Day One of “The 7-day Doubt Diet”

After reading your comments and emails last week week, I’m so encouraged by how God interrupted what I was doing and prompted me to check on you. That prompting led me to invite you on an unplanned journey through my 7-day Doubt Diet. Over 4000 of you signed up, and hundreds of you shared how much you needed this, at such a time as this.

Friend, God hears your prayers. He knows your needs and He is pursuing you with His love. I’m so honored that I get to be a part of what He is doing in your life. I want us to give ourselves time to let God speak to us as we apply these devotions in our lives. So, I’ve decided to stretch the 7 days over 2 weeks, with a post every other day on weekdays only, after today. Day 2 will be posted on Tuesday, Day 3 on Thursday and then day 4 next Monday, and so on.

Each day we’ll have a key verse called “Food for Thought” and a “Doubt Diet Tip” to help us apply that day’s message. I’m praying for you, friend, and I want us all to pray for each other. Let’s pray that no matter how hard life is or how much doubt tries to weigh us down – we will ask God to help us know and rely on His love and live in the security of His promises – so we can lose the weight of self-doubt and gain a confident heart!


Day 1: Don’t Throw Away Your Confidence

Taken in part from Chapter 1 and 6
© 2011 by Renee Swope with Revell Publishing.

Food for thought: So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. Hebrews 10:35-36, (NIV)

One night I was cleaning the kitchen and threw away this little rubber thingy that was on our counter top. Suddenly I realized it was the power button for our TV remote control. As I dug through the trash to find it, I regretted how quickly I’d thrown it away. Then, as I reached to pull it out, I sensed God showing me that’s how easily I throw away my confidence—without even recognizing it.

It’s usually very subtle. Sometimes I’ll be thinking about something I want to do or sense God calling me to, and a feeling of uncertainty comes over me and whispers to my heart: You can’t do that. You’re not good enough. Out of the blue, I’ll just get that awful, insecure feeling.

Too many times I’ve gone along with it, tossing my confidence into the trash without even thinking about it.

For the longest time, I didn’t tell anyone about my lack of confidence because I figured if I told them all the reasons I doubted myself, they’d see my flaws and agree with me. Honestly, I was convinced I was the only one who struggled with doubt.

However, I didn’t call it doubt. Maybe you don’t either. Sometimes I called it worry—worry that I was going to disappoint someone, worry that I might make a mistake and get criticized for it, worry that I might start something but not be able to finish.

Other times I’d call it fear—fear that I wouldn’t measure up, fear that I’d look stupid, fear that I’d look prideful thinking I could do something special for God. What I’ve realized over the past several years is that these feelings may end up as fear or worry, but their source is self-doubt.

Looking back, I see a pattern in my thinking that led to the pattern of my doubting.

As a child I thought I wasn’t worth keeping. My insecurity kept me from riding amusement park rides, because I doubted my dad would wait for me. In school, I doubted I was smart enough and avoided some great opportunities because they came with the risk of failure. As a young bride, I doubted my husband’s faithfulness, although he gave me no reason to fear. Our newlywed memories include a lot of arguments about trust.

What about you? Do you ever agree with the whispers of doubt and throw away confidence that should be yours as a child of God? Are you tired of questioning whether you have what it takes to become the woman you want to be, or the woman God is calling you to be?

The first step to living with a confident heart is for us to recognize the power we give to self-doubt, then stand up to it and claim the confidence that is ours through Christ. That is what we’ll be doing for the next seven days as we learn to live in the security of God’s promises in our everyday lives.

To get started, let’s ask God to show us when we throw away our confidence this week, and help us throw off the weight of our insecurities instead.

Lord, I want to become a woman with a confident heart in Christ. Show me how to recognize when I’m tempted to throw away my confidence. And please help me throw away my insecurity instead. I want the reward of persevering in Your truth so that when I have done Your will, I will receive what You have promised. I don’t want to be a woman who shrinks back and is destroyed but one who believes and is saved. When doubt or insecurity tells me I can’t do something, I will remember that all things are possible to her who believes. In Jesus’ name, Amen. (See Hebrews 10:35–36, 39; Mark 9:23)

Doubt Diet Tip: When you start a diet or physical training plan, experts recommend you take a Body Mass Index analysis to determine if you are overweight, underweight, or in a healthy weight range. As we get started, our first assignment is to complete the FREE “Doubt Index Analysis” I created to help identify your most common doubts, see how they affect you and determine just how much self-doubt could be weighing you down by.

Let’s Talk: I want this to be  a journey we take TOGETHER, where we talk to each other, encourage and pray for one another and talk about what God is showing us. To do that, please click here to go back to my website (if you’re reading this via email) and then click on “Share Your Thoughts” below this Day 1 post.

That’s where we’ll share our hearts, our stories, our struggles (so others can know they’re not alone and so we can pray for each other) and read others stories too. I believe that is where real community and encouragement will come – and Jesus will meet us there and minister to us through one another!

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Kelly Wise says:

    This devotion came at a time when I needed it in a really big way. I used to be in fast food management then I went to retail management and I succeeded in both and did very well in my careers. Then I left the workforce to care for my mother after she had a major stroke. She passed away in 2006 then my dad became ill and I have cared for him and only worked meager part time jobs over the last five years. This week I returned to full time management and have been totally overwhelmed!!! My confidence level as hit rock bottom knowing all the changes that have occurred over the last eleven years. I have doubted all week that I can do this. I am so thankful that today I logged on and read that through Christ I can have confidence to do this!!

    • You CAN do it!! and you will be a success. Ask God for wisdom to follow through on the assignments He has for your life. You WILL do a great job!!!

    • Hi Renee,
      Your comments are so timely. This weekend I began thinking seriously about writing the book people keep telling me I should write when I share my story with them.

      In the past twent-six years, I have experienced the death of my father, six months later the demise of my 18 year old marriage (he told my sister’s husband on the day of my father’s funeral that he was having an affair).

      Eight months and over 100 letters later I married my best friend’s widower and became mother to his four children along with my own two – moving them from GA to PA.

      Twenty months later I found my husband dead of a massive coronary. At 40 I became a widow with sons ages 24, 21, 16, 16 (one mine & one his), and daughters ages 15, 13.

      That was Oct. 23, 1988. In July 1992, I married for a third time adding another son the same age as my two younger boys.

      Since then I have graduated from seminary twice (MDiv. & DMin.) and servered as pastor in three churches.

      Here’s where you come in. Last night when I went to bed, I was feeling strongly lead to write this book but when I woke up the doubts started talking to me, ”You can’t write a book. Where would you begin? Why would anyone want to read it? What would be the point of it? You have nothing new to say.”
      As the doubts came at me I prayed, ”God give me a sign that it’s your will and not my ego.” When I read your post it was like God was sending me a message that the doubts were not from him.

      I’m still not sure how to birth this book but I did write a 100 page doctoral thesis thst I also had doubts about writing. So, I trust God to show me when and how to do it. As for anyone reading it, well that’s God’s problem to solve.

      • Oh, I love how God works. If He’s called you to it – He will see you through it. Believe me, I doubted I could write A Confident Heart and many times I questioned why I should since there are so many good books already out there. I’m so glad I didnt quit – even if my kids, family and friends were the only one who read it. What God did in me while I wrote it was enough to make it all worth what it took.

        Praying for you Karen!

      • Karen – Yours is the first comment I read and I felt compelled to tell you I will keep you and your book in my prayers. Your story gave me goosebumps. I’ve been divorced and widowed and have the greatest respect for you for coming through the valley and wanting to climb the nountain on the other side. I wish you all the best and I hope I recognize your book when it’s published!

    • Keep persevering…God will show you the way! I returned to teaching after being home with my children for 11 years. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. It’s when i allow my thoughts to wander from Him that doubt begins to creep in….I’m on my third year at a public school and God is sure teaching me a lot about how to Trust in HIm and with that He’s building my confidence.

    • I am at the end of my rope with condemnation, guilt and shame. I hope this will help me. all I do is read books, I am an intelligent woman. I dissapoint myself and God.many lose this weight. I give in, hate myself, make promises, getting nowhere fast. just miserable. God has given me so much, yet I can’t get free. “let nothing have dominion over me.’.. what does it take? and why can’t I get it. I am my worst enemy. please pray for me. thank you.

      • Connie,
        We can’t grow in the Lord if we are looking back or to one side. Keep focused on the prize you have by being a child of GOD. The reward is huge. satan knows our weaknesses. After all he has had 2000 years to practice. Meditate on our fathers words and ask him what he wants to you do. When you are ready our father will guide you to the point he wants you at. Connie look in the mirrow and know that you are loved! God Bless.

  2. Bobbie Robie says:

    I struggle with this a LOT. From the time I wake up of a morning until I fall asleep, I struggle with this. I have low self esteem and a lack of confidence. Please pray for me. I truly enjoy reading your devotionals.

    • Praying for you. I want to challenge you to memorize our key verses and say them to yourself every day. Pray the scripture prayers out loud and ask God to engrave them on your heart!! When you allow HIM to change the way you think, His thoughts will change the way you feel and eventually transform the way you live – I promise!

  3. Sandra bettis says:

    I am so lonely n brokenhearted. This came
    at a most needed time. I am tired of being alone n want to be with the man God has for me. Im not dating n havent for sometime. Im not looking just asking God to bring him back to me and my self esteem is down n i dont trust myself because i have always messed up by pushing n not being patient to let things progress as it needs to so he ran. Which broke me even more. I do trust God with all my heart.

    • Sandra, I’m praying that you can embrace the fact that God delights over you and sings about you. Zephaniah 3:17. I know how you feel. After 18 years of marriage my husband left and remarried. It’s been 4 years. Never dated before him, God finally sent a man into my life but I realize both of our doubts and fears, he suffered a heart wrenching divorce as well,keep stopping us in our tracks and thus affirming our fears. So crazy, I’ve decided to stop trying to make what God has designed to work and let God do it.
      You are special, God knows your hurts and fears, he collects your tears and promises your latter days WILL be greater than your past. Walk in it sister!

