Wanna go on the 7-day Doubt Diet – right here? Together?

It’s late Wednesday night and you’re on my heart. I’m wondering how you’re doing, and if maybe you are feeling weighed down by self-doubt. God nudged me to pull away from what I was doing (working on preparation for a retreat this weekend) to write a note from my heart. It was totally unplanned, but I wanted to ask if the heaviness of discouragement or a lack of confidence is burdening you ?

If so, I want to invite you to join me on The 7-day Doubt Diet – as we work together to lose the weight of self-doubt – maybe for the first time or maybe a second time for some of you. This is spontaneous too, but I’m really excited about it.

Starting next week, I’ve decided to offer the 7-day Doubt Diet devotions on my website and weave in short stories from my current life circumstances to let you see that I’m on a journey, too. Replacing our lack of self-confidence with lasting God-fidence is a process for each of us, a daily turning towards truth in each and every circumstance that cause us to doubt ourselves or God’s promises in the midst of the unexpected.

And this time, I want us to do the 7-day Doubt Diet – TOGETHER!!

To join me and other women God calls to walk with us, all you need to do is sign up for “Email Updates” so you can receive them each day in your inbox for convenience. There is a small little brown box at the top of my website with a white x in the top right corner. Please sign up there for “email updates” before Sunday – so you will receive the first day’s assignment with everyone else on Sunday. (If you are already signed up, you’ll automatically receive these next week.)

I’m looking forward to really connecting our hearts and praying for each other through this time. If you’re going to join me and sign up, I’d love for you to leave a comment by clicking on “share your thoughts” just below this post. (optional) But, I’d love to know your in, read your name and see your face if you have profile with a headshot (no big deal if you don’t), but this way we can start praying for each other.

Blessings, prayers and big ‘ole hugs,

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. God is using you in my life. He and Satan are battling right now and while I know He has won the ultimate fight I’m still struggling. Thank you for your invitation.

    • Sheila Peterson says:

      Oh this is good! I too have been battling with this whole weight issue for most of my life. I am 64 years old and need to lose about 60-65 pounds. I have been a Christian for 30 years and have done all the diets, secular and Christian programs, and still can’t seem to get on board with anything to get healthy and lose the weight.
      I pray all the time for healing and this morning I prayed (as i have many times before) that God would show me what to do to get going and stop this craziness that goes with being overweight and trying to lose. So, I am excited to join the 7day program and give it all I have. I thank you too for doing this Renee. I need help so badly and I know that God is the answer to everything. I will be praying for us that have taken the challenge that is before us. God you are so good! All the time!
      Thanks again, Sheila from Colorado

      • WILDA HAIGHT says:


    • Oh my Renee it is sooooo absolutely sooooo good to know that I’m NOT the only woman that has such self doubt and who, like you throws my confidence in the Lord away sometimes on a daily basis. Praise God for this journey. Thank you dear sister I will be praying for you and all the other ladies taking this journey w/us. Love in Jesus Christy

  2. Kerri Motes says:

    Renee, I will be joining u once again in this up close & personal series of 7DD !! 😀 .. Can’t wait!

  3. Stephanie O says:

    Email arrived with perfect timing.

  4. Wanda Starr says:

    Renee, thank you for the opportunity to work through this 7DD with you and others. I am really looking forward to seeing what God is going to do.

  5. Renee! I think God told you to do this just for me 🙂 I came home from She Speaks so fired up and confident of what God had called me to do. And now I am completely doubting my abilities to do it. Looking forward to walking through this with you and the other ladies.

  6. Your email really spoke to me tonight. I am struggling with some doubt as I get ready to welcome our second baby girl. Our first is just 14 months! You provide much encouragement and comfort in my life. Thank you!

  7. You can’t believe how timely this is! I will be presenting a workshop at the RefresHER conference next Saturday and yes, in the grand scheme of things that can be done, this isn’t that huge, in my faith walk (as well as ministry) it is a pretty giant step. To have a whole week on focusing on my confidence in Christ right before will be great! I truly believe that God will not allow me to mess up his message, but that doesn’t mean I won’t spend next week nervous as all get-out! On top of that, life just has a way of making you feel less than confident on a daily basis.

    Looking forward to this, and seeing you a week from Saturday!


  8. Christine says:

    Would love to join you , thanks for asking. Your book is GREAT.

  9. Excited to begin this journey…

  10. Christine says:

    This comes at a perfect Time!! Looking forward to this.

  11. Gloria Allender says:

    Renee, I believe God has put certain people at different times in my life to lead me, guide me, protect me, heal me. I believe you are one of these persons. Thank you for caring.

  12. Marie Cannon says:

    No such thing as coincidence, right? 😉

  13. Thanks for the invite Renee. I am looking forward to the new journey!!

  14. Looking forward to going through this again with others. Satan attacks and leads me right down the self doubt road. Defeating! Didn’t see a place to put pic.

  15. Hi Renee!
    I missed the first time around of the DD. I want to commit to it this time and really put my heart and soul into it and pray for the others doing it as well. I need to NOT doubt in so many areas! I sooo appreciate your willingness to do this again and to do it with us! THANK YOU RENEE! You are in my prayers!
    ~Mippy 🙂

  16. My struggle right now is in knowing how to handle my 13-year-old daughter’s feelings of insecurity. I got your email after listening to her share her frustrations over feeling like everyone thinks she’s “weird” while tucking her into bed tonight. So thank you for your timely note and we look forward to joining you to hear what God has to share.

  17. Xenia Wright says:

    Hi Renee!

    I hope you are doing well! I love your work and I have signed up for your doubt diet in the past (and signed up a few of my girl friends as well) and I loved it! I am looking forward to doing the doubt diet again, with the personal twist. Please keep me in your prayers as I keep you in mine.

    Love and Blessings,

    Xenia Wright

  18. Hi Renee,

    I want to join you. You have been in my thoughts and prayers, sweet friend. So looking forward to walking through the DD with you and the rest of the girls here.

  19. Renee,

    God is blessing you with many talents that, in turn, I am so blessed to reap the benefits of!!! Thank you for the email tonight. I was just praying that God would send an answer to some problems I’ve been dealing with. You are the answer!!!! So thank you, God too! Looking forward to working through the 7DD with you. I so need this right now. I’m having lots of self-doubt that only God can show me the way. May He bless your efforts.
    Thanks again,

  20. The lord really put you on my heart tonight. I just got back in from picking my son up from my absive husband.I am in process of leaving him and he is so vebally absive and controling. Please pray because I am having so much doubt if I can win because my husband has all the finase in his name.

  21. Stephanie Kluttz says:

    So glad to see this email tonight – tough day and this is just what I needed. Thanks for sharing this wonderful ministry.

  22. Your email came at just the right time. My sweet sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer just a couple of hours ago. She’s only 35 and engaged for the first time- getting married in May.

  23. This is something I really am committed to. Good things happen, prayers will be answered and I will tell myself if God does all this why should I doubt Him or myself? And then thoughts run through my mind and Satan tries to get me down. Exactly what I needed at this moment!

  24. Can I just tell you how AWESOME God is???? I have had such a discouraging day and when I’m anxious to get in bed, so that today’s trouble will be done, your email pops up!!! I sure look forward to His truth coming via your study!!! Thank you Renee, for being obedient!!!

  25. Hello Renee!!

    Thank you so much for the re-invite 🙂 I was just asking my girlfriend did she want to do this with me because we never went thru w it the first time it was presented. So thank you :)I I really do need this self doubt diet and I look forward to sharing the journey w my fellow sisters in Christ. GOD BLESS U ALL AND GREAT NIGHT!!**:’)

  26. Shirley Ann Smith says:

    I needed a confident heart today to deal with a confrontational issue and I prayed that God would give me the words to say so that I could deal with the issue in a patient, caring Christian manner. He did and I received thanks and appreciation for bringing it to their attention. One of the scriptures I read before the meeting was 1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all of your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” Sometimes it is really difficult to remember that. Thanks for caring.

  27. Oh Renee, when I opened your e-mail and read it, I’ve just cried! God surely does know what we need and when we need it, and I surely do need some help in this area right now! Thanks so much and am looking forward to it!

  28. I followed my husband’s direction and quit a job that was taking me away from our family too much and very stressful. This I am very thankful for his support and encouragement but the doubt comes in that I have not been able to replace the pay and our insurance is not very good now so there are times that I doubt that we made the correct dicission. I am trusting God to provide and of course He has not let us down but Satan is happy to stress me out and cause me to doubt. I enjoyed this study before and look forward to meeting with you and God each morning.

    • Carol…. I just quit my job to help take care of my first grand child. What a treat it has been! But I also doubt that I did the right thing. Not having that extra income has been a shocker to my lifestyle…. We have been lead to this study for a reason…..

  29. I have been reading your book and it has been so helpful and just what I have been praying for. Thank you so much for it. I thank God for you and can’t wait to do the seven day doubt diet with you. I am praying that God will really speak to me through your words.

  30. Your email has come at just the right time! I am very excited to do the 7DD again with you! <3

  31. Count me in – I so need it!

  32. crystal faulk says:

    I will be joining you on this 7 day journey…looking forward to it! 🙂

  33. Hi Renee-I’m looking forward to changing, growing, becoming…you are a blessing!

  34. Ruthie Keegan says:

    Yes Renee I will join you on this journey thanks for your faithfulness

  35. i praise and thank God for the opportunity of getting connected with other women around the globe, who just like me are not perfect but desires to live a life pleasing before God. thanks renee for your efforts in making it possible. thanks for your insights and your desire to help other women live a confident Godly lives. May you continue to be His channel of blessings. more power to you!

  36. Flora Blauvelt says:

    Hi Renee,
    You are such a blessing and I will defimitely be following you again. Looking forward to doing the DD with you and all the other gals.. I am doing good mostly but do have my times of feeling alone and discouraged as my family are all in Canada and I am living in Florida.. Take care and God bless you as you continue to serve Him this way.. you are loved by me but most by Jesus

    In His service Flora

  37. Renee,
    Oh my goodness! God certainly uses you in a powerful way. In fact, I have been losing my confidence this past week. When I opened my e-mail tonight and there your invitation was for 7 DD I knew it was a direct message from God. I will definitely sign up~I can’t wait to get started!! Most days I do pretty good with the confidence and then life gets me down and it’s hard to crawl back up again. I wonder will I ever have full confidence about who I am in Christ? I am doing Melissa’s online Bible Study and absolutely loving it!! God bless you, Renee!

