Peace-giving Promises

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If you’re visiting after reading my P31 devotion, “When Worry Makes Me Wonder” thanks for hopping over. In my devotion, I shared how a few years ago I felt like I was suffocating under everything that was going on in my life. Have you ever been there?

Slowly, I let worry weave it’s way into my thoughts and wear me down. Eventually, I came to a point where I was exhausted and ready to resign from just about everything…life, ministry, etc.

I ran out of fuel and felt like I didn’t have enough energy to handle all of my roles, relationships and responsibilities.

I also ran out of faith. I started doubting my ability to to hear God clearly and to do all I assumed He wanted me to do.

All my worries started making me weary. And they made me wonder… I wondered if I could manage my life. I wondered if God noticed and cared about all I was doing for Him, and others. And I wondered why God wasn’t doing something to make my life easier.

One day I was reading in Luke 10 and noticed Martha felt the same way. She couldn’t get everything done and it was making her come undone. That day I noticed something. She went to Jesus. Yes she was freaking out, but she went to Him about it.

And she asked Him the same question I’d been asking in my heart:‘Lord, don’t you care?

“She came to Him and asked, ‘Lord, don’t you care?that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!’” Luke 10:40b (NIV)

And how did Jesus respond to Martha’s doubts and demands? “’Martha, Martha,’ the Lord answered, ‘you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.’” (NIV)

I knew God wanted the same for me. He did care. He did notice. He’d left a note for me right there in scripture to show me what was going on in my own heart. And He’s done the same for you.

I sensed He wanted me to come to Him and talk to Him, instead of talking to myself (in my head) which only made me worry more. And when I did come to Him with my concerns, He replaced my thoughts with His thoughts. He replaced my worries with His peace.

Some days I needed to do more than pray. I needed to give my worries to Him. So I wrote them down on index cards and put them under a cross I have next to my bedside. Physically placing them there, and giving them to Jesus was so powerful.

I also looked up promises in scripture to replace my worries and doubts. I found verses like Psalm 55:22 that says:  “Give your burdens to the LORD, and he will take care of you…” (NLT) I also found 1 Peter 5:7 that reminded me: “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.” (NLT)

We need God’s presence and the promise of His care as a dwelling place for our hearts. And on those days when we we just can’t do it all and we wonder if God notices how hard we’re trying, He wants us to know He notices and He does care. He cares about us and He loves taking care of us and all that concerns us, too.

I’ve got a list of “Peace-giving Promises I’d love to share with you on my FREE resources page. And I’d love to pray for you today, too. Be sure to leave “share your thoughts” below and let me know one worry you want to leave with Jesus and I’ll pray for that concern. And also be sure to enter my drawing for my “Contagious Confidence” Give-aways.


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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Eunice Lai says:

    Hi Renee,
    I’ve done all the above! 🙂 I live in Singapore so I’m not sure if I qualify. That’s not the most important, though. I just wanted to say that I believe that God was the one who led me to come across your writing through the Proverbs 31’s Encouragement for Today’s devotionals. I purchased your Shaped with purpose workbook and CD which was very useful and has led me to want to find out more about myself and what God actually meant me to be.

    I will definitely get your book somehow, someway. 🙂

    • Rosie from TX says:

      It was blessing to read your devo today. I couldn’t keep the blessing to myselt, so forwarded to my cousin so that she could be blessed as well. I have posted your link on my facebook wall, and have downloaded your free resource. Thanks for all you do for the kingdom of God. Your reward will be awesome!! God bless you!!!

    • Rhonda from Alabama says:

      The 7 Day Doubt Diet is just what I’ve been searching for! I feel blessed already! God led me to this, so I know He has something special to say to me! Thank you for taking up the cross and following Christ !

    • An Angel sent this to me right when I needed it, ironically that’s what we call her even though it’s not her name! My heart, head and body ached so bad with pain that I just wanted for Jesus to take me home.. I wasn’t suicidal because it’s not my life to take but I heaved with pain for weeks, I read scriptures, listened to gospel, PRAYED HARD and it didn’t go away! She was one of the only people I could talk to that understood where I was and after reading this I could BREATHE again! “A body made from the dust on the ground with the breath of life breathed into it”. AMEN!! Can’t wait for the “food” of the seven day diet! With lifted spirits and a New light heart, thank you Jesus for not only your Grace but your worker that sent me this!

  2. This post brings back many memories from your book and ’09 She Speaks talk!! Since I’m up at 1 AM with much on my mind I believe it is just what I needed to hear!! Thanks Renee! And I’d love to win the give-away to share with my friends and do the study together, but win or lose I pray it’s something God plans for us!!! Blessings and prayers, Jill

  3. I have done all three – thanks for sharing the first chapter of your book. It touches my heart deeply because the issue of confidence and fear is everpresent. Am I doing enough? Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing? And on and on. I’d love to share this journey with my Bible Study group so we could grow together and encourage each other as girls who want to live a confident life in the light of Jesus. Thank you for allowing God to bless us through your obedient heart.

  4. Thank you very much for your message today. I woke up this morning worried about a particularly difficult job situation that I am facing. I appreciate the reminder to turn my fears over to the Lord, trust that He has a plan for me and pray for the guidance that I desperately need. Bless you as you continue in your ministry.

  5. Marie Crowley says:

    Renee thank you so much for this was truly for me. I am going through a difficult period in my life and the more I pray the worst it seems to get. I wondered if God really heard my cry. On yesterday I pulled out my little book of God’s promises and among them were the two scriptures you gave in today’s message. I began to meditate on hem and was able share them with a friend who is going through a difficult time too. I am going to share this message with her today and I know she will be blessed by it too.

  6. Leigh F. says:

    I love your new blog! It looks great!. I am so excited about your new book. I have recently faced doubt and worry over serveral job situations recently. Sometimes when I am wrapped up in a defeating situation, I forget that God is in control! Thank you for the beautiful reminder!

  7. I have been telling friends, emailing and posting the link about your new book, because it has been speaking so much to my heart. I have way too much on my plate, along with guilt, and sometime the confidence to do these things weighs me down. So glad your sharing you wonderful gift God has given you and for sharing His word. God’s blessings!!

  8. Did all three. Can’t wait to read this! I know it will be very useful in my life as I feel I’m approaching a new chapter soon with recent happenings. Thanks for everything you do to encourage us.:)

  9. Tiffany L. says:

    I really enjoyed the devotion running on Proverbs 31 today and goodness, did I need to hear it today as well! The book sounds great and I’m looking forward to reading it. And I’m looking forward to the 7-Day-Doubt Diet devotions as well! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and God’s word and wisdom!
    I was happy to share the link about the new book and devotion with friends because I’m sure others would get a lot from it as well.

  10. Philippians 4:6-7 is one of my favorite passages. Worry is something I struggle with. But I must always put my faith in the Lord. Thank you for today’s devotion.

  11. Stephanie says:

    I absolutely loved your devotional today. It really spoke to me at a time that I needed to know that God cares and that I should give my worries to him. I shared the link with my 3 best girlfriends and I signed up for both your newsletter and the 7 day Doubt Diet.

    Thanks so much for your words of encouragement.

  12. Stephanie Kluttz says:

    OK – I have shared the link and signed up a few weeks ago for your emails! I loved the post today and need to read it over and over again. I am so looking forward to your book and it is coming at a time I really need it!
    Thank you for sharing your faith and encouraging others!

  13. Thank you for your great devotion. I especially like the idea of physically writing and laying your cares at the cross. Powerful! Your website looks fantastic. Love how easy it was to share the link with friends. May God bless you and your ministry exceedingly abundantly more than you can think or ask. 🙂

  14. Melanie McKinley says:

    Renee, thank you so much for the devotion. Please pray for me and my family as we are in the midst of change. I just finished your 7 day doubt diet – what an awsome study. Please sign me up for the book give away. I would love to read more of God’s promises.

  15. Bridget Bareither says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful devotion. I saw your book advertised the other day (I think it was in a previous devotion this week or last) and was super excited about it. Even more excited about it once I saw that there was a giveaway! I am a person who always tries to please people, seeking out there approval instead of focusing on God. I have struggled with self image and being who God has called me to be for years now, and I would love to have a more confident hard. Keep up the good work and thanks for even giving us this opportunity!

  16. Anissa McBreen says:

    As I read your daily devotion today, I felt a sense of peace knowing that I do not have to be a Martha!! At times I feel as if I am having to be “super mom”, “super wife”, “super employee” and on and on and on……
    At times I feel like God has left me and when I am crying out to him he is not there. In this season of my life I need a confident heart! I am grateful that I found your web site. It is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your story and being a witness to us ladies!
    Please pray for me that I do God’s will (and not my own) and that I be a Mary and not a Martha.
    God Bless

  17. My much needed prayer is for me and my Mother. She was a very hateful abusive Mother and now she is very sick and it was left to me to take care of her. I am 58 she is78. Even though she can’t speak now due to several strokes I can still see the hate I always felt she had for me in her eyes. I need forgiveness in my heart toward her to be able to handle this “gift” God has given me of being her caregiver. I struggle daily with this situation and as one of God’s girls I try to do what is right but I don’t always do it with a loving heart. Please pray for me and this terrible burden that I feel I have. Thank you so much and please sign me up for the book give away,

  18. I have done all 3. This post was felt like it was guided my way today. It fit so perfectly with my life at the moment – worry, overwhelmed, where can I get more time to get it all done, take care of everyone else, have everything just so for work because you feel that you have something to prove. I know this but this was a reminder that the only person I need to be the best for is our wonderful, loving God that is standing there ready to shoulder our worry for us if we can just let go long enough to give it to him. Thank you for that reminder.

  19. Doing all 3…need desperately…

  20. Your message on worrying was sent to me from above. The last two weeks I have been struggling with doubt. I couldn’t see how God was going to work out circumstances for my son. I was overwhelmed with decisions, financial concerns, issues for safety. I’ll though I read these same scriptures for comfort, your message helped me remember that even though we may suffer, God will lift us up in due times. I don’t have to pray the answers to Him-He knows! I would ask that you pray for concerns regarding my son’s college. Thank you for being willing to share your story.

  21. I have signed up for the 7 day devotion, I am looking forward to going through the 7 day. My family and I need it right now. we have gone through a crises we never thought would happen to us, the healing process is overwhelming!

  22. i really enjoyed the devo today, thank you. I shared it with my bible study babe, so 7 ladies. I signed up for the newsletter and the 7 day doubt diet,

  23. Allison Haase says:

    I am looking forward to these emails and reading your book. So often we are focused on the details of our lives and get worn out “doing” instead of sitting at the feet of Jesus worshipping. It sucks the life, joy and peace right out of us. The Lord is teaching me to replace worry with worship. I realize that the more I focus on His goodness, the more content I am to just sit at his feet in quiet expectation.

  24. I really enjoyed your devotional. It is just what I needed. I have felt so discouraged lately. My husband died in a tragic accident over two years ago leaving me with our two sons now ages ten and four to raise. I am ready to move on with my life and I am praying for God to send me a godly man to be my husband and a father to my boys. I worry what people will think about me wanting to move on, but I know it was what my husband would have wanted for me and my boys because we had talked about it a month before he died on our anniversary. I worry God will not bless me with another husband. I know I must trust Him and not worry, but I feel like the man in the bible that said “Lord, I believe, but help my unbelief.” I am excited about your book because I know it will be encouraging and I can’t wait to read it. Thank you for your prayers.

  25. Thank you for message and website. I loved hearing your story. I ask you to pray for our finances and that I will be able to stop worrying and trust God. God Bless!

  26. I signed up for the 7 day diet – really encouraging and I’m looking forward to the book. I’m starting my third year working with a very difficult person and I worry about it daily – perhaps I’m being as difficult in my rebellion. Please pray for peace within myself and at work. Thank you.

  27. Worry and anxiety can sometimes consume me. Your words and insight are so very helpful. God is so much bigger than anything I have to worry about. My job tends to really get to me sometimes. My prayer request is that I will be able to trust God more and give Him my concerns. Thank you for the difference you are making for Him.

  28. Vanessa Johnson says:

    Hi Renee! I signed up for the 7 Day Doubt Diet emails and can’t wait to start getting them. I know that I have a major problem with self confidence that I need to work on……..

  29. Thank you for being a vessel for God’s word. You’d said you’d pray if we left a concern…would greatly appreciate the much need prayers. I recently discovered my husband had an affair. There are no words to describe the depth of heart ache and pain. Just trying to hang on and protect my children. It makes me sick to think how this could impact them….I know how it’s made me feel…numb.

  30. Your devotion today really spoke to my heart. I find I am consumed by worry about so many things… my children’s job searches, the direction our nation is headed, how to be present to my dying mother… I long for a way to know peace in my heart. I felt called to share today’s devotion with 3 special friends who I know also struggle with worrying. We need to find a way to let that go, and writing it down and placing it in my Prayer Jar may be one step to helping me do that. Thanks for the suggestion — don’t know how I forgot about it! I signed up for the 7 Day Doubt Diet, and am looking forward to reading the insights you have to share. Thank you for sharing your blessings with us.

  31. Savannah says:

    Wow, what a blessing your devotion was and how awesome Gods timing is. I would really love to win those books. I feel completely overwhelmed often because I feel that I have an endless to -do list and not enough time. So I will leave everyday worrying if im being a great wife, mother , jesus’ feet and trust him for direction to help me shrink my to-do list 🙂 God Bless

    Thank you Renee for all your encouragement and awesome freebies <3

  32. Loved the 7-Day Doubt Diet. Would love to have a copy of your book and would covet your prayers for my family’s finances. Thanks for all you do. You are a blessing to me and so many others.

  33. I shared you with my friends! Am looking forward to your book. My prayer request is that I can trust God, believe in Him and leave my worries at His feet. Thanks for your devotional. Nanci D

  34. Mary Mc says:

    Renee: Thank you for your insights. I am struggling with over-commitment and the sense of not getting to do the things that are really important. I get reminded of what I want to do, but then get caught up in the busyiness of “doing” life and lose perspective again. After our family’s yearly spiritual retreat I am again resolved to work on what matters instead of what seems to be so important in the moment. Satan has regularly used doubt to try to dissuade me, and I need to fight harder to overcome those arrows.

    God’s blessings on your iministry.

  35. Renee,

    Thank you for what you do. I would love to have this book, since I worry about most everything. I also have several friends that I worship with and I would love to share the book with them. I had wanted to be at the she speaks conference next week, but it was full when I started to signup. If you want to pray for me, I would ask for wisdom and discernment in regards to what the Lord wants me to do. I feel like He is calling me into some type of women’s ministry – which is one of the reasons that I wanted to be at the conference next week. Again, thank you for what you do!

