Living Loved (and a give-away!)

 Happy Valentines Day! I hope you know just how much…

You are LOVED

Welcome online study sisters and new friends hopping over from my Encouragement for Today devotion. I’m so glad you are here! In my devotion, Because You are His, I talk about the love of a mom watching over her children – and how God says He watches over us just like that. Not only does He watch over us – HE DELIGHTS IN US!!{ Zeph. 3:17}

And with His love, He calms our concerns, quiets our fears  and speak promises of assurance to our hearts! Scripture says He sings over us, too. I have a feeling the song He sings over you today is written just for YOU, describing the beautiful woman He’s created you to be, while gently leading your heart to know and rely on His love more and more each day.

Oh how I want to know and rely on His love…His unconditional, unfailing, patient and kind Love. How about you? In this short video m message today, I  share one of the most important truths I’ve ever learned about God’s love. I’d love to share it with you. Maybe we can connect over lunch or coffee right here at my kitchen table. 🙂

“Message Notes” are 1to download in a PDF format here or in a MSWord doc here.


Let these truths sink into your heart today…

You are CHOSEN. You are LOVED. You are ACCEPTED.

(Download His Promises and print them for keeps!?)

Although God may not send His love covered in chocolate or delivered in satin covered boxes, let’s remember today how He left Himself as a Love letter nailed to the cross of Calvary, declaring the depth of HIS unfailing love for us – forever! I pray that you will live in HIS love today today…bringing the empty well of your heart to Jesus –  so He can fill it!


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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. I praise God this morning for His unfailing, unconditional love. The love that has taught me that forgiveness is real and available to all who accept. It seems like most of my thirty years have been spent trying to earn someone’s love and acceptance. What an awesome feeling to know that God gives those things freely every.single.moment of the the day. I am thankful that I can claim Jesus and His promises for myself.

  2. My relationships on earth have all come with conditions. . . because no matter how people try, it is difficult to look beyond our human nature to not expect certain things for ourselves out of these relationships. Putting this lesson into “mom terms” has allowed me to feel the connection, however. It’s amazing the lessons we learn through loving others. I was hoping to make up this morning and feel loved ~ beyond what I deserve and there it is plain to see in God’s word . . . “he delights in me with gladness”. Thank you so much for this reminder. Jesus is my one true Valentine! I will spend the rest of my days trying to be deserving of this free, unconditional love He is pouring over me today.

  3. Thank you for your encouragement about unconditional love!

  4. I went to bed feeling totally empty and I awoke (way too early) feeling just as empty. So, i got out of bed to pray and ask that God would fill my emptiness. Thankfully, He brought me to your website! I know I am blessed beyond belief with my wonderful husband and adorable children… yet I struggle to get through each day. I can’t wait to get a copy of your book to help me sort through these feelings and be living out His promises and truths. Thank you for sharing your story. God Bless and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Amazing Grace – HOW SWEET THE SOUND !!!

  6. So glad to know and feel God’s love… even on the days when my actions and words don’t seem deserving. His grace and forgiveness are indescribable gifts… To love like Christ..I’ve got a long way to go… but I feel his love each day and strive to do better myself…unconditionally… each day

  7. I love your jar analogy! All that stuff, yet so many empty places. I thank God that He is able to — and wants to — fill my empty places.

  8. joyce wall says:

    I praise God every day for my wonderful family. He has blessed me so much in my life. I still struggle every day to learn more about his teachings and try to be a better person and role model for my children and grandchildren. Praise God!

  9. Grace Lane says:

    Thank you for these words of love and encouragment. My daughter is reading your book. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  10. Danielle Robinson says:

    For years I looked to my husband to provide this kind of unconditional love to me. I looked for him to “complete” me. But he could never measure up or meet my expectations. I realized, after we hit rock bottom, that this wasn’t fair to him. That wasn’t his place in my life. Only God could love me unconditionally and only His Love could complete me. Now that I have that understanding our marriage is growing and thriving. We are in a place of happiness and contentment that we have never been in before. As a result, we’re better spouses, parents, friends, workers, etc. Our life is coming together. The journey has not been easy, but it’s well worth it. Thanks for your lesson!

  11. I’m thanking the Lord today because He reminded me that His banner over me is love. He reminded me of this song and I wanted to share it with you and encourage you today with it!

  12. I am thankful for my darling husband today. Even though he is so far away from us right now that I know what he is doing he is doing for us and our children. I know God has reminded me that we will be together again soon. It’s so hard being separated from the one you love on Valentine’s Day especially since you don’t know how long it will be before you are back together again in the same house and state. But I know God is going to bless us for our obedience and willingness. I just miss him greatly today. Thank you for your encouragement today.

  13. Thank you for the beautiful reminder from Zeph. of the LORD’s amazing love for us. That has been a very meaningful source of truth for me. <3

  14. Thank you for reminding me who my true love is on this Valentines day. I am so blessed for his grace and unconditional love each and everyday.

  15. Excited to watch this video!(can’t do it at work)

  16. Yesterday was a very bad day. My husband and I are raising our two grandsons in our 50’s. It has been a long time (17 years) since I last had babies (two babies under the age of two) in the house full time, 24/7. And even then, I had one baby at a time. Every time I turned around, I had crying, the almost two year old getting into stuff that was dangerous (long stories), fighting naps, trying to clean, trying to cook, clinging to me and screaming when I put the youngest down and refusing to eat and food messes. I was totally worn out and feeling completely inadequate especially because I yelled at the babies out of frustration and snapped at my husband when he got home from work.

    I needed to see and hear this message today. I can sense God’s love and His encouragement for who I am and even if I mess up, it’s not permanent. I can see His tenderness and understanding for my situation and feeling overwhelmed. I don’t have to try to make Him get it. With two tiny boys, I often don’t get a regular devotion time because of energy and what’s going on with the two boys. But, I still know I am cherished. Great blessings.

  17. I’m asking that the Lord fill all my empty spaces – He is my only Valentine!
    Thank you for all you do!

  18. Just what I needed to hear. God has been filling all those empty spaces that I have had for so long. Praise Him!

  19. Unconditional love is such a wonderful gift from our God. I am trying to move toward a place where I let him fill me with his love and to do that I am realizing that I have to let go of the things that currently fill my heart, things that had the wrong place in my life and let God be my focus.

  20. I thank you Lord that you are the glue that holds my puzzle called life together. I stand in awe of you!

    • You said it! “The glue that holds my puzzle together.” Love that! I am so very grateful for His truly amazing grace and for His unconditional love! Even though those in my life who are ‘supposed’ to love me have failed me, HIS LOVE NEVER FAILS. Many blessings to you, Annette, for brightening my day and giving me a new ‘thought for the day’!

  21. I thank God that He is the glue that holds my puzzle together!

  22. Much enjoyment I have been receiving reading and praying the appointed scriptures each week during this important study.
    This wonderful appointed time and opportunity has been such an enrichment to my heart and my life.
    God is more than I could ever get close to or try to explain AWESOME!!! Bless you all.
    Forever these teachings will be engraved into my heart to share with many. I am delighted!

  23. Am visiting my daughter and we just listened to your message.. The object lesson of the jar was exceptional! We all need to realize that only the Lord Jesus can truly fill our hearts. Hope to use this idea for a class I have for young girls. Also just bought your book yesterday and am looking forward to reading it. Thank you for caring about women!!!

  24. Kelli Lemke says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart!! I have enjoyed this so much.

  25. Thank you so much for A Confident Heart online bible study. Happy Valentines Day my beautiful friends!!

  26. As a single woman, I am grateful for God’s love on this day of love!

  27. Renee, I have found out over the years that I’m a visual learner, so I need for you to know how very much I appreciate your added sharing through these video messages. It gives me one more way to absorb all that God wants for me to know. Thank you for being that messenger for me.

  28. Today is Valentine’s Day. Being single is not easy especially on this day when people are celebrating with their love ones.
    I have been struggling with singleness.
    And thank you for your video — Letting God fill your empty space. I watched it last night for the second time and it brings comfort to my soul .
    Thank you for your loving kindness and servanthood.

  29. Renee,

    i just wanted to say thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. Today’s word was just what i needed to hear. Sometimes I have a hard time believing that anyone can love me much less God but he has been confirming his love for me in many different ways these past few weeks. I am thankful for HIs mercy and his love.

    God Bless

  30. Thankful for your encouraging words on your videos……Happy Valentine’s Day too 🙂

  31. Praising God for His unconditional love! I don’t have to do a thing to get His attention or earn His love, His love is perfect and doesnt come with conditions or requirements. When I mess up, He loves me anyway. His love is perfect. Fill us today, Sweet Father! I’m learning to totally depend on His love, and asking Him to fill me with it each day.

  32. I LOVE how God’s LOVE is filling the airways via the internet!

    I am so blessed & have felt his LOVE through these internet Bible studies.

    With all the evil that is allowed to be posted, I am so blessed smart (in that they know how to do this sort of thing) women & men of God are taking back what is meant for good!


    In his mighty name, carry on with a confident heart!

  33. Karin Tunis says:

    Here it is another Valentine’s Day. It is amazing how we get caught up in the commercial trappings of this day. I woke up praying for His peace and love to fill me. God is good…He does provide.

