(Week 6) Chosen & Online Study “Roll-call”

Our word for the week: CHOSEN
Download in a PDF or in MSWord. Be sure to print it and post it everywhere so you can remember YOU ARE a CHOSEN child of  God!!

God’s WORD for us this week:
“You are a chosen [woman], a royal priesthood, a holy [daughter], a [woman] belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of HIM who has called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.” 1
Peter 2:9, NIV

Today’s Assignments:
Please print and post your word and verse for the week. Continue reading chapter 6 and asswer questions 1-3 at the end of the chapter. We’ll chat about them here soon.

Roll Call!! {and a giveaway!}
Let’s  get to know each other better! All who participate will be entered into a fun GIVEAWAY for year’s subscription to the P31 Woman magazine, an exclusive P31 radio CD with 40 0f our favorite shows, and a $10 gift card to Target or Starbucks {you choose!}

Just answer these 3 simple questions: Where are you from (state or country), what is your age, what do you love to do in your free time?

UPDATE:  This is SO much FUN reading about  you and reading your comments to one another. Ya’ll make my heart smile so big!! {And just in case you wanted to know – I’m 45, live in North Carolina and in my spare time (which I rarely have), I love to watch a movie with my family, read a good book or be outside soaking up the beauty of God’s creation.} I wish I loved to cook and be crafty like so many of you!!

Click on “Share Your Thoughts” below to give your answers.

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. 1. I’m living in Michigan. (I say that I’m from Wisconsin though I’ve lived in four other states and one other foreign country!)

    2. My age is @#)~ (Really, you want us to say our age! How about a range. I’m between 50-57.)

    3. In my spare time I love to sew and garden (in season of course).

    • 1. I am from Philadelphia PA
      2. I am 45 years old
      3. In my spare time I love to do crafts

      • Michelle Stroud says:

        Blessings on you. I, too, have some time on my hand and love to do scrapbooking when I am up to it. I just wanted to send a blessing to you. May you know and understand God’s unfailing love for you today and know His presence is ever with you. Oh I am 47. (smile). Michelle

      • Rebecca Greene says:

        Hey Lisa, my youth are coming to Philadelphia this summer for their mission trip. Any suggestions on what to do during our fun day on Wednesday? We are going to baseball game on Sunday, work days are mon,tues,thur and Friday. We will be staying at Arch st UMC and working at Philabundance, sarnelli community and work to ride. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    • I’m from Ojai, California
      I’m 51 years
      I like to spend my free time knitting and with family

      • We are practically neighbors. I just love Ojai. Nice to see neighbors on here. I am in Thousand Oaks. Blessings,

        • I’m between both of you. I’m a transplanted New Yorker who lives in Camarillo, CA; 52 years old; in my free time I love anything to do with music: sing, play piano, attend live concerts/musicals etc.

    • 1. I am from sunny California! Bakersfield to be exact. 🙂
      2. I am 27 years old (a young’in, I know!)
      3. In my spare time, I hang out with my friends! I LOVE them dearly and we do practically everything together! I wouldn’t trade them for anything! <3

    • I live in Missouri, I am 48 years old and I love to quilt, read and travel.

      • Melinda Hanley says:

        1) I live in Hendersonville, TN

        2) I am 28 years old

        3) In my spare time I enjoy reading

      • Carol, where do you like to go when you travel? I too love to take what i call “journeys” Since, my family and i have moved to Tn we do it often it is very beautiful hear.

    • I live in South Carolina; I’m 47 and I love to cook, exercise, and be a new grandmother!

    • I am from Provo Utah
      I am 63 years young
      In my spare time I love to exercise read good historical non fiction and read my scriptures

      • Wahoo! Another Utahan!

        I am from Lehi, Utah
        I am 29 years old
        I have two young kids so I don’t have a ton of “spare time” per say, but I do love to play with my kids, read, and clean my house (yes, I actually enjoy doing that!)

    • 1. I am from Alabama, but living and attending school in Indianapolis.
      2. I am 22.
      3. I love going to the library, spending time with friends, and family. ^_^

    • I am from High Point, NC
      I am 70 years young
      I like to knit, crochet, quilt, make cards, and read God’s word – not necessarily in that order.

    • Jamie r
      I live in lakeland fl
      I love time with family and friends
      I love romance books when I have time to read and watching baseball with my husband!

    • I live in St. Paul, MN.
      I am 41 years old.
      I love to knit, sew, read, hike, garden and raise monarch butterflies.

      • Michelle Stroud says:

        That’s awesome that you raise butterflies! How do you do that!? My ten year old daughter would love to that! Looking forward to hearing from you! Michelle Stroud. Blessings on you today from our Heavenly Father.

        • I took a class for teachers at the university on insects which is what got me started. Last summer I found larvae on my milkweed in the garden, but other insects were eating them so I took them inside, raised them and release them.

      • Kimberly Stiver says:

        That is awesome to raise monarch butterflies. I could watch them all the time!

    • Rebecca Finkenbinder says:

      I live in Harvard Nebraska.
      I am 37 years old.
      Free time…What’s that? Lol!

    • I live in Knightdale, North Carolina
      I am 48 years old
      I love to read, write on my journal, and listen to music.

    • I’m from Pen Argyl, PA.
      I’m 42 years old.
      I love to go to the movies! 🙂

    • I am 62. I live in Fort Dick, Ca. just off the Oregon coastal border and it is beautiful here. We live on nearly four acres in the redwoods. I enjoy reading and I am currently working on a novel. I am a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature and on my second writing course. I have been published twice online and my husband and I are raising three grandchildren. We don’t have much spare time. But I love to read and spend many hours at night reading and listening to the Bible. We have a horse and buggy and used to do weddings and special events but now we just enjoy looking at the horse. I love the Bible study.

    • I’m from Zion, IL.
      I’m 37 yrs old.
      I love to relax and enjoy those quiet moments.

    • I live in Hiram, a very small town in Maine.
      I am excited to say I’m enjoying my 66th year on this earth.
      My best times right now are those alone with my husband, or with the rest of my wonderful family!

    • I live in Stamford, CT
      I am 53 years old
      I love to read, go for a walk and practice yoga

    • I live in Trinidad
      I am 36 years old
      I love, love to read and sit outside and enjoy an evening sunset.

      • Hi Janel, I’m also from Trinidad. I moved to the United States when I was 11 yrs old and now I live in North Carolina. I’m jelling about reading outside in the evening sunset.( Smiles)

    • DalyStennis says:

      I was born in Montserrat BWI but currently live in Florida
      I am 48 years old
      In my spare time I love to crochet and meditate on God’s word.

    • Palm Beach, Florida
      51 yrs
      In my spare time I enjoy reading the Bible, and all other types of literature relating to the scriptures, and the Bible.

    • My name is Evelyn
      I am 60 years old
      In my spare time, I love to read or watch old movies.

    • Angella Lewis says:

      I Live in Dillsboro Indiana
      I am 33 or 34 years old…trying to calculate it in my head..hmmm
      In my spare time, I LOVE to sit with a cup of coffee and catch up with a friend…(doesn’t happen ENOUGH!! HAHAHA)

    • I live in Brooklyn, NY
      By the grance and mercy of God I am 48, will be 49 this year
      In my spare time, I like to read

    • I live in Charleston, WV….I’m 40 years old and in my spare time I like to spend time with family and Scrapbook!

    • Lisa Gwaltney says:

      I live in Cleveland, TN.
      I am 47.
      In my spare time I play Fruit Link on my ipad.

    • I’m from Nashville, TN.
      I’m 58-years-young.
      In my spare time I like to shoot photography.

    • I am 44 years old and live in beautiful Colorado. In my spare time I LOVE to paint, read, craft, spend time with my girls and be outdoors…(really anything I can do thats not laundry and house maintenance!!)

      • Im from morrison CO
        i am 55
        love to be out doors photography and any craft and love the food network

      • Kimberly Stiver says:

        I like how you said anything but laundry and house maintenance! I agree! I was in a study for my kidney disease in Colorado a couple years ago. In 2009 I had to go back in the summer so my husband and I made it our second honeymoon. We went there on his birthday in Aug. It was absolutely beautiful! One of the locations we went to was Seven Falls by the time we finished both of us was exhausted, but both of us felt it was worth it. Never made it to the zoo. I would love to go back to Colorado and go to the zoo and other places we didn’t make it to.

        • More Colorado-ans!! I live in Colorado Springs and agree it is the most beautiful place to be! I am 63 and also enjoy the outdoors – when the wild winds aren’t blowing us into Kansas!! When I have spare time, I love to quilt (by the way, love the quilt blocks representing everyone), sew, craft and spend time with my friends in our tea group. This study is what I needed….

    • 1. Montgomery, AL
      2. 27
      3. I like to sew!

    • Glorisel Gonzalez Viera says:

      I am from Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico ( a little island in the Caribbean) and am 23 years old… On my spare time I like to cuddle up with a nice book and read (usually a Christian book to edify myself since time is a “hot commodity” these days jeje) or talk on the phone with any of my friends… God bless!

    • Hi!! First, I have loved this study!! Touching my heart!
      1. I live in Highlands Ranch Colorado
      2. I am 56 years old
      3. I love photography, playing golf, being with friends, time with my husband, quiet walks in the mountains ,,,I love being home…
      Thanks for this encouraging study!!

    • I live in Mill Creek, WA and I am 42 years old. In my spare time when I am blessed with it, I love to spend time with my family playing, shopping and taking day road trips. I love our family vacations!!!

    • Good morning everyone, God Bless!
      Live in Palm Beach, Florida.
      51 yrs old.
      On my spare time Ienjoy reading the Bible or any literature related to scripture, christianity and the Bible…

    • 1. I am from Altoona, Wisconsin
      2. I am 44, and will be turning 45 in March (I swear, I was 16 just yesterday!)
      3. I’m a single mom to 4, and I work full time, so I spend my free time doing fun stuff like laundry and dishes!

    • Martha Masasenburg says:

      I live in North Carolina I’M 60 years old happy in Jesus, I love cooking, watching preaching on tv, going to church ,working part time as a cna1

    • Martha Masasenburg says:

      I’m 60 years old, love the lord I live in North Carolina, I love praise and worshiping God, cooking cleaning,and enjoying grand childrens

    • I live in Ohio
      I’m 53
      I like to read & scrapbook when I have free time. Unfortunately isn’t often enough

    • I Live in Ohio
      I am 40
      I enjoy spending my time helping others

    • Hi ladies,

      I’m a bit behind so that’s why I haven’t been on the chat boards, but I thought I’d jump in on this 🙂

      I am 28, a stay-at-home mom of two under 3y.o (so not much free time) near Harrisburg, PA, and when I do have quiet moments I love to read!

      • Lyda, I am also from PA. About 20 minutes south of York. I am also a little behind on the chats and lessons but enjoying it so much. I travel to Dillsburg about twice a month right now for classes.

        I really enjoy reading and hiking with my family. I am 54 yrs. old. God’s blessing to you and your family.

    • I live in Gallatin TN.
      I am 55 yrs young.
      I am blessed to have 3 young grandchildren who I am just wild about and love spending time with them and taking each one on their own private date with GaGa.
      I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant…so, I love pampering women and enriching their lives.

    • Sandy Bagby says:

      I am from Chattanooga, Tennessee.
      I am 47 years old.
      I have a mobile petting farm business. I LOVE taking care and loving on all my critters.

    • Angela Mayson says:

      I am from SC.
      I am 49years old.
      in my spare time I enjoy playing the piano and writing my updates as I go through battling cancer for the third time in 8years.

    • ReNee Finneman says:

      I am from Denver, Colorado.
      I am 58 years young.
      In my spare time I enjoy planting flowers, cooking and taking pictures.

    • Gaylene Hill says:

      I am from Arvada, CO.
      54 years old.
      In my spare time I enjoy being with my children and my 5 mo. old granddaughter, friends, flowers, and

    • I am from rhode island,I am 50 and in my spare time i love listening to music.

      I am from rhode Island, I am 50 and love to listen to music

    • Christine Dore says:

      I AM 46 years old. I Love my kids, husband
      and dog.

      We live in Waldorf MD

      and free time is spent volunteering, and with my husband.. we just had our 1 year anniversary 🙂

    • 1. I live in Southern Michigan.

      2. I am almost 59 years old (April).

      3. I like to knit, crochet and have fun with the grandchildren.

    • I am from Michigan, I live in Missouri right now and and still have a home in Tenn. that I still go back to when every possible when I’m not working. I am 50yrs. old and blessed. I love to read all the time and spend time with my 4 grand kids and children I also in my spare time love to volunteer for my church . Doing such things as food drives for ONEGENAWAY. Check us out on the web. PASTOR CHRIS WHITNEY is awesome.

    • Donna Lee Little says:

      I live in Dwight, Ontario Canada
      I am 57
      I love to read, knitt and paint in my spare time.

    • Becky Cameron says:

      I currently live in Nairobi Kenya; originally from Rockwall, Texas
      I am 59
      I enjoy watching old US TV series on DVDs and spending time with my husband of 41 years. I enjoy hosting a Bible study for other missionaries in my neightborhood. One is from Iceland and the other is from Australia.

    • Nilka Ramirez says:

      I’m 41 years old and live in Manchester, NJ (near the Jersey Shore). In my spare time I love to have family movie nights or just hang out with my family.

    • I live in Missouri outside of Springfield.
      I am 38 yrs old
      I don’t have a lot of spare time 🙂 But I try to read and spend time outside in God’s Creation. I also enjoy cooking nice dinners for my family and just hanging out with my kiddos.

    • 1. I live in Washington, DC
      2. I am old 🙂
      3. I love to cook, bake, write (working on my first book), make jewelry, knit, crochet, and I enjoy making all kinds of crafts.

    • Debbie Butler says:

      1. I live in Athens, Georgia
      2. I’m 46, and loving my 40’s
      3. In my spare time my favorite thing is to hang with the family! But I also road cycle (working up to a full century), and anything crafty or artsy! Tie dying is a passion!

  2. 1. I live in the southwestern corner of NH, about 10 miles north of MA, and 10 miles east of VT. We haven’t had much of winter here this year.

    2. I am 37 years old, and will be 38 at the end of May.

    3. In my spare time I like to knit, scrapbook, garden, hike, run, read, bake, and a multitude of other things that keep me busy.

    • Karen Halterman says:

      Beth R…you should be in my newly formed women’s Bible Study small group…out of 7 of us, 3 are avid knitters, 3 scrapbook…you would fit right in there hon!! We have some produce gardners too…I like to do flowers (in a pot as I rent).
      I live right in the heart of the Midwest and we have not had much for winter this year either…I love this 1-3″ of snow that comes, then melts by the end of the week!!!!!!!!!!! Not too cold temps either…one or two days with freezing wind chills, but otherwise, piece of cake this winter!!!!!!! We Iowans are liking it way too much!!

      God bless you Beth!

    • Beth – Sounds like you might live near my husbands family. They are in West Chesterfield! (Ok, so I’m not great on the NE geography….so I hope I’m close!! 🙂

  3. 1. IL
    2. 37
    3. read, scrapbook, “dream” on pinterest, blog

  4. I’m from Idaho but moved to Washington State (near Portland, OR) almost 3 years ago to marry my husband. I’m 32 and I really love spending time with my new friends, my stepkids and my husband in my free time. I work full time and go to school part time so the rest of the time I just enjoy being with all the people I love.

  5. 1. I am from Riverside, CA but am now an official Virginian..lived in Wiliamsburg, Va for 4 years now 🙂

    2. I am 29 years old

    3. Spare time I love to hang out with my husband, my kids, my friends, bake and stay busy! 🙂

    • OHHHHH!!! I love to bake too…forgot to put that on the things i love to do!!! Pies, cakes, cookies, cobblers, ect.

  6. 1. I am in Thousand Oaks, Ca

    2. I am proud to say I am 45!

    3. Spare time? I love, love, love to read! and bake, and when I am not doing that you can find me at Starbucks. Iced Mocha, anyone?

  7. I live in Aurora, IL, suburb of Chicago, but my real home is in Pennsylvania. I am 43 :-). In my spare (when I have some), I love to work in yard. I can’t wait for spring to come. I have also taken up running and it will better running in the spring than the winter!

  8. 1. I live in arizona! Today it is about 75 degrees and beautiful!
    2. I am 29 years old.
    3. I love to bake, garden and do crafts. I also love spending time and doing special things with my nephews and niece!

  9. 1. Iowa (very rural part of Iowa!)
    2. Just turned 41
    3. I have six kids and I’m homeschooling the oldest four. I don’t have spare time. BUT I did manage to read a new book this week — Elsie Dinsmore has been on my reading list for YEARS and I devoured it in two evenings. So, READING, final answer.

    I’m enjoying this study even though I can’t devote my all to it at this time. I read and re-read the chapters as I have a chance, and have uncovered some deep thoughts to ponder all the other moments of my day.

  10. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    1. I am from Ridgeway, South Carolina.

    2. I am 53 years old

    3. I am recently widowed and my spare time was spent gardening with my husband and doing projects around our home. I am doing the gardening and projects now on my own and making new traditions. When not doing this, I am involved in a Women’s Group at my church and in various Bible Study groups.

    • I am 52 and also recently widowed. I understand about working diligently at making new traditions. I covet your involvement at church. You are blessed to have that connection.

  11. Suzanne Miller says:

    1. I live just outside of Atlanta, GA about 20 miles northwest.
    2. Just turned 60 in July….but, I’m a young 60! :o)
    3. We have 7 children and 6 grands. I have been a homeschool mom for 29 years.
    My family is truly my “hobby.” It is my joy to care and serve them. Two are married and
    another two are engaged with a third one following closely behind!
    My youngest is a junior in high school. On Wednesday evenings @ my church I have
    the privilege and blessing to teach a group of young moms the Titus 2 way of loving
    our husbands and children and caring for our homes. When I have a few minutes
    I really enjoy reading and studying the Bible (Precept Bible studies and Beth Moore) and good Christian books that encourage our walk with the Lord.

