(Week 3) Satisfied

My friend Heather is a Word girl!! When she was in college she performed in over 14 plays and memorized hundreds of lines, so I’ve asked her to share some tips to help us hide God’s Word in our hearts this week. Here are a few she shared. I’ll post more each week.

Ideas for Memorizing Scripture

  • Write the scripture on several index cards or post-it notes and place them in areas where you will see them frequently throughout the day. Examples: on the bathroom mirror, refrigerator door, in the car, at work, etc…
  • Get a stack of index cards and on each one write one or two words from the verse, including the reference. Shuffle them up and see if you can put them in the correct order again. Save the cards and reuse common words found in other verses.
  • Send the verse to friends and family by typing, texting, or writing it out by hand. You can look at the verse, but do not copy and paste! Try writing it at least once a day.
  • Study with a friend, your spouse, or teach it to your kids! Quiz each other and keep each other on track. What a great way for families to spend time in the Word together!
  • Change the wall paper on your computer to an image that has your Bible verse.

Word for the week: SATISFIED (Download in a PDF or download in MSWord). Please print it and post it everywhere so you can remember that God’s love can satisfy the thirst of your soul!

Verse for the week: “Satisfy [me] in the morning with your unfailing love, that [I] may sing for joy and be glad all [my] days…for I have put my trust in you.” Psalm 90:14, 143:8b, NIV

Today’s Assignment: Start or continue reading chapter 3. Remember, take your time and highlight or underline sentences that resonate in your heart.

Personal Update: Thank you for praying for my mom. She has a small fracture under her eye but no internal bleeding. Her face looks horrible so I am praising God she didn’t have more damage. Also, thank you for your sweet and fun comments about my silly Saturday video. I love sharing real life with you and wouldn’t want it any other way. Speaking of real life, I’m getting sick and this is the week we release my first teaching segment in the series of six videos we spent months filming and editing. I’m so eager to share this message with you! I just need to finish the handout and we’ll be ready to go. Please pray I’ll feel good enough to get ‘er done Tuesday so we can launch it Weds as planned. :-). (All things are possible for she who believes!)

Connecting in Community: Let’s commit to memorize this week’s verse together! If you are in, leave a comment by clicking on “share your thoughts” and tell us how you plan to memorize it. Also, if you have any other creative ways to memorize scripture please share that too! Lord willing, I’ll be back Weds with our video that Im so excited to share with you!!

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Oh Renee, I’m so excited about the verse for the week. I’ve been praying that verse for 3 weeks now! I already have it memorized! Glad to hear the update on your mom!
    Love ya,

    • It was hard to contain myself when I saw this word SATISFIED! I was just having a bout of dissatifaction and discontentment. I usually read Ps 90 14-17 daily and when I read it this morning it gave me a different perspective. I’m, praying that He will help me get to that point where I am more satisfied nad content with Him and who I am and who He is creating me to be. I continue to pray for your mother’s healing.

      • I feel the same way Lisa…it’s good to have other spiritual warriors praying with us to help us defeat the enemy on a daily basis. 🙂 God Bless

  2. I”m in for memorizing this week’s verse. I’m going to pray it out loud, and Im going to send it to friends and family by typing, texting, or writing it out by hand at least once a day. Im also going to review it with JJ and our kids and get them to quiz me. I love this verse and Im praying God will give me a thirst for His love that is so strong that nothing this world has to offer will come even close to satisfying me. I want to crave His love more and more.

    • Betty Cummings says:

      Praise God for Your Moms Healing.And Thank You for all you do in Helping The Kingdom of God.Your truly A Blessing.I Pray many Blessings on you your family and The many Callings God has Place on you.Your truly A Warrior for God.Friends and Sisters Forever..

    • I am in another bible study and we are learning ways to meditate on God’s Word. Our first lesson was this week and talked about Pronouncing His Word meaning saying a verse outloud and each time you read it pronounce different words each time so you a different meaning of what the verse is saying. I have done it with a few verses already and it really has changed the way I think about His Word.

  3. Danielle Bane says:

    So glad to hear a good report on your mom! Ptl!

    A great way to learn a verse each week is to make it part of your signature in your email settings. This will help you to memorize it AND be a witness to your contacts! Blessings!

    • That is a great idea to use in your email signature!

    • Cindy Hunt says:

      I too have been using these words as part of my email signature. I have also written them out on 3×5 cards and try to read them on a daily bases. My mode of transportation is the public transit so i would bring my cards with me and read them aloud or to myself. I need to get back to that. I have slacked off a couple of days and I can tell the difference.

      I have to say that this week has been very difficult for me realizing that I look to others, things and postions to bring about satisfing feelings. Guess what ?? It doesn’t work. I was talking with a friend today how my depression is taking me down a road I don’t like to travel. In my disscussion I realized that I am looking for my security and significance in the wrong areas. Like Rene All I wanted and want is to be loved. But as the word says I will only be satisfied in God’s love. I need to get my God dose of love in Him and Him only. He is the only one who can truely ” SATISFY” that Hunger that is deep within me.

      Glad to hear your mom is doing better. I will pray that you will be well to continue your taping and such.

      • I just had the chance to read this weeks chapter and definitely identify with what u went through. I find myself in that spot often except when I focus on Gods presence in my life. It is so easy to look for what is here and tangible to fill us, yet the most satisfaction comes when I am freely allowing him to fill my voids. I also happened to be listening to Casting Crowns new album as I was reading and the song The well started playing. The words are powerful n emulate the message of this week. I recommend everyone take a listen.

    • Susan Ramirez says:

      Great idea. Will do this week. thanks for sharing.

      “Satisfy me in the morning with your unfailing love, that I may sing for joy and be gald all my days… for I have put my trust in you.”
      Psalm 90:14, 143:8b

    • I love this idea! Mind if I add it to my list?

      <3 Heather

  4. I really need to memorize this one, I’m in. I need to get it in my heart like Sam did. I will post the verse and use my index cards. Thanks. Glad your mom is ok.

  5. my favorite idea is to post an index card on around the house!!!
    Such great ideas! Thanks Heather!

  6. Oh Renee, I absolutely love this verse. God is so good, I have been praying for a hunger deeper and deeper for His word and feeling so drawn in close…worship time has just been more than I could ever ask for imagine lately as I spend late nights crying out to Him for a more and more obedient heart that finds confidence in Him and only Him. Thank you for this book…thank you for the continued impact is has on my life and those I am able to share it with…Blessings dear sister…

  7. Abbie Wells says:

    Every week I am so surprised how God is using this study in my life. I am already in tears, and not even through chapter 3. Just reading your story Renee, feels like I am reading my life. The verse spoke right to me too…oh how I get excited to see God work…this study defiantly is giving me a spiritual bath 🙂
    What I do with verses, is write on all my mirrors in the house with a dry erase marker, so when I look at the full body mirror…its there! When I am blow drying my hair….I can focus on the words!

    • A friend of mine shared the idea of writing on my mirrors several years ago and I love it. Great way to see and remember God’s Word.

    • You spoke my words. I feel like every page I am reading in this book is like reading my own life on paper. God is really teaching me how He needs to be the one who satisfies my soul and not the things I have allowed in the past.

  8. Karen Halterman says:

    Renee and all you bazillions of online studiers in A Confident Heart study….this study is so good and I get so encouraged with Renee’s little words of wisdom and encouragement to us. Then when I read all you gals are posting in comments, I just get so blest and encouraged and tears fall over some of your lives….oh sisters, my heart goes out to those of you in suffering relationships whether it be single mom, wife, bad coworkers/boss, family, married mom or even feeling like you have no friends. Keep your focus on Jesus is all I can encourage you with…He loves each one of us so very very deeply and is watching out for each one of us. Remember that we are BLESSED and KNOWN by and so SATISFIED in Jesus..He IS our Rock, our Refuge, our Stronghold in times that we feel lost, forlorn, torn and weak. Hold onto Jesus…hold tight and don’t let go–He is always there with you, with each of us. He knows, He hurts and He cares.
    I loved Renee’s using “Sam” the Samaritan woman in Chapter 2…I had read this on her PROV31 devotional just recently and was so ministered by it. Jesus knows all about us and yet still comes to rescue us because He knows that He is the healer for all that ails us and hurts us.
    That word “satisfied” says it all about Jesus and life in Him!!!!!! Great word choice by Renee. Starting out in the morning asking to be satisfied and then just looking for ways all day that Jesus is fulfilling that request is going to be fun this week…..let us all pursue being satisfied in Jesus at the dawn of each morning (for me that is around 10:00 a.m. CST because I work 2nd shift and stay up late…). Seek to be satisfied by Him each day of this week………let’s GO!!!!!!!!!!!
    God’s blessings on you all..

    • Karen, Thanks so much for your encouragement and blessing. You said it beautifully.

    • Such wonderful words of encouragement! Thank You.

    • Betty Cummings says:

      Thank You for those Beautiful Words.I am Praying for You as well For God to give You the Strength only He can give you.Sisters in Christ Forever.

    • Karen,

      Beautifully said. I also will ask Jesus to satisfy me in the morning with His unfailing love and then look for ways all day that Jesus is fulfilling that request. This will be fun. 🙂

      Karen C

    • Thank You!!!! God used you this morning. I am encouraged to pray the verses this week.

