My Girl

In August 2011, our daughter Aster was diagnosed with a severe speech disorder, and was recently confirmed as  having Apraxia**. At the age of two and a half she could only say fifteen words. At the age of three she could barely say five, and those five were very hard to understand.

We didn’t know what the future held; we just knew we’d been praying and waiting for two years to hear her precious voice. And now it was diminishing. I was in shock. And honestly my heart broke a little more each day for the first several weeks.

I knew God was in control and that He could completely heal her. But my mommy-heart hopes and dreams for hearing my little girl’s voice were shattered. And my world turned upside down for a while.

When we shared our story on Facebook and at some speaking events, many of you spoke hope, grace and truth over our hearts. You comforted us with your prayers and claimed God’s promises over our little girl.

Aster has been going to speech therapy two times each week for six months. Her progress has been very slow. In January we discovered her two year molars never formed enamel so a little over a week ago she had surgery, and little silver crowns were put on them.

What happened next was almost miraculous! The crowns must have relieved severe pain we didn’t know about because she couldn’t tell us. And she never indicated it either. (Her pain threshold is incredible!) Her progress in the past ten days has been amazing. Then last weekend, when they came to get me from the airport after a speaking event, Aster started babbling a ton.

So, I got out my iPhone, turned it to where she could see herself when it was filming and we witness a break-through on camera!! Here’s a sweet little peak into God’s faithfulness! {Note, she had never done this before!}

I can’t help but celebrate the “good things HE planned long ago” for a little girl who needed a family to help her find her voice – and for a family who needed a little girl to help them experience the depth of God’s love!

Thank you Lord for the gift of our precious little Ethiopian princess!

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Awesome! Praise the Lord, she is so cute! Thanks for sharing this wonderful video!

    • Renée, little Aster is such a wonderful, miraculous work in progress. From what you have shared, it’s obvious she is growing and changing every moment of every day, much as we should be growing and changing through the gift of sanctification. I will put Aster and your family in my book of prayers, and pray that the Lord will continue to grow Aster everyday.

    • Great job Aster! Thanks for sharing. The video touched my heart. Blessings for the future.

    • God bless her and your family. She will be a great speaker

    • this video lifted my heart and made me smile 🙂

      thank you for sharing

  2. Yay Astor!! Great job!! Thanks for sharing Renee! She is beautiful!!

  3. How precious is she,very sweet video

  4. How sweet, Renee! Thanks for sharing your little princess with us. I pray God will continue to restore Aster’s speech processes, and that he’ll also continue to give you patience and peace (and JOY!) as you delight in her progress. I’m so glad you have been able to identify the problem and get her the help she needs.

  5. Praise God! My eyes filled up with tears of joy for you.

  6. Very sweet! I just love how she says gramma…must melt gramma’s heart to hear that!

    • Lindsay Trunnell says:

      I totally agree when she said granmama it flowed together soooo cute I think she’s an amazing child and will be fine! Praise Jesus for such a blessing & Renee you are such an amazing Godly woman and I’m so happy your able to share your story and your life with us! By the way her smiling at the end had me smiling and laughing with you both! Made my morning bright! Xoxo blessings, Lindsay

  7. Thank you the wonderful praise report! Aster is beautiful . God is s amazing. She will have an incredible testimony.

  8. Lisa Hall says:

    Thanks for sharing this precious video. Great job, Aster!

  9. Rebecca Greene says:

    No wonder her favorite letter is “o”. Because it is the anchor letter for God and joy! Both of which are evident in aster’s life.

  10. Praises be to to God. What a precious girl!!!

  11. What a blessing she is. My son has learning disabilities and I keep holding on to the promise that God has something more amazing than I can imagine for him. God knows our children and knew them before they were knit together.

  12. we love you, little Aster! What a delight! I think it’s no coincidence that God led me to read this/watch this just now…I have been battling that old stronghold of rejection all day & I’d asked Him to remind me who I am…and this is who we are…beloved daughters, loved just as we are & delighted in deeply!

