Becoming a Woman Who Listens to God

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One of the first things I learned, when it came to overcoming self-doubts and living in the security of God’s promises , is that we have to recognize and listen to God’s voice. It’s also the topic of my P31 devotion today.  Here’s a little more about where my “listening to God” story came to a turning point. At the end I share “How to Discern God’s Voice” and a give-away.


I sat on looking out the window, wondering what the future held. My excitement, mixed with the fear of getting over-committed, ignited a rapid firing of thoughts: What would I say yes or no to? What was God calling me to do? How would I figure out His plans and purpose for my schedule?

Wondering and worrying wasn’t getting me anywhere, so I wrote questions in a notebook: “Lord, what should I say yes to? Where do You want me to spend my time? Will You please show me Your plans for me this coming year?”

I wanted a sneak peek into God’s calendar so I could adjust mine. Instead, I sensed Him telling me not to worry about tomorrow but to live each day in the hear and now. {And He even spelled it that way.}

I did okay when it came to obeying God in the obvious things. It was selfless acts of obedience that challenged me most. But that day, I made a commitment to live in the “hear” and now.

A few weeks after, I noticed my husband’s side of the closet was a mess. Immediately I thought about how J.J. enjoys “order” although it’s not his natural inclination. Then I sensed God whispering, “One way you could really love J.J. would be to organize his side of the closet.”

I wish I could say I obeyed. Instead, I argued: “He’s a grown man; he can organize his own side of the closet. I have two kids, two dogs and myself to keep up with. Have you seen our garage and attic, Lord?”

“Did you hear Me? Are you going to obey Me now?” God’s Spirit nudged.

How did I know it was God? you might ask. Well, I knew it wasn’t my idea.

Just that week I’d read the parable of the talents in Matthew 25, and recognized myself in the third servant. He hadn’t been entrusted with much so he buried his talent in the ground. I always assumed since he wasn’t faithful with it because he thought his Master wouldn’t notice.

Sometimes I saw my role as a wife, mom and friend as “average” one-talent kind of assignments. Plenty of people have the same responsibilities, I thought. Without realizing it, I let myself slip into being selfish and impatient here and there. But God wanted my willingness in every area of my life – hear and now – acting on His promptings throughout my day.

Jesus said, My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27 (NIV) And the more we listen to and obey God, the more familiar His voice becomes.

Obedience means exchanging our will for His.

So, why does God wants moment-by-moment, day-by-day obedience? Because He loves us and wants us to trust Him.

God is so patient as we learn to trust Him. And we discover over time that it’s in our relationship with Him, we find the purpose, direction and meaning we’re looking for. When we live in the “hear and now” our calling and our calendar begin to reflect our love for Him, and His love for us — not our need for fulfillment or the desire for others’ approval and acceptance.

Dear Jesus, am I living and listening the way You want me to? Sometimes I fall into the trap of waiting for a better tomorrow or an easier assignment so that I can be faithful. Help me trust You. I want to but sometimes I’m afraid. Give me courage to listen and follow You with all my heart! Amen

PS. I reorganized JJ’s side of the closet ,and  I’m almost sure I heard God chuckle and felt the warmth of His smile. May He smile on you today as you commit to live in the hear and now – acting on what you hear and living it out now.         


Discerning God’s Voice

Here are a few questions we can ask. When I sense God speaking, whether it be through scripture, an impression on my heart, circumstances or through His spirit in me, I always look for Biblical consistency:

  • Is it consistent with God’s Word and God’s ways?
  • Is it consistent with wise Biblical counsel I’ve sought?
  • Is it consistent with God’s leading through doors He’s opened and closed?
  • Is there a consistent theme I’m seeing in my life or hearing during my personal Bible study time, through sermons, Christian songs, conversations, etc?

Recognizing God’s ways and God’s will comes as we spend more and more time in His word. All of us have different things that draw us closer to Jesus, and here is one practical thing that helps me: watching the Gospel of John movie on DVD. It makes Jesus, His words, the people and the stories He lived in come to life in a powerful way. After watching it, when I read my Bible I can see Him and hear Him. Which makes me want to spend more and more time with Him, which helps me know Him and recognize His voice more clearly.


So, what is one thing you could do to become more familiar with God’s voice?

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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Funny that you gave us a list of the names of God and a verse out beside each one at the same time my close friend did the same for me in hopes that I would stop listening to negative voices and the voices that are definitely not from God. She said when she speaks these outloud it counteracts the negative voices that are heard. I am going to start doing this and in the long run it will turn my mind around to be able to listen to ONLY God’s voice.

    • I thank God for you. I have been wondering for so long, how do I know when God is speaking to me? I pray and seek him diligently for wisdom and discernment. As you stated when you see that theme over and over again, what else do you need. Yes, keeping the negativity away and being in silence will help me to hear God more. I was always hearing him, but I just quite didn’t understand. Now I know!! Thank you God for providing the encouragement and knowledge of Renee, and her willingness to share.

      • Trisha Halls says:

        We seek counsel & guidance in his word but as he made us relational how do we tap into being with him ? By prayer – praying makes him real to us as we dont talk to air do we. Ask for the discernment to see the consitant themes and ask to not allow you to step on his toes & interfere with his PERFECTING WORK in your life by rationalizing things to excuse not listening. When you are not sure ask for him to intercede or to give you peace with the things he’s allowing to happen for his purpose of growth in your life. Along with prayer we should sing – God created us to worship him & our songs bring him worship & bring us comfort & reassurance as well as the worship drives Satan away. Its our armour from God – Satan hates worship so stay diligent in those 3 areas, being in the word, praying for direction & not allowing you to crowd him out, and worship. Be careful cause emotions tend to guide our lives so ask God to allow discernment over our emotions. I am so glad we have this forum to live life together & on purpose.

      • One time my dad asked me if I could help him clean the kitchen floor, and I claimed i hadn’t had time to do so. I then retreated in my room to work on a word-search puzzle. However, I couldn’t concentrate on it. I had one thought running through my head: “You have time to do entertainment things, but not enough to help your dad? That’s a lie.” I felt that was the Holy Spirit guiding me, so I left my room to work on the cleaning project.

    • Hi sherree I think I missed a link. Where did you find the list? God Bless

    • Hi Sheree,
      I missed the list too. Would you mind sending the link to it? God bless!!!

      • Link is in the email that announced the gift card winners. It’s also part of chapter 10 on page 194 in the book.

        • I have come to realize that most often than not after having my quiet time I am still not satisfied and fulfilled so through out the day I keep my thoughts on scriptures and worship songs. I pray also in the spirit and I feel real close to God and hear Him when He instructs me on what to do. Many thanks.

        • Thanks so much!!!

      • Kimberly Stiver says:

        I can’t find the list either. Will someone send me the list to my email address? Thanks, Kimberly Stiver

    • For you ladies asking about the names of God… It’s not a link. They are further along in ACH book. Page 194.:-)


      • Kim Shumake says:

        I know God is pleased for me to be in this study. The problems and issues are still here but I noticed today that there is a song in my life that had been made silent.
        I néed to spend more quality time in His word and “be still and know He is God” in order to hear Him. I am soooooooo very thankful for each person and part of this study. Blessings to each of you.

        • ‘ditto Kim”. I am an ‘older’ woman and have been a Christian (Baptized at 13) all my life. I realize that I have taken God’s love and grace for granted and have become slack in showing that I love him back and appreciate so much all that He has done for us. Today’s thoughts really touch me and show me that I need to “be still and know He is God” much more than I do. I do not work outside (and not much inside) the home and have lots of time–but I do not use it wisely. I have prayed to God all my life in all kinds of situations (even just while at the sink doing dishes–before dishwashers :))) But I know they were mostly shallow and self-centered. I have been trying this year to change that and learn how to pray in earnest for God to direct me and for me to listen. For a “control” person, this is not easy. I am finally learning to “let go” and not let God be the last one I turn to. Thank you so much Renee for directing us in this study –I wasn’t too sure on day 2 whether it was going to be “for me” but today I guess God spoke to me because I am excited and also doing this with my daughter who is a mother of young girls and is starting sooner than I did to Listen and find the path He wants for her. My heart is bursting with joy that we can do this together. Thank you again. In His Love Libby

        • Psalm 46:10…be still and know that I am GOD… the amazing wonder of how God weaves together each detail of our day keeps me awestruck. I was reminded today of how easy we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed with busyness, not allowing ourselves to be still just long enough to hear God, let alone have that intimate relationship with God that we crave. He is there patiently waiting for us to seek Him in ALL that we do, to trust whole-heartedly, to obey, to release the control and the burdens that we were not meant to carry…God is there, we just have to submit to His authority, be willing to hear, be honest, be willing to accept and yes, humble ourselves.

      • There is a link in the email that announced the gift card winners.

        • Sorry for the confusion.

          The gift card winners email was for readers who finished the book in Melissa’s study. Although we’ve now discovered that somehow new names for this study were mistakenly put on that email list instead of my current online study list. So, Sheree, are you also getting the emails that I sent this week with the assignments each day.

          Again, sorry for the confusion. I’ll share a link to the Names of God list in our assignment email tomorrow.

    • Please tell me where to find the list of the Names of God, with a scripture beside each one.

      Thank you,
      I believe my one thing to to be quiet – rest in the Lord – and Listen.


      • Page 194 in the book and also there is a link in the email that announced the gift card winners.

      • Sorry for the confusion.

        The gift card winners email was for readers who finished the book in Melissa’s study. Although we’ve now discovered that somehow new names for this study were mistakenly put on that email list instead of my current online study list. So, Sheree, are you also getting the emails that I sent this week with the assignments each day.

        Again, sorry for the confusion. I’ll share a link to the Names of God list in our assignment email tomorrow.

        • I think my name was left off too. I am not able to get anything to pul up.Nothing that I click on will work.I do not understand. I neeeeeed this study. Will someone send me directions on how to get the information amd how o make it work.

          Thanks, Dannie

          • If you mean that you can’t click on anything in your email, you may not have added Renee to your “safe senders” list. There should be a little line near the top of your email that says something like “trust sender/always trust sender” (or words to that effect). Click on the “always trust sender” and you should be good. If you haven’t done this, often links are blocked for your safety. I’ve had this happen before and it took me awhile to figure out why my links weren’t working!

    • Debbie Butler says:

      I am so incredibly blessed to be doing this study with all y’all! This is so what I needed for my journey right now. When I am struggling with the negative creeping in or voices others than Gods screaming at me, I PAUSE, and think what a great and glorious God I serve. That single pause makes me refocus to all the good, love, mercy, and forgiveness shown to me daily! It makes me smile, feel peace, take a deep breath, and go forward. He gives me strength to preserve. A simple PAUSE, can get me on track. Life is good and I need to always give thanks!

      • Christena Burnham says:

        Thank you for your words, Debbie. I grew up in church and had some very impactful dealings with hyprocrocy and conditional love. In the last couple of years I have felt God telling me that I need to find a church where he is #1 and, praise God, I have! I still can hear the deciever telling me not to get too involved or too close to anyone because it will end up the same. I too pause and focus on all of the good that God has brought to my life. Satan doesn’t give up easily…but God NEVER gives up! I have a strong desire to get to know God on a more personal level and I will be reading his word daily, even if it is a small amount. I feel so blessed to be a part of this study and know that God will touch our hearts through this!

    • Great idea!

    • Melinda Hanley says:

      One thing I can do to become familiar with the voice of God is to read His word more!!! In the last year the Lord has been speaking to me about this area in my life. I have a strong desire to get to know God better and to know His will for my life.

      • I am so thankful for this Bible Study. My prayer has been for almost a year now to stay close to Jesus. Now I have a study that shows me how and many to share with how God is working in my life. My longing is to really know how much He loves me and to accept it willingly. I’ve always been a people pleaser and found out when you don’t please someone they reject you. I’ve tied that into my relationship with Christ. But He is the only one I need to please.
        Thank you, Renee for this wonderful opportunity!
        Bless you

    • Deborah Peters says:

      Thank you for sharing your personal experiences. I needed to hear about the hear and now. I find that being alone and outside with my bible and nature works for me. I love to feel his prescence and guidance in my life. I don’t want to be without him for one second.

    • I am so thankful for Jesus’s plan for Renee’s life. With her writing and speaking ability’s we are able to learn and grow from her and her experiences. Who knew we would be here together reading and sharing God’s awesome word together. I am just so excited! I want to hear Gods voice, and his whispers in everything I do!

      Reading, Praying and memorizing his word (verses) is my way of learning how to get closer to God. Learning to pray his verses when praying is something I am trying to accomplish, but I tend to forget some of the verse and then have to Peek at my cards, but I will eventually get it! Phillipians 4:13 says, “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.” I just love this verse!!!! I have to remind my self sometimes when things get tough that I can count on him and he will get me thru it! We are truly blessed to have Proverbs 31 ministries to help us all out!
      Thank you Jesus for all of them and all of you online!!!! May the Lord give you all wisdom!!! Blessings abundantly!!!!

    • Elizabeth says:

      I’ve been a lot of places over the internet waves this week. Apologies in advance if I received this wonderful verse from you, Renee. But it really speaks in another way to what our goal is–to “hear” God’s presence and trust that it IS Him, and then to trust Him to go forward in confidence: “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.” (Ps. 32:8). Also, I’d like to recommend a book that most have read but it’s worth a reread for us needing to be inspired by an average person who first listened and trusted, and then obeyed, faced fear, learned, and ultimately moved mountains with God: The Cross and the Switchblade by David Wilkerson. P.S. I welcome your prayers as I strain to hear God in my job-seeking process. Go with God…

    • Where is the list with the names of God. I do not see it.

    • I did not see this list either. Could you send it to me or repost it for us all? Thank you!

    • I believe that the most important thing to do is to stop and listen for God’s voice. I know this; however, it is probably the most difficult thing for me to do. My mind goes non-stop. I think about what I need to do next, I think about what the kids need, I think about how I can relate better to my husband, and I think about what I need to accomplish for graduate school. I am not able to effectively clear my mind in order to hear God’s voice. My goal is to be able to take a few minutes out of my day to erase all thoughts in my mind and listen for God. I pray that I and everyone here will be able to take time out daily for our Creator.

      • Beth, I’m just like you…constantly thinking about things. When I stop thinking, I nod off! So it can be hard if I’m expecting God to speak to me that way. Fortunately I think I am hearing Him through songs, devotionals, etc. Sometimes it even feels like the world revolves around me! :^)

    • Would God voice ever tell someone at what age they will die?

    • I believe God is working on me to stop focusing on the “where are you taking me Lord” and trying to get there while all along I am missing out on the “hear” and now part. God has so much He wants me to learn through this process and see Him in every circumstance; therefore being focused on Him at the moment which will teach me to listen for His voice. He has everyday miracles for me (us) that I (we) miss out on because I (we) are focused on where I (we) think He wants me (us) to be. I believe it is so important to try different things and ministries so we can know the spiritual gifts He has given each of us.

      Jeremiah 29:11 He does have good and perfect plans for us! But I believe this is a life time journey with our Lord. Thank you Renee for your insight, hope and encouragement.

    • Kimberly Stiver says:


      Thanks for sharing this advice. Funny thing is I make beaded crosses for people I know. I pray before I make them and ask God what He which name of His He wants me to put on the cross for each person. I have been making them for a couple of years now. When I make these I have a peace that God is with me and never have the negative feelings when I don’t make them. God works in mysterious ways! I never thought that I could say one of His many names when I have my negative thoughts! So, next time I have one and I am not making a cross for someone, I am going to say out loud one of the names of God.

  2. Natalie L says:

    One thing I will do to become more familiar with God’s voice is to tune out all of the other noise. I love listening to music but lately, I’ve really been enjoying the peace of being quite with the Lord. Reading out loud, studying and praying, as well as just listening in the quite for a while are my goals.
    When you wrote (on the daily devotion) that God wants our daily dependence, interaction & intimacy, and that He is more concerned with my character than what I am doing for Him really impacted the way I look at my life. I have been striving to find out what God’s will for my life is…. but I think that my every day walk is what I need to focus on getting right and then I will walk straight into His will because I am walking right beside Him. 🙂
    Thank you so very much for your prayers!

  3. Rita Safari says:

    One thing I will do to become more familiar with God’s voice is to trust him more, to have faith in him when praying and always know that his time is the best time. I would love to grow in my spiritual life, this year started on a negative note, I have been feeling so low, I want to pray to God so that he can save me.

    Please pray for me.

    • Just prayed for you Rita!
      Praying you are reminded of John 16:33. Praying for your peace that comes from knowing you serve a God who will allow these seasons in your life so that he can grow your faith and spirit!!

      John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

    • will do Rita….I can relate to your comment! And thanks for the scripture Anne!

    • Father God, Rita needs You to step in and help her to know exactly how real You are. I don’t know her troubles LORD but I know You do. I pray that while she is going through this time she can feel You upholding her. When she is in Your word let her see that she is each person You are in relationship with. You sent Your Son and He went through all the trials and temptations that we endure. Holy Spirit bring a strong woman of God alongside Rita to mentor and walk with her. Let her be fully bathed in Your unending love for her.

    • Rita I prayed for u. I too know what it is like to feel low. I deal with depression and find these verses very encouraging : I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me Philippians 4:13 and For I know the plans have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and future Jerimiah 29:11. Also know that you are never alone and that heis always with you.

    • Kimberly Stiver says:


      Let God’s peace be with you always. Know that we are praying for you.

    • Praying for peace and joy in your heart today Rita. Remember, He only asks us to deal with one day at a time. It’s hard for me to remember that sometimes, because I am a planner. But sometimes when I feel overwhelmed, I just have to focus on today, and pray for Him to guide me and give me strength just for today.
      Matthew 6:34 – “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the day.”

  4. Jillian Courcy says:

    Being part of your online book study and receiving the daily emails is not a mistake but part of GOD’s plan for me. I’ve always struggled with the knowing if it’s God’s voice or my own, when trying to seek God’s will for my life. Today you twisted it and brought to me a new perspective on seeking God not only for what he wants but more importantly, turning to him for the steps to take, moment by moment. I’m learning more now how to live His will in the present moment and not to just learn about it and write it on my list of things to do tomorrow. By being in His word daily and frequently having emailed devotions interrupt my day (Godly interruptions are definitely God’s blessings) I have begun to really detect God’s voice as I try to live in the “hear and now” . Thank you Renee for listening to God’s calling you to your ministry to us for the love of Our Father.

    • Trisha Halls says:

      I agree that it’s God’s plan as he is a perfecting God, so he will work according to his will to allow you to be who he intended you to be. Blessed Be The Name of the Lord as the song goes for he is richly blessed & he gives to us by taking away what we don’t need & perfecting us. Again another song that comes to mind which I will use as my prayer for us is – I LOve You LOrd & I Life My Voice To Worship You-OH My Soul Rejoice. Take Joy My King In What You Hear, May It Be A Sweet, Sweet Song In YOur EAr. Lord , I do pray for us all to be songs of praise & joy with our endeavours to become more like you. AMen

  5. One thing I could do to become more familiar with God’s voice is to slow down and listen more carefully, then check what I think I’m hearing in prayer and His word. I’m a single mom of 3 and 1 has many medical problems. Sometimes I get so bogged down in just trying to hold my self together that I take time to confirm what I think God is asking me or telling me to do; I just barrel forward trusting that He will make good of all things. I struggle each day with trying to be someone worth something. Thankfully and prayerfully, with the help of this study, I’m remembering that I am His and that is where my worth comes. Yesterday was a rough day, but thanks for the assignment for this week and the focus verse, I not only made it through, but found that I had a peace beyond understanding and it certainly came from God! Thank you! 🙂

  6. The phrase that got me in today’s devotion was “spend more and more time with Him, which helps me know Him and recognize His voice more clearly.” I know very well that I do not spend enough time with God, or reading His word. It’s so simple… when you know someone well, you know what they would do or say or the advice they’d give you. If you don’t know someone well, you don’t know. Sometimes, I act as if my relationship with God, somehow, can’t fit into the same category as a my relationship with other people that I love.

    • As with any relationship, if time is not spent nurturing it nothing will come of it. We would no more think of setting our friends aside for a week or two or more without reaching out to them. We should be so diligent with God.

    • I love the reminder that I need to spend more time with God so I will know Him so well that I will more easily discern what His will is for my life.

  7. Thank you so much Renee for this articlle that you listed on your site, it has truly blessed and been an inspiration to me. One way i am discovering in my walk with the Lord the one thing I could do to become more familiar with God’s voice is to be patient and wait on his timing and not jump ahead of him by assuming that I know how to get there when he’s shown me a glimpse of where he wants me to go. This fo rme is a struggle for this one reason-I become so excited about the revelation and the download that God gives me in the glimpses he’s provided to me as the way he wants me to go that i become so engrossed with this that i assume i know when all actuality, i don’t and God in his loving, caring and infinite wisdom takes me by the hand and i truly see afterwards in the end that God was working in the total opposite way of what i assume. Therefore, from these results in my life, i am discovering that I can learn how to wait and be patient on God and not move ahead of him with jumping to assumptions about the direction he desites for me to go in. I recently lost my husband and for me, this process is truly becoming one where i’m having to REALLY trust God and be patient and wait because my husband was the beautiful example of waiting and being patient and i know God allowed me to see two of these many characteristics in my spouse as a way to express to me of what i am to reflect in my own walk with God-simply beautiful, but so profound all at the same time, i’m learning it however, slowly, but surely. Thanks again for proposing this question, it was a answer to my prayers and my life.

  8. One thing that I could do is during my prayer time, stop talking and start listening more – dare to be uncomfortable for a few minutes to be able to hear God so that I can act now.
    My family is trying to discern God’s will regarding an older child adoption and it has been hard to hear God’s voice through all the other noise in my life. To give over to something bigger has created a lot of anxiety and fear for me and these resources would be a great benefit. Thank you for the opportunity.

    • Julie – it is so scary to listen…so scary to know what will happen in the quiet space. So scary to trust that what God might say to you in that quietness is the RIGHT thing to hear, even if it is the HARDEST thing to hear. This is my goal also – to stop doing all the talking and do more listening than talking!! 😉 Best to you and your family on your adoption journey.

    • Julie, after reading Total Surrender by Kay Warren, God stirred my heart to adopt too. I know that its part of His plan, and I know the timing is not now but I trust Him to reveal to me when the time is. This is what came to mind when I read your post and I just sense the need to say it – older children need moms too. It reminded me of when Mary Beth Chapman thought “I am too old to adopt” and someone said to her that old mothers were better than no mothers. I will be praying for you sweet sister!! Many hugs!!

  9. I realized that Hearing and Obeying come together. I have heard but not obeyed and missed many opportunitites. I pray that God will give me the confidence to obey after hearing him. Thank you.

    • My first thought was the same as yours, Marie. I was just thinking that I need to begin to hear God’s voice better by being obedient to the things that I already know he’s commanded–love my neighbor as myself, love my enemies, pray for those who curse me, and be a good steward of what he has given me…just to name a few. And…be still and know that He is God. There are so many things that I already know I should do, but I just haven’t been obedient. I will be praying your prayer for both of us! 🙂

      • Amen Nikki! That seems to be a theme around me as well – I keep hearing, Love me & Love your neighbor. Peter continues to come to mind as well – Do you love me??

  10. Rita-
    My year also started pretty low and I will keep you in my prayers….

    One thing I can do to discern God’s will and become more familiar with His voice is to wait and be patient. I struggle with assuming I know his will and acting quickly to avoid dealing with the pain or anxiety. God knows the exact moment when his plans will come to pass- He doesn’t need my help to get things done! I need to learn to wait and listen…God owns time.

    • Listening seems to be my biggest problem as well. I even tell my friends that I have a listening problem when it comes to what the Lord is saying to me. I feel Him tapping on my shoulder but I don’ t always seem to do what He tells me. I have decided that I need more quiet time as well as patience. It is all in His own time and not mine!

  11. Valerie Newman says:

    I have realized that I have to make a special time to spend reading God’s Word each day…schedule it like a meeting and keep it.

  12. Thank you for your story. I need more than anything to not only hear from God but to obey Him.

  13. When I bought the book, I was struggling(and still am) with my confidence and self esteem. The position I held at work was literally draining the life out of me. I started to read your book, but didn’t finish it. I didn’t see( or listen) to what God put right in front of me. Then when I saw you were doing a online Bible study, I wasn’t sure I had the time. But when I saw you could go in anytime, God saw my need to do this. He put it right in front of me, again. So I signed up, I am taking the time out of everyday for your emails and blog. It is amazing who God puts things right in front of us and we don’t see or listen. I tend to be a very visual person, I tend to only watch for visual signs from God. With the question you asked today, I plan to turn the radio off in the car on the way to work this morning and listen. Thank you for your book and doing this Bible study.

    • Patti, I was just thinking this morning – that is the beauty of online, we dont have to go back out after work, we can do it at home or wherever, in our pjs with nozema on our faces and hair in a ponytail – it’s come as you are – and I am loving it! Write now, I’m at my kitchen island on a bar stool – later I will finish up propped up in bed!

      • Kimberly Stiver says:


        I like that, too! God says to come as you are!

      • Sherry, I so agree with you – this is so awesome to know we can come here and learn the word of God with all of our sisters that we do not even know!! If you could see me right now, I would probably scare everyone away – I’m in my sweats and actually cream on my face!! I hope by reading everyday I will learn to hear God speaking to me – I’m not sure this has happened to me before and I would love to have that conversation with Him. Thank you to all!! I am glad to be here with you:)

  14. First I need to be quiet for awhile….instead of trying to trudge ahead in a certain circumstance, I just need to be quiet and patient. I am also trying to get up earlier inthe morning so that I have more time to read his word, so that I will know when he is speaking to me.

  15. I will be still and listen. By reading your blog, I already see that god is speaking to me. I do see consistencies with his word, and MANY times I feel scripture, or daily devotionals are yelling my name. I will learn to realize these were not just a cooincidence, this is God telling me to trust and follow him.

    • Shana, I too need to be still and listen. Your reply is exactly how I feel. Lately, Scripture and my daily devotions are screaming out to me. Thanks for your post.

  16. Pro356Mom says:

    For me, I try to write out in my journal what I am learning from reading P31 devotionals and other Bible studies. Sometimes they seem just for me, and I know God is speaking to me directly. Also, I try to remember past times God has corrected my direction and how I was so sure He was re-directing me. This fall I had a really hard time making a decision and I kept waiting for God to speak to me. I knew what everyone else wanted me to do, but I wasn’t sure what God’s plan was. I delayed and delayed. Finally, I felt like God was telling me that by delaying I wasn’t truly trusting Him — that I didn’t need to have a personal thunderbolt, and that my Godly friends’ encouragements should have been enough. Still recovering and learning from that!

  17. Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s me thinking, or if it’s God’s voice. I do know that when I am consistently in the Word, I feel closer to God and it’s easier to hear him, obey him, and live out what the Word says.

    • This has helped me as well – think about Eve & the serpent – he never told her to eat the fruit, he just said – Did God say that?? Are you sure?? He put doubt in her mind. I just read that a day or so ago and it encouraged me.

  18. I haven’t even had time to look at today’s assignment yet, but yesterday God revealed to me I need to trust. I kept thinking I do trust you God. Well today I felt impressed to look up the word trust in the dictionary, I was blown away. I just always associated trust with taking someone at their word and believing them, but oh no, that’s not all it means. It’s reliance on the integrity, strenghth, ability, surety of a person; confidence; hope. To have confidence; hope. To EXPECT CONFIDENTLY. That defines God…we can confidently hope and trust in him!

    • Thank you for posting this – I would have never thought to look up trust and then to read the definition – wow, it does define our great God!

  19. Thank you for this study! I’ve so enjoyed your book and continue to read it over and over and gain new insight! I’m learning to “Be still and know that He is God.” It is the conscious decision to be PRESENT and trust that He has my best….letting go and trusting! In rest and peace, I hear his voice.
    Thank you!!