  38. Excited to share together next week 🙂


  39. cristina williams says:

    Thank-you so much I did the first one and it helped tremendously, so I look forward to this one as well, just recieved news that my sister Sabrina was found to have two sist on her lung and I am prayerful also waiting and trusting to see just how He works this in and out of our lives. So God bless u and thanks again.

  40. Tonight I was questioning myself again and wondering why I feel so inferior. It is a constant struggle for me. Then i opened this email and all I can say is Perfect Timing! God is so good. Thank you, Renee, for being obedient!

  41. Hello Renee
    Yes I’d like to join You again.
    I Thank God for Women like You–Renee– that come along and encourage others.
    We so Need to Walk and Stay Firm in our Faith,,and We need each
    other to Help keep Us strong…
    To fully know that there are others that are also struggling, with Life.
    May God Bless Each and Every Women, and May We willingly Obey
    and Follow,,The Way Jesus wants Us to…
    Blessings to All of You–Your Christian Sister –Tina

  42. Dear Renee,
    Thank you so much for offering this opportunity available again. I had previously planned on participating but ended up not being able to do so.
    Satan is really messing with me right now, so much so that my only prayer of late has been “Save me, Jesus”.
    This is an answered prayer and I thank you for allowing God to use you is such glorious ways.
    Sincerely, Stacy

  43. I’m sitting at my computer listening to Pandora (Word of God Speak by Mercy Me is on right now), playing mindless games, contemplating throwing in the towel in leading my ladies class on Sunday morning. Lately I have felt to defeated. You know… you get a bunch of ladies together and you can get a wide variety of emotions and thoughts. I have been wondering if God is telling me that He just can’t use me there or if it’s me thinking how tired I am with the internal struggle I feel. You can’t please peoples ears and please God at the same time.
    Anyway, I decided to check my emails and there your invite was…. isn’t God just the greatest! I look forward to reading every word. Hearing every word from God.

    • So don’t lose your confidence. It will bring you a great reward. You need endurance so that after you have done what God wants you to do, you can receive what he has promised. Hebrews 10:35-36
      Don’t lose heart – if God called you to teach this class, he will see you through!! And don’t worry about pleasing the ears of others, we are only called to truthfully proclaim Gods word – it is then the work of the holy spirit will continue to work in the other person and hopefully open their ears to truth – whether it’s something if they want to hear or not – if we are always pleased with Gods word, we would never experience conviction!! Hope things get better – I’ll be praying for you!!

  44. Donna S Richardson says:

    I am excited about being a part of your audience. I know I am nothing without God and his daily help and I am so thankful for the gifts He has given to me!!! I realize we all need encouragement and a deeper walk as we go along. This is what I am looking forward to receiving through your ministry via e-mail.
    Blessing to YOU!! 🙂 <

  45. Renee,

    As so many women have already said… this email came at just the right time tonight. I’m new to online study, and I sadly let the last 7DD slide right by. Thanks so much for doing this again, and for following God’s gentle nudge to pull away from what you were doing tonight to send us all the note of invitation, It means so much!

  46. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Thanks for posting this now. I have really been struggling with my mom being in the hospital and all. Thankfully she is out and doing so much better. I am doing a shame study, but I have really gotten alot from this study. I am reading the book and doing the questions and ironically your story sounds alot like mine. My dad was a perfectionist and I had alot of verbal abuse in my family. Your story and study has really gotten me thinking of getting out of the shame study and sticking with this one. It has helped me so much. I have gotten a handle on how much God really cares for me and how he wants to be in everything I do. It is truly amazing how God works. Please pray for me as I begin the transition. I am doing this study, the shame study and David A Heart Like His on Tuesday’s. It is a Beth Moore study. Thanks again for the study.

  47. Renee,

    Thank you so much for inviting me to participate once again. I definitely need it! I am having a hard time at work and just feel so overwhelmed!

    Looking forward to joining in!

    God Bless you and all that you do for us!

  48. Heather P says:

    I am already signed up to receive your emails. I really need this right now because of circumstances in my life. Thank you!!

  49. I’ve recently been selected to be on a pastor search committee. This is my first time to do this, and I know Satan will be attacking with words of inferiority. I am looking forward to these seven days. Thank you!

  50. At half a century, and boy that sounds ancient, I know I sense a real freshness from the Lord as I have been seeking Him for help.
    I still deal with self-doubt as I enter this new season of my life. After 18 years of women’s ministry, through Bible studies, homeschooling, and leading co-ops He is transitioning our family and calling us into different areas.

    I am so excited to have been able to meet you and the timing of God is amazing. I know this book will free all of us who really want to be free from ourselves as we let go and let God do a new thing.
    Bless you for your obedience and looking forward to breakthrough stories in the lives of many.

    She speaks Graduate:)

  51. Janet Jackson says:

    I am joining you again! I also shared with my friends in hopes that if anyone who needs this will join in too! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  52. It has been a day. My faith is not shaken but I must admit I do feel a bit queazy. Thank you for the timing of the e-mail

  53. I believe that God knows what we need at each stage in our life. Your emails came at the right time when I needed a word from God. Thank you for heeding his call.

  54. I was reminded of your book on the Proverbs 31 devotion this morning. The timing was perfect. It was my first day of work and I was full of doubt and discouragement. I regretted not doing the 7 Day Doubt Diet before. So glad God prompted you to offer it again.

  55. I am going through what I call a Job-season in my life right now. I know that God is taking care of me and my family in the large picture, but I am really struggling with the day to day trusting God to provide the ability to pay bills and even to put food on the table. I want to be able to trust God more than I ever have and I know that this is definitely the time in my life for me to be learning that lesson. He led me to you and your ministry. He will continue to lead me through whatever you have to teach me.

  56. Needing this again. . . Thank you!

  57. Doubt….I have a 15th year old son and my husband, his father left us after 27 years of marriage. My boy is hurting so much and he’s so angry at the world…I have doubt about all that I am, a mother, a wife, a woman. I have prayed so much I have run out of words. I am grateful to God for listening and caring for me constantly. I am so tired though, so confused and so unsure and insecure. Help!

    • DeAnn,

      As I read your post I felt led to reply. I know what it is like to feel unsure, insecure and to be so tired that confusion is the order of the day. But, what I also know is that when I call on the name of the Lord…. out of desperation and not necessisarily because it’s my first instinct, He hears me and gives me peace. Give God the problem, leave it there, thank Him for the victory and claim the peace. I wil keep you in prayer.

  58. This is just what I need right now! Thanks so much! Looking forward to it!

  59. When I got your e-mail telling me about this opportunity I fell apart in tears and I don’t tend to cry at the drop of a hat. When I felt this invitation was so personal and just for me I read at the comments before me that I’m not the only one this invitation was perfect timing for. YOU CAN COUNT ME IN!!! God’s timing is perfect as this is more than needed in the midst of what is going on in my life right now. I CAN’T WAIT! Next week seems so far away from where I’m sitting right now. The support of walking through a season in life with my sisters in Christ couldn’t come at a more perfect time.

  60. The Lords timing is awesome!! I am experiencing some major discouragement with some family members. I reached out and was hoping for change – I have already forgiven the past but they keep doing the same old things – so it’s discouraging when I’m wanting to be closer to my mom who was never around and my half siblings but it always seems like I’m making the effort all the time – it would be nice if it was a 2 way road instead of one!! Thanks – I’m looking forward to Sunday!!

  61. I thought you sent that invitation to receive the 7DD e-mails just to me! It was like you read my mind!! God knows just when we need the encouragement, doesn’ t He? Thank you!

  62. I missed this the last time too. I’m so glad you are doing it again. I really need to work on this. I have your book and have been trying to get to read it.

  63. Hello Renee,

    When I opened your email tonight I felt a rush of peace come over me. It has been such a struggle lately.
    I really needed these words of encouragement. Thank you! Satan has been attacking from every direction it seems. I definitely want to replace my lack of self-confidence with lasting God-fidence.
    Yes, I do wanna go on the 7 day doubt diet! God is so good and I want to stand confidently in His promises!!!

    Blessings, prayers and big ‘ole hugs to you too!

  64. Hi Renee,

    I’m so glad that you are doing this a second time. I signed up for it the first time, but didn’t actually end up doing it. I thought that I didn’t really need to go through it. I thought that didn’t need to deal with that stuff anymore – that it was all in the past. I sure was wrong. I can’t believe how much I need to deal with my teenage insecurities now again at the age of 40. This is all been coming to the front again at my newer work place. I’ve also had a few very emotional dreams where I am a teen again, and felt all those emotions again like it was happening today. I’m wondering if God is telling me that there is more for me to deal with than I originally thought!

    Bless you for being obedient to God. I’m looking forward to hearing more personal stories from you!

  65. So excited to join in on this journey.

  66. Patricia wallace says:

    Struggles of this life bring us down day to day, and through the
    Grace of god and his promises, we survive!
    We will shake the doubt by joining together with ya Renee
    You do have a gift from god and I thank you for him putting you in my life
    Have a blessed night! 🙂

  67. Elisa Rodriguez says:

    Thank you for the invitation I am looking forward to it. The sevil never sleeps and we need ti be one step of him every step and wirh the 7DD I feel I will have the armor that I need to defeat him in my life.

  68. This came at a great time. Thank you so much.

  69. Thank you so much for your email. I will be glad to join the seven day doubt diet again.

  70. Wow. I’ve read just a few comments of people who said your note was written just for them, but I’m curious how that can be when I’m certain it was written directly to me. 🙂 Just tonight, some heath troubles I really haven’t had to deal with in a year crept up again, and I am feeling like I don’t have the strength to face a flair-up. I’ll definitely be joining you in trashing doubts and trusting God together.

  71. Thank you for this invitation. I am usually upbeat and happy, but lately I have been so discouraged. My husband and I are working on a new ministry and we both feel that this is what God wants us to do. It has just taken a long time to get it started. I pray that God will give us both the confidence that we need. I am looking forward to participating in your 7DD again.


  72. very excited about walking this out!

  73. Renee, obviously I’m not the first that needed your message tonight. Thank you so much for your love and willingness to listen even when you are busy. I am so desperately needing this confidence again. I can’t wait to go through the 7DD with you.

