The Power of Praying God’s Promises

Praying God’s promises — it’s changed me.

That’s why I included a prayer, at the end of each chapter, weaving together Scriptures from that chapter and others I sensed God wanted us to engrave on our hearts.

Praying God’s Word has been one of the most life-changing ways I’ve learned to live in the security of His promises…and isn’t that what we all want?

“One way God tells us that confidence will come is when we ask Him for what is already part of His will. ‘This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us’ (1 John 5:14 NASB). So there you go: we can be confident we are praying God’s will when we pray God’s Word!” p.25

But that’s not all.

Romans 10:17 tells us that “faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ” so let’s pray these promises out loud again and again.

Out loud. Yes, even if it seems weird. Find somewhere you can be alone to speak these truths where you can hear them, and let them echo in your heart

Trust me, it makes a difference.

“When we pray God’s words out loud, and hear them, the Holy Spirit engraves them on our hearts and writes them in our thoughts. We internalize God’s truth and our faith grows as we are transformed from the inside out!” p.25

Let’s pray this week’s prayer {together}:

Lord, I pray that You would give me a confident heart in Christ. Take me beyond believing in You to truly believing You. Help me rely on the power of Your promises and live like they are true. You say blessed is the one who trusts in You and whose hope and confidence are found in You. Those who hope in You will not be disappointed, because You work all things together for good for those who love You and are called according to Your purpose.

When self-doubt tells me I can’t overcome my insecurities, I will believe Your promise that all things are possible to whoever believes. I will not throw away my confidence, because You say it will be richly rewarded. I will persevere so that when I have done the will of God, I will receive what You have promised. My confidence is in Christ and I am no longer one who shrinks back and is destroyed, but one who believes and is saved! In Jesus’ name, Amen.  {See Jeremiah 17:7; Isaiah 49:23; Romans 8:28; Mark 9:23; Hebrews 10:35–36, 39}


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Chad Lawson, my friend, award-winning composer and pianist , has graciously shared his beautiful, Spirit-filled Song of Prayer below. Watch and listen below for FREE. {If you’re reading this via email please click here to visit my website to watch}.Friend, you don’t want to miss this – trust me. 

Even though it will probably be hard at first, please pause to soak in this God-gift that was filmed while Chad listened to the Holy Spirit. Chad simply played what God laid on his heart. You’ll see the joy of Christ in Chad’s smile but more than anything, you’ll experience the peace of God’s presence through his music.

You can find and download A Song of Prayer on Itunes ($1.99) or  Amazon ($.89)

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To enter to win one: Click “share your thoughts” below this post and describe how you felt or what you sensed God whisper as you listened to Chad’s Song of Prayer. Also share one or two of your answers to questions you feel comfortable sharing about from the end of Chapter 1.

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Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Wow! Beautiful God certainly speaks through Chad with his music doing the talking. Thank you for sharing!

    • Sheila P. from Colorado says:

      I am sitting listening to the this beautiful song. I have my eyes closed and am thinking of my father in law who went to be with the Lord Sunday evening. He was a godly man and loved the Lord. I can only imagine him being swept away into the clouds and now seeing his loved ones. The music seems like it is being played on the clouds. Oh I thank you Lord for dad and what a legacy he has left for us to see. Thank you Lord.

      • Prayers for you and your family, Shelia.

        • praying, also, for your family, sheila. “grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God” (2 corinthians 1:2-4).”

    • What did I feel as I listned to the song? Overwhelmed with His love. I often close my eyes and go to Jesus in my mind, usually when I go there and I lay on his lap and look at him and he looks back. He can see in my eyes my hurts and my insecure nature( there are no words necessary). He usually holds me and He just knows. Today as I listened to that beautiful musical piece I closed my eyes and went to my sweet Jesus and Idanced for him. I laughed and he delighted in me. I am usually a little girl when I go to Jesus in my mind. I think that its because this is when my insecurities began. I can not pinpoint the moment in which I felt a lack of confidence. I have lived lacking confidence and insecure for as long as I can remember. A woman with a confident heart is one that can admit they are not confident in themselves and can openly disclose that…but they are confident because of God. A confidant woman can admits to their errors and apoligize. A confident woman knows the word of God.

      • Diana,
        I really wanted to comment on your post, but all I can say is WOW! Your comment leaves me speechless. It is awesome to hear about your amazing and intimate relationship with God. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      • I too have lacked confidence my whole life and cannot remember when I first felt this way. I pray that this study will help me to be a confident person and that I will learn to trust God and know the plans that he has for my life. I need to remember that he is in control. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. May we all grow in Christ through this study and become the confident women that he wants us to be.

      • Laurie Tetzloff says:


      • Diana, I too have envisioned myself as the little girl at her Daddy’s feet. Then, to his lap where he loves me through. Now, as I sing to him and worship him, we dance. And it is so filled with love and laughter that I can’t help but smile and feel such joy in him. It really is amazing to draw confidence from our One True Love, Jesus, my King!

      • Diana:

        Your words ” I am usually a little girl when I go to Jesus in my mind. I think that its because this is when my insecurities began. I can not pinpoint the moment in which I felt a lack of confidence. I have lived lacking confidence and insecure for as long as I can remember” are exactly how I feel. I don’t remember when my insecurities and lack of confidence began. But I have blocked out the first 5 1/2 years of my life. Thank you for sharing that and I am looking forward to A CONFIDENT HEART IN JESUS AND WHO I AM IN JESUS! 🙂



      • Katrina Boyland says:

        I blocked alot of my childhood out due to all the things I should have not saw and have done to me and my siblings. Your words Diana brings joy and tears to my eyes. I have always felt like I was nothing but reading the end of your comment makes my heart sore! I no longer feel I’m the only women who feels this way. Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

    • Laurie Tetzloff says:

      Chad’s music is soothing, peaceful and comforting. I would love to listen to it over and over again. He is very talented.

    • Laurie Tetzloff says:

      total peace and serenity, and calmness!

    • What a soothing melodic sound, and on a day when I really need it.. As I close my eyes and listen I feel relaxed and at total peace. Thank you Lord for your anointing on Chad’s life and allowing him to share his gift with us.

    • Roberta D says:

      Oh my goodness, what a beautiful song of prayer that really touched and spoke to the deepest part of my inner being. It was not hard at all to listen to this anointed music and I became deeply engrossed it in it very quickly. It was alluring, soothing and I experienced the peace and the presence of God in the room as I was listening to Chad playing. It also brought many images and scenes to my mind as I was listening to the subtle transitions in the music. For example , in one part, I was taken back to my childhood days when I used to twirl around and dance in the rain. In another spot, I felt as though I was laying in a verdant, green pasture with my eyes closed feeling the warmth of the sunshine on my face and also listening to the rippling brook at edge of the pasture. It was also a beautiful mixture of the prophetic leading of the Holy Spirit intertwined with some familiar hymns in certain places. It made me feel lighthearted and carefree and I am so blessed that you share your friend’s amazing gift with us and I will pray that all that He poured out will be multiplied back to him a thousandfold. You and He both are truly an inspiration to me and I pray that I will learn to be pliable in His hands as both of you are so that I can fulfill the His plan for my life and not mine own. Thank you and God bless you Chad and Renee!!!

  2. My biggest hindrance is my tendency toward self-sufficiency–the illusion that I’m in control of my life so that everything must be planned and scheduled.

    A woman who has a confident heart is courageous, optimistic, grateful, joyous and gracious.

    Love the music.

    • I am right with you. This control thing is such a huge HINDERANCE. But our God is bigger if I would just let Him!!!!

    • I so agree. I love to help people, but I am not great at accepting help from others.

      • Please practice accepting help from others graciously. We know we are blessed when we help others and we are depriving someone else of that blessing if we don’t accept graciously 🙂 I had to learn how to do this too!

    • Mary- this is the same struggle I have. It’s great to know you’re not alone & our precious Savior is working out His plan for our lives!

  3. Oh my. Just beautiful. The peace of God washing over me. Thank you Chad, and Renee for the opportunity to listen.

  4. I’m still currently listening to it, but as it built and faded, built and faded, I pondered about how my confidence does that. Slowly but surely God’s confidence builds in my heart. I start to act hesitantly just playing a few notes of the song he is wanting me to play or sing but as that confidence builds I slowly get lost in the song he’s playing in me and it’s a beautiful thing that I never want to stop.

    As for the questions from chapter 1. I initially started reading/working through this book a few weeks ago. It’s interesting to look back at those questions and see what God has been building in me since then. I’ve especially been clinging to Jeremiah 17:5-8 as reminders in the first few verses that when I depend on and draw strength from mere flesh, it’s always lacking, but as I depend on God, I am blessed more than I can imagine.

  5. ” The Peace of God” This timely instrumental is just what I needed to hear as I seek God for direction. Thank you for obeying the Holy Spirit.

  6. Erin Keel says:

    Wow! I truly enjoyed the quiet nature of the song and time with God. He was wispering to me that I am worthy, loved and beauty. I need to start speaking my prayers out loud so I can hear them and when am talking to God. Your are right Renee, it does sound weird. But I know if it has helped you so much, I would be foolish not to listen to your guideance. Thank you so much for this study. You have come to mean so much to me just listen to your understanding and confidence in Christ that it gives me hope that one day I will have that as well. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart! Travel safe and enjoy your weekend! ~ Erin

    • Karen in PA says:

      Erin, Praying out loud is a great way to gain confindence, it is a way to find our voice. I have had fear of praying out loud in public, when asked to pray. I couldn’t. So I started practicing by praying alone out loud, alot. God is so good, He builds us up, gives us everything we need.

      The song is beautiful, I too felt the Holy Spirit washing over me, as I listen. Thank you for sharing this amazing piece.

  7. Dallena Hess says:

    The music was beautiful. I felt peaceful and sensed that I’m loved and am special. I sensed God telling me-don’t be afraid-i have plans for your life.

    One of my gifts is that I’m an encourager. however, it’s hard to enourage myself and i second quess myself alot. i tend to be a people pleaser. It seems that i can be anxious and lose confidence in myself. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this study.

    • Natalie says:

      Dallena, its like you were writing the words in my head! I too am an encourager who struggles to encourage herself, who second guesses herself a lot, am anxious and lose confidence in myself.

      We are not alone and the Lord is reaching to us through this study and other means to encourage us! I am looking forward to Him transforming me, US, from self-doubting, anxious persons to confident women of in Christ!

  8. I hear God telling me that I’m worth it, that I matter, that this icky phase I’m going through will pass and make me stronger….Tears are okay!

    my earliest memory of doubting myself, kindergarten…it’s been with me ever since….I’m 44

  9. Vicky Silbernagel says:

    Ah, I so love the music–it is such a blessing! I felt God saying, “Come to me, and I will give you rest . . . and so much more.”

    When doubts flood my mind, I feel helpless, lonely (especially since I became a sudden widow several years ago at the age of 55), and somewhat afraid. I believe God’s promises are true, but sometimes it’s difficult to believe they are true for ME. I hinder myself by not staying consistently in God’s Word!

  10. Healing from the inside…what peace
    God gives…very thankful for the hope He gives

  11. Amazing! The first word that comes to mind is “peace”. Thank you for sharing!

  12. As I listen to the beautiful music notes of “Song of Prayer” I hear a calm and peaceful melody with the a lively spirit winding through to show us all that life itself is a wonderful journey full o peace w God along our side and with Him close to our hearts. As I listened closely with my eyes closed, I could hear God whispering to me, you are my child, I will take care of what is needed according to my will for I have a planned journey for you, my child. This in turn brought tears of joy to know that God loves me flaws and all. For Chapter #1, my earliest memory of doubt and insecurity was in 3rd grade: from always being chosen last in PE for team games,due to my weight and when I need glasses (reason being remarks made by my teacher). So I know now that doubt and insecurities in my life have keep me from trying different things (activities/adventures) all through my life. Me description of a woman with a confident heart: she is a women of faith even through ups and downs, not afraid to share her growth with the Lord, she shares her testimonial too all, opens her home to all with a glad heart, she never loses hope, friends are just like family to her no matter what color, size, or age, not afraid to pray aloud, and this to me shows her love for Christ and shows her confident heart…..

  13. What beautiful piano “soaking” music. Thank you, Chad (& Renee), for that gift. I had to watch him play for a bit, first, because it was precious. I could see his lips move, & felt he was praying, listening, & then putting both into his fingers & onto the keyboard. Lovely! Then I was able to close my eyes, get into the Father’s presence, & just stay there. As I listened, & became still, I could hear the still, small voice, ebbing & flowing with the music, saying, “I’m here, Daughter. Wherever you are, whatever is happening, I’m here.”

    That’s an important message for me. My earliest memory is that of feeling insecure, cowering in my bed at night, wondering if “he” would sneak into my room again. It was so horrible, & went on for so long. I was so young, & while I have forgiven him, I still haven’t worked through the emotions & questions about my Heavenly Father. I was young & innocent, so why did He allow that to happen (for example). When I read Isaiah 49:23, that “Those who hope in me will not be disappointed,” even though I do not want to feel disappointed, I do feel that. It makes me sad…& insecure, once again. I do love Him; I just don’t understand.

    • Mary, I’m so sorry you experienced that abuse. Know that I understand, because I, too, was abused by a grandfather for years, as were most of the females in his family, I am now finding out many years later. And, yes, I can’t even remember when it started, but I know that is when my feelings of insecurity began, too. We can’t understand it, but I just know that my heavenly father loves me, and us, more than I can even imagine. Though we were so deeply wounded in our childhood, we will not be disappointed in spending eternity with Him.

      • Thank you, Vicky. You’re so right…there will be no disappointment once we reach the other side & see Him. I’m so thankful for that.

    • I am so sorry to hear that you went through such a life changing event at an early age. I can totaly relate to you because i too went through a similar pain that wounded my childhood, teenage years and into my adulthood. I spent many many years hating and mistrusting everyone but also blaming God for “allowing” it to happen to me. It wasnt until a few years ago that God placed something upon my heart….he didnt allow it to happen to me…he didnt put me through it but he was there holding me and keeping me strong so that one day I could use my story to help others. I realized that every bad thing in my life has happened for a reason but I needed to turn the negative into a positive for his glory. I have since become a Social Worker and am currently working on my Masters degree to do Christian Counseling with the hopes of help other women. Since I learned to use my “test” and turned it into my testemony…God has helped heal my pains. My advice to you is figure for yourself how to use your pain for His glory and Kingdom….its really worth it in the end. Best wishes to you as you figure where you journey can and will lead you.

