Happy Monday! It’s day 2 in the first week of our Online Study and I”m so glad you are here!

Here’s today’s message: Please click the arrow below to watch it. I share how we can make sure our lives are BLESSED and not cursed as well as some  share  things God’s laid on my heart for us. I also announce our key word and verse for the week!

After viewing it, be sure to read below. I’ve got an assignment and answers to many of the questions you all have sent in about the study :-).

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Todays’ Assignment:

Download our Word for the Week:  BLESSED (double click the word) to download your FREE printable promise and word for the week, as many times as you want. Stick it everywhere and live like it’s true, girl, cause God wants this for you!

Please read Jeremiah 17:5-8. As you read it, ask God to show You His truth in this passage as it applies to your life – and how it relates to Chapter One where I listed the lies “doubt” whispers or shouts from the sidelines. They really are curses aren’t they?

Journal your thoughts in your notebook and ask God to help you notice this week when you’re tempted to put your hope and find your confidence in the wrong things and people. Then ask Him to help you turn to Him each time for confidence and security that comes from His approval, acceptance and unconditional love.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed if you haven’t read Chapter One yet. I want you to do that first, then watch the video. If  you have time  answer today’s question. The rest of the week we we’ll be getting to know one another, reviewing the chapter, answering questions at the end of the chapter and discussing them here.

Connect in Community: If you feel comfortable, I’d love for you to be part of the community we’re building here! I want to pray for you. I want to hear from you. Seriously, your thoughts matter to me!! When you have time, share them and read others’.  Feel free to stop back by any time. Click “share your thoughts” below this post to be part of today’s conversation.

How Our Online Study Will Work (since I know it might be confusing)

My blog/website will be the “living room” of our online study. We’ll meet here to read my posts, watch videos, find out our assignments and download free resources for the week. The primary place to share our thoughts, prayers and questions will be in the comments section under each post.

As time allows for those who want to, we’ll linger “in the foyer” on Facebook and Twitter. Some will and some won’t. It’s totally up to you! I’ll be there at least a little bit almost every day. BUT the most important gathering place will be right here on my blog.

How will you know when it’s time to connect here? I’ll notify you four different ways.

I’ll Facebook and Tweet it. I’ll send you a note through the Online Study list and include a link back to the post. And, if you’re signed up for Email Website Updates, you’ll receive the whole post in an email that day too. But you’ll need to click on a link to come back to my website to watch videos, download extras or comment and connect.

Remember this is a journey and we’re just getting started. Give yourself time to read today’s assignment and yesterday’s, memorize this week’s verse, pray it out loud and let God love on you! Click “Share Your Thoughts” to do just that!

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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. The comment in the chapter that stands out is”You can only see the shadow because you have turned away from the light”. This resonates with my heart because my word for this season of my life is “Focus”. Over the past few months the Father has really been talking to me about being single minded and setting my focus on Him. The more I look at Him and see His goodness and really believe that He loves me, the more I am willing to live my day in confidence..that has brought me to a place where I have had to lay down a lot of things that have been filling up my life over the past year and repurpose my intensions toward His love for me.He is asking me to look at my priorities and focus on my intimacy level with Him and with my family.

    • Jamie Rodriguez says:

      Hello, this book study was suggested to my by my sister in Christ Misty Auel who is also doing this book study. I needed the encourgement with the word of the day Blessed! Also the scripture in Jeremiah is God speaking to me and I recentely read Jeremiah which leads me to feel God knew this book study was intended for me to participate. I pray everyone does truely feel blessed and encourged by each other and Gods unfailing love for his children

      • Trisha Halls says:

        Encouragement – amazing how god knows just what we need & provides it before we even know we need it. I know I was blessed to have this put in my lap as I am dealing with a big trial of trusting &Satan is trying so hard to get my focus off God. But the Lord knew this & is reinforcing what I know to be true but to trust we should also be reminded of Daniel chapter 6 how he trusted the Lord & how he prayed am, noon, and night. we have the responsability to put on God’s armour & that is by reading & prayig at all times not just when we feel convcted but always to gain his strength to fight the enemies attacks. I will pray for all us women to be able to DESIRE that time with the Lord for our protection & growth. I will pray for all us to be encouraged by this sight or by god’s interceding with others just as he sees fit. Psalm 138 reminds us tha the Lord will fulfill his purpose for our lives. so trust in that.

        • Thank you

        • I also want to say I listened to the video blessed this afternoon for the third time the more times you hear things, the more you hear and pay attention to what you are getting out of what you are hearing. God is really teaching me to listen! for this third time, I heard this video, I really believe god was speaking to my heart to say take a few minutes out of my day and be still with him and just be with him. I just journaled my thoughts. I am a people pleaser. I asked God to speak to my heart like he did in the video and to show me how to recgonize when I’m listening to what’s going on aroudn me too much and to show me how to focus on him. as everyone knows and I’ll mention it again. I am totally blind. I have a computer with a speech program that I use the keystroke commands to read a line at a time and so on now there are a couple of limitations. it only reads word documents. the chapters are p.d.f. files I can’t read the chapters, but I still fell very involved in this study because I am getting all of renee’s e-mails and hearing the videos and reading people’s comments and putting my own! I’m praying to be able to get the book! I am downloading the verse of the week and memorizing! So, I am really able to get involved in this. I thank god for such a wonderful online study on confidence thank you Renee!

      • Gabrielle Darville says:

        I know its pretty late in the day and I am just getting around to posting and reading comments but better late than never I always say. Currently, I am a graduate student studying for my Masters. Needless to say I too have a hectic schedule and have put off in the past really delving into Gods word and often times put those around me first over him…. I remember receiving an email concerning your book last summer, but I was so caught up in trying to fix my broken relationships that I didn’t pay attention to what God was trying to show me in helping me deal with my insecurities and truly trust in him and relinquish control. Needless to say my insecurities from a lack of God confidence I think caused things to have gotten worse between me and those I love to where now we barely speak. Needless to say, just from this first chapter in this book and the first assignments given to us, I have realized that I have done in the past what Jeremiah 7 :5 -6 explains. By trusting man or myself for my strength to control things or make things right, rather than trust in God in his perfect timing for change or restoration etc, I actually have caused more damage than good! Therefore the curse. I feel like this online bible studying is a “blessing” —see look at the word of the week… and I am really trying to be obedient to God and wholeheartedly trust in God’s confidence in ALL aspect of my life as well as grow in him to help change me for the better. I use to have a WHOLE lot of worry and fear about everything, and listening to people often times never helped my anxiety and fear of thinking “is God truly going to fulfill his promises.” or is his “promises” that I have came up with not actually his but what I want for my life. I am just yearning and wanting to be more confident and be able to hear from him more. My church is also doing a 21 day fast right now, and I am trying to incorporate this into the fast! I feel as though with this bible study I am on the verge of a breakthrough and boy o boy is the devil trying to stop it (even to the point of disrupting my sleep through my dreams)….so I ask for your prayers as I embark on this journey for growth with all of you. Be blessed and thank you for what you are doing right now. It is greatly appreciated.

        • Janice Sonia says:


          I just prayed a special prayer for you!

        • Wow! I feel like I am in the same boat. I, too, am a grad student and definititely need to put God first as the El Capitan and let God do His thing! — my job is to FOCUS, be disciplined, humble, trusting in Him, and to live blessed and not cursed Jer 17:5-8. “Human effort accomplishes nothing! But with God, all things are possible.” (Bible paraphrase). I have to believe it and stop meddling in the pot. Thank you for being transparent with your story so I could see myself there. I have some questions to answer at the end of the chapter to dig deeper and not avoid them. Best and thanks!

        • You are in my prayers as we go through this study!

      • hello it’s me again I have posted ealier and am posting more comments to say. i’m so excited about this bible study-confidence course God has found for me. Because I wasn’t here for the beginning of the study, I just went to the arkives. I’ve been listeing to the videos every week, but I just want last week to the archives thank God for those arkives to start over again. I listened to the video on blessed three times. Yesterday was my third time I heard it the more you hear something the more you get out of it. Well, yesterday, I really listened and I really listened to Renee say God spoke to her heart to say spend time with me. I could really sense God speak to my hear and I could really sense him using this bible study/confidence course to challenge me to take a few minutes out of my day to forget about everything around me, and spend time with him. Now, I mentioned earlier I’m totally blind. I’m using a computer with a speech program. It reads me everything on the screen! I have to do the proper keystroke commands to read a line at a time and so on. It has limitations though. It doesn’t read p.d.f. files only word files. the chapters are p.d.f. I do feel really involved in this study though because I’m listening to the videos. I’m reading comments. I’m in the middle of that now reading all the comments under the post video bless. i’m spending an hour each day going through the comments. Wow. so many of you are going through what I’m going through with self/doubt issues and I am a people pleaser. I have negative people in my life family members and my boy friend is sometimes negative now I’m blind. i live on my own, and I find my loved ones even though they don’t mean to be, are very critical of me They don’t mean to be. It just comes across that way! the tone of voice people use is very important. Also, Satan uses other people to make us feel miserable and to doubt ourselves and that’s what happens to me a lot of times! This course on confidence is really going to help me! I want to be a confiden woman in christ! it’s so good for us to share all our comments! I could be here all day reading these! It’s so good to know there is people out there going through the same things I’m going through. One of you mentioned about Joyce Myer I love her! I listen to her every day! She’s great! I’m going to go now read more comments also as I was reading everyone’s comments and relating so well, I thanks God for Christian friends. I don’t have many at all! look forward to keep connecting with you all bye for now Phyllis

    • kathy focus has been a key word for my life for years. I pray God will open my mind that it won’t be just. Word but the action of the word will come.

    • The comment about the word “Focus” really resonated with me. I was participating in a Bible Study with my church last summer and one night my prayer partner asked me what she should pray for me and I said “Focus”. At the time I thought I meant it about my life in general…I tend to be a little scattered. But I realized over the course of the summer that the word “Focus” came from the Holy Spirit reminding me to put my “focus” on God. I am excited to be a part of this study.

    • Thank you all who chose that quote from Chapter1 on “You can only see the shadow because you have turned away from the light”.

      My Word for 2012 is LIGHT as yours is FOCUS, Kathy… and so far, I could not decide if I would do this study or about 5 others including Ephesians (one of my favorite books in the Bible)

      And out of 200+ comments, that I would open to so many choosing that quote… (don’t know how Renee will be able to filter or read through all of these… my eyes were shot after the first page)!

      I also was concerned whether I had time to JOIN in as this is a busy season down here in MX preparing for outreaches and upcoming evangelism… but with Renee’s words on the video “to set aside time” and this multiply confirmation, I downloaded the sample… but within hours of reading and checking more comments, I was convinced that for me… God was saying that I needed this CONFIDENT HEART and the confidence in ministry by reading Renee’s book. So whether I can stay with you all through it all… I knew I had to buy it and start 2012 with this and also a new day, and new week of encouragement. I have found it here and I know I will be BLESSED!

      “But blessed is the Peggy and each of you who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him!”

      I caught the end of this book with Melissa T. when she was doing this as well and should have known. But Renee, that forward struck a deep cord… thank you for sharing and making this available again.
      Bless you Renee, Kathy and all the rest of you seeking our confidence and strength in Christ Jesus and God’s Word. Now I’m really excited about digging into this and so thankful!

    • ”You can only see the shadow because you have turned away from the light”

      Kathy said this really spoke to her. It is the first thing I highlighted in the book. Wow. Great picture it creates as I think of my own doubting of God’s power in my life from time to time.

    • Thank you for the word “FOCUS”. I have been putting too much focus on others opinions, and not enough on God’s.

  2. Annette Dorval says:

    Good morning! What a great way to start my day, in God’s Word and with my new study! I love the way you prepared the key verse. I’ve taken the liberty of putting the pink heart and the words on a 3×5 card and am putting it not only for me to see, but for my 15 year old daughter! I read a bit more of Jeremiah as well and verses 17:12-13 gave a beautiful picture of God as our sanctuary, our hope and our fountain of living water! God is our home, our sustenance and our future. When we accept this as truth and live it, no one can take away our confidence! Thank you precious Lord for giving us the opportunity to be involved in this study and draw closer to You. May You be greatly praised! Amen

  3. Judi Splint says:

    Hi Renee~
    I am hoping I will be able to read and also comment on this site throughout this study. I am not linked with twitter or facebook, and I need to be able to connect with others. I did the study on my own recently, and I know there will be a great difference if I can move along this time with others.
    Thank you for doing this study again. Thank you so much for your prayers for us. Judi.

    • Judi, this is the “living room” of our online study. We’ll meet here on my blog find out our assignments, read my posts and watch videos. The primary place to share our thoughts, prayers and questions will be in the comments section here.

      Then, as time allows and people want to, they can hang out (in the foyer) on Facebook and Twitter. Some will and some won’t but the most important gathering place will be right here on my blog. 🙂

      • peggybythesea says:

        Thank you Renee…i posted early this morning here and on Facebook…This afternoon I felt terrible, i am not like you , I am the opposite of you with absolutely so much time on my hands, the devils playground…My mind is so bad to me…So, I do this study as I said earlier hoping it is not just another study…God knows I have done enough of them. I need to do the work and I will in Jesus Name…i am just so encouraged by two women who responded to me and helped me by affirming me and making this seem real. Thank you all ladies for coming into this woman’s life.!!!!

        • You are in my prayers Peggy. Your desire to be changed by Him through this study wonderful. I had back surgery in December so I am at home unable to do much of anything for the next few months. I am hoping to fill my time with true dedication to this study, prayer, time in the Word, and introspection.

    • I don’t have facebook or twitter either, so I’ll just be meeting here on the blog. We can pray for each other.
      Michele S.

  4. Bridget Bareither says:

    Thank you so much for listening to God’s promptings to your heart to start this study. I am so grateful for it! I have been wanting to purchase your book for awhile now. The minute I saw that it was in the process of being a book….I read about what the book was about, and new my heart needed to hear it.
    This study comes at a time that I am in one of the busiest seasons of my life…my husband is working full time, going to school full time to graduate in May, I work part time, and we have a 9 month old daughter….the days are so hard sometimes, but God is sovereign. I am so blessed to be married to a strong Christian….one who is working so hard to provide for our family to lead us to where we feel so strongly about being, and that is for me to be at home. This study does come at one of the busiest times of my life, but also when its most needed. It’s been in the last few months that I have really realized how much I need to rely on God’s strength and not my own. Sometimes the deepest valleys are the best place to be because of how much God grows us in them, and so hard or not…I am so thankful.
    I know my lack of confidence in my own heart. My desire to always people please and get so caught up in what others think, that I forget many times who this is all for in the first place. Who is to get the glory? Not me, that’s for sure, but it’s so easy to forget. I just wanted to leave a comment this morning for some accountability. I know how easy it would be for me to just “get by” with this study….but you are right. God has so much for me in it, if I will just let him. Thank you for submitting to his prompting and I look forward to spending this time with each of you!

    • I need the accountability also. I want this to be so much more than just another book that I have read. I want it to radically change my life.

      • Sandy I agree!

        • I totally agree. I am in a season of my life that has caused me to do some serious soul searching and seeking God. I feel this is the start of a new transformation. I want God to transform me into the Jesus Girl that I was meant to be!

          • Me, too Nicole. I feel that God is letting me go through a ” growth spurt” right now. A period that is a little painful and uncomfortable but hopefully I will come out a stronger Christian on the other side.

    • Jenn Gallardo says:

      I am a people pleaser too!!! I’ve recently tried to just let things go, do all that I can but focus on what is important in life… I am hoping part of the “confidence” I can gain through this study is the “confidence” to not be so worried about “people pleasing” but to be more focused on “God Pleasing”. Stay to the test my friend on your hectic schedule…and glad you reached out for some accountability! 🙂

      • Jenn,
        As a chronically recovering ‘People Pleaser’ myself (It is a battle I will always have to be mindful of)..I relate. Have you ever read ‘Approval Addiction’ by Joyce Meyer? Its been a few years since I read it, but if you ever find yourself looking for another book to read (when there are so many calling our names…including Confident Heart!) I can recommend it! Best to you!

    • This is awesome, Bridget! Stick with it…it will be so worth it! And if you allow God to use all you learn in the book then you will not be the same woman at when you get to the end of the book that you are when you started it. Excited for you as you begin the journey of a “A Confident Heart” together with an incredible on-line support of women. I love what you said the study has come to you during one of your most busiest seasons of life and yet the most needed. Press on my friend…it will be worth it! Renee wanted me to let you know she read your comment, is thrilled you’ve joined her and is praying for everyone. Have a blessed day!

  5. Good Morning! As I begin day two, listening to the video, hearing the word Blessed, I received a wink from God reminding me of how blessed I am to be able to view this segment. You see I had a 9+ year old computer that was unable to handle online surfing, much less video streaming, but, within the past month I was able to purchase a new computer. Blessed. What a great way to start the day! Thank you for this online study.

  6. Jeremiah 17:5-8 really spoke to me…”cursed is the man who trusts in man”…”Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose hope is the Lord.”
    So many times we listen to those around us instead of God, that is why we feel dry/parched spiritually. God gives us the water we need, the living water, to keep us living for Him.

    • Yes, I agree. I like to say my “tank” is empty. I should say “my spiritual tank” is empty. I need that water supply. 😉

    • I have lived with seeking man’s approval for too long. I want the refreshment that following after God’s heart will bring.

      • Amen, Sandy! I have cared too much what people think for far too long. And even when I get that approval, it’s not fulfilling (at least not for long).

      • Amen, Sandy!! I too suffer from worrying way too much about what others think. That’s one of the main reasons I want to do this study – Renee’s book really speaks to me and put into very eloquent words what was racing around in my mind and heart.

      • I myself have lived many years seeking the approval of man. I am ready to to fully rely on God, not just partially, but all the way. Years ago I was brought to my knees by God for not putting Him first in my life and my journey here is right in His time. Thank you for this study Renee, and all the wonderful women going thru this study. God bless you all.

      • Candra Murphy says:

        I so agree I have lived the majority of my adult life trying to make others happy or seeking to get their approval. But I made up my mind that this year the only persons approval that I need is God!!!

    • I do agree we found ourselves fearing the opinion of others therefore we are reluctant to share our struggles and imperfections with others forgetting that perfection is not a human nature only by grace that we are saved and we should trust in the one who can take away lives and restaure them not the men who cant even create life

      • Thank you Mimi for challenging me to look to God for His grace, and not to man. His grace is sufficient and by His grace and love we are healed, and will have a confident heart.
        Trust at most times is hard, but when I look to God and His truth, I can put my trust faithfully in Him and Him alone!!!

    • Wow! So many ‘Water” comments!!! This study truly is our chance to Lamentations 2:19. ..pour our hearts out in the presence of the Lord…and Psalm 62:8…Trust in Him at all Times, O people; pour your hearts out to Him , for God is our refuge. Think there is a whisper there that we all are hearing!!!!!! I love these special nudges!

    • Jenn Gallardo says:

      That’s one of the things I jotted down…was to STOP going to others to vent, ramble, etc and seek advice..which justify my excuses, give me comfort for my “position” on whatever it may be, etc. Once we start buying into this cycle, it leaves us wanting more, and we get deeper and deeper into the habit and further and further away from what God wants us to do. Talking to these people even if they are good friends or f amily but NOT christians and receiving their counsel…I was really convicted of that…and realized that by me doing that, I’m cursing my ownself and the outcome of whatever the issue was/is in teh first place. So, the thing I am “CUTTING OUT” is phone time w/ friends. I’m a stay at home mom and can get caught up on the phone way too much SO EASILY and w/ a good person, great values, great morals, etc…but not a christian. I need to stop giving priority to my “hurt”, “palin”, and “pity party” because it yokes me into thinking all the thoughts listed in chapter 1 for my situation…I have to stay focused on God, focused on trusting HIM, stand on HIS rock and claim HIS word through my circumstances…not pick up the phone and have a session w/ my friend…
      Thx for your post…:)

      • Jenn, I resonate with this post. At times, I find myself seeking others’ approval and confirmation of my decisions and whether I am following God’s path/hearing His voice correctly. At the same time, I find myself in that in-between place. Not a baby Christian but still “a work in progress” and maturing. And it feels risky to trust my inspirations because I am unsure if I am TRULY hearing God’s voice or is it my own emotion/feeling or even ego disguised as a good motive? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Praying for all of you ladies and myself on this topic and so many others. Renee, thank you as well for your dedication to this study.

      • Kristina W. says:

        I am cutting out something similar, as well! 2011 was an extremely challenging year. Quite frankly, the Glory is to God that I made it through with an intact marriage, job, and mind! So, I am cutting out not only talking about my past pain, but also thinking and dwelling on the hurtful things in my past. I had been thinking just last week that my words this year would be “Recovery” and “Rebuild”….but these words, again, direct my thoughts to the past (i.e., recovering from something and rebuilding something that was broken). For now, I am using Renee’s word BLESSED until I find my rhema word. Looking forward to this study!!!!

      • I know I am a few days behind in starting this study. But want to say thank you to Jenn for your post. You described me to a “T” I have always looked to other people to vent to and looked to them to “fix” my problems instead of going to the Lord. It has been so much easier for me to put my trust in man because I can see and hear him. I am so excited about this study. I think I will be finally set free of my need for man and man’s approval.