  20. Barb Metreyeon says:

    I want to live in the “Hear & Now”. I need His voice to speak loud & clear…but I must put on my spiritual ears. I feel like everyday isoverwhelming right now. I rise each morning to pray, read P31 & put my trust in Him. Thank u girls for ur daily support in your rich words & advice. <

  21. Lisa Evola says:

    Let’s just start by saying that I have ADD…..always have. So sitting and listening, being still, and waiting has never been my strong suit. I don’t know what kind of a personal testimony that God wanted you to tell that you ran from but I can relate. I feel as though He wants me to bear all too and it scares me to death. I have been trying to get up early each morning to read His words and reflect on the coming day, sometimes it works, sometimes not. I do feel as though I act on those little proddings day by day but honestly its the much bigger things that I tend to shy away from. I pray every day for courage to be the person He wants me to be….not sure I’m succeeding. Day by day I guess. I would love to hear your words of encouragement and I know that whoever needs to hear them most will be the lucky recipient of your gift! I pray that he continues to steer you in our directions with your thoughts and words. Thank you! Lisa

  22. Christine says:

    Great post! His voice has gotten “louder” the more and more I obey, but I’ve begun to notice when I sin, it really seems to dull it. This has created such a desire in me to follow Him and not sin, even in things I might have talked myself into before (“oh, that’s ok…not that big of a deal!”).

    (Sorry if I’m repeating anything that’s been said…I didn’t have time to read through every single comment!)

  23. As for me, I need to spend more quality time with God in his word and in prayer, to slow down and listen. God is doing great things in my life, and I need to keep praying that my heart is open and ready for what He would like me to do. Sometimes, I think we are looking for the big things and we miss the small things, like straighten the closet. I pray my heart will be open and sensitive in the hear and now.

    • This is what I feel. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Slowing down and listening is what I have to make sure that I do on a daily basis. I can easily crowd Him out.

  24. How often I too find myself looking out my kitchen window wondering the same and asking God where I am going; what is my purpose at this point in my life. Being alone isn’t really more time to do things, but takes more time. And ti screams so loud that one cannot hear God’s voice.

  25. I have known for quite awhile that I need to commit my time at night after my 5 kids are in bed to focus my time only on God. To keep the tv off, not make any more phone calls, wrap up my computer work/research by 10. The things I do after my kids are in bed and important, but I know nothing is more important than devoting this time to Him. I have been trying it in the mornings, and it just hasn’t been working well. I think an important part is starting this time off my asking Him to lead me to what I should focus on that night, what resource I should read, focus on etc. and make sure that my prayer time is BEFORE I get too tired and risk falling asleep 🙂 In the past I have found that when I use my time at night this way, I can focus on prayer or what I’ve read even when I have to do random things like fold that last load of laundry. Basically, I need to devote a time to spending time with Him by saying no to the other things that scream for my time

  26. Very inspiring to remind us all to Live in the “Hear and Now.”..Lately,I have had the theme of “You are not Listening” being told to me. This is Very Discerning to say the least… I Thank-You and God …for Opening up my Ears to Listen and Trust in What I am Hearing! God Bless and Thanks

  27. I am having a really hard time with this lately. I don’t know if it is God talking or just me. I don’t know if the instinct I will have with something is God leading me or just my own gut instinct. I have just over the past few months grown close to the Lord and have developed a relationship with Him. I pray daily that I hear him and not me.

  28. One thing that I will do to start becoming more familiar with God’s voice is to stop throwing up the walls when any kind of emotions come up. Right now I tend to shut down just as soon as I start to feel emotional & by shutting down & throwing up those walls I’m basically telling God no that i’m not willing to listen to him. I’ll also spend time with God on a consistent basis, praying & reading his word so I’m better equipped to know when it’s his voice & not my own thinking.

  29. I just had one of those “husband side” stories myself. I actually did put his clothes away for him. I did leave a few socks however… Now I want to kick myself for not listening to God the other day with the elderly lady loading up her trunk with groceries in the rain. The cart holder was a bit away, and I “felt” that I was supposed to help her, but instead, I packed up my things and got out of the wind and rain.. and sat there watching her instead… ugh. I need to work on this listening to God thing… the first step is admittance to the fact I ignored him, and ask for his forgivness…. I would love to win a copy of your book!

  30. Be still. I need to get away from the noise of our physical world so I can hear the still small voice of God. Your comments about the consistent theme ring true for me. Thank you, God, for not giving up on me, if I don’t hear you the first time. Thank you for gently, softly talking to me through songs, Bible study, and sermons.

  31. Sharon S. says:

    One thing I could do to become more familiar with God’s voice is that when I am in my quiet place – to listen instead of praying and talking to God and then get back to being busy. Most of the time when I pray I don’t wait to hear what God has to say to me about those things I’ve prayed about or those things that concern what He would have me to do.

  32. supermom wanta b says:

    This morning I was reading the P31 devotional and was moved to go to this site this morning. I love to meet new sisters in Christ, so Thank You Lord! It has been my prayer to start the New Year more devoted to reading God’s Word, seeking Him, trusting Him. Having seven children, the distractions are many, and ‘Being still and know that I am God’ is a deep desire, and more and more a challenge. Spending time with Him is so needed as we can not do all this as moms on our own, He is there for us! He has just been showing me the discipline I need to have for that daily ‘In the Word time’ , and so many other areas I need discipline in my life! Where I am weak, He is strong. Having a relationship with Jesus, means to spend time with, getting to know and be like Him, to find direction in our daily living and struggles by His examples. Thanks for your ministry and encouragement along the way, as we press toward the mark. Blessings to you

    • Wow… this could have been my exact words! I also have 7 children and my thoughts were the same after I read this post! God has been working in me the same way! Encouraging to see someone else on the same field! Have a wonderful day!!! =)

  33. One thing I can do to to become more familiar with God’s voice is to spend more time reading his Word. I am very good at listening to Christian music and reading devotionals, but I am less apt to simply open my Bible and read his Word. I tend to forget that the Bible is full of truths and promises that I need to live my life!

    • Wow, this is the challenge that I keep hearing God speak to me as well. It is major in our church right now… reading THE BIBLE instead of solely devotionals. Thank you for letting God speak these words through you, I personally needed to hear them.

    • I am giving up an extra hour of sleep so that I can spend time just sitting in His presence, not petitioning Him concerning my needs or wants but simply sitting at His feet and listening for His voice in the early morning. I am making certain that I am spending time with Him at an hour when there are no other distractions and as I was writing this response I am being nudged to add the worship music to my quiet time with Him.

  34. Great post Renee.

    The one and major thing for me is to “Be still”. I have a great tendency to “be busy”. Many times I will be still and when I think I hear the prompting from God I get busy just to find out that it wasn’t God at all but me. Growing up and having ADD it is hard for me to “Be still”….but spending time in his word allows me to be/get closer to God and therefore his voice is more recognizable to me.

  35. Bridget Bareither says:

    I love this line..
    “When we live in the “hear and now” our calling and our calendar begin to reflect our love for Him, and His love for us — not our need for fulfillment or the desire for others’ approval and acceptance.”

    So very true! I too relate with your story of Matthew 25- I look at my everyday life as a wife and mother and see the tasks as so normal….not close to extraordinary. That is so not true. God wants every part of me. I need to just stop myself consistently all day long during the “ordinary” and see him in it and the blessing that he’s called me to- folding laundry, feeding my baby, making supper, etc. To stop and let him fill me with himself even in these things.

  36. Toni Lowery says:

    Thank you for this message today. I struggle with talking at God and not Listening very well for Him to talk to me. I also struggle to be a good listener in general. I am in a church family that is on a journey towards listening more fully to God and I want to be part of that. I want to be fully in God’s will and recieving what He has perfectly planned for me. So your message speaks to that and our sermons at church have also been speaking to that. I want to be in the “hear and now.”

  37. For me living in the here and now is hard I’m a planner and have to make myself be still to hear God. I really want to do that this year.

  38. Hi Renee!

    The one thing I can do to become more familiar with God’s voice is to not second guess myself when I believe I have heard from Him. When I second guess myself I become confused – I think was that from God or was that my own thoughts. Usually, He speaks to me in short, direct statements in His Word or in my mind. When God speaks to me there is no doubt. So, if I want to know what God is telling me, I need to trace back to the last time when I knew for certain He was speaking and proceed from there.

    Karen C.

  39. The less we obey, the less we hear. I learned that I need to have full confidence in the Lord, and listen.

  40. Being still and knowing God is God, to me is just powerful…… We have to be still and listen to the inner peace God gives us when He is trying to tell us something or what decision needs to be made in our lives. Over the last year “my way” of hearing God has been through journaling!!! I just write….. what i am thinking, prayers to God, questions, just what ever hits my mind at the time!!!! My journals sometimes looks like the writings of a lunatic …… But the more i write the more i start feeling God telling me things…. BUT one of my favorite parts of journaling is going back and reading previous dates….. a year back or 6 months or even 2 weeks back….. I see how God has answered prayers or gave me peaceful feelings about things that was troubling or just needing some direction!! Being still, taking that quiet time of talking to a “friend” and journaling is for me the way God has taught me to HEAR Him and I praise Him for that!!!! 🙂

  41. Definitely doing my “God and I” time early has had a big impact on me and hearing God’s voice. I have 7 children and have tried many other times to do my “quiet time” when it wasn’t all that quiet. I just recently started consistently doing it early before the kids wake up… WOW! I can feel and see how God has helped me tune into Him so much more throughout my day! You are so right, it is easy to ASK God for guidance, but FOLLOWING it every step of the way is a whole new ball game! Thanks so much for this post…. it is exactly what I needed to read today!

  42. I know I need to spend more time in prayer. Also, I used to keep a journal of thoughts from my devotions & even wrote down some of my prayers & requests & answers to prayer etc. I think starting to journal again would help me to focus during my devotional time. Sometimes I think that is my main problem-losing focus-so many things are on my mind at once that sometimes they invade my mind even during devotions & prayer which can easily drown out the Spirits still small voice. I definitely will be spending more time in prayer & devotions so that I can hear my Jesus speaking to me.

    Thank you for the devotion, blog & chance for a gift!


    • I love this idea of journaling. I have never thought about doing that during my devotion times, but I relate to the “busy mind” syndrome and think I will try journaling as well. Thank you for this idea. Good luck to you!

  43. I have struggled for years finding God’s purpose for my life. Reading in Renee’s blog about asking guidance from God for the step by step journey will really help me alot. Many times I think I can handle the details, but if I rely on Him to help me I will figure out my purpose.

  44. Miranda Seuis says:

    I recently dedicated my life to the Lord. At the age of 24 and knowing what I know now, I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. Being a new Christian, I struggle with realizing what is God’s plan for me and what is my plan for me. Everyday I find myself praying over and over again for the same things not really paying attention to what the Lord wants for me. I really needed to read this devotional today. After reading this, I feel like the Lord spoke to my soul through this devotional today and I am so grateful. Just what I needed to read:)

    • You have made the most decision of your life. You are in the right place. God will lead you and give you what you need.

  45. Boy did this speak to me! My best friend has been telling me the same thing for such a long time. She also said that I had the same habit you mentioned, of asking God what He wanted me to do and where Then I went about doing it, without depending on Him for direction each step of the way. She said that I take over and push God out of the way and say “I got it from here, I don’t need you!” (how dumb is that?) I am just coming to realize how very much I need to be connected to Him every moment of every day and I am committed to living in the moment. I have to admit that it is a struggle, I was always such a control freak, but I don’t want to be in control anymore, I just mess things up.
    Thanks for your advice.

  46. Good morning. Thank you so much for this article, and for you Proverbs 31 devotion today. I know God led me to it because it is EXACTLY what I was praying for this morning. As a matter of fact, He has been impressing upon me in the past few weeks to delete my facebook account because I have gotten so addicted to it. I comment at least twice a day, and check it every chance I get to see what people have to say to me. I was seeking their approval and their wisdom and guidance, instead of going to Him myself and seeking HIS best for me. Last night, I was so burdened by His voice to deactivate it that I finally did, and so far this morning I have already spent more time in prayer and have a peaceful heart. I know that the temptation will rise to go back to it, but I now fully understand why He has asked me to do it and know that He will give me the strength to stay away from it. Thank you for serving Him, and posting devotions and words of His wisdom for women like me, that need a little “push” in the right direction of life. I thank God that He knows what I need…. even if I am too hard-headed to get it in a timely manner.

    • I did the same thing and I feel like it is helping me just be more aware of God in general. It has also helped my attitude! It’s hard to focus on the Lord when people are complaining all the time–whether in “real time” or on Facebook. And it’s easy to fall into the habit! My hope for both of us is that if we return to Facebook we will be discerning about who we friend–that they will be real, Godly, encouraging friends!

  47. Judi Splint says:

    I need to slow down enough to hear the Lord speak to me. Then I need to kill my flesh off in order to be obedient to him. When I am obedient, things work out better in my situations. This should always be an encouragement for me. I am getting better, but I have a long way to go.

  48. Melissa Clendaniel says:

    One thing I am trying to do to hear God’s voice is practice quietness, just being still before God each morning as part of my devotion and prayer time. It has made a big difference in my attitude and perspective as I go through the day!

  49. Wow!! I’ve been asking for the same to be able to hear Gods voice at the times I’ve needed to make a major decision, but I figured that he don’t only direct us by hearing him all his promise’s are in His word.

    What a great devotion something I needed to read this morning!!
    Be Blessed

  50. The consistent thread in my life right now is trust. In order to trust someone, you have to know him. So I need to spend more time with Him, to get to know Him more. Then I will be able to discern His voice more.

  51. I just got done talking to my husband last night about hearing God sometimes I just to follow him then other times I brush it off later reget it. I really need to read this today. Cause I am very confused on what I am to do and where God wants me to go..Thank You Renee for sharing this God BLess

  52. Christie L. says:

    I read your devotional on Encouragement for Today and then popped over here to read more. I am a stay-at-home mom and I have struggled with my selfishness and impatience, too. It’s hard to be giving of yourself all day. But this area is exactly where God is speaking to me lately – doing what he wants me to do in the moments. I have definitely been on a God-journey this year, and I am looking forward to what I will look like when He has worked this out in me. I know I need to take more time to hear God’s voice, and then I would recognize Him speaking to me more quickly. That has been one of my long-term struggles. Thank you for the encouragement!

  53. It is amazing how God works. At the same time I am seeking his guidance for something very important in my life I began your study. I’ve felt him nudging me to spend more time just being with him and I was reminded of it again in your devotional. I love the practical steps you offer to help me with this process. You have been a true blessing in my life. This is the second time I’ve done your A Confident Heart study. I can’t wait to see what I learn this time.

  54. God seems to place a “focus word” on my heart each year, and this year it is “discipline”. I am endeavoring to be more disciplined in giving Him the first fruits of my day, spending as much time with Him as He desires in order for me to hear Him. Today’s devotional and the questions you posted at the end of your blog were very helpful, Renee. I will utilize those questions to help me discern my Father’s voice and live in the “hear and now.” God bless you and your ministry!

  55. I need to consistently, daily, spend good quality time with God, reading His Word, being quiet and listening. Life gets in the way and it only gets worse the less time I spend in His Word. Thank you for this Prov. 31 post today! God Bless you!

  56. This post came at a perfect time for me. I’m struggling in discernment. I so want to do God’s will and try to listen for direction, but find myself in the same struggle again and again, because I end up doing it my way. My son is in a severe downward spiral in his life and it’s heartbreaking to watch. I’m struggling with how to help him…..I try to give him to God, because I know from my own experiences that sometimes we have to go through pain to get to the other side. I end up realizing that once again, I haven’t helped him, but only enabled him to go further down his destructive path. I’ve believed I was supposed to help my son, but maybe God’s will is for me to let go and serve him in other areas. I will keep working at trying to listen and keep my own ideas out of his plan for my son and I.

    • Debbie i am going to pray for you right now! I have been living your pain for a few years now. Thank the Lord, we finally are seeing to light. I have 2 sons that were on a destructive path of drug addiction. I struggled with the “God, they are all yours. I’m out.’ Only to run and help them again. Its the WWJD that kept me going back. I can only say prayer kept me sane…..we mostly sane. I pray that you hear Gods voice in your decisions concerning your son. I pray for support for you, that your son hears Gods voice as well, and that you find peace in your decions. That is the hard part. Letting go and being able to feel peace. I pray you can find that. It took me a long time, but I finally did it. After going thru this, I have often wondered how God is going to use this experience in my life. I never asked Why, i just ask what? what do You want me to do with this? I’m still waiting to hear

  57. To follow him says:

    I know I need to spend more time in his word and in quiet prayer time so I can learn more of his promises and get them stamped in my heart. I want his best interest in my life and know I need to make changes in my life career wise, but it so hard for me to get out of that “norm” and my fear to make change holds me back. Thank you for your devotion today and I want to take this so I can move forward to hear the direction he wants me to go next.

  58. The only way to begin to recognize God’s voice is to get to know Him, spend more time with Him, have a two-way conversation. I find myself praying in the car, praying to fall asleep at night, praying as I put my son to bed, but I have not set aside a real quiet time. And when I’m praying I’m doing all the talking and none of the listening. I ask Him to fix things, then refuse to listen to what He wants ME to do. I find myself afraid of listening to what God wants of me for fear it will be too difficult.

  59. Lakecia Harris says:

    One of the ways that I want to be more intentional in hearing God’s voice is to memorize scripture and surround myself with more of God’s word (hearing, speaking, listening) My husband has started playing audio recordings of the bible before we go to sleep at night. This was all his idea and has truly blessed our family 🙂

  60. I lost my job the Monday before Christmas. I have never had a problem in the past with finding a new/different job when I needed to look for one. However, this time has been VERY different. I had worked in the banking industry for almost 10 years. We had just moved In May 2011 because my husband had lost his job and had been unemployed for 3 1/2 years and was offered a job that required us to relocate. It would require relocation to an area where we had no family, knew no one…our kids (11 and 8) would be required to move from what they knew all of their lives as “home’…leaving friends, schools, teachers, etc and move where they knew NO ONE but since Dad had been unemployed and we had lost our house and several other material things, we felt this was where we were being led.
    Since losing my job, I have applied for SEVERAL jobs (cashier positions, customer service, lead cashiers, etc) and not only have I not gotten a job offer, I haven’t even been invited for an interview. Talk about feeling discouraged!!! I have made a commitment to spend time with God daily…to set aside time for me to get in His word and talk to him out loud sharing with him my insecurities and asking him to guide EACH step not just my path towards finding a job. I am struggling on how to know the difference between a door that God is closing and knowing when he wants me to :”insist” a little more… you know, 99.9% of the jobs available require you to apply on the company’s website so your application is mixed in with all how ever many thousands more are out there. So…I decided to go to the companies after I had applied with a hard copy of my resume and to “introduce” myself to the hiring manager so they would have a face to put with my name. Actually received response from two people who said they would be calling the next week for interviews and they would be contacting me to set up a time…and still I heard NOTHING. Is this God telling me this isn’t the right job for me???
    There have been several situations with my children that I have been able to drop what I was doing and go to school for one reason or another to help them that I would not have been able to do had I have had a job and for that I am thankful. The finances have been stretched as far as I can stretch them and I am wondering what is God trying to tell me that I am missing>?? I have so enjoyed the Prov 31 daily devotions and the encouragement I get from them daily. I am also reading Micca Campbell’s book An Untroubled Heart and appreciate the encouragement from that as well. Please pray for me and my family. My husband commented “we survived one round of unemployment, I don’t know that we can survive another.” Thank you for your love, care and compassion. May God continue to use you for His service.

    • Dear Sweet Lord, here is one of your children who needs your presence, your guidance, and your love. Light her way as she looks for work. Help her to find a job that will bless her and where she will bless them. Fill her husband with trust in You and the strength to support Cyndi as she struggles through these challenging days. We know you love us…all of us. Let Cyndi feel your love in the ministering from friends and the angel-strangers you send into our lives. Build a hedge of protection around their family and let their love for one another grow. Bless them with good humor and fill them with hope. This world is a hard place sometimes, but we know you have overcome the world. Bless them as only you can. In Jesus name, amen.

    • HUGS my dear Cyndi!!! I so understand in a way what you are struggling with. My husband has been unemployed for almost 3 years. However, he is working in the school systems as a sub teacher, it is something but not SOLID employment….. not looking forward when the schools are on break in the summer. I am underemployed and I have to commute for about 1hr to my job cause we had to move out of the city we were in – had to leave friends, stuff to do, faster internet, etc to go to the country. I wonder where God wants us to be other than close to family in the grander scheme of things. Both of us are dealing with anxiety and depression, esp my husband who has a Masters Degree and is so frustrated the way things are.

      God had provided for us, but we are still skating on thin ice with the financial things….

      May the Lord give you and your hubby strength to go through this and I hope that you will both find the right jobs for you both.

    • Hi Cyndi, we have been through what you are going through. We had to sell everything we owned to pay our bills. My husband couldnt find work, i didnt earn enough to cover our basic bills, so after much prayer and desperation we moved country. It has been the hardest 6 years of my life. We left our family, our church, our friends of +30 years. Its been really tough. I lost confidence that God even cared about me as an individual. I know He loves me because He loves everyone, but i dont think He likes me. I fight these negative thoughts all the time,which is why i signed up for this course. God has been good to us. We both have jobs now which i am so thankful to the Lord for. We are determined to hang in there until we stand before God face to face. God knows what He is doing. Turn to Him and the Word in those times of panic and despair. My heart and prayers are with you.

  61. The best way that I have been able to draw closer is to shut out the noise of the world. The Lord has given me a block of quiet timw early every morning and it is such a precious gift! I was a get up and get on the computer person for a long time and when I finally took it to Him life has not been the same! Thank you Renee for the wonderful book and the blessing that it is becoming in my life!

  62. Christie Darago says:

    One thing that I am being reminded of lately, over and over again, is the need to abide. To be so closely connected to God on a moment by moment basis that it only makes sense to hear His voice and discern His direction for my life. I can get so busy doing, that I simply forget to be like Mary and sit a Jesus’ feet. Thanks for the reminder today to listen to God!

  63. Tabatha High says:

    Hi Renee!
    Thanks for the reminder that I know God Himself speaks to my heart – I just haven’t been listening like I should! I just need to BE STILL. Why is that so hard? It’s what I need to do, and I am starting today!
    Thank you!

  64. amanda musgrave says:

    The insights that you wrote about are so helpfull, thanks Rene. One of the ways I want to hear God’s voice more clearly is in my journaling time, I read his word almost every day but seem to run out of quiet time before I can really listen to his voice speaking to me. And then when I do have time to journal that doubt creeps in about whether this is Jesus’ voice or mine. I have a new baby and three other beautiful children, so I really need to stay on my game with my quiet time, but it’s not always first thing in the morning and it’s not always uninterupted time. I’m going to pray to God to give me that extra strength to get up early in the morning to spend time with Him and when it just dosen’t happen I’m going to pray that I can abide in Him and Him in me and that I can still hear His voice as I go about the business of the day. I can record the little things I hear from Him in my journal, as I go through the day and reflect on them at night when everyone is asleep. It’s a pleasure to post this comment and read what other women have written. Got to go baby is crying. Blessings sisiters!

  65. Janet Beck says:

    To make sure to be in quiet time everyday with the Lord. And to be “expectant” to hear from him!

  66. Wow I didn’t realize how many people struggle with this… just knowing I’m not alone is encouraging! Probably the best thing I could do is to truly listen for God’s voice. Sometimes I’m just too impatient to wait for a response. The more I’ve felt a desire to be close to Him and know Him, the more I keep talking! Now that I’m thinking about it, lately I’ve been pouring my heart out and when I’m out of words to say it’s like I just get up and get busy. Maybe some quiet time is long overdue… and sounds like I definitely need to invest in this book!

  67. Thank you so much for this devotion today. I often ask my self too is that God speaking? I am going clear my mind completely and sit quietly after devotions, reading and prayer to listen for God’s voice and for direction just for that day. I no longer need to worry about today or tomorrow, because God is with me holding my hand every step of the way if I just stop, listen, and feel his presence. Thank you again very much. Blessings April

  68. Praise God for a head cold! I got up to drink some tea, put more wood on the fire, cozy up with a blanket and the doxie dog, and start my Bible study. I look forward to my time spent with the other ladies in this study in the days ahead

  69. Tina Marmolejo says:

    I seem to have gotten away from my worship time with Him and have sensed Him drawing me back. I also, tend to want to spend so much of my prayer time talking that I fail to just BE STILL and wait for Him to speak. I know when I’m trying to carry on a conversation with someone, be it my boss, a friend, a relative, or when I was married, my husband I feel unnoticed if they never let me say anything. Very frustrating! And last, but definitely not least, is get away from Facebook! I take away precious time from Him when I spend any time at all on Facebook. It can be a wonderful thing, but we have to learn to put it in the correct place of our priorities. Believe me, I’m definitely speaking to myself here! It’s something I’m having to learn!!

    Have a God kissed day!
    Tina Marmolejo

  70. First I want to thank you so much for blessing me with you devotional today! To be honest with you I’m not quite sure I know how to determine if God is speaking to me or not…I have the urge to wake up every morning to spend quality time with Him and in His word but something always comes up. I want my relationship with the Lord to grow and become stronger for two reasons…one because I know I need it to live a life that is pleasing to him and two because in todays verse it says, “What ever the Father does the Son does.” To me that is saying that my children see what I’m doing and eventually the things they see me do, they will also do. So I want to live a life pleasing to the Lord so that my children will also live a life pleasing to the Lord! Thanks again Miss Renee!

  71. I need to listen. I need to extend my quiet time past the prayers and Bible study, and just sit and rest in His presence. And listen with heart and ears open, eager, and willing. He can speak to me. I need to believe that too. I am His child and I am important to Him.

    Thanks for your words today. Be blessed.

  72. For me, it is simply spending more time with Him and reading the Word. If we don’t know the Word, then we can’t accurately judge if the thoughts coming to us are Godly or not. As a homeschooling mom of 3 that is not always easy. My 4 year old will come in right in the middle of a prayer or if I lock my door he stands and knocks and says let me in mama! He is getting better as I’m trying to explain to him that I need to pray to Jesus. I think the more time we spend with Him and His Word, the more easily it is to discern His voice, Now the obeying part, that’s another thing. I need to promptly obey. I have missed numerous opportunities because I didn’t obey. That’s what I want to do.. Trust and Obey!
    Michele S.

  73. One of the things I have been learning to do is going into my prayer closet first thing in the morning with my Bible, pen and journal and sit quietly and listen. At first it was hard for me but the more I’m consistent with giving God the first morning hours the easier this has become. I love being in my prayer closet because there are no distractions like phone, computer, family, etc.

    Thank you Renee for this study.

  74. The one thing I am learning is to discipline myself to keeping my focus (thoughts, inclinations) on the LORD

  75. Elaine Segstro says:

    I need to be quiet and listen. I am so blessed by reading His word. I have committed to reading His word every morning and praying, BUT the next step is to be quiet and listen to His voice, to trust and wait in expectation. That is hard for me.

  76. Hearing God speak has been a struggle for the last 3 years. I owned my own small business and it flourished. After about 7 years, I strongly felt God leading me away from it. So I laid it down, waiting for what great “next” thing God has for me. But God has been quiet. I have not sensed a direction, I have not sensed a purpose, I have not sensed a command-for 3 years. Often, I’ve told God that I would obey…if I just knew what to do!
    I am a wife…but that’s it. Not a mom, not a business owner anymore. Nothing. When Renee said, “Sometimes I saw my role as a wife, mom and friend as “average” one-talent kind of assignments. Plenty of people have the same responsibilities, I thought,”-well, that’s me to a “T”. And I don’t even have the “mom” part! I feel like the “best years” of my life are slipping away with nothing “great” to show for it. Do you know the hardest part? When I meet people, and they ask me what I do for living. Do you know the answer? “Nothing. I don’t do anything. I don’t go out to work, I don’t own a business, I’m not a mom. I’m nothing.” This is the hardest thing because it reinforces the fact that I’m nothing special. I don’t DO anything that is something only I can fill. Sure, I know I’m a child of God, but that’s a little awkward to answer: “Hi! My name is Melissa and though I don’t do anything here on Earth, I am a valued Daughter of God.” How I wish that the Lord would yell down from the sky, “CHILD! THIS IS WHAT I HAVE FOR YOU!”…but I would also settle for an email.