  34. Dawn Tuller says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you!! My husband wrote me notes on the mirrors in the bedroom and the bathroom. I love him so much.

  35. Hi Renee ~
    When I first became a Christian, almost 15 years ago now, I grabbed onto the Lord and held on for dear life. I drank in immediately that He loved me. I had spent most of my life not being loved, so to know that He loved me was so very vital to me. Throughout these past 15 years, I have come to know Him much better and understand that love.
    Coming to the Lord has definitely been a life saver for me. I have seen such a change in myself, and I know the change could not have come from me.
    Oh, if we could only see how much He loves us; if we could only love the way He does. Someday….
    Happy Valentine’s Day! Judi.

  36. Thank you for the beautiful reminder. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

  37. I am so thankful for the gift of salvation through Christ and the grace that God gives me each day. It’s so refreshing to know that when I struggle to feel I am making a difference as a wife and mother, where I feel less than adequate in terms of physical beauty, or when I feel that the things I do are not enough – – HE says I AM. He says “it’s okay,” “you’re beautiful to me,” and “you ARE making a difference.” Thank you for the reminder that God is the one we should look to for our affirmation. Thank you for pointing us back to the cross each day through your emails, books, blogs and radio messages. You ministry is truly a blessing.

  38. After years of struggling to accept the unconditional love of Jesus, I realize that I cannot expect my daughters to accept His love and fulfill his promises in their lives if they don’t see it modeled for them daily. Although it is a daily struggling to listen to God’s word over the voices of the world, i cam committed to doing just that. Thank you for your insight, your resources and your willingness to be used by God….it is a blessing to many 🙂

  39. Shared on Facebook!

  40. Dawn Tuller says:

    I shared on facebook too.

  41. Days like today used to leave me feeling sad being single on a day when it’s about being a couple is never easy, but lately I have dug into the Word an truly know God will always be with me. It truly changed my outlook on this day.

  42. God is good all the time and He has been so good to me to bring me to your Bible Study.
    I look forward each week to the next chapter.
    Thank you for your faithfullness and God Bless you, Renee!

  43. I am so thankful for this study, and to now have the confidence that Christ is the only Valentine that I need. Blessings to all this Valentine’s Day!

  44. Following Christ is and has been the greatest descion that I have EVER made. Making the choice to walk with him daily has not been easy. However I Know that this choice has been the right one. There was a time in my life that I was broken, however God has mad me whole. He has spoken words of Hope into my heart & I believe his promises. This study has helped me know, that I know, that I know he is alive & active with in my life. Thank-You Renee for this wonderful study!

  45. What a wonderful video message. We truly need only God and His love as everything else pales to insignificance in His presence.

  46. Renee, on Valentine’s Day, so many people are in bad places in their lives. They struggle because they feel they are not loved. I am leading a study through church, we are on Chapter 6, plus I am follwoing your study and I did Melissa’s study back in the fall. I learn something new everytime I read this great book. In Chapter 6, God is showing us that a man’s love will fail us. But God will always love us, He will not leave us or forsake us. He has Plans for our lives! God wants us to come to Him first and truly learn to love Him, let HIm show us all that He has to offer. He will then make room in our lives for those He wants us to have.

  47. Your mother watching her child sleep devotion really struck a chord with me. My daughter was a preemie, so when she slept through the night that first time we were almost terrified to check on her! God is so good, thanks for the reminder.

  48. Oh so often I have to remind myself of His precious love for me. Your emails will be a great reminder. Thank you!

  49. Love this study!!!

  50. Alma Doria Garza says:

    I don’t have the book. However I have been reading the blogs and e-mails. I am excited and thankful for all the resources. God bless and have a great day in the Lord.

  51. Love the idea of God singing over us with a special song for each one of us. God’s love is so beautiful and your words touch me. I am also participating in your Confident Heart Online Study and loving it all. Thanks Renee.

  52. Sophia DeLonghi says:

    Oh to feel God’s delight in me…and for Him to fill the empty places. There are a lot of empty spaces to fill in the chambers of my heart and mind. Cleaning out the old and making room for the new so that I could feel His delight in me.

  53. Grateful for your encouragement, Renee. <3
    In spite of this Singles' Awareness Day, I am in awe of God's love for me, everyday….:)
    Thanks for the video!

  54. Thanks. God always seems to tell you what I need to hear. Sometimes we expect to get love from our loveones and it doesn’t happen. Instead we get just the opposite. Your reminder of knowing that God has everything we would ever need or want is so comforting. Love you.

  55. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know that my Daddy in Heaven is singing and watching over me. He never sleeps, so there is never a time when I am out of his site. My heart longs for daily contact with my Father. Thank you Lord for always loving me, even when I don’t love myself. Thank you for Your love letter to me that You left on the cross. I am so unworthy but I am Yours.

  56. Just what I need to help me get through the day. Life is not always easy but reading your post helps alot.

  57. God is showing me every day how much I am loved by Him. He told me this morning that I was His valentine! 🙂

    Thank you Renee for your video.
    Karen C

  58. John 3:16:
    For God so loVed the world = V
    that He gAve = A
    His onLy = L
    begottEn = E
    SoN, = N
    That whosoever = T
    believeth In Him = I
    should Not perish, = N
    but have Everlasting life.” E

    I love this…someone shared it with me a few years ago, and it helps me to remember that Jesus is my forever VALENTINE – a perfect gift of love, available to all of us. Thank you, Jesus, for your gift of personal, intimate, unconditional love for me and for each of my sisters (and brothers) out there today!

  59. Thank you for the beautiful words of love. God spoke to me through you. I have been seeing Zeph. 3.17 all over the place lately. Your words help me to understand what that scripture means.

  60. I am so blessed to be loved unconditionally by my blessed Jesus. What more could we possible want in this world if we have that?


  61. Thank you for the reminder of how much He loves us! It’s so easy to forget in our daily living, with it’s challenges, disappointments, and hurts! Oh, how He loves us!!!

  62. I am learning that God’s love is enough. That His unfailing love will and is filling the empty places in my life. This is my third year celebrating Valentine’s without my husband because of seperation which led to a divorce. After three years I am not sad but grateful that my Father has never stopped loving me and comforting me. My husband may have left but God never did. His love is unwaivering and satisfying. God is my Husband and I love Him for loving me. God is awesome and I know that His love fills me every morning, the holes of hurt and pain are filled by His love and the power of the Holy Spirit gives me the strength to move on and appreciate who He is in my life, husband or not. Thank you Lord for loving me!!

  63. Thank you so much for this wonderful study. It has really helped me to understand how much God really does love me and wants only the best for me. His love & His will are perfect and all that I need is him. Puttin God first has made everything else fall into place. God Bless you & your family! Please keep up the great works in the Lord:)

  64. Sometimes I know this in my head…but my heart doesn’t always line up…Why is it we can know God loves us but still feel unloved. How do we make it tangible…something we can feel? I can say it to others and feel good about it…until I am alone and then feel empty…and a little scared…because I am wanted to feel close to God but don’t know how. (I think I’m believing a lie.) Looking for God to heal…make me whole. Praying that for others who are looking for that too.

  65. Thank you Lord for Your gift of unconditional love. Where would I be without it? You promised you would always hold my hand and never let me fall. You promised you would never leave me nor forsake me. You wrap your arms around me with your unconditional love that reaches down into the deepest part of me. Your Holy Spirit shouts phrases of love round about me. My heart overflows. You make my cup overflow on the darkest of days. I will sing of the greatness of the Lord forever for I am blessed beyond belief. I praise you my Lord and Savior forever, and ever amen.

  66. For me, the most amazing gift God gives me each and every day is His unfailing grace. Without grace, I am nothing and because of His grace, I am able to love the people He brings into my life as He loves me. I know I am loved by my Abba, Father, and without question He smiles on me and sings over me daily. I am humbled by His love and thankful that even when I don’t see Him, He always sees me. I posted a few days ago on my blog about my love story with God and today I posted about the earthly love story He’s allowed me to be a part of. God’s kind of love is something I never want to take for granted.

  67. Johnny Hurley says:

    Thank you for your wonderful site. I am thankful to the Lord for the gift of love ~ unconditional love.

  68. “Although God may not send His love covered in chocolate or delivered in satin covered boxes” …I have to admit, this made me laugh, I absolutely love it! 🙂 How cool would it be if he did send chocolate just as he did the manna from the heavens…LOL..
    Truth is looking back in the past year Valentine’s Day, I thank God for everyone of them. In 30 years, this is my 1st Valentine’s Day as a wife! I turned 30 this past October and I was one who accepted the fact that I was going to live this life single and I had become perfectly fine with that! Looking back every Valentine became easier and easier as I grew closer to God and celebrated my singleness with the rememberance that I was truely never alone! I was excited that no one on earth could compare or give me the love I was experiencing through God. I was excited on Valentine’s Day a group of single girls could get together, go out to eat and talk about how God was moving in their life. Growing in my relationship with God made this day (Valentine’s) easier to cope with. Easier to lose the feeling of not being wanted, or thinking I wasn’t good enough or pretty enough.
    This past year, God blessed me with an amazing husband and I do thank him for that daily! However, when I woke this morning I still turned to my first true love and began my first conversation of the day with my first true love and Savior! So for all you single ladies, I completely understand how you’re feeling and where you’re coming from, but don’t lose hope. Celebrate your singleness with Jesus and long for his love to fill your heart completely! He WILL! 🙂 Happy Valentin’s Day to all! With Love!

