A Silly Saturday Video Message

Leah and I took you to Athens, GA with us! Here we are driving back to Charlotte tonight after our Confident Heart conference today. (I apologize for video whiplash when I try to show you the blog comments I’m reading- but after that I stay steady.)

If you’re reading this via email, just click on the title of the post “A Silly Saturday Video Message” and it’ll take you to my website where you can see my silly message. Also, if you don’t know who Leah is, she’s my dear friend and my amazing servant-hearted ministry assistant!

So, what is one of your “must haves” on a road-trip and…have you ever cut your own hair?

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Cindi Taylor says:

    I love your “silly” video. WHO couldn’t relate to what you are saying about your fave stops, your hair, etc. (P.S. I’m always the one who has to stop for potty breaks.) I traveled for 14 years in my corporate career (I’m a small-tow newspaper publisher now), and my absolute must have for all those road/plane trips was to purchase a box of Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups(yes, they used to have some that came in a box and they tasted fresher!). And yes, I cut my own hair many times, because I always had short hair, and couldn’t keep up with growth between the trims I had every 3 weeks!

    Thanks for a FUN video!! Ya’ll be safe, and, most of all, BE CONFIDENT!! GOD LOVES YOU and I do, too.

    • Cool Cindi that you are a small town newspaper publisher.

      • Cindi Taylor says:

        Thanks! Everyone thought I was nuts at the time, but I’ve been here 16 years now, so they’ve gotten used to it. More importantly, God led me to the paper and has done so much in me through it. One of the best things is what I call the God-Confidence He has instilled in me. I’m not saying I have arrived, because I have not, or I wouldn’t be doing this study. It has helped affirm His work in me, though. And that is ALWAYS encouraging!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love how you are genuine and you’re willing to be vulnerable and open up. It’s encouraging to know you’re a woman with the same struggles and trying to juggle work and family like so many others.

    Thanks so much to you and your team for all you do!

    • I totally agree…it means a lot for you to open up and be real! Hello, you said it in the book that if we take the time to be real, it would give others the courage and the confidence to do so as well…Thanks so much for bringing together this sisterhood….a huge blessing to me, and I know others as well.
      Take Care, God Bless, and Stay Beautiful 🙂

    • Fran Bruno says:

      ..I so agree…Renee, you are precious…and “silly”…is real!
      My husband and I are praying for your mom…
      Blessings dear sis in Christ..

  3. Let’s see. My must have for a road trip is music!!! I love music I can sing and bop my head along with :))
    Also have to have yummy snacks and water.
    I’ve actually cut my hair a couple of times with pretty decent results… Well, at least from the front view, lol. Have a safe trip home ladies. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Suzanne Hogan says:

    It is wonderful to be able to get to know you so well through your wit and wisdom! September will not get here fast enough!! I am not adventurous enough to cut my hair but I can relate to the need! Hair color always makes a girl feel great! Water and breaks yes!!! Tell Leah hello and would love to see a photo of her in her party clothes!! You girls have such a heart for women and are so encouraging! Safe travels!! Were you at a church or a conference center? How many women were there?

  5. Loving your little “silly” video! You have always made me laugh. I don’t’ know that I have ever thought about having must haves for a road trip. If it is a long one and I am not driving, a pillow is a must. occasionally our potty breaks are at stores where i can grab a drink or a snack so I usually don’t pack them. I try to always have a good book and a good selection of music.

  6. Renee, thank you for the video connect. It is so good to hear your voice! Thank you so much for the way you are allowing God to use you in not only my life, but in the lives of thousands of women. My heart is so much lighter just knowing that there are ladies out there praying for the salvation of my son…and who are praying for me as I believe God for this miracle.

  7. I agree with Melody…music is a must have! I’m glad to see I am not the only one who gets on her laptop on roadtrips either! I loved this cute video…thank you for taking the time to post and offer words of encouragment! Hope you arrived home to find at least a little rest! Looking forward to what Lord will show us all this week. Many Blessings!

  8. Danielle Bane says:

    I had to laugh out loud (for real) over “have you ever cut your own hair.” last night, in frustration over my inch to long bangs, I decided to give myself a trim…I even followed an online tutorial so I wouldn’t make a mistake. Needless to say, it was harder than it looks. Good thing I have a “confident heart” for church tomorrow, because I don’t have cute bangs like the girl on the tutorial! Thanks, Renee, for the silly road trip video and for being real to us women!

  9. Absolutely love this Silly Saturday it makes “you” so real! And I like the haircut! God has really used this study to reveal many things in my heart! And has been really challenging me!

    • judy hoff says:

      i enjoyed this video too, i like the title too; silly saturday. is cute. yes i am so glad to have this book now and am reading it like i had mentioned,finished chapter 1 and almost chapter 2. its a very interesting book and touches my heart. i love to read anyway, but dont know if i am suppose to stop at chapter 2 while the others catch up, do want to read more. i like the questions at the end of the chapters. you are a real person,you tell it like it is and show us where and how things can improve in our lives. for years i have felt low, and felt like i wasnt worth anything. sometimes i still do. i know its a working process just like any journey we have in life. but with the grace of god and his strength he will see me through. i hope you do a series on low-self esteem and descion making. but its just an idea. well you have a great day in the Lord and looking forward to the studies online and your devotionals each week. thankyou so much. judy hoff.

  10. Dianna Bridgen says:

    Renee thankyou for sharing your road trip with us:) I can so relate to cutting your own bangs i’ve done that many times trying to hide roots and all. I’m reading the second chapter and ii feel i’ts written about me and exactly how i feel and always wearing the mask of i’m fine, i feel know one wants to hear how i’m really feeling or they have their own problems so most times cut you off to what you are trying to share to talk about themselves. Most of my life have never thought i was every important to lesson to or worthy enough to be lessoned to.

  11. Loved your video, Renee! Glad to hear the conference went well for you. I’m looking forward to catching up with you and all the online friends this weekend. I read chapter 2 a while ago, but I’ve fallen behind a little on reading the blog.

    Seeing you in the car reminded me of one of my family’s favorite songs that we love to crank when we’re doing road trips. It’s “The Other Side of the Radio” by Chris Rice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMRgNoWkvf4

    Thanks so much for your work and for your heart for Jesus. May he give you wisdom, strength and some great quiet moments this week! You can pray for me as I begin with tax paperwork this week! Ugh! Gotta start filling out college financial paperwork for our oldest…..can’t believe how fast the years go.

  12. I love Starbucks coffee. Thanks for the video.

  13. That was great. It reminded me of trips I used to take to Georgia and back to TN. I look forward the new assignment. Hope you have a restful night.

  14. Caroline McGinnis says:

    I love your silly video. My must haves on a road trip are music, drinks, food and of course every womans favorite chcolate. Look forward to connecting with you again on Sunday. LOL

  15. Christina Brannon says:

    I love how real you are Renee, not only in your book but in your videos. I appreciate your openness to share who you are with a group of strangers and yet call us friends. Thank you for the encouagement and for the prayers! Your personal sacrifice to see the rest of us through this is such an inspiration and ecouragement! Thank you Friend.

