Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence

So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.
You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God,
you will receive what he has promised.Hebrews 10:35-36

Today we have a short video message based on our key verse. I recorded this message to encourage and equip you as we begin our Confident Heart journey! In my video message I share how we can stop throwing away our confidence and start throwing away our doubts instead! I also show you how to replace your uncertainties with the certainty and security of God’s promises – every day! Please click the arrow below to watch. [If you’re reading this via email, CLICK HEREto find the video on my website.]


  • Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence PRINTABLE (click here)
  • Message Notes: Although the bideo and message notes say Segment 3, I decided to make this Segment 1 for us, so just ignore that little detail. You can download my video “Message Notes” in a PDF format here or in a MSWord doc here. I encourage you to watch the message once and let God just speak to your heart. Then watch it again and follow along with the message notes (if you want to) which include parts of the message, verses and blanks to fill in. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • This Week’s Assignments:ย  Please watch today’s video today and finish reading (or start reviewing) Chapter One. Then when you have time, answer the questions at the end of the chapter. I’ll post a PDF to download with our word and verse of the week here later today. (Heading out the door to a Dr appt this morning.) Then on Friday we’ll have another post where we’ll share/discuss our answers and get to know each other a little better.
  • Connecting in Community: Ok friends, let’s talk. What are your thoughts about today’s video message? Are you going to take the 7-day challenge and actually write down your doubts? What about printing the download? Where will you put a copy or two so that you have it with you to help you identify your doubts and replace them with God’s truth?

{Remember, if you’re reading this via email, CLICK HERE to find the video and share your thoughts on my website.}

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpringโ€™s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, โ€œEveryday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Wow! This hit home with me today because just yesterday I spoke the words, “I don’t feel qualified to do that.” My emotions get the best of me sometimes. It’s not always just about how I “feel”…it’s also being willing to step back & realize that I am more than “qualified” to do this thing.

    The visual/physical act of throwing away my doubt is powerful! I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH CONFIDENCE is now waiting for the trashman to come take it away ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll do that as often as I need to & replace it with God’s Truth from His Word to transform my thinking.

    • Roberta D says:

      This video really spoke volumes to me and helped me realize that I do sometimes throw anyway my confidence without even recognizing that is what I am doing. The illustration about the button for the remote control was an excellent illustration that helped me see how important it is to pay close attention to what I am discarding and what I am holding onto in my mind, body and soul. I am going to be intentional about replacing “stinkin thinkin”with the promises of God and I am also going to definitely write down those negative thoughts and words of doubt and throw them away. I am so grateful to God for his grace, mercy and His unfailing love and I look forward to my thoughts being transformed by Him through this Bible study .

      • I personally will easily recall “stinkin thinkin.” Thanks for the visual. (Been changing diapers for 15 years, so that puts that kind of thinking where it should go, in the trash!) ๐Ÿ™‚ You go!!

        • Roberta D says:

          You are exactly right because ” stinkin thinkin” does belong in the trash. Thanks for the comment and the encouragement!!!

      • Tami Ross says:

        Wow! What an amazing concept! Writing down our doubts and negative feelings and throwing them in the trash, then replacing them with the promises of God! I believe I will take this a step further and write down God’s promises to me (and you!) and post them all over my house, where I can see them every day, all the time! Can’t wait to try this Renee! Thanks for sharing your ministry with us!

        • Delia Robinson says:

          Great idea Tami! Posting promises from God in likely places of doublt is a great way to redirect the heart and mind.

      • Laurie Tetzloff says:

        This was a great video message. Sometimes I have stinkin’ thinkin’. I’m in Alcoholics Annoynomous and that is one of our slogans. I have been sober for 13 years and have made so many mistakes in the past and the present. I want to be a better wife and mother, sister, neighbor and friend. God has continued to Bless me, I feel unworthy sometimes. But, I know that if I repent my sins I will be forgiven.I am going to post some of these Bible verses in my car, bathroom mirror and on the fridge. Thanks, Renee. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Renee , I loved the object lesson of throwing away the paper too! The thing that struck me is how these doubts have just become a part of me over the years, and they surface in so many ways. I realize I am not confident in sharing my opinions, and many times that quiet voice in my heart tells me to speak up or do something in particular, but I ignore it because of the confidence issue. I’ve struggled with it all my life. I didn’t realize how much it affects me, though until today. I was composing emails at work. My boss recently left his job, and I”ve had to fill in. It has been terrifying and I found myself today at the computer emailing several folks and almost apologizing for asking questions – because I don’t know how he handled certain details of the job.
      I couldn’t throw that apologetic self doubt in the trash, but I’ll tell you what, a DELETE button works pretty well! I did a bunch of deletion of doubt! And you know what, no one came back with a reply that was like, “Oh you can’t do that job” or “How dare you ask a question!” Everyone was full of helpfulness and optimism! In some ways it felt like freedom!

    • This video really hit home for me. For one I always worry what other people thinks about me. It stops me from doing a lot of things. Thanks for Hebrew 10:39, I can quote this when I think about this. Another thing is throwing doubts in the trash. I have a lot of those that is keeping me from doing God’s work. I know this study is really going to help me.

      • Brenda, I am with you. I totally worry about what other people think about me and it hinders my decisions. I always look for the approval of others and in doing so stops from doing what maybe God is calling me to do. I pray that this study helps me to gain the confidence that I know I have but have always been afraid to show it. Thanks Renee for your words of encouragement.

        • Im with you girl. I will pray for you during this study. If we open our hearts to him, We will overcome it. Praying.

        • I understand your feelings. It is trusting God and let Him lead you with the right words to say and not to say.. Reading His Word and meditating on it daily. Also I need to pray for courage to say things at work that will clear the air of any bitterness and resentment. To live at peace and good communication with my immediate assistant principal and co-workers. Thankfully my co-workers are wonderful and very supportive.

    • amy martin says:

      This study is such a blessing for where I am at right now. Thank you Renee

  2. This really hit home with me today, too. I actually spoke the words, “I don’t feel like things will get better.” I have problems with my emotions and negative messages taking over my thoughts and my heart, especially when things going on are hard (like now).

    I will take the challenge and write down my doubts and then throw them away. I may need to do that more than once a day! I know that His truth can (and will) change how I feel and change my life.

    • Kelli I understand your feelings so very much. I have been living through a world of heartache for the last 18 months, well in reality the last 22 years. This message got me through some really rough days I over the last year!!!! I am sure it will do the same for you. I will be praying for you.

  3. Thank you, Renee. Tears of hope streaming from my eyes. Thank you, Father, for your Truth.

  4. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Thanks for the video. I am doing something a little different with this study. I am doing it all on the computer. It really gets me thinking quicker than how I used to do it. I love the assignment and got so much out of it. In the other study I am doing, they actually have a group on Facebook that will hold others accountable to the reading and doing the study. I wished we could do that here. I have enjoyed every time of doing this study. It does bring me hope and a confidence in who Jesus is and how he looks at me.

    • Misty Joe says:

      Good Morning Jeanie. I too am doing mine online and my kindle because that is where my book is at. I like your idea of holding each other accountable for doing it. Why can’t we? We have the FB page and we have these discussions here. I don’t see why we couldn’t do it.
      God Bless

    • Jeanie Kelley.. Are you doing this study as well as Melissa Taylors? I think I have seen you in that group. God Bless. Angie

    • Hey friends!! You are welcome to form accountability partners and FB groups if you want to. I have some ideas I’m going to share on Friday about how others have done that. I just don’t have a large online team (or as much time in my week) as Melissa to form official FB private groups. But you are more than welcome to organize that on the side. Just please also share here too. I’d be so sad if I didn’t get to hear what God is doing in your life :0) and all that He’s teaching you each week. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I’m happy to share here. I get so mad at myself frequently when I can’t be a Godly woman. I feel like giving up and then remember how much satan would like that. No Way is he goona win. The video spoke to me on so many levels and I know I gonna fill up a bunch of trashcans. Thanks for all you do. Really looking foward to the journey. Praying for Asher

      • Blessings, this is just what the Dr. order no lie, I wished I was able to speak to someone outside of work or church.To someone that dont know me and we are, i had a bad time growing up was never loved by my grandma or dad whom i was left with from the age of 2 week when my mom gave a stwart desk me and a note with an address on it to take me to my dad. They was both young and he gave me to his mom that made me her maid, refuse to tell anyone i was her blood line. growing up i had to deppend on me, i had time i wish i was going to get out of there, i hit 17 years and then my mom send for me. from one slavery to another, here is was now i got a job as a maid in a hotel and every two week my mom will come for the check i sign she change it this went on for 2 years finally i met my kids dad and i moved in with him but up until i was 8th months pregnant i was still sign over my check to her. after i got the second one i learn he was cheating on me, i start holding a block not to get hurt anymore. i got involve with someone else thinking he care but it was just for papers after he got his card he was gone, which i was glad see his visa green card was taking to long to get and because of that i was beaten by him must the time. sometimes i was pull out my car when i work late shift (2:30-11) smelling me to see if i was intimite with anyone, or if i was found or he was told i was speaking to anyone there was a show. Then there was one that try help me and my 3 girls puting us up in hotel just to get a good night rest with out worrying, try to give the girls anything they might need without asking me or them, to findout later he was falling for me but was married, and stupid me believe he cared, after a will my oldest beg me not to have him pick them up anymore, see one day she had bad cramps i was at work and i asked him to take home for me, she said he must have think she was sleeping and he started corresting her leg, what kind of mother am i? I got tired of dealing with men i just wanted time for me and the girls, work have its ups and downs but that did not bother me as much as wanting to be loved, so i stop trusting anyone. one afternoon a friend from work invited me to his church and as i went i found some peace but not the real kind, then the voices start God you running to God, your satan child, no one will ever love you, you will make a bed of roses but no man will stay in it, you are a no body, they will used you but never love you, you will never make it, this words was my Grandma words to me growing up that start haunting me again. i used to love singing when i was younger i school i can never forget i never had lessed than an A for singing in school, grandma used to say you dumb girl no one will ever go and here you sing. all this start coming back when my last daugther at the age of 11 start singing in the church a song she wrote and the passion she had for music, i promised i will do whatever it take for my 3 girls and here she wanted music, God blessed her with a very talented teacher who fall in love with me and the girls, but i try trusting him, i wounder when will he hit me, cheat on me, lie to me or mess with the girls, he dont have kids of his own, but he keep doing things right, God blessed me/us with the man that makes me happy as if i was a teen again, just that God started to get jelous and ask me to choose Him or Dj, i told Dj i have to choose God over him that if i have to lose anyone it will be him not God. Believe it or not he said its about time, in other words he said God has been talk to you (me) alot lately and you need to stop doubting the voice of God and over come your fear of losing me (Dj). so when i saw your confident heart online study i saw God is making they way for me to start trusting and stop doubting, thanks you so much and God Bless

        • God Bless you and your girls Angie!! Keep your focus on the Lord and He will guide you in the right direction!!! Thank you for sharing your story!!!

        • Sandy Gobrogge says:

          Listen to the selective voice of the Spirit of God living within you, Angie. The world is full of all sorts of voices, but the one voice living within (Galations 2:20) is the one that always affirms you. Anything that brings condemnation is of Satan or his demons. God always loves us, and the Bible says when you listen, He speaks. John 18:37b, Jesus said that. Read His Word every day, out loud, and to your girls, too. You will discover that His voice is always full of love!

          We all fall, Angie, but Jesus paid the full price for all of our sins, past, present, and future. It is all in the Person and work of our Savior Jesus Christ. Hold tight to Him, and listen to His voice! He is calling you.

      • Renee,
        When you have those moments of self doubt and or insecurity, did you or do you get a hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach? Just you stating on this video how you experienced it brings that feeling to the pit of my stomach. I can always throw it away, but now that I have those verses that God help me I will memorize, I can replace them. Gods words is sharper than a two edged sword.
        I had suffered from some severe anxiety that included panic attacks and fears that God has freed me from nearly completely. I have experienced a miracle. I am so much more confident know but I know I can be more confident. Confident to carry out what God has called me to do. To speak to women of his truth, publically and individually. The “coincidence” is that your book came out about the time I started experiencing some confidence…but that is still not enough. His work must be perfected in me.
        In regards to FB groups… I actually wish I could meet with others face to face to do this study but I know that cant be. I prefer the warmth of the human presence, but hopefully I can join one of the groups and feel all you who are participating close to me.

