When you can name what it is…

I hated feeling this way…uneasy and so uncertain. If only I knew what what was making my emotions so wobbly. If only I could name it. Then I could figure out what to do about it.

One day He showed me. It was doubt. Not fear or worry, but self-doubt that made me question everything I thought, felt and said. I didn’t like it, but naming it helped me know how to pray. Naming it led me to confessions I needed to make and promises I could claim.  Naming it made me feel like I could finally stand up to it.

Recently I  spent some time with my friend, Ann Voskamp. Leah and I visited with her family on their farm in Ontario.  While we were there, II was reading a chapter in Ann’s book, One Thousand Gifts, where she talks about the power of naming things. How essential it is to our healing and hope.

We spent time on the porch talking and Leah recorded our conversation so we’d be able to share it with you. It’s so good to know we’re not alone in our doubts and fears. As you’ll see, Ann and I had many that overshadowed our lives for so long, but we found healing and hope once we learned to them. Would you join us on the porch? Be sure to turn up the volume. A truck or tractor passes and it gets kind of loud. <Also, if you are reading this via email, just click on the post title to see the video on my website>


I love how Ann shared, “When you don’t have a name for something, you’re haunted by it’s shadows…But when you can name something… It loses it’s mask and you can find a strategy to deal with it.” (One Thousand Gifts)

Join us Friday…Ann and I kept talking, and we’d love for you to join us again on the porch. I could have talked with her all day! We’ll be back Friday to share more. If you’d like a reminder, simply put your email in the update box at the top of my website, and I’ll slip you a note in your inbox when it’s posted.

We have a few gifts… Would you leave us a little note by clicking “Share your thoughts” below this post.  We’d love for you to be part of the conversation, too. And I’m giving away 3 signed copies of Ann’s book, so I”ll draw names from the notes you leave here.

One last thing… I wanted to share how Jesus has been working behind the scenes knowing the topic of today’s post. I’ve been receiving notes from many of you reading my Confident Heart devotions in The 7-day Doubt Diet. Just this week, here is what two of you wrote:


“Renee, I just finished reading the Introduction and the first chapter of A Confident Heart . Thank you so much for writing a book like this and knowing exactly what it’s called that I’m going and have gone through all my life and didn’t know what it was called. ~ Sharon

“I’ve always doubted myself, but like you I called my different names. It felt so good to know and hear that I am not alone and that I can find my God-Confidence. ~ Megin


I smiled, knowing it was all HIM!! You are on His heart and in His thoughts, my friends. And if you are curious, maybe now wanting to read Chapter 1 of my book, I’d love to share it with you.

Remember to “share your thoughts” below so I can choose the winners of the 3 signed copies of Ann Voskamp’s New York Times Best-Seller, One Thousand Gifts . I’ll announce the winners next Monday. And since we talked about overcoming self-doubts, I’ll tuck in a copy of my book with each of Ann’s for the three of you who win.

If you are reading this via email, please click on the post title to “share your thoughts” on my website and enter the drawing.

About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. Colette says:

    I am thankful for God’s strength through His Son Jesus, and for making my way perfect! I would love to win both books!! Thanks for your encouragement!! 🙂

    • Kristin says:

      I love the concept of calling what it is. I know for so many years I had no idea what it was. But it is self doubt which leads to all other things. There is amazing healing in bringing things into light.

      • I really appreciate the challenge to frame my life’s memories. I appreciate the pictures Ann captures because they take me by the hand to a place I want to be… in fellowship with God…. with family…. with friends…. and share with those who are hurting a hope to know this fellowship.

    • Such a delight to see two women blessing so many people with their conversation. Thank you for sharing your lives to all of us, who also struggle and live with the shadow of fear and self doubt that easily shatters our confidence in God. As I type these words, the fear of rejection gripped me. I feel a sense of uncertainty in sharing my thoughts. But your conversation challenged me, encouraged me and touched me to strive to live my very best for God. Knowing that God brings the light even into the darkest moments that I am not alone in my struggles has given me a new sense of hope that I too can claim his promises and live a life with a confident heart. I was actually in the verge of writing down and naming one thousand things that I love. And as I stared into a blank piece of paper and realized how many a thousand names were I was at a loss for words. There are indeed so many things to be thankful for and so often we don’t notice them unless we name them and take the time to acknowledge them in our lives. Thank you for giving me a new sense of hope through your ministry. As I share my thoughts to you tears are rolling down my cheeks. I sense God’s peace in my heart and I pray more people will come to know God through your ministries and may He continue to work through your lives so that more people will experience the perfect love of God and claim his promises. It has been a long time since I was able to marvel at the works of God and I thank the two of you for sharing me this experience.

    • Michele G says:

      We shouldn’t hide things from the Lord. because nothing is hidden from him to begin with. Instead we should put a name to it and call it what it is, so that we can face it no matter how fearful it may be. I thank you both for letting all of us know that it is the right thing to do. We should bring things into the light to see them. I take comfort in knowing that Jesus is close to the brokenhearted and gives strength to all who lack it. That he will always lead us to truth and bring everything into his light and work all things together for his glory. Thank you for being so open and honest about your walk it gives me hope !!!!

  2. Margaret Kirk says:

    I was so blessed by your blog tonight…the video of you and Ann chatting felt like I was there on the porch with the both of you. Thank you for your words of blessing and encouragement …. both of you!!! How I enjoy and am strengthened by your words and by your devotion!!
    Thank you

  3. Pamela Tan says:

    I have a revelation just by listening to the two of you speak forth the gifts of God and the most important gift of all time, Jesus. I have learned that naming something is really really important because it really does chase away whatever that is dark and binding. I thank God for you, for becoming a woman of faith to encourage and share God’s love to all.

  4. So true that naming something brings it to life and changes your prayer life and way of dealing with it. Thanks for the encouraging video.

  5. I love the way God orchestrates our lives and brings us just what we need when we need it. Yet again this rings true with this video, blog and website. I am excited to read “One Thousand Gifts” for more insight and healing.

  6. Judi Splint says:

    That certainly did brighten the light that the Lord has been working on in me. At first, I didn’t understand the video; too early in the morning for me, maybe, but as the veil lifted, and I began to understand, it became a powerful message. Yes, to name something gives it an entirely different view. Now I have something concrete in my hand, so to speak, to better deal with it.
    I know many people have said they do not like to be ‘labelled.’ But it is labels that help us to understand; others as well as ourselves. Name it and it helps to bring understanding; it loses the power that ignorance holds.
    Thankyou so much for sharing this talk you both had on the porch that day; it has helped to empower me to better hear from the Lord, by asking Him for His help. Naming it is the first step to overcoming it! And I feel I have much to overcome.

  7. Sherri I says:

    Thank you for sharing, in so many ways. What a step it is when we can name things and may all who listen to or read Ann and your’s words be blessed in their life by taking that step.

  8. Wow… several of my friends have recommended Ann’s book… one has actually taken it to heart and has been keeping a photo journal of daily thankfulness on Facebook.
    I’ve also done the 7 day Doubt Diet… and reading the first chapter of A Confident Heart struck so many chords with me… can’t wait to read both books… just have to wait till the budget allows for extras!!!
    Thanks for sharing your heart and struggles… it is truly a gift!!!

  9. Whitney Ault says:

    I have heard so much about this book and am eager to read it. How cool that you are sitting with the author and discussing it with her. Thanks so much for sharing the insight. What a gift!

  10. Oh my, reading your devotion on Proverbs 31 and then hearing your talk to Ann was like you were speaking directly to me. I have been talking to my daughter-in-law about this very thing lately and reminding her of all the good things she is and has accomplished. And that process has helped me take a look at the good things in my life. I always thought I covered my fears by making a joke about myself, but it seems that everyone saw through it but me! Thank you, thank you. God will use this to speak to so many of us.

  11. I have read One Thousand Gift and loved it so much that I’ve purchased it for a friend and would like to give it to other friends too! Renee, your insight and honesty are so refreshing, I’m very excited to read your new book!

  12. I had read a little of Ann’s book and and I love her writing, it was a pleasure seeing and hearing her as well. I keep a thankful journal on my computer and from time to time I enter what I am thankful for on any given day. After watching this video I am challenged to enter in that journal on a more regular basis. Too often our eyes move from what we have to what we no longer have. That in itself lessens our gratitude. I am also enjoying the 7 day Doubt Diet. Those doubts we have are so stubborn, but I am certain God does not want us living in their shadows. Thank you both so much for your writings, they are truly inspiring.

  13. Thank you for sharing all your insight … I love the bird nest on the cover of the book… Perfect and serene!

  14. michelle says:

    Oh, what beautiful words of hope! It’s so tempting to want to leave the dark, burdensome things un-named, lurking in the shadows. How wonderful to hear Ann say that by naming them and bringing them into the light, God can bring beauty from their ashes. It’s so easy to be down on myself all the time, feeling useless and hopeless. Your conversation with Ann has brought a fresh perspective and a ray of hope! Bless you!

  15. Stephanie says:

    Doubt, worry, fear, insecure, feelings of not being excepted, just to name a few.
    After listening to the video and following along with the 7 day doubt diet, I realized when I put a name to what I’m feeling the power that it has over me fades. I need to turn my thoughts to what God thinks about me and replace the lie with truth. I haven’t been given a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, of love and a sound mind. 2 Tim 1:7……………..I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength Phil 4:13…………… Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests (worries) to God. Phil 4:6……………Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on the completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Phil 1:6

    Thank you for being so transparent and sharing this message of truth.

    God Bless
    Stephanie 🙂

  16. Wow! I can’t wait to share this with my friends, we have discussed this so many times. The inability to attach a name to something makes us feel powerless to fight it.

  17. Jeannie S says:

    Thank you for this powerful message. I look forward to reading both books and deepening my relationship with the Lord through them! Blessings!

  18. Thank you for sharing God’s insight on doubt. Of course, the timing is perfect.

  19. Kathy K says:

    I have been like a sponge just soaking up all that I have been learning from the 7 day doubt diet. Putting a name to my feelings has really helped to diminish them. Thank you for your message. I would love to win both books. Have a blessed day!

  20. I’m so looking forward to reading both of these books. I’d love to win them!

  21. Heather B says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart and speaking to us in truth and clarity! It is both refreshing and enlightening to read and listen and apply all of this to me! Replacing the voice of doubt with God’s voice of confidence is awesome! God Bless and Happy Day!

  22. Both of these books are on my “to purchase” list once I finish the ones I’m currently working on.:) Thanks for your encouragement this morning!

  23. God has just recently revealed some things to me that I have been dealing with but was unclear exactly what it was. It does help to know what the root of the problem is to be able to remove it. I thank God that He is faithful when we pursue Him and seek Him, that He will reveal Himself to us! Thank you for sharing today and for giving all your readers the encouragement to face our problems with God working through us! God bless!

  24. Lisa S. says:

    Insecurity has been my calling card all my life. I am so thankful I am finally hearing God’s words and becoming the woman he created me to be! Your devotions have spoken straight to my heart!

  25. Fannie in Kansas says:

    Renee, thank you for writing these encouraging words. The 7-day Doubt Diet helped lift a load off my shoulders. How often Satan uses even everyday things to put doubts in our minds. He is so suttle and he knows he has to be when we are reading God’s Word and listening for His direcrtions. I am so thankful for your willingness to share from your heart and pray God’s continued blessings on you and your P31 sisters as you faithfully share from your hearts and encourage others to live closer to our awesome God.

  26. Good Morning Renee, It’s interesting how when you are sincere about seeking God in everything you do, how He will show up. I have had so much doubt about my abilities and gifts and whether I was good enough so I have sat on it for YEARS. I said I did not want to listen to any more lies the enemy was trying to tell me so I stepped out on Faith, signed up to sing a solo at my church and have stayed in prayer. Not soon after I made the decision to sing, I got the email for the 7 day Doubt Diet. When I got the email, I thought, could this really be God wanting to comfort my heart and to calm my anxieties. Oh yes, I have said “I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” and have encouraged myself with scriptures, but there was still that lingering doubt of whether or not I can do this. I am now up to day 6 and I know God is really using your experience to calm my anxiousness. I will have 11 days before I sing when I complete this journey of the 7 days. Please PRAY for me to place all my trust and faith in God and that I do this all for the Glory of Jesus. Please pray for my thoughts of “what will they think” or “will I be good enough” or “what if I make a mistake.” Like you, I want it all to be zapped away, but I realize that this is needed for me to get closer and to trust fully in the Lord. I thank you for your honesty and your transperency as it helps to show us that no matter where a person is from, their social status or anything that can differentiate us, we all struggle with some form of doubt & insecurity. Again, please PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for me to be used by God.

  27. Christi Thompson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart and as someone above said, being so transparent. I’ve also been doing the diet and I can certainly feel God moving and working in me. I too have struggled for many years, as long as I can remember, with self doubt but not knowing what it was exactly that was holding me back. There have been so many moments in my life where I knew God was telling me, “Go here” or “Do this”, and I chose not to because I just knew I wasn’t smart enough, equipped enough, what if I fail, what if I embarrass myself, etc. That feeling, that doubt, IS so paralyzing. I’ve spent a lot of time in my life either in bed or on the couch because it is that crippling. Now that I have a 3 year old little girl, that’s not an option so much, lol, but that shadow is still there. So, your words and wisdom are finally helping me to put a finger on “what is wrong with me”, something I’ve asked myself so many times. I can’t thank you enough for opening your heart and allowing God to work in my life, and countless others, through yours. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your boldness. I pre-ordered your book a while back and cannot wait to get it.