    • Melissa! Take heart! God is doing a great thing inside of you! Someday you will look back and this will be a part of your ministry!

      I feel the same as you at work sometimes – people ask me “What do you?” and I reply “Emergency Management.” Then they ask what that means… what do you actually DO? Often times it really feels like nothing. God is telling me, however, and I know that He feels the same for you, each moment that we spend doing SOMETHING is a time to be thanking God for our abilities. If you’re washing clothes or dishes – thank You, Father, that I can wash clothes and dishes because they mean that we are warm and not hungry! If you’re cleaning house – thank You, Father, that I have this house to clean!

      I pray that He will fill your heart with all of the greatest desires and doors that you deserve. He knows that you are waiting and He will fill you up with more than you can ever dream as long as you persevere. He loves you and it is BIG to be a Valued Daughter of God – don’t ever think it’s anything less than stellar, spectacular, wonderful, the BEST and most IMPORTANT “job” there ever will be!

      Seek Him, just as you are, and you will find Him.

    • Melissa! I don’t know if you will see this since I am a day late reading these, but what struck me immediately is to reinforce that you do plenty and are called by God already. A wife is a precious thing to God and his design for marriage. Being your husband’s helpmate, his confidante is a significant role in your success as a couple. This world needs strong marriages and couples who model that. If you are not working outside the home then I assume you take care of the house, groceries, laundry, cooking, errands that are a daily part of running a home–even for just 2 people. I do feel your frustration–if you ran a business then you are used to being active, useful etc. These online studies are powerful, but if you have the free time, why not join a women’s Bible study at a local church? Pray about it. Listen. He will speak to you!

  77. When I put pen to paper… or fingers to keyboard… it seems so plain and obvious the things that I can do to become more familiar with God’s voice – read His Word, spend time quietly with Him, spend time in prayer. It’s so hard for me these days as I wear so many different hats: Wife, Mom of 2, Full-time Employee. It almost seems “simpler” to put Daughter of Christ there in at the end. However, I need to put that at the beginning – Daughter of Christ, Wife, Mom of 2, Full-time Employee. THEN will I be able to hear God more. Even if it means getting up at 4am just to have some quiet time with God and take care of my body – His temple… I’m going to do it – but only through His strength.

    I like how Renee said “How did I know it was God? you might ask. Well, I knew it wasn’t my idea.” This reminds me of specific moments where I’ve felt inclined to do things that were just – not me. I knew that they were God and I knew that I had to do them. I want more moments like THAT!

    I pray that He will help all of us to accomplish the things that we need to in order to be closer to Him. May His will be done – not ours – but His.

  78. Like so many others, I’ve always struggled discerning God’s voice. Living in the “hear and now” is something I will strive for as I am always looking to the future and wondering what I should be doing to get there (all the time not knowing exactly where “there” is).
    Thank you for the devotional and your wonderful on-line Bible study.

  79. Renee,

    I am knew to you website… I love the message is just what I need to learn and listen to what God
    wants for me. I have been unemployed for over 3 1/2 years now and it has been tough.. Like you
    I wish God would show me his plans for me this year.. Thank You for Sharing.. Have a blessed day.

  80. You definitely said some things that helped & confirmed some things for me but I have already start striving to spend me time with God by reading his word. I read a couple chapters every morning, I’m reading out loud (as someone else has mention). I get daily scriptures sent via e-mail & daily devotions but I think I need to study HIS Word myself. Praying that once I hear His voice, that I will be obedient to it.

    Just hear recently I can remember God telling me to do something but instead of doing right then I questioned the thought, text my friends & ask their opinion. Then like a day or so later I did what God told me to do but I know I missed the blessing because I didn’t do it right then. When God speaks to us, timing is everything.

  81. Kelli Lemke says:

    I need to be more in His word and stop talking long enough to hear him. I am constantly on the go and sometimes I am so busy that I don’t even realize God is trying to talk to me. Sometimes someone else has to point it out to me after I have a conversation with them about what is going on in my life. My husband is usually the one. I struggled with organizing and leading a Christmas cantata and couldn’t even figure out why I would consider something so time consuming but it was God leading me in that direction I was just to busy to realize it. My husband finally said that I needed to stop running from God and allow him to use me. This all goes back to confidence in God. I certainly don’t have the training to be able to do what we did at Christmas but this was a God thing and He made it happen when I finally said yes.

  82. Thank you for adding clear, how-to detail to your message today! I’m that busy wife that runs through the day “fitting God in” through anxious whispers and quick glances up saying, “Please help me”!
    One thing I can do differently is dedicating that 10-15 minutes to quiet listening and seeking His will for my day in the morning. I’ve felt God nudging me toward more discipline in this area. Thanks again for sharing your practical ideas to start listening for God’s plan.

    • Don’t be too surprised when your 10-15 minutes turns into 30 minutes.. or your 1 chapter of reading turns into 3! 🙂

  83. This really changed my perspective because I was basing most of my decisions on things that might happen tomorrow or in the future. Instead, I can focus on just living today and not concentrating on tomorrow. Then I will not be as quick to ignore the little things that God wants me to do right now (even things I think are insignificant but God thinks are important). One step at a time.

    Thank you so much!


  84. I am one who is still learning to keep still….Oh so hard to do! I have always been an anxious soul and a very emotional one to boot w/ not so good self-esteem. My anxiety has been through the roof lately, esp. at my job. Dealing with an aray of personalities with the clients and with the people that I work with day to day. As time goes on, I know that I am here for a reason…that God has placed me here to fufill His purpose. There are days that I struggle to understand why I am here (a lot of the time), and other days it is clear. It has been even more difficult, with my husband being in the ranks of the long-term unemployed and having to move back “home” close to my family (which has been a blessing there). I feel many times that I am never good enough, esp when I get barked at for something wrong or whatnot and then trying to be the ‘good-girl’ to correct the situation. I am so trying to learn not to take it personally and to be confident in what I do.

    It has been very difficult for me to internalize and live it…the Christ Confidence. I am a very visual/audio learner. I have been doing my prayers on a visual level too, because my mind wanders too much. Inspired by Sybil MacBeth (Praying in Color) and Visual Prayer (Michelle Pindergrass).

    I am so glad to be a part of this study so I can grow further into the person God wants me to be. ~ Thank you Renee 🙂

    Bits and pieces of the journey:…sorry I am not a “regular” blogger.

    On another note: To Martha, I sent you an e-mail regarding the book you were sending me, was checking to see if you got my address via e-mail or not. Please let me know – Thanks!

    • On my blog link…copy and paste in the browser and delete the word…sorry, not sure why when I linked it it took that word with it too.

  85. In order for me to hear God more clearly I need to carve out more time to be in His presence. Lately it seems that even as I am reading His word or praying the things of the world creep into my mind. My quantity of time with Him is low but sadly so is the quality of my time with Him. I am so excited to have this study to help guide me back into that focused, devoted time that is needed to truly hear God.

  86. Lorraine Appleton says:

    To become more familiar with God’s voice I am going to read His word; then be still and quiet in His presense and acknowledge Him in everything that I do and say and how I live. God inhabits the praises of His people, so when I worship Him in my daily life by how I walk and talk and live, I know that He will show up every time!

  87. When I am focused and have a consistent prayer life and when I study the Bible and hear God’s word on a regular basis, I believe I will sense God’s leading and direction.

  88. I agree and appreciate the points you listed about when you hear God, you check it to make sure it’s biblically sound etc…. But my question is what if you think God is telling something different? Something that doesn’t make any sense? I know he has asked his children some strange things (Abraham to sacrifice his son, Peter to go find money in the mouth of the first fish he would catch etc…) this is where I’m sometimes frustrated. I have surrendered and told God ‘I will obey… I will do anything… I just need to know it’s YOU asking… Not in my own flesh or other things, people, spirits etc…’

    • Kim,
      You have taken the words right out of my mouth! I, too, would surrender to and do anything for God. I just need to know it is Him asking. Thank you for helping me to express my doubts as well.

  89. I too have trouble discerning when He is talking to me. At times I think I need to be hit over the head with a sledge hammer to hear it. That is where the doubt thing comes in. I want to live in the hear and now, and become more of a doer of the word and not just a hearer. I have set aside daily time for the reading of the Word, which I did last year going through the Bible in one year. I often wondered if I followed through on all I read each day. It most certainly opened my eyes in a new way. My greatest desire is to hear and follow Him in all I do each day.
    Thank you Renee for this great study.

  90. Shana Bialas says:

    One thing I could do is spend more time reading God’s Word. I don’t spend near enough time doing that. Then I would have His Word to compare the thoughts that come to me that I think are coming from Him. I would know if it is my sinful nature if it dosn’t follow God’s Word. Thank you for your daily devotion. I have often asked myself that very question, “how do I know if it is God asking me to do this or just me?”

  91. I’m trying hard to do better at having my quiet time with the Lord. I know this will help me to better
    know when hes speaking to me. We recently started the bible study “Experiencing God” at our church and just after a few days into it I already feel my relationship with Him deepening. The enemy is well aware of it too in light of situations that have popped up this week. Its amazing how things happen when your getting closer to God. He may have won the battle but the war is mine with God on my side!
    I will not give in!

    Janet W.

  92. I seem to do all the talking in our conversations. I need to slow down, be still, and listen.

  93. Thank you Renee for listening and acting NOW! Everything you wrote resonates with my heart and soul today. First, God nudged me to do something very similar and help my husband last week and I was blessed–not cursed to obey right then! I also felt His nudge to speak to an elderly man in a wheelchair at the grocery store and watched as my toddler brought a smile to the frail old man’s face. I’m hearing this theme of listening to His nudges this week and volunteer my time and write, supporting the efforts of Girlfriendit Radio and their radio show this week is titled, “Are You Listening to His Nudge.”
    My pastor is also teaching from the book of John and we are studying it in our small home group Bible study with other couples right now–would so love to share this DVD with them!!! Great idea:)
    God has rearranged my schedule for me–taken some things away and brought some new things…for such a time as this!! Choosing to focus on Him…lean into Him, relying on the love He has for me and walking confidently…I’m choosing it…I am!!! So thankful for this experience online…Let’s keep going!!!

  94. When in bibly study I am going to really pay closer attention to what God is saying, why He is saying it. This year I am really focusing on studing scripture- slowing down – their is always the goal to complete the study in however many weeks it is design for- I am moving pass this belief and I am going to stay with a day/scripture until I get what God has for me there- I want His word to take root in my heart- we have a tendency to move through the word so fast- to finish, it never has the opportunity to take root in my heart. It has not been easy but I am still in week one of the study I begin at the beginning of the year-I’m still here because I am hearing God speak and He is sending me to many scriptures so I can learn His voice. Blessings and thanks

  95. This really hit me this morning because I am reading the Made to Crave book & trying to “listen” to God. Trying to change my habits & becomed empowered to change through Christ.

  96. Cristine Kelty says:

    I really needed to hear this today – THANK YOU!

  97. I often pray for discernment, but have realized lately I rarely am still long enough to listen for God’s answer. Health issues have recently meant that I have more time to spend with God in the mornings when my house is quiet before everyone else gets up. In these moments God is pulling me into a closer relationship with him. I praise him for that and know I need to continue to draw nearer to him.

  98. There are times I’ll have a thought that seems to come from nowhere. It’s not something I was thinking then or even recently. When I realize that the thought has calmed me down, usually when nothing else has settled me, then I know it was from God. I suppose I could question, “Was that from you God?” but I choose not to. If He’s giving me peace and guiding my thoughts, I’m going to grab hold and not let go!! 🙂

    I read and led a study on A Confident Heart last fall and found it to be a blessing. Thanks Renee!

    In Christ,

  99. Thank you! I guess this is a Holy Spirit moment…as He is speaking through this…I have a hard time sitting and listening. I have been wanting to be in the Word more…to hear Him more clearly. Sometimes I do not become “like a weaned child” but more like “a child who just ate a bunch of sugar!”….so hard to sit still and listen. It takes discipline and humility (believing that God knows better than I do)… Thank you for the reminder. I printed off your post so I can re-read it…and learn to listen to God…He is so dear… God bless you!

  100. I had to laugh a little when I read the story about organizing your husband’s side of the closet and knowing that it must have been the Lord’s idea because it wasn’t yours — I can relate to the scenario! I am excited about learning to listen to the Lord and being able to discern his voice/ideas/plans for my life.

  101. Sometimes, I worry that I’m going to make a decision that’s outside God’s will for me, and then everything will fall apart. I pray for God to reveal what he wants me to do, but I get anxious that he’s asking me to do something, and I don’t hear it; or that he’s warning me against a path not to take, and if I head down the path anyway, then I’ll make a huge mess! I read about women that hear God speaking to them, calling them to do something, and I think I must be spiritually deaf. I’m still; I’m listening! What’s wrong with me?

    Recently, though, I was reading about Jacob, of his deception in taking the birthright, the two wives and two maidservants…and a moment came that I KNEW God was saying to me that I just needed to relax. God used every poor decision Jacob made for His glory. These stories of the Bible aren’t stories of people who made the right decisions all the time; they aren’t even stories of people who always did what God called them to do right when he called them to do it (uh…Jonah didn’t just NOT do what God called him to do, he flat out went the opposite direction.) And yet, God’s glory signs in each story. What a relief! The story of God in my life isn’t dependent on my hearing His every whisper. His grace is more than enough to cover my poor decisions.

    • i have committed to reading the bible through this year and i am so amazed at the realization of the great men of god and their weaknesses from abraham on down Some if the things they did and how they tried to “help” god are laughable until i realize i do the same thing and then i realize im not in the sot God intended now I have to learn to wait for him to bring about my mistakes for his glory ugg!
      i need to BE QUIET and LISTEN thanks for all the comments I too am unemployed and wondering what Gods purpose is for me.

  102. One thing I can do to become more familiar with God’s voice is to try and refrain from becoming so totally consumed with my job as I am prone to do. Make time to listen is my goal.

  103. I either have a hard time hearing or listening for God’s voice. I need to slow down and quiet my thoughts.

  104. My problem is that instead of listening to God, I argue with God trying to get him to give me something easier, better or bigger. I also find it hard to listen to him, instead of my own fool hardy voice and sometimes, I get the two mixed up. I need to be quiet and stop talking and listen with my heart and not my head.
    I adored this passage today, you are an inspiration!


  105. I’ve come to learn that it is so very important to spend time with God everyday. I cannot breathe air once a week and survive – it is just the same with spending time with God, you can’t spend time when you remember and expect to hear Him. I started to understand that if I wanted to become familiar with God’s voice, I’d actually have to see it by reading His word, meeting with Him in prayer, hearing it in the wonderful uplifting songs I love to listen to, through keeping a prayer journal where I can write letters to God, and note His answers to me, and strangely enough through the few conversations I have with people I love and trust, but I can’t forget to just have some plain old quiet time in order to hear Him. Some times, just being in silence preparing dinner for my family brings some of the best “face time” I have with God.

  106. Karen Ernst says:

    I need to really be still and hear God when I am praying with Him. Sometimes I feel like if I’m not actually speaking then I’m not praying but I’ve learned that there are times when I need to be quiet and listen for what God wants me to hear from Him!!

  107. Nicci Ramirez says:

    I so needed this today! Thank you, Renee.

    “So, what is one thing you could do to become more familiar with God’s voice?” How about this, as quoted by you!

    “God has taught me that He wants my spiritual ears MORE than my spiritual efforts. God wants DAILY dependence, interaction and intimacy with ME. And God is MORE concerned with MY CHARACTER than what I schedule for Him on my calendar.”

    “Dear Lord, I want to become a woman who listens to You. I come to You today with a seeking heart, asking not only for direction but for discernment, humility and dependence on You — each step of the way. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

    Both posts deeply touched my heart today! Thank you sooooooooooooo much Renee!!!

  108. I feel the biggest thing I need to do in order to hear God and become familiar to His voice, is to quit drowning it out with negative, doubting, habit-forming self talk. I am realizing that when I engage in negative self-talk, I place limitations not only on myself but on God as well. When I catch myself doing this I need to repeat Phl. 4:13 and Jeremiah 29:11.

  109. Janice Davis says:

    Your words really struck home with me this morning. I am having a bad day, really struggling with some issues with my husband. I know that I have had an increasingly hard time listening to God’s voice. Sometimes I don’t always hear it at first and sometimes I do and choose not to listen. Either way, I desperately want this to change and know that the one thing I can and need to do is continue to spend more time in the Word. Being able to hear him comes with familiarity too I believe and I need to focus on this.

  110. The thing I learned that was most beneficial in knowing God’s voice was the word “selah” in Psalms. Selah means “to pause”. If I just pause, listen, keep my mouth and brain silent I hear Him speak to me, most of the time it is a gentle whisper to my heart and I just know that I know it is Him.

  111. Thank you – that was so what I needed to hear. That’s something I need to do more of – hear, listen, and stop talking. I’m good at coming back with something – like I’m trying to tell God what He needs to do – when what I need to do is stop and listen. Just hear the voice of my master talk to me. Thanks again.

  112. Wow! God is wanting me to learn to discern hearing His voice better! I just heard on the radio this morning that satan pushes and condemns but God draws and encourages….this is so true! I am learning that the encouragement I hear is from God and He wants me to grow, but if I am being discouraged, you betchya its the enemy not wanting me to listen to what God has to say! My husband and I have 5 boys and we have always said we are raising an army of boys for God…..I believe the enemy is going to do all he can to destroy that army….including trying to get me to hear to him instead of God. I plan to use the quiet moments I find in the day to listen to the tone of voice so that I know its God speaking!

  113. To be still and listen during prayer – not just spouting off prayer requests. I also like listening for God’s words through music.

  114. I have really been thinking lately about the things I “supposedly” do for the Lord. I do want to help people but I sometimes think that I am doing some things for acceptance or approval, wanting to feel needed, or to feel like I matter to someone I guess. I do need to ask Him what He wants because I so easily see a need and jump in to do it and many times I get overwhelmed by all I try to do.

  115. Holly Fleener says:

    One way I can practice hearing God’s voice is to stop and consider the thoughts that come to my mind. Rather than brushing them aside and moving on with my day, I need to ponder them and see if they may be the Holy Spirit prompting me. There have been many times that I had a thought, but dismissed it only to find out later that it was the Lord trying to help me. If I had recognized that it was information from God instead of just a random thought, I would have saved myslef some trouble. I want so much to become more sensitive to the Spirit of God. The Bible teaches us to pray without ceasing. The only way to do that is to have constant open communication with God. It’s like realizing He’s right beside us all the time. Anytime He needs to speak to me, I’m right there and He can turn to me and speak, and I will turn and listen. If I need to speak to Him, the same is true. When He hears my voice, He will turn to me and listen. Wow! What an awesome privilege we have – an open ear from the God of all creation. I want to always have an open ear for Him as well. Praise God for His patience with us as we learn how to hear him more clearly!

  116. This is my second time around doing this online bible study. I didnt finish the first one so I am hoping that I will get through this one. I have a problem with never finishing anything I start. I get so confused as to know when its God talking to me or when they are just my own thoughts. Everytime I try to be still and try to listen to God my mind wonders. I am excited to go through this study with you. Thank you so much Renee for offering this study again.

  117. One thing I could do to become more familiar with God’s voice is to slow down and listen more carefully, then consult with God in prayer and His word. Instead of doing this, I have a bad habit of throwin up popcorn prayers because I don’t slow down! I just need to make time to spend with my wonderful Father! Bottom line, Nothing can take the place of time spent with God. I need to be sure I take time to confirm what I think God is asking me or telling me to do instead of just rushing forward on my own! Afterall, its what our walk with God is all about, listening, trusting and following what he says!

    Thank you for taking time to address this!

  118. God speaks to me. God’s word is for everybody, but when I read them it is addressed soley to me. I read the gospels, the letters, and ( finally) can project myself into their world. I see Paul in a jail with someone sitting outside the bars as he dictates his letters. I see Jesus in the garden when he prays for the disciples, and the believers, and the future believers that have not been born yet. Yes, He knew me then. God has been hammering me with something since Feb 2011. Renee is right. I can’t ignore what he is telling me any longer.

  119. I’m constantly in a struggle to really discern God’s voice. I try to quiet myself enough to hear him above my everyday distractions but I’m often discouraged because the more silence I need, the louder everyday life becomes. As funny as it may sound, the most peaceful and quiet place that allows me to truly hear God is my bathroom. My husband. And son both laugh but they have come to realize that if I’m having one of those days, leave me to my bathroom for just a few minutes and their life is also more peaceful. Its funny to others until they try it. Once they try it, they totally understand. I’m also quite grateful that my life has become filled with the “busyness” of a family that I have always prayed for. Busyness that requires a lock on my bathroom door allows me to unlock my heart.

  120. We can hear and not listen like Renee said. Listening is obeying. I have learned that GOD speaks in the present. Remain in today for tomorrow has it’s own worries, a verse I don’t know fully. Also, that Satan attacks by wondering thoughts, to pull our focus off GOD, therefore, what I need to do is keep my thoughts from wondering all over the place. Setting aside a time for meditation to hear, followed by listening would help me grow in knowing GOD’S voice.

  121. The one thing that I myself can do to be more familiar with Gods voice is, read my Bible more. This is something that I am working on. Making time for just me and Him.

  122. A very timely subject for us and where we are in our spritual growth. My husband and I begin our day together reading a daily devotional and praying together. Chief among those things we have been praying over is hearing God’s voice in a clearly unmistakable way so that it leaves no doubt that is it the voice of God. Than having the faith and trust in the Lord to not only hear his direction but to obey and put it in to action in our lives. It’s a marvelously scary journey but our God is an AWESOME God and we know the plans he has for us and we rejoice in that knowledge.

  123. Pamela Bowman says:

    One way is to always be in the Word and searching for truths. Pray for wisdom;God to show us.

  124. This is so hard for me to do. We do adopted a precious angel almost two years ago, from China. Things have been so very busy in lives with medical and transitioning, a job lay off, major move and keeping our teenage son grounded as we home school him. I have not been good at the ‘listening” and as a result, have had much unconsistency and do not like who I have become, impatient and not quick to listen. I pray God will help me to stop and be still enough to listen. I need to be still.

  125. I have been struggling with my purpose over the last few weeks, feeling anxious for God to define that and light the path. However, deep down I know I am being very impatient because it just isn’t time for my purpose to be revealed. I have a lot of listening to do, some hard things to work through and I too need to live in the hear and now. God has been faithful to give me my daily bread each day. I am fully aware of what my will is but seek His will above all else praying that my will will be covered by His as I listen to His voice each day and follow Him. I do sense a consistent theme in my life as I seek the Lord and fill my life with things that glorify Him. Those themes are listening, patience and seeking the Lord to bring healing into my life before His purpose is revealed to me. Thank you for your words today Renee.

  126. Donna Elliott says:

    I like the consistent theme. It seems that is the best way for God to get through to me. I have noticed if God is trying to tell me something i will here it over and over in class or a sermon and see it in an email or hear it in a song. Sometimes its like i am being knocked upside the head.

  127. I had to laugh when I read, “How did I know it was God? you might ask. Well, I knew it wasn’t my idea.” That is probably the best answer for me when I’m wondering if that is what God wants me to do. I’m quite withdrawn and happy to stay at home. I feel safe there. I must admit when I am out at church or work I’m content with being there but sometimes it is just the process of getting up, getting ready and leaving that I find difficult. So when God wants me to go somewhere or even call someone, I have to know it is coming from God because I know in my heart that it wasn’t my idea! So I guess a better way of listening to God is by discerning that fact that what I’m being told is surely not coming from me when it is taking me away from my comfort zone. Thank you for your insight and helping me see a new way of hearing God. 🙂

  128. i need to start LISTENING! just the possibility that He is really speaking to me is astounding; a whole new concept really, so i just want to focus and listen! and like you said, a common theme is a really good way to realize that we Juuuusst might be on to something 🙂

  129. I am blessed and say hallelujah for this day and the time spent with God. Just this morning I had a deep conversation with a friend and one thing that stood out was that “I have to Listen to God not just hear him. There forth with the study and daily emails has been truly a blessing. Knowing God has a plan for my life. As I grapple with everyday life (world) I no God’s way is the right way. I have to be patient “Be Still and let God” do his will. I am looking forward in listening to GOD speaking to me. I say thank you for your encourage words each day.

  130. I read from the Bible everyday and try to stay open to any message He is trying to send me rather than just reading to get through a chapter. Sometimes I am led to write a verse down and come back to it during the day. Within a few days, a situation will come up that brings me back to that verse.

  131. One thing I could do to become more familiar with God’s voice is to slow down and actually listen to what He is actually speaking into my heart. I tend to want to hear HIs voice right away. I want an immediate answer or vision about my next steps, future, etc. However, in doing that, I side step the intimacy and courtship of establishing a relationship with God. Thankfully and prayerfully, I have begun to invest more one-on-one time with the Lord. As a result, I have more peace because I know his voice and I am able to move forward assured that I am walking in the will that He has for my life.

  132. I just love your “Hear and Now” – so profound. I am always looking it seems for the “Big” obedience in my life – like breaking a bad habit, watch what I eat – but you make me see obedience can be found in the little acts throught out each day – to our loved ones and always to our enemies! The obeying part has always been so hard for me – maybe as “if I obey in the little things, I will obey in the bigger struggles and challenges of life”. Thanks so much for your insights!

  133. It never fails, when I REALLY listen to His voice, and follow His lead, He always fills me with His peace, so that I would know which direction I should take.

  134. Intenionally petition the Lord to hear His voice and be given the wisdom to know
    When it is truly God speaking. Dive into the word and pray scripture back
    to the Father. Talk to the Lord as you do your friends or family…
    Do this consistently then you will know His voice.

  135. Jalisa Ray says:

    This is something that I have been meditating on lately. Sometimes it is hard to discern between your own voice the enemies voice and God’s voice but if we are children of God His voice is our voice because He is in us and we are in Him. Just as all negative thoughts come from the enemy all positive thoughts come from God. We make things harder than they have to be sometimes instead of just letting go and letting God. We must renew our minds through reading His Word and doing his work so that we can have confidence that our voice is his voice and that His desires are our desires. Having confidence in God and who you are in God makes a big difference.

    Thank you,

    Jalisa Ray
    COO Innov8ion Ent.
    DMV Area

  136. One thing I can do is to start journaling to God again. I did it years ago and it made me feel closer to Him. I have let life get in the way and keep me from spending much quiet time with God, my bible, and a journal. It’s easy to say and doesn’t seem so easy to do, but I need to get back to it.

    Thanks for your message today Renee, I really needed it!!

  137. Wow! I am doing Discerning the Voice of God study right now too and it gives exactly the same message. I think my circumstances are confirming I need to listen to God’s voice! I have to say over the last couple of years I have tried so hard to be still and hear him. And the more I obey, the more I hear him. And the more I want to hear him! It is amazing that the God of the universe takes time to lead each of us personally. I can’t even begin to understand it all, but I am so grateful.

  138. One thing I can do is provide more time for just listening.

  139. The biggest thing I need to focus on is what seems to be the simplest…”be still and know that I am God” With 4 kids (2 teens, 1 tween, and 1 preschooler) I tend to get so caught up in doing that I forget to take some time to just be with God. I need to start putting it on my schedule rather than trying to fit it into my schedule!

  140. I need to be still and hear God’s voice and be patient with my plans.

  141. I’m not one to make comments very often, but this time, it feels necessary. Thank you so much, Renee, this is exactly what I needed to hear today. Reading the comments of other women, it’s encouraging to know that I am not alone. I struggle with anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, purpose… you name it. I have a lot of life-altering changes that may or may not be coming up in my life, depending on God’s plan for me. I’m struggling with patience to understand God’s timing. So, I woke up this morning after not sleeping well last night and knew that something had to change this morning. I felt that I needed to spend time with God because how I am supposed to know what he has planned for me if I don’t spend enough time with Him? Then I read my Daily Encouragement email and wow, it really spoke to me. I also had signed up for the Confident Heart online bible study, so it fits in more ways than one. Hearing God’s voice has always been a struggle for me. The questions that I can use for discerning God’s voice is very helpful. I am going to try to make it a point to do a devotion and journal as many days of the week as I can. I need to get through this difficult point in my life with God right where I need Him – in my heart and by my side.