  36. I have given my dear friend a link to your page. This dear friend is dealing with chf (congestive heart failure) along with a variety of other life threatening complications. She had to quit her job last summer and her husband was laid off from work over the winter due to a lack of building projects available. So needless to say the worry and stress of financial burdens that they have, along with the medicial problems have really wieghed down their lives. I believe your book would be a great encouragment and burden lifter for my friend.
    My prayer request for this dear sweet woman and her family is that all who read this post would take a minute and pray for them. God knows who they are and what their needs are. How awesome our God is and He knows all our struggles, He will supply ALL our needs according to His riches in Glory! Thank you to all who will, and have said a prayer tor this family.

  37. Renee, thank you so much for your devotion today. I woke up this morning with so much on my mind. I felt like I couldn’t take any more. This was a good reminder to look to my God and know that he cares and stop relying on myself. I would love if you could pray for our financial situation and for my Husband to have wisdom to listen to God and know what he would have us to do. He is so discouraged also and I need to pray for him, lift him up and not feel defeated in this time.
    Also my heart is heavy because my son’s wife has left him and he is hurting so much and I feel so helpless. Thank you so much for your encouragement today….It really blessed me..

  38. Thanks for the devotional today at Prov. 31. Your words are so encouraging and just what I needed in my life at this time. I face many difficult famly issues and things just seem to get worse(according to the world’s view). But I know God will not give me more than I can bear and he gives me strength. Looking forward to the 7-Day Doubt Diet.

  39. Sandy Eyer says:

    This devotional reminded me of a moment in my life when I was completely overwhelmed by everything (one of many), so I cried out to God, “Lord, I can’t do it all!” And He clearly replied, “Sandy, you don’t have to do it all….at the same time.” He does give us what we need when we need it…..just enough manna for today….just enough “light for the step we’re on”….etc. Thanks for the reminder, which will help me to let go of the worry I have about getting new jobs and where we’re going to live next month.

  40. Thank you for a great devotional today. I am at a point where I’m just tired of waiting. I sometimes wonder if God has forgotten how long it’s been since He gave me a promise regarding my marriage. It just seems impossible as nothing is pointing in that direction. He has reminded me several times throughout this waiting period that He hasn’t forgotten His promise but at times I just get weary. If you could please pray for me to just focus on Him and not the circumstances….trusting in His perfect plan. Thank you!

  41. I have done all of the above 🙂 and would love to receive a copy of your book to share with our weekly ladies Bible study group. We are so human and female… does that say it all or what???? I’ve really enjoyed reading over your sight and love your words of encouragement. I’ve actually shared your information with many — especially one of my dear friends who is going through a rough time right now. God knew I needed His words and direction — and you were the vessel to deliver it at the right time. Thank you. I’m excited to see and read your daily devotions and looking forward to the 7-Day Doubt Diet. God bless you for all you all allowing God to do through you.

  42. Renee, thank you for your devotional–I so desperately needed to hear this. I signed up for the 7 Day Doubt Diet before this post and plan to forwad your devotion to my friends this evening. It never ceases to amaze me how God uses the words of others to touch my heart and whisper words of encouragement when I’m crying out to Him. My worry is for my teenage children; primarily a teenage daughter who has run away from home. She just turned 17 in June and has been gone for over a month now. I also have 15 year old twin boys who are on probation for underage drinking and marijuana. Needless to say, I am brokenhearted and worried for their futures. My cry to God has been that my children and my husband would all come to know Him as I do, for I know that without Him our family will continue to crumble. Don’t mean to sound crazy, but I feel as though Satan has a bulls eye on me and my family right now. However, God is my rock and I keep repeating “I can do all thing through Christ who strenghtens me” to get me through one day at a time. I also keep reminding myself of all that God has provided; one of them being the adoption of my children when my husband and I weren’t able to conceive. I’ve shared with my children that when we accept Christ as our Savior that we become His adopted children and how that means so much to me because I know the depth of love in my heart for them so for God to feel that way makes it even more special. Please pray that my daughter remembers this and runs to His loving arms. Thank you so much.

  43. Peggy Clement says:

    I,ve done all three , I’m a worrier and have overcome some .Thanks for Proverbs 31 I really enjoy this site.

  44. michelle says:

    thanks for the great thoughts, it’s so easy to listen to doubt instead of truth!

  45. I really needed to read this post, it is as if it was written for me. I have been living with worry and frustration for over two years and sometimes I just felt like my praying was not enough. I have started writing down my worries and concerns on the index cards at night and it has helped me to not lay at night and worry as much. I feel more at peace and that I am truly giving my worries and concerns over to God. Thanks so much for your posts and encouragements!

  46. Dorothy Travis says:

    Renee I have posted your link on my Facebook page and joined the 7day doubt diet. I have been fighting against the spirit of doubt for some time now. I am not sure where I allowed the enemy to get in but it has been a battle to get him out of my mind. I know GOD loves me and I have been speaking his word but sometimes it just seems like the walls are closing in. When I read your devotion today it was a GOD wink for me. His way of telling me that he sees what I am going thru and I just have to keep seeking him. He wanted me to know that he has not left me. My family and I are in the middle of a housing problem because the home we have been leasing for 3 years is in foreclosure. I will be honest I am very upset becasue I don’t understand why the owners would not pay the mortgage for 17 months when we have paid on time for 3 years. School starts in less than 3 weeks and now we don’t know where we are going to live. Our credit scores are to low to buy but thanks to GOD’S provision, we make more than enough money to pay a note. We just have to find a place. Everytime the enemy comes to attack my thoughts I immediatley reply “I Trust in GOD” . I just need peace. Thank you for this devotion because I can make it one more day. Be Blessed and continue to allow GOD to use you.

  47. Carol Bruntlett says:

    Thank you Renee I needed to see this I am currentlyfacing unemployment and have been for tha last yr and a half and sure does not look good out there plus taking care of an elderly parent . So sometimes I wander what I will do when I get a job how to balance both. I am looking forward to your book and would love to do the study . So much going around now with all the bad stuff in this world thank you for loving us women and praying for us . Prayer for me would be a job soon and what God wants me to do and how to live life thru all of this.

  48. Heather Goben says:

    My mom has always called me a “worry wart”. I worry about everything. If my children are making the right choices in thier lives, I usually want to make them for them, or aleast advice them my way. If my husband and I have done all we can in raising them? Have we prayed enough? Have we disipilined enough? Have we loved enough? It’s a never ending cycle. My husband was diagnosed with CHF and type 1 diabetes just 8 yrs ago and I worry about his health all the time. He used to have a hospital stay aleast once a year for the first 6 years. The last couple of years have been better, alot better. I have always believe that God knows that Matthew is needed here, especially to til all 5 of our children are grown. Some days are better than others, but your 7 day Doubt Diet has helped alot. I have done all 3 things requested above, and am so excited about doing the bible study coming at the end of August. I have had this peace for the last fews weeks, and I think that is because you allowed God to use you to touch our hearts. THANK YOU!

  49. I got the doubt diet and get the newsletter- thanks!
    Can’t wait to get the book. Prayers for peace appreciated.

  50. Gail Dagenais says:

    I met you in June in Muskoka and I really enjoyed listening to you speak. I find myself worrying over things that I cannot change but I just keep reminding myself that God is in control and he will take care of me. I look forward to reading your book. Thank you for the beautiful words; they are very inspiring.

  51. Wow! I seem to always find something to worry about!! And I seem to be slowing learning that worry does nothing to help!! I am trying not to worry about our upcoming family plans and just let God have control. Things like do we have a third baby try to find a larger home- where to find that home. My son is starting kindergarten – am I doing the right thing by not home schooling him. And as you can see the list goes on. I am so very blessed and know these are little issues but they still creep up and can cause big worry!!!

  52. Danielle Rohrbeck says:

    Dear Renee,
    I am a co leader in the youth group of our church. God has been dealing with be about the peace giving promises. With all the distractions, worries, and turmoil the devil has been throwing at us we have lost sight of things just as in the story of Martha in Luke 10. We have worried over so many things lately that we were missing the MOST important thing. Our kids are at camp this week and we are praying for a change in them, but most of all I am praying for a change in us as leaders. I just wrote another leader, who is at the camp, about this very thing. God has shown me to put all this worry aside and get back to basics…..and HE is the basics. Through your 7 day doubt diet I realized the devil had put the doubt in me that I wasn’t good enough to lead this youth group. That maybe I didn’t know enough, or know how to teach these teens what they needed to be taught. I have claimed our youth room back, in the name of Jesus, and sitting down today to lay out a mission, purpose, and goal. Thank you for all your words that God has truly blessed you with. They arrived just on time…..Gods time!

  53. Terrilynn says:

    I’ve shared via Facebook and I am intending to blog about it as well. I’ve signed up for both your emails and the Doubt Diet as well.

    I’d love to win one of the giveaways! After reading the first chapter I’ve been excitedly waiting for the release of your book to read the rest. 🙂

  54. Renee.. your book and its timing is Timely for me! 8 years ago my late husband chose to take his life and the earthquake cracks still linger within me. Some days I am soo full of worry about the unknowns, the regrets, the haunting memorys, the spaces full of deep pain..that I find myself soo overburdened by them. Its not so much the fact that he died this way but how I look at the world now & its changes that keeps me FATIGUED. I am still at HIS FEET but the second I have to deal with the flesh of this world I am back to Doubt, fear, worry, not being confident etc. He chose to die…to walk away…to leave. THAT shakes me to the core that I wasnt VALUED enough to love me still.
    Thank God that Jesus isnt that way. I’d be dead right now if not for His Grace.
    Plz pray for me…my life is in constant CHANGE and it feels like CHAOS.
    I know HE is tugging at my spirit…I keep wrestling with what to do now.
    There is MORE than just this LOSS that defines me.
    Its ME thats sits at HIS feet.. yet I know he has SOMETHING out THERE for me now .
    Anyhoo…thank you Renee…I look forward to this book.
    For such a time as this.
    Isaiah 61:1-3

  55. Terrilynn says:

    I meant to say as well that I absolutely love your new website. It’s inviting and welcoming in every way!

  56. Btw.. I am linking off to this post in Facebook, am signed up for your Doubt Diet and also get your emails. Whether I win your book or buy it….I will read it ! God Bless you Renee 8)

  57. Jennifer Donnal says:

    Thank you for the words of encouragement today. I have three teenage daughter’s and some days are easier than others. The devil definitely has a way of putting doubt into your head and reminding you of the fact that you are ill qualified to deal with it all. I am so thankful for God’s grace. I am so sick of falling prey to the devil’s lies about who I am and what I am. I have dealt with a lack of confidence my whole life. I keep praying to God to remove it from me so I can be who He created me to be. I am thankful that He does not give up.

  58. I already signed up for the 7-doubt diet–that is why I pre-ordered the book.
    I tweeted:!/ruthhill74/status/91163053135101953
    I signed up for your e-mail updates.

    If I do win this copy, I plan to give it away on my blog:


  59. Sharon Braden says:

    I’ve done all the above. Please pray for an event coming up at our church July 25-29. It’s our 3rd annual Youth Week which is for 6-12 grades.


  60. I have already signed up for both…and am going to share the link on my facebook page. I could have sworn that I wrote the words you posted on your page. I have become so overwhelmed and worried (not trusting God)… Tears came to my eyes as I read your words,

    “I ran out of fuel and felt like I didn’t have enough energy to handle all of my roles, relationships and responsibilities.
    I also ran out of faith. I started doubting my ability to to hear God clearly and to do all I assumed He wanted me to do.”

    How that sounds like me right now in this season. I try to move closer to God but doubt my ability to hear Him clearly…and feel so lonely for Him.

    I have a little cross (something like yours) and on it it says “TRUST” and “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” I had put one of my sons name in a little silver box next to it…but I think it’s time to add some more things and look up some Scriptures to replace the worry thoughts….

    Thanks for the reminder…you have blessed me!

  61. Hi, I did all of them! This post comes at just the right time for me. I have always been a chronic worrier – even to the point of believing that my worrying would keep bad things from happening! Recently, I started having anxiety attacks (I’ve never had one before) and it scared me. I’ve been using Prayer, Scripture Memorization, and Meditation on God’s Word to combat them. I know God tells us not to worry, it’s just so hard to break a life long cycle. So, would you pray for me to be victorious in my battle?

  62. Crystie Rhyner says:

    In desperate need of promises today…thank you. Your prayers are welcomed and needed…

  63. Jill Blackburn says:

    Thank You Renee, I needed to read your email today. I am feeling anxiety about leaving my family next week
    for a trip, and peace is what I need most of all. So thank you!

  64. Christina Baker says:

    Hi Renee,
    I shared the P31 devo with all the women in my Women’s Group this AM we loved it! I’ve shared today’s post on my personal FB page; I signed up for the “Diet”. You know I love you – thanks for this wonderful lesson. 🙂

  65. Hi Renee! I’m currently going through your “Doubt Diet” and am signed up for your updates. It has been really helpful, as I daily struggle with worries and confidence. You have such a sweet spirit and it really encourages me to read your story. I would love to win a copy of your new book! I also have a tabletop cross, and I think I’m going to start “giving” my worries to the Lord, too. 🙂

  66. My favorite worry verse:
    “Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature? But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” – Matthew 6:27, 33-34
    This is a wonderful post, Renee! Thank you for sharing the insight God blessed you with. I have shared it on facebook and Twitter, and I’m going to write a blog post this week about worry with a link to your post and devotion as well.
    I have a friend who came to mind as soon as I read the title of your book! I’m going to bless her with a copy if I win it or not.

  67. Hi Renee,
    Many thanks for your encouraging post today. I was going through the same thing in my life, a few months ago with my university work and trying to balance my spiritual life, family and relationships etc, and I found that I was just wearing myself thin. Eventually, I finally heard what God had been saying all the while – that He doesn’t want any of His children toiling, and that we are called to live victorious lives here on Earth, and not to struggle our way through. It’s all part of our testimony as Christians. So, I could really relate to today’s devotional. I am also at a point in my life where I’m learning to appreciate myself in Christ more and to celebrate my uniqueness, instead of doubting who God has created me to be. And yes, I have struggled with quite a bit of self-doubt, and I’m glad that God has been helping me in this walk of faith. It’s so important for us to see ourselves the way our Heavenly Father sees us, and let that shape our very being. It ain’t easy, but we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! (Phil 4:13)
    God bless!

    • P.s – I have done all three. I’ve spread the word via email, and have invited a few of my friends to join in with the 7-day doubt diet. My prayer is that God who has begun this [beautiful] work in us will complete it until Christ comes back. (Phil 1:6) Amen!

  68. I tweeted and shared this post with my friends

  69. I felt comfort knowing that I’m not alone in my insecurities and lack of confidence. At the age of 50, I have missed so many opportunities and HIS best for me. I have no doubt that the Lord longs to heal this area in my life and I look forward to walking with Renee and the Lord to true and lasting freedom. I want to be all He created me to be and no longer listen to the enemies lies or the lies I’ve come into agreement with. His truth will set me free!!!
    Thank you for sharing your own personal experience from pain & chains – to truth and life in Him!