  13. How precious and cute. Yay Astor!!! Praying God will continue his work … Thank you for sharing!!

  14. Great job Aster, God is good! She is so sweet! ……

  15. Having worked as a speech and language assistant for 21 years I know the hours of hard work the family has to put in to help their child improve. But even more, the hard work it is for the child! It looks and SOUNDS like you both are having fun and doing a wonderful job! And did I hear daddy’s voice reinforcing some speech sounds too!! None of this is a surprise to our Lord. Aster is exactly where He wants her to be!! God Bless you All.

  16. You have good reason to rejoice Renee! God has blessed Aster abundantly by placing her in such a loving
    family and I have no doubt that He will bless you all greatly through her. I can so identify with what you’re
    experiencing as my little South African princess (just turned 4 in Feb.) has been in speech therapy on and off since she was a little over 2 . Ellie has a mild -moderate speech delay and I know how excited we all get when she’s able to pronounce a new or challenging word correctly.
    Thank you for sharing such an uplifting little video!

  17. Dear Renee, I feel so blessed that you share your family with us and real life situations. She is so precious. I started reading chapter 9, I was right with you when you went into the 15 year old son’s room and saw the clean laundry mixed with the dirty, what mom hasn’t? My church ladies started Lysa study on a Bible Study girl. My husband has some serious issues and now that my children are all of the age to recognize these things, it is very hard to keep the lip on sometimes. Setting in my study tonight and talking about Worry I recalled Matt.6. I read the 10 or so verses out loud to the group and most of us just said, “That about sizes it up”.
    Thank you for doing this online study. I hope more women in the study will be encourage to start a group in their area, neighborhood, on their facebook…what ever social network they have to have another study after this one.

  18. Dianne Tonpi says:

    We belong to an amazing God! Small steps but a huge journey, full of a whole lot of blessings. Praise God!

  19. Angella L says:

    She is beyond precious…God Bless Her! We began therapy with our son Chance, he is currently just over 2 yrs..he briefly said a few words…ma, da & uh oh….but those disappearer.. He is a twin and his brother is very vocal & he has a younger brother that turns one in a couple weeks (as well as a 14 yr old brother and 12,yr old sister)…I so look forward to the day that Chance finds his voice…but until then I will praise God for the beautiful boy that he is right now…Thank you for sharing this video, it truly warmed my heart!!

  20. Thank you for sharing this video of Aster. What a beautiful little girl you have. Aster has been so blessed to be in your love.

  21. Christina says:

    So love it. Aster is precious and she did very well!!!!

  22. Lesley Tubbs says:

    How sweet.

  23. La.Tonya says:

    What a beautiful and wonderful blessing Aster is to be part of your family. Thank you for sharing with us.

  24. Linda Granato says:

    wonderful! God surely has great things in store for Aster! Keep on keepin on!

  25. Cathalina says:

    Thanks! It is also a message for all who are in trouble and feel lonely… that God is always there and He is working the way to get you!

  26. As I was watching this, one of my dogs, who is also named Daisy, was sitting beside me at the computer. She is used to being hauled up to the screen so that my daughters can see her and talk to her(sometimes I think they miss her more than me!) Anyway, you both got her attention when she heard her name, as her ears pricked up, then she looked at me as if to say, wait a minute, I don’t know those voices, but they are calling me! A cute moment and a wonderful sharing of yours to start my day. As a mom whose daughter went through both speech and physical therapy after an auto accident, I can tell you those people are a gift and their work blesses many lives.

  27. Marlan Muller says:

    What a blessing your beautiful daughter is. Thank you for sharing the video. Watching it brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart. As I read your post, something we are doing with our kids came to my mind. Check out this website Blessings!

  28. What a precious girl. Thank you for sharing this video with us.

  29. Jamie Prince says:

    Our son, Henry, also has this issue and we now cherish every word that comes from his mouth. I remember when our girls began talking we never could count all the words in their vocabulary. With Henry we knew the exact moment he said I love you for the first time, when he said Jesus and when he spoke our names. God gave us and him this…we have a gift of slow motion.

  30. Beatrice says:

    How precious!!!!! Having a 4yr old boy & 2yr old girl myself I know how wonderful & blessed moments like this are:) Awesome job Aster:) We r all proud of u here:) May God continue His amazing work thru her!!!