    • Thank you Karen,
      Sounds awesome! God Bless

    • I feel so encouraged by your words today & the memory verse…I want to be more & more satisfied in Him instead of looking to the world around me to satisfy…My spiritual muscles are being strengthened day by day since I have started this study…Thank you!

    • I love what you wrote Karen and agree 100%. Thank you for saying it perfectly. I love this book and have already grown closer to Jesus.

    • Thank you for your words of encouragement.

    • Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement, Karen. They are words I needed to hear so desperately. I have realized this afternoon that I am feeling myself spiraling down into a major depressive episode and it terrifies me when I feel this way. I am on meds to try and help, but there are just times that it seems like everything is so hard. I am one of the ones struggling to accept the fact that my husband walked out on me. He divorced me last May and Jan 9 would have been our 30th anniversary. I just don’t get it and have not realized the name for what I have been feeling until reading some of this study. It is rejection. I have realized that I am feeling rejected in so many ways. I have an 18 year old daughter with Down Syndrome. Days like today when she is just being so very obstinate, I can clearly remember the day we found out she would have Down’s. My ex promised me that I would never have to be alone in raising her. Yet here I am.
      I am at a place that I have been many times before. I know in my head that God and His love is all that I need. I know that I need to hold tight to Jesus. It is just so hard sometimes to get that knowledge to my heart.
      I am really going to work on memorizing this weeks verse, but it may take awhile as I am not focusing really well on much right now. Last weeks verse speaks to me so loudly and I have read it aloud so very many times in the past couple of weeks.

      I know I am probably not making much sense, but I am so glad that I have a safe place to put my heart out and let people know I am hurting and it feels like it will never stop.
      Please just be praying for me.

      • Ronda,

        Through this time in your life I pray for peace, comfort, and healing to surround you and to fill your heart. Turn to God and he will direct your paths and bring peace that surpasses all understanding.

      • Ronda–as I was studying Psalm 143–the second part of our memory verse for this week, I glanced at the note for verse 7 in my life application bible. The note reads, “David was losing hope, caught in paralyzing fear and deep depression. At times, we feel caught in deepening depression, and we are unable to pull ourselves out. At those times, we can come to the Lord and, like David, express our true feelings. Then He will help us as we remember His works (143:5), reach out to Him in prayer (143:6), trust him (143:8), and decide to do His will (143:10). Thank you for having the courage to share your true feelings which is the first step as the commentary suggests. I am praying for you today.

    • Great encouragements…Thank you!

      • Karen,

        Thanks for sharing. Your words are so true and we need to be reminded of God’s unfailing love, faithfulness, and forgiveness each and every day. I am forever blessed to be known and loved by God. We need to trust and hope in Him.

    • Kathy Sturgis says:

      Thanks for those chosen words of encouragement.

  9. Oh my goodness but today’s verse was so timely for my soul. I have been holding onto things that I should have given to God. I lost my joy for a time but reading that verse and speaking it out loud made me really stop and realize I have that JOY. I just need to put all the rest of it in God’s hands. He is more than capable and so much better at handling it all. I needed this today. Thank you Renee. You make me smile when I just hear your darling voice.

  10. Renee, so glad to hear your mom is doin ok. I will keep her and you in my prayers as well as your health. When I need to memorize something I like to use my phone voice recorder amd replay it throughout my day… Brushing my teeth, fixing dinner, picking up the kids at school etc. I am going to have to find some better time to do my reading because again tonight I got interrupted. But this time I did not let it distract me because it wasnt as important. However, I sense satan is pulling me away from becoming more secure in God’s word and he doesnt like the great work that is going on here. I pray that we all persevere. Much love, Mary-Beth

    • I pray that you, Mary-Beth, and all of us in the sisterhood, continue to stand up to satan. Remember that he doesn’t have half the power of God’s words.

  11. Rebecca Greene says:

    My daughter spoke at my mother’s funeral today. She said one of the secrets to mother’s abiding faith was greeting God each morning and carrying him with her through the day. When I read our verse for the week, my first thought was mother was living out loud(LOL) the scriptures.

  12. I’m in for memorizing this verse.

    I work on learning a verse backwards. So I’ll start off learning “trust in you.” Then the next day, I’ll add “put my” – so it becomes “put my trust in you.” Then on the 3rd day I’ll add on to it so it becomes “for I have put my trust in you.” Something like that. (It’s hard to explain).

  13. So good to hear your mom is doing okay. I so enjoyed your traveling video. Looks like you had a ball. I am getting so much out of this study. Love the word and verse of the week. I like to tape the verses and then listen to them again and again as well as the 3×5 cards in throughout the house.
    Blessings to all.

  14. Renee, Good to hear your mom is basically okay. I, too, am taking care of aging parents and am always on call, and never know when that call will come. Sometimes several times a week, any time of the day or night. But it also feels good to be able to do for them, since they took care of me for 20 years of their lives. 🙂 It is exhausting though. I just remember that God never gives us more than He knows we can handle. We might think it is too much some days, but that’s when I just trust Him (or at least try to)!!

    This study has been sooooo good for me. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

    Could you please post again the scripture references for all the names of God. I didn’t get to print it out, and now can’t find it. I want to print it out and look up all the references and dwell on it a while.

    Thank you for providing this study, and for your “realness”. I hope you are able to get enough rest so you don’t get sick.

    Blessings, Becky

  15. I agree that the sticky notes on the bathroom mirror and frig work. When I first came back to the Lord that is how I hid His word in my heart. I grew fast in the Lord that way. I use sticky notes from time to time now but not as much as at the start. I guess it is back to basics. Loved the road trip video. Thanks for the opportunity to lift your mom in prayer, so glad she is doing well and no internal bleeding. Praise the Lord for His loving kindness and satisfying our souls in Him!

  16. Great to hear your Mom is doing so well. I’m in for memorizing this verse. I will say it out loud, write it and post it! Thanks everyone for continuing to share.

  17. Count me in!

  18. Dawn Wilson says:

    To God be the glory! I am so glad to hear that your mom is doing fine! She was definitely in my prayers and so are you Renee. I am going to continue to keep you all in my prayers and I am so happy and thankful to hear that there was nothing too serious wrong with your mom. God is so good! God bless you!

  19. Christina R says:

    I’m in for memorizing the verse. I’ll have my kids quiz me while I quiz them with their verses. Speaking it out loud many times during the day helps me!

  20. This is the perfect verse…i had utter underlined n my book when i came across it. i started memorizing more scripture this past year w my mom and sister who lives in different states…it really helped us through out difficult times and just to put his word n our hearts…i will share this verse w them. i like to write throug the verse on an index card and tape it on my counters above my sink so i can memorize it as i wash dishes and cook. I also write it on loose leaf n take that sheet where ever i go n memorize it if i have a few empty minutes here o there…it was my motivation at the gym when i was working out…good idea fir working out body n soul.
    I am so excited about this chapter and couldn’t put the book down…God is already moving in me…i look forward to reading more of the blog tomorrow…as it is almost 3am and i just finished nursing my one month old…gotta get some sleep…Good nite my sisters n Renee i will b praying fir healing for ur mom.

  21. All praises to God for your mom’s health report. I had just started the first week of post the scripture on index cards as a student you learn this in order to help with exams. So I will have all the weeks verses on index card for memory.

    When doing Women’s bible studies my church weekly I use to get different color index cards and post the weekly scripture and they could write down any prayer request on the back or take additional cards for prayer request then we would swap them and pray for one another earnestly.

    Praying for you health and strength!!!!!!!! Rest Jesus retreated in the bottom of the boat.


  22. I’m in for memorizing the scripture this week. I love the verse you’ve chosen. And I’m so thankful your Mom is going to be okay. Prayers are truly answered! I’ll pray for you and hope you are able to finish what you need to do. Take care of you.

  23. “I want to learn how to put my hope in you all day, everyday. Please help me stop searching for fulfillment in anything or anyone but you.”

    This is my goal for the week. I will make the verse my “pocket” verse. After typing and praying it I will keep it in my pocket as I need the constant reminder! My daughter and I will challenge each other with its memorization.

    God, please help Renee’s body heal, help her take time to rest, and may the plans for the release be a triumphant-exciting time!

  24. I will post the verse in multiple places, and write it out at least once a day. It also helps to receive it from you, Renee, on twitter!

  25. I am in as well! Thank you Heather for your great tips!

  26. I’m in!
    My favorite thing to do is to write the verse on an index card and carry it around in my pocket. I pull it out frequently during the day and read it, and pretty soon I have it memorized and can just recite it when I feel it in my pocket.