  28. K Brooks says:

    I am right in the middle of your devotions and just amazed at how God is using so many sources to bring me to this place. I am so curious to see what the “One Thousand Gifts” are! I have always had a hard time labeling my feelings and the barriers to my spiritual growth. Thank you for sharing! I also appreciate the intimate setting, not “hollywood” make up hair and set. Kinda like we are all on the farm! 😉

  29. Laura Wagner says:

    Wow! Thank you both for sharing your time together with us.
    Renee, God so spoke through your devotional to me this morning about my own self doubts. But then it became even more crystal when watching/listening to you and Ann converse. One of God’s greatest gifts (arent they all great!) is learning that in our trials, our darkest moments, that He is so close to us He whispers not only our name but He’s telling us how to overcome our own imperfections, not the situation. It’s not about the circumstance. He uses this time, this time when we can hear him most, to heal us, get rid of the junk, make us more like Jesus…

    Thank you and Ann for being one of God’s greatest gifts to me today!

  30. My sister recommended One Thousand Gifts to me, and I would love to win it! Doubt is such an insidious creature in my life. I love that women are sharing the power of God to overcome it. Thanks!

  31. Everything about this post and your devotional on Proverbs31 today speaks directly to me……this message is such a mighty answer to a desperate prayer, thank you! I am going to save $$ for both books, yours and Ann’s and feel this is such a sweet gift from God. Not only have I been almost delibitated by self doubt this year, but it is now spilling over to my 16 year old daughter, I am desperate for guidance and correction. Thank you for sharing your insight!

  32. Renee, I was SO touched and encouraged by your interview with Ann on the porch. My husband and I are going through the most intense spiritual battle of either of our entire lives. At times, we have felt such hopelessness in our situation and the uncertainty has been almost unbearable. Sometimes, I feel like the enemy has launched a full attack on us, and things are so hard to understand. It was SUCH a help to consider the thought of naming things in our situation. God has provided armor for us to wear into the battles we encounter, and Ann’s comments made me think of the shield of faith and how it quenches all of satan’s fiery darts. Naming something is a form of lifting the shield of faith to expose and quench all of satan’s lies. Each lie is like a fiery dart, piercing into the mind and soul and causing us to doubt God’s love for us, His plan for us, and His presence in our lives. Oh, I thank you SO much for this interview! May God use it to bless many, many others!!

  33. I love that quote! Thanks!

  34. Articles on insecurity have always attracted me, I too have struggled all my life with this “shadow” of insecurity. How interesting it was reading the analogy of your shadow packing your bags for your trip. What a great comparison to our insecurities! I signed up for the 7 Day Doubt Diet and am looking forward to what God has for me through this plan.

    I’ve read chapter 1 of your book and feel “A Confident Heart…” and “One Thousand Gifts” can encourage all women young and old to grab hold of what God has in His word for them. How I wish I’d had these resources earlier in my life to encourage and help me.

    As a personal testimony, God helped me work through a lot of my insecurities over the years by reading His word and claiming His promises as well as through prayer. A former Bible College dorm mom (who I had no contact with for nearly 40 years) recognized what God did in my life only through a letter (no personal contact). To God be the glory great things He has done in my life.

    Stay close to the Lord and you will do great things for Him, to Him be all glory and honor and praise

  35. Thank you for this encouraging post. Thanks to your 7-Day Doubt Diet, I feel like I am finally starting to overcome my self-doubt and trust in JESUS. I am dying to read BOTH books! 🙂

  36. Thank you for the devotion today. It was exactly what I needed today. I appreciate the humble spirit you have in sharing with others.

  37. Lindsay says:

    It’s amazing how just simply naming God’s gifts can change the way you look at all of life!!!

  38. Thank you so much for your candid porch conversation and allowing us to watch! To actually put a name to our doubt, and the other “things” that hold us back, is quite empowering! I look forward to hearing more! Thank you for your ministry!

  39. Thank you for the gifts. In a season of trial surrounding my family acutely, I came across Ann’s website via a link and was so grateful for the dare to live fully in Christ in the moment, and have been keeping my log of 1000 gifts ever since. It is helping enormously and I know the Lord led me there for me to change my perspective and grow at this time, when it could have been so easy to have myself a pity party and choose another path. Your 7 day doubt diet Renee has made it to my list of gifts too! It is a rich blessing and I’m grateful for it. Thank you so much ladies, for sharing this with us.

  40. Tessy Fuller says:

    I have had a rough week of self-doubting as an adoptive mom to be… sometimes the unknowns of this adoption journey can be overwhelming. I needed to hear and read your devotion today that not only is God able – He can strengthen me so I am able as well. Would love to win.

  41. Thank you for this. I loved that we need to name the dark and the light. We need to slow down and name the gifts because time goes so fast….and those remind us that God is with us in the dark places. Loved it!!!

  42. Jen in TX says:

    I’ve been wanting to read “Thousand Gifts” every since a friend recommended it, but our library doesn’t carry it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Amy in VA says:

    I enjoyed the video very much. I’m currently doing a Bible study on the Psalms and find that what you discuss about self-doubt, fear, and lack of courage, are the same things that David was dealing with during his time in the wilderness. I am looking forward to reading Renee’s book, because I often suffer from lack of confidence in my daily life.

  44. I so enjoyed this video. It is so true when you put a name on something how it changes your perspective. Thanks for welcoming us to the front porch. I can’t wait for the next time.

  45. michelle says:

    thanks for your devotion on prov 31 this am, going thru a lot of self doubt and wondering what God has for me. I’m so thankful that other women have walked this road and are willing to share insights and prayers!

  46. I just took the Doubt Index Analysis and am happy that it puts me in the middle range as I thought I was going to be lower. I am having an especially difficult time right now and can’t figure out why. I have been single and celibate for over 16 yrs and have just started dating again. I want to be married again. God has done a lot of work in me over these years so that this extreme feeling of inadaquecy and constantly being on the verge of tears has surprised me. I am hoping your books can give me some guidance.

  47. It was delightful to see two women of God come together and share the light of His word. The excitement in both of your lives as you shared your thoughts reveals the grace of our Lord speaking through you. It is evident how much we need each other as we depend on Him. Thank you both for being transparent and shooting from the hip the light of Gods word showing us how to expel the shadows in our lives. Thank you also for reminding me to name the good things in my life to shine and shine some more. Glory to God.

  48. Shera VanGoor says:

    Would love to win. I can certainly relate to the frustrations that can get a woman down. Self doubt is such a pain!

  49. Thank you so much for your blog, your devotions, and the book you wrote. Unfortunately, I’ve struggled with self doubt far too long. I have faith that with God, and in time, I will overcome it. Thank you so much for all you do. You’re helping change so many lives!

  50. Amazing!!!! God is opening my eyes and my heart with every post. This interview was such an eye opener. My trial has been a huge black monster over me that has pushed me away from all I have ever been for God. I’m hanging on to my love for Him, yet this monster is between us. I am so anxious to see God luminate and make this something He can help me to identify, deal with and walk away from. I know God is in it all, I have just not been able to see because of the darkness and fear. God bless you both fo opening your heart and life for God to use for others. I can’t thank you enough. Renee

  51. Renee: Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on self-doubt and also for sharing Ann’s remarkable spirit with us. I’ve started reading Ann’s book and immediately know of several friends who will benefit from it, as well as from your book. As women, we are pulled in so many different directions and rarely take time to listen to our Father’s voice. As a result, we are paralyzed by fear instead of being energized by our Father’s loving Spirit. I look forward to your post on Friday and further conversation with Ann. What a blessing you two are to us.

  52. Good words. We have to fix our eyes on Jesus. If we don’t they usually are stuck in the mirror looking back at us and that’s when the battle begins for me. I love naming our ‘things’. That reminds me of a commercial where a little girl is in bed and she sees a monster. “You’re not real” she tells him. The monster is bummed he wasn’t able to scare her. Lord help us keep our eyes on you and grow in your likeness. Looking forward to seeing both of you at SS.

  53. Self-doubt is paralyzing. It is like a disease that only you know , you are suffering from. I am glad to know I am not the only one with it.

  54. I don’t know how many times that I let opportunities slip by because of my doubt in what I could do. I always felt like I was a confident person, but after my divorce doubt starting creeping in all aspects of my life. After reading the 1st chapter of your book and going through the 7 day doubt diet, I realize what I have been doing to myself. I have not been letting God work in me the way He should. Can’t wait to read the entire book.

  55. The devil tried to stop this comment. I won’t let him. While finishing up “Trigger Points” from the email this morning I heard a couple Christian songs on the radio that fit so well with your encouragement. It makes me smile when God puts so many different things right in front of you to wake you up.

  56. Thank you for sharing the devotion and your conversation with Ann; both uplifted me this morning at a time when self-doubt is plaguing me. I am so thankful for God’s love and presence during this storm in my life, and for blessing me with this encouragement.

  57. Thank you so much for your encouraging words and helping me finally give this lack of confidence a name. I have been a damaged person since I was a little girl and live with chronic self doubt. If it were not for my Heavenly Father and ladies like you with such Godly encouragement life would seem impossible.

  58. Thank you so much for sharing this video with us and I look forward to the other one on Friday! The video really made me feel like I was there with you two and listening and learning from your experience and wisdom! I have struggled with self-doubt all my life, and it is good to know that I am not alone!

  59. Thanks so much for allowing God to use you to speak to us. Following Renee through this doubt cleansing has already been a blessing for me and my family. Facing those insecurities head on has released a lot of stress in our home. My 12 year old son said mom I like the new you! I’m looking forward to this journey! God bless!!

  60. Reading your 7-Day Doubt Diet has been a reminder to me of the fact that those doubts which haunt my mind and feelings are from one source. The source that wants to break me down, make me feel insecure, leave me with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Opening my heart to those doubts fuels them and weakens me. The source wins. That source, of course, is Satan, who wants nothing more than to undermine God’s ways. But God is the source of strength in my life. He is the one who created me because of love, who gave me His Word to help me grow in wisdom and confidence, who gave me the help of the Holy Spirit to speak to my soul, who gave me the opportunity of a guilt-free life never-ending with Him through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. Just like some foods weaken us and some foods nourish us, the source we open our hearts to determines whether we stand in fear or in confidence. Thank you for reminding me to guard my heart and and open it only to the one true God; the God who saves, protects, and nourishes.

  61. I loved todays devotional from Proverbs 31 and would love to read these books. 🙂

  62. Equonda says:

    Today is my first day, again. I got it the first day and self doubted right then. Couldnt bring myself to open it. Then when I did, couldnt bring myself to read like I needed it. Yesterday, I read the Intro & Ch.1. Today, Devo Day 1. It is very difficult for me and I truly dont know why I cant let go. Even though I know that it started when I was just a small child, I dont understand why I cant shake it. I encourage others like you wouldnt believe and yet I am the one who hides out in secret because of my own insecurities. The truth is that I have always felt unwanted and unseen. I was ignored alot growing up so I always did things to get my family’s attention. When I wasnt being ignored, I was critisized for one reason or another. My compensation for that was to become an over achiever. When that started waining, I added lies to make it look better. As you know, none of those things lasted or made it better, only worse. I never developed real friendships or truly meaningful relationships til I got married and had children (kids came first). For the past few years I have been trying to get rid of all this junk. It feels like someone is digging into my heart with a rusted spoon. Just reading this chapter is so hurtful for me. I did the analysis and I was on the highest end of the spectrum. Crazy, because in my line of work, thats what I do all day, every day–is encourage others to do better and see how special they are. You cant imagine the pain I feel when I cant believe for me. Im praying that God will free me. I reallly need to get free. I really want to know what it feels like to be free from all this stuff. Stuff that until today, I thought I was protecting myself from being hurt, not keeping me from things. Please pray for me on this journey.

  63. Renee,
    The devotional was like you were talking directly to me, like we were having a personal conversation. I’m in a similar place, feeling like I’m called to a women’s speaking ministry – but having so much self doubt. The books sound like they would touch on many issues that I am dealing with and I have several friends that are in need of the same type of healing.
    May the Lord bless you!

  64. I am 56 yrs old and i have never come across someone to hit the nail on the head on whats going on with me.
    It’s hard to share how i feel because everything you talk about in your book pretains to me. I took the analysis test and i am at the bottom all of this is weighing me down. I feld you and i were having a conversation about me, i belong to a ministry in my church and it so hard for me to function, i have not left my ministry because i don’t want to diaspoint my pastors, and God.
    Im taking the 7 day doubt diet and it could not come in a better time in my life. Because i am going through so many issues. Thank you God bless!!

  65. Diligently seeking God today , just waiting for direction. Both books look great! Would love to win!

  66. Hi Renee,

    Thank you so much for sharing in your story that you have suffered with depression. The overwhelming sense of doom that i wake up with some mornings is so defeating. And I sometimes think that if i had enough faith…. if my faith were stronger… etc …. I would not feel this way. So i appreciate your honesty and it gives me hope to see how God is working in your life.

    I LOVE the first chapter of your book. I have such fear that I can never change in certain areas of my life. I have almost given up hope. “Almost” is the crucial word here. Your book gives me hope to keep seeking God no matter how many thousands of time i have failed Him in this area.

    I look forward to reading your book. And I am praying for a miracle . I am praying that God will provide a way and the strength for me to defeat this “demon” that haunts me daily and that He will bring healing to my soul.

    I would love to read both these books.

    Thank you,

  67. Julie Kelada says:

    Thank God for a girl like you full of wisdom and truth on issues I really struggle with. I will be praying for you, Ann and both of your books to help many who struggle with these doubt issues. I am grateful.

  68. The words in your 7 day doubt diet have opened my heart and mind to the doubts I deal with each day. Would be so honored to read your new book as well One Thousand Gifts. Thank you for your words of encouragement! God’s blessings to you, and the staff at Proverbs 31. sue

  69. God Bless you both for your wonderful encouragement for a woman’s heart! It would be a blessing to win and use for the encouragement to help others!