  69. Johnny Hurley says:

    Posted this wonderful site to my facebook! Hope my friends follow you as well.

  70. I really related to your analogy of the jar. All the stuff we want and need and yet we are not filled. This has showed me how I have been looking in the wrong places. First, I need Jesus and then what he desires for me will follow.

  71. On this day of Love…what better way to celebrate it…then to dwell in the love of our Heavenly Father. I am a single women BUT I KNOW ther is a man that loves me unconditionally and I love Him with all my heart, mind and soul. He has given me so much joy!! I never knew what TRUE love was until I met HIM!! There is no better love than the love of our Savior!! I am thankful for His grace and Mercy, for his forgiveness. This study is just confirming so much for me. I am learning to be confident in who the Lord says I am and this study has been helping me with things that I’ve been struggling with. Thank you Renee for leading this study.

  72. I loved this teaching clip and have already told my daughter that she WILL be reading your book as soon as I’m done with it because I wonder if we were all able to apply these teachings to our teens, how their lives would be transformed moving forward. Thanks!

  73. Johnny Hurley says:

    Posted to Twitter as well. God is good!

  74. Thank you for this online devotion. I am enjoying it tremendously and being stretched!

  75. Thank you for blessing me today. Because of some things in my past, it is hard for me to actually believe that God loves me as much as I know he does. My mind knows it and i’m working on my heart. Thanks again.

  76. Shared link on FB! 🙂

  77. I have had to admit and realize that I am not in control, “God Is”… Its been a constant struggle day-to-day but I refuse to give up and let my enemies when… Im so thankful and grateful that he has lead me to this confident heart study and to all you ladies…. Thank you for your daily prayers and encouraging words and I am most grateful that you help keep me on the right path to his unfailing love… May God continue to Bless you and your families so that you can be a blessing to others… I want God to fill the empty places in my life and in my heart!

  78. Reminders about UNconditional love are always timely – especially as I struggle with personal disappointments from those who I love so much…

  79. I feel like I’ve made some big mistakes in my life, some that have caused great amounts of guilt. I know God loves me but I often don’t love myself. I have great amounts of guilt and also worry, I can get paralyzed with fear by doing everyday things. It’s called OCD but I call it life altering. I need help today because I am so low. I hope for a confident heart.

  80. Thank you so much for the video. It really helps to understand. I’ve been going through alot of emotions & feelings recently that i’m trying to figure out, it seems in some way or another alot of people are leaving out of my life. I’ve been feeling really alone & lonely & overwhelmed. My husband passed 5 yrs ago. He left me with 3 children. Alot of times I still feel that I will never have the unconditional love & protection that I fealt from him. I’m feeling that people & things are being taken so I can learn to depend & trust on our lord. I’ve been spending alot of time in his word & some bible studys. GOD is showing me alot. It seems that alot of days he puts me right where I need to be, so I can hear what he wants me to, so I can learn & grow & live in his truth. Thats how I ended up here. Its a blessing. So good things do come out of bad circumstances. I’m on my way to fill my jar with everything from our heavenly father. God Bless Happy Valentines Day!!!!

  81. Thanks for this book study! I have learned SO much about God and myself. I haven’t had a chance to read the new chapter yet, but I really got a lot out of last week’s chapter. I found that while reading the chapter, I didn’t QUITE get it. But then that night, something small triggered it, and my husband just held me while I cried. I found that I was angry at a lot of people and didn’t even realize it! God is truly using this book to help me heal from my past and use it for His glory. 🙂

  82. I have to say that I don’t completely fully grasp God’s love for me but I know without a doubt that His love has changed my life. I can rest, trust and confidently call out to Him because He loves me and loves you too!

  83. God is so awesome! He loves me when no one else will. During my times of doubt and confusion, He is always there!

  84. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!
    This year is certainly more beautiful because I understand true perfect love comes from God alone. I have let my Husband of 15 yrs (Happy Valentine’s Anniversary Ricky!) off the hook and this year I can truly say, I love him more each day because HE loves me!

  85. Love this Zephaniah passage!

  86. Evn though I may not be the most beautiful, or talented or even the smartest; I know that God loves me with an unfailing and everlasting love that is free, indescribable and precious. Thank you, God, for Your unspeakable gift of Your Son! Where would I be without Your love and amazing grace!

  87. Kim Beasley says:

    You are loved!! Those words are so special and precious to me. My mom abandoned me and my 2 siblings when were were 7, 5, and 18 months old. Nothing says “you are NOT loved” more than that. I was in my late 20s when I realized everything I was, and was not, was based on that first rejection from my own mom. When God’s loved filled that void in my soul…when I finally trusted Him enough to let Him in…..I was overwhelmed with His love!! My life has never been the same!! That is the message I share with my daughter, her friends, my friends and family….YOU ARE LOVED!!

    • You are so encouraging Kim. I think that is probably one of the hardest rejections to overcome and to hear you say how God loves you and how he fills the empty spaces in our lives, if we let him. Thank you again for your encouraging words. Yes, You Are Loved!

  88. I am so much better when I am open to God’s love.

  89. Thank you, Renee! I am trying to teach this to my children, ages 6, 4, and 2. I tell them God loves them even more than Mommy does! This is almost unbelievable to small kids. 🙂 I tell them every day, don’t forget, God loves you! And almost every day I tell them, God has a plan for your life. I just keep thinking, if they know how much God loves them, they can’t go wrong!

  90. All my life–and I’m in my sixties!–I have had relationships that judged me, put restraints on me, made me feel unworthy! And I bought it!! Slowly but surely in my forties, I began to learn from God’s Word that only HE can fill those broken places with His amazing, unconditional Love! But still, every single day, I struggle to believe I am worthy to receive that! How sad it makes me to still struggle so much with thoughts and attitudes that things and people of this world have filled me with!!! I yearn soooooooo much to be filled with the Love of God, my Heavenly Father. Ironically, my earthly father, who died about twelve years ago, was the one person who seemed to love me “warts and all,” and I miss that more than words can say!! Your blogs and video messages have touched me deeply–you are bringing that balm in Gilead to my wounded soul! THANK YOU!!!

  91. Thank you! Today I needed this reminder. It is a day that holds memories of a traumatic and terrible time in my life. I need His love today so much.

  92. Renee, thank you for all you do to minister to us! You have always been my “rock” when I needed it! I thank God every day for that unconditional love he gives us. Oftern I ask myself how did I function before I truely knew of God’s love! Happy Valentines Day!

  93. I am learning more and more how much God really loves me. He loves me enough to give me a song or scripture at the precise moment I need it. We have an awesome God!!!! Oh how he loves me, and how thankful I am for His love.

  94. Great book Renee. I’d love the chance to win. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  95. Christine Lucey says:

    Thank you and Thank God for one of my most memorable Valentine’s Days ever. How wonderful to know that He loves me so much and that He has a song just for me! I may not be pretty in the world’s eyes but I know He thinks I am beautiful. I have been struggling with feeling unloved and lonely lately but because my God delights in me I was drawn to your website only to have His love for me affirmed. If nothing else, today, I can draw from God’s Word and the blessing I received today from my visit here.

  96. I know that I am going to have to read this book more than once. I sure wish I could consume this into me. Make it real to me. I see a lot of truth in this book and a lot of challenges. Thank you for writing it. For this I would delve into the Godiva at Starbucks.

  97. Freedom in Christ is the place to live…focused on Him rather than me or those around me. I am constantly amazed by HIS love and grace and I stand in AWE of all that HE has done for me. Proud to be a chosen daughter of a King who calls me BEAUTIFUL! Praying that each and every day I show HIS love to others in the abundance of HIS love flowing to me. Thank you for sharing your story as an encouragement to women like me who have lived defeated, divorced, and doubting far too long…

  98. Thanks, Rene. Today I’m celebrating being “joined for life” to Jesus. As a single woman, Valentine’s Day hasn’t been something I’ve celebrated much in the past. But this year I can’t help celebrating being so loved by Jesus. I love His fierce, fiery love that puts Himself between me and everything that might separate me from Him. And I love the way he loves me and welcomes me even in the moments when I’m struggling again to surrender to his love. Celebrating some more at

  99. What a great book. I will be going through it more than once. I want to get this deep into me. Perhaps I could read the book while enjoying the Godiva at Starbucks. Not a bad thought.

  100. Each week I print out the word for the week and I’ve posted them around my bulliten board in my office. I have had so many co-workers and students comment on them. Also when I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed I just look at them and reread the verses and remind myself I am satisfied, known, blessed, hopeful, and I have the only Light that matters in this world. Thanks so much for sending those out!

  101. Just what I needed to hear this morning. God is so good!

  102. I love doing this study. It has really made me think about my past and how to move along to the future. God has really been speaking to me!

  103. I am enjoying this bible study so very much. Thank You! I have a friend in church that I think could benefit greatly from this book. I have purchased one for her and am giving it to her as a Valentine’s Day gift. If we all shared this book’s message with just one person that needs to hear it, think how many more people we would reach. Love to all my Christian sisters.