      • Blessings, I love music from small like i mention before so does my youngest and Dj,
        for some reason i cant get to hear it i am waiting for it to upload on youtube hear it, however listen to some of it it reminds me of the Lords Prayer (letting His will be done on earth as it is in heaven) just trusting Him to do His will, if each of us knows to meaning of His true love for us, how He meets our needs always, Christian or not, but most imporantly the intimitcy with Him. for me its when i write songs then i can feel that intimitcy with Him.

        My challenge right now is loosing a baby and not knowing what and when it happen, I had two baby showers one at work and the other at church, i have been home from work for almost two months and no one checks up on me even though the knows of loosing the baby, church it hurts to see that you request prayer from your pastor and never once call to do so, yes i got pregnant out of marrige but the most i can say is my timing and Gods timing is not the same. after all this i stop wanting to be out in public i did not want to go church, still he (pasot) never call to see if i was ok or that its all going to be ok, i started to here God speaking to me to work on a empty appartment and set it up His way, i have no money no job how am i going to do so. one Sunday morning i got up start cleaning out the room wash the walls remove all the tiles off the floor a done deal, slowly he provides what needed again His timing and mine is not the same. both myself and the girls was woundering what color to paint the room i told them cream and brown so i turn and said Lord that was my baby colors what You think all of a sounding i hear purple, so i said ok a soft purple with white and gold, but guess what i dont have nothing to buy them. as i was reading the bible later in the day i heard His voice saying go on the northside dumpster so i did (i never went there before not even to throw trash) as we (with my girls) got there it was so clean a car pull up in front of me. Now being that it looked so clean from the front i went towards the back again clean i looked up and said no please tell me what You send me for is not in the trash, so i started back to the car as i walk pass where the one car had pull up earlier there was 2 boxes on the floor one had dishes (which i did not need) and the other one had 5 small cans of white paint 4 fill and 1 half, we thank God for them and went home and painted the roof white with the 4, the next day i wanted more of this hearing God voice but not until 1pm is when He send me by a brother from the church more like a dad, but i had no idea why He sent me to him. when i got there the geentleman said to me for some reason every moring when he shaves and for some reason he see my face in the mirror, he was hoping all was well with me and the delivery but did not know how to reach me, he said here i had this for you, when i looked he gave me $100.00, i wanted to cry. Dj called and i told him all that was happening (some people says because the lost of the baby i think i am talking to God) i told him if you dont believe please dont say it but he surprise me when he said he saw a purple room but royal in his dreams once but i told him no this room carries a soft purple, anyway we only have home depot and paint depot here so i research on line the color that when he go buy it, it will be the correct one. listen he call three times telling me it dont have his color nor mine, but if i trust him he will but a nice own. i wanted to take control and tell him forget it i will look for it myself but Gods voice said tell him ok bring it, when i see the color i was not happy but we painted half the room with it then called it a day, as the morning was coming on i could not sleep i went down to see the room to see how the color look, it was pretty but not what i understood it to be so i start telling God i am sorry for not giving Him what He wanted as i sat there looking at the wall i hear God saying my child you did great you still have the small half can of white paint get it pore the purple in it till i say stop, and i did until He said stop. now close it and shake it till I say stop again i did, when i open the can i started to cry the soft purple that we could not find, at that time i finished painting the wall, when Dj came over he asked where did i get the paint and i told him, all he said was God is working with you He has a plan for you just listen and trust Him and i always whated a woman that will be obiedent to Gods voice, thank you for showing me that there is still one that can listen. honestly i dont know why i am writing you this, there is much more to be done in the appartment, the bath / kitchen / living & dinning room yea there is much more. but what i learn from all this is its not only negative things gives one a confedent heart, see i lossed a baby i could have walk away from God because He did not save me from that pain, i remember asking Him why did He hate me, knowing that i want to serve Him, as i was crying in my room refusing to come out i saw His tears and it hit me His tears of when He had to watch His Son hurting for all of us. yes i dont have it to finish the room but i have God to lead me each step of the way, His timing and mine is not the same all we need is a confident heart. Thanks Renee & Chad, God Blessing to all.

        • Dear Angie,
          I’m praying for you. “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you can hide. His truth will be your shield and protection” Psalm 91:4 blessings to you.

        • It’s so easy to believe that God doesn’t love you, when His people (the church) are not there for you. But keep believing that He does love you. I too have been hurt without help from the church. But I have learned to depend on GOD, not people. He will always provide more than we need or could even imagine.

  14. Heather V says:


  15. Wow. This is a great song. I am listening to it right now. God is showing me that is hard for me to just quietly sit in his presence and do nothing. It was okay for the first couple minutes, but then my mind starts racing through all the things I should be doing or all the things that are on my to do list. Why is it so hard to just sit at the feet of Jesus? This reminds me of the story of Martha and Mary. It is hard to just sit at Jesus feet. As I listen the song has different tempos throughout it. It reminds me of the racing thoughts that are going through my head that are from my flesh, and the slower pace of the song represents the time when I am just listening. Not trying to make the song go faster so I can move onto the next thing I do, but isn’t thing how life is. When we finish one task, we move right into the next one. Not even taking the time to enjoy the accomplishment. This reminds me of prayer also. When I pray, I am usually giving a list of things that I want God to do for me. When instead, I should be thanking God for all the things He has already done. If He never does anything else for me, what He has already done should already be enough. Jesus gave me His life, and sometimes I don’t even take 5 minutes a day to spend in fellowship, prayer, or Bible study because I have to get through the things that are due that day. The least I can do is to sit as his feet for this time and just worship Him. To tell Him how awesome He is. Wow, I didn’t realize all this would come out of this song. When I saw the 32 minutes, I was thinking I don’t have 32 minutes, that is a really long time to sit here and do nothing but listen. This all goes back to my point. How important is Jesus and God and my relationship with them? They were both willing to sacrifice the most precious thing, life. The least I can do is that this time to just be with them.

    • I totally resonate with how you felt too! I’m always so tempted to “go go go go go”

      • Song,
        That is interesting. I am not a go, go, go person, but I feel like I should be. I feel like everyone else is so busy, and I am so not. lol

        • Jessica, I can totally relate: “I am not a go, go, go person, but I feel like I should be.” I do feel busy, but I also feel like it only feels busy to me, and that other people could do the things that I do without thinking about it, but to me it seems like so much. So I have a hard time sitting still too, but the song definitely made it easier, once I just sat back and relaxed and let the music pour over me.

  16. Sarah H. says:

    What a beautiful way to express prayer!!!! It gives me comfort and peace as I listen to it. I feel that no matter the trials of my day, week, month, year, it’s all going to be okay. Thank you for posting this beautiful song!!!

  17. AMAZING! I was moved to tears of joy for the love of our Father. It made me feel loved beyond measure, peaceful and GOD just saying come sit with me, rest in me, I AM HERE!

    Thanks so much for sharing! What a way to end my work day!

  18. Pamela Miller says:

    such an emotional song. cried through most of it as I pondered where I have been, where I am at and where I am going. Chad put such inspiration into this piece and every woman in the world needs to hear this piece and keep it with them constantly even if they are only able to listen to it a little at a time. Wonderful thank you so much for sharing.

  19. Monica H says:

    This is what obedience looks like. He inhabits the praise of His people. The song brought peace, the comfort of a throw around the shoulders for warmth, and the image of a moving brook with tinkling water moving and pulsing down a mountain. I have trouble sitting very long in one place. Truly enjoyed one of God’s creations♥

  20. Patricia says:

    This is beautiful! I play the piano & organ. I would love to do something like this. It is also so relaxing, peaceful & soothing. The Lord speaks through this. Beautiful!

  21. This was an amazing video and song. Thank you so much for sharing it. My earliest memory of feeling insecure is honestly in 1st grade. I’ve always been insecure in new situations and have a hard time gaining confidence in these situations to this day.

    • I am right there with you.!

    • Christie says:

      I’m right there with you, too. I don’t remember a time that I didn’t feel insecure, and I still don’t like new situations. I watch my young boys feel confident at home and I want them to stay that way. But then we go out into new situations or with new people and they are shy and quiet until they warm up. I don’t know if personality and temperament plays into the “shy” factor. I assume it does, and that is fine – there are all types of personalities in the world and we need them all. I just don’t want them to be insecure like I am – worrying about what other people think and second guessing themselves. I want them to be free to be who they were created to be. As I am writing that, I am feeling the Lord saying to me that He wants me to be who He created ME to be. Wow.

  22. Debbie R says:

    The music was beautiful and touched me. My anxiety at the time I began listening was high and by the end I felt at peace or at least had less anxiety. It made me feel that God loves me with all my flaws, not be afraid and to come and walk and be by his side that he is with me and I am worth it.
    The first recollection of feeling insecure was around 5 years old when I was called names such as accident prone, klutz due to falling or tripping and then making feel more like it was my fault or I was bad due to the fact I was adopted. They then found out I had a form of MD that I was born with and continues to progress. I see a someone who is confident as someone who is authentic in all areas of life and when interacting with others , grateful, courageous and believing God and his will. This study is beginning to help me begin this journey. This past week I have seen some changes in how I am handling comments or situations and really trying to focus on “God loves me and has plans for me”.

    • Dallena Hess says:


      I can relate as I had various childhood ailments. I was diagnosed with a hearing loss when i was 6. You know how cruel kids can be when another kid is different.

  23. How beautiful! Thank you Chad for being obedient to God’s voice to share you gift. Thanks Renee for allowing us this hear this blessing.

  24. I took time after a busy week to relax and to review the chapter and lesson as a Friday Night Date with God upon a friend’s advice. God always gives us what we need when we need it! The song was a beautiful way to meditate on His Word 🙂 PERFECT!!

  25. The first word I think of is PEACE. The music is flowing and peaceful. My first thought was “Is it really 32 minutes long?’ I thought I do not have time for that right now; but if I wait to listen then I might lose the blessing from it. While listening I realized that I tend to hurry though one thing to get to the next thing. I just do not find the time to relax. In so doing I think I miss something along the way. Thanks Chad and Renee, as I would not of stopped to think about this if you had not shared this song. I remember the saying to stop and smell the roses along the way. I will consciously slow down as I do my bible studies and try to hear what Jesus is saying to me.
    I find much hope in the verses in question #4. “Those who hope in me will not be disappointed.” “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” This is my second time around with this study. I have clung to these verses in several circumstances in the past few weeks. I worried that I was not going to do well enough. In fact, I was so worried that I almost did not go to this new job. I had much more confidence knowing that the Lord was with me; helping me to do the best that I could. I went and I did fantastic!!! The Lord was with me in so many ways. I give thanks to the Lord for his faithfulness.

  26. What did I feel as I listned to the song? Overwhelmed with His love. I often close my eyes and go to Jesus in my mind, usually when I go there and I lay on his lap and look at him and he looks back. He can see in my eyes my hurts and my insecure nature( there are no words necessary). He usually holds me and He just knows. Today as I listened to that beautiful musical piece I closed my eyes and went to my sweet Jesus and Idanced for him. I laughed and he delighted in me. I am usually a little girl when I go to Jesus in my mind. I think that its because this is when my insecurities began. I can not pinpoint the moment in which I felt a lack of confidence. I have lived lacking confidence and insecure for as long as I can remember. A woman with a confident heart is one that can admit they are not confident in themselves and can openly disclose that…but they are confident because of God. A confidant woman can admits to their errors and apoligize. A confident woman knows the word of God.

  27. As I am listening to this beautiful music, I am feeling God lifting me up and making me soar. Flying above all distractions, troubles, and worries. Then quietly setting me down, with a gentle nudge to go forth with a renewed vigor and confidence to serve Him and live.

    My earliest memory of feeling a lack of confidence was elementary school. Just as Amanda said, I to, am afraid of making mistakes, and am very uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations. I have been deeply hurt by others words and actions, which make this very difficult to trust myself and others. I am hoping this book and study will help me to regain some of what I have lost and allow me to live better and serve Him better.

  28. Sharon TupA says:

    Very beautiful and relaxing. I would love to listen to this when I especially those hard days happen. Love it.

  29. Elizabeth says:

    1. Insecurity set in about high school 2. Yes insecurity has kept me from doing things 3. I feel like nothing or a nobody when doubt whispers in my ear. 4. I’m so very encouraged by God’s Word…Rom 8:28, Is 43:19, & Mk 9:23 I hold onto dearly! 5. Shame & guilt from my past hold me back from living God-confidence consistently 6. A woman with a confident heart is one who may be afraid to do something, but doesn’t let that stop her. Instead she settles in deeper into God’s Word and continues moving forward without letting her fear stop her. 7. I am BLESSED!

    • Elizabeth….keep encouraging yourself through God’s Word and let Him fill in any gaps you may feel in your life. I love what you said “she settles in deeper into God’s Word”. Yes, my friend…settle in and believe the truths He says about you! 🙂

  30. As a pianist myself, I truly appreciate his talent. I felt an immediate sense of relaxation listening to him, as if God himself was coming over me. Thanks for sharing this, Renee.

  31. OH, You have all just blessed the socks off me today!! Renee, I just love your post and the wonderful reminder… the song wonderful… the whole posts and replies, priceless!! Love you and your ministry!!!

  32. Kyrie Eléison says:

    I saw Chad’s lip quiver as the song began, it was if there was something heavy on his heart, or perhaps it was just the awe of being in God’s presence as he put what was inside of him into the notes. The notes too had a heaviness to them, like he was laying his burdens out before God. Then the notes instead of being able to be heard predominately individually, became a melody, as if the laying down of his burdens had lifted his heart and he was feeling the joy of being in harmony with God. However, there were also ups and downs in the music, as if there were questions he was asking of the Lord. But again the music would become less somber, and more joyful, as if he had heard the Lord and understood what to do.

    I felt what Chad played was a prayer in the form of music. It reminded me a lot of what we are doing now, tossing away our burden or doubt, and how much joy it can bring us to instead put our faith in Christ’s promises, His word. How when we do this we too have harmony in our relationship with Christ. That’s not to say we will not still experience doubt, or ups and downs, but in the end it forms something beautiful, again like Chad’s song, and in our case a closer and more intimate relationship with the Lord, and not just believing in what He says, but feeling it, living it.