        • Germaine Lee says:

          Hi Diana
          I know what you are saying, I dont get a pit in my stomach I get this awful nervous feeling
          in my spirit. Its a little scary. really when you think u have God word then all of a sudden
          a rush of fear and doubt comes over me about my situation. I have to calm my self down and
          speak Gods word back to myself again. But memorizing Gods word helps. For me it gives me back the authority. I am looking for change through this bible study. God bless all of us.

      • Hi Renee,

        Are these video messages available on podcasts as well? I’m doing the study early in the morning at work and the videos are blocked. I would like to download them on my iPod and then be able to listen while I have my morning coffee/breakfast.

        Thank you!

  5. Wow, I think you spoke directly to me on that one! Although today i feel quite empowered by God and no doubts are floating about today…there have been many days that they are. Gid has been doing a work within me and through this wonderful bible study I firmly God is using Renee to helpso many of us women who struggle with self doubts! Thank you Renee for allowing God to use to minister to so many others!
    God bless!

  6. Loved the video Renee! It is vital that we not allow those bad thoughts to be entertained. We must replace them with the truth…God’s Word to us. And we must do this immediately.
    I don’t know one person who has never had doubts; who has never thought themselves a failure. Who has never feared messing up.
    Why is that? Because we all do. Because it is natural.
    Why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we think “its only me?”
    The vibes we give out to others when we feel this way about ourselves, probably sends them a message of “stay away.” Even though we do not intend for this to happen….I think we often do bring it on ourselves. We so desperately need confidence…we need to love ourselves the way the Lord loves us. We are all special.
    My pep talk again to me….shared with you all. :0)

    • Misty Joe says:

      good morning Judi,
      I like your comment about the vibes we give out. It is so true and reminds me of something my supervisor told me one day in a review. She said that I carry everything out there and I get so stressed about life sometimes that people are afraid to approach me because they can see the stress just oozing out of me. Daily i have to remind myself of this and try to make sure that I am not pushing away people by the vibes i’m giving off.

    • Judi,
      Thank you for sharing. Your comments are so true; I need to remind myself of this often because it often affects relationships with family and friends.

  7. Robin in KC says:

    Awesome Video. I loved it. I hope there will be more.

  8. Thank you for the print out I will be printing them out and putting together a folder for my answers to the questions at the end of the book and the print out sheets. I love your idea for throwing away our doubts. I finished chapter 1 and was in tears by the end. The entire chapter was like reading a description of myself out loud. I realized I stuggle so much with self doubt and I am excited about reading this book and BEING TRANSFORMED .. Thank you so much <3 Hugs

    • Savannah I love your post and how you are shouting you will be transformed!!! It’s awesome :). Praying for you

    • Natalie says:

      I too felt like I was reading a description of myself outloud. The Lord is showing me too that by applying this truth he imparted to Renee and which she is sharing with us, we WILL be transformed. I am so excited and honored and blessed that our Lord would transform me from my current doubtful, anxious self to a confident woman of God so he can work through me to bring others to HIM. Praise God ! He is so faithful!

  9. When I came across this bible study, I felt the Lord tugging at my heart to participate. And I am so thankful I did. I am at a time in my life where my husband and I have stepped out in faith in a direction that is so scary. After much prayer and searching of our hearts, we have stepped out by the leading of the Lord to adopt. And self doubt and lack of confidence is something I have dealt with a lot in this process… often questioning the Lord, “Are You sure I can do this? What will people think? Where will the funds come from? Will I be a good enough mommy to our new little girl? ” But time and time again, the Lord had reminded me of the promise He has given me. And following along in this bible study and listening to your words of encouragement in Christ has been exactly what my heart has needed. Thank you for taking the gift the Lord has given you and sharing it with all of us ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That is so awesome, stepping out is scary but how rewarding when you are allowing Him to direct you. I will be praying for you during this study and for your adoption!!!!

    • Heather, that is so exciting! My sister just finalized her adoption of a little girl in March. Adoption is such an amazing gift to all involved! I will be praying for you and your husband as you step out in faith. Do not let your doubts rob you of the blessings ahead!

    • Heather, I”m praying for you right now!! Did you know my family and I adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia 2 and a half years ago? She was 10months old then and she’s just over 3 now. It was a HUGE step of faith – and I cannot even tell you how amazingly God provided and continues to. It’s been an incredible journey – with many twists and turns — but we have experienced Jesus and come to depend on Him in the sweetest most-life changing ways. I just know He’s going to do the same for you and through you. I’m so excited that you are following His lead and bringing a child into your home who needs a forever family!!!!

    • Heather,

      I hear your fears. I have 2 adopted children, 17 and 15 and we went through the same worries and doubts, and yes our faith was tested many times along the way. One thing I’ll never forget though, is when we brought our daughter home from the hospital, my husband sat on our bed holding her and said “we couldn’t have done better ourselves!” I was relieved to hear him respond that way. Trust God, he is walking with you every step of the way and knows what you’re going through and your needs. Look ahead to that day you’ll be bringing your child home. We have been extremely blessed by our children and I know you will be too!

  10. I thought about how many times in my past I had thrown away opportunities in my life due to lack of confidence…in myself, in my decisions, and sometimes in my ability to succeed at an opportunity. My confidence in Christ has given me strength…not just to take on new opportunities and challenges, but also to be comfotable with NOT always succeeding. I am not afraid to fail because I know that God works through ALL things…when I get it right, and when I don’t…He is there!

    • Jeanette, thank you for post as I have learned that God is always here myself. Opportunities and challenges will always be in our lives and we must always remember He is with us. Sometimes we need someone else to remind us.

    • Jeanette, I am so encouraged by your statement of “I know that God works through ALL thingsโ€ฆwhen I get it right, and when I donโ€™t,” because so often I’m tempted to think I’ve ruined everything by one small, poor choice on my part–forgetting that God is so much bigger than that!

      • Summer, I also often have times when I feel that I have ruined everything because of one poor choice. Thank you for reminding me that God is truly bigger than that!

  11. What a powerful word and fabulous visual! Thanks for making the word come alive with relevant illustration that helps us remember the truth!

  12. The physical act of throwing away the bad and replacing it with good is great! My trashcan is ready and waiting for my negative thinking. I am also doing some of my studies on the computer as well because the book is online so I want my notes to be there as well. And with the recycle bin once its been dumped theres no retrieving whats there. Yay.

    • Debi: I just love the idea that once you dump something into your computer trash, there is no retrieving it! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought I dumped my trash only to find it was still in my house! I’ll be working on that in this study. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I have spent a lifetime living with doubt in so many ways, after reading the book and now starting the Bible Study, I know the Lord will deliver me and many others who drown in self doubt.
    Thank you Renee for hearing the call of the Lord to help so many women no matter what their age with this debilitating thought process we wander into during our lives, often triggered at a very young age.
    The video is wonderfully personal and the downloads make this whole study feel like we really are together in one place, God’s heart!

  14. Gods timing always amazes me. I have been wrestling with extreme feelings of failure the last several months. I have almost completely stopped going to church, and I have felt like I have completely failed as a mother. We are going through some huge trials and such right now and I have just felt great attacks from the enemy. Instead of fighting off these attacks I am just wallowing in self pity. I am so looking forward to getting into this study and I will definitely take up the challenge of wrinting down and throwing away my doubts this week.

    • Pam Anderson says:

      Peachy, Thank you for your honesty about the trials in your life right now. The past two years have been very challenging for my family too. I felt the enemy attacking so many times and at times I was so discouraged. But I would like to encourage you to keep attending church. There were many times when I felt like going was a waste of time. But on the worst of days, when I made myself attend, it was those days that God spoke truth into my heart. He spoke of His great love and support for me. It was those days that I was encourage to persevere and keep going. God is with you in the trials, even if you feel all alone. He is holding you and loving you through it all. I will be praying for you.

      • Thanks Pam. I’m trying. I just feel like I’m getting no where. I’m just really praying I can have a breakthrough. Thankful for this study and for being able to share and see that I am not alone.

        • Peachy, You are definitely not alone in this! I have been going through some hard things lately as well (and I can especially relate to feeling like a failure as a mother). I also tend to gravitate toward wallowing in self-pity. Sometimes I want to skip church too, but I can’t since I’m the pastor’s wife! My husband is currently suffering from depression, so he is having a hard time leading, so it’s hard for him as well. But in all this, God is faithful. I may grumble as I get myself and my children ready for church, but once I get there, God speaks to me (through my struggling husband) every week. Hang in there! God wants you to have a breakthough even more than you do! He loves you so much! I hope this study is just the tool He uses to help you. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Peachy, Please know that you are not alone! Satan wants you to keep beating yourself up & to have negative thoughts, but God is greater. Just keep trusting Him! I am struggling with the feeling of being a failure of a mother as well. My family has been through a couple of trials within the past couple of years & are still recovering from them. Just keep pressing on & know that God knows your heart & will never leave you or forsake you. When everything seems out of our control we need to give it ALL over to God. I will be praying for peace for you & your family. God bless you!

          • Germaine Lee says:

            Hi I appreciate you sharing of your husband battle with depression. So often we feel that pastors and pastors familys are excempt from the hardships of life because of their position.
            This encourages me that we are all people with situations and that God loves us all. Please dont mis- understand, I am not happy about his battle it is who we are inChrist not what position we hold the world. I hope I said that unoffensivly.

    • Peachy, don’t give up on God… he will NEVER give up on you!!! Now, more than ever, is when you need to pray, pray, pray and seek God’s truth and direction through His word. Oftentimes, when we are going through difficult situations, we try to “fix” it ourselves and become discouraged when we fail. God has the answers and will help you through it in His own timing. Be patient, wait on the Lord and trust in His wisdom. I have been there and quite frankly the bottom fell out underneath me, but it wasn’t until I completely set my eyes on God and was obedient to Him, that I felt a sense of security and hope. I will be praying for you. God bless!!!

    • Blessings Peachy, I dont know what is your trails but its ok, what i do know is that God says let not your heart be trouble. Sis God works at His timing and His pace we are not to question Him, just know that we all are here for you. Father in the name of Jesus we come to you with thanksgiving for Your true love over us, Father God we pray that You will lift up our Sis Peachy that her faith in You will over come the enemy, Father may You bless her family abounantly and we pray that she allows You to do Your will with her according to how it is written in Heaven, Father God we also pray for the rest of the Sisters partaking in this seminar that will encourage us to do Your will in Jesus Name Amen

  15. Joann Osborne says:

    Thank you for the video! I have done that literal “throwing away” before , but of all kinds of negative feelings.
    I have not done that in quite a while, though. Thanks for the reminder and the word. I am looking forward to what God is going to do through this study.

  16. Awesome message and great exercise to write down the doubts and throw them in the trash! Will be doing that while saying “boo-yah!” to the enemy! =) The Printable with God’s truth is also another great visual and that is going up in every room of the house (can you tell I’m a visual learner?), including over my two son’s beds as they too have very low confidence and I’m tired of the enemies schemes! Thank you for your help and allowing God to use you!

  17. deborah dean says:

    I have not only had ti look at my doubts but my disappointments and expectations of people. I have had to pray to let go of these and leave the outcome toGod. Thanks for renewed hope and encouragement.

    • Deborah, I relate to your comment! I find myself being disappointed with my loved ones often recently, like my expectations are too high. I’ve had to actually tell myself outloud, “God can handle this better than you!” and quote Phillipians 4:6-7 :โ€œBe anxious for nothing, but in all things, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving in your heart, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.โ€ Thanks for sharing your heart!

  18. So encouraging to know that others have some of the same struggles with doubt that I do.

    Very encouraging video.

    Thanks so much .