  70. I have heard so many wonderful things about One Thousand Gifts and would love to read it soon! Your book sounds just as great! So blessed by the Proverbs 31 devotionals I receive every day. Thank you!!

  71. Thanks for sharing and for your tranparancy!

  72. Thank you for sharing your conversation. I read the first chapter of your book and knew I would need to place an order. Amazing how the Lord directs us when we go to Him. I have been blessed to know. The shadow of doubt can affect anyone and am so thankful to learn about naming some of the others.

  73. LOVE the new look of your site!!! Enjoyed watching the video of your chat with Ann on the front porch and thank you for the chance to win a copy of her book and yours!

  74. heather cooke says:

    I am a pastor’s wife, and currently leading a women’s bible study from P31. I have been so encouraged by your daily devotionals and have shared many of the thoughts from them with my group! Thank you for sharing them with us! Also, a friend of mine who is a young mom like myself, just told me about One Thousand Gifts, and how much she is enjoying it. God truly does inhabit the praise of his people, and focusing on our blessings, and His goodness is so vital in the Christian life!

  75. Charity says:

    As I read your blog and watch the video I sit here thinking what perfect sense it all makes. I know that doubt and insecurity are life-long struggles of mine, but I have never identified my ‘struggle’ as self-doubt before. And I just wonder…how did these ladies get so smart!? I have high hopes that perhaps your book will bring me some of this wisdom!

  76. I just read the first part of your devotion. I knew I struggled with certain things, but to put a name to it, and to understand the doubt analysis, made a big difference. It was as if you were in my mind, repeating what I hear on a regular basis. Somehow, doubt slips under the radar and unites with our own perception, making it feel like our own. Thank you for sharing on this topic.

  77. Gina Kuntzman says:

    I am so amazed at the timeliness of this coming these past weeks and then again today. I am incredibly blessed that God is so involved in my life that He has brought these things to pass… how many years ago did He start working to bring you and these books and the conversations and friends, and their lives all together, right now, to encourage, help me to grow and see me through. Thank you for being a part.

  78. As I read your devotionals in the morning, and it seems sometimes that I am reading about myself. I have been suffering from this doubt and insecurity problem from I was a teen and still in adulthood. When you invite me to the 7 Day Doubt-Diet I had to sign up and it was indeed a blessing from God, I was able to speak to every situation each day I read. Each time I am to do something I heard the doubt voice whisper every negative things possible and I believe because I did not believe in myself either.I want to do so much for Christ but still suffer from fear and doubt but I must say I am very happy for your devotionals and the 7 day Doubt Diet, I would really love to gwet a copy of your book and Ann’s also.
    My husband dont believed in me either and that can be so hurtful. It has been only one year and four months since I have accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour, so I really could use your help in getting to where God want me.

    Thank you again and may God continue to use you to empower women all across the world
    Lorna, Jamaica, W.I

  79. Wow, both of my favorite authors/bloggers at the same time! Praise God! I have been reading Ann’s web page for some time, have just purchased the book (yesterday) but havenot started my list of 1000 things to be thankful for yet. Wan’t to read the book first. Waiting on your book to arrive in the mail Renee and I know it is ownderful. Thank you Lord for both of you. You change lives! Starting to teach a Ladies Worship Class in the fall and would love to use either of these books. Again, thank you for all you do through Jesus name!

  80. I am really enjoying the 7-Day Doubt Diet. I have struggled with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt for a long time.
    God is slowly and surely opening a pathway of hope and healing for me. I am very grateful for your openness and instruction. Thank you and God Bless all at Proverbs 31 Ministries.

  81. Thanks so much for sharing this video! I totally agree…there is something about naming the thing, good or bad, that removes some of the uncertainty and thereby much of the fear.

  82. Such a good devotion from P31 today that I had to follow up on your website with the video & sign up for the “doubt diet”! Really hit home & made me think. I have such negative self-talk when faced with things that cause me doubt myself. Your book looks great! Thanks for all you do to encourage others! God bless you & your ministry!

  83. Hello,
    Trusting in the Lord is SO important in all of our relationships and also to take away the anxiety Satan tries to bombard us with. I hope I win your book so I can learn more about your thoughts on the subject. God bless you and your efforts to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

  84. Jennifer hodge says:

    Wow! Your blog was right on time for me today! Thanks for taking the time to write about this topic. BTW- I’d love to win a copy of ANn’s book!

  85. Dean Jones says:

    A friend of mine invited me to join the 7-Day Diet Devotions. I love everything I have read so far on your website!! God is really teaching me about trust, recognizing my fears and realizing the Enemy uses my fears to doubt and distrust my Lord. God desires to replace my fears with His comfort and peace. I so want Him to! I look forward to growing closer to my Lord Jesus through your website!

  86. Just what we were talking about today in my bible study – how do we know what to pray when we can’t name the stumbling block in our road? Thank you for the timeliness of your post.

  87. I was just at Wednesday night church looking at this book!! I didn’t understand it at the time, thx for the explanation:)

  88. I was just at Wednesday night church looking at this book!! Looks good

  89. It was interesting. When I took the little inventory you sent us in the 7-Day Doubt Diet, it came up that I was taking this for someone else since I didn’t seem to struggle with doubt. I think if I had taken it last week, I might have gotten a little bit different result. The mini-lessons you have shared with us from your book coming out later made me want to do this study so badly. I think it’s interesting how we women are ruled by our emotions–that doesn’t seem to change much. One week, we can be filled with faith, and the next week, we can’t seem to trust in anything.

    I did pick up just yesterday on Satan trying to infiltrate my thoughts. God gave me some special promises several years ago that have not come to pass. I found myself saying “if” such and such occurs, and God quickened my spirit. If I say “if” in regard to God’s promises, isn’t it true that I am expressing doubt? Yes! So I changed my thinking immediately.

  90. As I listened to both of you talk on the porch I felt as if I were seated right there with you! So much made sense to me…especially near the ending when you talked about slowing down and taking the time in the rush of our lives to give things a name…the dark and the light things. This made such perfect sense to me….

  91. Just wanted to say Thank You both for your unfailing love to share the word of God through your own personal struggles. I don’t think you know the multitude of lives that you have touched and will touch. Thanks Again 🙂

  92. I’m on day 6 of your 7-Day Doubt Diet, and I cannot begin to tell you how it is changing my life. I’ve so enjoyed listening to your “front porch” conversation. I think I could stay all day soaking up the encouragement and truth.

  93. Thank you so much for this! I have not thought of it this way, when we don’t have a name for something, we are haunted by it’s shadows. And, by naming it, we can find a strategy to deal with it. I am loving this~learning more every day-the truths of God. SO VERY thankful for those He sends to share His heart w/us! Happy Day!!! 🙂

  94. Janet Volpe says:

    I never named what it is – that doubt of myself that leads to doubt of God because I did not recognize that I was fearfully and wonderfullty made. Now I plan to look in the mirror and thank the Lord for my beauty found in my relationship with Him. I plan to go to my husband as his virgin bride by the blood of Jesus. I plan to bless my children and grandchildren in the holy name of Jesus. I am a child of God, a Jesus girl, a lover of the Spirit.

    Thank you so much for this blog today. I will keep it and treasure it.

  95. I love when Ann said…once you name it then God can make beauty out of the ashes. I just experinced this last week. Its name was strife and it was making me miserable and I felt disconneted to God. One day, God was very clear with me, He let me know that I was going back to a place in my marriage that I didn’t want to revisit. My attiude had to change because if was affecting my life, in my marriage and with other relationships.

    Yep, I named it…or I should say God named it…strife! Oh, things are MUCH better at home.


  96. Moranda Miller says:

    Thank you for this! I am struggling forward after a long plateau in my faith, and naming something to give focus to my prayers is not something i had considered before.(It also makes you look a lot more closely at youself and motivations.)

  97. KAY PARRISH says:


  98. Janet Jackson says:

    I often find myself saying that if I knew what was bothering me (if i could name it) then I could do something (pray) to overcome it and claim God’s promises in reguards to it. I struggle so much with this and it’s a wonderful reminder to know that I am not alone! Somehow there is strength and confidence in knowing that He will use this too to bring about HIs good and perfect will! Thanks for the chance to win would love to work through these books and let God transform me!


  99. I just want to thank God and you for leading me to your devotion tonight. I have recently started a new career ..at 40 and I have been having doubts, well, ok, fears too!!. But I did not know that this was my issue until a friend and I were chatting earlier and the tears began after we talked . So…I told my friend that I think God is calling me and I better go chat with Him. On nights that are quiet, I like to read my email and find Proverbs31 devotions! And guess what- yours was there “Trigger points”. So as I read, tears flowed (& still now as I write this) and God gently pointed out that I need to let Him have all my doubts and fears. He is in control-NOT me! He gave me this new career and has revealed to me that I can do this with Him by my side!
    So thank you for your words so I could hear Gods! I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me! Now, to discover what my triggers are…hmmm? P.S. I signed up for your 7 days doubt diet- so THANKS!t!! Shelley

  100. Thanks so much for sharing this!! I cannot wait to read your book! I sometimes worry and am afraid and now I realize it is just self-doubt!

  101. Stephanie McCrary says:

    God is amazing! Seriously! I just emailed a group of my Mommy friends so that we could set up a “Mom’s group” to study “A Confident Heart” starting in Sept. after the kiddos get back into the routine of school. I told the Mom’s that we would work through “A Confident Heart” for 6-weeks, then we would take a short break and start meeting back up to read Ann Voskamp’s, “One Thousand Gifts.” We are doing the studies back to back! Then, I just got this blog post through my email tonight! Wow! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us Mommies through Renee and Ann! I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!

  102. Hi Renee,

    My devastated heartbreak brought me to a point of my life to doubt, to worry and to fear my future and stuffs like how God will bring everything to pass. I doubt even na magnificent hand work of God, and His Sovereignty. I really thank God for leading me to your blogs and your writing has a big part on my healing process that reminds me that in Him healing is not impossible. Being honest about our thoughts to God would be a big help. And that the ONLY ONE who can give us HOPE and CONFIDENT is the One who created us, who love us unconditionally and sacrificially, and the One who own us – JESUS!

    Thank God for your amazing 7-DAY DOUBT DIET! I was blown away by His goodness as I see Him really moving in my life. Im hoping to have a copy of your book soon. 🙂 It really blessed so many hearts. Keep on Renee, for His glory!

    Im with you also in prayer.

    Many thanks,
    Ninz 🙂

  103. Hi Renee,

    My devastated heartbreak brought me to a point of my life to doubt, to worry and to fear my future and stuffs like how God will bring everything to pass. I doubt even the magnificent hand work of God, and His Sovereignty. I really thank God for leading me to your blogs and your writing has a big part on my healing process that reminds me that in Him healing is not impossible. Being honest about our thoughts to God would be a big help. And that the ONLY ONE who can give us HOPE and CONFIDENT is the One who created us, who love us unconditionally and sacrificially, and the One who own us – JESUS!

    Thank God for your amazing 7-DAY DOUBT DIET! I was blown away by His goodness as I see Him really moving in my life. Im hoping to have a copy of your book soon. 🙂 It really blessed so many hearts. Keep on Renee, for His glory!

    Im with you also in prayer.

    Many thanks,
    Ninz 🙂

  104. Stephanie says:

    Awesome, that’s one of the prettiest book covers I’ve ever seen!

  105. Michelle P says:

    Uneasy and so uncertain – those words really hit home to me. Living amongst constant ongoing earthquakes right now, fear unease and uncertainty are both huge in my life. Add to that the struggles that I am having with my graphic designing, self doubt is keeping me from being as creative as I should be, and from fulfilling my full potential. I am praying for healing and hope in all the above areas. God is good and His love never fails us.

  106. Great video. It really makes me think. Thanks!!

  107. I’ve lived with doubt my whole life. To the point where even my identity seems clouded…like I don’t know who I am supposed to be or what I’m supposed to be doing. I even doubt that God loves me and is hearing my pleas for help. I have lost my identity behind “Doubt”.

    Thank you for your post.

  108. You continue to bless me by sharing God’s truth! I’m so excited in how God is working in my life right now. Thanks for your part in this! I’d love to read Ann’s book and yours!

  109. lavaughn says:

    Thank you for sharing this insight about doubts in our lives and how God calls us to rise above those doubts. Blessings!!

  110. Jennifer Donnal says:

    I have dealt with feelings of self doubt my whole life. I really love your posts because they are so honest and get to the heart of the matter. I would really love to read a confident heart – God works through people like you to help people like me. Thank you for today’s post it is so true!

  111. Josie Lytle says:

    I have been having attacks of acute pain under my ribcage and have had many tests so far. It will be so nice to finally put a name to what is going on so I can deal with it. Your post just hit the spot today!! I would love to read both books as I too struggle with insecurity. Thank you! Josie

  112. Yes!! Name it and kick it out!!
    Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  113. Judi Splint says:

    “One day He showed me. It was doubt. Not fear or worry, but self-doubt that made me question everything I thought, felt and said.”
    Please don’t think I am challenging you here, but merely trying to better understand. Isn’t ‘self-doubt’ in itself, fear and worry? I also suffer from the aforementioned and when I gave your comments some thought, I see that it is fear and worry that leads me to self doubt. The fear that I am not good enough; the worry that I will fail; leaves me with self doubt. I must admit, I rather like the label because it really focuses in on the place the fear and worry have taken me to, but I still see them as a great part of the package. So, having said that, do you agree that fear and worry necessarily equal self doubt? Are they not behind all self doubt?
    Satan will twist and twist to confuse us and to deceive us; call it what we will; fear, worry, self doubt. I do believe that once he has us in fear or worry, it takes hold, we end up in self doubt.
    I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and I thank you so much for yours.