  142. One thing I could do more of in order to hear God’s voice more clearly is to spend more time on mu knees, talking with him and sharing my concerns and praises.

  143. Christy H. says:

    One way I have found that I hear the Lord’s voice is when I am journaling my prayers to Him. When I journal prayers I feel like it helps me to stay more focused on Him and helps me to get my thoughts out. After journaling some of my favorite moments with the Lord are when I sit and am quiet before the Lord. Just spending time quality time with my Savior have been the times when I hear Him the most and the most precious and intimate times with Him.

    • I agree, I think that journaling my prayers to the Lord is very helpful. Thanks for the reminder that it is always good to just sit before the Lord and be quiet before Him 🙂 God bless you, Christy H.

  144. PAUSE~When we want to hear or listen to someone fully, we pause to listen~Why don’t I do that with God?!

  145. I think if I stop and be still in his presence that will help me hear him a lot better. Lord, help me to be able to be still in your presence and listen for your voice.

  146. becki driscoll says:

    The thing I do to listen for God is, during my prayer time after I’ve read my devotional and my Bible and jouraled my prayer, I have a listened to God time. It’s not easy to keep my mind from wondering so I pose a question to listen for the answer to. Usually it’s “what can i do in your service today” or “What do I need to hear today” If I’m having trouble focusing on hearing the answer I say Praise the Lord” over and over in my mind. During this time the Lord will bring things to mind for me to do or think about.. Sometimes it’s an encouraging email I need to send to a friend or family member, or a commitment I need to not forget to fulfill, or something I’m trying to decide wheather or not do. Sometimes I can sense the Holy Sprit within. Sometimes I seem unable to connect, especially if I’ve been very rebelious with my commitments. Sometimes i’ve overslept and my mornig quiet time has been lost. I wish i could remain close and not rebelious all the time.

  147. To become more familiar with God’s voice I need to be aware of the “hear” and now moment(s). Then follow by obeying Him.

  148. Melissa S says:


    Thank you so much for your devo’s. I struggle with hearing God’s voice–is it His voice or my voice? I agree that knowing someone is one of the keys. I am trying very hard to be in the word more, to get to know Him.

    God Bless You

  149. Keep my committment to daily time with God–reading His word, praying and being still and listening.

  150. For me it’s not that I need to become familiar with God’s voice. It’s that I need to actually listen to him and take action (even though it may be hard to do so).

  151. i could listen to God more if I took notice of those littel taps that He gives me. To be more open and hear and feel them and acknopwledge them when they do come while reading the Bible, working or just doing house work. Thanks, Renee, this is a great study.

  152. I have a real problem with silence (how I wish I didn’t )…too many thoughts flying around. But when I first read Renee’s book when it was released and she suggested reading scripture aloud, it REALLY helped me to focus and HEAR. Thanks for the life-changing tip; it’s now my daily habit!

  153. Destiny B says:


    Thank you so much for these blogs and post!! I love the way you so simply put things. I have an “aah ha” moment…. 🙂 I get so much understanding from reading your daily blogs!! Thank You!!

  154. Hi Renee, thank you for sharing your devotional today…very encouraging for my spirit to ponder on.
    I often hear the Holy Spirit share things but forget to stop and really listen to what is being said, encouraging or asking me to do. Often times those words get lost in and amongst the rest of what comes my way that day and then I end up missing out. So, for me, it’s in my time with the Lord (making sure I have my time) that I can take those quiet whispers and actually hear what He is saying to me and I write otherwise I forget. At Christmas I received a one-yr chronological bible which is bringing a new excitement to my time in God’s Word. I also ask for direction from the Lord in the big decisions, but it’s remembering to ask, listen, & hear for His guidance in our everyday moments – thank you for that reminder. I have a friend who asks for 3 confirmations from the Lord, before doing something she feels she’s being lead to do. She always receives those confirmations – it’s this ‘thing’ between her & the Lord.
    Blessings on your day!

  155. Cindy Hunt says:

    One ot the things that God is having me do is getting rid of the clutter of my day so that I can focus on Him and His word. Part of that focus is the bible study on “A Confident Heart”. He is calling me to slow down and sit at His feet as he wants to mold me and make me into His image so that He can use me for His purpose.To not be conformed by the business of the world around me. I am acutually stepping down from leading a bible study to allow God to bring healing to a broken vessel that is empty. That has been beaten down with lies and discouragement from childhood that is affecting my everyday life and in order for that healing I need to stop and listen to what God says about who I am in Him and what His promises are that are in His word. I can’t hear it unless I stop and be still in Him.

  156. God led me to your website at a time I was feeling alone and useless and what a blessing you have been! It seems that God has given you an insight to my heart and you minister to me each day. I hope you realize how much God uses you each and every day to minister to women that wouldn’t seek help anywhere else. My walk with the Lord is strengthened each day thanks to your encouragement and urging to see myself through His eyes. I did the study of your book with Melissa Taylor but felt it was well worth reading and studying again! God bless you and thank you for your daily posts.

  157. I have struggled with listening to God for as long as I can remember. So many times I have put my will in the place of His and have only had heartache, stress and the frustration of being totally overwhelmed with life. As my husband and I are working to get on the other side of a very hurtful time in our marriage, we have realized that our time together had dwindled down to a few minutes a week. No relationship can thrive and become stronger with so little time spent together especially a relationship with God. Over the past several years I have put God on the back burner without even realizing it, I would always be busy doing something – taking care of our children, managing our home as my husband was in medical school and residency, serving others in our church, running from the grief of 2 miscarriages that I had completely left God behind. Not only was I not listening to God I wasn’t even within earshot. My daily goal is to begin my day talking with and listening to God, before I even get out of bed and ending my day with Him as well. I have found myself stopping in the middle of a stressful moment with my children, taking a deep breath and listening to God as he helps me remain calm and speak to them with love. The peace I am finding is like nothing I have ever felt and to think it’s been within reach all along, I just have to stop and listen!

  158. I am new to learning how to study the Bible and struggle to discern how to listen to God’s voice and know that he is speaking to me and that I am not just hearing my own thoughts and ideas. I found the Proverbs 31 ministries site recently while trying to learn MORE about God. Renee, this was a very timely blog to discover, and I am so amazed at God’s timing.
    One thing that I have discovered to help me devote time and listening to God is to fast. I am currently on day 15 of a 21 day Daniel Fast, and am trying to spend more of my time reading God ‘s Word. After this three weeks, I plan to fast at least one meal once a week so that I can continue to set aside time for listening.

  159. Thank you so much for your thoughts on this. I desperately want to live in the hear and now, but like you I often wonder if what I’m hearing is God’s voice or my own thoughts….so when I got your devotional in my email this morning at 10:30 I very much enjoyed reading it as I could easily relate to it. THEN when I got it in my email AGAIN this afternoon at about 1:40 pm I simply had to stop, read it again and personally reflect. It was obvious that God wanted tomake sure that I didn’t overlook it and really understood what I was reading. One thing I can do is to recognize that things such as this come directly from God. Lord, may I ever be aware of Your daily/minute-by-minute will for my life.

  160. It so blesses my heart to read the posts from all my fellow sisters in Christ and know that I am not alone when I feel inadequate and unsure. I am going to pray that God will speak to me and that I will have the discernment to KNOW it is His voice and not mine. I want to entrust each day to His will for my life. I am praying for each and every one of you!

  161. I need to be still and listen what God’s is saying about every thing in my life because it’s his will that I want for and in my life.I need less of me and more of him! so that is one of the things that I can do to become more familiar with God’s voice.

  162. The first thing I thought when I read this question is “Great, one more thing to do.” Then I thought “And I probably won’t do it well, either.” I guess I’m in the right place! Reading aloud really helped in our book study yesterday. Hearing the prayer in Chapter 1 out loud was very powerful. So I think reading aloud and also listening. Just listening for and to Him.

  163. Vanessa Wynn says:

    I know that it would take forever to read all the posts, but it is so wonderful to know how many of us are on the journey to have “A Confident Heart”. We are thankful to you, Renee, for inviting us on this journey with you, for sharing what you have learned, and for the opportunity to learn from and love one another! That is one way we can learn to discern the voice of God…surround ourselves with Godly counsel, voices of accountability and love, and hear God, not only in your secret places, but in those places with your most trusted companions.

  164. When I am driving long distance from a job I know that God is talking with me, I too need to stop and listen to what he is saying so I could stay our of trouble with myself. I know that he is with at all time and we have this great conversation but I truly need to listen more clearly and have that open heart to accept what he has in store for me.

  165. Bobbi lynn says:

    This is a topic I have struggled with . I always second guess my thoughts, and think it must be my own imagination speaking . I want so much to really know my Masters voice and hear Him above all the loud voices of the world screaming at me .

    • When we second guess God’s voice, we have the Bible to help us and hopefully good Christian friends to call. Sometimes even when those things don’t blot out all of my uncertainty I lift up this prayer, “God, I believe you want me to do ____________. I’m feeling ______________. Please protect me and keep me in your will.” Then, I simply let go and allow God to do the driving. Knowing that He is a good God who is worthy of our trust reminds me that when we ask for wisdom/discernment/protection— He gives it.

  166. I hate to admit it, but I neglect my husband after I come home from work. I have a very stressful job and just want to be quiet and read. He, on the other hand, recently retired and is ready for my company. I put my wishes above his so often. He is such a precious man, God truly blessed me with him. We’ve been married 30 yrs, and it’s so easy to settle in a selfish routine. I KNEW God had been telling me to do better, but today I commit to paying more attention to my husband.

  167. Hi just want to thank you for your site and daily devotions,I look forward everyday to start my day with Jesus Christ,I’m glad I signed up for this also keep it up g/f your such a beautiful blessing to me for sure,Love and Blessings,

  168. I have come to realize that I don’t spend as much time with God as I should. So naturally I won’t recognize God’s voice that well. I have started to plan quiet times with God because I have found out that if I left it up to chance it will not happen. I find that quieting everything around me helps me to be in tune with God. I have learned that often we want God to be in the fire or earthquake but really he is in the quiet whisper that we have to be quiet to hear.

  169. Jennifer Renee says:

    If I stay in God’s Word every day I’m sure to know when it’s Him speaking to me.

    • Fran Bruno says:

      ..over the years in walking with Jesus…this IS a KEY point..everyday in HIS WORD..a short time, or long just ‘getting’ His word, daily…may it be in one ‘word’ only…one verse…even a verse in a song…I have to grab it..and take it in…and when I ‘rush by’ Him..during the day…ohhhh, the strain, stress that attaches to my soul!..thank you Jennifer for your good words….it is a ‘daily walk’….and the best thing to recall always…HE UNDERSTANDS and loves us all….and only wants to give us, His love…amazing.

  170. It is both inspiring and sad to realize that so many of us have the same problem of not being able to discern God’s voice from our own or just “noise”. I am in the process of learning that no matter what excuse I can come up with, I have to spend time with God not just daily but often each day. This does not always mean in my chair, by myself, in the quiet etc. It is that but also, hiding in the bathroom for a few minutes of prayer, stopping whatever I am doing and praying right there, sometimes even outloud, telling the kiddos I need to pray or we need to pray etc. For me, I have found that on my knees is when I seem to hear God best. I often need God to show me in conformation of threes that it is His will. He has always been faithful to this but I must be faithful in seeking him for it.

  171. One thing I have found that helps me to listen for God’s voice is using my prayer beads. They still my swirling mind and bring me to a quiet place to watch for consistencies in God’s plan for my life.

  172. I spend time every morning reading God’s words and in prayer but my prayer time is always of me talking and I don’t stop and listen. I need to grow closer to God by listening to him, not just asking. I have been living selfish in presenting my needs and wants to God but never listening to what he wants from me or needs me to do for him. Learning to trust God more is another thing I keep hearing God telling me to do, letting my defenses down and letting God work instead of me. Being faithful to him.

    • Hi Missy, I have the same issues. I can and do talk to God a lot throughout the day. I feel as though He is constantly with me and He is my friend, but I end up doing all of the talking, when true friends need to listen as well. I really need to learn to sit back and listen and be more observant in my current surroundings. When I catch myself talking or asking without a break (I don’t like silence and I am quite a chatterbox to begin with:) I take a deep breath and try to clear my mind. I have recently moved to another country and have not met a lot of people and I think right now in my life this was part of God’s plan for me to become closer to Him. I have a lot of free time and find myself reading the Bible or just having a one-way conversation with God. I am going to try harder to listen to God and find out my true purpose in this new country:)

  173. There are times when I know God is telling me to do something, even if it’s as small as picking up that plastic bag that’s blowing across the parking lot, and I do it. But I sometimes feel like the son in Matthew 21 who said he wouldn’t work in the vineyard and then did it anyway. God speaks to me clearly and I tell Him “I don’t wanna.” After some arguing, I usually do it, but grumble about it. “Okay, God, I’ll do it, but don’t expect me to enjoy it.” Part of me just sits back and laughs at my stubbornness. The times I know what to do and refuse to do the task are becoming more infrequent, but they still occur. I eventually get past my stubbornness, feel sorry, and then ask for forgiveness. Hearing God’s voice has become a process, and learning to obey also takes time.

  174. Caroline Hall says:

    for me, starting this online bible study is the first step in learning to hear God voice. I so often get wrapped up in the negative voices in my head and around me I do see what God has planned for me. I hope that by committing to the bible study and spending more time in God’s word I will learn to hear hhis voice above all others!

  175. I need to obey when I hear. I fnd there are times when I know God is speaking to me, but because I find it difficult to follow, I turn a deaf ear and wonder is this really God, when I know it is. Thank you for your insights and reminders of the things that we try to ignore, because it is easier to do it our way rather than God’s way.

  176. Patty Skaggs says:

    For me to hear God’s voice I have to withdraw to my private sanctuary-my desk in a guest bedroom every morning at 6 AM, get very quiet before him and then pray. I see in my mind’s eye Jesus seated on the mount with His disciples at His feet listening to Him. I am one of them. I am amazed the Savior of the entire world would become my private teacher. I read the same passage of Scripture all week and each day Jesus tells me/teaches me something different. So often, it relates to what is going on in my life at that moment. I am blown away! I hear Jesus! It is then up to me to listen and obey Him.

  177. One thing I could do to become more familiar with God’s voice is to spend more alone time with Him. I’m a wife of a youth pastor, mother of four, a Liberty U online student and am also on a women’s ministry team. Even as of today, I am seeking God for a very specific answer regarding the ministry team. With all that I do, I find myself distracted by all the business and sometimes want to just STOP and REST in and with HIM. I covet your prayers and His leading!

  178. Wow…..God speaks through people too!!!! I’ve been lost; battling with what to do, career-wise, after my specialist informed me I won’t be returning to my job in the classroom. After twenty years teaching, I’m lost! I’ve been asking God to show me the way… tell me where he wants me to put my energy,asking if this is Him telling me it’s time to move in another direction, one more in line with His path……and I’ve been getting very frustrated. I’ve just listened to God speak through you…..thank you thank you thank you Lord Jesus…….time to ‘listen’ differently!!!!
    Bless you and thank you

  179. Thanks for sharing! Interestingly, I’ve been asking for the gift of discernment. I know I hear God but I usually lack the confidence to go with what He’s saying because I tend to turn to others because they are ‘adults’ in the Lord and sometimes what they tell me is more comfortable than what Daddy told me.
    What I intend to do now is stop doubting and follow your guide to discern Daddy’s voice for He’ll NEVER lead me astray!

  180. Anne Kelley says:

    Renee, thank you! I just prayed this morning on my way to work that God teach me how to listen to how I can best serve him, in life, as a wife and in my career. I too have trouble knowing whether or not the things I hear in my head are just my own thoughts or whether it is God’s direction/guidance. I would love to win the “Listening to God” gift pack so I could watch the video you recommended and hopefully have a similar experience to you and hear God whispering to me. Thank you for continuing to inspire and encourage us everyday!

  181. It is hard for me to be quiet during prayer time or to sit still. When I sut in silence to hear God my mind wanders after several minutes. i think about dinner or the kids or what needs to be done. I believe that the more I make an effort the better I will become at listening for the Holy Spirit to speak to me in the stillness of God’s presence. Sometimes I need a personnal Word regarding a situation and I want it now. I have to turn off the TV and the music so when the answer comes I will know it is for me.

  182. Christina Brannon says:

    Be more in His word and through prayer. Stop and breathe first.

  183. Pray and ask God to help me know His voice, and to keep a listening ear. Spending quiet time with Him, time that is uninterrupted is helpful. Asking God questions and asking Him to show us, all the while looking for an answer (keeping a listening ear) is helpful too.

  184. One of the ways that I could do to become more familiar with God’s voice is to have a real quiet time time with HIM, a daily appointment so to speak. I do my best to get up 30 minutes before the rest of the family gets up so I can meditate on the scripture for the week and just BE STILL and KNOW HE IS GOD….I have a real hard time being still and not multi-tasking. Even to watch a movie I have to be reading, writing or doing something else…I have to really be interested in the movie or concentrate to not be doing anything else. Another way that I am going to work on is to LISTEN to my children more…not just hear what they are saying but really actively listen to them…I REALLY need to work on this as well….I think that GOD speaks to us through our children at times if we are just willing to listen…

  185. michelle h says:

    I was challenged recently to read through the entire Bible in the next 4 months by Keith Ferrin of That You May Know Ministries. He has some really good insights on Bible Study. Anyway, being more familiar with scripture is my goal for the coming year – a great way to hear God’s voice.

  186. I believe I need to slow down and have some quiet time to be better at hearing Gods voice.
    I am a “Plan-a-lot-amus” as my daughter calls me and have got 28 hrs planned for my next 24 hrs. 🙂 Too much I want to do mixed with my need to dos and have to dos.
    So I need to cut the planning so much or Plan for some “nothing” so I can sit and be still to Hear His voice.


  187. I am a baby Christian (saved 11-3-11) and I am hungry for God. I keep pressing in but I am still not sure of many things. Thank you Renee for all of your insights!

    • Hi Laura, so excited for your Christian journey that has just begun! I will be keeping you in my prayers as you continue to seek Him…You know what? I was debating over posting this, but I truly sensed God telling me to send you a note! so, I hope this, in some small way, will encourage you!

  188. Sheri Martens says:

    I loved the phrase “hear and now”. Communication is a two way street and too often I want to do all the talking! I want to focus more on finding a quiet time to “listen” more. It seems the busyness of life is always competing for my attention. Even doing wonderful activities for the Lord, but sometimes God just wants me to sit at his feet and praise and worship Him. Dear Lord, I’m sorry I get so distracted. Help me to focus my gaze on You especially in the “hear and now”.

  189. Kimberlee says:

    I think that being intentional about our spiritual lives is key. God is showing me that He wants to be my first thought, not an after-thought. We do have crazy-busy lives. It is my job to be creative in how many different ways I can set my mind on Him.

  190. Hello friends,
    On Sunday I read chap. 1 of A Confident Heart. Question 4 at the end of the chapter, asked me what happens in my heart when I read God’s word. It had me stumped. As I prayed about it, I realized that I have muted my heart and come to rely on my head. I asked God to help me hear with my heart and He did. What a difference!!!! Prov. 3:5-6 has been an important passage for me for many years but realizing the difference between hearing with my heart and my head illuminated this passage even more. So, to answer today’s question about one thing I can do to become more familiar with God’s voice, I would say I will consciously give my heart opportunity to hear and respond. Thanks for being the vessel for this revelation!!!! I look forward to more!!!!

  191. Sometimes, I’m just not sure if I’m hearing God’s voice or my own voice in my head. I want to do things and find that sometimes I am too afraid of failure to do them. Sometimes, I have prayed about a situation and end up hearing lyrics on my favorite Christian station almost exactly like something I had said. I try to slow down and listen to the words. It’s usually something I really needed to hear for the day. But I wonder constantly what He wants me to do. I’m probably missing out on His whole plan because I’m too busy stressing over everything. I need to be still and listen.

  192. RIght now my life is fairly chaotic, being pulled in a dozen different directions. My prayer is that I can hear God’s voice as I sort out the tangled threads. I have a full time job, I run a horse farm, and I have a major life crossroads ahead that is pretty much completely out of my control. I know what I want but that is only half the equation. Being patient and listening is hard.

  193. I am a broken vessel, constantly searching for strength in GOD. I often hear GOD’S voice but have no confidence to follow it through. I so hope this book study will help me!

  194. I need to empty my head of my thoughts and invite Him to fill me with His thoughts and ideas—- For me this must be intentional —- to get still and focus on Him. Most of all being completely WILLIING to hear WHATEVER He says. Then trust and obey, knowing that He knows best.

    Sometimes, if I’m really honest, I don’t want to hear Him— because I don’t always like His ideas— at least not at first. But, when I listen and obey— I’m never disappointed. His ideas and ways ALWAYS trump my own.

  195. I am finally starting to get it and am making sense of my husband’s passing at such a young age a few months ago. Jesus is taking hold and not letting me sink in to depths of depression!!

  196. I need to, first off, make my daily devotion time a priority. Not group it with something else, or skip it for something “more important.” There is NOTHING more important. I have taken 3 blocks of time, and I consistently manage one of them. I need to be better with this. The more time I spend with the Lord, the better I will be able to hear what he has to say to me. I can’t wait to “hear” what it is!

  197. I am so excited to do this bible study, but at the same time afraid to hope and trust, this is so much what I have been praying for a very long time. Christi

  198. The key for me is just to start being consistent! In coming to Him in the mornings! I have strugged with this morning scene for years. I know what to do; but the doing of it often lags. The more I read His Word; Iwill be more familiar with His voice. I have implemented Bible Reading Plans this year. So far so good!

  199. Debbie Jo says:

    I ask God to make me more willing to listen and to hear what He is telling me and what His will for me is…..To be still, calm and quiet so I can hear Him!!!

  200. I have found when I am in His Word regularily and journaling I can hear His voice more clearly and when I sacrifice time to be alone with Him. I asked Him everyday to interrupt my life so I know he is around, and he wanted me to know more of his word so he put me in not 1 but 2 bible studies!!!!!!! For years he has told me to know of his word,,so i guess Now is the time he chose. The other one I am doing is breaking free with beth moore.
    both are similar in some respects
    thanks so much for listening to Him and beginning this class
    i printed the prayer and say it every day, the day before i started this class had a big lesson on doubt so there was NO question in my mind I was following His lead.
    thanks again

  201. Paula Palermo says:

    Listening for God’s voice is sometimes hard to discern, but one sure thing is to copy His Words on paper. I do this each morning before prayer and after reading my devotionals. It is my sure clear way to hear His voice above all the other noise of the day.

  202. One thing that I will do to hear Gods voice, is to believe in God’s promises for my life! Everyday!
    Love you all!

  203. I love that this is the topic of your post today. My 5 year old asked me today why he couldn’t hear God. I tried explaining the best I could how we hear God (through His word, the Bible, through prayer, etc.) and shared some of my own stories of hearing God’s voice, but I really struggled with explaining this to him. Any advice?

    One thing I can do? List out prayer requests and their answers/outcome. I have been saying I would do this for years, and haven’t.

  204. My biggest challenge in hearing God in my life is believing that I am good enough to be someone that he would want to hear Him. I very much identify with the part in Confident Heart that says ‘move beyond believing in God to believing Him….or rather believing that He is there for me or even loves me. Struggling with how to do this. Need to break through the deep down screwed up belief that only gets it half right….when I fall into the belief that God is an amazing and wonderful God…but only there for others…because why would He be there for someone like me? I think I am generally a pretty good person, I try… I can’t pinpoint what I did so bad, or where I get that I am and never will be “good enough”. I think God could scream in my face right now and I wouldn’t hear. Sorry…feeling lost….I am at the one foot in front of the other stage!!! I believe in God, and I so want to know in my heart that his promises are for me too….just not there yet….sometimes I am scared I will never get it right…sometimes I think I am being tested an I am falling short….sometimes I wish I could just not care because then it wouldn’t hurt….and sometimes I am pretty darn good at pretending I am ok : ) Sorry…tough day.

    • Beth, I’m praying for you right now. My heart feels heavy for you. Please know that not any one of us is good enough to matter to God, it’s HIS goodness alone that makes us matter to Him. The only reason He is there for any of us is because of His love and completely undeserved grace and favor. It’s all about HIS being good. HIS absolutely undeserved kindness that never ever wavers. That’s why He gave us Jesus Christ — so that He could make us good enough to be with Him forever by the righteousness of Jesus. I am praying for Him to “scream” that love and grace of His right in your face. I know you will hear Him. Without a doubt. Truly.

    • Beth, I am praying for you right now. Please keep sharing and being real here. You matter to us and you matter so much to Jesus. We love you b/c you are our sister in Christ. All that you shared is what we’re going to be reading and talking about in Chapter 2 and 3. Feel free to go ahead and read those as they might be just what you need to hear right now. But then come back here and keep walking through Chapter one with us. We’re just gonna take this one step at a time because it is a process.

      As Brianna shared – it’s HIS goodness that makes us good enough. It’s because WE ARE HIS – You ARE HIS!! He’s called you by name and you belong to HIM (is. 43:1)

    • I am SO glad you are here for this study, Beth! This book is just the right book for someone who does not feel like they are good enough! I am all too familiar with the feelings of not being “good enough” to deserve one scrap of His love or to think He would want to bother with me. But the truth is, He wants to give you more than just scraps. He wants to lavish His love on you. He wants you to hear His voice. Praying that through Renee’s book and through your time in His Word and in His presence that you will get a fresh revelation of how LOVED you are. Right now. Just as you are. Totally and completely. You matter to Him. 🙂

  205. Shannon Oles says:

    I try to read His Word in the mornings before I go to work and on my lunch break.
    I’m really hoping to hear God…I’m waiting patiently.

  206. I try so hard to become familiar with God’s voice by studying His Word and praying. But I am realizing that I often don’t listen for His voice when I do those things. I believe God is asking me instead to be still when I open His Word. To approach His throne in prayer with quietness and ready to hear Him. To hush and just LISTEN for His voice. To actually SEEK out His voice in the Scripture instead of just reading it. To, in fact, just BE in His presence when I pray instead of just coming at Him with my bullet lists of things to ask for. This is the new prayer of my heart.

  207. Wow! I have never really heard God speaking to me. This week, however, I feel a definite theme circulating. Between the sermon on Sunday, beginning A Confident Heart book and study, the P31 daily devotion, and another Bible Study I am in, all the messages have been pointing to pleasing God, not man and following God’s will. How cool is that?! I suppose that that’s exactly what I need to be doing, right now. 🙂

  208. maybe Ijust cant accept what God is telling I don’t really listen Idon’t know I do need to stay in his word and keep listening- to be still

  209. I need to have less distractions and find a very quiet place. I really do want to hear God talking to me but it is difficult to separate my own thoughts and what I want to hear from what He wants to tell me. I am worried that I will not be able to tell the difference.

  210. Kim in NC says:

    To maybe just learn to be still!! I would just love to know how to control all the clutter inside my head, it sometimes exhaust me.. I try to Hear Gods voice but I can’t tell if it’s his voice or just me with rambling inside my head:( I hope to learn and grow with this bible study!!

    • I understand, Kim.
      All that rambling in our heads is exhausting.. Praying that both of us will be able to hear Him.