  70. I enjoyed your 7-Day Doubt Diet. You can pray for me as I life as a mom or two kids with chronic health problems.

  71. I was already receiving the 7 day doubt diet, loved it by the way! It really helped me in this area of my life

  72. I am so blessed by the “Encouragement for Today” daily devotions. EVERYDAY they seem to minister to something I am going through. For a long time I have been stuck in moving forward in a lot of things and believe it is a self-confidence thing. The Lord has been drawing me closer and closer to Him, creating a passion to know Him better and I believe your book will be helpful. “Stop worrying, Start praying, Keep thanking God (Phil 4:6-7)”. I like the way you outlined that for me. That is what I have been doing and will look forward to becoming stronger. Thank you for your ministry.

  73. As for prayers, I have been very blessed by God and am very thankful for all He has given me. I recently underwent a surgery to remove an ovarian cyst that showed signs of being cancerous and it wasn’t (PTL) my daughter who thought my husband and I were such an awful parents for expecting her to help around the house and moved in with her father has realized that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Tomorrow I see a surgeon for a cyst on my breast so he can determine our course of action. I am sure that God will work that out also. So pray for my daughter, who is the only person where she is now living that has a relationship with Christ, to continue to nurture that relationship and to show God’s love to them through her actions, and pray for me to continue to trust God and rest in His hands knowing He will work all things for my good because I love Him.

  74. Thank you Renee for these encouraging words. I deal with fear which I have a acronym for: F= Fear, E= Everything, A= And, R=Run or F= Face, E=Everything, A= And, R= Recover. But I don’t live by this @ times I allow satan to get all in my thoughtys and have me doubting myself and all that I am capable of. On the 16th I am starting a book club “Sista’s in Christ” and I am happy about this opportunity I have been wanting to do thid book club for sometime no, but I never did because I always allowed fear and doubt to get ion my path. Now that I am getting closer and closer to the date I am starting to have self-doubt and that word FEAR is starting to kick up. I know its nothing but the enemy trying to discourage me from doing the will of God and I am asking you to please keep me in prayer I know I should fast & I think thats exactly what I am going to do, can you give me any suggestions on what to do just anything encouraging. I want to have like a folder of different things to give to the ladies but I don’t seem to know how to go about doing that, so Renee if you have any websites I can go to please email me and I also looked at your free resources and i’m going to download some things from there. Again please keep me lifted in your prayers. 🙂

  75. I just signed up for your email updates also, love the look of the new site!

  76. Heather P says:

    I can equate with your comments today in several ways. I have shared the email with several other ladies and am ready to receive the books ordered!! 🙂

  77. Fear would be the one concern that I would like to lay at God’s feet today. I get so consumed with fearing what might happen that I lose out on what is actually taking place. I must learn to give it ALL over to God. He is in control of everything anyhow. Most of the time, the things I worry or fear I can’t do anything about anyhow. Giving it to God will give me the peace that I long for. Thanks for the resources. I am looking forward to reading your book.

  78. Lori Andrews says:

    I loved the free offer for the 7 day doubt diet. I have shared the offer with friends via email and on my FB page. I would love to win the Confident Heart!!!! The first chapter already spoke to my heart, and I can’t wait to start reading tomorrow’s devotional. Some of my friends are struggling in the work place, and I forwarded the email to them as a source of encouragement in their jobs. I’m praying God uses the next 7 days as a powerful way to minister to my friends and me!!! 🙂

  79. God does lead His children once we seek HIm. As I opened my email account this morning I decided to share the thought that was on my heart, “The peace of God passes all understanding once you keep your heart and mind stayed on Him!” After doing that I started to read my mails and to my delight I opened your invitation. I am so thankful to God that He never leaves us comfortless but gives us assurance through all sorts of moments. I thank God for you Renee for a listening /obedient heart. I pray His blessings upon you and all He has called you to do. You are already blessed.

  80. Thanks so much! I shared on FB and Twitter and signed up for the 7 day doubt diet a couple weeks ago. I also receive your newsletter. How to pray for me? I have taken on a new job as a school principal and my new school has many difficult issues. God’s peace is what will get me through! And the 7 day doubt diet spoke directly to me. 🙂

  81. Amanda B says:

    If Wikipedia needed a photo of Martha for the online viewers, I could submit mine! We as women gravitate toward fixing, healing, making, baking, protecting, organizing, teaching, listening, worrying… a nutshell, exhausting ourselves b/c we feel like we have to or no one else will. I’ve been memorizing scripture on index cards to combat negative thinking…..I know it’s going to help! 🙂

  82. Lynette Duquette says:

    I’d love this book, I have suffered from low self esteem and lack of confidence for so long. I struggle daily with this, and believe this is what I need, more God confidence!

  83. Thank you for the 7 day doubt diet on email. I signed up for it. I never realized I had any doubt but after reading your emails I realized the fear I had about doing new things was doubt. Thank you for opening my eyes.

  84. I downloaded the 7 Day Doubt Diet and forwarded it to a few women I thought would benefit from it as well. Would love to have a copy! I could use prayers for my nephews. They are 4 and 7, living in an unusualy family setting where I worry constantly how they will turn out. I wish that God would show me what the plan is for them before it is too late.

  85. Stephanie McCrary says:

    I did all three things listed to enter the giveaway. I am so very excited about this book, and I have a group of stay at home Mommy friends that I want to start this as a study with mid-August when our kiddos head back to school. As soon as I read the title to this book several months ago, I knew I needed to read it. I am constantly trying to seek confidence in the One who only confidence should be gained. Thanks for allowing this opportunity to win a book, but most importantly, thanks for following God’s leading on your heart to write this book for all of us!

  86. LOVE your new site! I have done all of the above! Hope to win your book! LOVED the 7 Day Doubt Diet, by the way! 🙂

  87. Thank you for an opportunity to win a free copy of your book during these very hard economic times. I have signed up for the 7 day doubt diet and to also receive your emails daily. I have a HUGE prayer request. I have let doubt creep into my mind I am now in the deep pit of depression and trying to cover it up from everyone I know. I HATE myself. I think I am the worst mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, etc. But I try to put on this facade when I see people so they will have no clue what is truly going on. I am going to try and download the first chapter of your book. Thank you for that free opportunity. And thank you for being willing to pray for a perfect stranger. I feel God has abandoned me and Satan is just having a party in my life. Wishing you all the best.

  88. I am a procrastinator and I have put off some things I committed to do where I am at a point of being overwhelmed . . .

  89. Ronda Cannon says:

    I have done all the suggestions to enter the giveaway. I do so enjoy all the encouraging words that Renee has to give. This is a book that I am praying to win in the giveaway, as the title alone lets me know that it will help me in my season of life right now. Thank you, Renee for all of you encouraging words that you so graciously share with others. My prayer at this time is that God will allow me the ability to be able to share any encouragement that He shows me. There is always someone in a spot where I should be able to offer encouragement that points to the Peace of God.

  90. I am new to your ministry! I feel that I have definitely be led here to discover truths about myself. Win or lose in the drawing, I am still a winner! Thank you. I did all of the various ways to enter.

  91. Robin Porter says:

    I have done all 3 things listed to enter the giveaway! Thank you so much for this post! I needed to read it today. It seems I have been focusing on the things going on in my life and the worry instead of giving these to Jesus and letting him take care of things. I needed this reminder today! I look forward to reading this book!

  92. Nellie C. says:

    I read your Proverbs 31 devotion this morning and it was pointed right to my soul today. My husband and I have 3 children, the youngest being only 8 months old. I had a positive pregnancy test this morning and I just cannot wrap my heart around it yet. It’s such a shock, and we are days away from buying a home. My husband just began a new job and there is no insurance yet. I’ve been a believer since I was a little girl, so the reminders you gave were not breaking new ground with me, but they were exactly what I feel the Lord was asking of me. So, through my overwhelmed tears this morning, it is my purpose to give him my worries and accept the peace He offers. Thank you for allowing the Lord to speak through you.

  93. Cheryl Duchaine says:

    Thank you so much for your message today about worry. That is what I have been doing so much lately. The bank is foreclosing on my home and the sheriff sale is July 15th. Everything has been such a blur the last few weeks and my son and I are having many struggles trying to adjust. But I know, that God has a much bigger and better plan for me if I will just set that worry aside. I would appreciate your prayers and I thank you for your devotion today and everytime you share. I did do the 7 day doubt diet with my daughter and we both enjoyed it. Thank you once again.

  94. Thank you so much for doing this and writing the book…the Lord always have a plan for all of us!!!! Being a NEW Pastor’s Wife had come with many hours of DOUBT, although some days can be good ones. Would love to have this book for two reasons, one to share with my daughters and two to gain a little more of confident on myself with your help…

    Help is always welcome!!!!!

  95. Dawn Piver Woody says:

    Being a single Mom of a 13 year old daughter, I was diagnosed with MS Feb. 2010. But Praise God – I have turned the initials MS into MS – meaning My Salvation !! Thank you Renee’ & P31 Ministries for inspiring& uplifting me every day !

  96. Sherrie Cassidy says:

    I am looking forward to your devotionals and I’d love for you to pray with me concerning the salvation of my 2 son-in-laws their names are Chad and Bruce. Also I’d like to ask you to pray with me concerning my daughter Carrie’s job hours…she has to work on Sunday morning and we’d love to see her hours change so that she could be in church on Sunday mornings with her 2 daughters. Thank you!

  97. Sorry for a second comment – I also forwarded this via email to some girlfriends who I thought would also benefit. Thanks Again!! 🙂

  98. Thank you for the reminders that God’s love for me is more than enough. I have been trying to rebuild trust in my marriage during the past few months and its been a hard road. So unsure of my own thoughts, if they are valid or if its just my own thoughts forming a life of their own. How do i go from forgiving my husband to trusting him again and having confidence in our marriage again? I know I need more of Jesus in my life but I feel like if only I felt more loved by my husband, things would be better. I’m not one to post usually (actually this is my first post ever on a blog!) but I’m desperate to feel loved and secure in my marriage again. looking forward to reading more!

  99. I found your blog through a link shared by Proverbs 31 Ministries. I shared the link and signed up for your emails as well as The 7-day Doubt Diet. I look forward to the daily inspirations as I have been overwhelmed and searching for inspiration and renewal then I saw this post.

  100. Michelle says:

    I have done all the above!!!! I share everything you post with my girlfriends, your spiritual encouraging words are the second best part of my morning. Not to be mean but the first best part is God giving me the ability to breath and move ! I want the book so maybe just maybe it will be God’s will for me to have it.
    I can’t thank you enough for speaking, and bringing out what is in my heart…it’s kinda like you know me personally, what a good feeling to have.:)
    I worry like no tomorrow, full of stress and you are making me understand it and to Trust in God more something I’ve had issues with forever.
    Thank you

  101. Tammy Rakestraw says:

    I have been anxiously awaiting your book release of “Confident Heart”. I have always dealt with low self esteem, worry, and no confidence. I am dealing with a stronghold the enemy has over my husband and need to read this book so my precious daughter does not also grow up with confidence issues as a result of my husband’s drinking. Bless you for the book and daily devotions.

  102. Renee ,
    I am so excited to be doing your study. I know it is exactly what God has in store for me at this time in my life. I am so tired of worrying over my finances. My husband and I have so much credit card debt I feel we will never climb out of this hole we have dug for ourselves. I live in constant shame and guilt. The bible is so true when it says we are slaves to the lender. It is like a noose around our necks that is choking the life out of us. God has blessed us with a great income that we have just squandered. At the time we had to live on credit cards to pay the bills and to make ends meet. Now we are paying the consequences. Every single penny we make goes to credit card debt. I want our money to glorify God and right now it causes nothing but shame. I hate feeling guilty because I cant tithe, give to missions, help my family or any other charity I want to support. Please pray for us. We are now on a cash only budget (for the past 2 yrs) and Praise God we have been able to pay down every single credit card on time every month. It is just so stressful. We are in debt to the lender and they can raise the interest rates whenever they want. It is a never ending battle. Please pray for us and thanks again. I just feel like giving up and starting over. But I know God would not want us to take the path of Bankruptcy. The thought of it scares me even more than our debt does.

  103. Thank you so much Renee for your encouraging words! I have struggled with confidence all my life. When I signed up for your 7-day Doubt Diet, I was a couple of days away from leaving on vacation and then I didn’t have internet access on our trip, so wasn’t able to do it, but I did save the emails and intend to try it again! It looked like it would be helpful. I dislike feeling this way; I feel inferior to everyone and it’s very embarrassing sometimes! Please pray that I can see myself the way God sees me! Thank you! God bless and have a great day!

  104. I’ve posted to Facebook, Twitter and signed up for the email updates. Thank you so much for allowing God to work through you. I’ve been so very blessed by the devotionals and free resources already. Thank you for being diligent and obedient. It will bless so many! My prayer request is for very clear direction. Direction for going back to work, joining a new church family and most importantly, adoption. Praying that He pours out his grace and love on you!

  105. I have shared your site, your devotions and your words with so many friends via Facebook, email etc… not just today and not just for a copy of the book… I will be getting your book regardless of whether or not it’s a free copy!! Reading the first chapter and going through the 7-day doubt diet, not to mention your devotions, I feel like you’ve been writing my story. I am eagerly anticipating the release of your book and how God plans to use it in my life.
    Thanks so much for sharing your heart with others so freely and transparently.
    God Bless,

  106. Cristina Reyes says:

    Followed the steps for the drawing – as far as how you can pray for me: my Mother has Alzheimer’s and her condition is progressing at a rate much faster than I anticipated. It’s difficult to see her going through this, and it rocks my world in every way imaginable. I know the Lord is with me always, but some days the challenges seem like an uphill battle. I need the Lord’s strength daily, hourly – actually more like minute by minute. That is why the Doubt Diet seems like a perfect thing for me right now – I need to not let the circumstances shake me, and doubt to errode the firm foundation Christ has placed me on. It’s not easy somedays – the waves and wind of doubt hit hard on my heart at times. I would very much appreciate your prayers, may God bless you and your ministry. Thanks! Cristina

  107. Carolina says:

    I would love a copy of your book “A Confident Heart”! You are such an inspiration to me and give me lots of encouragement! Thank God for you 🙂

  108. Kathy Schurig says:

    I am the consummate worrier. It consumes me. I try hard to give it up but it seeps back in. I would love to find way to get past this and make my faith stronger in the One who can heal this part of me.

