him.

    Then here is your post. I realise I have not yet given myself fully to God. I have always looked to other people for approval and acceptance – colleagues, friends, acquaintances, family, pastor and church goers. Right now I feel I am about to lose the acceptance of my colleagues and it feels scary. Yet I am now ready to ask Jesus to examine my life and help me see which voids here I am trying to fill with acceptance and approval from others, or exercise classes! I am ready to ask Him to help me let Him fill the voids. I am frightened but reading your post has encouraged me. It is an answer to my prayer.

    Thank you so much.


  221. Excellent analogy! Thank you. I have to say that I am guilty of looking toward worldly things and/or people to fill me. It is a constant struggle that I want to conquer with the Lord’s help. Day by day…

  222. Denise says:

    I cannot begin to express how much I needed to see the visual you gave today. I have been struggling with this exact thing… allowing God to fill me with his amazing love and peace. The visual you used today was perfect for me. I am a mother of three and a teacher seeking direction for my life. I realized the I just need to trust God and let Him fill be. Thanks again!

  223. Thank you so much, Renee. You told that so beautifully it melts my heart. Refill me Lord, all of us,new in Christ or not so new, with the fullness only You can provide.

  224. Letting God fill the God shaped hole in us is something I have been putting into practice for a while now.
    Where I fall short is spending time in God’s word on a daily basis to continually fill up my vessel. An issue not touched upon is when others look to us to fill them rather than God, especially when the others are non Christians (hubby) that are not looking for a relationship with Christ.

  225. Alice Clark says:

    This was a great video! It’s so true how I need to get my confidence from the one who blesses and not from the blessings He has given me.

  226. Nancy Welch says:

    Wonderful visual message! I got so excited as you were going because I was thinking that Jesus says He is the Living Water and water would feel every little crevice of that jar. Also that water is essential to life. We can live without some many things but not water. I just started down this whole path about why Jesus used water as the illustration. And then I was like Yes!, Renee is putting water in the jar to show this illustration so perfectly. Needless to say I loved it!
    I also am enjoying chapter 3. Thank you so much for sharing your personal struggles. I know that must be hard to do. But so many people can relate to it and appreciate the fact that you are being transparent.
    Great study!

    • Thanks Nancy. It used to be so hard to be so real but now I see that God uses me most powerfully through my not so great moments and emotions. Like Paul I have learned it’s actually most comforting to others and most glory-giving to Jesus when I “boast” in my weakness so that His strength is seen and rests on me. BUT thank you for noticing and being so sweet about it. I pray it helps many more than I’ll ever know!!

  227. casseta says:

    Thanks Renee for that great video message, with all the different kind of longing and emotional struggles i go through as a widow and single mom, Only His unconditional acceptance, approval and affirmation can fill the empty places in our hearts – the deepest thirst of our souls. Until God’s love and acceptance is enough, nothing else will be.

  228. Carolyn Rogers says:

    God bless you, Renee. I love to hear your words and your devotionals on the radio too. I’ve had to remind myself of God’s love for me on a daily basis. I can’t believe how hard that is. Thank you for your beautiful reminder today…I needed that, it’s been a hard day with mommy anger. Thank you for your prayers.

  229. Martha ParfaitFelix says:

    Wow, how amazing is our Heavenly Father! I too as all the others was encouraged by the illustration in the video. God has been speaking to my heart all week about renewing my mind, changing the way that I think & this week’s study falls right in line to confirm. Thank Father for your daughter Renee, continue to fill her cup so that she will continue to pour out to us.

  230. I receive that prayer!!! I love to be filled so that I can spill His words and His love on all of you. Praying for Him to inscribe His revelations and truth on my heart and soul.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you so much Renee for your e-mail and video (I watched it twice) and questions in the word doc.
      It was very timely in my life.
      Hugs, Elizabeth

  231. Tasha M. says:

    It is amazing how God knows what we need to hear at just the right time. I listened to your message during my morning devotion and have spent the day reflecting and meditating on it. After all of these years of giving my life to Christ, I still struggle with this truth. I honestly cannot figure out if it is my mind or heart that is making it so hard for me to truly rest in God’s unfailing love. The one thing I am confident about though is that there is a DEEP desire for me to feel this peace and love that can only come from God, and I will not stop until I have it. I am so happy that God loves me in my brokenness.

  232. Christine says:

    “Focus on the Giver and not the gifts.” That statement really hit home with me. Thank you for providing such a clear visualization of what I’ve been doing and how I need to change my focus.

  233. Machelle says:

    I have hard this analogy before.I know it to be true.I am so swamped by my lack of looking to God on a confident basis that I feel I don’t even have the energy to change back.pathetic.could everyone pleases pay got me I don’t even know what up pray for at this point.thank you

  234. What an amazing visual to really drive the message home! I definitely needed to see this today and am so glad I took the time to watch it. Thank you for sharing this Renee!

  235. Mary Joyce says:

    Sometimes I think my problem is that I don’t even realize that I am trying to fill empty places. I am so caught up in all that I have to do, that I don’t realize I am empty until I am falling apart. We need to be drinking the living water all the time! I was studying Peter’s denial of Jesus anyway, despite his faults. So much that we have to keep in mind…

    • Mary Joyce says:

      Half of my post dissappeared… I was studying Peter’s denial and ultimate restoration with Christ and how Jesus loved Peter anyway, despite his faults…So much to keep in mind…

  236. Yvette S says:

    Thank you for this reminder that things can be used in an attempt to fill us and satisfy us but God really reserves that privilege for Himself. Of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of those things but when they take the place of God there is a problem. I’m thankful that God teaches me that any hope, confidence, or dependence that I place on Him, He is sure to reward it.

    • Lydia G says:

      Yvette, I am glad that you highlight that the things we fill our lives with are not inherently bad things- it’s the place we give them is wrong. I liked how Renee phrased it about giving them priority but not pre-eminence.

  237. Love the illustration! I have tried to find fulfillment in so many things: my parents, my husband, church, food, and the list goes on. The illustration you used was so powerful, that when we try to fill our lives with things other than God, there will always be empty spaces. It reminded me that I need to re-focus on the only One who can fulfill me, Jesus. I pray that God shows each one of us what or who we are trying to fill our lives with, so that we can repent and turn our hearts fully to Jesus. Only He can fill my soul.
    God is speaking to me through your book, and it is awesome how involved you are in the lives of your readers. Thank you for your devotion to what God has called you to do…God bless!

  238. have a huge hole right now, and this will encourage me to remember that only He can really fill it.

  239. Mary B says:

    That was a beautiful illustration. I do get caught up in the material things, and then I stop and see how blessed I already am. Your message helped me see that once again. Thank you!

  240. Susan M. says:

    Hi Renee, I am a people pleaser, I have come to find out. I think I have been one since I was younger, always doing things to please people to make them happy and to like me. It is so hard to stop doing things to please people when it is a part of you for so long. But since I have become aware of it in my life it is getting easier and God opens my eyes at times to make me see what I am doing. Since I have stopped doing these actions I have time on my hands and the kids are older and my mother has passed on and all these things have filled my life and now they are gone for the most part. So after seeing your video and knowing that I need to listen to God and let HIm fill my life and not go out looking for things to fill it up~~~~~it’s the waiting and listening to God and the Holy Spirit that is the hardest, but it pays off in the end if we stop and wait and listen, it may be against the grain of society but when God says move you know it and He will bless you, so I wait and wait and wait and listen and listen for the whisper and then move in the direction God and the Holy Spirit are leading me and let Him fill me up and be at peace and not feel like I need to be pleasing someone all the time, the only one I need to please is God~~~~~Thank you so much for the video to watch and listen to help illustrate this.