  104. Thank you Renee for sharing your knowledge with us. Love your book. I bought the Kindle version and read it, then purchased a hard copy for myself so I could hilite areas in the book. I also purchased copies for my mom, sister, and a friend!! 🙂

  105. I would love to win a copy of your book. I need to remember everyday all day that God is love. That he loves me. I need to stop my self doubting.

  106. Judy Badgley says:

    Thank you for your thoughts of encouragement today. We all need the gentle reminder that God does love us and watches over us. Hallelujah! I need to strt the day by turning it over to him and become willing to follow where he leads. Thank you for the chance to win your book.

  107. I posted on Facebook

  108. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I have never
    Felt such peace as I have let HIM be my everything. So
    Wonderful to realize he loves me for me not for
    Anything I bring or anything I do. He is my satisfaction.
    I love Jesus!

  109. I pinned this book too. 🙂

  110. I am just learning of Gods love I want to experience more of it i am ending a 13 yr relationship and I am learning to say those positive scriptures to believe in myself but it has been hard but I know God is with me and I am trusting by faith I will get over this what a perfect place to start with a confident heart

  111. Happy Valentine’s Day to all! It’s Valentine’s every day with Jesus…..HE IS the ultimate Valentine, giving Himself to express just how much He LOVES each of us. WOW….I want to live in the overflow of His love and celebrate it daily by sharing it with others.

  112. So thankful for your book! We are doing this in my small group at church and I have already learned so much! We are ahead of you in this study but it has been wonderful to go back and re-read the chapters. I seem to resonate on more and more each time I read it! Thank you! Love you empty jar analogy and shared it with our ladies too!

  113. There was a time in my past that valentine’s day brought a lot of sadness to my heart. In developing and nurturing a relationship with Christ, those days are gone. Today I know that His love is enough for me and in Him I am made whole.

  114. Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!! We are so loved & so Blessed!! Have a wonderful day & remember that!!

  115. Renee, You are my inspiration! Whenever I am having angry thoughts of someone or feeling down, or WHATEVER… I always think about your words of encouragement. You are someone I will always look up too. Thanks for always knowing what to say and how to say it. Happy Valentines Day! Much love!

  116. I loved your devotion today it touched me so much I teared up. I see myself doing the same things with my boys every night. I never dreamed I could love two people anymore then I love them. I love the feeling knowing that God my father in heaven loves me the same way. I love that he watches over me and sing to me through the day. It is nice knowing that no matter what my my father in heaven love me for me. Am so glad that am doing this study with you and that I have come to the point of putting all the doubt away and believing in God more and more everyday. PRaise God for the gift of my sons and blessing me with another day…

  117. I love your book…I would love to win copies to share with my daughter and my sons girlfriend.
    Thank you for sharing your confident heart with us…

  118. God’s Valentine to us reads “Be Mine”. I am so thankful that Jesus is my true Valentine. Bless you all today.

  119. My cousin just had a great-granddaughter born this morning. No greater present than that. My grandma had twin boys on Valentine’s Day 90 years ago today. If you open your eyes and heart you can see God’s love everywhere. Love that.

  120. Happy Valentines to all!! Today’s post on fb was spot on for me and I just want to thank you for you truthfulness and obedience for this Bible study! God bless you!

  121. Tweeted for the giveaway!! @redeemed_fe

  122. Posted on fb for the giveaway!! Felicia MadeBrandNew Hepburn!!

  123. I so needed to see your post today to remind me just how much He loves me and is watching over me. Yesterday was such a dark day in so many ways, but today is so bright. It’s so comforting to know that no matter what, He loves me and will forgive me and watches over me. I really needed this hug today. Thanks so much, Renee, for all that you do to remind us that He is the only one who can fill up our hearts!

  124. We should make it a habit each year on this day not only to remind our loved ones of how much we love them, but also to remind ourselves just how much our Father loves us. No greater love.

  125. renee,

    what a beautiful analogy about God filling our hearts……… all the”stuff” we attempt to fill it with. I so love your book, and it has enriched my journey to know the Lord so much more. Thank you and God Bless you!

  126. Psalm 34:15, “The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry.” (NIV 1984)
    When I read that verse after the visual you suggested, I pictured God listening for me ready to come and comfort me. Thank you for reminding me of His love for me! 🙂

  127. Happy Valentines Day, Sisters!! The same God who loved me (us) enough to put His Son on the cross still loves me (us) with that same love today! His love is unchanging!!

  128. Melanie Shannon says:

    Can’t wait to watch the video tonight. I was able to share on facebook via my phone! Thanks, Renee! <3

  129. I so needed to hear this today! This is another of one of those days in which it is hard to get through, since the death of my husband. Since his death I have had a hard time feeling loved by annyone. Just knowing that God is there and loves me. I just need to keep reminding myself of this and not feel sorry for myself.

  130. Thank you God for your undying love and your faithfulness.

  131. michelle h says:

    Thanks for the reminder this morning! A friend recently spoke at church about this and challenged us to think “because I am loved . . ” and see how if affects each day and each decision we make!

  132. Yes GOD has been working wonderful miracles in my life and is showing me how to fill my empty spaces and it feels so wonderful. He has also lead my husband to beleive in him even more.


  133. Thank you for this encouragement today! As a young mom of two sons I can relate to your story. 🙂

  134. Megan McCray says:

    As my walk with the Lord continues to grow, His love within me grows as well. I have learned so much over the last two months as I’ve had to deal with my husbands addiction, time in rehab and complete transformation and focus. The Lord has truly demonstrated His everlasting love for me and my family, but He has also taught me that He is enough. Even when it doesn’t feel like my husband is head-over-heels for me or my daughter doesn’t appreciate me, His love and peace and joy can be mine! I have also learned that I must love my family unconditionally just as the Lord loves me. How precious and liberating and amazing is His love. I pray that everyone here will be able to experience this kind of love and the rewards and peace that come with it. Be blessed!!!!

  135. Thanks for sharing this. I have forwarded it to my 16 year old daughter who decided a year ago to try living with her biological father who has been estranged from her up to this point. The courts in my state decided that at 15, because my husband and I had raised her to be a responsible young lady with good grades and glowing reports from those who knew her, she was mature enough to make her own descisions despite some serious problems her biological father had admitted to in the same court 6 months previously. This weekend she came to talk to me with her boyfriend to tell me that she was pregnant, Her grandparents had kicked her and her father out of the house, and that she was currently staying with friends (without her father). Right now we are going back to court to attempt to gain custody. She very much feels alone as her grandparents, father and the boyfriends family have made some very hurtful remarks to her. While I don’t agree with the actions that have placed her in this predicament, I very much want her to know that not only do my husband, our children and myself love her, but God still loves her. Please pray for the situation, for a safe pregnancy and for strength for all involved. This is going to be a difficult time for all of us. We are not a well off family and are currently living with 5 people in a 3 bedroom house and are living paycheck to paycheck. I know and trust that God will make a way and will provide what we need.


  137. I did share this post on Facebook, perhaps it will bless my friends there as well

  138. I also tweeted the link for all of my friends there

  139. and it has been pinned for my friends there to find as well.

  140. Thank you for the encouraging words. I am greatly enjoying the online devotional!


  141. I shared a link on facebook 🙂

  142. I pinned a link on Pinterest 🙂

  143. The Lord showed me Zephaniah 3:17 as well as Psalms 23:1-3 as a word of encouragement last week to share with the ladies that I’m leading through this study! What an encouragement to find it as my devotion this morning and a reminder that the Lord “quiets” us with his love!

    The Lord had me focus on the word “quiet” in each of these verses. As I meditated on it, and read it in different versions, I was wondering where David was in his life when the Lord brought him to the quiet waters to restore his soul. He may have been in battle, running for his life, or dealing with his own fears. The Lord showed me that in that quiet place is where he restores, renews, refreshes and calms our fears. As He quiets us with His love He brings rest, refreshes, brings new life and calms our fears in that place, and doesn’t bring an accusation against us.

    The Lord gave me a picture of how I calm my child when he’s upset. Maybe it’s a bad dream and he wakes up in the middle of the night. Over the years whenever this has happened I will go into his room, sit by his bed and hold him and just rock and say “shhh, shhh” over and over again. When I start to do this he calms down or I will go in and stroke his forehead softly and after a little while he calms down and goes back to sleep. It’s in that quiet place there is the calming of our fears. He hovers over us, restores us, rejoices and dances over us and it’s in that quiet place where He doesn’t bring accusation but only showers His love on us. Zephaniah says “He is mighty enough to save you. He will take great delight in you. The quietness of his love will calm you down. He will sing with joy because of you.” What a promise to hold onto! 🙂

    • Suzanne – thanks for your post. This is what I am needing to hear, I need to meet Him there in the quiet place and let him calm me from all that is going on.

      • Kim,

        We all need to find that time to come away and spend time in the quiet place with the Lord. 🙂 In the rush and busyness of life, and all the other things that we deal with, it’s so easy to be overcome by it all! I pray that today you will feel the presence of the Lord hovering over you, loving you, restoring and refreshing you as you fix your heart and mind on Him. In this there is perfect peace! 🙂 Blessings to you today!