  109. This sounds like just what I need. I worry about my kids, my marriage, my job, my husband. Everything. The times I’ve given a particular subject to the Lord, he’s come through and taken care of it for me. It is just so hard to give that up and depend on Him but that is exactly what He wants. This is so powerful and true. Thanks for dealing with this issue. I feel it affects so many people and keeps us from seeing all that God has in store for us.
    Bless you,


  110. I found your blog through a link shared by Proverbs 31 Ministries. I shared the link and signed up for your emails as well as The 7-day Doubt Diet. I have shared your site, your devotions and your words with so many friends via Facebook. I am excited to know more on the word of God. Thank you for all your resources.

  111. I’m sure many ladies feel this way, but I feel that God sent today’s P31 devotion to my inbox just for me today. I have been overwhelmed with the weight of my worries and to-do’s lately, and this devotion was so encouraging. I did sign up for your 7-day doubt diet, and invited a friend, and your new book definitely sounds ‘heaven-sent’!

  112. Loved your blog today. I also signed up for the 7-day doubt diet. What a great idea. It seems my doubt comes in waves. And prior to that I am believing God and starting to dream of what could be, and then that wave comes and it takes a while to get my bearing again. Satan loves it when we doubt God. It also seems that I go from one worry to the next. So I barely am standing and then I’m down again. Really looking forward to what you have to say about this tomorrow. Thanks.

  113. I shared the link on Facebook. I completed the 7-day doubt diet and it was just what I needed so I am looking forward to getting the book. The summer has been very frustrating. I set out to work on a couple picture books God called me to. Then we had a major hail storm. Instead of being able to focus my time on writing, revising and editing the books, one sheets and proposals to get ready for an upcoming writer’s conference; I am having to call insurance companies. It has been very hard to find the balance between being a writer, a mom enjoying her kids and summer break, and dealing with various repair companies.

  114. Thank you for your ministry. Please pray for me as a mother of young children to remember God’s promises to me while I raise them. I signed up for the 7-day diet and look forward to the feeding of God’s Word to my soul.

  115. Thank you so much for the first chapter. There are times when I feel like I’m the only one with doubts. Questioning God about where He has me and what He is calling me to do, can leave me forgetting that He has prepared me, gone before me, and will never leave or forsake me. Thanks again for the encouragement. Can’t wait to read the whole book…probably with a few special ladies. 🙂

  116. I just read today’s devotional and it really spoke to me, where I am right now. I signed up for the 7-day Doubt Diet and “liked” your Confident Heart facebook page. I am so looking forward to reading more and letting God work on my own self-doubt. Our pastor once quoted, “If Satan can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.” I often feel that I am way too busy, but I don’t know how or what to let go. I could definitely use prayer for God’s guidance in that. Thank you so much for everything you do! Blessings!

  117. I absolutely loved this morning’s P31 devotion Renee, and I shared it via fb! I too can so easily go on automatic pilot but before long I realize that I’m exhausted and consumed with worry about so many things! This NEVER helps me and it always ends up taking me to a bad place and down a road that’s not so trusting in God. I end up complaining to Him, and admittedly about Him in these times. Thank you for the amazing reminder, as Jesus reminded Martha, that ONE thing is needed!

  118. Ok, I have already shared with a friend who signed up but now I am going to share on FB for the second time. ANd if I win the 5 books I will share with friends and host a group !

  119. Jennifer says:

    I have linked this to my Facebook page, tweeted and shared it as an email to several friends. I have read your Doubt diet 7 days emails and was blessed. I have found that now that I am older I am a lot more confident in God. I just wish I had had all this information when I was in my 20’s and 30’s rather than having to learn it all the hard way. The way of experience. But I know that God is good. And I have lived enough to truly believe Romans 8:28

    Every blessing to you.

  120. Laura Burch says:

    I was falling apart a little just last night because of feeling so UN-confident. I feel like so many things I have dreamed of, hoped for, & wanted in the last several years have resulted in great disappointment and hurt, so much so that I have become afraid or unable to dream. I’m not over-committed, but under-committed because I think I probably can’t do it. People say “if you could do anything, what would it be?”, and I have no answer anymore. I know God doesn’t want me to be a glass-half-empty person, and I don’t like that that’s how I feel. I think today’s Crosswalk devotional was God-timed for me. I have signed up for the 7-day doubt diet devotional and am looking forward to what God wants to show me that I can’t see just yet.

  121. I would love to win a copy of your book. I constantaly deal with low self esteem and confidence. I can’t wait to read your book and share it with my daughter!! I have signed up for the 7 day doubt diet and cant’ wait to get a glimpse of your book with chapter 1!!! Thank You!!

  122. I am a big worry wart! Big one. My husband lost his job last month, but he is also a seminary student. 2 days later, the seminary called and needed him to take an internship a year earlier than planned and said this would help him graduate a semester early also as his requirements will all be done then. So… I guess God has the plans and I have to stop being a worry head! We will be ok, we have planned for this time in our life for 5 years, but actually being to this point is scary. I need those peace verses very much! Thank you!

  123. Kathy in IN says:

    I have signed up for your emails, have already done the Doubt Diet and can’t figure out how to share your Peace Giving Promises. 🙂 I did about 2 or 3 days of the Doubt Diet and realized that a *huge* part of my problem with looking down on others, my own indecision concerning my children, and my trouble with depression stems from insecurity! I cannot wait for your study with Melissa’s Online Bible Study and have my copy pre-ordered on Amazon. I would love to win a copy right now though!

  124. karen g says:

    I am signing up for the 7-day diet and sending the “Promises” link for my friends via email. Thank you for hitting the nail on the head today, this is my life. I have just about run out of steam and patience and why is it when we feel totally drained that we find ourselves dealing with disrespectful children, crammed schedule, interrupted plans, curve ball after curve ball. I need a catches mitt that is 5’8″ tall!!!!!!!!!!! Help and thank you, I’d love your prayers and I am going to print todays message and keep it handy when life zaps my energy! Blessings sweet Renee!

    Karen g

  125. Desiree says:

    I signed up for your 7 day doubt diet. I’m very excited about your new book. Thanks!

  126. Christy says:

    Hi Renee!
    How exciting this is! I have done all of the above! What an encouragement you and P31 have been to me! When I saw your new book I just knew it was meant for me! I can’t wait to read it and I know through your words God is gonna do a work in my life that I soooo long for! Blessings to you!!!


  127. Lori Schaefer says:

    So thankful for the message. I would love to do the study with my women’s group! I entered via email. Thank you so much for being obedient to what God has for you. It ministers to us!

  128. What a timely message. Your book holds so many truths, and you point back to Jesus and His Word at every step. I signed up for the 7 Day Diet and have enjoyed it immensely. Sometimes we have to take a hard look at ourselves and remember that we are made in the image of God. As long as we accept His truths and know Jesus as our personal savior, nothing on this earth can separate us from God’s love. Thank you for sharing this message!

  129. I loved the 7 Day Doubt Diet! Hoping to win a copy! I shared via facebook.

  130. Thank you for generously giving away advanced copies of “A Confident Heart.” I’ve had it in my Amazon cart for weeks now, waiting for it to be available! Can’t wait! 🙂
    Today, if you could pray for me to actually receive and accept the love God pours out to me daily, and not worry about what friends or foes say that make it hard to believe God likes me just this way…that would be a blessing. Thank you.
    God bless your ministry!

  131. Kathy in IN says:

    I also wanted to say that one worry I want to give to God is my children’s schooling choice. We were homeschooling, then last winter sent them to our local Christian school and I just can’t let the decision alone. I want to keep mulling it over and over and over and even throwing in our public school as an option. I want to give it to Him. And rest. It is so confusing for me when it is a decision that my husband and I have to make, God won’t make it for us. And, does the unrest in my mind mean we are doing the wrong thing? Ah! It goes around and around. Today, though, I’m giving it to Him. Thanks for the prayers in this!

  132. Hi Renee! I did the 7 Day Doubt Diet as part of the Hidden Joy study. I loved the Doubt Diet devotions and have saved the e-mails so I can go back to them later.

    I have to admit – I am a worrier. I worry about everything. My Mom was a worrier so I think I get it from her. And it will wear you OUT to worry all the time! Not to mention the head-aches it will give you! I had never made the connection between everything I worried about and my lack of faith. It is kind of a control issue, I guess. If I worry all the time, somehow I feel like I am in control – rather than giving it all to God and let Him be in control and let Him do the worrying. Why do we do that? HE is the only one that has the power to change any situation we have on our list of things to worry about! Talking to ourselves (even in our heads) gets us nowhere, does it?

    I have enough on my mind with trying to deal with all that “stuff” from my childhood – – I don’t need to add today’s things over which I have no control. Thank you for your devotion – your Doubt Diet – and your ministry.God bless!!

  133. I need your prayers for financial problems. I am to the point of feeling like nothing good can happen to me now. We are in such dire straights. I need help praying, I don’t know how to pray anymore. :,(

  134. Hi Renee,

    I too have done all 3! I printed out all the devotions for the 7day diet….I’ve never been confident in anything. I know this study is replacing the lies of the enemy with the word of truth in my life. Thank you!

  135. Jackie RANGEL says:

    Thank you for the words of encouragement. I especially love how writing down your worries on index cards clears up any confusion in your mind and then physically placing them at the foot of the cross lets you know they are being taken care of by my God who is in control.

  136. Renee;

    I am living every word you wrote. I am weary and I am trying to take God at His word.

    Please pray for increase in finances as I work part-time and attend seminary full-time and want to get out a financial hole. Pray for peace and confidence to take the place of doubt, fear and worry and the willingness to be obedient to our heavenly Father.


  137. I signed up for the 7 Day Doubt Diet and it has been amazing. The timing of each devotional was incredible! God truly used your words to touch my heart. I cannot wait to read the book! Thanks for listening to God’s voice and being obedient to Him. I know there are times as a Christian in the public eye, you receive criticism (also from brothers and sister in Christ, sadly) but please keep your head up because you are doing amazing things for His Kingdom!

  138. stephanie b says:

    I have done all three~I have even suggested your book to work through in Sunday School. Prayer request for me is to embrace every change as it comes without doubting and fear. Life seems to be changing so quickly in so many areas and I have never been fond of change at all.

  139. Barbara in NC says:

    I have a lot on my shoulder at this time, I am trying to get a job but because my credit score is so low no one will hire me, i am behind in my house notes, I know in my heart that God has an answer for me, I love to help people, so I do a lot of volenteer work, I know God hears my cries, but it hurt so bad, I also look after my mother who is in a Senior residents. I don’t mind at all she is the only mother I have ever had. She is 92. I know God hears my prayers but I am doing something that is keeping me from my blessing. It is a blessing to wake up everyday. And I thank God for that. I have made some not-so-good choices in my life, nothing for jail or any tye crime, I mean finiacial wise. Please pray that God give me the knowledge and the strength with his blessing, to get a job and get back on my feet. And a finincial bless to get me statrted. I love the Lord God with all my heart.

  140. I have been so blessed by finding you! I know God uses others to reach the area that we are most needing to look at. I have found peace and comfort knowing we all struggle and I am not alone. Satan wants division between us and God and the best way to do that is with doubt and fear. I pray that God continues to bless you in all that you do.

  141. Just finished the first chapter and connected right away! I also have that huge shadow on the wall. But I was shocked by one of the questions at the end ~ when is the earliest you remember doubting ~ you know what, it wasn’t until very recently and I’m over 40 years old! I immediately thanked the Lord and wanted to share with you! But then I got here and started doubting that I should write my thoughts . . . weird, but that’s what’s been going on with me for about a year now. I praise the Lord that during a time when I find ~ after all these years ~ I traded my confidence in HIM for doubt in myself; HE provided a (free) message from you that spoke to my need! Thank you for the encouragement. I just know the Lord is going to use you to bless many women and families!

  142. everytime I start to read your devotionals I feel like it is something I have been through and that is it just for me. I know we girls experience a lot of the same situations and it is great to have someone that can relate to us. I enjoy reading your posts on FB, and your devos! Thanks.

  143. Beloved Jas says:

    Hi Renee,

    I am a subscriber of Encouragement for Today and I came across your 7-Day Doubt Diet. I signed up for the free devotionals as well. I have read the welcome email and I am so blessed by it. Chapter 1 from your book really spoke to me, to my situation. I believe it has got to be Daddy God’s appointment for me to come across all these. I really hope to have a copy too. I invited some friends as well to sign up for the devotionals. God bless you always.

  144. I shared the Peace-Giving Promised page on Facebook AND on Twitter (Bethany LeBedz). I’ll tell you what worry did to me: it made me literally, physically sick. I didn’t listen when God tried to get my attention in more subtle ways, so now I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. He’s got my attention now, but sometimes I still forget and try to do too much and worry too much!

  145. Lisa M. Salmon says:

    Thank you for the post. I struggle with worry on a daily basis. I have for most of my life. I signed up for your 7 day doubt diet and I would love to read your book. I have been trying to live what I learn on my journey with Christ, but like I said, my flesh is weak when it comes to worry. My mother has been diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, My husband had Hodgkins Lymphoma and is now battling Thyroid issues that stemmed from his radiation. My husband lost his job for 3 months because of health issues. I am a stay at home mom with 5 kids so you can imagine my stress level. I still count my blessings because I have a wonderful and supportive family, a roof over my head, food on my plate and a wonderful God and Saviour who takes care of me and loves me regardless of the fact that I continue to worry lol. Please pray that I can continue to lay down my worries and concerns at Jesus’s feet and live the joyous life He died for me to live. Thank you for all you do to encourage and lead. May God contiue to bless your ministry. 🙂

  146. Hi Renee … I am new to your website and training. 🙂 I like your site! I have been out of work since October 2010. I am my mom’s 100% caretaker. It has been good to be home to take care of her, but unemployment will run out soon. I believe I only have one more extension before it will be done. I have been looking for a job, but have not been able to find one in my area. I feel God has closed that door and has opened another one for me. I will begin school on August 3. Continuing Education classes in Medical Administration (this is a new career for me!) It has been many years since I have been to school! I know this is where God would have me right now, but I am a bit nervous about the next unemployment extension. I am working on overcoming this. Will you please pray with me that my mom starts feeling better, that I can overcome the doubt about the unemployment, that I have the skills to do well in school (and do well on the state certification test) and find a job after training. Good gravy that sure seems like a lot! No wonder I’m a little down. Anyway .. I have signed up for your 7 day doubt email. I can’t wait to get them. It just dawned on me they may be very helpful! I have also signed up for your email updates. Look forward to reading your encouragement! Praying peace and blessings over you and yours …

  147. Hi Renee,

    I’ve signed up for your email updates and for the 7 day doubt diet. I look forward to reading your book! Thanks for the chance to win! Have a blessed day!

  148. Kelly C says:

    Loved the 7 day doubt diet and can’t wait to read the whole book! Every day seemed to speak to me at just the right moment, guess it couldn’t have happened at a better time for me. Worry/anxiety has hit me hard ever since becoming a mom, but gone in waves. Your doubt index actually surprised me; I had thought my worry was worse than it really is. Since reading the doubt diet and getting the daily Proverbs 31 ministries email, my husband is noticing a change in my mood/anxieties. Found out today that I could get regular emails from your site, and can’t wait to be encouraged and inspired more. Thanks for all your resources on your site!