  74. What a joy to open my inbox and find your email. I love God’s perfect timing. I cannot wait to get started!

  75. Renee,
    The brokenness and pain of an unwanted divorce has just poured more self doubt than ever before into my heart. Forced to move into another house, start working again, and daily provide the love & security that my two young children so desperately need, has taken a toll on this girl. And so I cling to my Father, and with a heart desperate for hope, believe that He will bless you through this . And in this I know that you will bless each of us, just waiting…

  76. Renee, Wow I almost thought I was reading a personal letter from you. God sure has a way of using some people. I was just let go from my job last week and I’ve been struggling to not let my mind go down dark alleys. I saw a sign a few months back that I copied in to my phone. “Failure is an event, not a person.” I’ve repeating that to myself, and recently been getting back in to God’s word. Psalm 50 in the Message hit home over the weekend.

  77. Hi Renee, I will be joining you on the ‘7 day doubt diet’.

  78. Your email update came just in time; not sure why I keep doubting. I am looking forward joining you again for the 7DD.

  79. I signed up for the emails. I am currently in a Made to Crave bible study and I think this will compliment that study. God is grooming me and it is good.

  80. Thank you for another invitation to join your 7DD. I bombed out of it the first time you ran it, but in the last month have been plugging through each chapter of ACH. Love it! I will join you again for another 7DD…thanks for thinking of me. 🙂

  81. Thank you for your ministry…I look at my job as a school nurse as a ministry too but tonight i just feel sick and tired myself…physically, emotionally, spiritually…so your message was like a little miracle…I have been praying for my dad’s soul for 50 years, my husband’s for 35 years, and for my mom’s since I realized that just because she was going to church every sunday, it didn’t mean that she had put her trust in Christ…but no prayers of salvation from any of them…can’t help but feel like I’m doing something wrong…looking forward to your messages…

  82. Hi Renee – joining you again, as I have been attacked BIG TIME by doubt and insecurity. Thank you for your heart for us women. 🙂

  83. lucia ndlovu says:

    Hi Renee. Thank you so much, i just love God’s timing, and I believe God wants me to get rid of doubts and heaviness once and for all in my life, so I’m looking forward to joining you again on the 7DD. God bless.

  84. Margaret Kirk says:

    Thanks so much for the invitation…looking forward with great expectation for what the Lord has in store. Blessings,

  85. Hello Renee,
    I have felt self doubt since 9th grade! I think God sent you and this email just for me because I have struggled so much lately with my past. Thank you for asking me to be apart of this!

  86. Thanks Renee i will be joining you on this 7DD. I’ve been praying for you dear sister with all you;ve been going through. Do you ever have times when you wonder if you’re really saved? I know i am saved but, then i start to wonder am i really? I’ve been struggling a lot lately so this will be good for me. You are always a blessing to my heart and an encouragement. Do i have to have a book? If i have to have a book i can’t do it.

  87. I want to be courageous for God!

  88. Thank you Renee for this opportunity yet again. I’m in. Blessings and peace.

  89. Tammy Russell says:

    I lost my husband of 16 years 5months ago to a two year fight with cancer. I am now trying to find myself and get my 5 year old son and I reaquainted with our family confidence. I was just about in tears when I read this email because I am so in need of the confidence that only Christ can give. Thank you for sharing this with us again. God bless!!

  90. I need this desperately. I’ve been struggling not only with self doubt but with trusting that God’s plan for me is as beautiful as he says and that I will experience it. Please pray for me. I never want to live my life without Jesus again, but I’m struggling to hold on.

  91. Thank you for all this & praise God for letting you be such an amazing vessel & helping us all!!

  92. I have to be honest, this is my 2nd go at this. And right now I feel that satan is just winning in our house and I am losing hope that I can turn my heart and truly believe God is out there batteling for us. Thank you for saying a do-over is ok.

  93. Thank you so much for another 7DD. The first one plus your Confident Heart book really spoke to me!! I’m really looking forward to this next 7 days!! 🙂 God Bless!!

  94. Thank you so much for walking it out the beauty of the Lord is undeniable with what you share , thank you for being obidient to the Holy Spirit and sent out the email to everyone it met me in just that a battle with myself doubting that i can make a difference cause of the hurt that is being done because of others selfishness or just cause they can hurt you cause they mistake your kindness for weakness, knowing that the Lord will provide lets me keep going ,but on the fleshly side that wants to rise cause of hurt and being taken advantage of being judged and doubted lied on or to …. it is as i am split being like Thomas a twin that is pulled in 2 directions knowing that there is only one way and really believing in that (only) way and the Saviour, i know this sounds oximoron it feels that way from time to time ….thats when i read your mail knowing this is God letting me know that i am not alone and that i am not wrong lost or loosing it that he is seeing and caring about every tear that is shared in His presence ….. I am going to be what God destined me to be with His help HIs Guidance His Love
    God sends us exactly what when and how we need it .how we can receive it or what state or stage we are from level to level we get more more in tune woth him ….thank you Lord for being the one and only way there is to live learn and love … God is Love
    Thank you Renee i am truly looking forward to go Rock steady :0)

  95. SHEILA COLLINS says:

    God’s timing is perfect. Got your email when I was at my lowest. I know God loves me but I am struggling right now to lift up my voice in praise and prayer

    • Keep lifting up praise even though you don’t feel it! Keep praying! I know it’s hard, but it does matter! I’ll be praying for you!

    • Lift up your voice Sheila……it is when we pray and praise, in spite of, that God moves miraculously!! I’ve been there….

  96. Thank you for the invitation. I am so excited to join you and this network of women on this path! May we be reminded and assured that we are the beloved of the God of the universe. We are worthy and lavishly loved and have been chosen for such a time as this.

  97. I´m in!

  98. Thank you for your faithfulness, your timing is perfect!!! God Bless.

  99. Thank you. I’ve been struggling with the heartless words of my non-believing ex-husband again. Usually, it doesn’t bring self doubt, but he’s working on my happiness again as I try to keep moving upward and forward with my life. I know reading your invite was God’s hug.

  100. Joining you on the journey, Sweet Renee.

  101. Thank you. I’ve been struggling with the heartless words of my non-believing ex-husband again. Usually, it doesn’t bring self doubt, but he’s working on my happiness again as I try to keep moving upward and forward with my life. I know reading your invite was God’s hug

  102. Just trying to add my picture 🙂

  103. Can anyone help me? How do I add my picture to my posts?

  104. Don’t you LOVE how perfect HIS timing is? I know I do; I also know that your message/invitation couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time. God bless you for being used by Him.

  105. Thanks Renee for the invitation. Look forward to doing it with you. Love your book, parts of it really speaks to me. Sometimes we think we are the only ones that feel that way about things like self doubts and confidence. It is so helpful to know that others also feel like I do. God Bless

  106. Kelly McNamara says:

    Thank you for this opportunity…I need to get back to a closer relationship with Christ and this is His way of reaching me! Thank you! 🙂

  107. Looking forward to it!

  108. Jen Johnson says:


    I did the first 7DD and it was great, this is coming at the right time for me. I have been struggling over the last few weeks with parenting and doubting that I am a good mom and not really enjoying being a parent right now. I know God has me in this season of life for a reason but just not sure why right now. Thanks for doing this again.

    Until He Comes,


  109. I’ve been having a week full of self-doubt in my job, my school, and in overall life. Thanks for the invitation. I’m sure it’s coming directly from the Lord!

  110. I’m in!

  111. Thanks for the invite, God has things timed so perfectly. I am praying for him to help me to be committed to this as I am bad at time management!!
    thanks again

  112. Jocelyn Lewis says:

    Count me in!

  113. Linda Cushman says:

    I’m in as well! God’s timing is perfect. Thank you for your ministry.

  114. Joining you on this journey, Renee. Really feel the need for it and looking with anticipation to what the Lord has in store for each of us.

  115. Ready for this and to see and hear God work miracles in everyones lives and not just change temporarily but forever!!! Thankyou Renee, for your book and how you’ve touched so many lives. God bless you and your ministry. Love you sister and can’t wait 🙂

  116. Renee,

    I feel that God is calling me to a new ministry. I am on an emotional rollercoaster. At times, I’m so excited and things seem to be going so well. At other times, I can’t hear myself think because of the ugly voices in my head. I look forward to finding ways to stifle those voices and replace them with the positive Power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for being there.

  117. Hi Renee thanks for the invite to continue on God’s journey with you n the other women your last diet was extremely instrumental in helping with my battle of self doubt n I am looking forward to gaining increase strength on my continued journey much blessings to everyone

  118. I have been praying for a career change…and have received a call for an interview…I’m praying that this is a door that God opened, and for the confidence to “step-out” in faith. I have worked for the same company for 20 yrs and have just been feeling restless and dissatisfied…this topic comes at a very appropriate time for me…I’m never endingly surprised by God’s interest in our daily lives…so often I open a daily devotional and feel it was written to me alone! Blessings to one and all…betzy

  119. Hi Renee thanks for the invite to continue on God’s journey with you and others, I am taking my beautiful daughter with us, This is the time for Godly confident women to rie up. Can’t wait to get started. God blessing on all who come along…

  120. Thank the sweet precious Lord for His amazing timing. Thank you for being such an obedient and faithful servant. So looking forward to this journey with you once again. Blessings to you.

  121. Hi Renee, Thanks for the invite. God sure does know when to send someone to touch us in our lives. I’ll post more later as it is time for me to go to work. I am so looking forward to this journey together. God bless!

  122. perfect timing! Read this following yet another bout of anxieity-induced insomnia at 4am…. Spurred by my lack of confidence in completing a project. I prayed, yet again, for direction about this project and among several other electronic messages of encouragement was your email invitation to join you on this journey. I hear you, God … I’m in!

  123. This email hit the inbox just at the right time. I need this 7DD right now! Thank you so much, God has really been using you and your words alot in my life since our first 7DD!

