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Welcome friends! Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit. If you found your way here through my P31 Encouragement for Today devotion, “Living in the Hear and Now,” I’m so glad you stopped by. I hope you’ll stay a while and make yourself comfortable.

One of my deepest desires is to be a woman who listens to God. But, I don’t always get it right. Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s God talking or just me thinking. Ever wondered that?

I also I admit, I’m not always crazy about what I sense God telling me to do. Yet I’ve learned over the years that when I listen to God, I discover His best for me. And I grow in my trust in Him.

I’ve seen again and again that His ways lead to His goodness. And when I follow Him, His mercy follows me.

As I shared in my devotion today, I went through a season of learning how to really listen closely so that I could experience a day by day abiding in God’s presence and plans. I thought I’d been listening to Him all along, but my prayers reflected that I wanted to know where to invest my efforts. In a still small voice God showed me that He wanted my ears more than my efforts.

He was more concerned about character than my calendar. I realized that many times I’d sought God for the larger plans in life, convinced that if I figured out what He wanted me to do I could become the person He created me to be.

Have you ever thought, “If only God would show me what job to take; what man to marry; what church to attend – then my life would be complete and I could serve Him with my whole heart”?

The problem is sometimes we get a glimpse of where He wants us to go and then assume we know how to get there. I’ve made that mistake many times and then wondered why I wasn’t getting anywhere.

Jesus depended on the Father for the large and fine print written in His life plan. He listened closely and obeyed quickly. John 5:19 reflects His absolute dependence: “The Son can do nothing by Himself; he can do only what He sees the Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son does also.”

Like Jesus, we will discover God’s purpose for our lives through dependent hearts that seek to listen to His. We will find out what’s on God’s calendar and part of our calling when we live in the hear and now – listening for His voice and obeying it each day, in every here and now.

Questions to Consider

  • Do I read my Bible so that God’s words and ways are familiar to me?


  • Do I intentionally listen for God’s voice or do I assume I know what He wants me to do?
  • If God were to speak to me, would I recognize His voice? 
  • Is my mind so full of worries that my thoughts drown out the possibility of hearing God’s thoughts? 


Steps to Take

  • Take time now to quiet your heart and your thoughts.


  • Be still and acknowledge that God is God and you are not. 
  • Tell God your desire to hear Him today and then ask Him to speak to your heart. 
  • Share with Him your plans for the day and then ask Him to show you His. 
  • Give God permission to interrupt your thoughts and agenda and lead you in a different direction if He wants to. 
  • Get ready for a day filled with adventure and companionship as you walk hand in hand with your Maker.


Verses to Ponder
1 Samuel 3:10, “The LORD came and stood there, calling as at the other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” Then Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant is listening.”

Psalm 119:16, “I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your word.

John 14:31, “But the world must learn that I love the Father and that I do exactly what my Father has commanded me.”

Isaiah 55:2-3, “Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy? Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and you will delight in the richest of fare. Give ear and come to me; listen, that you may live….”

Isaiah 50:4, “The Sovereign LORD has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught.”


If you want to become a woman who listens to God, and discover the adventure of faith He has for your life, you will want to read Lysa TerKeurst’s book What Happens When Women Say Yes to God.

I’m giving a copy away to one of you this week! It’s one of my all time favorite books and it kept me inspired to keep my promise to God that I will live in the hear and now! To enter to win, click on the word “comments’ right below this post and share your thoughts or questions about listening to God. Please include your email so I can find you if you win. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Anything. Just talk to me…I’m listening :0). I love reading what you have to say!

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About Renee

Renee Swope is a Word-lover, story-teller, heart-encourager and grace-needer. She's also a wife, mom, friend, daughter and author of A Confident Heart, a Retailers Choice Award winning book that became a best-seller and has been published in six languages, with over 150,000 copies sold. Renee is speaks around the country at women's events and and serves on the writing team for DaySpring’s inCourage blog. For twenty years, Renee served in leadership at Proverbs 31 Ministries and as former co-host of the ministry's radio program, “Everyday Life with Lysa & Renee.


  1. says:

    I find myself "second-guessing" when I am hearing something that could be from God..I wonder if it is God, or if it´s just me hearing what I want to hear. I struggle with this daily and actually pray that he will let me hear Him. I think I definitely need to quiet down and "listen".

  2. I try not to so much, but actually I do it a lot. IT being second guessing what I am hearing from God, kind of lilke "heidiforward" said. There are those raaaare moments when I hear something and KNOW that I heard what I heard. Those moments give me hope.

  3. Wow….love it when God wakes me up to "hear" His voice. I spoke at a women's conference for our church about a month ago and shared this same concept and similar verses. Following that event I felt like God was asking me….really? do you really hear my voice and listen to me??? I went to Haiti last week and spent a week with the people and children down there…what an amazing time! (This was my first mission trip and I listened to God telling me to go.) And of course I came back with ideas of what God wants me to do next, yet I wonder am I hearing His voice and listening to Him or is this just me wanting to jump in and change the world. Thank you for your comments….I really need to be reminded to sit and listen, stay connected to Him and do what He is calling me to do…daily, hourly. This is the first time I've read your blog….amazing how God speaks to us, if we only listen.
    Thank you!!!

  4. I feel have that my issues is taking time to actually listen to God. I always heard and was always told to pray to pray to pray. But no one ever told me to listen, listen to God. I always thought by praying to God and recieving the blessing from him answering my prayer through wonders, communication through someone else, a word that I read out of the Bible, or a message that I hear from a sermon that was God speaking to me. I never really thought of actually hearing his voice because I never thought of that being so except for me answering my own questions in my voice..smh.. I also feel that I have a problem with talking to much trying to get my point across and I feel that this is what I have been doing to God. I think that I rush my time with God and I don't take the time to listen and I feel that I don't know how I should listen. But I again God is working with this issue with me and is trying to help me become more personal with him through different resources that he has set fourth in front of me so I can be a better spirit filled individual. This is one of my many blessings that I thank him for he always allows me to obtain peace through any challenges that I maybe facing.

  5. I really enjoy and look forward to your daily encouragement. I start my day by reading it and applying it to my daily life.I enjoy forwarding them to my family and friends.Todays reading really hit home because I always wondered how I can slow down in my busy life and just listen to what God wants me to do for any given time or day. Instead of just trying to live my life as I see it.I will open my heart more and have more quite time so I can reflect on his calling on what He wants me to do and I will listen and obey. Thank you for sharing everything with people like myself that need decipline in our lives.

  6. What a great reminder-to listen!!

  7. i listen but i dont really hear anything then i get frustrated and start thinking that there is something wrong in my walk with God thanks

  8. Your words today were definitely meant for me. Recently I have been feeling so far away from my Father, I know He is there but I just feel alone and empty. And the Devil is sure having a field day. I have not been finding time to read my Bible, my prayer time in the morning seem to disappear before I get to spend the quality time I need to spend in His presence. I need your help with focusing on reading the Bible – at this moment I am feeling vulnerable, my children just acquired a stepmom and she has begun giving expensive gifts to the eldest – things I can't afford – please guide me – I need to feel that I am in His presence. Thank you for the resources you provide they help me daily.

  9. There are times I feel did He really say that. Sometimes He speaks the simplest things, I don't always pay attention to them. Not realizing till later He did say that. Why is it hard to pay attention to those little simple things. To see those little or simple things are what He is asking. Thanks for reminding

  10. This devotion really spoke to my heart as I have questioned, complained and wondered why do I have to do all the work…..Martha came to my mind so many times during a very hard week and family emergency, where I was glad and thankful I could go and be there for my family in every way needed, yet I was crying out to God and complaining about how hard it was and I was so tired. I have really had a difficult time forgiving myself even though I have prayed and asked God to forgive me for being so selfish and not focusing or listening to him I know HE has forgiven me. It is so hard sometimes to slow life down and quieten it so I can hear God's sweet voice whispering to me. Thank you for your words of wisdom and some knowledge that maybe I am not alone in my thoughts. I pray God will let me hear him today as I seek HIS wisdom for today. I want so much to hear HIM and do what HE wants for me…. thanks again

  11. God being more concerned about my character than my calendar really spoke to me. I want to truly listen to God speaking to my heart so that He can change me and use me moment by moment. I need to learn to live in the "Hear and now" for God.

  12. Good Morning. In my earliest morning prayers today I was praying right along these very same lines!! I love when our Lord gives me confirmation like this. I'm hearing His voice. I am excited about today's adventure with Him. Thank you for your encouragement. Praise God from whom all blessings flow…..especially the sound of His voice. Karen ((*_*))

  13. Wow – what encouraging words. I have read Proverbs 31 devotions for a long time, but never managed to visit your blog – what great stuff!!!!! I'll definitely be popping back in for great encouragement! Would love to have Lysa's book. I have not heard of that one!
    Staci (

  14. Sunday, the congregation we encouraged to take a 10 day challenge based on Daniel requesting vegetables and water for 10days and the blessing of God that followed. I comitted to spending more time in the mornings with God. Yesterday I was lead to read Psalm 119 as the benefits of being in the word were revealed. Today, I learned about being in the "hear and now". I am realizing God's blessings already.
    Thank you!

  15. My favorite verse is "Be still and know that I am God". I try to live by that verse daily. However, in my busyness, I sometimes forget to "listen". God has had His hand in some many things in my life and the ones that I love. His voice has helped prepare listens for the children in the church when I felt I had hit a wall. His voice is a soothing, loving and sometimes gentle nudge. I am so thankful for a living God who wants to see us succeed for His kingdom so that one day we will be with Him forever! Thank you Father!

  16. It is really hard to listen to God when my life gets so complicated when taking care of my husband (hurt on the job) taking on the job of head of the household; the kids and being the only one that works and so on. When a mom doesn't have time for herself and I know this sounds like a pity party and maybe it is, but it really isn't. I'm tired. But I know i have to keep going for the sake of my sanity; my kids; my husband; my kids i teach in the 4 and 5 years old in children's church. I can't let the devil get the best of me. It is hard, but I'm an overcomer and God will make a way. I hope you have a Blessed Day!