  149. Thank you so much. I did all 3. I am so very excited about learning how to be a confident woman in Christ!! I have always struggled with this issue. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do! God bless! 🙂

  150. Renee,

    Congratulations on launch of your new website! It’s beautiful. After scrolling through some of the comments posted my heart aches for so many women with real burdens weighing them down. Thank you for being confident to respond to God when He called you to this very special and necessary ministry. Praying for you and all the women you have touched today. I will be spreading the word via facebook and personnal connections that we can all be lighter through A Confident Heart.

  151. I’ve signed up for email updates and the 7-Day Doubt Diet! Loving it so far!!!!

  152. I can’t wait for your new book!! I just finished reading your 7 day doubt diet and I was left wanting more! I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in my life. I so need something like this. I have been going through a teremendous amount of stress, guilt, and doubting myself. Thank You for shaing with us. God Bless you

  153. Rhonda Tinkham says:

    Love, love, love everything I’ve read so far about your new book. I’ve been a fan of Proverbs 31 on facebook . I decided to like your FB page for your new book because every time a quote was posted from your book from the P31 page, it was truly inspiring EVERY time. I hope to win a copy BUT even if I don’t, this will be a book I will own. 🙂 Blessings to you and your ministry!!!

  154. Stephanie M says:

    This is all so needed for me right now. I struggle with worry and self doubt daily. My biggest worry right now is finances. My husband and I are struggling to make ends meet. It seems like we try to cut things out, but then another unexpected expense comes along and we are right back where we were. Neither one of us wants to get a second job, but it may be the only way to get some of these bills paid off. Please pray for me and my husband, that God will reveal His plan for our finances.

    Stephanie, Ft Worth, TX

  155. Hi Renee! If you could please pray for our family as we are hoping to add to it but dealing with some fertility issues. And I did all 3!! Thanks!

  156. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for being faithful to God so you can encourage us!

  157. Jennifer says:

    I love Ps31! I get the magazine and watch their facebook feed. It never fails to encourage me. My cousin recently lost his legs and left arm in a work accident. I just finished a journal full of scriptures for him and I had to include parts of articles that were in PS31. I also just finished Craving God, which has helped me stick to the crazy strict diet I’m working on. I can’t wait to start on your material! Looking forward to the blessings:)

  158. CeletaC says:

    God’s timing is always perfect and the 7-Day Doubt Diet Devotional a couple of weeks ago was no exception! Each day spoke to challenges I’ve been facing and I was eager to share with anyone who’d listen – my ladies group has decided to use your new book for our next bible study. We are so excited! Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights – I will forever be changed by the way God is working through you~

  159. I already signed up for the 7 day doubt diet (and shared the messages with several of my friends at the time, because it was so awesome) and I signed up for your e-mail list last night. I have been worried about work lately, and that I am following the wrong direction. I would definitely appreciate the prayers!

  160. Sandi H. says:

    LOVE the new website and always love your giveaways. Thank you for being available to God so you could minister to me (and so many others).

  161. Thank you for your inspiring words! I am looking forward to reading your book.

  162. Thank you …I am looking forward to reading this. I loved the 7 day devotionals you sent. I do NOT have a confident heart. I am insecure, but working on it with the help from some wonderful friends. I am looking for balance in my life….priorities…getting God back to the center. Being a wife, mom of 2 wonderful kiddos, full-time work outside the home (summers off), volunteer in children’s ministry at church, 2 Bible studies, serving in the community, trying to lose weight and be more like Jesus…I get weary!

  163. I woud read this with my adult daughter. Her husband wants a divorce after 6 years of marraige. Please pray for Megan.

  164. Lisa Budzik says:

    This devotion came to my inbox at just the perfect time…I could use prayers for peace.

  165. Shared post via Twitter and signed up for email newsletter/devotions. Love the new site and the focus of this book! I struggle with worrying about provision and what God wants me to do ministry wise. Trying to surrender and let go, and just trust!

  166. Thank you for the reminder.

  167. I just finished your 7-day Doubt Diet. I also shared your free resource page on my facebook wall! I began praying several months ago that God would use my husband and I, and the phrase that kept coming to mind was that I wanted to be “profoundly effective” in doing His work. Since then, our life has been turned upside down as we have faced faith challenges on every side. (I should have expected this, right?) BUT in the midst of all the “stuff” going on around us, God has opened doors for ministry (in our church) and we are learning to serve Him even while the storms rage around us! We are strangers, but your ministry has been a great encouragement to me! I will continue to share your devotions, book, etc. with my friends!

  168. Renee, I LOVE your new site! It is really terrific! Can’t wait to come back frequently…See you soon! Lynn

  169. Linda Gerber says:

    I am doing all three of the ideas!

    I am overwhelmed with the number of comments that are already on here just today. I could list several prayer requests, but, if I need to do just one it would be to overcome the stress in my life. It has caused a lot of health problems. I have been a Christian for 40 years, read my Bible and pray daily, am active in my church, love to do volunteer work helping others. And yet, I am always tense and have a hard time giving up worrying. In need of finding a job and at age 57 in this economy, don’t even know where to start. Guess that is already two prayer requests. Enough for now! 🙂

  170. Nickie Reagan says:

    We need rain so bad in the Texas Panhandle. Our crops are suffering. Thank you for your words of encouragement today.

  171. I have done all three things that you suggested above. I was telling Pastor Dawn about your book today and told her that I can not wait to read it. She was interested in it as well. I would love to be able to go through your book with a small group of women from our church. I do have a prayer request today also. My husband recently lost his job and I ask that you pray with us that God will help him to find the right job. Thank you for your wonderful blog and sharing with all of us! I love reading your posts and so many of them really touch my heart!

  172. Oh, I do grow weary from worry. Your blog and book exerpt was a pointed reminder that God is in control…to be still and know that He is God.

  173. Thank you for doing this. I’m looking forward to working through the 7 day devotional, and would love to get the book, too. I’m pretty sure I need this right now.

  174. Letting go so God can handle my worries is what came to mind as I read your devotion. I am a perfectionist who needs routine in her life and when it gets chaotic I worry and the whole nine yards. So I am trying to learn to let go. God can handle it. I will be signing up for your 7 day devo.

  175. My life came to a screeching halt 17 years ago with deep depression. I had been spending a ton of time with God in prayer and in His Word but only felt worse about myself. I would read some scripture and try real hard to do what it said but would only fail and then feel worse about myself. I couldn’t figure out why other people seemed to be able to handle life but I couldn’t… thus feeling worse. Plus, I didn’t feel like a Christian should be struggling with depression.

    I finally got into counseling and a recovery group in our church. I worked through some deep pain in my past with a lot of help from a counselor and started taking better care of myself. Before this, I never said no to anything and felt that the more I did, the more God would love me. (I don’t think I could have verbalized this at that point but that was how I was living my life.) I read the book “Boundaries” and it helped alot. Then I got into a Conquering Codependency Christ Centered group in my church. We went through a 8 month weekly workbook with a small group of equally worn out women. This changed my life. I started covering over the lies I was believing with truths of God.

    I began to be able to Rest as Jesus says “Come unto Me all you weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” Matt 11:28

    The material was so life changing that I have now run 5 different Conquering Codependency groups with worn out burdened women and seen God transform their lives from bondage to freedom. I would highly recommend this to anyone struggling with these kinds of issues. There is help from people that understand!

    Isaiah 61:1-3 says:

    1 The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,
    because the Lord has anointed me
    to preach good news to the poor.
    He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
    to proclaim freedom for the captives
    and release from darkness for the prisoners,

    2 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor
    and the day of vengeance of our God,
    to comfort all who mourn,

    3 and provide for those who grieve in Zion—
    to bestow on them a crown of beauty
    instead of ashes,
    the oil of gladness
    instead of mourning,
    and a garment of praise
    instead of a spirit of despair.
    They will be called oaks of righteousness,
    a planting of the Lord
    for the display of his splendor.

    thankful for God’s help and healing,

  176. Chrissy says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this Renee… we are just going thru some things and waiting on the Lord in other areas…
    Worry definetly takes over in stead of just trusting Him …. Satan has his heydays,,,,,,
    God always uses something or someone to remind me that I just need to trust Him because He will always come thru and I just need to let it go….
    Please pray for us… we have some very imminent financial needs that have to be taken care of asap….. we know He has a plan…..
    I already get your email updates..have gotten the 7 day doubt diet emails and shared the link to todays devotional….

    I pray that the Lord continues to bless you as you serve Him..


  177. Andrea S says:

    signed up for your emails and have already received the 7 day diet and loved it! Can’t wait for the book. Thank you for all you do!!! GOD Bless!

  178. Jackie S. says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win your book… sounds great! I signed up for your newsletter. I will continue to enjoy your blogs and when you are on Proverbs 31. I try to use scripture to help when I am down. My request for prayer is for daughter in her struggles as single Mom, job, finances, troubles with EX, health, and job for her friend….just laid off. Thanks and blessings~~

  179. Michele Davis says:

    Just signed up for the 7 Day Doubt Diet, and read Chapter 1 of your new book. Loved it. Can’t wait to get the daily devotionals and get started. Would love to be in the drawing to receive the book. God bless you.

  180. Hello Renee!

    I signed up for the 7-Day Diet and I cant wait to start receiving it! Todays devotional surely reminds me that I too need to trust and have faith. I have always struggled with faith and trust, and now more because My youngest daughter Ysabel, who is 7 is going through some health issues and although we are doing everything in our power to get her better, it seems like the more I pray about it it, something else comes up. I pray everyday that GOD (who I know) is taking care of her continues to show me that he is in control and not I. Deep down inside I know it will all work out and she WILL get better, However, when I think “ok GOD you are in control and I believe in everything you say in your book of greatness! (The Bible)” Satan always gets the better of me and starts putting the doubt and the “what ifs” back in my head. I ask for your prayers as well if possible and I Thank you for your encouraging words that I need so much at this time in my life! I pray that GOD continues to bless you and your ministry to reach out to all GODs girls! Thank you so much ! Martha

  181. WOW how God works… at just the right time, when I am struggling, a friend sends me your link. I am so looking forward to the 7-Day Diet! I have been battling the not enough’s lately in the realm of my prayers for marriage restoration. My husband finalized a divorce over a year ago, but we reconnected and started dating again a few months ago. My prayers have been for a complete restoration, but there are many blended family barriers. I find myself falling into doubt and despair at times wondering why I am not enough or when will I be (for the marriage and spiritually). I know that there is more going on in the spiritual realm than I can even fathom, but I am a bit weary. My prayers are that my husband will develop a stronger desire for God and walk with Christ and that all the other priorities and issues will fall into their proper place, and that I continue to be transformed and deepen my relationship with Christ. I am challenged to not look at the past and to see that He is doing a new thing. Thank you …. as I sit here teary…. I look forward to this journey!

  182. I am uplifted by your Chapter 1 of your book, I shared it with my daughter, I believe we both can benefit from it! Great words of wisdom, your website is a valuable resource.

  183. Thank you Renee for letting God use you to share His truth! I am so blessed by what I’ve read so far on your website, in your devotionals @ Proverbs 31, in your 7-Day Doubt Diet devos, and on your TV interview. God has lifted a cloud from my mind and a burden from my soul within the past several weeks. He has used your message as one of the ways He is working in my life. I’m so excited, and I want those closest to me to have the same “relief” from God. I shared your link on Facebook too. I can’t wait to read your book! Thank you!

  184. Oops! I forgot…please pray that I will not forget God’s love and fall back into bondage. I need to stay in God’s Word so He can change me…I can’t live for God on my own strength.

  185. Kolleen Birkmeyer says:

    Hi, as well I have done all three or more on your list and I would LOVE to receive your book, and if not by you, then I will be purchasing it because I truly NEED it. You see when I was 32 years old my husband died from a “sudden” heart attack at age 39, leaving me a widow with 2 small children ages 3 and 5. I then started having panic attacks from worry and fear that I too would die and leave my children with no parents, I was having “chest pain”, but every time I went to the ER they said it was just anxiety and stress induced. SO I started to trust in the Lord, going to Bible study after Bible study learning all I could about God and found Jesus and even re-married 1 year and a half later after meeting my new hubby in church. Things were going good, then I got the call, my mom “suddenly” died from a brain aneurysm, which again left me having panic attacks and fear and anxiety. Any little feeling or tingle in my body I would panic, well I went to my Doc, (due to I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia), for a reg check up and told her about my mom passing away and she sent me for an MRA of the brain due to I had seen her for “headaches”….and they found that I have a brain aneurysm also, but small enough that it just needs watching at this point. Well again always having panic attacks and anxiety attacks, trying to “trust” that the Lord has this all in control some days is just plain hard. I recently had an ob/gyn visit due to severe hemorrhaging and now need a hysterectomy to remove all because I have cysts and fibroids, one they say is as big as my uterus and my neurosurgeon won’t release me to have surgery just yet. Today as a matter of fact i went for an MRA to see if there was any change and he said it was worse, I also am out of work right now because my right arm is numb from a pinched nerve due to excessive stress, which flared up my fibromyalgia… you see, I could really use some confidence right about NOW!! I also have a clown/puppet ministry that i began as the Lord layed it on my heart, which as of right now with my right arm being numb cannot perform for our church and area churches. I am believing God’s report and am fully trying to press on and through all of this and I know that my problems are nothing compared to someone who is battling cancer as my dad did, he passed away 2 years ago from esophageal cancer and bladder cancer. I try not to focus on me but CHRIST, my Redeemer, my Savior, my Everything!!!

  186. The worry that I want to give over to Jesus is the worry about my finances. I live alone and it’s so hard trying to pay all of my bills in such an expensive city. It’s so shameful because I’m stuck in this never ending cycle of debt. I have no idea how I’m going to get out and sometimes it seems like I’m never going to get out. I barely have enought money left over for food and gas. I’m really praying for the Lord to pull me out of this sea of debt.

    I tweeted the promises (@mimi5383).

    Thank you in advance for your prayers.

  187. I hardly know where to start. Please just pray that I will somehow learn this lesson of faith and will find His peace in the midst of an ever changing storm.

  188. Thank you Renee, I really need this study right now! I signed up for the doubt diet and subscribed to your emails. I loOk forward to reading the doubt diet and then hopefully The Confident Heart!

    God bless you,


  189. I thank God for using you for me today. I need prayers – I’m just so overwhelmed and feel a little depressed for some reason. Just so many things going on in my life and I just need to surrender everything to God. He knows what I need. Thank you for your ministry.