    I will also tell you what I answered for the first question. When I was about five years old my baby sister was born. At this time my parents marriage was ending, silence was the norm for our home. The silence was so loud it was deafening actually. My parents wouldn’t talk to each other, and my dad, wanted my mom’s attention, but she was beyond angry due what was now out in the open, his infidelities. She was only staying in the marriage for her children, and wanted nothing to do with him she was so hurt. One day I went to go see my baby sister as my dad held her. He pushed me away saying, “Get away!”. I thought I had done something wrong, so I left. Then later that day as I stood near my dad he reached out and grabbed my ponytail, pulling it hard, making me cry. He had wanted to get my mom’s attention in doing this, and oh boy did he! They got in a huge fight. I also starting doubting that I was loveable. Before that my dad had made me his world. I was his girl, and we did everything together. I always felt his love, and we were very close. Now he was pushing me away, and he hurt me… There had to be something wrong with me. Not too long after that my parents divorced, and I was convinced it was my fault. If only I hadn’t made them fight, if only my dad found me more loveable, everything would be OK. But it was never “OK” again, and thus began my cycle of feeling undeserving of love, and feeling insecure.

    • Hey Kyrie. I just listened to this awesome podcast and I wanted to share it with you. Hope it encourages you. 🙂

    • Wow. Your impression of the the song was really deep Kryie. I am so sorry for what you had to deal with growing up as child. Something I heard and learned is that people often see God the way that they see their early father. This could be why you so doubt that God loves you. I mean really loves you. Something to remember is from Psalm 139. God created you in his image. He made you exactly the way he wanted you to be. When he formed the earth, he had you in mind, and He knew every joy and sorrow that you would face. God could have taken you out of this world, but He chose to keep you here. He is not done with you. 🙂 He still has big plans for you. I am very thankful for what Satan does for evil God can take and make it good. As you continue to grow in character and closer to God, you will have a great testimony to share with the world of how God helped to move from being hopeless to hopeful, fearful to faithful, and have victory in Christ. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and opening up. I am sure it was hard for you to do, but God has your back. 🙂

      • Kyrie Eléison says:

        Thank you so much Jessica! You are such an encouragement to me. You know, I never thought about the comparison between my earthly father and my Heavenly Father. I think you are right in thinking that perhaps this is where my inability to fully believe in God’s promises, and His love for me stems from. Thank you for pointing that out. I really want to put my past in the past, and live a future free of that hurt, and the impact it has on my life today.

        Your advice to grow closer to God, and let that hurt become something good in my through God is wise. God is sure laying some great things to impart to me on your heart 🙂 How are you though? How is school? The issue with your friend? I know you were hurting a lot last week, and I have prayed for you. You are such an encouragement to me, and others, but I want to be able to be here for you too. I may not be as wise in Christ as you are, but I do know that God wants to take all of the pressure you put on yourself and put it on Himself. He wants you to know He thinks you are already a success in school just for trying, and he has felt the hurt of losing a friend and will comfort your heart in that situation. I think one of the most wonderful things about being a Christian is that we serve a God who came in the form of a man, a human being, just like us! He can truly say he has felt everything we have. It has been hard for me to believe that someone so wonderful could love someone like me, who isn’t good about disciplining herself in so many aspects of her Christian life. I still seem to believe acts equal love, and although I know that flies in the face of the crucifixion, it is hard for me to rest in the fact that despite my faults, and feeling like I never do the Christian life ‘right’, that He could still love me.

        It has been hard for me to open up here, to risk rejection (in my mind, and as a result of my own insecurities), but it has also helped me realize so much about what is going on with my doubt of God’s love, and His promises. I still fall back into those old ways of thinking, but am learning with everyone here, and Renee’s great book, how to counter that, and I hope one day the “old ways”, will come to me less and less, and my first thoughts will be of God’s promises and love.

        Thanks again for being there Jessica, and I look forward to hearing that podcast! 🙂 Thanks for that too! Take care, God bless you!

    • Lydia G says:

      Oh, Kyrie- I know you may not get this since I am behind… but what a hurt to endure! Little girls need their Daddy’s love! Had I read this sooner, I would have said the same as Jessica- it is hard to feel loved by God the Father if your own Father did not model this love in a tangible way. I grew up feeling that love was to earned through my performance (not intentional on my parent’s part, just what happened)… and projected that on to God. I struggle with a fear of failure and not wanting to be a disappointment to others… and to God. Being able to make that connection between the two was the beginning of my healing- and I hope that it will be for you as well.

  33. What came to my mind as I listened is that beauty, excellence and rest exist with calmness rather than in the rush of things. Thanks for sharing.

  34. I felt a sense of God asking me to just “rest”… it’s a Friday and I’ve been so busy running around all week – and He’s asking me to just sit here – close my eyes…. and rest….

    The question at the end of chapter one: What do you think hinders you most from living with God-confidence on a consistent basis? Is there a promise listed above that speaks to your greatest need right now?

    It gets hard to live with a God confidence on a consistent basis because I so easily listen to the lies that the world feeds me about what it means to be a confident woman. The verse above I most resonate with now is “See, I am doing a new thing!”… I want to be made new, better – more confident in Him than I have ever been before. I look to the past and see who I use to be – so confident and I get so disheartened that I have lost that person – but the verse reminds me that this is something new – not a repeat of the old, even far better than I was in the past. It gives me hope that things are getting better.

  35. Tami Ross says:

    What beautiful music! I feel such a sense of peace listening to Chad’s music. I think that’s what I love the most about it. All my life, I have struggled with confidence. As an infant, just two weeks old, my body went into convulsions and I was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy. I am very blessed, as it is only an extremely mild case. I remember the first time I prayed to the Lord. I was about twelve, I think. I was scared. I didn’t want any harm to come to my father, who had been drinking, and wanted to get in the car and drive. I remember my parents yelling in the darkness of the night, and there was mention of divorce. I prayed so hard that God watch over my dad, and also that he not leave my mother and I. He answered my prayers. I kept praying from that point on. I know I am a child of God and that He loves me. But I have always felt such a need to please everyone. I’ve always been very hard on myself when I don’t live up to my own expectations. I am learning that my expectations don’t matter, nor do those people I surround myself with. The only One whose expectations I must live up to are my Lord Jesus, who loves me so much that He gave His only begotten Son, that we should not perish, but have everlasting life! Thank you for sharing this wonderful bible study with all of us, Renee. I already feel more confident, and we’ve barely begun!

  36. The music is beautiful and calming in midst of my current storm. My answer to question 1 is “Starting school and not knowing how to play 4 square–I walked away embarrassed.” I still remember that moment like it was yesterday–I am 43 and a grandmother now.

  37. i l-o-v-e that part about praying God’s promises out loud! so effective, renee; thanks for that reminder! it works so well–with my “style” of learning–to SEE and SPEAK and HEAR God’s promises. thankful, too, for these incredible brains that the Almighty has created for us His humans.
    oh! and thanks to you for sharing with us, and to mr. lawson for using his gift of music, and to our wonderful God for inspiring this beautiful music! <3

  38. Wow is all I can say. I definitely felt God’s presence when I was listening to this. It brought me to tears. Overwhelmed by God’s love. I sense he was telling me to stop feeling afraid. To just let go of my fears and be free. I felt joy but some sorrow. Sorrow probably because I’ve never felt confident in myself, probably ever since kindergarten. I’m always full of doubt. God is telling me to be confident in who I am in Him. Stop doubting myself. Trust in Him. I am His child and he loves me and will never leave me.

  39. Delia Robinson says:

    The sweet spirit of this music makes me feel that all the cares of the day, all the worries, and yes….the insecurities in my life just slipped away…took flight….and left a deep peace in their wake.
    One of the questions in ch. 1 asked if a lack of confidence ever kept you from doing something. About 25 years ago, I was asked to do the devotion at our women’s meeting. I was so excited and pleased that these Godly ladies wanted me to share. It just felt great. However as the day approached, I too saw that huge shadow of doubt which made me feel so small and unworthy. I just couldn’t do it. I called the ladies leader to decline, but she wouldn’t let me. Her words, “Are you saying that God can not help you do this. That he is not sufficient?” Funny how I still remember that. Yes, that is what I was saying…..believe it our not, I actually pretty much called in sick to a friend and had them do it for me and I missed the meeting. I was so ashamed of myself. I have become a bit more confident over the years, but nowhere near where I should be. Father, help me realize whose I am and who I am!

  40. Simply “Be still and know that I am God” Thank you Chad

  41. Awesome!! So peaceful and calming. Listening to this piece with closed eyes, I could feel God’s arms around me telling me everything will be alright. My husband recently passed away and I am so lost. I felt like I was floating on clouds and God was reassuring me of His love for me. I know my husband is with the Lord and one day we will be together again. But until then, God has plans for me and I can’t give up. I first felt insecure at the age of 5 when my mother became very ill. She had my baby bother , he came home from the hospital but Moma didn’t. She was hospitalized for over a month before coming home but her sickness remained. I watched my mother struggle everyday of her life for over 30 years before the Lord called her home. I pray that this study will help me have more confidence and thank you renee for sharing this study and chad’s beautiful music. I look forward to a “confident me.”

  42. I needed to be reminded that praying God’s Word is where it’s at.

    Thank you.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    – Kate 🙂

  43. As I listen to the piano music it calmed my soul and the whole atmosphere in my living room with my son and my husband, it is such beautiful music to listen to. God has blessed Chad with such a talent and he is sharing it with all of us inspired by the Holy Spirit. I always think of King David and his love for music and knowing he praised God with his music. Chads playing is very calming to your soul~~~thank you for the gift of his music to us. I am not musically inclined but I love to sing even if it is off key so when I sing outloud to God I feel so close to Him like when you pray outloud.

    My first memory of doubting myself and feeling insecure was when I had to walk to kindergarten by myself because there were other little ones at home, soon the neighbor girl would go with me but when she didn’t I was feeling very unsure of myself~~~also when I was held back in second grade, I had to leave my friends and go on to another class I didn’t know, it was awful, I remember it as if it was yesterday. Also the last day of school when I found out I didn’t pass was on my birthday, June 10th and I thought all day that I was not going to get a birthday present, but I did, my first Barbie doll.

    Renee, have a beautiful weekend~~~~~Sue

  44. As the music began very slow and deliberate, I equated that with hesitancy and doubt. As it continued with the more fast movement, I felt a sense of conflict and doubt. As the music progressed into a more melodic movement, I felt a sense of peace and contentment which should be in the heart of a confident woman whose hope and confidence is in the Lord. Music speaks to my heart in ways that human words cannot. Thanks for sharing. My first feeling of insecurity came as a little girl when I would overhear my parents argue as I now know all spouses do. I would become very scared and insecure and fear that every argument would result in my parents splitting up and I would be forced to make a decision about which parent I wanted to live with. I knew that would be a difficult decision because I loved them both for different reasons and in different ways. My parents had a happy marriage and never split up, but I remember feeling very insecure and fearful that this would happen. A confident woman is one who believes and trusts God’s promises fully.

  45. This music is definitely God given and inspired. I am overwhelmed right now with an unexpected move; an inability to take off work and am totally distracted. However I am able to relax with this; my mind is completely on the music . My book has been ordered but not recieved yet so I do hope that I can still participate in the drawing; I would be honored to recieve this CD. Thank you for sharing your precious gift and being open and vulnerable.

  46. Listening to this song I am reminded that I am my Fathers daughter. I am reminded that God loves me even when I “fail Him” or let him down. My earthly father has hurt me deeply in life and turned his back on me when I let him down….my Heavenly Father loves me unconditionaly. I often have doubts in myself and abilities due to my abusive childhood. Its reassuring to know that my Heavenly Father never doubts me or my abilities. He knows that He has planned in my life and “pushes” me to see what He sees….I see through my friends, my family, songs such as this and sometimes even complete strangers. Problem is sometimes I close my eyes and ears to what He is telling me….this song reminds me to be still and listen to His “still small voice”. Many have abused me, left me, lied to me or hurt me in life but He will never do any of the previous things to me….He loves me and will not leave me. I need to remember these things when I am feeling alone or feeling a lack of confidence in myself. I am so good at helping others through their insecurities and “problems” but not good at helping myself. I dont open up to those around me easy or trust many….but I am slowely learning to trust in God with my wounds and feelings. I will make it one day and God will be there cheering me on saying “good job my beautiful daughter….I knew you could do it. I never lost faith in you”

    My first memory of feeling low on myself and doubting myself or those around me was when I was 5 years old. Thats when the abuse started and I felt so alone….I started thinking that no one cared so why should I at a very early age. I was abused in so many ways and by so many people growing up and eventually started to abuse myself. I have since forgiven those that had abused me and know that God carried me during those times. I have since turned my pain into a way of helping women and young girls who go through abuse such as mine….but there are times that I still sit back and mourn for that little girl who at 5 years old learned what pain and suffereing is…who grew up way before her time and lost her childhood. I dont feel sorry for myself by any means but I hurt for the 5 year old in me who to this day still doesnt trust easy.

  47. I sit with eyes closed listening to Chad play. With tears falling I see myself in a field running and jumping and the Lord letting me know that I can be free. Free to do all the things that I have longed for. Free to be free in HIM. I have always been very quiet and shy. Afraid to do anything that makes me stand out. Always just being in the background. The Lord is telling me to break loose. Let Him help me to feel…really feel and be free! He wants to heal me of all the broken places all the hurts in my life. He wants to give me the peace, the reassurance and the confidence I need to really be free!!

    Insecurity has kept me from just being me. I have always wanted to just be able to walk into a room of people, that I know care about me, and give them a hug and just say I love you without those people doing it first. I say most every week, to myself, this is the week I am going to walk in with confidence and say Hi, and hug them all! Insecurity has kept me from just about everything good my whole life.

    My earliest memory of self doubt and feeling insecure was my first day in kindergarten. I cried from the time I got on the school grounds. I was scared to death and knew I would never live through it.