  114. Thank you both for being faithful to truly share your walk with God – not just the highs, but the lows as well. I am a long time follower of both blogs and have both books on my wish list. I would love to have them – as I believe they both will become tools to aid me in my struggle with doubt and letting go of things.
    In His grace,

  115. Rebeccca Hall says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! I have a big problem with self-doubt that i have just recently discovered while doing your 7 day doubt diet. I am so thankful that i have discovered the issue and knowing that i am not the only one out there makes it so much easier for me. I have been praying to God to help me out of the self-doubt so that i can be obedient to his calling and so that i can be all that he wants me to be. I have turned down so many opportunities from the fear of thinking that i wasn’t good enough or that i didn’t have what it took to do it. But now i know that it was just Satan’s whispers telling me all those lies. I know that i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thank you so much for your blogs and encouragement!

  116. Hi Renee ~
    I came across your website throu Proverbs 31 ministries, and am I so thankful. The devotions in your 7 Day Doubt Diet are so powerful and have really helped me discover some doubts that I was not able to name. Naming your enemy is empowering because knowledge is a key to living! Thank you Renee for sharing your gifts with us.

  117. I know I am going to get this book someday, as it keeps nudging me to read. I would love a signed copy. Both of you are wonderful gifts of God, being able to share the word like you do helps me. God’s blessings!

  118. I am thankful for women that are eager to share their growth in Christ with other women so we can grow also.
    I am growing in my faith and learn much from my pastor but to learn from women is different as they
    are sharing ,experiencing, and overcoming the very same things that I am struggling with.
    Thank you Renee and Ann for sharing your words and making them available for me to continue to grow in my Lord.

  119. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the chat on the porch. Made do some thinking.
    I have always had a lot of self doubt. But, with you doubt-diet
    and the HJ Study, I am trying to ovr come some of my doubts.
    Would love to read both books.

    Thanks for your devotions and video talks.

  120. Your book and the 7 day doubt diet could not have come at a better time for me. I have been struggling with self-doubt a lot lately and felt like I was wandering around a room in the dark trying to find my way out. I know this is God’s way of helping me. Thank you for allowing God to use you to help others!!!!

    I am enjoying your devotions and video talks!!!

  121. Naming ‘it’ takes all the power away from ‘it’!…the enemy is defeated!!
    Love, love, love your book! Thank you, Renee!

  122. Jessica says:

    I’ve always understood to figure out what the problem is before fixing it. I never took the time though to focus on my self-doubt. The more I read and mediate especially upon God’s Word and the doubt diet devtionals, it has really come to light how much self-doubt has played a role in my life. I always brushed aside the self-doubt as something that was just me and no one else deatl with it. I never took the time to realize that it can be overcome. I am happy to journey down the road of recongnizing self-doubt and working through it and now having the tools to teach my children as they grow up.

  123. Crystie Rhyner says:

    Boy, do I ever have some things I need to name!!! Love this!

  124. Loved the reminder that God can bring beauty out of the ashes!

  125. Babs Harrell says:

    I have heard so many good things about both books! Renee – I heard you speak in Williamston NC last year and LOVED your words of wisdom! I have several friends who are reading Ann’s book and hope to steal it once they are done : ) Thank you both for your ministries…

  126. Melissa says:

    It was so interesting to watch this interview, I have heard of Ann’s book before. I have also loved going through the 7 day doubt diet. To win these books would be amazing! Thanks!

  127. Penny Via says:

    That is so true! Once something has a name – it looses it’s power over you because once you know what something is you can begin to respond differently and work towards fixing or controlling the power you’ve let that have over you. All of the books, yours hers, would be such an honor to win and all of them great blessings to read….hopefully one of these times I’ll get lucky…be blessed and thanks for all you ladies do!

  128. I have seen you speak with Melissa in her Hidden Joy bible study. Your words speak deeply to me, especially since I feel like the master of self doubt. The thought of being able to use this in a good way, is very reassuring. God’s love is so amazing. Thank you for your inspiring words.

  129. I enjoyed the interview with Ann. I am in a book club at church and we are finishing up Ann’s One Thousand Gifts. It has been an awesome experience and there are so many ladies that book can touch.

  130. Self doubt can be so paralyzing – I can wait to read the books and it would be great to win!!

  131. Wanette Johnson says:

    Thank you Rene. This is sooo on time for me. As I feel strongly that God is leading me in a direction, however, I have battle in my mind the “What If’s” and fighting fear. I am so grateful to God and to you for sharing this on yesterday. Thank God for your ministry.

  132. Loved the interview! Thank you Renee and Ann for your honesty, openess and vulnerability of sharing with us. Naming it and giving it to the Lord is so good and so very important to release it so we are not held back in bondage and we can live the life Jesus died for us to live-a life of abundance!!!

  133. Heidi J says:

    Love the new website. Looking forward to more of the discussion on Friday. I would love to receive the two books. Thank you both for your ministry. God bless!

  134. Nancy Millar says:

    What a blessing to “sit on the porch” and listen to your conversation today! We know Satan is always working to keep us in the shadows of self-doubt, to keep us in bondage to our own fears. What joy to know God is waiting to bring us into the light and to reassure us of our value, our beauty, and our worth! Thank you for sharing with us today!

  135. Lou Ann says:

    The daily devotionals of the 7 Day Doubt Diet have been such an encouragement to me in both my spiritual and personal life, at work, at home, everywhere! Thank you so much! If I do not win the book, I will save up to purchase it as I know it will be one I will read again and again. I also know that I would love to share it with my daughters and friends. Thank you!

  136. Thank you both for sharing your thoughts in the video. It is so encouraging to me to see other Christian women be real with their thoughts in this way. I have been struggling with self-doubt when it “seems” like so many around me have it so together. I know God is using things in my life to grow me and teach me these past few years but they have been challenging ones. Still I press on and when others share words like you both have, it encourages me to continue to press on and grow. Thank you!

  137. Liz Frazier says:

    The timing of this encouragement is so perfect for me right now! Thanks for sharing your conversation this morning and I look forward to more tomorrow. God Bless!

  138. Kelli Smith says:

    Thank you so much for the 7 Day Doubt Diet and for encouraging us and helping us find a way to overcome self doubt and stand firm in Jesus-Confidence!

  139. Desiree says:

    After losing my job along with it alot of friends and then a few weeks later my Mom, my best friend it really shook my world. It has only been recently that I have been asking myself ‘Who am I?’ ‘Why am I here?’. It wasn’t until after I saw you speak at MBC in June that I realized that the doubts I carried with me since being a young girl have stayed with me but I know longer have my Mom and the friends I saw daily to keep me in sync. Listening to your story was like living my life over but I am so inspired by you and what you have to say. Thank you so much for what you are doing.
    I have to wait until I get home to watch the video. I am so looking forward to it.
    Thank you.

  140. Renee, what a great interview with Ann…I truly felt like I was sitting on the porch with you…especially when the big truck went by! So true about the power of naming our feelings…all feelings are neutral…when we allow them to come to the surface and give them a name, we are able to receive the healing that Jesus wants to provide through His Word. It reminds me of the Scripture, “You can’t heal a wound by saying it’s not there!” (Jeremiah 6:14 TLB). Thank you for the reminder this morning 🙂

  141. Wow… I would love to have the opportunity to sit on a porch and chat with the two of you! It felt like I was there! 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart through your book and then sharing with us Ann’s book too. I have thought of reading hers on several occasions but just hadn’t gotten it yet. Now I look forward to adding that to my list of “must read”.

    Blessings to you today!

  142. There’s a certain freedom in “naming it”….took me nearly 50 years to realize that, but still have to remind myself often. Thanks for the post!

  143. This was an awesome word today. To name the things, good and bad, in our life and bring them into the light of Christ-awesome. It sure gives me something to reflect on as I go through my day today! Thanks for sharing!

  144. Beverly Glenn-Mulholland says:

    Thank you so much for your heart felt discussion with Ann on the porch. I too felt as if I was there with you both. I have had the self doubt feelings for so long. My mother died when I was only 5 years old and it just seems that the struggles have been ongoing for so many years. I am currently out of work trying to get disability due to severe fibromyalgia and chronic fatique syndrome and spend a lot of time feeling that I am not worthy, that I am a burden and I can not even begin to put in words how much this has helped me. I would be honored if I was choosen to receive a copy of both books. Thank you so much for allowing our Precious Lord and Savior to work through you, which allows you to help women such as myself. Love in Christ

  145. KImberly Lacy says:

    This message struck a chord with me this morning. It was just what I needed. Isn’t He wonderful!! I can’t wait to hear more.

  146. Candi Johnson says:

    thank you , doubting my self and knowing what to do about it has been on my mind and in my prayers as of late. this Web site has given me some direction. God never lets a person on there own, He’s always sending help in some form in some way when we need it. It’s good to know others in Christ so open to share

  147. Shanna Donica says:

    Self doubt is one of my biggest challenges. I often feel like I am not valuable and have been trying to change that in my heart. Thank you for having the courage to share and help me know there is a way to overcome self doubt.

  148. tara schaller says:

    i, for some reason, am feeling anxiety in thinking about naming things in those dark places. i have been dealing with some not such terrific issues from my past since an emotional breakdown a few months ago. there are several incidents from my past that i just can’t remember details….exactly what happened. just knowing that it happened. i so want to move away from the damage that it caused me and, subsequently, what it caused in my daughters. anger, unforgiveness, shame…are all familiar words. but is that enough “naming” to bring about the complete healing that i know the Lord has for my family.
    it is so easy to now name the thousands of blessings (i am known for embellishing facts) so i am going to endeavor to write them down…and count to see how many there are. and i know, in my heart, it will be in the thousands. God has been so good and merciful and gracious in my life….and i am sooo in awe of what He has done, is doing, and is going to do, i can’t wait to start the count!!!!
    God’s blessings as you open up yet another piece to completeness in the Lord!!!

    • I recently have gone through some of the same things of which you speak above. God lead me to a Christian counselor. After getting some of these forgotten issues, my counselor directed me to another Christian counselor that does EMDR. This was miraculous for me and allowed me to completely heal. Google this and see if it is for you.

  149. Just Wonderful! I learned to name things a long time ago. Naming things helped me to deal with my issues in a more realistic manner, rather than trying to fight an unknown enemy. What I did not realize and learned from watching this video was the value from God that is placed on the concern when we name it. Hearing you say the reason God named the animals was an awesome revelation for me! I didn’t realize by naming things I was inviting The Lord into my thought processes, this is so freeing! I have so more to say about how thankful I am for watching this but it would take all day and most of your space. So, I will just say Thank you, thank you, thank you for opening my eyes, my heart, and my thought processes in a wonderful new way!

  150. stephanie b says:

    I cant wait to get your book. I am hoping that I can get a group together to do the study together. Thank you for allowing God to work through you to reach many of us!

  151. Debbie H says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I had a child with ADHD, he is 21 now, but when he was four and I didn’t know why he was acting the way he was it was terrible. Then I saw a new program about kids with ADHD, I felt such relief that it had a name and it wasn’t just me being a terrible mother.

  152. I had a naming experience this week. It was not what I wanted it to be but now that I have named it I know exactly what to do with it and how to pray about it. Your devotion just put everything in perspective and really helped me understand what I am experiencing.
    I can’t thank you enough for your knowledge and the work that you do to bring us closer to our God.


  153. Kirsten says:

    Wow, The last few weeks of your posts have gently allowed Christ to pry open areas of my heart. Today Ann’s concept of naming things to dispel the haunting shadows is drawing more to His light. Thank you for you teaching in this.

    • I loved reading Ann’s blog a out love and patience. I thought her story was a beautiful reminder to be thankful for the moment in order to be patient.

  154. I don’t think I knew I was struggling with self doubt. I don’t think I thought that doubting myself was something that I needed to correct, something that was keeping me from doing all God has for me to do. I don’t often doubt Him. But I doubt myself and in doing so, I am doubting His ability to overcome my obstacles to success. I just didn’t realize it. What an eye opening devotional!
    I love Him so much. He is everything. His love, compassion, faithfulness, mercy, joy, light, hope, peace….fill my empty spaces. I am so empty without Him. And so humbled that He loves me and you. We know how undeserving we are.
    I want to do and be all He has called me to do and be, to His glory…

  155. Thanks so much for these 7 days. It has been a huge awakening for me. I didn’t understand what I was dealing with until I started reading these daily devotions from you.
    God Bless You!

  156. Kara Mckay says:

    Wow! It’s amazing how God works with me to help me understand. A couple of weeks ago I was talking with my sister about everything that’s going on in my life. She asked me exactly what she needed to pray for, but I had no idea. I knew how I was feeling but couldn’t “name it”. Then the doubt diet was introduced! I haven’t exactly figured it out yet, but so excited that now I know to name it in order to have control over it!
    Thank you for looking past your fears and doing what you have been lead to do! Through you, God has shown me how to fight the enemy & to put a name on everything good and bad.
    Believing in Him, Kara

  157. I have had so much going on in my life lately that it was hard to focus on God. But as I started to set quietly and continue to Thank him for his many blessing each day and naming them one by one, I began to feel such a peace about life and it’s struggles. God knows just what we need every day. Thank you for sharing what God has shown you.

  158. Renee, thanks for sharing this post. I enjoy reading anything and everything that you post because it all seems so relevant to the phase of life I am in right now. I was dealt a particularly rough blow yesterday and Satan was working over-time to make sure that I didn’t recover any time soon. Lately, I’ve been reading your blogs, P31 daily devotionals, and working on an independent Bible study so that I can stay immersed in the Word, thus preparing myself to be a more effective tool to be used against Satan. Thank you for the inspiration that you bring to myself and so many others. God Bless!

