Measuring Up

Ever feel like someone is telling you that you can’t measure up? That something is wrong with you?

If so, have you ever stopped to ask,  “Who is saying these things? Who is causing me to doubt myself? Is it me? Is there something from my past that led me to believe this? Or is it the enemy of my soul disguising his voice as my own?”

Satan is the father of lies, and there is no truth in him (John 8:44). Oh how he loves when we believe his  deception and fall into the ditractions of feeling inadequate and insecure.

The meaning of the word lie is “a falsehood with the intent to deceive.” Satan intends to deceive us and he does so by getting us to take our eyes off of who we are in Christ and focus on our flaws. That way we’ll spend our days figuring out how we can hide them. It’s exactly what he did with Eve:

“Then the eyes of both [Adam and Eve] were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.

Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden. But the Lord God called to the man, ‘Where are you?’

He answered, ‘I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.’” (Gen. 3:7–11)

In response, God asked who told them they were naked. In other words, “Who told you that something is wrong with you?” By asking this, God made sure they knew someone was casting shame on them—and it wasn’t Him.

The enemy whispered lies into their hearts, causing them to move away from Him and from each other.

Satan’s intent is the same for you and me as it was for Eve, but we don’t have to go along with him. Instead we can refute his lies and temptations with truth. If we have put our trust in Christ as our Savior, we can stand on the promises of who we are in Him.

In his book, Victory Over the Darkness, Dr. Neil T. Anderson says, “The more you reaffirm who you are in Christ, the more your behavior will begin to reflect your true identity!” Here is a compilation of Scriptures Dr. Anderson’s ministry created to remind us of who we are in Christ.

I am accepted . . .

  • John 1:12 I am God’s child.
  • John 15:15 I am a friend of Jesus Christ, as His disciple.
  • Romans 5:1 I have been justified.
  • 1 Corinthians 6:17 I am united with the Lord, and I am one with Him in spirit.
  • 1 Corinthians 6:19–20 I have been bought with a price and I belong to God.
  • 1 Corinthians 12:27 I am a member of Christ’s body.
  • Ephesians 1:3–8 I have been chosen by God and adopted as His child.
  • Hebrews 4:14–16 I have direct access to the throne of grace through Jesus Christ.

I am secure . . .

  • Romans 8:1–2 I am free from condemnation.
  • Romans 8:28 I am assured that God works for my good in all circumstances.
  • Romans 8:31–39 I am free from condemnation. I cannot be separated from God’s love.
  • 2 Corinthians 1:21–22 I have been established, anointed, and sealed by God.
  • Colossians 3:1–4 I am hidden with Christ in God.
  • Philippians 1:6 I am confident God will complete the good work He started in me.
  • Philippians 3:20 I am a citizen of heaven.
  • 2 Timothy 1:7 I have been given a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.
  • 1 John 5:18 I am born of God, and the evil one cannot touch me.

I am significant . . .

  • John 15:5, I am a branch of Jesus Christ, the true vine, and a channel of His life.
  • John 15:16, I have been chosen and appointed to bear fruit.
  • 1 Corinthians 3:16, I am God’s temple.
  • 2 Corinthians 5:17–21, I am a minister of reconciliation for God.
  • Ephesians 2:6, I am seated with Jesus Christ in the heavenly realm.
  • Ephesians 2:10, I am God’s workmanship.
  • Ephesians 3:12, I may approach God with freedom and confidence.
  • Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

Which one of these promises did you need to hear most today? What lie do you need to replace with truth A Confident Heart Coveras you reaffirm your significance, security and acceptance based not on what you say or do, but on what Jesus said and did for you!

When you’re tempted to measure up today, focus “up” instead and remember Whose you are and who you are – in Him!

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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


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    Hello Renee, thanks so much for what you’ve shared. Your words are so inspiring and such a great channel for God’s Word to flow through.

    The promise that spoke to me most this morning was this:
    Philippians 1:6 – I am confident God will complete the good work He started in me.

    I keep worrying that with my weaknesses and huge egoism I stand in God’s way and thwart all His efforts to have me bring fruit. I try with all my heart to cling to Him in all my doings, but I’m terribly low on self-esteem and it always seems to me that I’m throwing away all the chances I get from Him.

    Thanks so much for reminding me that He WILL complete the good work He started in me.
    Have a blessed day, Renee.

  2. I am excited for your book to come out. A must read!!

  3. Thank you for your thoughts Renee.
    Today I was encouraged by Ephesians 2:10 – I am God’s workmanship.
    I have slowly overcome many of Satan’s lies that were literally taking over my life a few years back, but my negative attitude towards my physical appearance has continued to be a struggle. The idea that I have been made beautiful by God’s hands has continued to be a really hard concept for me to grasp. But I am God’s workmanship. No matter what society may tell me or what other people may think, I am beautiful, because I was created by the one and only true and perfect God. And that is a very good reason to push Satan’s lies aside and praise God!

  4. Rebekah says:

    I love your question; “Who is saying these things”. I literally wanted to turn around and “look” to see who my accuser was. I know God doesnt think these things of me, but i definitely deal with doubts and insecurites often. Thank you for reminding us who we are in Christ.

  5. I love coming down early in the morning to read your thoughts for the day. It starts my day out on a positive note of encouragement. It gives me confidence that no matter what happens today to tell me otherwise, I can handle it because my Father is with me and gives me strength. I am a daughter of the King and the accuser can’t change that fact. Thank you for ministering to all of us who need reminding and help chasing away insecurity.

  6. Debra Jackson says:

    Thank you so much, Renee. I find myself constantly comparing myself to others. We all have a tendency to think that the grass is greener for someone else. That’s not true. We all have our trials and struggles. Those are the things that God uses to build our character. This reminds me a lot of Laura Story’s song, “Blessings.” We sometimes wonder why does she have this and I don’t. For some unknown reason, God did not give it to us. He decided it was best for us to have the things that we have and not what he gave to someone else. He knows what he’s doing. It ‘s just sometimes hard for us to understand why he does the things that he does. With a truck driver for a husband and a two year-old at home, I find myself constantly wondering what God was thinking. But, it helps to remind myself that “I can do all things through Christ.”

  7. Thank you for sharing this encouragement today. So often the lies seep in and attempt to discredit the reality of who I am in Christ. Many thanks for this beautiful reminder of the riches which are mine through Him.

  8. All I can say is WOW – I am so guilty of this. I try so hard not to compare, but it creeps in time after time. I have tried to be content with what God had given me and rest in the knowledge that He is enough, but I still get tempted to compare. Just when I have become content, it starts creeping in again!!! Looking forward to your book – sounds like some amazing truth we all need to hear!!!!!!! Thanks for your minsitry!!!!!! Staci

  9. Thank you for the devotional today. As an older Christian I still face the need to know that I am accepted. ! Cor. 6:19-20 tells me that I have been bought with a price and that I am a temple of the Holy Ghost. Wow! After reading passages of the Bible for years, sometimes they just stand out in a new light to me. Even when life’s road is not smooth and things are not the way “I” want them to be, I must pause and be thankful that I am accepted into God’s holy family and can fully belive HIs promises.

  10. Renee, Thank you for this devotional today. What a great reminder that we need to hear again and again!

  11. You were preaching to me today, sister! I am so guilty of self doubt and insecurity, when I know deep down I am His creation and so blessed. I need to remind myself of Eph. 2:10 I am His workmanship. Makes me realize my insecurities are sort of a slap in the face to Him! Can’t wait to read the new book!

  12. I could not wait to read your book ever since last week when I read your other devotion concerning doubting ourselves. I already ordered it. (However, I’m sure I could find someone to share with if I won this one.) I just wanted to let you know that this is so incredibly encouraging, and so very timely for me. Thank you for being a vessel for God to use and bless others through!!!

  13. This is such a helpful reminder — Satan is the father of lies. I *know* this in my head, but why does my heart forget?! Thanks for the post! Your book is on my to-read and to-purchase list.:)

  14. I like to do have a small Bible study with your book. This book speaks to! This is my favorite versus Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me, and I remind myself every day, because yes I have doubts: am I being a good Christian mother, wife, leader, follower. I pray for God to fill me up!

  15. Just LOVE this. Thank you!

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your God given gift of writing and encouraging. I really needed this message as I do tend to compare my life to my friends…If only I could be a mother like her…If only my kids would behave like hers…If only…If only…If only… I need to focus on what God has in store for me and me alone. My job is to be the best wife, mother, friend and child of God that I can be, I just need to rest in His truths. Thanks for the reminder in the verses you shared.

  17. I woke up this morning in a mental place of self doubt and feeling that God is not near. I know God is feeling my pain and doesn’t leave my side. But it’s something I struggle with especially since I am looking for employment and dealing with the recent loss of my unborn child. This morning I read your post via Encouragement for Today, which I receive everyday but don’t read everyday. God spoke to me through your message. As a result, I turned to the Bible to lift my spirits rather then wallow in self doubt. Thank you. All Praise Due to the Father.

  18. This is exactly what I needed to hear!!!! Thank you, Renee!

  19. As I am taking steps forward in life following a divorce earlier this month after nearly 30 years of marriage, I really treasured this verse: Colossians 2:9-10 I am complete in Christ. I am learning again who I am in Him – Thank you Lord! Thank you for your encouragement.

  20. I am so enjoying your site and your 7 day doubt diet. I feel called by God to do a ministry but keep putting it off. I often don’t feel I can do as well as others have in the past and I am allowing Satan to whisper those lies to me. I am going to start replacing those thoughts with some of the scripture you outlined. Thank you. I know God will finish what He has started.

  21. Kit smith says:

    Thank you for reminding me the importance of looking up and not comparing ourselves to others. I will focus on my sufficiency in him today.

  22. Crystal says:

    What a relevant topic! I don’t know one woman who doesn’t struggle with this issue. Thank you!

  23. Linda F. says:

    Thank you for both the devotion and the blog entry. Satan does try to mess with my assurance of Salvation and some of the verses you quoted were just what I need to remember. I am justified in Christ & I can never be separated from HIS love!



  24. Hi Rene

    three friends and I have been doing your 7 Day Doubt Diet together and so this devotional today is familiar to me. Seems God wants me to give this one additional meditation. I often fall into the trap of comparison too, no wonder He is nudging me back to review all the truths I need to remember about who I am in and through Him. Thank you!

  25. Renee,
    I woke up with all kinds of negative thoughts and doubts running through my mind. Needed to read I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Thanks for the reminders!

  26. Renee, thank you so much for your devotions. I’m disabled and live with chronic pain daily. If it were not for my faith in Jesus Christ, I am sure I could not have survived the pain I endure. For the most part I stay positive and grounded in His promises for my life. But for the last few days the pain has been intense and I’m slowly losing the ability to walk. I have to admit I woke today feeling overwhelmed with doubts and questioning my worth. I sat down at the computer and God led me right to your devotion. I sat with tears streaming down my face as I read your precious words. Thank you for sharing this today!! God used your words to transform my heavy heart this morning to a heart and mind of hope. It was just the boost I needed to “keep on keepin’ on”. I’m a woman of God that believes strongly in the power of prayer yet this morning it was if I was so empty and didn’t know where to even begin to pray. I refuse to let the enemy use my physical pain as a means of distracting me away from the freedom I have with my Heavenly Father to be consoled with His promises for my life. I’m looking forward to reading your new book. As much as this spoke to me this morning, I can’t imagine the transformation that will come after reading the book. What a blessing you are to those of us that are home bound for the most part. I’m thankful for my sight and being blessed with access to the internet. This opens an entire world up for folks like myself that live on a limited income, limited transportation, etc. I’m truly blessed, yet another day, with the reassurance of your words here this morning. Romans 8:28 I am assured that God works for my good in all circumstances. Yes!!! Thank you Jesus!! He is here with us in all our ups and downs in life. He never leaves us nor forsakes us. I’m so blessed today. God has used your precious words to renew my spirit and to give me hope to continue pressing on through this pain. Your devotion has transformed my heavy heart this morning. God Bless You.

  27. Renee,
    I truly enjoyed your devotion today. I have been struggling with self doubt and confidence for a very long time. Even more so lately. I try and try to do what everyone expects of me and I feel like I fail every time. I expect too much from myself and I feel like everyone expects too much from me. I am a working mom with two active kids. I run circles constantly and I am not getting anywhere fast. Just deeper and deeper in self loathe. Thank you again for your devotion it was very much needed in my life at this time.

  28. Annette Davidson says:

    Thank you for your devotional today. So many of these I need to remind myself of. Phillipians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” really struck home with me today. I am trying to overcome so many doubts and fears that have haunted my past. I will try to recite this scripture every time those thoughts attack me.
    Blessings to you.

  29. Hi, Renee, when I read, ” Is there something from my past that led me to believe this?”, that spoke to me. I have had feelings of insecurity ever since I can remember but I don’t really know why. My sister and I have even talked about this to see if there was something we could “name” that caused these feelings and were not able to think of anything. I think of all that I may have missed in my life just because of feeling I just wasn’t as good as every one else. Thank you for today’s post. I am going to print it off and use Dr. Anderson’s list to reaffirm who I am in Christ and not focus on what is wrong with my life.

  30. Sherri I says:

    Thank you for your words today. They have come in a time of my life when I need to refocus on God and not circumstances. God never changes and circumstances will. May we all recognize our blessings from our Lord and give thanks.

  31. Dawn Giehl says:

    Renee, I can’t wait to receive your book…I have struggled with self-confidence for most of life and I want God to have the victory and defeat this personality flaw once and for all. I am starting a new chapter in my life as an RN and I want to confidently serve God in the place He chooses for me. Thank you for your ministry to women. I have been a part of Proverbs 31 Ministry for many years and actually used some of your materials while leading a Ladies Bible Study at our church. Thank you again for your willingness to serve God in this ministry!

  32. Tracy G says:

    Renee, your devotions touch my heart everyday. And I needed it especially today, my niece is in the hospital being induced three weeks early to deliver her first baby and I am basically her only support as my sister is not in her life too much. I also have two young nephews who are being raised by their grandmother and I worry about them constantly because she just doesn’t have patience and I’ve seen the way she screams/verbally abuses them regularly, they are only 4 and 7 years old. There was a bad scene last night and they ended up spending the night with my family and my daughter is watching them today. I try to pray for answers as to what I should do and your devotions sometimes come at the perfect moment. Thank you for your insight into God’s love for us.

  33. I could really relate to your devotion from Proverbs 31 today. I often compare myself to others and find myself lacking. It was great finding the verse 2 Cor 10:12, that I can try to remember and stick to and realize that it isn’t the way to go.

