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Important Reminder: You’ll need a copy of the book, a notebook, a Bible, and a ready-for-Jesus-to-do-a-new-thing-in-you attitude! If you are waiting on your book, you can read the Foreword and chapter One on Amazon by clicking “Look Inside” here.

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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Brenda Schiesser says:

    Renee, this is my 3rd attempt at your Bible study of ACH. Every other time, I get totally off track and something comes up that prevents me from finishing. I feel like Satan is trying to keep me from learning what God has for me in this book. I have read the book and it is great. Please pray that I can start and finish this study well. Thank you.

    • Brenda Schiesser says:

      I also would like the replies…….forgot to click the appropriate button.

    • I will be praying for you Brenda!! I am so glad you are trying again. Just pace yourself. You dont’ have to do all of the assignments. I”m so glad you have read the book. That is a great start – this time I encourage you to write a time on your planner or on your mirror and commit 5 mins or 10 mins each day to read and pray or talk to Jesus about one of the questions. It’s a journey and this is a message that I lived over a half of a lifetime – not just in a few months. 🙂

      I have NO DOUBT satan doesn’t want this message sinking deep into your heart. He hates this message because he’s threatened by Jesus’ life in us. The spiritual attack my family and I endured while I was writing the book, and then during the months I led the last online study was truly unbelievable. I wanted to quit so many times BUT I am so glad I didn’t. Just like you,I just kept doing what I could and coming back – persevering while depending on Jesus with every ounce of weakness and strength I had.

      I’m so proud of you for signing up again. Will you do me a favor and read Chapter 10 first, I think it’s one we all need to read before we start into the book.

      • Brenda Schiesser says:

        That’s the perfect place to start, Renee. Thank you!

        • Hi again Brenda,

          Would love to hear what God showed you through Chapter 10 that will help you keep moving forward even when life, doubt or discouragement tries to set you back?

          Can’t wait to hear maybe just one truth you will hold onto the whole time?

          You’ve got Peggy and me praying for you!

    • Brenda Schiesser says:

      Hi Peggy……I’m Brenda from Michigan………we can do this!!!

    • Maureen Chiasson says:

      I will put you on my prayer list, Brenda:)

    • Lori Martin says:

      I really enjoy your emails. They are inspiring and encouraging. Thank you

  2. Peggy Kennedy says:

    Like Brenda, this is also my 3rd attempt but I have been so busy that I haven’t read the book. I would appreciate your prayers as well.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Peggy, I will be praying for you too!!

      Like I told Brenda, I am so glad you are trying again.

      Do what you can but remember you can’t just add this to your already full life. Something else needs to pause or wait or be cut so that you can make space in your day and in your heart for this work God wants to do in you and with you.

      Also, pace yourself and remember it’s a journey. Don’t feel like a failure if you dont’ get to do all of the assignments. Read the chapters and watch the videos. Take 5-15 mins each day to read and pray and talk to God about one of the questions. I

      I’ll repeat what I told Brenda because i want you to hear it to: Satan doesn’t want this message sinking deep into your heart. He hates this message because he’s threatened by Jesus’ life in you. The spiritual attack my family and I endured while I was writing the book, and then during the months I led the last online study was unbelievable – almost unbearable. I wanted to quit so many times BUT I am so glad I didn’t. JESUS is worth it and so are the lives HE’s changing through this message.

      Just hold onto HIS promises and keep choosing each day to live like they are true. it’s your life and no one can do this for you – but YOU ARE WORTH the choices and the time it will take. Do it for you – and Jesus – and others will be blessed by what HE does in you through it!! I promise!!

      Since you haven’t read the book, do this first. Read Chapter 10 today. Seems odd but you’ll know why after you read it. Then join us Monday for Chapter 1.

      Blessings to you both!

      • Brenda Schiesser says:

        I have my book in my lap and am going to read Chapter 10 right now.

        • So, what did God show you through Chapter 10 that might help you to remember throughout the study – hint hint – He’s not looking for pefection but…..???

          Two steps forward…

          waiting to hear from you :0)

          • Brenda Schiesser says:

            He wants consistency….He wants my faithfulness ……He wants me to depend on Him, to trust Him. He wants to be a part of my life every day………all day long. He wants a relationship with me.