  17. says:

    I must admit for quite a long time I've been a little afraid to listen to what God wants me to do incase im too afraid to do it, but your blog has shown me that God's paths do lead to goodness, His ways are good, acceptable and perfect and I know He has plans to prosper me 🙂
    I just wanted to say that I love Proverbs 31 and the ministry is so helpful to me, I live in England so I really hope you know that God is using you on more than one continent 🙂

  18. I'm a military wife and a homeschooling mother of four great kids. My life can get pretty busy, I'm sure many moms would know that feeling. We have once again moved in the past year. I find it hard to just slow down and try and listen to what God wants me to do, and easier to just do what "I want" to do. I'm sure selfishness plays a big part in my wanting to listen or not. I keep praying that God will show me and guide me in this walk of mine, so that I can help guide my children as well. It's been a struggle. I just keep finding myself ignoring my "spiritual gut", not sure if it's God or me, and later saying "I should have listened!"
    Now, I consider myself to be a very blessed woman and thank God for His blessings daily, I just desire a better ear for Him, so that I can stay in His will.
    Thank you for this ministry. it's a wonderful start to every morning.:-)

  19. I know that God is listening to me, but I like you wonder if it is my mind talking to me or if it is actualy God. I want so bad to take my ministry a step further but don't know where to begin. I want to go on a mission trip. I want to save children from poverty. I want to be more than I am. but see the problem with this is every sentance starts with "I want"! What does He want of me? I know I have got to take the time, be still and listen. This is the most difficult thing for me to do. Why? It should be the easiest! Everyone likes to stop and rest or take a breather, right? I can't seem to. I'm always in a hurry. Oh Renee, I know I need your prayers. One day all my questions will be answered. Thank you for the beautiful blog to stir all those emotions within my mind, again! Hugs my friend!

  20. Sometimes I get caught up in the busyness of the day and forget to "be still and know." I need to give the details of my worries to God and listen for His direction. Your devotoinal was a blessing today and much needed reminder. Mary –

  21. Thank you for this! I lost my uncle in a drunk driving accident 9/15. Drove by his house and he was outside in a lawn chair watching cars go by 2 days earlier. I honked and waved but didn't take the time to stop despite God saying "Just pull in and say hi." I didn't get the opportunity to say hi again. I am working on listening. Thanks again!
    Amy M –

  22. It is unbelievably awesome when God hears women pouring out relational concerns from their hearts. Two days later at a Bible Study He ministers to these same women about loving them and having plans for them. God did that for a friend and me last week. We were both amazed how He listens and ministers! Thank you Lord for Hearing and loving me.

  23. hearing comes from the word, right? Thank you for the reminder to stop and listen. To be still. This is a constant struggle for me, yet I desire to follow God and please Him.

  24. says:

    I to find myself wondering "Is that God trying to tell me something?" My husband surrendered to God to work full-time in missions at the age of 51. Many don't understand our life now (including me at times). He is away more than he is home but we believe he is following God's plan. I wish I felt that confident about my own life! Your devotion really gave me something to think about. Thank you

  25. I too tend to listen to God for the big things of life, and think I can handle the little things on my own. But reality says that I need God in all the little things too! YES – I want to live in the hear and now!

    Blessings to you and yours,
    Maureen F.
    ferguson 5 @ sbc global . net

  26. Your post today speaks to my heart and is an encouragement (and conviction!) that I need to stop worrying about tomorrow and live in today, tuned in to the voice of the Almighty! Thank you!

  27. oh I struggle with this. I see the big picture but don't let God control the small things. I take control instead. I want to be free of this and hear his words daily!!
    Thank you for this offer.

  28. Sometimes i hear Him and continue going the opposite way caught up in my own frustration or pain. Sometimes I hear Him and follow. it is then that I experience peace and joy. Why don't i follow all the time? I'm selfish and therefore i pray……

  29. I am so thankful to have come across this today. This year has been horribly difficult for me, and though I know God has me right where he wants me for this season, I've struggled to even keep my head above water. I pray often that God will give me strength to endure today and change so I can enjoy tomorrow, but I worry that I won't recognize God's voice if he tells me to jump.

    I'm working on filling TODAY with him instead of waiting for tomorrow to come, and it sounds like I'm not alone.

  30. I also second guess if I am hearing a word from God or is it just what I want to believe to come true and telling myself that it is of God. I am new to the time alone thing with God so I am really unknowing to if it is just my desires or God confirming His will in my life. I would appreciate any feedback on the difference between the two. How will I know it is of God? I have prayed that the Holy Spirit reveal it to me but then I am still unsure.

    I've read a lot of the other comments and it's reassuring to know we struggle in some of the same ways. It's easy to get complacent and lazy if I let my guard down. Once this happens God's voice seems so distant and so hard to distinguish among all the other voices surrounding me. I want to be a "yes" woman as Lysa says, but fear so often sticks his ugly face in the way. Lord, I want to see You, to hear You, to know You, so I can follow hard after You. I believe, help my unbelief.

  32. We've been talking about this very thing in our small group. I love when God does that! Thank you for the reminder that my agenda isn't necessarily God's and that I should be flexible enough to change mine if He is calling me to do so. Thank you for reminding me to be a better listener and not always just a "doer".

  33. Sometimes you just know it is God speaking and then again sometime I am not sure. I guess it all comes with keeping on going everyday in God's word and "obeying" Him.

  34. I often wonder if I am hearing God's voice or my own ideas. But I have found that when it is God's voice, I have a definite peace when I heed his direction. In my busy life, I always need a reminder to be still and listen for Him!

  35. What a great reminder. Thanks for your encouragement. I love the statement and challenge that God is more concerned with my character than my calendar. Guess I should start praying about that one because it seems like my calendar is packed with me, myself, and I and every once in a while others. Thanks.

  36. I just came back from our churches District Ladies Retreat this weekend and I came away with an even greater desire to listen… just be still and listen. As a working wife/mom of 4 teenagers, it gets really easy to set my day to auto-pilot just to get through, but I know if I just slow down and listen, really listen, God will have so much more for me & my family. Thank you for this devotion. It was exactly what I needed TODAY!!!

  37. says:

    I learned from the mouth of my Pastor this past Sunday, that God's will is always something you WANT, whether you realize it or not. He has placed the gifts already inside you, you just have to discover them! He said, "The creator plans it and the creation discovers it."
    I love how when we are finally listening to God, He is so faithful to guide us into His plans! And at just the pace we need!

  38. Your devotion so touched my heart today. It seems I want God to hand me a schedule and calendar for when He wants me to do things. I love the phrase "Live each day in the hear and now". Thanks for sharing it today.

    Penny Whitley

  39. I just flat out don't hear Him. Especially on the little day to day things. I am too busy trying to find the 'right' way to pray and study His word. I spend way too much time doing that and end up never really hearing Him at all.

  40. This has been my prayer for some time. I feel like I'm so all over the place, and lately just going without any thought that I just don't even stop to realize it is God speaking to me…or realizing I'm not hearing Him speak to me. Thank you for this post so that I can continue to listen for it and pray that I stop to recognize it, thank Him for it and follow it!

  41. says:

    You could have started the devo off with Dear Jeannie, as much as it spoke to me. I know God sent that message for me this morning. Thank you!

  42. Daily Encouragement hit the nail on the head for me today. Thank you!

  43. I am having a hard time really listening to what God wants from me right now. My husbands company has presented him with a promotion that will take us away from our family, friends and hometown. I am struggling with what is Gods will and what is our own. I do not want to leave my loved ones but I also would love the financial security that will come with this move. I am torn as to what is best for my family. I know that I have to just be patient and listen for his words but I have always had a hard time with this part of my faith. I like to be "in control" and know what is coming around every corner. Guess I am not much different than most women but sometimes I would love for God to just show me the answer in bright flashing neon lights… in other words make the choice so clear to me that I cannot mess it up.
    Thank you for your inspiring words this morning… it is just what I needed to hear!

  44. Ok, so I was soooo hoping you would be giving me a way to identify if it's just me thinking or God speaking to me. 🙁 I'm sure I need to read more and pray more. I would love to win the book also.

  45. Hi Renee,
    Thank you for your sharing of "Living in the Hear and Now" of Nov. 16. Just like you…I worry of not doing the best God wants me to. Through your word of encouragement. I now know God want us to live in obedient moment by moment and day by day. And when we are faithful in the small things, then God can entrust us with the big things that He has plan for us. Your word of encouragement come at the right time when I am at the cross road to wonder whether do I really listen and obey to do what God had desire for me? Thank you so much for your word of knowledge. I will quiet myself down before God and listen to Him moment by moment and day by day to fulfill what He has for me. Thank you…


  46. This message seems like it was sent right to me, just for me this morning. I am trying hard to listen to God and hear HIM not my own thoughts about my stumbled marriage to a man I know God made perfect for just me, but I can't reconcile to my own idea of perfection. I am desperate to hear God in my finances where I struggle to let go of control and the I can do it myself attitude. I need God to grab me and gently (or maybe not so gently) nudge me back to who He made me to be. A mighty woman of God! Thank you for your message. God truly knows how to use everything for HIS good..and to bless his sheep.