  144. i greatly long to grow closer to go each and every day!!! This study has me moving in that direction and I am excited to share this study with others eventually. Thank you Renee for your heart to help women to become all God has desired us to be. God bless

  145. I am LOVED! Thanks for reminder!

  146. I am LOVED! I am finally believing that I am LOVED and that He rejoices and sings over me. Thanks Renee.

  147. God’s love is unfailing, YES, but is it unconditional? In Hebrews 10:36 He says, ‘You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.” So we will receive his promises under the condition that we believe and do the will of God? Same being that my marriage has conditions….one being that my husband and I are lovers to each other only. If that condition is broken, problems happen.

    Renee, I needed to hear that video message again!!! The visual really helps to explain why and how we need to fill our empty spaces with God’s Love!!!! Then everything else will come into place.

  148. Thank you Renee for your inspiration!


  150. I am in awe of God, the creator of the Universe, that he seduces us with His creation, that He loves us so much and just wants our love and obedience. And then to be reminded the “he delights in me”. Thank you for this reminder on this Valentine’s Day.

  151. This message…you just can’t get enough of it. It has helped me each time I’ve seen it. I have been like so many of the others ladies trying to rely on my husband to fill and fulfill all my needs. I have felt he wasn’t doing his part (and thanks to a wonderful friend who sent me your link) and it was tearing our marriage apart. But now I see things differently. I’m not saying that everything is OK but I am saying with Gods help everything is getting better. I look to God more now instead of my husband. I know that my husband was a gift from God and we love each other very much but the stress of life sure puts a burden on your marriage when you aren’t looking for guidance in the right places.

    Thanks so much for all you do.

  152. I love how accepting that I am loved by Jesus can not only comfort me, but bring a huge comfort to my spouse. If I realize and accept that God can fill all my needs, I will (hopefully) be less demanding of my spouse and cut him a break more often. Looking to my dear husband to fulfill all my needs leaves both me and him unhappy and worn-out. Only God can fill that void and HE WANTS to! Thank you for the reminder.

  153. Tonya Ellison says:

    Thank you for your words and writings, they are a huge help!

  154. God fills all those holes and emptiness that lies in our hearts; thank you so much for teaching me this!

  155. Valentine’s Day — if I allowed myself to dwell on past Feb.14ths, it would be like welcoming the stumble next to the pit. I am learning how to not fall in the pit, yet at times, I stumble. Yesterday, I spent two wonderful hours on a comfy couch at a lovely, new Stardbuck’s around the corner from me. The music was fabulous, but the READING was indescribably amazing!! I was catching up with A Confident Heart. (The coffee was pretty good, too!) Jesus gave me such a gift in finding this book and study. I am headed back to that Starbuck’s to finish through chapter five–might not be able to put it down, though! Long, long story short: I’ve been a Christian since 1977 –35 years, divorced now two years -was my only marriage- no kids, five shelties, first year retired from 25 yrs of teaching third grade, and I find myself wanting to know specifically what I need to do to get that LOVE relationship with Jesus. Loneliness is my biggest enemy when I allow it to be. Sometimes I don’t allow it, but I stumble into it anyway. I decided on that couch yesterday that I am going to trust that Jesus will show me what I need to do to KNOW that love relationship with HIM; I know I HAVE it, but I want to KNOW it or feel it more. That might not make sense, but that is what I am seeking. It’s like seeking a confident heart. I want to be in a committed relationship with Jesus. HE is my Valentine! I can relate to so much in your book, Renee. Please know Jesus is speaking to me and teaching me through it.

    • God Bless you, Mary, as you endeavor to find your true love relationship with Jesus! When you are finished with A Confident Heart, go to, and order Chip Ingram’s study of Romans 12 – Living on the Edge. I am in a group bible study with this book right now, and it is awesome!!! We are learning how to be a Romans 12 christian, to truly be who God wants us to be, to be the body of Christ as a church, and learning what our spiritual gifts are. Let me know what you think! Blessings!

    • Caroline McGinnis says:

      I am with you Mary this book has been an awesome gift from Jesus for me as well, It has been so enlightening and encouraging as well. Happy Valentine’s Day and may God be with you an your journey through out the rest of this study.

  156. Exactly what I needed to hear today….so many times we look for love and acceptance from all the wrong people….The only one we need to accept and love us has and always will.

  157. I pinned your book/Bible study today on my Books worth Reading!

  158. Thank you – this is just the truth I needed to hear today.

  159. Rebecca Siharath says:

    Hi! I wanted to say thank you for all you do! You are an amazing person! I feel very blessed to have discovered you!!

  160. Tabatha H. says:

    God’s unconditional love is amazing!!

  161. Thank you, Renee, for reminding me that God loves me unconditionally! I praise Him for that every day, and wonder at his mercy to me. Thanks & God Bless!

  162. Happy Valentine’s Day Renee, 🙂

    Thank you for this “on time” Devotion. I spoke to my heart. What a perfect sentiment and timely Word.

    Renee, I just couldn’t stop there, so I sent it out to my daughter and granddaughter promptly.

    I also sent out Promises to Pray & Print to them, as well asto my son… I asked him to substitute *man, etc in place of where he found female, woman , etc.

    I wanted them to know that they are not only love deeply by me, but by God Himself.

    Thank you again,
    God’s Blessings to you and your family,

  163. Gina Marqua says:

    I, like so many others needed the reminder about God’s perfect love. I think “love” is so cheapened in society, that I am priviledged to have a God that loves me so much. I can only love a portion to what he loves his creation!

  164. I know a husband and children can’t “fill me up” the way God can, but I still desire to have them. So, I struggle with this a lot! I just keep giving it to God. Thank you for your teacihing.

  165. Kari Scott says:

    God literally brought tears to my eyes just today when he gave me just the words that I needed to hear thru the email of a friend. His love reminds me that even though I’ve been rejected by two husbands, I am never alone because Christ lives in me and He’s given me beautiful blessings and wonderful friends.

  166. Julie Howard says:

    AWESOME message….loved the visual. I too have tried in so many ways to fill the empty places in my life. That’s just it….”I”….when it should have been “HIM”. He is the only one who can fill my empty spaces. That is really an eye opener. It’s not going to be easy, but GOD! 🙂

  167. Margaret Kidd says:

    Thanks for always being so encouraging.

  168. I loved the devotional for today and I too remember sneaking into my boys room, just watching them sleep, and thinking how much I loved them. I did not know a greater love until I met God and His love. I just pray that His love will over flow from me and touch someones life so they can know Him too.

  169. Great message in your video today Renee. Thanks for sharing it and for offering the give away. You are such a blessing to so many people.

  170. Chadeb Henry says:


  171. Authorine say
    Feburary, 14. 2012
    Happy Valentine’s Day to all the online’ sister. Hope your day is full of love,happiness and kisses.
    Let us remember that God is love, and He love us so much that H gave His only begotten Son,that
    we might be free.So trust God and be happy because love conquers all.

    God bless

  172. Thank you! Recognize that this idea of matching God’s Truth with a feeling–and sometimes it is mis-matching–or replacing–I am beginning to see a change–living and breathing more from a confident heart. I shared a bit of my journey thus far today here at Would love for you to connect with me here too 🙂

  173. Christin Reeves says:

    Praise the Lord for His great love, unending grace, and mercies that are new each day! We are so very loved!

  174. I really needed this reminder today, I’m having one of those everything gone wrong, no-one cares days, so it’s a timely reminder that God loves me so much, no matter what. Praise Him that He is so constant, and not subject to mood changes and ups and downs like we are!

  175. I am so thankful to be a part of your online Bible study. I am learning so much and feel like I am understanding some of the verses for the very first time.

  176. Thanks for the reminder of God’s great love for us!

  177. I am in the process of looking back, creating a timeline and going to those painful memories that fed me lies that have scared my heart. It is hard but really freeing. Thank you for your encouragement to do this!

  178. Sarah Ogilvie says:

    I’m changing directions in my career. Your lessons on planning your future came at the perfect time! Thank you

  179. Today is Valentine’s Day! This is a day where couples show how much they love each other. I however, slept most of the day because i knew what was instore for me…. nothing. Then i decided to get up and find out what was new in my email from you today about our study. i printed off the “His Promises” sheet and the words “You are Loved” jumped out at me! under it said ” You are precious and honored in my sight, and I love you.” Isaiah 43:4 Today on Valentine’s Day the Lord thru this has reminded me that He loves me and that I am special! I can barely see what i am typing for the tears. God is awesome! He knew my heart! I am loved!

  180. Karen Halterman says:

    Renee-thank you for the reminder of how much GOD loves me, today on Valentine’s Day and everyday, 24/7/365!! I don’t have a special mate in my life, nor no children to shower me with valentines, candy, flowers, etc. and love, but through your blog thoughts and emails from my Bible Study women, I was reminded of GOD’S love, unconditional, for me, Karen. No flowers here as I sit at work from a sweetie, but I feel His presence and His touch of love today in my heart and surrounding my being.
    SO, because I don’t have a sweetie, I did NOT sit around and mull the day away. This year, I spread and shared God’s love within me to my neighbors and some coworkers. I made cupcakes and stuck a store-bought heart on a pick in each one…had Valentine napkins and little valentine paper plates and delivered a cupcake to each one in my apt. bldg. and brought the rest to work to share with second shift coworkers. I am not anyone special for doing this, but to put a smile and bring sunshine and love to someone else’s heart and day..that was just a warm fuzzy to soul seeing their faces light up as they answered their door!