  3. Peggy and Brenda – I want to encourage you to pray for and hold one another accountable. Maybe God brought you both here today so you could see you are not alone and encourage one another here each week 🙂

    • Hi Brenda — yes, but even when we aren’t consistent and faithful – He lavishes us with grace and is so patient with us – isn’t HE? He is so thrilled you are walking through this w/ Him by your side and He’s crazy about you!! Praying for you sister!!

  4. Hi Renee,

    I am excited for this new study! I just finished the last one with you and God moved through it powerfully. Word of advice for those who are doing it. In my experience, I did not need to do this Bible Study “perfectly” in order for God to meet me through it. Just do your best, don’t give up, and be faithful in your heart.

    With appreciation,

    • Great advice Holly!! Thank you for sharing. So glad you are journeying through it again with me – and us!! Thankful to have you along!!

  5. Beth Lesesne says:

    I am so excited. I am looking forward to this study..My 16 year old daughter is going to prom tonight so I am going to start reading tonight. Renee you actually came to my church a few years ago and I was not able to hear your teaching because of a family function so I am very excited to read your teachings and book.

  6. Susan Hutch says:

    I just screwed up and sent my comment to the last person that made a comment. I pressed the wrong
    button and now I feel so shamed. It is just an example of what a mess I am. I read your Chapter 1-
    I couldn’t believe how the negative comments were right from my head. Were you in there listening?
    How could you know the type of ongoing negativity that is relentlessly filling my head? I was disciplined
    by my parents telling me I was a bad girl. I am almost 60yrs old now and I cant get the “I am so bad/wrong
    thoughts out of my head, when I make any mistake I feel consumed with shame, like I want to crawl into
    a hole. Now I am so afraid of what “holly” the last woman to make a comment must think of me!
    I try to tell myself”I can do all thiings through Christ who strengthens me, but to no avail,. My husband
    wants me to work in his office and I just know I can’t do it. HELP! I pray this study will be a blessing!

    • Susan, you are fine. I don’t even think your comment went to the wrong place or maybe you figured out how to delete it. You know the Lord is so happy you are here and He’s the one who knows our thoughts – and wants to replace them with HIS!!

      Please open your heart and your mind to Him speaking sweet affirmations over those harsh words you heard for so long. They are not the truth about you – but Satan would love for you to keep listening to them. Please write down this week’s prayer and put it all around you and keep praying it out loud.

      Praying HIS promises get engraved on your heart and soul in these next several weeks as you do the work of seeking and really believing Jesus – He’s so crazy about you!

  7. Michelle Cornthwaite says:

    Very excited, my first time, I downloaded the free E Book two weeks ago, God is so Good ❤

  8. Dear Renee, I’m a second timer too.
    My church has been doing Lysa “not just a good Bible Study girl” They finish next week…we have graduations and all stuff coming up, but learned too make that time for ACH the first time and I don’t want my hectic life to fill the spot for Bible Study. It is difficult to type this as I have a rash all over my hands and legs…what started as a Vaginal yeast infection explode into my entire system…I know you my sisters…are already praying before I ask.
    It is starting to heal, but it mean life changing choice I have made this past week.

    • Oh Deena, I’m so sorry. I had a horrible allergic reaction to something last week and it about made me crazy!! It was awful. Praying for you to get the meds you need to get it under control. Oh sister, I am so so sorry. Praying the Lord heals and protect you and doesn’t allow the enemy to slow you down or keep you from all that Jesus has for you in this study starting now. For such a time as this – I’m so excited to gather here with you and all the others!!

  9. Renee, I’m glad you are continuing. It’s refreshing to see your emails through out the week…like a friend stopping by to say hello.


  10. Nadia Mendenhall says:

    REALLY looking forward to this study, getting into God’s word a little deeper, and becoming more confident in who I am in Christ! Thank you Renee for all you are doing in serving the Lord! You are appreciated 🙂

  11. Hello Renee,
    I’m looking forward to the upcoming study! It will be great to grow along with others.
    Thank you for your leadership.