  27. I’m in as well. I love reading all of the comments and words of encouragement. I will write mine down and carry it with me wherever I go. Blessings!1

  28. Renee, I just paused and prayed for you and your mom sweet sister! I also was stirred to pray that He would give you affirmation today wherever you need it! Thank you for your minstry & I loved the road trip video. It was so inviting and made you feel more like a girlfriend to us! Ok, so my sweet sister who I met here from the other side of the United States emailed me yesterday saying how much Chapter 3 was what she needed so I couldnt wait to get home, eat, run 2 miles, shower & get in bed with the laptop! I was in bed by 8 mind you so it was a race!! When I pray, read, journal, etc He just seems to speak to me more when I am cross legged in the middle of the bed!! One of my favorite spots….enough rabbit trail (LOL) so I was speechless and just wept! The silly things I have done, that need I have had.for years being filled by taking classes, Girl Scouts, ministry things……He also reminded me of 6 months ago I was riding in a church van through the NC mountains contemplating this incredible, godly man that He brought in my life for a very short period of time who decided that I was too far away to date – – and He said “Sherry, I want you to pursue me like that. I want you to want me that way.” Ok, Lord, I am getting it! No one can love me like you! Fortunately, with him, I didn’t do anything too crazy – I did text him that when God hits him over the head to call me! LOL, I guess that could be considered crazy!! And, I did text him at 3 in the morning and ask him if God told him to sell everything and follow him, would he & you know what…He said yes, I would sell everything and follow Him…Not even he, can love me like Him!! Thank You Lord God for loving us (me)!! Satisfied, I am loving that word!!

  29. Betty Cummings says:

    It has been an Amazing Journey to be taking this Online Study,I have been so Blessed by A Confident Heart.I have Grown more Stronger and More Confident in who I am As A Women of God.I Love the Word of the Week we have to be Satisfied means We are to be Satisfy in God and let others know of Him and of His Mercy and Grace..I always Write Scriptures down and put them on My Refrigerator.Also I Put Prayers on there.Just whatever The Lord lays on my Heart.To God be All the Glory for it is because of Him and His Substaining Power I am Grounded and Covered I Thank God for Mighty Warriors as these Ladies.God Bless you one and all.

  30. This verse is my heart’s cry. I want to be satisfied with Him. I have been convicted lately because I have been turning to food to satisfy me. The problem is that it doesn’t work and just leaves me feeling guilty. I am single and have a great desire to be married. Some of that is also trying to fill this void in my life. God keeps telling me that no thing or person can satisfy me. He has to be the one to fill me. Then I can have a healthy relationship when I do get married. I put my verses on cards and keep them on my bathroom mirror. When I get ready in the mornings I work on memorizing them.

    • Kathy Sturgis says:

      Yes this verse speaks to me as well. I have been praying for God to show me how to live real Christian faith as I am in a situation I can do nothing about BUT God can. But I have been living in defeat and hopelessness. The chapters have been showing me that I am trying to find my satisfaction in THINGS AND PEOPLE. God has just closed all doors and He is leading me to the central issue in such a clear and beautiful way. I am praising for the answer and struggling Moment by moment to BELEIVE AND LIVE IN THE TRUTH. I am praying for us all to have our eyes wide open to God’s SATISFYING WAY.

  31. Each chapter in this book really touches my heart. I go through phases of my life where I feel empty and I know I need to fill myself with God and many times I try to do it myself instead of crying out to God. God is the only one who can satisfy us.
    So glad to hear your mom is doing okay. I am continuing to pray for strength and quick healing. I pray this for you a well.
    God bless you!

  32. I am working on memorizing the verse. I have it posted on the wall in front of my exercise bike which I ride for 30 minutes. I usually use the 30 minutes in the morning for praying so am combining praying and memorizing. I am enjoying this study so much! Thanks for all your hard work. Praying that you will be feeling better and able to get what use need to done.

  33. I have a smart phone. There is an ap called Evernote. I created a notebook titled Verse of the Week and created a note for this week’s verse. I will add the verses of each week from here on out to have these verses close to me always.

  34. One of the things I have started doing since this year began, is spending quiet time with the Lord over breakfast. I read a little book called Living Faith, and then the three Bible verses for that day. After that I have a daily devotional book that I read called Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado. It has a devotion for morning and evening, and I read the passage for the morning and then respond to the question in my journal. I have found that it really makes a difference in my day to begin it with God. What a perfect verse for this week!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. I print them up, and then hang the verse of the week on the wall behind my desk at eye level. Every time I sit down at my laptop, I see it there, and read it. It has been such a blessing.

  35. Tanya McCormick says:

    Good Morning Ms Swope, First I want to say you are a major blessing in my life. I am so glad that God used you and your book to help me. Chapter 3 is all about me. How I used alcohol and drugs to fulfill the emptiness, pain. I cried so hard yesterday. The devil is really trying to break me down, but he is so stupid, he really doesn’t know how much my Father loves ME. I really connected with my father yesterday. He was really talking to me through that chapter. I thank Him for the strenght , patience and love to continue to be there for me when I just walked away miserable and afraid, not wanting to deal with any of it. But this is my time to grow up. Amazing things are happing to me. I have been waiting for this all my life. I have something to look forward to. Thank you for your prayers. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease continue to pray for me. I am taking baby steps and they still HURT so very much. I just can’t stop crying. I am keeping it real and true for once in my life. HALLA LUYA!!!!!!! LOVE YOU RENEE AND GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR MOTHER. 🙂

    • Tanya, continue to stand up to satan. Remember that he doesn’t have half the power of God’s words. “Find the gold. Whatever has happened to you in the past, and whatever is happening in your life now, look for the hidden blessing, the lesson to be learned, or the character trait to be forged. Trust that, since God has allowed these experiences, somewhere there is gold for you.” This quote is by Elizabeth George in Loving God with all Your Mind.

  36. What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning knowiing God will satisfy me in the morning with his love and makes me sing for joy and be glad all day long! It is a big attitude adjustment for each day! God bless and so glad your Mom is feeling better.

  37. I love reading everyone’s ideas for memorizing scripture. Ok, I’m in too! I have, in the past, used spiral notebooks of 3X5 index cards to record and memorize scripture for various studies. I have decided to start one for this study as well. I love these because you can keep all the scriptures together and flip through them all when you are in need of God’s word. I take this sprial with me everywhere, in the bathroom, propped up on the counter, in my car, at my desk at work, and in the kitchen when I do dishes. It’s small enough to carry in my purse, so it goes everywhere with me.

    Renee, I hope you are feeling better soon. Thank you for being so real, honest, and upfront about your experience and struggle with depression and need of acceptance by others. I can so relate to everything I’ve read in your book so far. As Abbie said in her earlier comment, I feel as though I am reading about myself. This was a big struggle when I was younger, and actually, I have found myself struggling again the past few years, trying to get over a painful situation that just left me realing. This study is helping me focus on what is real and constant, accepting, and full of unfailing love…God.

  38. Stephanie says:

    This is a wonderful verse to start and end the day. I was reading this scripture at the end of my bible study last night and then saw this is our verse for the day! Perfect! Thank you. And I am glad your mom is doing well, my prayers are with her.

  39. Yes Praise God! So glad your mom is doing better and it wasn’t serious, but how scary! Also praying for you too that you will feel better.
    I have been wanting to memorize scripture and this is a great way to start!

  40. This book is just what I needed. I could hardly get through ch1 for all the tears. Even decided I couldn’t do thisbut quickly prayed and picked it back up. Uplifting to be in this with all of you and thank you Renee!

  41. I’m in for memorizing this verse. Index card style. This is truly a verse that I know in need to get in a very deep place in my heart.

  42. I love these verses. We memorized them years ago, but oh what a sweet reminder this morning! It is like visiting a long lost friend! I needed to be satisfied with HIM this morning! One way I memorize it to repeat the verse over and over starting with one word, then adding a word each time until you get the whole verse. Satisfy..Satisfy me…Satisfy me in…Satisfy me in the…Satisfy me in the morning… and so on. Thanks for this study Renee. Praying you will be feeling much better today!

  43. Ladies,

    I love reading all of the comments. There seems to be an overall positive spirit among everyone and a joy that comes from experiencing God. He truly does satisfy our longing souls with a love that is unfailing. Praise His Holy Name! You can count me in to memorize scriptures. I memorize scriptures by posting them around my house, carrying them around with me in my purse, and also I use first letter aids. I will write the first letter of each word of the memory verse on an index card on one side and the actual verse on the other side. I use the first letter aids to help jog my memory. If I get stuck, I can always turn to the other side to see the verse.
    Have a blessed day ladies!

    Karen C

  44. Rachel Goris says:

    I am in! When I was in high school, participating in a state spoken word/dramatic speaking competition, I used to write out my piece and take it EVERYWHERE. Once I took it in the dorm shower and stuck it to the wall so I could practice while I showered! Writing it over and over really helps me.

  45. Have it on my desktop! Great ideas….I have a difficult time memorizing unless it’s set to music…but I will try some of these…I want have more of His Word accessible…in time of need. I also recall that He promised to send us the Holy Spirit to remind us of the things that He has taught us (in His Word)….I will depend on that promise!

  46. Renee, I’m so glad to hear that your mom is okay and that it wasn’t worse! I will continue to pray for healing for her and for you! Good luck today and tomorrow! Excited about this verse!

  47. So glad to hear the good report on your mom.

    This scripture brought a smile to my face because I have been asking God each morning to let me feel His Unfailing Love.

    A week ago on a Friday on my way home and to drop a co-worker off I ask God to let me feel His Unfailing Love in my financial situation. I had a desire to go to the movie but I did not have any money for a movie. I felt so strong to speak my request out loud to God.

    Lord, I need to feel Your Unfailing Love today. I desire to go to the movie today and You know my financial issues at this point. Touch someone heart that You have blessed through me in the past and allow them to be a blessing to me today.