  124. Thank you for a second chance!

  125. Hi, I have been waiting on God to fulfill a promise He made to me over 29 years ago. He keeps reminding me that He keeps His promises, and I know that, from His Word, He does as He kept promises to countless others; however, it just seems to have taken so long and after all I’ve been through, it just doesn’t look like I heard right. I don’t think it’s so much Him as it is me who has made a mistake, so, I was on he verge of giving up on my dream that I asked from Him this morning. I read my email this morning, and there you are telling me that God gave you a nudge to give encouragement about the burden of discouragement and doubt. I also caught a little segment of a Christian broadcast on tv, and she read a quote that mentioned that God does indeed keep His promises and that we must have faith in Him and not give up. I keep getting this encouragement just as I’m ready to give up. I feel like such a weakling as far as faith goes. It’s hard to have faith in a dream that is so close to your heart, especially when you have never seen your dreams come true. It’s taken so long….. Anyway, thank you for the encouragement. I don’t know where this is going to end up, but I wish it would come to pass soon… i have waited so long and it’s getting harder to believe it will ever happen. Thanks again…..

  126. Renee,hi! I would love to join you again. I really enjoyed it the last time.

  127. I’m in! I’m so low I have no where else to look but up; maybe that’s the point?? Anyone heard Matthew West’s song ‘Strong Enough’?
    Need a job – I foolishly resigned from mine before having another one. I misjudged how hard it would be to find another one. However, I was so stressed out in the other one, I thought I would explode! Please pray for me to see God’s hand in this; even in my mistakes, despite my misjudgements, having mercy on my selfishness. Lord forgive me!!

  128. Hello Renee,

    Thank you for this invitation, I’m looking forward to some encouragement. I am severely visually impaired and I struggle with a debilitating terror of potential crisis with my ongoing eye health issues. It will be good to work through this with you. I’m not too sure how it works, it will be anew experience and I’m looking forward to it.


  129. yes, I need this again..I was just thinking this morning about how I needed to read the Confident Heart again., I am feeling very overwhelmed with a lot of responsibilities, from being a mother of 4, to serving
    with MOPS, to the dance program I am offering to the children in my community…it is all good, but it
    seems like too much and I feel like I’m not doing any of it well, like I’m spinning my wheels…
    I wlll look forward to the week!
    And to the above post, whenever I need encouragement
    I listen to “Strong Enough”, I love that he sings the scripture ” I can do all things through Christ who gives me Strength”.

  130. Renee, I took your doubt diet the first time around. I would love to do it again in an “up close and personal way” with you. I have been taken back in time to a very painful area in my life while reading only the second chapter of your book. I know that God wants to bring me past this point so I can continue to walk with a confident heart based on who God says I am.

  131. As many of the others this is great timing! I’m doing the Confident Heart study and as with any good study God takes the time to get to the root of our issues down deep in our heart and as one of my previous bible study leaders said It’s like heart surgery when He wants to go deep in our heart. And Satan definately does not want us to heal so he brings it on strong while we are in the weakened state!

  132. Alice (Allie) Hernandez says:

    I’m am so looking forward to this.

  133. Thanks for the invite. Yesterday I took a big step of surrender and trust in my ‘walk’. Your stories help me (& I am sure many other women) realize that we are not a ‘lone ship’ in the night. We easily relate to your stories and are right there with you in them. I love women ministering to women. Thank you.

  134. Heather Moss says:

    Joining you again… thank you for the invitation. Can’t wait to get started.

  135. Very timely email and devotion. I will joining the Confident Heart Study. Looking forward to it.

  136. I am looking forward to the 7DD. Rekindling my love for Jesus and God , thank you!

  137. I am so excited to join you once again for the 7 -Day Doubt Diet. I am enjoying the online study of your book A Confident Heart.

  138. jackie monks says:

    how did u know Renee u were spot on i was or am on the verge of giving up so when i saw your email it was like you were here and saw what is going on thank you for your word

  139. Thanks for the invitation and for sharing your life. I’m experiencing doubt in just about every area of my life lately. I really want to know what God has for me to learn in each situation. I’ll be listening for Him in your 7DD each day.

  140. Doubt is something that I struggle with daily. Self doubt is my worst enemy sometimes. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in such a powerful way!

  141. Karen Wornath says:

    Karen says:
    I opened up the e-mail to Renee’s website so it must be the Holy Spirit nudging me to do this journey of a confident heart. I am going back to school to get my masters in education with a reading endorsement and life is different than it was 26 years ago. So many responsibilities and circumstances than in my earlier years. With God I am able to accomplish all things in his strength, but seeds of doubt creep in and the overwhelming sense of ” I can’t ” starts to take over. I know God is up to something great in my life and victory in Jesus will be sweet. I want that confident heart so badly! I ordered and will read your book.

  142. Melanie McKinley says:

    Renee, thank you for the lovely invitation to join you for the up close and personal 7DD. I am anxious to get started. I have struggled with this for 40+ years. God is leading me into the ministry field of writing and speaking and I know this is an area of weakness. God Bless you and p31. I look forward to the study. Melanie McKinley

  143. Meredith Horton says:

    this is the 3rd time I’ve tried to post. My dear sweet husband of 41 yrs has been dx with pancreatic cancer. We are trusting God and believing He will heal. Right now we are riding high on His grace and peace, but we know there will be times of doubt and questions(there already have been). I need this study. Praise God for His constant goodness in caring for our always needs.

  144. Maureen Upton says:


    I know that your email was sent for me. I have been having doubts on the job hunt. People telling me they will let me know either way, telling me they will return my calls and emails. Nothing is happening. I got so frustrated last night, that I decided to give up my job hunt, I had someone tell me that I wasn’t good enough to be in my field even though I have been teaching for ten years. I started to believe it. Then about 4:30, I decided that I wouldn’t give up even though right now I have applied for everything I can. Then to wake up and see your email…what a relieve, I now know that help is on the way. Thank you very much. I look forward to this.
    When I read my Proverbs devotion on Monday, it talked about doing something outside of the box, later that day, I got a call about an interview doing something I haven’t done in a long time. I have that interview tomorrow. It is you and this ministry that keeps me believing that God is doing great things in my life even if I am still having a hard time listening.

  145. I will be joining you. I have two teenage sons who at one time were really on fire for God and wanted to be in the ministry and now they are both running from their call and from God. There has also been a delay in the promise of God concerning my ministry. Although I know delay is not denial, there are seasons where doubt creeps in and tries to convince me otherwise. As everyone else has already said the timing of this is perfect for me!! Thank you!

  146. Hi Renae – I’m ready to leave doubting behind. Thank you for sharing timeless treasures with us.

  147. How did you know? I really know the answer to that question. I’m always amazed at HIS orchestration of my life using just the right person at just the right time. I’m looking forward to walking this journey with you and continuing to learn how to kick self-doubt out when it persistently tries to creep in. Thank you for being willing to be transparent in sharing your own personal struggles. A beautiful picture of HIS strength being made perfect in our weakness!

    Sweet Blessings,

  148. Renee, Thanks for this invitation. It was so personal and felt like it was meant just for me. I am struggling with depression and discerning God’s plan for my life. I have your book and have read bits and pieces, but I don’t have clarity in my mind right now and am having a hard time processing this beyond a surface level. I am thankful for this second opportunity to do the 7DD and pray God will renew my mind and give me clear purpose, focus, and his direct intentions for serving Him.
    God’s Blessings,

  149. Hey Renee!

    Thanks for the invite. I did the doubt diet the 1st time around while doing the Hidden Joy Bible study. I definitely can use it again! Praying for you and thankful for you and the Proverbs 31 Ministry. Yall have been just what I needed when I decided to make a commitment to seek God daily and get encouragement from other christian women. Looking forward to diet again 🙂

  150. Deetra Spann says:

    I opened your email this morning and started crying, boy did I need this from you. Thank you so much and I will be joining you in this journey. Thank you for having this opportunity for all of us to have.

  151. Shushanna says:

    God is so awesome! This email is right on time. I’m looking forward to doing the 7DD again! I know that God has amazing things in store for all of us!

  152. Hi Renee! When I read your email it felt like God used YOU to speak directly to ME! I did the 7 day Doubt Diet already, but oh how much I need to do it again! My self doubt is a daily struggle for me! I’ve been studying Hebrews this week. Hebrews 10:35-36 says, “Therefore, do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised.” and… Hebrews 10:38 says “But my righteous one shall live by faith; and if he shrinks back, my soul has no pleasure in him.” I don’t want to shrink back and I want a life of confidence, but EVERY day is a struggle for me. Thank you for this very timely opportunity to do this 7 day Doubt Diet again! And thank you for being obedient to God when you felt a nudge from Him to write to ME!

  153. Oh My Gosh! Perfect timing. I love your book and am reading it, applying it, and going back and rereading chapters, however, I feel like I am more overcome with doubt now than when I began…….It will definitely help to share with you and others and know that we are NOT alone………I do realize that everytime we start clawing for the mountaintop, satan and his helpers do everything they can to keep us from reaching the top and staying there. It is so hard at times when ‘life’ gets involved. I want to overcome and persevere…….I have failed so many times and I am determined to show the lies of this world, satan, that we are on the winning side……………..Thank you so much for doing this.

  154. Jenny Kozar says:

    Thank you so much for this invitation. Your timing is amazing as there is SO much going on. Thank you again for reminding me that we all have struggles and ‘Doubts’.

  155. Renee,
    Thank you for the invitation. I am teaching a Wednesday Night Bible Study on doubts and insecurities currently. When I saw your email I was thrilled, it is amazing how satan works on you when you are trying to help others. He has been working overtime to make me doubt myself and my ability to help others. This is just the shot in the arm that is needed. God is Good!!

  156. Thank you for sending the invitation to me!! I’d love to join you and others on your 7 DD…Love to get daily encouragement and an opportunity to pray for others ~ really needing the extra little bit these days…Looking forward to it. God gives us just what we need at just the right timie…gotta love that!

  157. Elizabeth says:

    Definitely need a refresher course! Perfect timing!!

  158. Dear Renee, Thanks so much for the invitation! Yes, I a m struggling with doubts as to what my purpose is and how I am being used by God for his glory,. I just started a new job, in daycare where I am starting all over again to work my way up. I just finished my associates degree this June, but my new job is not quite what I had hoped for. My Christian friends are few and far between, but this is just what I need to help me through this time of doubting myself.
    Thank you again and God Bless You for all you do to help other women!
    Praise God!!!