  12. Hello Renee,

    This is my first online study so that in itself is exciting for me. I have been struggling with my itdentity in Christ throughout the past year. Admittedly, things are getting better, however, I am seeing the need for a strong Christian support network. The title of your book/study was all I needed. I am coming (soon!) to a crossroad in my life and I want nothing more than to figure out what God wants for me. My daughter, the last of three children, will be finishing her junior year in high school and shoving off to college after next year. I have been homeschooling for the last 12 years and now, although I know better 🙂 , it seems I have lost my main purpose in life. God has been faithful through these many years and I know I can expect great things…but it is hard to be confident. Thanks for all of your time, effort, and prayers.

    Thankfully! Under His Grace,

    Kim <

    • So glad you are here. God’s got a perfect plan to love on and encourage you for the next season of the life and purpose He has for you!! You’re just getting started friend – He’s got great things ahead!!

      • Hi Renee. How are you? I was wondering what the main link to the confident heart blog is. I usually go to it through the relies to comments that I get through e-mail, but i have deleted all the messages. 🙁 This is a great study. I really am enjoying your 7-Day Doubt Diet too. This study has gotten me to recognize when I have negative thoughts, and try to replace them with positive, biblical ones. I am still working on the 2nd part. Just yesterday, I was thinking I commented on the confident study blog, and only one person responded. Thoughts started pouring through my mind and heart that no one likes you, what you posted was not good, etc. I am also struggling to let go of a friendship. It has been 2 years since the person decided she doesn’t want to be close anymore, but I still have to interact with her on a daily basis so it is really hard. To go from telling deep secrets to now just saying hello, and that is it. I am also in seminary, and feel God is leading me to get my Master’s in Biblical Studies, but the classes are really hard, and I am not doing as well as I usually do. I am almost failing my greek class, and the final will determine if I fail the class. I have noise in my head and from other’s about why am I doing everything that I am doing, and that it is not what I should be doing. I did not choose to do this degree on my own, but I believe it was the prompting of God, but now I am not sure. I am trying to stay focused on God, but I don’t even know what to pray about anymore. I feel like why even pray for myself, b/c I can’t usually hear God’s response anyway. I can pray for others, and I do see him moving in other’s lives. I just don’t see him moving in mine, but that is probably b/c I am too focused on praying for other’s, comparing myself with others, and listening to others instead of God. Thanks so much for listening. All of this just to ask the direct link to your confident heart website.. 🙂 Hope you are blessed through this study as well.

        • Susan Hutch says:

          Hi Jessica,
          My heart was touched by you. You seem to be me! The same doubts you have, I have too!
          When you said that your blog post wasn’t important enough to be answered, I said the very
          same thing to myself! And..,.the struggles you have are the same for me. I want to make
          a pact with you–I will pray for you and you pray for me, okay? I KNOW we can do this
          bible study together and it wil slip the rug out from under Satan. We will learn amazing
          wonderful TRUTHFUL words and promises of GOD. It will be life-changing!! Are you
          game? Me too!. I want to replace the friend you lost, will you accept? We can check on
          each other througout the study! Blessings to you throughout today and always!!

          • Thank you so much Susan. Sure you can check up on me throughout the study, and I will life you up in prayer. Thanks for your encouragement. 🙂

  13. susan misch says:

    Hi Renee, I am excited to start this Monday~~~have one question, I am not on facebook,
    or twitter, do I need to be? Thanks Sue

    • Hi Susan,
      Facebook and Twitter are just extra :0) for those who are on it or who want to join. There will be plenty of activity here and its’ the main place we’ll connect!

  14. Susan Meyers says:

    Renee, I started your last Bible study of this book but I got overwhelmed and didn’t get past the !st lesson. Would it be okay to start over on Monday and try again?

    • Brenda Schiesser says:

      Susan, you are not alone. It’s better than OK!!!! This will be my third attempt………I’m praying for success this time! Praying that you will cross the finish line this time, too.

      • See Brenda, God’s got a plan for you. You are going to be our cheerleader for those who are trying again or who want to give us. You have to keep going – we need you :0)!

    • Absolutely!! Please do and don’t give up. Just come on here and share if you feel overwhelmed and let us pray for you and be there for you. We want to be!!