    • Yes, I agree Christina! Love Love Love your SIMPLE, Keep It Real Video Renee! You are like one of us and how refreshing that is!! You seem to have such a quiet, spirit that is so contagious! Thank you for sharing your heart with us!!! It’s very encouraging and inspiring for me and I know for many other woman to be more open with others, which all starts with being open with God b/c our close relationship with him will open up what we were created to be!!!!—-that is what I learned in Chapter 2.

      You and your bible study are such a blessing!!!!!!
      Thank you!

      Oh, a must have for road trip are music and DVD’s for the kiddos, snacky foods, something to drink, and ALWAYS have to bring my pillow with me! Have NEVER tried to cut my hair, don’t think I ever will!

  16. Thank You for sharing your road trip with us. I have to agree it makes you so real for us to share of yourself in such a way. Thanks again, it sure brought smiles.

    • heather h says:

      I just watched you video i think you look great . Thanks for keeping us all posted i dont get to starbucks often but i will drink a cup of folgers. Wish i was at your retreats they are so fun and inspiring. Cant wait til tomorrow

  17. Roadtrip must haves: iPod with lots of podcasts to listen to, Cheerwine, m&m’s

    AndI haven’t cut my hair on my own since I was about 12 and got into huge trouble with my folks. It was traumatic enough that at 41 I still won’t dare do it.

  18. Truly enjoy Starbucks coffee; sweet tarts, and Coca-Cola are some favorites for long trips. Hair … Oh my YES! I always color my own but too many times I do a bang trim that doesn’t work out very well – have finally learned to keep them on the long side and curl with a round brush to hide the mistakes Great video and thanks for sharing! I’d also like to see the two of you in the party clothes.

  19. Road trip must-haves….tunes, reads, and my flat iron.
    Cut my own hair,,,,I’ve been a licensed hairstylist since the age of 17 (I’m almost 46). I grew up in beauty schools owned by my parents. I cut & high-light my own hair to spare others the trouble. If I could take my head off and put it in front of me to work on it would be soooo much easier.

  20. what fun! I love road trips. I also like to have someone else drive (Can I borrow Leah ) LOL.
    I have cut my bangs before IT IS NOT PRETTY. yours look nice I eat my weight in junk food on trips (don’t tell Lysa about me either)You are great girlfriends wish I could clone one of you in denver I need a good girlfriend
    God Bless !!

  21. I appreciate how you are so real and open~and vulnerable. I was overwhelmed when I saw how many had joined the study~thinking that I wouldn’t get to know you. Now I know it is the opposite…I know you more than you know me …lol…
    Our family has taken many road trips so relate to all you shared, but have nothing new to contribute…
    I am going through a challenging time in my life~being the primary caregiver for my son who has leukemia. The rest of the family is great support, but I am the SAHM that makes sure he eats healthy and on time, gets his meds on time, gets to his clinic appointments…. This study is helping me keep my mind centered on what are ‘the more important things!’ Thanks for allowing God to use you.

  22. Thank you for sharing your silly road trip video. :0) I just had a road trip with my sweet daughter from China recently to visit some China buddies and we had a great time stopping for Starbucks coffee and donuts (coffee for me and donuts for her) and Panera for fruit cups, apples and peanut butter. I love making mama and daughter memories and pray she will remember our fun roadie moments. I am so glad you had a blessed conference this weekend in Georgia and pray you all made it home safely. I also pray for peace for you and your family. May God bless you and your family abundantly for your faithfulness to love and adopt from across the world. God truly blesses, even in the most trying times through our faithfulness and the love He gives to us abundantly through His grace to to help our babies know they are truly loved and accepted by our Heavenly Father and their earthly mama and daddy.

  23. Enjoyed the video! It was fun! Can’t wait for chapter 3!

    • Thank you for sharing your cute video!! You never seem to truely “know” anyone until you are crammed in a car for many hours at a time!! LOL
      I want to share my heart for a moment. I feel God reveals himself daily through music and and reading the Word! I was making dinner tonight and the new Casting Crowns CD was spinning. There is asong on that CD called “The Well”. I wept after reading chapter 2, and now God had brought this wonderful song to me! I hope this blesses you!! Here are the lyrics:
      I have what you need,
      But you keep on searchin,
      I’ve done all the work,
      But you keep on workin,
      When you’re runnin on empty,
      And you can’t find the remedy,
      Just come to the well.

      You can spend your whole life,
      Chasin what’s missing,
      But that empty inside,
      It just ain’t gonna listen.
      When nothing can satisfy,
      And the world leaves you high and dry,
      Just come to the well

      And all who thirst will thirst no more,
      And all who search will find what their souls long for,
      The world will try, but it can never fill,
      So leave it all behind, and come to the well

      What a powerful song!! When we are spent and have come “undone” we need to go to the well and fill-up on the LIVING WATER that only comes throught knowing Jesus, the LOVER of my soul!!

      • Thank you Kimberlee!! you are the third person this week who told me about this song. i’m going to post it on my website this week for us all to listen to and watch on youtube. It’s so perfect for what we’re going to talk about this week. I love how God is speaking to all of us and pointing us back to jesus – thank you for sharing these lyrics. They are powerful to see typed out like this!

        • Thanks Renee. I just read Kimberlee’s post and was about to switch my computer over to itunes to see if I had it on one of my Casting Crowns CD’s. Looking forward to listening and watching it this week. Thanks for this study too. It has truely touched my heart. I have only posted a time or two, but, hopefully, growing in my confident heart, I’ll share more as this study goes on.

  24. Have traveled that road to GA many, many times over the last 24 years. Got married here in NC, moved to GA after we married (that’s where my husband’s from), lived there for 11 years and now we’re back in NC. I know those roads well!!

    Loved that you shared a video with us : ) And like many others who have commented, I would have to say music is a must for me on a road trip. Also, It’s always nice to have a Starbucks decaf white chocolate mocha with a shot of caramel to go along side as I’m jammin’ and drivin’ : ) About the hair – I have to say I have never attempted to cut my own because I’m too afraid of what the outcome would be. Girl, you did a great job on your bangs! Would have never known you cut it yourself. Lookin’ good!

    Safe travels!

  25. Just cut my bangs this morning as well!!! 🙂 Couldn’t wait for my haircut and they were driving me nuts….I used the tiny scissors in the medicine cabinet!! Should have been a beautician!!! ha ha

  26. Kim Johns says:

    Thanks for the video post Renee! I love road trips! I have to have English Toffee cappuccino from WaWa, Chocolate Twizzlers and my favorite music from the 80’s to rock out to! I cut my own hair for years BEFORE I went to cosmetology school! It was ok, because mine is naturally curly, so if I made a mistake, you couldn’t really notice. Looks like you did a good job on your bangs!
    I would love to attend one of your conferences sometime!

  27. Totally laughed out loud as I watched your video. God is working through you in such significant ways! (And thanks for sharing that with all of us!)