  31. Priceless!!! That was awesome!!!! Thank you for sharing this with us. I pray I never take for granted another day the voice that my daughter has! Here I thought that sometimes she talks too much and to see your little girl who is trying to find her voice make me so thankful. I pray complete and total healing for her in the name of Jesus!

  32. Our mighty God is painting a beautiful rainbow for Aster. Thank you for sharing, Renee!

  33. Stephanie says:

    What a beautiful and sweet little girl Aster is! Good job Aster! Thank you for sharing!

  34. Thank you Renee for sharing this. This just reaffirms that God is awesome and He is worthy to be praised! Aster is so precious and she is doing an amazing job. I am so proud of her! You guys are truly blessed. Thank you again for allowing me to rejoice with Aster and your family!

  35. Wow, the beauty and wonders of youth!! Not just Aster but you and the rest of your family. Good to see you enjoying God’s blessings together.

  36. KAY PARRISH says:



  37. Renee, thank you so much for sharing this part of your life with us!! Aster IS a beautiful Princess, as her name says, and God has such wonderful plans for her life!!!! How special that he chose YOU to be her Mamma!!!! My prayers remain with you and your family!!!! Blessings!!!!

  38. What a precious little one. She is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Margaret says:


  40. A precious miracle from God. What a blessing!

  41. Thank you for sharing! What a wonderful example of all God is doing in her! It is so good to see God working in our children and answering the prayers we have for them! They each are so special to Him and He has a special purpose and plan for each of them! Praise the Lord for the mighty works He is doing in your beautiful little girl!

  42. This is so wonderful. I know why you love her so and I am so excited about what God has planned for her life…Thanks for sharing

  43. How precious! I have an adopted sister-in-law and I heard this poem once and loved it:

    “Not flesh of my flesh
    Nor bone of my bone,
    But still miraculously my own.
    Never forget for a single minute,
    You didn’t grow under my heart,
    But in it..”

    I love how God works! His plans are more wonderful than we could ever imagine. So thankful that He brought little Aster into your life and you into her’s. Such a blessing!!

  44. This touched my heart, Renee. How very precious! Thanks for sharing this. I’m so grateful your family took in this special child to love and to help find her voice.

  45. I was truly blessed by this video. A precious reminder that nothing is impossible for God and that He is faithful to put those people in our lives to help us achieve the goals He has planned for our lives. He gave Aster a mommy and daddy to love her and to help her find her voice and her place in God’s kingdom. Thanks for sharing!

  46. Dear Renee: She is such a precious child of God’s. How blessed she is to have you as you are to have her. May our Great Physician continue to let those sweet sounds ring from her lips. Thank you for all that you do for God’s people by sharing the Word.

  47. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My son’s speech development was slow and he has been going to speech therapy once a week for over a year now. He went from a 3-year-old that spoke one and two-word sentences to babbling on about everything under the sun in 6 months! He is still unable to make the “t” or “g” sounds, and I have worried over this a lot. Through your Confident Heart study, I have officially turned over this issue (and so many others!) to God and am trusting in Him fully to take care of the rest of my little one’s speech difficulties. God is good and faithful, and you will probably be able to hear me YELLING AND SINGING PRAISES all the way from Texas the first time I hear that precious boy say his brother’s name correctly for the first time (my youngest is Carter–and my oldest says his name as “Tarter.”) 🙂

  48. Renee, What a precious daughter you have!! AS a former foster parent, this just warms my heart! You were obediant and have opened the world up for Aster. I know how it works, in turn for you blessing Aster’s life, God is blessing yours!!
    As I watched this video, I also had on Pandora. So, as I watched you and Aster interact and work on her speech…I hear the lyrics, ” Like a rose trampled on the ground, you thought of me above all!” Brought tears to me eyes! 🙂
    God bless you and I look forward to more updates on precious Asters progress!