    Thank you for the encouragement and truth that your book and study contains. It is a blessing!

  12. Evalyn Elliott says:

    1. I live in Carrollton, TX (suburb of Dallas).
    2. I am 51 years old
    3. In my spare time I like to read, do dance jam classes at the gym, volunteer for the HS band booster club, and plan my next home improvement project (although I’m not a do-it-yourself person). Just ordered new roman shades for the living room (and I’ve been meaning to do that for years!).

  13. 1. I am from a little town in West Texas near Midland/Odessa called Andrews.
    2. I am 38
    3. In my spare time I enjoy running, reading, and shopping!

  14. 1. I live in Williamston, NC. After growing up in northern NH, I moved to NC when I was 19 and haven’t looked back since.

    2. I am 42 and not ashamed to tell anyone!

    3. Spare time? I love to spend any I have with my girls (11 yrs and 8yrs). They are my joy! I also love to read and do crafts!

  15. Shelia Smith says:

    I live in Sanford, NC. I am 59 and a Grandy to four adorable grandchildren-two boys and two girls! I love to spend time with them, read, and SHOP!!!!!

  16. Lydia Allen says:

    I live in Colorado, I am 27 years old, and in my free time I enjoy visiting with friends 🙂

  17. 1) IL
    2) 51 soon to be 52
    3) Bake, read, research and talk to family and friends

  18. Heather Chester says:

    I live in Florida but lived most of my life in Georgia.

    I am 35 years old.

    In my spare time I love to watch my kids do gymnastics and play baseball and of course, read.

  19. 1. TX
    2. I’m 30
    3. I love spending extra time with my family and friends, as well as reading!

  20. Georgia
    internet, crochet,walking

  21. 1. I live in Stokesdale, NC and very small town, which is located about 20 minutes outside of Winston-Salem and Greensboro, NC. I love the country living, it is perfect and not very far from the larger cities.

    2. I am 43 years old, praise God!! I will be 44 in April.

    3. In my spare time, I love talking and listening to God, spending time with my family, reading (A Confident Heart is awesome), I also love serving others in any way that I’m needed, I also like to crochet when I can find the time

  22. Tara Cline says:

    Hilliard, Ohio
    39 years old
    read, shp, listen to music

  23. 1. I live in WV
    2. I am going to be 10 on the 29th LOL actually 40
    3. I love to spend time with my family. My husband two boys and two girls.I also love to read.

    • Karen Halterman says:

      Happy 40th Birthday, Kimmie!!!! Isn’t it grand to be alive, regardless of the age!! 40 was a good year for me and I pray that your year is filled with many precious memories and that as storms/rocky moments hit, that you truly lean on Jesus to guide you through them!! He loves you so much and is thrilled that you are walking with Him as He writes your story!!!!!!!!!!!! Birthday blessings!!
      Karen from Iowa

    • Kimmie,
      I also live in WV. Charleston, WV. What city are you in? My birthday is the 23rd (tomorrow). My daughter was born on the 28th. Was it fun growing up with a birthday on leap day.

  24. Margaret Kidd says:

    1. I’m a native Houstonian (Texas).
    2. I am 53 years old.
    3. In my spare time, I love, love, love hanging with my 4 grandkids (2 twin boys almost 2 years) and two girls (1 just turned 4 years and the other will be 1 next month).

  25. I am from Tempe, Arizona and my age is 54. This is my first year in retirement from teaching third grade for 25 years, so lately I have had more free time to do what I love. Believe it or not, I enjoy working out with my personal trainer, who’s also a believer. I didn’t seem to have the time or energy to do this when I was teaching. I’m blessed to be able to train for an hour, three times a week during midmorning, and then have a light lunch or breakfast in the Club’s Cafe, where I do some reading, too. I’m looking forward to training two shelties of mine to be hospital therapy dogs–my heartfelt dream is to visit adults and kids in hospitals (and hospices too) with my sweet Amazing Grace, AKA Gracie. My other dream and love is creating silk flower arrangements. I want to do this for cemeteries and have a small business idea that God has put into my heart. Thanks and glory to God, I’m in a good place in my journey! I am learning how my relationship with Jesus can satisfy the desires of my heart.

  26. 1. I live in Denton, Texas however, I am originally from Boulder, Colorado.
    2. I am 51 years-old, and
    3. In my spare time I love to read, crochet and DIY projects

  27. Cindy Davies says:

    I am originally from Michigan but am currently living in Oklahoma, I am 55 years old, and in my free time I enjoy sewing.

  28. 1. I live in Georgia, near Atlanta
    2. I just turned 44
    3. I am trying to learn about God and religion and the impact it has on my life and the people around me.

  29. Trina Wilson says:

    1. I live in Monticello, MN
    2. I am 36 years old
    3. Spare Time? Hmmmm….probably scrapbook and watch a movie

  30. Hi – I live in upstate NY, I am 53 years old and in my free time I love singing !

  31. 1. I live in Southern Maine about 25 miles from the rocky coastline.

    2. My age??? I just celebrated my (dare I say it) 40th birthday. 🙂

    3. In my spare time I love spending time with my husband and our 3 boys. I love sitting on the rocks along the coast or exploring tidepools with my boys (and my love). I also love to read, and do anything involving music. 🙂

    • Karen Halterman says:

      Terri-Birthday blessings to you in your 40th year as well!! Praise God for your life….it is not so bad being 40..it was a good year for me…hon, wait till ya hit 60. That was the first birthday that I was uncertain about reaching and then it came and I am just peachy with it…I thank God that I am alive and walking with Him. Enjoy your family…
      Karen from Iowa

    • Terri-
      I really like the woman I’ve become in my 40’s…Happy Birthday…embrace it, there is lots of living to do!

      • Thanks Karen and Gina! My sweet husband keeps reminding me that 40 is when you really start living and I’m starting to believe that he’s right. 🙂

  32. 1. I live in Oregon
    2. I am 31
    3. I love to spend time with my family, crochet/knit love crafts, hike, and rollerskate.

  33. 1. I’m from Washington State.
    2. I’m 48 (almost 49).
    3. I love to scrapbook and do paper crafts in my spare (HA) time.

  34. 1. I’m originally from Tombstone, AZ (yes like the movie & OK Corral) but am an Army wife currently living in KS …. (we’ve lived in GA, Germany x2, WA, CA, KS x2, AZ – hubbies been to Korea x2 and Iraq x4 just for general info 😀 )

    2. I’m 43

    3. Spare time? hmmm …. International women’s ministry (pwoc.org), facebook, pinterest, decorating, sewing, reading, scrapbooking, dance — love to learn and explore, homeschooling Mom

    • Holly,
      We also home school and live somewhat near you in the capital city. I hope you are enjoying the study!

    • where in Kansas \
      My mom is there

    • Chastity Ray says:

      Thank you husband for his service and you too!! My sister in law just got back from afghanistan. I know it can be rough on a family.
      How many children do you homeschool? I’m new to it myself and we are adjusting well….can’t believe I never thought to homeschool before now. 🙂
      I love pinterest too!! I have to be careful though as I tend to spend way to much time on the computer when i get there LOL

  35. 1. Iowa
    2. 46 years old
    3. I love to teach and take spinning classes.

    • Karen Halterman says:

      Carole-where do you live in Iowa? I live in NE Iowa up in Osage…my neighbor Louise does spinning and I have another gal in my women’s Bible study small group who desires to learn. Interesting to meet 2 women in a short time’s length who spin!! Louise is just learning to do 2-ply spinning. We live in the same apt. building, just kitty-corner across from each other, so I love to pop in when she is spinning her yarn..was doing alpaca yarn when I was last over. She has 2 burlap bags of sheep fleece in the basement waiting to be prepped for spinning!
      What an interesting hobby…God bless your day!
      Karen from Iowa
      (email is haltermk@mercyhealth.com)

      • Karen,

        Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your post. My husband is a spinning instructor, too, but it’s at the YMCA …and on stationary bikes. Just goes to show you how a word “spinning” can mean 2 different things to two different people in two different parts of the country (we live in the city). I was reading your reply and had never heard of “2 ply spinning”, so I asked my husband…who had no idea what I was talking about. Then I read the rest of your post and realized that you were talking about yarn. Oh my gosh. What a great laugh!

  36. Hi – I live in Lafayette, In. – home of PURDUE BOILERMAKERS!!!! I am going to have the 20th anniversary of my 40th birthday in Sept. (60 is the new 40 afterall!!)
    I love to spend time with my family – son and his wife and 2 adorable kids, daughter and hubby and 2 precious little ones and of course my husband. of 30 years.
    I work in a Senior retirement community and I LOVE IT so much it is not work – I do activities with the independant living residents which are all fun things I enjoy – dining out, shopping, theatre, museums, travel – find new places to go and things to do – makes me happy as I love to be around people.

    PS Thank you for doing this, I love it! My daughter gave me the book for Christmas and it was just was I needed – thanks for being you!

    • Kathy,
      My husband grew up in Lafayette. I grew up in Bloomington and we met in school at Indiana University. My husband’s family still lives in Lafayette and my parents still live in Bloomington. Nice part of the country.

  37. 1. I am 53.
    2. I am from Williamsburg, Va {born, raised, left, returned}
    3. In my spare time I like to spend time with friends. Don’t seem to be able to enough. Read.

  38. I live in Mt. Pleasant Pa. Its 50 miles south of Pittsburgh.
    My age is 54.
    I enjoy walking or bike riding with friends and family.

  39. 1. Kansas
    2. 36
    3. In my spare time I love to read, garden, crochet and blog, but we have three kids, soon to be 4 and we home school!

  40. I live in Hilliard, Ohio.
    I’m 36.
    I enjoy running, reading, and being readily available to my hubbie and 3 kiddos.

  41. 1. I am living in New Hampton, NH. I am from Portland, Maine and my heart is definitely in Maine. Although, the longer I live in the Lakes Region in New Hampshire the more I appreciate it.
    2. I am 34 years old. My birthday was last Friday, so that is the first time I have had to officially say my older age!
    3. In my free time I love to spend time with my husband and our four year old son. Quiet days at home are so rare – I just love weekend afternoons with nothing to do but enjoy each others company. I also enjoy reading or cooking in my free time.

  42. I live in South Central Pennsylvania, I am 53, and enjoy my flower gardens. Gardening helps me relax after a busy workday. It’s also a wonderful way to connect with God.

  43. I’m from Pennsylvania. I’m 34 years old. I love to knit (although I’m only a beginner), read, and spend time with my family.

  44. 1 I live in Tennessee.
    2. I am 52.
    3. I love to read and bake during my spare time.

  45. Wendy Thrasher says:

    I live in Tennessee. I am 38 years old. I love to read and watch TV.

  46. I’m from Massachusetts . 38 years young. In my free time I enjoy spending time reading blogs or books that will help me become a better person.

  47. Patricia Branson says:

    1. I live in Mississippi.
    2. I am 61 years old.
    3. I love to read and visit my three little grandsons, when I am able to travel.

  48. I live in Wisconsin.

    I am 51. sometimes feel 26 and sometimes feel 61!

    My free time is filled with my children and enjoying them as much as I can knowing they will soon be on their own!!!

  49. I live in Appleton, Wisconsin as of 2 years ago. I still say I’m really from Eugene, Oregon where I spent my first 21years of life 🙂
    I’m 23 years old.
    In my free time I write, cook, and play violin

  50. I am from North Central Texas. I am 56 years old and I love reading, spending time with my grandchildren, and doing Bible studies. I am learning so much Renee….thank you for this wonderful study.

  51. Hi Everyone!
    1. I live in Hereford, TX.
    2. I am 54 years old
    3. I love to read, take walks and listen to all kinds of music!

  52. I live in Canada but am originally from Pennsylvania. I am 39 years old. I LOVE to knit in my free time.

  53. Cindy Hunt says:

    1. Live in Sunnyvale, Ca
    2. Age 50 yrs ; )
    3. Spend time with friends and be outdoors.

  54. 1. Austin,Texas 2. 40 3.I like to read

  55. 1. I live in Palm Harbor, Florida

    2: I’m 39…

    3. In my spare time, I like to read, scrapbook, and play on facebook : )

  56. I live in Michigan
    I am 53 years old.
    I am a retired homeschool mom, a SU demonstrator, and I enjoy reading and making cards.

  57. I live just outside of Raleigh, NC.
    I’m 33 yrs old.
    And, free time? I’m a homeschooling mama of two young boys.
    I do like to read though. 🙂

  58. I live near Hertford, NC.
    I am 55 years old.
    I like to read Francine Rivers books, crochet when the mood hits me and mow grass . Since our climate is so temperate, I get to mow grass a lot and it is very relaxing to me.

  59. Live in AZ which has always been home even when lived elsewhere.
    39 almost 40
    Spending time with family & friends, reading, crafts — plastic canvas, beads, simple crochet.

  60. I live in Ohio, I’m 56 years old, and in my free time, I like to study the Bible, spend time with my family, read, play the piano, cross-stitch, piece quilts on sewing machine – in other words, I have NO problem with boredom!!!!

  61. Sandy Stoller says:

    I live in Parker CO
    I am 52 or 53 – can’t remember! Don’t really want to know!
    I love to go to plays, concerts, read, spend time with my boys, husband, friends.

  62. I live in Michigan.
    I am 53 years old.
    I am a retired homeschool mom, current Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and I enjoy reading and making cards.

  63. Cecily Bornemann says:

    I am 37, and I am from Va but live in Az for the last 4 years. I love to spend my free time on the computer or playing with my two cats, Pumpkin and Rainbow.

  64. Merrie Ickes says:

    I live in Seminole, FL (near Largo and St. Pete) with my daughter & son-inlaw.

    I am 71 years old; had polio at age 4 which disabled me about 20 yrs ago.

    I enjoy reading. And the “Made to Crave” book is enabling me to draw closer and closer to my LORD through the Scriptures I am memorizing and the stories that are shared.

  65. lisa marie says:

    I live in Indiana, I am 45 years old. I love to take hikes, practice yoga, make stained glass & jewelry and hang out with my family 🙂

  66. I am from South Texas and I am 29 years old. I like to read, croquet, watch movies and spend time with my family.

  67. I am 34 and live in indianapolis, indiana i love traveling and reading in my free time a mother three young children

  68. 1. Orlando, FL
    2. 43
    3. Spend time with family and friends, read

  69. MI
    Read, shop, surf interesting medical websites.

    • Hi, Mom! 🙂 I’m so glad we’re doing this together…..I can’t believe I found you on here again! 🙂

      • Well hello Kar! It is very exciting to see how God leads through this study AND the Karen Kingsbury book you are reading!

        I could REALLY relate to Renee’s story of distorted body image related to porn as I grew up with it too. I have always struggled with that. Renee is very relatable! Remember….YOU are CHOSEN by the ONE who matters most!!!

  70. Good afternoon! My name is Meyana, i live in Oregon & i love to go to the river and i also enjoy camping, hiking, etc.

  71. I am originally from the East Coast but have lived in Oklahoma 26 years now. Some days I ask myself “How did a nice girl from the East end up in Oklahoma?!” Only God!

    AND… amazingly I’m as old as Carol H. @#)~!!!!!

    I don’t have a condition called “free time” but if I ever did I’d be doing things around the house, baking, gardening, having lots of company over, laughing a whole lot more than I do now and planning my next trip. Right now I dream of lying in a hammock between two tall palm trees on a white sandy beach with crystal clear blue water to look at and a most gentle breeze blowing over me. These days that is my “happy place”! 🙂

  72. Hi….my name is Jenny

    1. I live in Virginia but I am originally from Pennsylvania.
    2. I will be 40 on March 2nd. (my daughter was also born on March 2nd and she will be 8)
    3. In my free time I like to read, listen to music, or crochet. Spending time with my kids, too!

  73. 1. Nebraska – near Omaha
    2. 47 – that was tough to write..
    3. Stamp cards, read, quilt..

    • Karen Halterman says:

      Brenda-I love to stamp cards too! I have been hooked on it ever since I saw that stamp go from the ink pad to the cardstock back about 11-12 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. I was raised in Fairbanks, Alaska but currently live in Orange, CA and moving to Alabama in 2 weeks.
    I am soon to be 47.
    I like to pray, sing, organize and be with my family.

  75. I am from Boston Ma. Age 52 enjoy gardening and reading

  76. I live in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. I have lived here most of my life!
    I am 51 years old.
    In my spare time(when I get any) I enjoy embroidery, crosstitching, reading, gardening and best of all these I enjoy time spent with my grandaughters! I have 3 of them…no grand sons, yet! And being in God’s house and hanging out with His people whenever possible!

  77. 1. I live in North Carolina
    2. I’m 28 (too close to 30!!!) 🙂
    3. I love to play the piano

  78. I live in Michigan and I am 51 years old. I love to spend time with my husband and family, especially my 3 year old granddaughter. I also like to cross-stitch when I can.

  79. Melanie Shannon says:

    I live in Royse City, TX which is east of Dallas. I am 41 years young. In my spare time, I love to read.

  80. 1. I live in Colorado.
    2. I am 53.
    3. In my free time, I love to read.

  81. 1. I live in British Columbia Canada
    2) I’m 41
    3)I love to read, scrapbook, make cards, surf the net, blog

  82. 1) live in Nashville, TN
    2) 40 y.o.
    3) Free time– read, take my kids to the zoo, and just relax

  83. 1. I live in Uvalde, TX
    2. I’m 31
    3. I love to read my bible and exercise and of course spend time with my family. God Bless

  84. Susan Crouch says:

    1.) I live in Arkansas
    2.) I’m about to turn the big 40 in two weeks.
    3.) In my free time I enjoy studying the word and gardening.

  85. I am 61 and from small community in Iowa. I have a passion to cross stitch.

  86. Karen Halterman says:

    I am from Iowa-have lived here most of my life but my favorite state to live in over the years was Virginia!
    I am 60 years old young! I don’t feel 60 nor look 60..I live by what my dad used to say :you are a young as you feel!!”
    My favorite pasttime in free time is to read books…I love Christian authored fictional romances (esp. historical romances) and I love a good mystery book too.