  159. I really appreciate your devotionals on Proverbs 31. It is such good advise to remember what the Lord says about us and to not to base our self worth on what “man” thinks. Looking forward to reading your book, “A Confident Heart” . I have read the 7 Day Doubt Diet and am going to refer to it in times of need. These readings have helped me as a mother of four daughters ages 15-24 to encourage me in my mothering skills and to encourage them as teens to women. It has also helped me in my leadership role and the daily challenges faced as a critical care nurse too.

  160. Danielle Rohrbeck says:

    Giving “it” a name. Now there is something I can get on board with. Just this morning I was lying in bed and thinking about a fitness class I am starting in August. It’s for a college credit, and I don’t want to take it. It’s not that it’s a bad class, I am…….well lets name this…..Scared Intimidated Discouraged. We will call it SID for short. As I was lying there I thought well I could just drop the class and take it in the Spring then I would have more time to get in shape for it. Then your Doubt Diet, Renee, came to mind like a lightning bolt. There it is! The doubt was creping in, and throwing me all the reasons why I couldn’t do it. Then I stopped and said forget it…..I am doing this class! I will give it my all, and I will see great results through the help of God. Thanks Renee for your book, and now introducing me to “One Thousand Gifts”. I would love to win this set. This is His time for Me! Thanks!

  161. Like so many have already commented here, I love the simple concept of naming the feeling. I was on vacation when you first emailed your 7 day doubt diet so I was unable to read it every day. I am now in the process of going back and reading the emails. I would absolutely love to win these two books. Thanks for offering this give away Renee. May God continue to bless you and the work you do in his name.

  162. I frequently deal with what feels like a mix of worry and fear. But now that you’ve opened my eyes to the idea of doubt, I’m hopeful that I’ll start seeing these feelings a different way, and maybe even name them, so I can overcome them.

  163. Charlotte Askew says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the “porch conversation”. It was very enlightening to me especially given the fact that just a week ago my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Once the biopsy was done we then had a week to live with the “un-named dark shadow”. It is in a time like that when you learn to really lean into Jesus and anxiously await the “name” of the darkness and unrest you are living through. Even though we received the un-wanted name, we at least finally had the name to bring before the throne of God and place at the feet of Jesus. Once again, thank you for sharing this message.

  164. Crystal Tipton says:

    Naming the shadows. Allowing Him to reveal what I have been afraid to open my eyes to. Trusting Him. Seeing His Goodness. Seeing Hope even while the enemy attacks. Knowing that Hope has a name too, Jesus! Feeding on His faithfulness like Psalm 37 says to do. Being rooted, grounded, and perfected IN Him. Dwelling IN Him. Walking IN Him. And, often, hiding IN Him. Knowing that all things were created for His glory—-and that includes me too! This is my journey. My story. My gift back to Him. He’s showing me I’m teachable. He has great things in store for each of us, and He knows how to get us there. Thank you both for being a part of my journey to the place He is leading me. Thank you!

  165. Enjoyed the video. The cover of her book reminds me that God takes care of the birds of the air, He can take care of us too. I love the title of her book “One Thousand Gifts”.
    For a long time I heard people tell me “focus on God” and had no clue what they meant, I thought I was focusing on God.
    Unless you recognize what you are doing wrong or really understand where you are putting your focus you cannot correct it and replace it with God’s Word. ( leave the “I” of it.) It still takes work to keep from falling back into that rut, so I have to keep in God’s Word to help me through.
    Surrender is giving up something so that God can take care of it and take care of us.
    A stronghold is keeps us in sin and prevents us from growing in our relationship with God. It is not easy to give in and give up that which has hold on you. But God is stronger than anything that has it’s grip on us, that is why we must surrender to Him. God’s power is freedom without it you find yourself feeling depressed, unworthy and back into the pit.

  166. Tonya Ingram says:

    “When you don’t have a name for something, you’re haunted by shadows.” LOVED that part and is so true. I’ve been wanting this book, but haven’t bought it because I told myself NOT to buy any more books until I read the ones I have lol. So this would be so beautiful if I win a book and it’s signed by Ann!!!!

    • I can hardly wait to get home so I can listen to the conversation on the porch. I love talking on the porch, don’t you? It seems as if you can say anything, no matter how personal or troubling!
      Thank you for all you do for us. Sue

  167. “If you name it, you can claim it…in the name of Jesus”. I heard that many times. A teacher also said often, as we studied through “Calm My Anxious Heart”, our leader would say “what does that look like.” when she was explaining a particular part of the lesson. She wanted it to be personal to us. Up until that time, I had not heard those expressions. This past year and half, a run away daughter, my cancer, now my husband is ill, I’ve leaned heavily into the Word of God. Have picked up a prayer book that helps me focus on His love and care for all of us. We are living out the story of The Prodigal Daughter”. Cancer led me into places I did not want to go, however, when I arrived at those various places, I found God’s preparation for what was coming. I found peace. I still struggle with why SO much at one time. One thing at a time, is easier to cope with. Our daughter was diagosed wih two rare disorders. I diagnosed her and found drs to treat her. I’m tired. Soul weary and think of the many people who deal with issues such as these by themselves. I have a loving husband but he too is worn out.
    The only place I remain is in God’s arms; leaning into him deeply. As someone wrote, he cares for the sparrows, how much more he cares for me.
    Thank you for your love and how you share it so freely.
    Thank you for hearing me. kathryn

  168. You both are wonderful. I have a lot of self-doubt and now that I have admitted it does that make it any easier. I am so confused on all of this. I probably wouldn’t have so much self doubt if something would work out for us. I am in a slump. I keep praying about it. No doors open. God has been ignoring me for 3 years now. I wonder how long I have to go on. I am so very blessed. And very thankful. But, there has to be more. I need a job. My husband needs a different job. If God loves me so much, why can’t a few doors open. I trust God. I am probably very impatient. But, I have had enough now. I need to pay my bills. Thanks for your words of wisdom. Nanci D

  169. Thank you so much Girls for sharing your thoughts for us and guiding us .Both these books look so good can’t wait to read them both and they are one’s I would like to read with our small Girl BIbleStudy.So very encourging and postive thoughts.Thank you both and hug’s your way ,we really do appreciate all your hard work and time you have put into the books so we can enjoy it through the books.Really want to read both books.

  170. Megin Soriano says:

    God is always working behind the scenes. I have been going through a really tuff time, and now I know why I have been so depressed, so let down, so sad, so hurt. Renee your “7 Day Doubt Diet” has been a blessing. I am on day seven today and its sitting in my inbox unread because I dont want it to end. I have never written so much in a journal, you have moved me to figure things out and I am loving it. I sat with a friend last night and talked about what was going on with me, but I could’t name it. So reading this today and learning about Ann’s book “One Thousand Gifts” was another blessing in diguise. God is amazing on how he answers prayers through other people. Now I know that I need to name it and yes in my case its DOUBT. It’s been sitting in me nameless for so long and now I need to give it its name and bring light to it and heal. Answers keep coming and I am forever greatful that God used you beautiful ladies to help me and many other women out there going through the same things. God is for me!

  171. I love it when God brings darkness into the light. We may not know why we feel one way or another and (sometimes without realizing it), God opens the door to let the light shine in. It is a huge relief and I feel the weight lift off my shoulders. I have learned to trust Him so much more through this process and have become a much happier person. I have learned that no matter what, He is always with me and that is such a huge comfort.

  172. Jamie Butler says:

    Just like many of the others I am so glad i am not alone in these feelings as well! I signed up for th 7 day doubt diet, and it is amazing to me how the thoughts and feelings you share are so much like my own. I am even doing the questions….I never do the questions. I am thankful to have come across this book, I am going to name it. I got a feeling it is going to help me change alot of things!
    Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

  173. Thank you for introducing us to Ann. I battle with self-doubt. Admitting it does help. I know that I need to spend more time in His Word…finding the quiet time to do so is difficult..but I am going to start scheduling that time right now! Everything I have read via email/devotionals today has been on The Truth. Why is it so hard sometimes to simply just give it all to Him and stop relying on ourselves? Please pray for me to become a better example of relying on Him for my daughters.

  174. Thank you for sharing. It is so helpful knowing I’m not alone in dealing with self-doubt. Can’t wait to read both books!

  175. I am so excited to see your new book and try the 7 day doubt diet. As a grown woman, I am still surprised how self-doubt and low self-esteem can continue to hinder me. I love the Lord and believe all His promises – but sometimes it is still hard for me to accept His lavish and unfailing love – and to allow that to empower me daily. Thanks for delving into this issue of self doubt and giving us scripture to replace our negative thoughts.

  176. Christina J. says:

    Talk about perfect timing…! I’ve been struggling with something and decided to journal during my prayer time this morning just to get to the root of what was causing my inner conflict. I kept drilling down until I got to the word “anger”. Oh, I do not like seeing that word on paper. I’m such a peace-loving, Jesus girl, I don’t like to see myself as harboring anger. But naming the issue and praying about it specifically has already given me an overwhelming sense of peace today. Reading your blog post and joining you on the porch was icing on the cake or divine confirmation, if you will, that I am on the right track. Thank you! 🙂

  177. I lvoe what you wrote, “We have the choice either to let doubt beat us up or to let God’s truth build us up. ” How we need to be refreshed daily, sometimes hourly in God’s promises. Thank you for your book and the encouraging devotionals. We serve an AWESOME God!

  178. I love the connection between naming God’s gifts to us & that thanks is a praise back. – Everything in Christ, through Christ & back to Christ.

  179. I have heard amazing things about 1,000 Gifts being used in churches in our area. I would love to read it AND continue to grow in my trust in the Lord!

  180. Carol Bruntlett says:

    These post lately have been for me yesterday and today its like God is speaking to me thru you I would love to win the copies of your book and ANN Voscamp I have been wanting to get her book and yours I am sure they would bless my life I am trying to be thankful everyday for something , intstead of having the stinkin thinkin thoughts. Thank You Renee and Ann You all are a blessing to me. Can’t wait to have a blessing.

  181. I have been trying to write my testimony and felt that somehow I was in the way of God’s blessings. This post was a aha moment for me. It seemed to speak directly to me. Not fear, worry, self-pity, but self-doubt.
    I truly enjoy the blessings your website brings.

  182. Melody Wilson says:

    Wow! What a revelation…when things are revealed for what they really are, then you can name it and start confessing God’s word to overcome whatever challenge you are facing. Sometimes our fears try and mask themselves as coming from God; but we have to stay prayed up and in His word to be able to call it what it really is, and then be able to continue to confess God’s word in the mist of the challenge and watch God do what He does best!! Renee, thank you so much for this website. I am glad to know that so many other women are experiencing the same doubts and insecurities, and your forum is an avenue that we can use to not only let other women know that they are not alone, but we can also encourage someone through what we’ve been through. God bless you!!

  183. This is exactly what I needed this morning. I am so greatful that the Lord just knows exactly what I need, and when I need it! God Bless.

  184. I cannot even begin to say what an inspiration this is. I would love to win a copy of each of your books. I think in this time of negativity focusing our sights on God’s blessings is essential.

  185. Wow, Imagine my surprise when I saw this interview. Last night in my ladies bible study we just started “One Thousand Gifts” and coming soon I will be studying “A Confident Heart” with the group Cruising Chicks Doing Bible Study Together. I’m thinking that since I have seen the two authors together that God has big plans for me and He really wants me to study hard and really really learn from both Ann and Renee and I am so excited..Thanks ladies!

  186. I LOVE Ann’s book and am still working through it. Any friend of hers would be a friend of mine, so I’m happy to have found you, too. I have embarked on a journey to create a new ending to my life story….something that I have been praying for for a long, long time–where I can be grateful for where I am, where I’ve been and where I’m going. It is no coincidence that I have bumped into SO many affirmations of this change recently. Thanks to God!

  187. Thank you for the reminder to continue to call upon Jesus’ name. He is the Jehova Jireh, our Provider, for everything we need. I am excited to have the opportunity to read One Thousand Gifts!
    May God bless you richly!!

  188. Kristine says:

    Renee, thanks so much for this post & your message on doubt. It’s funny how we Know of God’s promises, yet WITH DOUBT we forget those promises & manage to swim in a whirlwind of mixed emotions, worries, & fears. I look forward to reading the rest of your devotions!

  189. I have been so deeply ministered to by Ann’s book and by your blog. Thank you so much for sharing!

  190. Amen and amen! I believe it’s God’s design for us to KNOW Him and be able to know exactly the places where He is at work. That is why I believe that NAMING the doubt, the blessing, or even the trials, is God’s design for us… in order for us to understand, KNOW and SEE where He is at work. Thank you for the encouragement!

  191. Such an encouragement to from both Ann and Renee. I have struggled for most of my adolescent and adult life with low self-esteem and anxiety, though I have been learning a lot about how to live in freedom from that bondage in Christ. I have no doubt that encouragement to name my demons and to name the gifts God has given to me is so that I can experience Christ and His freedom more fully. As as start, I am grateful for both Ann and Renee and for their willingness to share their life’s disappointments, struggles, joys and victories with other women in order to help them to grow closer to Christ. Blessings, Paige

  192. DeniseLynn says:

    Wow! I sit here listening, tears streaming down my cheeks. Two little boys playing trains at my feet and I’m giving God glory for it all. My tears, my boys, your words and hearts shared here. I’ve been facing some health issues and with utter joy I tell you it is NOT cancer as first suspected by the doctors. Hearing that was relief but the real sense of HOPE happened when I found out what I have, has a name. It has changed everything for me. Like a calm after a storm. Thank you for sharing your conversation with Ann, your heartfelt words and for giving me an opportunity to quite possibly win a very generous gift too. Thank you for blessing my day in a special way.

