Letting God Fill the Empty Places in Our Hearts

In chapter 3, I share how “our hearts leak and will always end up empty when we find our worth in anything but who we are in Christ. Our value is not measured by what others think of us—but we surely live like it is, don’t we? It’s almost as though we wake up every morning with an empty jar, like Sam, and walk around holding it out to people or things, hoping they will fill us…”

In today’s video message, I talk about the things we look to and illustrate how we can allow God to fill the empty places in our hearts…

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(Optional) Download my “Message Notes” in a PDF format here or in a MSWord doc here.  We want you to just watch and let God speak to your heart the first time, but we also knew some of you will want the notes. I even included blanks for you to fill in. 🙂

UPDATE: It’s been quite a week at our house…a trip to the ER with my mom after a bad fall Sunday, I woke up sick on Tuesday and my son Andrew (14) broke his collar bone that same afternoon. Wednesday we found out I had bronchitis and that Andrew’s break was much worse than we expected. Fortunately, we are doing a good bit better today. God’s kept us close to His promises and provided strength and encouragement through so many of your prayers and notes. THANK YOU!!

Connecting in Community: I’d love to hear your thoughts about this week”s video message and your answers to questions at end of Chapter 3.  If you left a comment earlier in the week, let’s talk about questions we hadn’t answered yet. Like 4-7. And how the video message ties into the question about finding our “worth-ship” in Christ.

Just click  “share your thoughts”  right below this post and do just that – share your thoughts, I love to hear them! And I’ll share mine too.

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. So needed this today…I know Christ is where I need to find my security, but somewhere along the way I replaced Him with things to find my security and identity. He truly is the only place I can go to for true fulfillment!

    • Stephanie says:

      I love this video…I am all about visuals! I was kinda struggling with the idea of God filling up all of my open spaces in my heart. And with this video it really helped me understand and see if more clearly. Thank you!

    • I was once told that my heart is like an hourglass; no matter how much I am filled up with people’s approval and love, it runs through me like sands through an hourglass. Today, at 58-years-old, I’m still that hourglass. I’m much stronger and more centered in myself, but I still have not found my way to accepting Jesus’ love, and letting that fill me up. If I had, I wouldn’t be using food and constantly dieting, because I have a distorted body image. I’d be comfortable in my skin, no matter what my weight is. But, I’m not. I’m miserable. And I’m sad.

      • Pat Thompson says:

        Thank you for being so honest. I feel the same way, never good enough in my mind. But this study is helping me understand that Jesus doesn’t care how good we are, we just need to open up our hearts to Him and let Him fill us with the living water only He can give us.

      • Leslie,
        That’s a very common struggle….using food. When we conquer that we feel so much better physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. We’ll never conquer it focusing on our “problem” but by focusing intentionally on Him. I can relate. We are never too old!

      • Abbie Wells says:

        I do agree that as woman we we are surrounded by society’s image of what a woman is to look like and than we find ourselves in a constant battle with the world. I would like to encourage you to do one thing a day that yo enjoy. Maybe its going on a walk, or maybe its reading a book, but during that time, thank God for that moment…..being greatfully present in a moment can turn things around! I promise….I’ve been there. I will defiantly be praying for you

      • Have you seen the Made to Crave book and DVD….I recommend it alot. It is from Proverbs 31 ministry as well. I think there may be an on-line study of that book going on as well. It has helped me in understanding my on-going issues with food. Hope it might encourage you as well.

      • Leslie, even if you were skinny you still wouldn’t be worthy based on your own good works. We can never be made right with God by ourself. Jesus stands in the very place of our failures with HIS perfection. HIS righteousness stands in the place of our sins. That’s love….making us right with the Father based on HIS perfection, not ours. He died to give us true worth….HIS worth applied to us as a free gift. 2 Corinthians 5:21

        Love to you!

      • Leslie …
        I’m so glad your doing this study and like Joanne said HIS perfection. HIS righteousness! I love ya!

      • Leslie,
        I struggle with much the same as you. I am trying daily to fill myself with the Lord and remember that He and only He can bring the peace and contentment we all so long for!! I think so often, especially for women, it is hard to accept and truly believe His unconditional love for us!
        I am so enjoying this study. Renee, I love your honesty and ‘normal’ life that we all share. Life happens, as the saying goes? Thru it all, our God is there holding us up!

        Thank you !

      • Kimberly Stiver says:

        Thank you for being honest! I needed to read that.

      • Kathy Sturgis says:

        PrRYING WITH YOU, LESLIE, that as you seek the LORD with all your heart HE will Show you and FILL you with His unfailing Love so you may be satisfied with His sweetness and no longer need food or any other thing. I pray this with confidence in the God who has shown it to me at age 59.

    • Fran Bruno says:

      ..my exact thoughts…thank you for sharing…and ‘thankful’ of this study, Renee, you all!

      • Dawn Shpudejko says:

        I can so relate to what you all are saying. In fact I just read chapter three after a busy and stressful day at work. I’m a nurse on a very busy floor and just had a horrible week-end. I did the very best that I could and managed to send two critically I’ll patients to ICU…but I still felt like a failure. Why is that??? I’m 55 yrs old and an experienced nurse and still struggle with insecurities to some degree at my job. I have to realize that Jesus is my security and wrap my mind around the fact that His love and acceptance is not based upon my performance. Renee, thanks so much for your book. I pray that your mom is doing better. I, too, fell last year and fractured my orbit bone under my right eye. I had 4 plates surgically implanted and doing well..but still numb in that area after 10 months…but it could have been so much worse.

        • Healthcare is very BUSY and with our aging population promises to get busier with less resources. We can take God’s love to patients and co-workers every day. Healthcare needs nurses like you! We aren’t perfect or always on top of everything but we have a LOT to offer a lost and dying world! Hang in there nurse Dawn!

        • Dawn,

          As a former Critical care nurse I know there are days when even though you did the very best you could to take care of your patients they will continue to deteriorate. It is no reflection on your ability as a nurse. Each morning as I drove in to work I asked God to help me be a shining light of His Love to my patients and their family. Jesus is your security & He loves you no matter how sick your patients become. Praying that your next day at work will be a blessed one!

          In His Calm,

    • Rebecca Greene says:

      I like the idea of us carrying a jar around to be filled. It reminds me of the 23rd psalm where it says my cup overflows. I have always felt sometimes my cup is half-full, sometimes it’s cracked, and sometimes it’s filled to the brim. But the good shepherd will be there in all all circumstances.

      • I agree Rebecca…the visual is very powerful. I was moved by seeing that jar full of all of those things and people and had an “aha” moment in seeing how little room is even there for God when we have all of that stuff!
        I am guilty of looking to people, commitments, clothes, friends to fill my empty places and feeling frustrated by it not being enough.
        Thank you Renee for reminding us and showing us God’s desire for Him to be enough for us. What a blessing and how freeing that realization is!

    • Sherita Jacobs says:

      Renee, “Thank You” for this message. Today, I am going to ask God to help me put my priorities in order. Be Blessed

    • Rebecca Greene says:

      I am reading ahead to chapter 4 and my thoughts are “let the past make you better, not bitter.

    • We are all in the same place — seeking and finding our true LOVE in Him alone. May He satisfy the thirst and longings of our hearts and give us a desire for HIm that can’t be satisfied by anything or anyone else!

  2. So good to be filled by The right thing this morning! Thanks Renee!

  3. Thank you, Renee, for desiring to share what Jesus has done with and for you. I think so many times, even as Christians, we know that in our heads but we get so busy “doing” that we forget that HE is the only one who can truly give us the peace and rest and acceptance that we long for. My prayer for this teaching is that others will come to have the transfer of that knowledge from their heads to their hearts as He is doing for me as we go through this study.

    • Amen! This is exactly what I want – for me to get it from my head to my heart! I love this study and am looking forward to each day to draw close to Him – to learn to depend on Him alone! To be truly satisfied!

    • Amen, I am praying that with you Dianna – from our head to our hearts Lord – do a transforming work in each of us!

  4. I also needed this today. Throughout the evening yesterday and this morning, when I woke up, I felt something was off. My relationship with God has been getting so much more involved than ever and I feel when I’m away from Him for a bit, I start to feel like I’m losing that feeling. When I’m faced with plans to be around others, I pray that I can “do everything right” – say the right things or not say anything if it’s not needed to be said or not analyze body language from those that surround me – looks or reactions to things I do end up saying. I can beat myself up with it because I “know” my interpretations of it all are right! But, do I?

    I just feel so disliked by others sometimes and some days it gets to me more than others. I will allow my feelings to tell me I’m not good enough for people.

    It’s when I’m reading your book or Bible verses or seeing your videos that I feel safe. When I’m alone and in my zone with Him. I guess it truly makes me sad that I can’t stay in that zone because it’s rare anything outside of the zone ever satisfies me completely.

    • I can relate to what you are saying. I beat myself up the same way and have loved the book and Renee right now my life has been turned u[side down and Iam fighting to keep my faith

      • I can relate to what both of you have said, and I will be praying for you! Marcia, the fact that you are on this blog, reading this book and doing the Bible Study says to me that you are definitely winning that fight. And when you feel like you’re too tired to fight, just ask God to carry you…and trust that He is!

    • I feel your pain as that very thing was a huge stumbling block for me in my walk with the Lord. Thriugh him you will overcome! I want to encourage you to continue to let Christ fill your heart. At this point in my journey, God taught me to seek his word. His message was loud and clear “Be in the word, stay in the word and the word will stay in you.”. For the situation you described, he lead me to Ephesians 6:13-18. I still consciously put on my “Armour of God” for social situations that are challenging for me!! He is enough!

    • Lucy Strouse says:

      I so relate to you too! I’ve asked God this week to show me when I’m looking to someone else or something else to give me value. Oh my gosh! I’ve been really struggling with thinking negative thoughts of others towards me! Problems I’ve had with a couple people that aren’t healhty and I had to walk away. I’ve gone through a breakup a couple weeks ago and I feel alone and not sure where i fit in at church and my old group of friends… I don’t do grief well but that’s another story. I kept thinking why is my self talk so bad?! I’m pretty sure I’m not on other’s people’s minds like Satan is trying to convince me I am. Then I realized I asked God to show me when I’m getting my value from others. My mind is always working like that, it’s just that God helped me “hear” it now. So I”m reciting the bible verses we’re learnning, repeating aloud who I am in Christ and I am determined with the help of this book, Renee and this online group, that I will be FREE! I’m asking God several times a day to fill and fullfill me. I want his unfailing love to satisfy me! It will go from my head to my heart. I want to know with all my heart how much God loves me and I want to receive his love. I am so grateful for this online bible study!

    • This is a new place for you Renata and that is okay. Sometimes when God takes us a to a new place with Him some relationship and circumstances have to change. If you have people you are around that make you feel insecure or bring you down, it’s okay to spend more time with Jesus and getting filled up than you do with them. I’m praying God will show you how to stay close to Him each moment of each day. It’s a process but I have full confidence that you are going to make progress as we walk through each chapter of the book.Just give yourself time and give yourself as much of Jesus as you can. Praying for you!

  5. This is so good. I kept thinking you would pour the water in over the toys, filling in the empty spaces. Oh, what an eye-opener, what a peak into my own heart when I was surprised you poured out the other things and THEN poured in the water. I think I live my life that way…in the clinging still to the things I want to fulfill me (people, food, recognition) but then asking Him to fill in the empty spaces AROUND those things.

    But that leaves me with less of Him than He is offering. He is offering to fill all of me with HIM. I need to empty those places, present Him with the empty well of my heart so I can be filled with HIM. Totally makes sense, but I don’t think I fully realized how I have been cheating myself, how I have been settling in some places with just a little of Him when He has been wanting to fully satisfy. But first, I must empty.

    Oh…and for the record, I didn’t even hear you say Chapter 2. LOL. Apparently I need to work on emptying AND listening. 😉
    Love and prayers,

    • Oh how I agree with you. I still want to hang onto all I have used to try and satisfy me and invite God to complete me fill the empty spots but surrendering their importance to me allows more of Gods love to fill me.

    • Great analogy, Kimberly! I didn’t even realize I was thinking the same thing about the water “filling in the empty places” until I read what you wrote. I think that is what I have been doing. Instead I need to put those other things somewhere else and fill up with ONLY His living water!

      • Ditto!

        • Evelyn Brainerd says:

          Wow, Kimberly! You said it so well! Me too! Me too! Let’s try to remember that when we’re feeling empty next time, huh?

          • Mmmmm…I like what you said, Evelyn! “Let’s try to remember that when we’re feeling empty next time.”

            I think I have always equated “empty” with negative. But what if I pause and realize, “Hey, this is right where I need to be for God to fill me!” Empty is a beginning, empty is a place of preparation, empty is a sweet place where He can enter in, NOT a negative that I must immediately stuff with…well…stuff. 🙂

          • I am so glad that you shared this insight. I was thinking the same thing about pouring it in and thought, okay well I guess you can fit more in when all of it is out. I love that Empty doesn’t have to the world’s version of empty. We can now celebrate empty!

      • Mitzi & Kimberly,

        Thanks for sharing your comments. I also have tried to fill up on people and God. I have come to learn that I am to fill up with ONLY His livng water. He truly is enough.

        Karen C

    • Kimberly,

      Wow! I’m glad you said that. That is apparently what a lot of us were thinking Renee would do! 🙂 God has been teaching me so many lessons in the last week or two. I need to journal all of this! SO exciting!!

      Thanks again, Kimberly!


    • Kimberly,

      You could not have said it any better! I can sooo relate to what you’re saying. I did not realize the emptiness was coming from the fact I was looking to everything else in my life for SATISFACTION. What an AHA Moment!!! Thank you for your honest and pure input!

      Thank you Rennee!!!

    • Kimberly, I had the same thought about God’s love being poured over all of those things…going to be working on REMOVING those things from my heart…guarding it so that I don’t miss out on being FULLY SATISFIED! Thank you for sharing

  6. The video message was awesome. I love how powerful the illustration was. That’s exactly what I do everyday all day, try to fill myself up with gifts, but what I need to do is allow God to fill me. Thank you for this message and I pray that all of us would be able to let go and give God our whole lives every single day. To let Him fill us and use us for His purposes. To think constantly about Him and allow what He says to be truth in our life. P.S. I also thought your necklace was so cute and I loved how your shirt matched the candles behind you. 🙂 Great video.

  7. In Chapter 3, God is showing me to accept his unconditional love in order to have a well-loved feeling. He is telling me His love is dependable and everlasting. These truths make my heart desire to know and seek Him more, just as you, Renee, put it in the last 2 paragraphs on page 55 and today’s video. I thank God for your ministry.

  8. Thank you for the video message today. So simple and so understandable and relatable. I’m enjoying the book.

  9. Rebecca Finkenbinder says:

    That was a wonderful video message. Loved the visuals. The water was crystal clear and perfect…just as Gods love is!

  10. What a needed message this morning. I’m beginning to let God’s love fill me where I tried to get my husband’s love to do this. Seeking a husbands love to fill a place only meant for God to fill won’t work. Especially when you feel abandoned by a husband who has a wonderful job and chooses to take a leave of absence and go on a tour to Iraq with the Army Infantry for almost 2 years. Dealiing with what feels like rejection from him and now trying to build a trust and love again has not been easy. However, with this study, I’m gaining confidence, with God’s help, and a fulfilling love from the Father that only He can provide for me. I’m waiting on Him and listening to Him as He guides me through this difficult re-building phase in my marriage. It’s a long way from ok, but I know that God will show me what to do and give me the confidence and love I need to see me through. Some days are easier than others, but Praise God that I don’t have to do it alone. He is with me all the way. I’m thankful for this study at this time in my life. It is so helpful. Thank you!!