  241. Hello Everyone. I was so uplifted when I read the chapter and I felt so refreshed after coming back from some vacation time in FL that I was energized to get back to work. I was going to use what was in the chapter at my job and I prayed so heavy for help. When I got to work everything just went down hill and I felt so discouraged. Sometimes I think I have to have the book with me at all times to protect me because when I read the chapters I say to myself, “Ya, I can do this!” Then it all falls apart. This chapter and Renee’s video hits home hard for me. This is something I need to pray about and work on. All I want to do is put all my STUFF in the box and let Jesus fill my heart but it is so hard! Tomorrow is another day and I hope to put one thing of my STUFF in the box and let Jesus fill that space. God Bless you all!

  242. Renee,
    I love teaching your study! The video on “Letting God fill our empty places” was a geat visual. After watching the video I asked the ladies in our bible study to write down on a piece of paper the things that they have been filling their lives with lately. Then I asked them to put it in a glass jar I had. After that, I pour water in the glass jar and prayed over our lives, for God to help us go to Him first to fill us with his everlasting love instead of going to those other things in life that won’t satisty us.

  243. BarbaraMilburn aka Sunshine says:

    wow, I never really looked at it like I was filling myself up with all the wrong stuff. I have a good relationship with God; spending quality with him daily, trying to live the Godly life, trying to be a living witness for Him but after watching the video I wonder am I filling myself with all the wrong things. I hold down a full time job, am trying to build a new business, am active in ministry, water aerobics twice a week to stay in shape, time with family, friends and significant other but -even though I’m doing all of that I still feel lonely, I keep telling myself when I finally am married then I’ll be complete but will I? I had a husband, in fact I’ve had two and they didn’t satisfy me and now I’m in a relationship with a man who won’t commit. I so feel like the Samaritan Woman. So what is it that I’m doing wrong in my relationship with God? I seek Him out every day; starting my day with scripture and prayer; throughout the day I’m constantly asking him draw closer to me and to help me draw closer to Him. I talk to him as honest as I can, telling him my fears, my desires but yet there is still this loneliness that somehow just doesn’t go away. I don’t know what else to do; what else to ask Him for; how else to show that I want a closer relationship and for Him to fill ALL the voids. I know He is not the author of confusion but often times I do feel confused because I feel like I’m doing all the right things but getting no where for it. I want to be the woman of God He created me to be. I want to walk in the plans that He has for my life the plan He had for me when I was yet still in my mother’s womb but seemingly my feet are moving but I’m not going any where. Where am I failing? I’m tired of going around the same mountain, I don’t want to be like the Isrealites taking 40 years for an 11 day journey. Sunday I celebrate my 59th birthday; some how I thought I’d have it all together by now . I have a grown son; my only child who for most of his adult like has been in and out of jail and on and off of drugs. I feel like I’ve failed as a mother, failed as a wife. I know that God is my strength, that He is my fortress but many days I still inadaquate and lost

  244. GISELLE GRAS says:

    Hi Renee,

    Thank you for your transparent and powerful video. The visuals help so much to see who we try to fill
    the God-Given voids with the wrong things. I am struggling wit my confidence as a divorce woman. I have been divorced for 8 eight years this summer and would like to remarry again. Of course this time in the Lord! I met a divorced Godly man two years ago and thought this relationship would lead to marriage since this is where it was leading to. The man began reconsidering if he was ready for a serious commitment such as marriage and withdrew. This was a total blow on my self-esteem. He continue telling me I was and it the woman he loves, but is not ready. Though I do want to remarry, I want my confidence to come from the Lord not from a man. Also, want to my insecurities in this area to flee! This is the area where I am at my weakness. This has been the case since I became an adolescent. I have never truly and deep in my soul felt that I was enough or that i could be cherish unconditionally. I really want this study to heal my soul from this lack of confidence. Please pray for me! Giselle from Miami

  245. Marsha says:

    This message that you shared could not have come at a better time than today. I’ve been struggling so much lately with a job that I’ve been in for 12 years. Although it’s comfortable and my life is comfortable for schedules and toting around my children it’s not filling me up. I feel like I am being pulled by this great force (God) and I can’t comprehend what it is that he’s calling me to do. The more things I try or chances I take seem further and further away from what he’s trying to tell me. So filling voids with things that obviously are not what he anticipated. Having struggled with years (and I still am) of being told I am not good enough or I’m not giving enough it starts to become truth to me. Losing the confidence that most have around me, pushing me further and further away from His plan for me. I keep looking at this study, thinking this would be something that I need, this is something that may help me get beyond my void, loneliness, lost goals, etc. maybe just maybe after hearing today’s message I’ll be encouraged and not so discouraged to move forward and “just do the study.” Thanks Renee for your always uplifting and encouraging messages. This one hit home today more than others lately, but I think I hit rock bottom today at my job. I just pray I can His Truth, His Purpose and His Plans for me. Thanks for letting us “blog” back to you. A nice way of journaling thoughts, ideas and also have another prayer warrior along side of me who will not judge me or have an expectation of me that I may not be able to fill. Thanks for this opportunity. Thank you for filling God’s Plan for you, as you are truly reaching out to others. Blessings.

  246. Connie B says:

    thanks for the encouraging words!

  247. Amanda says:

    For such a long time I have been wondering what Gods plan is for me. Even questioning the decision for me to be a stay at home Mom. But in watching that video I realized that God’s plan is for me to be the stay at home Mommy now and to be satisfied in that desicison. And to leave my future plans to Him.

  248. Carrie says:

    I used to walk around knowing that something real big was missing, and boy did I look in the wrong places. I love that that void, that emptiness is gone and is now replaced with the love of God. Thank you for this wonderful message.

  249. This is a great message and so very timely! I was just thinking on the same thing and then saw this message. I look forward to getting and reading your book. This is God ordained in my life. Thank you and please pray for me.

  250. Loved today’s video ( as well as last weeks). I’ve read/heard about our friend “Sam” a number of times, but never before realized that I am her! Your giftedness in teaching is a sweet balm that is slowly awakening my heart to God’s truth. There is finally a transfer of knowledge happening between my head and my heart. Thank you!

  251. Thank you for today’s video. The past two days have been such a struggle for me to get through. I have felt that I am not worth anything to anyone. I give of myself so much that I don’t know how to regroup and get through things. I feel that I have been selfish in wanting some me time. I work full time and do about 90% of the work at home too because of my husband is partially disabled. I am trying so hard to give of myself totally to God but I just cannot seem to let go completely. I know He is there for me waiting with open arms. I have on and off given my complete trust to Him over the years but I need to remember that even when things are going smoothly I still need to trust and rely in Him. By doing this, when things are not going well it will be easier to go to Him. I know I am all over the place but I think it has helped me to type things out especially since I have done nothing but shed tears of frustration today. Thanks Renee 🙂

    • Liz, I could have written this exact comment, even down to the partially disabled husband and feeling selfish for wanting me time. I am right there with you, sister. Praying for you!