  193. It’s both heartbreaking and encouraging to me to see how many women struggle with fear and self-doubt. In my marriage over the years I have often tried to explain myself and my own fears and doubts to my husband, and I often tell him that I wouldn’t wish this on anyone else. To know so many other struggle with the same things is so sad to me, but also encouraging that I’m not alone – even if this is something most of my friends in real life don’t talk about!
    How wonderful that you and other Godly women have tackled this tough subject, especially when fear and self-doubt is such a taboo kind of subject. Today, as women, mothers, wives, and even leaders, we are “supposed to be strong and confident,” but I’m finding that’s not often the truth of the matter.
    Thank you for bringing God’s light to this – I hope to read both of these books soon!

  194. Bobbi Graffunder says:

    The concept of “naming” is also so important in a grief journey….so liberating and healing. Naming each specific loss in my life that I experienced when my dad died helped me grieve those spaces in my heart and in my life that were now empty.

  195. Wow! I finished this book a few months ago – but the truths and practices I learned are so day to day relevant. I’d love to win this and be able to share the love! I’m still learning and weaving my way through “naming”.. a day at a time.

  196. Christina R says:

    I have read this part in the book and it was so encouraging. I love how Ann and Renee talk about how naming something helps to bring clarity. I would love to win these books!

  197. Oh! So THAT’S why I question every thought and intention that I have. That’s why I analyze my part of every situation. That’s why I assume that I’m to blame for things that don’t even make sense.

    I signed up for the emails. I’m anxious to read your thoughts!

  198. Naming that which we are thankful for is life changing!

  199. Heather Anne says:

    God has been working in my heart and mind to depend fully upon him. I have always loved the Lord but I feel him drawing me deeper and deeper into my faith walk. I long to not be enslaved to the worldly concerns that threaten to steal my joy and fill me with doubt and worry. Anxiety creeps in and seems to take over but I’m growing and learning. As a dear friend brought me to Ann’s blog and quite a few other inspirational sisters in Christ to inspire me and sometimes gently challenge me. It would be an honor to enjoy a signed copy of One Thousand Gifts.

  200. JoAnn Williams says:

    Wow!! This post today was something I so needed to hear! Thanks for stiring my heart to seek God more in this season that I find myself in right now!!

  201. Just want to say that I think it very fitting that the two of you are friends. And I’m certain I am not alone in thinking of you both as a gift from God to me for this present time. Prayers of thanksgiving for you both, and for blessings on your ministries, for they are powerful in the lives of many women. Life-changing.

  202. Robin in New Jersey says:

    How wonderful to listen to you tow chat. I am up to #744 in my 1000 Gifts journal. I am looking forward to reading the 7 Day Doubt Diet. Have a lovely day!

  203. Renee, you will be speaking at our ladies retreat in October….just can’t wait to meet you! What is so wonderful is that our group will be using Ann’s book (1000 Gifts) as part of our study this year! That book has truely changed my life…and I would love to win a free copy to change someone elses life too! Blessings for a wonderful summer!

  204. Susan Perales says:

    I happened on to your site via a Facebook friend’s (Grace in the Shadow of the Cross) post. I just recently found out about Ann’s book “One Thousand Gifts” also via a friends’ FB post. I added it to my wishlist of books to purchase. You see, I am in my 2nd season (within the last 2-1/2 years) of unemployment. From a practical standpoint, I need to win the prizes you’re offering.

    Thanks for your site. I will visit often. Lord knows I need to learn to live confidently in Christ. Also signed up for your “The 7-Day Doubt Diet” devotions.


  205. I loved this. Thanks to you , Renee, for taking the time to share this with us, because I can imagine that in the moment this was not easy to do…having an intimate conversation while trying to ignore the video taping aspect. You guys made it feel like we were sitting right there with you. Thank you to God for bringing these two women together and allowing for others to be touched by it as well. Ann’s book really helped me to learn the concept behind naming that starts with Adam, and is continued through us. I know that anyone who has encountered a medical issue, like myself, knows all too well the importance of finding the name for the malady, no matter how “bad” it is. Knowing means you can equip yourself in Christ. Namin means you can call upon Christ for a specific purpose, and you can call upon other Christians to stand beside you in prayer. I am anxious to learn more about Rennee’s book and will add it to my reading list. Thank you again for this.

  206. What a great prize!

    Would sure like to win!

    Enjoy the She Speaks Conference!!!!

  207. I really love Ann’s book! I’ve given copies away to friends and plan to use it later this year at a fall retreat. I would really love to have a copy for the library at a women’s drug/alcohol recovery house where I volunteer as a Bible study leader and counselor. I believe the message in the book would speak life-giving words to these ladies who are trying to rebuild their lives.


  208. Liz Campanile says:

    The topics both you and Ann discuss in your books are exactly what I’ve been yearning for as a mother, wife, and Christian trying to be more for God in this needy world. I’ve only just found out about your books and would love to read them–and I’m already loving your websites so much! I thank God he speaks through wonderful people like you!

  209. Amazing is all I can say!! I love how God has once again spoken the perfect word into my life just when I needed it most!! I have so struggled for way too long now with my doubts, fears and insecurities and it’s so refreshing to hear that I’m not alone!! Plus, there IS victory in overcoming these doubts and insecurities…Praise God!!!

    Thank you, thank you for opening yourself up to be used by God to reach out to so many women struggling with this and giving us that hope and victory that is found in our Lord Jesus Christ!

  210. Thank you for the beautiful encouragement. Through this process and another book I am reading I have come to see how someone close to me undermines my self worth and causes me to doubt myself. I need to find the way to tell this person how their words affect me, but I can see through my frustration now and not let those words cause me such harm. I plan to purchase the book as soon as I locate it!

  211. Over the past few months, reading from Ann’s blog posts, my perspective has changed. I want to be more like Jesus. I am using ideas she presents for family time, being grateful, taking the moment to look at what God is doing right now. I picked up the book, looked through it at the bookstore, and put it back because it was so expensive. My library doesn’t have a copy yet. But I’m praying that God provides!

  212. A timely reminder of naming things so we can begin to deal with them. You women of God continue to bless in significant ways to so many. So thankful for knowing you all…

  213. Stacy Smith says:

    New to all this, first time reader…would love to win these books!! Thanks for letting the Holy Spirit use ya’ll as ‘tools’ to encourage and help others (me included) along the way!

  214. I’m learning about *naming* my feelings and this is how I’m learning to “guard [my] heart” — this helps me to love others more faithfully and more purely versus placing my feelings onto them.

    Also, I have found that naming His grace helps me to See and to live closer to His heart in many ways. This has helped me to capture my thoughts and focus on what is true and lovely, pure and right.

  215. Martha T. says:

    I thought that the video was very good.I would love to win a copy of the book,so pick me! :)Thanks!

  216. I have benefitted greatly from the Doubt diet:) I am naming my doubt now too for what it is and have been blessed by God’s promises and Renee’s encouragement. It was neat to hear from Ann via video as well. I haven’t bought the Confident Heart yet, but am anxious to read it and continue on my journey to a confident woman of God. I haven’t purchased Ann’s book either, but have heard of the title:) Thanks to all the ladies on the Proverbs 31 site as it has been such a blessing to me!!!

  217. So encouraged by this! Ann never cease to draw my attention to truths I would never had focused on =)

  218. God has used Ann’s book to radically change how I live out grace in my life- looking for Him in everything, naming these gifts, even the hard ones, has brought me much joy…I have passed this book on to many, and will continue to do so! So enjoyed this conversation, and would very much love to read A Confident Heart, as well!

  219. Wow- I have been reading Ann’s blog, but thanks to her, I stumbled over here, too! I haven’t read Ann’s book, (it’s on hold at my local library) and it looks like I will be putting Renee’s book on hold also! I have been used to in the past to just going out any buying the books I would like to have, but there is no extra $ in the budget for a family of 6 on one income. I am eagerly anticipating reading both books, now. I have been on a journey for the last 2-3 years desperately trying to see myself how my heavenly Father sees me. . . and it seems that these books will encourage me in this journey. Thank you, Renee, for blessing the rest of us with what you have been blessed with!

  220. I’m 48 years old now and still not able to answer the two questions you posed in Day 5 of the 7-day Doubt Diet. I’m taking the challenge to ask God what His dreams are for my life but most importantly, what I need to emotionally encourage my heart. My husband has always been a great encourager but it has never been enough and I’ve always had a hard time excepting his praise. I would love to know what resources you would recommend to help discover those passions, gifts and personality traits in me. Thanks for your ministry!!

  221. Just read One Thousand Gifts and am now leading a Sunday School with the book – revolutionary for me! And I’m always looking for more good reading material, so yay! for the drawing!

  222. Just love your writings…Enjoyed and enjoying again and again your book. Also thankful for your website/blog. You are a blessing.

  223. sarah burke says:

    i am so thankful for ann’s book–it is literally changing my life. i would love to win a second copy to pass on to a friend. i was just thinking this morning–“i need to get another copy to give away!” mine is all marked up! 🙂

  224. Ann’s book has changed my life.I am constantly reminded to see the blessings all around me and to give thanks for them. I have learned to give thanks for even the hard things. Pain, disappointments and uncertainity of the future! I have already given away my first copy and the second one I bought, I gave to my daughter. I would love to be one to keep for myself that she has signed!

  225. I would be glad to have a name for sin that I struggle with in my life. Sometimes you just know the feelings or thoughts you have about something are not aligned with the Gospel of Christ. It would be good to name those things for what they are. Yes, there is freedom in the knowing!

  226. Just heard about Ann’s book from a friend 2 days ago, would love to win!

  227. Thank you for your inspiring post. I have a copy of Ann’s book which I have highlighted and treasure but would love a copy for my dear friend who is facing tough medical problems right now. God bless!

  228. I would love to read this book. Sounds like a great reminder to be thankful for everything- big or small- that God places in our lives…

  229. Thank you ladies for sharing the video chat! I’ve read 1,000 gifts and that’s what brought me here. I’d like to read The 7 day Doubt Diet. I am slowly learning what it means to listen only to my Father’s voice and not the many nagging lies and doubts satan tries to get me to listen to and believe.
    Naming things helps so much! And as you were both talking about, naming and thanking God for what He’s done or given is giving him glory again….maybe a way to practice what we’ll be doing in heaven, giving our crowns to Jesus because He’s the one who did the work, made the beautiful thing, did the miracle. Saying out loud what is true, HE gave this, HE made this, HE did this.

  230. Carolyn says:

    I have always struggled with self doubt & have even more so in ministry. I had not thought about it but when I was able to “Name it” it was easier to face … knowing I did not have to have confidence in me but in God that he knows what he is doing.
    I look forward to reading Confident Heart with the group I am leading & know that we will be blessed. One Thousand Gifts is on our list for the future as well.

  231. I love this idea of calling out a thousand gifts, what a freeing experience. I have struggled with self esteem, body image, self confidence and now you have introduced this idea of self doubt. I never have called it out before. Now my head is trying to differentiate between self doubt and all the other things I HAVE called out. What a gift to begin to find the difference or sameness perhaps between them. Thanks you Renee for provoking these thoughts and giving me this to explore.

  232. Kristen says:

    “Naming” things has freed my husband and I from years of struggle in our marriage and released us into the marriage only God can design! Praise be to God!

  233. “When you don’t have a name for something, you’re haunted by it’s shadows…But when you can name something… It loses it’s mask and you can find a strategy to deal with it.”

    I love love love this quote. I’m looking forward to reading your book, Renee, and would love to read One Thousand Gifts as well.

  234. I remember studying the Names of God many years ago and how that opened my eyes to the character of God. So now I must learn to name those fears and struggles in my life to know their character and to remove, fight, embrace and accept with grace those things. Thanks for showing me a way to shine light in the dark.

  235. I read Ann’s book back in the Spring and read her blog daily:) What a gift HE has blessed her with!

  236. It’s so true how giving something a name can help you work out how to face it. The name doesn’t even have to be “right” just representative. It helps to separate it out from yourself so you can see how it works to convince you of things and think in certain ways. It also helps because it means that you can clearly see that *you* are not the problem, the problem is the problem and can tackle the problem, not yourself.
    On another note, for the first time I recently noticed a verse in the Bible calling God “the God of hope” and I was blown away. Knowing His names and how they reflect his character can have a huge impact. They can transform our relationship with God.

  237. Would be lovely to have these books- you are both such a blessing….

  238. What a blessing. Thanks for sharing your chat w/ us all!

  239. Lorrie Bechtel says:

    i enjoyed your talk.Very inspirational.i would love the books. thanks for being a blessing to me and thanks for shareing your chart with us cant wait to hear more.

  240. ANN
    Can’t begin to describe how much your book has meant to me. It was used by God to prepare my husband and I for the “storm “that was coming”…..the “storm” that came this week. My husband…I call him “the trader” : ) found out that he would loose his job….after 24 years. No warning…no time….just good bye. No, he is not old, Yes, he has poured his life into the people and families that work for him. But the lumber industry is going down and they are throwing people overboard in order to stay a float in this wretched economy. To them…my husband is “dispensable”….I know to God he is “indispensable”.
    When the news came I was in shock….I believe on Monday…I texted my sister, who quickly texted back…”Read the HOLY EXPERIENCE for today…and there it was…”Behold, I am doing a new thing!” I forwarded it to” the trader”…and immediately we knew… WHAT THEY MEANT FOR HARM, GOD MEANT FOR GOOD. Praise, God…He makes all things new!
    So , my eucharisteo #412 new things, new doors, new opportunities, new adventures! Behold, He is doing a new thing!