      • I agree. What a beautiful promise, Danielle, to claim for our sweet, precious, loved by God sister, Sandra. Even a man’s love can’t fill those empty places or heal our wounds. Until God’s love is our enough, no man’s will ever be enough. Praying Jesus’ love for you will captivate your heart and take your breath away as HE convinces you how beautiful you are to HIM and how much He adores you!!

    • Dear Sandra,

      If you trust God with all your heart, as you do, you wll not be disappointed. And you can be sure that He can and will heal your brokenness because no matter how we’ve messed up, nothing is impossible with God.

      I’m saying this to myself as well – my situation is quite smilar…

      Praying for you, Sister 🙂

      Hugs x

    • My sister In Christ I also struggle with this so many times I have got in GODS was. Let’s pray that we can be still and wait on him. I ask this in JESUS NAME. With GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE

      • Hi Sandra,

        When I read your comment my heart jumped because I could have written that myself. You know, I was always picking the wrong man. I have been divorced twice and didn’t want to spend the rest of my life without someone. My son was grown and out of the house and I really didn’t have friends because I just had no self-confidence in myself and shied away from group activities in high school therefore I never learned how to develop long lasting relationships with anyone. Then while trying an online dating service I met someone who I foolishly thought was the man God was sending me and it turned out to be the worst nightmare of my life. After encouraging him to move in after only knowing him for 3 months, (which was wrong) and then getting engaged by “gently pushing him” he turned out to be an alcoholic who just about ruined my life. I was so desperate for someone that I completely overlooked all the signs and was angry at my family for not telling me what they thought about him becausetold me afterward, that they figured something like that was wrong with him. But then I had to ask myself “would I have listened” because I was so desperate? Anyway, I was so afraid of him I wouldn’t stay in my own house (I stayed with my sister) because of his drunken outbursts that I had to devise a way to get him out. He may have been a drunk but he was a “smart” one but thankfully I had God on my side. I won’t go into all the details because this “comment” would turn into a novel but I did get him out and all of his belongings and I had the locks changed and my phone number changed before I felt safe. I lost a ton of weight because I couldn’t eat and on top of all that-my Mom had undergone surgery on her knee but developed pneumonia and it was serious. Let me tell you that was the worst month of my life and although I didn’t know it at the time, God was right there with me through it all. He kept me safe from physical harm and allowed my mind to work correctly and get him out of my house.

        After all that I still want a companion (smile) but I am waiting for God to literally drop him in my pathway and speak to me from the heavens to tell me “this man is for you”. LOL!!! Seriously, I am not pusuing anyone but just living my life and trying to be the woman God wants me to be. I hope that He has someone for me but if not, I will just have to learn to be content.

        Sandra, be strong sweetie, it won’t be easy but wait on the Lord-although we know mentally that He knows best, we have to start believing it with our hearts.

        I’m praying for you and hope you will pray for me.

        Love and God Bless.

        • Sandra,

          I’m going through a pretty similar situation myself. I just want you to know you’re not alone. I would get so caught up in self-doubt and even self-criticism because “I messed up” so much in my relationship. The thing is, we aren’t perfect. We are going to mess up in every relationship. We just need to learn from what we did do wrong and move on. This situation has taught me to lean on Him more and learn to fall in love with Him. Since love is a choice, not a feeling, whenever I feel down I choose to devote myself to Him and accept His compassion for me. You can do this. You can get over this. You can move on and use this experience to become a confident woman of God. Don’t worry about finding someone now. Take the focus off yourself (I have to remind myself of this all the time) and direct it to loving others and serving others for God. Then when that right man walks into your life, he will be amazed at you: this wonderful woman who has compassion on others and a true heart for the Lord. Then you will become a woman that your husband will be proud of. So that when he’s sitting around with his buddies and you walk by, he’ll smile and say: “That’s her.” Just keep your chin up, sweet one, rest in Him. He will provide. Just like He provided Abraham with a sacrifice, He will provide you with the right man in His time.

          4 “Fear not; you will no longer live in shame.
          Don’t be afraid; there is no more disgrace for you.
          You will no longer remember the shame of your youth
          and the sorrows of widowhood.
          5 For your Creator will be your husband;
          the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is his name!
          He is your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel,
          the God of all the earth.
          6 For the Lord has called you back from your grief—
          as though you were a young wife abandoned by her husband,”
          says your God.
          7 “For a brief moment I abandoned you,
          but with great compassion I will take you back.
          8 In a burst of anger I turned my face away for a little while.
          But with everlasting love I will have compassion on you,”
          says the Lord, your Redeemer.
          Isaiah 54:4-8

          You’re in my thoughts, heart, and prayers! Even though I haven’t met you, I love ya!


          • Patricia wallace says:

            This is amazing how we all encourage eachother with positive comments.
            God IS good! With god ALL things are possible! And work together for good! 🙂

    • Lydia Ghinoo says:


      I understand how you feel and more. I have been through 1 divorce and soon after re married and now I am separated from my 2nd husband. There were both unbelivers but I thought that “if I loved them enough they will change”. But we know that the one responsible for change is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I also get lonely and I am raising a 13 year old girl who misses and loves her dad so much and it breaks my heart. I recently moved back from Florida to Trinidad to live with my parents, as I have been going through some sickness and healing from these emotional scars. I am a mental health therapist who is looking for a job but to tell you the truth no medications nothing can help more than the Word and Promises of our GOD. Believe it Sandra I know that times its hard and we feel like we are all alone but we are not. He is always there and still in Control. He loves you my friend, more than anyone will do. I also wonder if I will ever be with anyone but you know what I am learning to trust God everyday that He is enough for me. I will keep you in my prayers. Let us keep praying for each other. God Bless you my Sisaters 🙂

  4. Jeanie Kelley says:

    This was such a good refresher for me. I had read it and done the doubt analysis and it helped a lot. I am working on trying to be the woman that God wants me to be. It can be taxing and time consuming, but I have decided to keep on. I know that God will get the victory in this whole situation. I am reminded of my own worth in God. Thanks for the refresher.

  5. jane foster says:

    U r a very intelligent and tallented lady. Thank you for your thoughts and encouragment.

  6. Thanks Renee. I now know that I am not alone in the way I feel. My doubt index is so high, I really need to press in and allow God to heal me of this. I like you, keep it to myself, worry and fear and allow doubts and lacking self confidence to keep me back from what God wants for me. I really need the Lord to help me with this. Sometimes we have head knowledge that is difficult to get into our hearts. Only God can, He is able, nothing is too hard for Him. God Bless you Renee as you help us work through these things.

  7. I need this right now. I am doubting myself that I’m not good enough. I hide it as worry and anxiety, but the first devotion hit home because that’s where my thoughts are. Please pray I can overcome this.

    • You are good enough sweet friend. God loves you with all HIS heart and He has a purpose for your life – one He wants to reveal to you as you seek Him and through you as you serve Him!! Blessings and hugs to you!

  8. Boy, I thought I was alone with the way I was feeling about my struggles with weight and self dought. I feel so blessed to know that I will be on this journey with so many wonderful women that are going through the same thing. I will give 100% of myself to this journey.
    Thank you God and Renee for hearing my prayers. God I know that you will be with me and will get me through this. Through you Lord, all things are possible.

    • You ARE a beautiful child of God, and He loves you so much. It is so reassuring to know that through Christ – ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

    • Dear Janet,

      You’re soooo not alone in your struggles.

      Praying for you and for the next 2 weeks of this our anti-doubt journey.

      Hugs 🙂

  9. Hi, I am in a place of intense grief and rejection, and need God to do something special.

    • Linda, I’m asking God to show himself to you in a mighty way so that you can feel Him rocking you in His arms. I’ve been there, know how you feel, and know that only Gods comfort will heal you and bring you out.

    • Linda, I admire your transparency. God can use ALL things, and though it’s still hard for me some days through my own loss and broken-heart, I am learning, with time and His healing and faithfulness, that it really is true that ALL things are usable. You are someone God wants to use, even in your earthly rejection. I’ll pray for you. Read Renee’s book…I keep meditating on “Those who hope in the Lord will NOT be disappointed.” Sending hugs, sweet sister in Christ.

  10. I struggle with not knowing if I can do this. A friend saw me struggling today, and told me I needed to find out what I needed, and be sure to get that. I just looked back at her, not sure what it was I needed…a nap? a good cry? a can of double-dip chocolate covered peanuts? (I am trying to get back on the low-carb wagon…LOL!).

    The enemy has been waving comfort items in front of my face, with the promise of soothing. When I give in to whatever that “comfort” is,” I am rewarded with a slap in the face. The enemy throws it back in my face. I am a failure, inconsistent, worthless, ineffective for God’s Kingdom.

    • Don’t you believe it!
      Satan is a liar, thief, murderer….. but he is a LOSER too! Thanks to Jesus!
      You are no failure!
      You are not worthless or ineffective!
      God will be with you through your trials and You will praise His Name and tell others of His goodness.

    • I have uttered these same words and felt these same sentiments so many times. Be mindful Rhea that you are a chosen child of God, set-apart and loved. You are fearfully and wonderfully made in His divine image – no other creation in all the earth can boast that! Remember that when you are weak, He is strong . . . “do not lose heart . . . For our light and mementary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” (2 Corinthians 4:17-18) Let Him do an eternal work in and through you knowing that He can accomplish more than you could ever ask or imagine.

      Thank you for sharing so honestly. It is comforting to know that we truly are in this together.

      May you sense God’s presence and hear His voice in a mighty way today. Amen

      • Amen!! Thank you both for being so authentic and loving Him so beautifully by the way you are loving on each other. Your prayers and encouragement have blessed me so today!