  252. Lora C says:

    Thank you for the video. I needed it like so many others. I am determined to shift my dependence from the gifts to the gift giver. It won’t be easy but I don’t want to keep living like this. My life isn’t horrible, but it isn’t what I want for me and I know that it isn’t what God has for me. Thanks again!!

  253. LaDena says:

    Praise the Lord!! Now I get it!! Thanks so much for the visual aid!!!!

  254. Carolyn K says:

    Hi Renee. Today’s topic is exactly what I’ve been struggling with most of my life. I’ve been a Christian for many years, but I still seem to look at “worldly things” to try and fill my empty places. I know deep in my heart, the Lord is all I need, yet I find myself going “back”. I’ve written 2 books and magazine articles convincing myself that since it’s about God, surley it is His will. I’ve entered contests and searched for the “right” job. I want to truly trust God for all that I need and that He will fill any void in my life. Thank you for re-confirming that with today’s video. I was just told this evening about your website and it is such an answered prayer , because this topic is exactly what has burdened my heart this past month.

  255. What a WONDERFUL message Renee!! Your book and videos have been such a blessing to me. Thank you so much for sharing from your heart.

  256. January says:

    Renee. I feel the Holy Spirit moving within me as I just finished watching this video. I am convicted about trying to satisfy my need for love and acceptance thru my husband, children, friends and especially posessions. He should be fulfilling my empty spaces and not a new iPad or pottery barn furniture. Thank you for this powerful

  257. It is SO good for me to hear this again..a dear friend of mine walked me through this (and introduced me to the love of my Savior for the very first time) a couple of years ago, but I still struggle often to be filled with His unfailing love and find myself lonely, depressed, and expecting people around me and my job to do what only my heavenly Father can. SO many comments here encourage me and bring me to tears…first, to know that I am not alone in my search and second, to realize that I am a vessel that needs to be constantly refilled. You see, my drive to “excellence” (for all the WRONG reasons) can lead me to believe that I only need to be filled “once” and that with that I should not need to be refilled…but that is SO wrong…my heavenly Father is waiting for me to go back as often as I need to, and He doesn’t think less of me because I have to…in fact, it’s EXACTLY what He wants…for me to be dependent on Him to heal heart wounds, fill loneliness with His presence and to give worth to something that is weak and “of no worth” by my own critical standards…my dear friend always says I’m too hard on myself…that I need to show myself grace and I know she’s right…I think that is easier to do when I am close to God, who extends His grace and unfailing love to me! Struggling now, but okay as I “walk it out.”

    • Sandy,
      This is so true, just as we need to drink water daily to fulfill our physical needs, we need to refill our spiritual well daily. Jereiah 2:13 God says; “My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.”
      We can’t do it on our own we can’t fill outselves because as Renee points out we tend to fill our cisterns with worldly things and then there’s no room for God.

    • Lydia G says:

      Oh Sandy, I can so relate about how perfectionism affects our relationship with God! “my drive to “excellence” (for all the WRONG reasons) can lead me to believe that I only need to be filled “once” and that with that I should not need to be refilled…” A LIE that I have believed in my own life all too often. Thank you for putting it into words for me to identify it in myself!

  258. This was a powerful illustration. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the things I’ve placed before God and sought to “fill” me. Approval from people, food, success at work, works at church, you pretty much listed them all in your video. Perhaps this is all God’s timing to free me from this. So, I thank you for “pressing” the issues…for making this ministry real and helping us see what we need…closer relationship with God.

    I am determined to complete the book and study and to seek God more as I do.

  259. Hi. I just wanted to say that this message was very timely for me. Coincidence? I don’t think so! I have been struggling the last few months about what God has called me to do. I have been told time and time again from many different people that I have the gift of music and that is my calling. The problem is I want to know that for sure for myself not just hearing it from others. I have been on our worship team for over 5 years and have just now taken a break to evaluate. To others it seems silly that I “can’t see” that what I am doing is of God, but I want to know that I am doing it for all the right reasons. Lately, I haven’t felt the joy I did when I first started. Frustrations seem so easily stirred and I needed to step back and refuel. I love to sing and play worship and praises, but I don’t feel like I can be up there, leading others if I am not totally filled. Thank you for reminding me that only God and His words can fill me back up; and that whether this is my calling or not, to be able to bring others into worship is a good place to be while I’m waiting to be called. God bless!

  260. What a great visual and a great lesson to learn. My mind raced through all the things and people and activities that I go to “fill” me up as I watched the video message. I’ve been going around and around with God here lately and I’m beginning to get a peek at what He is doing and where He is leading me. I know I’ll be daily walking with Jesus to see what He has in store for me.

  261. Michelle says:

    Thank you, Renee for the creative way of demonstrating how I attempt to fill the void in my heart, soul, and in life with things of this world rather than with God’s love.

  262. Adannaa says:

    This message reminded me of Romans 1:25 “They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.” If the gifts we have in this life are wonderful, how much more wondrous is our God, the Giver!?! Thank you for sharing this message 🙂

  263. melinda says:

    I thank you Renee for this wonderful, right on time message. The illustration resonated so well with where I have been and where I desire to be. This week I was actually struggling with feeling empty, unfulfilled & lonely. Your messsage gave me prespective…..I honestly thank you again.

  264. Renee, Honestly I haven’t been doing a great job at reading this book, but since the beginning Iheard a message from Jesus telling me to go to AA for my alcohol struggles. I have been going reluctantly and tonight someone said something….”For our purpose there is but one ultimate authority-a loving God” I have always known God since I was a kid but this differnt. Then I got home and listened to your video…Ask God to show us how to let him pour himself into our lives. Hmmmm I didn’t ask but I think God is trying to tell me something. Thnaks. Still struggling but trying to stay positive that with God I can do this.

  265. Dianne McIntire says:

    Thank you Renee for this illustration. I am always trying to fill the empty places with people & get so disappointed with them & lose confidence in myself. I want God to fill my life & all the empty spaces & put Him first! I want to stop expecting people to fill my life when only God can do that!

  266. Susan M. says:

    Went back to listen again to the message, and when you put all the gifts back into the box was a great visual for me to keep, and then to focus on the Giver not the gifts goes along with the visual of dumping the gifts and focusing on the Giver~~~~Thanks for the great visual

  267. Cheryl McDonald says:

    Renee..what a powerful message. I think we all LOOK for things or people in our lives to fill our emptiness. I have been married for 21 yrs and I just have realized because of my bad relationships with my fathers I have always looked for my husband to fill that sadness and emptiness in my heart. I know no one but God can feel that void and emptiness. No worldly thing, no person, nothing but God. I battle depression because of guilt for holding others responsible for my unhappiness and neglect and abandonment from my fathers. I want so bad to put it all behind me and for God to heal and fill my heart. I know the only way to healing is through Him so I am praying that he will fill my heart with healing and forgiveness for the sad things stored in my heart. On the outside everyone thinks I have the perfect life, I work out, I dress nice…but if they only saw the inside. I don’t let anyone know my hurt. To everyone else my life is perfect. I pray that God will fulfill my heart and for the other ladies that need that too I pray for you that he will fill your hearts too. Let me remember he is not just a one time fill but a lifetime fill. When I feel empty he is the one I need to turn to. Thanks to all the ladies that share. Its nice to know your not alone in your feeling and we are all on this journey together!