    My husband and I drove from Athens today back to our place in SC (but he grew up and was raised in Charlotte…his parents still reside there). Wonder if we were all on the road together earlier. : ) Would have been hilarious had we passed one another. Ha!

    Hmmm…road trips…sounds pretty similar to ours: water (which of course calls for potty breaks), music (the best is when my husband and I swap out “microphones/our thumbs” throughout a song for one another to sing)…the joys of traveling!!!

  28. P.S. Haircuts: I have never personally cut my hair, but I did let a neighbor cut it once. She cut all of her kids’ hair all of the time. Let’s just say, I’ll never do that again. I went in to my hair stylist the next day for an emergency fix. Too funny thinking back on it. (Just to give you a picture…my hair is thick, long, and layered…naturally curly, sometimes just a wavy frizzy mess, or can be straightened…basically, it has a mind of its own.)

  29. Hi Renee, I never throw out water bottles either! very funny. And don’t feel bad about the cinna buns, looooooove them too!

  30. Loved the video! Made me laugh and smile!

  31. On a road trip I MUST have my MP3 player to blast in the car! I love singing to the top of my lungs while barreling down the highway!!

  32. I wish I could have a road trip but I think the last one was when my elder passed and we went to NJ. Me and my daughter had the best time bonding and now that she is a mom we are bonding again with much love for God. Reading your book has change my life and I have open up to God more and to be Faithful and the best of all walking out on Faith. Thank You you are a God send I have been reading your book with wanting to get to the next level of knowing God and this is the best for me again Thank You

  33. That was fun! I have done a lot of road trips–with my best friend through Maine, NH, and VT and, on summer, we drove from Iowa to Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon, and Vegas and back. That was crazy! And for years I drove 12-hours several times a year from Indiana to MN. And always I had coffee. And coffee. And coffee. And a water. And trail mix and chocolate. I still have to have a Hershey’s just for comfort’s sake. As for hair, I gave myself bangs once. It was right before a school dance. My parents did not even notice. But then when I pointed them out my mom said they looked terrible. 😉

  34. Renew, thank you for sharing a portion of your road trip. I just love a good road trip, in fact my daughter and I are taking one to South Carolina next weekend! Can’t wait. I already read your book, but with this online study I am getting so much more! Thank you for doing this for all of us, I am truly blessed. I just trimmed my bangs last night and it usually comes out ok, but this time it was awful! I did go today for a complete haircut , which was needed anyway, so all is good now. Wishing you a restful Sunday.

  35. Renee,
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. It looked like a fun time. Road trips always require water, snacks and potty breaks. Sometimes if I need it, I’ll stop and get a Coke with LOTS of ice to crunch on. Or a Sweet Tea from Micky D. And then, another break will be needed. Hair cutting – usually I will trim my bangs if I can’t get to the beauty parlor. Sometimes I’ll cut around the front bottom edges but that’s a little more rare. Sometimes afterwards, I wish I had not done such a thing. But it makes be call for an appointment in the next day or so. LOL!

  36. I love road trips. I take music and teaching CDs with me. I look at it as my time to really spend with God and worship him.
    I cut my bangs at times. I don’t do it often but so far I haven’t butchered them.

    Thanks for letting us in on your life. It is a blessing.

  37. Renee I am sure you have heard this a thousand times but I think you are truly a blessing from God! When I first started reading your book “Confident Heart” I was hesitate. Now that I have started reading chapter 3 I can really relate to your feelings. I don’t remember much of my childhood as I come from an abusive family. It is so important that you had your mom to help you through your rough times. I am a new Christian of almost 2 yrs now. I left my marriage of 18 years that was non functional and would continue to be if I stayed. What you felt in your college days is what I have felt off and on especially these last 2 years and I have found that I dive right into a study and God’s word pops out whatever I need to hear. God is amazing in that way isn’t he?

  38. Yes, I have cut my own hair. I thought it looked good but no one else liked it. Said I cut bangs too short. I am having terrible time finding new stylist since moving. Theme there…haven’t found hair stylist or church yet. I can take a Starbucks Venti Java Chip Frappuccino but would much rather have Dunkin Donuts. 🙂

    Glad you are having a safe trip. Leah it is such a blessing to have someone who can drive so that Renee can be refreshed when she speaks. I used to drive my friend to her speaking engagements before moving to another state.

  39. I have NEVER cut my own hair, but shortly after my husband and I were married I let him cut my hair because previous to our meeting he had been a hair stylist but when I met him he had changed careers and went into retail clothing. I have NEVER colored my hair. I have not had a road trip for awhile with a friend or by myself. Seems as though my husband and I are of late taking the road trips. I try and remember to bring along water, snacks and the issues of the magazines Birds & Blooms and Country that I have not taken the time to read and fill the CD player with the oldies. Thank you so much for being “real” with us.

  40. It was fun viewing your video. I must have my Christian CDs and upbeat music, my cellphone, yummy snack food and global grapes. A few weeks ago my bangs were bothering me and I attempted to cut them and made them way too short. lol. Thankfully I went to my hair stylist a few days later and she fixed everything. Have a safe trip and looking forward to read as much as I can in Chpt. 2

    Anglea, Sugar Hill Georgia

  41. I am sad. I wrote a comment and it said that it was a duplicate and would not post it.

  42. Dawn Tuller says:

    thank you so much for a silly video. I giggled a bit tonight and that felt good after a financial stress-er earlier today. Thank you also for praying for me. I have had a medicine change and am sleeping at night. My BP is getting better and I’m having less headaches. Also able to teach my children much easier this past week without the stress of not feeling well. I still am not completely healthy, but getting there. I appreciate getting to know other people that are struggling with confidence and insecurity also. I’ve read Beth Moore’s book So Long Insecurity and it was very good. I need a constant journey and am so glad this one came along so I can continue the road to heart health and physical health. I will try to comment on other’s posts tomorrow as in order to get well I need a consistent bed time. So good night and thanks again for a silly video.

  43. So, so fun!!! 🙂 I loved this. It was like getting to ride along with you. So glad the conference this weekend went well. I know hearts were BLESSED! Cannot wait to dig into Chapter 3!

  44. Thank you so much for sharing. Your thoughts and words very encouraging and fun to watch and listen. So enjoying the book and chapter 2. God created us and knowing that He has known us forever and will never leave or forsake no matter what blesses me indeed. Praying your trip is safe. Hugs

  45. I loved the “silly video”. My must haves in traveling are music (got to have that!), my Diet Pepsi, and salty snack such as a bag of Combos–anything that is salty! I love sweets, but if I eat those while traveling, it will make me sick. Anyway, I love how you are so real. So many other made the same comment and I completely agree. Thanks for being such a blessing.

  46. Shelley McCrary says:

    I love road trips with my besties! We always have a fun time! We can never go on one of our trips with out finding a Krispy Creme doughnut shop! We love spending quality time together just us girls! I don’t think I have ever cut my own hair… Lol!!
    I am so enjoying the bible study Confident Heart! Reading and re reading each week plus spending time with God and allowing Him to show me just how much I’m loved has really Blessed me this week! Keep it coming because I am “Known” by the Almighy, the One and only True God! Thank you Renee for spending time with all of us on this study! I love it!!