    Before I could get the prayer out my cell phone rung and it was someone that God had allowed me to be a financial blessing to in the past. She desire to go to the movie but did not want to go along. She offers to pay my way if I would go. To God Be the Glory for allowing me to feel His Unfailing Love. God love me so that even the smallest things in my life He is concern.

    I went home after the movie feeling like a millionare!

  48. Great words and verses for us all to remember! I’m in for trying to memorize them all! So far, with all the verses, I have printed out the pdf file with the word and verse of the week and highlighted it then hanging it on my refrigerator. So not only do I see, read and memorize, but it’s also got my husband doing the same thing. And even though he’s doing a different study right now, it gives me that competitive edge to memorizng before him…LOL. Also, I write it down on the Monday of each week on my desk calender, so while I’m working I can look down and read it through out the day. I love the idea of changing my wall paper and screen saver to the verse of the week. I’m going to start that today! And sometimes, I can be a little goofy, ok….well according to my husband and friends, I am always goofy, but with that goofiness I turn the verse into a song, just singing it, whatever the genre may be, it just comes out…LOL We all know sometimes life just sucks, but it’s awesome to know with his word and promises that it will get better and we will be stronger. Just be real! 🙂

    PS. Can someone tell me how to put my picture on my comments?

  49. In homeschooling my children, I have come to realize that memorizing can easily be done just by repeating whatever you’re trying to memorize several times each day. I have been amazed over the years at what my boys have been able to memorize. And some of those years they couldn’t read a thing! I also write out what I’m trying to memorize and that also helps. For this study, I’ve been printing out the word/verse for the week and taping it to my bathroom mirror. Seeing it everyday also helps me to remember it. I am BLESSED, KNOWN, and SATISFIED : )

  50. Renee…I am so glad your mom is okay. You and your family are in my prayers. I love this weeks verse. I am going to try to memorize it. I am still working on memorizing week one’s scripture because that one spoke to me as well. I also appreciate the ideas of how to memorize a verse. I use to have a wonderful memory then I had kids and since then my memory is not that good. So, we will see. I am looking forward to starting to reread Chapter 3. I just did not get a chance yesterday. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

    Many Blessing,
    Jenny 🙂

  51. Memorizing the verse. So glad He gives us a song in the midst and makes us glad in affliction. (Ps. 90:15) Just read Psalm 63:1 last night to my boys. “O God, thou art my God: early will I seek thee; my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is.”

  52. Renee,

    So glad that your mom is doing okay. I feel like I always get sick on the weeks that I don’t need to be sick. Try to get some rest! (easier said than done, right?) 🙂

    I love how this week’s word is Satisfied. I am going to try and commit it to memory by tweeting it and writing it on a notecard.

    Thanks for sharing!

  53. Renee: I too am so blessed by your book. Your story, although different in details, is all too familiar in your feelings of insecurity and doubt as it relates to your father. My father left my mom when I was 12 and I only saw him one more time before he died…when I was 19. He was a drinker and abusive to my mom. I can remember being so scared when he would rant and rave. I doubted my salvation for many years. It wasn’t until a christian counselor shared that we get our image of our heavenly Father from our earthly father. But God will never leave us, nor forsake us..He is faithful, loving and true. Thank you for your minstry in my life and so many others…blessings to you. I hope you start feeling better!

  54. Glad to hear that your mother is doing well….. God Is good! Im gonna commit to writing it and sending it to others in emails, maybe text also. I find that its easier for me to remember if I write it out over and over again….. Have a Blessed Day!!!!

  55. Renee, thanks for sharing the update about your mom. I am willing to write the verse down and carry it in my pocket and read it to see if I can memorize the verse for the week. I am not real good at memorizing but maybe with lots of prayer and repeated reading I will have success.

  56. Another place I am keeping track of the word and verses is in the cover of my notebook I am using for this study. I am also writing out the questions with my answers in the notebook. I staple in the handouts and write underneath them, to kind of keep them together. Have a great week all! Soo many comments( good! ) but I need to stay focused on the Word..

  57. When I was a child I memorized a LOT of verses. I still remember them and they are encouragement to me today. However, I haven’t memorized verses in a long time— I’m back on deck. My watch has an hourly chime and when it goes off, I plan to say the verse aloud.

  58. I am a home-schooling mom. So when my girls work on their memorization for the week , I will work on mine. Then when I quiz them they will get to quiz me. . . Accountability!

  59. I am going to place index cards and post its with the scripture all over my house and in my car. We have family meeting tonight and I am going to encourage (insist) that everyone memorize the scripture this week together. Also, love the idea of sharing the scripture via emails, etc.

    So glad your mom is okay. Saying a prayer for you now 🙂

  60. I’m in!! Have a rolodex of scriptures I’m reading through and memorizing already. I feel God nudged me to write Psalm 90:14 this way on my note card:

    “I am satisfied in the morning and throughout the day and evening with Your unfailing love, Lord!”

    Feeling so eager..already made Chapter 3 messy with underlining and writing in the margins and journalled my thoughts–going to re-read today and tomorrow and process som more. So ready to let go of this dout and discouragement and pick up my ‘cross of confidence.’ Thank you for inspiring me to ‘come and see’ that things really can be different…I know it–He has done it before and it is so for what’s burdening my heart now too!

    Will be praying for your health this week Renee…we’re fighting it here too–just started some antibiotics and feeling some relief.

    Please also pray for my Women’s Bible Study that begins tonight. Leading a group of women through a study I wrote a couple of years ago…and just printed an eBook of it online.
    To God be the glory…for He has healed me and nudged me along this journey!

  61. Renee- so thankful for the good news about your Mom and praying for healing for your body this week. I found an app for those with Iphones or Ipads called Bible Verse Companion. It’s free and it will let you put a favorite verse on a background picture. You can use it as a wallpaper and post it to Facebook. So I have our verse of the week as my wallpaper on my phone and will be writing it on post its and index cards.

  62. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Love the verse and the word for the week. I read the entire chapter three and things are finally clicking with me and the confidence thing. I guess I needed to do this book twice to just get the meat out of it and I think I did. I am glad to hear your mom is doing well. Will keep praying for her. I have a book of index cards on my desk and I write the word out and am able to look at the word for the week.
    Thanks again,
    Jeanie Kelley

  63. Michelle W says:

    Good morning all,

    Renee, so glad that your mom is feeling better. Thanking God that healing is the children’s bread and we claim it on behalf of your mother. In Jesus’ Name. Amen and Amen.

    Heather, thank you for the suggestions on memorization. I could really use as much help as possible because it seems the older you get, the older you get. Lol.

    Thank you all and be blessed.


  64. I love the verse of the week. I think putting it on my computer background is a great idea too. So glad your mother is doing better. Will be praying for your health too! The study is going great and amazingly uplifting for me. I have been sharing with my sister and she too is enjoying. Thank you so much for your time and effort that you put into helping others. Your love for God is contagious 🙂 Thanks again,

  65. Renee,

    Just wanted to let you know Im glad your mom is just fine 🙂 Good luck with your release!
    I will practice memorizing this verse by reading it each morning when I awake. Hope everyone has a blessed and productive day. Yesterday I got the chance to catch up on some rest. #Thankful in spite of

  66. So glad to hear that your Mom is on the mend…praying that you will be able to get the rest you need & feel better too!
    Love the verse for this week! Feel like it is a powerful reminder that when we start our day with God He will satisfy the needs of our heart so that His joy will overflow from our lives into the lives of others. I have recently started trying to do my devotional time first thing in the morning & it’s amazing what a difference it makes in my whole day! I pray that all of us will be filled with God’s unfailing love & joy each & every day! 🙂

  67. “Satisfied” is the perfect word for me this week. I am also following the “Made to Crave” study w/Melissa Taylor. I plan to write out the verse in my spiral bound index card notebook. I will keep it on my kitchen counter and move it to my placemat so I see it whenever I sit down to eat.

  68. Nikki Fluitt says:

    I love this verse!!!!
    I am thanking God that your Mother is doing well and praying for you to get better and an extra boost of energy. I love the idea of post it notes everywhere and my computer screen is now plastered with the verse. This will help me in my time of need when these verses come in handy.

  69. I want to share something WONDERFUL that has happened with sharing “A Confident Heart”. I have been called to work with our local Special Olympic’s Athletes. Always wanted to share my love of horses, and now I am offically a “coach”. One of our athletes has become very dear to me. Was taken advantage of due to her disablility, but tries very hard to help others and is a sweet heart. I am only on Chapt. 2, and as I read page 39, I wrote her name next to, “But it’s no big deal, I’m fine”. That is what she often says. I know there is plenty of hurt there. Sunday, when I had some time alone with her, I showed her that I’d written her name by that section, and we talked about the woman at the well. She would read it (she is advanced), and then I would stop her to talk about what she had just read. A week ago, she told me she hates men and God is a man, so she hates Him. After talking about the woman at the well, I asked her, if she had ever asked Jesus into her heart. She said no, and I asked her to think about it. Shortly after she asked if I would help. I did not feel capable, but we talked about it, what it meant and I was called away, for a short time, and told her what she needed to do, but that we would see the local pastor that eve. I came back and she said she had asked Jesus into her heart and wanted him to help her and show her the path she needs to be on. I see so much potential there and told her so. She hadn’t cried for a long time, and was frustrated about why she couldn’t. She called me last night, and asked me to pray with her, it made me tear up and after amen, she was crying. Please keep us in your prayers. She and I are now going to back up and begin the Confident Heart study from the beginning. She has so much to teach me. 🙂

    • Chris,

      Wow what an amazing story. I know you will be an encouragment to one another. I will be sending my prayers your way.