  211. Kathy Sturgis says:

    I have learned I need to quiet myself and ask HIm to speak. Getting to that rested spot by reciting His promises helps also

  212. Peggybythesea says:

    I have been through much over the last 8 weeks or so and I feel like I am starting all over with God…i thought I clearly heard Him tell me to take a trip home to where I used to live. Struggling in my marriage and his alcohol issues caused me to be just as bad. Once I got there i never had peace, what i thought was a trip for good, two weeks later I was driving back. I know now there was a reason for it but His will was definitely not what I thought it was. Being back and healing emotionally and spiritually over the last month has taught me much. I asked God to start using me again. I am not good at home alone al day. I want it to be His Way and in his time. I got a call this morning from the daughter of a 95 yr old woman i cared for two years. She asked me to please come, she would fly me down and pay all expenses. I thought and prayed and asked God if it was Him , not me and everything fell right into place. Even my husband agreed I should go. It will be a difficult trip for many reasons but I do believe when God moves us sometimes it is not always going to be easy….I need to trust and have faith that this is part of my healing and moving forward….I have to keep pushing out the fear and doubt…because it’s there big and I know that where there is faith, there can not be fear!!! Prayers for travel mercies and the unknown are appreciated. I love hearing all these posts it helps me know I am not alone and encourages me so to move onward and upward in Him!!! <3

  213. Christina says:

    I can come more familiar with God’s voice by reading His word, believing it for myself, and really receiving it in my heart, so that I know anything outside of that, that contradicts – like those nagging negative thoughts or past failures, can be superceded by the Word of God.

  214. One thing that I could do to hear God’s voice is to make sure that I’m taking time to talk with Him and ask Him things. So much of my day is spend doing. Watching the kids, reading the bible, checking my email, posting on facebook, cooking lunch, driving the car, changing diapers, . . . I hardly take time to stop the doing and start the resting. It’s good to talk with God continually throughout the day, but I really need a time of just me and God, not me, dinner, kids, tv and God.

  215. Thanks SO much for this! Just last night I had a group of 3 ladies ask when/what I’m going to do next. That next step is so scary and I’ve always been cautious and not much of a risk taker but this situation has been going on for at least two years and is not getting any better. I often wonder what the Lord wants me to do next. I have sought wise counsel on my situation and everyone seems to agree but yet I am unsure of how to proceed in taking that next step. This devotional was so timely!!! I will endeavor to make it a priority to spend time alone with HIm. I often find myself getting distracted when I try to do that.

  216. become less busy, and plan things in advance so I am not always rushing and on the go.

  217. Stephanie says:

    I get really confused on this issue. But I think we can know God’s voice by knowing what His word says and paying attention to His leading in our lives thus far.

  218. Charlotte Lennartz says:

    Today’s subject hit me – I really need to spend ore time with God so I can hear Him. How can I ever follow His direction for my life if I am not consistently spending time with Him? I want to know Him and be known by Him.

  219. Renee
    Thank you for this posting today! It really spoke to my heart. I made a commitment this year to place God more in my life. I am reading the New Testament this year on my Bible App on my phone. It is one chapter a day, that is so easy! I am doing good so far and also keeping up with your studies! I am listening to God and hearing when he has spoken to me lately. You are so right, when we stop and listen he is talking!

  220. amy levins says:

    Hi. So excited for a chance to win. In the past,I have heard what I know to be God before naps or bed. I am sure its him Cuz the things he tells me are not usually things I think of. Love to share with you all

  221. Quite frankly, I love it when God speaks to me through His word and our daily communication. Just today, a thought crossed my mind about a job opportunity. I already have a full life now, and I am not sure this is the path God has laid before me. I knew immediately that I need to talk with God daily about this opportunity, and I am pondering doing a fast. However, fasting is a new experience with me, and it makes me a bit nervous. When I read the email today from Renee, along with the devotion, it really underscored how much I need to spend time with Him every day, seeking His wisdom, especially with regards to this decision. I think, above all things, I need to be in His word daily, seeking after Him.

  222. Today’s devotional has coinciding with other themes I have been hearing whether through your book, sermons, or other devotionals I have read this past week. As I was reading today, you mentioned that when we think of something that we wouldn’t naturally think of it could be God. You also mentioned that one way we can be more in tune to God speaking to us is through the themes that we notice. One thing that I’ve always had a hard time with is listing to God. I was reading Lysa’s book last week and she mentioned the same thing, and God has been speaking to me through all of these messages lately.

  223. I definitely needed this. I’ve been really struggling to hear God’s voice. This has really helped me draw closer to God and now I’m starting to get back into earshot range of what God wants for me. This would be the one thing that I struggle the most with. I want to hear what God wants me to do, but when He would reveal what He wanted me to do I would think that I could do it on my own time. So I want to commit to hearing God’s voice and doing as He commands me to do.

  224. Sometimes, I don’t believe that what I am hearing is truly from God. I often say— “He couldn’t possibly call me to do that! I’d be horrible at it!” I need to embrace the reality that God not only knows the numbers of hairs on my head, he formed me in my mother’s womb, wrote his words upon my heart, and died for me. When he calls and speaks my name, I need not fear, he knows me better than I know myself. His desires are much more perfect than my own. So, I need to trust. I need to trust that God is God and when he whispers to me I can trust him. By trusting his voice, it will become more familiar to me. Sheep do know the sound of their Shepherd’s voice.

  225. I’m going through a huge transition in my life and my confidence has been shaken. This study is so good for me. Since the study God has used your message, sermons, music, and others to reinforce my confidence in the Lord. I’m so grateful!

  226. Great advice, Renee. I had one week where 4 different people recommended the same book to me. I told God, “OK, OK, I get it! I’m gonna read it!” I just know sometimes He is wondering how the heck I can be so dang hard-headed, and not hear Him when He is so clearly talking to me! 🙂

  227. I am so excited to learn other people have the same thoughts and struggles I have. I am learning if I pay close attention-Be still and know that HE is GOD, it feels as if I can hear HIS voice in my heart. I know it sounds silly but that’s what it feels like when HE speaks to me. Now don’t get me wrong we do not have a two way conversation all day any day…just sometimes I feel HIM nudging me to do what I know HE wants me to do. Like straighten the other side of the closet!!
    Thank you so much, Renee for putting it all out there for us.

  228. Jana Payne says:

    To be still & know that He is God! How can I hear Him, unless I’m quiet. Resting is a struggle for me! But I want to recognize what God wants.

  229. By taking the time to spend with God- just he and I. He is waiting for all of us .

  230. Although I talk to God throughout the day and pray often in my day, I really need to set up time daily just for Him. Even if this means starting small and adding time each week.

    • I tend to do the same….talk to Him throughout the day and ask for guidence but the real quiet still time I need to do as you mentioned. Start small and work into carving out more time. Thanks for the idea.

  231. I know the question is what I need to do and not what I did but as I read the entry above the homework it dawned on me what just happened to me yesterday. All at just about the exact same time a server crashed at work (being in my technology position that’s not a good thing), my son was coming home on the school bus and we had numerous inches of snow that had fallen during the day that covered the driveway he would need to walk up to get in the house (he is in middle school but totally blind and i only sent him in tennies shoes that morning) and a young college woman I’m mentoring called & needed to meet for coffee. Needless to say I felt like I was spinning like a top about the time she called. My flesh told me there is absolutely no way I can do one more thing right now and almost in he same moment I felt God nudging me to make time for the important stuff. I told her that I would need to discuss the time with my son because he would need me for homework and I didn’t know if he’d be up for starting right away so I could meet her in a couple hours or if he wanted to wait and do it when I returned. After talking with him a time was set for us to meet. I was able to get the driveway & sidewalks cleared of the 4-5inches of snow and the computers up and working at work again and during the time I was helping my son with his homework the young woman called and said a friend from the east coast got into town a couple days early and she wouldn’t be able to meet any longer but she’d talk with this other friend. God just wanted my obedience. I didn’t know how I was going to fit it all in but He did. Listening to Him really has its blessing! I praise Him for being all knowing!

  232. I hear God most clearly through His word. I do not have a great memory but, I try to memorize praise verses. In the morning I have several now that come to mind instantly and I thank the Lord for them. It is wonderful to give Him praise through His word. This helps to keep the negative thoughts away. Throughout the day I give Him praise through song and talks with friends. His spirit keeps me on track, giving me discernment and I praise Jesus for that.

  233. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    I so love this study. It is hard to “be still and quiet” for me. I set aside time every morning, but there are very few days that I am able to spend this time uninterrupted. I have started going into my bathroom and locking the door, and if that does not work, I lock my bedroom door and go into my closet.

    Taking this time has helped me deal with my grief since my husband died in October. The day of his death, I walked into my bathroom and locked the door and feel on my face and asked the Lord to guide me, give me the strength I needed and to help me put on the armor of his love to get through this. Such a sense of peace overcame me and I knew that He would be with me throughout this new journey that I am on. He does not guarantee me that it will be easy, but even on the worst days I have such a sense of peace because I know that my Lord and Savior is with me always guiding me and that he has a plan for my life if I will only “be quiet and listen.”
    Bless you Miss Renee and all of the other ladies at P31! You are all such an inspiration! Thank you for doing this study.

    • Phyllis….Your story has moved me. I pray for your continued peace and strength in your trial.. Thank you for sharing your story. I also love all the ladies at P31. I have been receiving devo’s for quite some time and they have helped guide me to a more secure place in God’s hands. With Love in Jesus. Cheryl

    • I so feel for you Phyllis. I also had a death i the family last year. We lost our grandson to a heart condition that we did not know he had. It has made me more aware that I need to do more to become closer to God myself. I pray for your peace in the Lord and the knowledge that we will be with out loved ones again.

  234. Sophia dewitz says:

    Quite a few years ago I was trying to quiet my mind so I could hear God better. It was a challenge for me. As I was sitting on my couch I heard a voice behind me that said “Be Still” I know but know it was the Lord speaking. Our world is so filled with constant noise that it is almost impossible to hear Him! So many distractions! But, He is a patient God and He wants us to hear Him even more then we want the same thing. It is a blessing to be a part of this study!

  235. Like your devotion today, I need to listen to what I hear as common sense! It really is the Voice of God speaking to my heart that I brush aside as just me! I also pause….be still and know He is God. Living a more quiet, simple life tunes my ears into Him because I cant hear Him when Im rushing around, distracted with too much information or noise coming at me!

  236. I “usually” make good decisions based on my instincts and I credit that to God. I have been recieving the Proverbs 31 devotionals to help me become more familar with God’s word and this is helping along with the study we are doing now to listen to the messages he is giving me.

  237. Sometimes I feel that I am hearing God’s voice and following his lead….and I run right into a brick wall. I end up feeling so let down and confused and this has really made me doubt…..doubt so many things. Discernment….it’s so difficult for me.

  238. I know God wants me in His word more. I’ve dragged my feet for sooo long….fear, rebellion, confusion???
    I am also hearing Him say that He wants to love on me, compliment me, affirm me, tell me that I’m worth pursuing. I’m asking Him to help me hear His voice loudly and clearly in this area.

  239. El Roi, The God who sees me. I am a window through which God can see all of me. Despite the false walls of self I build, He continues to love the true me. All the while He sees me I only foul myself thinking that my efforts are enough. God is all seeing, all knowing, and all loving.

    Thanks for being El Roi to me!

  240. I could so relate to your blog/devotional. I loved reading the ” hear and now”….that is something I need to do more is hear and listen and be still.

  241. Renee: you said you would explain why you wanted us to read the acknowledgments before chapter One. I never heard why even though I did read them. Can you explain?

  242. I’ve grown to recognize the voice of my shepherd, a;though many of my first reactions include a hint of doubt and questioning, especially when I’m not too keen on the thought or if it sounds a bit too crazy for my practicality. When this happens, I keep putting it to prayer, asking for a confirmation or the next time He brings it to mind.

  243. I love your statement about looking and listening for themes that we run into often during the day or week. I too have come to watch listen for them. When certain scripture or phrases keep coming at me I have to stop and tell God “OK OK!! I hear you!! I am on my way to do as you ask! Sometime it is to read a book in the Bible, sometimes it is to clean out a closet (yes) or to help someone in need. I think it is so exciting to have a relationship with Jesus! Each day, I wake up peering around the corner just wondering what great miracle God has planned for my day. And there are many throughout the day if you look for them. Yes!! It is so exciting and I thank God for my life every day. I pray that I recognize His Will for my day. And that I can obey. PS….I wish I could say that I always obey. : )

  244. In a world where messages come at us from every possible direction, it takes courage and effort to be still and focus on listening to what God tells us. I have been blessed in the past year by keeping the music in my car and at my desk at work only on positive and uplifting Christian music. It keeps me positive and my thoughts on the things of God.

    I am working hard on making time for the reading and study of God’s word and studies like this mean so much….it’s helpful to connect with others.

    A goal for myself is to spend time in conversation with God and to pray specifically, boldly and with expectation!

  245. That’s a powerful dvd, Renee. I watched it over Christmas break and was just finishing reading the Book of John. I love the Gospel of John. I am convicted that God’s Word holds the key to my life. The more I study, the closer I feel in my relationship to Him, the more I understand, and the more mature I become. Thank you for your ministry.

  246. Renee, last year when I began to receive your daily emails and encourage words, I placed all in a binder and when the study started I already had a binder labeled and ready to go with printouts. Download Chapter 1 read it and answer the questions. Just finished day one and catching up, as I am a full time student, mom, daughter and sister. I just spent 22 days with a sick brother oldest, partial youngest suffering, mom sickly, daughter getting married, homework due, yearly apartment inspection today, busy and busier, dinner cooked, classmates awaiting and completed a resume for the 1000 times all in a run of a day. Pew

    My day starts at 3 a.m if I want to get my devotional in starting with 365 daily bible devotional reading, 10 more devotional readings, listening to christian music all day, and sending out response to urgent emails.. What is God really saying to me! I haven’t ask for any of this only school. All the rest is just a test and school is just that most times, but I am to discipline just want to crawl in bed and lay there then something will go lacking and I will get behind and still have to clean up the mess.

    Could I possible be to confident and God allows more to the plate and I complete it? I know the answer to the question God is bragging on his children, changing my name to Jobina LOL

  247. As I read these posts, ir dawned on me that God is speaking to us all through these posts. There are ideas and suggestions that fit right in with what I need. There are stories that speak to my heart. There are truths that speak to me about the Word of God. This is fantastic. Thank you for a wonderful idea. In the living room!!

  248. Good Evening, I am so excite about doing this online study. I don’t have a facebook or twitter page
    I am new on the computer so please bear with me.I need to focus more and listen for God’s voice when He speak to me.I am seventy years young and like Nicole says I want God to transform me into the Jesus Girl that I was meant to be

  249. Christina R says:

    I am so blessed to be a part of this study. I am looking forward to what the Lord has for me as we journey this together. One thing I can do to hear the voice of God is to slow down and pause during my day instead of shooting out prayers and carrying on in a hurry.

  250. Good Evening! When I first became familiar with the Holy Spirit was when I could hear the God’s voice more clearly. Just recently I heard God speak into my heart about a medical mission trip with a Dentist team from my church. We are leaving for Guatemala in March. I am very excited about this trip but I can be honest and tell you this is way out of my comfort level. If you would have asked me this question a few years ago I would have told you my mission work is in our church working with our music ministry and youth. That was out of my comfort zone at the time. Now I am looking at foreign missions directly in the face and asking the question: “Are you sure God?” But he is telling me a definite yes. Through his word, prayer and every day circumstances I can see he is preparing me for this new adventure. It is just amazing. The power of God is amazing. I recall Luke 1:37 where it says, “Nothing is impossible with God.” The truth is in his word, and it will set you free to hear what he has to say.
    W : )

  251. Like any other relationship, you need to spend time together to become familiar with His voice. This is done by spending time in the Word as well as prayer.

  252. I used to ask God to yell at me because I was a bad listener. I found out that with patience time and practice He much prefers to speak quietly and lovingly to me. I just need to make myself present.

  253. Renee,
    I thank you so much for coming into my life. I am going through some struggles in my life. I am studying your book & trying to get all I can from this study. I thank you so much.

    The way I can listen for God voice is by reading & studying more. Also by spending time in prayer. I am learning to pray scripture because of you. Thanks! Your very encouraging.

  254. I am excited and nervous to begin this study. “A Confident Heart,” was definitely written for me. I am 55 years old and have grown so weary from a lifetime of self-doubt. I find myself thinking of my relationship with the Lord in the past tense. I “used” to pray more, be involved in church, read my bible more, etc. I want to live in the now. One important thing I can do to hear God’s voice is to stop numbing my mind with tv. It is such a powerful escape for me. I don’t have to think when I am zoned out in front of it. I look forward to turning my focus back to God and growing in Him.

    • Brenda Curry says:

      Amen Vickie! I’m 50 years old and also weary of self-doubt. I’ve also been using TV to zone out and forget my problems instead of laying them at the feet of Jesus. Praise the Lord for this study and being able to share and support each other. Let’s pray for each other that we can get away from the temptation of TV.

    • Vickie I am 56 and I so identify with what you are saying! I was encouraged when I read the words of Paul this morning telling me to forget the past and strive forward in Christ. We cannot change what we did or did not do in the past. We can focus on today and the days ahead. I will pray for you and would covet your prayers also!

  255. I am so thankful. I put my trust in Jesus and by faith i hear his voice. I try to obey-it’s a struggle so I keep confessing my trust in Jesus. Miracles are happening PTL. It’s baby steps.

  256. Wow! What a great devotion today. I have had a season away from God (read that as I have not been paying attention though i know he was always with me) and have just started connecting back in the last 4-5 months. His absolute faithfulness to be is astounding eventhough I know I have been like a spoiled child for a couple years now. Now that I am here and connecting back in he is there just as he was when I was choosing. Of to connect. Tonight was a hard night at home with my little girls, they are in a rebellious and fiesty place and I was sitting on my bed praying about it and decided to look at the assignment for today. And I find this wonderfully honest and directive study about trusting God and listening and obeying as HIS child. How can I expect my girls to be obedient and trust me when I have not been modeling that behavior at all with God? What a HUGE realization that was for me. The other line that got me was the last … “When we live in the “hear and now” our calling and our calendar begin to reflect our love for Him, and His love for us — not our need for fulfillment or the desire for others’ approval and acceptance.”. THAT is where I have been the past 2-3 years trying to get fulfillment from others and their approval and acceptancVe. And you know what though God used that time in my life for his glory… It was not where I should have been in my life. Thank you Renee. Thank you fellow bible study followers. Thank you for helping me see and HEAR God’s will and words for my life. This is a journey I will not soon forget. Bless you all!

    • Boy, does the idea of a spoiled child hit close to home. God has been doing things in my life and putting me places where I DO NOT WANT TO BE! I am still struggling with it, but I think that as He is allowing me to recognize this He is also allowing me to be more aware of other, bigger, God-centered things. I hope. 🙂

  257. I have been struggling with the concept of hearing God’s voice for several years. I kept feeling like I just couldn’t connect with Him enough to really hear Him. I came across very similar information that Renee has shared as far as listening and discerning His voice vs mine or the enemy. I’ve had to discipline my life and organize my time to allow peace and quiet in God’s presence each and every morning before my day becomes too filled with “stuff”. I actually look forward to this now rather than view it as an obligation plus I feel empty and deprived if I don’t get that time with Him first thing of the day. I had to learn that the way God speaks to us is not always obvious like a mountain top experience, but that we have to open our hearts, minds, and ears to His voice that will likely come to us through the study of His word, a song, or people He sends to us. Thank you so much, Renee, for all that you are doing. I give God much praise and glory for leading you on this venture and for bringing everyone along with you.

    • I too struggle with listening for His voice. I have often felt like maybe He doesn’t speak to me. I am learning that God’s voice may not be audible to me but it is a feeling I get that something is right or maybe isn’t right. I am trying so hard to carve out that quiet time to be alone in my study of His word. It is so hard for me as a single mom of three teenagers to have even a minute alone much less a quiet one!

  258. I need to really listen and take in what God is saying. Sometimes I have a message from God that I don’t really ‘hear’. So I don’t act on it as I should. This is where I need to put my attention.

  259. Gods impressed on me last year to “Talk less & Listen more” something that is hard for me to do, in most conversations I find myself thinking I need to constantly talk/give an opinion. Maybe because listening touches a sensitive nerve, I feel vulnerable. Unfortunately it was like a New Years Resolution, I was all excited and ready to make it happen but over time with busyness of life (Wife, Mother & full time employee) I lost focus. So for 2012 I will continue trying to “Talk less & Listen more”. Listening to God begins with the reading of his word & praying consistently & diligently and that brings on conviction, therefore I know I need to force myself to set aside quiet time to do the above so I can hear his soft & gentle voice speak to me. I know he’s there.

  260. Lisa Smudde says:

    I have to sit quietly and just listen.. Reading His word and the word of others who know his voice helps also.

  261. Shenise Edmonds says:

    The major way I can be available to listen to what God has to say is by making the time to sit in silence and pray and read my Bible. Then I have to act in faith and obedience and truly let God, lead me where He would have me to go.

  262. Renee, So blessed to be able to do this online study (my first one) and I love it. I look forward to it and to what other sisters have to share. God became more real and familiar to me when I read a book by Watchmann Nee titled “Song of Songs”. I have referred back to the book over the years, because I felt God’s love so strongly. He drew me so close to him and I had a deeper understanding of his love after reading the book. It was an interputation of the Song of Solomon and Life changing for me.

  263. If you had a friend that you called or spent time and you never let her talk, how much do you think you would know about her? Not much, right? Sometimes I feel like I am this type of friend to God. I pray all the time and ask, ask, ask, but I don’t listen to Him and what He has to say about my life. To have a real relationship with someone, we have to do a lot of listening and some talking. That’s the way it is with God, so we can get to know Him and love Him like Jesus did. To hear God’s voice is necessary that I am still in my thoughts and in my heart. Sometimes I have to make myself be quiet and still before I pray or read scripture..and that is so hard for me because I have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Often God’s voice is as quiet as a whisper, and that’s why it is important for me to be quiet and still before Him.
    Today, I am asking God to speak to us, and to give us a listening heart because that is usually where He speaks. As God whispers, let us be still and listen.

  264. Renee!!!! This was so profound to me. One thing I am going to do is – – Continue building my relationship with Him through journaling. I have found that not only journaling but listening as I journal, I can sense those impressions. Thank you for reeling me back in and reminding me that Yes, He does speak to me and I have spent enough time with Him over the past 6 months especially to be in tune to what He tells me. I am not going to let self doubt or unbelief keep me from trusting and obeying His will for my life. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! to all questions.

  265. A friend told me that the more time that I spend with God, that the better I will be able to recognize his voice.

  266. Brenda Curry says:

    “Be still and know that I am God.” I have to be quiet and listen and then pray that He’ll give me the courage to do His will. The Lord has been speaking “Put Me First” to me lately every time I bring a concern to Him. I also know that He speaks to me through His Word and I have to put reading His word and memorizing scripture before my favorite TV shows. So my motto for 2012 is More of Him and much, much less TV.

  267. I have been feeling like I need to find a little time at the end of every day to sit in silence and reflect on what has transpired throughout the day. I feel like I need to approach God with gratitude and wait to hear him speaking to me in the silence

  268. I have heard God’s voice when it seems I have a moral issue. For example, once I was checkIng out at the grocery store and after I paid & walked out, I realized that the cashier had given me too much change. 17 cents to be exact. And I heard God tell me to go back inside & return the money. Instantly I asked,really Lord? They’ll thInk I’ve lost my mind returning 17 cents. But I did it anyway. Now I don’t know why I was asked to return the change, but I did obey. However, it seems like it’s the big things where I feel like I can’t hear His voice. I really believe that at those times, I’m so consumed with talking at God, asking to hear his voice, that I’m not quiet enough to hear. I think I need to be still and be quiet, so I can listen for his voice.

  269. Christine says:

    I am so thankful for this book and this online study. Most of all, I am thankful for Renee and her life! Just when I thought that I could not take it anymore, I started reading A Confident Heart. I take comfort in the fact that Renee’s thoughts are exactly like my thoughts. And, if Renee found confidence, comfort and peace, maybe I can, too. For the first time, I have some hope…

  270. Thank you for inviting us along with you. Recently I have been hurt and my heart is broken so this study could not have come at a better time. I have come to realize over the past week that I struggle in “pleasing others” in which I fall short when I should be listening to God. God loves me unconditionally and if I listen to Him I will not fall short because He loves me and if I am in His will I will see the promises He has for me. At this time I am going to use this broken heartedness to stop and listen to Him, my loving Father, I am going to take the time (the time I have been using to do for others) and stop to see if I can hear Him. Thank you Renee for reminding me that I am worthy of His love and that He will and does speak to me if I will just listen.

  271. One idea that came to my mind for learning to be more familiar with God’s voice was the importance of meditating on His Word. The word “meditate” always seemed a little weird to me, until one of our pastors suggested to look at it this way….if you know how to WORRY, then you know how to meditate. Worrying is something I could relate to!! Meditating is exactly the same process…but we focus our thoughts and attention on something that is positive and helpful. For me, I know that I hear God best when I am seeking him and regularly spending time with him. You can’t trust someone you don’t know, and you can’t really hear God’s voice until you learn to know his heart. It’s definitely a process, not an event, and I appreciate you pointing that out in chapter 1.
    I know I was feeling alone and in a “stuck” place a couple weeks ago, and I remember just praying a quick prayer in my mind of “Help me, God…encourage me…you know how I’m feeling.” I was at the computer at the time, and decided to stop by the Proverbs31 devotional blog. I read the 1/5 entry, which I found very encouraging, and at the bottom I happened to read the invite for this online book study. I knew God had just answered my prayer, as I had sensed him drawing me to this book for a while, and there was my opportunity to engage! God knows exactly what I need, and it is such a comfort when he shows me how passionately he loves me. The past few days I’ve been meditating on our key verse and the word “blessed,” which Webster’s defined as “divinely or supremely favored, consecrated, holy, fortunate.” When I meditate on the fact that I am God’s daughter, an heir to the throne of the Most High, chosen by him, set apart for his purposes, it sure impacts my attitudes and behaviors. I did the laundry with a different attitude this week, as I pictured a holy crown on my head, rather than feeling frumpy and unappreciated. I keep forgetting whose I am!! Thank God he never gets tired of reminding me! 🙂

  272. The best way for me to listen to god speak is to look into my heart and mind for his answers. When Jesus is dwelling within me he is communicating constantly with my heart, my conscience, my soul and my spirit. It is
    beautifully described in John 10: 27 ” my sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me”

    Good night and God Bless.

  273. Chastity Ray says:

    I could pray more. I’m really got a those quick night time prayers, you know Tue ones right before you fall asleep. I need to spend time in His word. I don’t do it nearly enough. I need to stop treating him like a personal genie and start treating him as a friend.

  274. I think for me I need to meditate more on God’s Word and His promises for me. God is so good to me and loves me so much and I tend to “forget” this fact. If I have His promises in my mind I will be more likely to hear His voice. I have a tendency to be negative. That is something I daily battle. If my mindset is focused on God’s promises and love for me I am much more likely to hear His voice and respond to it.

    Thank you, Renee, for doing this study online. It has already been a blessing to me. I look forward to many more in the weeks to come.

  275. Thank you for sharing. I so often want to hear Gods word but do not trust myself to make the decision. I love your example of straightening your husbands closet. I would have felt and thought the same thing as you did. I love how you stated that you know the thought was not from you but from God to clean it up. I don’t think I would have because of my own selfishness, responsibilities, etc. and next time I may act and think differently!

  276. Patricia Simon says:

    The one thing I do to help me discern the voice of God is to read His Word. One good way for me to do that is to listen to a dramatized version of the Bible on CD. Somehow His voice comes into my heart and is more alive and real. It sinks into my heart and soul deeper when I hear it with the headset on. They block out everything else so all I hear are the voices on the CD. With my eyes closed and my heart open I experience His Word like no other way does. Thank you for this study. This is a topic I have had difficulty incorporating into my life all my life. I have no confidence on my own, so I desperately need confidence in God. I need to hear positive affirmations I hear in the Bible because I was brain washed as a child to believe I was no better than the dirt in the ground. My parents were not positive, loving, or reassuring at all. Just the opposite. So thank you for this study. I pray I will glean all you have to offer and incorporate it into my life on a daily basis.