  11. I have doubted my marriage will work. I am thankful I came across this website. I am also thankful for two friends who are praying and supporting me through this journey right now. I am hopeful and encouraged.
    Thank you

  12. Renee,
    You won’t believe this but I am 42 and I have spent my life trying to please others and I just realized I don’t
    Know if I can have the confidence enough to know what things I like to do,
    How I want to decorate my house, what foods I like,etc. I’ve just gone with the flow for so long. Where to start?

    • I can totally relate to you. At one point I found myself overwhelmed in a grocery store because I could not figure out what kind of breakfast cereal I liked. I knew what my kids liked but no idea on what I might like. It’s funnty today but that day in the grocery store felt so lonely and so BIG!

      • Oh i wonder how many of us there are? I want so badly to serve the Lord, but to be honest i dont even know what i could do to serve Him, i dont know what i am good at

        • Hi Stephie-

          There are probably alot more of us out there than we realize. I am amazed at how many women feel the same way I do. I thank God for this site and I will be here faithfully awaiting my next message so we can free ourselves from this doubt and pain.

          We can all encourage each other-God has a plan for us and He will reveal it in a way that we will know what it is. I believe this the beginning of a new phase in all our lives. I’m praying for us all.

          • Thank you, Audrey. Right there with ya!

          • Oh friends, you are SO NOT ALONE!! There is a devotion coming up in the Doubt Diet about this very topic of not knowing what our purpose is. I’m working on an ebook to follow up with it, to help women find their purpose. It’s based on my own search for mine!! Hopefully will have it done in Nov/Dec. The ebook will be inexpensive and I’ll make sure to post about it here.

            Praying for you all!!

        • I think about this too! Sometimes I feel so strange wondering why it is so hard for me to decide what my favorites are…or simply what I want to do. I’m at a crossroad in my healing journey where I feel like I could stay “safe” or take a leap. I could do anything at this juncture. I know God is there, but even wonder what HE wants. I think your post has Him giggling, and me smiling, because now I’m imagining God saying “yeah, sometimes you just need to make a decision on what you want and ask for it.” (if that makes sense) May God bless you!

    • I’m right there with you…

  13. I struggle with a lot of fear, usually of the unknown. That seems to cause me to want to retain control over things and retreat from things I cannot control or from situations where I cannot safely predict the outcome. This comes in waves…lack of confidence and then extreme trust in God…lack of confidence and then extreme trust in God…..and on and on.

    • I, too, know how you are feeling; since then, I have learned a bit about F.E.A.R. . . . do you know that fear stands for . . . FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL . . .

      you are loved so much by our awesome Father and He wants nothing but the best for each of us.

      • Peggy that statement right there about F E A R is very true. A True way of looking at it and being able to overcome it

  14. I have always thought of myself as a confident woman. Not so much in my abilities, but also in God. So I was surprised to see that I scored in the 154-110 range, and on the high end of that range, too. I’m looking forward to learning how to banish doubt once and for all, and sharing this week with everyone in the group.

    Thanks, Renee, for this awesome opportunity!

  15. I’m so thankful your doing this this week! I am speaking at a women’s retreat this coming weekend, and this week I will likely be “throwing away my confidence.” I am hoping this doubt diet will help me know I am doing what God wants me to do.

  16. I can relate to Day 1 story. I am doubting I am any good at work or at home as a mother and wife. I am ready to give up and want to run away from it. I know that is not the right fix and will not run at this time. I am going to counseling. I try to talk to my husband but don’t get much response. My children are teenagers so they don’t rely on me like they use to and my 2 yr old wants to be so much like them and tries to be independent.

  17. Renee, Thanks for having another session of your 7 day diet. I think as women we’ve all battled with and will continue to battle with our confidence level. The Lord has shown me that when I find my confidence in Him alone will I truly feel confident. Because in truth, people can leave, feelings can fade and things can be stolen or age. Nothing will ever stay the same but God, therefore I need to find my confidence in Him and who I am in and through Him. Thanks for keeping us grounded and helping us to keep our focus in the right direction!

    • I agree with what you just wrote. When our significance is based on our relationship with Christ then everything else falls in to place. It’s not how we perform (we will not be perfect on this side), it’s not based on our emotions or hormone level (emotions are neither good or bad…and the hormones can really have a roller coaster ride) but in Christ and Christ alone. We as women will struggle with our
      confidence level here and there on things but if we realize we are a one of a kind unique individual in God’s eyes and that our confidence is in Him and Him alone…well…it takes the pressure off of those struggles. I am not perfect and that is ok. I may not be where I want to be but thank God I am not where I use to be. Praying for everyone here as I know we will all be praying for each other.

    • I am a dentist, but I gave up my practice 15 years ago to be at home with my kids. I work part-time and have lost confidence, because I need to work more. I have an interview and hope it will work out. The Lord healed me of melanoma. The cancer hadn’t spread. I have a burden in my private life that I won’t share but it keeps me from rejoicing as I ought in the Lord. At least today. I sometimes doubt anybody loves me. That’s enough for now. I should be happier cince I don’t have cancer. Thanks, Jan

      • As a cancer surviver, I understand the fear one has; yet I truly believe God has a plan for each and every one of us. Keep praying that God will guide you to do the things He has in store for us. If it is God’s will, your interview will go great – and God wants you (and us) to have the confidence to follow through on the assignments that God is directing in our lives.

  18. Teresa C. says:

    Self-doubt is something I struggled with for a long time. I still have times where it gets to me. However, as I have gotten older, my faith in God has strengthened. I feel so badly for those of you who posted earlier! I just want you to know that God loves YOU!!!! Even though life may be hard right now, don’t eve forget that! God has a special place for you in His plan.

    My journey has taken me to some tough places, which brought me back to God. The bad things can have good come out of them. I have become more confident as I put my trust in God, as I put my focus on God. He doesn’t expect us to be perfect, just to do what we can and let Him do the rest.

    Love & prayers to you all!!!

  19. I accepted Christ as my savior when I was 6. 28 years later I “feel” that God will be disappointed in my life, because I’m not strong enough, good enough, … I know these are lies and God has given me the power through His son to tell Satan to “Back off and Leave me alone in Christ’s name”. Finding a study that will help me remember this and become closer to God is something I need. Right now I feel alone. My husband and I are on different paths with God and that is hard for me to handle. I do believe that if God can move the hearts of Kings and my own heart that He will move in my husbands as well.

  20. I love this because I need to hear this. I have so many doubts, the first one is how god is talking to me. I know the word says that I know the plans I have for you, but I am still trying to know what my talents are and what he wants me to do. I do not feel that I am good at anything and then fear and worry sets in. Asking for your prayers.

    • Cathy,

      I can related at thinking that you’re not good at anything. I too am looking for my purpose and what I am good at. I think I’ve tried just about everything and then I get discouraged. That little voice always says to me all the things that I cannot do. I think that sometimes I’m not smart enough to have a better job or take on new challenges.
      Lately I’ve been making myself do things that I would normally shy away from. I’m stepping out on faith but even when I do that I still think to myself that I’m not good enough. I just applied for another position at my current job. I didn’t want to tell anyone because I didn’t want to tell them I didn’t get it when I find out their decision. I mean I already count myself out before I even know the results!
      So I agree with you Cathy, we have to remember that God knows the plans for us. His plans are to prosper us and not to bring any harm.

      Keep the faith!


  21. Thanks Renee,

    I really needed this at this time in my life. I am very doubtful about my marraige and my family. I worry about being able to keep it all together – I truly hope that this will help me. Thank you so much this will be very inspiring.

  22. I’m usually pretty confident. But, lately I struggle with allowing others to make me feel inadequate and question myself. I have been married to a wonderful man for 27 yrs. We have raised 3 children who are all married and have children of their own, or are expecting a child. I worked as an Administrative Secretary at a public school for 17 yrs. I quit that job thinking that I needed a change. Well, little did I know that my world was going to change a lot. Before May 2008, it was just the 5 of us in my sweet, loving family. Now, since May 2008 my family has grown from just 5 to 13 (expecting our 5th grandchild (#13) in May 2012). Also, in May of 2010 I became a first time college student. Really, what was I thinking! All these things are very exciting and extremely wonderful. I love my family and how it has grown. But, with growth came a lot of chanllenges, new personalities to learn and get along with. We are still a very close-knit family, and the additions to the family fit wonderfully. But, being a wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother (memaw), and a college student, in just a short period of time has taken me on a whirl-wind adventure that I never seen coming. It’s very important to me to be a good memaw and mother-in-law, but the mother-in-law is a challenge. So far, there has not been any problems, except that I’m overly concerned about keeping everyone happy, without regard for my own personal health and well-being. I put aside my own personal time to enjoy my husband, my crafts, and homework, which I usually have to stay up late to finish. The problem is I try to be “SUPER WOMAN” to please everyone else because I fear being seen as not good enough, not making the grade. I don’t have close friends to talk with, so I keep everything that I’m feeling and going through to myself. I hang on tight to my Savior, He is the only one that knows. I’ll be looking forward to receiving your devotions. God Bless ~

    • Hello Beverly – haha! another grandma in college. I have been a student for four years in LU’s online college and will graduate in march 2012 with a psyc degree in counseling. I had no idea how I would accomplish it but so many other horrors have happened that the schoolwork has been the only constant and stable thing over these years. I don’t have alot of close friends either so lets get to know one another. I have been the person everyone depended on and now that has flipped over and I need new friends who can stand the “new” me!

  23. Today was the most perfect day for this to start with the most perfect verse for where I am at. Lately I have been struggling because I have followed what God has wanted for me and so far, it isn’t making any sense. There is more stress for me than before and I just don’t understand how I am to do anything else that I know he is calling me to do. I am afraid that things will go just as poorly if I follow the path I am being led on. To make matters worse, someone very close to me is in the same dilema but over a different situation. How do you hold onto your confidence when everything is going so badly? The second half of that verse today really jumped out and bit me. Thank you so much.