  159. Thank you for the email I received yesterday. I have had much doubt in my life lately. Trying to find a job that will cover finances has been weighing on my heart. Being unemployed for so long puts doubt in front of others that I am capable of filling positions. Where I want to be and where God wants me to be might be two different places but I have felt led to the places I have applied for jobs. I am doubting my own capabilities these days as I receive rejection letter after rejection letter. But the Lord is good and one day as my finances are almost out I know he will place me where he wants me to be. I just must continue to believe and have faith in the Almighty power of God.

    • Kathie…I can appreciate your position. I was there for a couple of years and have been employed now for about 2 years. I was looking for positions I had a lot of experience in but God wanted me to listen to him and think out of the box. What I found was not what I was looking for but exactly what God wanted for me. Because I was so stressed out and nervous and trying so hard, I couldn’t hear Him and know what He had for me. Finally, He had to dump a bunch of bricks on me to get my attention…but thankfully I did hear Him. So, take some time to separate yourself from the worry and stress…get into His word, really get into His word and search. Ask some friends to come together in one place and place their hands on you and pray. Ask God to give you a mentor to help you think and look. Someone who loves you but is not connected to the worry and stress. They will have a different outlook on you and give some new insight on jobs. Then don’t just poo poo them…try them on and see how they fit. God always has His best for you…sometimes we just can’t hear Him. God, this precious child of yours is hurting. She needs your guidance and your saving grace. Give her Your ear Lord and then give her Your voice. Let her see where You want her and open the way for her to go there. I appreciate Your loving kindness. You are the King of the Earth and all that is in it! I praise You that you have already begun this process in her life. In Jesus’ precious name…Amen!

  160. Melanie Shannon says:

    God’s timing is so perfect. My book is on back order and I can’t wait for it to come in but so glad to be able to join you again for the 7 DDD. Thanks, Renee.

  161. I have ordered your book and can’t wait to read it. Can’t wait to read and share with others! I am a church secretary for a small church in the rural mid-west. Part of my job is encouraging, praying and helping the ladies of the church. I love it and it gives my spiritual gift places to flourish. I also occasionally have to admonish someone…thank goodness that is seldom. The thing is…I need my “bucket” filled as well and this is an opportunity to help me with that! I am so excited…and I know there will be so much I can pass on to these lovely women as well. (Not many are computer literate) Thanks for giving us this blessing!

  162. Thanks for sharing this Renee. We work so hard in America especially to get our bodies in shape. Our minds need to go along on this journey too. I am ready to get a God workout:)

  163. I will be following along with the 7DD. Thank you so much for the invitation.

    Diana Hanshaw

  164. joining you:) thank you thank you!

  165. Thanks Renee for thinking of me! I could use a boost. I signed up at the end of August and didn’t follow through. Satan’s voice comes in loud and clear making me doubt myself. He’s saying to me, “you didn’t follow through last time and you won’t this time either.” It’s a struggle to tune him out and let Jesus’ word in. Pray for me and the other women that we are driven to conquer our self doubt through your ministry.

  166. Oh, my goodness! When you read everyone’s comments you get a look at how important this is to so many! Thanks for doing this! I’m amazed!

  167. Janet Volpe says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I am going to do the 7 Ddayu Doubt Diet with you again.
    Did it before but want to be part of the group in this positive endeaver. I crae the blessings
    I get through it.

  168. Renee, when I saw the email this morning with your invitation and read the question asking if the heaviness of discouragement or lack of confidence is burdening you again? Oh yes!!!! I have been crying out to the Lord for so long to help me see and hear Him and not continue with discouragement because of so many disappointments. I told him that I am tired of my heart being sick and my hopes being dashed.
    I also prayed this morning for Him for divine interventions in regards to certain areas that I have been seeking him for. I have to learn how to renew my mind and not allow doubt/or unbelief that His promises are for me. I don’t want to miss out on what He has in store for me because of my doubt and insecurities.
    May the Lord give you the strength and wisdom as you lead us in this 7DD.

  169. Renee,

    Your email came in as I was lying down last night, with all sorts of doubts about whether I’m doing the right thing concerning a relationship. Your email reminded me that God is always listening, he’s aware of our struggles, and he always provides help. Thank you for your obedience.

  170. Hi Renee,

    I am very much looking forward to your devotions. Thanks for your note!

  171. I enjoyed the 7-Day Doubt Diet and I’m enjoying leading a group on A Confident Heart. I recently answered one of the book questions as a blog post and thought I’d share it here. (I hope that’s okay.)


  172. Dear Renee,

    God’s timing is SO perfect!!

    Thank you for your willingness to be open and share in this journey with us! I KNOW he will bless as we learn to trust HIM more! Less IS more!! Less doubt and more of what He wants in our lives.

    THANKYOU and may God continue to open our eyes to His blessings as we obey Him!

  173. Kerenhappuch says:

    Just last night I was talking to my husband and we were sharing that for some reason we are feeling a little discouraged…. we don’t know what’s bothering us and maybe is a combination of many little things… life is so hectic and everything is changing constantly and sometimes we don’t understand why things happen… I am looking forward to this 7DDD…. An answered prayer even before I prayed for it, this is how God does things!! Thank you!!!

  174. Jennifer Wallin says:

    I will be there!!! 🙂 I so struggle with these issues and am ready to fight to put them in their right place moment by moment!! Thank you!

  175. Thank you for this, It came just in time as Im still dealing with discouragment things are so bad right now that its hard to think. Im ready and I will be there with you everyday thanks again.

  176. Honestly, I really need this now. Health issues and totally afraid. Don’t know who to listen to, who to believe and trying my hardest to trust Jesus.

  177. This e-mail and invitation comes at a perfect time. I participated the first time with the 7DD and look forward to it again. God is using your wisdom to help women like myself who are struggling. I’m dealing with a health issue and instead of depending completely on God; I am worrying because we have no answers as to what is going on with my body. But, having your book beside my bed to read and being assured that I can be Confident in the Lord has been a “BLESSING”. Your words of encouragement help lead me to the exact scripture needed to reassure myself that God is in control.
    I look forward to being reminded daily of God’s complete love and grace for one who is unworthy. Thank you for loving God enough to obey his request to write this book.

    ~Your sister in Christ~

  178. Beth Anderson says:

    Count me in again. Anxious to get started. Thank you. You and your ministry are a Godsend! 🙂

  179. I will be joining, too. My husband had an affair, we stayed together, we moved to another state, I left everything (friends, church, Bible study group, job, home, etc.). My whole life is one big doubt. Most days I even doubt if my faith is real, or if, perhaps, I am not one of His chosen children. If, like most of my life, I’m on the outside looking in, wishing I could be there, too.

  180. Lisa Johns says:

    Not sure 7 days will be enough, but I can use all the help I can get. Love that you are willing to share your journey with us.

  181. A'Lisa Brooks says:

    I am so grateful to you for sharing this journey. Doubt is one of the biggest arrows that satan flings at me and I struggle daily… Thank you!

  182. I’m looking forward to jointing you & everyone on this mission to overcome self-doubt! Thx so much Renee for sharing this journey with us!!

  183. Jennifer Rasor says:

    Hi Renee!

    I will be joining you for your up close & personal 7-day-doubt diet! Thank you for doing this and encouraging me and other women!


  184. So encouraged to see your email in my inbox – God’s timing is perfect!

  185. Very excited to journey with you on the doubt diet. Thanks for the invite!

  186. This is perfect timing for me! After I had to get on a scale at my doctor’s office, I was feeling pretty depressed. I know that I need to make changes in my lifestyle, but as all Mom’s know, it is not easy!
    Thank you!

  187. Count me in! … Praise God that He brings trials along our way that we get to “practice” our dependance on Him and our faith in Him.

  188. LUV your book, Renee! Thanks for sharing!!

  189. Michelle E. says:

    this came at just the right time. I continue to read the 7 Day Doubt Diet daily and pray that I will continue to lean on His confidence for my own.. thank you for this study.. I enjoy digging deeper and growing closer with each passing day. look forward to what God is gonna continue to do in and through all this

  190. Renee,

    I read your book A Confident Heart and you really touched my soul. I am looking for to the 7 Day Doubt Diet and I hope it helps me. Thank you for offering this!

  191. Looking forward to this journey! I often doubt I’m good enough at just about everything so this should be good!

  192. I would love to be on not just a diet but a fast from self doubt. Thank you for what you do and many blessings to you.

  193. Debbie Jo says:

    I am so in….Still have the devotions from the first time around and have never truly looked at them. God is so good and I am excited to see where He leads us.

  194. Sounds great!

  195. This is so timely for me as I’m struggling with the emotional pits right now. I look forward to it.

  196. God is always good!! This is great timing for me. Even though the Lord called me work in ministry more than 11 years ago, now that I’m no longer on staff at a church I keep doubting myself. I know I’m right where He wants me, but I just keep asking are you sure you want me to do this? I’ll be teaching a new Bible Study that starts on 10/20, so this timing is perfect. Thanks, Renee!

  197. Hi Renee ~ I’m looking forward to this! I need everything I can get when it comes to self-doubt, discouragement, etc. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t feel these things. I praise God that you are here for women like me 🙂

  198. I’m in! Looking forward to it! Thanks & God bless you!

  199. Doubting why God gave me the personality I have, so this is good timing. I am struggling with friendship, as we have moved to a rural town. We love it here, but I’m feeling abandoned by those I thought were my friends that I left behind, and not knowing anyone here. I know God created me just as He saw fit, but I lack confidence in who He made me to be. Looking forward to this, I know there’s a lesson coming.

  200. Leah Piro says:

    I was totally struggling with doubt this season in my life and your emails have been very encouraging. Thank you

  201. Isn’t His timing always perfect? I was struggling, once again, with doubt and fear about several weighty circumstances as I talked with God on my drive home from work. Opened up my mail when I got home and the message that was waiting for me on my screen was your invitation! Excited to join with others. I have struggled with my doubts and fears alone for long enough.

  202. I am for SURE in! It’s amazing how easliy doubt and being insecure find there way into my life. Thanks Renee for this invite and I know God will use this to help me! Blessings.

  203. Davine Manson says:

    Renee I thank you for this oppurtunity. I too am in a BATTLE have been for awhile now and GOD knows I am tired, but I can not for some reason give up. I am claiming this to be my season. It is time for me to come up and come out and I thank you for sending me the email that you did to start this, I feel a praise report coming at the end of this, for me, for you, for many on here going thorugh. We were chosen and we will make it if we just hold on and believe.
    Praise God!!!!!