  47. I loved your Silly Saturday video…it was so fun & made me smile! Thankyou for sharing your road trip & a bit of the “real” you with us! Yummy snacks & good tunes are definately road trip musts! I am really enjoying this study, learning so much about myself & my relationship with God & others…look forward to what He has to show us next week!

  48. after the day I have been having, your silly video made me smile. My constant flip flop world in where my husband does not know what he wants, and is not willing to be a husband that I need or a father to his sons that they need, your video just put a smile to my face. Thank you Renee

  49. Jennifer Renee says:

    On a road trip my dad and I always stop at a Sheets for gas and a sandwich. When I was little my dad would always hide M&Ms in the car for my sisters and me.
    Yes, I’ve cut my own hair. Usually it would only be my bangs but I have cut my hair shorter. Sometimes it was because I was upset and angry about something and did it to release that emotion. I usually had a neighbor cut my hair but sometimes it ended up crooked. Thankfully the apartment building I live in now has its own beauty parlor and the beautician comes twice a week.

  50. Thank you Renee and the rest of you ladies for being my online friends, it means a lot to me. I am also feeling the prayers this week. The Confident Heart Book/Bible study is building my faith and my trust in God the Father. Life has been a hard trial for a long (3 yrs) time, without much let up. So I am glad/blessed for the boost of Faith. Thank you for not being afraid to be real. Love all you girls out there. Becky

  51. Millicent says:

    Hi Renee,

    Thanks for taking us on your road trip with Leah. For road trips I must have some Mike and Ike’s and Cheetos along with pop and water. Have cut my hair many of times some great cuts and a few OOPS here and there with those I just always say “it will grow back”.

    I am enjoying the study of the Confident heart…this was a great thing to do….knowing that God meets us at the place we need Him to.

    Safe Travel.


  52. awesome how “real” you are even down to the roots and cut your own bangs….lol i laughed…hubby in military so spent many a long journey on road trips with lots of tunes and now my laptop or nook go everywhere i go,,,,,,water is a MUST and of course start out with whatever coffee drivethru i can find….man i miss seattle they are on every corner !!!!!
    thank you for this ministry and how it has anchored deep into my soul what He is trying to get thru to us….being real and accepting who we are as HIS and not as the lies that we believe……if we can just learn that we are the person as He sees us and not the one we see in the mirror….oh how i yearn for me to accept that what i look like and was does not determine who i am who i am was determined before i was formed and he knew every hair on my head, and he created me to be HIS a child of the living God…created to LOVE and be LOVED and be just as HE envsioned…he knew the paths we would have to walk but he also said I will never leave or forsake you, he knew we would get tired, he says I will give you rest all who are heavy burdoned, he knew we would get lonely but he said I will always comfort you.
    When it gets tough he says He will give us strength,,,,,and when you are down remember the JOY of the LORD is your strength……sounds like i am convincing myself again…what a mighty work he is doing in me remembering HIs promises and His word will never come back void. Thank you for being on part of my journey……..

  53. That is a wonderful video Renee!!! Love to see you both. I always cut my bangs too, especially when I am away from home being away from my only trusted hairdresser. Have a safe trip and may our Lord bless you more.

  54. First of all-thank you so much for writing this book! I need it, and it is impacting me so much. I loved this video! I am currently living in England, working with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) on a project for the London Olympics. I am from Tennessee, and I miss home! It was just fun to see y’all driving on the interstate, with your Starbucks cups & botlles of water and to hear those beautiful accents! 🙂

  55. Thanks for being so funny and human. It’s especially fun when you do something with a good friend. You wouldn’t believe how many pit stops I have to take when I travel. Also, I can’t afford to go get my hair cut professionally so I cut my hair and my husband’s. Don’t know how people would judge the looks of the cuts but you have to do what you have to do. Have a great week.

  56. Wow gırls, gettıng to know each other ın chrıst even ın the smallest detaıls. I’ve been blessed by the sımplıcıty of ıt.
    Stay ın hıs love!

  57. For sure have cut my own hair…not sure how good it looked to others but sure saved on the budget! 🙂

  58. Heather Bireley says:

    Thanks so much for sharing with us. It means a lot. Yes, I have cut my hair. As a busy mom with a tight budget it is hard a lot of times to get to the salon so I can understand your dilemma. I am so enjoying the study and working on becoming more confident. Thank you for taking your time to lead us on this journey

  59. Ah, Rene, how very special it is to have your wonderfully real self sharing with us in this video! Seriously made this whole study more “real” for me to have you sharing you in your day-to-day.
    Long story short: I’m living in Ecuador and am trying to stay on course with this Confident Heart study. (I was part of the earlier study with Melissa Taylor). I started the online Bible study to make connections but actually it has made me feel more alone, it’s hard to explain. There are no “familiar touchpoints” in our new (of 8 months) culture and home. Seeing you with Starbucks and talking about where you’d eaten really connected with me (although I don’t actually miss those things, it’s just a point of commonality).
    When we have electricity (and it is regularly inconsistent) I’m able to connect with my beloved family and friends via Skype, etc., but it’s not like physically being with and “doing life” with my them. I seriously miss my sisterchicks; and right now I’m really really really missing that type of connection. Yup, I know “this, too, shall pass”and most days I’m “fine,” but thanks so very much for offering this space for me to left down that guard, write in my native language, and share what’s on my heart without fear of recrimination! Now I can press the “post comment” button, take a deep breath, and go forth!
    God bless you, dear woman of God! Thanks again for sooooo much!

    • Jenn:
      I know just how you feel as I too spent some time living in a foreign country. It was the hardest thing I have ever been through. (And it was in the days before Skype!)
      Praying for you.

  60. Renee, I love your messages and I love the way you are really listening to those of us participating in this study. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you are taking this study slow, staying connected with us in little ways throughout the week. This is just awesome! Thank you!

  61. As a busy mom of 3 very active boys (I’m sure some of you can relate) and also a just started back to work full time mom I LOVE being able to do bible studies online. It’s like my own little time God Time. I love reading through all the comments. Even though we don’t personally know each other we share so much in common. God is an AMAZING God and I am truly blessed. Renee, THANK YOU so much for following your heart and God’s will and doing this online study. I have shared it with my teacher friends at school and 1 has jumped on board with us.

    Ok, my favorite road trip treat is those big chewy sweet tarts that you get 4 to a package. I eat the apple and lemon ( those are my favorite) and my husband eats the grape and cherry ones (his favorite). Also those big cheap drinks form Racetrack. And yes I too have cut my hair.

  62. I love’d your video Rene, made me smile BIG! I have to add my thanks to others that you are taking the study nice and slow, with reminder emails. blog posts and videos. I feel no pressure and and definintely hearing from God through this study.

    I cut my hair once, and my hairdresser yelled at me!! I’ve never done it again. As for roots, I got so tired of trying to keep up with them and the price of doing so. I finally gave my hair back it’s natural color and now I am very streaked with grey. Was a surprise& shock to my 34 year old son when I saw him at Thanksgiving, “Mom! You are SO GREY!” I like it though – feel I’ve earned every grey hair!