  24. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FALL!!!!!!!!! That blessing is this study and you Rene for following God’s conviction to present it. I have always felt confident and very close to God but due to a horrible situation that happened in our family 2 years ago doubt, anxiety, fear and isolation have all but taken over. I hold Jeremiah 29:11 very close to my heart and know that God doesn’t leave us. Thank you again for following God’s nudging.

  25. Thank you, Renee, for your faithfulness and willingness to share your own weaknesses so others can learn and grow with God too. I am in my mid forties and have struggled with doubt and people pleasing my whole life. I have allowed myself to fall back into old ‘normal’ patterns from when I was young. None of it is normal and none of it is God’s best. I pray that this time, I will move forward and allow God to bring the healing I need through your encouragement and sharing. Thank you so very much and God Bless you Abundantly!!

  26. Thank you for allowing God to use you and give me and others insight today. I am always thinking I am not good enough, not smart enough or whatever. This week I am taking a test that will benefit me with my employment. I am studying and feel good as I take the review questions but the closer the date get to test I feel overwhelmed, not smart enough or too old to learn. Today you have helped me so much. I feel better just knowing I am not alone and reminded that ALL Things are Possible for Those who Believe. and this scripture is awesome!!
    So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. Hebrews 10:35-36, (NIV)
    Thank you

  27. Susan Weiland says:

    WOW, what a testimony. I have lived my whole life with considerable self doubt. Starting when I was very young, and still as I struggle with Multiple Sclerosis, and living alone after being divorced many years. I never really put my thoughts on the table till after reading the book and doing parts in the Bible Study. I recognizes God is with me every step of the way. There are times I don’t understand why things happen, but it makes me a better person, and a powerful example of what one can be like with God in their life and heart. Please keep the positive thoughts of living and growing to help enhance my self confidence. I still have a lot to learn, but my journey with the Lord is where it is at for me.

    Thank you

  28. Dianne McKagan says:

    I have lived with self doubt and lack of self worth all my life. I am working through the process of gaining confidence. Funny how it use to be so easy to tell my first graders that any one of them could learn to read… if they just believed! But I have trouble following those words myself. I have put myself in the midst of some richly blessed ladies… “Jesus Girls” if you will… and I am learning that my lack of confidence is Satan’s way to weasel in… to redirect me. Thank Goodness, I am recognizing this and learning to believe in God and His love, His support in my life. I have thrown away so much in the past… I am looking forward to holding on, knowing that with God’s help, I can accomplish my goals.

  29. Merrie Ickes says:

    I thank God for you Renee, and how He is going to use you to help me, and many others!
    When I was 4, I had polio which affected both legs and my right arm. Looking back, I see how God loves me and uses difficult situations to bring us to Him. Yet, I fall back into the pattern of thinking that I am broken and inadequate. I learned to walk, by God’s grace, and led a “normal” childhood, got married right out of HS and had 5 children. After 15 yrs of a very mentally abusive marriage, I divorced and raised the kids. I went to college and received an associates degree, then worked for 10 yrs. before I remarried. Then, i was diagnosed with Post Polio Syndrome and began a physical decline. My husband died after 15 yrs. with a massive heart attack. Then, after a year, I moved in with one of my 4 daughters. Now, I am 70. I walk with a cane, small distances and I can drive short distances to church activities, the Dr. and the pharmacy. My daughter and her husband lead a very busy life so I rarely leave my room. I scored 156 on the Doubt Index Analysis. It was difficult to admit to myself that I should take your self doubt test.

  30. Carol Lemke says:

    I took the tet and found that I am in the middle. simetimes I feel confident and other times I feel unconfident. I came to Know Jesus when I was 64 years old so I have a lot of years behind me and a lot of instances where I had absolutely no conficence. Jesus has given me confidence through Him. I no longer always feel like I can’t do this or that. Here is where my real lack of confidence lies, IN THE THINGS I CAN AND SHOULD BE DOING FOR JESUS, LIKE SHARING AND TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT HIM. I am so unconfident in these areas that I literally can not go out and even try unless I go with someone else who is either confident or more confident then me. For me it is a battle with the enemy and it keeps me from doing the things I want to do for Christ. My hope is that this 7 day diet will help me to see how I can be totaly confident in Jesus or at least get me started toward that goal. Thank you Renee for giving us this time and sharing these things with us. Bless you

  31. I have struggled with self-doubt, most usually disguised as fear, for as long as I can remember. I am a couple of days away from turning 51 years old and I would so like to move past this and become the woman God wants me to be. My score was 122 and when I read the category description for this number it was spot on. I am so looking forward to working through this 7-day Doubt Diet and shedding some of this weight!

  32. Anxiety and self-doubt have always been a massive struggle for me. At one point a psychologist told me that I was so anxious I would never make a real difference in the world and would never connect with anyone on any significant level. Still, by grace, in the past I’ve refused to let fear make my decisions. I finished my medical training and spent four and a half years working in Afghanistan. Then I crashed with a relapse of a chronic physical illness, and probably significant burnout too. I’ve been home for three years now and am slowly getting back on my feet. God has taught me a lot about Himself and about myself in the past three years. He’s redirecting me from medical work to a different sort of ministry. . . one in which I’m much less in control (and that’s saying a lot, since there was little I had control over in Afghanistan!) I’m excited by what God is doing and want to share what He has given me with others. But self-doubt still often haunts me. Despite encouragement that my blog has been helpful to people, now that I sense God calling me to write a book, self-doubt keeps setting in. Can I do this? Who will want to read it? Can I trust that I’m hearing correctly what God is calling me to do? . . . and yet somehow I know this is what God is asking and I am choosing to face into the fear and trust Him and write. Thank you, Renee, for being faithful to follow God through your own struggle with self-doubt and now to share what He has given you with us. You are an encouragement.

  33. I experienced this loss of confidence today. I told a friend of mine that I can’t teach a lesson for the ladies classed church because “I am not worth it.” she talked me out if this though later tonight. I don’t feel like teaching because I failto let God’s light shine through me. But isn’t this just what Satan wants, menot teaching God? Oh, my…. I am getting my confidence back (a little.) pray for me to not be a coward…

  34. This devotional is going to reinforce some areas that I have been working out with God for sometime now. As a matter of fact my husband preached today on the power of words; he used an example of how when I was in highschool and failed my maith class in 9th and again in 10th grade; I was told that, “I would never pass it, that I would never get math and should just drop it, I didnt need it anyway.” Those words stuck with me all throughout my life even though I never really thought about it. Until I was toying with the idea of going back to school and when I found out that taking core classes, math was a requirement, well I almost gave up on the whole idea. I did go through with the class, wound up having panick attacks and severe anxiety, but ultimately passed the class with an “A”. That is just one example of the doubt that has been creeping into my life over the years. Having been in an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship for 15 years helped alot as well. I now am married to a very loving godly man, and with his support and strength with God, and back up from friends, family and this wonderful book; I have come a very long way; but occasionally the shadows of the past allow the doubt to try to take over and sometimes it can be a major struggle; but over time it has become much easier.

  35. I am just so happy right now to finally identify the source of my problem with growth and change, I hated change and avoid it at all cost, which is probably why I take really good care of everything I can remember as far back as grammar school never raising my hand to answer a question unless I was sure it was the right answer. I seldom raised my hand and far too often I knew the right answer but fear alwaysl caused me to doubt myself. I did poorly on an entrance exam for a highly ranked high school; Two thirds of the exam was blank because I could not proceed to the next question until I was absolutely sure my answer was correct, and of course time ran out. As I got older I vowed to never get married because men were incapable of being monogamous so why bother, perhaps it’s was just my way of covering up the fact that I didn’t feel any man would find me worthy. At any rate I’m so thankful that the Lord has been working with me and has blessed me with this opportunity to shed more of the self-doubt that still weighs me down and causes me to stay stuck in situations that keep me feeling miserable. Renee thank you so much for allowing God to use you in such a way. May we continue doing that which is pleasing to our Lord and Savior, and may He continue to show up in our lives.


  36. Thank you for doing the 7 day doubt diet again. Self doubt is my biggest enemy. It’s so bad now that I don’t believe that I can do anything right…. Down to the way I make lunch for the kids, the way I do laundry, the way I show love to my husband and Kids. I feel like I fail at every turn. I know I need more of Gods word about who I am but I’ve started to doubt that God could even love me. Please pray for me as I go through the doubt diet that I would be freed from all of these lies.

    • In Jeremiah 1:5 God tells you that “Before I formed you, Elaine, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you, Elaine, apart;…”
      God loves you, Elaine, He loves you soooo much! He emptied heaven for you. Jesus shed His precious blood for you, Elaine.
      “He anointed you, set His seal of ownership on you, and put His Spirit in your heart as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.” 2 Cor. 1:21,22
      “Such confidence as this is ours through Christ before God. Not that we are competent in ourselves, but our competence comes from God.” 2 Cor 3:4,5
      I hope some of these verses help you.

  37. I don think I’ve ever been hit so hard with doubt and feelings of ineffectiveness as I have in the past week. I serve as Christian Ed Director and desire to see people grow in their relationship with Christ not just “be saved”. The past weeks I feel like the people I serve are just going through the motions and I wonder if what I’m doing makes a difference. Today not a single teen was sure they were going to heaven, including mine, this broke my heart, we- Pastor and myself-have worked so hard to teach them about eternal security and they all thought they “probably” will go to heaven. I cried before service and once again doubted if what I do makes a difference or matters.

    I recently began seminary, my 3rd degree, but it is so hard for a full time working mom and I wonder if I heard God right. doubt, fear, feelings of inadequacy or rampant right now and all I can think is God must be about to do something mega in my life and the enemy doesn’t want it to happen. Please pray for me, I know that’s the only thing that will work.

    • Danielle:
      Don’t give up on those kids! At least they feel secure enough to express their doubts. Remember too, how teens will often answer “with the crowd.” (They work really hard at not being different!)
      I too work with kids at my church from 1st to 6th grade. I often wonder whether any of what I am doing is working. So I know just how you feel.