  268. Kandise says:

    Yes Lord! How I praise your awesome Name!

    “When we allow Jesus to pour His love and promises into our hearts, there are NO empty places.” WOW!
    (I wish I could BOLD that)

    How your words spoke volumes to my heart.

    This is confirmation!
    The message is such a transformation as I put the gifts from God back into the proper priority. I am so extremely blessed but because my priorities have been displaced, life has been rather “chaotic” and everyone in the family suffers. I have felt so alone even with many great people around me as I fill the needs of others. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

    The past couple of months, my refocus on Christ is slowing bringing daily life into proper balance. And I thank our Heavenly Father and your reaffirming words that…our hearts will become more and more confident through our relationship with Him. And the lasting security we long for will come each time we bring the empty well of our hearts to Jesus and ask Him to fill us with the promise of His unfailing love.”

    A receptive heart…

  269. Satisfaction has been tuff for me to find too – I am always looking for the wrong things to fill my jar and I now know it so now I am trying to consistantly seek GOD to fill me not all the other that never truly fills me. I dont like the empty feeling and dont want to live missing out on filling myself with God any longer. I love your book and its very helpful for me as I am working on myself. Thank you!!

  270. I’m learning so much about how God is the only one who can satisfy all my desires. I loved your analogy with the kids toy’s. It puts a picture in my mind of how when we are filled with God vs. when we try to fill our hearts with the things of this world. Thank you for this post as well as all your other posts!

  271. Anne L. says:

    This so explains all the unhappiness in our world today. The culture has tried to fill these places with everything but God and nothing but Him will satisfy. Loved the post!

  272. Kamilah says:

    Wow! (tears)

  273. Thank you Renee for this wonderful illustration. I am using this study to help myself learn to be more confident as a person and more confident in God’s promises. I am also using your wonderful resources to try to help my son to be more confident in God’s promises. He is going through a really rough time in his college years and is doubting God’s love and promises. I plan to share your video with him tomorrow as I feel that he is looking for love, acceptance, and confidence in all the wrong places and just needs to think about how and with what he is filling his jar. My heart breaks for him in his struggles and he is losing faith as he feels that God does not hear him when he prays. My hope and prayer is that God will fill this emptiness inside of him and that he can gain confidence in himself and the truly amazing person he is and rely on God to give him true confidence. I struggle with some confidence issues myself, but right now my heart is heavy for my son and I have already shared with him the chart from your lesson notes in Chapter 1…When I feel…God says…Thank you for helping me try to help and encourage him. God bless you and your work!

  274. Thank you for your message today. I am seriously struggling with this because I have lost so much, having gone through a divorce from an abusive man. I keep praying that the Lord will show me what He wants me to do, but I still feel so empty and lonely most of the time. I know that things don’t satisfy, but having lost my family in the way it was and my home is so hard for me. I keep trying in my mind to figure out a way to get back just a part of what I had, but that does not seem possible now. I am thinking that somehow I need to surrender all that to the Lord. Will you pray that the Lord will heal this pain and emptiness and fill my heart with His unconditional love.

  275. Chantell says:

    Amen Sister!!!

    I used to look to friends and my spirital mother to fill me up with love and His spirit. I didn’t have confidence that Jesus is also MY JESUS 🙂 Through His strength, revelation and guidance, (and of course with the help of your book!) I am no longer looking to others to fill me up! I am free to be loved and satisfied and secure and accepted by Him!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so exciting to say that! I am so excited about Jesus, and love what He is doing in my life each and every day. Praise Him!!!!!! I would love to share this book with a friend if i win!!!! You are annointed Renee!!!

    The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is upon me (YO)U, for the LORD has anointed me (YOU) to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me (YOU) to comfort the brokenhearted and to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed.Isaiah 61:1

    Thank you for aiding in releasing me from captivity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  276. Elizabeth says:

    I am praying for you. You are a child of our heavenly Father, and He will give you better blessings to make up for “the years the locusts have eaten.” Jesus loves you. I break bread and have juice in the morning to have communion with Jesus and it has brought me peace.
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  277. Pam Anderson says:

    This week’s message was powerful. I feel like I carry around an empty jar with me everyday. Especially with my husband and daughter. There are so many times I am afraid my husband doesn’t love me. There is a longing inside me to be loved unconditionally. I feel like whenever I make mistakes or disappoint people, I lose whatever feelings they might have for me. I know these feelings aren’t truth, but there is a constant battle inside me.
    Dear Lord, I pray for your Spirit to fill the empty places in our hearts today. Help us to
    see where our holes are and let us be open to You in filling them. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    • Lydia G says:

      “I feel like whenever I make mistakes or disappoint people, I lose whatever feelings they might have for me.” Pam, I struggle with the same- such an awful fear to go through life with! I pray that you and I both will find freedom from this lie in Christ!

  278. Hi Renee,

    Chapter 3 of the book and the video have helped me view myself and the relationships in my life differently… i usually feel like i invest a lot in my relationships and the other person doesn’t seem to care as much or work as hard at it as me … then i feel like there’s no point in even bothering to make new relationships because i assume everyone will end up ‘treating me the same way’…. so i tend to shy away from people … this message has made me realize that i have been putting too much pressure on my relationships …and the reason i feel this way is because what i need/ desire i can’t find in this relationships …. only God can satisfy me … this has definitely impacted my life in a big way … restored joy in my heart :).

  279. Donna from Honolulu, Hawaii says:

    Renee- I watched your video three (3) times and took notes- I so loved your analogy of Letting God Fill the Empty Places in Our Hearts! I especially so so so loved the empty jar being filled with Aster’s toys to replace what we look to. What stood out for me and finally made me get it and really get it is when you emptied the jar out of all those earthly things and started filling it with His Living Water- His unfailing Love! And I heard you say this: When we allow Him to pour His love and His promises into our hearts there are no empty places- by doing this we shift our dependence to the gifts to the Giver- and we can Thank Him for what we do have instead of longing for what we don’t have! I truly got it – and I finally understand, I really like show and tell – it really sunk in…. sorry I love your written words too- but I truly enjoyed this message. Thank you Renee for sharing your wisdom and knowledge and your Love for Jesus with us ladies.

    Aloha from Hawaii oxoxoxox

  280. I borrowed your prayer and Psalm 143 i feel this will help me very much, thanks for being what God made you to be.

  281. Christine says:

    Just watched your video message three times over and underlined it with your message notes. All that you said and so brilliantly illustrated with the jar and contents has beenboth deeply encouraging and challenging. I give some of my time to helping in a Women’s Pastoral team in our church family and I desire to know deep in my heart this message so that I can encourageothers who I know are struggling so much in the search for unfailing love. Thankyou for being so faithful to God and sharing truths with us all in such a gifted and creative way.