  70. Hi everyone, it is a blessing to read your posts…I have a request, my book was on my phone which broke yesterday, I have read the chapter but did not get the prayer at the end written out. Could someone type it here for me to ready, I won’t get my new phone for a couple of days and I want to make sure I pray that prayer daily. Thanks so much! Have a blessed day!

    • Lord, I pray that you would guide each of us through your truth and teach us, for You are our God and our Savior. Teach us to put our hope in you every day. Help us to stop looking to others and to other things for our fulfillment. Cause us to search You with our whole hearts. Give us a thirst for you that only You can quench. Remind us daily of Your unfailing love. Teach us to grasp how wide, how long, how high and how deep your love is for us. Fill us with Your love that surpasses our knowledge and our understanding. Fill us with the fullness of Yourself. Satisfy us with your unfailing, unconditional love. I thank you that your love never fails. I thank you that you love is unconditional. I thank you for first loving us. Glorify and honor yourself in and through us. In Jesus’ name. Amen
      I copied and pasted from the Facebook post. Hope this helps!

    • Kim,

      The prayer: “Lord I pray that you would guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior. I want to learn how to put my hope in You all day, every day. Please help me stop searching for fulfillment in anything or anyone but You. My soul thirsts for You; my body longs for You in this dry and weary land where there is no water. Satisfy me each morning with Your unfailing love so I can sing for joy all the days of my life. I want to be rooted and established in Your love.
      I want to have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep the love of Christ is. I want to know this love that surpasses knowledge that I may be filled to the measure of the fullness of God. Thank You that Your love never fails, even when I do. Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You and praise You as long as I live. In Your name I will lift up my hands, Amen.”
      See Ps. 25:5; 90:14; 63:1; Ephesians 3:17-19; Ps. 63:2-4

  71. Praise God I am feeling the SATISFACTION of living in His love.

  72. What a perfect “word” for me today as I read this! I plan to re-write that verse and put it everywhere in my house and in my car. I will likely make a notecard and slip it into my badge for when I am at work. I am a nurse so it will come in handy reading and re-reading the card! I believe it will bring me comfort just to slip away from my fast-paced day for 5 seconds and read it. I have verses that I alternate, but this one is JUST perfect for me right now!!

    Also, I do alot of reading, particularly at night. I am old-school and like to read with a physical book, so I think I will make a ‘bookmark’ of that verse and be constantly reminded of it.

    So glad to hear the good report on your mom, Renee.
    Blessings to my fellow study mates this week! 🙂
    Nina B.

  73. Renee, I don’t know how you read all these comments. It takes me forever! Praise the Lord for everyone sharing! You all are doing so awesome. I am almost caught up now. I can really focus on what’s going on. I just love this scripture. I’ve never read it before and I’m totally going to post it, on my phone, desktop, kitchen cabnet, I want to memorize this. I may even put it at the dinner table. I have been printing the word for the week and coloring them with highlighters (no color ink in printer) then putting them on my kitchen cabinet where all can see. My daughter (9yrs) came home yesterday and saw those words. She was like “awww.” I’m so glad they are touching her life also. 🙂 keep on keeping on girlies!

  74. Authorine
    January 31, 2012
    Renee I am so happy about this chapter and the verse ,it became part of my morning prayer. I will say it all day. I know that I am saved and satisfied with Jesus and I thank Him everyday for all of His blessing. Glad to know your mom is okay. Bless all of you Jesus’girl out there

    lLove you all

  75. Georgetta Wright says:

    I am planning on hiding God’s word in my by keep every week word and scripture a notebook that I carry can with me every where including work, outtings or just sitting in my bedroom on my bed. My notebook actually sleeps in the bed with me so I have those encouraging words with me at all times. I am so thankful for the thoughts of the women you work with Lisa, who are willing to share with all of us to help us grow. I am thankful for everyone who is a part of this study. I am blessed to have a community of believers (woman) who has put having a confident heart through Christ as a top priority along with myself. I am already as result of this study and looking forward to so much more. Be Blessed and Satisfied everyone.

  76. Georgetta Wright says:

    Sorry for the typo, it should” I am planning on hiding God’s word in my heart” This is my first time posting so I believe my brain is working faster than I am typing from excitement.

  77. Wow…after reading everyone’s positive comments, I almost feel guilty posting this latest journal entry on the blog. Renee, glad to hear that your mom is doing well…I’ll continue to keep her and you (and all of you readers and bloggers) in my prayer. Here is what has been on my heart since beginning this Bible Study:

    Reading these last two chapters, I kept thinking Renee could have been writing my story! The whole clinical depression thing, the mask, and holding out this empty, broken cup for others to try and fill…the cup that never gets full because everything seeps out of the cracks of my brokenness. I mean, even the positive stuff brings me joy for the moment, but then I’m empty again. I have shared this with friends at times, and they are very supportive, but I don’t want them to feel bad that they can’t be enough or do enough, so I either retreat back into myself, or busy myself again with things that do bring me joy – taking care of others, doing stuff at my church etc. – till I eventually have to creep back into the privacy of my empty, where I cry alone, so no one can see or hear me. Broken?? Empty?? Lonely?? Yes! All I have to do is hear those words and the tears well up in my eyes. And I do cry out to God, and pray, and read Scripture, and listen to worship music…and it does help some, but then I feel guilty that God doesn’t seem to be enough for me…wow, that hurts just writing that down. If I’m brutally honest with myself, the truth is that maybe I don’t want God to be enough. I’m just really tired of being single, and I’m afraid that, if God is enough, then maybe I’ll just have to embrace my singleness as His plan for my life. It’s so hard to let go and trust! And what about God granting the desires of our hearts? Why would He put that desire in my heart if that’s not what He wants for me. Or is that desire not from Him? But then there are other times when I sense that deep peace from God that tells me that He is there in my pain, healing those broken pieces of my heart through His love. It is at those moments that I do feel that all that matters is that moment…and maybe God really is enough.

    • Lisa, I understand what you are saying. I to am single and also have a desire to not stay single. I try and put my trust in the Lord. I wonder also what the Lords desire is for me. My christian friends and my devotionals instruct me to wait patiently on the Lord. It is sort of funny. This week I have meet a few single christian woman. Perhaps, the Lord is showing me that I am not alone; that there are other woman with in the same situation.

      • Lisa and Margene,

        You are not alone, as I am also single and have the desire to not stay single. Some days are better than others. I really love what Tasha said, in fact, I am going to write it down. On the back page of my bible are quotes that I have found really helpful when I am struggling. One is a verse, Prov 13:12- “hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life” (worth this wait)

        “As important as the reason why we wait, is what God is doing while we wait”
        “The peace of God is the presence of God in the midst of our situations” (not in the absence of turmoil)

        I have found those to be most helpful when I am disheartened by singleness or other situations that have came about. Also, I really love the song “Surrender” by Barlow Girl, the lyrics are wonderful. I encourage you to check that song out, it will really touch your heart.

        Blessings to you. You are not alone.
        Nina B.

        • Nina, thank you so much for these quotes and scriptures. I may not even be going through exactly what you girls are going through but they spoke to my heart today. Thank you so much!

    • My sweet sister…I will be praying for you but I would like to share something that God showed me a couple years back…the scripture, “delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”…ok the word “delight” here means to be “plyable”…as in putty….as in “He is the Potter we are the clay”…. So now I want you to think about this scripture like this….”If I allow myself to be molded and shaped by the Potter…putty in His hands…then He will give me the desires of my heart.” – BY THEN, our desires will be His desires…

      Now, I’m not saying it is God’s will for you to be single all of your life but maybe it’s all in the timing…

      I pray this helps you in some way….but I WILL be praying for you Lisa…

    • It is good to “cry out” to the Lord. He hears you and knows your troubles. We, as believers, never walk alone. Hebrews 13:5 “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Hold fast to hope and trust Him with all your heart and discover the blessings He gives you each and every day. It is amazing what He does for us when we let Him.

      • Just got home from work a little while ago, and it was so nice to read all your replies. I really appreciate your taking the time to reply…and the Scripture quotes…and those song lyrics! But I especially appreciate the prayers. Tasha, that “delight yourself in the Lord” quote had always troubled me because I thought I was doing something wrong (since the main desires of my heart weren’t being given to me)…but you gave me a new way of looking at it. And Nina, I loved all those quotes, and the lyrics to Surrender! And Margene, thanks for validating my struggles, and letting me know I am not alone. And Becci, thanks for those words of hope and encouragement. God does shower me with many blessings…and for these, I am eternally grateful. Praying for all of you too. Thanks again!