    • Michelle,
      I so identify with your thoughts only that my husband is not overseas working, but is working in another state – by his choice. When we got married, I wanted the security I had not had as a young girl because of my father’s early death. I looked for that security in my husband – and it has taken me about 30+ years to realize that my husband can’t be that security I need – God needs to be my security.
      One thing I have found on Renee’s website that has helped me greatly these past few weeks is her P31 devotion on November 22, 2011 where she shared her struggle of respecting her husband. She also gave us a prayer that we can pray for our husbands daily – from head to toe. I copied it and read it out loud every morning and sometimes before I go to bed. Even when our husbands are not aware of us praying for them, God hears and honors our prayers. I am planning on copying it and sending it to my husband in a Valentine’s card so he will know that I am praying for him and he will know what I am praying for him. God has given me the confidence to do this for my husband and to let him know I’m doing it. It may make a difference in your relationship with your husband too. God is the best builder and re-builder of broken walls and lives there is. Trust Him.

      • Donna and Michelle,
        I too can relate to looking for something from my husband that only God can fulfill. When my mom suffered from dementia and could no longer be my best friend to whom I could always go, I went to my husband but of course he was not my mom and then I wondered why he couldn’t meet that need for just hearing things out ( he likes his opinion a lot more than mine sometimes lol) so then, finally (when my things couldn’t fill me empty places…. and thanks to Kimberly at the beginning of the comments for pointing out that empty is good! wow) I started venting to God day after day until I realized that no matter what was on my mind good or bad, praise or complaints He was ALWAYS there and was a very good listener! This too after nearly 30 years of marriage and lifetime of a relationship with God. Its amazing to me what I continue to learn about God and how my relationship continues to grow. Donna thank-you so much for pointing out the devotion because I have been trying to find that recently while my husband currently goes through his own “growth” spurt and needs God’s presence and guidance especially at this time. Renee I am so enjoying participating in this online study. God bless all of you!

      • Thank you Donna. I will look up this P31 devotion. I read those daily also. I’ve been in prayer over him and for him. He travels for his work all the time, so since he has returned from Iraq, he’s still not home often. He counted up and realized that he traveled 36 weeks last year. This is so difficult as I try to be a good “single” parent to our 17year old daughter, who has Asperger’s, and our 14 year old son. I also run my own business. My husbands idea of support and protection is on a global level instead of a personal one. It is task driven and not relationship driven. I have learned not to rely on him for that security and I have a peace with God knowing that He is the one providing and protecting us all.
        What I’m struggling with now is how to fit a relationship back together when one of the puzzle pieces has changed shape and it doesn’t fit anymore. I know God can do anything and change anyone and re-build anything. I also know that the other person has to be willing and perceptive to that and allow God to work in them. Right now, that is not happening. I’m doing what I know to do for myself and that begins and ends with God filling what my husband can’t. I’m seeking counseling as well even though my husband thinks this is something I have to fix in me and things will be better. He doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with him and he is not coming with me to counseling. I am praying daily for God to help me in this relationship and to show me what I can do. I also realize that currently I’m the only one working on this relationship and he will have to do his part to meet me in this relationship for there to be any re-building done.
        Thanks for your encouragement. I’m very thankful for this forum to be able to see that I’m not the only one struggling.

        • Donna, I found that devotion and re-read it again. I had the same reaction now as I did when I read it in November and that is this…I HAVE been his biggest cheerleader and supported him in everything he has done for 21 years of marriage. I realize now that I have enabled him to make poor choices in many areas of our life together and I have supported every one. I’ve done this because I thought is was my job to support every decision and to always let him be “right.” I have inflated his ego until it is difficult to live with him now. He doesn’t need anyone else in his life, but me, and I can no longer be his only support. He doesn’t look to anyone else for godly advice because quite frankly he doesn’t respect anyone else enough to listen to them. I have used every ounce of energy I have to build him up until I think now that his ego has taken over and when I’ve pulled away the admiration and respect for him and the things he has done and is doing (because it is not building up our family, it is tearing it down), it is somehow my fault that I’m struggling with his “leadership” in our family. I just need to see things from his perspective again and things will all be ok, according to him, and I just disagree. God has used me as the glue to keep this family stuck together and now this glue is loosing its adhesive properties because the choices my husband is making is not beneficial for any of us in regards to relationship. He is providing financially, but not providing anything else to help in our relationship together or in his relationship with either of our kids.
          Just struggling to see the right way to handle this situation and praying so hard for us as a couple and for our kids because they have been greatly affected by his decisions. Explaining any kind of social/relationship issues and how it works in life to one who has Asperger’s is so increadibly difficult. I believe what I’ve been dealing with all along is a husband with Asperger’s (to a degree) and a daughter with it also. Both are extremely intellegent and very high functioning, however, neither one of them are so good at manuvering relationships or anything social. There in lies the struggle. I’m just caught between a rock and a hard place in dealing with each of them. In the meantime, I’m allowing God to fill that lack of relationship and he has given me a kind of peace even in the storm. Praying for what the future holds though. I just don’t know what steps to take next…

          • Michelle,
            Our lives sound a lot alike. The one thing that I have found out recently is that if I dwell on the negative issues and portions of my life, I can let Satan whisper and sometimes shout in my ear and that just brings me down to his level. It isn’t easy living apart and sometimes questioning why it has to be this way. I certainly don’t have an answer to that question except to remember and believe what Jeremiah 29:11- 14 states: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the LORD, “and will bring you back from captivity.”
            I think that with your husband, he is probably seeking God also but doesn’t know where to find him…I pray that he will seek the Lord and find him so that he can see what the Lord has blessed him with.
            My other new favorite verse is Isaiah 43:18-19 – “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”
            Let God show you the path to take. It will lead to a lush and plentiful land. Just be patient.

  11. I have never been able to memorize scripture, but I am really going to try this week. The verse this week is EXACTLY the kind of message I need in my heart! Thank you so much for this study, Renee!

  12. Michelle Stroud says:

    Very wonderful. Thank you. This is my 15th month of recovering from an 18 wheeler hitting me and Proverbs Ministry 31 and your ministry has been awesome. It has been helping me day by day (on those days I could read it). Thank you so much. Praying for you, your son and your mother. Very excited about what you all are doing.
    Michelle S.

  13. this video is so true, we do tend to look to others or someone or something to fill a void in our life, when all we need is jesus in our life,hes all we need and hope for,for everything.he is our great sustainer in life. i am so glad i am saved and have been baptized in the lord. this book along with videos and your teaching is really helping me to see i dont need to depend on materials or anything its christ the living water. thankyou so much for sharing this video along with teaching. i am still on chpt 3,but gradually getting there.

  14. Wow, Wow, and Wow. I have been home sick this week, and I just finished answering my 1-3 questions, which was a bit of a soul-searching, heart, tugging revelation for me when the email came to come and watch your video. Such a powerful message. As a visual learner, seeing what you meant, along with what you said, really spoke to my heart in a huge way. It explains to me why I have such emptiness inside. For so long I have thought it was because something in my marriage wasn’t working… and just as of late, through this book study, I have realized (and what an eye opener it’s been, because I have a relationship with the Lord).. that it’s because *I* haven’t been working. That I have been missing out on letting the Lord fill those empty spaces in my heart, that only HE can fill. Boy, do I have a lot of work ahead of me. Thank you so much Renee. I hope you feel better.

  15. Thank you for this video today I really nedded it today. I am want God to fill me with his love. I trust in him more and more everyday.

  16. Thank you for the video message. i so needed to hear this today.

  17. Betty Cummings says:

    I am Praying for you Sister Renee and for Your Precious Son Andrew.I am asking Healing Jesus to stop by and Lay His Hands on you and restore and rebuild.I am asking from the tops of your heads to the soles of your feet.Your Bodies belong to God and the enemy has know right to them.So I Pray this in Jesus Precious and Mighty Name,Amen.Also Your Video Blessed my Heart.I was Looking in all the wrong Places to be accepted when all I needed to do was Just ask God into my heart to Think of all those years I wasted not knowing why I was here.Now I know why I am here I’m here to help others see there worth in Themselves to spread the Good News of the Gospel to give Testimony of all God has brought me through,I am so Bless that I am Part of His Kingdom and I can’t wait to bow at His Feet and one day Jesus is going to call my Name and I will No longer be the same.I Pray that I always give the Giver All of me and I serve Him with all my heart soul mind and Strength.Thank You women of God who are making a diffrence for this lost and dieing world.

  18. Thank you so much for the much needed video. Your words are answers to prayer. Letting God’s love fill and renew me is a day by day wonderful experience. Praying healing for you, your son, and your dear mother. so sorry all happening at once. Rest and take care. Look forward to each days words from you:-)

  19. barb rugani-kyser says:

    Renee, this was a fabulous reminder of how easy it is to allow things of this world to creep into our lives edging out Jesus Christ the giver of life. Believing they will satisfy when truly nothing can fill that God shaped hole in our heart except Jesus Christ. I can honestly say I tried for years prior to 09.06.2003, and felt empty and lifeless. My life since then hasn’t been easy, nevertheless I don’t walk alone I have a peace and a joy that comes from allowing Jesus to fill my empty spaces. Again, thanks for the wonderful illustration, and the study. Blessings – Barb

  20. Renee: Thank you so much for the ability to download the Message Notes. As a kinesthetic learner, I need to be able to write to absorb what I am trying to study.

  21. Thanks a lot for sharing this message. I am so thristy for la living water.

    I hope you get well soon Renee, blessings.

  22. Thank you for such a wonderful message this morning! It hit my heart and filled it with hope, joy and peace. I lost my 21 year old daughter almost 3 years ago, and have tried to fill that empty spot she left with lots of shopping but it hasnt worked at all! I know Jesus is the Only One who can do that! Sometimes its just not easy to allow Him to do so. I will continue to pursue my confidence from God to fill my empty places, heal my heart and set me free! He is my All and I want Him to fill me so full of Him that I dont have to keeping searching!

    • KariB,

      I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. God will answer the need of your heart.

      Karen C

      • Fran Bruno says:

        ..praying for your heart, Kari…..HE IS THERE…..touching your heart, ever so gently, with his healing love, He understands you so much.
        Much love, hugs to you

  23. This message is SO VERY TRUE. As I drove to work this morning after reading most of chapter 3, I was able to share the message with reassurance with a family member who is going through a lonely place right now. It is so easy for us to base our worth and value on circumstances that life deals us. But thanks be to God who loves us unconditionally. We can find HOPE, PEACE, FULFILLMENT and CONFIDENCE in what we KNOW regardless of how we FEEL. Thanks Renee for allowing God use you to communicate HIS message to others through your life’s experiences.

    • Thank you so much for todays video message i was feeling so sad this morning i realized that i woke up with a empty cup my life is filled with taking my children to one lesson or another all week, church three times a week i should be happy but today started just plain old feeling sorry for myself. Thank you for reminding me that jesus loves me even when i dont love me i pray that you feel better soon and that your son recovers well.

  24. Lynn Bowman says:

    What a wonderful message! This really touched home with me. Another reminder that only God can fill my empty places. Continue to be blessed and be a blessing!

  25. Thank you Renee! I do this so often………..I needed to hear your message this morning because I was looking in a wrong place for love this morning. Just because my son didn’t acknowledge a post I put on his facebook, my thoughts started telling me all sorts of negative things……I have done this my whole life………looking in all the wrong places……God has been so gracious to me all my life, but especially this past year. He has restored so much in my life and I want to live for and thru Him the remainder of my days. I want Him to show me what I’m longing for, what He’s wanting me to do with the second half of my life. I pray that I can (daily) remind myself that He is the Only One that can give me the Unconditional Love I have longed for all of my life. Thank you for what you do and I pray your son’s collar bone heals quickly….ouch!

    • Rhonda, I could have written that myself. I have been that way my whole life, too. I am almost 65.
      I am asking Jesus to fill the empty places in my heart. The son “Fill my Cup” has been in my head since last night.

  26. Renee ~

    You and your message were absolutely beautiful.
    Everything you share with us is so simple and meaningful to understand.
    Jesus lead me to Proverbs 31 in September.
    Everyone’s messages speak to me every day.
    Each of you are an amazing woman who shares God’s love in such a special way.
    Your book is my life line trying to overcome Satan and accept God’s unconditional love.
    I love you, your book and your pink heart memory verses.
    Praying for God’s healing touch on your family and daily trials.
    Always waiting to hear what you have to share.

    In God’s Abundant Love ~ Wanda

  27. Thank you for the video! I am a visual learner and it’s great to see the visual illustration of God’s love for us!

  28. WOW!! I have been slow to speak, but have been blessed with the reading of this book. I did watch the video this morning and the word for the week “Satisfied” snatched my attention. I must admit since I have been apart of this study. I am already much stronger and a more confident person. Thanks to this bible study have been able to look back over the “scenes” of my life and ask GOD to help me with my insecurities that has kept me from moving foward ,and being happy. I have finally realize that I needed and desired to be loved unconditionally, and was looking for it in all the wrong places and things. When I accepted JESUS as LORD I knew He Loved me and Greater is HE that was in me then he that’s in the world , but no matter what I did I always ended up in a lonley space unfufilled! Halllelujah, but now Praised GOD I’m looking to HIM to be Satisfied, and LOVED UNCONDITIONAL!! I’m having a WOW 😉 Factor Moment! LOve, Love, Love the Book…..

  29. Wonderful video! I know I have so far to go to fill the empty spaces of my life. I am grateful for today’s message and pray that today I will spend time in His Word and in thinking and praying about how I can get closer to our Lord. Thank you for the message for today!

  30. Laura Rector says:

    Thanks Renee!!! What a great analogy! I am praying for you to get well soon and for God to touch your son’s injury! In Christ, Laura

  31. I spent most of yesterday afternoon, in tears pouring over this chapter and scripture. I know I have looked to everyone else to fill me, and I know in my head that God is the only one who can satisfy my longings and I think it has began to get into my heart. So many struggles in my life right now, my depression has been really bad this week to the point I am not getting much of anything done. And that is not good for my business. I need to let go of certain people but am struggling to do so,

    • I just love this study! I bought a book for my daughter and my best friend in Michigan who just recently lost her husband. I have had struggles with acceptance all of my life. I have never felt good enough! I have struggled with OCD and from studying this book and the scriptures I am realizing that a lot of the OCD is related to me not feeling accepted. I am always striving for perfection! But I am realizing that I don’t have to be perfect because the Lord loves me unconditionally! I have to remember that each day because it is a struggle for me! Thank you Renee for being real!

  32. Awesome Renee,well done it made it so clear with using items as a visual to see and hear a wonderful God felt message!!! Just what i needed to hear today!!! i wish for you and everyone reading this a blessed day:)

  33. Thanks for the teaching video and the notes! I’m a note taker so I was excited to see you have a download available! This is so powerful. I know I often look to the gifts instead of the giver. I pray for you Renee and your son and your mom as well. It seems that you are under attack, cause the enemy doesn’t like us to be free from things and doubts and depend fully on God, so I pray a hedge of protection around you Renee and your family in the name of Jesus. I pray God would send you peace in the storm. I pray for all my cyber-sisters here on your blog that the enemy cannot steal what God is giving us. Let these truths that Renee is sharing penetrate our very heart and soul and bind the enemy from attacking her and her family. We ask this oh Father, in the powerful and precious name of Jesus, Amen

  34. Your video is a great reminder for me to ask myself ‘who am I really serving with my hurried lifestyle?’ I need to clear out the other things, and put Him first. Thanks Renee!

  35. Love the video and this week’s message. I so related to you as you described your college years. I know I am guilty of overcommitment and trying to be satisfied by a new outfit or my achievements. I often look to my husband instead of to God for security and worth. But, my heart is never fully complete until I come to God. In worship. By prayer. Through anger, tears, or joy. By doing these things, I find that I am satisfied in Christ.