  190. I have so many worries…so many concerns…one of them being that I am not sure how to sit at Jesus’ feet. I know he loves me, and friends tell me that he wants to hold me, carry me. It is hard to imagine, since I can’t see him, or feel his arms around me. I have been a Christian from a very young age, and God has done so many things for me, plucking me out of despair and hopelessness, and bringing me wonderful, Godly friends, who pray with me, encourage, and stand alongside me, and point the way to Jesus. Jesus has miraculously saved my life so many times, so I feel guilty about my difficulty in this area.

  191. Already got the 7 day doubt diet, signed up for updates.

    Prayer request: just diagnosed with a herniated disc in my back. Going on a mission trip to WV next week before returning for She Speaks. Pray the pain is under control for both. thanks!

  192. Wow-could use this. Economy not great-my music teacher, husband lost his full-time job last year. God has richly provided (enough to cover needs!) but we are lacking health insurance and some peace of mind. Not that God hasn’t given us all that we need and then some-I still can buy a few new pieces of clothes and take my kids to fun places, but it’s not steady income. And I very much believe in staying home with my kids, but not sure if now I should search out a teaching job to see if I can get us health insurance.

    I signed up for the Doubt Diet, your emails, and tweeted this 😉

  193. Hello Renee –
    Perfect, divinely-inspired timing for your study in my life. I am returning to the classroom in a few weeks in my college major area after an absence of 13 years. Although I’ve been involved in education, it’s been in other academic and administrative areas in church schools, so returning to my main endorsed subject in a public school is bringing up all kinds of self doubt. I am so looking forward to your study and sharing this message with as many women as possible. Thank you so much!

  194. Your devotional went right along with what our Recovery Pastor was teaching on last night and he had some hard questions for us to answer. What do we fill our time with instead of meeting with God? That was one of them, I didn’t think I did that because I don’t do anything. I have no joy. I know he meant it that way, what things distract us like TV, hanging out with friends, shopping, etc. I feel like I have no friends anymore. I have run them all off. I don’t watch TV until my husband comes home. He works almost 11 hours a day most days and I am lucky if I get more than 2 minutes on the phone with him in a day. He is very tired when he comes home and we are having marital problems that we are working on and seeing our counselor again. We just had our 33rd anniversary. We have been through thick and thin, for better and for worse with each other. My daughter has a 9 month old daughter that we have never kept but we are finally beginning to get to see on a more regular basis. I am bipolar and was very very ill about 4 years ago. I said some horrible things to hurt my daughter but never knew or remembered until someone finally told me. I was heavily medicated. I hurt her in high school also when I found out my father was a pediphile. He did not sexually molest me but he mentally abused me and used me as an alibi and was very cruel. It was a violent atmosphere to say the least. Pornography was everywhere. Drugs, guns, you name it. Demonic things were happening all around me as well. It started when I was in second grade. God is restoring lots of things in my life and healing me slowly but surely. I am not the confident godly woman I once was that led post – abortion bible studies and helped my friends and was a friend. I heard from someone the other day you have to be a friend to get a friend. Well, I guess I am not doing that. I do share and encourage others, but I must sound like Eeyore most of the other time. I have my moments when I am really walking with God and hearing Him and then I am sinking calling myself a loser and yet I talk back to myself and preach the gospel to myself and that is a beautiful thing I realize later that I have done that and that I have all of that scripture hidden in my heart. It is amazing what He pulls out of me when I need it. He is mine and I am His. But my prayer request is that I will believe that HE really does love me ALL the time. I must not. For I learned today that I do fill my time with something on days that I am not seeking him that must comfort me…calling people on the phone. Anyone who will listen. ANYONE. I crave women s fellowship. I used to be in prayer groups, bible studies and I am so used to isolating that I don’t know how to break free. I used to play tennis 5 days a week and play competitively but my team wouldn’t let me back on after an injury and then I learned FINALLY, they were not my friends. They were acquaintances that I played tennis with. I have surrounded myself in a great “community” at church again and that is a great start but I have no one to just go grab a cup of coffee with or run to TJMAXX with, you know? I am hungry for fellowship with a sister like that but SHE MUST LOVE JESUS MORE THAN ME AND MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS WORLD. I have learned my lesson. I have signed up for the 7 day diet and I am going to email a friend about this diet and I would love to have a book. I have so much to learn about trusting God and believing that He has GOT IT. I loved your idea of every night writing down the notes by the cross. I can do that! It is accomplish-able. I can do it. I am going to try to do all the things you asked. They are accomplish-able! I am looking forward to this. I am praying and longing for the day I can keep my Mallory (that’s my grandbaby) on my own or with Grandpa and just be so thankful to God! So many other women have so many more serious things to pray for that I hate to even ask for prayer. But I know God is a mighty God and His arm is not too short to take care of ALL of us women that are hurting and needing His love. He is my Papa. I have been given a new daddy since my earthly father is estranged from me and was so wicked and unrepentant. I have forgiven him but I cannot and will not see him. That is part of the reason I believe that I have such a hard time believiing that God loves me and that my husband loves me. At least I am understanding that and once I understand something it is SO much easier to go to God with and lay it at His feet. But it takes time to heal. Thanks for listening.

  195. Stacie Delliquadri says:

    Renee, Your devotions always seem like they are meant for me!! I feel renewed after reading your devotions and looking up the corresponding verses. I have signed up for your emails and shared the link with a few friends who would benefit from your thoughts & wisdom.

  196. Wow! Almost 200 comments! Awesome!

    I’m already signed up for the other things so I thought I’d enter for friends. I posted on my Facebook page and also on the SS Attendees page,

  197. I am signed up for your emails! Thank you so much for being an encouragement to us all. I am a young writer/speaker … not really sure what to be doing right now except spending time in the word and praying. Just found out about the She Speaks Conference tonight… wish I had known sooner – I would have been there! But I know God’s perfect provision will prevail! I’ll be there next year! 🙂

    I’d love a copy of your book and to discuss any questions with you, what an amazing blessing!

  198. Came across your Doubt Diet today … couldn’t be any better timing. After 17 years at one company I’ve relocated and am in the midst of a job search. ‘Rejection’ from applications to jobs you’re confident you are qualified for makes one question and doubt self like never before. Looking forward to the next 7 days and refocusing on the truth! Thanks for your prayers and words of wisdom.

  199. The new website looks great. Thanks!!! Life and all the changes, all of a sudden I’m faced with a 32 year job ending and still to young to retire. So after a 35 year abscence from school (high school) Im finding myself back to college at 52 years old. What was I thinking. My confidence is somewhat nonexistence so I am looking forward to your new ministry. I pray daily for God’s wisdom and guidance. I have a peace about what Im doing, but every now and then you know who comes prowling and drops in to give that self-doubt thought. Thank you again for being faithful. God Bless you. .

  200. Thank you for your devotion today! I am looking forward to the 7 Day Doubt Diet. I often struggle with self doubt and worry. This is especially true right now, as my family is at a crossroads with many big decisions to make. We are praying for God’s wisdom and guidance. Thank you for your encouraging words and reminders of God’s amazing promises.

  201. I have pre-ordered your book. Can’t wait to get it. Plus, I did the ‘doubt diet’. But, I still am dealing with doubt and worries. I really apreciate your web site, along with all the P31 sites. Some of the emails really touch my heart.

    I would apreciate prayer , to over come my doubt and worry.

  202. Sherri I says:

    Thank you for today’s devotion. I caught it early this morning and it was very timely. I will be doing the “Doubt Diet”. Your book will be helpful to anyone. Prayers for wisdom are always appreciated.

  203. Thank you so much for today’s devotion. Actually, July 13th devotion, it is still the 13th here in Colorado. I have to share what your devotion did for me. I was sitting in a surgical suite with my husband who had just had surgery to remove a quite extensive squamous cell carcinoma. I had been praying for him for so long and hard yet doubts kept creeping in that they would not get it all. No matter how many times I rebuked those thoughts, they continued. The Holy Spirit nudged me to pick up my phone and check my email! I looked up and said, “Now?” I did and found your devotion. I had no more doubt or worries! I knew that I knew that I knew! The doctor came in less than five minutes later while I was still crying my eyes out and praising God and told me Joe was cancer free! Praise God!

    Joe has to have a part of his finger amputated because the surgery didn’t leave much to repair. The news is devasting but I continue to encourage him that God will see him and us through this. Your devotion was perfect timing! God never ceases to amaze me how He works through others to deliver the promises we need when we need them! I have signed up for the, “Doubt Diet” and ordered your book! Thank you and may God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry!
    ♥ Anne

  204. Thanks for sharing your today’s devotion Renee. Its really not an accident that i stopped by here in your blogs. I believe that God was the one who led me along to come across your writing through the Proverbs 31′s Encouragement for Today’s devotionals. This is really timely that Im also clouded by many worries about my future after a devastating heartbreak. I had so many dilemas.. Thats why i really feel blessed to have the Proverbs 31 Authors who keep on sharing your heart to us.

    Im praying as well to definitely get your book somehow, someway 🙂

  205. colleen says:

    It is almost 5am and I have been up for hours worrying about not having a job and how as a single 61 year old woman I could be considered employable. I have also started drinking to ease my worries and I know that is not the answer. Please keep me in your prayers that I will once again feel God’s love and presence in my life. Whenever I have placed my life in His hands, I feel the peace that passes all understanding. But lately I have felt so detached from the spirit. I can’t believe I found this email from your ministry in the middle of the night to comfort me by reminding me that I just have to believe God has a plan for me and my life. Thank you so very much for your reassuring words of God’s love for us, his children. I can’t wait to read the first chapter of your book later today because I now believe I will be able to get some sleep. God bless you and all you are doing for women all over the world with your words of wisdom from God’s holy word. I truly believe that God talks to us through other people and you just gave me the message I needed to hear from Him that He is still with me and has not deserted me. Thank you again.

  206. Thank you so much for your devotion on worry. I have signed up for the 7-Day Diet as well. God has been speaking to me through the story of Mary and Martha, because just as the Martha is in this story, so have I been. God has shown me this and helping me to change and choose what is best, to sit at the feet of Jesus and relinquish all my worries and cares to him. Your devotion was just another confirmation from the Lord that he is concerned about me and loves me. Thank you again for ministry.

  207. Worry … because of this I turned down a job offer this week because I was worried about the financial impact on my husband and I. I was worried that going from full-time (45+ hours/week) to part-time (28-32 hours/week) pay would be a hardship and that our lives would implode because of me. The really sad part is is that I felt God’s call to put my application in for this position. I felt that He was calling me to work less for the world so that I could explore the call I keep experiencing to go into ministry. I worried that because I’m “older” – past my mid-50s – that I would compromise what my husband and I have worked for these past years. Worry … some days it’s what I do best. Thank you for your devotion today – I am going to place a cross on my nightstand and leave my worries there. God bless!

  208. Judi Splint says:

    Praise the Lord that he recently directed me to this website through my prayer. You girls continue to amaze me by your dedication; and surprise me by your energy! I love this site and you girls; I am so grateful to the Lord that he has you all doing this.
    My mother used to say that I live to worry; I go to bed to worry while others go to bed to sleep. Well, she was right; but I also did not know the Lord then either. Since coming to know Him, I have become a different person, but the old habits continue to return and rerun. I try daily, with the Lord’s help, to keep my focus where it needs to be—on Jesus–and I am improving, but still, of course, failing as well. BUT there is improvement. He is faithful and as long as I place my trust in Him, I will continue to improve.
    Those peace giving promises are soooo necessary for us to live for reasons other than to worry, and for when we go to bed, to go to sleep, and not to worry. The more positive God honoring truths we place in our minds, the more amunition we arm ourselves with against evil, right?
    I had experienced 3 mental breakdowns in my younger years, and many years of psychiatry following. Since coming to know the Lord, He has freed me from so much bondage, I can’t begin to share with you. But, I can attest to who He is; and He is love. Love in its fullness. And He is using you for this purpose, for which I am delighted. Thank you for following in the path He has ordained for you. I look forward to coming on board on many studies etc. that you will lead.
    Peace Giving Promises is going to be beneficial for — I would have to say — everyone!! I do look forward to this, and to becoming better acquainted with your site. Congratulations, by the way!

  209. Katrina Kinnison says:

    Renee, Thank you for your sweet spirit! The thought of a virtual stranger asking me if she can pray for me is humbling! I am thankful for your “doubt diet.” Worry plagues me just as it does so many women! My current prayer request involves worry itself. I am a working mother who thankfully has summers off. As the school year quickly approaches, I have anxiety creeping in. I worry about the busyness of my soon-to-be schedule and the exhaustion that I have felt in the past with my responsibilities. Thank you so much for your prayers!

  210. Miosotis says:

    I thank you so much for sharing your devotion this morning!!! I’m Kinda letting go of a lot of circumstances that are beond my control…I have five girls, and my 14 year old has been diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension plus she has azburgerz sindrome…they will perform a CATH in a few weeks to determine the pressure in her heart. I know and beleive that God works for good in every situation, just that I’ve been worring in excess, but I have released it to God…there is nothing I can do but Praise HIM for my daughter and the time HE has giving me to raise her up….
    Her name is Nataly and I ask you to keep her in your prayers…

    GBU, Miosotis

  211. I’ve signed up for the 7 day Doubt Diet!

  212. I have lived my life with worry since I was a very young child. I have recently gone through a divorce and I doubt everything. I am always second guessing my decisions, thoughts, opinions, everything. I am afraid of making another wrong decision. So, I think this book and the doubt diet will be a great benefit for me. I hope I can walk away being a stronger woman and more confident in who I am in Christ when I finish your 7 day doubt diet and eventually your book.

  213. Dear Renee thank you so much for the Study and the promise sheet. This is one of my struggles worry and i really want the Lord to change me in this area. Your study has been a blessing and encouragement because you are so open about your own struggles. This is the day that the body of Christ should be encouraging one another and lifting each other up and you do that so well through your website. The Lord is definitely showing me how we need to bear one anothers burdens and how we need to be open with each other, I would love to get a copy of your book but for now i will work through this study The proverbs 31 team is a blessing to so many women and to me. I think Women’s Ministry is so important. By the way i followed your adoption of your daughter i can relate i brought home two beautiful boys from Guatemala and one of them was about that age. Now they are both in 5th grade 6 months apart. Adoption is a blessing from the Lord. Thanks again for the time you put in to share what God has laid upon your heart Ruthie

  214. Kathy Van Gundy says:

    I am signing up for all three. Your story has inspired me and your book interests me. For over 20 years, I kept a secret about a life changing decision that cost me my family. This secret boiled inside of me and took away my confidence. I ran from everything, including God. One day, in quiet desperation while driving my car, I prayed to God and He brought a wonderful Christian man into my life that has helped me get closer to God in a way I never was before. In September 2010, God directed me to deal with this issue as it was causing problems in many of my relationships. He placed before me 4 different but very similar studies and commanded me to go through these simultaneously; this would take up most all my free time. I obediently followed His direction and embarked on my journey September 2010 – April 2011. Today, I feel free of the torment that once kept me in bondage and am able to share my story with other women. My story specifically helped one woman in my group free herself of a bondage that was ruining her marriage and today, her relationship is flourishing. I still have a long way to go and I’m grateful to be directed to your website and look forward to gaining more confidence through your 7-day Doubt Diet. May God’s blessings be poured out on you for His work you are doing. Thank you.