  15. Hi Renee:

    I so need the message of God confidence and moving forward in my life. I am so excited to be part of your Bible study. I am planning to Barnes and Noble tomorrow to buy the book. But meanwhile I will read the Chapter 1 from Amazon. I was all excited about being part of this study and today I made a mistake that have not made in a long time. I actually thought I was hearing from God. I was wrong. And now that I have made that mistake the devil is trying to convince me that I cannot move forward. I so want to move forward in my life and be all that God wants me to be. Please pray that I can get the book tomorrow and learn everything God wants me to learn through this study.

    God bless you,


  16. Hi Renee, I also started your bible study last time but did not finish. I know I realy need to change the way I see myself, I have battled negative thinking for to long. I have told several of my friends about the bible study, and I am looking forward to what God is going to do for me and all the others joining the journey. Thank You for your heart to help others heal. God Bless 🙂

    • Just take it one page and one prayer at a time. You are so worth the time it takes and if you feel overwhelmed. please share that with us here so we can pray for you. There is so much power in prayer!! And in this sweet community God builds online here!

  17. God, go before each one of us as we begin the “A Confident Heart” study – whether it’s our first attempt, second attempt or third. Open our eyes to what you want to teach us as we read the words that you have given Renee to share with us. Fill us with your understanding. Open our hearts to being transformed from the inside out as we learn to trust you more. Meet us where we are and give us the desire to keep turning those pages. And cause us to take what you are teaching us and apply it to our lifes daily. Cause us to be not only hearers of your Word but also doers of your Word. Give us teachable spirits. Make us into the women that you want us to be through this study and your Word. Cause to share what you teach us with others that you bring into our lives. Help us to become the difference makers that you desire us to be. Cause us to be Jesus with skin to those that you bring into our lives and into our stories. Give us your discpline and self control to turn the pages no matter how hard it gets to read and no matter what kind of interruptions Satan throws at us. Fill us with your strength and discernment and the ability to keep our focus on you and how you want to transform our heart into a heart like yours – one full of confidence in who you are and who we are in you. Direct our steps. Order our days. Have your way in our hearts. Cause us to replace our doubts with your promises. Remind us of who we are in you. Cause us to live as daughters and sons of the King.

    I thank you for Renee and how you have given her this story to share with us. Protect her heart. Guard her thoughts. Keep Satan behind her. Fill her with your words and your wisdom to share with us. Fill her completely with yourself and then pour her out as she teaches each of us how to gain and increase our confidence in you and in ourselves. Help her to find balance with her family, this study, her ministry and above all else with you as she ministers to us and gets tugged in so many directions. I thank you for Renee’s family and how they are so willing to share Renee with us as she leads this group. Encourage Renee through each person in the study. Be her source of strength, her source of joy, her source of stamina, her source of love, her source of grace, and her source of compassion. Be Renee’s ALL in ALL. Wrap her arms around her and allow her to feel your presence in all she does. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  18. I just signed up, so I don’t think I was part of your first e-mail. Will you be sending it out again?

  19. Hey all! This is my second time through this study. I’m so glad that this is really a self-paced study. I wasn’t able to keep up with the assigned readings on the last study, but the reading was well worth it when I made the time to sit down and read it. I’m almost finished and really love the daily/weekly insight from Renee! The book is such a blessing as are reading the posts here. Thanks Renee!

    • Thank you Annette!! I’m so glad you are back. It really is self-paced. First priority is reading the chapters, second praying the prayer, third answering the questions and the rest is cream on top :0) and totally optional. Thank you for sharing your encouraging words here!

  20. Wow, I was brought to tears reading through your emails, Ladies! What a gift to have each other and know we are not alone in our difficult daily situations and struggles. I have been in Germany for over 18 yrs. now and still feel the pangs of loneliness and isolation, so it’s a special special treat to have found this ministry and fellowship of ladies who understand each other and persevere together! And what a precious, precious encouragement you are, Renee. Your words bring peace and direction, soothe the heartache and bring our focus back to the Lord’s love and words to us! Thanks so much for being open to sharing your heart and life-lessons with us! I’m excited (a bit nervous 🙂 and ready to begin the journey of becoming confident in Him!! Love and prayers as we dive in!