  277. Renee:
    This is the first time I have ever commented on anyone’s blog. This past year I have been focused on Matthew 6:33″ Seek ye first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given you”. KKLA Christian radio always on when I’m in the car, lead me to the daily devotionals (I receive 4 per day and 5 per week) one of which is the Encouragement for Today which lead me to your Website today. Yesterday, all I could feel, hear and speak were doubts, even though my faith knew better, and I wondered what was I doing wrong. Today, I am tremendously encouraged by your website and the Online Study Confident Heart, which I plan to join when I am done writing this. When I read your word for the day “Blessed” I heard and felt the Holy Spirit as He reminded me that I am blessed. If I were to describe how I hear Him at times,(sometimes in church, home, car, lunching with people, reading) I would have to humbly admit that it seems that He moves me to tears. Does this happen to anyone else, or is it just my own emotional state at those different times?

    • He moves me to tears too sometimes. I love your heart for Him!! I am happy you commented and let us get to know you. thank you for taking time and having courage to do that. Glad you are here!!

  278. What is one thing I can do to become more familiar with God’s voice? Wow! There are so many things I can do. For starters, if I could just STOP questioning God. If I could just STOP trying to figure everything out. If I could just TRUST Him. Afterall, I know that He is in control, that He has a plan for me which He wrote long ago, and that He is working all things for my good, yet I still am guilty of thinking otherwise. Recently, I experienced something really heart breaking at work, and I continue to struggle with it. I have good days where I live and walk in God’s promises, then there are days like yesterday where the only words I could speak to God were things like I am so broken…what are you doing to me…why would you let me feel this horrible…what did I do, etc. I do so good, and then I just blow it, over and over again, I blow it. I am thankful that He loves me. I’d be lost without Him. When I start to fall, I want to stop and listen to His voice, instead of doing the “human thing” and being anxious about His plan for me.

  279. What I need to do is just get quiet and be still. It seems to be hard to do that with all that is going on around me but I know for certain it would help because it has in the past. So I’m just going to make time and do it!
    thanks so much for sharing the “hear and now” message, Renee.

  280. One way to be sure it is God’s voice I am hearing is to be sure it is God’s will and not mine. Don’t think it is Him just because I want the outcome to be whatever it is I think I am hearing. I can tell if it is God’s will by realizing if it is in His word, or if it I would be being obedient to him if it was something I am praying for. Also, sometimes I will get different confirmations. Maybe a messge from church will confirm it, or something like that. I think the most important thing is to be in the Word daily. The more we are, the more we can hear His voice.

  281. Sometimes it is hard to let go if He closes a door. just want to hang on to old places to minister and not to move on up to do something more and new. I have got to learn that He will only lead me to better things.

  282. I have found that the more I seek the Lord and obey Him the easier I hear His voice. When I get stubborn or am disobedient I feel the distance. I wouldn’t trade the relationship I have with my Lord. He guides me in every area of my life. One of the cool things is when I make a decision to do something without praying and see how God has been leading me without me knowing it. As I put Him first He leads me in my every day life and activities. He is constantly speaking to me and I can say He is my best friend.

  283. I love reading scripture and than praying the words in that scripture for myself or my family or for others. It really starts to hit my heart in a tender spot. One time I was desperately in need of praying for a group of people and I got out my book of topics of scriptures and started praying the scriptures. I felt like the Lord led me to the scriptures under the headline called ‘Help” and yes, I definitely received the help from the Lord that I desperately needed. Here is the scripture verse I felt that the Lord led me to — Psalm 94:17 – 19 “Unless the Lord had been my help, I would soon have dwelt in silence. When I said, My foot is slipping, Your mercy and loving kindness, O Lord, held me up. In the multitude of my thoughts within me, Your comforts cheer and delight my soul. ” (amplified Bible). I am very happy for the Lord’s comfort and His ability to lift me up when I really needed it. I found so much comfort in that time of prayer that I did not want to leave, I felt so loved and comforted by the Lord. Thankful for His presence, and wishing you all to have that same comfort at different times when you commune with Him.

  284. Love that my friend forward this all to me. I lost my job so of course am down over not having a job. So I pray this study will lift my thoughts. Help me, encourage me to find a job and get me more focused on what God wants for my life. I have not been attending church so this will help get me back on the right track. Also life at home is not “easy” since all the kids left for school

  285. Thank you, Thank you Renee….what a true Blessing you are!!! After reading Day 3’s message, I just had an AHA moment and think it’s God’s voice talking to me. This is the first time that I’ve actually felt a peace and felt confident that he is telling me that I need to have daily dependence, interaction, and intimacy with Him. The verse “The Lord came and stood there, calling as at the other times, “Samuel! Samuel!’ Then Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant is listening.” ” 1 Samuel 3:10 was read at during church service on Sunday, and I came across it again on your Proverbs 31 website, and have prayed about spending more time with Him and getting into His word. I’m so guilty of turning to him for the Big ‘things’ but not turning to him for the day to day ‘things.’ ‘God is Good, All the Time! All the time, God is Good!’

    Thanks you!

  286. Spending time in God’s word, in prayer, and in wait….just quieting my soul to hear Him has helped me to discern when it’s really His voice I hear. And I’ve learned that the more you seek Him, the more you’ll hear Him.

    Loving the study so far! Can’t wait to delve even deeper!

  287. MomOfFour says:

    Probably the main thing I need to do to hear God’s voice is to put time aside everyday to spend time reading His word and meditating on it. Also, I remember a time when I really put in the effort to memorize scripture and that is so helpful. It is so great when the Holy Spirit brings His word to mind when you need it. Also, I agree with praying His word out loud. That is so powerful.

  288. Mary-Jean says:

    Just like the comment above, this is my first time responding to a blog posting. I just finished reading your devotional on the Proverbs 31 website. Your topic of hearing from God has been my life challenge. As a young mom I struggled withing the busyness of raising three boys. Two have moved away from home, and yet the challenge as a full-time working mom still remains. I have felt guilty, felt like quitting, felt inadequate…and yet the challenge STILL remains. I wonder if I will conquer it on this side of eternity. Yet, it must be attainable. The verse, ” Be still and know that I am God” can be encapsulated in the words, “Be still.” So easy, yet nearly impossible in the world’s cacaphony.
    As I get older, I am trying to get simpler in my plans. One thing I can do to become more familiar with God’s voice is to find a place and a time to just be still. Too long a time……and I fail again. Too fancy a place….and I won’t maintain it in the long run. Sooooo…for me…. I have begun to take even just 5 minutes in bed at night, before the light is turned out .I try to quiet the sounds of the day…. and the day to come– to God….and just be still. I don’t plan…argue…..or recite the plight of my day to Him. I just listen. ( I do need to be sitting upright or my eyes get heavy!!!!! 🙂 )
    I have been trying this in earnest since Christmas. God has been moving… the second half of the challenge begins… trust that it is Him in what He says and does. Hummmmm….a life challenge to be sure.

  289. I so want to hear God’s voice every day and struggle with whether I can even hear Him. One thing I am trying to do is to learn how to be still and clear my head so He can talk to me. I find my thoughts taking over and I wonder if I could just quit “talking/thinking inside” if that would help me hear His voice.

  290. Sometimes I feel that I’m not hearing God’s voice. The message this morning and the Proverbs 31 devotion touched me. I have asked God to open my ears and my eyes that I may hear and see Him whenever He speaks. That He will strengthen my trust in Him to follow what He tells me and where He sends me.

  291. What I know I need to do is take more time to spend in God’s presence. I do a little devotional and pray each morning and some times in the evening. But I don’t take the time to pray and just sit in his presence, waiting on Him. I know that I would hear from Him more if I do this.

  292. I am a college student and I was always brought in a Christian home and I believe in God and He’s the leader of my life. My family has gone through a lot and so my parents have taught me to have God. Yet, I realize I don’t sit down and do devotions or read the Bible. I always talk to God throughout the day. Today, I intentionally took time to sit down and just talked to him as I usually would. It was such an amazing, different experience, because I heard God’s voice. I sat there and I could just sense Him to trust Him with everything and I never have so clearly heard His voice as I did today.

  293. I must simply dwell in THE WORD more each day.

  294. Jennifer Rasor says:

    I have a lot of trouble sleeping at night…sometimes more than others. One thing I do to help me rest, focus my thoughts, and hear God’s voice is listen to sermon messages on CD or cassette tape as I drift off to sleep. It helps me focus on God’s Truth instead of worries, wandering thoughts, or frustration over lack of sleep. I have also been known to put in Christian movies to help me rest at night as well. Another thing I could do is just be still and pray…for others, for our country, for myself, pray God’s Word…I think I would hear God more often if I prayed more often.


  295. Thanks you so much for this study. My very best friend and sister in Christ is spending the winter in another state and we will not be together for our usual bible study so this is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn and grow and share in a different venue! I am already being challenged and stretched and I look forward to what God has in store for me tomorrow.

  296. In order for me to become mosr familiar with God’s voice, I need to spent more time in His word and being still so that I am able to hear His voice.

  297. The way i feel the closest to our God is to praise and worship him and I know if I took more time each day to do that i would draw closer to Him. Once i get through with praise and worship it takes me into an extended prayer time with Him. I want to draw closer and closer to Him each and everyday. Spending more time in his word has made me thirst for more of His word. I want to be transformed each and everytime i come into His presence……

  298. Loved the topic today! I always wonder…is this God speaking to me? Thank you for some guidelines to help me better discern what He wants from me.

  299. I know God is speaking to me all the time. I too have troubles knowing if it is me or God speaking. I am trying to be quiet and listen. The calmer I am the more I understand. I always feel better when I am helping God’s people, more so than when I am doing something for myself. Going through major changes causes the hearing to be distorted and I just need to sit and be quiet and know God is there with me.

  300. I’ve heard a lot about listening to God in prayer and to be honest I do not get it. Am I just suppose to sit there and wait? For what? I struggle with keeping my mind quiet. However I do see and sense the thread of. Ommon concepts that keep popping up in different areas of my daily life. I do have those “aha” moments when I can so clearly sense God showing me things, revealing my doubt, providing opportunities to believe and trust. On the way home today I took a different street because of road work. I was so busy praying and talking to God that I did not notice my surroundings. When I looked up it was the old neighborhood I grew up in. How I got there I am not sure. I watched the kids, the moms the people walking with groceries. I remembered what it was like to be a kid there. The fears, uncertainties and challenges I faced. How it had all left scars in my heart and mind. The furrows that had been plowed on my back and I remembered that God had found me there. He found me before I knew him. Before I knew that I would need him, before I knew that my life would depend on him. Before I knew and understood that it was for freedom that I was set free. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was surveying some of the land we had traveled. It was really not that far from where I was really going yet it was a world away and there the God of all creation reached out to that afraid little girl and kept her safe. He loved her, he called her with loving kindness and he made her free. It was him saying I am the same God now that I was then, you can trust me, I will take care of you, I love you.
    So I guess the thing I can do to practice living in the “hear and now” is listening.

  301. The question that has stuck out at me is from the first day of the study…What do I need to let go of to give You more? I need to designate time after my young 3 kids go to bed to spend time with him and let go of the TV! Use my tv time to be with Him and listen for His voice. Use this time to pray and study, to be still before Him.

  302. Hi,
    I am enjoying your daily posts, they keep me motivated.

    I need to spend more time in the Word and more time in prayer. Thanks for reminding us how important it is to listen to God’s voice.


  303. I need to learn to still my self and am doing so with the help of this reading each day.

  304. Renee, this is my second time through your study, I did the one with Melissa. I felt so empowered the first time through and acted on what I thought was God talking to me and it didn’t work out and I am left wondering if I really heard God or myself. There were two things, one was re-uniting with my husband and the other was a job offer that I really felt came from God but I didn’t take it. I felt as though I let God down by not accepting a position that He brought to me. And with my ex husband, I felt that although God was leading me, my heart was not in it and the reconciliation did not happen. I am so confused right now. I love your book, and carry it with me all the time, re reading each chapter and trying to grasp the confidence again. I am on my knees constantly. Thank you for the blog and the chance to vent.

  305. Sometimes it’s through God’s Word that He speaks and sometimes it’s just before getting out of bed that an idea or thought comes to mind and it is so clear and perfec,t it can only be from God. Then there’s those times of silence and waiting and wondering, He trusts me in those times and I need to trust Him and His timing. Just waiting to see the unfolding of His plan can through me right off, doubt and concern tumble in like a tidal wave, then the PDF gets thrown once again.

  306. I am consistently distracted–by demands, by worries, by technology, shiny objects (not really!) But seriously, it seems that when I try to pray or commit my thoughts to the Lord fears or worries or to-do lists creep in. I am convinced that Satan is present in these distractions. While I realize that God wants us to be faithful in our time with Him, I feel like He is also showing me that we all “do” our faith differently. For instance, I am much more likely to be disciplined in reading a scripture-based book like A Confident Heart than I am in trying to read the Bible in One Year (that was last year’s project. I still have two year’s worth of reading to do!) Similarly, prayer–I gravitate toward writing, and am a much faster typer than hand-writer. So God has really impressed upon me the need to write my prayers. Since I have started doing that regularly my relationship with God has been stronger and more consistent, I have been more likely to pray the more “traditional” way, and I feel like He is much more present in some battles I have been having. So I am thankful that He has given each of us our own ways of connecting with Him, of listening to and hearing his voice, and also that we have this platform for sharing. Your stories and observations have been a true encouragement this evening!

  307. mixing faith with the hearing

  308. A sure way for me to hear from God is to sit down with paper and pencil in hand. Then He and I have a conversation. Actually, He is speaking ALL the time. I just have to be sensitive to listen and follow with obedience.

  309. I felt clearly the Lord pursuing me through this Bible study. See, I lost my dad last year and through the grieving process, I think I lost a lot of will to read/study His word. As a true daddy’s girl, it was just all I could do to function like normal after that loss. A result of this has left me complacent and somehow not very confident in myself, just when I need Him the most. So I felt the tug of the Spirit moving me into some sort of bible study. I then “happened” to come across the Proverbs31 website where I found the link to this study.
    I will say, one thing I have learned in this situation is to be open and honest in my prayer life with God. I can truly come to Him at all times in various moods, for any need. I believe my prayer life was very formal or something before. I think the one thing I could do to become more familiar with God’s voice is to stay in constant communication with Him. I think also stopping to listen, instead of me, me, me. I am learning patience, to wait on His move/word.
    I am truly excited about learning in this Confident Bible Study, for the first time in quite awhile.

  310. A way for me to hear from the Lord is to sit and read His Word and meditate upon it. Also singing draws me closer to the Lord as well.

  311. A way for me to be able to hear God’s voice is just being still sometimes. Other times it takes me getting active and taking a walk in God’s creation to settle my heart and mind. This is besides having my time with Him every morning!

  312. Yes! I want to recognize when and how God is speaking to me. I want to depend on Him each day. I do meditate on His word. I want to deepen my faith and I desire to be used greatly in His kingdom. Writing draws me closer to Him.
    Thank you and I do want to complete the Confidant Woman Bible study!! Please enter my name to win the Listening to God packet. Thank you.

  313. For me hearing God speak to me takes silence around me and in my mind. My mind is always running around and saying there are more things you should be doing than sitting here trying and waiting to hear God’s voice.
    My best time of talking to God and waiting for him is: in the carpool line….I know people think I am crazy cause I will talk like someone is in the car next to me not to mention I sing His praise !!!
    Be Blessed

  314. Becky Henderson says:

    This is a struggle of mine right now. I constantly pray for God’s guidance & for Him to take the lead, but I don’t think I ever actually sit still to listen. I jump too fast at things & I just need to live in the “hear and now”. I believe God is speaking to me right now through you! Thank you!

  315. Stay in His Word and be quiet… not always be thinking of what I’m going to do next, but pause to let Him lead me. Thanks, Renee!

  316. Tonya Ellison says:

    Discerning God’s voice has been on of my biggest struggles. I was excited to see questions that I can ask myself to help me see if what I’m hearing or feeling is God speaking to me or if it’s my own voice. I have to adnit that I felt guilty at first because I dont feel that I have any authority to “question” if God is truly talking to me and I wonder if I’m just not walking in faith. But after reflecting on the topic and praying, I don’t feel as bad or as guilty about going through a series of questions. I want to deicern God’s voice and I NEED to hear his voice at times. Some situation are too important not to make certain it is God’s voice and not mine.

  317. To help me hear God’s voice, I need to be in a quiet space. While I know he talks to me throughout the day, I seem to listen the best when I am without distractions.

  318. Love your devotion AND what you have here at your site today. “Hear and now.” That is so good. I am SO guilty of wanting Him to let me know the main plan and then I try to get there on my own. Not asking for His direction ALL along the way. Not taking it day by day. Step by step. But right now I am in the midst of a season where it HAS to be day by day. Step by step. I have NO idea how get to where I think He is leading me. 🙂 And I guess that’s a really good thing. I need to realize that when I think I know the way and stop asking Him questions and waiting for His voice, that is actually a dangerous place to be.

    Love you bunches.
    K 🙂

  319. I need to do less talking. I have the tendency to talk and talk and I need to ask God my questions and then actually take the time to listen.

  320. I just know!! He is always speaking!! Mostly I catch it because of like Renee said:: repetitive themes throughout. The things I read and here from Pastor Brian, And just things I run across: it sticks out!! I can’t help but to just “know” it is from Dad 🙂

  321. Dawn Tuller says:

    I’m afraid that I’ve said no to much lately out of weakness and can’t hear Him much anymore. I trying to get it back – the recognizing of His voice. You challenged us with what are we going to cut back on or give up for this study. I’ve committed to getting up at 7 (which isn’t working) and no TV online – that one I’ve kept. I just want to hear Him speak to me. Thank you Renee for leading and for your time.

  322. Virginia Flores says:

    What Brought me closer to God was when I had to go to the Hospital for a stomach ache, they did an exam and did some testing, I was told that they found something in my Uterus which could have been cancer. I started praying more and started getting closer to God, I started putting all my faith in God. The Dr.s told me I had to get a biopsy done, at this point I wasnt fearful but I continued to pray. When I went for the biopsy I had my sisters there praying over me, as I laid on the bed I wasnt scared, I could feel Gods presences there with me. I placed everything in Gods hands. About a week later I went back in for the test results, everything was negative and I remember the Dr. telling me it wasnt cancer. I had put all my trust in God, I felt a sense of relief. I am so greatful to know God, he is my father, I praise him everyday and give thanks.

  323. It is amazing to me right this moment that you mentioned watching the movie The Gospel of John. I have had that movie sitting here on my desk for a 1 1/2 years and never put it in to watch it. I had forgotten about it until I read today’s message. I know it’s no coincidence that the first Bible study I ever did was on the book of John. I can hear God’s voice in this. Thanks for this very practical suggestion. Thank you for taking time to write to all of us.

  324. I agree with you, Kimberly! I, too, want to know God’s plan and then go ahead on my own to do it. I struggle so often with doubting myself or what I feel I “heard”. I need to take each day one at a time and seek to live “hear and now” and seek his voice each step of the way. Thank you, Renee, for all of your great insights!

  325. Abbie Wells says:

    First, I want to start by saying that I am absolutely excited for what I will have learned through this study! God is really equipping me at this time in my walk….with the current teaching at church on praying, and not only praying but BOLDLY praying, and then this part in our study on hearing God’s voice.
    One thing that I have really learned to rely on when listening for God is His peace. I usually get an overwhelming sense of peace from Him when I have been praying about an issue or seeking guidance or wisdom in areas of my life that I am such a need for Him to lead, and when He speaks to me on what I am to do or what steps to take, He also adds a peace to His words.

    But, to answer the question on what is one thing that I could do to become more familiar with God’s voice, it would be to spend more time in His word. I know how important it is to spend time in His word, and I need to make it more of my daily schedule.

  326. I know that one way I can become more familiar with God’s voice is to journal about our time together in His Word and prayer. That way I can more easily see consistencies between His thoughts and what I’m hearing. Plus, it will help keep me faithful in meeting Him daily as I look forward to what He is going to tell me each day!

  327. I hear the voice of God best when I am in the Word and prayer through out the day. Not just starting my day off but having a God awareness all day. Refocusing my thoughts on Him when I get distracted by the world. Also when I feel His leading, not shrinking back but stepping out of my comfort zone in whatever He is asking of me. And being available to encourage others when the opportunity arises. These are times when I feel the closest to Him and feel His presence and strength work through me. I just need to work this into a daily habit. I have experienced all this and I get frustrated with myself that I still shrink back into my shell of fear and doubt. Thank you for this study that is helping me to get out of my shadow of doubt and put my trust in Jesus, knowing full well that He is more than capable of helping all of us move past our fears and walls that we have built up.

  328. I am so grateful to be apart of this study and group of Sisters in Christ. Its wonderful to know that im not alone, hearing the voice of God and knowing that its His voice and not my own. I also grew up in churchs were people always have a word for you so that kept me confused. Thank you for this message to my soul today and thank you ladies for sharing your journey!

  329. I absolutely love the prayer from the Proverbs 31 devotion today.

    Dear Lord, I want to become a woman who listens to You. I come to You today with a seeking heart, asking not only for direction but for discernment, humility and dependence on You — each step of the way. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    I am divorced now, but when I was married I kept a prayer journal & I would pray that I would be a good wife, one that would make my husband happy. It wasn’t until I was divorced and I read back on some of those journals that I realized I was praying the wrong words. I should have been praying to be the wife God wanted me to be. Sometimes it isn’t about what we want but rather what we need. Only God knows what each of us needs and He is good about providing it for us. He provided some things I needed that were quite painful and horrible to deal with but it was definitely a testimony to all things work together for the good of those who love Him.

    I am thankful to have been led to this bible study and excited to live more confidently in Christ.

  330. I know that when I am close to the Lord, regularly in His Word, I feel closer to Him. I also feel like my eyes are opened and my ears attentive to subtle nudgings from Him…like a verse I come upon in my reading, words in a song, a book I am reading, a conversation with a friend…they all seem to take on an intertwined feeling…like God is using all of them to make sure I don’t miss His point! But He is a gentleman…he doesn’t cram it down my throat…it just envelops me…knowing He’s there always and that he can turm even the most meaningless moment or situation into an areana for His glory and splendor.

  331. The one thing I am doing is meditating on His word and then spending alone time with God and tuning everything else out. This bible study is just what I need at this time in my life. Thanks for the opportunity and for all you do.

  332. One thing that I could do to become more familiar with God’s voice is to speak less and listen more. Lately, I’ve been struggling with finding my purpose in life. I tend to ask a lot of questions and one friend told me that I say “I” a lot and that I should trying saying God instead. When my friend is trying to explain something in the Bible to me, I often say, but “I this…” and “I that…” She told me to keep praying and really listening to what God wants and not what I want. What I like about this study group so far is that I am keeping up with it every day, and that helps me to talk to God daily. You see, I said TALK, not LISTEN. I’m having a hard time having faith and turning everything over to God. I’m hoping this Book will help me feel confident enough to put all my trust in God.

  333. Jackie Richard says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for those words. Believe it or not, I needed to hear someone else say that today. I was journaling this morning and this was the very focus of my writing. It is amazing how God works because I was writing and then my kids woke up. I wasn’t finished yet but I came downstairs to get their breakfast and opened this devotion. You picked up exactly where I left off and continued for me. It was like looking in a mirror at myself and my own issues. The bible study I am in now has really caused me to take another, harder look at myself and how well I listen. You and I have a great deal in common and I thank you for sharing your story and, even more, I thank God for telling me to open this devotion. I am glad I listened. Thank you again.

    Yours in Christ–

  334. I’m a little behind in the study, but I’m looking forward to this adventure with God and all of you.

  335. How can i hear Gods voice? this has always been my number one question. As i meditated more on he’s word i sense him more. I feel he is telling me , he needs sometime alone with me , in the morning! early morning lol befored kids are up and life starts rolling for the day. Second this question brings my child like cartoon picture to mine, good angel vs. bad angel lol good action God bad action umm not God. Also thanks for sharing about your husband closet that was confirmation for me. I have been hearing lately in my spirit these words “ministry starts at home” as i asked the lord what do i need to do for ministry Woa’ he does have a sense a humor!lol .

    So i will put into action waking up early befored my kids get going, to spend time alone with God. i will minister in my home with my actions as the Lord guides me! please please pray for me!!!
    It amazes me that for someone with so much fear of rejection who wants i can be so stuborn and selfish, prideful at times? Refining process right?

    God bless u all

    p.s. thank u again for this study and honesty

    • Thank you for this post. The “ministry starts at home” comment really hit home for me. It is too easy sometimes to be kind and patient to those around you for fifteen minutes or an hour. (ie at church, work, and in other public places) It is much more difficult to maintain patience and kindness and MERCY/GRACE for those we do life with all day every day.

  336. I could possible just lay still a couple of minutes before my feet hit the floor and say good morning Holy Spirit I need you to bring on the confort, as I will be doing my Father’s will today and not my will but His will, bring only the task that will give God the Glory. Amen and Amen!

  337. Andrea Gallasch says:

    I find God speaks to me most through Bible verses deep in my memory from over the years. At a time of need I will at times “hear” a relevent verse I hadn’t thought about for a long time, and I just know the Lord is speaking to me into my present situation.

    • The same thing happens with me. Although, I am always seconding guessing myself and ask, “Lord, is that really You speaking to me?”.

  338. I think that if I would spend time during my quiet time actually listening and not just doing all the talking and reading, then I would hear His voice more clearly.

  339. I have been a Christian since I was four years old, but grew up in a very judgmental and hypocritical church. After high school, I did not go to church for 18 years, then went back when my children were little. Since then, I have been struggling with how to draw closer to God, and how to learn to really pray outside of my shallow, rote style prayers. I struggle with really feeling that God considers me special or worthy to be with Him. I have read part of the book already, and worked through the questions, because I got it before I knew about the study, but am finding it helpful as I work toward finding true closeness with God. I look forward to truly feeling close to Him and learning to discern His voice and will in my life!

    • Kathy, I have your same story. I am trying to find my voice with Christ, and to pray with my own heart. Worthiness has always been an issue for me, too. I’m glad you are here and, We will learn together.

    • Praying for you and your daughter!

  340. Pamela Ackerman says:

    One thing God has really been revealing to me lately is to spend time with Him quiet, just listening. I have my quiet time every day but God has been getting me up earlier so that it can be longer. In recent days, in addition to praying and reading my Bible, I have spent fifteen minutes each time just trying to quiet myself and think on Him. I hear God in other ways throughout the day and, so far, my fifteen minute Times of Quiet haven’t yielded anything that I can tell. But I know God wants me to do this and He is going to honor that I am trying to improve in this area. God bless you, Renee, and everyone! So grateful for your book and this study!!

  341. I am so very thankful to be a part of this study. I’ve been a christian for many years, but I still struggle with some selfish choices I’ve made in my life. I know that I am forgiven, however I struggle with trusting God. Therefore, I try to rely on my own self confidence which is fragile. What a relief to know that my confidence is not in me, but in God.

  342. Im learning everyday that its not about me but about God and my obedience to him. Im nite to worry about what everybody is doing. Im learning to give my best to Him regardless how my day is going and the frustration i my feel at times to my children n husband. i need to please the Lord more and love more w patience and gentleness.

  343. I have to be careful when listening for God to speak to me, sometmes I confuse my own ideas with His. I like the questions, especially “Is it consistent with God’s leading through doors He’s opened and closed.” I am guilty of opening doors myself out of impatience. I plan/desire to seek God more diligently and really listen and not step out without His guidance.

  344. I’ve never really shared my story. I would like to share what happened the night before last. My 18 year old daughter came home stoned or so I thought. She said she wasn’t, but I know what I saw. Also, yesterday my husband found some alcohol in her car. As you might imagine, satan was doing his no goods. Because of this I “know” that I am walking closer to GOD than ever before. I do not like what she is doing. She told me last evening that she didn’t want to talk to me and she had nothing to say to me. HA! Her reason? I always have a GOD verse to tell her. AMEN!!! I am going to continue to pray for her. She said stop send her text bible verses. THANK YOU JESUS! I am going to send the verses. I am thankful to God for bringing her home safely. I have had some much happen to me before I saved 8 years ago. I live in a small town and in this town they have groups. I have been here since 1983. I am still an outsider. It is family groups in the churches and of course “experience” counts as well. For some reason people think that they can ride on the skirt tails of the parents and grandparents. GOD is in control, not peopel. In saying this, it is very hard to tell people here what is going on at home. I am learning to talk to GOD, he won’t spread it at the local school and city offices. It was hard to find a mentor here. I recently found one that I trust and she gives me so much support and helps me with my daily walk. So today I want to share what God has laid on my heart and what I have learned from Renee’s book. I was able to implement yesterday. I stayed in the light! woo hoo. He told me to read Jer. 29: 11-14. I listen to KLove. I kept humming This is the Air I Breathe. I admit I was running on 3 hours of sleep. God is good. I am on my way to this Confident Heart. God Bless y’all.