    • Wow, Im so glad that I came across this comment. I am always so heartened to see women who feel the same way I have. I too am a single woman – all of my friends are married or involved – Im the only one left. Sometimes this can be terribly lonely. I have cried out to God and asked why I would have the desire to be a married woman if I just werent cut out for it – if single is what I would die as. I asked Him to take the desire away if it isnt His will for me. He has not, and so I know I need patience and I find that I think He has granted me patience. There is so much in my life that I need to be ok with Him on, I dont mind taking my time, I know He is leading me and He is leading you also. Thank you ladies for sharing your stories, it’s good to know that you arent alone.
      Renee, I started reading the book last year and so I have been rereading. It was amazing to go back and see most of chapter 3 highlighted – I remember where I was when I first read it, I remember the time of day, and I remembered why I highlighted each phrase – I feel like I could have written so much of it myself. I kept on reading and thanking you and thanking God that He led you to write this. It felt like someone was looking into my heart. That doesnt often happen.

  78. I do not consider myself an optimist or a pessimist. I consider myself a hopeful realist. When I read so many of the comments, I feel a bit discouraged. You seem so positive and uplifting and I wonder if this confident heart I seek is so very far beyond my reach. It’s all possible for the Lord….I know.

    The 3rd chapter has been a struggle for me. Listening to Renee describe her acheivements makes me feel so small. I was rejected by the squads and clubs she was part of. I was told that I needed a husband, not an education, by my father. Didn’t have a car or the better things that many had. I never heard…at just the right moment…God telling me any answers or advice. Am I just listening incorrectly? Too much…too little. I’m 45 and first sought spiritual counseling from my pastor at 15…by making an appointment with him. There has always been this longing and searching in my soul…and a sense of indifference that I feel from the Lord…as though so many are so very precious to him and called to him…but I still feel so much like an outsider. Add to that my own struggle with clinical depression starting at 26. My self worth…..please Lord….please let me hear you speak to my heart, mind and soul….a message of hope and encouragement…of importance. Importance to Christ….

    I’m trying. I’m reading, praying, using my index cards, journaling, making notes. If God did not bless me with confidence, he sure blessed me with a persistent heart and a hard head. I will keep pursuing.

    I will go back and watch and rewatch the video from Chapt. 2. That was wonderful. I wish this wasn’t such a struggle for me. You all sound so CONFIDENT. Not I! Renee, you are so blessed.

    • God made each one of us different and special. Romans 2:11 “God does not show favoritism” Let’s honor God and make it our goal to gain a confident heart and let Him work through us!

  79. …..and I felt that it was interesting that we read that the longing in our soul was put their by God, so that we would seek him to fill it. That’s very interesting.

  80. Well sisters in Christ I wanted to share with you what I read on today’s devotional from a book I have.

    Blessed be the Lord, for he has heard the sound of my pleadings. Psalm 28:6

    Thank you for hearing my prayers, dear Lord, and for being attentive to my needs and requests. Help me remember to speak often of the ways you have brought me help, deliverance, blessing, and encouragement. I want my gratitude and praise to bless you, today and always. I love you!

    My need to pray increases as I realize how small I am; my desire to pray increases as I realize how great God is.

    Quoted from My Daily Psalms & Prayers

  81. Susan Meyers says:

    I’m also in with memorizing this week’s verse. I say it over and over til I see that I know it by heart.
    I’m so thankful that your Mom is doing all right. I will keep her and you in my prayers.

  82. I must say that I am LOVING this study! I have already recommended this book twice to other ladies in my church…and they have bought it! When I gave my testimony last week, God opened doors like crazy! 🙂 Now as I read and study through this book I am not only praying for all of you ladies but for individual ladies at my church that have come to me with the same struggles!

    Ways I plan on memorizing this weeks memory verse: typing it or writing it to friends and family throughout the week and also writing it on my mirror…Question though…what did ya’ll say to write with on my mirror? Just a dry erase marker?

    Also, I seen on another memory verse challenge (She Sparkles) where one family had wrote the verse in the snow with colorful food coloring and then took a picture!!!!!! It was way cool!!! (now too bad we don’t have any snow to write in) 😉

    • Dry erase markers work well on bathroom mirrors. I also use sticky notes – though when the humidity it high, they tend to curl up on the unsticky side…then you just use tape.

  83. Renee,
    Memorizing God’s Word….love it, so empowering. Love, love this week verse: “Satisfy me in the morning with your unfailing love, that I may sing for joy and be glad all my days…for I have put my trust in you.” (Psalm 90:4, 143:8b NIV). Finding satisfaction in God’s Word and trusting in HIm is my biggest struggle this week, but applying this scripture will fill me and fulfil my joy.

    P.S. I loved chapter 3 reading…

    Blessings and praying you will feel better to complete Wednesday’s task…”Being confident of this very thing, He who begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” (Phil 1:6)

  84. I’m in, Renee! I actually started with Chapter One memorizing the Scripture for the week and word for the week. I had an injury to my right wrist this summer and it is easier for me to type, so I am keeping my private online journal for A Confident Heart. Each day the first thing I do after dating the entry is type the word for the week, then the praying God’s promises and then the verse for the week. Repetition is what gets it for me. Hope you are feeling better soon. Praying for you, friend. Dianna

  85. I love to write bible verses out on 3 by 5 index cards. I have many now and started to store them in a recipe box. Having read some of the posts; I think I will place our verse on the refrigerator door. I have adult boys living with me that are non believers. This way we can all see the verse. Glad your mom is doing better Renee.

  86. Marilyn Sable says:

    I find that I can memorize best by putting the verse to music or make up a ditty with the words. I have a terrible time memorizing and retaining information so this helps.

  87. Renee, I am so glad your Mom is doing well!~ The same thing happened to my Nana before Christmas. She still has a bruise under her eye. Happy healing!

    I am in and plan to memorize this verse! I have such a hard time memorizing verses, but I plan on using the tips and working hard to do so!

  88. I am in for memorizing this verse! I like to write it out once and carry it with me… Then I say it over and over again, memorizing a small bit at a time, then putting it all together until I have it! I like to say it out loud on my drive to work each morning, repeating it again and again, until it sticks.
    Renee, I’m glad to hear your Mom is doing well! I’ll be praying that you feel better too so that all can go as planned. God bless you and all the ladies in this study!

  89. Andrea S. says:

    I’ve always felt that actively memorizing Scripture is something for children. I don’t know why, but I guess it reminds me of being in AWANA as a kid! But the past couple of weeks I’ve put a card with these Scripture verses on the bathroom mirror and I LOVE seeing that there every time I’m in the bathroom (which is a lot since I’m potty training my son). Last week’s verse especially spoke to me since I’m also reading “Safe in the Arms of God,” about the unborn and what happens when they pass away. Jer 1:5 is an important verse in that book as well. Thank you for encouraging me to do this!!

  90. I’m in. And I just write out the verse and post it next to my sink. I mean, really, where do I spend the most time?! Doing dishes, of course. Maybe that won’t work for you gals that have dishwashers, but at my house, I’m the dishwasher. 🙂

  91. Debbie Jo says:

    I printed the verse out and am taking it wherever I go so I can lay it out and look at it over and over until I get it….


    so glad to hear your mom is feeling better…

  92. Renee, I love this verse. As a single mom of three teenagers I struggle with finding satisfaction in my life. Trusting in God to supply all my needs is something I have worked on very hard these past few years.

    When I want to memorize a verse, I write the verse on a whiteboard that hangs on the door going into my garage. Everytime I leave the house I see the verse and say it aloud. It has really helped me memorize scripture.

  93. One thing God really spoke to my heart about entering into this new year is needing to be more intentional with memorizing Scripture. I am so bad about loving a verse, KINDA knowing it, and being okay with that. Will. Not. Do! I need it in my heart!!!! I need it to do battle with. To redirect me. To LOVE ON ME when my heart is hurting. 🙂

    So what I actually did was step out of my comfort zone and put myself into a place where I have to be accountable. I created a Facebook page called The Scripture Spot where I post my verse twice a month. I tried doing that along with Beth Moore last year, but honestly, stopped pretty quickly. But I felt the Lord nudging my heart to create the page…a place I can be held accountable and be encouraged, and a place where hopefully my friend’s will join in hiding His Word. And then I am also writing it down and saying the verses to myself lots.

    Tomorrow is the 1st of the month, so it’s the perfect time for this to be my new verse. 🙂

    (Praying for your mom and praying for you and praying for your worksheet!) 🙂

  94. This study touches my heart and is a great encouragement to me. Thank you for allowing Jesus to work through you. There are times when I feel overwhelmed by trials that all seem to come at once. This is one of those times, yet Christ is using this time to call to me, to have me focus on Him and what He wants to provide for me. Encouragement, trust, rest. Because He is here, because of His love for me, I don’t have to worry about anything. My struggle is focusing on Him, but He is holding me in His arms.

  95. I am so glad that your mom is doing well. She will remain in my prayers for speedy healing. I will be praying for your health and ministry projects as well. Each week meets another need that I had not even considered. I love how you gave “Sam” her name. It makes the story so much more real. I can’t tell you how many times I have read this story, but never applied it to me. God’s word brings new joy to my life every day. I will learn this week’s verse by using index cards and working on it with my daughter.

  96. Fran Bruno says:

    ….simply too wonderful…is this study.
    I have told…shared with pretty much ‘everyone’ I know…as I just posted it on my facebook!!..real fun.
    Thank you Renee for ‘moving us all forward’.
    Blessings to you, your family…and especially..’mom’.