    • Hi Renee & everyone! I had seen your book several month’s ago and God put it on my heart to read. As several of you can imagine life got in the way & I didn’t have time to read between a full time job, college, kids, grandkids…the list goes on & on! Any how this book has been on my mind & heart for sometime. I went to our library to check out and managed to read the first 3-4 chapters then it was time to turn the book back in. We are on a limited budget & really couldn’t afford to splurge on a new book. On one of the daily devotionals I noticed you could purchase for 2.99 if you downloaded kindle! I was was so excited…I knew God was taking care of the details!! I am so excited & honored to be a part of this bible study…to see what God has in store for us all & to connect to God fearing women that struggle with similar issues. I believe God is going to use this study to build strong bonds to hold each other up!!

  21. Dear Renee and sisters, I don’t have the book yet and I see that I can download Chapter 1. I have been so depressed with life and need prayer to just help me get started. Can’ go into details but please pray with me for God’s peace and understanding.

    • Dear Father,
      May your grace and peace fill Dee’s heart. Give her the strength and the will to start and continue this journey with us. Fill her with your presence and a knowing that she is not alone!
      In Jesus name, Amen.

  22. This is the second time I’m doing the study…Trust me everyone… this will transform you! ..
    I’ve become a lot more positive, and my faith has strenghtened….but I still I have lot to work on and didn’t followed all the chapters, but I am comitted 100% this time to around to follow this study from chapter to chapter all the way thru.it. ..
    God Bless, everyone…
    Thanks Renee for such a wonderful study…and such great ministry! God has used in such powerful way, you’d never know how this study has changed me…and increased my confidence in “HIM”.

  23. Hi Renee, I can’t afford to get a book so i am just going to follow as best i can and save copies of the study so i can maybe do it another time with the book. I am so grateful you are doing it again as i missed it the first time around. I had a study going on at my own church and i can’t do both and keep up. I am finished with that one May 1st so i can concentrate on following yours. I love reading what you write and the knowledge you have that you share with us. You are so down to earth and on our level. Thank you for your willingness to follow the Lord and share your heart with all of us. God bless you in your efforts and give you the strength to do what He has called you to do. I’m praying for you.
    love from a sister in the Lord, diki

  24. Jenny Mabe says:

    This is my first online study group and Im excited about what God is going to do in my life. All my life I have always struggled with thoughts of I’m not good enough or I will never make it in life. I need confidence in my life. The scriptures that stood out are Jeremiah 17:7,Hebrews 10:35-36. I am so glad that’s God knows what I am in need of. A woman with a confident heart can do anything she sets out to do. All things are possible to him who believes. Just keep me in prayer through this journey.

  25. This is my first time trying something like this online. I bought the book and started reading it then discovered it was going to be done as a group. So I stopped reading and waited. The last year of my life was one of the worst, with the last three months being worse still. Lots of death and loss and grieving and despair. My counselor told me that my confidence has been stolen by the people and events in my life, including leaving my job at my church and then leaving the church after a major conflict. We lost everything. And I need to get it back. I just shut down, lost my voice, and was overwhelmed by insecurity and doubt. This came up on my Kindle page so I got it. I’m looking forward to being in the Word, praying for others and being prayed for, witnessing God moving in other’s hearts and hoping for it myself.

    • Tammy,

      I too am suffering from church hurt. I have felt like such a failure, and thought I was the only one in the world with this problem. I am working on Chapter 2 now, and have been blessed much. God is surely doing a good work in us through this Bible study. He gets all the glory.

      • Jean, you are definitely not alone!! I have spoken to soooo many women lately who have had similar experiences and are recovering and finding healing. It really helped to have outside people to talk to and validate what I was thinking and feeling, it can feel like you’re crazy!!!

  26. Valerie Ragland says:

    Many sentences in this first chapter really got my attention. One that really hit home began by saying,”Perhaps you are good at hiding your doubts….” That is really me. Most of my friends see me as having it all together when in fact there are times when I could easily just give up and throw in the towel. I realized earlier this year while attending a Women’s Conference just how much insecurities and thoughts of rejection are haunting me. I was thrilled when a friend emailed me the info for the online study.

  27. Brenda Houston says:

    Brenda trusts in the LORD, her full trust, belief in His power is the LORD, and she is Blessed!