  48. The piano blesses me beyond measure…I heard a cord that sounded like “nothing but the blood of Jesus” & I was humbled…I have been running in circles for so long, spinning 15 plates in the air & 1 by 1 they are falling down now- interestingly, I am a leader in every aspect of my life- work, family, friends, ministry…but on the inside I am so very empty without God’s love. Chad’s music calmed my soul & gave me insight into the sin of omission in my life- not seeking Him daily to fill my emptiness- the blood of Jesus has already washed away my sins! This is my 2nd time to read your book- chapter 1 is awesome- a few answers to share- my parents divorced when I was 3- I have sought my father’s love & acceptance my whole 35 years. So I can remember being as young as 6 or 7 and my dad not giving me the “time of day.” He remarried, had another child, and I was no longer important it seemed. I still struggle with this insecurity. I began stuttering when I was that same age- I still stutter or can’t talk at all in social situations- I am an introvert. I guess still very insecure- most think I am a well educated, beautiful young woman, succeeding in every area of my life. But it’s much deeper. I wear a great mask! Answers- here is my BIGGEST problem with #4 & #5- I KNOW God has great plans & created me in His image, ect- what I don’t trust in is myself. I don’t have faith that I will ever get out of this cycle of insecurity to ALLOW God to fulfill His plans for me. But, as Stormie Omartian says in Power of a Praying Woman p. 29- with continued daily prayer & Bible study, He will speak to me. She puts it like this “It takes a while to get the enormous ocean liner of your life turned around and headed in a different direction.” & “Giving up is not an option.” “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9- Bless you Renee!

  49. It brought peace. I want to listen to it when I am going to sleep. I got a taste of putting my hope in God and not in humans. I had an experiance that could have destroyed my hope, but my hope and confidence is not in humans, but in God.

  50. As I listened to this music, my first thought was how fitting it was to receive this gift today, on my Dad’s birthday! You see, my Dad passed away in January, 2011. He had such a love for music of all kinds …. classical, blue grass, gospel, Big Band. Our best connection came through music, so in a way, listening to the music today helped me recall all those precious memories God blessed me with through music and in other ways. I can just picture him listening to this music and delighting in it! I am confident he has been enjoying heavenly music, but tonight I got to experience it with him as I listened to Chad! So thank you from the depths of my heart for sharing this music today.

    In answer to a couple of questions from chapter 1:
    #1 One of my earliest memories of doubting myself would be in junior high school. I was a bit disorganized, clumsy, accident prone, and not very coordinated. I remember peers calling attention to my clumsiness and lack of grace, and was on the receiving end of many unkind and intimidating remarks from girls during PE who were more athletic and self-assured. Needless to say, PE was not my favorite class and I don’t have many good memories about school dances! 🙂
    #6 I would describe a woman with a confident heart as someone who doesn’t just believe IN GOD, but believes God …. she lives, breathes, and walks in the security of God’s Word.

  51. Domanicka says:

    That was beautiful. I just closed my eyes and listened. I imagined myself dancing a song of prayer to God as he played. What came to mind as he was playing was how God’s Word is an anchor for my soul. His Word establishes and settles me so that when I pray His Word I know that he hears me. I do not feel like I am praying arbitrarily. I can have peace because He is the same and never changes. Thanks for sharing Chad’s music. Loved it!!!

  52. Oh how this music takes me to a place of comfort and peace in the presence of my loving Heavenly Father…especially at the end of the day. 🙂

  53. Such a peaceful piece of music…. allowed me to pray and just be real. To just sit and feel the warmth of Jesus’ touch and know that everything will be alright because I’m in His hands… I’m in His will and He is in control…. It was wonderful…

    As for the questions, a confident woman is one that is not afraid or ashamed to be real. To understand our limitations, or imperfections but still feel important and capable to make a difference! To realize our confidence is in God.

  54. Wow….what a God-given talent He has. It puts you right in the throne room. Is was so calming and relaxing, just what I needed for a busy work day and busy night! A great way to get in the spirit before bed. Thank you for sharing Renee!! Have a blessed weekend on your conference! God is with you leading you. I am praying for you!

  55. This is totally awesome. Music has the ability to reach the soul when words fail. There is a peacefulness and yet a gentle excitement that i feel here. God often gives me words and music of my own when i’m going through trials in my life. He gives me awesome songs of encouragement, hope and the assurance that He is always with me no matter what. He will never leave me or forsake me. I especially sense God’s tenderness through Chad’s song of prayer. It calmed my heart. Thank you Chad and Renee for sharing. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!

  56. That song was truly inspiring and beautiful what an amazing gift of God thanks for sharing with us!! Praying for you Renee may God bless you and multiply your every effort!!

  57. This is so beautiful. As I closed my eyes and listened I felt like Jesus and I were just strolling along in the woods together. It wasn’t a coming together for a “what can you do for me Jesus” but just simply a joy in being together. We strolled sometimes in silence, sometime sharing, often pausing to delight in the creation that surrounded us. When the first big intense part came with lots of repetition, I felt like we were near a waterfall just flowing down. Made me thinkg of HInds Feet in High Places where the water drops willingly offered themselved, pouring themselves down the waterfall in worship. Am off to go download a copy for myself. Then if I do happen to win, I can share this with someone else 🙂
    Thank you!! j

    • Germaine Lee says:

      Beautiful. I had also a feeling of nature. like when you see the nature stations and you see where they fast forward the blooming of a flower? That’s what I felt like. Thinking if the Holy Spirit gave him this beautiful piece how much more beautiful the music of heaven is, and wanting the blessing to hear it

  58. What a beautiful gift to enjoy on a beautiful Saturday morning. I’m up early with the window blinds open watching the sun come up and thanking God that I have this time with Him. In my hectic, busy, whirlwind life He blesses me with this time to relax and bring everything on my heart to HIm. Thank you Jesus. Following Renee’s suggestion to pray out loud and hearing Chad’s inspiration through music made me want to sing my prayers and sing the Bible verses I find inspiring. Sing a joyful noise unto The Lord!

    My first memories of being insecure were from my childhood, although I can’t pinpoint the age. I just remember that because of my parent’s divorce I was pulled in so many directions, trying to please this family and that, I just always felt insecure about my place in the world. I’m praying that God will show me his way and give me confidence to be the Godly wife and mother he wants me to be. Looking to Him for strength and guidance and confidence in my marriage and family. I don’t want my children to ever feel those insecurities.

    Thank you Jesus for this time to reflect and pray.

  59. Found such incredible peace and calm in listening to this! I am dealing with anxieties in my life right now that I KNOW in my heart God will take care of in His time but for some reason, that one part of my brain that I can’t control won’t let it go. This is causing physical issues that affect me during the day and are causing me sleepless nights. As I close my eyes and just listen, my mind feels like it can just let go of everything…like I could just find that rest and stillness that I so desperately need right now. Definitely going to download this one and take that time to just listen to this beautiful music whenever I feel the need and let God speak to my heart.

    • Melissa…praying for you! It is hard for the brain to catch up to the knowledge our hearts hold, but I pray that you will press forward to your Savior and allow Him to fill you with His confidence.

  60. So beautiful! I just closed my eyes and let it be a prayer to God while I listened.
    The main thing I’ve realized so far in the study is that although I believe the word of God, I gave up a while ago in believeing that it would ever work for me. I did all I could do and things just never get better. I keep hoping for a better life but things just don’t change. I know His word is true, but it doesn’t work for me.

    • Germaine Lee says:

      Denise I will be praying for you. I feel very sad as I read your post. I was once like that.
      What I started doing was calling God on his word. As I prayed my situation to him, I told him very
      boldly but respectfully that God you SAID this about me and you SAID I was this to you, Lord
      these are the things I have need of. This is what is going on in my family and my life Lord and
      it doesn’t line up with your word. As you make a commitment to release it to God you will little by little
      see change. And as you grow in the Lord you will have more confidence that his word is for you as well.
      Be careful what you speak out of your mouth. Speak you change. What we do or say is a seed sown and it will reap a harvest. Everything that God did he spoke. The bible says what we bind and loose on earth is bound and loosed in heaven. Find scripture and speak out loud to your circumstance. This is our Mouth. We are so good at cursing ourselves with our mouth, why not bless and bring life to
      our circumstance with our mouth. Gods word say life and death is in the POWER of our tongue. Start speaking life and don’t faint (meaning that no matter what it looks like you press on with what you are doing and speaking for change) please e-mail me any time you need encouragement.

  61. The music is awesome. Just the look on his face, there is such peace, serenity and delight. What wonderful music to listen to in the midst of a storm.

    Question #2: insecurity has kept me from doing many things. I can remember even as a child being afraid to try new things because I knew I wouln’t succeed. The fear of failure has always been a part of me and that others would be disappointed in me.

    I have really needed this bible study. Thank you so much for listening to God and what He put in your heart.

    • I agree fear of failing so something that I am terrified of. Even things that I know I am good at or things that people tell me I am good at, I am terrified of failing, not pleasing, not giving enough of myself. I need this study more than words can say and am soo Blessed that it is here. Looking forward to tuning in to my heart and the lord and finding that confident person inside me!

  62. As I closed my eyes to listen his songs with the calmness and then the music got stronger then calm again. Reminded me of the storms in life and that Jesus calms us in the midst of those storms to give us his peace and Love. Love and praises to our Lord Jesus Christ! 🙂

  63. Laurie M says:

    As I sit here listenin to this song I am amazed and in awe of how God can speak through simple black and white keys to the depth of my soul. There is something about a piano that speaks to the core of who I am. It is like I can see a baby grand piano sitting in the middle of a beautiful garden filled with flowers, birds, and all God’s little creatures all sitting in awe of God through the fingertips of Chad. I can hear God whispering to me to “Be still and know that I am God”. I have been through so many life changing events (alcoholic father, watching my mother die from breast cancer over a 6 yr period, being raped 5 months before my wedding, a terrible 9 yr marriage and no children(but oh how badly I wanted them), divorce) in my life and for many years was not a confident woman but through Christ Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness and Love I am growing more confident each and everyday. I have been blessed with a wonderful godly man who loves the Lord and is now serving as a Student Pastor and 5 1/2 yr old b/g twins! God continues to use me and my testimony to help others. I feel a confident woman is one who puts her hope and faith in the Lord. She truely believes she is beautiful because she was created by God to be a helper for others (man) and to know for such a time is this that God can use her for His kingdom. Thank you for sharing Chad’s song of prayer

  64. As I listened to the music I closed my eyes and felt that I was in His arms and could sense how much he loved me and that I was His. I had felt so insecure since I was a small child because my uncle had told me that I was a disappment tommy father because I was the first born and not a boy. I found out recently that My birth certificate did not have a first name omit for over a wwek until my father got back from sea (he was in the Navy). For years I never felt like I made the grade with my dad because I was not a boy. all things work together for the good even though there are times along the way it is heard to see. Tank both you and Chad for sharing the music. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

    • Awww Cynde, I just picture your Heavenly Father and the joy He felt while forming you in your mother’s womb. And the day you were born…Psalm 45:11…the King is enthralled by your beauty. You are loved my friend by the King of all kings.

  65. The music: peace and persistence…at times an urgency…the ebb and flow of prayer, of life, of confidence…quiet gratitude and reverence.

    A woman with a confident heart knows, and doesn’t forget, from where her confidence comes. A woman with a confident heart trusts God. A woman with a confident heart receives God’s promises as her truth. As He is, so is she in this world.

  66. Wow, this is what I started my day with. Very peaceful. I love this.

  67. Jill Howard says:

    It took a while for my head to clear from all of the things swirling around in it. After that, the peace, calm, and deep relaxation were very sweet.

  68. Totally honest here – I couldn’t stay totally quiet and listen. The music is wonderful, but my mind drifted to thoughts of what I need to do today (last weekend free before I have surgery on May 9th). I started reading through the stack of mail beside me and pretty soon I was unloading and loading the washer. I’m going to try again later as I know how much I need a 1/2 hour of quiet and rest with the LORD through this music.

    I’m glad to be back for my 3rd time in this study. Each time I get a little more and am so blessed.

  69. Beautiful. I wrote as I listened.What I felt. I thought maybe I should try to put it more eloquently, but here it is, raw:

    Jesus is dancing with me. In a field where girls are laughing and playing, God is chasing after me, running with me, holding my hand. Laughing. Carefree. Tears are streaming. We slow and He walks with me. Through everything. Solemn. Where I’ve been anxious, it’s unnecessary. He’s solidly there. Knowing. Handling. Patient. Loving. Knowing. Being. Doing. Trustworthy. Offering His grace where I have not trusted. He holds me. He just curls up in the big comfy chair with me and holds me. He doesn’t make little of heartache. He sees. He is answering. He is beautiful. glorious. Praiseworthy. He IS. He lets the rain come because the rainbow is so beautiful. He consistantly offers His peace. True peace. Faithfulness. He fills me. Then He sends me. He showed me He is has always done this, my whole life, my whole journey. His beauty brings down walls. Without pain. With joy. He has healing and joy to give. He is steadfast.
    His way. His time. Not the same as ours. His is right. Because He knows. He knows all and waits for our hearts to belong to Him. I am His. He leads this dance.

    To me, a confident woman is one who refuses to stop loving, no matter what. Continues to open her heart to others to offer God’s love.

    • LeAnne,
      I am so glad you didn’t “clean up” your writing. Raw was absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing, I needed to read that for myself!

  70. Thank you for sharing this song. It brought me God’s portion of peace and joy that I needed for this day to begin. Things have been really difficult for me the last few weeks and where I thought myself confident and strong, God’s truth and good word is revealing deep doubts. Magnified by issues in my marriage, these doubts are attempting to cripple me. I breathe in God’s merciful love each day, but was fortunate enough to wake up to this blessing of music. It’s beautiful.

  71. I was completely encouraged and the comments from others spoke to my heart. When other women open up and become “real” with their feelings it tells me I’m normal. I always feel like I’m the only one who battles these things, so I spend a lot of time alone. I am now searching for that 1 or 2 who I can confide in. I am going to start praying God’s promises aloud so I can own them.

    • I could make a comment on almost every post, you are all writing the words in a book that describes my life. I to feel like I am the only one who feels like this. This opportunity has been a blessing. keep sharing ladies because someone who is reading is saying AMEN! and it is helping them on their journey! Thank you! Let’s find that confident woman inside us!