    God is so precious to take us outside of our own little selves and push us to spread His love around!! Sharing His love one cupcake at a time. Something so simple and cost-less, yet warms a lonely heart.

    God’s blessings continued on your ministry Renee and the women who are being reached by the online study A Confident Heart…loving this book!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. Renee, I do not know how to do those other things however, just what i read today in the “His Promise” sheet was a blessing for me. I pray you have a great turn out of those that know how to do those postings
    Blessings, Tera

  182. I am grateful to be a part of this study…I am learning and realizing new things about myself and the lies I have bought into. On this Valentine’s Day I want to remember to accept that God is the ONE who loves me ost and that I shouold not look to any other to fill me as ONLY He can!

  183. Lisa Thompson says:

    We are truly blessed to be a part of this womans drive and desire to show other women that we are God given, blessed and are able to grow in so many ways…I love a great prayer warrior, and I feel that we are all connected to one! 🙂

    I had to smile today, reading your email, I too sneak into my kids’ room to just be totally amazed by the wonders that God has entrusted to me…they are such blessings in our lives…

    May God keep you on track, growing daily. Thanks for your encouragement, prayers. 🙂


  184. I am so wanting to grow closer to the Lord,and strengthen my sisterhood with others. This would be such a blessing to me right now. As my boyfriend and i are going to start going to church together this Sunday. Praise God.

  185. Susan Crouch says:

    I have spent my whole life searching for someone to love me. Then I found out the whole time I was searching Jesus was waiting for me.

  186. I struggle every day to be enough, do enough, work out enough, attend to enough, pray enough, be thankful enough, and so on. I find comfort and solace in God’s unfailing love… when I remember to seek it, reach for it, accept it, believe it and share it. I so appreciate your words and encouragement. I am 44 and still most days, feel like a shy, scared little girl that is awkward in her own skin. I get up every morning, breathe in and out, put one foot and then another on the floor and ask God to cover me up in His love and fill my heart with His strength and help me to make the day good. Thank you Renee. I look forward to reading your book.

    • Thanks Renee. I loved the message and the way the living water of Christ filled up the jar. The other’s barely fit in the jar and still left so many gaps. Great imagery.

  187. Cherie Clayton says:

    In August of 2011, my husband of almost 20 years decided he wanted a divorce. We have always had problems…and there are several “issues” that have plagued our relationship (which I prayed for through out our time together). In spite of the “junk” in our marriage…my husband would always do something on Valentine’s Day…but I knew that this year would be different. I knew I would spend this day alone. Which I was really o.k. with. However, God often sends little angels to show me His love for me! I got a knock on my door and I looked out the peep hole wondering who was at my door. (Honestly, I was kind of scared that it was the police showing up with divorce papers). I didn’t see anybody and opened the door. I saw my best friend’s nephew running to her car at the end of the drive way. She had delivered a chocolate heart and a cookie that said “I love you”.

    For the last 20 years I had this idea…this misconception of what I thought was confidence and security. That all came crashing down in the past few months and my world felt like it was falling apart. However, just as I thought that I couldn’t make it…that I couldn’t go on….that my world was completely undone, God began to speak to my heart the word CONFIDENCE! Shortly after I found Renee’s book “A Confident Heart” I am currently on week three (the hardest one so far). I truly believe that God is going to rebuild those places in me that have laid in ruins all these years (even though I didn’t think they were). He is building me back up, laying the foundation of His love for me one day at a time.

    Renee, thank you for writing this book! I can’t say that IT has changed my life….but God is using your book and your story to change my heart! Thank you for being an obedient vessel!!

  188. Cherie Clayton says:

    I posted on twitter

  189. Cherie Clayton says:

    I posted on Facebook

  190. Cherie Clayton says:

    I pinned it on Pinterest!

  191. Rita Walters says:

    HE IS LOVE ! …. and His Love is there unconditionally. I had a hard time accepting His Love but He kept pursuing me and with the help of wonderful people writing as Renee has, I have learned in my mind and have and do feel in my heart His Love. And all I can say is Thank you God for bringing this wonderful people in our loves where we can grow deeper and deeper in Your Love ….. and most of all God thank You for loving me.

  192. Thank you for that wonderful visual…I know this lesson will stick with me for a long time and give me something to aim for, with God’s help!

  193. The video was timed perfectly for where I am today. Thanks for the illustration with the water. Thinking of His perfect filling this way helps me to chase away the lies that I’m not good enough today. Praying for all my sisters that you may know the power in God’s amazing love today and every day through the truths shared today.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you.

  194. Thankyou Renee for your inspiration for us, yhoung & old who are broken, or in any other state. I am so digging into the truths in this book. Thankyou.

  195. Thank you for reminding me of His unfailing love!

  196. Happy Valentine’s Day Sisters! Feel the warmth of His embrace as we face our day, night, and each moment. His tender touch reaching the inner most caverns of our soul. We are loved, we are blessed, and we are created in love, to love! Valentine’s Day should be every day in our hearts.


  197. Jillian Courcy says:

    Unfailing love…It’s a love like no other!

  198. I needed to hear this today, Thank you Renee.

  199. Rebecca Greene says:

    All day long the scripture that kept coming to me was ” beloved, let us love one another for love comes from God”. We have to be agents of God’s love so others can experience the light and fill the empty spaces of their hearts.

  200. Thank you lord for my beautiful heart. My heart that died thousands of years ago nailed to a cross so that I may be forgiven by Gods Grace and your love to know.

    A heart that was tortchured and torn. A heart filled with pain. Thank you lord for my heart nailed to the cross so many thousands of years ago so your love I may know.

    Thank you Lord for my heart nailed to that cross so many thousand years ago. Today Lord I hold my heart so close and near because it is so dear.

    I love my heart that was nailed to that cross so many thousands of years ago. My heart was your heart Lord tortchurd , torn and filled with pain. All this you did for me all those Thousand of years ago.

    Thank you lord for being my heart so many thousands of years ago. Thank you for the grace and forgiveness that came with you my heart so many thousands of years ago.

    I love you now and forever. I am grateful that your heart lives on Now instead of so many thousands of years ago.

  201. Put on facebook

  202. pined it

  203. I read my verses from this study this morning, what a wonderful reminder of how much God love me. I wish I always felt I was worthy of His love. I have already decided it will be necessary to reread this encouraging book over and over.

  204. Thank you Rene – Valentine’s day is never my favorite day of the year, but you’re reminded me of so much with those promises from God. Just what I needed today.

  205. As the old song goes, we often are ‘looking for love in all the wrong places’. Earlier today, before I viewed this video, I was wrestling with this exact thing. God does indeed work in mysterious ways and I do so love it!

  206. It’s a good reinforcement on a day like today that the world is celebrating as Valentine’s (love) Day. Oh how He loves me so. Thank you Father for loving me the way you do. Nothing or no one can fill your shoes.

  207. I have to admit that even though I am doing the Confident Heart study and trying to fill myself daily with His promises, today being Valentines Day I woke up with expectations about what my husband might do today and felt myself feeling disappointed when things weren’t exactly as I had seen them in my mind. Why do I (we) do this?
    Thank you for the reminder that our source for happiness, fulfillment and the greatest love of all is found in God and the precious gift of Jesus.

    Blessings to all and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  208. Zeph. 3:17 is one of my most favorite verses!! Its been a tough day for me personally, but I loved receiving the encouraging reminder that “we are loved!” It is so true, so wonderful, the love of the Father. Blessings to each of you 🙂

  209. I am so thankful for what God is doing in my life right now. This book is really helping me!

  210. I just want to thank you Renee for doing this online study. We do not have a woman’s ministry in our Church and I miss the fellowship of Women! I do not have your book but I have gotten a lot from your videos and from the comments that have been left. I can hardly grasp that God chose me (I still struggle with always being picked last for the baseball teams in school!) Loved by God..I am looking forward to the day when I can be as confident as John who referred to himself as “the disciple that Jesus loved” Not because he was more important than the others but because he had such assurance of that love…thanks again for all the reminders of his Love!

  211. God’s unfailing love is truly unfailing. I testify today with an aching heart, missing someone so much who already in his eternal home, that God is good because He is Love. Dwelling in that truth sustains me this day and everyday.

  212. Because of God’s love I can get through today and all my tomorrows.

  213. Renee, I cannot tell you how much you have helped me at this time in my life, my heart, my confidence and my sef esteem has been crushed by my peers. God has lead me out of the wilderness and is healing the wounds of my heart.there are times my mind is flooded with the good things that I have done over the years and I feel that God is reminding me that in spite of what others say or think , that IAM a good person because HEis always there with me and I LOVE HIM so very much HE created me in HIS image and that LIGHT of truth is slowly breaking the darkness of rejection and failures healing the wounds of my heart. For the first time in my life Iam being still for God to speak to me and Heis using you and your ministry to do that. Love Ya Renee and Thank YOu so very much for allowing God to use you in such a wonderfully awesome way.