      I think it is so brave of you to be going to seminary on top of everything else. Bravo! God has great plans for you! I’ll be praying for you. Blessings on your ministry to help people grow in their relationship to Christ!

  38. Renee,
    Thank you again for taking the time to do this 7 DD again! It does my heart so much good to read other womens posts and to see that I don’t suffer alone. Some days are better than others with the confidence. I just wish I could get to the day when I can feel secure about who I am in Christ without having to constantly remind myself. I wish I could just accept God’s love and grace and live in HIS peace.

  39. Hi again. I shared above, but had to pop back with a little encouragement. I’ve just been listening again to an audio version of C.S. Lewis’ wonderful story, “A Silver Chair,” and was reminded of a blog post I wrote some months ago about how that story reawakened me to my real identity. Rereading the post now, I am struck again by this wonderful promise: the One who holds us is passionate about setting prisoners free! He will give us the freedom for which we’re praying. Here’s the link to that post if anyone wants to read more:

  40. Thank-you for offering this again. I saw it over the summer, and I just didn’t make the time to devote to this. But I’m ready to work through this now and be confident in the Lord! I struggle with fear and doubt and don’t want Satan sneaking in and working in my areas of weakness! I want to be the woman God has called me to be!!

  41. Thank you for this insight. I, like all of the women reading this, struggle with self-doubt. I am in my twenties and just went through a painful break-up. I am at a very unsettled place in my life, where I don’t know what job I will take after this year, where I will live, when I will meet the man God has for me. My worst doubts are that I will always be alone, won’t find the right job, won’t live in the right place; essentially, that I won’t become the woman God wants me to be.

    From your insight, I am starting to realize that these doubts come from satan himself. What I’m really thinking when I allow those doubts to consume me is that God doesn’t not have a plan for me. At the lowest points, I find myself doubting, losing faith, lacking trust that God holds us all in His hands. I long so much to lose this doubt, and I pray that this is the first step towards losing this weight of self-doubt.

  42. Thank-you for the devotions base on your book, “A Confident Heart”. I celebrated my 50th birthday a few weeks ago. I have been reviewing the past ……..the failures, mistakes and missed opportunities. With the devotions and bible verses from Proverbs 31, I try really hard to focus on the present. Instead, I must focus on the treasures and sucesses that I have accomplished, 4 daughters, a great job, a loving and kind boyfriend, good health and a chance to make a difference. I read passages in the Bible about how loved and special we are and how he has a plan for us to prosper and to be happy. Sometimes I get so impatient and feel that I cannot wait, but I must. Many times in a day, I must remember to be confident that God will listen to my prayers and be there in all things. Thank you God for everything.

  43. As women we tend to be insecure and lack confidence in every area of our lives with out realizing that God has already given us the victory through Christ our Lord! I thank God for this wonderful opportunity to be encouraged by his words. Thank You Renee for sharing your story and dedicating your time to this important issue!

  44. This a perfect time for me as well as alot of the other ladies. It feels comforting to know that I am not alone in this. I have had people speak over me and telling me that I will be moving into a higher position, something like a supervisory positon/administrative or even as far as something close to CEO. That really scares me because I would not think even in my wildest dreams that I could ever do anything like that. I do not have the confidence whatsoever and I don’t feel smart at all. What could I possibly do in that sort of a position? I want to trust God that he will show me where to go and how to do it but that almost seems impossible. I am currently separated from my second husband due to all the emotional and verbal abuse that has tore me down every which way he knew how. I already felt bad enough about myself, he just finished stepping on me and ripping me apart. (Not physically). Although, he did strike me a few times. I want to rise up from this uncertainty of myself (lack of confidence) and be the confident and smart woman God has created me to be. I am so glad I have other women that I can share my tholughts with and know that you all will be praying for me.

  45. Dear Renee,

    I’m so glad you’re doing the 7 DD again. I signed up for the 1st one but did not follow through. I only went as far as completing the Doubt Index Analysis and left it at that.

    Today I found the filled out questionnaire and… I’m afraid 4 weeks on I’m in a lower place. With my poor job situation at the moment, unfulfilled love life, health issues and just generally low mood (the summer’s so very over!), I would have answered some questions differently.

    Looking forward to the DD programme and happy to be in such great company, Ladies 🙂 Praying for all of us that we can build our confidence on God and His good promises.


  46. I’ve just sat down and done the first day of this doubt diet knowing that I am strugging to find the confidence to succeed in my final weeks at university. I failed my first piece of assessment in over 18 months today, and I’m terrified of continuing to be dragged down by the devil. I’ve come so far in these last 4 years and I really want to do post grad. So I’ve just coming expectant over these next few days that I’m going to get my confidence in my studies back and that the fire which is god’s plan will be re-ignited.

  47. Thank you Renee for this study. I need it so much. I took the doubt analysis and like I already knew I am have many doubts and fears. I want so much to stop living in those doubts and fears and become the woman God wants me to be. I let the devil come in so often and tell me I am not good enough or that I am not doing it right or I can’t do that.

    Thank you so much for letting God help you to become confident so that you may help other find their confidence through God.

  48. I have soooo much doubt…I receive so many things to give in turn to our small youth group…I copy it,place it in a folder, but never get it to them…I am a mumbler. Many can’t understand me. My family does because they have lived with me. I will have to really start working on this. I also am a recovering alcoholic and need to help the soo many women out there going through this. My introversion keeps me from this also.

  49. Thank you Renee for this 7 day Doubt Diet. I am very new to this online corresponding so please all help me out 🙂 My doubts are WILL God do it. I struggle with the WILL factor. I know God can do anything and I don’t doubt his power etc but I struggle with WILL he do this for me. Perhaps I am trying to work out how he WILL instead of just trusting him that he WILL. . Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

    • Doreen, thank you for expressing your feelings about the “will” factor. I always struggle with that. I know God can answer my prayers, but will he respond. Maybe he doesn’t think what I am praying for is needed, or that I am worth the resources. I am comforted to know someone else can know how I feel.

    • I feel the same. I know God can, but will He? Why would he do that for me? This is so often reinforced by what is happening around me. Just when I think I’m getting my footing, I crumble again.

  50. This is a Diet I can win. Thank you for helping me with my doubts. Retirement is not for the weak. I am struggling financially and need to know that He will make a way for the bill to be paid and food bought. Praise His Name and I know this will help with my doubts.

  51. I feel a burden on my heart nearly every day. The self doubt I feel weighs me down tremendously. Some days the depression I feel is so overwhelming that just getting one foot in front of another is a major feat. I have yo-yo between God and self doubt so much in my life that I do not even have confidence that God sees me or hears my prayers. There are so many troubles in my life that it seems easy to fall into Satan’s trap of self doubt. as I become consumed in handling the troubles surrounding me.

    I feel truly blessed to have found my way to this website, Reading Renee’s words and the words of other women who posted here give me confidence that there is hope. God does hear me. I am so wrapped up in my troubles that I am not hearing God. We so need to pray for each other, Thank you Renee.

    • Kyndle Joyce says:


      I hear you, and I’m praying for you. I feel that depression sometimes too. Some things are hard, and we don’t know why God has placed them in fromt of us. But I have to remind myself that He is always working for my good. He loves you. No matter how you might feel, He is always working “for” you, not “against” you.

  52. Kyndle Joyce says:

    I want to be the woman God wants me to be – plain and simple. I do remember a time that I didn’t doubt, but I can’t pin-point exactly when that time existed. I have many doubts and fears, and I am currently experiencing a couple of not-so-easy issues. I need to let God lead me. I know He is working on every issue – even when I cannot see what He is doing. But I have to remind myself every day that He is doing something. I don’t think that I am forgetting this fact – I just start doubting and fearing. I thank God everyday for loving me enough to die so that I can live. I’m just tired of the devil beating me down all the time. And I’m listening. I just want the confidence to be able to fight back.

  53. Thank You Lord for opening up the eyes of my heart. I was so excited last week when I read the email I was so blessed the first time thru the 7 day self doubt diet. PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS MERCY AND GRACE. It was a great weekend I attended a womens retreat at my church where I have truly been blessed where I was able to go back in time and pray and rethink my life im 40 years old and have been thru two broken relationships. God knows the reasons. I have discovered thru this that the only thing I have that cannot be taken away from me is JESUS. I stuggle financially but Im thankful that I have a job to get up and go to and the health to be able to go. But most of all Im thankful I know the one who is in control the one who knows all who knows me better that I do. As I examine myself on a daily basis I really have a wonderful check up this weekend. I have a testimony and Im thankful for that. Not proud of my past but if I could lead one soul to the LORD by sharing I surely would. Im not perfect just FORGIVEN. As I rediscover my enter feelings and examine my heart I have discovered that the past is the past and there’s nothing I can do to change that but i can move forward for GODS GLORY GOD expects us to use our failures for his GLORY and I pray I will do that. Can’t judge a book by it’s cover and I dont’ walk in nobody’s shoes but my own. He knows the plans he has for me. Cirmcumstances change GOD is still the same.

  54. Thank you! God’s timing is perfect. I need glad your self doubts didn’t stop you from sharing, ’cause I really need this right now.

  55. Peggy Kennedy says:

    I took the doubt index test and I am still being weighed down by doubt. I have just started my Journeyman with CWG and it is intense and I have a little dyslexia so I doubt I will be able to do this. I am still smoking and I know God wants me to quit but I doubt I can… The list goes on and on. It seems as if I take the enemy’s bait to trap me into thinking his way instead of letting the love of God overwhelm me with His grace and I constantly throw away my confidence. It feels awful, like being in limbo, I want to change I am so tired of living this way.

  56. I have a hard time sharing all that is going on in my life right now but ask that God to lay it upon your heart to pray for me.. I know I am dealing with a lot of doubt in my calling and the enemy continues to use members of our church to confirm my insecurities in my thought life… I try to pray though but find myself one day up feeling “I can do all thing through Christ” the next moment You aren’t worthy… thank you for your prayers I need a renewed mind.