  72. I sensed such peace and calmness listening to the music. Interesting enough my son immediately came into the room and asked “what is that? I heard dinging from the other room?” …He was watching his favorite TV show but the Holy Spirit lured him into my room with the music. My son is filled with the Holy Spirit and senses his direction. I am so grateful to have a son like him. Thank you Lord for sending him to me and sending YOUR SON TO DIE FOR ME! Such love you give us!

  73. Judy Hescox says:

    WOW I have been reading the comments, I love it.
    We are praying about moving. And I need clear direction
    My son needs a job with medical benefits. My grandson has some health issues.
    So this was the perfect music to enter His Courts with thanksgiving and praise

  74. Julie S from Colorado says:

    What a beautiful piece of music!!! Psalm 23 kept popping up in my mind while I listened to him play. I could envision walking with Jesus and him holding my hand….knowing and feeling like everything is just as it should be. Jesus is telling me he will give be rest from burdens, that he has great plans for me, that everything will be okay. The footprints poem also came to mind….and I could envision walking on the beach with Jesus and then all of sudden he’s carrying me because I feel so overwhelmed by life circumstances and he whispered as he carried me that everything will be okay, I will never leave you nor forsake you! Towards the end of the song it was as if we were heading back to our repsective places but I was with him laying in his lap just soaking it all up. Inspite of the lies that Satan may say I know that everything is going to be okay!! Renee, thank you for sharing it was amazing!!

    The question that struck me most was #7….Something that I struggle with is when finances are so tight and things must be paid for, ie rent, food, gas among other bills plus our regular tithing, I, have in the past not always put God first because I fear and do not trust Him enough to provide for us. Like rent is coming due next week and my husband and I’s check combined will barely cover rent let alone everything else and so often in situations like this I will not tithe because my doubts and insecurities take over and say “well if you tithe you wont be able to pay rent or buy food, or buy gas, etc. And those same feelings are back. I am taking a step of faith and absolutely putting God first before my rent and trusting that He will take care of the rest.

    Trusting God with my finances has been my biggest struggle as a Christian! He has been working with me and has been sooooo extremely patient too!

    • I am a Julie from Colorado too! What part of CO are you from? I am from the Boulder area

    • Julie i love the picture you painted while listening to the song, i couldn’t have done it any better. I also can relate to the financial worries and my tithing and being able to trust God with taking care of me. I am disabled and on a fixed income that barely covers the necessary bills let alone anything extra like tylenol or groceries etc. I will pray for you and you pray for me and we will get better at this trust issue we have. Praise the Lord for His patience with us! Hang in there i’ll be praying for you.

  75. I felt this strong sense of reassurance…God whispering…”It’s going to be ok, I’ve got this”
    Been trying to decide the next step to take in the job market…lots of activity here lately and the temptation to worry and fixate on it to the exclusion of turning it over to God. This song is a great reminder that God has definitely got this for me and for His glory.
    Thank you for this song, Renee!
    Helen 🙂

  76. I have always loved the piano and love listening to its sound. I have also wanted to play the piano as long as I can remember. Many times off and on throughout my life I have taken lessons. But when the lessons became harder, I would struggle with the confidence that I couldn’t do it and finally quit. Listening and watching Chad play so beautifully brought tears to my eyes. Not only because the song was so beautiful and peaceful, but it brought me to my knees to ask forgiveness for all the missed opportunities that the Lord has brought my way and I had tossed away because of insecurities. If only I would have known and believed of God’s promises as in verse Hebrews 10:35-36, to not throw away your confidence for I would have been richly rewarded. Preserve was not a word I was familiar with so I did not realize what was available to me.
    I am 59 years old and have never had the courage to do a lot of things, even though I had wanted to do them so badly. Something as small as entering into a contest or giveaway just for the fun of it would bring all kinds of doubts and negative feelings. I would think people would see how dumb and dorky I was if I did. It has only been a week of this study, but I feel I have grown and I have decided today I will take a step of confidence and just answer the question irregardless of the thoughts and outcome. And you know what. After I wrote the words above, for the first time I felt a sense of freedom from a chain of doubt. I fought back and found it really wasn’t all that painful. And another thing I realized was after hearing and seeing the music being played, I found that the desire to play the piano is still there and I have decided to try again, only this time it will be with perseverance. The reward may be small to most, but to be able to say I finally did it would be so fantastic and so rewarding.
    Thank you so much Renee and Chad for help making a difference. I am so looking forward to being a new confident person in Christ.

    • Kathy…I love what you wrote here…It has only been a week of this study, but I feel I have grown and I have decided today I will take a step of confidence and just answer the question irregardless of the thoughts and outcome.
      Keep engaging yourself in this study…if you allow God to do what He wants with you, you won’t close this book being the same woman you were when you first opened it. God is good, Kathy.
      And keep answering the questions because you never know who your boldness and transparency will help. 🙂
      Great job!!

  77. Lisa Hybarger says:

    As soon as I get the internet back at my house, I want to buy this so I can listeen to it better. It is beautiful and I have always loved piano music.

  78. As I listened to this song, tears poured out. I felt a sadness for all the things that I had missed because of my self doubt. As the song went on I felt Jesus touching my heart and releasing me from the pain in my soul that has consumed me for so many years. I listened to the song again as I read through the posts and I cried tears for all of you. I realized that I am not alone in this struggle and heard God’s telling me that he is here for all of us.

    I first had feelings of doubt and insecurity as a very young child. Having been adopted I always had a sense that I had been thrown away and was not good enough. My relationship with my parents was based on performance and I felt like I could never be good enough for my mother. She always compared me to my brother or other people’s children. She was highly critical and as a result spoke words of failure over me. . I have forgiven her and understand that she too had suffered as a child however I carried these feelings of inadequacy throughout my entire life.

    A woman with a confident heart would know who she is and what she is here for. She would know her purpose in life and be able to trust God to accomplish his purpose through her. She would be at peace with herself and with others. Her life would be organized and stable and free of turmoil.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful music and for this study.

  79. Thank you Renee and Chad…”Beautiful”, I began to weep immediately after I hit the play button. Tears of joy and a little sorrow. My 17 year old son and I have had some struggles here lately and as I began to listen, The Lord gave me tears of sorrow for how I feel right now about the situation, but they quickly turned to tears of joy for The Lord spoke to me…change is coming to renew and restore, trust me…trust in your Father. From the chapter questions: describe a woman with a confident heart – Like a solid, rooted tree. Knowing whom she is in Christ. Strong, bold in Christ….not caring what others say or think of her. Does not sway with the wind (the wind of others condeming, un-Christ like opinions whispers). A confident will be given the task, but may be afraid, not sure of one’s self, but know that she would not have been given the assigment without the tools given by Christ to complete the work. I believe that Christ will not give you something he knew you could not handle. You will already be equipped. A confident woman is not afraid to fail…(oooo, this is a BIG one for me, I don’t like to fail and let people see my failure). A confident woman is sure of who she is in Christ, who the Lord made her to be, no compromise. ~ God Bless

    • Melinda…you have encouraged me today as I too am going through some heart hurts with my 17 year old son. Thank you for sharing your heart. And I loved the last sentence you wrote: “A confident woman is sure of who she is in Christ, who the Lord made her to be, no compromise.”

      No compromise…thank you! 🙂

  80. Thank you for the music and the first week of study. God is working in my heart.

  81. When I heard Chad’s music I was automatically filled with God’s Spirit. It southed my mind and heart.
    Thank you for having Chad play for us.

  82. Peace! Be STILL and KNOW that I am God. The Still Small Voice. Heal me and I will be Healed. Nothing can separate me from the Love of GOD!!!!!!

    • Cathee,
      That has been “my verse” for the last 13 years. That is exactly what He reminded me of while I was listening!!

  83. Germaine Lee says:

    I am listening as I am responding. It is so beautiful. At first it sounded sad to me. Then as a closed my eyes sensed the ocean, just roaring free. As I listened more I felt like it was the perfect background music for private prayer time. I gave me a sense of the four seasons. The seasons of life that we go through. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Of just nature, things dying off in the winter, coming back new in the spring, living through the summer, then preparing to die for the winter to come back vibrant in the spring all a new again. I feel our spirits are like that sometimes. life going through the cycle. none of this could have been possible if it were not for the love of Our God and Savior. I love you Lord. Thank You for Jesus.

  84. Did anyone notice the “Jesus Loves Me” integrated in the music at the 27 – 28 min mark?
    Before that I was just relishing the peace of Christ. When I recognized those familiar notes…that is when the tears fell. Oh, that this hardness in my heart would melt away and I could return to the intimacy I used to have with the Lord. (Of course, He has had me in a maturing process/wilderness for several years now)…praying for the hard ground of my heart to be plowed, for the rain to fall, and for the silent work He has been doing in me to begin to blossom!!

    • Germaine Lee says:

      i am not sure it that is what I thought the song was , but yes i did hear a tune that I have heard before. I thought that it was just me. Thank you for your and confirming that I did hear something I knew.

    • I heard “What has washed away my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus”…

  85. I closed my eyes and drifted back in time when I was a little felt for the first time the pain of rejection…
    and now as an adult knowing I’ve been a good christian, daughter, sister…and my sister has rejected me and my mom, because her husband who is not a christian doesn’t want is in their lives…and she has drifted away from the Lord.
    Please pray for my mother for my sister to come just like the Prodigal Son, and to know that mom and I love her and want the best for her and her marriage, and has always loved her unconditionally….but most all to from my sister to come back to the Jesus that loves her and doesn’t want her to be an unequal yoke. Please pray for us, and specially for my sister, her name is “Mary”

  86. Renee, I hope you don’t mind if this is more than a few sentences. I started listening to this song after a week of some stresses that were still lingering in my mind and heart on Friday evening when my workweek was done. I heard the first 14 minutes and then felt I had to get dinner started and get busy doing the routine things that fill my time in the evenings. I kept watching Chad’s face and actually was concentrating more on what he was experiencing as he played than what I might receive from it. My husband and I (who work at the same place I do) talked before dinner about the stresses of the week and what we want our lives to be and how we deal with things that cause us stress and upset. And this morning I started the day with my normal routine of walking on my treadmill, praying, and doing a bible lesson and the Lord began to speak in that lesson about how peace and self-control and physical wellbeing are in His design for me but He is to be the source of those things. I noticed tension in my neck yesterday evening and it wouldn’t ease up even after a night of restful sleep. My husband had headed for town and would be gone for a while so I came back to my computer and started Chad’s song where I had ended it yesterday and instead of watching Chad I asked God “what do you have for ME?”. I remembered a time in the past when work stresses created so much tension in my body and I had put on a CD of peaceful music with oceans sounds and just let the music wash over me and it helped me physically. So, I laid on the carpet all stretched out and asked God to just let the music move over me and let me hear Him speak. And the Lord allowed me to release those stresses of the week to Him, to relive them only long enough to recount them to Him and just at the moment when I told the Lord I was releasing them all to Him the music intensified and, you know what, in the precise moment I felt the Lord telling me to just let my spirit soar to Him just like the music began to soar. I’m so thankful for the Holy Spirit abiding in me, moving in me, wooing me to Himself. I am thankful for His peace. This music opened the door for me to enjoy God’s presence in a fuller sense and I thank you (and Chad) for sharing it!

    • Germaine Lee says:

      Beautiful. That is something i long for, to truly be in the presence of the Lord. I know that He is always with me but to just sit still and feel his arms wrap around me on another level is what I desire.

  87. Gretchen Imbergamo says:

    What beautiful music!

    As someone who has spent my life fearful of rejection and afraid I will never be good enough or measure up this music said to me that for God we are all good enough and anything done in faith and offered freely will always be a blessing. We just have to learn to let the presence of God in our hearts speak without fear that we will sound stupid or be somehow inadequate.

    Chad’s music made me realize that all of us can find our own ways of speaking what God has put on our hearts, whether that is through music, writing, painting or even something as simple as stopping to tell a spouse, a child or a friend how much we love them.

    I also realized how important it can be to stop the noise, inside and outside myself and just be in the presence of the God who loves me and loves us all.

    Renee – Thanks for sharing this beautiful music and reminding me of God’s love and the power that peaceful reflection in God’s presence can give us all.

  88. I am listening to this beautiful, peaceful music and really meditating on what it’s going to be like in heaven when we are surrounded by music and instruments we could never even imagine. God has created a song…..and I feel a glimpse of His love for us…just a sliver….it overwhelms me.

    One of my prayers is that He teaches me what I need to know at the right time in my life. That He brings messengers and a message that speaks to what I’m going through right now! This bible study is that message for this season in my life. He is a detailed, caring, loving God who wants me to be what He created me to be. He cares about my success in Him!!

    Today, I will go to a funeral of a man who witnessed Gods love and mercy firsthand. God gave him time to come back to Him. While he was not healed on this side of heaven, he is healed now…and listening to a song that we can’t hear……….yet.

    I am so grateful to know Him more and more……..

  89. The music is so soothing. I plan to use it a prayer room for background. It is hard for me to share myself with others. I have be insecure about myself as long as I can remember and never felt that what i thought or felt was important to others. Have spend most of my life keeping things to myself. I am learning to love myself so I can truly love others.

  90. This music refreshes my soul. There are moments I can hear the words. I’ve been very much church hurt. I’ve spent a few years floating from one church to another, while returning and then leaving again to where the hurt was inflicted. I had finally given up and have not been to any church for a few months. During listening and praying in this music, I heart several times, “go back to church”, then I heard “go back to church, for me”.

  91. Still listening…I feel such peace and God’s presence.

    What hinders me the most are daily defeats and my own negative self-talk. I appreciated the exercise of writing down these negative feelings and doubts and tossing them in the trash.

    The promise I am clinging to is “See I am doing a new thing!”

  92. I so loved this song! Listening to it was like God telling me to tell him my problems. Then at the fast part was like God shouting while jumping up and down…”Hello…..I am here for your! Telll me everything. I love you so much! You mean so much. Let me take all of the grief and struggles that you bear and make things better.” Then back to the slow part…..”I love you….rest in my arms, cry if you need to cry! I love you!”
    Truly a beautiful song

    Question 3—When doubt whispers “I can’t, things won’t change….it’s hard..” I just so want to throw in the towel and say….”Yup….its hard” and give up. Question 4: When reading the bible verses I think that maybe, just maybe things could be different.