    • This verse gave me goose bumps when I read it. I have felt in a period of limbo recently and have felt God’s nudging at my heart that I need to “trust in the Lord” so that I can hear, feel and move in the direction He wants me to go. The world is a scary place and I find myself feeling overwhelmed by all of it’s problems and the insecurity of it, so I’m trying really hard to set what I hear, see, read and speak on the things of God. This study comes at a perfect time. God bless you Renee for leading us in this journey with God!

  7. Katie Purcell says:

    Loved this……”When you give God a little, He makes it a lot!” Confident that He will transform my heart to conform to HIs truth.”

    • I agree! I have to confess that I was looking forward to this study, but as I sat down to start yesterday I wasn’t “feeling it.” I woke up an hour earlier today to get into it. That was my “little” that I wanted to give today. I just wanted to be here and be faithful with whatever Renee is asking us to do. It’s now an hour and a half later and I’m teary eyed because I haven’t had a sweet time like this in soooo long. I was so blesssed by going through all the questions and really thinking about the answers and I loved Renee’s video. God is faithful. Sometimes we just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and see where He takes us. Glad to spend this time with you guys.

  8. This book and study are such a blessing. I have lived in the shadow of my own doubts for so long it is going to be so different to change that mindset with help from the Lord. I know for sure that He is the only way life change is going to happen. I have lived the cursed life so long by worrying about what others think of me. I am SO ready to live the abundant life God offers. I want to have those serious conversations with God that will transform me into the person He has meant for me to be all along.

  9. God is moving in such wonderful ways already! What a blessing! What has been resonating with me is the phrase, “At what point did Sam isolate herself?” I have isolated myself in so many ways without even realizing it. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  10. Sheri Martens says:

    I am a 59 year old semi-retired mother and grandmother and to my precious younger sisters in Christ I hate to tell you that life does not get less hectic as you get older. The distractions just take a new form. I do feel blessed in many ways, but I am still in God’s classroom. What struck me was what was I willing to give up to give God more time. I am giving this much thought and prayer. I am looking forward to this journey with Renee and all of you. May God grant each of you abundant blessings today and throughout this week.

  11. I have been in a dark place lately listening too much to the lies of the devil and allowing too many negative thoughts into my head. Struggling with seeking approval from a spouse instead of God. Thank you for your book becasue it resonates with me and where I am today. I hope to be able to focus on letting God fill me with confidence instead of seeking it elsewhere. What a good word for the week. Blessed!

    • I agree… the word blessed. It envokes a good feeling in my heart. Makes me feel special! You are right….it is a good word.

    • Kristina W. says:

      Michelle- we are in the same boat! Let’s pray for each other!

    • peggybythesea says:

      I am also in that situation. I left for 3 weeks before Christmas…1500 miles away to my home where my sons are only to find out my life is not there anymore. I came back…drove all that way, alone and afraid. Now that I am back, my husband has been better, scared I think, but Jesus is my Heavenly husband and will never say mean words to me and I have to remember that…so timely, doing this study..i pray for you Michelle and Kristina…Words can be so hurtful, but God’s word is truth…

      • I as well have a very critical husband–quick to criticize and never compliments, and shows no affection. I am working on seeking only the approval of the loving Lord that created me in his perfection. I know he loves me and will continue to give me the strength I need for my marriage. I pray every day that God’s love will penetrate my husband’s heart and thoughts and that my heart will continue to be confident in His love.

  12. Hi,

    I missed the first day. Is there any way to view the first day’s devotion?

    • Under Renee’s Story (in my menu bar) is a pull down button that says “Renee’s blog” click on that. Then when you get to that archive page – scroll down to Friday, Jan 13th for the instructional post and go up from there. I had a post on Sat, Sun and today.


  13. I’ve so debated about doing this bible study or any study. Like you Renee, my life is very full with work and ministry but I’ve found myself spending less time with Him. This video helped me make the decision to begin this study and today I’m asking myself the question “What do I need to set aside to have more time with God?” I am blessed but living under the weight of responsibility and absent from His presence can certainly make you forget this truth. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Dear Saundra, You are not alone. I have 4 children 20-15. The three girls and I have been in college together and my oldest moved out this week and time is something I feel I never have. But I can meet with Bible Study, because it is on my laptop, which I always have. God is always with us and our prayers are always with each other…it doesn’t get better than that.

  14. Thanks for this , really have open my eyes differently , thanks for todays reading.

  15. Brenda Schiesser says:

    These videos are so hard for me to watch as I only have DSL internet and they take forever to load BUT I am going to let it load and go do something else. I’ve tried to do other studies without watching the videos and I have missed out on so much and ended up not finishing. I so want to finish this study as this is where I feel I will benefit the most and be able to be a blessing to others. So, I will be back later.

  16. This is the first time I have been on any kind of online study and it’s great. God is truly working on me with getting things in order and I have been so busy doing everything but his work. This year will be different and thanks again for a study like this. One word: AWESOME.

  17. Thank you for this Renee. I feel in an overwhelming season of life, marked by lots of change. My oldest will always be recovering from an accident that forever changed our lives seven years ago. At the same time my mother became ill and passed away a year ago. Just before she passed I began a new job. I’m just trying to get a handle on all of it. The desire of my heart is to draw closer to God and trust Him with all of it. I’m a year and a half into a new and highly challenging job. From the beginning I said it was His because I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. What you said sbout God telling you to cut back on work to spend more time with Him hit home today. I had done that before, scaling back some commitments, but not with work. That is also what I believe He’s telling me to sacrifice, not just to focus more on Him, but to truly trust Him with this job and all the other things in my life. I’m making a commitment today. To trust Him more and to.get to know Him more. He’s placed me here, I’m certain, but I’ve always felt that it would be for a season and that He had something He wanted to teach me through it. I did not have the confidence I could do this job – something like Moses. And I can’t on my own but through Him I can. I look forward to what we will learn together.

  18. Renee — I love that “blessed” is our word of the week. I’m blessed that God has called me to participate in this study and gather some dear friends together each week to share with each other in person what we’re learning from your book.
    Jeremiah 17:5-8 is already a very special scripture to me, and I look forward to reading more about blessings this week. God created us to hunger and thirst for him, and he sustains us with the blessings he showers down on us.

  19. I haven’t read Chapter 1 but the Foreword in itself had me thinking and glad I decided to join this bible study. I can’t wait to get started.

  20. I am so excited to see how God will transform me from the inside out! Praying God’s promises hit me like a brick. This is a journey for me but with God’s help I will have a fresh start and live a life of praying His promises. As I walk this journey…the constant self-editing” is going to be behind me.

  21. Good Morning, There was so much to think about – what stands out right now for me is what am I going to cut off of my plate to make time for the study and more time for God. Thinking about it this way helps instead of wondering how to “fit it in”! I know there is so much that needs to be cut!!
    Thank you for the study, the accountability and the encouragement!

  22. I too am looking forward to doing this study. I have always had very low self confidence and am now heavier than i’ve ever been and my self worth has dropped even farther. I look in the mirror and I hate what’s looking back at me. I know that God loves me as His child but it’s hard for me to imagine that i’m lovable at times. I have two kids that I love more than life and to think of God loving me even more than that, it’s hard to take it all in. Other things have happened in my life recently that have stressed me to the max. I decided I needed to take the time for this study and time to fully comprehend God’s love for me and my worth as His child. Thank you, Renee.

  23. Reading the acknowledgments made me realize that I have very few people that I turn to for spiritual guidance. I am very grateful to God for my husband who actually sent me the link to Proverbs 31 Ministries and to this book and study. I am really looking forward to this study and seeing what God has in store for me!

  24. Good Morning everyone. Where do you begin when you start something and then can’t finish because you don’t have the confidence in yourself. Due to failing so many times. I have been praying for God to give me the confidence and knowledge to be able to do His will and not mine.

    My daughter and I started this study a few months back, but did not get it finished due to our schedules. We have decided that we wanted to be a part of this online study and to stay with it and to build up our confidence and to remember that we are God’s child. I love the Lord very much and He has really helped me get through some tough times and I still do have those tough times. Looking forward to this study and I know that we are all BLESSED with the LORD on our side. Thank you Renee and others for this study. Looking forward to going forward and having a confident heart.

    • Brenda, I also just survived a couple of years of extremely hard times, with the Lord’s help. I kept thinking, OK, so God is making me stronger, but then I got to the point where, I didn’t even WANT to be stronger anymore, I just wanted the troubles to stop coming at me! And then a light bulb came on over my head and God said, “Yes I want you to be stronger–THROUGH ME–and trust and rely on Me!” And I answered, “OOOOOOH, I get it now!” And you know what, the dark cloud went away then and life is good now! When I look back I also realize it was the Lord squeezing me through various circumstances to get me to focus on Him again. I can totally see that now. A message that I heard (so I bought the book) that helped me TREMENDOUSLY was “Plan B” by Pete Wilson, he explains about what it means for us to go through trials. It’s easy to read, very positive, loving, and down to earth (no fire and brimstone). I want to add, God is calling you through THIS study and I hope you are able to hang in there with the rest of us, nothing but blessing will come of it! To tie the above in with our current topic of trust and confidence, I can totally see how my confidence in the future is now through God and what a relief it is to not depend on MYSELF so much anymore! Too much pressure! :^)

  25. ” He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It have no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.” Jeremiah 17:8NIV…I long to be capable of sending out my roots to the stream of my God. I am a people pleaser, who gains my fulfillment and confidence in the act of pleasing others, especially my husband and children. And when I don’t please, I feel inadequate and a failure. In these times of drought, allow me to continue bearing fruit , Dear Lord. Encourage me to send my roots to your heavenly waters for the quenching of my soul.

    • Jenn Gallardo says:

      I’m w/ ya sister! I truly believe God is asking me to focus on living a life “PLEASING TO HIM” as my focus…through my words, moods, attitudes and actions…and to not worry about what others think, becasue the more authentic I am for HIM…the more they will truly see and understand who I am!

    • I wonder if it is common for us people-pleasers to also have feelings of doubting and inadequacy when we aren’t pleasing someone. I am thinking that maybe we need to focus more on pleasing God through our service to others (what we previously called “people-pleasing”) and that may help re-frame things? Do it for the glory of God, not for ourselves? Hmm, maybe I’m on to something here, I will have to try this!

      Also, beginning this study, I couldn’t help but think, I’m so glad I’m not an atheist! Because as a Christian, we are learning that our value and confidence comes from Christ, not from the world! If I were an atheist, I would have to depend on getting warm fuzzies from the world, and you know how seldom that happens! So thank you Lord for letting me be part of this family!

      • I have also struggles with working to please others. I am learning that it is OK to work to help others, but the reason to help others comes from the heart and not to make others like us. God knows from our heart why we do certain things. Does that make sense?

  26. Good Morning to everyone! I am just now getting on board. I have completed the first chapter, and I am overjoyed that I don’t have to read and go through this process alone. It is comforting to know that there are several women out there, just like me, who have issues with self-doubt. There were countless sentences that stood out for me while reading and studying this first chapter. In fact, I found some of my own personal thoughts written down by Renee. I often find myself not feeling adequate enough to do certain tasks, especially when it comes to leading something or speaking in public. I become a ball of nerves just thinking about having to be responsible for leading or delivering a speech in front of large crowds. I guess what stood out the most for me though, was when Renee said…”and sensed God whispering to my heart…” If I can be honest, this statement made me a little envious. So often when I going through different situations in my life, I long to hear from GOD. I long to hear what it is that He’s saying or thinking. I often hear people say, God spoke to me about this and God spoke to me about that, and it puzzles me a bit, because I am often unsure of when GOD may be speaking to me or if He speaks to me at all. Then the question that Renee asks herself in the second paragraph of Chapter one creeps into my mind….”What’s wrong with me?”

    • Hi Ashlee,

      Your concerns about actually hearing from God have been mine in the past as well. However, something changed this last year and I began to really believe that God was speaking a word into my life. I had spent many years of flipping through the pages of the Bible like it was a fortune cookie and then falling upon random verses and being left empty. When I started crying out to God like David did in many Psalms, and just pouring my whole self out to Him ( the good, the bad, and the ugly) I then began to sense what He was saying to me. God tells us to search Him with our whole hearts and then we will find Him. I am praying that he will reveal Himself to you in a way that is REAL and with a word that you need.

      • Amen! Thank you Casey. I think the key word is BELIEVE. I have to believe that GOD wants to speak to me ,and then I have to be patient and listen.

        • Jenn Gallardo says:

          It’s not a big “moment” it could just be something as simple as the “prompting” of your emotions or a thought… like today…I was eating my cream of wheat and drinking coffee and my mind started racing about a potential church change for my family…and now, as the day has gone I have realized that it was God speaking to me…about being ready for my husband to approach me about this. Kinda feels neat that I’m in on the secret…but I questioned if it was my thoughts or God at first cause it was a very casual moment, eating breakfast and enjoying the quietness of my usually chaotic home…so, think simple…God is speaking to you, and you might not even realize it! 🙂

    • Ashlee: Bless you for being so open and honest. Please know that there is nothing wrong with you! Part of “hearing” God speak to you is recognizing. (And questioning whether it is a message from God is important.)
      I like to think that God uses lots of different ways to “speak” to me. Sometimes it is a particular Bible verse that I keep running across, or a thought or a word, that keeps cropping up. Sometimes it is through what someone else says or does. Sometimes it can be through the words of a song or the way music makes me feel. Sometimes it is in nature such as a pretty sunset.
      I hope this helps.

    • I just started a new Sunday School class and my teacher said that you just need to begin where you are. She said if you don’t want to do your devotions, pray for the desire. If you want to have devotions and hear from God, then pray that God would meet you there. Tell him that you need to hear from him. Read the passage. Write down in a journal any verse that stands out to you in a new way. Read over that verse several times and wait. God will give you some words just for you. You might think it is your own thought so that is why you wait for God to put a new thought in your mind. Write down the thought. Then pray and thank him for sharing with you. I have been doing my devotions this particular way for a week now and love it! I think I rush too fast for him to actually speak to me most days. Zoom through the passage, pray, done. Praying for you Casey 🙂

    • Michelle W says:

      Good Morning Ashlee,

      I’ve had that same issue in the past with wondering why it was that I could not hear God and wondering what was wrong with me. There’s nothing wrong with you as you will see further in the book because Renee has a chapter that addresses this very issue of us wondering what’s wrong with us. God is always speaking to us. We may not “hear” Him, but He’s always speaking. I’m still deciphering His Voice to me. It may be through someone giving me a Word, it may be that I have a “feeling” to do something and then if I dont do it, after some time, knowing it was Him prompting me to do something and then getting down on myself for not “deciphering His Voice” until after the fact, or it could be through confirmation of His Word, when you read something in the Bible and it sticks out to you and then it’s confirmed throughout the day or week or month. He speaks in many ways, but we just need to decipher how He speaks to us. I also believe that in order to hear Him, you have to BELIEVE that He’s speaking to you. That was also a problem I had. I did not believe that He spoke to me, I always thought that my “works” disqualified me from hearing Him. The lies that we believe can be so distructive to us, but God is faithful to us and He always gets us through. Hebrews 11:6: But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

      Be Blessed.

      Michelle W.

  27. Amy McIntire says:

    Hi Renee and all ~

    I am so excited about this study. I however have a slight problem, after this week I will not have access of the book as I need to return it to the library. I cannot renew it and I am on a waiting list for another copy 🙁 I hope that I can still be a part of this study, as I cannot afford a hard copy right now. I posted on Freecycle to see if anyone had a copy they were letting go of, but no such luck. Any suggestions out there, I want to continue on with this study as I so need the refreshment it offers.

    Thanks for any insight!


  28. Renee I am so glad that you wrote this book I can relate to alot. I started to did this bible studie with Melissa And I late Satan get in my mind and shut down I never finish so I am so gald that you are doing this studie Plus I know how satan attracks me I am not going to let him win I plan on finishing this bible studie with you to the end. I am praying for you and all the other ladies that are doing this studie also. I am so excited to see what god plans on doing.

    • Michelle W says:

      Hi Sharon,

      I too was in Melissa’s BS and also did not finish the study. I finished the book, but got stuck at Chapter 6 with the questions. I’m glad that you decided to finish as I too am here for that very same reason. As we press on this year, I know that we are in for something great.

      Be Blessed.

      Michelle W.

    • Hi Sharon and Michelle W.,

      I also started this study with Melissa’s online group and got through chapter 8. I said that I would at least finish reading the book even though I fell behind in the study, but I failed too. I know it was only satan at work. I pray that I will get through it this time and persevere. Praying that you guys will too. Thanks Renee for offering this study again because we as women of God need our confidence in Him and Him alone.


      Liz 🙂

  29. Just started “The Daniel Fast” with our church family, last Wednesday & this is right on time for me. I’ve already read the book once, but I am really diving into the meat of it this time. I also, do not want this to be, just another book I read. This comes at a very, very difficult time in my marriage & my life as well, if I am truly honest with myself, which I am trying very hard to be. I am looking forward to that “New Thing” God is doing! I know God is right where He has always been, it is I that has moved away, slow fade, but still I moved away! I have been living in the shadow for far, far too long! Thank you, Renee for being obedient & thanks to all of you other ladies that have shared your hearts on here, today! I know how hard it is, as I am trying to do it myself, & I cannot thank you enough! You all have encouraged me so much this morning! Blessings to you & hope to hear more from all of you!

  30. I am truley looking forward to doing this bible study. I am excited to learn how to truely trust in the LORD, and have a CONFIDENT heart in Him. In these verses in Jeremiah 17, the first thing that popped in my head was ” Who am I looking to to find my confidence? Am I looking to man for a “temporary” hope and confidence, or am I looking to God for a “permenant” hope, and confidence?”
    I pray that for myself, and for the women who are doing this bible study, who are having a struggle in truely putting trust in God, that he is the one who has the plans, and your will in His hands. That your hearts willl open and learn how to surrender to Him. To have peace and rest in your life. To have a CONFIDENT heart in Christ! May you be BLESSED this week!

  31. What a way to start the new year. Renee, I appreciate you being obedient to the Holy Spirit. I see this study time as a blessing to me and many others. The Lord has blessed me to move into a new position and I know that I cannot do it in my own strength. This bible study reminds me that I need the faith and confidence that only the word of God can give me. God bless you!

  32. Hi all~

    First off I must say, wow isn’t technology amazing! It has opened up so many forums for God’s Word to be shared and connection to be made.

    I am thankful to be a part of this study along with each of you. It is very reassuring to know that we are not in this journey of life alone. What a reminder that the “shadow of our doubts” disappear as we turn toward the light. Thanks Renee for reminding us of this truth.

    Looking foward to continuing this part of the journey with you.

    Blessings to all,


  33. Susan Meyers says:

    Renee, I am also one who needs accountability so that I follow through. I procrastinate because I don’t feel that I can be helped. I am not sure when my insecurities started but it was a long time ago. I believe in God but I desparately want to believe God. I can’t even evaluate my thoughts and beliefs because I might be wrong. Answering questions about myself usually makes me quit because it is so hard. I’m praying that through your study I can turn this around and gain all the confidence and strength that God wants to give.
    Thank you, Susan

    • Susan~
      I totally understand where you are coming from. When I was doing my reading last night and came upon the questions my first thought was just to “answer them in my head”. I felt that I had nothing to contribute. Then I made myself write down the answers anyway. Now I am so glad that I did.

    • Susan and Mollie,

      I praise GOD for your honesty! What mighty and brave women you already are for being so open and honest. GOD is not the author of confusion, so my prayer is that as we travel this journey together, GOD strengthens us where we are weak, reveal things from our past so that we may move forward, and renew a steadfast mind and spirit within us! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!!!

      • I am so thankful that we can be so real. We are all in this together, and we have so much to learn from each other.

    • Susan,
      You could not have said it any better. I, too, am a procrastinator and introvert. So, I’m usually the last to answer or respond to anything for fear of being wrong or simply put, not perfect. In my head I know nobody is perfect except for one person, but my heart tells me differently. Selfishly, I have so much worry about how others think about me and making people happy.

      Thank you Renee for this study! I am so excited for what change is about to come. I have always believed IN God, but have had an extreme amount of doubt actually Believing Him, no matter what my feelings tell me. This message in Chapter 1 really hit home for me! And love the print out of the word for the day….Fabulous. To get the whole family involved, I’ve put the print-out on the fridge to share, and plan to have some ‘Bible time’ at dinner.


  34. Good morning! I have too often looked for affirmation from my family, my friends and when it didn’t always come I felt alone and depressed. Jeremiah has reminded me that it the Lord that gives me encouragement and confidence. People will fail us. God never fails us. I have let worrying about my children and grandchildren control my life to the point that I was depressed and constantly filled with anxiety. I am now trusting in the promises of God’s Word and placing my anxiety in His capable hands. Please pray for me fellow sisters in Christ.

    • Susan Meyers says:

      Linda, You will be in my prayers. That is one of my problems, too. Worry about my children and my grandchildren, thinking I should do something, not being in control….these things are not fixable by me! I turn them over to God but then I walk right back into them. Today I prayed to be relieved of these worries and for God to take over and I really meant it. So we can pray on this together. God help Linda and I to let go and let you work. Amen.