  282. Kathy Hakes says:


    Last Friday when I got the message to take a look at the comments from the first two chapters. I went to the first chapter and the date was January 23rd. That Friday evening my dad and I were talking about my mom. I came home and opened up the e-mail and January 23rd was my mom’s birthday. WOW! It was a sweet blessing for me.

    Mother’s day is Sunday. The video was an awesome illustration! Yes, I want God to fill up the empty place in this single girl’s life and flow through me. Thank You Renee.

  283. I was so inspired as I watched your video this morning. What a wonderful way to begin the day…being reminded to put the Lord first in my life. Being told it is he who can and will fulfill me; he and no one else. No one else has the capability…just as I am not capable to fulfill anyone elses life. We all need the Lord. He completes us. He is the fulfillment of all. Thank you for your video Renee!

  284. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for that lesson. I know I need him thank you for showing me how to get to him or actually how to open my whole heart to him. He will do a great work with my heart!

  285. Christine says:

    Fill me Lord Jesus. Please fill the empty places. Fill me to overflowing. Amen.

  286. REBECCA says:

    Hi, Beloved Renee, this is spirit – lifting. I have been so blessed. II is amazing that we fill our emptiness with unsatisfying junks. No wonder we go on without being refreshed, unsatisfied and unfulfilled – daily crying for SATISFACTION. I have shared it with my children, Christian Sisters in my Parish and at our BIBLE STUDY Group. We were so blessed. May THE LORD Bless the Ministry of Proverbs 31. We are praying for you. REBECCA

  287. This video thoroughly illustrated the objectives of this week’s lesson. I really didn’t want to watch it (so, thanks for begging us to do so, Renee), because I thought, “What’s the point? I’ve read the Chapter 3 lesson, so what more is she going to say in the video?”

    Well, I’m happy to say that I realized another area of my life in which I need confidence as a result of watching this video; being satisfied with God’s love despite the “unconditional acceptance” I receive from others..

    I’m a performing artist – an emerging performer, to be exact, so there are people in my life who are just beginning to see me in that realm. After I deliver an excellent performance some of those people who would only say a “hi”, or “by” to me, in the past, suddenly want a closer relationship with me. On the flip side, some of those closest to me begin to distance themselves from me. This hurts.

    This hurts because I’m a people-person. I like being around others which is one reason why I enjoy performing so much, because it gives me an opportunity to share with others the gifts that God has given me. However, when I’m not in front of a congregation, or on-stage in front of an audience, I long for the friendship/companionship of those who accept me as “just-me-who’s-not-performing-today”. Sometimes I feel isolated, rejected, misunderstood, and used. My weakness is not having completely learned to be “satisfied” with God’s acceptance of me – all of me.

  288. Thank you so much for this encouragement! Because of past hurts perpetrated by His church, I am in a place where I find it hard to trust Him and all that He says I am. I, too, look to people & food for comfort. But, thankfully, He hasn’t given up on me like people have. I pray for eyes to see what I have instead of seeing what I don’t…….easier said than done sometimes. God Bless you.

  289. Kimberly Miramontes says:

    Right now is my busiest time! There are still 9 more days of school (I teach 7th graders), and since I also manage our pool during the summers, I am there each evening cleaning and training lifeguards. I am exhausted! It was wonderful to be able to sit down for a few minutes last night while my boys were at youth group, and watch the video. It reminded me that even though I am busy now, soon I will be able to rest. Both of my jobs are unmistakeably gifts from GOD. I just need to be reminded every once in a while:)

  290. I get this! I have looked for love in all the wrong faces. I’m the Samaritan woman, having been married 3 times, looking for someone to fill me up. I am happy to say I am not doing this any longer. Jesus is my soul satisfier, and this was such a great lesson to remind me of that!

  291. That love that keeps is what we need in us and flowing through us, as I read about the women at the well, I realized it flowed out of her, the living water and many believed. May this flow out of us.

  292. Justine says:

    Thank you for this demonstration, Even though I am a day late watching it. You have explained exactly how I have been feeling. I have been searching, even though i know God is the one to fill me I still search. Please pray for me that I will empty myself of the things of this world and fill myself with the things of my heavenly father. I try to do a little breathing exercise every night before i go to bed, I tell myself breathe in the grace of God breathe out the things of the world. Each time i breathe in I ask for Gods grace, mercy…….and as i breathe out i say breathe out whatever was my struggle for the day.

  293. Thank you for the video example. I have spent my 47 1/2 years trying to fill my heart with people, things and a career. I’ve been a Chrisian for 19 years, but I’ve come to realise I’ve been “sleepwalking” my faith. Thank you for showing me how to fill my heart with God and that he alone is enough, he alone is all I need.


  294. Heidi Lenette says:

    Renee I just want to thank you for doing the will of God, our Heavenly Father and for obeying His calling for you. What an inspiration you are to countless women. God’s unconditional love is like no other. His love has gotten me through some ruff days, weeks, months, and years. He is faithful and His love never ending. Thank you for reminding me that He fills us completely and that we do not need to turn to earthly fulfillment. Blessings and prayers to you this day.

  295. Heather V says:

    I love how God’s timing is so perfect. I need these lessons.

  296. Wow, amazing, just what I needed to hear today. God has truely been filling me up and I know that I will find what I am looking for in God. He has proved himeself faithful and true. His love has truely overwhelmed me.Thanks

  297. This one has made me sad. It’s too true of me. I have struggled with putting people, especially my husband, in the position of fulfilling me since, well, always. God has pointed this out to my on several occasions, yet I fall into that trap again and again. I want God to fill all my empty places. I want to turn to Him for my fulfillment. I know I keep missing out on a great thing, when I don’t, and this makes me sad. I want to be filled by my God.

  298. Janet Spencer says:

    Thank you Renee for you messages… I look so forward for your special messages, they are such lift in my life. I have been going through some rockie spots in my life. But thank to our dear Father in Heaven and the care he has given me, with my ups and downs. With lots of prayers and reading his word (Bible) I am having more ups than down. Your message this time was for me. My Father in Heaven is guiding me. I am so glad I know him.

  299. I wanted to cry after I listened to your video. Oh how many times as a young women (I’m still young) I wanted to please my parents and it then went into trying to please the men in my life. When I decided (and this was recently I might add) that I found out what/who God said I was and how he loved me it truly changed my outlook on life. I so much understood you filling the vase with other things other than the living water. Mind you I still have to pray because my flesh wants to go back to that wanting others to fill me but when I get into Gods word he reminds me who I am and whose I am.

    Thank you so much Renee for having this online study it is making a difference!
    With Love Kim!

  300. I agree with your message and I think your book addresses exactly where I am. Several life changes beyond my control have been used by God to show me where I have been trying to find meaning, confidence and significance. I have tried to walk through many doors only to find them closed and I believe that God is using this time to show me what I tend to run to instead of him. God is ripping the ‘mini gods’ out of my life. Never have I been so aware of how deep my feelings of jealousy run, and how insulting this is to God who gives us all good gifts. He is more interested in changing WHO I am rather than WHAT I DO, and we know from Romans 8: 28 that in all things God works for good for those who love him. We like to think that this will end up in our getting what we want, but what follows in that text is that we were created for HIS purposes and that is to conform us into the likeness of Jesus. My heart struggles to lay down my attempts to find meaning outside of my position in Christ but I am also being strengthened to rest in the truth of God’s word and his promises.