    Happy LORDS Day to you all~

  63. Love the video and your honesty liked the haircut and trying to hide that you needed the highlghts. I so love starbucks too!
    your sister in christ Robin

  64. Yes I have cut my hair – when I was in my late teens and 20’s I used to cut it all, now only my bangs. I also used to cut my Moms hair and do her perms, along with cut my husbands hair. Now I basically just cut my bangs.
    Road Trips – I love them. My husband and I drive from Oregon thru CA to AZ, every year for our vacations to see family. Our have to haves… I pack the whole house and the kitchen sink. 🙂 I take books to read, sewing projects to do (hubby does most of the driving) teaching CD’s and music CD’s…. And really most of the time we just end up talking. 🙂 We stop for coffee or tea and many potty breaks. I look forward to that time all year. We also take little road trips that are to see my family that only take about 5-6 hrs those are fun too.
    Renee your video was great, I too really love that you are just you, it is helping me to let go and chipping at the wall I have up – The Fine Wall – I didn’t realize I have so much of.
    Blessings everyone.

  65. KAY PARRISH says:



    • I feel your pain – my parents were workaholics and that is the only life I knew. therefore I worked all thru my daughters growing up – her dad died when she was 2 and I was left with a business to run as well as a baby. I got no insurance as my mother in law kept it – so it was a constant struggle.

      Now as an adult my daughter feels like I abandoned her during some of her most needy times – I feel I was doing what I need to do as a single mother – there is never an answer. we are about the same age and we did the best we could with what we had to work with. There weren’t all the experts telling us how to raise our children to be perfect and grow up with scars from our caregiving.

      Hang in there, it is a tough road but we know God is with us and I always trust it to Him – blessings to you for all you have done for your family!!

    • Oh Kay, I am so sorry. I sense your heart breaking through your words. Im so glad you shared with us and knew this would be a safe place.

      I confess I have been in both places – being miserable and blaming others because I had tried everything to make myself happy and when it didn’t work I started pointing fingers. So ashamed of that time and so very thankful God showed me He was the only one who could heal my hurts and make me whole – not a perfect childhood, not a perfect home life (which I didn’t have) not making my parents feel guilty for what they did or didn’t do (they messed up but they did the best they could and as Kathy shared, they didn’t have so many resources or such an emphasis in our culture now that makes parents feel so responsible for how their kids turn out.

      And…I”ve also been the one being blamed for others’ misery and problems. It’s a horrible, helpless place to be.

      You can’t fix this. But you can continue to love and support your son, your grandson and even your daughter in law. Just keep telling her you love her and that you are sorry she feels the way she does. It sounds like she’s got some issues that only Jesus can help her see and work through.

      I”m praying for you and your husband, to just fall on your knees and carry this whole thing to the Cross together. Jesus is there listening, caring, carrying this with you and covering you with His love. I”m praying the calm will come in this storm, apologies will be made and forgives will rise – restoring what is broken and making your relationships whole again.

      We love you friend!

    • Kay, I just read your post today (Jan. 30th). Hang in there. I am so sorry that satan kept you from going to church. I had a similar thing happen last fall. I went to church alone, because I knew I had to be in my fathers house. All I could do was cry. CRY. My sunday school teacher took me to another room and talked to me. Before that my pastor came and talked to me. This is my fourth church since I got saved 8 years ago. I have felt so loved in this church. I will be praying for that situation. I can’t stand screaming fights on the phone. PRAYING for you and your family. God is good.

  66. Thank you for your video and honesty! Yes, I cut my own hair for years. And I still do my bangs in-between visits to the salon.
    For road trips, caffeine (pop or coffee), water, healthy snacks and music!
    Thanks for the big smile this morning!

  67. This was a great silly video. I’m enjoying reading your book and the bible study. I must have water and my co pilot for my road trips.

  68. Jeanie Kelley says:

    One of my must haves on a road trip is a Bible and highlighter with a devotion I am currently doing. I feel like I need my quiet time even if it is on a trip. On the second question as of cutting my hair–My answer is “yes” I do and have when I am desperate with it. I now regularly go and get it cut like I should. Looking forward to cha. 3. Thanks for a wonderful study.
    Jeanie Kelley

  69. Loved the video. Thanks for sharing. Felt like I was in the car with you guys. You are cute as a button girl! Bangs looked great. Starbucks definitely a must for me and road trips along with music. I need potty breaks too Leah due to the Starbucks and water. Water bottles a must for me too! Love you guys. Continue sharing. Looking forward to it. Be blessed in Him! Oh and btw, would never attempt to cut my hair. That would be disastrous! LOL

  70. I used to travel with my former job and drove all over the state – with diet coke and a snickers never far from my reach.
    Hair – as I have aged the one part of my body I never had hoped to thin out was my hair – has gotten very thin. I don’t dare cut it myself as I don’t want to emphasize my bald spots. My hubby this morning in church told me my bald spots were showing…..I figure if that is the worst of my problems I am blessed…
    Thanks for sharing this journey – I am enjoying the ride!
    Blessings to you and all -Kathy

  71. Thanks for the video it is fun watching the natural part of leaders. Hope and pray the two of you made it home safely.

  72. Loved the video. I love the Bible study – it’s teaching me so much. I am doing a Confident Heart Study in my homes Wednesday morning and we enjoy it so much through the tears and laughter we are drawing closer to Jesus. Blessings and hugs!

  73. I tried trimming my hair once and my hairdresser said I could call her anytime day or night if I felt the urge again! If I am traveling alone or on a long distance trip with my husband, I love to get books on CD’s. It keeps me alert if I am driving and makes the time pass so quickly!

  74. Thanks for the fun video. It’s always good to see that you’re just a “regular girl”. 🙂

    Yep, I’ve cut my hair…quite often actually. But, I’m a curly haired girl, and curly hair is very, very forgiving when you make a mistake.

    Looking forward to more of this study!

  75. Praying for you through this study. The video about the being “known” was awesome!!! How often do we really hear a message that relates to how Jesus helped Sam at the well. HE knows everything about all of us anyway and HE loves you anyway….unconditional love…LOVE like that you just can’t find on this earth!!!! ONLY LOVE like that can come from GOD HIMSELF…JESUS…..won’t find that kind of love in a spouse, a friend, or on a video chat or on-line bible study….but JESUS is the ONLY WAY….JESUS is THE best HELP.” Thanks for the road trip video…that so too funny….Just had to laugh!!!! I asked my daughter last May before she got married if she thought her husband was going to make her happy. Then My daughter shared with me that true love will never be found in her husband, in her earthly father, a friend, or any one else. Only JESUS can fill us with that LOVE that we ALL NEED!! What wisdom she shared!!! : )

  76. Loved the short road trip video! I absolutely love road trips! Must haves are slippers for the car (just love being comfy), snacks, water & my Bible & journal! My roadtrip this year is going to be my daughter’s wedding in 20 days! I call her my “road trip”, “cruise”, “vacation”, anything that my money that would have been used for but instead is going to her wedding!

