You were created to live with confidence!

Do you ever wonder why you didn’t get the gift of confidence like others you know? I used to feel slighted by that. But over time I realized there was more to confidence than just being born with it.

Lasting confidence comes from knowing and believing that our value isn’t determined by our performance or competence. But that is not always easy to believe because we have an opponent who will do all he can to convince us otherwise.

Some avoid talking about the devil because they don’t want to give him too much attention. But I think it’s important that we realize we have an enemy. The Bible calls him the accuser of the brethren. Satan loves to accuse us and make us feel worthless so that we never become all that God created us to be!

One of the ways he works is by getting us to doubt ourselves. In my P31 devotion today, I shared how a few years ago I realized I was going along with the enemy’s schemes every time I’d do something wrong and then ask: What’s wrong with me?

A few years ago, it dawned on me that every time I asked, “What’s wrong with me?” I was actually telling myself something was wrong with me. Then I would try to figure out my elusive fault so I could change it or hide it. Do you ever do that?

It’s not what God wants us doing to ourselves, but Satan loves for us to focus on all that is wrong with us (real or perceived) so that we become consumed by self-doubt and condemnation as a result.  Peter tells us what we need to do about him: “Keep your mind clear, and be alert. Your opponent the devil is prowling around like a roaring lion as he looks for someone to devour.” (1 Pet. 5:8, GW).

Keeping Our Minds Clear
Jesus says in John 14:26 that God has given us an Advocate, the Holy Spirit, to teach us everything and to remind us of all that Christ said. The Holy Spirit lives in us as believers, and He is great at helping us keep our minds clear. Let’s ask Him daily to clean out the clutter of insecurity, pride, and Satan’s lies in your thoughts and replace them with the clarity of Truth.

Staying Alert
We can stay alert by listening to our thoughts. If our thoughts are against us, then our feelings will be too. What we think determines how we feel, and our feelings often determine how we live.

Think –> Feel–> Live

However, with the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s Promises, we can ask Jesus to change the way we think, which will change the way we feel and eventually transform the way we live!

The next time you start having negative feelings about yourself, stop and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what you’re thinking that is making you feel that way. Then compare your thoughts about yourself, or the circumstances you are in, to God’s thoughts. Do they match? If not, find a promise in God’s Word to replace the lie that has filled your heart with self-critical thoughts For instance:

  • When you feel defeated, focus on the truth that God says, “In all these things [you] are more than [a conqueror] through him who loved [you]…” (Rom. 8:37, NIV)
  • When you feel worthless, focus on the truth that God says, “You are precious and honored in my sight, and . . . I love you.” (Isa. 43:4, NIV)
  • When we feel inadequate, focus on the truth that God says, “’You are my witnesses,’ declares the Lord, ‘and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he.’” (Isa. 43:10, NIV)

If we have Christ in us because of our faith in Him as our Savior, then we have God’s power and promises available to live with a confident heart!

* If this is an area of your life you sense God leading you to dig deeper into, more about this part of my journey and this topic are in chapter 6 of A Confident Heart,


As part of a little celebrating we’re doing at my house, (see note below) we’re giving away 5 copies of A Confident Heart along Confident Heart Scripture stickies we’re having created this month!! Just leave your name or a comment to enter by clicking on “Share Your Thoughts” to let me know what God has you thinking about after reading this post, or my devotion. I’ll be reading your comments today and praying for you. It would be my honor to do that.


Today my family and I are celebrating some “only God could do this” news we recently received…over 20,000 copies of A Confident Heart are in the hands of women around the US, and it’s now being published in Korean!! We’re totally blown away – that in the midst of my father’s passing, my daughter’s speech disorder diagnosis and my mom’s hospitalization all during my book release – God is doing immeasurable more than we could even imagine. I know part of it is women reading reviews and hearing from other women so I want to thank you for sharing those, too. JJ and I love reading the stories in the reviews and seeing what God is saying to your hearts through the words He poured through mine in each chapter!!

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. What a perfect devotion for me to read today. We listen to Satan’s voice too often and assume his thoughts as our own. Thank you, Renee for all you do for women through your ministry!

    • I’ve never been one to have confindence in myself and I’m 55 years old. We started a new church about a year ago and the ladies of the church came to me and ask me to be the group leader for the Women of Faith Conference this year. Women of Faith??? What was that and what do I do? This was my first year of ever hearing of this and my first year being group leader. I put the group together, got their tickets, got their motel rooms, handled all the details, suprised myself in what I could do since I didn’t believe in myself and what I could do. One more point, I’m unemployed and my husband is disable, so I knew when I took this project on, there was no way I could afford to go, but would do it for the ladies of my new church. It came to the final Sunday that everything had to be turned in to me, we had a meeting about final details, who was rooming with who, etc. I was asked who did I want to room with. I had not said anything before so I had to tell the ladies I wasn’t going because of my financial position. A room full of ladies started screaming yes you are going. They got together, purchased me a ticket, put me in one of their rooms, bought my dinner. I was so rejuvinated when we left on Saturday afternoon. On cloud nine!!!! God bless Women of Faith and even more Thank you God and Bless the Ladies of First Baptist Church Highland City, Bartow, FL for giving me the experience of my life. Now I can do anything!!! Thank you

    • Sharon M Rhebergen says:

      God brought me right where I need to be today regarding A Confident Heart. I was just sharing with my pastors wife this week how I struggle all to often with “self editing”. I downloaded the first chapter and tried to digest every nugget of help in the chapter. Tonight I mentioned to my husband what a valuable resource this book would be for me and he said get it! My birthday is coming up (Nov. 3). A Confident Heart would be a treasured gift!!

      Thank you for this wonderful ministry for all the women. This web site has valuable resources that I am going to make the most of!!

  2. Lori Moore says:

    Today was just the reinforcement I needed! I am currently involved in an online study with this book, A Confident Heart. When I first started reading Chapter 6 (which we are currently on), I thought, well, I’ll read it and all, but I dont have a problem with this particular area of negative thinking. Boy was a wrong! As I began to read, God began to reveal the areas in my heart and mind where I question my worth and value. I can see how this way of thinking affects my feelings which in turn affects my life. Today’s devotion was great because it encouraged me to read chapter 6 again. I always find things I would have missed out on when I reread. Although I have my own copy of A Confident Heart, I am hoping to win one to give to my daughter, since my is well worn (and loved) from this study. I have been sharing many of the bible verses from the book with her, but would love for her to have her own copy so that she can also feel confident in her own heart. She has struggled with some health issues that are a result of many of the negative feelings that she, as well as many women face. My hope and prayer is that she will learn just how much Jesus wants her to feel His love each day and take these negative feelings of doubt and fear away. I can just imagine how much better her llife will be if she can learn this at this point in her life (she is 20 years old) rather than wait until she has allowed satan to drag her down for 20 some years of her life, like I did.
    P.S. I am 43 today . . . a book for my daughter would be a great Happy Birthday to me!!! 🙂

  3. Sonja Taylor says:

    As I was reading the Proverbs31 devotion this morning, I clicked on the link about your book, The Confident Heart. I have dealt with this very issue my entire life. As a young child, I followed in the footsteps of an older sister who was beautiful, popular, head cheerleader, etc. and I thought I had to be just like her.
    Throughout my high school and college years, I struggled because I built my self worth on a boy, instead of the TRUTH of God’s word. When he broke up with me, I believed all the lies Satan threw my way that if I was more beautiful, gave “into” his advances, tried a little harder, etc then he wouldn’t have broken up with me
    I could go on and on, as a young married woman, mother, teacher, etc.

