Living Clutter-Free (and Fridays Give-Aways!)

Welcome to my kitchen! After showing you my cluttered counter top along with the cabinet above my piles and overstuffed files…

I decided to do something about it. I was so tired of how it made me feel. Also, I hated feeling like I’d never have time to organize all those papers, receipts and bills. So, this week, I tackled one trouble spot at a time.

While de-cluttering, I found 2 gift cards I thought I’d given people for Christmas. I learned that clutter is more than a mess. It’s a sink hole for my memory and gift cards.
Then there was my black wooden organizer a friend gave me. It was so over-stuffed, it had lost its potential to be cute. Not any more! She now has limited capacity so I can enjoy how cute she is.
I had files overstuffed from all my piles. So, I went through each folder and kept only what I needed for future reference. I created a file for each child to keep things I want easy access to. Then I put the kids’ keepsakes in under-the-bed storage boxes. And I found some pretty files to spruce up my very old file holder.


You could win some of those cute folders! More about that in a minute. Next I want to show you the cabinet above where I hid stuff I didn’t want my kids to use, like my cute sticky notes or eat like my cocoa covered almonds.
It’s more organized now.

Below is how it looked all together in it’s messy state.



Can you see me smiling? After I tackled each trouble spot, one at a time, I ended up with a clutter-free counter top. And I’m so happy! Although, I’ll admit I was a little lost without my piles the first few days. I’d just stand in front of the clean counter top and think, “Where is every thing?” But now that I’m used to it, I just smile and sigh every time I walk by my clutter-free corner!

Friday’s Give-Aways!

To celebrate the progress we’ve made this week, I’m giving away 6 files just like the ones in the photo above and a $10 Target gift card to buy something to help you de-clutter like a cute file folder holder! I’ll share how you can enter to win at the bottom of this post.
My friend, Glynnis Whitwer, is writing a book entitled “I Used to Be So Organized,” and she stopped by to announce she’s giving away a cool vintage-looking magazine holder. Glynnis has written a great post for us on her blog, Her Organized Life, explaining how gaining order in our homes helps us gain confidence in ourselves.

To enter to win her give-away, visit her new blog by clicking on her blog banner and leave a comment telling her what type of paper gives you the most grief. What’s in your piles??

To enter to win 6 cute file folders likethose in my photos and a $10 Target gift card to buy something organizational like a cute file-folder holder, click the word “comments” right below this post, and tell me if seeing “before and after” photos inspires you and why. Also, I’d love for us to keep praying for each other. So, please take a minute to pray for the person who leaves a comment before you. And PLEASE include your email or I won’t be able to reach you if you win. Thanks!!

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