  34. Wow! This is exactly what I needed to hear today! I am struggling with self-doubts and realized after reading your essay, that I have a loving Father to lean on in this struggle. My heart knows this, but my head needed the reminder!
    Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. AMEN! Thank you for the reminders!

  35. Thank you for this inspiring devotional. I would love to read your book sometime. God bless you for sharing ~*

  36. Kimberly Crowe says:

    Good morning. What an amazing devotional. I think we all need this reminder very often in today’s society. Can not wait to read your book!

  37. Lorrie Moudy says:

    It seems like every woman I am surrounded by struggles with this very thing. Sometimes, I feel like I am the only one. But more often than not, God shows me that the Enemy is running out of time and he is pulling out all the stops to try and take down as many women (and men) as possible and will not stop at anything to do it. This work comes for such a time as this!

  38. Usually, the people who want you to believe that they have it together the most are the you ones who are the most insecure. They have a way of hiding or suppressing great issues, fears, and hurts by putting up facades. Things people repeatedly do or say reveals the insecurity that is within. I observe and listen to folk in certain situations and they sometimes try to project their insecurities on to others, including their children. I have seen insecure people take a compliment that you have given to them, twist it, to make and seem like an insult. Little girls start comparing themselves to others at early ages. And when they feel they don’t measure, low self-esteem and envy kicks in, which produces back biting, gossip and the such. They battle this all through womanhood until they get today’s encouragement. There was an army slogan for the military that said “Be all that you can be.” That is what God wants us to do. Remember, secure people encourage others. lynnette

  39. Self doubt/insecurity has affected me my whole life. It’s not easy to get out of that thought process. I going to write some of the verses you have sugguested on index cards to use in my time of need. Thank you.

  40. I needed to hear these promises: 2 Timothy 1:7 I have been given a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.
    1 John 5:18 I am born of God, and the evil one cannot touch me. Love your devotions.

  41. I have struggled with self-doubt for as long as I can remember, but I have hope because God has recently been making me more aware of it and helping me to overcome it. Your devotional was just another confirmation from God that he is helping me to stop believing Satan’s lies and start beieving His truths. Praise God!

  42. I would love to win this book! Pretty much my whole life I’v compared myself to other women
    with feelings like I’m not as pretty as others or as smart etc.. I’m not sure what that stems from
    although deep down I know its not true.
    Thank you for your words of encouragement!

    Janet W.

  43. Mary Mc says:

    Renee: You are such a blessing to all of us who are confronted by Satan’s lies abtout our beauty, worth and significance as daughters of the King. I also love your photo album about your adoption story. Like you, my husband and I have two wonderful sons and feel called to bring a daughter or daughters into our family through adoption. I am sharing this devotional with a dear friend and ministry partner who is seeking to reach out to those who have been victiminzed by Satan’s lies. May you and your family be blessed abundantly.

  44. Thank you. This is reaffirmation of other things I have seen in my devotionals lately 🙂

  45. Tammy Placr says:

    Hi Renee, This devotion hits me right between the eyes. I am doing an online bible study and our verse yesterday was Ephesians 2:10. I commented that I compare myself or focus on my weaknesses all too often and not on God’s provision or what He thinks of me. I so want to overcome this struggle! Thank you for your work and ministry.

  46. Kristi Golden says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing God’s words and love today……it was exactly the reassurance and encouragement that I needed to hear. I have been struggling with how I continue to fail to measure up and how I’m such a let down….I think I’ve been trying to convince God to see me through my eyes….instead of seeing myself through God’s eyes and allowing His strength, love and provision to be mine.

    It’s a journey of surrender — but not failure in myself but victory through God……I thank you for the all the verses to keep my eyes focused on God’s truth not Satan’s lies.

  47. Shandra says:

    Renee, thank you for taking the time to share those verses. I just told someone yesterday that I am a “weakness-focuser” and God continues to beckon me to look only to Him for my identity. I am getting my Bible and jumbo yellow highlighter right now.

  48. Renee, thank you for this devotion! It really spoke to me! I have copied the verses you listed and saved them on my computer so that I will always have them to read when I need them. I can not wait til your book comes out!

  49. 2 Timothy 1:7 I have been given a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.
    1 John 5:18 I am born of God, and the evil one cannot touch me
    Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

    These three as I fight against letting the anxiety dominate…remembering that my steps are ordered of GOd, and His promise is eternal life with Him.

  50. Fannie in Kansas says:

    At the present time I am facing some changes in my life and I needed to be reminded of Philippians 4:13 “I can do al things through Christ who gives me strength.” I know He can work it all out for His glory and do a better job than I can but I just need that reminder at times. I had become comfortable with things the way they were but that isn’t His will at this time so I must trust Him. I am looking forward to what wonderful things He has in store for me in the future because I know He will never leave me nor forsake me as His daughter. Thank you for this precious reminder.

  51. What a wonderful reminder of who God has made me to be! Thank you for sharing this wonderful truth. I pray that I will remain in God’s love and live out of all the wonderful things He has given me, because He has! (If I could just stay there and not buy in to Satan’s distractions) Just earlier this week I was comparing myself to someone else I admire. I came home feeling inadequate and sad. I know that only distracts me from loving them fully and living my life fully. Thank you for reminding me to not buy in to the lies of this world but to remember the truth that God says about me!

  52. Reading A Confident heart now and loving it!!!
    Thank you Renee Swope for your obedience
    to the Lord!!!!

  53. Thank you for you for putting together these devotions. I took your 7 day diet and it was good. Now God is sending it to me again through Proverbs 31 and I’m seeing new things. (I can be hard headed.) Thank you for using your gift to bless others. It has blessed my life.

  54. Jennifer says:

    All these verses speak to me. However, the one that has always been a part of my life is Philippians 4:13. I know that with God’s help I can do all things.

  55. Terrilynn says:

    Good morning!

    All of these are beautiful truths and glorious reminders of how protected and loved I am (we are). There were a few that made my heart jump at the need for them:

    1 Corinthians 6:19–20 I have been bought with a price and I belong to God.
    1 Corinthians 6:17 I am united with the Lord, and I am one with Him in spirit.
    2 Timothy 1:7 I have been given a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.
    Ephesians 2:10, I am God’s workmanship.
    Romans 8:28 I am assured that God works for my good in all circumstances.
    Philippians 1:6 I am confident God will complete the good work He started in me.

    One of the ways that satan tempts me to believe his lies about me is to remind me of my past – when I was a sold out believer of those lies. My life was riddled with sin and my mind was a wreck. Life became overwhelming, and although I didn’t want to take medication I let others convince me that it was the help I needed. So, I began taking a mixture of prescription pills and those pills began stealing even more of my life away. Although they were prescribed for anxiety and depression, horrifyingly, all that they did was lock me away inside of myself with all of the lies that were built in a lifetime of sexual, physical and emotional abuse that had never been dealt with. I was so lost in that haze maze that I couldn’t even remember who God was – which was further exacerbated by having been more devoted to churchianity than Christianity. But, thanks to God that wasn’t the end of my story.

    I am humbled, overwhelmed, and grateful for His sacrifice, to be one with Him, to live in the protection and provision of His power and love and to have been given the peace of a sound mind. I know the joy of belonging, the sweet taste of victory through Jesus no matter any circumstance and the beautifully provisional stretch and grow that comes with surrendering to His work in me. And I’m grateful for His mercies for this work in progress that I am.

    When my mind gets to wandering to these things and I begin to feel pulled into that lake of lies I remember this:

    Lamentations 3:19-24, I remember my affliction and my wanderings, the wormwood and the gall! My soul continually remembers it and is bowed down within me. But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. “The LORD is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.”

    And while I know The Message isn’t a literal translation I like how it expresses these verses as well:

    ‘ll never forget the trouble, the utter lostness, the taste of ashes, the poison I’ve swallowed. I remember it all—oh, how well I remember—the feeling of hitting the bottom. But there’s one other thing I remember, and remembering, I keep a grip on hope: God’s loyal love couldn’t have run out, his merciful love couldn’t have dried up. They’re created new every morning. How great your faithfulness! I’m sticking with God (I say it over and over).

    I appreciate your faithfulness to His call. Your words provided a needed reminder. 🙂

  56. This message today is so important. thanks for sharing it on you blog

  57. michelle says:

    spent the walk in to work this am comparing myself with a co-worker and feeling like I don’t measure up. What a blessing to have your encouraging words in my inbox as the first email I opened! I’m going to put some of these promises on my monitor so I don’t forget!

  58. Renee, this is my struggle. My entire life I have been led to believe the enemy’s lies that no matter what I do, it will never be good enough to earn God’s love and forgiveness. Being abandoned by my mother it is very difficult for me to believe the truth that I cannot be sparated from God’s love. I’ve never experienced this unconditional love in my entire life and the enemy is causing me to stay in a clinical depression. I am trying very hard to believe truth instead of lies but it is a contant struggle. Thank you for these truths from God’s Word. I will write them down and focus on Truth not lies. This is the verse that stuck out to me: Romans 8:31–39 I am free from condemnation. I cannot be separated from God’s love. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  59. Sheryl Beadles says:

    I grew up listening to how I ruined my mom’s health by being born and how she wished I had never been born. I tried so hard growing up to “earn” her love only to fall short time and time again. I tried anorexia, overeating, and overspending to find something to fill the emptiness in my soul. It has taken many years to begin to understand that my true worth comes only from God. He is the only one who can fill the emptiness I felt for most of my life.

    • I’m so sorry for your pain. You were created by the hand of God and He loves you with an immeasurable love! Praying you will know that truth to the depths of your soul!

  60. Dealing with an illness/injury that affects your life, daily, can lead me to a slippery slope of not feeling confident. So everyday I am reminded to put on the full armor of God. Somedays it goes on to slowly, not completely or at all! Your book and the 7 day diet will help me fight the good fight! I find myself comparring my old life to my new one. And somedays it is so overwhelming. Thank you for helping me keep my eyes unto the hills where my true help comes from!

  61. Renee … Thanks for speaking words of truth. You are inspirational. The one verse that I truly cling to is Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Satan is the master at planting those seeds of doubt in our minds. I tell myself … “no can do because …” and I proceed to give a million and one excuses. If God has called me He will enable me. It is a message I need to firmly implant in my heart and mind!!!

  62. Caroline says:

    I needed to read ALL of these today. My confidence has definitely been shaken, and it is totally baffling me! These are the same feelings of doubt and insecurity I experienced as a new bride, 7 years ago. Funny how Satan uses the same stuff over and over to trip us up. It’s time to pull out those scripture spirals and keep them with me at all times. Thank you for this timely devotional. I can’t wait to read the book!

  63. Thanks for this message and your devotion. I’m feeling very anxious about this weekend and I really needed to hear this. I’m headed to my class reunion. I’m not in life where I thought I would be at this point so I’m sure I will be trying to measure up. I’m going to write out a few of the verses you gave us and carry them with me so that I can try and avoid the negative thoughts.

  64. Jennifer says:

    2 Timothy 1:7 I have been given a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.
    This is such a wonderful reminder that I am not powerless but because of Jesus Christ I have the power through him to go through anything. His strength is always available to me & His love working through me. And then of course I have a sound mind. The mind can get very disturbed by the enemy of discontent, comparisons & not good enough. I am so thankful that I don’t have to a scattered or confused mind. I am sound in my mind. I am so thankful for this promise.

  65. Carol Bruntlett says:

    Hi Renee
    I commented on Face Book but I am sharing a comment here your blog has been a blessing to me . What you wrote today must have been just for me because I cannot begin to tell you how much self doubt I do have sometimes I have to ask myself where did that come from, I have doubted myself all my life I think, but thank the Lord for Godly women like you and a few others that are faithful to the calling God has placed on your life’s that you all keep pointing us to God and I am thankful for that. I am always comparing myself to other women and always wish I was like that but I know the grass is not greener on the other side. I am unemployed and have been for 2 yrs. And I have had a lot of insecurity from losing my job and have been having a few anxious thoughts and I want to have a job but things are very bleak in this world. So I feel like my self worth has gone down the tubes. Just recently I had to give up my vechile due to not being able to keep up on the payments but I am not proud of this at all and I wish things were different but I do know God is in this and He is walking this road with me and at times the waves want to overcome me and knock me under but my God is Faithful.
    The verses that spoke to me were
    1John 5:18
    2 Timothy1:7
    Thanks again Renee for all the encouragement you give us.

  66. I struggle with self-doubt every single day and this message was something I needed to hear this morning. I have believed the lies from the enemy too long and will chose to denounce those messages and trust in who God made me to be each and every day! Thank you Renee for sharing your gifts with us, I pray your day is blessed as you have blessed ours!


  67. Barbara Farmer says:

    This was just what I needed to hear today, I find myself quite often comparing myself to others, thanks you for Gods uplifting words of encouragment.your daily word is great I share it with my family and friends.

  68. Thank you so much. I’m printing this to keep in my bible!

  69. Elisabeth Tyler says:

    We were just talking about staying focused on Christ and not believing satans lies in Sunday School. This devotion was so encouraging to read midweek and I truely appreciate all the scriptures to counteract the lies. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  70. Julie Hayes says:

    The line you wrote about the enemy whispering lies to pull us from Christ and others really spoke to me. I am like doubting Thomas, sometimes it’s just hard to wrap my head around, even though we aren’t to be leaning on our own understanding…..I’m very interested in your new book, winning would be great, but either way I am glad I found it. God knows who and what to place in our paths…thank you Renee, I will go back and read the last 5 days of the doubt diet:)

    • SO glad to see you here Julie!! Praying God will provide a way for you to read A Confident Heart – there is so much more in the book to help us know God’s heart and experience His heart towards us!!

  71. I am doing a Bible study about living with unmet desires and today’s devotion goes hand-in-hand with what I have been working on through the study. I no longer want to compare myself to others, whether it be in physical beauty, material possessions, or even the blessings they have been given. It is time for me to put my focus on Christ and not others. Thank you allowing God to use you to speak to me today.

  72. ■Philippians 1:6 I am confident God will complete the good work He started in me.

    I relied heavy on this verse for more than 3 years, as a christian friend attacked me over and over. At first I felt that she was just hurting and needed someone to attack(and I was available), but my Pastor saw the change in me. I was defeated by the constant attacks, my self worth, who I was in Christ and what I felt Christ calling me to do in my ministries were being deflated….Thank you God for using my pastor to guide me. It’s awesome how we can grow during these spiritual attacks

    It would have been a growing experience and a blessing to read your book A Confident Heart thru those years! I would love to be able to send this package to my friend, to help her see who she is in Christ. Sometimes we lash out at others because our own confidence is being attacked by satan, and he would love to bring us all down to his level. I would love to support your ministry and would buy it for her myself, but our finances have been hit very hard this year and we are on a very tight budget. Thank you so much for listening to God’s calling in your life to help other women grow closer to Christ.