    However, it is my 18 year old daughter that I would love to have the book for. Abby is a beautiful young lady of God, but she doesn’t see that. She is constantly bombarded by Satan’s lies and deceptions. She lives trying to win the approval of others.

    I do not want her to live her entire life as I did.

    Thank you for all you are doing and for allowing God to use you to work in so many ladies lives!

  4. Sarah VonKreighton says:

    Thank you for your devotion today. God placed it there for me to see for a reason. Both my son and I needed to hear this today. We both struggle with frequent self-doubt and feelings of not inadequacy. It is so easy to fall into the trap that Satan sets for you. Why we fall for it so often is a question I ask myself frequently. My son is 15 and has some special needs and I have really struggled with how to best help him feel better about himself. Nothing has been very successful for very long. But, I just now realized that the only way to do that is through prayer. Why I didn’t see that before now, I don’t know. God is the only one who knows the perfect time and plan for us. Thank you God for revealing these truths to me today in your word and in this devotional. Please help me to always remember this and please keep reminders like the ones in the devotional today in front of all who need to hear it. Thank you.

  5. Amazed is the only way I can voice how I feel after reading this. I was praying and asking the Lord as I rocked my 2-year old last night what I should write my next blog post about. It was getting close to my self-impose deadline and I was clueless. He laid on my heart all times I have felt like a complete idiot, and he has reminded that I am NOT, I am “fearfully and wonderfully made” exactly they way he wants me to be. Thank you for this reinforcement at exactly the right time! 😉

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this. I look back and see how I have been doing this my whole life. I am making an effort to change my thought patterns. Your prayer is appreciated.

  7. Thank you for this devotion. I actually have said words to myself that are not true just as you described in the devotion. I never really thought about it as Satan telling me lies but after reading both the devotion & the blog I am convicted & see the need to work on stopping this pattern in my life. Congratulations on having your book sell so well & thank you for your prayers for myself & for all the other women who are working on doing things God’s way & not listening to the deceiver!


  8. Thank you for today’s devotional regarding those infamous words i say to myself, “What’s wrong with me?!” I needed to hear that today!! My identity is in Christ, yet Satan has such a way with me as he whispers doubt in my ear all the time. My teenage daughters struggle with this too, I know, and I would love to share your book with them!! God Bless you!

  9. Thank you for sharing your insights. With my new job 2 months ago, kids, husband and life this is exactly how I am feeling (thinking). I would be honored to win/read your book.

  10. I was was really touched and blessed by this part of the teaching. I find myself comparing and trying to measure up against other people particularly in the way that they pray. I would think perhaps if I prayed like that God would answer me more etc but I know that is nonesense but sometimes that thought comes across my mind and then I get back on point and the holy spirit will remind me that it is not about big words and long dialects that appeals to God but it is the heart that the prayer is coming from. When I read your devotion today I was nodding and agreeing and sitting up in my seat -lol because it spoke to me. Thank you Renee for letting God use you in this way though these devotions thank you for being willing to be open about your experiences in order to help others. God bless you continually.

    The opportunity to win a free book would be great and greatly appreciated but I live in England so I dont know if the offer would be eligible for me. Is is just for people in and around the United States? If the offer is world wide I hope that I could be considered. Thanks again Renee

  11. Grace Lane says:

    Good Morning !
    I have given a copy of your book to my daughter, Sarah, who struggles with self doubt. She is a college student and is struggling with her classes. I had bought the book for myself, but after I began to read it, I knew this is something she needed to read.
    Your devotion and blog gave me the words of encouragement I needed for today.
    God Bless,
    Grace 🙂

  12. Kimberly Pribble says:

    This was so timely for me today! I received some devastating news yesterday afternoon and spent the entire night in tears, with the enemies lies hammering away at me. Reading your devotion in my email was like a breath of fresh air. I think I may actually be able to get through the day now. 🙂

    May God bless you…

  13. Thank you so much for this devotional! I heard you yesterday on the radio and my heart was touched as I heard you share. Your words entered my heart and bore witness with what God has been speaking to me for the past couple of months during my prayer time and through our pastor’s teachings about the accuser of the brethren. I have struggled my entire life with self-doubt and with speaking negative things about myself, and I have always wondered why I tend to do that so much. I am trying to break those habits and learn how to replace them with recognizing God’s thoughts about me and what His word says about me, and speaking those things in place of the accuser’s thoughts. I feel like I am beginning a new journey that will help me be more effective in all areas of my life as a wife and mother, and in ministering to others. Thank you so much for your ministry! I know God had his hand in letting me come across you on the radio program yesterday. God bless you as you bring freedom and blessing to others!

  14. Renee,

    Thank you for your devotion today & for your blog post. Last night I led an event at our Church for the Wives of the Deacons & Ministers. All day yesterday & this morning I have had doubt & insecurity over how the evening went. Many times throughout the day I thought of your book and reminded myself that God had a plan for the night. If I followed His guiding and let the Holy Spirit guide the prayer time then His Will would be accomplished. I know these doubts & insecurities are from the enemy. Thank you for that reminder.


  15. Wow, does this hit close to home. I think we all do this and don’t even realize it. Thanks for the devotion today!

  16. Lisa Barnes says:

    Thank you so very much for your efforts and dedication to helping empower and strengthen Christian women. If we could shuck the negative, inadequate image of ourselves that Satan has impressed on us we could rise up and be the strong, confident Christian women God intends for us to be. Confident in His love, confident in our worth and equipped to share His word and blessings. Haven’t read the book but I believe the message is one all women should hear. Would love to read it with my 15 year old daughter. How empowering to go into young womanhood knowing exactly who you are in Christ. Thank you.

  17. your message today is so important and a much needed one thanks for sharing.

  18. I would love to receive a copy of this book to read for myself and be able to share it’s wisdom with the many young girls I mentor through youth sports.

  19. I am reading A Confident Heart right now and participating in Melissa Taylor’s online study. I love your book, I downloaded the Nook version but would love to have an actualy copy to write notes in and/or give to a friend of mine! Thank you for your continued P31 devotions and sharing your insights!!!

  20. Think. Feel. Live. I often need to be reminded that what I think affects how I feel and ultimately what I will do. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Sometimes I get so focused on my own negative thoughts I lose sight of the Truth of His Word,

  21. Sonja Cannon says:

    A very good friend is completely consumed with what a horrible person she must be to have the life she is living. I have sent this to her – sincerely hoping she will see that she is a wonderful woman that is just letting the devil take her down. I hope her perception of her life turns the other way VERY SOON!!! I have forwarded this page to her and have been trying to get her started in reading her bible so she can find some peace in her life. Thanks for this!


  22. Thanks for the encouragement today! I need to be constantly reminded of who I belong to as I work in a large company. the corporate world is not encouraging and it’s easy to be critical of my work which turns into critical of who i am.

  23. Thanks for this devotion Renee! God is confirming that He is hearing my prayer for my son! I just have to hold on to the Promise that God is Faithful, and that my son will make a complete u-turn back to Him! The enemy wants me to believe that he is winning but God reminds me that He has already won!!! Thanks for helping build my confidence in this!!! I would LOVE to win a copy of your book!!! 😉

  24. How encouraging your devotion is today. Seems a common struggle with women today is confidence. Your message reminded me of my identity in Christ, and that with confidence in Him, I am empowered and capable of achieveing all He has for me.
    I so hope I win a copy of your book. Your devotions along with comments from your readers has certainly triggered a yearning in my spirit to grow deeply in Him and to embrace the call on my life, to be the woman He designed me to be. Blessings to you. 🙂

  25. When God wants to get a point across, He brings it in multiple forms. This is the fourth thing today I have read about where my thoughts need to be. Thanks.