    Thanks for sharing! I blogged a bit more on my thoughts to this week’s message: http://theuncontainabletruth.com/2012/02/a-confident-heart-week-3/

    Hope your family gets to feeling better 🙂


  36. I watched your teaching video today while sitting beside a window that looks out on an open field that is currently covered with snow. I was reminded of a saying I heard once that, “walking with Jesus, leaves tracks, for others to follow.” Your message has left those tracks and I thank you. It was just what I needed to see and hear today. God Bless You Always!

    • Dear Katy, thank you for your post about walking with Jesus leaving tracks for others to follow, sometimes it seems like I am the only one in my family interested in following Jesus, I keep praying for all of them, it was an encouragement to hear my example might be noticed. This video also spoke to my heart about trying to fill my heart and life with others approval, being afraid to say “no” to people thinking they won’t like/love me. Trying to fill my emptiness with food, shopping for new stuff, love of people, activities….this Bible study and Renee’s book are something I was ripe for. I am feeling more confident, I am feeling the prayers of all you sisters out there and hope you feel mine. I am experiencing God’s love and peace in a very special way. It is a sweet journey. God bless all of you.

  37. How did I forget this? I remember speaking on this very same subject (unfailing love) several years ago. Several years back I lost it all and have been searching every since. Thank you

  38. Kathy Sturgis says:

    How refreshing to learn why my heart has been so thirsty!!! I have lots of ground plowing to do so that God may have the soil of my heart to fill with HIS li ing what.

  39. Thank you so much for this video and the message notes. I love the illustration of the jar filled with things and then pouring them out and replacing them with the crystal clear water. That is exactly what I needed for today. I know that I will be watching this video again <3

  40. It is amazing to me after being a dedicated christian for 33 years that this study and this video speak in such volume! I know we always have room to grow. However, it seems I should be more “grown up” after all these years! 🙂

    God is good and I am thankful there is this abundant life He provides. I am reading the prayer out loud daily and practicing my verse. These are helping me stay more focused. I love that.

    Hang in there, Renee, as you have been hammered this week. God provides for you in the storms of life and many are praying for you. He wins!

    • Karen:
      RE: More grown up…

      I am finding that the more I learn in my Christian journey the more that I discover that I don’t know! This is one area where it is nice not to ever be “grown-up.” 🙂

  41. Thank you so much for the message today. I have to say that I have forgotten how much we need Jesus to fill our hearts and not the things of this world. This message has convicted me of my wanting other things. I need to focus on Him and not other things. God Bless You, Renee!

  42. Thank you Renee! These are all things that I know are so true, but need to be reminded of once again!
    I liked having the worksheets to go along with the video too.

  43. Oh my goodness! What an AMAZING video post. I love seeing your visual aid. It is so true how we look to those things to fulfill our hearts but in the end we still fell empty. Re-shifting my mind set this week. Thank you so much:)

  44. So appreciated your video today. I felt like living water was being poured into me as it was poured into the vase. A feeling of peace overcame me…
    When I woke up this morning I started feeling the weight of the world until I quoted this week’s scripture to myself…I stopped worrying.
    A sentence from Chap. 3 really spoke to me, “Until God’s love is enough nothing else will be”! This book is changing my life, making my heart more sensitive to God…Thank you, Renee…God’s protection & blessings on your life…

    • That sentence was the one that caught my attention. I’ve underlined and also journelled about it and how I want that to be my on going desire.

  45. Renee,
    This video could not have come at a more perfect time. I am realizing, not that I am filling my life with the wrong things, but I am desperately trying to figure out what will fill and complete my life now that my marriage has ended. Yes, that obviously points to the fact that I was expecting my husband to fill areas of my life that he could not possibly fill. My eyes are being opened and I am praying that the knowledge I have had in my head for many years can start settling in my heart so that I can find my confidence in God once again.


    • Fran Bruno says:

      dear, dear Kelly….your sharing so deeply, moved my heart, as it will others..’thank you’, as it took courage to do so. I also, have ‘looked’ down a dark, empty tunnel….in my mind….and until I CRIED out to God, our heavenly Father…it didn’t know what else to do. HE IS THERE…HE WILL BRING you closer to Himself…and by opening yourself to Him..inch by inch..He will be answering you in only the way He knows is best for you. Seek Him only…Listen to Him, only….and ONLY HE will ‘satisfy’ your soul!
      Praying for you my sister in Jesus,
      and PRAISING HIM for this study!!!!

  47. Thanks for this video – I need visuals from time to time. Hope you and your son are feeling better. Prayers for both of you. I always looked for a relationship to complete me. It only has been the last couple of years and since reading your book that I know that only God can fill me completely.

  48. I struggle with the idea that God can be “enough”. I don’t know how that could be. The hole inside of me, my need to be loved is so deep. And yet he is enough because he is the one who created me, and therefore created the need! My prayer this week has been that God will show me that he is enough and how a relationship with him can satisfy.

  49. This is such a good visual, and an awesome message. My children are grown and have moved two states away, so it’s just my husband and me again! I struggle so with God being enough. I know it in my head but it’s a daily battle to keep the loneliness and feelings of uselessness away. Thank you so much for helping my head knowledge become heart knowledge.
    Praying for you and your son…

  50. Loved the video. The interpretation of the “material things” & Living Water was just awesome. BTW, Love the necklace.

  51. Thank you so much for this visual! That was such a blessing! If you don’t mind I hope to use this visual for the Ladies at my church as well! I am so guilty of trying to fill my life with material things….clothes, decorations for my house, you name it! Lord forgive me…

    Again, thank you so much for this FREE bible study that you are doing with us! I have used these scriptures so many times in the last few weeks for so many different areas of my life! Just yesterday I said, “Lord, I trust you! You are my confidence! Yes Lord…I AM confident in You! I know that you will see me through this certain spot in my life!”

  52. Thank you for today’s video. It really spoke to me. I have a tenancy to look to other things or people to fill me when I should be looking to God to fill me up.

  53. Great video, great visual! I shared it on FB. And although I know this isn’t really pertinent!, I love your necklace! Looking forward to the next video!

  54. 1. Not sure what that would be relating to…Following God has been “crazy” (from the view of onlookers). I left the church I grew up in, the security of pleasing my parents and the “rules” of “do’s and don’ts”…to come to Jesus and develop a living faith. As far as getting “love” from mankind, I have struggled with that and don’t believe there is anyone who “measures up”…not even me…which, if I read the Bible correctly is right. The problem with that is that I have to adjust the way I look at things and realize that truly all I need will come from God. That I can love others with His love…when I receive it.

    2. Many years ago I thought that having a husband would fulfill me. Then, having children would do it. I have come to realize that the most precious relationship is truly the one I have with the LORD. Sadly, I don’t always live like I believe that…though it is still true. I discovered this truth through much pain as I worked through (and am working through) disappointment after disappointment. Nope, it’s not in me or any human…it HAS to be Him!

    3.Yes, yes, yes and yes. No to the heart…not yet full. There are empty places that I would like HIM to fill. I would like to understand His affection toward me. I would like to know that I matter to Him and that I am not forgotten or “pushed in a corner.” Some days I know these things better than others. I would love to see His smile as He looks at me.

    It’s easier to try to fill our lives with other things…especially because “stuff” and “people” are more tangible than God is usually. It’s difficult to long to see and touch Him…to feel His hugs…there is an ache that no human can fill…and I’m not sure how God does that–to give us affection.

    • Carla

      What you said, “I would like to understand His affection toward me. I would like to know that I matter to Him and that I am not forgotten or “pushed in a corner.” Some days I know these things better than others. I would love to see His smile as He looks at me” – this is so real. Thank you for sharing your heart on this.

      I share these same feelings with you. I am comforted by the fact that He already knows the deepest desires of my heart. He seeks me out this way. He is drawing us closer to Him!

  55. As I watched you pour the water in the “empty palces” I realized God wants to fill us to over-flowing with living water so we can overflow onto others just as you are doing. Many are called but few are chosen. The “chosen” answer the call. Praying for you and your family.

  56. Thank you for that video message. It really does help to get the message into my head and I am praying that it will get into my heart as well. I love how you said “Shift your dependence from the gifts to the giver.”
    I pray for myself and all our online study sisters to absorb those powerful words. Lord, help us keep our eyes on you and strive only to please you. Thank you Renee’!

  57. Judy Lowe says:

    Don’t we all tend to want God with skin on so to speak. He truly is a rewarder of those who seek Him and to truly seek Him, we need to have our attention fastened on Him. I love the quote by Jim Elliott (missionary years ago): ” He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”

    Thenk you Renee for your faithfulness in doing this bible study. Please know that we are praying for healing for you and Andrew. Please do not feel stressed that you might let us down because of all that is coming at you. You have written the book; that in itself is a great ministry. God will fulfill His purposes for us one way or another. Rest in Him. Many blessings for you and your family!

    • Fran Bruno says:

      …I so agree, and Renee…do pace yourself….we are all understanding to ‘real life situations’…we love and appreciate you!

  58. Thanks for the video! I needed that.

  59. It was a perfect message for me today. Thank you.

  60. Thank you Renee for this message. I never realized just how guilty of look to others to fill me I was until now. I now see how God will fill us with unfailing love and we can thank Him for those blessings that we have. I pray that I’ll be able to remember this in those times when I’m feeling run down.


  61. Thank you….exactly what I needed to hear today!

  62. Wow, the message and visual illustration were absolutely perfect. Even as I read through the chapter (twice) I did not absorb the truths of this weeks message until I watched the video. I can relate to the feeling that I am looking for something, but not know what it is! 🙂 I have felt that feeling often and Renee , you put it into words and perspective so beautifully. As I read through the postings here it appears that this message is relevent and needed for women today. I thank the Lord for your desire to share your heart and knowledge with this online community Renee. It is appreciated!

  63. Wow, did I ever need that video. I have been struggling with a lot of things these past few months and this video made me really stop and look at those issues. The jar was a perfect way to get your point across. Thanks so much for sharing with us. I love the bible study this way. Even if I can’t be there the day it is sent out I can still be a part of the study. GREAT GREAT GREAT.

    I will be praying for you and your son.

  64. Thank you for sharing so beautifully in word, illustration and joyful direction to Jesus first. Prayers for the Lord’s knitting together your son’s collar bone, strengthening him. In Jesus name Amen.

  65. Thank you, Renee for your obedience to God’s calling. We are so blessed for this! May each one of our cups overflow with God’s unfailing love, mercy, grace and eternal forgiveness as we learn to take everything moment by moment to God.

  66. Debbie Jo says:

    Amazing video….I have spent SO many years trying to fill that empty spot with SO many different things and could never figure out why it didn’t work….What a simple answer, God goes there. When I put God there, life is SO balanced and I feel so at peace…..

    Ch 3, Q 2: I always looked to the “man” in my relationships to fill me–that was going to make me happy forever and ever. By doing that, I lost myself! I became about “that” man–I became that man. I am still learning who I am and what I am like 🙂 What a struggle to untangle that mess–thinking/being someone else inside myself….Thank you, Daddy God, for showing me how to be me, me in You and your unconditional love!!!!!

  67. Oh how I can relate to the feeling of emptiness even though I am surrounded by things and people. Looking for love in all the wroing faces and places was a nasty habit that controlled my life. So wanting to be loved and accepted. I love the powerful illustration of filling the jar with God”s Living Water where there are no empty spaces. Wow, I long to have God fill me with His Living Water. This journey has been a blessing, I am so grateful for this, it is not by accident that I came across this. God wants to heal me and direct me towards Him. I will seek Him instead of people, education, positions and things to fill and satisfy me.

  68. Thank you for reminding me to continually go to Jesus. That He will always answer me and fill me when I seek Him.

  69. Ernice Carter says:

    As you can guess when reading my posts on the facebook page, I am a visual person! If I can see it, then I can understand it, thus I try to post with a graphic. You have hit the ball out of the park with this one. My jar is just as large as yours and I have a lot of empty spaces in my heart. Knowing that I must and will fill it will God’s love is the ONLY way that I will find unconditional love. Last week I started the process of clearing negative people and thoughts from my life. You and your online bible study have awaken the old me, which has been asleep and missing a large part of my life. God is a wonder!

  70. Fran Bruno says:

    ..can’t wait to drive into this study tonight!!!
    (and with all my ‘new friends’…sisters in Jesus….being filled to overflowing with HIMSELF!)

  71. Caroline McGinnis says:

    Renee I absolutly love your video message today it gave a wonderful visual to the story of the Samaritan Woman. It was also inspiring and uplifting al well, an up beat message to my day thank you so much for sharing it and your heart devoted to God.

  72. Oh I really needed the reassurance today. I had a rough day I saw people with their respected partners, and I was all alone, but then I continued reading the book, and I watched this video, and it made me feel so much better. It made me realize that yes it is good to have company, but it is even better to have God with me.

  73. Thank you for the wonderful video Renee. That is exactly what I need. Get well soon and so with your son.

  74. Thank you Renee for this study and the video. For many years I’ve been a people pleaser and did all the things expected of me. I did what I could to gain approval from everyone and it left me feeling depressed and lacking confidence in no matter what I did. Since this study began, I’ve been writing Bible verses on 3×5 index cards, hanging them in my bathroom and taking them along with me to work. I’ve been learning to include Jesus in everything that goes on through out my day, and I’ve been experiencing peace regardless of what comes my way. Like most of the girls thought, I figured you were going to pour the water in the vase so that it went around the objects. I totally get why everything needs and has its place; people, things or what ever takes the place of Jesus filling you simply leaves you empty. What a great visual!!

  75. Thank you for that message. I want to look to God alone to fill me. I am single. I have a great desire for marriage and children. God is constantly telling me that He is the one I need to look to when I am feeling lonely. If I think it will go away just by getting married and having children then I am wrong. He said I will end up holding on to tightly to these relationships and they will not be healthy. So I continue to try to look to Him. I want to learn this now so I can have a healthy marriage and be a healthy mother for my children.

  76. I have tried so hard to fill my empty ache inside with “others” and other stuff. I am embarrassed by how low I have sunk in the past trying to gain love, admiration and acceptance. Thank you Jesus for being my deliverer. I have known the Lord for 33 yrs, and this part of His message and love are just becoming a reality to me. Makes me happy, gives me peace.

  77. Renee,
    Wow! I so loved your illustration of how we fill our days and life with things or someone. I think you said it best, “it’s almost as though we carry around an empty jar…hoping something or someone to fill us.” I so relate to food and shopping.Only to find discontentment and emptiness still. I loved how you said that it is a “moment by moment, day by day…with God, positioning our hearts to let His perspective defines ours.”
    It is only when I find complete security in God’s love will I be satisfied…not there yet!

  78. I am afraid, I have been hurt by “men” before. I am afraid to let go and trust and believe God that he will never hurt me or leave me. I am going to keep trying as I know I cannot be the woman He meant me to be if I don’t Let go and Let God.

    • Denise Goodrich says:

      Your post reminds me of how I have felt and even sometimes I still feel that way. I listen to Godly teaching and christian music to constantly remind me of God’s unfailing love. Remember that people (men) have free will and they make poor decisions and can hurt us. God can be trusted. He is divine and he cannot sin and he will never hurt you! Meditate on these verses:Psalms 91:1-4 & 14-16, Romans 8:38-39 and Ephesians 3:14-19. You can trust God with your heart and I will be praying for you. I know what it is like to be hurt by men. Remember God is not man, He is divine.

  79. What a good video. My problem, when I was looking at the questions seems to be not so much of what I am looking for to fill me; although I think I still am. My situation seems to be that I feel so many times and so many things have failed me that I continue to feel empty. I know God loves me, even when I feel unloveable. I am looking for the Joy of the LORD. I consistently feel void and somewhat lost. I have moments of happiness and moments of Joy but it does not seem to hold on. Even with this study I get burst of joy but the work digs deep and then I go wallowing again. My prayer is that God would so fill my heart that I couldn’t help but spill it out. I want my water jar full to overflowing with much abundance. I know when I get out of me and into others I do much better. So I am still trying.

  80. I pray you are feeling better Renee. I know Jehovah Rapha has a mighty healing work for you and your son. Thanks so much for the study.