    The things that resonated with me in this chapter were how uncertainty creates doubt but that in Jesus we can always be CERTAIN and that doubt and hope can not coexist and that when we take our eyes off of God and onto our problems and self that they become bigger than they need to be.

  28. Renee,
    Thank you for doing this study again! This is also my 2nd attempt. Too many things happening at the same time got in the way and I got overwhelmed and was unable to continue. But I want to make it all the way through this time. I have always struggled with confidence and self-esteem issues. I am a single woman and am about to become a foster parent in about a month, and what I have read in your book so far has been so encouraging! And the thoughts shared by others here have been comforting to me that I am not alone in my struggles.

    I also had lunch with a dear lady today that is going through some difficult times of her own. I think this study would be of great encouragement to her as well. I’m planning to go to a local bookstore today and purchase a copy of the book and take it to her as a gift.

    Thank you for letting Jesus use you to help so many of us! I will be praying for you!

  29. Amy Talbott says:

    This is my first time going through this Bible study. I am really glad I am able to participate. I am stoked as well that I was able to get the shook free a few weeks ago for my Kindle. Such a treat. I was interested in the study when I found it a few months ago, but didn’t have to book. Finances are tight so getting it free enabled me to join in this time. Thank you Renee for making it available for a few days like that. I am the mommy of 4 little ones. The oldest is 4 and the baby is 4 months. So this type of study really is all that works for me and my busy group. Thanks so much.

  30. Dear Renee,
    I was just wondering if you sent any messages today through your blog.

  31. This is my first time reading this book. I really had no idea how hard I was on myself until now. I am my own worst critic, and luckily now I am not dealing with depression about not being good enough anymore. God has changed me drastically in that aspect, but I still have work that needs to be done. I need to learn to trust God with everything and step out in faith so I won’t fall prey to the shadow of doubts that encircle my mind.
    My biggest issue, I have a daughter with DS and she is 8 years old. She has been in early intervention since preschool, and every three years things change with her education schedule.
    It went from normal class room, to a mild learning disability class, and now a moderate learning disability class where she will earn a certificate instead of a diploma if she continues that route.
    I thought I was the worst parent ever and I needed to drop from ministry and other things to spend more time with her.

    But in prayer the other day, I got a word from God.. And He said, “Can’t you trust me in the little things?”
    Well, I have to admit, He is right of course, and I am taking those steps now to trust in God with all my heart for her, and other issues in my character.

    Thanks for being with me as I take these steps to trusting God completely and walking that way too 😀

  32. deborah fultner says:

    Chapter 1 Questions

    1. Earliest memory of insecurities -I was not involved with a church for a number of years. I was raised in a Baptist church and very involved until I went away to college. Years later I moved to Texas and joined a church of my brother and new friends. After several years I wanted to work with a girls’ organization in the church. I was told not at this time. I understood but instead of going to the Lord, I knew I had messed up my life and I would never do the Lord’s work. I wondered why I had been so disobedient but I knew why. (that’s for another time ). Since then I’ve realized that God has forgiven me and I need to seek His will. Unfortunately, the ugly head of self – doubt still tries to tell me not to talk about my faith because no one wants to hear. I pray daily for God to keep satan away from me and that I won’t listen to him. It has only been in the last 12 years that my faith exponentially. I started writing a book but it took a long time to realize that was truly God’s will. I’m so glad I’m part of this study. Romans 8. 28 has helped me through many difficult times.

  33. I am starting today… late 🙁 How do I catch up?

  34. Renee,

    Are we supposed to read chapter one before tomorrow?

  35. Maureen Chiasson says:

    VERY excited to start this study with a community of women!

  36. Lori Martin says:

    Happy Easter. I really like your emails. thank you. they help me in personal things.

  37. Misty Clark says:

    I am excited about this bible study. God bless you and thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.
    Misty Clark

  38. Renee, This is my first time to be a part of your study and my questions are, what time of the day do we need to sign in to see and hear the lessons? I’m assuming that’s what we do. And what happens if I am late and miss a lesson?
    I’m confused. I haven’t seen any directions as to what to do. Help!

    I’m anxious to start this study.