  47. I read through alot of the comments and realize that I am not the only one having a hard time telling if it is God or just me. I know that my Pastor says alot of the time, if you are led to minister to someone you better make sure it is God leading you and not you wanting to give your
    thoughts on the issue. Which leads me to always question myself and in doing so I dont go to that person and say anything. Our pastors daughter is going through depression now, and that is something I went through about 20 years ago. I feel like I should go and encourage her to exercise and stand on God's word which is how I got through this myself. But because this is his daughter, I feel scared to go, in case this is not God talking to me. How do I learn to hear God's voice. HELP!
    I do not have a google account, but my email address
    Thanks, Denise

  48. I too stuggle with listening to God and being obedient. Trusting Him to know the path and following without "seeing the map". I ask for help in being still and knowing He is God but the ME part tries to take the control back. Then He gently reminds me that I asked for help by a message, scripture or devotion, or a friend's comments. How great is that? That He loves me enough to remind me without nagging:)

  49. I've spent most of my life praying, listening, then dragging my feet to comply. Mostly because I tend to second-guess and analyze things to death. Wondering if it was really God speaking or just my own thoughts. Sometimes that feet dragging has resulted in not so good consequences. I try now to think less-because I find that the more I think things over, the more my own selfish, worldly thinking distorts what I've heard from God-and I try to move more, trusting that God is in control. Nah—you know I don't always jump up and do what God has told me to do…I wish I could say I never let what others think or might say scare me off from doing things, but more and more I am choosing to live God's way, not mine. And there is no greater feeling in the world than knowing that you've just done something for God, especially when no one else knows about it!!

  50. Lisa ( says:

    Hello – I love your blog and get so much encouragement from it. Thank you for being here for me. 🙂 I am in a "not so happy" marriage with a husband who drinks entirely too much, so we don't get to spend quality time together as a couple or as a family. I love my husband and I am committed to keeping my vow to him, but his drinking makes it so hard. I am trying desperately to listen to God's voice today and during this season, to see what I am supposed to be during this time for him and our family. Is it fair, that I have to be the one to step up? NO Is it fair, that I have to parent by myself sometimes? NO Is it fair that I don't get the husband I so desire? NO – BUT I am here for a reason and will do what God has planned for me! I would love to be able to discern in many of these situations, whether or not I am hearing God or relying on my own will – I like to think I am living out his plan and not being selfish, but am afraid that there are times that I do live selfishly. Please add The Buchanans to your prayer list and pray for the day that I get to see my husband saved….I know that it will happen, I just pray for me to be there to see it. In Christ Love!

  51. It never fails! Almost every day the Proverbs 31 devotional is meant for my own heart, and today was no different. My prayer journal is full of requests for God to tell me what to do, but very few of the days have me telling Him I am listening. I have to work to be a good listener, and not just to Him! I praise Him for His immeasurable grace!

  52. I want a better understanding of when is God really talking to me? How do I learn to really HEAR him. People always say things like "I heard the Holy Spirit say this or that. Or God told me to do this or that. I don't really know if I have EVER HEARD Him speak to me, and I want to HEAR!!!

  53. What a great subject! This is a daily struggle for me, and I guess for many women. We are part of a society that moves so fast, has all the answers and juggles multiple facets of our lives. We are busy! We have places to go and schedules to follow! So many times He has revealed to me that I need to be still and listen. Stop doing and hear Him. Because it's in the busyness of this world that His voice gets dimmer if we allow it. We need to remain in Him to allow Him to work in and through us – one day at a time. He will reveal what we need to know when we need to know it. I guess that's part of walking in faith. I know it's a work-in-progress for this woman! 🙂

  54. I find that God can and does speak to me in many ways. After I have prayed for guidance, I might receive a devotional e-mail that addresses the very topic I've prayed about. By staying in His word and daily reading devotions, like Proverbs 31, I hear God speak to me. He will also use Christian sisters to speak a word. And, yes, I also struggle with knowing at times if it's something I want or what God wants. That is the time I go into prayer and ask for prayer. When I receive God's peace over a situation, even if He is quiet, I know He has spoken.

  55. Thanks for reminding me about the "little things" that we are to be faithful to…and listening to God "in the now" instead of waiting for some enormous "sign' to fall out of heaven and tell us to do "some great thing"….We miss so much by not living in the now…and being faithful with the little things…

    I would love to know that I am hear God day by day…So often I stumble around…and feel He has abandoned me to my own wisdom…yet in my head I know that can't be true…

    I want to trust that He is willing to speak if I am willing to listen…

  56. As a busy homeschooling mom of 3 boys and wife of 21 years, I struggle to find those quiet moments to just listen. It's usually a ride to the library ALONE or a jog around the block that helps to clear the way to hear His still, small voice that speaks peace and comfort to my busy days.

    I loved what you said in your prayer in the devotional, "Sometimes I fall into the trap of waiting for a better tomorrow or an easier assignment so that I can be faithful." Oh, I find myself there many times, but I pray I will be faithful in the day to day things – things like homeschooling my boys and teaching them how to be future leaders in whatever sphere of influence the Lord has in store (families, ministries, etc.) and supporting, encouraging, and loving my husband as he walks the path God has for him.

    Too overwhelming for a girl like me, but with my Savior by my side I will be faithful to this call.

  57. For me, I truly want to be a women after Gods own heart. He has changed me by far in my day to day basis. I do notice myself jumping ahead of Gods plans, but later come to find out, it's not about me, its about him. I am looking to encourage myself daily so I can encourage other women around me as well. I am working on Taming my toungue. Theres soo much to say, but i do want a copy of the book. you can email me at Thank you for reading! God bless, and May God enrich your ministry. -Katie

  58. Wow, this is something God has been showing me in the last ten days or so. On Friday, it enabled me to put away my to-do list and spend hours in prayer for our family, especially our oldest daughter. About 2:00 pm, I felt released from praying and felt like a battle had been won on her behalf. Today I still don't know what the specific battle was, but I am thankful I had the listening ears to spend time in prayer instead of cleaning the house. I want to be more receptive to what He is telling me!

  59. I often wonder if I am hearing God speaking, or if I am just hearing the echoes of my past bouncing off the walls that hold my hopes for the future. Recently, God has been blessing me by helping me to see and HEAR that it is much easier for me to distinguish His voice from my own when I am spend more time in His word.

  60. Hi! I am from Lake Charles, LA and you spoke at my church this past weekend,Trinity Baptist Church. Unfortunately, I had to be out of town and missed you. I am sure you were a blessing to our sweet ladies. I do not always get to read your daily devotionals, but today I did and I do not believe it was an accident. My husband & I have a big decision to make today, and I really need to be still and listen to God's voice and not assume what I think he wants us to do. Thanks for the reminder to continuously stop and listen to God throughout our day.

  61. As I've spent more time in God's Word and memorizing scripture verses, it's helped me tremendously to recognize and discern His thoughts verses my own thoughts.

    Love your post & love you!!!

    Leah 🙂

  62. I find that I have a "gut" feeling when I am being prompted by the Holy Spirit….most times I listen, and other times not. I can look behind me down the road and "see" God's work in my life in retrospect. I can also "see" the times I chose to do it my way and not listen.
    Each time my faith wavers, I look back in my life and witness all of Gods grace, love and miracles in my life.

  63. said…I find that I have a "gut" feeling when I am being prompted by the Holy Spirit….most times I listen, and other times not. I can look behind me down the road and "see" God's work in my life in retrospect. I can also "see" the times I chose to do it my way and not listen.
    Each time my faith wavers, I look back in my life and witness all of Gods grace, love and miracles in my life.

  64. I am 46 years old and after reading the worn out woman, I have learned that I am a perfectionist and I have spent most of my life "working" and "doing" so that I would be liked or loved for the fear of rejection. I am worn out from this lifestyle and I don't want to do it any more. The problem is that I have been doing it for so long, that I don't even know who I am or how to be me. You're devotion today really helped me and is a good starting point. Thank you!

  65. Ashley Bender says:

    I can definately relate to listening to and discerning the voice of God. A couple of months ago, just after being introduced to a man (whom I haven't seen since), God very clearly told me I'd just met my husband! After wrestling with this for a while (I still have my moments), wondering if it really was God, I've started to recognize the "small" prompts He gives me through the day. For now, I believe that's my assignment–to listen daily in the small things so I can be faithful in the big things. It's definately not easy to listen for/to the voice of God every time! I completely belive, though, that He IS faithful and has our best interests in mind. He will provide!

    Thank you for writing on this. It isn't easy, espcially with people who don't have a very strong faith, to tell that you've heard God speak. The more I tell, the easier it gets. It is so comforting to hear of others that hear His voice, too…even in the little things.

    Blessings on your day!

  66. I really enjoyed your devotional today. This is something I'm struggling with daily. I wonder if my plans are really in line with His. I've been praying about it, but worry I'm just not listening hard enough to hear His response.

  67. Thank you for this reminder to listen more. Sometimes I get so bogged down with life and the busyness of a job, kids, husband, and a house that I forget to just listen. I'm working more on that and have made a resolution to start doing more listening. It's not easy though!

  68. As a ministry that I am involved with is about to expand, "noise" from the devil is increasing to a crescendo. Thank you for the encouragement and practical tips for tuning our ears to hear God – in ALL matters.

  69. I am a control freak and want to take care of everything. I have been working on giving it all to God and let him tell me what I need to do instead of me doing what I think is right. I know when I stop and let God talk to me things always work out and I'm not stressed trying to figure out what to do. I pray this morning that I can just be still and listen to what God has in store for me.

  70. Listening to God sounds so beautiful and comforting. I tend to over-think this and worry if I'm really hearing God or just what I 'think' he's saying. We really just need to read his word and listen, but sometimes we want a step-by-step instruction manual so we can know for sure we're doing things right. God just doesn't work that way, he works with our heart and soul.

  71. Right now – I don't feel capable of hearing God at all. I want to – and certainly need to, but am struggling so much. Thank you for your post today – such great suggestions – I can't wait to try them as soon as I get off work!

  72. This was so timely for me today. I have been feeling very less-than-average lately. I realize it's Satan telling me that I am "not a very good Mommy, can't even keep a house clean, not succeeding in my small business, can't find the time for God so why bother"…but some days I feel like I am stronger to thwart those thoughts than others. Thanks for this reminder to be strong in the Lord and through Him I will be able to do the assignments he has given me!