  345. My hearts’ desire is to a “woman who listens to God. But, sometimes I’m not sure if it’s God talking or just me thinking”. Soooo many times in my life I thought God was talking but it was just me thinking and I acted on my thoughts and really messed up alot and hurt alot of people in my life because of my decisions. Then I became extremely fearful of making any decisions!!! For the last 20 years I have been living in this fear and paralyzed to have hope or make any decsions because I doubted myself, not trusting God.BUT, praise God , He never gave up on me…He has brought me to a place of hope and trust. I trust you Jesus is my mantra!!

  346. One thing I could do is to read the Bible to get to know Him, having myself quiet before Him, expecting and believing Him to speak to me in His timing. Many times fail doing so because I am afraid if I never understand and know Him speaking to me… Big fear and doubt is blocking. So, I need to remind myself not to listen to those lies but to focus on the God’s words. and never give up!

  347. I’ve started listening to God’s Word read to me on Not only am I learning how to pronounce all those OT names and places, I really getting a whole new perspective of Him and His Word by listening to it being read. I read along and plan to start taking some notes on what God is saying to me and what I have questions about for further study.

    Thank you Rene for offering this study, I am especially thankful for the pace and daily emails of encouragement. God bless you today!

  348. Good Morning I’m so glad to have so many of you feeling the same way I do about listening for God’s voice. I believe he hears me but wants me to be still a wait on him. I have patience but so many things are happening in y life right now i don’t no which way to turn. I see that Renee says that book can be purchased for 8.99 at this moment I don’t have that would love to have the book to continue reading and understanding God’s purpose for my life, I just need so help. I really enjoy all of the stories and blessing you offer they lift me up and gives me hope and courage. Glory be the God.

  349. what works for me is getting in his presence first thing in the morning, my prayer closet is the best results.n
    No t.v on and no radio turn off the telephone as well pure Peace………Have A Blessed Day ……SHALOM SHALOM…….

  350. Being “present” when in His word.
    Allowing the spirit to speak to my heart.
    Thank you for the encouragement.

  351. Exactly what I needed read! Thanks Renee. GOD IS AMAZING! May I learn to live in the HEAR and NOW.

  352. Laura Callaghan says:

    I too like Renee find that I try to do the “work of God” and be “responsible” without listening and checking in with God on HOW He wants me to do something. I think it has something to do with being a mom – Aren’t we supposed to take care of things? I really appreciated this message.

  353. I really needed to read this story. It’s so easy to convince myself that the voice in my head is something I can or should ignore. I want to know what direction God is leading me in. I need to know what direction He’s leading me in. It feels like I’m driving 90 miles an hour down a path that I have no idea where I’m supposed to be going. Just like we sometimes argue with the GPS in our cars, I’m arguing with that voice in my head even when I know I shouldn’t. It’s so hard to be still and stopping to read the Bible more and talking to God more frequently and listening for that voice so I can really start to recognize it and know that I can confidently follow that voice and everything will be okay. I need to stop being so afraid of everything and stop doubting myself so much. Thank you for being there for us and showing us the way.

  354. I have such a hard time discerning God’s voice…is this my own voice and will wanting to do this? Or is it truly God whispering in my ear. I am still struggling but your devotional e-mail helped at the exact moment I needed it the most. Thank you. My mind is constantly wondering and running; thinking that if I do this that I will grow closer to God, that if I do this others will see how God works and know that He is the truth and provides. But, He wants me to listen, and though I am still struggling at what that looks like, you devotional truly helped me and brought it to our attention. Thank you.

  355. I also struggle with discerning God’s voice. I’m trying to be more consistant with my Bible reading. I know that will help me tremendously. Thank you for this!

  356. Thank you Renee! I am at a crossroads with a job decision and this devotion was written just for me! I really want to do what God wants, I don’t think I’m holding onto anything. You spoke as if I wrote this devotional myself!!! I have signed up for your online Bible study and I thank you for all you are doing to be the hands and feet of the Lord.

  357. One thing that has helped me was an emergency in my family.This emergency has forced me to step out of several leadership responsibilities to care for my father. In the process I realized I was doing many things *for* God but wasn’t sure they were all things He had called me to be involved in. By clearing my plate, so to speak, I am more conscience about the things I put back on to it. Relationships rather than activities have become more prominent. I still struggle with wanting to DO things but I keep reminding myself that God is concerned with who I am BEcoming more than what I am DOing. I remembered the phrase “We are human BEings not human DOings”.
    So I guess the one thing I could do/have done is say Yes less often and more slowly so there is less clutter and I can actually hear God.

  358. I need to make myself be still instead of always buzzing around! I liglhtly think “God, can’t catch up with me” and even though this sound comical – it is all too true! I need to sit still and listen for Him!

  359. For me, I had to learn to include the Holy Spirit into my everyday life and give Him room to speak to me and into my life. The more I am in His word, the more familiar I become with his language, the better I hear Him. I am so thankful for this study!

  360. Thanks so much for this posting. I really needed this just at this moment. Guess God was speaking to me? ; ) I still feel a need to “do” something. Charge ahead. Make things happen.
    Thanks again.

  361. Vonda Walker says:

    God speaks to me a lot of times thru the Daily Devotions I receive or thru a songs lyrics. I will pray and turn the matter over to Him and then try to wait to see what His answer is – I don’t necessarily always like His answer – God & I have had numerous disagreements – but He always wins out!

    • I love that you say you have disagreements…’s obvious that it is a relationship with God that you have. 🙂

  362. God is so faithful! I have a real problem with self doubt! I’m very excited about reading a confident heart! I know he has led me to your site and the study. I struggle with listening too then I second guess myself and don’t feel I can accomplish what I’m called to do. I know that is the devils way of keeping me still when I need to move. I am trusting God as I proceed with this study. I watched a DVD called the encounter and it was very helpful in seeing how God does work around and among us. I am looking forward to seeing the DVD on the book of John. Thank you for your ministry and Gid bless you!!

  363. I need to be PATIENT and QUIET and listen for his voice.

  364. I know that I have vividly heard God’s voice in the past. Sometimes I wonder how I fall away from that so easily. It’s a day to day struggle, but I am believing that God will work with me in my humanness. I love reading and hearing about so many others who face the same struggles just because it makes me feel as if I am never alone and NORMAL! 🙂 I also recognize that being patient and quiet in the business of life is important so that I don’t miss the quiet whispers. Determined to grow….persevere….to discover all that God has for us in this life! 🙂

  365. I am so grateful to have found this website. One of my goals in 2012 is to really learn to discern God’s voice and to obey him. One way I do this is when thinking negative thoughts, I recite to myself “to take every thought and make it captive to Christ”, and then ask God what he wants to to replace that thought with, what is His truth?

  366. I need to read God’s Word more consistently and then sit and listen. I need to trust that I am worthy to be used for His purpose on a daily basis.

    • Wow! Your words are the same as my prayer for myself. I have such a hard time stopping to listen.
      I get distracted easily, especially by the negative thoughts I have carried for many years. There are times that I feel too insignificant to approach God. As I have read many posts I believe God has shown me that I am not alone in my journey to become not only a confident woman, but a person who is worthy of His love. So many of us share the same struggles as we walk through our lives. I am looking forward to digging into God’s word as I complete this study.

  367. “I sat on looking out the window, wondering what the future held. My excitement, mixed with the fear of getting over-committed, ignited a rapid firing of thoughts: What would I say yes or no to? What was God calling me to do? How would I figure out His plans and purpose for my schedule?”
    This is exactly where I am today. I am sitting in a coffee shop window about to embark on a new career. Exciting, yes; Apprehensive, yes! In Ester “For such a time as this” comes to mind. I have been trained my entire life for this moment. “Motherhood is not for the faint at heart”. That doesn’t finish when they start to move out, go to college and especially not high school. I home schooled for the last 14 1/2 years and now my son has been put in high school, all three girls are in college and I am beginning a new career. I am so thankful for the community of “Confident Heart”. I needed a Bible Study, but couldn’t find one to fit into my schedule. I am so thankful to know there are ladies lifting me up in pray all of the USA today.

  368. How do you upload a photo to the box? I love the quilt patterns, but wondered how some people have uploaded a photo.

  369. What helped me a lot was prayer, as well as christian music. Music has always moved me. Once I found out how to use the the blue-tooth on my phone I put the songs on it, and then God led me to download the N.I.V. AUDIO BIBLE. I put it on my phone, I started with the New Testament and it really brought the bible to life for me. Actually listening to the words of Christ as well as God made a huge impact for me.
    I put my headphones on plug it into my phone and listen whenever I can. I listen to the music when I workout, in my car etc. The bible I usually listen to at night before bed.
    I have also signed up for the daily bible reading on the website, I have emails everyday with chapters of the bible as well as daily devotionals and encouragement. In fact that is how I found you Renee, and your book. I also have my fathers bible that I read.

    The more I listen and read the more I believe in what The Lord is saying and I believe it is meant for me as much as everyone else. Now I can calm my thoughts and pay attention to what God is saying to me, what is meant for me and my life. Thanks again Renee for writing this book, your words and encouragement paved the way for me to have a life dedicated to Christ and the word of God. A year ago my life was a complete wreck, 4 months ago I asked my local library if they could get a copy of your book. My future has never looked this bright EVER. Keep writing and sharing. 🙂

  370. I have been writing scriptures on notecards for several years now. It gives me a quick way to to remind myself of His promises. I started this week writing a scripture at the top of the page in my spiral notebook, (my version of a day planner) so that as I look at the tasks for the day I can read it several times throughout the day. Today I wrote, “The Lord will work out His plans for my life – for Your faithful love, o Lord, endures forever. Don’t abandon me, for You made me.” Psalm 138:8 Have a great day everyone!

    • Thank you so much for your suggestion Kim. Writing scriptures on notecards is a great idea and when I thought about doing that, I decided that writing them in a small notebook that I could carry in my purse or pocket would be best for me. (I’m pretty sure I would lose the notecards) Yesterday I was trying to recall Romans 8:28 which is a verse that I memorized decades ago & has been a comfort to me through really tough times. Unfortunately I am losing my memory and when I couldn’t remember this verse, I burst into tears. It was frustrating and scarey to think that I won’t always be able to bring verses to mind when I need them. I think a small notebook will really help. That way I only have to keep track of one thing. I am also praying that I will be able to feel God’s presence when I need to remember his promises and can’t because I do know that he will use my situation for good. Bless you!

  371. Kim Beasley says:

    I lean on God’s Word to help me discern if it’s the nudging of the Holy Spirit or my flesh or the enemy speaking to me. I know what I want to do (flesh). I also know the enemy is a liar and wants to take me down. So, when I am hearing, feeling, or thinking something that makes me sad or makes me feel unworthy, uncapable, or mean and negative, I know that is not from God. So, when I am nudged to fix my husband breakfast when I am mad at him and would rather jab him with “no breakfast” – I make him breakfast!! That just happened this morning, too!! I didn’t want to do it, but I knew that not doing is is fostering anger and resentment in my heart and marriage – that is not what God wants. He want my heart to be humble, forgiving, and loving. It takes some practice, but God blesses me over and over and it gets easier and easier to know when it is Him talking and loving on me!! Have a great day!

  372. I do notice when I’m in the word more & I feel little promptings to serve someone in a specific way or do something in particular- when I think about the scriptures I’ve read or have been reading, I’m pretty sure I can know God is the one doing the prompting:)

  373. Tina Marie Olson says:

    You know over the past week, I have been asked by three different people how I hear God, and how I know it is Him. This is something I struggle with too. So, I decided to really spend some time meditating over this. So, I prayed, and here is my findings:

    Last night, I was looking for a book I had been reading. As I was looking for this book, I found book after book on “hearing God.” I believ…e I counted 23 before I was done. As, I stood there looking at this pile of books, I realized something profound.

    I have read most of these books and plan to read them all. But, I can read every one of those books over and over again. They will teach me ways to hear God, but just because I read the book does not mean I will all the sudden just start hearing God’s voice. It’s quite simple really. If we want to hear God’s voice, we have to spend time in His presence learning to hear His voice.

    It’s like this, I talk to my friend Doodles everyday or at least every other day. When I pick up the phone and hear her voice, I immediately know who it is. I recognize it because I have known her for almost 20 years. I hear it all the time. I have another friend that I don’t talk to very often, I don’t see often, but we are still friends. When she calls, I don’t always recognize her voice. It’s because I don’t hear it all the time.

    If I don’t spend time focusing on God, and hearing His voice and recognizing it, then I may be hearing Him without recognizing it. I used to expect this audible, holy, and strong voice when I would wait to hear from God. Just like my one friend has a very specific voice and tone, my other friend has a very specific voice and tone. Since I hear Doodles voice everyday, I 99% of the time recognize it without hesitation. Since I don’t hear my other friends voice that often, I rarely recognize her voice.

    So, how do I hear God’s voice. Well, it’s when I spend more and more time quietly in His presence and in His Word (He speaks through His Word to us as well). I am still working hearing Him at will, but I do hear His voice. I just need to make sure I spend time talking to Him as much as I do my friend Doodles, that way even when I am busy or I just need a right then Word, I can automatically recognize it in the same way I recognize my friends voice.

    Funny thing, I got all this wonderful revelation last night, I came in this morning and opened my email to find a devotional titled: “Listening to God’s Voice.” You think God might be trying to tell me something? I think it’s quite obvious. Me thinks, He is asking me on a date to come sit at His feet, drink from the cup in His had, lay back against Him, and breathe. He wants me to simply seek Him. I bet He has something great to tell me. Ya think?

    Sorry for the length, but I guess this is a little repentance for me as well.

  374. I have found that I too have had trouble discerning God’s voice from my own. I love the simplification that “it wasn’t my voice”, it wasn’t what you wanted. I have also found that when I am in His word more, I can find links that I may have missed before. I am also doing a companion devotional with Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling along with Jesus Lives. I do not always read each day with each devotional; however, when I do open Jesus Lives, it has every relevance to the daily devotional regardless of which day. That is significant. HIs word is always relevant, but at times it is hard to make the connections. That is what I hope to learn (among many other things) during this study.

  375. To be Familiar with God, I am reading the Bible and trying to relate to the scriptures that I have been place in front of me. I am really struggling with hearing his word but I feel that I’m just missing it. You mention themes and I keep on saying why am I hearing the word from the Preacher, from scripture and from devotions that I am reading. I am convince it’s all God.
    Thanks for your devotions you are truly helping and blessing people. 🙂

  376. I tell my 12 year old daughter that when a thought or idea keeps coming to her and she keeps pushing it away (but it always comes back) that is the Holy Spirit guiding her. She needs to stop what she is doing and LISTEN. So, I guess the best thing I can do for me is to take my own advice! I spend time with God every day, either by reading, listening to Christian music or praying, but I don’t take enough time to LISTEN! I hope that while building my confidence to not only believe in Him but to BELIEVE HIM I will learn how to really listen to God and follow his lead confidently and obediently!

  377. In order to hear God’s voice, I need to be quiet. That sounds simple enough, but it’s hard to put into practice. My church is doing a 21-day fast starting Saturday, and I’m fasting facebook, TV, and sweets. I’m hoping to hear His voice when I have more time to devote to listening.
    Each morning I start my day with a small devotion and a journal, and I share my thoughts and seek God for direction and wisdom, but I don’t usually stop and wait and be quiet so He can speak to me. I’m working on being still and waiting for Him.

  378. Spend more alone time in His word and waiting on Him to speak to me.

  379. I am enjoying this study so much. I took the list of promises and personalized it as suggested by inserting my name. Then, I did one for my mom, my sister and both my children and my son’s girlfriend. I love that we can read these promises with OUR name on them. I am working on hearing God’s voice and trying to become a sheep that KNOWS my master’s voice.

  380. I long to hear His voice! I have a calling that I think He has laid on my heart and I keep questioning it. Trying to figure out how or why He would want me to do something such as this? Always asking does He really want me to do this????
    Thanks for what you do and it was good to see you in Memphis last week!

  381. Being quiet is so key to hearing God’s voice. I have had TAWGs (Time Alone with God) and DAWGs (Day Alone with God) many times. Spending concentrated time in quiet, meditating on who God is, writing in my journal is one way I know I’ll hear Gods’ voice. Sometimes it’s hard to make this time, but it is always so well worth it.

  382. Listening for God’s voice was so hard for me! I felt led to join a Bible study at church and one of the first assignment when I was really struggling with this was to sit perfectly still, while you were all alone and let the Spirit of God wash over you. I just happened to be home alone at the time, which was very rare and decided to try. I can not encourage everyone to just do this! Sit with your eyes closed and just focus on the Spirit of the Lord! The feeling that comes over you are unreal! You feel so close to the Lord and just so refreshed and I can not even think of more words to describe how this was. Ever since then I have felt such a closeness with God I know when He is speaking to my heart!

  383. The whisper I have been hearing in my ear since Christmas Eve is “Be still, and know that I am God”. Be still. And I am so NOT! Ps. 46:10 is now my verse for this year. I need to make a conscious effort to block out some of the noise and find or make the time to spend time ALONE with the Lord. This study is a great start. The questions at the end of the first chapter are really difficult for me, reminding me of events or circumstances I’d rather not think about. But I’m already seeing how those things have affected me in my adult life. This study is such a blessing already. And how wonderful to know that there are 8000 of us studying and praying together! AWESOME!

  384. My biggest obstacle I face, is when I know God has laid something on my heart, something he’s called me to I always result to “I’ll Pray About It.” I know in the pit of my stomach and the constant nudging of the Holy Spirit, that I shouldn’t have to pray about it…He’s already spoke! The only thing I should be praying about is the who, what, when and where guidance on what’s he’s already told me to do. So with a this bible study, I’m going to pray not only to build my self esteem about myself but also trusting God in what he is telling me to do and being more Confident and couragous with my life assignments in glorifying Jesus and his Kingdom. I thank God for this being my 1st study of 2012 and for each of you here posting and sharing and praying for one another.

  385. There is no way that this is happenstance. As I grow and learn about who our Lord is, I am aware of His leading, even in the ‘little’ promptings and encouragements. In His love, He meets each of us where we are at in our lives. I am ever so grateful for this! I am in tears, even as I type this, tears of release, and of the hope of ‘being made new’.

  386. I hear him often speaking to me. It’s that little voice inside my head. The one I know I should be listening to, but sometimes ignore. It’s when I ask myself a question, and a word or phrase pops into my head. I need to learn to trust that what I’m hearing is the truth. I just need to learn to walk more in my truth. Listen to that inner voice. The one that leads me to the right path.

  387. I am making a commitment to spend specific time in God’s Word each and every day. The time to do this will be easy to find as I trust God to pull me out of the depression I have been in and have the confidence to merely face each day. I know that I have been led to this study so that I can be alive again. I had prayed so long for my marriage and knew that God wanted me there, that when my husband of nearly 30 years left me 3 years ago and then divorced me last May, I literally felt abandoned and rejected on every level. My confidence in everything disappeared completely. I am praying that I can internalize everything I learn while in this study.
    I do believe that this is God calling me back to Him.

  388. God is good.

  389. peggybythesea says:

    I thank all of you for your honesty and truth…It is safe here and that is something I need…my trust in God is strong and i feel i hear Him slowly after my mental breakdown over the last months…I know I have to start over sort of because the way I was doing things in the past year have not worked or it would not have happened. I do believe God speaks in so many ways and my eyes and ears are so much more open now. I have trust issues with myself so I have to be ever so careful it’s not something i am hearing because Peggy wants it to be…Thank you all for your love and support…

    • You are right, this is a safe place and I am glad you came. I had my breakdown on 2/15/08. I remember it so well, because I use it as a password for one of my emails. 215NLIC.. NLIC = New life in Christ. I was doing all the right things for everyone, but me. I found out that day in the hospital that if I wasn’t taking care of me, I was not doing all the right things for everyone. I did not have to prove anything to God, He just wants us to be still and know that He is God.
      Thank you for being honest and I will be praying for you and “thank you for your honesty and truth”

  390. Gabrielle says:

    I think one thing that God is really trying to teach me in this season, is to not only be more patient.. but not to worry when he has revealed his plan for me. Often times, I focus on what I NEED to do to get it done that I actually go about screwing everything up! Its hard to let go sometimes, and relinquish control. But I have learned recently that this sense of “control” I have is a false sense of control… because God is in control! I have also learned that just because God shows you a vision for you life, doesnt mean the journey is going to be easy. I have never been one that likes change. Actually I hated it, but I have experienced so much change in the last 2 years that I know God is trying to help develop me for the better. To trust him in every turn and to know that even though things may look grim or a certain way now, that it doesnt mean that the vision and revelation he has shown me will not come to pass. So I hope to become more confident in him and his word, to depend on more like never before. To be able to meditate and get the message he wants for me beneath the surface words Im reading and apply it to my life. To slow down among by busy day and to have that balance. Just how I can say no to others, to say no and make time for him no matter what! I want to grow to be who he has called me to be. A confident woman of God , who is independent but God dependent in the same light.

    • Gabrielle says:

      And I also want to be able to differentiate if its him taking to me, or just my emotions, cause sometimes I act off emotions which isnt the best option at all, and makes it worse. I want to step back, pause and listen when he directs me. I want to be able to hear his voice better and more esp as it relates to all aspects of me, including the direction and purpose for my life.

      • Dianne Tonpi says:

        I am an older christian woman and it amazes me how many times I ask God the same questions. What do you want me to do Lord?, Where do you want me to go? I travel along in my daily life and talk to God, deal with my kids, (I am a widow) go to work etc etc and when I sit and talk to God at the end of the day, we look back over the day and God shows me the people he has bought to me, the decisions we have made the mistakes I have made and the highs and lows of each day. The next morning I ask God the same questions: What do you want me to do today?, where to go? Being obedient to him, daily is one of the hardest things I do, but when, together we look back over the day he shows that he even gives me the strength and the ability to do that. Thank you Jesus for being my Lord!

  391. This is the year that scripture seems to be my focus, it seems that we can recognize lots of scripture but
    are we really meditating on memorizing. I am slowly working on making scripture more of a meditation, somedays are lot easier than others.

  392. God let’s us know he’s talking in so many ways, thru the sky, thru your heart, thru his word. The key is recoginizing that is it God. WE can easily shut him out, but if we stay connected to God, thru prayer, thru his work, or just talking to him, he answers us.

    I believe we must be still in order to hear him. When we rust around in this fast paced word, it’s hard to heard him. I believe he will speak to us, maybe loudly, if we don’t slow down. Have you tried taking your coffee at dawn and just watching the day wake, he will whisper to you softly.,

  393. Headlights!
    Yes, that’s right, I hear God’s voice better when the headlights are on. We live in the country, back off of the highway. When I manage to drag myself out of bed really early, before anyone else at home is up, I am rewarded. I make a cup of hot tea. Then, I sit in the living room, in the dark, and I watch the headlights of all those people driving by. I’m fascinated with thoughts of where these early birds may be going and where they may have come from. Somewhere in the midst of those quiet thoughts, God begins to speak. These are the moments I can really hear Him.

  394. Since beginning this study, I can already recognize God’s voice more clearly than before. At 22, I’m still not the woman I want to be. I’ve leave doubt and insecurity cloud my emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. By meditating on the Word, and being still and listening, I know that I will find that His words come through much more clearly. Like a relationship with any person, you must spend time learning, and listening to what God has to tell us to further that relationship.

    Thank you for your heart and your encouragement, ever since I have joined the e-mail list and this study through Proverbs 31, I feel more joy in my heart and my heart is being softened to the things God has in store for me. You’re a blessing.

    • 22!!! What a blessing you are! I wonder if we will ever be the women we want to be–here on earth. We strive, Katelyn and keep pressing in closer to the Father. And through this study, you will. Oh, what a joy to see a young sister reaching out to the Father for confidence. Blessings to you!

  395. Kimberly Stiver says:

    I have been struggling with a confident heart in God almost my whole entire life due to circumstances that happened in my childhood. This past year has been the hardest. Last Feb. I started dialysis and I have dreaded going. I finished reading and answering the questions last night and I have come to realize that I have wondered what have I done so wrong to deserve being put on dialysis. Many times I have felt that my life isn’t going to get better. But I know that is a lie and God wants me to know the truth. He loves me and is with me always. The Bible verse that spoke to me this week the most is Romans 8:28: “And we know that all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” God isn’t punishing me for the need of dialysis. He wants me to put my whole trust in Him! That includes telling others His love for us. Dialysis is my mission right now. Renee, this devotion really spoke to me. I too have wanted a sneak peek into God’s calendar. I also want to live each day in the hear and now. I have always believed in God, now it is time for me to believe Him.

    • Amen, Kimberly! I love how you said Dialysis is now your mission. Think of all those people you can reach as you sit there. Or think of the meditation time with the Father you will have at that time. God is with you, sister, wherever you go. Never doubt that. Praying for you!!

  396. One thing that helps me to listen to God is to “Be Still and know that He is God”, however, it’s hard for me to “be still”. I’m an anxious person, so living in the here and now is challenging. I’m trying to focus on Him more each day and listen for his voice.

    • Kimberly Stiver says:

      When I was 13 I lost three people very close to my heart within 6 months of each other. 1st was my mom in Aug. 83, 2nd was my great-grandmother in Oct. 83, and then Feb. 84 my grandmother. I was very miserable. My grandfather taught me right after my 14th birthday “Be still and know that He is God.” It is also challenging for me, but when I feel like I need to be still and listen to what God says I am in Him, I have peace. I am so glad that my grandfather taught me that Bible verse on that day and I still go back to it time and time again.

  397. My walk with God is so much richer when I spend time just listening to God. When I take time to just be quiet and ask the Lord for a word or ask a question and WAIT for an answer, not just go on to the next question, request or item on my to do list. I have had beautiful experiences in that time.
    The harder part is developing the discipline to actually do it. To prioritize that time within my day. It seems like He gets pushed aside for the chores, or sleep or any number of other things. I am making a commitment to spend some quiet time with God every day, even if it is 5 minutes. I know that God will treasure those 5 minutes with me just as much as he would treasure 60.

  398. anonomous,

    Haven’t seen you. Still praying.

  399. Marsha Cobbs says:

    Thank you so much for this teaching on how to hear the voice of God, one of the ways i know He is speaking to me is i will run across the same scripture several times and it always speaks to my heart or a situation i am dealing with. God is so good, if He doesn’t get through the first time He stays with us until we get it. His grace is sufficient for me.

  400. Cassandra says:

    I feel that I can continue to read His word that I may know Him and if I truly know Him, I will hear and know His voice.

  401. I know that God has been speaking to me for years about listening to Him. I have gone through seasons of my life of where I’ve been more attentive to His voice than at other times. On one particular season of my life, I was struggling with intense spiritual warfare. I was actively reading my Bible, praying, and worshipping with other believers regularly. I was also involved in a “Celebration of Discipline” Bible Study by Richard Foster. THis particular week we were discussing and reading about the discipline of listening to God. I knew that I had struggled to listen to God and truly hear His voice. I was praying one particular day and I went to church and entered into a small classroom to pray. When I turned on the light and looked in the classroom, there was nothing there but a chalk board and some chairs. On the chalkboard was the word “LISTEN” in all capital letters and written all the way across the chalk board. I knew at that point that God was speaking to me!! That particular period of time in my life was when I was a stay-at-home mom. Now, my children are 17 and 11 and I am trying to find a job in the school system in order to teach since I recently graduated with Elementary Education. I desire to hear God speaking to me in these busy times of life just like the simpler times of life. Getting alone and really listening to God speak is such a challenge these days. How do you find time in your busy schedule to truly listen to God. I realize that it’s not just sitting down for an hour or so and wall-ah, you hear the voice of God, even though it can be that way. I realize that listening to God’s voice is a moment by moment discipline. I have learned some of this but I want to go deeper in hearing God’s voice step by step.