  73. Kathy Brooks says:

    Thank you so much. I’ve needed to hear that I have been chosen by Him for quite some time. I’ve been listening to the lies of the devil. You have been sent by God on this very day to speak to me and many others. May blessings pour upon you. Kathy

  74. Thanks for this post Renee. What wonderful words of wisdom and verses to remind us of the confidence we can have in who we are in Christ! The more I see of your book, the more I’m convinced it is going to be a must-read for me. God bless you for following Christ on the adventure he has set before you.

  75. I take joy in being able to say that I never measure up! It’s true! But that’s the beauty of the gospel! We never will measure up and we don’t have to in order to be accepted by Christ! ONe day the Lord spoke something to me that really go my attention. He said “you ain’t worth nothin!” (I’m a country girl so He often speaks to me in my known dialect! 🙂 ). What He was showing me is that value is not always determined by what is intrinsic to an object. Value is often determined by something external that places a certain amount of value on something no matter what intrinsic value may be present.

    In dollars and cents, my physical body is not even worth $10.00. But I am infinitely valuable to God. It’s His placing value on me that makes me valuable. So anything can be valuable even though it has no real value in it’s make up. A photo, a trinket, a sentiment written on a card can be incredibily valuable even though what it’s made of is not. It’s because it’s value comes from a source outside of itself.

    We are valuable and we measure up simply because God does and He places that value on us. It has nothing to do with us! What a blessing to be valued so highly by the King of all creation! And yes, how valuable we are!

  76. Renee,

    I needed all of these! I never feel like I measure up, most of the time I just feel useless. Thank you for the encouragement!


  77. I struggle with confidence alot. Always doubt myself. Can’t wait to read your book! Thank you!

  78. Renee,
    Thanks for posting John 15:5, I am a branch of Jesus Christ, the true vine, and a channel of His life.

    This touches my spirit in a profound way, as it refers to a vision that the Lord shared with me recently. My life has been a continual pattern of self-doubt, worry and fear. When going through struggles or tough times, I used to get to the point of saying, “really, God? You need to do MORE in me?” This hurts!! It’s not fun. Why does it need to be so tough in my life?

    What He has shown me recently has been that, as He’s pruning me in order to bear more abundant fruit, is that I’m not really a vine. Pruning a vine can’t really hurt all that much; maybe for a short period of time, but it’s finished and done.

    I, however, am a tree planted by streams of water. Pruning a tree HURTS!! A tiny vine is easy, but branches – now that’s gonna leave a mark or two! So, as I begin to walk in my God-fidence, I welcome the times of pruning, because it’s a reminder that I am marked by Him. May God richly bless you, Renee, as you continue journeying to share this new confidence message with so many women!

  79. Wow what eye opening you have done for me I’ve always had this unhappy something not right feeling but could never figure it out. I’ve talked with physicians and everyone describes it as depression and I need to learn how to mediate. These are good but it never helped to answer the trap of not being happy and always looking at other people trying to understand what they have that I don’t. You have hit the nail on the head for me and I look forward to reading your book to help me understand and relinquish this self-doubt once and for all. Thank you and God Bless.

  80. Renee, I have struggled with a lack of confidence my entire life just as my mother did. I know that this doesn’t come from God but from Saten. I’m looking forward to reading your new book. I know that I can do all things through Christ. Your book is going to help me really believe it. Thanks.

  81. I love lists that cover our identity in Christ. Thank- you for sharing.

  82. I love, Love, LOVE the truth verses you listed today!!! Thank you so much for doing that. As I was reading over your post today, I was evaluating myself to see where I’m at today. By the grace of Jesus, I’m having a fairly confident day. I know what I have to get done today, and while it’s not rocket science, it’s important and needs to get done for the Glory of God on Sunday.
    Your posts are always a reminder to “check myself”, to make sure I am continuing on the narrow path, and not getting side tracked by the things of this world. Thank you!!

  83. This was really good. I love confirmation- and today; for me that’s what this was. I definitely will have to add this book on my list of “to read’s” 🙂 Have a Beautiful Day!

  84. Beth Gillihan says:

    Thank you so much for the encouragement today! I needed it! Have a great day! 🙂

  85. Thank you so much for the reminder that these are truly lies we are hearing and the only way to stop them is to replace them with His truth. John 15:16, I have been chosen and appointed to bear fruit. This verse spoke to me most today because I have been struggling with where and how I am to fit in His service. This verse reminds me that I am appointed to bear fruit in all ways not just one way. I am not called to only bear fruit at my speaking events but in all areas of my life. Thanks again !!!

  86. Jennifer says:

    Thank you! I really needed to hear this today. I was just talking with a friend yesterday about how I always feel like I don’t ‘measure up’ to other christian women. Sometimes I really feel like a huge failure as a christian woman, and all my friends and ladies at my church make it look so easy. I had never read that verse about not comparing each other. This has really lifted my spirits today 🙂

  87. I believe my greatest area of doubt is my marriage. Everytime I don’t hold back my emotions, my frustration, my tongue, whispers of doubt begin to creep in about whether or not I can be the godly, submissive, quiet-spirited wife that God has called me to be. Those days I allow the enemy to convince me that God is tired of me failing again and again in the “simple” things. It’s amazing how good he is at shifting my focus; instead of looking at the areas I have progressed in, I’m weighed down by the guilt and condemnation of the areas that appear stagnant.

    But like you reminded me today (thank you) there is no condemnation from Christ and that God won’t be through with me until I’m in Heaven with Him. I could actually relate to every scripture because it seems as though so many of them are head knowledge but it’s a struggle making them heart knowledge when I’m going through my moments of doubt.

    I really enjoyed meeting you and talking with you Saturday night (I’m Karen’s friend, Ayla, the one who converted from Islam). Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about my story amidst the business of the conference. I wasn’t able to pick up your book there but know that in His perfect time and with His perfect provision, He will make a way for me to have it.

    Jesus love and blessings to you.

  88. Catherine says:

    As I read your devotional this morning I thought of a young woman who was recently touched by the Word of God at church camp. She heard, maybe for the first time, “you’re worth it!” and it captured her heart. God may be moving me to have an influence in her life, so your book would be a valuable resource to share. Thanks for writing!

  89. Renee, Thank you so much for this! I have struggled with doubts for as long as I can remember. My life has been filled with shame and a lack of self-confidence which has led me to believe Satan’s lies and be deceived. I have never felt like I measured up. My husband divorced me and I feel like part of me died. I want my life back… I will keep reading God’s truth. I know them, I have just never felt like they were for me. I have never felt good enough. Please pray for me. Thank you.

  90. Thank you for today’s devotion. The last few months I have been struggling Spiritually. Not been feeling God in my life like I used to. And of course I have let Satan make me feel defeated. He’s even had me doubting my salvation. I guess what spoke to me the most from your devotion is that I am secure in Christ. “Romans 8:31–3 I am free from condemnation. I cannot be separated from God’s love.” Satan has tried to make me feel condemned, but he can never separate me from God. Thank you for helping me to see that.

  91. Self doubt is something I’ve struggled with for so long. I’m so grateful for Proverbs 31 ministries & the resources it has put me in touch with. I’ve never thought of comparing this to Eve in the garden, but it makes so much sense now.

  92. Dori Cox says:

    Thank you, Renee, for reminding me “whose I am”. I am struggling with still being a single, divorced mom after 10 years. Thank you, thank you. God bless!

  93. Janelle J says:

    Oh, How I needed this today!! Some days it’s just really hard to smile and accept the curves that get thrown at you. Nothing even too major, just enough to throw a wrench in your schedule, miss a family picnic, or a whole weekend day without your spouse involved in the days activities. I need the boost today to turn my frown into a smile to say, It’s ok. The situation is really not that bad. The last thing I want to do is make him feel bad over a work situation that is out of his control. Unfortuntely those situations arise and they affect more than just work. So, let me thankful he HAS a good job, and make the best of sticky situation. Sometimes all I need is to read your blog for a quick “pick me up” and I’m back to reality making things work.

  94. Elaine Segstro says:

    Hi Renee,
    I so appreciated your devotional on Proverbs 31 Ministries. I compare myself with others and I’m always on the losing end. “I am FREE from condemnation; I cannot be separated from God’s LOVE.” (Romans 8: 31-35) God loves; He does not condemn. “I have been chosen by God and adopted as His child.” (Ephesians 1:3-8) I have been chosen – I am loved and don’t have to prove myself to Him or have Him notice me compared to others. How comforting – what amazing love. I have a purpose – He has a purpose for me.

  95. This truly was a significant reading and made me realize how often I judge myself by other’s standards and fail to meet their expectations. I am listening to the lie that Satan throws at me, tripping me up and giving me guilt and depression.
    It is wonderful to ponder the verses that state I am accepted, secure and significant in God’s eyes. He is looking at me and seeing the righteousness of Christ. May I realize the living Christ within whenever I am plunged into self-doubt, fear and depression. Thank you for this wonderful message to set me free from the strangling hold that Satan uses to entrap me.

  96. Renee ~ I cannot thank you enough for being such an inspiring vessel for God’s word. I have been struggling with thoughts of “not measuring” up for a long time. After reading your July 27th devotional I can clearly see I’ve been fully deceived. For the first time in a long time I’m beginning to see myself as who I am in Christ. Thank you again!

  97. Thanks Renee. I actually needed to hear all of that today! I constantly compare myself to everyone. I’m not good enough, smart enough, thin enough, whatever. But really, God made me and why would He bother making anything that wasn’t worthy of His love? When you step out of your own thoughts and feelings and look at it from another perspective, you have to see that God doesn’t waste his time on anything. God counts each of us a precious. That’s easy to see for other people, because many times, it’s easy to pick up on the good stuff and say “yeah, that person is great.” It’s not so easy to see that in ourselves.
    We live in such an odd society. We’re not supposed to build ourselves up because then people think we’re vain or egotistical, so instead, we tear ourselves down, which is really of what God wants. The thing is, if we spend our lives building up God, we don’t need to build ourselves up because God’s light can’t help but shine through us!

  98. Leigh F. says:

    I loved your devotion and your blog today. Thank you!

  99. Danette says:

    I got your book in the mail yesterday! I’m anxious to get started reading it! I’m going to type up these scriptures on a page for me, my daughter and my BFF. My daughter is 23 and struggling with an eating disorder. If only she could believe the truth instead of the lies in her head. Please keep us in your prayers. It is overwhelming and crushes my heart.

    Thanks for writing the book!

  100. Reading this today made me feel like you have been hanging out in my house the past few weeks, listening in to my conversations with my husband and with myself. I know this is God reaching out to me through your words, and I am so thankful. I just took the “Doubt Index Analysis” from last week’s devotion and scored 154….just on the cusp of self-doubt being a heavy burden. As I am raising two daughters, I really feel called to work through this issue, and I want to thank you for being a prompt. I am new to your website and found you through “Encouragement for Today” and the Proverbs 31 Ministries devotions. Thanks much.

  101. Kristin C. says:

    I have been struggling lately with the idea of my husband entering the ministry full-time… what did it mean for me? What was I supposed to do/be for the church. God is really trying to get me to understand that I have nothing to do with any of it. The FACT is He will equipt me. My security isn’t in others acceptance– it’s in Christ’s love for me. I love the verses in Corinthains that continually affect me — ‘it is NOT that we are sufficent of ourselves to do anything; it IS that He has made us suffient to minister in this testament’ If God wants me to be a pastor’s wife, then He will make me able. Thank you for your reminder today.

  102. Misti R says:

    [Totally posted on wrong day/blogpost the first time.] Speaking of not “measuring up”, my theme has been: Never enough. That’s a lie Satan has successfull seered into my mind and on my heart for so many years. “You’ll never be good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough, successful enough. You’re not enough – not enough for your husband, for your friends, for your family, your profession. Try harder, work harder, say “yes”, don’t upset anyone, try to be all things to all people. Or, you can just give up. Don’t bother trying, because you’re not enough. You never will be.” How often have I replayed those phrases in my mind. I am so thankful for your scripture confessions today. I’m going to print them and read them daily

  103. Darlene says:

    Thanks Renee for this encouragement. I don’t know how or when but somewhere along the way I truly doubt myself and have no confidence in my abilities. I hear people talk about someone’s gifts and the person they are and then realize they are talking about me and I don’t believe it. I’m determined this year that I will learn and know who I am in Him and truly believe it.
    I love that I have been chosen by God and adopted as His child. I’m holding fast to that.

  104. Trish M. says:

    LOVED this…confidence and insecurity is my number one issue…I question if I will ever get over it. But, I loved your devotions and am beginning to journal and plan on getting your book…thank you !!!

  105. Melanie C. says:

    I don’t kow that I can tell you one thing just yet. This whole concept of comparison and confidence or lack there of is something that is an ache that is wearing me out right now. I have printed your devotion on Proverbs 31 off as well as your blog post and plan to spend some time with these scriptures and your words. I know this has spoke to many women to day but these words right now are helping me more than I could describe. I am eagerly anticipating reading your book and want to thank you in advance for writing on such an important topic.

  106. Growing up in a home of critisizm, in a church of earning your way to heaven and struggling through a divorce after 18 years of marriage, I have struggled a great deal with insecurity. I am so anxious to receive your book. It’s only been in the past year or so that I have started understanding Grace. It is not something I have had the joy of knowing in the past. I was the one who tried to be the “perfect” Christian and was exhausted at the end of my marriage. I felt I let God down, but also felt I could not go on in my marriage. When the divorce happened, I felt doomed to hell and I turned from God in self defense. “If I turned my back on God, it wouldn’t hurt to have him turn on me”. I couldn’t “earn my way”, so I didn’t feel I was worthy to pray, worthy to ask and very much alone in the world. I give praises to God and new friends who have helped me see that God loves me through my mistakes, failures and being a human. He created me, He loves me and will love me not because I’m worthy but because He promised me Grace. The verse that caught me today is “I have direct access to the Throne of grace through Jesus Christ”. Thank you God for your grace and mercy. Heaven knows I can’t get there on my abilities.