    • Germaine Lee says:

      so often we feel like we are the only ones goning through something. even when we look at other
      sisters in our church bodies that look like they have it all together and haveing feelings of why dont
      I have it like she does. I am really looking for change for this study.

  19. Awesome message, I often allow doubt to be a part of my life; I like the idea of writing it down and throwing it away. I used to write letters to people who I felt had wronged me and forgive them for their wrong doing; although I never mailed them it was easier to let it go by doing this. I have read chapter 1 twice and the scripture verses and have answered some of the questions. I hope to finish the questions today. Thank you for the Book & Bible Study; I know it will help me grow in Christ.

  20. Dawn McKoy says:

    I am moving and have to look for a new job. I see great job opportunities in my new town, but many times I have recently thought, “I am not qualified to do that job.” Thank you for giving me confidence- to throw away that doubt! I will take up the challenge to write down, and throw out, my self-doubt!

  21. Thank you! I have grown tremendously in overcoming my doubts but one lingers. That I will always be alone/lonely since my divorce. I didn’t ask for it, didn’t see it coming and wonder if I will ever share my life with a husband again. I also wonder if my children will ever get better as the ugly effects of divorce rear it’s head in their lives from time to time. I have led ladies in a study I teach to write down their doubts, fears,worries, and then bring them up to a shredder and shred them. Reminding them that the only way they are allowed to continue worrying,doubting, etc. is to dig the paper out and tape all the little pieces back together. Guess I need to get shredding, huh?! And reminding God and myself that I Trust Him!

    • Danielle, your words and honesty hit me hard as I too am carrying many doubts after being blindsided by a divorce. By God’s grace and His love for me I am working on building my confident heart. I pray that my children see that my trust in God is what is getting me through this all. My heart hurts for all children of divorce who have had their worlds turned upside down. Danielle, may your children be blessed by the care, comfort and peace that only comes from our loving Father, who holds them in His might hands.

  22. Thank you for the hand outs you are giving us and the videos. I am such a visual learner and I love them!!!! I am looking forward to seeing how God will engrave on my heart this week how often I doubt myself. I am going to do the Doubt challenge and write them down and throw them away. I pray this will connect my head and heart through knowing I am confident through Christ to actually BELIEVING and LIVING my life confident in Christ!

  23. thank you for such an uplifting video! i look forward to writing down my doubts/insecurities and throwing them away! this exercise will really open my eyes to how much doubt i carry with me each day and remind me of the power of my God!

  24. Thank you so much for writing this book and doing this online study! I have struggled this year with God calling me to leave my full-time teaching job to stay home and homeschool my two youngest children. Financially this seems crazy but I know in my heart that it is God’s will. I do doubt myself sometimes and I even wonder how we are going to make it. He promises that He will provide and I have to believe that. The doubt and lack of confidence does sneak in but I always feel better when I spend time praying and reading the Bible. I LOVE the verses this week! I know in my heart that everything will be fine because I am doing what He has called me to do. I am so looking forward to this whole study. I can’t wait to see what God does in my life and in the life of others doing this study.

    • Melissa, I think following God’s calling was a courageous move! Good for you! My Sunday school teacher has said before that God calls us to do things we are unable to do on our own, so that we are forced to let HIM fill the gaps. I’m sure you are making lasting memories with your babies!

  25. Misty Joe says:

    LOVE THIS!!! I am going through a time right now of fighting with self doubts of being a good parent and a good future wife. so the throwing away of those doubts is an awesome idea. My trash can is going to be full!!! LOL But it is needed. Thank you so much for our reminders of how God looks at us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Wow. I am going to take the challenge. I also printed the PDF and will place it in the kitchen and at work just about anywhere I personally look. This really it me because when I was talking with God about a issue he whispered to me a solution and I automatically said no way. I couldn’t do that. I am not smart or gifted enough. This study is really hitting home.

  27. Cathy S. says:

    Renee, thank you for this wonderful tool! I think this will really help me move forward!

  28. This so perfectly falls in line with my personal goals of growth, and throwing away my confidence remains my greatest struggle. God has been placing Is. 43:19 on my heart and in front of my eyes for the past four months as I have witnessed Him changing my marriage, my husband and myself after 25 years of the same repeating struggles and negative patterns. He is doing a new thing, and I am grateful for this study and the part it will play in strengthening and refining me.

  29. This morning i was interupted while doing my Bible study and book study. My husband can not find his new debit card that came in serveral weeks ago. I have given it to him twice and he did not call it in and has put in somewhere! Well, he sees it as i have lost it and came in blaming me for moving it. I had gotten to the point years ago that I believe that I am a very responsible person because if anything goes wrong it seemed like I was responsible even if I was not even in town!! This is just another way that I have let people get to me and through all of it the shadow of doubt just grew and grew. Between this and everyone always telling me that I could not do things that I wanted to do. Depwnding on what mood that I was in, it could make be react in two ways. Either I would die or show them that i could do it or more often I would just quit and get even more depressed!! Between the depression from not pleasing everyone and doing what i wanted and the anxiety of trying to please everyone, not only have I suffered emotionally but also physically. I have finally realized that I am not suppose to be trying to please man but trying to please God. I am slowly trying to adjust my life to this but it is a long habit to break and I di find myself backsliding at times and I pray for God to help me with this and the self-doubt that it has caused everyday. I want to be a good wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and friend but I now realize that it has to be done through God’s will not through the guilt that some people put on me to make me do what they want. Their guilt causes doubts and so I am not going to give in to their guilt. everytime i start feeling that the guilt treatment is starting to work on me or that i start feeling the anxiety or depression and doubt creeping in, I stop and pray and ask God to please take it away!! I thank God for His love for me!!

    • Hey, your comment really hit me cuz that’s me too!!! I just spent a weekend with in-laws where everything that went wrong was somehow my fault and, unfortunately, my husband does not stand up for me in those situations. Also have an issue where my mother-in-law is recently widowed and “needs” my husband more than I do. He is going out to help her again this weekend (I can’t go cuz I have no one to watch my critters — darn!!) meanwhile one of our vehicles has been broken down for two weeks now because he doesn’t have time to fix it but he has time to help his mom. So I have been without wheels while she is getting a new floor. Yeah, it makes me feel pretty worthless. BUT, when I was out driving our only running vehicles today, the one my husband has to take this weekend to go help his mom, the alternator went out so maybe God is trying to tell my husband to stay home and take care of things here first. I’ve been praying for that. Hmmmm . . .

      • My husband put his parents before me since the very beginning of our marriage. It did not matter what they said or did to me, he never took up for me. If he did not want to do something that they asked him, then they would tell them that he was not doing it because I sould not let him so he would do it just to show them that I had no control or say in what he did!! Also he lied throughout our marriage and he also cheated on me off and on. Some of the times I found out about and some I do not have proff, just suspect. But I have stayed. I thought that I might be treated like a wife should after his parents died but there was always an excuse and then I found out that he had been calling a ‘friend’ of mine for 3 1/2 years but supposedly had not met anywhere and had no physical contact. Who knows because all i have is their word and that to me is not worth anything. She use to tell me that she would do anything to have a house like mine and also that if I did not be good enough to my husband that she would. When I found out about the calls, I called her and told her that he could have a divorce but he would not get the house. She did not talk to him anymore. But he was in love with her and not me. He could not get over her even though there supposedly was not making anymore calls. Ten moths ago I sent him to her house and told him to decide what he wanted. He asked her if there would ever be a chance for them and she told him no and then he asked if ther ever had been a chance and she told him no. She only wanted him becasue of the house so when she found out that it did not come with him, then she did not want him! We are still together but things are not very good. I love him but not like I use to. I also found out that he has never really been in love with me. He has feelings for me because we have kids together and have been together for so long and because I have been here no matter what. he makes himself look good to everybody and he knows that I would not be able to support myself, so he can treat me however. I was not treated any better by my parents either. talking about feeling worthless, unloved and alone!!
        Now I have really turned to God more than I ever have before. I always tried to build him up and show him how much I loved him but it was never good enough. I have turned it over to God.
        My husband can look at other marriages and see where the husbands are treating their wife bad but he never sees the problems in ours.
        I pray that things get better for you! Thank you for answering my post.

  30. Thank you Renee for sharing this video! It was exactly what I needed to physically face my doubts. Looking at them and crumpling them up and throwing them away then replacing my doubts with Gods word and hope buoyed me up. Keeping those doubts at bay and keeping God’s truth at the forefront of my heart, mind and life is the challenge. I believe with God’s help and through this study I will be changed, encouraged and propelled into a future that is significantly different than my past.

    Please pray for me to continually recognize doubt and negativity and replace them with God’s truth and hope.

  31. Wow this really came just at the right moment. I was born again exactly a year ago yesterday :-), but my husband hasn’t yet. I have struggled with expecting him to make changes in his life and behavior and this morning I thought this will never change. It’s funny because I know God is going to make the change is just that sometimes I feel discouraged just like this morning. I will definitely start throwing my doubts in the garbage! Thank you for the video Renee.

    • Lord, thanks for guiding Rita here today. I pray right now for her husband, that she will be a reflection of You that he can easily see. I pray you would give her the confidence in Your Word and she will remember to throw those doubts out where they belong! She is your daughter and we are so happy to have her in this study. Amen. Blessings to you, Rita!

  32. Thank you for taking the time to teach and encourage us. I love having the print out of “don’t throw away your confidence”, I will put mine on my refrigerator. It’s so important to replace the negative voices with “THE TRUTH”, God’s Word, and when we meditate on the truth it will change our thinking, feeling and actions. When I have that voice come up, I am going to run to my scriptures and repeat it over and over again. I think I might put the ones that apply to me the most on index cards and attach them to a ring and carry them in my purse, b/c I am sure I will be hit with the negative thoughts anywhere I go. Like you mentioned, we allow these thoughts to be a part of us without even recognizing we are doing it, I think it’s because they have become such habits in our lives, now we must retrain ourselves to keep thinking on the truth instead. I think that’s why we have the word “persevere”, it won’t change us overnight. I will persevere.

    • Great idea! I did that too but the mess in my purse kept smudging the writing so I but them in those $1 pocket photo books-works great!!! Good luck with the study, will be praying for you!!!

    • oh wow I love this idea as well, I have a 3×5 card binder that would fit perfectly in my bag that I carry. I was wondering what I could use it for . Now I know. Thanks for the great idea!

    • That is what I was planning to do, although I think what I’ll do for this week is record my doubts on a paper, and ‘X’ them out while putting the reference to a corresponding scripture, and at the end of the week I’ll pick my top 3-5 doubts, and start memorizing the scripture to battle them with- including making 3x5s for my purse. And at the end of the week I WILL throw them out!

      • What a great idea, Lydia! Think I will keep track of mine as well. If I start with the doubts have most often can deal with them and then move on to others!

        • I love the ideas about the verse for your bag. One thing that struck me with writing the doubts down and waiting until the end of the week…. don’t let them stay even for a second. Maybe try not keeping track of the doubt, but add a new verse for each doubt. If you have the same doubt 10 times, find 10 verses to battle it with. To me, I have to trash doubt immediately or satan will just keep bringing it up as I review the doubts I marked off. Use the verses gathered a proof of your progress. Just a though that God laid on my heart.

          • That is good insight Angel! Perhaps I will just make hash marks on the verses or something to see what one comes up the most for me to memorize it. Probably seeing the doubts repeatedly would not be beneficial. Thank you!

  33. Patti Macomber says:

    I love the analogies used to help me see how easy it is to use the method of throwing our doubts away. I too often don’t even realize when I’m doing that, but have been more aware recently after reading chapter one, and viewing this video. I’m currently battling seeds of doubt in my profession as a teacher and recently passing the exam to allow me to teach a grade I’m not used to. I’ve caught myself thinking I’m not good enough to do that job, and all the other lies Satan tries to get me to beleive. I now will have the tools necessary to train my brain the truths in God, as well as who I am…a woman fully capable and confident! Thank you, Renee!