  73. Your thoughts today made me stop & listen. I'm a working mom with 3 busy girls – a teen, preteen & a "wanna be" teen girl. Our schedule can get crazy sometimes. I pride myself on keeping the schedule organized. I need to make the time to stop and listen and hear what God is telling me. Thanks for the reminder today.

  74. your words inspired me today. I am always asking what do you want me to do Lord??? I have learned to be still at times. I am getting better. I read His word. Being older I cannot memorize so I decided I need to read the Bible more often. Thank you for your encouragement

  75. I am 46 years old and after reading the worn out woman, I have learned that I am a perfectionist and I have spent most of my life "working" and "doing" so that I would be liked or loved for the fear of rejection. I am worn out from this lifestyle and I don't want to do it any more. The problem is that I have been doing it for so long, that I don't even know who I am or how to be me. You're devotion today really helped me and is a good starting point. Thank you!

  76. I think God is easier to hear than we think, if we would just pay attention to those inner urgings. Much to my surprise, God's answer to me about attending a Bible study this year was "no". The Bible study is excellent, but the timing for our family's schedule is BAD! I expected His answer to be Yes, and had a hard time hearing "no", until I said it out loud and felt His favor on it.

    Just my simple thoughts…!

    Maureen D.

  77. I recently had a miscarriage and now I want to go do some part-time work (for Christmas) and possibly go back and take some classes in January. I don't know if this is me wanting to get out of the house or if God is pushing me to do something different. It would really challenge my schedule so I am trying to be careful before jumping in. I am feeling a little nervous about making any decision at all.

    I do listen to God but I feel like I am only really hearing about half of what he is telling me. Sort of how I listen to my kids. And I don't sense any direction for the future.

  78. Susan Brown says:

    Such a hard thing, to listen to God. I get so busy oding what's on the agenda for the day or week that His voice is drowned out. Lord, help me hear you, for real!

  79. This has been my cry to hear God. I wonder at times does God hear me? Is he listening to me? What am I doing wrong? I want to hear from God just like others say they have. I need your prayers to agree with me that I will continue to pursue God until I hear from him. Will you send me that book? I would surely treasure it. It will help me in my journey. Thanks Renee I surely identify with your devotional today. God is using this devotional to call me to him and I thank him for waking me up. Have a blessed day.


  80. I loved your devotional today, it really spoke to me, and made me smile. So many times I pray for God to answer me, to give me a word, to please let me hear from him. And many times, what I hear is a"clean the closet" kind of answer…..I am looking for a burning bush, thunder and lightning kind of response, and God is looking for an obediant heart. Thank you for sharing, your words offered me encouragement and hope on a dreary day.

  81. Sometimes when we listen for God to instruct us with this booming Hollywood type voice but He says "Be still and know that I am God". I am learning and making myself "be still" so I can hear. Sometimes it is through God's people, in His word, Prov 31 ministries, etc. but I have to stop so I can see and hear what He has for me.

  82. I struggle with knowing if it is God speaking or is it my own thoughts. I never feel certain and am filled with doubts.


  83. says:

    I had to smile when I received this devotion this morning because it was just yesterday morning on my way to work that I was having this conversation with God. What is my purpose? What do You want me to do? What do You want for my life and where do You want me to go. I am here, ready and willing to do what You want but I need to hear, know and understand when it is You speaking Father. Of course I found myself wanting to have the same conversation again with God this morning, and then this devotion. Renee, thank you so much for these words of encouragement. I will surely follow the steps you have given and let you know the outcome because I just love to show off about my Father. God bless you.

  84. Thank you for addressing a huge concern I have in my life. I'm constantly struggeling to hear the Father's voice and get unsure wether it's him or my own selfish desires or worries I think I'm hearing..thank you for going there! I look forward to your additional posts 🙂

  85. I want to say "Yes" to God so badly but find that my stubborn attitude often gets in the way. I pray that I want to say "Yes" and then when I hear his voice asking me to do something that is self-sacrificing – I find that I dig my heels in more often than I care to admit! I would love to read this book!

  86. My Grandpa always said that God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason. We are to listen twice as much as we talk. Often times, I find myself talking at God rather than really, truely, listening. Hoping today I can learn to listen, because his voice really, truely, is the ONLY one to listen to!

  87. My Grandpa always said that God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. We are to listen twice as much-I know I talk more at God rather than really truely listening to him. I want to hear his voice better-his is the ONLY one to listen to!

  88. Great post. I'd love to win the book

  89. Thank you Renee, when I was reading this I was just weeping. I felt you were speaking directly to me. I have been waiting on God to show me the "great" plans that He has for me but what I really need to do is to be quiet and listen. What is most important is the here and now. When I first came to your webpage I read the verse you had at the top – "If you search for me with all your heart, you will find me" Jeremiah 29:13. That verse I recieved on New Years Eve of the this year as Gods verse to me. God is AWESOME!! Thank you for al you do.

  90. I feel so busy all the time. I work two jobs and have a family and a home. Although I know I can't truly be any more busy than most of my Christian sisters (especially the ones with 4+ kids!!), somehow I like to hold regular pity parties about why my overwhelming schedule puts me farther behind than anyone else. I find myself thinking, "When I get done with this time-consuming project, I'll take more time to be with the Lord." In reality, I know this project will just be replaced by something else, and I'll continue to make excuses not to spend more time reading the Bible, praying, and listening to God. I need to learn how to listen through the busy. I'm looking forward to reading more from you on this.

  91. One day, I was praying for Ministry direction from the Lord,and after asking I got quiet before Him…
    My son who was about 12 at the time ran into his bathroom and his stomach was violently ill.
    Well without becoming too graphic, he missed the toilet by a mile.
    What a mess he made!
    Cleaning the mess was my ministry for that day.

  92. I just finished a Bible Study on Discerning the Voice of God by Priscella Shirer. I would highly recommend this study for all who want to learn to hear God more closely and be open to hear his voice at all times. We must not only be open to hearing God's voice but be ready to obey him immediately so it will get easier to discern his voice.

  93. says:

    Thank you for sharing what God is speaking to you! I can relate to so much of what you said…like feeling that if I just knew what God wanted me to do with the rest of my life, then maybe I could become all that he has created me to be. But then I'm just looking at the future and the bigger picture, rather than seeing all the small, yet very meaningful things he wants me to do now. He will often remind me to be present in the moment…especially when it concerns spending time with my husband and children. They are my number one ministry! Thank you again for the reminder to listen to God's voice in the "hear and now". Your words are an encouragement!

  94. God instructs us to "Be still" and know that He is God. Telling us that sometimes, the chaos of children, families, animals, the dryer, etc. get in the way of our hearing that still, small voice. We should take the time to close our minds to all but Him so that we are in a position to hear him more clearly.

  95. says:

    This past year has been a journey of reinventing myself. As George Eliot said, "It's never too late to become the person you might have been". I am an incest survivor and presently in therapy to deal with the issues related to this. I am learning why I became who I was while at the same time learning how to become the person I was meant to be. It is only through a Christian mentor's wise counsel and shoving me along that I finally heeded God's words to me and began the terrifying process of dealing with the past. I now am daily listening for and to God. He is equipping me to write; preparing the path for me to share my story. The hopes and intent of my writing are to encourage others similar to myself by sharing my stories with them through my own journey to wholeness. God alone is the reason for my healing. I long to know God, glorify Him and serve Him throughout the rest of my days. This can only be accomplished by being still and quiet and waiting for His saving knowledge…Nichole

  96. I needed to hear this today! (Haha!) God knew I needed a fellow sister to tell me. I take it is an invitation from Him that He really wants to communicate with me, for me to slow down and make time to just commune with Him. Thank you for sharing what the Lord prompted you to share.

  97. Renee, you hit the nail on the head. I wonder so often if I'm hearing God or myself. That is so hard for me. I need to quiet my thoughts and try to determine that. I'm anxious to read what you have to say tomorrow. Thanks!

  98. Rene;

    You spoke my life today! For the past few months I have made it a point to be quiet and to listen when God says, "Sit at my feet." Instead of being busy with other activities, I stop and do what He says. Some of my Christian friends think I am battling the enemy (which I find surprising!), but like you said, it is God building my character.

    I would rather be who and what He wants me to be than what others believe I should be.

    Thanks for your post!


  99. says:

    So many times I just assume I know what God wants me to do, and never really pray about it. Your devotion today helped me to realize that EVERYTHING needs prayer before choices are made.

  100. God is so good!! This is my first time visiting your page and it has been a tremendous blessing to me. Not Listening to God is one of my biggest faults. I am so burdened with my own thoughts that I probably can't hear from God. After reading your suggestions I felt the spirit move in me. I am inspired to make a continuous effort to listen to God and not Sandi (me). Thank you for allowing God to use you to help others come closer to God. God Bless!

  101. Administrator says:

    My husband sounds like your husband as far as wanting to be organized but not having the time (or inclination) to do it. I often will be frustrated by it, but when I submit myself and clean it up for him I know God is pleased. Your devo today really touched a chord with me. Being a stay-at-home mom usually feels like a "one-talent" job, but I know it is where God has me right now. Thanks for the encouragement to do the right thing and have the right attitude.

  102. Listening to God sometimes can be difficult, especially when you have to cut your quiet time short too fulfill your duties of being a mother, wife, friend, daughter, student, & a member in ministry. We as women need to learn to sit still sometimes to hear God's voice without worrying about the shopping list or what you cooking later. Hearing God's voice for everything we do is very important.

  103. says:

    I listen for God all the time since my near death experience. He has help me get reinvolved in my own life in a Godly way. Be still and know that I am God!

  104. My friend, Dawn, has pointed me to your e-devotional more than once and they've always been spot-on. Today's message about listening to God in the little things was just the same.

    I offer my day to the Lord, but do I offer the hours, the minutes, the moments? Does He lead me through my day as I pray He will, even when I am not supremely conscious of Him?