  49. Thank you for Blessing us with his Precious Video.Your Daughter Aster is Heaven sent she is a Specail Gift from Heaven.And I Pray that God uses her in His Kingdom to be a witness for others that need to see the Power of God’s Love for His Children.I read Elizabeth George books.And in her book A Mom After God’s Own Heart it saids The Soul of a child is the loveliest flower that grows in the garden of God.This si sooooooo true,As Moms we have to Pray over our babies and [PSALM 121:5-8]Is a Prayer to Pray over them.I raised a Grandson that was not able to talk when he came to live with us and we had to learn sing Laungage so we could Commuicate.We went through the Babies can’t wait Program with Christopher.He was 1 when we got him and we had to grow together.It takes Prayer God’s Strength His Patience and a Heart after God’s own heart to raise a special Child. Christopher now is 5 and He Loves the Lord he still has speech problems but he has come a long way. Weve had in in school since 3 years old.And I know that God has A Plan A Purpose and A Will for each of our Lives.You are that Parent that God sent this Little Blessing so that some day she can be All God Called her to be.Many Blessed years ahead for you and Your Beautiful Daughter.Praying God’s Love and Peace and Prosperity on your family.Your Friend and Sister in Christ.

  50. Authorine says
    March 12, 2012
    Aster! A beautiful love child. I pray that God will continue to bless her, and that her speech will continue to improve. Renee, thank you for sharing with us this special report of God good work. Joy and peace to you and your family.Give Aster a kiss for me.
    God Bless!

  51. This was precious and my daughter and I enjoyed it…God works ALL things for good…my 5 year old was waving because she thought Aster could see us too, like Skype…too cute!

  52. As a speech pathologist myself, I wanted to jump in the car with you and get to work on her awesome progress, But obviously Aster has a very capable team including her therapist her parents, family and herself. Hang in there, it will work and God bless you all.

  53. Does my heart good to see this video! 🙂

  54. YEAH for Aster! 🙂 I, too, am a Mom of a daughter who had moderate verbal Apraxia. Good for you to get early speech therapy. That beautiful girl has lots and lots to say, I can see it in her eyes just by watching this brief post. My Ryleigh is now 12 years old and has come a long way. She has been blessed with, can you believe, a BEAUTIFUL singing voice and uses it ALL the time! It truly amazes me to hear her karaoke and watch the expressions of others around us too. At one time, my little girl had created her own “sign language” to be able to communicate with others because we could not understand her. How Awesome is Our GOD!!!! Sing Aster and Ryeigh, sing!!!!

  55. Fran Bruno says:

    ..God’s love SHINES through you in this video Renee….
    I join the team of saints who are lifting precious Aster to the Lord!
    Also, I am praying for you and the whole family….
    May God receive ALL the GLORY!

  56. Renee,

    Special needs kids are such blessings from above. Our God created them beautifully!!! My son has speech apraxia. God has had me take many steps of faith in the journey and He has it all under control. Since you have an iPad there are tons of applications as you know out there. Embrace it and love every precious moment and celebrate every mile stone…you will be amazed at God’s hand. My daughter who is older also has special needs with Sensory Processing Disorder (to the level of borderline autism) God has moved in her life since her premature birth and my child who stands before me at 7 is an incredible testimony to God’s grace, love, care, and direction and miraculous power. And to just encourage your heart my son 6 months ago said no words complete and at 2-1/2 he had just only begun to babble like a much younger baby (only like 5 1 syllable like ma da and sis and he had fits of rage and many behaviors to the level we thought he was autistic..he tested at 6 month old level at 2-1/2 years and that was barely) and now he is talking in sentences at home and in familiar settings and working hard on so many words I cannot keep up with his progress. And his behaviors and fits of rage have almost vanished. Pray and go with the resources God puts in your hand for your sweet girl!!!

  57. Girls I have to share this: Psalm 57:7 NLT
    “My heart is confident in you, O God; my heart is confident. No wonder I can sing your praises!” This is the Air1 radio verse of the day.
    Today I got my AS degree in the mail. This is the mother of 4 (ages 16-21). My oldest daughter will get her AS in May (actually two: one is Diesel and the other is Welding).
    Go forth and concur with courage knowing that the light is in front the shadow of death is behind you.

  58. I was saddened to hear about Aster and then blessed to see what God could do. Aster is a blessing to you as you are a blessing to her. Keep up the good work Aster. You are truly blessed.

  59. I AM CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you both!

  60. Martha T. says:

    Very exciting to learn of the progress that she has made!!!!