    AND I love being in Bible Studies with other women, especially to guide them and encourage other Christian women in their journey with Jesus Christ, letting Him write their story further.

    God bless your day………isn’t this book A Confident Heart just the best? Renee, Chapter Six just hit it right on the nail for me and my life! This chapter nailed it dead on, sister. Thank you for listening to God and allowing Him to speak through your story to help us understand and find freedom in our own story!!

  87. I was born in MD and now live in Pa. I am 60 and when I am not running after my
    2 yr grandson which i have full custody, I.like to read scrapbook and spend time with friends.

  88. 1. I live in beautiful West Michigan
    2. I’m 34 years old
    3. I love reading, playing piano, scrap-booking/card making, cross-stitching, baking, cooking, and most of all, being a mom!

  89. I’m from Fort Wirth Texas, 44 yrs old, and in my spare time (what is that anyways?!) I love to read all the books I start and don’t finish, watch movies, walk, and just plain catch up on my forever growing to-do list!! Lol

  90. margo cole says:

    I live in Garner,NC 2. I’m 57 3. I love hanging out with my Grandkids and I love to read

  91. 1. I am from Williamsburg, VA.

    2. I am 34 and will be 35 in April.

    3. My favorite thing to do in my free time is to be with my two boys. The youngest has a major medical illness and his lifespan for his condition is around 20. I value every minute that I have with them and cherish the time that I have been given.

  92. Hi everyone…so cool seeing all the different places God is at work! I am a Navy brat…origianally from Norfolk,va. Moved all over….made me really rely on the Lord and value friendship. Have 2 wonderful childreb and one baby grandaughter, great daughter in law that loves the Lord. Volunteering with sea turtles at the Ga Sea Turtle Center is a passion. I love to spend time with my 6 dogs, 2 cats, 11 horses some beautiful nesting eagles in se Ga. I enjoy quiet time on the river with a manger that a friend made me because of Renee’s “Manger in my Heart” poem.I love life and love the Lord. Thankyou Renee for all you have shared…..I learn so much from you.

  93. Penny Miller says:

    I am from High Point, NC
    I am 42 years old-whew so glad we didnt have to list our weight too lol
    In my free time, if there is any free time i love to read and have a big honkin cup of Starbucks

  94. Hello!
    I live in Seattle, Washington.
    I am 41 years old.
    I love reading, running, hiking, camping, and playing with my nieces and nephews.

  95. I am 71 years old, a widow for 4 years and believe I have the best of both worlds thanks to my husband of 47 years! He provided very well for our family.

    Snowbird for 7 months in Bonita Springs, FL and the other 5 months I live in Muskego, WI (suburb of Milwaukee)

    I love to golf, read, play bridge, knit, sing in the choir, serve on altar guild and am a Stephen Minister.

    I have 6 beautiful grandchildren who keep me very busy in the summer months.

  96. I grew up in IL, moved to AZ for 12 years, and have been in TN for the past 7 years and plan to stay here. I am 38 years old. When I have free time, I like to be outside!

  97. I’m from Tepic, Mexico and I´ll be 50 in September

    and I love to read on my day off.

  98. I live in Halifax, PA
    Just turned 58
    I love doing Bible Studies with women, baking fancy cakes, and reading, reading, reading!!!

  99. Sue Patterson says:

    I am a 61 years young woman from Lake Charles, Louisiana. I work in the deli at Wal-mart and spend my free time on my computer and studying the Bible. I also am teaching myself Spanish and Calculius.

    • Hi Sue, I am from Baton Rouge. You are the first Louisiana person I saw.

      • Mel Merritt says:

        Just wanted to say Hi. Thought I was the only one from La. I live in West
        Baton Rouge We are neighbors.

    • Mel Merritt says:

      Hi My name is Mel I live in Port Allen , La.. Coming to Lake Charles on March 29, 2012. Any suggestion for site seeing. I’m 45 In my spare time I love to cook and spend time with my family. It gives me no greater joy than to cook and feed people.

  100. Jeanine Q. says:

    I live in Ladysmith, WI and last summer I turned the big 50!
    In my spare time I enjoy reading blogs, a little sewing knitting, and reading.

  101. 1. I live in Charleston, SC
    2. I’m 32 years old
    3. I like to knit, read, journal & get
    pedicures in my free time:)

  102. Hi. I am Karen C.

    1. I am from Lima, Ohio
    2. I am 44 years old.
    3. In my free time, I love to read and travel with my friends.

  103. I live in Topeka, KS.
    I’m 64 and recently retired.
    I love to read and Face Book.

  104. I llive in Cypress, TX and I am 45 almost 46 years old! If I get spare time, I would ideally love to be hiking a hill, kayaking a river, or lying on a beach with a great book! this is the dream…. know it will happen soon!! Thanks for all you do!

    • Kimberly Stiver says:

      My son lives in Cypress with his dad and step-mom. He goes to Lone Star College in Cypress and works part-time.

  105. I’m from Pennsylvania,I’m 55 and I LOVE to spend time with my 2 1/2 year old grandson!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Tennessee
    playing with my grandbabies

  107. Just answer these 3 simple questions:
    Where are you from (state or country)? Burlington, Ontario, Canada
    What is your age? 56 (just on Feb. 18 !!)
    What do you love to do in your free time? Read, watch Movies, follow Blogs
    (I would love to add that I like to walk, and to sit by the water; but I have not done either in quite some time!)


  108. Melissa Fleetwood says:

    I’m from Missouri and I live there in a small town. I’m 39 years old and in my down time; I love to read, write and study my Bible. I’m a born again child of God and I love Him with all my heart, mind, and soul. I spend time with my Husband, 2 dogs and my cat. I watch my new granddaughter 4 days a week, I’m taking on-line classes to get my Assoc. in Business Admin., & feel blessed to have a wonderful family who loves the Lord as much as I do, loves & supports eachother.

  109. I live in California .
    My age is 41
    In my free time I like to read, hike, and travel.

  110. 1. I live in Omaha, NE
    2. In March I will be 43
    3. I am a reading junky….

  111. I am from Cumming, Georgia – although I spent the first 30 years of my life in South Africa. I have just turned 40 (still getting used to saying that!) and although I don’t get much spare time between my 4 children, husband and dog – I do love to spend time outdoors when I can, doing anything from gardening to hiking to just watching the kids having fun!

  112. Hey ,
    My name is Miranda. I am 53 years young lol.I live in North Carolina. I live about 45 minutes from the beach. In my spare time I like to do crafts. I am always learning a new craft .

  113. Hi! I am from the beautiful state of Tennessee. I am 53 years old, and love being older, but my body don’t so much sometimes…heehee. In my spare time i love to study the bible, read inspirational books, play barbie’s and color with my 6 year old grand daughter, and spend time with my sons and hubby doing whatever. I am truly blessed!!!

  114. I’m from Michigan and, although I currently live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, I’m still a U.S. Citizen. I will be celebrating the big 5-0 in two days (Feb. 23). In my spare time I like to read Christian/Historical fiction, study God’s Word and make beautiful, inspiring jewelry.

    • Karen Halterman says:

      Lori-a very blessed birthday to you as you turn the big “50”!! God bless your day so much….enjoy every moment of it. May God just anoint your 50th year as you continue to walk with Him and grow your story that He is writing!!!

      Karen H from Iowa

    • Happy Birthday to you, Lori!!! May you have much beauty and many blessings each and everyday!

    • Kimberly Stiver says:

      Happy birthday, Lori. May God bless you always.

  115. I live in Oregon — 60 years young — I enjoy reading, sharing time with my husband at car shows and time at the beach.

  116. Bonnie Rohrer says:

    I’m from Michigan
    61 years young
    my spare time is being with my grandchildren

  117. I live in Florence, Alabama.

    I am 48 years young.

    I love to hike and be outdoors.

    This is a wonderful study.

  118. I am a Louisianian transplanted to Texas. I am 33 years old. In my spare time I love to just sit and relax while watching television with and without the family.

  119. michelle h says:

    seattle, 37, and spare time? what’s that!

  120. Judi Murdoch says:

    I live in Edmonton… Alberta… Canada. (Hi Sharon and Tanya!). I’m a bit surprised there’s not more of us Canadians here. Maybe we’re just shy-er than you Americans?
    I’m 55 and love to hang out in nature, preferably with animals, sew and read.

    • Hi Judi M. , I live in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada. I love this Bible Study. I was looking for other Canadians and I found you ! I am 56 years old and love to walk my dog, love animals etc. ! Hope to talk again. God Bless. Dianne

  121. MS
    READ, Facebook with friends encouraging things I find, watch sitcoms with my Best Friend, who is my sister.

  122. 1. Kansas
    2. 52
    3. Enjoying time with my grandkids, reading and sewing

  123. Kristy Lynn says:

    I’m a California girl – born and raised – currently living in the bay area!
    I just turned 37 years young at the end of January and am looking forward to all the changes God is making in my life as I continue to grow and mature in Him!
    My favorite things to do are to read, worship (sing, sing, sing), crochet, bake, and spend time with my two beautiful girls (17 and 12)!

  124. I live in FLORIDA but grew up in NJ. I feel like a native Floridian though after 25 years. I am 58. I really enjoy gardening with my grandchildren. And of course spending time with them watching them grow and learn.

  125. I live in Missouri. I am 47. And #3 things I love to do in my free time, (spending time with family,crafting, working on traing my new puppy, and I like to learn things. I have started the 1 year Chronological Bible study, on line I have never done this before, and I am really enjoying it!) Thank you.

  126. Hi!! I feel old Is their any of you women 60!! I’am 61. I have lived in Pa all my life! Leechburg Pa to be excat! I Love spending time with my grandsons, and love to work in my flower garden, and i also love to walk my 2 miles aday!! Thank you Renee for taking time for us women i love you!! Joyce

    • Joyce, I like walking 2 miles a day also. I enjoy walking with Leslie Sansone in the winter! Just wanted to share! You are not old!!! I admire you for walking since somedays I feel lazy and don’t want too I will remember that you do!

    • Karen Halterman says:

      Joyce-we are NOT OLD…we are just beautifully gracefully aged!!! I am a newbie 60 year old (November) and we are not old. My best friend doesn’t hit my age till mid-June and she has told me all these years that she sends me into the new “age”-whatever it happens to be, to check it out first and see if she really wants to be that age too!!!!!!!!! So, I am halfway through that age before she even hits it….I must be doing okay because she keeps cheering me on. We both felt it at age 59, that dread of turning “60” because it just seems so OLD…we can remember when our grandparents were 60 and they seemed so ancient to us youngsters. Now that I have turned 60, it isn’t so bad though.
      Karen from Iowa

    • Hello Joyce…
      I’m another of the “older” ones. (65) and am excited to be part of this study with Rene. The wonderful thing about Rene is that she writes this study in a style that blesses us and challenges us no matter which season of life we are currently in. It is wonderful to be able to learn form all the women posting here.

  127. I live in Loganville, Georgia
    I just turned 49 years old
    I my free time I garden, scrapboook, volunteer at a thrift store, run, and spend time with family and friends.

    • Valerie,

      I used to live in Lawrenceville, GA ~ right down the road from Loganville! I still visit friends and family there from time to time, but miss the area a lot!

      Sweet Blessings,

      • Pam,
        I used to live in Lawrenceville! I loved it, but moved back up north to be near family about 5 years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t get back there often.

  128. 1. SC
    2. 28 yr old
    3. Love spending time with my husband, our families, and our friends…also enjoy anything outdoors (ie. walking, scuba-diving, etc).

  129. 1) I am from Kansas City, Mo

    2) I am 42 years young

    3) Love spending time with my husband and 7 year old son. I love to read. Love being part of the bible study!!

  130. I’m originally from a small town outside of Pgh., PA, but now live in Jacksonville, NC with my husband and two children.
    I am 57 years old
    In my spare time I like to go fishing and garden.

  131. Renee…
    I live in Fairfield, CA
    I am 47 years old
    I LOVE to sing, cook for family and friends, and shop with my 12 yr old daughter and my 5 sister in laws!

  132. Joyce, you are not old! I am from Lower Burrell, PA.

  133. I am from Wilmington, Ohio.
    I live with my husband and I have 2 grown children and 4 grand daughters.
    I am 48 years old.
    I like to read the bible, pray, and sell stuff on ebay to earn extra money.

  134. I live in Garner, NC.
    I am 41 years old.
    In my free time, I like to blog, read inspirational fiction books, and run : )

  135. Karen Miller says:

    Hi Everyone ~
    My name is Karen Miller and I am from Hermitage, Pa. That is on the northwestern side of PA, right-smack between Pittsburgh and Cleveland and yes I am a Steelers fan :o). I am 41 years young, still feeling like I am 23 and hope to for a long time. In my free time I have a couple of things I like to do, first would be to cook/bake and second would be to scrapbook.

    • Hi Karen!
      I used to live in Sharon, while I was married to my first husband. Then I moved back to my hometown. It’s great to meet someone close by while doing this study! I just love how personal Renee makes it feel!

  136. Karen Walker says:

    I’m from Roanoke, Virginia and a member of the over 50 crowd. My favorite hobby is to read and shop!!

    • hahahahaha, Karen. . .the “over 50 crowd” I’ll have to remember that line the next time someone asks my age! Truth be told – I used to be SO uncomfortable with saying my chronological age out loud – felt like it was another label that would categorize me unfairly. Now, I just go with it and don’t care so much about how others label me! phew!!! (I still hate hearing “you don’t look THAT old!” – ouch!) ; – )

      • Kimberly Stiver says:

        Even though I am almost 42, when people ask me how old is my son and I say he is almost 20 (will be 20 on April 20th) they tell me I can’t have a son that old! When I tell them that I am almost 42 they tell me I have to be joking. I too hate hearing “you don’t look like you are in your 40s!

  137. I live in Florida. and
    I’m 64.
    I like to jounral my thoughts and write poetry when it pops up and expresses whatever is in the forefront of my life.

  138. I am from Sullivan, Ohio
    I am 60 years young.
    In my spare time I LOVE to create my own, “home made” Bible studies. God has given me a gift. I can take words and create Bible studies using each letter in the word. Example: HOPE….His Operational Promises Energize. Summary: His promises are truly operational…they work. His operational promises alone should eneergize us to be the best woman of God we can possibly be. God has given me the gift of taking each letter and expounding on it from His Word and helping others as well as myself to grow IN HIM! It’s what HE does…..it’s nothing I do. I give HIM all praise!

  139. Palvena Pace says:

    I am from south central Kentucky. I am 56 years old. I love to sew and machine embroidery and love reading
    In my spare time.

  140. I’m originally from upstate NY but have lived in south Florida since Christmas of 1975 with 2 1/2 years in Tucson, AZ in between!
    I’m 53 years old…
    I love to read and spend time with family and friends in my spare time, as well as being part of a wonderful international Bible Study (BSF).

  141. I live in Waterford, California.
    I’m 62 years young!
    Two of my favorite passions are as an artist painting in Watercolors (& teaching watercolor to seniors at a nearby retirement community!) and singing with a Christian Prison Ministry group.

  142. 1. I live in British Columbia, Canada
    2. In December, I turned 60.
    3. I’m a C.E.A. for kids (esp. teens) with special education needs; use Christian curriculum and absolutely love it. I like to spend time with my 4½ & 2½-yr. old grandsons. I am a widow of just over a year, and am beginning to venture out to spend time with other women (mostly young widows too) – I’m finding that the crowd of 59- to 65-yr. olds lead a very active life and I’m looking forward to participating!

    • Stephanie Light says:

      Hi! Just curious about your C.E.A . and what does that consist of and how to obtain it? I work with the Special Needs students in high school everyday, and felt like I was to start my own Special Needs Christian group at church. How would I come upon that information ?!

  143. HI
    I am from North Carolina and I am 41 years old. I love to cook, read, spend time with my three children and my wonderful husband, sitting on the beach for hours reading and I enjoy listening to music and singing my heart out with Jesus as he travels with me….I travel by car alot with my company…. Boy the tears and shouts my car has heard!

  144. Helen Armstrong says:

    I am from Ringgold, GA
    I am 67 years old
    I go to an Assisted Living 3 days per week, I love to do crafting, bake cakes/cupcakes, and
    read my daily devotions.

  145. I live in rural IA,
    I am 66 yrs old—My daughter invited me to join her in this journey
    through “A Confident Heart”—she lives in a different state with
    her active family.
    I like to sew and be involved in church—teach Sunday School
    and interact with women—also belong to the Gideon Auxiliary so
    have the privilege of sharing God’s Word with others. With 11
    grandchildren I can always enjoy interaction with them—-have
    been a widow now for 2 years. My husband and I started an
    outreach to widows in our rural area 20 years ago—last week I sent over 300
    Valentine postcards to widows I have met through this ministry.
    My husband’s aunt said when she was a widow—“I am alone but
    I am not lonely”——I am thankful for her witness of the Lord’s
    faithfulness to her for her almost 100 years. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

  146. I live in New York.
    I am 65 years of age.
    The Lord has blessed us with 7 children and 23 grandchildren so that is my hobby in my spare time, when I am not working and my work week has ended! I also love to read.

  147. 1-i live in forest city nc,about an hour west of charlotte
    2-i am 47 years old
    3-i love to read,thats my fave thing to do,i also like to cook and scrapbook

    this was such a good idea,love reading about everyone

  148. Hi, everyone! I’m from Southeastern Pennsylvania, am 52 years old, and enjoy spending ‘spare’ time with family & friends and I really enjoy reading

  149. Call Kentucky home now, recently moved here from Texas, though Minnesota is my home state!! I am 37!!!
    In my free time, I like to read, walk/run, yoga, watch movies, study Bible, crafts…

  150. 1. I’m from Ontario, Canada

    2. I am 33 years old

    3. In my spare time, I love to spend time with family and friends, go out for a walk with my husband, or curl up and read a Beverly Lewis book or Karen Kingsbury (my favourite authors!)