  39. Renee this is my first time. I am looking forward for the help because my growing up I was never the academic one. I was slow and up to this I m so needy because of my fear of doing things the wrong way. I am so horrible with driving directions that I would need someone to go with me to places I have never been before. When I do have to learn a new place someone has to be with me more than one time so I get and don’t panic and this is even with the Gps. This is one of my biggest fears and its horrible. I have never travelled on my own out of state on my own. I am an adult and I am so consumed with this. Some of the people I ask for help laugh and make fun of me and I feel this gives them control of my life inspite I know that they love me. At work I have become so incompetent and feel inadequate since lately I have been messing little things up like placing documents in the wrong basket and one day someone was looking for a check and automatically she blamed me and attacked me in the presence of management I was intimidated its like anything that goes wrong I get blamed for. I feel at times it me with the woe is me attitude from within me but this was not this case this time. She later told me after I asked her that she had the check.. how can I gain the respect in the work place when I keep making stupid errors like this that could be prevented. I feel my thinking and memory is way off and everyone else is on top of their game. We are also going through transition and I don’t know where I will be placed I have been wih the company 24 yrs but the way I see it my co workers can be vicious when it comes to the work so I just turn into myself and not want to deal with them. I just relocated to this office in a different state and I feel like a new employee.

  40. Vicki R. says:

    Hi Renee,
    It is so reassuring to read everyone’s comments and know I am not alone in how I feel. I have already read ACH. I am a 45 yr old mother of 3 boys. My wonderful husband & I have been married for almost 26 yrs. I went back to college at age 40 & have been a registered nurse for the last 8 months. I am now back in school again working on a BSN. I have struggled with confidence my entire life, especially now that I am a new nurse. I struggle A LOT. Like Susan I also have been told by my parents throughout my life that I was not worthy, or that it was not surprising when I messed up. My mom still does it to me to this day. So when I make a mistake at work or don’t know how to do something I beat myself up over it. With having people’s lives in my hands I fear many things while at work. But I also know God directed me to nursing & He is beside me the all the way. I too am looking forward to this study. I am very excited to begin and very grateful for you & your ministry.

  41. Deb Johnson says:

    Renee, This our first attempt to do an online study and are anxiously looking forward to beginning with you tomorrow. We are from the First Baptist Church of Bonita Spring, Florida. Their will be a wonderful group of 15 or more ladies joining “A Confident Heart” We can’t wait to get started. Sending our Love and prayers for the Holy Spirit to be with all those online and instruct us in Spirit and Truth. Deb Johnson

  42. Julia Williams says:

    This is my first time ever participating in a online study group and really looking forward to this new adventure in my life.

  43. Looking forward to the adventure of finding my own confident heart and being able to follow Christ’s calling without doubt getting in the way.

  44. Whitney H. says:

    This is my first time doing an online book study. I read ACH a few months ago, on my own, but I really wanted to be ale to read it in a group setting, so this s perfect! The past couple of months have brought about a lot of pain and stress in my life, so I feel like I need this nw more than ever. I’m really looking forward to it!

  45. This is my first time Bible study with you ! I am so ready to get going on this, I feel like it is something I have been needing to do ! The Lord opened the door at the right time ( Thank You Jesus )

  46. Paulette Goodman says:

    Hello I am very excited about this blessed opportunity. I went to amazon and It only allowed me to read
    chapter 1 to page 22, the other pages it said was not included. I order my book so hopefully it will be her on tomorrow.

  47. Hi Renee,

    I am really looking fwd 2 learning from u during this study. I want 2 eliminate or @ least minimize my people pleasing idol and help my heart 2 surrender this idol 2 God.

    I will do my best 2 stay on top of reading, questions, listening 2 speakers, & actively participating as best I can through praying 2 God, ur encouraging program, & God’s grace & mercy along w/ my desire 2 change my heart & thought patterns.

    Thank u 4 ur book & online study,


  48. Launching with you & excited to learn something new…again 🙂

  49. Did we receive day 2? I have no new emails other than the 7 day doubt diet. This is awesome!

  50. Cathy L. says:

    I’ve never done an online study before and I’ll probably get behind but I”M EXCITED!

  51. Susan G says:

    Thank you for teaching us and leading us. 🙂 I’m a tad behind already, but I will persevere…and my book is on it’s way to me. Thanks for the great break in price!
    May He richly bless you today and every day!
    Susan G.

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