  107. Kristy Lynn says:

    This reallly spoke to me because I have been married for just three years to a “Christian” man who has been very verbally abusive to me and my two daughters (from before our marriage). I was a baby Christian when we met and married and as I drew closer to the Lord and stronger in Him, the more my husband lashed out at me, going so far as to tell me I wasn’t a woman of God. I absorbed many of these lies from the enemy that my husband spewed at me until about 6 months ago when God gave me the strength to stand up for myself and my daughters putting a stop to the verbal abuse. My husband and I are now separated and I don’t know if the damage can be fixed in our marriage. I am still trying to heal from all the verbal abuse and refind myself in the Lord. I was trying to live to make my husband happy and be the wife he thought I should be instead of focusing on who the Lord says I am. I really appreciate you Renee for speaking into this area of so many of our lives. I look forward to reading your book, hoping it will be another stepping stone in my journey to healing and wholeness in God.
    The verse that spoke most to me was: ■Romans 8:31–39 I am free from condemnation. I cannot be separated from God’s love.
    God is going to continue working in my life and will not allow this to separate me from Him. My eyes are set on my Papa and my hope comes from Him alone. Whether my marriage can be healed or not is in His hands, but I know that no matter what happens with it, I will always have my Lord by my side.
    Thank you Renee and God Bless!! 🙂

  108. stephanie b says:

    ■Romans 8:31–39 I am free from condemnation. I cannot be separated from God’s love.
    ■2 Corinthians 1:21–22 I have been established, anointed, and sealed by God.
    ■Colossians 3:1–4 I am hidden with Christ in God.

    I need to remember these. When I feel like crap because I fell short on something I knew was wrong that it will not separate me from Gods love. That it doesnt make me love me any less.

  109. Loved today’s devotional! Thank you!

  110. So needed to read this today. The one I needed to hear the most today is 2 Corinthians 5:17–21, I am a minister of reconciliation for God.

  111. Romans 8:31–39 I am free from condemnation. I cannot be separated from God’s love.
    I needed to be reminded of that today. The lie I so often fall for is that I am not good enough to be a child of God. I am a believer in Jesus. I believe that we are saved from our sins. But I still fall for the old “Your not good enough” lie. I have to constantly remind myself that Gods love is unconditional.

  112. Michelle P says:

    I have a truly bad habit of comparing myself to others. Thank you for your wise words. I read the devotion out to my husband before he left for work early this morning. Thank you for being a positive part of our lives!

  113. April Hix says:

    This was a wonderful read for me today! I have been battling with feelings of inadequacy and your message hit the spot for me. I read aloud all of those affirmations, and plan on printing it out. Thank you for being used by God!

  114. need to hear I was chosen and appointed to bear fruit. thank you for writing this book out of the depths of your heart.

  115. OMGoodness, Renee…this hit the nail on the head today! I have read Dr. Anderson’s material and even done a study and it is wonderful. I have an artwork pic of this very identity we have in Christ. I will post it to your FB page…it’s beautiful. I would love to win anything of your studies, etc. The Lord has blessed me so much through your ministry. God bless you, Renee.

  116. Hi Renee!

    I’ve been reading about your book for a few weeks now, and was surprised when my sister returned from the SheSpeaks conference Sunday night with a handout you must have given out about throwing out your confidence. My 2 girlfriends Katie, Audrey and I are planning on doing your book next for our group Bible Study.

    Anyways, I digress. I struggle with weight issues and accepting who I am. My husband loves me for who I am as well as my family and friends, just not myself. I know this is a common issue among women, and I am sure I am not the first to post about it. What struck me most about today’s devo was when God asked Adam and Eve who told them they were naked and should cover up? God didn’t, but Satan did. I’m applying that to myself today, the Lord isn’t telling me I’m too fat, Satan, through myself is doing it.

    I look forward to reading your book and sharing with like-minded girlfriends!

  117. I must admit that I often compare myself with others, and of course, I always find myself lacking. I have never felt good enough. This led me through a myriad of issues from anorexia to cutting and more that I don’t dare mention. Life has been a struggle, but it seems to be because I cannot let go and trust. The verse that really spoke to me is this: Romans 8:31–39 I am free from condemnation. I cannot be separated from God’s love.

    This is what I need to hold onto. It is not what I do, though I try, it is what He has done.

    Thank you again for your wonderful devotion today.

  118. I’m not sure who first told me something is wrong with me, but I confess to believing it more often than not. Thanks for your reminders of our aceptance and significance in Christ.

  119. God continually keeps reminding me through HIS word just what I need to hear. I recently took on a new position that has thrown at me new challenges I never thought I would have. I have constantly questioned my purpose and whether I could take on all the very difficult tasks. Each time I wonder, God sends me a verse to bring me back on track. Sometimes it’s through my personal Bible reading, and today it was through you – so I send my thanks. Yes, I think you wrote this just for me. ha ha. Actually, that’s why God’s word is so powerful – it can meet the needs of so many people at just the right spot. The verse here that stood out to me was Romans 8:2–I am assured that God works for my good in all circumstances. Right now some circumstances seem dim – but I can remain hopeful that God has called me to this work, and He will enable me because HE will work it all for good.

  120. My best friend and I are beginning a group for 4th-5th grade girls this fall and as I read today, it continued to stir the passion that these truths are so foundational to our lives as grown women, but also that they must be conveyed to the next generation as early as possible so that they can live in fullness of peace and joy while being free to accomplish so much for the Kingdom of God.

    Blessings to you!


  121. Renee,
    LOVED the verses you provided for the “I am….secure, accepted, significant.” Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing so openly and honestly. Appreciate it.
    -Kristen Marie

  122. Hello this is my thought…

    ——> 1 Corinthians 6:17 I am united with the Lord, and I am one with Him in spirit. <——

    For I am united with the Lord! So we are one with Him in spirit. and since I have him in me then
    that tells me that I see, speak, walk, etc. is all FROM HIM! When the Lord is in me then there is
    Hope, Faith, Guidance, Strength; NO FEARS, DOUBTS, CONFUSION. For that is not of the Lord.
    I feel comfort when I know the Lord is by my side….But WHEN I KNOW HE IS IN ME I AM TRULY

    Thank You for sharing this with us. Truly a blessing! I enjoy your studies, can't wait to share it in my group and others. May the Lord continue to use you in wonderful ways to us and truly bless you. Thank You once again and God Bless.

    Sister In Christ,
    Paula Sue Guerrero <3

  123. Deanna Egan says:

    I love the lists of what God says about us <3 Thank you!

  124. Charla Pickerel says:

    I’ve been following you on FB and am really looking forward to reading “A Confident Heart” sounds wonderful and i know it is so needed.

  125. lacey poag says:

    Ephesians 1:3–8 I have been chosen by God and adopted as His child.
    so very powerful in every way
    thank you for the much needed reminder that I am HIS
    blessings to you & your family!

  126. Brenda May says:

    So excited to read your new book. Thank you for allowing God to work through you.

    -Brenda May

  127. Hi Renee,

    The promise that stands out to me is 2 Timothy 1:7 I have been given a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. I have been walking the road of healing and though I have had major breakthrough I still wrestle with the anxieties and fears from the past. This promise is one I hold on to that the fear is not from God and through Him I am loved, secure and can be at peace.

    Thank you so much for speaking that truth to me today!


  128. Rita Scott says:

    Thank you so much for writing this book. I cannot wait to read it. It is much needed in my little world right now that is full of self doubt. Thanks again you are such a blessing to many! <3

  129. Leitha Harris says:

    That is God loves me, I can love myself just as I am. thank you so much!!

  130. Looking forward to reading your new book, Renee! I have already told many people about it, as Kimberly has given it such a great recommendation! I loved the 7-day doubt diet and was left hungry for more 🙂

  131. Patti Reynolds says:

    Thank you soo much for sharing all of these things with us. I came from an abusive childhood, more than 1 marriage. And am nowo n my 4th marriage. My husband is self employed & uses just about every excuse in the book to make me feel unimportant. Sometimes I feel like I must be the most stupid person on the planet. But your 7 day doubt diet has given me so much strength in the truth of God. You hav emade stronger than I was before. I would love to buy your book, but my husband says I have too many books already. I just don’t understand how a “Christian” man can be abusive & still say that he is growning in The Word & Ways of God. I pray fro The Lord to give me strength. We went to A Weekend to Remember back in June. Our wonderful Church sent us. Things were great for awhile, but everyday things are moving back to the way they were before we went. Having been varbaly abused most of my life, I just keep everything bottled up inside & pour myself out to God.
    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
    Thank you again for your 7 day doubt diet. I keep them & read them often to give me encouragement.

    • Patti,
      I will pray for you. Your struggles sound very familiar and I know the need for strength. and . I wish I could send you my book (well once I receive it). My husband has made the same remark to me and that “you can’t just read about life, you have to live it”. My response is, I am reading to try and improve myself, which in turn will make me a better person and wife. Keep your eyes towards God and don’t let anyone make you believe you are less than God wants you to be.

  132. Rose Collin says:

    Renee, thank you very much for your 7 day devotionals!

  133. Elizabeth M says:

    Hi Renee,

    I have two verses that speak to me:
    ■Romans 8:28 I am assured that God works for my good in all circumstances.
    the last couple of years have brought many major life changes. I have FINALLY stopped trying to figure out the WHY ME? , WHY NOW? of the events and trust that God has everything in control and life will just play itself out like it’s supposed to. It’s my job to sit still and lean on Him.

    ■Philippians 1:6 I am confident God will complete the good work He started in me.
    As I move forward and doubt strikes at my heart (& my head), I’m learning that I am perfect in God’s eyes. I need to stop dwelling on my imperfections and rejoice in God’s vision of me. Sometimes hard to do with all the outside world influence, but truthfully, it only matters how God sees me!

  134. Brenda Dornseif says:

    I have lived much of my life in a repetitive cycle of “trying to measure up” by being what whoever the person wanted me to be or doing what I thought would please them, which really didn’t lead to good relationships and in the process, lost myself! Doing this kept me in an on-going cycle of never feeling worthy, wondering what people would think of me, and wanting desperately to be able to break free and learn who I am, be satisfied with being me, and have more real relationships because of it. So finally, at 57 years old……I want to take God’s Word seriously, accept what He has been offering and providing all along, recognize that He does not shame us, and truly live for Him the remainder of my days. I know old habits will not go easily and in the past, I’ve been one who started the pursuit so vigorously in the beginning, but would revert to old habits before really doing the hard work of changing. My prayer today is to commit one day at a time to be changed. Renee, so appreciate your words and look forward to the study.

  135. Philippians 1:6 I am confident God will complete the good work He started in me.

    This one has been on my heart. I just posted it on my FB status yesterday. Such a comfort to know that He is working out our sanctification and that it does not depend on me as I fail daily.

  136. After the recent death of my husband, I have been questioning many things. Recently, I posted a blog called “Thirteen … Eighteen … Widowed” in which I shared that I felt that, like my two sons (ages 13 and 18), I, too, was struggling with “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose in life?” God had already started to gently remind me that He had already answered those questions – for me and for each of us – when I began reading your blog for today! Your words so confirmed what I was hearing from the Lord and inspired me to go back and share on my blog God’s answer to me for others. After writing “Abide”, I realized that the very verses I used were also part of those you shared – John 15:5, I am a branch of Jesus Christ, the true vine, and a channel of His life, and John 15:16, I have been chosen and appointed to bear fruit.Thank you for your words of inspiration to women! You can read my thoughts here:

  137. I just wanted to say thank you! I began the 7 day doubt diet a few days ago. Self doubt is something that I have stuggled with all of my life. As a child abandoned by both my father and my mother, I doubted my self worth constantly.

    Your devotions, coupled with diving more into by Bible, is helping realize that I am something special to God.

    Thanks again and God bless!

  138. I like the 2 Timothy 1:7, I have been given a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. For too long I have been doubting myself as a mom, friend, wife and a Christian. I am believing the enemies lies. I almost didn’t do this bible study and I am so glad that I saw it again and signed up for it. IT came at just the right time in my life, when I have hit rock bottom and really needed the reminder of God’s promises to me. Thank you so much Renee for sharing and being real and how God has worked in your life.

    God Bless you.

  139. shannon says:

    I would love to get this book!!! I think I need this stuff tatooed backwards on my forhead so I can look in a mirror and be reminded of theese Truths!!! Thank you so much for writing this!!!!

  140. Heather says:

    My thoughts to share…

    As I’ve now been going through counselling for 1 year (in 1 week), I’ve been shown over and over and over that what is necessary is the breaking and rewiring of my thought process. Self Doubt as I’m now understanding better after reading your blessed words absolutely overpower my life most of the time.
    Growing up in a single parent (father) home, with alcoholism ruling (then several foster homes) and feeling neglected, lost, overlooked, unworthy, alone, and broken, really formed some strong thought patterns that need to be changed as I rear up 3 lil’ children and am a wife to a wonderful man (who also comes from much dysfunction).
    My heart IS for the Lord as I was saved 9 yrs ago after my father’s passing and fully grasp the need for His grace, love, and forgiveness in my life. The salvation gifted to me is absolutely amazing, but it’s repair time now and I feel so blessed by your ministry. I know that confidence and faith are such an amazing part of life that are like slippery soap in my world. Not having much of a trust in others makes it difficult to be vulnerable.
    I really look forward to someday having an opportunity to read this book as I have this nudging inside that tells me there are answers here…there is a “gold mine” within.
    Thank you for your ministry and your obedience to your calling in life. Thank you for your transparency (what ppl need to see in today’s world). I look forward to serving God to my fullest as well and helping others in the places that I’ve been (which is MANY!!).
    Thanks for all you share and help others with. You are HUGE blessing and pray the blessings 100 fold onto your life! Thanks so much to an amazing woman, out to serve the Lord and stand as a lighthouse!
    God bless YOU!

  141. Thankyou for these wonderful devotions.

    I needed to be reminded of the following:
    ■Ephesians 2:10, I am God’s workmanship.

    because I find that when I forget that I am made BY God, FOR God’s purpises, its easy to doubt who I am and what I’m doing. I need to stop & focus on my creator, in whom I can have complete confidence.

  142. Julie A says:

    Hi Renee,
    I first want to say how thankful I am for all your posts. Today when I read your post, it really hit me. There are so many times when I am so down on myself and instead of just understanding its the enemy attacking me and my thoughts, I continue to allow thoughts and feelings to ruin my mood sometimes for a whole day. I loved reading through all the scripture showing what we are worth to HIM.

    Thanks again!
    Julie A.

  143. Colette says:

    I love this message!! As I was reading it I was also reminded of one of my favorite verses!
    Psalm 18:32
    “It is GOD who arms me with strenghth and makes my way perfect!”
    I John 5:18 really popped out at me! The evil one cannot harm me because God makes my way perfect!!
    Thank you for this devotion and may God continue to bless you!

  144. I love the reminder that we are significant. Not because of who we are, but because of who we belong to. Thanks for sharing your heart on these things today!