  151. Mary Ritchie says:

    I live in Ohio
    I am 53 yrs old
    I work in the medical field. I love to read in my spare time. I have 2 grown children and 6 grandchildren. At this time neither of my children live in Ohio…My son in in Air Force and is in Italy…My daughter is in Texas due to her husband serving in the Army…So I miss my family very much and can not wait til they come home.

  152. Hi! I am from St.Louis MO but I. Live right outside Pittsburgh PA. I a 36 yrs old. What do I. Like to do in my spare time…haha spare time! Don’ have much of that! I love to read, shop & spend time with family & friends. Honestly, the list can go on!

  153. I travel all over country with mu husbands job. Currently in Providence, RI heading to Hobart, OK next week.I am 37in years old with two boys I homeschool. I love to travel, explore, read, run and anything ex sting with mu family. Time is precious and I try to remember that every day. I also love that we get to experience many different churches all across the country, yet I miss the strong family a church community can give, that is why I love this group and proverbs 31. Its always a constant in my life.

  154. 1. I live in North Carolina – I’m from Atlanta, GA 🙂
    2. I am 35 years old.
    3. I love to write, run, spend time with my husband, and study the Bible

  155. 1. NW Indiana
    2. 41
    3. Spending it with my family.

  156. 1. Lubbock, TX
    2. 49 – 50 in April
    3. I love to do crafts and read

  157. I live in West Virginia
    I am 29 years old
    In my spare time I love spending time with my 2 year old niece, Mazie. I adore that kid…she makes my heart smile 🙂 I guess I like being with the rest of my family too…lol
    Take Care, God Bless, and Stay Beautiful 🙂

  158. 1. I live in Marion,Ohio (north of Columbus). I have lived here my entire life.
    2. I am 48 yrs old, but don’t feel like it….some days younger…and some days older.
    3. Spare time I like to cook / bake, drink coffee, and eat chocolate!! yum-yum

  159. Cecilia Cruz-Smith says:

    I live in the Un-predictable Desrt State of Tucson, Arizona
    I’m 41 years old
    i work in a shelter w/kids.. im the cook for now, though I know the LORD sent me here for other reasons, im still waiting & searching…I have 2 beautiful daughters 17 & 12.. my oldest is still stuck in religion, but my young daughter attends calvery chapel evry iweek w/me.. i resently got married on Dec3
    1,2011 im vry happy…

  160. Patrice Bryant says:

    I am 39…turning 40 the end of May.

    I live in Jacksonville, FL

    I enjoy spending time with my husband and kids. And catching up on Burn Notice episodes.

  161. 1. Grew up in Wyoming but moved to Houston TX 9 years ago and this is where God meant for me to be.
    2. I am 40.
    3. I love to bake and scrapbook when I can find free time. Not a lot of free time with a home daycare and a very active 3 year old.

  162. Frisco,Texas
    Spending time with family, friends, decorating, shopping, reading, baking

  163. I am a Maine girl! Love this state!
    I am 45 years young!
    When I am not spending time with my family, I love to read. I also enjoy hiking and riding my motorcycle. With the weather we are having, I should be able to ride soon! LOL!

  164. 1. I am from Kansas City, Missouri.
    2. I am 51 years old.
    3. In my spare time I love to take walks, read and make rag quilts!

  165. 1) I live in south Florida.
    2) Soon to be 50 years old (in forty seven days, but who’s counting).
    3) I enjoy taking photographs of the beauty God has given us, in human and nature.

    • Hello Michelle,

      I am from South Florida as well. I was wondering what to put for the city I live in, because most people have only heard of Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, or Boca Raton:) I am sure that you have some beautiful pictures. I love the Great Blue Herons, Ibis, etc. It is truly God’s wonder. Enjoy the bible study!

  166. Hi, Im Connie.
    33 Years old
    I live in Melbourne, Australia
    I love the beach, Love to run, body board, the snow and basically anything that is outdoors. 🙂

    • Fiona Coleman says:

      Hi Connie! I am from Melbourne Also. Great to see another Aussie here! I hope the book blesses you as much as it did me.

      • Hi guys! Finally found 2 of the 4 Aussies already listed!
        I live in a beautiful leafy suburb of Sydney, Australia.
        I am 58 years old.
        In my free time I enjoy researching topics for leading study groups at my church’s Women’s Ministry, and minding my 18mth old grandson!

  167. I am from Western, NY right on the PA border. A very tiny community. 52 years young!! I love to ride our Honda Goldwing touring motorcycle with my husband, make candles as a hobby, enjoy yard work, walking, helping out with AWANAS and volunteer/work for a local pregnancy center. This is so fun to see how far to the ends of the country we are yet all united as sisters in Christ!

  168. 1. East Tennessee
    2. 32
    3. I love spending time with my husband, daughter, and son. I also loves to read and sing.

  169. Hi – I am Nancy, from Virginia and am 59 years old. I have a ministry called Hands Stitching 4 Jesus so spend much of my time knitting items for those less fortunate than I am and praying as I knit.

  170. Diane Vaughn says:

    1 Durant, OK
    2. 51
    3. I love spending time with my family, taking photos, camping, riding motorcycles.

  171. Jeanie Kelley says:

    I am from St.Louis Missouri.
    I am 43 years young.
    What I love to do in my free time since we no longer have television is reading and Bible quiet time. I also love to play the piano since I do it every three weeks at church. I have been able to get into my hobbies that I love to do.

  172. Kimberly Hodson says:

    1. California
    2. 41 yrs. old
    3. Reading

  173. I am a Louisiana girl (Moss Bluff to be exact)
    I am 35 years old
    In my spare time I love to read and running. My husband and I are running our first half marathon in November!

  174. Hi, my name is Beth and I live in Meadville, Pa. It’s about 35 miles south of Erie. Or 90 miles north of Pittsburgh. I just turned 50 last week, but I have to say, most days I feel like 35!!! I love spending my free time outdoors, riding horses, gardening or just hiking and walking. I l ove spending time with my grandson, who just turned one last month.

  175. I am a 56-year-old from SD. I love to spend time with my husband, children, and grandchildren. I also love to read and write.

  176. I am from North Carolina and am 36 years old. I’ve been married for 3 years and am mom to two furry babies, my 14 year old shih tzu and my 13 year old cat.
    In my spare time I enjoy work with my church, reading, shopping, movies and during ACC basketball season cheering for my Carolina Tarheels!

  177. Stephanie R says:

    1.) I was born & raised in Austin, Texas.
    2.) I am rapidly approaching 45 in May.
    3.) I enjoy singing and listening to the radio. I love to cook when I have the time. And when it is beautiful outside I love going to the city park where I live north of Austin and sit by the river and just “be”.

  178. 1. Where are you from (state or country)? I’m from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

    2. What is your age? I’m 50, soon to be 51.

    3. What do you love to do in your free time? Not much of that but when I do have it I spend it with my husband and son doing whatever and I LOVE to read! 🙂

  179. I am 49 years old (turning 50 in 2 months). I am from North Carolina and I love to spend all my spare time with my 3 month old grandson Gabe!!!

  180. I’m from Saint Peters, MO
    I’m 41.
    I love to read and spend time with my family and friends.

  181. Amy Talbott says:

    I am from South Carolina and I am 37 years old. I have been married for almost 5 years and I am a mom to 4 kids, a 4 year old, soon to be 3 year old, a 21 month old and a 10 week old.
    I don’t have a lot of free time, but I do love crafty stuff, knitting, crochet, and other creative hands on stuff. My most regular leisurely activity is my morning coffee.

  182. Hi I live in Crestwood, Il
    I am 47 years old
    I love to read,(Bible is the best book, always something new to learn), going for walks and being outdoors.

  183. Live in Minnesota, formerly from Michigan.
    Age: 43 (although I feel like I’m 23!)
    Free time: Spending time with my husband, kids and/or good friends.

  184. 46 year old SD gal who enjoys kids, piano and crocheting as well as reading:)

    • Hey Tootsie!
      I’m a 46 y/o SD gal, too! Good to meet you! What part of SD are you from? I’m in Sioux Falls.
      I used to crochet but haven’t done it in years. Both of my grandmothers crocheted, so I’d love to get back to it some day, as it brings back so many memories of them. Last project I started (and never finished) was a blanket when I was pregnant with my second son. He’s now 13! Oh well…it will be something for me to look forward to when life slows down, and I’m not working at a computer all day anymore. 🙂

  185. I am from Wisconsin but being a military wife- I am currently in New Mexico!
    I am 21.
    I love to read, play with my puppies and dance.

  186. I am from Moscow Idaho and I am 64 years old. I don’t seem to have much spare time, but I love to read, study the word, work-out, be with my family (sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren), call or visit with friends, or just do nothing!

  187. 1- I live in South Carolina.

    2- I am 32 yrs old

    3- I like to currently read the Bible and this awesome book, A Confident Heart. I also love to spend time with my family and get some sunshine if there is any! LOL!

  188. I live in central New York
    I am 41
    I live to go hiking in the Adirondacks with my dog, read and watch movies.

  189. Joyce Hale says:

    1. I live in Illinois.
    2. I am 45 years old.
    3. When I have spare time, I love to embroider.

  190. I live in Northern Colorado
    I am 53 years young
    In my spare time, I love reading, being outside in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and spending time with my family.

  191. 1) I was raised in northwest Indiana, right next to Chicago. I have lived in northeast Nebraska now for almost 23 years.
    2) I am 61 years old. However, most people who know me would be surprised to realize I am that old. I keep very active and do a lot of running, which helps to keep me looking younger.
    3) In my free time I enjoy playing the piano, crocheting, and being able to visit any of my 15 grandchildren.

  192. I live in Eastern Washington

    I am 53

    I love spending time with my family from my mom and dad to my grandkids.

  193. Hi, I’m from beautiful North Carolina.
    I’m 56 years young and I LOVE reading christian material
    like P31 Woman and growing deeper in love with my

  194. Asheville, NC for going on 6 years. Originally from Greeneville, TN.

    40 y/o

    Spare time…just about anything that isn’t cooking or cleaning.

  195. 1. I’m in North Carolina.
    2. I’m 41.
    3. I love to make jewelry, read, knit, bake, garden, basically anything I can do with my hands that is creative!

  196. I live in Afton, TX. I am originally from Wyoming. Both states are home to me. I am 42 years old. When i have free time I love to spend time with my family and friends. I love to listen to music and to quilt.

  197. 1. I am from North Carolina! :O)
    2. I am 56 years young!
    3. I love to read. (especially at the beach!)

  198. Rebecca Greene says:

    I live in GASTONIA, NC
    I am 54 years old in my 33 year of youth ministry at the same church!
    And March Madness is my favorite time of year. I enjoy attending NCAA sporting events.

  199. I live in Pittsburgh (so nice to meet you this past weekend, Renee!)
    I’m 42 years old.
    In my spare time, I LOVE TO LAUGH (you know, a real good belly laugh) with my family (playing games, just being silly).

  200. Live in Charlotte,NC
    51 years old
    I love to spend time with my girlfriends, more the merrier! A year ago this month, I quit my job to find my purpose. In my every spare minute, I like to read daily devotions, and the books from this ministry and getting to know the bible. It has been a wonderful journey and will continue to be. I found a job with a company that is Christian based and have never loved working as I do now- a peace like I have never felt. I am looking forward to attend the woman’s conference next month in Greenville,SC. I would have never attended something like that a year ago. Can’t learn enough!

  201. Hi~ I’m from Iowa
    fabulously 40
    I have a wonderful husband and teenage son and daughter I like to spent time with!
    I love children, so I try to volunteer where I can. I also have a very passionate heart for orphans, and Africa. I’ve been on a couple mission trips, haven’t had the opportunity to though in the past year, and it tugs on my heart almost daily… been praying for God to reveal His plans for me.

  202. 1. I originally from Hong Kong but I have lived in America for 22 years . I am living in Lexington , SC
    2. I am 44 years old….OLD
    3. In my spare time, I love to read (mostly bible study or anything christiian related) or just go outside be close to the nature. If I have a lot of spare time, I love to travel around the world.

  203. I was born and raised in Virginia, have lived here in Florida for 16 yrs. I am 49 yrs old and I love to read when I get a chance!

  204. Alicia Farage says:

    I grew up in central Mississippi and now live in Memphis, TN.
    I’m 52.
    In my free time, I love to read and bake.

  205. I am not from anywhere really. I currently live in Southern Indiana, and have been here the longest. But my dad was military and we moved every few years. So I can’t say I am from anywhere.

    I am 42.

    In my “spare time”, I love to laugh with my kids and husband, read, sew counted cross stitch, and play on the Wii with my husband. But I don’t get much spare time with younger kids that keep me moving with school and sports.

  206. Hi to eveyone!
    I live in Hay, Wa.
    I am a young 61:)
    I enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, spending time with my 6 grandchildren, (sometimes they hike & bike with me) I also love a good book while sunning somewhere on a beach…I am sooo growing from this Bible Study…Thank you Renee for caring so much for your fellow sisters to nuture & inspire us along the way!!!

  207. I was born and raised in South Georgia. I am 52 years old. I love in work in my flower garden and read in my spare time.

  208. I live in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
    I’m 33.
    In my free time, I love to read and run.

  209. 1. I am from Midlothian, Virginia but now live in Roanoke, Virginia

    2. I am 31yrs. old

    3. In my spare time (by myself) I Love to READ, work with Pictures (scrapbooking) and want to play the piano again!

  210. Hi, i live in Malaysia. I am 22 years old this year. And in my free time, i love to relax and surf the Net

  211. I’m from North Carolina, 34 years old, and in my free time I love to read!

  212. I am from Three Rivers, MI
    I am 62 years old
    I like to sing, read and do crafts

  213. 1. Raleigh, NC
    2. I’m 40 years young 🙂
    3. Love Friday family nights with my husband, 6 yr old son, and 2 yr old daughter. Also love watching Carolina basketball 🙂

  214. I’m from Mississippi, I’m 33 years old, and I love to read.

  215. Beverly Brown says:

    I am a 49-year-old Charlotte, NC native who lives in Raleigh. I run, write and (w/my husband of almost 10 years) love on our 7-year-old son. We are looking forward to bringing Elevation Church to our city.

  216. I live in Indiana
    I am 38
    In my free time, I love to read and volunteer.

  217. 1. Grand Rapids, MI
    2. 36
    3. games & scrapbooking
    It is interesting to see where all these people are from!

  218. Andrea Caldwell says:

    I’m from Sharpsburg GA, I am 26 years old. In my free time I love to spend time with family and read.

  219. 1. NYC
    2. 39
    3. Get massage

  220. I live in Afton, TX but I am originally from WY. I am 42 years old. In my free time I like to spend time with my friends and family. I also enjoy quilting.

  221. Live in: Alabama
    From: Texas
    Age: 47
    Spare time: learning to become God’s servant due to health issues, which no longer allow me to be a servant of this world. Your blog and bible study are helping immensely. Thank you for what you are doing for the rest of us 🙂

    • Kimberly Stiver says:

      I understand. I am learning to become God’s servant also due to my health issues. This study has been helping me too. I pray that you will continue to grow in God’s love.

  222. Lancaster, PA, 38, play with my 3-year old twin daughters!

  223. Hi everyone: I am Cathy, 60, from St. Catherine’s, Prince Edward Island — Canada’s Smallest Province; Home to “Anne Of Green Gables”; and Birthplace Of Canada (Charlottetown Conference 1864).

    In my free time, I love reading (History as you can see is one of my favourite subjects) but, spending time with my family (two-legged and four-legged) comes first and crocheting afghans would vie with reading.

    Sending blessings to every one here.


    • I had to go back over an hour to find someone my age and that someone is YOU! So happy to have found you. Thanks for the blessings and blessings back to you.

      • Hi Carol: Thanks for the note and thanks for taking the time to find me!! This question/blog is the first one I have participated in and I am fascinated by all the different ages, locations, and people who are in this study. Didn’t quite know what to expect but am so glad I signed up as I am thoroughly enjoying it.

        Well, that’s about it on this snowy Island Day. Wishing you a great day and a great week.


  224. I live in Belmont North Carolina. Grew up in Mt. Holly right across the interstate. I’m 56 years old. In my spare time I love to hang out with my husband or my family and maybe travel or read or make jewelry or do photography – anything relaxing or creative is great.

  225. 1) I am from Midland, Virginia (Fauquier County) and now living in Culpeper, Virginia.
    2) I am 32.
    3) Free time is spent reading books, chasing my two little beautiful girls, seeking God in those quiet moments and organizing just about anything.

    Thanks Renee for yet another awesome opportunity.

  226. Hi, I’m Debbie from Lewisport, Ky. Lewisport is a small one stop-light town on the Ohio River.
    I’m 58 years old, recently retired from corporate America as an IT professional. I still work part-time but enjoy the less stress.
    In my free time, I weave baskets, make quilts and love to work in my flower and vegetable garden.

  227. Natalie Suarez says:

    Live in NW Arkansas. Originally from Pennsylvania. I am 46 ( just had a birthday on the 15th)! Love spending time with my kiddos! However, If I am missing in action, you can usually find me with my fingers in the dirt nurturing my plants and probably telling the bugs to hit the highway. Otherwise I might be consuming a good book in a quiet corner or grabbing the sneakers for a short run!

  228. Hi, my name is Lori and I’m from South Carolina. I am 54 years old and have lost interest in almost everything I used to do in my spare time (bc of stress and depression) Doing this study has given me something positive to do.

    • Stick with it sister. The Lord will bring you THROUGH!

    • Fiona Coleman says:

      Hi Lori, Dont give up. I suffered from severe depression and anxiety for 15 years after I had my babies. I have been completely healed. I know this becusae I was sitting on the couch one day and that hopless, helpless, no interest in anything feeling just lifted off me like a heavy blanket being taken off and I knew. I have been free for 3 years now. I am going to pray for the same complete healing for you.

      God has given me a word for you Lori. please read it every day and memorise it until it becomes part of your daily thinking and vocabulary. most of all remember especially that His strength is made perfect in your weakness.

      Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

      8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. 9 Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

  229. I’m from KY, and I’m 54 years old. In my spare time I love to read or listen to or sing worship music.

  230. Hi. I’m a South Jersey Girl transplanted to Tidewater, VA after spending 10 years in NC. Still considered by my local Virginia friends, though as “the Jersey Girl”. Even at the age of 55 and no longer sounding like South Jersey. 🙂 In my free time I love to go boating, reading on the beach, and singing praise songs along with the radio or iPod.

  231. I’m from California. I’m 53 and I love to spend time outside, garden,mountains, ocean…

  232. I am 57 years on this earth. I reside in Chicago and in Waterford michigan. Whenever I can be outside in Gods creation enjoying running, walking, hiking and being on the water that is where my family finds me!

  233. I live in Hartsville IN, I am 41 and in my spare time I like to play words with friends….i’m considering a support group:)
    Loving this study!

  234. Sheri Villagrana says:

    1. I am from Atwater, Ca
    2. I am 36
    3. I love being outside doing the lawn and my garden

  235. Hello to all 🙂

    1) Raleigh, NC
    2) I am 28 years old
    3) I love to write, travel, and plan random adventures/road trips. I also love hiking, kayaking, reading, and working in youth (teens) ministry!

    I am really enjoying this bible study as well!

  236. Mollie Stopher says:

    Friendswood, TX
    32 yrs old
    Spend free time with my hubby and 3 kids (mostly cleaning the house)

  237. I live in Oklahoma
    I am 48 years old
    I am going to nursing school in my free time!

  238. I am from Michigan. I am 32 and in my spare time, I love to read! 🙂 Having a fantastic time with all of you ladies!! 🙂

  239. 1. Kansas City
    2. 38
    3. Spending time with family and reading

  240. I live in Kentucky
    I’m 51
    I love to quilt, read, and go to the gym…and spend way too much time on the internet!

  241. Hi, I’m in Louisiana. I am 54 and I love to cook, go for walks, and garden.

  242. 1. I live in AL
    2. I am 38 yrs old
    3. I love to read, shop & try to relax every now and then.

  243. 1. Raised in Ft St John, British Columbia, Canada but now live in Suwanee, Ga.

    2. I’m 45 yrs old

    3. In my spare time I like to ride my bike. I rode 50 miles on my 40th birthday. Hoping to ride 100 miles on or before my 50th. (Two failed attempts at my goal—100 mile Century ride, 1. After a training ride of 65 miles, I discovered I was pregnant. Naturally I stopped training 2. My 2nd attempt last spring failed due to back injury.

  244. I live in Kooskia, Idaho, and am 51 years old. I love to read and sew when I have some time to do so.

  245. 1. NW Florida
    2. Between 40 & 50, but closer to 40
    3. I love to read in my spare time.

  246. Texas
    I enjoy reading in my spare time

  247. Berlin, CT
    I enjoy reading, crafting, and watching the Red Sox.

  248. Hello,

    I’m from Chicago, IL but we live in Joliet, IL

    I’m 35 years old.

    When I do have time I would like to read I haven’t been able to catch up on all of my reading.

  249. Dawn Tuller says:

    I am from Nebraska – western part
    I have 34
    I love to sleep and read if I get free time. With 4 kids, homeschooling, and Awana among being a housewife – I get busy. But I really am enjoying this book. I’m trying to also read a classic book (to keep up with my husband – haha) so I’m reading Jane Eyre. 1000 Gifts & Resolution for Women for our church Bible study. Taking on too much?? Yes I think so, but I’m not pushing myself in the other books for now, just read when I can. & of course God’s word.

    Has anyone read the Bible straight through before? That is one of my goals, I’m in 2 Chronicles. I love it – it is God’s love story and it’s exciting too.

    • I’ve lived in Western Nebraska too, in the Sidney area! Jane Eyre is great and 1,000 Gifts is amazing too. Best wishes on reading your Bible straight through! 🙂

  250. I am from Phoenix, Louisiana (Plaquemines Parish).
    I am 70 years old.
    I like to read.
    Hi, Renee and Sister in Christ ,just a note to say hi and I love during
    this study online. I am planning to order some of your other books,
    Blessed in the Lord.

  251. I’m from Manitoba, Canada, am 42 years old (how did that happen??) and in my free time, once I have the kids in bed, I like to go online and read all my devotions from the Proverbs 31 ladies! This has added such peace and encouragement to my life…God bless you!

    • Hi, Shauna: Nice to see another Manitoban on here (second one I’ve found so far). Born and raised in Winnipeg — Inkster Blvd (first home); St. James; St. Vital; then St. James again and then off to BC with my husband and now PEI (his birth home).

      Am enjoying seeing all the various states/cites/countries of the study participants but couldn’t resist saying “Hi” to someone from my Province.

      Blessings to you.


  252. I am from Westminster, CO
    I am 49
    I enjoy reading anyhing Christian related an exercise

  253. I live in Illinois
    I am 53 years young
    I love spending time with Jesus and in His word and snuggling with my 4 yr old grandson.

  254. I am from Romeo, Michigan
    I am 31
    I love to spend time with family, read or do some thing artsy.

  255. 1. I live in Houston, Texas but am originally from New Jersey.
    2. I am 45 years old.
    3. love raising my 8 year old twin girls, spending time with my husband and reading, reading and more reading!

  256. I am from Mt. Prospect, Illinois
    I am 42
    I love spending my time with my prison ministry & sharing the hope that God gave me with others

  257. I live on a farm in northwest Oklahoma!!!!
    I am 59 years old counting down to the big 6 -0 which won’t happen until October!
    I am passionate about junior high kids and am a junior high youth sponsor, I love to read, to travel, and last but not least, I LOVE spending time with my three grandchildren ages: 8, 6, 2 and one on the way in August!

  258. I am 43 live in troy il. I have 2 sons 1 daughter in my free time i love doing bible studies and reading the bible.

  259. Hello I’m from Harrow Ontario Canada
    I’m 53 yrs. young
    In my spare time i like to read and send more precious quiet time with the Lord:)

  260. Susan Heide says:

    Hi, I live in Colwood, BC, Canada
    I am 57 years young
    I enjoy spending time with my grandaughter, helping my daughter with house work and reading.

  261. I live in Lake Charles,La
    I am 42 years old
    Love to spend time with my kids.
    I love to read and do so in my spare time.

  262. I live in Montana—Big Sky Country
    I am 52
    I like to spend time with my two beautiful adopted children, exercise and read a good book.

  263. I am from East Tennessee. I will be 40 in June. In love reading, writing, and spending time with me 4 year old son. It is great to see all the different ages, parts of the country, and even different parts of the world doing this study! God is truly using Renee to reach out to many, many different women. Thank you, Renee for listen to God when He told you to write this book, and do this study!! God bless to everyone on the blog!

  264. I live in beautiful Appleton, Wisconsin
    Am 57 years old
    And enjoy reading but sewing is my passion!

  265. 1.I live in Brooklyn,NY
    2. I am 31
    3. Eat good food

  266. I am from Maryland

    I am 58 years old

    In my spare time I like to search the internet for different Christian sites…

  267. I live in Titusville, Florida
    I am 52 years old
    I love to read, cross stitch and spend time with my kids and husband.

  268. I am Northeast of Baton Rouge, LA,
    I am 51 years old
    I love to read, cross stitch, and spending time with my grandchildren.

  269. Hi! I live in Arlington, TX. I am in my very early 40s. In my free time I like to read, sing, and just be. That is not necessarily good for someone who needs to lose weight. Have read the chapter and will answer questions tomorrow.

  270. I am from Northern Minnesota. I am 35 years old. In my spare time I love to crochet, read, and do most anything with my hubby and kids.

  271. I live in Fargo, North Dakota.
    I am 56 years old.
    I love to read in my spare time and play with the four cats that dwell in our home. (they belong to our daughter and our son’s former girl friend.)

  272. 1. I’m from Alabama
    2. I’m 29 years old.
    3. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, hanging out with family and friends.

  273. 1. I’m from South GA
    2. I’m 42 but will be 43 at the end of April
    3. I love to read in my spare time.

  274. 1. I’m from Fresno, CA
    2. I am 38
    3. I read whenever possible

  275. I live in Indiana.
    I am 40.
    I’m a homeschooling Mom to 5 kids. 3rd – 11th. In my “spare time” I enjoy baking, scrapbooking, camping and hiking with my kids and husband, gardening, canning, reading and writing/blogging devotionals on things the Lord has been teaching me.

    • After I wrote my comments I read yours and we enjoy some of the same things. I just wrote 3 devotionals today on what the Lord has taught me on 3 different subjects.

  276. I am from KS.
    I am 60.
    In my spare time I work on my scrapbooks/read/make greeting cards/spend time with my friends/do some writing and enjoy a local park.

  277. Hi,

    I live in Massachusetts.
    I am 26 years old.
    In my spare time I love to run and workout, hang out with friends and family

  278. Elizabeth E says:

    I live in Nashville, TN
    I’m 33 years old
    I enjoy time with my wonderful husband and sweet children, as well as cooking, photography, and running.

  279. I live in Manitoba, Canada.
    I’m 43.
    I love to spend time with family and friends.

    • Hi Liz: Nice to see another Manitoban in the group. Find it so interesting to read where everyone is from and then to see yours. My birth home is Winnipeg — Inkster Blvd (2 blocks up from Scotia Street was my first home); St. James; St. Vital; and then St. James again and then off to BC with my husband and now PEI.

      Anyway, hope this finds you well and happy and having a Wonderful Day.


  280. I live in Pittsburgh, PA
    I am 42 years old
    I enjoy spending time with my husband and 3-year old daughter, cooking, serving as co-coordinator of my MOPS group, reading and crochet.

  281. I live in Cyril, Oklahoma.
    My age (you guess?) actually I am 57.
    I love to write, oil paint, and teach Bible studies.
    ( My favorite thing is Women ministries.)

  282. Jennifer Fulmer says:

    I’m from Mars Hill, NC. I’m 38 1/2 years old 😉 And, I love spending time outdoors with my kids in my free time (hiking, swimming, camping, walking around the neighborhood, picnicking at the park, etc . . . )

  283. 1.) Rocklin, CA
    2.) 39
    3.) spend time with my family, read books and knit


  284. I am from Maryland but currently am a dual resident of Virginia and North Carolina. I am 44 years old and in my free time, I love to write and take pictures.

  285. Living in Troy,Ohio
    54 years old
    I love gardening and entertaining when not studying Gods Word!

  286. I live in Portville, NY
    Im 46 Years old
    I love to walk

  287. Age = 36
    State = Kansas
    Free time? What is that? No, weriously, if I’m not baking or reading, I like to do papercrafting and scrap booking, especially on my computer using Studio J.

  288. 1. I am from Alabama
    2. I will be 30 on April 1st
    3. I enjoy making memories with my son and take pictures of our adventures

  289. From Canada, currently living in Florida
    Age = 40
    Free time – facebook games, scrapbook/cardmaking, reading, sleeping

  290. Sandra Ramey says:

    Hi I am from Logan West Virginia
    I am 52
    In my spare time I love to travel my daughter and I talke several roads trips while dad stays home and takes care of the boy (our dog) my husband doesn’t like to travel, and I just learned to knit so I make hats for chemo patients. I call them Joy Caps! : )

    • Rachel Goris says:

      Hi! I live in Ashland, KY. My husband teaches weekends in Logan. I’ve stayed a couple of times there and it is beautiful. I love to travel too and think it’s neat that you get to go with your daughter. I was an oncology nurse for several years and think it is so neat that you have a Joy Cap ministry!

  291. I am living in lakeland florida
    28 years old
    I am a single mom.. I love reading and traveling .. and downloading music

  292. 68yrs old
    Spending time with my grand kids,gardening,reading

  293. Iowa is my new home state.
    I am 41.
    I love to read, write, and spend time with my husband and four girls.

  294. Caroline McGinnis says:

    I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado

    I am 48

    In my spare time i like to spend time with friends, listen to music and read (esp. God’s Word)

  295. 1. I am from Alberta, Canada. Yes, we have lots of snow !
    2. I am 56 years old.
    3. I love to walk my dog, at the dog park, throw balls for him to catch, and watch him play with other dogs.

  296. Hi
    I live on Long Island, New York.
    I’m 50! Praise God!
    I’m a mom to 3 wonderful teenagers and a HS Teacher ~ spare time?
    Honestly I’m trying to learn more and spend more time with our Glorious God! I love the company of my children ~ doing anything and slogging (slow jogging) with our dog.
    Thanks Renee!

  297. Evergreen Colorado


    quiet time, traveling with my hubby, skiing, hiking with my dog, coffee with girlfriends and deep heart to heart talks, reading, and watching movies-no TV

  298. Betty Cummings says:

    I Live in Georgia I am 47 years old and in my free time I Love Listening to Praise and Worship Music and being in the Presnce of The Lord Studying God’s Word so I can grow into who He wants me to be.And what He wants me to do.Family is Important to my Life I Thank God for all familes.I just Refrence the time I get to Spend with My Savior.

  299. I am from Michigan then Dallas, living in Minnesota.
    I am 55.
    I work and website . . . and that is what I loooove to do . . . learn new things, design new things . . . and I love to read and create cards for my special sisters and daughters.

  300. 1. I live in Redding, California
    2. I am 54 year old.
    3. In my spare time I love to walk my dogs, crochet, crafts, scrap-booking and reading.

  301. 1. I live in Plano, TX (Dallas)
    2. I am 59 years young
    3. I love to read, travel with my hubster, and enjoy my gal pals

  302. Live in northeast Ohio. 45 and fabulous. I enjoy traveling/making memories with my family, reading, and growing in Christ.

  303. I’m from Washington State
    61 years old
    I love to take pictures of my grandsons and scrapbooking the pictures for them !!!

  304. 1. I live in Colorado Springs, Co

    2. I am 50 years old

    3. I love to travel, cook and go to the movies with my family

  305. I live in Michigan. I am 40 yrs old. I love cooking, spending time with my children, hiking, being attentive to my husband, traveling, reading and so much more.

  306. I live in Midland, Tx
    53 yrs young
    I love spending time with family and friends…the more the merrier

  307. I am 48 years old, I live in Montana and I have started to do digital scrapbooking.

  308. 1. I live in Milwaukee, WI

    2. I’m 43 years old

    3. I love reading, shopping and spending time with my husband & 2 girls.

  309. I was born and raised in Lakeland, FL but moved to Portland, OR 4 years ago and love it. I am 31 and in my free time I love spending time with my husband cuddling and reading!

  310. Gina Marqua says:

    I am from Pendleton Indiana.
    I am 43 years old.
    In my spare time I like to read, play video games, bike, bowl and play golf with my husband. I also spend a lot of my free time spoiling my pug and chihuahua.

  311. I am 50 (soon to be 51, on March 2nd). I live in Tulsa, OK. I love to volunteer (I teach gymnastics 3 nights a week plus I volunteer at the aquarium here on Friday afternoons), read, crochet, cook, dance, be outdoors.

    • Vicki,

      My birthday is March 2nd as well! Right around the corner. The years fly by faster and faster. Enjoy your birthday celebration. I pray that you have a wonderful new year of life with many blessings.

    • Hi Vicki! I’m from Durant but go to Tulsa once a year for our Women’s Retreat! 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  312. Lucy Strouse says:

    I’m from Forest Lake, MN
    I’m 47 years old
    In my spare time I love to get together with friends, usually coffee or supper. Also, anything going on at church I like to go! I love to watch a good movie with my daughters too.

  313. I am from Oklahoma
    I am 51 years old
    Spending time with family and knitting.

  314. Arizon
    Gardening, animals, painting, sketching, photography

  315. Kimberly Stiver says:

    I live in Texas . I am 41 (I will be 42 in April). I love to read, and make beaded crosses.

  316. I am from SATX, but I go to school in Missouri.
    I am 22 years old.
    I hardly have spare time, but I play soccer, love to play some just-for-fun volleyball, singing, reading, playing Scrabble and watching a good movie!

  317. I live in Texas, but am a native Coloradan
    I’m 32
    I’m a homeschooling mama, scout leader and an excellent ballet chauffeur! I’m always reading a few great books and also enjoy scrapbooking.

    • Kimberly Stiver says:

      I used to be a scout leader chaplain for both my troop and district. I ended up giving it up this past summer because of starting dialysis. I miss doing that!

  318. I have lived in Oregon all my life. I’m sixty. I hate writing that! I like to sew quilts, hang out with grandkids, read, go camping, ride around in the vintage sports car with my husband and watch Antique Road Show!

  319. Ernice Carter says:

    I am from Southern California, where most days are sunny and warm!
    I am 49 years old and proud to say it!
    Now that our 2 sons are at that “I have my own life” stage, I enjoy dating my husband again. I love reading, any kind of sport that has a ball larger than a tennis ball and reconnecting with my spiritual side.

  320. I live at a cruise ship destination on an island in Alaska.

    I’m 56.

    I like to read – good Christian fiction, gardening books, natural health books.

    • I’ve probably been to where you live! I’ve been on 2 Alaska cruises now and would LOVE to go again!!! My favorite place!

  321. I’m a native of Phoenix, Arizona
    I’m 49… and counting!
    I’m an avid reader when there’s time.

  322. 1. i’m from Noxon, Montana
    2. I’m 60 years old.
    3. I enjoy leading a Bible Study, and playing with the Grandkids.
    Love being in this study.

  323. Oh today (Feb 21) still here in aour area, its our 42 Wedding Anniversary today. Celebrated by going to our Church Bible Study PTL!!!

  324. I am from WA state, I am 36, and in my free time I like to knit and spin yarn as well as read and often combine them by listening to audiobooks while I knit and spin. (I am NOT counting exercise as a free time activity!)

  325. I live in Port Orange, Florida
    I am 42 years old
    I enjoy baking goodies, reading, spending time with my daughters and grand-daughter

  326. Hi!

    I am from San Jose, CA.
    I am 39 years old.
    I love to read, walk, and spend time with family.

  327. Susan Ramirez says:

    Hi Ladies!!!

    1. I live in Fresno, CA
    2. I have recently turned 44 and am embracing my age.
    3. I love to spend time with my family, teach GNC/Sunday School, love Biblestudy, crochet, bake, and LOVE Zumba and circuit training.