  301. Thank you so much for all your words of encouragement. It is such a blessing to have you come along right beside me in my journey of gaining confidence in my life. You are such an inspiration to so many. Please don’t ever stop these little messages and notes of encouragement. They seem to come at exactly the right time and in the right way.
    Your sister in Christ! ~ Erin

  302. Renee: Thank you for the message. God is giving me a lot of messages about getting away from my addiction to people pleasing and to finding my worth in accomplishments, work, etc. etc. He has dramatically placed me in a new place where I can focus on Him and His plan for my life. I have learned to lean on Him alone and that he is my Provider and Source. Your study is a great reminder to me and is greatly helping me along the path away from self-reliance and people-pleasing to affirming my status as a daughter of the King.

  303. Debbie Backy says:

    This chapter really spoke to my heart. I look to my husband, friends and family to fill the empty spaces in my heart. I try to seek approval and get so readily disappointed when I don’t feel loved or secure in my relationships. I need to stop looking to others to fill those empty spaces and instead look to the only ONE who can. I love what Renee said in the book “Until God’s love is enough, nothing else will be.” SO TRUE!Only HE can satisfy my deepest longings, only HE can satisfy my thirst, HE is MORE THAN ENOUGH! Thank you LORD for Your LOVE that reaches to the deepest part of us and fills us to overflowing!!!

  304. Leslie S says:

    I loved the visual you used in this video. It really stirred me to think about how many things I have allowed in my jar that need to come out. I am at the point in life that my children are graduating from college and high school, one just got married. It has been a very hard year for me, very reflective. Watching this made me realize that my children are taking themselves out of “my” jar, as they should as healthy young adults, and as I raised to too. Even knowing this I have mourned the passage of time a little, wondering how they grew up so very fast. I am so convicted by your visual to pray that Jesus will fill my jar just like your water, and that I would use caution with the things I add back. Thank you Renee for such a wonderful message.

  305. Connie J. says:

    These are things I know in my head. I am at the beginning of understanding them with my heart. I want to be satisfied with God and what he has for me. I just need to allow what I’ve always known in my head about God to become a part of my life. I know that if I could ever get these things into my heart that it would transform my life.

  306. Racquel says:

    What was very powerful for me were the illustrations and most all when we let God fill us up (pouring the water in the empty jar) there will be no empty spaces. WOW…just excellent. Jesus is enough! I will share the message and illustrations with my family, friends and brethren in Christ.
    Thanks Renee for this great reminder!

  307. Letha Scott says:

    i am 64 and have never been confident and never seem to excel at anything as my mother and husband do
    When I truly came back to God, my biggest fear was that I would “fail” as a Christian, fail God. I am now
    stepping out in faith to help teach a Precepts class. Your post several weeks ago about being “paralyzed”
    was exactly what I was facing as I tried to prepare my lesson for the following week. The phrase, “Do I
    believe in God, or do I believe God.” was what I needed to hear. When he says “I am sufficient for you”,
    do I believe that and the answer was, if I do, I’m not living that way. Now I am doing your study and it is
    “filling in the things I didn’t even know I was looking for”.

  308. This message came right when I needed it. Thank you for charing it with all of us. God is truly using you for His purposes. I am so thankful for the video and plan to watch it again, taking notes the second time! God bless you!!!

  309. Thank you for the message. I do desire to shift my dependence to the Giver of all gifts and let Him fill me. He is Faithful.

  310. Wow, what a powerful message! I love the visuals! I have to hear, see, touch……what I am learning. I tend to look at others to fill me and shopping for things that I don’t need. I needed to hear this message and am working hard to put my focus back on Jesus filling and fulfilling my desires and needs.

    Thank you!

  311. I began to cry when you mentioned unconditional love in your video. The first thing that came to my mind was my cat, MAX. He died in 2009, but for 12 yrs he was like a child to me and he is the only one who has ever shown me unconditional love. I miss him terribly. I long to be filled with God’s unconditional love & struggle daily. Renee you are a true disciple of Christ & your book touches me in many ways. It is like you are talking directly to me. God bless you! Please keep me in your prayers as I continue my journey & relationship with the Dear Lord.

  312. Angel P says:

    I have seen this demonstration used before, but never this way. It was always as put God in first then all the smaller things will fit into the jar. This is revolutionary. If will fill our jar with God the other things will have the right place in our loves. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am looking forward to putting things back where they belong and being completely filled with the Living Water.

  313. Keven Cockrell says:

    This is the first video post that I have watched as I usually prefer to read the message. In fact, I didn’t have time to watch it until today, but I am so happy that I did. Even though I’ve read that Bible story many times, I have never thought of what I fill my jar with. You made it so easy to see that only Jesus can satisfy me. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to watching other video posts!

  314. Rossie Regli says:

    I realize I might be too late but I really could identify with so much of what you have said and what others have said as well. I would love to receive this book and your testimony/teaching message. You have really hit on a nerve with me and it is so comforting to know that I am not alone in my struggles! Even better that God is with me and will bring me through this!!! Thank you!

  315. Martha T. says:

    This was a really good video! Your illustrations brought the message home in a very clear way!Thanks for sharing with us!

  316. Oh friends, I am sitting here telling Jesus I wish I had 10 hands and 24 extra hours so I could type out a little note to each of you. As I am reading your stories and your precious words I am praying for each of you and seriously wishing we were sitting in a coffee shop talking. I’d look you in the eyes, I”d probably touch your hand and I’d encourage you. I’d tell you the truth about YOU – about how precious you are…how much value you hold.

    Oh Jesus let these truths of Your unfailing love be the very thing our heart says yes to. Be our enough. Give us a thirst for you that cannot be satisfied by anything or anyone else. YOU are the ONE AND ONLY love that can fill us up. Jesus fill us, fill us and assure us and empty of us of anything that keeps us from receiving all of YOU. In the power of Your Name we pray, Amen!!!

    • Kyrie Eléison says:

      I prayed that prayer with you Renee, and I really needed it today. I did have a small victory though. I was feeling upset about a financial crisis we are going through, and I was going to fill that need with food. I’ve lost all of my weight, but it is easy to go back to the old ways sometimes, especially when you feel alone. However, I stopped and prayed, and while I have to keep giving the problem to God, as I can’t seem to get the worry out of my head, I didn’t eat, and I continue to pray. So thanks for your prayer as well. That one prayer I am sure touched many as it did me, so know even though you don’t have time for each of us, those types of posts, and your video messages change lives, and heal hurts!