  204. Looking forward to joining you!

  205. Renee, as i was reading this i really, really felt that you had just written it to me. like if we were in the room together conversing. Lately i am so full of self-doubt, feeling like i’m not good enough and noone believes in me and my abilities. Sadly i feel this way at work, church and home. I am a youth leader at my church for the past 12 years, i’ve been at my secular job as a grants officer for 11 years, i have 3 children age 21, 19, & 14 years old. (2 in college). my oldest daughter as well struggle with self-doubt. I need Godly reinforcement. Mean thoughts run through my mind because i feel inept. Please pray for us all.

    • Mean thoughts start running through my head from the minute I wake up in the morning – feeling dread and nauseous – and they keep me awake when I try to sleep at night. It’s not just ‘doubt’, I feel like I have overwhelming ‘evidence’ that I am a burden who has been drained of any value I once had.
      Chronic illness, on disability/I can’t work, but my husband works 2 jobs, big-time medical bills make me expensive. It’s so hard be confident about anything.

  206. Renee,
    God is so amazing. He is never too late or too early, but always right on time. I have been reading your book and have been so blessed. Yet at times, I still find myself believing Satan’s lies that I am not good enough or that I don’t have anything valuable to give. Just yesterday, I was scheduled to give a speech at Toastmasters and Satan tried telling me that I was not good enough. Nevertheless, I applied God’s truth and delivered a profound speech. I was amaze myself. My husband reminded me that “Who better to tell your story better than you.” He was right. Please know that I “Praise God” for him given you a burden for me and some many other women to help us walk through the shadows of doubt to live with a confident heart. I am thrilled to be a part taker of this study/devotion with you and so many others:)

  207. 1 woman helping other women in a way that she that feels it knows how!-anticipating with bated breath!

  208. Greetings Renee,
    I am so grateful that you have invited me to to the 7 day doubt diet… WOW! I am so blessed to have you as an encourager/ supporter/friend/ Thank you for the opportunity to get rid of doubt, fear, low self-esteem and discouragement once and for all!! I am definitely looking forward to the blessing and the word that God gives you to share with all of us..Thank you. Continue to be a Blessing

  209. You have no idea…I’m beaten down verbally by my dearest h. Thanks so much for your obedience to the Word of the Lord!

  210. Joining you in prayer, Renee! God bless you! Your encouragement has been such a blessing to me during my recent divorce. Praying for a miracle…God can do anything!

  211. Looking forward to joining you on this journey, your devotions always speak to me. I hate doubts and am trying to over come them!

  212. With you and in much need to this right now! Thanks for following God’s leading and walking us through our times of doubt 🙂

  213. I’m looking forward to your emails. Your book has encouraged me and helped me to really choose to believe what God says about Himself and me in His Word. Thank you!

  214. God is so good! I just finished an on-line bible study and have EXACTLY one week before the next one starts. I’m in!

  215. Anna Bell says:

    This has come just at the right time for me. Thank you Renee for daring to be spontaneous and real and open to Gods leading. Seems like they’re a lot of us out there who are struggling just now. Count me in.

  216. I’m in! As a mother with two-year old and four-year old boys and a precious five-week old baby girl, I have days where I seriously doubt my ability to do this thing called life and rear my children for the Lord. BUT I don’t doubt Him! Your timing is God-directed. Thank you.

  217. Hi Renee,
    I am excited about this journey. Thanks for the invite.

  218. Thank you for this invitation! I am doing the Confident Heart study with Melissa Taylor right now — love it. You have a way of saying just what my heart needs to hear in a way that I get it — I am feeling so encouraged and strengthened. And excited to do the 7-day doubt diet now, too, because I have a situation that is going to stretch me the next week or two especially. I will look forward to God’s words coming through you each day — thanks!

  219. Kimberly Santo says:

    I am looking forward to this study, I’m weary of struggling through life. I have lived through and in very difficult circumstances for many years now and there have been moments recently where I was afraid I might go under. Thankfully God is with me but I don’t want to just get through it anymore I want to rise above it all!

  220. The timing of this couldn’t be better. I am so looking forward to the freedom the is rightfully mine. The battle has been long and this week was getting very dark and lonely. Thank you so much for caring and being so sensitive to what God is leading you to do for us all through prayer and the 7 day doubt diet. Looking forward to the load being lifted and running with joy…blessings Patricia

  221. Sounds great! I am looking forward to this!

  222. I am so thankful you wrote this book Renee! I’m at chapter 10 and it’s been a life changing book. Thank you for following God’s call for you to write it! Looking forward to getting your next emails!

  223. Busy mom of 2 little girls and full time teacher in a time of educational changes, you bet I need an infusion of encouragement to face each day. Sometimes I doubt I’m a good mother, since I am so focused on my job; sometimes I doubt I’m a good teacher, since I don’t have time at work to accomplish everything in 8 hours…Yep, 7DD- ready to begin.

  224. I am so looking forward to this. It unfortunate but I find myself filled with doubt more times than I can count during the course of my day. I know that I have a lot on my plate and that God lead me to it so he will lead me through it. It just seems like I let him down constantly. I have 14 children at home and I feel like the worst mom ever sometimes. I really am looking forward to stopping my voice and hearing His!

  225. I am currently participating in the Confident Heart study and had previously signed up for the 7 Day Doubt series only to let those messages sit in my inbox. THis second nudge has hit in just the right moment for me to really say YES this time around. Thank you!

  226. Thank so very much for this personal invite. It’s seemingly confirmation for me in more than one area. I want so sincerely to stop wearying God with the inability to let completely go of human nature and grasp hold of the promises of God wholeheartedly. I vow to commit to these 7 days and come out with unwavering faith in my Lord & Saviour Jesus.

    Again thanks for being such an anointed vessel of God.

  227. Thank you for sharing and sending this invitation. I need this….and I’m glad to have others to help keep me accountable to completing this 7 day diet. We have an awesome God! HIs timing is Perfect 🙂

  228. Elaine Segstro says:

    Thank you Renee for the invitation and for your sincere interest in us. I SO long for more intimacy with Christ. I have good intentions in my devotional and prayer life, but fall short every day. I get so down on myself and I need Him – I struggle with my 2 sons (ages 18 and 21). It gets so tense in our household and I so need His strength and wisdom. I am very thankful for a Godly and loving husband at this time.

  229. I am joining you on this doubt diet!!! Excited to see what God will do!!

  230. Thank you so much for your e-mail tonight. It was a God send for me. The timing couldn’t have been better.

  231. Candi Johnson says:

    thanks for the invtation to participate in this study, 7 day doubt diet. It’s encouragement I needed to stay faithful and prayerful as I work through , A Confident Heart. I will be there this next week. God’s blessing as we Share His blessings.

  232. Renee
    I am joining you once again. This time looking forward to what God has instore for my life. So in need.

  233. Chargaile Askew says:

    Looking forward to doing the 7 Day Doubt Diet. I have found that studying God’s word with studies like this really keeps satan at bay. When my mind and heart are saturated with God, satan has to flee. Thanks for sharing this with everyone.

  234. Renee, When I read this this morning, I almost cried! I did praise the Lord for you. I am struggling on so many levels with my career, my son and myself. As I read:
    “It’s late Wednesday night and you’re on my heart. I’m wondering how you’re doing, and if maybe you
    are feeling weighed down by self-doubt. God nudged me to pull away from what I was doing (working on
    preparation for a retreat this weekend) to write a note from my heart. It was totally unplanned, but I
    wanted to ask if the heaviness of discouragement or a lack of confidence is burdening you ?”

    I shouted YES as loud as I could, in my mind!! 🙂
    Thank you for following God’s nudge and doing his will, because you touched my heart! Thank you for doing what you do God and for everyone that reads your website and A Confident Heart.

    In God’s Love,
    Lisa Anne

  235. Renee, Thank you for your honesty, vulnerability, and willingness to walk through this 7DD with so many women who are hungry for truth. I am looking forward to what God has in store for all of us. Perfect timing for sure!
    Be Blessed!

  236. Bing Boettner says:

    My confidence wanes especially when I am not feeling good physically. I have this mindset that I need to be always in tip top shape to be used of God. I know that is a lie. So getting involved in this 7 DD will be a worthwhile thing for me. Thanks and I trust God is getting you through these days as you think of your Dad’s passing. (is this correct?) Lovingly in Christ, Bing

  237. Grace Lane says:

    The last time you offered the 7-day Doubt Diet, I didn’t get to complete it. Thank you for offering it again. I find it quite a God thing to have just purchased your book today and then receive your e-mail. I have not worked for over 6 years and don’t feel very confident about entering the work force again. I think being almost 55 yrs. old has something to do with it.
    Grace 🙂

  238. chefjanna says:

    Can’t wait to hear what you are going to add. It’s so nice to know we are not alone on this journey Christ is taking us through.

  239. All you Proverbs 31 Ministry devotional writers/authors are such an inspiration to me as you share your weakness and I have a desire to reach out to women as I feel we are emotional and needed much encouragement/help to be the women God wants us to be. But, as I tried to seek Him more to be better equipped to share my life, I seem to face more setbacks/distractions, physical (severe migraine) and emotional pain. I am not confident to speak in public or lead in bible study. i look forward to this study to gain a confident heart to be used of Him. It would be great if i could start a bible study on your book, after i do it myself.

  240. Hi Renee, your invitation is so timely as only the Holy Spirit leads. I signed up once before and even got my best friend to sign up. Well, she was more diligent in following thru and was blessed! Me, I only got lesson one done and know I missed out! This time I hope I can do better even though I know I will be busier with another in depth study on the go. I have struggled with much doubt all my life. Now perched on the brink of being 50 with 3 kids and celebrating 25 years of marriage soon my husband and I are aware that the Lord in His grace and mercy is allowing us a fresh start in some important areas of our life. We definitly don’t want to blow it. I really hope I can learn to dwell in His promises and share this with my husband and kids as I grow thru the process. Thankyou and may God richly bless you as you faithfully follow His leading!