      • I heard a pastor say this one time, and I LOVED it…. “When you lay your burdens at the Foot of the Cross, cut the strings and walk away!” So many times we forget those pesky strings and when we get up to walk away, those burdens just follow us back to where we are! I am too guilty of this, but HE is teaching me to see the strings so I can CUT them!
        🙂 God Bless

  35. “Turn back toward the light…dwell in the assurance of Whose I am and who I am in Him.”

    I can have a confident heart!!!

    Thank you Renee!

  36. I have always had a hard time writing my thoughts down on paper because I don’t want anyone to find it and read it. I will be doing my best to write something everyday and hopefully open up more each day with myself. I know I need to let not only God into those places but a trusted person who can love me with all my flaws and past mistakes. I know this is going to be part of my process in having a confident heart. I am so thankful for this study, I know God is working in me.

  37. Charlotte Lennartz says:

    I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face because I know this is where God wants me but Satan has a tight hold. I love praying God’s Word. Chapter One has already given me so much hope but yet I am also ready to run and hide. I am truly scared of coming out of my cocoon. Flying free as a confident butterfly with God frightens me. I have been knocked down too many times. How do you recover from these things?

    • Charlotte,
      I so relate to your words. I was terrified of people, places and things for many, many years, I would cry myself to sleep because I was so tired of being afraid, I had isolated myself emotionally from everyone out of fear of rejection, abandonment, you name it. I felt alone in crowded places, and I felt separated from God.
      That was the worst of it. Then one evening I decided I was sick and tired of the fear and not knowing what to do I went to my back yard with a cup of coffee, built a fire, and told God we were going to sit there all night if need be until He told me what to do. After about a 1/2 hr of sitting silent He spoke to my heart, told me I had to grieve my past, all that had happened to me, all that I had done. I started sobbing uncontrollably, then started praising Him, I started to laugh. He told me to go forward, hold my head high, He did not put this fear in me, to claim back the things I allowed fear to steal from me. I can tell you the truth, 99% of that fear is gone!! Praise God!! I can’t say I know what you need, only that I know how you feel and you are not alone on this journey, I will be in prayer for you sister.

      • Shawn H. Would you please pray for me also? I feel exactly the way that Charlotte feels about herself. I have been insecure all my life. I never knew a time in my life when I felt confident about anything. I’ve been a christian for over 40 years, but yet still cannot pray out loud, with other people. My mind goes blank and I feel stupid, inadequate and a failure as a christian. I literally freeze and I hate that about myself. I want so desperately for this to change and to trust God and believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

        • Michelle W says:

          Dearest Jean,

          God does not see you as a failure. He does not see us the way we have been lied to about ourselves. He knows the potential in you and He knows the plans that He has for you, plans for a future and a hope. I use to have issues praying myself and even now, sometimes I still stumble, but I’ve come to the conclusion that regardless of how you feel, do it anyway. God sees our heart and if you pray from your heart, despite the words that are coming out, be they few and far between, He hears you. So dont give up, keep praying because He hears.

          Be Blessed.


          • Thanks Michelle,

            I have listened to satan’s lies for way too long! I will not give up hope, which is what I have done in the past. I used that verse you just spoke to me about God having plans for you, plans for a future and a hope with my son four years ago. He was diagnosed with Leukemia. I so easily can see God’s word for other people, but it is hard for me to see God’s promises for myself!
            I feel so blessed having this group of women to talk with and go through this study with.

    • Charlotte Lennartz… recover by keeping your faith and remembering God’s promises. Stay positive and pray out loud in your closet and ask God to help you talk to Him out loud!
      Know that God, nor I see you in the words you used describing yourself …..I see BOLDNESS!! You had the courage to tell all of us that you fear praying out loud.
      Praying for you my Sister in Christ!!

  38. For a long time I have been living the life of self-doubt and have wanted to change but I would let my doubt tell me it was to hard. I am so tired of living life this way. I really feel God calling me to walk thru this study with him and not stop when it gets to hard but to allow the Holy Spirit to breathe change across my heart and mind. I know this is not the life he desires for me and I am looking forward to the change he will bring about in my life thru this study. I truly want to live Jeremiah 17:7.

  39. Praise God Renee that you are doing this on-line study! I started on the last one but didn’t get to finish it and really wanted to. The one thing that shouted out loudest to me was in chapter one, the statement “He lead me beyond believing IN Him to REALLY believing Him”. I know that is not all of the statement but that is what I so desperately need, I need to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that what Gods word says is for me. I have lived my entire life with a “soul sadness”, that God really does not love me as the pastor says He does, that His love and promises are for everyone else. I can see all His blessings in my life, how He has transformed me from a terrified person to an out going, somewhat fearless women, but, there is still that place in my heart that screams “it is not for you!!!” Renee, I need a breakthrough, I need to believe, to feel His love and promises are for me also. I have been praying, begging, crying for this breakthrough. I have fasted from TV for a year and spent that time reading my bible, praying , serving in church, going to small groups at church, seeking His face, staying in praise and worship. I am now diving into your book and this study with my eyes, ears and heart wide open, praying He shows me how to accept His word as personal promises. I do love The Lord with every fiber of my being and I feel guilty sometimes for feeling the way I do. Please sisters keep me in your prayers as I will be praying for you all also. Blessing to all.

  40. Sarah Sucher says:

    Enjoyed Chapter 1 and looking forward to connecting with a wonderful group of women from all over! We are all so BLESSED, lets celebrate that GOD IS GOOD and we are in HIS LOVE with confident hearts! WOOT WOOT! ~ SRS

  41. I’m positive things and people have come into my life for several reasons, first, that God planned it that way and then sometimes the ” what or why” takes a while to reveal themselves! I believe this study is one of these “things”, not sure why but I believe I’ll know sometime in the future; it will be made very clear why.
    For me what is so great about a video lecture vs going to a live lecture, is being to watch the video more than once. Once a live lecture is over, you can’t go back and re-listen to what the lecturer said; so if you missed an important point or didn’t quite understand something, it can’t replayed.
    I’m going to try re-listening to the video and reading the chapter at least one more time. It’s kind of like reading the Bible, you can read a verse several times through your life and get something different from it each time. I think it will be worth it!

  42. Isn’t our God SOOOOO AMAZING!! I’ve just glanced through some of the comments and see sooo many women and the same issues and concerns!! For all my “poor me” moments God keeps revealing to me I’m not in this alone!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!! I love how He cofirms things!!! I read 2 other short devotionals everyday and they just reaffirm what Renee says in her video……
    one reads: as with an dear friendship, choose to set aside time to be with God, your best friend. He’s waiting. He has so much He wants to share with you
    the other one ends: Instead come to Me, and relax in My Peace. I will strengthen you and prepare you for this day, transforming your fear into confident trust.
    Confindent trust!!! Using that word instead of any other. WOW!!!! And it just so happens I read that at the beginning of this study!! WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!
    But there-in lies one of my short comings giving HIM the time he deserves!!
    Like so many of you I’ve place my self worth on what others think of me…which leads me to doing too much to please others. God had been working on me to see myself as HE sees me…..I’ll get a glimpse every now and then…It’s Glorious…then I switch back to the fleshly vision!! I’m looking forward to jumping in!!! Here I am God!!!!

    • it’s so easy to get yoked into that isn’t it? I’m so with you on that! I just want His peace, taht He’s proud of me, approves of me, waht I’m doing to live for him and that I can exude his presence from my life as I live it out…not that I have to be a bible thumping person every second of every day, but that my essence would be one of the Holy Spirit and that I would rest in that CONFIDENCE…and not worry so much about what they may think! I am SO SO WITH YOU!!!!

    • Michelle W says:

      I like you Sharon G. You sound very energetic. 🙂

      Be Blessed.


  43. I am fully enjoying the break that this study is doing in my heart! God is doing
    amazing things with me and through me and I cannot wait to continue to draw
    closer to Him every day! I love the scripture in Jeremiah because I have for so
    many years tried to please everyone else, and it is so easy to do when you are
    a mom and a wife and grandma! This is giving me the self-approval to re-evaluate
    all things and I believe it will help me put things back into proper perspective. Its time
    once again to put my first love First and keep Him there! Be blessed beautiful ladies!

  44. This is my first on line study. I am very excited to begin getting to know all of you ladies as this journey begins. This is the sort of study that I really need right now. I have suffered with Generalized Anxiety Disorder/PTSD for the past 16 years, and with the support of my wondeful husband, I am finally getting the therapy I need with a wonderful therapist and am on medication. It is not the solution, but it does help me with the feelings that come with the unearthing of all that has caused me so much pain. I work full time and am going to school part time for my second degree. This study allows the flexibility I need right now, but also the structure to be accountable. Thank you Renee for creating such a wonderful tool for women seeking the confidence they need in Christ. I am BLESSED to be a part of this study. Chapter 1 resonated so much with me, it ached, and I cannot wait for our first discussion regarding the questions at the end of the chapter.

  45. It’s hard for me to trust. and believe God has a plan for me anymore. I have had no confidence in hope and future for such a long time. I’ve felt my life is over for so long. It’s just been one dream dashed after another and I have no dreams left and I feel why bother with dreams and hopes. I’ve been looking for an online Bible study like this one for months and there is nothing much on the web at all that I could find. I get the Proverbs 31 emails and read about this one and signed up right away. Even though I have some special friends and church family that support me, I’ve been sinking and sinking further down. I listen to negative thoughts and they really get me further down and I’ve no idea how to get back up without the trust and confidence and knowing God has plans for my future and a hope. I am praying this study will really bring the help that I need so badly. The whole first chapter was great because it gave me some encouragment and hope so badly needed right now. The verse about not throwing your confidence away spoke to me because I didn’t realize that is what I was doing. until now.

    • Michelle W says:

      Dear Sherree,

      My heart goes out to you. I have no idea what your life has been up till now, or the hardships that you have faced to bring you to your lack of trus and confidence that God has a good plan for you, but please know that HE DOES! He loves you more than you could imagine. I believe that is why you are still here. He does have a plan for you, a good plan for a good future and a hope. You need to get to the place where you BELIEVE HIM when HE speaks. All throughout the Bible, He’s been faithful to His people and He’s still faithful to us today. 🙂
      Numbers 23:19
      “God is not a man, that He should lie, Nor a son of man, that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?

      It’s unfortunate that we have to go through things in this world, but that’s all part of our testimony. We are all here for a purpose and a reason and it’s our job to seek Him to find out what He wants us to do while we are here.

      Be Blessed.


  46. It encouraged me so much when you confirmed that this can feel overwhelming. As I read through the chapter, my mind began to pummel me with thoughts of, “this is just one more thing to do”, and, “how will I do this too?”. But I paused… I remembered that “all things are possible for ‘her’ who beleives and I truly believe He is drawing me to walk a leg of my journey out while doing this study. Thank you so much, Renee!

  47. When I attempt to listen to the video, I am told there is an error and to try again later. Anyone else having this problem? Thank you!

  48. I am very excited to walk through this course with all you ladies. I posted before that I have issues speaking to other people, being in crowds, self confidence, etc. I re-read chapter 1 and listened to Renee’s video again this morning. I noticed I have been seeking approval of myself in other people. I should be seeking the approval in other place… Christ. I felt like a weight was lifted from me when I realized what I have been doing. I am trying to please everyone else but myself and the Lord. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I feel confident with His help and the support of everyone in this study group, we can achieve what we are looking for. Blessings to you and yours.

  49. We are truely blessed to have this technology to all study and share together . I work nights and have difficulty connecting with a church group right now, so this group is wonderful. I am an empy nestor, enjoying my free time but searching for the new direction god has for me. I love the the thought of actually “turning” into His light and away from my doubt. Thanks

  50. hi, i have read the book ,too impatient to wait for it to start ! i`m now going to re-read it properly.
    felt a bit over-whelmed when i got two sessions today ,but i have decided to print them off and then study them later in a quiet place away from computer which has too many distractions for me.

  51. I definitely want to be blessed and not cursed! I want to have the confidence that the verse in Jeremiah said about not worrying even in a drought and knowing I’ll still produce fruit! That is the blessing I want by placing my faith and confidence in God alone.
    I didn’t get an email yet, but just checked in and soon as my internet finally came available. Praise God for the blessing!

  52. hey, I just got my email, i guess it was just running late! Thanks again

  53. Hello Renee and ladies!

    This will be my second time going through A Confident Heart book and online Bible study. I was tremendously blessed the first time around. Certain truths and statements in the book totally transformed my thinking which elevated me to higher level of confidence and security in Christ. I can promise you that if you take the message of this book as not merely head knowledge but Christ’s Words personally to you, and allow it to deliver you, heal you, restore you, capture you, empower you, and transform you, it will do it. When we act on Christ’s promises-living as if they are true, God supplies the fact. He makes it a reality in our experience. Just wanted to encourage every one to not give up. It will be well worth it to complete the study. God bless.

    Karen C

  54. Hi, I am really looking forward to this study. I need some technical assistance though. I have tried several times over the last year to download free printables from Renee’s blog, etc, but for some reason I can’t get the downloads. So when I clicked onto the word “Blessing” today the usualy happened. Windows tries to open it but then stops the process. Subsequently, I can’t get the info.

    I am able to get other downloads from other sites, but I have never been able to access the resources from Renee’s site. Can anyone offer me some advice?

    • I’m not very techy either, but you could try right clicking it and put save link or save target as. That’s how I have to do it on my old computer or it never comes up. Try and see, if that doesn’t work maybe someone else can lend some advice.

  55. I read today’s reading in the amplified version also, and in Jeremiah 17:8, it read “…and it shall not see and fear when heat comes…” This goes to what you were saying about the shadow. If our trust and hope and confidence are in the Lord, we don’t see the negative because our eyes are on Him. And because He is worthy of our trust, our lives will be “green” and “fruitful” when we place our trust in Him.

  56. Amy McIntire says:

    (Added this to FB page also) I can so relate to the Woman at the Well (‘Sam’)…the shame of my brokeness and the fear with it to express myself to others……from pg #43 “The only way that we will have a confident heart is if we move beyond knowing about God to knowing and relying on Him-to depending on His word with our whole heart, mind and soul.” For me, this has always been hard to “internalize” it, to live it.

    I am looking forward to this study so I don’t have to live in fear anymore on what others may think about me, etc

  57. The book title along was my revelation. I immediately knew this is we’re God needed me to be. God spoke the word confidence to me in December 2011. I always took the back seat to everything and viewed this as being meek. God told me different and I knew this is the area I needed to work on but just did not know when or how to start. Thank God for Renee and her obedience to write such an awesome book. Chapter one has already opened my eyes and the focus scripture jere 17: 7 is truly a blessing. The word for the week and the scripture go hand in hand. We are receiving a blessing from the promise of God’s word.

  58. My husband and I are separated, and over the last few months, God is revealing things to me. Namely, that my relationship with my husband had become more important than my relationship with Him. When we place our security in someone other than God, they will always disappoint us. It’s also a very heavy burden to place on someone.

    I became a part of this study because I want to be different. I want to learn HOW to “make the Lord my hope and confidence”.

    • I’m in the same place Jennifer. I need to get my confidence back and also set a good example for my teenage daughter.

  59. After reading Jeremiah 17:5-8, I realized that I am not trusting the Lord in all areas of my life. I am trusting him without doubt in areas of my career. I have learned to wait on the Lord because he has blessed me so much in my career. However, I have created curses in other areas because I have not waited on him. Thanks for starting me out on this journey I can feel that I will be broken of the some curses in my life.

  60. I am looking forward to this study and getting to meet with everyone on line. Have a blessed week everyone!

  61. sometimes; lotsa times, i think my sin is too great and too secret to overcome, and i lose my confidence. i have repented, but ‘my sin is ever before me’ . i live in the shadow of ‘what if’ ALL THE TIME. i long for confidence and knowing that for sure God has forgiven me. oh the freedom that would bring.

    • Michelle W says:

      Dear J,

      You say that your sin is ever before you, but if you have asked God to forgive you, He promises to:
      1 John 1:9 – If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. He also promises: Isaiah 43:25 New King James Version (NKJV)

      25 “ I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake;
      And I will not remember your sins.

      If you keep bringing up your sin, then your sin is ever before you. Once He forgives, He no longer remembers your sin. It’s our job to refuse the lie of the enemy who keeps accusing us and bringing up the past to torment us. He loves you and so do I.

      Be Blessed.


      • thank you MIchelle; sometimes i remember that the devil is behind all of that! then sometimes i forget! thanks for lovin me sight unseen! i love you back! i am encouraged to walking this study with women like you 🙂 i pray for a more confident heart as a result.

      • I SO NEEDED TO HEAR THIS!!!! It’s no coincidence that it just happened to be the one comment I see as I sit down at my desk… I’m wondering if God scrolled to this comment while I was gone! LOL As I type, I am just amazed at how the devil ALWAYS tries to bring up my past… whether it be from someone who knows my past talking about it to others to try and start confusion OR by me thinking back to what I have done in my past. As I try to grow closer to God, I feel the enemy finds a way to try a seperate me from God and from the truth. When I learned that “my enemy” has started AGAIN to talk about my past and bad mouth me I wonder: should i say something?? then i hear God whisper, resist the devil and he will flee, vegence is mine, God is not the author of confusion, seperate yourself from those that try to cause confusion. Then I wonder: well how in the world am I ever going to get my enemy to shut up if i don’t confront him! I struggle with this and still don’t have all the answers. Just hanging onto the fact that God has cast my sins as far as the east is from the west and he remembers them no more!! I’m not and won’t go back to the shadows of my ugly past… no matter what people say or think about me! I am a blessed child of God! what i did years ago does not define who I am today or who God will continue to have me be! Blessings to each of you as we all grow to be women with confident hearts!

  62. Debbie Jo says:

    I put my trust in humans (live in the flesh) and this does turn me away from God and this does make me feel stunted, stuck and unable to grow and live confidently….Amazing how simple it all sounds when our Lord points this out to us; yet, so hard to make these changes. With God, all things are possible and that is what I want for my life.

  63. In feel so blessed to be part of this study. I need to get back in touch with the Lord and start spending time with him on daily basis. I need more confidence. Thanks for taking the time to do this for me.

  64. For as long as I can remember I have always been concerned about what others thought or how they perceived me. Somewhere in there I began to lose who I am and who God created me to be. I want to be done with ‘putting my hope and confidence in wrong things and people’. I want to be free from replaying my day and every thing I said or did, wondering what others thought, struggling between confidence and doubt, joy and frustration, adequate versus inadequate, blessed or not good enough. God created me for more and that is what I am believing!

    Isaiah 43:19 See I am doing a new thing!

  65. I am an avid reader … of very good christian books but for months now God has been saying “Get in my word”. I read your book Renee “A Confident Heart” and love it. I am so glad you are having this online study that I can be a part of. Your book puts me in “The Word” and makes me hear it and feel it. What you wrote about the looming shadow when we look away from our light source is awesome. I need to go to the light daily and not turn away ever. Thank you.

  66. Our God is an amazing God!!!

    This year the Lord indicated that He was pulling me into dry-dock to repair gaping holes in the hull of my spiritual life so that we can launch out together. I expected something very different than what has been happening.

    I’m going through no less than 4 different studies at the moment and have already finished at least 1 (it’s only January 16!!!). Right now each one (!) is pointing to exactly the contrast you talked about in the video–cursed are those who rely on their own strength and on the strength of man; blessed are those who rely on the Lord. He brought my awareness to this point first at a national scale, but it applies at every scale. It is interesting how the reliance on our own resources or the dependence on human resources in defiance of God’s provision generates the fuel for our own destruction. Just as children defiantly cry out, “Me do it!”, I have been less guilty of fear or hesitation than of rebellious independence–and cursed is not too strong a response to my rebelliousness. As any parent knows, rebellion is the ultimate defiance of authority and good parents respond accordingly to protect their children from their own consequences and attitude.

    I repent in dust and ashes and choose to respond to His provision as my only source. I now recognize the destruction my defiance has wrought. He is enough and will always be enough.

    My soul has had the following cry for the last decade:

    “God, I’m capable of a lot, but it is nothing in comparison to what You can do. Show me what You can do. What I can do will never be good enough for me, for my family, my church, my community and my world.” I have known him intimately for as long as my memories exist. Five years ago, He taught me how to trust Him. In the last year, He has taught me to see Him as sufficient for all my needs. He is teaching me now to rely on Him alone and intercede for that transition for others. It feels like shifting weight from crutches to my healing feet, and I’m not a little scared–but it’s good.

    Thanks for being a part of it…

  67. I am truly excited to read and study God’s Word using this book. I have fought feelings of inadequacy and doubt for years. And I love Renee’ s comment about when “we give a little; God seems to make it a lot!” My family has just come through some trying times in the past 6 months and the word “BLESSED” truly expresses my heart. God has shown Himself strong and mighty in some amazing ways and I want all He can be in my life. I already love the book of Jeremiah (29:11 is my favorite verse) so I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us!!!

  68. I was encouraged by your video today. In my morning devotions I read Gal 1:10 about Paul saying he did not try to please people. God convicted me that my heart’s desire is for approval and acceptance from people more than Him. I worry too much about what people think rather than being confident in what God is doing. And then your words about seeking approval — and the step further about being cursed when we seek something other than God. Thank you for sharing God’s truth. I’m convicted, but I’m also hopeful. I feel that I know what enemy I’m facing and know God will help me to overcome.