  61. It was such a blessing to see this video. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. It put a smile on my face. I shared what happened with my dear hubby and his response, “That is such a miracle”

  62. Jodi Volquartsen says:

    That was absolutely amazing! Brought tears to my eyes! God is AWESOME & AMAZING! He can do wonderful things! Thank You Lord for your healing gift! Continue to heal little Aster! Continue to form the sounds & letter to her mouth & voice, in Jesus Name! Thank You again Jesus!

    Be blessed Swope Family!

  63. Thank you so much for sharing your joy with us! She is getting so big!!!

  64. Christine says:

    Aster is so cute!! I will pray she continues to improve and that God heals her completely.

  65. Renee,
    I think that God’s favor is upon you, because yourbook has been a blessing and an answer to the prayer of lots of women. I praise God for His wonderful plan with your Aster. ( In Suriname, a flower is called Aster) May she also bloom like this special flower. God bless you and your family Renee.

    your friend from Suriname, South America

  66. My now 11 year old son has Down syndrome and Apraxia as well. Other than gross approximations and babbling we heard hardly a word from him until one night, when he was 5 years old, I tucked him into bed and heard a spontaneous but clear “love you” pop out of his mouth. I am sure you can imagine my joy and tears. When my son could not speak we would put his hands together at night and pray for him. Slowly, he would hold his own hands together and we would speak for him, and then he would put his hands together and get out a word or two of his own. Now, he prays all by himself and we never take a word for granted (although there is much we wish he wouldn’t say — wink, wink). Keep up the hard work and prepare to enjoy many more beautiful moments of triumph that are sure to come!

  67. Marcia L says:

    You were right…this did make me smile…I LOVE little kids…they are such a great gift from God!
    Blessings to you and your family!!!

  68. She is soooooooooooo adorable!!! May God continue to bless you and your family!!
    Take Care, God Bless, and Stay Beautiful!!

  69. Thanks for sharing Renee! Your little princess is so beautiful. And yes, it did bring smiles!

  70. Cindy H.~King's Daughter says:

    How precious. We serve an awesome God.

  71. I am so glad I clicked on the link to watch you and Aster. :O)
    My heart has been very sad for the past few days and listening to Aster made my heart happy.
    Children are such a blessing and it’s so beautiful to see her progressing.
    Praise God for you and you husband for loving her and bringing her into your home.

  72. Kathy Sturgis says:

    So precious to see the love you two have. God has given Aster a Momma who will help her through the minefields of life because she has walked the road before her. Caring for others because God cares for us!!!

  73. Oh my goodness she is soooo precious!!!!! I remember when my son wouldn’t talk for the longest time! then when he did it was difficult to understand him. Sometimes he would talk real fast, i would tell him that momma is a bit old so you need to speak a little slower, that helped him to speak more and slower and i did start to teach him to speak spanish because he could talk so fast. His pronounciation is so much better than mine and it’s my first language! LOL My son is now 22 and speaks with a bit of an accent and is doing great he will be leaving for Job Corp. soon. He is very excited! oh and in a years time he will be getting his ordination for preaching ( i think that’s what it’s called)I hope this encourages you Renee. You have an adorable daughter and i was truely blessed by your video!

  74. She is very quite and knows the cameral well.

  75. Awwwwww…Adorable. I’ll never forget when my sisters and I were gathered around our little nephew. He was over one year old and didn’t seem to be able to hear us talk to him, didn’t respond when we clapped our hands. He was not making sounds the way kids his age normally do. Soon, my sister was faced with her young son’s apraxia, low muscle tone, and a number of other disorders. One pediatrician commented, “He may never speak.” The news was devastating. A number of therapies began right away.
    That was 19 years ago. Today this strapping 6’4″ guy talks a blue streak! Honestly, the other day on a long car ride, over 2 hours, he did not come up for air. He just chatted and chatted, observing everything we passed by, telling stories. I was so quickly reminded of the miracles God has done in my beloved nephew’s life.