  26. Hi Renee,

    Today devotional spoke to me in such great volumes!! I am so glad that I signed up for Proverbs 31 it just seems like “wow” I am not the only one who goes through things like this. Self doubt and insecurities have been such huge factors the devil has spoken to me for many years of my life. i am now faced with a very tough decision and to this very day, when I know in my heart I have to face my giant, I still hear him telling me “are you sure”, “is this really what you should be doing”! I pray for direction and to hear Gods’ sweet voice whispering, “yes my child, this is what you are to do”! Please keep me in prayer as turn my thoughts around to the certainty of God’s promises and know, trust and believe He is with me always!!!

    Have a blessed day!!

  27. Leslie Roberts says:

    How critical it is to have a positive thought life but it is hard when life requires for an extended period of time that you make lemonade out of lemons! And if you were brought up by negative parents, that thought process is certainly ingrained. Truly only the Lord can change this if He chooses to. Thank you for offering such loving support!

  28. Renee, I just thought I’d encourage you by letting you know that I posted the “Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence” handout from She Speaks on the fridge (at a strategically low height). The other day my almost 9 year old daughter paused and pointed to it and said, “I like that.” I think I’ve noticed her reading it from time to time. I think it’s just what she needs (as well as what I need). She’s much younger than her 2 siblings and I think she really struggles with confidence. Isn’t it cool how God uses everything we do in so many far reaching ways? Have a great day and be blessed!

  29. Self-esteem has always been an issue for me. Feelings of inadequacy (about my weight, my hair, my cooking, my worth, you name it), have been with me throughout my 58 years. Since becoming a Christian four years ago, though, I have come to realize that the only one whose opinion of me matters, is my Lord and Savior. He sees me as very worthy and adequate. But, there are times when I allow that old Deceiver to enter my thoughts. Please pray for me as I am still a work in progress.

  30. leslie shelley says:

    Thanks so much for th wonderful devotional – I really needed this one. It spoke to me in such a mighty way and I can’t wait to read the book.

  31. Renee,
    Thank you for another awesome reminder of
    who we really are in Christ. I know God is speaking
    to me and wanting me to know that no matter what
    rejection and abandonment I faced as both a child and adult
    that through his love I can be confident in him.
    Thank you for these reminders!

    L. Nicole

  32. “When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.” (2 Cor. 10:12 NIV)

    This just hit me like a ton of bricks!

  33. Tonya smith says:

    Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! For sharing the blessing of this devotional. It could not have been more perfect! I would love to read your book. Thank you for the opportunity to read it. God Bless you for your obedience to share such a powerful message.

  34. Kim Branson says:

    Today is the first day I’ve read your post, thanks to a friend liking it on Facebook. I struggle frequently with thoughts about “whats wrong with me?” This morning as I dressed I was really thinking about how I’ve been living my life based on feelings. Do I feel that God has really called me to do what I once believed with confidence? Am I choosing things that are bad for me in the long run because they make me feel ‘good’ in the moment, or when I’m tired and just need someone or something to say I’m really not as bad as I feel. I know that I am missing out on the life God planned because my feelings tell me I’m just not good enough. I’ve done bible studies on replacing lies we believe with the truth and somehow lost the power of that as I crumbled under the false evidence of less than desirable circumstances or a past that just won’t stop hounding me. Thank you for sharing this truth… God’s timing is perfect… so so perfect. He told me I’m living by my feelings and only a few hours later you tell me to change the way I feel by listening to Him. Please pray that I can find strength by His power to live in that place and move out, doing His will in the confidence that comes from Him.

  35. Thank you for this reminder today Renee. Those lies sometimes come just out of the blue and cause us to doubt and it can be a challenging moment. But I know that Jesus loves me and If I look upto his promises, this doubts can be replaced with lasting confidence. Would love to receive a copy of your book which am sure has changed and is still changing many lives around the world.
    God Bless!

  36. This hits straight home to me. I have been struggling with this issue for several weeks now. “What’s wrong with me?” Why am I so this? Why am I so that? It is a constant battle. Thank you, thank you for the reminder that “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.

  37. Miranda White says:

    Today I am thinking about how God will test our confidence in him. The scripture I read on your blog 1 peter 5:8. is just what I need to do to show him my confidence in Him and my self. This scripture is just what the devil is trying to do to me but I am going to follow these instructions.I am also going to ask the Holy sprit to clear my mind and clear out the cluter

  38. I cannot thank you enough for your devotional here and at P31. Despite being a Christian most of my life, I have fought negative thinking. (I’m now 54 years old). Thank you so much for sharing the truths God laid on your heart. When I do something wrong, I, too, have said to myself, “Oh Sherry, what’s wrong with you”, “Good grief, Sherry”, or “Oh, Sherry”, all of them being forms of pointing the finger at myself. I need to read your book and intend to soon. I’m so happy for how well it’s doing. Unfortunately it’s an indicator of how prevalent the need is among women today. Hopefully that will change over time! God Bless You and yours!!

  39. Trials, Faith, & Hope
    Most of my life had been spent stuggling, feeling uncertain, and living in fear. I was very insecure, but I always trusted in God to help me through life’s difficulities. It took time for my heart to heal after my mother passed away and sometimes, it still heals.
    I had several jobs and even went back to college after my mother passed away.
    It was not until February 1984 that I moved away from home, leaving my dad. I was twenty-nine years old.
    With much prayer and thought about the future ahead, I enlisted in the army for three years. Proverbs 3:5 became my heartfelt verse. I had ask the Lord for help getting an office job, a husband and guidance in my work, but I also agreed to share the gospel with others.
    It wasn’t long my prayers were answered. God sent me to Germany. After a few months a chaplin assistant on post introduced me to Gordon, my husband. We went to church off post and we even had guard duty together a couple of times. It wasn’t long before we were talking about getting married. In August 1985, we were married in Gessien, Germany. I had one year left in the army and after I finished my time in Germany, we went home to meet our families together. Both of our churches gave us a wedding shower. His family in Michigan, my family in Mississippi. What a blessing it was! Then, Gordon returned to Germany for a few months, but joined me later at Ft. Stewart, Georgia where I finished out my term in the army.
    You would think after 25 years, I would finally get it!…I guess it took some counselling and reading this book to see how to make the changes I needed. God was very patient with me. Thank you for sharing!

  40. I am always stuck in performance mode, I feel tears in my eyes just thinking about it, thank you for reminding me that I am good enough just the way I am right now, not after I finally succeed at something or finally find my place in the church, it is right now, I need to remind myself that I am loved not because of what I do but because of what Jesus has done for me!

  41. Kimberli Fortner says:

    Renee, God uses your words to touch my heart every time I read them (or hear them). But today, the words hit me so hard I had to stop and pray like you were saying every minute or so. I have extremely bad self-esteem and lack just about all confidence. God is using you to help me grow closer to Him, strengthen my faith and belief in Him, and heal some deep emotional and psychological wounds. Thank you so much for allowing Him to work through you. Please pray for me, I just want to be and do what God wants me to be and do. In Christ’s love…Kimberli

  42. I am always wondering “what’s wrong with me”. I have in fact prayed for God to change my personality so I won’t have so many things wrong with me!!! I feel such a lack of confidence in myself and in things that I do and I didn’t used to be this way. I have been listening to Satan’s lies and I need to remember God’s truth. Thanks so much for this devotion.