    Question 5–What hinders me from living with God Confidence is not truly believing—it’s always been this way so why should it change now.?

    I have been struggling with depression for the last 9 years, done the meds thing, the counseling thing, and now struggling with alcohol addiction. I am sooooo hoping to break free from all this stuff with the help of God and this bible study. So far….it’s not working but I am giving it time.

    • Julie…I want to encourage you to hang with this study. Sometimes we don’t see the changes in us until much later, but others do.
      Your question to #5 makes so much sense. I think of the woman in the Bible who had issues of bleeding for 12 years in Luke 8:42-48. In the book of Mark it tells us that she had spent all she had on seeking help and nobody could help her. She was defeated for 12 years, but up until the day she was healed she had never sought Jesus for help and when she did, the Bible tells us she did not go “unnoticed”.
      Keep walking toward Him in faith that He notices you and has healing available to you also. 🙂
      Will be praying for you!

  93. Lisa Ashley says:

    The music that Chad played was awesome! I felt the peace of God surround me.
    Thank you for putting this video on for all to listen to.

  94. Contentment — I hear it….. Knowing God is there and He’ll provide your needs…..maybe not alll of your wants, definitely your needs. This bible study keeps reinforcing that we’re never going through things alone… I tell myself over and over again…. I’m not alone……and I can do it….

  95. Tammy Rutherford says:

    Lord I want to believe – help me in my unbelief! I need your presence in my life. I feel my prayers have been unanswered for so long…. why can’t I hear you, why can’t I sense you? My confidence is gone. This book makes me want it and have it in you, but why can’t I accept what you want to give??

    • Tammy…keep pressing forward! He hears the cries of your heart. His response time may not always be what we think it should be, but if you keep seeking Him, Jeremiah 29:12 tells us that he WILL be found. He’s worth every step and tear…keep going forward sister! Will be praying for you.

  96. Thank you for sharing this beautiful song and introducing us to Chad’s music. To be honest, there is a situation that is weighing heavily on my heart. Instead of feeling like there’s an exciting God-filled challenge to learn from and overcome, I am feeling very burdened and weighed down. Please pray for me to see myself and the situation through God’s eyes, not Satan’s.

  97. Kimberly Miramontes says:

    Absolutely beautiful…and it makes me sad that I haven’t kept up with my own piano playing since I’ve had my kids. My piano sits there, and often I want to play but don’t have time. What he did, I used to do! One of my answers to this week’s questions referred to this: 2.Insecurity has kept me from doing many things, like playing piano for others, going to gatherings with many people I don’t know well, asserting my opinion when it should have counted, etc. 5.The thing that hinders me most from living with God-confidence on a consistent basis is not being surrounded with other believing women. Right now, “those who hope in Me will not be disappointed,” speaks to me more than anything. I do have a few close friends who are believers, but the ones I see the most are the ones who aren’t willing to share this part of their lives often. This online study is my attempt to surround myself with believing women.

    • I feel the same about my piano playing, but I am fortunate to be able to listen to my 13 year old son play daily. He not only makes stuff up but plays music beautifully. The other day I sat down and played for about 20 minutes and it felt great. My son even asked me if I enjoyed playing. It is a great getaway from the stresses of life.

  98. I have always love piano music. As I listened it was just a great peace fillling me. If I could I would have gone to sit by a small stream or beach. Very beautiful. Very soothing.

    My earliest memories of insecurity started in elementary school. I was always the last one they picked for the games in gym. The kids picked on me -I guess because I was shy and backwards. I was kind of nerdy too. That’s ok though. I realize now they were the ones who were insecure and also needed the Lord.

  99. Tonight I am exhausted. I have a 5 month old baby girl who didn’t sleep well last night and didn’t feel good today. Listening to the music I could feel the long hard day just fall away and a sense of peace fill our little apartment.

    Right now in my life there is a lot of change and uncertainty, a lot of prayers that seem to go unanswered. I am feeling very hopeless, discouraged and tired. Romans 8:28 spoke to me most out of this chapter. After a bunch of difficult circumstances it is hard to believe that there are better ones coming. It is hard to be confident that the next change around the corner will be good and not something else bad. It feels like thing will always be this way. I think my attitude is the thing that hinders me the most.

    Thanks for leading this study for us!

  100. This is a beautiful piece…i can really feel gods love overflowing onto us in this very moment….i feel the emotion inside trying to come out…It seems like a song of surrender, or maybe thats just what it says to me today. A very talented pianist indeed . Thank u so much for sharing this blessing with us renee. Peace& Love

  101. This is amazing…I don’t get much time with my husband during the week & when I started this study I thought I would sit in the living room while he watched TV & read & write my assignments. I have a christian classical cd somewhere & I have been searching everywhere to find. I was wanting something to block the noise but still be in the same room! Of course I haven’t found it! God is so good to send this song…it absolutely touched my soul. He kept telling me to listen…just listen as I was getting a bit restless @ first. Then He reminded me of the sunrises & sunsets He knows I love…that He paints for my delight! The music was the same…he would show me different scenes of things I love as the music went on…I would see waterfalls, fields of beautiful wild flowers & then @ one point in the song it was sweet, innocent, holy…I felt His love. It was beyond words. The last part to me was Jesus’ life. It crescendo to His death & I felt the disciples heartbreak, discourgement & confusion. He reminded me that even when things look bleak & hopeless, He is working on the details and the most incredible things will come out of the pain. It then sounded like hope, renewal & life. I could feel myself dancing with my Savior & it was so incredibly freeing! I feel so refreshed and rested like none other. That is amazing!!

  102. Its so hard to take time out. I am going to make this work and take time out. Reading the post listing to the beautiful music is calming helps me tell myself my situation is not so bad. I am not the only one! I need to remember to thank him for all that he has given me. He has leading me home on the path to finding out who I really am and how to make my two girls strong women. I really am excited about this opportunity and am ready to go. I just have to remind myself to MAKE the time!

    How do the whispers make me feel?
    Like a failure! I just don’t know how to get rid of this feeling. Tonight tried the exercise of throwing away the doubt whispers? But I could still hear them from the garbage can 🙂 I hope through this journey I learn how to quiet them.

    Renee- Just want to say Thank you! You are truly a blessing and I know many of us ladies are thinking that this study this book may just be the turning point to “making things new” I loved the song and would love the idea of a song every week to go along with all the other amazing things you have for us! Thank you again!

  103. Thank you so much for the beautiful gift of music. I have been struggling with feelings of fear today. A friend is severely ill, but praise God, the doctors are reversing his kidney problem! My daughter has been ill with the flu, but trying to attend a youth retreat with our church. As I watched this presentation I felt the fear and tension melt away. I almost feel that “out of body” feeling I can get when I am in deep prayer and connection with the Lord! I really want to experience HIS peace more during my day. Thank you for the reminder to just let the Lord lead me where He would have me go. What a great way to end my busy day!

  104. Wow! I have chills! I have been praying all day for a friends niece, Lyndsay, a 22 year old who has leukemia and now has an infection throughout her body. It makes me think of my own children, all four who are around this age, and I am so thankful they are healthy. My heart breaks for Lyndsay and her family. This music and Renee’s words not only helped me believe He will heal her, but knowing for sure she will win this battle against the infection. Thank you Renee and Chad for this quiet time with my Lord and Savior.

  105. Malissa Holford says:

    This piece really relaxed and soothed my aching spirit. I had a long, tiring week and was wondering how I can make it through another week but listening to this calmed me and now I feel more focused and refreshed. At specific points when listening to it, I got goosebumps because it was very intense and then at other times I felt my mind just drifting off into dreamland. It is a very wonderful piece of music.

    Describe what happens in your heart when you read God’s words:

    Isaiah 49:23
    It is a truly peaceful feeling to know that as long as we believe in God, we will not be disappointed.

    Is there a promise listed above that speaks to your greatest need right now?
    Romans 8:28
    This is because I need to truly open my heart to God and let Him show me His will for my life. I need to open my heart and love God fully so I can grow in Him and He in me. I want to truly become what God wants me to become.

  106. It’s been a hard week as my favorite aunt passed on…The music brings tears to my weary soul… it is beautiful…and reminds me that sometimes it is okay just to crawl up on Abba-Father’s lap and rest….

    (Haven’t had time to do the chapters yet…maybe when things settle down.)

  107. Sometimes God enjoys it as we dance before Him…but even more, our LORD wants to dance with us….

  108. One more thing 😉 I don’t know why I have such a difficult time with speaking/praying Scriptures out loud…but I want to be transformed…renewed. Please will you pray that I can keep it up…and not quit. I so need renewal of my mind.

  109. My confidence is often dependent upon circumstances instead of upon God. If all is going well, I am confident, if it is not going well, I am not as confident. Today, I struggle because of the intense amount of pain I am in, I am to have a partial knee replacement on May 17th. The pain seems to rule my life right now, just to go to work, and back home is a trial. As fast as time passes, I am sure that it will be May 17th before we know it. I wish I could have heard the music of Chad, but for some odd reason even with the volume up, I can’t hear it. To answer a question, I have suffered with lack of confidence since I was a child. Today, I am claiming Jeremiah 17:7. My prayer goes like this. Diana you are a daughter of the most high, you are loved with an everlasting love, and I am with you even today, in your pain. My word says blessed is the woman who believes in, trusts in and relies on Me. I am the Lord your God, I have a plan for you and as you rely on Me, I will increase your confidence and hope. Thanks for the message of courage, I like Carle want to be transformed, renewed. Blessings to you all. Diana

  110. Beautiful. What a backdrop to reading the chapters and peace to answer the questions. I think I will look to use it each week to set the stage for reaching each chapter. Thank you Renee and Chad. Blessings

  111. As I was answering the questions I realized that by not believing God’s promises are for me I am believing Satan – giving the Father of Lies more power than the Father Creator of the universe. I am grateful that my Father immediately forgave me and I have committed to believe the Redeemer regardless of how I feel.

  112. Christine says:

    As I began to watch the video, I looked at Chad’s fingers on the keys and could feel God’s joy and delight in using Chad to create such beautiful music. It brought forth a well-spring of emotions in me and the tears just flowed, but as quickly as the emotions washed over me, so did a deep sense of peace and gratitude. Wow!

    From chapter 1, question #7: Over the past week, I came to the realization that due to my own inability to “let go” of my circumstances, I was preventing God from fixing them. I have since begun to release my circumstances to Him and this verse has provided great encouragement to me that I am indeed now falling in line with His will. After 2 years of struggle and heartache, I finally feel refreshed, at peace and have hope in my heart again. Thank you, God!

  113. christine lowe says:

    Thank you for such beautifulnmusic. I have been feeling very sad the last few days. I believe it is thinking about two who are lost to me. I gave up a child for adoption 35 years ago. This is something i have never fully gotten over. The saddest thing is i was unable to have another child. I had premature ovarian failure. This was devistating. The second one whonis now gone is my best friend. She diedin December last year. She is special to me because she introduced me to bible study,church and Jesus and now she is with Jesus. I know we will be together again but it sure hurts now. Reading question 2I realized one of the reasons I gave up my baby was because of insecurity. I didn’t think I could take care of her by myself. I wanted her to have a better life than I did and Inknew I couldn’t do that alone. I’m thankful for this study. I hope to be able to resolve these issues.

  114. I think I have always felt insecure. I never really felt my father’s love as a child, I know now as an adult that my father has always loved me. But i spent many years trying to earn his love, trying to be good enough. I have carried this into all of the relationships in my life, most of the time feeling like I was never quite good enough and always looking for some approval. This has caused me to miss out or toss out important relationships in my life. The thing that hinders me from living a God confident life is a lack a faith and trust, always afraid of rejection and failure. The promise that has been in my head this week is ” all things GOD works for the good of those who love Him, who have been call according to His purpose” God wants me to love and trust Him. I want unconditional love and acceptance and He is offers it to me, if I would just let go and let Him have control of my life. He is the only one that can offer me what I want. He says,”His love is sufficient, that He will never leave me nor forsake me, that He has a plan and a purpose for my life.” Lord, help me to trust in your promises.

  115. My answers to Ch. 1 questions in the book:

    1.My earliest moment of feeling insecure was during my childhood. I didn’t have any friends except ones I was forced to have.

    2.Insecurity and fear keep me from doing things because I think it willl end with a negative income or that I will fail at whatever it is.

    3.It makes me feel helpless, embarrassed, stupid, inadequate, unworthy, sad, frusturated, defeated.Like this is the true. Question why try. I am who I am. Question if this is true or if I even want to change. Change is scary. If something good will happen than change is okay, but if it has bad results than I don’t want change. .Hopelessness. Your right. I am tired of trying.

    4.These r great promises, but they don’t apply to me. If they do apply to me, how?

    5. What hinders me is my lack of trusting that God’s plan is better than mine. My trying to be self-sufficient, and not trusting or relying on God. Analysizing everything again my own thoughts instead of scripture.

    6.A women with a confident heart trusts God’s plan. She knows that she is a child of God, and that God created her the way that He wanted. She knows who she is in Christ and she does not allow outside influences or thoughts distract her from knowing and believing God’s word. She is seeking to be more like Christ and is in God’s will for her life.

  116. Rhonda Palmer says:

    The answers to the questions in the study were difficult — all those years of trying to do the right thing for the wrong reasons. The fear of failing, looking stupid, when He was right there the entire time. Those times I didn’t speak about Him out of discomfort (okay, embarrassment!) and trying to fill the emptiness with anything I could get my hands on but always holding my relationship with Him under wraps. Knowing He is real but wondering what He could possibly want with me. Yeah, doubt. Yeah, insecurity.

    With the video, I started out a bit tentative, like getting reacquainted with a relative I haven’t seen for awhile. There was that moment when I knew we had reconnected and His presence is unavoidable. My heart transitions to being present. As worship begins, there is awe but there is also delight! Then He gently speaks … love, reassurance, showing me those places where I have His will right. He is the rhythm of my heart and He reminds me I am the accompaniment to His song. Joy begins to bubble and then pours out. I am carried away on still waters in harmony with Him. There is no sense of rushing through this, just meandering with Him in comfort, safety and simplicity. “I never change. You look for My power but seldom My presence. Do you hear My heart? Do you taste My love? Do you skip at My delight in you? Do you see how My eyes sparkle as I gaze into yours?” The tentative awkwardness is gone and I am mesmerized by Him. The self-consciousness is gone as He sweeps me into His arms and we dance — no more two left feet for me! I don’t want to stop. He is my Melody. Yes, my Lord sings over me!