  34. Debbie T. says:

    Ok so I can be lazy at times but I think I’m really going to try this challenge out. It’s for my own good right! Anyhow the part of the video that really stuck out to me was where you talk about talking trash vs. talking truth. So often I find myself speaking doubt instead of truth. But you know what I can encourage others in this area and speak it to them. I wonder why it’s so easy to do it to others but not myself. Well that’s why I’m taking this study to get to the root of some things so that I can truly have victory in this area!

    Also the scripture verse Hebrews 10:39 is speaking volumes to me. Wow is all I can say. I do believe I have read that verse many times before; however it really is talking today. To think shrinking back will destroy you. When I think of this I envision someone who is walking backwards and because of this they don’t see the danger that is behind them. Pitfalls and rocks that can cause them to fall on their backs. There are a few scripture passage that I’m thinking about now in light of this verse being shared. This is really some good eats!

    • Isn’t that the truth about being able to encourage others in their doubts and yet at the same time drowning in our own! I guess that’s why we are told fellowship with other believers is so important in the Bible- so that we can be encouraged by others.

      • Debbie T says:

        You know I’m thinking now…if you don’t believe in yourself you won’t receive the encouragement that others do give you. I need a changed mind in order to believe the great things that they do say about me. I’m not sure if I am making myself clear but I guess you get me.

  35. Thank you for the video message, it was really what I needed to be reminded of – ” do not throw away your confidence…”. Too often I let my fears and doubts stop me…….I forget whose I am, and who I am in Him. I focus on my fears….not on Christ nor His promises. The video message reminds me to stop doing that. I am a worrier, and the same thing worked for me to help me stop worrying…..I called it a “worry box” where I would write down whatever I was worrying about, throw it into my box….then write down a promise of God that would help me, and carried that promise all day in my pocket to focus on all day long. In time, it was cool to go back thru my “worry box” and see all the ways God answered my prayers and took care of my worries! This week I am focused on turning my thoughts to the confidence I have in Him……turning away from my fears and doubts. I will not be one who shrinks back!!!! Thank you Renee for the daily reminders and encouragement, as well as the prayers! Praying for all who are doing this study!!!!!

  36. I printed the “Don’t throw away your confidence sheet”. The line that struck me the most was the third one, “No one sees me. ” To which I could add, “No one hears me.” I love your answer from God.
    “I see you. You’re precious and loved by me.” Isaiah 43:4 We are precious and honored in God’s sight.
    Wow! While I know this as God’s truth, I need to picture it across my forehead and reflect it to others.
    Thanks Renee!






  38. Pam Anderson says:

    What a great video message, thank you Renee! What a great idea to write down our doubts and throw them away. I think my trash can is going to be pretty full this week, LOL.

    But on a serious note, I love that you provided the “Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence” worksheet with scripture and God’s truth. It’s easy to allow doubt into my head and sometimes scripture isn’t always louder than the lies. So having this worksheet to refer to will be a great help. I am a visual learner, so this will help me to memorize some key verses to counteract the lies.

    I’ve printed two of the worksheets because I am planning on framing one of them and giving it to my daughter to put on her dresser. She is in Jr. High and I remember how much doubt played a part in my life back then.

    Thanks again Renee and all the ladies participating in this online study, your words are inspirational.

  39. There is a saying from a famous basketball coach ( I don’t know his name – I’m a football fan) that says “Dont let what you cant do stop you from what you can do”. I am going to tape this to my desk so I can see it all the time now.

    • Thanks Debi! Just copied down the quote. Have 3 x 5 cards on a ring (Scripture, Inspirational Sayings, & other Quotes) & will add this to them.

  40. Thank you for the video it helps to stay focused by your reaching out in various ways. We are studying trusting God in bible study and this teaching goes hand in hand. Trusting God in what he will do when things seem so dark and having the confidence to accept the sufficient grace is what I’m struggling with.

  41. I think what Iโ€™ll do for this week is record my doubts on a paper, and โ€˜Xโ€™ them out while putting the reference to a corresponding scripture, and at the end of the week Iโ€™ll pick my top 3-5 doubts, and start memorizing the scripture to battle them with- including making 3x5s to carry with me wherever I go. And at the end of the week I WILL throw them out!

    While watching the video, a couple of other verses came to mind regarding the importance of what Renee has taught us this week:
    2 Corinthians 10:5b “…we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” –this is what we are doing when we capture our doubts on paper and rid ourselves of them!
    Philippians 4:8 (grossly abridged) “…whatever is true…whatever is right… think about such things.” — our doubts are NOT truth. They are NOT right. What scripture tells us God promises is true and right. This is what we should be dwelling on, although it is so easy to let myself ruminate on the lies.

    Thank you for the tool to get me started on finding scripture to battle my doubts with Renee!

  42. thank you….

  43. Hello Everyone!

    I pray everyone is having a wonderful afternoon!
    The video was a great teaching and really did hit home. I have always struggled with self doubt and it is something that I really dislike. I am one who alwas feels that I cannot get anything done and that I am never going to get anywhere in life. It is reall hard when it comes to my children because alot of the times I feel that I am not doing a good enough job as a mother, a single mother at that. I am going to take that challenge and everytime some self doubt comes to mind, I am going to right it down and throw it away! I am really excited about this Book/Bible Study and am really looking forward to the change that I am going to see in my life. I am ready to have the Confident Heart that I as a woman of God should have! Many blessings to you all and thank you so much Renee for being obedient to the voice of God, and writing this book and doing this study! May your reward be great! I know for sure it will! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. That was awesome! I printed my chart, taped it into my planner and posted one on the refrigerator door . I will take the challenge of trashing my trash talk!

  45. I have the chart on my bathroom wall from last time. However have not used it like I should. Don’t think I took the challenge last time, but am going to do so this time.

  46. I’m definitely going to take the challenge. Its so funny how we will throw the power buttons away as quickly as our confidence. Usually for me, my confidence is the first thing I chuck. I can get up in the morning, have a good empowering moment, and then get rid of it the second doubt comes out. One way we truly can rid ourselves of it is a physical action to help stop the doubt train from getting on your brain’s track. I love the printable….I’m printing out a few so I will have one with me at all times to remind me of the Truth….because the truth will set me free! Thanks for that uplifting message! And all of the women on here….we can do this together ladies!!!

  47. Thank you Renee. I will take the challenge and throw out the trash.

  48. I have so enjoyed the first Chapter, Renee thank you for following the Lord’s direction and bringing this amazing message to my life. When I read your initial Encouragement email a small voice said “look into this” and I am so glad that I did. I have some big decisions to make in the next couple of months and have had a rough few days struggling with self doubt and self criticism. Your strategy in” Don’t throw away your confidence” is awesome and I immediately felt uplifted – what a brilliant idea! I have my print-out on the wall next to my desk where I can turn to look as soon as the shadows start forming and immediately bin them! I love the idea someone had about the photo book – great plan. It is so amazing to read all the posts on your blog and realize that we are all in this together. Sometimes I feel so alone and isolated and wonder if anyone else experiences these doubts and apprehensions to the degree I do – it is so good to know that they are out there and I’m not paddling upstream on my own ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Peggy Kennedy says:

    I will take the 7 day challenge of throwing my doubts away. I think catching my doubts this way is a great idea because we are to bring our thoughts captive.
    I am going to put the pdf on my refrigerator and carry a copy in my purse so I may have them ready anytime I may need them.
    Thank you for the message and showing us how to hold our thoughts captive.

  50. Heather V says:

    Loved the download. I printed it and am putting it on my desk! Such good truth!

  51. Love the video. I have the download up on my kitchen cabinet. I am also going to put it into my project notebook and up in my office.

    If the small groups come together, please let me know. I would love to participate!

  52. Just today, a friend posted on her Facebook page the following quote — “God doesn’t call the qualified; he qualifies the called.” I have heard this quote before and skimmed my friend’s status when she posted this, but not until I watched this video and finished chapter 1 did I really take to heart what it meant. God provides me so many gifts — family, friendships, financial and physical health — but He also provides me the abilities, courage and CONFIDENCE to be who I am each day. God is my cheerleader! Who better to cheer me on then my Lord and Saviour!

  53. Elizabeth says:

    I LUV LUV LUV the PDF today! Do you know I didn’t even know I lacked confidence until I read “I’m not good enough” & “I’m nothing special” with what God says, “You are royalty to me” & “You are a masterpiece”. THANK YOU RENEE!

  54. Katrina Boyland says:

    Thanks Renee! When I saw you were going to do this online group I wasn’t sure if I should join. Then I felt God telling me I need this and this time it will all be okay. I have read chapter 1 and got my downloads. I watched the video and now crying with JOY that I listened to Him. I have very low self esteem and you are God helper in helping me. I will write down and throw away. Being a mom of 5 and wife of 15 yrs it’s time for me to be still and listen so He can change the lies that chain me. Thanks for helping me! I even posted todays verse on my fb wall to see when I get on there. I can change! God bless!

  55. I love this and I think it is a good excersice to write the LIES we women so often believe and look at it call it a lie from the pit of Hell and throw it out thank you for that and thank you God for your Grace shower us with Your truth and guard us from the lies we often get entangled by!!!

  56. Kristi R. says:

    I love the idea of throwing away my doubts…such a simple exercise with such a big reward.

    I posted yesterday that the idea of moving from just believing in Him to really believing Him by relying on the power of His word was resonating in my heart. I read further in Hebrews today and found in The Message Heb 11: 1-2 ” The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. It’s our handle on what we can’t see…” Further on in Heb. 11: 11-12, in talking about Sarah bearing a child in old age, it says, “…she believed the one who made a promise would do what He said.”

    She believed the one who made a promise would do what He said….

  57. Kim Brooke says:

    I absolutely loved the video! I’ll be honest with you all, as soon as I have started this Confident Heart Study, guess what’s been being tested since?… my confidence in God. I just want you to know Renee that I am praying for you as you give us the wisdom that God has given you. Yesterday was a rough day in general, and as soon as I got home from work I just cried. It’s easy to have confidence in God when your days go great, or even okay, or when you feel good; but it’s on those hard/trying days when I just don’t “feel” like being confident. I’m amazed how God always shows up and just loves on us when needed. I don’t want my feelings to control my confidence in God. I may have not felt like praising the Lord during a hard day at work yesterday, but I need to raise my hands up and praise God. Greater is he that is in me, then he that is in the world. I’ll pray and believe by the end of this study that I will have the wisdom and confidence to not be moved by how I feel no longer. I’m ready to see what all God’s going to teach me in and through this study! I love the throwing the doubts literally away… I believe a lot of us will be throwing a lot of paper away… It’s a challenge I want to do no matter how I may feel.

  58. This message has really reflected a lot of what I went on this week…had lots of challenges both professionally and personally…and the negative thoughts came back..didn’t do so well on a job interview….still feeling stuck in the same situation, no husband, boyfriend, underemployed, ..feeling defeated…and hoping things would change…but then I felt a sense of peace and joy come over me on my way back from work…a joy I haven’t felt in a long time despite my feelings, and my circumstance…I heard my self saying…”feelings are just feelings” they don’t reflect reality or who I am….and felt joy.and I believe this was the Holy Spirit talking to me comforting me and saying “I can’t do all things through Christ who strengthened me….
    God Bless, all.

  59. lupe Martinez says:

    I am so in need of confidence it has something i hve struggled w/ . I speak alot out of my emotions and b/c i hve had a so many struggles to face and i hve to say trying to keep on going and learning and changing at time is overwheling to me. My life as a child and growing up had no Jesus. I am at point that the only way thorough this is confidence how much more can i do. I don’t know why but w/o Jesus i am nuttin i don’t know how some can succeed w/o HIm. I feel like everthing i put my hands on i miss up or never goes right. I am hoping for some great things from this study. Plz keep me in prayer i am still wating on my book. Hope to get it soon.

    • Lord Jesus, I pray for Lupe right now. Please get that book to her quickly so she can continue to pursue your plan for her study time. Help her know that we are all in the same boat as humans. Without You, Lord, we can do nothing. But with You, we can do all things. Amen.
      Phil 4:13 Lupe! ๐Ÿ™‚ Blessings to you!!