    I am thankful that she is marrying a wonderful young Christian man whose heart is set on the Lord! I purchased a Confident Heart book for her as well as my other daughter & two friends and I have been thoroughly enjoying reading it!

    I did start chapter 3 last night and am taking it slow so that what the Lord is showing me can really dig down deep!

    Thank you for the video clips, the prayers and especially for being open and transparent with us! Love you!

  77. Considerate and thoughtful. That’s what I thought after watching your road trip mini-video. Letting us see real people and inviting us into your lives by sharing. And being thoughtful to those struggling to catch up, to “wait up” for them and delay posting, so they don’t feel so overwhelmed.
    I think that is going to be my theme for the upcoming week, to get outside of myself and be considerate and thoughtful.
    Also wanted to share this line, stated by my Pastor today, thought it might resonate with some of you, as it hit me between the eyes: Out of our misery, we often find our ministry.
    So, if we combine those two ideas, maybe we can all pray for each other, that we can be more considerate of others and ourselves too, because, as we all know, there have been some heavy burdens carried by most of us. I am going to try to meditate on the trials, and pray that God will show me how He can use me to minister to others in thoughfulness. I confess, I get kind of overwhelmed trying to read all the posts, but I will try and lift up everyone as I read this week.
    Here’s a new one for you on road trips: Duct tape. I promise you, it is the greatest tool ever invented, and who wants to be stranded somewhere with a hem falling out of your pants, or a leaky radiator hose. Trust me, ladies, I never travel without a roll(go ahead and laugh, but some day you will thank me!)

  78. i love your haircut! you’re beautiful, inside and out! glad you took the time to say hello and look forward to studyin more during the week! hug!

  79. Kimberly Dial says:

    I love that you took the time to video while on your journey home! BTW, your hair looks great – good job! 🙂

    • Great video of the road trip. I love how real and down to earth you are Renee. Real people are so hard to find sometimes. But I love this Bible Study and the sharing that goes on between everyone. This study has transforming power. I feel so connected to God and to the people who are apart of this study. Thanks to you Renee for not thinking it robbery to share yourself, family and your ministry.

  80. Had to laugh at your silly video. And yes I have cut my own hair before. It did not always turn out so well, but what can I say. Sometimes a girl’s gotta do whatever it takes.

    I am getting ready to try and get caught up with week 2, I have been so distracted this week and it has just dawned on me that I need to bring the matter to my sisters in Christ.

    My cousin, Dallis, was diagnosed on Jan 25th with pancreatic cancer. Surgery will be performed Monday, Jan. 30 at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis. He is married to Lisa and they have a beautiful daughter, Hope. Dallis is only 46 and realizes the implications of pancreatic cancer. He is grateful that he works among the medical society there and has literally gone from having no clue to what was wrong to treatment in less than a week.
    Please join me in prayer for Dallis’ comfort as well as that of his family. Also, for the steady hands of the surgeon. The surgeon is a Christian, he actually came into the room and prayed with the family as he told them of the news of pancreatic cancer.
    Be praying that his mother somehow stay calm through all of this as his father, my uncle Rene’ is in the VA hospital there in ICU isolation fighting kidney cancer and running a high temp for which they cannot find the source. I know that Aunt Alice is torn on where to be, so I am praying that God just work miracles in this family.
    They have set up a caringbridge network that I am following their journey and posting encouragement. I would like to post a scripture based prayer to the guestbook, but am really having trouble getting words to come together.
    I would love if someone could help me come up with prayer where I am praying scripture back to God to cover Dallis through this troubled and frightening time.


    • Praying for you and your family, Ronda.
      Here are some verses to consider in prayer:
      For your Father knows what you need before you ask him.
      Matthew 6:8
      You hear, O LORD, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to
      their cry,
      Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and
      the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those
      in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. For just as the
      sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort
      2 Corinthians 1:3-5
      The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I
      take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
      Psalm 18:2
      Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with
      thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all
      understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
      Philippians 4:6-7

      • Jenn,

        Thank you so much. It has just been one of those weeks where I feel as if my brain is not running on all cylinders. I am trying to help keep a large extended family in the loop of everything that is going on. I also have a daughter with Down Syndrome who keeps me busy. So I appreciate the time you took to help.

        • Ronda,
          You’re juggling a lot right now, but your heart is secure in God’s provision. My prayer is that He will continue to infuse you with His peace which surpasses all understanding and His continual comforts as you are comforting so many others.

          Thank you for reaching out, particularly during this time of intensity in your life!

          God bless you!

  81. Great video of the road trip. I love how real and down to earth you are Renee. Real people are so hard to find sometimes. But I love this Bible Study and the sharing that goes on between everyone. This study has transforming power. I feel so connected to God and to the people who are apart of this study. Thanks to you Renee for not thinking it robbery to share yourself, family and your ministry.

  82. Elizabeth Scruggs says:

    This study is breaking me!! I must admit I have decovered that I am angry with God!! I went through some very hard times with my dad! I have spina bifida and I sit in a wheelchair! But I haven’t always! I walked with the aid of canes and braces for the first about eights years of my life then I lost the ability! My dad didn’t handle the change have well and it was a very hard time in my life! My dad would say have mean things to mean, my brother was very mean to me growing up too!! I don’t understand why my mom didn’t stand up for me!! I don’t understand!! I realized that I am still mad and upset with them and even with God!! I don’t understand why God allowed me to disabled!!

    • Elizabeth, my I humble, humble guide you to scripture…

      John 9:3

      New International Version (NIV)

      3 “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.

    • Elizabeth, I believe that God understands all of your feelings. I pray that God’s ever present love will stay with you and light the path to the visions of the masterpiece He made in you!

  83. Thank you for the video post. I loved it.

  84. Thanks for sharing the roadtrip! Fun, real and great worship music, water and potty breaks are definetly part of a road trip!

  85. What a super-fun video! I love that it feels like we were right there in the car with you! I too bring water bottles, but alas, am horrible at finishing just one sometimes! Well, at least it helps with less stops. I’m a girl who just likes to get to the destination, no stopping if possible! The hair bit was just hysterical by the way. I am not brave enough to cut my hair, and have yet to start highlighting because I’m hesitant in the “keeping it up” part, but what girl can’t relate to a hair story, no matter what it is – the fabulous accessory that we are never quite fully content with. Thanks for being real. Thanks for including us in this journey of growing in God.

  86. Abbie Wells says:

    Thank you for sharing your road trip!! I totally love road trips…long or short ones, and one thing that is defiantly a must for my family when “roadtripping”, are jelly beans!! I know that that sounds funny, but we like to guess the flavors and try to mix new recipes!

  87. Loved the video! Never dare to cut my own hair 🙂 Once I had my husband cut it and my hairdresser wanted to kill the both of us! Finished chapter 2 with a group of women that are meeting together. We had some good discussion on fathers and our views of God from childhood. I shared a book that I’m reading with them on that very subject. It’s Herb Montgomery’s “Finding the Father: See Him for Who He Really Is.” He’s got a great perspective on God’s love for us.
    Ladies, have a great week!!!!