  69. I am so very thankful for this study! This year I have been increasingly aware that my ten year old daughter has started to adopt insecurity from me. As horrible as I felt having no confidence in myself, it was unbearable to see my daughter shrink back from parties or extra curricular activities because she is afraid. I finally decided we were going to beat this and I got out the Word to do battle! My New Year’s resolution was to stop CONSTANTLY second guessing myself and to gain confidence for myself and my children. This book was a gift from the LORD and at just the right time!
    I’m amazed to see how many of us want freedom in this area of our lives; Satan wants us to believe it’s just us…alone in this. Thank you Jesus that You have come to set us free!! Keeping us all in prayer!

    • I know exactly how you feel! I have known for a very long time that fear and insecurity are huge strongholds in my life but I have never looked at it from the outside and truly seen how it robs a person’s life of joy and peace as when I watch my 11 year old step-daughter shrink away from EVERYTHING because of fear and insecurity. My husband tells me that when her mom decided to walk away from the family about 5 years ago my step-daugher completely changed. She is so afraid of failure and rejection that she avoids anything and anyone new. She was so anxious about starting middle school that it began to affect her stomach…which really resonates with me because when I was in high school I was diagnosed with a chronic digestive disease that comes from…stress/anxiety. It breaks my heart to see her robbed of so much at such an early age and I know how Satan will continue to use it to keep her from the abundant life God has Promised to each of us. I know that her insecurity has not come directly from me but it makes me so much more aware of my fear/insecurity and how I want to be free of it so that I can battle for her freedom. I don’t want to strengthen that stronghold…I want to blast it with the WORD and TRUTH.

      • Audra,

        We are so much alike! I was diagnosed with IBS from anxiety at age 13. I have been completely healed of it since 2003, but not healed of the insecurity part. I just said those words to my daughter this morning that you said about satan robbing us of the abundant life God wants us to have. I want her to stand proud of herself and know that she is worthy but yet I completely contradict what I teach her when I’m afraid to call for pizza and make someone else do it! (That’s a silly example but it’s true). I will be praying for you and your step-daughter as we go through this. It’s nice to have someone else to believe with!

  70. Tonya Ellison says:

    God has truly blessed me and my family over the years, even when I see times as hard he always makes a way. Jeremiah 17:5-8 reminded me that if I trust in the Lord and place my confidence in Him that I will be blessed. To me that means that I will be blessed more than I’ve already been! I am truly excited about this study and I am more than willing to re-learn how to put my confidence in the Lord, rather than worldly things and people like I have been. My confidence has been lacking because I have placed in in the wrong person and the wrong things.

  71. Cindy Hunt says:

    Renee, I can’t begin to tell you how timely this message/study is for me. I just recently lost my mother to lung cancer and during this time my sister caused a lot of drama for me. In all of what happened it brought up a lot of ugly feelings and lies that were told to me as a child and realised that I still believe those lies that I am not good enough or I will never measure up to anything. I can’t believe all the lies that I have been listening to. I have found that it has affects me as a person a daughter of the King to fully live as God desires and has designed for me. I am now in obedience to God taking time off from ministry to deal with some issues right now be it medical, mental and spritiual.

    The spirtitual part is deleving into God’s word as to who I am in Him. Your study couldn’t have come at a better time. I am now commiting myself to dive into his word and allow him to renew my mind and to inscribe his word into my heart. So that as a broken and empty vessle can be healed and used to the fullist of what God has for me. I am so looking forward to this study. Thank you,

  72. Thank You for this study! I was excited to see this weeks verse on being blessed, that if we trust in the Lord we will be fruitful because the Lord has been speaking to me about focusing on my blessings and claiming my blessings in Christ. I am learning to put my trust and confidence in him. I have had a lot of fears to over come and need to focus more on his love and grace and know that i am blessed as a child of God. I want to trust him more and not let fear rule my life any more .I need your prayers. Thanks and God Bless.

  73. I discovered that my constant ability to be distracted has lead me in a life where I refuse to focus. Very little has my attention for too long. Not being able to focus has caused many problems. I’m not saying I can’t focus. I simply have allowed this bad habit to grow and take over how I do things in life. One mad rush from one thing to the next. That lack of focus is filled with self-doubt. Perhaps I rush so I do not ave to see my flaws along the way. I’ve lost a few great opportunities and later can’t ever understand why things worked out the way they did. I plan to slow down and really take focus on what the Lord’s will is for me instead me grabbing those reins. Thank you for creating this Bible study Renee.

  74. I am so happy to be a part of this. I don’t want doubt and insecurities to run my life as it has in the past.

  75. Thank you for blessing me (and us) with this online bible study. I am looking forward to words of encouragement and ways to have a confident heart.


  76. Hello Ladies! So happy to being doing this study together! So neat to hear you mention Jeremiah. Our Sunday School class is studying Jeremiah. Guess who the teacher is.. My husband! God’s word is awesome Living and breathing!
    Kelly K

  77. For so long I have struggled to let go of things and let God handle them. It’s a daily, well probably more like hourly, struggle to fully trust God to handle the issues of my life. I am learning day by day to see God as my Father, the one who loves me and will protect me. Todays verse really struck a cord with me, realizing that when I trust God, I don’t have to worry about anything, because my Father has me covered! Through this study I need to be able to release myself of the lies that Satan has told me for many years. My prayer is to hear my Father’s voice instead of the lies that Satan tells.

    • Amy McIntire says:

      I am with you on this one Natalie…esp the hourly part! It is so hard to let go of things…the worry and the control. I hope to learn to release things to Him more through this study.

      • I really feel like the Lord led me to this study. You see, I grew up without a relationship with my real father. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a wonderful step dad, sent I believe, from God straight to our family. However, I spent many years searching for someone or something to fill the void that I felt. I still to this day long for that picture perfect relationship with my father that every girl dreams of. My prayer is that through this study I will find healing. I want to drench myself in the love of my Heavenly Father. I want to be the woman, wife and mother that he intended me to be. I want to be confident in His love for me and my relationship and love for Him.

  78. Those are verses that speak volumes to this heart of mine! My prayer for this year actually is that the Lord will help me to break free from the constant need for man’s approval. So glad to be reading through your book again and to be pressing in closer to the Lord!

    I KNOW what needs to go for me to have more time with Him (and my family), and that is computer time…specifically Facebook. Not completely gone BUT much, much more in balance than it is right now!

    Love you bunches!

  79. God’s promise- “those who hope in ME will not be disappointed”. If that hope gets misdirected to “man”we will be disappointed. I have often times had my confidence built up in other people and things-but that is only a temporary confidence. The confidence we receive from God is lasting and that is the kind of confidence I desire to have.

  80. Wow… where do I begin. Sometimes I feel as if I’m on an emotional roller coaster. So many expectations and disappointments. I let them guide my moods and let me tell you, it’s not pretty. Just this morning I felt defeated because I had yet to read Chapter one. After all, I am the master procrastinator. I always start with good intentions, but end up falling short. How refreshing to know that I am not alone in doubting myself. I think in the back of my mind I’ve always known that, but none the less I always feel alone in it. I often ask myself, what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get it together. You see, I am a woman driven by my feelings and emotions. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that the sentence that stood out to me most in the first chapter was “He’s led me beyond believing in Him to really believing Him by relying on the power of His Words and living like they are true no matter what my feelings tell me.” You see, my feelings tell me things are hopeless. My feelings send me into a hole I can’t get out of. You know what? Today, I commit every feeling and emotion I have to God. This scripture is brought to mind although it wasn’t included in chapter 1. “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” – 2Corinthians 10:5

    I look forward to taking this journey with all of you and I wait with an expectant heart of what God is going to do.

    My name is Yolanda and I am BLESSED!

    • This line stood out to me too. Being able to move from believing in Him to believing Him through His word how wonderful. This is my pray that through this study that the Lord will help not just me but all of us to be confident and not rely on our feelings. That He will move us into believing Him and Him alone.

  81. I keep erasing this message and retyping it because I’m not sure what I want to share… so excuse me if this is a ramble. LOL

    I struggle with confidence. I struggle with loving myself. I struggle with instant gratification when it comes to food or overspending or procrastinating. I struggle with anger. I struggle with getting to know God on a personal level. I struggle with using the gifts He has given me because I’m not really sure I deserve them. I struggle with being a good wife and mother and friend… because deep down, I don’t think I really deserve these awesome people in my life.

    I struggle with overcoming all that crap.

    But better to struggle with it than surrender to it, right?

    I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to overcome all those evil little voices in my head. The ones telling me I’m stupid and worthless and destined for failure.

    I’m soooooooo much better than I was a few years ago. I’m learning to be confident and I’m learning to accept the good things that God gives me. But it’s so hard to quiet those voices, with their hate and venom… the voices that turn to pure sugar… here, buy this. You can’t afford it, but you DESERVE it… And once you give in, they laugh and say, “See? You have no self control!”


    I’m not totally sure what my point is – I guess that I’m thankful to be going through this study (I’m also doing the Made to Crave study), and I’m learning to lean on God. I haven’t been able to shut those voices up, but He surely can, I just need to trust in Him.

    • Carrie, I have been there. Satan knows where our weaknesses are – think of when Jesus was tempted by Satan – he used the same ways on Him that he used for us but He overcame by using Scripture. The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the boastful pride of life. He has taught me over the past 6 months that my identity is in Him, not in things & in doing so, I am free from some of the things that used to drive me – such as shopping, spending, etc. The way He did it was helping me to focus on Him by spending time with Him. As time wore on, and the more time I spent with Him, those things became less important. Do I still struggle with other things, yes, but He is helping me to see that He is all I really need. Keep your chin up girflriend! Hang on and let’s see this new thing He is doing in us!

    • Carrie:
      I am with you on the ugly voices. Years of listening to them made me believe them! I’m so glad that you have kept on fighting!

      Here’s something that I do – talk back to the voices. I carry around flash cards with words of affirmation that I can say to myself in response to the negative voice. Yes, at first it’s sort of awkward but after a while when you’ve memorized the cards it becomes more automatic to fire back at my negative thoughts. The things we say to ourselves become what we believe.

  82. This passage caused me to ask myself this question – Am I trusting in you Lord, or man? He knows what I have been dealing with so this was PROFOUND to me! When He speaks, I need to trust – trust that He cares about every intricate detail of my life and He cares enough to have a discussion with me about it. I too thought of 2 Corinthians 10:5 – we demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of Christ, and we take very thoguht captive to the obedience of Christ.

    • Very good. Love 2 Cor 10:5 also. It goes right along with what so many of us struggle with. Allowing Satan to sneak in there and put the doubt there. We must turn toward God and trust Him, and know Him. We need to always be thinking about Him. When He is on our mind, there can be no doubt. And I love your statement about how God cares about every detail of our lives and cares enough to have a discussion with us. How much of a blessing is that. To have a discussion with the Creator!! Thanks for the great insight.

  83. I have known for awhile that earning approval from others takes priority over trusting God in all things. It is hard to live in a world that is focused on the superficial. I struggle with finding my place in a world where I do not fit in, especially in a church environment. Being a single woman in my 40s when the majority of my peers have entirely different lifestyles as wives and mothers is not easy. The church can be especially limiting when it comes to what is considered normal and expected. I live by myself and sometimes just really want someone else to tell me that I am ok as a human being and am appreciated for who I am. I know that I need to learn to constantly turn back to God who loves me unconditionally and who does not look at me the way the world does.

    • Jennifer, you just pointed something out that was profound to me – for me, it is seeking other approval of what God is telling me. I also understand the feelings of being single in my 40’s. At times, I really struggle with this season of singleness. However, God has grown me as never before and I wouldnt exchange what He has taught me during this time for anything.

      • Sherry, I keep looking for your posts, we have singleness (although I’m 52) in common and I am an imperfect woman who has also grown A LOT over the last couple of years via trials that occurred as a result of becoming single again. I now know that God was squeezing me to get back on the right path. I can’t believe I’m saying this now but the feelings of joy and trust that I now know are so much sweeter, I think as a result of the trials I went through. I feel so relieved and almost physically lightened! And He is now blessing me by reaching out to me with this study, he knows I’ve struggled with self-consciousness and worrying about what others think throughout my life and wants to free me from that. I can’t wait to dig in to this study over the coming weeks!

        • Hi Suzanne,
          I never thought I would be in a season of singleness but I am! (43) He is teaching me to internalize His love. No one can love me like Him. Let’s definitely keep in touch! I’d love to chat.

          • Sherry, I would love to e-mail and/or chat. It would be awesome to encourage/receive encouragement from someone else who is in a similar season in life, boy do I need that. Pretty busy during my work week but I’ll catch up to you by this weekend for sure!

  84. Nena Salto says:

    This is such a blessing to me to be a part of this journey. I have recently came back to serving the LORD after falling for a few years. And I am struggling with confidence, getting to know GOD on a personal level, satan knows where my weakness is, and it’s a constent struggle. I dought myself sometimes, I think I don’t deservewhat HE has given me but I know it’s the enemy trying to pull me back down. That verse in Jeremiah is so true and it is time to put All Faith in our LORD. The word for this week is just what I needed to hear, the Lord always knows what his children need and I am very thankful for putting u in my path Renee. Going t have an open heart and open ear, n see what GOD has plan for me.

  85. I’m so thankful for this study, it’s time to be confident in the LORD! I’m tired of Satan overwhelming my thoughts of self doubt and insecurity. It’s been a struggle for years and I’m ready to re-program this thinking. Renee, I felt God tug at my heart strings with this study and that I needed to do it. Not only am I doing it, but I’ve asked some of the girls from church to join me so we can use it as a bonding time and have some face to face accountability. It’s amazing how many of us do struggle with confidence and try to hide it. Thank you for your obedience to God in writing this book to share with other women.

  86. Thank you so much for doing this study. I just finished reading chapter 1 and see so much of me in that chapter. As I am trying to go through your site I can already see satan trying to get me to give up. Here is a few examples in just the last hour that I have been going through:
    1. My computer is running very very slow.
    2. I am already feeling very fustrated.
    3. And I allready am doubting my self that I can do this.
    I definitely need pray, I want to learn to be more confident and learn about God more and more each day.

    • Andrea–our God is faithful and just. He has given you the ability to know when Satan is working on you, and with that awareness you can pray against Satan. God will help you–He’s way bigger than Satan. Cast your cares on him. He can help you do this! Satan has been working on me, too–we need to turn him and our worries and our doubts over to God!

  87. I have been looking forward to this study ever since I listened to Renee Swope talk about this book on a radio interview as I was driving to a conference for work. I bought the book soon after getting back home, have read it once by myself and then have bought it for two of my sisters as well. I have invited different ones from our church to do this online study but am not sure if it’s working out for anyone else yet.
    I grew up in a Christian home and thought that I became a Christian as a young girl but never really believed/trusted in the Lord until this past August. I am so excited to be doing my first complete Bible study -and am hoping and trusting to be faithful to doing this study completely. I am so excited about what the Lord has begun in my life. I am so struck by the contrast between trusting in man versus trusting in the Lord. I am excited about the hope that this gives me.

  88. I am so ready for this study. I always say I give God all the glory and do his will. But in reality I do what I wantt to do and hope it pleases God. I hope to slow down and become more disciplined in listening to the Lord. I so want that.

  89. Blessed: I am very blessed, but I am often tempted to forget it. I focus on the wrong things and end up feeling jealous and judgmental. God has been pointing that out to me for a few months now – sure is a hard thing to overcome!

  90. I’m really thinking about how the curse of trusting in man has been bearing bad fruit in my life, in two ways. One is that I am an assistant professor of English, and one way “worth” is measured in this profession is through publications. People I went to grad school with have books out, and articles, and some have enough for the next highest rank of professor and haven’t even graduated yet! And here I am, with almost nothing. That comparison game is really easy to fall into and Satan is really good at exploiting it. I also have been aware of how I am telling myself lies about my marriage and where contentment in marriage comes from. God has shown me the lies I am telling, and shown me specifically where they are coming from, and I am so thankful that He has made me aware of those, and has reminded me (and us) in Jeremiah 17:9: “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” I am thankful that He has blessed us with scripture to undeceive ourselves and help us think right thoughts!

  91. Renee, I just got my book squeezed in my P.O. Box. I have just finally got to listen to your message for today even though I loaded it at 9 ish this morning. A trip to the town to the north this morning for Insurance with my daughter (#2) a 60 mile round trip. Then up to Wal Mart for some alone time and to check my PO Box another 30 mile round trip. The late afternoon had 2 trips to our local hardware store. Still don’t have a workable bathroom sink. Now it is time to make dinner….yep this is a school Holiday. Tomorrow I take my son to school and back to the hardware store. I am an intern at the JC and don’t start classes until Thursday. Mom of 4, wife of 1, dog mom of 1 and cat mom of 4. I need to not be in doubt of what God is doing in my life. Being a mom of teenage girls it easy to feel doubt.
    I am looking forward to this study.
    Thanks you. Shalom.

  92. I put my hope in others approval; my confidence depends on what I think they think of me. I seek words of approval, constant encouragement and continuous love from others to keep myself from doubting and when I don’t get those, my confidence comes crashing down. I need to turn to the Lord for my confidence.

    • I have read the book twice through and have many highlighted and tagged pages in the book. This is my first time to try an online bible study. I am at a point in my life as a mom when I am needed less.Last kid at home getting ready to graduate and move 3 hours away my husband started working over 3 hours away 3 years and both older sons live about that far away too. I am so excited for them and for where the are in their life but am I have been feeling less confidence in where my life will be in the future with them all leaving and living far from home. With tears I am praying for a new hope and a new strength in doing this bible study. Any help from empty nesters.

  93. My friend told me about this online study group! Thank you Yo! Anyway, I was reading the 1st chapter–thank you for the download. I bought the book and should have it this week. I have been wondering if I am doing what God wants me to do. I feel like I am because he has opened so many doors for me to be where I am today. I need to focus on relying and trusting in God. I tend to get in the driver’s seat and drive. It’s more comfortable for me. I am a retired military officer who is now serving as an elementary teacher. I see so many good things other teachers are able to do so easily and I begin to doubt myself because I have so much to learn. I need to focus on God’s will for me and be open to listening to his guidance. Thank you!

  94. Anonomous says:

    Renee I am drowing in self doubt, self loathing and not sure where to turn next. My marriage is in trouble, my homeschooling efforts feel useless, and focus is always so difficult. I am desperate to share with someone to get some advice. Can I privately email you, can you help me sort things out?

    • John 10:10 tells us that satan comes to kill, steal & destroy. We have to learn these signs. Daily reading of our fathers word is important. When we bathe ourselves in his word and fill our souls with his word, we are putting on our battle gear. Hang in there with us.

      • I agree…..we must read the Word of God to get to know Him. When we know Him, we will be able to discern if something is from God or Satan. If we know the Father’s nature, we will know it is Him speaking to us. Not Satan. Very good point.

    • Wondering how you are today? I thought of you often. Praying.