  97. Praise be to God for this amazing study and the willingness of women to share! Thank you, Renee, for using your gifts in such a real way for His glory. This morning I woke up feeling very sad and unmotivated before my feet had even hit the floor. But I asked God in a simple prayer to be my strength. Nothing long, elaborate, or fancy (which is what we perfectionists get caught up in). I asked Him to help me make it through the day and to bring me joy. What a blessed day I have had! Not perfect, but completely dependent upon Him, and oh so blessed! I plan to hide His word in my heart that it might be my joy and strength. We serve a God who will provide if we will just ask. Praying that He will continue to satisfy me with His unfailing love and that I will not run to other things, people, accolades, or accomplishments. Praying that I will be satisfied with being in His will and serving Him with my whole life….and praying that for women everywhere. Let us rise up, and be strong, bold, and confident in Him, for we are Blessed, we are Known, and we are Satisfied (complete) in Him!

  98. I have put all our verses on my bathroom mirror and it is the first thing I look at when I wake up each morning. It certainly helps my day go better by starting out with scriptures that give me hope and encouragement! I am praying for all the women of this study and know God is going to do a work in everyone of our lives. Renee, I am so glad your Mother is doing better. Praise God for his protection.

  99. I wrote out this verse on a post-it note and put it by an empty cup on my desk. I’m going to let that be a reminder every time I see it that the LORD alone can fill my cup of need for satisfaction to the fullest!

  100. Lakecia Harris says:

    Journaling the answers to the questions in this study and other study’s is truly where we can begin to apply God’s word. I am guilty of “just reading” and not totally digesting the material for personal application. But God is doing a new work in my heart and my life through online studies such as this. So grateful to be apart of this study.

  101. Dear Renee and bible study girlfriends, I am feeling the prayers being said, the Lord has been showing me lots of encouragement and confidence. I have been thru a very bumpy time in the last few years and am trusting the Lord more now than ever before. I too have been praying for the Lord to help me find my satisfaction in Him alone. Not my marriage (has been rough), people, alcohol, food or work. I also for years have prayed Psalm 90:17 NKJV And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands for us; Yes, establish the work of our hands. Just 1 tiny prayer request, might seem silly to some, but I am a Nail Tech and nail art has always been hard for me, I don’t want to fear it anymore. Thank you, love you all out there.

  102. Stephanie says:

    I just want to say that I am really enjoying this study. I have felt God move in me in many ways already so far! Thank you Renee and thank you to all other women doing this study now too. “Where two or more are gathered, there He is also!”

    Renee I wanted to thank you for the way you word your daily assignments. As I looked at this post today (knowing I haven’t started the chapter yet, although each day I have been reading the prayer at the end of the chapter) I was so relieved to see the words, “Today’s Assignment….Finish reading or BEGIN reading Chapter 3…” I felt a big sigh of relief and no condemnation that I had not started reading it yet!! I felt like, “It’s ok that you haven’t started yet.” I needed that. Thank you for giving us a guideline to give us order and keep us accountable but also being tender and understanding of schedules etc.

    Praise God. In Him is freedom!

  103. I finished reading our next chapter and so much information to take in. I think I will reread it again becuase I always get more out of reading it a second time. Renee I love your honesty in the studies in the book. I don’t feel so alone anymore either. I feel like since I have joined this online bible study I am not alone in my everyday problems I face as well as the feelings of loneliness and worthiness. God talks about how we look for others to be worthy for when in fact he himself sees us as all worthy no matter what we have done in our lives. That all we need to do is in fact is to give our lives to Jesus and believe in him. In God’s eyes we are worthy. We can only serve one God and for me growing up in Satanic Ritual Abuse family you are taught to much differently and as I have become an adult I have had to learn that there is one true God to worship. I am fighting my hardest to get out of the circle of abuse and with the help of my christian therapist I am learning that I have to totally rely on one God and one God only. Sometimes I get so angry at myself because I feel like I am turning back to the old ways . In the SRA world there is what we call a black bible that is what I grew up with so this study is so important as a part of my life. I have to remind myself that the black bible is satans bible. … Anyway I probably will write more later for now I will stop here. Thanks Renee for all you do for this bible study.

  104. I look to many things to satisfy me, but they don’t last…that bag of chips, a scoop of ice cream, a new pair of shoes. While pleasurable for a while (or moment) the enjoyment doesn’t last long before I want something else, but God’s love does satisfy. It is new every morning. I am so grateful for a Father who loves me so much. I am definitely writing this verse down and memorizing it! I memorize verses by making up a tune, or fitting the verse into a familiar song, and then I sing it throughout the day, week, or year. This has really helped me to secure them in my mind, heart and soul. By the way, I am not in any way musically talented. My last verse was put to a Star Wars theme song and the one before that was to “Silent Night.” 🙂

  105. So very glad to hear your mother is not seriously ill, Renee. This is so much a God thing, memorizing Scripture, and I had to share this. Before I got started with Renee’s online study several weeks ago, I had already started a book called, “Gratitude” by Heather Bixler. It’s a Scripture memory plan and teaches you how to memorize Scripture, one each week. I had completed the first 3 weeks when I started Renee’s study. I believe Heather’s is an 8 week Scripture plan. You take an assigned Scripture and study it for one week, a different way each day. Some of her suggestions are to write the verse on 4 different sticky notes and post them at various places you spend time at each day. Look up 3 different versions of the Scripture and write in your journal, Read the entire chapter that contains that scripture, write it by memory 3-4 times in your journal, share it with a friend, etc. I’ve always had a hard time memorizing Scripture (and anything else for that matter), but this has proven to be successful for me. And just so I don’t forget what I’ve memorized, I continue to repeat the previous verses already learned as I’m learning each new one each new week.

  106. Praying that the Lord would make you well, Renee. I love the idea of writing a couple of words of the verse on different index cards. This is a clever way to unscramble the scripture and my brain!!

  107. Plan to read it in different translations, write it on index card and keep it on my desk. I also like a previous idea of including it as a signature.

  108. I just got a cute little pack of posted-notes with a little bird on the corner. I know what I will be doing with them.
    Sharing verses.
    I talked to a friend who is hungry for a Bible Study. I told her about The book and group. I am so glad that we can do this and now I have a local ‘study buddy’ to encourage. (we can’t meet together much, but in will be putting posted-notes in her box regularly) B)

  109. When I taught Sunday School and when I taught at a Christian school I used this method for memorizing: wrote the verse and where it is found in the Bible in its entirety. After this start erasing one word and then read it with the word missing and then erase another word and read it with two missing words and continue this until ALL the words/numbers have been erased. This has been VERY successful in my lifetime. I have used paper/pencil/eraser OR chalkboard/chalk/eraser OR dry erase board/dry erase marker/dry erase board eraser.

  110. I am really hearing God in this study. I have been struggling with insecurity my entire adult life, really it started as a teen, when all the other girls seemed to have everything together and in sports or a cheerleader, I felt I was never good enough. I struggled after my high school years, not knowing what to do with my life, never had any big dreams, I felt I was not the type of person that would succeed at any of them. I was married at age 20 and pregnant with our first daughter at age 21, I decided not to continue with my community college, so I could devote all my time to our daughter. Many times I have felt beneath those who have great exciting careers, and successful in life. We had a second child, and I have enjoyed every minute of being with my children and would not change a thing, my oldest is graduating this year, and I still find myself asking is this all I am to be, is it enough, am I good enough, will people want to be around me or think less of me, because I have not been as successful as them? I know God is speaking to me, and I am praying that through this study and spending time with him, and all of you, God will settle my doubt my worthiness

    • Dear Wendy, God didn’t give each of us the same gifts. Romans 12:6 “God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well.” He blessed you with a home and children and the time to be with them. He loves you and wants you to be yourself not like others. As Renee wrote in A Confident Heart on Page 22 “Self-doubt blocks the promise of God’s power and truth to change us from the inside out so that we can live with a confident heart.”

      • Thank You Becci, I appreciate your words of encouragement. This is an amazing study, and has spoke to me in so many ways. I really enjoy being with all of you ladies, in heart!

  111. Kimberly Stiver says:

    Please pray for me. I have had a rough week with my health since the end of last week. Just feeling really bad. I haven’t even started reading our chapter yet or my other class. I need prayers to get to feeling better and learning to handle the hypoglycemia I have. Friday I was at the gym and I almost passed out. Got home and my blood sugar was low even after eating. Still trying to recover from this and went to dialysis really sick. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Kimberly, I am praying for you right now, “Lord Jesus, I pray for my sister Kimberly. You have a plan in all of our lives and I pray for her health and healing. I pray for the people she will come in contact through her journey that will encourage her and that she will have the opportunity to encourage. Let her see Your hand in her life and that you are ALL satisfying. You have all our answer even if we don’t get them right now. Thank you Lord. ~Amen”

  112. Fran Bruno says:

    ..praying for you Renee and those of you dealing with health issues.

  113. Felicity Casteller says:

    A friend has passed this on to me. Please send to me aswell. Thanks

  114. I found with me and my girls for us to learn verses we find a beat within the words and we sing it. Because we all know we find a song we love, we hear it just a few times and it becomes permanent. I started sharing this trick with my AWANA kids who absolutely thought I was crazy, but it helped them to remember the books of the Bible and some other verses they’ve been studying. God is so good, He fills our cups and surely satisfies us! Thanks Renee for today’s encouraging words. I love new tips/tricks as my tip doesn’t always work for everyone. Blessings!