  57. I to have always struggled with doubt even at a young age. I am a now working on my master in Family and Marriage counseling and have started to doubt that I have what it takes to be a successful counselor. I have consider quitting because I feel at this time I am just not able to to work full time, be a good mother, wife, and minister and complete this degree. I feel in my spirit this is my calling but because of my doubt i struggle ever day with am I good enough/smart enough to do this, I want this doubt that I have struggled with so long to be removed from my life and walk into what GOD has in store for me.

  58. Jodee Corkern says:

    I struggle with self-doubt alot. Mainly when I have to speak in front of others. I am starting to lead a bible study in my church and I am terrified. Please pray that god will take over for me.

  59. I think one of the reasons I struggle with completely trusting God and accepting his love and forgiveness stems from my relationship with my earthly father. He is a Christian man and provided discipline, and though modest, financial security. But, he wasn’t good at the Daddy part. He wasn’t affectionate, and never complimented me or spent time with me. I was constantly trying to please him and feared his discipline. I knew deep down that he loved me. But, longed for a deeper relationship. I know his lack of daddy skills stem from his own background. But, it still hurt. He’s getting older now, and he has tried to make up for the past. But it still has a profound impact on my life. I’ve accepted my father and forgiven him, but Satan loves to bring back those old feelings and throw them at me every chance he gets. This is just one of many insecurities, but one I loathe and long to be rid of.

    • My story is silimilar except that my father has gone to be with Jesus. I feel like if he didn’t have time or affection for me, then who else would? Maybe we can find our healing together…

  60. Jenny Kozar says:

    My heart pours out for all these prayers and petitions and it reminds me that if I feel that way how must our Heavenly Father feel about all of this? I myself am embroiled in the revelation that my husband was unfaithful and it has just taken my self worth and all confidence that I had within my marriage. We are in counseling, and I know God wants us to work this out but I am fighting it. This violation is something that has just left me so broken. I had been married previously and after 4 years I met my now husband who I believe I have kept on this pedestal. He is a family man and I SO prayed for that. Someone who is a father, someone to go to church with and as all of our friends have affirmed just a really NICE guy. To have hurt me in this way has just been unbelieveable. I will be praying for you all and ask that you pray for me as well. That I know clearly what God wants for me and to take my own self doubt away and believe in only Him. blessings all.

  61. Wow, thanks Renee for sharing this study! I have been through a divorce recently. I also believe God has called me into a women’s ministry at my church. I feel so inadequate! Who is going to want to listen to a divorced lady??? But, I still feel His tugging on me. A special friend in my Sunday school class told me recently that I need to stop thinking that way – that maybe God is going to use what I have been through to help other women. I work 2 jobs and have very little time to devote. I have a wonderful Pastor’s wife who has been so encouraging and supportive. I want to move forward in God’s will for this in my life. I sure need some confidence! and your prayers!

  62. Gosh our enemy is lurking!! There are some serious financial burdens coming down on us right now and wake up to my daughter complaining that she does not have enough. Enough cloths, shoes, etc..(she does have plenty but getting caught in the comparison trap). One more time I’m hooked..
    I feel like I’m on a constant roller coaster of doubt, hope begins to rise only to be slammed by one more notice. I have a tendency to be paralyzed by fear. Allowing things to slide further and further behind.
    Starting a job next week and fearing that it will be too much and schedules will be too tough. Need prayer.

  63. This is just what I need right now-a reminder that God is in control and will walk me through every insecurity. It is so funny that I feel insecure about traveling out of town to babysit my 3 and 6 yr. old grandchildren for 2 weeks while their parents travel overseas. My goodness I raised their Mommy and another sibling and they both turned out just fine. I just keep having thoughts of, do i have the energy, will I be afraid to be there without my husband, what if there is an accident…I need to rest in God and His promise to never leave me or forsake me. I want to pour into these children and impact them for Christ; I can only do it through Him.

  64. I guess I really needed this. I took the analysis and failed miserably! Every answer was Always!! I didn’t realize how much my insecurity and fear are controlling my life. I feel so overwhelmed I don’t know where to start. I’ll be praying that God shows me.

  65. Renee,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and taking us on a journey with you and God. It now appears that many of us suffer from self doubt and have the same thoughts as you have had. When I read your first entry, I laughed because I too have had the same thoughts about myself.

    Thanks again for this learning opportunity and to grow with God.


  66. This is a great reminder to trust my God. I’m needing a job so could you all be praying for that? How wonderful to know so many Jesus women are lifting each other’s need before his throne!! I will be praying for the other requests also. I have to say though, this is a bit overwhelming trying to read all these!! Anyone else feel that way?

  67. susan michael says:

    i am priviledged to share in this journey with all of you precious women…….Holy Spirit fill us to overflowing with wisdom, insight, and revelation as we embark on this kingdom stealer of self doubt which i believe is a lack of faith and trust in You. forgive me Father and help all of us who are participating in this study to glean the Greatness of You……through the precious blood of the Lamb who gives us power In Jesus name….love and peace to each one of you and thankyou renee. susan michael

  68. Taking the test made me realize how much doubt is in my life and the impact it is having in all areas of my life.

  69. I am so thankful for this. My doubt index is high and I need to work and pray about this everyday. I am so glad/happy to share this journey with others and knowing that I am not alone in this makes it a little easier for me to try and fix this.
    Thank you again for all that you are doing for us ladies.

  70. So much has happened in my life in the past two and a half years; things that I never thgought could happen to me. I have been going down a spiral of deep depression and for the past two years it has been the hardest challenge I have ever faced. Accepting God’s love beyond any doubt has been an issue I have wrestle since I became a Christian 24 years ago; never feeling worthy enough, or good enough and as I started to read your entry and came accross your comment about looking back to see what had led you to the pattern of your doubting, I realize that mine had started in my childhood.I know now that I am part of something much bigger and amazing and that I need to trust my God that I need to look back and also realize all the times that HE has been there holding me in HIS hands.

    Thank you for your inspiration to do this study.

  71. Wow, it is great to know that others are struggling with fear/doubt and are not ashamed to share. So, even this woman of God, struggling since 2001 with the call of ministry continues to struggle in seminary; wondering if I am truly supposed to be there or did I make the “decision” on my own. Praying, through the weeks with all participating in this challenge, I will become more confident in God’s call. So tired of the struggle.

  72. I wept when i read the message today. sweet water to a thirsty lass. I am in a long dark season of life. Distresses on every side and no end insight.I the blow that knocked me off my feet came at 2:30 Saturday morning when my oldest son woke me to tell that youngest, also a son, was beaten up badly and needed to be looked at. Well it was bad and led the restof the night being spent in the ER. He now has a facial fracture and bottom lip so big it split and needed six stitches. My momma’s heart is worn to a frazzle. My faith is not shaken, this event has reached my heart at last! I should be weeping and praying in earnest for my lost and unwise child whose choices in the company he he keeps that led to his ordeal. It bent my knees and got me praying as I ought to have been all along. I sad to say I prayed for a while and then I moved on, I not keep at it as the word tells us to.

    In my remorse and lowness od spirits your words indeed did lift me up set on a new path. I will cling to my confidencein Christ and not shrink away though i may not take full grasp of the reigns of praying ceaselessly for my youngins’ i am all over that now. With GOD NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE! I am sure of that.

    We see the ENT this afternoon to find if he will need surgery. His name is Jared, he is 18 and my baby. This momma lion has a fierce emotion welling up her chest when types this note about her young cub”s struggles, he has rejected my faith as well, says he can it work for me but its not for him. I do have my work cut out for me. thanks for listening. Sherry

  73. Deborah Rodriguez says:

    DOUBT…. a major part of my life. Where do I begin? I want so much to overcome this, right when i think i’m coming up out of it, i’m knocked back down. I’m really struggling in my marriage right now, my financial situation is stressfull. All I hear is how I’m not a good mom or wife and as much as I don’t want to hear that, those are the words that I hear loudly in my mind. I want to be confident woman in Christ but right now I feel defeated. I thank God because he always sends what we need right when we need it.

  74. Shawnia Holler says:

    I am so EXCITED to do the Doubt Diet. I am also doing the Confident Heart bible study with Melissa. Which I am loving! I am VERY GRATEFUL for each of you Proverbs 31 Woman. I have learned a lot through many things you all have done and shared. I praying for each of you that are doing the Doubt Diet with Renee. I know our Awesome God has great plans for each of us. May each of you have a blessed day. With Love and Prayers, Shawnia. Phil.4:13

  75. Thank you Renee for writing these. I have always struggled with low self-esteem, but after a series of trials within the period of a year, I listened too much to the enemy. Now I struggle to even have the confidence to drive, afraid I’ll do something wrong. With much prayer and study, God is gaining ground, but it’s incremental. How I need these reminders that God will help me to overcome and live in freedom again.

  76. This is right on time for me I just ask God to remove something out of my life and doubt and worry is one of them I want to rely on my heavenly father for everything and do want he want. I love this site and the devotional.

  77. Helen Armstrong says:

    This email is very timely. I got up this morning praying for some people that are going through some very hard times and so I sent them an email telling them that we thank God for the good things, so we also need to thank him for the troubles (thorns) in our life. i also have devotion at an Assisted Living 3 days a week, so when I went for devotion I talked about God is in Control. When I left my meeting I went to pay a water bill and my car would not start again.

    I am praising God through the Storm because I know this is a trick of the enemy. God is still in Control. All we have to do is Praise our way through the storm. No matter what comes or goes, God is still in control. There is nothing we can do if we are worrying. The Bible tells us that God inhabits Praises of his people. When we praise, then the blessing come down. .

  78. Wow!! This DD has perfect timing. I have doubt running through my body like blood. I’m co-chairing a golf tournament and 2 mornings this week I have to be on TV to promote my event. I have tried to come up with every excuse and/or reason to ask someone else to be on TV because I just know that I will not do a good job. I’m not sure why God feels like I need to be on TV 🙂 but I can promise you I will be doing some major praying that He will give me the strength and courage to get through these TV interviews without making a complete fool of myself.