  76. Amy from Az says:

    What a blessing!!! Children like her and my friend, Brenda’s daughter, Elizabeth are so precious and give some much to us. what they give us is free, honest, light, has no obligation, and doesn’t cost them anything. They just give us Love true agape Love

  77. Dannielle says:

    that was so sweet! How excited you must have been and are. I am a NICU nurse, I understand what you are talking about, and can imagine what you (and Aster) have been going through. Praise God that she is feeling so much better as well as the progress in her speech.
    Much love and prayers,

  78. Thanks so much for sharing! Definitely made my day. God knew Aster needed you for her mama. Have worked with special needs adults some but mainly children so know what a blessing they can be. Part of my lack of confidence came from not being diagnosed until I was in college, which was especially interesting since my mother had a student she sent for testing who was the inspiration for Mother to get interested in special ed. I have a disorder called cluttering (very mild compared to Aster and others). It isn’t as common in the U.S., but is a speech disorder accompanied by learning disabilities. My family understood my speech most of the time, but talking with others was frustrating since I was mostly ignored. Speech therapy in college helped, but wasn’t given help with the learning disabilities since I had managed ok so far. School was challenging. Didn’t help that I compared myself to my sister (15 1/2 months older) who didn’t have to study & got straight A’s while if I put enough time & effort in got B’s. Working with children helped my speech (used some of their speech therapy techniques) but have noticed last couple years that have been home full time that speech is not as clear any more. Not sure why I shared all that. Anyway, enjoy your sweet daughter and each increment of progress no matter how small.

    • Thank you for sharing your story, too, Holly. One day Aster will be a grown woman so it’s good for me to hear from you on her behalf. Praying for you sweet Child of God. You are precious and valuable – just as you are. I”m so proud of you for persevering through your learning challenges and making B’s. That is still something to be proud of!!

      {{HUGS}} Renee

  79. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. God is so good to His people.

  80. Praise the Father for HIS never ending LOVE. I am in tears of joy just watching this video. Thank you so much for sharing this, I will be sharing this with some mamas that I know that are going thru various trials as well….
    Love your heart Renee you are such a blessing!!

  81. Merrie Ickes says:

    Thank you so much Renee for sharing your life with us. Thank you especially for this video of beautiful Aster. I am just overcome by God’s love in our lives. Your sharing has had a great effect in showing me just how gracious God has been in my life!

  82. Katie Purcell says:

    Thank you so much for showing us you are a real woman with real problems and a you give our real GOD and SAVIOR all the glory in every day to day moment. I have underlined my book so much and written in the margins so much, I may have to purchase a new one!!!!

    God is using your obedience and your transparency to help thousands of women see HIM.

    I also have a “special needs” granddaughter from China. We know now it was her family in America that had special needs and God used her life to supply those needs.

  83. Oh Renee……How wonderful and awesome our God is. Aster is a delightful child and thank you so much for sharing part of your life with us. I too have tears of joy from seeing this video. This is without a doubt the best Bible Study I have done on line. And it is right up there with those I do here. I love the interaction from all our sisters on here and thank you so much for being obedient. With Love in Christ Jesus….Cheryl

  84. It is no secret….what GOD can do….what HE’s done for others, HE WILL DO FOR YOU….Breakthrough in prayer! GOD is SOVEREIGN and ALL-KNOWING and does amazing things. Sometimes when we don’t know what to pray, the SPIRIT intercedes with groaning not heard in ordinary words…..HE KNOWS OUR HEARTS…..MINDS….SOULS AND SPIRITS….!!!! We love your family stories and Aster!!! She is so beautiful….GOOD NEWS!!! Thanks for the precious video!!!

  85. You are such a good, good Mama. Just from this video one can see how you just pour love out all over her!!

    May the Lord continue to surprise you with joy in the months ahead!

    Katie 🙂

  86. As a Speech Pathologist myself, I love working with my little friends with apraxia of speech. THEY show ME the a fine example of hard work and persistence as they struggle to overcome this challenge. It is my blessing to teach these little ones and they bring such joy to me, especially as I have no children of my own. I am quite confident that Aster will continue to demonstrate great progress as Early Intervention, (this also includes help from Mommy,Daddy, siblings, yes, even talking ot the dog is beneficial :)! is the key. I’ll bet she’ll even follow Mommy’s footsteps and become a fabulous speaker and leader!
    Blessings to your precious little one!