  317. Jennifer says:

    Well to be honest, I need to catch back up with the online book & Bible study. Because I think everything you are talking about is everything I am going through right now. I want to be a confident woman in Christ. I want to be confident in knowing who I am and who God has made me to be. I want to be confident in trusting Him, and in knowing He has a bigger plan that sometimes we cant see, especially when we are in the midst of problems. I want to know the love of the Lord that is unfailing and never changing. To be honest this has been a struggle here lately. My husband left me and my (2month old at the time) precious baby girl for another woman. My baby is now almost 9 months and is such a sweet blessing and answered prayer in my life. My husband and I have been separtated since a week after Thanksgiving when I found him living with her. Since then he has moved her into our home, as I moved back in with my parents & my daughter. So I guess what I am trying to say is that I for sure need some healing. I need to have the confidence that God gives, because all the insecurites I am feeling right now are overwhelming. I feel like I wasnt good enough. I feel like I gained so much weight being pregnant that that made me unlovable. I know these are the wrong thoughts which is why I probably need the healing!! I want to remain confident in Christ so that no matter what my husband does or says, I will not be shaken or waver. My husband has lied to me so much that even if he was telling me the truth now it would be hard to believe him. I pray for forgiveness & healing. I pray for the other woman & my husband to find salvation and come to realize all that he has right in front of him. I was given a prohetic word (or several rather) about my marriage and total marriage restoration, and his salvation. So I am holding onto those words. i just have to realize that this is in Gods timing & that His timing is perfect!! But in the meantime I want to grow so close with the Lord, where He is all I need. i feel like I do good some days, or most days rather. But then there are those that have me struggling to look to God for all I need. I need to look to Him for my love, peace and joy, and not depend on things that are here one day and gone the next. I pray for all the women out there that struggle with being confident and in knowing who they are in Christ. I pray God will speak to all us women to give us the courage, love and acceptance that our hearts so deepliy desire. And in the meantime we can just serve Him, praise Him and give Him all the glory that is His! Thank you so much for your ministry and for all the precious lives it touches! Blessings to each of you today and always!

    • I don’t have a husband…but I have a boss…and I applied to another position at another department with better paid my boss is trying to sabotage me. I overheard my boss to someone that I wasn’t mature enough for this position…my boss is a bully, just like my ex-boyfriend the love of my life was, and quite frankly I was hurt but I was not devastated when I overheard him said that, and part of the growth is to the message that I’ve received through this study. ..I walked away from my relationship with my boy-friend long time ago, and I will find a better position and a better boss. I believe this is God’s testing me, and proving to me that he’s enough Bosses,, jobs, promotions, husbands, boyfriends can’t give you the confidence and approval we seek, but God can. I think is possible to get to a place in our lives when we are no longer bound to what other think of us, or seek their approval because we know we have a father that loves us unconditionally and want was best for us…He is enough! We are complete..and we lack nothing!

      • Amen, preach is girl!! WhoooHooo I love the God-fidence I hear in your words. I had a boss who was a bully — many years ago and I let him have way too much power in my life. I was a baby Christian and wanted his approval far too much. Im praying for God to go before you and give you favor with this new position and for others to recognize your current bosses issues and not let them interfere with the interview process.

        Keep letting JESUS define you and lead you to the best position He has for you – no matter what that is your positing in HIM is sealed and secure. There is no better place to be!

    • Jennifer — you are so much more than the lies you are being told and the way you are being treated. His decision and sin is not a reflection of your lack – but his. Do not let his sin and selfishness have any hold on you. You and your precious baby girl deserve to be cherished and cared for and honored and watched over.

      I”m praying for you to take time to let JESUS love you deeply. Please start reading the book and see how He wants to meet you right where you are and lead you into a place of absolute confidence and security in HIM – separate from your circumstances and your husband decisions.

      You are valuable, chosen, accepted, pursued, loved and chosen – by the Creator of the Universe. You are cherished by a Mighty God!!! In HIM you will find the love and assurance you soul desires and was created to live in! Amen!!

  318. I can not begin to tell you how timely this study is in my life right now.

  319. Brandy Golden says:

    As I reread the devotional my heart stung, my breathe was taken away as if to say “Now do I have your attention.” The Holy Spirit has been quietly tapping at my heart, while I pretend not to hear it. I also read a daily devotional by Iyanla Vanzant and it asked “How much confidence do you place in your prayers?” I recently place very little because I am not allowing God to fill my empty spaces, I am trying to do it myself and failing at it.
    Thank you for allowing God to use you in such an amazing way, to remind me that He can and He will I must seek Him and allow Him to fill those spaces.

  320. Dallena Hess says:

    This chapter and video confirmed what God has been telling me-that I need to learn to let him satisfy me fully. I’m learning slowly that he is enough. I had a thought yesterday while walking to lunch that i knew it from from him. I have a reminder at work to look to him and shift my dependence on him.

    • I love that you’re hearing Him speak to your heart and recognizing those nudges from Him. He speaks in whispers that are easy to question or ignore. Keep listening Dallena – His voice will become more and more familiar every time you do!!

  321. Messages from Christ always seem to come when in need. What a powerful but unique way to see how worldly items and family/friends/bosses/teachers etc, can not full our hearts with the missing unconditional love that we each desire. I too have looked in the wrong places for acceptance and love. After seeing your video, I am going to find a way to put my items into a box to let them go, for it is not what makes me happy. I think that once a month I will return to read/look at what I have placed in the box, then send them on there way as like releasing a butterfly to flutter away. I will pray daily that Christ will show me and others (that I know and love) the way to fully experience His unfailing love for I know deep in my heart, Christ is the only one who can bring TRUE happiness, peace and love. God Bless

  322. I know I am guilty of trying to fill my life with things or people when only Christ can fill that need. Things leave me feeling lost and alone. Christ alone can give me that peace in the midst of difficult and trying times.Christ alone satisfies.

  323. Lynda Haley says:

    Thank you so much Renee! For some reason in all the years that I have read and listened to the story of the Samaritan woman, I have never notice the metaphor of the water. There really are no empty spaces when we are filled with the living water! Like you, I have tried to fill up my emptiness with people and things, just hoping that their approval or that I have that possession, will fill me and make me feel worth something. I was doing pretty well with the concept of letting God fill those places. Then I moved to Korea. While they are warm people, they can be brutally honest. I am a little overweight (HUGE compared to these little, thin people) and they do not hold back in telling me how fat I am…they do this more to my husband than to me for some reason. While, in the States, I had lost over 40 pounds but have now gained some of it back. I’m not obese, just a little on the chunky side. But because I hear, or see, on a daily basis the laughter or the hurtful words (especially from kids) I feel like I am a blimp. But seeing this video today made me see that I just need to take the yearning for their acceptance and replace it with God’s acceptance. Thank you again for this message!

    • Michelle B says:

      Oh Lynda, my heart breaks for you!! I too have struggled with my weight for 40 years. But Gods divine timing has allowed me to rejoin Weight Watchers, read Made to Crave, and give me insight into how He sees me. It has been a 2+ year journey with many ups and downs but I can say that He is teaching me to see myself as He sees me!! I pray that these words will encourage you in some way. He truly is Mighty to Save 🙂

  324. Michelle B says:

    I am amiddle aged married woman with a 23 & 19 year old daughters. Te eldest has graduated from college but is back living at home. The younger one is in college. I have been pondering what God has planned for me in this new season. I don’t want to intentionally fill it up with things that have no significance. He has had me in a season of extreme loneliness. I know that He is the only one that can fill ALL the spaces but to be honest I don’t always act that way. I would love to read your book and get another woman’s perspective in this area. Bless you for serving women so faithfully!

  325. Celeste says:

    Just finished reading Chapter 2. As I was reading, I began to cry. It seemed like your words can straight from my life and my heart. Could there be others like me out there? I thought that I was all alone in this world. Thank you Renee.