    As a homeschooler and mom of a special needs (medical) child, my hands and heart (and head!) are full … but too full to let Him lead? You challenge me, Renee! And I am thankful for it!

  105. I am a 65 year old "grammie" of 4 great, but ornery, grandkids. I am working on an ssiciate's degree at a local college. Never had the chance when I was young so now that I can, I am! I have always had a hard time listening, because I always had so much to say, but I am learning. It's an on going process. When we stop learning it's because we're dead. So I hope we will all continue to learn.

  106. Thank you so much for the encouragement. I'm a first time mom and was very overwhelmed in past week with worries and thoughts about everything.My son's changing alot and this is the biggest transition I'd ever face as far as my role as mother. Being disciplinarian was very draining and I was sick of hearing my voice over and over again. I was on my knees asking God for extra strength not only to be patient with my son but also to carry other tasks. My dishes and chores are piling up and I feel so guilty about it. I just took time the other day to quiet down and talk to God about all my worries and plans. He reminded me that whatever I do, I need to seek His hand and let Him guide and help me. I want to hear him in the midst of chaos, chores, and changes in life.

  107. Oh Renee…I so needed this today. I am struggling with quieting my mind enough to listen to God. I have been living out of fear and not faith for quite a while now. I have 2 teenagers and an elementary age child, a full-time job, a husband, parents who are aging, and 2 brothers who don't know the Lord. I spend the majority of my time in a state of worry and fear. I don't want to live this way! I want nothing more than to be able to abide in my sweet Lord every day. I just can't seem to hush the voices of worry and doubt in my head for any substantial length of time. I welcome the time of day when I can put everything on hold for just a couple of moments and read the P31 Daily Devotions. I so appreciate you and Lesa and your openness about your own lives and struggles. You have truly been a blessing to me!

  108. This was meant for me today. Trying very hard to be patient and listen to God. Not to worry about economy, income, etc. God has it in his control, but it is hard! Praying that I will be patient and wait on his timing, not mine.

  109. Thank you so much for this wonderful, eye-opening (ear-opening) message! Sometimes I feel I hear God so clearly, yet just this morning, I had to really stop and listen for God. I was making so many plans in the flesh (what I was gonna say, do, feel,and act), when that voice rang through clearly! I immediately felt better, but still I wondered: Is this God's directive? Anyway, your blog was useful and I am going to practice your application steps to better hear from God–and obey!
    F. Brown

  110. In the past three months, I have learned the importance of not only being still and listening for God, but also how important it is to trust and be obedient. My husband of 13 years came home to tell me he was having and affair and wanted a divorce. My world was shattered in that very instant and since then I have clung to God and His word. It was during these last three months, that I for the very first time in my very short 32 years of life felt the presence and heard the voice of God speak to me. I am constantly on my knees asking for Gods guidance, but more importantly I am trying every day to listen for Him. The peace and comfort that comes with knowing and hearing God are some of the greatest gifts any one could receive. One that I am thankful for even at my darkest moment. With 5 children to care for and a husband who is wanting out of our marriage, I find my relationship with Christ growing deeper every day. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn how to be still and listen for God. Thank you for addressing a topic that at this very moment is near and dear to my heart.

  111. I feel like I have a hard time telling when it is my idea or God's. I want so badly to do what the Lord would have me do, and I am so affraid of failure that I spend most days frozen. I have had a few times in my life that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was telling me to do something, but like you said, I think that it is the small things that I struggle with. I have so many good intents and yet I seem to fall short daily. I try to give it to God and somehow I always end up with it right back in my lap. I really want to live each day as it comes serving the Lord, but I spend way too much time worrying about the future, and how not to mess it up. Lately, I have been having this almost crazy thought (that I am not sure is me or God) that the change that I need to make will be radical. Like most people will think that I am crazy. It would be nice to know if I am losing my mind, or I God is really telling me this. On that note, your listening to God message really hit home for me, THANK YOU!!

    Amy Holt

  112. this was perfect for me to stumble across today…thank you!

  113. I'm dealing with this very issue in my life right now. As a wife, mother of two, full-time Financial Controller, MOPS Coordinator, small business owner, AWANA nursery worker (wow I'm tired just typing all of that), I've come to realize that it's time to stop and LISTEN to God. Over the last couple weeks God keeps whispering to me that my number one ministry is to my family. God has also told me over and over again that I cannot serve my family if I'm not home to do so. He may have been telling me this for quite some time but I have FINALLY listened. I'm now praying God to show me what HE wants me to give up, which can be so difficult! Thank you for your message!

  114. I don't always hear what God is telling me unless he is basically screaming it in my ear. I've been focusing on listing and being patient more. God has been dealing me when it comes to gossiping. I get excited when people wnat to gossip to me and God quietly tells me to change the subject. Talk about something else. Obedience is something I am working on. I hear him now but obeying is another vice I must overcome.

  115. I really needed to "hear" that today! These daily inspirations somehow manage to speak directly to me! Thanks for sharing!

  116. Thank you for your thoughtful post. I read the P31 devo most every day, but this is my first visit to your blog. Love it! May God bless you for your faithfulness in obeying Him through your encouraging words to your readers. This is a message I can definitely stand to hear! With homeschooling and raising 6 kiddos I find myself getting consumed with the busyness of life and the tyranny of the urgent. I need to slow down and listen to God – not merely read my daily devo, and shoot up my perfunctory prayer, so that I can get on with my daily to-do's. Thank you Renee, and nice to "meet" you!

  117. I too struggle with listening and obeying in the little things. I have had words and visions from God on some of the biggest things in my life and I manage- most of the time- to be very faithful to them, but in the everyday steps I am not always as immediately obedient as I want to be. Thank you for the reminder today that it is in the small steps that we truly show our obedience and are forever changed.

  118. I really enjoyed your devotion today. I know I get too concerned with my calendar and I need to be more concerned with His. Thanks for the reminder to listen.

  119. says:

    I really enjoyed your devotion today. I know that I get too concerned with what is on my calendar and I need to be more concerned with what God would have me doing. Thanks for the reminder to listen.

  120. Emily B ( says:

    I know that I have a hard time just slowing down my life, and getting quiet enough to even try to hear God speaking to me. Somethign I'm going to try to concentrate on is reducing all that I think I have to do, because I'm not really going to "miss out" on anything if I don't run myself ragged trying to do everything possible. In that way, I can slow down enough to get pay attention to what God is saying to me!

    thanks for your encouragement and verses to ponder!

  121. I so often have times of being restless. I am going to start taking your steps that are listed. I definitely like the 2nd one "Be still and acknowledge that God is God and I am not." The Lord is really tugging at my heart today that He is the one who is making me restless, because He wants me to stop…and follow His plan, but I need to be quiet and listen to His plan. He has always been faithful in showing me that when I am faithful with "my time" with Him He is faithful in giving me more time in getting the things that "need" to be done, completed. Yes Lord bring me to a place where I instantly hear Your beautiful still voice and experience Your peace within all my choices in life.

  122. I really needed to hear this. I so often feel like I am struggling to hear the voice of God, but the truth is that I'm not always listening. I am usually listening for what I want to hear. This is not the way I plan to continue living my life and I know I need to break this habit. I don't want to be one of those people who gets to caught up in day to day routines that I can't see what God has in store for me.

  123. Renee,
    Your words were really speaking to me. I find myself more and more wanting to hear God but realizing my thoughts are on worries and concerns that I allow to fill my mind on daily or future things. Thanks for the great verses. I'll be spending more time reading those today on my lunch hour. Have a sweetly blessed Tuesday.
    In Christ,

  124. I am learning to listen to what God wants of me. I pray each day that I will do the right things, I too ask what the answer is, I thank God for the life he has given me and the strength to carry on through the rough spots in my life. Now I want to learn how to better hear Gods voice and directions. I sense when I do the thing that he wants me to do the wonderful feeling that I have done the what he wants.

  125. I've never read your blog before, but I believe God lead me here today, because what you wrote was exactly what I needed to hear. Exactly! I've been struggling with kowing God's purpose for my life, wishing I could somehow be "more". But it is SO true that I need to be faithful in the little things of the here and now. Thank YOU for being faithful and writing these words. I have taken them to heart…

  126. I often times second guess myself but God has been gracious and given me validation that he was speaking to me. There are those times however, when I am not quite sure. Thank you for a place to share my struggles and see others sometimes struggle as well. I know to "Be still and know that He is God" is key!!!!!

  127. In terms of listening to God, the big thing for me is to separate out the religious aspect of reading my Bible and devotions from truly spending time in His presence. Just like a sheep that spends time with his shepherd to hear his voice calling, I have to be intentional about spending time truly communing and worshiping Him. Often as a busy Mom, I just want to fulfill my commitment (self-focused!) of daily bible reading to go about my day 🙁

  128. thank you so much for this blog today, I sent you a friend request on fb so I can follow you more 🙂 sweet blessings, I am constantly wondering in the midst of all the noise in my head how I can even hear my Lord when it is so loud in there. I enjoyed this morning looking out the windows at the trees and quieting my mind and it was wonderful as I asked the same questions about what should I do, say yes to etc and the answer was one I know and have heard before. great clarity and direction. Thank you Lord! Blessings to you and keep up the great writing cheri ure

    I had been praying for years for the courage to make contact with my half-brother. I had been adopted at birth and noone in my birthmother's family knew about me even though I grew up knowing about them. One morning last August, I woke up to hear God saying, "Today is the day". I knew immediately what God meant. I looked up and repeated, "Today is the day"? and God replied, "Yes, Today is the day". I said, "Okay, Lord, Today is the day". I got on the internet and could not find my brother listed and it took me a couple of weeks to locate him. But on September 5, 2010, I made contact with the brother I had never been able to claim and it has been the greatest journey of my life. I only wish, I had been more courageous, been a Believer who not only prayed, but listened much earlier in my life.