  328. I am 37 years old where I live in Ca. My favorite thing to do is looking on Pinterest.

  329. 1. Southern California
    2. 39
    3. Hang out with my kids and create fun memories

  330. I live in Costa Rica, 49 years old. I like to cook for my children in my free time.

  331. I live in South Africa – Pretoria
    I am 28 years
    In my spare time I like to be with my Husband and my Son going out for movies.

  332. 1.I’m from Europe ,exactly from Croatia.My name is Marija.
    2.I’m 38 years old
    3.In spare time I like to be with my husband, two daughters, especially somewhere in countryside .
    I love bake cakes.

  333. I live in Miami, Florida, I am 49 and love to spend time with friends and family, love to read too

  334. Sithembile says:

    I live in Harare, Zimbabwe
    i am 28 years Old
    i love reading inspirational; stuff and travelling

  335. 1. I’m from North Carolina

    2. I’m 49

    3. I love to spend time with my husband and watch TV

  336. I was raised in Bremen, OH and have been living in Brunswick, Maine since 1989. I am 47, 48 in April. Love to knit, study my Bible, tote my two kids to sports (football/soccer mom) and run. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful husband and married 26 years. My oldest son just started college and I’ve got a 15 yr old girl and an 11 yr old boy. I love reading everyone’s bios!

  337. Currently in Florida healing physically and spiritually (love this Bible study which is so healing to me…thank you Renee). Next week i will be 71 years young.

    Enjoying all healing projects:: taking care of daughter’s many beautiful flowers; walking the beach early in the morning, talking with the Lord and receiving His ‘crashing waves and powerful wind’ energy; playing the piano; taking the little dogs for a walk in the warm healing sun and praying to His Son, the great physician.

    Am Blessed and Thankful to be down here healing.

  338. Kim Weredebaugh says:

    1. I live in rural Pennsylvania.
    2. I am 43 years old.
    3. I love reading, knitting and spending time with my family.

  339. 1. I am from Nashville, TN.
    2. I am 54 years old.
    3. In my spare time I love to spend time with my husband and read.

  340. Loretta A. says:

    Hello there 😉

    1. I was born in California, raised mostly in Germany and Washington State, am currently residing in Washington State in a city south of Seattle called Federal Way.

    2. I am 57, will be 58 in May, God willing

    3. I absolutely love to read and learn (Christian literature/ inspirational/ medicine/nursing, landscaping, DIY projects) and love gardening, (when my yard isn’t overly soaking wet).

    When I am off work or on vacation, my absolute first love in my free time is spending time with my 3 beautiful granddaughters. Whether they’re here from CA or if I am there, we love baking, playing princess , dress up, make overs, reading, teaching, love to tickle them, tease them, make up nicknames, play tea party with them and the dolls and of course my dog, color, paint, teach them how to speak German, how to knit, sew, garden, teach and help them cook , they love to bake all of “Gram’s secret recipes”!

    This Christmas we started to compile and make a family cookbook of “Gram’s Secret and Favorite Recipes”, with all of the recipes I’ve accumulated over my lifetime from my mother, grandmother and great grandmother, and recipes from my father and one of his sisters, (my dad and her are both gone now as well as my maternal and paternal grandparents and great grandparents).

    The girls and my daughter are absolutely thrilled about this project. You have no idea how many times I get called for the sweet potato pie recipe , mac n cheese, stuffing, or the German cucumber salad recipe, or the secret cookies….(list goes on and on 😉

    I love just being with them. Shopping, cuddling watching, tv, or sitting by the fire place with a cozy fire going (which unfortunately they don’t use theirs in CA).

    They are soooooooooooo smart these days at 4, 6 and 13. They are VERY inquisitive and love to hear me explain things. They wonder how I got so “smart and know everything”. If they only knew LOL .I absolutely love to listen to them talk amongst themselves or to themselves (the 2 little ones have quite the imaginations.

    And lastly at the end of the day spent with them, we all get ready for bed with a shower or a bath, and then all cuddle in Gram’s CA King Size bed for a story or quick movie. ( (and boy is it gettin’ crowded in there) 😀

    PS: I almost forgot, Before the come here I book the incoming salon appt, and their leaving appts. I take them to the Nail Salon and we all get manicures/pedicures/ and nails painted. It wouldn’t be normal for that not to happen!

    Anyway, it’s “ALL ABOUT THEM”, when we’re together and I couldn’t ask for anything more wonderful that

    PSS: OMGosh, I almost forgot about my daughter, she gets mani/pedis too, and is the recipient of all the cooking and baking. As well as she gets some free time for herself knowing that the girls are having a blast with Gram’s.

    Sorry about the long answer to #3 . All of the things just flooded my mind, and I am too tired to re-read and correct any typos, so I ask for grace in advance.

    Love and Blessings,


  341. I live in Western North Carolina. I’m 30 years old and am currently in the season of raising babies with a 6 yr old, 3 yr old, & our third due in May, so that’s how I spend my free time these days. On the rare occasion that I get a moment to unwind, I love to sew.

  342. 1. I live in Pace, FL, a small town east of Pensacola in the Florida panhandle.
    2. I am 50 years old.
    3. In my spare time I like to read, play games, and spend time with my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter and my children..

  343. Patti Cravotta says:

    I am from North Carolina, I am 59 years old and I love to sew in my free time

  344. Holly Fleener says:

    1. I live in Salisbury, NC
    2. I am 37 years old.
    3. In my spare time I like to read, color with my daughter, watch movies, play games, and listen to Christian music.

  345. 1. I live in Pennsylvania
    2. I am 53 yr old
    3. I love to read, travel, scuba dive, and cook especially with my granddaughter!

  346. I am from The biggest little state of RI
    I am the ripe age of 41
    In my spare time, I like to read

  347. I am from North Carolina.
    I am 54 years young.
    In my spare time, I like to relax with a good book.

  348. I am from a small town in Indiana. I am 36 years old. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and five wonderful kids and writing.

  349. Shelley Fow says:

    I am from Tennessee, but live a few miles over the state line in neighboring Georgia.
    I am 42
    I enjoying baking & cooking for others. Trying out new creations of cupcakes is my favorite.

  350. I am Cindy, a mother from Ohio, now living in Massachusetts. In my free time I love to read and crochet. I have just started to be a part of a prayer shawl ministry and I love it. God has blessed me with a skill I can now use to help others.

  351. I live in North Augusta, SC (just a mile away from Augusta, GA).
    I am 35 years old.
    In my spare time I love to read and cook…and really, sometimes I just want to put on my headphones and clean the house without any interruptions!

  352. I live in Denver, CO
    I am 56 years old
    I love to sit in the quiet of the moment, praising God, reading in His Word and journaling my thoughts and prayers.
    Loving this study Renee!

  353. Hello,

    I live in TX – 43 yrs of age – I love to read/write in my spare time. For those of us participating in this Bible Study, it is amazing how much we all have in common. It is great to be a part of something so enriching – thank you!!!!

  354. I live in Gastonia, NC
    I am 49 years old
    I love to read in my spare time.

  355. I live in Muizenberg, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa.
    I’m 42 years old sometimes I feel 50 and sometimes I feel 20.
    In my spare time, I walk on the beach with my husband and dogs, otherwise I basically study 7 days a week.

  356. I live in Charlotte, NC
    I’ve just turned 51
    I don’t have much spare time as I work 10 hrs a day as a nanny and have an 8 yr old son. 🙂 When I do have free time, I love to cook and spend time with my friends.

  357. I live in Tennessee.
    I’m 32 years old.
    I don’t have much free time with five children under the age of 10 but when I do, I love to bake!

  358. Dale Katherine says:

    1 ~ I am West Coast girl at heart and live in Cincinnati, OH
    2 ~ I am 46
    3 ~ I enjoy running and volunteering.

  359. Heather Bireley says:

    1. I currently live in Four Oaks, NC but was raised in Montana
    2. I am 41.
    3. In my spare time, I love to ride my horses, do cross stitch or read.

  360. I live in Medway,MA, but am from New Mexico
    I am 32.
    I enjoy being outdoors and photography & knitting & reading in my spare time.

  361. Hi! My name is Kimberly and I am living in Southwest Virginia. I am 41 years old. In my spare time I like to spend time with my friends and family.

  362. I live in Illinois
    I am 53
    I love being outside doing anything in Nature, I love to paint with watercolor and doing new and fun things all over again with my grandchildren.

  363. I live in Frankfort, Kentucky.
    I am 46 years young. 🙂
    I enjoy getting on Facebook to catch up with friends; watch tv with husband; read; and when the weather is nice, I love to do veggie and flower gardens. I already have some of my seedlings started.

  364. Hi, I am Brandee
    I am 37 years old and live in a small town north of Nashville, TN.
    I love to go to the movies with my husband and son, scrapbook and I teach an online Bible study through Facebook going through the Chronological Bible.

  365. I am from North Carolina. I am 57 (for a few more weeks). In my free time I love to ride my bicycle.

  366. Linda Granato says:

    Hello! My name is LInda Granato. I’m from Philadelphia, PA and though i moved away for a short time as a youth, i still live here now. I’m 47 years old and in my free time i love to read or visit with family & friends. There are other things i love to do but i actually haven’t had much free time to do them lately. 🙂

  367. 1. I live in Ohio
    2. I am 55
    3. When I’m not making memories ~ I’m scrapbooking them!

  368. I am from Winfield, WV
    I am 54 years old
    I like to walk, read, travel, and spend time with friends and family

  369. Rita Walters says:

    I live in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia.
    My age is a very young 64.
    In spare time, I love to spend time with grandchildren.

  370. Kansas. I’m 34 and enjoy reading and scrapboking.

  371. 1. I am from Colorado.

    2. 34 years

    3. If I had spare time I would bake, garden or sit in the sun with a good book.

  372. I live in Centerville, OH and am 31. I’m a stay at home mom of two kids but when I have free time I love to read and spend time with my family and friends.

  373. Melissa Rosa says:

    I am from Pottstown, PA. I am 43 years old. In my spare time I enjoy reading.

  374. I live in Ohio.
    I am 21 years old.
    I love to read in my spare time.

  375. 1. I am 54 years old. 2. I am from Mississippi, but live in Louisiana, now. 3. In my spare time, I like to watch movies, read & spend time with my husband & our almost 13 year old son.

  376. jane anne curless says:

    I am from N. Olmsted, Ohio, a suburb on the west side of Cleveland. I am 53 years old.

    I teach 5th grade at Bethel Christian School in Parma, Ohio, another suburb near Cleveland. I like to read, garden, walk , be outside, cook, and exercise.

  377. I live in MIssissippi. I just turned 45 a few days ago, ugh!! And if I ever do have any free time, I love to read.

  378. I am from central IL.
    I am 47 years old.
    In my spare time I hang out with my family and volunteer. I play in a praise band at my church and I tutor students at our church’s school. I also like to read.

  379. 1. Live in Fort Wayne, IN(from Indianapolis)
    2. I’m 41
    3. In my spare time I love to excercise, walking,running/jogging, etc. I also love just spending extra time
    with my husband & kids! I also like to read, journal, and I’m currently trying to write my first book!

  380. I live in Taiwan.
    I am 47 years old.
    In my spare time I love to read bible and enjoy the time with our LORD daily.

  381. 1. I live in Michigan
    2. I am 48 years old
    3. I love to spend time sewing, walking, or reading.

  382. Chantelle Craig says:

    1. I live in Corner, AL
    2. I am 41

    3. In my spare time I love to do things with my family especially my 4 year old and I garden, and love DIY art/craft projects.

  383. 1. I live in Indiana
    2. I’m 54, until next month
    3. In my spare time I like to read or do crafts
    Plus, my one cat likes to play fetch.

  384. I live in Milford Center Ohio.

    I am 33 years old

    In my spare time I love to read, walk, and swim. I love spending time woth my boys. We play games, and watch movies, and play with trucks and tractors. I love to praise God and got o church.

  385. Annette Davidson says:

    I am from Hewitt, Texas.
    I am 52 years old
    I love to read. . . . read. . . and read!

  386. Stephanie Light says:

    1. I live in Tallahassee Florida
    2. I am 32 years old
    3. I enjoy baking, writing, journaling, spending time with friends.
    4. I also really enjoy volunteering at church and with Special Olympics!

  387. I am from Walnut Cove, NC. I am 39 years old, and I will be 40 in May. I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, writing, and trying to exercise daily. It was really great seeing where everyone lives and seeing so many women close to my own age. Very interesting! Seems we have more in common than just this Bible study. God Bless you all!

  388. 1. I live in central Illinois
    2. I am 28 years old
    3. I enjoy exercising (running and jump training), photography, reading, blogging, cooking, and soaking up moments as a family with my husband and daughter

  389. I live in Middle Tennessee
    I am 53 (soon to be 54)
    I enjoy working out, have begun to learn how to paint and enjoy my spare time with my husband and family

  390. 1) I’m from Illinois (downstate near St. Louis, MO)

    2) I am 44yrs old

    3) I love to read, gardening, crochet and play Scrabble

  391. 1. I’m from GEORGIA…. Go DAWGS!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    2. I’m 39 and holding.

    3. In my spare time I love to read, run, workout and spend time with my 3 boys and husband.

  392. Hola!
    1. Born and raised in southern CA, lived in multiple states throughout the US; I’m currently living in Ecuador (serving in Cotacachi and Bahia de Caraquez).
    2. Chronologically, I’m 56. . .but there’s the whole thing about “acting my age” – some days. . .not so much!
    3. My pastimes include: reading (voraciously), gardening (flowers, edibles, herbs. . .), sight-seeing (this is an absolutely amazing country), soy candle making (the most awesome stress relief), writing and hiking.

  393. 1. I live in Iowa.
    2. I’m 44.
    3. I love to scrapbook!

  394. I am 34 and am from Michigan. In my free time I enjoy playing with my kids and running!

  395. 1. I live in Greenville, NC.
    2. I am 29.
    3. I love to read and catch up on all my favorite shows in my free time, but most of all I love spending time with my family!

  396. I live in southeastern Pennsylvania, was born in west Central PA and lived in Wilmington, DE for about 20 years in between. I am 63 years old. In my spare time I like to have stimulating conversations with friends. If that can be combined with progressive line dancing I am in hog heaven.

  397. I live in Goldsboro, NC
    I am 53 years old
    I love to read, play Scrabble with my girlfriends, and create new recipes in the kitchen with my husband

  398. 1. I live in Missouri

    2. I’m 51 years old

    3. In my spare time, i like to read!

  399. 1. I live in Memphis, TN
    2. I am 60 years old
    3. In my spare time I love outdoor reading. God presence is felt in a way that I’m not able to feel when I’m inside. Not a thing to block me from God. And I love to spend time with my grand children out door walking, riding our bikes or doing yard work. I guess you can say I love outdoor activities.

    • Hi Myrtice, I love to read my Bible outside too. Helps me feel close to the Lord also. I live in rural Oregon, so right now it is too cold/rainy for that but when the warm days come, I take my Bible & a cup of coffee or tea to my porch swing, and enjoy the presence of the Lord. God bless you Dear.

  400. Hi Rene.
    I am from Fall River. Massachusetts and I’m 68.
    I am a Women’s Ministry leader at my church in Warren, R.I.. We meet once a month on Tuesday night.
    Last night , I shared some of chapter 1 from your book. It was so good to share something fresh. We also meet every Thursday morning. Right now, we are going through the Made to Crave study.
    Besides Women’s Ministry, I like to knit, read and study the Word.
    I love your study and hope that another will be forthcoming when this one is done.
    Have a truly blessed day.

  401. I am originally from New York but I’ve been living in Arkansas since 1977 so I call Arkansas “home”. I am 45 years old and in my spare time I LOVE spending time with my 11 grandchildren!!

  402. hi! i’m from florida and i’m 47 (!) and i love to garden in my free time! just be in the outdoors, period!

  403. Hello everyone!

    I live in South Florida; however, I was born and raised in Minnesota.

    I am 41 years young, and I will soon be 42 in 10 days. (Remember-age is a state of mind:)

    At this time, I am busy with my husband, 6 year old, 3 year old, and graduate school. However, I love to garden, go for walks, and spend time with horses when possible!

  404. Jessica Reno says:

    1. I’m originally from Kentucky but spent 10 years in the Navy where I went from Orlando->Massachusettes->Pensacola-> Misawa Japan -> Pensacola -> Rota Spain (with a side trip of 6 months to the USS LaSalle in Gaeta Italy) -> Pensacola -> Charleston South Carolina. So now I live in the Charleston area.

    2. I’m 42 years old (but feel like I’m still in my early thirties)

    3. In my spare time…wait, what spare time? Well, if I have spare time I like to read, study, run and spend time with my family (which includes fishing, scuba diving or attending NASCAR races). With two kids (17 and 5) I don’t get much spare time…swimming is their passion so we do a lot of swimming meets.


  405. I am 55 years young and live in Perry Hall, MD. Perry Hall is north of Baltimore. I am originally from PA. I enjoy scrapbooking, quilting, cross-stitch and a good book. Best of all to enjoy are my 4 grandchildren, 2 of which are under 2 months!!!

  406. I am from Konawa, Oklahoma
    I am 64 years olds
    I ride my horses whenever I can.

  407. I live in Grove City, OH….i am 37 i think 🙂 and in my spare time, I think I’d like to take a walk, a very long walk. Maybe through some quiet woods. Can you tell that quiet is something rare in my house and life? Thank you Renee for your book. I must admit it was God’s good timing. Reinforces all the promises and truths He’s been sharing w/me for a long time. Chosen is something He showed me a few years ago. I am enjoying the book, but must admit I am having trouble moving past the list of my past and allowing God’s healing. It was hard to even make the list. But I know God wants to heal my wounds and by allowing His healing…..He’ll be able to use me more for His Glory!!!!!

  408. Hi, I live in HInckley, Minnesota

    I am 41 years old

    I love to craft (make dolls and crochet) and cuddle with my little dog in my spare time.