  43. Melanie McKinley says:

    Thank you for this most timely post. I have suffered for many of my 44 years with what I call serial doubt. God has called me to a ministry but wants me to allow healing in various areas as we progress into it. Seems like those pesky doubts have doubled. I lie awake at night doubtful of my calling, anxious about being able to manage it all and weary from the struggle to heal my heart. I feel stuck paralyzed with this doubt unable to move forward. Sometimes it all just overwhelms me and satan temps me to give up – give in, quit. I would love to be able to read your book.

  44. This is so timely. We’re dealing with behavior issues with our youngest – who doesn’t at some point, right? Afterwards, I beat myself up by telling myself I was too harsh, I was too this, I was too that. However, a recurring thought is that I’m not cut out to do this mothering thing. “What’s wrong with me?” It’s just the devil feeding me with his lies and I am falling for it hard which is creating a vicious cycle of me second guessing every mothering decision I make. Your devotional and your blog entry have hit right at the heart of my issues. I could really use your book to help guide me through this, to accompany my prayers and quiet times. Thank you for your words and hope.

  45. I keep trying to figure out what you do when you have someone who constantly in subtle and not so subtle ways, tell you all these things you do wrong – (even if you are not doing these things or saying the things you are accused of). You know in your head what is right, you know with God what is right, but for some reason it is hard to not constantly repeat in your mind where someone has and keeps attacking your character. How do you let go of these verbal insinuations that never seem to stop. I have come up with ignoring, acting like it doesn’t bother me, not speaking even when something else is brought up because of what I am harboring, etc… but all of these things do not take away what is eating away inside. I have called out in Jesus’ name for satan to get behind me, I have gone into reciting scripture in my mind, I have gone into immediate prayer (those all do help) – but the fact remains that I have lost sleep over one’s tactics as this. UGH! or HELP!!

  46. I am humbled by how God lovingly puts things in our paths when we are dealing with issues and He says “Stop – read this – it’s just what you’re dealing with – hear My message to you”. And the message goes right to the core of my heart, uses words I’ve been speaking to myself and I KNOW He is now speaking truth to me. Thanks for being the instrument Renee, that God has used to speak to my heart and mind today. It has been powerful, encouraging and life giving.

  47. Stephanie says:

    Dear Renee
    First I would like to say congrats on the many, many copies sold of A Confident Heart! I know you have touched & blessed the lives of so many women, that’s truly a blessing & honor! I’m praying that I will be able to do just that one day, I know this is something that GOD has placed on heart to do. I’m currently going through a rough time now, I have recently experienced several traumatic events in the last two years, and recently realized that the anxiety&depression I’m experiencing is the result of all those events. I’m thankful that I can admit these, seek some professional help, and I know in the midst of it all, GOD will heal me, and I know there is Purpose in my Pain. Thanks for the 7day Doubt Diet & all your devotions they have really been a blessing to me, I hope I can get book soon, just not able to at time.

  48. As I struggle with my feelings of inadequacy and failures of being a single mom to 6 small children, 3 of whom have special needs, along comes God through Renee Swope and tells me that I AM good enough. That HE will equip me. “What is wrong with me” exits my mouth more times than what I care to admit. Thank you for the devotion and the Bible verses, that I can now write down on 3×5’s, to remind me during the day who I should and should not be listening to.

  49. Linda Krueger says:

    What a blessing A Confident Heart is in my life! It helps to know I am not the only person in the world to get down on myself and am so thankful for the scripture that makes me know just how much I am loved! Thank you, Renee and P31 for the most amazing ministry!

  50. Thank you for sharing. I need to be more positive about myself. I would LOVE a copy of your book!

  51. Wonderful devotion!! I would love a copy of the book – what a wonderful thing you’re doing.

  52. I have often wondered why I cant seem to get the negative thoughts out of my head, my heart. I can be so hard on myself. I cant Thank you enough for The A Confident Heart ministry, it has totally blessed me and shown me ways to fight satan and his tormenting lies. I am being transformed and daily.. Each time i read one of your devotions I relate to it totally and it blesses me in every way. God is really using you to minister to us because we are all in different places in our walk with Christ and in becoming new creatures. You are a blessing..

  53. First of all I want to say that this have been a wonderful journey and I know that this was ordain by God we are focusing on this in our women class and to know that its ok to be who God has created you to be and to know that the devil is a defeated foe and know that God created us to be confident women and there is nothing wrong in been confident. Renee I pray that you will continue to allow God to use as a vessel that is revelant in this season because women need that point of reference.

  54. Marie Boatman says:

    WOW! What an eye-opener! It never truly dawned on me that those negative thoughts about myself were from my enemy. I have always referred to them as “my inner critic” and followed the “what’s wrong with me” premise completely. Now I realize it is time that I silence my enemy and pray for the Lord’s strength to help me accomplish this, because I know I don’t know where to start or how to do it on my own. Thank you so much for helping me recognize what I was allowing to happen and hopefully I will be able to pick up a copy of your book and get more pointers for getting rid of “my inner critic”. Thanks again!

  55. Kyndle Joyce says:

    One day, not so long ago, I was talking with my mother about my feelings about myself. I told her how I’ve never felt worthy, never felt good about myself, etc. I was surprised when she cried. I don’t like to see my mother cry! She asked me why I felt that way about myself, and I really couldn’t answer her question. Then, she said something that I had never noticed. When I leave her a message on her answering machine, I always say, “It’s just me.” She said she knew by the way I talked I just never had much confidence – but hearing me say that one thing, broke her heart. She said that I should be saying, “It’s Me!” Those words really made me cry. My mother, the best mom in the whole world, was telling me that I was everything to her. I know The Bible teaches us that God loves us more than our Earthly parents ever could. So, if I meant that much to her, I have to mean so much more to Him. Then, why all the negative thoughts? I just find myself listening to all the thoughts the devil places in my head. Not the positive thoughts that God sends my way. I feel broken down and very alone at times. I pray and feel as if my prayers aren’t worth hearing. God has blessed me so much in my life. I don’t know why I think that every time I do something wrong or have bad thoughts that I am worthless and awful. I fear God will take away all that He has given me because I’m not worthy to have anything good. Logically, I know that those thoughts are wrong and self-destructive. I just don’t know how to get rid of them. It’s so much easier to think the worst of ourselves than to think the best. It shouldn’t be that way. But sometimes, it is that way. I pray daily for God to take those thoughts and feelings from me. I have struggled for a long time with some issues. I pray about them, but I just can’t see any change right now. Then I hear the devil tell me that God just isn’t going to answer prayers for me. I struggle daily. Please pray for me. God Bless!

  56. Anonymous says:

    Hi Renee,

    Thank you very much for sending us these emails. They really seem to help me first thing in the morning when I get to work. I am dealing with a lot of insecurity after being with someone who has been unfaithful to me for around ten years. I found out about a year and half ago and still deal with insecurities and feelings of worthlessness everyday. As soon as I wake up in the morning it hits me. I cry on my commute to work and then try to fix my face before I get here so no one knows there is a problem. I get sick to my stomach while I am at work because I am unsure what is going on at home while I am gone. I cry on my way home from work and then try to fix my face before I arrive home. I am still with the same person and still do not trust him, which causes me to live in fear and worry everyday, but that is a whole nother issue. Please keep me in your prayers.

    Thank you.

