When your heart whispers,”Is God enough?”

Is God enough? It’s a question her circumstances bring her back to quite often. But over a lifetime,  she’s come to the conclusion that not only is God enough, He has to be enough.

As a young child, she didn’t realize her need for God, but she did realize she had a need that wasn’t being met. She was sexually abused when she was seven years old. Her dad walked out on her family when she was eleven. Both left her devastated.

She didn’t understand how God could bring healing, so she spent years trying to heal herself.  But nothing was enough to meet her needs. Nothing…


This is my friend Melissa Taylor’s story. Maybe you read her Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion today.  This is also the Melissa I talk about in chapter eleven, and the Melissa who is hosting a P31 Online Bible Study with my new book, A Confident Heart.

It’s going to be life-changing. I’ve known Melissa for over 10 years – and love her! She’s the real deal and I’m so honored she chosen my book as her next study. She is an amazing woman and a great group leader! If you are looking for friends to walk alongside as you learn how to stop doubting yourself and start living in the security of God’s promises, please consider joining this online Bible Study group.

Today, I’m announcing a new give-away that will include a copy of my book and a FREE series of Confident Heart Conference Calls that are an optional part of Melissa’s online study. They include 4 calls with Melissa and guests (including me and other women who have a passion for this topic).They normally cost $15 – but I”m giving one of you the whole series for free!


ENTER TO WIN… simply let me know if you are joining Melissa’s online study or reading the book on your own or with other friends…by clicking on “Share Your Thoughts” below this post. (If you are reading this in an email, click on the title of this post to visit my blog to enter your name, please).

To find out more details about Melissa’s online study and her story…click here to visit Melisa’s blog.
I’m praying for you today, to know the assurance of His promise to meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19 (NIV)

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. I have my book sent by you, I am anxious to start it but I have to finish a mandatory class book for my job as a teacher first. SO… this motivates me to get my work done so I can enjoy your book next! I will sign up for her Melissa’s study too! Thank you for your ministry, P31 is the best thing I ever found on line!
    Have a blessed day!

  2. JoAnn Williams says:

    I just bought your book to read and would love the chance to be on the phone with y’all!! I’m new to your website and I just love it!!! Cant wait to get started on your book!

  3. I am joining Melissa’s study, as well as hosting one through my church. I am really looking forward to reading the book!

  4. Renee – I signed up a while ago and can’t express how excited I am to see what God is going to do in my life and the lives of so many others through this study. He is so good and so faithful and brings just what we need when we need it.

  5. Stephanie Melton says:

    I definitely want to do the online study because I don’t really have a group to study with, and it’s so much easier to study with other people — it keeps you motivated but you can ask questions if you have them. I should be receiving your book in the mail any day now and I can’t wait!

  6. Lakeisha Bing says:

    I am joining Melissa’s Bible Study and received my book last Thursday – YAY!!!!! This will be my second Bible Study with Melissa, I was so blessed by the “It’s No Secret” Bible Study with Melissa and Rachel Olsen and I loved the conference calls. This is so cool!!! I am looking forward to this study and I’m trying to hold off from reading ahead!!!! Can’t wait :-))))

  7. I have signed up, I have my book and now I just need Sept. 19th to get here quick.

  8. Jennifer Millett says:

    I was going to do this on my own, but after reading Melissa’s story and knowing that she is going to do an online study, I am going to do that! 🙂 Thank you Renee for writing this book. I have been receiving the 7-day Doubt Diet and the emails are encouraging and so, so helpful. May God richly bless this book and your ministry and use both for His glory.

  9. Deanna Clardy says:

    I am ever so grateful to you and your book! What a blessing you are to myself and so many others that struggle with doubt, insecurity and a “not so confident” heart. I received an autographed copy of your book that I purchased a couple of weeks ago – I’m about halfway through it. I’m taking all the notes that I can, and completing each and every question at the end of the chapters. I know this book was “on purpose” in my life, and I look forward to reading it over and over and applying all that God is showing me. I have signed up for Melissa Taylor’s online study for “The Confident Heart” and I can’t wait to get started! And should I win the series of conference calls…I’ll consider it a great blessing!! But if not, I know that whoever does will be richly blessed because of it! God’s will in ALL things! Thank you again for all you are doing in God’s Kingdom! Be blessed my friend!

  10. I am praying I get to be in the bible study and would love conference calls.
    Thank you for all you do for God and His Kingdom.

  11. I signed up and looking forward to it!

  12. I am passing all that I am reading along to my grown (28) daughter. She is looking for love in all the wrong places and my prayer for her is to trust and look to God for all of her answers and needs. I continullay tell her he is the answer.