    • Sharon Riojas says:

      I am going to be praying for you and your family. Our family went through a very difficult time when my husband, an electrical engineer, was laid off in August 2008. Just this week, he was offered a teaching position in a technology center. He was unemployed for almost three years. During that time, he went back to school, and evenings he and I cleaned offices. I worked during the day also. It was a time of testing and wondering often if God really was there! But I can tell you He is so faithful if we trust Him. He used this time to refine my husband and me—we would not want to go through the experience again—but we wouldn’t trade what He taught us for anything. He does want us to rely totally on Him. At some point while my husband was unemployed I wrote out Isaiah 43:18-19 and taped it to my husband’s computer…”The Lord says, Forget what has happened before. Do not think about the past. Look at the new thing I am going to do. It is already happening. Don’t you see it? I will make a road in the desert. I will make rivers in dry land.” Just yesterday I noticed it was still taped to his computer. I read it and smiled…it is so true. Don’t fear tomorrow, cause God is already there! Keep your faith in God. He will bring you through this and give your husband something better. He already knows His plans for you. He will reveal them in His own time. God bless you!!

  241. Miranda White says:

    Hi Renee and Ann,
    Renee I love the devotions or 7 day doubt diet. I have no confidenceat all I am a self doubter and worry a lot but what I have read so rar has mad an impact on me and how to gain confidecne and throw away self diet. I also like the am and the pm sheet.
    I would love to read Anns book and learn how to name everything. My life has changed so much since I found proverbs 31. I thank you for letting me know that I am not alone on the selfdoubt adventure and that I can allow Jesus to change me. Thanks for all your help

  242. Stephanie says:

    Thank you to Renee and Ann for writing these books and all your encouraging words! Gods sweetest blessings to you both!

  243. Debbie Pete says:

    Naming something makes it easier to claim or visualize.
    I have been enjoying both of these books as e books, but would love to be able to hold a real copy. I will always prefer paper, but have been using the kindle more because they will be easier to take to the mission field. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us

  244. Thank you both for listening to the Lord and letting him guide you to write these books so many of us need. I look firward to having the opportunity to someday read your books and let them help me through my struggles.

    God bless,


  245. Kristy Lynn says:

    I am so delighted by both you Renee and Ann. I just finished reading One Thousand Gifts and plan to dive back in because it is so full of treasure. I plan to challenge myself to find one thousand gifts in my life, writing them in a journal as Ann did to see God’s love and mercy in my life. I just signed up to get the 7 day doubt diet emails and was so touched and excited by the first intro. I have always struggled with self doubt and have been in a marriage with emotional abuse which really sunk my self worth even lower. I can’t wait to read your book and see how the Lord is going to change me and turn me around to be used for His glory.
    Thank you both for your open honesty and devotion to our amazing and loving Savior!!

  246. Natalie says:

    It’s such a relief to know that I’m not the only one who struggles daily with self doubt. The 7 day doubt diet is really great! Thank you! I can’t wait to read your book.

  247. No matter what the issue, doubt, fear, anger, when you can name it you can claim it. And when you claim it you can confess it, pray about it, claim God’s promises and stand up to it. Naming it is so important. Thanks for this reminder

  248. Annette Gates says:

    Can so relate to needing a name for what’s holding you back. Seems too often I’m asking myself “what in the world is wrong with you?”

  249. Angela P says:

    Ann’s book is such a blessing.

  250. Bingo! I feel better already. I really felt like God used you to show so many people what they have never been able to name. God bless you!

  251. Just this evening, a friend named a strange weakness I’m experiencing in my hand. I know what it is it has a name. Reminds me of the ultimate power in His name. Perfect love casts out all fears. As the children and I continue on our summer journey of naming 1,000 gifts, I’m delighted to share a bit more about what God is teaching us through this powerfully simple exercise. Thank you for all that you do in the might name of Christ!

  252. Two women, being transparent about their fears and their love of Jesus. What a treasure. Thank you for letting us peek through the window into this sweet conversation 🙂

  253. What a blessing to read your devotion and to hear you both talking. Perfect timing!! One Thousand Gifts has been on my “to read list” Heading now to sign up for “The 7-day Doubt Diet.”

  254. The verse in Romans that Ann referred to is one of my most loved . I speak it out loud whenever I need reminding of Christ’s amazing love and sovereignty in ALL THINGS! Thanks for the encouragement.

  255. The bad thing about naming things is you find out you really don’t know yourself as well as you think you do. You think something should be named fear, but really it is self-doubt, or pride, or superiority issues, or over- competitiveness. This is one of those journeys I didn’t think I needed, as I always thought I was a pretty confident person, except in “those” areas. You know, the ones you tell yourself aren’t important.

    I don’t really look forward to the process of your book, but the growth I hope to get from it will be worth it.

  256. thanks so much for letting us share in your discussion . . . what fun. what a blessing!

  257. Hope Ford says:

    Thank you so much to both of you for writing your books and for blogging in such a way that continues to encourage us all day by day! Thank you for this – what a challenge – something that has been difficult for me – to face these things!

  258. Just within the last week the last day or two actually, I have begun One Thousand Gifts, and now that has led me here to visit with you….I’m looking forward to learning, and have begun my own “Gift List”, and I look forward also to reading your book. Thank you for taking the time to share…


  259. Thanks so much for letting us join you on the porch… it was a nice treat, although even with my speakers at 100% I had to strain to hear!! I am just finishing Ann’s book, and want to share it with so many, but don’t want to give up my copy … I know I am gonna read it again! 🙂 I would love a copy to share, and I could definitely use a more Confident Heart in so many areas of my life!!

  260. I have read Ann’s book and subscribe to both of your blogs. I know that God is using you both to speak to my heart! Thank you for being faithful to Him! I want to win this to give Ann’s book to my sister who wants to read it (my copy is on my e-reader and she lives in another state so I can’t loan it). And after I read Renee’s book I will give it to her too! :o)

  261. Thank you so much for that short video! What a privilege to hear your conversation. And what a message of truth and encouragement. I would so love to win these books! Thanks!

  262. I’ve enjoyed Ann’s book for the past 6 months and have given it as a gift to my dearest friend. It has changed me in ways I can’t even begin to articulate. In listening to this conversation, I see that though I believe that I trust God, I do struggle with self-doubt, and in that way don’t trust God to work through me as much as I thought. Thank you for sharing & walking this journey with so many women that you will never meet this side of heaven.

  263. I have been searching your new website and am patiently waiting for your book to arrive. All my life I have had self doubts and anxiety that have kept me from doing and exploring new adventures. This has also hurt me with social situations. I feel inadequate to socialize. I am working very hard at discovering why. I would love to read Ann’s book too. It makes sense to name what it is that is causing self doubt. Thank you both for your ministries.

  264. I enjoyed this video today for many reasons and am confident that God brought me here just to hear this today. I recently had some medical tests done and was waiting a long time for answers….the process of all of this taught me so much as I worked through fear and doubt. I am thankful that our Lord draws us near as we learn from and through Him.

  265. it is good to listen to both your words and experiences bouncing off each other. makes those of us out in no where land feel connected with other women learning to live with God in their lives…

  266. Natasha deVries says:

    I LOVE Ann’s book!! It has inspired me so much and now I’m sharing it with a group of friends in a summer Book/Bible study group. Some of my friends are sharing a copy, so I would love to surprise them with a SIGNED copy!! That would be so exciting!! …..and now, I would LOVE to be God-inspired by your book!!! Maybe I could just share it with them for another Book/Bible study!! That would be great!

  267. Beautiful book, beautiful testimony. Just gave One Thousand Gifts to my sis-in-law and would love to share with more people. Great giveaway!

  268. I am learning not to run through my “valley” but to confidently and in the everlasting arms of my Father journey through this unlovely terrain knowing that He has total control when I truly surrender to Him. It is comforting to know that I am not sojourning alone. Thank you for your loveliness as you share what God has given to you with so many ……..To God be the Glory great things He has done!

  269. Thank you so much for the video. Putting a name to issues is a great idea. Thanks so much for your words of hope and thanks so much for sharing.

  270. Thank you for posting the video. It was good to have you both recap what 1000 gifts is all about. I am excited to read your book, because I think they will tie together beautifully!

  271. Joy Verboncouer says:

    I have been reading Ann’s book on my Nook. It is having a life changing effect on me. I have been a Christian for many years and met a friend recently for lunch who has also been a Christian for many years. At one point in our conversation she stopped and said, “Something has changed in you…what has happened.” And I think I’m only on the third chapter. Having an attitude of gratitude in all things deeply changes your perspective and therefore changes you. It helps you see things more as He sees them…which is very different from the way we typically see them. It is such a gift to walk with God -thanks for turning my heart toward Him.

  272. This is a real encouragement. I haven’t read either book but would love to read them!

  273. Trying to learn from this infomation of hope . I think your devotion is the answer for me!
    Thank you for reaching out to everyone.

  274. Valerie says:

    I only discovered Ann’s blog (and yours, too!) last week. Since then, I’ve been steadily reading through the archived posts and I just can’t stop. The simplicity and poetic way Ann writes draws me in. I’ve marked “One Thousand Gifts” on my wish list & can’t wait to read it!

  275. Renee,

    My big issue was bitterness and it took me thirteen years for me to put names to my struggles. I know personally what it means to battle discouragement and despair when I didn’t have the names for what I was feeling. Thankfully, God pursued me through my struggles, my avoidance, and my running until I saw the name for my issue, bitterness and judgement. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and blessing us with what you and Ann talked about.

  276. I’m so encouraged by your work! I didn’t realize how much of my daily anxiety is caused by self-doubt. Thanks for helping me name it so I can face it and work on it. I’m so thankful to know that our Savior Jesus Christ will help me with this. He’s already answering some of my prayers through you and Ann. Thank you!

  277. Naming things does make everything a little less frightening. Naming things as you give them to God makes everything seem very okay!

  278. Wendy Yrjola says:

    I cannot express the impact that you have had on me.!!!!!! Thank you so much for FREEDOM!

  279. Kirsten says:

    I love this whole discussion about naming the dark places in our lives so we can turn them over to God and be free of them. I’m loving Ann’s book so far (and would love the copy to share with a friend who could be encouraged by it), and look forward to reading your book as well!

  280. Wow! God is using Ann to inspire me so much recently. This video clip will help me talk to one of my sisters who has just been diagnosed with lymphoma and who won’t accept the diagnosis. I can talk to her now about how naming it destroys the mask and the haunting, and can help her see God’s hand and His gifts even in this. Thanks Ann and Renee.

  281. I often say I think Ann is peeking in my windows because so much of what she writes about seems strait from my heart. As I raise my children, they are so good for helping us see in ourselves what we need to name and bring into the light. They are so transparent and see right through us, too. Thank you for your words that encourage.

  282. Tammy W. says:

    Yes! My Father is so Good to me . . . He is using yours and Ann’s sight to Love on and minister to me in such an Incredible way. You both speak to my heart in such a way that I know it’s the Father speaking directly to me through, bringing me the answers I need just when I need them. Thank you both so much!

  283. Michelle R says:

    Thank you for the encouraging words.

  284. Wendy Broyles says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. “Magnify Jesus” Yes! and Amen! Thank you both for opening up your true selves for all to see…for Him to see!

  285. Sharon Riojas says:

    I discovered Ann’s blog in December 2010. I was feeling hopeless and depressed, wondering if God really cared. My husband had been unemployed for two years and our faith was being tested beyond what we thought we could bear. When I read about her book One thousand Gifts, I wanted to purchase it but money was so tight I couldn’t. But I immediately started a Gratitude Journal and it has changed my life! It was hard to find things to be grateful for at first because I was so wrapped up in my fear, doubts and depression. I forced myself to focus—and I began to notice little every day blessings that I always took for granted. My 13 year old son son and my husband started a Gratitude Journal also. Now we are so aware of God’s hand in our lives. Taking the time to look for the blessings, makes me more grateful and I realize how blessed I am. We have not had much money in the last few years, but we are thankful for the many “gifts” our Heavenly Father gives us just because He lives us so much. And I feel rich in the things that really matter in this world. My faith has grown because of the hard times we have experienced. God sustained us and He has been faithful. Just this week, my husband was hired for a teaching position. Of course that went into our Gratitude Journals! I want Ann to know how she has encouraged me and I know God helped me find her blog that day. Would love to win a copy of One Thousand Gifts.

  286. Sharon Chism says:

    I was reading another one of your devotions on cravings and it through me back here. Everytime I read something you’ve written God touches my heart. It’s like you have an insight to my life. When I work up enough strength I’ll post my Life Story. Just continue to pray for the many people that read what God has revealed to you. Thanks again.

  287. Sitting here feeling sad to miss you all at SheSpeaks this year. But sitting here on the porch with you and Ann helps, Renee. Honestly, I have to say, I’ve been to many conferences, but She Speaks is a special one. Such a life giving place. Praying for you all this weekend. Love to you.

  288. Sarah Poling says:

    I am learning to embrace fully the joy, gratitude, and grace of the moment. It’s hard to just be conscious of things, yet even easier when you work at naming them– that provide power- emotionally and it makes it real and you can pray for it so much more concretely!

  289. Nicole Gaylord says:

    I love Ann’s book and would love to read yours!

  290. Jade Park says:

    The Name of the LORD is a strong tower, the righteous runneth to it and is safe. Names have always been very significant to God. He filled His Word with them, sometimes in lists even. We often forget how powerful a name is. Thankyou for this reminder!