  409. Debbie Lynch says:

    Born in Brockport, NY (but now a Yankee living in the South…North Carolina)
    53 years young
    I love, love, love to spend time with my family, especially my youngest baby girl who is 9 and my grandbaby girl who is 1 yr old.

  410. michelle alderman says:

    my name is michelle and i am from shawnee oklahoma, i am age 38.
    i love spending time with my daughter and reading the bible.

  411. I live in Walla Walla, WA

    I am 42.

    I enjoy spending time with my family and scrapbooking.

  412. I live in northern Michigan, am 59 years old and like reading, gardening and walking. Love spending time with my grandchildren when I can see them in Colorado.

  413. 1. I live in Whitehouse, Texas.
    2. I am 30 years old.
    3. I love to spend time with my husband. He is a Youth Pastor so we don’t always get alot of time to ourselves. Saturdays are our designated date days that I look forward to all week. And shopping, of course!

  414. Yolanda
    I’m going to be 54 tomorrow
    I love spending time reading and with my grandchildren

  415. 1) Live in Frisco, Texas, but an “Army brat” so born in New Jersey, lived in Hawaii, Georgia, Germany and Texas, so home is truly where the heart is….
    2) 35
    3) Free-time!!! Hmmm…I am a high school English teacher, I coach soccer, am an FCA huddle sponsor and a single mommy of an energetic 5 year old princess….but if I do have free time, I love to work-out and dance with my daughter!

  416. I live in Chattanooga, TN

    I am 56 years old

    I love to have “play dates” with my granddaughter. She says she is not a baby, so I’m not supposed to call it “babysitting!”

  417. My name is Mercy. I live in South Africa.
    I just turned 40.
    Nothing beats a heart to heart chat with a girlfriend over a cup of coffee!

  418. Samantha Blount says:

    1. I am from Louisiana, but I have been living in Mississippi for 7 years now.

    2. I am 26 years old

    3. I don’t have much free time as a working mother, but when I do I play soccer with my 4 year old son, I read, and try to get a run in!

  419. I am from Tennessee
    I am 46 years old
    In my spare time I love to get out and run 4 miles or so, great time to spend with God, especially in the spring and summer, early morning or late evening. I have had my best talks with Him while running.

  420. Carol Shores Crone says:

    1. I live in Cottontown, TN. (close to Gallatin)
    2. I am 48 years old
    3. I love to spend time with my family and anything outdoors with my husband. Hobby recently has been researching family history.

  421. 1. I live in Elizabeth City, NC we have been here nearly 5 years, whereever we are is home. Hubby in the navy for 21 years, and I am ready to settle down (i think)
    2. I am 59 next month, we are raising 2 of our granddaughters, and 1 daughter we adopted. The three of them keep us hopping, one in highschool, one in middle school and one in elementary school.
    3. In my spare time, winter, learning His word, crafts, crocheting and reading, autumn, hiking and gardeng bounties, summer, spending unending time with the girls, with no schedule, spring.getting flower beds ready and garden ready, always music and always some type of reading.

  422. I live in Underhill, a small town in the Valley of the largest mountain in Vermont, Mt Mansfield. It is just over a mile high.
    I am 33.
    In my free time, I like to ski (greatfully I am close to the mountain), I bike in the spring, summer, and fall as well as jog. I also frequent a local health club/gym.

  423. I am in Wisconsin, and I am 39. I love to create whether it is with yarn or thread.

  424. Allison M. says:

    1) I’m in Franklin, IN (25 min. South of Indianapolis)
    2) I’m 39
    3) When I DO get free time I enjoy outdoorsy things like hiking, photography, gardening. I also find myself gravitating more and more to studying and reading God’s Word (and your emails) because it is hard to stay focused in this world. I constantly need to be remined to “fix” my eyes on Him!

  425. Where are you from (state or country), New York

    What is your age, 26

    What do you love to do in your free time.. I love spending time with friends, making cards

  426. I live in Murfreeesboro, TN, but grew up along the Gulf of Mexico in South Texas. I am 59 years young and spend my spare time reading and researching/writing for my blog.

    • Hey there, would love to connect . . I live in Murfreesboro too!! The women’s group at my church is hosting a (in)RL conference in April. Take a look at the (en)courage website and you can find us!!!

  427. I am from Pennsylvania, I am 50, and I like to read and knit.

  428. !. I live in Tallahassee, Florida, but I am originally from Mississippi. I also graduated from University of Florida but live in the land of the Florida State University Seminoles!

    2, I am 52 years young and will be 53 on May 9th.

    3.In my free time I love to scrapbook, go to the beach, attend Gator sporting events and just hang out with my grown children and their spouses. Family is everything to me! I live my life by the mantra: faith, family, friends, and FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  429. I live in beautiful Central Florida.
    I am 32 years old.
    In my free time, I really enjoy yoga. I usually practice a few times a week. I also love to spend evenings with my fiance, just curled up on the couch watching movies together. I am recently engaged so my girlfriends and I are having a blast dress shopping!

  430. I live in Alapaha. Georgia.

    I am 30 years old

    In my spare time I enjoy fishing (Fresh water & salt water) & hunting any wild game! Super excited turkey season starts in a couple of weeks. We have hunting dogs and cattle dogs that I love working with and training. I love hearing the hunting dogs when they strike a trail. I love to travel, anywhere, whether it be a weekend trip or a week long! I love the beach, the mountains and going out west. I love camping, hiking, exploring and riding my horses! I enjoy raising chickens, goats, sheep…anything you can imagine. I enjoy my little farm and hope to someday expand with cattle. As you can tell I LOVE being outdoors, that’s where I spend 99.9% of my free time, unless it’s bad weather. The biggest problem with being a tomboy, is it can be very competitive at G2 Farms! I can’t let my husband beat me! 🙂

  431. 1. I’m in Missouri.

    2. I’m 43.

    3. What free time?!?!?! If I do have any free time, I love to read. I have a huge stack of books and an even longer list of books I want to read.

  432. I am from Kentucky and live in the country outside of Louisville. I am 34. I love to spend time with friends and play games with my 5 year old in my spare time. Also love curling up with a good book for some quiet time.

  433. Alma Valdez says:

    I live in Corpus Christi, Texas
    I have 49 years old
    I enjoy spending time with friends and family. Family outings and just enjoying time with each other.

    • Kimberly Stiver says:

      My aunt and uncle used to live in Corpus Christi. they now live in Austin after my young cousin committed suicide. It was too much for my aunt because he was her only son and her first husband (who was a judge for the county) died of a heart attack in the 80s. Too many painful memories for her to stay.

  434. I live in Fort St John, British Columbia, CANADA

    I am 47 years old

    I enjoy quilting,

  435. I live in Cartersville, Georgia
    I am 29 years old (eek!)
    In my time that I have between 2 small boys, my husband, graduate school, and a full time job…what spare time!? If I do find time I like to be with people, especially my friends and I also enjoy reading. Would LOVE a subscription to p31 magazine!

  436. 1.) I live in Iowa
    2.) I am 26 years old
    3.) In my free time I love getting together with friends and I love to read!

  437. 1.) I am from the awesome state of North Carolina.
    2.) I am 50 years old.(even though I still feel like im 25) 🙂
    3.) In my free time I love to work in the yard, plant flowers, read my bible, spend time with my children/husband or just sit on my swing and take in Gods beautiful creation!

  438. Where are you from? I am from and still live in Wisconsin
    What is your age? I am 26 years old
    What do you love to do in your free time? Freetime, what’s that? In the little spare time that I do have I enjoy to read, relax with my husband and daughter and clean

  439. Jodi Grubb says:

    I am from Oregon but currently live in Washington. I am 38 years old. I love running, reading and watching movies.

  440. 1) I live in Suriname, South America,

    2) I am 43 years old

    3) I don’t have much spare time but I love to read a good book. Love to decorate; spend time on this blog, where I can read Renee’s devotion and the comments of all the blessed women who loves the Lord. You all encourage me.

    Bless you all.

  441. I live in Michigan, just outside the Detroit Area
    I am 53 years old
    I love music, exercise, cooking, being with my girlfriends and my new grandson!

  442. I am currently living in South Africa and absolutely love it:)

    I am 33, will be 34 on St. Patrick’s Day, thanks mom:)

    I love to travel w/ my husband, run, and volunteer!

  443. Jodi Grubb says:

    I am from Oregon but currently living in Washington.
    I am 38.
    I love to run, read and watch movies.

  444. I live in Richmond, TX.
    I am 54.
    I love to spend time with my grown daughters, read and bake.

  445. Jill Kuiper says:

    Grand Rapids, MI
    Spare time, what’s that?!?!? Just kidding, making cards, reading a good book!

  446. Allison Johnson says:

    Hi, I’m Allison. I will be 48 on Friday (2/24) and live in Carrollton, TX. Carrollton is a suburb north of Dallas (about 20 miles). I work full time in Dallas and am in full time nursing school on the weekends. In 10 months I will have my life back and look forward to camping with my sweet hubby and spending time with my grandkids. I have 5 now and one on the way and one in the planning stages!! I am truly blessed. I also like to read and travel.

  447. gloria kazywiski says:

    I am from Canada and I’m 63 years old. I love reading, exercising, crafts (though I’m not good at it) and reading the bible and devotions. Am also doing bible study which I enjoy

  448. I live in Texas. I’m 35 years old. I love spending quality time with my litte ones being that I work and don’t really get to spend time with them during the week, my weekends are dedicated to them.

  449. Hi there,
    I live in Hereford, TX. I am 47 and seem to have a lot of spare time lately. I am a widow of two years and my last child has moved out to go to college. I enjoy walking, cooking, scrapbooking, watching movies and reading.

  450. I live in Lowell, NC, about 15 miles west of Charlotte. I am 42 years old and right now in my spare time, I am WAITING for an international adoption from Honduras to be moved into the next phase!

  451. Melissa Manning says:

    I live in Durham, North Carolina. I have lived here all of my life.

    I am 35 years old.

    With 2 little kids there’s not much spare time but when I get a chance I enjoy running and gardening.

  452. I live 50 miles east of Kansas City. I am 52, recently widowed. I am trying to learn what I really enjoy now since my world is upside down. I love the country life I live, and I enjoy reading!

    • Brenda Curry says:

      Hi Kelly,
      I was born and raised in Independence, Missouri and have family around Kansas City. I also lived in Mission Kansas for a while and worked at an inner city church in Kansas City. What’s the name of your town? I now live in Berea, KY and I also love the country life. I’m 51 years old and just wanted you to know I’ll be praying for you as you grieve and begin new things in your life.

  453. I am from Beckley, WV
    Iam 39 years old
    In my spare time I like to read, and I just discovered the iPad. I have 3 kids. I teach a Wednesday night youth group and I prepare for that. I read everything I can to encourage me in my faith and I love searching for great Christian music.

  454. I am from Pennsylvania
    I will say I’m in my thirties
    And right now, in what I call “me” time, I am learning Hebrew.

  455. Hi Renee! I live in Greenville, SC and have lived here for the last 21 years and absolutely love that I am close the mountains and only a few hours from the beach! 🙂

    I turned a very young and beautiful 50 last month and in my spare time I love to watch romantic movies, read, decorate, be with family, friends, and my list could go on and on with all the things I love to do!

    May the Lord continue to bless your ministry!

  456. I live in Oklahoma. I am 44 years old. My husband and I have two children and we love spending time together at the barn riding and taking care of our horses. We have a special needs child so we use our daughter’s show horse for therapy for my son. The unconditional love of my children and animals is what warms my heart the most. I also love to read, bake, travel, bible studies and having fun with friends and family.

  457. I live in Ohio and I am 61 years old. My favorite things to do are read and be with my grandchildren (NOT necessarily in that order!) ☺

  458. 1. I’m from Wisconsin, the winter has been very mild. Praise God!!!

    2. I am 23 years old, recently married with a 6 year old daughter and a son on the way.

    3. In my free time I love spending time with my family, scrapbooking, cross stitching, reading and studying the Scriptures and cooking!

  459. I live in Kansas.
    I’m 51 years old.
    I like to read in my spare time.

  460. I live in Thornton, Colorado…been in Colorado my whole life!

    I’m 50 years ‘young’!

    Since I just finished raising/homeschooling triplets…I’m still in this ‘in between’ stage of figuring out what
    to do next…not easy going from EVERYTHING to barely anything but I’m making progress. I live to worship God and go to Church every Sunday. I also like to read and watch movies and recently started a very intense workout/weigt training program but my most favorite thing is bird watching…love them little and BIG birdies God made!

  461. I am originally from West Virginia but I live in Houston, Texas

    I am 41 years old

    In my spare time, i like to spend time with my family.

  462. I live in Southeast Texas

    I am 36 years old

    I try to spend every moment of my free time with my two young sons, since I am away from them so much during the week for work.

  463. Hi Renee!

    1) I’m from South Carolina, but currently live in Shorewood, IL
    2) I am 43 years old
    3) In my spare time I love to read, and have started running (Couch to 5k – a couple wks in)

  464. Sandra Hartsell says:

    I am 42 years old & from Gray Court, South Carolina. I love to go camping with my husband and children, hang out with my Bible study group, and shop & hang out with my best friend!

  465. Christina Anguiano says:

    I live where the stars at night are big and bright…deep in the heart of Texas. I just turned 34 this month, am a single mom of a 10yr old little girl. I like spending time with my daughter, watching her play soccer, bake and do crafts.

  466. 1. I am from Texas
    2. I am 41 years old
    3. I enjoy watching classic movies.

  467. Hi Sisters in Christ,

    Renee this study has been such a blessing for me! God’s timing is perfect always. I am originally from NY, and have lived in MD, WV, PA, US VI and PR currently living on the eastern shore of MD. I am 53 soon to be 54 and enjoy reading, cooking, sewing, knitting and having my hands in the dirt:)

  468. Cathy Blanchard says:

    1. I live in Tickfaw LA.
    2. I am 56
    3. I love spending time with God, my family, and camping with our many friends from our church.

  469. Brenda Curry says:

    I was raised in Independence, Missouri but have lived in Berea, Kentucky for 25 years. Berea is the Arts and Crafts capitol of Kentucky.
    I’m 51 years old.
    In my spare time I love reading and searching the internet for book bargains I can read and resale.
    This is my first on-line study and I love it. I will definitely continue to participate in on-line studies like this one.

  470. 1. I am from Eastern Washington (state).
    2. I am 46 years old.
    3. I like to craft, cook, read, and play with my grandson!

  471. I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    I am 62 years old
    I love cooking , readings books like yours , driving around nearby and going to touristic places around the world.
    I praise and thank our Lord for you Renee , you are a blessing to me and for giving me the privilege of joining your Bible study.

  472. I live in Meridian, Id
    I am 46 yrs old
    I enjoy my time with God, Family and Friends.

  473. I live in Tennessee.
    I am 40 years old.
    In my spare time I like to ride my horse, read, and cross-stitch.

  474. Kelly Ogburn says:

    I am 40 years old and live in Vicksburg, MS. My favorite free time spent is cooking and/or baking. Being a military wife, I spend a lot of time with other wives. We are not located at a “post” so we have a small, but strong, support group. Our newest endeavor is to do a book study, that is Christain/faith based, on preparing our hearts for deployment. I also more than enjoy time spent with family when they come to visit.

  475. Kathy Quick says:

    Hello! I am now residing in Kettering Ohio. I am on the edge of 45 and happy with that.

    In my free time . . . kids, dogs, walking, reading, gardening, new to knitting, following blogs! Wish my free time was my full time!

    Thank you for such nice package and many thanks for encouraging our growth and confidence – best gift ever to find a willing mentor. Thank you – Thank you!

  476. Sioux Falls, SD – glad to see there are a couple other SD sisters on board!

    46, married, and raising two boys (18 and 13).

    I enjoy volunteering to support our sons’ extracurriculars (marching band and orchestra), and meeting and working with other parents. When work is done, I like having some time on my comfy couch, watching a movie, having conversation with my family or enjoying a good book. I also like to cook and bake and try new recipes. In the summer months, I love to be outdoors and soaking up some vitamin D – walking, gardening, traveling and exploring God’s beautiful creation. We’ve had a mild winter this year, and it’s been so wonderful that we can go for Sunday afternoon walks in the middle of February!

    • yea another marching band Mom
      Dont know why but I love field trips
      when to huron HS

      • Hey Delene!
        Yes, Go Band! It has been wonderful fun for us these past 4 years, to get to know the other kids and parents and to watch the students perform. It will be a new adventure this fall when our oldest heads to college, but our younger son is in band/orchestra too, so we’ll get another round. In April I get to chaperone the HS band to San Antonio for their rotational band trip, and I’m looking forward to that. I work from home, so it will be a real treat for me to travel and get away, even if it means a REALLY long bus ride and not much sleep! For you TX gals, I’m looking forward to visiting your state! I’ve never been there before.

  477. I am from Madison Wisconsin, excited to see a few other Wi here too. We have been blessed with a mild winter here in the midwest but I think March will still give us one big storm.
    I will soon be 52
    I enjoy the Packers, sleeping(work nights as RN), miss my granddaughter in richland hills TX, but stayin young with my 7 yr old son. Don’t seem to have the energy of youth but still enjoy reading.

  478. My name is Ann J. I live in Meridian, MS. I love being able to help people who are often forgotten. My passion is loving them and helping them find God. We serve in our local food pantries, blankets for the homeless and missions team in Venezuela.

  479. I am soon to turn 38, live in Walton, KY and enjoy reading in my spare time.

  480. Elizabeth Mendoza says:

    I live in California & I am 56 years young. I love to garden. Something wonderful always happens to make me feel God’s presence. From the birds chirping, to the little seedlings poking their heads out of the dirt…He is there all around me. My heaven on earth.

  481. I am really enjoying your book and this Bible study it is very encouraging and uplifting.

    1. I am from Athens, GA
    2. I am 35 years old
    3. In my spare time I like to read and I love photography so I get out and take pictures every chance I get.