  13. Hi Renee, I have signed up for Melissa’s study. I just really feel lost lately and in my head i know that God is enough from past experience even but, i just don’t feel connected to Him in my heart. What happened and how did i lose Him, i don’t know. I want to trust Him but, between physical issues and financial issues i just never seem to get anywhere. I feel like i’m hurtling down a deep dark mine shaft and just as God reaches out a hand to me i slip just out of His grasp again. There is a little part of me too stubborn to give up so i keep taking bible studies. Just pray please. Thanks Renee.

    • I am praying for you sweet sister. Praying hard for you right now. Oh that you will feel His nearness and His love for you wrap around your heart, mind and soul!!

  14. Angela Hogan says:

    Thank you for posting this on your blog! Melissa’s writing is just what I needed today!
    I am signing up for Melissa’s online study of your book today! Also, signed up for her updates so I don’t miss a thing. : )
    Thank you again!

  15. I signed up for the on-line study with Melissa. I am excited to begin.

  16. I will be taking sweet Melissa’s on-line bible study! :0)

  17. Andrea Vanstone says:

    I am signing up for the online study! I can’t wait!

  18. Would love to do the study….so enjoyed Made To Crave when she led that! Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂

  19. I have just started reading A Confident Heart. Already I love it and especially love the peace that comes from hearing God’s word. I will definitely look into the online study too!

  20. I am doing Melissa’s study online and can’t wait til September!

  21. Amy Tedrow says:

    Definitely signing up for the study with Melissa and can’t wait 🙂

  22. Melissa F says:

    With 9 children the online study is my only option! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  23. Yanna Westmoreland says:

    I just signed up for the online study A Confident Heart, thank you for mentioning it -again- in your blog post to Proverbs 31 Ministry. I kept seeing it mentioned and it just now clicked that I could actually be a part ot this study and need the topic in my own walk with God. So thank you and thank You Lord.

  24. I am so excited about the online bible study. I’ve never done anything like this before. I know that this is from God because I have prayed for several month to be a part of a bible study that I knew was from God and that He wanted to speak to me personally. When I caught wind of your new book coming out I couldn’t let it go until I knew all there was and if it could possibly be the one God was wanting to use in my life to answer many of the questions I’ve had for years…years that have haunted me…plagued me…paralyzed me! I’m ready…got my calendar marked!

    • Yay!! I’m so honored to be part of the answer to your prayer!! Praying that He will speak to you and answer so many answers. Oh that your heart will just be drenched by His presence and His love!!

  25. Hilda Quintanilla says:

    I am joining Mellissa’s study. Havent bought the book yet.

  26. I am joining the study, but I haven’t bought the book yet. Still saving up! Can’t wait to read and study it! Thanks for all the good works you do in His name!

  27. Brenda Schiesser says:

    I have begun reading my book and am signed up for the study. I’m ready! Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. I’m excited about the study. I just did the Hidden Joy study with a friend and we’re doing A Confident Heart next.

  29. Charla Zimmerman Pickerel says:

    I have my signed copy of “A Confident Heart” and will begin a book study with some other women soon. I am just now finishing a book study of “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp I can’t wait to begin “A Confident Heart” with the ladies in my group and will look to your site and Melissa’s for ideas and insight! Thank You so much and God Bless!

  30. I am joining Melissa’s study. Can’t wait to read the book!

  31. Reading it on my own! Just what I needed!

  32. I’m so glad that I signed up for the online Bible Study. I am relieved to know that I will be held accountable to consistently be in God’s Word this fall.

  33. I just bought your book for Kindle from Amazon! and I’ve signed up for the online Bible study with Melissa. I’m really excited to do this study and really looking forward to it.

  34. I am signed up & excited!

  35. First hoping to read your book on my own someday soon, then will consider study grouping it.

  36. I am signed up for the online study- and so excited! Can’t wait.

  37. I signed up today for Melissa’s bible study, and I am hoping to get some friends to join with me!
    I am so excited to read this book!!

  38. I have your book and have signed up for the Bible Study. I have so enjoyed studying with Melissa, she truly has a heart for God. Thanks Renee and I can’t wait to “meet” you on the calls.

  39. I signed up for Melissa’s online study and received my book a couple of weeks ago. I have already started the book and I am taking my time going through it. I am on Chapter 3 and can already feel some of the weight lifted off of me. My thoughts are changing slowly, but changing. Thank you for being so open in your book. I have missed alot of opportunities myself because of my fear of dying. My mother died of cancer when I was 18 and I have always feared dying at a young age and never wanted to be too far away from home for fear that my kids would be left without a mother. My thoughts are changing, instead of the “what if” thinking I now recite Jeremiah 29:11. Thank you Renee for writing this book!