  215. I am already signed up for the 7-day Doubt Diet and I receive your email updates. I plan to follow you as long as you have something to say. I once heard you speak at a women’s ministry event in Concord, NC and I fell in love with you. So I’m a loyal follower!

  216. I too have already signed up for the 7-day Doubt diet and I loved it. It was so neat to see God working in me through you. Each day the devotion describe me perfectly. You are someone I always look up to. You are an excellent example of a women of God!! I am looking forward to the release of your book!! May God continue to bless you and your family!

  217. I really enjoy the devotion you put out. It really speaks to me. It has blessed me and I do need that especially I have been struggling with a lot of life issues. I get discouraged and disappointed with life.
    I appreciate your work and you have touched my life with your devotions.
    Hope to be able to get your book.

  218. I LOVE Proverbs 31 and all that you are doing! I LOVED the Doubt Diet and even posted it on fb!!! I would really LOVE to win the give-away too! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  219. Margie F says:

    I have signed up for the 7-Day Doubt Diet and have forwarded your message and invitation to several friends. I have suggested that they use your book for their next bible study. I look forward to more of your wisdom and faith in your book. Thank you.

  220. Penny Via says:

    I have truly been enjoying your devo’s and your thought provoking messages on Self-Doubt and I’m so looking forward to your new book!!! You have given me great encouragement just at the right time and I thank you that you are fulfilling God’s ministry as you are. Pray God’s peace and rest upon you so that you may continue hearing and walking the path that God has given you and through that – helping and making such a difference in the lives of others. I have posted your 7-Day onto my facebook pray – I hope others will check out the site and gain as much encouragement and comfort as I have.

    I would really love to win you give aways!!!!! It would be such a blessing….

    Be blessed,

    P.S. Prayer request – pray that I can learn to let go of the little things and focus on what is truly important in order to bring more peace into every day life….worry and stress can be overwhelming and truly is of Satan….Thank you!

  221. Thank you so much for your encouraging words and leading us to God’s word and prayer to work through these ‘issues’ in our lives! Thank you also for listening to God’s leading in your life and sharing what He has done for you! 🙂 You are a blessing to many!

  222. dorothy s.n. byekwaso says:

    Dear Renee, Praise Jesus,
    Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing in the spiritual world. I’m blessed to have read about your work. Am also blessed to have joined P31 for thed daily devational verses. Am from Uganda, Africa, East Africa. Am a born again christian, a pastor, a women leader and a founder of Goshen Children Centre at Holyghost Power Centre Church in Uganda. But currently in America, Texas State, Houston City for a vocation and later a conference Global Church Fellowship at Florida Fort Meyres. Just chapter 1 of your book A Confident Heart has really touched me. It is exactly what i have experienced all my life right from childhood to date. I thank God for all the scriptures i have picked Isaiah 49:23 to be my guiding factor. I believ by the time am done with the 7-day doubt diet i will be a very powerful person in the name of Jesus. i have already posted the information to my daughters, women community of our church and friends. Am planning to organise a conference at my church in November this year so that you may come and speak to the ladies of Uganda, twe need transformation from the life filled with fear and self doubt to faith- filled life with God- confidence.

    May God Reward You Abundantly.

  223. Self doubt is a big issue in my life. Please pray I will find my worth and confidence in Him.

  224. I FB’d about it!

  225. I’m signed up for your Doubt Diet.

  226. Hazel Collette Adams says:

    I am so grateful that a friebnd emailed me this website today. God knows what i need and when i need it. Over the past few days I have been in such a tizzy wondering how I would come up with the balance of money for my son’s final semester in college. I even started doubting and second guessinbg God. I am glad to know that he sees and knows my needs and that he will supply them in due time. Continue to lift up my son and I as we continue to wait on God for a breakthrough to meet the july 20th deadline.

  227. It is such a blessing to have clicked on your website today. I signed up for your 7 day diet and also forwarding to friends and sister for they will also be incouraged by your story. My prayer is for my husband. He is an atheist. I had know idea that he was not a christian men when marrying him 5 years ago. He would read the bible with me and had gone to church with me before we got married. It was 6 months in the marriage that he told me. I pray daily for God to reveal to him the truth and touch his heart. I get so discouraged but I know that God is an awesome God and he hears my prayers. Thank you so much for letting me share my prayer. My God bless you and your giving to so many with your devotions. I have not read your books but I would love to have my heart touched by them. Thank you and many blesses to you.

  228. Karen Waltz says:

    Hi Renee,
    Wow, God is so amazing! He knew just what I needed as found your devotion and just signed up to your 7-day Doubt Diet! I have been struggling with self doubt regarding if I matter! I began doubting my worth on Tuesday when my boyfriend did not call me when he was in an accident with his motorcycle. I thought do I not matter enough for him to call and let me know! We have talked of marriage and here he doesnot even call to tell me, it began a spiral down of my past failures! Am I not important, does he love me etc and the list goes on and on! You know what I mean!

    Anyway thank you Renee… I also ordered your book! I want to be a God confident woman! Thank you and I am so excitied…

  229. Hi Renee, I have been praying that God would give me a book/devotional that would meet this stirring in my heart. When I received the Proverbs31 Ministry email and read your devotional and read about your new book A Confident Heart I knew that God was speaking to me….so….I’ve done all the above! I have 3 daughter-in-laws and I have emailed it all to them as well. I’ve been praying God would use me in their live’s and open doors to share with them by using your book. Thank you for your hard work and obedience to the Lord…we are so blessed!
    Love, Karon

  230. Kristen Andrew says:

    Oh man, I can’t even begin to tell you the things that swarm in my head every day and as much as I try to give them to God they always come back at me. I am a mother of 4, I am trying to run a home business I started myself and I am a Pastor’s wife in a position I was drafted into I didn’t sign up for it. My husband was granted the position at our church after my father (who was pastor) passed away and well I just don’t know what I am doing here. I am getting flyig by the seat of my pants on the job training as I go and it’s not easy to say the least. The ministry thing is my biggest stressor and I feel all those things and more that you stated above. I don’t know what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and our church is so small and not very well off financially so we do all the work we do in the ministry for free and I have to do most if not all of everything that happens at the church from cleaning to Sunday mornings everything except preach. Yeah that’s where I need prayer.

    I am sharing the giveaway on FB and also signed up for the 7day doubt diet and well this is my comment 🙂 Thanks!

  231. My grown son was killed in a fire on April 23rd along with his girlfriend and I have been filled with grief and despair. Your devotionals have been a blessing to me. I signed up for the 7 Day Doubt Diet and would love to read your new book. I appreciate your prayers.

  232. Becky Stewart says:

    Renee, I signed up yesterday for the 7-Day Doubt Diet. I read Chapter 1 last night and have done the first lesson today. It is absolutely AWESOME! Thank you for sharing your book and all your insights. It is exactly what I need in my life. My desire is to become MORE confident in my walk with the Lord and do ALL that He has called me to do. I am throwing ALL my insecurities in the trash NOT my confidence! May God richly bless you!

  233. Rebecca says:

    Thank you so much for your message today about WORRY and giving up. I too feel my mind with worry and dobut about how I am going to make it as a single mom. I stress myself to where it really affects the interaction I have with my daughter, my family, friends and even co-workers. I have this emptiness that I know is full of worry and if I would just let go and let God, I would feel so much better. I can’t wait to start your 7 Day Diet! It couldn’t come at a more perfect time in my life. I”ve shared your blog with a friend in need, signed up and so would love to win the books and call!
    Please pray for me as a single mom to make the right choices and budget my money to cover all our expenses.

    Thank you for your works, I am so glad you didn’t give up!

  234. Elizabeth says:

    I have done all three!! Thank you so much for the encouragement. I have always been a person with a lot of self doubt and I am so looking forward to your 7 day diet! Lately worry has been overwhelming at times as my 7 year old son came down with MRSA while my husband and I were 3000 miles away on our very first week long vacation without kids. It was overwhelming to be so far away and not be able to take care of my very sick boy. I had to work so hard to give him to god and at times all i could do was cry and know God knew my heart. He had surgery to drain the infection and now has a pick line for the next 4-6 weeks so he is able to recieve IV antibiotics I was so overcome with worry in the beginning that the infection would never go away but i knew God was telling me in my heart that He had this under control. Each day is filled with more things to worry about so I love your idea of writing them down and giving them to God that way. Please pray my son continues to get better and for patience for myself and husband as this places a lot of stress financially and emotionally on already tired parents of 3 little ones.

  235. Anne S. says:

    Just tweeted and I am already subscribed to both! So, all of the above. Please pray for me while my 15 yr old is away on a month long student exchange program—on another continent because I struggle with fear/worry. I give God all of the glory for giving me the courage to allow my daughter to go on this trip and for giving my daughter the courage to go! And she struggles with fear and worry, too!

  236. After being ridiculed as a child, then experiencing multiple life-altering events as an adult, I have been plagued by doubt and fear for most of my life. I now know that God loves me, but I still struggle with feelings of inadequacy and often am emotionally paralyzed by the fear of ‘not being good enough’ or ‘not doing well enough’. I lost my precious Daddy this past April, the day after my birthday. I am happy for him that he is with Jesus, but my heart hurts. Please pray for me that I will be set free from the bondage of doubt and fear. I already know that God will comfort me in my sorrow. He always does.
    Thanks for your prayers, Renee. I have ordered your book and I am looking forward to reading it.

  237. Thank you so much for these words of encouragement! I look forward to reading the book. If I don’t win it, then I will be buying it for myself and several friends that I know it would encourage, also. I have shared your devotional on Facebook ~ It was so good! I knew that it would be a blessing to others. I also shared your link via email with several friends. I signed up for the “7-day doubt diet”. I did the “Doubt Index Analysis”, and printed the great resources you had ~ the “Peace Giving Promises”, the Promises to Personalize” and the “Food for Thought”. I also read the 1st chapter of your book, and I am ready to read more. Please pray for me! I know what I need to do. I have been seeing a Christian counselor for several years. I know the Bible well. But I still struggle with self doubt, anxiety, fear, depression. Right now I am really struggling because I feel overwhelmed. My husband travels with his job so I am responsible for so many things, and it just becomes overwhelming at times. That is when I really start to have the feelings of self doubt, etc, and what I need to do to combat the enemy’s attacks just flies right out of my mind, and I am sucked into the feelings of anxiety and dpression. I would appreciate your prayers! Thank you! And thank you for the resources! I look forward to reading the rest of the book!

  238. Great devos! Something I truly need. Tried to share via facebook, but my security service is keeping me from sharing it, grr!! good to have internet security, but not now!

  239. Nancy R says:

    Perfect timing! I can really use a doubt diet right now. It’s so easy to let doubt seep in to drown out the Lord’s direction and encouragement.

  240. Miranda White says:

    Hey Renee,
    I put this on my fb .Your Doubt diet is great and I pray that Lots more ladys will sign up for it. Please Pray for my 18 year old son he is going through a rebellous Time he has A girl friend who is not helping.I don’t know what to say to him. I am just praying.Thanks


  241. Deanna S says:

    Thank you for your post. I needed to read that because unfotunately I worry way more than I should. One worry I am surrendering over to God is my pregnancy. I am 12 week pregnant and three years ago I miscarried at 12 weeks, so naturally my flesh wants to worry about my pregnancy and if the baby is okay. Father God I give you my worry and will trust that Your will be done and that this baby will be healthy and full term.

  242. Colette says:

    I just wanted to comment that my scripture memory verse this week is Psalm 18: 32
    “It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect!”
    How can anyone have self doubt with a Promise like that!!! 🙂
    I would love to win a copy of your book! 🙂
    (Also would love prayer for a financial breakthrough for my husband’s business)
    Thank you and thanks for all the encouragement!

  243. Can you know yet not know something about yourself? Shoving, covering up or denying its existance does not mean it is there. I believe now is the time to take an honest/open look at this area of my life and deal with it. By the grace of God it will be dealt with. I will not rest until every thought of self-doubt is in subjection to God and His Word. Please pray for me.

    I have completed the three requirements to enter the drawing. I pray those who need it most gets a copy in Jesus’ name.

  244. Thank You Renee for your insight. I am going through a lot of doubt in my life right now and your words of encouragement are very helpful. I am going through a divorce and struggling with finances. Have a son 21, lives with his dad, who hates me and denies he even has a mother. There is nothing more hurtful than comments like these coming from your own child. My daughter 18 who lives with me and is a support to me. I am at the point of doubting that God is really there and cares. Deep down I know He is there and cares but I am having a hard time reaching Him. I have done one of the things you suggested. Writing down the things I worry about and put them on the cross. I have a cross next to my bed and I put these worries under it. It is so hard because I keep wanting to take them back. My strength is gone, I have no more. All I want to do is cry all the time. Friends and family keep telling me it is going to get better. It is hard to see that happening. The only thing that does keep me going are devotion I read daily and the prayers of my friends.
    Thank you for the ministry that you have. God is using you to touch many lives including mine. God Bless you!

  245. Thank you, Renee, for doing this! Our family has been through a lot this year…death of a parent, becoming grandparents, empty nest, and leaving the Army after many years to take a head pastor position. Weary doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel right now, and the weariness invites doubt. I am passing this along to my two older daughters and some friends in our new church. Looking forward to the message that God has given you to share! Bless you today and always.

  246. Allison says:

    Thank for the idea of writing your worries/fears down and placing them under the cross. I am going to implement that in my home for my husband and I do together. Loved the doubt diet! I am anxiously waiting to read your book. It is going to be a great follow up the Hidden Joy study. I love that Lysa encouraged to pray for more and WOW did God show up and show off. Don’t limit him.

  247. Hi Renee – I’ve done all three of the above, not for the contest, but the Lord has always led me to you and I believe in you and certainly believe in the book! Please pray for me. I have been ask to teach a ladies Bible study at my Church and have never taught adults! I’ve taught children and junior high students! I have prayed about it and feel led to accept the call – step out of my confort zone! I am looking at several of the P31 resources. Thank you for all you do! ~Hugs~

  248. Tammy Bricker says:

    Thank you Renee for the opportunity to receive your book. I am in the process of writing a book I know God put on my heart to do. Doubt through the writing process has been my constant companion even though I “KNOW” the calling of this book is from God. This became apparent to me when I was in Church one Sunday. Our Pastor gave the invitation to come up and share testimonies. Many came forward and due to time constraints, I was unable to give my testimony that day. I was disappointed. In the whirlwind of my disappointment, God spoke to me. He told me I was not looking at the bigger picture. He spoke to me of reaching millions. Since that day, God has continued to give me confimation after confirmation about writing this book. But the doubt still remains and it stifles my progress in bringing the book to completion. If I continue to stand in the shadow of doubt, the pages remain blank. I would so much love to come into His Light and fill the pages with His inspired words. Please keep me in prayer to His endeavor. Thank you for your encouragement.