  117. Machelle says:

    I listen to this and am reminded to slow down, let God choose the timing.remember that whatever He would have me do He can make it happen if I just trust and don’t insert my own agenda, extra”help” etc.I am ashamed that I have let the world sap the confidence right out of me. When I wait on the Lord, read the Bible, listen for the Holy Spirit,I am so much better equipped to get through anything.thank you for sharing this prayer and for paying for those of us in this study who are struggling with living our faith as we should.I am amazed at the grace of God.

  118. How Peaceful just close your eyes and picture when we will meet our Heavenly Father. Its so Beautiful.

  119. Pam Anderson says:

    Two years ago this month I had a miscarriage. I thought that I had worked through my grief, but when my husband’s grandmother passed away this month I was so broken hearted, for her and for my baby. But today when I listened to this song, God gave me a picture in my mind of Grandma and my Son running through this beautiful field. I sensed God telling me that it needs to be well with my soul. That they are happy, healthy, and safe. It brought a smile to my face.

    Lord, thank you for your love for me. For caring enough about my feelings that you would allow me to have this wonderful picture in my mind. Great Physician heal my broken heart today. Allow me to sit in your presense and feel joy again. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • christine lowe says:

      Thank you Pam
      When i listened to the music i felt sad. I’m still grieving the loss of my best friend. When i read your post about your grandma and son happy and running thru fields i remembered that Lolli, my friend is finally with her husband. She missed him till the day she died. You have helped me remember that she is happy now and i need to be happy for her

      God bless you for sharing so generously. Imagine how much we will learn throughout this study. Thank you Renee for this opportunity to share with my Sisters in Christ.

    • Judy Hescox says:

      hi Pam I too, struggle with loss of a child. I will pray for you, sister

  120. Beautiful reflection of the music of God’s heart. Music stirs our hearts and brings us into God’s presence like nothing else can. Praise Him for the gift of music and the people he blesses which such indescribable talent.

  121. rebecca rodriguez says:

    So beautiful…my heart was full of joy and in a happy place. It made me think of how beautiful I am because God made me. Istart thinking I couldnt do anything at the age of 8. I struggled in school and tried very hard. But it seemed no matter how hard I try I still didn’t do well. There have been times I won’t try something because I don’t think I am smart enough. My husband is very brite and I feel I am holding us back in doing the Lords work because I am not smart enough. I know theLord has used me in alot of was. But there are times I think that. Listening to that music spoke to my heart. Thank you.

  122. I do a lot of volunteer work in a Chinese orphanage and our nursery currently has about 80 babies. I am going to put this onto a CD and have it play all night while the babies are sleeping each night. While I pray for God to camp his angels over our little ones every night, I can see them rejoicing with this music as our little ones sleep and they watch over them. Thank you for sharing this.

    • What a gift those babies will receive. Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh Vickie. WOW!! That just blesses my soul to the deepest core of my being. My daughter was in an orphanage for 4 months so the thought of you being there with those babies and playing this over them just brings me to tears – and it will means so much to Chad too. I’ll be sure to tell him!!!

  123. Moira Roche says:

    I loved the verse Isaiah 43:19 “See, I am doing a new thing.” AND the verse right before it – “Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old.” The Lord is encouraging us to put the past behind us – where it belongs – and surrender to the work He is about to do – NO! is DOING in us! I am longing to be that New Creation that will emerge as I persevere. This is JUST the word of encouragement I needed to hear – and the heavenly music! Thanks!!

  124. Jenny Mabe says:

    Beautiful song and music. I have really been struggling this past week. But I am going to stick it out ans do this study group and gain my confidence because I can do all things through Christ who strengths me. I am so glad I joined in on this study.

  125. Jennifer Wallin says:

    Incredibly peaceful….beautiful piano music… soothing to my weary soul. It was so wonderful just to sit and listen and focus on Jesus my Lord….without any interruptions. Bless you for sharing your gifts!

  126. I love this song! And I love simply taking the time to listen to it and be still. I find it so hard to be still with Him daily. This song helps to quiet my racing mind and help me to focus on Him.

    As I read and answered the reflection questions at the end of chapter 1 I was reminded about all the times in my life that doubt has kept me from doing the things I wanted to do. I missed out on swimming as a child because I didn’t believe I could do it and I missed out on joining certain clubs in high school because I didn’t think I would get in. I do not want to let doubt rob me anymore. I am making the commitment not to throw away my confident and to persevere.

  127. Wow! BEAUTIFUL piano music. One may sit back and not think of it being a prayerful, But how moving music is……How prayerful it truly is. I read only a portion of some of the comments. What neat perspective so many different women have shared! Thank you!

    This first chapter has been amazing for me already! I don’t have a big story but spirituality has been a struggle lately…….. and I have been hearing many doubtful words in my head. I didn’t physically write down those words of doubt and throw them away….but as soon as I caught myself thinking them, I mentally threw them away! THANK YOU for that advise!

    Praying for you all! God Bless!!

  128. KAY PARRISH says:


  129. As I sat here and absorbed every note that Chad played, God revealed to me how every note and rest has a purpose. Just like in my life. Sometimes I may not understand what He is doing, or I may not even appreciate the “low notes”…But in each one He is doing something. He hears the entire song before I even can see it, He knows when I should rest, when I will have a “low note” moment, and even when I will have a “high note” moment. And He uses them together to create a beautiful masterpiece. And that masterpiece is Me….Thank you Lord for showing me your love for me, your daughter. May I never forget my daddy is the King!

  130. a complete feeling of peace and comfort!!!!

  131. I am a bit behind after Surgery Thursday, but now that I am home recovering slowly in some area’s and comfortably in others I can say that I was Confident in knowing God was with me all during the pre op – surgery and post op care. HE provided everything I needed in His timing and because of that I am back home recovering,. So I may be slow in catching up but all in good time. HIS TIME!

  132. Judy Hescox says:

    hi I love music and there is a song by Gungor, Beautiful Things
    I have to play this every day– until it sinks in
    I have never had a good view of my self. Poor body image and I am very self conscious around other people
    God has been teaching me to let go and Look at me the way that God looks at me.
    My aunt passed away last october. This song was on the radio and I thought “My aunt was beautiful on the inside and on the outside.” I would love it if someone said that about me.

  133. Mary@TheCalmofHisPresence says:

    How incredibly powerful this was for me. Thank you Renee for sharing Chad’s gift with us! I can’t wait to download it! I have already listened to it several times on your blog.

    In His Calm, Mary

  134. As the song started I heard the small voice say this will be your “release.” Release -To set free from confinement, restraint, or bondage. I began to cry. When it got to the 10 minute mark It was the inner turmoil, confusion, roughness of life right now all stirred up. It must all be released. By the work of God he will heal and release me. By the end of the playing I heard the release was done, healing will be done. It is the dawn of a new day! The sun shown brightly and it was finished, done!
    Thank you being obedient and following the Lord. This is inner healing.

  135. Theresa Milne says:

    As I listen to Chad, it allows me to take some time and listen to God. Listen as He speaks to me to trust HIM in my days of uncertainty. To trust that He has all of my worries and fears under control. As I listen to the quietness, it reminds me to “Be still and know that I am God”.

    To describe how it feels when I hear doubt whisper: I can easily identify with this. At the age of 56, this past year has wounded my confidence. After working hard to build a business for over 10 years, I heard the words “We have restructured and don’t have a place for you to “fit” anymore”. Those words hurt my spirit and, at times, still do. I have continued to go on interviews, where I hear how strong I am, how it should be easy for me to get a job since I’m so qualified, but continually get picked over for someone else. So I hear that even though I made it to the top 3 candidates, “I still don’t fit”. But, praise God, He accepts me just as I am. In him, I am worderfully made. And He has a plan and a purpose for me. When I hear those words of “I don’t fit”, I just pray to God for his direction to my PERFECT FIT and the purpose and plan that He has for me.

    When I read Jeremiah 17:7 “Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him”, it give me a peace to know that even though the calendar is ready to change to another month of unemployment as I start on month # 16, I don’t know when this season of suffering will end. However, this verse assures me that as I know the ONE who does know the outcome, I can rest today knowing that He has a plan and a purpose and it will all happen in His time. Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.

  136. Barbara Milburn aka Sunshine says:

    The music was beautiful and lulled me into a place of perfect serenity. At the time I listened Reflections which is a DayStar presentation happened to be on and so I muted my TV giving myself both visual and audible pleasure all at the same time; Simply Magnificent! My earliest memory of feeling insecure began at about age 7 or 8. I had a young adult cousin who taunted me about how ugly I was. When ever I knew he was coming, I would hide in the closet so I didn’t have to subject myself to his cruelity. I also remember in 6th grade the kids use to tease me about my pink lip and what they called bags under my eyes… they called me baboon face and asked if I was going someplace because I already had my bags packed. I was well into my 30’s before I could look past their tauntings and look at myself as a beautiful woman. When doubt whispers I feel dispressed first and then fearful but I’m learning to talk back to thouse doubts using the Word of God. I am grateful that I’m learning that the beauty of the Lord lives and dwells with in me.

  137. Renee you will never know how grateful I am that your are having this online study group for us. My husband and I have a marriage small group that we lead in our home that is an extension of our church family. I had told the some of the ladies on last year that I wanted to do an study group of your book. When you said you were going to start one my Spirit leaped with joy. Some of the ladies are suffering from a lack of confidence and this online study group will help me with my materials that I will be getting together for my study group later this year.

    Your book has been a blessing in my life because I to have to deal with having the Confidence to step out and be what God has ordained me to be.

    Thank You!!!

  138. Wow….what a glorious expression of love that is displayed in this musical form of worship. There’s such an intimacy and transparency. Thank you for sharing this! As I listened I was drawn into prayer and started thinking about how I missed dancing in ministry for God. I felt a voice whisper for me to dance and I did. There is such a freedom of pouring your worship on God when there are no words but your heart connects with the Father. After I began to pray again. I began to thank God for my freedom. You see I signed up for this study about a month ago. Shortly thereafter God did a supernatural healing in my life. He broke the bondage of insecurity, people pleasing and low self esteem off my life. I HAVE NOT BEEN THE SAME EVER SINCE! Listening to this song of prayer made me realize that I was actually thankful for what I had gone through…not only was I a people pleaser I always attempted to please God too. Perhaps he used that to keep me from veering down a path of destruction. I don’t know…all I know is that if that is what it took to really appreciate my freedom I AM GRATEFUL and I refuse to go back to living my life bound by the enemy. I will continue to glean from this study the tools to fight the enemy if he even tries to come anywhere near my freedom!!! Be blessed ladies!

  139. A peace seems to be surrounding me and my thoughts. What an amazing young man to have this God given talent and to share it to others to give them peace, hope, beauty and the excitement of God’s promises! Thank you so much for sharing this.

    From the questions:
    1) The childhood I thought I had was superficial and a lie, not all, but a lot of it. It has always given me low self-esteem and I have yet to finish anything I start. I pray that this study will give me the self-assurance that I can really believe that God loves me and is same as he has always been and has been carrying me through my depression and I will rise up and get out of this mess I have made for myself.

    2)My first memory of God, I think was when I was a the Baptist Elementary and the pictures that hang every where of him sitting peacefull, with either a child or lamb sitting at his feet. He wore white robe, sandals, had dark brown , long hair and light skin. We memorized many verses for grades, but they didn’t mean much. I went to church regularly, butwhile I loved it, it was being lectures to, not getting into the word. I feel like he was a curious child, somewhat serious. Kind of like my first child.

    Thank you for this studye again.


  140. oops, answered next weeks questions. The music had me distracted, wink, wink!

    2) Has insecurity ever kept you from doing something? Yes many times. I am a professional quitter, I feel like I can never to right, so why finish, in some cases why start…..diets, exercise, college, I could go on forever.

    3) Describe how it makes you feel when doubt whispers:…….
    It makes me depressed, tired, blue, sad, sometimes like I want to crawl under a rock, sometimes, like I want to die the pain is so unbearable.

  141. What a beautiful song, as I sit here and let the music carry me away, I can envision a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes as I hear from God speaking to me. This song transcends time and place and sends you to a place of peace and relaxation.

    6) How would I describe a woman with a confident heart? .. A woman who “looks” like she has it all together. She is well dressed keeps a tidy schedule , knows who she is and where the things are she will need at any given time. Who is never down – at least around others and is always with a smile.

  142. wow lots of great comments! It is so good that all of us share the same struggles. i loved the music! peaceful and calm and i have trouble sleeping so this really helps! Renee, i just got your correction e-mail that you sent the video of throwing away your confidence twice. Jesus wanted me to hear that video again, i was dwelling on how my dad’s girlfriend really hurt my feelings yesterday, and for as long as I’ve known her, she has always hurt my feelings. she has a very transparent personality, she can be nice one minute, really nasty the next. Yet, I know she’s this way, and I still let it bother me. I was so angry at myself that I let her bother me so much, and when I was reading the comments, I read one from someone who said, since, she’s started this study, she hasn’t let what people say and do hurt her feelings, when i read this, I felt ashamed of being so weak. I have a long way to go to have a confident heart! but I am really determined and god will help me! just reading the comments is overwhellming, as I’m reading, as we are all encourageing each other, I really sense god speak to my heart as I’m reading the comments, and I’m forced to be honest with myself, when I read the comments, i find so many women have the same struggles and fears that I have, some I’ve even forgotten about because I have been hiding them, and now, in this study, god is challening me to be honest with myself and with him! So, renee thank you! for this study! I’m not able to read the chapters, as I’ve explianed in earlier posts, i am blind and have this amazing computer with speech program, that reads everything on the screnn and does almost everything a regular computer does, except for a couple of things, when there are too many graphics on a web site or e-mail, the speech software won’t read the text, and I found when I tried to download the book, it isn’t a word file, and i thought my program didn’t like p.d.f. files, now, this week, my computer teacher informs me that my program can read p.d.f. files, so, she gave me some instructions to use some key stroke commands, but you know, i’m still really able to participate in this study a lot. Renee, a lot of the women talk about what their favourite pages in chapters are, so, i feel like I know a lot of the book. I get your e-mails. I listen to your videos. I read the comments, and am able to put comments, however, I still hope I can dowload the book, I hope there is another change to have this for free, I’m going to wait and pray for that opportunity because I am on a fixed income. another thing, I loved to hear a lot of the comments, about the music picturing being with Jesus, a lot of times, i try to hard to picture things in my mind, when I try to hard, it doesn’t work, So, I just say very peaceful calming music and in the beginning, when the music is really quiet, I think of the verse be stil and know that I am God.