  40. I received my preordered book a couple weeks ago….I am not an avid reader, but this has captured my attention!! 4 of my dearest friends and myself are going to read and dive into this book together, I am excited to see what God is going to reveal! My prayer is many things, but most of all building up my confidence to be a leader to lead this study with ladies outside my comfort zone. I know that God has big things planned through this incredible book! Thank you Renee for revealing your heart to so many discouraged women! God bless you!

  41. Sandii P. says:

    I have been getting the studies online and love them how ever I don’t have the funds at this time to purchase her book our I would have it. This is just wonderful to be able to have these studies coming to me by way of email. It’s a wonderful way to start my day.

  42. Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! Blessings!

  43. Sherry L. says:

    I have signed up for the online study with Melissa and will contiue to claim my victory in Jesus’ name.
    God Bless.

  44. Just saw this offer….thanks in advance on behalf of whomever wins….i am interested in doing this study because A) I need to have a heart more confident in God; B) lots of life upheavals of late that keep me home and need to guard against the isolation that could bring; C) found the 7 day Doubt Diet awesome and spot on!

  45. I signed up for Melissa’s online study today and downloaded your book on my Nook on Monday! can’t wait to start!

  46. Thank you for allowing God to work in you & through you in such a powerful way. God’s timing is perfect (like that’s a surprise) I just received your books & looking forward (though I know it will be difficult) to begin them. Thank you also for sharing about Melissa’s on-line study – I’ve just signed up & I know that will be an important part of growing & healing. Blessings! :o)

  47. Christina Brannon says:

    I will be doing her on line study with a friend or two, depends on how many I can get to join me!:)

  48. I am doing Melissa’s online bible study. There is so much going on right now, and with my son deployed, I really need this bible study. Thank you for this opportunity.

  49. Lisa Taylor says:

    I have my autographed copy of the book and will be doing the online study, I can’t wait for it to get started….Lisa

  50. Renee, I am in chapter 3 and plan to join Melissa. As I’m reading today, I can’t help but wonder if you wrote this book for me. Everything so far applies and answers my questions. I would hug and kiss you right now, but you are not here with me. I can’t even express in words how I feel as I read the book. God bless you and your ministry. I do hope I’ll meet you someday.

  51. I sincerely hope nothing will prevent me from attending A Confident Heart Bible study.
    I signed up and will He will make a way…..because I’m confident in Him and He IS enough : )
    May He continue to bless you and your ministry~

  52. I am doing the online study and I have finished the book. Honestly, it has changed my life! I finally realized what my spiritual gifts are and have surrendered them to God. I finally realize my personality traits and why I do some of the things I do, and why I don’t have to do them! It has been absolutely fantastic and I have been singing the book’s praises to everyone I know. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself!

  53. Would love a chance to do the study. We are administering a 12-step Celebrate Recovery program and this study sounds like it would be a perfect fit for some of our participants.

  54. I signed up for the Bible Study. I am waiting to read the book until then. I don’t want to forget what I’ve read between now and then. Can’t wait, so excited to be a part of this journey.

  55. I signed up for the study being hosted by Melissa. However, I have been battling exhaustion and have serious doubts about being able to keep up.
    As far as your question, “Is God enough?” My question is more along the lines of this:
    “God is so good, but I am so inconsistent.”

    I struggle with letting people know I am a follower of Jesus, because I have such a hard time consistently following. I get distracted. Depression envelopes me when I am exhausted. I remember a verse in the Bible about always being ready to give an account of the hope that is in you. However, it is easy to let the raging storms of life overshadow that hope.

    I also struggle with the verses that mention running the race with endurance. I have hit a big wall. I question my ability often to even walk. (and running is definitely out-of-the-question!) How many times will I have to ask God to pick me up? When will the crippling anxiety cease? Why do I have such little faith? I feel like a child waiting for a first-rate scolding for her lack of faith, lack of endurance.


    • Rhea,

      I am praying for you right now….and I feel exactly as you described sometimes. I deal with the “crippling anxiety,” on a regular basis. I deal with my past, but more importantly my present that is a result of my past… and I feel like I am at a fork in the road, not knowing which way to turn, both ways difficult…but which way it right? Which way is the way God wants me to go? Is God asking me to give up everything to prove my faithfulness to Him? A million questions go through my mind, my mind is definitely running a race! I feel so unworthy, and terrified. What if I make the wrong choice, am I turning my back on God? I cannot sleep, barely eat, I just keep searching, searching for answers online, at home, with friends, in the Bible, and I just feel like I am in a fog. I know God loves me, but it is so hard to remember when I think about all of the people I have hurt badly in my life, I want to know “What now? I’m scared but I trust You…” I know that I am “under attack”, especially now that I am making changes in my life for the better, and trying to dedicate my life to Christ, but it is hard for me to discern my voice (or the enemy’s) from God’s. Sometimes when I read the Bible I just cry, because instead of insight, I hear countless ways in which I have already failed God miserably. I have started praying and asking God for protection when I am reading His word, to help me keep out the lies that surround me, even when I am reading the Bible. My dear Rhea, I will continue to pray for you, and I pray that the Bible study will open your (and my) eyes to the truth, that God loves us, and He has a plan for us. Throwing my arms around you in “hugs” and prayer…


      • Marla Imhoff says:

        Dear Emilea,

        I wrote to Rhea above with you also in mind and hope you also will feel encouraged by what I shared with her.