      • Susan thank you for your words of encouragement and for thinking of me today. Most importantly praying for me today. Today was a better day I would say but mostly due to the fact that my husband and I didn’t talk much today. You see no one has done anything stupid like having an affair or anything, but the connection between the two of us isn’t the same. Being together for 23 years and 15 of those as a married couple as been a blessing. There have been ups and downs but our love as always seen us through. I am more willing to say that it is the 3 fold cord – us and God together that has gotten us through tough days. My husband is a man who is changing, and on his way up in this career. He is no longer the man who was reserved and quiet but the man who is extremely confident, and more out going. Now I am proud of him for any accomplishment in his life, but when you fill your life with other things and crowd out God, I think it can set you up to fall and fail. We are so far apart right now and it is like my left arm is removed from my body. He doens’t define who I am as a person because only Christ and Christ alone can do this, but he does complete me. I love him with ever fiber of my being, but when working out and spending time at the gym is more on his mind then spending time with me, then it is a concern. I even asked him if he was having an affair, his response was that he wasn’t that stupid and that he always promised me that he would end it first. This is a promise that we both made to each other instead of humilating each other. I don’t think that he done anything of the sort, but when men place their family second and a bigger problem is when God is not first and they seem so obsessed about something then one begins to question. I am afraid that I am in the battle of my life today. I am also doing the Love Dare book to help me understand him better but honestly it is teaching me how to fix my issues and trust in God to help me along the way. But every day there is a dare that I can never complete because my hurt is so deep. We have always been so insparable and now he wishes to spend time doing other things that make him feel good and enjoyable. Now dont’ get me wrong nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, but when your demeanor is pleasant and happy around others but a battle zone around your wife than something isn’t right. My heart is torn and so heavy right now. I have question myself, my looks, my weight, my being a Mom & wife and it all boils down to the fact that he just wants to be disconnected from me. You see it will be 3 years in May since I had a miscarriage and I became depressed. I have only one child after doctors saying I could have none and then to get pregnant 11 years later and to lose it was so sad. So he didn’t know how to deal with the situation and the poor guy would go to the gym to get away from it all. I relate so much with Renee where she speaks of doubting her husbands faithfulness when there was nothing to question. My husband is supportive, has made sacrifices for this family, and loves our child dearly. All of the spats we have are effecting us and the worst part his though we are behind closed doors, our child will hear it sometimes. So for is sake I am learning to just let it go, but my bruised heart is aching and I don’t understand why he would become so cold towards me. I know that acusing someone of doing something that they haven’t done is not easy to live with and he holds a lot of resentment toward me because how I have made him feel. But this all started that same year, and then it was running and training with co-workers who were women for a marathon. The hurt really comes from the fact that I had been told by other women in my walking group that he had been running with another lady and he didn’t tell me about that. I was mortified and if there ever was a time that I thought I would vomit, pass out, and my head explode at the same time it was then. I don’t mean to add to drama to this but it was how I felt. So I guess though we talked it out and I truly understood it was innocent, my heart was broken because he never keeps anything away from me. He wanted to do this greatly, and knew that if he told me that I would be upset. Well, my opinion on that is that if it is something that your wife thinks doesn’t look right and will effect your witness than don’t do it. So it proved to me that the running was a greater love and obession than me. No, I don’t want to be anyone’s obession, but if I had only knew instead of some women telling me in my walking group. I have no problem with him running with a group of ladies, but when it is a single lady and just the two of you then no. Maybe I am old fashion, but where I come from, if this is going to look bad in the community, and make your spouse upset than you shouldn’t do it. The worst thing is that our child found out about this and was freaked out and became depressed. So now I feel just numb inside. I try to do what I can to stop the arguing but after we talk it just seems that there is even a bigger divide between us. I know it is an issue of trust, but more than anything it is the need for him to have Christ has the center of is life like before. That was the thing that drew me to him, – his faith in Christ. Now I just don’t know where he stands. I try to make him understand my feelings, but it just comes out wrong and then he gets defensive. He makes fun of my faith and the fact that Christ is the only one constant thing in my life. Even then I feel like I have even failed Him. I know that Jesus just wants me to be quiet and not say a word but I do good for a day or two, he then does something that is rude or cold, and I just pop. Bad idea. You see we have always been very loving and affectionate towards each other and the one thing that breaks my hurt is the coldness he has towards me. He won’t even come up and hug me from behind like he use to do. My heart is breaking and I don’t know how much more I can deal with here. I just love him so much. I know that I have to put my kids needs first and to just stop talking, but in the mean time I should be praying, but when your husband tells you that you think your all holy and that you are so perfect that you sit next to God in heaven, then the condemening words haunt and walk the coridors of your thoughts at night, robbing you of sleep and just leaving foot prints of poison and destruction. No matter what fun he will make of me I will not give up on Christ. Sorry to go on and on here, but like so many others have said, I feel that this book was written just for me. I tried to start it with the other lady but my heart was in such a state of frenzy that I couldn’t focus, couldn’t even function. Most days it was just easy to stay in bed but because I homeschool and made that commiment I still pushed through each day. Painting on a happy smile for my child but dying on the inside. So Susan please remember me in prayer. Pray that God will bring my husband back to a greater knowledge of who He truly is in Christ. Maybe he is dealing with depression too due to financial issues and my nit picking, I am not sure, but he is dealiing with self worth issues as well. I know that Renee isn’t able to contact each of us individually because she is such a busy woman, but that first post here was a desperate day, a day when the voices became so loud, the rudness so heartless, and the attitude of just being tolerated unbearable that I felt like walking. Help us Lord Jesus has only you can do. I know I have issues too and only God can help me to fix them. Asking for prayers from anyone willing to bear my situation up because I so need them. Blessings.

        • Morning, I pray for blessings for you today. I had a wise “sister in Christ” tell me one time: Does he see Christ ( husband was boyfriend at time) in you? My husband has been married several times. So I ask you:
          1. Is GOD first?
          2. Does your husband see God in you?
          3. If satan is whispering to you, what do you think he is whispering to your husband?

          satan has had 2000 years to practice. Someone said last night at our meeting, while you are taking care of business at the front door, satan is coming through the back door.

          God is good. Praise him in your “STORM”.

          • Susan thanks for these words, but these questions are not new to me. I have asked myself the same questions many times and when the answer comes, Satan takes them and uses them against me. To tell me I am a failure in all I do and that no matter how hard I try I am the one who is messed up here, though it takes two to fight. I don’t know maybe I am just fighting against myself here. I know that God is dealing with me and that the hurt has caused me to react in negative ways and hurt & pain will do that, but I am trying to make that right. Like I heard Renee say on an interview on 100 Huntley street, we can be a Christian and believe in it, but do we truly believe what God says and own it. I guess I need to dig into the word more, deal with my own selfishness, and learn to believe what He says about who I am in Him. I love waht you said about Satan at the back door. Yes, I believe that to be true indeed. Blessings to you Susan.

  95. Hi ladies! This is my first online bible study and I am excited about what will come out of my time spent in this devotion and with the Lord: I too am one that desires to know God on a deeper level and to trust and have confidence in the Lord. Despite my past God still blesses me me in so many ways. At times I wonder how he could love a sinner like me. Then I am reminded that I am his child. A parent loves their child no matter what and. Will continue to stir then in the right direction. Entering this study I. Pray that we all have the confidence and faith to know that he who began a good work in us will complete it.

  96. I have fought doubt all my life. No matter what type of success I had, I let Satan tell me that was not good enough that I could never succeed. I feel so blessed to be a part of this study. I am looking forward to “A Confident Heart”

  97. The moment I saw this book being advertised I wanted to be a part of a bible study using it. Thanks so much for doing this online study, the flexibility is a blessing in and of itself.

  98. I have pondered our verses and readings for the day. When I even think of the word cursed I feel hindered and dark. When I think of the word blessed, I feel light and airy. Just the words themselves evoke feelings in my heart. I also realize that they are choices. We can choose to live in darkness of doubt or we can turn toward God and light. We can choose to be blessed by looking to God. One way I know to stay in the light of God is to stay in the Word, to know Him, to take refuge in Him and live in His stronghold!! So this is a perfect study to keep us looking toward light, to know and understand how God wants to bless us, how He wants to protect us. We just have to let Him!! Thank you, Renee, for taking the time to minister to us through your book. I have gained alot of insight from everyone’s posts. Thank you for allowing me to read them.

  99. Incredible first video as I just put in an extra four hours to get “caught up” at a God given job THAT I LOVE! Can so relate to needing to relax more, spend time with God more and work less.

  100. These verses from Jeremiah remind of what I already know. Too often I make a decision then ask other people’s opinion about it which causes me to doubt the decision I made/intend to make. What I have to remember is that as long I have prayed and talked with God about what it is I need to do, then it doesn’t really matter what others think or have to say about it. I only need God’s approval and go ahead. Including him in the decision making process will make the outcome far better than I could have ever imagined it could be.

    • Cindi Taylor says:

      I so relate to your comment, Sandra. I am always doubting myself. Even after I have stuck my neck out and done something, I review it over and over in my mind and tell myself, “Oh Cindi, you should have…” Like tonight I left a comment earlier about the scripture then doubted that anyone would even agree with it, if they even read it. It’s encouraging to know I am not alone. I look forward to learning from each of you ladies.

  101. Marsha Cobbs says:

    I am so blessed to be apart of this Bible study and I know we will never be the same when it is over, God is going a new thing and He is calling his daughters to the light of his word. Renee thank you for sharing your life with us . God bless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. I am so thankful for this study. The enemy has plagued me with doubts about my abilities since as long as I can remember. When I was a student, I never had confidence that I could do the work. Now as a teacher of almost 20 years I still struggle with the feeling that I do not have what it takes to do a good job, even though others see the opposite. When I think about being a wife and mother, I get fearful of whether or not I can do it. I try to tell myself that God has equipped me and I can do all things through Him but I still have not been able to break through these doubts and fears. I am SO tired of living this way. I want to REALLY believe God and stop letting the enemy steal from me. I want to be able to walk with Him confidently no matter what He calls me to do. I told God I want to fight these doubts and fears until they no longer have power over my life. I don’t want to settle for less than God has for me.

  103. Hi Renee and group!
    Am glad to be part of this study … just watched the video and the thing that really spoke to my heart was to make time to spend with just the Lord – reading His word, talking to Him, listening to Him and just loving on Him – especially hearing the part that God can take a little and make it alot. I have a difficult time just sitting still and loving the Lord but I’m about to start practicing doing just that.

    • The same message resonated with me too. Sometimes we just fill we need to give a lot; we do, but one step at a time will get us further. Have a great journey here with all of us.

  104. Thank you Renee for doing this online study. Your prayer at the end of chapter one “take me beyond believing in you to truly believing you” spoke to my heart. The confidence I need is in gods word. This
    journey will help bring me closer to him.

  105. It is as if Renee has been looking at my life. Chapter 6 is my life. Chapter 9 is my mother’s. A friend and I are doing this study as prayer partners and accountability partners. I can’t wait for the next lesson.

  106. Thank you for your video Renee. You gave me hope in finding time when you said to give a little. Step by step, little by little, I can find myself in God’s presence. I am very busy; no cliche here: wife, mother of 2 adorable little children, full time teacher, and doctoral student. I put my hope and confidence in the Lord that He will help me daily. Without Him, I’m empty.

    Today was great. God answered my morning prayer. Now, I’ll go and dive into his word before I call it the night.

    Good night everyone. God bless and keep you till we meet again here.

  107. Stephanie M says:

    Thanks, Renee, for doing this study. I tried to do it a few months ago, but many distractions got in the way, including a second job. I no longer have the second job, and I hope to be more focused and get farther than 2 chapters this time. I really need this study and I am hopeful it will change my life. I have never ever felt good about myself, no matter what I hear from others. The voice inside never agrees. I want to fight that voice and convince myself that God’s truths evern apply to ME.

  108. I’ve spent so much of my time in circles where worth is measured by performance and where there is such pressure to be “perfect” that it has become way too easy to forget that this is not how God evaluates us. I’ve read chapters 1 and 2 so far, and I am so thankful for this study. The biblical reminders of why we can be confident of our identities in Christ are so humbling, and the prayers at the end of the chapters have really spoken to me. Looking forward to reading more!

  109. This is my 2nd time attempting to read this book. The first time I was overwhelmed by how Renee seemed to be writing my life story. I am excited to begin reading again and hearing what Renee and others have to say.
    I took each verse that was mentioned in chapter one and rewrote them in my journal inserting my name. I also marked each verse in my Bible with a little pink heart to remind myself of the truths I need to come to when I become fearful.

  110. Very cool! I had forgotten that I signed up for this online study. In the last month and a half or so I became sick of all of my excuses, my good reasons and doubts about doing that “one thing” that I believe God has been nudging me to do for awhile. Too busy, too old, too young, not qualified, not together enough, too tired, too undisciplined, what if I fail, what if I can’t— all cover ups for my lack of confidence. OR perhaps my lack of confidence in Him being able to empower me. As I stood in the hot shower pontificating, my mind fast forwarded to 10 years from now. Do I want to still be having this internal dialogue with myself in ten years or am I going to launch out—– The next day I launched into that “one thing”. Not sure how it it will go but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I keep obeying and trust Him with the results.
    And so—- when I got my email reminding me about this study—- well, it is certainly timely!
    Looking forward to all God has for me in this study!

  111. I am learning more each day and want to not only believe in Him, but believe Him. I have never had a transparent relationship with anyone. There have always been strings attached to love. I want to know this transparency that God has to offer, love as it is meant to be! Love that only God can give!

  112. This is my first time going thru this book and I am so excited what God is going to teach me. Last night I had the privilege of listening to a message by one of our pastors. He spoke on the sermon on the mount. He defined blessed as “being in a position of favor with God.” I thought it was very interesting how this study and that message focus on the same word! It just made it clear that this is the study I need to be doing! Thank you Renee for writing this book and leading this study!

  113. I thought of the lyrics to this song tonight as I read through everyone’s comments:

    Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!
    Oh, what a foretaste of glory divine!
    Heir of salvation, purchase of God,
    Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.
    This is my story, this is my song,
    Praising my Savior all the day long;

  114. I have felt God Stirring me recently to lay aside a few things and to find time to spend alone with him. It is very difficult to find this time but I know that without it we became stale in our relationship with God. As I listened to your video tonight I knew it was confirmation that I have to do this to truly receive the full meaure of God’s blessing for my life so that I can be a blessing to others. It is easy to dine off of what others recieve but I believe that God is calling us up higher to dine directly with him. Thank you Renee for sharing from your heart and helping us rekindle the fire within us. Many blessings !

  115. A part that sticks w/ me is: Listening to Doubts Whispers. Especially ” I can’t do this.” What stands out so much to me is “how quickly these thoughts weasel their way into our minds and disguise their voices to sound like ours.” How easily this happens to me. For yrs I’ve been dealing w/ this. I have improved but wow are they subtle and hard to notice. It’s frequently w/ my performance at work, intelligence in general or capability and being liked/accepted by people. But I’m learning that my security and confidence doesn’t come from my performance at work, what my boss thinks of me or whether so and so likes me . I constantly think someone doesn’t like me and it really bothers me. Part of me wants to say to myself “well if so and so doesn’t like me, that’s just too bad,” but that’s probably not a healthy thought either.

  116. Renee, I wanted to let you know how excited I am to take part in this online study. It’s been several years since I have been a part of a small group Bible study, so I am looking forward to connecting with other women and going deeper with the Lord. Two of my best friends are doing the study with me as we live far away from each other and would never be able to join a group together in person. I am excited at how God is going to use this book to deepen our faiths and our friendship. Isn’t technology amazing??

  117. Wow! There are so many things about this book and you Renee, that connect directly to my past and my present. I have always been so insecure, so self-doubting and so hungry for approval that it is just very sad. Last year’s vision for our church was to be trees planted in deep waters to be fruitful… and I hear it again here. God has great things for me in this study. Just reading the acknowledgements… I cried, it hit me and I honestly open my heart and share that I am always living under a shadow of deep and sad doubts about myself and God. It is time for my breakthrough! My heart is full of joy as I start this journey! Thank you for this book and for reaching out to those, who like me are striving to be free and trust the Lord!

    P.S I live 3 years in Ethiopia…. love your little Aster!!!

  118. Hi Renee and everyone,
    I pre-ordered this book months ago and when it arrived I never made the time to read it. For many years I was lost. For the past 2 years I have not been able to get the devil out of my head. I listen too much to his lies and allow too many negative thoughts into my head. I not only doubted myself, but I doubted God also. When I prayed and didn’t get the answer I wanted, I blamed him for everything wrong in my life. I expected God to do more for me than I was willing to do for myself. I need this study so I can learn to stop doubting myself and to put my trust in God. To put God first in my life and really listen to what he wants for me… not what I want for myself. I love the word Blessed. When I stop to think about it, I’ve had a blessed life. I just need to stop listening to the negative voices telling me how non-blessed I am.

  119. Renee, I can’t thank you enough for doing this Bible study. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me and where I stand today.

    My shadowing and doubt is that I’m not good enough…I wasn’t good enough for my own birth mother to keep me, nor was I good enough for the family that adopted me, I wasn’t good enough to take places, or to be seen, not to mention nothing I said was ever good enough. I am the “Sam” ( Samaritan) in more way than one. After all her failed marriages no one wanted to do anything with her but talk about her. I stood at that well waiting for God, finally taking off my armor ( not His armor) and met God.
    my story so that when I leave comments you have some understanding if I’m negative . I was abandoned at two weeks old in a house that was going to be she wanted to adopt me and her husband divorced her as well. She had 7 of her own natural kids, one with cerebral palsy. (She had a heart) I never really heard of God…we went to church on Sunday’s but when back at home God was no where to be found. My brothers and sister was always drinking and doing drugs causing a lot of trouble. I can remember being hiding away when her family comes to visit. The holidays to this day are very painful for me, when she would go see her family during those times I was locked in the trunk of the car and was told never to say a word. If my brothers and sisters had friends over them would lock me in the closet. I would wet and mess my clothes and in return get a whipping for that. I was never in any of their family portraits. My nickname was the “negro baby”. I cry as I write this. Condemned, neighborhood kids out playing heard a baby crying. I assume the proper steps where taking but no one seems to have paperwork to back it up. I am a mixed child, and they family that adopted me are white. (I am not one for the color fights….God made us ALL) My mom was divorced from her family because Life back then was such a horror. Mom let a man move in before I started school, while she was at work this man she loved would sexually abuse me. I would run to tell her and in return I would get a whipping and she would let him whip me as well because I was telling lies. This went on til my 5th grade year. During the summer time I was sexually abused by a brother and a cousin. At 16yrs old I was raped. Things just never seemed to go away.
    I never knew what a confident heart was or if I even had one…still to this day I search for that heart, I can say this if it was for sale I would have bought mine a long time ago.
    My daughter brought me to God, and now for 8 years I live to get closer to God and be the woman he made me to be.
    Today I know I am a Child of God and no matter what others do or say……He is my mother and father!!
    But, I need that Confident Heart.


    • It is so hard to have a loving image of God the father when you didn’t have a great image of one yourself. I did not have it nearly as rough as you but it wasn’t easy. The Love Letter from God did amazing things for my heart and if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it (it’s one page so it’s short).

      My prayers are with you that this will bring ABUNDANT blessings.

  120. I hate that I feel this way but when I lost my husband to cancer I also lost my confidence in who I am. I have tried to remain involved in our church and continually ask the Lord to help me know what it is I am supposed to do with my life now without my husband. I feel like my life hasn’t moved forward much in the last 3 1/2 years and I do doubt myself in areas I never did before. I found this online study through a friend that is battling cancer and it seemed like something that God was showing me I needed. I am really hoping I can learn to trust the Lord with my life so I can feel blessed and have the hope and confidence I need to do whatever it is God has in store for my life.

  121. I have struggled with doubt all my life. Even after knowing Christ for thirty years I still struggle. It’s something my husband doesn’t understand. He is a newer believer and when he hears he moves. He has been encouraging me to go back to school for a couple of years now and I haven’t done it yet because I didn’t trust or have confidence in what we were both hearing from God. My heart is to encourage women and I have not been living my heart because I doubt my place in life. I’m so excited for this study because I know God is already at work telling me to let go and trust him. I can honestly say that I am afraid. Fear has been my constant companion for years and while I want to let it go I have doubt that I’ll succeed. I am taking a step of faith that I’m where God wants me to be to break the chains that hold me down.
    Thank you for this study and for your prayers.

  122. I know God wants me to be a part of this study. He told me to sign up, so I did. Then I ran out of time to find a book. I even went to the Christian bookstore in town and it had closed for the weekend. But God kept speaking to my heart all day. I found a version that would download to my computer through Kindle. So I read the first day today.
    I have been in a dark place too. Some days I just wish God would take me to heaven. I long to be there. My life has been full of change, unpredictability and disappointment. I feel overwhelmed to hold it together. Some days it truly feels like it will never get better. I read the list of lies and I knew most of them. I try to focus on God’s truth. But I struggle with if this verse or that verse is really for me. I was glad to see that you included Is. 49:23 “Those who hope in me will not be disappointed.” I read that verse often. I hope the study will be a healing balm to my heart.

  123. Michaela K says:

    In reading the intro and first chapter, the first quote that spoke out to me was “Doubt and Hope can not live in our hearts at the same time”. One of the things that I’ve noticed about myself is that doubt has only crept into my life within the past 8 years or so. As a child I had so much confidence in myself, in my abilities, and I wasn’t worried about pleasing other people. I don’t know when in my life things changed. There are definitely incidents in my life that I suspect had an impact on me. I hope to start feeling confident from within and stop looking to other people for acceptance.

  124. Jenni….I am so sorry that you are in a dark place. I have been there so many times that I’ve lost count. It’s a scarey, hopeless feeling but God is sending you help. Through years of depressions, I have learned that God will always bring me through to a lighter place. Just hang on to the lifeline that He is holding out to you and pray. My tendency has been to withdraw because I worry about what others will think of me. I am hoping that this online study will help me to place more focus on God and less on others. I am holding out a hand of friendship and hope that we can become healthier and more confident together.

  125. It’s funny because I really didn’t know if I needed this study, but I didn’t think I needed the 7 day Doubt Diet and it was like and arrow to the heart. I needed that and it really hit me in ways I wasn’t prepared for but I enjoyed it and signed up for this study. I feel confident a lot of times and can really take things on but I realized after reading just Chapter 1 and some of the posts from others that my confidence is shaky and it’s really self-intrusting not God-intrusting. I didn’t have an easy childhood and I know a lot of us didn’t but it was more famine that feast in our home and we had to fight for our own survival. Fighting for our own survival luckily didn’t keep me down as an adult but it made me have a very independent spirit. God has already been working with me to STOP relying on myself so much and when I pray, REALLY give it over to him. This study is one more reinforcement of him working on me in this. Once again, he knows what I need far better than I do. God Bless Renee for doing a study like this and for each one of you as you are pouring out your hearts and souls. My prayers are with each of you that the mending can begin.

  126. “Wao” , am excited already for this journey of a confident heart. As i was reading chapter one i so identified with u just wanting to shrink back an not go to the conference. “fear of rejection is my battle” . i was blown away with one of your questions at the end of the chapter the earliest memory of feeling insecure or doughting myself. I was shock to recall being around five years old.