  88. Thanks for your video. It’s really nice to be able to connect with you and feel like I am getting to know you personally. I am enjoying the book and can’t wait to read and learn more.

  89. lifting up your mom in prayer

    i just love that silly video,so much fun,i just love road trips,i have to have lots of coffee and maybe a milky way. and yes i cut my own hair,been doing that for years.

    thank you so much for this study,i’m am enjoying it and learning things about myself and others,blessings

  90. Loved the video Renee. Thank you for showing us your vulnerable side. I’m struggling tonight. It seems each week when I sit down to begin the new chapter there is a major distraction that creeps up. Tonight it was an ongoing argument with my son. My daughter is sick of listening to it and always leaves the room which breaks my heart. I’m not feeling well and have struggled trying to get answers so my frustration level is very high. I will keep pressing forward though with the Lord’s help and your guidance. And yes I’ve cut my own hair and need music and snacks for road trips. LoL. Most importantly I’m glad your mom is “OK” and in good hands. Praying…..Mary-Beth

  91. Loved! Loved! Loved the video. I am with you Renee, before I get on the road I have to hit Starbucks. It is not a road trip without it 😉 So glad to find a kindred spirit.
    Totally have cut my hair before, was always sorry afterwards. LOL!!! We live and learn, sometimes. Got that same root problem happening. I love that no matter where we are in this world, women all share the same issues, hair, family, life. It is even more amazing that God can also bring us all together through these same circumstances. Enjoying the study, been a bit behind on the reading and work, but am getting there slowly.
    I want to say Thank You for this study and this book. It came at such the right time for me. The week between Christmas and New Years, I had a complete melt down. It was at that point I knew I needed to step back and let go of some of my commitments. I knew I needed to “Be Still” so I let go of many things and decided to focus on my family not knowing where God was leading me, then I came across your website and book. As soon as I saw it I knew where God was leading me. Everything I read on your site and about your book, it was so much of me. So, thank you again for your hear and for your willingness and obedience to God to share with all of us.

  92. Stephanie says:

    I have cut my own hair before, sometimes better than others! 🙂

    I road trip all of the time. When I leave early in the morning, I like Simply Orange juice to get my blood sugar flowing and listen to Mandisa’s Good Morning song. I also love to sing along to a variety of music throughout the day. If I’m fortunate enough to be the passenger, I bring a variety of reading materials and brain teasers too.

  93. Oh, Renee, I loved the video. It was 11 pm on Sunday before I finally got that quiet time to pop in my ear buds and hear the entire thing. I read most of chapter 3 this afternoon while my son had my computer doing homework. My sister lives in GA. I was only there once 26 years ago, but I knew exactly where you were. Girl road trips, there just aint nothin’ like ’em. That is how this online Bible Study is for me. It is like a girl road trip that I can slip in and out of to get through my crazy life. Our pastor had a great sermon today on Romans 5:12-21, When he asked how I was after I said,” I am forgiven.” Amen ~ Shalom and Goodnight from CA

  94. Renee-first of all hoping all is well with your Mom! I’ve been praying for you and her and your family . I justs got to watch the video(I LOVE IT!!)..I’ve been combing back through chapter 2..just gleaning and trying to listen as God is speaking..then your comment at the end of the video about going back to the well and spending time with Jesus…immediately Casting Crowns song “Come to the Well” welled up in my heart and started playing in my head!! (That entire CD is Awesome!!) ..Through this study and our messages at Church..God is just “SCREAMING” I LOVE YOU!!! I CARE ABOUT YOU!!! EVERY DETAIL OF YOUR LIFE!!!
    It’s AMAZING how sometimes I still don’t hear HIM!!!

  95. thank you for sharing you road trip with us!! when me and my bestfriend take road trips our favorite stops would be in a clothing store and places that serve sweets lol!!! you did a great job on your bangs too!! the more cut them yourself you will began to like your bangs and shape them. thats how i started off cutting my hair, first bangs and now my whole head. have a great day!!

  96. Renee…Prayers to you and your family. I’ve recently, in the last 18 months been through health crisis with my parents and it will turn your world upside down – especially when you are parenting your own kids. The ‘Sandwich Effect’ of being a caretaker of both your parents and your own kids is so stressful….Don’t forget to take care of you. I attend a church that is a ‘stragegic partner’ of Northpoint ministries. This weekends sermon was on REST (Jesus MODELED rest for us – being fully human he could not engage with us unless he recharged with his Father!). The take away phrase was “YOUR LIFE WILL MOVE TO A BETTER PLACE WHEN YOU MOVE AT A SUSTAINABLE PACE” – even when you are being challeneged with the ‘sandwich effect’ of caretaking multiple generations!

    “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength” Isaiah 30:15

    Hugs to you, precious sister.

    • I needed this Anne, thank you!! Late night at the ER and then Aster woke up twice in the middle of the night. Then I woke up feeling sick and all congested in my chest this morning. Sound awful tonight. Need to get some rest and it’s so hard. I am sandwiched between a toddler, two teenagers and an aging mom who lives near us (with no other family in town) and and really needs me to watch out for her b/c she’s not good at watching out for herself. Im taking your advice and gonna get some rest. Night!

  97. Love the road trip video! When my fam travels, we stop at Buccee’s — we are in Texas. They have EVERYTHING! All kinds of food, fresh-baked stuff, convenience store stuff, and all kinds of clothes, knick-knacks, you name it. And their potty-break facilities are unrivaled. Wow, I’m getting WAY too excited about a souped-up roadside stop. I guess I don’t get out much! Lol!

  98. Lisa Hall says:

    Thanks so much your openness & just being “down to earth” with your thoughts & feelings. To know so many of many sisters in Christ are struggling with the same feelings “that they just don’t ever quite measure up” has really opened my eyes. Removing the “I’m fine” mask is something that I definitely need to work on too. What a blessing this study has been to me! Thanks so much, Renee:-)

  99. Betty Cummings says:

    I am in Agreement Prayer as it saids in ST.MATTHEW 18:18-20.I am Praying for a fast and full Recovery.Also Love your Silly Saturday Video.Thank you for taking time out from your family and being Obedient in The Lord and helping the Hopeless Women of God know that in God there is Hope for Tomorrow.I have your Prayer in Praying God’s Promises in chapter 2 on my Refrigerator.I think Every Women should go before the Father and have a Checkup.To see if We are Being all God has called us to be.I go before Him everyday to seek His Will for my Life.Your an Inspiration to me and I am so Thankful to you and all the other Women of God out there being Obedient in there calling.I am Praying for you and All the ones that have a part in A Confident Heart as well to all our Friends and Sister in Christ wanting to have a closer walk and having The Strength to overcome.God is our Mountain Mover!Thank you again Praying for you your family and P31 Ministry.Friends and Sisters in Christ forever.Betty.