        Keep going. Don’t look at your failures – look for God’s love for you. He no longer sees your failures because Jesus became all of that for you. God sees the righteousness of Christ when he looks at you. Your tears are precious to God because He sees that you long to please Him…


      • Marla Imhoff says:

        Dear Emilea,

        I had you in mind when I was writing to Rhea above and hope you will also find encouragement in what I shared with her.

        Keep going. Don’t look at your failures because Jesus already became all that for you on the cross. Look for God’s love for you. When He looks at you He sees the righteousness of Christ. Your tears are precious to Him because he sees that you want to please Him.


        • Thank you Marla, you brought me to tears… I am definitely going to review the verses you recommended with a renewed heart and mind. Thank you so much again for your reply.


    • Marla Imhoff says:

      Dear Rhea

      It doesn’t matter if you keep up…just decide that you want to keep going. Yes, the Lord rewards faith but if you will look at Isaiah 42:3 it states that “A bruised reed He will not break and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out”. Also if you read that verse within the context of what God wanted to show us through Jesus in Matthew 12 you will see that the Lord is full of mercy and offers compassion that is above the “law”. He is not standing over you waiting to “scold” you or punish you. My prayer for you is that you will begin to gaze upon the God of grace and see the one He loves looking back at you in the mirror.

      I also want to encourage you to look into the Word to find out a little more on the subject of faith, God gave each of us the gift of faith. Do you realize that? It is within you waiting for you to exercise it. Simply speak out loud that you have the same spirit of faith as every other child of God as stated in 2 Corinthians 4:13. Notice the “speaking” part. And in Romans 12:3 it states that God has dealt you a measure of faith. You have also received a “spirit of power, love and of a sound mind” 2 Timothy 1:7. Even as you begin to speak and practice repeating these words of God out loud you will begin to push through the storms.

      Let’s look forward to the book and bible study as a gift from the Lord through Renee and Melissa.


    • Rhea,

      God loves you just for you…and you know what?…. He loves your honesty! Girl, I have been where you are earlier in my life and still struggle with it here and there…we are human. The fact that you wrote this means you are enduring, the fact that you care…means that you are enduring…the fact that you joined the Bible Study…means you are enduring…wow..that didn’t come from me…must have been God 🙂 He loves you dearly and I guess He wanted to say that through my fingers on this keyboard!!!! Be blessed…isn’t He awesome!!!!!

      Your Father and me, Lori

  56. Thank you for your daily messages on Facebook! I do not have your book yet but it is on my list of books to be getting. Your book was first brought to my attention via Facebook and then once again online through a Christian bookstore. I have read – and enjoyed – chapter one that was in PDF format. Thank You. God Bless.

  57. Vicky Bird says:

    I went through the 7-day doubt diet. I really liked it. It spoke straight to my heart. Doubting is something I struggle with big time! I do not have the Confident Heart book yet. I did sign up for Melissa Taylor’s Bible Study with the Confident Heart book. Hoping I will be able to get the book before then!

  58. Hi Renee, I am doing Melissa’s study and looking forward to working thru ACH again!! Once my little man gets a bit bigger I’m praying and planning on doing a study with our Sunday school!! So exciting to see all God is doing with this and through you…encouraging as well! It was so good to hear your interview the other day! Blessings to you, Jill

  59. I have your book and was tempted to start it but really want to wait until Melissa’s study starts. I’m signed up and ready to go. I was so thankful for your 7 day doubt diet. It was wonderful! Thank you so much for writing! God bless!

  60. This book sounds so perfect for me right now. I would love to be a part of this.

  61. GLORIA MOORE says:

    Hi Renee I would love to read your book & also join Melissa study. I was reading my email and found your 7 day doubt I have been really doubting God about every thing until about a month ago.I don’t have any friend that I can discuss the Bible with, so I just surch the internet to find different topic about thing that going on in my life.I been praying to God about to send me some prayer partner.I thank God for people like you.

  62. Melissa Melancon says:

    I have just started reading your book but I also joined Melissa’s study group as well. I have been through your 7 day diet and really enjoyed it. Really cleared my thoughts and my vision. Thank you.