  482. Hi All,

    I am from Windermere Florida
    I am 54 years young
    I enjoy reading, shopping, and going to the beach.
    Blessings to all in this wonderful study.

  483. 1. Gig Harbor, WA

    2. 44

    3. Homeschool mom, love to read, bake, and spend time boating with my family.

  484. Rashell Stone says:

    1. Winona, Texas

    2. 42 years old

    3. Hot bubble bath , tea, while reading my devotionals Proverbs 31 Ministries Encouragment for Today 🙂 Daily reading the devo’s have given me hope, courage, and a new heart . and mother. Thank you so Blessings !

  485. Good Morning to all!

    I am blessed to live in Cedar Rapids, IA and I am 34 years old…but very near 35.

    I love spending time with my family, shopping, and spending time with God. This study has gotten me through 2011 – one of the toughest years I have ever had, but God is doing a great work in my heart.

  486. I am from the Mid South Earle, Arkansas. A small town near Memphis,Tn. I enjoy classical music in my spare time. I love art and love to scrapbook. I love history and interior design. I love the Viictorican design
    of architecture. I love California and the beach,

  487. 1. Im from Monticello Ar
    2. I am 30 years young
    3. I love to cook, craft projects, and painting

  488. I live in New York
    Im 33
    In my spare time, I volunteer at a virtual library, hunt recipes and every now and then I write things.

  489. I live in Athens, GA
    I’m 47 years old
    & I like to bake, run, and read in my spare time.

  490. I live in Maine
    I am 48 years old
    I love to read, crochet, walk in the woods : )

  491. Kingsville, TX
    Anything involving my 3 kids, ages 6, 4, & 2

  492. I am from Michigan.
    I am 45 years old.
    I love to work in the yard (but haven’t been able to do this since moving to MIchigan in the winter). I enjoy logging onto Proverbs 31 everyday, I was referred by a friend who knew I was going through a terrible time in my life. God has used it to lift me up and give me hope over the past 2 years. When I need an extra boost, I go through the archives.

  493. Iam 44 years old

    I live in Oregon

    I love to photograph my 3 precious children , garden ,hike, scrapbook, meet with friends for Starbucks
    coffee dates , and wirte letters the old fashioned way .{wax seals and all !}

  494. I am 44 years old, I live in Elburn Illinois, and in my spare time I enjoy reading, movies, walks, and time with my family and friends. I am really enjoying this bible study.

    Thanks for all you do!

  495. I live in Lafayette, LA
    I’m 40 years old.
    I enjoy reading, watching TV and movies, and spending time with family and friends.

  496. Good morning ladies any one from New Jersey? I look Like I am the only one? I am approaching the “50’s yuck, do not like that. Have 3 daughters have sent this book to 2 of them have one more to send. Married now for over 25 years. I am currently un-employed so if anyone has a minute pray I find a job please? Love to watch those “tear-jerker movies (as my daughters call them) the romantic ones. Am enjoying reading this book so much.

  497. I am from Texas. I am 40 years old and I love spending time with my two daughters and I love to cook for people.

  498. I live in Ohio.
    I am 33 years old.
    I have 3 precious children under the age of 3, so I don’t have much spare time…but when I do, I enjoy photography, crafts and spending time with my husband.

  499. Christena Burnham says:

    I live in Grand Junction, Colorado.
    I am 38 years old.
    What free time?? LOL I spend time with my husband and 2 kids. I love to read and keep intouch with the few friends that I have.

  500. I live in Omaha, Nebraska.
    I am 37 years old.
    In my spare time I like to spend time with my friends & family and go on mini adventures with my husband.

  501. I’m 49 and from West Bend, WI. I enjoy reading, concerts and traveling anywhere Ihaven’t been.

  502. I am from Indiana and lived here my entire life. Love it!!
    I am 33 years old.
    Free time? What is that? I have 3 boys, 8,5 and 2 and a farm full of animals. They are my time. Free or otherwise. I will leave it up to you to imagine the adventures we have. 🙂

  503. I live in Rockwell, NC, am 33 years young, and in my free time I enjoy my 2 children ages 9 and 2 and my wonderful husband of 14 years, spending time with my family I most importantly I enjoy reading and growing in a relationship with my heavenly father.

  504. Vonda Walker says:

    I’m from Midland, TX

    I’m 55 and am about to be a grandmother for the 1st time!

    I’m not sure what free time is as I work several jobs but I’d have to answer animals! I love animals and
    as a result started up my own pet sitting company taking care of other people’s animal family members when they are away!

  505. Sterling CO
    Just turned 44 last wkk
    I live in CO but love to scuba dive….I enjoy camping, reading and spending time with my family

  506. 1. I am from Prineville Oregon, but I have lived in Cottonwood CA for the last 25 years
    2. I am 52 and love to tell people, I have no gray hair
    3. In my spare time: I have no spare time. I am a college student, mom and intern (Global Information Systems), but I enjoy my Bible Study in my sunny window where I watch birds, enjoy my counted cross stitch that took 6 years to get on the wall and vintage stuff

  507. I’m 44 years old

    I’m from Fort Wayne, IN

    I like to read in my free time, walk my dog, go to movies

    • I live in upstate ny too…Harriman ny. Now. we use to live in Warsaw , in. i went to Grace college and would drive to ft Wayne all the time. Good times!!!

  508. From Hawaii, 49 years old, & spending time with family every chance I get. Alpha!

  509. From the Lone Star State, Texas
    57 yrs REALLY could that be right? YES!!!!!
    I love to read, study The Word, and play with my 6 grandbabies. God has blessed me so abundantly.

  510. I live in Grove City Ohio

    I am 45 years old

    I love to sing

  511. 1.) I live in Evansville, Indiana.
    2.) I am 42 years young.
    3.) I love to travel.

  512. 1) I live in Elk Grove, CA.
    2) I am 41.
    3) I love to scrapbook, read, and take walks while listening to praise music.

  513. Hi I’m Rachel

    I live in NE Iowa (a farmer’s wife), but grew up in midwestern Indiana (not on a farm!).

    I’m 35.

    I like to write, cook, resale shop and I love spending time with my fabulous family!

  514. Lila
    I live in California
    I am 60.
    I enjoy gardening and reading

    • Hi, Lila: Just wanted to say I’m glad to see another 60-year-old on here. Actually, as I read over the posts, I have noticed a few more in my age range. Wishing you a Wonderful Day with many blessings.


  515. Melissa Fordyce says:

    I live in Uniontown PA
    I am 32 years old
    I have 9 children so there is no spare time..lol but I do like to enjoy a strong coffee every day 😉

  516. I have lived in Murfreesboro Tenneessee, since I graduated from college in 1995, but still consider myself a midwesterner, originally from Middletown OHIO! I am 38, and in my VERY little spare time, I love to read and watch movies, and just be outside. . .

  517. Hi,
    I grew up in Ohio, just recently moved to AZ.
    I’m 43
    I have a 6 y.o. boy so he occupies the majority of my time. But I love having “family” time.
    I usually workout in my spare time–can’t say I love it, but it makes me feel good!

  518. I live in AL; I am 43 and in my spare time I train for long course triathlons!

  519. Kathy Sturgis says:

    I live in Cedarville, Ohio. I am 59. My two greatest loves are reading and music. I love to study and talk to my friends. when can we all get together????

  520. I’m from Tennessee. I am 50 years old. I like to spend my freetime helping my friends.

  521. I am from Spartanburg, SC and live in Hartsville, SC.
    I am 44 years old.
    I like playing bass guitar at my church and with my Christian Motorcycle band, riding motorcycles and scrapbooking.

    • You sound like someone I’d like to meet! Had to sell our motorcycle when my husband died last year. I see people riding, and I want to jump on! My brother is the president of his local CMA chapter, and we all play instruments here. Wish you could join us! Blessings, Kelly B.

      • Hi Kelly! I’m sorry for your loss. My husband and I both ride. He rides a little more than me. I don’t like riding in the cold! But with the weather in the 70’s this week, I’m going to get mine out and go for a spin! We were introduced to CMA back in Sept by my best friend and just completed the Basic Ministry course and became members (Florence, SC chapter). I don’t know if you are in SC are not, but it would be really cool to meet you! Your Sister in Christ, Marie

  522. I live in Minnesota about 45 minutes north of the twin cities.

    I am 49 and trying not to think about turning 50 later this year. I know I’ll be okay when it gets here.

    I don’t have a lot of spare time so I am way behind in this study, but I love what I have read so far. When I do have free time, I love to read, crochet, play with my cats (we foster for a rescue group), and be with my husband of almost 20 years (May 1st).

  523. I live in FL. I’m 37 and in my free time I love to hang out with my husband, read, take pictures, and run.

  524. My name is Teresa. I am always a day or two behind in reading your weekly posts. I am so thankful that God has let me live an abundant life for 55 years. When I do get a little free time I love being with my family, cooking, and working in my church.

  525. Vanessa Wynn says:

    Vanessa Wynn from Virginia in the United States. Age 40. Spare time? What does that mean? I have five children, ages 18, 16, 12, 12, & 10, so my time is spent doing whatever the sport of the season is – football, basketball, track, and baseball. I work full time outside the home and run continuously with my young men. My daughter is 18, so she does not require as much as a college student, but still am there for her every step of the way. So that is my very blessed life. I do LOVE to read, walk in the woods, look at the stars, hear the trees sing, and water flowing when I do have a moment to myself.

  526. judy lawrence says:

    I live in Florida, I am 59, I love to garden, birdwatch, and spend time with my family/

  527. 1) I’m from Minneapolis, but live in Chicago now.

    2) Age 44

    3) I love dates w/my husband, spending “girl” time with my friends & the Kwando class I take at Bally’s because the instructor Tracie is dynamic & I get to work out with my Tuesday night Kwando friends!

  528. I live in Visalia, CA in the San Joaquin Valley.
    I am 55 years old.
    I love reading and spending time with my five grandchildren.

  529. I live in upstate New York. I am almost 37 years old. I love to read, spend time with family, and vacation at the beach. Needless to say, I enjoy reading a good book while vacationing at the beach with my family. I am so thankful God created the shore lines and beautiful beaches for our enjoyment! I find nothing more relaxing than hearing the waves crash against the beach and the background sound of the seagulls. God’s creation is so beautiful!

  530. I live in Rochester, MN.

    Age is 42.

    In my spare time I like going to movies.

  531. Abbie Wells says:

    1. I am 31
    2. I live in Colorado.
    3. In my spare time….which too is rare, I like to go on hikes in this beautiful state! Hikes are are a quiet activity where I can worship and pray and get closer to God 🙂

    • Connie McKee says:

      !. I am 54 years old.
      2. I live in St.Peters, MO
      3. I love spending time with my Family especially my two beautiful Grand-daughters and my Small Group friends, I love to read and garden.

  532. Franklin, TN; originally south jersey girl

    60 yrs. old

    I love, love, love to read; enjoy my 8 granchildren whenver I can

  533. 1) I am from Michigan…
    2) I am 48
    3) In my spare time I love spending time with my grandchildren, crafting and helping others in the community..

  534. Amy from Az says:

    Hi Renee,

    I’m from Sierra Vista, Az. Originally from Meyersdale, Pa.

    I am 39 turning 40 in August.

    I love to do crafts in free time. I can crochet and knit but I really excel at plastic canvas. I also like to play WII and watch movies esp when I’m with my friends.

  535. Amy from Az says:

    Renee ,

    I forgot 🙂 I LOVE TO READ. I actually make time to read which I guess wouldn’t be counted as free time.

  536. Hi Renee!

    I’m from the Northeastern coast of Mexico, but have lived in Tucson, AZ for the last 4.5 years
    I’m 30 years old
    In my free time I love to read, do some knitting and I’m trying to do some crafty stuff lately

    I thank God for all the wonderful ways you touch our lives with your work!


  537. 1. I live in the Greater Denver, Colorado area

    2. I am 48

    3. At this moment in life I have been blessed with the enjoyment of loving and being loved by an incredible man. I am learning that had I listened long ago it was His intent all along, but I had lessons on what REAL love looked like first in God and then myself !
    I most enjoy spending my free time here in Colorado out on hikes/walks, looking forward to the wamer weather to be out camping, fishing and hiking our beautiful mountains sharing those times with the people I cherish!

  538. 1. I am from West Bend, Wisconsin

    2. I am 48

    3. When I have free time (and even when I don’t have “free” time) I love to do things with my youngest son – blaze trails through our woods, civil war re-enactment, just being with him. Having traveled through the horrible disease of cancer with him, I know that our time here may be short and we need to make “free” time for the people and things truly important to us!

  539. I’m from Dallas, TX
    I am 29 years old …
    and love to read and enjoy my time with my 2 children.

  540. 1. I am also from Wisconsin! Mauston, WI
    2. I am 51
    3. In my free time, I love to scrapbook, read, travel with family, and try new recipes!

  541. 1. I am from Parker, CO (a suburb of Denver)
    2. I am 46 years old
    3. In my free time, which is rare, I LOVE to workout and cook healthy delicious meals for my family.

  542. Hey any one from the greater denver area what to connect ????

  543. Sheri Kimble says:

    1. I live in Webster, NY
    2. I am 45 years old
    3. When I have free time, I love to read while sitting outside soaking in all of God’s creation or taking my dog for a walk.

  544. Melissa Thacker says:

    I’m 34 and I live in Ohio. In my spare time, I love to curl up with a good cup of coffee and a great book.

  545. I am 43 O live in Clinton New York We take in foster children plus we have five of our own children and two awesome grandchildren and two dogs ..I love spending timw with god and making everything by hand cause that means it comes from your heart…

  546. Fran Bruno says:

    I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico
    I am 60 years old.
    I work two part time jobs…at my husband’s office, marketing/advertising and as an adm. for a non-profit organization.
    I love people, nature, taking long walks,Bible studies, music, dancing and enjoying life, one day at a time.

  547. stacy brown says:

    Blessing to you…I am from Charleston WV…Im 39 (shhh 6mths shy of the big 40 lol) and in my spare time I love to watch movies espically movies that are uplifting & funny. I love Proverbs 31 and all that women that share in it…may you all be richly blessed and given much wisdom to help all of us walk victoriously!! 🙂

  548. I currently live in South Carolina. I am 58 years old. I love to watch game shows, like “Are You Smarter than Fifth Grader”, and Entertainment contests like “American Idol”, “The Voice”, etc. I also enjoy reading, but with a two year old grandson in the house I don’t get to do much of that until late at night.

  549. Illinois
    I like to talk on the radio about Jesus, His Word, the Holy Spirit, and what God wants to do in believers’ lives. I also love to spend time worshiping Him. So both of those stem from an intense craving for God’s presence. I can’t wait to see Him in eternity, forever! It’s going to be great!

    I love quality time with my children and husband too when it’s not rushed, busy, or demanding.

  550. Where I’m from and where i live are two different places! I am from Hialeah, Florida and I live in Newport, Tennessee. I’m a transplant.
    When asked about my age i always say “Well i was born in the 1800’s 1859 to be a bit exact so that would make me 152!” Wow seeing it in print really looks old! It started out to be a joke and really still is so just take the 100 off and that would make me only 52. Now, that’s young! LOL
    In my spare time i really enjoy crocheting, however, my ultimate favorite thing to do is play my guitar and sing (mostly worship music). (though i really haven’t been doing that lately to be honest) Oh and I enjoy making people laugh because the bible tells us in Proverbs 17:22a “A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing…” (Amplified) So, when people laugh their heart doesn’t hurt as much and they don’t feel like they are going crazy (that’s the mind part) You’ve heard the saying “An apple a day keeps the Doctor away” (that never worked for me) However, i have found that a scripture a day really keeps the devil away!!! ( if we read our bible everyday we can keep the devil at bay)

  551. Edit of one sentence in my post: I haven’t been playing my guitar lately not the worship part

  552. I live in Kentucky!

    I am 27 years old!

    In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and 3 kids! Being a stay-at-home mom, I feel like I have very little spare time yet I never accomplish anything!

  553. I am from Charleston, WV.
    I am going to be 49 years old tomorrow (Feb. 23).
    In my spare time I enjoy eating out with my husband, going to the movies, and reading.

  554. I am from Austin Texas. I am 41 years old. Reading is my favorite hobby and The Bible is currently on my reading list for the first time EVER!

  555. I am from a small town in south Georgia. I am 52 years old. In my spare time I like to read, play the piano and work in my yard.

  556. I am live Airdrie, Alberta Canada.
    I am 33 years old.
    In my spare time I love camping, hiking, watching movies & taking our golden doodle for walks. 🙂

  557. I live in Minnesota and I am 65.
    My hobbies include writing, crafts and volunteering.
    Is spending time with grandchildren a hobby? If so, it’s at the
    top of my list!

  558. 1) I live in Cantonment, FL
    2) I am 44 years old
    3) In my spare time I like to read and watch movies

  559. Hello Ladies!
    I’ve had such fun getting to know you all a little better by reading your comments.
    Although I grew up in five different countries, I’ve been living in Ontario, Canada for most of my life. My husband and I have spent all of our married years living on Manitoulin Island, the world’s largest fresh water island, located right here in Ontario.
    I’m a 48 year old stay at home mother of 3 sons and 2 daughters.
    In my free time I enjoy reading, taking long walks, gardening (perennials and flowering annuals), and spending down time with family and friends.

  560. Sonseeharay R says:

    1. I am from NJ, but am currently living in Texas.
    2. I am 29 years old.
    3. I enjoy reading books and spending time with my 3 year old daughter in my spare time.

  561. Hi! I am from Oklahoma. I am 45…and what free time? I have four children!

    • Oh my Carla I remember those days! I have 4 boys and the only time i had was when they were asleep! 🙂 are your children real young?

  562. I am from Dallas, Texas. I am 21 years old, and I love to be outdoors or play sports in my free time! 🙂

  563. I am from Wakefield, Massachusetts. I am 51 yrs. old and I love to hike and camp out in the forests of
    N.H. and Maine. I love being in Gods Creation.

  564. I am from a small town in West TN.
    I am 29 years old.
    In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, reading, and lounging around with my husband and dog.