  143. Beautiful! A peace came over me while I listened, a peace that passes all understanding. Thanks for sharing your talent Chad.

  144. “Describe how you felt or what you sensed God whisper as you listened to Chad’s Song of Prayer.”

    Absolutely beautiful music. I felt a sense of serenity, peace and calm. And a Bible passage came to mind:
    “The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.”
    –Zephaniah 3:17

    Then I wondered, “What song does the Lord sing over me?” Then an answer came to light…another verse:
    “But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”
    –1 Peter 1:15-16

    Then I imagined His singing over me as an impartation of His character, empowering me to be and do all that He calls me to each day.


    Also share one or two of your answers to questions you feel comfortable sharing about from the end of Chapter 1.

    3. Describe how it makes you feel when doubt whispers: “I can’t do this.” “Things will never change.” “My life isn’t going to get better.” “It’s too hard.” “I might as well quit.”
    –These things make me feel hopeless and foolish.

    4. Describe what happens in your heart when you read God’s words:
    –These words encourage, comfort, energize and excite my heart with hopeful anticipation to see what God will do.

    • Natalie says:

      thank you for sharing the verses the Lord shared with you. Zephaniah 3:17 :-). It’s humbling and encouraging that the LORD ALMIGHTY would sing over me! I love how you then connected that to 1 Peter. “I imagined His singing over me as an impartation of His character, empowering me to be and do all that He calls me to each day.” I love that image and most of all the truth behind it. I’m going to try to visualize this each morning or even during the day when I feel like a failure. He IS with me. He has given us HIS character, and HE was NOT anxious, fearful or doubtful! AMen!

      Thank you and God bless you!

  145. As I was listening to that Song of Prayer… I could just feel the presence of God and the tears would just start pouring. It was like I could sense Jesus whispering sweet peace to my heart and soul. Such a soothing sound, and just so peaceful.

    Chapter 1 : Question # 5 – I wrote that I truly believe my feelings on those bad or sad days is what hinders me the most from living with God confidence. Feelings on those days were I’m tired, weary in body, sick, or just had a bad day at work tries to make me doubt my confidence in God. Emotions/Feelings are a big hinder to confidence in God. I’ll be honest with you, this season in my life right now all the promises listed under # 4 speak right to my heart. I’m currently in a season in my life where God has given me a promise a long time ago, 3 years ago; but I am still waiting on that promise to happen. I know it’s coming, and its coming soon! I believe and am placing my hope in God for he is doing a new things! I’m called and chosen, I am his beloved.

    Chapter 1: Question #6 – I wrote, “I would describe a woman that has confident hearts as a woman who faces many trials and rough experiences in life; but has seen that God has been faithful every time. When doubt tries to creep in her mind to whisper, she discerns and stops and rebukes those thoughts right then and there, casting down imaginations, and doesn’t think about it again. She trust in God, and knows he will do exactly what he says he will. She is strong, and is a role-model. She not only believes in the God who saved her, but knows and believes and stands on His Word. She uses the Word when battles come, she fights all her battles on her knees. She prays, and seeks God’s face. Strong in faith, because she is taking time to hear from God in his Word.

  146. This has been a rough couple days, yesterday we went through some of my mom’s things. This was pretty emotional for everyone, she went home to heaven a few months ago. I miss her a lot! Today was stressful at work, trying to backtrack to figure out what a former consultant for the firm did a year and a half ago is tricky at best. But as I listened to Chad’s song a sense of peace slowly enveloped me. I was able to close my eyes, listen and relax, after a while I began to think a little clearer and thought about an aspect of the problem at work that hadn’t previously occurred to me. The Lord is so good the way he uses music to calm the mind and soul so that we can connect with him and hear his gentle prompting. Feeling blessed right now, thank you for sharing this song it is beautiful.

    • Diane, I really can’t imagine the thought of losing a mother… but please know that I’ll be praying for you. I know death isn’t always easy, and tears will come… but be encouraged by this. I lost my grandma about 2 months ago, the first time I’ve ever lost anyone close to me, and it was hard. But since that has happened, my parents both have going back to church after 10 years of not going anywhere… which is an answered prayer. Out of every bad situation… God can and will bring good things out from it. Praying for God just to outpour his love and peace and joy to your heart during this time in your life. God will help you through it! I’m here if you ever need to talk…

  147. As i sit here reading chapter 2, i have to ask myself the question have i let the gospel of God’s grace move from my head to my heart. No because i doubted that God loved me because of the hurt and pain. But i can truly say now that i am completely loved by God as the tears roll down my face

  148. Chad Lawson is amazing! I had the most awesome prayer time while listening to his music! Wow! I didn’t even answer the phone when my husband called because I did not want to be interrupted during such a beautiful time of worship! Thank you for sharing! Does the cd have more than just that one song? I want it!

  149. Leslie S says:

    Chad’s music is beyond words, and I felt everything. I think God’s presence is so strong in this beautiful beyond words musical conversation that it weaves into your being as you listen and begins to move through out everything that you are….I felt conviction for short coming and my sins of this day, and yet it was as if love was poured over this sins, slow like syrup. I felt warm sunshine and soft rain, all mixed together, I felt an urgency, and yet a peace, walking together; and I felt new young sunshine in early spring, warming my face, urging me to look heavenward…… I felt God and I felt loved. It was a beautiful beautiful way to end my day, as if God, my Father, rocked me to sleep in his embrace. Thank you.

  150. Donna from Honolulu, Hawaii says:

    What a blessing to hear this beautiful “Song Of Prayer” by Chad Lawson – I can only imagine how he felt playing this tune for our King- and the holy spirit just flowing through him for us to hear this angelic, peaceful, loving tune. I felt an extreme peace while listening to this, and a deep, deep feeling of being soothed by our Lord and Savior- as if he was trying to speak to me through this beautiful melody, letting me know everything will be okay-that He will always be there for me, He will never leave me. I felt joy in my heart-what a wonderful feeling. This is our Lord’s lullaby to us.

    Chapter 1 question 3
    Describe how it makes you feel when doubt whispers:
    “I can’t do this” (I’m a Loser)
    “My life isn’t going to get better” (Like Giving Up)
    “It’s too hard” ( Just quit now )
    “I might as well quit” (feel like walking away from life)

    Chapter 1 question 4
    Describle what happens in your heart when you read God’s words:
    “Those who hope in me will not be disappointed” Isa.49:23
    “See, I am doing a new thing!” Isa 43:19
    “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Rom 8:28
    “All things are possible to those who believe” Mark 9:23

    Chapter 1 question 5
    What do you think hinders you most from living with God-confidence on a consistent basis?
    (being judged by others, being hurt again, lack of trust)

    These are the questions that reached out to me the most.

    Renee I hope & pray for good results of Aster’s MRI.

    Aloha from Hawaii xoxoxoxo!

  151. Beautiful song! It spoke to me Matthew 11:28…Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. As a mom to three little ones…what a sweet message. Rest.

  152. Pamela Hanson says:

    Jesus was reminding me that He is the lover of my soul, my companion, filling me with His love and grace. Refilling my empty love banks. Receiving His peace and a knowing He will always take care of me.. But it was His love i felt, His presence. He is Soo faithful….i just am having a hard time putting it all into words…
    Thank you for sharing this miraculous song….

  153. Lydia G says:

    Playing catch-up, but sticking with it -Jenna-. That song does bring such peace. I’ve been playing it in the mornings to start my day with a sense of peace, it is so easy for me to wake up anxious about all that needs to be accomplished and doubting myself; it has been nice to start with peace.

    A few responses to questions in the first chapter:
    #3- One of doubt’s loudest whispers in my life has been “I’ll never be good enough, so why bother trying?” Ironically, it has created a form of perfectionism in my life that has kept me from many things because of a fear of failure/being a disappointment. Self-doubt makes me feel hopeless in the deep reaches of my heart, and leads to darker thoughts- for me, doubt is a gateway to depression.

    #4- Isaiah 49:23 has spoken volumes to my heart; when I meditate on that promise it brings deep peace to my soul. Just today a friend shared a story of a woman who, when facing doubt, would repeat to herself “I love You, God. I need You, God. I trust You, God.” What a powerful phrase to speak in the face of doubt!

    #5- I have always struggled with feeling that I have to earn love, and with being afraid of being a disappointment… and I have projected these things in my relationship with God as well. For me, the promises in the Bible that say God rejoices over me (Zephaniah 3:17) have meant the most in this regard- that not only will I not be disappointed in Him, but He will not be disappointed in me!

    #6- A woman with a confident heart is at peace, and free to be full of passion and purse those passions. She draws others to herself.

    Those are my thoughts, not sure if anyone will get to read them since I’m behind, but wanted to share anyways.

    • Natalie says:

      Thanks for sharing Lydia. I am behind too. We’ll catch up. But even if we don’t, what matters is that we are doing the study! My comments are below.

      Thanks for sharing how you are starting to listen to the music in the mornings. I’ve been recently waking feeling defeated before I even get out of bed (feeling behind already b/c I hit snooze too much & didn’t wake up on time) and already start the day allowing the insecurities to take over. I need to stop that and music is a way to stop that. Earlier this year I woke up to the christian station playing and it was wonderful to wake up with praise music or christian music playing because it set the tone for the day. I probably felt less doubt and insecurity on those days. I am going to start playing music in the mornings too!


      “Describe how you felt or what you sensed God whisper as you listened to Chad’s Song of Prayer.” :

      I was reading through comments and questions and worrying about whether someone will walk into my office now and see I’m not technically at lunch anymore. SO i didn’t get much from it other than the musical beauty (I love pianos!!) because I didn’t STOP and listen. I need to STOP and LISTEN and allow his still, quiet voice to speak to me…I think home will be better suited for that.

      Share one or two of your answers to questions you feel comfortable sharing about from the end of Chapter 1:

      3. Describe how it makes you feel when doubt whispers: “I can’t do this.” “Things will never change.” “My life isn’t going to get better.” “It’s too hard.” “I might as well quit.”:
      weak, hopeless, anxious, scared, paralyzed, inept, suicidal, sad.

      4. Describe what happens in your heart when you read God’s words:
      encouraged, comforted, strengthened, relieved, soothed.

  154. I feel Jesus, he is saying you are not alone, I am here, I hold your heart with my love, you are my child and you mean everything to me. Don’t fret about your short comings, I forgive you, I love you and you mean everything. I feel hurt when you are hurt, don’t shy from me. I am here to be with you through everyday, I will always be here, just give yourself to me. Believe whole heartedly and give your heart to me. I will change the old and make you new. Change your habits and give you new life. you are never too far from me. I know you believe, just submit your heart and wanting to take care of yourself. You are not selfish, you are stubborn and my father made you strong. Give me a chance in your life. It is not failure to give in to me and my love. You are my everything, my child I love you. I died for you because of my love for you. Just believe in me. My heart cries for my children. Your children, You are beautiful, my everything, my child, my sacrifice. I love you. My spirit is with you. Just listen Please I am love and I love you.

    What beautiful music…very inspiring..Thank you Cindy

  155. I ordered my book late and just received it yesterday, so I did some catch up reading today on Ch 1.
    I was fine until I got to the prayer at the end of the chapter. I couldn’t begin to read it/pray it. I was full of uncertainty and fear. I finally said, “God I am scared” and started crying. When I finally caught my breath I had to force myself to begin…I made it through the first sentence. More tears, more catching my breath…forced myself through the second sentence. This scenario repeated itself for several more sentences before I was able to tearfully get through the prayer.
    The questions weren’t much easier. Very eye opening to how hard my heart truly is toward God and His word. I am very guarded where He is concerned. ( and others for that matter) I think it is because I was one of those who thought once I became a Christian, my life would be “perfect” and the disappointments and let downs that followed overcame me.
    The Lord has walked me through sexual abuse, emotional abuse, depression and a negative attitude (still working on that one at times) but I have never really opened my heart to Him. He has told me I don’t trust Him with my heart. I think this will be the hardest part of my journey so far!

  156. I close my eyes and wait. HE has been waiting for me. I feel that peace that passeth human understanding.
    I feel HIS love all around me. HE whispers to me and calls me ‘Beautiful daughter”. I am thankful that He talks to me and dances with me as the music plays. He takes me to a ‘place’ where I actually focus and listen to the song that He sings for me. He tells me to not fear the voices and faces that confuse me and take the confidence, promises, dreams and plans that He placed inside of me before I was born. He hugs me while we dance and talk…then my eyes open. Doesn’t Jesus bring a smile to us all? True Peace, true Joy and freedom can only be found in Christ Jesus. He IS all of that and more. We love because He first loved us. And I feel that..most of all.

  157. I am sitting here listening to this beautiful music, reading your words while the birds are chriping away on this beautiful day. I am filled with confidence that I am truely blessed, grateful and joyful for all the wonderful blessings I have. Even in hard times I am blessed. Thank you for allowing us the moment to reflect and realize HE has provided for us. Di

  158. Karen Andreasen says:

    I am a few weeks behind and I am just cathing up and I am listening to this beautiful piece of music and I feel like I am loved & cared for by my Heavenly Father that there is nothing I can’t do, that he is always with me by my side taking care of his daughter. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  159. Beautiful! Anointed! Calming music!

    I just began the Bible study and I am just finishing chapter 1; week 1.

  160. This may sound unusual, but as I listened to the prayer song I looked at the Beautiful faces of Fridays little victims. I prayed for each child’s family/friends as I skipped through the 20 pictures. Idon’t believe I could have gotten through looking at these precious faces without the sounds of this heavenly angelic music playing in my ears as I felt the warmth of the Holy Spirit comfort me.


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