  81. Thank you for the video message. Great illustration of him filling us and satisfying us with His Love.

  82. Denise Goodrich says:

    Such a good reminder that only God has unfailing love. I have learned to lean on God especially in the last couple of years as I have just gone through a difficult divorce. I have felt unloved or loved conditionally by most people in my life. I want to experience God’s love in a way that fills me up.

  83. Debbie Verburgt says:

    Thank you Renee – loved the visuals! Needed this reminder to be filled by God’s love – his Holy Spirit – to put my eyes on him and my trust in him. I’m also reminded to the song my mom used to sing…”Fill my cup Lord..and make me whole again….” thank you,

  84. Denise Goodrich says:

    To answer the questions on Chapter 3
    #1 I am not sure I have done anything really crazy for love. I love my kids like crazy!!
    #2 I am wondering what it would like to find a soulmate – and making a better decision in marriage than the first time, but really for my girls. I feel incomplete sometimes being single. On the other hand it is so nice not to feel so tied in knots like I did while I was married. I also need to look to the future and am concerned how I will be able to take care of my girls on my own. It is all up to me now. I no longer look to people to fill me up as I feel so hurt and disappointed with some previous relationships. I really depend on God to fill me up. I am so blessed when I look back and see how God has been there and spoken to my heart at my lowest times.
    #3 When I am in church or somewhere and see a couple with their children I feel alone sometimes. But then I sense that God himself is with me and he will help my as I raise my girls and provide for them.

  85. this video teaching just stirred inside me the confidence that thru Christ I can be who He has called me to be because in Him alone is the ability to make us who we can truly be for the upbuilding of His Kingdom. Thank you so much Renee.

  86. Debra Young-Starkey says:

    Thank you so much for that message. It caught me right in the heart. It has been a pleasure following you in this study. There are so many things I can relate to. I have been struggling with so any things and this message brought it to where I could feel the truth in what you are saying. I thank you for sharing your wonderful gift from God. you are a true Blessing.

    God Bless You!

  87. Thank you for sharing this with us. I was at Bible study this evening and we were talking about God’s omniscient (sp?) how he knows everything even before we were born. It kind of goes with this chapter how we are looking for something to fill everything and for me I think it has some to do with what I think of my self and what others think. God doesn’t have to think about us or have an opinion. He already knew what I was going to do today before I even went to bed last night. Nothing is a surprise to him and nothing is impossible for him to help us through. It was amazing how the two went together. It just kind of clicked for me tonight. Now I have to really believe and move it to my heart and ask God to work on the struggling areas in my life. Thanks for sharing your life with us. I hope Andrew is doing well and you are feeling better.

    Thanks again!

  88. Thank you for sharing your video! The visuals really helped drive the point home. I have struggled a lot with being a people pleaser over the years and letting that influence my thoughts, actions, and decisions. I believe that is what God is showing me in this chapter. I feel so uncomfortable in social situations because I care too much what people think, and I don’t feel like I have a lot to offer… I know that if I can continue to grow in the area of allowing God to fill my heart instead of things, my life will never be the same. I am definitely a work in progress!! I hope you and Andrew are feeling better soon!

  89. What an incredible video Renee. You really hit the ball out of the park with this video. I will be watching it over and over because I really think the message comes in loud and clear. Thank you so much.

  90. Yesterday was just awful for me. I was down and couldnt see the way up my jar is filled with all the wrong things trying for that unconditional love that I long for. If it hadnt been for my biblestudy girls, I would still be down. Even though your video was not out when all this was happening the girls, brought all of this up. Now mind you I am a new Christian, and sometimes not to trusting of what the Lord can do and as I felt sorry for myseil that my life was in crisis and my husband and i were fighting again, I forgot that God is the only one that could fill me. the girls got me thru yesterday reminding me of just what you have and today the reinforcement of your video just brings tears of joy down my face. I am loved, He is here, and He is telling me this thru you and thru my studies and thru my girls. Thank you so much Renee the message is coming out clearer all the time!

  91. Oh Renee,

    This is such an on time Word! I love it. It spoke to my heart. As I watched and listened I had visions of several people in my life, interestingly enough all but one were female. The other was my son. I saw my mother and how she “work throug” , or “dealt with ” the untimely & unexpected death of my brother who was only 33 years old, a Viet Nam Vet surviver, and the totally unexpected death of my father .

    He was the her whole lile next to us kids, his life partner, his help meet, and , her one true love.

    My Mother was out of control trying to “cope” with the losses in her life. Oh how she shopped and purchased things, all sorts of things, jewelry, clothing,shoes, handbags, tools, appliances, kitchenware, etc.. hoping to make the pain go away and heal her empty heart.

    Today 30 years since my brothers death and 17 years from my father’s death, she finally gets it. Two years ago I felt an urgency pressing at my heart to lead my mother to the Lord. Since then I minister to her at her home as I can and even over the phone if necessary.

    She is pretty much bedridden and house bound. I am a Registered Nurse of 30 years and work full time and I also minister to my Christian co-workers (all female ), and some of my patients, whom are also all female, and then come home and take care of my mother, cook for, wash clothes, shower her, brush her false teeth, etc… everything we do to ourselves, even down to plucking a few chin hairs that we totally laugh about , when I don’t hurt her too much. I try to make jokes here and there, and she totally gets them and comes back with her own. 🙂

    More recently she hasn’t been able to get out of the house since she fell and broke her hip, it makes it quite difficult for her to walk and or sit for long periods of time at the hair salon. So guess what I do now? Yup!
    You guessed right! I now cut her hair!

    Here’s my disclaimer to her: “Ok” I told her, Mom, now you know that I don’t know what I am doing, I am a Nurse, not a hairdresser.” She said :That’s ok,, just get the hair off of my ears and neck”. I thank God that her hair is short and she really can’t tell if I messed up anywhere. :-0 !!

    But somehow, someway, amazingly, (I think God gave me some talent and skills I didn’t know abou) her hair turns out cute. My nephew even commented on it! He said he thought it was cute too.

    Saturday I even “layered” it! We giggled and she just loves the attention I give her literally from head to toes, mani & pedis and all!

    During all these mom times, we talk her life as a young girl in Germany, and her life as a young wife at war times with my dad, her being German and him being an American soldier in Germany during the war, both crazy in love with earch other. There were many other stories of her life up to now.

    She said she loves spending time with me because I “totally get her”. And she says she loves how kind, compassionate and gentle spoken I am , something she says my other sisters don’t quite deliver to her like I do and she can’t talk to the boys about the things we talk about, like “A mother’s love, or a wife’s love and how are love is different than a man’s love and how sometimes they just don’t get us..

    She always thanks me repeatedly. . But I tell her she doesn’t have to thank me and that it is an honor and my duty to do all that I can for her, it’s the least I can do, and I want to do all I can for her.After all she is my only mother.

    I just smile back at her and tell her that I am a reflection of her. I think she liked that when I said it because she looked at me and just nodded her head in agreement.

    I tell her that she’s getting back all the love and care that she poured into me all the years. She smiles as tears well up in her green eyes. (my brother that passed away and myself and our mother all look similar and he and I are the only 2 of 6 kids to get our mother’s green eyes.) I love them!! As I sit on her bed at her side, I t hold her warm hand and let her reminence and talk.

    She’ll talk about how she tried to mend her broken heart with all the shopping, buying, spending etc… and that she did what she thought would help her, But in retrospect she said it was all short lived. Once she received the items all of the joy was gone, like the air out of a balloon, and she was on to the next thing to help satisfy what she was missing.

    She didn’t buy for herself all the time, but for us kids too. For us girls it was mostly the latest kitchen gadget or home appliances. One year we all got the famous “Salad Shooter”, the next year, the tower to freeze dry fruits and or veggies and make your own beef jerky, pots and pans, cake pans, cupcake holders, etc… Well that went on for years.

    I love that now as I talk to her about Christ and His love for us and His desires for us, she totally gets it! She sees how no thing or person can replace or fill the emptyness in us other than God Himself.

    She is in constant physical pain these days with bone on bone in her left shoulder which she can’t use her left arm at all, and osteoarthritis in her hips and spine , and two old knee replacements with heavy metal knees all which keep her in pain and tears daily, unable to walk without assistance.

    She can’t take narcotics as they make her hallucinate, nor can she take NSAIDS, the antiinflammatory medications, because she’s had blood clots to her lungs on two occassions which makes her not a candidate for surgery. So we help her with other methods like Icy Hot,creams, lotions, and ointments, Tylenol, heat, ice. positioning and repositioning, and mainly prayer.

    She is grateful for everything we do to help her. She is 85 now.

    I am just glad that the Lord didn’t give up on me, so that I could share what I have come to learn about being a Christian and God with my mother.I remind her that I too lost my brother and my dad and my husband through a divorce, but nevertheless, I still miss them and I hurt too at times.

    I remind her that I miss them too and still think about them and it’s ok to cry and miss them, but that we are still here today , and we must find the joy in being here. There are obviously things God still has us for to do or receive while we are here, and we need to be mindful of that as well.

    We pray continually for physical, psychological, emotional, physiologically, relationship, and spiritual restoration and healing.

    Oh, and God has delivered her from her trying to fill the pain with “things” and “people pleasing” as He Himself is filling her daily! It’s been a couple of years now! I love her transformation.

    To God be the Glory forever~~

    I am going to look into getting the Internet at her place so that I can share the videos here with her (she’ll ove this one) and maybe if she’s up to it, she can participate in the Bible Studies as well.

    PS: I am so sorry this was so long. I just wanted to give God all the Glory. We can’t do it alone! He tells us that apart from Him, we can do nothing. That means “No Thing”.

    We need to accept that come to terms with it, and let go., and let God deliver us and heal us. He will.

    May God Continue to Bless You, Your Family, and Your Ministry

    Love in the Name of Christ,

  92. WOW! That was amazing! I have never seen anything like that before what an awesome example of how God can fill our lives with unfailing love! I was just telling my husband that i felt much like the samaritan women always looking for love in all the wrong places. When all i have to do is look to the Lord for his unconditional, unfailing love!

    • This is a P.S. to what i just wrote: On 8/7/2011 I wrote this in my “Confident Heart” journal that i had already started before this study. “Chapter 3 really hit home for me. The biggest point for me was: “We lose sight of Jesus as our confidence and completion, and we look to other people and things to fill us. “Salvation is a one time decision, But (in bold letters) finding satifaction in Christ and living in the security of His promises is a DAILY process” ( i quoted from the book on the last part) When I re-read what i had written there it surprised me because of what you said in your video!

    • Thank you Tera.

      Yes,Tera He is amazing! keep your heart open to Him and keep your eyes on Him keeping open to Him transforming you and filling you with His love.

      You’ll never look for love in the wrong places again.
      Your sister in Christ,

  93. Stephanie says:

    I have my alarm clock tuned to a Christian radio station and I wanted to share that this morning (after hitting the snooze button twice) I mumbled something to God about Him please waking me up with a great song and the next thing I hear (loud and clear!) is “You satisfy the cries of what I’m longing for….” That was the first lyric to the song that woke me up. WOW!

    Have a wonderful day sisters!
    May our satisfying God fill us to overflowing today!! And may our healing God touch you, Renee, your mom, and your son.

    In Christ.

  94. To answer question 3, yes everything seems full and wonderful on the outside; however, my heart is not. I want to trust Got to fill my heart with His words and love. I want to know that that is enough so I will stop searching for meaningless fulfillment and can have peace of heart with a strong and confident heart.

  95. Renee, I loved this illustration! It was so powerful on how when we try to fill those places with things other than Christ there are still those empty places. Thank you for this study and this book!

  96. Sharon Sanders says:

    Wonderful video Renee. I know that I have allowed many things to fill my empty places but I thank God that I am now giving Jesus the priority in my life before all those other things. He is the only one that can fill us, fill the voids and all those empty places that we try to use other things to fill. Love you Renee and thank God for your ministry.

  97. Renee, thanks for the video message. I loved the illustration of how we fill ourselves with “stuff” hoping to find fulfillment. Yep, I do it it also. I have thought to myself “if I get this or do that, THEN I will be all set. I won’t need anything else. ” It is to easy to leave God out of the equation and I know that Satan loves that about me. My favorite quote in chapter 3 which Renee also spoke in the video is this: “Until God’s love is enough, nothing else will be”. So true!!!!
    “Satisfy me in the morning with your unfailing love that I may sing for joy and be glad all my days, for I have put my trust in God” (memory scripture practice)

  98. As human beings, it is hard to understand and believe that God loves us unconditionally. We do not experience that on earth with other people. The video is a wonderful way to show the importance of God’s love in our life. Having more than one way to understand His word is instrumental in trusting Him.

  99. Marietta Huffman says:

    I would love to share this with my Bible study class this next Wed. Object lesson and all. But I need to be able to have it in a word or pdf so I can use it exactly as you did. I do not have a way to show the video.

  100. For years (most of my life, if I’m honest), I tried in vain to fill my empty places with friends and their approval. God had to take them away in order to show me that HE WAS ENOUGH! It was a tough and lonely time, but oh the sweetness of realizing that He is sufficient. And now…He has replaced the old friends with new, healthy friendships. He is so good!

    • Melinda,

      I used to fill my empty places with friends too. God showed me that He was my greatest Friend. I appreciate my friends now in a healthy way.

      Karen C

  101. Oh how we are blessed to be doing this bible study. I watched the video many times and every time teared up while you poured the water. And how interesting that yesterday I decided I needed some Christian music on the radio and the song that came on was the one you put on FB. The one that goes something like “loves like a hurricane…how he loves us.” Blessed be!!!!!!

  102. After listening to Renee this morning and then re-reading chapter 3 and doing questions I went out for my daily run. I have a shuffle that pretty much plays songs on random, however mine are sorted by Author right now.
    As we all know God is always ready to speak to us if we will just listen. Imagine my satisfaction and joy when I heard the song, “Come to the Well” by Mary James. God is so good.
    If you have not heard it I am sure it will speak to your heart as it does mine. I have posted a link but if that does not work then just Google, “Come to the Well by Mary James” Should come right up.


    Blessings to each and every one of you

  103. Jodi Volquartsen says:


  104. This video was such a blessing to me. I mentioned that I suffer from anxiety in an earlier post, and when anxiety consumes so much of one’s time, there really doesn’t seem to be any room for Jesus. I found that to be true in the past. However, when I made the concentrated effort to not only believe in Him but to follow Him, I realized just how much help I needed to allow Him in more of my life. With the help of therapy and a low dose SSRI, I am able to calm the anxiety I feel enough so that I can begin to hear Him more than I ever could before. I am taking part in this study, I am taking part in daily devotions, and most of the music I listen to is Christian Contemporary. It has made such a tremendous difference in my life. I also have a goal this year to become minimalist. This will be a challenge, but I feel the physical purging will aid in the mental purging and allow more room for what is important, Jesus and love.

    • Amen to that. I too have been striving to purge my life of many things. I retired last year and started doing so and as you say sometime life gets in the way. I made a good start and then lost some of my momentum. I just need to continue to stay in His word daily and fill my life with only the things that bring Him the glory. All the rest will follow if I do that.

  105. thank you

  106. Susan Ramirez says:

    Thak you Rene’e I lvoed what you said about only God can fill us up and make us feel secure and confidant. i struggled with insecurities, control issues and lack of self-esteen for nearly 20 years of my adulthood. Once I found Jesus almost 7 years ago, I have foungd the lasting security, peace and joy, thw world has nothing that can touch what God has given me on a daily basis, yes, is sill struggle with self doubt sometime because God is asking me to do something that only He can do through me. he is the one that a glean my strength, couraga and ability to accomplish what he needs done. It is not by me and as I grown in Him I am finding the woman God has called me to be. I love getting to know her more. It has changed my marriage and the lives of our children. Praise and glory to God!!!