    • You may have used the name “Anonymous” but I want you to know that God knows your name and he cares about the pain you have been experiencing. I am so sorry for what you have been going through. My husband was addicted to pornography and also ended up having an affair with a coworker. It has been an excrutiatingly painful experience and has really wreaked havoc on my self esteem. My husband’s repeated deception was devastating and I struggle greatly with trusting him. There are a few things that have been helpful to me though that I hope may be helpful to you too. When I am struggling with my self worth I think about how Jesus was treated by others here on earth. I think about how he was belittled and falsely accused and beaten and ultimately crucified. Even though he was not treated like the son of God, it did not change the fact that he was the son of God. Nothing anyone did to him could change his identity and his worth. Likewise nothing your husband has done can change your worth either. You are loved and valued dearly by God and no bad behavior on the part of anyone else changes that fact. This is an issue with your husband’s heart, not with your worth. You said it hits you as soon as you wake up in the morning. I read my Bible and pray for a few minutes every morning before I even get out of bed and I would encourage you to try to do the same. Satan does come at you first thing and if you spend some time seeing what God’s truth is before the lies have as much of a chance to start in, it does help. The Psalms are very comforting.
      Another thing that has been helpful to me is to realize that I may not be able to trust my husband, but I can trust God. When I am struggling with the trust issue I bring it to God and leave it as his feet. I ask him to reveal to me anything that I need to know and to protect me in this way. God’s word says he will guide us if we trust in him. Trust God to lead you. He has a good plan for you no matter what your circumstances may look like right now. He wants to lead you and he wants to heal your wounds. It will take time but he will carry you each step of the way. God bless. You are in my prayers.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Kim,

        Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. You are right, you may not be able to trust others, but you can trust God. Thank you for sharing your experience. I struggle daily with this and feel so lost and alone in this. It’s not something you really want to discuss with family and friends because if you decide to stay, your significant other will be forever judged. I also cannot talk about it with him because he gets upset with me, so to keep the peace, I keep it all stuffed in. I will pray for you as well for God to help with you this. Again, thank you so much. It feels good to know that someone cares.

      • Kim,

        I liked your response here. Even though I’m not married nor going through the issues talked about here, I gained much from your godly perspective. Thanks for sharing.


  57. It is truly amazing how God puts this in our path at the exact time we need to read/hear them. I have always been someone of self-doubt. Your devotion today has opened my eyes in ways that I never looked at before. Thank you so much for bringing your message and experiences to us. It is comforting to know that we all suffer from similar things. Please keep me in your prayers to remember when self-doubt enters my mind to remember I am God’s child and he loves me the way I am. You are truly a blessing!

  58. Hi Renee
    What a blessing your devotional was today.
    I have a rough morning with my school aged girls…and I was asking that very question!
    Thanks so much for pointing out all the truths behind the lies!

  59. Thank you Renee for writing this book! You speak to my heart more and more each day. I have so often heard the words “What is wrong with me?” I have felt myself getting stronger with every day’s email/devotional.
    It is comforting to know that I am not the only one that wrestles with this!
    Thank you Renee again, I am going to start a study on this book, because I know that I am not the only one that needs this!!

  60. I really need to get your book and apply every word of it to memory! I am really strugging with confidence right now. I have been seeking the Lord for week’s on what I should do in a situation I am in. It is not bad, but I am struggling with my confidence as a worship leader in our church. I do not have the training of some of our other team members, and I am not nearly as talented as most if not all of them. However, I do believe (or at least I did) God has asked me to lead this group and our congregation in worship and praise. There is a member of the group, a godly man, highly talented and respected by all, who has repeated criticized my talents. He has made comments in front of the group several times. I lost my cool with him one evening, for which I apologized, but he never apologized for hurting my feelings or saying those things to/about me. He also questions every decision I make. We have recently added several new vocalists. I now have to split the team and he didn’t like the way I was handling it. I want to respect this man, and I want to be open to his advise or suggestions. But I no longer feel like these are “suggestions”. I feel like he is questioning my leadership abilities and even questioning what I believe God has asked me to do. So now I am doubting myself and this calling. I keep asking the Lord if He wants me to step aside or down and let someone else lead. No one has said they have a desire to lead, but that may be because I am still there. Many others say I am doing a great job, even our Pastor. My confidence in what I thought God called me to do, in my abilities, and in my choices, is at an all time low. Please pray for me as I work through this. I am going to try to get your book this weekend so I can at the very least, learn something through all of this, no matter how it all turns out.
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  61. Your devtion today hit home for me because I often ask my self what’s wrong with me. I have been single for awhile and i often ask God when is my turn and so often i here when you get your finances togther or when you have a nice attitude or when you can keep your house clean on a regular or some plethera of things which always leave me feeling less than and left out . I genrally felt they were request from God for me to be a better Christain. I am learning that its not true and i find myself not feeling like my mind set can change. This is a really struggle for me so i was encourged to her you say that it is the enemy diquesing his voice never thought about it like that just assumed i was A mess. Thanks for the devotional today God Bless

  62. thank you so much for your words today
    i feel like you are true;y speaking from God
    I don’t know how to believe his words when every thing around me screams the feelings of worthless ness I have.
    Help me believe Gods words when all the worlds evidenve says otherwise
    I am praying for all of us who struggle with this

  63. Thank you for your honesty and openness. Feelings of inadequacy have been plaguing me and limiting me my whole life, but even more this past year. I am getting better, but today seems to be harder. I was just praying for God to guide me to one step closer to freedom — and there was your email! After reading it, I am realizing that I need to plan ahead — to each morning and throughout the day, pray for a godly focus and not just react to satan’s attacks, but to be prepared.
    I especially thank you for the verses you give. I was just thinking — is this all there is? But then was reminded from Isaiah 43 that I am God’s chosen witness and He has a purpose!

  64. Katherine says:

    I believe that God makes no mistake. This devotional was exactly what I needed today especially. I constantly struggle with self confidence. I am 26 yrs old. I am a single mom of a special needs child. I work fulltime and tend to my child at home. There’s no time left for me and I end up going straight to bed. I feel like I’ve lost my identity. I know that I am precious to God but I sometimes forget. Thank you for your words of truth.

  65. Renee,

    Thank you for the encouraging words today. I’m involved in a Life class at my church and we are reading a book which talks about this very subject and it is so relevant for me at this time in my life. Daily I struggle with balancing my family and work life and constantly I feel like a failure. God is working on me and I’m trusting in him to heal me from the constant negative self-talk in my life. Thank you for sharing from your heart.

  66. Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement! I needed them desperately today! I pray for God’s continued blessings on your work in women’s ministry. It is so helpful and comforting. Thank you!

  67. Thank you for having this today. I have felt this way many times. I always assume that I have something wrong with me. I have felt like I couldn’t be confident because I do not have a college degree or a prestigious job, but I am slowly learning that my value is found in being a daughter of Christ. Nothing else really matters. So, now I do my job with an improved attitude-“as unto the Lord,” and I try to remember that because I am His, I am worth much more than I ever imagined. I really am enjoying your site and all your encouraging words. I would love to win your book, but if I don’t-I will have to buy it. THANKS!!!!!

  68. I love your book Renee, and your devotionals and blog. A friend texted me last night and ask if I would pray for her 16 year old daughter for God to prick her heart and convict her to take every thought captive unto Him. Your book would be an incredible read, full of verse after verse for her to saturate her mind to fight the enemy.

    Sweet Blessings to you and your family for your incredible ministry and for your heart for women and desire to show us how to draw closer to Him and gain the confidence we need to walk boldly into His throne room and fight those negative thoughts that we allow to defeat us. We want our Savior and Lord to have the victory over our thought life, not satan, the enemy of all lies.