  79. I have gone through the fire and lost not only confidence with myself, but with God also. I can’t even pray or read my bible. I feel like what is the use in picking myself back up and trying because as soon as I do I will get knocked back down again!! I am trying this 7-day doubt diet as my last resort to help me believe in myself and God again.

  80. heavy hearted says:

    I haven’t had the courage to share this… but my prayer is that throught this I will begin to live again. about 3 years ago i discovered that my husband of 25 years was adicted to porn, and had a huge lust issue. (Now keep in mind that I had NO idea what-so ever. I thought we had the “perfect marriage” – all happy and good. We attended church EVERY week, did mission work together, lead a Bible study at our home, sang with the praise team at our chutrch…. very involved) Now I become a withered balloon inside when ever I see a decent girl/woman. – I know that I am a princess of my Lord, and I KNOW that He loves me – but, I just can’t seem to get over this mountain. I have short bouts of semi-confidense, only to slip back into this dark pit of “sadness”. After the first year he said he didn’t do it anymore… Then I discovered he was still looking at porn on his cell phone. After that, we went to councelling, and now he says he is totally good, and I just need to trust him. I do love him – maybe too much… This is the super condensed version. I am just hoping to get my joy back. I need this study, so thank you in advance.

    • Oh heavy hearted I am so sorry.. Sweet friend, I am so deeply sorry for your pain. There is nothing that can shake our core than to be blind-sided by adultery – whether physical or visual – when we thought our life and our marriage was something else. I”m sure you may feel like you’ve been living a lie – and all that you thought was – wasn’t. I’m praying right now that God would bind up your wounds with His tender love. I’m praying you will find resources to help your heart heal from the betrayal and to know this is not your fault or a reflection of your worth or beauty. My husband and I have walked through some of this in our own marriage and it helped me so much to read books to understand the why behind a man’s atttraction to port and what leads to their addictions. Even if you were perfect, it wouldn’t matter. This is his issue and his sin and it’s not your fault. It doesn’t make the trust stronger, but hopefully it will help the pain ease each time you see a beautiful woman or are tempted to find flaws in your own beauty,. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are GOD’s work of are – complete, loved, chosen and cherished!! I’m praying for you friend. I promise to keep praying.

  81. It always amazes me how God shows Himself in the smallest and yet hugest ways! I signed up for this study last week, and yesterday my husband told me that another company is buying the company he works for. Since he’s on the Executive Team it’s a looming fear that the new company will bring in their own executives and let the others go. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s been laid off, and I’m reminded of how faithful God was the last time it happened, but my immediate response was fear and doubt that God would take care of us the way I feel we need to be taken care of! What an incredible lack of faith with a healthy dose of pride thrown in!! As if I know what’s best for my family! Then last night came the first installment of our study, and I suddenly realized that He had timed this so perfectly in my life!!! Isn’t God awesome?!!! Thank you, Renee, for letting Him use you to influence all of us! May He bless you & your family as you lead us through this way too common response to life and learn to live with confident hearts!

    • I will be praying for perfect provision from God for you and your family. I too am in a similar situation with my husbands job, there is no security, and it’s a daily struggle as to whether he is working or not. It’s a daily struggle as to if we can pay bills this month. You will be in my prayers as we face this together, head on, full of confidence, NOT fear or doubt!
      Nancy D.

  82. My life is all about taking care of my five children and husband. I am the last in our house. I don’t know who or what I would be if I did not have them all to be taking care of. When people ask what are your hobbies I look at them with a blank stare. People have said your so calm and have it so together…….not true. At least I don’t feel that way. Maybe I should go into acting because that’s how I feel most days that its all just an act so I can get through the day. If my kids argue I doubt my parenting skills. If the house is not perfect then I doubt my cleaning skills and that just leads into a whole lot more doubt so it’s easier to just not face it. That makes me sad. I don’t want to doubt my abilities any more so I am looking forward to this 7 day doubt diet. I want to feel like the strong confident person people think I am and I want to be that person.

    • Paige,
      I understand completely. The last five years my husband has been on multiple deployments with the Army. We have seven children, five at home with ADHD. I work as a school teacher and with our youth group at church. Everybody says I don’t know how you do it. I just do it the best I can but what they do not see is the lack of confidence and self doubt I have developed over this time. I do not feel that I am good at anything. It has been a long journey for my family to get my husband back from PTSD and TBI. He seems to be doing good and now I am falling apart. I do not feel that I deserve my husband or my kids. Ten years ago, I was a happy confident woman. Now I just want to go to bed and pull the covers over my head. I am so overwhelmed and exhausted. I too want to get rid of my self doubts and live confidently in the Lord. Hang in There. God did not create nobodys. You are in my prayers. God Bless!

  83. God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect.. He knows our struggles and when we need things in our lives..

    This is something that I am really struggling with right now…. so I am very excited to see what God will do!!!

    Thanks for listening to Him!!


  84. My question is what if what you are thinking seems to be happening. I have a friend in my life that always seems to draw people. I introduced her to a friend of mine, but nnow that friend is always calling her and she never calls me anymore. I always feel like Im in the background when we are together because she shines so, does that mean Im boring or do I just have to praying for a new group of friends? I am a laid back person but I always seem to attract the outgoing people, why is that?

  85. I broke down in tears after the first sentence of the prayer, Lord, I want to become a woman with a confident heart in Christ. My husband’s job is a huge stress right now and we are extremely insecure as to our future, not knowing from day to day if he is working. This with a company that everyone thinks is so secure. My doubts are huge, yet when I read aloud that first sentence in prayer to God, the tears just flowed. I know this is where I need to be right now, learning to conquer my doubts and fears, get out of my slump, and persevere, waiting on my Father who is the only one in control of anything. Thank you for this, God knew I would be one of those in desperate need.

  86. Shirley Beesmer says:

    It is my privilege to share in this journey with you. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit and doing this again. Although I have com along a great ways, I still have much progress in this area that needs to be made. I am a single LPN who took time off to care for both of our parents – my Mom recently passed away after my father passed in 2002. I am looking to know what it is that I am supposed to be doing now. I have become disabled by seizures and the side effects of the meds to treat the seizures. I must say that my confidence is not at it’s highest after many years of continual seizures but God is working on that!

  87. Thank you!!!! God’s timing is perfect!!!! I battle with this daily and am looking forward to see how He changes my life.

  88. We both lost jobs, my husband and I. We lived off of our retirement savings for over 10 monts until the money was all gone. My husband and I both get social security, but it is barely enough to live on. I have been having dental problems, and am thousands of dollars in debt because of it. At our age, life should be fun and secure. For us, it is a continuous struggle and it is disheartening. I keep wondering when God will step in and direct us and help us get back on track. I feel as if I have failed and my husband feels exactly the same way, only he feels he has failed me as a husband. I read your book on the Confident Heart, and while reading it, I feel lifted and encouraged. However, I am beginning to feel as if the rest of our life will be a continuous struggle. Our confidence is gone. We need prayer or something. How can I believe that there is a bigger and better plan in store for us?

  89. Thank you Renee and all who shared your personal struggles. Your stories helped more than you know. I have probably struggled with self doubt most of my life. I am looking forward to this diet!!

  90. Teresa Richards says:

    Thank you for the sending this encouragement today and each day at a time that is needed and appreciated. I need the reminder to stand on God’s promises when negative thoughts come in, as today with my job. Thank you for being personal, real, and full of the love of Jesus. Thank you for caring. God bless you

  91. This came at a time that I needed it. I tend to keep up images and not show who I truly am, just wear this happy mask for everyone because I’m afraid the moment they see who I really am they won’t like me. I don’t let myself get close to friends because I think that eventually they are going to realize what kind of person I am and not want to be around me. I’m at college now, off on my own for the first time, and many people have these close friends and here I am playing the outsider. What I have come to realize is that it isn’t the timing of being friends, it’s that I have been keeping this guard up to others because I fear criticism and the fact that I will once again be left alone. This is a huge lift me up that I am not the only one struggling with doubt.
    God has also used this to show me that everything that I have done is to break me of my “everything’s ok” mask that I wear. He is making me look stupid/clumsy in front of other people and making me be vulnerable in front of others, through circumstances I can’t control. He is trying to show me what He can do through me and through others if I just let my guard down.
    Thank you for this! I really needed it. God thought so too! 😀

  92. Thank you for sharing with us. Self-doubt has been my life long companion. Each year i gain more victory and freedom…doubt becomes weaker and smaller. But it is always the first emotion to rear it’s ugly head; maybe this is the year I will put self-doubt in it’s place. Under my feet!

  93. Mair Hodges says:

    Renee, I honestly wouldn’t know where to begin, but I started your 7 day doubt diet with some women from church at the beginning of Sept. we do one day a week. It has been an amazing jouney for me and I will be doing it with you again starting tomorrow. I need all the help I can get.
    My daughter gave birth to our first granddaughter on July 31st in OK, I live in NJ. Hadley is amazing : ) I have wanted grandchildren since I was a little girl, believe it or not, b/c my grandmother (Nanny) died when I was 8 1/2 and we were very close so I wanted to be a Nanny just like her.
    Well, guess that’s not God’s plan since she is so far and I’m not exactly welcomed in my daughters home. My daughter and I have had a difficult relationship since she was very young and although I was saved when she was 13 and I tried desperately to fix our relationship she has not forgiven me enough yet to let us get close. Her husband is of no help, he is not a “family kind of guy”, he is cold towards us, he has cheated on my daughter (once that we know of) but she chose to forgive him. He just told my husband and I that my husband is a better man than him b/c he put up with me and my depression and mood swings all these years and he is not willing to do that for Jillian, if she doesn’t straighten up soon he will not spend his life living like that.
    I can’t tell her what he said b/c she already gets angry with me whenever I say anything about their relationship. I doubt everything I say and do in her presence. I know God is in control and loves all of us the same but it’s a struggle to see how he can love someone like my son-in-law who is so manipulative.
    Your study has helped me see what my part is and what I can and can’t do about the doubt that floods my broken heart. Thank you for helping me get through this very painful and confusing time. I know God has Hadley in His mighty hands and I have to give up my will to let His will be done but I will tell you it’s the hardest thing I have had to do so far in my life.