  402. I am hoping to hear God’s voice … that’s all I want to write at this time.

  403. Spend time reading God’s Word, praying and writing it all down, then spend an equal amount of time just listening for the answers and write them down too (ensure they are are consistent with God’s Word!).

    Also, ASK God to help you become more familiar with His voice…ask for concrete, tangible ways of practicing.

    Lastly, be open all day long to His whisper in the form of signs (through people, songs, words, objects), consistent with HIs Word and consistent with your prayer requests.

    He does AMAZING things when you ASK for them!!

  404. Shelley moore says:

    It’s hard to take steps based on faith. I’m learning to obey small things he asks me to do which builds confidence. I pray constantly to not miss anything he is telling me.

  405. I’ve learned from experience the more I process my pain the more I gain. I gain knowledge, understanding and wisdom. It’s like God takes a giant Q-tip and cleans out my ears the more I clean out my heart.

  406. Include more time for listening in my morning quiet time

  407. Jessica B. says:

    I’m 26 yrs. old and have always known that God was with me, I have always had a “conscience” about the things that I do in life-though I didn’t always make the best choices. I think that “little voice” we hear-sometimes called “having a gut feeling” is the Lord guiding and directing us. God is an awesome God, and I know He is working with me, and answering many of the prayers I have sent up to Him in the past month. It’s no coincidence that I ended up here reading Renee Swope’s blog today-which I have never done since I joined P31, I usually just read the daily devotions that are in my email. But, the Lord led me here. I thank Him for ordering my steps, being with me, never leaving me when I turned my back on Him. The Lord knows that I want Him to draw me nearer to Him-Just A Closer Walk with Thee!!!! I think we hear God’s voice when we pray, read the Word of God, and when we ask Him direct us-to give us wisdom, and discernment to carry out His will and the plans He has for us. God bless each and every one, and continue to grow in the Lord 🙂

    “Be Still and Know that I am God”,,,,,,,mother said that to me last week, when I was struggling, and now several women have said it here…..Thank you Lord for speaking!!

  408. Donna Harris says:

    I know that God speaks to me in many ways. This past week-end, I had a “melt-down” wondering if my husband still loves me, and if so, why is he not here with me and being a daily part of my life. My husband suffers from depression and he has trouble being around people, even me. Expectations that he perceives that people have but that he can’t meet bother him a lot. So he has found work in another state that he can do when he can function enough to do it.
    God reminded me this morning when I got up of the story of the demon possessed man in Mark 5. When I read that story, God showed me how Jesus delivered this man from the demons tormenting him and how Jesus told him to go back to his family “and tell them how much the Lord had done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” I am waiting for the day that God restores my husband to be the mighty man of God that he has been called to be.
    And immediately prior to that story is the story of Jesus calming the storm that he and his disciples were in on their trip to get to the “other side” where the man was. God has calmed my storm of impatience and doubt and assured me that he is in the boat with me and capable of healing my husband.
    God Word is powerful….we just don’t utilize it enough.

  409. I am giving up an extra hour of sleep so that I can spend time just sitting in His presence, not petitioning Him concerning my needs or wants but simply sitting at His feet and listening for His voice in the early morning.

  410. Hi, I don’t have any tips–I’m still learning to hear God’s voice. That’s why I want to be entered in the contest for the “Listening to God” gift pack. And I would love to see the Gospel of John movie also. I’ve GOT to learn to read faster !! so I can read ALL the posts !! I’m enjoying every minute.

  411. I get up early in the morning when the house is still. That is my “me time” with the Lord. He speaks to me through his word, Christian TV, a friend, family and sometimes even my enemies. I know that the Lord wants what is best for me. I just have to take the time to listen. I have been encouraged by your comments. Be Bless.

  412. As I read the b devotional I laughed because I used to be one of those ladies that would say wait you can’t be talking to me. I have learned that he is and I will listen and follow. I ran for a long time and when things got ready crazy I would go back and listen and read the word and realize that yes Elaine he truly is talking to you. When I finally understood His hand was on the wheel and let him drive life got much easier. I still have trials but Jesus it’s always with me. PTL

  413. Renee,

    For me, being still is the thing I need to do more. Just listening for Him. God is so good to speak through friends, through nature, through books and articles that He places in front of us. I tend to stay busy, because I feel like that is the “right’ thing to do. But, deep inside I know that “being still” brings more results. I love Ex. 14:14…..The Lord will fight for you. You need only be still.

    I love you, friend. Thank you for allowing God to use to remind me to shhhhhhhhh and listen!

    Praying for you,


  414. The one thing that I do to hear God’s voice is take a step back from my own voice and just listen to where He is guiding me. One day as I was driving somewhere, I had a lot on my mind and thinking about all these things that had to be done. My mind was overwhelmed and my mind was nowhere near the Bible or God’s truths. Just then, in my car, He showed up and told me that I didn’t need to worry about all of that stuff right now and a sense of calm flowed through me. It was amazing. He will speak to us if we let Him and stop crowding our minds with other things of the world.

    I am so excited to begin this journey to A Confident Heart and share in fellowship with others in this study. Thank you, Renee for your encouragement and hard work on sharing God’s truths with us and leading us to a stronger relationship with our Father.

    Prayers and God’s Blessings,

  415. I have just begun this study and love what I have read. I am trying to read thru some of the many postings and they are all so encouraging!! God is an amazing God… I KNOW that, however I feel I have lost touch with him.. I do still see his many blessing in my life, however I feel so discouraged with my health. I have had some issues for quite sometime and I have been praying and fasting (recently). I feel a bit scared and as much as Satan wants to tell me that these issues are serious, I can’t imagine God’s plan for me would be sickness and to take me from my family (3 children). I get up early each morning to read the word and keep prayign for a sign from God that I will be ok, but I feel so overwhelmed and discouraged that I am not sensing HIS presence. I am so reluctant to be sharing this today, but I would love prayer!!
    Thanks, Jody

  416. I realized for the first time this morning(during the time I set aside) that through my life I have placed my trust in “mere men”. Typically that mere (wo)man was me, I was convinced I could do it on my own. (Isn’t that what the world tells us?) But in all the times I trusted myself and came to the end of MY capability to do anything, that is where Jesus met me and said, “Here’s the path. . .follow me” I ignored it for a long time and consequence followed.(‘Cursed is the one, who places his trust in “mere men”) FINALLY, while I still fail alot, I’m beginning to get it. I will trust the LORD, and He will bless me(HE PROMISES)
    Jer. 17:5-7
    I have a story to tell . .

  417. For me, it is being disciplined to spend more time reading His Word. It’s difficult for me to put the “to dos” on the back burner, instead of my Bible reading. I know that if I was more in tune with God and His Word, I would be more able to hear His voice.

  418. I have such a hard time giving over control… Which is funny because I don’t have the control God does. I am so very tired from trying to control everything and not trusting God with my everything. Thank you so very much for writing this book, Renee. I feel like you are writing my every hurt and pain and I can’t wait to get where you are in trusting and laying everything down for the Lord. Why do I have to be so stubborn? Thanks!

    • “so don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today”
      Matthew 6:30-34
      I have been where you are now…. Knowing that God has control and praying to Him for whatever the situation was that I was in. Telling myself that I was turning to Him and I know that He is in control, that whatever is will is will be. BUT the biggest thing for me was realizing that I wasn’t really letting Him have control, I was still trying to hang on to it. So I just simply starting praying asking for Him to take the control and for me to let go completely. Our human nature sometimes gets in the way, doesn’t it? 🙂 But I have learned that even though the situation my be the same, putting it at the feet of Jesus has given me peace. A calm peace knowing He is there walking through it with me. PS I think it’s more fear that being stubborn.

      I pray Lord that You will take control for Tobi, that she can learn to lean on You. It’s so hard Father to let go of that control and to give it ALL to you. Our fear keeps us from putting all our faith into trusting that You really do have it. Help her Lord to know that You got this and that she can let go. Please Jesus fill her with your peace, surround her so much that she can’t help but feel your presence! In your glorious name ~Amen

  419. I have a nudge to post some reflection from my devotional time this morning so….
    “My heart has heard you say,”come and talk with me” and my heart replies, “Lord, I am coming”! Psalm27:8

    “when you look for me wholeheartedly you will find me” Jeremiah 29:13

    “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes” Matthew 6:30-34

    Renee says it best when she says “live blessed girl! God want that for you!” Its a hard one to really grasp and realize that I do deserve to “live” blessed. I always want to bless others, which I feel I’m called to do, but that I also need to take in the moments that He is blessing me and soak in His blessing. I’m so quick to pass it over because I think I’m not worthy and that is not what God wants me to do. He wants me to feel His love and blessings and be joyous from them.

  420. Thank you for your obedience in this work! Your work IS touching many women’s lives, helping them grow just a little bit closer in their personal relationship w/Jesus. Briefly: God has been doing a work in my life over the past several years (& now I realize it has been that long) preparing me for different battles I’ve confronted in my life lately. And Praise Jesus, I feel as I have been better equipped to handle them w/the knowing I have the full strength & love of Him w/me. I too struggle w/the enemy trying to make me believe that what God has been speaking to me is not really God’s voice, but my own creation. I am learning how to discern this & of course I LOVE how in so many areas of my life (chuch, bible study, devotionals, web studies, reading, etc.) I run across people like you being obedient to God’s desires & teaching/speaking on this subject!
    Thank You Jesus for being SO ALIVE & ever-present in my life!!!!!

  421. Alicia Farage says:

    Thank you for the online study. I travel for work and it’s hard to make a local Bible study group on a consistent basis.

  422. I went back and forth about doing this online study Renee. I love your blog, but honestly, I am quite busy with work and another home group study with a wonderful group of 9 other ladies who meet weekly. But after reading the online study emails for this first week I have decided to go ahead and buy the book and join in. It just seems to go hand in hand with what we are studying in our group, and something I so desperately need right now.

    The best way for me to hear from God is to spend time with him. Quiet time. And to seek him earnestly, asking for answers. He speaks, we just have to be willing to listen and position ourselves where we can here.

    Looking forward to this journey with all of you.

  423. This was so great of you to share today. It really touched my heart because I had a similar incident like that last night. I know my hubby needs shirts for work and they needed to be ironed. I walked past the dirty landry basket and it was has if God was saying do all of my hubby’s work clothes laundry and wash, dry and iron it. I felt it so strongly that I went looking for enough clothes to make a wash load. Lol. Funny I know, but I won’t wash it if there isn’t enough for one load. Turns out most of it was done earlier and what I could get was in the room where he was now sleeping. So I resolved not to do it! I hang my head in shame now because it was God prompting me and I disobeyed. Yours story today really resonated with me and I need to make sure that I serve God better and my family in the “hear” and now. Thank you for encouraging me to listen to God in each moment of the day not just in the bigger areas of my life.

  424. Today I am praying for God’s direction in the “hear and now.” May I make each decision throughout my day with a listening ear to the Spirit’s voice. The best way for me to hear the Lord speaking is to start my day with time in the Word and some prayer for guidance. Thank you for your sharing your struggles and then your discovery of the “hear and now” as you found God’s blessing when following His words.

  425. Hi ladies, I am a few days behind on my study but am catching up. I know God speaks to me through a weighing on my heart. I don’t hear his voice as much as feel his nudge…. I am working on submission in my marriage and just this morning he “nudged” me to tolerance and humor on an issue that has long haunted me in regards to my husband. this study and reading my audio book of a womans high calling are all weaving Gods will into my life. Renee your voice is in the chorus of angels used by God to deliver me from the confusion of my role and life’s business..thank you and know you are a blessing from God.

  426. I think I need to stop worrying and live in God’s promises!

  427. Hi Renee, I am looking forward to our study. I have a question about the verse Isaiah 49:23. On the site it states that this verse says; Then you know that I am the Lord. Those who hope in me will not be disappointed. What version is this? I have a New King James version and it says Then you will that I am the Lord, For the shall not be ashamed who wait for Me.

  428. Rita Walters says:

    Only way to hear God’s voice is spending quiet time with Him. Turn off the sounds in the world ….. and even moreso turn off the sounds in your hear and just listen. Just listen ! Simple but I know I use to have a hard time to even take the time to do it for I had so much to do. Only the truth I cannot do it for it is the foundation of my life……Quiet time with Him is where I will hear His voice. Thank you for all the insight and inspiration that you give us in your writing, Renee. We love you !

  429. Just needin’ a bit of prayer….How timely for me to have the verse: ‘But blessed are those who trust in the LORD and have made the LORD their hope and confidence.” Jer. 17:7 nlt

    In the past week, one of the areas I struggle with most (regarding trust)…my kids..has come to the surface. Two of our children are in bad places right now…(all of a sudden)…Coincidence? Perhaps not. TRUST is what God is teaching but it is a tough lesson. I am glad He is faithful and good. Please pray for us as we ask the LORD for His wisdom (and seek to truly hear/heed). Thank you. Is it possible to feel hope in the midst of tears? I think so…for He is close to the broken-hearted and His promises for our children are true…and for us.

  430. judy hoff says:

    i enjoyed the pianist chad it was very pretty and very tranquil and peaceful. he was very good. you could tell he loves the lord by the way he played and put his heart into it. very good.

  431. Stephanie Lagera says:

    The one thing that I can do to hear Him more is to do as you said in your video message, spend some more quality/quiet time, I hear God talk to me all the time, but this post made me realize that I am always in such a rush to get done, or get to the next thing that I never (before today and this lesson) realized that I may only be taking enough time to hear the first frew words or the first sentence instead of giving my attention to the entire conversation that God wants to have with me.

    Thank you for this thought and lesson from you. I know it is part of my Conversation with God.

    God Bless You, Stephanie

  432. Renee, I love that you said “that it’s in our relationship with Him, we find the purpose, direction and meaning we’re looking for”. I’m seeing and experiencing that every day the more I spend time in prayer with Him. And it is in this relationship that I will be completely fulfilled and not feel the need for others’ approval and acceptance. I thank you for guiding and leading us on this journey. I am just joining the online study as of late last night. I tried to do it back a few months ago but had some health issues get in the way and had to stop so I felt it was God’s gift that he brought the opportunity back to me. Thank you.

  433. How to discern His voice – from doing the Experiencing God study we are to keep doing what we were told to do last until further notice and note in the Bible how God spoke to His people there. It’s very hard not knowing the big picture of His plans for me since I’m such a planner, but he has asked me to step out of my comfort zone (MIIIIILES out of it!) this past year and although I still don’t have the big picture and may never, I have more than I did a few months ago!

  434. One thing I started doing before this study begin was to go take a walk for 30 min a day ( unfortunately this wasn’t every day like I wanted) while listening to the bible via a bible app on my phone. I was attempting to do the ” Walk with Jesus for 40 days.” You start with Matt & by the time the 40 days are over you should have made it through Revelation. Doing this has really helped me to align my thoughts with God’s word. I feel more at peace, less agitated & all around happier & more confident. I plan to continue this “walk.”
    Thanks for being obedient to the Lord & so transparent, Renee!!! This study is Awesome & I’m so glad to be a part of it. I struggle with some deep insecurities & I’m excited to see how this study is going to transform me in that area. 🙂

    Many blessings to you & yours, Lana Roscoe

  435. I am hearing with obedience comes blessings.

  436. I am well aware that I am too focused on the world and do not spend enough time with God. I’ve been trying recently to open my heart (and ears) more and being more willing to act when I hear the voice of God. This may be something like getting the urge to go to church (my schedule is variable and many days I don’t have the opportunity to go) so I will make myself go. Or I’ll hear a voice say “clean up the house so your husband doesn’t have to” (our roles are somewhat reversed). or “turn off the TV and do your Bible study”. I think mostly I’m OK at hearing, but I’m working now on saying “yes” without hesitation. Though I really like your 4 questions to ask yourself. So maybe instead of saying “yes” without hesitation, I should reflect more and then maybe I’ll hear God more loudly and more clearly.

  437. I have been struggling with learning how to discern if God was really speaking to me. It was hard for me to know if what I thought I was hearing was truly God or what I just wanted to hear. Renee’s message what very helpful for me to apply those questions daily and really teach me to listen for God. I have been doing daily quiet devotional time early in the morning before my kids wake up and my busy day begins. I think this has really helped me quiet myself and prepare my heart to hear God. It is hard some days and I don’t want to get up, but I have found my day just isn’t right if I don’t do it. Thanks for this bible study, what a blessing to have 8000 women participating. It is helpful to know I am not alone. Blessings to everyone!

  438. I’ve always lacked confidence and had low self esteem. I know I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that Jesus loves me more than I can comprehend. Still I feel defeated much of the time. I need your Bible study of the Confident Heart so much. I don’t have the book yet. It’s not always easy for me to get out to get it. I take care of my special needs granddaughter 3 days a week. She is a JOY! I claim over and over again God’s promise of HOPE. She has a genetic disorder (Trisomy 18). She’s 14 months old and is a MIRACLE baby already. God has been GOOD! I know one day she will go home to Heaven, but I don’t want to let her go. I want to keep her here with us. I so want to live in God’s Will for my life each day. It’s difficult to concentrate on the ordinary everyday things of life, but these things are what I need to be doing to take care of my wonderful husband and myself. Don’t know exactly where this is going, just needed to share. Thanks for your devotions and teachings. They help me so much.

  439. One thing that I can really do to be more familiar with God’s voice is spend more quality time with Him. So often I make my personal time the last thing I do before going to bed, and by then, a lot of time I am so tired that I put it off. I really need to start my day with His truth, and basking in His love. The devil, as soon as we wake, he is up to no good, trying to fill our minds and hearts with his countless lies, so therefore starting my day off right, would make a world of difference!!
    Take Care, God Bless 🙂

  440. Hi, Renee. This study has been such a blessing! I know that one thing i can do to discern God’s voice is to find a nice quiet place every day to study my Bible and pray. I rush too much. Thanks to you and the Proverbs 31 staff! There is no better place on the internet to connect with God. (Phil 1:3). 🙂

  441. Things I can do to learn His voice are for me to stop talking so much and just be still for a change and listen to HIm instead. Hard for Him to get a word in edge wise when I’m doing all the talking! I struggle with quieting my thoughts so it will be a challenge, at least at first but I really want it so I will definitely work on it. Also, by studying all His names and being in His Word more I will learn more about Him and know His character and how He interacts with me so I will know it is His voice.

    Thank you SO MUCH for writing this book and sharing yourselves with us, Renee! May you always be blessed!

  442. I wish I could say that the reason I am sometimes disobedient in my walk with God is because I am not certain it is Him speaking to me but …. unfortunately that is not the case. In fact, numerous times in the past few years I have used His speaking to me to share the good news. I can remember the first time I know that God spoke to me was on a bus ride home from Wonju, South Korea, to Seoul … we had just crested a hill and the sun was blazing its last rays of the daylight hours and God said, “you know, Susan, you won’t be here forever … you need to do these things now.” Now you would think that would have been enough to set me on my right path but …. Another time I was looking at a possible rental house in Germany where I had been posted to work and God said, “this is not the place for you … where will you put all your things with no closets?” The most recent time He spoke to me was the morning the garage sale as we were preparing to be posted to Seoul in 2004. Things had not been going smoothly for the move and it was looking like I was going to have to leave my husband behind and I was very anxious about this as we had only been married for 3 years (late life marriage after being a single parent for almost 20 years — thank God for him everyday). I had gone inside to clean up and get prepared for our customers and I was pulling on my T-shirt and God said, “stop worrying my daughter, I am working it out.” And, He did! I am so happy to be in this study … thank you for offering it and for sharing your wisdom.

  443. I loved the thought of “live each day in the hear and now!” Love the emphasis on the word “hear.” Seeing this inspired me to forward this devotion to my step daughter and her friend. We were just talking the other day about how to hear God’s voice. Thank yu, God, for the timing of the conversation and this devotion!

  444. What a great way to start the study. It certainly makes sense that we must learn out to hear God before He can truly work in us and create in us a confident heart. As others have said, I struggle with being still and listening. I think that one way I can truly do this is to cut out some of the distractions in my life and put Him on my calendar. I love the idea you shared previously about having lunch with God rather than working at your desk or eating with friends. I understand the concept of hearing God and I am certain there have been times in my life when I have heard what God is telling me to say. Sadly though, I don’t feel at this time in my life that I am able to sit down and really listen to God. I want to learn to do that and to see what He has in store for me when I do. I love the questions you listed that we should ask ourselves as we are trying to discern if God is telling us something.
    Thank you and God Bless!

  445. As I read chapter two, I was reminded about the extent of God’s love. He loved us so much that he was willing to separate himself from his father’s love. On the cross Jesus was completely alone in His suffering. “My God, why have you forsaken me?” All comforts of the Father’s love were beyond the Savior’s reach. Judgement poured out on our Lord. The Hell that is meant for us. Christ was my sin bearer. To believe that Christ does not love me is a lie of the enemy that too many times I believe. Lord help us to come to you every time these thoughts creep into our minds and hearts. Help us to really believe you, not the lies of the enemy.

  446. Thank you, Renee for being here for all of us. Also, I want to thank all of you ladies for sharing your hearts. I helps so much to read what is going on with each of you. I am going through the Daniel Fast with my spiritual family & combined with this study, has just been an amazing time for me! I have my joy back & it is growing daily! Thanks again to all of you & May God Bless each one of you & your families abundantly!

  447. “My excitement, mixed with the fear of getting over-committed.” I can so relate to this statement, and journaled about it last Monday. It’s funny how I would put this in the back of my mind and not really relate it to a lack of confidence in Christ, and subsequently not deal with it.

    From last week- in answer to Chapt 1 Quest 5 – I need perseverance. I can plan things on paper, even get the ball rolling, but then I have a tendency to shirk back, like the task is bigger than something I can really accomplish. Part of it is insecurity and part of it is fear of success. I don’t know what all will be demanded of me once I am successful. Will I be able to handle that or will I just let others and myself down. I feel like even if I am able to get something going and see it to completion, will I be able to do it again and again. Like writing a picture book, or having a successful quarter with my business.

  448. Sandra Causey says:

    I read here about looking for themes. We have talked about how singing Christian songs and singing praises to God will activate His power in our life. Yesterday at church my pastor talked about this in his sermon. He had the congregation sing along as he sang a song that he sings to uplift himself. The song was “These Are the Days of Elijah”. I thought to myself, I must write about this theme on Renee’s website!

  449. Kathy Sturgis says:

    I need to praise God with my lady friends who are learning to listen to God!!!! I have struggled with lost confidence in God and am struggling with depression because of it BUT GOD has been speaking to me as I stop the negative thots with HIS TRUTH. It is a moment by moment holding on to His WORD and believing that HIS WORDS slone are truth, but the racing emotions and fears are calmed each time I claim HIS truth. Praise God for HIS work. Renee you have helped to make me see it is concentrating and BELIEVING his truth over emotions and circumstance. I know this is just a part of what God is using in my life right now. But I am praising Him for the work that HE is doing and the time He is spending with me. Hallelujay! To the God of Heaven and Earth!!!!!!!!

  450. Oh, my!!! I just watched the video and the young lady in the video, Erin Moon, is my cousin! Amazing, isn’t she?!?!

  451. Andrea Lopez says:

    For me, the most important way that I will begin to focus more on my Lord is putting aside the thing that waste my time…Facebook! I have De-activated my account and it feels really great! This is just the place for me to start.

  452. “When we live in the “hear and now” our calling and our calendar begin to reflect our love for Him, and His love for us — not our need for fulfillment or the desire for others’ approval and acceptance.” This statement is something that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember. Every time I think I am passed it then it rears its ugly head.

  453. Thank you so much Renee for this particular part of our study. This is a question I have ALWAYS had ever since I came to the Lord. I always hear voices sort of in the back of my mind, telling me when something is right or wrong, or what I should really do..but I always thought it was just me telling myself. Obviously if it was me telling myself, then i’d already know what to do and wouldn’t have to wonder what I should do you know? Now after reading this, I realize it was always God speaking to me. I realize now that everything that has happened to myself and my family ever since I was born, all happened because it was apart of his plan to bring me to Him. I could sit here all day and type all the events in my life that have happened, that I now believe WAS and IS God’s plan for me. During the time, I always wondered “why me?”, why does this happen to me, but I don’t have to say that anymore. He always stayed right beside me even when I hadn’t realized it. It’s truly amazing how God brings you back to Him. This study is such a big help to me, so thank you Lord for Renee doing this, and thank you Renee!!

  454. Hi Renee!

    One big thing I need to do is to just stop and find a quiet place and listen. Find quiet and be quiet and still and have communication with Him. I don’t do it anywhere near enough and maybe that’s why I’m so confused much of the time.

  455. Wendy Thrasher says:

    I have really enjoyed being a part of this study. I bought the book on my Kindle sometime around Christmas,and I was so happy to see this study starting at such a perfect time for me. I felt it must be a nudge from God to really listen as I read. I realize now how much of my life I have wasted listening to my own self-doubt and others negative comments. I must stop that now if I am to live my life according to God’s purpose. I’m so excited to see where my life can go now that I’m putting my trust in God instead of myself or others.

  456. Definitely something I struggle with. Pain meds & NSAIDS don’t get along with me, so have to such a topical med which takes about 1/2 hour to dry. I have started using that time to read through verses, pray, etc. Can definitely tell a difference if instead just read a novel during my first application of the day.

  457. Keeping the negative thoughts out of my mind and focusing on the postive. Studying his Word in the quiet and solitude of a quiet place so I can totally focus on His Word.

  458. I listen to music. God often speaks to me through songs.

  459. Thanks so much for a wonderful study. I am always looking for ones at home as I live in chronic pain and go out of the house very little.
    I know one of my problems hearing God, is I don’t read his word enough.
    Just to get my mind clear and at rest to hear and know it his him.
    I take a lot of medication and my mind isn’t too clear. I always enjoyed bible studies but since I haven’t been able to go, I don’t have the fellowship, or any frendships, which is probably what I ask God for more then anything.
    God has blessed me, I really need to read and listen to his word more, I just have a very hard time remembering what I read.
    Thank you Renee!

  460. Wow I love all uyour encourageing comments. I have read all of them in this section becoming a woman who listens to God. We are all at different places in our lives, but we all identify so much with each other. I posted my coments under the first section blessed and I read all those comments. Now, I want to say here that it is so good knowing I’m not alone in my struggles. I struggle with listening to god, I do all the talking. Now God is really challening me to take this confident heart study and he’s challening me also when I have been reading all the comments, I really sensed God speaking to my heart. I’ve been hearing a lot of great ideas and I know that God is speaking to me as I have been reading all your comments. For instance, I have trouble sleeping and I’ve read a couple of great ideas from a couple of you. one woman said about sitting up in bed and having quiet time before she’s ready to sleep. another woman said, about listening to sermons to help her drift off to sleep. I’m going to try sojme of these. I’ve told my boy friend my favourite bible teacher is dr. charles stanley he has such a calming voice, whenever, I’m stressed, i put a sermon of his on. Renee what a great study you have! and as I said God is really challening me with this to spend more time with him. also, I love watching TV since last night, it’s not working. I’m having a hard time giving him control as Toy was talking about I’m with her so many of your comments as I read, i find myself saying “I’m with you! it’s so nice to have this! Thank you Renee!

  461. Ms Renee,
    I have been searching for an answer to this question. I was reading certain questions and answers on got And was reading how the arc of the covenant was kept at Abinidabs house. I had read that the reason the arc of the covenant was touched by uzzah(and struck down dead) thinking it was a good deed but in all actuality
    it was not trusting God. And that was along the lines as it was put that sometimes we become to familiar with God.
    Can you tell me Renee how can we avoid becoming to familiar with God?
    It had said that when you become to familiar you lose the perspective of God’s actual Holiness..Then you end up not revering God as he should be.
    So i was wondering if by any chance you had any ideas?

    Many Blessings,

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