  145. HI Renne!

    I love that you posted this today. I will be going into a meeting in less than an hour to meet with my boss who is writing a ‘letter of concern’ because she feels I made a poor judgment when I stayed with a friend for 3 days (Using vacation) who had just been diagnosed with Leukemia instead of being at work. My friend is 60 and I am 58. His family had been away from work and they wanted someone to be with him as his Chemo hadn’t started yet because they weren’t 100% sure which kind of Leukemia he had. My boss was irritated, I believe, because my friend and I had dated for 15 months, then broke up and my boss doesn’t understand why I would be down there. (He was in a hospital 2 hours away). So she originally wrote me up as AWOL, even though I had called in each morning to let her know I would be using vacation days. I know the Lord wanted me down there. This man and I have stayed friends, and his heart is pretty hardened right now, but he contacted me when he found out about his diagnosis. Please pray for this meeting and specifically that I would be calm, speak words of peace and wisdom. My boss does not understand my faith. I am currently in the Bible Study on Wendy Blights Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner….AWESOME…and have done the 7 day doubt diet and would really LOVE to win your book. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.

  146. As I read your devotions every day — reading your book A Confident Heart — I can’t stop thanking my Lord for you and your willingness to let Him use you. My heart has been blessed and encouraged so much since finding your website and book. Satan for so long has convinced me that I am not good enough. Not just in one area of my life — but in many. Physically, I haven’t believed that I was attractive —– Mentally, that I wasn’t smart enough —- Spiritually — that I would never amount to anything —- just not good enough. It has been a constant battle for me —- but through your book — knowing that someone else has really felt this way — and there is a way out —- I am God’s child John 1:12, Eph.6 1-3, I have been bought by God Himself —- I am important to Him. And He believes that I am a person of worth.
    Praise the Lord. Purchased by Him. loved by Him, Cared for by Him, Every need supplied by Him, —- WOW, He considers me good enough —- so I need to believe what He believes about me.
    How blessed am I!

  147. We just finished up VBS at our church. As director, I have been constantly beating myself up since the last night, because #’s were not where I wanted them and no decisions were made to accept Christ. I even went and told my pastor to find someone else for next year, because I felt like I had done a horrible job. My pastor looked at me and said, the devil’s really got you chasing your own tail here, beating yourself down. He said, “you say this is the worst VBS we have done.” He said, “I think and have heard from others that this was the best one yet.” He also told me that several kids came forward in children’s church on Sunday wanting to accept Christ. The devil is good at what he does. He had me focusing on the “bad” instead of the good! He had me so unsure of myself I was ready to quit.

  148. would SOOOO love to win this!!!!!!!! 🙂 Thank YOU!!

  149. This is just what I needed today. A friend sent it to me and I feel blessed. I believe the Holy Spirit has called me to this place today. Thank you!

  150. I like the 2 Timothy 1:7, I have been given a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. For too long I have been doubting myself as a mom, friend, wife and a Christian. I am believing the enemies lies. I almost didn’t do this bible study and I am so glad that I saw it again and signed up for it. IT came at just the right time in my life, when I have hit rock bottom and really needed the reminder of God’s promises to me. Thank you so much Renee for sharing and being real and sharing how God has worked in your life.

    God Bless you.

  151. I’ve been so blessed by your devotional from the book “A Confident Heart”. As soon as I can purchase your book, I’m getting it. I so want to walk, talk and live confidently in the Lord. Learning to measure up to the Lord and not others……….I’m tired of walking in my fears and insecurities. God’s been bringing things to surface in my life and your devotionals have been SO encouraging, hitting everything straight on. God bless!

  152. Lisa Taylor says:

    Thank you so much. I know I need to read the book, my insecurities are unmeasureable at times. I hope to win a copy of your book!!!!! Thanks for your wonderful devotions….

  153. Shannon says:

    “I am secure” hit home for me today. But I actually wrote down all of the scripture references you listed for each category. These are great verses to remember and turn to when I’m feeling down.

  154. I am secure. I am secure. I am secure. And, if I have to carry my pink Bible around with sticky notes in it to remind me, then so be it.

  155. Kimberly Goodloe says:

    Hi Renee. Your devotionals offer hope & inspiration to all of the readers. Thanks for al that you do.

    I would like to share ” MY STORY OF HEALING”

    God healed me , now I give back by sharing “ MY JOURNEY”, speaking at local health fairs, writing my health blog, visiting cardiac patients & their families: Mended Hearts, providing community resources etc.. I encourage my family friends to place God first, trust him 100% & surround yourself with POSITIVE people: Nothing is too big for God.

    Link to my personal health blog.


    I was born with an abnormal heart valve. We were told a couple of years ago that I would need a replacement. Two weeks before my (first) surgery February 12, 2009, I experienced shortness of breath, I knew something didn’t feel right. I made an appointment with the doctor, a test was ordered, surgery date was scheduled, I contacted my family & friends and begin to pray & focus on what was getting ready to take place in my life. Blockage occurred after the first surgery, then I received a pace maker (second surgery), February 16th, 2009. Recently (June 23rd, 2010), after a regular check-up (pace maker reading) at the doctor’s office, my third surgery ( pace maker revision) took place the following day.

    Before the procedure on Feb 12th, I contacted my family members, Pastor & Church Family, employer, co-workers, friends, neighbors, etc. My (strong) support system provided prayers, phone calls, flowers, books, beautiful cards, hospital visits, home visits, meals etc. It was important to provide support for my husband & children. We discussed the surgical procedure with our children. It was necessary to continue providing a secure & stable environment. The door is always open anytime for the kids to come to us with any questions or concerns. The valve replacement surgery was successful, then I developed blockage. The doctors notified my husband that I would need a pace maker to help my heart function. It was unplanned but necessary. The second procedure took place four days after the first procedure. We prayed with the Chaplain before the heart valve procedure. I also received visits from the Chaplains (by my request); throughout the time I was hospitalized: a total of eleven days. June 23rd, 2010, I returned to the hospital: outpatient surgery: pace maker revision.

    My Faith in God, support from my husband, family, Pastor & Church Family, medical staff, friends, neighbors, Radical Love Family, co-workers, employer, etc… continues to play a major role in the healing process. I know that God loves me & promised never to leave me alone. He helped me get through this time of testing. Jeremiah 30:17: “For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord, because they called thee an Outcast saying, “This is Zion, who no man seeketh after.””

    Acceptance is crucial during the recovery stage. Not living in denial, but accepting the daily challenges: occurring inside my body, coping with breathing issues on a daily basis, living with a pace maker, taking coumadin for the rest of my life, dealing with the discomfort in my chest. etc…….Where does my help come from? Believing & trusting God with my life. I know without a doubt that he is a healer. God is also loyal & faithful. Psalm 107: 1 “O Give Thanks unto the Lord for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.” My relationship with my husband is even stronger. We were married in 1993 and promised to love each other unconditionally. He continues to provide emotional, physical, mental & spiritual support. While I was recovering he helped the kids with their homework, made daily trips to the grocery store, irons the kid’s clothes, worked hard every day and spent quality time with me. I thank God for my soul mate.

    When I returned home from the hospital, my son (age 10), quietly walked in my bedroom and prayed by my side every night. It was very important for him to thank God for healing his mother. When my daughter, (age 7), saw the scar on my chest (incision from heart surgery), it made her very uncomfortable. She thought I was in pain. I spoke to the school counselor about the issue. My daughter touched the scar & saw that I wasn’t in pain. I’m happy to say, my daughter is now comfortable with the scar. After my surgery, our children asked about the limitations, when I would be able to drive again, how did I feel overall etc. We continue to keep the lines of communication open in our home. It’s very important for our children to express their feelings. I continue to pray for my husband & children. We are determined to face any obstacles “together” with God’s guidance.

    Through FAITH, FAMILY, & FRIENDS, I’m able to face each day & know within my heart that God continues to bless me & my family. Everyday is a GIFT from God.

    Mrs. Kimberly A. Goodloe

  156. Why is it so hard for us, as women to accept those wonderful truths?? God loves us and wants the very best – I think we just have trouble seeing it for what it is. Great reminder!

  157. Many of us have voices YELLING in our ears that we are of no value, not good enough, not smart enough, not skinny enough, not pretty enough, not doing enough . . . from BIG people in our lives.

    Enough already!

    God is bigger. I am who He says I am: ACCEPTED.

  158. Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. I have begun a weight-loss journey, which may very well be a fight for my life. I need to remind myself that I can do this through Christ.

  159. De Fleischer says:

    I am signifacant-that is the one thing I struggle with on a consistant bases.I often think if I weren’t around-it would make no differance-no one would miss me.I need to remind myself of who I am in Christ-and that I matter to Him….

  160. Kristi Seat says:

    Dear Renee,

    Thank you so much for your blog today. When I woke up, I took some time to get quiet with God but I still had some doubts that the devil was trying to use to change my thought process. I was introduced to 2 Timothy 1:7 through the Hidden Joy bible study:: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline”. I repeated this several times and I began to feel more secure and peaceful. Thank you so much for reminding me again that we all have to struggle daily with the devil’s deceptions. I’m really looking forward to your bible study and will definitely share this blog with my sister and my mother as well. Take care!


  161. Tonya Ingram says:

    He reminds me often “Who is saying these things” … just like the other day I saw a GOOD looking guy and didn’t even want to make eye contact with him because I felt he was “out of my league” and God said to me “Who told you that you can’t have someone like him?”

  162. I have pre-ordered your book and can’t wait to read it! Thank you so much for your message.

  163. I struggle with listening to the Satan. I have to constantly remind myself of who I am. I also struggle a little with comparing myself to others. I have improved in both of these areas but it’s a daily process of reminding myself of where these thoughts are coming from. Thank you for the reminder. It is truly God sent.

  164. When God speaks we need to listen!! I have been an insecure girl, teenager and now as an adult woman. It has been a constant struggle for me throughout my life in all areas. Now as an adult, as a mother, a daughter, wife, Youth Director i even question if i have what it takes to carry out what God wants me to do. when will i start believing in myself. I recently had a major car accident and am still recovering therefore, adding more limitations to me besides the emotional limitations i had before. This devotional reminds me that God doesn’t make trash, he creates us in his special, perfect way. wrong choices are our faults not his, so i need to stop blaming him. i want to focus on the solution to the problem not the problem. I want to be able to go through trials and tribulations with a “smile” because God is with me, I only take it one day at a time, too many times i feel so overwhelmed. help me to look up to God and not look down on myself. God Bless the wonderful work you are doing reaching out to all of us and lifting us up.

  165. sgmiller says:

    In response, God asked who told them they were naked. In other words, “Who told you that something is wrong with you?” By asking this, God made sure they knew someone was casting shame on them—and it wasn’t Him. Wow! this really touched me. I have not really paid attention on who is telling me all these false negative thoughts. Thanks so much for your insight.

  166. Thank you so much for your devotions! Your Doubt Diet has certainly been speaking to my heart as I have been seeking employment yet hearing nothing positive back. It’s easy for those enemy whispers of “You’re not good enough”, “Nobody wants you”, etc to creep in and discourage, but your words have helped to remind me that our God is faithful and has created me for a purpose – one which He will fulfill in His time. I look forward to opening my email each morning, knowing that even if there is no response from potential employers, a message from Him through your devotions awaits me! May God continue to bless you and your ministry!

  167. I am “free from condemnation” sister!!!!!!!!! Loving life:)

  168. I really needed to hear – again – “I am significant”. Those verses are so helpful to me as I truly contemplate them. I have recently realized that low self-esteem is Satan’s way to prevent us what God intends for us to do and accomplish. So, this is something that I am working on – overcoming the fears associated with low self-esteem. I find your writings helpful as I accomplish this goal.

  169. Patti Freeze says:

    Dear Renee,

    I praise the Lord for women of faith, like yourself. I have struggled with insecurities off and on for most of my adult life. It negatively affects every area of my life and I struggle keeping joy in my heart. I am a part of a small group of ladies who support each other and are presently doing Made to Crave. We are discussing doing your new book The Confident Heart for our next session I want so desparately to gain victory, I hate how satan causes me to doubt who I am in Jesus. I am so sure that God has a plan to prosper each of us, but sometimes I have a hard time believing it for myself. I sometimes feel that my faith is always in a test, which I don’t always pass and I feel so bad about.
    I really enjoy and am so blessed to get your devotionals and am so looking forward to reading your new book. I’m praying that God will do amazing things through it, and that He will set me free.
    I love all these scriptures you have listed, I guess the one that I cling to the most is Romans 8:28 that says I’m assured that God works for my good in all circumstances. If I could just believe it all the time, God could do amazing things through me.
    God Bless you Renee and all your ministry

  170. Kristina says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I love your writing and I can’t wait to get my book! I really needed this today. I’m not feeling very accepted today and I seem to forget that even if I don’t have any friends on earth He is my friend and I can always count on Him. Thank you for reminding me!

  171. Love your blog and P31 devotion. I needed to be reminded of many of the scriptures you quoted. It is difficulty as I help my daughter pack for her last year in college. This year is different because she is renting an apartment with a friend and she does not know if she will come back home or stay there after graduation. She is seeking God’s guidance and I am doing by best to give it to God and trust that He will give me strength to let go and trust Him. He will take care of her and she will follow His lead.

  172. Teresa Callahan says:

    Ephesians 1:3–8 I have been chosen by God and adopted as His child.

    I grew up fatherless, raised by a single mom. My dad abandoned my mom, sister and I when I was six. 34 years ago. And I still have deep-hidden issues because of it. I’m not bitter or angry, just hurt that my dad didn’t want us.
    I am a new believer – only two-years-old, so the concept of a Father who loves me more than I can imagine and One who wants me and will never leave me, is foreign to me.
    I know the Enemy uses my insecurities to have me question and doubt the unfailing love of my Father. I will keep this promise from Eph 1:3-8 close to my heart to remind me that I am a child of our magnificent God, and a princess of The King.
    Thank you, Renee for your loving and encouraging words.

  173. Kelley Jo says:

    My husband and I seem to be going through this lesson at the same time. Since he lost his job in 2007, we have been taking turns at being full of doubt while the other encourages. The truth is, I have struggled with this my whole life. I signed up for the 7 day Doubt Diet today and it has been such an encouragement. It wasn’t long ago I was wondering what the problem was. God seems to be revealing it to me now. Thank you!

  174. Jennifer hodge says:

    I so love this list of verses, I need them all and don’t have a favorite!