  60. What a wonderful way to start the book! I have read the first chapter and already been blessed numerous times. But the video message hit me in a completely different way from just reading the book. And the added challenge of throwing away my doubts brought me to a whole different level. Thank you, Renee, for taking the time to do the videos and for your commitment to us! I can’t wait to continue the study and see what God does in my life and others.

  61. Stephanie says:

    I love the assignment. Can totally relate to writing & throwing (literally) my doubts away. Thanks for the wonderful idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. I can really relate to your video for today and it is a very good idea to actually throw insecurity away instead of my confidence. I need to recognize when my thoughts of insecurity arise so I can write them down and put them in the trash!

  63. April Richey says:

    Already loving this! The video really hit home. Great word! Thank you.

  64. Sue Graves says:

    It is so nice to know that I am not alone in my feelings of doubt and insecurity. I look forward to renewing my thinking minute by minute, if need be….and I think at first it will be:-) I am eager to take the 7 day challenge and physically throw away my doubts!!!! How refreshing and what a relief! Thank you Renee for your willingness to reach out to us women and share the lessons you have learned! In the future, I hope to be able to do that as well! God is good!!!!

  65. I did it I have finished chapter one and watched todays video. After church tonight I plan to start rereading chapter one and and then answer the questions at the end of the chapter. Sometimes it takes me reading a chapter twice to get the full understanding of it. Thank you Renee for the Pdf I am going to hang it on my bathroom mirror so it is the first thing I see when I look in that mirror. I will not throw away my confidence but the doubt instead. Praying for this study and all the women doing it. Thank you

  66. Thanks for the video Renee. I really enjoyed how it pulled all the concepts from ch. 1 together. I appreciate the tangible activity of throwing our doubts into the trash can. I think I need to get a bigger trash can. lol I am very thankful for all the free handouts that you provide as well. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this study.

  67. Jennifer says:

    As a single mom (for 18 years now) of two girls there have been many days I felt like giving up, doubting that I had the strength to do this on my own, that I was a failure, etc…especially these last six years with one of my daughters having medical issues. I am so thankful that you started this Bible study Renee so that I can learn to throw those doubts away and and replace them with the Truth. Philippians 4:13 has been what I call my life verse and it is posted all over my house, my job, and I even carry it with me wherever I go, engraved in tote bags, etc. I loved the “Let’s Take God’s Commandment and Make it Our Commitment” on the PDF version of the video message. I am going to write it on index cards and post-its and place it in several places as a reminder.

  68. This spoke to me tonight. I have often said I am a failure. Yesterday I said that I must be a bad mom because my seventh grader is not succeeding in school. I am so very frustrated because no matter how hard I feel that I try, I just can’t seem to juggle motherhood and working even though I work from home. But it didn’t devastate me as much yesterday. I know that I am a good mother. My kids are clean and well fed and smiling. My seventh grader has always struggled in school which breaks my heart but this does not make mea bad mother. I know the enemy wants me to think that I am bad but I know that God is holding me up and walking with me and together we will make it through this struggle too it doesn’t mean I won’t think it again but through this study I am changing the way I think about myself.

    • Oh Girl! I know where you are coming from. It is so hard not to base our parenting skills on the success of our children. Yet every one of us know that children have their own battles and choices. We can’t control every piece of their lives; that is God’s job, right? I am so thrilled to see your words that this study is helping you change the way you think about yourself. If you have accepted Christ as your Savior, then you are the daughter of the King! He loves everything about you and knows how much you put into caring for your children. Blessings to you!!

  69. Donna from Honolulu, Hawaii says:

    Thank you Renee for the video on learning how not to throw away your confidence. I like many of the ladies here must throw confidence away without even knowing it? You know you get so use to doing this that it becomes an everyday normal thing to do… I’ve been defeated so many times- or let down by friends and family without them even knowing that they put me down or make me feel bad…I do the whole snow ball effect just keep adding it to the pile of all my insecurities, self doubt, I’m not good enough feelings until I’m so far in I don’t know how to get out??? My favorite friends right now are my 3 dogs- my pillow & blanket!!! But after watching the video and taking notes I am on the right course of leaving those ugly feelings behind—I’m going to start throwing away those hideous feelings!!! I printed out “Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence” and I will read through it each night before I go to bed to give me back my confidence. I know God loves me, but sometimes I don’t feel worthy of His love. I will continue to learn to draw close to Him.

    Much Aloha~~

    • Pam Anderson says:

      I love your idea about reading through the “Don’t Throw Your Confidence Away” worksheet every night. That didn’t even occur to me to do. Thanks so much!

  70. GISELLE GRAS says:

    Hi Renee and all the wonderful women doing this study!

    in regard to this day’s video and download, has anyone had a an issue downloading the PDF with- negative talk v. right confessions along with Bible verses? I have a Microsoft Word for Mac. and only see scramble words as I try to download it. Please help!
    Thank you, Giselle from Miami

    P.S. Praying for Renee’s precious little daughter, that her MRI does not show anything serious!!

    • I had to download the PDF and I am not using Safari. I am using Firefox. I do not know a lot about the technical aspects of this but it seems to work very well. I am also using a MAC.

    • Typically PDF files are better suited for readers, not Word. Can you try opening it in Google Chrome to see if this helps?

  71. Working hard to change my mindset this week and lean on the promises of God and his strength to do all things. Self-doubt is an issue that I have faced for so long that I came to a point where it had become something I thought was normal. In my discovery I was faced with the fear that I won’t be able to change and I am throwing that doubt away this morning.

  72. Wow. This is going to be a good study for me. I am really struggling right now with some big decisions, and I am having a hard time not doubting myself!!! I have also been doubting that God will come through for me. I would appreciate your prayers. Thanks!

  73. What a blessing this book has been to me. I am going through it a second time and the Lord is using it greatly in my life. Thank you for being faithful. Praying for your daughter.

  74. I love the idea of throwing my doubts away instead of my confidence! And yes, I am going to write them down. And print the message. I am excited to start this process and am looking forward to big changes.

  75. God knew what He was doing when He allowed me “stumble” onto Renee’s devotion that was posted on I have been lingering in the darkness of doubt from the time I was a little girl. Even though I have been successful in many aspects of my life and I come across as a confident strong woman. I am still that scared little girl who believes she is “never good enough” “never smart enough” “never pretty enough”……the list goes on and on.
    I feel as though this was an answer to prayer and I am anticipating learning much and allowing God to use this work in me so that I can glorify Him with what I have learned and use this to serve Him victoriously.

  76. Courtney says:

    Thank you so much for the encouraging message that spoke to me. I love the idea of throwing away our doubts and the exercise of writing them down and throwing them in the trash. It will be a great act so that I don’t let the negative crowd out my confidence!!

  77. kathleen says:

    This message was definitely needed today. I’m having trouble at work feeling I’m good enough. I will be writing down my doubts and throwing them away. I’m tired of feeling this way. I am good enough! Also I want to thank you I signed up for something today I have been wanting to do for along time and was always to scared to do. Again thank you for showing me I am good enough!

  78. August Rose says:

    I thought about the one deep desire that I have had for years. I tried to meet the need in other ways because I didnt trust God and that caused pain. I realize I have made excuses for this because I am not confident in this one area. Thanks for having this online book and bible study. God Bless you Renee and every woman reading and studying along with us!

  79. Hi Renee, I read that verse earlier in the week and it caught my eye and made me think about it, so I am glad you chose that one to start with. And then to actually write down your doubts and throw them away, was fantastic. The writing part makes you think about it more and then the action of throwing it away actually casts it to the wind and out of your mind~~~~~~I love it~~~~~Thanks Sue

  80. I love the idea of actually writing my doubts down and throwing them away. It is so easy to throw away my confidence. The specific verses to replace those doubts with will be very helpful. Thank you so much.

  81. Leslie S says:

    Thank you for making this affordable and doable. I love that I am sitting in my kitchen after a long day at work and feel like all these ladies are sharing a cup of coffee or tea and sharing such wonderful insights……I have allowed myself to miss so much by listening to the many voices of insecurity and am so excited about the scripture and study. Good luck to everyone and I hope we all finish with verses to guide us etched in our brains and CONFIDENCE strengthening and freeing our hearts to be persevering warrior woman for God.

  82. Rebecca Rodriguez says:

    I really enjoyed your video. I also, love the idea about writing down my doubts. I think it will help me to start loving my self and to really get closer to the Lord.

  83. Through this study, I’m learning to identify doubts I didn’t even know I had! Like “God doesn’t really love me or want to help me unless I do this and this and this.” I commit to writing my doubts down for 7 days and trashing them! I printed out the download and will keep it in my purse to refer to as needed, whether at work or at home. At work, I often struggle with “I feel overwhelmed” and “I’m not strong enough”…I’m thankful for the resource to help me replace those thoughts.

  84. Renee, thank You so much! This week i have had so many doubts creep up and in… I needed to hear this and be reminded!! I love the trash picture and the free resources!! God Bless your ministry and thank you so much!!

  85. How encouraging was the video you posted. I too struggle deeply with doubting myself. I am committing to the 7 day challenge and throwing my doubts away!

  86. Connie J. says:

    I have lived with doubt my entire life. I never felt good enough. Even now, I don’t feel good enough. I have been asking God to get His promises out of my head and into my heart. It’s time to start throwing away those doubts!

    • Kristen Barkdull says:

      I too have lived with doubt my whole life. So i Understand how you feel. I pray God will use this study to help us both! God bless!

      • Connie J. says:

        I love when I see others struggling with the same things I’m struggling with. It helps me to realize that I am not alone in my struggles!

  87. Kristen Barkdull says:

    Looking through all of this comments really made my day. It is awesome to read about how each of you are doing and what you are learning from this study! I wish that I could get to know each and every one of you! If anyone would like to talk more about this study I welcome e-mails: Or if anyone is looking for an accountability partner I would love one! I would love to get to know anyone and see how God is working in your lives. God bless!

  88. Thanks so much for the study and video! Have been dealing with self-doubt and confidence issues since my pre-teen years, and feel like God brought me to this study. Bless you in all you do to help women!

    • Kristen Barkdull says:

      I too have dealt with confidence and doubt since I was a teen. I pray God will use this study to help you overcome both of those! God bless!

  89. Oh thank you for the video. I want to throw the doubt away!! I will have a printout at work at home and in my purse. When I go to my bad place I can pull them out and go over and over God’s Word. May I allow it to speak to my heart and change me!!

  90. I need this, and will listen to the video again. Thanks for doing the study.

  91. Kristi Stirler says:

    I am enjoying this study so much! It has been eye opening to see scriptures that point to God’s love for us and how He wants us to walk in confidence. Thank you! Can’t wait for the rest:)

  92. Wow, your video message was conformation for me of what my counselor said to me just this very afternoon. She wanted me to become more aware of the doubts that go through my brain and ask myself why I believe it and to replace it with truth. I struggle with not only the doubts in my head but also with knowing where in God’s Word to find the truth to battle the doubt. I am a struggling single mom of three (although one currently lives with his dad). I am trying to figure out who God wants me to be. I went from being a daughter to a girlfriend to a wife to a mother in a very short amount of time and never really figured out who I was. I am praying that through this study I will not just know that God loves me but actually believe that he loves me and that I can figure out what he wants for me. So thank you very much Renee for this video.

  93. Great to have you here, Jill! God has a plan for your life. So thrilling to see that you are willing to do His will!

  94. I wasn’t sure I needed this study, because I was confident that I believed in God and I believed God, for everyone else, that is. Surely his promises don’t apply to me, right? Well, I have to say that after just one chapter, and answering all the questions and being completely honest with myself, I know this is exactly what I need. Becuase the truth is that my confidence in God’s promises for me doesn’t even register. The pain that has been allowed in my life has only intensified those doubts, even if, through it all, I have leaned more and more on God to bring me through my suffering. If he can get me through the worst of things (the bare minimum of what he can do) how much more could he have in store for me that I have been missing out on?

    I have been deeply moved by reading everyone’s stories that have knocked down their confidence and those who have failed to develop it completely, like me. I was taken aback by the question about my earliest memory of doubt. I seriously can’t remember. I have always been like this and nothing sticks out. My goal in this study is to get unstuck from that cycle of doubt and non-action. I know that it isn’t Gods plan. Not for me, and not for anyone. I am blessed to know that I am not alone in this!