  69. Thank you for shoring your wisdom and heart as you allow God to work in you and through you to encourage me(us).

  70. Thanks for your devotions Renee! I never realized how my thoughts could be so damaging.
    Sometimes I catch myself dwelling on negative things & I quickly have to change my thoughts
    to something more uplifting. It really makes a difference.


    Janet W.

  71. I just love your posts and devotionals! I am currently in the Confident Heart online study and am loving it! I would love to win another copy of your book because I know exactly who I would give it to–my good friend, Kathy.

  72. I definitely have recommended this book to every woman I can. I put it as the second most important book for women to read (with the Bible being first). I have read it and reread and reread it myself. Thank you for writing it and sharing it with us.

  73. Thank you for your devotions! I struggle with confidence and not thinking that I am good enough for certain things and i struggle with not loving how I look and care way too much about what others think of me. This is somethingi continually work on and pray about, but always seem to let the negative thoughts slip back into my mind.

    God bless you,


  74. This is what I have been struggling with for a while now. Thank you for sharing and it is refreshing to hear from everyone who has posted- I am not alone.

    Lord, please be with all of us that need you in such a big way. Please help us to have clarity, peace, and alertness. Amen

    (I would also love to have a copy of this book)

  75. I do blame myself when things go wrong. I think “it must be something I did”. Thanks for writing this!!

  76. Just yesterday I read something that said, “How’s that negative thinking working out for you?” God has really been working with me lately on my thought life. Almost every day I read something that points to the fact that “As a woman thinketh in her heart, so she is.” It is hard to give up a decades long habit, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, I have confidence that I will continue to be presented with reminders that will help me to rewire myself for positive thinking. Thanks for all you do.

  77. These thoughts on being confident in Christ were just what I needed! So many times I “beat myself up” because of the mistakes, missteps and unintentional accidents. This type of self abuse and negative talk is from the enemy and can bring only condemnation and depression to me. My choice must be to focus on the Lord and His promises to overcome these attacks by the enemy of my spirit. Thank you for renewing my confidence in all that God can do in my spirit as I repent and trust in His promises.

    I hope that a copy of your book will bring me more enlightment and encouragement.

  78. This is exactly what I was saying to myself, again, on my way home from class today. What is wrong with me, why am I always feeling sorry for myself? I am almost 53 and in the last year quit my job to change careers and am in school to be a Respiratory Therapist. I have 2 grown children and one 9 yr old still at home. I have enjoyed reading your 7 day doubt diet and have loved it. I am going to try and get a copy of your book because I feel it would really help me. I want so much to succeed and have God proud of me but I am always doubting myself and wanting to take the easy way out and give up. I will just keep praying!

  79. wonderful!

    Thanks so much for the Scripture from Isaiah. It was exactly what I have been needing to hear.

    Most people, the ones that are closest to me anyway, tend to disregard me when I talk about feeling less than confident in certain areas. They don’t understand that outgoing DOESN’T = confident. I really need encouragement just as much as anyone else, but sometimes feel I have to ask for it, which to me, pretty much invalidates it.

    To be reminded that God has CHOSEN me to know and believe him, that was very precious. If the amazing God that created such awe-inspiring and intricate works of art in our world, chose to make himself available to me, then that is some deep-down encouragement!

    Praise God for all that he is doing in your ministry!!

  80. Thank you so much for reaching out to women through this book and through your website. I keep telling myself that I need to get myself a copy of the book especially after reading all the devotions and reading some of the comments. I have been struggling and really questioning myself lately about whether or not I made the right decision a little over 7 years ago when I got married for the second time. My husband and stepson came as a package deal and now my stepson is entering the teenage phase and it seems we are struggling on discipline, respect and almost every issue. There have been days that I just want to walk away. I have moved quite a bit over the years as both my father and first husband were in the military and so when I got married for the 2nd time I had to move again, this time I am older and it’s been harder to adjust and make friends. What little confidence I had seems to have deteriorated even more. There are so many times I ask God why?, what would he have me to do?, and that he give me strength. I keep telling myself that I am God’s creation and everything that he created is good, but why do I feel so insecure all the time.

  81. Would love to win your book! I have been very reflective today – it’s my birthday and a milestone birthday at that – and life hasn’t been what I thought it would be at this point in time. Thanks for sharing your real-life examples from your own life! It helps seeing others struggle too and are victorious in the midst of it. Congrats on all the good news about your book!!!!!!!:)

  82. Renee, I can’t begin to put into words how much Chapter 6 has helped me and how much I have learned. I spent the last two days just focusing on the word REJECTION and learning how that has defined me for my whole life and why I allow it. I learned some hard truths and now I know I can overcome these feelings of never being good enough…..

    You are a very special woman and I am blessed to be in this study. God Bless you and your family.

  83. Peggy Harris says:

    I have not been a confident women, but I want to be. Your words of encouragement help so much. I love your scriptures to help in times of struggle. I will use them when I am being attacked by lies and need to believe the truth. I need to read your book.

  84. Thanks for sharing your words of encouragement. I was really encouraged by “Keeping Our Minds Clear.” It all starts in the mind-I pray and ask the Holy Spirit to take control of my thoughts-I’m taking it one step at a time and have made good progress. Thanks again for blessing me with your words. This is wonderful and you are great! God bless you!

  85. I needed this chapter so much. I struggle with feelings of rejection after my husband of 24 1/2 years left me eleven years ago for another woman. All the past feelings of rejection and all the self talk I have done I feel is in my past. I feel God telling me to focus on myself as “healed” and not in the process of being healed. That is so encouraging to me – more of a revelation. I never wanted anybody to look at me and think I was stuck in the past or not “moving on” as my ex told me he was doing the week after he left me! And truly, I didn’t want to not move on. I really wanted to, but I didn’t know how. I have honestly been waiting on God to heal me. What is it taking so long? I don’t know, but I am trusting him.

    “He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death (doubt) I will fear no evil for thou art with me . . . “

  86. Colleen G. says:

    Great devotional! All to often I speak out negatives about myself and how I need to really pray against them.
    Would love to win a copy of your amazing book.
    Thanks – Colleen G.

  87. I love, love, love this book! Every chapter gets better and better. Renee, you are literaly helping thousands of women who have issues with self confidence and doubt. I am so grateful to God for you and for him bringing this book into my life. I can’t begin to tell you how much it is helping me. Thank you so much.

  88. Oh, Renee, this is so awesome that you already have sold 20,000 copies here in the US. But what is more exciting is that your book will be translated into Korean. Maybe this will be first of many other countries your book with be translated. God is Good – all the time!!!!

    Today’s post really is speaking to my heart. I do not think very well of myself. One of my dear friends actually told me a couple weeks ago I need to stop talking bad about myself, stop saying “what is wrong with me!!!!”. I know she is right, but I sometimes have to shake my head when I see myself doing not so smart stuff.

    Thank you for your ministry and your words of encouragement. I will note the Scripture passages in my prayer book.

  89. What’s wrong with me is something I ask often. It took readi ng your words for me to realize that those thoughts have been planted by the lies. I have a choice not to believe Satan, but to listen and believe God. Thank you for reminding me of His promises. I will be tilling the thoughts planted by Satan and sow the thoughts of God so I can reap all the harvest He has planned for me. Thank you.

  90. Elaine Segstro says:

    Thank you for the reminder that I am precious, honoured, and loved. I need to remind myself of that, rather than asking “what’s wrong with me?” when I fall short at being the wife, mother, and teacher that I want to be. Thank you Renee for honouring God and for reminding us of His wonderful promises! God bless you richly!