  175. I added your blog to my reader. You inspire me and I am looking forward to reading your book Renee.

  176. Rebeccca Hall says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! Your devotions have been so encouraging and so right on time! I am so guilty of hearing those “lies” that i’m not good enough and i don’t measure up to what God wants of me. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine and I teach a young adult class on Wed. night at our church and as we were discussing this week what we were gonna be studying, I told her that i would pray about it and let her know what he laid on my heart. Well i was talking to her and told her that i had something in mind and she at the same time told me that she had something. So, i told her that we could do what she had, and, of course, she told me “No” and that we could do what i had. Well, i told you all that to say that when she told me that i could just teach tonight and do my lesson, i told her that her’s was probably better than mine anyway and that mine probably wouldn’t make much sense. Well, now that i read your blog this afternoon, i know that it was just “me” and “satan” telling my those lies. So i am gonna go tonight with confidence on what God has laid on my heart!

    Thanks so much for this today! I am really wanting and looking forward to your book!

    Love in Christ,

  177. Kacie D says:

    Thank you for being confident enough to share your story! A friend emailed me your website and I have read the intro and chapter 1. I also signed up for the 7 day doubt diet. God has used your story tremendously in life right now! It was right on time! And I even shared your website with a friend! Thank you again!!!
    With a growing confidence,

  178. I’m very excited to read your book! Thank you for the giveaway! : )

    God bless you, Renee.

  179. Aundrea says:

    I can’t wait to get a copy of your book! God has really laid this issue on my heart of being confident in myself because I am His creation. I am even considering leading a small group using this book. I think all too many Christian women fall prey to Satan’s lies. It is time we are all set free, in Jesus name! Thanks Renee, for sharing your story.

  180. Thanks for the encouraging words! I wonder why it seems so easy for women to fall into the trap of Satan’s lies? I too struggle with self-doubt and unrealistic expectations…Can’t wait to read your book!

  181. I needed to hear Philippians 4:13 most of all today. “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.” So much going on in my family as I try to help take care of my aging and sick parents. I gladly do all I can, I just need prayers to help guide me.

  182. Melanie says:

    Renee, I would love to win a copy of your book and the Starbucks card!! I want to thank you for your post and for the comprehensive list of verses that we can easily access at times when we need them the most. When a person needs those reminders the most is when I find it’s harder to actually take the time to look up verses that will make you feel better (although I do find that God does work for us by having us find what we need when we just open up the Bible–the page often magically appears…) Anyway, I am copying this list and printing it out to put in my binder to keep handy for just those times when I need more confidence in myself. Thank you so much!!

  183. I needed to read Ephesians 3:12. I can approach God in confidence. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for me, so that I can approach the father with full confidence that he will hear my plea. Boy, Satan likes to turn this one inside out…..The Seven Day Doubt Diet is such an inspiration, I look forward to reading the entire book! I can’t wait for the challenges that are in store! Thank you for your ministry!

  184. Crystal says:

    Dear Renee,

    I am getting so much out of your messages, and I have heard those lies and thought they were my own thoughts. The verse that spoke the most to me, and the one I’ve been holding onto recently is: Philippians 1:6 “I am confident God will complete the good work He started in me.” Sometimes I get discouraged because I’m not where I thought I would be right now, (My 20th high school reunion is this weekend.) but I believe God is still working things out. His timing is definitely not my timing, but I will let God be God in my life and put my trust in Him.


  185. Ephesians 1:3-8 I have been chosen by God and adopted as His child. I have always wanted to be accepted but never felt that I truly fit in anywhere… especially with my family. At my age, I still find it hard to believe that God would choose me. I am working on it, but am not quite there yet…….

  186. Barbara Green says:

    HI Renee~

    Thank you, Renee for writing this book. I know it is not available yet for purchase until August 1st, but our mutual friend, Glynnis Whitwer, loaned me her copy to read. I have been struggling for months recently, but if I am honest with myself it has been since I was a child with self-doubt and not measuring up to others expectations for me especially my parents. Here I am 37 years old and after a few attempts to end my life, I am still here for God must have a plan for me. The timing of me reading your book was perfect, of course. I have been struggling and it has not been pretty. Some days are better than others. Your book however, has given me encouragement and new found hope. There are times even though I have great friends that would do anything for me, I feel alone and in the dark. I have printed out the Promises to Personalize Page with my name inserted to keep in my bathroom and in my car and at work. Your book has been a blessing to me! Once I am able to buy a copy I am returning Glynnis’ copy to her. If I don’t win your drawing, I would however, like to purchase the “Confident Heart” sticky notes. I need them:)

    Your book has also encouraged me to lead a small group again and have your book as the focus! I can’t thank you enough!!!! I have hope…….which I desperately needed. THANK YOU!!!!! 🙂

  187. Renee,

    THANK -YOU FOR TODAY’S WORD AS I WAS REMINDED OF GOD’S PROMISES TO ME!!! I have really been struggling with what purpose I am here to serve…..Lies from Satan. I have been bought with a price and I am His and God has a purpose for me even when I cant see or feel it…. I need to come to the cross and fill my mind with His word and promises… so as to defeat the lies my mind is wanting to believe ….. I am so thank full I came across your site from a friend that had posted it on FB.
    I know there are no coincidences when it comes to God. He has a plan and He will bring it about as I seek Him I will find HIm when I seek Him with my whole heart!!!!
    Thank you for your message today!
    Peg Miller

  188. I definitely need to hear that I’m Accepted. I need to let that roll around in my brain for a while. Thank you.

  189. Kim McKinnon says:

    I so needed to read your thoughts today. I have been in pain worrying about my son and the life he is living. I have gone through the entire back story in my head today and all last night-what a bad parent I have been, I should have been better and helped him with his inner demons, I should have done *something* to help him. I have them all memorized and they lead nowhere. A whirlpool of pain to keep me helpless. I read your words today and realized I am not the one to help him. I need to have faith and *let go and let God*. I have faith that the only true healing will come from Heaven as I don’t have the ability. My son is a child of God and only through Jesus can he get rid of the darkness. Satan has been a companion in my head for too long telling me how I have failed both my son and my God. I know better know. Thank you. I will begin again.

  190. What’s really shouting at me here is that you have to speak these promises over your life. You have to truly believe that you are a child of God and everything he has belongs to you. If you say something over and over you start to believe it and act on it, so why not speak the positive. It can go both ways as well; if your constantly speaking negative things about yourself your gonna start believing that as well. Renee, I just thank you for this book, “A Confident Heart”, it’s come at just the right time.

  191. Tricia Nicastro says:

    Thank you for offering your vulnerability and opening up about your journey with God so as to give His insight, encouragement and strengthening through His promises as you have walked with and responded to Him in your life as a woman belonging to and loved by Him.

    I am accepted: Ephesians 1:8 I have been chosen by God and adopted as his child.
    This grabbed my heart because I am still struggling with understanding what it means to have Him as a father. What the image of a father was meant to be. As well as that my heavenly father him self has burdened my heart for vulnerable children specifically in parts of East Africa where I have been involved over the last 3 years. I am excited to continue to receive this promise so as to more deeply live this promise for those children as well…being His hands and feet.
    I am secure: 2 Timothy 1:7 I have been given a spirit of power and love and a sound mind—I have the RIGHT to think with the mind of Christ. How quickly this seems to slip out of perspective. It was actually a promise given to me more than once recently. During my time in the 7 day doubt diet I heard it as I was going through one of the devotions and coupled it with a video clip from Beth Moore. Then again today as I went through this devotion….I have claimed if over and over aloud in the last several days. It is something I hold so tightly to right now. Because why should I slip to self doubt and insecurity so quickly when I have been given this gift and at such a price? It is mine and I’m going to walk in it.
    Lastly, 2Cor 1:21-22 I have been established, anointed, and sealed by God
    Whhowey! Now if that’s not the affirmation I need to move forward taking steps each day in the direction God has called me to be— as the woman He has purposed me to be. From the daily tedious things to the very things He quickens my heart with…glimpses of the adventure he has called me into with my son and my husband….What is it Lord that you will unfold for me…because you just said it clear as day,,,I have been established, anointed, and sealed by YOU!!! That gets my blood pumping! Now to hold onto that consistently.
    Thanks again for sharing what He’s doing, has done, and will continue to do…to encourage and strengthen his ladies!

  192. Romans 8:31–39 I am free from condemnation. I cannot be separated from God’s love.

    Your entire deco today blessed me, but if I had to pick only one verse listed, the above sums up what I needed to hear today. God won’t give up on me no matter how many times I get side tracked or mess up. I’m so grateful for that!

    I loved your talk at She Speaks and would be blessed by your new book!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  193. Thanks Renee, I’ve really enjoyed the 7 Day Doubt Diet and am looking forward to reading your book! It’s opened my eyes to areas of doubt I didn’t realize were doubt.

  194. Christie says:

    What’s on my heart? Processing everything I learned this weekend at She Speaks, and knowing where God wants to take my church’s women’s ministry.

  195. Thanks for your devotions! I have struggled with doubt for years and have decided to become obedient even when my feeling don’t match what I know I need to do. I love the scripture that you can copy and paste your name into – it is so uplifting and has been very helpful!

  196. Karen Harger says:

    We discussed the 7 day diet tonight in my small group.
    We can not wait for the book. This book is so needed .

  197. Renee, thank you for this encouragement today! I have been allowing the devil to whisper in my ear and cause me to compare myself to other women around me as well as doubt myself! I have been doubting if God can or wants to use me! Thank you for sharing these scriptures…I am putting them in my prayer journal tonight so I can refer back to them regularly!

  198. Linda A. says:

    Renee, thank you for this encouragement. I’ve been doing The 7 Day Doubt Diet with a couple of friends and this is something I need to hear over and over again. God is so good!!

  199. Renee,

    I am so looking forward to getting this book. Want to print your verses.

    I am significant . . verses hit me today.

    Hugs and Prayers

  200. Satan’s lies hold no water. I am Christ’s child and dearly loved.

  201. Tammy Rakestraw says:

    Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me. This is one of my favorite verses. I can’t wait for your book to come out and have been waiting all summer. I will share my copy with a friend that really needs this encouragement.

  202. I am so excited to read you book. Every day I battle that need to be reminded that I am a child of God. Every single day those doubts and past hurts creep into my thought patterns and I need to fight them off. Thank for these wonderful reminders.

  203. Thank you for sharing this message. I especially appreciatte the scriptures that tells us the Truth for each lie the enemy says about us. I struggle with many of these liesToday the most meaningful was ■Philippians 1:6 I am confident God will complete the good work He started in me.

  204. Cyndee Wood says:

    1 John 5:18 I am born of God, and the evil one cannot touch me. Actually All the scriptures are sooo good. We constantly need to be reminded of Gods Love for us. It is good to keep pouring “Truth” into our spirits. We are accepted, significant and secure in him who adores us. What an awesome Abba Father we have. Thanks for the encouragement.

  205. Just got done checking my email and came across this devotion at what could not have been a better time. The past two days I have been battling it out with some insecurities. I have even been praying for God to show me how this icky feelings of insecurity could be taken out of my heart. He answered my prayer through you today. Thank you for sharing this just when I needed it most.

  206. Such comforting and encouraging Scriptures! I think I will try to start memorizing them!

  207. Rom 8:28-A dear sister in Christ affirmed what I feel I’ve been living the past few years, that I am a modern day Job. My youngest son (2) died quickly and unexpectedly last March. He was diagnosed in utero with hydrocephalus but every day with him was so amazing, a true gift of God. But with that being my last biggest trial, I also have a son with severe behavior issues related to his Autism, two other children and a marriage that is failing. Through it all I have continued to put my hope in the Lord and continue to trust Him despite my circumstances.

  208. …so need these reminders…ALL THE TIME!

    Phillipians 1:6
    2 Timothy 1:7

    Satan has been working overtime on my mind…fear, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, exhaustion…Thank you for being faithful in your work of bringing God’s word to women’s hearts.

    🙂 rhea

  209. Today I have been focused on the fact that God cares about everything in my life, even the seemingly insignificant details. It is such an encouragement to know that even when my cat runs off, God knows. And He is there to comfort me and then to bring the cat back. My faith has been increased as I see God answer even the smallest of needs.

  210. talitha says:

    This spoke so strongly to me today. Thank you for you encouraging words. The Lord is really using you!

  211. Thank you Renee and Thank you Lord God Almighty!! I am beginning this 7day doubt diet today! It’s really hard sometimes to diet 🙂 but I know this is what the Lord desires from me.. to have a more confident heart <3 I wish I could find a friend who would commit to doing this study with me, but even so… I will keep this commitment. Thank you for your leadership and encouragement.

  212. Hi, Renee.

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I’m rebuilding my self-esteem and self worth after a marital breakdown with a man who was emotionally neglectful. I’m also looking at sharing what I have learned about value as God sees me, which I’m still learning, with teen girls with the hope of preventing them from getting pregnant and involved with “the wrong guy”.

    I tried to buy 3 of your books through the P31 website, but got the message that they didn’t ship to my address, so I guess I’ll go through Amazon. Looking forward to reading and learning and sharing your book with a couple of friends.

    In Him,
    Darlene (Kemptville, Ontario, Canada)

  213. Thank you so much for writing a book like this! I’ve always believed the lies that I’m not good enough and that I don’t deserve good things. Hopefully through reading this book, I can break free from that negative thinking.

  214. Good Morning Renee. Thanks again for your words of encouragement. Our family has been in a deep valley for three years now and the one thing I have been questioning is – where is God in all of this? Your Romand 8:28 – I am assured that God works for my good in all circumstances, really hit me. I have seen God working in our lives these past three years, but sometimes as we cry out – it seems he completely ignores us. I’m pretty sure things are going to be turning around for us soon and it is pretty amazing how everything is unfolding. Only our great God Almighty can work these plans out. We will continue to trust and obey.

  215. What great truths and encouragement for today! As a stay-at-home wife and mom and as a young pastor’s wife, I daily feel I don’t measure up. Being reminded that Eve had it all and thought the same was eye-opening this morning. I pray these truths you shared will help me and my sisters in Christ. Blessings.

  216. Kelley Sral says:

    oh my goodness……I am so there!! There are many days I feel totally paralyzed by the grip of the inadequate lie. Thank you for this devotional! I am very excited that you will be coming to Women’s Day Away in OH in September!!!!! I can’t wait to hear more and hopefully get your book. Thanks again. Kelley S.

  217. I think that is so key to know who’s voice is doing the talking….something I am currently working on. I love all the scripture references you gave. Thank you so key being in His word …rooted in it. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. Mary

  218. June Livingstone says:

    I have been on your 7 day doubt diet and I cant wait for your book, ” The Confident Heart ” to be released. I would love to do the study in September, please continue to send emails to keep me updated.
    Your book should be in the hands of every women, Gods word can change our thoughts, and we can grow confident in his word.