  63. Sign me up!

  64. Lea Williams says:

    God IS Enough. I painted a ceramic soup cup specifically for work and see it as a daily reminder. Yes, I signed up for the bible study with Melissa and looking forward to it. Thank you for listening and walking the purpose God has for you to minister to others like myself.


  65. Really enjoying your book & posts on fb, Renee! I am getting the support I need so badly right now from constant input from these sources…and I am so grateful and thankful to God for you & your message! The names of God are now my wallpaper on my phone and I repeat them several times daily. Thank you so much!!

  66. My best friend sent me a message on FB asking me to join her on this journey. I was a bit skeptical since it is still pretty early after school starts back up. I was a bit concerned I would overload myself that early on in the school year ( I am a teacher with kids). I prayed about it and felt that God is pushing me towards this study so I signed up. Also, my BFF and I live about 4 1/2 hours away from each other and could only do this together via online. So I cannot wait to get started with her as well as with you guys.

  67. Dear Renee,

    I’m joining Melissa’s online study, and I can’t wait. I am so encouraged by your devotions and your little nugget excerpts that you post on facebook. Every one of them seems to speak right to me. I really enjoyed the names of God that you recently posted. He is enough : )


  68. Fannie in Kansas says:

    I am joining the online Bible study with Melissa. I expect this one to be just as great as the previous ones I have followed with you, Melissa. God is so good and I am trying to stay on track but my schedule is changing again so I have to make some adjustments to be able to keep up with all I am trying to do right now but God is good and will help make a way. May God richly bless you and Renee as you do this study.

  69. Crystie Rhyner says:

    I plan to join…so need to renew my mind!

  70. Rebecca Whitehead says:

    Hi. I just recently found you on Facebook and your website. I signed up for the Bible study. I just quit my job 3 weeks ago and plan on being a substitute teacher when school starts. Hopefully, I will have the money to buy the book by the time the study starts. Than you so much for being on here and sharing your faith.

  71. I plan to sign up and would love to win a copy of your book which I think will be a life changer for all women.

  72. MomOfFour says:

    I just found out about the study and would like to do it on my own.

  73. Talking to the women at my church about this being our spring book study…we already have through Feb. planned out.

  74. Just received my copy from P31 today! Can’t wait to start reading it. I would love to win a copy to share with a friend!

  75. Sandy Carpenter says:

    I am so excited to do another study with Melissa. and will be joining on line. Conference calls are awesome and add so much. Received my book and had to read it. WOW ! ! ACH has put me to thinking. Love your devotions and messages, often speaking directly to me. Can’t wait to start.

  76. I will be doing the study alone but will check in on Melissa’s blog for encouragement. I would love it if I could find a partner for the study.

  77. I have your book and am on chapter 4. I’m loving it. It’s like God inspired you to write it just for me!!
    I have signed up for Melissa’s online Bible study of your book. I can’t wait to get started. I would love the chance to participate in the call sessions!!! Thanks for letting God work through you to help me and so many others!

  78. Greetings
    I have signed up for the study…and I ordered the book just yesterday.. looking forward to getting started !

  79. Great book! Signed up and ready to go!!

  80. Jana Payne says:

    I would like to enter & win a free copy of Comfident Heart & the series of Conference calls!
    Everything I’ve read so far, speaks directly to me(do u have a video of my soul?). Thank you for your writings & the doubt diet!

  81. Claret Belle says:

    Just received your book and Wow! I always thought I was afraid of things bu what I am beginning to learn lis that I was afraid of my ability to go over bridges or drive on highways. I did these things early in my life and all of a sudden I felt paralyzed to do them. Yesterday I wanted to go to my friend’s funeral for her son and my daughter took me and my sister bought me back because I felt challenged to drive over a bridge in a certain area. I thought I could do it but then I let myself get bombarded by thoughts of what would happen to me. I am going to go over that bridge one way and God will lead me and wants me to be a conqueror in this area.
    God bless you for saying “yes” to His guidance.

  82. Giving thanks for your confidence-building ministry. Would love an opportunity to read your book.

  83. This touches my heart because it is so close to my own path. Thank you for sharing vulnerably.

  84. Already signed up and can’t wait to get started!

  85. A friend told me about the online study and it sounds great. I’m signing up too. =)

  86. Have the book, and am going to do the on-line study as a preview for my bible study group.

  87. Stephanie says:

    I did Melissa’s last Bible study and so enjoyed it. Can’t wait for this one to begin.

  88. Sheila Peterson says:

    I already got the book and joined the online Bible Study so I am just waiting to start with the group in Sept. I truly believe that this is is going to really change my life. I need something like this in my life.
    Sincerely, Sheila in Colorado

  89. Christine says:

    Hey Renee, I started reading, and loving, your book last week. I put it on hold so that I can read it with Melissa and her online bible study. Excited to get going!