  107. Very good visual to go along with teaching. Definitely never thought about emptying everything else so God could completely fill. Have always struggled with fitting in, but especially so since my marriage ended. During it I was isolated, partly by my husband & partly because most people wouldn’t believe that Bobby was capable of being abusive. Afterwards I found I didn’t fit with unmarried women, since I wasn’t able to have kids (which ended up being a mixed blessing as all I ever really wanted to be was a mother (started “adopting” when I was 8) but saved me & them from having to deal with my ex — he wouldn’t have wanted the kids, but would have done everything in his power to keep them from me) didn’t fit with younger married women, & was to wounded to want to even think about attending a group that included men, even if most of the participants were my age or older. Once developed night blindness became even harder to connect with anyone outside of work & then I was laid off & moved to a large community where only knew my dad who I am living with & other relatives 1/2 hour a way. Once again didn’t fit & then being home bound last several months really showed me how few true friends I had & how nothing else really filled the empty spaces. I am really struggling, but God is blessing my feable efforts the last few weeks & have been reminded that He does not ask for the best I can give on a very good day but only the best I can give on that day, still tend to hesitate but feel so much better when make any attempt to connect with God regardless of how miserable or exhausted I feel. Since this study started have been (most mornings) reading index cards with Scriptures & inspirational sayings on them while waiting for topical medication to dry. It is amazing what a difference that makes for my outlook! I really thank God for you Renee & this study,especially for letting me find & participate in it.

  108. Wow. That was an amazing object lesson. It hits especially hard because I have lived it! We all have. I long to allow God – the giver of the gift, to fill me and to stop looking to others to tell me who i am or if Im worthy. I know whose I am to and to Him I am worthy. All the way my savior leads me – what have I to ask beside?
    Thank You Renee.

  109. Thanks for this video message . It really helped me today. Thanks

  110. I really enjoyed this video! It reminded me of a devo I do with my youth with a jar, rocks, pebbles, sand, and water. I look forward to sharing this with my Monday School ladies :)!

    <3 Heather

  111. I loved this video and the visuals used to get the message across! I pray that God will use this video to touch the lives of many who need their jar filled with His unfailing love! I want to show this video to my family and friends who I know will be blessed by it too. Keep doing the amazing work you are doing for Jesus! God bless you!!

  112. Teresa Reed says:

    Wow! How true! So many people hurting. Like the song that says, “Looking for love in all the wrong places.”
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. You are an encouraging blessing.

    • This is so true Teresa! Yes, too many are looking for love in the wrong places. I often find myself looking for validation through other people, thinks, accomplishments, awards etc… I’m glad Renee reminded us that we can get the true unfailing love from God and only God up above. The Samaritan woman at the well was looking for a temporary fix. She didn’t realize that Jesus was the solution to feel every void in her life! In the same way, Jesus wants to give us his Living Water so that we will never thirst again!

  113. Renee,
    I loved the video message! I’m praying for you to feel better soon.
    Thank you,

  114. Broken N Healing... says:

    Well, women, I want to encourage you to REALLY take inventory of your life. I have often heard a message like this and thought, yes, I have a lot of things in my life, but Christ is at the center. I busied myself with ministry and work at the church, almost to kind of prove my point. Alas, what I have discovered, is that serving at church can also become one of the things we put into that jar to try and feel full, valid, wanted, admired. Such a sutle thing – the very water that fills us may compel us to serve initially, but when we become discontent and resentful when the work we do does not produce the desired results or admiration, then I realize, wait a minute – this thing I am filling myself with is not Christ, it is not unconditional, sacrificial love, this is a substitute.

    But I am healing, I am now being filled with the REAL thing. Unfortunately, God had to strip a lot of stuff away from me, for me to realize this. I hope and pray that’s not what it takes for all of us.

    HIS water is like none other. It ALWAYS results in peace, not always in removal of pain, but inner assurance of His love even when everything is falling apart.

    • I truly can relatte to your post. I use to think serving in the church was what it would take to fill me up too. A personal relationship with Christ is much better than trying to impress others by all we can do.

  115. That was really really neat. Thank you so much. This chapter speaks more to me Than any other so far; I have been like a little puppy just running from person to person begging for attention 🙂 thanks to some amazing guidance and amazing GRACE and slowly learning that God isn’t disapproving of me constantly,I’m learning! It takes a longtime to unstop that artery between your heart and head tho, just sayin. A definite process. Thanks for this study.

  116. Wow! Perfect timing to watch this video! It just hurts to visually see how I have chosen to live!
    Thank you so much! Makes more sense to me and I have a lot of work to do! Looking forward to the following chapters!

  117. It’s amazing how your video is speaking to my heart about the very issues I am having now. I seek approval from my boss at work or from others, but only Jesus can fill my emptiness. It seems the more I try to impress my boss, the worse things get. I loved your examples of filling the jar and how it demonstrated how we can search to fill our life with other things but there is always an emptiness becasue they fail us or do not completely satisfy our needs. God never fails.

    • I can relate so much to trying to impress my boss. And the same happened to me…where the more I tried to impress her and do silly things like go out of my way to say hi, the more things worked in the opposite direction. And I knew it was obvious. One day we did an activity at work where we all had to write down each others strengths and areas to work on and someone wrote “needs good work acknowledged” on mine and not that we all don’t wish for that, but it was interesting that had not been said about anyone else in the activity…to me that just really stood out to others about me. I feel like when we look to others for approval, etc we give them a place where they don’t belong. Or we kind of idolize them and then maybe people feel this and feel burdened by your expectation of them to be your all in your life? And that’s when the relationship goes sour. The more I realize God is my main relationship, my other relationships get better. Let’s quit looking to others to make us feel accepted, happy, peaceful, important, admired, etc. They can’t, they’re just a human like you. Only God can do that!!!

      • Amen May! I have had to learn that in my life. Oh, what freedom comes when we let God be our all in all! The less expectations we put on others the purer and true our love for others will be. It will not be to get something from them but to give to them.

        Karen C

  118. The video was amazing….and so true about how we try to fill ourselves up with everything except what can truly fill us. I wish i had the time to read all the post, but I know from glancing thru them that other women struggle just as I do. I do have an insatiable appetite for the word of God, but I have trouble keeping scripture in my memory. My life has been full of trials and tribulations, but I know that God will never fail me….He has proven that to me. I am looking forward to reading more post and going forward with the bible study. Thank you Renee for sharing all of this, and for all you ladies that help each of us grow with your comments. God bless.

    • So glad you took time to watch this week’s video message. Sometimes I have a hard time with memorizing too. Did you get to read Monday’s post with great suggestions for memorizing scripture? There were some great ideas that have helped me too!

  119. How do I get the chapter 3??? I can’t figure out, please assist. Thanks.

  120. peggybythesea says:

    I so know this is what I do!!! Just got back from two weeks away from home helping the family of a 95 yr old companion I used to care for. Her daughter had moved her to her home and the transition to Assisted Living has been tough. She flew me there and I cherish every day I had. i am home again and feel empty, I felt I had a purpose again for these last two weeks…I am searching for what to do now with my life but at 55 there are not many jobs and I love the elderly and would love to help and find a purpose in being an advocate for them, helping the families through the transition. I just don’t know how to go about it. In the meantime, I have felt empty. I did find my self worth in helping this family when it truly was a gift from God that I even went. I long for him to show me his will for my life.I definitely was finding my worth in people, and places. I am empty feeling like before I went and need for God to fill this ever so empty place of having no purpose. Thank you for the video Renee, I am a visual person and it was a good analogy of what I am doing. I pray for God alone to fill me with His unconditional love!

  121. Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts, stories, pain, agonies, courage, encouragements, love, scriptures, prayers, etc. We have an awesome Father God who loves each one of us unconditionally. We are all God’s children and need His Presence every moment. I was encouraged to see that men are involved and commenting too. Thank again and His Blessings to you all. lolo

  122. I like this video. I have recently found out my unmarried daughter is expecting my first grandchild. When I found out, all the words going through my head were scripture, songs and words of encouragement. I am not sure how I would have handled all this, if it weren’t for “Sam” in chapter 2 of our book. Then I watched this video. Oh it has helped me so much. I am making a transition from passive aggressive to confident and bold. Some have made comments to this. However, I am gonna be a grandma. Thanks Renee for this book.

    • Im proud of you Susan and how you are processing this surprise blessing and burden through God’s perspective. I love how His promises flooded your thoughts. He is with you. He is not surprised and He will show Himself to be faithful and strong in this place of unknown. Congratulations on being a grandma. That baby needs all the love you will give him/her!! Blessings and prayers as you walk through this in grace and truth with your daughter! Praying for you both tonight.

    • Susan, you are going to be a grama; there is nothing like that moment when you hold that precious baby in your arms, close to your chest–a beautiful soft treasure from the Lord, it wells up a happiness and joy in your heart like nothing else i can describe. So tiny, so fragile, so needing our love, so dependent, and i love the scripture from Jeremiah 1:5 “Before i formed you in the womb, i knew you, before you were born, i set you apart.” Sing songs to the baby while rubbing the tummy, the baby knows. Grandchildren are precious, our heritage, God’s gift to us. Enjoy the pregnancy with your daughter and the birth of the baby, on to a lifetime of joy. We serve an Awesome God.

      Renee, thank you for your courage and strength in reaching out to all us women who are hungry for and searching for the Lord to fill those empty places in our heart. Prayers to you and your family for fast healing. lolo

  123. Hey friends, I just sent out an email inviting anyone who can to hang out here for a little while and talk about our chapter questions. Have you watch the video and read the chapter yet? If so, let’s talk about the things we look to to fill and fulfill us and how they relate to question number 4 and 7? What are your thoughts?

    • Renee….I loved the visual your video shared. It was also like you were rit here talking to me about the Chapter. This chapter spoke to me and showed me what I need to do to reorganize some things in my life. I just went back to work and a lot of my things have gone to the back including bible study and my time with God because of coming home and taking care of the house and the kids. Thanks to you I am getting back into bible study which I missed so much with a book I really enjoy and has taught me so much.

      I am glad you are feeling better and so is your son and Mom. I have been praying for you daily.

      Jenny 🙂

      • I’m so glad you felt like I was right there talking to you because that is exactly what I wanted and why I filmed all six of my teaching messages in my home.

        Starting something new like going back to work or any big change in our schedule always throws me off too. I’m like you and my time with God and in His word can get bumped. It takes time to find a new normal but I”m so glad this chapter helped you see how much your heart really needs that time with Him even if it means dishes in the sink or more laundry to do on the weekend. I’m preaching to myself here :0) It’s easy for me to think I need a clean kitchen but what I really need is His perspective to clean out my heart and fill it with His peace and love.

        Thank you so much for your prayers. Boy have we felt them!! Praying for you as I type. Blessings for a rest and Jesus-filled weekend!

    • Angella Lewis says:

      Hello! I just watched the video blog and heading over to re-read Chapter 3 and go through the questions. What a blessing this has been to me today! Thank you for following Jesus and continuing to press on in hard times! You are a blessing to many! Angella L

      • Thank you Angella for leaving a note. It’s so good to have you here! Praying for Jesus to seal His truths in your heart as you reflect on the teaching in the video and chapter 3. Hope you’ll come back to share He shows you with us. Blessings!!

        • Angella L says:

          I think the brightest line in Chapter 3 came from page 45 (on my Nook) “Through his actions and with His words, Jesus told her she was chosen, valuable, loved, forgiven, and free.”……I just realized that THESE are the things my heart have ached for and tried to fill with people, relationships, things, food, positions etc…. I AM CHOSEN, I AM VALUABLE, I AM LOVED, I AM FORGIVEN, AND I AM FREE…IN JESUS AND THROUGH JESUS I AM ALL OF THESE PRECIOUS THINGS!!!

          • AMEN yes you are!!! One of the most beautiful passages in Scripture is found in Isaiah, Chapter 43 where God says, “I have called you by name, YOU are Mine. When YOU pass through the waters, I will be with YOU; and when YOU pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over YOU. When YOU walk through the fire, YOU will not be burned. For I am the Lord, YOUR God. YOU are precious and honored in My sight, and I love YOU” (Isaiah 43:1-4).

            Why? because we are chosen, loved, valuable and redeemed!!

    • Like so many in this study….this book has really hit home for me and has helped me to really look at my life and the choices I have made trying to fill my heart and not being satisfied. I lost my dad who I worshiped due to divorce when I was 12. I have always known it is why I have had so many failed relationships with men (3 divorces). I have repeatedly been desperate and pursuied a man’s love to fill that void. In doing so I have made bad decisions and hurt people along the way. Like Sam after my 3rd divorce I am living with a man who I (answer to question 1 in chapter 3 “the craziest thing I’ve done for love”) at age 53 left my family, home, career, life as I knew it to be with him. I knew and know the ONLY reason I did was for the love he gives me. It has been difficult and I constantly question if I should go back home. I have prayed many, many times for God to give me the wisdom to know if I am where He wants me to be. I know I have been worshiping this relationship before God. It has consumed my life and fills my jar. I totally understand and believe that I need to fill my heart with God and His love to stop this pattern. I just still struggle with and have fear of not having a man’s love. The man I am with is extremely loving and supports my Christian faith but it is hard to balance that with his lifestyle. He is an alcoholic and his worship is drinking which is very difficult for me to live with at times. I am deeply into this study and have been spending alot of time on it praying God will fill me up and give me the wisdom and direction I so desperately need. Being that my parents divorced when I was 12 and my Dad left us financially, emotionally and physically and my mom was broken hearted, devistated, and just trying to survive being left with 4 kids, I had to grow up fast and have always taken care of my needs not really thinking there was any other way.I just took it for granted that’s what you do, never looked to anyone or trusted anyone to do that. It was up to me, my responsibility. I have since 12 been in charge of my life/decisions….. good and bad. I only looked to a man to fill the emotional need for love. That has Always been my main focus in life, to a fault. After my 3rd divorce 6 years ago I finally accepted Jesus in my heart and He filled my heart until I met a man who I thought would fill that need and I noticed I would get away from God at those times. I am having a hard time of having God fill my heart alone because I feel like I push away my boyfriend to do that. I don’t know how to have God and my relationship with my boyfriend at the same time.I also question is this God’s plan for me to learn to go through a difficult relationship and learn to finally be true to myself AND have a relationship and be with someone even though we are different in our values, is this a lesson to stay commited through the tuff times? I keep struggleing with makeing a choice and am constantly being pulled in both directions. It’s like I want to choose God because I know He is the way…..but does that mean I have to give up my boyfriend to do that? I feel so crazy! I pray and ask for your prayers that through this Bible Study God will reveal His plan for me and I will listen and follow His plan….not mine.

      Thankyou Renee and everyone in the study!!! Reading your thoughts has given me the courage to look at myself in truth.

      God Bless you Renee and everyone!!

  124. My husband shirks his responsibilities for providing for us. He drives a school bus part-time and then he plays tennis and golf between runs. His check does not cover our expenses and there is no insurance. I do not know how to accept his lack of ambition and move forward past resentment. So, when I am angry, I turn to food.

    • I can’t imagine how hard that is Becca. It breaks my heart to consider how you must feel. My mom was in that situation when we were growing up. She carried the full load of providing for three kids. And I’ve had friends in your shoes. But you know what, it breaks my heart just as much to hear how mush you are hurting yourself by going to food. I know the guilt and self-loathing that can come from that too. It’s not where God wants you to stay. What is something positive you can do with that energy that your anger is creating. How about going for a power walk? Or choosing to let his lack of action lead you to a step of action. Doing something helpful and productive instead. I”m just processing with you. I don’t have all the answers but I do know God wants to help you and I’d love to pray for you.

      Jesus, I come before you with my sister in Christ and I ask for your wisdom and perspective for Becca. She needs you to take this anger and feelings of disdain and turn them into an opportunity to seek you with all of her heart. Lord, what do you want her to do in response to this very hard situation. You are God and we earnestly seek you. Oh God, You are Becca’s God, earnestly will she seek you; her inner self thirsts for You, her flesh longs and is faint for You, in the dry and weary land of her marriage where no water is she seeks you!!! (Psalm 63:1 Amplified Bible). In Jesus’ name Amen.