  127. The comment you wrote Renee, that really stands out for me was….”Self doubt blocks the promise of God’s power and truth to change us from inside out so that we can live with a confident heart!!”
    i have let Satan have a foothold on my heart and doubt has stopped me dead in my tracks from allowing God to change me…..from the inside out. Not anyone!!!!!
    I want to be BLESSED….not CURSED!!

    • The word “doubt” just keeps ringing in my head! In my years on this earth I can’t think of a time where I did not doubt. Even now, I doubt I’ll finish my degree, my boss will understand my circumstances, and my place as one of the leaders at my campuses InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter. I am sick and tire of this doubt!!! I want to feel the peace and joy that comes from finding my confidence in the Lord!

  128. Hi Everyone!
    I’m nervous posting online, but here it goes…
    I’m a day late with the posting regarding what words in chapter one spoke to me.
    I would like to say the words that spoke to me most were ” Are you ready to take God’s hand and trust his heart?”
    This painted such a vivid picture in my mind of God always standing in front of me with his hand extended to me. His heart is so full of love for me that it beats with his passion for me. When I’m tempted to put my trust in things or people this is the image I will try to picture in my mind to steer me away from the lies, whispers, and shadows.

    • Hi Cathy…..I love how you picture God standing in front of you holding His hand. I also picture God patting me on the head and telling me He is pleased with my journey. So….if you had not posted that, I probably wouldn’t have either. Thanks because I love it when He pats my head.

  129. I thank God for you Renee, and what he is doing through you.
    I seriously needed this book of encouragement in this time of my life. My catching phrase for chapter 1 is the aspect of avoiding great opportunities that have come my way because i doubted myself and thinking of the risk of rejection, but like Jere:17:7 says blessed is he who trusts in God and places his confidence in him , i have realized all this fear was cropping from trusting in myself to do everything, so if i cant it just makes me so miserable and feel so incompetent.
    Thank you ladies for all the sharing, looking forward to connect to all of u as we share.
    God bless you all

  130. Just loved viewing the video message this morning. Like many others, this online study is the first that I have been involved with & hence, have nothing to compare this with. But from what I’ve experienced so far I have enjoyed the sense of community that these blogs bring & the intimacy/personal connection that Renee brings with her video message. It’s as though she is speaking directly to me & my situation.

    I am grateful to be reminded today that ALL of my hope & confidence should 100% remain in the Lord, as too often I find myself placing my trust, confidence & need for acceptance in my close friends. It is then that I find that they are unable to meet my standards & bring me what I so deeply long for. I am thankful for the wonderful people in my life but I am now reminded that if I solely rely on them for my needs, I will be CURSED. Only God can ‘fill my tank’ & BLESS me & only He knows exactly what it is that I need. Thank you for this wonderful & very timely reminder!!

  131. Jeremiah 17:7 made me realize that God alone deserves our trust, and that we are to constantly live for His approval rather than man’s attention. What matters is not what others think we ought to be but how the Lord sees us as we are and will be when He has completed His work in us.

    I’ve lived in fear and self-doubt for what seemed like ages. Thank you, Renee, for being God’s instrument in helping me finally live with confidence in Him. Looking forward to experiencing more of Him in and through this study.

  132. Linda Corum says:

    I want to be blessed by trusting in the Lord. I know that my lack of confidence if from Satan. He always wants to tear me down so I won’t do things for the Lord. I want to have confidence that even when I fail it is just a way for me to grow and depend on the Lord. I don’t do well in the desert because I have my mind set on how things are suppose to be instead of relying on God to teach me how He wants things to be. I pray that by taking this study I will depend on God and have Godly confidence. Thank you for taking the time to do this study.

  133. Hi! i too have been a people person and always trying to help and please others. for a very long time people have depended on me but when it comes to my turn there is no one to help me. i have been reading the bible but i felt empty. then in December i got the online bible study and decided to sigh up,i’m so glad i did because its my second day , Jeramiah 17:7 just touched my heart,i realized that this verse is directed to me. last two weeks have been difficult,the person i trusted broke my trust and i felt so hurt but i realized it all my fault for trusting her. i’m cursed because i did’t listen to God’s small voice.
    Thank you Renee for having such a programe for people like me. yes i want to trust in God and have Godly wisdom.

  134. Wow! Its so amazing how God works in our lives! I was out for my walk yesterday and that is one of my times to walk and talk with God. Of course, we talk about some of the trouble areas in life, and as I was doing this I realized that I was not trusting God completely in this area of my life. I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized that I was trying to fix it too while telling God all about it. I need to put Jeremiah 17: 5-8 deep into my heart so I can remind myself everytime I want to fix something or trust someone else to fix something that “Cursed be man that trusteth in man.”

  135. In the middle of the night God gave me a revelation that I think will prove to be a huge thing for me. He showed me a picture of a ladder leaned against a building and I was trying to climb it. Then I heard the words, “Your ladder is against the wrong building.” He told me that at the top of the building are all the people whose standards that I am trying to live up to. He told me to move my ladder to a building across the way. This biulding has Him at the top. He was reaching His hand down to help me climb the ladder. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He will give me grace and strength to live up to His standards. I was never meant to live up to the standards of another person. My challenge now is to keep a constant check on my thoughts to see where I am leaning my ladder. I am going to have to learn how to seek His standards and not be constantly trying to live up to those standards of my coworkers, friends, family etc My confidence in Him and what He is doing in me and through me..

  136. Renee, I’ve been waiting for confirmation of the Jeremiah 17 scripture. Another internationally known pastor had said those verses describe what God is doing in 2012. And when someone makes a “prophetic” statement like that I always look for it to come up through other sources.

  137. Does anyone have tips on how to not get overwhelmed in this comment/discussion section? I really want to read and participate but its SO much! Any advice from seasons studiers would be great, thanks!

    • Michelle, It works out best for me if I comment on what is on my heart after my praying/reading/listening on the lesson and I usually sleep on it before commenting. I do pick a few of the comments out and read but I do not have time for all of them or it would take up all my spare time in which I could be doing something else. So use it for your journey and what you are learning. Linda

  138. I have a lot of trouble in this area. I worry way too much about what people think. About how I look, decisions I make, things I do. My confidence is tied to others, I have no doubt. I pray now to the Lord that he lifts this from me. Help me focus on you Jesus. I want to be pleasing to you and no longer the world. You know me better than I know myself, “they” don’t know me at all. Please remind me what matters. My confidence is in you. Help me Jesus.

  139. @ all the women noting the word Focus….thank you! I stumbled across this study by chance while in the middle of particiating (and I use that word lightly) in a David study wiith some women at my church. As I signed up for this study words of doubt already flooded my mind…..”You are just going to get partially through this study then quit. Why are you even pretending like this study will be different than the 10 other study books on the shelf that you vowed to complete, but have gone partially read” Even as I grabbed a notebook off my shelf to start journaling my thoughts on A Confident Heart I was bombarded with entries from past sutdies left undone. Although my laundry list of “undone” studies is a fact, it does not have to dictate my future performance in this and/or other studies. I guess it proves I’m in the right place as those thoughts are definitely rooted in lies & self doubt. Although the first chapter is chock full of good verses & insights from Renee, the one verse that really resonated in my heart was Isaiah 43:18-19 “Forget the former things do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing!” I am a worrier and I am an eternal realist (or what my husband calls a pessimist-LOL). I hesitate to dream of what could be because I am lacking in faith and God’s ability or desire to change me and my ways. They have been in place for 28 years now and seem set with no chance of swaying. But the verses in Isaiah remind me that I can FORGET the past and stop dwelling on the studies left undone. I have been commanded by God to do so. But not just to forget those things; to then SEE the new things HE is doing in me, for me and through me! Upon deeper examination, I can see not only old journal entires left unfinished, but I can see God working. I am so glad I date my entries. I was able to see valleys and peaks of faith and to see God answering prayers over the last year & a half. So this week, rather than FOCUSING on the past and allowing that to dictate how my future will unfold I am challenging myself to FOCUS on the new things God has in store for me. To look a little deeper, to think outside the box so I may allow myself to see him working in my life.

  140. My word of focus is trust. Trust has been an issue my entire life. It began when I was a little girl, on the day that the man I was suppose to be able to trust the most stole my innocence. Now 40 years later I can see how the enemy to us all, has spoken those words of doubt to me that I read about in chapter one. Each time I listened and believed those words which were meant to destroy my self confidence, my ability to trust suffered a little more.

    This morning as I read Renee’s words that said, “take time to notice this week when you’re tempted to put your hope and find your confidence in the wrong things and people”. It dawned on me how often I have turned to other people in order to gain self confidence rather than turning to God. Each time I looked to people in an attempt to find self confidence, more often than not my hope was shattered and lack of trust deepened.

    I see I will need to pray earnestly and without ceasing, as every moment I can feel the enemy trying to pull me away. I so want to be enveloped by God. Trust is my issue.

    Thank you Renee for bringing this Bible study to each one of us.

  141. Hello Everyone,

    After reading some of the posts, I am shocked that so many women here feel the same way I do. There were so many things said in the first chapter that stuck with me. If I mentioned them all, I would take up so much space. But the main thing was that someone else had the same feelings – I’m not alone. I too have felt as if I weren’t good enough to receive God’s blessings. I struggle with depending on other people to make me feel worthy. If I were just -er! Prettier, smarter, funnier, stronger, nicer etc. If I were all those things, I would be whole. This mornng, while I prayed the prayer again at the end of chapter 1, I realized that God says He loves me even when I’m not -er. He loves me before I was anything on this Earth. But, I started hearing those nagging thoughts creep in – you are not worth what He gave and those promises are not for you.

    That feeling is so depressing. I want to believe in God’s promises and make my life better through Him. He is the only one I can depend on. Everyone on earth will let you down at some point, but not God. It’s just getting to the point that I believe what He says, and believe that I am worthy of those promises.

    Thank you all for sharing! And, thank you, Renee, for starting this Bible study.

  142. WOW! Amazing–thank you Renee for this–almost so overwhelming to see so many women in one place to connect with and this reminds me too that accepting God’s love can be so overwhelming for a broken heart. The last sentence of the 1st paragraph on page 24 of Chapter 1, “…when I choose to dwell in the assurance of Whose I am and who I am in Him, I have a confident heart, jumped out at me when I read it last week–I’ve underlined and written in the margin so many things–and then this morning God brought me to Psalm 91:1…and I remembered your BIG shadow which I can so relate to…So looking forward to focusing on Him and His love for me these next few weeks and learn more of how to dwell with Him and rest in His shadow…not my shadow of doubt. Blessed are we!!!!

  143. It’s been amazing reading through a few of the comments here. It’s clear that God is already working, and the lives of entire families and communities will be changed because God is going to give someone a breakthrough. When I read the Bible verse for today (Jeremiah), I think I was stunned because I didn’t know the Bible was so clear about not putting your trust in people – I was raised to do just that! Literally in the past maybe 3 years has my view started to change a bit, and it is a scary place to be, because Ive just done what my parents taught me to, but when I sat and considered all that this bible verse was saying to me, I could do nothing but agree wholeheartedly that it is indeed a curse to look to someone else to understand about how you feel about yourself. That is a prison with self made walls, and I have been trapped inside my self-made prison for so long – too long. Everyday will be a struggle, everyday will be a fight to stop seeking the approval of others, and start putting my full trust in the Lord, and my need to please only for Him, but I know that I won’t be alone, because He will help me through if I ask.
    Ive felt so poorly thinking about how much time Ive lost on trusting what someone else thinks and killing myself to please others, but I understand that I could not have understood it any better than I can right now. God is an on time God and I couldnt have understood it any better than I can right now.
    . I always thought I was completely alone in my feelings – to see so many other women have similar feelings, is so amazing to me. I just do not want to run away from all that I am feeling and seeing and learning. I ask the Lord to keep all ov us faithful to learning what He has for us.

    • Amen!! Im praying the same and what God is showing you individually is exactly what He showed me years ago. It’s a day by day, doubt by doubt process to transfer our dependence on others to a new deep and abiding dependence on Jesus. We just have to ask for HIS help each step of the way. Glad you are here with us Max!

  144. Karen Watson says:

    I have never done an online Bible Study before. I am overwhelmed with the amount of women whose hearts are reaching for a closer walk with Christ. I have been reading a book called Becoming a Woman of Simplicity. Together with this study, God is really calling me to give up things in my life that are taking me away from Him and to join Him where He is working. This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! Praise God for showing us how blessed we are! Praise Him for so many women with a heart for God!

  145. My favorite: “Then you will KNOW (emphasis mine) I am the Lord. Those who trust in me will NOT be disappointed.”Isaiah 49:23
    There are so many hurting women in this chat. I am praying so much over you. I struggle, too, with confidence and know it has held me back in so many things out of stupid fear.
    The devil is good at what he does, isn’t he? As I was reading the comments, I noticed many times I read that the person doesn’t believe that God’s promise of a plan for their life are for them, but only for “other people”. I’m there, too. Yet, it occurs to me, that if so many of us feel that way…who are the “other people” that the promise is for? That is such a lie from the devil and he individualizes the lie to attack our most vulnerable spot. For me, the lie that is told, is that God does not have a plan for my life because I’m just not smart enough. This is a very vulnerable point because I did not go to college and the devil knows how much that bothers me, and therefore know how to zing me. Sure, I can pray about it, but the lie, coupled with my circumstances of doing “nothing” makes it very difficult to believe day in and day out, that something big is coming from God for my life.

    • Hold on to HIS PROMISES Melissa and any time you hear that lie or sense it in your spirit, speak forth verses like the one you have from Isaiah 49:23 or Jeremiah 29:11… let those blot out and block those lies,
      you are smart enough, you are able, you can believe in yourself and your place in Christ Jesus! I pray that this study brings you (and all of us) a more CONFIDENT HEART… I can already see seeds being planted.
      You are not vulnerable and will not receive those lies or false beliefs because you are accepted and significant in God’s eyes and in His family with us… the enemy and his tactics are cunning but you are greater and more than a conqueror!

  146. Thanks so much, Renee, for doing this online study. It’s exactly what I need right now in my life. I know it’s only the beginning of the study, but it’s been such a blessing so far. Can’t wait to get your next email.

  147. Good morning study partners

    I have awakened this morning to find a shift in me. Halelujah!
    Page 23 Line 20 says; “We NEED (my emphasis) to hope that life can be different.
    Page 24 Line 8 (end); “Are you ready to let His Word change the way you think which
    will determine the way you feel and eventually transform the way you live (Rom. 12:2)?

    I understand that in order to persevere HOPE is required. Myself, I quickly spend my hope up front (pockets turned inside out) cause I am jumping around in the starting box looking this way and that
    so excited to push through the starting gate. Then, like a SHOT I am out………… soon I find that I am crawling whimpering doubting whining far far before the finish line. You may even find me curled up in a
    ball as you sprint past me crossing that finish line.

    Well, today I found a compost bin to step up on and I’ve taken a good look around. My HOPE (Grace and Mercy offered by God) is God through You!!! Sheesh, look at all of you hungry to be transformed looking for other women to align with in order to make it over that finish line to the Victory Circle!!!

    Believing in God………………………….BELIEVE GOD!!!
    Melanie C

  148. This speaks so much to not only my life, but also where I work. In life we often rely on each other for approval instead of looking to God for approval. When we start giving man the power, we are only causing harm for us. Just as the shadow was large representing the doubt, we also make man larger than it is. We often give man more power and control than they deserve.

  149. It has amazed me how the shadow has lowered and darkened since I began to address this issue in my life. Lack of confidence is such a deeply ingrained habit. It is causing me problems in my relationship and it is time to replace the shadow with the Light.

  150. I think that Jeremiah 17:7 is just what I needed to be reminded of. However, the previous verses let me know why I am in such the state I am in now. I have WASTED my trust and my Confidence in Man, particularly my husband. But even though I know the problem, I am not sure that I am comfortable with “maintaining the solution long term” and being completely conformed by the renewing of my mind. I have been this way (trusting in man) too long.
    Doubts, insecurities, and feelings of inadequacy as a mother and wife EAT AWAY AT ME every single day. It is horrific to describe the defeat I feel on an almost daily basis when I disappoint (disrespect and not appreciate) my husband, when I disappoint my children. Fear of my husband having Enough and losing his love for me………which has already seemed to begin its course.
    Terrified, absolutely terrified. Am I being punished for putting my confidence in Man?

    • Melanie, I don’t think you’re being punished but I do think you are probably experiencing what the Lord warns us of — what will happen when we put our trust and hope in man. You are in such fear and there is no freedom there. No way to flourish. Just take this one day at a time, one chapter at a time. So much more to come in the next chapter and the next. This isn’t just something we can decide to do. We need God’s power, God’s love to lure us into His heart and replace our need for man’s approval with HIS approval and acceptance that is truly what we were created for!!

  151. Blessings Sisters in Christ,

    I came here to catch up on the comments in the community and look for Day 3 earnestly… yet somewhere
    (must have been day 1) I read that we should read the FORWARD… so after getting hooked and going directly to Chapter 1, I went back and read everything from the Forward, to the acknowledgement to Chapter One again… adding my highlights and notes (in Kindle for PC)… and though the quote that Kathy and others shared drew me to get into this study… the first highlight of mine was in the FORWARD (not realizing that it was written by dear Lysa, until I got it)… this is what tugged on my heart and spoke volumes to me:
    “…This rejection became an adult emptiness and brokenness that made me doubt I was lovable. Insecurities cut deep. Shame ran rampant. Desperation for acceptance drove me to seek out all kinds of misguided remedies. My primary remedy was to find someone or something that would make me feel secure and significant.”

    Swope, Renee (2011-08-01). Confident Heart, A (Kindle Locations 95-99). Revell. Kindle Edition.

    Followed by “Will you fill me?”… to husband, child, job, ministry, etc. WOW! That hit the nail on the head.
    Drove this straight to my heart! I really thought all these many years that God alone was filling my heart.
    But I was expecting or holding out ‘my cup’ to anyone who would acknowledge me, fill my cup… give me attention, how can I please you? so you will accept me … “Will you right all my wrongs?” this one blew me out of the water… I just broke with this. I’ve been waiting all my life to remedy my “wrongs”…fix my messes… and as Lysa wrote somewhere else, only the Messiah can …

    “Why do we look to things of this world to give us security, self confidence, and fulfillment?”

    AMEN Lysa… and this only gets better and more personal to me from this point on…God’s doing a new work…a healing… a more powerful transformation in my thoughts and understandings… I have spoken words and prayers with confidence, I gave them lip service and head knowledge and thought it came from my heart… but this is seeping deep down within me and combining all of this from my thoughts, to my heart, to my deepest soul… a transforming, new beginning… I’m committed to no more “what if’s”
    “If only I had __________, I’d be so secure and fulfilled.” and seeking my security in my LORD, and Savior Jesus Christ ALONE! No more temporary, I’m going for the ETERNAL! Because I love His Love Letter… every message in His Word, is now refreshing and becoming a sweet anointing and Promise to me.

    Thanks Lysa and Renee! I’m ready to receive and GROW and live with a confident heart (no matter what’s going on around me, it’s temporal)… Blessings and love to you all in Christ Jesus, Peggy

  152. Renee, thanks to reading and studying “A Confident Heart” last fall with Melissa, and at the same time participating in a study of Beth Moore’s “Believing God,” I was able to tell a very influential yet verbally abusive person in my life that, “You are wrong. I am not those things. I am not who YOU say I am. I am who HE says I am!” The person was stunned and had no response and actually has not abused me since! A true miracle from God! Thanks for helping me start to re-claim my identity in the Lord!

    • WhoooooHooooo!!!!!!!!! Praise JESUS – girl I am so proud of you!! So thankful God is setting you free from the lies and giving you the courage to stand firm and find your confidence in the solid Rock of His truth!!

  153. What a blessing to have these words… I have been feeling these things for a long time but wasn’t sure what it was. It was doubt… Doubt that I could ever measure up. I was putting my confidence and hope in the wrong things. I should have known better, but it is easy to slip into this with too much focus on the day to day. I am grateful for God’s gentle reminder to get back in touch with HIm by setting aside time for HIs Word and prayer and to concentrate on the word, “blessed.” Thank you

    • I know exactly what you mean – it was a huge turning point when I realized it was doubt that had been paralyzing me all my life. Naming it is the beginning to knowing how to overcome it. Glad you are here!

  154. Michelle W says:

    Hi all,

    This is my second go around with this study and I intend to finish it this time. I’m usually very good at starting a thing, but finishing is one of my handicaps. But No More! I intend to finish this study and come out of it with a Confident Heart in God.

    Thanks for this study Renee. I really need it.

    Be blessed everyone and I look forward to sharing with you.


    • You can do it Michelle – the time you invest in YOU in this study will have eternal benefits. Keep going no matter how hard it gets. We’re here with you and we are for you!!

  155. That’s me.. always a day late and a dollar short. Or at least it feels like it.

    Some things that really stuck to me from Chapter One are:

    The fact that everything here is temporary. “No person, possession, profession, or position can ever fill the cup of a wounded, insecure heart … It’s an emptiness only God can fill.” My heart is surely wounded and I think the trouble, for me, is going to be finding all of the wounds to turn over to God to actually let Him heal me.