  90. I may be too late to get in on the give-away but I’m praying I’m not. I would LOVE to win a copy of your book because I have already given TWO away and would LOVE to give another one away. I know just the friend I would give it to, also! I AM joining Melissa for the online study and can hardly wait for Sept. 19 to get here! I didn’t get to sign up for the conference calls because I can’t afford even $15 right now but what a blessing it would be to receive them for FREE!

    Bless you again for writing this book 🙂

  91. Thank you for your honesty and transparency…I once heard a pastor discuss the “forgotten beatitude” Matthew 11:6 “Blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me” by paraphrasing it, “Blessed is he who does not get uptight about the way I do My business.” I even pray that paraphrase back to God, “Lord, give me a heart which does not get uptight about the way You do Your Business” (and it’s ALL His business) or as Steven Curtis Chapman quoted Martin Luther who said, “The only two days that matter are THIS day and THAT day … THIS day that we’re living in now, and THAT day when we see Jesus face-to-face. It’s what we believe about THAT day that will determine how we live THIS day.”

  92. Patricia Fancher says:

    Looking forward to doing the study. Have not the book yet though.

  93. Just got your book from a friend, in Gods perfect timing. You see, I am entering a new season of trusting God, as I obediently say ‘yes’ to teaching a Bible study. The enemy knows my weaknesses but SO DOES MY GOD!!! This book about finding confidence in God is exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it. Teaching this study isn’t about me, it’s about trusting God and seeing Him show out. THANK YOU!!!

  94. Marla Imhoff says:

    Hi Renee –

    I’m looking forward to the online study with Melissa and I’ve invited a friend. I have high hopes at this time in my life because I have spent far too many years living without a confident heart and all the fruit that condemning thoughts bear. I would love and appreciate a copy of your book and free series of the conference calls. There is so much i could say but I am poised to listen for now…

  95. I just joined the online Bible Study A Confident Heart…signed up for the free book but just downloaded it on my Nook…know exactly who I plan on giving the free book to should I get it. I am excited for it to begin!!!

    Lord, I lift up every woman who has signed up for this study. I pray that you prepare our hearts as the time comes for it to begin. Open our lives, our thoughts, our spirits to receive exactly out of it what you know that we need, even though we may not even realize it at this moment. Lord, protect this Bible study time so that the enemy won’t succeed in finding things to distract us from doing it…hold our time precious and a priority for the blessings that we will receive in doing this study. I don’t know who each lady is that has signed up but Lord you do and I pray that whoever reads this post knows that I have prayed especially for you…may we all succeed and grow in becoming the woman that you desired for us in our mother’s womb!!! You are an awesome Father, Savior, and the Abba I love so dearly!!! In Jesus Name, your loving daughter, Lori

  96. Just joined the new class starting in sept. Don’t have the book yet. Iam on limited income but hope to find a way to get your book as iam very excited about the class. Cant wait.

    • Can’t wait for the Sept. class!!! Also, I am so excited for this weekend. My sister and I will be attending the conference in Princeton, WV. I lookforward to meeting you!! You have blessed my life in ways you will never know. Thank you!! Cheryl Metzger, Spencer, WV

  97. Misty Davenport says:

    I received the P31 Woman magazine and read your article and I also saw on the pages so many doubts I deal with myself. I signed up for Melissa’s bible study and I know I will get so much out of this study and encouragement from you and Melissa. Thank you your sharing your heart with us through the pages of this book we will read 🙂

  98. I have heard your short messages on KLOVE radio, and I always come away with something I can use. I just got on this site and would like to be in your bible study online but where do I sign up? I see that I can relate to the short insert posted at the top of this page about Melissa’s life. Please let me know how to sign up.

  99. Signed up for the online study and have my book ( sent from you). I’m reading it right now and loving it!
    Boy, the more I read, the more your words jump off the pages… right at me.

    In His Grace~Tammy

  100. I just started reading your site and I am anxious to get your book. Seems like with all that I am going thru and the doubt I have about myself, I continue to be led back to Proverbs 31. I know all my answers are answered if I look to God. Thank you

  101. I am nervously anticipative to get into Melissa’s group for your book. I just learned of it this morning while listening to Moody radio-a treat as I am visiting Chicago for work and usually can only listen to archives online! I know God is calling me to something bigger, something terrifyingly bigger, than just the me I have been willing to look at up to this point. As I turn to my old comforts for protection (food!) I seem to see from outside of myself that my choice, to turn to food, is a temporary, ineffective and ultimately useless balm for the MUST I am facing; to fully trust him and fall into his call to me….but the fear is in the listening; I want it to be clear and explicit, and I am finding it to be anything but! Perhaps I am just trying to see too far ahead, and God is asking that I just see the now…and trust for the far ahead. I need this lesson to see myself, to see God in myself, and to trust that the things coming to me are well deserved and a gracious gift of my father, not something I have, or must earn~thank you.