  214. I fully believe that once we realize, experience, believe and understand how loved we are it begins to change everything in our lives.

    • Amen Amy! Today my 16 year old daughter posted on her facebook….”Spent another great Valentines with my main man…..Jesus” Just like falling in love changes us falling in love with Jesus and realizing he is our main man brings life changing experiences! His love is awesome!

  215. Rachel Goris says:

    My verse for the day is I John 3:16a “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His life for us.” That is so profound and eloquent there is nothing I have to add. Thank you, Jesus, for showing us what love is!!

  216. I too like Jennifer found myself today feeling somewhat low. I am struggling with weight loss and no matter how hard I follow the diet plan my weight will not come off. I have come to the point that the weight consumes me and strips me of my confidence and joy. This message reminds me that I have to fill myself with Christ and his love and until I can get past replacing other things for him there will continue to be that struggle. Jesus is the living water and he is also the bread of life. We often replace “the bread” for other entrees accepting “the bread’ as an appetizer when in actuality “the bread’ should be the main course…… Jesus “the bread of Life”.In Bibilical times bread was often the main course unlike our meals today
    (although I could make it my main course) in which bread is an appetizer or a side dish. Jentzen Franklin recently had an excellent sermon on this. Just like our meals today our spiritiual lives have taken the bread of life and turned him into a side dish, an appetizer when he should be the main course of our lives. I pray that we each can reach out and accept him for all he has to offer and allow him to fill us instead of looking to food, others or things to bring fullfillment and having a little of Jesus on the side, May he become our Main Course…the selected entree of our lives!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

  217. Thank you for your encouragement. The mother’s love example you gave really helps. Knowing that God loves me and delights in me completes me, and completes everything. I pray that we will always remember this truth.

  218. Great devotion, love to win the giveaway,

  219. As always a perfect message; I needed to hear that tonight. I know that I often look for acceptance and validation in the wrong places. Thank you for the reminder to look up and not down when life gets a little rough.

  220. What a sweet message to be reminded of…that I am absolutely loved by my Father, no matter what!
    The apple of His eye!

  221. God’s showing so much of His love today and many days. I love how He moves and shows us… often so unexpected, but always so perfect. I know I don’t really grasp the “length and width and depth” of God’s love, but I try to open my heart to him. It strikes me like lightning from time to time. So immeasurable.

  222. I am learning that God loves me unconditionally and forgives me of all my sins and that I be confident through him and him alone. I find myself struggle eadh and every day with this because I have nevr felt this kind of love before. I have been expect this kind of love from my husband and I am struggling to just let God love me. I keep reminding myself that God loves me because he sent his only begotten son to save me from my sins.

  223. It’s sometimes hard to really believe that God loves “just me” even if I was the only one! It’s also an amazing concept to hold onto. Some days I’m really good at it and others like this month, not so much. Thank you for encouraging us.

  224. I love the way you can speak to my heart and things make sense. Thank you so much for spending your time helping me to walk with Jesus everyday!

  225. So thankful for this book and message of gods love. Readibg it everyday and speaking gods truth has brought me closer to him. Thank you!

  226. The Lord’s love makes every day seem like Valentine’s Day. So sweet, pure and fulfilling. Thank you Renee for providing us with your wisdom and this study. Your Sister in Christ. Karen

  227. So thankful for the uplifting messages that I receive from Renee and company every day!

  228. Jill Kuiper says:

    Thanks for the gentle reminders that it’s not those we please on earth, but our Heavenly master whom loves us unconditionally!

  229. Dear Renee, the Lord is taking me down some long stuffed down damaged places, my parents also divorced when I was 8. My life was a lot like yours growing up. I realize that my feelings like “I’m not good enough for “those people” to like me, “I’m not good enough to apply for that job”, etc come from those feelings of worthlessness as a young girl. When I read on pg 89 about the lack of child support thing, I was surprised at the violent emotion that brought out in me. Hurt and anger. My Mom in her frustration would ask me (the oldest) to call Dad and ask him to send money. We were very poor, Mom only earned $64 dollars a week and there were 3 of us kids. (That was in the 60’s so it was more money than that sounds like now.) I am looking forward to the Lord healing me and showing me my worth to him. The Lord a few years ago, led me to the scripture about Gideon, being a Mighty Warrior, I too read that and went, did the Lord just call me “Mighty Warrior”? I pray and intercede for my family, and loved ones for their salvation, deliverance and restoration. Thank all you girls for being out there. God bless you all in every struggle and hard thing you are going thru.

  230. In discussing questions 1-3 today, Renee, I would like to share that Question 3 was the one that really stirred something within me. While this request I made of God to “unsettle” me and walk with me through the healing process in chapter four continues, I’ve begun to realize in answering Question 3 of chapter five that perhaps the two weaknesses I think of first could be the very things that God wants to use me to help others with. I have fibromyalgia and try as I may to not allow it to control me, there are days that it is impossible to get around it. Last chapter as Jesus walked through the healing process with me of discouragement over it all, I committed to praise God more for the good days and focus less on the bad. I’ve also been overweight for a lot of years…50 pounds overweight. That has in turn made other issues harder to deal with…the insecurity of “measuring up”, not being able to accomplish as much as I’d like, etc. On January 11 I started reading Lysa’s book, Made to Crave and God is helping me to live a victorious life over this sin of gluttony that I’ve lived with for 20 years. As I’ve read Chapter five and answered question three, I am beginning to realize how He can use me to help others who may have been having some of the same struggles. I can come along side them and encourage them that He is always there for us…the Light that we need to shine on our pathway. Thank you so much, Renee, for being such a beautiful instrument of His grace.

  231. How do I know that what God said to Gideon in Judges 6:14-16 was not said to Gideon only? How do I know it is a promise to me? How do you determine what God is saying to others in the Bible is something that He’s also saying to me?

  232. Just wanted to share a verse that came to me while reading this chapter:

    2 Corinthians 10:5
    We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

    This verse really helped me see that our doubts and insecurities are not something that God will take away; instead, God wants to REPLACE them with His truth about us, His promises to us, and His unfailing love.

  233. Tobi Magruder says:

    Renee: You have an amazing gift with words. Thank you for sharing your story (so much like mine) and bringing glory to our Father through the icky in our life! We are loved more than we can ever imagine, enough to die for!!!

  234. Rene, I your invitation to respond to thought regarding the position that we ought not stand against things but stand for Jesus Christ. You have a wonderful ministry but I would like to point out that it’s not an either or proposition. We are to do both. I believe that many Christians today are afraid to take a stand for what is right, what is true, and God’s command to hate evil (Psalm 97:10). Furthermore, Jesus came not only to bring healing and comfort, but to bring differentiation between those who believe and those who don’t (Matthew 10:34-35). If we do not take a stand for truth and righteousness, we have failed to follow God’s commands. Doing one or another is incorrect. Sharing the Truth in Love-God’s love is the correct way to live. By ignorning being loving is wroing, but so is failing to take a stand against evil and stand for traditional marriage, etc. is wrong. Anyone who reads their Bible can find many additional references to back my assertions up. Thank you again for your wonderful ministry. God’s blessings to you and your ministry. Steven Garofalo (National Apologetics Training Center)

    • Thank you so much for taking time go leave a comment. I whole heartey agree!! Are you referring to my radio show about how Christians are often more “known”‘for whY we stand against than what we stand for? That is the only place I can recall addressing that topic. If so, my point wasn’t intended to imply we don’t stand against what is wrong. Just that I wand to others to know what I stand for — Jesus grace forgives love humility hope wholeness rihteousness Christ-centered and God -honoring relationships and all that Jesus lived and died to stand for ;-). Hope that helps clarify my message. Again thank u for taking time to visit and share your concerns.

  235. Hello! This is my first time posting during this study. I read the book with Melissa and was too “raw” to really participate. I guess the fact that I am typing now shows a measure of healing. I am processing (still working on it after starting a year ago) with my counselor, some horrible, severe, childhood sexual abuse that happened 35 years ago.

    For years I carried the feeling of being used, tainted, not good enough etc. to convince myself that if I was worthy of God’s love, he would have stopped the abuse.

    My struggles aren’t over but I feel, for the first time, there is hope and that perhaps, like Renee, God has a plan for me too!

  236. Lydia Allen says:

    Chapter 5 is really speaking to me. I would love to have extra copies of the book to share!

  237. I really needed this encouragement today. Thank you.

  238. It took me far to long to realize that God was the only one who could give me the security I sought in other relationships. What a blessing every day to know I am loved! What a blessing your book and study have been as I continue this journey each day.

    • God is love and He loves us all unconditionally…..isn’t that reassuring to know??? I think that is amazing seeing how flawed we are, but He still cares for each and everyone of us.

  239. Renee, I’m curious, what Bible version are you using for the Proverbs 19:22 verse? Several versions don’t use the term unfailing love but rather kindness or loyalty, which makes it confusing for me. They say “what is desired in a man” vice “what a man desires.” Please forgive my ignorance and thanks so much for putting this book out. It has been a life changer for me.

    • It’s from the New International Version (©1984) – but I just checked other versions and it does read differently. I use NIV more than any other.Not sure why they are so different. This I know, what I desire more than anything is God’s unfailing love – it’s what I crave, deeply desire and long for. And all throughout scripture unfailing love is what God’s promises and what is asked for from Him. I always find it is so important and rich to consider the whole counsel of God’s word. 😉

      Hope that helps some!