    Doubt keeps me from believing so many things. Will this person really make the change for me to put my confidence and trust in them? Can I really let go of my responsibility here and trust that so and so will not let me down? What if I do and then I can’t do what I need to do? At what point do we cross the line and say “Okay, God, I know that I can trust you for this” and REALLY trust him? I felt as though I did this a few months back and now, sitting in the decision I’d made, I’m questioning whether or not this is really the situation that I had prayed for. I asked for peace, comfort, strength and feel that I have none of it – so did I make the wrong choice? Or am I just not really letting God have control? And what if my NOT thinking (which turns to doubt) causes me to just sit back and become too relaxed and then I really am not doing what I need to be doing? I guess… what is the difference between doubt and knowing that something just isn’t right for us? How do we know which is which?

    I want to choose to “dwell in the assurance of Whose I am and who I am in Him” rather than everything else that surrounds me. This is going to be hard for me – but that’s my goal for this study.

    • You aren’t a day late or a dollar short. You are just in time and we’re glad you are here. Great questions you are asking. Hard one but good ones. I wish there was a formula or answer I could give you so you could know. Tomorrow I’m going to talk about listening for God’s voice and discerning if it’s HIM or us. I hope you’ll come back to join us in seeking to KNOW Him more because that is where we begin to find His will for us. Praying for you Leah!

  156. Becky Yarbrough says:

    The versus that were given in our study that touch me right now in my life are…Is 49:23 “Those who hope in Me will not be disappointed” and Is. 43:19 “Behold, I am doing a new thing.” I decided to do this Bible Study because we have just recently left our church after 20 years. It was very difficult and I won’t talk about the issues, but there were things that shook my confidence and magnified my fear of man. Besides that, my husband just got laid off from work 2 weeks ago, so here we are in quite a position in need of God to move. Several months before all this happened, we felt change and that God was going to do something “new.” I feel like God is doing a new thing and I am putting my hope in Him, but some days I get discouraged, worried and frustrated. We are praying about moving, but we are waiting on Him to give us direction. I have been disappointed many times in the past, so I am learning to trust. Thanks for the study!

  157. Is there a study today? I have checked every site I know that Renee has and cannot find the study for day 3…can anyone assist please. Thanks!

  158. Ok I have to confess something to you that I just did….I almost closed out my session without commenting on the blog because of my lack of confidence – seriously! Yikes I need this Bible Study!
    I have somehow ended up in this craziness of letting other’s thoughts (or more accurately my perception of others thoughts about me) impact my confidence. I’m not sure how I got here but I know with God’s help I can re-gain and strengthen my confidence. I know that I need to “turn back toward the Light” to remove the shadows. I need to listen for God’s voice in my life everyday. I am committing to God, to you, my blog sisters (and brothers if there are any), and myself to be in the Word daily listening for the Truth. Thank you all for taking this journey with me and to Renee – thank you for taking the giant leap of faith and guiding us on this journey!

    • Chastity Ray says:

      I actually did close it out and then came back. I’m scared of people judging my comments and such I almost skipped the interacting part of this study. I’m glad I didn’t. I’m finding out I’m not alone in my fears and I’m hoping to find encouragement as well as encourage as we go on this journey. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  159. Focusing on the light and away from the shadows is such a tremendous challenge for me. I know through scripture that if I put my hope in the Lord and realize that all things are possible to those who believe, I will not be disappointed. However knowing and following/doing are two separate things. Life just has a way of strengthening my doubts and insecurities. Why is it that so many women, including me are lead to believe that we are not worthy of happiness? This is my first online study and I am looking forward to how God will use this in my life.

  160. When you said you were afraid to ride the carousel because you wear afraid your father wouldn’t wait for you, and how you wouldn’t ski because you thought they wouldn’t come back for you…those statements on your childhood fears struck so many chords for me. I felt the same what as a child. I used to be afraid to stay home alone, even when I was more than old enough to do so, because I was afraid my parents just wouldn’t come back. I was so afraid of so many things. And I still feel those things today. I didn’t like making people mad or upset with me because then I’d feel really bad and that they’d stop loving me. I’ve grown up and into adulthood trying to not go against the grain so as not to disappoint people to the point that my fear of doing such has almost left me paralyzed. I fear being the real me and I fear not being who others think I should be because what if the real me is not pleasing to people…forgetting that who I am must be who God means for me to be so that I can truly honor and please Him and bring Him glory as only I can. I’m praying this will enable me to fly and help me be who I really am meant to be. I’ve started late but caught up and looking forward to what’s coming.

    • Praying for you Kim. It is scary to come out of the prison of our fear and live from a place of freedom – b/c it might mean some rejection. BUT the freedom that comes is unlike anything you’ve ever known and IT”S so WORTH IT!! You are so worth it but more than anything _ JESUS is worth it. It is for freedom that He has set us free. I”m so glad you reading along with us!

    • Hi Kim…….i truly understand how you feel and the fear is over whelming! I felt the same way as a child, and now as an adult, my day is filled with making sure everyone is happy and taken care of….it leaves me at the end of my day exhausted and very lonely. I want to agree with you in prayer, that we matter to God, He loves us and created us with a far bigger purpose then we can ever imagine!!! I want to step into God’s love and experience it to its fullest………….with NO FEAR!!!! I want to have His Blessed Assurance, and to go to bed at night, feeling secure and loved by the one who created me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. What a beautiful prayer sent to from you found in my email box today. Thank-you.

  162. Hi fellow journeyers! I felt a nudge today to share these thoughts that were spilling over in my mind and heart as I am ramping up my own personal toolbox for this study (which I am so excited about) (the study…not my personal toolbox!).
    I have been reminded lately in my human friendships that “Friendship is not one big thing – it’s a million little thing.” I think this is also true in our relationships with our creator and savior. They are based on one big thing (Jesus on the Cross) but they are maintained and grown by the ‘million little things’ we do: Church, ministry, prayer, quiet time, service big and small (especially the small) etc, etc, etc. The list goes on.
    Because I am quickly drawn into the trappings of my earthly world (work, single-motherhood, self-preservation and care) I have to create intentional ‘little things’ in my life that draw my gaze and focus back to God during the day…to weave God into my day and keep the relationship moving in the right direction, and not put my time with him in a box of 10-15 minutes of a sometimes rushed devotion in the morning (which is my nature). If I don’t practice these little things to help me, I find I slide quickly into the world and move away from God. It is a daily battle..not one I’ve won or conquered..I struggle greatly like everyone (i.e. I’m not saying I’ve mastered this process…never will.. not as long as I am in my temporary home here on earth, just trying to do my best one day at a time, one choice at a time).
    Two of my ‘little things I’ll share (hoping others might share some of their ‘little things’ that keep them on the focused on the goal):
    1. The first is for those of us who work and live an automated, electronic lifestyle. In my job I have to access MANY of my job functions(systems) via a username and password. In the age of electronic theft my employer requires that I change my password regularly to keep it secure. I have created a habit of making my password a bible verse reference. Previously it was ‘Philip4:12’ – which meets all the requirements of a secure password – it has letters (upper and lower case), numbers and special characters! (God knew what he was doing when bible references would make perfectly secure passwords! ). Each time I login I (try) to pause and recite and consider the verse for just a brief moment. I also use a program called ‘stickies’ which lets me keep electronic sticky notes on the desktop of my computer.(Can be found here if interested : I keep a sticky with the verse written out in its entirety on the desktop so if I need a refresher – there it is – all day long. I plan on using some of the verses from this study as my password as Renee shares verses that resonate with me. (I won’t say WHICH online..that would be uncool! ) 😉
    2. This second one is yet another ‘little thing’ afforded by the gadgets of our modern world. Many times I curse all of the electronics in our lives, but these two habits are both possible because of my electronic world! (Blessed not cursed by electronics in this case…practicing the word of the week!! Haha!) Music always speaks so strongly to me in my faith journey and helps me find words when I don’t know how. It puts my feelings/thoughts into words, it creates prayers for me, it allows me to praise when I don’t know how to do so otherwise. I am not gifted in writing or performing music…just moved by it frequently. For some reason on Sunday the new song by Shawn McDonald called ‘Rise’ just struck me as my personal THEME SONG for this study. There are a lot of things moving and shaking loose in my life at once – including this study. Sometimes you feel like God’s plan in your life ran out of gas and stalled…other times you feel like you are in the left hand passing lane wishing you could put on the brakes. Anyway…this song speaks of rising from the ashes. And I am claiming this as a time in my life when I am RISING from the ashes (shadows) of the doubts that have held me captive for many of my 46 years! What I am planning on doing is downloading this song as my ringtone on my phone so that every time my cell phone rings…I hear the reminder to RISE from my shadow/darkness/ashes and connect my heart in that moment to what I am seeking in this journey with Renee: to stop throwing away my confidence and live in the assurance of the gift of the cross and the love of my creator and savior. (Partial lyrics from chorus of ‘Rise’: “Cause He who is in me is greater than I’ll ever be, and I will Rise!”). Maybe there is a song that inspires you and hearing it blaring out of your purse while you are in the middle of a crazy day is the thing you need to bring you back to God’s will for your day? Just a suggestion.
    Sorry for long-winded post. I’m not usually prone to these outbursts…but as I said..I felt the nudge, figured it was probably God and tried to be obedient! Once choice at a time. Hoping some of you will share your ‘little things’…I need them!
    Wishing you all a wonderful journey thorough this study and looking forward to walking along side all of you!
    Your sister on the road to a confident heart,

    • Great info. Thanks for sharing!! I love stickies and music. Plan to share some songs throughout the study that will minister to us. Love hos God confirms His ways!!

  163. I am relieved to discover that I am not the only person with so much self-doubt. Kim’s comments could have been mine. I am afraid that I won’t “get it”, that I will NEVER understand and accept God’s love for me personally. But I am going to go through this study and just pray that God will honor my efforts. Honestly, it is so very DIFFICULT to trust God – I am afraid that He will hurt me….I know that sounds horrible, but it’s the truth.

    • Troyanne, I understand. God not only understands how you feel but he really cares. I too feel like the little turtle at times – hiding inside myself so that no one hurts or pokes me. 🙂

    • It has taken me a while to figure out that Satan is the reason we have sickness, pain, anxiety, depression, guilt, and every other thing that is miserable in our world. Satan is the reason we are all believing that we are ugly, useless and unwanted, etc. He is stealing away what God wants to give us. And that is joy and peace! It is so hard to find joy somedays, or even some weeks unless we focus on God. I have been dealing with some health issues and I have to remind myself that being sick is not God’s will for me. I believe God allows us to go through hard times to draw us closer to Him and to show us His grace and mercy. He allows it because we live in this fallen world full of sin. But if we rely on Him for all that we need and put our hope in Him, He will give us a peace that only He can give. (John 14:27) God will never hurt us! He turns Everything that Satan means for harm and uses it for our good. Sometimes I know it is impossible to see, and we may never understand it until we get to Heaven, but God Loves Us!!!! (Romans 8:28) Satan is the sole reason for all of our hurting! He wants to kill, steal and destroy everything good in our lives. (John 10:10)
      What I do when I feel horrible, I write out the promises from God from His Word & carry them with me. I read them every four hours or so. As if I was taking medicine. Scripture is like soul medicine, I guess. 🙂 It has helped me so very much!
      I have a long way to go, I struggle with fear of not being liked and fitting in. I often feel like I am not good enough or that I am useless. (My childhood was filled with not being wanted by my dad & girl drama) God is showing me how He can use me in little ways. I am so excited about this study!! It has already changed my life!

  164. Girls, I was just in one of those “funks” today that we get in from time to time & not sure what caused it. Anyway, praise God with me tonight. One of our church members had a baby today. She had already gone through surgery while the baby was in the womb…amazing…and her water broke today & she had a 3 lb 7 oz baby boy. He was breathing on his own. God is so awesome! Please keep this little man in your prayers & praise God!!

    I wanted to share that I read something today about how Satan questioned Eve (much like he does us) – is that what God said?? Are you sure thats what He said? It sounded so familiar. It made me realize that maybe its not me causing the self doubt but Satan magnifying it, if that makes sense!?

    • Yep, we’re going to talk a good bit about the enemy and his schemes in the book. He’s definitely one of the main voices who lies and disguises his voice to sound like ours so we believe him. He was the first who cast doubt about God’s heart into a woman’s soul and he does the same to us every day. SO glad you are seeing that already. Great to see how God is revealing truth to us as we go.

      Also, praying for the little guy who was just born!

    • Chastity Ray says:

      Absolutely! I struggle with his unwanted whispers ALL the time.

  165. I love the promise that Renee mentions from Isaiah 49:23- “Those who hope in Me will not be disappointed.” What a fantastic phrase to hold onto when you begin to doubt that God is for you, when His timing is not in our desired timing… we will not be disappointed. I am grabbing on to this promise for my time in this study… I will not be disappointed- He will use this to continue the good work He has started in me and will complete in me.

    • I agree, I love that verse as well…It applies to me very much. Hope, it’s all I have sometimes to pull me through my day.

  166. Chastity Ray says:

    Wow! I just started the study today and I’m blown away. I sense God speaking to me at every turn and I feel my heart and spirit being renewed. This is just the beginning. I’m so excited! 🙂

  167. I feel truly called to this study. I began reading the book a few months ago and lost momentum when I had no one to study and converse with about certain topics. I now am following the activities and look forward to a rewarding study. Spending more time in God’s word and believing Him are my individual goals this week.

  168. I joined the online study group first but now I see Renee’s website and blog and I think that this will be a much better way to do this book study. It will be nice to be able to read so many other woman’s comments on what we are reading and learning. I read the first chapter and answered the questions…they really got me thinking. I am hoping that participating in this book study like this encourages me to be a more BLESSED person. I would like to be a woman with a more confident heart.

  169. Our church is doing a fast five. When I was thinking about a devotion to do God reminded me that I had purchased this book but hadn’t started reading it . After I read the first chapter I went to my email not to look for this online study but for another devotion I get online, and there it was day one. How cool is God. I must need this interactive part. I do need to start back at the roots of my salvation again. I used to meditate on scripture and use it to over come the cursed areas in my life, but have gotten away from doing that. Thank you for the scripture and the verse of the week, Rene.

  170. I bought this book many months ago, when it first came out I think, because I’ve always struggled in feeling confident. I didn’t finish the book. Then I signed up for an online study, that I didn’t keep up with. For some reason, this one feels different, and I guess God is speaking to me. I loved that Renee said we won’t do too much at a time, that we’ll slowly unpack the book. I feel like there is a better chance of me sticking with this. Anyway… so I’m getting up at 5am to start my day with this study, and then begin my work before my family wakes up, and I’m just proud of myself for getting going! Thank you Renee!

  171. Well, I read the first chapter but have not done the questions in back. I think this is something I really need to invest in. I was actually going to commit to the made to crave but then I read the devotion on the P31 that Renee did about the book and I this is what I need. I’m in a place were I really need to trust fully on God and focus on him. My heart is broken and I am so unsure of what I should do, well I think God wants me to stick it through I’m just having a had problem dealing with that. My husband had an affair and I don’t trust him or that he wont call that women again. I know that the Lord has kept me here with him for a reason but now I’m having a hard time moving forward. I’m so disappointed and scared and unsure of what the purpose is. I want to fully rely on God and know He has plan for my life.

  172. Good morning to all of you,

    Whew….. I am so glad to see an assignment this morning. I am such a busy woman and I just needed to get to my Tuesday assignment so I could get to my business!!!! Ha, the busy that I was up to was checking Renee’s blogspot about a dozen or more times to make sure that I did NOT miss anything. Guess what, DOUBT consumed me. Did I miss something, did I forget to sign up? Did I make a mistake in signing up. Did the email go into my spam file? Is Renee ok? Did something serious happen to her. Did I miss the memo that there would be NO assignment on Tuesday? Just look at the amount of precious energy and time and self esteem was eaten up by worry and DOUBT all eminating from my insecure heart!!! What a perfect illustration of what is stolen from me many many moments in my day!!! Don’t get me wrong I did accomplish many other things yesterday but worry about this study was pinched at the hem of my shirt just hanging on pulling at me. Sheesh!!! I am very grateful to be a student of this study!!

    Be well ALL
    Melanie C /MN

    • Melanie, doesn’t it amaze you how often we are consumed with thoughts that aren’t even relevant. We waste so much precious time on worry and that “thing” we worry about hasn’t even happened or it won’t even happen.

      Keep resting in Him, girl. Whether the message were to end up in spam or you did miss a day, it’s not going anywhere in the long run. Keep your eyes focused on Him. Tune into what He’s saying as you prepare each day to live a life of God-confidence!


      • Oh these are such soothing words to my eyes that hits my heart!!! Thank you, Danielle. By my actions I often believe the more that I consider (worry about) something the more important it must be and therefore the better that I will be for having [done] it!! Clearly another one of those “lies” Renee wrote about. So for today, I will practice 1 Peter 5:7 and Psalms 55:22.


        Melanie C/ MN

  173. Sithembile says:

    Hie Reene


    i am so excited about this online Study. when i joined the Proverbs 31 devotional list i knew God had something instore for me. every devotional i would receive would be in line with what i would be going through in that season of my life. when i read a devotional from a Confident heart, i knew i had to get your book. by the way i live in Zimbabwe and i couldn’t find it anywhere. i later asked a friend of mine who was travelling to the UK to get it for me. Reene, i was so excited the day she gave me my book, when i first read it i was in utter shock, God gave inspired you to write a book that really spoke to me. i am going through a dessert season in my life and i had come to a point where i juss thought “things will never change” i thought God must be angry at me because everything in my life was going wrong yet i would see him breaking through for other people. My fiancee and i were supposed to get married last year but we cancelled our plans due to lack of finances, on the other hand the organisation i am working for is going through a rough patch and we havent been paid for the past 6 months. i am praying for a new job but nothing has came yet, i have sent so many applications and i was really really sinking into doubt, i am usually anxious and worried.

    Thank you for this online Study, even if i am miles away i know this study is going to change my life. i am so excited to be doing this with you all

    • Sithembile, Blessings to you, sister! I live here in the US but soon enough, my family(husband and daughter) will be traveling out your way–Lagos Nigeria. To say we are excited, that’s an understatement. I can tell you, with all certainty, God will provide a way. As my family stepped into the path that God was leading for this mission trip, I too doubted that the money was possible. We just didn’t have it. But God! Through His blessings and others, we are leaving February 14th.

      Know that God sees each and every concern you have and He cares! He will take care of you and provide a way.

      Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?{Matthew 6:26}

  174. There are many feelings that I haven’t been able to fully deal with were brought to the light. Yesterday, I begin to listen, really listen & this is what I heard. Why all the “R” I am not sure but I feel the Lord has given me these “R” to remind me of what I need to do & what I want for this coming year. I will share this with you because just maybe it wasn’t just fro me…
    1 JOHN 3:18
    Dear Children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.

    Personally, I do not want to give the DEVIL ammunition by giving HIM the satisfaction of tearing me apart.

    I choose to SHUT THE DOOR of drama & hurt that causes me to harden my heart towards those around me.

    I want to be free of bitterness, fear and anger that I have let control me for far too long.

    It has to STOP & it will begin with ME & MY GOD’S HELP.

    I AM RETAINING things that God is speaking over my life and learning to listen. I STILL need to RECOGNIZE when HE is speaking & slow down. I want to REPLACE the negativity with positive actions & people in my life.

    I want to RECONDITION my heart so that GOD can use me as HE sees fit.

    I want to RECLAIM what is mine.

    I want my emotions & my family RESTORED.

    I want to take RESPONSIBILITY for my mistakes & failures BUT also know that GOD is the forgiver & HE is who I answer to.

    I want to RESPECT myself. I have let others carve out whom & what I should be instead of letting GOD form & shape me to what HE wants me to be. I have been belittled, betrayed, degraded, run over, & torn down to where my self esteem & confidence was robbed from me for far too long.

    I am not WORTHLESS. I AM WONDERFULLY & BEAUTIFULLY MADE. HE HAS PLANS FOR ME FOR GOOD AND NOT FOR DESTRUCTION. I have had to STAND on the WORD in order to function and hold my head up enough to go forward. i NO LONGER WANT to cave in to my circumstances or my situation.

    I have to let GOD fight my battles because I CAN’T do it on my own.

    God LOVES the BROKEN because he can take the shattered pieces and mold them back to COMPLETION IN HIM.

    This is just what was laid on my heart that I feel is a WORD from God addressed to ME. But I know others have experienced great loss & hurt just as I have so I am sharing this with anyone who needs to open themselves up also.

    • thank you for sharing this post sandi, it was for me as well. i to have been through experiances that has cause me to harden my heart and hold on to things that i should not be holding on to.

  175. i am so enjoying this book! it has helped the realize a lot about myself. i am still amazed at the amount of doubt we drag are sometime it really opened my eyes!

  176. Lakecia Harris says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I have struggled with my self-confidence for many years. On the outside I appear to have it all together, but the inside is another story. I”m praying for God’s healing and assurance to change my heart to make me into a true believer in him. The statement that spoke to me the most in chapter one was “In the shadow of doubt insecurity paralyzes us with statements like “I can’td do this. things will never change. My life isn’t going to get better. I’ll never have the confidence I need.

    I have to continually address negative thoughts in my life, but I’m taking on a new mindset and claiming the victory !