  130. Most of the time when I pray to God I spend that time giving Him suggestions on how to solve my problem. I don't listen enough. I am reminded by Him of the times He has answered my prayers without using any of my suggestions. I bow my head and ask His forgiveness for thinking I know a better way to solve things than He does. I pray that I will be more of a listener than a talker. The knowledge that He wants what is best for me encourages me to listen every moment of the day so that I won't make such a mess of things. I find that my suggestions never work out the way I thought they would, but God's always work out for the best.

  131. vangilbertsma @ hotmail says:

    God used your devotional this morning to speak truth to me.

    Thank you for sharing your obedience to Him!

  132. I must admit I half read the devotions that I get. Maybe not wanting to hear what they say? I know I need to spend way more time listening… Thanks for the gentle nudge!!

  133. Thank you Renee for your encouraging words today. I am 13 weeks pregnant tomorrow! This is my third pregnancy, but this will be our first child. Having lost 2 really makes you have a different view of pregnancy, and it’s changed the way I view and listen to God. One might say that these experiences have really matured me in my walk. After the second one it was really hard to listen to God because my flesh was being torn in 50 different directions and no matter what people said nothing seemed to make a difference. I admit that I got lost after the second one and I was ignoring what God was saying and pointing me to. I was focusing on getting into really good shape and I was being vein about how I dressed and how my makeup and hair was. This made me feel better for a time, but then there’s always that little voice that is sometimes so quiet that you second guess if you really heard it or not. To skip forward a bit I started to come back to my walk with God, and my OBGYN wanted to put me on Clomid to help me get pregnant. At first I was ok with that, then that little voice kicked in, “If having children is the desire of your heart, won’t I give that to you when the time is right?” My answer had to be yes, so I decided not to go on the Clomid and I started telling people that Tim and I were trying to get pregnant and that when the Lord sees the time is right it will happen. Not 2 months after I started to voice that to people I had a positive pregnancy test. With that I was happy, scared, joyful, scared, so thankful, and oh…did I mention scared? Like we all do sometimes I was letting my brain run wild and fear was creeping in. I had to remind myself that God does not give us the spirit of fear, but it still kept showing up when I least expected it. One evening I was cooking dinner and I started to just break down, I was crying over my turkey chili and pleading with God, “Please don’t take this one away from me.” Then I heard a voice say, “I won’t.” It was a moment of absolute peace within me. This pregnancy has progressed differently then the others with my symptoms, meaning I have been really sick to my stomach, but it’s a joyful sickness. Everything about this one feels different and I am still at peace with everything. Praise God! I am looking for books to read and encourage me and my husband during this pregnancy that are built on God’s words. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and thank you for the time that you spend encouraging us with your blog and P31 devotions. My email address is Have a wonderful day and God bless! Smiles, Shelon M.

  134. My daily reading of Encouragement for Today has been so helpful in getting me to listen to God. I want so much to be like Samuel when God was calling him and he said yes Lord I am here. Ps. 37:7is another scripture which tells us to "be still and wait patiently for Him". I have that one posted in my office as a daily reminder. Katie (

  135. Your blog post came at the perfect time today!! I had just finished my prayer time…asking God to reveal Himself more to me and what it is that HE wants for my life. I have plenty of ideas and they all have to do with serving Him…all good things, but I realize I'm only one person and He couldn't possibly be asking me to do them all.So, today He spoke to me, ever so gently, "Be still"…"listen"…"I will show you".

  136. Your article is so timely on the subject of listening with the heart to God's speaking. The next step is to obey His Word and find the joy that comes from being in the path of righteousness. I do want to respond daily to God's voice and today seems the best time to start this "habit." His Word is such a wonderful way to enjoy His presence.

  137. It is encouraging to know that I'm not the only one struggling with distinguishing Yahuveh's voice. This, combined with wanting to know everything in advance, increases my confusion. Thank you for elaborating on why we are not told in advance. Just trust. We don't have to look down at the keyboard to type. We automatically know what finger goes where because we have done it over and over again. That is where I want to get to. I can feel the exact point many times now when I turn "off" what I don't want to hear or feel, just like I change the news channel upon hearing some desolate news being broadcast. Please keep doing what your doing!!

  138. Love this topic!! I went through a season of fear and anxiety two years ago and still have the occasional episode. I have been FORCED to depend on God in a moment-to-moment way! It has been VERY good for me. Hard, but good. I, too, struggle with whether it's "Him or me" (as far as hearing His voice) but I've found that if I assume it's Him and obey, the results are always a success, so why not just go for it?? And if I think, "Oh, I'll wait and see…." I notice that I can't get it off my mind, then I KNOW I better follow through! It's amazing how, when we earnestly seek Him, He is faithful to be found.
    I love serving God, it's a never-ending journey and it's a blast!!

  139. I'm a single mom with 5 amazing children. I need to be certain that I listen to God's voice because it essential for me to parent and make choices that are pleasing to Him and that will guide my children to godly living. At times, I feel that I'm so busy or have so much on my mind that I'm afraid I'm not listening as I should. Thank you for your words of encouragement today to "hear and now".

  140. Your words spoke to me today. I am a former teacher who is able to stay home and raise children. I am very thankful for that. My kids are getting older and i am questioning all the time what it is that i am supposed to be doing! I know i am meant for more but every time i try to figure it out,it doesnt work out or i give up! I know from your words that God wants me to live in the here and now and not worry about my calendar or my success. I just need something to help me work on that!

  141. says:

    God does speak to us through His Word. I know farewell God has the very best instore for my life. The Bible tells me so. The difficult part is being obedient. One word has helped me more than anything especially in loving others and that is "unconditional". God loves us unconditionally and IF we would just love others unconditionally and be obedient to what we know is right, our temporary lives here on earth would certainly be more peaceful. We need to just keep our eyes on Jesus and be obedient to what our Father tells us.

  142. …seems like time after time God speaks in a quiet yet firm voice…it calls to mind when God spoke to Elijah after all that he went through at Mount Carmel..his human discouragment (yet not spiritual, just had more than enough :> )and his forty day journey (interesting parallels!) until he reached that cave to watch the earthquake, fire etc. Then to hear God speak so gently and quietly, (not in the fire or earthquakes etc) encouraging Elijah and giving him a helper in Elisha and taking care of the threats against Elija's life. What a comfort God is…and thank you so much for your encouragment. It really is so hard to "hear" God sometimes through our own earthquakes and firestorms, guess He's waiting for us to just have a quiet "cave" moment by ourselves with Him :>.

  143. I sometimes find myself too busy with things in life to listen to what God wants me to do for Him. I know if I listen to him and hear his voice the decisions that I make even in every day life would be in His will and maybe even help others in the process. I pray every day but sometimes wonder if I am praying for the right reasons. That is why I need to Be still and let God speak for a change. Sometimes I do too much of the talking. Thanks so much for your daily encouragement.

  144. Hi Renee, what an encouragement! I tend to get caught up in trying to figure out God’s will for my life and your post reminded to live for His will today, in the hear and now. I often do wonder if I’m hearing from God or if I’m hearing my own voice and it is frustrating. Thank you, I’m excited to be more intentional about listening to God today!

  145. I am trying to listen with so much on my mind its so hard . I am always looking and trying to hear God speaking to me and showing me the right way to go. I am not sure but does it have to do what you feel in your heart?

  146. Renee –
    Boy, did your reflection today hit home! I've been so focused on the "bigger" issues (like my writing and teaching religion) that often the day flies by and the laundry piles up and I start to resent the daily grind stuff (dishes, laundry), you know the stuff that no sooner gets done and you have to start all over.
    AND, I've organized my husband's dresser and closet before and it's fallen back into chaos so I pledged I wouldn't touch it again. Your devo caused a stirring in my heart. He works hard all week and then is involved with our kids on the weekend. It really would be a loving gesture if I organized his things…AGAIN. Just like the laundry and dishes…it's the daily, small, and nitty gritty gestures that show our love and faithfulness.
    Thank you!

  147. I would love the book about saying "Yes" to God again. I haven't really felt "connected" to God for a long time and I need a refresher! I know he is there waiting and I have been stubborn. I'm going about my life taking care of my kids, taking care of my husband, the house, trying to be a good person but I am feeling rather empty and lonley. Yes, I have friends and all that I need but I have not been putting God first or even giving him a place at all. Time to get real. Time to get started. Time to put priorities in place. Time to trust and be healed. Its time.

  148. "Hearing God". That has been the foremost thought on my mind over the past few months. I wonder all the time how to hear Him. I think I am like Elijah, waiting for the thunder and lightening and God is speaking quietly. There are times when I "know", just "know" that God has spoken, these are more knowledge than a voice. I have so much trouble with noise in my head, so many thoughts all the time. It is so hard to sit and just listen and then I question, is it me or God? How do I know? I have been in ministry so many times in the past, but then I short curcuit when life goes aray. This time, I want to "know" what God wants me to do beyond a shadow of a doubt so that I don't do it in my own power and I don't short circuit again. Tired of being disqualified and feeling that I have disapointed my Lord! I pray daily that God leads me every step of the way. Thank you for your devotion today! It reminds me to be still and Know God! It reminds me that He cares about everything I do, even my motherhood and my boring, trivial, daily job that pays my bills. I need to stop and listen and learn His voice over my thoughts. I will continue on daily and keep following the little steps He has been giving me. I guess He knows right now I am not ready for the giant leaps! I know that one day little will become much and I will be able to look back on this valley and see that God walked before me each step of the way. Thank you!

    Deann Young

  149. There are so many examples I could share of how the Lord has ALWAYS blessed my obedience when I hear and obey Him. One in particular is from several years ago. The Lord kept impressing me to leave from my teaching position. I didn't want to leave. I loved the staff & faculty and being able to minister to the students. I did, however, surrender to the Lord and did not sign my contract at the end of the year. Directly after that a substitute teaching position became available for the Christian school. For an entire year, I was almost the only substitute. So needless to say, I was able to work most days. Our income was supplemented but more importantly, I was able to serve in all age categories from 3 years old all the way to 8th grade! I came to know many families and students. Even after 8 years, there are many that I still stay in touch with! ALWAYS obey God; He keeps His Word. It won't always make sense at the time, but trust Him. He knows best!