    • @Annette the Hebrew word is checed which in the original language means goodness, kindness, faithfulness according to Stron’g Concordance. The Gesenius lexicon explains the word this way, “in a good sense, zeal towards any one, love, kindness, especially of men among themselves”. Hope this helps explain the different choices made when translating.

      • Wow, thanks! I love looking at verses in various versions because it helps me to get a deeper understanding of the meaning of the verse.

  240. I am enjoying this bible study and look forward to sharing it with others. Hope you had a great Valentine’s day!

  241. #3 question…..Yes I have limitations and weaknesses that makes me doubt that God would want to use me. I was always painfully shy, and bullied as a child. I feel as I do not have anything to offer others or any thing that God would want to use me for. Even though I was always a good student, I sitll feel inadequate when it comes to being smart enough. Through this study though, I can feel God louder than before telling me that I can do things but only thru His power working in me.

  242. Victoria W. says:

    Its such a wonderful thought that God loves us no matter what day it is, and that his love is never failing. heres something cool to try, when my husband and I took premarital classes at our church last year the pastor and his wife suggested we do this some time to be reminded. In your bible turn to 1corinthians 13 starting in verse 4 everytime it says the word love put your name in place.

  243. Thanks Renee for the reminder to look to Him to fill our lives!

  244. Renee,
    For most of my life (45 yrs +), I longed to be loved & to be happy. As a child, I believed in those fairy tales, you know, like..”the knight in shining armor would ride up on his great white horse and rescue me from this dysfunctional lifestyle. I even believed that I was going to find my true love & we’d fall madly in love, get married and live…happily ever after.” Remember?? Well, reality hit me pretty hard when I turned 17 yrs old, pregnant and didn’t want to tell my family because I knew how they were going to react. “You made your bed,,,so now you have to live with it!” My knight in shining armor became my husband (only because his parents refused to pay for another unwed mother he had gotten pregnant & made him take responsibilty by him marrying me. He cheated on me while I was carrying our baby & yet I couldn’t go back to that house because I didn’t want to hear how such a failure I was. But to come right down to it, I just didn’t want to go back to that house because it never really was ever a home. Thought that my marriage would get better after our beautiful daughter was born & that I was finally going to have my own family & my husband was going to truly love me & we’d live happily ever after. Two years went by & I gave birth to a handsome son.
    I spent most of my time with my children. We’d laugh, play & just love each other & they depended on me for everything. I’d tuck them in bed, read to them, & kiss them goodnight. Later on, I’d sneak back in their rooms & just watch them as they slept. Praying that God would keep them save & sound. Afterwards, when I knew that they were fully asleep, I’d slip out just as quietly as I sneaked in their rooms in the first place. Then it was my time to relax and sleep with one ear open…just in case. Unfortunately, my marriage lasted only five years & I didn’t have the courage or confidence to fight for my children & I reluctantly gave up my most precious babies (ages 2 & 4) to their father because I was convinced that I couldn’t take care of them and they’d be better off with their father. I was reassured that I could see them any time I wanted to,but, of course that was a lie as well. I did have visitation rights & majority of the time, my ex didn’t show up with my kids at the designated area he’d chosen & I would wait for hours & hours. I would get depressed & then I turned to drugs & alcohol to ease my pain. I was then addicted for over twenty-five years & I just couldn’t seem to get off that road of destruction I stumbled on. I didn’t want to go on with my life anymore (too hard for me to deal with especially without my children whom I loved so much & yet wanted only the best for them). After attempting suicide at least three times, I really didn’t want to die, I just longed for my children back in my arms & to love them & never let them go ever again!!! I was so angry at God, my family & everyone else who I felt had betrayed me or caused me pain. I did get a second chance with my children and I was so blessed to have them in my life, yet my fears minus confidence couldn’t hold up when my children couldn’t forgive me for leaving them. Nothing I could do or ever say to them would ever make them believe that I loved them & missed them with all my heart & hoped that they would forgive me. My son didn’t even remember me & my daughter, four years ago asked me never to get in contact her ever again. Even though I gave myself to Christ over fifteen years ago & He delivered me of drugs & alcohol, my addictions to sex, healed me of cervical cancer (caused by STD), and so many things. He has walked me through my past & even now as I struggle now & then with thoughts of my children & wondering how they’re doing, God has been healing me of so many circumstances through forgiveness of all who have caused me pain. Yes, there are still consequences that I had to pay & I know that God is still working in me to help me forgive myself for the poor choices I’ve made in my life. It is an everyday process.
    This study has helped me so much (even though I haven’t made any comments until now). I’ve chosen not to stay a victim…but to know that I have victory (in any situation) through Jesus Christ. Amen
    God has blessed me after twenty-five years of being divorced with a wonderful, godly man & I know that he loves me very much. My husband knows that I love him very much & he doesn’t mind being my second love because…Jesus is my first love and I know that HE CHOSE ME; HE LOVES ME; I AM ACCEPTED!
    My husband & I celebrated our 14 year anniversary on Jan 2nd and God willing we’ll have several more (even through the ups & downs because we know that God is the center of our marriage)
    I’ve been praying for you all…God Bless You Thanks for listening

  245. Renee,
    I’d like to enter to receive Living Loved Give-Away on all the other links, but I have my own personal reasons why I won’t get on facebook & I have no clue what twitter, pin the link, or blog the link really mean or how it works. I’m just not that connected except through email (I can at least manage that somewhat)
    You have all touched my heart while reading your comments and just knowing that we are all different, yet so much alike in so many areas of struggles, etc. The only thing I’ve learned and that is to trust God, believe in His promises and to wait on Him. Proverbs 3:5-6 has always been a vital Scripture in my life.
    “Trust the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

  246. if I could only tell you how much I NEED this book…..
    Thank you for writing such an amazing piece of work
    and offering a giveaway like this to us.

  247. I follow on facebook!!!

  248. i follow on twitter

  249. I shared the link on facebook

  250. I shared the link on twitter

  251. I pinned this giveaway!!!
    how could I not, it’s incredible.
    EVERY woman should have a copy of this book… and share it.
    makes a great gift for all our friends!!!!

  252. I blogged about this giveaway!!!
    good luck to everyone.

  253. I have spread the news about this wonderful book. It is such a keeper, uplifting & insightful book. The best I have read in years. This is the book I have prayed for. I purchased it after seeing the link about your blogs, and then read every moment I could to catch up with the blogs so I could participate. You have no idea how this is a lifesaver for me. Thank you very much.

  254. Angelina from Feb. 8th, did you ever get a copy of Renee’s book? If not plz. Email me with your email address.

  255. This spoke to me 3 days after Valentines Day! I have something on my heart but something you said in the devotion was what I needed to hear. Thank you!!

  256. Christina R says:

    I love the reminder that I am Loved by God who never changes! I love knowing that He loves me unconditionally and He is continually working on me and that I am a new creation in Him. Thank you for that reminder!

  257. I feel reading this book would be a big help to me.

  258. I needs to read this book. Thank You!!!!

  259. Wow… I came to god tonight asking him to speak to me and this video did just that. It was like it was spoken to just me. I love God and trust that he will fill those empty places in my life just like in the video. I have tried to be filled by all the things Renee talks about and it does not work because we need God to fill those places. Thank you lord for this website!!

  260. Your current positions usually include alot of really up to date info. Where do you come up with this? Just declaring you are very inspiring. Thanks again

  261. You…are…my…hero!!! I cant believe something like this exists on the internet! Its so true, so honest, and more than that you dont sound like an idiot! Finally, someone who knows how to talk about a subject without sounding like a kid who didnt get that bike he wanted for Christmas.

  262. Thanks for writing this. I really feel as though I know so much more about this than I did before. Your blog really brought some things to light that I never would have thought about before reading it. You should continue this, Im sure most people would agree youve got a gift.

  263. Hello this is a excellent write-up. I’m going to mail this to my pals. I stumbled on this while browsing on yahoo I’ll be sure to come back. thanks for sharing.

  264. What you said made a lot of sense. But, think about this, what if you added a little content? I mean, I dont want to tell you how to run your blog, but what if you added something to maybe get peoples attention? Just like a video or a picture or two to get people excited about what youve got to say. In my opinion, it would make your blog come to life a little bit.

  265. Many thanks for making the effort to talk about this, I feel strongly about this and love learning a great deal more on this topic. If feasible, as you gain knowledge, would you mind updating your website with a great deal more information? It’s very helpful for me.

  266. Im no expert, but I imagine you just crafted a very good point point. You undoubtedly fully understand what youre talking about, and I can actually get behind that. Thanks for being so upfront and so honest.

  267. Hello – I must say, I’m impressed with your site. I had no trouble navigating through all the tabs and information was very easy to access. I found what I wanted in no time at all. Pretty awesome. Would appreciate it if you add forums or something, it would be a perfect way for your clients to interact. Great job

  268. One of the more impressive blogs Ive seen. Thanks so much for keeping the internet classy for a change. Youve got style, class, bravado. I mean it. Please keep it up because without the internet is definitely lacking in intelligence.

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