  102. In my blog wondering I came upon The title of your book and the question, “Ever feel like you’re not good enough, snmart enough………………” I knew it was a book I had to get. I am right in the middle of a rat’s nest of insecurity and fear. And I have been a Christian for almost 50 years. The book was written for “such a time as this” in my life. My copy came in the mail today. Can’t wait.

  103. I have suffered from depression and anxiety since the age of 10. After my divorce last year, my anxiety came back tenfold and the past year has been hell on earth. The only thing that brought me through was the faith that was instilled in me as a child of Christian parents, however, I knew I needed some direction in order to be the woman God means for me to be. I sat down the first night with a highlighter, my grandmother’s Bible and your book. After an hour, God’s peace had entered my bedroom and I have never been the same since. I have discovered my relationship with the Father again as one of his holy daughters. The peace, joy and unconditional love that comes with that relationship is beyond words. Thank you so much for sharing your story and writing this book. You are GREAT!

  104. I am excited to read this book, as it seems the confidence I have had has dwindled…partly because my husband is deployed, partly because I am living overseas by myself. I plan on reading it by myself but if God leads me to read it with others, even better. Thank you so much for your words and story.

  105. I don’t have the book nor anyone to read it with. I moved to CA 5 months ago and have to start life all over again. Not easy but I will look for a library to see if the book is available for check out. I just really NEED right now. I’m so LIFE TIRED…just really TIRED. Glad somehow I was directed to this site and your words. I need all the encouragement I can get at this time. 🙁

  106. Vijaylutchmee Murugan says:

    I would love to read this book but cannot afford it at the moment. I wish i could win a copy but I don’t think I would be able to cos I live in South Africa and i don’t see it part of your list when it comes to countries. I read the devotions every morning and get such encouragement from it. I am someone who doesn’t confide in people easily because not everyone you can trust and my best friend that used to be my praying partner does not work with me anymore so I spend my time talking t o God and casting all my cares unto Him cos He is the ONLY one you can truly TRUST. I am also part of a bible group at work and if given the chance I would love to do this bible study wiith them. I am trying each day to draw closer to God and in doing so to be a more confident woman. It is not so easy but I believe with His help i am growing more confident each day. I love all the stories I read in the devotionals and am even journalling them so that whenever I feel depressed or not too confident, I read these uplifting stories that bring hope back into my life. i also share these stories with some of the ladies that are going through their issues in life. Keep up the good work all of you cos your’l are truly and inspiration. God Bless.

  107. “A Confident Heart” is exactly what I need right now. I have recently starting reading the book and it is touching my very soul. I am looking forward to the online study and sharing this book with others. I would love the opportunity for me and my friends to participate in a conference call with you and your friends.
    Thank you for your obedience to God by writing and sharing your heart and experiences. Praying God’s continued blessings over you.

  108. I am going to do the online bible study with Melissa & I am so excited for it to start!

  109. I was praying this morning and asking God to do something to revive me – I feel broken down by the events of the last few years and recently shared with my husband that I’ve lost my confidence. This morning’s devotion was an answer to prayer. I can’t wait to get into the online study. Thank you.

  110. I am looking forward to starting the study with Melissa. I just signed up and thankful for God’s timing. I agreed to give a talk at a Women’s Walk to Emmaus in October and have been really struggling wih doubt as to “who am I to talk about priorities and order”. My life is anything but priortized and orderly. Thank you for sharing your struggles and conquests through the power of the One who created order.

  111. I am looking forward to studying the book “A Confident Heart”. I know it will be a blessing to me and to the other ladies who will be participating.

  112. Renee, I am looking forward to reading your book and doing the study. Thank you for this Great opportunity to participated online!

  113. I’m so looking forward to Melissa’s study of your book. I have been reading it at home and everything you have written seems to know exactly where I’ve been and ways to escape it.

  114. Cynthia Graham-Pettis says:

    I will order my book as soon as I get paid. Your devotions have been blessing me so. I have been truly doubting myself and my circumstances. I have been in a pit. But reading the daily devotions sent has kicked me back into studying the word again. I believe that God called me to counsel families and in particular women and children. I pray that I can get back on track and find a way to complete my education by getting a master’s degree in Christian Counseling, in particular a Master’s of Divinity degree. Thank you for helping me to recognize the shadows. Thank you for picking me up and reminding me whose I am and that nothing is too hard or too big for God.