  87. Heather P says:

    She is precious, Renee!!
    My little girl just had surgery on her feet. Her ankles were not growing properly and they put a screw in each foot to help correct the growth. Did not anticipate dealing with all that we have gone through ever since. She is now choosing to walk instead of sit. PTL!

  88. Jennifer Renee says:

    All I can say is how sweet. I pray that God will continue to bless Aster with her speech.

  89. I rarely comment (blush) but this brought such joy to my face that I found myself smiling. Thanks for sharing.

  90. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing – this brought joy to my heart!

  91. Praise God for this report. Thanks so much for sharing. It makes my heart glad that God is doing a wonderful work in your precious princess. She is truly beautiful.

  92. Denise B says:

    What a wonderful answer to Prayer may the Lord keep blessing you and your family abundantly. May the Lords healing keep coming.

  93. This was 2 minutes and 17 seconds of pure joy; I smiled from ear to ear every second. Thank you for sharing this with us Renee! Keep up the great work Aster, you are such a blessing!

  94. Praise the Lord!! It is amazing to see how God is working in Aster’s life! I will keep her in my prayers and I believe God will develop her speech 100%!! It is exciting to think about the wonderful plans God has for this little, beautiful girl!! Thank you for sharing this.

  95. Thanks Reene for share all your heart, soul and spirit with us. Your words always bless my life, i read you from Mexico City. I don’t have a very good english, but i make my best to write today. My best wishes for your beautiful princess, we’ll continue praying for you. Hugs and kisses.

  96. Yeah Astor…. What a great welcome home gift for Mommy! Renee I was smiling so big listening to that! Isn’t it just like God to place his hand on that dear child and loose her tongue! Soon the day will be here when you may catch yourself thinking… “remind me again why I wanted this dear child to talk so badly!” This video will be a great reminder of the joy of words! PTL!!!

  97. Renee, when my son was 3 y 3 mo he only put two words together voluntarily, and one of the two was someone’s name! Last spring I had him in 22 speech therapy appts per month. I took him anywhere and everywhere that would accept him. (God paid those bills for us.) It was really hard to do that with my other 2 kids (one older girl, 5, and one younger, 1), but they never complained and never treated their brother any differently because he had special school to go to. Fast forward to a year later, and my son speaks in phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and NOVELS, and all non-stop! He says or tries to say everything now, and almost all of it is intelligible to almost everyone. He is still in speech therapy, but not as often, and the main focus now is on saying initial “f”s. His progress has been nothing short of miraculous! I tell everyone that this is one of God’s many miracles in my life! Once the little ones finally get the hang of speaking, look out! It is like many people told me, but I doubted: there actually will come a time when you will want your child to quit talking and be quiet! My son talks all of our ears off and if we don’t pay attention he will say, “excuse me” until we do. 🙂 God is soooooo good! To Him be all the glory! After watching that video I will think of your Aster often and always say a quick prayer for her when I do.

  98. GospOchic says:

    Bless God….this is the beginning of greater things to come for you and your family in Jesus Name. The best is yet to come!

  99. She is just too cute Renee.. loved seeing her and hearing her little voice.. she is such a blessing..too cute..Praying for her Thanks for sharing with us..

  100. Peggybythesea says:

    How precious, precious…what a ift for all!!! She truly is…Peggy

  101. Peggybythesea says:

    oops gift!!

  102. Our God is so generous with His love – He loved the world so much – He gave His most precious Son and He keeps on giving – this is a message of Hope for all those prayer requests that have been laid at the foot of the cross. He is faithful, marvelous, wonderful, counselor — Almighty God is He.