  100. MUSIC! I am a 480 kinda girl, so I have to have some jams blurrin’ on my stereo on road trips {I’m that girl who sings at the top of her lungs to every song, with her hand chilln’ out the window.} Cutting my own hair…now that is not something I’ve ever braved.

    Glad to see y’all got back safely, and I LOVE your little video :). Blessings on you and prayers for your mom.

    <3 Heather

  101. Thanks Renee for ur cute video….we haven’t traveled in a while…but my family does love rd trips. were hoping to travel to Chicago n Indiana this summer to visit my family n good friends. i know all about petty stops as i have four small girls now. just had a lititle girl on Christmas eve…her name is Olivia. Im excited to start reading ch. 3…i loved ch 2…and just felt the Lord speak to my heart as i read about Sam meeting Jesus at the well and knowing n believing that Jesus will meet us where were at too and how we can time to him as we are…we don’t have to b perfect o pretend everything is OK…He knows our hearts and wants to comfort us n show us his compassion.

  102. What I need on a road trip is a headrest pillow and a lap blanket. No way could I read the internet while moving in the car – – major headache! Lucky you Renee! Good job on cutting your hair! Never cut my own. That would be a disaster! I’m fortunate to have a sister with experience in hairdressing.

  103. Love me a good road trip with some girlfreinds!!! But I’m with you Becci, could not cut my own hair that is a sure recipe for DISASTER!!

    I’ve been soaking up the loving water from Jesus and allowing His love to fill in all of the cracks in my heart. Looking at the cracks of my heart is both painful and freeing. There is one HUGE hurt I’m praying for–realizing I need to forgive someone who tried to bury my gifts rather than help them grow in Christ. I see my own brokenness brought me close to this unhealthy friendship with another Christ-seeker. *confusing*

    God is no longer allowing my heart to be close to this friend…so many mixed emotions but I am trusting God and watching Him heal and build a more confdent heart within me as I let go and let God.

    I told God this week that I am sorry for focusing more on the acknowledgement and accolades from this girlfriend and feeling discouraged and insecure when it NEVER met my expectation…I am letting this go and soaking in–focusing on Him..His love…His accolades for my heart–for they do not run dry! Thank you Jesus!
    Anyone else working through some past hurts?

  104. Love the little video Renee and yes, I have cut my own hair, way more than once, with not so good results BTW. Anyway, I am one of the bunch that is trying to catch up with Chapter 2 but only a few more questions and then on to Chapter #3. I am in much need of a road trip 🙂

  105. Loved your video, Renee : ) My items I have to have are my water bottles (Zephyrhills, it’s the best) which does increase the potty breaks. If it’s a longer trip, I love Gardetto’s or Chex Mix. I have cut my hair many, many times. I am licensed, but I’ve had to remove the scissors from the bathroom from trying to fix a bad salon haircut too many times. I always am the one who cuts my bangs though with mostly great results 🙂

  106. I just read the good report on your mom and am so thankful for our loving God who goes before us and protects us and cushioned your mom’s fall.

  107. Hi Renee! Thanks for your video message and including us on your road trip! I love to take along all my favourite CDs… As a little girl, I got into a pair of scissors and cut off all of my bangs!! They grew in just in time for my Aunt’s wedding that I was a flower girl in. I am praying for you and your Mom and hope all is well.

  108. Relying upon others to meet our daily heartfelt needs can lead to disappointment. Sure , I can connect with people and friends, and share my heart with them. But I don’t need to rely upon them like they are my god and like they will meet all of my needs, because they just won’t be able to do that. Neither can I meet all of their needs. I have had some friends who would have liked for me to meet their needs and it scared me. Fear overtook, I was thinking they were expecting too much of me, and would be disappointed in me. I cannot fulfill others needs in whole, and they will not be able to fulfill of of my deepest needs. That’s why I need to keep my eyes focused on Jesus.

  109. I cut my bangs all the time because I’m too cheap to have them cut professionally as often as they need trimming. Just wanted to tell you I am praying for your mom, Renee. The friends of mine who were going to do this study with me haven’t begun the book yet, so it is nice to know so many other women out there in cyber land are particiPating in this study too. It’s holding me accountable. I have been printing off the weekly Bible verse and have it by my desk at work.

  110. I am just seeing your video this morning…love it 🙂 Thank you (from the bottom of my heart) for being real. And too funny about the cinnabon and “don’t tell Lysa” comment! Happy Tuesday, Renee!


  111. Thank you for sharing this, Renee! Thank you for being REAL and OPEN with us. I admit this has been a little difficult for me – as many other women, I do MUCH better when I am going to a Bible Study and I have daily homework and I am accountable to other women. That type of study isn’t something that works for me right now though and I am SO THANKFUL to be able to do something like this instead. I appreciate that you keep the pace slow for those that need more time! All around thanks! Be blessed!!

  112. I loved the video, which was really fun. It made me want to take a road trip immediately! Things I have to have: camera, blanket, cds/IPOD, and my travel journal, even if its to a place I have already been.

    Yes, I have also cut my own hair! I have my license (although I am not practicing) to do cosmetology, so I have TRIED doing my own hair before..eek!

    Praying for your mom and a blessed week!
    Nina B.

  113. Just now getting to catch up on my devos! Thank you so much for your video! It means so much when we see you “for real” 🙂 I’m so glad all went well! OK, now I’m going to check out our lesson for this week! Be blessed!!!

  114. Thank you for sharing your life with us all. Until now I’ve just been skimming thru replies, & homework assignments. Trying to get connected has been a challenge. I am reading though & looking forward to posting more. Anyway, the video was funny, & greatly appreciated. 🙂

    • Hard for me to get stuff done on weekends. Was going back through emails & realized I had never watched this one. How fun! For years I have been cutting my bangs since not willing to pay just to have them cut, course whenever do go in I get fussed at, but natural curl hides my mistakes. I used to go back & forth from Phoenix to Sierra Vista (small community 3 1/2 hours away) generally at least every other month. Had one place always stopped & others depended on whether seeing anyone in Tucson on the way through. Always had plenty of drinks (mainly water), snacks, hard candy, & music within easy reach. Well been a rough week so need to take advantage of my last half hour alone doing some more catch up. Thanks so much for all you do for us! May God richly bless you!

  115. I agree with everyone! How awesome it is to be able to really get to connect with one another. I really enjoyed your “silly” video! It’s nice to see that you are “down to earth” and have root problems too! LOL My hair is very dark brown and i just started washing that grey right out of my hair (old comercial lyrics) LOL I am so excited about all this now that my computer is up and “running” again!!!! I’m really really excited!!!

  116. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and being REAL. You are truly a down to earth person. I really love that about you.

  117. I must admit, I’m behind. But thank you Renee for making it easy to catch up. I enjoyed the road trip – it made me smile!

  118. I loved this video–you made me smile so much. Thank-you for being real–potty breaks are my favorite.
    My family makes fun of me but when they want to know where a bathroom is I can usually always tell them.
    thank you for sharing your road trip fun and time,

  119. I used to live in Athens during one of the most difficult times of my life. Beautiful town!

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