  94. valerie schnarr says:

    wow Renee, I used to think the preacher sat in my house and new what to preach on sunday, now i swear you have a hidden microphone here….it sounds so like me, but, unlike you i am positive i cant, do this, i may go ahead and opt out now, i am not worth, the time of day, ask everyone in my life, everyone i ever loved i lost, i have given up alot for others, because that is what was expected… are truly a woman of God!

  95. Sue Mckenzie says:

    I cannot remember a time that I didn’t feel fearful. I was raised in a very legalistic church, we were able to get out but the condemnation didn’t leave. I am able to do things that I feel overwhelmed by, I’ve been a Missionary, but I still lack confidence. I am praying this study will open my eyes and heart to the whole truth.
    Bless you all for doing this journey too!

    • I continue to be amazed at how easily I accept that my “comfort zone” is not really the most comfortable. But change is hard, and in reading A Confident Heart, I’m finding new questions to ask myself, and God, as I learn to “trash the insecurities” and keep the confidence in Christ. I also find myself in reminder that in reading the book I don’t have to master one concept before moving to the next chapter…oh the pressures we put on ourselves! Keep taking your steps, Sue! He is strong in our weakness.

  96. I backed out of my 7DD when you first ran it, but since started reading ACH. I’m feeling the timing is right for me to have begun the 7DD again. I’m struggling with doubt, and self-doubt, under the definition of “fear” or “worry,” as you posted today. As I read that section I felt immediately that God was trying to show me I may need to get out of my own way for what He has next, which is very close, and very new, and very risky and scary, but also exciting and potentially the last leg of healing He has for me.

  97. Dona McDade says:

    With amazement I read the first chapter of DD and thought of how i have always felt so unworthy of happiness and joy. How i always want to fix things that go wrong, to protect my children and husband/. I recently quit my job and we are for the first time in 20 years struggling to make the monthly bills i know it was my choice that put us here but i could not take the abuse at work any longer ,I am happy today (my new job is less stressful and close to home) but constantly worried about everything I have survived cancer a very sick husband, a truly dysfunctional childhood an abused relationship and have always thought of my self as confident even when things were bad i could get through it . But now I feel so old and useless and this feeling just doesnt go away I need this DD today more then ever .Thank you Renee for opening my eyes to the Lord and teaching me how to let God led my way .

  98. Xenia Wright says:

    I know I have a lot of self-doubt lately. But I don’t know how to cast it off. I pray fervently, read His word diligently and fill my mind with what is good and pure, but still I feel weighed down with doubt/worry/fear of failure.

    God has called me to pursue yet more education. But this time it’s harder than every other time combined, and I have even less time to tackle the work and I just feel like I and drowning in work AND self-doubt when not too long ago I was so happy, optimistic, and confident. I really hope the doubt diet helps me turn things back around and start to trust God more not only in my words and actions and but also with my mind and heart.

    I pray all of you on this doubt diet will find the confidence you seek. I look forward to doing this with you all. Thank you Renee!

    All my best regards,


  99. I didn’t realize I had a problem of insecurity, fear, and confidence, until someone else helped me see I was beating myself up all the time. Thankful to God that He heals our hearts.

  100. Sue Rawlings says:

    I took the doubt Analysis Inventory and was so surprised at the score. Not as doubtful as I thought I was. Praise God!!! ~ However, there is still much room for improvement.
    This is such a possitive way to approach seeing where doubt has caused so much interference with the good things God has for me.
    Thank you, Renee for allowing our God to work through you, at this very moment in our life journeys.
    There is so much pain and suffering in the hearts of women ~ God is healing broken hearts, at this very moment ~ Believe it, it is coming to pass…sbr

  101. Renee,
    Am so enjoying your book and these lessons and comments. And… I really needed your book.

    So God continue to bless your ministry and your writing.

  102. Thank you so much for the message today Renee. My husband and I have been trying for several years to have a child. I had a miscarriage and have been diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”. During my journey I have consistently prayed for trust and faith, but doubt always creeps back in. I’ve also lost confidence and have tried to be in control of the situation and seek answers through people instead of waiting patiently on the Lord. The past week I’m putting doubt and insecurity behind me and am trusting God’s will for us. It has given me such peace just to let go and have confidence that God is in control. We are open to adoption down the road if it’s in God’s plan. Thank you for all you do. You are a true blessing to us all!

  103. Wendy Gepilano says:

    Your well said thoughts and stories are such a blessing to read. I have gone through this issue of doubt lately and my spiritual family encouraged me to face it and i learned a lot. I learned that God does not give us the worries, doubts, condemnation,guilt, unforgiveness, bitterness, etc- these are all lies from the enemy trying so hard to eat all the love in our heart. Our love for God, our love for each person we care about. Now i know, and asked for God’s perspective. He showed me… He gives us Hope, Direction, Guidance, Love, He is faithful, generous, kind, He Provides, He Forgives, He Saves/ our Saviour, He’s our Redeemer! So many positive attributes to find about our Father as we get to know Him. As His children, we ought to know more our Father in a personal way and have a personal relationship with Him. I thank God for His wisdom! God bless you more and more!

  104. Renee
    I am part of Mellisa T.’s study using your book. Your prayed for me online regarding the loss of my two boys. I wanted you to know I was woken up this am to my cat dragging something around my room, from out of “nowhere” he had a necklace that my son made at church camp when he was young. Haven’t seen it in years and have been encouraged that God sent me this gift this morning. Thank you.

  105. I am struggling with so much right now but mostly with major depression that has sapped me of all self confidence. I want to get better but I do not even have the confidence that it will happen. This morning my husband (who is an amazing man who has stood by me through so much – Parkinson’s Disease, son with Asperger’s, a suicide attempt last May) told me he doesn’t know how much more he can with stand. I need the confidence to move forward and trust in Him. I do not want my family to “blow apart”. We’ve come so far.

  106. Although I’m getting a late start, I am going on this diet! I am praying for God to heal some broken places that I’ve been hiding for a long time. I didn’t fully recognize how much my fears and doubts have their roots in that brokenness. Thank you Renee, and thank you God for giving us this source of healing.

  107. Over the Summer while Asking God to show me what I needed work on he kept on making me think back to my past that I had tried to shelve and never think about. …School . I was Bullied from age 9 to age 16 and felt desperate all those years and only having God as my friend kept me from doing things that others have sadly done as it gets so unbearable. I could not figure out why this was constantly coming back to me, but I was also asking God where all my confidence had gone in recent years. About 2 days before you invited me to join you on this doubt diet He helped me see that the affects of the bullying were still raw and needed healing. My Doubts and feelings of self doubt were from those days… thanks for inviting me on this Journey, I am sure God wants me to heal fully from this as the Pain is still there.
    This Journey will be totally worth it.

  108. I can’t tell you how much I needed this. After getting the courage to go to She Speaks this summer and coming home full of confidence, I have once again almost completely stopped forward progress these last few weeks. I am determined to pick up my confidence, even if I have to dig through the trash. Thank you, Renee, for always speaking to my heart.

  109. nancys1128 says:

    It’s now day 3 of the 7 days, and I’ve finally read day 1. Pretty much the story of my life lately — lots of things I’m ‘supposed’ to do, yet time spent doing other (usually much less productive) things. Being very familiar with fitness analyses, the Doubt Index Analysis was a welcome tool for me. I actually scored lower than I thought I would, which I guess is a good thing. Although it could also mean that I didn’t answer as truthfully as may really be the case. I did go back through and make some changes, but I pretty much went with my first impression answers, which is usually the best way to answer these types of things. I’m looking forward to the next 6 days, and will use the time between now and Monday, when Day 4 comes out, to read days 2 and 3. One thing I have learned already, though, is that self-doubt is a lie from satan, and when it’s feeling the strongest it’s usually because we are threatening him in some way. Stopping the doubt is like putting up a wall, and the more we stop it, the stronger that wall will be. This wall, unlike some, is a good wall, though, because it’s sole goal is to keep out the evil one, while allowing us the freedom and confidence to walk out God’s plans for us.

  110. Renee,
    I am really unsure where to begin. My greatest struggel is myself. I have a hard time believing I am worth much. I have a hard time not letting fear and other peoples opinons matter in my life. Right now I am struggeling because I am the only woman in my church who is not dating or married. My parents are dead and sometimes I feel like I have no body. I have tried to talk to people but no one understands they I need to reach out to others more. I am a christian school teacher, I help in our youth department, I am in choir and do special music for the church. SOmetimes I just want someone to reach out to me. I am trying to stay focused but sometimes it is so hard. Please pray for me.

  111. I know I lack confidence and am really struggling to gain any. My husband left me for another woman and I found out from him that it was not the first affair he had. I feel like he made the last 20 years of my life a mockery – everything I thought I had and was working towards just wasn’t. I am a 39 year old in a wheelchair due to muscular dystrophy which leads me to have very little confidence. I want nothig more than to have a marriage again with the right man but I know how men look at me (like a burden). I have 2 wonderfuls sons, ages 16 and 7, but I do not want them to not live their lives because they have to stay home with mom. I was always a romantic and wanted so much to be a part of a couple and I know I rushed into this relationship with my exhusband when I know now that God had something much better in store for me. My husband was physically, mentally and emotionally abusive and an alcoholic as well as a drug abuser. I am only thankful for our time together because of my sons. I am hoping this 7 day doubt diet will remove some doubt and get me through to the study on A Confident Heart in January – I got my book ordered! I feel like so much of what I read is true for everyone else but I cannot help feeling like the exception.

  112. charles Kasumba says:

    This forum isn’t for women only so count me in.

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