  91. Vanessa Campbell says:

    God brought you into my life at the right time. Struggling with feelings of not being at good parent was attacking me for some time. Now I’m able to delight myself in His promises. Thank you for your devotion and your loving heart.

  92. Your stories have hit ne everytime. I can sure relate to satan giving me the thoughts I am having right now. I am struggling with negative thoughts, and failure, as well as guilt for any decision I make. I am going to try to ask God to help me whenever those thoughts enter.

    Thanks so much for the emails helping tremendously.

  93. I’m thinking about a ladies bible class where I signed up to teach a lesson next week. Every time I think about it, thoughts of “what was i thinking” come along. I feel like calling it off. Just pray that I can have the confidence to teach next Wednesday. I just feel that I am not the most knowledgeable to teach all those ladies.

    Congratulations on your book celebration ..

  94. Thank you for this study. I have been praying to keep my thoughts filled with the confidence in Christ, I have been a person with low esteem but through prayer and these studies I am believing in the love that Christ has for me and I have been taking those scriptures and reading and praying them daily. Right now at this time I am going through court issues with my son and my confidence has been growing week, but I know that God has everything in control and I have put my confidence in him, what the world says is in possible God says it is possible and I believe. Thank you for sharing. Also congratulations on this study going beyond your expectations!!

  95. I feel callings, but then doubt myself and what I can achieve which I know is the enemy’s work since he doesn’t want me to live up to my full potential – this also makes me excited because if he’s scared it means something big is going to happen! Thank you for your wise words, it always helps me to feel more confident that I am chosen as it says in Revelation 17:14. Blessings to you and your ministry.

  96. Thoughts of self-doubt came to me tonight at church. Sunday, a friend informed me that a new member needed me to help her with sign language for her 4 yr. old. I had no idea who this individual was but gave the friend my phone number. I’m in no way proficient in the language but I am learning. Tonight that new member was sitting behind me and introduced herself when she noticed me signing in worship. We talked briefly and during the service Satan kept telling me…’what are you thinking? Your not qualified to help anyone.’ I was able to push the thought aside. Thank you Jesus. However, I’m sure those thoughts will return.

  97. Think –> Feel–> Live.

    So true! Over the years my distorted thinking became automatic and it definitely affected how I felt about myself and spilled over into how I lived (fearful). I am on the mend! Thanks for your help.

  98. I’ve been so busy lately that I barely get to the computer to read my devotionals. There is tremendous stress in our household and in my life. I often second-guess myself for making the deicisons I have made. I feel like I have let those closest to me down. But after reading your devotional, I realize that I need to be more careful of the lies that Satan tries to fill my head with. In actuallity, when I’m in a less-frenzied state of mind, I know that my intentions are to do what is right for my family. Yes, I fall short, but that doesn’t make me less of a person or less loveable. I need to remind myself of that. Today, the Lord really helped me with a long list of important phone calls that I needed to make. He also helped me accomplish more in the last couple of days than I could expect—being as tired and overwhelmed as I have been. ” I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.” I have a busy Friday and Saturday ahead, as my husband (I hope) and I will be going with my son to check out the college he plans to attend next year. Of course I have to make sure that my two daughters at home are well taken care of. The Lord has blessed our family so abundantly. I thank and praise Him for His gifts. I must keep my focus where it belongs–on God’s truth and His promises–especially when life seems to give me more than I feel I can handle. Your prayers for peace in our family, especially between my two daughters would be appreciated. Also, my husband and I are having some issues. We’ve made it 20 years, but I’d like to make it many more—and make the next years better than the past. It is challenging for each of us in our own ways. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you for your devotionals. I can relate to the issues you mentioned of your father’s passing, your mother’s hospitalization, and your daughter’s speech disorder. I lost my dad six years ago, and I miss the times we spent together. But I trust that God had his reasons for taking my dad home to be with Him. It’s also difficult to see my aging mother dealing with her struggles. It’s hard when a loved one’s mind starts to fade away. And I know about speech disorders, because I work with students in the schools 5 days a week, helping them with speech and language. Working with them has been the best job outside of my home, that I’ve ever had. The speech professionals should be able to help your daughter achieve and succeed. Speech pathologists and paraprofessionals that I know, are so dedicated to their students. God bless you in all that you are going through. The Lord is opening new doors for you and will bring some special people into your life. And remember all that we can do with the strength that comes from the Lord.

  99. I quite often berate myself for any number of things–forgetting something, doing something wrong, failing to do things I need to do. Thank you for reminding me who is planting those thoughts in my mind.

  100. God’s timing is so perfect and it feels like he has handpicked each P31 message for me this week! It has been a rough couple weeks at our house and I have thought to myself numerous times- I am “not enough”.

    Your book has been on my list of “to reads”- sounds like I could use Ch 6 sooner than later 🙂 Thanks for sharing your faith and insight!

  101. I don’t know how you do it, but your devotions are always so on the mark for what I am going through. Thank you for sharing your God-given talents. He is truly using you as a blessing, I know not only for me but others as well. Keep on persevering in the Lord. God Bless!

  102. I’m also 55 y.o. and should’ve done this study LONG ago! My nature is to be a ‘pleaser’. It is not easy to try to please others because that is impossible. We need to fucus on pleasing our God, but I still try so hard to be all I can be to my family, church, etc. This brings much negativity as I can’t always please others and do it to MY expectations. I’m very critical of myself when things don’t go right. I’ve been trying to break the pattern of critical thinking recently and I’m being blessed by your ministry and the book, “A Confident Heart”. Thank you very much. I’m going to print todays devotional and tape it up where I will see it many times a day. We are never too old to change with God’s help! Thank you.

  103. I so needed these words of confidence! Thank you so much for them. I love the scripture passages that you included as these will go into my journal as a daily reminder to myself. I look forward to your devotionals as many days they are written for me and my family! God bless you as your share your faith with “us” women!!

  104. Thank you for your blog! I appreciate your encouragement for myself and all these other wonderful women needing to hear how much we are loved.
    I also wanted to thank you for posting the Personal Scriptures on the download page of your site. I input my kid’s names and printed them out on decorated paper and hung them in their rooms.
    God Bless!

    • I forgot to mention your topic of satan’s lies. I am in a class right now learning a lot about psychology and things about myself. I get overwhelmed and listen to the lies about all these things I need to change about myself. That I should be better with everything I do than I am. That I’m not as good at the things I do as the next person is. Thanks for your reminder that we may have things we’d like to change, but we shouldn’t give in to the lies of the enemy telling us we are defeated because we are not worthy. For too long, I have listened to this myself. God has spoken to me and reminded me that in my past, the things that truly needed to change, HE changed in me. I don’t have to know all the answers to all my problems, real and imagined. He is in control (if I get out of the way) and HE will gently lead me to change or acceptance.
      Thanks again!

  105. To know that God loves me, Isaiah 43:4 and I am precious to him…Powerful truths that I needed to hear today and every day….We have such an amazing God…..Thank you, Renee, for sharing your thoughts and encouragement!!

  106. I signed up for your devotional Tuesday night. When I received the email with the first chapter of your book, I was in the midst of quite the personal pity party. Reading that first chapter, with tears streaming down my face, opened my eyes to all God has been trying to tell me. It took me about 10 minutes after reading before I was able to verbalize the prayer at the end of the chapter, but I did it. It’s amazing what speaking that truth out loud does for your soul. I don’t know my future or the plans He has in store for me, but I can be confident in His truth knowing that whatever happens will be used for good and will bless me. Thank you for sharing your experiences and helping all of us recognize our value in Christ. It’s so hard, sometimes, to recognize our face as reflected in His love.