  150. I am encouraged, challenged and blessed by your post. I find that believe that I hear from God and then question or overthink what He says. I struggle then get distrated by analysis paralysis. I pray for God's wisdom, discernment and insight.

  151. Thank you for the devotion. I learned from the words you wrote. It reminded me to be faithful in the "small" things (such as organizing a closet). God wants my obedience so much and I need to be listening so that I can obey.

  152. I believe the hardest thing for me to do is to give God the actually time to speak. Before marriage and doing my masters it was my favorite thing, I would go for a walk or sit by the water and just listen. And then 'somehow' as life got busier when I would stop to listen my to-do list would fill my mind instead. Now I am married, with a spirited toddler and baby number 2 due in a couple months and it continues to be a challenge to give God the time to speak. I mean I give time to prepare a healthy meal for my family, to read all the parenting books to help my son and I make time to go to our women's bible study for fellowship and encouragement. And I guard all these things like a mother bear, and yet what I also need to do is fiercely guard my time with God. I need to set up a time with Him like I do a date with my husband or a playdate for my son. I need to put it on the calender, and not cancel last minute. I need to realize and remember that He is waiting for me, but I need to show up.

  153. says:

    I struggle with "listening" to God, because I have a hard time figuring out if it is really Him speaking to my heart softly, or if it is just my own thoughts??? How do you discern between the two? My thoughts are constantly on Him, and things above this world. I just keep praying and asking Him to speak to my heart and let me know it is Him and not my own thoughts, I guess He is waiting for me to listen to Him!

  154. I talk to God and ask that He speak to me through someone I know if it need be. Sometimes I find Him using others to bring me the wisdom I seek after. They don't even realize what they have said that meant so much to me, but I know who laid it on their heart. God is so good, I love when He shows Himself strong to me, not just in blessings, but in love to others, and encouragement from His Word. I hear God's voice everywhere I look, He is my creator, my father, my lover and my best friend.

  155. Ah…it is hard to discern what is from God when I don't take the time to be quiet with him. From the moment I wake up there is "busy-ness" and noise. I hate making decisions since I want to please God, but still am selfish. My husband just told me last night that I tend to "over-spiritualize" all of my decisions. Sigh…

  156. Hey Renee! Thank you so much for this post…One of my all time favorite chapters in the Bible is John 20 when Jesus appears to Mary after He has risen from the dead. She does not recognize Him until he calls her name…."Jesus said to her, Mary. She turned toward Him and cried out in Aramaic "Rabboni!" (which means teacher.)" Oh, how my soul soars every time I read that verse!! The Master, her Lord, calls her by name and she knows that voice. Can you just imagine the joy she felt in the recognition!! She heard, and it changed her life!!

  157. Thank you for this devotion. It was very timely for me. What a surprise, huh? I am struggling with learning to stop and listen and trust God. And wait, the waiting and being still seems to be what is most hard for me. I am so thankful that my Lord and Savior is so very patient with me.

  158. I read your Proverbs 31 devotional today on my phone while having lunch.
    And it was exactly what I needed today because I'm in the middle of making an important decision regarding ministry and I really want to make sure that it is his voice and not mine the one I hear.
    So, thanks so much for sharing all that. Looking forward to the rest tomorrow!

  159. I constantly try to plan my life and keep thinking that if God would just tell me what I'm supposed to do, everything will be fine. I am slowly learning that He simply desires a relationship with me, and the more I study and read the Bible, the more I start to truly believe and understand that truth. This is a learning process for me and I have to ask Him to renew my mind daily. Thank you for reminding me that He wants me to live in the "hear and now" and not worry about what "plans" He has in store for me!

  160. I have had days, weeks, even months of feeling as if I am struggling to hear our Maker. God has always had a hand in my life, I have seen evidence of that fact! But, I sometimes wonder if I hear myself thinking, or if I am hearing His voice within the depths of my soul. I have been praying for a closer walk with Him, in order for me to hear Him more effectively!

  161. Recently I joined a woman's bible study, everyone started sharing stories of how God has spoke to them, things he has said and requests he has made. As we were going around the room I started thinking of times when and if God has spoken to me, I didn't have a story, I couldn't think of a definate time in my life were I felt God speaking to me. I told the girls of this and they shared with me that I need to start praying that God reveals himself to me, that I'm able to hear him when he speaks. So I have, and I have started hearing him, not his voice but I've noticed that he speaks to me in other ways such as when I'm listening to the christian radio station, or reading my bible. Its amazing to me just how when I finally stopped obessing about it God revealed himself to me.

  162. I have often wondered if God's words are clear to me, or if I am imagining that I have heard Him at all. I know that looking back over my life, that His presence has left a trail of His "fingerprints", all during times of crisis! When I need Him most, He always shows me a direction – but when I am not seeking Him actively, I wonder what my next step should be without consulting Him first! My main mission is to get closer to Him and to KNOW that I have heard His voice. I have the feeling that second guessing is a part of the human condition. It is my prayer that I can overcome the human condition and become more spiritual on a daily basis!

  163. I'm glad I read Proverbs 31 today. I has been awhile since I've read the posts. Your words couldn't have come at a better time. I have been struggling how to spend my time Friday…get read for my daughters arrival from college or serve Thanksgiving dinner to the elderly in the inner city. I think your message answered my own question… or was it God talking to me?


  164. I will continue to seek God because I do want to hear from Him. I find it easier to see His work in my life when I look back, and I know He is at work; I do long to hear from Him.

  165. I read this book and it is amazing! As a matter of fact I actually listened to what I felt was God telling me to do the other day. I sent someone I have never met in person a gift because God told me to. I was sure she would think I was insane, but she was actually grateful and I think she felt very blessed. Had I not read Lysa's book, I don't believe I would have ever sent the gift. I am grateful that I did and that I listened to God! Your devotion today really inspired me and helped me to figure out why I have felt so displaced lately. I need to stop doing what I think should be done and start listening to what He wants me to do! Blessing to you!

  166. I listen longingly to people talk about "hearing from God". I either do not hear His voice or He isn't talking to me. I'm fairly sure it's that I am not listening. I do not find enough quality time to be in the Word, life just always seems to push its way in. I do ask Him to speak to me, especially when I need guidance and direction. Maybe I just don't know what I'm supposed to be "listening" for. Maybe I am expecting something earth shattering and it is just a subtle push in the right direction. I am looking forward to reading the rest of what you have to say on this topic!

  167. So many days I sit in the shower just yammering on and on to God, but truly I need to learn to listen. It is definitely a struggle as sometimes I am not sure how. Thank you for reminding us to use our gifts in all the things big and small.

  168. says:

    i don't really know if i've heard God. i ask Him things and ask for signs so that i will know what He wants or what he says but i don't know. i think i try to guess what he wants me to do. i will for sure be back tomorrow to hear mre from you.

  169. I believed with all of my heart God called me to write a certain kind of book to reach a target audience. I obeyed this calling with all of my heart & soul. The book turned out beautiful, many people have responded positively, and some doors that a stay-at-home mom like me thought wouldn't open have. The book released in April, but sales have not been what I, we, had anticipated. I had done EVERYTHING within my power, which was not much, to push it and get it out there. I read my bible daily and pray daily so I know my relationship w/our Father is strong. I made a choice every day to stay positive & motivated through this whole experience, but how does an unknown like me get taken seriously by anyone? I went into this with complete faith and would have given up several times had I not believed w/all of my being I was acting out of obedience to God's calling. Yesterday, I fell in the pit. I had received a discouraging email, and sales are almost nonexistent. I broke down and cried, praying to the Lord for answers. I began questioning if I had acted upon my will or His. I asked Him "What do you need me to do Lord?" And I heard, "Take care of your family and your house." "But Lord, I was so sure this is what you called me to do!" "And you have been obedient. Right now, take care of your family and house."
    Your devotional confirmed that I heard Him right. I felt like if I would do as He said, the rest will fall as it should. It is in HIS hands and in HIS time. Thank you for being obedient & delivering the message many women, especially me, needed to hear! God bless you! (

  170. One thing I'm struggling with at the moment is listening to God and obeying what He says. My problem is that I think too much.
    When I hear God speak, I somehow try to find a different or better way to do what He wants, or delay further by thinking about taking a different approach. By the time I actually come to doing what He wants, it's either too late, or the act doesn't have the same effect as it would have if I had obeyed there and then. I actually experienced this just this past weekend.
    Thank you for the encouragement – I really needed it! My prayer for the moment is that I will obey the Lord's voice. (

  171. I would like to spend more time in God's word. I try to read my bible daily but I let the business of my life get in the way.

  172. I am new to this whole listening thing and struggling immensely with it. My personal and professional parts of my life are seriously overshadowing everything right now. I am so very thankful that I found a great radio station, KLOVE, which in turn helped me to find you. This is certainly a process and not an overnight fix. I have hope that the future will begin to be shown to me so I know which direction to go. And instead of ruing things by taking them over, I follow God's plan. Thanks for your wonderful words.

  173. I find that I'm always crying out to the Lord and then attempting to discern his voice. Not an easy thing for me to do.

  174. I have had times in my life when I have heard clearly from God, I now realize that those are the times that I feel desperate so I fall completely on God. I need to fall on his grace at all times, then maybe I wouldn't end up in a situation that feels desperate. Lord give me hears to hear you and a heart to follow you at all times.

  175. This has hit me like a thunderbolt. In some ways I can hear God's voice, but have not tried to listen for the minute to minute leadings, which I really need right now. I have prayed so hard for the big things and now I realize I need to be listening for the small day to day leadings in which to be faithful. My life has changed so drastically this year that it is only God who will get me through. To be able to be faithful in the small moments when I am fearful and torn will, I know with God's help, lead me through this valley and help me to finally learn how to live with daily peace and joy.