  115. KAY PARRISH says:




  116. Kathy Sturgis says:

    I read this today by Holley Gerth: They are true!! I am learning to Believe

    Coming face-to-face with a God who loves us unconditionally sets us off balance.
    It’s much easier to believe, “If I go to church and read my Bible, God will love me.” That makes us feel safe because it seems we can control God’s love. It’s scary to believe in God’s unconditional love.

  117. I love the different ways everyone memorizes the Word! How exciting!

    <3 Heather

  118. Kim Johns says:

    Wow Renee! Chapter 3 was so interesting to read because I could hear myself through your words. Throughout college I always felt I didn’t come close to measuring up to other students in my major. I would call mom crying for her to let me quit college and do something else. I toughed it out and during my senior year in student teaching, I was paired with a mentor that told me I didn’t know what I was doing and would never be any good! I went to the Dean and got my teaching assignment changed to a much better one, but I always remembered the words of that woman and that allowed me to wallow in my already present self-doubts. I graduated but never pursued a career in my major.
    Also, during college I started to have doubts about my religious beliefs and fell further and further from God. I met and married a man who was the opposite of anyone I ever dated. He was fun and exciting and showed me a side of life I didn’t know existed. Problem was he was not a God-fearing man and that became one of many problems between us. He was a pessimist and I an optomist. I always had hope in situations where he could only see darkness. And that angered him terribly. He was depressed and self medicating with drugs and alcohol which made him verbally abusive. Things continued to decline and one day he wanted me to watch him commit suicide with a shotgun. When I refused to watch and walked away, he shot at me from behind. I heard the bullet whiz past my ear!!! Later, I felt God was telling me it was okay to leave, that I had done all I could to keep the marriage going (13 years of abuse). I stayed one more week, because my daughter had a big 7th birthday party planned and I didn’t want to disappoint her. That decision almost cost me my life as two days after the party, he shot at me again infront of our 3 1/2 year old daughter! I did finally leave and for the last 6 years I have struggled with self worth and insecurities. I believe God allowed me to go through this experience because it drew me back to him. I realized how close I came to dying and that he let me live for a reason. I am still working on what that reason is, but I have come a long way. I prayed and cried for a better job for years, and I just got one a few months ago. I realize now that I wouldn’t have been ready sooner. I have really learned to count on him to give me the strength and courage I need to stop doubting myself and give it my all.
    I was so excited when I heard about your book this summer and I am really enjoying reading it. I wish I had more time to reflect on it and read the posts on the site, but I am still benefiting greatly from being a part of this study. Thank you so much for sharing your story of self-doubt and insecurity with all of us. It takes a lot of courage to put it out there, but it will help sooo many.

    • Thank you for sharing, Kim. You have an amazing story and are a very strong person. Congrats on your new job and on your reunion with our amazing God. Rest assured that you have a significant purpose and can make a large impact on the body of Christ.

    • Where is the Chapter 3?

  119. Renee, So glad to read that your mom is doing well. In regards to the memorization i find that interesting and am excited to do it. When i use to memorize scripture i would write it on 3×5 (or bigger) cards and stick them everywhere! However, i have never thought to put it on my computer so when i turn it on it will be there. So i will be doing that too.
    (side note: just wanted you to know that i had been w/o a computer until just recently so am playing catch up. Before this study i was already on ch 4 so going back is a good thing i see things that i am re-reading even more.)

  120. I just thought of another way to keep our memory verse in front of us. we could put the memory verse as our profile picture. I just did it with the picture you shared with us about “Blessed” Jeremiah 17:7″ and it worked. (I’m a bit computer knowledge challenged however, i am learning something new everyday)

  121. Carrie swearingen says:

    I loved your video message Renee. I liked the demonstration you showed with the jar and how we try to find unconditional love in people and things rather than in god, you find yourself empty when you try finding love and fulfillment anywhere other than god. On the other hand when you let god’s promises fill you, there are no empty spaces to be found. Wecneed to come and fill our lives with the living water of god’s unconditional love and forgiveness. Only god is meant to fiil and fulfill you

  122. I love the teaching, but I can’t trace Chapter 3. Please assist, Thank you.

  123. This week has been a blur. My home life is unsettled with 3 teens and my marriage has some large holes. I really tracked with this weeks study illustration with the vase and all our stuff/people in our lives leaving holes. Since I can’t just dump all the stuff/people in a box and close the lid, I pray that the Lord will fill the holes in my life with His presence.
    My oldest daughter was forced to move out of the house, not my choice, but God’s plan. I am able to meet with her on Thursday night and Friday mornings I have a sense of the emptiness left from her not being able to live with us. If she had left with everyone happy it would not seem to be so hard. Giving God all our hurt as Wendy talked about in her Devotion today… http://devotions.proverbs31.org/
    It seems all week all the Proverbs 31 blogs have had the same theme, tracking with this chapter.
    Right now I think I could live off of Proverbs 31 and Starbucks. Reading my Proverbs 31 ministries blogs and sitting in Starbucks is my safe place right now. Thank you sisters.

  124. Re: Video…Well said. As I watch and listen to your videos my husband wants everyone in the room to be quiet so he can hear too. :>)

  125. Greetings Sisters,

    I pray all you ladies are doing well. This book has been a tremendous blessing to me, however I must admit I still find a few areas in my life where I need a confident heart. The biggest area right now is my job. I’m a new registered nurse recent grad and unfortunately within my 8mos on the job I am making several mistakes. I don’t have anyone to confide in and I began the orientation with 9 other young ladies… I feel as if I’m alone and constantly being criticized. I have heard in nursing school that Nursing is a profession where “They eat their young” but I never imagined it would be this bad. Please if you can pray that I would not dread coming to work and God instills in me a confident heart, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

    • Natalie, I just wanted you to know that I will keep you up lifted in prayer. I am sorry Natalie that you feel alone in this matter. Proverbs 3:5-8 says: “Lean on, trust in and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes; reverently fear and worship the Lord and turn [entirely] away from evil. It shall be health to your nerves and sinews, and marrow and moistening to your bones” (AMP)
      Have a Great day at work!

    • Natalie…. It is a bad feeling to feel like everyone is against you on your job. I had a job one time – (many, many, many years ago) and I was surrounded by people who were so un-Godly and not Christians. They seemed to be all against me – my bosses boss in particular was really a problem – I think it was a lightness/darkness kind of spiritual thing. I felt so alone and miserable. I prayed one day in the restroom, “Lord, if there are any Christians here, please bring them across my path”. And, yes, God did bring a very sweet girl to me who was a Christian and helped me through the awfulness of the experience. I would encourage you to do the same and pray for God to bring you friendships in your work environment from other Christians for support. “Divine relationships”!

  126. Claret Belle says:

    Satisfied! I already shared on another blog that I have been freeting, wanting, whining, and asked God for guidance. He sent me “Jehovah Jireh, My Provider! Satisfaction soon came after I settled down and remembered that I have no plans. I only have directions. I can only lfollow. I cannot lead! Hallelujah!!!!!
    I used to love to memorize and remembering His Word in my Mind helps to keep me on track. I understand your week. My grandson broke his leg, foreclosure in in the horizon, a court case in which someone lied on our family, and God is leading the charge.

    I also wanted to make a comment on the Samaritan Woman. I have always loved that story. The first thing I loved was that God “had” to go by Samaria. He never does anything by coincidence. He does things with intentions. There was a woman who needed Him and He was there. I have needed Him and He has been there. I will never forget when I decided to leave a relationship and I was going down the highway wondering why I would not just go back. Back to that person who I loved so much. Back to the comfort of physical needs. I kept on going and I to this day remember that I could not go back. I was in the presence of the Almighty God and His Will Be Done, forever. Please, women of God. God never forgets us. He never leaves us alone!

  127. Renee, I started to read chapter 4 last night and noticed i had already read it however, when i started re-reading it i was writing “Me Too” in places that you shared that were similar to what i had gone thru or am going thru. Like, trying to make my “happily ever after” come true for me. My husband was fine BEFORE we got married. However, i have realized that i needed to “fine tune” some areas of him that i didnot like. Because after all he would not fit my “happily ever after” story that i was making for myself. Some would call that controlling and they are probably right because when WE try to make things to turn out the way we want them to we are trying to CONTROL the matter. I kinda have to chuckle here because as i am writing this i am also thinking of my 22yr old son who so desparately had to move back to Florida. He had a great reason however, his timing was a bit off. Anyway, we got him to Florida and nothing seem to go the way he wanted them to go. So he keeps trying other things now he is working day labor so he can come back up here. While he is down there we find out that he got excepted into “Job Corp.” The purpose for his journey to Tampa, Florida was so he could attend a particular bible institute. Someone that went to that institute is training him. So in a years time my son will have his papers to be an Evangilist. and he will be close to finishing his studies in Job Corp. I said all this to say that my son watched me try to control different situations of my life and now he is doing it! However, now i can help him to see that the only one that has control over everything is Jesus! and when we allow him to handle life’s journey we will have peace.

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