    I also will be writing down and throwing away my doubt. My biggest struggle will be recognizing it and stopping it. I plan to memorize the verses that help me the most with my doubt and use them as a shield. I want to be secure in my faith- Secure enough to stop the doubt in it’s tracks! I want to claim God’s promises that I have been missing out on!

    • I will take you suggestions and remove my feeling of doubt, I love throwing away stuff I no longer need!!
      Jan from Hancock

  95. Thank you for this study and for the video. I am going to take up the challenge. I have always suffered from self doubt but did not fully realize the impact that this lack of confidence has had on my life. I have been paralyzed by this for years. Looking foward to overcoming this.

  96. Kyrie Elรฉison says:

    I love the printout, it will be so helpful to me when those horrible doubts start coming into my head, which they do all day long. Lol, I confess though I feel bad throwing away as much paper as it would take for me to throw away each doubt I have! However, I am going to make a page on my computer to write the doubt down on, and then trash it on the computer ๐Ÿ™‚ For me it will have the same affect, making me aware of my doubts, and negative thoughts, and throwing away them away, both literally and figuratively, and replacing them with truth of God’s promises. Hope that’s an OK way of doing it still!

    I also liked the message about how easily we throw away our confidence. I know I have trashed my confidence so much that I was pretty sure that it had long ago been sent to the dump ๐Ÿ™ With Renee’s gift of presenting me with God’s promises though, I am starting to think that perhaps it my confidence didn’t make it to the dump, but rather it is just sitting in a dark place in the attic, with lots of dust on it. With help from this book, and most of all God’s promises, I can bring it out of the attic though, and into God’s light, polishing it until it shines through me for all to see!

    Already I am feeling so positive compared to when I first started. I know there will be the bad days still, and I wont always be able to cast out my doubt, but I am human and not perfect, and as long as I have God, I know that I will eventually be able to come back to this new place of feeling hopeful. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t made a 360 degree change. I am still a doubting Thomasita (since I’m a girl I changed it from Thomas ;), and will probably to some extent always be. I just feel hope creeping in that as long as I pray about my doubt, God will bring me back to His promises eventually, and what I am learning here, and restore me.

    Thanks for the sheet, and the video Renee. It was a blessing!

  97. Your video ministered to my heart and self doubt can creep in a lot. It’s what we do with it, I loved the exercise u gave. Im a visual person and this really is a great way to physically, not only mentally, throw those doubts of self confidence away, and then to meditate on Phil 4:8-9. Think about only those things that are true and lovely, things from the Lord. I was talking with a friend the other and she reminded me to count my blessings, name them one by one. If u go straight to a bad thought and staying there not trusting the Lord….then u r doubting what God has or says to you. I am so blessed to be doing this study, it’s refining, refreshing and so encouraging. Thank you so much!

    God bless you sister!

  98. Wow. I am so excited that I obeyed God’s nudging me to watch this video tonight. His timing is always so perfect. I’ve been feeling “out of sorts” today, starting a new job, and feeling very unconfident and “like a failure.” All those negative messages about not being good enough and this won’t work out have been running through my mind all afternoon. Thank you for the encouragement and especially for the wonderful chart to use as a quick “go to” for reminders of God’s truths.

  99. So I listened to the video on my way 2 work. And I walked into work with confidence & prayed that the lord would walk in with me. I was going 2 take hold of my doubts & trust in the lord. But then i got hit, when I sat down next 2 my coworkers they were whispering & all I heard was, “She’s sweet but dump as dirt”. Now I don’t khow if they were talking about me but the doubts started rushing in & the rest of the day I was doubting every decision I made or any conversation I was part of b/c I was worried about what they were thinking of me. I was so afraid they WERE talking about me that I didn’t have the courage 2 ask them. How do I take hold of those doubts?

    • christine lowe says:

      Hi sd

      Someone once told me to get over myself, not everything is about me. I want to say that to you with kindness. If you’re doing this study you are NOT dumb. Far from it. I’ve always felt not quite good enough and yet 9 years ago God loved me enough to connect me with a woman who was a Christian who invited me to church and bible study. I never even knew there were bible studies and I hadn’t been to church since I was in grade school. I know I didn’t have anything to do about meeting this woman now. At the time I was just happy to meet someone I could share my love for dogs with and do rescue. I can see now God was directing my every move. He loved me enough to give me this gift even when I was at my lowest. If He did this wonderful thing for me He will do the same for you. You’re worth it.

  100. I just LOVE this! It’s so refreshing to be able to throw away these awful feelings of inadequacy and failure and replace them with God’s truth. Thank you for helping me to clear out some nasty mind clutter and refocus on Him! Now off to memorize these verses!

  101. Renee,
    I took your last study and I remember that one theme I shared over and over was how I sensed your prayers for our study. Well, this time is no different. I can see now that God has been preparing my heart for this message since last week. You just put into words what I have been learning and experiencing for the past several days. Thank you for this confirmation and your prayers.
    In Christ,

  102. Angela Li says:

    Hi Renee!
    I just want to say how glad I am to have found your book and this online study group. I’ve been struggling with self confidence and having hope for so so long and I have been under the shadow throughout. I couldn’t sleep at night and instead stayed up crying of worries and a hopeless future. I was thirteen! I was so hopeless and was struggling with simply having the courage to go to school and live my life normally. But I didn’t turn to God. My problems weren’t that severe: I wasn’t bullied, I had friends and my family wasn’t that bad. Ok, family was a big struggle at the time because my dad wasn’t living with my mom and I, and my friends weren’t the kind that I longed for. I was having horrible, terrifying thoughts of worries about my future , which I assumed will probably be a dark alley. On top of that I was stuffing myself with thoughts from the enemy and telling myself all sorts of ugly stuff, which I still do sometimes now but I try my best to turn to God and let him help me through hard times. Deut. 31:6 tells us “Do not be afraid because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you;” It’s honestly very hard for me to open up my heart to the Lord at school and around people sometimes who I suspect and assume do not love me and want to judge me, but that doesn’t change the fact that God’s there! I’m turning fifteen in the summer and the past year along has been such a roller coaster ride. The really crazy kind! I have wept so so much but those tears were shed with people that love me and I know that God sent them, like angles, to help me when I was down. I’m really thankful for what you’re doing and may God continue to work through you in helping others who are broken and struggling. God bless!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Angela, how I wish I had learned these truths and planted them deep in my heart when I was your age! I think it would have saved much heartache. I am so excited for you to be ‘finding’ your confidence at a young age- God will do great things with your life!

      • Angela Li says:

        Hi Lydia! I love that name! I don’t quite have it all together yet and still have doubts a lot, but I’m trusting God that they’re not true and I can overcome them through time and grace ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the encouragement, I smiled and felt a warmth in my heart! I hope you’ll fight for that strength too and remember we’re all in this together!

  103. Tiffany C says:

    Thank you for the video this morning! That verse, or rather, that phrase “throwing away your condfidence” surprisingly hit me at my core when I first read it! So I was so excited that you addressed it! That’s exactly what happens with me… I know God, what His word says, what HIs promises are, who I am in Him; but somedays all it it takes is one word of critcsm or for me to fail at something or to be overwhelmed or not to know what to do or for someone to do it better than me and my confidence is out in the trash like your remote power button! And I’m really tired of it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Enough is enough! Ready to toss doubts instead of confidence! Look out now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. Thank you for such a great video that gives me a visual and concrete way to “throwing away” my insecurities! I will be doing that this week. God has been revealing those insecurities that I havent recognized because it has become such a natural part of my life. I was feeling a bit defeated yesterday, but I am claiming God’s truth in facing those insecurities and lies Satan keeps throwing my way.
    Renee, thank you for taking the time to have this online study for your book. It is neat reading through the comments and seeing how God is working through so many lives in this study!

  105. Heather Boring says:

    I tell myself something negitive almost everyday. I am so excited about this study. I have battled with insecurity and self doubt for so long I can not remember a time that I felt confident with who I am and that GOD loves me.

  106. Delia Robinson says:

    I am already finding that years of practicing doubt and lack of confidence are not easily broken. I was placed in a group of 5 teachers ?to write Task Analysis for a new curriculum. Intimidation? Its like I know I can, but am so reluctant to share ideas, fearing the risk of sounding stupid. I am not stupid. I am a master teacher. I excused myself to the bathroom, took the prayer from our first assignment out of my pocket and prayed it in the restroom. Upon returning, I conciously made myself speak up. ( Its not easy to hide in a room of 5). Well, got a few high fives for my input, then out county leader came in and said that our work was the best she had seen all day and she would be sharing it a regional meetings. Hallelujah! Standing on the Promises of God!

  107. Tasha M. says:

    I loved the statement in the video where you say when need to ask God to help us to stop throwing away our confidence and instead, throw away our insecurities. I have added this to my prayer list. In my line of work I have to give presentations all of the time but I allow fear and doubt to make me a wreck before every presentation. I have a presentation this afternoon and I plan to take the Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence sheet with me and consistently repeat God’s truths over and over again. The statement in Chapter 1 that stuck out to me the most was that my confidence is built when I ask God for what is already in His will for my life. I am working on praying God’s promises out loud over and over. I can’t wait to see how full my trash can gets with all of the devil’s lies about me!

  108. THANK YOU, Renee!!! Although I haven’t really started my today I look forward to throwing away in doubt that tries to sneak into my thinking and or my heart today. I truly appreciate the download that gives us truths from the Bible…..when I have feelings of doubt I’m not always where I can access a Bible and I will be posting one of these next to my bathroom mirror and cutting up another one to be able to put in on note cards or something like it and put in my purse for easy access when I need to read the truth(s)!

    My biggest struggle, especially right, is that “I can’t change” and that “I’m not good enough”! This study is just what I needed.

  109. LaKeta McSellers says:

    Thank you for this message. I will definitely be prepared now to throw away my doubts and hold onto my confidence. I struggle with a lack of confidence on a daily basis. I am going to post Hebrews 10:35-36 on walls all over my house. I want to be reminded of God’s promises everywhere I go. I know that if God believes in me, I should believe in myself as well. He knows that I am capable, now it’s my turn. Thank you Renee for writing this book and hosting this study. God Bless.

  110. Dallena Hess says:

    This video is good. I’m going to keep the sheet posted where i can see it at work. I will probally print out Hebrews 10:35-36 and post it to my computer at work. I let the little things rattle me the most. I’m good about encouraging others and i have a gift for it. Alot of times i let the doubts and insecurities rattle my confidence. I’m hard of hearing and I understood everything Renee was saying!

  111. I don’t even remember how I came across Renee’s book. All I can say is God knew what He was doing. I read the book entirely and while doing so came across the first online study earlier in the year. I caught the end of the study. I went back and and read all of Renee’s daily posts in the archives and watched all the videos. Therefore, this time around I can really review and reflect more.

    I remember watching this video segment earlier this year and thinking how writing down and actually throwing away the feelings I was having seemed like a good idea. Then, in early March, I broke off a somewhat new relationship. While the relationship ended on good terms, I was shocked to say the least when the guy told me I was a negative person and complained all the time. Wow! That is definitely not what I want ANYONE saying about me. I knew then God wanted me to participate and complete the online study.

    I struggle with being still and finding the quiet place where I can actually hear God. Sometimes, I doubt myself and don’t even realize it until later. I am going to put the ideas from the video segment to use. I pray God will give me the strength to learn to be still like Mary and listen to Him and recognize my doubts, fears, negative thinking, etc., and create a habit of replacing it with His promises to me from His word.

    I really love the concept of praying His words from the prayers at the end of the chapters. I sometimes doubt my ability to know how to pray, how to study His word, etc. Renee’s concept of praying His word definitely gave my confidence a boost.

    I would like to finish by just saying thank you to Renee for all of her hard work. God is sure to bless you beyond measure. Love ya girl!