  176. I love this: "The problem is sometimes we get a glimpse of where He wants us to go and then assume we know how to get there." It really hit the nail on the head for me. Thanks so much for your words. jenni at momatwork dot net

  177. I have trouble telling what is from God and what is my own thoughts too. I continue to pray that God would open my ears to hear Him and that I would respond to promptings of the Holy Spirit. I have failed so often but I have to keep reminding myself that there is no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus and I just continue to move forward; keep getting up when I fall. Because God loves me and He has a plan and purpose for my life.

  178. Sometimes I wonder, am I hearing God, or is this what I want to do? Is my thoughts and feelings being put before God. I struggle with wanting to hear God and do His will, but always seconding guessing if I am really doing HIs will or listening to myself.

  179. It's so good to know that I'm not the only one who wonders whether she is hearing from God or hearing what she wants to hear. I have a number of friends who know when they are hearing from the Lord and I struggle with the thought that I'm not as discerning as they are.

  180. Wow! Once again, God's timing is perfect. The devotional you wrote for Proverbs 31 today was good. Then when I got to your blog, it just got better! I often wonder if it is God I am hearing or just myself thinking. So many wonderful truths and inspiring questions. Keep up the good work!


  181. says:

    I frequently find myself wondering if its my thoughts or God's voice I hear.

  182. I needed this right now. This is exactly what I am facing right now.

    It is amazing how God works!

  183. Renee,
    Sometimes, with all of the noise in our world, I have to just get away by myself to discern what He is telling me. Sometimes, I can hear His whisper; other times, I am uncertain as to whether I am really hearing His voice. I have learned one thing though–when peace follows, I keep following His lead.

  184. First off, I just love reading your blog. It always offers inspiration and encourages me to walk faithfully with the Lord.
    I am quick to listen to what God wants for my life and then I run with it- assuming that I can fill in the cracks and the details of how it should go and what I should do. I need to work on allowing God to continue speaking to me in the details – for there is where he dwells and shines bright!

  185. Hi Renee,
    YOur devotion and blog spoke directly to my heart. I've been wondering these last couple of months, not focusing on anything special. My relationship with the Lord has been greatly effected. And now my blessed Saviour and Friend uses your words to bring me home. The chorus from an old hymn came to mind as I read your posts. "Trust and obey, for there is no other way. To be happy in Jesus, than to trust and obey."

    Thank you! God Bless

  186. I loved your devotional. I know there are times I feel God speaking to me (not audibly though), and would love to know that I'm always listening to Him. I know I don't always listen to Him any more than I always listen to my kids. I love the verse 'Be still, and know that I am God' I think I need to revel in the quiet moments, instead of filling them up with music, or tv, or something else.

  187. I would sincerely love to own a copy of your book Renee….thank you for being so generous.
    May you be blessed beyond your wildest dreams…
    Sometimes its hard to hear God's voice and often I'm not really sure if what i hear is right….but we serve an awesome inspiring, gracious God and I'm thankful that we do!
    Love Kathie

  188. Like many, I have a problem with getting quiet and still. I pray that I can hear God's voice and that I will listen. This is probably the hardest action of obedience for me.

  189. I simply LOVE this book, and I love you and Lysa both! You have been such a blessing to me this year…you have no idea! God is calling me to step outside of my box that is warm and comfy to do some bold works in His name, and it IS scary!! This is a great book to encourage you to be obedient, and the many blessings that will follow! Love to you both!!

  190. I want to hear from God and i know in the busyness of my day times i lose His voice and start doing things my way thanks for this reminder God has been speaking to me personally about this very subjectt.

  191. I want to hear God's voice so I pray that He will knock me upside the head to let me know it's Him talking. 🙂

  192. I noticed recently that I am experiencing 'I thought I did everything or tried to my best abilities to do the way God would've wanted me to do this or that, so why am I not there yet? (as in dont have the desired result/achievement)'. I think it is along the line of what you mention in your blog where you say that you get a glimpse of what you think God wants you to do and then think you know how to get there. The more exact question that I have recently is 'what am I doing wrong?' (or am I Doing wrong something or it is just not the right time, etc etc). I actually had a sneak peak of that book, and it sounds great, I just cant seem to get a hold of a copy for now. But I think the book can teach us alot and help us understand God's doings even better.

  193. says:

    One of my favorite things in my walk with the Lord is truly hearing that still, small voice. I love the "conversations" that I have with my Jesus, and there is no better listener, friend, advisor, and confidant.

  194. I want to hear God, I used to hear Him all the time…..I never thought I would get so out of touch with Him…but thankfully He is Faithful, He has chosen just the right time to reach me again. I love the way He works, even when I don't see it unfolding. I'm so glad He is always patient… These are just thoughts, they are pouring out of me in spurts, as I am watching my Dayhome children, so it is in the midst of their noise and laughter and 'a time out' that I am praising Our Lord, and thanking Him for letting me read you this morning!! Yes it is a confirmation. God Bless you, your marriage and your Family 🙂

  195. This article is an answer to my prayers , directly. I struggle discerning his voice over my own, which is my desire and which is His. What an awesome post Renee, thanks :). I will definitely be reading that book, whether I win or not, it is on my Christmas list 🙂

  196. '…discover God’s purpose for our lives through dependent hearts that seek to listen to His'
    I know God's purpose. It is to trust him, regardless of the circumstances. It is only when I truly trust that I can begin to hear what he is saying to me.

  197. Wow Renee your message really hit home with me! I need to work on this for sure. I would love to win the book.


  198. I just picked up one of Lysa's books. I'm anxious to read. The one you are giving away is second on my list. Thank you for the chance to win.

  199. What a great message. This is something that has really been on my mind lately. And part of the problem is, I am so busy, I feel I don't have time to listen. However, in making some time to listen, I have realized just how busy I am. So I am starting to get rid of so many rocks on my plate. In doing this there has been such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and a feeelng of peace. So I know it is what God wanted for me to do. He has a plan for all of us. And right now I need to get rid of all these extras so I can focus on his true plan for me.

    Something I read recently really hit home for me, "The need is not always the call." I could really use some extra guidance from Lysa's book.


  200. I certainly needed to "hear" this devotion! It comforts me to know that others deal with the same thoughts of "is this really God speaking, or just me thinking." I think that sometimes I believe God is going to speak to me during my devotional time in the morning, but I realize that He may…or He may not. He might want to speak to me throughout the day! That's a bit tougher because when my day get's going I don't sense His presence as much as a quiet time. I am devoting this day (and hopefully every day after this) to really listening to God throughout the day. Quieting my soul and simply noticing Him in the small things. I can't wait to hear Him even more today and even have Him mess up some of my plans for today!

  201. Wow! Just the message God wanted me to hear today. I am struggling with some life altering decisions thinking I know where God wants me to go but not sure how to get there. Maybe I need to listen:)

  202. I love reading everything you send me. I worry so much and I have a fear of the future.I really want to give it all to God and feel His peace, security and big
    trust. I want to feel His pressence in my life but I can't do it fully.

  203. Anonymous says:

    Once when I was sick, I had an appointment with the doctor, but was so sick that I needed somebody to take me to the doctor. I could not even stand up coz of pain in my heel. Just lay on the sofa for almost two days just hopping on my good leg for necessities. Even my husband ignored me. Was in lot of emotional as well as physical pain – when I literally heard "why do you fear when I am near". I could go thru anything to hear this again. I am sure it was the Lord Jesus speaking.

  204. says:

    I also worry if what I think I hear is God, or if it me, but I have found that when it is truly God I feel His love surround me giving me peace in my task. It is not always easy to follow through. Especially in the really hard times. The times in our lives when we feel "let down" by God. We then have to decide to be strong in our faith and know that God does what is best for us, even if we can't understand it at the time. He loves us more than we can comprehend.

  205. I've discovered that in order to hear God, I have to really be spending a lot of time with Him. I can't just say an evening prayer and think I'm going to heat from him. I must be immersed in his word and praying and writing my thoughts down so that i hear what He is telling me.

  206. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoy that when you read God's word and let His truth speak to your heart and direct your way of living, that you can truly be ready to help others and share His truths with them to help them to see His truth and hopefully accept and apply it to their lives as well.

    thanks for your ministry –

  207. says:

    My daughter sure could use this her job is taking a toll on her!! She wonders if she needs to do something different. I think this might help to guide her, I keep telling her to pray and ask God but she trys to do it on her own.She does alot of second guessing if this is what God wants.
    thanks so much!

  208. Lynn Blessing says:

    I think each of us have questions about whether it's God talking to us or if it's our own thoughts musing around in our heads. One well-known, well written book that had a profound impact on my ability to recognize God's voice was Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby. I look forward to reading Lysa,s book for even more ways to confirm His voice. I am so grateful for being introduced to Proverbs 31 Ministries! I have sent your web address to all my lady friends. You ladies rock!

  209. Lynn Blessing says:

    I think each of us have questions about whether it's God talking to us or if it's our own thoughts musing around in our heads. One well-known, well written book that had a profound impact on my ability to recognize God's voice was Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby. I look forward to reading Lysa,s book for even more ways to confirm His voice. I am so grateful for being introduced to Proverbs 31 Ministries! I have sent your web address to all my lady friends. You ladies rock!

  210. All the questions you ask sound good, but I have lost all understanding of how to apply them to me personally. I have listened, but probably have not heard. I ask, I try and seek yet feel it is all vanity and is meaningless. I'm hurt feeling like nothing has changed. I am like grass blowing in the wind yet going nowhere. Where is my confidence? I keep trying to state it is in Him alone, maybe it wasn't prayer at all but vanity once more? Trying to listen to God, but I am a failure in that too. Why does He ask failures to do something only to find we failed at that too? I tried to be better, tried to not be better, tried to stop and listen only to hear my own doubt again. When will I end and God begin?

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