  291. In a way, our self-doubt is often doubt of God. He promises that He is the one who is going to bring the good work He began in us to completion. I love the part in Ann’s book about fear being doubt of God’s infinite resources- HIs well cannot run dry nor can His storehouses be depleted!

  292. Julie Wasley says:

    Thank you both for helping me tosee the beauty in the small, seemingly mundane or challenging moments of life. God is always near and always weaving beauty into our lives. It is truly a pardigm shift that I am working towards. Thanks for your encouragement along this journey called life. 🙂

  293. Elizabeth Reyna says:

    I discovered you and Lisa on Klove. I logged on to your website and now I am totally hooked. I received your 7 day devotional and love it. Thank you for helping us become the women that we are meant to be.

  294. I so enjoyed that video, thank you ladies for sharing from your hearts! I read Ann’s blog & have been wanting her book, and found your site today through her link, and have already been very blessed! God has been speaking to me about this very thing, and my children & I have decided to keep journals of our “gifts”.

  295. It is comforting to know that what we fear can be dissected and exposed to the light to dispel the dark mysterious doubts. I am finding new confidence in the Lord’s Word and how He guides me in big and little decisions. Hope to read the book and explore new ways to walk in God’s light. Thank you for sharing your insights through your writing.

  296. Linda P. says:

    What a great way of putting it. If you can name something, you can face it. I hear it all the time medically, that when a diagnosis is finally made, then the process of healing can begin. This is a great reminder that there are other things out there that need to be named. I am going through some of this self-doubt myself right now. Would love to win these books and start the healing process.

    Blessings to you!!

  297. Debbie RN says:

    I just finished reading Ann’s 1000 Gifts. I want to share it with everyone! She was able to make me feel LOVED by God like no one else has ever done. Thank you Ann. I have begun my list of God’s gifts, the wonderful and difficult. Every blessing I receive is to go through my hands to others. I will not clench them shut. Thank you dearest Ann.

  298. Power in a name. I am that I am. He shall be called Emmanuel, God with us. I am Alpha and Omega. The Disciples were given a new name. Saul became Paul. Great significance in a name. Call upon Me. Just whispering His name unleashes power. Demons shrink at the sound of His name.

  299. Thank you so much for sharing your conversation. Ann’s writing really has challenged me and lingered so that I can see God working. I’ve actually taken the time to stop and listen and watch for God and it’s a beautiful experience. Thank you for that gift.

  300. Naming His gifts has brought me to live with open hands… in surrender.. rather than with clenched fists… demanding.
    It has given me a desire to live every day with an ungrieved Spirit of God.

  301. Naming His gifts has brought me to live with open hands… in surrender, rather than with clenched fists… demanding.
    It has given me a desire to live daily with an ungrieved Spirit of God.

  302. Katrina says:

    I speak the name “LORD Jesus” often because then I am placing him as “LORD/Master over
    every situation and circumstance.

    Never is there a reason His children should doubt. We need to confess our unbelief and soak in His
    presence and abide in His mercy and love. Reading the Psalms often inspires me.

    Always giving thanks and praise for the joy of fellow sisters.

  303. Kristen says:

    I love that idea of framing the moments that you and Ann talked about. What a grace that we get to be in God’s picture. I’ve read Ann’s book and have given my copy to someone else. I’d love to have another to give away an bless. I love to read people’s stories of what God has taught them so I think yours would be a great read.

  304. Becky J. says:

    Amen…when we bring things into the light it dispels the darkness…and as I pondered naming, the Lord reminded me that Jesus IS the name above ALL names..hallelujah!! 🙂

  305. Caryn Gilbert says:

    I was just sitting here silent trying to name what it is that’s so encouraging about Ann’s and your conversation, Renee. I think that it is the refreshing honesty of sisters in Christ who are willing to bear each others burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. Thank you so much!

  306. Hi Renee, I wanted to b on the porch with you and Ann! sharing tremendous treasures…how precious. I love the idea of “framing” for “focus”. That is a life changing truth.

  307. Naming things takes my focus away from myself and the inadequacies, problems, disappointments and refocuses me to the wonderful gifts of each day- even if it is the mountains of laundry- at least I have clothes to wash and appliances to make it easier for me- God is good each day and provides all I need for the day- focus on Him and His gifts.

  308. Love, Love, Loved the porch talk. Your book has changed my life. I’ve never been one to journal….now I look forward to it every day. You give answers to the questions about why bad things happen….and how to thank God for His goodness, instead of blaming Him for all of the evil. I love your blogs. Your amazing photos cause me to worship the Lord as much as your beautiful words. Thank you for being used by Him to bring others closer to Him. You are a blessing!

  309. christi. says:

    I tripped across AHolyExperience.com some time ago, found the book just as it was being released. I consumed it: by reading a moment, or a long time – several sentences or a chapter or more… savored, journaled, studied. Thumbed back thru pages, looked up passages, began my own thousand, re-read yet again. I have already purchased ten additional copies and distributed; I have printed, cut and pasted six Colossians memory books to give to my “girls” (10th graders) that I mentor for us to memorize together. Iron sharpening me perhaps as they cut me to the core with insightful, wise, God-loving questions? They too have consumed the book. My 11-year old son journals into the 7 a day booklet that we print, cut, and shape into life giving lists of thanksgiving. The two older boys (16 and 18) soon to leave my nest – speak “gratitudes” ~ recount to me their thanksgiving: Yeshua’ may I remember each gratitude forever. God moves in mysterious ways. Thru a book, thru a life, thru a tree falling on a house~ yes, “all is grace”.

  310. Wow-you two ladies are incredible-coming along side me to help me worship,see Christ as he really is…
    The one who will cast all my doubts away-Thank you both for taking the time to help me see my “stuff” , name it and ask God to be rid of it !

    You’re angels in skin-
    Love Sincerely,

  311. Gwen Smith says:

    The other morning, the morning after a very difficult day with my son’s behavior, I woke up, not with joy that is supposed to “come in the morning,” but with fear that I was not going to know how to handle the behavior again patiently. Of course, after pouring my heart out to God, I felt better and the fear was gone, but I know now that it was self-doubt. Thank you for allowing me to see the name for it.

  312. Sharon Chism says:

    The more I read the more I realize that I have self-doubted myself so long that overcoming it will be a long process that won’t just happen overnight. Besides self-doubt I also lack self-discipline. I’ve never have liked reading so getting the information is one step but turning off the TV and reading the material is about like pulling teeth. I got the book Made to Crave and the workbook that goes with it but I’ve only got to chapter 1. If anyone can suggest something to help I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  313. We have been put into what feels an impossibly hopeless place right now and have such a need for Godly wisdom. What you are saying has been a real encouragement. Thankyou Lord, who I am trusting to daily bear us up.

  314. Yes, naming BOTH and turning to Him!

    Hebrews 12:2 (CEV)
    We must keep our eyes on Jesus, who leads us and makes our faith complete.

    I love that Ann’s book started with a DARE!

  315. Treasured conversation between friends.

    Renee, have you ever heard this song by Christa Wells….it’s entitled, “Frame the Clouds”. Came to mind as I listened to the video. http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_2097310 We need those words to frame the clouds.

    Thinking about you and praying right now my friend. Love you so.

  316. I would so love to read both of these books. I have done the 7 Day doubt diet and learned a lot from it. I am sure whoever receives these will be blessed by them! Thank you for sharing with us.

  317. My eyelids are shutters by my blinking, either on luscious light or searing shadow, depending on seeing moments
    giving fullness of God or a sliver of self.

  318. Please please please!!

  319. Laurie B. says:

    I have been blessed over and over by Ann’s book and her blog site, aholyexperience.com. I am excited about Renee’s new book and look forward to sharing both books in a bible study I will lead this fall. Thank you both for being sold-out women for God. May you continue to touch hearts in His name…JESUS!

  320. Thank you both for sharing! I found Ann’s blog only months ago and it has been life changing….though I am daily gripped by fears, doubts and insecurities and I so often choose to go to my “default” instead of “framing the gifts” even within difficult circumstances. Thanks so much for sharing your lives with us….

  321. Wow – two delightful, humble women. Thank you both for openly letting God live through you. His glory in you is evident. Would LOVE to own these books. Thanks!

  322. Just what information you have sent me this past week has had such an impact that I couldn’t wait for the book to come out in August. My OCD kicked in and I wanted to get better yesterday so I found the book and got it. I just can’t believe how well you know me. I wish you had written it sooner but when I first needed it you wasn’t even born yet. I have to get myself A Confident Heart before I can help others. My kids are grown and I can see the damage I did to them. I so wish God would say to us that it’s okay we’ll just do over the messed up parts but it doesn’t work that way. I grew up with so many doubts and fears and everything that started with lack of self, (self-doubt, self-contimnation, self-disipline, self-love, and self-understanding) and gave myself, fear, pain, hurt, lonliness, being mistreated, eating disorders. Couldn’t believe God could love me because my own parents didn’t love me. I look forward to walking this journey with you and others that have had similar lives. In God’s name we can get better. Love you, Sharon


  324. I just love listening to the 2 of you talk. Wish I was there to feel the excitement I see on your faces as you talk of the goodness of the Lord. I wish we were neighbors!

  325. Jessica Budd says:

    What a wonderful conversation and how great to put voices with both you and Ann. I wish I could name it but I right now I can’t. It’s a struggle with ……..something. Is it fear, is it lack of confidence, over confidence, lack of trust? I wish I knew.

  326. Mary Kay says:

    So blessed by your discussion, ladies. I resisted the idea of naming for many years–thinking that labeled or pigeonholed a person, but have since come to realize, as Ann says, that it chases away the frightening shadows. Naming also breaks denial, helping us be more open to saying “Abba, I need your help and healing in this.”

    Hope you are both encouraged as your efforts are a blessing to so many.

  327. Yes….this is truth. Naming things brings them to light and

    is the first step away from fear. Thanks.

  328. Agreed, there is something profoundly different between an “unknown” and a “known” and proclaiming a name…also makes me think of a new perspective on proclaiming the Name of Jesus..and “at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, every tongue confess..”

  329. Thankfulness. When I steal a moment to imagine a world of thankful people, I see a world free of all evil-doing. I get a glimpse of pure joy and it warms me all over. It makes me want to mow my neighbor’s lawn, pay for the stranger’s frozen yogurt, and hold my little girls a few seconds longer.

  330. I am so blessed to name two more gifts in my life: Renee Swope and Ann Voskamp – real life friends, sisters in the Lord. Thank you!!!

  331. Lee Ellen Speckman says:


    Thank you for listening to God’s call to visit Ann and have Leah record your precious conversations with Ann. Before I have even read Ann’s new book, the ordained conversation between the two of you has given insight into my lifelong struggle of self-doubt. Thank you for being obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  332. Sophia DeLonghi says:

    I never knew about the naming of things but know that when I was able to express it and share with a trusted confidant, that it lost it’s power over my life and released me from the hold on my life. Great message and I love the inspiration and encouragement from your site. Thank you so much and God bless your ministry.

  333. coni Scarberry says:

    This book sounds so interesting and helpful to me,,, I am 62 yrs old and still struggle with self esteem and confidence in many areas, I am so weary of it, I would love to win a copy of your book, “a Confident Heart: ” I believe it will help me, If I don’t win,,, then I plan on buying the book for sure!! thank you sharing your heart. coni

  334. WOW! It is through women like you (Renee) and Ann that God has been showing me the past couple of years that I AM NOT ALONE in what I’ve gone through and continue to go through BUT THERE IS A WAY PAST IT!!!!

    Yes, I know I’m really ‘late’ reading this but on July 20 (when you posted it), I was spending the day buying a car and preparing to get up and leave the next morning to head to North Carolina for SOME reason – lol

    I believe that I am reading it in God’s ‘perfect’ timing though – I was so happy to receive two free copies of your book at the conference. You signed one for me and one for a friend – and I already had one on pre-order that I have since received. I am offering it as a give-away on my blog 🙂 I wish I had the money to buy your book for every person I know that would benefit from it – that is how strongly I feel about it.

    It was such a privliege and honor to meet you at She Speaks and to be able to see your “heart”. You were one of those people that just immediately struck a special place in my heart because of your ‘genuineness’ and honesty. Keep on “keeping it real” as Mandisa says…….

    Love you!

  335. I recently finished reading One Thousand Gifts, and have begun naming gifts too. As gratitude grows, so does confidence – Thankfulness does feed faith. It really does.

  336. Thank you for sharing that visit on the porch. I think that most of us have heard all of our lives that whatever we receive comes from God’s hand, both good and bad. The idea of naming it, whether it’s the bad of a sickness or a struggle or a doubt or a sin, or the good of a gift, a blessing, nature, or a relationship, a conversation, a new thought, a scripture…whatever it is, when we name it we are being like God, using our creative powers and we look into his heart and his face–as much as is possible while still in our mortal bodies. One day we will see him face-to-face. I’m trying to slow down and notice them and write them down, but this is the first that I considered that the “bad” things are gifts to write down too. We can see his face in them, we bless God when we’re grateful for them, we allow him to bring beauty from the ashes of our “sacrificing” them…the sacrifice of praise. “In everything give thanks, for this is the will of Christ Jesus concerning you.”

  337. Naming….not so long ago as I sheltered under His wings for protection, for healing, for answers, for comfort because I felt so sad and alone when dealing with issues in my marriage- God helped me by showing me a new name for myself. He promised me that the sins and hurts that I felt were only directed at me, were really against Him. That because of His grace in saving me- I truly am IN Christ and He is the One we ultimately sin against always. So my new name was ChristLisa- I am never alone and I am a new creation in Him! That “new name” is a huge help- and to think that I’ve had it for over 25 years! Thank you Lord.


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