  112. Julianne says:

    When I heard about this online study group, I was actually DOUBTING myself to joining. Every time I join a study group, like this, I NEVER finish. I chose to join this last night but for days I was having second thoughts about it. I kept thinking that I was going to start off strong but never complete the book. After reading the first chapter, I sat in awe at how many doubts go through my head and how many imes I actually throw away my confidence every day. This week, God has been revealing to me all the confidence I throw away each day and I finally see how much I need Him to guide me through persevering. Can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me through the next few weeks!!

    • Julianne, I also struggle with follow through on studies like this. I guess we have to trust that God will speak to us through it as much as we are faithful… and even if for whatever reason we do fall behind, He can use what we do accomplish to change us.

  113. God has made us courageous women. Going back, I am trying with God’s help to discover the roots of my doubt and fear. The Lord has surprised me, reminding me of things I’d long ago pushed down deep within me. Pulling out those roots is making me face emotions, hurts, disappointments that stole my confidence. I am claiming back that territory for Christ! I am his, and he has not given me a spirit of fear. One day at a time, I am growing stronger. He is my strength and my courage, with him, I can do anything.

  114. Amazing. I am SO excited about this study. I so need it right now. I constantly battle with my confidence.
    This is the first time I’ve done and online Bible study. Can’t wait to see all God has in store for me through Renee and this study!

  115. Great Video today!! This message really hit home for me. The last 2 days or so I have been pretty hard on myself, words of my life is never going to change have been running around through my head. Other thoughts such as i am not good enough to do those things are there are well. I love the idea of writing those silly words out on paper and then having the strength to crumble up that paper and throw the words in the trash. What a great way to gain the confidence over our thoughts that can hinder us from moving forward with things in life.
    Putting all of our faith in God and knowing that by trashing our insecurities rather than our confidence is what He wants from us has been an amazing eye opener for me. I am getting ready to print the notes and watch the video one more time. Great message and I am looking forward to gaining my confidence and throwing out all the insecure messages I send myself!

  116. Going now to fill up that trash can!!! Confidence in Christ… my new motto!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  117. Jeanie Pryor says:

    My 13 year old daughter and I are doing this book and study together. Today was a great beginning to learning how to have a more confident heart. She and I both struggle with weight issues and right now our family is doing the 10 day Cleanse America with eating only fruits and veggies for healing and rebooting our bodies. This study came at the most perfect time for us as now we can cleanse our minds of such negative doubts. We are on day 4 of the cleanse and it has been fairly easy for me so far, but its been very hard for her as she does not like veggies at all. This Chapter 1 and message from your video today really helped her to believe that she can complete this 10 days and that the words “I can’t do this” are words of doubt that she can now throw away in the trash. Its really amazing to hear her share her thoughts about this Cleanse and even more amazing to see her be encouraged through this chapter and video today to the point that she is actually setting some goals to continue good eating habits past the 10 days. I am excited to continue to Chapter 2 with her. Thank you for sharing such encouragement today and we look forward to the rest of the study. I am hoping and praying at the end of this study….She and I will truly have a more Confident Heart, we will be well on our way to a healthy mind and body, and we will draw even more closer to God!!!

    • What a great journey to share with your daughter- to learn confidence in Christ. My baby girl is only one, but I’m hoping to be able to model such confidence for her by the time she is thirteen! (Thankfully I have a few years to figure it out). I think it’s great that you are open with your daughter, that you are real with her- it will encourage her to be real with you in the future!

  118. This is the study I have needed for years! I don’t think I have ever felt like I was good enough, parents had us young ( and I’m a twin). My mother told me to get the heck out at 15 and never come back and I never understood why I wasn’t enough, it was all because my parents had divorced and I wanted to stay with my dad, those words wounded me more deeply then I knew. I then had a baby at 17, got married at 18 and went through alot of rejection, he cheated, and I don’t think ever really loved me, after 5 years and 2 more babies together we divorced. He remarried 4 months later. To make this story short I am now on marriage #4, but have spent my life feeling worthless and alone. I have 6 amazing children and within the last 6months have started counseling , I did not realize how wounded I was and the baggage I had carried into this marriage. I have issues with trusting my husband and just knowing he loves me. I am ready to become the woman God created me to be and to do his plans for my life. I want to walk in his confidence and know I am special! I am his masterpiece. I am his princess. I am ready to start replacing all the lies of satan with God’s truth and learn to walk in his light! I will write all my doubts down and throw them in the trash and replace them with what God tells me. I am going to hang a printout on my mirror and read it daily, and carry one i my purse so when those doubts arise and can read and say his truths and start hiding those away in my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and writing this book! ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. Wow what a week, I started Chapter 1 and stopped, thinking that this is going to be too hard and dig too deep to raw wounds. But I continued and finished question 7 today. Then I read Lysa’s message today on the Proverbs site and what was she talking about but Q. 7! Boy that really helped me know that their are other Godly ladies that thow things or slam doors.
    I am renewed to contune on the Chapter 2 and dig deeper through I will need a new box of tissues.
    Hugs and blessings to all, J

  120. I printed the download and have it hanging on my cubicle wall right where I can see it to remind me of how God feels about me.

    I am really going to try to do the 7-day Challenge.

  121. Just love it Renee. Thank you! I”m committing. You know my lack of confidence used to be so obvious. And I did get some deep healing as I received the Truth of His everlasting love. I do believe however, God has called me to this study for this time in my life. I believe He wants to uncover some of the less obvious doubts I have, the ones I don’t see, the ones that are at work without me seeing or feeling them fully. Thank you for this opportunity to dig deeper, come up higher, and receive a new revelation of the confidence I can claim in God alone.

    • I agree. I know there are “hidden” doubts, just as we have sins that we don’t identify. I want them to come out into the light so I can deal with them and throw them AWAY!

  122. I am constantly struggling with feelings of inadequacy. My head knows the Truth, but my heart just refuses to listen. It is sooo frustrating. I really hope that through this study I will be able to PERSEVERE and RECEIVE what the Lord has promised.

  123. Loretta Pearson says:

    This is what I need at this time in my life! God is calling and I keep throwing away my confidence, listening to the little voice that says “you’re not good enough, you can’t do this”. Wow, I need to focus on God’s Word and not allow doubt inside my mind!

    Thank you for such a good word!

  124. I had to throw away a lie right after hearing this. My daughters are sick and I haven’t had much sleep,and I felt like I can’t do this and then I remembered the truth of God that I can do all things Through Him who gives me strength. The video came right when I needed it. Thanks

  125. Thank you for this study. It is already making me really explore my deep feelings of self-doubt and insecurity. One of those has to do with performance anxiety in regards to singing and playing piano in my church. I know I can do both of these things, but that self-doubt of “Will it sound good?” or “I can’t do this as well as someone else.” creeps into my head and I become my own worst enemy. I concentrate too much on doing it perfectly rather than simply making a joyful noise unto the Lord. I have other insecurities as well, but this is the one I am most recently dealing with. I need to focus on “All things are possible.” it is easier just to shrink back and let someone else sing/play when music means so much to me and speaks to my heart.

  126. Thank you for offering this study. I am really enjoying the process. However, I am currently facing deep doubt. My husband wants a divorce. I know that I have not been the best wife. But as I read your book I try to continue to believe God will guide me in the right direction!

    • LIbby, God is guiding you. Hold on tight to Him for He will walk you through whatever comes. I pray that as you continue to study, the confident woman you are becoming will be seen in your husband’s eyes.

  127. Lynda Haley says:

    I wish that I had read this book about a year ago! My husband and I were having to deal with some major life changes that made me constantly rely on God. I was leaving all that I knew and held dear….family, friends, my 2 cats, my dog and my horses to move to South Korea. My husband had been born there (his parents were missionaries) but I had never stepped foot out of the United States! The hardest part of the battle, though, was having to fight off the words “I can’t do this” or “how can I do this”. I quickly learned that just giving those words up to God was like mosquitoes hitting a bug zapper! They were instantly destroyed. I had many dear friends that gave me books to encourage or wrote me emails which all helped me fling those words away.

    There are still those moments, after living here over a year, that I wonder how I am going to do something, how could I possibly accomplish something and then those words of God flow into my worries and lack of confidence and remind me that He has “not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7). Thank you so much for giving me even more encouragement and helping me to see that I am not alone in my journey. I too had a life almost identical to yours but God has almost daily made me into something new…if I let Him!

  128. It has taken me ALL WEEK to get through this first chapter. Every portion that I read brought me to tears so much that I thought my heart would break and I had to stop reading for a bit. Renee, I know that this work you do is definitely God’s will for your life, otherwise you would not be able to put into words EXACTLY how I feel and think. I first became aware of your book and Bible study almost 5 months ago and I knew it was something God wanted me to do, since I cannot seem to get past the pain of my life before Him without help. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I posted a request on Facebook for a new Bible to study to do. THE NEXT DAY the e-book version of your book was made available for free! So I came back to your website and discovered the next study starting this week. I am absolutely terrified at the idea of where He is taking me right now – in my life, through other Bible studies that I’m doing and now through this one too – but I’m also excited.

    • Oh sweet Carrie, I understand your fear. This was not an easy book to write. I had to walk through each and every doubt again and feel them deeply and then put to the test the very things I knew to be true and live in them. So many things surfaced that I thought I had worked through, It was hard. It was scary at times and it was more than I thought I could handle some days – BUT GOD showed up every time I came to the end of my self and the pain and the wishing things had been different – and He would meet me in those hard and tear-filled memories and sadness. He is there friend. ANd you are not alone.

      Nothing can change what happened in the past but we can choose how we will let it define us from here on out. Satan wants us to stay there and wish it had been different or to question why God allowed it all but we gain nothing except sorrow and hopelessness in that. Jesus wants to walk with you through this and help you identify what it was but then name it and re-frame it through the redemptive grace and truth of His Word and spirit in you that is available to access power and healing He brings when we depend on Him for it.

      I’m praying these truths over you and all the others here – as I lay my head on the pillow and sink into His arms tonight. You are loved!!!

      • Renee,
        I really like your second paragraph of the reply. It is interesting how Satan and our flesh get us to focus on the negative and the past, and God wants us to hold onto his truths and move forward. It is interesting how we seem to live in the past and our regrets instead of moving forward to a better place. I never did understand why we would want to stay in this negative place instead of moving forward. Hope you sleep well. Thanks for all the thoughts you share on here and for leading and writing the study.

  129. I really like that tangible way of throwing away those lies that feed our insecurities and fears!! Our Pastor spoke about recognizing those “little” lies…like, “I can’t do this.” or “I’m not good enough” and to replace them with truth! What you shared is such a good tool to use to make a stand! I will be using this tool a lot in this journey of having a Confident Heart!! Thank you for sharing this!!

    I am starting to recognize many lies in my life that I have believed and has caused me defeat! My husband and I are separated and there are so many lies that I have believed about our relationship. If I can throw away those lies and insecurities then I will be able to stand in the hope that God will do a new thing in our relationship!!

    • Cherie,

      When I read your post, I had to respond. I know exactly what you mean about satan’s lies and them being prevalent in your marriage. I have a book suggestion for you – The Power of a Praying Wife. You have probably already heard of it, I’m sure. If you have never read it, I encourage you strongly to do so. I’m currently reading it for the 3rd time. I read one chapter a day and pray the scripture it references, journaling it all. I do this for both myself and my future husband. I became a believer too late (and his heart is too hardened towards God) to save that marriage, but I do know it will help me in the next! And why it is I never thought to hunt down scripture and pray those for myself, to claim the confidence God desires for me, I will never know! Thank you, Lord, for Renee.