  125. Renee — thanks for the video this week. What a wonderful illustration of what happens when we fill up our hearts with things of the world. I loved your emptying the pile back out and then filling with water — no space left for worries or anxiety! Thanks for the reminder to let Christ fill us with living water so we will not thirst for the wrong things in life. Praying for renewed energy and good health for you and yours in the coming days.

    • Thank you Hope for taking time to watch the message Jesus gave me for “us” this week and share your thoughts. It’s a message I need – again and again. This week the Lord showed me how I like to fill my “jar” with getting things done but being sick and being so needed meant no productivity – instead HE satisfied me with His peace and perspective. It was hard for my body and emotions but it was good for my soul!!

      Thank you for your prayers. Praying right now that Jesus will remind you of His truths and seal His promise of lasting love and fulfillment in your heart from all that He’s showing you through this time with Him.

  126. Hi,
    I am enjoying the book and am also really praying that it changes my heart. I have prayed for years that God’s love for me will not just be head knowledge but become heart knowledge. But I’ll be honest and say that despite prayers and reading the bible, I still just dont feel any difference. Is there something that Im missing or lacking?

    • I’ve been right where you are Connie and it’s frustrating. I knew He promised abundant life but there wasn’t anything abundant in my life except busyness and obligation. So, I started praying that HE would give me a hunger and thirst for HIM and HIS word that couldn’t be satisfied by anything this world or my family or my life on earth had to offer. He started answering that prayer. But it meant changes in me and in my desires. I started craving time with Him and I needed to give into it. I started reading books (like mine) with deep heart searching topics and questions. I started processing life with Jesus every day and asking Him to show me what led to my longings, what made me want others approval more than His, etc. And then when He showed me the answers I confessed idolatry and some hard stuff I didn’t want to see. It wasn’t easy but it was so good. He led me to a place of freedom and satisfaction in HIm that I never thought Id find.

      So, I encourage you to start with that prayer and then take time each day to read the book, answer a question, ponder His promises, write out the prayers and really ask Him to show you Himself in your everyday life. Then look for Him, listen for His whispers and give in to what He shows you and how He leads you.

      I”m praying for you to experience a new thing with HIM!

      • Thank You SO much for your response and for your words of wisdom. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. It is so much easier to take advice from someone who has been where I am. It’s great to feel hope again. God Bless You. 🙂

      • Hi Renee, words are not enough to thank our Lord for you and for all the things you are doing for Him. You are a great blessing to me my dearest!!!.. Joining your bible study is a great achievement for me, I am in the same situation where Connie is and please pray for me too. Thanks ,and May God bless you more.

  127. Becca I completely understand how you feel. Just know that you are not the only one is those shoes…need I say more. This bible study has helped me thru so much of my anger but I still have a long ways to go before the resentment and anger is gone. I see things differently but I still feel the neglect. I feel the love is gone when he doesn’t want to support me any more. With Christ all things are possible so I am hanging in there.
    Have a Blessed weekend.

    • Thank you Judy for sharing. It helps so much to know we are not alone and that someone understands how we feel. I so appreciate your willingness to encourage Becca too! I love this sweet sisterhood God has given us here!

  128. When I saw this video I thought about just a few months ago how I was feeling very empty and I was longing for something and I express this to my boss/friend and she couldn’t help me with the feelings I was having, I addressed it to my pastor and the words he shared with me didn’t help with that feeling of loneliness and wanting some water I too was like Sam at the well with Jesus so I have prayed and asked God for the help and I need his love and I am willing to give my all because he has given me and have been with me with every failure and accomplishment. This week he gave me the answer I needed and so I quite my job still have others but this one he knew it was not for me and I am on the faith with my God for love that he is the only one that can give it to me when I bend my knees and pray to him of my love for him and this video is very touching and what I have in my heart daily that I pray for in the Love for my God and happiness. I pray that your Mom and son get well and you also because we need a strong sister of Faith to help us through this journey that we so long for.

    • Thank you sweet Cynthia for sharing your story. Praying for Jesus to keep feeling that thirst in your heart with His love and a sense of His very present help in your times of trouble. SO glad you sensed His leading and followed Him even if it meant leaving a job. He wants the best for you!

  129. Cynthia Sewell says:

    OMG! Thank you for confirmation. This is something I’ve been dealing with for sometime now. Looking for LOVE in all the wrong places. Looking to people, things, work, home everybody except HIM the Creator, my Creator. Your visual Helped to make me remember its not about ME, things, people; its ALL about HIM (Jesus/The Father)! This also helped make the Scripture “Look to the Hills from whence my Help come” into realization. Once I started reading your book, I could not put it down. I kept finding myself say “me too, me too!!! This daily meeting of the minds helps drive the point of the book home to an even greater degree. Thanks again!!

    • Thank you for sharing how God spoke to you through this message and confirmed so much of what He’s been showing you!! Yes, we need to look to HIM from “whence our help comes” – He is the only one who can fill and fulfill us with HIS unfailing love!!

  130. Renee I am so blessed to have the time in the morning to read your post and watch your videos. I am struggling right now and this time with you and the other ladies has helped me stay on the right path. I don’t know how people that do not have Jesus in their lives make it. I don’t think I would be able to hang in there with out the peace I get from His word and the connection I have with all the ladies that have posted and shares their hearts. This is an awesome thing you are doing and the Lord has truly used you to get to me. I feel so much closer to the Lord than I have in a long time. I pray and read the bible more now and that helps me stay connect to God. I know that something good is going to come out of all the bad I am going threw right now. Thanks for all you do for the Lord.

    • Aww, thank you Judy!! You know all this craziness our family went through this week has felt a good bit like spiritual attack and I have a feeling it’s b/c the enemy hates what Jesus is doing in this power-packed community of sisters in Christ. I am so blessed to be part of your lives and count it an honor to pour out what HE has poured into me!! TO HIM BE ALL THE GLORY!! HE is so good and I pray that we would crave and seek HIM more and more each day as we realize how much we are loved by our precious Savior and Almighty GOD!!

  131. Sandra Causey says:

    The most powerful image for me was that of me running around with an empty jar every morning trying to get people and things to fill it up! I have been like that so much of my life.When I trust God to fill up my jar, I can relax in Him and begin to find my worth in Him. That is so awe-inspiring!

    • I’m right there with you Sandra. So easy to look to someone or something to fill me. But isnt’ it amazing the difference in what we find when we go to Jesus with our emptiness and ask Him to fill us. Then all the rest is overflow. And even when hard stuff comes, I know my fulness and value is in Him alone. I’m so thankful we can remind each other of this as we go along each week through the next several chapters too.

  132. Dawn Tuller says:

    I feel so very empty right now and so completely full of stuff. I wish I was more full of Jesus, but I feel like the more I try to memorize Scripture, teach the children to follow Him, read His word and devotions the more empty I feel.

  133. Im so sorry for how you are feeling Dawn. It sounds like you are pouring out a lot into others and into efforts. I just wonder if you’ve sat and just simply let Him love on you without feeling like you “have to do” something. Just being still and letting His words speak over you maybe through a song or just reading the ways He loves you. Here is something I shared on my facebook page today that I’d love to share with you:

    “YOU are precious and honored in my sight, because I love YOU” Isaiah 43:4

    One of the most beautiful passages in Scripture is found in Isaiah, Chapter 43: ”I have called you by name; YOU are Mine. When YOU pass through the waters, I will be with YOU; and when YOU pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over YOU. When YOU walk through the fire, YOU will not be burned. For I am the Lord, YOUR God. YOU are precious and honored in My sight, and I love YOU” (Isaiah 43:1-4).

    Write that truth on a card and carry it with YOU: “YOU are precious and honored in My sight, I love YOU.”

    Wow! YOU are loved by God. Who else do YOU need to impress? What other ladder do YOU need to climb? What are YOU going to add to YOUR life that will top that? Make YOUR life an experiment of living in the love of God. Every morning when YOU wake up let YOUR first words be, “I am loved by God.” And every night when YOU go to sleep let YOUR last words echo, “I’M loved by God.” Write those words down on a card and carry them with YOU. When YOU are tempted to despair because YOU have blown it, take out the card and look at it. When YOU are overwhelmed by all YOU have to do, read it over and over to YOURSELF. Take it out when YOU’RE tempted to sin, to dishonor God, to lash out in anger and hurt someone, or deceive someone, or use someone. When YOU are afraid, when YOU’RE anxious, when YOU”RE alone, remember and feast on the words that give life: “I’m loved by God.” ~ by Jon DeWitt

    I pray you watch & listen to this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlXKVx2eQ30

    • Dawn Tuller says:

      Thank you so much – this is exactly what the Holy Spirit was asking me when I clicked post – are you doing to much?? It is hard to choose between so many good things. I really enjoy Mercy Me too. Thanks.

      • Dawn Tuller says:

        I am also thankful to the Lord for having an open spirit. i pray that being ‘real” will help others know they are not alone.

  134. Becca and Judy, I am with you too. I did take action. I have been married for 25 years in your situation. I home schooled my kids and work as a cleaning lady. Then in 2009 I went back to school and got FASFA. It helped pay the bills and empower me to be stronger as mother, wife and woman of God. I needed that strength to deal with the teen years of my 4 children. It is still rocky and I still struggle, but God does supply what we need.It seems that food is what we need, but more importantly we need Him. I don’t have answers for you, but I am going through the journey and will lift you up in my prayers.

    • Thank you for sharing your story Deena. Oh how we need each others perspective and prayers. I’m proud of you for what you’ve done and who you are becoming through the strength of our HIM-possible GOD!!!

  135. Renee, your video was an instant healing for me! I am relieved that i no longer have to look to anyone but Jesus for my worth!! It matters not whether i’m good looking, fat, skinny, a great singer, or even if my hair is the right length or color! I am who Jesus made me to be and HE LOVES me just the way i am!!!

    • Amen!!! You are beautiful inside and out!

    • Oh by the way as you were pouring the water into your “Vessel” this song came to my mind. “Fill my Cup” The chorus to this song says: Fill my cup Lord, I lift it up Lord, come and quench this thirsting of my soul, bread of heaven feed me till i want no more, fill my cup fill it up and make me whole.”

      • Love that chorus. Is that a hymn? I didn’t grow up in church so I don’t know a lot of hymns. Here is another song many have mentioned to me this week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLxdxw4Gj6g&feature=related

        • No, If you like i can see if it’s on u tube. I was just asked to sing it today in church and I told them about your illustration that you gave us. I am still flabergasted about that video!!!

        • That is an awesome song! I am just leaving it all behind! There is such freedom of leaving everything at Jesus’ feet and letting it go! I have come to the realization that all that other stuff just made me sick, hateful, miserable, lonely, and angry. However, leaving it all behind as the song says is….. I really have no way of expressing it!!!

  136. Lakecia Harris says:

    Great video Renee,

    I appreciate the visual picture of the things that we fill our hearts with and taken out of priority we often use them to replace the role that God should play in our lives. In doing this study, I am more aware of the awesome power of God that Isometimes take for granted. Also, I have a tendency to be a problem solver and give suggestions. I’m learning that it isbest to pray before offering any thoughts, especially when helping a friend.

    • Great insights Lakecia! You are right, it’s easy to take all that HE is and all that HE offers for granted. Thanks for sharing what God is showing you through the book. I just love how He speaks to each of us just what we need to hear.

  137. Renee I am glad to hear that you are feeling well and so is the rest of the family.So, I will be leaving on Sunday to go to the inpatient program and am feeling a little weary about it. I have been working on memorizing this weeks bible verse not doing to well with it. I am thinking of God being at the well with Sam and him saying that he could give her water then she would never be thirsty again. Well I want some of that water right now becuase I feel like he is leaving me or maybe it is my lacking confidence in myself and beleiving or having faith in our heavenly father to be with me through all of this. I guess I just sound like someone spouting off without reason. This weeks lesson touched my heart. I totally seen myself filling up the jar with so much other sfuff but where was God in all of this. I really didn’t have enough room for him. I needed to take the time this week and make time to sit and read his word as well as go buy a non spiral book so that I can take the book along down with me and do the study while I am away. I expect it to be at least three weeks I will be gone. I am asking for prayers from all of you that I keep my miind on the true reason I am there and when I have down time I read my bible study and pray. Thanks for the many prayers that have already been sent my way. I will be checking one more time on sunday before i leave.

    • Robin, I know this is a scary step but I want to encourage you to remember in the dark of doubt what God showed you in the Light of His presences and promises. Remember how He confirmed that He is with you. How He’s opened this door for in-patient therapy that is so hard to get into. How He had them call while you were with your counselor. How many have prayed and how He has shown you that He is going with you.. I know you have been through so much— so much that no one should ever have to endure. I’m sure it’s so hard to trust and you are are feeling afraid and uncertain. It takes so much courage to receive the help we need. I want you to know I’m proud of you for taking this big step. We, your Confident Heart sisters, will be here praying and all of the posts will be archived for when you return.

      Tonight, I prayed God would lead me to a song for you and this is the one He brought me to. I pray He speaks to you through each time you listen before you go on Sunday.


      Believing God’s promises for you!!

      • Caroline McGinnis says:

        Love the song God sent to you a couple a the pictures in the video reminded me of a couple of my favorite passages in the Bible that I keep in mind during tring times.

        Lighthouse—“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path” (Psalm 119:105).

        Eagle—“Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

        God Bless

      • Dear Renee and Sisters of Faith,
        Thank you for the beautiful song and the words of Godliness. I have butterflies in my stomach right now as we are getting ready to go. Last night I went to see the movie Courageous and it is highly reccommended to be seen, My other friend told me to read Psalms 139 which I haven;t done yet but will do so in a few minutes when I am done typing this note. Thank you all for your prayers and I know that I am not alone and that God is with me. Take Care my sisters and enjoy Renee’s bible study as I will enjoy reading the book while I am away.

    • Robin,
      We have you in our prayers Robin, and ditto to Renee’s comments about a door being opened, and you taking the huge step of accepting this gift. God, I ask that you accept the prayers we offer now for our sister Robin and thank you for the gifts we have been given; ourselves, our time, and our pocessions all signs of your gracious Love, and not to take the gifts for granted Amen.


    • Caroline McGinnis says:

      Prayer are with you Robin

    • Robin, i feel your pain heading into the unknown…which i did in 1975 for three weeks. The results are so well worth it. Pray and ask for courage and strength from the Lord, for Him to be with you during this time. He will be, even though you wonder where He is. He loves you. Deuteronomy 31:6 says: Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes before with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.” Go to the inpatient program and know the Lord God Almighty is right there with you. And Robin, i will be there too with you with prayers. I love you dear sister. What a blessing this study has become for us. lolo

  138. Renee,

    I have been tremendously blessed by your book. The Lord has used it to shift my focus from people, places, and things as the fulfilment of my life to Himself. I know now that He truly satisfies our longing soul when we look to Him wholeheartedly. He has given me a confident heart and I know I am loved with His unfailing love. Please pray that I will never forget the lessons I have learned from your book and from God speaking to my heart. Thank you for allowing God to use you to bless so many people.

    May God bless you exceeding, abundantly, above all that you ask or think for your faithfulness to Him.

    Karen C.

    • I am praying for you right now Karen…

      Jesus, thank you for how You have spoken to Karen’s heart and given her such a deep desire to find her every longing met in You. I pray You would seal these truths in her heart, engrave them on her mind and bring her to them again and again. Keep this book and this message by her side. May she return to what You have shown her and dig deeper and deeper into Your Word. Holy Spirit, be her Mighty Counselor and Blessed Reminder as she seeks to live with a fully devoted heart and may her confidence always be found in You alone. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  139. Elizabeth says:

    Today was I was reading more of our chapter this week and somg came into my mind!! I believe it was from God!! Its a song by Chirs Tomlin: You are my Treasure!!