    June Livingstone

  219. If I fall and cannot lift myself up,
    Will not the Lord carry me
    If I cry out and cannot lift my head
    Will not the Lord comfort me
    If I cannot see the way and I am blinded
    Will not the Lord hold my hand and guide me
    If I hear nothing but silence
    Will not the Lord speak to me
    If I am weak,
    Will not the Lord be strong and encourage me
    If I am not worthy,
    Will not the Lord be my Worth
    If I am not measuring up
    Will not the Lord be my help
    If I am broken,
    Will not the Lord mend my heart
    For He is Lord, ever-present
    His lovingkindness and mercy overwhelms me.
    For I will be always thankful for His goodness. ~joyce

  220. Thank you for sharing this with me today! I sent this to all of my girlfriends, you are such a blessing. Thanks, Charlotte

  221. It’s so easy to feel like I don’t measure up…as a wife, as a mother, as a woman, as a friend. I could go on and on.

    When I was little, the thought of not measuring up never occurred to me about myself or others – until the teen years, when all you do is compare yourself to everyone else…and someone always says you come up short…your friends, the media, those who don’t like you for whatever reason.

    As an adult, I may “know better” about letting little insecurities get to me like they did when I was a teen, and I am more confident in most ways than I was as a teen, but boy can certain things still get to me – like seeing a friend from way back who looks fantastic when I feel like I have gained weight or my hair doesn’t look good lately; or reading how easily some women lose weight when I struggle with this; or hearing about business or personal victories from those around me that I haven’t experienced myself. These things all make me feel small, and I have to remind myself that these notions of not measuring up aren’t from God at all, but from the Enemy who just wants me to feel like God doesn’t work in my life and I’m not worth anything.

    It’s a lie that I replace daily with God’s truths and love. That’s the only thing that chases back these ridiculous thoughts and feelings.

  222. Timely timely word as I’m struggling with a lot right now….

  223. I’m definitely having a “not measuring up” day. But for me that’s a good thing. It means I DO understand my place in God’s creation. In John 15, it’s pretty strongly worded that we are nothing — see John 15: 4 (No branch can bear fruit by itself), John 15:5 (apart from me you can do nothing). So why not just acknowledge that I’m nothing? Makes it easier to do what God calls us to do in John 15:13 (and throughout the Bible): lay down our lives. Because if our life isn’t worth anything, it’s much easier to lay it down.

    So “who told you something is wrong with you?” answer would be Jesus–we have a heart problem and an impotence problem. I’m not sure why we need confidence–what we need is to depend on Jesus for everything. What we need is to be willing to be used by Him to do HIS will and HIS purpose, not ours.

  224. Reading this entry made me realize that I have allowed Satan to creep in and full my mind with lies. I’m looking forward to reading your book!

  225. dianna neal says:

    Renee thank you so much! I am new to your website, your ministry is much needed. I am the last of eight. I remember being very young, 3 or 4 and my brother and sisters making mean comments to me and about me. “I was a change of life baby (my mom was 40 when I was born) so something was really wrong with me.” I was told that all my life by my brothers and sisters. Recently as I was praying for healing about something else(or so I thought); the good Lord spoke to my heart. He told me that there was nothing wrong me or who I am. He told me I was wrong to think and feel “broken”, or not good enough. I was reminded of all the scriptures that speak of my acceptance by God. I was also reminded that I am a child of God, a member of His royal household. What a relief to finnally feel, completley, truley accepted by God and to accept myself warts and all. I have 10 year old twin girls and am a single mom. I now have the confidence to lead them better. I am so grateful that God is the head of our household. Thank you again for your obedience in doing your ministry!

  226. I definitely need daily reminders of my acceptance, security, and significance. Because of my past, I usually feel very insecure and I still have a strong wall around my heart. Though I don’t feel worthy, I have ordered the Confident Heart book already and plan to lead a women’s group in the fall. (If I happen to win the give away, the book will then go to one of the ladies who sign up for my group.) I hope that, though my lack of confidence, I can grow and help the women who may be in my group to grow to be more confident in God and his promises.

    Thank you, Renee. I can’t wait to read the whole book (read the sample chapter).

  227. 1 Corinthians 6:17 I am united with the Lord, and I am one with Him in spirit.

    Here lately that truth hasn’t felt so true. I don’t necessarily feel like I am in “in the desert” but I do feel like I am in a far off country. It’s easy to know something in your head, but when it doesn’t feel true in your everyday life, well, you start to go down roads you might have to struggle to come back up.

    Satan would have me believe that my connection with God is “down” at the moment, and it feels like I am spending so much time telling him it’s not, that I can’t do anything to figure out what is really going on.

  228. Rebecca says:

    Hi Renee,
    Thank you for delivering God’s Word. The verse that I needed to hear again and be reminded of was 1 Tim. 2:7 We have been given a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.
    You are right about putting our focus on Who God says we are. Because the devil, and all those who have been deceived, always want to remind us how we don’t measure up, but as we continue to look on Jesus and Who he says we are, we are transformed from glory to glory.
    God’s Word is the truth, and the longer we abide in it, the firmer our steps and actions. I am reminded of another verse in Proverbs, “The righteous are as bold as the lion…”
    Thank you for cementing my faith and identity in Christ

  229. Hi Renee! Thank you for your encouragement on your posts. I also enjoyed your talk with Ann on her porch the other day! I was touched by Philippians 1:6 I am confident God will complete the good work He started in me.I am definitely a work in progress and can feel and see the change in my heart in regard to so many things in my life, but my insecure side still wonders how He will complete the good work He started in me, as I feel I’m moving in baby steps sometimes. I want to continue to move forward by looking “upward.” Thank you, look forward to reading your book.

  230. Thank you for your ministry in the area of confidence. As far back as I can remember I have believed I was a “second-class person”….not good enough….never measuring up…mostly to what I thought were other peoples’ expectations….expectations that likely were never there except in my own mind. I still struggle with this at times….when I let my focus stray away from God. The promise that spoke most to me is “I am God’s workmanship.” The Master Craftsman created me in a wonderful way Psalm 139:13-16. I am loved and accepted by the One who matters most.

  231. I was catching up on my email devotions this morning, and WOW did this one speak to me! I’m so happy I found your blog and I can’t wait to read the book. Satan really has been filling my thoughts with doubt and making me focus on my flaws so often lately. I needed your words of wisdom today — thank you!

  232. Stephanie M says:

    This is such a need in my life right now. I have struggled with this my whole life. I was saved in 2008 and still consider myself a new Christian. I think Satan loves to prey on new Christians. I know that my doubts are his lies, yet I still hold back anyway. I am eager to get into your book and find out how to overcome this. I want to change this pattern in my life. Thank you so much!

  233. What a blessing it is to be reminded of whose I am and WHO I am IN CHRIST! You can’t believe how I have agonized and beaten up on myself over the past 25 years or so for not finishing college and even going back to finish over the years…..I have always compared my life to those of my friends who have their degrees and of whom I have envied for sticking it out and finishing school. I’ve even been too embarrassed to return to my high school reunions because I was the “girl most likely to succeed in high school” – only to get pregnant before the end of my senior year in high school and then drop out of college and not have what I considered a “professional life” to talk about @ high school reunions. Even though I was a cheerleader and homecoming queen, I felt so unworthy.
    God has had to “heal” my mind for years and deal w/me about the role HE has played in my life and that HE is my TOTAL SOURCE and that I could have been a total failure even w/my college degree — but it’s because of HIS ABUNDANT MERCY, LOVE and GRACE that I have my being and existence — not a college diploma hanging on my office wall and yes, I have an office at work… about HIS grace!

    It is because of HIS mercy and compassion that we are not consumed—nothing else. That’s why I love serving Him and thank HIM daily for HIS deep love for me, in spite of feeling like I didn’t measure up to teachers, friends & family members expectations of me. God is so faithful!

  234. God has given me a very special ability of ministering to others through piano skills that He has developed in me. Yet I still have many moments of self-doubt that I struggle with. Thank you for the words of encouragement and the truths of scripture.

  235. I hear His promises and I pray that He would reveal His thoughts for me. It is easy to hear but so hard to embrace even when I desire wholeheartedly the truth of what GOd believes about me and not the lies the enemy speaks to me.
    I have battled with confidence almost my whole life, the chain of negative thinking towards myself is so hard to break after years of abuse. I can’t wait to be free from my past and free to be who God has called me to be.
    I ordered your book and can’t wait to begin it. I would love to share a copy with a girlfriend in God of mine so that we can encourage each other as we read it together. This is exactly what I have been in need of, for years. Thank you Renee! God bless you.

  236. Thank you for your encouraging words. Everywhere I turn this week I am reading/hearing the same message:-)
    This week at Church we looked at the verse in 1Cor which says that we are “enriched in Christ” in every way – what an amazing thought! I can look up and focus on how God sees me not on how I perceive myself to be. Our Pastor was reminding us that God sees us as a completed work of grace because He sees Christ’s righteousness covering us. Thank you for continuing this message from the Lord! God bless you.

  237. Thank you Renae for this book and for this timely encouragement. Many women in our society struggle with self-doubt and with the feelings of not measuring up. I am in Women’s Ministry and I am constantly reminded of the responsibility and the privilege as one who ministers to women in and outside the church walls. For over 20 years I have lead a weekly Bible study in my home to an average of 15 to 20 women of all ages, and every fall I facilitate a study in our church in addition to the one in my home. It has been my life’s joy to work with women and lead them in the study of God’s Word.

    But lately I’m finding myself feeling unworthy and insecure in my position as a leader. I myself am going through a time of transition in my life – the upcoming empty nest in a few weeks when our youngest child goes off to college, my need to lose extra weight that holds me back, and my overwhelming doubt in my abilities as a wife, mother, friend, and minister to women. I don’t know what has happened to my confidence! I prayed this morning for God to reveal to me something to help me journey this path of uncertainty and I happened upon the title of your new book “A Confident Heart”. I know that God will use this book to help me gain the confidence I need to get through this season of self-doubt, to recogize the lies of Satan, and to claim the promises in God’s Word.

    I just wanted to share how thankful I am for your obedience to the Lord, for offering a much-needed encouragement to so many of us gals that love the Lord and need a reminder of our worth and value in Him. I look forward to reading your book!

  238. Renee,
    For as long as I can remember I have suffered from severe fatigue, low self esteem, perfectionism, anxiety and depression. All of my life I have constantly compared myself to other people. I have never felt pretty enough, smart enough, like a good enough daughter, friend, mother, etc… I am finally beginning to realize how all of this comparing and not feeling like I measure up may be contributing to all of the symptoms I have struggled with for so long. It is exhausting to have these thoughts running through your head all of the time! I actually felt a sense of relief and a renewed energy when I read your post. How freeing it is to realize that God doesn’t want me to be like all of these other people I have compared myself to for so long and that maybe I am good enough just the way HE Made me! Thank you, Renee, for giving me just what I needed to read today!

  239. The promise that spoke to me was this:

    Philippians 1:6 – I am confident God will complete the good work He started in me.

    My husband says he found his calling in high school. I have a wonderful mom who has been a SAHM for both mine and my sister’s entire lives. Since I was about 16 years old I aspired to be like my mom. A lot of people look down on people like my mother who don’t work outside the home. They don’t understand taking care of a home and children is a full-time job. Even though we don’t get paid, we work just as hard!! My husband and I are expecting our first child in October and I am blessed to stay home with her. I believe God is calling me to be her mother and to be the best wife and mother I can be. It is scary at times to think about becoming a parent, but I know God will be with us each step of the way.

  240. Been so very low lately, I really needed to hear Philllipians 4:13 today. Kind of rambled over hear through another site, God know I needed to.


  241. I recently re-entered the workforce this summer and I know that I know that God has His hand upon it because it’s such a perfect fit for my personality and abilities. However, I have been bombarded with all of the doubts that you list in your doubt analysis. I’m so thankful that God directed my path to your book… that He directed you to even write the book in the first place. I am encouraged by your words, and have found hope that I can get rid of these doubts once and for all. Thanks!

  242. Just catching up on some of the Prov 31 posts after being on vacation. This post was just what I needed as I go in to a busy ministry season at my church. Thanks for the great reminder of who I am in Christ.

  243. Denise Colli says:

    Two verses spoke to me as I read your blog. The first is Romans 8:28 and the second is 2 Timothy 1:7. I have lived my life constantly stuffing the good and bad way down deep and never dealing with anything. Some medical issues have caused me to be home. I truly believe this was God’s way of getting me to slow down and look at Him and not the world. Since I have had alot of time at home it has brought up all the ugly things that I have “stuffed” and “pushed” deep down inside that has caused anxiety, worry, doubt and fear. The “not good enough” feelings and emotions. These two verses are ones I am going to read several times a day as reinforcement to keep pushing forward.

  244. Today, I had decided I was done with how I’d been living. So I started searching for a devotional online. I’ve been lazy, my mind has turned against me, my husband feels like giving up, and I’m broken. I’ve been away from God for far too long. Your devotional really spoke to me today. It was just what I needed to hear.

  245. Brenda Schiesser says:

    I’m going to re-post what I posted to your facebook page……I can’t put it any better than this except to say that my foray into the world and my family today turned out fine because I took Jesus with me and left the whispers of Satan behind.

    I try so hard to live by God’s measuring stick now, not the worlds, not my family’s and even not the one that has been planted in my head for many, many years. I will never, ever measure up to the stick I am measured with by my family……….I’m never good enough, do enough or give enough according to their measurements…….in the world I am not pretty enough, thin enough, rich enought, etc. When I focus on God and what He has planned for my life and when I strive to walk the narrow path, that is when I know that I am on the right track. Heading off into the world today……that contains much of my family…knowing I am protected by the One who sees me like Jesus. Thank you, Jesus, for making this possible.See More

  246. This whole topic is something that rings so heavy in my soul. I feel my confidence has been shaken to its core. I have nothing in my past to contribute to these feelings. Your comment about satan disguising his voice as our own really made me stop and think. I’ve never thought about that before. Would love to read your book.

  247. the line that says how Satan’s lies cause us to “take our eyes off of who we are in Christ and focus on our flaws. That way we’ll spend our days figuring out how we can hide them,” really spoke to me. It reminded me of the times I’ve heard the story of Peter going to Jesus on the water – how he was able to walk on the water just like Jesus as long as he kept his eyes on the Lord, but as soon as he looked away, he began to sink. It’s a good reminder of keeping the focus on Jesus – it’s all about him, always about him.

    The other things that really spoke to me were the verses you listed that talked about how there is no condemnation in Christ. Such a wonderful reminder of how blessed I am and how much I don’t deserve it!