  241. Hello Renee
    First, I ‘d like to thank you for your dedication and obedience to the Lord. Thank your for your Ministry well. I am sure it is touching the lives of hundreds even millions of women, to be encouraged and to know that even though one may feel alone, we are never alone as God has promised He’ll never leave us nor foresake us. And in addition to that we have Proverbs31 Ministries and women like you teaching, encouraging , lifting up, interceding,caring for and loving us. We are truly blessed to have the resources / books/ emails/ devotions/Bible Studies/ etc… available to us.
    Now then secondly, thank you for the 7 DD again. I did this on my own not too long ago when you offered it as we were waiting for your book The Confident Heart to be finished and released. I never did anything with what I learned as is a hugh issue with me. I am an avid reader, and love to study and learn new things. I accumulate all this knowledge, but when it comes to applying it there is this breakdown for some unknown reason on my part. I know what to do in most situations, but either procrastinate, or just choose to not apply the answer and say “oh well, I guess it’s not that bad”, or “I’m just meant to be this way” or “After I rest up I’ll do (fillin in the blank)” or , as I do a mental survey of the current state of my life as compare to where I’ve come fromm I will say something like this to myself, “I’m really not that bad off comparitively.” Even though I know full well that I needed to make some serious lifestyle changes years ago, or the failure to not change could usher me into a physically painful future and not so “Golden Years”.
    I am looking forward to godly change (s) and applying what I receive as it applies to my body His Holy Temple. Thank you Renee
    I pray God’s Blessings to you and your family and over your Ministry as well.

  242. Hi Renee,
    Thank you for the invitaion to join you & His Women for a personal 7DD. I signed up & am looking forward to walking this part of our journey together. Thanks for being obedient to His voice & so open with your heart allowing Him to pour His Love thru you into our lives.
    I pray for your continued preps, for the retreat & for the women He is gathering. May you each be changed by being in His presence & sharing your lives.
    See you & all of these amazing women back here at your site on Sunday! I have NO Daoubt that we will be ‘lighter’ after this week together learning to doubt not but to trust God!
    Have a JOY-Full Day!
    Love Ya! Susie Cantrell 🙂
    “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.” ~Philippians 4:13

  243. Renee, giving me the opportunity to do the 7dd again could not have come at a better time. I can’t wait for the first email!
    Suzanne from Wellington, New Zealand

  244. This was right on time…I have been feeling down, lonely and desperate. financially my world is upsside down, I’m seeking employment in a new field, and field in which I believe I was led too. It’s been so discouraging of late and I’ve been grasping at straws to keep my faith up. Just last night (after the msg was sent about the 7day diet & before I actually read it) I stated to my friend and sister in Christ and classmate, “I think we need to fast on this job situation.” God is an ON TIME God, and I’m anxious to see what’s in store, b/c I’m feeling He’s led me to this point, and you will guide me to the next point. *Praising Him for where He’s brought me from, and Praising in advance for what He’s about to do*

    Thank you for being His vessel!

  245. The timing for this couldn’t be better! I am sinking in doubt because of the hurt from my husband’s betrayals and I am struggling with a defiant 12-year-old daughter who has bipolar disorder and adhd. She is very difficult and violent at times and I just don’t know what I have left in me to finish this race. Praise God that I have Him to encourage me and lift me up through studies like these!!!!!!

  246. Thank you for sending the email about the 7 day diet! I would love to be a part of it!

  247. I am looking forward to joining you again.

  248. Mary Maldonado-Soto says:

    This couldn’t come at a better time. Thank you so much for taking the time and helping us get through the issues that keep us from fully flowing in the calling God has for our lives. I hope the use what I learn to help the young women of the generation grow into strong confident women in Christ.

  249. UGH! – I received your email and am writing very burdened. We got the notice that our home will be foreclosed on. My husband has been out a job for a year now and I gues we knew it was only a matter of time. But the papers make it real and final. We haven’t figured out how to tell the kids yet (12 & 9). Please pray for the Lord’s guidance for us and for the children. I know God loves us and has a plan, it’s just so vague and seemingly unattainable right now. It hurts deeply, to have failed.

  250. I am ready and waiting Renee. :0)

  251. I am looking forward to this. There are days when I just don’t think that I can make it through. I know God is with me always but sometimes….it’s just hard! I can’t wait to start this with you all!!!

  252. I’m going to try this one more time. I’ve been struggling for so long now. I suffer from severe depression and have been on so many meds over the years and nothing seems to help. There are days I want to just go away and times I’ve begged and prayed to God to take me out of this world because I can’t deal with anything. I cry constantly and have no hope in anything anymore.

  253. Christine Smith says:

    A good friend sent me your link and asked if I would like to join her on this spiritual and health related walk. She and I are just finishing Lysa’s Made To Crave program. I have lost only few pounds during the six weeks and have a long way to go in order to be at a healthy weight. I know I will need all the help I can get. So I was thrilled to know I can follow up with your study. You have heard my story many times I’m sure…lost a lot of pounds over the years but always gain them back…plus some! I know that God is faithful and will do what He promises…but I also know a lot of His promises depend on He and I being on the same page. The lie I keep telling myself is: “Why put all that you have into this? You know it will be just like all the other times you have been so enthusiastic about losing weight but you will gain back whatever weight you lose…you know you will, Chris!” I am 62 and really need to eat healthy. I just can’t seem to muster up the same enthusiasm I have in the past when trying different diets or eating programs. I work so hard to lose 50 pounds then end up going back to old eating habits eventually and regaining it. My want to isn’t where it needs to be. I ask myself continuously, “What will it take to motivate you this time, Chris…a stroke, heart attack, diabetes?” I just pray and stay in His word and take one day at a time. I believe God heard my lack of confidence and sent me you! I am looking forward to your insights and help. Thanks for the invitation!

  254. I would love to do this devotional again….I think on your web site would be perfect…..My profile pic is on facebook and I would love your prayers…..You are a friend on FB….One of the prayers on the devotional that I read everyday is the one that talks about I want to know what you have for me I don’t want to grow old and feel that I wasted what you had for me…that is my prayer I just celebrated a monumental birthday and time is going fast, i don’t want to waste another minute, i want to feel I am doing something worthwhile…Please, pray I will know what He has for me….

  255. I’m in Renee! I just finished reading your book and oh my goodness it was great!
    I identified with the chapter on worry seeing that I’v struggled with this my whole life.
    Things went down hill earlier this year and I realized that there was more going on
    than just worry. With much prayer, I went to my dr. who is a Christian also, and she
    put me on medication for depression. I believe as well that God works thru drs and
    medications. The difference has been like night and day, I don’t have the dark cloud
    hanging over me anymore. I”m a more joyful person and am at peace. Some people
    believe that anti-depressants are a cop out but like my dr said none of us are wired the
    same and sometimes we need a little help.
    So I thank you for your book and I continue to pray for you & your ministry.


    Janet W.

  256. Yes! I look forward to renewing my focus on losing that doubt weight!

  257. I will join you Renee. I am doing Melissa Taylor’s Online Study too. I can’t get enough reinforcement, can I? I need all the focus and support I can get. I am currently struggling in my “new creation” because I have a “big red target on my back” as my friend says it. I am struggling with so much insecurity even though I have already read the whole book. I am answering the reflection questions with the online study which is bringing on some healing from my past. I am finding out just how unhealthy I am emotionally and mentally and spiritually. I also purchased “Boundaries” and I am gathering all kinds of knowledge from those two wonderful men. I have lived such a dysfunctional life and I know God will create in me a new heart but it is just going to take some time…

  258. This is perfect timing for me. My life has been turned upside down recently with moving our entire household two times this summer and now my husband has a new job that will be taking him faraway traveling and we are hoping to see him once a month for a few days. I have a 16 year old who is nervous about getting her dirivers permit, and I’m nervous about being the one to teach her. And I have a 13 year old boy who I homeschool and who has his own teenage issues I’m trying to help him through. I am also the Women’s ministry leader at my church and I have a new part time job that I do out of my home, but I’m still learning how to do this job well. I feel like it is all too much, yet I know that this is what the Lord has for us right now. I am being greatly stretched in my walk with God and I am so thankful for this upcoming time in this devotion focusing on building my confidence in God and in turn having my confidence boosted knowing that I can do all things through Christ who stregthens me. Thank you for being sensitive to the Sprit in leading you to encourage all us women who are struggleing in this area. I’m praying for much fruit to come out of this time for all of us.

  259. Dear Renee,
    I tried to start this the first time and just did not find the time to do it. Life happened and I was too busy and I am home on disability. It seems all I do is go to the doctor or to the counselor. Yet I got caught up packing all my in-laws things and heading up their estate sale when they moved into an independent living environment. I am the only one who does not work. I have not been setting good boundaries. I don’t take good care of myself, yet I KNOW HOW. I have lost SO much weight that people won’t stop talking about it. I am about 5’9″ and I might weigh now less than 110. I have always been thin but not this thin since my sr. year of high school and then I was a size 5. I am afraid I am dying. I am Bipolar and get distracted and don’t eat at all sometimes and I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome which doesn’t help my weight problem. I am not trusting God to solve all my needs and problems lately, I am doubting anyone even loves me anymore and when my dog escaped the back yard for over 24 hrs (he is 3 legged) I just about lost it. I thought God was punishing me for the times I forgot to feed him till noon or didn’t take him to the dog park. I have been manic for about 3 weeks. I just got passed up to be a leader at my church in Recovery not because my Pastor in Recovery didn’t think I had the wisdom or heart or mercy or any of those things it was because when I am good he said I am very very good, but as the poem goes I had to finish it for him, but when I am bad I am very very bad. He said not it is because of your inconsistency. He loves me, they all love me, he has seen me grow and change SO much in the last two years. He was right and I knew the answer before we met. But I was so sad and devastated. I call it being “green” like Kermit’s song. It’s hard being green? Do you know it? It IS hard to be my friend. I do have wisdom and I do have the gift of mercy and discernment and I am helping others with my same mental health issue. But I am exhausted and need some rest. I won’t allow myself that because I thought it was wrong. I have been using the old self-flagellation tool on myself basically. Working myself to death manically or beating myself up for when I screw up. I am the hardest on myself. I need so much help setting hard boundaries. I have been to so much counseling and therapy and I mean good Biblical counseling and still am going. I have been through Step studies which so very much helped me. God has taught me so much and healed so many relationships. I am learning to tame the beast within. But I still doubt that God loves me enough to really help me or take care of me, yet I see hitherto the Lord hath ALWAYS provided. I hate what is wrong with me, I did not ask for it, I do not want it, yet I see how He is using it. He does not waste time or experience. I am just so needing rest right now and need to fall into His everlasting arms. And I simply do not know how to do that. I don’t know what a normal day’s schedule looks like and never have. I have always overdone because I have always been manic. So to me I don’t know when to quit. I have a life coach. But I am nearing my end with her as I feel I have learned so much and she has given me many tools. I know what I want to do with my life. I want to write books. I have written a children’s book about my daughter. I have not gotten it published. I know I can do that through Lulu first and go from there. But I want to write about my life story and help other women. I want to write a journal. I have so much material it is not funny. I have been told by many that I should write. I have had so much confirmation it is not funny. But I don’t know how to start and I am afraid. I am fearful of success because my dad squelched our desires. And I also want to start again, my own business of some type of decorating business but this time it will be a shop with recreated things of special finds that I have added my touch to. I desire this so much I feel it is what God wants me to do. But I am afraid. I am afraid to stick my toe in the water before God will part the seas. I don’t know if I have the faith and yet I have so much faith in my Papa because where else would I turn? From whence does my help come? Thanks for listening. I pray I can keep up with you this time around. You are awesome. May God cause His face to shine upon you and bless you.
    In Christ,
    Kelly Massey♥