    I began to sing the very start on the song!! I am created for You along Bought with a price I’m not my own!!

    Oh how these words were just what I needed to hear from my Lord!!

  140. Good evening ladies,
    I finished reviewing the questions at the end of chapter 3, and question 5 verses and question about if Gods love could be enough. In the NIV version of the Psalms 63:2-4 :”I read further with verse 5 being “My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods with singing up my mouth will praise you.” That with Laura Story’s song “Blessings” has helped me to realize this past year that God wants only the best for us, and that we are not always the best judge as to what is best for us. That this world can’t satisfy that hunger we have inside. I can’t help but smile now with knowing the joy that is to come through the trials of this life.

    Also like the when-then statements and started using them for gratitude lists. Thanks Renee!!

    • Love what you shared Lou. Thanks you for taking time to post what you got from the questions and the chapter. I love the verse 5 too! He really does want our best. I can even see that in my trials this week. Praying my Andrew will see it in his broken collar bone eventually. Blessings!

  141. I took advantage of the opportunity for the free” downloads of A Confident Heart before the on-line Bible study began. God has given me so much scripture (promises) on how He see’s me as His precious child. I can say that I am feeling secure in God’s promises because of your book Renee. I am really seeing how vital it is to pray God’s promises. This week, Satan found a weak spot in me and brought up a memory I have silently carried with me for 18 years. It began to haunt me and I felt that I could not receive God’s everlasting forgiveness and mercy. I finally shared this with a trusted sister in Christ. She prayed with me and we talked. I came home, asked for God’s forgiveness and gladly received His mercy. Satan knows how to attack when one is weak. Thank you, Renee for the blessings we all are receiving from “A Confident Heart.”

    • I love that you went to someone for Godly counsel and prayer and Satan was defeated!! Through repentance and rest (in HIM) is our salvation. Through quietness and trust is our strength! Is 30:15. Rest in Jesus sweet friend. He paid the price for your freedom and forgiveness on the Cross and then He boldly proclaimed: It is finished!! Live in the finished work of your Redeemer. You are forgiven. His grace and mercy are yours!!

  142. Loved the visual! God is REALLY using this study to work on me and it is definitely drawing me closer to Him! I am even gonna recommend it to a sister! Thank you so much for the extras you do thru the blog and all it just adds those extra nuggets to the study and I learn well with visuals so i really appreciated the video this week! 🙂

    • So glad you are part of the study Kristen. It’s my pleasure to do what I do and to follow as God leads me to share what is on His heart for us. I’m a visual learner too so I’m glad a lot of you are as well!

  143. Renee ~ What a wonderful video! I am a week behind on the reading and almost didn’t watch the video. I am so glad I took the time to watch it. It blessed me so! Thank you for all that you do. Praying your Mom, son & you are back to 100% very soon!
    In His Calm ~ Mary

    • Soooo glad you watched the video. They will also be available on my website under Confident Heart videos so that anyone can go back and watch them or share them with friends. Also, thanks for your prayers!!

  144. My answer to question 4 is that I am struggling with finding my worth as a homeschool mom. People tend to think I should be working at a “real” job where I can be paid. We are struggling financially, but I feel God called me to homeschool. I’m also having trouble getting it all done, esp. with my 4 year old. I look to my husband most for fulfillment, and some grown-up conversation. I know he can’t give me what I need. Only God can. I can only find true worth and fulfillment in Jesus alone. I also like how on p. 62, you wrote “We become secure as we rely on His love more and more. It is a moment by moment, day by day experience where we process our thoughts, emotions, and decisions with God, positioning our hearts to let His perspective redefine ours.”

    • HI Michele,

      Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly. It’s so easy to look at what we accomplish each day to define our worth. God understands and created us to want to do an excellent job as a mom or homemaker. He wants us to be good stewards of our time but He wants to protect us from finding our value and worth in how well we do them. It’s such a balance. Did you get a chance to write any When…Then statements. Those have really helped me re-direct my thoughts towards who I am in Christ and how valuable I already am – without doing a thing – but solely based on how much HE loves me (and you!) It really is a day by day, moment by moment repositioning of our perspectives. But the more we do it, the more it “sticks”. 🙂

  145. Carrie swearingen says:

    I really liked chapter 3. Nobody can fill or fulfill your life more than Christ. His love is unconditional and he is the living water than can satisy you without leaving empty spaces in your life.

    Number 1. I was involved in a verbally abusive and controlling relationship with someone in high school only because I thought I was in love. A mutual friend broke us up and instead of going my own way I got back together with him. He asked me to marry him and I said yes but later realized I would be making a mistake and called it off.

    2. I have let relationships both boyfriends and friendships fill my life to where even if they were wrong for me I still had to have them in my life to teach me and to help me grow stronger. I was naive and let people use me instead of standing up for myself. Not sure if this answers the question but is on my heart to share.

    3.my heart is full of love for those around me including my husband, daughter, family, and friends but for god I do have empty spaces that need to be filled: my motherhood role ( sometimes feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious), my job ( feeling frustrated with favoritism and negativity from co-workers), my fears and anxitities controlling me, my shutting others out when hurt or distressed

    4.I find my worth from what other people say about me. It is hardest to let god define me in area of mothrrhood.

    5.god’s unfailing love is always present and will never fail or forsake you. God’s unfailing love satisfies your

    6. Salvation-accepting that god died on the cross fir our sins, was buried and rose again. Satisfaction in
    Christ-being in love with god, his word, and his promises

    7. When I start to measure my value by how well I am doing as a mom, then I will thank god for the gift of growing my daughter up to know him and for giving me the strength to be the mom he has called me to be.

  146. Hi Renee,

    Thank you so much for your book, for sharing your story. It ties in exactly with what God wants to do in my life right now, this year. I sensed He wants me to become completely whole and healed from all my past.
    My counselor, who I just started with in January, is the one who recommended your book. How timely so I could also join you and all the other’s going through your book. I thought, not another book, but little did I know it was exactly what God knew I needed. I am at a very difficult place in life right now, and your story and Sam’s story speak to my heart. I have struggled with plenty of doubt, insecurity, depression, (currently dealing with depression due to being separated from my husband), rejection.
    I love the video, showing how only God can fill those empty places. I knew that until God’s love is enough nothing else will be, but haven’t lived it. I haven’t let Him alone fill my heart. Now He is.
    I haven’t even started on the questions for Chapter 3 yet, but have already read much of Chapter 4. Renee, thank you for being a bright spot in my very challenging days right now. You and all those who are part of this study are a blessing. God bless.

  147. Chapter 3 almost made me cry. It was so easy to identify with a lot of the thoughts and emotions that you expressed in this chapter. I find myself often wondering what’s missing in my life. When I look at my life, I have so much to be thankful for. My life is by no means perfect, but GOD has truly blessed me all the same. Although I recognize GOD’s blessings, there is still an empty void inside of me. Even though I’m saved, I still long for more. I desire more of GOD, a more intimate relationship with Him, but I am so unsure of how to achieve that relationship with Him. Like so many other women, I made the mistake of seeking for love in all the wrong places. Recently, I fell in love with a guy, who I so desperately wanted him to be my husband. He was everything I thought I wanted (with a few exceptions), but there was something missing even in that relationship. Although we were engaged, I wasn’t settled on whether or not GOD was okay with me marrying him. After a year of uncertainty, I finally broke everything off. I was crushed and it took me awhile to move forward. I’m still trying to move forward. It’s difficult because I love him. I’m not even sure why I’m writing all of this, but all I know is that I need GOD to heal my heart and to help me be satisfied and complete in HIM. I need for GOD to fill this empty void. I need Him to guide me through this life and to help me to become the woman of GOD He designed me to be. I want to be in love with Jesus and be secure in His love for me. However, I’m not sure how to go about achieving this.

  148. Questions:

    #3 Recently, I have been so stretched, stressed, and anxious. Yes, my closet, schedule, mind, and life are full, but my heart still has its share of empty spaces. I have a hard time saying no, and instead of praying for what things I need to take off my schedule, I keep heaping things on. I know I need to pray and ask GOD to help me identify what things I need to give up and what things I need to hold on to, however, I think I’m a little afraid of what He might say, or I keep thinking maybe He’ll tell me but I won’t be able to hear Him.

    #4 I’m most tempted to find my worth as a wife, mother, and woman of GOD. I think I struggle with allowing GOD to define me period. I’m unsure of how to allow GOD to be GOD. However, I desire to know how.

  149. The Scripture in question 5, Psalm 63:2-4 really hit me as to the way that He truly loves us. And as a response to the love we are to love Him with our praises, and give Him all that we are so that He will fill us up to enable us to be all that we can be for Him. He is enough, He desires to fill us up!! His unfailing love is something we should desire as it is like nothing else that we can encounter anywhere, thru anything else. There was a time when I did wonder how His love could be enough, and sometimes in my weak, and anxious moments i still do. Those moments are becoming few and far between since I have been in His word more and found a wonderful church to learn and worship at.

  150. This online study has had good timing for me. Maybe as the study goes on it will be easier to share some of my story. I am still learning…I spent time rereading Chapter 3. All of the things in the study (so far), I have known in my head for a long time and even thought I was living them in my heart until a few months ago.

    Thanks Renee for doing all you have to be honest and transparent about your life and struggles.

  151. Thank you for the video Renee. A picture really does help put things into perspective. I’ve tried to find my worth in parenting, my job and my volunteer work yet I feel so lonely at the end of the day. Already into this study I find myself wanting to connect more with God and learn and read the scriptures. Thank you and everyone for their posts to help us all feel like we are not alone in this journey.

  152. This was a very meaningful video and I thank you Renee from the bottom of my heart. I love your book and what you are doing to inspire and encourage me to rely upon Jesus. I have reflected upon your video lots this week, and I have referred many to your website in hopes that they will listen to the video also. Renee, you are influencing thousands and thousands of people to reach out to the healing and loving spirit of Jesus Christ. It seems like you need much prayer, because of your huge influence to encourage all of us to lean on Jesus, the enemy is making your life very challenging. Let’s cover Renee with our prayers in the blood of Jesus and in the safety of His Holy Spirit. The enemy is upset, because we are all turning to trust Jesus in a deeper way. Renee, may the love and safety of His power be with you as you do this bible study, and thank you for your book and your video, and for doing the work of Jesus. I shower you with love and prayers now.

  153. Great video Renee! I underlined what you wrote in Chapter 3 “When we worship something or someone, we give them great worth in our lives and oftentimes we find our worth in them.” I recognize I am tempted to put my worth in other opinions of me–and it is rooted deep from a childhood scarred from abuse. Whether it was my daddy or another person in authority over my life, I natually looked to them for approval; I seek affirmation to the many questions of my heart, i.e.”Am I doing this right, Are you pleased with my work?–God has shown me that they will never love perfectly, encourage perfectly or shepherd me perfectly. I’m learning to lean into my Chief Shepherd first and slowly God’s love is penetrating my heart, teaching me to live confidently by hearing His loving affirmations first–asking Him and seeking His approval. When I hear Him, the other voices in the world are not so loud–whether others are cheering for me or cursing me or silent (and silent means I am visualizing them cursing me in my own head.) (Funny, when you put the items in the jar, I thought for sure you were going to pour something over all of it and let it fill in all the cracks…I think for me God is showing that “Yes, your daddy was wrong to withhold love and yes that person there was wrong to withhold favor–and Yes, it was natural for your heart to desire encouragement from each of them–just let Me…I picture God’s loving water pouring over all of the things and people that are naturally in my circular vase and Love is drowning out all of the imperfections in my heart and theirs, slowly, suffocating the wrong we all are capable of) As I embrace more and more of His love and live more confidently in Him, I am also finding my heart capable of more love itself–forgiving, asking God to forgive me for my sins as I forgive them for theirs. Why would I look to anyone else for my worth than the One who created me? God help me look to YOU ONLY for my worth and worship you alone. Thank you Renee for looking to Him and pointing your readers to Him…you sharing your journey is helping me with mine.

  154. I fail to do a lot of things because I don’t have confidence in myself. I’m trying to learn to just let God lead me and give me the confidence I need. Here’s and example. I had to do training at work and I don’t have as much education as the others in my office. We had a test at the end and when I started reading the questions I didn’t know a lot of the answers. I was so upset because I knew that everyone was going to know just how dumb I was. So I prayed and asked God to help me with the test and to help me to find my worth in Him instead of what they would think of me at work. I took the test and submitted it. Later that day I heard some of my coworkers talking about their scores and I had made one of the highest scores. I just praised God and asked Him to forgive me for putting my worth in what others think of me. I want so desperately to let God be what fills me. Thank you for helping me to deal with all this stuff that is standing in the way of letting God’s spirit fill my heart.

    • Linda, I love how you turned to God and asked Him to help you AND then after drew even closer to Him asking Him to forgive you for the way your heart was drawn to put your worth in what others think of you…I am so taking this practical application and applying it in my journey…thank you! I too am so prone to do the same thing and realize I spend WAY too much time thinking about what others may be thinking about me. Praying for us as we seek Him and clean out our hearts 🙂

  155. What a powerful deliverance of Gods love. I received each word you gave on today, thank you! My heart actually melted listening to this message. I want others to hear it as well. Praise God for this word, Renee he has truly used you to touch others and help them open that place they need him to enter in.

  156. # 4 – I was raised with the motto “Be your own person – don’t be one of the crowd” so the concept of individualism was firmly promoted. That left no room for God to define me so when I came to the Lord, it took years of trying to overcome the notion that I can do all things.

    #6 – Salvation is the decision to place my heart and life into God’s Hands acknowledging my need for Him- usually a one-time decision. Satisfaction is Christ is on-going, a place of peace and resting in Him and His ability to save me from myself! It is something I need to cultivate and desire with all my heart and spending time in His Presence and in His Word is crucial to the proces..

  157. Renee, oh how i loved ch 3.I wouldst put it down once i started reading it. i answered all the questions the nx day as well. It took ne awhile to meditate and gather my thoughts b4 I could respond. Ch 3 really hit home as my mother always taught me to b very independent. She taught me to do every thing on my own n never depend on anyone…esp a man…due to our childhood. i did that most of my life until I got married. just a couple of yrs ago our marriage started having problems. and my confidence and ssecurity started to wither…i had put all of my trust, dependence, self worth, and confidence into my husband instead of Christ. and when my husband let me down i was broken n hurt. I started seeking his approval…if i do this o that he will lover me more . if i look this way and do my hair n nails he will think Im still pretty, if i act this way he will want to b w me more. if Im a super mom he will think Im a great mom. we have worked through alot of our situation but i still find myself looking for his approval and wanting that security n confidence in our marriage. Ch 3 came at the right time as it was a good reminder to me that we are loved and accepted by God and he always desires to give us that unconditional love. He wants us to find our security n confidence in him and not in anybody else. i so long to experience Gods unfailing love agai and i know God is the only one who can give me that kind of love. Ps.63 1-4 really spoke to my heart…because ur love is better then life i will glorify you. that gives me peace! i loved the when then statements and they remind me of Gods promises to me and how i can hold on to themin timesof doubt and fear. i want to have a voicconfident heart that is found in a woman who knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is loved no matter what. that lasting security comes when we bring the empty well of our hearts to Jesus and ask him to fill and fulfill us w the security of His unfailing love. Thanks for writing that reminder to us Renee and i ask that u and our sisters would pray for me…that i would allow God to fill me with is love and that i wouldst seek it in the approval of my husband…and that u girls would pray for my husband that he wouldn’t live in his in strength but in the Lords strength again. I look forward to reading Ch 4 and what God has to teach me and show me.