    • You are not alone sweet friend. You are not alone. Oh how precious He is to give me words to write that would so resonate with your heart. HE is speaking to you – tenderly, gently but oh so truthfully. You are pursued and loved by an intimate Savior who wants you to know you are not alone. He is there and so are we. We’re in this together and we’re moving closer and closer to the healing place of His love!!

  326. thank you so much for those encouraging words.

  327. Kit Smith says:

    This week’s video message was so powerful. I have had a stressful week dealing with teenagers! I was actually looking online at cars yesterday as a way of relieving this stress. Your message was exactly what I needed to hear. Believe it or not, there was a time when I was a single school teacher when I would trade my car in and get a new one when I became extremely stressed. Needless to say, the excitement only lasted a day and then I was stuck with a new car payment and an empty “Jar”. Thanks for your timely message.

  328. Chips and corn are exactly what I turn to. But now I am turning to God, and slowly the dry places are being touched by the Living Water. Thanks, Renee!

    • Chips and cookies are my weakness. Crunchy is my comfort. Im praying for us both – and our precious sisters in Christ – to let Jesus pour and pour His living Water and the heart-quenchiing truth of HIS love into our dry and empty places.

  329. Jody Mooney says:

    Great message and very fitting. Thank you!!

  330. Great message and illustration- I notice you didn’t fill the jar to the top- leaving room for Him to continue to pour in to me. It is good to be reminded the Living Water (Holy Spirit ) is ever pouring, flowing into the empty places.

  331. Pam Stewat says:

    Oh Aly, so happy you felt you could share your experience w/this bible study. I, too, am praying for you. Stay right where you are sweet sister!! I’ve been reading ahead and the next chapter in Renee’s book is one you won’t want to miss either. It’s awesome so far. I’m enjoying this study so much Renee that I can’t control myself, I have to keep reading. ha! Your study is like a bag of Lay’s potato chips-you can’t have just one!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing yourself, your time, and your life w/us. You are a TRUE blessing!!

  332. It’s so easy to start putting those things back into the jar without realizing that when we put those things back into the jar, we’re leaving less room for Jesus to fill our jars up. Thanks for the reminder.

  333. A very powerful reminder for me today to Put those things that I have been substituting for Jesus in my life back to a place apart from Him and allow him to fill those empty places.

    I am getting ready to retire from the military after 25 years of service and this is my last month of work at my job. I have been feeling sad and unappreciated and this message really helped me see how I have placed my security and significance in my work instead of my LORD and how I need to look to Him for these needs.

    • Brenda, thank you for your many years of devoted service in the military. It is appreciated. Thank you and please know that the Lord has a Plan for the rest of your life. Jeremiah 29:11-13

  334. Kathy S says:

    Thank you so much Renee for that powerful example! This week I have realized that I too am looking for fulfillment in the wrong places. I think it would be neat if at the end of filling the jar with “living water,” you put a beautiful bouquet of flowers into it, because that is what filling our lives with Jesus does for us – it makes us beautiful, makes us more enjoyable to others, and adds a spot of brightness to the world around us!

  335. Lydia G says:

    What do I fill my empty places with…. what do I NOT try to fill them with? My biggest one is my husband, by far. (Well, that and carbohydrates). Years ago when we were dating, we had a period of time when he broke up with me, stopped talking to me, etc. I was completely blind-sided, and completely heart broken. But what I learned then, and what I know now, was that God was getting my attention, to tell me that He wanted to be what I had let my (then) boyfriend become- my confidant, my shoulder to lean on, my friend and even my lover. He (God) was the true lover of my soul. Yet, having learned that lesson so long ago and repeatedly since then, it still so easily fades from my memory. I find that my emotional state so often corresponds to my perception of the state of my marriage, or my worth to how I think he sees me. So thank you Renee yet again for the reminder to look to the Giver of all Good Things, and not to the gift of my husband- who will always disappoint in his humanness. I need to keep Christ on my heart’s throne.

  336. Mary L. says:

    Wonderful! Our hearts will never rest until we rest in Him.

  337. Julie G says:

    Echoing so many of the comments here. I don’t think I’ve ever needed and enjoyed a bible study as much as this. It’s like water for my soul! God bless you, Renee! Thank you!!

  338. Michele says:

    Such a beautiful illustration. Thanking God that my heart is becoming more and more confident as I find my complete security in him alone. I’m glad to be taking this journey with each of you.

  339. As I read through my email this morning, I found this…and I thank you. So much of the time I feel empty, disconected, unloved…and UNWORTHY of His love for me. It is very hard for me to accept that there is a love for me that is unconditional. I am fortunate to have a husband that loves me for who I am, yet why am I so afraid of losing his love…that I will do something that will take it away? Growing up I never felt loved by my parents, molested by my father…so how would I really know what it would be to truly trust God? My first husband, my high-school sweetheart died from cancer 12 years ago…that love was taken away from me and our family. Please know that I am trying to figure out this emptiness, and I know that I have to never give up…but some days are harder than others. It is helpful to read the comments of others…we are not alone at all. Bless you for sharing this amazing video…my heart has been touched!

  340. Hi, Renee. I heard the video. last week on the empty spaces, after, I read all the comments, and as I was reading, I said to myself a lot of these are so me! then, I heard the video again because, you get mopre out of hearing things the secomd time. Now, I’m totally blind, and even though I didn’t see what you were doing. I heard you with the toys and what I loved when when you were filling the jug, and referring to Jesus filling us up and I just tried to picture myself in the story of the woman at the well and I was so peaceful! Renee! you are such an inspiration! I always thank God for you that he uses you so much to help people! as you were talking in that video, I realized so much, how I need to spend more time asking Jesus to fill me up. not looking so much to other people! also, when I’m upset, I look to junk food chips to fill me up! I also love chocolate Renee thank you! and it is so good that we all have the same struggles. I indentified with so many people.

  341. Rebekah says:

    I thnk I’ve tried just about every one of those things to fill me. The biggest thing though has been relationships. It’s so hard for me to trust in the unseen – kinda like a Thomas.
    I am hoping through this study I will learn to put my trust in God and lean on him when the things of this life fail me.

  342. Brenda Benoit- adkins says:

    I am very grateful for you and your bible study 1 in this time of my life i have been experiencing a really hard time with a child taken away from based on lies and also being alienated from my child has caused great emotional abuse for him and he is even failing school due to htis and he does not participate! please pray that I get my son back!

  343. This was so heart warming. I am at the point in my life where I know I need to grow and filling every empty spot with Him is the only answer. I felt the holes that were still there and I prayed for God to fill them all to overflowing of Him and only Him. With tears running down my face I feel His light and power going all through me right now. I feel like smiling and jumping for joy it just feels that good. Now to daily have Him fill me and just think how much brighter every day will be. Thank you for sharing this. I just found this sight tonight since I couldn’t sleep and have enjoyed reading many of your articles. God Bless you for letting Him use you in this mighty mighty way.

  344. I am so behind with this Study but I am happy I am getting back on the right track! This message speaks to me on so many different levels! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I want to be satisfied with Jesus’ love. I know I will begin to understand this and am looking forward to leaning how to be a confident woman.

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