    • WOW! Kelly I hear so many similarities in your comments no wonder we’re tired. And like you I began the 7DD and found myself with not enough time for God and myself. God was an after thought rather than a way make; I believe resulting in my increasing self-doubt. Kelly you ask a question “From whence does my help come?” I think it’s only appropriate that that question is not left dangling and Psalm 121:1-2 says “I will lift up my eyes to the hills-From whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth” Kelly I am excited to begin this bible study with you and so many others, and i thank God almighty for blessing us with this opportunity, at this time. Thank God for you even wanting to please people and I pray that order is brought to you in such a way that only the Lord can bring:). Renee thank you for your commitment to serving those God has chosen and being that vessel that gives me a route to escaping my own insecurities, and removes self-doubt and restores a confident heart.

      God bless,

  260. Hi,
    I’ve been reading A CONFIDENT HEART and it has helped me become abstinent from compulsive eating. I want to build on my relationship with Christ to ensure I never have to eat compulsively again.

    Thank you for your efforts.


  261. I am looking forward to facing this life long challenge of self doubt. Thank you for the offering this opportunity to us once again.


  262. …not sure whether I can keep on this roller-coaster of emotions much longer…It’s like I have these bursts of confidence, like sunbreaks between storms. However the sunbreaks are getting shorter in length and farther apart. The storms are becoming more frequent and much more intense…

  263. I am planning on doing this the second time, your email with the invite came at the best time possible, God knows doesn’t He. I purchased your book and have begun the journey to finding my self confidence. The past weekend was just a struggle, I find myself filled with the doubt of my past and I can’t move forward. Is it God I hear? Then why isn’t it alway clear. I want to do too many things and then I can’t do any of them. I am so worn down by living in frustration and doubt. Can God be calling me to speak, or write a book or pursue my love for art or children with special needs, I am overwhelmed. Caught up in this horrible circle that is leading me no where.

  264. I have always struggled with my self confidence and often doubt myself. I have really been praying about that this year as I want to teach my girls to be confident with who God created them to be. I look forward to growing through your study. God Bless ~Sue

  265. Thank you for the invite. Really struggling in an abusive marriage right now and the effects on my health, well being and spirituality. Having a difficult time holding on to any confidence i might have had in the past. Trying to find myself again.

  266. Renee I want to thank you so much for writing your book. Everytime I pick up your book I feel like I am reading my life storie plus I cant not express how much your devotion have help me through all of this. Everytime I pray your prayer at the end of each chapter something happens I can not explain it I just feel a freeing of my mind that is not heavy on me anymore I dont know if this email make any sense or not I just felt lead to post it. Thank You for sharing your storie and being one of God’s angel to help us through are pain tooo. Thank YOu Renee may god bless you and your family

  267. Val Dehline says:

    Thank you for the invite. I am going through huge life changes right now and have felt such an overbearing weight of depression and dispare right now. I have regained about 35 pounds, my youngest daughter left home for college so dealing with the empty nest, and I can’t get organized in my house. I also have made bad financial decisions and they are haunting me. I know that God loves me and accepts me where I am at but I can’t make myself believe it.

  268. Patricia H says:

    Renee – Thank you so much this opportunity to grow closer in my walk with the Lord. As life seems to become more difficult, I realize the need to draw closer to my precious Savior. Love and blessings to you for your sweet spirit and dedication to God’s ministry. 🙂

  269. Though it would seem that I have it all together on the outside, on the inside I am full of self doubt and carry around many insecurities. I look forward to seeing how God will work in my life through the 7 day doubt diet.

  270. I’m definitely joining the 7-Day Doubt Diet. I joined the last time you offered, but didn’t finish it. I am no longer willing to let doubt run my life.

  271. I thought you were writing this email just to me. WOW! Then I see these comments of others battling the same thing. I want to join you. I already get your posts emailed to me I hope that I just need to look at those. Thank you!

  272. Sandra Ashley says:

    As I care for my mother full time, who has dementia, God is so working in me! But with the situation as it is I can not fellowship with other sisters in the Lord regularly right now. So this opportunity is a huge blessing. Thank you so much.

  273. I am currently going through your book–A Confident Heart–and God is showing me so much. I understand that Jesus is the source of everything i need, and He is the only man who will never reject me. Men as a rule reject me and want me to change, and I have made the mistake more than often. I am learning to rely totally on Him. And when circumstances tell me otherwise, He is still in charge. Nothing happens to me that He has not foreseen!

  274. Romie Celaya says:

    Hi Renee,
    This also came at a perfect time for me as it did for many of the other women. I also have had a problem with my “esteem” or rather I guess I’m just not good enough for others to love or want to be around. This past year has been quite challenging with relationships especially with my children. I know that I am a sinner and need God’s forgiveness. My thoughts sometimes take me places I should not go, thinking that even my children want nothing to do with me. They have families themselves and busy lives. I just want to know and I do know it but I guess I want to always remember that God loves me all the time. I want to remember that He never leaves me or forsakes me. I want to remember that I can run to Him when my thoughts are going places He does not want them to and that I can call on Him to help me with that very deep problem.

  275. My heart needs this so badly. I put off reading the last email update because I was afraid and thought that I’d already gone through the “diet” once, what would a second time do for me? But as I cried to a friend/mentor over the phone for 35 minutes last night, shedding tears because my heart and mind are overwhelmed with life and will not stop racing with doubt, I remembered this email was sitting in my inbox. The struggle right now, on top of much more, is self-doubt and that is what it comes down to in my life at this point. I am SO looking forward to dieting for the second time and am praying I put more effort into it this time!!! Thanks Renee!!!

  276. nancys1128 says:

    I’ll be joining you for this one, while also doing the longer-term study that Melissa Taylor has going right now. What an awesome set of things to compliment each other. Life seems to really be happening right now, and double-teaming this study will be wonderful!

  277. I know Satan is trying to hold me back from sharing. I feel very intimidated when even “speaking” on line. I continue to struggle with self-doubt and I know with everyone praying and staying in the word of God, will help me be stronger. Renee, thanks for allowing all of us on this journey to share in the gift that God has blessed you with.

  278. Confidence is always been something i struggle with. This time I will take the time to do this with you. It is somthing that i w=want to grow into and let the lie on=f not having confidence.

  279. This is such a divine message, when talk about insecurity and doubts and our women bible class this morning,and i can;t wait to share with them ,i think the most important lesson to learn is learning who we are in CHrist and all these will be added to us.

  280. Thank you for this. I always struggle with worry and this is very helpful. It is going to help and bless many of us. Blessings for everyone. God listens

  281. Hello Rene,
    I am walking in “Expectancy” believe that the 7DD will help me! I believing God to show me some things and to lead me out of my comfort zone. I know that he has so much more for me and I must have the confidence that I can do what ever He has called and purposed for me to do.

  282. Hi Renee

    Thank you for the invitation to join you and other women in this 7Day Diet. For a long time I have been in spiritual warfare and each time I overcome the enemy another raises it’s head. I am truly feeling weary and has been questioning God when will it end. It is not that I doubt God is able but the constant battle is threatening to break my confidence that I can make it to the end.

  283. Irene Attrams says:

    I am going through a lot of difficulties emotionally from a breakup with my boyfriend and i am very convinced that God is working behind the scenes in my favour through your website. I continue to struggle with my hurt but i know God is healing me too. the pain is much less now and am very grateful to you. God richly bless you. Thank you

  284. Renee, this is just what the ‘doctor’ (my life coach) ordered, but neither of us knew until, miraculously, your Confident Heart materials flew through cyberspace and landed on my laptop the very next day, yesterday. God’s perfect timing.
    Her assignment for me Friday had been to spend these next weeks figuring out and journaling, this: WHY I LACK CONFIDENCE in my life, why my insecurities, my fears of failing someone or letting them down, why all the self-doubts in my own speaking, coaching, writing and ministry. And then asking God what to do about it.
    So, I’m excited to find and begin your seven day “diet” and have ordered your Confident Heart book. SO TIMELY. But wait. There’s more.

    You can imagine my amazement when I took your assessment last night, and scored 160 out of 198. When you said, “as a child I thought I wasn’t worth keeping,” you ferried my thoughts back to when I was 7 years old and Daddy left and we never saw him again. My older sister thought it was because she got a B on her spelling test. My younger sister thought it was because she was a girl and Daddy wanted a boy. Me? I just thought I wasn’t worth sticking around for.
    Many years later, well into adulthood, we sisters discovered that it was none of the above, rather due to complications from a head injury Daddy sustained during wartime–that he really did love and want us. But the die had been cast; our childhood years were wrought with questions no one seemed to have answers for, self-doubts, insecurities and fears–as we little girls silently grieved a huge loss we didn’t understand and weren’t allowed to talk about.
    Today, by God’s mercy and grace we are all Christ-followers, serving in ministry. We have experienced much healing, for which we are so grateful. I realize, however, that the self-doubt and confidence issues are still affecting my life and ministry.
    So I look forward to taking this journey with you, Renee, and completing my Journaling assignment with great hope, and joy. Thank you, sweet friend, on behalf of many of us, for seeing your need, and helping us see ours, so that we can find the confidence to do the work to which God has called us. To Him be all the glory and praise!

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