  249. Amy Winton says:

    Thank you, Renee, for listening to God’s calling for you to write A Confident Heart. I have been struggling with fear, worry, and anxiety for several years. It’s been about a year since I first recognized that doubt is one of my struggles as well, and it leads to the fear and worry I deal with daily. God has given me many victories over the years, and I can see growth in these areas. However, right now I feel all those things you mentioned in your Proverbs 31 devotion on Wednesday, and I am exhausted and weary. I have been for a long time, and it is only getting worse. I am really looking forward to your book. I have asked our church to consider it for our Ladies’ Bible Study in the fall. Would you please pray with me that God would lead their hearts in making a decision that is according to His will? (If our church does not choose A Confident Heart, I plan to read it independently.) We need a spiritual revival in our home as well…our children are in their pre-teenage years, and becoming rebellious while moving toward a love of the things in the world rather than Jesus, and eternity. This concerns me and is a heavy weight on my heart. I see how easily Satan can use it to regularly discourage me, and I am not effective for the Lord when I am discouraged. Thank you again for your ministry. May God get the glory through it all!

  250. Renee, I just read Day 7 of the Doubt Diet–THANK YOU!
    I feel like giving up often in the areas I struggle most with. But God wants to hold my hand and lift me up again. Thanks for sharing this encouragement!

  251. I love the 7 Day Doubt Diet Devotion but somehow I missed getting the first day is there away to find it or get it sent to me. I thought I had signed up for it before it started. I love this devotion and look forward to getting the book A Confident Heart. Thanks Deanna Myers.

  252. I signed up for the doubt diet. Please pray for my mother whose dementia causes many fears and doubt.

  253. Cheryl Metzger says:

    This was a divine appointment from the Lord. Thank was strange to see words that I have thought put down on your pages. Thank you Renee…Cheryl / Spencer WV

  254. Sherry Stout says:

    A friend of mine shared the 7 Day Doubt Diet with me. After much procrastination I downloaded chapter one and read it. I immediately ordered my copy of the book and shared it on facebook! I have signed up for your email, want to purchase the Shaped with Purpose set because like you, I shutter when asked the question if money was not an issue , what would you want to do with your life? What makes you come to life? What are your passions and dreams…..ugh the difference between you and me is that in November I will be 55! It seems my life has been hit with doubt the most in the last 8 years. I have been through 2 nasty church splits, lost my dear sister, lost my dad and because of some things I cannot discuss I have had to stop sharing life with a friend who I know was a gift from God to me. ( It’s complicated) Life just hasn’t turned out like I always thought it would. With all of these things , my heart took some deep hits and the enemy came in like a flood to tell me that I wasn’t enough, that I can’t do it, that “word ” was not for me……etc. However it seems like forever that i have struggled with this and it seems be getting worse …….like cancer eats away at the body, this eats away at the soul. I have wanted to give up many times…but God! So I am going to do all that you ask us to do to get in the drawing. I know I am not the only one who needs this. I do pray for God to pick the winner…

  255. Christy Smith says:

    I receive the P31 Devotionals every day and just signed up for the Doubt Diet as well. What an encouragement the devotions are to me! When I read about A Confident Heart I called my husband at work and told him all about your book and how I can’t wait for it to hit the shelves! I’m super excited about getting your email updates as well. I would like for you to pray for guidance I have a 12 year old daughter and I know this is a crucial time in her life. I want her to continue with her love for the Lord and just bloom! Thank you for offering to take time out of your busy schedule to pray for me!

    Christy from Ohio

  256. Darlene Jenkins says:

    I am enjoying you sight already. I just found it yesterday and it is wonderful and I plan on sharing this with some of my friends. Please pray for me as I try to downsize again to a smaller place. My granddaughter has lived with me for the past 3 years as her and her step dad have disowned her because she spoke up on things he was doing now she is finally ready to try living on her own. Still is going through the court system to prosecute him but it is a long journey she has not seen her siblings for 3 yrs now there are 5 other children in the home. I long to understand why my daughter chose him over her own child who was a victim. Then my son looks like he is moving out he may of found work in Ohio. So it will just be my husband of 42 years and me. I pray we don’t get lost in the empty nest.

  257. I love getting your emails everyday! And I love your new “home”! You are so very talented and anointed! I did the 7-Day Doubt Diet a few weeks ago with the first round of emails, oh my how they touched and checked my heart! I am going through a major season of doubt, fear and worry!! I have days I don’t know how I get through with a smile on my face. Thank you for opening yourself up and allowing God to use you! I have followed you for a while now and I have been so blessed by all your writings! No matter how I get it, I will own a copy of A Confident Heart!! This book was writen for me!!

    Much love and prayers!

    PS…i type in CAPS cause it is faster for me and easier to see…LOL….i am not yellin at ya…have a BLESSED DAY….

  259. Lindsay Branch says:

    Hey 🙂 I have signed up for the daily emails, andthe 7 day diet!! Thank you so much for this contest!! I look forward to my Proverbs 31 daily devotionals in my mail box everyday!! I have been traveling down a path of brokeness for the past year and seprated myself from God and the ones I love. I just recentley woke up from my “Fog” and recommited my life to the Lord. I am so blessed to have a God, family and friends that didnt give up on me. <3

  260. Kowana Farrar says:

    Renee thanks so much for this devotion. Sometimes I wonder if I am spiritual at all. I’m definitely insecure in those ways. But in your devotion you talking about just allowing God to lead my thoughts and not me. I truly feel I am in a fog because of everything I have gone through in the past 3 years. I mean my marriage is over in which I am definitely over that, but just the thought that I have been with him for 20 years, but yet I feel he never cared about me at all!! well fast forward to now I am at peace at where I am in my life but feel stagnet, and always worried about finances, my son is going to college.; So here is my prayer request that I will surrender to God all my thoughts, actions etc. Pray that in finances I will glorify God and not myself . That I will align my thoughts with God’s will and not my own. Thanks again!!

  261. Michelle Dove says:

    i would love to be included in the A Confident Heart give-away. i am an unemployed single mom so i have no money but i would love a copy of your book. So i will be praying that my name gets picked. Thank you so much for all your words, thoughts, and prayers. I am so thankful God lead me to your website. Michelle Dove

  262. Hi Renee:

    I am a 51 year old female who has been thrown away by society and I have given up all hope. Some days are better than others mostly bad though. I have been blessed by your series of articles from your book A Confident Heart and it has helped me become stronger each day now with a desire to live. I have been unemployed for over 2 years and have lost all hope. I PRAY that I will WIN a copy of your book because I would love to win it all I would purchase it but I have no funds available I’m sitting here now hoping for some kind of financial blessing to keep my utilities on this month I have been selling things on Ebay but this month so far I have sold nothing. PLEASE PRAY FOR A JOB FOR ME OR SOME KIND OF FINANCIAL BLESSING. Thank you for the devotions so far. Connie Hall

  263. Sharon Chism says:

    All my worries started making me weary. And they made me wonder… I wondered if I could manage my life. I wondered if God noticed and cared about all I was doing for Him, and others. And I wondered why God wasn’t doing something to make my life easier. I couldn’t have said it any better than you did. I’m feeling the same way and don’t know how to snap out of it. Without going into a long story I’m having feelings of rejection.

  264. Nora Diaz Schaberreiter says:

    “When I find myself standing in the shadow of doubt, I ask Jesus to show me what triggered my emotions. Then I process that trigger point through the filter of God’s perspective and promises. I ask Him to show me what lie I believe that needs to be replaced with His truth. I then ask Him to change the way I’m thinking, which changes the way I’m feeling, and eventually transforms the way I’m living.” Loved this entry!
    Thank you, Renee, for sharing with us from your heart, and reaching out to us so that we, too, can get to that place where God intended us get to. For years, I have been running like a gerbil on my own wheel of life, and not getting to a final and blessed destination. All of my adult life I have been listening to lies from my past, from my childhood and even now, in my own present reality, without questioning it and wondering why I always felt like I could not attain that life that Jesus died to give me. This has been a great revelation to me, and I thank you for bringing it to the forefront with your own experiences and your own doubts. God bless you!

  265. Linda Krueger says:

    I am excited to do the 7-Day Doubt Diet devotions by email but did not receive Day 1 and Day 2. I did receive the introduction and Chapter 1 of “A Confident Heart” on July 15th and then received Day 3 early this morning (7/17/11). Thank you for making this wonderful resource available to us! God’s peace be with you!

  266. God promises to provide for all of our needs.Praise God for a roof over my head when so many are homeless. Praise God for a job when so many are without work. Praying for food to eat this week for myself & my 11yr old son. My heart breaks as we had to have a conversation today about how we are not going to starve this week, but that he may feel hunger as we won’t have enough for him to eat as much as he is used to. He was born blind and lost significant hearing between kindergarten & 1st grade. While many would see these things as difficulties God has provided for all our needs along this journey. I praise God for these very real life teaching moments of trusting in Him for our every need as our a/c has decided on the hottest week of the summer to break down. There are so many more in our world today that don’t have food to stretch to make it last a week or shelter or jobs so I am counting my blessings. The Lord is good!

  267. With a son deployed and a daughter going through a messy divorce in another state, I need God’s peace! Doubt has overtaken all in my world right now. I did all three – I so desperately need this right now. Thank you!

  268. I have been a pastor’s wife and a missionary and found myself in uncharted waters as I am now divorced. I never planned for this nor did I see it coming. I just knew that God would bring us back together…wouldn’t that bring Him the most glory? But it has not happened and does not look like it will. Through all of this, I have found myself second guessing my decisions, afraid to make new ones and trying to faithfully walk daily w/ him…not realizing the negative thoughts that I have, until I find myself in the land of doubt instead of peaceful faith. I look forward to reading your book as so many books are out there from the counselor’s point of view, but few allow God to be the counselor through His Word. I look forward to receiving your book. Only those who have encountered these doubts/negative thoughts and have come through them can share with others the way up and out! Thank you for sharing your journey and the promises you claimed!

  269. This website came to me at the exact time I have needed it. I am so full of worry about some things in my life, two in particular, I am waiting on an answer to my son’s schooling with financing and I am also praying that the Lord will give us favor in a real estate deal gone bad and that we find our perfect home soon. I am a thinker/worrier and also tyoe A personality to letting go and letting GOD is not always easy for me. I have done all of the above to not only enter for the books but because I need PEACE. Please pray for me.!!!

  270. Loretta says:

    I came across this devotional today after just dropping off my four kids on a mission trip. Talk about timing. I am trying so hard to not worry. Thanks for reminding me to put off my Martha thoughts and crawl back onto Jesus’ lap. Trust is a hard endeavor for me but I know it leads to His Peace. So thank you. I look forward to your 7 day doubt diet devotional.

  271. Hi Renee! I really enjoyed the devotionals. God has blessed you with the ability to give others hope and peace through your gift of writing. I’m struggling with finding full time employment, so please pray for me. I know that God has a plan for me, so I will continue to pray and ask God for guidance. I will never lose faith!
    Many thanks and blessings!

  272. Audra Ford says:

    I am doing this all today! Please pray for me to keep my eyes on God and to not give up in the daily struggles and to look at these struggles as blessings. Thank you for your posts everyday!

  273. I am doing the 7 day doubt with you. I am on day 5. I just give my life to the Lord July 12th, 2011. I went out with some friends Saturday night. knowing it was the wrong thing to do, but went anyway. I drunk some and later that night I got a D.W.I. I sat around all day Sunday didnt go to church and pretty much beat myself up. But today (Monday) I got up with a different atttitude and repented. Always heard you’re never a failure until you give up. I am not giving up. Just need prayers PLEASE!!!

  274. Julie Ford says:

    Renee –

    just wanted to let you know sister, you have hit the nail on the head with this book. You have hit a homerun in honor of our baseball fans (Go St. Louis Cardinals). Thanks for writing this for allowing God to use you in this totally honest telling of a woman and her confidence and/or lack of confidence.
    Yes, you are stepping on toes, we know we are fearfully and wonderfully made, why can’t our hearts follow suit?

    Oh….thank you from the bottom of my heart for this book. I would like to know your thoughts on using it for Bible Study? I am trying to figure out how can I use this book in Wed night studies? The doubt-diet has been so helpful as well. Just had to tell you, this was just what I needed.
    God Bless you!

  275. Hi Renee Don’t know if I should be on here since I’m a guy but I have been plagued by all the things you have mentioned. I have been struggling with divorce,finances,and doubt(just the tip of the iceberg). However God has been merciful to me and I have claimed some of his promises but would like to claim them all and hear his voice clearly. I know guys are supposed to be strong but we get overwhelmed also. I often ask people to pray for me because i believe that the more people praying for you the better,and that the prayer of a righteous man availeth much,but also because i doubt and feel unworthy of Gods’ love. Rod

  276. I find myself caught up in the midst of worry about so many things, and so often, that I’m ashamed of my fear and doubt. I tell myself, “if I’m truly saved by God’s grace, shouldn’t I have more faith? More peace?” then I start worrying that somehow my heart isn’t true and that I am fooling myself – that I’m not even really saved.
    My fears have plagued me throughout my life, starting with smaller things as a young girl, and have moved on to bigger and “better” worries now that I’m an adult with children of my own.
    I would like to ask for prayers that I can accept God’s grace and embrace his promise of peace to those who believe in Him.
    Thank you for your book and your devotionals – I look forward to reading them!

  277. Renee,
    My life is such turmoil these days i don’t know what to do other than to pray. My marriage of 21 years is falling apart. We have had a wonderful marriage until 2 years ago when i went through a major depression and he couldn’t handle it so he started having an affair 10 months ago. He has been back and forth wanting to work on our marriage but when he would find out that he would actually have to work on our marriage and earning my trust again he would leave saying that i was trying to control him etc. He has once again left our family (we have 4 children 19, 16, 13 and 6) and resumed talking to the other woman. I pray constantly just to make it through the day. I pray for strength for me, comfort for my children, for God’s will to be done and for my Husband to be humbled by God so that he will realize that Jesus is the only way to turn his life around even if he never comes back home. Please pray for our family when you can. In Christian Love,

  278. Hilda Quintanilla says:

    “My one worry I want to leave with Jesus” is my daddy’s current battle with cancer. This is his second battle with an entirely different battle with cancer. He is currently at mid-point of his chemo and having complications with it. Please pray the Lord heals him completely of cancer and destroys all the cancer cells in his body and gives him many more years of live. Thank you. love you.


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