  177. After reading Chapter 1 several times the one line that jumped out at me was when telling the story about the shadow of doubt you stated, “I couldn’t help but wonder why opening my mouth also opened my eyes.” Then later in the chapter you show us the scripture 1 John 5:14, asking requires that we open our mouths. When we start to speak God’s word it is making that turn from the shadow of doubt and looking into His light. I am really enjoying the book and look forward to the rest of the discovery of A Confident Heart.

  178. Linda Cushman says:

    After reading Chapter 1, there were so many phrases that were like neon signs lighting up truth for me. “Doubt keeps us from believing things can get better. Doubt convinces us that it’s not worth the effort. Doubt shouts from the sidelines: ‘It’s too hard” “You might as well quit’ Go ahead and give up. Just close the book now and walk away.” I’m looking forward to digging into God’s word on this subject that has plagued me for so many years – and had me turn to food or friends rather than God as my confidence.

    I’m a little (ok, a lot!) overwhelmed by trying to read through all the responses. I’m not sure how to keep up with that, but I know that those I have read really resonate with me. I so appreciate being able to take this journey with you all and am so thankful of Renee’s vulnerability and tender heart as she shares with us.

  179. I am more convinced now than Ever that God is really trying to do A New Thing in my life and I must share with all of you girls the confirmation of that through this past Sunday’s sermon at our church (which I missed bc I did not get up in time to get all 3 of our children ready which I felt guilty about) anyway. Please listen to this and it COMPLETELY ties in with Renee’s book and her message to all of us. I think this is what I needed (I have doubts and insecurities that I am doing/hearing the right thing) to JOLT me yesterday after I went through some troubling thoughts and fears (I know, who gets scared and insecure after reading God’s word? LOL!!) after reading Jeremiah 17:7.
    If you need EXTRA encouragement, and you just think that what Rene is presenting to us is not reachable, not doable, not possible, God does not mean this for YOU, then I implore you to listen to my pastor talk about BIG FAT FAILURES and how God uses them! I have listened to this twice yesterday and I intend to go back often to be reminded of HIS Power and HIS Might!
    I prayed for a spirit of JOY at the end of this year and I believe that God is bringing me the tools (and the motivation) that I need and I have needed for so long to move along in my spiritual journey. I am SOOO encouraged that Jesus is with us right here and now in this study in this time of our lives and HE IS GOING TO DO A NEW THING IN ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!

    You can listen to this sermon below. Just press click on the link or copy into your browser and press PLAY.!/swx/pp/media_archives/36077/channel/493/series/4401

  180. Holly Fleener says:

    One way I can practice hearing God’s voice is to stop and consider the thoughts that come to my mind. Rather than brushing them aside and moving on with my day, I need to ponder them and see if they may be the Holy Spirit prompting me. There have been many times that I had a thought, but dismissed it only to find out later that it was the Lord trying to help me. If I had recognized that it was information from God instead of just a random thought, I would have saved myslef some trouble. I want so much to become more sensitive to the Spirit of God. The Bible teaches us to pray without ceasing. The only way to do that is to have constant open communication with God. It’s like realizing He’s right beside us all the time. Anytime He needs to speak to me, I’m right there and He can turn to me and speak, and I will turn and listen. If I need to speak to Him, the same is true. When He hears my voice, He will turn to me and listen. Wow! What an awesome privilege we have – an open ear from the God of all creation. I want to always have an open ear for Him as well. Praise God for His patience with us as we learn how to hear him more clearly!

  181. After reading most of the book so far. I have learned to stop and think about what is going on in my life and trying to figure out the big picture instead of just plunging in head first and thinking later. God has bigger plans if I just give him time to put things in order for me.

  182. I do not always hear what is being asked of me. I am reading my Bible more, so that I can learn to listen to His word more. Thank you for doing this online Bible study. I am making more time for me to have a stronger relationship with GOD.

  183. Leighanne Stevenson says:

    I am in the process of reading your book The Confident Heart. It has been a blessing to me so far!! When I first heard about this book; I just had a feeling it would be one I could truly apply to my life! Thanks for your insight on how we need to be listening for God on a daily minute by minute basis. I”m trying to be in His Word more so that I can hear from Him more!!

    Thanks for all you do!

  184. Chrissy Presto says:

    I finally got my book yesterday and have just read the first chapter. I think that the biggest barrier for me in my relationship with God is that I compare him to all the human expereinces that I had thus far in my life. I have lived through so much abandonment, abuse, dissappoitnments and pain. I use to blame God for my circumstances but I dont anymore. I dont consider myself a victim anymore but rather a survivor. However due to my past I have signifigant trust issues and God is no exception. Rationally I know that God is perfect love but my heart and head tell me a different story. I long to fully let go and surrender but from years of feeling like i had to rely on myself the fear is somtimes paralizing. I am hoping this book and study will help replace my fear with trust and not just any trust confident trust of all the amazing things I know about the father just struggle to beleive them for myself. I thank all of you wonderfully ladies for sharing what is on your hearts it helps to know that I am not alone.


    • Fear is paralyzing especially if you have been abused physically & emotionally. There are many times in the midst of the storm, I stop and pray. Sometimes it is a simple prayer of protection not just physically but for the MY EARS TO BE GUARDED FROM THE verbal abuse. God has to guard our minds as well as our hearts. What is spoken in to our lives has to be emptied out and we have to learn to not accept anything that is not from God. The more people of faith would poor into me the minute I got home it was stripped away from me so it left me powerless to move forward in my walk with Christ. I would get encouragement & feel the presence of an Almighty God & started to grow in HIM only to be torn down and shredded to the core. Sometimes I send out a text to my friends “just pray” with nothing else then they know I am battling. I feel their prayers because it stops the majority of the time. I have been desperate. I have prayed God deliver me from this horrible world, I am nothing & I can’t handle the abuse anymore just take me. But I feel his presence fill my heart and HE lets me cry it out. God has been so patient with me. I feel like at times I am moving forward in my relationship with HIM & HE IS USING ME. Then others I feel like I have never been further from HIM. You need other people to support you in prayer & to lean on in storms but you need HIM above all. You need to go to him as a child and say Daddy, I am being bullied and your little girl needs you to step in. He is always FAITHFUL.

  185. Hey…already behind…still not sure yet what to cut from my day…but I have an idea… I really enjoyed thinking about Jeremiah 17:5-8. There is a beautiful promise in there…I hope to embrace it and practice it day by day. How TRUST is such an important thing in our walk with the LORD! I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not about how I can accomplish it…it’s about HIS FAITHFULNESS. (Some days believing He is faithful is easier than other days…but I am hoping to come to the point where I never question that…do you think that happens on the earth? Anyway…thanks! And thank you for the “BLESSING” download…I actually put it as my desktop background….Blessings to you!

  186. Heather Bireley says:

    I am so excited to go through this study. I struggle every day with low self confidence but have written down the verses and really enjoy them. I get an email from Guideposts every day and today was a verse that really spoke to me – Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life…. 1 Timothy 6:12. And it says – Believe in what you can become. God made all of us to be individuals and we are all special in his eyes. We as women spend so much time worrying that we are not going to measure up for everyone else and we need to remember that as long as we are living for God and doing it his way, we shouldn’t worry about what everyone else thinks. It is hard to do, but that is what I am going to write down and tell myself everyday.

  187. I am really excited about this study. I look way to hard for man’s approval and get disapointed a lot when I don’t get what I think I need. I really hope that I find the confidnece through this study, to truly depend on God and seek only HIs approval.

    • So many encouraging comments! Thank you to all! I plan to become more familiar with God’s voice by reading more of his love letters. =)

  188. Yes;I am a male taking this Bible Study.I have what is known as Gender Identity Disorder;I have a female personality.Although biologically male;I do not see myself as one.I do have lots of self-doubts about myself.Raised for the first eight years in a foster home;then taken home with my father and step-mother to grow-up in a very abusive home.I was told that I would not amount to anything;that I was just a piece of trash.I am looking forward to reading the book and doing the Study.I have read Chapter One and I can see where lies and curses have been spoken.I am scizophernic and dealing with suicidal-depression.

    • Hi Ron

      I’m praying for you! I pray you will know who you are in Christ! God has awesome plans for you!!!! Satan is the father of lies, but your Heavenly Father is the Father of Truth. I pray you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

      Heavenly Father, You are our loving Father. There is no one like You, God, full of loving kindness. We thank you Lord for Ron, that you have such good plans for his life. What satan has meant for evil in his life, we know that You can bring such healing and restoration like no other. Please help Lord, we need Your help!
      Thank You, Lord for all that you want to do in Ron’s life. Surround him, Holy Spirit, with Your blanket of love like You did for me that night when I wanted to end my life. You want Ron for Your very own dear child just like You wanted me that night. I pray he will know Your great love. Asking all these things in Your precious name, my brother Jesus, Savior and friend! Amen!
      P.S. I have great respect for you Ron! Jesus and I are very proud of you!!!!!!!

  189. Dear Sisters,

    I need prayer right now. This week started out well. I was so excited about starting this study and even happier when my Bible study at school turned out to follow my. But now my week is going on a downward spiral. My fears and doubts starting taking over Tuesday night. I let in consume me. I missed classes and couldn’t sleep. I don’t want to fall back into the same cycle I was in last semester. Why is it so hard to trust!!! Please pray for me. thanks

    • Hi Sarah

      It is Jan. 23rd and I am praying for you! This is the 2nd time our God’s Girls Bible study group is doing A Confident Heart. God has so much good planned for you that Satan is throwing monkey wrenches trying to discourage you. (it happens to us, too)
      My good friend Cindy has suffered from anxiety all her life, and shortly after we started the study the first time, we had put the Bible verses from each chapter on spiral bound note cards and the Praying God’s promises Prayers, too. One night she woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. She felt an anxiety attack coming on, and got out the note cards, read each scripture and prayer out loud. She was filled with God’s peace and went back to sleep. (There is so much power and comfort in God’s Word)

      Lord God Almighty, I thank You for strengthening Sarah’s inner spirit. Please remind her that she is a child of the King of kings, Princess Sarah! Remind her to say, I am totally accepted and loved in Christ, I am totally secure in Christ and I am totally significant in Christ!
      Sarah, God wants to do a new thing in your life everyday! What a mighty God we serve!
      You have the 10 finger prayer, too. 1-I 2-can 3-do 4 all 5 things 6 through 7 Christ 8 who 9 strengthens 10 me! (I like it better than counting to 10)
      May God bless you, Indeed!! Abiding in Jesus, Deb


    TRULY TRULY TRULY: We are moving forward! I pray this song ministers to your heart as much as it does mine!

  191. a better rendition of “moving forward” check it out!!

    • Thank you for posting that song. I needed to hear that. I spend so much time looking back and dwelling on what I did wrong, that I forget that my God is just and forgiving. He wants me to move forward and trust in Him! “I will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.” Jeremiah 17:8

  192. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words this week. They have been totally refreshing to me. I am getting into the habit of really knowing who God is and how he thinks of me. I absolutely love it. I want to get this new perspective and use it for God’s glory. I loved the word this week Blessed. It totally got me to think that I am blessed in God. He is the one that gives me the strength and hope to work through what he has given me.

  193. I am not able to double click on the word.Why is this not working.
    Please help me.

  194. Is EXTREME shyness really a form of self-doubt? I’ve been crippled by it my entire life and it prevents me from being and doing all that I could otherwise be and do.

  195. So glad to have found this study! At first I was thinking, oh, this doesn’t really apply to me. I have a lot of confidence. Turns out I don’t socially or spiritually (right now). I will go on a mission trip to Uganda in a few months and I’m not sure WHY God wants to use ME and I do not think I am worthy of Him doing anything through me. I know I’m not. But it’s beating me up and making me doubt going when I know it is my calling. It’s hard not knowing anyone on the trip, flying out there alone, and being WAAAAAAAAY out of my comfort zone…socially I am very shy with strangers and spiritually I feel I am not in the right place.

  196. Thank you for offering this study online. I have already learned so much from reading some of the book. Most of my life has been spent being cursed by trying to please others and feeling so unworthy and so unloved. The more I dig deeper into His word and learning who He really is and how much He loves me I am being Blessed by the many things He is bringing to my life through Him alone.

  197. Andrea Lopez says:

    I am a week behind and trying to catch up. A group of friends did this study last semester but due to work scheduling I was unable to join them. I was happy to see it offered this semester as an online study! Renee, you said in your video that God has laid on your heart the need to work a little less in order to be able to pour more time into this study, us and ultimately Him. For me, that “thing” to sacrifice is my Facebook account. It is such a time waster that is sucking the joy out of me. How easy it is to sit for a few moments, only having those moments turn into much more. I have been two days without it now and two days into God’s word. I am so looking forward to learning from all of you as we journey together!

  198. Cherie Clayton says:

    I just started this study this week…1/28/12. I’m a little late…but better late than never. I found this book by God chance…I have been praying for a word for 2012 and the first few weeks I thought my word for the year would be love. I’ve always had a head knowledge of God’s love and at different points in my life, I have felt God’s love for me in a tangible way. However, God had a different word for me. My friend had texted me not too long ago a few scriptures for me to pray and read…and not knowing or putting two and two together…they were about confidence. As I asked God again a few weeks ago about my word…Confidence came to my heart. I was reading Proverbs 31 ministries devotional and saw Renee’s book. Yeah….talk about confirmation! Anyway, here I am a little late but ready to dig in!

    The sentence that really stuck out to me in Chapter one was on pg. 24 “He’s led me beyond believing IN Him to really believing Him by relying on the power of His words and living like they are true no matter what my feelings tell me.”

    I want that! I want to go from believing IN God to really believing Him! No matter what I face in my life or what circumstances come my way.

    I’m not planning on rushing through this study to catch up and be on track with everyone else…I’m going to let God do what He needs to do in my heart in the weeks to come. Thank you God for allowing me to find this study!

  199. I’m so happy about this course. I’ve started being more confident since I started this and it is so good to be in this course. and Good to hear you Renee share your hart with us and encourage us. God is helping me every day with self doubt and I’m really learning to trust him, and I’m very happy about this confidence bible study course thank you!

  200. I also want to say I’ve really enjoyed the video blessed. Renee you are like me very outgoing and I’ve been praying about my priorities and makigng sure especially i have time with God. God has really helped me by bring me the devotionals in my in box every day and reading the devotionals. I sense himn talking to me. I am blind i want to tell everyone. I have the computer that has a speech program where I use keystroke commands to read a line at a time and everything. I’m not able to read the chappters I want to tell everyone, because it is in p.d.f. file. my speech program only reads word files, but I’ve been hearing all the videos, and I’ve been having trouble with being confident in Christ and trusting him well, since, I’ve started this course, I have been feeling more confident in christ and I have been able to hear all the videos so far that you posted thank you renne! This is the best course for me! God is really helping me! Thank you and also, i’ve been having trouble finding where to write my comments I wanted so much to share with the group. now I have been able to find out where to share my comments. I didn’t understand how my computer was reading to me. and now, i’m able to write my comments here thank you!

  201. I also want to say I loved the video blessed, and I’ve been reading a lot of the comments, and it is good to know there are other women who share my struggles with self doubt and being a people pleaser someone mentioned joyce Myer! I’d like to say she is great! Because, i didn’t start the course with everybody else, I have just started going back to the archives just so I can start this over again. so, I just started with the video blessed what a good video. I have a lot of people in my life family and my boy friend who are very negative, and it’s hard being aroudn negative people, Thenk I start to have self doubt. I am trying to surround myself with as many positive people as I can. We have an enemy Satan, and we have to be careful of his lies, and Satan uses people to bring us down, it happens to me a lot, since, this course, I have been a more confident woman in christ! Thank you Renee!

  202. it’s me again. I went back to the archives to start over because I wasn’t here for the beginning of the course so, I just wanted to start over again. so as I said in my last post, I listened the video blessings for the third time this afternoon, the more you listen to something, the more you get out of it. I read a lot of your comments, it is so nice to have a lot of people women out there who I can have things in common I am way too much of a people pleaser I worry to mucyh for this third time, I heard this video on blessings, as I said in my last post, I really heard God speak to me to take a few minutes out of my day and to just be with him and not think about what’s going on arond me! I’m so blessed to take this course! God is good! thank you Renee!

  203. It is March 24th – today I am starting the journey with you on the “A Confident Heart”. I bought the book when I first started receiving your e-mails. I saved them all in folder called, “Godly”. Why did I wait until today? I believe it is because I have reached another DEEP DEEP POINT in my life. I am a 57 year old woman who has found herself in a DEAD-END job (a temporary one at that). A job where I see that I not only glorify God but I “hurt HIM” by not TRUSTING in Him to get me out. After reading this one chapter, Renee – and reading those SCRIPTURES that you put in this chapter HAS GIVEN ME HOPE!!! Next week as you say in your question at the end of chapter, “…one situation where you could live in the power of this promise…” in Jeremiah 17:7:
    I will put in my notice that I am quitting, and I will trust that God has a better plan for me. Trust in Him that He will provide. Here I am a 57 year old woman knowing that God has gotten me through a lot worse in my life– doubting that I can do more, more things for HIM!!! Oh yes, Renee, this is my SEASON for a book like this. I am so grateful YOU LISTENED TO GOD AND WROTE THIS. I will make the time for this indeed reading each chapter — not too quickly, but slow and intentionally feeding off the words that God has given you to put into each chapter. With the Bible in my hand and an encouragement book like this one, that this season will be another chapter in my life that proves to me and my loved ones that I BELIEVE, I AM BLESSED!!!

  204. Merrilyn says:

    Hi everyone, I am Merrilyn, a 26-yr-old. I have actually bought this book quite a while ago, when I was struggling with big decisions to move on from my past job and was so heavily dejected by things and people around me. But I did not get myself started with the reading cos everything had settled down eventually by the time the book reached my house. And then I signed myself up for the online study early this year, but eventually ran off steam, and ended up archiving all the emails I received to a folder instead. 

    Today, I am picking up this book again, reading the chapter one again, and now actually properly doing the Day 2 months behind everyone else, after recently going through many struggles in my life, overcoming some and still being lost at others, knowing very clearly I need to do something about my life and my relationship with God. I hope I can persevere in this, and I hope the community here can support me. 

    I read the chapter, and watched the video, and I could hear God speaking to me through my stubborn heart and mind. There was this very strong moment of conviction I suddenly felt, which I had not had for a long time. Reading Jeremiah 17:5-8, I felt this very strong questioning of myself and how I have been living so far. “cursed are the ones who trust in men and draw strength from the flesh”, and in chapter one, where are the areas I feel insecure and self-doubt. As I read, suddenly there was this realization of where I have been struggling in for such a long time, especially since I graduated from college 3 years back. I would say, the same verse nudges me in two different ways. Drawing strength from the flesh. There have been two types of flesh I have been trusting in all these while, I am not certain if this is due to the experiences in my early years. I am someone who had been and is someone who relies on myself for everything I do. In my view of things, no one around me can be more reliable than myself, and my expectations for myself have been very very high since young. I had to work through many struggles and family issues since I was 10, and being the person I was since then, I have always found it hard to seek help from others around me, to trust that there will be someone out there who can pull me through all these if I myself can’t. Consciously, I always knew this was my biggest weakness in my relationship with God; I never found it easy to understand and experience what is truly the joy of trusting in the Lord in all circumstances since He has always only come into my mind at  my last desperate moment. 

    Yet, on the other swing of me, I am someone who is very insecure in relationships. I really realized I seek too much for the approval and acknowledgement of the loved ones and good friends around me, that I work so hard to please them, to care for them. I am always feeling so uncertain and uncertain in friendships that I grow so uneasy and lose all peace especially when the friend sis so important to me. Recently, I have gone into this conflictual period with a friend I hold dear in my heart, who feels I have made the relationship strained despite all my efforts to make things work and be comfortable for her. I have been feeling so so tired, and honestly, I know that aside all other things, relationship problems are always my biggest killer. No matter how well I am doing anywhere else, as long as relationship issues come my way, any confidence is lost, any energy gone and things just seem to go awry for me. 

    As I was reading Jeremiah just now, another part of the passage rang in me instead. And it was the result of the blessings from trusting the Lord, “They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.” (Jeremiah 17:8 NIV) 
    As I read, I felt this very strong dialogue going in my head. Yes! What have I actually been doing? Honestly, how much have I been trusting in the flesh, in myself or others? In fact, this lifestyle have been very tiring for myself. There’s no actual peace or security. Having my life pivoted on the wrong centre, I have been growing fatigue in the unreliableness of my current centre. Trusting in myself, looking to people for comfort and solace are not 100% eternally reliable. One day, either myself or the people around me will falter, then won’t I be falling into this cycle of dejection and disappointment again and again? I want to be the tree who have no worries in troubles and all circumstances, who have no fear in all problems because of the knowledge that God is with me and I trust Him above all things!

    I know this will still be a very hard journey for me, knowing that shifting myself or others away from the centre of my life takes much effort to install a whole new approach in my lifestyle. I have started this effort before many times, and it had never lasted. I want to make this work this time, and I hope the community here can be my support as I go through this spiritual makeover! Pray for me my dear sisters-in-Christ, though I am so many months late. 

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    Blessed | Renee Swope

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