  130. Ashley G says:

    This video was spot on. I’ve used to doubt myself a whole lot more than I do now. It is very easy to doubt yourself and listen to that voice. I have learned and am still learning how to not doubt myself. I recently came running back to Christ after years of being away. I am so thankful that He is loving, forgiving and welcomes His children with open arms. I can feel my relationship growing more and more each day and my confidence with it. I am still learning to give a;; doubts and fear to our Lord and let His will be done in my life. I LOVE OUR GOD, OUR FATHER, OUR CREATOR. He is amazing and I want to shout it from the mountain tops! Doubt is no longer an option in my life, my faith lies in Christ =)

    • Amen, Ashley. I too am still learning how to not doubt myself, but have come a long way since Christ has been in my life. I pray for others who do not have Christ in there lives, for He is the way and the only way to salvation. He is my comforter, my counselor, but most of all He is my father. When I am totally focused with God I have peace and what a wonderful feeling that is. I do stray from time to time, just as with doubts, but then I jump right on the track with God as my focus and everything works out, so I am continuing to learn day to day how to give it all to God, and now worry or doubt myself. God Bless ๐Ÿ™‚

  131. Laura Plate says:

    I always fall into the lies of Satan with “I cannot change”. Thank you for sharing this exact trash talk and giving me truth talk to replace it with. I am going to memorize Phil 1:6 and claim it. Thank you for what you are doing.

    • That is the phrase that caught me too! I want so much to look like Christ…and I feel frustrated with myself when I *daily* do things that do not look like Him. I’m with you! Let’s claim Phil 1:6! He has started a good work in us…and He will complete it!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • My first time through these first chapters that verse grabbed me and I added it to my life verse 1Corin 2:9 as another one that gives hope. Thinking on these verses when I feel paralyzed by doubt really does make a difference.

  132. Wow this video really hit home for me. For one I always worry what other people think about me. That has keep me from doing a lot of things for the Lord. I felt I wasn’t good enough, I don’t know anything. Now I can say Hebrews 10:39. That is really going to help. Also I like the deal of throwing your trash away. Love the ideal. Thank you so much for the study.

  133. Renee, thank you for all you do for Christ and for us ladies. I think everyone at one time or another has doubt or negative thoughts, I know I do and most of the time my feelings seem to come from no where. When I think of doubt or negative thoughts I think the devil is trying to break my spirit and bring me down. When in difficult situations or doubting my self I try to find the good and focus on that but by posting Gods promises to me everywhere in my home, my wallet, my car, in a book, etc I will continuously be reminded of Gods love for me. I will take the 7 day challenge, not only will I write it down and THROW it away, it will be written in my journal so that I too will be able to see where I started on this journey, just my way of sharing my life story and testimony. Lifting prayers for all, God Bless.

  134. This message couldn’t have been better timed for me and what God’s been calling me to do, and the silliness I feel and profess when I say, “I’ll never be able to….” Throwing that away today!

  135. Pamela Miller says:

    I wanted to share that I loved the video and the idea of throwing our negative thoughts about ourselves in the trash can. Your message really spoke to me hard, as I have been having so many negative thoughts lately and feeling a little, well a lot unwanted and unloved and so very confused. I accepted Christ into my life on February 5, 2012, and this was one of the most amazing evenings of my life, as I shared this moment with my best friend. I thought that my life would always be full of love for God and His son, but the devil has definitely been reeking havoc in my life since this time. I am staying strong and when I heard of your bible study, I did not hesitate to sign up, as I felt God was calling me to attend this study with you and all the other wonderful people in the world. I am looking forward to studying with you and changing my life around for good. Thank you for your inspiration.

    • christine lowe says:

      Dear Pam, How exciting it is to say welcome to a new christian. I asked Christ to be my Lord and Savior 9years ago. This bible study will be good for you but if you can get in a group study in a nearby church. Now is the time you need as much support as you can find. As you already know the devil has taken notice of you. He will do whatever he can to make you doubt your conversion. Don’t let him win. You have Christ and all your sisters to help you now. If you need help we are here. You can contact me if you would like ex tra support. Stay strong sister.

  136. Jody Mooney says:

    Doubt is running my life. In the last year I had to make some difficult decisions and although I know in my heart that the decision was right, the back lash from the decision just keeps coming. Its affecting my husband, myself, and my daughter. I am doubting my ability as a wife , and a mother. My daughter is going through some hard times and blames me for all of it there is a lot of tension in the family and it is so exhausting. I have more decisions to make but I struggle so much with doubt that I cant move, or I come up with so many solutions and I cant choose. Most of all I feel defeated, hopeless and tired. I don’t feel like I have the strength. It seems pointless, like every decision I make is wrong. I know that sometimes when we make the wrong decisions, we suffer but when will it end? I know there is a plan but I truly don’t know what God is telling me to do. Is that because I am not a godly enough woman? I don’t know. I am going to try writing the doubts down and throwing them away, and I really hope this study helps. I just want to get out of this cycle of doubt and pain. Thanks to all of you for sharing!

    • I challenge you to replace each of those thoughts with a part of God’s word. Not being a godly enough woman is just another lie. It’s not how godly we appear, but how deeply we fall in love with our Father. Lean into Him and know He will complete His good work in you. Try using a new verse for each time a doubt revisits your thoughts. I’ve had to look up four verses in one day for the same doubt, but with faith and perseverance, now when it returns I can remember my verses and the feeling passes quicker. I still have rough days. now instead of doubts, I’m just tired all the time. My energy level has dropped. The enemy will use what ever he can to bring us down and keep us there. Still i am replacing these new issues with scripture. God will give me strength renewed. Please keep pushing forward and see where God will take you.

  137. Jody Mooney says:

    I am glad god has brought me to this study!!!

  138. Great chapter- I never knew how much God speak to us about being confident in Him not myself. Thank you for offering this study.

  139. Vanessa Wynn says:

    Since this is my second round on the online study, I’ve put these practices into play with my family, as well. When I hear my kids say “I can’t” or “I don’t get it” or “I’m not good at this or not good enough”, I’ve asked them to write down those words, wad up the paper, and throw them away. I’ve then reminded them of Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. This has been a wonderful opportunity to pour the truth into the lives of my children!

  140. Rhonda Palmer says:

    I won’t lie … It has been a little rough — all those memories of insecurity and doubt! The pattern that emerged, however, was very enlightening! I already knew I was a people-pleaser but I didn’t realize just how much the opinion of others played in my life, even now. Our ladies started a study in 1 John and I am once again in awe of the God who loves ME!!! No longer am I willing to shy away from sharing the best Guy in my life. No longer am I willing to fondle the doubts that enter my thinking. No longer am I willing to skirt around the truth because it may make someone uncomfortable. No longer will I fear the retribution that may come when I start a sentence with, “In the Bible, God says …”. There is forgiveness. There is love. There is hope.

  141. Renee ……….Thanks a great start and thank to the ladies who have shared their stories. I have so many self doubts I’m starting to see my daughters doubt themselves and I want them to be confident in God’s word as much as I want to be confident in the plans God has for me. Please keep me in your prayers. I want to speak boldly for God!

  142. Renee,thank you so much for publishing an awesome book!! After I believe the Lord had directed my path to your facebook page I began enjoying your posts and the one where you mentioned your on-line book and bible study on especially caught my attention. After seeing your post a few times and with each time came more and more thoughts toward it. I went to see if our Christian book store carried your book and to my sweet surprise they had one copy, I knew then the Lord really wanted me to join you on this confident heart journey!!! This is my first time being I part of an on-line study and I am super excited about it!! God bless you Renee ๐Ÿ™‚

  143. Katherine says:

    โ€œThatโ€™s how easily you throw away your confidence – without even recognizing it.โ€ I think I do it way to often that I would like to admit. “You are not doing God’s will”, “You are not doing enough for God” “You are not a good Christian”… etc.

  144. Wow! I meant to watch this when I first received the email, but it kept being pushed back, hmm…I wonder why that is? Well, I now know “someone” did not want me to hear this message. BUT God wanted me to and wow I should MADE time for this message earlier this week. It was a difficult week at work and I had a few set backs it seemed in all aspects of my life. This video went straight to the heart of things and I am so thankful and glad that I decided to get up at 4 a.m. on a Saturday and do my Bible study and watch this. I am for sure going to try the writing down my doubts and worries and throwing them away. What an awesomely simple, yet effective thing to do! I stand amazed at His timing and perseverance. Please pray for me and the decisions I have been struggling with.

  145. Kathy Hakes says:

    Thank you for the “Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence” Scriptures! I will post mine in my classroom! I will also share them with friends, family and the ladies that are in “A Confident Heart” small group. Thanks Renee for sharing God’s message with us. God has been very powerful!

  146. I totally recognized a doubt statement this week. I’m trying to learn golf, something my husband loves. Although it’s not my favorite yet, I’m trying and we are finding it’s a great way to spend time together. But it’s hard. This week on the driving range I was getting frustrated and heard the thought “I’m never going to be able to do this…. I can’t figure this out” etc. It brought to mind this week’s lesson and then the thought, but this is different. You don’t pray to learn how to learn golf. But then I stopped and thought about it and disagreed. because this isn’t just about learning golf, this is an offering to minister to my husband and enrich my marriage. The joy my husband gets at sharing his favorite hobby with me touches me so deeply. I do think it’s right to pray that God would enrich our time and help me understand the game well enough that we can enjoy each other and not just be frustrated. THAT is not enriching for our marriage at all! ๐Ÿ™‚ So thanks for the encouragement and helping me become aware of the doubts. I can see how this is going to impact every area of my life! Juli

  147. KAY PARRISH says:


  148. Shannon Steckel says:

    This comes in such an amazing time. For this past week I have had a job as ea Teacher 1 but felt like I was torn into all different directions and managing 12 children ages 2-5 by yourself. You are not aloud to discipline them or put them in time out. You have to distract them. So,when you trip on the cot and fall down no ones’ there to see it, than you get pinched and smacked by a child whose mom is watching. Just say that night I had a panic attack. It was an eye opening experience, so I said goodbye and thank you for the opportunity but it’s not for me. The manager answered ” I don’t want to say” Maybe I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you and thanks for your help but nothin” Makes you feel very important and appreciated. Right there I knew I made the right decision. However, I’m trying to throw these doubts away that the people who prayed for me so hard, I have let them down but it shouldn’t matter because God knows the true reason. Plus if they are true christians they will totally understand.I understand the managers are under alot of stress and I’m trying to pray for them but that comment hurt. However, there’s a better place suitable for me and I will persevere and walk with God. I will be more than ok.

  149. Stephanie says:

    I find myself believing Satan’s lies, too – the lies that I messed up again so I will never be good enough, that I can’t change, etc. I love the tangible practice of writing down those things and throwing them away!

  150. Martha ParfaitFelix says:

    Hi, Happy Sunday mercies:) Thank you for the video message. I will print out the “Don’t throw your confidence away” print out & will most certainly write my doubts & trash them, beginning with the one that keeps telling me that I can’t do this online bible study. I am a bit confused but I will continue til the end. I started reading chapter 2 yesterday, is that okay or do I continue going over chapter 1?

  151. Christina says:

    I am hoping to get a lot out of this study. I am constantly doubting myself and I’m scared of what plans God has for me. I am trying to get back into church and becoming a good christian. I often let my past get the best of me and I feel like it may be holding me back. My husband isn’t a christian and that’s part of why I have stopped going to church, I don’t want to go alone and I don’t want him to go because everyone can tell he doesn’t want to be there. I don’t apply to jobs because I’m afraid I will fail and that I’m not good enough so I stick with my dead end job. I would love to become a more confident woman and look forward to reading this book.

  152. I love the act of writing down my doubts and throwing them away. It’s such a simple thing and yet such a powerful reminder that I do not have to live with them.

  153. I ilked throwing away every doubt-holding onto God’s truth by making a commitment to His truth- to be confident we must hold on to God’s promises His word. I too am going to be intentional about holding on to His word, His truth this week.

  154. I think I am going to like this study. I have been involved in ministry for the past 7 years and yet this is still a struggle for me. My mentor tells me that I am negative and that I need to find my peace in God. She also has pointed out how I doubt myself so. I am going to try the trashcan idea every a doubt arises this week because I don’t want them to paralyze me anymore.

  155. this study has been such a blessing, because every area of my life is a walk in faith right now. god is calling me to some pretty ….intense areas of faith lately. letting him take control of my career and my love life is not easy, and very painful, and i often feel very insecure as a result. taking steps boldly in faith is very hard, but i’m excited to see what god is doing. trusting god while he’s doing it, especially since i don’t see a way out, is not easy, but then…he never calls us to easy, does he?

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