  115. Melissa Clendaniel says:

    I can not wait to read your book. I have signed ip for Melissa’s Bible study. This is just what I need right now. I go for my interview for my special workers liscense on September 13 as a ministerial student in the Wesleyan church and the devil keeps whispering doubts in my head. I know god has called md to peruse this licensing and I need to focus on him and not listen to the doubts the devil is trying to put on my head.

  116. I am signed up for Melissa’s Bible study. I didn’t realize how much I needed this until I started reading all the lovely postings from others. I began to tell myself I don’t even have a good enough comment to add here and that I could never win a free book. Yup that is is big ugly shadow I need to turn from. Thank you for the chance to win the book but even more thank you for the chance to see how large my shadow of doubt is and help me turn back toward the light.

  117. I would love to have this series to read on my own and reflect on during my quiet time with the Lord. I have suffered unemployment and severe underemployment, and money is really tight right now. I am reaching out everywhere I can for God and His peace, and I have ended up in this website. What a wonderful place!!

  118. Kathy Goehring says:

    I know I need this study in a HUGE way as I age and get a little more crippled up with arthritis and self doubt. I am 7 yrs older than my hiusband and he is still vital and strong. I see my confidence fleeing as I feel I’m not considered by others to be someone they want to be around. We are missionary appointees through Continental Baptist Missions to be missionary church builders. In my heart I feel like I could be holding my husband back by needing more help all the time.. He tells me that’s wrong thinking, but I have a hard time getting it out of my head. I used to be quite confident but it’s left me. I’m so glad I found your ministry online! I look forward to doing this study with you!!

  119. I have recently been struggling with self doubt, confidence and trust. I started crying as I read your P31 post today. God is amazing because I know this was sent just for me to hope and believe in Him. I’m going to sign up for the online bible study! And I just I just subscribed to the 7 day newsletter. Thank you for all that you do! Thank you to God for pointing me to you in my darkest and hardest of times.
    I pray that Im chosen for the phone conferences. I’d love to pray and chat with you.

    In His Love,

  120. I am going to buy the book/books this weekend. Thank you for your ministry. I somehow stumbled across Proverbs 31 blog and that is how I found out about you and your book. I am amazed at the topic of your book as it is definitely a needed subject to be addressed with a lot of women.

    Am looking forward to the Bible Study also.

    God Bless You!

  121. Brenda Schiesser says:

    I signed up for the study as soon as it was announced and I have started reading the book. I have the same worry as mentioned above about being able to keep up. There is so much going on in our lives right not and I am struggling with making the time to go before Jesus daily and to read my Bible. I so want to start, participate and complete this study with all these wonderful sisters in Christ. Please, let’s all pray for each other in the next few days that Jesus will strengthen us all and help us make a way to find the time to set aside each day to delve into His word and Renee’s book so that we can put all the doubts behind us and live the rest of our lives with confidence in the woman that He intended for us to be. I am so excited about doing this, I don’t want to fail. God Bless.

  122. I was drawn to read the Proverbs 31 post today, and your words resounded with me and a conversation that I had with a friend last night. I will be forwarding the post to her. I plan to join the online Biblestudy and encourage others about your book. The bullet points of your book, are where I am. I know God has a plan & purpose for who will receive the prizes of this contest. Thank you for the oppurtunity and for the words of truth & encouragement!!

  123. Getting ready to start your Bible Study…God was pulling me towards this book!

  124. I’ve enjoyed your emial encouragments so much, and I am planning on buying the books for my sisters and myself right after pay day. such an opportunity for growth in the Lord.
    Thanks and may He richly bless you as you share HIs insights for us.

  125. Jenhlyn Connie says:

    Dear Ms. Renee;

    Good daY!

    Thank you for your encouragements through your devotions. It really enlightens me.
    Ms. Ranee, I am so eager to have your book, A Confident Heart. I really need it to boosts and gives me confident. Because I easily get compare my self to others that I usually see things I dont have, that they have. I hope your book is available here in the Philippines.

    Ms. Ranee, I am reaaly hoping to have a copy of your book. I so excited to read it.

    Ms. Ranee, Please pray that my Dad Lito will know and have relationship to Jesus. Because my Dad refuse my invitation on going to church and be connected to God.

    You know Ms. Ranee, my ever dream is that me and my family members will have true realtionship to Jesus.
    I need more faith and believe that God will move in my life and the life of family members.

  126. Just signed up for P31 daily devotional this week cause I’m needing more and really struggling with where God has me in life right now. This weeks devotionals have been no accident for me, but little God appointments, and your insight yesterday was no different. I believe your book will be great for helping me deal with life circumstances and can’t wait to jump into the study.

  127. Can’t wait to start the on line study-that will be a first for me! Praying for you all to boldly walk where God guides you! Kim

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