  158. I to, appreciate the visual aide in getting this message across. I have been struggling all my life to get the love and approval of everyone around me and I find myself constantly searching for the wrong attention that just leads me right into sinful ways. I want to find my unfailing love in God and im even more desperate to get it now and forever. I know its not gonna be easy to get out of my bad habits but with God by my side and his word in my heart, I will find his unfailing love. I am so grateful for this confident heart series and I can’t wait to be able to buy the book. I am so Thankful for you right now, I know that God lead me to you for a reason because he knows that I am searching for his unfailing love….. Im glad that you and your family are doing well and I pray that you all continue to be blessed and a blessing to others.. Thank you, Again!

    • Praying for you Toya…admire your courage to share a little bit. I can relate to your feelings that you expressed and I’m praying for us as we listen to God’s loving whispers and allow Him to write His Word on our hearts…Keep going girlfriend!

  159. I am so sorry to read about all things that had happened. I hope you, your son and your mom will heal quickly.

    Thank you Renee for the powerful message on the video. I needed to hear that this morning.

  160. Amazing video – having the visual image of what I do on a daily basis is helpful and so powerful. I’ve turned to food rather than God to fill my empty places. This chapter hit hard.

  161. Thank you for taking the time to send the e-mail on Friday. My week was so busy that I didn’t get to watch the video earlier. I am so glad that I watched it!!! What a blessing it was to have you share this message with us. I am headed out for a run and will begin askng God to help me find what I am looking for and to help me put my gifts in the appropriate place in my life. Thank you again for the e-mail reminder and for all that you do. I am glad that your family is doing well.

  162. my mom sent this to me and then my 9 year old gd sent it to me I don’t know if mom created it or if it came in one of the many mailings she receives, but it fit so well in with our studies i am sharing I apologize in advance if I am messing with c/r issues
    I Love You
    I see you like no one else sees you. I see the things you prefer
    others do not see. I see things that you are not even aware of.
    there is nothing hidden from Me. I see all and I know all.

    I see the parts that you do not like; I see the parts of you that
    you reject. I see, and My Love for you is not altered. In the
    same way that nothing can separate you from Me, nothing
    will ever change My love for you.

    I look at you and smile. I desire to be close to you, just as you
    desire closeness with others that are important in your life.
    I look at you and My heart floods with pride and joy that you
    are My child.

    I want to put My arms around you and hold you close. I want
    to walk with you today. I want to talk to you about the things
    that are going on in your life. I want you to know that I am
    always here for you.

    Even though you may not ‘feel’ or ‘know’ this to be true, I
    remain there for you. If you look for Me, I will show Myself
    to you, for My heart is for you to know Me.

  163. All
    As i read all of these comments to a degree we are all so much alike and it is no wonder we were all drawn by God to take this course. When we finally get it thru our heads, HE IS ALL WE NEED and the rest is just cherries on top what a wonderful life we will live. To go to Him for all that needs answered, he is our source of wisdom and satisfaction. He is our source of self worth, when we can begin to see ourselves not as others and not as we but who we are in HIM, yep I am one of those that turns to food, friends, and working hard to remove those obstacles and go to the PROVIDER the one who fills us with His living water,,, fills all the empty spaces, all the spaces….Thanks for the video and lessons.

  164. Hello,
    thank-you Renee not only for sharing this teaching which is so valuable but also for making us a part of your life through the prayer requests you had. Thank-you for giving us an opportunity to “hold you up”.
    Well, I just purchased the book last night so I feel a little like I’m running to catch up with you ladies but it certainly is going to be well worth the time and investment. I can say this because after reading just the first chapter and praying the prayer and answering the questions at the end it has given me such an insight into myself and how I fit into God’s plan
    I love how you emphasize “praying the word” I also believe this is such a powerful tool in seeing prayers answered–and it’s encouraging, as you mentioned.
    I too ,like so many others commented , find the visual so helpful in the application portion of this study.
    In Christ,

  165. Caroline McGinnis says:

    #2 I have looked to men to fulfill me, then I thought getting married would do the trick. Then having a child might do it. I have come to realize after becoming a Christian and learning about GOD that the #1 and mocst precios relationship O could ever have is the one I am building with my Lord and Savior. But sadly enough I always live as though I totally believe this….but I know it is still true nonetheless. I have discovered this through many trials, much pain, and now healing—glory be to GOD for my healing. I am still a work in progress, my Healing Savior is not through with me yet. I am convinced that this healing is not in me or any one on this earth, but it is in Him and only Him.

    #6 Salvation—Christ saves and protects me from harm, risk and destruction and has already done so in my life. Satisfaction—I need to accept Jesus with confidence that He is true and dependable and will be there for me; even when I fail Him–He won’t fail me.

    #7 When I start to measure my value by how well I am doing as a friend, Then I will look to Jesus for His example to me in being a friend along with Ruth and Naomi.

    I would like to take this time to share something I learned from our teens at church

    4 Great Ways of Living
    1. Look back and thank GOD
    2. Look forward and trust GOD
    3. Look around and believe in GOD
    4. Look inside and find GOD

    • I like your “? ditty” from the teens. Going in the notebook as another tool to use with my kids/coworkers etc.Thanks Carolyn!

  166. Kimberly Stiver says:

    Wow! What a powerful video! Thank you for showing us this, Renee. When you said that when He speaks to our hearts and says “I love you, you are accepted… and when we allow Him to pour His love and promises into our hearts there are no empty places. I knew which Bible verses you were talking about. Today I read day six of your book The 7-day Doubt Diet. I felt compelled to read it first before finishing my questions for this chapter. Now I know why. God wanted me to read day six. His promises are I AM ACCEPTED… Ephesians 1:3-8 I have been chosen by God and adopted as His child. Colossians 1:13-14 I have been redeemed and forgiven of all my sins. Colossians 2:9-10 I am complete in Christ. I AM SECURE… Romans 8:28 I am assured that God works for my good in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. Romans 8:31-39 I am free from condemnation. I CANNOT BE SEPARATED FROM GOD’S LOVE. Philippians 1:6 I AM CONFIDENT GOD WILL COMPLETE THE GOOD WORK HE STARTED IN ME. I AM SIGNIFICANT…Ephesians 2:10 I am God’s workmanship. Ephesians 3:12 I MAY APPROACH GOD WITH FREEDOM AND CONFIDENCE. Philippians 4:13 I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST, WHO STRENGTHENS ME.
    God wanted to show me that I struggle with these promises. I have asked God to show me when i feel that these promises are not meant for me. When I feel this, I know that Satan is just a liar and I am not going to let him get to me! Thank you God for showing me who I really am in You, and that I do want you to fill and fulfill my empty spaces.

  167. Lorraine Lewis says:

    WOW!!! that was an amazing message,Thank You. I clearly understood and its soo true!! I must keep preservering in him until I get to that place in him…..

  168. Good job, Renee! You might want to use a colored liquid in the future. Just a thought…

  169. Marsha Cobbs says:

    What a awesome video, I got so much revelation from it and the Holy Spirit and shown me how everyday this has been a reality in my life. I will no longer look to things, poeple, position, money or anything but God to fill the empty places in my heart. I know that His unfailing love is more than enough and my heart will forever be changed. Thank you so much Renee I really needed to see that.

  170. How mighty is our God, how awesome is He. Let’s serve Him with gladness and enter His courts with praise. God puts a song in our hearts, and He lifts us up to His unfailing love, as we draw near to Him. Ps 90:14 Satisfy me in the morning with your unfailing love, that I may sing for joy and be glad all my days. ( can’t you just feel your mood shift, and your perspective turning in a great direction ?) God has something wonderful in store for our thoughts and attitudes and moods today and tomorrow too !

  171. Katie Purcell says:


  172. Wow, the water pouring into the jar was so powerful. I was instantly refreshed and teary-eyed. Thank you Jesus for satisfying my soul.

  173. Beautiful… thanks for sharing!

  174. Your visual compliments one of my other favorite visuals of pulling all the weeds in our garden – that also gives more room for God to fill with pretty and beautiful blooms to erase all the weeds and rubble we have in our”garden”. Thank you so much for this study – you are such a blessing to SO MANY OF US…Bless you for following and sharing Gods will for YOUR life…

  175. Renee,
    Thank you for posting the video, as well as for writing the book. Like my other new-found friends here, I too have been looking for that unconditional love in all the wrong places. I have always felt like I needed to earn someone’s love and constantly seek for people’s approval. I love how you point out in the video that we need to dump out all of those other things and be filled by Christ alone!
    One thing that humored me was when you put in the manly man… you put him in upside down (whether on purpose or not) — which brought me to a realization. Even when the manly men in our lives stand on their heads for us, it is not enough. My husband is a man who would stand on his head if necessary to make me believe that I am loved… and yet I’m always trying to ‘earn’ it by being a better wife, a better mom, a better homemaker… there always has to be more because I’m so aware of my shortfallings. I am trying to learn to live in the light of God’s grace.
    Thanks for being so open in your book. I love reading it, but find that I have to be alone at night, because I cry my way through each chapter. That’s a good thing – it means you are hitting me right where I’m at!!

  176. I shared the video with my daughters, ages 7 and 9. My 7 year old wanted to watch it twice in a row. We had a good discussion afterwards.
    I know I am guilty of trying to fill my empty places with people and activities. This weekend was hard – my boyfriend was away for work again and I haven’t seen him in a month, my friends were on dates with their husbands or significant others or were doing family activities and my daughters are spending the weekend with their dad. During the day I met up with some people from church and went to the mountains, but sitting at home alone Friday and Saturday night gets me upset at times. I don’t want to go to bars, I don’t want to go out with another man other than my boyfriend, my friends were busy – hard to remember sometimes that I just need God to fill up my hurt places. Thank you for the reminder.

    • I too shared the video with my 71/2 year old son. Not too much discussion yet, because we haven’t had much time in the car this w/e. That seems to be the place where alot of mature conversations and revelations are made. So Renee’s roadtrip video last week was also very relative. Thanks Heather and hope you were able to stop doing and just be for awhile with Jesus with that valuable alone time. I have felt that empty feeling before when my son has to go to his dad’s too. I didn’t realize I have been using my son to fill some of the spaces till you brought this up thanks Heather.

  177. Betty Cummings says:

    Love This Video and want to Thank You Sister Renee for sharing through your Obedience in God helping us see thar we are Searching in all the wrong Places to be Fullfilled all We need Is Jesus,A Personal Relationship with Him.Empty Me is a Song that blesses my Heart.I want More of Him and Less of Myself.I want Him to Fill till my Cup runneth over.I Thank Him For His Precious gift to me Salvation.That is when I began to see My old heart had died and Praise God He gave me A New one that was Secure in who I was as A Child of the King, Also saw my Purpose for being here.He taught Me that Nothing in this World Could Seperate me From The Love of Christ.I now had His Promises His Provision His Protection on My LifeI now new How To be that Servant that Wife that Mother That Grandmother that Friend and Sister in Christ He sent me here to be.I Learned that I was sent Here to Spread the Good news to all that needed assurance that they are Special they are Loved and they have a Purpose in this Life.Thanks for being a Precious Blessing to me Sister Renee and all the Other Women of God that is doing this online Study..

  178. I so very much want to feel full of God’s unfailing love. I am weary and worn this week and pray that God’s unfailing love will carry me through this week. I know he longs to fill the empty places in my heart. The places I have tried to fill with education, with work, with other’s approval. None of those fill me up like only he can.

    I pray that each of us this week will turn our hearts to God and let him fill us up. That he will help us in our weariness and that in our successes we will give him the glory.

  179. Bernadette Black says:

    Wonderful visual~ thank you this will help place this week (and on…) in perspective!
    I am praying for a speedy recovery for you and your son!

  180. This has really been a great week. I too so enjoyed the video and I have watched it a couple of times. I also read the chapter a few times and just let all the information sink into the very depths of my heart and ask Jesus to work in my heart and to show me all those things that are filling the empty places in my heart — Gosh, there is a lot more there than I thought but God is so good and drawing me deeper and deeper into Him.

  181. susan misch says:

    Hi Renee, loved the video, and needed the message you gave about where we need to turn to be filled, sometimes we forget and do turn to the flesh and think it will work and it doesn’t!!! Thank you for your prayers for my son a while ago, he is progressing slowly, but he is getting better. I have tried to let go of the wheel, I feel there is nothing else I can do now and God will have to put other people in play, and He has. His eye dr for his posterior scleritis did a blood test and we found out he does not have crohns but ulcerative colitis, which does not help the fact that he still has an ileostomy to deal with, but they are easier to reverse when it is not crohns. He has a long road ahead of him but I know God is looking after him and leading the way and will be there to help all of us deal with the days ahead and has filled me with peace knowing He is the one who is in control and leading the way~~~~~~~~Sue

  182. susan misch says:

    Hi again Renee, forgot to mention I am a teacher and the use of hearing ~ seeing~ and then the reading that was available was great, I just loved the visual and your GRACE sign behind you~~~prayers for your son and your mom after their mishaps~~~~~~Sue

  183. Renee,
    Thank you for the “Free Resource” section on your site. I am challenged to pray using more scripture and was enlightened with the spiritual gift questionare.

  184. I too liked the video and the jar…it also reminds me that when I fill myself up with all those ‘other things’ I corwd God out…there’s just not space for all of it…I need to be filled more by Jesus…and when He fills me then I don’t have that emptiness that drives me to be filled by less than the best…

  185. Girls, I just had to share this and I’m not sure how it will work here. It was sung in my church this morning and its one of my favorite songs that a group at my church sings (Faithful Hearts)…this is Point of Grace…http://youtu.be/dhyhxGpnXGs…In the Calm…enjoy

  186. The video really hits home. I can relate to the jar to where I was caught up in what people thought bout me instead of focusing on God. I had a hard time letting go of the past and satan never lets me forget it either. I have been searching in the wrong places and have always been empty inside. Over 18 years ago my husband committed sucide in front of me and our 11 month old son. I was 5 months pregnant with our daughter when he died. I gave up our daughter for adoption because I was so devastated at the time and had no support of anyone-I even shut out God. For many years I blamed myself for his death and stayed away from people. I know now all those years God was always there for me but I wouldn’t let him in. I was to caught up in I and wouldn’t let God heal me and help me move forward. Thank you for this book for it is helping me to shift my focus and allow God to do his work in me and heal me.

  187. Thank you for this video Renee. I have read the story many times of the professor who does a jar demonstration with his class, but in that version he pours the sand (God) into the jar with all the other things. I love how you said we have to take out the other things – put them in their place of prominence – so that we can truly be filled by the Holy Spirit – and put God in His place of preeminence.

  188. I loved the video, I’m new to the state of Charlotte NC and left my family behind. I have be single for 5 years now and I want to date but I was longing for the wrong thing. I was listening to a sermon and this fell right in line to what the pastor was talking about. I need his love right now so he can bring me a love that could be acceptable to him. Thanks Ms. Renee

  189. The object lesson really helps to make it clear what God wants to do for us. So appreciate this study. I also liked having the notes. Not sure if they were available for previous chapters but hope you will consider having them for subsequent lessons. Thanks again.

  190. Chastity Ray says:

    What a wonderful and awesome video!! It spoke volumes to me and I’m coming back to watch it again

  191. KAY PARRISH says:



  192. What a great visual this was indeed. I have seen this same kind of visual but with sand, the water was better. I could see the clear, fresh water, like the Living Water that Jesus has given me. Thank you for this because lately I have felt that emptiness because I was trying to find self-worth in a “dead-end” job. Now I can see the Living Water in me and I can be cleansed and fresh to start over as I allow God to find the right job for me and trust in Him for my needs. I am SATISFIED!

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    Letting God Fill the Empty Places in Our Hearts | Renee Swope

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    Letting God Fill the Empty Places in Our Hearts | Renee Swope

  5. airport take says:

    airport take

    Letting God Fill the Empty Places in Our Hearts | Renee Swope

  6. personal sound masking

    Letting God Fill the Empty Places in Our Hearts | Renee Swope

  7. automotive paint repair

    Letting God Fill the Empty Places in Our Hearts | Renee Swope

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