  107. Thank you for the reminder to redirect our thoughts to the truth. It’s so easy to allow the lies to destroy my confidence and determine my worth.

  108. Beverly Wolfe says:

    I have just started recieveing newsletters and blogs from Proverbs 31 Ministries. It is such a blessing to hear from other Women of God about the same issues I am having.
    Please continue the work that God has obviously blessed all the women there with.

  109. Renee I can not even bring to tell you how much your book has touch my life and open my eyes to what I tell myself.. I won your book on encouge cafe a couple of days ago I have never wonn anything in my life by win your book told me that god is hearing my I am going to send the book I won to my daughter who lives in flordia and just had a baby new years day when I talk to her she is always worrying that she not going to be a good mommy so I believe that You book will bless her as much as it has me ..Thank You for writing this book you truly are a blessing from god

  110. I can’t tell you how many times I have actually hit myself in the head and said “you big dummy!” Thank you for teaching me that when I do that, I’m actually insulting God.

    I would truely love to win one of your books.

  111. Michele Siler says:

    Hi, I’m not sure if you will get this or not, I was trying to enter to win a copy of your book. I so need to read it, but since it was yesterday’s devotion, the new one is coming up instead of yours. I don’t know if it is too late, but I need lots of prayer and encouragement in this area and have enjoyed your emails tremendously! I simply can’t afford to buy the book or I definitely would! If it is not too late please enter me in the contest to win a copy of your book.

    Thanks so much,

  112. Thank you Renee for this series. It has encouraged and blessed me. Please be in prayer for my two daughters, Sophie and Rose, who are teenagers/young adults and trying to find their way in this world. Especially for Rose who is struggling tremendously with fitting into our culture and challenging boundaries. Thank you for your support and prayers. All the best with your daughter and your own family.


  113. This devotion was “right on time” today, for me. I must admit that because I receive SO many emails in a day that I don’t have time to read them all and most end up in the “trash” bin.

    But something (or some One) told me to open this up and read it. I am so glad I did. You expressed my heart perfectly on the subject of confidence.

    I am a 45 year old woman with an 8-1/2 year old daughter (sweet as can be!) and a 2-1/2 year old son (also sweet, but all “boy!”), a wonderful husband and an emerging career as a fine artist (a dream I’ve had since I was 3 years old!!!) So why am I so un-confident or have feelings of low worth? You explained that beautifully. And now I know to arm myself with the Word of God which tells me otherwise.

    Thank you!

  114. That’s so exciting, Renee, that God is using that book so well for his glory and now in Korean too! Yay, God!

    I agree and resonate with your post above that how we think and feel leads into how we act, or choose to act. Like that verse, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.” Thanks.

    Jennifer Dougan

  115. I just wanted to tell you that your Proverbs31 devotional today, titled “What’s Wrong With Me?” was EXACTLY what I needed to read!
    For the past week or so, I’ve been feeling VASTLY inadequate, incapable, etc. To the point where yesterday I just had absolutely no idea what to do with myself! I think it all came to a head yesterday because, for most of the day, I could not make a solid decision. Every time I tried, another idea of what I should do came into my brain and I literally could not bring myself to do even what I knew I SHOULD do. I thought that maybe it had something to do with the insomnia I’d had for the past three nights because I was just so incredibly SAD all day yesterday, to the point that I would begin crying and not know why.

    THEN, last night while reading a fiction book, I came across the phrase “the fear of self-doubt” and a light went on! I thought, “That’s it!” And then reading your devotional this morning, YOU even mentioned self-doubt. So I thanked the Lord for answering my prayer, which was pretty much, “What’s wrong with me?”

    Thank you for being obedient to His Guidance and being His messenger to me!

  116. I love the scriptures that you chose to help focus on Truth. If only more people would use the “sword of the Spirit” the Word of God…. plunging it into the lies the devil spews out.

  117. I was in an abusive marriage for many years. I did not have the confidence in myself to be without him. Finally as I focused more on God I realized that God would keep me in His care no matter what. I am married now to a wonderful man who truly loves me for the woman God made me to be. Feeling that kind of love is amazing!!! Allowing myself to be fully loved by my Abba Father is even better. I still have moments that I struggle with my confidence and worth but I try to keep reminding myself who I belong to!!!!

  118. I appreciate your message today esp. the scripture Is 43:10. I need to claim that more often. So many times in my life I have been valued for what I can do for someone & if I can’t do something for them, then the heck with me. God always values us for who we are in him, not for what we can do for him. I need to remember that I was Chosen by God before the foundation of the world just for me, for who I am. Thank you for sharing your book with so many. His word does not return void & the sending out of this book is his word reaching so many watch for the awesome return!! PTL

  119. Thank you for writing this book. I have only read the part that can be downloaded for free from Amazon but it has already spoken to me. I really need to get a copy.

  120. This morning I was listening to the radio as I was getting ready for church and you were talking about A Confident Heart. As I was listening I had tears streaming down my face as I have really been struggling with this the past few weeks. I am feeling called to the mission field in Swaziland, to teach orphans and help grow a school. The thoughts in my head lately have been not of God. They have been, Can I really do this? Can I really leave my son(He is in college) Why would I think I could do this….and yet I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thank you for your words, reminders and putting it all out there for us. I’m excited to read your book. I’m so glad God lead me to flip on my radio this morning…I love how He does that. 🙂

  121. As I read your post, I was convicted about the many times I put myself down to others with my remarks. I realize they are a reflection of what I’m telling myself. I vow today to stop doing that as I believe it discredits the God who made me.

  122. Thank you so much for this. I’m a professional musician and have struggled with confidence for my entire career. God has been working on healing me, slowly but surely, and this post is another step along that journey.

  123. Renee,
    I can’t thank you enough for writing this book. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE your book! I have never had confidence I needed to except myself as I am. I always thought that I was not pretty, smart, or able to measure up to those around me. This book is helping me let go of everything that has held me back from living and loving life to the fullest and letting God be in complete control. As i read each chapter I feel like everything I have gone through had been written on the pages. I could feel God nudging me to get your book and read it. There is so much highlighting in the book, that the pages are turning yellow. I have also recommended this book to several people and I know they bought copies. Thank you again!!!

  124. Renee,

    Thank you for always speaking life to my Spirit and encouragement to my soul. I leave your page with renewed confidence time after time. It amazes me how so much of what you write is my story, too. 🙂 I guess that makes us soul sisters. 🙂


  125. This is me! Iam always asking what is wrong w/ me. i am striving to believe its all about God, not people.

  126. thank you for the post and the book offer. too often I doubt myself and am having to retrain my thoughts to go to God and His word and not the negative stuff

  127. I just watched your vlog post over at Melissa Taylor and you mentioned your starting up another round of Confident Heart. When will that be? Sadly,I’ve kinda have missed most of Melissa’s study.

    Thanks so much for you timely video message God used you and spoke directly to my heart:-)

  128. Renee, thank you for all that you’ve endured to write this book! You’ve shared that it wasn’t easy and your family struggled through that year. I, for one, am immensely grateful that you chose to endure and keep going (and your family, too, thank you!)…because what God has done through your writing is tremendous. There aren’t words enough to describe how God is using this book to show me things about my own heart, life, journey — it’s transforming, Renee! And it’s really oh so very good! The lessons I’m taking away from every chapter are so valuable — I feel as though I’m finally getting into the realm of being the Jesus Girl who God dreamed me to be and I’m walking in the right direction. 🙂 Blessings to you and your family! When we get to Heaven one day, I am going to give you such a big hug!

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