  248. I need to remember that I am God’s workmanship. When I am criticizing myself, I am criticizing His handiwork.

  249. Satan’s lies can cripple. Thanks for the encouragement and reminder who I am in Christ!

  250. I loved your devotional, and I realize how those thoughts and fears and doubts whispered by the evil one can steal my peace. They cause us to doubt, to compare, and to invariably feel as though we don’t measure up. But it is not true! God made each of us just as He wants us to be, and through trust in Him we will grow to become the women He made us to be.

  251. Hi Renee. the scripture that popped out to me today was Philippians 1:6 I am confident God will complete the good work He started in me. ~ I have to believe that I am destined for good things! I have gone through a lot of things in my life but just to share a few, since i was a teenager i was physically and verbally abused by boyfriends. Then I joined the Army in hopes to “get away” from things. I ended up getting deployed to Iraq, where I was raped and mistreated by my superiors, and got injured. then I met someone who i thought was “the one” I had a baby who was a preemie and had several issues going on with her (she’s had 5 surgeries before she was 3yrs old) the Dr’s told me she was going to die. but by the grace of God, she is still here with me and healthy! but then her dad left us when she was 1 and hasn’t seen her in almost 4 years. so i’m a struggling single mom to say the least. I admit i lost faith for a while but one day my girl told me that she was in heaven with jesus and the angel’s and she saw me praying for her when she was sick and that “he”asked her if she wanted to stay with him or come to me. I was in awe! and found my way back to HIm. i still get real depressed though and sometimes find it hard to work full time and raise my daughter. I struggle financially, physically and spritually. ( i need to keep reminding myself that God loves me, and will complete the good work he started in me) i would love to win a copy of your book, as i believe it will help me in my journey. have a blessed day 🙂

  252. A thought that came to me one day while driving to work, praying about my people pleasing tendencies, is that when we worry about what other people think, we are placing them before God and making those people god of our lives instead of Jesus. Thanks so much for writing this book! I cannot wait to get a copy!!

  253. I don’t have anything eloquent to say. I am simply interested in reading your book. Possibly it is a book everyone should read.

  254. You asked us to leave you what was on our heart after reading this and first and foremost, the power of God and how he guides us to the right place. I am a subscriber of Lysa’s blog (and yours too now) and I was led to your blog today through her. I almost deleted her email but God nudged me to read it. So I did and here I am! I have struggled with relationships, my weight, my job, my finances, etc. and I knew that there was an underlying factor but I just haven’t discovered it yet. God has been dealing with me lately on some of these things but I just seem to keep hitting a dead end or failing again. Reading your blog and listening to the trailer for your book, makes me think that all of this could come from a lack of confidence. As I stated on Lysa’s blog earlier, I almost feel like I am so self-conscious sometimes that I make myself awkward for others to be around. I am pretty sure that I can pin point the time in my past that has brought me here but I am not quite sure how to break the curse. I have carried it now for 20 years and I am so ready to be free. I want to be happy in my body, happy with who I am, secure in my relationships and feel like a winner not a loser. So, that is some of what is on my heart today. If I were to share it all, it may take days. The bottom line is I feel like God has written me a little love note today that says, “this is where you struggle sweet daughter” and this book is just a piece of what He wants me to know.

  255. Julie Martin says:

    The 7 Day Doubt Diet devotions have hit me right where I live. The encouragement that
    it is giving me to find my worth in God is invaluable. It has also helped me
    to realized that my doubts & insecurities didn’t necessarily originate from the
    people around me but from Satan. I especially enjoyed the interview with
    with Jennifer Rothschild. Thank you Renee for your blogs & devotions.

  256. DeniseLynn says:

    Been struggling with the feeling of being “less of a mom” than all the others who make it look so easy, oh and those dreadful parenting magazines who threaten that if my children aren’t doing it ALL then surely they will not become successful adults. I’m a slightly ‘older momma’ who didn’t have the first until I was 36 and adopted the second 4 years later. Thanks for remiding me of HIS love and of my own special place in HIS heart.

  257. Today I am handing in my resume’ for a teaching position. Your devotional came at just the right time-I am amazed at how God can align these events. This morning as I walked the dog I was reciting in my brain all the possibilities of how I could fail at this job. I received yesterday in the mail two glowing letters of recommendation, I was thrilled. Today I thought perhaps they don’t know the real me, the me that fails or gives up too soon. Thank-you for reminding me of my heavenly Daddy that loves me, wants the best thing for me, has gifted me to work with children. Thank-you! I am printing the devo as a continual reminder. God Bless you!

  258. Marla Imhoff says:

    I know I need a revelation that will stick. This habit of self doubt is a complete dead end and it not only hurts me but also loved ones and anyone who would try to get close or know me I’be been here way too long. So glad you cared enough to write and do all you are doing to try to connect and change lives with the hope of how yougot free.

  259. For many years I’ve struggled with insecurity and self doubt. I’ve really enjoyed the encouraging emails that I receive through P31, and the ones that you submit usually really hit home. I’m so looking forward to reading your book! Thank you so much for the encouragement you allow God to share through you! You are a blessing!

  260. Carissa Niemi says:

    Hi Renee,

    I read your P31 devotional this morning, and it really spoke to my heart. The Lord’s been talking to me lately about this issue of confidence vs. insecurity. I listened to Part 2 of a six-part series by an author named Mary DeMuth. The subject was healing. I didn’t expect the Lord to speak to me about confidence in this series, but He did. He spoke to me through Mary about being “healed” of insecurity by trusting in Him and not being afraid/hesitant to do His bidding because of what others may say/think. Also, I’ve been doing a devotional book by Susie Larson called “Balance that Works When Life Doesn’t.” A couple of days ago my reading spoke about insecurity. She talked about it as being a form of selfishness–“When our thoughts are wrapped up in all that is wrong with us or all that we lack, we miss what’s beautiful around us and in us. When we are insecure (or prideful, for that matter), we make decisions with ‘me’ in mind.” And, she also spoke about being faithful to do what God’s calling us to do, and not letting what others may think/say hold us back.

    Then, this morning, there was your devotional. God does have a way of driving home a point. Doesn’t he? Thanks for having the confidence to write on this topic. 🙂


  261. Genia (Gina) says:

    Renee, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hadnt realized how much self-doubt has consumed me. I labled myself a worry wart and have just tried to deal with it for so many years. I am so glad to have found Proverbs 31 and you. I feel God is sending me help to learn more about myself and to trust him whole heartedly. I have two teenaged daughters and two sons who can benefit from what I can learn. In the past, I have put everyone ahead of myself. From today on I’m going to work harder on myself with the tools you have given me. Thank you! Thank you! May God continue to bless you and your work.

  262. SherryLyn says:

    How God works is just amazing! I have been truly struggling for about 2 years with my feeling of unworthiness. I have just recently started to share my feelings and struggles with a dear friend. This dear friend introduced me to Proverb 31. I am a fairly new Christian, I would say that I am in the early toddler stages. ;-), so my confidence is easy to shake at times. It seems like the last week or so every time I start feeling overwhelmed with personal items, I get on to check my email and it will just amaze me how it is like God has sent the messages I have needed to read directly to my email box! Today reading your message has been no exception. I struggle with not feeling good enough, worthy of any attention, confidence to know I can do what God is whispering to me. You so touched my heart with your words and I just had to share. Winning a book and CD would be great but honestly I just wanted you to know your words reached out and touched me as if you were sitting across from me telling me personally what I so badly need to hear! Thank You! God Bless You and Yours! Your Sister in Christ, Sherry Lyn

  263. I am so passionate about what God has done in my life. He is the source of my worth and passion for life! I want so badly to communicate with authority the message of God to families, women, and others. So far I can communicate it to my own children, children at my church, and my small group, but the opportunities I have had to communicate in front of large groups of adults often result in tears and a feeble message being shared. I want to speak with passion and confidence as I share with others. I want to continue to lead others to change and a purposeful life of surrender to Jesus Christ. I would love to read your book as well as share it with a couple of friends and family members. I look forward to the “Doubt Diet” and what I will learn about God, myself and our relationship!

  264. Wow, what a tool to use with fellow teachers when the doubts creep in about are we doing what we should be doing with the students. One of my roles at school is that of guidance counselor and I can also see using this book with students who are struggling with who they are.

    Thanks, for writing.


  265. Thank you Renee for your God given talent. It is great to see that others share how I feel. Your whole P31 newsletter spoke to me. My confidence in trying something new-if I failed then I felt I wasnt suppose to do it in the first place, people would see my flaws-they probably already knew them and accepted me anyways.The fear that the project or homemade gift or book or Sunday school class wouldnt be perfect, smooth,and polished-then people would laugh and think I was stupid. Thank you for your writing through God that you can inspire and spread a good seed into peoples lives so they may nurture this seed, have it grow and in turn share it with others.

  266. Renee,
    Your devotional came to me today through the Prov 31 devotionals I’ve subscribed to. The timing can only be God’s. Self-doubt has paralyzed me so many times and in so many ways and I pray for God to free me of it and to instead walk confidently and in peace with Him. Currently, I am in a new job position where I have the opportunity to take some risks and have a positive impact, but am flooded thoughts RE all the ways I may not be successful. On a personal level, self-doubt has dominated and impacted relationships with men — feelings of not being attractive enough, slender enough, funny enough, smart enough…continue whisper throughout my head. What’s most frustrating is knowing how self-doubt impacts my ability to witness and serve the Lord. Satan knows what he’s doing and knows how to work me like a puppet. I am praying this work the Lord has directed you in will help in my transformation. : ) I was thankful for the reminder that “he who began a good work in me will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” I can’t tell you how I identified with so many of your experiences and how I think your book may be meant for me at this point in my journey.
    Blessings to you and thank you –

  267. Sherrie Murphy says:

    I really liked doing the Self Doubt survey to see where I truly stood and where exactly I was letting Satan into my life. Now I have some focus on the areas that I will consciously look at and listen for those self doubt phrases that Satan like to put in my head. Now I can start to battle them with more confidence and learn to truly hear God’s voice-the voice of truth instead. Thank you to all who comment here and on facebook. It truly helps to know that I am not alone in this battle and that I have prayer warriors lifting me up.

  268. As I listened to the short video, I just kept hearing myself say, but I can’t do that because I’m not good enough. With my husband of 29 years divorcing me the first part of this year, I have really been feeling and feeding my thoughts the thought that I am not good enough. I could do nothing to stop the divorce, even though I did not want it, so how could I possibly be doing the right things?
    I am really hoping this book can help me rid my head of things that I know in my heart are not true, but I can’t seem to quit saying them to myself. God bless you with your work in this ministry, Renee. Thank you for stepping out in faith. But that we all had that courage.

  269. Lindsay Keaney says:

    Hi Renee,

    I read throwing away confidence and I just really spoke to my heart because I can relate to that Voice inside throwing me under the bus. Personally I made many mistakes as a young adult, but now that I am saved I am raising 2 children in a broken home. I see my teenage son making some life altering decisions and though he has heard about and seen Gods love, he still seems to be drawn to the world. I use my own wisdom and speak about the dangers not only of physical dangers and consequences but spirtual death and separation. BUT sometimes that voice creeps in saying, ” this is your fault, you married a non christian man and he is gone, and now your kids will suffer.” My confidence gets thrown in the trash! I am also training to minister to young girls, and raise them up to be modern day Princess’. I was excited for the calling! But again I feel I am not good enough, spirtual enough, or holy enough to serve these girls and help them see they are Gods Princess’. I finally asked for prayer and without actually telling them what I needed prayer fo a blessing was poured over me. I felt God whisper you have been washed clean, stop comparing the past, you are my PRINCESS who I love and you will encourage others. This battle is a daily battle against satns lies. I am looking forward to reading your book. I praise God for a woman of God who shares her devotional with us women who ALL need encouragement daily. Thank you and God bless!

  270. I too, have struggled with being confident. I am better than I use to be. One day I had a teaching about how God made me perfectly. All the things I called weakness, whether it be too fat, too short, not enough education, unloveable, whatever the issue God still called it perfectly made. I still marvel at that concept. I still struggle with believeing it as truth. Some days I feel like the young outfielder in a comedy yelling, “I got it, I got it, I got it ( then the ball bounces on the ground) I don’t got it!

    Confidence seems to be a journey for me. I wonder if there is a full arrival this side of heaven? I used to believe that maturity and confidence happened the same way our body matured…you just woke up one day and things had “blossomed!” Now I know that it takes knowledge, understanding, and wisdom from above, and good choices, to be all that He has created me to be, and to stand in that with great confidence.

    I would love to receive your book. I have two daughters that I would love to give a copy to as well.

  271. The promise I needed to hear most today was: Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

  272. As a mother of 9 with my oldest 2 being teenage daughters I need to be teaching them confidence yet I cannot seem to quiet the self doubt & comparing myself to others. I am touched by Phil. 4:13 because it takes more energy than I have most days to just take care of their physical needs. My husband works 6 days a week-hes gone 12+ hours a day. I need confidence in so many areas…

  273. I’ve never been good enough — and now my second husband is getting ready to leave, too. So I’m sure that your book would be a good thing for me to read. Thank you for the chance to win it.

  274. As others have said, I have struggled with self-worth and self-doubt most of my life. Over the years, I’ve felt I’ve made some progress. However, about the time I start feeling a little more self-confident, something in my life happens to diminish any progress I’ve made. I am truly a “work in progress”. I’m looking forward to reading your book.

  275. Joan Hardin says:

    It struck me how often I throw away confidence by calling it fear. It helps to have a label to what I am feeling but to realize the consequence gives a choice! A choice is glimmer of hope. A choice acted on opens the door so the warmth and brilliance of Hope floods in. Thanks for sharing.

  276. Hi there,
    I just wanted to tell you that God is still using your words. I was just given a copy of the excerpt you used from Dr. Anderson’s book by my women’s Bible study leader. I hadn’t really read it yet. I am now being given it again. I had been feeling like I didn’t measure up, so I Googled “I don’t feel I measure up as a Christian woman”, and up came your post. Feeling this way has been a constant problem for me. These past few years have been particularly difficult as the revelation of my husband’s sexual addiction has come about, and becoming a mother (and not feeling adequate there either). Seeing Dr. Anderson’s words, God’s words really, for a second time, I again realize how much He must love me. Thank you for your faithless to share this important message.

  277. I needed to read Ephesians 3:12. Jesus has made the ultimate intercession for me. I can approach the father in confidence. Satan sure likes to twist this around and make us doubt this…….the seven day doubt diet is such an inspiration. I look forward to reading the book!

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