  103. Oh Renee, that is AMAZING!!! God is so good! Aster is beautiful and a true miracle of God!

  104. That video is precious and inspiring…What a beautiful little girl!

  105. Amazing!

  106. Elisa Rodriguez says:

    Thank you for sharing this beatiful video and for sharing your beautiful princess with us. She is truly a gift from God. Her smile radiates His love and her enthusiasm to sound off her words is inspiring. This video could not have come at a better time. My husband was diagnosed with the pre stages of parkinsons disease we are newlyweds and as scary as the news were to hear yesterday after his appt. I know in my heart that all of this is part of God’s plan for us. We are both believers and we walk by faith that He already has a plan for us and we will prevail because there is no impossible for Him I know that your ray of sunshine will also prevail and before you know it she will be talking up a storm. Blessings

  107. I am so happy that i sat down with my lunch and listened when it was calm.
    Renee, Aster is beatiful and a true blessing to all us Moms! Pleasae let us see more of her growth to come.
    God holds her hand and will lead your family through this to the top of the mountain. Hugs

  108. Christina Brannon says:

    Praie God! Thank you for listenning and sharing with your online family. How beautiful, you and Aster now have touched thousands of women and given us hope everlasting. Thank you!

  109. What a wonderful blessing your little girl is! What a wonderful faithful God we have!

  110. Kathy Alexander says:

    WOW! God is so good. Thank you for sharing this with us. Perhaps the Lord wanted to use her to let us know how much he enjoys hearing from us. She is a beautiful little girl with such a sweet personality. I just loved it. God bless!

  111. Cynthia Graham-Pettis says:

    That is amazing! All things in God’s time! Praise God for His awesomeness. She is so very cute. Bless you for sharing.

  112. You know what is awesome about being a woman in love with God? We get to cry all the time over his amazing goodness and timing; and because we are women so blessed, no one can say anything about the waterworks!

    Crying over your little Aster and what God is doing in her life, with her life and in her heart. What an amazing, amazing testimony you are allowing us to witness.

    Her little smile is priceless!

  113. Thanks so much for sharing this Renee!! So sweet and great to see answers to prayer! Asking God to keep doing just that!! My little Jed was on my lap as I watched and enjoyed “talking” with Aster! It was so cute and reminded me how they came into our lives at the same time! How blessed we are as Moms!! Thanks again, Jill

  114. I am just now getting to see this and I am blown away! Tears filled my eyes as I watched. God is so good! am so glad you shared this with us!

    <3 Heather

  115. What amazing grace God has showered you all with! Keep on HOPING and PRAYING because what we hope for we wait patiently for. And I am CONFIDENT that God has so much MORE in store for your little princess. Love you and God bless you all!

    Joyce M.

  116. Her grandmamama brought joy to this grandma’s heart ! How precious, how sweet, how
    wonderful is she, and our Father God! May He continue to bless you and your family.

  117. Kimberly Stiver says:

    She is so beautiful! I understand all too well about speech difficulties. My son Jonathon was in speech therapy until the 7th grade. He started speech therapy at the age of 2 because of severe delay. We kept encouraging him and being very supportive of him.
    You are doing the right thing by getting Aster in therapy very early. She is blessed to have you and your husband as parents. I see how you encourage her and are very loving to her. In time she will improve.

    In Christ Love,

    Kimberly Stiver

  118. So beautiful!

  119. Our God is an awesome God! Praise to Him for continued growth and improvement in Aster!

  120. God is good all the time. All the time God is good.

  121. Praise God! I heard your story on KLOVE yesterday and I knew I had to immediately read your blog. My son Liam has severe Apraxia of Speech. He has been getting speech therapy since he was 2. He is 6 now and is making slow steady progress. He has a lot more sounds now and a couple of words but is still basically non-verbal. So I understand the heartache, frustration and how you just yearn to hear your child call you Mom. I will pray for your family everyday and I am so happy for Aster’s progress-Amazing!

    God Bless,
    Jenn Inglis
    Scarsdale, NY

  122. I have trudged through Apraxia for the past 12 years, and I’m here to tell you that I KNOW how your mothers heart feels. Simon has had thousands of hours of speech, camps, assessments, testing, and through it all he has shown me so much more than words ever could. We are at the point of being “released” from speech, and though that is cause for celebration, there are so many other things I worry about. When my heart feels heavy, I rest assured knowing Simon was wonderfully made and is who he is supposed to be….to us, to Christ, to our family. If I can offer you anything by ways of answering questions, lending an ear, or simply lifting you up in prayer….please know I will, and am. When your heart is weary, place your hope for tomorrow in His hands, they’ll never let you go. Blessings to you and your sweet girl!

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